27 Ocak 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

27 Ocak 1844 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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- 11 I'm i Mrnimmmmmmmmmtmm IT H Vol., X. No. M .Wbolt No. 36WO. To tb? Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newBpBper?published every day of the year except New Year's day and Fourth ol July. Price 3 cents per copy?or f7 30 per annum? postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD? published every Saturday morning?price cente per copy, or (3 13 per annum? poetafee paid, cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald ia over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing flat. It hat the largest circulation of any paper in thie city, or the world, and it, there fort, the bttt channel for hueinree man in the city or country. Prioea moderate?oaah In advan oe. PRINTING of all kin ill executed at the moat moderate prion, and in the moit elegant atyle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PaoraixToa or the Heiuld Establishment, Northweat corner of Fulton and Naaaau atreeta. BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of 1100 toni and 410 hone power each. Under contrac' with the Lerda of the Admiralty. HiBEKMIA, Commanded oy C. H. E. Judkius BRITANNIA, J. Hewitt. CALEDONIA, E. O. Lott. ACADIA, Alexander Ryrie, Will tail from Liverpool and Boaton, via Halifax, aa follow* ? Faou LivKareoi.. Fhom Boiton. 4 'aledonia, lD?c. 1. Acadia, Nov. 19. pec. 10. Hibernia, Dm. 0. Jan. 1. Britannia, Jan. 4. Feb. 1. Caledonia, Feb. J March 1. Acadia, March 4, April 1 These veaaela carry experienced surgconi, and are anpplird wiui France*' Patent Lif* Boat*. For freight or passaga apply to D. BR1UHAM, Jr.. Agent, ol7r No. 3 Wali at., ttfew York. /aHUANGEMKNTS FOR ||44 OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, 100 riue street, corner of South. and tba pnblic iu general, to the following arrangements for 1144, for the purpose of bringing out cabin, 3d cabin, and steerage P**'Cigars, by the Regular Liu* of Liverpool Packets, sail ing the 1st,6th, ltth, 16th. 21stand Mth of every mouth. By the London F'ackrfs, to sail rom New York, the 1st, 10th and 20th?and from London on the7tn, 17th and 27th of each m"nth. In connection with the above and l?ir the pnrpos' ef affmding-till greater facilities to passengers, the subscriber has ee tablnhr.i ? regular lin-o! nrit cum New York built, coppered au?l c roper iaateae'1 ihipf, to tail punctually every week throughout the ymr For the accommodation of persona wishing to retnitmoney to their families or friends, drafts are given, payable at sight, on th? following Banks, vis < Provincial Bank of Ireland, parable at Uprk, Limerick, Clonmel, Londonderry, Sligo, Wei ford, Belfast, Waterford, Galway, Armagh, Athlone, Colerain. Ballina, Tralee, Y'uughal, F.miiskillen, Mo nag Kan, Banbridge, Ballymena, Parsonstown, Downpatnck, Car an, Lurgau, Omagh, Dongannen, Bandon, Ennis, Ballyshanno 8 tit harm, Skiberean, Mallow, Moneymore, Cootchiil, Kilruah. Scotland? The City Bank of Glasgow. England?Messrs. ttpoouer, Atwood It Co. Bankers, London; R. Murphy Waterloo Koad, Liverpool; payable in every town in Great Britain. Fax farther information (if by letter, post paid,) apply to JOSEPH MeMURRAY. 100 Pine atreet, corner of South. N. Y. RICHARD MURPHY, 10? Waterloo Road. jtSm'rc Liverpool TAps(,OTT,s GENERAL EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. rn.mm.rn. ARRANGEMENTS MJK IthU. The anbecribert beg to call the attention ol' their friends end the public fuerally to their superior arrargemeuu for bringing oat pastengtrs from, and reintiiug money to all parte of EoeU' <t Ireland, Scotlind and W?|?. THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, COMPRISING THE OTTEEN OK THE WEST, 11130 tone THE SHERIDAN, 1000 tone. THE rochester. 1000 ton*. THE OAK HICK, IUO0 tone. THE HOTTINGVER, 1000 tone. THE KOSCIUS, 1000 tone THE LIVERPOOL, 1150 tone. THE 8IDDONS, 1PO0 tone Sailing fioin Liverpool twice ever* month, and THE UNITED LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, composed ol supe'ior, hret claee American packeu, eailinf from Liverpool fonr times in each mouth, are the >hipe in which those whose paeeage may beenga*ed w.th the subscriber! will come i.ut in, and it is a well known fact the above named packets are the most magnifioent ships afloat, and the frequency o( tlv-ir tailing, (beingevery five days) prevents the possibility of pWHUigtrt neiug unnecessarily detained at Liverpool. HegirJIess Teipense. in order to meet the wantiol' the public and the a>ho ofihmr Iris 'da, Mr. Wm. Tappecolt. oue of the firm, has gone to Liverpool to snperintrad the departure for this country or such pevsous whose passage may be engaged with I . the subscribe^, a fact, which to those acqu inted with Mr, W. T., is a sufficient guarantee that they will receive everv attention from Li m and be quickly and couifertably deepatched. Should thine sent for decline coming the passage money will b' promptly refunded, without any deduction?at usual. Remittances?-Those remitting money can be supplied with drafts at right for any amount payable free of discount or any other ch.i ge. in every principal town in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales Apply (if by Utter, pott paid,) to w. k Ft. TaPSLOTT. 43 Peck slip, New York?or to j20 WM. 1 AP8COTT, Liverpool. OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m m m m 'I'Hfc OLD LINE of Packets for Liverpool will hereafter be A despatched in the following order, eiceptiug tha? when the aailing day (alls on Sunday, the ships will sail on the succeed ing day, via:? From New York. F rom Liverpool The CAMBRIDGE, C June 1 July 19 8J0 tons, < Oct. 1 Nov. 19 W. C. Burrow, f Feb. 1 Mar. 19 The ENGLAND, t June 19 Aug. 1 7JO tons, t Oct. 19 Dec. I 8. Bartlett, rFeb. 19 April 1 The OXFORD, t Jnly 1 Aug. 19 00 tons, < Nov. 1 Dec. 19 J. Ilathboue, f March 1 April 19 The MONTEZUMA, t July 19 Sept. 1 1000 ton*. { Not. 19 Jan. 1 A. B. Lowber, fMarch 19 May 1 The EUROPE, {Aag. 1 Sept. 19 til ton*. < Dec. 1 Jan. 19 E. O. Fnrber, (April 1 Nfcy 19 The NEW YORK, (new) {Aug. 19 Oct. 1 950 ton*. < Dec. 16 Feb. I T. B. Cropper, (April 19 Jane I The SOUTH AMERICA, i Sept. T Oct. 19 650 ton*, < Jan. 1 Feb. 19 E. G. Bailey, r May 1 Jane 19 The COLUMBUS, {Sept. 19 Nov. 1 TOO ton*. < Jan. 19 Mar. 1 O. A. Cole, (May 19 July 1 Theae ship* are not stupaeted in point of elegance or comfort in their cabin accommodation*, or la their faat tailing qnalitirs by any Tratelt in the trad*. The commander* are well known at men of character and experience, and the atricteet attention will alway* be paid to promote the comlort and convenience oI pnitengtra. Punctuality, at regard t the day of tailing, will be obterred at heretofore. The price of pattage outward it now fixed at Seventy-Five Dollar* or which ample itorea of every detoription will be provided, with the exception of wine* ana liqnore, which will be furnithed by the atewarda, if required. * Neither tb captain or owner* of thate thipt will he ratpontible for any letter*, parcel*, or package* tent by them nnleat regular bill* of lading are aigned therefor. For freight or pattage, apply to GOODHUE It CO, 64 South it. C, H. MARSHALL. 39 Burling tlip. N. Y. illy and of BAKING. BROTHERS It CO.. LWI. THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Ml M M M ^Toaatl from Ntw York 21*t, end fion^Liverpool 6th of each month. ? From Seto York. L'pool New Ship LIVERPOOL. 1150 tone, ] Jfo, ? ftV 6 J. Eldridggt SAna. 31 Oct. ? N. nhip QUERN OK T (ft. WEST, ){i?J 2} ,N'f' ' f?0 ton. P. Wootfnouae Sglpt. ai Nov. 6 New ?hip ROCHESTEIM50 ton., ( V'I>'y ? * John Bnttou jfe J,1 &5, J ! Ship HOTTlNGUhR, 1050 tons, (5^f'ch 2} ?*** J In Bursely, ? ^ST, J These aubetantial, fast tailing, first class ahipa, all built in (be city of New York, arc commanded , by mru ol eapeeiener and ability, and will be diipatched punctnally on the 21st ol each month. Their cabins are elegant and commodious, and are tarnished With whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of paaaao en. Trice of pnesaire, $1H. Neither the < aptaios or ownen of these ships will be responsible for any parcels or peckairre sent by them, unless regular bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or pessace apply to WOOOfTnLL k M1NTURNB, 17 South street. New York, or to FIELDKN. B HOT HERS k OU? J Wire Liverpool lo^fannaiand ni?w toSk'line ok packets m tik M Kor the better accommodation of shippers, It Is nkendad to devpttch a ship from this port on tha 1st, ith. lfth, IMh. Wth. and aith ol rwch month, commencing tha 10th October and continuing until May, whan regular days will be appointed for the remainder oT the year, whereby great delays and disappointments will ha prevented during the snmmer months The following shim will commence this armngemcnl: Bj'll' X/A#ftS?tC5f**?' -ornell. a!''P lVt'o^|u'ui,pnfP!Aln JacksOO. 2i>'i> rAfSavir?1^ C*PU,? Milliard. gh?p hffVklt/pl-a ifid c*puil> Hnnt ?>p Miner. Ship GASTONt ( aptain L?tham. qC'p Hi mu?XiV^r ?< "P1*'"Mumford. ghtP OUMULGEE, Captain Leavitt. Snip NABriy IJLdLKr, Captain Dickinann Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Knight " * Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford These ships were all built in the city of New York, espnuely for peckers, are of light draft of water, hare recently been iwlycnppeired and put m splendid ordir, wtthTcmmmodntions for i?asengers anwinailed for comfort. They are commanded by em-r.enced masters who will maksevefy esertirn to give general satisfaction They will at all times be towed up and down the Mississippi by stesmboats. Neither tlie owners or captains of these ships will ba raaponsi hie Kir jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or platmi ware or for any letters, parcel ar package, sent by or put on fibard fit them, unless regular bills of lading are taken Tor the tame and he value thereon eapresaed. For freight or passage, apply to E. K.lTILLfNS k CO.. N South st? or HULLIN k WOODRUFF, Agent in Naw Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to tlieir address The snips of this line are warranted to anil punctually as ad vermeil, and graat care will ba taken to hare the goods correct If measured. mi 4 mmmtsmmmmmmhmmrmih E NE 1NUVV NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To sail from New York oo the 2ith arid Liverpool ou the Ulh of aeeh mouth i& agi tft mm. M M From Nkw Yorr. Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 26th December. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. Depeystar, 2MJi January. Ship OARRICk, Capt. Win. Skiudy, 26th rebnury. Ship ROSCIUS, Captain John Collina, Mth March. From LivKRrooL. Ship SIDDONS, Captain A. B. Cobb, 11th February. Ship HHERIDA^, Captain F. A. Depeystex, llth Marsh. Ship OARRICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, Uth Aprtl. Ship KOHCIIJH, Captain John Collina, llth May. These ships are ail of the first class, upwards of 1004 tons, built in the city of New York, with such improvements as combine great speed with unusual comfort for passengers. Every care has been takon in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage hantt is $IW, lor which ample stores will Be provided These ships tie commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertiou to give general satisfaction. Neith-r the captains or owners of the ships will be responsible for any letters, parcels or package* sent by them, unless regular bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or lias sage apply is fc. K. COLLINS It CO.. it South St., Now York, or to BROWN. SHIPLEY It Lo? Liverpool. Letters by the packets williie charged 12)? emits per siugle heet ; it cents per ounce, and newspapers 1 cent each. d2 ROCHE BROTHERS & CO.'S PASSAGE OFFICE, Si FULTON STREET, NEW YORK. jm M ilk. PASSAtfnfKUM LIVEKTOOL. In thetollowiog Packet Ships, vix:? The NEW YORK, sailing from Liverpool on the 1st Feb. The COLUMBUS, do ao 18th do The YORKSHIRE, new, do do 1st March. Toe CAMBK1DOE, do. do l?th do Or in any of the Packet! cauinrisiug tne Old Line sailing from that port on the 1st anil 16th of every month. Those sending for their friends will find it to their iuterests and comfort to Rtronise our Liue, as uo possible retention ou embarking can given. Pasiage Certificates s*nt by the steamship Hibernia. sailing , from Boston on the 1st of January, will hare plenty of time to I'ioihuv w tuuir uy win nr?i nsm?u I'acftei, or in tuy 01 wo above uiasnific* nt and unequill'd nackru. Persons remi'ting money to the old country can at all tiin'e obtain from lh? subscribers drafts at sieht lor anv am'uut, drawn direct ou the It ova I Bank of Irelnnd, and on M'aara Prescott, Orote, Ames & Co., Bank-re, London, which are paid free of discount in every town throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Walea. For passage, apply to or addreaa (if by l-tter po?t paid.) ROoHE BROTHERS It CO., d30rc M Fulton at. neat door to ihe Knlton Bank. OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. 61 SOUTH HI KELT, NEW YORK. m m P??Mi?caa be eimflt*<l froml,iver|>ool by the following ap audid packet ahipa comprising the Old Black Bull Line of Packets nailing at under. h'roui Liverpool. The ship COLUM BU S, Captain Cole, on the Kith Krbruary. The ship YORKSHIRE. (new) Bailev, ou the lac March. The ship CAMBRIDGE,Capt Harstow, 16th March. The ahip ENGLAN D. Captain Bartlett, i?t April. The ship OXFORD, CaPtatu Kathbnne, 16th Apul. The ship MONTEZUMA, Captain Lowber, lit May. 1 he ahip EUROPe. Captain bulbar, 16th May. The ship l>EW YORK, ''aptaiu Cropper, la' June. In addition to the above auperior ahipa, the inbicriher'a agent will have a succession of first class Am ricao ahipa deapati lied, aa customary, from Liver .mo!, ? ery four or five Kays throug' out the year, 'o the ihff rent porta in the United Metes, by wh<ch pa>aage can he a-cured at redured ratea. Tnoae arudiug for iheir fr<euda residing in Great Britain a?d Ireland, may rely thit every care will b- taken to make n.ia<rnge.t as comlortable aa they can reaaonnhly e*pe. t. and should he i as eng r? not come out. the paaaage money will be promptly refunded. Dralti can aa naual he furnished p-yabe ai he .National and Provincitl Banks of Ireland and branch a; Vast-rn B<uk of Scotland and b'auchea; and on Meaara. J. Bait, Sou &. Co., Bankera, London; M'rara. J. Barned It Co., Bsnkers, Liverpool, which are payable throughout England and Walea. For further pariiculara apply (if by letter poet p ml) to JOHN HERDMAV, 61 South a<reet, near WaT at net. N. B IVsigeto Liverpool and Loudon canatall tiuiea lie engag.-d by the regular packet ahi|>a, sailing for Liverpool every five nays, and to London ou the 1st, 10th and ?0thof each month on application as aeove. ____ j!2ec tHjv jUjk NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. Second Line?The Shipa of this line will hereafter leave New York on the lat, and Havre on the 16th of each mouth, aa followa, via From Nkw Yohr. From Havre. New Ship ONEIDA, ( lat March. ( 16th April. Captain _ < lat July. < 16th August. Jamea Funck. f lat November, f 16th December. Ship BALTIMORE, t lat April 16th May. Captain < 1st August. , 16th September Edward Funck. f lat December. 16th Jcnuary. Ship UT1CA. (1st May. 16th June. Captain a 1st September 16th October. Frederick Hewitt, f 1st January. 16th February. New ahip St. NICHOLAS ( lat June. I. 16th July. Captaiu < lat Oetohor 16th Novemlier. J- B. Tell, ( lat February. 16th March. r The nccominodationa of theee shipa are not surpassed, com biniug all that may be required for comfort. The price of ci bin passage is $100. Passengers will be supplied with every reauisite with the excentiou of wines and liouori. (.roods intended for these vessels will be forwarded by the subscribers, free from any other than the sinenses actually incurred on tliem. For freight or passage, apply to B6YD Si HINCKEN. Agents, je25 ec No. 9. Tontine Building, cor. Wall and Waters VEW VORKAND PHILADELPHIA RA rftOAD LI.Nr DIRECT. FoK NEWAEE, NKWBRUNSWICE, PRINCETON, TBE^to* BonoENTown Ass Buklingtob. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leaving New York daily from the foot of Courtlandt at. Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at (V P. M. The Morning Line proceeds to Bordentown, from thence b} steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden (opposite to Philadelphia) without change of cars. Passengers will procure their tickets at the office foot of Courtlandt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be in readiness, with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city, wihout being opened Dy the way Each train is provided wiih a ear in which are apartments and dressing rooms ex.vesaly f< r '.he ladies' use. Returning, the lines Isave Philadelphia from the foot of Wnlaut street, by steamboat to Bordentown at 7 o clock, A. M. and by railroad from Camden, at J o'olock, P. M. The linra lor Baltimore lesve Philadelphia at 7R A. M., and < P. M. being a tnutinnation of the line* from New York, j'i "Iin * in PATERSON RAILROAD. From Faterson to Jersey City. On and after Monday, Oct. Id, 1811. the ears will leave Patemon Depst. Leave New Youe. 8 A.M. 9 A.M. nM " is* P. M. 1 P. M. 4 " The Sunday Trains will be discontinued until farther note*. 1'ransporution cars leave daily (Sundays excepted.) Passergers are advised to be at the Ferry, foot of Courtlandt street, n few minutes before the stated hour< of deoerture jyl9 6m* WINTER ARRANGEMENT-KOR ALBANY, Via BRIDIJEPORT and sMM A[ Housaionic It Western is 1 I I ^L^A?e3nKAii.D*oan?. > ally, kundsys^HHH jBT^BQE. Eicapted. 3SKBK Passengers for Albany by this rtoute will taks the new and elegant si earn boat EUREKA, Capt J L. Fltrh, which leaves New York from foot Liberty st. Saturday morning at half put S iVrlork, for Bridgeport, thence by th* Housatonic and Western Railroa Is, without ehanse *1 car* or baggage crates, te Albany, arriving urns evening st I o'clock. Ear* through eft. Eor passage or Ereight, apply on board, or at th* office, fool of Liberty street. G. M. PEiRRY, Agent. jl 'ec gWC 0* HAUNDEN COtf&Rl JjHfr & co.'s -Vir ENGLISH, FRENCH, BELGIAN1 ANDAMtHllCAN EXPRESS, GENERAL FORWARDING AND COMMISSION HOUSE. HARNDEN It CO. will receive and forward by their daily Eiprees Cars, Speci.-, Bank Notes, Package* and Parcels, to am part of the United States or Canada*, andoy the steamers and nrlult Is sni- inn nf li'iisl.n.l lr.,l....l a....I I II.I - ... P nine*. Particular attentinn ii paid to the purchase or aal* or all doicripnon* of merchandise, collecting MM ptTMt Drafts, Notes, and Bills, to the eutry of merchandise at the Custom House, uid to the general transaction Of any and all kinds of forward, ing and commission business. Bills of Kscliange, in sums to suit, furnished on St. John, N. B., Halifax, N. a., or ?n an\ part of Kurope. All goods must be marked "Harden It Co." Foreign Poa' Office Letter Bags are made up for all th* Royal Mail steam en from Boston, and th* steamer and sailing packets from New York. Principal offices and agent*:? Messrs. Hamdau it Co.. 20 Water street, Liverpool. Messrs Maclean, Maris k Co., 1 Ahchnrch lane, London. Messrs. Kmersou k Co., Paris and Havre. Samuel Height. Ksq., American Consul, Antwerp, Belgium. Messrs. J. and J. (J. Woodward, St. John, N. B. A. W. Uodfrry, Halifax N. S. J. O. Woodward, New Orleans, La. Messrs. J. B. Hazersr k Co., Havana. Harnden k Co. 8 Court at., Boston. All goods must he marked "Harden k Co. N 0.?Harnden k Co. are alone responsible for the loss or injury of any articles, or property of any description committed o their care; nor is any risk assumed by, nor can any be attached to th* New Jersey Steamboat Navigation Cempanv, Isy which their crates are, or may he transported; nor the New V/m-L I'rovnlenee ? ! tl. ? ? li-.l 1 vidmce Railroad Corpomtioua, in rrepect to their contenta at ay tune. HARNDEN It CO., JT? r No. 3 Wall at.. New Yorli. EXPRESS FOR BOSTON?DAILY LINE-WINTEU ARRANGEMENT. * 1 HAKNuEN It CO. will run^^Wl ^i| their parkt|{e and bunna*a E* preaa between New York indsdCL J31BE?.Hoaton during the winter, aa follow. Via Sto, mgton, on Tueodaia Thnrad.tya and .-*atu'dars. Via Norwich, an Mondavi, Wedneadaya and Kridaye?making a daily line. N. U.?Plcaee in ark all packagea intended for thu line, to care of HARN DEN K CO. nlr 3 Wall itrwt. PHILADELPHIA EX PRE AH. Mwn HARNDEN A CO. in connnion with thei,Boitonand Providence Linea of Kipren and En-3K3E?",penn Ageuciea, run two Daily Lmei of Eipreaa to I'hilaiiaiphia. connecting with Balumor' and Waahiugton and all the important liura to the South and Weat. Particular attention will be paid to the trauaportatien and delivery of mall and valuable parcela with the uttauai regularity and deapatch. a .*.*" '"d* P?vcela, fcc. deapatehed daily at M before J P. M. Small i areola received until H pant 4 o'clock P. M. and delivered early in Philadelphia neat morning. JIARNDEN A CO. " '%r T"*7 xr ^ yy i L YORK, SATURDAY MOI DRAFTS ON FNQLAND. IRELAND. I ^SpBi fce.?Persons about remitting money tothrir ' /YMUR^%JLfaii\<cuds in tli- Old Country can be supplied with drafts in sums of ?1. ?2, ?2. ?6. ?10, ^^^^^^ > ?20, ?00, ?100, or any amount pavable on demand, without discount, or any other charge, at the National ?auk ill Ireland Provincial 11 ink do, .Meaara Jam Bait, Sou Co., Bankari, London; J. Barued k Co., klxchauge and Dia- , count Bank, Liverpool; r.astern Bank of Scotland) <>r?mueu 1 Banking Company; Sir Wm. Korhe*. Hunter k Co., Scotland; ' and the brruckrs in every post towu throughout Finland, use- ! land, Scotland aud Wales, which dralta will be forwarded by theat.amer Britannia, leaving Boaton ou the 1st "a^ruar**. Air ply to W. k J. T. TAPT OTT, At llieir general passage office, 43 lVck slip, j2l corner of South atrtet. ^awea^KOH HALIKA1 ANB UVKRPOOL 1 The Koval Mail Steaiu Ship 11HITANNIA, John Hewitt.Kau., Commander, will leave Boaton Tor the above porta on ThureFebruary lat, UN. Pouagv to Liverpool $120. Paiaage to Halifax 20. Apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr., Agent, J2a to 3 lee _No. 3 Wall street. a> 8TATKN ISLAND FEltRY, FOOT hnffl ir"1, WHITKHALI. ST.-The steamboat *ZZ*CaL.8TATKN 1SLANDKR will leave New York and Statnn Island, ou and alter Octolier 2d. as follows, until further notice :? Leave Slateu I,land at IM, 10, a. St., 2, 4, r. si. Leave New York at 9. 12H, 10 min. paatl. 4j<N. 11.?Ou Sundays the boat will leave at 11 instead of 12k. All freight shipped is required to Fa particularly iuari;eo?inJ is at the risk of rhe owners thereof s3fttfr OH) SLACK BALL LINK UK PACKETS? eMPfliVFiir Liverpn 1 ? Packet of the 1st Fahruary? Tha MMMfaiplrnilid packet slip CAMBltlDOK, Capt Baratow, w<h an as above, her irgul.rday She has elegsnt accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers. A. ply to JOHN IIKKDMAN. 61 Fouth at, near Wall at. N. B ?Pa'sa^e from Livur|H>ol cau be tenured i>v the above lurnisvii lor env -mount, payable throughout Greet Britain mill Ireland, ou application as above jM Jtrc JySt PACKET bOR MARSEILLES?For 1st FebruaJqKWfyry?Th? barque MAKCELLA (.'apt Hsgar, will jilijUf^nke the p'acc of the ship Henry Thompson, not arriv-u, aud sail on 1st > rox mo. I For freight or laurafe anuly to LAWHKNCE h PHELPS. No 101 V root str?et,or to BOYD It HINCKKA, Agents, j26 6tee 9 Tontine building, cor Wall and Water >ts arhafr- FOR LIVEKPUOL?Ks^nlarPachet of7he?tli |M*W j'nu.irv -The first class, last tailing packet ship JUflWit^HEKlDAN, Capt F. A, Dept yeter, bnrthnu 1000 tons, will sail as above, her regular day. Having very auperioracc mmodi-ti, na for cabin, second cabin and steerage p,is e. gers persons Intending to embark should make iinmedi tie application to JOSEPH McMURRAY, jltre 100 Pine s'reet, corner of South. AAffr- PASSAGE FROM GREAT BUI PAIN AND pgjCTy I HELANl). via: Liverpool by the rrgnlar packet iBAJIlhash.ps, tailing every five days, preclutliug any deiention whatever, csn always be secured at the lowest rales, and drafts can as usual ? luruished payable at the Natiouai and Provincial Baiiksof Ireland an 1 thj b'nnchrs in all th" principal t >wus; also oil Messrs J. Bait, Sou It Co , Bankers, Lou uon: Messrs J. Barmd tt Co., bankers, Li>erpni |?payable throughuut Kiiglmd and \V ,le?; also at the fitting Bank of Scotland end branches, and the OiMnock Banking Co. b'or further particulars apply to J14 I wee JOHN HKRDMAN. 81 South stratt airl- FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Ltue Regular {MK Packet gist Frbtuiry ?The superior New York JBnBfe built packet ship ROCHESTER, Jehu Bri ton, master. 800 tons burthen, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or piuaagr, having very superior accoitiuioda tinua, apply to the Captain ou board, at west side Burling slip, or to WOODHULL It M1NTI RN8, 87 South at The superior packet ship Hottinguer, Tia Bursley, in aster, 1038 tons hurt.ien, will succeed the Rochester, and mil ou her rngnlar day,21st Much. mil FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New I Yi rk Line?Positively Arat regular Packet, to sail the flfiBBnJlsl Jan ?The last sailing p.ek t ship MISSISSIPPI.Captain C. Hillard, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board ?t Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLIN S Ik,CO. 56 South street. Shipiwra by this line may rely upon having then r goods cortectly measured. Agents in New Orleans, Hnllin tt Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The iticket ship \ AZOl), Capt b. J. H. Frank, will sue Cewl the Mississippi, and sail the lUlh Feb., her regular day. j83 rrc NEW LINE PACKET S' FI)?u V E HP 00 L, ufiVW,?f'ack't 88th January?The splendid and favorite fiBHIbpacke shin SHERIDAN, luflfl to s bait lieu. ( aptau F. A. Uepeyster, will sail ou E riday, Z.th January tier iegularday The ships of this line are all 1000 tons bur h.-n and upwards Prrsons about to embark <or the old coiinliy, will not fail i< s>e ilia advantage* to be derived from seleetiug t -is Hue iu pre ftreuceloauv others as their gie it capacity renders iheni en r, way moir ornl' itable aud convenient than sliiia ol asmallei cla-s and tin iraccomino la'inus. it is well knowu, are superioi to any olheis. Those wishing to secure berths, should not fail to make early applie tiou on board or to W it J T. TAPSCOTT At theii (ventral I'assvg - Otfi e, 43 Peck Slip, ceruer South street The Sheridan w ill sail from Liverpool on the 11th March.? r*r?r-.i. wishing to Mutl fu? rliet, tnvMdv.cuv lowllxti, lwt?alu out iii this spleudid packet, or any ot the regular lin? sailing on the 1st 6th, 11th, 16th, Zlat and 8Cth of eveiv mouth. Drelta lor any ainunul payable on demand without dis'ount in all the piinripal towns ol England, lieland, Scotland and wales eoaiwiuy for sale as inn, The Rochester will su cecal th-- Slu-ridan, and sail on 21st PC ruary. ja Stec BLACK JJALL, OU OLD LINK OK LIVER *MWy.I'OOL PACKETS?FOR LI VERPOOL?Ragular JMMKal'nckri o( the it Februa'y. Thespltndid, widl-kiowu very td?t ssiling pnckrts ip CAMBRIDGE, < np'aiu W. C Barstow, will positively sail ou Thorn Jay, 1st February, lier regular day. It i> well known to ti e travelling public, that the accommodatiout <f the Black Ball Lineol Packets, for cabin, second ca? iu and steerage passengers, are unto rpatted by any other line or ves<e| m port Those now or hrrrallrr returning to the old country, will at all nines luid it to their interest and comfort to select this comey-nce. For passage, apply on board, loot of Beekman st, or to the subscribers, ROC1IE, BROTHERS Ik CO., 35 Fnltonalruet, next door to the Fulton Bank. P. S.?Th? Cambridge sal Is from Liverpool on the 18th March Persons sending lor treirfii, uds can have tliein brought not iu her, or in any of the packets comprising this magnificent and unequalled line, sailing from that port punctually ou the 1st and 6th el each month, r or passage, apply as above. The packet ship England will succeed the sbnve packet and sail for Liverpool on the 16th February, and will return to thi? port on li.e 3d cf April jgOrc kdfJ- PACKET FOH HAVRE?Steond Line-Thrajtjv'hip ST. NICOLAS, John B Pell, mailer, will tail JMMBta >u the 1st of February. For freight or for passage apply to BOtD It HlNCKE >>',!> Ton'ine Building, j 11 rc corner Wsll an Waiersti ijy FOR OUtDALOUPE OR MARJIMQUKsffi^V T esuperior French barque rtLK.XAMDllE, Capt Hilber F-r freight or pa s ge, pirlv to BOYD killNCKEN, jl6 Iw ec 9 Tontine Biii'ding c >r Wall and Water its. GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICES. JAR ESS COATS MADE TO ORDER FOR StO-No. 9" EJ Fultou street?The subscriber, having opened a General Clothing Store, at No 90 Fulton street, New Vork, is now prepared to furnish all who may favor hiin with a Call, with every description of gentlemen's Wearing Api>>rel, On the mot' rmsonable terms. He offers for their consideration the following list of redused prices:? Superfine Dress Coats, from* . g|0 to 16 Caasimere Pauls. " 4 to 56 Fancv Vesta, " 2 to 3 5<> Overcoats, to II Sacks, " 4 to 5 N. It.?Clothing made for the Southern market with neat ues? and despatch Persona will find it to their advantage to call and examiueiiwst. ck and prices, at >o. 90 Fulton street, before purchasing elsewlis.e. A there of the pubic lwlrouage is solicited. WM. PETTET. j 13 Imrc ENTLEM$N'8 LEFT OFF WARDROBE?(Jentleman or families desirous of converting their left oil Wear ing Apparel into cash, can obtain for lha sanis the highest cash orjce To families and gentlemen quitting the city,or changing reaideuc. b nog us.v superfluous effects to dispose of, will find it much to their advantage to sand for the subscriber, who will attend them>t their residence by appointment. / LEVENSTYN. 446 Broadway, np itairs. A line through the Poet Office, or otherwise, will receiva prompt stiention. dJ3 lm*re (AKkU-E OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE CO.VlPANt ?Olfice 36 Wall street. This comiway continue their business of insurance srsiust lost or dainatre bv tire, en eoods and inarehAndiaa, >tod alao on aaaawa md thar Mrnno' (ainit loan bjr mlnnd uavijcnTiuuDIRECTOIIH. l aniu.u jV. Thorun, Eliaha Kicifa, Thomaa T. Woodtafl Benjamin R. Robaoa John U. Uaviaon, f'nutn P. S\|i, Diomioii Prior Joaeph Alien, John H. L?, John P. Moore, Mo?m Tnckar, J a men K. Haliooa, Caleb C. Tama Jainea 11. VV Inline Anaou Baker, Wm. K. Thorn, Joanph Drake Irad Haw ley, John C. Menu, Thomaa Morrall THOMAS W THORNt. Prenldnuu Elk I Hllfk mil Jab dALT FISH STOKK. inn BHI.S. HALIFAX no. I SALJUON; or Nw.1,1 *LrvJ :ulj j Markm-I 000 half do, do do do. 190 bbla No I Moaa Shad) M half bbla No I 8a y brook Shad | 300 bbla Cod a< d Scala Kiahi 400 do No. I Oib'd Hernnir; ISofl b-urn Scaled do 3000 lha Srnokad thlmon; MO kita Hotuod Salmon; M0 do Sonnda aa<t Toofara; 300 quimala ' odOih, amiable for ahippinz; 1000 aaakiA.hou'a Sal-; 4vu Dins Amfriiwi etc ate. All Tor aale in Iota to adit purahaaera by jll in'rc N&LHON W KLL8 A CO. It Pry atriwt. f* BROWN It KI.'S On" Priw liat Ktnra, 171 (Chatham MSquare, corner of Moll atreet, where lahion, beauty, .Tiir ibility and economy are ci.mbi iad to adorn the hwtd 1 ha propiirtnra hare the plenaure to ofrr a now atyla of hat,the imitation ofhearer, which ol wely re??ml,l thnee formerly aolil for ?S n mi $6 at the low hand prion oft], Thoae.who froni iaaii nation ornacaaaity am m ined to etudy economy in that indiaiwniahle artmln of Umia, hiaa now an opporinnity of doinn ao, and atill keep ii|> the appearance of the moal laatnonabln Brown St Cn , in prcannttnfi ihia hit to tht pub'ir, think lhar ham netrly retched the ultim turn of boat v. eheapneee. uatlntaa, durability anil amnion of th? watar All aalra am lor caah, therefore no nood cu>u>mer unya lor loan*' iururrad y thn bad. BROWN it CO. 171 Chatham Senary, j4 lm*m Corner of Mo:i atreet. J Boors-WATER PROOF Double and Cork Solar Knatch and natim calf and patent ?cmw laps; w rrinti-ii nood fii.n calf boota for men; hov'a and childreu'a do, r??or water boota and eho-a of a|i aerta and aizoa N. B.?Lidiea, Mia-eaand Childreu'a (alter boota, ?ho?e and bttikim, double and aiu?le aolra, and ol nrmy color and aiad* Ladiea. Oenta, Miaaei and Childreu'a water proof India Rubber iiyarahoea of the lateit ?t,le, all of winch will lie aold i h aiier than at any other atom in thia city Napoleon tap h<Mit?'t'l a pair. J. 8. WALKER, 4I? Broadway J3 lm*ee Comer ol Canal at. wOOT AND SHOE STORE. JOHN READY rre pec t fully in lorraa hia Iriand. and the public, that he haa cnmmeureii bnainenn in the above linn, at No. SKI Nation atrret, where he will thankfully recnire and faitlifnlly eiecute. all ordtra he may be lavored with on the moat raaionnble ternaa lot caah. (1 lr IRK ] INING, JANUARY 27, li AMERICAN HOTEL, PHILADELPHIA. rPlllS sew hou?e it a.tuaied on Chealuut street, opposite the -I- State Home. (Iadependei.ee Square,) and in the immediate icinity of *11 the Uxhiniiable places of amusement and resort. It haa beau built in the mi it thorough maimer, hyJohnJ. Ridijway, Esq., sud contains upwards of one hundred rtoDi, many of which ere i^rlo'. with bedrooms adjoining, mi table lor familiea, and rartiea ?f ladira and gentlemen It will b? furnished throughout, (without regard to expuusa) with new and elegant lurnitureol in? mo.t approved style, and opened for the inception of the travailing public,on the tint d*y of March neat. The proprietors flatter thernialrea, that their loug experience in the business, will <ueb e them to conduct (he American Hotel , in all its departments, in mch a in inner aa will plaaae the moat lia'idious, and gua autre to iheir guests every comfort and luxury, that can he found in any Hotel in the United Hubs N B?Bathing Itoonix are attac ed to the Hotel, where warm and cold water baths will at all rimes be in readiness. HENRY A CHAtt 1 Kit, ?\ JAMES MAC I.KLLaN, j "?P""?ra. January lith. IXC J IS 3mrc PACIFIC HOTEL, 16* GREENWICH, NEAd COURTLANDT STREET. NEW YORK. rlMlE above wall kuowu Hotel having recently undetgoue exJ leuxive repairs and retittiug, is opened for the reception ol permanent and tranarieul boarders. The subscribers hxviue le sed ths sains for a tarui of years, will endeavor to merit the pal ">uugc of iu former guests and tlie public. K. FIELD. 129 lin'ec G. FAKNHAM. HAVANA AGRNt'Y ?Tha subscribers, ..gents Tor Mrs. West's 11' srdiug House, will be happy to give information to travellers bound pi thr Hivma Orders lor xeunrs, West I edit fruits, he., attended tot accounts collected, drafts bought aud sold, at their General Agency Office, 12* Nassau street New York. N B ? Letters aud parcels foi warden by every packet jlO lm*ec MASON It TUTTLE. HAVANA MANSION HOUSE HOTEL. 1M1K undersigned takes occaaiou to inform hit friendx aud 1 the public, that the Mansion Mouse is now locc.ied in lnluisiUor street, No. t>7, iu the viciuitt of the steamboat lauding ind vegetable market, having commo<li?os family apartments arranged in th- neatest order. A person is employed to proenrr permits to laud passengers, baggage, Iu. who will bo.trd vessels immediately alter the visit 0( trie revenue officers. N. B.?Visitors to this Island shun 1.1 pr icurc a passport from the Spanish Consul, at toe port of rmbarkalioo, to obviate dif ficulties :.;d incouveoieice s?l 6n??c* WILLIAM KULTON. ENGL18H ADVERTISEMENT LONDON-8T KATHARINE'S HOTEL, opposite the ftt. Katharine's Uoek Gates, and near the lloyaf Mint. THOMAS L EN NET, lue Chief Steward of the British Uitrn Steimship, respectfully informs his friends in tne United states, th.it lie liiis the man igemeiit of the above new and elegant asiablish cut, which is built and furnished rrg.inilees of rsjieiise, snd is in every rrsjiect adopted for the recept oil of fi nilies and gentlemen visitioir England, as the hotel fronts that port of thedoi k In wh eh the liurrs and inosl of ihe other Ame ricsn vessels lav, and is wilhic five minutes v.slk of the Bank and Koyal El change The house will be conducted oil liberal mil SBDBOmWl pr.nciples The I offi e Room is supplie I with the Loudon, American East ludiau and Colouinl papers The Viands, Wines, Ac art of the first guali y A good Billiard (loom aud Warm Ballis will b - fouuil iu the house Gentlemen mav contr ict by the week or month for oo ird, 4tc on the same terms as in America. T LENNEY best to assure thosewho may honor him with their patronage that nothing tha'l be wanting to render them comfortable, and by attention t' the wishes of hit guests, hopes to merit that confidence and good will so liberally bestowrd on him when steward of 'he British Queen dlu TO AMATEURS ON THE FLUTE. MR. BARTON, (pupil of the iate C Nicholson,) respeetJully begs inaiiuouuce thai it is bis intention to give instruction on the I1 Intei Mr. Uartou professes to tench accor di g to ihe mrtiiod pursued by the celebrated master, Charles Nicholson. Kor terms and particulars, application may be made at Sienor Godoua vlusie store, Broadway, and Mr. atodart's Pii-.ofo'te mann'acrory j'T lm?rc " MUSIC FOR PARTIES: A/TE88R9 O. WEI88 It KR. ORAMBSrv, Professors of PYA Musie lespe'tf-illy announce to thair patrons, the ladies and gentlemen nl New Yo k and its vicinity, that their Cotillon Band is prepared to play the most a loured and fashion if Mnsic for Private Parties, "oneee, kc. Order* received and punctually attended mat 28 Delancy an j.t Im^m ~ Wbrow-s hiding IchooiT" 408 BOWERY. G'OK LADIES from 9 A. M, to 9 I* M. daily. " Kor Gentlemen " 3 to 5 snd 7 to 9VJ P. M. dailr Lrcturb Lessors. Egggcisg Rioitso. (Evening Class.) 12 Letsrut ?-$9 00 '20 Unlqi $10 0' Single do I 11(1 | iingle a,> Tj The Dressing and Drawing Rooms nr- wrll warmed, and every attention devoted to the -orafort of those w .u may honor us wiBl their patronage. Ueutlrinen keeping tiieii horses oo livery at this establish uie.nt. will ha r - ij,e privilege of riding them in the School, u 15 3io GVANC Y BALL DUESbKth, of every description, to lei " and made to order Mauagers ol Mails end Parlies will lind a laree stock of fancy ornaments, if they should regime Saloons handsomely liucolated, by J DEJONUK. S6 Warren street, corner of West Broadway, id lin*rc 1).cantorsad Customer to the Park Theatre. iifLc K.P&EB. AND P ROBERTS, 373 Btoadwsv, begs to call the attention of the adiee, in general, to a splendid assortment of the above desirable uncle, SflO Ladies'Coronation Holies, with five rows of embroidery, guile a new article, selling at 85, s,ell worth $12. L ulies' Mcvieire Organdi dressei from 87 upwards. Ladies Dr Beg. u Embroidered Rob a. a rare article, tt ?9 Also, llluaious, TarlsUtis, Laces. Silk Mautuas, Belgeriner md French < inim Liim, orevery shade manufactured. 609 Down Ladies' Kid Glows, in black and eolorad 200 " " Whre K'?l, in long and short. 20 Cartons Embroidcrel Capes and Col'art. j 17 Imre K.NTLEME,"N'S FURNISHING tti ORE, 69 MAIDEN LANE. Over Coats, froio to 12 Hack do 4 to 8 Krock do to 14 Dress do to 14 Paat* J to 8 V 2 to 4 All made ol tli" be>t materials and cut in the modem itylr. Peraoua furnishing their own malaiials can depeud u|k>u having them made in the beat manner, at the following pricea Over Coats, made and trimmed tt to 10 00 Dives do do do 7 to 10 00 Frock do do do to >2 00 VeeUaud Pautaloona, ffl KJ to 1 71 Hhirta made np to order, after the litest and moat approve-i French patterns. Under gs'miuts ef all descriptions conatant ly on hand. Olovea, lloaiary, Cravats, Heaifs, Snspvndera.fcr J.'I Im'ec Vy. COLLINS. BROADWAY TEA STORE, ^ORTHEAHT comer of Prince and Broadway, adjoining f v Niblo'a Flower Kcnnsi'ory. The aubecrilwra lulorin theii friends and the public, li st they hare oiemed the above Store, with a new and enenalye aaaortmcm ol Groceries-the atock consisting priuc pally ofl "as of the fmert qualities, aeleeted with ilia grcau it care from the laat < argues. TEA*. Young Myaon from to I* wjd Hyson " Is to la Imprriai " 9a to la Gunpowder " la to It Poochorig " la to la Sonchong " to la Orange IVco " Cr Aa reaper ts ihe above Traa, w? defy coinjietilion in freshness, quality or price aud state that thev are selections made by ore of the most competent judges in th* city COFFEE. Old Java, bnrot and ground, la 4d j*r pound. Also, a general asaortmeu' of''offer. Fruits for iii- holidays all kinds of sugars very low?and in fact every thi'g appertain mi to a grocery, all of which la warranted to ba of nnt quality u3l Im'ca O. HARRISON It CO GENUINE TEAS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. THE CANTON TEA COMPANY, Principal Store, 131 Chatham itrttt, Nnt York. Branch 8iurt, 118 BUfcker at, N. Y. *1grncy at 118 Fulton street, Brookyn. Mao, corner oj Main and Van Houtun at, Potaraon, N. J. INVITE THE ATTENTION OF CITY AND COUNa TRY families and purchasers to their several establishments, where they think will ba found by la the beat selection of pun* and unadulterated Traa in the United States. Che un ivrrsal popularity and reuowu ol their hoose, with reference to high qn lilies low prices and npright dealing, is too well understood to rcuoer further comment necessary. Original and only warehouse for 'he sale of Hoequa'a Black Tea Observ?Htraugerawill 1-c particular to remember the onin nerof the principal store in Chatham street.vie; "131," between I'vsrl and Roosevelt streets. The public w ill also be pleased to take notire, that the Canton Tea Comimny have nothing to do with any i ther stores whatever, ncrpt those described at the top of this advertise meni _ _ j 14 Im'ic F'kuith. groceries, TEAb, wines, *c-iiass NKK a VOUNir, 113 Chatham street, offer at wholesale and retail, to dealers and funiliasFreeh For-ign k inita, a general assortment. Sugars aad (.oiler of a'l kinds a- d qualities. 'Iras, Green aad Black, of every description. Hops-no old Wmeaand i.iquora, of various gradaa. Sui>?rioi Raspberry and Cherry Brandy rn-ncn umj n mrrir.411 ^nmiiui, niarill tna in IIIM. ou.lon Vfitf h and Antnitui Porter. Brown Htaat andJPil* Ale. La Norm* M alalia, Nona** and othar bran da ftenra. 4,aai ami W?at India and American Preaervea and JaUiae. I i oury in auiall bum, from Ohio. Jajal* Peaie. in IIK and 24 Ih buica Bud U|nnw, f.aeoa and CnocoUir. |*rin Oil vol i;?nill?, Soni fcc ?atain,a Pavilion W?irr, in quart and pint Iboftlea. Oooda 4 I ?? ? < > any part ?f tS? cut Irec ?i nrrmn rt?| |m*>r TO CARMEN, GROCERS, HORSEMEN, Sec. 'IMIK remedy called 1 Dr. ' haa H NHaon'a Muna Kinbrona * tioa, ' hanna horn, before the pablie for a unmhar uf inn aad neng naed with entire me aaa. the propnaior naki nothing in nn nerved ty recommending it to all pytrinDa having tha car* of horaea, an beina a an.e and certain remedy fur ihr following ilinPAan or aeeidenra: Bruiaea, Onta, Hpraina, Windgalla, Chifad linrka, Swelled Eeet, hw. '1 ha proprietor hoi>rs to claim a slure of the priblic pstroiMj<e. To be obtnaed whole vale end retell only at 'he drag store, 150 Dirisiou street, corner 0<cb?r<J. N. V. rriae6?6d I m *er HULL'S TRUSSES NOTICE TO RUPTURED PERRONS PttKSOTIS afflicted with raptures may rely u|>on tha beat iaatrnmanual aid tha world ifforda, on application at thr olfina, No. 4 Veaey atreet. or to either af the aaeiita in tha pnaeipal lowna In the United Htataa Ba enteral to aiamina thr naek pad of Hull'a Truaaaa, to aaa if they ara andoraad by Di. Hall, in writing Nona urn genaia*. or to ba raliad upon at rood, without hit signature Many paraona hnva undartakan to rwid imilatioaa of HnlPi a.aiaLratad truaaaa, and thousands ara Imtvised i|>on in eonaa ;uanea Tliese initiation! cannot ba relied upon ; ihcy U' n.iJa by unakilOil mechanics. aad ara aa hattar thaa tha ordt nary truaaaa Hooma liare ,/aan nttad up at No. 4 Vasey atraat, eieinaivah foi ladiaa, having a separate an Iran ca from tha hoainaaa depart mailt, whara a female la ia nooaUat attaadaaca to wait npoa ferule ;>?tiai414 lm*r LEBCHfc.8! LEECHES !! LEECHES >! \ Q 1 I W LAROE Healthy Mwaadiah l.-achaa, jo it raU1)UUU ctnad par 'aliip Btaphani from liambwg. Kor aajr at atodarnta pneaa by OJ A. It H. WITTE, dll ?'cc 44# Ptarl itrnei, NaWlYoifc * .. ** HERA 344. Literary notices. Th? Family Wash Book?New York.; p A Meisier?A very useful and neatly prepared book for those industrious and careful ladies who do not think It beneath them to attend to cne of the most important duties in a family. It will save both trouble and time if this useful record in made available. njNT? on OTIIJUKTTK, nUAr I KI) TO AMIKltM OU" cikty?New York, A. V. Blake.?Twenty-two editions in England have tested the popularity of thia work in that aristocratic country, and, therefore, its various hints, instructions and directions need not any qualification of praise from our hands. This edition, however, being adapted to Ametican society, would seem to require some special notice. Well, then, we can only sav that the obvious and prevailing points in which the manners of our citi-, MM are defective, are pointed oui with good I humor, which is rendered somewhat more piquant i by being flavored with a little satire, slyly veiled in 1 Dean Swift's inimitable style. Thin is the way to J mend our inannersuand after individual good taste, ! we cannot have a Setter standard than the work ; now before us. Sweethearts and Wives; or. Before and Ar- ! ter Marriage?By T. S. Arthur?New York: ; Harper & Brothers.?Some useful lessons may be I derived from this well written little book. We commend them to the attention of till who have ! any relation to the characters mentioned in the ! title. The Mothers or England, their Influence and Responsibility, by Mrs. Ellis?New York: Appleton & Co.?A cheap edition of this favorite work. It cannot be too carefully read by the mothers of America, for their influence and responsibility are not less than those of the mothers ol England. The Mothers of England, their Influence and Responsibility, by Mrs. Ellis?New York: Lanrleys.?Another and exceedingly neat edition of Mrs. Ellis's esteemed productions We repeat, that it cannot he too attentively reud by all those American females who stand iti the relation of a parent. Let them give it an universal circulation. The New York Mirror, for February, 1844? Morris, Willis iSr Co., Broadway.?Four beautiful engravings adorn the present number of this entertaining periodical ; and the letter-press mutter is full ol ('liiuming variety. To be the mirror of literature and the tine arts,is a somewhat ambitious aspiration ; but we are not disposed to think that the editors of this aerial do not reflect, with very considerable credit, both parts of the extensive Held before them. Lectures on the Pilgrim's Progress, by the Rev. Mr. Cheever?Part 2?New York : Wiley & Putnam?Bunyan's delightful allegory?a favorite with all the religious world?is here expounded and illustrated in a familiar style. Exception might he taken, with justice, to some of the views o? the lecturer; but where the design is good, and the faults not positively dawning, exceptional criticism is better avoided. Upon these principles we think Mr. Cheever's lectures deserve uttentive perusal by all who admire Bunyan, and particularly those who are disnosed to interpret his immortaf production too literally. Historical Sketch of the Middlesex ("anal, by the \gent of the Corporation?Boston : >. N. DiekeiiBon.?The proprietors of the Middlesex Canal, we learn, are desirous of terminating or discontinuing the use of it us a means of transportation. and of applying the water now used therein to the supplying of the city of Boston with that wholesome necessary. There appears at present a very gloomy prospect to the proprietors, owing to railway competition; and as a means of avoiding total loss, with some chances of future prospect, the proposal is made which we have described. It is well worthy of consideration; und the pamphlst before us appears to contain all the information re quisite in forming a sound judgment upon the whole case. Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Emfirk, with Mi i. man's Notes?New York: Harper Ar Brothers.?We have Nos. 3 and 4 of a standawt umrii which miuit be siiiduid hv everv liiun w ho wishes u? be inought to abound in wiifft i called general information. New York State Register, by L. O. Holley? Albany : J. Disturnell.?A comprehensive and useful manual, very desirable for reference. Campbell's Foreign Semi-Monthly Magazine? Philadelphia t J. M. Campbell.?A neat reprint of the best articles from the British magazines. It iembellished with a portrail of Thomas Carlyle, oi fair merit as a likeness. The Christian Observer, for December, 1843 (American Edition.)?New York: Mason Tuttle.?A good number of a periodical in high tavor with the evangelical clergy of the Church of England. .Shakspeare's Works, Part 6?Burgess, Stringer Ac Co.: New York.?Neat, economieal, and well illustrated. The American in Paris nrrrvc the Summer? New York: Burgess, Stringer A' Co.?A cheap reprint of a work wo have heretofore spoken of in terms of deserved approbation. New Mirror Extra, No. 4.?This extra eontains the songs and ballads of George P. Morris, most ol whirh ate really delightful compositions, and have become very popular. The Christian Lady's Magazine, bv Charlotte Elizabeth, for December, 1843? New York -. Mason Ac Co.?Very good, nnd worthy of the distinguished, well-earned reputation, of the amiable ami devout editreaa. The Covenant and Official Magazine of thi U. S. Grand Lodok of the I. O. O. F., for Junuary?Baltimore: R. Neilson.?Worthy of the support of all Odd Fellows,(a large body) whether initiated or not into the mysteries of a formal lodge. The American Review, for December, 1H43? New York: Saxton Ac Miles.?A number of average merit. Grauam's Ladies' and Gentlemen's Maga /iNKt for reb. 18i4?Philadelphia: Graham ? This number b elegantly embelliehed, and the high character of its literary compositions ta well maintained. The Mysteries of New Yore?Very mysterioua, past comprehension; guesaing is here hopeless Dissertation on the Power or the Intercepted Peebscre or the atmoapiiere.ny Hknrv Pratt. We must request our readers to form their own opinion of this pamphlet. The niotivr of the an thor is good; but whether all his projects are practicable, is a question we do not undertake to decide. Modern Chivalry?By W. H Ainsworih: New York, Winchester.?Aii interesting production from the pen of a prolific writer,originally from Mancheter, who seems to write stories as fast as they can make calico in that moat ingenious borough. Ladies' Natural Magazine tor February? Philadelphia: Peterson.?Very good. Thk Catholic Family Bible? New York?>m>i.ieks ?We presume the day lias too long gone hv for the bible to be made the subject ol review. At all events we shall not meddle with the perplexing questions which urise as to adverse translations, which would seem to be invited by the title here given. This is the tenth part, ami like all ita predecessors, it is neatly printed Thk Church, tiik Faith, Tradition.?-New York, Onderdonk <Y Forest ?This is a sermon by Bishop Onderdonk, which those who wish to learn las sentiments on the three extensive topics designated in the title, should juircliHse Ladies' Companion, No. 4. ?New York, W W Snowden ?A very good number. The illustrations are capital, particularly the plnie of " Disturbed by the Night-Mare." The fashions for February are drawn with more than usual distinctness Colonel De Survflli, a Tai.e or the Empire, ihio -Bv Eugene Bae ?NewYork, Winchester An effusion from Sue's prolific |?en, which will interest his admirers. The Pupil op Raphael, Vols. I and 'J.?New York, Burgess, Stringer Ac Co.?Powerfully written. The nature of the work may be inferred from the title, and painters may here and there 1111<i u nigtiiy wrongm picture in it. Trial ok tiik Popr.?lioaton, Tnppan V Dcuvet. ?A Prote?tant prolemic, hitter enough for Murtin Luther, or the greateat living enemy ot the papacy. Dahokr and Duty- by the Kev. K Mark*.? New York, J. S. TuyloriV Co ?A *ntall pubiu a tion of the alarmmt order, ugainat popery and p i neyiem. iMITATtORRof True IlArrtVE**?By Joel P.irker. L). lJ.?New York, Harper*.?A well meant per uaaive to religious hahita and practice*. Fremi Halibut.?Several veaaela belonging t> Olonceater, the Telegraph *ayi, are now ready ami waiting for fkvorahl* weather to proceed to Oeoigi Rank for thepurpoae of procuring llaltbut to nupply the Bo?tou market. 1 . , I I ?? .'I LP. Price Two Conu. At Chambers. Before Judge iiigraham Jai? ** .?vlppUcalwnoJ Mtkt trtilth J<n hu Inituarft This matter was argued to-day. winu the Judge prouounced the following opinion : In this case en application i? made to mo to diachaig* U.? petitioner Iioni the custody ul the hherill un the iv turn of tha habeas corpus by the Sheriff, he state* that he hold* the petitioner by virtue ot three com mttuicuts from the Court of Sessions, in which the petitioner was sentenced to pay fines, and was ordered to stand committed until the several hues were paid The application for the discharge tests upon the Sound that the Shaiifi has no right to the custody of e petitioner, and thi-ielore no authority to detain hitn. Thioughout the Mate, the County Jail is used as the place of confinement bcth ol debtors and criminals, and is generally placed under the coutrol and cliaige of the Sheriff ol the county. 1 K. tt. 764, section I. by the 6th and Oth sections on puge 7bA, the peuiteuliary ana City prison are placed under the controlol the city government, and power to appoint the keepers ot those prisons is conferred upon that body, lite building used as a jail whs by the K. S continued the jail (or the confinement of persons on civil process, and the custody thereof given to the Sheriff, 3 It. S. AM, section 13. And by the 7bill section 1 It. S. 37 J, thu custody of the jail is given hIso to the Sheriff used for the confinement ol persona on civil process only, while the custody both ot jails and pusona whs given to the Sheriffs ol other counties. 1 hesu si* lor provisions oi mi- n. o. 111 ir|(iu 10 jaus anu piisoni in the city ol New 1 ork. Taking these provisions together, 1 think the fair constiuctlou.ol them u, that lor ait pui puses other than the confinement of persons on civil pi ocmi, and procecdingsjiqcivil suits, the hheutl tiai no eh*. it* or custody ol the prisons, but that duty rests on me keepeis ol' them, who are to he appointed by thw Common Council My the act passed April 10, 1814, (luw * w luting to New Vorli.p Ui) which has uot been rwpealed, tpeeiai provisions uie made lor the penitentiary and tor the City priaon. A title la given to tlie raapecti?e keeper* thereof, and tina act directs the mode in w hich ottender* aie to be committed to the cuatody oi the keepeia by the Court In the commitment, who aie requited to keep auch persons in the aainu manner as Sherids in other counties, Subsequently anotbar statute was pasaod authorising the May or, he. of New Vork, to provide a jail for person* confined on civil process, ami suitable buildings lor the sale keeping of piiaouers who might hy law be committed theielo, and giving full pow er to the Common Council fiom time to time to appropriate and use other buildings lor such purposes us tiiey thought proper. Act ol luth April, iuQa, Laws relating to New \ ork, p 40U. Hie same pow er was repealed by Act ofFeb. 90, 1830, 3 It 8. '.'6a, iu which they are authorized to designate any buildings as common jails These (towers have been fully carried out by ordinances. and tliey have designated the respective prison* as now used lor these puipvsea under that autuuriiy. Fiotn these statutory provisions, atill in lorce, it is clear that the charge of the prisons lor the cunhnemeut ol criminals is not in the Slieritl ol the city, but (gi the keeper appoiuted lor that purpose , and if any doubt lemained a* to the original intention ol the Legislature upon thu subject, it would be removed by inferring to a, Kb, p. 198, Sec. 8, w here the distinction is expressly stated, and the custody of persons imprisoned on civil piocess only is given the Sherilt, and the custody oi persons charged with aay offence is giveu to the keeper of the city nison. It is contended that the provisions of the H. 8 , which prescribes, the punishment of misdemeanor to betineor imprisonment in a counts jail, gives the custody of persons so sentenced to the Sheriff, ana authorizes the confinement in the debtors' orison. But that provision appear* to me to he the genera) provision in regard to the State, and ia to he constrNud in rei|iect to New York in such a manner as not to be inconsistent with the other statutory provisions on the subject, and inasmuch as the Legislature hnve divided the buildings appropriated for these pur|Mises, and appointed diifereut peisons to have charge of them , the distinction is to be obseived throughout; and therefore the county jail intended by that provision in the city of New York, would be that building or jail set apart for the confinement of ofi'eadart, and not that provided for debtors. An objection, bowever, is made to the jurisdiction of the ofllcer under this writ, because it appears that the Hberifi hold* the petiI linnet ud a nriintiKr titular ami hv virtua nt cs rtant rnm? mitinent* issuing out of the Court of Oeueral Sessions, founded upon conviction! therein. The itatuta provide! that tuch extract! duly certified iball he sufficient authority to the Sheriff or other officer to execute the law 1 beta extract! or certificate! are duly made out,anil would afford ample justification to the officer to hold the prisoner U ha hail the power 10 to do The mere transcript ol the entry of the conviction, and of the kentence, is all that is required, and it In not therefore necessary that in audition thereto there should be u commitment to any particular otficei The officer, whose duty it is to keep prisoners, is requited by the statute to receive and keep them on receiving such certificate. In the present case, then, believing the certificate ot the clerk to lie in proper torm, the return ol the Sheriff'shows that the petitioner is in his custody by virtue of such certificates founded on tin- judgment and sentence of the Court of Oeneral Sessions If the ,-huiiff had been required in his return to have stated more pai'.lcularly the mode in which he received such certificates', or it testimony had been produced to show that the She-inraca ?0r receive these certificates and commitment# from the Court, then there migl.l lie au.L j.n, v. ?.. vi?-,r ?e proceed in discharging irom the Sheriff's custody Bui in the absence of sucli testimony, ain I bound to presume, that the same were legally delivered to him? (See 1. Hill. I&&.) And if so then, although they may have ei red, has an officer power to examine such proceed, ings of the Court on habeas corpus, (see several cases referred to in 3 liill, page Wit note.) These certificates can be obtained (ront the clerk by any |-erson on application, and when it is apparent that the sheriff' has not uuthnrity to detain the petitioner under this proceeding, I urn el opinion that in such a case relief should he granted by habeas corpus. Any othci rule would leave the prisoner in custody of any individual who chose to get a copy of this certificate from thu clerk, and then arrest the individual so named in the conviction, end detain him as a prisoner w ithout any authority whntevar. Under these views I do not (eel authorized to refuse t dii charge from this imprisonment by the Hhertff It wm suggested that in cose un order was granted ditchaigmg the jaititioner from the custody ol the sheriff, it wu the duty of the officer to remand the prisoner to the custody ot tfie person who had a right to such custody. Pueh u the rule where it apneari) that any one is entitled to such custody. No niicIi tact appears in this case There is no evidence of the prisoner's having been in tbe custody of any other person, or that there is now any authority Irom the court to any person to detain him The presumption is that he has been legally discharged by the person who bad such custody, and until tbe contrary is inane to appear by testimony, there is no evidence that there is any legal muse of detention. If he hua been improperly dl? charirivl by the officer who should have detainee hue. the t ourt has ample power to cause him to be re-eommltted. An order in conformity with this opinion was then signed by the Judge, and Mike was discharged. Ohio Kivkk.?At Wheeling, on Monday, th? Ohio Hiverhad eight feet of water hi the channel, and was falling. Old Ao?.?The Schenectady Cabinet save that John J. Van Voast, a respected citizen of that placa, has entered upon his one hundred ami fourth year - i - - - - . ?jwv DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS, f~TK tin- tnoslriqrisibr ioee and liunb, ikmmsiii * ?l' the colon Czoflife.by A. k. THO nrnuN It No. II I'ark K->w, ofi?>silr th- Alter lions unuerreotype Apyaraiut, riatea. i r?ea, < 'em mi, ?o.. Cor m1*. Inairnetcma given in the art jll lm*m KIKST PRKXIUM i)A(iCf HKM) i Yl'k.S Pl.WMHh 1??ku rri"ii Oallrr, < ( Pmiuii Ptemi'iin (.lorwd Photograph* Ml Uro*''wir aboya Murray atrrrt. Naer York?A warded tlie fimt |.rfi?iir>miru huh'it honor, by Amt* . icin and f rnnklin lurtituefl, for ilir moil beaalifnl color d l>a*iirreoiypea errr eihihtte I 'Pr I'etaor Plouiho, lb' Ai-eii-an Daguerre ' whoa- fame > the flrit fhot<'Kr*pher in the world, i> familiar not only h?i*. tin? i Kami*; toil nkm' l?oi?li hn?? r entli b*#n tncreev.l l>y tin' pub it! returnmy of the Aowpmii nud Kraukliu Inaunt'l ''Mil* inghiacol rril PhiitnginnHa the mott beautiful ?v?r xhihited lui. ftnip a lib ral ilaaire to place lua ? [ rh iwitmta within 'he riarh of nil j?at rrducrd hi? teima 'O thl loweot him of tb?iP' ?t indiffWoit. artii'r in the city We *d*?ie all o nmnioehii fioo yallerv ol ipccimooa which tha world .annot wjaal.iil rtroaitwai "?New Vorh Kipre.a Plum ? '? Premium ml <1 nam Apparuu, a ,d Instruction PI ton aa ?. fcc . ?l tlit lowest mtra. jl9 lindvtkwyeer. |7.N rl KU ?l Al KB UAUUKKMI AN 7/AlXk.Kl i 174 U Proud*ay, up ti..i ? K. va MI ! K would rMpntlally ca'T -ftll utioool citireaa and llana-Ti. rin'iuy the city to hia iplemlid I'otlcr lion f Daguerreotype Portraits, tingle or m grimy* iron two Ui fourteen l* toiii on th? iimr pl.te, whi. h for "'Utyend nrcura'S ol dnliimuna ruinot Iw arpnaa?d Pot' nti j lokm to all aiuda of w-lher either with or without lora 1 he A inn. itru. Imutui- at ita l.ate eahibi ma awarded Mr. Vhite the lira! premium for th'beat Daguerreotyt e likei.rwa I grouping md u irral effect, which ia but another proof of the tnoermriiy of ma portrait# Mr White la ?o e agent in Ne* York for the eerr aoperi. ? mporr-d inimi Cum* ma , and at no otbr "rtablntifnc.it in Ilia try of Htate i an lh?y b? nbtainrd. V B ? Imported (irrman t'atnarn; alto h tench and A mat, an leatritnci ra of the ??ry brat piality, with Plana ticniicaJa, I'oliehin* Materials, Ike.. Ike., >|w,vi oa hand, for .ale at 'he very Inwraf tmeea. uT J,n*in TO TAILORS^ OTI.NKMKTT'9 new and complete work m tbaanbj'.rt of O (Jo t'tiK f?artn?nt? of ctctt dea?r1|ition ir. s ?t\I-ot elc(inee aot to lie aiirpaercd, le.witJi the nnn' ot couhdeecii, offer ?d tn the t ad'*, aa heiny a wntk wholly an, or in r i anyhing of he kind heretofom introiorrdi bi tlie aid <11 WloCb u fenon of Oiod"' -Ite cap etv ma- obtoln a h'1 pr | r.,rlie.l k? <> wl edge of uU.uk iu noe w-ek. than tnold, 1 y IP old nwthod. h? obtain-4 in >eara ; and he who With ? In kie,, knce with the rapid liniirnTi-inenta ol biaarl, car no! do b~tp rthmi a ail Innmll u!' the |Mnar?>ion ol the work It h?? vltoady taomvad the apt* rlion nf tha rtrat ol the pro'?.. an ! raiinnt fail i.. .... laitalaciion tn til who uar u fht above enn he obtain*) of hn aitilinr. No. *1 ' -'Ur abaci, N.wYork. Alio, cotnpl. m tola of patteina, of r.ll .h? virion* at, In* of t?ra*i a. a* now worn, rinhriiciii* *11 tl>* ilidar.nl iiwi. froat K luehM limit to 44. or upwards. ,LM] iin?#t CHEAP CAKH TAILORING ErifABMSHNENT, 104 PKAKL BTHKE I , LATE lo* KIlF.KMaN. TDK Suhirnb?f, wnll known f r'I r eh'?|>n't< and <1 >r?btfi tv (it hit woik, dn?irra to in aim li t . ntrona old h' public. k l a now. to anil lin pctnioiniciti lOuJmiCT of th" t.mr., im-hm* aainisu a of h'\<*r> Ira ijna'ft)'at 4 radii"'mil Of ild per t nt from lorn . | c , and <?a\ it ta hrlirtnd, M <0 iwr enutttll.nl imiou .f thn Bin pi lie in m d? ly if" .'ha n> In ua< in tli a city. In o-iler 'lint <*ntlrmm in aii.i?.?rami hv ta i ant hy thri|*rn, tln> I illnwtliK H' 'I ' fie" la tub* roifed to theil rn-: ><f"nr.i u, otth a *ti ra&t w n 'f? *oo?? aball 'a I the lint rut. ,oality, and 'hn (It yrri . I n ol*: ? ntipori ,n W*at of Kt.|!a d loth f'ocu> Sit to 16 I'anta, ' f hlv.li or dnnliln In ilrd caaannam J to 7 uti. ofai k. ?'tin, He '*A to 4 . .tuny ami lilt'mutt It t> i nat ai In. a; th? fnllowi t? price* ? to 4 .an'taiid ?ala .. ... ... .. i\n ll| H inarior B? ver Orm oata, iron, ill In *20 j o il .'to _ miikfaT. LT.UHOKN KA"" JJLk.-a V Il nt'ii'iu at ill" rr mi a i it and fur aaln by I' PK H'fct. a ft fit if 1 w H. )I4 'Hit No bi Liberty a n,

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