3 Şubat 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

3 Şubat 1844 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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+ of the Republic, the elty of Assumption, for the ? Jiutpose of framiug a Constitution. 'The prevent government consist* of throe Consuls, who hold their otftce* until e conatitution ia adopted. I Lit met from a letter dated Nor. 10, 1S?3 ] The Republic of Paraguay, from iti central poxition, must always have much influence in the political movements of South America, and the strong wish evinced by the government to cultivate a friendly feeling w ith the go vernmeut of the United States, will, It is hoped, be reciprocated. The large population of that country will create a new market lor many articles of American manufacture. The Government of Paraguay being now consolidated with its president and legislative body, a friendly understanding with the United States is much desired, and will he advantageous to the citizens of the United 8;ate? whose trade may be with that country. The Government of Paraguay are more anaioua that "their principal and most triendly relations, should be with the government of the United States, as the treaties which exist between nio'.t of the South American Republics and Great Britain, give ma men mm mey wok to tbe litter an their principal supjiort. It was, therefore, that Her Britannic Majesty's envoy, Mr. Gordon, van coldly received, and that the Government of Paraguay are to anxious to cultivate the moat friendly feeling witu that of the United State*, before all other nationa. Important from Texan.?We learn from the New Orleans files of the 22d, that the steam ship New York arrived there on the day previous, bringing the following intelligence. Letters were received lrom Vera Cruz, stating that the Mexican troops were concentrating at that point, and that orders had been given to the Mexican fleet lying at Sacrificios, to repair to Galveston Island. Intelligence had been forwarded to the Texian authorities, at the seat of Government, of their warlike movements. A bill had been offered in the House of Representative*, and referred to the proper committee, directing the Msjor General of Militia of the republic, in case information was not received by the lat of March next, of the liberation oi all the Texan* in captivity in Mexico, to make a public call for volunteers to repair U> hi* standard at a |Miim uesignmoti wm 01 me uuaaaioupe river, iortne purpose of an offensive war against the Mexican settlement* and towns along the Rio Oronde. The following are the specific objects laid down to be accomplished by the campaign, via :? First?To procure a sufficient number of Mexican prisoners of the highest rank and consideration,to be held by our Government os hostages for the good trrotmeut and final release of oar citizens, prisoners in Mexico. Second?To transfer tha horrors of war from our soil to that of the enemy, by destroying their towns, breaking tip their settlements, and driving the inhabitants beyond the mountains. Third?To support and pay our troops by confiscation of property and forcing contribution*. The proposed law was received favorably throughout the country. A bill proposing the annexation of Texas to tho United States had passed to its second reading in thu House of Representatives, and been referred to the committee on foreign relations. A correspondent ol the "Houston Telegranh," writing from the real oi government, states that ull the Representatives and all the Senators save one, composing tho Texan Congress, are in iavor of annexation. A bill to modify the present tariff of Texas hod been re1 . ported to the House of Representatives, and will probably lie adopted. Rumors of a Mexican invasion were rife on the western frontiers, but it was not generally credited. It was also rumored that the Commissioners having failed in the object ot their mission, were returning borne. They were reported at Snbina* on the 10th ult. The Mexicans, it is stated, had 110 terms to propose, short of the abolition of negro slavery in Texas, and return of that country to the condition of a department of Mexico. The towns and settlements along the Guadaloupe are rapidly improving. The planters were returning to the West Upwards of a hundred German emigrants had arrived at Galveston, on their way to settleon the Colorado in the vicinity of Mill Creek. Four steamboats had luft Galveston for Trinity with full cargoes, and a large number ol passengers. Tliey were to be employed in collecting cotton along the banks. The steamboat Lady Byron, struck on a snag ond sunk, a few miles lielow Richmond, on the 7th inst. Snles of stocks at Philadelphia. Finsr Board, Feb 2.?$10,(100 State .Vs, cash, 65; $1000 do, 05 ; $4600 City 6's, 1600, 103} ; $700 do, 1840, 104 ; $100 do. 1804, 103} ; 260 sbas N. O. Gas, 31 ; 40 do Giraril Bank, H i ; 400 do do, 8} ; 1 do V. Am. Bank, 360} ; 2 do do, 360 ; 60 do Wilmington Railroad, buf, 10} ; 60 do do, s5f, 101 ; J 7.5 do Union Bank of Tennessee. 63} ; $.5000 Cincinnati 6'*, 100 ; 6 shas Mer. 4t Manuf. Bank Pittsburg, 481 ; $400 Semi-Annual 0's, 1M8.09 ; 22 sbas N Liberty Gas, 48 ; $700 Old County ft's, 186(J,?7; $3000 State b's. 03; 1 share N Am Bank. 303; 3 shares Pennsylvania Bank. 241 ; 20 do Philadelphia Bank. 100 ; 10 do Moywnensing Bunk, 39 ; 6 do Reading Railroad, 23] ; $1000 Tennessee 5's, 1st January, 85. Second Board, Feb. 1.?330 shas Girurd Bank, 6] ; $1000 Teuvossec Bonds, 1st Jan., 85 ; 100 shas Vicksburg Bank, c&p, 9} ; 14 do do, clip, 9 ; 25 do do, 9 ; 100 do Wilmington Railroad, s3f. 16} ; 160 do do, 16} ; 10 do Union Bunk of Tennessee, 63} ; $3000 Cincinnati Bonds, 100; 8 shares Pennsylvania Bank, s >f, 242. li VRfdST HOUTIIKllN SHIP NKWS. Phii.adei.ehm. F?b 2?No arrival orcleuuuce. Bali imork, Feb 1?Arr Mary Catharine. Speights, Charles- I ten. CH Baltimore, LeBron Kin Janeiro and a mkt. 8av?npah. fan 2I>? Arr Eliza Lan tou, Lanfair, NYork.? Sid Stir'in* Saunders NYork. Mntiu.r. Jsn 23?t-'ld Marv Phillips. Prstt, and W?tumpka, Fowler. NYntk; Ellen. [Br] Rorer, Liverpool; Pbeeis. Fry, Baltimore; Two Mary*. I'oat, Havana; 20lh,Taliainan, Some's. Boston; Linden, Knopmau. NYork. Nr.w Orleans. Jan 21?Arr Albania. Crowell, Portsmouth, Nil; Guton. F.ldridte. and Auburn. Durfey, New York; Neptune. Tay. Kio Janeiro; Diadem. [Br] Grant, nnd Kuatrll, IMa thews. Kimrston. Ja; Her Id. Soule, St Thomas; 'Recoil. Wiues. and Clari. Ster. on. Ragged Island; Belle, Miller. Havana; N'w York, (s) Wright, Galveston. Cld Magnet. [Ham] Carl, Marseilles; Lady Arabella. Thompson. Boston; James lVrk'na, Hall; Cincnn.ari. Kn?e: Genesee, Min t; Cuba, B anchar', and Kenhawa, Hanrev. New York; Alabama, llanlett, Cadiz; Stephen Binnev, [Br] Bell, Kingston, Jam; Laura Virginia. Tobasco: Cheater, Brown, Savannah Arr IBth. Thrall an, B-nwn, Marseil'es; Adeline St Eliza, Hopkins, Havana; Lime Roe*. Auld, Vera Crnz; Ad?mant. Pnrnngton, Guadiloupe; Grecian, Wilson. Yucatan. CP Hope, Bottle, Liverpool; Clarissa Andrews, Colby, do: Octavius, Colbum, Have; Kammohnn Roy, Cults, NYork; Angeliue. rtarues. do; C>rltoo, Jamison. Matanzas; Wm A Turner. Laguna Below 21st, Charlc . agne, from Thnmastnn. on the NF Bat ; Clifton, IntersjII, from NYork, at the Powder House. fllsrsllansMi. B srqi*e CLAmsSA, Melcher, from New Orleans for NYork, in go ng to sea frcm the former port, under canvass, rnn her bow ion mr nrro 01 snip concord at >he lav aground on the ontcr lump of ihe > ar, carrying away her taffrail and eut'ing her down to the tranaom. and doing o er damage Th< Olariaaa carried away her bowaprit and jibbo'm, started her herd knees and was otherwise considerably injured Both ressrls were towed up to the city 10th nit. to undergo repairi. Spoken. Aptiitrp, and Maria, Jan It, off Berry Islands. foreign Porta Oalvsstoh, Jan JO?In port, Star Kepoblic, for New York; Jean Key, for Havre; Hal'guard, and Susan, for Liverpool, A"toineite. a> d Ferdin nd. lor Breneu; II 8 achr Fl rt. CiJ- TO PREVENT THE ABUSE OF MERCURY and the dreadful effects of the venereal disease, apply as follows:? Mkdicai. Notice.?The proprietor of the long established Ilunteriun Dispensary, No. 3 Division street, wishes I to inform the afflicted that he is still to be found at all hours at his private parlors in the Dispensary, willing to render relief to those who have been from doctor to aOcl tor, without finding permanent relief; to such the Doctor I wishes to be perfectly understood, that unless he makes I a perfect and lasting cure, in any and all cases of Vene I 'real or delicate diseases, by the uso of that never failing f| remedy, Dr. Hunter's Hod Drop, he will not take pay ? i* The Doctor, in thus departing in a measure from the beaten path of his brother practitioners, by advertising his I remedies, does not do it with a view to gain newspaper popularity, but simply to inform the timid and diffident where there is#ne they can approach without fear, and find one adeuuate to his nrofession m u/,.li ? r~:?i Price $1 pur vial, with full directions. Persons remitting one dollar, pottage paid, describing their ca?e, will have the medicine forwarded and the euro guaranteed. PRIVATE MEDICAL AID?The member* of theNew York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, in rereturning the public thank* for the liberal support they have received In their efforts to " suppress quackery," t eg leave to state that their particular attention continues l( be directed to all diseases of a private nature, and from the great improvement* lately made In the principal hosI pital* of Europe in the treatment of those diseases, they can confidently offer to persons requiring medical aid ad!, vantages not to be met with in any institution hi tins country, either public or private. The treatment of the College is such as to insure success in evcrv cose, and is I totally different from that 'icro r ens practice of ruining i < the constitution with mercury, and in most case* leaving i a disease much worse than the original. One of the mcm> hers of the College .for many years connected with the t principal hospitals of V urcpe, attends daily for a cousulta' I tion from 9 A.M. to8 P.M. fl Terms? Advice and medicine, $5 A cure guaranteed. Id InronrAMT to Coontsv Invsuins.?Persons living in 1.1 the country and not finding it convenient to attend perU sonallv, can have forwarded to them a chest containing II ail medicines requisite to perform a perfect cure hy stating l| tlieir case explicitly, together with all symptoms, time ol contraction and treatment received elsewhere, if any T and enclosing M, post paid, addressed to 'I W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. (Office and Consulting room* ol' the College, OA Nassau itect | CQ- CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED?The Tonic Mixture, prepared bv the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York, is now confidentlv recommended and prescribed by the first medical practitioner* oftheclty, for all cases of debility produced either by secret indulgence or excess ol any kind detrimental to Lie constitution, it is An invaluable remedy lor impotence, sterility, or barrenness (unless depending on mal formation) and will be found highly beneficial in all com plaints arising from a debilitated state of the constitution Hold ill single hollies g| each; in casusofhalf u dozen $A (carelnlly packed and sent to oil parts of the Union. Office and Consulting Rooms oi the < ollege, 95 Nassau street _ RRtflARDSON, Ageut. ?7- ItlCOUD'H PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MITTV HE, iur the radical cure of primary or secondary Syphilis. This powerful alterative has entirely taken the place of mercury among the regular medical pructitionrrs. It is composed of tnp most strengthening and purify. [ inf* mivlirinps on/1 .1.., 1...? " ??}" n,vt! nooitionsi ptiengt li to 'I" constitution while eunng (he disease Person* suflering from b venereal taint in their system, or mercurial diseuso, should Use t li in powerful alterative without delay. Sold in *in:?!e bottles, $1 each-in case* of hall a rloten, f V carefully packed, And sent to nil parts of the I nion Otlice of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, PA Nassau atreet. W B. Rl< HARD8QN. Agent MUSIC ATW1L1/H SALOON, No. 901 Brosdwny, was never better supplied with Music and Musical Instruments thsn At tha present moment, and he is constantly receiving and daily publishing more. It is well worth the attention of nil lovers of harmony, and a visit to the Saloon would lie,well repaid by the pleasure to be de. rived by looking orer this extensive collection. otp- The writer of the annexed addt testimony to tile virtues of Cease's Horahound Candy 117 Hioh itust, Baeesxta,) Not. 1, IMS. i Ocvti cmc* For the pact several year* I have suffered under the pains of consumption, attended with all the suffering incident to that dreadful disease, debilitated by constant pains in the side and hectic cough, completely prostrated, and 1 looked forward to find the soother of our troubles in death?1 was induced, by ail vice ot my friends, to make trial of your Compound Horehound Can dy?I lound ?light relief, and with coaftdrucs have lued it freely 1 am proud to say thst my health la restored, and I feel a* well ai at any time for a number ef years.? My recovery ha* been to perfect ag to convince me that your Candy act* like a charm. 1 ran only add that a* long a* 1 live 1 shall feel ever grateful to your happy invention; and my withe* for your future deserved success. Respectfully your*, SARAH ANN DAILY. To Messrs J. Peate Ic Sons, 15 Division st. Sold 45 Division street and 10 Attor House ; 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia ; U State street, Boston ; 110 Baltimore street, Baltimore; 67 State street, Albany; 19? Fulton street, Brooklyn ; 232 Broad street, Newark. Agents-J. C. Dubois He Co. Mobile ; Bears It Morgan, New Orleans ; Edward* It Francis, St. Louis, Mo. MONEY NARKkT. Friday, Ftb 51?0 P. H. There is nothing new in Wall street Everything remain* in n very quiet state. Stock* are still very unsettled. Peterson advanced 1 percent; Norwich J; Canton Harlem declined V; Ohio 6's J; Farmer*' Trust i; Vicka" burg J; North American i; Illinois, Kentucky, Pennsylvarus 6's, and Indiana, were firm at the closing prices of yesterday. The salea of Kentucky 6's were quite large, but operations in all other dascriptions ware very mode rate. The New Orleans' money market eonthuies ia a very easy state. Doublooni are much wanted for Havana. Exchange was very scarce, and the supply not commen' surnts with the demand. The receipts of specia on the 20th in*t. amounted to $9,720. The questions between the Western and Worcester railroads regarding the transit of passengers and freight have been taken from the committee in t e Legislature, and referred for arbitration to Senator Child of Worcester County, and Judges Sprague and Warren; the decision of these referees to be binding for one year, and each party to give three months' notice of dissent to its continuance The export* of domestic* from Boiton for the week ending the 37th of January, were, to the Last Indies, 190 bales; Rio Janeiro, 350 do.; West Indies, 4 do., total, 062 bales. Governor Davis, the comsaissioner appointed by the II linois bondholders in Kurope, to examine the internal im" proremcuts of that State, has returned to Massachusetts lie is accompanied by Mr. Ryan, commissioner on the part of the State, who returns to Kuropa^gh the report. The quarterly reports of the Wall streMWnks begin to make their appearance. Those of the Bank of Commerce and Mechanics' Banking Association, both doing business under the free banking law, present the Sallowing features Bank or Cb.MSiKacc. ^% 1813. 1814. w iVos.'. 1. Feb. 1. Inc. Dec. Loans and d'acouHi to ot'ers 'h n Dir cters ud Broken, 2,110 148 3,132,117 9I5.888, ? Loans lo Diie tors. 103,262 334.100 190,838 ? ? Loans to Brokers, 620,101 268,330 ? 351 57' Spec V, 1,047,094 789,154 ? 257,910 Circulation, 219.360 259,160 9,8*0 ? Deposits, 1.968,055 1,505.072 ? 462.983 Mkuiamcs' Bamkini; AssoriAi iilv 1813. 1841. 7 Nor. i. Feb. i. sim. Dec. Loaus and discounts to other* th?u Dirrclois and Brokers, 486 536 507,652 20.516 ? Louis to Directors, 20,974 12 887 ? 8,287 Loans to Brokers, 10.667 22 1 00 11 333 ? Spec:e, 69,(109 7 3.2 8 1,239 ? Circulation, 138,865 202,147 13,282 ? Derosits, ' 317,962 425,6(4 107,702 ? The movements of the Bank of Commerce for the past three months, have iluctuated very much. The loans and discounts to merchants and directors, and the circulation, hare increased, while the loans to brokers, specie and deposits, have decreased. Their report shows an increase in the discountjjg^ to others than directors and brokers, oi $9ia,gw. xnia amount has doubtless been loaned to that class of merchants denominated speculators. The activity in the cotton market for the past few weeks has been caused principsdly by such additional loans. The movements of the Mechanics'Banking Association for the past quarter, show an increase in all the business of the bank. Tho loans to brokers have been more than doubled. The amount appropriated to that business, how. ever, is very small, uud is well secured. The Norwich and Worccstefllailroad Company hare made their annual report to the Legislature of Massachusetts. The total cost of the whole road is $2,160,608. To amount of receipts for 1S43 $162,336 Expenditures 137,46ft Cxcess of receipts over expenses $21,881 The Company has not yet declared a dividend, but have mode several favorable arrangements in liquidating their indebtedness. Tho surplus receipts are pledged for the payment of a loan which will have to be paid before the smallest dividend can be made. The affairs of tho Com> pany arc in a very fair condition, and its stock maintains both in this and the Boston markets, good and very steady prices. The annual report of the Commissioners of the Canal Fund to the Legislature has j ust come to hand,and prcseuts the following features:? Balance of cash in hand, Sept. 30,1642 $2,170,669 Hcoeived during tho year ending Sept. 30,1643 3,071,261 $6,760,820 Paid during the same period 3,061,660 I Balance In hand, Sept. 30,1643 $2,669,260 The debts for the several Canals on the 30th of September, 1943, were as follows:? Kriear.d Chsmplain Canal debt $2,066,143 47 Erie Canal Knlaigement 9,343 000 00 Oswego Canal 421,304 00 Cayuga and Seneca Canal . 237,000 00 Chemung Canal 611,600 68 Crooked Lake Canal . . 120,000 00 Chenango Canal 2,417,000 00 Black lliver Canal 1,493,000 00 " temporary loan 18,067 00 Oenesee Valley Canal ? 3,853,000 00 Oneida Lake Canal 60,000 00 Improvement of the Oneida River 61,276 13 Total Canal debt, 30th Sept. 1S43 $20,411,291 18 The canal debt has been Increased during the year as fallows:? Vt7 percent, r<r rhao. 114 of 1842 $283,700 At* per ceit, per chap's, 48 sud 240 of 1313 620,000 _ ?- 81.002,708 00 There ho* bein Paul on recount of the canal debt, during the year, the sum cf .. 204,768 27 factease i f canal debt . $797,931 73 Of which debt $14,872,009 paya five per cent interest, $1,892,140, six per cent; and !$3,647,136, seven per ccnti making the total interest $1,111,(03. Of this debt $6,656,611 is payable between this and July 1st, I860-, available means to meet this amount on hand. $1.3(87.639. leavinir a balance to be jiiovided tor in tire and a I lalf year*, $7,669,072. One halt'ol' the mill tax is to bo a] iprnpriatcd to tlio payment of the canal debts:? The receipts of the State Cana is from ell sources for last year $1,920,099 Expenditures on the State i.aniiM, anil charges growing out of them, for t lie same period.... 1,664,.937 Surplus towards paying the debt....... $266,762 The estimated receipt* i md expenditure* for the current year, ending Sept 30, 18V1, is a* follow*:? Revenue, $2,070,926; expenditures, $1,815,362; Surplus 264,974 Add half of the mill tax a/ tessed in 1613 276,000 Total surplus applicable to the payment of the debt, Sept. 30, 1844 $629,974 ( The total aum expended on account of enlargement of the canals amounts t* $13,799,912, more than half of the whole State debt. The report shows, that if all the money cxiKUided on the canals had been borrowed, the debt on the :tOth of September, 18-13, would liave born n? follows? Balance of JCrie It Champlain Canal debt, $4,179,201 Eric Canal enlargement 13,7t??,91l Lateral 'enlargement, 11,941,267 Total $29,910,469 The enlargement of the Erie canal is a subject thut in(luences two large parties. It is a'dtiontion tliat has been long in agitation, and thr argument* for and againat are pretty generally known. The last report of theCommia?ioner*of the ('anal Fund, ha* come very M*inil remark* and deduction* ^on thi* thing, which are of weight and value. We give *pacc for this part of the report in their own language " It ha* been contended that the apeedy eni*rrg,,mrnt of the Kiin i mi al ia neceaaaq-y to * ecu re and accommodate the trade of the Wert, and, prevent itadheraion t<g Canada jnd in other directions. If a daiigeroui rivalry i* to he experienced when the public work* in Canada ai* completed, ov if tliii trad* of the Went to lie dlverte 1 tin'?ugh other channel*, it i* in poitunt tin. our finance* ahoul l placed in (uch a cv ndltion an to enable ua to meet I he emergency. Tin* moat eflectirol mode of competing with our rivalt for the Weafem trfide, ia to cancel the State debt, nnd tliii* be enabled to reibtc.e the rate* ol toll toauch an extent in to centre the tn?!r by a direct appeal to the internet ol ' he trancpnrter Thi? was the conrae puraued immediate!) after the opening of the Ohio Canal tr.im Cleveland to tin Ohio river, nhi n a redaction we* made in the rate of toll, equal to average ol thirty-?ix per cent, in tw< year i ho juittice and poliey of faatening upon the peo pla ol tl.ia State* a debt ol t* enty or thirty million* ol dol an, and taxution for an undefined period, for the men put-pom of chmpentng ti asportation, and enaleing th< produota railed on the fertile and cheap land* of the Weal to compete witji the product* of our own citir.on*, derived Irom land* whuch coat theowner live or ten timt* aa much a* thoae of hit rival, may well be queationed. Within a few year* eareiitial improvement* have been made in canal boat*, increasing their ca|>acity ona-third, and In many caaag one-half, without incgeaaing the draught el ^ water. Former!>, the war age of boaU would carry W to MA barrel* of flour?now, from 000 to <00 barrel*. The aaving in the number of lockage* and the water (or the P"T>f*. *?r thie impreremeatiu aiready vary grant. and till further improvement* may he anticipated. The number of lockage* for the tcasun at the mo?t crowded point, average* 100 per day; uheiea*. on the 19th of October the 1 I lockage* for24 hour* were 101 At thi* rate a tingle old | lock would hare pasted 44,272 boata during the seaaon, ( I and yet hare been occupied only IA out of each '44 hour*, I j whereas, the largeat lockage for the year at any one lock i was '23,211. This experiment show a, that from L'tica to , i O-I - 1_ I ? l. ,t Ik-Ui^rulonlhahuil. rH7UCUCCWlU> , 1 UI1|W ? ""v? ? " ness ii mo?t pititiofft tod tt the most crowded points, is at rest about one-hall of the time; weit of Syracuse, the locks are at rest about three-nuarter* of the time. All theie facta moat conclusively demonstrate that it was not only unnecessaiy, but in the highest degree improvident, to increase the State debt a single dollar for the purpoae of enlarging the i'.rie canal; and that there is not at this time the (tightest necessity for going on with the enlarge- , ment, or doing any thing more than to keep the canal in in good repair." We have received the o/ticial report of the Porto Kico trade for 1843, compared with the previous year. There has been a trifling increase in the commerce of the island. Importation and Estotation or Porto Rico tor 1141 and 1942, Exports Articles. Where to. Brandy, $52,410 To Spanish i'ortv, $981,753 <lotton, 111.810 " t ub*. 20 76# I Frovra Sugar, 3.216,734 " Cnntigu's Colo's, 698.595 ; 1,201.243 " Uni e3 btaiss, 2,474.511 Hides, 51,015 " Ge,mmy," * 572 610 Cstils, 117.033 " Brazil. 12.514 1 Honey, ?55.639 " Deomark, 44 323 Tobacco, 208,664 " Fr-nce, 794 671 ; Precious ireul(, 93,239 " Hol'and. 10.209 Other nativsproduc's, 43,004 " Great Britain, 318 771 Wt, rehouse, 704,640 " lu y 249.791 Foreign productions, 4,137 " Prussia, 2,377 ??? " Spanish America. 22,"48 $6,489,258 " Br. Colo's in N. A .232,080 Total in 1141, 5,962.445 ? , ? CA i-iQ 9?sft Ia f??or of 1843, $166,813 Imports. Jirtielts. t \V\trt from. L'qaors, $165,373 Br. Colonies in Nor.h Provision*, 109,661 Americ?. 14.891 Slices, 7,724 Spsni.h America, 360.019 FfU ts. _ 41,825 lu'y, 7.3 1 Br* diluffl, 991,041 >'nu ee, 37,971 Oils, 187 698 Brazil. M 967 Pish, 351,303 United States, 1,320.624 Oth >r articles, 121,696 4'nba, 192,492 Msnufsc.uies. (4* manv. 224.145 Coltoo, 656 288 Gmt Britain, 113 193 Woollens, 76,666 Coutigu's Colonies, 2.349.9 4 Linen, 59',0*9 Nstionil Ports, 666 773 ueither, 159,16 ?? 9 Us, 127 959 $5,757,401 turn *r, 301,009 Meu's, 49 .617 Other articles, 964,405 Total import 1842, $5,737,401 Do do 1841, 6,062.363 Bofl^ks t?U. $304,959 Total Commercial Movement for 1811 $12,021,808 Do do do 1842 12,166.661 In favor of 1842 $161,853 Impoit 1641 $6,062,363 Import 1847 5,757.404 Ezport 1811 5 962.445 Export 1842 6.429 2)8 Balance of tradeaga't, $99,918 Balance of tr de in fsv r $671,854 The arrival* and departures for the year 1842, were as follows nag. En'd. SVd. Flag. End. Sid. Sp noh, 591 309 Bremen II II Lin ted Slat's, 438 399 Dei mark, 37 34 Brazil, 1 ? France, 143 137 Hamburg, 16 10 Ho laud, 19 18 English, 89 91 Oldrnsbtirg, 1 1 Portugal, 1 1 Harili.ia, 5 6 1,132 1 010 216 207 Making the total arrivals 1348, and the departures 1217, more than a third of which were American vessels. (?' the exjiorti, 38-100 were to the United States, and of the jinpoits 23-100 were from the United States. Our trade with the West India islands is annually increasing, and the American tonnage engaged in the carrying trade constantly augmenting. The following manifesto from the State Department, may he of much importance, as it gives an outlet to some of our surplus slock ol breadstuff's. PKraaTMKKT ok Static, Jan. 31, 1844. Information has bean received at this Department, that < " by an ukase of the ?th of November, 1843, His Majesty he Emperor of all the Russias, taking into consideration the badness of the harvests in the Government of K.rthonia* this year, has deigned to authorize the importation, free from duty, of the foreign grains hereinafter described, until the 1st of July, 1844, viz. rye, wheat, oats, barley, and buckwheat, in grain as well as in flour and paste; but at the same time the transportation of these said sorts of grains, from the said ports to other Russian ports ahull ne prohibited during all the season of navigation of 1844; the transportation hv land of the grains of Esthonias to the Government of St. Petersburg shall be also prohibited in the same manner as in 1830." OUI st'zek Kiehangs. $2800 U S 6's, *62 1139. iro Viekibnr* Bk b30 8 101)0 do coupoa sik 1I3,\ 175 Fanners' Trust 3IM 2000 Ohio 6's,'CO 97% 50 do hlO 31 3G0OO do 97 54 100 dl 130 31 5000 do bis 98 225 do 3'V 5000 do sl5 97 V 76 L a* ton Co blO 2954 5000 do 97'a 50 Patersou R R 5d 73 37000 Kentucky 6's 101V 56 do 7354 6622 Pransvlvatia 5's 64}a 50 Harlem R II >30 4''i 10001) do b30 66 100 do 43'4 7000 Illinois spl bds 4054 50 Htoniugton II R 3356 coon do 4034 75 Mnlnnk R K s60 5l5? 1001 n do b60 41 125 Nor fit Wore R R 34% 26 slivs Nsti'nsl Bk 100 156 do 3'56 20 Dry Dock Bink 46 75 da 315* 19 Am Kz Bank 81 75 do 35 70 Bk Commerce, scrip 9754 50 do bnvv 35 2) do 9754 50 do s60 31,'4 00 N Am Trust 16 200 do bbO 35 HO Vicksbnrg Bank 8 10 Aub St Ilocli IIR 99H 20 do 8>4 25 do 9954 Hecontl Board. $6000 Ohio 6's, '56 96 25 Nor fc Wore R R 3154 50 alias Hsrlern R R *30 4 3)4 100 Fsimers'Loan 3154 50 do 436? ia da 3154 50 do b30 43>4 New Stock Bxohango. 91000 IN V 6 i. 62 ?30 IOS% 1000 III no s 6'l, 70 40% 1000 U S 6 i, '61 113% 50 shas Kttmrn' Ln 3??i 2000 do 111% 73 do 1)6 31% 1000 Iniliftnn $ bdi 37 25 N Am Trait 15 1000 do 130 36% 25 do i30 15 1000 do n30 37 100 Vicktburg Bk blO R% 10CO do ilO 37 23 do ?!?' 9000 Ohio 6'?. '60 97V 25 do bl3 OK 50(10 do i3 97 % 50 do 3U01 do 97 % 50 do ?I0 R% 40(0 do *20 9TV 50 ?n blO ? 5000 do 130 9'% 25 Nor & Wore K B, 34 U 2('(10 do Tn'v 97!, 25(*ir<mCo 29% 10(10 d> h30 97 V 25 Mohawk 1111 blO 52% Iftrt do Toy 97% 15 do 52 ICOO do b20 MR 23 Harlem H K >3 43% 10(10 do >3 97V 50 dj ?JJ 43% 1000 Keut'y 6'?,30 y? <30 101% State of Trade* Cotton.?The. market has been quiet to-day, vre heard ol one nale of lOuo bale* to arrive, terms not transpired, we look for more business next week. To (how the fndisposilieu to ihip, we learn that there la not a bale of Cotton on board any (hip now in port bound to Liverpool, nor can we learn of a single bale in course of ihipment. The packet ship George Washington, to nail on Monday, ha< none engaged, and freights are as dull as midsummer. So strange a feature, with a stock of over 100,000 bales, is remarkable. New Oui.ka**, Jan. 20th.?"Yesterday we had no mail beyond Mobile, but letters were received from thut city, stating that a passenger from Montgomery, in advance of the mail, had brought intelligence of the arrival at New York of one of the Liverpool packets, withMhice* of a material rise in the prices of Cotton at tha^^Bu. This news, although of so vague a character, ond^^generully credited, had the. effect, however, of completely unsettling our market, and of causing transactions to be in a great measure suspended. Buyers were not divinised to pay any advance on the rates before current, ard holders, pre'ty generally, were either afraid to sell at previous prices, under such peculiar circumstances, or else askea so important an advance as to cause buyers a*, once to withdraw from the market. In the limited transactions which took place, the sales only amounted having to about 2,200 bales, in small lots, we believe that there was no material change from the price* paid the day before, and we, therefore, merely alter our quotations so at to conform to the advance which took place on Wednesday, a* noticed above. Some purchase* have been made for Liverpool, Havre, and other foreign markets, but the principal part of the business has, as for sometime past, la-en on American account. The week's business amounts to 22,000 bales, of which 10,2(10 were told during the past three days." Asms.?Pots continue very dullest $4 62}, and Pearls at $6 6| a i.6 12}. From and Grain.?This market is not active. Males of tlenesec Flour, however, are made at $4 91}. We see that a notice has been issued from the Department of State ;it Washington, to the following ell'ect "Information has lievn received ut this Deparmcnt, that "by ail I 'kase of the tfth of November, 1813, His Ma jesty the Kmperor of ali the Russiai. taking into consideration the badness of the harvests in the (lovernmcnt of Ksthonias this year, ha< deigned to authorize the importation, free from duty, oithe foreign grains hereinafter described, until the 1st oi July, 1941, viz : rye, wheat, oats, barley, and buckwheat,in grain as well as in flour and paste; but the transportation of these said sorts of grain.from the said ports to other Russian jiorts, shall he prohibited during all the seasons of navigation of 1H4-I; the transportation byland of lliu grains of Ksthonias to the Government of Saint Petersburg shall tie eUo prohibited in the same, manner as in 1836." Rkal F.i r at t:.?Hales of Real F.state 2nd February,1844, hr Anthony J. Bleeeker k Co. The brick front building No. 68 Bawery B. W. corner of Walker street, and lot 2ft feet by 86 feet $16,000 h rame building No. 66} Bow ery and lot adjoining, 12 feet by 86 feet 7.100 Do. No. 66 do do ... 7,100 Brick house on the front und'hrick buildings on the rear No. 180 Bowery, and lot 26 feet by 121 feet 13,100 Plot of ground with the buildiiigit thereon, situated on Sixth avenue extending through to Cornelia street, 60 feet on the Avenue and so feet on (ornelia street 10,MO Brick front housn Vo. It?4 De'an-/ at- ..t, nnd lot '22 foot by 00 foot 3.000 Two story brick house No. 227 Llowei/, and lot 28 foot by 100 feet H.000 (h?r lot on ft 10 feet alley with a brick building on the same, 25 fopt by 00 feat 0,600 Brick front house No. 200 Walker street, and lot 21 foot 10 by 78 loot 3,8"0 Provision Market. There has been no particular change in onr Market* since our lait. We notice large quantities of Poultry. . iv hir.h are ?t moderate prices Home very fine Fowl*, of I the lerge breed, were offered to-day at 7 s a pair ; and tome tame Dueki at 10?. Veal i? rather mora plenty at 7 a 8 I cents the pound, i There la not much of a variety in Flah ; very few . striped Bast to be had ; all of the different kinds mnrh 1 I wanted. , Fiicm or r*?riiioi? tpp(M, bbl $! jft |)N Laiab.parlW 7 a Baaf. par lb - U Labaun- ft a T \m( iwcwt S4 *) a OS Lara, par lb a ? laal, caroad 7 a T Mutton a ( r. coo, 14 .**1 ? villous, pes Lunch. 6 II BlaakAsh G a Parsni|>s. i?er dm---37k* ? B?U, each 1 a ? I'.truiil** 75 Beans, bush 50 a tl% P se ui .dm 1 15 al <0 Butter, I'rrsh i*r lb-11 a IS Porter Hou?r Stcakaltl a I2>* Butter, lirkin, iter lb. 6 a 10 Pork, per lb . 6 a * Celery abuicn, 6 a 12X Pita, router* ? aSl 00 Cauliflowers, dos.,50 al 25 Pulatoe*. buahal 51 a 50 Cranberries, a qrt.- 15 a ? Potatoes,avvl.bu*h$U,5Oal,0Q Crabs, doaaa 12ka 25 Percli. lb 6 a ? Chickens 37)a? ?s <iu?ils. dot. I 10*2 00 Clams, 100 .....15 a 77S Quinces, 100 1,00a2,50 Calves llrad,Ike ... 21 a ? H.\lmo?,stnok?d 10 a 12 Cabbage, eacli 5 a C Stuped Bass, lb - 0 a i Clieese, new 0 a ? Snipe, dotau 75 a ? Carrots, each. 1 a ? Sausages ? a I Durka, per pair -. *10 a 75 Htuelts 0 a 10 6 a 0 Squa-hea, J7>*a 100 Rota, 6 for-. ...? a 12Turnips, per bush-*25 a 3l.Si Egg Plant. <k t -75 a ? Tripe, lb ? a 4 Fresh Cod I a 5 Turkic* 56 al 50 Flouudera a 6 Vual 6 a 12 perse*., M *125 Veuisoo, lb., 11 a 13 Houey, mw, lb.---I8?** 25 Woodcock, pair- .-37)4* ? Philadelphia Cattle Market. Ftati'sir 1, 1844. Beeves?640 offered?Market extremely dull. Sales at 3} a 4J for inferior to fair qualities ; 4] a 5c. for prime cattle?a few extra prime sold for $5 35 per 100 Ilia., 109 head driven on to the Now York market, and 60 left over. Cows and Calves?130 offered?Sales dull?prices ranging from FI0 8 $25. Springers, $8 a f>15. Dry Cows, $5 a $8. llogs?915 In market?Sales at $4 75 a %i per 100 lbs.? 80 lelt over. Sheep?1130 o lie red?Sales of inferior to fair qualities at $1 25 a $3?prime at $2 50 a $3 50. Foreign llarksts. Havana, Jan. 18.?The Rice per Forest King and Independence sold at 9$ r*., and the Hopewell and Hayne has since brought 430 casks from your port, and the Mary Shields 350 from Savannah. The Hopewell and Mary Shields' have been aold at 9} rt ; the Hayne's is stored?nc offer for it. Between 2 and 300 casks of Rice which hai been iu store about 3 months, was away at St rs. Coffer is steady at 6 a 5J rs. Molasses in active enquiry, 3 rs pel keg. Lard 10 a lOjc? stock, 6000 kegs. No new Sugars yei in maraei. l'.xchangeon London, 10c ; da New York, par. Married, On the lft instant, by the Rev. Fzra Withfj, Khastui Heduei, F.sq., to Mill Sarah F.. Jacobs, all oi this city. O go it while your young and gay, Fulfill your sacred pledges, From life's great (arm drive carc away, And plant it well with Hedget. On Friday the 2nd instant, by the llev. William Starr, Mr. Patrick IUckioh. of Kvamvillo, lnd., to Miss Mary Louisa Im, of this city. Died On the Und of February, alter a short and icveru illness, Maria P. D. Allien, daughter of L. W. und M. P. D. Allen, aged 7 months and 21 days. The friends and relatives are respectfully invited to at' tend her funeral to morrow, at 14 o'clock at noon, at No, 374 Broome street, without furthbr invitation. On the 2nd instant, IIonora, wife of Michael Hurley aged 37 years. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to at, tend her funeral, on Sunday the 4th instunt, from 30t Cherry street. Feb. 4nd, 1844, John Moiuahtt, a native of Tralee, Ire land. His friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, this afternoon at 3 o'clock, from hii late residence No. 331 Water street. Feb. 2nd., 1844, Hannah Cannon, aged tki years. On Monduy the 30th ult., at his residence at Marlboro Ulster Co , N. Y., Dennis 11. Doyle, in the 70th year o his age, formerly a resident of this city. On Thursday, Feb. 1st, of a lingering illness, Franch Meeki.in, aged .<8 years, a native of Manughaii, for the las 23 years a resident of this city. Ills friends and those of his sons lluniard and Frank and his sous in-law John Laderey, Patrick Katiney am John L. Cassedv, are respectfully invited to attend Ills iii neral from his late residence 479 Mulberry street, on Sun day the 4th, at half past 4 o'clock, P. M. P. 8.?His remains will be taken to Brooklyn for inter ment. On Wednesday evening last Benjamin Komaine, ni 4?ld citizen " and a revolutionary soldier, iu the eight} jAtond year of hii age. Hia relatives nod frienda and those of his son Samuel B Romalne, and of his sons in-law Gregory Dillon, Charltu Nichols, Timothy Olmstcad, Henry M. Western and Cor neliua M. Gaul, are requested (without further invitation to atteud hia funeral, from his late, residence No 'it Hud son street, this (Saturday) afternoon, at 3} P. M., pre cjaely, Latest Advices ECKITBD AT THE HEW TORS HERALD OrTICS. Africa*" ?"Oet. 24 Malaga-"" Dec. Antigua Dec. 22 Madeira Nov. Arecibo Dec. 26 Mauritius "?Oct. AnsCayes" Dec. Ill Moutevideo Nov. Batavia Oct. 21 Maracaibo Dec. 2 Bay of Islands, N. Z-Juna 2ti Mansanilla Dec. 3 Bermuda Jan. 5 Matanzas Jau. 1 Buenos Ayres Nov. 10 Mkyagtiez Dec. 2 Belize. Hon. Jan. 0 Matainoras Dec. 2 B&rbadoen Dec. 10 Monterey Oct. 1 Bonaire Dec. 5 Naas.ru, N. P. Jan. Bombay .. ...... Nor. 1 Neuritis-" Dec. ' Cane Towa.C.G. H-Oct. 27 Oalin, 8.1. Oct ! Calcutta Nov. 19 Para Dec. Cadiz Nov. 19 Paris Jan. Chagres June 20 Port an I'rince Jan. Cicufuegns Dec. 31 Porto Rico Dec. 1 Cape Haytien "-Dec. 4 Porto Cnbello." Dec. 2 Oarthagenv Oct. 21 Point I'etre, Guad. Dec. 3 Campeacliy Jan.i 3 Peruainbuco Dec. ' Couuimbo "... ...July It Payta Oct. 2 Callao Aog. 29 Rio Janeiro Nov. 2 Demerara". Jau. 3 St. Helena Nov. 1 Elainors "Dec. 3 St. Thomas Jan. Kayal Nov. 25 St. Jago de Cuba- Dec. 2 Gibraltar Dec. 23 St. Johns, P. R. Dec. I Ouayama, P. R. Nov. 10 St. Croil Sept. 5 Galveston 'an. 20 St. Domingo Dec. 2 Gouaives*" Dec. 14 St. Ubes Sept. 2 Havre. "Dec. 31 Surinam Dec. 1 Havana Jan. J8 Singapore Sept. 1 Halifax Jau. 18 Sydirey, N. 8. W.? July 3 Jeremie Dec 31 Trinidad de Cuba Jan. Kingston, Ja.-" Dec 28 Talcahuana Aug. 2 London Jan. 4 Tampion Dec. 2 Liverpool Jan. 4 Tobaaco Nov. 3 ta Unayra Dec. 26 Turks Island Dec. 2 Oct. 31 Trieste Nov. 2 Lima Aug. 29 Valparaiso Sept. 2 MacaO" Oct. 7 Vrra CrnZ" Jan. Manilla ..July 30 Zanzibar Oct. 1 Puungera Arrived. Ni.tv Orleans?Ship Louisa?Edwin W Oliver, NOrlean ?and 12 in the steerage. ll<iiii<*E< !? 1 ninnr< < Imid. New Ori.kaei?Ship Louiu?(Kpported yetlerday)? III hd tu?ar 41 halet cotton Chat P l.iverich?14 pkg? (rreeiiwiy Hnirv h Smith?100 hblt pnrk Wilton. Butler ?t Baldwin?HI krgr It'i lard 110 blilt (>ork Babnork Ik no?II lilidt lobar A I.ieds Ik no?S5 bhlt pork lis do lard J Ik D MclJ egi r?7 bib* wool <>!> Douidat.? Pibbla lard 176 balnt cotlon I'illot & I. Barrier?8 nkt I bbl bwi?i t 8 tct timothy teed 3 bhlt laid 2 di tallow M Ward?3u0 do pork Koberl Ik W illivma?6 libdt to hacco (rooilhue a no? 60 bolt h*tnt S4 do thoulon t H King! land?IS do pork Lee, Dalrr It Miller?133 do 7 bblt 8 lidt h in 41 bblt 1*4 kegs lard Brn li ll no?4 lihdt tobacco H L Maitlan Ik c >?<30 bblt |>ork 110 I hda hatnt 3417 balnt wool kit baloa col ton 30 lihdt auger to order. MARITIME HERALD. tailing Day* of tht Steam Ships. from Liverpool. from americj Britannia, Hewitt" ^ Feb. llibrrnia, Judkint* Feb. 5 March Acadia. Shannon Mar. 4 ... April li. Wnatnrn, Malthewa Apr. 27 Mav 2 <?, Britain, Hotknn May 26 June 2 PMketi to Arrl-ra, Packet* to Ball. from liverpool. for liverpool. Virginian, Allen, Jan. 2 Uro. Washington, Knb. i Houinguer. Bursley, Jan. 6 for Portsmouth. from Portsmouth. Mediator, chad?ick, Feb. i Quebec, Hi-hard, Jan. I Wellington, <;had?ick, KnB.ll II. Hud: on, Moore, Jau. JO for Havre from havre St. Nicolas. Pal), Knb Ktancoit 1, Aiutworth, Jan. I Ducheatn d'Orleant, Feb. I Iowa, Line*, Jan.* Sully, Burrowi, Fab. II Ship IHaatcr* anil Agents. We ahall esteem it a favor, if Captain* of Vettcli will giv< ,o Commodore Horf.rt Silvkv, of onr Newa Fleet. *TKe. port of the Shipping left at tha Port wheure they tailed, lh< Vetaelt Spoken on their Pattnge, a List of their Cargo, ant tny Foreign Newspaper! or Newt they may have. He will board twin immediately on their arrival. Agents and Cor respondents, at home ?r abroad, will alio confer a favor by ending to this Office all the Marine Intelliaenee they eaa obtain. Nautical Information of tar kind will bo thaacfnllr eeeivert POllT OF NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 3. ai;tv nur.f 7 III Moon liars Tl St'lV IKTI J I* I HIOIlffWATtft 21 ClMTM. Ship Ht Nicolas. Pell, Havre. Boyd It Hiscken.? Bargne Madnuiia Wise,Cadis, D II Hoi,ertson.?Brig Ari hilsus.Crowv.l, Port an Priuce, Foster It Nickerann. Arrived, Hchr Gporge Pr llrrk, Carey, ID dayi from Newbern, NC. with naval itorra. to 8. L Mitchell. bebr Huoerb. Cozxens, 9 days from Washington, NC. with na?a) itores, to 8. L. Mitchvll. Hchr (;hsrlotte, O ovet, 30 dsvs from Kdenton, NC. with naval storrs, to McAdsm It Co. Ksperienced heavy wra'her all the passage. and was blown off Irom Handy Hook 3 times. Hchr Dr. Franklin, Tuttle, (of New flavru) i days from Virginia, with oystert. to maite*. Hchr Baltimore, Woalam, IJ Hars from Petersburg. with mdae. to J. Hunter. Hailed in cn. withichrTuicarora, Hanuck, for NYork. Bchr K. Williams. Tinkham, 7 days from Htonimtton, with potatoes, lie. to master. Cams into the Hook nn Wednesday morning. Rfti btp?British schr Joseph How-, hound to Jamaica. Hie i.i)% at ({narinune. Mulled. Ships Cambridge, Bamtow, Liverpool; flheflirld, SI,err" Hoj Grot ins, Bears. New Orleans; hsiqnc Ann Louisa, Marscha-k. Vira'.rn;.; brig L Baldwin, '1 huinptou, Htv.inu.it.. Wind North. Herald Marine Correspondence Boston. Jan 3(>i!>?A ,M. The-Aenther continue* intensely cold; the thermomet -r this mo ning in es| oseil situntioiia wss fi he|..w rero Our harbor is completely closed with iee as far down as the Nair >v?s, and hundreds of men and boys ae skiting befwee- Long Wharf and rlie I'a tie. Th- Ka?t Bosmn anil Chelsei Ferry B'at* hav- thus fir plyid regularl'. A rraniieinetits are noa makm* tiiriit'Uta ih nnel t*?ar th* mail sfesrn ship Brirano'a mai l?l art o i Thursday, h-r regular eta< , and I umired" of men wilt he milnveil tivmorr iw in earning out tnis project. Nunvi d hon d vessels can sppr achne*rcr he nty lltsn Nanfokrt ''-a II the hart) r? r star ch-s.-d null the es eitio.nl P tsmotish. N If anil Cast ort M> It, ni.h -tup Hi hilUr, (Voiii l.nern nl 19th n't; hir<|uee " m iinyc, and bneh"|le. 1mm New t trie, brig f'haih? n. fr. m Hultimore, nl anchor in Nanteelirt Itoada; lao, a It* m hrig lumbar loaded, at anchor on Soond Toiol Hrht Mary Jane, keaua, f "in St John, NB with aalt, at anchor ofTSierta-'r laland, with tin other act,r?. namra unknown. Pilot boata Relief and Phantom are outaide clear of tha ice and at fait at I hey are manned oat, are tupplied hy the crewa of tha boata ir. ide.(fro?.?n up) who And no difficulty In getting ou board I om the its*. IMP. M.-eA mi et-?i hat hee^ held in tJi# f.xchanc*. hia h >n<* th? Mayor preaidmg m4 lufficimt fyu^ bare bean inbacribed to iewdieuly opra tho harbor, and tb? Britannia will Unro on Tharaday. h<r mki day. SaiUd from Mow. bn*?t>n Rom, Cot CUnrWnton. niwti IIMWI. Pacac f Sitir. MimiToa, Chad*ick, for London, ?Dd St. Nicolaa, Prll, for Havre. Mil to-day. Thrir lrttrr bagi art at OilpiuY iu thr Kichangr. Sitir Uuuiaa, Lntiit, from Now Oilffltia, bad born North of llattrraa alnrr 23d ult ad ?iprri?nC'd hra-V woatrrlv gdra during thr iiror. Kailrd in eo fiooi thr Bar. IJth u't wih ahip Wannw. Hathaway, for N York. Lrft oo Uir Bar, ahip Roacoe. for Litrrpool. Brio CaTHimwr, Winalnw, of Portland, from Alraandria. 5 f r ri Joho. NB with l?nraud grain, front aahoro uoar Hrairr Kner. NS. main of I Jth all in a mow atorm, and our urownrd. Thr vwl had gone to pircra, aud only 100 hbla Hour, in a damaged atatr. t'aot W and thr remainder ill thtf> rrm w arm aiiiirwi.^lo., k.u- ? i t i' \itl .. hi iMir i'lurrnim lu iiirivhiu, previous to 16th. Brio Mnnosco.? A letter to the Philadelphia Exchange, dated Port I'eiin, 30lU ult. itoltt-" I lelt Pi.rt l'eno yesterday, oil got on board the .Morosco this morning. I have rmninrd the brig and tinii her badly tut with lb* ice, and will have to return to the city for repairs. I litre examined the ichr Le?-ncton. f|] tiud h.r cm bat alight))-. She nan p'o-eed by caulking * little, unlesi theihoul n.eet with tome farther accident. I htre terertl haul's down with tnt, tad will get the brig up to Port Peun u torn it pottible " Br Mart Kimball, of Thoina-ton. before reported blown to ten from live. N H wtt fallen in with by the Baltimore, Brown, from Boston for Baltimore, 24'h ult Chatham liearmg NW 15 miles. The mate and one man from the Baltimore went on hoard to (et her into tome port, the wind beiug S\V ? Tliev afterwarda procured the tecuod otlirer from ih barque Turk, fiom Philadelphia for Bon.hi but the wind shifting to NW, and blowing I'reth, the brig being light and Living no anchors and no provisions, they ran her ashore at Easthain, Cape Cod. near Nauaet Light on lhe25 Ii Miaeino VtssgL ? Hehr Lion, (late of (i'ouceater) of and for Cailins. via Portamonib, Joa H Straroa matter ami owner ariled from Portsmouth 15th ult in co with sch' Margaret Aun and was last se*u by tire M A in the anow squall of that date off Cape Klitabe'h, 4 miles astern. T' * M A arrived next day aitice which nothing hat bean heard of the Lion Copt M was smart, ycive yon ug man, belong in* to Castine?had bat eui mau with him, Robert Bowdan. The acbrwaaC4 tons, and hsc tome freirnt. Toi?nai;r at Alsart ?The Harbor Master of Albany hai l made th > annual report required of him by the aer of 1837 to tin Attend) y. The number of veaaefa arriving and deimrting fron lie an ! port duncg the yesr 1141. haa been at follows:?!: steam'i ata, tonnage II,107; 84 towboaia.9 7#7; 210 aehrs. 13.91* 1 300 alnopa, i9.83'l; I trows. 732? to al, 55.354 tons The follow > ing it an account of the tonnage of the port for the put 6 yeata I 1838. 36 72' to,,,; ISM. 40,369; I8|0. 39 410; 1811, 50.797; IRi2 . 49.350; 1843 , 55,351. The lonnaga of the canal boats is uot in . clud- d in this statement, not bsiug registered uuder the laws o the United States. Spoken. John Minturn. Stark, New Yorlc for New Orleans, Jan 20 lat 26 40. Ion 71 50?by the Louisa, at this port. Cnsilda, Goodrll, New York for Havana, same tuns?by th tame Alab'mi. 14 days from Apaiachienla for NYorfc, Jan 22, la 31, Ion 78 30. Foreign Porta. Vkba Capi, Jan I?In .port, New York, Hinckley, from h Urleana; Wisconsin, and Uolph'ti. do; ruteraburi, for N York aonn; John Ba'r. and Amazon, w tg n ders. Buvtvoa Avrks, Nor 20?In port, Serine, Ailami, for New V ork, i days, with cargo of the Brutus, condemned. Horn* Porta Portsmouth, Jau 26?Cld Columbia. Haley, NOrleans. Halicm, Jan 31?t - Id Otho, Ryder, Cupe de Verds, Ike. Boitot, Keb 1?No arrival. Below. Jacob St rey. Hard Jeremie. at anchor hetw'en Sound Point and the Lower Mid die, aa far np as the ice will permit; also below, a b'ight waiatei achr from Petersburg, in Nautasket floada. surrounded by ice There are It aail of veaa la at anchor in Nautaadet Rouls, com pletelv aorrounded by ice A fore and aft arhr it ashore on th outer Brewster Hock; another ashore oo Ca'f Island, both are a ren'ly coaster*. Pilot boat Wa?hinf on was run ashore on Gal lop lilaud,where she lays fall of ?ater mud has beeu rbandoned , The ice is now solid to the outer Light. PttevpvritTow!*, Jan M?Arr Sarah Williams, Thompson Cieufuegna for Boston?had been ashore on Cape Autmiio. hu I trot off without anv material damage to vessel, alfr throwini over about 19 bids honey A large (hip with pa;nted |>or's sup posed with cotton, caine in lo-day, and anchi red near the Truri shore Another shin was to wii award of Hare Point at an set hut racked and s'ood to set to the eastward 111 port Tu U | Sutler, and a he m brig from Philadelph a for Boston, having l sailed vrtteiday mori ittg and returned to-day; alio, 11an a War rior. Virginia for Boston; Delphi. I ook, Norfolk fordo; am s*veral other ?ina 1 schrj. Weathe very severe, but no ice ti obstruct the vessels. , Nt.iv ILvuri, UnJa?Sid Benj>min L Swan. Benj imio, am f Smiili Tuttle, Thoinpion. B-rbaJoes and a uikl. Nxwrosr. Jan 26? Arr Monisito, Hamil on, Portamouth fo , NY'ork; M*d.twaska, Hi gius. Charl'slou; Hy Chase. Highee . N Yo'k for Providence; Isaac H Bordeu, Brown. Kali Utter fo NYork. CiiARLtaToM Jail 29?Below. MuPivan. from NVork. Ii , the nffing, Harriet St Jessie, and Juno, ISwl from NY> rh Cli 1 < ifh irine, Berry. N York; Merchant, Joidtii anil Cerveniea Tufts. Boston Sid Chapman. Thompson. N?w Orleans. Ar 28th. K'oiian. Tysoi, NYork; Janet Maria, [lilgn] '-enach ? do: Lucinds. Whittemore do: Bailine. Cm by. Boston. Ar 27th, Kdwurd, B Ikley, NYork; Havne. Havana Cld Joss nlune. Howes, NY ork. Sid Lady Warringlou, Bouuey, We ladies I StvaisttAH, Jan87?Arr New Jersey, Brown.NYork; Onekc . Keilv, Boston. Cld Clinton. Lyon, and Imp rial. Read. Net York. Sid Kssex. Goodrich, Pout Petre, Uoad: Marc net f Br] Harriett, Nassau, NP; Kliia Ann, Tew, Havana; Kilt K rank I n Gray, and Spy. Kom-rs, New York In port?Bhip * Howard Cattan, and Othe to. Tucker, for Naw Y O'k: Tritor [flrl Smith, for 1 iverpool, Idg; Leander, [ Bi ] fh-lau; Avon t |Br] Marsters. and Lady Gordon, [Br] Seiirr. from do. wts New Zealand. [Brl Mackey, from Newry, do; Kli Whitney M.rHinir fr.,in N,,rfnlli ,l..? hi rn,,.. Pap... ar...*. f Rrl Hir nrtt, and Karat) [Br] Fleti her for Liverpool, Idg; Hebe, [Br Wright, rom do, ilisg: Springfield.[Brl Rov, from L"iidoit arte; John Muun. [Br] Wat', Greenock. do; brigs I'ersevr none, I.each, for Point Pe're Quad Ida; Wilton Fuller, Cobb do, Idg; IUvvps. Gilpat'ick from Mavaua. dug; Coquette,[Br Youiik, Demervra, wig: Ramom, K'ene, Curacos, do; tclir 3 Brilliant. Cotton, for Botlo >, Idg; Gen Grant. [Br] Ilolli1 gi 1 Bermuda, do; L)ori?. [Br] Lloyd, from Belir.i, llou. repg; En ' rorean, KII it, Boalnn, dug. 7 Kkt W est. Jan 17?Arr Iwanowna. Sliinn, New York; J 1 1 Novet. do; J M Waterbury, Thompson. Apalachieolu, SOtl ^ R W Brown, and M'gnolia. N Vork. Sid Iwanowna, and J J 0 No vet. Port Leon; J iVl Waterhury llavam. 3 Mouii.e, Jan II?Arr II idee, Soule, P. rtland; Clara, Per 6 hallow, Portsmouth; Columbus, [Br] Cnwinv, Liverpool; Mi 0 riao Gsgc. <'"llins; WiLism. Crnck-r, aud Palmyra. Burger: 1 Havana; Androscoggin, Davit, Franklin, l.a; berime, Browr 0 Turkt Ivlaud. Cld Dublin, "enofie'd, lltvre; D-masrua,Ch.ii< ? Providence; Florence, Wa'ker, Providence, Cld Kith, Eire 1 Preble. IVrkina. Providence; Hrrmilaice, Badger, and L rotor J Sou I lard, N York. 7 New <[ni.r.AN?. Jan 19?Arr Chat CarreR, De*n, U'vton I John M Clayion, Moore. Barhadoet; UreoN, Tremit, Lagmia ( Maditon. Keller, St Ann't Bay, Ja. Cld Commerce, Athfon I and l.etitia Hevn, [Br] Arnu'd, Liverpool; Washington. Bar! 1 letr. Boa'oii; Victorine, Jonet. Baltimore; Caroline Pttteo 3 Wilmington, NC; Alabama, ( ) VViudle, Havana; Neptuus ( (a) Rolling Galveston. a POPULAR LECTURES ON ANATOMY AND I'll Y 0 -Y BIOLOGY.?Professor Granville S Pattiton will continn in bit course of Popular I ectnre* ou Anatomy ?nd I'nytiob g I, tint evening, at X paat 7 o'clork. in the Universty Medici jg College, Broadway, (formerly the ftuvvesaut luttitatei, Bui g ject? the Anatomy of the Luugr, and tha I'hyiiology ol Reap 6 ration. ig For the remainder of the Conrte, $2. Single admittion I 5 eeutt 13 tfrrc ' ]V| H O VALE'S Last Monthly Lectnre at Vocal Hall 1,1 Grand street, near ihe Bnti hers'and Dr. ver's Bank, T' J marrow, Sunday h vening. Subject?the Earth, involving ih j fnnnationol Mines Coals, 8( rings. Caves, fire., .lud rnibri jj eing inucli enriout instor. Adm t ion 8\i rents 13 lr?m 9 (fijoy HKWAMD.-Gold Penr l Case Lo.r, en the morning < 2 'IP1' ilie 1st i"St.. in passing llirouih Wailingtcn Iroin II* i sou stree1 to \Va lncgton Market, wi h flul'd barrel, and a Tf pa a set in the heavl.nu ah ch the "wcer'a milivls were i n grave ? J K., in aid Krglitli letters The finder will receive the pre . miset reward upou leaving it at 31(1 VVatldugton attest. 13 3t"rrc INFORMATION WANTED?of Mr. H-n y Driyton (n 1 Englishman) who has been inanv yea's it this c .unify.? Any 'lung respecting him will la* lliink'nlly received, nil 1 should this inset Ins eye, he will do welt to apply to W. k J. T. TAP8COTP, L ,tm (3 Peck slip. a A YOUNG FRENCHMAN, having taken his degrees ii e A the University of Pans, desires to lad a respectable I'imil i> to take rate of the children's edncat on He c in teach F retch i. La'lii, Greek, Mall omal.es, elements of Mime, ai d gi'neiall everv iliing reqoiie.1 for a complete ejuctl'oa. Apply at 9 a Rede street f3 lm*rrc f| p (J 81 LB*4 FIlES.? 'ust received, aa assortments 1 hJ. P. 8, 8tiths Files for Dentists W *ti hm kera, J. ? el'ers, and 8hcema> en. at Iv'J Fulton street, near Bioada ay. f3 It*rrc 'UjBACUO FOK8EGARS.-A lot of prime Wraii. n : J apamth Toll cco. It hums v ry v hire mid of esc lieu flavor. Also, some fine Ktn u -hy Hegar Leaf, for sale t.y l*l_Imhrc E GO 7DWIN, iyt South atreer^ i NoncL. j PALMO'8 OPe RA HOUSE. rPHR PUBLIC are res|>ec'iullv informed that inoid?- to ten J X der the firoductioii oi the Ofiera worthy the palronare o * thefmblic ol New Vork and to give foil mid cnmplef i flee to tlis whole, the lint iepreiente.tiou will not take )'l ce nnti Saturday Evening, e ehruary 3, when will ie positively per formed Bcl'ini's last giaed Opeia I I UHITANL r, Full particulars in the bil s of the nay. fl 3trrc , ~ MONEY TO LEND. j A BRAIIAM J. JA' KRON, fawnbroker, No. 5B IOadi J Y street, near Broadway,loins money it, large cr small s' ins j aa may bo reipurrd. on W atches, Jewi Itv, Silver Ware, Dr) U Goods, Wearing Apparel, and personal properly of eerrr de 5 scrintion, PhHfW CIRC u JTA" iT rIE UNDERSIGN!1 I), wh? hst heen foe many yesrs con neLted with'he Kheilf s Olfue ij the city of New York has opened an Office at No 77 Nns-au itreet. New York, foi " the purpose of serving all Le/si Notices, Declarations [ SnhpiMiaa in I aw, or in It nrer., Forei losing |<eisoual Mort gages. Collerling i'ents, Ke.viog Distiess (Variants, and fui the Iranssrtio i of all sunl.ir business. ' For his fidelity, ponetua'iry, and devoted attention to bnsi I ness, ne refers to the under "enti"ned g1 Ltl-men and merrbees o ' the Bar of *-ew York JOhN I V WELTERV1 LT, l.are Under Sheriff of the City and County ol'New fork New Votk, Jan I, HM4. REFERENCES The Hon.''rbert II. Morris, Ma1, or of ihe City of New York " Wm Kent, Judge ol ihe Fiist Circuit. " F A- Tsllinadyc Fee rrler of the Lity of New York " The J as'ices ol the Superior Louit " " 1 h' Judges r f t1 e Court Common Pleas " Fd vim dandfi ril " Lewis II Kaudford, Assistant Vice-('haurellor, Will on P. llallett, Esq., Cleik of the Suprnie Lourtuf New Vmk j* *r iMHiry, c*?<| , virrn 01 inr mpf rnir vourt *?i .nw ion, Jatnea Conner, Ksq., Clerk of the City and County of Ntw > oik. Andre? Warne*, Eaip. Clerk of the Cog'l ol i-cmmon PImi. Jamea R. Wtilling* Ext., Diatrict Attorney. John Anthon, Eta. Charlea 0'< onor, Darid (Jrilum Eaq. Haletn Dtitrlier. Ka<|. AI"under Waeon, Ear). Orihun Hoffman and doaworth, Eto't. R. M. liUtr^lord, K?|< Joaeph C. Hart, K?q And generally to the Prnfei<inn|throu?lioBt tho State of Men Y"rt?. ft laii'ra ATM MSA* CO'R OVERLAND PACKAGE EXPRESS TO BOSTON. VIA BRIDOKPORT VVf.nT *TOCKBHIDOE, 8 PR IN O K.ECD AND WORt f 8TEH. ADAMS It t O will foulard duly, l>< ' ''Town E*nre** Ti a" ? Liitlif P*ckife* IffWr ^arT^T >leii'h?udite for any of ilie i boy p met, runi o. toi .no * ,h the ntinn.t rapidity and'iMiilari,v. Their hmt Kvpreai nil. |ta?? their nfliee, 7 Wall atrref, Tn-mor or? Morning at!? o'clock prccia' ly IVraa-a deairoua ot ,i? -iling tliemirl*** of thi i con*-vauoe, are r>i|ui'*t'd to ten I their p rkagea to the rill. e the a*,',una pr *;otia. Tlra ?rr iinjemerit w:M li 01 tinned until the opening of the Sotind Nai gi-ioii ? Kelnna 2 Ihl 13 ADAM9A ' O . 1 Wallatr ot tot to. packet ?hip "oneida fri 1 havrp ia d ach "itin? *' t'i r No 12 h*at Hner -n, t ?> mJtmC, o <1 'if I ona r;i|e?* at r-r"? d to rend thai ei it, iin la, rt A |l i-ood. 1,0 p.'rnn -d n, to* ,V ?. a ll he >o in th* Cob ic *i e 'I " 'C IS I' \ I K - i K 'If 11A V > , -the.-,, d I. Ill ? Tl ft ipt'Nf iDA. ian.ei hunrk. m-al?r, will tail ol ,lie lat of V,rr||. Kor f , ight or pitta*' ai.l'lv to BOVD A HIINCK f.N, No. jTontue Building, f| jc f.'oiner Wall and Water atiwti DACKP.T HHTFaV NICOLAS FOR HA VKE~f'*#*eii f *er< are reqaeited to I * on board at Pier No. 4, North 1< ive-, thia day Satanlay, the lil inn., at 11 o'clock M., when tl a Shin will tail , wruth-r permitting. She Letter Bag* will clot* at the ttaual place* at 1 o'clock I tee ^"^MTSEMENls" " " " 7 1 - i ??ifPA.L.MO'* n. T. OPERA HOME. CH* MB ' R8 ??TRfcET. AilBiui'in Or? Dolitr, to >11 pata ofth' Wouaa. I)?Or? op ea 17. I fttormmr.- to c immr.cf ti half paat 7 The Pnhlie a*e lerpeetfully iufoimcd thai thii V auMiahatent will open lor ilia H?.ou ru SATURDAY EVENING/^ r ehmory 1 IMt. SAT I HDA V F.\ t.NiMl Kfti, tha pttfonmca will commence with the OVERTURE PURITANl. After which. brat u?e ia Na- York, th# < iraad Opera id ( Trfift'SSl"' FUrira AU1NUKA BOKOHEHE Mir {j*?rgr Vaiialliaa Sir Kieh-rd-v> Sii*a44?iorehi Lord Artliar Talbot re?e?ii Lord Kl|. Mavar Henrietta of K>aae* St?iora A*bertuii Sir Bruno Nob*rtoa Btj. Albrr^sat Gourde, Lad ee. lie. The whole under the dtioccioa of Mifaor V ALTELL'NA. The Oreho'ra will enwpriee I hi'tyi'wa Prafaaaon. Leader aad Director. Kiuuor RAPETTI. Mwelroand Dirvet,r of the''horut. D G tTlLNNE. The Drop Cart-in br S unora Gl'IDlOlNl aad MONACHE8SI. Tha A'chilec ural tkewrr pawled b*?t?. M. BRAOALDI. a-, ruled br Etc MOLIM aud others. The Ltndscape Sceuery by Mr. P. GttAIN Bot Olli-e BOW open from 1* to i o elock for obtaiataf tickets. Ami-a'moots have been wade with the Railroad Co?4?suy fjraweil l rkt't ud wirn (ir to leava Chamaai* stiaat iwmedialel v on (tie close of |<et Cm miners, ruaaiaf u far as 424 street chatham theatric amd CIKCVI. ; CONDUCTill) BV T?7ROCKWELL ft O. R. STONE. THIS EVENING. Kebrwary 3~?fcf??? to comaa?w , with the tloiaemrn of Birssah ! . Aftrr which various acta of llorwmaasbip, Gymaast'Ca.Corde Vo.ante. Van tins, Mvlodioo* A mesne, lie. fce. To coueludr with ; the pride ok CHIVALRY. MITClllUiL I OlsYHPIC THXATlll. THIS EVENINU. February 3-The performance* wUl commoner with - AMU IE A GOOD NIGHT'S BEST. To conclude with r abon Hassan TK TON'S KNDEPKH DKNT ABKBIOAR CIRCUS. BOWERY AMPHITHEATRE. " Bom 2J crate; Pit 1 JKeeuta. . BEN EH1 OF Mils. DOWN1E. THIS EVENING Kibros.y J?The perroraaaeaa will com inruer with A Grand Military Canlcadeof Ten Horere. I A'trr which A treat rariety of Equestrian Aece, Era ts of Btrsnftk, Soute, Dances, 4tc ' To bo followed by thr SPRITE OE THE SILVER SHOWER. Ko'lowed by THE VIRGINIA MINSTRELS. To conclude With BILLY BUTTON. i ABIRRICAN HUBBUB*, AND PERPETUAL FAIR. '* Every Day and Evening this urea, cooimeucirg Tbu'tday, 8 F> bruary I. Dty viit'ri a1ia>t;ed seme rv?nin? free. | The meet un>i alio I attraction! ever < flVred bote. Last three ? "?! ' *-u .n uiame i iie.i w p.m, the celebratd L)*norr? nud r.itoininii t? 'J h?y wi,l /innear .0 a fraud djvartiae. in ut rutitM ihe VfcNt l'l * N BALL.. I _Al?o lest week of the A buioa or Snow White Negr ee ? Tm ?wynni|? g-wv.t cniinsitiri of the .f?, etag per fectl> wh Ur, lot With ever* other feature anil laseulianty ol ? the Aegro. Likewi-e rngavd. D'L VALENTINE. H. O. 8HEK M ?A. X U BOOTH, L i P. tit# CEHITu. La Petite r.LISE ,nd OltKAT t* I S I'fcRN, who will iutr <lu< e hie : i.< one Y uk<e L/eiu.con Auimil iMagotliam, which has teen 1 .M' VM with rt 1 c ud I ur.it ot n p'auee the lee' few 111 hte ' |I?I;H,>V Quht.N the mot auri riaiug Koituue Teller 1 '.V t,|e u.&v be 1 nv airly com. lied el all tun e legarding 1 Put, I lie IIIauo fu lire Eventl. Perioiuiance every eveuiug el T o'c'ock, and'alarday after' uoouaat J o'clock P./" Adiniuiop 22 eente?ehitdrea ueiter tee yean, half price. ' iPJ~ J2 ceola eicru loi private couaulialione with the cipey i ijurcn fl rc 1 MILITARY BALL. ; tmie thirdcompany nationalouakdball , l will ttke pt.ee at i am many Hall, on Wednesday Ereu, lag, Keh, 7, 1844. .. 1 icketv $2, miv be obtained of John Carnee, 61 John street: t K. B. Daly, lie Broan it.. W. H Doiniuick, to O eeuwich et ; A. M. Mucin. 18b Kultoni..; K Wainritht, 882 Bpr.ug si.; C. , olet, 102 Cauel (I.; 8. H Fowler, WH Bewery.andJ.il. i Lowuabery, 412 I'eail at dM lK7*ae l, - ... " T PARKER 8 DANCING ACADEMY-WABIIINU? J. TON HALL ?Mr.. P. with 1 to notice iohielrte.de ' and the public that hia reeond 'laarter commences ihia week, 1 and cnatiuuei until May s likewite l it School in Eighth tt , ' two door* fiom 'roadway. Daya r<f teitioa. Monday and ' '1 huradaye in Eighth atnet. at VVaahiugtoa "all Wednesdays and Saturday*. Next Monday evening U e Public Aiaetably J will uke place, and be cnntinnrd every .>ther Monday evening ' daring theaeaaon. Mr. Huff nau'i much admired Bead win attrud, and introduce aera al new and pleasing aeila of colil'j lion*. fl It* rrc THEATRICAL NOTICE. _ IPHK CHATHAM 1 HEA I HE will onrn on or akoet ike J- SOlh Math. All n|t,>licalioiia 'or eueagratenla (post It id) i) will receive itntrediaie atie..lion. if dirrcted to W S. Deveroa, Proprietor. or J. M. Scott. Admit Manager,Boa M'i PoatoAee, ij New Vork. The proprietor or hit i|nu will be f and at hia office lu the 1 heatre between the houn of IS *ud S and Sltl, loettead to all ou-inett relatno to theo(ieoin?. Daring ike . lecett, ilie Theatre will be comn et-l v re-decorated and reaova , led by (hit eminent art it, O. HKILUlii, tad many alt-rations tending to the comfort of the patrone of thi< famine ea'ablith ' wen W. ?. DfcVeRNA, n J3I tfrre Prop irtof. ' TO AMATEURS ON THE FLUTE, i MB- BARTON, (pupil of the late C. Nicholson,) reepect ; of lully bepa III announce that it ia bit iutentioa to give ini atructicn on Hie Klnte. Mr. Barton profraaea to teach aceor di ft to the method pursued by the celebrated master, Charles i, Nicholson. h or term* and particulars. application may be made at Biyaor (iodoue, Mtuie store, Broadway, and Mr. Btodart'a Piaaofotte . manu'&ctory. jn lm*r* m MUSIC FOR PARTIES^ v Vif KHSR8. o. WEISS It HI. ORAM BBS, Profmot* of il of Music, lespeetfully anuouuce to their patrons, the ladias > and gentlemen ot New Yoilt and its rieiuity, that tneir Colli- * i Ion Band ia prepared to play the most adorned and bsbioaak;* Music for Private Parties, Hofieee, he. b Orders received and punctually attended tost * Delancy au j'd lm*m T~~ O OLEIC HINGEHH.-Jntt puhh.VedTthe dth PuTof the (juarteite containing (ileea by Hpehr, Weher. Be. For ie sale by C. F. Iloyer, Mo. Ml Bioadwny, and If. lliley, No. M i- i. hatham e-rewt. N ii An Extra nnmber, contusing n favorite English " Olee, will be shortly issnrd Or gratuitous delivery to regular !' subscribers. _ jM les*rrc !i Or/" 9fi. Q" EASY, KOflUKT THKP ARK ON.-DAV8 First f-5 Premium Sheet R. Over S. oen, with hia new Elastic 8ol>a, no pel feet I y a-apted lo the Uoot and Paula, that the wearer ta i art to forget that I e ha* ?n an overshoe at all. 80 entile eve Iy other overshoe at* they, that whoever examine* them will I cer ai ly given em p.elhienC*. '1 liey will < ompletsly do away with the double or " water proof Bool," which oarer heap out the water. Warthinite, 24 Maiden Una, near Broadway. Thoae who want l)a>'a Orer a^'t abruld remeraher No. 14. ? I 1FK PRfcP Kit V Kr S AND J AC K KTfc ? Tho baat arti' cl* mauufacm-ed in the Lotted State*. Onlera for lite Mnutls and Wett, and North, i refute' tu tl e Leal eat possible itjle, bp ,v, ih* pauitfactu er. liURACU 11. LaY , 24 Maideo lane. 8 fd lm*t c >f TYOCTOR COUBITT?May be consulted confidentially at t- h office, No ? Dtiaoe street, twod.mia from Chatham,? Strauyrra are respectfully iufnrnted tkat Dr. Corhitt ta a member of the L uireraity of tli- fit w ol New York, and that ha haa iclii?i\ely CO.. fluid h-s p art ice, from hem a general, lo the K treatment ol certain claries of diafuea luow ovtr eleven yean it in th- eitv ol New York), which rueaget hit rnlita alt out ion. The aouala of Medicine do not nc rd greater aucceaa than ia to tie tnun i hit p-ict.ce The U"Cior Cautions tire u fortunate arainit the n.r of Mi rcur , s? it hat ila thouaaad. of victimj. lieu ut caaes an in a lew daya removed entirely from ti e sv?lem. eethalyi.ii are judicoiiily treated by a perron legally " ipialified. and not by pretenders and <iuaeks,as tlierr are several ' of them iu the city. I'mont nffl cied w itk p ot-sen d and inveJ irate carta need lint ileal air of t ring leali ted lo health by ap plying to Dr. Corhitt A practice of ninny yeata has eatabliao * rd tils Doctor's reputati n for skill and rrtpecUbi itjr Striciu-e< engatir the Docor's profoui d atleui on. A medietas may h? h d to prevent a c.rum di eare in any of its fornsa. P) iwia ' STRANGERS BEWARE. [N this age of (duackery aud Humbug it is moat import*at to 1 choose an riiierienred I'hyaictan. DR. J KVANB, haa removed hit Old tJa'eu'a Head Dispensary to No. ttg Pearl street, coiner of Brekman street, where ha continues hie aaoet extraordinary cures of all delicate di-eaaea, no matter how complicated; he apprises the ci tuns and straagera that there ia wo l)r. kvana in ?ia old stand, and that he haa no connection ' whatever wiih anyother office. Ilia charges are moderate; hie consultation* stiirtlv private. N B ?Oh erva the number; mistakes are often danarroet? 2tt Penrletreet. UL/- .viedicuiea ano Jirectiooa wit to any port or Ui<* Union, by pxrtieularl y atalibg the earn, and eueloeiag five dot lan. j fSlt'rrc EXCHANGE HOTEL?BALTIMORE. URVVTl S COLEMAN hee thi? day taken HENRY K. Lj JACKSON into (ar.oeiahip, a'd in fatnre the hen a will b? imd'ct'tl in the meof COLEMAN it JACKSON. The paltotiagr ?i the travelling public, aad influence ef oar frenila, i? lesrectlnliy to'i-itej. Baltimore, Vibraary I, 1841. fl Im ac NOTICE. TO SOUTHERN AND WOTERN MERCHANT". AYOUNU GENTLEMAN. who ia now engaged in, aad haa a correct knowledge ef, the Boot, Sh e Leather and General Commixttoa Bn*ine?a, ia deair-ua of going aotath or *?i aa a aalraman, or for aoy reapecuble oetupatiou. (eood references given A rot# ?ddieae?J "A." bni 464, Boaton Poal Office, will meet with rrompt attention. j? Iwta fiw oa rc T'O Pr7 VATE KAMIL 1 e7T?Board wanted by a gentle man, h a wife and child, in a ijniet, na|actable family, resolii g in t e Ninth Waid. Teima maat be moderate. Addreae V. II G . at thia office. JH rrc WEODIN(i_ANti VISITING t AI109,?Engraved and Printed in the fir.! atjje of the Art. at reduced prirea, at VALENTINE'S, Ne. 1 Beekman at. Cnner ol Patk Row, Lovejot 'a Hotel. UT* Pleia?rall and eaatmn# apecimena^_ j3> lm*we ' XIZANTKdTa SI ore, ova part of a Store, bftweeai lor ?V ling alif and ' 'Id alip, or the lower and of Wall atreat.? To ao li a perion h-vna ? Mutable place, who will leave a liae at 41 r'nnth att?'i. will tare. > eimmediate attention, ft tiec Ml RlNKHS TAKr. NOTICE.?'The underaigaed have leaned eitH Catt. M T IItod No. 17 Cheery atiee;, N. Vi r-, N.vit ill. n in nil ita eariont hrmaetra, thoronghly, inI'lnduig Spherica Nautical Aationomy, with extra preparalivei nae of all kinila o( Nautical mttriamenta Lunar obaej. aallona. and a'all r?'i of Longitude by Clir? nomete a, by thiol and e.??\ fell of hta own, much aup?rior loaay other,. Ma'inei < are inform ' that ?e (u'ly believe Inn. to be the only in ui in Am -if* v can teach thia invalnahle Art tat ao gteat lerfecuo.,, autl in no ahori a nme. ||k inuorationa areaupera in v Valinlils inii wtiirhhdikfniU' rtiiahls nl u akiot finut h.tc?t'nti?? knowlorlyn of th? trirncrt Go* or two miln wnk it no obj# t to ptrn to prrfr.Ml) mot in to thorl ? timr. ""ifn-il. .V1iu??'i|imoj R ( Mn.Ml, H Htfrl nf, M llty, K H vrnt nnd > i nmh?r < f t :?pfnii t m d Mmb<. (SJt'rir U* "l?l ''' HIT rtlDr.*-1'h? |wrii t hip nlord. jut -rr 'Oil, '? on botpl 'Jflaatitv of F. f'l.h Pot t"-? ol a . 1'Hrio* ii'Mlitv, I iri h Wit pro ur?d npror ly for thi? m?o to'.whrcn w.'lb< t< I i in *ny nmhtr ot tin li?'t for family - Aplyui CHAHLEi H MA RArl A IT., j 9 1 > h 'I Hnr1' JtllO. 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