8 Nisan 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

8 Nisan 1844 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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T H Vol. X?, Ho. 90?Wtftolo Ho. 3660. To tk? Public. T1IE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?pub iished every day of the year except New Year'* day am Fourth of July. Price a cents per copy ?or >7 M par an num?postages paid?cash in advance. ? ^ , THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price (ty cents per copy, or $3 13 per annumpostage* paid, cash in a Ivance. . , . ADVERTISERS are intormed that the circulation c the Herald ii over THIRTY THOUSAND, and mcreaainj last. It hat the target! circulation of any paper in this city or the world, and it, therefore, the he it channel fin businei ten in the city or country. Frioes moderate?cash in ad Vance. PRINTING of ell kinds executed at the most moderati price, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PaoraisToa or the Hkxald EiTintnHMivr, Northwest comer of Fulton and Nassau streets. TAPSOOTT'S * GENERAL EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE jlffc ml jjjfc ^ 1 ARRANGEMENTS FORlW The subscriber* beg to cull the Attention of their friends and the public generally to their superior arrangements fo- bringius out passengers from, and remitting mousy to all parts ol Engfaerl, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. aTHE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, COMPRISING THE GUF.EN OF THE WEST, 13S0 tons THE SHERIDAN, 1000 tous. THE ROCHESTER, 1000 tons. THE OA It HICK, 1000 tons. THE HOVTINOUER. 1000 tans. THE KOSCIUH, 1000 tons THE LIVERPOOL, I1S0 tons. Til IT Mini nNS 1110(1 runs Sailing from Liverpool twice ererv month, anil THE UNITED LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS, composed of su|?'ior, fust class American packets, sailini from Liverpool four times in each month, an the shin* it which those whose pas-age in iy beengaged With the subscriber! wiil conic cut in, and it la a well kiPiwn f'ct the above namrt packets arc the moat magnificent alnpa ntloal and the frri(ueac) o' their suiting,.(being every ire dara) prevents the possibility of passengers being uuueiessarily detained at Liverpool. Re gardless ofeipenae, in ordrr to meet the wants of thepuhlii and the wishea oftheir Irienda, Mr. Wm. Tappacott, one of thi . firm.hat none to Liverpool ro au|ieriuteiid the departure for thai country of such p<w*Ocs whoae i assnge may be engaged will the tiibacrihera, a fact, which to thoee acqn .iutcd witli Mr, W T., ia a autilcient guarantee that they will receiie everv attea tiou from him aud be ouickly and rouiloriably despatched. hnouid tnoae aeot lor decline comirg the i?u>age money will be promptly refnndrd, without any deduction?as usual KauiaU&uo-s?Thoaa remitting money cau be supplied witl dram at signs, tor any ainouut. parable fre of discount or ant otner cinpye, in every principal town in England, Ireland bcoiisiiu ana Wales Appiy tit uy latter, port paid,) to wsj. T. TaPSCOTT, 43 Peck alip, iNew rora?or to too WM TA PSr.OTT. Liverpool. aallHANUEMKNTH FOR IMi. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, 10# Pmeatreet, corner of South. i m m m. THE subscriber begs leave to call the attention of his friend and the public in general, to the ftdlowiug arrangements fo 1811, for the purpose of bringing out enhin, 2d ctbiu, and steer mte passengers, by the Regular Line of Liverpool Packets, sail ing the lst,(th, llth, 16th. 2tataud 2<ith of every mouth. By the Louilon Packets, to sail rem New Vork, the 1st, 10th am 310th?aud from Loudon on the 7th, 17th aud 27th of each month In connection with thr above and for the purpose of afford in* still greater facilities to passengers, the subscriber has es taolishcaa regular lint- ol Ikst class New York built, copperet and copper taateueH ships, to sail punctually every weed throughout the year. For thr accommodation of persons wishing to remitmoney t< their 1 unilirs or friends, drafts are given, payable at sight, oi 1?roviiu inl B.uik of Ireland, payable at Cork, Limerick, C'oiimel, Londonderry 8ligo, Wevl'erd, Beirut, Watei lord, O&lway, Armagh, Athlon*. Colemin. Baltiua, Tralee, Youghnl, Emiiskillen, Monaghan, Baubridge, Billy torna, Parsoustown Downpatrick, Cavan, Lurgan, Oinagh, Dunganiiun, Bandon, Knnis, Ballyshjnno Btnk.uie, Skihereen, Mallow, Moneymore, Cootchill, Kilrush, Dublin. Scotland?Th? City Bank of Glasgow. KicUi*l?Me?ar?. Hpouner, Atwoou (It Co. Banker*, London K. Mur|ihy. Waterloo Koad, Liverpool; payable in every towr IB (ire.it Britain. For further information (if by letter. no?t paid,) apply to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine atreet, ccroer of South N. Y. Or Mem*. P. W. BYRNES fc CO, 3? Waterloo Road. i? 6m*rc Liverpool PASSAGE FROM OREATB1UTAIN AND 1RELANI rn.rn.M-M. ^TTTHE BLACK BALL OTOH? LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Bailing from Liver|>ool on the 7tk and Pith of every month. Persons wishing to ?rnd to the Old Country for their friend Ca make the necessary arrangements with the inbacriben, am ve them come out in this tuimrior Line of Packets, Sailim from Liverpool punctually 011 the 7th and 19th of every month They will also nave a first rate class of American trading ships sailing every sis days, thereby affording weekly cominuuics tion from tliat port. One of the firm (Mr. James D. Roche) i there, to see that they shall be forwarded with care and aes pitch. Should the parties agreed for not come out, the money wil # be returned to those who paid it here, without any reduc tion. 1 IIP DIKCI DAI I, lir WIU U11IP 1/1 LIITPI1IUUI iBliru^VIUflll the following rn.iguilirent Ships, vix The OXFORD, The NEW YORK. CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA. ENGLAND NORTH AMERICA. With each superior mid uneonallrd arrangements, the sub acriben confidently look forward for a continuance of that iu| port which has hern extended to them so tnauy years, for wlucl thev are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, cai at all times obtain Drafts at sight for any ainoaut, drawn direc on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, also on Messrs. l'RESCOT f. OROTE, AMES St CO. Bankers, Loudon, which will be paid ou demand at any of the Banks, or thei Branches, in all the i>rinci|>al towns throughout England, Ire land, Scotland aud Wales. ROCHE. BROTHERS It CO. 34 Fulton street New York, lint door to the Kulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from thi port for Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each month. Panic returning to the old country , will find it to their comfort an advantage to svlect this favorite Line for their Conveyance, u Preference to anv other NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To sari trout New York on the 26th and Lirerpoolon the Utl ui recti mouth. at. 4&n m r mist Nrw York. Ship KOBCIU9, Capuin John Collins,38th March. Ship SIIJLIONH Capuin E. B. Cobb, 26th April. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain f. A. Deueyster, 26th May. Ship UAKIUt'K, bapt. B I. H. Track, Kth June. From Livkhtool. Ship BI1ERIDAN. Captain A Repeyster, 11th March. Ship OAK HICK, Captain B. I. H. risk, 11th April. Ship ROSCIUH, Captain John Collins, 11th May. Ship B1DUONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 11th Jane. These ships are all of the lirst clasa, upwards of 1060 tons bnilt in the city at New York, with such improvements a combine great speed with unusual comfort for posst ugers. Every care has been taken in the arrangement of their accom modationa. The price of passage hence is $100, lor whicl ample stores will be provided 'i nese ships are commanded b exia-rienced masters, who will make every ejterttou to give g' neral satisfaction. Neith*r the captains or owners of the ships will be res pons kle lor any letters, parcels or packages sent by them, unless r< galar s-sf lading are sigued therefor For freight or passige app1/ to ? |t. K. COLLINS k CO.. 46 South it., Nrw York, or t BE /WN. SllIPLEY h bo., Liveniool. Letters by the pari ds will be charged I2K cants per sing) heet ; 40 cents per o race, and newa|>aprrs 1 cent each. in? rr OLD ESTABLISHED KMIGKANT PAS3AGJ OFFICE. I SOUTH STREET, NEW YORK. m M r Tassauecan be engaged IromLiverpoul by t:i<s following spien did pacset ships comprising the Old Black Ball Liueol racket aillug as under Krom Liverpool. The ship COLUMBUS Captain Cole, on the 16th February The ship YORKSHIRE. (? ?) Bailey, on the 1st March. The ship C A M BRIDGE, Capt Bart tow, 16th March. The ship ENGLAND. Captain Bartlett, 1st April. The ship OXKOKI), CaM.uo Hathlione, Kith April. The thip MONTEZUMA,Captain Lowber. 1st May. The ship EURCPr. Captain hniber, 10 sh May. Tile ship NEW YORK, Capt',in Cropper, 1st Jane. In addition to iheebnvesu|ierior ships, the subscriber's agent Will have a succession of first cl.<sv Am rican ships rieisnti lied as customary, from Liver.iool, ei ery four or live Pays througl on' the year, to the d.ff rent poila in the United States, bi which passage can he s- cured at reduced rates. Those s-ndiii| for their friends rv-idi gin Great Britain and Ireland, miy re lythit every rare willns taken to in\k' p.isseng-is as comlor table cs lli-y can reasonably ripest and should lie pas'eug.r not come out, the passage money wil' be promptly refunded. Drafts can as usuil le* furnished iwyab'e at he Nat Il'ial am Provincial Banks of Ireland and branch a; Kaati rn B mk n Pcofaud inil b anch-s, snd on Messrs J. Bait, Son Is Co. Bftukcri, London >l' sim j. o-crneu k i/o., o-iimm, ui?n pool, which are payable throughout KngUml >ind Wales. Ko further pwiiculmapply (if by let?rft'ft^RDMAN, 61 South street, uesr Wa I |tr*t. N. B Parsaye to Liverpool an J London ran at all times h engaged by the nnrnhr nacket ships. sailing for LtveriaioUver re oats, and to Lo duo eu the 1st, 10th and 10th of each mom | - oia application as anuve. ill ec MAHriEILLKS LINK OF PALKl.TH. jb> M mm TT^mderineiitloiielKhit'.? will be regnLrh' di .patched Iroi hence on the 1st, md from \1e.rseilles on llie ;nh of each moot oarnitr the vear es foM-ws:? From NewVorg A'.arseillet V;; I JiSti A>'S> S!ilOLsVNUtt, Capt Utile, April I. Jan* 5 rhey an* .ill coppered and copper ftutei)<'d, and haye excellcc Afrominotl.it ton lor panAfii^em. The price of cabin passage will be $100, eyclnsive of winr ad I moors. Ooous addressed to th.- agen's, BOYD It HINCKKN. wil be forwaroeu free of or!,,, charge. than these actually paid For frentot of passage At .til y to LAWKh.NI h It PlikLl'd. I#1 Front Street or to BOYD * HINCKKN, Agents, rn^r ? * Tontine Buildings lM> I'K *MiK KHO,VI I)U ItLI,N, CORK WA'IKh jTOyKOMD, MKI RY COLtll\Mi , VxFAs 1 jHWeCi^rwr I) o*l?-d? *? -iVnonn wi?.hin* to tend k tm-ir Iriend can !m*e t?-:ni hrouht rt?r ir0ln ifIy 0f t?,e asof I?orT? in firtt cjiw A mr ic .n I Atket snips, on the mo?t retain abletenns tad eithont tlwMr ripfntncing snv u'lnTran.r y d< tenfion .Mr VV T- ?c tr oil* of the lirm, v.i>| he on tli iipot to pi?e hit personal itt^niion to th- pmnf?i?i;er? ??r bv flietubier beri or th* r ahr r? b*re, and p*raOus miy re1 lint the wish*-and comforts ??f tin ? wh-a* |i*a?w nitv i. rngn *d by themwil-h * *11 flu* an! proper ttrntion fo rart'Ci.l:ri app y, if by le.f r, i?n?t-ra?d. to W k J. T. T APPt'OTT, at llt-ii (verier*! Pa*-. Office, 11 P. ck Slip, c, r S ?i|, street wlir-e. *l- ?, Dra t tni, bt\ine\for I m* "rnncl tnmi tii\r h'e ?#i-detn tri'l wi'h u? di count or nv rth^r baiir'1 lb* N?tirtn.il or Pro* i mi !)? ki of I re! in r any of ij.ei br. chfsthroughout tl? Ks.^-i>?m. ie22 rc I E NE NJ THE NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. 7~ tit M ^To^Ufrom Nev^YorRlst, anil Jron^Liverpool mouth. y-? j From New York. Vttool. 1 New Ship LIVERPOOL. 1150 ton., ^?c . ?? F"VS J. Eldridge 'j^nl ? ft- ? I N-.hipQUEEN OF THE WEST.f y f? | i 1250 too. P. Woojfiouse. \\ * i New .hip ROCHESTER.250 ton.. j|?W \\ i John Britten <il)ct'r 21 Dec\ 6 . akin M/?TTiwniTvn 1AM (aw* /March 21 Mjy 6 ' $Noy'r 21 7?yl fr These substantial, fast sailing, first class ships, all built in .' the city of New York, are commanded by mru ol eaperience If anil ability, and will be dispatched punctually on the 21st ol u each mouth. 1 aTheir cabins are elegant and aommodions, and are furnished 'r with whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of passes* Trice of passage, f 100. L? Neitlier the captains or owners of these ships will be respon- ' ' sible for any parcels or packages sent by them, unless regular . ' bills of ladiug are sigucd therefor. L Kor freight or passage apply to WOOW1ULL k MINTURNB, . 87 South street, New York, 1 otto KIELDEN, BROTHERS k CO., . jli ec Liverpoo TO Tllib TRAVELLING PUBLIC. AmsB; ^kdsRsssi F.ISSEttGEIl JIRIRISG EM/INT FOR IS1I The Subscrib rs having complete.) their arraureme os, are w now prepared to briug ont psssengeis from Ureal Drit'iu md 1 reland by the following first cl >ss packet ships, cue of which w ill leave Liverpool on tne Ist.bth. 11th, ltitn, 21st and 21th of j,f . each month:? 1 Pa'rica lienry, New York, Sberidin, Virginia, Liverpool, Cambridge, _ Moutizuma, Siddous, t?eo. Washington, Hottiugner, Colum'ms, United States, Rascius, Ashhu tell. Kuvland, j fcurope, Steph'u Whitney, Rochester, fi ludcpeider.ee, Yorkshire. Gnrrirk, Ham i-I Hick. liueen of the West, 0\rorl PI Ceitifica'es of pasn.ige cui b'obtaii ed, and every information will he giv u to those srudirg for their friends, ou application at either of our offices. They will also be pre ared. on tlie opening of navivatioi, to forward pass-uge s ami heir luggge to Albany and Tioy, aud via Erie ' anal to Unffulo, and ill intermedial- placea. To all ports of th- Upper Likes. is V it Oswego to Toronto, Tort Hope, Coburg, Kingston, and VV all Parts of Lanada West. ue From Troy via Whitehall to Montreal and Q-iebec, 'lena* <la ha?t vit Ohio Canal from Oleiveland to Portsmouth, Cio- fo cirmati, an J i term-'iatc pieces Sou h W.'st via Philadelphia to Pittsburg,Ciuciuna'i. Louis- iu ville. and all parts on the Ohio River to Sr. Louis. M " ; and L to all parts ot Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wiscou- Vv sin Territory. REMITTANCES. . ?i For the aceoinmo lation of lersom wishing to r'nd money th to tli ir fiieudi in the Old Onuntry, HARNDEN k CO. will give Dr .fis on any pirt ?f England, Scotia id or lielaud, raya, hie at suhr, for stuni of XI, JtiJ, il20, to jC 00? or iu any amount a to snil the puichaser. nrririu t\n a ft v. NT*. ?. r Charles '"rat, 120 lit a e str ft, Boston . B. W. Wheeler, Union Building, 1'rjvideare, II 1. A J. W. Mills, 3 W..I1 street a"l 16 Front street, New York. 1 , N. U. llow rd, 43 8 'U.h Third str et, Philadelphia i Sanifo.d it Shoemaker 7 Ligl I street, Baltimore, Md. Pittsburgh, Pa. J' L. 8. Littlejohn, U Fx ha-ee, Albany N. Y. T 8 Clark, 159 itiver street, Trov, N. Y. i Utica.N. Y. i W. A. Cook. Syracuse, N. Y. T llorhesle', N Y. > W. H. Cook, Buffalo, N. Y. T i H. Fi tHugh It Co., Oswego, N. Y. mlfrc OLD L4NU LIVERPOOL PACKKTa. " m. M, m m: TMlKOLD T,I>n^DlT?cliPts fi Liverpool will hereaHer he u , despatched ill the fultowingorder, excepting that when the ,y tailing day fills ou Sunday, the r.hipii will sail on the succeed rag day, vizi? From New York. From Liverpool a The UA.MUKIDUK, (June 1 July 16 ? 860 tons, \ Oct. 1 Nov. 16 V/. C. Barstow, f Feb. 1 Mar. 16 ; The ENGLAND, {June 16 Aug. 1 * i 750 tons, < Oct. 16 lire. 1 : ?. Bartlett, f Feb. 16 April 1 The OXFORD, ( July 1 Aug. 16 800 tons, ( Nov. 1 Dec. 16 J. Rathbone, fMarch 1 April 16 7 The MONTEZUMA, {July 16 Sept. 1 1000 tons, < Nov. 16 Jan. 1 A. B. Lowber, (March 16 May 1 ) The EURO PK, ( Aug. 1 Sept. 16 * C18 tons, \ Dec. 1 Jan. 16 i E. U. Furber, r April 1 May 16 a The NEW YORK, (new) (Aug. 16 Oct. 1 tl 950 tons, ( Dec. 16 Feb. I f< T. ft. Cropper,/ April 16 June 1 f, ] The COLUMBUS. (Sept. I Oet. 16 i, s 700 tons. (Jan. 1 Frb. 16 4 O. A. Cole, r May 1 June 16 L I The YORRSHiUF.(uew) (Sept. 16 Nov. 1 ? i. 1050 tons, < Jan. 16 Mar. ) p i, D. <1. Bailey, ( May 16 July 1 t< i- These ships are not surpassed in point of elegance or comfort t< s in their cabin acrommodalious, or to their fast sailing qualili'-s a i- by any vessels iu the trade. Tl?e cominauders are well known as men of character and 1 experience, and the strictest attention will always be paid to promote the cnmlort and convenience of passengers. Punctuality, as regards the. day ol sailing, will be observed as Tlif |>rice oT passage outward is now fixed at One HunJred ), Do) I An, for which ample iMm of every description will lir Lrovidrd. with the esceptiou of wines and liquor*, which will / b furnished by the stew arils, if required. \ Neither th captain or owners of tliwie ships will be respon- Jf i- sible for any letters, parcels, or Packages sunt hv them unlet* rruular bills of ladiuK are signed therefor. Kor freight or pat- t Ii sage, apply to a GOODHUE It CO, 61 South at. a C, H. MARSHALL, 38 Burling slip, N. Y. r t jWtf mid M BAKING. BROTHERS fc CO.. Lspool. J vfcWYORK AND PHILADELPHIA UA ..AUAD LXNJC u DIRECT, , Ifoa Niwtli, NRWRRUNiwica.PairrcBTorr, TaaKTOir, . BoRBENTOWlS AlSB BuRMriOTC*. | ' ill11 ' THROUGH IN SIX HOURS, j Lear ing New York daily from the foot of Courtlandt it. q Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at 4Jd P. VITh* Meniins Line proceeds to Bordentown, from thence by - steamboat to Philadelphia. The r'.rniiug Line proceeds direct to Camdea (opposite to b Philadelphia) without change of cart. r&stcngen will procure their tickets at the office foot of Courtlandt street, where a commodiout ateamboat, will be ib , -eadiness, with baggage crates on board. I ( Philadelphia baggage crates are conrsyed from city to city, arihout being opened by the way Each train it provided with . tear in which are apartments and dressing roiuu e? .vetsly for f he ladies' use. Returning, the line* leave Philadelphia from the foot of Wal- o ?ut ttre?-t. bv steamboat to Bordentowu at 7 o clock. A. M tad by railroad from Camden, at 5 o'olock, P. M. a< The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7W A.M., lad c i P. M. being a continuation of the liaea from New York j9 3m *m L PlO.Mne.H A.NU E.\'l' .K-S I'ACat'r LI INK, FOR 1 J 1'ITTSHLUG, ri I BY THE PENNSYLVANIA CANAL * HAIL IKMD. Th i'jper oi Line of Packet* it now in co plet* oider. New Boats have bc-n placed on tha Line and every arrange.. m.-nt mad - that can be desired to tec ore the comfort of travel- ] kit. . I The int'r-sting cnnntry w! i h tlie ronte pisses, renders it the 0 most agreeable that can be taken for the West. ^ For l*m li e levelling westward it i* pre'erslile to all o;her V f route,. No effort hat been ipa.-etl to miae the aec immodalion* 1? c onboard the boat* am, le a d coinple. 'J he> ate in charge cf ^ ex,e>ieuced, attentive, and obliging captains, ?o that the trip h from PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURG, i* renceredone of pleirur-'ather than toil. FARE ONLY $10. OFFICE N. E. CORNER FOURTH AND CHESTNUT * STREETS, 9 Where every ialovmat on may be obtained. E7*"Cea'a inav also be secnr il at 13 aonth Third at.and at the * DEPOT, m market bthkkt, ? where the Cars start from vvery morning at * o'e|o?k. intfi Im re A < I'.MMINtlS, Agent. |? FOR LI V KH I'OOI, ?New lone ?Regular Packet , of Jgtli April?'1 he sp'endid packet ship SIUDONS, |> JhwmS*' 'apt E. it. Cobb, ol 1000 tons, wilt sail a* above, her ,, n-nolai day. For freight or ptssage, having aec -mmodaiions uo quailed ,< fnrsplenilor or comf .rt, a|ipl, on board, as Orlean* wharf, foot e.i of Wall street, or to * K. K. COLLINS Ss. CO. 50 South *t. I, Trice of putage $ too. P The pack-1 ahio Sheridan, Capt J F Depeyater. of 1000 tons, f will succeed the SiUdoiis.and sail the ??tli of May, her regular ( an* , I'aaapgers may rely on the thipsof tint line sailrg runc'uil- J ly adBlveriit-a. m27 to a2Src J ' MI TTA N C E h'IO 11 i~E I ,~A~ >TI >Tbti- ? 1 WCT3fV,u'''' lb-r coutmues to trans nit money iu sums large f Mulbor nn ill, to persons rrsi ling in any pari, of lialaud in d the same manner pa he and Ins predecessor m business have done 0 for the last thirty years anil more; also, to any part of England n r or Scotland Mo ey rvmit'ed by letter (poat |said)to the mbacr-her, or p rum illy depes ted with liiin, with ilie name of the jtrrson or J pdffOMia lie'aoil. England or Scotland, to whorn it is to he J ? sent, and the neaieat post town, will lie immediately trvnamitv ted and pi d accordingly, and a receipt to that rffi ct given, or l forwarded tc p e seuder. In like inviter in-ney. or claims on persons in soy part of Ireland, England or Scotland can he collected hy rhe su iscrili- " er lor pers >n? residing in any pirt o' the United Sta ?j or Ca- si nads. and w ill be paid pi 'hem accordi' glv. S m?6 2 n*in (JEORHE McBKIDE, Jr. 12 Odt* it '? "jcJOr- "lAlfhU LuNE UK UVEKI'OOL PACKETS u ?T7rxV? I'ack t of,he ttli April?Te splendid Its'ssiing I ' *nt il'1 ris id fi 11 rif P r li T sh r II i * (lOOOtons A * bo r then) I up am A Minor, will sal positively as .shove, her J* resu'ar na ?Sli -lit* eice Rut ae-i-mmodatior ? for e ibt n, si - J" conil caloo an 1 steerage naivengers I hose about proceed I ri g to the II it I h il il o vr ill do well to select the Nliskllie ire ill U.e- SI hn rlmnv < 'li-r ihip?fcenai c*l>in n?>nt>ri taken at 11 , tiff our* ritei Tnite without to trior-licrtl.t should make i?.riv ili ite . pplic n i n on lm?ri), font f Will it, or to W h J. T. TAI'SCOJT. tlPrekaJip. Ppriniir. wishing to m-nd 1 r their frlmdt to cumf out (rum .. |li*OUI( omitry c m lute ihem brought in t'-r tbore img ifi- . i rat iliip, or any ctlwr of the regular liii\ atillnk froin Liver- 2 pnnl on ihe 1st, litli, llth. lull, 21tt and 26th of ivery inonth. m28 tjl ^ j roit NEW Oltl.KANS?I.uiisiaea ami New f piy^VYurk Linf?Item la- packet of llth * toil.?Thai 'lit !' r ft'iiilii nl nit r ' |i O'JONKK, Capt I). JacViou.will " , m-l at above tiff ri'nulir ifay. Knr freight or |M11 'Cf.lit. inir handsome fitmialifd nccom-nn' datioDi. ari'lr on lot rd font of Wall ?iiv?t, at Qrleaat ttliirf, e or in hi K, COLMN8 ItCO .M sottliitmt. " Poailim-'y no freight received aftrr the cm-aim of I he ICtli ,l 8hip,ier? by'hit I.'ne may t'ejead npiia having their goodt , ' Itorrri'ilr ini-ttu cl .... _ . J * Ait.rriti in N?w O.lfiiu Mftt't. Ilii.ln it Wo jdrun, who ,, 'P t? ill promi tly f-i if art all got dt to ih r hlrest I li-packer thiy llcin-lgm- -fain h. P el, w.ll taeceed the Oenuee. Mini tail (I ii \| r I, li*r r--.nl r Ijy*- *"_rrc_ l'7? KKT f.llt IIAVil- S-coad L-ne-The '< *ir-rSVsl " I II A, h. Hewitt Vli.i , will tail on the ltt t WW May. ? ?, fridht "Wift.N. v (-c Nyj.tTrBtlfie v i-orW illa-d Wrteritt. ?< , I W YO EW YORK, MONDAY M RKAT WESTERN KAIL ROAD ROUTE, ' KllOM ALBANY TO BUKFALO tUS MILES) BY RAIL ROAD. The Oftly Officf in Nsw York h H the ieve:al ILul oad Louipanir* between Albaiey aiirt Uutftln is at No. VJ COUR.TLANDT dTRk>T. JOHN f. CLAK, CJein.il A Kent. / NOTICK T()"7M MIORANTS. Tne Hnb'rribera having lieen appointed ecenta for forward- l a Immigrant* by ILiil Road from Albany to Buoalo aud in- I nnrdiH'e r I reet at* enabled to ?end lliein during the Hummer t om Now York to Ulira lor $?,UC; to *yrac i?e f2.92. to An- ( J ril 51 36; to Mmli ?l?r 51,61 tn Biill.-lo 55 30. Children r >in 2 to 11 year* 0'd ? lulf price; under 2 years fiw; end nil t aggage (run Albany on the Ha l Hoau ii neti'd'y tie-- t It la e?ident that it come* much ch"a|>*r to tlia iiur i/nnt to av I by Hail Road iliac byCauil. lie r-aching Buffalo per WMMUnoMMmTMkaadltliBradfm Lilian. in 4! tors; wh-rear, it tak?a par Canal ("mm ') to 10 day a. 1 lie foli*hie caleol ri- n shows the re-uP, vix uaage to Buffaloper Hail Passage to Huff ilo per (.'a- , Road $3 30 nal.ray 51,00 j uggaire from N. Yoikto Luggage to Brffiln, ifllba ] Albany, lOAlba fr-e, bil- f ee, balance forlOOIba-- ii , auce for luOlba 18 Lots of tiior at lean 9 daya "ggage from Albtuy to w rth to the lano.er, aay Buffalo fire 30 reuta par day 4,50 iring for 41 huuri, any- 75 Living Tor 10 daj a, 30 cent* par day 5,00 Total pee R. Read ft, 1J $10,05 Deduct fare per R. Road - >6 4) The traveller per R. Road ravea - - $5,61 They a'ao forward pane g ra'io CleiteUnd, Pot-mouth and her pi ceain Ohio; D-t oil, &c , Michiga n Greeu Bay Mil" ankie Stc. Wi coiaiu Terr t ry; Chicago, lllinoi?; a'd to (fne-t pl*e s iu ' ainda at th-li-aest rates. All information to (he different rou'ea gi?e,i Rrnlit, and Ticket* to be hail i ly at the Albauy and Buffalo kail limd fun tlaudl reet. WOLF ?. R.CK.KK3. ?p2 lm*m FREIGHTS FOR BALTIMORE. " |] S T K A Ma'om 1 N K ; trLADF.LI'illA ANIi'baLflMORK, VIA DKLA- t: WARL AM) CIIK"APe.AKK CANAL. Thia Line, conaisiinz of the fill owing Steamhoaia? Steamboat B a LTI I'OKll. Captain K Livmau. , CUMttF.KL.AND, " A.Col-mary, 1 KRJCSSDN, " A. G. Cayporl. ' HONKKR, " M. Wolf . no v in otera ieu, leaviiB ('>? uprer ri le of ( h'ntnm str-et 'h trf, daily, at J>?o'uluck P M., for Baltimore, aiririug early ? nurni <u MercCaiid.ae deatined South or West of Baltimore, will be i warded t' eice with the gien'e t desptUh. Freights for Norfolk, Hiclunoiid, Peter iburg, Va., Wwhgtrtti Georgetown Alexandria, I). C. Cincinnati. Ohio, , ouisvillJl Ky , Saint Louis. Mo . or any other point South or * )i?t, rewind and forwarded da ly at ih* loues; ritea. All goo's destined for Baltimore tr m New Vork, and con- } gned to tlit n tderrig ted at P-ii'adrlnhia. wi.l he forwarded . ie lante day as tcceived. and delivered ihe f, I o wing morning ! A. Ut'.OV.-.H, Jr . Agent. eM 2#rr* No. 10 Month Whsrv.e I'l,it,,l,l,.l , , < PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMDOATS ! P*V FOR ALBANY. 1^60%?! DAILY, Su id.iya eacep'ed?Throimh Hi- 1 rrct, at 7 P M., ft'oin the Steimh.ial Pit he- * -"t Courtlendt anil Liberty itr.et?. < The eteimboatK NIC K KB B()C K KK, Captain A. I*. St. i ihn, Mnndiy, Wednr?~ny and Fridav, at 7. The amain mat RuCHtt.STKK, Canaiu A. Houghton, on nea''a", Thuraday and Satufday. at 7 P. At Ficeo'elutll P M . L'jidieii ?t lntaim?d at? Place":? The Steamboat NOITll AMF.jliCA, Captain Win. II. 'rn"?dell, Vli nlav. Wedn tihr, Friday and Sti iday, at i PVI. 1 '1 he ?teemlmat CURTIS Pe.CH Captain Win. H. Peck, ' ueidty. Thtmdiy and Saturday at 5 P. M l'a?i?nt5era taking this line of boata will arriTe in Albany in nr|e time to take the Morning Train of Cats for tlieea.t or ??t. 0*7*"The above Boat* are new and anbstautial are farniihed ilh new and eteg i n t |HN HaOM,niufcr npe <1 and acro.nnidat oca are tin tvil'ed on the Iludaon. Kor msjage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schultz at ie office Oil the wharf. aO 1 JEW YORK, ALBANY, AND TROY STEAMBOAT LINE. >aa ARRAMiKMF.NTS KOR IR44?MORN- i in i, HP 1N < LINK?From the foot < f Barclay i ret, , x?.at 7 o'clock A. M. i Smidava excepted.) The Steamboat TRO Y. Cant. A. Oerham e.ud i The Steamboat KMF1RF., ('apt. S. It. Koe. Keening lone?Direct from the foot of Co rtlandt atreet, at o'cl ok P. M. r^? irtny? excepted ] 'J'ii? Steamboat SWAl.LOW.C'ci a. McLenn, and The Steamboat A LBA N V, Cept. it. II. Mecy. Th pycprin r? of the New Y- rk. Albvny end Troy Lire rimtd reipertfully i form the rnblic that their boats hare urieg the receaa ol naviga inn the pay. winter, levu i lined ud rrpUniahed throuithont, and many improTHii-rnta i-'ded to ae co a (ort of the traveller The Troy and Kmnite, as hereto- , ire, will lo'wi ill* Mor iiiy Lite, from ill" Stenn'mat 1'ier >jtot B nc'ay atraet, running daily [Suudave ejeejted] mak- , the prinC'pu int-rurruiaie minings on ti e Kivrr. The Swall w mid Albany will lorin th i 7 o'clotk Kveniug .lac (through direct) dii'y (Sundays (escep'ed.) The alio re oat* are ol'llie tint cUn ol Ste mboits. Hid fur ?|ieed and acommeiiations > re unsurpassed, and wh it la < f givaler niter ?t > the traveller, are under he eomma d of officers well known > the public? tlwir enmes atone is a sufficient guarantee of kind ttenlion, civil d-port-ne-it and sale management. New York, March 17 mil mlVe SPRING ARRANGEMENTS. * BLOOMINOUALE. M ANH AT I"A N VILLF. ANli KOkT WASHINGTON LINK OK HTAIiKa :a'C ro M iuh?tt?nv lie, 121? Cents. V?*e to Kort Waslii"gton 24 Cent*. agfUw-e? r Tim Line of Stages will commence running iM nd<y, Ainil 1, 1814, as f illtivrs Leav'W ng Ma hvtu.vil'e at 7 o'clock, A. M., and iM.ti.ur a every hour uni'l 6 I' M. Leasing New York, corner ol Tryon Row and Chatham st, wo doo*a < a?t of the Herlem Kailrout Office at 9 o'clock, A. d , and rontinue ru loing every hoar until 8 P. M This Lineol St.ges i> ises the 'rphsu sud Lunatic Asylums, luruli in's .Ysusiou House, the Abbey and Backer's Hod, 'unity Church C'etnetiy, the High Bri ge and hv rt Washing>n. B viOOKh" in27 lin're Proprietor. jjga^STATEN ISLAND ttFES&aa' FERRY. On aud alter Tuesday, February 27th, the Boats will leave follows, until furtler notice Leave Statm Island. Least Nrw York. At 8'4 A. M. At 9 A. M. 1* " 12 2 P. M. 3* P. M. v. B. Ou Sunday the boat will leave at 11 instead of 12. fe29re NEWARK AND NEW YORK. FAHK ONLY' 12i CENTS. 'HE NF.W AM) SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN OAFFY. as? Will cnmmeece her trips for the season en 3.. . W7?wr-^?Thursday. April 4th and run until further no*:" es follow. Leaving Newark at 7>k VI uk, A M , vrw York 4 o'clock, P. M. The Rainbow tai b -en enltrg'd, eom.leely r fitt?d, and da'ted to this route, and having a I irg? deck saloon, the can ooifnrably xeio-nm rdale a laige uuinb'r ol pasae.igers. Krritnl crrried at yerv rra unable rites. New Yr.'k, April 1 IBM a4 tf re W'Y ju| NOTICE The Seambmt POaTH j.-aHLf..8MOI'TM is now being thoroughly repairrd BwIwJkCJK.an 1 will he reidv at the ei eniug cf navigation i tow boats intermediate to Tioy, Albtnyaid New York 'his b.iai will Inve c parities for towiug 'qu.il to any on the veri aud it it hoped that it will obtain a fair support. ui'71 Im'rc P. CO rISTOCK B" life Jflv illiv ^^NKW YmT^Tit) IIAVRT^CVCKKTH. econd Lull?The Ships ol this line will hereafter leave New Vsrk ou tlie 1st, and llavre ?u the 18th of each month, as fol)Wi, via KnoM Nr.w Yon. Fnew Harm, lew Ship ONEIDA, f 1st March. ( 16th April. Captain < 1st July. < lr.ih August. James Funek. f lit November, f 18lh Decevnber. ihip BALTIMORE, t1st April C 16th May. Captain 4 1st August. 4 loth Sept. inher, Edward Funek. 11st December. ( 1'illi January. IhipUTICA, I 1st May. I lGtli June. Captain 4 1st September j 18th October, r tederick Hewitt, r 1st Jtiiiiary. f Itith February, lew ship St. NICHOLAS I 1st June. 4 16th July. Captain 4 1st October. < Ifsth November. J- B. Pell, ( 1st February, f If.ih March. The accommodations of these shi|>s are not surpassed, comining all that may lie required for comfort. The price of caj III passage IS SIOO. Passengers will be supplied with erery re uitile w ith rhe eseeption of wines and liquors. (?i>ods iutandr.l for these ves -Is will be forwarded by the sub irihers. IVee from any other than the expenses actually iusrred ou them For freight or p.tssjge. apply to BOY1) k lll.VCKEN, Agente, jej'i nc No 1 Tontine Building. r,ir W .11 mil VV.t.rst VSSA?.||. FR4IM E N1 d.AN1 >, I it K'.aNI), SCOTLAND AM) WALES. VIA LIVERPOOL. WI- THE siibecr.ber hu mad* tin-quailed arn. g'ln-nte JrhWy r.. I ,1... 'Dii Tlin.. i d'lui for Ih-ir fi-ie.id* would at well to apply nt le old i-xUblulied packet f> flier of JOHN H flDM AN, 91 South ?t N. B ?The ihiag ef thia Imeno v leaie Liverp nil every (ire mid rtrfu 04ii as iim 1111 bo liriiiibed lu' ?ny im unt pay ill" nt ill tli> principal In king iiMlitiUiom throughout ti e nited kingdom, upplv aa above. rnJM re KOK LON D( IN- Packet of ifce lOlh April?The pack t ship Toll jNTO.C.iptiio IJ.iawold.will ml KorMtvu', h It 0 K in;ierior ace i mm' ?<h1 jj"1 j ^ ^ 61 South ilfnt N. B ? Pi??ne from Ureal B-itiin and Ire anil by the

gilbr taiki-t i cv i at all 'imev be a"cored at the lowest ralea, nd linfu fu ii aotd fo-anv atnriint payable at all the principal iuki and ihi ir br nrhes rlir?iuitb .at eigluiJ, lr-1 tud. Sc <trid mill Wale*. ?u appiica'ion aa above at toalOin ibt Kon i*Al?K. ?Tte'aloop TIIOMAH COL r Kit. #fH?Vef bing Sing, now liying .tl the foot ofdpring atrert, n iTmBm v"? York. Sh- wn built b? 1'homav < 'olyer, at nut Si ?, and i? fire ?'t t old, and oue of the faitea' aod h"it nilt sloop*on the lludaon eifer, Hh< ia centre-board, and of all'dr |.igbi oj* water, aud eairiea about 12? toua, and it well 1 iiited To, the f'riifhluiK or lumber buiineia. Kor furtlier |>ar- i culara a.'ply to jtMK.PH AOAl'K., 137 Broadway, New York. Adminiatrator of the eitale of Krankliu Agate, dec*tied, ml lm*i? l jrfKfr LONDON LINE OK PACKETS-Packet "of 1 iSntVW 10: Ii At r'l ?The >i lend, d. fiat a lit in K, aud f??-or te 1 SGBflbPtoU't ahip TORONTO, Captain Oiivwold, w.ll 1 ill a? anove her regular diy. Ti n il i.n hat very excellent iccommodationi f ir cabin, re- 1 an t cauin and iteerage p.nmyer,. Prions wiitiiug to embtrk ir the old c-iuntry cn-tld no'tel Tt a ft er ahio, 1 hoae wi-b- 1 iir to leenre berthv ah inld apply on hoar I. or to W. Ik J. T. TAPMTOTT, 1 <3 Perk al p 1 The Toronto leave* I ondon on the 27th May Penona with ' K to ae'd for their fri?uda, can h ive them brought out in her, r toy of tb line,on the moat fir irah'e termv. a.Vc -jrV- :\)ll LIVERPOOL?Th* New Line (teguiar (B-JjlsV Puckrt 21*t April?The mperior New York built i JaJy?e9'''ii n ahip LIVE II PL'ML, 'lapt Jolt i Kldr id < ,! lij iiiTbiiiTii. -,, will tail at above, her reitolar day. Kor freight or ii-unay, having very anpertor aecommoda'i ,n?, [ ilyto tne Cap'.giu on b ii-d a! went aide Hurlinr rlip, rr'.o 1 WOOD HULL Ik M1NTURNB, 17 South at. Prt re of railage $100. !r, ,, r i^caei xhip Queen of the w.it, Capt Tiilip Voodhmiie, J'A torn b'.irtnen, will 1'iece d the Liver i.,i.l, ar..| pi su iter regular day.l'it May. m.JtoAil 1 iRK ] y,i ? ORNING, APRIL ?, 1844 LOOK AT THIS! J JUST RECEIVED, by the packet ?hip Samuel 1 Irnin t'arii, the brsl article ( . i.tifir' n'? k i?ich Boot* ever seen, end uow olleii-u, w-1 wnue I lie mu retail HI tue low price <)l ??. Phi* best articla of French I atf Boots, utade to roensu*e* *$4 00 I oik Sole Boots 4 00 " " " Wit?r Proof Boots 00 " Liiht 'alfSewrd Boon $1 to 3 40 " " " fiueLalfShr.es, madet'i lorruue <100 " " " Worked Slipnen -J>l to 124 \nd th? fcrra'rit assor'ment ol all kinds of Boon and Shoes la ashiuu. Ladies in this store you w ill find the greatest assort* neutof Gaiter Uo-ts that cau ho found in this city, and all tludsnf Hnskin Slippers, T'ss, Button Short, Pruuella Slipx*rt, while, hUck s.iio, an l all other kinds and colon. Alio, hr greatest assortment of linys' U mta aud Shoes, Misses and Jhildret s* of nil ku.dt to he fouud iu this city; aud all of cur >wn mauulacture, and of the l est Kiench a mils, and warranted o be the best, and as cheap as tha cheapest, at 3*7 Broadway, .tie corner of Kraukliu street. OHKUOKY It CAHILL, mt Ini*ee 'jg7 Broadway, N. Y. TO COUNTRY MKUCHANS. " BOOTS AND SHOKS. ^ WILSON St JOHNSON ft "iucce. or tn Jehu Lutchiuit) h.ivr rem yed from 120 to Ja ta Ltwh.m street, and h-ye eom|deted their usortme >f Sprint Goods, comprising the go-ate it variety aud largrst issoriui'nt of Boots and Shoes that can he found in the city.? ?yery thiug iu lia r line, consisting in I art of 3000 ladies' vlo orco Bust1 ins. 3000 ladies' lesther Jo, 3000 ladies' camntnu do, 000 ladies' cminou Mipp rs. 2400 eeulletnen's do, 1000 ladies' in" French do, 1000 Wt:t Backs, 10,000 Children's Shoes of all tiuds aud ro ors, .OCfl 'ad;es' (Jailers, hlr.rk and colore.i, 40 c** e? <>f genr'enien s finecslf sowed Boots 40cases pegged do, 24 :a>es kins do, 2> C ue* boss'and souths' do, aud all other artiiol-t that can possibly be called fur iu tin* boct a <1 ah ie I ne, orss!e, M? hatha n $ireer. OPPOkll* ill* I 'hatlmin Th ! r ? M. B. fhe'K re i-peiied till 10 o'clock in the evening, (firing iou*:trv merchants an opportunity to purchase when nor other rise ong'frd. mH Irn'Le J BOOTS AND SHOES. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.^^^" ILL Wli-; WK Alt ih* afcof* Itifllfl wUhi ilh IMIVI MUdft ad better lot? no tiiiv in rHt'iug at the faaliiouub!? Bo >i i ij lhtu> Sfnrr* nf S I* SEflCMi.. Not. 1S0^ au?1 Ifil >tt u it tre?t, where nil may suit tli nisei yes with ail article t mt :or tylr nr make, fashion and finish, caauut be surpmea or perid| i ei|ualled in tins city. 8. I' 8. begs to apprise in parlicnlarthosel' I'M nndgentlenen who co sidrr a well httiug boo- or gaiter so indmpentnble rtirle to the tout entembU of all within tin i mm muniU, that > 0>4or 'til Uieniwicli street. are the only planes n New Vork bey can d fend on b iug sui.ed N. B.?Ladies and Misses Gaitrri, 'iioua, Itc., always on uuid it>endle?s variety. O" Re member. 160J{ and IS 1 Urrenwich street. .?21 f 15 Jm ec BOOTS AND SHOES AT WHOLESALE. A LARtiK A8Hi JHTMKNT of the alioye named articlea V m y be had *1 the Manufacturer's Depot, No. 200 Pearl at, ?Jew York Among those on hand may be found ia part the following, Utile s'StBoys' h' ip pegg'd Boots Mer.s' U Boys' Thick Brog>ns Jo do O aud S'al do Do do Is ip I egge 1 do Jo do Pump 3.'la do Dodo Jo Sewed do )o do Hail iVelt do Do do Calf do do >o do do Calf do Uo do do Pegged do JoCalfH'wed do l)o d > Vutnp 8ule do do Stout reggel. do Do do (ioatand S-al do And a great varirty i f Woman's, itaes, and Cbildmo's dualiins, Boo'eea Slippers, Ike. Ste. p?gg<d and sewed; togeih* r witn a genera! aasnrM'e t of I'a'tu Leaf and Leghorn tints, "onuiry merchants nndo.h-raare iuriied to call and eiaimne Ail sold low fir cam or citv acceptances G.\LE & CO , No. 260 Psnil srreet, ml lm*ec U. 8 llniel I)uil.ling. N V. ftt JUST K1 \'8I1KD?Kl-gant Nutria Kur lints (ordinarijf?we?!y termed Be-tverl at the |.,w price <if t'J; superior short iao id Pnmi.n Mole,kin P. $ f. Hi .e halt air i pill in durabi it) mm m m luuiuiciyiu ' I si 'V' so , all article ai UU, 1 rery tea'dr-ss hit. BROWN Practcil H alter Ui'Jti 11:i - i7i I !'. I i 111 street. SOMETHING NEW. fB THE SL'U-iClllBK. K respectfully announces. that hi? Jb^Hprr.g Style of//ufs. (uow nady) are constructed on a plan d.flVrotit from any lieitifere used in this couitry, and which he is CO'liibnt needs only an esamination, to conyiuce gentlemen of its s'lpericritv I' tin ho-m a jus: e tuse of e :mI'laiut, that the fur on ;Iih .lip' of th? crown soon win oil.and this jives to a Hal in appeinuce of having beeu inucti Horn, whil the other pvru are comparatively |i rfect This serious I feet the MbM t'ter has been einhl -d io obftatc iu vieli a m nnrr as not to intrrfi re, but oj the contrary, to improve the air sn I contour ol the fl it. All gentlemen an- rriju-stcd to call and satisfy thcmselvea of [he ureal superiority ol th-present method ov?r all uthtrs. JOHN. N. HENiN, Hit and Cr.p Establishment, No. 'It Broadway mrlltn'rc Opposite Ht Paul's Church WEDDING PAKTIi.S, BALLS ROUTS, Arc. SUFTL1KD with all the different virietiei of Pastry, Iced Km t, Pound a*d Horn ye Cane, Ornament d I'yiamids, llout l 'aSeof ill the different v lie i-s, and t' e great -st assortm-ut of Tei Cake that c?n lie obt lined at any establishment iu iheri'y. Also, all kiuds of Biscu-t, from Pilot Bre.nl to the una bst Pic-nic I r the tihle Kie li Pies of seasonable v iriety. Pi. If Piste forms for Dinner Parties. Orders l Miiklully tec ived and seutto any part of the city or country JAVIKS TOMP80N, At the Premium Bikrry, 40 Lispeuard, near Church, mil lm*m SPRING FASHIONS, AT THE OLD ESTABLISHMENT, MiiL'nzin ile Modeit, If) Cu"al street. Vf ADA VI uf.li KM AN, tu returning thinks for tlw last eight .'A yns p .trniime. begs Mit Harmfully t> in' i?i h r f- tends, cu-tu uers, mid the public, that she has received lier S ring fashions from ''aris.awl lira, to he I'-.vurcd with au early c II to essmiue her varied md rlega.'t stock of entire new stylus ofSi'k.as well ss Straw Hats Mad one B. Hat ers herself 'hat the ssme are anrivalled in the city, both as to s'yle. quality, shape auf p'ifce. A call will convince them sf the fact MAOAZ1N DE MODES, nil I m * m 60 Canal street. U'NITEU STATES DAGUERRIAN GALLERY. 173 imojwn'jty, UP ST.hhs F WHITE would rctt-rcllully call the attention of citizens and Strangers visiti g the city to his sp'eudid Collection of DAHirKKKEO V V PK PORTRAITS. single, o- in groona Iroin two ly foatleeu i-ersnns in th- same plate, which, in beauty aud accuracy efdsiiiiration, caunot heiurp ssed. Portraits taken iu all kinds of weather, either with or without colors; the prices of which he lias reduced te those charg d by the mast iocs o-rieucsd in the b.isiuess. The American lus'itut , at its late eihibition, awarded Mr. White thr fust premium lor the best Daguerreotype likeness (fir g.ouping and general effect), which u but lumber proof of the superiority of Ins |ajrlraiis. Mr. White is the sole agent it; New iforh lor the very suierior imported Herman Camera; and at no other evtabluhnieut in tlie City or State can they be oli' iuied. N B ?Imported Herman Cameras; s'so Kreneh and A uteri can Instruments of the t?ry best anility, w.lli PlSlH,Ctsag Cheinica's, Polishing Mat- rials, Ac, always on hand, lor sale at the V ry lowest prices. f?4Jm#in FIRST PR EMIUM DAGUERREOTYPES. DLUMBK. DAOUAKIIIAN HALLEIlV OK PATENT C Pit EMI CM COLH11ED I'HUTOHHAPHS, 2JI broa.f way, above Murray aunt, New Vork?A_warded the lirsl nre inniru ann ' unrai nouor ny American ami rrauanu insiliwrs, lor the most hesulifni colored Davuer sotypes evrr esliibiied Too Proprietor haying a?currd, by ler.ers patent, ttio etclatiri priyilrge or taking Col >r?d Daguerreotypes by hit now proo? h is reduced his terms 2t p"r ceut Ladies and Gentlemen are roii>-oifu|ly insitrtl to call anil examine I he l> rye collection in the < .tilery, whether tli -y eonto nplnte iittiig or list. Premiu a Appn-Slna PUtst, Cssos. fcc., supplied xt lowoi rates th in at any otlisr olace in the Uuit- d States, mj Im'ec ./ /' U Ht.KSSfHV, COPPERSMITH, FROM PARIS, HAS l'HK IIONOIl to inform the puD'ic, lliat ho has Jul epen-d a store at 2?.H Greenwich street, where lie manufactures and has for sa'e, Kitchen Haul;-:, and Tackle, fcc.. tit a style al ogrtlicr new, m-de of one piece of melal. 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It was intended by the aeventyftwo disciplespt Fourier, who had convened during the week in this city, to celebrate the birthday of their " Great Master," and to strengthen and encourage one another previous to their separating and returning to theirseveral posts as apostles ol the great movement tor the regeneration of mankind, and the establishment of the new Jerusalem on the ruins of false and spurious civilization. Invitations had been sent to many distinguished literary, philosophical and clerical gentlemen of this city, but it appeared that none of them had been accepted, and on reaching the scene of this great, solemn, intellectual feast, we found that "the world," or "civilization," or the "present system i ?? i i i.. ,i.,. '?i iiHMUMif, uau umy inic irjm.vniainr lit uirperson of Barnabas Bates, Esq., who wassmiling| ly walking up and down amongst "the scanty two" in the ante-room. Here the company were politely received by Mr. Mncdaniel, the master-spirit of the , festival, and afterwards conducted to the supper i table. The Fourierites, it is proper to remark, subsist ] chiefly on spiritual fabulum; and we therefore , were not suri?rtsed to hud the supper table but scan- j tily provided with those low, vulgar, terrestiial ar- t tides for which the uneducated and sharp set sto- : viach of civilization is in the habit of bawling.? Hall a dozen ducks, which looked as if for some time previous to their martyrdom, they had adopted the most rigid observance of some featheredGraham-systcm of dietetics, and the like number ol dyspeptic chickens, appeared to constitute ihe chief provisions for the temporal necessities of the seventy-two on this occasion, so that we were reminded in a somewhat impressive mariner ol the m< lancholy reply of the disciple, who informed his master on the shores of Galilee, that all they had wherewith to feed the multitudes, were two loaves and three small lislits. Civilization, through her representative Barnabas, did not appear at till pleased with the prospect thus displayed, hut we had more faith, and looked for the intellecluul pro- | vender which was to come. i The chair was occupied by Lewis W. Ryckman, Esq., ol the Hrookfarrn Association, supported by t Apostles BitisnANE, and Ciiannino, A.M. Watson, 1 of the J<-lIerson County Industrial Association, <'i:o. Ripi,ey, of Brooklarm Association, N'atiian 1 Starks, ot N. A. Phalanx, Edward N. Krixocki, < ol Sylvania Association, and Frederick Grain, of ' the city of New York, officiated us vice presidents, i After the company, numbering about ninety, was i seated, i The Chairman said?I will call on Mr. (.'banning to say grace. Mr. Cn.inni.na?Alter anause?Mvfriends. I sub mil that oil th id occasion it is meet that a hie wing be naked in silence. i Mr. Clianniug then set down, clasped Ins hands, and turned up ihe whites of his eyes?ihe chairman hammered thrice?Brisbane looked very sa- I vagely at the chicken before him, and the oonipa- i ny made a simultaneous attack on the edible:; with- i in their reach. The Chairman again rising, said?We hav ol- i lowed perfect liberty of choice about drinkables, and you can all call for what you please?claret is three shilliii' a bottle?sherry a dollar. (Sensation, and three hottles of claret undone of sherry Were ordered on the instant.) After t he dishes were cleared, the exuvhe oi the feast were removed, and The Chairman, a middle aged, amiable and intelligent looking man, with a face and head somewhat resembling ihe plaster casts of Sir Walter Scott, rose and said?Fnends and brethren - I feel elevated beyond any degree of human felicity in occupying the chair on tins, the third celebration? (a voice?"the iilih") ol the birth-day of Fourier ?(ihe voice again?"the fifth.") Well, at any rate, 1 remember three years ago a most delightful meeliii? in this room, which will he, I hope, eclipsed by this occasion. There willlimt he some regular toasts offered, which will commend themselves to you as illustrating the grand social science of Fourier. Afterward it will be open to tlie company to give volunteer toasts, which will lie received according to their merit with that enthusiasm which becomes the ardent, devoted and enthusiaa tic friends of mankind. (Tremendous applause.) At this moment, Horace Greeley entered the room, and was greeted by 11 perfect temi>est of a|>plaitse. lie sat down?apparently very mmdi delighted by this reception, at the end of one of the tables, but Brisbane shouted out?"Come to the head of th<- table?nobody should be at the head here but Horace Greeley? all beads make way for Horace Greeley," which brotherly expressions called forth another hurricane of applause, amid which Horace took a seat beside the chairman, und called for some bread and water. A dish of water was accordingly brought, and Horace broke n slice or two of bread into it, making a sort of panado which he ate with appatently great gusto. Mr Ciiannino then rose ?he is a tall, lean, sallow-coniplexioned man, of about lurty years of age. llib eyes ure dark grey and lustrous; his nose I is long and his chin sharp and protruding, giving i a somewhat sarcastic expre-.ioii to his countri nance. Mr. C is a very fluent and rather agreeable r speaker, lie said?It was thought by the Committee that it would open a large field for interesting remark, if we should bring before you wkc Fourier supposed to be the " intrinsic passions," a- lie called tnctn?the fundamental attributes, in oilier ' words? the essential principles?the active forces of human nature?which lie denominated passions. It was bis belief that God had arranged the social world by laws of harmony far more le-antiliii and more pertect man tno.se oy wnicn me natural worm is governed. That if the stars are ranged in i>erfect 1 proportion, *o that around their parent t-uns they move in equal balance?no the pan-ions of man's ' soul; nnd that it was only owing to man's disarrangements, not to < iod'j providential arrange. mints, that all those discords existed in society a? it is now. He planted himself on this deep (Colli and the providence of < bid?on this deep faith, ttint , he had perfcctlyarranged all the laws nnd principles I ot human nature, and he sedulously studied, ' year after 'year, until he thought he had | completely asceitained what were the laws of order which Hod had impressed upon human nature and society, and then he announced his theory, lie began in the lir.st place with the five "sensitive passions." and proceed from these to the four "social passions." and from these to the three " regulative passions," and ending at last in the "grand religious passion "?the deepest, the central principle of the soul. Believing with gr< at reverence that Fourierisni has been the means of discovering for men the divine law of order 1 >od appointed for human societies. We desire to open tins meeting with the celebration of bis memory. Our first toast is? " 7'hr Memory ?/ Fountr." Prank standing in solemn silence, broken however by Bristi lie shouting out "Yes! the memory of that great geuius ! The next toa.-t was? Twite Appealed to by the enpiidtc. harmonics of flavors deposited by the hand of the < ruator in the king, doms ol nature, its high functions w ill he fuLiUlcd when it eluvate* her creations lo a true standard of nutritive excellence, hy the universal cultivation ol oar common mother. the earth. Air- "Jenny, is your hotvc.ake done, my darling P Brisbane made some remarks "in explanation," but we nis-i Iliein over us they were neither new nor intelligible. The next toast was? TourS ?The sense diffused over the whole body , its counterpart, Industry, should t>? diffused over the l*> !y of society, that mm may tie individually ami universally a worker (Irand Fantasia on the Scotch violin, by the whole company. A Voice.?[explanation ol " touch " e called for. t il an.ni mo ?Is any one disposed ! But nobody was disposed to touch this subject, and so they passed on the next toast. Smrll -Amidst the corruptions of civilircil llle, a constant source of torment and disgns' , 1 it destined to b.t the soul in gratitude, when, in tin gar den of s redeemed earth, man shall worship with the incense of an ending perfumes. Horn's celebrated Melody "New V ork Streets. This was drank wdh great applause. CtiANMNn (In .i loud voice and --tretching his hvtdsapwards) Oh! oh! oh! WlNMMO IMwil lilted Iroin this bright pros|<ect?let me see ?1 see. (sensation ) I see the miasma.which pu'.rify and j ! obscure this Htuiosphere floating away?(semia- j lion) I see the odour u- - tiding?perfume incense 1 ? LD. P?U? Two Cwta> _Oh1 see' (<ireat eeniwtion.) Her: Mi. 'banning sunk down as if overpowered by ihe vi ions which had been vouchsafed unto bun. Then came the next toast? Sight It* complete mechaaiam enable* man to bring uto harmony forwa and color*, and thu? produce true art, he Ultimate function of which ia to iau?fy the tonl, by caching the higheat utilitiea and aullimcat material rUt ion* of human life. . , _ ... Air-" It a all my eye an 1 Betty Martin, O ! .vir. liist, (a young man wun tong diuck nmr. shirt collar <i ta Hy on. and ralhera soft and innocent countenance, and slight impediment in hiu speech,) ?My friends, I was lately appointed on a commit* ire?to layout site lor phalanx?western world? on a hill?grandest prospect?some may smile whea I say?laid it out wiili a front of 410 feet, and wings IKK) tert?future years may tell?beautiful Matamchusettg?hill and dale?Charles River?little brook meandering along?hills piled on hills till lost in far horizon?lovely, beautiful, divine?1 thought?tutors yeura?palaces every six nules?all over the globe? all ill harmony like thenars? (applause)?I thought ?can't tell what I thought unless I was there agaia ? 1 thought?grand hat monies of the civilized order ? (loud applause.) The next toast was? H'arine - Amidst the clash and Jin of human injustice, the sound of heavenly harmony is drowned Muric ia the prophetic symbol of the unknown accords oi a tine society. Air?" Dandy Jim of Caroline." Mr. Parkk (iuonwiN?I think that toast ought to cull forth some music. A Voic k?A song from Mr. Godwin?(laughter) ?" Mr. < iodwin's song ' Mr. Godwin's song !" resounded on all sides. Mr. Godwiji?The truth is, I am so full of spiritual melody to-night, tha. I cannot make any material?(laughter). Friendship Too long a bond of narrow sympathies and leltish compacts, it shall yet lie the tie of universal broth riiood ana concord?thn impulse of humanity?every where seeking and recognising ita own. Already ft stand ug rebuke to the injustice and falsehood oi huntsn reInjuns, it shall ere long co-work powerfully to transform Lie) redeem them. Air?We won't go home till morning." The President was ttien called on for n song. A Voice.?Give us that noble song of Hums? " A man'* a man for a' that." Another Voice.?Oh I yen, give n.-> that grand expression ol the paternal sympathies of the universal brotherhood. The Chairman?1 know the word-, but not the air to which they have been married. A Voice.?Give us, then, the word:;?they will make melody in our souls! Another Voice.?Yea, we will shout aloud with our hearts to that nolde strain 1 The Chauman then recited really with great spirit and judgment the song in question, and the applause with whicn it an a.-' received was perfectly astounding. After the song, segars were brought in by one of lite waiters, and those who patronized "the weed" were about to commence pulling, when, Mr.Mac uaniei. rose and said?I hope our friends will refrain?there are some of the brothers to whom smoke is exceedingly opposed to the preservation of the harmonics of the combined order, and the sensous sympathies of the soul, nnd I, therefore, beg that the process of pouring forth the ambient clouds of obnoxious vapor, may not be commenced. There was no resisting this eloquent appeal, and the segars were at once removed; all the votaries of the "weed" relinquishing them without a sigh, except the Rev. llarnubas Hates, who held hisunlighted (irmly between his teeth, looking meanwhile very wrathy. llarnahas was, indeed, evidently in the lulgets. He had made wry faces at lha i _.?.i .... i.: ,u. .....i r..,,^it riilH'l, lUIliru ??|? ins uu*r ai tug out i , y , its. u >|ut. U; *et the whole tiling down us a humbug;. It was no place he said for him?how could it, when civilization w us voted (town bythe whole.company; and so, niter pricking his teeth?very handsome teeth, by the bye, Riirnahas started from his seat, and abruptly left the room with a pleasant face. Then came the next toast. *1mbiticn The Jesti uctj\ e Scourge pf the Prat- thr elevating Principle af the future?Too ofti n and too lone has it covered the earth with pyrr.miJs ol heada. with oceans of human Mood, washing shores of fishes The time is at hand when it shall fill the world with tinctures ol hmmty the home* ol bounty and jo jr. Air?" The sprig of Shlllelah." This brought a young gentleman, named Parsa. a promising growth of whity-brown whiskers ana enormous shirt collar, to his legs, and he made some very poeticnl remarks about friendship. It wan then proposed that the toast should be drank tnun with Clooped hand.*, and accordingly the whole company clasped their hands in Internal union, and drank tlie toast with loud cheers. Then came the next toast. /-ore?The K.drn bower into whi-b crept the serpent ol selfishness. K.vo tempted Adam to fall- IVoiiiin must raise man again to his true dignity The earth w aits tor Let (Jam. Ill her pure b rMMMM 1 < * M in her intuitions her influence?in her grace, which bcautj fie* nil it tonrho*. her ri storing charms. Air " Young I-ove dwelt once in an h-mble shod!" This was followed by some remarks from Mr. Horace < mieki.et, to the ellect that the tunc would yet route when not the scourge of mankind?not the Napoleons find Wellingtons?would he recognized as the heroes ol the race, hut they w ho struggled and stiflcred lor the good of man. Mr. Hrisimnk?who had been shouting " bravo * hrnvo!" at the end of every sentence that fell Iroin Mr. i ir?e|ev"s li|>s. now started tohisfeet and made some lengthened philosophical remarks, in the midst of Which Harare t< II fart asleep on the chairman's shoulder. Then came the next toast? I'atu nf/y--ln the nn?ietn? find pressing cares of isolat ed life, too ottrn subverted to purposes of tjianny. It sh?ll, in the era of united families, raise th hearts ol lb* young in grateful reverence, when the patent ? constant love is the ever present sj mbol of the heavenly > allitr. Duet?" liesrrted hy the waning moon." | Mr. ('havnivo apologised lor tne hi>- lice ?>r me ladies. They were ah-enf, because nm ct the truest and most devoted o| their sister- had said that women ought not to he a' such u festival while they were slave"?slaves to money and to man ? (cheer* ) Mr. Outlining then went on to speak of what Association intended to do for woman. He saw in the worship of the blind Virgin Mary a prophecy ol what society would yet be as it respected the condition of woman, (cheers ) Emulation In civiliration, a jarVf vipers, each ?rith ingtoput his lie.i.l above the other* in Aisocisiioa, a nest of singing bird", whose rivalry fills the air w ith dcltclous melody. Egyptian Melody " All roun ' my hat " The next toast was? Varirty?the Principle of liberty In our presr r.t socis lies, the source of conlliet and revolutionary violence j in true lmrmonic <or iety, the source ol peace, love, ntwl pro grefiive attraction, In all spheres of existence. | Air?" I've kisfed ?nd I've prattled with ftlty fair tr.aida.s Then came? F.nthu i'oim The fluent powc* which marriv mind and matter with the wedding ring of beauty, Air " Tally, heigho, the Grinder." f 'tiAvtvitoi?The next toast will he illustrated by Mr. Godwin It in? Thr I'rinri/.U nj f 'nicrtal T'nity Tlie source o* the prophetic instinct in tV.e heart ol man, w hit h in all ages ha? pointed out to hitn the promised land Honor and giatitude to the haitiinget w ho h is prepared tin way tot its fulfilment, in the sublime harmonu* of the t mil mod Order. Grand Chorus from llomhastes 1'otirjeroso - " Oh. what a row, what a rumpus arid a rioting !" Mr. I'AttKr: tJonwrv then rn?e, and was greeted with great applause Mr G. is bv far the most accomplished scholar, and he?t writer of the sect.? I lis style is eminently chaste and finished. He is ? man of line taste and lively imagination, and hm elocution is graceful and agreeable. He huhJ?1 have a few wolds to say on file subject of the last toast- the " butterfly passion," as Fouticr styled it; because by it he no-ana what is commonly spoken of under the name of liberty?a lovo vf perfect freedom, of perfect variety?the deposition, if I may so phrase if, to do as you j lease. Thin love ol liberty i- one in the earliest inuiiirots which I am conscious of having telt, I may say that I breathed if in with my native air, and that every tlnnv around rnn at niy birth place inspired me with this deep and earnest love of freedom 1 remember, when a hoy. at Paterson, in N'-w Jersey, seeing the Pnsmiic Falls, then much wilder aad more glorious than it now is, and, as I wandered , over the pirturesaue hills, the very bromines* and mngnificencs of the landscape seemed to say to me, "You are a tree being I" And as 1 listened to the. roar ol that mighty < atarart, a* it tumbled over Ilk: ledge of rock*, it whispered to nte but the consciousness that I was nn independent and a free beng. The** were my ? ?rI -1 'mpp-scion* of liberty. In the foolishness, .is I may call it. ol hoyhood. I nttemjifed to arrest this feeling w ith which Viture had inspired me ' thought that il < M>d thought his whole nnivcrw had given us this freh ing, he meant that we should art it out Hat ah iniet the very fir-'t instant in which I attempted it> act it out in my life, wlial wa the result! \V hy, it brought me into conflict wi'h friend --with trirnde, one ol whom hadgive > me lite?to him I u ?i bem indebted (..r nil tnat I heretofore enioved? not only for hie but lor education f<>r u hku! -itiun?

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