11 Nisan 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

11 Nisan 1844 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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T H Vol. Xa, No. 103? WtioU Ho. 367.1. To th? Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newajtopcr -pub liahed every Jay of the year except New Year'i Jay and Fourth ol July. Price J cents per copy?or >7 M per Ail num?Hostages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?publisUed every Saturday morning ? price hj cents pur copy, or $3 I'd per annum? postages paid, cash in a lvanco. ADVERTISERS are inlormed that the circulation oi the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing lliSt. It As.. H- iisue..# swVMiiafi'on flf /.n? tL.' !?.. ... .... ..... ?_ -J -..y/.-j... ... I.I.J tiiy, ?i Me world, and is, therefore, the heat channel for businm torn in the city ?r country. Pnces moderute?caah in advance. PRINTING ofull kiads axecuted at the most moderate price, and in thu most elegant style. JAM ICS GORDON BENNETT. rnofnicror or thk Heimo Fstabmihmknt, Northwest comer of E'tillon ami Nassau (treats. (.I'LITE'STA BLI^IIK 1> EMTGKAaVT "passage OFFICE. 61 SOUTH STREET, NKW YORK. jUlt t I*.v s.me'.ru he encaged from Liverpool liy die follow uiK iptrji< '>.* packet .ships comprising the Old Black Ball Liue of rackets Aut.oik as under Eiom Liverpool. The ship COLUMHIH, < upuuu Cole, on the lGlh E'ebru.ary. 'flu- ship YORKSHIRE. (new) Bailey, on the lit March. The sh/Ji I' \ \1 BRIDUE'., Capt. Unritow, 16th March. The ship ENGLAND. Captain B.irtlett, 1st April. 'I lie ship OX h'OKD, Captain Ruhlnoie, 16th April. The ship MONTEZUMA,Captain Lowber.lst May. The ship EUROPE Captain Ember, 16Hi May. 't he slnp i\ KW YORK, Captain Cropper, lit June. In add,I ion to thoabovesiipt-rior ships, the subscriber's agents wall. ave a succersion of first class Am.rican ships iVspatehed, I as euitomary, from Liverpool, every four or five days throughout the year, to the d ill'-rent ports in the United Hi.it 1-1, liy which |M**ag* can hes-curedat reduced rates. Those sending forth, ir friends resi.li ifr iu Great Bntaiu and Ireland, uiay rely tint every caie will be taken to uiak- pasteugeis as coinlortahle as th?y con reasonably exjiect, and should ihe Paseengcrs not come out, the passage money will lie promptly refunded. Drafts can as Hsual lie furnished payable at >hr National and Fro'incial Banks of Ireland and branches; Ess tern Bank of Rcotinui ami l> anch.'s; hum on M' ssrs. J. Bait, Hon Ik Co., Bankers, London; Messrs J. Itemed St Co., Bankers, Liverpool, which are payable throughout England and Wales. E'or further particulars apply (if by letter pott paid) to JOHN HtRDMAN, 61 South street, near W'a I street. IN'. B IV-aage to Liverpool and London cau at all times be euRaued by the r. unlsr packet ships, sailing for Liverpool every five days, end to Loudou ?u the 1st, 10th and JOtliof eucli month ou applh ation as at>oye. j 12 ec TO THE TRAVELLING PUBLIC. '4&ijk j?& msgmt f.taSKXOF.Il E MF. NTfOll 1H44 The Subscribers having completed their arrantomeota, are now pre|>aie l to bring.out pass-ageis from Great Britiin and I relaud liy the following first clias packet ships, one of which will leave Liverpool on ths 1st, 6th, 11th, lC;h, iilst and 2Uth of each month:? , JVrick Henry, New York, Sheridan, Virginia. Liverpool. Camnridire. Moutrzjina, Kiddons, Oro. Washington, f'otlingtier, Columbus, United Sutfs, Roseau, Asnbuitun, England, Europe, Sleph'uWhitney, Rcchesrer, Iaikreaitei'.ca, Yorkshire. Garrirk, Samuel Hick, t^nren ofthe West, OzTorJ. Certificates of patsaje can be obtained, andevery information >> >11 be Riven to thine sending for Uieir frieudi, on application at either of oar offices. They will also be pre-nred, on the opeaiuff of nurivation, to for* aril pass vRers and their luggage to Albany uicl Troy, and vie Erie Canal to Buffalo, aud all intermediate place*. To all porta of lit* Upper Lakes. Vit Oswego to Toronto, fort Hope, CoburR, Kingston, and all parts of Canada West. Fron Trov via Whitehall to Montreal and Quebec, C?i;ada Ka't via Ohio Canal from Cletveland to Portsmouth, Ciucioual', ntol i .terme 'iate plsc.s Soiuli West vii I 'h. lade I phi i to Pittibnrir.Cincinuati, Louisville. and all parts on the Ohio River to St. Louis, M o ; and to all parts ol Ohio, Michigan, Iudiaua, Illinois aud Wise on am Territory. REMITTANCES. Forthe accommodation of persou* wishing to tend money to th ir fiiendi in the Old Couutiy, I1ARNDEN It CO. will nive Dr. ft* on auy put of England, Scotland or Ireland, payable at siuht, for sunn of ?1, ?i, ?.20, to ? .00? or in auyautouut to suit tits purchaser. OFFICES AND AGENTS. Charles '"rat. 120 Sta estr-et, Boston. 11. VV. Wlireler. Union Uuil Jiny, t'royideace, R I. J. W. Mil's, 'J Wall stte t. and 16 Front street, New York. N. G. Uovv rd, 41 South Third street. I'liilailelphia. H&adfird & Shoemaker, 7 Ligl t street, Baltimore, Md. Pittiburgh, Pa. L.S. Littlejolin, li Kl'ha ge, Albany N. Y. S Clark, l.'ii) River sticet, 1 roy, N. Y. Utica, N. Y. W. A. Cook, Syracuse, N. Y. Rochester, N. Y. W. H. Conk, Buffalo, N. Y. 11. kitzhoith St Co., Oswego, N. Y. r.ilG-c PASSAGE FROM 'tjKEATBlUTAlN AND IRELAND ^ Jtifc TTtHE ilLACK BALL OlHlLl) LINk^)^^ LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Bailing fro'oLiverpool on the 7tk and 19th of every month.] .f; ..] > n i mug iu to uii' wiu tmuniry lor tneir menu* C in make the' ueueesary arrangemenU with the subscribers, and have thrill com'' out in this superior Line of Packets, Sailing Jrom Liverimol puudtiialiy ou the 7th and l*)th of every month. Tney will alio have a first rate elans of American trading ships, Silling every six days, thereby affording weekly coinmunieatiou fio.ii that port. One of the linn (Mr. James 1). Roche) ii there, to see that they shall be forwarded with care and despatch. Should the partie* sirred for not come out. the money will be retttrued to those who paid it here, without any reduction. The Blr.ck Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool rackets, comprise the follow in" macuificeut Ships, viz The OXKOh L, The NEW YORK. ('AMtill IDUE, COLUMBITS. EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA. ENGLAND NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and tmeoualled arranjtemeuta, the subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance ol that support which has been extended to theui to many years, for which they are .'rueful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can at all limes olirain Drafts ar. tight for any amount, drawn direct Ou the llotal 11.,uk of Ireland. Dublin, also on Messrs. PRE8COTT, OROTIC, AMES Si CO. Rankers, London, which will lie paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their hrancl.es, in all the principal towns throughout England, Irelaud, Scotland and Wales. ROCHE, BROTHERS & CO. 35 p niton street New York, nett door to the Kulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets tail from this port lor Liverpool ou the 1st and 19th of each mouth. Parties reluming to tiieold country will find it to their comfort aud advantage to select this favorite I.iuc for their conv-vauce, in preference fo anv other. kITkOLASUOW?Died? With Disnatch-The MWRRs fir?i i lais Packet Ship SALEM, Captain lleroe, will jtoSXflm 'I- b ive. I III w.'tl known shin has very snpeiior accommodation* for Cv' in, si i' md cabin and steerage passengers Persons intend ug In lonha'k'hou'd mske immediate application on hoard, foot of Maiden Liu-, or to JAS McMURRAY. 100 Tine st'evt, corner Smith P S. This v?rv su;erior vessel will return direct to New York, and airirds a I* ility f. r iieiaou* desirous to eoibaik fonn the i eighhrrhuod tl (? asgow, cr the Noitli of (relaud, seldom to tie met w ith Simmers In m Belfist, Londonderry. Port Rash, Coltrsine, , % fcc , rly weekly to Olasg-w, dwti very oindsr toistss Persons witliilig ti. *ei)iJ fur their friends or relatives Call seeuie a pn?*age hv applying **above. a 0 ire *S&T NI PED LI * K OK LIVERPoOL PA? KBT8. nJpWfV ?Packet of the 13 Ii April?The spl'-udid we'l known jBLii.'iiuu1'" 1sl,;l' r" A Captain liar.tow, will sail po iiisi'ly as above, | er regular day. She lias splendid accummoda'.io. s for cabia, second call n ,h iiUl make iuii.veditte application ou board font of Cover icm, or to W fee .1 T. T\P8t OTT, n'n ?*o AIM Nip, wr Itiuiit /, -v ..ii K D.M.I,. Oil (.11,111,1 N K*~ (IK I.IVK.T WT" Xfool, PA( KKTS-KOK LIVKHPOOI. ?O. ly JjiiWTC.1' i ul ir Parhrt < f the 10i.li of April.?'I lie new, mi,;m!iri-nt, tailing packet ship NKVV VOIt*, burden lh.VJ I lit,' ..it,in T. P.J.'rf.pper. will pcailively tail ou'J uead.i) , ,0'h April, h?r rr jf*t! r d v. The aceoniniodtli ,ik ol tin* N.*w York, for ethin, second Cabin and ate iage ptiaeiigert, till, nil iott*c inu. be found to b< titrea not m h nianier ,hat cannot but add to th* eouveiiipucp ai d < ii.! lott ol thote embarking. I IVriOiil (roerading to th? old count//, w i'l at all ti-n?i find tint line ill ackett a moat de irablr conveyance. Kor tprint ol I-, iv apply cu coaid, foot of Ueekinan 1'rent, er to ilia tub* .rrilr'i, ROC UK, DKOTII Kiln It CO , 35 Kn'lon ttieet. licit do"/ to ill? i ip.oIG c t a I ton Uanlt. ila- IO l NKW OKLKAN8? Loniiiana and New ReaMfV York 1 ,iop? Positively > nlv first Rppular packet?To I JCtlwriialtail tip of Will Apiil.? Tn* 'at'ai'ing p?eket th p ii ON I' K. I apt LJ J ic' too, will tail at above heripynlar day. Ko- tnuiht ol p is use,bavin/ bandtome furnished r.cccmsnotUtion.t, rpply ou b > id (dot of Wall ?tr??t, at Orl-aiii w barf, or lo K K. COLLINS (t CO .46 Sooth ttreet. Poiitive'y r.o freight recciyid afwr the ivening of the 10th * biprcra by lot I.:lie may depend upon hiving tlifir goods correctly menm ?d A? ilia in N-vv Orlema Meitrg. Iltillii St Wo/driilf, who v ill proinrlly f rear I all gnodi to ilicr "ddreta '1 In- packet ship Ucmnliec. Captain K. I' et, Will tnceeed (lie Oconee, and tail <0 o Apiil, tier regular dty. aid ?t rrc t.Lti 1'OK LI VKKKUUL?The New Line Regular V w*V I'-r' 2l?t Ai riI? Tii" a- p rior New Vork built MkMswPackei slop I.I VKRPCOL, fcipt John Kldiidge.llii) t o.a I urilieu, will tail at above, frr regular dcy. Kor freight or t>,-.score. h.ivnn v. iv sin* rior apcnnimndationt. apply lo tuef.api.iiu on hoard at *p>i si.lc Bnrliiir flip. or to WOODHULL k MINTVRNS. B7 South it. Trie* of rnssagc $100. The inferior ,'htlrt ship (iiiPM! of the Wfit, Capt "blip Woodhnnse, 3'tt, inn? burl..en, will succeed the Liverpool, and til on tmr regular day.gist May. alOwAJI ' i*J- KOH SALE.?Tl' iloop THOMAS I OLkER, hi.TjfVof s i"i? Slog, now lay.ng at the foot of Spring street, jHfersilCitNew * f,h" nK* l>7 I'hoiima Lolyer, at Hoiu So u, ;ipd ia live Vea.i old. anil one of the fastest and best ho ft ."loop* Oil the Hudson river. Shi ii centre-board, ami of j.i'ht < raughlof uat-r, and carries about 120 torn, and well iJanli d for the freighting or lumber business. For further particulars apply to JOSEPH A(iA I'E, 2t7 Broadway, New York, Admiuiimtor of the estate of Franklin Ag;:.t?, deceased. Trtl 1m*** c/nI*- REMITTANCES TO IKK LAN I), ir The W't 'J^subic i i r conliuuei to triinn.it money in anmi largJ.itfJMm " win ill, to ftriona rem In g in any part of Ireland in the ?une manner?? h"*nd hn predecessor in husi iess have done lor the U<r thirty I ear< and more; also, to any part of England or Aeotland , ,, Mo 'V rein't'ed by Irttrrfpost |aul) to the subscriber, or p i .i> .ally d 'in ted with him. With ilie name rf the j>. rson or peri.ua in lie and, England o; Scotland, to wlmm it is to be aeut, and the neaie?t p.iat town, will he immediately trausmiti ,1.. ,d pi d lecordingly, and a r. ceipt to that effect given, or fill a irili'd I t e tender. In like manner money. or claims on persons in any uart of 11e) tu I, England or Scotland riUileriilleot.nl by the sitUscrile erfo; i* residing in any psrt of the United Sta'er or Uai,. I end w id be paid to them accordingly. ? i, r a?n. OKOROK MctfhIOE, Jr R2Ceda*tt t.' ; l'A'"-KET FOR HAVRE?Second Line?The kJbf"!'S * in U ' It A. K. Ilewitt Master, will tail on llie Ut .ilfc'Lj i- y; ,,y. Kor freight or p*?sage, apply to ~J,mM BtiYUk H1NCKK.N. ia<c No-? ToBtiBtRiildwi, cot Wgllttd Wrtersts. * E NE NI GilKAT WUSTUR\ RAIL ROAD KOUTK, KHOM ALDANV TO BUKKALO (MS MILKS) . ~ BY RAIL ROAD. . I In* only Oltice in N?w York nubliiM by tlie ?f ve'al Kail Road (.'oui|>ai>ii-* briwHt-n Albnry ami Buffalo u at No. S'J COUHTLANDT dTRKKT. JOHN 1'. I'LAK, Urueial Alff-ut. NOTICE TOTMMIDRANTS. Tt.a "ubicr.ln-ra baviuK b??ni appointed ausrra Tor forwardIUM Imrnitfiaula bv Rail Kind limn Albany in Uurtnlo and In- ! trrinrJi.iir 11 icta or* miablrd (o arnd tin-in during tin- Suiuim-r from N?w York to Utira inrJ.'.OC: to *vracur? (2,92, to Auburn SI J6: t'? Itocll-atrr El til to ItllflMn ^ Sll (:hiMr?n from 2 to 12 years otil .it lull price; uuiler 2 years free; cud all Baggage frmn A'luny ou the Kail Koao is e.itnely fie.It is evident that it cuines much cheaper to the unii.i-riul to j trav I by Kail Uoid ilnu hyCau.il, he reaching Buffalo per . Steamboat froul N'ew Voik end Kail lluad l'r< m AI ban. is 41 houri; wh-tv-a", it te.kn [?r Canal from 9 to todays. The fol- , lowing calculsti n shows the result, viz Passage tu Buffalo |ier Hail Passage ro Buffilo fer Koad ; $4,40 ii.il,say $1,CO j Luggage from N. Yolk to Luggaie to Buffalo, Mil s Albanv, lOOlbi free, bit- lire, balance furlOOIbs-- .'i'i i imi tot luoibs IB Lob*oftinsaat Inait9dayt I Luggage from Albany to worth to the laborer, sty Buffalo free 40 cents pssr day 4,40 Living for 42 hours, any- 74 Living for 10 days, 40 cents per day 4,00 Total per 11. Road fC 4J ? $12,04 Deduct fare per 14. K oad 0.1J The traveller per R. Road saves - $4,62 They alaa forward passeugeri'to Cleave'sud, Portsmouth and o:hrr plsces in Ohio; Drt-nit, Ike , Michigan; Green Bay, Milw.tukie, Sir.. Wi'conaiii Teirt-ry; Chicago, Illinois; n-.d to diffrieot pines ill t'auidn. at the I iwest rates All iiiformaiion as to the different ruuteagiveu gratis, and Tickets to lie IihiI ontu at the Albany and Buffalo hail Itoail Office,49 ( ouitlaudl street. VVOLK Sc RICKEK8. ap2 lin*m ?KW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA KA jRUAU LINK DIRECT, JfoE Ngwaa*. NxwBRurs.swii'g, Ptmscgrots, Tuznror, Bonus-is rowie Ana Buui.itsoTots. W&WFwm THROUGH IN BIX !*>UR?. Leaving New York daily from the foot of Coortlandt it. Morning Liue at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Liu* at 4X P- MThe Morning Line proceeds to Bordentown, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Keening Liue protends direct to Caindea (opposite to Philadelphia) without change of cars. Passengers will procure their tickets at the office foot of Courtlandt street, where a commodious steambuut, will be m readiness, with baggagncratea ou board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city, svihout being opened by tlia way Kacli train is provided with a car in which are apartments aud dressing rooms expressly for the Indict' use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Waleat street, bv steamboat to Bordeutowu at T o clock, A. M. and by railroad from Cutnden, at 5 o'olock, 1'. M. The lines for Bultinaore leave Philadelphia at 7!? A. M., and I P. M. being a continuation of the line* from Now York j9 3m*m IIONr.r.H A.vl) 1 h (11 |jl'Ne4 *" "" BY THE PENNSYLVANIA CANAL fc RAIL ROAD. This superior Line of Packets is now in co -plete older. New Boats have be*u placed on the Line, and everv arrangement mad-? that caa be desired to srcnic the comtbit of travellers. The interesting country whi h the route passes,reuders it the most agivable that can be taken for the West. Kor latnilies travelling westward, it. it preferable to all o her routes. No elf-rt has been spared to mate the accommodations onboard the boats ample a-d comple. '1 hey aie in charge ol experienced, atteutive, and obliging captains, so tliat the trip from PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBUHO, ia rendered on? of pleuur-rather than toil. FARE ON L V $10. OFFICE N. E. CORNEll FOURTH AND CHESTNUT 81'REETS, Where every islormat on may be obtained. IT7-Beats may also b<* tecTTr'.l at 13 south Thir l st.and at tbe DEPOT, 1174 MARKET STREET, where the Curs stait trom every morning *t H oVIo -k. ml6 Im* tc A. CUM MINOS, Agent. FREIGHTS L TIMORE. ?&LALH!^!IIA AND k BALTT M OH K.^V^DSA^ WAKE AND CHESAPEAKE CANAL. This Line, consisting of the following Steamboats? Steamboat BALTIMORE,^ Captain F. Liytean. ERICSSON, " A. O. C-ayitool. " PIONEER, " M. Wolf, i* now lu OTara'icn, Laavine ?H? uprer aide of <_ Ii?nnut atr-et Wharf, daily, atS>fco*elock P. JV1., for Baltimore, arriving ?trly [if*' morning. Merchandize deatinH South or Wot of Baltimore, will be forwarded thence with the grri??it deipitih. kreights for Norfula, Richmond, Peteriliurjr, Va., Washington Uenrgetowu Aleaandria, D. ,C. Cincinnati, Ohio, Louisville, Ky , Saint Louis, Mo , or any oilier point South or Wot, received and forwarded daily at ilielowes: rites. All good* dtstmed for Baltimore Mm New Pork, and consigned to the undersigned at Philadelphia. will be forwarded the tame day at received and delivered th f?l owing morning. A. (iKOVf,8, Jr., Agent, ip29 2wre* No. 19 South Wbtrvea Pn ladel|>l.ii. i flgaa- aTAT^,?fevLAt"j On and alter Tuesday, February 27th, the Boats will leave at follows, until further notice Leave Stolen hland. Leave New York. At 8'i A. Al. At 9 A. M. in 12 2 P. M. 3,'t P. M. S " 9 N, It. On Buuduy the boat will leave at 11 instead of 12. fe29rc si'lt I NO A K R A~N'(TkMENTS. BLOOMLVlDA LE, MA Nil ATTAN VIL LP. AND KOh f WASULNUTON LINE OK STaOK-i Faie to M nhott.inv lie, 12'^ Cents. Kareto Fort Wttlli ft'lU 25 Cent*. fTS^s ? Ti it Line of Sraget will eoinmence running ffTfy,,, n* Si n M ndty, Apiil 1, ISH.ai followa LeavVF&XMitr** ug MaclutUuVil'eat 7 o'clock, A. M . and | euhtioha very boar Midi P M. 1 I easing New York, corner ul Tryon I'ow and Chatham it, two doors nut Of the Herlein Railroad Ofnce, at 9 o'clock, A. M , and routinue running every hour until 8 P. M '1 Ins Line of Stige*y isaes the irplian and Lunatic Asylums, Burnh m'a Mnnsiou floiiae, toe Abbey and Barker's Hotel, Trinity Church Crmetry, the High Brn ge and Fort Washing. , ton. B iViOOItff m27 lm*rc Proprietor. ~NEIVARK AND NEW YOlih'. FARE ON LI Ui I ENTS THE NF.W AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, LAI'TAIN JOHN (IAKKY. jtyi'V fiCA Will commence her trii> for the teiann en Oft. *^*k..?jfl*Thurv,!ay, April lib and ran until farther no- ' Jk>JknC?U:'i r.< follow* Leaving Nrw.tik at 7}( o'clock. A M., Nr,y York < o'elork, P. M. 1 The K.iuliow I n b'eu >n 111R .1, com.|e>|y r-fitted, and adapted lu t.'iu runt*, and having a li'it deck laloon, r lias can conifnr ably aocorr.in idate a laiire umnb r ul paaiengrr*. Krti.'nl carried at aery reasonable tit *. New Yuk, April 'J. 1811 t4 tf re SEVEN O'CLOCK MOUNINcTi^INE. FOR ALBANY, aWgji 0* TROY. AND iNTK.KMEDI AT* \ LANPIN(? 4?Kroni llir Steamboat Pi?rat ' 3K~3KJL.tiiel.iot of Brelay ?tr* l Brrnkf.tit anJ Dili ner on board ?Tbe iipw low-1 remitre luamor 'I R' ?Y, Cat t A (i.irhatn, a'arl* ?* above nu 'I humlay, April 11, i-t 7 oYluct in the morninc. Kor rasa if. apply at the office foot of Birelav si met, or on bo ril, All Kooda, to nr. t, b irx.iEe bank In 11, ipeeie, or other pro perty, ii bo.trii I In a lo.it, at tin- n.k oi the owner* oftm-h Itooat, 8t.-. all 8tm N-i'd'-K? I'll" Seu.ili.it I'D n I'll \H)I 'I'll i< now Leing thoroughly repaired tA ii.iaj" IT - i n'l be rei-lv at tin- " euinit .1 uaiik it.on to low boats iiiterti.idi.it" to Troy, A.buiyaid Nea York Tbi* boat will hivn e ,p n-iiim for towmir ?i|H il to any nu tbe river; and ii t< lui| ei th il it will ubt ill! a I ?ir inpport imil Im'rc P. t tiMSTOt K "fTe-a," i) it a kr son knVTrandTTi < FTla ; n d, tic.?Person* about rrmittiuit money to their friend* in th* Old Country can be su|>|,|i*-d dtU^m^T with drafts in *ti'rii oCCI, ?2, 413, ?k, ?10, ?SO,?IUU,?IOf)# or any amount, payable on d--niaud, without discount, or any other charge. at tbe National B ink of Ireland Provincial Uk do, Messrs fa's Unit, Son Ik Co., Banker*, London; J. Barm-il be Co , Kichange and Oil* comil Bink, Liveipool; h'.asteru Bank of Scotland; (rrreuork Banking Company; Sir Win. horliet, Hunter Ik t o., Scotland; Old tbe hr niche* in every post town tIIri.ucItoul Kngland, Ireland, Scotland and Wale*, wlucll drills will In- forwarded by tM pnoheta #( tbe i lib tsih, jtit,,a,ni nth, or tin Royal Mtil steamer sailing from Boston Oil the !*t of Mav, Apply lo W. tk J. T. TAPSCOTT, At tbeir general passive ollioe, 47 P.-ck slip, fe|5re. corner ol Sooth strict. M,K - All I- tor* from bo c ma try mint como ie>. t ial4> "Z'Z.^ _ IfOK HALIKAX AND LI V KtfpoTtT! 1 The Itoynl Mail Steam Slop ACADIA, Y lbri*. h'.s<i-, Coininauder, will |e*w H.ulon for tie- above |?jrn on Wrunejday, 1 HHHbi May Tbe Steamer 111 It * '. It \ IA. will leave Boston m Thumb*. ' May 16th. a Passage for Liverpool . ...$120, ? Passage fr.r Halifax 20. t Apply to D. ItKIUHAM, Jr., Agent, 8,-c No. I Wall ureet. KOR LIVKKPOOL-New Line?Regular Packet l MMMrWof 2t>th April?I hcsn'rndid packet >>h11> SIDDO.NS, c ilwlillbl'ipt h U. Cobb, of iuhu loin, will sail an above, ber regular May. r'oi Imibt or pissag*, having -iccarntnndaii.irs unentialled for splendor or cotnfart, apply on board, as Oi leans wharf, loot of Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS & CO. % Sooth at. Price of passsg" $101). The packet shin Sheridan, Capt. J K. Dcpeytler, of 1000 tons, will succeed th? Suldous,anil anil the 2t>th of May, her tegular day. PaMmgers may rely oil the ihipeof tins line sailng ounc'iisi- ' |y aWlveniae I. m27 to n?Mrc ( lithography. TJUSINKSS CARDS and Circular*. Mapa, Plans. Machine 13 ry, Lau'lar,-.i<eii, Architectural K.levati im, Ice. Sic , L'tUo i graphed and Printed, ?n mod.rate term i at I .IONIts' lithographic Krtub'iahtnee.t, ,i 21ti.i*re IMIrnltna?l/wat. Now Tntft, j BEEF! BEEF! BEEF! ON II AND \ Ni) fOIlS\LK. in Iota to anit porchn?er?, ? at VALKN ("INK'S, 41 F'u tin Market, IMbtrrell Ksita Meaa Be f a choice aiticle, all aehcted 1'ierea; 2IJ I airela ' iv Iaape, te.l Men Heel', warranted; and ?0o ha'f barrels ol paiiuly 0 Uael', very tine intended for the aoulhnrn market. 1 he ah ?ve 11 .el' ia tucked in a Ca.eful and judicious wanner ar.d will keep g >od in any climate without ee'ti 'g to ?alt "?r in -intier VALK.NTINK'H OLD KST AHl.lSHMfcN i', mil Sin*rc No. tfi Kullon Mark U ~ HIDES, FAT AND CALK SKI~Nfv TMIF HIGHEST pricks given for Hide*, Kit snd Csll iT juh current mon??y, on delivery, at the Hidf aU<l Jn4!ji?af J9 u wh*r* contract* will b< land* for (v%l(tKiat by thr s?>tuoD,or Llif* hikltftt prirf* eivrn by the pound 1 #.? ? JOHN HUNN, f U ta*r? Bl Kliiabotblst, betwaek Prince tad iiotitoa W YC <;w YORK, THURSDAY : MIOADWAY AGAINST TDK WORLD. r|Ml'? noied thoroughfareii n"W admitted to lie the it rent en i mart for die eale of vMttlrni'*o,( weiring apparel in tbe United States, and the impreuiou that has heretof <re existed in itu* inni'ii ot in iny tnat "puidiaaers m 11,-nnlway .ire obliged to pav an esorbitaut price for an article of <!r-*?," i? l'??!l\ rebutted, from the known repetition an to the ch'irg s established by EUWAllU KOX, p_oi r etor of the City Cuh Tuiloiing hitnbluhmeiit, No. 2112 Broadway Here n an advantage to merchaut* and other* visiting thia city to avail themselves o( an outfit from & vert extensive aiaouin nt -f ready uudcclotliiiiK ni'iiuf.ctureu from the be?t nn'eriaU ami in ilie moat fdvli .m ible atyle The attention of the t ublic it particularly called 10 visit this'stnl lislune,it ami a th? ta e styleof twilled and fincy L'aasiinere O.lice It locks, designed lor lite approaching season. Also, an assortment of rich Cliena Vele.t and Droeade Vi stings, K.incy French ( lo'lixaud I'arsimerex, hv the late arrival* froininc crlehr.ted in tuuficuiry of K Uio'Iey Fila, and *elec ed espressly lor ihe?p-ijg fashions (Hrmcnts inperbly made up to order, and if require] nt a few hour* i otic*. Kl) WARD KOX I ityUuh Tul?riu( Kilablithuienl, 202 Broadway, Wow KullOll M t. Ill J till GAS f OFF CLOTHING. P'KN'TLKMKN or (tuniiiri desirous of cou.e'tiiK their lef. v3 off Weanu* Appxiel into ctuli, can obtain lor the nine th* hi vie it carh prion. To lanulietwij gentlemen rjiittinic tin* city, or rhfnigiiur re. nJeuee, having any .n|>erfluoiM elte, |? 19 diapute of, will tin.1 it much to iheir adrauttjte to i~ud for the lubtcrtoer, who will attend ill m at their rendeuie liy n| pointikent, II Lf.yK'i'T, K lohnstreet, near Broadway. A lino through tin* l'o<t Office, or olhmwse, will receive prompt attention. Olnthinge'raiird and repaired. in# Im'rc NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC. BK IT KNOWN, that I,'JOHN U KMKIO.ON.iu the yeir of our lord, one thomand eiuht hundred nod thirty lour, then i fl USM 'fill* Hi He of NfW \ oilt, dot in MM an I p itemed an improved ipiral proptlliug wl.rel, m hy lit era piteiit in my po.irnion will inure liil'y apprise. I therefore give public notice ihnt the propelluiir wheel, t nintn nilv tilled r rricaaoa's I'r pel I,- r, is lucltul ,1 in my said letleis patent, ami I alto me tify nil person* not to inahe or u e the .aid prop limy wheel wp.hout aiitli >ritv fomnie. I rtaide at p'eaent it 339 I'e.irl ttrrer( wlrre I shall be pie lied to receive nit priori interested, e.ther in the title or for the uie i fold propeller uO m*in JOHN B. KMRHPON. " TO THE AMERICAN LADIES AND GENTLEMEN . A FRENCH GKNTLEMAN, tWPLty-fivp years old, hav* iutc beeu seier.il yfjn Teacher ?n a ('olle.'e of Palis, won hi be happv to h stow every day some hours iu u iviuu pnv \t- |e# sot s in tli* French Laujmaxe. during his jmrti iti tli scity It iou wish to leani rapidly this bc.uiil'ul aud necessary lnchttatfe and to have tne best Parisian accent, }ou must vviilc to the h?l!o/rii.|f direction mid yon will *-btiiii rvirtly whit you dtuire. MR X. (i. DE CALMONTIKfl, in 13 lm#rc flli Ihadtf tire t FIRE BRICK. ''JMlFa SHBSl HUBK1L liYiiiic iu VV.udiiuKton, Smith itiver, ? ............ "i?i? ui i* ww jersey, is inatin'acluri.rt a suiiriior aftio ol h ir? Brick that ?u rot res any In >i: of the km,fever yet otle.-ea Is ill.1 public, v> hicii hw "ill vll at reduced prices. OHO. W REYNOLDS. Washington, South River, March 25,1811. N. B ?Apply toll. Kanrmse. Agent,Jersey City Iron Works, New Jersey, who will always have an assortment ol the above article on hand, at all tiin-s, or to the tnliscriber, O. YV. ItKYNhLDtl, Mriiuficlurer, int8 lni*rc Washington, Sou.h River. TO M A NUFACTl: HE IIS AND DEALERS IN WOOLLENS. HE Nil V Mid EON, ClORNKR of I night snd Washington street!, New York. ' Kiuiiherof Cloths, Cassimeres, Satin t?, ike., respectfully inform the imiiularture's and deilersir woollens that his eslalrlithtneut is now in stucrsiful operation ami that li- is pre Pared I > tsocnte with pram,auras,ah orders in l.is hue that liny L?conlided to linn Specirnert of his workuiauship may he se- n on application to th geullein-u whose names air sunned, and to whciu he has l.brit. to rrfer Orders may be lelt at S3 m d 84 I'm* steer t. KKEKR-.NCES YVuleottStSlade, 63 Pine stre.t. W. C. l.angley, 64 Pine street Hal,led Haines St Co . 31 Nassau stieeli Li. tiiicgham, 60 Pine st'eel. S.J Jours St Co , 12 Pine str-tt. a; j lm*e? CHEAP CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. 301 PEARL STREET, I.ATE '08 BKKKM VN Til*, subscriber, well known for thechrapueseand durability of his work, de-ires to inluirn his patrons, end the public, that he is now, t> suit the economical tend.-uey of the times. making karmeets of the very best '1 mlitv at a leduct'on of 30 per cent I'roin foimer priies, and I ma, it ia believed, by 20 p< r cent, tnxii garments of the uto ijiatity are inula by ill" chrap bOUNMlQUSeily. Ill urd-r that g?tl?M I Ml NRdcnUM what is mnint by cheap .ess, the I-i! owing lull of pric -i is submitted tu their consults aliou, Willi a ft araiitrr tl..tt lii?- t^nds shall he orth- fi at tate quality. a id tin- lit uuexceptiou ible 8tii>erior West of klugl uid Cloth Coata $.3 ti 10 Pnuisof black or douile-iiiilled Cassnnere 5 to 7 Vesta of Silk, ha-.iu, Ike 2>a to I Making and Trias using in the b?sl style, at the following prices:? Coats JflH to 8 Pauu and Vest* to |J? Superior Heaver Overman*, ferm to 70 iuj Im'in TO Mi LUXE HS, fyr. ENGLISH BONNETS, MILLINERY, Arc. TUST RECEIVED AT J L TON'S, 37 ?ohn str-tt, and " K Maiden Lane, a splendid aiseitmeut ol KNOLI Ml III) ?!NETS. c iijistiiift of snper I'ateuis, line Hollands, Alb-it Braid, (lie &vc. A'so, au elegant assortment of Tuscans, llihbous, Si'ks, Flowers, and every other article in ihe oiiliiuery line. Milliuers and others are respectfully invited to call and examine the above. Tlie ibnglish Mats ar- the cl-ao-st and be.t i n the market. All the above will be sold at w holes-le or retail.at 3d Maiden Lane and 37 John str-et J. L. bar I HE coaclnded <> give up the above bin lie a after the preset.i sets in will offer inducements lo those who in i b pleased in call,not tu le ine: with in any other sure in tins i ,ly. apt Imeec J. L V O.N. GLOTHING~M~An UFACTUREItS. TIIK subscribers would tnform merchan's visiting the city, A who wisli their own goods manufactured, tint lh?y a-e prepared to aiaiiafnc'.urc every description in < - Is thing, b rom th ir being accnstomrd to maul tacture for the S ailtir-n and W' st-ro markets for the Inst twelve yearj, tie y f el cauiideut, with the large number of fn .Is in their emplo., to gel up a stock at short notice and with enure satisfaction, MANN ic McKl.MM, S3 Carmine street, f. / ' ICnickerb icker Clou's pass close to the store, lit 3m"rrc GERMAN LINBN8.-C0 T'lIK SI'BMl'III B.a,11 le gs leave to inform Ills fricudi inl ' the puhl e in g uu rd, thai he has r-'r-ived fro ri llerintny. a large assortirieut 01 the celebrated Budefe'd Linen, ill all i|Uali* dot, consisting of? Uimtisk Table Cloths, b'own, half brown and white, do Napkins, do du do do Towels, do do do do Ten aud Dessert Napkius. do Handkerchiefs of the liu-st quality, Ike., which he offers for lair at rh? lowest price. L. NfcC'STADT, MIS lin?rc J17'i Broadway. S11 III T MJIN VFJl CTOII lb " AM) GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING STOKE, f!Q MAIDEN LANE-Just received, the IstiM and raoit OH approved Krein.li pattern Shirts. \ genenl s-ortmeul of Mu/ts. Under Garments. Hoiserv. Ciav.its.llandher. hirfi, lite Shiru and Uuder Garments ma le up to order anil rvjiaiied a' ilvie Ciuthin^, which will be told at the following pric.?, >i/. Ow Coui, from %r, to 11 Back do 4to Brock do to 14 Prt-ii do 9 to 14 I'aoti J to 4 V?'J 2 to 4 All made til tiirlwit material! And cut in tin' modern ityle. Penotu funnihinit tlwir own mntrriaU > iu> d. |?-ud oimr. living tiiota made iu the Ml maun at the (ollovrirg ;iricn Ovar Coat*, m-.de and trimmed t5 to l'l J'J Prvii do do do 7 to lu 00 Brock do do do * to IJ 00 Vi'iti and Paula loom, $ I lid to 1 75 mrl 1 hi ec SPRING U OOD s" WILLIAM I' .IE XXI NHS t,- CO., hl{ APKKrt AND TAILOKS, No. 231 IJrond \t ny?l?-mi lfotcl, DP 1*08ITK rflK KODNTAINa \ll K 1.1 the ItCl ipt of .1 ItW aiiRorj meiit of Nf v < i Odt lof dpriiu wear, including I* ivuth ami I* tifcli *l? ' assnnerei <o lew style*, stupes, plaids, Sic.: rich w11 *, S.i'iu ni.d CK illy direct fV4?iii their Loudon and I'.iru A;*e irv, through vine i ih-y will t><* enabled Co luruish at an etrjy date nil the :ov? Uim of the season, and by a siring of til* imp piofit o afford garments at it ill lower p ic ? llitn Hum*' v> 11 rh 11 *v# diaracteriz^d i ** concern, whtl.r, every attention wi'l budircted as ber? toforo to the i del' po uts in th- economy of a girnent, i ?. I.r.t rale woikinaustop, with styl- and character in int. m 10 Im'ec TlKNTLKMKN'S i.kkt off \VAlt UKOBM rIK HI'JHKsT PH.CKH ciuihe nban d by gentlemen urfitnii ici wm> are denrnui uf coiiverttirg their lellolt wear lilt annuel intn ca*h. To tomtitta on i rmymm ginuii iim eitY. or en uinac me l-nre It iviiiii in v tnpertluoua eltecla to ditpoir< I, "ilti.nl it nueli to thru advantage I I tend l r the inbacrite r, who will tteiid thrut at their r?*-.iJ?snc?- by nppoin'ment. J I.t'-VKNBTYN, Kiii Broadway, up atiirt. A line through the (IV t Office, or utherwiae, will reoitr* irmipt attention. m2l Inienl'ir A N."W AKI'li/Lt, Mitt sua V titer.?-I* r.li Uf/A iY CKKAM Oy BAPONINK aor, arien ar.y li on t ?u'P iow i" u?i*, ?tnl 'a pronounced by ihore who liavo tried if to iceed nllntheu in making a rich ar.d permanent I ither. Oeulem 'ii liariua li irtl h? nil ami tender faret are lerptetted to c.iil ml kite it n I'tir trial, an I if noi petfeclly antiihed. the moi.y rill Ik- re nruel. the followiag la one nl the cumber ?l leten received by the tttutufacliiicr:? Nrw Yoaa, Dee 18th, 1841. Drill Pin,?Among the "ilia that tleah i? h?i' (?airl too." nit tile leiut rtpenal'y when triiveliin (, nan "uo?hjv?u" chin. , tr'urui'g reca illy fram an eicuraion, when arriving at Colloiter, Coun., I itepired n to a ?torev and the j>r pro tor. my erv lace'lenl friend, J. B \V lieeler, h,aq , olne ring my luirnew, prevented me a pot of your Shaving Crerm Willi a life levoted to ae.eatifie puriuita, I am ac<|unii ted with motto lie lapoiiacenna enin|>ouiida |iroduc*<l during the tneieotceu* ury.aud for tha purpn.e intended, I know none which I prize 0 highly at your C train of Sapouine. I thita offer yon nivopi ion of ita inerita, ami m V fiiruja would like to know where it nav b* olitainecl ta thia ciiy. Vnnri Stc. K C. Kmart. < ?<4- JONATHAN DODOK. M I) Koraale in any qoantity bv the manttfattnmr'a ag-nt.No. 75 linden lane; al?o bv all the principal D.uggpri and Fancy food ilenlera in the City. J. VV. HuLBKItt ON. in'i i m * "i ciTl:ar, sklect, choice aiNu good. D M. KV INS' I.ac*, Jtibbon, lloiiery and I Hove St re, >V? 31 Catharine < rvet, New York, u d 31 Oxford rtrrel, C- n ion, haa jiint received |>er Caledonia, 10 r un Net, l,acet and 1 dgingr; 8 caitooin Tlread Kdgir.gr, Silk and I, ne i lldkli; i (id, Rillc, L n'r Thread and Cotton Oilovea, o( every rtyle ; ,(K)0 doaen of Hoaiery, Iroin la ; Nr dlewrk Trimming*, hnall Wnret. Alro, 40 t.oiei i I elegant Kiliboua, Irom la. a yaid: few ciittoona elegant Ciav.ita, cheap. I onntiy inercl a it* mil toreki*|ie a would dp well t j call, aa Ilia luaoilmeul ia whet, hoirt uid cheap. m.'O ltn*ic PALB YkiUOW SOAP KOR FAMILY USB.' A L.MONDS, liOSK, CINNAMON and all kmda of Kunay 1 f*. Soapa 1 Fsre.ier t, ratclu.ul, lioaa, Muak Veib-na, tkc Itu, ( K in de Cologne, and Cavender Water. Pinch) Mote nod Florida Wat r. I', ituine bagt and Toilet Powder. With every artirle eompriting an entire T. i fom-ry, at low- r irtcca ill.in at any other horn. SOAP W011K3. 71 Trinity Place, I tnlJ lm*ro lute Lain bar itrwt. i IRE ] MORNING, APRIL 11, 18< Baltimore. [Oorrespon 'euce of the Herald.] I5ar,ti.mouk, April <?, ISII. The Herald?Our City?Pretty I Tonien?Our Merchant* and Mechanici?A Wedding?The iViic Church?71if Dry (Joodx Men anil Amti ican Manufacturert, $-c. 1 am a constant reader ul the "Herald," and go us regularly tor it when 'tis due, as 1 do to my lonely bed when 1 wish to seek repose. 1 have wondered why you did not oftener hear from "Ariel" than you do, in regard to our beautiful and nourishing city. Now, if we were stowed away oil' "down Hast," or squatted on some gloomy nook in the far West, why a few lines "every now and then" would suffice, but here we are in ilie midst of monuments and towers, whose lotly to|>s almost reach to heaven, and among the prettiest women iu the world. Now, we have not to select out some choice spot to lind litem either?we have bm to look around at uny time, and any where, and we behold them as numerous us the leaves in mid-summer. And there are our energetic merchants, too, some of whom, from small means, by industry, have become men of great utlhicnce, and now their names are borne aloft above the white spread canvass, to every foreign clime; and then we have our ship-builders, who have gained a name in skill that can never he doubted, the work of whose hands is known as well on distunt seas as it is hard by our own fireside. I only mention these things to give you an idea of what we really are. The new church, built for the Methodist Kniscopul congregation, has been dedicated, and a splendid church it is, too; 'tis said to be the handsomest in our city. Now, between you and I, 'tis thought this congregation is going to be on the selected order. It is to consist of those who are by no means aristocratical, lint have (as ("apt. Copp would say) plenty of shiners, and have no idea of being troubled with persons that can't go anything above lite good old fashion style of Methodist churches. "Oli, fleili, flesh ! how art thou tuhyfled !" "Our 1 >rv Goods men" have fnrulong time been making great preparations lor the spring?painting up, and putting in larger bow windows, Arc., anil now,with the beautiful new style American manufactured cloths and cassimeres, they make truly a brilliant cty. Why, to walk Uj> Baltimore street, you would realjy suppose you wero in the midst ot a sky full of rainbows. Men, women, and children, are all on "tip toe" looking for the 4th of May. The "Manner" is done, and everything is being put in upple-pie order. Tlie ladies feel a great interest in the coming oil' of this iitlair, ami are beginning to practice all their pretty smiles, and il some of the young men of the Convention don't lind their hearts assailed by Oupid, anil pierced with his darts, then say I'm no "Daniel come to judgment." The canal boats have commenced arriving here fiom up the Susuuebanna, well tilled with produce of various kinds; our wharves appear In lie lively with the stir of business; indeed, things generally, seem to wear u very favorable aspect. Onr merchants are e>isy, our hanks discount freely, nnd our mechanics all appear to have plenty to do. "Front street" has inude its dying speech?we have no Theutre o;>en now, but the "hllsler Brothers" are going it at the Museum. The"Millentes,"?where they have gone nobody knows, and nobody cares March went out cold and blustering, but April has come in baltny and pleasant. The (lowers are beginning to wake up from their winter sleep. The song of the bluebird is heard in the trees, and the children with their little shining faces are out at play and nieiry us crickets. I have just understood that "Joe" Cowell intends trying lus luck for a season at the "Front street Theatre"?he is a clever fellow, and success attend him, say I. 'Tis said that little Delaware will send a representation of '2800 to the Whig National Convention in May. Wake up New York, or tmu'll n*?vi?r flio lVinn#?i* Yours, &C. S. II. E. Literary Notice*. Literary Remains op Wii.us Gayi.orii Ci.au k? Burgess, Stringer <Jc Co., corner of Broadway unci Ann street, have just published the first of four or five numbers, of fHi pages each, containing the "Literary Remains of' the late Willis ('raylord Clark," of Philadelphia?edited by his twin brother, LewisOaylord Clark, editor of the Knickerbocker Magazine. The work is beautifully executed, oil a large fair type and fine white paper, an ! the numbers are bound in a very neat and tasteful cover. The editor has given a memoir of the life of the author, a criticism upon his writings from the 'fu.fltorly Review, and a vivid and touching account ?d the last hours and death of his brother. 1 lien follows the commencent of the OlIn/xxliMmt, a scries of gossipping papers upon all sorts of subjects, sublime, witty, humorous, pathetic, romicomi in, serin romico ?the whole forming a most interesting melange. "< Ulapodtana" will he followed by the other miscellaneous prose writings of .Mr. Clark, together with a choice and copious selection fiont ln? poetical writings, which are so popular with the public. There will doubtless be a large sale for this excellent work. Hhkuu'-s Ac Strinokii have just published a neat edition of Crahhe's delicious poem, '"The Tales of the 11 ill," and we trust that this ellort to place such "... ..i r i. . .1. . r ii --.in III a MM III >Y 11 11111 I I M I V'ficil ?)l #111 , Will meet attention?the price is but 2-r> cents. The Yoi'.no Gardener's Assistant?lly Thomas Dridgemun ?This work, having already undergone 10 editions, is long well known to Gurdeners, Sepdmen and Florists; hut us many who are not, yet might be, their own Gardeners and Florists, they have nothing to do but buy a copy of "Bridgeinun'e Assistant." The directions lor the cultivation of veget ililes are the result of 21 ye-ra experience?oi assiduous practice of the art which is here unfolded clearly?faithfully?and in a form almost as beautiful .is the productions of nature of which it treats. The work is for sale by the author, Broadway, corner of Mtb street. Yocnh Kate; on, the Revenue?A tale of the Great Kanawha.?A new novel from the press of Messrs. Harpers, has just appeared. The name is not inflated with pretensions like most oi the sonorous and Ixjmbastic titles given to works ot fiction; and better still, ii will lie tound on perusal, that the substantial merits ol this ngreeuhle story do not the less forcibly strike the reader, because of ileunpretending title page. Whoever the author in ay bp, it is evident his talent for this sort of writing is rich and rare, and will win him renown. We recommend the work lo readers of fiction. Magazine eon the Miu.ion.?This work, of which No. 7 is before us, continues us amusing as ever; the selections are good. ('amiuei.i.'s Foreign Magazine.?Number 15 of Campbell's Magazine isshll a selection of foreign literature of great merit. The present number is even better than the preceding, and will, we are sure, have many readers. .Mi ( i i.i."en s' >a/.rtti:kr.? w> nave lieen t tvored with part II of this very valuable work, of which every one should posse** a copy. It is cjnitc needless to speak of this work; it must he by this time generally known by the intelligent reading community. Hie style ol this edition is unexceplionahle, and worthy of this excellent work. Suak I't'AtiK's I'r.ayj*. ? \ro. 3, of the beautiful illustrated Shakspeare has been published. The spirited manner in which this beautiful edition in carried on is creditable to the editor, ft, c. Ver planclt, and also the talented artists. Messrs Weir and llewit, whose illustrations add value even to Shakspeare. Another edition by TfurgesnA- Stringer is coming frmn the press, Parts Iff and Iff have been recetv ed.J an I xitrttin the character this edition has re-ccived from a pulirious public. The culs are |>ossessed of great merit. Tins Ladies' Companion. ?Tins is one of the most attractive works published. The list of contributors contain the names of most of the talented female writers who have won laurels for themselves and t.ieir country. The able ciigtavings, ol which No. 6, that before us, contains two, require to he seen to be properly valued. We would, therefore, recommend all to subscribe their $3, nutl possess a copy of the " Ladies'Companion." New York; William \V. Snowden, 109 Fulton st. Tun F< iioot, ano Si iiooi.mastku?a copy ol this valuable work lias been placed in our hands, and after an attentive perusal, it is our conviction that the vieat cause ol education will receive powerful aid from it. Teacher*, employes, trustee*, inspectors, A c , (or whose use the treatise wan more particularly designed, are not the only persons who will be benefitted thereby ; but parents Will learn many truths, which, u.- siipermiendaiits o| the education ol children, they should be familiar with.? The present wnik is published under the immediate anction and auspices ol the *uperiutcndant ol Common Schools for the State, and we hope will leml a further stimulus to ihc great improvi ment which i in progress in the system ami working ol the common schools ol this ^tatr?an improvement which itcrtunly there was great room for. flERA 14. MnHf of nit- GMMmAUIiwn ui i iif Tabernacle lent evening?Great Cmivil- 11 ( cut Keeling?Great Orator) ?Great limi ' ?Uut no Money. v Tir* announcement of a meeting of the " Chris- j' tiau Alliance" at the Tabernacle, la*t evening, col. ? . lectecl a vary large audience, the great majority of ? whom were lauies, a lair proportion of them being , ' young, beautiful, and dressed in that elegant and 1 charming style which only New York ladies know , i how to adopt. The attendance ot the clergy wus 1 I slim, Dr. Ilutton and Dr. Potts being almost the only j ' representatives of the brethren on the occasion. The \ chair was occupied by the President of tic Society, I 1 who called upon Dr. Ilutton to commence the pro- { ceedings of the evening by invoking the divine I blessing. ^ Da. Ill tton accordingly otl'ered up a somewhat 1 lengthened prayer. The Chairman then said, that iti order to inform 1 the audience <>t the character and object ol the 1 sjciety, be would read a few extracts Iroui an address which it had recently issued to the Christian " public. [ This report stated that the condition of Italy had j attracted the keen attention ol several benevolent i; gentlemen in this city of various denominations, v and linding that the liible could be introduced a there, and that by mcausot the intercourse between i, Italians abroad and their countrymen at home, a favorable avenue of introducing Protestantism was _ opened up, they had formed themselves into a "Christian Alliance," for the purpose of promoting ^ religious freedom in Italy, and bringing down "l >lcl tj Babylon." The Association had nothing to do ai with political matters. They sought not to change ' the opinions of the Italian people with respect to J, the civil institutions of their country. All they ir meant was to spiead the Bible ami tree that people from the domination of the priesthood. It was proposed to send to London, Paris, and the chief sea- b ports of Europe and the Ka-t where Italians were to lie found in anyconwideraltle number,an agent to pruiuote tlie spiritual welfare t<l that interesting ti race. The translation of the Jhble into Italian, ami ?' also of Met't ee's nieinoirs of the Relonnation, j'J and other standard eccle-iastical writings was pro- i, posrd. For this, lunds were necessary, and funds *< accordingly were solicited front lite Americanpeo- "j pie. in Mr. Ketciium wast lien introduced to the meeting, and re spoke for about hull an hour ubout the necessity of resisting t'opery and preserving the freedom of the Uible. He 8,1 could not, lie said, meddle with the political institutions ol o!hei countries, and ho would not permit any iutorfe- p rence with thosu of this country by the nutives of other lands. This was received with considerable upplauw. et The Itev. Dr. Kihk, of Hei.tnn, next came on the stand. "* Hu said?When Home found itself hardly pressed I y the Car tluigeniun arms, Home said, " t on must curry the war into Carthage," and she lias taught us a maxim on which we uio preparing to act. We must not let Koine Hood I this country, but we will curry the war into Carthage, and let Carthage have enough to do at home. (Uteat ap- ^ plaiiNe ) A very important distinction is better understood w 111 Kurope than in this country,the distinction between Ho- K marusm and the I'upacy, ami that distinction in the intro- u duction of my remarks,! w ish to hold upjsomewhut promi- ^ neiitly ; and ii there are members of the Komisli church,uu- ^ less lie he a Jesuit, we hope to enlist him with us in this w cause. Hoiuanism and I'aiiacy are distinct. The doc I lines, v i in s and discipline oi the Romish) lunch,it is w ell known, ' in our land abound in errors, hut that religions system is ai one thing. Wo should hnve no fear of it ?we have our Q' own views about it. Hut we have nut organised this Society to uttuck that, nor to attack the Komish Church, hut v\ we have organized it to attack tliel'npucy ;call it ]>oliticui. it call it religious, call it anything you please, hut we ure ?; determined to attack the Papacy. (Thunders of applause ) jj And w bet we mean by the rapecy is the relation which ,r' the llomisht liurch holds to the meinhuis ol that Church kt ?the moet meritrksioua alliance on| earth?the most cor- > rnpt ntij corrupting, and the most dangerous to eve ) dear interest of man. It is to lieu the people oi Ituly liom A tliu grinding despotism that we are organized. There are Multitude* nt (toman Catholic* with tie, ami multitudes more w ill he when they learn our title purpose*, ,\ for thi y will overlook what limy regard as our errors, when they awe that we are contending tor the most great ( ami glorious principle for which inau can contend The , Society ha* struggled for ten jears ami it will have 10 struggle for many more, perhaps. Hut there is a principle p. in it that will live alter we are dead. We are oi rail) lug round u little ucorn, hut it will hecome not one tree, hut a mighty lorest?depend upon it We huve taken hold of a vital principle?the dearest rights ' of the human mce the antagonistic principle to the I g real est lor in of spiritual ami civ il despotism under w hlch the human lace hus yet groaned. Hut 1 would now speak more particularly ol the character of this 1'apacy with v, which we are to contend. Ami tiist, it iuterleies with the h whole spiritual headship and kingship of the l ord Jesus , < bust. We abhor it. Wo have no compromise with it We mean to contend against it until tiud takes us l:o thee..uich militant. We will never give up the light ^ W'e w ill light to the last with Koine ilut iu the second j( place, it is opposed to Jlis sacied light, and the highest , inter ests of inunkiiid the right of conscience. It dictates n who and w hut ami w hen man shall worship. It takes away Irom thu Saviour and saya, "otter to ine your in- _ cense neio now uown in tne oust?nerc seek salvation lint it also deprives men ol their civil rights. I.ook at Italy, without commerce, without ugrieulture, without the right of changing her rulers, no matter what they | do aiul see to what degradation of servitude met s houdugo this P.ipory reduces them. Oh ! Italy, ,, Italy, what a noble mind lit* crushed beneath that iron lout, and yet men stand and look nil in coM blood, and let Jesuits play their desperate game in that lovely but ill dated land ! (Tremendous and enthusiastic * cheering ) This despotism has crushed and mint I lovely ? hut unhappy Italy One ol her writers say a?" II the i: Christian republics hud preserved the religion of Christ It as he behoved it, we should have been in a different slate; but by the Court ot Ilome the Italians huve been made a _ most irreligious people?' nearest Home, the least reli- I gmn,'is the Italian motto." "Whoever," saj * another, I " considers well the law of the gospel, will see that the " Popes, though Item ing the name of Vicars ol Christ, have v introduced another religion, which has nothing of Christ hut the name. ( hi 1st taught his disciples to lie poor they aspired lo he rich ; lie taught them to he humlde? tin y are pulled up w ilh the lordship ol the u orld and the love ol dominion , he taught them to obey; tliey to / bri u!v al I oaths." This is the despotism we desire to over- T throw a despotism, not of the I'ope theioorold man is m acyphrr hut of the Cardinal*,! rincaa,ana Bishops tie y ' who pocket the money, and leave the poor old I'ope to J" Jive on brown broad?(Ureal laughter.) Mr. Kirk then ' went on to speak ol the vigilance of Home. The ipirit |, of old Home never slumbered. The Bishop ol Home ?t claimed to la- the head ol the <hnreli- then go to the Cardinals and the I'liests ? and it bus destroyed I he null pi II Ience of the ( hurch In ull the recent meetings nlxmt J Home, they found tliut her i Holts were to establish a [ar- ; litico-religious Human power especially. Kvery feeling ol this kind was manifested in pope) y. The design, aim and J f" " mtns "< IV aunu'ie II III una nation. They were determined to oppose it* movements, and to stand 01 l.iII together. (A|.|iii<u-i?- ) 'I'hey mu?t xperl a tremt minus Conlhet in I lie pre rut Klruggle, and it was designed liy Providence, w ho liuil selected this to lea tin last battle Held ol I lirutiimity. The nligious ilea [ liti ins ill the eai til W I e ilete-tr I l|a ItoHII ll despotisms J Iii Italy there wj'i acrying ilel.t at present in existence, which, like that of l-'.ngllllid, crippled the lermiires ol the f country; and tuxes which hilt last yeui were *1, were now 4 i a head. The Duke ol Tuscany, who poi.mses a large fortune, refused to invest it in .stocks at Home lad I'I year, stating there was no security in the place Then 1 war also over the whole country an unipieiichahlo spirit of residence to Unman pow er, and the Church of Milan would have long sincu burat out hut lor an undue inter lerencc lie would recommend the |>cni*Hl of M'i in V Ui hook, and it would unfold much of the abuse that ex i isti-1 in the Roman Church. The very literature ol Home was anti papist Dante, Macliiavell,and several other w 11 ters, u! the country,had declared against tin1 power ol the ( htircho! Home llu needed not the testimony of their , literature to convlncethe l'ioti touts that tin re v. ere tires in Italy which needed only the electric park ol liuth; and as the associutiun mtn led to Iuiiii- h the It , ians vv it It , n Italian translation of i '? llhtoty rf the H* i? /iirinitinn," they only reipiiredol the pi ipln ol America |u to giro them the means, and they would put it Into Italy, "t and put down Romish (despotism -(applause.) I la w ould " ask the inen who w me attar In d to them, wh.it valuc^had they by being a papi't: he would ;nk them had thf y any !,' share in the loaves ami lishes ' They IihiI not , they we i .... going to he made blind tools ol t.y th? ir Priests; ho ehaig di e<l it on the Priests; they w anted to do thit In this Conn " try: he chaigil it on the | eoplu and charged itonthe leaders; and ihatjliight, it his voice Could reach the whale Human Catholics of the earth, he would rail on them to \j throw oil theirchains, and it was this Hoiuish despoti m I ....... ...I I,, nll'lr ll UU ... I I ' in.ii.tai.v ... .......... ... j v, ...... , i., i... up n kii'.ii public sentiment that would force the power* ol turop. to change their elan. If to-day be delivered a t| h , against domestic (.1 ivcry in the South,he may give offence to some, but etiII ho would speak hit mind lie would tell the truth; anil the present wns an aggressive move,win. h was onward, carrying the light wherever it went forth When I'aul said hewould go to ltou>e,he u as told be ? ould i\ lie pritonod in Manatine, and so was it wilhthern, I In it move was aggressive against Popery and Malum edanism. 'i. and tliey required money to ex pi 11.1'oil the project it u a* " > " rrlifi >iu 'itirrtjf rrrttt* I'n/mry'' that should lie their mot to -and Protestant England should never ag. i i put her hand to a treaty that would saddle this country with Pa plat Rome. What, he would ask tho Jesuits, caused the papists to SUliacribe so liheiallj ' It was to buy tin lr la or thers out of purgatory, and to pound git absolution for M their sins line mind at Home could do .ill these things, * nod thern w ere thousands of hearts sigtiii g to s> e this lies f poti1 rn removed In conclusion, le* wi lied to iulorin tie audience that the object ol the meeting W as to collect sub r aciiptioas, and he lie, I tie ladie* K''ilUmen pis ant Wnubl hare patience in waiting while the subscription was tieing collected. He c era I of tb" audience, b.it.i male an 1 female, immediately ro . on this and li ft the Tabeinac ^ Alb i n p in- - the >pe ' i [ ljn a lie 1 to. Mihaei iptlens . tint no answer ; (lie suillettci cniitinitir.g to tliin i Id i de .. gieis wbsiiaman from the l.ody ol the company i birw aid arid asked lint reporters to t il the name of 11. *t sjaM'.i i who preceded the latter , n |, rusn. Mr. Ke'ch urn ? as here nointed out, when tie nsn want forward and addressed him aside. ,?| Mr. Kliopjm hero rose and said, thai he had been call n ?AI -_Jl $ ?'U? Two Canta. d upon by a < atholic in an excited itate, to withdraw 11 remark* made a lew moment* ago in relation to thr lible tiring excluded lioni I alholics , the man said it was o'. excluded from t atholic, for he had one himself and vui a I atholic. lie (Mr. K ),did not mean to accuse BitiO|i Hughe* or the Prie*ta ol America of keeping the Bill! lrom their (lucks; lie meant Itome and Italy ; but hi: 'ill held to the opinion that even here the Bible waa not ncuUtiil as it ought to bu among t.atholica. Mr. Hn.m h ll. Covi. here came forward and aaid that In apathy of the people on the subject they had inet tipou Mis mont disr.utii aging?tliey bud lieen working some :ight on ntl.s and could do no'.hiug , not oven get aa much i* woulCpiy for the lights?not even the printing. (A ong pause ) Tito Chairman here came forward and said, that he had uat got a slip ol paoer signed "8. W B in which the vriter offered to do the printing of the translation ot VAtibigm '* work, pioviiled thut lour gentlemen would iay(tor the "paper. (A pause.) lie would, therefore, lie iappy to find some lour gi iitlemen that would tumish the iaper. (A long pause, during which tune the audience ontinutd to thin oil ) No gentleman having come forvard to respou I to the repeated calls of the Speaker, to land in subsetiptioiis, l ;.? itev. l)r IVns was called upon tu pronounce a he indict ion, wlnn the remaining portion of the utidieuce withdrew, leuving'thc gentlemen on the platform evidenty much chagrined. CHEAP MUSIC. 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Hit dimsc room rill arc mruxUtc .it le.int l2u pernios a 4 I to* The saloon an I t it Iiewly painted and rrdrCiititi d, and lor convenience it ? i < inaurp nHoil Tt li** subscriber take* tl is o:p< mnity of returning hit sinere t! auk.* to hit CUitonnn lor the very liberal patronage y O s'owej unoo him, and it pleased to he thus assuied that his ud i\ or* to p''' * * have been duly ??pt>re( iat?d, and he pledges iiu* 1/M -re n?itlier ; ao.? uor esieusc to merit n cant inn* ncr ofput ii?>rs. lite sssisfvit, the Jung will be erer *..dy to . ;?'iij to the * ihlie* <1 t: ? it ost r.istionus. t>A VID A. (iOlLU, Proprietor, h>1 tn?* tn No. lu r'ulton street. SNIPE SHOOTING. DIAMOXi) iiUAIN GUNPOWDER. [M;? kKAHON HAVING <OAlMfcM KlJ for Snipe I rliotiog. the Sobfniter |?rgs to call the attention ot pi f' mei ta the uJv/ii)1 ^kph claimed by tun g "Curtis It Har v\ i lui.powd r, *"1 he i: Mi/ f lit! t r im." A' 11 *iacr? this r icle has b- u hut a verv short t:rn- in the nit d oea, the teitirrmi y ol noo w ol the beat shots, as to its * ail.ties* oid strength, iu?'uces the itnpoiter to so'icit those ho ihi sider cleanliness aud pro|*r slieuglh, desiderata, to w 11 trial S? I in ciiiiitters i f apou- d e.ich, hy Mr. II. T. COOI'KII, )? i'ro ?dv% ay; JUH.? t t> liOY, h ultoo stieet: and J. Ac C. I I; !*IAN. Hudwftialh leu. No 4W, ai.d rnoK??l#ol \V. K. UKOUGH, in / f 11..' I 904 Hr. i4w . v 7oA iTDING A1 in;UUIt lTANUT 8 l'KKKT?Tran' si i t oid p? rlis? "ut boarding lor single or inarned gentleicti. with ro niorLtble rooms, luiuisln d or untarnished, by |H ' ' ? RlOt |||lM m;\V < ).':K II< -i;si: i: \z \A ;;, ,vo. :n, :u ,i\'i) :?? i nosny stheet. 1 ilr. rilOI'lt IK'i'Olt would lafotin hi. Iron,!, in,] lit- public that li- Inm <in jnl>. nt Ki? Jin.i ] . mm r~.til.lmliin.-t, ur.ts of icvcniy Horn, ?i i ?<d Iroin ih. country, yonit|t, low d Mid kind com iiii.i; r vi-ril my fnif Mi-x i Mutch Ctrrwirr Horwi, Iroui i.U i , * uuntv, luitablr lot fmuly u,r. h lnric number ol i. n k'c Ho.hI ninl fuddle llor?c?, of good tylr hud netiou, t r. it rt i.iirl i>i L' n I eniili ii i'f A |?? i very laifit* number o? u ol Hona*, suitable f?>r he*?y rmfu ^t, kiii?f, ud %* 11 broke im Inuoeat. The above k in all wt'd worthy the atfeuti' n ol lurrhaaers lin.% i* \uu Hori^mfQ vm'n g tins market with IIf?#r l v ill find the accommodations of tins eatahl.shioent oritur* .<? d by niiv other i I the kind in tin* United *rat?s. The i lit . . it \'ry 'iry and convenient, nnd M| alilr of stabling 100 loit 'otnfortibly. r ? 'iilfm/ii h t\n?cr II rw to k*ep r.n livery, l>r oiidirg rhettt > t ! tubluliin* i;t, may mi assnird that they wnl ive if ti m.t-t imp- <od nffuttou, * iili li?.ml charges. Ti f |?ro| rteior >vi ti!.1 Uo lulurm l is ir.'tK ? ilif public, tliat if \u tu.ii S.ilrt huMiiits is discontinued ! I'.n est trdith , i WILLIAM WILMAK i II, i?:rIB !in#rc .Proprietor. 11A H I'tS HAL PH. " \'.l; HANI.hV, flit only pupil ol Heir atian Knrd in fit I 'nil. d Slates, ?ill' rs lor s.tle at the M.imfictorv fcfd ?,| ?1 t>ni0'', a line assortment ol brilliant vuucdaiid L'b' f/iiuhrd 11. K M 11 M I A IM N T Dili LSI K ACTION HAKPS. M ! h \ NLK \ I *vmr lU imiiMintr ( .vious r ol tl?f . -* ILoN i ol 0\r I uitetl nutca, together w ith testimonials i, . r. j*jr 11 pM.l'UMtoi, nil the A vnerican Ministers at tha or | Loud n aid Paris. ikfM Mr. Jlaulav snbiinta ap a iff i ?' m tiaraui* that his I ia? pa, w Inch aff w wufarlured en v!, ol 'ha pr? tot ia?. ai d the ptiterinls saasored with t speci >1 I ;othf i >'? uLaiiiift uf climate, Ac. aw superior to an v I ci !>c imported. 11 A. 141 H KLPAIRKD? 2td street, 3d avenue, o . I lnt*a<* Tlic Lrnilnt Invention of Ihc Age. TI1R 1NVIS1M.K PAKT1NOS, )K < iKNTI.KM K N 9* HKAL IIKAtS OK IIAIK, twin* ' .lie latmt and irrrnlfit iinprovrm-nl in ill* raniiiiUclure ol WIOS AND MWU'S, r d ll r Siilitrril.rr it li~r>py in Srinif thr li/tl In intriid*ff ih'm I' 'l'lwy ditt U) thf li.rrlnad iti.ii ' m|i'n? to miy l:?l?lit, a i n* ti wig Uiaktiig never bah rr attained. 1 n? y i.re comtN>flfd vrj tilating or g ssaio^r rk, tha hnrs m the parting baiug r gly i: aorta I andpo finally d. t i .I'litfd IS tJ ai>j aar just until l>? rn ?h. k.n Tbr ft on h a h?-> d by a rnafluwical coil iwM.. i. ir ' v 11? w ..it i ut on ia a inonifi.t. 'I t?av m> . ntr.v , I ,|.r l. mm '1 to tfie enuuftianee, ai.d at ooce (, , (Mil n<l i nil lit'* 'I* m ic in *11. They do uolciieek i. . 11 I i" Tij'i itmu- ilmliet alone is worthy of >11 I anh'ia i ? I I loitiln rn pei.tlem.n. 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