4 Mayıs 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

4 Mayıs 1844 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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T H Vol. JU, Ho. U.UWkoli Ho. HB05. <K)LD AND SILVER WATCHES AND JEWELRY. fpilOSE who wuh to purchase Oohl and Siljo W?tch??, * Onld Chain. Oold Pencil., Key?, lie., will find to their advantage to cell on the ubeeilber, who aaliuu Ml deicription. <>l iheatiove, .t retail, mncti lower lhan any ft"*' house toi the-city. Ould Watche. a. low ? rich. Watihee and Jewelry exchanged or bought Ail Watche. warranted to kt?ep good time.nr the money retmrnea. Watcnen and Jewelry repaired in the beet manner, and warrauted, lower than at any other place. _ ? ? o. C.ALLEN, Importer of Watche. and Jewelry, Wholesale and reUil, 10 Wall street, m27 liii?rc Uo-.taiiu. Fashions. TVTrs MAXWELL aoliejt. a ctil at her newly-opened iri. Kr.ucH Millinery Establishment, No 44 Canal itrret, near Broadway.-w here .he lias conatautly on hand an elegant .u.ortuieut ul tlia taunt and moat fashionable aitielei, at the lowest price.. al> lw*rrc BOARD IN BOND STREET. "PLEASANT llOOMS Willi Board can be obtained at No. s uona street *11 iui?r? ABBEY HOTEL, l?d STREET. BLOOMINODALE ROAD. KH VAN RENS.Se.L,Av.R Proprietor of the Abbey Ho tel. would return thanks to the citizeua of New Vora, for tho liberal patronage bestowed on lire place the put caiou. By strict atteutiou t* the business and wants of his guests, he hones for a coutiuuauce of ihe same. To thoie who have not visited the place,hewonld respectfully say. that a large, tine old mansion, supplied with the necessaries a d (usuries of life?groaudi unsurpassed in Ince'lou, beau'y and low tineas?covered with green grass, sweet flowers, and tin - shade, with attentive host? wait their coruing. tie- tlemeu w th their families, will find s lew honrs well spent in the cool shade of the old trees o( ''0. L'dies and Child en ran roam in peace and qniet over the ei tensive grounds of the place, and he as undisturbed u iu their own private walks Kami Ins or single persons can obtain board and good rooms at a fair iste. by at pl-iug soou. Individuals or Parties will he suooliml with Breakfast, Dinner or Supper, at nil hours. Mr M< ore's Stages, runuiuii from the Park corner of ChaX#amitieet and fr,i.n Row, uear th' Railroad, to AlanhattanVille, pass the plaee everv hour of the day?lare IX cents, good coaches and cueful drivers, nake this a ciieap and pica tarn ride, from th - heat an 1 ddstnf the city. N'e v York April, mil alt lmrc ROStSVILLE BOARDING SCHOOL, STATEN ISLAND. WWE8TTHORP restecifullv informs hii friends and the public <hat he has now an opening forseveral pupils. Parents and guardians ar also informed tv. W makes it a point i f conscience to guard in every possible way the morals of children commit.*d to his care. Reading, writing, orthography, arithmetic, geography, and grammar taught. The locati n is deli, htl'ul and healthy, the orchard, gardeue and playground ai* spacious, about ten minutes' walk Iremth: landing. The sieainhott Rariua leaves Barclay stieet every day at 3 o'clock for llotsville Terms, for board and mition, including washing, $33 per quaiter, pa-tl n advance Kef rences: Rev a-avid Mi re, Staten Island. vr pi. .^eym?ar, E-sq , 1 L-eatnam square, PI. X. H?nry Stewart Sesame, Esq., Siaten Island. Win Ludlutn. Esq . 124 Beekmmstmt. John Quoin, Ksq . 30 Mtlnrne street. Messrs Colvin St Fleming, Esqrs , IS Cedar street. Capt. KJ-vard nerber, Esq., Hicks street, Brooklyn. Mrs V*ri?u, 21 Eldridge street, New York. Kich'u. Moriimer, sq., 4 Mortimer Buildings, Wall street, N. x., and 823 Bf. adwa?. al9 luire CANA 1Ml,~Nlu^v"BRUNSWICK, NOVA SCOTIA. AND NEWFOUNDLAND VTOTES CC'LLr.iJTED, Bills and Bank Notes purchased, ks aud Di'ifts or Crents granted on the Branches of the Bank of British North America in the Provinces above, by RICH All D BKLL St WILLIAM MACLACHLAN, S and 7 Dorr'sBuildings. New York, 17th April, 1S44. Also, Notes of the B auchesof the Bank of British North America in Montreal, Quebec, Kingston, To,onto, St John and Fredencton N. B.. Halifax, N. Scotia,and StJohas,Newfoundlaud, redeemed at the current rate of Exchange on New Yoik. ap':0 2in St'sStW'sm FRENCH CHINA. REMOVED TO Ne. 65 LIBERTY STREET, , (UP STAIRS.) Auiturjojir,, iiiiivivr oiiu **Keni lur iTianBiaciurrrs, nu always on hand a Inrg' assortment of dinner and tea art* in plsio whitaand ({ill French Porcelain,as well as dinner and l)ers it Tlatea, of all sites, aaaorted Dishes, Soup Tureens, Covered Dishes, Salad Bow la, Fruit Baskets, (J us tar da ana Stands. Alan, Fancy Tra Seta, and Rich Decorated Dinner SetaAlao, Tea and Chocolate Ware, Ureek, branch and Ameri ean shape. All tne articles are warranted of the beat quality, and to be sold on liberal term*, and in lots to suit purchasers, rarlfl fini*!*". PANAMA HATS. Ono GENUINE J1PI JAPA ORA88 HATS-For sale OUU by F. ECHARTE, m2 3t*in 2!) Broad street. COPTER?ICO cases of superior quality, manufactured from the best ore with great care, comprising an assortment from It to 321,7., for sale by E K. COLLINS St CO., in2 3trc 56 Sontli street. SNIPE SHOOTING. DIAMOND GRAIN GUNPOWDER. rpHE SEASON HAVINU COMMENCED for Snipe J- Shooting, the Subscriber kegs to call the attention oi Sportsineu to the advantages claimed by using "Curtis fk Harvey's" Uuupowder, "The Diamond Oram." Althougr. this article has been but a very short tim-in the United Stttes, the testimony of soine of the best shots, as to its cleanliness and strength, induces the importer to so'icit those who consider clotnhuess and proper strength, desiderata, to give it a trial. Sold in c-uiisters of a poued each, by Mr. H. T. COOPER, 171 11 road way; J OH N CO.NHOY, Fulton street: and J. k C. BKKH1A N, Hardware Dealers, No 599; and wholesale of W. F. BROUOH, m27 lm*rc 304 Broadway MARTELLE AND HOLDERMANN, 37 MAIDEN LANE. T\iTANUvAC'TURERS AND IMPORTERS of Ornamen T'-L lal Hair -Vork, Wigs, Toupees, Bauds, Curls, Seams, and all kinds of Hair Works, wholesale and retail. N B.?'1 he trade supplied on reasonable terms. &12 lin*rre HIDES, FAT AND CALF SKINb. rPHF H1UHKST PRICES given Tor Hides, Fat and Call a Skins, cash current money, on delivery, at the Hide ana. Fat House of the subscriber, where contracts will be made foi Caitskuts by the season, or the highest ijice^ivni^b^ the pound f 15 tm'ee US Rli<*t?th il. between Prince and Houston TO MILLINERS, frc. ENGLISH BONNETS, MILLINERY, &c. TUST RECEIVED AT J. LYON'S, 37 >ohn street, and "36 Maiden Lane, a splendid assortment of ENGLISH BONNETS, climating of super Patents, fine Rutlauds, Albert Br iid, &c. tkc. Also, ao elegant assortment of Tuscans, Ribbons, Sfi'ks, Flowers, aud every otlier article in the millinery line. Milliners and others are respectfully invit'd to call and eaamine the above. The r.nglish llau ar-tbe clearait and best in the nv-.ri.et. All the above will be sold at wholesale or retail, at 36 Mn.den Lane and 37 John street. J. L. having concluded ro give up the above business after the preseut teasou. will offer inducement* to those who mav be pleased to calf,not to be met with in any other store in this city, aiil Im'ee J. LYON. Office or Jefferson Insurance c"omfan*,{ No. 36 Wall st, opposite the Kxchsuge. J "PHIS Company continues to Insure against Loss and DaJ mage by Fire, on Rooda, wares and merchandize, and also against loss by inland *j'qaJ?**?'* au(1 cargoes. Thomas W. Thome. Klisha Riggs, Thomas T. Wood raff, Ansoti Baser, X R llobsou, M. D., Joseph Urake, Thompson rriee, Joseph Allen. Moses Tucker, James E. Holmes, John K. Davidson, John P. Moore, John II. Lee, James R -vhiting, Caleb C. Iunis, Wm. K. Thorn, Francis P Sage, Thomas Moirell, John C. Merntt, Eugene Bogart. THOMAS W. THOKNK, President. GKO. T. HOPB, Secretary. ml m TCTMANUFAOTURERS AND DEALERS IN WOOLLENS. HENRY MIQEON, /"lOUNER ol Laight and Washington streets, New York, Fiuisherof Cloths, Cassimeres. Satinets, Stc.. respectfully inform- the manufacture's and dealers in woollens, that his eslablishnieut is now in suac.salul operation, and that he is pre lured t;> execute Willi pr.iin-tness,a!i orders in hit line that may becouliiled to him S|>eciirieos of hit workmanship may be se-n on an, licatiou to the gentlemen whole naraea ere anttcied, and to whan he has libertr to refer Ornera tu .j be k ft at 63 and of IWsthwt. REFERENCES. Woleott fc Slada, 63 Pine street. W. C. Lang ley, 6t Pine street H ids ted Haines k Co., 31 Nassau street! 1). Miiegham, 60 Pine street. si Joaes it i.o.. U l'ioe street. ap5 tm*M HAT AND CAP ESTABLISHMENT, lit BKOAD1*'AY, (OPPOSITE SAINT PAULS.) IMPROVEMENT in the manufacture of HATS, in1 traduced i.y the subscriber early this spring, (obviating ti e premature .mil disproportionate ??,ring out oi the edge of the crown, )h vn K met with the aiguaLapprobarinn of the public, he respectfully aunoonrra that lis st ck in full and complete, and hat in addition to tbei, peculiar atlvantafet, his Hats are in all o her reaptcta qsilte equal to all <>(h?rs no o in tlie market. Uentlemeu deairiuga Hat combining the qualities of Taste, Dt.iiahii.irv, ai d Economy, will cousnlt their interest by givinghim a call. JNO N.OEialN, 214 Braedw.iv, opp- site Saint Paul's Church. N. B ?The usual large and assorted stock of Hats, Caps, kc. fcc.. always on hand a!6 lm*ec FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, tec. EpHE subscrjbers have just recejved^ per l?te arrivals from b rrnch Artificial Flowers Materials of all binds for Flowers Feathers, Hair Ornaments, sad Millinery articles?for ale by HENR.V fc iImIN, I in porters, fB Bm?no ft Liberty street. bp stairs. THE INVISIBLE WIG OO closely resembles the real bead of hair that sceptics and bJ connoisseurs have pronounced it the most perfect and eitnorJinary invention of the day. The treat advaniaiie of this novel and nniune wig is tta being made without sewing or weaving, which eanses its appearances so closely to resemble the natural hair, both in lightness and natural appearance, as tu defy detection, its texture bviug so beautiful, go porous and so free, that in all caaes of aspiration evaporation is unimpeded, and jie great evile of other wigsentiroly avoided, The sceptic and connoisseur are alike invited to luspect this novel and bean I tifu) Wig, and tne peculiar method of fitting the head, at the raannfactn rer's. A. 1/ Ba try ,I? Broadway, corner oft ibertv street, up stairs *p34 lm*re FRENCH AND ENGLISH OLEOSTATIC LAMrs, AT 15 MAIDEN I.ASK AND 3-19 BROADWAY, f (k I. COX beg to inform their friends and the public geneJ rally, that 'hey hare just received an elegant assortment of French aud English Oleotlalic Lamps: English and AmerL can Holer Lampst also, uew pattern Chandeliers, which for variety and ele.anoe, snrpass any thing of the kind heretofore off-r-'d for sale, Th-y have also a large assortment of llou- tKeeping Jlrlie.lt*. consisting of "irandoles, Candelahras, Tab's Cntlrry, Birmingham and Sheffield flaled-Warea Hall Lanterns, Mantel Clocks, J tpanqery, Dixon Ik Son's Biiunnia Ware, Block Tin Dish Covers. Urns, fcc. Geiman Kilver Ware, Steel Eire Sets, Glass-Ware, and numerous other ariicles. N. B ? Conntantly on band a large esaortnient of Silrtr Ware. Ten Mg,Spoons, Forks, fcc. kc. ot theirown manafactnrc. IVrsoni rrqwiriwr any-of the above articles, are respectfully invited to call. They will find their Goods aa low as any in the city. g2fltw*re E NE JS BOARDING. A T V COURTLANDT STREET.?Th's establishment . bating recently bern taken on a leaae. ii uow ready to receive aiagle gentlemen or f.milies who may with permanent Board, with comfortable apaitmcuts. Enquire of Mm. Gere, No. 27 ( ourtlan lt Hreet. n30 lm?rrc BOARD. PLEASANT ROOMS, with Board, cm be obtained at No. 3 Wooster street. Tli? house and fnrnitnre are new, the location deiirable, and (he terms rrasouaVe. ^ a|>27 Iw'ra DR. ,S. \V. MOORK^ HAS REMOVE D from his late residence, 431 Broadway corn* r of Hprieg street to No. 767 B'Ladway, one dorr below the corcer of Niuth street. ui'l lwen REMOVAL. V p\R. J. HEINE has renoved to 20 Dnane street, between J-e Thatham end Outre streets, wh- re he continues to be consulted on th? various braucaes of his profession, in his native (the Urnnao) i r English languages tn2 lui*rc REMOVAL. rPHOM AS WARNER, Attorney and Connsellor at Law, A has rrmovvd his oAce to No. II City Hall Place, corner of Dnane street epJl lin(,ec_ rPHE SUBSCRIBER having removed from his old stand A No. 1 South William street, to No. 44 William meet, returns his siucerest thanks to his liberal customers.and begs their farther patronage in his new store, as he will elways keep the best of Havana and l'rincine Emirs. He would at'lie same time inform the public that hj has no connection with hi> old place J. *. GAMS, m3 3t*re Importerand Dealer in Havana Segart. rpHK.O\VMSHS OK PROl'EKTk ON TUP. MX I II A AV" NUE, are rtque ted to ineet at the Huns cf William McKobrjta, at the corner of Sixth Avenue and Eleventh a reeti, <>u Monday Eveuing thefiih iui'ant, at half-past 7 o'clock, to consider >\ li-t otea urei ought to he token to reaiat the utjua' asaea. ineul about to be levied on their property, on accouut of a Sew. r, sunk in avid avenue about ten yeara ago. ml F StSc.V13t*rc INFORMATION WANTED el GEORGE M ?SON. a 1 young man, an apprentice on board of t,.e British barque Emigrant, atraoded in Mobile Bav <n the fall of 1839. It is aappnaed h* ia now engaged aa Clerk in soite atore in vtobiU. or its soma village in the State of Alabama. A line addretaed in care of Roche, Brothera &l Co., of New York, for Captain John Pe'rie, of alup Helen Thomaon, will have strict altrnti n, as his relations ate > ery antioua to hear from him, m I ec PLEASANT ROOMS on the second floor to let, wi'h board to gentlemen or geutlemen and their wives. Apply at 31 Yeaey street. Hetevencea vichauged tnJ 3t*rc FDR SALE. A SPLENDID Eight-Keyed Silver Mounted FLUTE? London make, Nicholson's improved. To be seen at WIN DUST'S Shakespeare ltestauraut. tn3 2t*rc THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. EPHE OFFICE and Store of the su-scrbsrs *'o. 22 Beaver d. street, was broken opeo on the night of the 30th April, or early in the morning of the first of vlay, an about $J,000 wortn of Coprer Hronze stolen therefrom. 1 he ttronze w.ia all done up in packages of one pouud each, which were subdivided into sixteen parts, of an ounneeach i each onnce done op in a blue paper, and nearly all of thorn marked with a private mar's 1 he quantity stoleu waa about four or five hundred pounds weight. It is pre.nmed that the robber concealed hirself in the store until aft?r the nine a as closed, and t'<?u broke the office open, and iemoved the property by the back entiance to the strie in M&rkelfield street 'f heauovo reward will be given for any iufoimation that may lea I to the conviction of the thief and the recovery of the property, and in proportion thereof, for snchamjuut as may be recovered Any other infoiinalioii in regard to nny broHae, that may be sold or offered for sale iu this or t"0 neighborit gcit.es, or iu regaid to auy person coming nut of the premises in Mtrketfield street after six o'clock on the eyening of the 30th April, will be lhankltillv received. ROZELT & CO., my2 lw*m 92 John street, New York. GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING STORE, 09 MAIDEN LANE. /CONSTANTLY on hand, a General Assortment ol READY L/ MADE CLOTHING, of all descriptions. Shirts made to order efter the latest and most approved French patterns, at short notice. Persons furnishing their own materials can have clothing of all d scriptious mule up in the best style, at the following low prices, vi? :? Frock and Dress Coats made and trimmed, from $8 to $10 Pantaloons and Vest* " " $1 30 to $1 73 Sou- hern orders executed at short notice ml lm?ec WM. COLLINS. RACES-UNION COURSE, L. I.-NEXT TUESDAY. epO LET?Tli- Oyster and Vict nailing Stands. For rumenA lars inquire ol M. D. W1NCHEL, 449 Broadway. For Sal1?A Public House, with two Bowling Alleys at teched The honse is handsomely fitted up and now daing a Eood btrsidess. Said on account of the owner haring another uose. Attached is a Refectory with fixtures. For particulars econireat440 Broidwav. TO MILK DEALERS AND OTHERS. Can be (applied with from one to two hundred KASojl quarts per day pare Milk, from Westchejter Couaiy, liailroa'h twice a day. To a Rood customer contract nm be n ude to supply the year, winter and summer For particulirs enquire all) Broadway. m3 2t*m TUESDAY, May 7ih?First face?Sweepstakes for three year olds, Sub. $200each, $50 ft, clxed with ih; following sub* :? F. T. Porter, names gr f. by Langford, out of Oulnare. Chaa. S. Lloyd, names br. c. bv Horiiblower out of Henrietta. " " uamei gr. f by Dolirar, out of l'eter Piudai'a flam. J. K. Van Mater, namea br. r. by Langfurd out of Miss Mattie. Imm'diately after?Pnrae $300, entrance $50 each added. Two Mile Heats. After which?Puree $50,entrance $25 each added. Mile Hrata. m34?7?m FOR SALE?BAROUCHE, HARNESS St HORSES. <1 A aubatantial, well built, low Carriage, for two AjETwhoraes. Haa bean uaed two summers with care, 1'he ' - * ? """" are a good pair of dirk bayt. go well in single or Uoaith-ha'iieaa sound, ](icd .and gentle. They will be (old altoRc.hrr or aeparale, aa may auit best Alio?A atroug built leaf tier topiwd WAOON, built to order, with draw front tor one or two horaea; will teat two or tour; with pole and shaf a if deaiied A Double Harness will be sold wi'h it. For farther inform <tion, apply at 30# Mulberry itrret, or address a line to 'A Y.. this office ni3 3t*?c country storekeepers, pedlars, and families, A RE supplied at ixirean ly low pricrs, with PALE YK.LA LOW SOAP^for family use. Almond ilose, Windior and all kind* of Fancy Snap. Barbers a esupelied with the best known Sharing Soap, and such other perfumery aa they require, lower than can be had elsewhere. Easercea for the Handkerchief, Lavender Water, Oils, Pomatums Toile'te Powders Tooth Powders, and Cosm-tics, Scent Bscs, and every d-scrip'ion and style of perfumery. Johnson tR Vroom devote their skill and asaiunity personally to the nanufactnre of unique economical sna-s and perfumery, and profess to sell cheap r at their Soap Works and laboratory, 79 1'riDtv Piace, Lumber street, than any other house m the country can do Call and eia nine before v<mi purchase. SO.\r WORKS, 79 Trinity Place, cf lm*rc niar Rector street. genuine teas, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. THE CANTON TEA COMPANY, PRINCIPAL STORE 121 CHATHAM ST., N. Y Branch Sturm, 318 Bleecktr street. JVrw York. 301 Grand ttrerl, near Sujf'olk, 191 Greenwich, near Fnllon. 110 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Alto, Corner of Maine and Ifouton ttreet, Patterson, If. J. And 4ft North Fifth street, Philadelphia. INVITE TH" ATTEN I'?N OF CITY AND COUNI TRY FAMILIES AND PU11CHAHEH8 fo ihe r several establish merits, where they think will be found by far the beat selections of pure and unduIterated Teas in the United Slates The univrrsal popularity and renown of their bona* with reference to high qu dities, low pricts and upright d? sling, is too well understood to render further comm'iits neeenary Original and only Warehouses lor the sale ol Howqua's Black Tea. 'Observe ! !Steamers will be particular to rrmwpiber the number of the priuei wl store iu Cluthnm street, viK 121, between Pearl and Rosevelt streets, The public will also he pt'ssed to tabe notice, that the Canton Tea Company have no thing to do with any other stores except those described at the top of this advertisement. ap24 3m*et: WINES AND LIQUORS SELLING AT REDUCED PK1CE9-The Sabsrriherwish ing to retite from business on account of ill health,otters his entire stock of old BRANDIES. WINES and Liqnors, at s bargain The repututiou which his house has maintained for many years, offers arsxe chance to any person wishing to embark in the baaiuess.^Karly application should be made. al2 I m*ee F A UN A IIP T1W Ann street. ^THORN'S COMPOUND EXTRACT OF COBAIBA A AND BARSAPAKlLLA posses* slew advantages not enjoyed by any other medicine for the ente of all sexual di rati, Mid wlncn mint, with an enlightened public. laiu'e; it assuredly highly popular, aud a desideratum Ionic sought for in the medical world It needs no confinement or change of dirt In ill approrrd form, tha- of a paste, it it entirely tasteless, and causes no uupl'asanl sensation (O the pilirnt. It hat aci|uiri><l the ulmnat lama in almoit ererv part of Europe; it hue ' een examined, spprored of and sanctioned be the ficnliy of medicme, and recommended by tha moat eminent of the profeaaion Prepared by J. B. Thome, chrmut, London, And lor aale wholetife and retail by JAMES TAKKANT, 256 (Jreeawieli at, corner ot Warren atreet. Alan, at 2 Park Fow and Ml Broadway, 1(3 Broadway, 300 Broadway, corner of Walker street. m 3 2vrin?*r EK. COLLINS Si COi, 50 Mouth atreet, hare an hand and offer for sate, rii Twine?2' 0 bales Bridport mannfactory, from 5)i to I( lb. Cotton Dnck?2Mb ilea, equal many in market, from No. I to 5. Alto 30 balea Extra, No I 2 and 3, for pilot boats. Copper?100 easea Shotting, from 14 to32|uz. Sheathing Pa|>er?50 halea Patent 8heating or Kelt, for ahip*. Linseed Oil?50 caakt English. Lard?200 barrels Pare Leaf Lard. 200 " No, 1 " ' 200 hf bbla No. I " 1 500 k'gs Pnre Leaf. Poik?100 barrels Claar. 2 0 " Extra do. rery mperior. 400 " Meaa 500 " KiUlt rery auperior. 100 " Prime Hami?00 tiercs sugar cured, in hoe oriler. 100 barrels, " " Tongnra?K'O dot Smoked. Beef?20 half barrels, for family uie. Tallow?20 barrels Rendered. Peechea?50 barrels Dried Parches. Beef llounds?20 barrels _____ 3t rr pOHK?200 barrels Extra Oar Pork, yen auperior. * J00 " " Me?a " Tor aale in lota to suit purchasers, by ma 3tre E, K. COLLINS ?t CO.. 56 South at. T AIUJ?200 barrels Pure Leaf Lard. J-' MO Nt.l , .. S** kega Puro Leaf Lard, for sale by ma K. K COLLINS h CO.. 50 Sonlh at. TUKTO'8K SHELL?40O Pound.jyg d ^uMir^ tor sat ""'f* No. 0 I'online Building. : w y< fEW YORK. SATURDAY TUB RATIFICATION CONVENTION AT BALTIMORE. Baltimore, Mat 2, 18-14. 'thin was one of the most splendid alfairs that has ever been seen in this city, and was never exceeded in this country, except by the great Convention at Richmond, Virginia, in 1KI0. The procession of Whig Delegates was mst two hours passing a particular point. So you may 1 judge of its length. Although the delegates were J ordered to meet at certain parts of the city to form 1 into line as early as 7 o'clock this morning, yet it , was past 12 o'clock before they came on the ground ' at Canton?the race course. Here a most commodious and elegant stage was | erected for the speakers, whig Mrmbirt of Con- \ grot, icc. Evety possible accommodation was afforded the reporters to-day?but not yesterday. The procession was of the most imposing character?probably 12,000 persons were in it. In connection with this, I send you the diagram of the streets in this city, in which the various pro- ' cessions formed this morning. Baltimore street, i down which the procession marched as it was 1 formed, was ornamented by a large triumphal arch | of the most splendid character, with the names of all the States festooned over and around it. All down Baltimore street, almost every house was ornamented with Hags and devices of all kinds. The windows were taken out, and each opening was crowded with beautiful female heads and forms. Words can't describe the coup d'ci ?the loveliness that Baltimore etreet exhibited this day I counted over 30,000 handsome women at windows and doorways along the line of procession. The procession moved ofl'at 10 o'clock precisely from Eutaw street, close by the Futaw House. As soon as the procession started,three guns were fired as a signal. The procession then moved down Baltimore street to Caroline street?down Caroline to Gough street?down Gough to Bond street? down Bond to Bank street?dowc Bank to Market street?along Market street to Fleet street, and along Fleet street to the Canton llace Ground; where the Convention was organized. ? Nothing could exceed the imposing character? the beauty?the sublimity of this spectacle as the procession came on that lovely piece of ground and i'nrmed nround the stand, excent the Virginia Con vention, where ItOOO lovely women were en the ground, to heighten in every sense the beauty and sublimity of the spectacle. The Prize Banner on its carriage drawn by six milk white horses excited universal admiration and applause. The procession reached the ground at a little after 12 o'clock, where there must have been 50,000 people present. It was a sublime sight. All was order, narmony and regularity. The wagons containing the Blacksmiths and weavers at work.&c. were loudly cheered ; so was a live Coon on an ash bough, carried by Officer Smith, of Philadelphia. lie was the K. K.?the Koon Karrier. Mr. Webster came on to the platlorm a little before 12 o'clock, and was most warmly hailed.? Archer. Morehead, Crittenden, Berrien, and several U. 8. Senators were there. Tom Ewing, the salt boiler, Ned Stanley, of N. C., Potts, of Va., Gov. Metcalfe, of Kentucky, and hundreds of distinguished men were there ; about lorty whig members of the present Congress were there ; E. J. Morris, Clingman, Barringer, Peyton, Ilardin, Newton, Summers, Cranston, Wright, &c. The Convention was called to order by Mr. Reverdy Johnson, who introduced the Rev. Mr. Bascombe, who delivered a very eloquent extempore prayer. Mr. Yates Wai.sh then came to the front of the stand and said?Countrymen, it is niy duty to call the Convention to order, and I nominate for President on this occasion, John M. Ci-ayton, of Delaware. This was received with loud cheers. The Vice Presidents and Secretaries were then nominated, as follows:? I'rksidickt, JOHN M. CLAVTON of Delaware. Maine K. P. Barhank, New Hampshire Ira Purley, Massachusetts tieorge T. Davis, Connecticut, W. \v. Hoard man, Vor?,?..f Pnrt 111 flu v (or Rhode Inland, Wm. S Patten, New York James N. Reynolds, New Jersey Jacob W. Miller, rennsylvauia Thos. M. T Mc Kcnnon, Delaware Wm. W. Morris, Maryland H. W. Archer, Virginia James Lyons, North ( arolina, Kdward Stanley, South Carolina 8. A. llurlhut, Georgia T. Butler King, Alabama,..,.,..,... Wm. Uollston, Mississippi Wm. C. Smedes, Louisiana Dr. Doyle, Ohio, Wm. Bebb, Kentucky, Francis T. Chambers, Tennessee Gen. Calvin Jones, Indiana, James Hariden, Illinois John J. Hardin, Michigan, Morgan Bates, Mississippi P. L. Edwards, Arkansas John Preston, Jr., District of Colombia,... II C. Weightman. SteasTsaiLs. Joseph Baker, Maitre, Robert A. Dobbin. Md, George Dawson, New York, Ed B. Freeman, N. C., D. C. Wicklifle, Kentucky, John H. Strong, Arkansas. Mr. Clayton then said,?Fellow citizens, the first husinees in order is the presentation of the banner. (Cliects ) Here the banner was brought forwaid to the stand. It was n most splendid aflair?very large of crimson silk?with a portrait of Mr. Clay in the centre, and underneath was written "In all assaults our safe defence." It was gorgeously ornamented with gold tassnls and strings, and on the summit of all was a golden fac simile of the Sergeant at Arm's Mace of the House ot Representatives. On each side of Mr. Clay's jiortrait arose the figures of " Commerce and Agriculture. On the reverse side was an appropriate inscription. Alter the banner was brought round, Mr. Clayton introduced Mr. Reverdy Johnson, who made the following speech Delegates ot the State of Delaware, in the name and at the request of the Young Whig* of Baltimore, I have the honor and pleasure of presenting the Banner to you. It is given, as all who hear me know, in token of that preeminence of zeal which ha* induced you to gather here in numbers larger in proportion than tliocc of your sister States around the altar, where the lire of victory has been kindled 1 am proud, my fellow citizens, of addressing you under such circumstances. You have come lrom your domestic pleasures, from your homes and friends and from yonr needful toil, to swell the mighty band of brethren, who, with a common spirit, have rallied here in behalf of a glorious, invincible and common cause.? Among them all you stand conspicuous?Hrtt among the Ge?rf ' most to be honored among those honored most.? High as has (been the stand of vour noble State among her fellows?boldly, bravely and truly as her whig sons have borne themselvea during years of doubtful conflict ; to-day you have tilled up the measure of her renown. To'la7 you have made her the Banner Commonwealth of this t'nion ! Honored bo she with her laurels! She worn them well! and may she wear them long Look, sirs, upon the prize before you, as it waves in the breeze, which is to hear to every quarter of our (' ion, the tilling* of this mightv gathering and of your triumph ! Uorgeou* m are its fold*, we would that they were worthier ol the|true man over whom it is their destiny to flont. Yet ia there on them that which far tramcenda all which the painter'a skill could lavish, or the artist's taste conceive. Upon the one aide, wreathed in a tiright gnrtand, are the insignia of the States of your confederacy, shining the richest chaplet that free<loir. ever tmr e upon her brow. I.earn, air, if geod whig* like yon ca i need the teaching ?learn from that wreath that all your country'a destinies, her honor, hope and welfare, are centered In the Union which your fathera (ranted lor you. l.enrn that in the reason of itameitic trial? when the storm fathera and the blast* are pitiless?the Union ia the ark of

your only refuge ! Forget not that when the tempest cornea surging from afiroad, tho Union ia the one thing upon which linnga your honor and salvation. Price, then, I pray you, the moral which your flag impresses.? Hear it to your homes; write it on your hearts; teach your children to love as you havo loveu?to defend, as you defend your impregnate and priceless Union ! (cheers.) t 'pon the other side there is the portraiture of one whose name and fame are deeply dear to all of us?whose history lathe history of your country's greatness?whose triumph now will bo your triumnh?the victory of the constitution and the people ! Head in the history of the life of Ilenty Clay the beautiful illustration of your country's institutions I.earn there, and pri/.o the truth, that from the humblost station there is a road for genius and for virtue to fame's loftiest steep ! Hemember, too, that of that great citizen's most elevated titles to his country's admiration, the very proudest is his ardent, unfaltering devotion to the cause of the one undivided Union. The emblems that surround his image will bring ever to your minds the mighty Interests of agriculture, commerce and domestic industry (cheers,) over which his zealous patriotism has, without failing, hung ! And when now, and in the times to come, you shall be surrounded by the blessings of a policy whose spirit hla wisdom has ' breathed Into your) laws, remember, fellow citizens, that man will best deserve his country's love, and will 3RK. I MORNING, MAY 4, 1844 nost surely earn her laurels, who toils with head and jeart, ana nerve, to give that country genuine indejendeuco?protection to her labor?to her [>eoiile, bread. (Cheers.) Above that honored head, you will perceive ;he paiuter's skill has placed, as 'twere, a thing of life? :he bird of your country's arms ! Let that, too, teach you :he cause to which you and I, and all of us, this day pledge ourselves altogether?soars like the eagle full in :he sunlight?asking no darkness to live in?seeking the spperair with the world's gate on it?made for triumph l>v its nature Let it lie to you us inspiration-as an em blem of perseveruiice and upward nope ! Kind in the proud bird of your native forests, traits of the dauntless gallantry which marks your champion, and which should go ever with men like you, and all of you have pledged heart and soul to a righteous cause, j Take, then, my fellow whigs of Delaware, (loud cheers) i this trophy oi your enthusiasm and devotion-the stuff which beurs it was cut from Ashland (loud cheering) by the hand of our leader. (Renewed cheers.) Plant it deep ?let it lind root in the soil of your commonwealth You have won it nobly?and with all the emblems which it beurs?with the associations which cluster round it?it is yours?yours only. (Cheers.) llut bear in mind that it is but the pledge of your future exertions in the same glorious behalf. You have done wtll hithert*?better, now, the best is yet before you. You will not be wanting to the duties which devolve on you as tho right of ihr whig line Victors here to-day in the friendly strife of brethren, yon will be victors hereafter when the contest is hot with the foe. The banner which floats over you is the brilliant pageant which will float we know in equal triumph whenever your patriotism is taxed, er your energy called to the rescue. 1 ako it, then, with you Wo commit it with pride to hands like yours ; anil when in strilu it shull cheer you, and iu victory it shall glisten over you, remember that the whigs of tho whig city of Baltimore shall bo with you in spirit?your cause, their cause?your triumph, their triumph. This elicited loud cheers, amid which the banner was presented to the Delaware delegation. At this moment a pickpocket was arrested in the crowd, which created a great luss. Mr. John M. Clayton then came forward, and was loudly cheered. Indeed, as soon us he was seen on the platform,he was cheered tremendously, Here there were loud cries for "Webster?Webster?Webster? Webster." Mr. Clayton then introduced Mr. Ambrose Spencer to the meeting. Hon. Amiihose SfKitctH come forward and said :?That as president of yesterday's convention it was his duty to announce what the convention had done. They have nominated Harry of tho West as their candidate for Presidency, (loud cheers) und also Theodore Kreling huysen lor th<s Vice Presidency?(cheers)?a citizen born of New Jersey, but now of New York. If your enthusiasm be 1111 earnest of the future, the success of tho whig cause is certain. 1 have thus done my duty, as I know that you will do yours. Aud I now bid you adieu. (Loud cheers) Hon. Mr. Rkrrikv, of Qa , rose and said?He was tho gratified mo.lium of a communication to this meeting from Henry Clay, of Kentucky. (Cheers.) And 1 now tell you that he has yielded himself to the wishes of his fellow citizens. (Cheers ) He comes to you a candidate for your unbought honors, and I can bust gratify you by reading the letter of Henry Clay. (Cheers ) Here Mr. Berrien read Mr. Clay's letter containing his acceptance of the nomination, which was received with loud cheers. Washington, ind Muy, IS44. Gentlemen :? I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter,dated yesterday|at Baltimore,communicating my nomination, by the National Whig Convention there assembled, to the people of the United States. Confidently believing that this nomination is in conformity with the desires of a majority of the people ot the United States, I accept it, from a high sense of duty, and witli feelings of profound gratitude. I request you, gentlemen, in announcing to the Convention my acceptance of the nomination, to express the very great satisfaction I derive from tho unanimity with which it has been made. I have the honor to be. with the highest respect, faithfully, your friend and (allow citizon, 11. CLAY. Messrs. John McPherson Berrien, Kraitus Boot, J. Burnett, Wm. 8. Archer, and Abbot Lawreuce, die. die. Mr. Clayton rose and said?It now becomes my duty to ask you, do yon accept the nomination of Henry ( lay mailt: yesterday by the Convention t (Loudcries ol "We do.") All you that are in favor of that nomination, will say "Aye." Here there was a tremendous shout of "Aye." Mr. Clayton then made the same marks with regard to Mr. Frehnghuysen. and they were similarly responded to by tremendous cheers. Here there was a tremendous crowing of "Cocka-doodle doo?coek-a-doodle doo!" And Mr Webster roared out laughing. Mr. Clayton exclaimed?Mr. Webster, remember that'i not Chapman that's a crowing now. (Roars of laughter,) Mr, Clayton then said?" And now, fellow citizens, the actual work of this Convention is complete. The nominations of Henry Clay, lor President, and Theodore Fhemnuhcysen, for Vice President, have been ratified by you! (Loud cheers.) Clayton.?And now, fellow citizens, the work is over, let us proceed to oleasure. Let me introduce to you your old, tried, and valued friend, the good whig?the able? the eloqnttU? Daniel Weuster !!! (Tremendous cheers followed this.) Mr. Webster then rose and spoke about twentyfive minutes only. Mr. Walsh then offered a series of resolutions, which were carried. A strange looking man, then offered a resolution thnt the next Convention should meet in Philadelphia. This was carried. Gov Metcalfe, of Kentucky, then spoke for five minutes. Hon. Thomas Ewing, of Ohio, spoke about three minutes, when there came on a violent shower of rain, which dispersed the whole meeting. On the three othersidesof the platform, speeches were made by Crittenden, Iiotts, Stunley, fee. fee. 1 am writing this at 6 o'clock P. M. Thursday? wet through and through with the rain, having had to walk home from Canton. Not a coach to he had. ___ Another Labor Gun for the Princeton.?Col. I Tnaiah V Rirtl nf thiw #Mtv_ hnH rnntriveH a mndc ol making large wrought iron gum, which has received the approbation of l'ant. Stockton, and a gun of the sire of the " Peace Maker' is to 1m Immediately constructed at the iron worka of Bird k Weld. At present wo can only itate that the procea* will bo commenced by placing together, in the larm of a cylinder, a number of wrought iron stave* of the whole pmpoied length of the gun, and of proper breadth, und four or nix inches In thickness. Theae will be held together by wrought iron hoops, lying I clone together, the wnole length of the atavea, and welded upon them Upon thia row of hoona another of larger diameter will be laid, and theae welded upon the former , and additional row* will bo put on and welded to thoac previously on, until the desired thicknes* shall ho obtained. The rim of the hoops will be about six inches wide, and they will be so laid that the middle of the rims in ono row ol hoops will cover the Joints between those of the next smaller row. The sidei of the hoops will be carefully turned smooth, before they are laid on. The lima ol the hoops will be thicker at the ends than in the middle, so that when, after being put on in a heated state, the hoops cool and contract, they will bind those under them, not only upon the staves, but to each other and thus present a resistance in hoth directions to the explosive force of tho powder. The proposed advantage of this mode of construction is, that the welding ot small pieces of iran, such as of one row of hoops upon the surface of the others, can he done perfectly ; while it is scarcely possible to weld large masses perfectly, or without destroying the strength of the iron. - Trtnhm Gitzritr North ('akoi.ina Silver.?We Imd the pleasure yesterday of viewing a large mass of silver, with a slight | admixture of gold, weighing three hundred ounces, the produce of amine in Davidson county, N. which is now being successfully worked. This is the largest mass ever inado nt one time iu the United .States, and the ore from which it is produced yields very nearly, if not ijuite,' seventy per cent of metal. Is it so??We see it stated, that lite Mormon Prophet, Jo Smith, has turned his wife out of doors, for being in conversation with a gentleman of the sect, which she hesitated or refused to disclose. It was understood, yesterday that she had arrived in this clty.?Sl. J-miii Rrjtuhliran. Fat.uno or- a Wahkiiotthk.?Considerable alnrm was felt about eleven o'clock yesterday morning, in the neighborhood of Water and Arch streets, by the falling of n portion of the interior of the large building No, 37 North Water street, occupied by James M. Bolton, and used principally for storing grain A nam her of men were employed carrying grain into the third story of the building, when the joists of the fl?or gave way, preripifating some 10.00U bushel* of grain into the story below, also filled with grain, the combined weight ol wnichcarried away this floor, and the floor beneath, down to the cellar. At the time of the occurrence one of the men was in the room, and was precipitated with the mnsi of falling grain and rubbish into the cellar, and singular to ? !- *.v.l,,,pl 1 In 1,1. Il.nl.t i nm ,,#?/! out of the third story window, ami alighted on some board* in thn yard. lie received no injury with thn ? *. ce|>lioni>r ?omo alight contusion*. Molt of tlm men at thn time the Mooring gave way were on the staircase.? They all vrry fortunately escaped without n scratch.? Philadelphia Chronicle, May 3. Mork Presents for the T'RKsmENT.?The barque F.liz.a, from Zanzibar, arrived at Salem, ha* on hoard two Arab horse* a* present* from thn Imaurn of Muscat to thn Prnaidnnt of the United Statea. Street Fioht.?Thn F,exington, Ky., Enquirer *ay* that a few day* since, a street fight with pistol* took place in that city. Thn parties were Messrs. Morgan and Blanchard, both youth*. They fired each some two or three times. Blanchard was wounded in the side, and Morgan in tlio hip, neither dangerously, hut both severely. llEUOtos.?I)r. lieecher ban resigned the Presidency of Illinois College, for the purposo of acting |a? Pastor of Halero street Church, Boston U E Ri t. Another Earthquake?Interesting fkom Porto iiico.?The Nauvoo, Irotn St. Johns, P. it. arrived yesterday, brought to us a batch of letters and papers. We give two notes from our correspondent, which contain all the news:? ( Correspondence ot the Herald. 1 San Juan he Puerto ltico, April 13, lsn. (ioffi/i in Porto Hiro?Affair8 Commercial and FusJiionablt?'1 lungs in General and Particular. Dear Sir:? Knowing you only as the editor ol the first newspaper in the United States, I lake the liberty to pen you u few lines, to let you know the state of utliiirs in Porto Kico. In looking over the columns of your paper, 1 find that politics in the United States carry a great sway; thank Uod we are not troubled with them here! The season in this part of the world Iihs been delightful and uncommonly gay?balls succeed balls, dinner parties are plenty, promenades and " rides out, or drives," are very fashionable. It is considered quite a la monde to see a fop lounging on n bench in the promenade, quizzing the young ladies as they pass bv. We had a great turnout on the arrival of the recognize!ion of Queen Isabella II. The troops were all drawn out on the Otuiipo del Mors; and for three days carried on an assortment of tactics?retreating, tiring, en''.imping, and all kinds of warlike mnnumvteg. During this time the city was most splendidly illuminated. The Captain tlenerul gave two elegant balls a luetnjuctte; they were attended with a great deal of ceremony. Everything wound up with Viva Isabel Stgunda. Indeed, the whole affair came ot! most brilliantly. For the last week we have had Mann's Olympic Circus here. He had an excellent company, und drew good houses. Hut, in midst of all our pleasures, we ure entirely without an Opera. It was reported that we were to have the company front Havana ; but I believe it is without foundation. However, the neonlc entertain hopes of Die Dull and Vieux Temps; hut I am inclined to think it is all slutm. The only tiling like an Opera is the Ilttrita ; hut that is not attended hv many fashionable persons?they never change?it's the same old thing over ngaiu. The people wuntsomething new und grand ; they have a good theatre, handsome and commodious, and all that's wanting is a company?and that they must have. I suppose, you have heard of the death of Mr. Lockneart; tie came here with one huudred and sixty thousand hard dollars cash, and was swindled out of it by a pack of umigot, thus called in Spanish. We have had a great deal of rain lately, and at the present moment it comes down like hail. We are expecting momently a new captain-general; the one in office now belongs to Espartero's party, and this is the reason he will have to retire. [ suppose there will be great times when the new one arrives. The people are waiting unxiously for him?anything new for the Spaniards. Business in this city is slack at present; there is u nuinher of American vessels laving in hnrhor, waiting cargoes The merchants here have a byword?" Provisions are cheaper in I'orto llico than in the United States, and sugars arc cheaper in the States than in I'orto Rico." Freights have not come in as yet. Sugars still demand a high price. The following is a small price current:?Sugars, 1st quality, from #3^ to cwt.; second do, #2$ to $3 uo.; Molasses, do., to #114 ('?In Muyaguez they have been sold at -I.J, but that only was for a few hogsheads. For the last two months the island has been swarmed with agents sent out by the principal firms in New York and Baltimore. Thus we go. Exchange on Madrid, fi per cent; other parts of Spain, I per rent, hard money ; London, 4jm per I iM(X); United Stales, 3 per cent mcq. ; St. Thomas, f> per cent premium ; Spanish Ounces, #18.| u | Jjji 1K>j ; Columbia, do. $17}by your paper we heard of the accident onboard the Princeton, and us there are a great many Americans here, it threw quite a gloom over the city. San Jl'an De Porto Rico, April Ifi, > !) o'clock, 1'. M., on bourd brig Eugene. 5 1 )kar sin :? This is the second time I have been stopped writing to you by an awful catastrophe, the particulars of which 1 will relate. This morning out 4 o'; clock, a slight shock of an earth - felt by n | lew of the inhabitants, but ' ,.ot much ol it the time. At ten minute: lore !), a rolling noise was heard, something like that of thunder? the earth shook, tho houses trembled, and every body ran and prostrated themselves in the middle of the street to pray. It was an awful s|iectacle ; the shock lasted about fifteen seconds. All the houses are injured more or less, and some so much so, that it is a risk of life to live in them. Two oi three were thrown to the ground and the rest terribly shattered. It is pronounced by the "oldest inhabitants" as being the severest shock ever felt on the island of 1'. It. We are constantly having slight shocks ; hut there is one crash momently expected, and every one is preparing for it. A great many persons are moving on the Marina, and more are still going thither. The vessels are crowded with men, women, and children, and will he for a few days. The hells ringing every half hour for prayers. About eight o'clock there was a procession through the streets, and tc ileum in the church of St. Francisco, for the narrow escape of so many thousands; for it the shock had lasted two seconds longer, tlie whole city would have been in ruins. Tim steamer has just arrived, and states that it was felt in St. Thomas m few minutes alter nine, thus making it run from west to east; no doubt there hns been great damage done in St. Uonungo and Cuba, as it came on with a vengeance, if f may so term it. We exper t a crash every minute, and if it comes on, and Providence thinks proper to save me, I shall write and give you the full account. Aran. 18th.?The brig Alfonzo, ii days passage from New York, nrrived to-day, and says she felt me eiiniii|UHKi' Ilium IIUIII num. hi nimmn mi seconds. Ho the shock must have spread over a vast space, or number of wpiare miles. City Intelligence. Coroner's Office?Ma* 3,?Arn.ictiitn Cast. of Hpi< ioe.?The Coroner held an imprest yesterday on the body of Robert Nevin, ship carpenter, of 13'> Stanton at, who had committed tuicide by cutting hit throat with * razor at tho ship-yard of Kichett 81 Thorn.is, in Third it. near Mangnm. He had recently been out ot employment in h',s business, but had filled the situation of bell ringer at Essex Market, which gave him but a iioor subsistence, and not being able to obtain other wor k, he became dec ponding and downcast. Yesterday morning he left his house with a lad aged about nine years in his company, and soon alter directed the t>oy lo return with the following note to give to his mother :? " This is to notily you Hint if I nin not home by nine o'clock, that I will never return again?lor if I don't sue. coed in getting money, I will be out of the world before noon, for I am tired of it. Ko, if. I dont return as loon as I have said I would, farewell forever. Signed "ROBERT NEVIN." After this, it appears that he went to see a Mr. Ulydenhurgh, who owed him sornu money ; hut not being able to procure it,he repaired to the shipyard before named and cut his throat with a razor, which whs found by his side. When discovered, he wnsppiito dead. The Coroner's Jury returned a verdict of "suicide from mental depression ' Daatii most Hardness of Hesrt.?An innurst was also held on the tiody of a woman who hud resided at H|J Broadway, known only as " Sophia." A post mortem examination was made by Or I'eters, who re|>ortpd to the jury ' that her henrt was dilated to twice its inn.it size, and the valves were ossilind." She died suddenly, and tho jury rendered a verdict accordingly. In Hsinkrnptcy. Mat 3.?An order hns been made by Judge Letts, directing that in all cases, where persons have filed petitions for decrees or discharges in bankruptcy, and have neglected to prosecute the same that sui li persons do take measures to priseente such petitions before the first day of January next, or that the clerk lie authorized after thMt day, to close the docket in every such case, or to enter an order dismissing the petition 011 file unless a pi .-vinos or dor of tha court tie obtained to continue the same, or nn less the matter be delayed by actual litigation pending thereon. Court of Common Plena. Before Judge Ingraham. Mir 3 ? Humphrey Hunt vs. Ciiristn/ihn C'ovsii/y.?'This was nn action of replevin. A person named Johnson, il. consideration of money lent to him at various times granted a mortgage ol iiis goods to plaintiff. O'Neill, one ol plaintili's creditors, obtained a judgement in the Marine Court against Johnson, upon which lis* issued an 1 vecution and leviud on the goods. The plaintitf replevtoed, and the action was brought to test the validity of the re plevin. Tho principal ground of defence was the miscon ception of the form of action. After the plaintiff'had c*. asnins I hi* witnesses the defendant moved lor a non sin*, which was denied. No witnesses were called lor the de* lance, and the Court directed the jury ta find a verdict for the rdnintifl Verdict HsO. accordingly. Me?*r?. Hnitli'ii and P<' Witt lor plaiiitiil, aril Mr. liar bour for defendant. freshrt in thk whmnsa* k ivrr.?tl<<* Little Hook On/.etto of the 17th nit . rtai.a th it 11.* ' i.viThml boon riting rapidly for ?nme dnvs, an ' M?h i llitn lincolhi- grent treehot of I km ly nbo r fivo foot of boin:j orrr ii< hir' >,n ri*c, and fo*r? wore i iiln! mo, rui do ranch in jury totho farmor* on in Imf'oni Utidf. What's in a \a*e 1-TVreua^lac* mWabafd Valley, called " Bed Bug Urore."| iLD. WH tWO Coktla (l orrc?pouJ?ucu ot the .Herald 1 Albany, May 2, 18-44. 7Vie Popular Militia Bill? IFluit will become of i' f ?Fan)ty'* Chevalier, 4*i'. 4*c. J whs sorry that you did not like my remarks in tny letter of the 27th, in opposition to the Militia tall, and nude me approve of it. The bill an amended lus passed the House, gone to the Senate, been reterred to the Military Committee, andthere it will remain lor the remaining few daya of the session. Are you or your readers aware that the {assage of the bill into a law, in its present shape, would disband lien. Sandford's Division of Artillery in your city, consisting of lien. Storm's, Ceo.Hunt's, and Gen. Morris' Brigades ??and such being the fact, I cannot believe that you are so unpatriotic an to wish it. The Folice Bill will be unused, with some amendments, mostly ottered by Mayor Morris?emanating, however, from the agents of your " nniive " Common Council, who Imve a committee here, Rt the head of which is unit-assessment Merrium. Among other provisions, it is proposed to raise tiie salary of the Chief of Police to and it he will consent to some other alterations, the natives will give H obert 11. Morris the. oilice, and a capable and efficient ullicer lie would make. Your expose of the base attack of Fanny's chevalier, by the publication of his letters, has strengthened your former position, and has produced muriy a private and public laugh at the exI*ense of the $10,000 athvbil. By the way, as no one ever sees his paper here, you should copy, for the benefit of vour readers, what be writes, as it ia tliejoint to wfiich yon serve op the sauce. The Clerk of the Astt uib.y is w&king himself here, reading bills for the third litre, and uSenator is making a fiery speech ; hut of their proceedings, the evening papers will keep you advised. J. Mokk Operatic Movemk tj.?Signnr Martin', as we hinted yesterday, is huty in the lield preparing for a great movement in the opera next winter. He has issued the following tircnkr, which fully explains his design Ni:w Yoi s, May 4, 1944. To James Gordon BiNNerT, Esq? Sir :? The undersigned having matured a project, fur the purpose of gratifying (he growing musical ta?tc of this metropolis, by introducing from Italy a complete Italian Company, with a view of giving u seriea of operant representations in this city, during the ensuing wirier, begs respectfully to invite your attention to the following proposal As the requisite artists cannot be found in this country, the undersigned, with the assistance of a capitalist, who has kindly taken an interest in this project, and thus flii aided him to oveicoine the principal difficulty, will select, through nn ugent highly qualified for the purpose, some of Die most eminent vocal talent which Italy can afford, among whom will lie included A Prima tionna Assoluta, of the first order. A Primo Tenors, dlgra/.ia. A Basso baritone. Another Prima Donna and good Seconde Parti, fcc. fee. These, united with SIgnor valtellina, who approves ?y plan, and lias consented to second it, and has even entered into a conditional engagement with me, Signor Peroxzi, and other eminent artists at present in this city, will constitute an efficient and nttractivu company, who will he prepared to produce, in the most brilliant manner, tlio following celebrated Operas, vi/ I.ucrczia florgiu, Ma rino I nliero, Semiramide, ( rn 11 . Rosrmberg, and four of the latent end licit compositions of the moat distinguished ainenti of tin- lay; which, with the oecMwul reproduction ' ofthemi' favorite (>| i raa of the past season, cannot l,< to <'Her tliu highest gratification to th? lovttra of the Upon the l of the company, which will tie in the latter part ot mher next, ti aeries of forty-eight representations v given, to commence about the middle of Octohei litch season it is proposed immediately to open a am Hon list, lor two seasona of tw enty-four representations ., at the rate of $24 for the season, (it being optional to subscribe for one or both seasons.) payable on the arrival of the company, in order to form a reliable guaianly lor the outlay and responsibilities which the undersigned will necessarily incur, Each subscriber will he entitled to such scat as he may select for the season. The undersigned will hare the honor of waiting upon you in a lew days with the subscription list, when, ha trusts, he will have the advantage of securing your name and influence. With the greatest respect. Sir, Your most obedient servant, MARTINI. Naval.?The U. ti. brig Batnbridge, Commander Mattison, arrived yesterday froin Vera Cruz via New Orleans, utter a passage of 1H days from the latter port. The Batnbridge has been absent from the United States, on a cruise in the West Indies, about six mouths, during which time, we are gratified to learn, she has not lost a single ofliccr or inan by disease or cnsualty, though exposed to many vicissitudes of clii.iufe and weather. She sailed from Vera Cruz on the 1st of April, at or near the same time with the vessel which brought to this port the instalment of the Mexican indemnity, being then due. The following is a list of the officers: ? J. Mattison, commander : (>. W. Harrison, lieutenant j K. 11. Winder, acting do ; Q II. White, purser ; J. Beale, passed assistant surgeon , K. ('.Stiles, acting master ; R. J. D. Price, midshipman, J. K. De Haven, do ; C. llanreiter, master's mate; J. M. Melick, captain's clerk, U. Atherton, pnrsei's Stewart. Three Days Later from Brazil.?The Charles Carroll, Capt. Lee, nrrived yesterday from Ilio, whence she sailed on the 17th ult. Capt. L. reports no news. The frigate Constellation, reported off this port, was to suit in a few days' afterwards. She has :ii? gum; uuu .luiiuin. Marine Court. Deforu Judge lUudall. May 3.?John f?>r vs. Julm S/n/xmi ? Thin ?'? tn action of trover for recovery of the value of goods distrained under a landlord'* warrant I'laintitf took tho hauae 319 Division street, Irom defendant, noma time in l?4t, at a rent of$370ft year. Daintitf alleged that income titnu alter the defennent took the house of) hie handi, but allowed him to remain in possession ac care taker, and to assist in letting it, and that afterward* he caused hi* gooda to he distrained under a landioid's w arrant and sold lor tha rent. It was also contended that under the law of 1043 the whole of the goods were exempt. The defence wa* that, first? that the goods, or the greatest portion of them, were not within the semption law ; and, secondly, that the plaintiff entered into a wriiteu agreement with defendant containing Sever*! covenants, and that he granted a mortgage ol the good* a* a security lor the faithful performance of the agreement disi hnigid from any clsims under said exemption law. A question wa* raised liv plaintilt's counsel a* to the legality of tho execution of the agreemont, the part of it upon which defendant's signature was, being attached to the other part by a wafer. This question tho court left to the jury If they believed it to ho n fraudulent agreement, they should find for plninUll, if not for delandont. The jury lound for plaint ill, $30 J# cent*. Travklj.ino on thk Lakhs.?'The owners of the several steiimlmats upon otir Lakes, have at length con.tdetetl an Association for the coming season : the cabin fare to t leveland is $.'j, to Detroit $7, and to < hicsgo $14 , the steerage passage to Detroit $:t, to Chicsro $7 We Irani that tho steamboat* Julia Palmer and St. Clair, do not come into the combination, but run on the " opposi Hon line."?lltijfnlo K< onmnitt. Trial <>f Dorr.?The examination of the witnesses lor the government, was continued yesterday. It is supposed that the testirr.on v w ill not he concluded before the en.l ni'tl.a ueek '1 he trial does not eacita arr unusual intercut at Newport /'roe. Jam., May 1. Amuiementl. Chatham Theatre.?Mr Moaaop. who ia a I sweet vncali-l, nml i* reputed aa one of the best . representative" of Irish rhaiacters now living, cloiea au engagement to night with a benefit. If attraction Ix-yond - that <il Mosaop'" name were requisite, the commodity may la- fou 1*1 on Hie bill in neb abundance The manage! ha<l determined to produce, on the occasion, a nvw drama, but inch were the repeated aalicltntinna on tho part of liif patron" to ?eu Mr* VcOlure andCouuor (their lait appearance, liy the way,) In the beautiful drama of 1 Madno, that lie has consented to make that piece the feature. Mil" tiannon and Miaa Jeaaaltne both appear in new dancea, and Miaa Wood, Moaaop and Winan" in aoiig*. The "wiudup" of the night will be tho muilcal farce of the Iriah Widow, Miaa Heynolda aa the "Widow," (a jolly one "he'll be) and Moaiop ai Hir Patrick V nnkee Mill will commence, in new character", on Monday. So look out far fun. This ii riiK Day for fin and iiEfREATroy' at the American Museum, a* the juvenilis ars released Irom the tedium of the (chool room, and ?eck relaxation from atudy in the amusement" of this popular eitahliahment. The (iinnt and (tianteas arn to be "een at all lisurt, and grand psrformancea take place at half put f in the afternoon and M In the evening The Oip?y Mueen can lie privately con?ulted at all bonra. " Tiiftii ? ?T..,?v,!T-n Tin" FICTION."?Had it ttaeerted a few yr?r? tign thai a dwarf, only . tie# frrt hiarli. a glanteaa nearly *?ran and a half, aHon n , performer* eotilil !? wrn '<>r the ?nm of on? ahilling, the idea would hare been acoiited n? abaiird in the cxtrrmr, ' and perfectly prepoeteiaiua. Huoh, however, ia there**, aa any peraon may perceive by patroniaing Penle'a M>iainim An entertainment thia afternoon, at throe oVlock. I The beat aeata are retervnd for the ladle* Thia la aa it ought to be.