10 Mayıs 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

10 Mayıs 1844 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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Oividnid of three per cent p?yable on the 1st of June ? The (Quebec Bank will pay a similar dividend on the loth of June. Counterfeit one'f of. the Louisville Bank, Ky., are in circulation ; also twenty'* of the Mechanics' Bank, Belli. more. The uniform rates ruling lor domestic exchange!, is a subject of astonishment to those who really believed such u thing impossible without some gr at regulator of trade, nud the currency. During the existence of the United States Bank, the internal exchanges were not controlled and regula ed hy the movements of commerce. The course ol trade had very little iufluerce ou quotations, even on the nearest point*. A balance of trade in favor of any particular iilace, could not, under the hanking -iystem, as it formei ly existed, govern exchanges accordingly. Some financial measure interposed to obstruct the regular laws that affect these movements. Under a proper regulated banking system, with a proper standard of the currency, it is as natural for domestic exchanges to rise nnd fall with the course of trade, as it is for water to find a level. Whenever any hanking institution deranges these movements, the whole system becomes deranged, and rotes fluctuate and udvance a large per cent above what they would otherwise he The principal catue of the existing uniformity of quotations, and the slight variations that have occurred in long periods, is that they depend upon the activity of business, and are regulated by the same unalterable laws that regulate trade and commerce Another cause is that they are in the hands of private, economical houses, instead of the hanks. Ex changes on evary point of importance in the Union, can be otitained of individual houses in this city, and at these nninta on this f i?ir I- it.- 1 -1- -/ , ? J U<t iu mu nullum ui private houses. He long as they remain so and business continues on the same basis on which it now stands, we shall enjoy the benefit of the present reduced rates. Domestic Kichsnoe, May 10,1814. Boston, t? a >? dis Apalachicola, 2 a 2X du Philadelphia 3W a li " Mobile, 14 >11 " Baltimore, 3* a 3* " Montgomery 14 al5 " Virginia, 34 a V " Tusciloosa, 14 alS " N Carolina, 13-i a IV " N. Orleans, X? Xprem. Charleston V a % " Nashville, 2 a dis Savannah, la a X " Louisville, II4 a iff " Auuusta. la a 3a " St Louis, 1 a iX " Columbus. 1 a l*? " Cincinnati, Iji * Its " Macon, 1)4 1 IX " Mobile, (siieeie,) X a ?? P<n. Union, Flor. 70 a 75 " Treasury Notes. S. L it Tst. 75 a 80 " new emission, par. Alabamu funds are steadily depreciating. About three months since the ruling quotations were 6 ad per cent ? Since that time they have depreciated ten per cent Qi.'otvtions for Rpkcik. Per rent. Value. Am. (Jold, old, 100 ainoX Carolusdollars,- $' 05 a 1 07 Do new.- 10i;Xa|00>i Five francs, 0 98Xa 0 94 Half Hollars, par a ttnuhl'mns. 16 75 al7 (0 P?rtuvue*e eo'tl,- inn alOftX fo Patriot, 15 80 al6 00 Hpsn sh dol'ars, IOlV,alOt Hoveren us, 4 81 a 4 85 Do q-m-trrs. 99 alio Do ligl t, 4 82 a 4 81 Me* can dollais,* tOnXalOOX Heavy guineas, 5 00 a Do qu rt*rs, 99 alio Napolet ns, 3 83 a 3 85 The annexed statement of imports into the port of New t Vork, gives most of the principal articles Imports into the Port of New York . Jan 1 to Same time ' mtpril 1844. May 1, '44. in I H ill. 43offon, bales, 45 769 2ii2.?l9 123 542 Coffee, casus, 48 51 5 Do bills 73 79 2 2 PDo b 69 892 176,3.7 129 028 Coco, bags, 611 5 039 1.570 t'orliineal, cer > us, ? 69 189 Hides, bales 262 318 187 Do number, 75,561 240.778 151,7" 8 indigo, esses. 420 733 209 Do crrnoim, 707 1,235 "11 Molasses, hhds, 15 651 33 5(9 19 793 Do liercrs, 1,244 2,974 2 330 Do lib's, 1,8,3 12,571 16.400 Pimento, hairs, 448 2,694 4 321 Hu">, pur.cbeons, 164 414 218 Suuars, I hds, 11,657 27,335 28,841 llo tierces, 50 1ST 116 Do libit, 1531 3.?0 2.925 Do buses, 19,239 35 856 8,ui9 Di b'gs, 8,473 13,438 22 140 Tobacco h' ds 1,217 2 514 2,126 Do Mrs mid perrons, 1,5:16 5,235 5.651 Wines, bu rs and t;j,pe?, 199 248 28 uu Ml ' gull n ii pipes, 1.102 2,171 171 Do qii trr rusks, 4,II6 6,357 1,187 Do fnilia-i b'oD, l.lOi 1,85II 318 Do h. x s, 1,135 4,910 569 Bnndy, |i 5 61 ? Do ha ( pi[>??. 772 2,931 221 Do qrcasks and bbls??? 391 1,551 147 Don', tors, 2,182 1,636 4,671 Dark, bales. 57 209 217 Do piers, 1,6 i 3 4,833 5,814 Ka-thetiw are ctatej ami cks 4,176 11.317 5,>31 Piss, packages, 3 9211 31,030 25,151 Omi. pipes. 519 1,172 265 Glass botes, 45 273 181 Hemp, t< i s, 244 949 1,562 Iron, bsr, toos, 2,836 8,8',5 4,866 Do piq. tons. 2,638 4,599 1.0'li Do sh-et. hoop, Ike bdls 4,179 9,467 3 171 Lead, pigs. 4,170 26 269 12,591 CiveoiT, c isks. 41 249 5 Do botes. 4.082 6,355 1,427 Do b skels, 9,991 14,3'Hi 1,271 r. Pier, bags. 3 910 8,588 8,972 Ilaisins, risks, 323 498 238 Do b' 6,613 54,79(1 18 671 T'skj, biU'S, 1.033 3,480 552 ltin fierrts, 3 067 16,031 17.916 Hi't, liulr-s, 115612 219 432 218 08(1 Saltpetre, bags, 117 912 797 Won), bales. 1,610 4,07 1 2.124 There hus been quito an incraasc in theiraport of many articles, such as hides, coftee, molasses, sugars, wines cool, iron, renins, and wool. Tim falling off has been trifling, and confined principally to lead and hemp. The great increase in our importations this spring over those of lait, is confined to the manufactures of cotton and wool. These manufactures cannot be enumerated in a table on account ol the endless variety. With the excep. tion of these goods our foreigu trade lias increased in a healthy ratio, ,md without endangering the safe system of trade on which business is now conducted. Old Ktnck Kxcltuiigti 210(1(1 NY Slate'5*4V, '61 107?i 50 tlcii Canton Co 130 60 (4KI0 d< '55 li'Dj 110 do b20 GO 2,(i'i0 Ohio 6'i,'60 91 lOO do 59!,, 5' 00 do b30 99X 25 da blO 59,'i 2000 do 99K 250 do 59 5, 500 do b'0 9"h> 7" March's F.gc Co 2uk( SOW) ''eotucky 6's lolbi 21 UticafcScrea 131 1:060 Feiin'a 5's 75)s 327 Heading t>R 52>4 50( 0 do 75 50 do b30 53 200 1 do *3 75 250 do 51 6100 lllinnis.nel hd. ^r. inn -- ? - .. ui' UJII w? 2>-<0 do 4'.)4 in Mo.uwkRR 79 60 tl do >3(1 58 0> 78)4 21100 do 15.(4 1 0 do b20 711S 3(>' 0 Indiana $ bond* 44 50 Har'em KB. 83)4 130 'I do 4tV 100 do 84 5000 do b30 41)4 50 do bIS 111)* 50 ?l<a? Pry Deck Bk 62 50 Nor St Wore 64 \ 48 rheuix Bk 91 275 do 64)4 4 Butch tk Drover*' Bk 106 125 do 64>a 29 Bk Com ull 99>4 150 do bow 65 35 N Am Tru.t U\ 175 do 84)4 10 Am KjcBk 425 do 65 100 U S Bank 634 300 I. Ill ind RR b30 85 111 Jeflersun In* Co 123 50 do 81 *50 h ?rinr?'TruBt 41 50 <18 bnw 81)4 75 do 43A? inn do 8 p* 75 .do 43 >6 100 do 81)4 200 do bl5 43V 100 N Jer.ey RR 97 50 do btO 43)4 I0'1 do bGQ 98 50 do b20 435* 125 Paternoa RR 82)4 50 do b30 4 3)4 50 <11 82)4 1*5 Can'.on Co 60 25 Stouni Hon RR 52)4 , 200 CO blO 60 100 i<o 53 25 do bow 60 100 do 53)4 New Stock RxchangCi *2W0 Kentucky 6> c 104 100 aha* L lilanil b30 85)4 5100 llliuon 6 s, 70 b3 44 50 do bow tit'., IOiO do b3 44 50 do fl 83V 11,011 Pcnr'a 5'* *60 71 inn Harlem RR b30 85 160 slias Hirard Bk c 18)4 100 do b30 85V 5" II S Biuk 7)4 100 do tw 83V ion do , *3 7 25 d . c 83)4 50 Cani'.u Co >3 59)4 58 do c 84 5 Moiri* I'nnal *12 4 125 Nor & Were hJ 64)4 5 da a 15 5 25 do *3 61 loo Stonington B R iw 53 25 do *3 61 50 do ?tw 5354 125 do c 64)4 175 d > c 53 100 do b3 64)4 2. do btw 53 100 do C61)4 50 d > bj 53 100 do b3 64/8 50 do 53)4 50 do *3 6i)j 50 do -3 5J 4j do Sit 64)4 '.0 L Iit.udRR 13 34)4 5 Mohawk 11R b3 78 75 do c 84 State of Traile. Ashf.?? Pot* are very Jull, at $4 37)i pearl* we quote at $4 93] a $5. BhFsmrorM?flour in declinitg , Geneaee i* held at 4 I 75 a 4 Hi A, and lreely offered at the latter ra'e. Ohio brand* fetch from f4 5*1 to $ >. and southern the same A iiy kind of corn hung* .61 cent*; rye 70 cents oat* 33 a tor canal, and '29 a 30cent* lor southern. t'ovrnv?The sales umuunt to about 2,0(8) bales, at pre\ ious price*. Iltv?Sain* of common <|nalitieg at 33 a 35c. Prime qilHlitie* are held at 37^ a 39c Whmkfv Drudge caak* are in modera'" demand at 222c. Prison be.freis are held at 23 a 23j, without sules. tlrl^iton Cattle Itmkit. May ft -At ina'ket, 600 beef ca'tle, 16 pair* working urn, 700 sheep, and 2,000 swine (Ml beet cattle unsold Price. ol heel rattle have declined, and we reduce our quotations?* xtrs $5 25 a 5 37; fir?t quality $->; second quality $4 61) u 4 75; third quality $3 76 a $4. A few rat. tie were sold on Saturday at somewhat more than our highest quotation* Sheep are dull small lotB from $ I 26 a 3 75 wether* $311 4 60 Lot* of swine to peddle 6) a rj iii, hi i i, ?iiu ?.) h oj ior harrows; a very choice lot 5} I n ttj; old ogs Irom 4 a ft; at retail from .V a 7J. Married, In Concord, (Mass.) on the sth inst by the Rev. Mr* Means, Mi Krkhrric lli ii?on,to Miss Ki.ita WoonwARh On Wedtieaday, ith inst by the Rev. Mr Cowen, Wm Whittikoham, to Maroaretti, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Verier, all ?! this City \t Brooklyn, on Sunday 6th inatant, by He*. Mr. Taylor, ut J.I Baptist Church, Mr John K. Stow, of this city, to Mine Kmeline Konntaln, of Brooklyn. Died, On Wednesday, 8th inst. Maria Louisa, (laughter of the late (fringe t. Smith, aged 10 years. The friend* ol the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, this afternoon at 4 o'clock, from the rasi i.enCfof her uncle, Charles W. Smith, 60 Vast Broadway, without blither invitation. w Brooklyn,on Thursday morning the 0!h in*t.,?aftei a lingering illness, Mrs Mast Jo',, wife ol I.yman ltio?vn, io the 46th year ol her age. I he lie ?ds and relations of the family, and also those >t hei hi 'them, Robert. John and William Tilfordarc re,|iifst d to lm present at the Innernl at the Brnaklyr,|K( rry, I,iot ol Catharine street, at ,1J o'clock this afternoon, to which place tlie hody will he conveyed from Biooklyn or inlerintnt. L.<:te?f Advlcfi H/.CglYID AT THE n?.W YORK HBIvALD OrriCA Anjier D-c. 2S Manilla !?? 2f H J.lnc.i !\Ur. jii Malaga '' l.it.Kim Keb. 18 Madeira reb " !> Areeibo Mar. 88 Mauritiaa No*. It 11; VuxCayea April 6 Montevideo Keh 2 Augu-tine Bay Mav l? Maraeaiho April 2 p. Uatavi.i Dee. SO Mauuiuilla Ainl ! <i Hay of lilaiida, N. Z-S.'pt 21 Mauuzna April 2 I o Bermuda Apr.1 10 Mo vaguer. Mar 31 p., Bu?nniAyre? Mar. 5 Mainmorts Drc 2 sp Belize. lion. April 6 Monterey Oct. II r Barbados* Apiil ?0 Nas.-ju, N. P. April II Bl Bogota Jan. II Neuvit?? April 27 na Bon ire Dot. 5 Oaliu, S. I tier. 2f. tai Bombay5Jsr? 1 Para April 13 ha tvwuiv.u. n'rfo ii A'nl 17 .'V Calcutta ^"Vb. 21 I'ort ait PrioM April 22 w< Cnnlenaa A ril :7 Porto Cabnllo Ail Hi de Ch.gr?. 'ui 1 Point I'etre, Ouad. Fell I re< Cicnfuegoa Apr I 17 IVruambuco Mar *4 su Cape Haytieti April!} Panama llec. 2f. St Ca"hageni April 7 Pyta Nov. ?' Campeachy Jan. 3 Kio Janeiro Mar. 27 it Imiuitnbo July 18 Htodrande M-r. II "i Callao Feb 25 Sua Juan Feb 2} th Oem-mra Mar 21 St. Helena Mr. IS bv Kltiimre Dec. 3 St. Tlioinat April 23 'to bay a) Feb 20 St. Jaao de Culm* April 22 Si Uibr. Itar April 5 St. Julius. P. K. April 8 in tniayama, I'. R ... April 27 Bt.Croix April 23 in lialve.tou April 6 St. Domingo 4 pril 2 Yi Qonaivea... Mar. "0 St. Cbex Sept 2: co <?U'yaipul Dec. 5 Surmain Feb 2 JJi (ralltpagui Islands .. .May 4 Singapore Jan. 5 '? Havre. ,'ipril 15 Syuney, N. 8. W. O-t. II Havana April 30 Triuidailde Cuba ... April 21 vv Halifax May 3 Ttlc.liuan,. ....Jan- 24 ut lain of France Me|>t 27 Tahiti Dec 10 Jeremie April 9 Tomb-* Nuv. 9 ?a Kii.iint.m, Ja April 22 Tampico Feb. I w London A|> il la Tubaaco Feb 2 I* LiveriKjol ..April 19 Tutka Island Apii! 3o ?c L.itiiiayrn April 17 Tr.este Mnr. 3 h? L iguna Oct. 31 Valparaiso F'rb 8 to Lima Feb 23 Vera Crux April 1 Macau Jan. 14 Zanzibar Feb. 4 nr ~ ? ? lit Paisco|;er4 Arrived. Wilminotoi, NC?Schr Tioga? M.a WaMrotj, Miss Druuimoi d, ft'ea-rj Top.on. Cooper. M i.Vahoii 8'i>r?lK!i ' m)iortatlniit (Ii'ayama ?Biig Mnnice?49 hda tugar Mai'lard. Crin-ie Jt co?SO do 3 fa do 32 bhila inola?.ea Uonicmb St Beckwi'K? 20 hlids sugar F ty Hrhmidt?180 bils sugar Sontber 'rot.itr. 111 hhds d i 58 do in-.lasses B De F treat lit co. ^ MARITIME HERALD. _ jj Oiajrs or tfte ttea.2? atalji.- iu sso>? ptvxo.'oo; i*j>? as- .. . N Hitieruia, Judkins Mar lo on Britiuinia, Hewitt May 4 June I I Caledonia, Lott May 19 June 16 . (J.Britain, Hoslren July 13 Aug. 13 Packets to Arrive I Packets to Sail VROM LiVKRVOOL. I TOR 1.1V Kit POOI. ,1, ttoche.ler It r ill.ii. T. .. _. ... - I ? ?t uoury. 1 IKIIIIfcllllll, ?'ay I I |ff Uarrick, Ti uk, Apul 11 I Yorkshire. Bailey, May IS wi ri'.OM PORTfMOft H. I I'OR fllKTlMOVTH p? Wellington Chadwiek. r pr 2 I Montreal, Tinker, May 10 ih SwitznUnd. Knight, Al ril 10 I Olndiater, Button, May20 ?f from ha'k>.. I r.ui HiVHr. j,, 8ully, Burrows, April I 1 Silvia d- G-is-.e. _ May 16 ri Burg-nrty. Woiton, April 8 I Louis 1 hil;(> e,Caitcff,May 21 M _______________?_____ . m CO Met"';?** ;ifjsl AgitnTl. ar] tYr. sua; ratorm it a fai ', if Captains oi Vessels will riv- . lo Comiu'O'iia Rome t -vilv..v. of car Nraa Fle.vt, a (;r- ""j fiirt cf the Shipping l?*li at the Pert whence they tailed, tl.a Veasels Spnli. ii on ;hen I'aisrute, a List of 'fir Carro, md , tay '''nretyri N-wsjwipcTs nr News they may have. Ho will 'I* heard them immediately or their arrival. Areata and (.'or ?li cap,uid 'Bta, nt home ?r abroad, w; 11 elau confer a l.ror ! ? '2! rndinit to this Other ail thi Miriealntelligenca they c*.a titaie. " '*'!tmi. h-rcia-ic* of *-? kind wi" h*thaakft' _ s BORT D? flKW V(IKK, MAY 10. h? lUWhuai 4 50 I mooi* risks - . 1 16 , ittt* ' 7 3 I Hiau waTRR--- ,37 ? Cleared. rr Ship Lyons, Ryan, Turn Hand, Nesmith fktWa'ah? 1 B rquea Si en, Heim, Glasgow, K K rmit; O-C deii'en. (Sw) Ui Pere son Amslerdar, , vi i y\l laodria r)C Bo rinan. Johu t' thi Si C : Ann Wel,h, Mania. City p.,i Va E D Hnrlb t Si to Co?Br'.a Get in*. L)? Wolfe, Sacua la Grand* Spofforn, hu Tiles'on It C*>;'"nr'ew, Br) Card, Tvfi liil,.'ni , NF ' 0"tr Si by Smi-h; Timlin, Wording. Nnrfd1. Buck Si Peters; .1 li . E? Crosby Hopkins, Banitor. M- Brett Si V ,ae. ?Sch'a rt'e lo ir, mi Fau kef. >?io", Nl' birmp Si Place; fin m s Hoo er Hall, in Baltimore; Virgiuia, HalT. do; Palestine. 8 ephen.nn, hii.idl- tin phia, N L M?Cre dy Si''o?Galliot Adriau, (Dutch) Bo*, fa ltcuridin, Victor St Ducknitz ra Arrived. tvv Wl a!e ship John Wells, Kussell, (o Newark) f'nm the PaeiAc Ocmi, and laat from Ta'cahuaua, w til 26)0 hbla aprrin . .. o.l to J VI:,ey St Sou. i"' itan|u* Altorf, 8u*ll, from Havana, April 29, with 1936 hoxea L tiiia' to Dunham it More. ' ' Brig Vouroe, Gilchrist II dayi from Gnayama, with sugar and olaasea. to Badger St Peck Left, D > Jusn, arr ay b'fine; Jo??ph, l.orinir, lor N York, i eit bay; it'tne-e, do, Id*? the only Ameiicina _ Sclir Pioitn, H l ock, 5 dayi from Wilmington. NC. with lumlerand naval atorea, to nhu t'gde.. Bailed in co. wit.li Alaric, and (Constitution, for NYork; Charles, for Boa.on. f ,, Below. l'j Oin brig, uukcovn. t'> Sailed- Ui Sliipa Albnnv, Crnwford. Havre; Adelaide, Adann, Havana; til ha q".e:: Eugenia, Biacoe, V-ra Cruz; Auu VVeiali Mi,io, on City I'o'ut; Reform, Tilyou, Mtbile; brig Cayima, Jacksou, TI S ivanuah, and other.;, foi Miscellaneous. I j Brio Vmr.iE Maime, (fl-Iiriai.) fiom Smyrna 'or NYork. brf <rr reported loat near Mynle ie. is sai'l t> havebeeu ove* 45 yrara fid Her cargo ennai-t si of 2'0 halea wool, IG'I do rauv, I 300 boiea Candia soap. Tl - cr>w were aated Brio Aoati;, Vii tent, of New l.edford, was at NOrleacs c"' 25th oIt with m*oil. rtpairing, havn g put iu n diatrt'ca, and >al b> "ii abandoned to th? undcrw riter. , ' WIIRI.ikiii ej The John Well., Uuaicli, at t iia port, reports?On Coast of Chili. Nov 7, lat 13 10, Ion 75 :0, Nn taike', NL, 5 tnos nut, mm 700 bbls, all well; 24th, lat 42 50, Ion 77 36, Kaule, Kil, 5,'i tnoa. W t,0 bbli, bound ti 3t Carlo-; Dec 9, la' 44 20, Inn 7 30. lie rg-. atl ytningti .(mi 600 bbls, was struck by a a-a c*fl Cape Horn, r an It' v. bulw.l a. split ihinkehear fote an., nfi, Inst two ? b at* lie; Jv, 13. at 42 20, !oa 75. v avipator, N tilt. 14'0 ap; arm" dpe. heard fr.-m H 'nry. of BaVm, 1)*0 ap Left at Tsl- , cs'.uai.a Jan 21, Moas, fitting for N\V Co ist to tail in 4 Hava; Jam -a Murrij . 1400 hbla on board, to rail in 2 daya ?n a c'uise. Bp ke Fen 2 off Moeha, lat 3;i 20 lou 74 20, '/. ue, Nant, 3K Jf" m. t, 50 Ob's; 14th, lat. 41 30, Inn 01 40, Krnuc a. Oaidner, NB 11 , clr u; lametime, launa, a B, f om Rio tor NW Coast, cl-au; 2ilth ln.43 Ion 75 30, Dan I Webster Nant, i00 ap; April .0 ou _! the Liu*. Ion 37 10, Nye, of and for NB, 1100 wh. 2V N ew BkIieoho, ,V1 v 8?Arr Le Baron, Parker, 'aat fm Coaat . . of (? duet, wi.h 450 bbla ap oil. Hp ke Mch 7. lat 2 16 N. Ion c, 7 20 .V, Quito. Chaae, Binpicin, 2 moa out, clean. Sid Two *', Brothers, Jenin y. Indmi O.eau . Flora, Allen. A L. off NHolland Nov 23, clean?reptd apeak "j". <n^ no dvte. lie Fenilou, Hatbaway, NB, 10 wha thia aeaaon? 411 had 150 wh 150ap previously. Spoken del Smyrna, 21 dava fr-^m Rio Janeiro for Boaton, Apr l 16 lat rr II 5'l N, |, n 48 40 4A', |oat sight of her in lat 21, Ion 60, being in (. aight 17 dtya?by the John Wella, at tnta port. ( :a aichu-.etfa, Pritchard, from Newimrt, W alea, for Phi;a - ' ?" i" k sv, 1uu i |u. i j halcyon, 1.ittlrfi id, 19 day* from mobi'efor liverpool, apr i ?... 31, la. 34 12. ion 34 *" porto rico, 5 d yi from dostou for wilmington, nc may _r 5, bit 37 13, inn 74 30. k.xpress, (not krnpreas) newcomb, Feb 39. i t 41 30 s, ion 54 ? w. all rveh,52 daysnot ? m try kmncrs. of boston, from hivana fir cowes, april 29, 'i off ut nl'l. wm (4 ay, 10 d ,y? fiom noilrnas tor boston, ap:il 29, ut no 24 39. ion 31 40. t< (. liatlot.e. boston for ^orleans, april 2! off the lanes. cri d'-uc i ou, norleaus for hayie, april 27, 150 miles from the bn b.liz- am at'ak-pas. NOrleant for Hivana, at ril 36. 1 Foreign Porta. Havana, apr l 29?in port, hu ilcn, harding, from nyork. airls'b; aactor, smith, for cowes. ?oon: clinton, mansou. dodo; m.irv kim-all, (ire/orv for stork. drat day; bohemia, nasou.aod 'l a tar, hin.ih.fr cow s; brighton, cam- is npngs, haaibnrg, s ion; sailelle. ta?lor, for st paler'burgl ' auto-on. howes cowes nud ? in kt 20 days; fore ter, wheat- sal land, f i* triesle, 30; ap llo, hunt, for boston, 3; binney, d I, lov soon; kmp ess, pitman. waiting?and of vrs a, before lames kilwerd, w-nster, and ma y frances, thomas, for co ves, sm day b, fire. kreigi is to cowes and a mkt, ?2 5s a 'i 10; to st petersburg din ct, JL2 10s a 2 12 6 Lake Porta. , Buffalo, mav 7?arr chesapeake, kel.ev, chicago; .1 pal- in mer. l ip's, >iid homier criry, urtroii; harrison, atwood, and swallow, <ino'iinith, toledo: mo erva, spencer, and reindeer, avison, cleveland; North carolina, lawso-i, sandrsky ci 11'erry, wilkiutou. prrrysburg; clinton, s<|?iret, it' chicego. wi Horn* Port*. Luncr, April 38?Arr Only Daughter, NYork sid May 3, ir idle, Norwood, and l r >c*nt, Buriinain, do Bath, may 1?arr concern. s'?a-na, phil irielphia; 7th, wm purrington, bam s, .work; s.iml n cjott. o ay, ht marlins? L' 'eft, kimherli. arm-nie, of newberu, nl i. cldsth, llnwund, adam* oua'al-oiie of i'om i an it, mav r,?a r 11 une'la, lli< li odson, boitoo. Portsmouth may 3?arr kmerald. wil-on norfolk. ty Boston, m-y 8 - an L g-a g', VV i rh.'l , NO,leans; bit- tak mi glum it 9 i. a n, m bile. i ra* w i on, palermo; c?rn- pri i in st mary. cole, 1' ni j.n e.ro; or ole, pep. er Nrwhein, nl"; ' eli fuleiuin. %'orris. itichi io d: wulootf,'ryder, nyork. hig- 1 n,ii lot a b ig ' id i w ell prat , st thomas and maracai w h i; mary osvis, 8t j co; ta gie-, park, matanzaa; bisluw, |fa haywaid, noileans: c. in \ r.ldridge, charleston; ah nth, ?f win,ii, ii, ja1'-, itivr: mary stan toa, b-arse, biltiin ir ; to p-sil, .vkio*. p ilidelp'ia; lea in c ion, dir.1* i*an, kpft ma ***< cl n -; l coo r\ ik. t . kldridp?\ an ' ii.oner, kwnt, yrrk. ob! arr 7rh i'ochlu, clppp. trn ihad; lyceum, wat^rrmn, wa*hi wtou nc; bp'tndid crnw?l|,nyoik kirm, of al#i* j*j dria.fr m ^ houibrmi po't. arr days ^ cn N?:w Dk^pord 7?\r- Hatch. Watts, Wit* n inut >n. N<Trump*!* Rliot, Norfo'k; vlonitor Be**.*, Wafph in <?r N^w York; 8ih, (i? n BmIi, Coleman, Albany; rn Helen, IV?r N York J Ni t kkt. M.ev 6? Arr Nirhot .* Riddle, W*lto't rhil* . tl.'lphia; I iuii*i?**t I'-w, B I.tan re Hi<1 L-urat K*\ rduer, 1 rxi.vntown, Mty 5?SUI Kai field, Burr, Salem. In port ?V| I 7th, i ll inpioij. Dm", Beaton. ' ii ! 1 nounK!HtK, ay 7? Arr Mi* an. D.nni?, .NYork. B-low, a c??r1 I tUi iiclir. aatl r,x imple, fioin .sorf'lk. t* Id ICuI.ent, WiUey, Roi d ut "}' x twport, may 7?arr ac-nnria, s.irdford, n:)rlean? for , providence _ w a mi kn, may 7 ?arr wm henry, i-, .matarr.is 25M1 n't I left, WiishinglOil, h? gent, fro a i'o.ll ud, just arr. sailer, in co. with s.rah, krs er, i ir bo.inn ni.w loniii n may 3?arr oarlar.d, sissou, norfolk; 4.h, i s v, d<> i r ii -it in. I'll 11 aiiv.i i'll 1 a Mav 9?Arr Pennsylvania.Tnrl y, I|,1 T-i-i \ idadde Cabs, rut alt; llrciiu, Ben-dici, Pn; x'ilfiin. Yoik. . 1 do; (t-'nril Suik, l.angihorne, do; Abigail, lira- t, II stmi. |)r, Siren, Chase, New London; liygnet, 80111I1, Halt Key, Turks jg; I land Cld Cora1, ehuie, Jsbiiics} Nine ta, Bavmore. Kail fiui llivv; Monitor Besse. Wareham; i.mno, Baacroft, o.d Orb. wai Yapp, New York; 4o.tB.-y, Biker. Tr y. g ItiirilstONO MayT?Sid Oilena, Leeds,Tr^y ,im N I w hi ?N, NC. Vlay 4? Arr Marminn, West Boston; Mary he-i Loui-a Tillett, (Jmda'onpe? spt T reports Anienran pro (, lllicedull: Ill l-s.UaV Ullnrt. ?,.ll A M .Inhmnn 'i'.i'li,, N Yo k SU M .ry H * il et , Till-ir. prj# Charlmto*, M >y ? An Dihmuit, [Br*m] Ba'lret, Bre- 1!Vf intnt Ve o? Japiwr [8pJ itwdfittR. B?r*< r. < ('I Oiont T lliu'ey. Liverpool; Treinonr..Ta\ lor, Havre; BrewaLr*.I)ome, o Boitm; l.??'0, Havener. Ne* Proyi?h-? re; Sarah Am, Wright, ?Viisnii, Nl'i (-on, Heed. W-at ii dim Mid Dimou. li'bini#*n, NYork; Leo, S*wver NP- 84*41,-w, Wight, and Brewater, D<,an?- Boiton; Wn rior, On firh, and H rrier, rP Kendrick, Ila?.ma: K-.irest ' i"K, K I y. V ttat.j.a*; Hob Ho,, * .Vitrei*, Liverpool; I i n ?>f, I'tyl r, H*vre; Roman. Dome, I .on.Ii ii ; ('miry, Klly New Smyrna. Fa; ('on, Herd, West Indies Mohili, May 1?Arr 8n?<|oehvin* ' oicroP. New York; t*'*1 Pfvly. 15*ru nl. Phi ?tde'p;i?i < '*? A'aba***. Wood; North J* St?r. Hellington: vriienre, [Br] t'ornforth; Wen Wiltshire, [ B* ] Leslie, and Lair-rh. [ Br J Frilh Liv M? of; I hmtina Hi?nor. Il.iv.ina; Atahi t i, tiake., Franklin; Yarmouth,Matthews, fV I Dost in. ? * Nrw Oni.f ans, Anil 30?Arr Nnnantam, King. B >ston M?*< w.ir (J uche, Monrovia Br ow, com nrf n;?, Delhi, end l?is| 'it Oro/imbo, Foot M ri^illea; ( h\rlenaaKiio. Hob- B-* ins. Havre; Mauciieiter, Bo*w II > York l.irquin, Hostner, I flahlav; Vlargarer. HondlH't, <i l???lnr; F.mpreaar o. ('o'linn, ind M warm; Ifelej McLeod, Li-atiis, > nd t'rave . O > fre>, BaUl* nev Ji.re. rn ??mmmtmmmmrn aBiM 11 SHARON SPRINGS PAVILION. .aCHilHAttllt ;OUNTV. N. Y "ilS spacious Hoots, *hkh, si' re th- improvements and r.ilil.(mi tn?de to i( dur>t k id"" ' ?' *? litt r, i* believed to oue of ibe o. 51 commodious a-d c mfor o e ?f the largest ml of H dels i:i thr 8 at- is uo? read for the reception " sntnriv. and * ill be opened on the 25th d?y of Mav i si To C)in.. ode ? tin- 11 ?e ami iucreasing number of roide Mho end 1 lie .-non a' Slur-iu ttprmgs. the subsciib-r* havt, since t Mil, yrmllv esteuded their premises, by auorsiug to the .si I ion .11 entirely new building. which em < ares twenty-six arious H|>ar inents. besides u'tk.uK lar^e add. (I 119 and itnovm-uts to tie interior and hu .uirs* |>iris of ihe house? luds have b en add d to th wind i*s- the hou'ifui pi tne'e ur- u ids in fn lit of In* Pavilion have been l.ud r ut *ud ileful'y planted whli sliruhs and tlowtra?lli- bath rooms ve beeu ovenintt'eil nnd w w furui'n , provided, I'uri itliiiu ery convenience tn those who o 1 ii to ei.j.tt either a ei Id or 0111 it' Noii i-ii o or rlfort h sleeusp r-rl to suiolv i.e ficieucies of past 1 - is ius, and every esertlon will lie u.eJ, to 1 i ve ihe linUiri ol* the rnli.iiiir >-111111 in . >,. I r.aaeed a'. any other place of fasi.iouable idiirt iu t! e C'uiud (IN To 1)1 ?> who have not Sierrtolbfevisited lli? Bharno Springs, it sulhcieut to say, mi tli?- <iu;it .i?^s I ihe w?i>i ( in -.nnl mi winch if giveu below)atr very nearly id > t eal Willi those ol e far-'amed Whi e ^ulphur Minings of Viral ia 'xcept that the c incrrrect UstiTony of all 111-di al in-n who ate aciluted with ' olh, t* e Sharon are eateem d lor mo I potent.? m*ied ii an elevated legi mi of country, the IV ilion com lulu mie of tie most, extensive v ew?, and is p'ac-d iu tlir ulst of the moi1 p:CMnVM|ue seen- r> in the WMtM N*W urk Kr in ita el vated position :tlh*a the advantage ol a ntiuual1 y dry, cool mid r-l'r. slung stni isph-p* i'lea aut exrsions t . the v i I 'g"s f I lien y \ lley .? d < n iper-1 .. u. the :?exo La'se. a d niier imiu'a ijtn liy imereating from their entry end their hitory ntfer themselves mi es-ry hai d? hi'st a Uilliaid m m and four ip'ci us Bal' Alleys, have i H i- us unprovided vvithi , conra f t e ecise or ain<<aemeut < if the YVhi<e hull liur Wafer nl Sharon 8p logs, itc iu he id it ia not suipa-eel hy any thing of the I ind iu the Uuown ovln, for the cure of rheuo atic. cutai e ua, bilious, and dysptie. con plei ta, end f r the ii'e o| t-rYfipeloo. salt rie inn, nfula, liver coinpl"int. bronchitis nu t g neral drhili y. -a is Leva ceriified by some of the most eminent u.edira) prt-fes>s By a recent analysis uv'e f it tha oreprietora of tl a S, ringa, ?''e by one of ih~ inoa' eminent CI rue ts iithis euu ry 'ri'lessor Reidof Veer Y"rt] h- following results have breu Pained from one gallon Ol water Biearbi -ate of Mignesia 21 gr.. jus. Sulphite of Mtgmsia J4 " Sulph te of i im? _ 116 4 11 ydreaulph >le of Magnesia and Lime 3 Chloride of Sodium and Magnesium 2 7 Solid contents- 149 1 grain*. Hvdrrsnl|>harie Acid Gas, or Sulphuretted II,dim-en .... 2> S cubic in. The '-prices .ve within a few hours rie'e of Alhany, Troy irstoira Schenectady, Uiict. Jto : are accessible ei'her from suajohuTie. on ill- Albany and Uticu railroad, where post aclns dvilv wait the arrival < f the morning c.ira fnnn Scliectady ai d Utica, to convey visiters to tha Spui.gs, a distance ahi ut eight miles, ariivuig in tilua for dinner; ur by the i erry V-lley turnpike, by daih stages, beicg about forty e iii'l-a we.i of Albauy. on a good r ad. Persons le ving ew York in the evening boats f >r Albany, a'rive at the SharSprioMg the next day ill iiiue for dinner my I 2tsw-lm*ec CLAKK He GARDNER. PATENT ELASTIC SHOULDER BRACE. M1E inpiioriiy of thi: Wince overall others itiinu.actuivd, 11 acknowleile- ft hv all leh.s nee ,1?w. ....I tl.. -- ? ' - mud for the article (Turin* the put year is a sufTi ieut guartee of ihrir utility. '1 hit article it intended to brace thr ou'ders, ?tr>-iiK>ti>-n the hack, and expand the ch*tl, giving e a' tioN to the lungs;and beuiK formed with au rlottic rack, ill be found of no impediment to the free uae ot the arms, ret ts and guardians are particularly requested to examine is e.riicle, as it will oe fou d of immense benefit to children either sex who have a "quired the hauit o f stooping, aud inil ens 'b e to '.II perrons of studious or sede.tary habits, nit b:a> e is mann'actu'ed under the itnmedi ,te inspection of r i'ariells, who has been enlaced for the last fifteen years in uiufacturine different .riicier Tor the same purpose, and now ntidently often the Patent tlastic Brace as t.i|4irior to any tide ever brought undo bit ohser, alien The above named articles are manufactured, and may he la" ed whole-.lie or retail at th old est -hlishiiieut of I'AK'il-LS St A(iATK,217 Broadway, corner of Patk Place P St A. continue the ii-ni'tfactuie of their superioi artifle eKlasticHidiugBe.lt The superiority of this arti'le conit iu its perfect adaptation to the form of the we-ret, iis ease, [htness. and durability. at lmrod'iu WINK8 AND LIQUORS ELLINO AT RKDI'CKD PRICKS?The Snbscriberwish lint to rente from hosiness on account of ill health,offers his tire stock of old BRANDI'S WINKS and Liqnors, at a rguu The r-putatioii which hit house It ? msiutaiued for tny v?a<s. offers rare chance rn en person wishing to cm rk in the business S'erly application slioulri be made <12 lm?ec V AKNA1TD. Wf Ann street BROADWAY AGAINST THE WORLD. f> noted thoroughfare is n"W admitted to he the greatest mart fur the tale of gentlemen's weanntt a|>t>arel in the inted States, aud the impression dial has heretofore existed in s minds of inauy tt>al purchasers in Broadw-y are obliged pav an exorbitant price for an article of dress," is folly retted, from the known reputation as to the chnrg-s es'ablished Kl)VV*All'> hi).Y, P'onrietor of the City Cosh Tailoring ttblishmeut, -No 2112 Broadway Here it an advantage to rchuits and thcrs vetting this city to avail ihemselvvs of ouvlh from a ver, esteuiive assortment of ready made cluing in nuf.cured from the best materials and iu the most hionsble style The attention otitic public is particttl irly lied to visit tins eataulihliiHeut and examine the late styleof tiled and fancy ' nssimere Office Ktnrks, designed for the an >aciiiug season. Auo, an assort itieut of rich Cheae Velvet ami Brocade V''tt(a, Fancy Freucii Cloiha.tnd Cussimerrs, hy the latearriv.ili pmtlic ci-lebrited m luufactory of V. Bio'ley Ki's, and aelied expressly fur tbespuig fashions Garments superbly ule uu to order. uud if required at a few lioura notice. EDWAIID FOX, Jityv aah Tailoring Establishment, <X)2 Broadway, br'ow tlton at. mH3m**c THE NEW BRIGHTON COLLEGIATE SCHOOL. I SITUATED on Sta'eii Island, six milex from New York, u the elegant chateau erec.ed by th Ji seph's at an espenie ol 0,000 1 liia ia the b-st and ? heapeit Boarding Sch ol in lha II led *-:ate?, Full emirs a of imrructiin itre imparted in ig.ish, Le-tin, Oreek French and Spaniah Persons h vug ya to ed JCat-r ?r invi ed to call und examine the School. M next term a ill llilMN May I. flirculars and full in nnaiou mav lie obtained o! Dr. fc. A Bint low,eaat corner of osiiwdy and Fulton street, entrance 156 r ultou ?t ?et. lplb lm^ec ??r.t) LE n'.IW, * M.. I' iuciiiil. CANTON CHINA DINING SETTS. JAVIS ' OLLAMllKK, 597 Broadway, neirly opposite ' fhiblo'a, informs his friends and the public that he nea re ived (>rr late arrival* I root Canton, a few Dm ink Seta which il he sold at ver, low prices. Alan, a full asso'tuieut of I'roskcrv Ware, of a'l kinds, ol newest uatteriis and most approved Shopes. Cut and i r*ssi 'hiss of all It lids?.nine new patterns D . malt.', no humbug ug 1.r. tecjioi s to " alinr.nl give ray Crockery," tint pledges liinse f to ai II the same quality go ids ns cheep, i not fr m 5 i. > 10 |ier cent cheaper than any ier atore; 597 Broadway, opposite Niblo'a nearly, ill'm're F" ERRE'S CUt. AM SAPO>INE KtIK SHAVING Gentlemen accustomed to shave themtelvea will liod the ore articl* a pnae Ad who have used it pronounce it the it composition or the kind v-r introduced. The following in the An ?? oflllih March, ia one of the many favorable aura it as received :? S'nw Artici.k?Among the'many new inventions to?dv?nce comforts of the toilet, is a superb Shiving Cream. Those >orightly appreciate the luxury of an easy ah ive and like to ?? it nl a reasonable coat, should purchase and urn this exhut compound. We can confidentially ami cousc.enliously omm-iid it to any and all. riiaalmte article may lie had in any quantity of the suhserir, agent for (lie manufacturer, and in rate it I'oes not prove it is rrpresented to be. ihe mouev will be re und d. J. IV HOLIIEKTUN, 75 Maiden laue. Alao to be had of the principal drugg.sta and fancy goods il ra in this city. m 1 Im'ec 'OBACCO, 90 bales Saint 'ago de Cuba. lo do Galas Coffee?50 bags Saict 'apu. new crop. Arrow Root?BOO iba., in hnrrela aud csaea. Argars- 80,0011, just lancing Irom the barque Gleaner, in ar ted brands, new crop. n atonr, a general assortment of Segnrs of celebrated brand,, laai year's ltuck.offered wholesale and retail, by A. A. SAVMNtlH lIO im*rc No. 6 Wall tt. and MB Broadway. 'OBACCO?KINK l UT AND MOKINO -Keeling in clued to close ui< an inter-st in a To'u-cco Maunfo'tory, I " offer (or sale a rjnanritv of pnmr tine cnt and smoking i *< < ?i, pa|iered up in the usnnl way, at very reasonable prii I (? : to cr-11 the atteution ol vVesiern .Merchant*and other yen f . t iu, the quality of the tobar.ru being of the very beat 1 pr.ces i,y fur lower than usual. nT 3ru 'nrc I. UN II K4BKK. No I Nev at WILLIAM PETTET. DRAPER AND TA / LO R, 00 FULTON STREET, NEW YORK. i now prepared to furnish all who may favor hin. with their orders, ear the cheapness an'1 durability of his work, ind inip thirty (>er rent, he offers for their consideration the fulvina list of prices:? Huperi'ir Dress Coats, made to order, SIO Wool dyed bl<ckt, from 14 to 16 Casiimere I' tuts 4 to 6 Fancy ' est* 2 to3,71 BM t' mats 2,10 to 1,00 'enonsfuruishiiiK ther own materials?m.ikintiand tiimuiiny tin neatest manner at inn folio winy prices :? Coats fmm $6 to R P-nt*and Vests 1 to 1,71 Naval and Military Uniforms made in the beat sty! '. N. B.?Clothing mad-fir th* southern and western market* t.h malneis and despatch 1 share of the public patronage is solicited a 12 lm*rc MTED STATES DAGUERR1AN GALLERY. I7ft BROADWAY, VP STAIUS Wtil Te, would resi ecuully call the attention of citizens -nd sir,n uer? risiti ly the city to fis splendid Colli etii n DAOUEKhEOI' i t'i'. PORTRAITS,single. o- 111 yrod's oi two 11 fourteen persons in the same pi ste, which, in be,i ind accuracy ofdslincAtiok, eanixK beeeipcesd. roraare ,eu iu .11 kinds of we ithcr, either with or without colors; ) a ces ol wlucli lie li.s reduced to those chary d hy tin- ineit in riencsd in th- busn ess Americau lusiitute, nt its It.ie eihitutioo, award?i Ylr. hite the first prionioni (or th- -est Dayueirratypa hksu-asa r yroupiny and jrener; I effect), ?hieh is but aa-uher |uocf the superiority or Ins portraits Mr. White is the sob agent N-w ii.rk for he v?ri su; ?rior i applied (ferm.in Cn.arret; 1 si no other e.iablis'oiu'iit in the C'ty rr Htate rati tley be La-i -d s 15 ? lm|Mirted Us-rm m I'1ineras; also French a-d A en i I -strurnt in* -f the ery !>est nihility, with Plates, Cases em c.ils, Polishing Mat-rials 8tt: always on liaml, foe it trie V -iv lowest prices ftt 7m*Cl HODGE'S CCLEBR \TED LONDON Bl rTERB. 'HESK, BITTKMa are luyhlv recommended b> toe n die I faculty of Euro -e is a estofetiv-* for 'h- appe it . and are o a positive ruie lor l -ver so syne, and can be obtained athe p i i i pa I llot?-ls .n the Uintrd Til. tea -told, vshoh-*.ale V, at the E-?le Wine Vaults, No ll Spruce street, under flioinis Bell's Auction Sioie liil.nlelphi.i I'oitei Estn Ale. and Champagne Cider, f ri'-r qi: lities, d-liv-r-d to jj] parts of the city free of ei in?r-i i tr.ir>?is una ?;nuntry Ti^Ctumtt, %tp request*! i m d .n,i... , .r h >m mI?i iptl In#?n KW GOODS AM) K 1)1'(' ' D PRICKS AT M A H T I N ' S IS JI TAILOHLSH ESTABLISHMENT, ,< WILLI AN i . > OKN1 CM OF INN SI'. UNMLk 'I'ltlAI. wnl coiTiar* iuiv iteiitleman tint Ihrrr !... brst v line i* given .or th i>r?r ? elm ged, viz: ?r le nljil ?s I lonli lilnde in u dn, *1 If..in IU In $i0: Cants frmn $1 to Vejtv In in JViO to it.MI; and every i>lh> r arti le m the nop >,tonality low, got u|> in the lint style and a guild fit WIN, y~Just received ? large assortment of annoy Hmiihh r Ca?ierrs old Ve.-.tiuga newest sti le. l'le,,sn call and rinmiue ire riving y ui oilers tentl-men furnishing their own ''ioths, Itc , can hive them I- a id irimrne I a i nsnal. n 'he In at m inner.at the follow n.g e?:?Diet* Dints $7 t'. A* Jfi; Kruck l.natl JH to$i,iO; I'nntn Verts $1,70 to $> Vrtng cisii on it-livr :y ;T, ln,?re MIC.HAVL K. MAHTIN. FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, iVc. tlK stbscribers havrjnsi ft ceived per late arrivals from Ilavre, tod Iter,, emisuntl. on hand, n complete assortment b reach Artificial Kiowrri Materials of all kinds tor k lowers |i?alhe-s. Hi . Ornaments, and Millinery articles?for l,y ilk 'aC.V te K a N, Irn porters, llin*rre v* I l."ty str et. tie ?t?'r?. BEEF! H E E F ! B E E F ! N ll-'-ND A v i? KOK it' K, in lots to suit purchasers, at VALKNTINK'H. tt kit,ton Mnrhet, liOb.irrrls H sirs is Ileef a choice aiticle. all selected lucres: 217 'arrets ( ity eteil Mess Uer-f, warrnt.ted; and ?l'n h.df barrels uf Hatnily f, verv lino ii,tended for th" soullcn,; market, he above Baef is packed ,n a cuielu I md jnilicious n.aaner v ill keep good in my climate wit In oil ecttiog U> i It. Ke. nt er VA I.KNTI VV.'H OLD KMT A Itl.lSPM I NT, It line re Mlo. 4ti k allon Market. HOT ION SALES. HOWAfc JSKLL. Aoi-t-oiieei Store Nu. 11 Sprite? ? i ret. R.Kular 8*|r? mutual ol baimtore every Wednesday and Saturday. Als0,!,0' '^rT (Joodt, an<l all oilier varieties every Tuesday and r riday. o . ... THI* day. Lai*" sale of I loMiiux. Dry Ootids. Fancy and t'l-dxei Articles, at 10^4 o'clc-.k, tu th sale* roo-r, U Spruce at. ... 8 * TU KD * Y. ri?itiniT?* ost ci appe.i r Kuriiitur*. of all descriptions, at llU o'clock, ?n ili?- new gal' s r onu. II Spruce st. Piano Forms? * Uo, ?l)?o'?lgcK, 5 sp cut id Piano Fortei, aud a iiU:i.b*. cl new ai d secoud i>-tnd Brus*eD aud other Carets. TIIOS. BKLL. Amtlo'jerr. in 10 2t*m K.J BKAKN8, Auctioneer. By D~ D NAHH THIS DAv ?FRIDAY. WURMTUUK 8 AI K CON VINtJKD, at 1ft o'clock, at 39 FttUon *trc"', a coi.t'uuatiou of i hur?da\ ?? tali*, w I ich embtt<*<d the lollowi. l' ?rticlet?p'a u and tu' ed fat Sofas. Din eg Pable>, b|yai.f4Stt t*a ?nd enu re do . work and i< ilet. do , Malice?nv B ueatH 5 Mv Wardrobes Bookcasei, h If and i? 11 French M tlio* my Chiire, ca' e and ruah a-at do, pi r a?<d nuut?l (ilas'^a,'Ouku g aid diemit'g d , <"il Painting a d Prints, Lamp , br ?? t> mauttl Vases air' Sh; des, ret tpdd and bronze Gin n?io!es,(3 | ie< es ) white aud cold China Pinner Bets, plain white do, rich cat Dinner Glass, ivorv ? i'dle TaMe < u Dry. ?i re ida:e<i wra?t B-i* <cts and < 'tutors, Br..*??e'g. 3 n!v ? g *iu C trpeis, tair do, Oi' CI ilia, mahogany and nvipP Wa^gtinJa, B nhuads, Cots, Kent -r Beds, Pi.* I ws, and Bo'ster*. Ma'trrtfa, Paliasient, Cb&snb r b ta, Qui'ra, Blarkerg, Wm'ow t w>imus, Stair R? d.t, lite., with a <1 nutit" of K tcheu Furniture in gi od order, mlft ?t * m awtf CHOP' . ! ol'BCK I) iHLIAS.~f B. UM>Vb R fffffSk'-'i-ill II b: auction, o Fridns. M *v 10th at 11 o'clock. ' ' Co H-r? ;t .?v ? )! '< Br.n.dw ? *, A splendid eo'-r-' ion of Uouvdi? Dahlia Plants, winch ha*e bee;i propagated with tfrea' are ?ud ut nr on, from iin/o t-a bu'bs, priiicip IIy ol the most choic* and prize Bowers, exhibited in ngJau di.<iug (he last, twa yea.n. All the i lanta are in fin- order for immediate i/laoting out : am w.umn'ed iru- to name a? d deaei pi oqttgtv ? int|M tilrd Axiom ''ttaloniiiut pab* I lish d, whicn also cortiins copious instructions lor successful cultivation. They will be sold in lo?s to suit the wants of sll cU?i"i ??f purchasers. The plsuts will be on view on the I inori ir.g of sale, at which time catalogues will be ready for distribution A collection uf Flowering Plants, riz: Rotes, ' ermiuuu, fitc will be offered after thes hoi Dahlias, m 8') is W M MB CO. WAN | HID? IHiui'oiittely, a good Jonruvyvnaii Barber, at l?0 Vanck street. J N. KOBiM&ON. mlO 2t*rc ^ L WANTED A H ?Bd Bton? ui aiood b?infi location?or part of bou e, i i vici' ity of Br >adwav and JwMLCraud .?t. Kent miut be moderate. Addicts L. A. li. tl<*s meg. m 10 3trc LOST A rocket Botk CI taininw $450 in buik notes, a draft drawu by N Webb fk Co for $75, and suudry uott s of baud $25 reward is otfe:ed for ih>* nturu of tli- aa:ne to No 1H Mcrcli ms'KKcb;i"g-. mlft 11* lis UL*Ol\ HKWAHD?L?it, o*i the7th instant, ber Aeen pier No i and iha tirv Dock, a POCKbiT BOOK, with th? owner's name therein?4 J. Keer, steamer Cleoj .itid"-7and conr tiinng aNmt Sinn iu bill? if th? Norwicht CoiiiiM'icat* and New York b>Mik?, and suuarv receipt*, one o< which was for $17 25, aud signed A Tiylor fit Co For ihe return of the mo* uey aud papers the above reward will be paid. App V on board ite\tt??r Cleopttua ??r Worcester, or of the agent at the pier. mlO Jt*rc. TiOAlii) IV MINI) STREET." PI.EA8ANT KOOM8 wi?t? Boh ? or?n be obkiined at No 2 Bond st.eet all Im*ra TEMPERANCE Vfll. J. B OOUhH, who spoke so rl. (|ueutly on Temp^ri?l ance Fa?t evening, it the Broid-vay Tib.?rnacl*. will speahlavain, This Kveuiuit, at the Green st. Methodist Church. 10 l'*m _ FOIl LK-- A l"? ' h C I, B() \ T. with Oars ami Sail's, will be iold t btrgdtu, as the owner has no present, use lor it Auplv to JOHN PAR K sTON, ra'.O'Jt^rc White Hall 8lip . ... a .... .?? m lit. uur ii'irr i urr llglH, In Baltimore the Wings unite ; We'll wt our songs ?o good old taut**, For there u music in thew* onus I" Hum '. hii'ia ! the cnuntrv't tisin' For H ?rr> Clay ;:ud Freliuahuyie.a " I L ST PUB* I *HED?The f moas Whig . oug ol mCLAY " AND FH FUNGHUY8KN ' s snog '.t Baltimore i-n elsewhere. with great en'hu .insin, *et to the popular air of Old Una Tucker ; " words by J Uneutr, Esq.?Price cents. 1 rade iini'li'd. Also. va ious popular Songs. Waltf.es, Marches, Sr., recen'ly issued. AT WILL'S. miO 3t m 901 Broadway. VALUABLE w <)RK8 1RECENTLY PUBLISHEI) BV JAMES MOXVATT, 174 BROADWAY LTI8TOBYOP ALLCH 1ST AN 8?< T8, jWrOrigin, T-l 'ecu'ja' Tenets iu?J present cond tiou. By John Evans, LL.D Fr rn the 15th London edition; second Ami ricau edi(i.? , revised and on 1 u? t PdeeSTKce U. boards* KNOWLKS KLOOl TiONIST AND RHETORICAL RE \DE,f. d?s.g e l'ir t'i" me ol ^chn-?'s md U-ollegee. bv J .men lierid.n KuowIh, adm te I to the pn poses ot inntructio i i" the fJu-ted S at'sby Kpea 8vg?rt, 324 p get, hou- d Price 60 cents ^ejist aud **e?f. school book ever published' LIFE OF GOkTHK?I'he first com. I- i^ li e of this ure t iu hor ever ptiblt*h*d 2 vol Price 26 cents each Is I la. i*.s Tl i ?N S TO MOTHERS for self-uiduegtunent and the tie vtmect of Infiiits. bv v r- Barwell revised under the d r?' tioa of Valen-me Mo t. M I) 26 rente i HE MANAGEMENT OF TIIKMK K ROOM, revised under the sujieivision of (/has A Lee M D Price 26 cents ANIMAL MAONKTIaM bv Win Ling. with new facts bv Chauccey Hare Tuljtishend. never before published Piice rents OMNIBUS OK MODERN ROMANCE. No. I,containing six c mplete Novels in one large Vo . Pri*e only 26 cent* OMNIBUS, No II, ccntaiuiug ?i* new Nt-vels in cue thick Vol. Price 26 cei.ti. IN PRESS?OMNIBUS, No 111 containing fonr r.?w Novels, never before published in this rountrj!!! To be ready on 1st Juue. The most liberal discount to Periodical Agents. n? fllt-m J .VtOWATT, 474 Broadway. TiANhMO.NO I EOHNY?Professor BRANCH. previous ^*-L to his departure for the \Ve?t. will, at the r< questot 'neuds, deliver a Free Lecture en Mrrmoact at tho tuvvessnt In tituteon Monda next, at h?lf*pist 7 P. M. precisely Tito fan dsiDtQt 1 basis of Aipt, Pans, wi I he iinp irted to the sodience, Hiitl c >ni pared with ihe ? opy.righted und.vio*) tnl ba?it of Prf lessor Ooii a"d Th detail ol the two systems will also be compared Ti?e frien<s < f troth, jus*ice and aci-rce are resjwet ully invited io attend in 10 11Sk. 13 i?? m No ill FULTON STREET?Th central and c imm dious \ r-niiaea occupied by the late John Sweeny as a He f r.torv, with all the furniture of the eating room and ki'che.i, j wi'h Cmtou water, and every convenience nfcensrv to cond ?ct I an est-iblishuieut capable of producing from $80 to $100 per day. will be sold out on re-.sonable terms at private wale A pply for conditions nnd further particulars at 74 Verey st m'O tfrc TJAVA -A I OB A i LEAF A>l) IMPORTED J. a 28 h;i!pa Havana Tobu u Leaf, fine quality g? o<J for Rpgnlia cipgai*. received directly from Havana, je t? ii; Leop.vl jo O'Dounrll. As a so, a tine lot of HaS ina Segars, and 5000 bunches Taper 8i ars? Osreia brand. Fotiikia kits to sun ur lnr r?, by J. A L>* DON, No 90 Nassau st. N B ?27 |>onnds I la vara 8*-*d Tobacco, last crop, o: !< It* re ~~ 1/i.OTHLLNO MANUFACTURERS cPHr. subscribers wool (I lufirin merchants visiting Ih- ritv. X ?.hr> wish their m g >odt manufactured that ll.ev are prepared to manufactureevety description of clothing. b' < in their-writ .accustomed to inanufacture for 'he South'ru aud HVjito icatket* for the laat twelve vvara, thev feel coulid-ut, with llie nnre nnnther of hands in their employ, to Ret up a lock at ahoit uotic" ?"' wi'h entire satisfaction. .YlANN It SlcKIMM, 'ft Carmine tee.. [[^/" Knickerbocker Stage# pa? close to the atore _ fIS 3 ?-.ic A N nil >b. OiLBb.KT, H-om I'.nia.) HAIR DKKSSKR av AND WIti .VIAhKW. wnnld r-spwtlully annoiinee to hia fri -nds ai d the public that he liaa r? moved Irom Mi to Hi>, Broader ap. opp site tne Paik A O would siate, that heing a practical Hair L'resse-, l.adei <au UN their hair dressed (at hit Saloon or at their residences, puoc'u illy, I aller'he latest Parisian fashions A. <1. would also resiiecifnlly invite attention t" his new and B'tdlin MtMMW ol Hair Work, anil (i '(tamer Wig and 1 ( U|fe, both inr i allies end Gentlemen, inadr 111 a ty le and las.e i o to be snip used snv where - end, from the great practice he has had in liil nrrleitino feels ci-utideut to five neueral aii'lactpn. lien'I emeu's hair .It' unl raHnl In la napillotle.) in the newest scyle. Children's epi on the emit approve I system. Lid.es and ti'entlemen wol tmd at h-v rsiahl'shnieiit a choice aisorineut of Perfume y, t otnbt, P'-.-rhes, Artificial blowers Md Kancy Goods lor the Toile'. A. G. take* this o, portu - r. to return hia tiurere I hanks lor ill i mil a- il lib nl patmnaee tieretofore exiend"d to hiin. au > to solicit a continuance oftnemom myi im'rc O-.I o-l) I IAN Id IKON * KK"? V/ANTK. .urn'paid he for . II kinds of old Iron Hafea. hv SILAS C. lo-KKINO. 139 Water st. WILPHl'S tlKNUINe. "ALAMA Ub.K HAb'r.8 ban only to l>" h.d < the Iron ""a'c Warehouse o' the subscriber, WST'u ted I I I I I any ever tested, end M'.v made entirely free ftnm d ini i.e,{s Old Riles tecived in we payment nit Iwic S I. \s . HCtCKINO. U'l Wal'rst. TO COUNTRY MKRCHANT8. Da-'. I'RYSE" It CO. (Iwely r- moved from the corner ol William anil Johu, to No. h0 John streetl offer for sale' I on liberal tei sis, Wholesale Slid rrta I. the billowing artmlei, rec-ived Ii recent arrivals:? Berlin he?t /t |ihyr Worsted?the mojt complete nssoil'tient in this country. Canv. is, for r'.abroidery, of cotton, silk and worsted, in all wid. lis. Berlin Kiribroidery Patterns?of the choicest snd newest desciiption; Kmbroideries, finished and com in need on velvet, silk, worsted anil cotton, wor. ed in ihe most tas eful I'aiisian sty IT.-'S'ls for Hair Presses, of gold, silver, aril silk a-d tinselled; Brs.-el is, C.i inbs, II ir 1'ius, and a large variety of ot- er le-iutilul Pa-is K ncv Articles Purs 'Iiuaiiie.,Is?S eel, Ki.t anil silver Beads; Iiilgl s. Purse 1'wi't, pi in 'iid shadein sucks and Spools; Kiubroidery, and II wer Chen le of silk aud metal and si.k A so h'r'uges, (simps -no > ?"l and '''as alt. imported and ol th ir owe .snu facta re, of e.ild s l"er, sil!:, itc. a'l colors and widths si eh Store at !69 Broulway, (form. rly *V Broad - y I t 7 I e, LADIES' STRAW HATS CAM* KINO, th**w?l- Mi'iwn " '<! cclfbitiH Kint Qcjp 'r mium ' tiscan nnd H raw Ma Nlatiuftcturpr rwp^i'.t* -r" :ulIv inf'orn ? the '.idii*' f\? w Yvrk and iti viri ,i y, iha ni'tano hind n Isrg-* and ahon ibl** * orrme fofHt-aw H un, vi/. Ta^Ciin, Bird* Kyr II .i^y Comb, Alb rt, Patent Damn ?? ?, KutKit'ds, fVd* s Pice Straws, Nttpolif in* ?i?'i \p P' lit n I ce of v.rinu* ?, tot t- ' t ?it> died A Cdlftt' \rl K hk1*, No. 17 Division *"ert, will c< uviucMhe DUbhc of the f|(ti >. B?A sp eudid and fishioiitbl* Mio'tin lit nf rirh Paris Kin ?>* -. i? 0 2m*vn I. MM A fc'RICNCH SHOPS it I W VI!, \J p- ' D2 I filial st ?L ?di? * Fn??j? h Morocco and Kill .>! ?. I yen /ii' UmhUii;*, t t) lid Iti ?h 111?* g? prr p.ir, (i.ttter LI ou at Ifi Hi.d IW, ai.d made to order at 20 shilh its, t \<>) in t t?i ciry; terot.d quality u?tdpH*"d Morocco Slipper* and Tvm, l*'? Toilet H|ipt*r* at t> shilling* and Bu*kn.a a'. 7 hliil'iug* per pa-r Misi's mil Child n'* Boor* and S iO a of II nd? ana prices. L die* win- wish g'Lid shops at inm er ?-e [dices in pre'e cues *o baying p o hoes at the Ch^ap Unfa* ( m? ch rwf'h-ircst in th* e id) * II I'lease call viid t* amine lor themselves, at i. 15 MILLKli'S iitlO 3tia*rt 142 Ca al *t. bo'wr?*n Thompson a d AuMivan STRANGERS BEWARE. IN Till* AUK OK OUAI'KKRV AND HUMBUO, it i? I mo<t irn|*>rtiiit 'o chit- nptrimnl i>hyiicnn-DK J. KVAN * lit* r-moved In* Ol.l Ualen's Heed i >irpen*.try to No. 3M Peerl, corner of Beekinin atreet, wli*re lie continue* hi* ,ion e*trinrdinnry rurei nf *11 d~lici'e iIi*.t*-?, no meiter how complicat <1. lie epprite* the citizen* .mil stranger. tliet there is no Dr. K.v,ns 1 n hit old Htaii*4, and hitt he he* no con* oeclion whaierer w* i any other olfire. Hi* charges are moderate; hi* consultation* itriclly private N B ? Obteive the number?tniitakei are often deng?ron?? S?8 fe.irl m fry- Vledirjne* end direction* ?rnt to my ptn of the Union, hy i Hitir.uUily elating tlie ie*e, end encli in g tire holier* raid li#rc IMPORT A NT TO THOSE WITHOUT CHILDREN THOUK Inter**ted, will |ct.? re he' in -getiry i* establish I .<1 for t-e ?tie ot M. M. DSSII.V .AOX'S Wonderful Procreetive h Imr I'orai ?. (T7"^e? advert teme .too iriot Column of foarthpnge, apfO Im i* m R E MO V A L. MltH ( AHHOLLS MKMICATKD VAPOR AND HUI.PHUK BA I'HH, will he removed, the lint of May, from (.'onrtlandt street, to lc.1 Broedwey, two door* ebove .h ilv Hoipitel, wliete the will be happy to *ey her fri-nd* aad I patrons splltf u re | AMUSEMENTS. PALMO S NKW VOHK OPKKA HUUHK. ITT' Admission Our Dollar, Co all |?rt* ol the house -/T\ Doors at 7? IVr'ormauce to cinimenre at half-past T. LEADKH OK THEOR4 H KMT HA - ?M>. KAPET1. Lutnbii.e-J with all the former Diaiincnished Professors. ,,,,, . KK|DAV KVfcN.iso. May loth. Will be terhirrno-t th * celebrated and oriMiaut 0para of , , tl i l\ 1)1 LAMMERMOOR Laetadi Lan.m-tm or H.g'ua E Borghese Lord He. ry Ath'ou big A Valtellina S r lv ear. I It o -....a <*.. i p...,, ,. N. H.?'1 h* H'.j Ottii * ii n iw open ever* day during th* WWI, Irntn 10 o'clock A 11.. uutil 4 o'clock I'. M., when mil may hi* secured t ir ih* rriin<| vrison Regular a*;uou scat* transferable Pric* ?10 tor TweW* Representation*. Subscriber* not ?ecuri Kseaf.v rh* price of ticket* it placed at tti lor till* sraaou?not tnnisl.Table. Stage Mamg-r Mr. W*|I? DT^Tbr public are leamctfulty informed thnt the Bath* ha** been newly arranged and fried u,> in a handsome st> I*, and arr in full nperntien, i i*ht and dnv MHK~TtllO* < Itf" Bo??* .. $| | Pit V) Out. | Gallery 2i THI' K.V? \INlt May 10. will la* performed th* op*ra of ANN K BOLE Y n?Henry th* Eijt.th, Segura; Lord Percy. "hntall ; i:n* Bolevu, Mr* Hcgnin. To conclude with BAMBDO/LINb?hir Mannaduke V1eailow , Mil hinp rdi *. <71 iatii A M~~T? H:A TKK. ' *** -t5 (Vnt* I Pit 12.S Cnti THIS 1 vi s ".it May io, to r ram""* who PEOPLE'S LAW yeh?Solon Shi. gV, Yank.* Hill Kol owed bv a (Concert h. the Congo M I dint* Afl*r which a S. -co ni Concert by the < oogo Melodist*. To ronrlud* with SETH *L 'PE?Seih Slope, Yankee Hill ittUTi)H.7T<m7vM Plr I'll v ITBenefit of Mr end on E**ra d THIS EVUMNii, M?v 10th, to commerce with POST OFFICE I ROUBLE. Alter wlrch SAIt till A S*UI>OS Ko'lowed by l> A LSV PRETENCES To conclude with THE VOUNU Sit AMP. In th* con's* of th e eninu a vn-ietv of "ongs, Dance*. Iltc. NE W KNH'KKIIBOCKER TItK ATM. HI, LA I E AMPHITHEATRE, ROIVERY, UNDER THE MANAGEMENT OK Mr. J B.RUSSELL THIS EVENING May lOih. (T7*vo Bill Received AfllKltlCAA MtlVKUA .rv N D PERPETUAL K A J h . I '?rner of Broadway and Ann street. Opposite th? Astor Hons* THE MOST BRILLIANT AND TRIUMPHANT SUCCESS grand performances At half>past 3 o'clork everv afternoon, a d H every *?enina. TheGIANT ANL) GIANTESS!! ilie two greatest wonders of the age,may lie sian from Id o'clock A. M till I, from 2 till hal'Vpiut i, and from T till Id. Th? m inaner is' npi y to at nouure in engagement, for one week only, with the ORPHEAN FAMILY! of InpaNM all musician* of 'hr lira* cla>s. Mr W1NCHELL th* inimitable Drolh-rist; Mr WM COLE, the I onloitiouist; Mr. LYNCH; i. A PETITE CEHITO; the DOG BILLY; and others. A Beanrilnl Collection of Wit Kiguns. The GIF*KY miEEN, the Kortun* Teller, rnav lie nfivai* ly cons' lt*d ata!l hours of the day an WMtftt. Tickets 2', cent*?children under ten tears l*H cert*. Twen Cvfire cents eifxa for i>r>vat- ronral'atiour wit! ihrOips-> ijtieer. ".30 re PKebMAS ?*?. VI ILAH Bkt HttMB * ND PICTURE GALLERY Broadway, opp 'ait* the City Hall. A DWARF! AH OLD As TOM THUMB!! AND THREE I VCHES SHORTER A GIANTESS!! AND SEVEN PERKORMERS ! ! All 'or On* Shilling. MR. H. BENNETT," MANAGER, IL'ipc'fullv auuounees that hell i effected an engagement with Mr DEL MICE the Celebrated Mimic, who will five Ills much admired iinitrtion of HENRY ( LAY. Th* following performers will also appear The IlKAT VVEHTKKN.Mrv Wi- - FKHN, 'LLKKTK, the grHcrful Duiiscusr, Mr H. Cl >NOVKK, the Protean Performer, mid Mr W CONOVLK, the celebrated Comic Singer. 1 he Melo.'eon. that pUys n v?ri?ty ofbrilliant Overtures. Half a Million ol Curiosities. Omul Cn?mnriimb, and H|>I--ii<Ji?1 ''iciure O-llery, enutiiniug all the iel?br?ted characters during the RrvoiUtiou Tb? ?.?ll'Sk,Y OIHL, can be consulted at all houi*. Afternoon Kbtertainmeut on Wednesday and Saturday at I o'clock. Performance in the Lecture Room to commence' :>t 8 o'clock. mti '"j'll . OALCKllY t>V PAINTINOS AT < LINTON ' Hill, ira ored with the intention of c rnnieuciug a National Oallerjr for the artiata and stn'vnis of Mew York, it now offered for rale to all ama'euri and eornomeura of painting". It it considered useless to mention anythine in favor ol ihc different paiuli..vs which compose this collection, the public and the pieia havinr loo fr?<|ueuily spoken of it in ternu of the 1 mhest cnmniendatioii The ga!l*r* will be opened for pub'ic inspection every day, and the pointings will b? sold at public auction on Wednesday, the H:h of May, at II o'clock, A M Special aeata iu the aaloon reterved for the ladies. Admission free. in8trllrc HAVMONI) V WKKKS' GRAND MENAGERIE, CORNER OF EIGHTH STREET AND BOWERY. MIC-HRS RAYMOND 8t WKEKB reapectfully inform the citizeoa ol New York, who ao liberally patronized their >plcndid and eiv r.ifird exhibition of Wild Animal* lett eano", tl at they w ill arrive witn tbri' Caravan o< Saturday morning, in tlila citv, nod whic will be lnc.it d in a moat coin modi, ua position, coiner of Kiglrli street and bowery accusalIde by on n ifnis'.ci, utau.'i, (lie * '*)'(I but a few uiinu.es walk of the ceuiml parts of 1T1- cit/. A Grand Procession will be firmed ?t 9 o clock 01 H^dum stfer,through \b\ualO-i Square, down Blocker to the Bowery, turn off at Grand to r ast Broadway, from tl once t l>a;I?-p. oceed to Wall. ?i <1 return through Broadway to the place o eir.ibittou T' is s|> eudid collection of An*m?U, (much i.jereisrd in numbers since last seiton.) will l?e exhibited on H'tarda" cveui; g, for the flr.- t time; and the periods of future eti.i nil ions win be, detail o in Monday's pspers Kvery proutiou lor personal safety will be strictly attended to The 1* ieeh^ut* will appear in ihe procession, carrying the Vlatnifhent B nd of toe ?/ompauy. mlO 2tis rc GLORIOUS N KWS?Something urw anu interesting to al classes?-JOHN A < OLLINH from tin* Skaoeateles Community, is now in the ity. and will continue, at Con<en HaiL 10? Broadway, on this F i day vninii May Oth? al half put / o'clock precisely, his course of Lectures on 8i?ciil hciv'nce, einhraeiua the evils and nutaip'insmg of the p?esent social arrangenmnt, their cause and remedy. All persons are resfcctfully invited to be present Scats rese: terl for the Kdies Kntrsi.ce fp-e n'i .li?ic BEAOt iN COURSE?TR < ITTDRI Mav lAth?Prime 4100 Two Mile He ita under the anddle < 1 <i K.ilw inli cli r Surrrl Billv J WhelpUf do b r hifla W S do r r. r Sua (fie (Jeo Hpmrr do ch. r Tom Benton M.iy2n li?Puraa S100 Two Mile llrva iii ll nnni. H limw >iiten Rr. r. WeahioRton .1 Whelpley b R Kifle II Woodruff do br. m Outcliesa May aint? mir $iO'l. Two Mile Heali m Unrip aa. HJ net euten Rt R Waahinirton <leo Spier do " b ti Ai* eni ua DRrvtnt do Rr. in. Lady Suffolk Thru Moon do Ii r. Hi t' li "to Kdwardado b. r PiM'to May 22d ?PorreJiiiO Two Mile lieala under the aaddlr. Oeo gpirei eutrn th r Tom Benton H Woodruff do br R "eo Waahinrton Geo Kdwaida do ch g. Sorrel Billy New iork. May lib, '841. inl11 li*'e (i'kntK^KVMT.I; s A Pura? of S'ltfl. will bp Ri"eu by fhe Proprietor!, two mil heata ill huneat, free for all trotting hows; SKI" to go to tb seruud beat horre in the race. To c one off Miy Iftli?to e|o?. thia day, Friday, May lOtli by 10 o'clock P. M , at Jonea' S? Cond Word Hulcl; thrre or more lira' rate lioiaea to make. nea. all lt*Jn I' a i' f; K ii a .%' ? ' i Wfs IV. 4- (i CtJHTIS, NO. ? '4 M A I I) K N LAN K , WOULD respectfully rail the attention of ih ir nnincrom rnaoinera and the public generally, to 'beir Hpiiiir Impoi t timn of new style P per llai.tinRi of every deacription ai c quality, whi' h they offer for aale at ?nch pnrea aa cannot I n to Riveaatinf etion 11purchaaera. They have alao on baud iun in ide to order, a aupenor article of I'lTIII III IM I II MlTTniliJCO w I ich f. r elaatn ity tutl nura .ility ca do' be .to lied; together with Punti-1 l.jvr Of..- heather Mtnw Palliaaleri. anil terv article .11 (In Boiling and Uphnl.trry baainea* it Uw pru ?. inl 1*11 THORN'S COMPOUND KXTKACT OK COBAIKA ' AN|) BAHSAPAK1LLA pn,a>a a lew advanliKea not enjoyed by any other iii'dicne forth* tun .1 ailtem-ldi teat*a,and which mint, w ith an enl I'hl''li'-d public lender it aaanardty highly poprnir, todadeiMUtm mn loaa aonghi foi 111 he medical world. It needs no confinement m change ol diet In in approvid f< rm tha-of a pnafe, t'* entirely taateteta, Mid a men no unphatint rental on to tha; alient. It hat nei|'i r"l the utuii.it Itun ri iln.iit er, pan of Kurun, I , tgamoi'd. approved I uid a* ctinnH bv tl r f i" 1 .10 i in*, n d recodiu *ud*d bv til# ..mat emu.eiit o| the puif ..1 1 Prepared by J II Thome, chetmal, London, aiiilioM.it. whole# |e end 'ei 1 |, ; JAM KB TAHRANT, 2M Urwetiwich at, comer i.l Warren atrret AI?o, at 2 Park Fow and 7*1 Broadway, 111 Broadway If Bronlwai . Coiner of Waller air.-e' in I 2wina* r M W A OHK'TAUIAM AND THOY BTKAMBOAI LINK. .Hale-) an KOB ALBANV AMI Titt)V?Mornnj L"'e Irtn 1 he loot ol Barclay atrert, landin# !M_?JLjE.at iote'mediate placea. '1 he atearrier KMIMRK, Captain H. R Ro*, thia morn my at 7 o'clo k. The ?te?mer TROV, ' '(plain A. Gotham, to-morrow m .rning, et 7 o'clock. I.veninK I,me from the loot of (u ur'lirdt atrc-t, direct. 'Ill* atramrr 8WALLUW, C'plain A. Mel. an, thia even UK, at 7 o'clock. t'hc s* Mfncr ALBANV, Caplain R. B. Macy. -to*morrow evening, at 7 o'clock. Th* II iata of thia Line, owing to their light dranc it 1 ' wa t*r, are able at all tune* to pnaa ihe birs, h d ' r' Alhu I and I'rny 111 ample tun* to take the noiruitK train i.l cut I 1 the rait or wot Kor pnaaag* or freight, apply on board, or at th* office* on Hie wbarve* in .1 HPLKNUI u k xTTT RHION TO BoloK WHHI It \ aMQ dgM The aUwmbo.it I'llUH HAI.VOND. t art &l He hour, will !e.ie Knltn* Market Wl a f, on Hnnday morning, May III'.. 1' I" w A JH. I.iave nhrewthnry at V, IV M 'I (inching at it )c?an liotiac, Port Waahinatou, Mi tdietown and tied Bark hare anch Way 3'H cent*. ml?M? rc oMh A A 11 . p (I It w \ |. 1- 1 h* well known II d I tat la I ok *lo"|e' 'II ill A icht I.l ILtaA Ittli KWhPnw AVh I.l.. II. tona. found uid farm.led in (he tl complete manner, with 11b. nitn.-anil llvuKJib, and iv ft too tail, rhr e ancho-a and cluin-i able, hating I or Iwrtha. with beat coiled hair mall iaae., bedding, damask rn#1,101,1 cnrtt'na, Ike , cooking and cabia atov*. china, id it tki wil h* told on reasonable tarmv Kn<|?.re at th* office of ,Mc< Ol. N k CLARK, 59 Wall*U it mi I wit* 11) VVI.B?Sit hlida. 111 dry tail, lor J k. K. COLLINR It CO , mire M Booth tlraM. BY THE SOUTHERN MAILW uhlnfton. [f orrespomlence of the Herald ] Washi.nuton, May 8, 18+1. I he committee on Mr. Niles* cone has not yet reported, hot 1 understand there is no doubt but they will report tavorably to his sanity, and, of course, favorably to administering to bun the oatlt ol office. Senator Lewis has had a new chair made lor him. It is a curiosity in its way. It comfortably seats two men, weighing each IHt) pounds. In relation to the appointment of a new Secretary of the Treasury in place of Spencer, I think, the probably is that the President will nominate no one till after tile Baltimore Convention, in order ih*? lit* may take advantage of its results. Charles King, of the American, is in town. The Hon. Alexander H fcverett, ta alao sull in town. Mr. Clay is expected to leave to-day f? route for Ashland, lie is said to he very seriously worn down. Later.?Too ill to leave to-day. He will leave privately It seems to he the impression here that nothing will he done in the ease of Mr. Tappan, who disclosed the Treaty contrary to a rule ot tne .Senate. He has only violated a rule of the Senate, although tor that lie is luhle to censure, or even expulsion. 1 do not understand that he has violated any oath, or any thing of that sort It also seems to be the impression here that the Senate will discuss th'- Treaty in open session, and that Congress is not likely to adjourn till next summer. S. BWashington, Wednesday, May 8, 1844. All is still in the greatest confusion here in the democratic rankH as to the nominee for the presidency, at the convention ou the 27th. I have just been shown by a southern member ol the House, the names of 811 democratic members of the present Congress who have protested against running Mr. Van Buren. Judging calmly from present appearances, Mr. Van Buren cannot get the nomination at Baltimore this month. I trpntiirp 1st tiritniiPou fKul >??<? !...III ~ ... W7 ...... ..... ....IIIIUIIIUU mil illriin.itf-lv settle down on the head id Gen. Dodge, the old Indian fighter of Wisconsin. 1 may give you the reasons in another letter why I come to this conclusion. At present I will state that the Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Missouri delegations have agreed to come to a compromise on Dodge. The Ohio and Missouri delegates say, they will not go Siewart or ("ass, because they believe both these gentlemen have been intriguing to destroy Mr. Van Huren, which charge Gen. Dodge is not amenable to. Commodore Jones arrived here from the Pacific Ocean last night, in company with Lieut. Wooster, of the marine corps, w ho went out with Commodre Dallas to relieve Commodore Jones. He came home in the Constellation, which ship reached Norfolk on the 1st inst. A court of enuuiry will be held on him for tuking possession of California. A question was asked in the House to-day bv Mr. Cohh, of the whigs they were sincere in adjourning Congress on the 27th of May ; the whigs oaid they were in earnest and sincere in that determination. TWKNTY-iflOHTH CONORBH8< FIRST HUSSION. Senate. Washington, 8th May, 1844. com. morgan. A bill was ordered to be engrossed paying ('has. W. Morgan $4000 expenses, Arc., incurred by hint in Thomas N. Carr's difficulties in 1841, '2 nnd *3, with the Lmperor ol Morocco. THE GRAMI'lTB. The hill providing for the widows, children, Sec, of tlie officers und seamen of this vessel, wus taken "PGov. Fairfield offered an amendment to include in the provisions of the bill, the officers, crew, &c, ol the U. S. ship Adams, lost Sept. 3d, 1814. It was adopted. Mr. Evans proposed an amendment to include the parents of sons lost Mr. Bayard opposed it. The pension law makes no provision lor such cases. It was an extension. Mr. Woodbury thought a provision of this kind should be general, and not for this particular case only, us there were many others equally deserving. The amendment was lost. The hill was laid on the table to give time for further examination. land okeice. On motion of Gov. WoodbrMge the Hill to amend an act entitled " an act to re-orgunlze the General Land Office" was taken tip. The Hill proposes to abolish the office of Solicitor. Mr. Basiiow opposed the Rill He^thought the office necessary. lie thought the 11. H Attorney Gvneral had not the time to devote to decisions ot the multitude of cases which were constantly coming tip Neither had the Secretary of the Treasury the time to devote to these cases ; therefore the office is necessary. [Note.?Mr. Rucliunan has this moment returned to his seat in the Senate, from which he has been absent for some time ] The Bill was post|ioned till to-morrow. distaict sasks. On motion oi Mr. Miller, the Bill to extend the Charters of the District Bunks was taken up and amended. 2 P. M.?The Bill is still under discussion. House of Representatives. Washington, Wednesrfay, May 8. This was the day set apart by a solemn vote of the House for the final voting upon and disposition of the Tariff bill. Anil as there has been so many idle and ridiculous speeches made upon it,?or rather parts of speeches read to the House til relation to it, for there has not been one complete speech made upon it yet,?the members, or rather their constituents, were anxious to see the matter disposed of. Yet, strange to say, as soon as the House met this morning, a motion was made by Mr. Wefler to suspend the rules, so as to offer a resolution extending the period ef debate to Saturday next at 2o'clock, when the committee shall proceed on al! pending amendments, c. This produced considerable exc.tement, and many members rose at once and asked if tbe I louse could not, by a majority vole, change the vote passed by a majority the other day limiting the debate on the Tariff. The Speaker said the resolution could not he offered at all to-day without a suspension of the rules. Mr. Cave Johnson then moved for a call of the ii ii.. i<... i .u.. ...u 11 i nuupr. > 111.1 aonptirru ?*? , nnu nir mil nari.niirt about halfway through, when some one moved ts uptrend till further proceedings in relation to the call, and amid considerable laughter, all further proceedings in th's usual farce of a call of the House were suspended. The ayes and noes were then called on the motion to suspend the rules to allow Welter's resolution to he received. Two-thirds w-re required, and the House refused to suspend the rules. Ayes !>2; noes 77?only IfiRin the House to vote on the ' tariff, out of 220 members. ' Air. Harvard then offered a nuked modified resolution that all debate on the tariff bill ' should cease on Friday next at 2 o'clock, and to repeal )>rn hac vice the former order of the House, ordering hII debute to cease on tins tariff bill today at I o'clock. The r-pRAkkr decided this to be entirely out of ' order, and read (Ik- HKld rule, bearing on tne quesi lion. | Mr. Harvard appealed from this decision, and at one time such was the conlusion all round the House, that it really seemed as if the whole duy, ' like Monday, would have been taken up in discussing useless points of order. At lust a motion was made to lay the appeal on the table, and this was carried. Ayes 110: noes HI. And thus one hour of th- day was consumed Mr. M'Kay then move I that the House go into committee of the w hole on the state of the I 'ruon, lor the purpose of proceeding with the discussion and disposal of the tariff hill. Mr. Harvard called the ayes and noes on this. < rias of no, no?why what lor no- order, order, and great confusion and noiae Srr.AKrM ?(Rapping Ilia hammer loudly and repeatedly) The House will come to order conversation is too loud in the hall. (Laughter, and apparently more nojie.) The ayes and noes were ordered and called. ' Haruis?Mr. speaker, I t?nh to know if my nnme was called; there wan so much noils that I could not hear. The result was- aye*. I'.', tioea, ft?. Si* alter all this fun* the House went into Committee of the whole on the tariff at a quarter past twelve o'clock. Dr. In ai as asked Mr. Hurt to yield him the floor for a lew mimiir* Mr Mi * i did ?o Dr. DexiAX 'Mid ho had omitted one or two strong point* in bin *p?ocli the other day, and that were aoma very allly whig hanner* ot coons, log cabin*, llarriaon'a apron*, " N? National Bank," " We ?renp to Conquer," lie. The exhibition of the*o banner*, a* Dr. Duncan held them up in the Home one after another, produced great laughter among the loco focus, and great noise and confusion, and objection from the whig*. Mr. lUnnaii I ri*a to order, sir. Dr Diixcax I have only one or two more (Roars of laughter and noise.) Hav?a*i.Voior.ii I call the gentleman to order?Older (llap rap, went the hammer ) l iMiawaa.?(. ommittee will come to order ("Order," and laughter, anil iioi?c, and "go on Doctor, give u? the banner*.) Mr Bi rt.-I demand the door, Mr. Speaker. Hi xi a. - lla* not the gentleman from Ohio been called !0 order I ( hair ?tie has Drxi ax |>a done I had only one mere banner (roars of laughter, and a cry of " bring out the coon '*) Ha*i ix?| kii|ii>oah they're locotoco hanner* mada to order- locofoco hannvm made lor the occaalon. (Laughter and noise, amid which Dr. Duncan took hia seat ) Mr. Bo*t roae. Cnai* I ornanttee will come to order, or the Chair will call gentlemen by their names

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