26 Mayıs 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

26 Mayıs 1844 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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T H Vol. X., So. 147?WboU Ho. 3717. To th? Puhlli . I TIIE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?pubUshad overv day of the year except New Year'* day and Fourth of Jnly. Price 3 cent* per copy?or f7 36 per anuuin?postage* paid?(Utah in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?publiahed every Saturday moruing?price 81 cent* per copy, or $S 13 per annum? po paid, coah in a lvancw. . ADVERTISERS are iniormod that the circulation of the Herald i* over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing (?st. ft hat thi lur^rtl circulation oj any payer in thit city, or the world, and it, therefore, the beet channel for hutineu wen t'n the city or country. Prioea moderate?cash in adTB'ice. PRINTING of all hinds executed at the moat moderate price, cad in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Pitorniyroii or thf. Hkhald K?tt ..lishmevt, Northwest corner of Kulton and Nassau street*. OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. 1 SOUTH STREET, NEW YORK. Passu., e can be euptigetl fromLiverpooTC^ha folio* in* s'.neudid im( ke? stni?. comprising the Old Black Ball Line ol'racket* **iliu* as uuder Krmn Liverpool The ship ''OLUM BUS, Captain Colo,oa the 16th February. The ship V DRKKHIKE, (new) Bailev, asi the 1st 'March. Th? sh,|. C -V VIBRIDGE,Capt Barttow, 16th March. Th-ahio ENGLAND, Captain Bartleti. 1st April. The ?h;p t VXEORD. Cantain Hatlibonc, 16th April. The "hip .MONTEZUMA, Captain Lowber, 1st Mar. The ship . UKOPe. Op'ain b urber, tSati May. Tliesh'p SKVV YORK, 1'aptaiu Cropper, 1st June. in addition tu theabovesuperior ship*, the ?iib?cril>er'.i (-.genu will have .i luccession of first class Anr-rican ships drapati tied, as ci-.toinary, from Liverpool, e*ery four or five days through* out th? year, to the rtiff*rent poru in the United rtates.Dy whicli pa?sage can tie s-cured at reduced rates. Those sending for their frrud* fesidin* iu Great Britain and Ireland, m>y rely tli it every care trill li? taken to mak* passengers as comiortable ;.s they can reasonably expect, and anould >he pas-en* ra not eome out. the passage money will be promptly refuudrd. Drubs can at usual lie furnislird p.yab e at the National and Provincial Beaks of Ireland and bmuch?s; Eastern Btuk of hcoi una and b auch s; and on Messrs J. Bait, Hon St Co., Bankers. London; Messrs J. Barned Ik Co., Bankers, Liverpool, which are payable throuyhout Englaud and Wales. Tor further particulars apply (if by lstter post Paid) to JOHN 11C.RDMAN, 61 South street, near Wa'l street N. B Passage to Liverpool and London can stall times be sngaited bv the mauler packet ships, suilin* for Liverpool every five days, ..id to Lotidou en tlte 1st, lOlh and ?0th of each month a HPl'li' alio* as alwive |12ec OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS ifkaJKLM A. lloclinf lllliul SSt ?lt*l rnll?\S"l>ICH*?S ... a.MM?tBei ?l.sS ? k ' ? s.a VI? iuuuTTiii|viaoi, ciAUCftrviuft W<? WM1I LUC sailing day fall* on Sunday, the ships will sail on ths succeed lag day, via:? From New Vork. from Liverpool The CAMBRIDGE, I Jane 1 July 16 800 torn, < Oct 1 Nov. 16 W. C. Bsrttow.f Feb. ) Mar. 16 The ENGLAND, (Jnne 16 Aug. l 700 to n, < Oct 16 Dm. 1 8. BartUtt.f Keb 16 April 1 The OXFORD. t Jul) 1 Aug If 800 tout, < .Nor. 1 Dec. 16 J. Rathboue, f March 1 April 16 TbeMONlKZl'MA. I July if Sept. 1 1080 tum, < .Not. If Jan. I A. 15. Lowber, March If May 1 The KUROPE, i.Aug. I 8?pt If 618 tout, 'Dae. 1 Jaa. 16 K. (J. Kurber, i April 1 May 16 The NEW YORK, (caw) I.Aug. 16 Oct. 1 9i0 urns, 'Dec. 16 Feb. 1 T. B. Cropper, I April If June 1 The COLUMBUS, Sept I Oct 16 700 ton*. vJau. 1 Kcb. 16 O. A. Cole, I May 1 June 16 The VOUKSHiRE,(uew) ilSept. 16 Nov. 1 lOiUtOD,, Jau. 16 Mar. 1 11.0. Bailey. (.May 16 July 1 These nliipi are nor surpassed in point of elegance or eotr'art in iru'ir cabin accommodations, or in their Gutsailiug qua '.ties bv any vessels m the trade. The commandera are well known ai men of character and experience, and the strictest attention will alwaya be paid to promote the comfort and convenience of p.tcaeneera Punctuality, ait regards the day of tailing, will be observed at heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed at One Hundred Dollair, lor which ample itore-; of every description will be provid -d. with llie exception of wiues and liquers, wliich will be furnished by tile stewards, ifreonired. Neii tier tli captain or owners of these ships will be responsible for any letters, parcels, or package* sent by them nnleis regular bills ol lading are signet! thereior. For freight or passage, apply to GOODHUE 8t CO, 64 South st. H. MARSHALL, 33 Burling slip. N. T. Itttf end of BAKING. BROTHfcRS ft CO.. LWl PA'a SAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND ML HT THE BLACK-BALL OH OLD LINE15F LIVERPOOL PACKETS. (Sailing from Liverpool 0:1 the 7th and 19th of very month.] Fr ?>1-1 wishing to sued to the Old Cenntry for their friend* can isakw llie nv.:e?sary arrangements with the subscribers, and have thrvi come out in this superior Line ol' Packet*, Sailing Iroui Liverpool punctually on the 7th and ISth of every month. They will also have a firm mte clat* of American trading ship*, saili.ig every six iluyi, thereby alior(lins: weekly cominuuication from that port. One cf the firm (Mr. James 0. Roche) ia there, to set* that they shall be forwarded with care and despatch. Should the parties agreed for not come out, the money w ill be returned to those who paid it here, without any reduction. The Ulack Ball, or Old Lins of Liverpool Packets, comprise the Billowing magnificent Ships-vix :? The OXFORD, Tha NEW YORK. CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA. ENGLAND NORTH AMERICA. With each superior and unequalled arrangements, the subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that support which has beeu extended to them so many years, for which the, are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can at ull times obtHiu Drafts at sight Tor any amount, drawn direct on the Hoyal liairk of Ireland, Dublin, also on Messrs. PRESCOTtf, OROTE, AMES & CO. Bankers, Loudon, Sbir.h will be paid on demand at any o( the Banks, or their rauchew, in all the princiml towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. ROCHE. BROTHERS It CO. 35 Fulton street New York, next door to the Fullou Bank, i N. 13.?The Old Line of Liverpool rackets sail from this ( ! port lor Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each month Parties I returning to the old country will fiud it to their comfort and i advantage to select this favorite Line fo#their conveyance, in L preference to snv other. | TO THjb TRAVELLING PUBLIC. Mt TfftiUmr ( JviStt'.NOER ARRANGEMENT FOR 18**. I The Subset 1> rs having complete,! their arrantccrents, are | pared mi bring ont paesengeis from Great Britain md .1 rexnd i y tie-followijg first cLst packet si>i|>s. one of which i?ill icavr :.iveipoolon t/ic 1st, 6th. 11th, 16th, 31st and 3tU> ol ;-ach mouth:? A.1' rich llcnry Mew York. Sheridan, Virginia, Liverpool. Camondge, vi.iii' iuios Soilous, (ifo. Washington "4 Hottiusnw. Columius, United Stats* 0 Jl scan, An bnrtun, England, 9 I ui.pe Pteph'n Whitney, Kmchesrei. f Indi'iwnder.e^ York.hire. Onrri k, S.iimifl luck, Queen of the W.*t, Og'nrd y. ' Cert ilicv.ee ( puvaajce nan b? obtained, ainli-vary information wi!' Pi giv -u to those sending for thru frnuds, on application !'?t either of our cilices. S They will also be pie' Hied, on Ike open in* of navivalioe, to yiorwt d pan. .sera und'hur lugK-g* to Albany end Troy, and via E't* Kauai to 'ntfalo, and all niterTni'.diaM plum*. To all pcii? "f th Upper Lakes } Via Oswego to Toronto, Port Ho|>e Cobarg, P.Ingtum, and al! p.irts of '.ara-la Wist From Troj irta V itchall to Montreal acd Quebec, '"anada k vt via Obi > ''anal from ' 'le.ivelanJ to Portsmouth, Cioeinnut', ai d i terme.'m'e places Scu.h Went via Phil'ielrhia to Pittsbun .Cincinnati, Loins vil'e. and nil parts on the Ohio Kiver to Si. Louis M <> ; and tu < '! i>ait? ol .itiio. MictiiK.ni, Indiana, Illinois nud Wiscon tin Teiritory. REMITTANCES. Forth-- aip'oirmiidition of person" wishing to rend money loth ir f iends in the Old ('mtutry, HAH N DEM & CO. w ill aire Dr .Its mi any part of Enpiai'd, Hcot'aud or lisland, payable at at.-tit, lor suipa of XI, xi, ?30, to ? 0<>?or iu auy amount to suit the purchaser Ob'KICKS AND AGENTS. Charles f ra't, 130 Hta eetr-et, Boston 1! v. Wh eler. Union Bnildtug, ProvidencesR I. J. W Mil's, I wall street, an.: |0 Front street. New York. * O. How 'd,4lrt mb Third street. Piiilanelphia. benti.Mrd U Hnoeuiaker, 7 Liitht street. H i .iinore, Md. Pittsburgh, Pa. L. S. Iiitt'oj' hn, 11 f a bars*, Albany N. Y. S Ci.'.rk, l ') tliver etrvot. 1 rov, N. i . 1 'lica, N. Y. W. A. Cook -.yrxcute, N. 7 Ho-i "Sler, V. V*n (moii Mill., o. N. Y. H. T'i xiiuah St o itiyo, N Y. rnltjec /?i' 1(A NO l.fs IS FOH 1344 OLD h-ff i AbLibllKD PAHS,'.OK Ob KICK, il>(> Pine street, corner of South. M M M M TTlKstibsrribrr hrys haive to call the attention of his friends . and the public in general, t? thi, following arrangements for i 1K41, for the purpuo ol bringing tint cahin, 2d cahiu, and stwer- i age y -.aiengera, b/ the II. -gular Line of Liverpool Paekete, sail ing the 1st,(sth, lull, 16th, 21st and Jtith of every mouth. Bv i theLondou Packets, toscil rem New York, the let, 10th and 80th?end from London on the 7th, I7lh and 27tholeaeh month. In couusrtion with the above, nud for the pnr|?os* of aflordlec still icrcati* fairilttu-s to passeugrrs, the snbeciiber haa eels flic'iedn r tulnr hot o tWst elies New York htult, copi* red a.itl c-u per magcuei ships, to toil punctually every week thrni ghont tfu- V".r. Kir the c'lmmodetiw, nf persons wishing to resoitmnney ti , tu i hn.ilii ii;rf.. nils, drafts are given, payable al light, on the following liaakt, vir.! frovi y "'I Hank of Ireland, payable nt Corf, L'tnerick, Clontnti, Londonderry, Sli :n, weiferd, Belfast, Wstorford, Qui w iy, Armagh, Athlon*, Coleraiii. I'4ia<ii? ? ; ??niu*i, r<nu i :i? 11 i"H| Mcnjuinftfit Briiilitiogi, Bally intnat Parioristftwn, pownp.ttrieki Omagh, Dine <nnen. Bandon, Kuan, Bally thinno Stmi no, Skihereen, Mallow, Moueymori* CooK-liill, Kilrueh, Dublin. Pcotlarid?'The City Bank of Oliuuow. EinclHod?Mom. Spooney, Atwood He Co. Flanker*. London; B Murphy, Waterloo Road, Liverpool; payable m every (own in Ureat Britain, for further inlonnation Or by letter. noat Mid,) apply to JOBEPll Mc&fUHRAY, JOO Plneetreet. corner of South, S. V. Or Mewre. r. W. BYRNES 8t CO, :? Waterloo Road. J# bin* re T.ivenooi KOK LIVr-uBOOL?ihe Packet Shin SIIERJ. yyekllAfi, Captain llepejatrr, ami* on ti e 2i,rh iiiat., >.?U ?Li2?t''>' I'icm t ehip CA nil III l>l*E, <.r.pt?in B ir.:ow, ?? tl.e In June, by whicn p-iiei-! cr.n be engaged at the loweat J IIK'IDMAN, CI talk* fj -3?"Viaye from OreR Britain anil I eland (via Liverpool). ar: at all nmea be engaged b/ the reyurnr packet* aai itg evfry Ov -do a?and Uraltacm a? uaual be Inruialiad for *uy amount iuv<bl? at nil the principal hanking laiiitutioii* throughout the United Kingdom, on applicauou.u above, m2l tc I I -a ENE ]\r JL 1 ? NICW LINK OF LIVKHFOOL FACKKTft. Tj tail tfoa New Fark oa the 2t?ih and Liverpool on iLt 11th ui eacn month. Jfc Ml ML Blnp ROSCIL'S, Captain John Collins, 2Cth March. Ship SIUUON8, Captain E. B. Cobb, 2ftUi April. Sjsip SHERIDAN, Captain E. A. Depeystrr, iith May. ship OAKiiiCK, Capt. B. I. H. TrasV.lCth June. . ... Kaon Live, arooi.. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain A. Depeyster, 11th March. Ship [iAHRICK, Captain B. I. H. freak, lli'i April, ship Rnsi'lus. Captain John Collins, nil. May. Ship SIDDONH, Captain E. B. Cobb, lllh Joue. Thase ships are all of tli. Tint class, npwaris or 10W ton*, built in ilia city oi Nevt Voilt, wild such improvem ruts at eonibiue great speed witdi unusual omlhrt. Tor passengers. Every c ire has beeu taken in the arrangement of their acotnuiodatioii*. The price of paasaes Sauce it S li.a, tor which '.mple stores will be provide--! These ships ore commanded by tporieuced trustees. who will make every exertion to give general satisfaction. Ncitii?r the captains or o.rr.ers of the ships will be responsible for any letters, parcels or packages tout by tiieta, unless regols ~"1 '-if lading are signed tMrefar b'or treivht or passage aiir'y to )K. k. COLLINH ft Ct>.,.' (/auurh it-. New VorX, or lo HI* jWN, SHIPLEY at CO., Liverpool Letters by the pad .-is will he chary. J It'X onu per siunla beet : 5* centa r?r oji.se, and newspai-ers I rent each nil rrr THE NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. M M M M from Nev^YorRlst, and irun^iverpool 6th ol each month. from New York. L'puol. Now Ship LI VERPOOL. 1140 tout. ) jftril 21 ftne 6 J. Kldndge f A * 2, ()ct f S. ahip QU EEN O K T HE WEST, \ \\ ft?' ! mo ton. P. Woodnouse ?, Nov 6 New ahip ROCHESTE11.IM ton., i \\ ft"1\ John Bnttoa lOet'r 21 Dec*r b Ship HOTTINtiUKR. 1040 ton., \2! i??y S Ira Bnraely, ?>r li R?y Theae anbauntial, fast aailing, first class ahipa, all built in the city of New V'orlt, are coininanded by tneu ol experience -jid abilly, ant! will be dispatched punctually on the 31st ol n^h in.mil.. AfPheir cahint are elegant and eornmodioas, and arc fnruished with whatever can conuucu to the ruse and comfort of passengers. Price of passage, *160. Neither the captains or owners of these ships will be responsible for any parcels or package* sent by thein, unless regular hil's of lading are signed therefor. (for freight or passage apply to Wllffl/jrni.l. Mr MIMTIIHMS 117 South street, Nuw York, otto FIELDKN. BROTHERS ?c CO., 114 ec Liverpoi m. m NEW YORs AND HAVRETXCKRTS. Second Lin*?The Ship* of thii line will hereafter leave New York on the lit, and Havre on the 16th of each mouth, ai follow*, via Fnusi Nan Yor> Fuels H.v.*>. New Ship ONEIDA, , lit March. v ICth April. Captain < 1st J ill). { loth August James Kunck. ( lit Novvinber. f Kith Ln cumber. Ship BALTI MORE, I lit April l 16th May. Captain < lit August. \ 16th September^ Edward Fune.( lit December, f 16th January Ship UT1CA, ^ lit May. 116th Jane. Captain < 1st September < 16th October: y rederick H witt. { lit January. f 16th February. NewshipUt. NICH -L.AS t lit Jane. ( 16th July. Captain < 1st October. < 16th November. J 1J. Pell, f 1st February, f 16th Starch. .The uccoinmod ..otu of these shipi are not surpassed, combiniuir all that m y be retj aired for comfort. The price of caj bin passage is $10(1. Passenger* will be supplied with every re quisite with the exception of winea and lienors. flood* intended for theee vessels will he forwarded by the sab icribers, free from any other thau the exi>euari actually incurred on them. For freight or jiussaga, apply to BOYD St 1HNCKKN, Ageuu, |e!?6 ee No t Tantai- Rnthling. cor. Wall ami Water TA PSCOTT'S GENERAL EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE ARIIA G^MENTS FOR " 44. The subseribeis b? g to r.Uithe retention of tlirir friends and the public geueraHy to their snprrior arrai gemenu for bringing oat passenger* from, cud remitting money to All part* or England, Ireland, Scotland aud Wi:?, THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, COMPRISING THE QUEEN OF THE WEST. 1250 ton* THE SHERIDAN, 1000 toui. THE ROCHESTER. 1000 ton*. THE OA'IRICK. 100.) ton*. THE HOTTINGUER, 1000 tons. THE KQSCHJ8, 1000 ton. THE LIVERPOOL, 1150 ton*. THE SIDl'CNS, 1000 ton*. Hailing from Liverpool twice everv mon'h, end THE UNITED LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS, cemposed oi ?uperior, first elm* American packet*, aniline from Livrpool four time* in each month, at a the shit* id Which thoie who*e parage may beeu^need With the -.obscribcri will Clime kUt in, and it i? a Wall h??>wii fact tli? abnee nanied packet* are the tno?t magnificent ship* ailoat and t!i? frequency at their sailing, (beingevery live dava) prevent* tlie possibility of passengers heing nuiieceaeinly detained at Liverpool. Kegajulnis oferiienae, in order to meet the wauta of the public and the wishes ofthe.r friend*, Mr. Win. Tapiiscolt, one of the firm, ha* gone to Liverpool to snperintruH the departure for tin* country of inch pstsons whose passage may be engaged with the subscribers, a fact, which to those acqniiured with Mr, W. T., is a sufficient guarantee that they will receive ererv attention from him, ?ud be quickly and romlortnhly despatched. Should those tent for decline coming, the passage money will be promptly refunded, without any deduction?a* usual. Remittance*?Those remitting money can be supplied with droits at signs, lor any amount, payable free of discount or any oilier cfusnre, in every principal town in England, Ireland, Mcotiand and Wale* Apptytu ny Utter, post paid,) to ?? It J. T. TaPSCOTT, 41 Peck slip, itew tors?or to txu WM TAPHCOTT, Liverpool. MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. m. m. m m The undermentioned ships will be regularly dispatched from hence on the 1st, and from Marseilles on tin. 5th of sach mpulh during the vear as follows From New York. Marseilles* MINERVA, Cnpt. Biown, Dec. 1 Feb. 5 TKESCOTT. < apL Myrick, Jan. 1 March 5 H'ltY THOMPSON,Capt-Sylvestar, Feb. 1. April 5 HELLESPONT, Cnpt. Adams, March I. May 5 COIUOLANUS, Copt. Haile, April 1. June! They are all coppered and copper fastened, and have excellent accommodation* lor passengers The price of cab iu passage will be (100, exclusive of wines and liquors. Goon* addressed to the agents, DOYO h HINCKEN, will he forwarded free of other charges than those actually paid. For freignr. or passage apply to law llfeiiNUiL * I'lllLtra. 101 H ront. lUwt or to BOYD fc HINOKEN.Agenta, n*f.r Vo <1 Tontine Buildings. AMaf PA"8AME FROM DUBLIN. CORK, WATER YMHWKOHD. DERRY. COLr R\1N f , BELFAST. ?HifcjK#vcvvr . D-oghedu, lie?Persons wishing to send lor rh?ir Irieud can nave tli'in brought out troin any of tho above ports in first class Aine ic in Packet Ships, on the most reasonable terms. and without theiresperie.ciiig any nnnncessa'ydetention Mr \V Ta scott, our of the firm, v. ill be or. the pot to give his personal attention to the passengers engaged bv the suoscriber* or their a?et,u here, aud peraous may rely th t the wi?h*.> and comforts of th- se irb sr passage may he nta-ed hy thetn wil' hive all due an I pro|>er ittention For particular* apply, if by letf.r, ikih-i aid t > \V ?t J. T TAP8COTT, at their (toners! Passage Office, 7H 1-nth ?t cor. .Ma de Lane, wheT. also, Dra la may or blnina', for large r suial1 sums Payable'<u demand without di couut or -ny other rhaige, t th ' < ifi-nal or Provircia Backs of Ireland ?r any ortneir brunches throughout the Kingdom mlS rr PASSAUE L it'i.i.i !~N- LAN i", THKI.ANU, M;OT. LAND AND WAlf:?, VIA LIVERPOOL. ,. fjubr Thfc tuhscriher has made unequalled errs K n. cli d'-.'hd^Vfor l.ruigi g out rungrautt this yur. 644. Those eFtMMb-endiiig lor th"ir frierJa would do well to apply at the old established packet office of JOHN HERDMAN, 61 Booth at N. B.?The shits n| this line now leave Liverpool etery five dm*, and dr fia riui as usual be fnruished for any im nut payable ai til th priucipal In king institutions uiro..ghout tue united kingdom, upplv ssahnvw 'i21 rr -riiiut FAI SCOTT'S GENERAL PAShAUE Oh7 FICE?Removed froui 41) Peek slip to 76 H< utlisr. AAWjmm corner ol Maiden laae Persons rirtir >ns to sen 1 fur th tr f lend* in the old country, can by calling ou the subsc i hers make the necessary a miigerneiii* oil th" most adv i t.iyrnus trims Mr Wm 'J'upsc tt bmtg iu Liverpool, renders transacting such business with thru) higltlv beorfisul to all t?r'i-s wishing to have thsir friruds couifoitably aud gutcklv dea , patched. I Uraf-t for any amount, paysbl-on deinn d without any d-secuiit or any chn-?r whatever, in ,,ll t.ha print i,?i row us through" , ' It t treat Brium aud lit'and cau at mi tun s be ob ameo ou application to w. k J T T VP.ICOTT At tlirir ticu ml I as,are Office, t mil rc 7fi Si nih at coiner t a I'ten 'ane N t, V l.l\c. () I'/V i\ 'I'.a ult LIVE it- I aySjdPV POOL?Pa. k t cf 26 h May.?'I Im in.V'.dij new, SWdEte ud I vorite Picket a ip -HEHIIJA iLtll l"na hurt, e.i, a, t. F A XJepevater. w<ll sail oil iVlouJi/, 27th Altv, he- legubr day. The ship* of tnis |ib? being a'l l'DO t >ns and upw irda, per- i sous ilDonr to eulhvrk lor the nit! countrv. Will not tail to see th" a>lvantages t i le derived Iro n selecting (his liue in prel;-ience to any other, as their great c ip icily r-t d.-s them evr^y way mori C 'tnfiirrable and rouveinent than ships of a auml rr rl mi, and then accommodations it is well known are superior to any others. Persous wlihing to seenrr b-rth" sboald not fa.I to make early application ou board, f tot of Wall reel, or to ; W. fit J. 'f. TAPHCOTT, At their tfec?raJ t'auae* Office, 71 South sinet, inSJ re cor Miid'ii Lane, upstairs. KOIl LONDON?lachrtot li'Jimr ?IVivlnr ffiP^ydid fast ui'mgu.g packet?h-p Mhl>IA1UH,Cn|it JtMMBhr'. M. Chadwiik, will rail punctually u above, tier resiitar uny. I'm* auoerior packet ha* ?rrv A. a aecoinmoJatio. s f >r rabin, j second cabin and steerage pasa-nuen, v li? will tc taken at ' wry reasonable tales ifr.i/ly *??;>!ic-lion l.e inv'e on board, or to 'V. Ic J. T TAPSCOTT, At their Oenrral IVi't' Office, 76 Hnnth street. eoruer of Maiden Lane. Persons wishiig to tend for their 'ri*i.ds to come ont in thi* , Kir> or auv <>f U * lio?, or ? ho * about to remit iooury, can , nulie f.Torahle arrangements by ai l Ivies a* e.bnaa altrc I ~ 'PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS \ FOR ALBANY. ! ekM DAILY", Sunday* rac?pted?Through Di- i rect, *t 7 P M., from the Stermh. at rier be- ' 71 iJtrnm Courtlsnilt and Liberty atreeta. The steamboat KNK KEllBlKMEK, Captain A. P. St, ' Jrhu, M?ndty, Wednesday an l KrWay evening*. at 7. < The nieeinooat HOCHibHTEK. Cart.im A Honghton, on Tueidav, Thursday and Saturday Evenings. at 7. Ai Kireo'clock. P. M.?Landt tfst Intei mediate Places:? The Steamhr.it COLUMBIA, Capuin W m H. Peek. Men-lay, Wednesday, Friday and SuuiUy ermines, at 5 I he Steamboat U PICA, Captain T Hya t, Tuesday, I Tim nd.iy and Saturday erennitrs, at 5 P. M I P i-seiiner* uUiiiik ttii* line id boats will arrive in Albany in r am.-e tune to take me Moruiutf Tram of Cart for the tail or < west. i I) ,**The above Boats are n?w and substantial, are fninished with new aud elegant Slate li'io.us, anu for at?aed and-ccooi- t mentations are unrivalled on the Hudaoa. kortMaaaita orlraight, apply on board, or to P. C. 8ehah*at tb* omceon lb* wharf. nMtg 1 mammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm W YC EW YORK, SUNDAY Ml gnu HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL Si^.1 Mhn-a IHIIIMN v^HBEXXnIA u?d CALKUON1A, will tear* Bo* Cur lk? abate l'oitt t* follow*? fritsoiiia, Saturday, Jaue I, 1GI4. Caledonia, Sunday, Jane lb, 1M?. Passage lor Liverpool flaw. Postage for Hal ifax 20. ApcW to D. JJRIOHAM, Jr.,Areut, m2l re No. 1 wall street VU*?| NKW YORK. >* T ? I 8CHOULK > '8 MOUNTAIN w^. EASTON. I KA VI. ike foot of Conrtlant street, daily [ ouuo.i. > <> opted,] at 8 o clock, A vl , by Railroad from Jersey City to Morrill wn direct, without change of Or?from tlieuc-bv P->st C &cln-a <l.ron?li Meuilham h-ster, Sell olry's Moan'ain. Port Cnldeu, Washicg'oa to Knston. At Washington a daily line intersect* to and Troin vi?l? rr. Kor seats ai'lly to J. iflLL, at John I'uUeu's Commercial Hotel, 71 Coarttaud' r.r*l N. B.?T'tfrs* furnished at the shortest. notice, by epplrmg lr \ ,B. LUoK. Mori'stown ,\p2ti 2i?*re. oTlpffi GREAT WESTERN RAIL ROAD ROUTE, KKOM ALBANY '1 O UUFKALO (125 MILK'S) ilk' RAIL UOAtk. The 012I7 Office in N'ow Yo; k established by the several Ilail Road Companies between Albany ami llulfalo is at No. 58 COIfRTLA.NDT -TRK-T, JOHN f. CL S RK, fGeneral Agent. NOTICK TO IMMIGRANTS. The flnbteribers having been appointed agents for forwardidk Immigrants by Rail Ho.id from Albany to Bunaloaud intermediate place* are enabled to end them during the Summer from Now York to Utica lor (2,06. to Syracuse(2,32, to Auburn (2.36; t'i Hoch-tlcr (4.61 to Buffalo (5 50. Childre. froui 2 to 12 years old a. half price; under 2 years free- and all liaggsire fr mi Albany on the Rail Road is entirely free. It is evidant (hat it comet much chei|>er to the imiuigrtiit to fray-1 by Rail Road than by Canal, he reaching Buffalo per faieimboai from New York and Rail Road from \lbunt in 42 lionrs; wh rea?, it takes per Canal from 3 to 10 days. The following calculati -n shows the remit, via ('usage to llullalo|ier Rail Passage to Buffalo per Cell oad (3.50 nal. say (3,00 Ltizcaire from N. York to Luggase to Buffalo. 50?bs Albanr, ]04lb* free, bll- f-ee, baUnce for 100lbs- 55 '.nr.k for loOIbi IS Loss of time at least 8 days Luggage from Albau; to worth to the la'-oier, say UliUalo In* I 50 cents per day 1,50 Living lor 42 boon, say- 75 I Living lor 10 day*, 50 cent* I per day 5,00 Total per U. Hood $<,411 $17,05 Deduct fare per 1L Koad 6,45 The traveller ^>er U. Road save*-* $5,02 They alio for-.vard passe- g-rs to Cleavelaud, Portsmouth ?t J jthrr pltces in Ohio; Dnioit, Uc , Michigan; Green Bay, Milwnukie. Ike. Wisconsin Terrtiry; Chicago, Illinois; and to different plac-s in i'an.idn. at the low eat rales. All informaciou u to the different routva given gratii, and Tickets to b?- had mLu at the Albany and Buffalo Kail Hoed OBic* 59 Conulandt tfeet. WOLF Ik KICKERS, nv2 lm'rc The Boats ol this Ferry will run ai follows nulii luitiur aoiicoSTATKN ISLAND. ' liftia?At 7% A M and 4% lJ M. Stapleton-Al7%,9% 11% A. M . 4%, 6%. P M. (lilAraut.ue?At H, 10 A ?I . I, 2%, 5, 7, i\ M. NEW YOICK, . A' 9, 11, A. M. and 2. 3%, 6 7%, P. M. m21 ra SUM MeK ARRANGEMENT. NEWARK AND NEW YORK. FAKE ONLY Uj CENTS. THE NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN G-vFKY, *n<' -Monday, May 13. will rnu as IT jr?- 7"'r-T-elSfoliQWh:?Le -.ve Newark, foot uf Centre st, at iE? ivSL3L.7)a A M. ni.d 1% P. M. Leave New York, foot ol tlaicl ty at, at 10 A.M. ami 4 P.M. On Saudays?Leave Newark at $ A. M. and 2 i*. M. and N-w York at 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. Freiunt carried at very reasonable rates. May loth. 1244. mllre SUMMER ARRANGEMENT^ BLOOM I NO DALE. MANHATTANVILLE AND FORT WASH I NOVO N LINE OF STAGES. ? Fare to Manhatttnville 12% cents?For. Washington 25 c-uts. This Line will com. "-ence niiniing on Saturday, May 4th, 1*44 as 1 lu'-'-s Leaving ManhatUnville, nt 6 o'clock A. M., and continue running every hour until 7o*cturk P M Leavng New \ ork. corner ol Trynn Low and Chatham it, two doois east of the Harlem Railroad Office, at 7 o'clock, A. M , and continue running every houi until 2 P. M. Stages lea?iue Fort Wash.niton for City Hall, 7% A.M. and 9%, llH, 1 P. M., 3%, 4 an! 6%. Staves leaving t ity Hall for Fort Washington, 9 A. M., 11 and I P M., S. 4 and 8. These Stige* pass on the route Seed's Hotel. Bnrnh.im's Man ion House, orphan Asylum and Lunatic Asylum. S<ricker's Bay, /I bhey Hotel, Triattr Church Ceui?try, High Bridge to Fort Washington. B. MOO UK. m2 lm*re Proprietor. KOKKVILLE, ASTORIA. HELL GATE FEKKF, KAVENSWOOD AND NEW YORK STAGES ^rvka* ?>? Will Co men CO rnnning on Monday, May IWC uv lollows VTtfrtr'wIWk Leaving Aatoria, at 7, 8,9, and 11 o'clock, A. M , 1, i. j. 1,.,. 5% and 7 P. M. Leaving 3 Cn .thai* street opposite City Hall, at7, 9, 19, and (I o'clock A. M.. 1. 3, 4, 5, 6 nod 7 o'clock P Si. This Stag' willv-all Kir raise ogert at 20 Bowery, cori.tr oI Pell street, and -*t Hazard's, Yoikville. All baggage at the ownet's rir>. Oa 'he arrival of tlie stage at Astoria, it ? ill im mediately be in reacinesa for con/eying passengers to Ravens wood and Long Island Farms. Fare 12% cents Horses and Wagons to let. LEWIS $t CARTER, ink )m*ec Proprietors MALBANY DAY LlNE^FTTlNnv^d Pt * "VjkL?? ?Jelnterinediate Landings, at half-past 8o'clock, JImAwLA. M ?The new and Co mnodiuus steamboat *OU i H A,Yl.< KICA, Captain M. H. 1 rueailell. will loive ihe fu.it of 11 oli in aim afreet, on Monday, Wednesday aud Friday mornings. ttCU o'cl ick. The rtOUrtl AMERICA will leave Albrny for New York and intermediate landings, every Tuesday, Tnnrsdiy and Saturday inorumsj, at OH o'clock. mire "6PPOBiTION KVEMhO 1.1 NE >UH ALBANY7DIRECT *gk The A'PW Hplrcdid HteamboatNEW K5p5tiS$e^3rJI!-HSlC,Y, C.di t II H Kurey, will have the ^?M^BSaX>l'ier fool ?f barclay street (north aide) on Wednesday ercuing, IJih iu taut, at seven o'clock "egular days fcotn New York, Mondays. Wedneadaya ant! Fridays ; (rmn Albany-Tuesdays. Thuradaya anil fnturdiyn Th? New Itrvcy has Deeu rcbui't and rsniod lied, and tilted up in the lv at posaible in inner. Whe liss a large iinm'er of elegant But" Ilooun, a huge and eomino .iiuus Pr imruade Deck, a Ladies' Saloon wilii steeping accommodations for lull parsons li'd effusive and uiry Cabin* Altogether, she Has sleeping IC'.o jimodationa for nearly 708 peraoua. tier itmuuht of w it?r is lig't, ao that she will alw<ya be able to cross the bars without detention or transhipment inCi Jm*re IFATR C UTT1NU NEW PRINCIPLE. A N EXPLANATION IS NECESSARY, IN ORDER ft- to fu'ly lomprvh-ud ihr great advantages which will arise fr ,m p.itronicnig Phal m'.i new p an of Hair Cntti.is, fcc ? Every bod,- ha. felt (he uuplrisaut - eolations created by having the dirty hair biush applied to Ins hea-l, for the forty-s venth tune in s day. (and >u aoir.e instances used upon the heads ofiu valids) witimur disusing. In view of ihia. the subscriber ho. devoirn his entire rsLahli huie,,t lor introducing a new leaturr in the ireatitpnt ol the hair?that of hiving a large uuu.bei of lint rale tip shea, and in up instance t > i- used a second 'ime w.thout a thorough rl-ausing By ( ving thu science ot Hair D>t-a? eg an I Wig Making Ins sole time soil attru'ion, P grille wnh thegre-t personal co ofort eutuied, at hi.s t blishuie. t, he solid's .i trial sati-lied that tin se w'-n gi.e hi* system u-.e C.al wi l ap r mate the tin.rfil and lutury . fT riled M no snni la' couce ii in ibis c ty \ private rooas t titled up for ladies shampooi g and Hair Dressn- 'nw'u. phai.i-m c7 lm*m 114 Rnwiil * Mt IV.ol'i ?Tk w coal yard. I'HK HUIIW MBEttsi have tam-n i Y? .1 et No. 7 Ui.l ? P.ace, Ir.<a? the corner ol Save nh atreeta. d Third Aver ue, dir cilr opposite Ptmokiu* Mark I,) where tliey ui'e.ii ke.'!I' r k hi |>l, : ! every ?l ?cr p.iou nil o : a, viz: -P."' ch I )rc!i oil, a, nnylkill, Lr ikk, L verpool, Newcftrt *, Syd.ry, Vi.iguiiv, i dCuinhth d which ihev offer l the lowest n arket prices, and solicit * ?hare of he public iintroing.Orders rereivd n ibire, nt at It e o.d lUrnl. dIi Waihiugtou atreei, corner Laighl *trrr t. WARD k BROWNE Orders thri ugh .he De.pi'ch Po/t will receiveprnnii t iuen thin. tnl7 Im* rc (TmEaP GASH TAILORING li."sTARLISHMENT, 30-4 Pi: A III- STHKET, LATE lOii IIELKMAN. i'HE Si BdcHIBEU, . ei| km wn lor tie cbet. nets and i dnrnbili' v "l In* wo'k, desire* to minim ins patron au<l the Public, lil t h in now, to -uit he eciuomica) teu biacy ol the timet niacin; g.rmrura of'he v.-ry o-? i;unity at * reduction f twenty Jit c ii* from for. rr r.cet. a d le?a I' l* Iv li-ved. b. twenty per cent, ih\., gar me it* ?t the** '.e qu.tlitv nr m .de by thech ?i> h'.aiei luim ti y. In or <r the gentlemen inay j cerst o-d v h t ti meant by eh?-,n <is?, the I'..IIowing bill < f fi'ici* u mhinitieil t i t eir in !jm iei t on, ai It 11,u -rati tee that h'g id.* It be ol Hi* fl.a.-r.leqmlity and th* ft. uae* < pLion ?tile Superior W. ?t of England OI*th Cotti ill to III Panta of Bhe.k or Dnahltsmill d Caaaitueiek* ' to 7 Vetl*, ofJilk. Satin, he. Z'-i to 4 M iit g and I'liiumiug iu (he tut ityle, a'- th* following i r era : ? i out*" tca 'ok I'anttaidVeit* l'? to Mnpcrinr B?ater Orercoiti, from 14 to 20 mM Im^e.: MRS. CAIfKULL7" MEDICATED VAPOR AND hl'LPHUR RATIH, lll.'i Ilrontlvvny, two (I our a itbnvi: I lie lio*i>ll?l* VI US l-v (HiOL.I- re*prciully annonn > to I rr >a roiit, k'A ii.n Medical kneu.ty and the pit* |ir, llml nhe haa r*inovnl rum Coor lindi street. ami eatabhahed her Medicated Vapor Hid Sulptnr flmha iu a more c unmodioua and central apu ion, at No. 3- *i Br mil way, w line by Imr cntir.ui d .inutility irui ?tricl attentiou.ihe ho|ie? to nt rit th- patron gr which her * iblmhin nt ba* r envoi lor the la?t rigli reu year*. V II ?Snl.hnr Hatha require in e i onr'a in li<*r, Portable llat iii r to any part of toe city or ill vicinity. Darning lubj for h'rr. mM Imrn NO'l'ICK TO THL PUIJL1C. rf the BUILuINO WHICH BROWN Ik ( O. formerjfiwa ly occupied having hern torn down for ihe purpose nl ;erring a mnre cominod on* store, have removed th'ir ir><i k. nnt'l their urw core is limit, to No I Mutt ami IZ'I -hatliam rlreei*, npp ?ite Hoaevvtt alreet, whrre may be found i ar re end ?( mpleie aaanrttn* m i.f Halt and C-pa, >' every stile anw worn, aueh aa imitation Beaver and >1< l -skiu Also, a ?' ry I irga anpplv of fine Panama Hals, log. ther with Oentlime-*', boys'and luf.i .tt Leghorn Mat*. O ntleniens ami B .y?' 1 loth a*id Bilk Velvet < a s, of the lateat fashinn; Childreus' h'ancy Cspt 'f Clo h and Vel'et, none new mttterns, unnch ulmitn I All tho above named articleswill be juldin low m can be parch wed in thii city. WM. KllOWN. m2J Im'm 12ft Ch* Um IvOMfelt. ate a ' e I f~* * U A \1 I k I U IV I I 11 V V U 11 V l.llU/ AS THK B1/B?CKIBEH it enn?r*ntly receiving al Idncripti n* of (J.14 ami Silver Watclic* of tlm nrweit Uylee, "ruin the manufacturer* in Knaland, k ranee and Hwitze i.uid, if i* enabled to offer a lafer t, and at murli Ifi* price* at leteil, than any otherhome in thc citr (fold Watcliri 11 low * $20 m $IJ >arh. Wat'die* ai d Ji welry nrliauyed >r bi.uglit. A'l Watche* war ran led lo keep gaud nine, or the money returned. W?tohe?, Clock*, and Jawelry repaired in the beat manner ind warranted, low?r loan at auy oilier piece in die city. ? C. aLI.KN, lmu$?*r of Watchaaand Jewelry, wuo|e?ale and mail, mil im*rc Jm Wall mm, up nun. IKK 1 ORNING, MAY 26, 1844. SEGA it S! SEGAItS !! L't the toper deli rhi in liis buttle anil glue, I wi'l a-ek not his pleasure to mar. But there's uothiag that cut the enjoyment t u'past, Of a real Havana Stgar.?The Smoktr'i Song. SKIXA8, at hit establishment, popular at?"d. 3 \unlen Lane, linwaid't Hutel, continues to receiye from his >ge?it in Hasan 1. per every arrival. Segirs of th? choicest >uil most approved bmuds tnat the market effords. His slock now on hand comprises a greater variety than can W* procured utar.y other establishment iu t o Citv, iucl 'dinu the celebrated estra King and *u Re.ialias, Noreaga, Esparauzie Hound,. Noimat, Trahu a, 1'iiucipe, and otlie s. which h, has do limitation in avcrriug are sa'ierior to any ever be'nre impo'te ' Citizens a->d strangers i re re |ur?'Mj to call at No 3 .Maiden Laue. Howto's Hutel, and judge fur tli* involves int m"rc REMOVAL^ JAMES UTILE, DRAPER AND TAILOR, Has rvmoved Iroin 243 Hudson street, to 40ii llro.ulw.vy. mil Im'ec REMOVAL. " IAR. J. HEINE has removed to "to Ouaur street, berweoa U f'Satham an J <'entre streets, vih?r he continues t? he eonsuited on th? variotu braicues of his profession,in Is.a native (the tier man) or English languages nil :m*rr " REMOVAL." TSOMA" WARNER, Attorue, a,-it Cojuutllrt at Law, A has reinov'd Itii office to No. II City Hall Place, corner f Unf ile Street ap21 Jan-ac " REMOVAL. JB. BTOUVBNF.L, Importer aad Dealer in Wines and Hrandiet, wholesale and retsil. informs his friends and the public, that he ha*.removed his estibjisliurentj'roin 21 Auu st , In 24 Jnniiatreer. rl* inrilea lover* oj Uond Mriuea to viait tin cellar, whe.-e ihey will always lind a constant supply of flnrd-aua Wines, Burgogne, Cliampaigua, Madeira. I'oit. nod other .jood Wiues. Ifealao imports Abryutli* Kirschmwasser, Sic., of th* (i at licus i in Switzerland. All orde s delivered lice ol charge to houses, by the gallon or dozen bottlea. Mr J . U 8 will attend to bottling wine for any one who may deaire bi< arrvi ei. m7 lin'iu CANADA, 1KKW BRUNSWICK, NOVA SCOTIA, AND NEWFOUNDLAND ^TOTK8 COLLKCTltl), Bill* and Bank Notes purchased, L ' and Drnfta or Credits granted on the liranchrs of the Bank of Britiah North America iu the Provinces above, by Hit: II All I) HULL Hi WILLIAM MACLACHLAN, C and 7 Dorr's Buildiugs. New York, I7th April. I Sit. Also, Nutei of the IJiaochrsnf the Bank of British North America in Montreal, Quebec, Kingston, T'lionro, 8t John and Kretenet on N B., Halifax, N. bcotia.aod St Johns Newfound land, r deemed at tie' current rite ol'Ulchauge ou New York. np'iU 3m St'afcW'i *in FRENCH CHINA. liKMOVED TO N . 6 5 L'l B E R T Y STREET, {UP STAIH8.) AilALK8ME, Imtsirteraod Agent for Manufacturers, haa always on hand * large assortment of dinner and tea a"ta iii plain white and gilt French Porcelain, aa well as dinner and Daaaevt Plates, of ad sizes, assorted Uiabca, 8onp Tureens. Covered Dishes, Srdad Bow la, (fruit Uaakr.ta, Cusurds and Stands. Alio, Kancy Tea 8eta, and Kich Decorated Dinuar Seia. Also, Ten and Chocolate Ware, (Jreek, b ranch and Amen can shape Ail the article* are wcirantrd of (he beat quality, and to ba told on li'ieial terma, and in lota to are it puicunsert on In dm' re PULDIT AND FORENSIC ELOQUENCE. MR. GEORGE VANDENUOFF R^Sl'EC I Ki LLlf luu uo cc to V.env ?*rs and Htu'lfiP* of tha ( Ifr ci< ami l/Cg*! profr ..moms, mid t ? th* PriDCi|?nlp of Uoiw'iiiriM ;m<J C'dlegf* ol New \ o k .?ud the neighborhood, limine intends ou l)u j.v Juif u?'xt, to "pen r ami u AS liOUL OF ORATOIU, f r gentleman dttirpia ol a tuning, under r?is instructions, a fiumtied I* o< t locuiiou and tpproprUte Action?s> auCf? aT>' to the fonnation of a p-rfect public oritur Quod n a^itud you parti net ft ncirira malum eit.?Hor Mr. V lertdves no ..upil wider fourteen yeati of aire; bui attends ' invt*TBit(?i, Colleges 6tc , prep.rmg the ftttirtuU toi public ?*litft> lion u Kadgliah. L ttin and Unvli decUmanc ns Cards of Mr. V,'i T?rnu, \t 129 Gi<vu?vic.h street, fvhero a book i? now opeu*? lor die entry* of ueutleinru's names for tie MIKHM. m!7 im^rc HUV\TK ?i('?AKl? AT N'^V HuCiirXLh, Tlli SUfibCUIBhU 'Mil. ctfu'I j;ivea uotice to fomiliee ?- in the city, that lie iuvnde lo open hie uew Ami ?p.v:ioui> lina dimt fi?u?e, for piiv.tt" l.imilien oily, mi Hi- IlithJuoe ii-xr. Me ale? wiatiev in inform trove w!io are desiroBi to obtain howd to: Hiaiilw and GuaifU*. that be it ptepaiad to make artauirernei.'U fir the ei.euuiir mom. Tli* liouie'ia tieI ehifully iituat'd on the IVI .Mn Ro ,d, eornuiandiuit a beanolul view of Long lelsnd Sound It ix >10 leet front, thu r?orr>t are ail on ihe Iim' floor, fn nislied >11 the ben m-nio-r, and cmnot he nurpaiied To comfort mil co .reiiifuee It i? wilhiu live tui u.e*w Ik of fe SoM.obo.it ?. d og and NeutUoe home b or prticulum apply to U, K. RICE venture H u?e. or it bv letter, poet paid, directed u above, whieli will be promptly attended to. C. K. HICK. May 21, 1844. mill IOt*rc PACKET SHIT billEi'HMIv bOli LI v KtU'UoL-Haiirngers by rim ship will ple?e lie od board trie itaaKihaat Ile.'r.alea, at Whitehall, < n Monday, at 12 o'clock M , nt wliii h time the ahip will aail. Letter bail will cloae at the uiual plicae at 11 o'clock, A. M mil 31 re. WE REb'EM OUtt HEADERS to the Adeertia-ineiit of MIL A. v H WEBB, ii huo her columa. wliere he actually otfera hm new and inatchlri. art rle of CAMfUlNb or C HEMICAL OIL., at the low price of lirtv cute [*r gallon, retail p/iie, at 418 Broadway, corner of Canal meet, lira old aund. iiiZU lwi???e WHU WUULiU DI*. W11 TiUlJi 1C.C.1I11 W11K.N t'following unprecedented reduetiou it m<dr by N TAYLOK, Surgeon Deutiit, (successor to Or.Thorn,) No. 62 East ilroadway:? Cleaning $1 00 Stopping with hit jnttly celebrated Mineral 7i Single Tooth on Pivot T> " " " Hiiicr too Oold 3 00 Refeienee given,or specimens can be two by applviogat the of?Mb nits lui'ic SOLAft L,AMrS-Chin*. films, Hill Lamps nud Lanferu BrnclfH, Cluudaliers, SuMiending enlar Candlestick*, At-' tral *ud other L imps altered In Sol*. . *11 warranted A complete assortment of the ?b?ve e*u be obtained at J. HTOUN N C IK Co.'a Mar.ufict.iry, 29 Hold alr?et, and *t tip ir Uepoi, 3 John street, nnur Broadway. All articles will be lualcheJ to ley patterns, wlmletale and retail, at very low price* Goods loaned for parlies nivIS 'wi*re M. RICE'S CASH TAILOUING ESTABLISHMENT. \ T 194 Canal itrret, may lie fous-l a general assn-tmenf. of -fl CLOTHS, CASSKMEItl-.S AND VEST I >(Jn, of thi lure*. patl rus. bought eaprmsly for Spiingaad Summer ami, which will be made up in the mutt fashionable style, at piicet to auit the timet, for c.nh ouly. (Jentl men furniahlug their owu cloth can har> it luaje up in the laust fashion, at ?erV l''W price*?Good fits warrant d ? Alt'), i.u hand a li'Ke stock of apleudid S >ck Coafj read) ma If, at eitremeiy low pne-s. Don't foiget the liumocr, l llC ana! ttrret, nfr Hudton. Mr, ItiCK U'nde't hi* tinctre thanks to hit former customers lor tt eir etre e ire and liberal patronage, and hopes by tisidious i'.ten'ion to buaiueaa to continue to uienl their fatuti. tn.aH lm*m B JOSEPH 16 Maid u Lane, (up atai'i) im|>orter of Eug litn, Kriuiib, and Herman double nud tingle barrel howling and Ducking On NS, from the lowest to fin-st qualm. t, Also, alwavt ou hand, an eTteuaire atiortin-ut of PMTOLS both double and tiug|e barreit, etnbrar.ug 1110 different kinds ; ineludiog th- modern Six Ba'rel Kevo'rers. nil "I which will lie told |n*?. than any ether h >u*e in rhe irade Merchants and Oun Sruitht are particularly ie?iuerr?q to roll, previout u. 11 .king their purchases, as they cart?irly will tiud it to thei ad ran age. aSOlsierrc HEACON COURSE. GRF.AT FOOT RACK FOR t?O0. rPllE ptoprieiort of ih abort Course . ff. r a pmmium for t A p' oot It e,., to take place ou t e Hetcon Cuulf, near llobokeu, ou toe Id "f June n**t, as follow*:? Ai'temiu aol t>0 ti a.y oue Who will perform Iflki milej e. ihiu the hour?$*201) to rh.i second m lie race, nn.i $100 to (In rlii-il?provided 'he second or third perl'oim 10 nul-'t or ir.o within 'lie hour And in ca?e I0J* miles it not lenomird within I he hour, $Jidl ouly w II b? i. itcu to lie lietl in lb race. Eul'iw 'e to be ma le, aeil a'l Informatio i given by the subrcuoer Thorn wishing t.i uuler for tliu llace, ?re requested I ilo *o as soon a. coi.renis. t. No one will be alio e-l to st.it oho doe* not enter for the If.tne ou or before 'he PKh o.strut JA uCI I) M'MAN , No. 161 Varickstruct, ml) beteeeo Vnidam ami I h il on, ,v. Y<MJ COKKEK~AND SPK K wiANIJ KACTORE1U? * f. sbels printed at Ir m 21 i" 60 reuta per Mid) I'll vine AVIS l A VIII I. VI A V I] IT ,t M'lt P.KH? Fancy Label* lor lioxe*, of Family Snap, p'luteii in (vm ?{,?% o |"i "On, II .ii.lioinr Mil. enyrwed f. r $11 TO B LAO KINO AND INK lANLFACTl'ttXitSLibei* pi 111 led at from 4:. mJl nut. per 1000, nt It MkiMMlNU'S xv1"km|imc Preii, in3 Im're 34 Maiden Lno 'pii ettot tkrv ?. it? hip of p. a., widow *1itdel1 m o.n ilio, hnvicH been diMolf'd iii c >na qu>u -? < f l'ir il -Mb i f Mn ma'ly, widow ol John Ueltn nico. tli ?ub?c'.bt?, rod lurrivuiir partner*, bv e found a new c p rhtrilip r. ill r.i i iiu l'.e mine buiice.* un 'er ilie tirui ..i i' a ei. l dklmomlo A. In LvlONICO, liucr or.lvionito. Ml/ 23. 1*14. III - 24 3l?re AN t DIN I. li.LB.ill I', (""o. rt/ilu y.lb?l>r.k AND WI i MA'F.'< would rui eetlully ann.iunfe to h i fri.. ill A.'.d tb? p Mi tint he li.un renmfrd Imm Jte lit br . i <| . i.pp ?.t? 'A" i'd a o n. n l If. l"in* ? r -'tiol Hmr Drtnier lad i'i ran 11 v.* their l.a.r .irma-d (a ln> Saloon or at their r. tiii.-o"i pu-.'-n illy.i alter mae lat -tl i'.miau faal ion* a ;' w.mid a -o r '.ec'mly mi im att.i lion t In* new aim '? :?.fe .a o. tir.- tit ill hat. Wink, aid o ?? imi'i \v .2 an'. tom i.e. li illi inr ulii ami l). ntlrmen. made in a ?t? le and line an to b-* ("rima'd an* wliee-: ard. i'.nn liif urml practice l e h? 'til in hn jikii-nion, bill confident t? fi*? yne/.r iaiilao;i.in tjen; leiii"i'? hair !!? ?eil eart'd t.. la j apillot'e.) in th- r.*?v e?l nyl' (/bilurn'i ria.reul nn th? "ion approved iplrnt. Lull'* and lienil'-men w.il <n .1 at I..a 1ulit.allri.rnt n rlmi" a*? I in. ill of leftiM.- y, Omnbi, L'l.ulift, Art.m ini Flower* li. I F iney I4u0d? for the Toilet A (J tik'i tin* o,porn' if loirtnm h.? (ircrr-ihaoha for iii.. fi.nl and i.b o 11 nr.. ye ba-e'.ifore in Imn, mi. to (ohrit n continuance . f toe nmr n?vi i...?r.It K E F ! B K li F ! It li li F ! /\s hani) d vili foil mai.f., in lot* to *nit pnrehaMn, vv valkntin'k'h, i'. f'i.tini Market, l;ai barrel* f.itit Mm Beef a choice article, li1 tfleeled [ 24A .irrel* lily liKpeeted Urcf, warranted; and tc.) half narrel* of Family B.ef, yr> f oe i' i n !~J lor ill anilll. .. j mirk"! Tli.' li.ofe Beef it parked .n a eiielnl ..ndJuilieion* mincer ai.d .rill k.en ip.od in mv climate wilimnt cetliuK lot i It it? member v\lkn tink.'s old kmt a b di vik nt. ml* lm*rr no i* Fnlroe market Goi.d and silvk.r utfinkk and ahsavkh of .'iiktalh.?Uif I.old, Old Hold and Silver, Jeweller'* and Silrerilliilir* Sweennin* Imuali bf a ijaunakd, o^iee i Wall ?treet. Work* 2.1 Mercer tt. Kin" Hold, Ilol'ed Silver l'latmy. ll'aai and Plated Metal, eenetaatlf on band ai?:itra*m | Window shadis ?thanspa AJtNT window PHADJCB ?'* M. BKHKIAN, 13< ? lialliam atrm. mil oi**n t hit moni'ii*, 20 <:* ? ?. containing'' . tli* new unit laa'u nnfil* .tylfa ."<1 |utt?rna now iu iiv. ?K. ?ti In- m l ?*ll at pricta ?5 pn c*nt. Iuw*r thin Hi** can ft* 14 ft in any otn?r ?'n* *ix: 700 |mi'? I com Si 75 to S., G 500 paim from $'.! tn$!i.? < 0'iutry M -icli.inu, Cariwl .M.-cchauta, Auctiou**n and utli*c <?l'rB,"fn?" ?r? no nth*r good* bat Window 8h*d?? anil Uaugiusa ?>U at Ul tlMbam atfert. ml liu**? wnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmrnm iera: N?tloii?l Acndemy ofOcilgn. I CONTIMTKD. 158. Sknora i>e Go.ni?J. II. tihegooue, N. A. ' ?This neither flatters the Senoru, nor does it do I Mr. Shegoque much credit. 15-1. Naiiant Landinij Mass?Thomas Thonip- ! son ?As tar as likeness ot the place goes, this is a ' good picture, but the coloring is unlike uny we 1 have ever seen at thut charming watering place. ! 155. The Vti.lac.6 School?11. J. lioddmgton. ?Very clever, indeed; there are some nice lints about the house which accord well with the variegated foliage, which is remarkably well handled. It looks more like an English scene than American. 15<?. Thomson's Lavima?G.W. Flogg, H.?The (hawing of this figure is lree, und lull of grace. The face is well painted, hut there is too great a mass of the same coloring in the bottom of the picture; if there were a little more lightness about her robe, it would much improve the whole of tlu* sketch. 159. Girls' Frolic?G. W. Flags, 11.?This picture does not show near as much interest as there is displayed in 15(5; there is too much warmth throughout. lfio. 1'ORTRAITOF A GSNTLRMAN?A. 15 Duratld, N. A.?Though this is beautifully executed, we almost regiet to see Mr. Durand touch ori anything but landscape, he shines so much in that branchKM. Scene from Ivanhok?J. W. Glass, jr.? Altogether a very clever picture; there is a great harmony of colors, the red (which jirevatis a Icctle too much) is nicely introduced. 'I he grouping ol the figures, attitudes, dice., are excellent; one or two of the horses are out of drawing und all shape, the foreshortened white horse is, nowev. r, very ' good, and comes in well. If thisartist applies hint- i self and works hard, we see every thing in him to make a second " Wooverman." ' 1(57. Thk Gift from Brazil?J. H. Shegoque, N. ! A.?The subject is preity, but here badly handled 1 1(58. Marine: Vessels comino in?G. K,. Bondli' Id.?The water is very good, and the style resem- 1 t>lcs much tiiai of Mr. Jlirch. The waves (which i are as difficult to manage on canvass as they are ui sea) are natural?the vessels are hard and ttilT 170. Portrait ok a Gentleman?O. J. Dickenson ?There appears to have been much attention paid to the painting of the cigar in the gentleman's Hand, which adds much to the beauty of this portrait. 171 CnMpnsiTnH SvTTlNd Tvpk?C. E. Weir.? The drawing, perspective, detail, Arc., ure excellent, the coloring is good also, hut the general eflort is destroyed by the harduees und decision of 1 outline. 17M. Porte a it of Lady?C. C. lnihutri, N. A.? 1 This we consider to be. the best of Mr. inghuin's portraits in the exlubition this year. There is less chalk throughout tins work, thun any other we have 1 seen. 177. Girl Asi.kev?W. S. Mount, N. A.?Tlte position of the girl is excellent; she is evidenily iitnk in sleep; the air of tranquillity an?l repose ex- I pressed on her lace is remarkable, but the coloring is wretched. 181. Study from Nature?A B Duraud, N. A. ?Evidently from nature and true to it, too; the subject simple, but picturesque. 1S2. ? Portrait of a Genti.eman.? C. E. Weir. ?We wteh this artist would soften down his outline* more ; it would take away from the general harshness which pervades ail his pictures, lie possesses much talent. 183.?Indian Watching for Buffalo.?A. J. Miller.?Very clever, bold, und gives the idea of action. The horse is ruther too Arabic for the prairie. 189.?IIkiuikw Women Boiirowi.no tiiu Jewels of the Egyptians.?J. G. Chapman, N. A.?This we much admire; the valors are all nicely balanced, the attitudes good and well conceived. We think that there should be a tew more shadows, not very dark, thrown in there, as the painting has ratln-r too light an appearance. id-; i? " . i ....... t A..?Very line head, the shoulders well thrown in. 1!>7 ?Portrait of a Child?W. Page, N. A ?This must be a likeness; the expression of the eyes and mouth are excellent; but the same tone of color thut is in the face pervades the background. 2(H). ? Hkatrick.?D. Huntington, N. A?Here, indeed, is there genius, talent, and a knowledge ot the art combined, i low bold the expression?tiie turn ol the. head. We cannot admire the hasty background, or the working in of the face shadows, or the shadow on the neck under the chin. 201.?Art oi.d Wsir, ou Fish-L>am, <Ncc.?II. J. Uoddington.?The water is very bad, but the sky is effective. 2l)5. Thk Imaok Pkduar?J. W. Edmonds, N. A.?The lights are a grt at deal too much scattered, everything is too much defined. The constrained attitude ot the Pedlar is good, and the grouping is tolerable. 208. The Widow?G. W. Flagg, H ?This is one of the best we have ever seen of this artist's productions. 209. Scene in Fwitzehland?It. Gigrouse, A? The snow capped hills in the distance admirable-? -Hid the whole picture is ulso much to be admired, save in too much use of Indian red. 221. Landscape?.1. Cole, N. A.?This does not come up to onr idea of Mr. Cole. The reflection of the trees in the water is l*o green, but the remainder is, of course, good. 228. On or ps of Indians I'Layino at bau,?C. Dens, A ?Farther than that the drawing and ntti :nae? are good, nothing more ran oe nnmenwDp 'hv of comment. 22! f Brigand deuvfrtno it his arms at Sonino, in Itaj.y? J. B. Wuugh?Mr. Waughisreraiuly a most rising yonng inm, and deserved Kraal -redit if it were only for this one picture. Ileautiful harmony of colors, bold free btyle, the detail "jccelb-nt; if the back ground to Al left were a little darker, we think that it would chime in better villi the fore ground. 211. Emigrant Family.?A. 13. Durand, N. A.? The landsea|>e of this, us customary with Mr. Uurand, 11 exquisite ; but the group of figures repre-entisg emigrants is not highly characteristic, and might equally well pass for a party of snug citizens moving a few hours of rural felicity. 247. View on 'ihk Hoi.satomc.?C. S. Gnylord. ?There is Home merit in this landscape, especially in the sky and clouds, which are light and airy. 25b Sketchok a Gknti.gman.? An Amateur.? Phis gentleman's sketch shows a great deal of uood ' iste and style, both in the drawing and handling. !!ih coloring is, h >wever, delHcient in warmth, purity. nnd clearness. 253. Landscape Woon Scene.?A. 13. burned, \" A.?This picture though sullie.ientiy meritorious, is nevertheless much below the usual standard of -vcellence of this urtist, and exhibits a flatness rnd want of brilliancy of colore g. .259. Portrait of a Lady.?11. I1. Gray, N. A. -This beautiful portrait is in our opinion, perhaps 'lie lest in the exhibition. The usual defect in Mr. Gray's painting, an aping of the old masters, is less conspicuous m this instance ; and what there may be of it, is merely sufficient to impart to us picture h degree of mellowness which n highly pleasing alio satisfactory. The painting in question t-= strikingly characterized by expression, grace, -use. and beauty of coloring. The drawing uUu is excellent, and tlie whole subject highly creditable 'o the talents of this promising young artist. Ills aiccesslul method of glazing (always a dangerou; , itioa) is well worthy of the attcottoa of the undent. i 2dd. Portrait of Iht. Anderson, the earliest Wood Ivnoraver in the I'. !3iat?s?J. (J. ChH|?nian, N. A.?I'oewsses some merit, but is rather fill'. 2<K>. A Lazy Fisherman.?J. O. Chapman.? Quite n gem in its way. The intention of the title 1 w-f II carried out here. 'I fie costume, posit ion of the figure, and, indeed, all the ncreM-ories are hapiily conceived and skilfullv executed. Among the few (cults which we ob-erved, is a want o| correct drawing in the right arm ol tlie boy, which appears o grow out of Ins rhest, and n deficiency of depth of Window under the rock. 271. hnoi.tRit Landscape ?U S. Itoddington ?A pleasing sketch. Too much "pearly lint" pervades lie foreground , hut the lone ol color in the collage is very good. 277. Frame, containing nine Miniatcrfs.?J I \V Dodire. A ?This frame contains, in our opinion. I lie best miniature* in the room; a distinction (Irom our glance ui the remainder,) not very difiicult <f obtaining. 278. CoTTAGRR AT THE Fl'IUNO.?E. White Die admission of 1111s picture, winch m heueatli cril'ciam, is a decided oflenoe to vood taste. 27h. Musing; a Sketch.?P. !' Luggan.?The same remark. '307. Cathcdral or Sr. Nirnnr.A*, Fitmrno, Switzw.t>d. ? R. Cfignouse, A.?IVvioua to our <mng any expression t.| mn (pinion ?>( mis ' >' :< li, we would remark that too little attention and encouragement is here given to "iit^r-i . lor i..until.';, hraneli of the i,rt which has lately obtained a huh 1 trade ot favor and importun in the Kngiisli nod French schools. The production* of tlioae celebrated hi inters in water < ol.rs, Minimi, Trout, (hittertncle and Copely Fielding, cannot hut In well J known to every lover ot the an, and are characterised by a lorce and rlearne ? which aantiei he excelled, and perhaps nut emailed by the best oil LD. Prllia Twn rm? . i m minting We consider a knowledge of watar ?iors ot the greatest importance to every attut, md we trutt that the period id not distant whea this vciy jessing department ot urt, will assume in th? American school, the prominent |K>sition it da* erven Tlie sketch in question, though lulling f? :hort of the excellence ot the uhove celebruted artists nevertheless possesses cousiderublo merit, and wa trougly recommend the artist to persevere in u atyls in wnich, (judging lrom liis present pertormance,) lie promoes to assume a verv respectable station. 325 Finn 1si.am?, a sxatch.?J. 11 Shegoque. ?The colors do not harmonize and look as though they had tn>t been washed in. 32<i. A Faux in France.?E. Lhdier.? Very ?le* ver indeed; |>crhaps the outline is too much do* fined. 321 Portrait ok a Gk.nti.kman?A. A. Wengler ?A painting which shows considerable talent, although the shadows on the face are too deep and too brown.. It ia u pity this picture was not varnished previous to its being sent to the exhibition. 331. Escape ok Wiiarton (from the Spy)?F. F. lloppin ?Thia drawing equals uny wa had ever seen ot the kind, and we are well acquainted with the works of the celebrated Fhixiuan, Itetrh, bad Pinnelli. The conception, executiou, und beautiful proportions displayed here, cast the greatest credit oil Mr. Hoppin. 333..Fish, a Stum krom Nature?C. E. Weir. ?.Motion is the only thing required to make these fish look alive. 338. Frame ok .Sketches?S. B. Wauoh?Mr Waugli evidently understands " water colore." All here is dashed oil with u bold and hasty brush. 340. Itai.ian Landscape?J. Shaw, 11.?The figures in this landscape are very good, and, indeed, tlie same may be said of the whale picture. 352. l)oo?T. K. Vun Zandt.?We fancy we Iieur the creaking of a swinging sign, when we look at this dog ; u circumstance we can only account lor by the association of ideas. 355. Providence, K. I.?T. Thompson.?The coloring of the sky und bcu is decidedly bad ; the remainder, it otherwise supported, would be tolerable. 358. Arrest of Andre?T. F. Hoppin.?We have to repeat what we said of this gentleman's workmuuhip in 331, aud that it would be diffienlt to surpass it. 354. Sketch of Edwin Forrest?S. Laurence, An excellent sketch, indeed. Mr. Laurence see ma 10 possess perfect control over his crayon. 378. 8now Scene near Philadelphia ? G. R. Bontield.?The abundance ot white which is necessarily thrown into a snow scene, is here weU managed ; the reflection loo ot the sky on tan mow is very happy. 403 uiid 104. Genius of Mirth and Genius or Autumn.?T. Crawford, H.?These marble statues are fully equal to any we have teen ot tbisaculptor, which is, in our opinion, saying a great deal lor them. They are beautifully cuaate and well road, mid arc alone well calculated to leave a good impression of this year's exhibition on the miud of th? visitor upou his retiring trom ihe rooms. Common Council, Uoiku o>- ALDCKMKK.--the board met on Friday art*ing, when tliu loliowing appointment* were made: ? Sunou Ackennan was u| pointed Inspector of Lumber. Huron belts, Amiatai.t hupeiiutendcnt of fltages. F'lward Towutend, Inspector of elections in the Oth District, Mill Ward, in the place of Peter Van Keatalasr, removed from the Ward. .lumen I'. Deuiarest, Inspector of Flections in 4th District, loth Word. James II. Kogun, Inspector of Flection* in 1st Distrlat, 17(li Ward. Ilenry b.Wanmakcr was appointed Deck Mastar of the Fightli, Ninth and Sixteenth 11 aids, at a salary of 4M4 per annum. The board of Assistants then entered into Joint Mact* ing, when the following appointment* were mud*.?Jacob A. Hooine, Assistant Captain of 4th District Watch. William O Star, Assistant Captain Id Diitilct Watch. Jacob D. Voting, ( aptmn Jlh District Watch. hilvu.nl Owen, Assistant Strset Commissioner. Ji.hn C.Wandall, 1st Clerk in the Street Cvmuinicaw^ Otlioo. J. H. Siarmhut-y, '2,1 < lurk in Jo. Edward Cieeu, detk to the Superintendent of PuUJi Building*. James Hums, Clerk to the Stiperintcndrut of Streets John Allicott, Superintendent of Carta. Edwin K Corey, t.lerk in the Alma House, Bellevo*. X'.Iisha Packard, Deputy Keepirut the l'enileutiaty OOI Blackwoll'a Island Theodore M. (inke Superintendent of rotter*! Field. Jolm P. Kleuder, Water Puiveyor. (iideoi. llice, Hay Police Utile. rof the Firt Ward, lloducy Cockranu and Henry if. Sittler, do. ol tho Sixth Ward. Matthew VanderholT, do. of tho Eleventh Ward. Horace Mary, Dock Master ot the Ut Wanl. William M Martin, Street Inspector of tno 6th Ward. Francis Milu, Keeper of the Battery. The name of David W. Bogert who waa at the Ml meeting appointed Keeper of Washington Square, we* amended so as to read Ceorge W. Bogert. D. S. Hunt was appointed Dock Master of the ad Ward. John L. Cooper, ' " 4th Ward Alfred Roland. " " 3d Ward. Henry K. Iloftiiviro, " " ath W ant Wm. .Malcolm, " " 7th Ward. John M. Miliiken, " " 11th Ward. I. iwrnnce M. Lisehcr, Day Police Officer of tho HNh Ward. Reuben W. Beehe, Deputy Clerk to Catharine Market, in the place ot Stephen Van Nostrand, removed The Common Council then adjourned to Tharadoy evening next. If. 8. Circuit Court. May 3fl? Cur of Mr. liamj?H'w Honor Judge Botta pronounced his decision in this case on yesterday, denying the prayer of the petitioner. It was au application on the part ol tho petitioner. Mr ltarry. to take by virtue of a wiit of htibrut coipui, In* daughter out of tho care of Mrs Bairy. The Judge denied the application on the ground* ol no jurisdiction bring Ti nted in the U 8 Circuit Court, to unable Hii Honor to grant the applicatioa. I'ulrntinr vi. Rrytuildi. ? Ordi-r for attachment. 8?.mtknck on Wili.iam Horr, raunn Oiiiltt or Robh is o tiie U.S. Man..?'The prisoner was placed at the bar, and betrayed a moral recklessness of manner, a sort ot tanf /inid in his demeanor, which was truly remsrkaMe. He is a well looking young man, about 2ft years of ago, ami was well dressed. His Honor in passing seatence (aid the prisoner was found guilty of robbing the public mail, a ci ime which in its character wsit heinooa one. He desired to say nothing on the subject of the Inw, but he would sentence him to a term et five years imprisonment. WiaiiM Smith, the sailor, iound guilty of confining bis captain, and lor riotous conduct on board one of the Havre pocketa, the shin "Utica." on her April trip to New Vmk, was neat placed at the bar. Ills Honor addressed the prisoner, stating that the Court was not disposed to enlarge hi* term ol confinement Buy lunger, but would inflict a fine of $16,00. The t*ot;st intimated, that in relation to the other prisoners, his Honor wished to examine some papers which were nut in on their part. The Court would t eiefore, deciinu passing sentence on them for the pre sent. The prisoners here withdrew, in custody. The Court was then adjournid over to Monday. Common I'leua. Before a full Bench. Mat ).'< Decisions?Horn vs. Kitiali? A new trial la granted on payment of costs, aa the verdict waa against the evidence. MuifurtlH'alker, Mminiitratrix of JamtsW'alktr, d<r*a* id vs. Ili-nrylmini- Appeal dismissed, and order confirm ml u it bout costs Howis vs. Chapman?Verdict confirmed with costa. Kupertor Court. Mat 96. ? I)i? ilio*s~ Hersf rt all ti Spr'man nsf-jlo lion denied without costs hahlnn v*. fimwold -Motion denied with seven dcllarf MS..I ul t,hiding Iincalrr v*. I'anilcthiU ? Motion for now tnal dtuiej w ifh ?> vi ii itollnri roata of <>| poning Vo'im- e* McCahiU, rrrtitrari?hi lament r?e?r?ad. Hnynond re. 7V Mayor, entiersi i Judgment revaraed. Kiirorr v?. Tjimntlr -Judgement for the plaintiff, dim* to be autiinl on ? writ of inqn?rj". linrdrllvo. ffunnmr Votioo lor a imw trill dftiimt. Giin, Etervhij.n Ci'inrll- Judgment for plaintiff, u 1th liberty to defendant to rrp.y ?ithln t< u daya utter l.otire t.l llite inle, ?>n payment ol null liuiklry V*. i'r. k Motion lor new trial denied. (limit Court. Before Jtldga Kent. Mat at- Mr Cirri."* '/ o' * WmMrnp?In thla nare, roI irtr I in > ? ?t? re'n.v '* " Ilereld," thojury rendered a rar I.olof Nonnit" Court Calendar. Ciarrir Cot'*T, Monday, May 27. ?Nor. 87, 17, 8?,4, 20, 4-. U, II 31, 16, If.. 40, 28, II, tl. 47, M, 14, it Ar.ltl.ST 'IF Hl'Kftl.ARS AT RaLTIMORI. ? FoTSOtDf hint pnit thie city h.is been infested hy a gang of .tirglara, whoae depredntlona have Nan both rxtoniivo . d alarming, and no clua rrnild be hid of their where, i nnta until Thin id ay laat. when three men ?1 the nii < nfJacoba, Murray and Htlltr, were taken In th? i n?e of tin' former, where waa tonnd a ronal4< rob)* mount of property, thr i emit el huiglariea lhat hare iken place loran time lince and rerently; al.o, eome itolcn article! upon the peraoria of the priaoneri AlUr in examination before lotne oftho anthoritir*, they warn >11 committed to await their trial at the June term of li.iltimorc ity Court. frr\i it At. Asskmui.y.?The (if nrrnl assembly of ' rr nyiermn <;iiurcn ni mi- i . >- mnm mmrullc. Km., uri tb<> 16th imt , ?n.l ? ? niirn.' I with u M>rrrion by Dr Hprmjr, of N?*w Vork ??.< Mo !< r?toi of lout > t ar Rpv <i.-orgp Jiinkin. rrr?i't ut ol Ihr Minmi Killvt-riity, ww ?l?ct<?l Moilwuior, rrettlving 100 ???? ?. u4 If ov. Dr Wilioa of the 1'nion Seminary, Vir , M ro??.

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