25 Haziran 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

25 Haziran 1844 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. ?vr korU, Turdla/, June 45, 1844. Polly Bodink's Trial.?In another column we give the commencement ot the trial of this miserable woman It excites a good deal of interest. Hemarkable Movement for tike Kestoratlon of the Jew* and itedr inptlvn of the llol)' Land. We publish in this day's paper a very remarkable prophecy, by a very remarkable man, respecting the restoration of the scattered children ol Israel to the land o| their torinerglory and prosperity. This singular document must at once attract the keenest attention from the Gentile world, and in the ears of the posterity of Abraham, ol Isaac and of Jacob, whose harp has so long hung upon the willow, it will sound as the gladsome message of the second Moses, who has come to proclaim that the year of the redeemed has come. The whole epistle is characterized by such an impress of prophetic authority?presents such startling facts illustrative ol the present wealth and strength of the Jewish people?and announces with such solemnity the near approach ot the latter day ot glory, that even the thoughtless and profane can hardly fail to he struck dumb, und unbelief itself be startled into a conviction ol the truth. The Prophet to whom has been vouchsafed the foresight ot what is to come, and who now heholds from the summit of Pisgah, the former glories of the " old heroic race" revived, is none other than Noah?yea, the Mordecai Maunasseh Noah, who has been daily in our tnidst?the same Noah, who had some years ago a faint glimmering ol the same sublime future, which now lie hath clearly revealed iti all its beatific brightness. All our readers?Jew and Gentile?recollect the great project for the settlement of Grand Island, and the gathering there of tiie dispersed tribes, and the erection of the Kingdom of the Jews according to the ancient model. The failure ot that magnificent scheme is also well known. And why did it not succeed 1 The hour had not come. The time was not fully ripe. But now the aspect of the time is widely different. All the tokens of the near approach ot the year of jubilee, as predicted by the Evangelical Prophet and the other Hebrew seers, who in the days ot the captivity were enabled to pierce the dim unknown of futurity, now present themselves on all hands. Time and space, and the hitherto impassable barriers of Nature, Jiuve been made subject to man's control. The discovery of steam-power, and its thousand applications, have in a single generation advanced the world ages in civilization. The transmission of intelligence between remote points has become swift as the winged messengers of heaven. "Wars have ceused iimm ll.u u ivtK \>1 lnliirtri iaa hnuo Kwnnmn ev. ceedingly just and virtuous, and so merciful, in this latitude at least, that all sorts of rogues and criminals are tenderly exhorted to repent and then set free. Everything in fact clearly evinces that the Millennium draws very nigh, and that the " favored people" are quite justified in lifting up their heads, and crying aloud?" Rejoice, for the day of our deliverance is at hand !" Aud not only has the hour come, but with it the Man. No one can doubt that Noahisthe Prophet. There has been a remarkable fitting of him out, as it were, tor this sublime work. He has been gradually set free from the bonds of the Gentile world. After connexion with all parties, he is now dissevered from all. After trying bis hand at every thing, and being warned and rebuked by uniform failure, he is now conducted in the right path, and hears, as did the Prophet of old, a voice crying in both his ears, "This is the way, walk ye in it."? Besides nil this remarkable and special interposition, it has been discovered that the Prophet Noah 19/1 lineal descendent of King David, and is of course, of the blood royal, am'entitled to the crown. He certainly bears a strong family likeness to thai Kingly line, judging from the medals discovered in the land of Judea. David hud a very large hooked nose?so has Noah. David had a thick, neck?so ( has Noah. David waxed fat in the latter days of | his pilgrimage?so has Noah. David, too, was oc- . casionally wruthy, and got red in the face?so does Noah. King Solomon, too, resembled Noah.? Solomon was a wise man?so is Noah. Solomon | had so much wisdom that he olten didn't know what to do with it?precisely so with Noah. Solomon was a first-rate judge of beauty?so is Noah. It is clear, then, that the time of the restoration ot the Jews has come, and that the Prophet who is to J lead the people again across the Red Sea, has arisen. For the passage of the Red Sea was but the typification of the greater passage across the Atlantic in the latter day. It thus becomes an interesting and important question, what is the duty of the Christian world 1 , The Prophet Noah has declared, in the most posi- , tive manner, that the second advent cannot come till tne restoration be accomplished. Well, then, the duty of all " pious Christians" is to aid in bringing about this restoration. This is as clear as Bishop Hughes' syllogisms, or the logic of tin Courier and Enquirer. Let a public meeting th n be convened, at once, in this city, in order to commence the great movement for the restoration of the Jews. Measures should, at once, be taken for the preparation of an expedition to the Holy City, with Noah, the royal seer, at its head. Annexation is the order of the day; and we don't see why the rich fields of Canaan, where Isaac of old went forth to medeiate, and the stately heights of the Holy City, where once the mysterious religion of types and symbols was enshrined in all its dread solemnity, should not he redeemed. The cedars of Lebanon make first-rate stufT for tables, and the fertile plains of Palestine flow with honey and with oil as bounteously as of old. The prospects of the Prophet and Ins race ate bright and fair as the morning dawn on Mount Olivet. Joe Smith's forces are as nought compared with the seven millions of the tribes. Joe's best policy is clear. Let him give up the struggle , with the Philistines around him, and join tin standard of the greater than he?the Prophet Noah Father Miller, too, and all the other enlightened J spirits of the time, will, of course, fall in with this \ movement. We have no space now to dwell on 1 the results of this singular development, nor can we even hint at the thousand interesting subjects iif innnirv which siicaes! ilu nwclv.w W?. Lukiw not what form of government is proposed for the 1 restored nation, whether it will he kingly, like that of David, or whether it will he similar to the , administration of the Judges. We can only add ' the suggestion, that it it he like King Solomon's j system, the number of wives and concuhines ( should be within reasonable bounds ; and, instead of being seven or eight hundred, should not exceed that allowed by the Fourierites?quite n liberal provision, and, in all conscience, enough to begin with. Gov. Van Vk*s and Mr. Ccrtis.?W>' understand that Mr. Curtis does not intend to contest the appointment of Gov. Van Ness, but, on the contrary, he will noietly vacate the premises in favor of the new tenant The ins, therefore, have nothing to do but prepare to make room.tor the out* ?and such a scramble as there will be! Our new ->late and pencil are ready. We are sorry, however, that we can give no encouragement to those who are destitute of character, mere otlice-seekers, who, like harpies, are ever ready to seize and devour any thing they can lay hold of. Gov. Van Ness is a gentleman of honor, integrity, and responsibility, and will not feel disposed to employ |iersons ot a different character. Th<- new collector will arrive m town some time during this week. Arrivals.?At the Astor (louse?Gen. Waddy "hompson and family arrived yesterday. At Howl's Lieut. Gov. Dickinson, Attorney General ,'arker, and Willis Hall are still stopping. Thk Mexican Wai Steamers.?A salute wus fired at ten o'clock yesterday morning by the Gnadaloupe, and answered from Governor's Island, as well as by the Morth Carolina. The Guadaloupe is about two years old and built by Laird te Co., ol Liverpool. She is 184 feet long, thirty feet in beam, depth ol hold about 20 leet and bet tonnage a little over 800 Her engines ire 90 horse power each, and lully sustain the high character of the builder, never having in the .-lightest degree deteriorated, although tins vessel has become much in want ol an overhauling in hull uud rigging. In the late war with Yucatan she got some hard pelting from the famous Commodore Moore, and bears the marks of some hard knocks about her hull and decks. In two or three places, near water mark, she was perforated by heavy shot, her deck torn up in splinters and her inain-rrust shivered. Yet strange to say, although the Guadaloupe lias been in no less than eleven fights, she had not a man killed, and the crew consider her a lucky vessel. She is commanded by Jose Maria Espino, u Mexican, of courteous maimers and polished address. Tile Guadaloupe is not a very last sailer, but immensely strong in build. She mounts six guns, two of which are sixty-eight pounders, one on tha larboard bow and the other on the starboard quarter. As to the rest ol her armament, it does not appear that the Mexican service presents any peculiarity. The Monia/uma is of 1100 ton burthen?nearly 300 larger than the Guadaloupe. She is of London build?has engines of 120 horse power each, and although not so immensely strong iu her construction, as the Guadaloupe, she sails a good deal latter. She mounts nine guns, two or three of which are those ugly customeis, the sixty-eights, and would be, il'well manned, and in perfect order, a most efficient engine of destruction. The Montezuma is wanting repairs very badly, alow and aloft, owing to which, and a long voyage, neither she nor her companion look to great advantage. Her hands, in all, do not amount to a hundred, which seems a low complement for a ship of her rate. The Guudaloupe has 11)5. In both cases they are almost entirely Mexictans, of the mixed half Spanish, half Aboriginal caste. They are swarthy, down looking chaps, but nothing like equal in muscularity or stature, to what may be seen on board of an American man-of-war. Discipline, too, it is evident,lis considerable less stringent in the Mexican service, than others, and, indeed, that must detract a great deal from its efficiency. This is less the tault id the officers, than a bad organization, and the intractability of the materials comprising the crew, which certainly possess few ol the characteristic and genric traits ofJack. After making all allowances lor their present unfavorable circumstances, it will still be doubtful, with such un armament and equipment, whether these Mexican war steamers could,ifeverso ably commanded,be so lui iiiiuauic u> cuiriiriuy,uKii fiirimit'u uy rfgumr larN and subjected to that beautiful, uniform, and exact discipline which has, in every instance, with the innate valor of the crews, raised the. American service, for instance, to its well-known, unsurpassed efficiency. These steamers were built in England, expressly for the Mexican Government, at the period of the revolt of the province of Yucatan. The funds for the purpose were loaned bythe Mexican merchants, resident in Lond on, whose interestin the struggle of Mexico to recover Yucatan and Texas, was of vital importance to their commercial transactions. Commodore Moore, it will be recollected, assumed the responsibility of engaging in the Yucatan service, and detaching the Texan squadron against Mexico, on the condition that Yucatan should pay the cost, for which he is now upon trial in Texas, President Houston having declared him a pirate. Fashionable Intelligence.?Theloways held a levee yesterday afternoon at lloboken, to which, with their accustomed liberality, the whole city o! New York was invited, without distinction, and we verily believe the greaterpart of the 6o? ion of the city seized the occasion to make the acquaintance of those striking individuals. The whole affair went off with wonderful animation. " White Oloud" was in his most happy mood, and the social ight that was rtflected from the countenance of . lis "serene highness" lighted up those of his party , .vith the utmost radiance. In fact, good humor | md paint could do no more; and not few or far j >etween were the "assurances ot their high con- t lideration" vouchsafed to each other by the Iowas , ind the New YorkerB. t On the entire green which surrounds the tent of t hese very affable and accomplished warriors, here was assembled, at half past four o'clock, nany thousands of spectators and visitants. It had 8 nore the appearance ot one of those sparkling ' etes rhampitres which graced and gladdened and 1 lalf improved the vivacious parvenues in the * Champi Ely tie, towards the close of the old 1 Bourbon regime. And never did a descendant of 1 St. Louis appear in the midst of his people, on 1 these occasions, with more ease and dignity, than I our worthy warriors, the loways, as they slipped I out of the tent to take up a position on the field. Not a shadow fell upon " White Cloud "?no damper struck the manly spirit of "Walk in the Rain." The great medicine man had thrown off near'y all his professional reserve; he left his tpdlt in the wigwam, to read the faces of the multitude ; he felt their pulse with intuitive quickness, and gave particular satisfaction by the mode of his operation in substituting salves and syrups for salvos and salutations. The amusements commenced by a dance and war-song, with accompaniments for the Indian drum, rattle and whistle, with the war WI1UU|I IUI UIWIU9. X IIC IIIUD1U, II IBS.11(1, IS III Vfiy ancient origin, and composed by a chief of the loways, called " Grunter," during the most acute sufferings ol torture, inflicted by a party of a hostile tribe, who had taken hint by a ruse. Several young ladies, who are considered very expert performers, of at least a dozen airs on the piano forte, and who, therefore, may be con siderrd as competent judges, expressed their high admiration of the wood notes wild?and also evinced great anxiety that the loways should give a concert in the Tabernacle before they depart. The loways have ideas about dancing diatnetrii ally oj>pi?ite to ours. With them a dancer excels in proportion to Hie heaviness of his tread, instead I its Itchiness and elasticity; again, they laugh at ihe absurdity of springing on the toes, as is the glory and pride of the I. .-ler school. They contend that the heel should be mainly in requisition, as having an air ol solidity anil certainty that makes it admirable in the. eyes of Indians?who look upon the toes of the feet us given expressly to iraee the enemy by his foot-mark, and tell the route lie goes In short, they set down toe dancing as having a strong semblance to tip toe expectation, -object t>> many casualties and reverses. After the dance was over, they took a short re?mingled freely Willi the crowd, and even condescended to accept a "gin sling" from a few persons who had the happiness of securing the braves' marked attention. While this was going mi, " White Cloud" got even more gay and sprightly iban previous, and one of the gentlemen who sat close hy him assured us that the pearl which disfigures his right eye, left it completely for the time?although we are disposed to believe that tile change spoke, of was "all in his eye," not "White Cloud's." The principal topic oa which White Cloud diseoursed was his visit on Suturday to the large " war-boat," the North Carolina ; and he continued to speak of Ms vast size and appearance, when, at the report of a cannon which was fired in the direction in which she lay, he started up to observe it. The loway'w gave a specimen of their famous game ot ball, and a noble and beautiful play it is They were a good deal bumpered and annoyed by the crowd pressing in upon tnem. Yet it whs ntos exlnlerating to see the whirlwind rush of the red men, us, in their contention,they dashed and smashed, and rushed and pushed?now sending the ball ;kX> leet Ingli in ihe Kir, and with the dexterity of h Hindoo juggler, catching it in the diminuative looi of their rackets?now hand to hand and foot t<> foot, inanii'iivering to get possession, and have th< start, and before one had time to see the shuttle, or take a steady look, away they were at the farthest extremity of the field. From what we saw of the game, we can readily comprehend the justness ol ihe praise bestowed upon the Indian pastime, b> iravellers who saw it in all its glory, bb played by some hundreds ol red men at once. It would bt worth n journey half way to the Rocky Mountain? to see that, and the man who would not go to Ho boken to see a most perfect miniature likeness oIndian gymnastics, all fresii from the westert prairie, ought to get a taste of solitary confinement nd hard labor. Charleston. [Cormipouilence ot the Herald.] ( Charleston, 8. C., June 20, 1844. i Moit Extraordinary Affair?Murderer ditcovered ( by Mtentei-what art we coming ? A most extraordinary development is about to J be brought to light through the mysterious science t of Mesmerism. t You will have seen by our city papers that a bru- r tal and unparalleled murder was committed about p a week ago, on the body o| urge Lyons, watch- c maker and jeweller, of t:.i-- c ty. Mr. Lyons was a quiet and inoffensive individual, ' living alone on East Bay street, next door to the u French coffee-house, and was supposed to lure t about him some considerable amount of cash, be- V sides u number ol valuable watches and other jew- '' elry. At the coroner's inquest it wus evident that ^ more than one person was concerned in the mur- ? der, and from appearances it was believed that one p sat on the body to keep him trom struggling, while the other cut his throat Irom ear to ear, nearly sev- p ering the head lrom the body. It was also evident from the distance to which the b?od had spurted, H that the murderers must have been covered with gore. It was farther evident that tliey were not only well acquainted with Mr. Lyons, but familiur j,wit i his habits, and everything connected with hihousehold. t< Mis locks were all of peculiar construction, auc a the keys of which were always at night securer around his neck The cord securing them was cu: ti j loose, and every lock leading to his valuablr.! opened. The watches led for repairs were un c touched ; the German silver spoons and forks and G nttii-r cnmmnn wur*. were also lelt untouched, H1 while every thing oi' value, including all his papers c that were likely to he useful iu identilying any ol them, were carried ofi. . It was at first thought, that some of the crew ol tc the Mexican war steamers were the guilty party, as they had traded considerably with Mr. Lyons I1' the day preceding the murder, and us it was w stated that some portion ol their crews were coinposed ol convicts,, there seemed to be some grouw tor the supposition ; hat alter a carelul and most rigid examination by our police, assisted by the t>< officers of those vessels, it was evident that the n deed was nearer home. The suspicions of the public were now attracted to Mr. Lyons' most inn- (" mate friends, some ot whom volunteered an exami- (e iihtion ; but not the least evidence could he elici- fr ted to fix suspicionson any individuals, although m vl least fifty persons have been examined. at That so atrocious a murder should be committee in one of the most public places of the city, inn ta that no clue could be discovered by our police, on whom we rely for protection, was oi itself sufli r" cient to excite the public Jnintl. To-day, however, 8' we have been more intensely and pleasingly exci- ^ ted ; the insctutible hand of Providence is uboui w to remove the veil, and show to the midnight assassin, that however well his plans may be arranged, ei there is one impenetrable eye from whom he can c< not escape. ^ 1 now proceed to state the circumstances tha' 111 seem likely to lead to the detection ol the murd-rer.- J" One of our most intelligent and indefatigable young physicians, Loot. John P. Chozal, (you u! knew his father as commander of the " Saucj Jack" privateer, lust war), having one of his pa- w dents, a very respectable lady, of this city, umle. si his mesmeric influence, enquired of her if she could w describe the murderer of Mr. Lyons, when she replied that there were three individuals engaged in {? it; that two committed the murder, while on< . pucked away the goods ; that they were put into ? S1 black trunk, the direction they had taken, how they had been carried of]'; that the money haabeei, n< buried on the premises, tScc.. &c. Also describing w the three individuals, (the description correspond- fr ing with three of those who were suspect- lr ed and examined.) She could not, now Jl ever, locate the house where they wer< (r cariird. Her replies were carefully taker )(J down by the doctor, who deemed them ol so important a character, that fie submitted ihein si to his honor the Mayor, who, with the aid of other tl trivial circumstances elicited during the iuvestigi tion, believes he has located the premises.and pro- v| bably before night will have succeeded in solving t0 this mysterious affair. j" Tliese facts you may depend upon; and you will doubtless see some notice of them tn the morning'.- vj papers, should the investigation prove successful. st Important Discussion.?A very interesting am C highly spirited discussion took place in the Boart J of Assistant Aldermen last evening, on the questioi i of expatriating the hogs. A reward of one dollm [J was proposed as a bonus for the apprehension of fo each one of the industrious animals, but this wa.- jj considered by some of the members as quite an extravagant expenditure of the public money, as P many of the creatures were not worth that sum. Others contended that it was unconstitutional to n pass any ordinance against the hogs; and it waalso urged with great eloquence, that as the porkers ii were " native and to the manner born," they had ^ lereditary privileges of which the corporation, at ii east under the. present charter, could not deprive v hem. The Irish apple-women, it was argued, Ci were fair game, but the pigs had rights and were o be protected. Finally, the resolution against cj he poor pigs was put and rejected. w City Reform.?The new party made some ^ light?very slight?movements in the way of re- to orm, last night. They have adopted measures for he removal of the nuisances of auction-stands on ^ Chatham Square, and passed in the Board of Alder- I* men, an edict of extermination against the swine tc in the streets. But nothing was done indicating A any intention to eflect a reform of the police, or ta purification of the courts of justice. Already this M party have passed one sixth of the time of their term of office. What have they done 1 Divided Jjj tne spoils, ana wagea war against tne apple-women a; and the hogs. 81 Fashionable Movements.?It appears that a ^ great many of our fashionables are going to Europe j to spend this summer and the loveliest portion ol * the autumn. With the facilities now afforded for p travelling by packet ship over the Atlantic, and ' railroads shooting to every point in Europe, onecan 0 now see England, France, Germany, tScc., and be c back to bis own fireside in less than six months from his start therefrom. We learn that this fact is already having its influence upon our tourists, anil that our beautiful packets are, in rnnse., jence, lilling up with passengers. That famous one, the Oxford, Captain Ratnbone, which sails from this city next Monday, has several now engaged, and she will probably sail with a full and select company. We shall not wonder at this, for she is a superb packet palace in every respect.? Her commander is universully known and respected. It seems that as the number of pucket shij?s increase, the number ol passengers increase also; and, as incident to botli, the beauty and speed ol the former, and the comforts of the latter increase also. _ Italian Opkiia.?The taste tor opera which lia> become so widely diffused in this city will be still more strengthened, refined end extended by Cinti Damoreau and Ole Hull. The former produces the charming opera of Unlumn in Algieri at the Opera House, on Thursday night, and the latter gives a concert at the Tabernacle on Friday evening. The great attraction of these eminent nrtislt will draw crowds from the neighboring cities and villages, and many of the fashionable people have delayed their departure from the city for this week in order to enjoy the rich musical treat which this week affords. We have every reason to believe that notwithstanding the heat, there will be an ini-1 mpnw< crnwd at both nlaces. Genius that I . all hearts by storm, is independent of circumstances which interfere with arid annoy ordinary [ mortal*. ? CattupI/OWRK*.?We saw yesterday some of the J tineat Cajdiflowens ever raised in this vicinity.? J They are from the garden of Peter Mchemerhorn, i Es<i, flflth street, on the East river, and were culti- ( vated hy his gardener, Michael Cranby, from the t county of Tipperary, Ireland. Michael cultivates a garden in superb style. , Canada.?Sir Charles Metcalfe arrived at Montreal on the 21st instant. The seat of government ! is now there. Fhksii Salmon.?The Florida, with three hundred fresh salmon, cleared at St. Johns, N. B., on I the 15th instant, for New York. Tiie River ? The Vickahurg Constitutionalist ot i Wednesday week nay* : " At this potnt the water in still rising ; high ahnvn, it is falling ; the Arkansas has done i it* it.frf, and !. is now returning to its channel. Many I planters have h It their homes with all their slaves, and ar \ muchof their stock ?? they could save, and are seeking a | place ot rest on the hills or Mississippi. The extent of da- < mage is unknown " < Common Council. Board or Aldbbmsn.?Junk 44?The Board met last ivening The President, Richard L. BcHiarriLiN, Ks^, a the ctiair. The minutes of the last dsy's proceedings were read ind approved. Petitions being in order, a large number were received rom inhabitant* of DUi Avenue, 44th street, Willet atreet, 5th atreet, Spruce and Delancy atreeti, praying the maid to grant tlie neceaaary appropriation lor the erecion of free bydranta in theae localities. Appropriately elerred. A communication waa received from H. Q. Durrell.prolokiug that the streets be lighted with apirit gea. Communication from s?. W Smith, in relation to suit ommenced uguinat the Corporation?referred. Kemonatrance from inhabitants against building a sewer n 16th atreet?referred. Memorial on the subject of disturbance of a punlic leeting which was held in the 10th ward, on 18th June, 844, by a man named Bill Kreeland, and assisted by Miki V'alah. The meeting was held to take into consideration tie necessary steps required to prevent the sale of hquori ud ardent spirits on Sunday. Kreeland was placed in thi 'ombs by Justice Haskell and Aid. Dickenson, but tin mu waa enlarged, as petitioners set forth by Alderman [asbrouck?i elerred. Petitions from William Harvey, hackney coachman, raying relief from taxes. Referred. Kroui Hose Company No. 4, applying for certain repairs. deferred. From Samuel Goodwin, relative to tableta or signboard* t the corners of streets Referred. From inhabitants, in relation to certain repairs of old ish Market, Fulton street. Referred. From inhabitants, praying the Board to adopt measures > till up sunken lot between 46th and 30th streets, and 6th tnf 8th avenues. Referred From inhabitants ot 14th ward, praying the use ol ceriin lot ol land lor the use of Common School. From Fire hngine Company No. 6, praying certain ac ummodationa in relation to a suitable locality. Rulerred Jubilee Ath July.?An invitation from the "Independence itiards" was received, calling on the Board to be present I the celebration of the 4th Julv in the Tabernucle. Ac .1]>)iointmmt ? Reuben Reynolds, Inspector of Wood. Report from Co mittee on Roads and Canals, adverse i grunting the construction of drain in 10th avenue, f rom Committee on Wharves, in relation to certain re airs at loot of Courtlandt street, affirmatively. First Mayor of New Kurfc.? From special committee to horn wus referred resolution proposing that a sum ol 500 be appropriated for the erection of a suitable monu ient to the late Thomas Willett, first Mayor of New York An "mended resolution, proposing that a sum oi $450 i appropriated for said purpose, was passed?ayes 10, OCB 7. Report in favor of the erection of a poor Houso at Ran ill's Island. Referred. The. Crotnn IVate.r.?The committee to wjiom was rerted various petitions on the subject of the erection ol ee hydrants m various parts ol the city, reported ad^rsely, on the ground of the inexpediency of increasing present the number of free hydrants. Aid. Hasxhouck moved to let the resolution lie onitb> file. Aid. Buntuhj wus in lavor of postponing the conside ition of the subject, as it involved the interest ol thi roui bulk of our citizens. Aid. Kmmans felt that it was an oversight to allow tin roton water to be wasted as it was at present; and it ould be right to repair the hydrants. Aid. Millkr was in hopes that the water would be givi free to the public, and that the owners of houses fx impelled to pay a tux of $3 each lor the introduction oi ie Croton water into the houses. He knew at presem stances where some parties who had the Croton watei Produced into their houses, paid a tax of $12. The pre nt system wasted the water, aud left it unprotected; but ie introduction into the houses Would secure the carefui tention of the owners, who would of necessity be com lied to adopt precautionary measures against useless Hste. The public fountains would thus be always weli tpplied, and so would the houses, while no useless wastt ould take place. Aid. Cozzkm considered the subject of too much imirtance for hasty uction. He would, therefore, movt int the report and accompanying resolution lie on tin .hie for the present, and that the same he printed aud thi ibject bo brought up at the next meeting of the Board. Aid. Em mains considered the hydrants defective, and at calculated to answer the purposes for which thej ere intended flu was of opinion that the erection oi ee pumps would ha far mora advantageous to the public i Philadelphia, they had ubandoued altogether tne hy rants, and resorted to the pumps. Aid. Galk was strongly of opinion if the water was in educed into the lionses.and a tax of $3 on each house lie vied thereon, the city would bo dryer and more secure After some lurther conversational discussion, it was re lived to let the report and resolution lie over and thai ley be printed. Venders of Meat.?A resolution was passed which proIded that the venders of meat in public stores be required i close their stores aod not sell alter one o ciock, p. m.. id be subject to the same regulations as the public mar ets. The Ealing Slieds?A resolutionjwas|adopted which pro ides for the removal ot the eating sheds at Catharine ,reet Fish Market. Removal of Nuisances and Prohibition of Jluction Sales in 'hatham Square.?An Ordinance was read and approved, hich prohibits the exposure lor sale in Chatham Square I furniture, save on Thursdays, from 0 o'clock, A. M. to o'clock, T. M., also articles in the hawking line, and ruiture such as is now daily exposed on tho streets uml le sidewalks. The ordinance makes effectual provision! ir the removal of the crying nuisances that exist along hatham Square, by the exposure ol furniture for sale on ie public streets. The ordinance was passed. The Streets ?An ordinance in relation to cleaning the ublic streets, was read and ordered to he laid on the tale and printed. A communication from Eli I.eavitt, City Inspector, in elation to the removal of a nuisance in Cherry street.? Inferred. Resolution from Board of Assistants in favor of appoint ig Jabob Wilson, Weigher ol Coal, James Wilson and Walter Carpenter, Inspectors ot Wood. Concurred in ? lolland Ipham, day police officer 14th Ward. Concurred J. James Taylor, Keeper City Hall. Concurred in.? Filliam beech, Inspector of Anthracite Coal. Concured in. Sydney H. Stewart, Clerk Police Office. Cpn urred in. An ordinance was read in relation to the exaction ol ead money of $1 for each foreign pauper landing in the Ity of New York. Adopted The Swinish Multitude.?An oVdinance was adopted, hich provides the imposition ol a fine of $1 on thi wners of each porker found lounging through the public reets. The ordinance empowers any citizen to remove i the nearest pound each offender. Reward.?A resolution in favor of granting a sum ol 100 to such person or persons as would give such infor ation, as would lead to the discovery of the person or arsons, who stabbed Daniel Carman, whose death lately >ok place, was adopted. In lavor of supplying manure for Blackwell's Island donted. Alter the passage of resolutions from the Board of Assis ints, already noticed, the Board adjourned to meet on londay next at 7 o'clock. BoARn of Assistant Aldermen, June 24.?William ,verdell Esq. President in the chair.?The minutes ot the leeting of this Board on th? 17th inst., were read and pproved of. The following petitions were then prt i-nted :? r rom vr.i tatties ana gentlemen 01 tne cuy at .\ow iora elativ? to the appointment of Matrons to the workhouse. >mbs, ]>euitentiary at Blackwell's Island, and halls 01 ustice, iiIku a letter recommending the same?Carried n the alhrmative to be laid on the table. From James Atwill and others, relative to the sprinking ot the streets. Referred to Committee on Croton Vqueduct. From James Swesey, praying to be re appointed to the Dice of wooil inspector ; a resolution to that elfect was arried. From Joseph JK. Barr, praying for the appointnent of printer to the Common Council?referred to he Finance Committee. From Saml. L. Liskom. ol Iurlem, praying lor a marshal's warrant lor that town hip?reierred to the Committee lor Offices. From John i. Smith, praying for the office of Wood Inspector. A ('solution to that effect was carried in the affirmative, 'rom Walter S. Carpenter for similar office. Carried imilarly. Report from the Committee on Police, Watch and Virions relative to the perquisites of day police officers in iddition to their daily pay, was read and acoepted, and he Committee discharged from further consideration ol he subject. Communication? from the Hoard of Jlldermtn.?Report if the Finance Committee of the Board of Aldermen relu ive to the petition of Win. Brewer, respecting a piece ot and inBroudway Concurred in tiy a vote of l'J ayes.4 noes t communication from the Comptroller ot the city was eceived relative to encroachments on the public land larticulnrly to a long pending dispute in lid Avenue, lie ween lid and Mh streets. The vote was then taken to et'er to the Committee of Laws, ayes 9, noes 8?referred iccordingly. Assessment tor wells and pumps in 'ititli it rent, winch passed the Board of Aldermen on the 17th, ind appointing Samuel Dursfiee collector, was conourred n tiuanimnusly A communication from the Comptrollei it the corporation, recommending the tilling up of Coen ies Slip with coal dust collected in the city - was referred o Committee on wharves, piers, and slips. Report ol ommittee on laws, relative to the sale ol game, which insaed the Board of Aldermen on the 17th inst, was concurred in, as was also an ordinance to amend the act relu. ive to stage coaches, passed at the same time ; and also in ordinance regulating awning posts, which are not ti 'xceed !) inches in thickness, and 1(1 feet iu height. A petition Irom J. J. Astor, F.sq., praying for the nstab ..I ? l.,?l. r?. , .... ...... V, n.l ...........I <h. IBUUIOIII III u IIVVI1 IUI iKiigmnu, ? IIWI [.n.no.i m. Joard of Aldermen, wan referred to the committee ol vharves and piers as to locality of the same. A resolution of the Board of Aldermen relative to ? lommittee for taking into consideration the Croton debt, or the purpose of paying it, so that the inhabitants might rave the water introduced into their houses, was referred o the Croton committee. . The appointment of James Taylor to be deputy keeper tl the dry Hall was carried unanimously. Holland Up nan was appointed day policeman of the 14th ward. A resolution was proposed empowering the .Mayor to imploy persons to seize all swine found in the streets Irorr Kith street southward, and convey the same to the puhlir ouud, for which they were to receive one dollar each, o he repaid by the owner ere they would be restored was lost. An invitation to the Common Council to dine with thi ndapendance Ouards on the 4th o( July next, and also re 'olution to visit public buildings on Staten Island or rhursdav next, was agreed to A resolution relative to the prevention of the introdue ion of Improper persons to the cells of prisoners, wai -arried unanimously. Peter Smith v/a* api ointed Wood Inspector to the IHtl Ward, and Sydney II. Stewurt (Jerk of the Police Ottice n the place of Win. Cellonder, resigned. The petition o (esse Rogers, praying for a situation of Wood Inspector was rejected. Several papers ami resolutions were then received fron lie Board of Aldermen, relative to the removal of nuisan ;es in Cherry and Third streets, were agreed to. A re rolution abolishing the office of Clerk ot the Assessments he duties lo be performed by the < lerk ol the Street < om missioners, was referred to the Committee of Assessments A resolution was then proposed that no fees should In paid to street inspectors and police officers, on the appre Tension of parties, was laid on the table. On the que* lion being moved that the Board proceed to elect a persoi 'or the office of Printer to the Common Council, it wai rpposed. on the ground that a previous resolution wgi arried that all printing was to he done by contract. A V vot* wu taken, and there were 7 a yea, 10 no**. A reto lutiou WH received from the Board of Aldermen relative to a report ol the Committee of wharvax, pi?r* and slips expressing a revolution of supporting the teniae* ol w harveaTlic. on the Kaat Kiver. jguiunt uny other claim ante, wae referred to the Committee of whurvea, slip* ?nc and pier*. A revolution relative to the erection of sail water hath* for the benefit of the public, wa* order?-' tc he laid on the table. A communication lrom the inhabi taut* of the 10th ward wa* read relative to enforcing th> law* for tha better ohieivunce of the Sabbath, was will the convent of the Board withdrawn A motion empow ering the Mayor solely to appoint and ditch urge tluudaj officer*, wa* rejected by a vote of tt aye*, 10 noea. The Board then went iut* aecret (eetion, and we with drew. Latk from Hayti.?By the Wm, Nelson ant Montgomery, we have advices from Port au Princt and Jacmel to the 12th instant. Captain Davis, ol the Montgomery, reports that intelligence had beer received from Aux Cayes, to the effect that President Gaerriere had appointed one of his black generals Governor of Aux Cayes. Also, that this general had levied contributions on the mulattoes and put some of them to death. Also, that the Spanish party, at St. Domingo, had two small brigs of war. Also, that the United States sloop of war, Preble, and a British war schooner were lying of the port of Aux Cayes. Also, the failure ol Guerriere's overtures to the Spanish party, or Dominicans, and their demand to be recognized as an in dependent state. Important from Cuba.?We have received by the Norma, the following official announceniem from Cuba. It is more important in this efficia! shape than before, because it may now be relied upon. [From the Government Paper of Havana, June 10, 1844. Their Excellencies, the lntendent General of Finance an'l the Governor and Captain General of thil Island make known, that in consequence of the calamitoui drought therein, hnve decreed the following ordinance:? 1st. From the 10th of July next to the 31?t December ensuing, the Custom House duties are reduced to one hal of what are exprusred in the tariff now in force, on tht following articles: on corn and corn meal, beans, pota toes and rice, which maybe imported either in tfpuniali or foreign vessels at all the ports of entry of the island; i is, moreover, ordered that sweet potatoes, yams, an* plantains shall be free of all duty. 2. It is hereby ordered that the aforesaid articles ma} be imported during the same period at the ports ot Carde nas, Muriel ?nd 9aqute la Grande?at which ports, ma} also be imported jerked beef and salted fish, paying th< duties specified in the tariff. Sweet potatoes, yums am plantains may be introduced at the anchorage of Batuhano JOAQUIN CAMPUZANO, Secretary. Havana, 7th June, 1844. City Intelligence. Thk robbery or Mr. Vanpervooht's house in Orchari tkkkt.?We mentioned yesterday that the dwelling o our worthy clerk of the Sessions Court, Henry Vaadrr voort, Esq.. No. 120 Orchard street, had been burglarious iy entered by false keys, and about $300 worth of pro perty stolen, consisting of a gold watch, silverware, etc etc. Last evening officers Sitler and Baker, arrested t man named Daniel Roach a'ian Nat. Rhodes, who resides at No. 387 Orand street, and on searching his premises there found Mr. Vandervoort's watch and some other ar ticle.s of no great value, which had been stolen from him This is not all, thay discovered that Roach had broken inti the store of Messrs. Brown uud Matthews, whose place o business is immediately beneath the apartments he occu pies and stole $40 in money, and from $20 to $30 of hosiery A large quantity of other valuable property was alsi found in Roach's rooms, doubtless obtained by other bur glaries committed by him. Ninety dollurs was found con ceuled between two beds on which Roach slept. P.jkctino an Ai.iikrman?Seniors Uninia:?On San ilay morning Alderman Mott, ot the Ninth Ward, wen into the porter house of Daniel Hawley, No. 407 Wen street, to prevent his violating a City Ordinance prohibit ing the sale of ardent spirits on the Lord's Day. Hawlej did not like the intrusion of the Alderman, and ejectet him from his premises hy seizing him by the throat an' forcing him into the street Officer Bush whs directed 1< arrest Hawley, and he stands committed on three separati charges?one for an assault on the Alderman, while in th< discharge of his duty as a magistrate?the second, loi violating a City Ordinance, in selling liquor on the Sub bath?and the third, for selling liquor or ardent spirit' without a license. Coroner's Office.?Drowsed while Bathiro.?A Swede, named Charles F. Sundberg, aged 24 years, attach ed to the brig "Superb," which is at present moored a the foot ol Albany street,met his death yesterday morning while bathing in the North River. He cr uld not swin and sunk. T.ie body was soon recovered and an inques held on it. Verdict of the Coroner's Jury?accidental!) drowned. Cf?- THE ORIGINAL OF THE FOLLOWINf spontaneous tribute to the astonishing efficacy of Dr Felix Oouraud's cosmetics we received thiough the post Its small and beautiful chirograph)' betrays a female hand We beg to tender the fair creature our profoundest, heart felt thanks, and will thank her to mention the article ii another poetic ell'usion that has "beautified In r face." Saturday, June 2U, 1844. My Dear Sir :? Von will ploonr, to uccept the following lines as a fnebli tribute of regard from one whom you have greatly bene fitted :? Honor to the brave, and fame To him who benefits the human race. He, more than all, has a claim To our gratitude aod highest place. While quocki their nostrums vend. And flood the earth with worthless trash, Thou, great man, art ever ready to defend, And from beauty's hand the poisoned drug to dash Go on thou benefactor of the humau race'. Thou child of science and man of worth ! Continue still to charm and beautify the face, And thy name shall be among the mighty of the earth Yours most respectfully, T. D. 81 To Felix Gouraud, Esq. The following cosmetics of Dr. G. are to be hadgenuini nly at 67 Walker street, 1st store from Broadway POUDRE SUBTILE, for eradicating superfluous hai from any part of the human body. Teated nefore buying Proof positive, this, and no mistake. Directions, French Spanisn and English, accompany each bottle. ITALIAN MEDICATED SOAP, fob curing pimples freckles, blotches, erysipelas, sallowness, tan, and al cutaneous diseases. LIQUID VEGETABLE ROUGE imparts a delicati blushing tinge to the complexion. BLANC D'ESPAONE, or Spanish White, forthecom plexion. iffj- I'lMPLES AINU SUKKS UN TMti KAUK MAI be cured by the use of Comstock's Sarsepariha, which ii decidedly the best extract now in use lor the cure of ai cutaneous diseases, impurities of the Mood, fee. Sold hi 21 Courtlandt st.?price 60 cts. per bottle, or $4 per dozen OP-BERNARD'S CHOLERA AND DIARRHfEA HE medy, and also Sharon Spring Water, may be had at 21 Courtlandt street. Op- PRIVATE MEDIC A I. AID.?The members o the New York College oi Medicine and Pharmacy, ii returning the public, thank* ior the liberal support thej have received in their eflerts to "suppress quackery, beg leave, to state that their particular attention contiuuei lobe directed to nil diseases ot a private nature, and iron the great improvements lately made in the principal hos pitaUoi" Europe in the treatment of those diseases, th?q can confidently etfer to persons requiring medical aid at! vantages not to be mot with in any institution hi tin country, eithei public ot privo.e. The treatment ot th College is such as to insure success in every case, and i .stally different fion. that net r,ous practice ol mining tho constitution witli mercury, and inmostcascs leuvin; a disease much worse (linn tlui original. One oi the mom I bers ol the (JD'lege ,ibr many yearn-connected with th principal hosygtals of Europe, attends daily tor r. consolb tion from !> A.M. to a P.M. t erms?Advice end medicine, ., cure gunranteec iMronvstrr to Coostrv Invalids.?Persons living i the country and not finding it convenient to attend pel i serially, can have forwarded to them a cheat containin , all medicines requisite to perform a perfect cure oy scaur. their case explicitly, together with all symptoms, timer i contraction and troatnu nt received elsewhere v I n?l enclosing fa post paid, addressed to W. 8. R.ICHARDBON, M. D., Agom Offlce and ;'t>nsnRing rooms o? the College. mNji.o, I (tg~ A WONDKR--A BLKS9ING?A MIHACLKI Indeed has been discovered lor curing all disfigurement I of the skin, freckle*, sunburn, morphew, tan, bites c musquitoes, bugs, insects, Ac. The above or any defer of the skin caused by the sun, heat of the body, wire change of climate, Ac. Ac. It also cures in the moi , permanent and beautiful manner all diseases of the face o skin, pimples, blotches, salt rheum, scurvy, erysipelai sore heads, ringworm, Ac. This remedy is called (min reader, tie particular in the name or you'll he cheated b a swindling counterfeit) Jjjnes's Italian Chemical Soii| and in consequence of its surprising efficacy?in fact it surprising and wonder-woi king rirect in any of the abov ! diseases, it has been counterfeited and imitated by n hoi of scampi anil rascals, swindlers and fools, who care nc for the mischief and harm they may do, as many of thei articles are really poisonous ami dangerous, hut wish t live on the fame tind character of Jones's Soap ; theivlor he particular, buy only at the following places, an always ask tor Jouet's Soap, at the American Kagle, N Chatham street. 323 Broadway, New York ; Redding, State street, Boston ; Zeilier, 3 Ledger Buildings, filth , de.'phia ; Pease, Broadway, Albany. 09-RKADER, ARK YOC TROl'BLRP WITH OKA I , ness, or buzzing noises in your ears 1 If so, >on may h cured by the use of Dr.iMcNair's Acoustic Oil, an art i cle which is dailyt|ierforiniug some of the most remarki hie cures. Sold at 21 CourtUndt St.?price >I per flask. I J.J- KICOhP'B PARISIAN AI.TKKATIVr. MiJ , TlJltK Kor the cure of primary or secondary Syphilii ind ull ntfections produced by an injudicious use of met , cury, The gn in advantages |?>sscssed by this powcrft iltei ntive over all other preparations for the cure oi Sj j philis, is, that wtiile curing the disease it improves th constitution, whilst mercury generally ienve a muc worse disease than the one it is Rdministra-ed for. Th , best recommendation we can give of it is, that it in nor . extensively prescribed by the medical (acuity, who toi meily considered mercury the only cure lor those corn plaints. Sold, in single bottles, fl each ; in cases of h? 107.1-ti, %f>, carefully packed, and sent to all parts of iti t'nion. Office of the College of Medlclm and Pbarmi 'v, "SNnrsan street W ^ Rt? HARPHON. M D , Agent ) 0V- rilF. ROACH ANO BKO-BlfO AT 2 i Cauitlandt street, every Inmily should supply tnemsclve > with, il they are troubled with these vermin It is a eel L tain and effectual ramedy Trice M and 36 cents nr?- A FINE HF.AD OF HAIR TO BE HAD FOR i THREE SHILLINGS-By the use of a three shilling bottle ol Jones'* Loral Hair Restorative. The prica will I prove it la no humbug. Give it one trial. Here are ita J . real qualities : It will force the hair to grow on the head, I lace, body, or auy part where nature intended hair to [ grow ; atop it falling off, make the scalp healthy, theteby i curing dandruff, and give light red or grey hair a line . dark look, and in time make it grow naturally dark Irom the roota ; and has been tried by htiudreds of our moat i respectable citizens, among whom it has given entire . satisfaction. Among them are the following: Mr. W. Hopkins, 92 King street, New York ; Mr. Phillips, 4IH Broome, corner ol Woostrr street; Judge Edwards of . Philadelphia. Mr J Pearson, Navy Yard, Charleston: T. Power, grocer, Fulton strpet, Brooklyn. We could offer hfty other names of persons who have found this all | it was represented; but if the above is not enough, nothing will convince i xcept one trial. It is sold quite reasonable ? indeed cheap?only 3. 3, or 8 shillings a bottla, by f Jones, sign of the Amegcari Eagle, Hi Chatham street, or , 323 Broadway, New York; or 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn; Pease, B load way, Albany; Redding, 4 State street, Boston; Zeiber, 3 Ledger Buildings. flr^YOIT NF.RTt vrir ni'isini ? ? ?J> ..-W. ^uv.iiin?n I unrbt l nr.- 4 medy tor Rheumatism.?The wonderful success which has followed the use of the Indian Vegetable Elixir and Liniment in curing almost any case, 110 matter how long standing, lias gained for it an increased demand, and 1 a reputation never before equalled, and although other worthless articles have been tried, yet the rheumatic suf' ferers ure not sure of obtaining reliel unless they go to 21 1 Courtlandt street and obtain the genuine article, which , never (ails. * (ftT-CONNEL'8 MAOICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR IS, by every family who are acquainted with its virtues, always aLer kept in the house. It has such perfect control over pain from burns, scalds, flesh bruises, a? I will save ^ life in overy case, if the vdals are undestroyed, and heal * without leaving n scar. No one can use this salve lor any outward ache or ailing without receiving benefit. To be I found genuinr only at No. 21 Courtlandt at. | , frf- THE CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OK 8Alt 1 9APAR1LLA, GENTIAN AND SARSAKRAH,prepared by the New York College ol Medicine and Pharmacy. e?- v I tabli"had for the suppression of quackery This refined and highly concentrated extract, possessing ail the puri. ' lying quautiea and curative powers of the above herbs, is confidently recommended by the College, ns infinitely ' superior to any extract of ftavsaparilln at present before the public, and may be relied on as a certain remedy for | all diseases arising lroin an impure sto e ol the blood, ' uch as i crolula, salt-rlu um. ringworm, blotches or pimples, ulcers, nain in the bones or joints, nodes, cutaneous eruptions, ulcerated sore throat, or any disease arising 1 from the secondary effects ol syphilis or an injudicious ' use 01 mercury. 1 Sold in single Bottles, at 76 cents each. " in Coses of half-a-dozen Bottles, $3 50 " " one dozen " 8 00 Cases forwarded to all parts of the Union. ' N. B ?A very liberal discount to wholesale purchasvri. Office of the 1 'allege, 05 Nussau street ' W. 8 RICHARDSON, M D . Ageut (ft7- BEAUTY.?19 1 nEHE ANY THING THAT adds more to the personal appearance of one than a fine head of hair?particularly ol a lady ? Indeed, can a lady be beautiful without it ? Then is it not our duty to ren j U<T? vui.cikb un all aKici-a..in uiija.1 IV! mi-rey an 4 t Anil certainly a good personal apiiearance is necessary. Now don't smile when wc say that by the taithlul use of the genuine Oldridge's Balm ol Columbia, you can always have a beautiful head ol hair. We do not say this to puff the article, but candidly believe that it is the only thing that will restore hair on bald heads, stop the hair from falling off, and keep the head free from dandruff. At 21 CourUandt street. JO- CONSTITUTIONAL DRblUTY MiRi D. ' i? Conic Mixture prepared by the College of Medicine mid , Pharmacy of th> city of New York, is confidently recommended for all cases of debility produced by secret in diligence or excess of any kind. >t is an invaluable rem< dy Kir impotence, sterility, or bnrrenness funlcsn iet-mds ' ingon inal-formatioii.) Single bottb-a $1 each , cases oi ualiudozo. c. alilly packed and sent to all parts ofthc Union Office ol tli > Co'Jeare el Medicine run! Phj.-'.iaev. '15 Ne.i.'ou at- et It RlUtl AKV'HON, M. 1) , ' gent. I 1 Of?" " OH, MY BACK !?I can scarcely walk, it puts mc tn such pain."?Such was the expression of a gentle, man in Dr. Sherman's store, a day or two since. lie had ' taken n severe cold, and could not stand ereot. He pur' chased one ol the Doctor's celebrated Poor Man's Plasters, > applied it to the hack, and in twenty-four hours time was perfectly relieved from his suffering. Those who arc amicted with pains in the chest, side, arms or hack, t or witli weakness, will linil this Plaster a never failing remedy. Be sure and get the genuine, with the Doctor's fac simile printed on the hack oi the Plaster. Dr. Sher. man's warehouse is led Nassau street. Agents, 227 Hud, son street; 188 Bowery; 77 Kust Broadway, 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia; and 8 State street, Boston. s | 09- VRLPBAU'8 SPECIFIC PILLS FOH THE CUKE } of tJonorrhcea, Gleet, and all moeupuruient discharges l lrom the urethra These pills, prepared by the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established fortha suppression of quackery, may be relied on as the most ape nit y and effectual remedy lor the above complaihts.? They lire guaranteed to enre recent cases in from three ' to five days, and jiossess a greater power over dbstinata discharges and chronic gleet, than any other preparation at present known, removing the disease without confinement from business, tainting the breath or disagreeing wiln the stomach Price SI ner box ' Bold Bt the Otllce of th f College ->i i'barmacy and Medicine, Vii Nassau street. w > RfCHAlttWN. M. D Agent MONEY MARKET. t Monday, .Tunc '44?0 P. M. ' The stock market to-day remains without much alteration. Quotations appear to )>e more firmly sustained, and the operations based on anticipations of a further ad- . vance At the old|Board;,the sales were very limited.? Farmers' Trust improved half per cent; Norwich and Worcester lj; Long Island, Canton, Stonington, United States Bank, Kentucky and Ohio 6's closed firm at Satur day's quotations; Indiana declined } per cent. At the new Board, Norwich and Worcester advanced J percent, and Ohio 6's j; Vicksburg fell off J; Harlem 1; Farmers' Trust j; Illinois 1; F.rie Railroad lj. since last sale. Long g Island, and Canton closed at Saturday's prices. Advices from Vera Cruz to the 6th inst. say thatfnone of the instalments due on the 30th of April, was paid at the last dates from Mexico. The Mexican government may have withheld the payment of this instalment until the Annexation question was disposed of. From the tono of the despatches received by the Mexican Minister in this city, we should judge the Home government anticipated immediate hostilities. We have received a copy of the charter recently granted for the construction ofu railroad irom New Haven to New Vork, through Bridgeport. We have never read a more fa. vorable charter than this Kvery facility is extended, and privileges granted to the company, to insure a speedy completion of the work The charter compels the road to run through Bridgeport, but does not name any point of ' termination on the western linn of the State of Connecticut. The capital ef the company is fixed in the charter at $2,000,000, with the privilege of extending it to $3,000 000, if it 1 should be deemed necessary. The right of way is found| e<l on very just aud correct principles Railroad companies have heretofore experienced a great deal of difficulty in ' obtaining the right of way, in some sections of their roads. In most instances the right kind of spirit has prevailed, and nufnctrg ol' th? soil have not taken th? slightest a/1 vantage of the company, but in other cases the moat exor' hitant charges have been made, and every difficulty i thrown in the way of the company it waa possible to conceive. The Legislature of Connecticut have provided 11 againat tlieae contingencies, by inverting a clause in See, tion 7th ol the charter, stating distinctly how the right ' of Way may be acquired, viz " And it aliall be lawful for said company to enter upon and use all such lands and real estate as may be necessary 1 for them, in the manner and lor the purposes set forth in the first section hereof. And said Company shall be hold 1 en to pay all damages that may arise to any person or persons?and it the person or persona to whom damage may so arise, and snid company cannot agree as to the amount of such damages, it shall be the dutv of said Company to apply to the Superior Court of tbe County in which thu ? t real estate damaged may be situated, and to aause notice to be given to tbe adverse party of such application, and thereupon said Superior Court shall appoint three disiu_ terested and judicious freehold! rs, to assess the amount of H such damages, and said lreeholders, alter being swum. ,f shall give notice to the parties, or me time ana piace 01 :t their meeting, on the business ol their appointment, at lt winch time ami place they shall proceed to near the par K ties,anil to inquirejinto the exientfoi the damage*,and shall lt assess just damages to the person or persons, whose real estate may be taken or injuieil, which assessment shall bo (I in writing, under the hands of said freeholders, and the j same shall be returned to the Cleik ol said Superior Court, who shall record it, and w hen so returned and recorded, ? such assessment shall have the client of a judgment, anil e execution may issue at the end of sixty days from tnu it time when such assessment shall lie so returned, in favor _ ,t of the persons respectively, to whom damage* may be as- m r sessed, for the amount so to them assessed; piovidvd that ? 0 said Railroad shall not be opened across the lands of any c nelson until the damages assessed to such persons shall d nave been paid, or secured to he paid, to hi* satisfaction. j And that the said damages shall he so paid or deposited k with the Treasurer of the county within sixty days alier l. the sume shall have beep dually determined. This relieves the company from n vast deal of trouble and expense, and is a feature that ensures a more speedy ' " completion of the road thun any other we notice in tho * charter. The company accepting this charter must ex. i- pend the sum ot onu hundred thousand dollars on said road within two years from the adjournment of the legislature granting it, or construct, complete and put in ope1 ration a single track, within four years after the passage ! of this act otherwise the powers and privileges of said i, corporation become null and void. The sum of one httu i dred thousand dollars, before mentioned, is required to he I expended in equal portions on the road between New I Haven and Bridgeport and Bridgeport and the west lino s of the State The capital slock of the company is to bo J considered personal property, and to be taxed ns sueh j ^ I that is. the value of the road is taken at the amount of the ' capital stock, and like all other personal property in the State, the income only to lie taxed. Very fortunately for the ultimate success ol this work, it is within the limits of the New England States and in the hands of Kastern 1 capitalists, whose energy and perseverance are ro con.. spictioits in the numerous railroads of that section This road, when finished, will connect Boston and New York * *

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