30 Haziran 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

30 Haziran 1844 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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V" ' ~ T H :% f * Vot X., So. ItJ?Wliolo So. 3781. Tu the Public. , 1 NP.W YOHK HKKALD?Jaiiynewjpaper?pubevcry day ?' the year except New Year'* day and o ot July, fiice 'J centa per copy?or 87 ad per anpoatag'1/ paid ?cash in advance. , 1 wiUlvLV HBHAL.D?publiahed every Saturday ug?jrice 8J centa per copy, or M 18 l>4,r annum? j,-ea yaid, caan u a tvance. >1 0VJ.RT18BR8 are inlermed that the circulation ol Herald ta ovw THIRTY THOUSAND, and jnereaaing It hat the tarnent circulation of any ficper in this city, r e world, and is, therefore, the btit channel for inline it . in the city tr country. 1*ricea moderate ca*h in ad- , ce. " ? tINTINO of all fcinda executed at the moat icoJcrftta 8 t, and in the moat elegant at> In. u JAMK3 GORDON UhNNBTT, J raoraiKToa or van lUuii.o BiT.Bi/.HManT, Northweat corner ol Pulton and Naaaau itreeta ? Sgsay-u-I U- jam pmrtm?? a iu GiSiuiji>?iiC.L/ riVinta,\.i i ruiiA'j c. u OFFICE. v 1 SOUTH 8T&Ek.T. NEW YORK. i & m. m mi 'iiurcu be engaged rroiaLiverpool l>y the followr.g apieu- | ackei ahipi comprising the Old Black Ball Lino of Packet* '' > .ug as under " From Liverpool u e ihip COLUMBUS, Captain Cole, on the 16th February r 'iv ship YORKSHIRE, (uew) Bailer, on the 1st March. h He aligi CA\1 1J HI DOE, Cant Beratow, 16th March. u he ihip & NOLAN I),' aptain Bartlett, 1st A or. I. He ship OXFORD, Captain liathbone. I6lh April, he.hip MONTEZI MA. Capuin Lowlier, lit Mar. h he ship KUROPr. Captain burlier, 16th May. c > Be ship rsEW YORK, 'aptain Cropper, lit June. u addition to the.\bove?U|ieiiorahi|>a, thetubacriber'aagents v have a iWeeaiion of first claaa Au>< rican ahipa despatched, nunnery. (rum Liverpool, every four or five dayi through- r the year, to the different paru in the United State*, oy 1 jh paaaage can he sheared at reduced ratea. Thoae lending 'J if "rienda miding in Oraat Britain and Ireland, inay re- t ?' every care will be taken to iaak> pastengera aa cumlor- ? , ..a '.hey can reaaonably expect, and anonld lie |?**eng<.re ? Mnme ont, the passage money will be promptly reiunded. , nil* can ai naual be famished. payable at 'he National and 1 > vmcial Banks of Ireland and branches; Eastern Bank cf f aland and b auchca; and on Mrsiri J. Bait, Son 61 Co., a ikers, London; Messrs J. Rarned 61 Co., Bankera, Lirer- u 1, which are payable throuKhoot England and SValea. Kor j her parfftalajra apply (if by letter post paid) to ioilN HKRDMAN, ( 61 South street, near Waft street. a ' * Passage to Liverpool and London can at all timet be 1 ' by tha regular packet ships, tailing for Lirerpool every c . a, and to Londou on the lit, 10th and 30th of each month ( ! "cation aa anova H3ec n Li M M M: ^IEW YORSAND HAfaFTPACKETS. Lino-Tin Shipa of thia line will hereafter iMre New 1'. on the Ul, and Havre on the 16th of each month, ai fol- ' , via . Fbom New Yoag. Kaon Havai. e r 3hip ONEIDA, f lit March. 16th April. i Captain cist July. , Ititli August. 1 Jainea Fitnck. f lit November. 16th Decmnber. v .aLTI MORE, I 1st April 16th May. Captain { 1st August. 16th September ' Edward Kane t r 1st December. 1 16th Jaunary. I ' f UTICA, (1st May. 16th Jane. 1 t^aptmn \ ist w|>?ow \ mm uqiuuci. ( Frederick H. witt. ( 1st January, r ISth February. f ip St. NICH LAS 11st June. 116th July. Captain < 1st October. < 16th November. 1 < J B. Pell,( 1st February. {16th March. * aceommod*.: ions of these ships arc not surpassed, com- I - all thst m y be required for comfort. The price of ca* t i stage is $100. Piuaenijeri will be supplied with erery ree with tliertception of wines and liqnors. . "ids intended for these vessels will be forwarded by the sub- J tars, free from any other tlion the expenses actually in* ' edou them, ^rei.ht^^.,^^ J knee No. Tootics HtiihliuB. enr Wall and Water s J >; S8AUE JfHOM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND 1 ' & M. ' TyTHE BracT^ALL OH lit!) LINE ov LIVERPOOL PACKETS. , I line from Liverpool on the 7th and 19ch of every month. J . nous wishiuic to send to the Old Country for their friends * make toe necessary arrangements with tne subscribers, aud 1 i them come out in this superior Line o; Packets, Bailing I L.yerpool punctually ou the 7th aud 19th of every mouth. . f will also have a first rate rlass of American trading ships, U{ every six days, thereby affording weekly coinmuuicaurom that port. One of the firm (Mr. James D. lloche) is I \ i to see that they shall b? forwarded with care and See- , old the parties agreed for not coine out, the money will ( . trued to those who paid it here, without any redjc- | iJlnck Ball, or Old Liue of Liverpool rackets, comprise ' Awing magnificent Ships, vit1 '*/OTtO The NEW YORK, AM 8 RIDGE, COLUMBUSs. GROPE SOUTH AMERICA. ffOLAND NORTH AMERICA, suchi superior and nneqnalled arraugeinents, tne subconfidently look foivra.-tl for a coutinuauee of tliatsapleb has been extended to thein so many yean, for which > grateful. a pioReeiliog, or remitting money to their relatives, can m* obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, drawn direct i pksf Ireia/ni, Dublin, also on Rlansrs. PKtucOTT, UJLOTii, AMES tk. OO. bill be paid on demand at any ol Sit"si'or^hoir rs, in all the principal towns throughout England, Irelotland and VV ales. ROCHE. BROTHERS k CO. 34 Fulton street New York, next door to tin* Fulton Bank. -The Old Line of Liverpool Packet* sail from this uiverponl ou the 1st and 19th of each month. Psrti-s 1 ,i to theold country will lind it to their comfort aoii ae Mselect this favorite Liue for their <.nnv?vauca, in e ro si!v oh r as. o US'. .,f V ..Hi <7"l'.V.. h 'Vl fa. 1 irein ; lew York ru the 'J'.iii and L.verpool oa thn 11 us J ' oiosan month i >. m.M. TkOK ",srw Yoaa. I ' 'A8CIUS, Captain Johu Collins,9St!i March. '! DIJON S. Captain E. N Cohb. iOth Aj *>'. t.ilDAN, Captain A. Detwater. 16th M?J. I f <: AilRlCK, Cart b I. tt. Train, itil. Jon* |i Kaon Livsiroot.. 1 >i. dHY.RlDAN, Gapum A. Oftnim, Ilth March. , VRKIOK, Cm tain ?. I. II. ' nwk, Ilth April. - IBOll/a,Captain John Collin*, ilth May. tftlONb, i.'apt-in E. B. Cobb, Ilth Jut*. i hip* are all of the Aral data, upwards of 1000 tons, | heeity of New York, with inch mprorenwnu ?i grnat i[wfj with autuanl aoiafort for pv?x4n<?w care h?? been taken in the arrantemrn' :>' their aceorn r. it. The price of p&iiai;t hence .a 1105, tor whid. * jrea will be proridad i'nose ahipa ire err. mantled ty \ :ed muter*. who will make "Terr e-i.trtioB m give geafacnou r the captains or owners of theahipe wiil he reaper,n- , y letten, parcela or packages lent by them, unless Ir' ">f lading are aiffued therefor lf hCo?"H?Tc/0C 58 booth at., New York, or to 1 BF jWN. SHIPLEY Ik CO.. Liretpool. - by the pad eta will M charged 12 K casta per single /T > ??oi? tor ounce. and newspapers 1 rent each ml ire ' "^LD LINK LIVERPOOL t'AGKETa. OLD LI.^^^Joketa fa pitched m the loit .wmgnrner, ricrptiag that when the i lay falla on 8>n?Ti * - oh will aail on tlw aoeeeed aMBKIDOK, WonfJn?.-'S " ? K^pool , ' ISO tona, < Oct. 1 Nov. ,1 t W. C. Baratow,/Feb. 1 Mar. la1 10LAND, (Jut 10 Aug. 1 750 tona, {Oct. 10 Dee. 1 8. Bartleu, f Feb. 10 April 1 TFORD, I July 1 Aug. 10 MO tooa, ' Nov. 1 Dee. It J.Rathbona.1 March 1 April If 'N1EZUMA, .July 10 Sept. 1 1000 tona, .Nov. 10 Jan. I A. B. Low bar, <Marcb 10 May I ROPE, i Aug. 1 Hope ? 010 tona. 1, Dec. 1 Jan. If E. O. Furber, i April 1 May 10 W YORK, (new) I Aug. IS Oct. 1 94# tona. Dee. 10 Feb. 1 T. B. Cropper,i April 10 Jane I LUM3U8, Sept. I Oct 10 TOO tona. Jan. 1 Feb. 10 O. A. Cole, May 1 June 10 RK8HiRE,(new) Sept. 10 Nov. 1 1 lOtOtone, .Jan. 16 Mar. I I). U. Bailey, May 16 July I 1 hipe are not auri>aeaed in point of eleganec or cnirf >rt I ibin accommodations, or in their fact aailing Qua ilea aaels in the trade. mmar.dera are wall known aa men of character and i, and the alricteat attention will alwaye be paid to h* eomlnrt and convenience ol passengers I.,.. .. ,n- .1 - - ... - i: - .. r., , j ? Ml?j , iw wic uaj ui 3diiiu|, will u? UWTTWU u ^ eeof peerage ontward it now (Wed at One Hundred i v br which ample atorea of erery deaaripuop will be | witn the eiceptinn of winee end liqaora, ^hich will rd by the atenarda, if repaired. 1 Ih captain or ownera of theee ahip* will reaj?OBty lectera, parcela. or packagea aent by them oiileae . la of lading are aigned therefor. F'orlre'ght or paa- , V GOODHUE k CO. *4 Sooth at. ^ ? 1 H. MARSHALL.!! Bnrlinatlto. N. T. | m ; /bd of ItAKINO. BKOTHRBH Ik CO.. l.V?ol TAI'SMvOTT'S VNERAL EMIGRANT PAHHAGE OFFICE. ( . -Ml M. 4&: ^ ATUU OEMENTB FOIl 1A44. bssrib+n bef w cn\\ *tU*ntioii of thoir flfcfad* and * ic a*n*r*l|> vo ihrir ioptrior arninfrmocti lot bflftjrina C *7**7* am1* as* roitoitting money to all Wis of a tetur ,a^24*"<' ?< w*"* . - ? 1 .. HEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETB, , rt-r oiT*irwCRMPR,B,NO I EttS %Jff5,Nn9LT"t WEST. 1150 toaa [ THE OARJUCK. I0(#5r? *"* v the HorrjNoXjElKSSfl ? . p cpifeor.s.C i THE BIOOON8, 1000 ton,""* ? . ^rp'ih j how who*. Parnate maybejpg.eed w'lttT?^^^ 1 no oat ia,aad it la a well *?>wu fact die?! .71172 ' are the moat m*(uifieeut ahipa afloat and the? D*m"| t Mil.ua, I being erery fire day.) prevenu uS &&VZ " ngera being anneceaanrily detaiued at Lirrrpool ' u J a i of eipeane, ia order te meet the wanu of the pnb.7 , -wirhea oI their Irieada, Mr. Wm. Tappacott, oae of i& , |? bine to Lirerpool to aaperinfenil the departure for th>a ' 1 peraoua whoae paaaage rr.ay be engaged with * * feet, which to thoee aeon ringed with Mr. W. 11J..J .'gnerenten that they will receire ererv at tea ! m ^olekly and eomlortably dee patched. i ram Pel* ^ie_' 'dee 11 ne c o in i n gihe pa..age money f w,tho? ??r induction?aa aanaf. Li lian? tor any rf,n,t 'n" e?? be tupplied with , aa.gnt. lor aBraaoact, payable free of d.econat er any 1 3 $,Er*Tnoeip*1 >? KMland. Ireland. ? Plit oyuiuw.jm^ ,t0 * V7. J. rTrXPlJCOTT. 41 Peck alip, ? i ???*moTT,u,?Sa."""'- \ ENE > <?tn?t from Jrnnvoo-Prepiurii'.Iani for E?ttl? ?Important Iiilrill^iic*. W- have rfi-eivtd St. L/?ui* pipera to 20lii inat. nclusivr giving the following additional Irotn Nauoo and vicinity. We ahull u >w daily ex;<ect to leaf of blooa.-hed :? |Frora St Louis P,ipern of Juue IS, lit, ari! .'0 ' Mnrtui Uw wit* pr*vlaimcd hi Nauvoo . / tlie ?ity Council, on Usi jruudrtv, nnd uu pnkuaa ' (idd-n to leave the c.ty. Tut Nauvoo Leg.oa ,ept ready lor instant action. Joe hinitli La* tailed a proclainnion 111 justiiicuiion of hue u?, nil Jec:?i tug lnai'-.-li ready to answer tor lit* couluct before any of tile Courts in Illinois. rKOCLAMATiaS. Mayor's Orrica, Nauvoo, Juue IS, 1S44?As theic are number of ?ta cmeuu in circulation which have for timr ot j' ct the injury of the Latter da) Saints," all of .bich* u falsi. and prompted by blscklieartt-d villains: therefore deem it my duty to disabuse the public luiud j rug ird to them, and to give * plain statement ot lact* i Lien have taken place m the city wilhiu a tew uaj a past, lid which haa brought upon u. theUiapleai>ureot theuunucipled aud umi fnoieu. and set-in* to aiford an opporunity to our eiiennea, to unite and arouae theai.eive. to lob; and already the) have commenced their heiii n op?. atio.ia b) driving a lew defuuceUs* Mormons from Iheir ouaoa and norns* in the vicmiiy of Waraaw and Carth 8? A rhort time fines a pre** waa started in thiacity which ,a 1 for its object the destruction ol the institutions ot tne it), both civil and religious : it* propnetora are a nut of luprincipled scoundrels, who attempted in every pnaaibie i ay to defame the character of the most virtuoua ot our oinmunity, and change our peacelul aud proaperoua city mo a place aa evil aud polluted aa their own tdack hearta. Po rid thn city ol a paper ao filthy and pestilential ar hia, become the duty ot every good citizen, who lovea o jd order and morality. A complaint waa made before he City Couucil, aud alter a lull aud impartial iuvestigaion, it waa voted, without one dissenting voice, a public ; luiaance, and to be immediately destroyed , the peace _ ,nd happine.a of the place demauded it?the virtue of >ur wives aud daughter* demanded, hud our consciences lemauded it at onr hand* a a conservator* of the public mace. That we acted right in this mutt, r, we have the insurance ot onoot the aiilest expounders of the laws of England, viz : blackstone, the couatnutiou ot the State n n Illinois, and our own chartered rights If, then, our iharter gives u* the power t* decide what .hail he a " luiaance, aud cause it to be removed, where is the oi- A encel What law is violated? If, then, uo law haa been iiolated, why this ridiculous excitement and bandying villi lawless rulflan* to destroy the happiness ol a people a vhose religious motto is "peace and good will toward all nen?" ,, Our city is infested with a set of blacklegs, counterfeit- " ir? and debauchees, and that the proprietor* ot thu press p vera of that class, the minutes of the Municipal Court iilly testily ,aud in ridding our young and ilounshing city " if such characters, we are abused hy not only villainous lumagogues, but by some who from their stations and inluence in society, ought rather to raise than to press the oi tandard of human excellence. We have no disturbance 0 >r excitement among us, save what is made by the thou- (| laud and one idle rumors afloat in the country. Every l( ine is protected in his person and property, and but few -j :ities of a population of twenty thousand people, in the w United States, hath less of dissipation or vice of any kind, ban the city of Nauvoo. 0 Ot the correctness of our conduct in this affair, we ap- t( >eal to every high court in the State, and to its ordeal, wo 0 ire willing to appear at any time tuat His Excellency <>o- j rernor Kord shall please to call us bsfore it. I therefore, c u behnif of the Municipal Court of Nauvoo, warn the a awless,not to be precipitate in any inteiference in our al- b airs, for as sure as there is a tiod in Israel, we shall ride j xiumphant over all oppression. j. JOSEPH SMITH, Mayor. JJ Several Mormons arrived here (St. Louis) yes- a :erdny lrom Nauvoo; Sidney Rigdon, the Pro- tl ihet'e principal adviser, |was of the number. He " is on his way to Pittsburgh, in the vicinity of which V tie lias been ordered to reside, in pursuance ot one ~ if Jo Smith's convenient revelations. J The latest news we have about the. movements c if the Mormons merely confirms what has appear- 1 ?d here before At Warsaw, the citizens ot the tl county are ordered to assemble at their vurious b ptacesof rendezvous, to-day [19th] by the officer 1 lrom whom Smith was rescued, and there to re- * ceive general oiders to co-operate as a pottc to aid 8 in arresting Smith. Citizens ot the adjoining State, ,, Territory, and counties, who feel interested in ? briueiue Smith to justice, are called unon to act r with the pout comittUui, without violating any t law. ? The Maria brought up 581 passengers, 486 of whom are German and Eug tah emigrant*. In the crowd there were about OJ .Hormone, on their way ,v> N nvou. The steamer Die Vernon left last evening, [I8th] taking with her stvtidl pieces ol ordnance lot Warsaw. We learn that at Warsaw on the 16. h inst. there was a m later ol volunteers, tun) tout they turned oat one lio'.Jrci! and tit'y < ien,armed and equipped lor the war. Great excitement is sa.il to pievaii in id" aoir.ii;' of Warsaw, whtcu aeetne to be on ine increase e\e,y ,iay. To-iiiorro v is i..e davsci lor a genera! rcndr.r.vc'tf of tl.~ I'm re u who sr.: ' ,'.id in the nrr-otiug of Joe Situ n, aim ut?n-" the Executive in'ciltrca in the matter we are a!;*id it "Vol not en.l without bloodshed. It a- iiiia llin* i..e Mun.cipauty . f the Saintiy Ci y ptiMcd three entire days in discUMi: g tn- fai" ot the i'atco Pre.rs (the Expositor) At length, at thci?,se rf the ihi d Jay, the lollowing roiolut. 'n ...,..i* ed by a unanimous vote?with a single exception. That was ol one W&rnugtou, w'io proposed giving a tew daya respite, assessing a tine ol #3000 !oi every libel, and it the press would not ceu.Mp.ioiithing libeie, to declare it a nuisance, lie said ibe si aitites made provision lot a fine ol $500. WosUOjoin the resolution:? Resolved, by the City Council of the City of Nauvoo that the printing office from whence inuei the " Nauvuo f.xpo .itor," ii a public nuiiancu, and alio ullofthe laid Nauvoo Expositor*. which may be or exist In said e?t* ihihment, aud tin Mayor lainitructed to cauie laid printnig eitab'.ntimeut aud papieri to ha removed without desy. in iuch manner ai ha ihall direct. Pa?sed June 10th. U44. The. following order was immediately issued by the Mayor:? State or Illinois, Citt or Naotoo. To the Marihal ol laid City, greeting? You are hereby commanded to deitroy the printing [trail from whence inuei the " Nauveo Expoiltor," and pi the type of tho mill printing eitahliihrnent in tha it reel, tud b irn all the Expositors and liheiloui handhilli totind n laid eetabliahment, and if resistance he offered to yout execution of this order by the owner* orotheti demolilh the home, and if any one threaten* you, ortha Mayor, or 'he officers of thecity. arrt-st theae who threaten you, and t in -.,t to execute tbli order without delay, aud make due return ha. ~,n. ' By order of the City Council. ? . ? JOSEPH SMITH. Mayor Marshall return?'The within named press and type it destroyed and piod according t* order, on tnii toth day ol Juno, 1844, at about o'clock, P. M. J. P. GREEN, C. M. HC1D MUttTtll. N?t'ton Lcaioit, Jutie 10, 1841. 1 To Jonatb?n I'uuham, acting Major Oeueral of the Nauvco l.rgiwn . j Yon iiot ?ti? commanded to hold the Nau too Legion ' in roadi . ? lornwith to aaecuta the city ordinancoi, and rtpfci.ll* to remote the printing eatabliahment of the Nau too Kspoaitor. and thio you are required to do at light, ' under the peualtjr of the law* ; provided the Marihal ahull re<|uiro It, and need your (ervicea. josF.ru smith, ; Lieut. Oenaral Nauvoo Legion. Oo Sunday evening, a meeting was held in Nau a voo, at winch were appointed Delegates to go to the ' ieveraljrectncu in the county?three delegates to I tach ol the nine precincts?to lay before the people * i true statement of the facts of the destruction ol 'h :he Frees. t] On the 17th, a manifesto, signed by sixteen of ? lie brethren was out forth, declaring, that Hiram t; Smith did not make any threats, nor offer any re k ,vard against the Warsaw Signal or its editor in U le City Council. ? Awrtrr, Explosion on Boaed tee Steamboat J ?bn. Vance?Lives Lost.?On the 25th inst , the [' iteamboat Gen Vance, Capt. Woodworth, burst i isr boiler at the wharf on the Canada (ids, and Ova paron*, Including < ?en Truax, ara known to have loat their . ivea The Vance wm owned by Capt. Woodworth ? J i>t. tt . wm muni hiuw in conversation witn inn (in- . ;ineer. who waa severely, bnt not dangerously wounded J t"he Detroit Advertiser says that Mr. Motherwell, the en |J ;innnr of the stenm ferry-boat United, who had juat step- . ml en hoard the Vance, waa among the killed, aa aho a [ * nan named Oeorge Sweeny, of Canada Weat. lormerly j1 mployed on board the British steamer Kent. Oen.Truaz raa wounded in the head by fragment and died of his .. rounds. The two flremen were severely wounded.? 'he engineer of the boat, who is represented aa both a arefhl and able officer, was, a* the time of the accident, .'J ti conversation with the Captain, remonstrating with him . >r not hsviag given warning of his intention to stop at T Vindsor.affiK requesting him to make hut a short stay, as lie steam V* well up Upon leaving the wharf at De- ^ roit tbo steam was lory, nnd at the time el the i cciJent , ho satety valve was up Oen Trna.v died of his wound, time short time after trie explosion. The Vaaoe had been . itted up with great taste and neatness, and she and her * nmmandi.r were highly popular.?buffalo Oazelte of ' hew 07. ' n< From Matanzav?The Lyg<? un, Hamilton, from *? " vinaas, 17th iast., arrived at Philadelphia Friday eve. "?g, being g lew days later thin former ailvioei. In , r*'(f"tkthrri wan no im.-revomerit Two or three vns A w is were t.,?Ung for European ports, at fi.rmer rates. ." wa-kut wellntncaed with Amcncan produce. w w?* ANr> k?B8 0,1 ^ipi ""The dwelling hotter >t -Villiam P. rhunruo, Flening Cayuga county, was th lestroyed by Are on the -4;h ins.ant, and his soa, to Kaphas, aged 17 years,psrishad la the lianas. ss W YO jew york, sunday m< the"couri J2 . - ,.1.1' ii h e&l fi i? ! f rial of Polly Bodlne, for tbc Murder of | nig ber Slster-ln-law, Kmellne Iluuiscmuii. I 1 u ? iro Saturday?Sixth L)ay. : tht Before the Court of Oyer and Terminer, at R ich- j ll,t mnd Court House, Staten Island, consisting of j ^ | ?e Hon Aniasa J Parker, Circuit Judge; Hon. h<.Ibert Ward, First Judge ot Richmond County, ^ nd Associate-JudgeB Cortelyou, Littell.Crocheroa pi nd Clawson. For prosecution, District-Attorney Clark, James w) L. Whiting, Eat;., and Couinussioner Phelps. I *' 'or defence, David Okaham, Roderick N. iMok- ' W( iso.n and Clinton Dk Witt, Esqs. I c? testimony for defence. j "g At the opening ot the Court, Mrs. Van Name, one | tin I the witnesses tor defence, who was on tnu stand i lm n Friday evening, wnen she panned through with j wu te searching cross-examination ot the Ciniuct Ac | ch irney, was recalled b> defence, hut had not armed.? i tin 'he Court suggested th? calling ot another witness, clc hen the HUMuuon called pn Usohuc Hol'slmsn, brother of the aacused, and husband tin r deceased, who was sworn.?1 had $ISuO 111 moaey be- an ire 1 went to Virginia, that 1 had ruceived lor the (ale ho< t a vessel ; it w?i part in specie and part in bills ; utter received u, 1 look it back to New Yeiktoget the bills VV banged into stiver. 1 brought it back to my mother be houi three days before I leil for Virginia ; about a month tin elorc I sailed, 1 took it up the tirst time to get it changed. ni| 'he tirst time 1 lell the money at my motner's, it was all sh l bills o! $100. My mother took it up stairs and put it in t her chest. The last timu I lelt it, ufier 1 had taken it lei way to change, thure was $dOOin specieand $000 in hills; all Se accused wus present, and her iluughier ; the specie pn fas all in quarter dollars ; 1 laid it down in the cnair; ml ae accused said it was a pretty laige hag ; my mothei sti ame in soon alter, and 1 gave it to her ; the hills were in p? lOO notes, and wetu placed in a piece of paper, which I an iso gave nor ; I gave them to her openly ; rny mother sp ame iu in about til'.een minutes and loon it up stairs , bt had the $100, and uhout $700 beside, witn me, in specie , hi j ._ ?, ..t ... ? -ll u,,.,,,!.,, Ill* 1 UBCUiU |.un<uoai; ?| ojavois, " wu?.? ox that 1 saw licit) wu? usually kept in the lower pail ol sa he bureau druw [the remnants ol this bureau drawer tit vera here shown to witness, who identified it] ; the box unera.ly set at the end ol tae bureau drawer, w here its Y 11 ark appears to hare been left, an though it sat there dur- tv ng the fire [the box waa here introduced, and louud to hi uatch the murk on the drawer]; Iroin the looks ol the w loll ol the lock ol this drawer it doe* not appear to have tt iven spiung that night ; I generally kept my money at b; uy moiucr'e ( 1 usually fen my wile irom $.10 to i>io v. neu went twi.) ; iny wile auu the uccuseil weie alway s p; rieiidly ; she oUeuliines bought things loi lies child ; s luce she gave her a pair ol shoos, 1 was hot present w vhen my child was boru. m UKrxscr hare ottered to prove that the deceased was tl lelivered of her child by tne ar.cuned before the physinan arrived, and that tne deceased subsequently express-d her gratitude auu alfecutm lor the accused lor her sernces on that ocu.uiou. . 'i'no faotacurieN objected, and the Court overruled tha u luestion as to this trausactiou, but allowed it to be tinker u pinaraily. WiTa#..u?The ac '.used was ou perfectly friendly terms rj vith my wife <u all times, the window suuttei uiungsuh v, he Tied m the kitchen was dsually kept shut, ax ihu clasp vas nrokei my lather is in the name of receiving Itoui v >l3t)0 to $13Ub a year Irom All. Sands, to whom he sol.i p, lis place; 1 hral ntaul of suspicion against my sister, t i? .ccusir", while at tli? luncral ol my wile; 1 do r?ot It^o w ? uat Sue had tneit heard oi It. I,, iron txamintd Ay IVmri.so for prosecution ?I do noi ,y mow wr.uii ?a? iuji u>i.i cominuim 4imi inu nn/c im u gainst 11iii accused; it whs a clay or mo Leiure 1 <>tf r*.j I reward, the pcikon wno told nm said ho heard Mr. V. t. . r>? elt, the father ul rr.y nile, >ay that he b< li> v< il the uc- | v? :U.<ed had murdered my wife; the woodcu box always u vas put here in* the h dtom 01 Ihu drawer, near where 'In in nark is; I law this bus a few day* before I ieltlor V'ir ( [tula; it contained papers valued at lroui $10 COO to in ill 000; the pa;<era that were in tne box were nut ainuaed, i. received firlOO l?r my vessel about six we. kt tan ore i .j eft; I received it on u check on the North River Bank, lelt $1000 in $100 notea with my wile lor several <lay ? In ilterwarda and about $100 huaidea ; it wu put in thia box vhlle it wan tlieie ; I have never aaid that when I gave hia money to my mother I told her to keep it a secret ; I * lever aaid I thought she knew enough to keep it a I. crot ; in thought she knew how to keep it safe and take care ul m t; I saw the money about a week alter I returned home . I t was then up in the garret in a cheat; my mnthel had ci dianged it out ot the blue cheat; candles were burned in or ny house ; I have not sold my house an I lot to anybody , jl took thin drawer out of '.he bureau yesterday . I don'i n tnow that I ever taw my money while it was in the blue m i heat. ta Mra. Van Name, aister of the accuaed, recalled?Tin ji tote In the room in my father's huuae, opposite to which vat when I aaw Gmeline oniBunday morning, aeta awe- ti al leet back from the fire place ; it threw aut a great denl ai >1 heat; 1 sat wiih my feet on the hearth ; the hearth i? h iver a foot wide. o <4-Did you hear any noiaea oracreama at the houaa of ?i leceaaed on the Saturday night before Chriatmaa? I The prosecution objected, aa it wa< new matter, and tl \ot admissable under the cross-examination ot testimony tl called out by proaecution, but the Court admitted the e juas ion. h A?1 don't remember of hearing any noise or scream ti that night; I went to bed between 8 and 0 o'clock that it night | I don't sleep very sound at no time. v Crott rxamintd hy Prntrriuitn ?it was my ill health a hat prevented me from sleeping sound ; I had tak?n me ii Home that day. Maav IIocskmaiv, the mother of accused, called and tl worn?My son George brought to my house at one time c >1000 in bills and then $100 more,sometime belore he went il o Virginia ; he took it way afterwards to get it changed ; is then kept it homo for several davi: thn accused was n >rearny-n i a'so her di u (liter,when he brought the money >ack ; tne accused asm she tnought he oii|}ht to put the h noney in hank, alio that he ought to bring it in 8 wheel <h i.irrow ; thil last remark wa? aai<l in jest ; I put tbia nonay in the cheat; I can't tell how much I had la it my tr elf ; Mrs. Van Name hud in the cheat ; George ? o ilway* indite habit of leaving hi* money with me ; hi* hi vife did not wiah him to leave it with her; tin* fart was I [enorally known in the family ; I wui in the habit ol o' :eeping my money m thia cheat ; I don't think lr t waa aver without money in it : myself and |b iu*band alept in that room and alao the accused ; it he cheat waa aometimaa locked and aomntimea a' Oi; the key win aomeiime* on the mantel piece and aomeiine.a in -my belt; there waa ao particular care nhout *r eeping the key of thla eheat; the aceuied had been to ni tii* cheat after money far heraelf frequently; the accused nc ad the full charge and management of my houae , I al to raya gave her plenty of money for her personal want*; have made her preaenta of money; I never rriascd any vi om that cheat; ahe put her things up on Friday al- cc irnoon, at waa usual every two wm ka, to go to New ork ; ahe had them in a basket ; I opened it and put up couple of pie* for her ion,and law his shirts and collars te was going up on Saturday morning and had changed kr >me of her clothes for that purpose , I asked her if she id not think It would storm that day? she said she thought th would, and titerelore ahe did|nol go ; ahe had done her aturdAy'a work aa usual on the day previous . sho a'aided to her business hi usual on Saturday ; aha waa vrry tic md of children ; ahe waa us cheerful ns uatial on thnt iturday; I noticed no appearances ol tinnsnal anxiety on intday; she slept with Kmcline that night ; alio asked Irs Van Name if ahe wouldn't go und sleep with Kmeline lit night ; Mr*. Van Name and the was unwell, and it a* through tha advice of myself that she did not go ; ie accused returned to our house about aunriae on Hun Iht ly morning ; ahe knocked, and I got up and opened the ha >or ; we get up very earlyi thia was nhout her usual *bi ma of coming back to our house ; I got up and let her sir i; she immediately commenced making a Are in the co ovens usual; ahe hal on the same dress that morning wi iut aha hn l the night before ; she did nor bring any thing r"' ith her that I anw; I observed nothi unusual in the tin ipearance of her dreaa that day; I pci .ved nothing difrent ill har perianal appearance during that day ; she did in it appear sleepy or droway that day; nor nuo did not th? ihibit any anxiety in looking out ol the window du 1 tig tho day; after tea on Sunday afternoon the accused th' out over to aee Kmelini. ahe put her shawl on her wli tad and laid ahe would go over to her lodgings to norgu'i; she was gone scant three minutes when she re- sto rned and said she tried the door and looked in at tho I irdow.and not aeeing any Imdy, ahe prswumed that Km ete Inewaaout; she rose from her chair, ami taking her poi awl. said ska bad better go niter her, but we considered at when the came back ahe would come over and there the re It was not worth while. I always ahut up tha hottaa pri yaaif; tha ae?used ilapt la tha aama room with ua that got HE ? [)1umng. june 30. 184 r""house L lljggg, ^ ^, ISLAN D. [lit; the accused anil Mm Van Namu wan in bed wher runt to bed; I di 1 not observe winch one slepi on Hit nt ol the bed; I do not think the could have got nj it night and went down stairs w ithout iny knowing it i accused gut up fliat on Monday morning; I went ultel r in ulmut hren or tour iniutlle*; the wax sweeping lien I ivcntilunu unit prepared bleak lust; the dresaei rsell in a truck ol black bombazine; accused wax not ab it on Sunday at any one time except tor a lew moment* .Monday morning a boy came to our hoU?e and usket Kinelitiu was there; lie said lie had heen there, uin ocked, iiml coui I not get in; I told hirn to go back urn agum, ax I thouglit she niigut lie asleep, ax thn chili ui croxx aonit liinex at night; tie went back; the acr.tuei -nt away in the I'ort hichui iud xtago that morning; 1 no< see heron Monday night the night ol the tire, ix ihere my sell; I heaiil no noises fi-um the houxe of de axed on Saturday night belore the hie; 1 saw no piece cloth or carpet niaiked with hlood; I believe the carpe now in Ueorgo's woodhouse; the accuxed o.ten guv child of d.Ceased little presents;! wax p-eienl at tie tn of the child; Dr. Kkdie wax called in, but the cl.ij ix horu before lie got there; the accuxed received Ih lid; she xlept at my house on Tuesday nigi.t ufter in e; I never saw any indications of blood ou any of th thing ol deceased; I did not know that the accuxed wu gnant until the sheriff came and told me; I undeixtooi it Mr. Vim Pelt had rumored round that xhu wax guilty il it made her havo very bad feelings, us it would aui dy. 1 his witness was closely cross-examined by Mr iiitinu, lor the prosecution, on every movement o raeli and accused, and almost every word and though it hud passed uuder her observation between Satunlaj jht and the following week Among other quuttioui o answered ui lollows ;?The reason why we all tlep one room was because the room was comturtubie, am idmg Irom the room below wheie there was o lire ; wi in liked to hnvo our daughter with us as we urn oli ople [during this long and tedious cross-examination, i an wu ked up one of the passages leading to the bar, am Tping up to one of tho jurors, a?ked a (;uestion, ap tned coin used, and instantly hurriud himself burl aoiig Iho audience Judge I'uiker utkeJ it he had beet caking to oue ol the jurors. Thu mau said he had not it upon enquiry, onu ol the jurors said that he bad askvi m t ) move, doing on the bunch, so that he could take i at iilougside ol him. The genius then u;>ologr/.ed. am id he bid nut know it wax tha jury, or he w ould no iso taken the liberty. He was then ulloweil to depart.] Witwxss.? I gavo her utxiut >4 when xlio went to Nov ork on Monday; 1 gave her money generally onca i so weeks ; sometimes nioio, some tunes less ; I ma ivu given bur fi7 or sometimes, when I thought sh anted something partieuiar; xlie clothed her own dai.gl r, her sou and nersell ; the clothes of deceased hei hui jr.d has since given to her sister. It w.ll be perceived that in this cross examination tli rosecution avoided uny inquiry us to the de|>c>HitM of tli ICbo alleged to hivebefeii piaced in the hands of th itness tiy the husband of deceased, winch is gem rail upposid to have formed tlio intent tor the cnmnission i Jim MtlldtlS. The Court then took a recess lor dinner. AfTE-HNOO!* r?s:smor>. Mr*. Mirv IIwitHiH it-called by delence?The c lined was in the practice ot taking Urge bliU ol moiie i New York to get changed ; 1 have otten lelt her ome in churgo ul the houso when I went out. iiy PbosacltiOw.? 1 have given hei a J>10tl bill to g nangei , 1 think 1 received it from Mr. David sands, u ?ark Mr. De Witt, for defence, stated that in hi* opetnit eaterday he ha I alleged that the suspicious of .Mr. V? rlt. the father of dctnamd had linen created from u vis _ hud ini'jt; to a lorlunu toiler in New York He ro? > said to do an art el justice, and having heen iuluriu< i Mr. Vail I'eit that such was not tin- caso, he desued ^ state to the Court, hut akid be should mhti Uta rig I introduce testimony U? prove I*, il |>o*?it>le. Math.ua Hooks, a girlol ?b >ut 14, rei ailed, havin )<n sworn by |iioaecmion I live on a cross road in try f i from Urn house ot ds-Ceased ; I was looking out ir attic window on Sunday morning; I went up mi e garret to seethe piopla go to ccuicn, between tf an l o'clock , f.'Arn inw my aunt Emclir-t llouslmuu cant g lamr wand into Iter own lio'ise , she was near the woe Jllkt' Ultlill 1 Hlft'A' (l):i IUX WIIU hue WU/U m UG4 (11 111* p iA' her go towaids the stoop <i What made >ou believe it was your Aunt Em ri? 1 A. - By her walk ; I didn't sen her face; her ilreia u, ?ared to he dark ; she had on a light calico honnet, sue one as she had olieo worn ; the usually walked laat at nl a way of twinging her arm* ; the l ad the woe i one arm ; I mentioned my seeing her to some one alti went lowu stain; I otteu viaited the deceased ; the a ised and her weie generally talking together ; they ti ays appeared Iriendly ; the accused wan very fond i? child ol deceased ; I was examined balore the Cor Rr's jury on Wednesday ; thia was before I had heat ny rumors relative to accused being suspected. [dl Mifi.dtothe same (act as above twtoie the t oronet rj-J Crnii rxaminrd hy Whitiiso for pioi'cuttnn ? I hat Iked with Mr f'lark about this ; Mrs. Elizabeth 8mi iked me when was the la?t 1 saw the deceased , I to er that I saw heron Sunday ; I think I isw all her tan: n Sunday most down to her feet ; a hoard or fence o [ructed that ; 1 waa at the window nearly half an hout wt>Dt over to my grandmother's on Sunday eAeruooc le deceased, my Aunt Emeline, was much taller th.i to accused, my Aunt Polly ; I could have told the difle nee between the deceased and accused, if the accuse ad had the hoin.et of deceased on, as the deceased wi illcr than the accused ; I sat at the window half an horn : was cold weather ; I had a shawl on. and. therefore, ras not cold ; I lived wi'h my lather and mother; I <11 iOt see the accused on Monday ; our house is 260 yard rom the house of accused where I saw her. The defence here ofl'-red to show that the witness tc ifled before the Coroner's Jury, (beforo suspicion wi re .ted against the accused ) substantially the same as I je point of seeing deceased on Suuday morning. The prosecution objected, and the Couit over-ruled th roposi ion. WiT.vrss-On Saturday before the fire there was i,..Lgi ,if i.ninns und a iiumnkiii ucder thu bed t i-ceased Croa rxtminrd by jiroierution?They were put unde le lied lor tear tliey would freeze. Mm Kevins Hun. in called and iworn.?I wag ot th re on Christmas night I live uearly opposite the house went to bed on Saturday evening, between 10 and I clock. I haard no scream* nor noise that night cominf om the direction of tho house of deceased I have seei lis wooden box before ; I think old Mrs Houseman gavi to me on the night of the fire , 1 took it to her hoiui id gave it to Mrs. Van Name. rxamin*d ty proifution.? She al'O gave me som* nail glass birds la carry over I had gloves on tha< ght. 1 cannot say whether the bos wai warm or not ir whether it was hisrked ; I do not know where slu ok it from whi n she gave it to me. Mrs. fhssoxsox called and sworn ?1 resi le at flronite Huge; I was not present at the birth af the child of dees* d. Q - What is your nam*, Mrs. Simonson? A?Kliaabeth Simonson. D? Witt?We r illed Mrs Mary Simonson?this lady lows nothing al>out it. District Attorney Ci.saa?Mrs. Simonson, were you at b fur that night? !) . Witt- We ohject, a* the witness is dismissed hy us Disrsicr Attohsct?I shall insist upon cross exsmiin. t 'or sT ? Go on?go on. WiT*?rs*?1 was there. if Did you see any slothing that had blood on it) A?No sir District At roaxr.t- Thai'II do The Dtr km r then stated that they had intended to call ?elder Mr. Houseman as the next witness, but they d neon informed that he was not [ifuaent, but had been sunt all dsy, owing to sickness They therefore de ed sn adjournment until Monday when they would ncln In their testimony. They had but seven or eighl ineei.es morn to exsmina, when they should rest their se to hesr tho rebutting evidence of prosecution, il ?V had any to olT-r. The Court urged the calling of such witnesses as w*>r? attendance and insisted upon that being done baforr ?y would adjourn. While this controversy was nendlng in the Court room > noise of a dog fight was heard below in the streel lich nlmcst dro vne I the argument of counsel The Court ordered the crier to proceed forthwith end p the noise. )k Witt- I hope tha noisy animels below will be qui d so that w? can hear our own wrangling on thu Int. (Daughter.) I >1r* Msrt Siwoxunx called and sworn?Iwa* present a p birth of the child of deceased ?the aecusnd was sl?r isent?I know nething to the contrary of their being or ?d tsrwi* B-gWggWgggggWSgi [ERA] t4. I Sonic g.oiiua in one corner ol the Court room I hero con uienced a nolo with hie rieeal oigeii, jjt I that toitddtd like the dial ant none m en ciOeilj hull j0 | (log when ipftng time ot ) curia coining. One ol the , uthcera immediately arouati hioi, when tbo court die- 17 ' tuihor became the gleet gezeo et until delcucr Ceiled Jacob Noah l?a Co?Ta, who we# awoin ? 1 w ea iu the I" employ ol Ahram Aooiphua, alma Uoelz, pawnbroker, ol bI> \t uuam airtet.ou bhrialiiiua laat , e goitl w rich Wa? eeul lr< (lowutoiho ollice wlitie 1 wm engaged on ihlialma* day to know now much ahuuid he loaned on it , 1 told lo tliciu to loon $40 ur jnA) ; e tew duy a et'.eiweide 1 taw en j? B lvtrUai lueui tleiCithing e w etch anniUi to the cue 11.at had b. i ll pa* tied w nil UA, Ua liav ing been lain n lit m ' he .. I hoUae tthcie Alii llouncleau end chud weie muiueico on * ' j Si ale., Ifland ; 1 in lol? cd .?>r Atielphuai Ihia tt a> on SaI tuii.ay eltrr t.uiuititaa , he told u,n inel I had beuei I | mind my own bUkiiuaa j ne aald lit It he till U tdheauay |i.i I or i huiadey , and pvrtiapa they '11 collie alter it theluac, tea [,, 1 tuld him nc ougni to g.Tc- it up at oi.Ce, emt that ht h.nl |u 1 I... i-, at. Ill 111- IV lull, a a ndlcc und aac h 111. aho lit 11 .he null il w ab noneul uij business ; 1 wtul iv .Ml. V\ hiiu.fc's ! oltlce an.I saw Mr. faillips, bwi .ill U l.iiiug was iiul I there, ui.d I did nut s.i) m.) tiling lu Ml 1'nniips aboui il, . I Uiid* isiood Ilia I AdoipliUi gave il up to lliu |<>UCt Ilia. : ' day some lime Cooi? txumuudby I'toucutiun? 1 have nevir mianellui ! Willi Adolpull. ; 1 tell lilin tike uUaQ lie would liOl UUUnCI | 111) Idll) I llMVkkiVtlikiail liu Would liU. ?11 ell.I tile- " lie) I wvUiJ injure lillu ul mis Hun i I.llll Btl.lll .CK Cdlnu ttliilkW. ill- I Jive OJIjiOlile llu 'J huu?e vl incensed aud knew Uvi ItJ) well Lij sigul , 1 ^ kdiv Jiei luki, iu ho JiOkiliVe, on daluiuu) , I k?w d wun.ui. U. lilt liVUM. Ul dtc? d?eii Oil btllicsj , kilt tdii.U O'll Oil I lit lower hum stouj. and looked i.uwn me loud, i thuUgni II Wdd Mm. nvUktludui lire diceuieo, hi tlie lime , ?liu tinned I'Oliud dU.l waiktd in ul llie liuiil uOOl , klie tl..d ? . ddlk dikkk O.I i I Inouglil ll W do II 1 , I III.' Wok UliVUt luMI *' or lire o'Ciuck mine oUcii.uuii , I inuoglu il w d< her, ' I didn't llnl.lt ol ui.j Iludy elit ul I lie line. Cion (da.'iir.eti by Biiutculuni I gave lier nitnl) u ( | slight look ; I .Idle since lidd d eoliVcl.ution ul the huU?< () Ol .illll. tidldlllHCe i ilk 11 lldk IllllltCI Oil I I lllollgi.l It W Ilk possible il w Uk not her , 1 can't k.i \ ,Uat 1 tine kuid 1 ^' ilioug.il il w dk not tile dtCeuei d ; II WJi gelling lowurds 1 IngUl at lUc lliue ; I kuid to .lir< Van ISao e a da) ul? two (( ' Idler Hie hie lual 1 thOUgnl 1 taw C.incline OH hUnuuy , she (u ' (jul kliu wuk Cendiii nut uud k. eii ner tiidl morning while u > sue wdk killing ul the window in hei lalher'i houtc oppo' ntu tlie kluie III xn.g all Hintuc , I kaw U.e noy J .in. . 1 huui|.?0n ul llie noll.e ol dt ceased OU Moudd) n.urniug , 1 1 did nut tee iho uccueed ul lliul tune, nor neui her >d) uny ' Uuog ' > id Have y ou ver hud any conversation with old Mi ' ' Van Tell, the lulhei Ol dictated ! J V.i* i'Etr?(lilting among llie audience)? If khe hut, ?, J let her loll 11 (much excitement) Jj, 1 iihtiiAM-1 hid no ideu that we were at a tow n meet- i , "'? bj loOUHt?Order ; let the otticers keep older. j' John JIihisanck culled and sworn?1 am husband ol the (n h lukl williekk, and was ut home opjiusile me hou..e ul the , * deceased on Suuday afternoon; I kaw u woman ou the , , 1 (loop ol that house; ilui wai at the door; t juat gold '' glimpse ol her; 1 knew Iho deceased; 1 thought ai llu 'J time that it waa her, as I supposed nothing had happened; I don'l thluk now It was her; 1 do not know that old Aril. '' Van Hell is my uncio. fo Cioss txamintd by Frotriution?I now believe that the ir " woman 1 saw wa( .ari Botliue, tho accused; it was about i*' live eclock in tlie aficrnoon; 1 saw no one else about thai di J huute that tbiy. $ ' My ik/irnet?I don't feel satisfied that it was Mrs. 1 House mini, and theielorc 1 think it was Mrs. llodine. ci '1 he Court then udjouinod until Monday morning at lb lli o'clock, when all the witnesses were oidered to attend ' and purlieu.arjy 11. W. Baldwin, ol this city. The Jury te wire allowed to sopaiate, and go to their special placet ol residence. m . oi [Krom th? I'rekxkill Republican J ?* Confession of Ckokob Denny, convicted ok jl i tiik Murder ok Abraham Wanzer.?" 1 am i about lb years ot ajfe; 1 was born ip l'utnum coun- t i ly. My mother died when 1 was an infant, aw 1 am ,? iniorined, insane. My laiber abandoned his w ile 1 and children a short time belore my bnth, un|>ro- it ' vuled lor and unprotected. W lien 1 urn veil to the it : age ol eight years, lie returned and look with him " 1 my sister uiul myself to the State ol Michigan, cl , where we remained about one year, during which Jt t time lie was convicted und sentenced to prison toi " two years, tor roobiug a store, lie made his es ,, v cape by digging under the wa Is, and relumed to ? " las buttering children u y Within a lew days he was retaken and imprison- , u ed. My sister, about fourteen, and myself, about n J. eight years ol age, without iriends or necesoury means, alter many hardships returneu to my grunu- " o lather's hi ilia county. Tliat sister from my in v ia luncy up to this inonieiit has been my waruiesi, and ( i* I can uhnost say, my only Irieinl. She li.tsolien , > given mc good auvicc, and it is my earnest pruyei u' uiai she may yet be rewardtd. nercl would say . to parents, and to all who have the charge ol chn- < dreo, cutuvate in them haunsol industry and bo- ' uesiy, as I have evety reason to believe it my num. nad been turned into the proper channel during in> ^ lntancy, J should riot be where I am. Tw o or three years alter our return from Michiut gau, my lamer vibiied us und remained aooul out ot iiiun h. II smiud seemed ta have undergone as t. change since we had last seen hull lie iiubllshei. '8 a pamphlet lou drd on the book ol hevolutions, a. "? I U'liirii lie ret.resented lnniseli hn leMiin I til lei i 11 recollect ol ill* saying lo gl uudlaiher one da) , lllut !j iinlliio was tlie ,'Itlliiard iauti?liiat lit Should ua ? neJiiuie all die pi opie there, and uniting (linn lln ( n i^uecli <*t bogiulid. i sit pped U|> and lolil liilll lit i * as a liatiiurti tool. He uecuiue very much < K ragedpind pursued llieoui ul tlie meadow, Liut Jg I > ' nUi t/| ilia reach. 1 lie lust enquiry lieniude ut lot Jl ?as, 'ceorge, are yuu 111 euougn iu handle tin 1 '' Word." He leil, una we have nui lieuid Hum iiiin tJ ' ? oluce\ i ><: During tlie lime I lived with my grandfather 1 i I hid an opportunity to attend school. hut having tin privilege of doing as I pleased, I seldom attended? e my attendance at church cuine under the ahovi rule. My grandmother indulged me iri every evi. f' ? habit, and mv education iri consequence is verj J hmiied. 1 can make out to read hy spelling sonn j m' <d l?? words, but cannot write. When 1 pilfered a t money liom my grandfather, whicli wa? not nno r- ?ual, I whs sure to find protection by appealing It " ihe grandmother '' 01 With thebovsof the neighborhood I bore the appelintion of " the cunning little thief," and man) , timet, hav I been reproached and called a fool b\ > some ol my relatives for acknowledging my theli.- , which wit*, usually the case it 1 w?s accused. Wid > re Ihe exception ol s tflie Irdles, alid Ihe money I lot Ifrom grandfather and Mr Wanzer's key, the fir^ I'1 I ever s'tole wrts #-4 75, from Andrew Miller't i) trunk, which I opened with Mr Wiuizt-r's key. V '" . 1 % ...... ?wllit lli. ft In arn.tlit.r it * 111 I uin, ,! compelled to leave mv grandfather's for fear of ai arrest, when f found my way to Shenandoah in tin r wwnof Fichkill. i?l I remained there for the better part ot a year. '* sleeping in the ham?, wn#(l?, and coal cabins ot / the neighborhood. until I wan arrested, in connec { lion with Richard Lalorce, for stealing honev, am ' [' confined in Ponghkerpsie gaol. In justice to Rich- , ard Laforce I will take the first opjairtuni'V to Ma?e ,, that he told the truth in his testimony, anil tliat lie j, it wjd not concerned with nie hi taking tlie honey 0 After tny discharge from Pouglikerpnr gaol I re- o turned to Shenandoah. > f On Monday morning, the ninth dayof October, ' 1843, I took Mr Knapp's gun,dog, and ainiiiunitioii, '' " with five or six balls from the same niouid pro duced on my trial, winch 1 had b?fore secured ,'J! r and went into the woods with the intention ol shooting partridges When I lelt Mr. Kriapp's I did ,, p not think of Mr. Wanzer, nor iud any intention r? of going there. I strolled through the woods on 1 that day until 1 reached the Cold Spring Tarn 'r 5 uike, passing Henry Concklin's on my way down, \ but they did not observe me. I shot at the stump 01 , I showed Kso. Davenport, with both barrels ot my w gun on M onday. I followed the turnpike until I | ,, ? reached I liog. lay cox a. I went to benjamin hir n, t man's barn, a little alter dark, nnd slept there till, ni as I should judge, about eleven o'clock at night ? 1 There was something laying heavily on my mind. I wanted to do something, I could not tell what I alrnotit unconsciously left (he ham, took l!ie road leading 10 Isaac Juycox's, and thence the road It lead.ng to Mr. Waaler's. I went to his door and ih made a noise, took hold of the string and ramed hi the latch. Mrs. Wanxer asked who was there! ] answered a friend. She enquired what a Iriend wanted that lime of night! I answered to stay ali r night. I walked away from the door and laid my hat under a (>each tree about two rods distant. 1 stood there about five minutes with my gun cocked and pointed towardstlie door intending to shoot him i a., he opened it. He did not make hie appearance and mi I retired to his burn and slept there nil sunrise ih next morning,when I went into the bushes and con- r' 1 tinned firing my gun at intervals in the neighbor m' hood of his house all the day on Tuesday ; once I "" shot at Mr Warner's fowls Me was at wo'k in j l his garden and buckwheat field the most of the Jj dav. . m At onetime 1 lay within thirty yards of him. m> "> l gun pointed townrdj him, and said to myself "now ' ' 7 will pop him over to-night " The family all went away at one lime, and i took a circuitous route, : thinking to go hi the house, hut on reflection, tlir thought occurred to rne, that they might return and kfind me there. As soon as it was d;irk I went to n his barn and thence to his dirt cellar. The little .l( I Hog went away while at the barn,and I whistled low ?r for liiin two or three linn s. 1 pounded on the dirt v cellar and then stood with my gun ready, tlunkiug 1 he would come out. T 1 lie did not come around the corner of the house, ' ( but went in again immediately. I then went, in , front of the house,took i ft'my hat and laid i< under th? same peach treawhere 1 laid it the night before. " ?SB?IBS' _ -SB? LD. Prtca Two Cent*. whistled to induce Warn-i to come to the door, it he did iiol ccme. 1 ?fiit up to the house una oked into the window adjoin inn the road Ae I uhed in son.e ot the luiuily oniu "haik" Air. 'an/eiV gun slno.J up agalliel tiie wall; lie took it Ins nuMi end frnt toilie door 1 blood rendy to oot Itiin it he euine to (lie co'lier ol the lioute. 1 riiibled vety much ull the li e 1 v. ,i? ilieic. From thence l went hy the t!iri cellar into the .id uiiii put iii) nun ihr ngii the fence i ?l? j p? d to ttie Tilldd r I I the rotu, got u nil lie itnd thu w uguiimt tlie home. W iiliiu a ininuir uher 1 saw r. W ai.zi t i oin ng cow n the puili w uh hin pun tn b at ill r- 11.* taint wiil.inaicu unu ii halt cl w licae I y. At) feeling* vue etith thai I Cid not im e itticulur ..no. i fiitd, intending to hit tuin in the e.itl, he bplUIlg by, Ihlt w h.cn liir lit uu, g. Ve a uil Kloun, aid bit. nppurt nil) will.cut hcl.Olifc, t.ceiliig ?n unci at ihr tome lltne. t ia^Mi-K MachuiMan Buhm# -We regret to iimititfi ilie Mound NmciLiiiHt' utile *n nil w..) out tlii* cit) tuM Loin*. unli nn.i ion) laoinpm til 2I10U .ui k> Ol *1.1 oi. lean. li. a* i llll.io to lib hIii ? n'ge On lli* morning ol lLe lb It inn. V. I rli w iii lit * neiow Nbtcl.iz, h nil ?u uikcot eitu in ler HIT) , W llll h labile ll li U1U I.etUloUti, n if ml I num. uvti itie no..I M.e wo* luii on thou *i V id.niu, 11 e it* uuu |ni?eiii'tn l*i?i) mc*|.ii g Willi tl.ni li?t*. lueet in r boilt it tiuikteil dunng tlie tie, bu ioiiui.un 1) V OB* W M.- il.JUltd llOVU I OUI HUU C *1 UO *11 b 101U1 itl>*. iV. O. Pic-, J mil ill. Fihk in Gokiia.m.? We learn that the dwtrllirg ium, tiiiumiiJ cuijiti lucioiy ol P.. lieu now it > , k *<j (.oil.hiii, (Ale.) uu.t detilo)cd I ) tile tut 'i Ue.ilu) ingot i, unu ?i.ui u tn) ?ingiii*r, mat ilit tin h iihi ..ii ivi r.ti until tne builoiiii* wtie entllel} ccii&uimiI 'it. a li.tiUiK* hud nut t'* r i? feci iipied lul guim i.nie. He have e 11 ihlumiod (hat Ail Luiuvy ekUUjutos hik itkk at I,000 Moke op thk Victims at irx. Lotus ?The last .'L'oUtitb We had lroln Air. Low, represented liUll be in sueli a ci million tiiai lus tile w us despoiled ol It 111 nut kiippustd Ihal lie CoUitl live till 11.01 hing. llowJ, uu yesieiday, vv us peihctiy mini. In a lit ui fienzy : lure Hun, Inn buck the >lurt lie bad on, anil so lacerated a skull tliai 1 lie liiain jiioli udr il ami lull u, uti lilt pillow. e ?iinut expected to kurviva mat Light.?At l.ouinhtirlir, June IS. 8r Louis KArts, June 18.?Proprietor's Purte, 100?Mile heaie.? VV . McMullen't 0. 1. Victress, i tsiey k-gie, 0?ii1 hy Ituy ul U liai lie, 3 ycktl, Ki lh?., \ iili. ni OuckJ 1 I. Cut John 1' Vthiii sih g Kioaly , 1 kciipse, out ul .Vant.a hollow ay , b y ut.u, 107 its., k Cut lieu klilotl's 1 h g. hy imp ftviathau. Oaui by I||. haieluot, -1 y t an. 07 lha , V 3 1*. Kuwltr's hi g. Lieuuil, hy loijs tilei.cue, oui ul imp kiiza, by Huhon*, i ears, 107 lbs., UllUIICti. j MM 1 flu, I 111. Iiiuiic heavy. tHirillTi (ourtt Jl'wi 88.? Libtl? Slant vi Slaraw?Thil wasan action r libel upon the plaintiff, uk a superinlsn'lti.l ul the llitict Schools 01 the Male, which appeared m the Lujly ebnau ofthe bih and 10th ol April, IS13, ol which the ilenduit wes the prupnetar. Damages wm laid Bt 10,0011. II. Kltchcm, Esq., counsel lor (he plaintiff stated tha ise tu the jury. The lollowiug is he tuhstanca ul tho Oal complained ot : ? " Col. stone, (he kditor of the AO . tiser, la Superins indent ol the Public Schools ; every school buck la laced under his kiuveilonce, and whatever wot k ul merit ay be presented to Lim. lit u be writen hy a Democrat, racoinmeiided by one?let it contain but uue lector intlcueut calculated to wake in the n.indsot the cbilten u love cf their country, and this despotic iwptimoicr would reject it " Am hunt \v Tati-an, librarian of the New York Sariar Libiary, proved the appeal ante of the lihe> iu the Lair l'le.beiau ol the ahuve oute. L. 11. Siilhiahu, kkq.,lor the defendant, contended that te article iu quektiun was no libel, that it was no 11,01 e t-quenily carried on in the papers ol thia city The liuige was a mete abstract one; it old not say ho had reicted, but that ho would reject such work* us hud beta It ntloned ; and us to the term despotic, thete.wsi t uttly ? lihrl in ihul , and yet they thought plover to lay the .image* ui JtUi "On. i\o man would change hia opinions f Cor. btone, in const (jut uce ol this article, bu was cersiu. It w as not neui such a libel us the Colonel biistelf erpetrated on Judge Noah, wtioni he chuiged with tho isl-aoinltiUtiatioii ol justice. 1 he Colonel had not tme into court with cteun hands at ah, that Irotn bis rutsble ttin |.c taint nt ho clten penned articles of t Inch he had occasion to legrtl; and no one mil lie written so fiercely -lgaiiifct us the defendant in this use. The jury might recolhct the cut an.stances end .istiiudes ugumst Mr. blamm in aruclts wherein he a as m Stoned its blannn. hangs, .dings, 4t Co., w hen in the .ehmdaul w us cbatgtd wnn eveiy species ol corruplniti, .nd J et the delin.iant CI,! not piost cute (.til blunt- tor e iibel, niiut-r ull the circuitihtji.ct s 'J his w as a case ibst lot not call toy a arest amount ol dauiogi s. The injury would he amply cuiunetisuteu lor by the lowest amount possible-six ptuct, In cause the ai licit- was period lur inert 1) electioneering purpeses; and secondly, bocuu-t- it t.ad riot in any way proved injuiious to the complainant. I he learned gentleman concluotd by ol-seivmg <hat he did not wish to mi post upon the judgment of the jury and hoped also thut >liey would t.ot tie impotsd upon by the eloquence or alumni g ol (he lusriieiJ g. i;tii rimi. on the to In r side, ll Ksichi'm. Esq , lor pi.'lintiff raid he hoped, with b.s it.iriitd fini.d, that this natter would It i:.imly cot si miift mii'I mi.ii, <ia it sh.-uid I n wbi n imy Him. i i. <> a uni t of Justice b*t uk tu Col Son, ? w i.ii'K ''h a ii 'litt iltboaaiit iheie uo i.? piout it it ?? by was mt iJiat pltaded, if such w?* th#' act? ft. I us lor ?li?* wiit ou Judge Noah, htt would wish to know v In n no aberc?lln-tu wu i.o prtnil cil that lilkr il:e Jury 'um admit tn?t this wn> u most malicious libel, stu wu nlcuiuied to tlo l ol M one mati ri->. h*i in U?- bad under us superintendence same 2?t tit 0 childim. inuhoM-.jinou it murt tend to Ii-i-m u him; and hen again llrru nut ho parentsol these children,uj-on w hem it could not ] < ibly bate any ot; er tiled, and il tin was bald up to tha id.cultiot tl.t m- |> Mies,I ow could be possibly lullil those mi* s lor which be had been appointed for the t.nhlic in-fit Every opiairtunity had l-sei, givob 'o Mr Slamm k anientl ibis bin I, t ut he refuted to do to, instis-' of illicit be lepea ed the libel in a .round |iap?r In a mom urmg ? ) than at first On 'hr I or h ot April a letter aa addressed to Mr hlamm, sta'ing tlut cg*l procrdi-gs ts on Id be instituted against bun tinier* ha did so? ot it was tinhei ded and the slanders repeated. He calld fir a verdict for his client for a litiel on liia < Anal haracter, and hoped tha Jury would give such a verdict ? would prevent such occuirencrs lor the tuturn The room w as then cleared and after about three rpiarts of an horn's daliheration, the j'i:y returned a veidict I damages $l2d<i. Court of Krrora, Jt'av 29 ?John II. Dykrri and nl to Richard I. .t//or ? 1r Logan concluded lor plaintiff in error-Mr. A-Crest .as Ueaid for the defendant in error. Common Plena. Before n full R. arh. Jrist 29.? Dreilioni ? f.'.m/js f'harlwnrd r* Francit Jf. Itifrn admr tf ntafi af ,/thn Ralhi dictated ? Motion to et aside a report ol refr ri-r a Plaintiff resided in f.ngmH. ntol d.fendant is administrator of Halbi. the de> ??ed who war the plaintiff's agent in this country.? 'ndi-r the order of the Surrogate the plaintifT* claim was rferred to three refereea pursuant to the atatlite 9. II it edit p H-i and H9 fjlfl and ()S7 By a rute enteied in lis I onrt, under tins atatute, the refereea poroi-s* the me power; and tbe like proceeding* shall be bad aa if in reference bad hern made in an action in which ouch ourl might, by lawr. direct a reference There were no leas before the referees bv eilhir patty The chief nestion raised by the plaintiff it, that the defendant does m repieai nt naitii in a h-gul ?cii*i<. Una* ruled that if I* deft ndant remit, without prejudice, the Imlance re>rted In his favor it confirmed with roam, and i* othir. lie ?et Rtnlr nod new referee* are to be ap|mintwl, with >*t? to abide the event F.lithn S Molt ad*. Thnmai RyonMotion lor a new in) denied Verdict confirmed w ith coat*. h'mlrrirk Sir of ad*, Hmjomin It Siniih ? Motion for h rw trial denied. Verdict coi.Aimed with co?t* Mil hnrl f'od.e ad*. fSrtrrgr I' lift It <mrfThli matter n? disputed of substantially hy the < otnt on a cat* ade, argued and decided heretofore The Court con-med the verdict with coat* *n *a to enahla the dvfandit to carry up anit on a hill ol eaceptiona. Mi|M-rlor Court* Before Judge VanderpoeL Jtm* 39. ?Fan lfi?Wc >' Canitantinr ?Mia Honor, the idse. reed the charge of the Chief Juatice delivered on ie la-t tr(el, when after an eWneo of e quarter of an >ur, the Jury rendered a verdict for the defendant Before Judge Oakley. Wilinn va. Ilrarh.-The Jury iu thia oaae did not agree1 id weie discharged. (Iif- The Term concluded thia day. I' A. Circuit Court* Before Judge Bi tte Jivr 'JO lloyt va. Curfit ? In thi* caae which ha) en argued on mo'ion for a new ttial, the Court decided veri-ely and the motion wai denied If'iMcrV* ('rnndfll Riik, C. J (Itylf. and o(A>r* ? hi* caae reported on yeaterday waa concluded on argilent by Mr. Staples. t'1,1) LINK LlVKHUotU, r tCKtrTB-Pe'k-t rfJV ' ' u'v?1Ttf *t- ?i*id f*a' aa I ua pscet *hio OXNMlfa1 ttli It. I * '*in J t-u I'athh u? wil'oil r titive'v an v h?' regnlar d*v. Those det.rous of wearing t??rtl a i c1 eid cabin or *le*rage, ahould net fail U nuke ra It apt'l' ti'.a on board or to W. & J T. TATdCOTr, 76 Bomb atrael. jatll 'Jyl eon er Vautea l?ee PRESENTS ITB AMI Kit 9 v i *'' i ii w ih? riiv wi'l Aod at ?ar eftaehth' m*'it. Nn? J69 ud 760 Br -> d ? *v. I.e'' n ' en - r'"?"l: oat e.eeant aud rt'ena^ve whole *1 * d -efai' a?*ort~enl ol VAN Y AKTU'LKa KOH PHKHKN l 9 l 'hi* aid* the Atlart r, which we r- ke pleasure is so *" I. id eia ae toiell at price, a# low (*?rin? tte lewt) aa lho*? or *y nlhe home, .. Onrrw ent .lock of V?aey dterioeery. I wkHH raraaol*. *.is?ns ade. O w. ?'l l''? " VP'-' T.'.i. JIT IVrMet* 11 > k < l>r ??..,* I ?''* *"d ^"2 .m#r? k'tirv l'nrr?lsiB #o4. ?' *1?5 ? I-wHiT-' aV..d o.d-*d of ewrtr thin. ?e ?. .ec.n.mcd to 2H2/all iu eod is*w

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