30 Temmuz 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

30 Temmuz 1844 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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mar. THE NEW YORK IIERAE v-.*,?..?.o-w?.u?~3?io. NEW YORK, TUESDAY MORNING, JULY 30, 1844. r*? THE NEW YORK HERALD. AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORTH). To the Public, THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?pub lisaed every day of the year except. New Year1* day and Fourth ot July. Price 3 aenu per copy?or $7 30 per as ?am?ooatagee paid--cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?publUhed every Saturday saoruing?price 6i cenu per copy, or M 13 per annum po..ag.-? paid, cash n a Ivance. ADVERTISERS are inlormed that the circulation o> th - Herald it ever THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and in cr -ajiuj faat. It k<m the lar&ett circulation of any paper in tlut ctty, r <Ht world, and i$, therefore, ttu hat channel Jar brume it m? t in the city ir country. Prices moderate ?<*a?h i* vrtvaoce. PRJNTINo el ail kinds executed at tho moat moderau price, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraicToa or th> Hchald Establmhkx.it, Northwest comer of Fulton and Nassau streets NSW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To Uota New York oa the Wlh sad Ltverpool,on the lili oi seen moath. iA m Fnoiw New Yoaa Ship R03CIU3, Cnptaio John Collins. 26th March. Biup BlUuONH, Captain E. B. Cobb, 26th April. Snip SIUpO.nb, Captain E. o. Cobb, 26th April. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain K. A. Dene-'ater, 20th May, Ship GAKR1CK, Capl S I H. Trass. J6ar> Jane. Kaon Liverpool. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain A. Depeytiet, 11th March.] Ship OA It HICK, Captain B. 1. H. Truth, Uti April. Ship RO80IU8, Captain John Collin*, Uth N. y. *hip S1DUUNS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 11th June. These ships are all of the fine clasa, npwarde oi 100# toa*, bnih in the city ot New York, with inch improvemenu a. combine great treed with nuosnal comfort for I has bee Every care hat bean taken in the arrangement ol tea,: accom modation! The price of pastas* hence it tlOC. ioi wniei amide atorea will be provided Their ahipa are commanded by experienced ui.attera. who will make every exertion u> give ge neral satisfaction Neith-r the cnfkaiotorowsersof thethips will be responti ble for auy letter., paxcela or package* .rut by them, nnlesa re gular V'sof lading are signed therefor For freight or pottage apply to E. K. COLLINS & CO.. o6 South it., New York, or u BJ' 'WN. SHII'LEV h CO., Liverpool. Lettere by the pack eta will be charged 12H cenu per tingl b??. Ml MM. iwt nance, and newspapers I eenl each eaV rr OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAG OFFICE. 61 SOUTH STREET. NEW YORK. m ml #a _ I'uttue can be engaged fromLivenxiol by the following tplcn did packet ehipe comprising the Ola Black Ball Line of Packet* sailing as under From Liverpool. The ship COLUMBU J. Captain Cole, oa the 16th Februari The ship YORKSHIRE., (rn-w) Bailey, oo the itt Much The ?hq> C AM IS III DOE, Capt. Bar. tow, 16th March. .... ...... ? ?. ...ay. Thrthip sEVV YORK, Captain Cropper, lit Jons, la addition to the above superior thipt, the subscriber's agent. ? " have a succession of Brat clatt American thipt despitehad. u cuttomuy, from Liverpool, every fonr or five days through oat the year to the different porta in the Unites! Utatas.oy which passage can be secured at reduced rales. Those lending for their frirudt raiding iu Great Britain and Ireland, may re iy sh.it every care will be taken to make passengers at comfor table at they etui reasonably expect, and snoukl the passengtra not eume out, the passage money will be prong) tly refunded. DrefU can at usual be furnished, payable at the National anil Provmcitl Bauks of Ireland and branches; Eastern Btnk ol Scotlan-i and b niches; and oo Messrs J. Bait, Bon Ik Co., Bankers, London, Metara J. Burned Ik Co., Bankers, Liver t>ool, which are payable throughout England and Wales. For farther particulars apply (ifby letter post paid) to JOHN HKRDMAN, 61 South street, near Wa11 street. N. B- rassage to Liveroool and London can at all times be engaged by the regular packet ahipa, sailing for Liverpool every five days, and to London on the 1st, lflth and tOthof each rconui on application as aeova ill ec FAS8AUE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND "JBT T11E Jnffflf*BALL (moB" LINfflb^1 LIVERPOOL PACKETS. 4 ea/ihng from Liverpool ou the 7th aud 19th of every month.] Penona wishing to tend to the Old Country for their friends Can itiikcthe necessary airaagemuit* with the subscribers, end hare them come out in thia auperior Line of Packets, Sailiug from Liverpool puntxually ou the 7th and 19th of every mouth They will nlao nave a firat rate claaa of American trading ships, nailing every aix daya, thereby ailordiug weekly communica tion Irom that port. One of tne Ann (Mr. James I), 'lochrl u there, to a.e that they a lull be forwarded with Care and oea rateh. Should the parviea agreed for not come oat, the money will br r eamed to thote who paid it here, without any redac tion. The Black Ball, or Old Lion of Liverpool Rackets, cotnpru.. the following in&ginficfcl Ships, rii The OXFORD, The NEW VORK. CAMBRIDGE, COLUiVIBUS, EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA. ENGLAND NORTH AMERICA. With auch anterior and unequalled arrangeraenfe, rue ann scribtra cnufidcutly look forwaifl for a continuance ot that sup port which ha* been evtended to them so many yer ra, for wnicl thiy ue grateful. These preceding, or remitting money to their relatives, cna at *U tiiue* obtain Dtafu at s;ght for auy amount, drawn direct oa toe Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, alio on Messrs. PRKSOOTT, GROTt AMES in CO. tiaukeri. London, wnich wi'l be paid oa demand at any ol tne Bantu. or then II.-sashes, in oil the prioriis! towns throughout England, Ire land, Scotland ami Wale*. ROCHE, BROTHERS * CO. ii Fulton street New Vork, neat door to the Kultou Bank. N. B.?The Old Lineol Lireipoel Packets aai! from thu port for Liverpool on the lal aid 19th ef each month. Putin returning to theold country will, find it to their comfort and advantage to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, ,e pr-feret.ee re any other THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. T o aail from New York llatt and (ruin Liverpool 6th of each moalh. JFii or* New For*. X'pi Naw Ship LIVERPOOL. HMtoaa.f J- ftV ^ J.Eldndge JA 0c, # H.ship QUEEN OP THE WEST. <-if"/ !} ^ * 1640 tons P. Woodhooac. \\ New ?hip ROCHESTER,640 tons. !! ion. Bntto. ji {&\\ ?kip HOTTING' EK, .040 &> J Ira Bnrse y, jNov'rll -Jan y t These inbatantial, fast aailing, firat clue ahipa, all built is Che city of New York, ateo inmanded by men of ripensucr and ability, and will be dispatched punctually oa the list ol eat- mouth. ? neir cabma are elegant and commodions, and ara fnraisheo wuii whatnver can couduce to the aaea aad comfort of paaaee germ Price of passage, $100. Neither the capume or owners of these ships will be reapoa stblr for any parcels or package* ??nt by them, unleaa regul-u pills of ladiug ue signed therefor. M Of freight or paaaajw apply to WOOUllcLL k MINTURNS ?r t* FIELDEN ftuiJ) TiTe UtTfc* ?a 1H ?e Diverge OlsL) LINE LIVERPOOL, PACKETS Ail A fft LD LI.\B!ff?caeura flvif^l will halSulX ichtul iu the lollowingornar, excepting that when the u'-liug day falls on Sunday, the ships will tail on the succeed g^iluy.vii:? VromNewYork From Liverpool " ~eCAiViBKIDUE, tJune 1 Joly 16 lit luu. \ Oct. J Nov. 16 W. C. Baratow.f Krb. 1 Mar. 16 The ENGLAND, kJutt 16 Aug. 1 740 tons. < Oct. 16 Dec. 1 ?. Bartlea, (Feb. 16 April 1 Tha OXFORD, tJnly 1 Aug. 16 600 tout, {Nor. 1 Dee. 10 J. Rathbone, { M.-.rch 1 April 16 The MONTEZUMA, lJuly 11 Sept. 1 1000 tons, < Nov. 16 Jan. 1 A. B. Lowber.f March It May 1 The EUROPE, i Aug. 1 Sept. 16 616 tons, < Dec. 1 Jan. 16 E. O. Furber.f April 1 May II The NEW YORK, (new) i Aug. 16 Oct. 1 940 tons, { Dee. II Feb. 1 T. B. Cropper,I April 16 Jane 1 THa COLUMBUS. s Sept. I Oct 16 700 loua. <Jar. 1 Feb. 16 U. A. Cole.f May 1 Jane 16 The YORKSH.KK.(new) v Sept. II Nov. 1 1040 tons, tJaa. If Mar. 1 D. If. Bailey.(May II July 1 'liheae ships are uoi surpassed in point of eleganoe or eoi?*?t (n .heir cabiu ar.coiniiiitdaliona, or ?? their fast aailing qonhwee O, any vessels in the trade. Thr commanders are well known as men of character and experience, and the strictest attention will always be paid to V vomot" the comfort aad convenience of passengers. Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed as heretofore. The price of passage outward is now flied at One Hundred Dollars, for w hich ample stores of every deaoription will be p'oride?i. wita the exception of wines end liquors, which will tre tarnished by the stewards, if rfMnired Nritner th captain or own-rs of these ahipa will be respoti a le for any letters, parcels, or packages tent by them nnleat t igolar bills of lading aie signed therefor. Fur (Wight Ol pas sure, apply to GOODHUE k CO. 64 Sonth sb C, H. MARSHALL. J* Barlingelip, N. V. itSlf sed of BAKINff BKOTHKWH h <TO.. lUl rife ?& 11 tt Sew vorwTnd havrTTTacketh. Recond Lin??The Bhipe of this line will hereafter leave New V >rk on the lat, and Hmvm oa the ISth of each month, as fob iv?,rit? Faow Nr.vr Yoag. Fpom lUraa. New Ship ONEIDA, 11st March. ( 16th April. Captain < 1st Jnly. < 15th Angnst. J unes Fnnek. 11st November. ( leth Deci-mler. Ship BALI I MOKE, 11st April ( l?'h May. Captain I lat August. < Kth Septemheri Edward Fuen.( 1st December, f ltth January. BhipUTICA, 11st May. i 16th June. Caiitaiu < 1st September < 16th October. ? rederiek H Witt ( 1st January, r Idth Eebmary. Negihipbl. NICH . LAh i 1st June. t 16th July. Captaia _ { 1st October. < 16th Nov, mber. J B. Pell, f 1st February, f 16th Mareh. Theaccommod ion? of tlias*.ships are not inrpass.il. coin b uoig all thai m*y be r?inired for comfort. The price of ca' b i passage is 6100 I'aeseugers will be supplied with eyery tv g liaile Willi thceieeptioo or wines and liqnom i loo-la inieoded for Uiese voeeela will be forwarded by the eeb liriberv. f~* f^m any other than the rvpmtes actually ia r?m ro LODGINGS TWENTY-FIVE CENTS, AT TU JB NJIO'S tiE.ID, Ne 3 I)?K('LAT At agar. Tbe subscriber having titu-d up trd trwly .urcishej several rooo* coantcud who this establishment, ij.Ki.M a <.*11 from hii (itradt and lit- i uthc. JA8. BYRNES. N 8.?For tale, ? number of Loug benches and Table*. j n lw?rre ___________ SHARON SRKiNlrS PAVlMUiN. slhoharik county, n y THIS.pac.ou. Hons*. which tirce ibr improvements tad -.dditious made to it daring the put w -uter, it beliivej u be oue of the most eotutoodiua* mod stuforube ?f (be largest -.last of ilotel* in the Htmf i* sow rrm.li for the reception ot :otnp&n;, mud will be open/d*** fie Zitb JiV of Mav icit To ice mmodate the la-Re *-d ior^iwiiut uuinberof people who ? (?end the *ra*oi at "h-rut "priuirt, the subscribers iiaer, giuee last lall, greatly . xt o Jed their premises. by annexing lu ibr Pari lion an entirely now building, which ?ui."acea twenty-si* ipaeionsaparmeota, betide* waking large additi >na ana irn ?rorrinenl* to tlie interior and basiues. part* or the henae ? Hinds hare barm ad d-d to the window*?the beautiful pi.tne i*'?e ground* in front of (lie I'arilioo hare been laid not and rutelolly planted wiih ihrub* and dower*?the baih r?ouo wire been orerhauled and n?w fnruitn'e poinded, furnishing ?eery conrenieace to tboie who with to enjo? either a ej.ld or warm hath No expenne or effort iv ? been tp-ird to anpply 'be leficirnciesof put awuon*, and erery eaertioo will be u>.ed, f > ?eceiee the visitor* of the coming aeunn in a manner not to I* oirpasred at any other plane ef fashionable resort in the United ^fthose who hare not heretofore riaited the Sharon Spring* it i* sufficient to say. thai the qualities of the water (an anal ii which is given below) are very nearly id?i;t'eal with thnee o he far-famm While Sulphur Spring* of Vinti ia ' inept thv oy the concurrent testimony of all oi-dieal men who are an luainted with both. Ue Sharon are esteem d the ran t potest ? vitnated ia an elevated regi >o of country the Paviliou com stands one of the most eiteosive v ew?, and is plan, d in the nidst of the moat picturesque sceuery tu the htau-of New York Kr m its el rated position it h?s the adxantage of a ?Ol.tinaally dry, cool and r-Trrshing atmosphere Plru<aulex yirsious to the villages of Cherry Vdley and Coopersto au the Rsego Lake, a- d other point* equally inerastiug from their ?cenerv and their history, offer themselves on every hud? whilst a Billiard boom and four ipnei ns Bal< Alley*. Irave vi memos unprovided within door* for eieicise or amusement Of the White Sulphur Water of Sharon Springs, it can be ?aid it is rot surpassed by any thief of the kind in the known w?r|o, for the cure of rheumatic eutaneons, bilious and dys icptic complaints, and for the rove of erysipelas, salt rheum, tciofula, liver complaint bronchitis and general debility, as '?a* been certified bv tome of the most eminent medical profes sors Br a recant analysis made for the proprietor* of the Springs nade by one of the most eminent Chemists in this country I Professor Heidnf New York] -he following result* hare bees ihMined from one gallon of water Bicirbiiate of Magnesia J4 grains. ^nlphsteof Magnesia 31 " Sulphite of Lime 83 4 Hyaiosnlphatc of Magnesia and Lime 8 Chloride of Sodium and MaMBiwinm 2 T Solid contents-" 148 1 grams, flrdrnsulphnric Acid (3as, or Sulphuretted H, drouen in 5 cnbic in The Springs are within e few horns ride nf Albany, Troy Saratoga Schenectady. Utioa, he.; ate accessible either from Canajoharie. on th* Albany and Utics railroad, where post cos he* dadv await the arrival of the movnieg ca't 'n>"? Hctu ivctadv sad Cue* to souvey visitors to the Springs, a distance if about aijht mi.ee, arriv.og in time for uianei: or by the C-h-vrry Valley Turap ke, by daily stag-*, being about fo.ty Bre miles we*t of Albany. *a n good road Persona leaving New York in the eretii r g boats for Albmy arrive at th* blur jn opriogt tbe next day iu tune for dinner myl 8taw 4m*ec C-LARK St GARDNER CUSTOM HOUbc. New V.rk > gtu^DPanro.AL.^tei^av^l.^iraf.ii c the J:h of August n-?t. lor such tuppllet of 8h p Chat 1> - iu such quantities, and at such tuner, a* may b- re 'in.-ed or the a-e of the tnited States Revenue Cutters and Bovtawateh may be employed in (hit dutriet Carina the im dua of he current y ?r, commencing August 5th, 1844, at per following seheda'e :? Patent tarred hemp cordate,lb. JUynn< dock, lisht, holt .. Mnoil'e, ' "i?*n 'hiirblts, lb. bolt rope, hemp,tured, AVe'ded thitnb lb. r. ,. Siil niad'ai, do*. Chun < abler, lb. Ma'lm ntedlei. do* Anchors a d kedgs.lb. Copper m-?snres, each. Hawsers, Manilla, Ib. Oliv : ei . gal. u " ?? hemp. lb. Cotton eanrass, bilt Hoiuelina. In No. 2 bolt, Hambrolioe, lb. j bolt iauk?.. # ? j % .? 0. bolt Siggni 'either, (aide) aide. 10, bi.lt Whipping twine, lb. I'anar, letter reun S-ine twine, lb. I'a-?r. fool.eap, ream Si.eet copper lb. Oak firewood, tawed, deliver j ,,?l P" c,i ?, 1* . B.eswas, lb Ted cord ' liookt and'i nimblra, lb. Bhikl.edlb I [iP*1! B'itnb'ea, ib. Kottoo none, lb. H mdsp;ktt t etch I'tlms, dox. I Je vi. g n afet?. each V I ? iro ?. d <*. | r,*'? Wroufh* n?ils. lb. , Mtniutti'iket. mch M >ar? oan, f,ot Tallow, fb .... T..imeiic -re each ruinn I ather, (tide,) nJe bau .e I'am each n iLl, e#/d iw *roand in oil, lb JJ acU wild Ib H'd Im*'. lb. r.1L'.rn,r,t* - d U A' ?ek p >ut'lb L ecu liucke-t, rar'i 4i.e--? p.i t ib Ce-ai boeketi e ch V mi ion. Ib aerubuirg r-ru?iu>?, do*. Br glu Vnroi-n, gal. Clamp bru h't. J x Blark r r nh g.l tlifko'i- liM.omi, don J*i iritt Tur eatiue, gal ' oro b-oomt. in * I'mnt o|i, p-l. H.giia' la.,term, each 'opal varnitn, gal. "jcr.jert i o h.oo e etch > nit., lb P.le.r d-ck I g Ha, e.ch Piiot Bruihea, a.torfd, do*. aknra Ib Tar Biust.ee, each >a la Id fid ? 101 tad 20 I 24d It Varnish nru.hea, eoch apt *?i Ih _ l*ud }0d, Ib. ' *!'t r's tools asa--r.ed, dox. u ?'? '0- Lilhrr-g- lb. i " thing i ape,, bins, co,? e?(, I ump tn?ks. copper, Ib ' end nt H.i/aidt lb. | * u V 4lld 24 ? COuri d oim each liai.imrri.eaoh tu 'i.g a;lcoiois, ph-ce IPump him ne t, each Q <:!<?. 100 ; r *eh Man.I libes, each :?a%. I urpe,.t,M,, bbl. Ma,dlad(,lb. Hacdtaw filer, ereh gpy g| ?e|, VV.H>d aapa,earn Mi cb rooe anj ttiyra, lb. /.0'0 JJ P anea, ?aeh ' Im >. UN) tri*0**1 * ch Powder fantelt, each mn ' J^*nr ? eacn Lad I. a a. d worm., each no Mi g .lapra, each baminort and .poncat. aach I'lale p-dtoekt, braat, etch J''"d handtpiltet, rack rL*.? lb- . Sheeptkmt. rath Chalk i,net each L huneoal d.liy.ied, ton r,h Bushed b.i. eka ea. th?iTe^neh He^i .?1. J . n . fried.n rollers" r ' " '?'le handsaws, each Ho >v s'-ees. ha-dl. d. each Con.paa. raw., ereh Path bricks, dt *. crrw drirns, e.ch Puinp leather |,. Itaies, eneh H' l.uei docs, A A bolt Spnke .litres, ear h Wiiugmb quart R-l-"*''h- F.*?'1** ?'"?Ad. lb " ??rkids, cepter hooped, each Cylindet fl na-l.yd B.ierm oil wmter, v,| (.oltoa twiue. Ih , ''f1 o", summer gal. Cimieis. .a.oried, de* g ?dlf* ">? Hril n-?dl?r a.sorpd, d.j*. I S u ,V.?' C.ki,MCh Tar oil. sal. Boll rone lh Lamph acs.lb H?'e s^tneu v. w i Cooka'la lee. earh inn, ' dn??' heiry. bolt Kr, ?> imi s each j79' *s " C. f VAV N K 8 ?, Collector. NAVV AO- N ' 'A uF-ICK.I Sl?"'Tr reoroeAt^aS- 'W-.Mii.'IVii'h. ?a,7 t" 2 '*? ^l ohlb-aoth Aucn.i , "* '*7 r " fi'O'.hin* for (he n a .f reterfs of iml f.H'Ja o'?5' 'h? fiscal yc?' ending 3d .aue, 1145 ? f'"TU, ?. f"? to the cord I 50 tons Lehigh Coal, U4t b to the ton. broken and terxned I he wjod aan ha?r been cat dnring ih- w.nur m aihs. A 5?*' ^ niMiui* ...Ji tc tb<? ywd, I m of *f|*a4?u> ih?go?'raBi?iir. U*?' commandant rf- the yatd mar reqmre H? Afc. "^haJf the amount rf lh- c-ntradt will be isk-a for k-ii j i Pw forma nee Payp.aat withm thirtv days afer cent's.Uadd,iu>rni't?-ui^ W"h ^ "u ... ? . JAMK8 H. SUV DAM Ht Itaw4wta BOO T 8 ANI) S HO E S . C. G PAGE, 107 PKARL HTK-KT. WOULD KK8Pli,(7rFULL V inform thennblic v Kr'?' ?y' pu,Jl2' iBiorrn lie nni#i>c 0? i?1n M retJttr? prirt* to mi: the timet oribh fij $5*0, B?ot? at *S.60 and S4.00. Boots maoe to N B ? II nts by the case from SljdMo g,.vi jtg |,oerwl?rc AJBW FIRM AND K*HF.BH^trtbO^eK?JOHNSON It CO. wonld F^f.V n"" - ? Cedar sirxt, ."kewkurk. ? tosk on? 5 * ,nT"? '(j* rHmtion of UeA'ert to their Id *,7Mli5l*?r wl"rh hariua beeo in.no seta wn to tuperinte''danee, they will sasr he^trS^: J" tb'J" ?" ???? ?? repreii-nledf and no other boose -hich iBsy.re pat up w ^^rp^Jiy T?alAH>I1cK8r H"RT1CULTUK18T?, Stc -AuIpliate . Ammonia for forcing the Crotw? Bulpliate of Hoda?Ni trate Soda, coastaetly ea hand kr ^ ?a, ,.?R i-Kwui Vkuchtwanubr. '? iatewd?4iW?" Mo an al,X, i A H. PAKKBK, 69 Uuaaa. betwaan Bits tnvtaod Broad . , * **1* a' aale of Valnehle Oil Paintings, Puree -1. h** ?'ihand a fine sollretian ofspleedid T. L k Paiatings af the Kl?miah and Itoteh schools, which h-can dienoae *1 at moderate prieea 1 herefrw, those i ? "ijh to enrich their eoll.wtioat, or ornamenting their oar Ijire, will nod it to their inteaaet so aall. re.mine, and judgwfor iSfa *' j 1 homo irom 9 A M, till 6 P. M jell 2m nod ere T, ' . St'ARfA'S OIL. i ' Tcllowing it i&kea frora tne Uutton Atlas :?Valatklf Aft '^ctrpA ? Aeoottif! Oil it ft id bv th? h w uhil ocsweien t-nse it to M an rseellenr mediciar in ease of deal f.go ? ni * ?'i,m or ?*??? We know a vonns dy ?. ho not long einre w a tlmosl imm disrelyrelieva-t by it a..d .he .e t flraie of M, Jo|?, ?r?, of Hunk-r Hill ' l.eir *wiun' ^Mk 11 ,.B ''text were lie teetnaonia' r.f i , l) .r.. iiC M vITo *'"1 """'It br A b 4tU HA\U1 D "?gisU, No 79 Fulton kteet, T3 6 , idway, 77 Kat Broad 12L? jv.7 Im'm CAST OFF CLOTHING. Gr m?nLJ^nfn'- ^MILIK8 d?slr nsof conrening .akw ? r e*,f1 tnnerfluoai er ratf off ClothiDff win obtain from tba subsrnber the HlfiHKST CAhH I'K/ui'H de.,<2. k.'ii"* ?f/e"lleme? quitting the eny, at changin* rrm, oflb# k'nu th dispose of. will find.t ftMd rti5:,r.lV!32,l5?S.1* "nd r?r th' "tbscriber, who will attead them at their residence by appointment II. LEVZTt, OflSw No. 2 Wull ttrr*t, nothing cleaned and repaired. Ud " <7# HB,,,0n ,l" n >mnMrieli't 'in"?"" vm 0' othwrwi.-.^mMl! recwiww i'OM I OFFICK. T" ENr;cifli{ it s ir t ? New Vnrk, Jnlyw. 1144 J IIISF.KNI* w.'iTI?*?' j*** P" H'J'I Meaner Odl ,n tor's it? j "d * ,bt Upp-r and Lower Boat n mo i. K.I 4 r V1,ik V^'dsa,wd-J! lh' ?t f -iy-"v' J ^V.?nt:r.C!,e,^ - "" LUltivWH flRAHA.Vl. I' M LEAlilEK ANH FINDING ftlORE, AND a t ma ,LA;ST making, A irgioa itrrSf 'neHTchl!? [r?ra ?"? ??rter of VVath ... . . ?",u ',lrf*t- *?' Clinton Marb.t. New I ork i I an. I .Rk^.ndd.Jren. palrern. enn.A ^heSi. litht'fo. kl.d,. List. to He ?"finals,,. ?f .1, J'Mlm re ^AIUUIN ? WILKIT J OPINIONS OP THE PRESS GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND I o* the Character, Circulation, and Influence, or tub NEW YORK HERALD. [trom thi! London Morning Herald.] " Oh tint good Hear en the gift would g4'e u? lo ?er oui.dvt. a* other* tee ua," sang Burns; but the observation that the same con duct, in ourselves and in athete, is ve.v dXrmlJ viewed through the niediu.n of sell-love - sixteen Centuries, at least, old r than the AyrXle poet. Lucian tells ol the rack before, in winch we exhibit our neighbor^' i*uha, aud tidic udoii th*m andrhenack Mncid, in which our own fault! r 1 bidden from all observation. ,aUllS *rc | " Qui. tuler. t tiracchok o'e seditiono qucrente.," |>ad never, perhaps, a more striking illustration than i i the complaint oi ihe Dublin Freeman's Jourim i i?k h it" ty J?uroal, of which ihe editor isi a Wt-peal martyr), upon the M?,j ct Cf>h,"r delpina Humanist r.ots The R.-neHh-r . .. 1 a< quits the Irish t< omantbts at all blime m' the tf nm fn , u II eels to ,,rttST ,llHlr tnnoceuce by the i t btttnnny <>| A neticun Protestant journals as lol wmS-" *""" A,U" " ??j KU.C.S1 ?? ur JF'r(",l ",e Atlai, May 13, |H44 1 malting any comment., lor wn have been at a loss to il'.l #hrn!l #n"leC0"lll<"in' account. we received" where the aevereal ceunure ahould be lieiiowe.l v ? we yet fully ante to due.Iminata w?h entTre ce^ nil" Lnough, however. 1. known, to .howclearlv * indeed la the guilt that attache* iuelt to A?.a ,.i '' balassaccoum to mnder* Both ha?o bet'ii terribly in th#? wmmr i?u ?t a of the commencfdinput of otitr*gr?? Jt 19 oow and we are inclined loth# behel that ii <? th.' that the blame in the ^.U X ZTJiZ American p ,rty, who. to .ay the 1.4s?, act^ at the b^.r! ^y MWlfed'bv"?h CU,pa6U n .n.Jru^fr only equalled by tlie mime qnent airociue. ol tho.e wi>.< ^,h1V""!Hf{" 01 ,h" tenement ol the momtm trated^the awlui .cent. that follow ed. I*rl*> " On Friday, the 8d lost., a party of the Native ? ?_? ? mo" Vo'lTy'nj l'nashdi,There01 2 iSS??^?aS ir?cz .trss ssssa "%? s'"5'" venting^orlttltatt GawmUjT'wrtSil^/'llie'aMemlilJg1 MUcPi|iCtedWrer* th# C0n"1??c? could ao readily8^ acSi? r4nmIO#l? Wdl in lhe columns of rhe actors in the monster meetings," at which the iih ?1i * ' Jri9i and English Piotestnni) wtis rtll hurled " a?le fL?,dn abU8*'d' and "d*fi?nee was io? of iriih ii m government." It the f.-el i,.i. i, 'ridh 11 >maiiis s were so sensitive in Philx > elphia, we suppose the feelings ol Irish Protests no I? sttt"ruT^:r" edpt0 re*',tct?" ,he;r native lund !i! u *?? . l'.1 ro,e8,an,jJ did not resent the insult by "a horr.ble butchery," becuu "honib e - butchery is not one of their instincts, and they hav. not be en bred to the business: true, thev had si tucli philosophy" as to dis'egard the insult oti.-r nf thblt i thu philosophy, accordiug to the view- I Sv2mB<?tTn Al,al8' Jnd 118 endorser, the Dubhn ' war llur"^ral'!k VtlJ ,1"'!r country from ? civil nlli'.'iL1"Pk 0,18,11 10 ',avfe prevented or WHtched (lit meeting, because of its imprurimre. What tl be sides being merely an insulting meeting, it had ingT 'lWhV,?T t* nVil 118 a rnOBt ?n?uitingmeei mgl what it, instead ol merely ahusinir th^ ft<. rid of m' 11 Ihakd cdkd upon the populJlion tt. gn I Re?11:mnhr.,?r^1^uP 'he federal union nf tin public, and hurled dchnnce at the l>ivv imil th*. magiftirdlew? What i^irmeadoi beinEan a^semblv nt a few thousands, it ha'd bee,, a ' moUst"?meeting" ? mndreds of thousands, succeeding and intended t<> he succeeded by other monster meetings lauaI v msuftum t.qUHU treasoiiHhfe, and ?Sf of PfuuVrhihi y'^ ?!P, OUgkh' no'll"" HUlh,,r Vk 1 !rt a/or'""? 10 have prevented o iug fha, Ih^'f'18 ' 'naV observe, mg, tnat the def-nee of th?* Komani^t Iri.h scarcely made out for imprudence, or even in-ult n scarcely an excuse tor a ' horrible butchery " Hnd AmericamJ10'Let u 'h^1 '8 char8ed ^i,n tf>? Native ?ru "rt u,l? however, tiroceed. h.I k rTUo,er m '"dependeiice-equare" wns verv nnocent ol the monster meetings." Whvahoulii he ','habl,'ln,8 of Kensington be more alarmed hv he occupation 0t their district by a rnt.h ..rganizec potia military plan, than the Protestants ofDuhln were upon the 8th of las. November when u w . proposed to occupy heir city by 3tM) or 400 OUtJ Romanist cavalry and mfan.rV i?y mU.tarv ar^ ,7d ?'ummt.ttetf by the Humanist pr.eitwL?e^ i'rmK ir year8 bp,?r? c?uld not be forgotten I The Insh Romanists of Kenstngtou had had no lessons of Native American energy, like thoae ?f wT,1 Ireland was the theatre in 1641, 1798 and in 18nft iTniidm?h8f,reet8 ^"h'"1 rai1 w"h filood shed in midnight insurtection, us unprovoked as one* anv^'ih0' Un<l ,h,i Irish RoEli! Am. n a any of those anaual, almost monthly, murders ot Protestant peers, clergymen, landlords, yeo(nen and peasants, which have so long served to Insh 5*7:,:: r'r.?b7""r>???.pSmT Pt?l ?/ ,I,; .7 ? culpable remissness" in th. t m|ttdelphia authorilies tliat they did not ernnlm. a Clontar7VCT "eeH' had," Perm'??d 'he meeting who conducts, at New York. " / Z ' whom wWe to be obl,8''d u> *?y ? ol one lor Whom we suppose our journal lias stood eponJor ftSti'K "wh,ch * " Amongst this latter claaa [trading politicians! the eel* abratad James (Jjrilon Betimtt, pruj.ru tor ol the N. w Yoik Hsisld, has been conspicuous 1 he Uige circula tion of hi* journal, combined with hi.1 perfect unsstupu loinnc.spn the us? he mskes of it, gives thia man a deplo rable extent ol power in exciting the bad p laaiona of thoae whose prejudices, elrcaly inflimed, insure an unques tioning reception to the moat extravagant and malignant ol hla lalaebooda." We submit that Mr. Jntnea Gordon Bennett ought to change the name ol hie journal i if he wants an nliui for it that would seem better to suit its character, we would Hugzest the name of a cod teni|iorary, that within a (lav or two performed the arduous and < xiraorduiary feat of r?llmg fourteen flour dealers into one. Mr Bennett,it aptiearx,ha& been in the habit ol filling the columns of our un worthy namesake with figments designed to excite the evil passions of hta readers, and to set class against clew in internecine hostility. To he at all it disgraceful, but to lie for such a purpose in dia holiest. Nevertheless, we dare Mr James Gordon Bennett to surpass the falsehood and malignity of the Mullnghrnast forgery (of which the Standard made bucii clear work), or of any one of the thou sand stories of weeping widows, and murdered widows' sons, with which Mr. O'Oonnell, when loose, was accustomed to garnish his " dr/iunce" harangues. The anti Romanist feeling is represented as stronger hi New York than tven in Philadelphia, but it has been repressed by a pleasant contrivance on the part of <he Romanists?a threat, namely, as we unders*aud it, to burn the city and massacre the inhabitants, should the Romanist party be mo lasted. Here, however, is the threat, us described by the thrcatener, ihe Romanist hew Yoik Free man's Journal, with the introduction of the Dublin Freeman's Journal. # * ? ? ? Agreeable neighbors, thsse Irish Romanists art everywhere?we suspect that their little affair with the Native Americans is not yet at an end. I From the Dublin Freetnan'1 Journal, June 22 1 1?J A Thk School Question?Bishop Huohks?James Gordon Bennett.?Bishop Huphes, ot New YotK, was prominent tn procuring for the Catholics ot that city Buch a remodelling ot the public schools as now enables them, without violence to their re ligious belief, to enjoy the benefit of the public ed ucation lund. He nae ever since been an object ot muJ.g"uui and unscrupulous attack, not only to the religious bigots who would raise the cry of Pro testant ascendancy, but to all clasaesof trading uoli ticians \? hose peiscnal or party purposes ci.ulu he served bv exciting hatred and prejudices against the Irish Catholic population. Amongst this inner class the celebrated James Gordon Bennett, pro prietor ot the New Yurie Herald, has been con spicuous Toe large circulation of bis journal, combined with his perfec uuscrupulou.-n ss iii the Ube he makes of it, gives this man a deplorable ex tent of power, in exciting itie bad Passions ot those whose prejudices, already inflamed, insure no un questioning reception to tile uicsi extravagant and malignant ot his falsehood* He, with otic r edi tors of the same class, have been unscrupulous dealers in the grossest misrepresentations against Bishop Hughes and the Catholics. Bennett, not content with gaibirig real transactions, has had the unblu-hmg audact'y to fabricate tacts that had not ihe leiut foundation in any actual occurrence, evi n facts of such magnitude and notoriety, and so capable of alin st immediate refutation is speeches at public meetings, uud public meet ing* themselves It seems miuuow incredible, but t i* not less the fact, ihat forged reports of publ c meetings, with speeches as large as hie, were pub lished in bis paper, the whole transaction, meet ings and speeches, being pule fabrications, invent ed and published by Bennett, in order to inflime 'he fe? hugs that seived his end for the moniei t ? His object was then to excite hatred against O'Con nell and the Irish, in revenge lor the public rebuke administered to hiin by Mr. t 'Council in ihiscoun- j try. His paper could not suffer by these lubrica tions, as the character that it is well known to su pire to is one of dashing reck lea* audacity which could not fnl lo be berved by enterprises ot such unparalleled boldness in a public press us u e whole -ale forgery ot public speeches and in< etiugs ? ] Sometimes he sreuis lo have forged nieeti, gs and speeches as of Bisliop Hughes and the Catholics, or io have garbled with wholesale interpolations | speeches delivered by them at real meetings ? Sometimes he infused into ihe speeches of the "native" party a diabolical malignity of which iheir own extempore misconceptions were inca pable, <>r atlfibuted to them u deliberate haidihood fassertion winch their leaser acquaintance with ihe gullibility of ihe public prevented them from using themselves. Sometimes he manufactured out-and-out meetings and speeches for tin* patty, vithout giving them the trouble ol concocting toe malignity or even of leaving their own homes. This demon like industry would be almost incredible even on the evidence furnished by the admission of ibis man's own pages, which are now before us, if we were not aware that he had vowed himself to the task of exciting public hatred against the Irish in America; that he derives his gains less iroin the ordinary profits of his journal than from the black mail levied on those who dread his power ; and that this power depends upon tulty sustaining his reputation for a daring, indefatigable, and demo niac capacity for evil. Bishop Hennas' Late Letters.?While this in (l '.minaiion of bigotry was in process ol accumula tor! against the Catholics, they found it impossible to make their voices heard in self-defence. But since the horrible resultn of the no-Poperv instiga tions have developed themselves in the awiul scenes of Philadelphia, an universal horror hat, seized upon the American people, audio its still ness ihe voice of the Catholic Irish is at fengih heard removing the calumnies that have been so unsparingly and unscrupulously heaped upon them. Bishop Hughes has lately published two letters, one lo the Mayor ol New York, the other to the editor ot the Commercial Advertiser, in which he ably reviews the calumnies asd lubrications re specting himself and the Catholics, by who h since ihe first agitation oi the New York school question, the American people having Buffered tliemselves io be imposed ujioii and frenzied. N?tivkism in New York ? When the last mail (the mail preceding that now arrived) left, it was leured at New York that the present mail would have conveyed to Europe intelligence respecting hat city even more disastrous than that which had reached from Philadelphia, but we rejoice to say that those apprehensions are now totally dispelled. I'he Vpstive," or "no-Popery" party in New York, were strongei, and their organs had dealt more itrociously malignant fulminotions against Catho lics than in any other city of toe union ; but peace and oider have been preserved No doubt the atrocities committed at Philadelphia, while they stimulated the appetite of ihe baser rabble of the "natives," sobered the better order of citiz-na be longing to that pariy who had property or cliHr.icter to preserve, and thus threw their active influence into the scale of order; but we believe the priaci ,ml mean* of preserving the city of New York from anarchy and bloodshed, probably from untyetsal conflagration, was the admirably tempered mixture of forbearance and determination exhibited by those who had influence with theCaiholic liieh. Immediately on receipt oi the intelligence ftom Philadelphia, the New York Freeman's Journal, ihe principal organ ol the Irish Catholics in thai city, published ail extra edition, exhorting the Caibolics to forbear iiom every provocation to heir opponents, to attend no public meetings, even is spectators, not to lounge iii the streets, nor ab sent themselves from their ordinary avocations, ?ut to be fully prepared, in case of attack upon i neir houses, prop-rties, or above all, their churches, to rally together, to defend themselves to the lart; ind if the amlioiities did not protect them, then to resort to any desperate means of repelling a des perate aggression that the exigency of the circnm -tances. or even ihe passion oi dec-pair might sug df"1 . . . The consequence wan that the public authorities ??>ok m asuret to prevent the contemplated meet 'iige of "the natives," and now New York is sale .nil men are recovering their Menses. [Kron the B inner of LTUter, Bell'ait, Ireland.] Mo-? ol our reader* are probably aware that the Xeio York Herald is one of the most itiflii-mini and most ably c inducted journals in the United ritates. [Krom the John O'Groat lournal I IK " N* Thk "Nk w York Hvrald."?The affair be tween Bennett and Wikofl has been eagerly seiz ed on by the press, and was nothing more than a vain attempt to raise the Mipublir and injure the Her Id. hvery one acquainted witt tlie htsitny ot he New York public press, is aware that every method has been resorted to, but hi vain, to put iown the New York Herald. A mortal war of extermination has long been waged against that paper, and its eminently industrious and enterpris ing ertitor. The combined press of that city have ttternp'ed again nnd again, to slander, shame, lie, ind "black mail" that paper out ot existence And for what! Is it immoral or libellous! For its morality nnd general tone, it is on a par with its conteinporaiies, and for its libellous tendencies there ia not a aper in New York, even the most respectable, but what has been convicted of libel This, howsver, is commonly the charge. Bit the real cause of nil this malignity is to be found in the spirit, energy, and ceaseless enterprise with which that journal is conducted. No paper?in ihat country- is more eagerly sought after, more generally read, nnd more widely circulated over ihe length and bread'h'of that vast country. In every city, town, and village, is the Heiatd to he found. There ?re few business nten in the coun try but are subscribers to it, nnd the war of its ri vals instead of abridging its circulation, only tends to increase it. It employs the ablest reporters, and the proceedings in Congress, political ami religions nertinga, are all reported with a copiousness and | fidelity tineqUilled by its contemporaries. Mr. j Bennett was the first to introduce anything like full ami accurate reports, and which, as one cause, I has led to the popularity ot his journal. It has re- I gulir and nee im- a tl correspondents in e<n ry state md city in the Union, mid occasional correspond- I -nts in London, Dublin, Paris, Frankfort, and Athena. Mr Bennett keeps a schoaner of 90 tons constantly employed in hoarding vessel,?, thirty or fifty miles at sea, to obtain the latest intelligence from Europe, ChlM, West Indies, or Houtn Ame rica, or any other part of the world they may he from. The toreign news brought hv the Royal Mail atearners, on the last three arrivals at Boston, Mr. Bennett had conveyed to New York, by a pri vate express. solely for the Herald, at an ex(>ense of nearly ?90 each express. There is no expense spared to obtain the earliest and most correct in telligence for that paper, and no journal keeps tin readers more duly apprized of the movements and ??vents of the day. The maritime department of the Herald \? always remarkably full, and on that division of the paper several thousand dollar* arc annually expended. Bui the lending feature ot this paper, and that which gives it itsgreat value in the commercial world, is us money articles. In fact, I have never seen, in any of the London papers, financial articles got on with mare Bare, system, and arrangement and more comprehensive in their exhibitions of the buaineas state of the sou a* | try, and better suitins the elm k jobber and geteral trader, than those of the Herald. These money articles have greatly contriuuted to its popularity, and have excited much attention in our commer cial community. They all originate with, and are tl u.-trated undi r the supeiiuleudencr of tlie ?ditor There is, probably, no man in the United F ales, that could give a more able, accurate, and detail ed account ol the business operations, resources, state of trade, agriculture, manufactures, s? ience, literature, woiking ot the political institutions, and | the social, moral, and religious s ale ?t society in I that country, than James (iordon B? mien. lie i? a well tofunned und clenr-eeeii g man, and can write well on mostly any sLbject. Whatever tuny be bis lauhs as an editor?as a public character? 1 s y not j but, its a private citizen, he i? ol uuiin l>eaceuhle morals, and is noted lor hi" constant ap plication to business, m.d ilie exaci liilfilti.ei.t < f nis promises. Mr. Bennett, it I be lUhtl) inlormrd, is a native < f Abeideetirliire, Bcotiatid, and emi grated to Nova i"ci tia, in the capacity ol a teacher, ; some twenty-five jeers s nee. He shottly i ftei Wards proceed? d to tlie Stales, and ohlalliid ?IIi ploymeni as clerk, in a publishing h< u.-e in Hi s- j ton From Boston he went 10 Charleston. Sou It Carolina, w liere I e wa? eng. ged is translator ol the Sp nisli Weet India tows, for one of the I iiewepapeis ol that flit, arm winch he h ft to lake I charge of die A< re t oik Inquirtr, daily p?|s r, which j he erliieit for some >mie. / a fittant, I tun) men (loll th"t the Courier fy Intfuinr is owied aid edited by Colonel W ebb (not a mushroom t ololie I, hut a Colonel ol ihe "tegular aimy") n celetoattd duelhsi, and whose pa|>er is supposed !>v many to be in- Hutody Journal ot Martin Clinzzlewit Al ter Mr. BeiiOe tlV dii-c.'l lli cik.ii w ill) lllat paper, tie started tlie H,rold, which, hy Ills talent hi d iiid*: try, he lias tendered one ot the firs hu itires pa pets in ti e country. By that peper he has realised a handsome lottune lie is altogether a very sur ptising man Common Council. The Board of A tun turn mot j??i . v. ning, the Presi dent, H L ticHi??r lii* L.q in the (.hair. 1 tie minutes ol me iu?t day "a j.iocoi du.gs were rem) end approved. Petitions being in order, petl'ion* were received from Ow Iters ul plop, rly ill 43.1 alleet, prayng 'o limn tliut * riet gi,,d. d w a. 11 <?( ivtil and app o >iM> ly n t. rn <1 ,'torn inhabitant*, f the I3 h w aid, piaving the ndoi. tion ol the iiiCe?Mly steps to prevent the stealing 11 chicken i, tun mug oi hous.s bieuku.g of knees, ice., und asking for a day notice ilelcrred Immisranti - From several musters and owner] of ves *el-. praying the Board to rescind the resolution Jat.lv iikssed the Board, which compels ihe owutis ol vessels to laml all immigrant* at the whaif appropriated lor thai pti, pose ; and showing the ineligibility of the present lucu Hon for said purpose. II. fern W. K> monstrance of "Haruden h Co " against the lundinc ol immigrants at the said pier, ami show ing that the oidi nan re will o|>erate a good deal against the interests ol the shippn g owneiK Ol the city, itilerred. Ot Brnjamia UeKorrest and otheis, praj ing the abate merit ot nuisance at loot of hoosevelt street. Jlslerrt.l. I* Mini inhabitant* ol 4Id street, preying to have a bone ooiling < slaolishmciit in ihat locality removed. Referred KldiUft Slrrtl frimn.- From pri*o> era in Kldridge Street Prison in support el the statement which at iieaieii in he city papers in relation to abusis in that pri on ? Hiiterrcd. Several |>etition8 were received from inhahitants prayinr the adoption of.the ntcessaty steps lor the erection ot lite hydrants - !ern?d. From Charles Polk, asking relief for loss of his horse valued at f,loO, which fell into a pit and b.-cke its l.g - Belerred. ?' hiuiiuiion ? Pivit.'.tion lrom the ladies oi the " Iioword ,V',n,PK""".:o Society," to attend a meeting ot tho society to he heli. in ihe ensiling week ?Accepted, it ...7 .' ""cmnpniiut ol the "Uulick Guards" on the 14th I At.i and loth prox - Accepted. /..;i<ir*? - in favor ol granting relief cf f.70 to F. S Qiiiii I or i o.j of in#, horse. in favor of constructing a public sewer from ath street una roalw,"i''10 tvruntiute at Waveriy riuce in ti.U uve in fsvor of Improting the public road in lOVii street, in lavor ol constructing a sewer lrom John street to iiuruitg flip In lavor ol leasing the southern half of pier No. 1 Noilh that*IucrI"ity ''Ur|,olie 01 protecting the steamUiata il 7hi- Cltrty in tin Jilmt JJmut? A communication from toe ( ommisbii.i.eia ol the Alms House, explaining why the cl.igy v..,? .xcluled from tliei Alms Houmi, am giving us a reason that it was in ci nipliunrewiuiar. su Union ot the.II.mill of Cu in a on f ouicil, and tl.ut in no in *?anca were the cl.,gy excluded where application was made by any of the inmates. The I'nun.fM took t.is place as Alderman, and o.T.t eda resolution n.st.uciiiig the revnorol the ordinances to continue his w oik down to the present date Adopted ?/'??? Ihiutr ?Aid. Huaas. moved the adop tion ot tin Mutth reuilu ion. which is a- loliuw a : it.'solv ed, (it the Uojid o! Asfistanis concur ) That it .. rx,ndiant to eie-t upon Bluckueli'* l.Un.l suitahie bud i togs. Jo hi-us. d as a House ot Atl m.atiun and that tin ''uir e " e"?c!l'1' a* "? prac.ical.id, hy convict labor.? Alderirai. SciurrraLais sr.i,! he would submit soma r. my l.i on tin- p..k*..geot the6th lesol itton Inn us it win.', only amount to ? i.1(l#,.irw?t ? opinion he won. <j?~ liiirv I ho ro>oiMric!i in ts follow s : Retojrt : (Ifth* BoardA?i<tiDtiOiatiir,) Ti...: oriier to ruK*' thw Intuit utCt#?t<r> to cMraj the rrtcniig ti n htiiifJir ^H r?Totitnu urie<f, it im ;i L>0?.W ''on? l^nnd immit. hihIoi the c;t> i?r? pert' a- BeJievue, with the exception ot so muchol tha !?tiei at miy he n.ceH-ary to retain, lor a house lonimpoian Hies, the occasional div|Kisition oi piisonrri and pauen'. proviuus to their tiatisler to the islau?s, und forth, uiu Uo?|iit,HT%trfc'0h 0t ^'l,u ttnidiinf into m Cit) Aid. iman llssasoi'ca moved toamrn ) hy striking ou ?I1 slier the woid* ' loi ihe ultimiit. " w hicli i.iovidi ? loi the con version ol Ihe Alms House in'o a I ity Hospital. Alderman Uses, did not see the necessity lor etcludinc tl b win,is in il i.-solution refen.d to. Aldemian IUshkoi c* opjosvd ihe pustnge cf the run *iir\ n 0 l ' ^ruUU '* u' ' Hivxjivdieiicy of such a mew Alderman Kmh.m did not see the necessity for chane log the ulins h.nire as the pr. a. ni one w as i.. ilectly sun ??d to the pr-sent wants ol the city. The expena.* to th city would he immense ai.d tho.e w ho promised r. lorn end economy had a right to protect tho public fiom the unnecessary expense. ScMiirrsuur conceived the alderman of th. th (liashroiick) pieinature in moving the i mend nun a. lurure action could be had m ulalion to the prepe, dmMiidmrnt r 1 Alderman Mii.lkr did not consider the part of the rem . , " 'erred to, at all obligatory rn In ure Board, o A 1.1.own and he dm not think the sinking out or Jeav log in would heolcois.quence The qu. siinr. on striking out was taken and nsgative.l Aideru an gcuiirrxLiN moved an amendment to st 1 . out ihe worn ? city "?Lost '' ^ question on the original resolution was taken ar.c Cftrr leif A ) i ? II, mot's 4. The rith resolti ion was then put as loliows it.solved, (It the Board of A?/.istanls < auctir ) That t npecial ( on.mittee be appointed, w hose duty It shall b to procure an estirr.at.' ol the value oi the property at be, ? evue and Long Island Urrn., and to repott a piun tor it.. an<1 ?"?fi k'de disposition ol the.am. and it shall he the duty el the s.une t omrruttee to proem. plans estimates and proposals, and lepoit a- n< rally 11 regard to the nun,bur, extent, end probable c.st.u'ih. buildings pro|Kise j to he . reeled on Randall's and Black W ? 11 ""'l' !or purposes herelntmlore tugg. st.-d Alderman Kmmavs oppwsiei the passage ot the result! tioni I.aat > e rr tha Board h.el mu le some arraugemen and the plans lor the erection cf the Hospital. pl^'''ir,n*" wished to know where were th. Alderman Kmusns did not know w het became ot th. J ,u they were in the hands ol the Com Aid Buntiisu tin lerstood the expense for those nlm . iTaVe'sTmred"8 ^??' Wht" hfl" th" ????'? WouJ, The question on the passage ol the resolution was tskei 1?: "???? ?? -e?" commi'1*f. consisting of Aldermons Bontirg Miller, Seaman and J ucker, w. re. then appointed pOMihinmUn Lt" wished to havo tha entire Bsard, il wished to have tha minority repr. couvindtee. F.very thing conn cud will the Board was done 111 " caucus " ln, .ir,'1"411 (using warmiy). I? " caucusing' I ?H ? "r " ' "UCussuig any thing new ! I ? e milh?*" f very thing is done in r stiri, rnc.oTi " Wt " ?? "'".k. if fly ii,g to th. can''usrm"D ?'????. was not up u Alderman R?lis<- I do no' refer to this hnvincs. I <10 to otn#?r*. AUermHn farw.as thin moved to odd the name of.ill V!fi?hrofir|r. A lderm "! Ilssaenrca offeied a resolution din rin g a | enquiry to be n.ade by the same rommittae as to fhi , ..rn h< r of able bodied piujars k- pr in the Alms House lu r>srly purjarses Allusions had been mad-- to this pr.irtic. ami he wished to make inquiry into this hl>a<e ? nd to see if the Natim America.) party, o, aii 1. Tr7 i ,'*'n t""1/ ol ,uc'1 *n alius. Altai Ks had been made upon foreigners In the report jus passed, which he was surprise.! at, and imputations ol . moat grnvn and serious character ware ale upon th foreign population. They sr.med to forget that then, selves were the sons of fore-gnari, and that th. chief success of the Revolution was to he attnbutr Jo foreigners-to such men n- Lsfavette. rani Jones am . 'icroea who fought and hUl lor American fie. dnm. They si*rr.sl to torgit Montgomery nnd Harrv natives of the Emerald l.la-mo? who lett ihaservwel, tiimr country, all their hopes and pros,awls st home ami devo i d their talents in favor of their adopted country I Barry.Urta.tt and M-Nevin, V< KeU. and "l, ghan were also Irish arid ? native horn Amerirwii I f?;s;rh7oTd,h,tr#w,,Arw,M- h> I ! s-iaS.''tu I ih in grog Tbia i. e acre on tbi body politic that ?hcal4 cecond The gentleman b?a nun:.on.d the . >i".? of men hbum tit- (Ald.roiMi M.j nap. end . ?% n.mb ?>? the A Idtr man ol flu M'li Tbni1 l * D Hit.. Mill ttl.e II' gunled both jiurliia ; tn:d the CIiIi.Ii.iUim: lilt it a dU'j to l.otici* it. Alderman fam?i wDhc.l to krow if y anprra had rot an good u right ti> vn ? in g. i.tli d ? 11 in i :i i.. i'!i I . lur tiM i H' t !>?* ki.i*v. ol no inch thing < ? 1-.? i tmi^i 11m would n In in tl.i pipe, ay ing by w tucli the j.m in i U.sii wu* ? 1.cled?they were ?ii nii'iii *?> |n|i? .ayu-g; nin y of tin- waida edited in i!.i? w>uy ll.o Si.'ive Auui.cau party ill lliin board ; hull ko Wlirvtd thlMJ L*1.0:oik Uttl In In).* r?e eit or i 0 it. Mm . mm On i Con mi nctcuceive Lew ti e Aldt m en if it.i tii ud '4-1 c< i.Ji1 ? r tl i -i i t jn ' ci v to the njinrt. For I ta epinuii hmm wtci.nM and puncd to lii.it ib-it tliiue giii'liu.ni it.oi.id Jn.ii* di..uu in the i.feuu-* ol the benM ? ol the revolution, who ui*ie l.wo at lci.it il year*. lit* w a eitonieh. (1 to ilr.d tlioai node nuiilid h i ii von pniil <n the paup.rrwhu liuve been bought oiid mid in drunkenr ?!?. lie hor?d il.? ii doom wus coin, and 'I ,.t thi y would L,e di Iru id ai d pi i vent ed 'rinv tin i. vile pre. tin* Aiilfiiri.il lli n. ui i i v> i.h*.' tl' t if there ? 11. i to n.ill for the (Inn|f. i? r. I imlto tl | u!..ic i m,li< .u t? .-b m to know it In tin-jiiMi ? hi <li rlam th.it I i li * v, t ?? ii,i ir i'l ti e allium m. m<1 to, unit i.t ivri j n i.i. vvlu i i..l rtll)lhllg lO 0.1 VI llh lll.lf I.t MM ft*- 1 cut 111 1|, | l.t.,10 cout. mpt. hut when the Allelic- u It. | of tear | m jr leluae to loveafgate, It fixed Iht ir o< i ni 'II. A'..< .i n if the 21, (t-iul.* ) u I. rtcd h'm tor tic Ir * - La (?n mi' noi,. t> aed th'a would i *t gi *?< r. u* 11 ? ; nI iic would not be able to know th> lacta 'll.iu ?u Int. mi t.l the n.ii.oiit) on tie con miliei. hi o it. at boi. r. utl lie iiihnigc.l to nut tl.e | ar1) |i'H I ot? ? ? f'I <? ('. mint I.. Aid. itnan M iLLaa r. !? nrd In the Aid. r nun ?i tie Oh (En mane) for ibe tecta lu (elation tu hie Hen mint olutit the |.hu|? r vet. ra Alderman Kmiiim did net know any (hit g at rut tinn\. 'lh>* reiolution to let tl lie on the tehle w aa then | ut and cat tii d n* hount n in favor of appropriate g a Him ol ?l 70*1 it r tin- tike oi the Bonnt of Emu anon ? < i nruit. d <n Ordinance making bppi epilation lot ti e p: y of publio otttvei*.- Ph.Hd Kokoluiion ii; pointing liafl.uk, Deputy Kicpirol tLa Dh'u-rjL'U.I on the tuble ?.Ipfin'nimtnl ? William t laik <lnj police rffieir oi the Hit I> ward. flraolution makir g an appropriation of flt.CO 'or t-ikt nji' rlerk to lh> I orpoiutioii ? Adi pled. The Board adjourned to nt. et thlkev.ning nt 7 o'rlrrk. Tiir Bonn) ur Aiiiituti aim met, and hf er dikj o*. ing ol aou.e huMm-m, uijotirni J. Ooaitl or Nuprtvlaori. The Board o'blip, iviaora m. l laat evening Ilia Honor the Aiujor in the chair The inihiitra il the lakl day'a pinceedu.gii were rend and apprt vn! I'. titi nu. Irom it habitant* )nij it g r? lief fiom rite erv.ua taxation w ere t.cuiveil and bppmpi ut. Ij r. ten. Kvporta being in order the t on mittee* to whom w ea re. fctred tlie petition ol lieuiielta U. Jiidhli knu it e N.w Voik f.he'iiiiiul Muu'ilhi'torj mid f oniiany, pii.>ug ie* lot lioni eiroiirou* thxution. report.o acv.ti.eiy. Thu hame < omuutt.e r. pott, d in lavor of lelievn g J. mi . A. viiirtin ami >iai y B. rry from the pa) fl.eiit?l eitoi eoui trixauon Report in lavor ot Hp, io) in.tir g f l7hC lor iVe tue ol the liohrJ ol Education The I. uinnintce to v him ?u referred the petition ol the Kurtn.ri>' Loan and 'J tu.t Company. prayii g re).'el lion, eiroieotn. M*?tH>n n j "it ed in favor ol reducing tt ? lux ox that Cin.phny num $1,933 2b3 !>3 to $3< 0 1114 9o Nir tVii i i.ui i.tti n.t a reeolution to tl a . fl.ct that the Courpi.ny >hot lJ l.rct'tri|? II. d to ( ay up?lie taxta oil thatr nominal capltul, winch wealaid on the ir.Hn A leaolution am cfl. ir.l b , Alderman Fcu trrn ?t?, and Rdopted, which prohllu'a the Comptniiier to pay any ktim t xceedu g $W> to the muikhalH or oflicort. The Board adj, uineJ tint dir. V. 5. < lirnlt Court. Bi lor*. Judge Bei 'a. fi't.r 29 ?TL" fj.imiiiril tn.n ol tbia Court commenced today, when the tellewiig Grand Jury w.ie .woiii: ? Jarriea Van Ni.ktrat.d. loivH.an; Simeuu Al'iahan a J (j Alien, 8t.*|ihcii Bui b hull er, Uroiae Brow n. Hi my Coin', Henry Duk.II, Ctw ir. Enoch, Altred A Lioi ar.l Jm.ii vlori head Bryan McColiill, Hct ry Nelkon, Jin 1. lin t , ll.r.ni t> Hnuth. Duvnl Ta|)|.iu, nai Vatiuu, Jhiiu.. >. Wet la, Tlouiua \V. Wulwoith. Iiu Honor <hur ? tdiehfed the Jury Mr. Foremm end (let. tier*.en,?The criminal rmenuar lor thine, ru | u .. ma in lie t'JikiM. '1 w o oi tliete cliurg. ? aie ol u capital i hat ur terj hi.otlier lor leiouy ut common law By an act of i ongr.ka paaked in May 1921), it t* ri.aoe piiacv in ui.j ci* tizeu uf ttie Liuted Siatia, either on Board an Am. iicait Vmhu I, or oil the coa.t ol Afro a to be d teeil) ei eageil ,n the alave trude; whether ga?lating or taking >lu<ri a on hoatda veaael. Ii either ca .* it u made ? capital ciuoe. i'wo individual, atand charge d w itli it.n < flct.c. ; tt. oi.a w uk n.a?;. r ol the t rig ILp*; tlie othi r vm mate .f 'liekrtm.vek.i l. | rtia.l m.t ..elh.u y ou now fcy ..calling lie riici.iiutuiirek iciuaecttJ w tl .a il.ur^e, lui il ti o caae la piovid helote you, y..u n.rut bod lor an li diet merit The aame paniea, geiitlcu.en, Maud a'?o ?I e.g.d wi'h the iii.l'or i ft liccr . uliltectrd w ;tli tl i? 'ta'po, wlnch. oea i.oi aii.oiilit to jutacy. 'J h> y m? ili.iig.il w it|. aerviog on h< aid an Amriic?n vei.*. : kniwu.i o to tie rngag d in the alave tiule. '1 ho .vi .rie in 'La ohargf w ill b. ib. lame a. 'hat tola, pieiint.' en no .'barge ot | iiue.y Genth n er,. to . op. ..i g ol tl.e i h , tlie itkiiir.iiny mitrt he euthci.ut to muM your n it a, .nd.|ial>2. y .,u io ju.'go I i iu tin* t?. t? tl.'itwitl t , ; io. ?or.tod to ; ou On. p. :kon au.mls charged v ,"1; p. tjo'y*. ' relation to a.... k which had I em in <1.* ? imiii. II n I o tatkhlikh the cl-u'g. <1 p. <j'i y, which .? u <,..vm i 11. i c ?an ci.iikce ag..ttiat u.e !,.??- i' wi I ..n ,:i ce?* .1 y liral, to p.ovo ih. tu.kity ol the oat I ; i. d, u.at 'hat the ....tli w .a d.ut.iial \ ou muat reqUtlu .ho i.ktimory nl . ue w iir.c.-. The. n'..v r>rult from hov.t ?i,. iitrtiy cvid.ic, if it h. nliodnn i.nd it bioi gi.t ur..'. r CliCUDial|.nila. pili.l. 'Il.elr t- OKI cm* ft.io, on 'lie ? ah ii'lar againit a party lor n'etiulling the ni tte of u re*>ii with a kh.bth knite I nip, < By n ln*v ol < on <re?*. | auk. <1 in Ibi9, it Ik made a crto ii.ai t Hci ce ? ,'U.i't < party ki-iving ai nea, lot It ut oi ii.g an injury tu a party ?y uaii.g, or en.ploy tl g i ny .ur ). w. apnn ir. a ti.. ii..c,ng manner- thi? i. mm).- h ciimiuul. ffei.ca. I h .ve l.ad uc ?uhioii to len.Hix, hoWMver, it.ui inqi,. ntiy u . ? .keault vvua not pMuii.liat.lM t.y tin* I. vv? < f l-c I'ntt.d Htatc*. cr.miriaily . Ihore ta Hnuth.r cih on't.? kloialiii for n.utiny on ticard tn Alt u. i ai via. I 'lina - w I fiber any mat. h rvu g on I curd i h. uid k? c< r. t. t tinisolt or act in any wa, whatever'o riitit.l. rac.t the o ? era ol the uliicerk Hi Cfln.ni.ii.il Theae arotbe mora I.at are on tbo crio.tnal Calender, a< d y.u v ill . u>] n ? I them Vmii dune* are not luohit.n..1 p i tl. n .ri to tiia .loco tlx nt ('he Calender) it ?n> <'I.i r r.< . '.out I ?li,m helorr you ull.Rir g a vi i ll.tioii ol lielaWkot'le United 8'U ea, lor hi,y . If. i.e.* t hit nnt'.d iija.ii the li.h a* or in the K Ult.ein DihKict ol New \ n'. tout oe iliiolicnon . v.t thin. \ our jtn xdi. to n i"h ? ? to A'eel Point New Muk, the Navy d.iurr'l e I iklu'a nt lie Bay ; hecanae utl cr iliiek thu ar e ptinik t ?? ill 'h it oii.t are r xp'. kkly piobibi'ed by <|.e law ? . I t . Uiiii.d aiatea \\ i h the*, pen. r*l r. n aik* I >t -< 11 . I. w. v. u n retire h, <1 you khali h>'attend. >1 tie <!,. t) -'i ct '< > r ey to ai I y on in y our .tune* and t.y i.iop. I. i.t .ho. * ue Oiand Jury here wihdiew.wti.n no . a-t k tuij eady thepetnjoiy w. ie .loci urged untii th I* ntotui. g I'he ti.ll.iw ing !? the ' iflend. r : Thr IJ. a. II. J?hn Tyltl. Aikuult W itil U vlk.'.ge rou* weapon Thr IT S VI ?fj-f.'fan II Gunilh ? A like OlfeDCO. 7V.e IJ. S er Jumit fTi'fi.r. ? A l.k.' ofl. r .V T\r U S v? li' U f'tubtr I'.rjury, in the entry of ? nod* h' the Ci.gtom II. line 7fx V A vi Ctrntliui f Briicill - fh,.r|t.l * itk 1 *? rig conc. rued in the *|mv< trade. A c.Hpital . P. nee Thr IJ S vi Iht ,S*m?-Tl tec o'Ler etierg. a I r <1 ? ante . if. rice, varied under dill, r ,nt at-luti*. no: puui. t.a vie ?I h .1. uttl. 'Iht IJ S vi. Hurllrtt fil n'fithl Vnltinfnri'y iciv g .* mute of a veaael concerned in thu alavo trad, under I..' command oi Dri-coll Thr U S vi John Grnhnm. - Endeavor to make a revolt in hoard elnp Atlantic. Hi* Hoteoa then called tip tb? c.tae cf Edw ard Wight va. "'.'tw urd f nttta, late Coll. c.tor of tliik jm rt ; an m g >:* ? i t or damage done to cenuin gnodi tie-longir g to I lie- plain .If w bile in the cualodyot the Collector- w hen t..c < ouit ?djijiirned over. Economy ?Mr. Weilaal. y p..l?* u d to * rvtlcit t wh? ihijk.m- Mm to live like n geiiiJeriiHii in lii arid tin.I. r ?40 f'OO a yeat and Beau B urnm.-t n.id u il ly. how much khe ought to allow her * m a > car for Irr ta, h*t i'miglu he done h.r A*0d wi'h rtnr* ?conortrv. IN I HANI Kll V?Bffo# f ** V io ? h ae* Un ?.?'ihf fl. t ? I ir? u?t? Tik> a l> *ev ' ik'ii'O! rf th >* i ?'? t ' *?d l? ? itmaa' ? l Too.oi.t llaggerty, tin * H,a# Linlft ( ? 'lulu j tod oihm. h ilfi.tiiii H P-t \ ' f ib? ntv of New York, Wn'ir ine fo. 07.PHII *nt, B II of Jfiier|#Je??d?r f^r cm ttru tinu ? I will hu ij?' ir n' ion of ett tf M<>rr?t H-grmr * 4 D*niet M rwty It*. two of ih* 'fVrd ,1)1? in 1 Hift i rtUgf * :to *f< MOl ??f H' Bf?U ?f e w ti rk bin who?e r tidener i* to that i urt of ti.e t'oi rd Kii.ir ?Mfl of (timl Br?:*i? and If lend CfttlWl Irrl-ti.d, *??? *u:#l i (i<m is i.-qni r?i in n{>|K*xr in t i? o* te v i? ? nf<i? d v - f S?>hrB?ff o- it A D IH45 or the bill fl od thai** n v* tM * k <? ? ro. fe|?ed f v them N?w York July 2?, 'M4 I 24 !'awtw it rc aV OHIJKH OK AAKON VANDKNPOtX. of the Btipeifoi f* ttf im thf Cit| of Nff *i <>lt Notice 1% ? er*bj i'iV?d, | nrtntft l? t??#- |>.OVi?MOt ni # n.nre ntiih fit II ?( attnrhm?i<ts .ttrtinti n> r*ide? t b*t ?i? t' i^hiwrf l*?t i*to? il the * ?>f ? M 4| ? f l*1!.* ? rr?i?in rof AnJt'rr*. ??. ui HutW'i.'Uiii hi*'I ' *ii- will b* in'il fur fhfiwttpwi? of hhiWi nl m h? ?i?i d?*?*b?nc. ott'iRinriii, tvfo ?iii.i,' i<i i.it f i ' ii i< ituft'bi from ?!?' rf*t totbl tent ion nf this ootke: ' m- rh?? to1 ivwm of ??v debts due to htui I y reti'Ieou <*f Uh* si d V d livery to him or lor bit n?*, ol *i f v n in ib?t faleb lon?tnv to hi in oud the tftotfer of tn> tuck pft/ivfkjr by ? ?n ,tr* forbidden by | ?vr ?r:d are void. Dated the 7th d .y of ?* Onmrj , IM4 WKH ft KiN H f DW AHDH. Attnro-rs for AtUf.biof CrnfW.f. ft | lr* ? rr TRKNTON FALLS, N K A R I'TIt A, N K W V 0 P K ..y. HI Htlil.h un onr>? t thrfulll' lh?t n'l f ??! I ao ?'??until'. !'? >?? r* fitm ill** niTf Hni 'I i *? ("'??I nt lh? *!??>?? ?.I?C? 11" lit 1 '? '?? ll'" t"i#M- r?l"r iihml ?n.i |" r t- rout lr# ord?r, ?nAh* trwtt by lnt ntlralt .. 1 tl -< <-<.IHI rt of l'i? *?t?U in ii'? I a rr tini u! ih> |a. Lt,At. < ? lihrni'i* I ?iuw. <1 dm Ma in lonont ? -a ? ,*'? I. ihl? .A M MOOIO AVANA A P ''KIM ITK <'IOAHH-K1,* - nut* V>an ?o,?rn)r: 10 ' ??'? l)? Vova? j M.vth 1.A N"" ?i ? tit, r t'tii, nit: 10 Cflo lad * "AAilnrpA. 10.Mf 1 ? I ? i ll r?i "r.i *H t?t? Ct * ; t*M FrAMfaoriian fm" ?? m >?%?* I. ?ifil; lirt "i ' 1 MirtriiA*.'" tui?"t"t ; JP.W.i l.'i' *i fa; M.fto Ja<to fl<> t ? naeipr ; |:S (Hi' t>o I.H 1 r?lV?? 't tii rtl iiiro Hmpltl MikiM i f tnp|> lo ?????>tm nt?I ? H,r f.n ? 'H i?> Hi- ,,v.'i?r or 'I" ??'i.d l-f i '.UC II mMITU.SM K.fHiaItrrt, {IS la luw? t? upiKitil* k'olioa Mai k?< nr. :f

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