15 Ağustos 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

15 Ağustos 1844 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. X., Br*. tt!40_ Whole No. 38X6. NEW YORK, THURSDAY MORNING, AUGUST 15, 1844. Prleo Two Conta. THE NEW YORK HERALD. AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST L\ THE IVORLD. To the Public. THE NEW YORE HERALD?Daily N?wi|?p??pub tidied every day of tbc year etcept New Yaar'a Day aud Fourth of July. Priee 1 oaub |ier copy?or $7 X per annum?postages I>aid?caih in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?publiabed every Saturday mo mine?price tii centa per copy, or $3 13 per annum?post ages |?id, eaah in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald ia ever THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and increasing faat it Ana tin larfst circulation if any payor in tA it city, or the world, mod, is, (Aerc/ere, tAc boot okonnolfor Auaain men in fAe city or eeuntry. Price* moderate?cash in advance PRINTING of all kinds executed at the most moderate price, and in the most elesant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PnorniCTon op the Herald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. NEW LINE OF LIVERHOOL PACKETS. To sail froth New York on the 2Cth and Liverpool ou the 11th of each month. m m. m. ^TiuaI NEW ?unit. i Sept. ^ *?n> fct FROM LIVERPOOL. Ship SHERIDAN, Ca|>uin A. Depeyatw, Uth July. Shjp GARRICK, Captain B. I. H T rask, 11th August. Ship ROSCIUS, Captain John Collins, 11th Sept. Ship SIDpUNS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 11th Ocl These slik>. are all of the first class, upwards of 1000 tons, hi ilt in the city of New York, with such improvements as combine treat speed with unusual comfort for passengers. Every care lias been takeu in the arrangement of their accom modations. The price of passage hence is $100, for which am ple stores will be provided. These ship* are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to give ge neml satisfaction. Neither the Captains or owners of the shins will be responsi ble for any letters, parcels or packages sent by tliem, unless re gular bills ofladeu are signed therelor. For freight or pessage apply to E. K COLLINS A CO.. 06 South street. New York, or to BROWN, dHIPLEY It Cb., Liverpool. '-etters by the Packets will be oharged 12)? cents per single letter, SO cents i>er ounce, aud newspapers 1 cent each. mlrc M M MM few * ottK k HAVH.. packets. Second Line?The Ships of this Line will hereafter leave New York on the 1st, and Havre on the 16th of each mouth, as fol lows, viz: Prom New York. Prom Havre. Nnw Ship ONEIDA, I 1st March, ( 16th April, Captain < 1st July, < 16th August, James Funck.f 1st Novambur, f 16th December, Shin BALTIMORE, 11st April, I16th May, Captain < 1st August, < 16th Septsmber, Edward Fuuck.r 1st December, f ICth January, Skip UTKA, v 1st May, t ICth Jans, tain, < 1st September, < Eth Octsber, Frederick Hewitt, ( 1st January ( lQlh February, New Ship St. NICHOLAS i 1st June, t 16th July, Captain < 1st Ostober, < 16th Novembar, J. B. Bell, / 1st February, ( 16th March. The accommodations of these ships are not surpassed, com bining all that may be required for comfort. The price of cabin passage is $100. Passengers will be supplied with every requi site, with the exception of wines and liquors. liooda intended Tor these vessels will be forwardoe by the sub scribers, free from any other than the expeuses actually incurred ou them'. For freight Or passage, agidy to SOYlf A. HINCKEN. Agents, je25 ec No. 9 Tontine Buildings, cor. Wall and Water sts. THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. - , _ , , , , .? from Liverpool ou the 6lh of each mouth :? Prom New York. L'pool. - 6| .. - _ 6 Aug. 21 Oct. 6 ?-?*? ?? Mar. 6 - " notr niiir, or wvuiruUL rAtatlS. m M M m Jo sail from N?w lork on the Su^unftrom Liverpool ou New ShiptlVFRPOOL. 1150 Urns, j* iLiunuge. ||A 2l 0c{ N. Ship QUEEN OF THE WEST, ?tu?y ?! VV' ? 1250 tons P. Woodhouse. i ' July 6 Nov. 6 New Ship ROCHESTER, 850 tons, ( \\ ^l'"1 * JohuBritton. 21 dS&I Ship HOTldNGUER, 1050 tons, ? Ira Bursley. ^No; ? Jai'y 6 These substantial, fast sailing, first class Ships, all built iu the city of New York, are commanded by men of ezperieuce and ability, and will be despatched punctually on the 21st of , each month. Their Cabins are elegant and commodions, and are furnished with whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of |?aseu K* re price ol Passage, $100. Neither the Captains or owners of these Ships will be respon sible for any parcels or imckaget sent by them, unless regular bills of lading are sigued llierefor. For freight or passage, apply to WOODlfuLL It MINTURNS, 07 South street. New York, or to FIELDEN, BROTHERS, It CO., jUec Liverpool. PASSAGE FKO.V1 GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND M. M. M. b s THE BALL (h^Oi-7 LINE Or LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool on the 7th and 19th of every month.J Persona wishiug to send te the Old Country for their friend can make the necessary arrangements with the Subscribers, sua have them come out ui this superior Line ef Packets, Sail inn from Livarpool punctually ou the 7th and 19lh of every month They will also have a first rats class of American trading ships, sailing every sit days, thereby affording weekly communication from that port. #ue of the firm, (Mr. James i). Roche,) i? there, to see that they shall be forwarded with care and des patch. Should the (wrties agreed for, not come out, the money will be returned to thoee who mid it here, without any reduction. The Black Ball or Old Line of Livepool Packets, compute the following magnificent Ships, viz.:? The OXFORD, The NEW YORK. CAMBFUDOE, COLUMBUS. J^CEUROPE, SOUTH AMbRICA, ~ ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA. L ? . ... t ^ of that sup for which With such superior and unequalled arrangemenu, scribers confidently look forward for a continuance ol port which has been extended to them so many years, I they are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, eai at all times obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, also, on Messrs. PREBCOl T, GROtE, AMES It CO. Baaksrt, London* which will be paid on demand at any ef the Banlu, or their Branches, ^in all th^nrincipal towns throughout Engldid, lre , o an an B?CHE( BROTHERS k CO. 95 Fulton street. New York, next door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverjiool Packets sail from this port for Liverpool on ule 1st and 19th of each mouth. Parties return ing to the Old Country will Aud it to their comfort and advan tage to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, in prefer enee to any other. OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m m. m. m. s its* Old Line ui ? -carls for Livtupuui mil hereafter ue <le spatched in the following order, excepting that when the sailing day falla on Suuday, lha ships will sail ou th* succeeding dsy, vix. s? Prom New York. From Uvospool. Tbr.LAMBRI DGE, t June 1 July 16 t850 tons, < Oct. 1 Nov. 16 W. C. Barstow.c Feb. 1 Mar. The ENGLAND, tJune 16 Dec. 759 tons, < Oct. 16 Dec. & Bertlett, (Feb. 16 April . Th* OXFORD, t July 1 Aug. 16 809 tons, J hOT t * 16 J. Rath bout, ( March 1 April 16 The MONTEZUMA. vJujy if 1900 tons, < Nov. 16 A. B. Lowber, ( March 16 May I The EUROPE,, \?ug. 1 Sept. 16 618 tons, ' <D#c. 1 Jan. 16 The NEW YORK, (nsw?) t Aug! 16 $1 1 950 *. 1 Use. 16 Feb. I J. B. Cropper,{April 16 June 1 The COLUMBUS, \ Sept! 1 Oc" 16 70U.tous, I Jan. 1 Feb. 16 G. A. Cole,f May 1 June 16 The YORKSHIRE, (new,) Sgt. 16 Nov. 1 1050 tons. J Jan. 16 March 1 D.O. Bailey,(May 16 July 1 Them Shi|is are not *ur|uisted iu ,K?int of elegance or comfort in their cabin accommodations, or in their fast sailing quaiilie. by'any vessels in the trade. The commanders are well known as mail of character, and experience, and tie- strictest atteAun will always be paid to promote the comfort and convenience of passengers. Punctuality, as regards lire day of sailing, will be observed as hsretofore. Tire price of passage outward is now fixed at One Hundred Dollars, fur which ample atom of every description, will Ire t with the exception of wines and liquors, which wil provided, with the exception of win be lumisheil by the Stewards, if reui Neither the captain or osrnrrs of inired. * ..f these Ships wiH be respon sible for any letli-rs, parcels, or package* sent by them unless regular lulls of lading are signed therefor. F'er freight or pas sage, apply to GOODHUE k C(k 64 South street. C. B. MARSHALL, 38 Burling Slip, N. Y. J29tf and of BARING. BROTHERS k CO . L'pool. JRKstNUEttENTS PUR 1S44. m OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. 100 Pine street, corner of South. 100 Pine street, corner of South. * m. m. m. m . 'Itii. Subscribe. reave to call i... ...< ution of In. n.?-.?. and the public m general, to the fnllvwmg arrangement* In 1*44, for the purpose of bringing oul Cabin, 2(1 Cabin, ami Sleer age Passengers, by the Regular Line of Liverpool Packets, sail ing the 1st, 6th, lllh, 16lh. 21st and 26th of every mouth. B] the Loudon Packets to sail from New York, da 1st, 10th am 20th?and from London on the'7th, 17Ui and 2?lh of each mouth In connection with the above, and for the purpose of affordini ?till greater facilities to passengers, the Subscriber has establish ed * regular line ef first class New York built, coopered am coppered fastened ship*, te sail punctually every week throngh out the vear. F'or the accommodation of persons wishing to remit monet to tlieir families or fneuds, drafts are given, payable at sight, or the following Banks, vix.:? rroviucial Bank of Ireland, payable at Cork, Limerick, Clomnel, Londonderry, Hligo, Wexford, Belfast, Waterfovd, Gslway, Armagh, Athloue, Cole.rain, Bslliua, Tralee, Youghal, Enmskillen, Monaghan, Bsinbndge, Bsllymena, Parsemtown Down|?trick, (.avail, Lnrgan, Omagh, Donaaunon, Bandon, Lnnia, Ballyshannou Strauaue. Skibliereen, Mallow, .Vloneymore, Cootchill, Kilmsh, Dublin. Skibbrren. Scotland?The City Bsnk of Glasgow. Flngland? Messrs. 8|>oon*r, Aiwood It Co., Bankers, London R. Murphy, Waterloo Road, Liverpool; tmyable in every towt in Greet Britain, ""h- i"<;o.r0frM,l'rS&15*77ivr_,.;jsv - PACKET FOR HAVRE?{Hocouil Line)?The ?lup ? UTICA, Frederick Hewitt, lluUr, will Mil on tlie ?l?l of September. *or .might or I^'dWiNCKEN. No. 9 Tontin. ,9 rc Building, corner Wall ?inl Water streets. FOR CAPE TOWN, or a Port on West Coast of .Africa.?The line new British ling NILE, Ailam m^mk ula, master, 3.'>0 tons burthen, will proceed aa abort, Willi immediate desiwlcli, if a cargo oilers. Apply to li? Captaiu, ou board, foot of Roaerelt street, or to rvipiyto p WOODftULL k M1NTURN, i j y 27 ec 67 South strret. C UNION LIN'E OK PACKET8-FOK N*-W_ 1 ^ORLEANS?To sail positively on or belorr loth of August?The splendid packet snip INDIANA, Capl. j. t>. im ..iett, will |K>sitireIy sail as abore. Tie* accommodations for cabin, secoud cabin and steerage passengers are rery superior, and persons wishing to embark, should mike early application ou board, at Murray's whan, foot of Wall street, or to _ JOSEPH McMURRAY, 1M Pine street a9 comer of South. PASSAGE"FORTjEW ORLEANS-First Pace ?at?The splendid fast sailing and farorite Packet Ship bsOU'TH CAROLINA. Captain Owen, L24U toua ouniMu, will sail positively as above. The accommodalioua of this fine ship for cabin, second cabin aud steerage passengers cannot be surpassed. Those about proceeding to New Orleans would do well to select this hue ship. Apply ou board, arpier 11 E. R., (jiret pier below Wall st,for to W. Ik. J. T. TAP8COTT, 76 South street, aulOh Comer Manlea lane. FOR T7l VERP00L?New Line?Regular Packet of 16th August?The splendid, fast sailing I achat Ship S1DDONS, Captaiu Cobb, of 1100 tons, will ?*.. 4.UV0, her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on board at Orleans wharf, Tool ol Wall street, or to E R COLLINS A CO, 46 South street. The' Packet*$L{/'all ERI DAN, (Villain F. A. De Peyster, will succeed the Siudou#, ind sail 26th Sept. jy30rc 7^: KOR NEW ORLEANS.?LOUISIANA AND ?flSLNtW YORK LINE.?Positively first Regular Pack JUbAb't. after the Oconee?Tlie well known fast sailiug CopiAfttu aud copper fastened ship LOKfcNA, Capt CrquahV will positively sail as above. , For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accoms . dations, apply on board, at Orle uis W harf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS A CO., 46 South street. Agents in New Orleans?Messrs. Hullen and Woodruff, who will promptly forwyd all goods to their address. The packet ship Oeucare, Capt Miuot, will succeed llie Le vona. _ ? | ?pA I.IV' e.RPtltJC.?New Llue.?lu-guiai ixckei ? of theZBth iii.tanl.?The spleudid fast sailing iwcket ^^^^ihip SIDDONS, Capt Cobb, of 1100 toua, will posi iTvTiTTTl aa above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodalioua unequalled for splendor or oomlort, ap ply on board, at 14' ^0%South at. Price of paaaage f 100. , . Shippers by thia line may rely upon having Iheir goods cor rectly measured, and that the snips of this llue will sail punc tually as advertised. The splendiP |?cket ship Sherifui, Lupt F. A. DeDeysler, will succeed the Siddous and sari 2blh Sep temper au4 Ad?1 BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF LIVER dnHfVPOOL PACKETS?FOR LIVERPOOL?Ouly AMMeAbregular packet! iling on the 10th of August.? Tlie new ami oeautifui packet ahip NEW VORJK, burthen 1040 tons, Thomas B. Cropper, Commander, and will sail positively ou briday, 16th Aui ost, her regular day. It it well known that llie accommodation* ef the Now York" and all the eight ships of this line, are titled eut ui a moat costly style, with every modern,improvement arid conveni ence. that cannot but add to the comfort of cabin, 2d cabin, ana steerage passengers. Those visiting the old country will, stall times, tind it llieir interest to select tlusse desirable conveyances in preference to any other. For terms of luueage and to secure the iimt berths, early application should be made ou board, loC; of Beck man street, or to '^ft^OTHERS k co., 34 Fulton street, ueit door to the Fulton Bank. 1?. S.?Tlie New York sails from Livtn>ool on the 1st of Oc tober. Persons sending for their frieuds can have tlieui brought out ill hei, or in any ol the packets comprising tins maguihceut aud unequalled line, sailing Irom that port, punctually on the 1st and 16th of each mouth, F or terms of passage apply as ,bThe favorite tmckel ship Columbus will succeed tlie New York, aud sail for Liverpool on the 1st of September, her regu lar day. aul3rc FOR BATH, "GARDINER AND HALLOWELL. . .mm The uew steamer PENOBSCOT, Captain AS~. *?J,C3?N. Kimball, leaves the end of 1 wh^f. Boston, Tutuday and Friday evenings, at 7 o cioca. oia?e? will be in readiness on her arrival at tlie above placrs, to convey passengers to the neighboring towns. je!4 4m* re _ BUMMER ARRANGEMENT. MEHjiUK MD MEW YORK. FARE ONLY l?i CENTS. THE NEW AND SWIFT STEAMER RAINBOW, CAPTAIN JOHN OAFFY. .MM ?w On and after Mouday, May 13, will run as A ~ Leave Newark, foot of Centre at, at 9^^SE3E-7>i A. M. and lk P.M. Leave New York, loot ol n-icuy st. at 10 A. M. ana 1 P. M. On Suudays?Leave Newark at 8 A. M. and 2 P. M. aud New York at 10 A. M. and 4 P. M. Freight carried at very reasonable rates. ?May 10th, 18-11 "I*16 f&ul'i.E & Li.sE *'E ?? Tl. MB I, si i a FOR ALBANY , DAILY, Sundays eacepted?Through direct, J-1 ^--It 7 p. M? from -.lie Steamboat Pier between J|b*K.Courtlandt and Liberty strreU. sm- sieauiuoat KNICKERBOCKER. Captain A. P. Sc Jolui Vlouday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings at 7. ?n* SlcamLoat ROCHESTER. Capum A. Houghton, on Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday Evenings, at 7. At Five o'clock. P. M.?Lauding at Intermediate Places. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Wm. H. Ieck; Mon ,lav Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Afternoous, at 4 o clock -fU steimblat NORTH AMERICA. Caput.. R. G. Crut leuden, Tuesday, Thursday aud Saturday Afternoous, at 4 Passengers taking either of the above lines will arrive in Albany in ample time to take tlie Morning Tram of Cars for ?lie east or west. The boats are new and substantial, are fur ushed with new and elegant slate rooms, and for stwed aud ac commodations, are unrivalled ou the Hudson. . . . F'or iiassage or freight, apply on board, or to r. O. oclinltt, U the Office on tlie wnarf >u '3rc NEW lUKK, AEBANk AND TROY STEAMBOAT FOR ALBANY AND TROY.-Moniing Liue from the foot of Barclay street, lauding intermediate places. ... ... l?eare?."..PIRE, CapUin SR. Roe, Monday, Wednes day and Friday Morning at 7 o clock. i'he Steamer TROY, (ia|>uin A. Oorham, Tuesday, Thurs day and Saturday Momma, at 7 o'clock. Evening Line from the foot of Courtlandt street, direct. The Steamer SWALLOW, CapUin A. McLean, Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evening, at 7 o'clock. TheSteamer ALBANY, CapUin R. B. Macy, Tuesday, Thursday and Satuiday Evening, at 7 o clock. The Boau of this Line, owing to their light draught of wa ?r, are able at all limes to pau the bars, and reach Albany and Troy iu amide time to uke the morning train of cars for llw ^o?rpass*ge or freight, apply on board, or at the offices on the wharves. ?"rrc... FOR HALIFAX ANLJ LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Steamers CALEDONIA land ACADIA, will leave Boatou, for the above porta, aa Follows, vi* CALEDONIA Aug. 16. ACADIA , Sunday, Sept. 1. Passage to Liverpool Passage to Halifai yjiiHu a m T/ a.Ji' anlOrc Apply to " * H. BRlOHAM^J^Ag-t^ BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL ? oTuAil BrlirBi Of 1200 tons and 140 horse Power aaoh. Under contract with the Lords af tha Ad miralty. _ ., , n HIBeRNIA. Capum Aleiander RynE CALEDONIA Captain Edward O, Lott. ACADIA. ..... .. - CapUin W ilium ^ Mftti? ":??. -.-.hssatlau. ? Win Mil trum Lit'tpool Caledaulk, Lott August 16th. ? Aaadia, Harrison. ..Sept. 1st. ?oth' Hibtmiti Ryriiisf* 16th. , Th?M mstli carry axpcricaccd aurfcona, and arc supplied with Lila BoaU. For freight or p-saga, t/RiaHAM Jan.. Arynt. mire fro, i Wall street. 1844.1 THE NEW STEAMBOAT [1844. J EMPIRE, CAPTAIN D. HOWE, I Will laava BUFFALO for CHICAGO, Son FRIDAY. 23d of August, at 7 P. M., and tmrlorm bur trips regularly during tha saa ? son, aa follows UP. DOWN. leavks aurrsLO. ueaves tincaoo. Friday Aug. 23,... at 7 P. M. I Saturday, Aug.23... at 9 A. M Saturday, S*|>. 7,... at do Monday, Sept. 16.. .at do Monday, " 23... at do Tiietday Oct. 1... at do Tuesday, Oct. H...at do WaduMMlay, 16... at do Woduesilay, " 23... at do Tliursday 31... at do ThuradMV N?v.7...at do I Friday. Nov. U.. .at do The is 260 fe#t in huiKth, 32 feet 8 inches beam, 14 feet 2 inclies hold, measuring 1220 tons, and is the largest steam boat afloat in iuland water*. Engine 660 horwpower.boiurs prtwidrd with Evan's PaUnl Safety Valves, to prevent tha possi bility of an eiplosion. , , , .. The Cabin is 231) fret long, with aeparaw Saloons for Ladiea and Gentlemen?spacious Bute Rooms rstnnd the whole length, veutilatrri by doors opening from the inside and out, aim all paiU ol tlie boat are finished and fiinnshed in aatyle unequalled by any othfcr in tlie world. Ampl? accommodations ror Steer age Passenger*, in foor large well tentilated < abins, one of which is appropriated eiclnsively lo fenialea. Tne boat is provided with a good hand of music. WiLKias, Maksh AC*-. Buffalo, ) H. Noiito?i 81 Co., Chicago, > Agenta. J. N. t"'ViTbArney. a/coy ^ Angnst I, 1M4. Cleveland. auStouvlrc M STATEN ISLAND W* ferry. FOOT OF WHITEHALL. The Boau will run aa follows until further notice LKAVFl NKW YOKK: 6, (, 9, 10, 11. A. M-; I, 2, 3k 4. 6, T, P. M. LkiAVE STATIN ISlXn'D : 7, 6. 9, 10, U, A M.; I, 2, 3, 4, 4, 6, 7M. P. M. On Hunaays, every hour, from 0 A. M. to 7 P. M. 1 I. M. egcepted. rt HAMJLTON ^ND NEW YORK. Laare New York. 6 A. M.j 3k P. M. " F ort Hampton 7ll. P. M CLlFT^jft"A^Td1"?w VORK. Leaves New York' 6 A. M.i 2 and 3k P-M " Clifton, 7k A. M.; 3k ??'<? !\M" j30 (BsihIiivi eicepted.) LONG ISLAND RAIL ROAD ftgaffl 4Mb aZGI TIIROUOH TO BUST ON BY D A i LI O H T. Passenger* must be at the South Ferry, foot of V\ Intrlull St., st 7k o'clock. A. M., wher*|Tickets may be procured. T'he Train leave* the Depot at Brooklyn, precisely at 0 o elock A.M., for Oreenport, from whence passengrrs will be taken to Stoning ton. mi Mondays. Wednesdays and rndaya; and to tlie Norwich Rail Road Depot, on Tuesdays. Thurs day t and Saturdays. AMERICAN MINSTRELSY. THE POETRY OF THE PEOPLE, Pull of Wit, Pathi, Sentiment and Fire! THE LAST CLAY BONO. Come, Iwys and help me a log my aong, It take* ju?t now surprising. Ajid if you caunot aing. then shout "Tor Clay and Frelinghuyaen. cHOaua Yankee Doodle, mind the tune. The wot king-men are riaing, And to a man they ahout and aing For C<ay and Frelinghuyaen. Theae are the men, and thia the tuna The locoa hate like piiin, hoc every whig can aing and ahont For Clay and Frelinghuyaen. That aame old Coon la out again, llu finger on hia noae ia, And the way he makee the feathera fly, It ia a ain to Moaee. The Rooater now ia on hia back, What agony he diea in, Thua speak* the Coon?' Why dont you orow For Clay and Frelinghuyaen T The traitor'a race ia almoat ran, No Texas triok can aid him. The people's acorn will blight the wretch. Who basely haa betrayed them. Hurrah, my boy a! we'll aing and ahout; Now, ia it not aurpriaing. The way thia good old tuna doeego To Clay and Frelinghuyaen? The locoa only have six montha To rend their thrice told Ilea in, And then with one accord we'll vote, For Clay and Frelinghuyaen. The people now are wide awake, These loco tricka despising, And like a hurricane they'ifgo For Clay and Frelinghuyaen. The democrats are in a anarl, The wbiga are all united. With hand and heart they'll work and aing, Until our veaael'a righted. The locoa' fingera long have been The governmental piea in, Now let them auck their thumbs?hurrah For Clay and Frelinghuyaen. But then we'll have to work like men, The locoa are devising All aorta of nasty tricka to beat Old Hal and Frelinghuyaen. Then every fellow lend a hand, Whig stock ia still a riaing. We'll write, and apeak, and aing, and vote For Clay and Frelinghuyaen. Hurrah tor Clay, the very name Ia locofoco fiurn, And, next to him as good a whig, Hurrah lor Frelinghuyaen. Yankee Doodle, mind the tune, The people all are riaing ; And ahout and aing, hurrah, hurrah. For Clay and Felinghuysen. THE LAMENT OF ASHLAND. Air?" Song of tha Shirt." With brows all clammy and cold, With lace all haggard and wan, The " Hero of Bludensburgh" sat in hia ohair, And uttered a fearful gioan ; Wake?wake?wake! Ye wluga from yourdreway bed ; And wake?wake?wake! Ere my hopes are ail perished and fled. Dig?dig?dig! In cabina and princely halls. And dig? dig-dig! Till the Standard ot Liberty falla ; Coons, and banners, and akiua, Bkiua, and banners, and coona, Oh, raiae once more your unearthly dins, And aing log cabin tunas. Shout?ahout?ahout ! Shout till the mountains ring. And about?about?shout! As lorth the hard cider they bring. Stoup, and I asset, and can, Can. and (asset, and stoup. In that way alone you can beat Jimmy Polk, And carry me in with a whoop ! Dance?dance?dance! To cat gut scraper's noiae t And dance?dance?banco ! Whig men, whig women and boys, Tip, and i'y ler, and Polk, Polk and Tyler, and Tip, Oo round and eat with all you can, Beans and pork fi om a chip. Off with your ruffle shirts, And off with your stocking, of ailk'i Rip off for a time ariatocrac) a skirts, Be pleasant and mild as milk ; Ye soon ahall ieturn to your good old wmya, Fiom the hut to the rich saloon ; And duff ragged bats for victorious bays, And be the "same old Coon." Jump?jump?Jump, Jim Crow, or whatever you pleaae | Jump?jump-jump! Round on your hands and kneea ; Beer and brandy, and wine, Wine, aud brandy, and beer, Till you make your hearts glad, and your noses ablne, Ye coona ! with your merry cheer. Buck?auck?auck! Hard aider through a quill! And .uck?aucx auck ! Till .oti bare got yeurfill; But above all it ia my wish, That none of you get very drunk, For the people might spill all our kettle of flab, By taking our Coon for a Sxunk With brows all clammy and cold, With face all haggard and wan, The Hero of BUdeusburgh sat in hia chair, And uttered a leartui groan. Whig*? whigs? whig*! I'm afraid I shall loose the day, For still the Locoa are running their riga, And the Big Bank, and Texan, and ' our little pigs,'* Will soon be aa cold as Clay. * See whig song, Lillibullero?little pigs lay, Ac. JIMMY POLK OF TENNESSEE. Tuna??' Dandy Jim of Carolina." O every day bring aomething new, The Loco Focoe find it eo ; And strange events have proved to Martin That doubtiul things are " mighty nnsaitin." At Lindenwald the Fox ie holed, The Coona all laugh to hear it told? Ha ! ha ! hasuch a nominee Ae Jimmy Polk of Tennessee. O, annexation waa the yoke. That fixed Van like a " pig i.i apaka .'I' They poked it to the cunning ru, By poking Jimmy Polk himaelf! At Lindenwald, Ac. And " Caaa," poor fool, his chance hae flown. Like the " lone star," he stand* alone ; Hie " Trio letter" provea that he, Should write his name without a C At Lindenwald, Ac. And Colonel Johaaon too, whose leal

Burned bright for Texae and Repeal! The Locoa thought Dick " didn't know beans," And so they poked up Polk for greena, At Lindenwald, Ao.| But Tolk for greens won't save their bacon, The parly Is to Its centre shaken ; F.'rn Tyler and Texas now do say, That Polk oent polk It into Clay. At Lindenwald, Ac. And Silas Wright ft was a good joke, Declined,) he waa not fond ef Polk | But, Silas we wont tronnleyou, You're " right" withont the " W." At Lindenwald, Ac. Next George M Dalies they pereuado, Altho' he wore the black oocltarfe. And tho' he went the Bank and Biddle, To Polk he piayi the second fiddle At Lindenwald, Ac. Now "choke" and Polk wtll always rhymo, And Dallas and gallows ia very sublime j They d aed the Fox en Polk root poison, Hnzxa for Clay and Frelinghuyaen ! At Lindenwald, Ac. THE BROKEN INSTRUCTIONS. ST WNISTLBTOI. WHIXS We mourn for Van Buren, once cherish.d, Swept off by a ceucua broom, Like a young cabbage aprout. which perished Id the glow of iU rich perfume: We weep for instructions broken? For Democracy's severed ties? An emblem every ballot spoken, But the last one?In hallowed eigha. But we mourn not in hopelees sorrow? Our cake ia not yet all dough - For Irom Pork, can the " lone etar" borrow, Lard light to illume our o'erthrow : And in Texas a home doth greet us, Let the used up one in Lindenwald rest Though Texas coma not here to cheat ue, We shall slope off to her and be bleet The Loco'i hearts are really sore For what they done in Baltimore, They feel "used up," perhepe, I guees It'a Um* they were, Your*, Ant S. THE NO vllNA TION. 7W-" Tht King and tht Countryman." Come Democrat* ell, 111 tell you no joke, We've nominated J emu K Polk? Old Hickory'* friend, a Democrat true. At the *ound ot wno*e name the Coon* look blue. Hi tu, di nu, de nu, kc. And we're joined with hi* name a man firit rate, Who come* frem the old Key itone SUte, The Convention for thii, you'll aurely thank. He'* the people'* own man lor he'* death gainst a Hi tu, de nu, fcc And a* along their name* we pa**, The Coon* roll their eyea upandcry alae? For Polk and Dallaa are deadly " yiitn," To Harry CUy and Frellnghuyen. ^ ^ ^ kc Will ca*t their rote* do g#y Waih?k^^a"ooOTl oM Harry Clay- ^ de nu, At the game of brag they all well play, Who about and *ing lor Harry Clay, When the card* are dealt by them ere folk. In shuffling we'll give them a Tennessee Polk Ri iu, de nu, kc. Clay *aid to Polk, (twa* eery wrong,) " Home, damn you go where you belong Thi* apeech the coon* cannot Jeny, Twa* heard by aU who *tood clo*eby. Ri tu, de nu, ko. Bu< Polk to Clay will *ay ere long, I'm going now where 1 belong, Te the White Houie to which you know Ycu lo*t all claim " long time ago." RI tu, de nu, kc. And now to the battle we'll ihortly rome. And we'll march to the sound ot that tame aid drum, In fear of a*h naff* il we find a croaker. We'll itir up hi* pluck with our Tenne?*ea Polk-er. Ri tu, de nu, kc. DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL BONO Tune?'"Yankrt Doadlt." For Polk and Dallas rouse my boys, In all your former glories. And chase the rebels from the land, The coon* and Federal Tories For Poik'* the mail that's bound to run Their Hairy outoi water. All high and dry without a gun, Or coon to cry him quarter. They tried when Hickory had the field, These bankite* and their creatures, With British gold to sand our eyea, And coonefy our feature* But twa* no go?old Hickory then, And Polk ii now the man, air*, To beat them a* we beat them then. And thrash thi m into bran, sirs. Then rouse ye freemen of the land, Awake the bugle's calling, And give these British Whig* a touch, Of good old Yankee mailing. For Texas and for Oregon, Onr country and her glorlee. With Polk and Dallas iu the field, We're death upon the Tories. Hark ! hark, that shout from hill and plain, On every breexe it's coming, For,Polk and Dallas leud and fulL As the deep thunders rolling. For Polk's the man that's bound to run This Harry out o' water, All high and dry without a gun, Or coon to cry him quarter. A WHIO SONO. Tuna?" Old Dan Tucker." Calhonn, Buchanan Johnson, Cass, The lecos say may go to grass, A* so they give us Polk and Dallas, "ITtat whig* may send them to the gallows. Hurra for Clay and Frelinghuysen, The day's our own; tis past surmisin'. Their own true friends they would dishearten, And dipt the wings of poor old Martin, To calls of ' justice" they proved callous, And victimix'd poor Polk and Dallas Hurra for Clay, fcc. The people say tis not suprisin', We go for Clay and Frelinghuysen, The ship of state needs no such ballast, As James K. Polk and Oeorge M. Dallas. Hurra for Clay, fcc. The Locos swore they'd have no Mat's, And fought as did Kilkenny cuts, Two tail* were left?whore were they. tell m 1 'Twas James K Polk end Oeorge M. Dallas. Hurra for Clay, kc. POLK, DALLAB, AND DF.MOCRACY. Tuna?" Old Dan Tmektr." Up, Freemen, up! and bear on high The fiaUutinp flag of Liberty ! Give to the breexe your silken fold, And eagle crest of burning gold. Flashing in the heaven born light, That streams from Freedom's mountain height. Up Freemen, up '.?awake, and save The blood bought rights your fathers gave i Burst through the chain* oppression's nana Would rive' on yntir native lend, And shield your country's spotless fame From deep and everlasting shame. Up, Fieemen up! the beacon light From every crag streams clear and bright: From every plain, and every hill. The trumpet'a blast rings free and shrill, While echoing notes responsive speak From every crested mountain peak. Up. Freemen, up'.?close up your ranks, And, as a torrent hurst its banks, Sweep on In set ried stern array, With heart* on fire to Join the tray? Your battlivcry. an wild and free, Polk, Dallaa, and Democracy ! WHIO HOPES ARE BOUND FOR THE ORAVE. Aim?J! Lift sn tht Ocean Want. Whig hones are bound for the grave, *Vb?y '11 be swallowed up in the deep, There's nothing csn them save, Even salt won't Harry keep. For well nobly rally, On every bill and plain,* From eveiy smiling valley, We'll to the work again. The whig* oft tried thi* Harry, They never yet succeeded, We somehow always perry, The effort* they think needed. Alas! poor royal Harry, Yuu cannever come to tea, At tshland you must tarry, For the people will be free. For we've got it in our naturaa, To par tke federal yoke We are such whig rule haters, Thst we're going to vote for Polk. Ob, list to the people's cry. As it comes on every breeze, It causes whig* to fly, Like the foam of the raging seas. THE PENITENT LOCO. Tunt?"Loihabtrno mart." Its been a Locofoco this eight yeais or nine, A spending my cash for " blanks, paper, and twine Now therefore let us lay by our money in ators, And we nevar will play the Locofoco any mora ; Locofoco, Locofoco. Lecofoco any more ! And wu never will play the Locofoco any more. 1 went to the White House, where I used to resort ; 1 told tnera my money began to grow abort; I osked them for an office their answer was " Nay ! We've new men to buy, sir, and old men to pey !" Locofoco, fcc. Thinka I to myself then, 't Is a hard case indeed, That a man in this land should lack money for nread ; I'll return to the true Whigs, from whom I did run : I'll return to the Wh-gs, like a prodigal son. I.oco Koco, ko Hare's a health to the Patriot?the bett we e'er knew ! Here's a health tj the Whigs-the fit m hearted and true! Now therelore let us ley by our money in store, And we never wltl pley the Loco Foco any mors. Loco Foco kc. Steamboat Portsmouth ?The Philadelphifc North American given the following further parti calsrs relative to the explosion of the boiler of the Port*, mouth:?We regret te have to record the deaths of two of the wounded persons, Mr. Messey and Mr. Stevens. The former expired at ona, and the let er about two o'clock C M. Their deaths were more sudden than even the attending physiciens anticipated They both walked from the Hu*, ital gate to the surgical ward when flr*t brought in. Mr M ssey was oonsin to Mr. v assay, for merly of the firm of F.y rv k Ma**ey, and was slat) -eight year* old He was an enterprising farmer in Delaware, and formerly resided in Philadelphia. Mr. Stevens was 47 yeais of age. and leaves a wife and children in New York. Inquests were held on the bodies of the deceased by the ooruner, lest evening, at the hospital James De voe, captain, and C. W Ounnell, clerk of *hr Portsmouth, wore examined before the Jury. They testified that the boat was lately hiringkt from New Yoik, and that the staam guage was regulated to carry thirty one inches of steem. but thst the) never put on more then nineteen or twenty inches; thst the butler and engln ? were exa mined by Mr. Bunker, the Inspector of steamboat* for the port of New Ycrk, on the 17th of June last; and that Mr. Bunksr certified that they were in perfect order and Con di'Ion That they never left the wharf with more than eight or nine inchee of steam on, and that the principal engineer was a careful, at enflve, and steady man Capt. Devoe testified that he had gone up the Hudson river with twenty-seven inches of s eam. Tne cause of the accident in Copt DI opinion was that the iron of the steam shim ?iey was not strong enough for the steam. The Jury ran. derail as their verdict " that the deceased came to their death hy being scalded by the accident <1 bursting of tha steam chimney ot the steamboat Portsmouth." Pardoned.?Governor Porter haa pardoned Brid get Dolan, confined In loll at Towenda, tinder sentence of death for murder. Her husband and accomplice was hung hi February loot Theatricals, &C. Not for a long time past have theatricals been ?o dull throughout the Union as they are just now In this city, all the theatres, with the exception of Niblo's, are closed ; and the same may be said of the other large cities throughout the Stales. With the exception of those establishments, to which are attached gardens, and a lew of the museums, there is little or nothing doing. The consequence is, that a whole host of third and fourth rale perfor mers are "gentlemen with all the outs," living on their resources. The prospect for the legitimate drama during the ensuing Beason is but very indif ferent, indeed ; how far the different lady-mana gers may be ab.e to resuscitate it, remains to be seen. The taste of the people of this country, like that of the old, has undergone a very material change of late years. Music and opera are all the rage; and the artists in this line, from the sublime Ote Bull to the Ebony performers on the bone castanets, are drawing overflowing houses wher ever they go. Mr. Mucready, " the last of the cocked hats," has, in all probability, gleaned the last sheaveB in the held of the legitimate drama in this county. Mr. L?. Jamison is engaged at the National Theatre, Detroit, for a limited period. M Gatiriel de Korponay will give the second or Foriuna Ball, at the U S. Hotel, Saratoga, ouWed nesday evening,the 14ih lust. The Flora Ball on Fri day evening was welt attended by the beauty und fashion of the visiters, aud gave universal satis faction. C.J. Rogers and Grimaldi Wells had a benefit at the Walnut street Theatre, Philadelphia, on Monday night last, which was well attended. Daffy Gilbert, the famous jnggter, and Sami Bondi, the great whistler, assisted by a company of minstrels, are performing at the Town nail, (Jambriogeport. Die Bull went to Boston yesterday on his way to Nahant and {Newport, at both of which places he would give conc?rts. Porghese is announced as having reached Bos ton, on her way to Newport. Misses Macombes are giving concerts at Detroit, which are well attended. Mr. and Mrs. H. Hunt, and Mr. and Mrs. H. V LoveII, have beeu re-engaged at the Albany Museum. Mr. Jamieson continues to draw good houses at the Detroit Theatre. Mrs. Cramer was announced to take a benefit at Boston Museum last evening. The Swiss vocalists are still amusing the Bos tonians with their sweet sounds. Miss M. St. Clair, the fair sybil, ts drawing won derfully at Boston. A lady, of the name of Arms, is about to deliver lectures on Plireno-muemolechnv, at Norwich, Conn. She has lateiy been delivering similar ai Hartford. Messrs Western and Kent are performing at the Apollo Hall, Washington. Professor Hood is giving lectures on Mnemonics at Portland, Me. Tne " Orphean Family" are announced to give a concert in Ibany, on Thursday evening next Those who have heard them speak highly of then peiformance. Mr. Mcdichael, the Irish Minstrel, is about to give some musical entertainments at Saratoga. Mr. Suttou, the " Necromancer of the nine teenth century," is amazing the grave Bosloniaub by his wonderful slights of haiid. Mr. G. L Culton is exhibiting the effects of ex hilarating or laughing gas,at the Pavilion and Uni ted States Hotel, Saratoga, to numerous audieucea. The Striped Pig has arrived at Boston, and is holding Itvets at the Stack pole House. Sporting Intelligence. Trottino Match over Tint Bkacon Course, Ho boekn, on Tuesday.?As we anticipated, the at teudance at this course on Tuesday was both nu merous and respectable. The sport announced to come off, was? A match for $500, two mile heats, in harness, between The gray horse Pleasure Boy, (H. Woodruff, black cap and while j?cket,) And black none Jack Cade, (F. Johnson, red cap and white JacXet.) The betting was most lively, and throughout was kept up with great spirit. Jack was the favorite, and a considerable sum was booked in his favor previous to the troi, at ten to six ; afterwards, two to one were offered, and fr*-ely taken. Both the horses looked well?Jack, in particular, never looked better ; and his friends were, in conse quence, quite sanguine. About the seventh attempt to get off, the woid wasgiven Jack Cade on the inside, about a length in advance; Hiram Woodruff shouting at the very ?op of his lungs, aB he proceeded. About half way between the judges' stand and the gate at the bot tom of the course. Jack swerved, and ran clone into Pleasure Boy, and many thought, struck against him; but the judges did not appear to be of that opinion. However, Jack soon recovered him self, and went in front, and ere they turned at the back stretch, was Borne three or four lengths in ad vance- From thence they both went at n very pretty pace up the back, and the first hall mile w?s per formed in 1 minute and 19 seconds. Round the top and down the straight course, the grey lay well in to his opponent but gained very little on nim, and what he did gain he lost immediately afterwards by breaking twice from the distance post to the Judges' stand, where Jack reached, completing his first mile in 2 minutes 43 seconds, a dozen lengths in advance This position the latter horse main tained to the half mile in the second round ,where the grey went beautifully and appeared to ga n, though but a little; this gain as before was lost, for at the top he was again up, but soon recovered, but lost in the meanwhile so much ground that it look ed as if Johnson was trying hard for a distance, but if so he was not successful, but came in full two thirds of a distance in advance, performing the.two miles in 5 minutes and 31 seconds. Hiram Woodruff claimed to be the winner of the trot, in consequence of foul driving of F Johnson at the rally part of the match. The Juilges proceeded to consult on the matter, and to examine the track of each horse, a well as the horsesthemselvrs; but were not satisfied they came in contact, though very near it. While the consultation lasted various were the opinions start ed ; some contended, that it was not a pro;?r start, others that it was foul driving, and that Jack Cade ought to be distanced; aud again othcrB contended to the contrary ; while a fourth party were conient that the heat should be given to the grey, as the most equitable way of settling tne mailer. Thus matters atood for upwards of hall an honr, when the Judges declared the grey horse bad won the heat, in the time b> lore mentioned t if course there were both satisfien and dissatisfied parties at this decision ; hut on the whole it appeared to give inore satisfaction than any other decision would have done. In due time af'er, the horses were called upon to go the next heat, but the grey was not forthcom ing, and Jack Cade went round lor the stakes in 5 minutes 56 seconds, being declared the winner, Pleasure Boy being distanced. At the close of the match there was considera ble demur as to paving the ditb rent bets, which were prMty consult rabr, and some long, hard, and angry discussion took place in consequence, but we were informed that most of them were duly paid up aiterwardn; at least all the o'd sportsmen and gentlemen resort.ng, or that are well known, at the dilferent tracks did so, aud ihai it w smere ly a few quibblers or outsiders that persisted in their refusal it is *o be regretted that gentlemen interested in the various courses, or have hels (tending on a trot or match, should allow themselves u> be persuaded to act as judges in such cases, ft would save them a great deal of annoyance, and prevent many un pleasant remarks which are made upon ihein in such events as the present Let them decide as ihey rimy?they are sure to give dissa'istartion to one party or the other. We believe, wuh many others, that no three gentlemen could take more pains to decide fairly and honestly as the judges on this occasion, yet remarks were made upon their decision whicn must have been very painful to thein. It is to be hoped that owners ot courses, aud others directly interested in the result ot any trot ot race will, for the future avoid being placed in the situation of judges. Siason in Canada ?The weather at Quebei discouraging, particularly in respect to ine I crop. It has rained mom or Irs* every day this weel We have beon expecting u favorable change with ev new and full muon ; perhaps we may have It with aow moonol the 1Mb tost?qutitc (Utitu, 9h int(. Personal Slovtmtmfc Return op the President and his Lady ?The U. 6 steamer Legate, Capt. Howard, having on board the President of the United States and hi? lady, anchored oil the arsenal, at Washington, ou Monday evening. Salutes were hred ou liet arri dThe Hon. Marshall S. Bidwell, accompanied by Mrs. Bidwell and son, arrived in Toronto last Wednesday. Gen. Cass has been making a speech at Cincin nati in lavor of annexation. Among the members elected to tl?e Leg of North Carolina, is Edward btauley, trom tha county of Beaulort. Geo. 11. Riddle, of Wilmington, has been no minated fot member of Congress by the Locos of Delaware, in place of their first canuidate, who de clined. Silas Wright has' reiterated his determination not to be the Democratic candidate lor Governor of New York. His Excellency, Governor Roberts, of Liberia, who has been slaying iu Philadelphia tome weeks, left oa Saturday in the bug Echo tor Liberia. Kx Governor Corwin lies ill at Portsmouth, Ohio. It is stated to have been caused by exces sive exertion aud exposure tu public speaking. Hon. M Bolts Ids ill at the city ol Richmond, under an attack ol cougeettve lever. The chief the Cherokee nation, John Ross, ts at Cape Cottage, on a visit to nts old friend, Colonel McKeiiney, where he will remain a tew days. Toe Count de Monlholou arrived on Tuesday from Richmond, and stops at the As tor House. Emtle Mouton, Esq., tsauuounced usa candidate for State Senator, to hll the vacancy occasioned by tne election ot I. E. Morse to Cougress The Rev Mr Audrews, late ot the Broadway Tabernacle, has accepted a call to lake the pastoral charge of the second street, Prest yteriau church, tu'1 toy. Father Miller and Brother Htmes will hold a large meeting at Cincinnati on the 18th mst. Gen. Cass and ex-Seuutor Norvell, of Michigan, are en route to visit General Jackson at the H?.r iniiage. Senator Bayard, of Delaware, aud family, and Hon M, Kirkpainck, M. C. if New Jets.y,and his family, were tu Providence, going lo Newport. Hon. Wm. Brent, Jr. Charge 10 bueuos Ayres, accompanied by his lady and sou, sailed ou -.Ucs day in Ikitf bttip Gaktun, lor itio Jautiro. Died, at Burlington, N J , ou the tiih inst. Burr tVooliuaii, Esq., Suiveyor General ol the Western District ot thai State, iu the 58uiy*urol his age. Martin Van Buren is at Saratoga taking Irssons in the Polka,anu o.fcer lashionaDle dances,trom De Korponay. Bishop Doane and family have gone to Saratoga. J Fenuimore Cooper is now sojourning at the Globe. L - Persico, the eminent sculptor, is at the Waverly House Judge Bryan, of Alabama, is at the Astor. Attorney General Nelson and laniiiy, from Wash ington, are at the United Slates Hotel, rraiatogn. The late Mr. Muhlenbuig was interred yesterday at Reading. Ii.s age Was 62 years. Saratoga Springs. [Correspondence ol the Herald.] SARATi OA Sprinos, August 18, 1844. The Heather? Amutementi?Bellet. James G Bennett, Esq. Feeling assured that a line from the gay and hap py world assembled at this fascinating resort would prove acceptable to your million readers, 1 snatch a moment belore dinner to appuse you of what littln I there is worth relating. I 1 he weather lor several days past has been un seasonably cold, the thermomeier at 6 o'clock, A. M. ranging from 48 to 50 degrees, and at that hoar fires and Iurs can be tolerated with comfort; hut, notwithstanding this low temperature the company does uot appear to diminish as yet?all the houses are full excepting Congress Hall, which spears to have retrograded in public estimation sadly. As usual there are many belles of rare charms, and celebrity here. Last night there was a conf cert at the United Stales, given for the benefit o ibe band at that Hotel; after which the company formed quadrilles for dancing, which was kept up until nigtit's meridian had parsed upon ihe dial of fleeting ume, whose step is noiseless when its path way is strewed with flowers. Much besuty, both in iierson and costume, waaassemoled, and among the gavest of the gay might be seen the gallant "sage of Lindrnwald." . .. ?? . On Sunday we were favored with excellent discourses from Bishop Easiburn, and Doctors Spring and Bethune, all of whom attracted large and attentive audiences. wiii? I regret to inform you that the case of William L Stone, Esq is cons dered beyond the reach ot medical skill, and his most intimate friends are not permitted to see htm?he is with his father-io law s family, Mr. Wayland, who resides i? 'hw village, where he receives the best care aud alien '?Bowling is carried to a great extent this season, with the ladies here, and 1 assure you some ot ihein make "great strikes." The most attractive bell ?.f the place, the dinner bell, summons me^io quarters. Board of Kdncatlon. Auouit 14.?The Board met last evening, OiSASnrs Class, Eiq in the Chair Alter delaying for somewhat less than an hour, In ar dor to collect a quorum, the Board proceeded lobusmeaa. Reports bei. g in order, the Committee, to whom wee referred ihe m<nontl from inhabitants ot the 7th word, praying an appropriation of M"1?. 'or the ptiri>o?e ol a "chool in that locality -flow lor book* and M"'0 report ed adversely, and passed e resolution to the effect that no perron employed by the Board as Teacher in any ol the ward schools, shall devote any portion of his time tor the purpose ol piivste instruction out of the public schools, An appropriation of was passed for defraying ex pensrs ol the school in PJib ward A Report from the Auditing committee, in favor of ap propriating the necessary expense lor a desk. account hooks, Itc lie, for the me of the Board, was passed. The Committee, ro whom hed been referred the consi deration ol the subject mattm contained in the published statement of the Comptroller, in relation to the annual expenditure required ny the 'Board for the general pur poses ol education, and charging numbers of the < ommtt tee of the Board,with having published laiaeuooda sir rala tion thereto, reported in favor of the Committee, and gen tly rebuked the Comptroller The report gives a detail ed statement the appropriations passed lor general pur poses of education lor the past year, and meets thocbs ge of the Comptroller with calmness, feinting the chi iye of '? lalse hood,"wi'h cool dignity. The report was adopted. The Board adjourned. Stipei lor Conrt?In f linmfcer?, B.fore Judge Vanderpoel Auo. 14 ?Darii thf Palirtmun ?1 hi? man waa brought before his Honor J?dga Vander^l (alter havipg lasted before the Recorder, on a writ of hjhf nnfnt to try and get out on trail. He was accompanied by Ins counsel, James VI. Smith Jr. Esq.. who contended that the pri soner wes entitled to be allow ed out on hail. Mr Pmillivs opposed the application on the ground thet the Court had no Jurisdiction; and cited atithontlce to show that the hall having been fixed by one magistrate or Court, no other tribunal had power to alter stir h bail Mr Smith contended that th.re wss no bail fixed beiora the Court ol Sessions before whom a lermer application had been made, ami tha the Conrt, on the contrary, re fused to fix the amount of hail. The Court haa roaarved iti decision until Friday, at 14 o'clock Oio<t' Potter the iiotortoua pic* pocket, made a ?lmiiar appitcntton to he discharge.! on bail. The Court will giro Its decision on Friday U. *. District Court. Stands adjourned sin* die ....... ?? A to 14 ?Oecition ? 1 he t'onrt decided in the caso of the stramtioat ? Victory" now lying sunk on the beach st Williamshurgh. which has been libelled lor wages Ro ? In lavor of the libel lants. directing the clerk the amonut ot claims, and that the vessel he sold to iiqul date the expenses, !u Fbom Cape Haytikn ?Captain Hwhff. of 'h* brig Souther, at this port, Ust nvening,fromCA? llavtien willed plscc he lell 1st inst, ?'?*? that the Oo vernment I. in a very unsettled iC s^JSSt of that island is continually in a state o rcbelion '*?ibtt tk?* <iiivf nni< n* aad at wtr am< nf tnnnwif^ii A lew days previous to the departure ot the Souther from tha i J? ih? Danish brig Lucy arrived from fort au I'latt with one hundred ot the inhabitants ot that dice they having been obliged te leave on account > The distn.h,.tiers. There waa an amy collect ^0 st the < ?P? m,rch lDt0 th* 8P*n",? l,art 01 !h5 island Tim President intended to make a tour through th" ??!????. ?>"' ?" *?fwc*ed at the < ape li is uiought his visit to the d fl.rent towns will have a , ndoncy to stop the disturbances which daily occur In Hl narts ol the island Owing to the revolution, the si.fl.-ecrop hao bean very much neglected, and tlm article has heroine very scarce and high. It waa worthifl4 ? llavtien money The duties, coat of hags and other el pviises, will make it coat <M Iff Spanish, on boaid Boiton Trmucript, jJuf. IS.

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