18 Ağustos 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

18 Ağustos 1844 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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City Intelligence. Police lloeord ?ItuviT 17 ? Herst Stealing ?? Cy vonius Smith, John Pearsail and l'erry Wkito, *?.*?? taken before the Upper Police. yesterday, on suspicioa olhae in* stoleu. oh the lUh of August, a'grey horso vmluod at $3a, the property of George Nooney, 167 Rivington ?ti eel. Admittid to bail . , lJii '.i.iHv and Robbkrv.?John Freeue, ?'M arre?tea yesterday by Officer bu-h. sud tsken before the Upper Police, charged with burglariously entering, on thenight of t lie 16th iu?t., by means of a false key, the workshop ol Jliiley N. Ferguson, wheelwright and blacksmith, 11*1 iliriiigiou sunt, aud ilealing therelrom tools valued at flit 76 the property of Mr. Ferguson, which were found by Officer Bush secreted in a chest at the prisoner'a re?i donee. It appears, that Frnede was in the employ ot Mr. K. rgusou for about four weeks previous to the 13ih intt , and Was sien to enter the shop with a falte key, some evening*laat week, by Lawrence M. Willis. He is sup posed to be an old offender, and was fully committed for CoirsTBUCTiva (shard LsacBftr.?On the lMh instant, a j oung man. not eighteen years of age, named Stephen O. B is well, alias Sauiuel C. Johnston, went to Rooney's livery stable, corner of Lafayette Place and Fourth street, where he hired a horse and wagon, saying he was going to Hnhoken to see his sister, and would be back at night; but forgetting to do so, Jonathan (J. Tompkins and ano ther officer pursued him, the next morning, to New Ho ckelle, where they found the young gentleman about to dispose of the horse and wagon, and they brought him back to this city. It appears that independent of this transaction, he hud stolen money 1'iom his employers, and ulso obtained a very costly rocking-chair trom a manu facturer, under pretence that he hud been sent for it by them. On returning to town in another wagon, Mr. Kooney was thrown out, in consequence of a wheel coming oft, and seriously injured. Consttson Plena?In Chambers. Before Judge UUboelfer.'i Auo. 17.? Haheat Corpus ?John Schmidth. the Swede, charged with desertion Irorn the brig " Lieutenant Peter son," wa? brought before his honor, when the captain of the vessel enteied into some compromise, by which the case wiu kept out of court. Suprkmk Court, August 12.?Present Mr. Chief Justice Nelson. Vun lteneselder vs. Wiley and 3 other causes?motion to set aside default and subsequent proceedings; granted on piyment of costs of writ of iu ijuiry, aud ol opposing motion in each cause. Ellis vs. tiarnes and ul ?Ordered that on payment of judgment und interest in 20 days to G. M. Beck with, the said Btck witn execute an assignment of said judgment to Seward UsscDle, with covenants be. ; il such assignment is re iused, then execution set aside as to defendant Scofield, und all proceedings on the judgment to said Scofield be perpetually stayed, and if such paymeutis net made, then vIns motion is denied with cost", bo. ; proceedings stayed :<ii days. O js and al. ads Davis?motion for judgment as in case of n^fcit; granted by default. Haigiit and al. vs. Whit Held?motion to change venue; denied. Towner ads. Crosby?motion for a commission ; granted. The fVoplo ex rel. Bliss; vs A. Wilder, late sheriff' of Essex co - '-motion for leave to prosecute official bond; granted ex pane. The Bank of Balina vs Hodge and al?Ordered coat* against Albert Gallup, Esq for not making motion, fagraha a ads. Wheelwright-Ordered costs against de fendant fur not making motion. Allen ads. Ferdou? ?notion thot plaintiff'pay to defendant taxed costs $23 62, and costs of motion or judgment grantel by default.? Wiltse anil al. vs. Benrdsley and ul ?Ordered plaintiff have leave to amend his declaration underthe decision on demuner in 20 days from this date on payment of oosU. Russell ads Ives?motion to change venue; granted by default. Wait and al ads. Hiller and al ?motion for a commission ; granted by default. Fuller ads. Holt and nl ? motion lor a commission ; granted. Turner tad ul. ads. Sanriforth and al ?motion to set aside orders, and for leave to come in and prove set off; granted on terms. The Lumbermen's Bank at Warren ads. Lowry? motion to set uside verdict, be ; granted with costs. Simmons ads. Sherman and al.?motion to quash writ of error ; de nled, an I ordered that plaintiff'in error be allowed to pro secute writ without joining ward ; no coats. The People ex rel. Badgley, vs. the Albany Common Pleas?motion lor mandamus, be ; denied with costs. Miller vs. Simon son?Order for costs against defendant fo. not moving. Richmond vs. Wiley?motion to set aside default, be.; dented with costs. Chapman vs. lleaton and al.?motion to set aside order ot supreme court commissioners; denied with cost*. Iieuton and al ads Chapman?motion to super rede the writ ol error in this cause;granted with costs. Bar ker vsMcColiough?motion to amend declaration; granted on terms. Averill ads McCollum? Order to show cause; discharged in this cause. Miller ads Payr.e and al?mo tion lor u commission;granted without stay. Van liens i elaer vs Pomctoy?motion to strike out demurrer to second count ol plaintiff's declaration; granted unless certain conditions are performed by defendant. Same vs llegeman-the like. Ripley v" Muusou? motion to refer back to circuit or to change referrees ; denied with costs. In the matter of the application of Williams and others Ordered that on service of a copy of this order, be on Jared A. Post and others, they show cause atntxt special term why their election as directors of the Mutual Insur ance Company of Albany should not be annulled and set aside. Van De Water ads Teal and al?motion to quash writ of error denied upon conditions to be performed by pi intiff'? in error ; if not performed in 20 days, motion gra ited with costs. Relyeu, jr ads Wilsou?motion for a letnxation of cost; granted. Low ads Davis?motion that plaintiff file security for costs ; granted by default. The Mayor, be. of Albany ads Maltory?motion ior a commission ; granted by delaiilt. llanney and Si ads Taylor und al?motion fur judgment as in case of non suit; denied with costs. Miller vs Wiuterbottom, be.? Order of Judge Kent of 1st June last, directing defendant to pay costs, be ; affirmed by default. Sloan ads Hilton? motion to quash writ of error denied; plaintiff in error has privilege ta t mend on payment of costs of motion. Cooper ads Low?motion to set aside plaintiff's declara tion; granted, unless plaintiff amend and pay costs of motion in 20 days Howard ads Alien?motion for a commission ; granted wlih stay. Dike and al ads Stone ?motionfor a commission; denied with costs. Rodgers ami al uds the People?motion tor relaxation of cost"; do nled with costs. In the matter oftho Albany City Bank vs Brown, shenft'of Erie county?motion lor leave to pro sec tue official bond of said Brown; granted exparte. Holt - vs Fuller-motion lor a commission; granted by default. Vance and nl vs Phillips, sheriff', be ?the like. Colt ads B.igJen and al?motion to set aside verdict, be., denied with costs of motion, to be paid by plaintiff'. Court ad journed, Monday, August 13, sine die. The court took papers in a number ol mo'ions, which will be published as soon as decided ?Albany Jit tat. W CHILDREN OF AFFLICTION, LOOK AT THIS advertisement, and beloru your constitutions are destroy ed, und hopes ol recovery blasted, send lor a bottle of Dr. Hlackwell's Anti Acrid Tincture and Scotch Renovator, which is the only sure remedy ior the cure of Veneres! diseases in all stages. It may be taken without rendering the patient liable to su?p cion by the most intimate ac quaintance, and the moti inveterate cases will yield at once to its efficacy. Many astonishing cures have come under my observation which had long defied the skill of the most distinguishe 1 physicians. Persons afflicted with this loathsome disease should therefore apply imme diately lor Dr. Blackwell's Anti-Acrid Tincture?it is the onlv sure way to meet and repel such tin enemy. R 8. Bernard, 07 Nassau street, New York, is the authorised agent for the United States. (KJ- LET COMMON SENSE HAVE WEIGHT.?A costive and dysenteric time with cold, cough and sore thioat in children, in some cases scarlet fever, and with intents summer complaints and scarlet rash, With swelling and tumors of the neck. In theae complaints no remedy can be compared to the Braudreth Pills, and it is a solemn duty on the part ot pa rents to their children, that they have recourse to them at onc-i; it given at the commencement, there need he no l.ar a* to the result, and at any period of the disease, there i-i no medicine which will exeicise a more health restor ing power. In costiveness, or the opposite disease, dysentery, the dose should be sufficiently large to remove morbid accu mulations, and the Pills will have the Luther good effect to restore healty secretions in these important organs, and remove the it regular distribution ol blood from the head, liver, and other parts; in fact, will equalize the circula tion by the abstraction of the impure humors from the sj stem generally. In affections of the throat and bowels, I cannot too strongly recommend the external use ot tho Brandrkth LiNiut.iT; it will materially expedite the cure There I* no outward remedy at all to be compared to thi* Llni ment, which has the effect of taking out inflammation wherever it is applied. Incases ot F ever and Ague the Brandreth Pills are n neverlailing cure; the llrst dose should lie large, sufficient to have a brisk effect; alter wards two Pills night and morning, und drink cold penny royal tea, a cup lull, say two or three times a day. The cure is sure. . . . Remember, the great blessing the Brandreth Ptlls se cure to the human body is rear. m oon. When yotrr blood is once pure, nothing in tho thapeof food will hardly come amiss; nothing will tour upon your stomach; you may eat anything in reason; and the greater variety o food the better blood is made. All who have weak stomachs, who are dyspeptic, or in any way afflicted in body, should without delay resort to Brandreth's Pills? which will indeed strengthen the life principle, aud by perseverance with them, entirely renew the whole liody; the materials now in it good, will be kept so; those bad, displaced and removed. Good blood cannot make bad bone or bad flesh. And bear in mind, the Brandreth's Pills surely purify the blood. The following case from Col. J. Hughes, of Jackson, Ohio, a member ot the Ohio Legislature, will, no doubt, be read with interest by those similarly ufftcted. Cure ol violent periodical pain in the head. A thou sand persons can lie referred to in this city, who have bean cured of u similar affliction. Jackson C. 11. Aug. 1st, 1644. Dr.Ji. Bmndrttk ? Hir: ? That the greatest good may be done to the greatest number, 1 take pleasure in inlorming you that lorslxor seven > caia pri ir to IH40. i stifl'i ted incessantly with a nervous headache 1 applied to the most i mineut physi cians in Ohio lor rellel, nut received none whatever. 1 being much prejudiced to all patent medicines, refustd to use your pills; finally my headache increased daily; I as a la?t resort, and even w ithout faith, bought a 1 ox ol your Vegetable Univeiaal rills. On going to bed I took 6 pills, next nights, next 1; skipped two nights and re peated the dose?I found immediate relief. Two or three times since I bivo been partially attacked I again ap plied to y our PHI*, and all was forthwith well. I cannot , tp.uk too highly of your pills, tor nothing relieved me hut th ni. May you live long to enjoy the pleasure it j must he to you to know and teel that day unto day ami ( night unto Bight, you are relieving tr.c pains and dis eases of the human family'. Yours,truly, J. HUGHES. Scld at Dr Brandreth's Principal Office, 241 Broadway ; i 374 Bjwt iy, and 241 llinhon st; Mrs Couth, 6 Mark't ?t Brooklyn, James Wilson, Jersey City; and by one agent in almost t vary town in the United States, who have t, certificate of agency. (3/- R. 4. BERNARD'S DIARHfK \ MKDICINF It h been fully tested iii all the varum* climate* ol the country, under 'bo wilhi iing sun of the South, whi r, disease ha* slain its thousands, it* virtues have been best known stid more h'gnly appreciated It lias gone to tin battle H Idol disease girded with the artnorof efficiency melt he lei destroy >t and won imperishable laurels Ai the North, at the East, and at the West, it has warred against Qiarrhcra, Summer Complaints in children, Chole r? Infantum, ( holies, Cholera Morbus, and all the variotti diseases of the bowels, and received praises that will soon give it a plana in every family. No. 07 Nassau street, New Yoik, is the proprietor's oftlco. <Ujh WE ASK NO BETTER EVIDENCE OK THE efficacy of any article than Ha continual use bjr tho*. that have once triad it. Boeh is the case with Bernard'* Dlarrhma Medicine; the thousands that hare used this medicine declare they never feel satisfied without having it In all cases of diarrhea, colics, cholera morbus, cholera infantum ia children, and suinnur cob. plaiuia.it succeed* beyond admiration. At l>7 Nassau sti in it can be had. OQi- COM8TOCK'8 SARSAPARILLA?Kor the remo val and permanent cure si all u is eases arising from impu rities of the blood, ori leffect* of mercury, viz:? Scrofulous Affections, Billions Diseases, Hereditary Diseases, Affections of the Liver or Swellings of tho Bones, Skin, Pimples and Sores upon the Habitual Coativsneas, Kace, It also greatly improves aud Salt Rheum, Scald Haad, and beautifies the complexion, all Cutaneous diseases, and dispels all sallowness, fcc. he. Of all diseases which the blood assail, Tainting the system like a poison'd gale, Rendering life hideous as we hover on, And almost wishing that we might be gone, Is Scrofula?a scourge?a scourge to all our race? Blesa'd be the medicine which best will it displace. But lo ! a compound now is brought to view, That will its poisoned ulcers all subdue? Stop the decay that thiough the system tuns? Restore o rosy health (he cherished ones : Life once again in happiness arise, Killing the heart with joy and glad surprise. Of all diseases, Scrofula is the most to lie dreaded. It goes through the whole system, rendering life a burden, ft is also lieieditary, and is usually a family and constitu tional disease. The great virtues of this Kltiid Extract, have been tho roughly tested, and it is now becoming extensively used, and the unexampled success which has universally fol io wed its use, is a sufficient recommendation for the arti cle, without our adding any more. The public are par ticularly requested to remember that it ia Comstock'* 8or saparilla which is the most approved of, ond lor their own interest ask for Comstock's Sarsaparilla, at the low price of AO cents per bottle, or $4 per dozen. Bold at 31 Court* land street (?- TO DEAF" PER90N8 OR ALL BUFFERING PITH WlI'H COMPLAINTS OK THE EAR.?Tho astonish ing success which has iollowed the use of Dr. McNair's Acoustic Oil, has gained for it a reputation never before equalled, ami we would confidently recommend it to any who are suffering with these comlaints. To the incre dulous we would a ibmit the following:? New York, July 37, 1841 It is with the greatest gra'iindethnt I have the pleasure of relating to you the great benefits I have received Irom Dr. McNait's Acoustic Oil. I was at the time I com menced the use of this, so deaf that I could scarcely hear anything distinctly, and any one conversing with me, was obliged to speak far above his ordinary tone of vjice to mako mc heur at all. I hove now almost entirely re I gained my hearing, and have not used the whole of one . fl isk yet I would strongly recommend all deaf persons to use this celebrated oil ROBERT CARPENTER, No. 410 Monroe street, near Grand street Kerry. If more evidence is asked iu favor of this Oil, we would ' refer the incredulous to Capt. Mann, of the barge Milan, I who lias experienced personally its charming effect. Bold at No. 31 Courtlandt street. Price fl per flask. (W-'OH DEAR! OH DEAR'.-What shall I do for my poor suffering child; it is in the most excruciating pain, caused by the summer complaint; as this is the sea aon of the year which carries off so many; tell mc what to do so that I can relieve ita sufferings, and save it from : an untimely grave. I have tried many remedies, but all failed except "Bernard's Diarrhma Medicine, which I was persuaded to,use through a frieud'i advice By the timely I use of this medicine you will certainly save your child by | a speedy cure. It has never failed in a single instance, if procured iu time. Purchase a bot'le, try it, and you | will be perfectly satisfied of its wonderful effects, it is a | safe nnd certain cure. Call at 97 Nassau street, and get a I bottle; it will cure; thousands have tested it. 0Q- RIOORD'S PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIA TURK?For this cure of primary or sec indaiy Syrhiiu and ail affections produced by &o injudicious use oi iner cury. The great advantages possessed I y this powerful alteiative over all other preparations tor the cure ol Sy philis, ia, that while curing the disease it improves the constitution, whilst mercury general) v loave a much worse disease thou the one It is administered lor. The best recommendation we can give of it is, that it is now extensively prescribed by the medical faculty, who lor roerly considened mercury the only cure lor those com plaints. Sold, in single bottles, $1 each ; in cases of hall dozen, $5, carefully packed, and sent I j all parts ot tin Union. Office of tho College of Medicine aud Pharms cy, OA Nassau street. W. S. RICHARDSON, M D., A goat 00r- CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED.?Tt? f ouic Mixture, prepared by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of Naw York, is conlidentlv re commended for all coses of debility produced by secret diligence or excess of any kind. It as an invaluable rem* dy for impotence, sterility, or barrenness (unless depend iag on mal formation.) Single bottles $1 each; eases of hail a dozen $?; care I illy packed and sent to all porta of the Union. Office ol t)j> College of Medicine and Puarnnuvj Ft Nassau slreot W tt KK HAUDSON, M. D., Agent m- THE CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OF SA SAPARILLA, GENTI AN AND 8 A R8 A ERAS, pre pari by the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, i tablished for the suppi esaion ol quackery. This refirv snd highly concentrated extract, possessing all the pu tying qualities and curative powers of the abovo hurt is confidently recommended by the College, as infinite superior to any extract of Sarsaparilla at present belo the public, and may be relied onus certain remadv 1 all diseases arising irom an impure state of the bloc such as scrolula, salt-rheum, ringworm, blotchez or pi: pies, ulcers, pain in the bones or joints, nodes, cutaneoi eruptions, ulcerated sore throat, or any disease arisii Irom the secondary effects ot syphilis or an injudicial uae oi mercury. 8c Id in single Bottles, at 73 cents each " in Cases ol half-a-dOT.un Bottles, $3 69 " " one dozen " 6 00 Cases lot warded to all ports of the Union. N- B?A very liberal discount to wholesale purChar.t Office of the College, 9A Nassau stroct. W 8. RICHARDSON. M. D., Agent. 0VELPEAU'S SPECIFIC TILLS FOR THE CUi of I lunorrha-u, Gleet, and all mccupurnlent discharj Ironi the urethra. Tnese pills, prepared by the New Yc College of Mediciue and Pharmacy, established fori iuppmssion of quackery, may bo relied on as the m vjieedy and effectual remedy tor the above complaints , They are guaranteed to euro recent cares in from tin I t> five days, uud possess a greater power overobatini ; discharges and chronic gleet, than any other preparati at pre* mt known, removing the disease without eonf. ' n.cnt from business, tainting the bre th or disagree! ! witn the stomach. Price $1 per box. Sold tt the Office of the College ol Tharmacy aid S ; licinc, 93 Nassau street. W ? wicilARnaoN.M D.AKtx )J- PRIVATE MEDICAL AID.?The n.emuers el iho New York College c-> Medicine and Pharmacy, it returning tho public ti.units for the liberal support thej | cave received in t.ieir e,torts to "suppress quackery,' : tea leave to state that their pa, tieulur attention cootinu'i ' tr, be directed to all diseases of a private net.lie, und iron | the gruat improvements lately uu.de in the pitucipa. ho* , pilots ot Europe in the treatment of those <1 mease*, ther ! can confidently oiler to person* requiring nodical aid hJ i vantages not to be met with in any institution in this 1 country, either public or private. Tho* uatxnentoi j '.oil'go is such at to lasttra sue cms to -very cast, sn-i is I .jtally ditlurcut fiom that ncrknoiu practice ot ruining \ the constitution with mercury, and in mo, t canes leaving | a iliseEse much worse than the original. One ci the mem 1 Dora of the College ,tot mary years connected wiih th* principal hospitals of Europe, attends daily for a consults I lion trom 9 A.M. to 8 P.M. Tirrai?Advice and mifficiuo, $3 A cure guaranteed Ijsvoita.iv to Corwrnv InvAi.ins.--Person* living it tho country and not finding itconvenient toattoudpoi locally, can have fct warded to them o chest contain\of til medicines requisite to perform a perfect cure oy s-u'iuy their case explicitly, together with oil symptoms, tim? o' contraction mid treatment received cisewhcrc, it an; nd oacloring $5, poet paid, addressed to W. 9. RILHAIIDHON.M. D..Apnt. Office axd Consulting rooms of the College, 63 Nassat MONK Y MARKET, Saturday, Aug. 17?U P* 01. There was a vcty general improvement to-day in Stocks at both Boards. The sales of Long Island and Norwi'h were very large. At the Old Board the former advanced 3 psreent, and the la.tcr I]; Canton, 1 do; Harlem, If; Stoi.ington,3; Reading Railroad, J; Farmers' Trust, j; Illinois, j; Indiana, j; Ohio G's. Mohawk, J; Erie Railroad, j; United States Bank, fell off I ; North American Tinst, J. At the New Board, Long Island went up 3j per cent; Canton, 1; Norwich snd Worcester, I ; Farmer's' Trust, 1 , United States Dank, J; Erie Railroad, j ; Ohio ti's fell off j ; Morris Canal, ]; Mohawk, J. The American Insuranco Company of Baltimore has declared a third dividend of the capital stock of thu Com pany, to the amount of twenty five dollars per share. Receipts and Expenses of the I'hilsdelphia and Colum bia Railroad Company, for July, 1844, and the excess of receipts over expenditures, since Jan. 1,1844 :? Phii.soei phia ash Coi.cmma Kwi.xom. Receipts as per ri ports of Collectors >38 344 94 Expenditures and Liabilities 14,676 On Excess of receipts over expenditures 31 tt?9 94 Add excess from January 1st to July 1st 144,000 IX) $103,079 94 The receipts of the Road for July, (being a midsum mer month ) arc less than lor any previous month, since tho opening of the Navigation, yet its profits continue to exceed the rate ol seven per cent per annum, on the cos' of the railway and machinery. The tolls on Iho Canals of this State, from tho opening of navigation to the 1st inst .amount to $1,137,717. against $86A,48o up to the same lime last year, exceeding those o list year, to the same dote, $979,333. The canals wu< op< n. d, this year, fourteen days earl>r than last, to which can be attributed furl cf the increase. The Ch naU have been open rrarly four month*, and in one liur. dred and six days the toll* amounted lo more than on' million ot did' r*. Allowing for the *ame rate of in romo for the n maiiult r of the season, and the total tall on all the ranuls, at the close of navigation, will not fa) short of two and a half million* ot dollcis. The tolls I. tin: 1st ot August, fir several yiars part, have bien i follows :? C?RAt To LI S. 183 9 $7(11.433 1843 $760, O.N 184 0 710,630 IH43 H68.4C' 184 1 913,334 1844 1,137,71 This it a very gieat Increase, and must, il candid thiough the season, aid the finance* of the State.vei) n. I I teritlljr. The total receipt* on the aaals in proviou* yearn have been a* annexed New Yoaa Canal Toll* io Dac. In. }?*- $1 599 038 1812 $1,748,870 }?? 1.773 688 1843 J,081.848 1811 3,033 262 1844, Aug I,.... 1,187,7(7 1 be season fur'navigation is, en the average about ball over on the 1st oi August; but we And on compariog the amount oi.tell* received up to August Ut, with the total amount received for this season, that the amount received the last part of the season is much larger than that re ceived up to the 1st of Augud. For instance, the canals opened last year on the 1st of May and the amount reoeiv* ed for toll* to the 1st of August was $838 483, being three month* of navigation. The canals closed the last week in November, and the tolls ftom August 1st to the close of the season amounted to $1,*13,181, being full one half more than the amount received up to Augiut 1st. Making the same calculation for this season, and we And the total receipts?provided the navigation of the cauals continues to the last week in November -would be $7,844 293. We have every reason to believe that the tolls this year will not fall far short of this amount. The Increased receipts from tolls this yoar is not only very satisfactory on ac count of the improvement that must follow in the condi tion of the State Treasury, tut it shows that the produc tion! of the country are on the increase, and the internal commerce of the Union rapidly growing ond extending. The productiveness of ail works of internal improve ment, is the best evidence oi the general prosperity of all olasses. Old Btock Kxohange, ?222? iK?t"U,/.kyv?> M yn 100 Mohawk KH 63'.' JOOU Ohio 6 s,-60 <M(iJ 100 Reading RR 50,^ *** 98 100 do 51 u? i. a' d? r> .... "O1* 100 Harlem RR 72% 1000 Indiana Do! Bd* 45% 50 do 72% 76 ?]i? I 8 Hank 2'j do ri 50 U^k'Tr' B""k "I' 13,1 I'on? UI?"J RK '?"* 30 Bsnk or Com, sciip <10 50(1 do 05 J ?> A lrust 13 50 hiW! 100 $ drmers' Loan 10% loo do 1,3 llj Iftfr? 2s S t m 85 StoniiiKton RU U\ 150 do ?30 H5 *'J 38 Nor It Wor RK ?3 oil.' Li ( an ton to *3 30 2., do 62'! 6 38 V 30(1 do (,;t 25 Illinois Bank gg 'S do SI? 30 .Mohawk RK ,3 Si Z ,? 1? , *?" KM do 43 ds 03 130 do liCO W% Second Board. 50 .lisnVicksbunr 7% 100 Long Island RR l>30 85 400 Long Island RR sio 84), 45 do .1 Hi' "? do . 8$ 330 Nor St Wor RR oi'! 4? do ?30 84', 100 do tnw 62'* New Stock Kxchaiige, $1000 Ohio S's, 60 .30 07% 25 Mohawk Rlt l>nw e-rt, uZ m'lalf f ili'tta y,rJ m'? 300 Nor * Wor RR u 1000 111 Delafield Bds l>30 42 200 do ,;oi SSS t *25 3 iS do g z 1,30 ??;' 1000 Indiana I)pl ltd, b60 45{2 5(1 Lone Island RK ?js" j0 ?hs banners Loan lilO 10% 175 do 1,30 116 S Z !'3 ">,% 25 do ,30 lb1. M do b| 40% 1 (HI ito gij 7 J do bio 11 26 ?ln u 4 50 U S Bank s60 11% loo do I.Mi is 10 National Bank yj 75 do |,jo U5V 2j Morris Canal 13}' 75 do 611 H? 10 N Y 8c Eris RR 23>g 50 do *1,30 felj 11 l|? *3 do SIIW 83' 50 Canton Co .10 " d" ' ,,,w Balks ok Stocks? Bos ton, Avo. 16 Jit Auction.- 4 shares Kxeter Manufacturing Co , no of. fer ; 6 do Boott Mills it) per ct adv , a do Tremont Mills, div. oft. 11 per cent adv ; 3 do Suffolk Manuf. Co., div. oil" 10 per cent adv ; 3 do Mass Mills no offer ; 3 do Lawreuce Manuf. Co , 16} per cent adv.; 30 do Boston and Worces tor Railroad, m per cent adv.; 30 do Boston and Maine Railroad, 7} a 7j per cant adv.; 6 do Western Railroad $88} per share ; 60 do Kastern Railroad, 1-4 per cent adv. State of Trade. Tttu ,Ble" haT? been *try moderate of pots at $4 18} ; pearls are very steady at $4 43}. Bkeiwax?Southern and western yellow prima sell at 29a ; northern is held at 20jc. BaxAosTovrs.?There is no change in this market.? 2?"ioV! 4?1LCillI?0t,be fl'J0.ted 0V" ** ? $4 '43 ; Ohio H 1^4 ; Michigan the suijih. Wheat 86 a 9<jc. a iT lollowing is the statement of breadstuff's received at Albany from the commencement of canal navigation to the close of tire second week of A ugust _ 1343. 1844 Sou A Ml? lft AP'il ?8th. 2I.011* $148,631 18 $188 473 28 ^'?uyt 304 070 bris. 638,177 brl*. ,\Vbeat 34 084 bush 79,149 bush. Vor? 48,606 " 0 361 " B"ley 3,946 " 9 030 ? Cotton?There was no inquiry to day from shippers. A rew pi reels were taken by manufacturers at previous rates. We annex quotations i ? LivLRroOL Classification. . Uflit {Florida. N Orl. f MohiU. 'u<?r,or a a 62 ... 6 a 6} SSllfy ' ... 3} a 0 Middling 6ja tj ... 62 a 6J Oood middling. 6} a 7 ... o? a 71 Middling lair,!. 7j a 7} . yl I 7 7| a 7* ... 7< a el 7]. a* ::: ;j i? flood fair, 84 a 9 ... 9 a 94 9} a 10 ... 10 a lol ?ia . .n7 0Jn|n0UrqUl'1,,i^ balu l,!n at 34 a Wc ; prime at 39 a 40c. Bales of extra for export have been made at 43 a we. i he supply continues very abundant. Whiskrv?Western and prison barrels are in moduralo demand. We quote 24} a 23}c.; drudge casks at 23c. Foreign Markets. Rio pa Janxiso, June 27, 6 P. M - Since the pul-lication oi our lust, the transactions have been exceedingly limit cd, and the various maiket* con iuue devoid of the slight est interest. Ths movement of the import maiket lias been us follows Ale and Porter?Sales, 350 cavks at 3||400 a Sj|7?0. But 1 fT !?,?^k incieused by the fiitther arrival of 300 ferkirs Irish 180 Belgian. Our quotations are noroinnl, for tho article continues without inquiiy Chiese-142 hexes at q,'0,a''0""; Bsgglpg?Ariived SO t ales, sales 4(1 nail* at !i*io find '22ft r< V our?Anived 2 <163 bbla Haiti btMlan Sa?es, 400 Richmond at 14jj300 rath, 632 Philadelphia at 13||. 334 family at 14||80M Shipiw.i coastwise 737 bris ; siock in first hands 44,112 do : stock in secoiid hands 37 836 do Hams?218 American at 2?0 ra Linseed Oil-Arrived 6 pipes, 40 hh. s. 442 tins and jugs. Lnmber-^8 000 feet at 66 rs. Sale* 60 bris, in lots, at 200 rs.. 0 pipes at 170 is .Mess Beef-A small lot choice Ham. tro at 27||. Rosin-200 hrls at 4||100 cash. Tobacco?Bo ?mi*elli?iU5 " ?" y'n:ffar- Wpipe. Lisbon at M>|| a 80|| Window (.lass?360 boxes at 6||300 and 711. Wine? Arrived 492 pipes Lisbon. Sales, 90 pipes red at 14611 a 160H 18 pipes white a- 140l| a 146|| In the absence ol even a tolerable supply oi our prima ry avticle ol production bu*inc>*9 hav been very restricted. Ciffee?The sales of the week have not exceeded 12 000 bags-prices unaltered Kxpurted, 1 bag io Kavai, 1 306 Oibraliar, 446 Lisbon, 92 Madeira. 6 621 New York 2 4'0 Trieste, in all 10,744 bags ; shipped since 1st hist , 78 348 do Sugar- Business limited to about 40O cases, of which 120 cases lor the River Plate, the remainder tor comutr.p tion, at 2,|400 and 1||400, and at ?;,660 and 1||800 for choice .eUv, esses to Kayal, 20 Oibraliar, 64 Lisbon, 16 Madeira, in all 105 cases. Hides-Sales 3 000 heavy at 168, 1,000 medium at 176 is , 8 .500 of various weights at if ..^XpSrt^c1L?03 ,0 ??"?ralt?r, 1,807 to Lisbon toge. ther 2,410. Freights?The rates are unaltered, but little ha? been don?. Dircounts ure stea.ly but inquiries for money have ra ther increased. Kxchange was very firm on 92d, when bills wero pxssed upon London at 2,4J, the appearance of the market has since materially altered,and bills were ne gt ciated on 23th, at 26}, and this duy at 26} ond 26d. Alto gether the business done is under A'20,000. Stock?A tair amount has bee* taken at 72}. Btillion-Tlie transactions have been on a vorv contracted scale, generally at lower prices. The principal business has been in Patriot douh loons ond silver. Died, ,0" f'F'Z.y af'rrno?n, lotu instant, Mr. Jamki Fat, son of Phiiip Fay, deceased, aged 22 years and 6 months. iwTw i ?lth? f,l,ni,jr' ftnd aUo ,be members and dHm I l /r" Krf1"I"/ 0,r'lmny No 30. are requested to hi. ?LrL. V,nera Jh'?Af,Rruoon at four o'clock, from his lateresidence, No. 17 Monroe street. ?" the 17th inst., F.sthcr, wife oi Lemnel Ferris, aged 4< years, 10 months and 17 days m?bB^'end,0'th,:rami'y ?m! the members of tho IUr mony Division No. 3 of the S of T., are re.poctfully invit od to attend her funeial, this (Sunday) oftirnoon. at one O clock, from her late residence, No. 4 Tompkins st buddeni) , Saturday morning, 17th inst., H?.n*v Hsiin, baker. I'nssenm-ra Arrived. (?Wldilr;,;?!s7wSh^H;^,,-n''V K N-Vi""' '*dy Rod thivr Pnaaeiifgc'ra Sailed. L,vi:RrooL?Ht.-?m.hip ( "b-.lnni* from Bo,ton-J ( Bon tin*,,7r"fefn""a01 H''.'d(?rsr. Ito.bury; An.li Holrrts. lady ond servsi". !'f Middleboro', P AulU I |.'7T 7'i 'u ialliens, L Hnnnuet, Js. Kobb ?n Irieilil, K l.sben,. I. |) ll.r/.-i, slid friend, ot New York W I Sfwart ol LanuriKhMrK N. Y.;Mi,? Sfewnrt, of do; t J| Ho f.'5L. J M !'V'1- ? ?"|j"''-|P?'?j T I) Stewart, of Mobil, r n 1"r " "vi "if Warneken, o( New (Mrs.,.: I (on J I.Stsr ?r Halifax ; Mn Doiixhu. atid MinMary A Muir, of II I nni. t.anada; B Alhrrj, of MatanMas- Vineer. of llnraus ? I V I'in 1,11 , , 'f- V'".,roi ' Herring, of Seol a. 'I : ..0,lJg0r"t' f"r"; ''"derl, of #1| Peters I rie*,!imin^ol ll'o?T7. l)Kk,"a K"?U"d' 1 "shfsi-Wm Klliott, of Boston; Horatio Maun," of Nev, York; Iranris W Pi. krnm, D M D.uiald and Mr. Drmpsry. ol will ' 1 Vy' VuT Nl 'vloiindiand; It L Deli|?r, ? Wade, ? (binId, of West Indie*?Id. Total 17. Foreign lni|?ortittlonn. .J.1'.'T1 Johnson?300 b*< '"{J'js'es *.'M Inn iron Ci B Mon-wood V co?15.00(1 (ire brirk, ?1 H Holdndge?19(11 do 500 bags .alt Ssml Thomyson-ll pi ?od rej Ik latli.on?51 W W I,new righl kro-1 O S Bilbv?M J <Iihonlc.ro?17 t'.uneron Si Brand?3 A Salter?13 W I K. BU.on?'4MB bara iron (I W Shield.?<i i>kt:? I) Hs-l-len L .on tor Vine- ill ?12 ( H Ru.iell lkro-li.1 ( .,n..sh-? A Be I i. r" 5 Coffin k Hiadlev?IO d Smith-10 K ( r.vington-.Vi I or MINK, Haven. O. CO?57 Sheldon Sc Phelps? in W Brno?2 bk' IB anvil. 9c,s !? b.ff, Kissam Ik \\ ilker? li; lliinl Woodlton A ( smin.n?24 Wolf k bl e? Ihl, i.nbu, R N Fiwier? i W M Smith?3 McKee Ik .?In Wood k Kolimr?2 (I llo - kios-JB cbafn i .ble, Merrill k c.,-51 pka. Mnmfordil7 \V Hinrlini.ii?I I. Alterlmry?6 ( k. Bill, f j.rk k m n i' ll,,..i -2KP I lever?77 Bird, '(bill Ion k Co-V An?m fce? looker, Me.il k ev ? II T Hunt? I llooelt k Ahom- i Mb II,/ Ik.?J7VV( b.nneeykr?|Ho,,?.Veltke?(,i 8,, ifi ' hnriter k e?4 II ll>?l.,|> k Hon?? Rieh.rd,,,,, k W ,l,oii - 21 if Riism-II?12(10 Ihixch tin and virion, pnrksues I,, order M a a ? r i li. ?.??Bi r-ine J Kmlen- 21 b.l.w ? -II |T Ri||,(t-5bi iJ'/'T," ikVkW,Un "r,arI, <J ?V"1'2r,? Mielwl-200 bkf mdv Mason k Thompson?j bales cork, 4 do w-ed, |0 do indw 8 el.? verdign, A Malhien?1730 boxsa lemons BOO hf bis oil Vm I,so -l-> 300 do soap 21!) do (neklea 3 bale, leaves 25 do alinonds Draier k Devlin?I bus.statuary 90 clia madder 20 bbls do u> order L,faSACoA?Scltr Kagle?520 bales lohaero 30 baas coffee "0 bffiaJplmfeafTOOO cocoa nut. Ay mar kco-15,oon ,eRars W ( " MARITIME HERALD. ?ailing Dajn of the Mtcaniahlpo. * rtoM LHKBrooL. rioMtiiiiici Hsrrison Aug. ?... tu.V i ij: Mathews Aug. IT fvla is H.bjrui. Ryrir Alii. W * 2 c <<..Britain, Hoskrn Aug. 31... ?!!! ?>* J?nvRi& K'wi? ?...::: :::K? " Western, Matthew* Oct. 13 Sur. I? Ship Nailer* and Agent*. u *" "(**ul " ? f?v?ir if Captain* of Vr,*|, will Kin to]Ko ncBT Hiltkt. Captain of our New* BoatsTa mortSr "I'tung left at the P?rt whence they tailed, I lie spolceu on their passage, a list of their canto, and aire I,"Tan "ftywi th*Y m*y hav*' ft will board them ino mediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents ai home Marf.'i.Wi Cul,f" ?>lvor bV wading to thi* office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical lufonna tion of any kind will be thankfully received. ?monna POUT OF KKW VP UK.. AUtlLgT IN !oa I MOO:? "KT? 11 'g| ?UN IBTI 0 W | IIIOH WATK.R || Cleared. I.I il l.'.. 1 ">'"!? Amo? fatten, Thomraou. Turk. T NicoH- ^ eterftZLB%r,S* Ritchie, Kochelle, S. Mart IHs.nVlEH' i8w>JWrom, Anlweni. Weisser: pLlfX''1!*"' Herrickaon, Rio Janeiro, via KtcWoud. Mot* Ik i-JI uir11 mly& PW't Port all Platte. Koater A Xirkerson ("ru^'VSi'j ify V? WK!| k'asllnr \|li| ? o ' leHllrip; Jll?U J, ||?? ( art lUt'HH KflUr, Marinas, Brett fit V ??*??.?Sclirt Hcmrioli ( II.tin I llai^ N?fc Mrl'mdV A rT" SuP,r; 'u"-io' Ackerinan. Hiclmion.l, ilrieir. lt, la I } 1)1,r,1'Ct' Bnggs, Baltimore. J. & \. Hon, i|ot JnlniHoii fit Lowtlm. Ui ? u Arrived. tNitp Horatio, Rowland, from Cautoii and Macao, April vounc^,ml >*?'i'i' <>nll,w"'1 Mtnturu ltCo, with 6793 pkg. young hj ton 3360 do gunpowder ltd do iniierial 1,7 do l.l ion 413 do hv viin skin Inl do twaakay tea 2|| ca?e. silk* to order ? J * 8. ship Brandywiim wiM lor Manilla Mch l(? Shin Tlina Perkins passed Anjier Mch 38. Off I "Si Lagolha* slX to " n alnp ( """"'.Jroin China for London. June 0, off Cape GuoS Hop.., lat 33 H, lo? r, K, .aw the Hi.ntr.aa. and 0.?.7 from Tilll!! f't? " v ?V r St. Helena, whale ship ( aniline ? "? w i ork, for Hio iit*\f <1 iv w it!i iiuri i.i.i. ,..i I 100 do ap oil. Spoke 3d inst. lat si sjU?M VWl"?d.? from KaMport fur Antigua. w ' 4""""?i to^Pay lor'it "MemIL*1 ?'' fn"" Li"rpo"1' J?'* ?' ??'" >?d*e, Tro.'low St%ny0"' fr0'" ,',>' rlN'"1'J,,l> to J. Norwegian brig Columbus, Jan, day* from (ioiie,.l?,r<. with lOTli bar* iron to order; I bo* Be, t A Heu^rdt??7 tkwr ago passenger*.. 9tl,i.nst. off Cap. ISable, spoke a .hip with a Uh; W^irM oX1, terVec,r.iruTr,,,,1,n; """ b"u A V.oe. A*>' d*>" rr0'" 8>,lu, y, ?'B. with coal, to Sclir Kagle, Dyer, II day* from llaracoa, with tobacco and Sclir Kicliinond, from New Bedford. llelow. One brig, unknown. Sailed. Slnu New Vork, Cropper, Liverpool; Dutch baniiuiDc H-mi. V riink, Hotturdam; brigs Maguiiu, tidark. Monteg,. Bai Jam' aiHCilheJ. ill. Bern,u,ls; Wilaon Ktilh r, Cobb, Havauual.,' Jlllaeel laneona. Batii Li.hwki.i.vn, Randall of Bowdoinham, from N'York for Bath, Me. Went aahore on the Ln^ier Sugar l.oaf, near Point Island, III Kennebec River, night orT?th. and is in a had situa liou; threesinarteriol her insured in hot ton. The Portland Advertiser states that the cmw are safe; that the brig was on her would'bc'giit1 off W*'atl"'r "''naiiied good, it was thought she in?,H,r:''1MRi.?r;r' v"rb. from Portland, 3d inst, lor Mail ias, sunposed hi ballast, went aahote 4th, on Island, ne.r Mount lieaert, and became almost a ???| lo.,' crew brig, valu.nl at about ?3000, and two (limit ol her I i longliiir to a person in Steuben, Me., was insured ill Boston; balance probably in New Vork. II . 7 "i~\'Vv br'K eflhe largest class, built by Bidwell A ?l,W Vll 5i!r H1 'V ' ,*ul1' called the ( Hole is to be launched from /oJo Mr VfV, "" ,rll"v "Hernoou, at I o'clock.?Buf~ Whalemen. Belleisle. of Prov incetown. on a cruise, with llll bids sn w as spoken Oth inst. lat .it 0, loll 61 !l?by the J Kinlen at this isirt Mary, of and from New Bedford, s|iokeii July* 30 lat 11 ill Ion 43?hy the Ohio, at this nort. 1 ' 111 41 j0' Mercurian," (probably Julian, Blackmer) of New Bedford uiteJc ?pr'br ' .Aug It, lat 10 15 Ion 71 10. lii^rdrron. Bridgeport 8th tnst. Steig'iti, Voting, on a wha ou'SiwrSiJb".1^'Carter B"xi"n' 8Park?-,3 Spoken. t . Yn'V L- S."n"" r' faring heist, Aug 10, lat 37 10, lou 5y 1 by the J Kinlen, at this jwirt. I u.n?rs: tts.TC-tSW'?h"r"~ I lat l0V18,Olonl""'3a.ra,tl'' fr?"1 Br'*to1' K1- f"r Havau?- ?>, Foreign Port*. A"k-, ll!-\rr Bravo, Brown, llslifav; Margaret Pnoiiain, C/?diz; Jeatp Amelia, Krrlptton, Ula?gow;8ohvav! McLellan. Liverpool; Sarah Stewart, Low, Liverpool; Court* ? Turoey, Liverpool; Tay. llarr/son, Liverpool. IS?H,,,. irewshire, Burn., London. Cl?d 13-Bitchana,., Oliver, Bridge. Sir r;.a l,",f.ll*"U,t'nv|,ks, tin I; Lord Sea ton, Kilxatmmons, don " ' bompson, Hnll; Vibelia, Paterson, Lon Home Porta. i Lt *IX', Aug 11?Arr Oen Stark, Laugthorn, NYork; 13th, I Mohtcui, Mmallny, do. Hid I Ith, Osceola, Means, Philadelphia I 1 nrveyur, Treworgy. and Two Brothers, fteed, N Vork ? ? Poutusnp, Aug 11?Arr Krances, Cook, NVork; 1.6th, Chas 1 3.bomai, ()?good, Havana: Texas, Pillsburv, New Vork. Cld N Yorkf* W> Dr,nllw "er' Bbiladelphia; America, CTo PontsMOi TH, Aug 13? Below, Albania, Crowell, from Liv I eilsvol ( wss reported sld from L for N Volt.) ! York?' A"* ?U*a|n ship Marmora, (new) Page, New i i !!r' "a ' Al'-",l1 "i?Air Statu butt I. Keuilrick, Kmyroa, V' " "".Aiiii r vessel at latU r. Spoke IHlli lat mi lit, I,,,, jo. Aiteiiona ol Providence, 33 day. from Norfolk for Oibraltu \ soarr Amiawan, Swaaey , Sagua la Or u.de, 31-1 nit. la-It, Kl",l:,,?J'.Sl"lW"'r' T,m \b,r^. ?ia, in .|uara..tii?-, having &:,SVr''''r ;rfV"i3ad' 5 day. previous; Outvie,' Anrittui, Alliaii>. f M, Br ktt'ainsliii* ( alcdunia I.otf Liirr jHMil; I pryiuti s. layltjr, Sili iiua, Jlilli r, ( n|V Hay. Srn'itli Savaiinali ' Binncy, Coring, I'rnsacola; Oaeci. dei][.|daTUCItrT' ,3~S|,1 Co|.y, <iardner, NVork or Phila fiiJiV" *.RTOii ? Al,?s'-??A" Huluna, Norton, I'hilsdelphii 16th ?lp<r"'ve, Burn ham, do lor Gloucester?and remain Paovtnr ivcE, At'g,li-Ari Mariner, Kidder, Bangor; Try all, Oibbs.aiul '-base, Ilppkins, Baltimore; la wis Spie r, Molt, Kapjwhaiiuockj < arortne Hunter, Nottingham, ( lurry stone, Va; o!tv!!rwt; , ;'k',rV Lui.llum; Angeline, Scull; Mariet ta Ryan. Wheld.ni: Jas A Samuel, Somen; Win Hart, Gaudy; Louisa Leeds, and I'etcr Hitler, Derrick..,n,Philadelphia; Traus Pols.li'l Vl V ''hiliau, Miller, Pictou: Kinerald, Poland, I hiladelphta: Time, (Jo. ee, Suffolt, Va; U'.-.ve. Ster hug, Kasiem Shore, Va; Lady Clinton. Cranmer. Philadelphia. il l . I i " n , ri "limglon, ilead, I harles ton. SI d, I resident, Hathaway, Philadeli.hia. pmi Vi.V;' Av"' !l,duV.7 ' Croix; Robert Mor ns. I hiladelphia; North America, Albany, Baii.?Kro*T, Aug 3?Sld Gi|isey, Hawley. W Indies Ii.!.V,;i'rV!A' ?.i"lt/ !7~lArr Meridisu, Vving,. W.iehsrn; leli'mii Charleston; Baltimore. Howes. Boston; lloll ? ? N iii!oi?' \l>; . v'y,i Avrr>. Norwich; Vlalvai.o, ii V ii ? i 'J'!' ',, "rke, Kastport. Below, Rich. moi.d, Kilborii, Salem. ( Id Currency, Richmond, W Indies ; (ho VV Ilea toil, Adams, New huryuort; N iiiddle, Walton, Nan' pn Iti.,o.!f. aln'n '""b-'ui v A Klirn, Homers, Bedrmt 0 I UV\V ff"1 d W Smith. Jarvis, New Bedford, Velasco, Seeley, hall River; Atlas, Walker, New sn,il!"?*,i? A."? !i-Air Wr? VVWycr, Adams. Boston? haiNli'ver^Siui'fsuutoii, Ston'ingtoii." ' VV'n tlourVromViaileg'oVl!ihi^" 8~"' "U"' ballast, take. MAlJlMON 1IOUSK, SOI TH HHOOKI.VN, L. I. Sni ATK No. 11 Aii.ANTti St.. orrosm. Lo>o I.i.ami ? , ., Rail-Roao Di:ror. OMIh, subsetilx r would most resiactfully Call the attenti.m of P??s?-ugers going h.i.t, bv the Long Island Railroad, that h serves up, for their Breakfast previous to tie ilepartun- id cars. I hose w ho may honor him with a call shall nestle tin- bejt attention?pleasant sitting and dressing rooms ca.i "vateentraiici- second door in h'ltrtnaii >1., north "I Atlantic ?t. G. RKMHKJs, ' il". i". __ Proprietor. T O. OK o. K.?Tile tnemliers of New York Lodge No III are r.-mte.trd tole-at their Lod-e Room, 'Sunday,' lflth, nl ."in to I ' ,1 ? II l>a) ll"' 1;"' Tribute ollV.pect to | our l ite nrotlwr, Henry H.tluin. lt>m A. O. PRICK, N. p. L.W'^('-,W A'ibasler Marldc Sragliola.lu.from slioolos i-r. |T i y J be gentry, the inhabitant., sliupket Jiers, b.i7.aars, country dealers, and tlie public in general ti.se.-his Old Museum of Arts No. 33 OrchsJd street, ittwe., Grand and Division streets, vs lu re |?. ,a* unpacked Just now AUha.",!-'r 'Bl'ir'M' " 'i""' Ornauinlu" i ii i i Marble, Siib Agats, V llow Stone. Stalactite Red, and various other marble., Verd. di Prato Granite A. , TarteV Veil VI ' 'T"" <if"?ps, higups. Bn.ta, , . i h.vvers, h.lriiscan V.i?-s, I uidh-stn ks T'ais-rs ce" S,r,mT"! ^"'"b.f-sses tiock St. fine- Pj. in v 1 le?"|?, Warwick and Devonsliin- Vases, SI..-II L. Bn I "r--Groti|is and .ingle Dogs. T-bh s, Has. ai Is, Hulls. Cows, loons, Broaches, Necklaces, l)l?-|j.|,s lb II BoTi'' iio'i'ff It ?*''*' ,>:"V. R'-'igbts, Ring i ?,l Nrndia li-.L? .Ar,i,,""ii? IV,"."'"!;,"! Mount V esuvius ?t Naples, Books onrlmlogy. Mineralogy, Ge?|?gy, Marine Botanist. Ai . kr. I rice of articles from I2,'a ceiits lo ?V'ttin. M'.inti.g a,"1 ri-mtnng ?| ,.?.ry d scnp,,,,,, ?? ln,?|,.1,ll, I'-rins. Adinissioti fn e. a IS lui'm kacli; !?v.sti;i; a\d ihmm; saTmon7 4 1 4 ?Hf-,AWAy ? entrance in Lis|a-uardstiw-t -Thesub ^7 "rr,U r bavutgmirchaaedthe almrg establishment from the fonner pronrtetors. Whit, d A Jess.ip would n-.,eclfnl1v lorm lit. Irtrnds and the pithhe generally that lie has rello' l SALOON i? a mmitmr which he^u w!j.. bun a share ol the public patronage The public arc respectfaUy invited to call and view the above eataldi*hnieuj, when tic present proprietor trusts tle-ir tastes n,,> iiTh 'i. "ii" winch w ill ensure him a second call an IS It llaw t HARI.KM G. AL'HTIN. TO OI N SM fin.s NOW GPKN'NG-IOO common Boys' Gun*, .ingle bar inn common full site Kowling Gnus, ,lo 3IHI fine do do lb, A 3SI do Double Barrel do' ' The above guns comprise , f?|| assortment of Knglish and ... ? ? ALSO ufi "") ri'flliiiK Pistols; Rifles of every description; Allen s I ?<fnt Revolving H bore Pistols GI N HVII-rri S M YTKrVm.S: GtitiLocks and Limb, olUcks, Ribs. Rod,. Vyorms, I ones, Barrel., Masks, Shot Aelts Game Bags, lercitssion I'tlla and I ???*, and every otlie, Itch- apiirrtaintugto thi business , . -ALSO- 1 A general assortment of Hardware and ( nth rv ? nta In, , e A- w- "PI KB A ( (1 '1' I i Pin D'h iriw Ii 'ikiebAo.' ''"'c b", h> an original and scn iilit J fill iir o-iice Vmi. ? I,r"l*'..i"n, and Irom an extensive success ;,ni,?R.|C^ l1!r? *1 H'"gijIshed n niilatioii in the m ie,., il, i-1 ell i,... r '"bud of filling anil preserv ing iI.cav d i< s7r. ., ,,7 ^'? P**"t M,"ch combine, wuh lie mm, in, . I ,11 ui it iIh I,mtli in the month, forming a sound masti. Th!i??tiffer?, ''jwjd-r vtum long I,Hiked for in il.i. us. fill t lis rv csiin if '.?, "i" ,, "l!1" professional aid u, .1. pracntioner. ' v ?>(hi.accmplisl?. from * A.'M:: nutirorp.M8 U?"" <WI '^^U^lth ' ?kip TRENTON, froi, Ltv. r 111 ii ' "'J'P{*"*Mn<'!?!;ir permits on hoard ihcshipati, r aft 1r thf of th* subscriber. J,, tn'IKr 17m <!?)?, mutt unaroidsbly t. pobl,e ,,or* joiLn iikhdman. ,HlJrc 41 South street AMUSEMENTS. IVlHLU't* t.AKUKIS. Corner of Broadway iud Prince ititrt, New York. 'ill* Entertainments an under the sob direction of MR. MITCHELL. Doors 0|?a at 7? EutrrUiimu-ula commence at I precisely GRAND GALA ? Sl'LENDID EXHIBITION OF , K I K!K WOK KS! FIRST NIGHT OK THK. REVIVAL OK OI'K.N SESAME. MONDAY KV K.N I NO, August I9lh. will he presented tlx Romantic Extra,aganxa in i, ? < cjllrii OPKN SESAME ? OR A NIOIIT WITH THE FORT A THIEVES. Ahdallah , Mr tViiuo Hasaanu- Mr lloll .ud ''"icia, Miss Clarke Moruiana. Mm Taylor 1C?" lutrrmissioii of hall an hour.?A 1) To conelinti* with, ALl)GATE PlJMl'. Old Tontine MrKveranl J liarlea River. Dunn < orpor.il Hindi la-raw Winuifred Willi* Kruno Davy Dive Clarke Hroomy Hwn.li Mitchell Mary Ami.. Miss < lark. Harali Hcrulilis Alias Taylor ?Jfiafli'iiii Mn- Rohrru Noltfl Min Wntu try"NO FOSTPON K.AIKNT at this ratd.lol.OMat .... ac rou.1t of weather. as thr Grand Entrance from llm nlw ay lo tie" Halm... i* protected, and tlie New Saloon, which i? ventilated from dip top ami Mil***, ran In* fiicluMnl at a notice. PALUU'H ITALIAN UPUltA IIOI SIC. CHAMBERS STREET. FOR A FEW NIGHTS LONGER : ADMISSION ONLY TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. Moiirlny, Augmt 10th, Aim EVERY NIGHT UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, THE ORIGINAL F. T H IOl'I A N S E II K X A 1) E K S , MESSRS GERMON, STAN WOOD, HARRINGTON, lit PKLHAM. Hating met with such liberal tucMritrnrut during tln-ir Kirvt Wee It, have Ihvu induced to rem tin a KEW NIGHTS LONGER, I On which oecaainn they w-ill introduce an interesting ten.-., of NEW SONGS '. BALLADS! ! REFRAINS 1 ! NEGRO DUTIES ! ! ! CHARACTERISTIC 1)1 ETTOS ! ! | ! GLEES, CHORUSES, Ike. kc. [' /" Boxes and Scats cau be secured at the Box Office from M to t A. M. and from 3 to I'. M. a IV li CASTLE OAKDEN, I" OR HVH NIGHTS ONLY, commencing on MONDAY, I'Jth. w Mf- HOOD, iht- ureal Tight Wire Dancer. Mr. HIGGLES the superior American Vaulter, oil the Hw iiiuinit Cord. INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT, And conclude w ith an Exhibition of FIREWORKS, Admittance, itfeent*. anlUjt* CONCERT NIGHTLY flRAND VOC AL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT. , VT ?t J. I'lNTEUJ" X < Inf.- den Mill.- < ohnilie. Saloon. 307 Broad | wax. Engagement of Miaa ADAIR, the fine Vocalist. This well-known establishment bar Ih-. ii considerably embellished since May. Refreshments of tin- Is-st kind can alw ays lie bad at the bar. with the attendance _.if can-l'ill waiter*. A well venlil liit.-d Billiard Room containing eiitbt table* communicate* with tin- Saloon on the same floor. l'lie lee, and Cream*, the beat the city afford*, can at all time* I*- obtained. ICy- Entrance free. alfl2w*nt GKEAT AND ATTRACTIVE EXHIBITION. HE PROPRIETOR baa the honor of informing the citi zen* of New York.tliatbe ii now exhibiting fnra few da'y* at the Lyceum of Natural History. Broadway, No. 301, opposite Niblo'a Garden, the magnificent MODEL OK PARIS. This ?rally splendid work of art, carved entirely on wood, ia tin- re sult of lt> jear* of labor. It comprise* at lean S7.000 houses, 1670 streets, and more than 100,000 different subjects. Each house, monument and public square it repn-scnted with a truth fulness and mathematical nicety lit their formtl dimensions and colors. Inasmuch that persons w ho have resided in the great metropolis of the world, can easily recognise the house in which they have dwelled. 0|*-u every day from 9 A. M. till 10 P. M. Price of admittance, 23 cent* ; children half price. au3 3taw Im'rc THE A L H A M R A, 550 Bnoanwav, bktwatctt Brxtsa t*D Prince Strict*. ' 1' 11 IS fashionable place of resort is open for the aeason. The s- Ices, Kruits, Jellies, and other refreshment*, are of the finest description. An Orchestra, combining some of the first musical talent in tin- city, jwrform every eveuinit, except Saturdays and Sundays, favorite pieces from the comtmsitioti of Straus, Lanner, Auber, ?lehraied. Bellini and otheni equally cel. BRANCH, No. 163 East Broadway, urn. door above Rutger stieet, where the same delightful Ice Cream* and Refreshments may lie found. null Imisrrc COLMAN'S LITERARY SALOON, COSTUME GALLERY, AND EXHIBITION OF b ? A U TIFU L PAINTINGS, No. iiOll Broadway, Yew York. N? L* t v see ITT-ADMISSION ONE SHILLING ONLY. STRANGER should leave the city without calling iu . see the Great Collections of Books,, Paintings and En graviuiw . which are offered at "prices to suit the times." Thert BLIC SALE ROOM ia filled with book* of even kind, iu v. rious languages, including Print* and Pictures, to tee which, a.pl t lie I'rinl It num. no ChaRiie is made. jyVB ec .1ACKSON. STACKY ,V SMITH, S LKACTI REUH AND IMPORTERS of IV,,, l'.?kn and Table Cutlery, Razors, H<-i?*ors, b'ilej, Haws, Tool*, and otln-r description*of Slicflield I iood*? an 17 Int?rc No. I? PLATT STREET. MA*! mm PARTICULARS OK THE FARM in Huntington JKNtTow ushin, S. C advertised some time since by W. & J. ^*aaw.T.< TAPBCOTT, can he li.nl at tli.-?r office, 76 South st, corner of Maiden Lane. aul6rc ?g- FOR NEW ORLEANS.?LOUISIANA AND kM^^ENEW YORK LINK.?Warranted first regular Pack JMUraW'. after I lie Oconee?The extra fast sailing rnpi*>rcil and copper fastened |iacket ship LOHENA, Capt Urquhart. now loading at Orleans w lnrf, and having awry large propor tion of her cargo encaged, will positively sail a* above. For freight or passage, having handsome fiirniilu-il accomt . datiims, apply ou hoard, at Orle uis Wharf, foot of Walt street, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO., 36 South street. Shippers may relj u|niii having their goods corTecllv men. ?;irvd. and that lie- diip* of this line sail punctually ti? adver tised. t Age" Is in New Orleans?Messrs. 11 ti lien and Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their add,ess. :lwti' ' Tie-packet slup Genesee, Capt Miliot, gwill succeed the Lo oil dm s, Irom her usual places, on 1 Viz. Amoi^atieet 7JL?t .m il st. 1\? }('atharine berry, Brooklyn. II?Pilte l!|??and Pt?r No. I, N. K.. Bii? touching at I'ort Hamilton each way. 1 he Hleainlioal 'iilOMAH ?aL,i|iii.?, Capt W. T. Shi.ltz. will run lo the Fishing __ .Bank*, from her usual places, on _ KflD A V H, 1 y WEDNESDAYS, THURSDAYS, and FRIDAYS. Ktire ih rents each way. TO CONEY ISLAND AND FORT 1 SATURDAY AFTERNOONS-Will lave her usual places at 2, 2'*, 2>f, 2'C and Pier No. I N. R. at 3 o'cloc's . NIMVS, andz Will make two trip* from same pi iras? MONDAYS. > In llm Morning*, leave Itif, gtf, t?, >,'*, ami Pier No. 1 N. IL, at 9fg. Afternoon*, at 2, 2\?, 2)g, 2)1, and Pier No. I N. IL, at 3. Ileturuiug, will land at uve same places Paw 12H cents each way. an Hi 7t.s* in GRAND EXCURHION TO THE FISHING BANKS, MO.N DAY, AUGUST in. The steamboat ROBERT L. STEVENS, Captaiit lL L. Mabey, will make an excurs.ni. ?lie- Kialiing II inks, mi Mond.lv. August Pith Lea-, tug the loot of Atnns N. R., at U A. M.?Canal stnvt, N. R. at ten minute* past it o chwk?Chamber street, N. II. nt 20 minutes pant B o'clock?Pike street E. It. at quarter Is fore !) o'clock?and Pier No. I N. R. at 9 o'clock?and return* ing to the city at a pro|?-r hour in tin- afternoon. Captain Ynt<*, who i* well acquainted with the Fishing Grounds, will accompany the boat. Refreshment* furnished in. board. A |?t?<>ii will be in attendance with lutr*. Bait fiir.ii*h?il gratis. A fine Band of Music will accompany the boat. Kan- for the Excursion. Fifty Cents. a it 17 2teod*m STEAMSHIP NEP'i l NE, (t? close tlw concern)?At Auction, by L. M. HOFF MAN Ik CO., on TUESDAY . August 27th. at half-past on* o'clock, at llie Ap/ehant* i Exchange?STF. A M SI 11P NKPTiTnE, 7G tons hurt lie..; she i* in first rate order and condition, hav tug per formed Iter last trip from Charleston ... .'if, hour-; she wa (horoi.ghlv overhauled two years since, and nevs Iv cop.s-is-,1 vv ill. 23 and 32 oz. copper, fur...*leal vv ill. ne w boil, r ttinde l,v J. P. Allairo, and put in fint rale condition in eve, ) r>-?i*ct. If- r engine i* about 2.'gl horw- power. M inch cylinder. Ills le* l stroke, 2d fis-t diameter of wheel, all malic by J. P. .Allain-, ami of iii.snr|ta**eii workmanship. For further particular* and in ventory (which i*. full and complete) apply 1 aydsiu Itollins. on lioaol, at the Novelty Work*, or st the offiee o| .1. II. Blow er, *I| Front Hin t, where Captain Rollins may la- men d-til) at II 'clock. Inventory also at tin- auction room. The Neptune may lm our, based by private contrsct at any time prrvtons t, tlw day of sale. anil I I tin re VIIFTON HOUSK, ON THE BAA SIDE. STAT EN ISLAND, Lm NEAR "TIIK. NARROWS." PERMANENT BOARDERS, tnuiacient lo.lgerx and day visitors, offer* an opportunity of enjoying the bns-ze, a view of laud and water niieqiialled for it* ptctures.iuvnr** tin luxury of the *ea bath, (the *ea la-acl. Is-ing within half a tn.U of the bouse.) The dinner honr ia IV o'clock?on Sunday at 3 o'clock. Su perior carriages m altendat.ee for the accommodation of iU guests. A fine Howling Alley aud Billiard Room, ate just finish ed for tie- amusement of the patron* of the establishment. GEORGE IMEItIS, Proprietor. N. B.?^Two of the beat rooms in the Home may le- had lor tin* temaii.der of the aeaaon, on immediate application of fami lies. On Sundays the hosts run to Stapleton. landing every hour? toCl Carriages in attendance to convey passengers to Cliftoti House aul Imiarc u! TEETH?TKKTII?TK ETII, NPRECEDENTED REDUCTION IN DENTIST!'. V by N. TAYLOR, Surgeon Dentist, Succeaaor to YVni Thorn, ,'.2 East Bioadw.iv. Teeth si i ?? tiiToi gl rm " on Silver Plate g 1*1 " oil Gold | (in Teeth filled with Gold I no Tin Foil -*l " with his luttly eelehraled Mlliersl, 7 i Tooth Ache cured ' ' . . it) All operations w ranted at this offii e. aul'l lm* s CIIAKLATANH, HI Mlil (i.H, i^l \c|v OMK IM.(M KIIKADH hIio live ii,h>ii jmitntioiDt* vtboR*' tr.ish ih worn nn-oimU-ry oriniz to |?alin a ( ? rnnrli anil HimMmiu Piiioin tlx- |>vtblir? ?n?l l?\ NtroriK ml tiM-ntf'tir* an* forcinK 11?? ir Mult n|?oii thr undnl Tin >n?l?Nrrilirr it thr ?n\oiitor of th?* rtColifnUitu oii, anil In w.irrnnt hi* prf(Hirttioii? for lb?flimit*, ?"?Owr in tin h t|t < ihiwiW or liquid: hi* Cockroach Pniioti, nitchonlly romi*' lor Moth*; or m immitahlr Kly-pijwr, ?n?l *'om|" ? < Iwiniral Whale Oil nil of whioh ai^rffiTtual. ni?i trial Hill routine* th* tno*t ac*i>tical Thr only Rrnuinr i for proruritig tlir orictnal aiM *Hr*tiial preparation*, if fron infinfnr, PH. LEWI* KKl ? lfTWA.NUKH. No M Matdrn Lwjr. ??aar William ?Uff' In Philadelphia, at ZILHEH k CO. an 12 itiarotl*rc In ffo*ton, at.lih.L)DI.N<? h C< BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. u?Mi!i?wai Elkutiun ?We huve return. showing the election ol4 1 whi^s and 1 democrat?beiug a gum of 8 lor the wings Imdiana ?The,whigs will doubtless have a small majority on joint ballot in the Legislature. Males af stocks m* PttllaatalnlUa. F'isst Board, Aug 17.?M shares U H Bank 9; 100 do do id*. 6, 71 ao do Uj, 110 t'Ou Reading UK ?'* US stis UK. J4|; 11400 Lt'hign d's, '40 41; US ?(?? Oirsrd Trust is (lirsrd Bank, li], uao do do, ba lUj, 100 Norristo*u l>6, ?J; UU do do. 0. ao Wilmington HH U6J; Ml do do *4|, 3U? do do, hS, U0, 7SO do do. US; 60 V irks burg. s6. 7|; $1000 Tennessee a's, dlj; giooo do 1st Jen, basal. U shs >l.ck Bsnk, SSA. MH1P 1EWI. By Tikis Morning'* Southern Mall. I'iiiladi.lmiia. Aug 17?Arr Wm I'm, Baker, and Hume, Howes, Bnstou; Elisabeth, Wiley, and Richmond, Kilbnm. SaleiQ; Ashland. Masou, New 1 orb. fid Elk, Nick.ra.ii, and Delaware, Fisher, Boston : Rcitnate, Baker, Halifax: Harriet Ann, Moore, Westchester, NV: Marts Causey, Htubhs, Fall Hirer; W D W?|>|es, tiernun, Troy; T H Thompson, Bishop, Nantucket. lisi.t imukv, Aui{ 16?Arr 4Jar.cl|e, f Brl Heon, Antigua; Topic, Cook, boston; Mail, Kush, St org. Hid f'esrt, Nirker son, Pro, ; deuce. Nnttroi.g. Aii? 14?Arr J W K imp ton. Oslmrne, New \ ork; llrilli'Siit, IDrdv. and Arutidn, Trslethen, Bnstou; Erin, < Jard ner, Newport; Fountain, Wiley, Thopiaston. In ilamptou lloads, Leontinc. Jones, Richmond for Fall Hirer. WiiMiM.n,,, M . Aiis II?' Id N F Frothiagham Mm in. (liudaloupr; (lordon, flitter, Boston. Kocstois, Nf. Ana 9?Arr Kimbcrly, Hilton, West Indies, llth, Register, Harriet, do. Mpoken. I. I. Htuiarss, Baker, from deorgetorra, DC. for St Thomaa. 'J days out, Ann C, 1st II, Ion 6t. . ?? THOH. BELL, Auctioneer, So. II .Spruce .Street. Regular Bales of Furniture?Every Wwlneaday and Saturday. itegular Hall's of Dry t roods, t lothiuz. Pledged and Faney Articles, Groceries and Varieties? Every Pueadsy and Friday. au'J Uw" in THUS. BELL. Auctumeer. SCANDINAVIA. THE NEXT REGULAR .MEETING of this Association will lie held in tin- Lecture Room of I liaton Hall, corner of Nassau and Beekman streets, on MONDAY, tire 19lh instant, at 8o'clock, P.M. All Sweil, i. Norwegians and Dane., hi llie city of New York, who have not atteudedthe former mi etiugs, are res|ectfully IU vlied lo attend. Per order, F. H. STALLKNE' HT, gntT t!end*m Secretary. To DOCK BUILDERS. PIlOPOftALH, Soah'dand Endorsed. wiil be merited at thi* office uuul 3 o'clock P. M. FRIDAY, 13th September nett, for buihliuc a fob Wharf, uu the Hal* opposite tin* Nar> \ aril, Brooklyn, L. I. The Wharf U to be 20 feet wide, aitd 20 firt deep, and to bo filled with ?toue. The Proposal* must state tins price per running foot, including material* of every description nece??ary to be uaed. and must name two sureties witlt ivferoitces and r*?id**tice, a* bonds will bi* eutered into for tlie fuilliful performance of tlie contract. Kor apecification* of the work to !?*? done, the sizes and quality of the timber, examination of the bottom, kc., Ike., application inustdk* made to the Commandant of the V aid. .IAS. II. BUY DAM, Navy Agent. Navt A?#rvr*s On u j New York, August Itith. 1U4I.) a?i 17 Itawlwrc TO TRAVELLERS. r|MIK VAPOR BATH?U the best and most agreeable rema A dy for tbe exhaustion and lassitude produced by a long jour ney and broken rest. Travellers are invited to call at MR8. CARROLVh, No. 32J Broadway, and try the Bath. aul7 Iwrc W ASH 1N(;T( ?N IAN COFFEE IHOUSE, No. lOIt Xnssau Street. 'TMIIH ESTABLISHMENT, listing been rebuilt and under A gone great improvement, is sKuiu open for the public, by th? furinei proprietor, who hopes by attention to business, to merit a share of public iwtroiisio*. _ Hie above rstablislunent w ill. a. formerly , tie op. ii day .nid niltllt. an 17 Iw HEAP PERFUMERY AND FANCY HOAP WORKS.? JOHNSON ft. VROOM, formerly corner of Cedar and William streets are inauufarturine and pur tiny; up for the trade, ? their kimh]* in the newest and most attractive sty lea, and are sell 1 iiiK at prires UU jier cent lower than can lie brouuld to this mar ket; the extent of their maiiufactiirinu facilities enables them lo sell for the smallest profit. Manufactory and Sales Room, 79 Trinity I'lacr, rear of the new Trinity < linrrh. aul7 Imeod'm MM1CAI, AND SURGICAL OFFl"GET DOCTOR JOHNSON, I7 Duane street, so well known to the victims ol Syphilitic diseases, xs the most successful prwctjuoswr that New York can boas' of, in tlie treatment nf this destructive and almost uominauealde malady, is still to be found at hia old Office. Dr. Johnson can satisfy any one that lie ia legally qualified to practise Phytic and Surgery? that he possesses a knowledge of zeneral disease superior to thrre-fourtha of your ceueral "Physicians"?and tli.it bis skill in the tieat meut siid proper manaarmeiit of every variety of Venereal Dis ease and Stricture of the Urethra, ia pie-eminenr. My patients are not onlv from every ;*it of tlie United Stales, but they coine from tlie West Indies and Canada. I cure, on an aveiage, taw patients a year. I divrounteiuure quackery in any (aim, and, therefore, lake this method of informing alouiaers, and ler sons in tlie country where they can find a physician .killed iu the treatment of their disraae. Everv case I nmlertakr I cur-, or make no rhnrgr. No matter how long you may have Oli?t, Stricture, Ulcers upon the body, or in the throat, or nose, pains in the head and bmiei of the legs, I will and csn cure yon, il' your case ia curable. Constitutional Weakness, sontvomea called Seminal Weakness, brought on by a secret halol indulged in by young men. I have paid much attention in ihe treatment of this malady. Many an unfortunate victim of this unnatural vice has eiiauirured my aalutarv treatment. Dyspepsia, weak nesa of tlie limits and small of the hack, confusion of intellect, forgetl'ulurss, palpitation of the iieart, aversion to society, aie onlv symptoms orthis complaint. If my directions sir follow ? ed, I guarantee a cure. Poal paid letters, with statement nf case, coutuining 61 for advice, attruded to. Obarrvr. Oilier IT Duaue street, one dour I'ruin Chatham street. Mil tin're MEDICAL NOTICE. QTRANOERH and CITIZENS afflicted with any fuitn O or variety of Syphilitic, Mercurial or oilier diseaae, or who liavr been only hall cured by quacks, had better carefully peiusa the following letter Dr. Cooper?SirLast July I contracted a certain private disease, and immediately applird to a doctor, who promised in cure UU' in a week. I rniitinued Willi him two months, bur was gradually getting worse : I tried one after anotlu r, all tlm advertising doctors, and each one promised positively locum inc. I at length discovered the object of these men was mo ney, and tint tbey were not doctors. I concluded to go iuto the hospital, w lie re the doctors kept me uuder a course Of mer ciii \ fill eight weeks ; on liiroataud nose were ulcerated, pains in all my Joints, and my body covered with ulcers. I was a Complete alteleli 111 ; the doctors cousidered il dangerous to givs me any more medicine, and ndviaed n southern eTimate. I left lite hospital, mid hv advice of several friends, placed my self under your rare on the fust of January last. I am now well and restored to perfect health. I wiali this published. TIIOMAH OHEEN, Carpenter and Joiner, Harlem. N.Y. Dr. Cooper warrants to cure every case no matter how long standing, of (fleet, Startnm and Seminal Weakness, and mild case, of private maladies rnrnd in 48 hours without intvrfering with the patient's habits. DraCon|ier's Office, 14 Dnane street, two doors from Chatham at. No eure no |nvy. uul8lm*rc T|7e.\II:.MMil's ( LAM HAKE a- CHOWDEK , r?4Miu Clnmat ! CONOKK8H IKK K. ELYSIAN FIELDS, HOHOKEN. IPHK I NDERSIONr.l), on Thursday negt, the ild instant, | I w ill have, at the <'nngrras Rock, the most estensive < Jam Hake with Chowder, that ever was seen iu tlie I'uiu-d i Stales. Every ntteiitiou w ill be givesi, and the beat acrommo j dalions provided, by J. L. POl LLETT. | au 16 '.It *in I INFORMATION WANTED MRS. DI KA.NI), (late kti.1 Maria Miller,) from Drnarh Ober an Newbirck. iu Wurtemlcrg, now letidiug in New j York, wialu's to inform her brothers, Oeorge and John Miller, I also, her unele Mr. Itluiiihe, that she would lie hippy to rverivo information from them, having not le ard any sines ttie year 1SHJ from Rnoeu, France, wlirn she lelY the fsmily. rmigrsling for New York. All information will la> thankfully teeeivsd by Ml I 2w *rr lilli. T. DHOME. Il'? Fulton sireet. Exrtir,sa I'llIC KM REDUCED?''il* Subscribers tiavis reduced (heir Espies, prices ou all small packages of Isw ! and other documents, from 40 cents to 24 coin |?i par It.if.', from this city to Buffalo and the intermediate points. Also, through Wells K Cn.'s Express from Buffalo to Chicago, at 40 I cents Jvr package limn this city to (ihicago, Mid llie inlerinedi ite eniuta oil llie Lika in7 I.I VINOSTON, WELLS h I'OMEHOV. J ? BUARblNU. I HM) LET, WITH BOARD.?Two handsomely furnished ? 1'arlors, suitable lor gentlemen and their wives. Also t several rooms for single gentlemen. The house is iu a central location, and the table supplied in the liest style. Pleaw enquire ! et 204 pulton street. jy30 linrc d. m. Peyser aT lo. \o. BO John itrcet gin) ROW Broadway. HAVE received hy recent arrival., and keep constantly on hand, a luge and tasteful selected assortment of French and ttermin articles for Embroidery and Fancy Uoods, wlneli they offer for sale at wholesale and retail, fir:? Berlin Zejihyr t Worsted, Herman Wonted, Canvas^ F loss A splendid assortment of all kind of Tassels, (lieu i lie Cord anil t henilie. , Embroidered Siis|iend?rs and Sus|ieiider Trimmings, Silk, Worsted and Cotton F ringe*, and (iimp, in all colors and qua lities. Oiled Silk, Freuch manufacture, white, yellsw Mid grvevi. ( j\ 44 3m ee LI'CINA CORDIAL; on. T II K Is I* I X o It n F l. O\ i: . IT IH \ MdVKHKHiN nnd ?Mir* lor incii?itrit ' bmiiiI'Iion. Imrrvtin' >??, lacorluirur nhite*, ol>strur ti<?n difficult nriminrul ttifsiftniatioii incontiiirnrn of ttriu**, or inyoImmi ii > ilisi fctr'ra' llwn'ofi *?ml for tfrwrnl pnmtriition nl'tlin N)s.tciu. yyId iIh , tlir r? ?vlt ?l" inlicrt nt rau?e? or produced K?v ir? o * mI -1 if v illnrsA ??r nC4 i?l#*iif. h is |?I? ivtnt tu 11?? tsiitc, And |w?. ?in\? l> sure in itw D|?'ruliiMi?. It? unri\.illtol r**piilntion in both li?'iiii?i?h* n** in tin rr?ult ??Titi? 'ilniozt Mi|?m?tMr*l virttiri. FKT Si) i >\ i; DKMFAIH ! Noiliitnr mh b*? more ^urpriMiii: tlian iu ifivi*oratint< on iIh- liinnoi frttrw. fVrw>?i?* ritfiirlrd with wmiIiiwm *nd U??i niih'!? liif tnkinu it, n niiri" lKTum?' robunt and l*it 11 of energy iiuilcrif* mllufm'f. It iiaiiii?Mliat??|\ eoniitcmcti tin* ncnHrM iM>4 or ImifflWM of th? Ouisib* frame, which i* the only emit of liArri'iiii' s*; ?n?l which, (trior to l)r. .VUkiimi'i dincoirr), mu rofi?idrr?*i1 to lie iiioiir.?l?I?*. Ladvu yu#-, cannot do jiutico to fir merita of tlie lsU(" IN A < OR DIAL, which it r?*unrdfd b> tin* In mU of tlie faculty, in all |wrta ?.f iIn- world, ftt "i?e of lit*- moat imitortaiit di?ro\eriea of .my aye. Sold wholeMle and retail, in tht*rit>.at lfi Ku lion ?t reef, comer Naaaau: and MmitliTowl, Waahinuton atreet, Bo?ton. rri?'? $'J per Dottle, &t4 perdofrn. atil7 1 in ? n B K ACON C (> K S K . FOOT RACK FOR ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. rpHK TROIMIIKTORH of the almte I'onrae of!?*r * I'tir** of A 1(1600 for a Foot Race, to take place on tbe al?4?%? ( curar, near lloboken, on the lith of Ot Tf >BKR, weitber perrnitfinK, a follow* A Turie of $600 to the pemon who u ill nin the freatffl%f dia %iice within one hour?StiO^fo the *ec??nd ifl flit'mo?$100 tn f ???i\ |w rum ahfuild come from K out ol l)?* I niferl V ?ie?, for the | ?irp*?ae of ItiM per am! x win eiftier .?f the nh'tre (nirae*, fen per re.it addition w ill lowed lot their ? f peniet. Klre dollar*entrance will he chan to prevent peranna enferin* fheir n? me? w ho do not uite?r nut. f"? i**viiia h i hmir to enter for the above are re pieipd to tl< *?? aooti ** co'jvrnient. and no otte will hr allov e<! t?> 'titer y doe* n??f do *o tin <?i helore fln? 2l?t of Aeptemher. Knfra. '*??? nnde, ?, d ill nif4irm<afioit given hv th? anhaeri' * if Iter b) lefferor oflnrwiae. Noi<erv?ii will In* allowed to *?arf f*?*r tlie ahov? l*vt yvId ? m?v. ? ''tr h ii fhi* viol the above pace ran on an) rovtr tin- I iiih d Hfatea |*?r a tjiirw or match of $'?0, or mop-. < H. BROWNING, W. lloboken, N. . June J9th, 1811. I ^ mile* fr*>n? Hobx>keu htrr) aulJ lm*rc IRIBH OATMGAL?About JOuO lha. in t'?od ordej. fori 1 by JOllN HERD.MaV, aul6re j$i Hooth uttrt \I/HKAT?4066 huaheh Fnuie llhn i \\ Irnut, for Mi* b) *Y E k t oLLIN>4 k r O , sulOrc 4u bimth vtrvr

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