13 Ekim 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

13 Ekim 1844 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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Tu Millmmtb F*mi ?This deluaioa ia pre vailing in our oity and chutricts, to the breaking up of a number of hitherto happy familiua, and the abandon ment ol business We know ot one man who actually rt? tusmi to vote at the recent election, on the ground that it would he of no avail tu the end o( the world waa ao nigh hi hund. Since then he ha* commenced the aale of ni* hoaaahoM good* at grm' MOriftM, and appear* determin ?1 to strike off all worldly interest and care Another, whu wm recently married over Schuylkill, and doing un rxcel'ent businea*, relinquished his contracts, withdrawn orJersfor good*, to . and bidding his wife farewell for ever, has gone out of the city Another ha* aUo relic <|ni*!i<' I ? large co tract lor building, paid oil hi* lumber bill and cancelled aeveral order* Several other* have gone as far, and other* even farther than thotn noticed above One peraon, who waa unable to pay a bill to h * grocer. iu*Uted however that it should lie sent to him, and ti|M>n its presentment the society took up the matter, and took measure* to settle it?Phil Oax Oct I'ith. Velptau's Specific Pilla, for the llartkal cure uf ?onorihup.i. gleet, aeminal emissions, ail'1 ill inocopuru lent discharges from the urethra. 1 hese pills, the result of twity years eiperieoce in tlir Hospital de Ciiarite in Paris, art pronounced by llieir celebrated inventor, Pre fees or V?l|*wu, *? a i l:ift|lible remedy for all diseases of the urethra. They if fleet n cure in * much shorter time thau any oilier remedy, without tainting the breath,.diasgreeing withtlie 'tomsch, or confinement from business. I'rice, $1 per box. Sold at the College of Medi ciue and Pharmacy, ?5 Nassau street. W. 8. RICHARDSON, M. D., Agent. We Hold flint l>?an to be a Benefltter of the human r>ce whose skill is diieet-d to the assuaging of pain, be it i hvatcsl or mental; mid foremost among th- latter, ?e nr* disposed to place 1'iat friend to ilia Indies, Dr. F. Kvlii 'toi nsun. How many wnmen therearBfiH-sieasihg otherwise fin'tlris figures) who have groan-d in secret ov?r a ireikled, sunburnt, eruptive <kin, ornairj lip, or hsiry forelic-d To such Isdevtne annonnreme'it of the wonderful properties of (''iirauil's Italian Medicated Hoip and Pimdres Subtile, must have cone with as joyous a welcome '?> the reprieve to a death ilooui d captive. Agents?Jordan.1 Mijk S'reet Bostou; Dyer, Providence, Carlatou, Lowel'; Ferre Middle own; Myers, New Hiven; Pearce, J Stanwix Hall. Albany; Backus Ik Bull, 231 Miver sleet, Trov; Storrs, Hudson; Gisy, Poughkeepsie; 74 Chesuut street. Philadelphia; feth S. nance, Baltiuwra. W. D. Moi re, Lynchburg, Va. Mfdlesl Advice In Private Diseases.?The members of the New Vork College of Medicine and Pharmacy, etlahliihed for the tujtjrrtttioii of quackery, continue to diiect their particular attentiou to all diseases of a privat- nature, and can confidently proini ie ro persons requiring medical tn-atmenr, a safe and |ie manent cure, without injury to the constitution or coiiliueineut from business. Invalids aie particulaily requested to in ike application to the College on the first appeannce of those diseases, as a vast amount of suffering and time may be thus avoided. One of the members of the College, for msny yeirs coniie'ted with the principal hospital in Kurope for the cure of those complaints, attends for consultation daily from > A M. to 7 P. M. Terms?Advice and Medicine 85,?a care guaranteed. IMPORTANT TO COUNTkY INVALIDS.-Persons iving in the country, and finding it iuconvrnient to make iw sonal application, can have fin warded to taenia chest containing all medicines requisite to perform a radical cure, by stating their cue explicitly, together with all symptoms, time ofcontriction and i e.itu eut received el?ewhere. if any, ?nd enclosing $5, post paid addressed to W. S RICHAKDSOV M. D.. Agent. Office and Consulting Rooms of I lie College, 95 Nassau st 'However Beautiful the Countenance may be," yet, if the person hsve a dirty set of teeth accompanied with bad breath, it becomes not only a disgusting spectacle, but a perfect jirst to all around. Dr. Sherman's Orris Tooth r?ste is n |iei feet -nt dote fir those evils, and one of the most delight ful d-ntrilicM in use. It is free from al deleterous substances; it dues not injure the enamel; and it renders the teeth of a pear Iv whiteness, while it destroys all impurities of the breath, and acts as a tueservative to the teeth. 'I ry it ouce and you will be convinced that it is by far the best article you have ever used ? Dr. Sherman's warehouse is 106 Nan>au street. Agents, 227 Hudson, 188 Bowerv, 77 bast Broadway, 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia, and 8 State street, Boston. Rlcord'a Parisian Alterative Mixture, for the |>erminent cure of primary or secondary syphilis, venereal ulcers, nodes, or any comnlaiut produced by an injudicious u-e if mercury, or unskilful medical treatment. All persous sua pecting a venereal taint remaining in their system should use this powerful purifier without delay, as no person can consider lumvflf safe alter having the venereal disease, without thorough ly clc msing the system with this justly celebrated alterative. Sold in single bottles at $1 each, in cases of half dozen at $5; carefully packed and sent to all parts of the Union. Sold at ihe College of Medicine anil Pharmacy, 95 Nassau st. W. S. RICHARDSON, M. D., Agent. Conatltutlonal Debility Cared.?The Tonle Mixture, pr-pared by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New Vork, is confidently recommended for all cases of debility produced by secret indulgence or excess of any kind. It is an invaluable remedy for impoience, sterility, or barieoiiess, unless d pending ou mat-formation ) Single bottlei $1 each; cases of half a dozen $5; carefully packed and sent to all |?rta of the Uuion. Office of the College of Medicine aud Pharmacv, #5 Nassau at eet. W. 8 RICHARDSON. M. D? Agent. The Concentrated Extract of Sarsaparllln, Gentian and Sassafras, prepared by the New York College of Med cine and Pharmacy, established for the suppresion of quackery. This refined and highly concentrated extract, pos sessing all the purifying qualities snd curative powers of tlie shove h rbs, is confidently recommended liv t'ie < a lege as in finitely superior to any extrai t ol S nasi arifla hi j r'-ent before the public, and may be relied on as a certain ie nedy for all live s-s arbniK from an impure stat* of tlie b ond, such as scrofuli. silt-iheum, ring-worn, blotches or I imples, ulcers, pain iu the bones or joints, nodes, cutaneous eiuptioua, ulcerated iore ihro.t, or a <y disease arising from the sscondsry effects of syphilis or an iujndii'ious use of meicury. Sold |n single Boules, at 75 cant* each. " iu c ises of half a dozen Bottles $3 50 " " one dozen " 6 00 t. ases forwarded to all parts of t^eUuion. N. 11 ?A very liberal discount to wholesale purchasers. Office of the College. U5 .Nassau street. W. S. RICHARDSON, M. D., Agent. HONKY MARKKT. Batorday, Oct. 18?6 P. HI. The Stock Market remains in a very lavcrish itate, and quotation* are fluctuating. Sale* to-day were larger than nsu il, in many instances at a decline,a nd in othera at an advanae. At the Old Beard Stonington improved li per .ent} Norwich and Worcestir, IJ; Mohawk, j; Furmura' Loan, i, Ohio 6's, 1, with very large salsa; Resiling Rail rouil.i; Reading Bonds, Kast Boaton leliofl'|; Illinois, ; r.'um\) lvania 5's, |. Hiriem, Long Island, Indiana, United Siatea Bank and North American Trust closed firm nt yoMerday'n price*. At the New Board Long 1*1 andadvanced jf per cent; Eaat Boaton, Hi Norwich and Worcester, 2; Farmer*' 1; Stonington declined 1. Foreigu txohange still rules very high. Bills on Lon don.we firm at a 10 percent; on Paris Sf 32} At pre sent there is a very limitud demand. The next steamer leaves Boston on Wednesday, the 16th inst., and we caa> not expect much enquiry for remittances until Tuesday, which is packet day for thi* maiket. The receipts of the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company for nine month* in 1344, compared with those lorthe same time in 1848, have increased about fifty-seven i*r cant. Philadelphia a*d Rkamho Railroad. Rcceipla for nine months, 1H44 $437,170 Receijita for nine months, 184a ' Increaie in 1844 $I6\7I7 Receipts lor September, 1H44 $TJ lib n9 Receipts for Svptumbcr, 1843 48 05 $^3.S4? 44 Coal tonnage for September, M,6S(i ton*. Tbo imnjenae capital and debt of thi* company makes it necessary that the receipts should be large, much larger than those yet realized. The principal freight trans ported is coal. Tho whole coat of the work, with all its machinery, wharves, lie., is as follows : ? Total c ist $7,146,400 Capital $3,000,000 Loans 3,3IHi 000 Mortgage on real estate I-J6 000 Floating debt 1,819,400 $7,14S,400 Another debt has recently bean contracted of $ I,<100,000 to lay a second track, lurnish additional engines, and to build five additional wharves at Richmond. The interest on the indtbtedneas of the company, including its capital, cannot (all far short of $400,000 ; allowing the running nnd other expenses of Ihe road, for 1844, do not excead the amount paid in 1843, to pay an interest of six per cent on this capital and debt, the leceipta for 1844 must amount to at least six hundred and fifty thousand dollara. The receipts and expenses for 1B43 were as annexed llereipt* from paxiengcr* $7 J 000 From meichaudise .14,000 Fromcoul 378,8<X) From U S mail ft,.W0 $49 4,300 Fxprncef of every kind, such a* repair*, sain m* lie 104,"00 Purplua receipt* $330,000 We see by the above returns that the receipts for nine mouth*, in 1844, amount to $437,179, which averagei $tb .i64 per month. 8hotild tho remaining three month ai oi 'ge as much-and they will, probably, great exceed it tbo total leceipt* for IS44 will amouut to $.*>73^71 tailing >hort of the amount necesiary to pay expentes and t ix per cent on capital and debt full (eventy-flve thnu t-an I dollar*, but suflicinnt to pay six per cent on debt ani about three on the capital. Old Stock Kirhange, Ji.ro N Y City Vs. '70 102^ IS sbas Illinois Bk b30 17 3100 Readi g l.'Rbds 72* 100 do .WO Kentucky i's i5 21 Farmers' Trust 500? Kentuckv 6's 101)^ 32S do 21010 Ohio 6's, '#0 I0IH 300 do 44V 2H000 do bfiO 102 M do b3A 4S 1.0(10 do Idl'i 110 do hlO 45 into do sis loix 49 Camden It Amboy R 112 2'i' tifl do h.10 102 i Mohawk RR ft' V .'.nilfl do blO 102 M do fiOOO do 102 2.10 Karlem RR 73 3:;r>0 do 'JO I0IJ4 100 do b30 73K yo do 'SO 101* SO Stonington RR SOW 2000 do 101'/J 05 do bIJ SI 10000 Ohio 7's bjo tog 77S do S0V MO do 10* ISO do slO SI rj100 Indiana bonds 4S 17S do SI XlOO Alabama J's 81 SO do btj SIW SflOo Illinois spcl bds sW 40 SO do b30 SIH SOOn do OH SO do hJO SI ScOti Pw V J's 7S JO do blJ SI 15000 do *10 71)4 1<5 do 50)< Juno do r?(ld 75 25 do hlO 51 ,'iliivi do Wld 71K 50 Reading RR slO 53!^ 2(1 sins Mereh's Bk 110 ion do bio s;i'j 2'i I'tv n x Ilk 95H U Hnrtson (It Berks 16,'i %|> Bk t om.full 9U SO Nor Si Wore s30 50 US Bank 8)4 50 do 77 20 N Am Trust II 100 do b30 78 50 Canton Co 1950 do ?G0 77 ?5 do 41Jt, 25 do s30 77W 225 do V) 125 do 77 ^ loo East Boston Co I.IX 50 do h30 77k 150 do IS 2?'? L Island RR *:i '<0 do I'JJm HlO do bid 83 SO do 12)t SO do blO 83>4 rtcond Board. *fi000 Illinois spcl 6's, *JA 46 50 Harlem RR 7J ft\shaa Not k Wore 77 25 Morris Canal 12 If,n do 7(iVa 50 Fanners'Lonn 11>4 .11 do 'M 7' 30# Math's Tin.! Co ?2 100 di< b:i0 7ti!s so L Island hll 8i?i 100 tie silO 76 JO stonincton KR )0 Raw f tor It Bsohwigt. $:(IOO Ohio 6'i, 'cti blO toax *5 shes L 111 and KR s3 ?3K 50shas Farmers' Tr c 45 50 do c Wt 100 do >60 H% 10 Huds k B?iks e 17 SO d.> buw (5*. 50 llirletn KR bJ 73S 50 do 45*2 50 Ml.ven It Hartf sJ J7% 50 do c 45l2 50 Nor St Wore c 77* 25 K*st Boston *:o c 13)2 15 do c T[a 25 Stoniugtou RR blO 5I\ 50 do ? 7,/i 25 do bllO 52 225 do buw 78 50 do b30 52)4 350 do e 78 50 do l>6m 53H 50 d> bnw 7K,? HO do b60 5l*i 50 do C 77V 25 do c 50? 125 do c 7<>s 25 do buw il% 100 do buw 77\ Sale* or Stock*? Bonos, October 13. jit the Broken' Be irJ.?367 gliRree E*at Boston Co, HJ; fii) Jo, a 30, 124; 00 do, aim, I2J; AO do, Wj; 14J do, 13; 3tio dividend! Kant Boston Co, 4j; 11 do, 4^; oO ilo, s30, 4 j; I i shaees Boston and Maine UK. 107*; 10N rwicli and w'or cestnr MR, 76 J; SO do, b30, 76j; dado 7rt|, 100 Reading RR, '2t>jj; 3 Western RR. 67; 33 do 66], 343 do, 8tJ; 6 City Bank, 97; 30 Old Csloiiy RR, 99; 6 do, 100. State of Trade. A?he??The sales an- very limited, and we note at $4 18] lor pots, and $4 3* a 4 31 j for pearl#. S I OCX on HIM) OCOHSK lllH, 1844 First sort Puts. . .bid*. 9,841 Second do do 1,473 Third do do 413 Condemned do 3?i7 Total 11 734 First aurt Pearls.l>bl?. 7 90!) Second do do 1,011 Third du do -Jw3 Condemned do 33 Total 9,398 Ton bbla 11734 PearU 9,396 Total 31,030 BRKAt>9Turri-Klnnr i* (timer to-day, and out* are in demand Gmeaee II ?nr bring* ?4 fiij, and oati 31 a 34C. Whi-at sells nt 90 a 160 ceoU. No barley in market. Hat - Common q>iali:iei> N'.nh River bale lull us want ed at 33 a 3.5c; prime, at 40. Whisrkt?Drudge rank* are not in good demand We quote males at 34c. VVastera and piison barrels aie held ut 34} a 3,5c Paawingrni Arrived. LtvsnrooE?Packet ship Rose i us?George Barclay, lady and d iughter, Mrs Collins and two children, Mr Pesrce, of New York;Thot I, Hilsey, Providence; Hugh Wilson, Charleston; W Kleningd n and lady. Washington Jackson, New Orleans Miss Isabella ' ochran, New York; Thos Trusdell, J Tiusdell, Miss Trusdell, (i S Clark, Ohio? 91 in the steerage. Cal<:i'tta?Ship Carthage, at Boston?Wm A Sale jr. of New York. Foreign Importations. L,v?:rpooI/?packet ship Rnscius?74 bags J S Worth?100 tons coal and 2"00 sks ?ak F. K Collins St co? 1 caie Robinson, McArthur St ro?20 casks C B Jones?Ii bdls t eel and 1 ca-k S Crooks?100 foundry I idles Hendricks Ik Brothers?2 casks E Harrisou?21 | kg* in 7.e J Gibon St co?1 Fellows, Wadsworth Ik co?6 Hughe,. Ward St co?20 Smith ThirasrSlco?R T B Mabee?I W<lk?r. Brothers?1 W Raddle?5 W Whitewright ?3 W Benjamin Ik co?2 Aniell St co?2 Hunt, Broihers?3 Richard.on at Watson?5 Lockhart It O bsou?8 J St J Stewart ?2 Sheldon. Phelps Ik co?1 Reid St Sprayue?1 Van Antwerplt Oakley?5 Sands, Fuller It co?I J Ruthven?1 A 7. Lagravi?5 Rait, Hro hers?I I Walto-'?2 Ball, Tomnkius St BIick?18 C M Luff 8t c >?1 Wairous k Johnson?2 1 Hunt St co?4 Wil liams St Bell?11 Bates It Moates?2 T Tomea St Son?2 D H'd den St C"?1 Fat ei It Bierwnrth?4 L> Cook 8t en?1 J (k J Cox? 1 H Baylies?5 T?y'or It Son?2 W White?2 Betnis, llalste-.d Si co?1 J Met all St Co?10' hoses tin K00 bdls sheet iron Phelps, Dodge Ik en?2 pkgi Crocker It Jones?1 J Warren?I J St J I'ot?2 H Baylies?2 J A Newbob'?! W Van Wart?1 W Brownell?I Mesaitiger It Brotliers?30 llutterlield, Brothe's St co?3 J Hudson?10 Camcraud St Brand?7 B St N Weed?1 J O We"?15 A Mitchell St co?2 A Van Nest?2 Walsh Si Malory ? 1 W Barton?I J C Heath Ik Brother?5 CJStacy?3 M I.ion St CO?3 (} Hastings It CO?I JAHT Luxaie?1 Thompson St co ?SC B F e Ba roil?3 Haines St Havs?9 L C C> rlie* St co?1217 hox"stin 21 bdls iron Kggleston It Battel?I i>hg C F.yre? 4 But terfte'd, Bro'he a St co?2 Smith, Thurger St co?5 B L Dawaou ?B 11 L Rnutb?10 Richird.on St Watson?17 J Gihon Stc?1 J St J Stuart?3018 bars iron J H Abel St co?45 rases Caprer? 8 cks, 15 bdls, 31 es steel, 23 do indie, 25 bhls to order. MARITIME HKRALD. Moveinenti of the NteuiiiohJpc. Steamert. Leave Uv'l. Due in Jlme'a. Leave Jlme'a Caledonia, Lou, .. Oct. 10 Acadia, Harrison. .Oct. 4 ...Oct. 17 Nov. 1 O. Western, Matthews.Oct. 12 ...Oct. 25 . Nov 9 Hibemia, Ryrie... Oct. 19 Nov. 1 Nov. 16 Ship Master* and Agents. We shall esteem it a favor if Captains of Vessels will give to Robkrt Sii.vky, Captain of our News Boats, a report of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vessels spoken ou their passage, a list of their cargo, and any foreign uewspapers, or news they may have. He will board them im mediately ou their arrival. A cents and Corres|>oudeuts at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Informa tion of any kind will be thankfully received. POUT OF SKW YOltKL, OCTOBER 13. ? I7If tlliES 6 30 I MOON SETS 6 14 SUlt ARTS 5 30 I HIOH war KR . 9 47 Cleared. Steam ship New York, Wright, New Orleans ?Ships Shef- I field. Gillespie, Hull, F.ng. E S Innes St Co; Medemseh, Chase, Charleston, Nesmith St Walsh.?Brigs Carlos, (Ve'i) Dias. Angostura, Ayina' St Co; Frances. Powers Tobasco, Howland It Aspiuwall: Chattahoochee, Whitton, Curac' a, Boonen Graves St Co; Telegraph, Hey ward, Bermuda, Middletou St Co; Manhattan, Doane. Apalachicola. E D Hurlbut It Co; Meridi an, Wing. Philadelphia, W J McKee It Co; Watchman, Clark, Bucksville, SC. Badger St Peck ?Schrs H Lawreuce, Gritting, Barbadoes, John Ogileu; Three XV (Br) Graham, St Johns, NF. T Winniett; Alaric, I'urnell, Wilmington, NC. N L M?. CreadyStCo; Seafan.Pugh, Norfolk; Washingion, Ma.on, Suffolk; John W Taylor, Stokeley. Baltimore, N L Mct^ready Ik Co; E A Stevens, Uriggs, do, J St N Brings; Maria, Lalou rette, do, Johnson St Lowdeu Ontario, Staides, Bangor, Buck St Peters. Arrived. Packet ship Roscius, Cellins from Liverpool, Sept II, with mdse, to E K Collins St Co. 8th inst 1st 41 30, Ion 69, spoke ship , bound to Boston, with loss of main and mizen masts. 5th inst experienced .i severe gale from ENE to NW, lost top sails, Ike. ? ... Barque J. E. Williams, (new) Packer, from Saybrook, in ballast. Brig Germ, Lincoln, from Eastport, with plaster, to P I Ne vius & Son. .... Schr Cornelia, Ric*>etson, from New Bedford, with oil, to I Grinnell, Minium St Co. .... I Schr Renown, Lovell, from Boston, with mdse, to E St J Herrick. _ ... I Schr Benj Bigelow, Baxter, from Boston, with mdse, toJas Atkins. ... ? | Schr Octavia, Gliurcliill, from Boston, with mdse, to Foster ItNickerson. , Sehr Talent, Baker, 3 days from Boston, with mdse, bound to Albany. _ ... Schr W. H. Tucker, Hinckley, from Boston, with mdse, bound to Albany. Schr Utica, Bearse, from Boitou, with mdse, bound t? Al bany. Schr Hudson, Bearse, Boston, mdse. Schr Saladiu, Marsden, Boston, plaster. Sehr Hero, Spalding, Thomaston, lime. Schr Patriot, Rocket, Thomaston. lime. Schr Sarah Si Maria, Barringtou, Balem. Schr Balance, Cook, Gloucester, tish. Schr Cape Cod, Baker, Gloucester, mackerel. Schr Admiral Blake, Osborn, Derby, Ct. Schr Florida, Hopkins, Mystic, ballast. Sciir Telegraph, FisW.Fall Kiver, ballast. Schr Lenity, Smith, Fall Itiver. ballast. Sloop Emerald, Mayhew, Mattapoisett. Below. Hamburg ship Stephani, Flor, from Hamburg, with mdse, to Schmidt It Balchen. Also, 1 barque, I brig, unknown. Sailed. Ships Panama, Griswold. Canton; United States, Britton, Liverpool; brig T> bee, McCormiLk, Charleston, and others. Miscellaneous Krcord. Ship Fairfield.?A letter from Nassau, NP. received in this city, giving an account of the disaster to the Fairlirld, s ates respecting he cargo " that without .xceptiou it is ill the worst state of any w recked carga that lias been brought to that port for years. The goods were literally ground op. W ha'the wreckers have saved was dove up from the bottom When tlie rest of the ship broke out, the goods were wound or twisted round it several leet thick. The salvage is nut settled yet, as the goods saved have not yet all arrived. It is a heavy loss to tlie underwriters, and 1 am sorry to say will be about a total ?'barhue Robert Morris, which out into Nassau in distress on her voyage from Philadelphia to New Oileans, ha* been well repaired, and was to commence taking on board her cargo on the 27th ult. She probably sailed on the 1st inst. The passen gers from the wreck of the Fairfield w. re to go iu her to New Orleans. Whalemen. CId at New Bedford IIth inst. James Alleu, (new, 355 t ns) Shearman, Pacific Ocean; Ml Wallaston.of Fairhaven, Bourne, Coast of Africa Spoken. F.olns, 30 days from Boston for St Jago, Sept 22, lat 20, Ion 73 28. " S.ilina," of Baltimore, 27th ult. lat 34 31 N, Ion 46 15. 4?'orrtun Ports. Cadiz, Sept 6?Sid Altorf, Snell. Boston. In port, Rich mond, Purring oil, for Boswh, nex'day; Km pi re, Swasey, for Ca tiue, do; Rochester, Peabody, for Bath, abt6 days; Osceola, Child, for NOr.eaiis, 10. Home Ports. Bostow, Oct 11 ?Arr Tiberias, Howes, Cadiz; Noble, Dem ing, Alexandria; Chickasaw, Keudrick, at'd (?hamplaui Kins man, Balliinoie; Laurel, With*in; Tsmoree, Hoxie; Eugene, S (inner, and St Helena, Wasgalt. Philadelphia; Aid, Stoddard, Richmond: Rieuri, Elliot, Norfolk?saw >esierday forenoon, about 5 mile South ol Nauset Light, the hull of a vessel ashore high and dry, judged h?r to be a vessel of about 200 tons, saw a large number of |>eople around her; Hor del Mar, Kiunear, Kiederi ksburg; Klleu, Collins, Dover, Del; Gai ges, Allen, Albany; Despatch, Ni'ker on; Dusky Sally. Humphrey Mo nonioy, Nickerson; Ann Denman. Spear; "m Henry, Thorn* Hike and Itmlolph, Hutchins. NYork. Telegraphed, Alto f. S.iell.fm Cadit Siguak for 2 brigs. Cld Bowditch, Crowell. New Orleans; Mary Anil, (new, of Boston. <9b 9l-!J5ths tons) Brown, Charleston; EH ? hapin (new packet, ol Boston, 12 ? 4 !-'?5ths tons) Welch, Mobile; Mary Kunh.ll, Gregory, Savan nah; Brilliant, Leavm.Noif.dk. 10th?Return'd. Columluans, Barker, heuee ilh inst. for NOrleaus, having ill the gale night of Kth, lost fore topmast, mai.i topg ,llam mast and jibboom, and spruiig bowsprit? waa in contact last night wi h brig la tap>co, off Nmiset. Capt B*rk?r encountered the gale of fcth, in lat 3 MO, Ion 70. On 8th, lat 39, Ion 69 30, saw a large ship wilh nothing hut her foremast standing, and a ship running down to lier. Also returned, I'atapsco. Lushing, which saileil bonce yesterday morning, lor Port au Prince, having got in con t'd at 9}? same evening off Nauset, with ship l oluinbiaua.? The P los' jibboom. split bowspritjtove larboard bow rail, Stc. Philadelphia, Oct 12?Arr W 1 King, Crowell, Bmton.? Cld Rammohiiu Roy, Cutis, NOrleans: tiuwu Victoria, [Br] Tucker, Port Spain, Trin: \ ucatan, Bjker, Montego Bay, Ja; Cyprus, Pepper, Boston; J T Bertine, Brown, Mobile. Baltimore, Oct II?Arr Bochester, If onntain, N York; John A Itobb, Walker, Cadiz. Sid Amelia, N V ork. FRENCH LANOUAOE AND Ml sit l\/f ONS., MADAME AND MAD'LLE. OAUVAIN, have i-*t resnrred iheir Classes and Private Lessons for the season The Freuch taught througli Maneaca's Oral System, exclusiveh used by Mr. Gauvain for these lifieen years past. The Piano, tiuitar, and Singing also taught, on the most ippfpved principles. The French language is usually spoken in the family Ap ly at 397 BROADWAY. 06 lw*re PI JnTTrAMA AT NIbLo'S GARDEN.?Open for a short ? season tlie moat magnificent Panoramic Painting ever es Hiibited hi this country, (so say nil the Aitisfs that have seen it) It >vas etecuced by the celebrated Artists, Mi. W. Daniel) ). G. Panes and Augustus Earle, R. A. London. It is now open during 'he day. Admittance to the Garden and Panorama l'i cents. Attists an rcs|*w.tfully invited to visit the Panorama free (,| cMlge, \rj" The Panorama of M idnu was exhibited in Russell Jjti*re, altrndeil vsith immense mr.i -ss. Vvhen purrb.tsed b) \lr. Niblo was considered tlie very l>e^: Ptnoriunc painlnirf in | Iipndon. _ i UK. L.-VRUiM'-ltj COiNSt 1/1 l,\W e.AUIiXi.r.li, Atlie neum Hotel, Broadway, New York?Dr. Lerdner will uitinue the piofessional practice which for many years he pur ?ned ou an extensive scale in London, uid may he consulted b) patentees, manufacturers, aud others, o? queelions regardins tmprovementa iu the arta and mannfacttw. which involve the ipplirati'-n of t)a'jirinf iplrsof Mechanic il or Physical Science Ptioie wlio nsioi at a dliMncs may forwaid (ja.st paid) M ? leai ttau nieiit of the case, with the necessary drawings or t'ie ciineus, when immediate aiteuuos will b*git*. ill la r? ttTANTf.D TO PURCHASE. A COPPER STILL, ?" or second hind, from forty to fifty gallon*. A|>|?1 * ? X Y. Z., Htnld Office. ul3*t*ec ANTED?A SITUATION, by a reipeetablu I oung M>m, '* between 18 and 19, who has lieen used to attend in tlie Wholesale Fancy Goods Business, can writ* a g od business land and ii willing M make himsrlt geueraiiv useful. Addre.s II. H., 'ii Ma deu I,uir, Uji sta rs oil lt'ec WATERMAN SWEET. THE BONE SETTEE, IJ A3 terurtied to the ?-ity, and cm be >een at tin Astor House. ?" or?ll Full on st. He will le ??? iu ? few days lot liiiladel IPa., Burlington and Mount llolley, N. J. oil it*m _______ A SMART ACTIVE BOY, one who can read and write. Apply at this office. o!2 tfrc PARTNER WANTED A Person wishing to establish himself iu a profitable, genteel, and at the sain*1 time, an agreeable business, where h<* can l a eitlier active or sileut as a partner, and having a capi'&l of live or sis thousand dollars, can hear of au opixirtuuitv of so doiug rarely to be met with, by addre??ing rati name.and wh?r* an inteiview can be had. All communications confi dential. Address 'H B., Upper Post OlRce, New York." ol2 lt?ns*je r],0 SAW MAKERS?Wanted, a mau to work at the anvil A A lirst rate workman tliat can biing good r-feret ces, w ill find steady employment. Address box Z70 Park Post Office oil Jlrc ^ Rt.W.Villi - I.ii i, ye*tenlay afleinoon, i l<l irk I'o kt t VP" Memorandum Book, coutaiiiing .om? notes and accounts, of no use to any |ieraoii but the owner. The above reward will lie paid by leaving it with Mr. CO WEN, at the Bar of Love jo s Hotel. o!2 2t?m INFORM A l.ON WANTED Of J K A NET IE MUR 1 DOCK, a native of I'tisle', Scotland, who arrived hereon the it'll September, iu the packet Saint Geoige, Mm Live pool. Any informal on concer nig her, will lie thankfully ?ect*iv -d at Win St-ei 4*. Soii'h, III ( berry street. Shecanhearof her friends in Delhi, by applying as above. o12 3l*ec rP '' TAILORS?Wanted, a first-rale Cutler for a fashionable J- Clothing Establishment in this city. Apply by note, ad dressed t'i ' J. E ,' mil left at tin- Herald Oillce, (with real name,) will in.ei with immediate attention. oil 2t*rc BA K E K Y TO t BT .N one of the best si'ualions ill the city, with Fixtures .complete A lielttr chance seldom ott-rs for a (arson with .isnail capital, as the ingoing will be moderate. Hor pai ticui irs please apply at InO Mercer street. ol3 3t*rc M'LLE, PAULINE DESJARD1NS resi>ectfully informs her patrons anil tht public in general, that she is about to fortn a " C/tnsr de Dance" for ladies anil gentlemen, in which site will teach the favorite Polka, Mazourka, and all (lie other fashionable Dances of the day. The morning school will lie open from 12 o'clock to 1 o'clock and the evening from ti o'clock to 9 o'clock. ladies and gentlemen wishing instruction are requested to call at M'lle Desjaidin's house, No.5 Park Place, oli 8w?rc IMPORTANT TO GENTLEMEN WITH AND WITHOUT HEADS OK HAIR. ClJARLEo KIDUWaY, Hair I'ifttkh ani> Wig Makkk, (LATFflOK 1761 BROADWAY, HOWARDS' HOTEL,) HAS lIK.MOVh.D TO NO. 12 WALL STREKT. DI RECTLY OPPOSITE THE CUSTOM HOUSE CR. wishes to inform those gentlemen who have nol.trieil ? his system of Hair Cutting, that it differs from aii'l is m iierior to all others ill principle and style, being strictly accord ing to the most approved European modes as now practised in Loudon, Paris, tic. kc. Wearers of Wigs are particularly re quested to call and examine an entirely new method of fitting, invented anil practically ap,lied by him. and not to be had ill any otlier establishment iu the u iverse. They possess some advantage, over all othe s, not rwijuir ng any elastic springs, al w a\ s retaining their lit, and cannot possibly turn up ' eliiud. Soaps. Oils. B mlies. Perfumery. Ike. kc o!2 Iw *rc Mil lit..Ml* I'll ILLI1 S?1 lie smallest Orand rianoiorie ever made; brought fmm England by this Celebrated vo calist. is now to lie sold, and may be seen at the Pianoforte Ware rooms of Htodart, Worcester 8i. Dunham, 961 Broadway, olltfrc NOTICE. PHICE REDUCED TO K1KTY CENTS PER BOTTLE. ? Many of the first medical facul'y iu the country ca tea 1 tify to the almost incredible cures performed by the use of th" Tricopher us or Patent Medicated I ompounil. and the prufe* ional character of the proprietor will he deemed sufficient guaranty axaiust everything like quackery and humbug. The original and |{eiiuine enrej ba'dimss and gray hair, and one ap plication entirely relieves the head fr in scurf and dandruff. Principal office 146 Broadway, corner of I iberty stieet, up stairs. Beware of the counterfeit sold at One dollar. o!2 3tis' rrc NEW STYLE OF AUBUSSOh A X M I N S T E R *C A R P E T I N O S . TU8T RECEIVED and now being opened, a l-irge and well ?' selected assortment oi' A ubussmi l arpeu of the richest de signs, and most beautiful and tastefully arranged colors, con sisting of a great varety of patterns and sizes, surpassing in richness and elegance any thing of the kind be'ore received. Also, a large invoice of Axmiuster Carpelings of in w mid taste ful designs and colors?together with a splend d assorlm'iit, in e^ery variety, of Velvet Wiltons, Geneva Velvets,'!' l>e?lry and Brussels Carpeting*, comprising the largest stock of goods e er offered foriil ' iu this city, adapted to ?ve-v style of furnishing. Purchasers wishing the latest and best style of goods are requested to call and i limine th- abov- sloes before making'heir selections. RKUBEN SMITH, JR., o9 lwis*ec VA Ilroadway, (oppoaita City Hall.) WILLIAM 8CHARFENBERO & FEHD LUIS beg leave to inform their frienrta mil the public in general that they have formed a Co-partnership for the importation of Foreign Mnsic, for the sale of which they have o|ie'>ed a Depot at the store 361 Broadway, near Franklin street, where may be con stantly found all the Classical Works of the celebrited French, (ierman and Italian composers, as well as *11 the latest publica tions, of which they will always have a complete assortment as soon as published in Europe. N. B. Italian Strimrs of superior quality for Violins, Ouitars, Harpa. 8tc. tic. Hilve'1 Wire, Itosin, he. oi lmis*'rrc REVUE FRANCA1SE, PES FAMILLES ET PES PENSION NATS. 'PHIS is the title of a new French Mouthly Periodical just published in New Vork. This Review contaius two parts, the first of 32 pages, large 8vo in Iwo columns, is devoted to youug persons, or to any siuilent of the Fiencn language desir< us nl* acquiring practice by the reading of interesting snort novels, historical anecdotes Ike., perfectly fiee from any tiling which scrupulous parents might find objectionable on the ground of immoral or irreligious tendency. I'be second pirt of 16 pages, also large 8vo iu two columns, will give to the principal* of schools, ai.d to llie friends of li'eratnre, the scientific and literary news, a critical revi. w, (se lected f om the best French Heviews,) of all the uew Fr1 nch puhlicatinns of geii -ral interest, and a bibliogiaphi'-al list of books i-uita'de for schools of rtcent importations, and of all the new French publications of any note. The whole stitched in a ueat cover. . ^ ?arly subscriptions, payable in advance, $3, for the whole; $2 for the lirst pari, and $1,S0 for the second part, separate. Apply by letter, post-pud, to F. O. BEIlTEAU, editor. No. 3!iBioadway, ,Vew York, where a full prospectus and the October number as specimen, may be obtained for 26 cwita. o3 lawis3w 3twv rc GRAND AND INTERESTING EXHIBITION! AT THK COLISEUM. 46() BROADWAY. HE celebrated Kxhibilion of the BATTLE OF BUNKER - HILL, and the BURNING ?f CHARLKSTOWN. which is universally admitted to be the greatest piece of mechanism ever s eu iu this couutry, and which i?so graphically represent ed, that tbe hehol er can hardly per uade himself that he is not on that fiist battle ground of th- Revolutiou! The trovips marching and countermarching?mounted dragoons and raTalry d ishi g furiously through the streets of Boston?canuuti loading and firuw from Cop|?' Hill?shipe of war sailing up and down Chailes River, and lioiiring their broadsides into the American entrenchments?llie British troops re|?atedly repulnvd and drueu with violence down the hill?the dieadful contlignition of the town of Chsrl'Hlown, kc , Jic , all together, constitute a scene of the most thrilling internet, and which must be seeu to be duly appreciated. Also w ill *!> eihiblted, Moving Panoramas of the BATTLE OF NORTH POINT and CITY OF BALTIMORE ! The FAIRY LAND or MERMAID'S ( AVE! The terrific STORM SCENE on the Merrimack River! The ISLfcl Of CYPRUS! And a view of the CITY OF LOWELL! the Manchesterof America! wiih the Factories all lighted up as if at worlt?together with a correct V cw of the late SOU 1 11 W \11K RIO I S in the city of Philadelphia. This exhi'.ition, which has been visited bv more than 100 (100 persons ill Bostou ?nd Philadelphia, will be open-d at the above I'laec on Monday the 14th instal l, where it will remain for a short time. Ticket* JO cents, children under 12 years half price. Doors open at 7, commence at 'K o'cl^ ck precisely. P. 8.?On Wednesdays and Saturday*, commencing at 3 P. M., the exhibition will lie 0|iened with the same ellecr. (the room being daikened,) lor t"e e*i*-cial accommodatiou of i'ainiiies ami strangers, to which schools of all kinds, Sunday as well as academical, will be admitted on liberal terms. olO lwis*m SPELTER?15 tons Spelter?for sale by WOODHULL k MINTURNS, nirr. 87 South sfre* . y iiNC?20 Cisks Zinc afloat?for sale by /< .WOODHULL k MINTURNS, n',rr IP Hrtnth stiver T PERSONS IN PHILADELPHIA WISHING to Subscribe to THE HERALD, and have it served regularly at their stores, dwellings, kc., will please leave their names with the Agent*, at 3 Ledger Builduiih I hird street, near Chestnut. TERMS. For One Week 17K centa. For One Month ...75 For a longer time in the same proportion, o' 2H cents a copy Single copies for sale every day at I o'clock. Price 3 eeute. G. B. XIEBF.R k Co., 3 Ledger Boilding, ? 14 Imisre Third streei, ne.,r I he?rniil K I|< Nl*;w OKLKANS AND GALVESTON, TEX AS?via HAVANA AND KEY WEST To Sail. ON S?TI'?OAV. I?TH OcTOIIKK, AT IOO'CLOC*,A M. The elegant w ell known and favorite Steam ?hip NEW U)RK, John J Wright, Com (minder, wiB positively *ail as above. 'I Ins steamer has been overhauled, and put in com I plete order fot the season, anil no ei|wnae has iwn spared n make her every way complete?has large and airy Cate-rooins, eiery way adapted for the comfort of iwasengers. Hhe carrie* sutlicienl t'nel from here for the voyage, and w ill uol stop at the intermediate port* only to land aid receive pas "fflrpaiSBge, apply to Capt. Wright on board foot of Clinton stree', !?. K , nr to A. HUBBARDkCO ol3 I W * eC V Peek Slip. .... ?Kill LAR OPPOSTION FOR AL B .\ N Y?I abin 'i0 fentv? Berth* l*t>e. Deck 3t_2i' is. Regular days from New York, Monday, Wednesday and Friday ; Albany, Tuesday, 1 burs day and Saturday. , ...... ,, . . 'I he steam boat WAVE. Capl. Vanderbill, will leave the loot of Robinson street, This Evening at 0 o clock, ( Monday Oct. l^t[^Jror pMlage apply on boatd. Light freight taken ?f f By alter ng the hour of starting from 7 to 6-.'clock, the Wave will arrivr in Albany, in time for th? Kail Roicl, morn* ing Train, East or W?*t. ? 2 *<? rc WINTER ARRANGEMENT KIR NEWPORP, PROVIDENCE k BOSTON. I't-- splendid Steamlioat NEP 1 U.NE will l<>avf i?ier loot of Liberty itPfet Monday, October I'th, atli r. VI. Kare to Newport, ami Providence $2. hor passage or freiglit, epi ly on iionrd. oU 2t#rc NKW LINK OK LIVKKi'OOL PALKK'l H? k?Packet of 2l?t October?The ?pletniia fi?t nailing _-_ipa? ket alup KOChKHTKH, Capt. Hr tton, (I0^?0 toi.f iiurtheu) will wail poaitifely a* above, her ret?lai day. Th? accoinmodationaof thi?fii?e i?ACKet ?bn?,for cabin^d^cabin and steerage passenger.*, cannot lie surpasji d. I o secure bet Ins early application should be made on board, foot of BuniM Slip. ,if [o W. k J. J , 1 Al "I/O 11, ol3rc 7fi South st, cor. Maiden Lm.? up stairs. FOR NEW ORLEANS?LOUISIANA AN(. JI3UWNEW YORK LINE.?Positively Ant regular packet fliSBfaTo sail Monday. Ulhinst.?The ?ery la^t sallnn cop l>erei^nn?et ship YAZOO, Capt. Wibray, will positively aail as above her regular day. For freight or passage,having elegant furnished aceommi - dationi, apply on board al OrTeaus wharf, pi Wallet,, ?to f?, K.COLLINS k CO., % ?onth street. P.isitively no goods received after this evening, 12th insl f'aiseugers will | lease be onboard lie steamer Hercules, St Whitehall, on Monday morning, Uth instant, at Ii o'clock, at

which time the ship will sail. . ?*lnpi*"r* by this line may rely upon having their goodi correctly m??sured, and thai the ships of tins hue sail puuc i nly ns ail vert tied. .. t , Agents in New Orleans?Messrs. Hnllen arid Woodruff whi ill promptly forward all goods to their sddw?* nl2ee FOR MOBILE?The fa I tailing packet ship .ALABAMA. Captain Wood, will pomt vely sail on ?biTmh) Oct. IMl. i ins .flendid ship has unsurpassed accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage pasaengete, who will lie takr^i al a low r<te hnr pi'sage af rl* nl'f'r'! at Judd * wh?tf, m to JOHN HEKDMAN, ?Mm SouUi i AUCTION SALES. A UCTION NOTICE-EXTRA PAINTINGS and RICH /?. JAPANNED AHTH'LK8.-lj-ty fc H|ki?u? will wll ou Wednead ay and Thursday, ICth :ui<l 17III Oct.. at No. 61 Duma street, to commence at II o'clock. Ou Wednesday. the 16th, Willi the Antiquities. consisting of Lacquered Japan Porcelain, ricli iu cold ouil of the oldest iii-iuularmria*-, Japan wooden furniture, such a* Chair*. Table* .n il Cabinets; China anil Japan Porrelain Plate*, Cup* and Saucers: old Dreadeu Porce lain: groups of Figuie*. fancy Cups and Siucer.*; antique Kant, of tile I6tn century, witli other antiquitie*. The tale of the 17th, will c.i'ptiie 'he collection of Oil Pai<.ttuK?, of high merit, of ancient and modern m-siers, the whole rom|>ri?uiK a uuiqu- colleciiuu not olfereil before iu this country. Calal guei will be ready next Monday, when tlx arurl- a can Iterxainiued. Ladies aie particular,y invited to call and view llu* collection. olllit'ec BEACON COURSE-RACING. V _J_ THE FALL MEETING of 1844, will co>r mence mi W?l neaday, October 2'Jd. w at'wr permitting, and continue three diva, commencing eichday at 2 n'c o< k. First Day?Propr etor'a Tune, $100, Mile Heats, for three yeir olda that uever won a pune. Same Da\ ? At 3 O'clock, Purse $8(K), Three Mile Heat*, f>ee f ir all horses, $200 in second best. E itrie* to the above to be made oil Mouday evening puvious to tlie race, at U Smith'', ParU How, by 1"o'clock. Second Day?At i * o'clock,Purse (100,Milelieats, free for al horses. Same Day?At 3?{ o'clock. Purse $100, for all h'nraes, Mil# Heats, be?t three in five Entr e? to be made at R: Smith's, the tveniiik t> avion*, by 10 o'clock. Third D i?At iija.o'el ck. Purse $f00. free for ?'! lu raa* I never won a purse pteviou* to this meet,nit. Two Mile Heat*. Same Hay At 3>* o'clock, Purse $300, Ins for all hone*, Two Mile Heats. This Meeting tikes place at this time, in order to give the dif ferent Stables of Horses, which will attend the B ItiinoreR ce?. time to annul this Marling. All of the important Stable* from Virgina ami M in land it' espt.-ced to attend ihi* meeting. to gt ;b?r ? itli Col. VVilliamaou'* stable from North Car.,litis, in eliulinR llegetir, Marchi il?*S and * veral 'hers. Also, Mr. Jiihnson's S able, inclu ing tin- Colonel a>.d 'hreeor fourolhera. Col. Thompson'* Stable from Washington, asd several ott er* from the south are exiiected '1 be?e Stable*, together villi the long St ling of lior e- from Lo> c Island and New Jersey, in eluding Fashion, wlv? will me t lt'-gent rhe thiee mile da>, will ronstitu'e a laiger number of horses han ha* attended any me< t iug it tlie north for serial \eirs. In case either i urse thuuld be walked over for, but hslf tha atrount w ill lie wiven. The following Sweepstake* are open to come off dtirine the weeU of the abose meeting, for three year olds. sub. $100, h ft., $100 added by the Proprietor, Mile Heats, tinea or mure to make a race. Also, Sweepstakes for 4 or S year olds, snb. $160, h. ft , $100 added by the proprietor, Three Mile Heats, three or more to mike a race. Both the above to usme and close at R. Smith's, on the Even ing of the 22d Oct., al 1C o'clock. The a'-ove Meeting to lie governed by tlie Hulas of the Union Course. Stables aud atraw will be furnished gratis. ollrc BEACON OOUKSE?RACING. A PI'USE OK $2.'ifl?Kree for all t'otting horses, Three Mile Heats in harness, is offeied to come off October 21st or 28th.? Entries to close at |{. Smith's, 31 Park How, October lith, by 9 o'clock, lliree or more lo mote lo make a race. A Purse of S'iOO?Free for nil trotting and pacinr liorsaa, to go 20 miles in harness, carry a ketch To come off the first part of November, n good d ?y and a good track, $1(10 to go >o the sec >ml best mi the race, (hree or more to make a r<ce. K.ntriestobe made al I! Smith's, 31 l'a>k How , ou or before the 15th inst., by 9o'clock. P. M. "12 4t*rc BEACON COURSE. FOOT HATE FOR $1000 THI3 RACE takes place on tha Beacon Course, opposite 1 New York. on the 14th of October, at three o clock, weather permitting. The Purse of $1000 is divided lietwfu the first, second, third aud fourth, for (he g-eatest distance )ierformed in one hour. Tlie re have thirty -seven persons, from diffe>ent parta of the United States and England, raid their entrance to start for the race, including three of the liest pedestrians, who have lately arrived here froin 'he old country for (his contest; also, Major Henry Siannard of Connecticut, John Goldeu, aud other celebrated pedestrians of the country. Tickets tor Admission can he procured oil either of the Ferry Boats at Barclay au<l ' 'ana^street*. Persons will save time and contusion at (lie gate by procuring tickets on the ferry baals. Large and commodious tin <ts are now ruinig on the ferry, suf ficient lo carry 10,000 iiersons per hour across (he river. o 12 3t*rc TWKNTY DOLLAR'S REWARD. HORSE STOLEN?Straved or stolen, from (lie Afield of ihe suhsciiber, on Wednesday the 2nd instant, B VV HORSE, over Ifi hands huh, very long ?d with a star in the forehead, hind fetlocks white, one mote so than the other?age, five yea's past Whoevrrwill return ssid Horse to th? subscriber, or five in formation where lie may be found shall lie entitled to the above reward. THOMAS W ? I I', Montgomery, Ornng" C?, Oct. 8, 1841, or at oil Stm S AVRE"?, No 9 Hamilton street. GENIN'S IMPROVED MOLESKIN HAT, F A L'L STYLE. Price $4.50 NOW READY, at GEN I N'S well-known Establish Ulent, a highly imjirovd <mrl rtry brauliful Moi.cskin liar, mule in close imitation of the French Hats, from tlie most celebrated manufactories of Paris. Having now on hand ail al snrtment of the imported article made by Mugnier, gentlemen will be enabled by actnal comparison, to judge lor themselves of the almost complete identity of the two articles Many under these circumstances, have preferred those manufactured by tlie subscriber, not ineiely for their grratrr cfirayneti, hut as pos sersing, iu an eminent degie*, those qualities for which the Kreucn H it* are ao justly admired, ill:?solidify tf brim, which add* so much to general durability, and which alone the sha|ieand coutourof the Ilat is preserved?superior grace and braiily?high luttre and nratiiMs of trimming. The subscriber, not only from his knowlege of the article, but also from the great talitfiuHon of those who have purchased, can confidently recommend tliem to the genllemeu of New York as being su|ierior to any thing of the kino heretofore manufactur ed in this country. He therefore solicits a call and examination of their meiits. J. N. GENIN, 211 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's. The nsnal full and choice assortment of Beaver, Nutria and Caaaimere Hats. Also, a full ajaortment of Mens, Youths aud Infanta Caps. si Im? re CHANGE OF RESIDENCE. I VICTOR GIHOL'l). Watch and Clock Maker, has the honor of informing his friends and the public iu gen eral, that he ha* moved his Watch and Clock Making Establishment to No. I4(i Broadway, cornel of Liberty st Watches, Clocks and Chronometers w ill he repaired by him with gieat care, and guaranteed. His establishment is par ticularly adapted for the repair of Mechanical Lamps, st very mod rite prices. He offers for sale an assortment of the latest improvement m Lamps from France, which leave nothing to de sin-. Also lilolies. Chimneys and Wicks s2l> Im'ec tiir, .vr.ni ,si%u r.siv.vi run as# ?e-it.?r offers for sale th# old established " Berkshire Brew-.y," in I'ittslield, Mass., one mile from tlie Ureat ..ester:. Iliilrasi It is in |?od repair, most of the utensils .Marly new. and capable of hiewi ut 2000 barrels a season Malt' honi" attached, capable of mailing 6000 bushels |?r milium. Few foubli, bi?v/erie* possess the same advantages of doing a safe and profitable business, situated in the centre of a mannfae ftiim? -hstrict, where the consumption of ale is rapidly in ereasIrE The Firm consists of 72 ncres, 10 of which ia well timbered, the rest, under cultivation, well fenced and gnod buildings. Will be sold separately or together Terms easy JAMES ROY. Weil Troy. Albany County. July I0lh. 1841 jlJtfrc AliKf.V HU'l fcli. 102.1 STREET, B LOOM 1 NO DALE ROAI). THE proprietor rf the Abbe) Hotel would make his hept bow of thanks for tlie liberal patronage given to his boose the past summer. ? ts fully prep tred for tlie fall business, and would cheerful ly furnish parties or individuals w-th lireakfast, Dinners, or luppers, at short notice His stock of Wines, Liquors, aud Eatables will lie found as good <s the city markets afford si) tf rrc H Foil SALE-AN ELEGANT COUNTRY RE8I DEM E OR FARM of anout 60 or 70 Acres, aitaated dJ^^within ten milesof this city, iu the eruntv iff Weatchea near the village of West Farms, and on the Post road run ning lie! ween this city and Boston. The i'.,.-7< is in a high state of cultivation and 'Voiiuds in frail of all ilesi,., :?"?* and of the most ebone vleetions and qunlity. Tlie house is elfr gautly situated on n prominent location, commanding an evten ?iv? view of the adjacent country. Long Island Sound, lie., and was bu.lt but a few years since, iu tlie best possible manner, and is replete with everi convenience and very coin" 'idioua. being VI feet by 'Mi feet The outhouses are all new and admirably ar ranged. For a farmer or resident of the city this place offeis great inducement, lieing within an hour's drive of the city and within one mile of thellarlein Railroad. The place cau be ex amined at any time and |Hissession given iu 30 days. For furllier particulars,apply to tlie owner on Inr premises, or E. K. COLLINS k CO.. St. South st. slO C ASH PAID FOR OOOD AND FRESH SEED, MHof every kind, at the .Bowery Seed and Plant Store, No. ?Jk?.l02^ Bowery. Also, fur sale a tar?e collection of the best qnality of Fruit Trees, Slirii'.H, H ..its oid * ireeti ami Hot-House Plants, cheap for cash. Goods pu ked for shipment to any part of the United Msit* Peis iu* wishing to sui ply themselves with Trees of sii|s r.or qu .lily fur < Ircliards. or nils, g up tlieir < ouservaloriea with fine >'1.111 ts, Will ill ? well by apt'ly my first at this establish ment, wh' re uo paius will lie spared to give satisfaction by the ipri?to s. LEVENGHION h MOORE. s)?6w^m TO THE BOOT AND SHOE WEARING PUBLIC ^ WM MADDEN, 203 Spring street, having enlarged his JVateek for the fill and winter trade, offers for sale a large aud !naud beautiful assoltrnent of Hoots and >hoes, made of the JUi lei < t materials, which llf Mailers is a* good, It not M pari or to any in the cin . His aaaortme t conaista of ladies' and miss es' (?ait?r Hoots, half fisiters, Husk in Slips and Ties, gents' fine calf..km Hoots and Sins** ; coarse Boots for Watermen snd Firemen, and lonihs' Boots aud Shoes, of sll descriptions, made to order if desiaed, suitable for the merchant, mechanic and laborer. For sale ?t very low price*. Of the all ise st' Ck his cust in-rs can prove is not t? lie sur passad. and if th se in want wi'l give him a Call and satisfy thems?lves tint h's w ok ?* as lepr senfed he d. e* not doubt that they isill leave his sto e satisfied with a h rgain worth giving him a call. WM. MADDEN 7.13 *p ing .between Grrenwich aud Washington sfa. ol2 m* in PLUVtRE. IMPORTER AND MANUFACTURER of Dagn-rreotype *? Apparatus and MstariaD of evary kind. Always on hand, wholea-le snd mail, al tl e |o<" eat pricea, at his Daguerrian Gal leiiasatKi Depots a*follows :?New York, 2JI Broadway: Bos ton, 75 (^ourt street; Philadeh.hia, 136 Chestnut street, B lli more, 2J Baltimore st; New Orleans, ( amp street; Ssaistogs, Bro dwa>; Portland, Me. MiMlest; Dubuque, lo?a, vtaineat; snd it his agencies in P?riJ ami Liverpool. AwaiHed fiist pre miums and highest honors b> Ihe American and Frank! n Insti tute*, for the most tieantiful colored Dagiierrrol) pes ever ? ?hi tnted. otj Im * in MONEY TO LOAN "Z i<> loan on bond and mort Jp ?yj\" > :t iA(iE -On City l'ro|#rty Apply lietween it ?3>000j r M - ..I, situ pit lis 3t*rc 44:tK PEARL STREET. fJASSF.NGEK H i?r Vteam ?hip ALABAMA, for New a Orlersns, will please tie on h^ard The shir, at the foot of I tinton street before i^ o'clock on 'I uesdaf, 1 'th instsnt, as thr slop will aail punctually at that haur. oil It rc rTALIAN RENEVOLEN I' SO</lETY. T?HE MEMBERS of tha Italian Union and Benevolent So ? ci*ty, nvH tK* mI 'h?- irtn ?rr rr t" II h ^ ' ? VI., No.H* rliy wl, T ih" |mr?< ofrtfflinl'h# ?>( i.m<I So . jtfbaio, AMUSEMENTS. PA.it K THBATHK. MONDAY KVKMN'l, < 'ct. 14. will be piwsentad. THE WEATHERCOCK. m ? ,, . Tristram Fickle Mr. W. H. Crisp. Vs.iella., Mr*. SkerriU. After wh ch THK ?'AMPANOLOOIANH will appear. To b? followed by tli** ww Cumeiliettaof (J. T. T. (JUNK TO TEX*S. Mr Swelliugtuu, W llCiisp 1 Mis Swellmgtoii, Miu C Ellis To couclude witli A-LAD-IN ! THE WONDERFUL LAMP. Aladdin Mrs *kemtt Boxes, 1st Tier 71 cents?Secoud and Tlnril Tiers M) ceuta?Pit JO cents?Gallery fi cent* PALMO's NKV? YOltK OPKUA HUUilk. SEVENTH NIGHT Oh" THE ITALIAN OPERA. MONDAV EVEMNO. OCT. U. By geueral request, Belliui's Oiwrm, IL IMRATA, winch *u received on Friday last with most suthusiasue III pllUSC, Will be P-1*M trtl lor ill* LAST TlMl ! Imogene Sigmiia B. rgliese Waller sig. L. i'hdiu Krnssto Hi/ Valtellira First Tier of Botes and I'ar quells, (I?2nd Tier of U.ixe?, M eta Seats can be secured six dsys iu adv nice, from 'J A. M. lob P. M. Librettos for the 0|?ra in I1 nglish and Italian can lie had at the Box Office. Diuir* ''P*!! at 7^. Performance to commence at Ho'elovU inilUtlh^L'a Ol.ldlFli; 1'ltK kill... Doors open at half |ia?t 8, curt tin rises at 7 o'clock precisely. ft /? The public is re<ia>ctfiilly 'n'ormed thii this lopular place of amusement has been P??tiled and Decorated during the receu, and will open for the Sixth Sc.coil on MONDAV EVENING, 0? T. 14, 1114. with the most Powirful and .Tale ted { ompauy ?v?r presented at I hi* eatsblisl ineul The evening's entertainments will commence with an OI'ENINU ADDReSS AND TABLKAU. By W. K N rthall, Esq , introducing the i ompany. Tobefollow-d by the new Burlesque B o let la in twoects called THE YELLOW DWARF. The Yellow Dwarf Mr. Njckinson Fernando , .. Mr. Ftnuo Flusterino ... Miss Claike ACer ehich, for the Ami lime, an euti'ely uew farce, entitled NEW INVENTIONS Joe Mi. Hollaud | Julius ceir Mr DeBu Ellen Miss Clarku To oou< lude w itli THE MILLINER'S HOLLIDAY Simon Sparks Mr. Mitchell Aumiisio.i?Dre?s Ciicle, ">n cm a: I pper Boxes, 2 cents; Pit, oue shilling; Private Bose?, >j; Orcliestra Box- s, $3. MR. DEMPSTER'S LAST CONCEUT! New York Noclety Library, BROADWAY AND LEONARD STREETS. . DEMPSTER haa the honor to announce that he will give his LAST V 'CAL ENTERTAIN ,\i EN T on TUESDAY EVENING, OCT. 14, 1844, when lie will sing his most choice selection of Songs and Ballads, including his Latest Compositions. TICKETS K1FTY CENTS-To be had at the door. Pro grammes, with full -larticulars, may be had at the Mtasic Stores and at ti e Library. To commence at a quarter before I o'clock, oil 4tisrc "NEW YORK SACRK1) MUSIC SOCIETY. NEUKOMM'S CELEBRATED ORATORIO DAVID AND GOLIATH! (rirsT TIME lit TWO TEARS ) WILL be perlorm-d by the Sacred Music Society, on THURSDAY EVENING, 24 h inst. at the Tabernacle, haing their first PuMii Perl rin mi e for the Season. In order to furnish some idea of tlie effsciivw m?nn?r in whieh the above splendid Oratorio will be produced on this occasion, ihe Managers respectfully refer to the following Programme :? CHARACTERS RtrRKSKNTKI). David Mr. M. Colburn, from Boston. (joliath A Gentleman iroin Boston. Saul Mr. W. F. Brough, first ti ? e. Jonathan Mr. VV. D. Coines. High Priest Mr. Andrews. Meueugft... Mr. D. B. Bell. Sister of David Mad -me Otto. Michal, Daughter of Saul. .... Mrs. Strong Chorus of Shepherds, Warriors and Leviles; Male and temale Attend tuts, By tne Members of the Society. INSTRUMENTAL DEPARTMENT. IS Violins, 1 Vio'as, 3 Double Basses, 6 Violoni ellos, 2 (Tarinelts, 1 F ut s, 2 Oboes, 4 Trom1 ones, 4 Freuch Morns, 60 Soprano, 36 Alto, 2 Fagotti, 1 Opn clr-ide, 2 I rum|iets, 2 Kettle Drums, 1 h ??? Drum, Cymbals, Triangles, Harp, Ooug. 60 Tenon, 8U Bass. Mr. U.C. Hill. Director of the whole Organist Mr. W. Alpers. TV Performance to commence at half-pas 7 o'clock, e m-TlCKEI S 4>NE DOLLAR EACH-For sa e at Firth It Hall's, (<rniiklin Square: Sax ton Ik Mile's, Atwills, and Firth, lla|i v I'ond, Broadway; Geo. F. Nesbilt, Coruer of Wall and Water street, and at the door of the Taliernacle. 117^ Persons desirous of joining the Society, either as Perform ing or Non-Perlormiug Members, will please apply to HENRY MEIGOS, Secretary, 446 Broadway; or to U. C. HILL, 63 Fruiklin stieet. ol2 2i*rc APOLLO ROOMS, 410 BROADWAY. THE ORIGINAL ETHIOPEAN SEREN'ADERS, MESSRS. GERMON, STANWOOD, HARRINGTON k PELHAM Having just returned from WASHINGTON CITY, At which place they had the honor of appearing at the PRESIDENT'S PRIVATE MANSION BY INVITATION. And eutertaining with their Inimitable Performance* THE PRESIDENT, HIS LADY, SECRETARY OF STATE, SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY, POST-MASTER GENERAL, FOREIGN AMBASSADORS, MINISTERS, ETC., ETC. Respectfully announce their FIRST CONCERT, ON MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER Mtn, APOLLO ROOMS. With a variety of New Sonui, Glees, Choruses, Ditties, lie., lie., accompanied with the Accordion, Banjo, C'ono*, Tamho and Bone Castanetti, in all of which they stand UNRIVALLED IN THE WORLD. ADMISSION, ?5 ( ENTS ONLY. Doors open at 7?Concert at a quarter to B o'clock. oil 4trc NEW YORK GALLERY OF FINK ARTS. THE Exhibition of Pictures and Engravings of this Institu tion is now open to the public in the large room of the Na tional Acadrtny of Design, over ihe Society Library. LIFE MEMBERSHIP ONE DOLLAR. To non members, single admission ti cents. The Rooms will be open daily from 9 A. M. to I P. M.. and only on Monday and Tuesday evenings of each week, until fur ther notice. Persons holding scrip certificates, and those wishing to be come memliers, will please apply for tickets of membership to Mr. FRASER, at tne Rooms or the American Artists' Uuion, No 32" Broadway. o9 Iw rc NuW OPE *, K?>R ONE MU m 1 n UNL> AT the Rooms of the National Academy of Design, comer of Leonard street anil Broadway, the exhibition of tne follnw ing magnificent Paintings:?The Abandonment of Henry Hud sou the uufortona e discover r of .New Vork. The great Battle of Lillians, in Africa, between the Fench and 'he Anhs. And ?The on'y Portrait of Abdel Kader, the celebrited Bedouin Chief. Hoars of exhibition from 10 A. M.to9P. M. Admit tance 'fi cents. Each visitor rcceiv.s, gratis, at the door, a beautiful lithograph of the Abandonment uf Heury Hudson. New York, October 10, IS44. o'O !m*ec ART AND SCIENCE OF DANCING AND WA LTZING A CARD-MR. WHALE and DAUGHTER respectfully announce to the Ladies and Gentlemen of New York, that their (Classes in Dancing, Wallaing, and the Polka Dance, will commence at the Assembly Room, Constitution Hall, 45# Broadway, on Saturday, October 12th, and will continue throughout the season. Days of Tuition, for Young Ladies and Oentlanan under 14. every Tuesday and Saturday afternoon, commencing at 3?and for the elder class of (Jentleroen at 7. Every new style of Dancing taught in Mr. W.'s classes, without additional charge to pupils. Mr. W. trusts that the references he shall offer of his capability will be satisfactory. Schools and Academies attended to on ap plication as -hove, or at his Private Academy. No 70 Sixth Avenue, where lerms will Ire made known and circulars g ren, containing iwrticalan. ot |gt*rc PHILHARMONIC society. THIKD SEASON? IH44 1*44 'f'lIE Government of the New Yiuk Philharmonic Society ' liege leave to inform the public thst a subscription list f>r the i oncerts of the ensuing MM is now open a the store of Messrs ScHARrENRKgii ai Luis, >? I Broadway, near Franklin st eet. Subscribers of the last season, who wish to continu* their snb-criptioii, as well sa those who wish to suliscrihe for the present season, are desiied to Msid in their names as soon as pos sible., as 'lie list of subscription is to he closed on the 1st day of Novemlier next I he Goeernmeut will use every exertion to render the per formances worthy of theeo .tinned pitrousge of the public 'I ke first ' oncert will lake place about the beginning of No* vemorr next. Terms of subscription, $10 rer annum, |t*yable on delivery of the tirkets for the first I oncert, entitling the subacrilier to t"ree admissions to e>ch of the lour ' oucerts, with lite privilege of purchasing two extra tickets for ea h Concert at $ltAfl is- ticket. By order i W W. 8CHARFENBERO, OS 2wis*rrc Eecwtaey. EXHIBITION THE END OF THK WORLD AN ORIGINAL PAINTING F A VERY LARGE SIZE with* olossal f igures, paint - ed and lately finished by F. \nelli, in ,N.-w Vor*. Exhibition now open, at Apollo Rooms, 4III Broadway, from 10 A M. to 5 P. M., and from 7 u? I# P. M. Admission 25 cents. slA Im'rc DANCING AND WALTZING ACADEMY, AT THE NORTHERN EXCHANGE, BI.eeker strvwt /V Mr. J. PARKER has the h. >nor to snn"Uiice to his friends and the public in tie vicinity of Bleecker street, that his School will oie<i in the shove room, on Mondiy. the Itth D ys of Tuition Mondays and Thursdays?Voung Ladies (.lass, from 3 to i?Bo?s from J to 6?Genilemen ft'm ? -o 10. All the new and faanionable Dances will be taiuht. Mr. Parker wishes u notice that ihe toom ? as been painted and fitted up ill a style wunhy of their patron <ge, and every coin fori furnished for those who may be pleased In pstioiilse him. Terms made known at the School,or at Mr. Parker's resilience, 2<> Bowery, nin 4i|g*K ov l-ltl li I lll'.r.fi WA.VIEU lM.?lEDlA i t-1.? ?MB Jini Russell Apple 'i reee. 21ns. 51)0 Baldwin do do 'JlO Porters do do S00 Spitrenhu sra i' i P?,sC>l Tit ? ' v VKI H arly Vi-rli K>tl May Dul 2ifl >utnieijs CHk.RHY TK .- rS. ICOO Assorted esilv i r e'ies _ , o? Iwisec. Apply at No, 47 Paul s re , New V.irk TO HOATMEN-Paving Stone wanted ;mmedia.?lv Appb I to 4? Norfolk stres-t. W1LLTAM >ORGAY s1; ?UTSTI RPENTINE- 7.) hariel.. tjs llMt, lot sale by WOODHl leL ' t tin.. I I, S' Il'liefl .VlMLRNS. ?r '?" BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Election iteturna. We f.ve below the retuma received by last night's southern mail:-? Ohio ClMtlM. -?lit I . Whig. Dm. U86 Sfiintxu Countie* . j %f' Aahtabula, mm ? {'"ke, ?1S ? Lorain 7} _ Port 107 ? Summit, SiO ? Stark ? MO 'Irani bull Hi ? Monro* ? It,to Carroll 120 ? Media* 103 ? 10.014 VH4 i m Whig majority ill tw*nty-?e ran counties 4,tM [From thu Baltimore American, Oct 13 j Georgia Election. Geo so1 a.? The ninil failed laat evening Mouth cl Wash ington. the boat not having arrived there yesterday after noon when the can hit Khe urn veil, however, aoon slter, mil we ar ? indebted to Mr Hogera, Hu erintenderit ol the Klectro Magnetic. Teleg aph lor the following re. turn* ol me ?if cii?na iu Georgia We compare with ib? election in lb43 to fin two vac n.cie* in Coi grea*. '1 he eli-c ion we* men by General Ticket; now it u by bis* tricts. FiaiT Dmtbict. 1844? fF L F 184J King. f^ynultting If L. /. Chatham, ? Hi m?J. CI naj ? Bulloch, ? 367' maj. ? 384 maj. htfingbam, 100 maj ? 68 maj. ? Biyan, a maj. ? 1A maj. ? Lm.'rty, 60 maj 40 maj ? * Doubtful. There are eighteen counties in thia diatriet. Thliteen thereiore, remain to be heard from There aetata to be no doobt ot the ulection of th" Hon Thomaa Bntler King by a majority at irom 600 to 1000 The maj- rl'y for the whig candidate* for Congn-ia laat year In the countiea composirg thia district waa 710 Tamo District. 1844-IK LF 184S. Pot. Ckmpprll W. L F. Bibb, ? 196 m?j. ? 01 maj. Twigga, ? lis mwj. ? 81 maj. Up?on, 380 maj. ? 331 maJ. ? Five more counties to be heard from.. The Whig ira Jority laat year in the ooun lea compoaing thia District waa A33. IrriniH District. 1844 1843. w. l f. w. l. r. Sltphtnt Jontt. Morgan, 63 maj. ? 01 maj. ? Green, 687 " ? 6*8 " ? Talllsferro, 343 " ? 396 " ? Futnum, 877* " ? US " ? Jasper, ? 83 maj. ? 61 mj. Baldwin, 33 " ? 43 " ? Four eountiaa to he heard from. Whig ? ajorlty laat year in the countiea compoaing the diatriet, 1,641. * Doubtful. Eighth District. In ?k<* Diatriot Toomba. the whig candidate for Con gress, ia snid to have succeeded over Black, bia locofoco opponent, by 303 majority. Whig majority laat year 1630 We subjoin return" from five countiea. There ere ten la the Diatriet. 1844-W. L. F. 1843 Toomba. B.ack, W. L F. Richmond, 300 maj ? 306 maj Lincoln, 96 maj. ? 133 maj Warren, 203 maj ? 343 ma] Columbia, 196 maj. ? I6fl maj. Hancock, 1S6 maj. ? 184 maj. ? l r % z Philadelphia. [Correspondence of the Herald. ] Philadelphia, Oct. 13, 1844. Draa Sir,? The politicians in thia city are ao engrossed in making calculations about the election rettuna aa they come in from the different counties in thia State, that they have not time either to act fire to a huuae. or to get up a riot The whig' are very silent to-day The drmocrata are so certain ol th? return of Shunk, that they have commenced making preparation* for a grand torch light proceaaion on Monday right week. The lateat advicea from the in erlor of tVic St to thia afiemoon, gave Hhu?k a majority of 3,600, and eleven countiea to hear from? tendemocratto and one whig. There ia a letter in thia city from Henry Clay on the Naturalization l.aw >, which the wl iga have It in contain, piation to ptihli*h Mr. Cloy ia in favor of an extenaion olthe un'unitization lava The Grand Jury al the Court of Quarter Sessions have found a true hill ogainst Lewia C Lt vin, t ?q. the editor of the Sun. and Congressman elect for the first district, for a miademeanor, in publiching article* in his piper ohout the time ot the Sotuhwark not*. calculated t? incite to riot, treaaon Slid murder They have also found a true bill again-st Colonel John G. Wstmough, U-lkdif The fourteenth annual exhibition of the Franklin In atitute of thia city, will commence in the Philadelphia Mtm-um on Monday The txhibitjon ol the preient year ia much larger than in Inrmrr yeara. There ia a consider-hle number of depoaitoi* fiom your city and State. Run at the Htoce v xcn anar. ?136 Girard Bank, lift 90 Grand Gull. 10; 4 Philedt lt>hia Bank, 107}; 17 do 108; 4 American File In* Co. 90; 16 Farmer* and Media Bank, 43j; 31100 fl ute 5'? 74); 31) W ilmington Railroad, 341; 1U0 do 24]; 20 Union Bank t en. 67; 2600 Heading Railroad, 72], 2000 Wilmington BII. b 68, h2j; $64 66 Mate 6'a. 71. Sklonii BoaBd? foOO Wilmington HK. 34], 200 do94|; 30Am Firelua. Ce 90; 08 Giiard Bank, 11 j, 2000 R*ad ing RR, 73]. From Texas ?We are indebied to a gentleman who arrived in tins city yeeterday, overland Irom Galveaton, for aome item* of intelligence, and a tlouiten I aper of the 14th ult H'in. Anion Jone* waa thought to have been elected to the Presidency, though the returua were not complete. The decision of the Court Martial in the ca*e of Com modore Moore had not been officially made known, and would not be until the litting of the t ongreia It waa well undtratood however, that ihe arctiaed wa* lully acquit ted A public dinner waa given to the gallant < ommodor* by 'he citixeua ol Houxton, without diftinctirn ot partv, on the evening of the 13th ult. Among the towata drank on the occaaion, were aeverel in honor of the lata Com mander Lothrop f'he President of the United States waa complimented In the following aentiment : "John Tyler?the pureat and firmeatol atateamen ; the unwaver ir.g friend ot Texa*." The difficultly in Shelby county, which at one time threatened 'o Involve eaateip Texas in ? Civil war have happily been quelled ; tb* troop* which were matched thither weie dnb.mdid without finding it? necea-ary to fire a gun Several person* belonging to each party came voluntarily forward end entered into bond* to keen the peace and tlielr comrade* qui etly d aper*ed 1 he troop* which were xaaetrhled fjr <h? paipoae of nippreaalng theae broil*. con.| ri>ed about 700 man The celerity with which the different countita complied with the requni'ion* which were m*de upoji them to ralae thia force, ia highly creditable to the char acter ot the country, na are airo 'he combined energy and forbearance displayed in quilling 10 aetioui a leud with out bloodshed. - NO BulUlin, Oct. 3 I vimensk Conflagration? Sixty Thousand L)ol LAR5 of Hank *>n MtrMClFAUlT Norte Hri?r?*D ? Yeater day morning wa* burned, in th" Clerk"* Office ef the Crimin*! Court, by order of Judge Canurge, sod under the immediate auperintendsnce of the Clerk ef thn Court and Alderman Croaairtn, Chairman of iho Finance Committee of the Firat Municipality, the aiim of 64,600 dollars in count- rleit hank note*, and 6,604 dollar* in ao'es of the Firat Municibality, all counterfeit. Thi* Urge amount of counterleit money wiu luund in the poaaeaslon of Vincent Clarke, lately de ceased, who waa, a* our readei* will xcollect, arretted by Captain Youenne* of the Firat Municipality police, aome e;ght month* ago. and who waa dlacba'geii Ircm prison by order ol the Attorney General in cen ?eqnei ce of hi* agreeing to make ?"me devtlorm-ntS th?t would materially aidthecatiae of jnatlce The fol lowing ate thn namea o thn banha ot which the notee were comifelfejt* $10,000 nn the Bank of Mlaaouri, of the derinminat rn ? H"; %116"o on the Bank of Indiann <)? nomination, ; $6<Mai on the B*r>k of Lotniville, K\ , denomination, $1 $4f0o on the North, em B^uk of Kentucky , det? mmatkm, )>A; $6"00 on tho L*f?* ette Bat k ol t incmnati, dem mmatien fl; >8(00on the City B.r It of ^ew Orleaoa i'aiion><natlon, $1 The h?nk note* were nsiarVahiy ? ell > aecntoi and calculated ?n deraive and the Mtinic.i|ialiiy note* were to like th* g i til .o that we ?ete tobl one ol tl>'m were tek?n St 'he Trr*?nrer'* ofr|f-r Beaid> the above, there were *? me flttv thmifinit dollar* ol eounteife't i otea. not tiled ui>, Ion. d in hit po**e**ion when he ?ae arreated.?N O. Ptr , Oti a ErisroPAr. Convrntioh ?This morning, nt 11 o't l<" k, the hmiee proceeded io the considetstion of the reaoln'ion to sign Doctor Hawkea' tettlmoniala ? An animated debate tpritig up which waa rontii mng whennew<nt to preaa, at I o'clock It ia 'he geneial im, n ? 'ion that the op|oaition made to the rrverei d geti tlemau'a conarcration will not succeed, and tbat his tea timonmls will bo signed, thi* day or Monday, by the re. i|tiiaitn constitutional majority. ? Wil. Oat. Oct. 13 SHIP NKWM By I.oet Right'* Hon I hero Moll. PlltUBUIHU, Oct 13?Art Sulla, Bangi, and Fame, ('row* ell, Boaton; Loia, Hooeywelt, lUrtford t'ld I lisaoeth J, Heminalon, Harana; J<mn A Mar pie, Sietaon, Port an Pnoca; Jane, I'mrkuev, Montendeo And Burooa Ayiea; Pearl. Harding, Boaton. B?i TiMoae. Oct l|? Cld Kau, [Br) Maarna, St Johna, NFi Chief, Van Name, Nvork f'HARLKSine, Ol' 9?1 Id Claremoal. Tro?ael', Ttirk* Isl and, Denmark, Johnton, Wilminfton. NC. Sid Mo*ea. Love land, NVork Arr ?th, l?l>re Branch. I.ong, Fraakfott, with da mace H??a**aii, On *? Arr Kola l?aer, Barrell, NYork; llaory Je iliim, l.ulitbooio. Hitina. < Id St Mark, Cane, Liaeirool. Moan r. Oct 4?Arr Hm Ooodaid, I'otter, Bostmi; Sarah Bnmn P- k-ter, N > "ik ia i n'V tlct 3?Arr American. [Spj Moreau, Htvana. i Id A vol*. 1 ??nt-laed. Havana. Arr Id Lorena, I'^ab^rt, N \ ork, Mama. Harwood, Biiaton. Cld t;b?oa barkin, Liter piM'l. Na?iiln?,Toke?bnr>, Ilirnna. Arr lat. Nsh.nt, t'?mald, 8oar,m; Strafford, Hammond, NVork. Cld llxatde, Haffing rou. Mtndon: liu'ican, llerty, Havana; Naahui, "kaati, Phila dr Ij Ilia; Apalachic<iU, Trrntt, Matamorsa. M poison. I.eti II (hit, from Iloaton for New Orl ant. Nth ult. D IL Keya K JO mile*. Foreign I'orts. Hltai?a. Sept 2t?Arr Pstaey B Blount. Tr*on, New Yprki ttth, Kschanga, Dyer, Portland; ?th, Tasao, Burdiek, Naw l>ort. ?11 7 (i\ DUf S- sccM' . ti\ . i o' a* i a >?tv sale b> b. k ? Ol . !?>? ' mm W lentil *4?*sf

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