24 Ekim 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

24 Ekim 1844 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. X., No. MW4? Who la No. WM. NEW YORK, THURSDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 24, 1844. Pne? Two Otfl U. THE NEW YORK HERALD? AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY.FITE THOnSAHD. 7 HE ORE ATE ST IN THE WORLD. To the Public. THIS NEW YORK HKRALD-Daily New.p^wpub ol j'lvT ,0'lh" mr N'w D*y Fourth Of July. rr.ce 2 ?nt? per ,0py-?, r 26 per Mi.nm-po.aw. J>aid~ca?h iu advuica. ^ I HE VVEEKLY HK11ALD?published artrf Sacarday morniiitr?price b* cert, per copy, or $] ? per annum-pod age* loud, cash id advauct. -?, tfaZftrzsstts foragcta** pkinti n/? 7 c,rry- \ ,n JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Pbofrietob ok thi Herald E?tabli?'h??wt t???? ? N"fU>W"'t of ??<i Naaaan .tree'u. FARE THREE ^HjLL|N/i8Vjjf 1MbpaTERHON TO n i i* ? JEK8EV CITY 0n P,*rk'.o^'d'VoT^Ct?')er Ca" S'J'w'T. * o'clock A. M. INrw Ve 3 " P. M. * _>.i ? . . - On Sumdati. York. # o'clock A M. ;; P. M. from savannahLtoamaconP-georoia. jc ~fta.ir f&ti&zsxAs&z viisn A?ent iu Savannah. will be reretved amflbrward'd fr^o^m* mission for f.rwaruiug, provided * mm ii. ??? *..#.. ? alup and road freight ami charu?a is deposited withfE'r^p*y c'i i?a k i' kbtIi v" ??"*.? ^ and B ardeuf ru u ha t werTi -ha* 1^5 ? w^Sa/an u tioo with the I toad. A St.-arner leaves each ntv^'nr co?uec' Thupdavs and S^rdV^LU?, ife i A M 1?HF"Yn South will |?a'v. ChkrfcstoTa^ ? A. M.. immediacy afu-r the arrival of the Wilm..""!r.^?i' ar re*cr? Savannah riy 8 P.M. saine day, and take the cars from Macou at 60 clonk the foliowin# morning. By this route th*jw u Iow'^'TaMTTK^a011'" '? M?n?oinery and tKTS as low. 1l. LA h 11 1L, A Kent for the Line iu Charleston. ""'rifi'i>uly'" A^"t|t|',K'AN KoyAA< Mi"L 11 "O? to"* and 440 horn power Mch.? CU*EDO\Ia Captain AUtander Ryrie. ACADIA Captain Ea?*rd G. Lott. M8?2u::: ?Jwas?ari~ w?iJ8StSUaar?.^&<^^ Caledonia, Lou jEwES?' ^rom Li'?P?ol Acadia, Harruon. ..Sept. hu Anmut 4th! Hiberwa, R+rie ? J6th. ^JOth' wfeT|r^. ^ ?urgeonj, and allied For freisht or paMage, apply to J??5 ???.j ? "ssj-r-" i???. CAPTAIN D. HOWE, !on1B^inVr?H|P?^LO '"CHICAGO, ton FRIDAY, 23d of Apiriut, at 7 P. M., aud larforaa lier trip, regularly during die tea , "?on, aa follow* DO VVN LEAVES BUFFALO. LEAVES CHlCiflA ?am?Jay iH;, ?'' ?' if 7 a?M- I Saw^y. Aug,JS... at #' A. M. f, , Y? ?'P* lx' ? * 4? I Monday, 8ei>t. 16... at do Mooday, 23... at do Tuenday, Oct. l...at do ,1? | W'Way.??:::? do ^Sv>ovj-::ft do iKridTy ^o? ls""?,1 i? 1 hr K.MriKK ia 2Wt feet iu leuKth, 32 feet 8* inchei l>eam? 14 t . !Sch** '"'''j. ui'-uuriug 1220 tou?, and is the lanie.t boat inland water*. Kngiue M ho^powe* b^lS. 1 ttU!nl 8afe,y VaJ--to ? Tl* Cabin ii 230 I'eet louu, with .eparate Haloou* for I ?ni!l*'i?l,l T"*""]-"'"40'0114 Sul' e?t?nd tlie whole length '^n tKe and out, anjfall J art. of tin* lioat ar- fiuiahrd and faniuhed iu a style uueouallrd 'u tl1 '"?1r,J- Ample accominoSaa ivS' auw. Y!. ,^^rlr J",r l"[** W<,J' r'nt'l*t?d Cabin*, one of which ? awp.opriawd eiclatir.ly to female.. ' ol WB,cn boat u Prided with a good band of mnaic. Wiirini, Marsh k C.,, Buffalo.) ^<>uror. tk Co., Chicago, (j J.N. Elbbrt. Detroit, * - AiUPUt 1, 1841. ^ "? BAK?^ ?fe. au?u?n*irc Cleveland. > Agent*. "5xatEn-I5lam7 FERRY. tv. n - K(],OT OK WHITEHALL. The Bo*m wdUn^, follow* on, aiid after Sept. 3?. rxoeL*s or*?***?!, _ PAl L Y, Sunday* eicepted-Through direct, ^?ni^fi^at" P.M., from he Steamboat Pier betweeo The 6u-aui.>ou K NlCKKKBOCK^R.^aptam A P Hi ?T\* KOCHf STEK A,Ufi st ^?'clock A, k-;? ? t LrolS "i',' ?.ot ?f B*fclAy street. >ri ? '* M.?JLaudiua at lutermediate Places i XV Ru a...Do?i NOKTji AMERICA, Capu.u RO Crut o'Kl'ci t'orsday and Saturcfay Afteruoon*, at i I l ie StoU'fib*.? COLUMBIA, Captain William H Peek Monday, Wednesday, Friday knd Vnday Afte?n "n*! Z i {.,rFlZnFn tok'nK.''th" of the above line* will arrife U e e^T ?r"1w?'t'!r Th* 5? t?1" the Tram* ofCarTfo, ? i j" , we?t. Ih"* boats are new and subsuuitiai an* fur. eanZm "l 'H* ?i"gjuu sute rooms, and lor *pueA and ac coinmodatious, ?rv unrivalled on the Hudson. All persons are forbid trusting any of the boat, of this line, without an order from tin Captaii. Ulu ^raon?,jiei,teW',y ?? bOard'?rt0 P-C- ^nlu. HOUR CHANGED TO SIX O'CLOCK, SlP^jSPBr .e! I "". . after Monday. Sept. 16th, I#44. *--*-?-,the Night Line toALBAN AND I'ko V Hid^ii'ullfrj?. p'"Uri 5^d'-l*n"re from 7 to 6 o'clock. P. M., L' t fl"W''keep.i* during the ((real Fair and Cattle " ^ ,r* 74 ceuisouly to Poughkeepsie. ani ulIfB'nit 1 A VIcLenn, Monday 16th I and Uad.ir.Hd.iy, 18th. 1 he ?famer ALB AN V, Cantaixi R ti' laudt itrit*mer' ' lhutt<Uy. al 6 o'clock, from Con- | TRoy,^dfeihRE.0'C'0Ckl fr?m Bwelav iU^ *? wLi. . i/uri"A Cattle Show, Tuesday. 17th Wednesday, iSth, and Thursday, IDth, will reduce the fare to ? from Poughkeapaie and New York. >12 NEW YORK, ALBANY^ AND TROV STEAMBOAT d590_^9., K*r11 ALBANY AND TROY.-Moming [:raL Barc,ay ,uwt- iaud"'? 4UCTy?f?^^t,LR- H<Wl M?0day'W^<? T\? SMimr TROY, C.ptam A. Oorham, Tne.day, Thar^ day and Halurdai Momma, at 7 o'clock Evening Line from :hr foot of Conrtlandt street, direct WJV Si.amer SWALLf?W, Captain A. McLean, Monday, rSt"1!?** Friday Evening, af 6 o'clock. I he Steamer ALBANY, laptain K. B. Macy, Tne*day I TliuruU, Uid Satuidav Evening, at 6 o'clock. le, in'" Lu?, owing to their light draught of wa- I Tro ^ nfL1^" J""'!. t""*',lud rri,ch Albany and fast or w^t! morning uam of cars for the 1 Jbaj v'"'*"*' 0r frri*htl ?wly OB board, or at the office* on the From irt No |, North River, foot of Battery Place. *g '^ W^ar ,?^'w'; 1 'ly. 6?m May 20th to Octf.tw. in, a!m.. a77v7.ua. P. M. W 5t 9auJ 1J oclu=?. ?oIr:vr;p^,fe,n.d>i v^.m,na,ea * ?? '?to P.M*VP* N'W '?r,*hlOD ?>??<?? A.M.; at IJ<,5and7Jg a !h^-LZ"~?F y?rk' M ? and 11 A. M.t at 3 ? aeri !. l" i ard'iT m" H,*rmoud' at M ?o ? ?d 10 A M; V.w Vo.r Mav.lt i<4 mvlI 6m*re FARE REDUCED. " KOR CROTONVILLE. 8IN(J SINO, TARRYTOWN -AusiMt 11-f. tfii4 tu v?~ v . ? vi*nriivo.?vn Ana alter rtaturdAv .SfmtJw^sfcV^ IRVING w" Jeave the tjot of Chamb^ l&TaX'Xil'XM ' J ?u ? I 5""^ "ceiW. Returning, will l??W Crotouvilll Jlammond .t'^-e, ea.fnway Ck la,"1"i,, at tl" ,0<" ?{ TMimai*Xt!ii A00 board'or 10 ??b ?OH BATH, GARDINER AND HAJ.LOWELL. jgM?'&ss.i!sr??i*-atos aCaeOELever)- r0?.l,v- wd "rXv e7el.Y,? ^ ;'>rk:?h:'r *** VV ^T*:r^x,.bwJ tALL AND WINTER ARRANGEMENT ISEWARK NI) NEW York , , , FAME ONLY l?i CENTS THE* NEW AND .IWIKT oTEAMEAl HAIMRriiar CAPl AlN JOHN GAKKY "AINBOW, ? ? ON and aO.r Hapumbar 10th will run daily mifollow. (Sunday* mcludMl) :-|^?ve N,J.' ' i"'?^? o'ci^efc. A. M. i > ^ ,n'?' "T "iraet, ? o'clock A L^?iv* i i>hi. Toot of Barclay straat, 3 o'clock P M K| i m ?a1. General Convention of tit* Protectant Kpl? topal Church In the V. M. TUK8DAY, Oct 22. A message from the House of Bishops announced that they had denned it inexpedient to alter the ?? Table of Contents" in the Standard Prayer Book. The House concurred. A message from the House of Bishopa announced the concurrence oi that House,in altering the num bering ot the Metricul Psalms?so as to read "Se lections," dec. It was Resolved, That it b?, and ia hereby referred to the Joint Committee on Canon*, to consider and report at the next General Convention, what altera!iom if any, may be ex l><?lien in the first and aecood articles of the Conatitution of thu Church, tor the purpose of defining more exactly, what censtitutcs a quorum of the House, and what in the representation uf both the clergy and laity in the House ; and further, what constitutes a majority ol tho House, in voting by Dioceies and orders. A message from the House of Bishops informed the House of a passage of a resolution concurring in the appointment ot the Joint Committee ou the General Theological Seminary, and had appointed Bishops Polk, Gadsdenjand Elliott, as their Com mittee. , , . . A meeting from the House of Bishops informed the House of the passage of the resolution concur ring in the one p ssed by the House, to the effect that the relations between the acting Missionary Bishop ot Indiana aiid that Diocese, be left undis turbed Also the adoption of the Canon " Of Missionary Bishops"?having amended by striking out section 8 of the same. , ,, vIt was moved by the Rev. Mr. Fitch, of Michi gan and carried : Resolved, That thia House cannot adjourn without ex pressing ita gratitude to the great Head ol the Church, fiir the uaaunnity of feeling which has prevaileJ during its moat animated discuiaiona?for the univuiaal attach ment expressed to the doctrines and discipline ol our Protectant Episcopal Church, and lor the peace and hat mony with which we now adjourn. A Message from the House ofBishopsannounced that that House had passed a resolution altering the title-page of the Metrical Psalms, so as to read : " Selections from the Psalms in Metre,' Another Message announced a verbal amend meut in a canon. The Hrtuse concuried in both Messages. The Committee on the Theological Seminary reported, and asked to be discharged from a fur ther consideration of the subject. 1 A long discussion ensued. The Rev. Mr. Forbes proposed the following as a substitute for the resolution offered by the Com mittee : Resolved, That aa the condition ot the Seminary ia under investigation by the Biahopa, aa Viaitera?thia Convention de. m it advisable to reler them to the Trlen nial liepoit of the Board of Truateea, and the Memorial of the Minority thereof ; and that neither of thoae docu ments be printed with the journal. On taking a vote, the above amendment of Mr. Forbes was carried. , , A Meseage from the House of Bishops announ ced the passage of the following i Resolved, That the preposition made at the laat General Convention, to eraae the word* " Associated Rector, and also the word "State," whsrever they occur in lormer editions of the " Inatitution Office," be adopted. A message from the House of Bishops announc ed the alteration of a Canon, striking out section 8 ; and changing the title of certain Missionary Bi shops; to " Missionary Bishops within the United St&t6B " The House concurred. A message from the House of Bishops stated their nomination of the He*. Alexander Glenny, to be a Missionary Bishop on the Western Coast oi A The Rev Mr. Trapier of SsuthCarolina, warmly urged the concurrence of this House with the House of Bishops, in approving the action of the House of Bishops, in nominating the Rev. Mr. Glenny, as the Missionary Bishop for the west coast of Africa ; speaking highly of the acqiitie menu, zeal, purity ot doctrine and piety ot the itev. Mr. Glenny. . Mr. Memmiugergave similar testimony. Several other celegateB spoke, and the nomina tion was unanimously ratified, and the proper tes timonials and certificate were prepared by a Com mittee and duly Bigned. A message fiom the House of Bishops, appoint ing Cape Palrnas and parts adjacent as a station for a Foreign Missionary Bishop. The House concurred. The following Committee was announced, as the Committee on the General Theological Se minary?the Rev. Messrs. Haukle, Upi old and Mead : ?and Messrs. James I. Smith, Collins, and Judge Conyngham. _ , ? On motion, the President of the Convention and Mr Verplanck, were added to the Committee on the Theological Seminary. Carried. A message from the House of Buhope announced that Amoy, and such other parts ot the Chinese Empire as the Board ot Missions may hereaher designate, be a Missionary Station. A menage 'rjm the House of Biihops nomira'ed the Rev W. J. Boone, D. D , as a Missionary Bish op at Amoy and far parts ot China. A message from the House of Bishops announced a resolution making the dominions of the Suliau of Turkey a missionary station. A m-ssage from the House of Bishops nominated the Rev. Horatio Souihgate, as a Missionary Bish op to the dominions ol the Sultan of Turkey. A message from the House of Bishops reported a resolution to the effect that the Report of the Board ot Missions be received and printed in the appen dix of the journal of the House. Concurred. The message in rela'ioa to making Amoy, and a part of China, a missionary station, was then taken W'J. The Rev. Dr. Jarvis thought that the matter should be laid over to the next Convention. Seve rn I delegates spoke in favor of the message. The Hev. L)r. Higbee adopted the views ot Dr Jarvis The Rev. Mr Cook was in favor of concurring with the message. The Rev. T. J. Young, of S C , followed on the swrneside. Mr. Atkinson spoke in favor of the message. On motion, the hour of adjournment was post poned from 3 P M., to 10 o'clock nt night. The House of Bishops, having been notified, concurred in the hour of adjournment adopted by the House. . The flev. Dr. Jarvis again urged the postpone^ ment cf the message in relation to Amoy and China to the next Convention, to allow further and full information on the subject .... Several other delegates spoke on both sides ol | the question. A little after 3 o'clock, the House adjourned, to I re-nesemble at 6 P M On re-assembling at 6 o'clock, in pursuance of adjournment, the minutes of all the previous proceedings of the day were read and approved. The House resumed the consideration of the Message, appointing Amoy and parts of China, as a Missionary Episcopal Station. The Rev. Mr Young continued his remarks, and wnrmly supported the Message. [/V Message from the House of Bishops, an nounced that that House had concurred in the pas sage of the canon " Of Discretion in the calling, trial and examination of Deacons." That is, the canon for appointing Lay or Primitive Deacons.] A message from the House of Bishops nominat ed the Rev. G. W. Freeman, Rector of Emanuel Church, Newcastle, Delaware, as a Missionary Bishop for certain regions of Arkansas and Texas. .... . The Rev. Dr. Tyng resumed the debate on the Amoy and Chinese station, and supported the mes sage. , A rr solution to postpone the question to the next Convention, and in the meanwhile to raise a fund of $40,000 to support a Missionary station at Amoy, was lost. ,, The question of concurring with the Message was then put to the vote, and the message was ap proved by Ays*. Nays. Divided. Clerical Delegation*, 18 * 2 Lay Delegations, * 16 4 0 So Amoy and parts of China were made a Mis sionary Episcopal station. The Mehsane appointing the Rev. Mr. Boone, as Missionary Bishop of Amoy and parts ot China, was concurred in. The Message consti'uting the dominions of the Saltan of Turkey, a missionary station, was non concurred in, altera very long debate. The. testimonials and certificates of the Rev. J Bo?ne, and the Kev. G. W Freeman, as Mission ary Bisho|is, were duly read and signed. A Mc saage from the House of Bishops, announced the concurrence of the Bishojw in the Canon " Ot clergymen ordained in foreign countries, by Bit-h <?iis in communion with the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States." Several matters of routine business were trans acted. ... The usual resolutions in relation to thanks for the use of St. Andrew's Church, dec., were passed A deputation having informed the House ot Biskeps that this House had completed ita business, and were ready to hear the "Pastoral Letter"? that document, replete with eouad doctrine and practical piety?was read by the Right Rev Biahop Lhuse, senior prelate of the House of Bishopa. 1 he preeiding Biahop then proceeded to cloan the sessioo. Appropriate prayera und collecta from the Liturgy were read; an appropriate anthem waa auog, and the benediction uruuuuuced by the ve uerahle Biahop Chase. It waa understood that the House of Biahopa had reaolved that 0000 copita of the " Pastoral Letter" should be priuted. The Houac of Lay and Clerical Delegates then adjourned line die.?Philadelphia Ledger, Oct. 23. Hn? of the Quiet [From the Buffalo Advertiser of October ai.] We have littla to add, in addition to what was given Saturday, of the eH'cots of the g*ie here. It would be tedious and useless to All our paper with details oi indi vidual lotses. ttulNce it to say that no iornier gale was aver so destructive ol property and life. We are yet una bla to f rm aaore than an approximate estimate ol the value of property destroyed, 'lhe number ol buildings of all kiuds uiteily destroyed can bardly be less than one hun dred. Most ol these are of little value, but some of them were large and costly structures. The loss iu this sp, cies ol property, buildings and t fleets, will not probsoiy lall short ol $50,000. The loss in buildings partially over thrown, removed from tuelr foundations, unrooted or dam. aged in other respects, the number of which is vastly gieater thau those completely destroyed, will probably amount to an much more. '1 he lots by damuge oi goods and merchandize in warehouses; the njury sustained by steamboats, vessels and canal boats, una the loss ol wood lumber, naves, building materials kc , It is utterly ira poisihlu to estimate, but it must amount to much more than the aggregate loss in buildings destroyed or injured I ThH total loss of every kind may be solely put down at $iu0,lKJ0. The height to which the water rose was altogether wo precedential. Nothing like it was known during the time, a few years ago, when tha ordinaly level ol the lake was several leet above what it now is. This may be ac counted for bythe fact :hat for several days previous te the <al? a pretty still' east* rly wind had been blowing This had driven the wuter up the lake, or, at least, lessened the volume escaping by the river When the wiud shitted to to the southwest, and blew with such luiy, the water came down beloie it aa if a dam had broken away, li rose thirteen feet above the level at which it stood on Friday evening. Such other particular! of the eff. cta'of the gale here as are of gt neial interest will be lound below. It will be seen by our in elligance from up the lake, that we have uo1 been the only sufferers. The d .mage sustained at I the different ports is wholly unprecedented, and this gale will long be remembered a* without a parallel lor us se verity and destruction. The following are the nameaof persona lost and miaaing so tar as ascertained : Edward O'Brien, wile, and three children, lived on the tow-path below Mechanic street. Joun Gilice and two children, lived below the above. A colored woman and daughter named Cole. Mr. Mitchell, lived on the opposite side of the Creek, formerly irom Genesee county. Mrs. S. Smith and three daughter*, near Wilkeson's foundry. Janet Lawrie, picked up near the above. Moses White, of Clarence Hollow, lound in the creek near the ship canal. A. Metot, uud his son, Simeon Metot, found near the same place. Mia. Stolicker, and three children, recently from Sene ca Kails. Mr. 8. lelt the evening betore iu the Robert Fulton. I Buckley Wheeler of Buffalo, Thomaa Rushing ol To ronto, und Gee. Blanchard, missing. Mr. Havei-S, milk man, and a boy whe 'lived with him, drowned. Ellen Byman, of Port Dover, Canada; Catharine Red ding, ol Collins, drowned. The bodi ? of the wife and three children of John Smith, a German, who resided between Elk and Ohio streets, have been found. An infant child of Mr. Adams on Ohio street. The body of John Bo wen, ferryman, and a woman about 80 years of age, name unknown, have been lound. Another Mrs Smith and two daughters, Germans, found drowned on ?lk street. Mr. Chase and a boy who lived with him, on the oppo site side of the creek, missing. Mm. Catharine bmitli, wile of Ira B. Smith, of Albas? found. ' David G Blocf, employed at Wilkeson's furnace. Coroner Harris informs us that he has held inquests on thirty -eight peraona We hope to-morrow to be able U give the names of all drowned and missing. The num ber will prububly exceed filty. A little boat or shallop of about 16 tons burthen, left here Friday evening for Canada, loaded wi h potatoea and thirteen persons on board The gale struck the boat near P.iint Abino, diove it ashore, nd every person on board was drewued except the master. The schooners It Wood, Capt Miuer, Mohawk, Capt Carmichael, Home, i;apt M'Auley, and United States, Capt Richardson, of Oswego, have arrived here in ssle iy, being driven in by the gale-all of Ihem have suffered in canvass'aud apar*. The| Ma>ion, C?pt. Oliver, irom Chicago, made the port in good sty le, and, in comm i, with the other vessels caught out, has much of her sails and rigging earned away. Theschr Wm. Cay ley. of Kingston, and St. Putiick.ot Oswego, are at Port Colborne. I ho former is beached below the light-house, and the latter is mali.'e thecaual | damaged, haviDg run in during the height ol the The Julia Palmer, whose dangerous situation we co ticed on Saturday, csme in safely with all on board, yes terday morning The passengers, an immense numoer. between lour and five hundred, are loud iu their exptes sioiis of praise and gratitude to Capt. Titus, his offlcera and cr. w, for the admirable manner in whieh the boat was managed during the gate. Nothing but consummate coolness, courage and seamenahin enabled them to weath er the gsle successfully, and they richly deserve the Mlianks ol all who committed themselves to their care.? The report we had on Saturday, although it came to us i i a reliable shape, that several horses were thrown over ooard, was untrue The beat brought back salely all she took out, except one horse, who broke loose and jumped overboard. r The following canal boats, in addition to those already given, are washed up some distance from thecriek and canal Some of them, from their shattered condil ion, can natbegotoft. The whole lint embraces sixty boats : The D Delano has merchandize on board much injured ?t Louis, Swan, H. B. Williams, J. A Cole, Frontier Addirou, Victory J. McKie, J Brown. ? S Latham An twerp. The Pilot, Pearl, J. M Hubbard aud C Pur chas?, were beached, but hare been launched again At Cle veland the gale was strongly felt The Ihrald <|t Saturday evening says:-'Considerable damage was done to several vessels in our harbor. The schooner Pa riama. loader) with lumber, had her bow and atern jo in jurad that she sunk in'ide the piers The schr Porter lost her bowsj rit and cutwater. The schooners Constitntion Houston, Elizabeth Ward, and Lewis Gnler, had their item* atove in, and were considerably injured. The ca aal boat J W. Williams was crushed and sunk, nnd some other damage w.ts dona to vessels and amall boats The rteamer United 9tat>a is sate at Ashtabula The atenmer St. Louis, with a broken ahalt, came up from theRock yesteiday, and will lay up forthe season. The achooner Lyons, Cap'. Klaagye, with freight for Toledo, had her foremast carried away by the brig Uncle Sam, and must remain to gat in a new spar. I , ''apt. Spencer, of the achooner N Biddle. reports the loss of hia mate, James M. Hall, of Fairport, while coming '? 4t i-rj" during the gale, The deceased has lelt a wife The B lost her deck Toad Boats from Detroit bring Intelligence that the schra Grant, Potomac, Walker, and Brandy wine, were ashore in the bay at Erie, but would be got off One veasel, name unknown, high and dry near the barracks. Schr Clay aground *0 ro a from the water Schr Lodi was towed into Erie by the Missouri, aails shattered and both %pcnnra gone. Schr Lumberman came into Erie over th head of the Peninsula. Schr Whig, parted her cablea and ran down the lake Apjp ehenaiona were f It for tha pier and canal bank at the Rock, which it aeema did not get damaged much 100 feet ol the berm path on Squaw Island waa washed away but toy timely aid from the canal superintendent lariher injury was stayed. The brig Preble waa named as being in port on Satur day; it was a mistake. The schr J F Porter, not mentioned In our paper of Sa turday, ia on her aide at the dock near Wil*onra coal yard pierced by two spiles- not injured much otherwise. The effects ol the gale were experienced on Lake On jnrio?although to what extent we have not yet learnt The steamer Cobourg waa taken from her moorinrs at Niagara and carried to the oppoaite aide, where she lies con-i lerably damaged There waa great anxiety felt at Toronto on Saturday for the Kugston boats, which were due but ha<l not arrived We are informed that barrel heads are coming aahore at Cattaraugus creek, brand C K Bradburn, Cleveland, marked F It 8 E Goodrich Part ol a fore-scuttle with " Pennsylvania," in red ehnlk; aud some broken deck plank and bnlwarka, painted green outside and yellow inside?also a whito eagle supposed to be from the uteri efthe srhooner Pennsylvania, Captain Barnard, have been picked up at the same place. Extract of a letter dated ... . . , . . ?iivv.a Carta, Oct. 10. Wo have had a hard gale-it commenced blowing about 13 o'clock last night, which carried away the ware houses, an d a good part of the pier to the water'a edge The outside KTl is also taken off to the water's edge, and three timbers of the balance The warehousea were nearly full of goods and predut-a- the principal part of the goods belonged to J th A F Morrlsen, / Morrison and Co., and C Norton k. Co We have nicked up a portion of the goods?aome of them came aahore without being broke; othcra went to pieces. The sloop H Roop lying here, broke adrif , and wsnt aahore shout hall wav between this and Cattaraugus The loas in gooda and produce will he from 10 to $UOOO About half the length of the piers at Cattaraugus are gone to the water's edge Thrae achoonera that were fhere are high and dry I also understand that tha pier and warehouses at Barcelona are carried away. fFrom lhe Dunkirk Beacon Extra, Oct 10 J During the evening the wind was blowing pretty fresh irom the South, end about 19 o'clock It suddenly shiittd to the southwest, and an unparalleled gale lollo wed car .7 b,for" " w" hare only time to say that both storehouses were carried away, that of O A French k Son being full of merchandise and produce - '*ce,,t tha foundations on which they atood The wharves aro also destroyed?thsugh perhaps not iifparehly. The beaeh and the high bank for a mil. .T u m,M ot ''rob*?. ^ ? ?onfuaed piie mingled with the remnants of goods-there ean be seen thU in >ming thousands o yards ol cloth, calico, ahe. Hog, I silks, he., all entangled so aa to Nate it almst i?poa3 ble to detach a aingle article Several building! are moved into the street by the violence ol the wavea. One occu pied by Mr Oermoml a* a ibo? ahop, wan carried into tne middie of the street and letdown iu easily ai not to upaet a bottle of ink. The schooner Atlantic, irom the Lower Lake, was anloa.ling aalt yesterday, P. M ?now a lew pieces ol her can be seen below the point. The sloop Traveller from C W., is quietly stowed away by the tide ol Barckley's shoe shop. Our apprehensions of trouble below are great?we lear to hear teat death lua marked many a noble tar as bis victim. [From the Westdeld Messenger Extra, Oct. IB.] Last night one ol the must tresaeudoua atorma awapt over Lake trie which has ever lashed its waters into com motion, and we tear that we shall learn it haa keen the most destructive. Alter live er six dxys of rainy weather, with little wind, a breeze sprung up I rum the south last evening, and dissipated the clouds. Towards eleven it suddenly changed lor the weat, aud increased to a perfect hurrioane. Tii? waters, driven irom shore by the south wind, now returned, aided l>y the west wind, witb aston ishing and Irightlul rapidity, and in a sho.t time the land ing, tMach and dock* at tUiculoua. were submaiged, tne waves driving over them with prudigious violence. Tun dock and warehouse of John Lasou was carritd uff. to gether with goods amounting to uve or six theusand dol lars, belonging to variou* peitons in the county. The s.ore house went upon tlie rocks off the light house and was daubed into splinters, and the goods wuhe away or sunk. The waieuouae lately belonging to the Baroelona company, waa moved about six feei lioin its (emulations, but being heavily loaded with salt it did not oil ; and thus the office of Mr Kasou, and the ?tore ol Mr. Jo?l Mm it h, were saved Irom destruction Buck k Minton s store had part of th? root torn off, the trout dashed ia, and it was moved live or six feet from its position : but their loss cf goods waa Hiding.? A stage coach in front ol their store was blown, and floated some Id or Id roda, an 1 utterly destroy ed. '1 he WMter force*! np a piodigious quantity of stone, farming a vast wall several leet high, two or three rods rom its usualshoie The waves knocked in the side of an unoccupied building and washed up a wall inside nearly six lent higb. ') be Barcelona Company's pier is greatly damaged?about hall gone. The Government pier is also damaged, being xhorieued several rods. Loss estimated, in goods about $t,OOOj pieis, kc , perhaps $-2,bUO to $3,0U0 more. [Fromtha Rochester Democrat ] Tha late gale, so laras we have been able to learn, baa not beau attended with any disastrous const quencea on Lake Ontario The steamer Rochester, Captain H W Throop left the landing at 8 o'clock, Friday evening bound lor Toronto aud Lewiston She encountered the gale about half way between this port aud Toronto, and was obi ged to put ..bout and teiuin. Her escape ia al most mirnculoux, as ahe was out duiiug the whole ol the gale?which was the severest ever kuown on this lake.? Captain Throop reports having seen a vessel or propeller 40 miles west of the mouth of the river, and lrum out to two miles from shore, running belore the wind. He thinks it was a propeller, as occasionally he saw sparks He also reports a bright light, seen dui ing the severest part o the gale, in the direction of Coburg oi below. Fears are entertained lor the salety of the Gore, which nns between H imilton, Toronto, and Rochester, which was due here at 7 o'clock on Saturday morning. Also lor the St Lawrence, which left th mouth ol the river at i o'clock on Saturday morning, bound lor Oswego and O< lensburg. The Oneida due here on Saturday, at 4 o'clock, P. M., hus not been heard Irom. II she was out, she pra nably encountered the gale between ttackett's Harbor aud Oswego. The America, due here yesterday morning ai 3 o'clock, has not been heaid from. Washington. [Correspondence of the Hersld.l Washington City, Oct. 22,1844. Court Martial-Politic, 4*c James Gordon Bknnktt, Esq.? The Naval General Court Martial met yesterday at 10 o'clock, pursuant to adjournment, when the defence ot Richard Muzzleton, seaman, for as saulting Midshipman Bohrer whilst on duty on board the U. S. ship Potomac, in the harbor ot Philadelphia, in September last, was read by James Hoban, E^q , his counsel. The charge is a serious ,,ne coming within the jurisdiction of the law I that gives to the Court the power of milicting i .<!< if in their opinion, jusuce demands it -is: SKSSTjV , E?.; c"> I nstfsaiytrtKEU*' ?< knowing ones thai Robert is going it ationg for ?ori<U?6? !? ."?> h.?m? ?J? 1 missions during us recess, ???? 1 ?Z ? news, per telegraph, *t their triumph at the late Baltimore election. H Very respectfully, ?? in5Xd?^oBcI.fpta^n Ca?en,P ofT?A^fd*^ f ofp A 1 SS jtfwSffr"om"h? SShirtby 1 '"vilock hove to tinde. 1tfOTsmas: rioane ? every particle ot canvass w.is blown ott the hrig and a heuvy topping sea making a clean l,re?chov.-i her With difficulty the lumber lashings were cut away, "nd whh the laose timber a seaman by the name ot Pet*. f ?Ki'l main m?,t were.n.pM *",'T 1 v,nB n,'- "w?ek wilb Kor thirteen days they were drifting about on the ocean 1 A barrl 1 oThread, soJie po, k and a few?appl* >g? ?ut bv cutting through the deck, on which the cr? w i it) al?Z While on the wreck they paved M ; nbnut 70 ton*, bottom up, painted 1 ? ok of the 19ih they nw a large *hip 'landing towar' th?m ; it proved to he the Propontes of ( Silver, bound for Sumatra who immediately ??nt hU boat and removed the unfortunate suflerers on board. H?* i paid them every attention hnmanitv coul I Pro?l,l about three hour* afterward the ship Adirondack, Hspt (. h cariton, from Liverpool bound to New Y"rk' h? . ... .i.M and kindlv took the sufterers on board and L" oNew Voik. In about an hour after he removal of the crew Irom the Propontis the Adiron dark fell in with the wreck of the biig, and pasted he about a<? yards to leeward She was COI"P'"te'l,w# logged and every thing above deck swept clean tff. Reported Dkatii op a Wife from Bkatino? We were informed ol the arrest of an individual, vettaiday who." name we could not lean., charged with having produced the death ol hi? wife from mallrrutment The ^?on arre??ed re.ided a short. dwt.nce*h.? ci v. on the Washington railroad, and wan engagen in hauling red echre to this city; and ' lJ"*!nf,b^"/n' treated to the neighbori of ton family that al figh', the home was visited during the ab.enc^ ol U.e husband, when it was atcertain.-rt that the house was I fastened up, and on entering it 5'swifewasd..covered .lead and, Irom sppearsnjes, hsd died from severe sat in*-her person bearing the marks of violence. h husband was followed lo the citv by officer 8 ^emmon, and arrested. It is said he intended procuring a coffin for her in the c. ty , that he has a family ol 'm*" children, who were fastened up in the house with the corpse ot their motherland il all be true which we hear in refer ence to this case, it is another of those acts of outrage and hrntalitv in keening with the case of Adam Horn Hie^ccuied whs committed by S quire Pslmer, ot the county.?Fait mm* Clipper, Oct. il Canadian Port or Ertry.-His Excellency the Governor Ger.fr.il has issued a proclamation, in nfttiM imoMinl " Act to refliilatM the trade ol tb* BrHsh posses.ions ahroad," constituting the Magdelen Ulaids.CheJjulf ol St. Lawrence, . Port of Entry. for .he entrv of goo<ls brought or imported from an, adjoin ing foreign country. Miilssism-Ts? 4?usv Dir?*TMrwT, Oct. 91, IM4? The SrctftH. y of the Tre??u. y acknowledges the receipt i 0| ovi, sollars from some unknown per?on, with the fol l0*fl*"l>,am"indebted to the revenns of the United I States the amount enclosed, $6.oo. I wish you m.y un dentsnd th?- reason of mv doing this is to make ine st 1 peace with <>od and my lellow men The I.old is comn g this month, and on 'he Jll er 13,1 ,iav of it I think, to " Judge bete, sen him thi.t terveth (Jod, and blm who serveth him ?? t and to )ay righteousnefs to the I ine, and Judgmr.t tolhepliimmw The l.ord help us to be prepared to stand the ft. ry trial, "whan tho Lord ariseth to shake terribly the earth. Yours, luv Mormons.?We learn, says the HhIiIsx lleral'', with regret that the ianaiic or knave *h* has be?P teaching here lor some time psst tha most ahsurd doc I trii.es, has succeeded in making Hois of several 'J""1'1'" ?tri l induced them to sell oil their property sndemigrs mik kim to the United States. f ?ill hav be in when they arrive eut west l asy wn find Joe dfiad?his followers scattered in all directions; 2nd Jo?s widow and sea hoi Una on to all the property the wily pro, het having hsdtbedead in his ownname The most of the P?o?de, *c b. I. v.^ar. trom Praston set \ Umtnt.-K' JMni) V. i., U^rmidf (Ml. IT. Spotting Intelligence The Fall Kaces over tiik Beacon Course, Hobokkn.?First L)ay?Wednesday.?These races commenced this day. The weather waB most pro pitious an respects fineness ; the track inmost capi tal order, having been just previously attended to ; the attendance quite as numerous as might be ex pected, cMKidariag the great excitement that whs prevailiag Umofhout the day in the city, and the great sport promised on the following (litis) day. About two o'clock the bell rang to prepare for starting, and the animals were brought forth, and a finer pair is seldom seen,than was brought forward for the first race, which was?Proprietor's purse, $100, Mile Heats, for three year olds that never won a purse. For which were entered? Col J. Williamson'* 3 > ear ol 1 ch. colt, John Lyne*. by Trustee, dam by Silver HouU (Win i kuholui, blue jacket, rul rnp Mr C. 8. Floyd'* g t 3 year old, by Boliver, dam by Bat ofoot. (Win, lUggerty, red jacket t>n<l blue cr.p) The animals whci stripped appeared to be a good match; if any thing the grey more spicy or spirited, but the chesnul was the lavorite, and well it deserv ed to be t'rom ap|>eaiance. The betting previous, was 5 to 3 on the bay. Within a minute or two ol the time staled, hull past two o'clock, they went forth, the grey mi the inside, ihe chesnul leading, but ere they got to the first turn, at the bottom, the grey closed on the other and endeavored to take the lead, and they run abieast, apparently touching each other, to tne quarter, where the chesnul *ent front; 20 to 7 was how offered on the latter. He maintained this position to the half, and round the top tnd down thefctmight course towardshorn> ,and appeared some six or eight lengths iu front; 100 to 15 was now offered on the chesnut, but nil aj? proaching the draw gate the giev challenged, came up, and a most beautiful buret home took place, the latter leading by about half a neck, in liu. oO^s. On reaching home it was fouud tliai (he chesnul was cut in the rear hind leg, close to the hoof, by ihe grey, in the close approximation at ihe begin ning of the heat, which appeartd to afi'eel him. Previous to the next heat the giey was the favorite, at 3 to 2 The ch. led to the quarter, where the grey went in front by about a length. They reach? d the half iu about 56 seconds; ttiey kept thus round the top, and botli come dowu the straight course on the outside of the irack. A pretty struggle soon took place, the grey breasted the ch. and for sometime ihey kept together, but on nearing the drawgate came somewhat in front, led home about two-thirds of a length in advance, in 1:52fc, thus winning the heat and purse. The next race was for mil* heats, best three in five, for which were entered? Mr C. Floyd's b c 8 yr*. ?ld, by Hornblower, dam by Henry (YVm Haggerty, red jacket and blue ca. ) Mr. Weber's b. n Kidler <> yearn old, b. Kclip*e, dam by John Richards (owner, light jacket and no cap ) The betting, previous to the Matt, was 3 to 1 on the colt, taken several times. Ttiey went well otl together, Weber wuhoutsaddle or cap, and main tained this position to the 4, whe>e they closed on each other, and kept together to the hall, round the top, but on approaching the drawgate the colt up neured somewhat to tall oft'in speed, but booii ral lied, came in fiont, and led home some 3 or 4 lengths in advBnce in 1 5-1^. There were several attempts to get ofl for the second heat, but somehow or ihe other Weber was not ready when the oilier was; alter some 4 or 5 attempts the judges declared they should go, whether th y were ready or not; and directly alter they struck ihe bell, when the colt got in front of the stand, with Fidler some 3 or 4 lengths behind ; the former went forth in good style, nut Webei pulled up and would not go, contending that the bell had been struck too soon; the other went round alone in 1 69, and was declared the winner, Mr. Weber refusing to contest the matter luriher. Want of space prevents our giving more length ened particulars as we intended. SiThk Kacino over the Beacon Course, Hobo Xrn ?The racing over this ground yesterday, though pretty good on (he whole, is but an indif ferent sample of what may be expected to-day The sport anticipated is said by those who are well capable of judging, will be e<)uul to, if not surpass ing any that lias taken pliM in tins neighborhood tor some years past. Fashion, Regent, aim Mar chioness are in fiist-ra'e trim, ano we never saw a more beautiful trio. We intended to have given a description, &C , but want of space prevents up on the present occasion. For the mile race to-da> .ire entered. D. Tour*' b. h. D. Webster, by Priam, out of Fairy, 6 yearn old Charlea Lloyd'* g- f- Hy Tom Langford, out of Oulnare, 3 year* old. Col. J. William.on's b f. Matty Wire, by Hawton, dam by Sir Archy, 4 yra old. AIIred Conover'* b. h. Livingiton, by Trustee, dam by Henry, 4 yearn old. Gilpatrick, who has perfectly recovered his re cent severe accident, will display some of his ex cellent jockeynhip iu opposition to Fashion oil this occasion. In Chancery. The continuation of the Crugnr ease la unavoidably mow.led out from pre** of matter. We (hail give the conclusion in to morrow's Htrald. Superior Court. Befote Judge Oakley. Oct. 23.?David Heiton nnd Martin Carving. t'? Luther 0. Carter and CUmor (J IJaUey ? Thi* wa* an act.oii ol treapaa* on the c.uae, to ircovi r thu value o( certain good* delivered to defendanta on their order, which good were to ba paid lor on receipt. For defence, two notea were offered by way of net off, sai l note* having been due to defendant* by plaintiff* It win ahown o.i ihe part of plaintiff* th?t they were relcaied from (heir reap?n*i nility to pny *aid note*, by virttio of a discharge in bank ruptcy Defendant* contended thiit this discharge *i> ?tot valid, on the ground that the schedule ot debt* of the plaintiff* wa* not annexed to the petition in bankruptcy when (worn to. J he Court charged that the dtscha'ge wim valid, and instructed the jury lo find for the plain tiff*. Verdict for plaintiff*, $12814, with Interest from date of the bill. Mr. Lyona for plaintiff*} II. P. Hustings lor defendant* Guillaume Ji. Baulet, v*. Stephen Card.?Thi? action wan brought to recover damage* lor it jury received bj plaintiff, in can*)quen< e of being run into by defendant It appear*on the part ol the plaintiff that on theSthof June last, the pia ntifl wa* proceeding tip the Blooming ?lale road in hi* grocery wagon. when he peiceived the defendant driving don n the road at a rapid rote, with ? light wagon, followed by several other Wftgons with which be appeared to be racing, and comrqueutly plain tiff drew hi* home up out af the road, on the right nidi thereol, to avoid a coliinon Notwithstanding thi* pre caution, the defendant, in driving in a zigzag course, up parently to prevent In* pursuer* from pat-sing him, did come in contact with the plaintiff'* team; and his hone lumping over plaint lit"* wagon. cansed plaint, ft to fall out of the wagon, dislocating hi* aboulder and injuring th> wagon The plaintiff wa* laid up. in con*< quence wmi (our or five week* Defence offered that plaintiff wa> a* much in fault ai defendant, in not exercising proper care to prevent the accident. General "eaaloiia. Before Recorder Taiimadge and Alderman Jackion and Jabez Williama. M. C P*T?a*oi?, ft*q District Attorney. Oct. SS ? Dinhirged fry Pinrlamalion. ? Peter K Morii* a Colored man.cnaiurd with grand larceny, in having on 'he 'Id of August stolen a g I I watch, worth $1IH, (roni the p>icki t ship Stephen Whitney, which wa* the propeity ol Thomas Bnwaer, w*? discharged float the Complaint, a* Mr Bowercoukl not he found Jinotkrr Dinhmrgtd ? Richard Munsori. charged with a grand larceny, in stealing f40 in b ink hilla, alio a wutch. pencilca*e, lie , worth $22 more, f.om Caleb Kimber, a iioarder at Tammany Hull lit the time, ua* alao discharge! by proclamation, a* V r Kimber could not t>r found, and the accuaed had been in priion uncethe '23d Angnat Jilto Diichargrd - Robert Chryatie charged W th a for gery in the aecond degree, in na??mg a counterfeit Vlexi ? ?an '1'iaitrr ol a dollar to Richard Parish, No MW Oreen wicli street, wa* alto diacharged by proclamation, aa the jury hn I dismissed the complaint The Cue <>t Hdu ard /'ramin.? I%mas W, rner,K*<| , aa counnel for re?rnin,?onvieted of aiding and abetting rb< e*capeol the nt|*oner Hoppy. while he was tiding h one of thodeputvlfceepert ol Inecity priion, presented a me morial to the court and district attorne) llgned by at ven of the furor* who tried the esse slating to the conit Ilia' the) were not aware that they were violating the Inws in convening with the deputy kee er* at the time of yi*lt irig the pti on before the recordation ol their verdict, nnd rh? y lurther stated that from lact* and circumstances tha' have *iiba? quent'y come to their knowledge, they art ( on vinced that r'earnin is not guilty of the charge, and sug ge*t, to avoid any further diftirnlty. fco , iii the matter hat he be di*r.harged from the indictment. Thecowt and alto the District Attorney received tne mrnftrwl, and wi'l give a de iaton in the case to morrow Tiial for Hut^lary.?John Laegd n and Mary Thort were then tried tor burglary in the 3d degree, in ha?lr g in the 37th of la*t month broken into the premise* oi Vphonso Figshy, of No. 6? Lewi* ttreet, and Mealing i. clock and *ome rlolhn g The premi** a wer>- entered b\ 'orcirg the lork ot the Iront door. The properly wa> found on the premise* of Lsiigdon, where Vary Thou waa alao found. The Jury found the female guilty hu Langdon not guilty *he wa* aentenctd ta tha Utah Pr 'Kin for the i. i m ol Ave year* Fnr/eifd Htil. Jamea < (,(igan and John Cogan al*< laaiah Kennedy, severally indicted lor pet t larcenies wereralWdto trial, hut aa they did not app ai, their re ?ogt uanceu were ordered t??be estreated Adjourned to Thursday, at II o'clock, A M. Mini**!, tiadi witm viiLWAtgit.?Thr Mil wtxdti* Htrald of the 8th mention* lbs aip*araiic? m the street* of that louriabing towa tha day pre?lena, oi ' 86 Trail ia.Hcboonera," (large wsgon* ) from the mineral region, tfeo toaaa aonaiatiag ot mu oaan i City Intelligent:*. Folic* Record, Oct 33? A DurtitTi Arrati, muiiiir T*u I.irss M*tmric?.u ? Last mgiit, mi a lata hour, it M|>i>?-Mrs tint tome .V)fjucao union piocetded into tin- 'Five Points," and while in Little Waters street, they were attacked by some colored person*. and part ol their company severely beaten by the uegroel- 'J he main and leading cause for which was jealousy. On Trinidad Abalu, aliat Vela, being approached by the colored people, he dri w lurtli u knile, and in a moment ei desne,atlon, wielding hi* weu|>ou right and left, (tabbed ? negio nuined Francis WiUnn in the abdomen, and also, Stephen Benson in the lelt shoul >er? and bo was then ar rested an<1 taken to the City Prison. Both Benaou and Wilsouaiain a >> ry precarious statu, the lattar notes pee-ted to survn e ihe n juiy lor muny hour* Three other Mexicans, n?med Antonio Hampert, Louis Aquilara, and Josa Maria Garcia were also arrested at the time, and committed but it did not appear that they were acting in the matter, other than dvleinliiig themselves. They wrre mos'(dreadfully beati n by the horde ol negroes who as sail* a them. IliiiHWkT Kuaumr ?On Sunday evening last, as a par son named Martin McDonald was pissing ihrougn (Jeu're street, he was attacked by a joung mail nameil Logene Kuvatidgh. knocked doun and roldied of his watcli, and between <>in unci 911 in money. Kuvanagh has been ar re-it. d by otticer Cochran, and committed to answer the charge. Ki-.f eir?o B?d Cosh-a** ?John M'Aneny Isst evening t"Ok u strollon the junior Fire "oinis, designated the ?*H .ok " got in company w ith u ft mule, not txtremely recherche in bei manners o( deportment and who insinuat* ed liei hand into the pockets ot nis inexpressible*, and ab str cted ? herefrom u wallet containing frlu Her name is Julia Scott. She wus urres'ed and lull) identified by John as th*|peison who lobtiel lutii. (.unlimited, and not let go Scott lie*. Urkakimi Jmu?On Monday ni?ht. two men named 1 In m i? lio'tghi i'j- unit John \\ iluann-, were anestei and placed in the huuse ol Detention attached to the Up per Poll e collier ol 3rd street and the Bowery. Last night Williams made his est ape, by completely cutting his way through his ceil into ihe street. It is supposed that he milt have been sU| plied w ith tools to iflnrt hi* purpose by some iiersons outside, who passed thia throngh the window ol hi* cell. No ma ter how he ob tuiued the kej ? to his Ircedom, be wu* not at large many hours, lor at an earl) hour this morning, the keep er. Mr. Watson, ni*ed by t tlicer Strong, re-etrened him on the "Five Point*" The chaige a uins Doaghetty and,William?lii burglary, lor breuking into the house: of Mr. tieorge W. Oieen, in the Sru avenue. Anothf* Outbauk or? iHt "Fivk Point*."?Thl* tenioon, two other colored men were ar esied on the "hive Points." whose names aiu Lewis Butler anil Richard W allis, lor most inhumanly Dealing a Mexican seaman, whose name we wen- unuble to ascertain, wi'h '?In s They aie commuted to piison, una the p> or *uf Carer, after having his wounds dressed, was taken proper care of. Passing a Cot;*TrBKiriT Bill ? Rodney Wheeler and Honey vi le Vinoent were urrested arid committed to pri son, on a charge ol forgery, in pasting a counterfeit $6 hill, on the Barmthble Buiik, Yaimouih, Massachusetts, to James II. McDo aid, corner of Lewi* and Bioumo streets, lu peyti.etit for groceries. Court Calendar?Tlila Day Si fKKion Cot si ? No*. 14 |HH, .10,1 8, 41.78 It 'J4, ?H, -J6. 44 4.1 Hi, 30. 8, 76,7, 18, 30 64, 6,140,00, 108, 31, 87 90 97 II Cibcuit Covbt.?No*. 49, 10 . 90, IOO, 8, 40, 13, M, 79, H9 Cost mow Plkas.?No* 81, 88, U0, 87,88, 80,30,81, 6, 10. Mii.lkkism ?A large number of this deluded sect were congregated at New Bedfurd and Fairhaveu on Tuasduy mornii g 'I he Colonel's correspondent inioims him that among iho vsk! number expected to take ih?lr departure, thu. day, but three weie missing when he closed his letter. Emigration to TfckAg ?It appears that the vieit of Piince de Solmea, m Texas, as agent of Geiman emigrating associations, has been att?tided with tha very best result" in giving a veiy hardy and respectable b idy ol men to that country. We learn that 1HOO families aie daily expected Itom Germany, and the agent is in New Orleans to purchase one bundled wsgon* to transport the m to the interior Prettv Good.?An HrkmisaH hero wm lately cnnvicied ol hnrae fclrnling, ami w hen nentence had been passed on him, ho took a survey ol the court room, and gav e vent to hi* leelings alter ihe billowing manner: ? Well, this is rath' r ihe briskest place I ever did *?a ? Travelled fifteen miles thu moinn g ?stood an election, and unauimoukly voted by twelve men to be maintained at the public expense lor ten ) ears " HAH ENNE <V CO AT THE CORN Kit (>(? (iltAND STREET AND BROADWAY, Kstkim i III (Jhahii Strmt, FASHIONABL.E ESTABLISHMENT, WVn th? choicnt anorlrn'ni of Parisian Mode*. Ilati, 1?|m, Head l>re?ar?, lie., will alwayi lie found of the lira! ulechoos? mjimlulutni dnrct. 'lire MKft. >1 VV ll.MIN Ortfk to lliloitn tlrl Irirnlii Mil public, that til" l? I rrpaied in rihibit a rich and f'?t[.iiii assortment of Y .11 Hau, which ahr il* trra her*?lf ihe Indies will fii.d worthy thf-r maprction A few lin|x>rt?J ll?r? purchaa il for pat'arua, ?'llinu for l>-?? than rout, i^nmrrj Vlilhneta, in ???art h ;virin?. won'd do w*l to call previoua in purchiaiiiK. <'i hand a choice an >rtment of F**th*r*, Miiwrri, Cup*, and I in 1 !Jrr??*?. Lac lire i wu malarial* Btada up in the newest ttyle. VK.4. VI. WILsON, oil 2w*ic 'ftI (iraiid at., between AI leu and Orchard. FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS AND FEATHERS. wlttk ? KHI'N LAR08IKKE *? COURT. ll? Will,am 0mXSn?*trPe{' New York, irr receiving by the Hirrt j?*? keta, rrcftridK h, Jiheir aasorlineiit of h til Ooous, winch, fur elegance, 'they have no rn al. All de ilrrs ami jadKN in the above lin?*, are invited to j?iv?- th??m a ? all, and we will venture to say they will not leave th?? store without eimeitinR their admira ion of such a heiutiful stock. They pleui<e th*m??l vea that th# public will not l?e deceived with American l> lowers lor French, is they have their house in 1'iris, Hue de | ncy, No 6. and deal efclttl velv m H rem h KloWtft. 04 I m - N NOTICK TO MII.LINKRH AND OTV9KR&?StIIIm off below cost, th/* well selt ct?d new a? il ftahionable fall aad winter stork of Millinerv Goods o every description, at No 21 Uiynion street. 'I h?* above st^ck r iisistmg of about 700 f ill trimed Hats, of sati , velvet, silk, Ike. tkc , are made up of the best materials, and of the latent fill fashions; also, sb ut (M> pieces (all shades and colors) Hlhbons, r lowers, Keathars, Stc. Sic. &c., all of which must sold, as Madam (iodfiay cannot spare time to attend to the Division street businesa. The house and store to let, with mum dial* possession. old lw#rc J SOKIA & CO.'S FRENCH DYINti ESTABLISHMENT, No. 41H? Prnrl Htrrrl. 'PHh; 8UBSCHIBKK be*, l?ti 10 ?ut? that h* haa made ad 1 ditiooal improvement* to hi* firtory, for thr parpo** of rnmbhnc him to fiimh hi* work more ei|ieditiou*ly, aud in a manner thai he warrant* will mvr trr-m-ral ?Ati>fiicrioii. All hind* of W'lMili-n, Cotton and Milk ?ood? Dyrd or < Irauwd in r*aJ Krrnch ?tyl?. Ill* itici-" air I'ry low. whichiliould a MronK inducanmt for thf IndiH* and g.ntUiiwn of tliu city and ita mcmity, to pay him an rarly villi. . ,,, I .tuliinci*, .Vli-rino and Bror-h* Hliawla, *?nta W??ring Ap pnrfl, rli-niiwd in ih* irry In- t manner. III! Hi nu ll Olfic*a, for thr i ccomiiiodaUon of tha public, ar? ?Itllatfd at? No. Vj2 Bowery. 7# 9th Mrvrt, helw??n I7tli and llth itr???a !'j7 Blowker atift. 117 < irand itrrrt. And in Nrwaik, corner of Broad ?trwt and Waahiucton Place ?28 liii'm JACKSON, STACKV ,V SMITH, VIAP?VLACTUR> Re AND IMrOBTKBP of Pen.Tockat *1 end Tahlt rnrlerv B> ?< - I'i'ea T. S, U><' otnei deacTiplioutofHit; m ? il* 1b?m No. I* rLATT UTklk.k.1 CUTTING AND CURLING. WHAT t? the re inin every H?-dv i' flor kinf to PflALON'H Kaahionnbk Hair Dreaain* Haloon I We can rt plain it Hi, inimitable .M le ..I Hair Dmaiiix, liviiw an air of t\a\d Ion ?n Ihe per,'<11, ba? deaerredly won for him the reputation of 'MtiilR ibe firm irtut in the city. He hi* at ?om? e,|wn?e inrrodnred a new feature in the rienre ot hot drea*iriu, by keeping orer 200 new hrnibw. nine of which ire u .ed a *erotid time without rleaninn, thua ?e ,irinM >o exrh of hi? ru,l inera a comfort, in?t#ad of a uuiaancs, ,iu,id in every ahop. ( all and try tli* ayaiem, wmch command* (self, l.a lien and (Jentletnen Mhampnoed. and their Heada I>rwaad tor HilUand Partiea, on the >liorle,t none*. A larar \a?orlineiilof Wifa and Hc*li?a. KDWARD PHAI ON, >>12 iin'm ll< Bioadway, oppoaita 8t. PaalV

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