24 Ekim 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

24 Ekim 1844 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

<'oii?tltuttonaJ Debility Cared.?The Tonle MiXters, prenvrtd by the ColUfeof Medieiue sad Pharmacy of ? . *or^- >* Confidently recommended for all eates ol JwilifT produced by woret indulgence or ricett of any kind. 11 i<'j| invaluable remedy fur impoieuce.tterilily, or barieuuets, (unleai <1 'iTMillug ou inaf-forinatiou ) !" i*" " each; caw* of half a dozen %i\ carefully packed and aeut to all pert) of the Union. I'flicg of Use College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 95 Nassau __ W 8 RICHARDSON. M. D? Agent. Oil* Million of Kharman'* Poor Man's Plae* i?r? i?r annum will uot ?upi>lv the ilein >nd, jo \? and* ful art theire ITfcr,, and ?o great liu llmir reputation Mom. Beware of ???i|u>siura'. Sherman's genuine rla>ters always hne l)r. Sherman's S'gnatunon the luck, wliil ? th- ipurii.ua article is merely called "Poor Man'* flakier," and has no signature or name to ftther it; and what it wr?e th in all. it lias invariably produced bad ? Hec's wherever it hat been uvd 8o frequent have the oomplaiata become, that Dr Hhrrman in obliged to war" the public agailut the imposture. If you wiali iminedi ite it'iff. get lb# genu in*- article at the warehouse, 10tl N it*.<u >irt>'t, or of tht) regular aue ? t? : IIOBrotdway; 10 Aator Hou* ; 227 Hudson ttreil; 11)8 Bowery ?. 77 Eatt Broadway; 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn ; 'i Ledger Building!, Philadelphia, and U State tlre.'t, Boston. Stop your Hnlr from falling oflT, or yon will toon be bald. We do not tav thit to alarm you, because there is no ilauter ol it if yon u?e the genuine tjldr dge's Balm of Columbia, from 21 <ourt|.uidl tlreet. It will positively ttop the hwir from falling off, ami Cause it to grow luxuriantly ? keeping it I'ree from dandruff or tcurf, and give the hair a beautiful gloss. Chlnne Shaving Cream. No |o ger of tongli besrds complain? That ?.having give? the fare a pain? For now will duty, Jil a?ure teem, By using <'hini.se Shavimi Cream. Ii be lis eao'i little at rig and ?ma t, To thme who need ihe barlier's art ;? O i render skins it comrort placet, 8of|eii? li? beard on rongheit faces, And tho?e who wu> Id its blessings win, Sli iilil try the lunurs on th"irci in. The Chinese Shaving Cream ilihough a new article for gan tiem'n's t ilett.it now conceded to be one of lb gre lesl c in forts in sbavi ig ever mide us> of It it singuI lrly pleasant :o the face, ami healt the toughness ao peculiar to some skim after sluvii g. Hold by A U Sands, & Co , 273 Breadway, co-uer of ? hunlier it., (iranite buildings ; 79 Fulton ttreet, and 77 East Broadway. Price JO cents. There '? nothing like the Italian Soap of Dr. (jonraud, for removing fecklet, tau and pimples from the skin of tin* i idies. Wh have seen a young Miss from the coun try, whose akin bv exposure hail become brown and rough, sud denly transformed into a delicate la-auty by the use of th- cos metic A ml cri'dible |>er?ous hay* told us of changes more wonderful than this wrought by the magical influences of Qou mud's Italian Soap. S* lieu the skin is thoroughly renovated, however, and eiery portion of tlie fnce becomes tlie purest white, it is necetsary for the iierfection of beauty, to give the cheeks a slight carnation tinge; anil this is accomplished in a moment, by the use of Gou mud's Vegetable Rouge. This it Prepared from favorite flow era and simples^ is |>erfectlv harmfpa in the use, :uid it prefer red by the leading belles in our principal citi<M.?Jlmerican Traveller, Koniid in New York only at the original office, G7 Walker street, first ttore krom Broadway. Beware of a swiudler's poisouout counterfeit. The Concentrated Attract of Saraaparllla, Gentian and Saatafrat, prepared by the New York College of Medicine and rhammry, ettahlisned for the suppression of ?luackery. Thit refined and highly concentrated extract, pot seating all the purifying qualitiet and curative powert of the above h' rba, is confidently recommended by the College at in finitely superior to auv extract of Sarsaparilla at present before the public, and may be relied on as a certain remedy for all diae-<a?t ariring from an impure itate of the blood, tuch as scrofula, salt-rheum, ring-worm, blotches or pimplea, ulcers, pain in the bones or joints, nodes, cutaneous apptious, ulcerated tore throat, or any iliaeatt arising from the second try effects of syphilis or an injudicious use of mercury. Sold in siugle Bottles, at 75 cents each. " in cases of half a dozen Bottles $3 50 " " ou? dozeu " tt 00 Cases forwarded to all parts of the Union. N. B ?A very liberal discount to wholesale purchasers. Office of the Col leg-. 95 .Nassau street W. S. RICHARDSON, M. D., Agent. NON KY MARKfCT, Wednesday, Oct. S3?8 P. III. Thsra was a very alight improvement to-day in the Stook Market Quotations advanced a fraction, and the sales were somewhat, larger than uiual. Stonington went up) percent", Mertvtch ant Worcester, ); Harlem, Erie Railroad, 4; farmers' Trust, J ; Canton, 1} ; Hetuato ic, t ; Mohawk, I ; East Boston, Illinois and Ohio 8's, closed Arm at yesterday's prices. Pennsyl vania ft fell off i per cant; Morris Canal, 3}. Housato ?ic Railroad stock advanced to-day 5 per cent, making within a few days a rise of ten per cast. The number of shares sold is very small, and wc judge from the move ments made, that the operations were entirely of a flcti tiens nature, to induce some cf the green-ones lo take hold. The annual clcctiea of Directors of the New Yerk and Eric Railroad took place to-day, which resulted in the choice of the following gentlemen, comprising the new board :? Nfw Board. Old Hoard. Oenrge (rriawold D. A. Cutlnriiu J cob Little H'rve/ Wied John C. (>rts*n Silaa Brown James Hir.rr Theodore Dehon Eletza* Lord F S|Hiffoid Paul "poll'i.rd Wm. Maxwell *'uart i '-. Marsh 4 Chirlea M. I rupp I'enry L I Vmou Francis W. Edm nds Hen v 9licliloe Alison O. Phelps Sidney H o ika Matibew Morgan C M. I.cnpp John C. Green J. W. A hop A. 8. Diveu Silas Brown Elijah Ritley. Robert I.. t rooke D S. Dickiiiton.BroemeCc. 8 Diven, Allegany do. Elijah Iti >ley,< lutauiiue do. It will ba seen that a verv great change has been made in the direction, the new Board buirig man of large capi tal ?nd great influence. According to the report made by the old Board, the net earnings of the road lor the past three years, have been as follows Year ending Sept. 30, IS43. 1843. 1S44. $31,2:4 $13,818 $68,878 Those receipt* are independent of the transportation by the river from the city to Piedmont?the expenses and ?tilling* of whiah are kept entirely diatinat from thoie of the Railroad. The indebtedness of the Company amounts to $697,072, exclusive of $33,. 000 due for intereit, making together the anm of ((830,000. Of this sum the holder* of $803,072 h*ru either settled or agreed to lettle on the term* pro posed by the company, or hare their debt* secured on the personal property of the Company in a manner which will occasion no embarrassment to the operations of the road The number ef mares of the capital stock of the compa ?y now outstanding, is 18,848, upon which thero ha* been paid the sura of $1,498,693 04. On the 31 of April last the Board of Directors adopted a resolution calling for an instalment to be p iid on or before the 20th of May Jollotviu*, ol fivedollnrs per share on all the stock of the Company, whereon payment* already made did not ex ceed fifteen dollars per rhare. under the penalty of for feiture ef laid (took, and of all prcviotu payments, a< provided iu tha charter of the Company. In default of otirpliance with that call 429 shares were forfeited, upon which payment* had been madoof $48,208 90. The alTair* ef this road have been wretchedly managed,and the reseuice* ol the Company destroyed in every possible manner. The immense sum* of money iqtiandered in the earlier *t*ges ol this work, and the little satisfaction the ?tockboldeis obtain d irom every enquiry instituted, de stroyed all eenfl lence in the Board of directors, and they submitted to tha los* of all the payment* made on their itock rather than pay np another dollar. The last Board of Director* wai lar superior to the previous oaes, and tha Board juiteleated is the best yet, and to this Board tha public look for a course of aation that will tend to ad vsnce the real interact* of the stockholders without any regard to the oreationof a speculative value of the stock in the nerknt The financial affair* of the Company k lve been pretty thoroughly overhauled, and the liabili ties reduced a? maoh a* possible. It becomes now the duty of the present Board to look after the road, for the distanoe consti ueted as well as to provide means and ?manure* to carry it forward. The subscription book* of the Company were opeied last spring, and tha condi tions upon which subscriptions were made are annexed ! "We the undersigned respectively sabscribe for the number of shores of the eapi al nock of the N Y. and K K. K re el one hundred dollar* eseh, *et opposite our names, and hereby agree to pay ten dollars on ea?h share withiu twenty daya after the closing of the books, end tha subsequent instalment* a* they *hall be legally calli d for, proviOed " lit, That bena fide subscriptions subsequent to lstof March and prior to 1st ot August, 1S44, ahall amount to thesemol six millions of dollars. " ad, That the instalment* shall not excued thirty three and oae-ihird per cent per annum "3d, That by tha individual acts of tha holder* of at leas' three-fourths of the amount of stock issued prior to 1 tha l>t of Maic.h, I:-44, it shall be legally eatahlished that divi feud*, when made, (ball ba declared on the following basic Ml*t, That the right of dividend* on at leait seventy five iier cent of the old stork shall Iw deferred until n divi dead ol six per cent shall ha declared on the naw ?tock. ' 2t, That when the net earnings shall exceed the amount necessary to pay stieh ili vi.lhud to the new atock th? axcesa shall be appropriated to dividends on the old st' ck "3.1, That when dividends *o declared on old stock amount to six per c- nt per annum, the old and new stock aiisll he put oft ? psriu 1 all distinctions be wean them shall thereafter cease " Heveral Urge capitaliat* put down their name* for twenty thoussud dollar* etch, several for ten thousand end *o on down, but the *ix million* required ware nof taken. Cotifl fence in those aonducting tha road had not become suffic ently eetabliahed, and many having capital which tkay ware anxious to invoct, were afraid to come forward and take the risk The standing, influence and capital of i| these gentlemen elected to the direction, msy errata sufficient confidence in the public mind to ii> ?fuce enough to come forward and make up tha amount rrq lired. Wo do not perceive among the list of sub ?nib is the names of our largest real estate owners Thay ve room for thosi not a quarter to deej I n their purse* and build tho road. Then hat would be *o much benefited hj the c road ac owners of realoatatoin this i ling whiah it I* the most difficult thing it them to advaaca a dollar to per feet i rnal improvement. Wa trust the new board of director! for thi* road will at oaoa take the matter in hand;and oarry it tbrongh. it is not generally known by the citizen* of thi* State that the Revised Sutulos contain an act prohibitinfp tH? circulation in thi* Statu of the note* of foreign b^nkf, meaning those out of the State, under five dollar*, undei ? penalty ef a forfeiture of the nominal amount of eact ^ank noteor note*, wiih costs of suit. We find in the 10'I eoltim.' of the Kevised Statues, page 709, section 10 and 11, the fallowing in relation to this business, passed April ?20tb, 1830: ^10 It shall not he lawful for any perion, from and oftet the firs'day of Sept mt*r next, to pass, circulate, or r ceive in payment, within this State any bank note, bill or promissory note lor the pa> ment of money issued t>\ any State or Sovereignty, or by auy body politic oi corporate, not authorized to issue the seine in and by at>\ f the laws and statutes oi this State, under the denom na'iom of five dollars. ill Any peraon offending againtt any efthe provision' of tun preceding section, shall inrfeit the nominal amount ?t such baak note, bill, or promissory note, with costs ol ?uit, to be recovered in the name and lor the use ot an> person who aholl stie for the same, and prosecute such suit to judgment in any Court within '.he State, having cognizance thereof This act remained in fore* until March 31st, 1838, when it was repealed. The extended business operations of the country at that time, and the demand for money, was so great, that sufficient influence was carried into the Leg is liture to obfun ? repeal of the act of April 40,1830, in thv following maoner: ? Revised bth ute, vol 10, page 710, section 10 (orie section 0 h) So mi ch of th? act entitled " All ae> to ( rohiblt the circulation oi bill., ?f banks not chaiterei' by the laws ot tlii* XtntH, under the denomination of fiv? dullnrs pasoed Api il *<#, 1*30, i<* is inconsistent with this act, is hereby repealed." Thi* repeal, of cout?e, annulled the ant of April, 1830, and bills of any bank in the Union could be circulated in this State, the same a* liiougti no set had been passed in r:lation to thenn Far nearly three year* this privilege was used; iu 1837, the bank* suspended specie payments and we not only had the small#* bills cf our own banks and those situated in other State*, but we had fractional b lis aad all sorts of shltpiastir*. This wu carried to ?uch an extent that the Legi?l*tur?, on the :Wth of Feb., 1838, pinned an act repealing the act of March 31st, 1835' as follow*:? ^ 1 All the provisions of the art entitled " An act to prohibit the circulation oi small bill* passed March 31, 1836, are hereby repealed." ^7 Any parson who ihall purchase or take at a dis count,any bill, note, or other evidenci'of debt, purporting to be iisuad by *n* banking curpni.ition, or body corpo rate, not chartered by the laws of this State, or by pri vate banker*, individual*, or association* cairyii g on bank ing business iu any other state, cotint ry or province, and the circulation of whioh is prohibited by this act. shall, in addition to the forfeiture provided by the six'h section of this act, also forfeit for every such ofl'-mce, the sum ol itty dollar*, to be recovered with costs, and any inco- p rated company in thi* State that shall by it* ofii cer*, agent* or aervant*, tuka or receive in the courseot its business, any *nch hill note, or o'ht r evidence of debt, purporting to be Uvued by any corporation not chartered by the law* of thi* State, private banke *, iu divid ols or association* carrying on hanking business in anv other state, country or province, shall, on ceuvi^ tion thereof, forfeit it* charter. The enforcement of this law would bring up with a ?hort turn many who are engaged in circulating in this State the bill* of foreign banks. The bill* of the Plain Held Ban . of New Jeraey, ore put into circulation and redeemed by the principal stockholder iu thi< city, and w* have no doubt, but in a (hort time, bill* of the Lehigh County Bank, Penn, will he juit as plenty a* those issued byjthcPlaiufl' ld Bank. The law* ia our're vised statutes, extracts from which we have.given above, subject the parties engaged in thi* business to a severe penalty. It is time that this law should be enforced. The Messrs Beach have, for sometime past, been actively engaged in extending the circulatlan of the Plainfidd Bank, of which Mr. A. Beach is cashier, in this city, and at the present time the amount afloat cannot fail far short of one hundred thousand dollars. Thia Mr. A. Beach is one of our modern financier*, a very moral man, without doubt, but quite a geniu* in the way of banking, with a peculiar talent loi the busi nest, capable oi conducting several institutions at the tame time. He is the principal manager of all the bank ing operations of the family, and bis brother, M Y. Beach, takas the responsibility. Ha was ^formerly engaged in business in Canala, then in operations on the lakee, and Utterly on the Ohio line, and in the town ol Belleville, Richland county, 0;iso, from whence he came, to favor this vicinity with hi* financial abilities, and has finally aetiled down in Allertown, fa , a* the cashier of the Lr high County Bank, ef which the firm own stock to the amount of $8.1,000 out of $100,000, and appointed John Wagner, Esq., president. We ihould like to know the names of the holder* of the balance of the mock. This bank i* no doubt brought into existence on the strength of the Plain field, and its capitalis, without donbt, made up ot Plainield fund*. It becomes necessary, under these cir on instances, to know what section of the country is to be favored with the circulation of theae bill*, our law* pro hibiting their circulation here, and any agent lo doing is subject to a penalty of fifty dollars for each offence. We have no doubt the latfr will be braved, as it has been here tefore, by the same partiea, and a circulation obtained for their issue*, but the grand Held of operation will bent the west, and the *ame|agcnt*.|Me?sra. Jackson St Beach of Belleville, Ohio, who hava succeeded so well giving circulation to the Flainfield, will, no doubt, meet for a time with a* gcod success in this affair Thelnwsof Ohio donotplaca *tich *evere restrictions on the issues of banks out of the State. The banks ot that State are so restricted in their operations, that the people are glad to get hold of any kind of paper money for their busine** transactions, and the opportunity is tiled to put afloat all kind* of paper money. We have heretifore repeatedly warned the public against the is sues of certain banks, and we again give warning, a; d tell all to be careful of what bill* they take, as many in circulation are not ? we to keep over night. Old Stork Kxcliange. *3000 Tenn'* 5's 74*$ W (has Mohawk HK 67 IMKW Ohio 6's, '60 lui IfHI do bnw 07K lOntO do b!S 103 100 IUrlem KR 73& 3000 do I U.I do bio 74 5000 Kv 6's, 3* yrs l>6 101 M d ? 73% 1000 Illinois bds nlf 75 Nor and Wore H2>, 10 uli.ts Am Etc Bk 87 140 <'o ftj\ 100 F riner?'Loan 4j!? ',0 do slO H3 .Vi H S Bank Z I Ml do blO 83 2S M rris Canal R fii Honsx onir RR 40 ItS do 7 'i0 do 3qW 20 do 6 ISO L Island RR 82^ 100 do JV Ifl do >10 82'i 100 Erie RR bnw 31'Jg ill do b30 83V, 31 do 30 20(1 do b20 13 >2 150 do 31 St do b 10 8 < do 30 ? so Pate <nn FR ?.?,'* 22S Reading RR ? 54*? 325 Ptonii.glou RR J| 2)0 Canton Co SO SO do blO S3 IS do b30 50'4 Iqu do b60 SSW 50 do bSO SO SO do 52% 50 do b20 50 SO I.111 Bustun Co 13 50 do 4?% Second Board. 50 slias Heading RR ?3 100 tlias Hlonington RR S2V 10 N York k Krie 32 SO East Bouou Co 13> & do serip 14> 150 Nor and Wore s30 82 2i Canton Co SO SO do ttS, V, I. Island RR 83X New Stock Exchange. $5000 Oh'0 ?'?, '60 b30 103>4 SO alias L I.land RR .111 83 300 ihts Hsrmers' Ln hJO 46 SO do c 83 50 U * B??k 8f :,0 d ? slO flW 'S Morris Canal h3 8 50 do s30 83 r> do 7X II ? do c 83H 125 do 6'| 174 do tw 83 50 da si2m 5 12j d i b3 83 too Ks?t b '?ton Co nw I3)< ?'0 do It 82V 50 NV JtErie RR r :;?> SO do nw 83 S? do?J| s30 Jll?s 25 do lid J3 BO do opg 31 50 do btw 82V SO C ntou Co slO 4*'^ 25 do U7\ 7S do slO SO 25 do 82 25 Stanington RR blO 53 2S do r 83 25 do >3 53 Sal** of Stocri? B nm*, Oct. 333. Jtt the Hoard of 15 nktr$ -IW hharri kait Betton Co, 131, 100 <lo, 'SI, 13; Ml do, 13; OON do. 13}; 10 Norwich ai.d W jiouter RR.HIJ. ftO'"018I|, W do?b!M) 8J; 160do. ?Si?, ? I; 3ftdo, bSo, Mj; 130 do, 61do, S1J, 90 dr., HI, 111* do, SOj; 9ft do, jHO. Hiij; 60 4.., baii, 814. 3ft do. HI; 3.M) dn, Rending RK, 37J; 100 da Auburn and Rocheiiter RR, Ill; 36 Western RR, btw, 8SJ, ft# do, Mw, bb$; 5ft Jo, btw,S?i State of Trade. Aau>>?Pn'n are very dull, and we (till quote $4 IB}; pefrlf >r? v? ry steady at $4 3IJ a 4 87$. UinffAi n ihh > allow eouthem aella at 30c. BHaAu*ri-rrt?There i? no change to-day in any fort Ukiieim Hour, $4 7# a 4 8|J. Cotton?Sale* to-day ol 30# haled, entirely to fpinnert. Price* dim H?t?Tha diimand ha? 'lightly improved. With a good ?ut>piy, we quote talaa at 4t> a 4* lor prima qualities. Paoritiom-?1'here l? a little, better feelini? umonf pa k vperatom, an* a'light improvement ban taUen place W>* quote prima Oliio at *6 87 J a >7; met a at $ti 7% a 0 llj ileal in very dull, and without alteration in pricaf. Lard if in modaiate i? quift We qtiuti; ki'Rs at 6] a But ter if in fair demand. Ordinal y to Rood fell* at IM lie; wrttarn dairy at 14 a inc. Cheeie i> h?ld at 4} a ftje. Whiikkv?Drudge ra*ka are in moderate demand, and we quot ? UftJ a 36c. Weatern ani priaon barrelf aie held at 37 ? ?7JC. Narrlad, ?At FiahVill village, en the 10th jnat. by the Rev F M Rip, Mr. William H. OiLecaiLaava, of thia city, te Mi?? M?kv, daughter of Jamea ?. Hmith, Efq of the lormat Died, On Tuaaday, ?d in?t after a painful i'llnett, CuaitTUfi lf<n<iHioiK, ag'd 37 yeara, 9 month* ond 33 daya 'I he friendt anl lelatlvei. of the family art' ri'up.'rtfully invited to a'.te?d the fuu< tal, this nlUrrionn, at 3 o'rlocn from hit lute r?fiderce, If Broome lircat, cornei of Man gin '?On TtierUjr noon, 33J inst, Chiilu IIilmi, in the 7A;h year of hif age. The rnlativea and frlenda of the family ire refpeptfully invited to attend the fnneral, thia afternoon at 4 o'clock, from hit late reaidanoe, 31? Church ftreet, without fur ther invitation. ?Wlifiifi Arrived. r ^*???o?--8Wp Adirojd ek-J Turner, W Tar. Wm O "Vj*' ,!* ,n; *?aatnr E Jehu, and 181 in the steerage, i n, ?" l^iu'ii"? 1 .^r*"?1> Jarvi*. K?i. u4 Udy, of Bal timore, H VV IVsyies, Esq,and lady, Mis? M C rride. of S?uili Mm Living?ton and son; R H Ritchie, Ml), C Car i i' j' ' Richmond: S llasktll, C J Frass, ? J CourvoUier, l.dyand t?0 children, K Dub-is, ol NYork; W Randall, Naw i ?'i50r< J u rt!*? J Cortiett, A Vidal, N Kigue, Mad Kigue aiiU child, ol Pan*. Passengers Sailed. . Koch^ier-AW*. D Oakley, Jr, Otkley itid \1il i, J MeJC?y. of New York; A llauii?ld, B Phelbin, I?,u rS ? l',eul duller. B A 60th Kirtea. Vi**i^.iy-Dr ^ of 8t (.'roii; Mr MARITIME HERALD. Movement* of the Hteuuinhlpn. Stcamei j. Leave Liv'l. Duei i .'Imc'a. Leave Jlme'a Acadia, Harrison... ... Nov. I J Western, Matthew*..Oct. IS ...Oct. 25 Not. 9 Hibaruia, Ryrie Oct. 19 .. Nor. I Not. It Mhl|> Maatera and Agenta. We shall esteem it a favor if Captain* of Vemli will give n Roukrt Silvkv , Captain of oar New* Boats, a report of he shipping left at the port whence tliry sailed, the vessels ?poken on their passage, a lisl of their cargo. and any I'omgi i#w*p*i>er?, or uew* they may have. He will board tliem iin nmliatelv on their arrivaj. Agent* and Corr?*pondeut* at hoinr ir throad. will also coufer a favor by (ending to this office all ?he Marine Intelligence tliev can obtain. Nautical Informn ion of 1UV kind will lie >hn.kf'illv received euitt ot- i%v.v\i totid.iio'ruBuK *4 <un Rites 6 4ft I *uop> 1 kts 4 S2 4l'N SETS J 14 | HIGH WATKH 8 7 Cleared. Ship |nwa, Lines. Havre. Fox Si Livingstoir.F.dward, We^t, New Orleans. U D liurlbutt k Co?Barques Colossus, McDo nald, Alexandria. Taj lor St Merrill: Louisa, Sche?.er, Snal Bouchaud U " liehaud?Brim Concordia, .Vlulach, Rotterdam, VV VVei?ser: Carib, Por erlield, Mala' zas. Spofford Ik 'I ile.tun; Moon. Kiindsoii, ' harleslou, Dunham Si Ditnnii; Archelaus, Crowell, ( itracoa, S VV Lewis; Knergy, Raynnr, Norfolk, Post Si I'h 111 i | >k?Schri Krank, Baker, Alesa' dria. Sturges* St Clear inan: Varia, Hirhiiiund, N L McCready St Co; '1 wo Brothers, Richardson, Washii i It ton, Ni: J L Mitch II; Odd Fellow, Johnson, Frederickshurgh, N L McCready Ik Co; Surah Louisa, Georgetown. ArrlvM. Packet shin Arro, Anthony, from Havre, 2ith Sept.. with md.tc to W Vvhitlock. Ship Adirondack, Carston, from Liverpool, Sept 20th, with mdse, Sic. Sept 29th, Belief Petris, seaman, a native of Is'atul Fohr. Denmark, fell ou of the mszen top and died immediately. Oct 6th and 7th. lat 17, Ion 41, experien ed heavy gales from the SVV, Wand VvNVV. Oct. 10th, at 2 P M, fell m with the ship Pro|iontis, fm Boston bound for the ( oust of Africa. Lat 42 20 Ion 61 38, at 10 AM. telegraphed brig Russell, steering SK. Barque Nicholas Blown, Huuiden, Providence, R. I., in bai last. (Jetio'a brig Induitria, Farrel, 61 day* from Genoa, with wine to Bouchaud Sc Thebaud. Schr Comeha, Faulkner, Boston, mdse to J Stevens. Schr Kliza Ann, Milchell, Harrington, with spars to J F Snow. Schr Turk, F.ldridge, Boston, with m''se to E Lew is. Schr Dispatch, Nickersou, Bosto", withlish. Schr Eliza, Doane, Boston, w ith fi?h. SchrTalini. Smith, Chatham, in ballast. Schr Boston, Sebra, North Yaimouth, with potatoes, Dowd Ik Todd Schr C"rinna, Ke-n?, Sandwich, in ballast. Schr Pe;?eiern'.ce, Bmhrod, New London, in ballast. Schr President. Friaby, New Haven, with molasses. Schr John Io|.-, Wm.ster, Kastpoit, with potatoes, fish and IsiIsh to st ni gem St Co uid D '.'ar|ientar. Schr Potoiii.e, Du can, Thouiaston, with lime to M Love land. Schr Fisher, Brookings, Portland, Me., with potatoes, Silen cer Si Sevniour. Schr Pelou, H itch, rortl vnd, Me., with potatia'S, to captain. Sloop Washington, New Condou, with produce. fsllsd Ship* Powhaftan, Rochester, Kmily and other*, wera at an chor at the S. VV. Spit, lust evening. miscellaneous tlecord. Loss ok thk Ship Walter, or Piiit.aoKi.ptHA.? F.ntract of a letter from W. H. Boyd, master of ship Walter, to Robert Burton, F.sq , owner, dated Baltimore Hundred, near Indian River. October 21, 1844: "lamaorrylo inform you that your ship went ashore this morniiiK at 8 o'clock, while in charge of pilot ('Mmpet', (who ''oarded u* at 2K A M.) having mistaken the Hen!o|?-u Light for the Five Fathom Bank Light. We landed at d.i>-liitht, anil are now engaiied i.i discharging baggage and gettitiK a boat ig ged, Sic. The wreck-master is lieie, and should the weather |inne propitiow, we will laud as much of the cargo as possible. Die wind is now blowing fresh from the F.aatward, and it is very doubtful if the ship can be gut off, at all event* unt until a great portion of the cai^.i be dUchxrged. I shall remain by the wreck and ust) every effort to promote the interest of all con cerned." The W. sailed from Liverpool, 18th ultimo, for Philadelphia, with a valuable cargo, consisting of dry goods, hardware, salt, Ike., which, together with the tessel, is principally roverwl by insurance. She was in every respect a noble craft, and remarka ble a* a swift sailer. The brig Saratoga, Bedell, of and from New York for Apa lachicola, wi;h an aesorted cargo, was totally lost off Oraute Key, 3d instant. Mr. Simouton, second mute, a> d Sain'l Smit's passenger, arrived at thi* port, iu the barque Zaida thu morning. I he S. during a severe g le ou the 3<1 inst., at 7 A. M , struck a ledge of rocks to thf leeward of Orange Key. and immediately went over: on sounding 'he rum|is found she had sprung a Irak; immediately wore round, when she struck again; fearing sir would go off again and sink in deep water let go both anchors, anil alter pumping all d iv, at 7 P. M. she went down. The top of the poop drifting off, Mr. Simoutnn, who was washed over board as the brig went dow n, succeeded in re'chlng it, on which was Smith. They remained eight days on the poop, and were picked up on the barque Zaida, on the lltli inst.. in lat 23 40, Ion 79 41. Tt'e following t?rsons were oil b ard the S. and all no doubt perished: Passenger*. Capt. L. U Wood, Capt Juo. Per kins, DoiMid <'aintihtll. Mrs. Larkin and two child'en, Mr*. Fitzgerald, Mr. Hewiu*, Mr. M trkam, Charle* M'Kenney, wife and child, and two German *tt?-r?ge pa??enger?; Captain Bedell, sii colored seamen, steward, aud one boy, (white.)?[Boston Tianscrilit, Oct. 22.) Schk Fkam k?, of New Bedford, recently sunk below Bo* tun harbor, was sold at auction yesterday for $292. Whalemen. A letter from Captain Taylor, of George Washington, re ports her at Lie of H rtnee, Aug 2, with 300 bbls wh 300 do spm oil? had e*|>erienccd severe weather off Desolation Island, the last season, with loss of boat*. Sic. (foreign Porta. Macao, July 3?In i>ort, Dover, Lamion, from and for Ma nilla, to load for Boston; Sapt ho, Crocker, for sale; Convoy. Towue, for C States, 10th. Juue 14, Chicora, Gore, for Manil la, to load fur Boston. Si Johm, NF. Oct 8? In port, Dalmatia, Howe*, from Gla? gow, for Bostou, nearly ready. Qi k.hu ^Oct 17?Arr Atalanta, Wheelejr, Liverpool; I'th, poster, uo. i iu Mtn, r.uroiie, Uutili; Water ? ily. Hart, and City of Roche.trr, Campbell, Loudon; Jane Blick, Gorm.ui, Limerick; On>*. Hogg,Iireeuock; Blonde, Crawford, do: La It? , Iin.iiue, < mwioru, uo: i,a dv M Fox, Lighunidy, Adrouan; Venture, Sunderland; KIJoii, Gillespie. Cardiff; Kilw Thorne, Bri.tol; J Si M Siunot do; Broileriek, Newcastle; Pons A'.li, Uoughal; It Watson, New castle; Lochlibu, Liverpool; I9'h, Nortnuinherland, Greenoc k; Bnrrell, Liverpool; Joh ?, do; The Duke, do; Ararat, do; Co lumbia, Troon; Pero, Gloucester; Knergy, Limerick; Isabella, Wev mouth; Orb, Sunderland; Sir J Fallstnff, Portsmouth; Messenger, Tarlwt; K Aduet, Loudon; Lerwick, Duudalk; (Sy ria, Liverpool; Marchiness of (^ueensiiury, do L'-kr Purl*. Bi'kkai.o Oct 21?Arr Uncle Sam, ?nd Diddle, Cleveland; Ashland, Chicago; Marion, do; U State* Detroit; Clay, do. ('Id, Wal ridge, Upper Lakes; Fletcher, Toledo; Michigan, Racine; Commodore, Cleveland; Billow, do. tluiiis t'liria. Bath, Oct 17?Arr Gardiner, Purrington, Liveri>ool. Cld 19th. Winuegauce, I'erry, Matanzas. PuHTumi, Oct 20? Arr Kmeline, Jorilau, Philadelphia; F.l len, Rackliff, Portsmouth, where she was ashore. Kalem, Oct 22?Arr (Commissary, Clieever, Batavia. Boiton, Oct 22?Arr Sural, Pieice, Man.lis; Sultan, Bar well, London; Zaida, Chapman, Mazanilla. Left no Am vea sels. Ou the lltli instant: Ml in with the poop deck of brig Sa ritoga. wrecktd on the 3d instant off Orange Key, and took fm it Mott Simo' ton, 2d mtte, and Saml Smith, a Passenger. Also arr, Calais, Keen, Turks Island; (? agle, Thatcher, Baltimore; Cyrus, l'ep|ier, Philadelphia; Albion, Mitchel, Alexandria; Harvest, Small, Frederick .burg; Sisters, Small, NYoik; Caro line York, Portland for do; Mary Maria, Hicks, Thomastoo lor N York. ( Id. Mary Broughtoii, Chase, Marseilles; Rohert Barker, Dwight, NOrlean*; Si 11 ton, Gotham. Mobile: (Choc taw, Ryder, Charleston; Home, Howes .Philadelphia; Sh) lock Kent, Alexandria; Rudolph, Clinn, Philadelphia; Kclipse VV helden, do; Llizalieth, Baker, NYork. Ntw HiuKoHn, Oct 21?Arr Forest King, Kellv, Boston for Charleston. Sid, P*ci(ic, Hone, Pacific Oce?n; Tiger, N)e, Albany. 22d, Matca*, Taber, Pacific Ocean; Sachem, Hunt, N York. Fall Rivk.r, Oct 21?An Candace, Brightinan, Baltimore; Kicel, Dunning, NYork. Paovnis.iscE, Oct 21?Arr B'iti*h Token, Atkinaon, Cum . ,, , 'ItihiL, Bhisioi.. Oi t 18?Sid Three Brothers, Fergu*on, NYork and Albany. Arr 19th, Maria, Small, Providence to load for Bos ton. Sid, Marinioii, Havana. Arr 20th, Advance, Gilford, Al bany. Sid, Rally, Gladding, Albany. Ntw Havkn, Oct 22?Arr Mauoariii, Nye, NBedfotrd.to load for Savannah; New York, Jouea, Ntork. Ci met, Knowles, Franklin, La ; P.cific, Prescott, Albany; Meridian, do. IIahtkorii. Oct 22?Sid, Oregon, I'hilaiklphia; t.liza Rus sell, N York; J M Parker, do; Mediator, do Piiii.apii.phi ?,< >ct 23?Arr Jos Brown, May, Miildletown, Coiiii.; Aineiica, H uthworth, do; T Frelinathuy*en, Bogert, Alnaiiy: A ilpw Ilroivn, l)a?ey, NYork. (jld. A Lord, Put, VV Point! Alexaml r, Jou-s, S a.en Island; Glide Cresse, Pro* videuce? Sin.i, lis'seit. Brid.'eport: Prince**. Rsckett, Stg Haihor. I Kn.lmg VV??t'- !'? n hk>-e ?ie; Highlander. Per civuL Peek.kill; (/(?(?). Li >>er >aiit.it et; Peter Henry B?r nei; Lenny, Mniih.ll> Id, j pin,so , Water Fowl, Hankie, lid Ironap'es, Moirtnon, NVo.W. Baltimork, Oct _2'1?Arr .1 "?V P.! e, Taylor, Bocon; F. A ?teien*. Bngg*. N York,'-n' i tn the b?> in company wilh Maria, Latourette fm York (orlisltiioor. ^ liM?,eske, Post, N York; J Power, Ke<ue, -Nassau, NP. (>ld, Oc-un, iliggiu*, Rotterdam. Fk? tt> ntcgsnuRO, Oct 21?Arr Wyoming, Nicketsnn, Boa ton. Cld, Iowa, Cahoou, B ston. Victory, I'.tynor, New York. iticiiNOfin, Get 22?Arr Iowa, Appleganh, Ch'rle>ton. Sid Bitclielor, NOileana; Parthian, do; T u>carora, NYork. H' UNTFRIAN DI*PBN8AllY?3 Division atr-er the only ? i U< in the city whrre th<- pennine Dr. llunte '? Ii?<l Drop, a medicine never known to I' it in curing the moat deiperat* kiwi of aecrtt ili?e???a, can he obtained. Prire $1. ? irranfil m cure any caae in ? few riaya. All*' yon havr pad ill the catch penny book> on thi*diaeiua tnH naea all ihr in-li !h?r"in rr. ('(rmriitndcd, w th'iut licnnt curid, try tliia |nu reined v, and if it d<?" not cu e you, we will not taki >our money. (<21 lt*rc 'PWIIE-JM liu'm llriH|>ort, Sine llorruiK i>nd Oill Met I Twine*, fiom Ilia to M lb*, of v?r> auperior quality, and lor tale at reasonable terms hy K. K. COLLI NH fc CO., n2trc J* South atr.ei COTTON DI'CK?100 hah-a American Pilot Dwelt, com I r'ainit * complete ?aaortment from No. 1 a 5?for sale on reasonable leims, in Iota to suit |>uri:h*s?>* by , oltrc K. K COI l.lN.*i Ik < (> , ,Vi South street. W700L?Abalea, about UNO Ibi, far (ale h) W K. K. COLLINS k CO., oMrc M foil ill street. PORK?MM barrels Katra Clear Pork. *t00 <|o Meaa do ion do Priia* do Kor aale iu lota to mit purchasers. by ojtrc K. K. (COLLINS CO , Mi South itrret. IVTa (i A Z I N I) K ;V| O 0 E , Wo IK) Canal ftrect: Vf ADAMfi D BKIIUMAN. Iieits leave to inform her frieuria '? that. h?t opening for ate Kai.i. and Wihtkh k'asHinpt, in Paris Hata, Caps, Head Draaars, (?'rench Mowers, Faathert. mil RiMions, of tne choicest si) las, (< artfully selected by her u nfa at Parts.) together with a rariety of PA HI SI AN MJI.LlNr.HY KOR LADIES TOILBTS, #ill take place on Monday, tlm /th Oemtmr. Madam B solicit* h- favnr of an aurly c all at hei old aauhliiliment, Magaain de Mode, 601 an.il at reel. New Vork, Qctolier Id, l>44. 04 Im'ae UtiUK?4V0 libla. t'leai; MM do Mm*; MO uo Prima, ol vary I superior quality, for sale by il7ae K. K COLLINS kCo., % Hooth ttnet AUCTION SALES. CHOICE CAM EL'AS AND OTHER FINE PLAN'S AT AUCTION KVY be SPOON ICR *ill ?*ll on V i?Uy morning, at U ?* o'clock, di No 151 Bmadwv, a choir* cm lection of (Jnreu h ut.e I I <uta in line order, consisting of 200 pots C innelia . of fine sorts, all named; Or nirfe and Lemon X*iHhodoaeii drout, Azilus, finr inoufhty Rna?i. Oean*i*m?, t actus's, Jas mins,,with many oil er sorts?in all, about 7oO poll. *!*??a ()ua>'iity el Bnlbout 'no**. oft 2(*?c BK"nIamTn MOON].* , Auctions. 'OLD AM) &ILV* R WATCHfe-K KHKNCH POWCfc LAIN V*'Aht, Cut Glaai Wire, solar Lamp*. lie. Sic B MOONEY it ( O will %el1 Thia Day, ?t 10 o'clock, at the auction room. No. 01 Maiden lane, an assortment office gold and silver Watches, French Porcelain Ware, via: dinner, breakfast and Uw sets, Plates Fruit Baskets, cut Glassware, so lw LainjH, hall do. Looking Ol asses, bronzed and pi* ted Can* die.ticks, < lay and Polk's hue Pen and Pocket Cutlery, See., to gether with an assortment of French Fancy Goods, flic. kc. o24 lt#rc 8HKLL8 AM) M1NKRAL* AT AUCTION. LKVV fit MPOONkR. will vil This Kvening, at 7 o'clock, at 151 Broadway, a choice collection of Shells and Minerals; iu tliecollection are nix cases of bhells. received by the ship < larendeu, from Canton, amongst which are many very rare specimens. Also, a lot of minrrals. L. & H. have 200 ancient and modern Oil Paintings, 25,000 Kn graving*, at private .sale, uiuch cheaper than can be obtained elsewhere in the country. o24 lt*rc theTnatii>nal theatre for "sale~ BY VIRTU RE of a deed of I nut to the subscriber, dated thr llth day i f July, 1811 and re?i riled on th 2">'h day of Sep temlier, IM2. i<i LiVr W. 11. No. 91 fl;. a 327, 328, 329, 330 331, 332,and 333, one of the land recoida of VVaKniiiKtou coun ty, in the Distrn tof <'olumbia, I ?i 1 tell at public sale to the h (heat bidder,on Saturday, thr 2d day of Nove inter nest, at ?J* '?'cock P. M., in front of the premises, Lot* No. 3and 4, in square No 2>4, in the city of H Hihinxt<>n ur to inut li m the sit d lota a? an* covered by the Theatie eree'ed ihereoii, together with s veil frout feet on each sideof the building, h\ the diec tinn of the Bank of t^e Metiopolis, for whose benefit iu par! thia trust wo* creat'd. Term* of s?lewi|| be mad- known at tlie time and pi ice of .ale ; anil on said terms being comi lird with I will execute a ibed, CI I?c\li IK all the rignt and ti'le ve.ied in ine hy theaiora ?aid deed of trail. UEORUE THOMAS, Trustee K. W. DVEK k <;?. o32 t31is^rrc _ Auctioneers. IX7AVTED A situation by a young man in areta'IDrng *" Store, iu this city or to no south I'nexceiHionabl* refarencun can be given as 10 character aud ability. Au>lreus T. T., 423 UreenwicTi stn-i-t o24 3 *rc X1TANT" D?By an Knglish Oentleinsii?Private lodgings in ?' a resectable familv, (with it wiih tit board.) upj? mo derate tirnu. Address X. Y , Henld Office. P. S.?Au English family would be preferred. o21 lt're LOST?Between Coetities Klip a"d Montgomery street in "outli street, a MEMORANDUM BOOK, ot great impor tance to the owner, containiu, measurements of mahogany, with th? name, of MrsnsjE. Coffin. M. Piatt, Brett tt Vose, and 1). < U'tis, Jr , iu ivncil mark. A liberal reward will be paid by leaving said book at the office of this p*|*r, or tn RHODES C. ALLEN, Mahogany liuiiee'or, !? 2'*m 1 IS VV^ii.ter ?tr et N. V. UNITED BROTHERS (>F TEMPEKAMCh. T HE S'ate Tem|>eranre Assembly ofUnited B'others will hold a public meeting this day iu th* M.E. Church, i" t ireen, nmr Brooin ?tieet. Service to cmiieiice precisely at 1% o'clock? fyer by he Rev. ^athau Bangs ; aildreis by her. Alonxo iVelron. of Hag II <rbnr : a slort esperienre adilr??s by Oe >rge Phillips Parker, Esq., of B-iiton ; also, an addrens by Hev. William W Kverts. Music by the Clunr of the Order, and th# Lady Franklin Society. The United Sisters, sod all other la diet' and gentlem>n's Societies, all the different orders of Tetn leruice, aid hehatdy noble-heirted wns of the ocean, and all |ierson?. whelher friend'y < r Uufiiendly t> total ab linrnce principles, are evriieatly requested t" attend. Children withont uiid aiis, will not b.- adini'ie* hy the marshals of the Order.? The church will lie oi eu >t 9 o'clock. N. B ?The speakers are all members of the order. ogt "re I \ \1KS 11 ?RPr,H, Preaiden'. Llv-TUufc; O.N I Hl'J STErtM i-.NOlNE MR. C. k MMONS will give a Lecture at the Lecture Room of the Mechanic's Institaie, eastrrn basement of the City Hall, Thursday EvmUW. Mtn Oc'uber, mi the Steam r.ns ine, illuitraied hy a large Didactic Model, exhibiting to view the en tire movements ot the Engine. The Models will be put iu ?notion at a quarter before 8, and the Lecture commence at 8 o'rlork. Tickets 26 cents. o2t lt*m FURNISHED LODOI^GS rpWO YOUNG MEN of respectable habitsa"d character, 1 can be accommodated with a frout dntible-bedded, room, On the second tloor, neatly furnished, and every attention se eure i to the Costforts 01 the iiceui lers. Apply It No 32 t iMD liers street, one noor from t e come- of Barclay Terms mode rate, arid no other lodgers, and 11eaten as the family. Is private aud retired. nit 3 i? rrc L/\>. WKhK ol" Til" Oi;l>T KAlR oK J HE AMERICAN INSTITUTE NOW is the time to visit thia magnificent collection of the fruits of llie arts. (hi early in ihe d iy if you wikli to eiain ine minutely. This day, between 2 audi o clock, P M., the extraordinary exhibition of Printing by th* Blind The machine to lie employed is cilculated toexcrte high admiration. In the evening, a band of young minstrels will |ierforin on variiitK in strunieuts with vocal accompaniments 'I'liere will be instru mental mimic every day. Ks|ierimeiits in Piieumatical Science, Vocal Music of a liigii order, expected this week. Add eases, it- Friday will lie vt apart for the benefit of the Library of the lustitiitc. Saturday at 2 o'clock P. M., the grand farmers' Festival of the Farmers' Club, in the Garden. Tickets for the festival 73 ci iit? each. The Fair will close Saturday evening wiih the award of Pre miums, closing Addieas, .viuaic and h ireworks. o24 lt*rc GEORGE R ENSKR'S REMOVAL FROM" BROOKLYN THE uudersigned, late of the Madison House, near South Ferry, Brooklyn, res|iectfully informs his friends and the public generally, that he has leased, and fitted up, in superb it)le,the Urge Refectory, Restaurant, Oyster Saloon, a'd Coffee Rooms, at No. 332 Broadway, where he hopes to hs> able to accommodate and please all who may favor luni wuh their enatom. It it his intention, and it will he Itii constant endeavor, to supply his patrons with refreshments of every description of the very best qualities, and so to conduct his buiiueaa, in all other resiiccts, as to nieiit a liberal patronage. OEOROE RENRER, o21 3t*rc '132 Brodway. A: WA.\ I IS.U, HY TW? RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMEN, SITUATIONS?One a* Chambermaid of Waiter, and the other is Cook or Laundress. 'I he best. of city reference* given. Apply at No. 14 Thompson street, front room, firm tloor. i>23 2t ?m BM OAKO WANTKD?By asmglegentlemaii, in a respectable private American family I ower part of the city prrf-rred. The l.est r?fe.reiic*s will be given. Address to M. L., Herald Office. o23 It^ec A" DDKK88 WANTED?If COL. MINLR, late of~Texa?, who is understood to he in New York, and who h?a recent ly been in Cincinnati, would leave his address with the bar kecperof ihe Battery H"tel, ?r inouire if tlie e :tre any com mand* f. r him, an o'd and intimate friend would have the i lea sure of cal iug on him. or he, or any one in his nam', wil be handed the card of that friend n23 2'*rc WAN1 Kli?A V ouug iVIau w ho I,at a thorough knowledge ? if the Wholesale Drng Business, and is competent to act aa -.all mm in, IS wanted to ??> to New Orleans. Unexceptionable references as to moral character and capacity will lie requited. Address Box II, Up|ier I'oat Office. o22 3t*rc N F.NOLISHMA N?Lately from Kurope, wlio lias been 34 i years in the manufacturing of Merchant's Sheet, Moiled and Hammered Iron, and who has built several laige Iron Mills, wishes for employment. The advertiser ia also compe enr to erect lime and brick kills, and has experience in discovering iroii mines. Kor further particulars and for certificates of morality and ca pacity. apply 'o HII John street, np stairs. Application by letter must be to JOHN WILLIA.VIS, post paid o22 3t*rc PACKT SHIP BALTIMORE FROM H WRK.-Con ?? iKi'e? s hy this ship an* reipies'ed to send their permits on bard*' Pier No. I North River. All go> ds rot |ierm tted by the 28lh iust. will be liable to be sent to the public store u der genera* order. oil 3trc T11< ).MI' <)VS HANK NOTE KKhOKTbtf 'PUIS PAPER w ill not !*? hawked shout the street'after the J- 1st of November; but it will be served regularly to sub acriliers, at $1 00 per annum for the Weekly, >1 M |ier aunum 'or the Semi-Monthly. Payable, not in advance, but at theexpiratim of each six months. It moot be in n ied that 'h? truor ty of bank note list pedlars are iinproier |*rsoes to enter public places; and it is with a view to do a nay w tth this travel ling nuisance, ? h <t the subscriber fias chinged ti e system of serving the city with liis pa|ier. Subscriptions received at 12 Wall siitwt. o23 I wee J. THOMPSON. UbAUUiX UUllKOh-KACuNO. THE FALL MF.KTIN'U of 1144, will commence on Wed nesday, October 23d, wither permitting, and continue three days, commencing e ich day at 2 o'clock. First Day?I'ropretor's Purse, $100, Mil* Heats, for three year olds that never won a puree. Same Day?At JS o'clock, Tune $100, for all hone*, Mile Heats, best three in five RKond Day?At 2H o'clock,Purse$l00,MileHeats, free for all horses. Same Day? At S o'clock, Purse $800, Three Mile ileati, free for all horses, $200 to ser.ond best. Third Dsy?At JX o'clock. Purse $700, free for ?'l horeee never won a purse previous to this meeting. Two Mile Heats. Same l>av- At JX o'clock, Pnrse $300, firee for all horeea, T>vo .Mile lleais. Ssn * l??y?A match for $200, between Vr, W< ber's Fidler mid Mr Va.ueitsg m by I1 m niciiiator, 1000 yards and repeat. As there is now quite a targe liuinb- r of Un set on the ground including F*shin", Marchioness and Meg- nt, together with many other celrbiated llor>*s a must inter stiug meeting inty be ex ? per ted I'. 8 ?rashion and Marchioness are entered for the Purse of $80", to come off on I liur-?l < \ Prices of Adm tta ee? Field Stand 2) cents Gallery JO cents, Pavilion 7J cents, ( luh Stand i'l for the meeting, or $3 for the da\ that Fashion and Marshioness ran. Entries to the shove to be made at R. Smith's, at 9 o'clock, th? evening previous oJJ 3trc CABKIOLKT for hale" A OFNTLF.MAN about going abroad, nf rers for sale an elegant t abriolei and Harness. ___ ii111 in ttie vrv best possible manner, anil i. . >< ......pled to the use of a Physician, owing to ita neing so assy to mount and dismount, and affords such an ex cellent protn.tion I mm the we tlier. ( an lie seen by applying at TH(M COOK It. CO.'8 Carriage f>e|K,t, o22 31*re 1H I anal slider I OUT--A Oentleinan's gold TirRQl OIH Bit KAH I PIN, " with* small i ha n attached. One of the tur<iu"is is los'. It was lo.t last Snni'sy forenoon, somewhere hi Broadway or Fulton street. The finder will be WVll rewarded. Apply at this office oi! It?jiih dTTo i osT-tkn I)oI."iTarh RK\V*Tt7j^ llniwri Pointer, with whi-a feet and chest, had on a .slcel curb co lar and ring, with owner's mime and til , ..as the mang"or distemper, and a cut on lu? hip Wh . ev< r returns said dog to 43 r.icli tnge Dace, will rei eive tlie above reward. oU 3l*in CIMONSFKl.l) Ii B ACH have just receives! |?-r skip Rh phsnie, (;rir Cose"/ Brnntt Ornam'ntt, of a very suj>e rior uusl'ty. Also a ca'e of I iermau Metal I* f. . fat*re. ^IMONSKi- I.D fc HA' H, 17 PI TO AliOl'TV,U (j'l ,Zt Nrt NATURALIZF.D KORKIONK.KW-Who wish to have their legs! rights respected, and their true in ? reaU duly protected, will do well not to approach the po'ls at the coming elections, until they lisve previously read, and well c nsideieil the pamplilet just published under tne title of "Clay or Pnlk,' which they can obtain gratis, at the residence, .No. 2*>2 Broad way. o22 lns'rc DHK.NCH CHAIRS, SOFAS AND FANCY TABLK.H " TIFFANY, YOuNO k KI.1.IS invite purchasers to look at their style of Chain, Hewing Chain, Ann (.hairs and Sofas, under the idea that tliev are more beautiful end inore per fect in ipialnv and finish tnan any for sale elsewliere They also believe, from their sales and the universal el invasions of those who luve insde ihem'elves acquainted with tne prices ot oth' rs that they are decidedly moderate iliDrice. T. V k K. have also very beautiful Tables, Workstands, Swiss Kustic < hairs, (at greatly rasliiced prices.) Iron ana Pai iar Mache ( hairs, rallies, 4ic , with a laige collection of Pari r and I hamher Ornameiits, all of their own im|iorlAtions, for sale at moderate prices, and |lacked free of charfe. s26 2taw is Im m _____ WOOI.?4 bales ab<'nt 1000 Ihs iirnne rjnality, Illinois Wool, lauding ex ship Mississippi, foi sale by olTre k'. K. COLLIN* k CO., M H?.uU? strert, AMUSEMENTS. I*AUK THEATRE. THIS EVENING. Oct 24, will I* praaaotad, THE MILLIONAIRE. _ Mr Muckla Mr Maywood Afliti which, OKI ST TO THE MILL. A-LAD-IN ! TIIK WONDERFUL LAMP. Aladdin Mi* Hkerratl Boua.lst Tiei 73c?iiu?Second and Third Tim 30 emu?Pit 4? ceuu?GaJlary 23 cauls. UPKHA HO(J?< E ADMISSION, S?5 . ENTS ONLY. THIS EVENING. OCTOBER 84. And every niftht duting the Week. Ami positively ihr Lax Week of the THE ORIGINAL ETHIOPEaN SKRE.NADERS, MESSRS GERMON, STAN WOOu, HARRINGTON, PELHAM AND WARREN, Change of Performance NiKhtlv, introducing New Sougs, Glees, Chorues, Quick S tps, etc., etc. For particulars, see programmes. Doors o[ien at 7?Concert at * ijuarter before 8 o'clock. Hot"* and SraU can be secured at the olfice daily, froui 10 A. M. until 3 P. M. P. H.?'J'he public a*e respectfully informed that the 0|?-ra House can tie reuled nightly, fur Couee t?, LecMrres. Vc For terms apply to J. A DUMBOLTON, at the Bo* Ulfice. olMfrc " MBLO'S. THIS EVENING, October 84 th. will be presented FA I R STAR. Aft-r which THE IRISH I ION To conc ude w ith tli* THAT RASCAL I H,K. Admiiiiok.-Dre?s Circle 4" cents; Upi?i Bovss 85; Pit 23: 1' iVitle Boxes (to aCC"U.ino<laie s x |wrsous) 83 e,ch. ?TlCHKl L'i OLYMPIC THE*THE. THIS EVENING. OCT 24, 184C will be preset, tad OPi- N SESAME AbdalUh Mr Keuno i ll.i-ssrsc Mr Holland Af er ? hich, ROBERT VAt AIRE. To com lude with THE OMNIBUS. Admission?Ores* Circle, 30 cen.s; Upper Bom, 83 cents; Pit, one shilling; Private U.n??, J,, Orchestra Box-s, S3. C!Rci:8^bowkhyT The POLKA bvn Equestrian Ladies. Tw. Ive mag nifireut acta in the Circle The (rear Elhiop an Concert, with nil the songs, glees, he. Performance always over by half-past ten o clock. o24 3li?*rc BURTON'S THEATRE. ARCH STREET. PHILADELPHIA. THURSDAY. 2lth October. 1844. THE DANCING FEATHER. Morris O'snne .Mr Coi ner I ('apt Wbeeloek ... Mr Burke Blanch Mrs Booth I Hetty Bell. ..Mrs Burke To conclude with MY FRIEND THE CAPTAIN. Capt Du'i Brown Mr Barrett ' AMERICAN MI'SEl'M. CORNE" BROADWAY AND ANN STREET. P. T. B.trnuiu Pmpriet r. F Hilclic ck Manager. Every Da> and Evening Tliia Week c nitnencing MONDAY. October8l?t, 1844 GRAND PERFORMANCES Every afternnoa ai s o'clock, and very evening at 7>f. The Manager has engaged the celebrsU'd MAOICIA N AND EQUILIBRIST MAS I ER *OUNG, Late from Boston, wheie ha has lie. u received with uuboauded admiration. Also engaged, the womierlul MR. NFLLIS, tha man BORN WITHOUT ARMS, who performs a great variety of astonishing feats with h>* t"ea, sue It as playing on llie Accordion, Bass Viol. Drum, Triangle, rthooling will, tlie Bow and Arrow, Winding up a Wat. It, Cutting V?lentinea, Sic., Sir. Also engaged, Mr. WM. COLE, t^e wonderful Contortionist, ami his learned -Mid talemeii DOG BILLY, who sn g*. dances, waltzes. walks lame, puis out a lighl, and performs a variety of other fe-tis al hif masters bidding Also engaged. MASTER ALFRED the Juvenile Dancer. Just rec-ived fro" Fran'e a treat variety of A1 TO -I ATON8 and MECHANICAL FIOl RES. of various knds, including a lieauliful Rn|ie Daurer, Juggl- r. Moving Wax Doll Gra1 d Moving Procession in the Madelajde Church Queen Victoria's Sl ite Kobe Ge i. Tom Thumb's Court Suit. Beaut I'ul Models of Machinery may be seen in operatiou by the iKiwer of steam, due. [C/~Tick? ta 23 cents?childen under 10 years I2>f. o24rc ?NEW~YOHK~3 ACRED MUSIC SOCIETY NEUKOMM'S CELEBRATED ORATORIO or DAVID A NO GOLIATH ! (rifur timk m two vraHa ) WILL be performed by the Sacred Music Society, on THURSDAY EVENING, 21 h mat, at the Tabernacle, being their fiist Pul?li< I'eif rmmi r for the Season. In order to furnish some idea of the effective manner iu which thr above splendid Oratorio will be produced oil this occasion, tlie Managers res|iectfully refer to the following Programme:? CllAHaCTI.KS KcrlMKItTID. David Mr. M. Colbum, from Boston. ttolialh A Gei tleman irem Boston. Saul Mr. W. F. Brongh. first ti > e. Jonathan Mr. W D. Comes. High Priest Mr. Andrews. Messenger. Mr. D. B Bell. Sister of David Madame Otto. Michal, Daughter of Saul.. .. Mrs. Strong Choius of Sheplierds, Wairiorsand Levites; Male and Hemale Artendants, By tlie Members of the Society. IrilTM-HCM I AL DliraHTMKNT. 13 Violins, 3 Vio'as, 3 Double Busses, 6 Violoui vllos, 2 Clarinells, 3 F ut s, 2 Oboes, 4 '1 lom'iones, i French tiorus. 2 Fagotti, 1 Oph-cleida, 2 I pjmpets, 2 Ke'lle Drums, 1 B"ss Drum, Cymbals, T riiuiglcn, Harp, Goug. CHOHl'i. 60 Snprino, I 60 Tenors, 36 Alto, | 80 Bass. Director of the whole Mr. U.C. Hill. Oiyanist Mr. W. Alper*. (t/* Performance to commence at half-iias' 7 o'clock. ir^TlCKErS ONE DOLLAR EACH-For sale at Firth It Hall's, K rankliu Sriuare: Saxloii tk Mile's, Atwill s, and F'irth, Hall k. Pond. Broadway; Geo. F. Nesbitt. corner of Wall and Water street, and al the door of the Taliernacle. (L?" Persons desirous of joining the Society, either as Perform ing or Nou-lVrforming Members, w ill please apply lo HENR V MEIGGS, ternary, 446 Broadway; or to U. C. HILL, 63 Franklin street. o22 3tisBrc NOW OPEN, FOR ONE MONTH ONLY. AT the Rooms of the National Academy of Design, comer of Leonard street and Broadway, the exhibition of tiie follow ing magnificent raiutuigs:?The Abandonment ol Henry Hud son. tlie unfortnna'e disci'ten r of New York. The great Battle of Villiana, in Africa, between the Fieuch and 'lie Arabs. Arid ?Tlie only Portrait of Abdel Kader, tlie celebrated Bedouin Chirf. Hours ol exhibition from 10 A. M. to 9 P. M. Admit tance 23 cents. Each visitor receives, gratis, at the door, a beautiful lithograph of the Abandonment of lleury Hudson. New York, October 10, 1844. olO lm*ec COLISEUM, 4S0 BROADWAY. THE " BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL!" THE GREATEST MECHANICAL EXHIBITION IN THE WORLD. LSO. Moving Panoramas of tlie ' BATTLE OF NORTH -a PcJlNT'- '( ITY OF BALTIMORE!" "STORM SCENE I" "FAIRYLAND:" "CITY OF LOWELL!" kc., he. Hv Tickets 30 cents?('hildren 24 cents Door* open at quarter before 7?commenc- at 7W o'clock. P. S?Exhibitions on W'etluesifiys and Saturdays at 3 o'clock, pi which schools will be admitted on liberal terms. o81 Iwis'ic ART AND SCIENCE OF DANCING AN D WALTZING A CARD-MR. WHALE and DAUGHTER rejcectfulln announce to the Ladies and Gentlemeu of New York, that their f'lassas iu Dancing, Waltting, and tlie Tolka Dance will commence al the Assembly Room, Constitution Hall, b30 Broadway, on Saturday, October I2lh, and will continue throughout tlie season. Days of Tuition, for Yonng Ladies and Gentlemen under 14. every Tuesday and Saturday afternoon, commencing ai 3?and for the elder class of Gentlemen at 7. Every new style of Dancing taught iu Mr. W.'s classes, without additional charge to pupils. Mr W. trusts that lh? references he shall offer of his capability will be satisfactory. Schools and Academies attended to ou ap plication as above, or it hia Private Acsdemy, No 70 Sixth A venae, where terms will br made known and circulars giveu, containing particulars. o2 Im ? rc EXHIBITION. THE END O F THE WORLD. A PAINTING, r\K VERY LARGE SIZE, by F. Anelli, at the Apollo V/ 410 Broadwav. The Exhibition is entirely s*|wrate from the Concert Room. Open from 10 A M. to 3 P. M., and from 7 to 18 P. M. Admission 23 cents. olO im* re PANORAMA AT~NlBLO'S GARDEN.?Open for a short ' season, the most magnificeui Panoramic Painting ever ex hibited in inis country, (so say all the Artists that have seen it.) It wasexecutml h> 'lie celebrated Artists, Mr. W. Daniel). F.. 11 I'arre* and Aagtastus Earle, R. A. London. It is now opea during tlie day. Admittance lo the Garden and Panorama 23 cents. Artists are respectfully invited lo visit tlie Panorama fire ol charge OCT" The Panorama of Madras was exhiluted iu Rnsnell Souare, attended Willi immense ,uc?as. and when purchased Mr. Niblo was considered tha very baet Paaoramic pairtmg in Loudou. a 18 2m rc PHII HA KM O NIC > OcTktY! THIRD season I?i4 1"HE Government of the New York Itiilhsrmouie Society begs leave lo inform the public (hat a subscription liat fiN the I oncerla uf llu-etisuiug season is r.iw n|ieii a ih<- store of Messrs S< H*srr!sHt.eo ? l.i n, '?l Broadway, uear h rankliu street. Subscribers of the last season, who wish to continue their subscription, as well as those who wish to subscribe for the preseut season, are desired to send in tlieir nenies as soo#i as pos sible, as >he list of subscription is to tw closed on tlie 1st day ol November next. The Government will nse every exertion to render the per formances worthy of lh? continued patronage of the public. Tk> first Concert will lake place about tlve beginning of NiV vemlier next. Terms of subscription, $10 per annnm, iiayable on delivery ol tin tickets for llie lira! < uiicert, eulil liug the subscrilier to tl rre sdniissions to each of llie loar Concerts, with tbe DriviliMof i'iiir li is;rig two extra tickets for ea h < oncert ?t |l .30j?' ticket By aider: WM. S( HARFENBER44, ,3 2wiseref 'ecrelaev M'l.I.E. PAULINE DESJARIilNS rvsi? cilully in lorn ? her ristrons sod llie pu die in general, that she is about u fi?in a " r'/usse dr fiance' for ladles and genllrmsu. in winch alie n ill leach tlie lavorite Polka, Ma/ouika, and all thr otliei laalnonahle Dai,ces of (he day. The morning school will I* open from 12 o'clock U> 8 o'cliKk and the evening from 6 o clock lo 9 o clock. I.,lilies a.id gentlemen wishing mstrui tiou are reoaeatei' to call at M 'lie Desjardin's house. No. 31'nik Place, olJ 7wis#rc FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Royal Mail Steanoh,|is ACADIA and HIBERNIA.wnll leave Bosion, loi the above INirts, as follows Acadia, W m. Harnson, Eaq., Com., on Friday. Nov. 1st, aext Hiberma, A. Ryre, Esq., ( on,, on Saturday, No*. 16'h, next. Passage lo Liverpool (120. Passage lo Halifax 88. Apply lo 0 HHI'IIIA V Jr . Agent, al the office of Harmli'iilt ( o? ottrc No. I Wall sire* HEMP?330 bales, very Superior aad Prime Wa'er rollsd lauding eg ship Mississippi and in store for sale by ol7rc E. K I ??LI INS V l (I V, -s/.ntli ?l^e?^ OPRLTER?14 tons S|wller?for WOOl , I Nil I'NS, o3r? - " b irve \T AVT^RKaTJ?About iti.OOO lb?, lor , .le at a low rate by IN JOHN IIKRDMAN, nldee 81 H-ath s'raei. oA2fisctrAW""""" BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Pblladclphit l<-ontapon J. lie- ei the Herald J ftuvanawm., Oct St ISM. Th. enc.mpment of th. VilUnU. .? D.rby. .bou. lour m.le, from this city, m b,oke? up erday, ,? o nsa. qienc?of the aoD-luineiit oi the prophecy, aud tbe do ude.1 people returned to th.lr bone. They truemed outduiiug the whole ol Monday night, iu tbe r.in ?nd the cold, atti ed In their aacentk.o robe., the result of which I., that th? majority 11 th. tonrn audrbudrta nav been seized with nicki*** On#* ot tbe otiucmal pr?acberi among tkem <<ecaroped ye?ter1ay, taking with him ftl 960 belonging to tha gen-raj fund. 7 8 The aggre ate < ongteaaional rote of the twenty four f t#iID l. *h?f? ? majority ol 4 7?l. [h|B ?? inGltuJv# of the two district! for which native Americana bare he* n elected. Dr Robert punjli?on, ol thi. city, will deliver an ad dres. before the American Philosophical Boosety , to nwr row, on the life tud character of tbe late venerable Feter U'ljKinci au, K?q ArrhVt'r"? m,kM ,,Br lait appearance at the Faro? n? J . 5" Prior l<? ber depart nr.- lor ? i. i 25 "?,,iur.d4y- ln ,h# Oarrick She will sustain SiilihSi?< '*"?? "J ,he n**ro {*-P* H,rrta r"r ,h? ??Hfr ul Tmninir " lfW lu ,h'Oyer *iMVjmafrTHr f'T"c?* ?*ar<. U * B>i k. $40?Hl I t-nn* y. 9tti, 171 Jitete **., N A 60 ?,ha. M ytnien-ltiK Bitnk, 4W ' e.?coi?n M.M.0 Ste'e 6'., 74J. AO .here. Oir.rd $1000 Tennessee bond*, tflf, fjooo State ii '*t ' 30* Persons deairouH of sending letters to their 'ri. ndn in the American Squadron on the Coaet of Nrazil have an opportunity ol doing .<>, by a letter bag now open at Norfolk, and which will be for warded by a vessel 10 sail the latter part of this week. PKKAtoRNT Tyt-b* ?-We understand that |th* HHIf NKWI. ? bast Night's Nouthrrn Nail. PI?l!!:.*.D^|,,i!A- F~Arr Thorlow, fm Bt John. P i. btiund to Nbw \ oik, put id in (iutrr-**, Imvmg experienced whi'eheirVd' " 72 n' * ,I*',T,?,ld10?? hurricane from Sooth, which earned *?iv rntntii, kr S1I1 in.t. (no l.t, tic given) ?poke I lamer, [Ilr] bound to L.odon, ItsA but bulwark* and sprung *le?k 111 thr i;al. of ih? 6th irist, would make for th. neatest port to ''Pair AUo arr Oak. kyder Bo.ton: Palm Ion NlLk''' <^d (i"u^ ' K?ll "i??r. ftgrr: VhompI llil'l W I i i^'V4- hT'lh N( lrle.na; K I) Wolfe] "?"v.^t JM?j? Cuhl. 1 r>>l0'' Monaoon. NBiLTiMoal;, Oct 23?C ld, Jamea Poww, Kmo., Naaa.u, tXTRACT OF CUBKHS. COPAIVA AND #-?AB8APAHILLA XV?? !.r J11 ami ?lfrrta?l ivmrdl*. Tor (be * cure of UomorrlMM that liaa ?vrr lm introduced It\a Uk"t'U,tl-irJ o,P,'l """1 V*"fu' ?tomach, and i> M*j|y m ff'rm "f *>"?" I" i? are concio f\! A . medicinal | ro|rrlir? of lurh remedioa aa ara m! ?LV'T/n'f'T"11' 10 ranu* al<*u arnun?] wrak ST ii ' "?f1,*11 diachantea of the urinary puaace It ia 1 e?"np"??d ...d act. I,k- ? VT^rm in pri during %n imininliite 01 ernrmo upun the pur* affected Fnll ? ffa'S^P^r med,C,n'' W,"C" ? No <nP;?8 ~18,?"Ser? wbo d?ire aiedic^ adTtce may consult Dr "f'?hTHc,,;n^:ll'a,',gt h" No a FRENCH LANGUAGE ON TIIE ROBERT SOMAN METHOD. A . i? French, arc rdinr to the arttem u?|L?:f'1'?"U. wtll lietm-n by Mr EDMOND Dl' Bl'IS i^rl'Kr 1" Jl ' VorK lucrum 74 LisKnard utreei, cor ner of Uroailwai, coniinpnciiiK on Urdret<l y, the Mih uf No V L? C'"^k' PiNl f,1" ?>?""?. we'?known in kS rt>|ie, wilI be <|tpUiiifd by the Profettur Periona within* to lU.l" 'rkl!lfinC. r or *?* ve?jiactfully invited to ?t tend 1 he first Iwsnii will grain Mr rdtnond <tu Bui.aea ntvink been *ntfa?.ediu kivhw iiu* ructions in l? p.- ch for a i am. M.C.t ou.lrrt'. achool. and f , .he pill J??"t .1 ,'r iT f" * colleioate school at New Brifbtoo, would re , ' 4IV *e'llle,Br". h, th a. to qu.i.f.r uioa ?no character. All inloimation m tb* mraj tinu may lie ob . tamed at hi. r.-aideuce, -too Broadway y D _ K?.rr.?t??cts M. M. DrUrorest, FrroehCou- Dr. Porter, 1 Barclay st. tv" t fi"' ,, D Rr Croxman. too Bioadw.y L- L I 1,r*l'"< 57 BettV-r St. IV, H, Cary kl O !8?, I'earl at K. J?br?.|uet'M,61 Maiden lane. r. C. Carter It Co., i7? <Jo. ' M hSi P'' ioT U'tatd & Motidoo, J6 l-oart J: Kowley, FT i)., 49 ^ asaau st. Inml t ol'J a? ?'rr Wcr' 13 "wclay ,l* M M.lly, 51 Maiden Lane. ?::^ONS IN PHILADELPHIA Ue A*e,,u'w 1^ ? . TKKMH. {?or (hie Weak 17W renta. Kor One Month... .. . ....... . . . 7J ? Kor a lou(.fr tune in tlw tame praM'tiou, o Jk reata a rooe 8mgle Copies for sale .very day it l^l?ck prir<! 7,'* ,M PT .14 Imisre ? U /,KBK^ ? I-lSlVu.'l'C, . ' 'tntara I hlrt| ,neei, next 1 b?atnot. yy ILU AM HJ HAHKKNBKHO & KEHD. I.l'ls r?, Uvea to inform their friends nd the public 111 K-neral rh vr iliev hav. for,ne. . fo-partucrahip f<? .L in.1mrfM.0n of KoreSJ sl I'il'V "ll |S ^ ?*bich lliev have ope' ed ? Depi.l *1 (ft. , ^i !? j iI V'.l.',lwr franklin afreet, where mn\ Iw eon h,TO* ^.Ue* W.-.*UrW,r ,nll,ty for V,oll,l?. Ouiwra. atr. txr ^nVt. V\ tft , Hqiiii, fcc oft Imm^rre notUM To I7TT To sinoLT okKIT.k'mkn u v_rv I.1'1 * '!'?.?*? 'uru?*^fO <?r on iirtn?hr?l, without Imnrd, at ^78 I I ^ i *7' 1'"bouse I. very pleaiantly situated will Hn.1 r'hV.T KC't'etneu doing buamea. down town, will fhid this l.ou-e very convanient ou account of its pleasant l2,C;,'i> h"rt" l?rtuular. can U had hv coiling attha boiiM 71 Job.. .Meet, betwe.u M ilium and (iold atrwu 019 22 . " "a famubed if require)]. HJ.^AM HH1P MARMORA FOR CIIAKLKSTON, UIKm T?This stesmer in.*1 uuavoid.i ly <1. tamed, ia now read\ to "5f'T*je at p.rr IS t. H.. and will ?zr ?|| on 1 hu.atl.y 1141li mat., witl out fail 1 bis ?b*p i. calculated to make t!,v i-.asag. in anty buurs n.'lLn?! v",y f^tablv aecomm. dat.' cabin .n.l .leetage pa.se.igers, at a low rale Vor i^ssave apt ly to ^ ' c JOHN HhitU.M A.N, 61 South street. P L.?q.'*Jy-Blt?lar_rScket of tl,e l.t NoV. "rnVh T(?iti a ?' I1,"" r"' " l"ck> t ship ,e?ui?r .1% "R'A, Captaio .Morgan, will sail u .bore, her Ha?i"f eery snperi^ acrommodui..,,, furc-biu secondc.bi. NEW LINK OK FaCkKTS KOH LIVERPOOL .'L'r,<rii ,>r.i2!,th. splendid and favoni ?i??-Sj "? }jet Ship OA KKH K. 1000 toua hurtben, ( aplaia o.J Jt. 1 raak, will a.il on Saturday, Oct. 26th, ber ovular The ahirs of this line being all |000 tons and upwarda, t?raon. about to embark for (be old country, Wil not fail to aee the ad ranuaei to be derived f.oin -electing li.ia li.e 'nVreTrrEa i r', Lr!".'hl" ''Ti"*'**' ???"?'* oer? i br in. very w.y more romfort.ble and . onvrnu nt than slops . f a am,.lter rl?s and lb- ir accommod >tlon. for cabin, secoi.il cabin <u.l aieer.n. i aa ?.f"*'cketa W' '0"u? ,r* ?ul*'i"r to thine of any other line Persona wishing to wcure Wrths should not f.il to make earlr application onboard, foot ol Wall street o, to ... . . w k j; t tapscott, At their ge' .ral Passage Offi. e, 76 South (treat. n ??* I'lyKKPtlOL?The New Line?Regular P.rk?t 21st Nov. mber -Tbe splendid New York Wilt Jfcl'icM ship HO J I \Ot h K. t aptain 1,. Burshy K)j() .n.. hnrtliern, will a.il na atiove, Iwr ragular day ror treight or parage having vary sui^r or .. co.omo iatione ^"7utoBa%? SCorT"' "'P,y 10 ^ C*,,U,U ?? boMd* WOOD HULL h M1NTURNR, JViee of Paatage f |?0. " "?r JtoLjiXi n!.V k'^OOLTf,V Line?MegulM PukeC IgHV'.T ?CI -1 lie regular last sailing Packet Ship illBefa(|ARRICK, ( aptain U. J. H. Truk, of 1,1N ton. I>urtheu,will aail aa above, her regelar d.y ror freight or pana?% having aecommodation. naeqaalled lor splendor or comfort, tpply on board at Orleans wharf, foot ?t vv .ii iimt, or to Pric. of Poaaue, lm CUL, U<? * ? 6S South ,??. Hi" |mck.( ship Hosci.., ( apt John Collins, of 11^0 too., rill snccned ihe (nrrick, and sail 2Mb Nrv-ml.er, tier re.nlar <rl_y- sI7rc JUL ?K',H (>Kl KANS.-Po.iiively tir.t and only aBz.MN, (f.irp?rif'i 4-^rNA ,A^' kOIIll ? r' I ?? ???! *ater?lay, tBth inat. The e.e?a t. new fa.1 .?l?? , vk? jAV A,?*M'Uin l?. ry, bnilt aiptesaly for tlie Uade, w.tl .ail .a above. For freight or l<MM?e. hat in. eis?eei i...?,.n,,| ?ceommt?. 1 *' ??'"I* OB ?< Otlsa'.v akail, Imi ?* WaJI st. '?'to IK * oLLi Ntt a CO., fc| ii J,"""""!' B? S'*'ds rxwiteal atM / rida> evening, tlie 26th *hlp|?r? by this line m.i arlt .?,?<? hev.ua then eiuwta ssri'xss# "" ^ PASS AO E KOR NEW (>ltl> ANS -Clears on r Si III'I U I en n .1 I. ? lb. >|||, (i, t *T I,, n !^"'"wim'! 'r" -hip AKB daV 2"?,l 'f t)" '? "J ",l ouMoa aB.| /eeV^'73ni':.?,w1 l\" AI",,W f'*/*biB, C.bi. iMisstfi hv nnv v#. tJl ' i!" 1 u ' oniid t?? W" u siit ventilated hetvMvfn .V'.'l .h,,,,"a '"Y. I>'lty and tbor. lunly will find i?T . proceeding in th* above port, "..'-vice ^pU:i;';;'t::!;lrrl or w'tiVinb^riC'' ,W'ly ?" lH,wd- " No 2 h * > ROCHE, BROTHKHS k CO,, ? U O 'niton Street, nest il ?ir t. tlie Kultun p?nk, I s ?rwsci.neii may I, ly ,|? the .hove ?s? el ra.liiig puna satlv as advertised, nUrt 44^ FOR NKW ORLKA.NjrZp,,,," |'.i kM *h |>, to rw JaTV 'all n Satu.diy, tlie'/6th i stan?Tie sp'eou.d i.w laiaCih.p MAII I 1I A, I at'Uiii Suow, now loa mg at pm ii r. >t U.vrr, neir Wall stieet, will he ile.pitched v. above ?llboul fail 1 hi. sniieri r ship offers accomniod'ti. lis for c.bii;, sec. nd c.lnn sii.1 ?t?.iags p.??eagers, uneqn.lled by any ebiii'eow ei lor tlie above port Kor i?issp ipiily on hoard the .hio or ti. JOHN HERUMaS, Tbi. ship will he ."cceeiled bv the aleguit, fast MiiHic^hiD Per.imi, t ai'iain It.ihbins, to asil on the 1st of Novemtvr oVtjrc *. F'VR?\KW <)HLk:ANi-TOni.? U^ZFhit ?'W"U' a.k.t ."h...,, eh-The ast sailing |?ckat . . I? A I.I l(N, ( apt will .ail a. .hove 4 very saperio' ?r.,mmod?tmaa for cbiu. ae. o?d ral.in .nd afeeMne paMen ers, M..OU. wishing to em hark, should in ike applicatloa on hoard, or ,, JOSEPH McMCRRAV, "l:"c 1(1# I'ine street, corner of Sooth III SALE TO I LOSE A C-iNtKRW-Th. P- Jafrnr'il'.'i*' N'w V"*h '""I' -'"r Ml? ?^a^ I ? loot; c* rn*a 2 2Ui) Im|-* (>rl? ns ii: has ti.udaiitrie fnnii.lie.l accimm datious fo. Dt laiaMa ????. If not sold before the 2">lh n.la. i site will then lie sol ? at tseiiou by 11 ( It \v PKLL k ( O, at half fast I o'clock. It the Vie,chant ? K.trhaiige. kor furtb r purnrulus apply oa hoard, at I'ike street wh?rf, or to ' ? E K. COLLIN* It CO ' * ""Uth street. SJL'OAR?12 hhds Pnm. New OrlswM? for i.le by I >J-. K. S. COLLINS It CQ.

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