7 Kasım 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

7 Kasım 1844 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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Th? Ukhj?t Foot Rack on Monday nixt.? | Auud th" great hub-bub ot the electioa, parties in terested in this great piece of pedeatrianiam ate not unmindful of what b expected from them. The computers are in active training, and there w every expectati?u that great' r feats will be per formed on thid occasion than ever haa been done in thia or any other country. Trotting Matches.?In these piping times, the lovers of trotting are not unmindful ot their sport. There are two good matches announced to come ofFto-d&y, one over lit* Beacon Course, Hoboken, aud the other over the Centreville Conrre, Long Inland. This is not a very judicious arrangement ou the part of the parties interested ; as many are desircss of witnessing both matches, which dis tance apart prevents. Sale or Fi.owkks?An will be seen by nHver tisement in another column, there will be offered to-day at Frmikliu'ti auction mart, No. 15 Broad street, a number of extremely chsice and beautiful Hyacinths. The sale tnkes place at half-past 10 o'olsok. Let the lovers of flowers attend in time, as there will br competition. [From the Philadelphia Gazette.J Shooting Stars ?The time is fast approaching whtn wr rnny anticipate the usual display of M>*. tsiers. For several years put. and even at an early period in the history cf Astromony. theas ; hmemena have bueii ehstrved to re ur on the li;h or I31h of Nevemlier.? i They have h**n seen and chronicled a* recuring ou on* | of then* dsss in tlie following vmii A D 47i, 1779, imj, I11S 1834 1835, 18.18, 1W7. 1938,1830, and probably In each succeeding year until the present time . We h ire made arlaugements to notice the shower thii | year?shonld we bi Uvorsd with one iu a particular man. iiar' Having opened correspondence with parson* in widely distat t piece*, (vis Trinidad, W. I, Cincinnati, O . New Haven, Cenn , Reading and Lancaster, Pa ,) we anticipate being able to furnish a good account of the mi- t mi teat particulars. We solicit, also, tha attention of | rhiisdelphiMiis to this subject. Wa thick, at sny rate, that these eyptetatiens ought to ba as widely known by tho illiterate, us they are already knewri by the enucated : otherwise, if wo should have a i heavy shower, it ? ould be palmed off as " another sight." | Such results should be guarded against. For tha regulation ol those who may ke inclined to aid us, we respectfully offer tua fallowing plan of observa tion 1. Let the position ef the Radiant point keflsed, by re fsrence to a glclia or map It is desirable to rtfer to its position as a mean* of ascertaining its height. i ?. Whether it maintains its position with regard to the | stars. S3 The numbsr of meteors, in 'pec'fled heuri 4. Tha tims of the greatest display. I ?. The size, color, velocity and course af the most re mark b e meteara. 0. Whether the temperature is affected, either previous or fub*equ"nt to tha display. To: point from whence the meteors emanated is situate in " Leo," aud will rise about midnight, l'hat the obsei vation of tha number may be effectual, we would recom mend that each observer assigns himself a oertain field Imagine a line drawn from the North Star through the point of emanation, nnd continued South indefinitely, also another lina at right angles with tha first and centin i ued indi finitely, psrallel with declination circles. Th?u, 1 in hit remaiks, each observer will confine himself to o> e ?f them sections, and in his report, mention tha one which he has taken. The importance af these observstions is such, that M. Arsgo instituted legul.r stations through out France (or this purpose ; and the result was very ?a ti'fiiJtory. We hope our countrymen will cot lall behind tha age in this pai'iculur. W. C T. Philadelphia, Oct. 28 Zlchcr & Co., 3 licdgrrBnlldlng, 3d street, vir Chesnat, hava for sale a Politician's Register of all the vows from 18411 to the last Pennsylvania election. Price. 12,'a CMltl. 2t All Philadelphia Snbaciiptlona to the Herald must ho paid to the agents, /.ieber St Co., 3 Ledgei buildings, 3d and Chesuut sts., where single Copies may also tie obtained daily at 1 o'clock. 3n Constitutional Drhlllty Cured.?1The Tonic Mixture, prepared by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city ot New V'ork, is confidently recommended for all cases | ol debility produced by secret indulgence or escess of any kind. It is i.n invaluable remedy for impo'ence, sterility, or barrenness, (aulesa d- pending on mal-formatinii ) Single bottlei $1 each; cases of Imlf a dozen $5; carefully packed aud sent to all parts of the Union. Office of tho Colleire of Med:eiue and Pharmacy, 95 Nassau street W. H. RICHARDSON. M. D.. Agent. r K*tract, of Cubebs, Copalva, nnd larsapa rill* (Dr. (Hover's.)?This is the most speedy, certain, and ef frctaal remedy for the cure of Gonorrhoea that has ever been ? sed. It is pleasant to tlie palate and grateful to the stomach, and easily taken. It is a concentration of all the medicinal pro perties of such remedies as have been found most efficacious in eerie* gleets, seminal weakness, and all discharges from the ?riaary passage. It is wholly a vegetable compound, aud act* like a charin in producing nu immediate operation npon the p.'rtnfleeted. Full directions accompmy the mtdicise, which may be ! ..J at No. 2 Ann street. Price $1. Iltc-tllcnl Advice In Private Diseases?1The menitni s of the New Vork College of Medicine aud Pharmacy, tf tnhlnhcH Jar Ihf. siiyprrtiivn oj quackery, continue to direct thair particular attention to all diseases of a private nature, anil ean confidently promise to persons requiring medical treatment, a safe and |<e-maneut enre, wiiliout injury to the conatitution oi aontinemtsit from business, invalids are particularly requested , io make application to the College on me first apiiearanca ol those diseases, as a vast amount of suffering and time may be | thus avoided. One of the members of the College, for many years connected with the principal hospital iu Kurope for thr cure ot those complaints, attends for conaoltatiou daily from t A M. to 7 P. M. Terms?Advice awl Medicine 15,?a cure guaranteed. IMPORTANT TO COUNTkV INVALIDS-Penon living iu tie- country, and finding it inconvenient to make per sonal application, can hare forwarded to them a cheat containing all medicines requisite to perform a radical cure, by stating then ease eiplicit.lv, together with all symptoms, time of contraction end treatment received elsuwligre. if any, and enclosing $6, post i<aid, addressed u> W. 8. RJCHAltDBON, M. D., Agent, Office sud Consulting Rooms of the College, 95 Nassau si Telpeaa's Specific Pills, for the Rsulleal ware of gonorrhoea, gleet, seminal emissions, and all mocopnrn leat discharges from the urethra. These rills, the result of twenty years esperiance in the Hospital de Cnarite in Paris, are proin-unced by their celebrated inventor, Professor Velimau, as as iufallible remedy for all diseases of the urethra. They effect a cure in a much shorter time than any other remedy, without t* atiag the breath, disagreeing with the stomach, or confinement fro n business. Price, 81 per bos. Hold at the College of Medi ator an J Pharmacy, 35 Nassau street. W. 3- RICHARDSON, M., D.. A*ent Rtcorft s Parisian Alterative Mixture, for toe xerananeut core of primary or secondary syphilis, venerea) alcers, nodes, or any .complaint prodnced by an injudicious u'e of mercury, or unskilful medical treatment. All persons sus pecting a venereal taint remaining in their systam should use this powerful purifier withoot delay, as no person can "consider himself safe alter having the venereal disease, without thorough ly cleansing the system with this justly celebrated alterative. Sold in single bottles at $1 each, in cases of half doxen at $5; carefully packed and sent to all parts of the Union. Sold at ihr College of Mediciue and Pharmacy, 95 Nassau st. W. S. RICHARDSON. M. D.. Agent The Concentrated Rxtrart of MarsaparlUa, Sentian and Sassafnu, prepared ley the New York College of Mediciue and Pharmacy, established for the suppression of i|u icki ry. This rsftosd and highly concentrated extract, pos sessing all the purifyiug qualities and curative powers of the above h'rbs, is confidently recommended by the College as in finitely superior to auv extract of Sarsaparifla at present before the public, and may ho relied on as a certain remedy for all dise-<s?e anting from an impure state of the blood, such u scrofula, salt-rheum, ring-worm, blotches or pimples, ulcers, pain in the bones or joints, nodes, cutaneons eruptions, ulcerab d . sore throat, or any diseosc arising from the secoudiry effect* of | syphilis orau injudicious use of mercury. Sold in single bottles, at .. 75 cents each. " iu cases of half a dozen Bottles M 50 " one dozen 6 00 Cases forwarded to sll parts of the Union. N. B ?A very liberal discount to wholesale purchasers. Office of the College. 95 Nassau street. W S RICH A ItDSON, M. D., A*enu Read what Sherman's Loztiigss have done. ?A letter just received frmn Mr. (. hamplin, of Orient, L. L, states tint Dr. Sherman's Lozengts are |<erforming wonders smnng tlie jieople. and that th? deaiand is iiicre.ismg every day. In nunv cases, where the Camphor Lozenges have been used for heailaclie and nervous affections, they have produced imme diate cures, and the Worm Lozenges have eradicated more worms than any remedy that has ever been known. He writei toi Urge supply-, and states ihst tlwv have never failed to give satMf'Cliou. How many there are who are suffering, and who could find relief by trying these celebrated Lozenges. They aie alts n s to lie had st Dr. Ph-rman's warehouse, iiig Najsati st ; or of the Doctor's agents, V27 Hudson stt ttt Bowery; 77 Kast Broadway; I3'J Kulton street, Biooklyn; 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadel|>hia; and 8 Stato street, Boston. OTIstnkes are often fslnl?Nany suppose a slight cough to be a trifle, and usglect it. It passes into con sumption, and death follows. Sherman's Cough Lozenges would have s|?cdily lemedi-d the evil. Worms kill thousands, and the fVise is nut ?u>nected. Dr. Sherman's Worm Lozen \'>i sre a ?|n;cific. Trifl- not?if worms are suipected, resort at onre to this celelirsted worm destroyer. Dr. Sherman's ware liou?e is I0?i Nassau str et. Ageutl, 110 Broadway; 10 Astor ll' ii<e; 227 Hudson street; 18S Bowery; 77 Kast Broadway; 86 Will tain street; 3 Lsdger Buildings, Philadelphia; and 8 State street, Boston. MO\n;Y M&RKKT. Wednesday, ov. 0?0 P. M. Thar* was another great decline in stocks todsy, asussd pattly by the completion of the political returns and partly hy the movements going on in specie Wuhin four days from tkis theri will be, without doubt, ship meat*of specie to F.uropu, amounting to full two nil lions of dollsri. This has created quits a panic in the street, and given stocks a very severe blow. This might havo been >xpeoted, and it is very surprising shipments of specie hava been put off so long. The importations into this port slope for ten months, ending the lit intt. amounted to the immense sum of sisty-nina million*, eight hundred and seventy-two thousand thrae httndrt i and five dollars?$aU A7d,30?-being within abaut fifteen millions ot the totul importation into tha country in 1UI. This immense amount has not been offset by a corn s pondtng amount of exports, but we have bees compelled to pay to long in bills of exchange {.urcbasid by the pro eerJS of other industry, that we are now obliged to sen the hard dollars. Wkeu the importation* were coming in at tho rats of t- n millions a inont'a, we predicted lirt;i shipments of specie befote they wero paid for Karly h the season a strong disposition was manifested to put < fl the Jsy of settlement, and ranny philosophers assert* i, that c. editors abro-.d were disposed to let the amountt due them remain hereon ecsount of the great diff renc. in the valun of money between this country and Oren Britain. We predicted that the time ol payment was onl. deferred, and that .ha amoaat of our iniiabtsdaeas w.? ??cumulating ao rapidly that when demanded it wauld not only be found too large to meet without drawing front us large amonnta in spacie, but would create a great dee' of commercial embarrassment. The present condition ol the itock market ctxnflrms our statements, and ?howa tha* a financial difficulty of thin magnitude never loaeait* strength by being put off. The day of retribution ha? at last come, and we fear the result The return* of the bank* of thu city show a continuation of their loan*, and w? should judge that a different course wa? to b? pursued by these institution* during the 'uncertainty that now hang* ovar our commercial sffairs.brought about by over trading in merchandise and speculation in atoaka. We annex return* far ten more City Bank*, making with thoie previously given, seventeen. New Yoaa Citt Rakes. r-?dug. 1844.?p , Nov. 1844.?? lAtani. Sptcie. I.nant. Specie. Phenis Bank 1,942,168 jfc.744 1,941,90 313,476 City Bank... ..... 1,496,94# 236,128 1,407,996 325,784 American El. Bk... 2,862,160 404.933 2,821,979 187,783 leather Manu. Bank 1,393,*?77 109,862 1,306,792 7l,4ti0 Merchants' Bank... 3,768,323 1,219,339 3,381,364 939,397 Merchants'Ei. Bk.. 1,632,633 111,997 1,740.036 131,533 Manhattan Bank... 1,862,919 238,839 1,733.050 32ti,32.', Mech. Bk'mc. Asso'n 387,820 76,047 570,269 91,71!'' chemical Bank... . 985,108 70,913 916,882 64,617 Butchers K Drovers' 1,233,997 112,750 1,236,013 99,377 $17,789,301 2,912,944 . 17,038.316 2,374,741 . _ . Circulal'n. Depo'tt. Circulat'n. Depo'ls Pheni* Bank 451,783 937,702 491,843 1.MB.1I8 <-lty Bank 210,i',0 832.805 210,047 836,276 Am. hichanee. 154,662 1,826,991 171,126 1,034,>98 Leather Manufac'rs, *78,032 624,469 275,592 599,110 Merchants' 378,738 3.528,477 374,932 3.487,402 Mer lianb* Kic 209.697 346,2.72 230.905 607,380 Manhattan 58,860 9%,931 57,280 1,175,717 Mecb's Bkg Ass'n,.. 261,752 491,573 181,340 493,689 Chemical 82,080 796,420 119,973 716,032 Butcher*'&Dro?ers' 217,151 '?tfeo.BSJ 270,451 368,191 ?2.318,301 11,139,482 2.483,889 10,600,833 The return* of seventeen City Bank* sum up a* fol low* s? Jiug. 1844. Nov. 1844. Iner. Dtcr. *.. .$41,254,3 Loess and discounts,.. $41.234,311 40,236,398 ? 1,018,121 weeie, 9,072.199 7,826,477 ? 1,243,723 Circulation, 5.389,718 5,374,566 184,843 ? Depouias 23,953,208 >4,157,906 204,6*8 ? It will be seen that seveutean banks of thi* city *how a'deareaso ia diacount* of $1,018,191, in sptoie of $1,24A 738, and an increase in the circulation of $184,543, and in deposit* of $104 098 We are pleaiad to fee a falling of in the loan* and diacount*, to an extant corresponding nearly with the decrease in ipacie, but the increase in circulation aannot be considered good policy in the bank director*. A farther falling off in the ipecie item of the city bank* muat soon befexperianced,and.thc prospect of a serious drain haa already had it* effect in the market. It i* rumored that tha Great Western will taka out a mil lion of dollar* in gold and stiver, and the London packet of thi 10th inst, has already two hundred thousand do)' lars engaged Should the steamer take out tha amount namad, there mutt be a very great change in the state of our com meroial affairs. These amounts]fare to a great extant, going forward on account of bill drawer*.? | We And that those remitting require first rate bills, and will not touch the cotton exchange in the mar bet. Thi* throws the demand into the hands of house* of known ttrengtb, whoae bill* are un doubted, hut it compela them to keep their agencies ?broad fully aupplied with funda, which i* the cause of the largo shipments of the precioua metala Our impor. tationa are rapidly declining, and the balance againat ua on our foreign trade muat, with our uaual exports and the immense depreciation experienced in foreign manufac ture*, aoon become regulated. Our export* of cotton have been unusually heavy thi* season, but the great difficulty ii|tke proaeadsj caunoti be :eadily realized, on account of the discredit under which all cotton bill* suf fer We annex a table compiled from the Price Current showing the quantity of many of tbe principal articles imported into this port from Jan. 1st to Nov. 1st, 1843 and 1844. Included in thi* table will be found many of our staple domestic productions, received at this port from other* coastwise. A v?ry marked increase will be per. ceivod in the importation of cotton, hide*, coff?e, mo 1 ?**?*. augura, iron, brandy, and all description of wine' and many other articlea of minor importance. Thia ta. ble by no means compriaea all the imports. Foreign man "tectum are net included, on account of the endless va rfoty and the impossibility of obtaining or enumerating the variou* descriptions The aggregate value of tbe manufacturea of Europe imported into 1hia country ?an only be obtained from the reporta ol the Treaaury De partment, which are few and far between. Thi* table cover* a period ol ten month*, and the receipt* of *ome of the item*, will be larger lor the remaining two months than for tiny two previous IltrOBTS INTO THE PoET Of New YoEE. Jan. I to Mnv.l. Same time ? 4 IBIS. 1844. Iner. Deer Cotton, bales 2.->2 !>5t 255,639 102.707 Coffin,barn,.......... 286,082 399,862 113,780 Do casks and bbli.. 416 345 ti H;de., bales, 909 737 " m Do number 435,126 650.207 213,081 Indigo, cases k ceroons, 2,222 3,338 1 116 Molasses, hbds 52.351 61.764 9,'413 Do tierces 1,600 4,821 224 _ D* hbls 25,524 16,205 ... ?319 SngWS.hhds 56,367 55,811 556 p? as-1 . 309 4U ?bU 8 800 10,268 1,668 go ho** 43,592 102 994 59,402 Do bags 38,417 24,824 13,593 Iron, bar, tons 13 531 28,008 14,477 Do pig do. ..... 5,730 21,633 15.903 " Do sheet,heop,Ice. bdls 21,610 59,587 37,977 P!F?- ? ??.3I2 188,268 .. JO,044 Oil re oil, cask* 158 449 291 8? *Mi 20,609 15.864 Do baskets 14,830 34,597 19,767 Hat?. bales 4,504 13,237 8,733 frpper, baas.......... 12,497 21,813 9,31# Raisins, casks,.. J 1,008 880 ]fc Do boies 128,099 108,358 .. 17 741 Do drams 614 350 .. 164 Rice, tierces 32,056 26,315 .. 5,741 Salt, bnshels, 1,410,610 1,380,269 24 341 Saltpetre, bags 6,162 8.717 1,555 Wool, bates, 7,646 15,750 8,104 Cocoa, ban 10.854 7,917 .. 2937 Pimento, bam 5,401 6,564 1,163 Tobacco,hhds 12,413 8,477 .. 3,936 Do bales and ceroons 17,789 15,287 {562 Wines, batts and pipes,. Ill* 1,300 | ijg Do hhds pipes,. 2 281 6,981 4,700 Do K casks... ... 4,236 17,989 13,753 Do Indian barrels,.. 746 3,570 2 824 Do botes 4,419 11,590 7*,U1 Brandy, pipes, 45 66 21 Do HPIPM.,-. ... 8.945 7,288 4,313 Do >* casks fc bbts. 1.311 4,849 3,538 tons 15,160 21,51* 6,382 Dn<-k, bates, 1,079 1,224 145 Do piece* 6,831 7,610 779 Earthenware, crates and cases, 12,589 30,520 17,931 Figs, packages 88,195 35,51* 9,348 Gin, pines, 1,276 J,*89 1,993 Glass, boaea, 6,668 1,255 5413 Hemp, tons 5,012 8,12} 1,113 The value of the total importations into thi* port for Ootober, was $4,610,007. We annex the semi annual dividend* of some of tb? Banks of Philadelphia Dividend! or the Philapelphia Banes. nouthwark Bank 0 per cent on $A0,equal to $3 <0 Kensington 4 do AO do 'J 00 Commercial S do 60 do 1 80 Western 4 do 40 do 1 AO Farmers and Maeh'8. . .A do 30 do 1 AO Penn Township A do 'JJ AO do 1 U4 Mechanics 4 do 'JO do 80 North. Liberties 4 do *A do 1 40 Philadelphia 4 do 104 do 4 00 Moyamensiog a do AO do I 00 Manuf. and Vjeeh 3 do UA do 74 Mri he semi-annual report of the Merchanta' Bank ol Ma con, Geo., we annex compared with those previously made. Merchants' Hane or Macon, Geo. Oct. 1842. Oct. 1843. Jtp. 1, '44. Oct. '44. Loins and discounts,8171.702 105,071 131,607 83,307 Specie,.,. 1,610 2,831 39,460 31,888 Circulation 18/ 54 9,939 67,179 63,129 Deposites 1,608 18,987 4,032 16,8.17 T.ierr has been quite a falling off in the discount Una, and in the amount of specie ou band, while the deposites have increased very much. '1 he latest movement of the hank amounts to $J88,A3i Ol the notoa and exchange discounted $45,000 are considered perf. ctly good, and the balance may be goed, but tfco preaent officer! of the bank am unacquainted with the aitua lion of most of tbe paitiea indebted. In (he report, the notea and hills in suit are set down at $SS J$?, but it is stated that some cbangn would be made in that amount ta conform to compromises and senttlcments made and making. (ltd Stock Exchange, $15000 Ohio6's, '60 10IU 75 sh s Honsatoaic RR 41 11)000 do slO I0I)Z 50 do b60 42 51100 do Ii3 101 25 do 48W 5000 do 10IH 2.5 do blO 41 IO11OO do 101^4 loo Mohawk RR 62 5000 Ohio 6's '50 101 75 do 6I? 3000 Keni'f 6 s, '60 s60 hiifi 25 do bnw 62 l.iOflO Illinois s|>cl 42 15 Anb U Syr RR 116 :?00 do 41V 3 Auk h Koch KR |(i9H woo do 4 j] 25 Erie RR nw 32S 2S 111(810 do 1)38 42" 130 do CI810 Indiana bds b3 42 25 do ow 32 6000 Peun'a5's 71^ 100 do 3|U 5800 do 7IM 4.50 L Island RR 76'i sWIO do li68 71)4 460 do 77 3500 do 71 325 do 76 X 15 shss Dei h. Hudson I2'l 50 do b20 77 25 Bk Commerce 830 Ston.ngtou IIR 46 50 U H Bank 7 75 do 46k 13 Meich's Fire Ins 100 75 do 46", 20 Firemen's Ins 97>? 25 Nor and Wore RR 50 Canton Co s!2m 40 75 do 43 50 da 43? ? .. do sl5 43)J 58 Morris Canal blO 3J f-5# da 31K *3 do nw 31)2 n do b30 32 3.50 Harlem RR 68 30 do s60 67 Scrnud Board. $1000 Ohio 6's, '60 I0IX 23 sh? Canton C'a b30 44 3006 Illinois 6's, 70 blO 42 50 L Island RR blO 77 *000 do 41 ft 1.50 do 1.3 76X 30 slwa 1-ar . ers'Low 41 2.5 Mfrlianies'Ilk 62 40 do b30 -tI"4 10(1 Nui and U'or C0173 25 Stonintfton RR blO 47 50 do 74U 74 do 50 do bli 75 75 do b30 47 100 do b3 1*H 74 do s30 18'? 30 Marris ( SJial 32 30 Canton Co stw 41k 20 Bk ?f America 181 i*8 is ,woii 10"v*" H?w Ifik Exekwif*. ?1000 Ohie 8*., '60 ? 101*4 m >hu L Island RR| 71 1080 de 181# 100 do 7<\ SOW Ky 5's, pbl NY MM 90 io do bow 77 1000 Illinois 6's, 70 37V ti ~ do b30 77*4 1000 do 37&J275 do 76>, 500 Texas bonds p u H V) do bnv 7^H 50 >h<u banners' Tr *3 11 ? 25 Nor and Wor Hit 75 .JO do ?3 4U* 25 do C71? 175 dj c 40 loo do 74^. ii Morru Canal b30 31W 25 do 74>? 100 Harltm UK c 70Si 150 do c 74 25 Stoninrton RR b3 45)? 175 do c 1i\ 75 do 46 150 do bnw 74 25 do Balk* or Stock*?Bkiiok, Not 6. Exchange Board ?aft ilmrrn Charl. stown branch RR, S7; I5<) E Hoiioa Dividend*. '24 K Bolton Co. Ill; 1*25 do, llj; 'ih do, s o -2ms, II ; a vVeatern RH 08} j 163 do S9; li Reading RR, J6|; I*) do, 361; 75 dl, ? 0 1 in, 26*, 60 do 2tt]; 1'25 Nor li W01 RR, 70. 200 do 79J; 60 do, ho 1m, 79^ toil do, bo Ira, 79J; 60 do. bo 10da,7?>; 06 do 79^; 60 do, b 0 20.1s, 79J. State of Trade. Arnica.?P-t* are very dull at $4,16 a $4,18}. Pearl* j art- vary steady nt $4 -26 a $4,31*. Bkkswax?Prime Yellow ol all descriptions sell si us- | <ial at '29* a 30c. Cotton?'Hie sale* today amounted to 700 bale*. of which epinnei* have taken '200 balm, and exporter* the balance. Themaiket clou* without animation, holder* offering freely at a quarter cent decline on the price* cur rent lait week. Hat?Prime qualitie* ol Northern bale *el! a* uiual at 40 a 42c The receipt* continue large and the demand very moderate. Provision* ?Ohio pork i* in very modi-rate demand at $7, or t rime, and $9. for men. Beef ii very dull, and quotations merely nominal. Lard in quitu active at 6* cam* Whiiki.t. - Drudge ra?k* a e held at28c. j Wo*tern and Prison barrel* are very dull at '29 a 29|. Died, On Tutxday. 6th in*t. at Williamibiirg, Mrs. Mabia P. Dibble, widow of the late Phyler Dibble, in thebuth yeur of her oge. Hei friend* and relation*, and thoie of her ion*, Phyler, E. H. and A. B Dibble, are invited to attend her funeral, thin afternoon at 8 o'clock, Ironi ike corner of North Third and Water street*. On Wednesday, 6th in*t in the 70.h year of hi* age, Joirm Dominok, Esq. The Iriend* of the family arc requested to attend his fu neral frc his late reaideuco, No. 149 Chryatie *treet,thia day, Tue-day, the 7th init. On the evening of the 3rd initant, Pbancib Owtnn, wecond son cf John J. and Prence* O. Lyell, aged 'J year* and 6 month'. MARITIME HERALD. Movements of tile 8 teams hi us. Steamer 1. Leave liv'l. Ihiei 1.flme'a. Leave Amt'a G. Weateru, Matthew*..?? ? Nov. > Hikcruia, Ryrie ?? .. ?? Nov. 16 Ship Masters and Agents. We shall esteem it a favor if Captains of Vessels will give to Robebt Silvev, Captain of onr Newi Boati, a report of the ihipping left at the port whence they tailed, the veisels spokeu oti their passage, a list of their cargo, and any foreign newspapers, or news they may have. He will board them im mediately on their arrival. Agent* and Correspondents at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Informa tion of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OF NEW YORK, NOVESIBKR7. SUX HISS* 1 4 1 MOON BISK* 3 20 SUN SET* 4 !C I HIUH WATKB 8 27 Cleared. Ship Marianna, Crocker, New Orleans, E K Collins It Co.? Barque Hualco, Harding, Turks Islaud, Nesmith It Walsh.? Brigs Charlotte, Beslman, South Americ", W W De Forest Si Co; Falcon, Pitt, Bermuda, Tucker It Lightborue: Dimon, Robinson, Charleston, Dunham 1c Dimon.?Scliis Savannah, Prudtlen, West Indies, J Hilman; Velasco. Seeley, St Augus tine, N L McCready a Co; Talma. Smith, Savannah, W W Pratt: Salem, Tuckerman, Philadelphia, Wm J McKee St Co; Boston, Seabury, Portland. ArrlTea. British brig Eyry, Knowlton. 30 days from Turks Island, with salt, to soule, Whitney St Co; 3100 bushels di Middleton ll Co. Left I barque and 2 American brigs, name, not known. Schr Rienzi, Benson, (of Essex, Mass.) from San Bias, Oct. (, with 32,000 cocoa nuts 720 bushels salt 49 hides to Draper St Devlin. ... Schr E. A. Steveus, Briggs, from Baltimore, with mdse, to J. It N. Briggs. Schr A. Marshall, Johnson, from Philadelphia, with coal. Schr Henry Leman, Cramer, from Philadelphia, with coal. Schr St Croix-Hoyt, from Calais, with salt. Schr John H. Thompson, Bishop, from Bath, with potatoea. Schr Bed Rover, from Boston, with mdse. Schr Ohio, Finch,from Hartford, with shooki. Steamer Tigress, Thompson, from Philadelphia, with mas* Below* One brig, unknown. >alle?I Ship Marianna, New Orleans, and other*. Correspondence of the Herald. Rhode Iilandeb OrntE, ) Nr.wroBT, Nov. 4, 1S44. C Arr 3d, Vanda, Sears, Bangor for Richmond; Denmark, Ry der, from Boston; Mars llill, McGilvery, Fall River for Phila delphia; CongTess, Brown, Lubec for do; 4th, Leo, Rogers, fin Bath; Moses Brown. Providence for Philadelphia: Sultana, Nor:on, Addison for NYork; Surah, Hopkins, and Van Bureu, Wall,Camden for do; Albert, McFarland, Ellsworth for do; Florence. Itaudall, Bath for do; Hope Moore, Bangor for do; Two Brothers. Reed, Luhec lor do: Morning Star, Holau-., Plymouth f? r do; Adelaide, Baker, NBedford for do; William Henry, Storrs, Thomaiton fordo; Wm Penn. Foster, and Mary It Elizabeth, Parker, Machia- for do. miscellaneous Record. Packet Bhit Independence, for Liverpool, will not sail till to-morrow. Steam Pbopelleb Midai, of Boston, fifed out at thi* port, ?ailed on Monday for China. The Mida* i* the first steam ves sel ever dispatched from this country to ports beyond the Cape ?f Oood Hope. Bbio Ski.ma. Pray, at Bo*ton from Aux Cayei, reports?20th ult. let 86, Ion 75 45, saw a vessel s'eering W, apparently about 250 tons, under jury mas's, showed no signals; 28th, lat 31 18, Ion 77 "I, fell in with a barque, waterlogged, stancheona gone, decks ripped u|>, fcc., painted stern mourding. side* painted with a wide white streak, figure head, poop deck, jury foremast, maia and main topsail yardi across, with no sails on them?had apparently been hoarded and stripped. Hchb IV.akl. of Halifax, for Jamaica, waa totally lost at Salt Key 17th elt. . . ... Ship Ooodwin, at New Orlean*, passed the wreck of a large ship on the 18th ult. off Cape Antonio?could not make her out. Whalemen. Sailed from New Bedford 4th inst. Seine, Bmith, for .Indian Ocean; 5th, Lewi*, Tallman, N W Coast. Spoken. James Hay, from Boston for New Orleans, Oct 17, lat J2, Ion 74?by the Eyry, at this port. Patuxent, Clark, 6 days from New York for Matanzaa, Oct 22. lat 28 48, Inn 74 10. ... Ottoman, Hannura, Boston for Gibraltar, Id mat. lat 41 20, Orlando, Perkin*, Boston forNOrleans, list nit. lat 38 15, Ion 75 40. Willi* Putnam, Boston for Porto Rico. 10th ult. lat 23, Ion S3. Delaware, for Jamaica, 23d ult lat 21, Ion 83 20. Foreign Ports Ac* Cats*, Oct 14?In port, New England, M'Curdy, for Boston, 10 dayi. Sid Anitin, of Plymouth, for Bolton. Salt Kev, Oct 18?In port, brig , from Bt Thomas, for Philadelphia, ldg. bake Forts. Cleveland, Nov 3?Arr Albany. Harri*on, and Eclipie, Clark, Detroit; Tippecanoe. Randall, Buffalo. Cld Albany, Harrison, Oswego;' Commodore, Dorrett, Buffalo; Mink, Met ton, Perrysburg; Friendship, Barrow, Pt Stanley. Home Ports. Calais, Oct 34?Sid St Croix. Hoyt, NYork; 3?th,Warwick, Weeks, and Atlantic. Conner, Wet Indira. 1 Lubec, Nov I?Bid Science, Harding, N York. East Machias, Oct 30?Arr Adeline It Roeina, Fo?ter, New Bath, Nov 1?Arr John Odlin. Rollins, Martinique Oct 12? left, Rupert, of Bangor, for Wilmingtou, NC. Cld 1st, Clyde, Theobald, Savannah. . Fbanbkobt, Oct 31?Sid Saranae, (new) Carlton, St Jagn. Win:asset, Nov I?Cld Othello, Tucker, Charleston; Oris ka. Smith, Mari-I; Essex, Otis Alexandria. Por I LAND. Nov 3?Arr Frances Ellen, Merryman, Ou*da loupe for Bath; Pallas, Haven; Wm Wallace, Keller; Helen Mar, Holmes, and Delta, Ellms, NVork; Mary, Smith, l<rede ncksburg; Helen Fraier, Leavitt. Baltimore for Bangor; 4th, America. Smith, Pt Petre, Ousd. for Baih; Milton, York, Ports mouth; Andromeda, Perry, and Augasta, Brown, New York; Statira. Preble, do for Bmgor. Cld Altenus, Skolfield, I orto Rico; Champion, Bucknain, Cuba. Boston. Nov 5?Arr Selina, Pray, Aui Cayes; Declaration, Verry, Si|tK<-y; Dieskau, Ryder; Isabella,Clark, and Wabash, Smith, Norfolk; Baker, F.ldridke, Frederick?burg; Monarch, Satterly, Bond .ut. Telegraphed Kazan, from Konigsherg ? Cld Clarissa, Lunt, Trieste: Wm Davis, Handy, Savannah; Rochamheau, M'Uilvery. Wilmington, NC. to load for West Indies; Zephyr, Moore, Mobile; President, Nickers n. St Marks .Hid A|>al*chicola; Marcia. Smi'h, aud Oriole, Snow, Washington. NC; Brutus, Long, Noifolk; Beuj Bigelow, Bax ter, and Splendid, Crowtll. N Vork. Arr 4th, Squirrel Holmes, St J?go?3d lilt. ? ff Caie Antonio, in a severe gale, lost deck load ol 13 hlids molass-l, f. iesail, Itc?put into Key West 8,h ult. caulk- d the ve,sel, got new sails, Itc. and sld agun 21st ? Also arr, Lady Ar'ella, Nasisemond; Phebe Baxter, C rowell. Norfolk; Wm WiUon, Biker, Al*?aiidna: Cordelia, Howes, Philadelphia; Lunula, Wilson, NYork. 5th.pm-Arr j?a*ati, leckie, Konigsherg: Lancet, Verrill, Richmond: Splendid, Shack ford, Afeiamlria; Zealand, Baker, II .vreile tjrace, Md; Anitin, Perk.ns, Aui Caye*; Herald, Ooodwin, Baltimore; Cyprus, S.wyer; Eliza Ann, Mitchell, aid Le;q>ard, Handy, NYors. Below, in Nantasket R nds. Watson, Dockraj, from On dalonpe, via Norlulk, of and for Portland, put in on acct of h,NANTr<*BET, Nov I?Sld leader, NYork; 3d, Two Brothers, 8 Edoar?iown, Oct 31?8!d all the Fj?stern bound vessels. Arr 1st Mariner, Staples. Bsogor Tor Westerly, III. aud sld 2d. i'roviio nce. Nov 4-Arr Orand lurk, Porter, Bangor via Salem, where .he put in with loss of |mrt of deck load: Caro line Honicr. NottinghAm* Ciw Chiilf ?. Va; 1 in too, Uuriuije, and J?mes Bennett, Smith, Albany; Ei?pr?". luttle; Empire, Dayton, and Ariel, Oaks, N York. Sld Moses Brown, Nicker ?on. Philadelphia. . ... ? n PuiLADtLrHis, Nov 6?Arr Eunice Ilose, (Junes Middle town. Cld Caracas. Wilkins, La Ouifta: Mary? Aun St Caro line, Corson, Weym"iitl,; Lirklii, Charbuck, d^; 8 B Ash me d.Tnrton, New Bedf ird; Henry ? lay, Johnson, ami Maty n'orfoi.k, Nov 2?Arr Energy, Rays.n, NYork; Orand I.I ,md, I.ecount, Boston; North AiwnWi vfairV* Proriiicatowoi I'oniiAC, Whorf, Providence; Kichanii*, Darts, Hurhor; 111, Erin, Gardner, Newport. Cld 2d. Hopewell, Lawrence, West Indies. Sld 2d, J W (,aUr, Oreeulaw, Barba does;3d, Hopewell, and Orand Island. Washington. NC. Oct 28-Arr Myrrs, l-owler, Beiton.? Cld 29th, Fair, Smith, and Delaware, Forbes. NYork. Savannah, Nov 2-Sld Alliance, 'Incker. and American, Hale, Liverpool; Rialto, Chase, Charleston; lleurietM, Hughes, Mobile, Oct 30?Arr Athens, Chase, Havre. Cld Wm Ood dard, Potter, Liverpool. New Oblkans, Oct 2?-Arr Ooodwin, Davis, Liver|>ool; Bengal, Cook: Orlando, Perkinss and Esse*. Welch, Boston; Voluire, Bradbury, Mavanp.h. Cld Sahattis, Cox, and Vir ginia Antoinette, Delavaille, NVork. NIBLO'H (JHANIi SALOON FOR CONCERTS AND HALLS, IS now fittii g up for the winte-ainus-menti in magnificent style; for conceits it has inany advantages, having an arch'd ceiling, favorable for sound; anil being removsd from ihr ?tre?t. there is no annoy.trice from th- noise of Carriages. It has ca| a cioiis K^Peries, aad will accommodate IMI0 persons. For Balls it has a spring lloor and rsi-ed scats on the sides and is magi.i fice.itly lighted with splendid cut glass chandelier*. Attached to the Sslnon, and on the same lloor there sie private imrlors,dress ing rooms, managers' and hat rooms, aad a supper room 21X1 fiet long, which will accommodate600 | anon*. Utsst pain* will be taken u (ire sstlsl'action, and ob moderate term* no4 Itfcisre AUCTION SALES. GEORGE U ROLLINS, Auctioneer f\LTCH BULBOUS KLO WER HOOTS A r AUCTION, rhi? Day, 7th November. at 0)g o'clock, althe S?les Room, No. 17 Br <ad street Dutch Bulbous Flower Roots?2 caaet iu line order and wall wuriliy the atteiitjou ol ^urchwin, consist HIK of til* u-ual attorlirwlit of doubl* and alugl* llvaeiuths of thachoicest kinds; d ;ubl* audsingle Tul ps, ait'irlnl. Narcissus Poelictis; do Vail /ion; t rocut; Ai'emoues; Kauaaculea It:. AUo, 25 toiu Guuio, iuculu. WlLKINs k HULL INS. n7 It* ire A. C. TUTTLE, Auctions** HARDWARE CUTLERY, GERMAN TOYS, fcc JACOB S. PLATT'S Tweoty-eigh'li Fall Trad* Hard ware Tr?d* Sale this wnoii, will t-?ke place Thia Dav, at It o'clock, at tin* Auction Room No. 23 Piatt, Coiner of Go I d ?(., cootitliug of 200 packages, rates aii'l tola ol Birmingham, Shef field, Oerm in aud Ainericau Hardware. Also, Cutlery?turn prising au extensive aamr incut of t'eu and Packet I, 2. Sand 4 blade Kuivet, Hazora, Sciaaon, lie. Alan, 3 caaka Shcldeu's |iatent metal T*i Kettles,] to 7. Alao, 15 case* American Wood Screws, assorted, all siz*a. Alao, an inv.'ice of fine polished Kir* Sella, with Htandarda. Alsov Japanned Tea Tray*, Wait era, lie. Alao, Gerintu Toys, with which the tale will com ir.aoce;?20 caaet Grrtnau Toyi, being tha handsomest aasort inent offered th a teuou?in or.giual package* juat lauded from Bremen, aud worthy the attention oT city dealers. Alao, * id Dollt ? I caaea Kid Dollt, attorted sizes. Terma aix month*? Cataloguei now ready. u7 lt*r'C W. H. FRANKLIN, Auctioneer. 0Ha9IRS.BSTgP t,ULBtiug "LOWER HOOTS AT AUt/ I ION, Hut Day, 7th November, at 10)? o'clock, at No. 13 Broad atraet. 9Icaaea eery au|ierior Rocta, juit received from Hirlem.iu Holland. They an-iu fine condition and are equal to any heretofore offered; con titling, iu part, of doubl*and Also, very choice 1 ulipt, assorted, iu packages; Raooueul'S, Anemone*. Jonquils, Vrcissut.Crocnt, lie Aa the weather ia now favorable lor planting, and November the moat favorable month for doing *0, Invert of theie beiutiful (lowers will do well to attend this aale, aa they can de|iend upon obtaining a nue article. _ - - - WA ,f r respectable young man, a aituation iu a *? Dry Gooda or Grucery atore.aud haa no ohjrctiou to live in a private family. i he lieat city references cau be givn, or se curity if required. I'leaae call at 250 Mmt stiwt *7 2t*ec ANTED?A Journeyman Barlier. Apply t* No. 20 Ave n7 It'rrc EMOCRATIC GROCERS.?The Ward Committee., oolUcuug nnMr ?? th? et|>Msaa of (tie 1'orch-llght I'roceaaion on the lat iuataut, are requested to in?et at the North Am r-rican Hotel, ou Tharaday evening, the 7th mat , at half past 7 pieciaely. u7 lt*rre w D FIVE DOLLARS REWARD. OTOLEN?Some time bet wren the hours of aix on Tueadav ^ evening and two on Wednesday morning lut, a $5 bill ou the Bank of Wooater, Ohio. Said bill wu maiked in black ink, on the back, "Hun Office;" the letter W. uuder, and (it ia thought) the word "Whit" was marked in owe comer. The above reward will be paid for any information which ahall re sult in the conviction of the thief. Apply at this office. n7 3t ec HOMfc-R li STUART, ATTORNEY, COUNSELLOR, lie. No 5, Nassau street, n7 I tec New Yong. TO PERSONS INTENDING TO VISIT THE ISLAND OK CUBA. PROG R ESi) HOTEL, THREE MILES FROM HAVANA. With an Omnibus at the door every hour for 20 cents. 'T'HIS HOTEL, favorably known, has been enlarged, im A proved and lilted up the present seaion, in the American style, with glass wiudows, carpets, lie. Aa regards locality and climate, it cau boast of being altuated.on the inoat eligible apot upon ihe whole laland. Iu contiguity to Havana affords ihe advantage of a country and a city life, and almost a daily inter course with the United State*. It is surrounded by pleasant walks aud drives, in the midst of some of the most delightful gardens, to which visitors obtain free admission. To invalids It offera quiet, tranquility and pure air, without placing them out of the reach ol th- beat mi-dical advice and medicines.? The owner promises a good American table, every comfort luid attention, ou moderate terma. There will be horses in the house for riding and driving. J. CARBONAI. n7 tD3l*rrc TET BUTTONS, DAGUERREOTYPE PLATES AND J INSTRUMENTS, German Slates, Lead Pencils, Segar Cises, Tobacco Boies, Pipes, lie. French China, plain and gilt?snd a variety of other ? reach and (}? rman goods. For sale by EI)WAIID HEN, lin|iorter, n7 I 111 rh II and 20 Liberty street. H^O ALL WHOM THESE PRESENTS MAY CONCERN J- ? I, Vito Hooasi, do forbid all persona from trusting or harboring my wife Catharine ltonASi, as I will not pay any bills of her contracting, as she, the ?md Catha-ine, hat lett my bed aud boaid without any provocation. VITO ROOA8I. New Yqiik, Nov fi'h, 1841. n7 lt?rrc STRANGERS HEW ARE. FTHI8 AGE OF QUACKERY AND HUMBUG, it ii moat important to chooae au eiperienced phyaician?DR. J. EVANS has removed his Old Oaleu's Head Dispensary to No. 2SS I'earl street, corner of Beakinan street, where he continues bis most eitraordiuarv cures of all delicate diseases, no matter how complicated. He apprises the citizens and strangers that there is no Dr. Evans in Ins old stand, and that he has no con nection whatever with any other office. n7 lt*rrc OHEATHING FELT.?21 cases of the verv superior patent SheathinjK Pa|ier, admirably calculated for sheathing vessels and roofs of houses. For sale, in lots to suit purchasers, by nfi E. K. COLLINS It CO.. M South at. TWINE?200 bales Bridport 'Vine, Herring and Gill Net Twine, comprising a very full and complete asior'ment, from Ihs. to K lbs. mI received per receut importations, of very superior quality and manufacture, for sale on very reason \ ble terms, by E. K. COLLINS It CO. nfi 36 South street. HEMP?200 hales extra qu <lity dew rot Hrmr, for sale in lota to suit purchasers by n6 _ E. K. COLLINS li CO. 56 South street. WOtfL-4 bales Illinois, of fine quality. For lale by n6 K. K COLLINS k CO.. 56 Sou'h at. T ARD.??n? Mega auicrior pure l<eul'L\rd. !? or sal* in lots to ?Li auit purchasers, by Ii6rc ft COLLI Ng fc CO.. M South amet li n KXiBROlDEKED MUSLIN AND MOKRICAINE ROBES.?The subeeribera have juil received direct froin the manufacturer, per the Grant Weatern, two cases of th*above goods for Evening Dresses, beautifully aasorted in styles and colon from t3,Z5 to $25,00, and well adapted tucity trade, which they offer for tale ou liberal terms, for approved i>aper. A. P. FORREST fc CO., nj 3t,m 7 Cedar street, up steir*. WILLIAM SCHARFENBERG fc FERD. LUIS beg leave v v to inform their friends and the public in general that they have formed a Co-partnership for the importation of Foreign Mnaie, for the sale of which they have opened a Depot at the store 361 Broadway, near Franklin street, where may be con stantly found all the Classical Works of the celebrated French, German and Italian composers, as well as all the lateat publica tions, of which they will always have a complMe assortment at toon at pubiithed in Europe. N. B. Italian Strings of superior quality for Violina, Guitars, Harp*, lie. Ice. Silve: Wire. Rosin, lie. o5 linis'rrc CENTRKVILLE COURSE, L. I. A Sweepstake will ceme off erer the abeve course on Thurs day, Nev. 7, 1114?Mile Heals in Harness, far which a Purse of $30 will be sdded by the Preprieters. The following are the entries and closed :? C. Charles b m. Fanny Wright. D- Wanaor. b. m. Sally Walker. Wm. VV'helanda, b. g. Jim Bell. E. Smiths ...... I. g. Diamond Same Day?A Match, two mile beau, to wagonaTjbr 1400, bttween H. Jonea't a. g. Tom Moody, and Phillip WebbeCi br. m. Lady Washington. First Trot to come off at 3 o'clock. Admission to any part of the Course. 50 eente. Centreville, Nov. ?, l?44. nt 2t*rc 15EAGON COURSE?TROTTING. Thursday, November 7th, at I o'clock precisely. Match for I'OflO, Two Mile Heats in Hsrneas, between Sir William and Hector. Same day, match for $200?mile heats, in harness1be*a ?en Lady Tompkins and Ameuia. Alao, Match for $200. Two Mile Heats in lUrneaa, b*tw**u the pacing horse* John C. Cal houn snd Fairy Qn**n. Admi'tanc* to all parts of tiie Course 50 ceats. nt 2t#re F H)T RACr. FOR ?1400. Fourteen Hundred Dollars wilt he mid for a Font Race, to t?ke place ou the BEACON COUHSE, Hoboken, opposite New York, on the 11th of November, weather |*-rmitting, as fo'lowa;? $100 for a (Mr ten milea. $7"0 to the first, $2.V0 to the second, $150 to the tliM, $75 tn th* fourth, aud $15 to (lie fifth. Also, $?00 for a foot race, threat mile*?$150 to Ihe first, and $50 to the aecond iu the race. All entriee to km made on or liefo'e the 7th November, excru t tho<? |er?oaJ^Pni? grmter distance than 300 m'lea from the city of New Y^BT Such persons to have ihe prvileg* of entering th* Saturday previous to In* race. En I ranee* $5i winch can b*ma<le hv letter directe?l to the proprietor, at West Hoboken, or with R. Smith. Park Row. 'I he following arsons Have entered llieir nam** to atart for th* ten mile race: John Gililerslev*. the winner of th* last race; al?o John MowmI TImM ??-*enhal?h, being rlie two pe deatriana late from Eiiglind; alao three others who were in the laitrxc*. Steep Rock, or Johu lloaa, the Indian from Buffalo, it exp*cl?d. Th* rac* of thrae mile* will take place at twe o'cl ick precise ly?and the t*n mile race al three o'clock. o30 Iw? rrc C. S BROWNING, Proprietor. LOS I Oil STOLEN?In the neighliothood ol |)i?i, |S?Ssiou tiid Msrk't streets, an old h^nglisli Silver WATCH 2-Jin ule hy B. Roberts, L ndos, No. 35.655 havn.g attach *d a black ribband or b aid fob, with a common bra?s key A liberal reward will be |iaid to the finder by leaving it at 41 Division street i.ti 2t*ec UNITED LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS |bJI>-To sail poiitively on ihe lib Nov. her regular day, JNMBastlie new packet >hip ISABELLA, 1000 tons, Captnn (ieory<- Hiikk*. will sail positively as above. Tf'is fine i ew ahip has accommodations rarely iret with for cabin ami tecond cahm passengers. Second cabin passengeo will hetiken al steerage prices, aud accommodated in a supenor manner in a roomy house on deck, built eip'essly for the pur pose, affording a in>'tt desirable opportunity for |iersont about proceeding to the old country. W. fc J. T. TAPSCOTT, n7 re Wonth ?lreei. corner Maid>n l.aii" 1*^- For Nf.W ()RLKAN8.?I .oinaiana and New York Line?Regular picket, to sail Saturiliy, 16th JIBpfaiiiialaiit. The eleaant fa?t sailing packet ?hip M1HHIS MITI. f art. Hilliird, will ixisilively aail a? above her regular day. For freight or |*saage, having handaome furnished ac commodations, apply on board, st Orleans wharf, fool of Wall street^or lo E. K. COLLINS V CO , 56 South st. Positively no goods received on board after Friday evening, 15th Inst. Shipiers may rely upon having llieir goods correc'ly measur ed. and that the thips of this line will sail punctually ss adver ted. Agents in New Orleans, Messrs. Ilullin aud Woodruff, who will i roniptlj forward all goodt to llieir addrest. nine WANTED FOR CHARLESTON, 8 C. " A number of VESSELS from 110 tn 4M lont, to mHVWload wuh alone. Tlie highest frright i>aid. Apply at jHAflfaitlc Oltiro of tha STATEN ISLAND GRANITI. COMPANY, No 3 Wall street. n6 2w*rc QL'GaR?H hbdi Priin* N*w Otlaans? for sal* bv ^ E. K (JOLLINB fc ??. ?$<M M South lUW AMUSEMENTS. PA UK THKATUB. Mr. PLA< I UK? Last nmbt of his EugMrmout. THIS k V KMNG.November7, will be preaaotro tha comedy of WHAT WILL VHK vVORLD 8AY T-Capt- fan-sdid die. Mr. PWide; Misada Vera. Mim K at* Morn ?' Tocouclul* wiiti A-LAD-IN, the Wonderful Umi>-AU(l' dm, Mr*. Ssarritt; Ahumr, Mr. Chiiiwudalr. Admihiok ? Tier 73 cent*?Second and Third Tiara VI centa? fit W cent*?Gallery 23 ceut*. -IOU)<tt Third night of tlx ('ampanalogian, or Swiss Ball Hinam. | THIS VVKNING, November 7. 1H4. will be (MMMtfd ti? romantic MMCVicle of PETEK WlLKIv8, or tlia Hying Islander*? IVwr Wilkiui, Mr* Tunin; Phelim O Scud. Mr. Brougham; Nicodemu* < rowquill, Mr. John Dunn Alter which the CAMPAN ALOlilANn, or licit Ringer*, will iwrforin a Urand Introduction aud P?lnn?'*a; the Virgiui* UuiCK Step, and a National Air, ( Yankee Doodle ) To conclude with THAT RASCAL JACK?Kaacal Jack, Mr. J. Dunn; Lucy, Mr* Watu; Eunly, Mia* K. 8haw. Aumimion ? Drea* Circle 30 cents; I 1 i? r Buiea ij. Pit 23: Private Boxes (to accnininodate s>x persons) t'j each. CHATHAM TIIBATHK. BF.NEK1T OK MK. LENNOX?THURSDAY, Not. 7. iui. Mr. L. re*|iectfully announce* to hi* friend* th\t, at the sug gestion of numerous countrymen, he is induced t ? offer hi* name for ? BENEFIT, prior to hi* departure from thr city, on which occaaion will be acted (lie admiird Scotch dramatic opera of HOB HOY, or Auld l.aiif Hyne?Bailia Ntcol Jar vie. Mr. Launox, aa acted by hitn in Scotland. Canada and the United Stair* upwards of 30V tiitthta; Hob Hoy, Mr. Kresr; Diana Vernon, Miu Nelaon. I After which Jack Winan? will ?ing the News-hoy and van oil* other songs. Dancing Vc , by Mons Ch*ckruni. Afier which the iplei.did Panoramic View of THE CITY OK BOSTON. Tbe whale to conclude with th- laughable farce of A LOAN OK A LOVER?Gertrude, (with tonga,) Mia* NaUon. t 00k 10 h'll? of the day for further novelty. n3 ttarre UbKlUi\'8 THKAl'ltK ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA THURSDAY EVENINO. November 7 .?'Will bepreaao'ed tlie VAMPIRE?Kuthven, Mr i.onurr; McSwi'l, Mr. Barka, Lady Marcan-t, Mr* Bnrke; Elfie, Mr*. Booth, Kollowrd b> a DOUBLE BAND OK ETHIOPIAN MIN STRELS. After which, MY FRIEND. THE CAPTAIN-Dnun Brown, Mr. G. Birrett; Snoxall, Mr. Burlie. To coucluda ? ith tha burlr*queopera of OTEL'-O?Otallo, Mr. John*t/>n; l?go, a Yankee, Mr. Burke; Brabantio, a Dntch m.vn, M'. M\*r?; Roderigo, a Frenchman. Mr. IImm?ill iJeede inona. nerself Mr*. Booth. Nlbto'n (iaiden. THE LAST WKEK of the PANORAMA OK MADRAS, by the uueqnalled Artiat, W. Damn.*, R. A ?Thi* truly baautiful and effective representation cover* a turface of 4000 ?quire feet, but from it* admirable dec'ptiva anyeajance, the eye aeema to range over several Hundred (quart mi lea, embracing the FORT OK MADRAS. beueath tlie ?urrounding CITY OK MADRAS: tha COROMANDKL SEA: Terrific Break [ era, through which the lingular Indian Surf BoaU are lean forcing their |ieriloua way; while, ou tha other hand, the dmant country bounda the proapect; tlie foreground rendered more in | toreating by the buay *cen* of Palanquin*, KlaphanU, Camel*, 1 Dromedarie*,Indian Oien, with (hooaanda of native and Brimh troop 1. Open from 10 in tha morning until It at night. Admiaaion 21 . cant*, children half price. Reaaeuable allowance for Schoola | or Partiea. In conaaquenec of necaaaary alteration* far tha atuning aaaon, tlie Panorama ia for tale. n4 Iwia rrc EXHIBITION THE END OF THE WORLD. A PAINTING, f)K VERY LAROK SIZE. by F. Anelli, at tha Apollo VS 410 Broadway. The Exhibition ia entirely aeperate from tha Concert Room. Open from 10 A. M. to J P. M., and from 7 to If P. M. Admiaaion 23 cent*. olO lm* rc PANORAMA AT NIBLO'H GARDEN.?Open for a thort * aeaaon. tlie moat magnificent Panoramic Painting erar ex hibited in thia country, (ao aay all the Artiau that have aeen it.) It waa executed by the celebrated Artiata, Mr. W. Darnell. E. O. Parrea and Auguatua Earle, R. A London. It ia now opea during the day. Admittance to the Oardau and Panorama 23 cent*. Artiat* are raapectfully invited to viait the Panorama free of chaige. 0C7" Tha Piuiorama of Madraa w.u exhibited in Ruaaell Square, attendml with immeuae tacceaa, and when purchaaad by Mr. Niblo waa conaiderad the yery baat Tanoramic painting in Loudon. lU tore NOW OPEN, FOR ONE MONTH ONLY, i k T tha Rooma of the National Academy of Deaifn. corner of a. Leonard itreet and Broadway, the exhibition of the follow- | ing magnificent raintinga:?The Abandonment of Henry Hnd aon, tlie nufortanaie diacoverrr of New York. The great Battle of Milliana, in Africa, betweeu the Kirnch and the Arab*. And ?The only Portrait of Abdel Kader, the celebrated Bedouin I Chief. Houra of exhibition, from 10 A. M. to 9 P. M. Admit tance 26 centa. ?ach viaitor receivea, gratia, at the door, a beantifnl lithograph of tlie Abandonment of Henry Hudaon. New York, October 10, 1044. olO Im'ac "fashionable dancing. MON8. GABRIEL DE KORPONAT, U AS the honor of informing the Ladieaand Gentleinan of New York, and vicinity, that he haa arrived for tha purpoaeof giving inatruction in the principal fiuhionable Dance* prevailing in the highest circles of European aud American *ociety. Mona. K. ha* lately arrived from Bo*ton, Saratoga and New port, where hi* atyle met th* war meat admiration or the public, and tlie marked approval of the faahionable community.? Among other*. Moo*. K. proj>o*ea to teach that well known dance LA POU(A?the new Quadrillea with original muaic? the Valie d? Daux Pa*?the Maxourka?new Cotillioui?nrw Galoppe, and all American Dancra. Mona. K. will be a**i*ied by MADAME KORPONAY a* Mtuician. Tha inatraction will be given in the Krench, Ger man and Englian language*. Room* are engaged at 23 Park Place.?atrictly pi ivate, cool and airv?for the accommodation of Ladiea and Gentlemen. The Polka, and the new Uuadrillea. aa at preaent danced in the faahionable circlea of Loudon and Pari*, can be taught in six ?r twelve leaaoiu, except tlie Maxourka. All other* iu tweuty oar leaaoiu. Kor further particular*, iuqnire of MONS. KORPONAY, at hi* leaidence, 23 Park Place. Ttmi:?Cla** Leoon* from 10 to 12, A. M., 12 to I, and I to 2, P. M., and from 6 to 7 in the evening Six leuona, 96?twelve lr??ou*. SI0, and quarter, (13. Private Leuon*?*ix leuons, ?U: twelve lo**on*, $12; quar ter. *20. All other houra will be devoted to Public Inatitutaa, Acad I amiea, Ike., tec. n4 ART AMD .SCIENCE uF DAN GIN ?> AND W ALT/IN it. ACAHD-: iR Ik HALE and DAUGHTER regretfully iaaonn-e to th* Ladie* and tiectlamen ol New York, that tneir Claaaa* in Dancing, Waltzing, and the Polka Danee7 will commence at the Aaiemblr Room, Constitution Hall, <30 Broadway, on Saturday, October 12th, and will contiwie throughout the *eaaon. Day* of Tuition, for Young Ladiea and (Jenttanen under 14. every Tuesday and Saturday afternoon, commencing a* 2?and for tha elder claa* of Gentlemen at 7. Every new *tvl* ol Dancing taught in Mr. W.'i claue*, without additional charge to pupib. Mr. W. tru*u that the reference* he (hall offer of hi* capability jvill be *ati(factory. Schoola and Academic* attended to on ap . plication a* above, or at hi* Private Academy, No. 70 Sixtl. Aveuue, where term* will be mide known and circulars given, containing particular*. o2 lm*rc T1VOL1 SALOON CORNER OK CHARLTtJN AND VARICK STREETS. THE underaicned respectfully inform their friend* and th* A public that uey have re-<ip< n*d iheTivoli Saloon, (formerly Richmond Hill,) corner of Charlton and Varick sirasts, for the season, and to accommodate all who may favor them with their patronage?having th* 1 irgeat and ino*t commodiou* room in the city, which will be let on reasonable term* for Ball*, Meeting*, Parties and Drills, and all who may favor them with their call GEO RGB HAMILTON, ) o77 lm?rec KRAN?,|? BOWUET. \ rro'?,torl PAKKTHhATKh. M^2"Ti1v^/bei'.fc MAY WOOD has the honor to ai,i??raV~ ? n . L ?,ni1 lh" ruhlic. that his Benefit srd last ? I1' I*1" 1'uc*on midat EVENING next in tbia^ty\*n*w Comldr" " fof London calfs^ Com,dVl l*rform^ with great s.ceeM Adam ri w INHERITANCE. variety o^ttruinnMnis/wbiVh wVlf'b^jgivsn in fnture advertnement*. 1 o which will be added, for lb 2d time, the drama of TAM O'SHANTER. n?l?m Haywood. THK ATRE T^R. PLA(.IDE'S Benefit.and positively hi* la*t appearance ' Ca,1y pnOT 10 hU ihyrture for the South; <:?y T1' NOr' '? 00 "hiCh wfl'lT a u LONDON ASSURANCE. With the^Drama'of "" M'" <ir.?^.fikas}p,r^'1ter WHITEHEAD. n6 3trrc Whitehead Mr. Placid*. ^(i^T^L"K,OK OIL PAINT IN GS~tcTkc? 1 V*ALI.KRV ol Oil Painting*, Marble Statuary, very rare rone ,V iTwifV' ,C' T l' mo,t arti*I* of Eu k,? th.r . excepln.li the gr<atevt and mint valuable col JlJfi, 2 1 h.MfV" place III the United 8 ale.-will be nn U'i? ? r,thouiffrrf^ ,l auction, to clo?. th* con in', vt L*^U?,l5!r 1 huriday next, lha 13th and 14th inst., 2ftI Broadav -hi'' V?ih# 0*"erV. "> lh- Granit* Bnildmg, mi.?ion Krse!' V now "P"1 for 'niection. Ad thS^y^^te: f-1 IU 1"?A' ?>1elt.,--d in NKW YORK BRASS HAND # ALL applications kor the NKW YORK BKAS8 BAND will lie m?de for the prvtent with JAMKS 1 ONNER. 31 Bayard .treet, WILLIAM WALLACE, M Spring ?tnret. S. c. LL M, 143 I 'entre ?rreei. Mr I). UNDEIOilLL, No. 114 Woo*ter*treet, Mr. A. 11 KKATS. No. 19 Norfolk ?trot, or Mr. J. wal LACE, No. 7 Dock streot. > n3 ?iis#rre C== STERLING ? XH1BITION kor BALE. DANIEL'o PANHKAMA OF MADitAS, Now hlHIBITI** *T NIB nr a GARDEN. ITS attractive qualities are too well knowu to recpnre com A ment. During the late Kair of tlie American lii'titate, it waa viai'm! by upw ird* ofSOHO individual*, whoae nniform an miration if the biat te?t of ii* m-rin N. B ?An early application mint l?- made, aa if will nhortly have to be rrmoved in conaequrnce of Mteo?ive appro<chinr alteration* u* ]turc NOUVEAUTIv? PARISIENNES, K VMIIONABI.K PARIS M I L L I N K It Y E ST A B L11H M E N T, 4!CI llroailway, MADAM OO I)F R^EY?"fc D A UG H T E t, VKRY KeaP'Cifully inform the l^di'*, that the *rr**gem*iit* made with tb?nio*i celebrated modi*tes of Pan* and Lon don, emurei to thi* *?tahli?bmeiit this ????on, the receipt by every xr ivd lrom Kurope, 1 h-- neoeet and lateat fnhon* They hiv* now ii|en three ci*? ju*t received, Compri>ing ?nlei.did Hal* of Parisian 8at<n, Silk, Velvet, fcc fee. AI*o (.an, Head Lire*sea, hmbroidene*. tic , to which they *<ilicil * call from their patron* and the ladle* in g'neial Mad 'me G. k D. will *t *11 time* nue their utmo?( evertionr to deserve a continuance if the po' lir paironaite " / IJre** Making in all it* variont hraucliea. Ladies own material* mada to order N. B.?-Country Milliner* (upplied All favor* will rn*et with 1 rompt attention n6 lm*tc MEXICAN PILOT EXfKA < Ol I(.\ DU( kT-20c hair* of thi* *upenor article, tnannfactured with tbe g eat est care, from the lieat material., and compri*ing a complete as sortment, from No. I a 3. of extra quality, for aOe by ?6 sc E. K ( OLLIN8 It (0.36 South itreet P^ITATnt^H. ? rVOO bn*hel4 |ri*h Polaton, for **le in lot* t" l auit parrhcaar*. Families deairona of being supplied will please *?nd their order* to JOSEPH McMURRAV. n3 rrc 100 I'in* *tre?t. PIG IKON?IW TONS BEST 8COXCH. 30 TONS CHEAP AMERICAN 10* TONS BKST AMERICAN. vivy itrong, *nitable for Rail Koad WWIi or Machinery, fas J^/by < A** It WARD. ol> lm*?e Tl Broad ?t>-et. Patent sheathing keli - * l atent? Ki It. a very *un*fior articlo f.??? ? "v * ! t' e f of hou***. Kor *aU by r ' ' >? ?P ~ ?7l.*B-0i eaalis art"?t--f??i ?i> ? , ft WiM'.IIflt (.1. Ik v |N'H HNft, Southor ...RNI, South street, BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Philadelphia. Pmii^dklvnia, Not 6, 1M4. ^Th? mutt UtAfp^au rac+teraeiit prevailed here this morning, prior to the arrival of the sapres* lrom Now York, bringing the result of the election In year city. Hundreds of partem were congregated ou the wharf anxiously waning Tor the ttsaaaboat. Aa aoon aa aha ar ilvod, cinJ tha numbers wtra announced, the moat deaf ening ahuuta rent the air?the newa bo> a aped off in all direct! n? w ith the Eur* Herald, and the intelligence wss aoon apread far end near, that the Dcmoeraey were again tri'imptuut. Ths|Deaiocri?ts are at much elated aa their opponent* are dvpreated 'I hey will fire a astute of one UuuJred and twenty a x (una lor the Euipus State to morrow. Tlteie are no further return* from the Interior of thie ilate. Patrick Murray,the keeper of a grocery atore at the corner of Uermantown Hoad and Jsfl'erion street, waa coiivicttd of riot in the Court of Quarter Ueition* thie morning Duiing the conflict between the Native* and I nth at Keaaiugton, in May laat, Murray'a atore seemtd t* a priru d' affrti tor the latter. He was committed to the county prnon to awa t hi* aentence. The cute cf John Beatty vettu* the county ef Phila delphia, came up lor trial before the DUtrjct Court thla morning The ?uit wu brought to tecover dsmsgi s for the destruction of the plaititiA'* houtu in ? ndwslader itreet, during the Keuxmgton riota. '1 he jury tetuined a verdiC'. ol $468 04 tor the plaintill' StLht at the Hiaca KiiHtmi -lOOOirsrd Bank, If] ; S14 do do II ) 700 Wilmington Railroad i4 ; J'l' 0 Ohio ???, 1H60, lOJi , 100 U. 3. Bank, 7$ , 600 New County A'*, 19*0 10 Union Bank, Tenn , *? ; 13 Lehigh ?'*, ISM, 39 i 10 000 State A'a, 71]. Skcovo iiotKn ? fl(k??City Oa* 6'*, US) 2M State A'*, 09|, 39 Schuylkill Nsvigs'ion, ifl ; S00 Wilmiugton Rail road Boudi, b Ad, til | , yj Wilmington do do, 34 Ohio Klaetlau. By the Southern Mail, we have retarns from twenty-two additional counties, showing a steady whin increase sines ths last returns. No doubt ex ists that this Statu goes for Clay. The increase at present may amount to over 4,000. Virginia Election. Very little further information has been received from Virginia ; but fremevsry indication the State is likely to go tor Polk and DulUs by about 6,000 majority. _____ Maryland faction. The following is the w<lt, as far as ascertained, of the Presidential election held in Maryland oa the 4th instant. The comparison is made with tbe Oubernatoriai election held on the 2d October last: ? JfT JP# JfT ? JP Countm. Clay. Polk. Pratt. Carroll. Allegany, maj. 24 ? 1433 1620 Anne Arundal, 200 ? 1780 16*0 Baltimore city, 8414 8887 7968 9190 Bttlmnore county, ? 248 ? 661 Calvert, 108 ? 462 896 Carroll, 1784 1691 1881 1731 Cecil, 1627 1603 1626 1686 Frederick, 199 ? 8132 8104 Harttord, 200 ? 1490 1411 Kent, 191 ? 701 644 Montgomery, 266 ? 1086 906 Prince George's, 303 ? 1027 749 Washington, 73 ? 2632 2676 13,289 12,829 26,016 26 911 12,329 26 016 960 696 960 Whig gain thus far, 1866 New Jersey. The election closed lai-t night, but we could get uo returns but the following?Hudson county has gone tor the wings by a decreased majority. In Newark, the North Ward has given 12 whig gain. The whig majority in Eliznbethtown is decreased by 39 votes. These ate the only particulars ob tained. HI11P HKWS. Bjr Last Night's Kouthrrn Mull. I'Hii.tnai.rHit, Not ??Cld Clinton .Hartley, Mobile; K F Lnmr, North, i'ernambuco; Baltimore,Tredway.Cape Hartian. Baltimore, Not 4?Arr Rettaracion, [Span] I'uig, Monte video, (tlt-nduvrer. Head, Frankfort; Traffic, Kogera, *York.? Hid Katharine Jackaon, Stafford, Rotterdam :Argyle, Couluey, Charleston and Liverpool; Dot ton, Percival, Button; Mayflow er, [ Brl Cochran. Hi John, NB; Slataarhute.lt, Colliua, New Bedford; (Jallant Mary, Evaua, Mayaguez ?AlM>lta /TTTuy 'IMIERE will be a Meeting of Seamen held at < roton Hall, A corner ot Bowery and DiTition atreeta, ou Thursday After noon, November 7c'\ at 2 o'clock, to Inks into conaideratien matter* of ilie utmoat impo'tauee la every teaman ; and u it i* for the inbred and benefit of the ring community, it it el - oected that a geueral attendance of til the teamao in the port of New York will meet at the time an&Jlace appointed. By order of a Committee of Arrangement*. New York, Nor. J, 1844. n( tt*rre TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS, MANlKACTURERl . DRUOOI8TR AND tiENERAL DEALERS. JOHN C MORRISON, Wholeaale Dealer in Drag*, Dye ? Stuff*, Orncerie*. Tea*, Oil*, Paiutt, Chemical*, Manofae tnrer*'article*. he., he., (No. 1U Greenwich itrret, between Kulton and Veiey ttreeu, near the Waalniigton Market, Naw York,) ha* now on hand and for tale at the |ow**t prices, and oa accommodating terms, the largest aaaortmenl ol Staple articles ever off-red to tha peblic in lha following line:? Aputliecarice; Looking Ol*** Maker*t Arti*ani; Leather Dreatert; Auaver* of Oold and Silver; Morocco Dreatert; Artificial Flower Maker*; Match Maker*; Bater*; Manufacturer* of Cloths! I Brewer*; Meul and Marble Poliahent Bleach*.*; Oil Cloth Painter*; Confectioners; Painter*; < Malice rrinter*; Paper Maker*; Carriage Makers; Patent Medicin* Makers; Cabinet Maker*; Paper Htainert; Chair Makert; Root Beer Maker*; Coach lare and Fringe Maker*-, Itetiuer* of Oold and Btlvsrt Cordial Dialillen; Higu Painter*; Color Maker*; Straw Hat Bleacher*; Druggltt*; Bilvmmillia, DUtillsn; Sugar Reft net*; Dyer*; Spice ttriadefs; Den tilt*) Snuff M inufactarerst Floor Cloth Painter*; Soap (.handler*; For Dysrs; Soda Water Maker*; roller*; Tobaceoeiati; Orocsn; Tanner* and t aniert; Ola** and Stone-war* Maker*; Varniaher*; CHIiler*; Woollen and Cot toe Cloth Hatter*; Manufacturer*; Jaweller*; White and Blaekamiths; Ink Manafactarrri; Worker* in Iron, lis., fee. And all kind* of Manufacturer*. OILS Sperm, fall bleached and nnkt'd; Linaned Oil, boiled; " Winter" Olire Oil in ca*k* tad beaksts. " . florins " " Neaufoot Oil; Whale, Winter and Fall, re- Tiuinert' and Cvrriers' Oil; Aned and bleached; Palm Oil: ferd Oil. Fall and Winter; Tallow Oil; lar Oil, Fall; Alcohol; " Winur; Spirtu of Turpentine; Linteed Oil, Knglith and Amer- Camphine; ican; S|ierm Candlea. " 'ih n) I w*ec NAVY AOENT'8 OFFICE, t Naw Yoas. October US, 1844 ) THE following articles will be told on the lit of November neit, at 11 o'clock M., ander ihe direction of the tubtenbat, at the Uni ed Btalet Nary Yard, Brooklyn, for caah on the day of *ale. A quantity of Bread; do Breed Dn*t; do Kim; do Floor; do Empty Hogaheadi; do do t'ipea: ?io do Whiiky Barrel*; do do k Beef do. JAME8 H. St'Y DAM, Nary Agent Tlie above tale U i<o*tpmied till the 11th intt. ni tNlt rrc JAMEe H. SUYLtAM, N*ry Agent ARTIFICIAL PALATES, OONSTRL'CTED ?o ?* to remedy ihe Iota of the natnrml v one*. lnc?rni|<ibl* Teeth, of aorpetetng t>rauly. inter ted from oue 11 a complete eel?and all oprrattuoa apcrrtaiuing to the Dental Scieura, performed upon the laleat London and Pariiian principlre. bv Mr. \VM. HARNETT, !? urgron Den titt of tlie turn, or J. HAHNe.l'i k < O, of London aad Parta, No. 141 Broadway, nppoeite the Tabernacle. nJ Im'rrc COR SALE CHEAP ?Fire aecood hand Billiard Table*? All repairing in the Bil'itrd Ilea done in the beat maimer poaatble. and at the ahorleat noiica. Plaaaa apply to, nL'*St*m I f) t f)N NKK, ii Ann street. FIVE DOLLARS REWARD CJTOCEN?A Draft for one hnudrad dollnra, by Jno T. South ^ ' It Co , on E. W. Cl*rk It Co , ol Philadelphia, m fator of K. Knaafft, and mdorted by him?dated New York, October 16th, IMt, pavtble tt tight The|>ablic iaeaationed uot to caah or iMgoriaie i lie aame, aa |?ymeul of it l>aa been atoppad. The abort reward will be pais by ita being retnmad to K KN At)K?T. II Oold *freet. nl lt*rre WATCHES!?WATCHEB AND JEWELRY.?Thos* I who wi*h to Iierrhaae Onld or Stlrer Watche*. (.old Jh*i is, Oold Pencil*, Keys, fcc. will And it greatly to their ad rantage u> call on tlie aabccriber, who i* *elliug all de*cri|itn>ii* of tlie ub"?eat retail much lower than aay other linuae in tlie citv. Hold Waichea a* low a* tM and 111 fach Watcliee anil Jewelry earhanged or bought. All Watt-he* ?*r raoied io keep good time or tKa money returned Wttcliea, I lock* and Jewelry repaired in the beat manner and warranted, at much leaa than the n*ual pricea O. C. ALLEN. Itnimrterof Watche* and Jewelry, ol Im'ef Wholeaale and retail. IS Wall at., up ttairs. FARMS FOR SALE AN eieellant Farm of 101 acre*, aitaated in New Jertey, in a good title of tultitation, well fenced?*e?eutaen acret of eicellent woodland, the remainder *11 cleared, and the gre iter part of it ha* been limed and well manured within the laat two )carr, llonta and building* in good repair; plenty nl good water, and a variety of choice Iruit trert, anu a large gnai ? tity of Ane cherry treet. Seeeral attet of very tupertor toil ha* been nied for trucking, being wiihin an mile* of a good market. Tart of ihe purchaae nwnev mat remain on mortgage on ?aid farm, at *il percent To be told ?ibar?ain,Mwi|l he eiehangi'd for rit jjiroperty. ApplytoVr. JOH N HU< AS TI.E, 17 Prout at , N?w York, nr to JtlllN ONDEKDONK, Eaa. Bomidlif >ok Hoad, near N<w Hrunawick thia ibmild meet tke eye of JOHN tOWLER, Isle of Bromford, near Birintngham, in Kogl'nd, it will be to hi* ad eaniat-e m atiwid to it. ni Iw'm NOTICE. All. PAKKER. f.? Dnane ttreei, between Broadway and ? Mm atreet, agent for the aale of ealnahla Oil ''aiatisga, 1'iircelatas and Antniuitiea. haa juat received jer ahip I'eraian, from AiMtsrdam, * tine collection of *pl*iidid till Painting*; I)f the nsaiah and Dutch *chuol*. eleaant Japan l*Ci|uer*d Porcelain, of the richeat bind*, old DihiWii rarcelain liroapa, fancy Cops and Saocera, ancient rich in gold Kan*, of tha litli rentury, awl of gran dear epnal to any thing imported into this country, which esn be di*|??ad of at moderate pnesn. There fore tlioee who wi*]i to eansh their collection*, or ornaaanting thair parlor*, will And it ts their int?re*t to call and egaaiae ikw"th?***f*CniLdTl'ilTrU1^ *" P4ni"U'IV lnr1,ari?. IseAt Wma from It A. M. UU 4 P. M. oW tatsod'rs

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