7 Kasım 1844 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4

7 Kasım 1844 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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?R>_Wfra\ .TjU" viMr or* "riMr -f *?? ... 3Mt Until i hum NmM ?ap9H? W Mil ,ag MM kaihdi pa aaaai t? Mum pmy ik? MOM advantages ot doing sate u. ,.rx?#ii*l If tMtsu.ee*. situated ill the centre of a manaf* ?"?l haosct atai ike MM iapboi of ale ia rapidh , rc\? rouira ot Ti urm H <sf wkick M wall uataW, '? T? Xmfm c*RlT"**' ?"?J*4 u' lead buildisirs. ' ill be mM Mparataly <H together Trrnu ?uy. ? _ JAMES ROY ' ??. I^|? * -vst Caaatv. Jaly tath, *444. jH tiic Aiittai uoitvL.. <**STREET. BLOOMING DALE HO AO. THE prounetor of the Abbey Howl would make hi* ? ai thanks for the liketal patronage givsu to hi* h\'As* the pui lumiwi. H' " fally Piffwrf for tK? fall business, and would thtnfil itamisa parltae ui individuals with Breakfast, Uiiatra, i j*r?. at *hort untie* I* ?"** l' Wioaa, Liquors. aad Eatable* will be found g?od u th? city uaatkoa afford. *11 ifirc NAVY AGENT'S OFFICE, i New York. October 'iaib, 1444. \ ?"PHkl followiag article* will be told on the Ifth of Nowa a?at, at <1 o'olock. M , under itic direction of lh? *ub*cnb*r, at the L uited Slates Navy Yard, Brooklyn, for Cash on the day 3 10 inch l'.tiihaii Ouna, 16 1 do M U Pdr. Cannon*. | ? M do MM do 14 14 do It W do M ? do I ? de 13 ? do 3 4 do 1 U Nr. Carruaada. 4 n 4? U M Jo a i? io 14 !i do 1 ? do 4 i* Pdr How itaae*. 1 9 Pdr. S? ivel 1 3 do ?B 41 Pdr. Round Sho i *m sj do Ml* M do *??* la du JW3 13 iB 13 9 do 349 6 do JO 4 do T 3 do SHM.LS OK GRENADE*. 9 18 Poiindrra. ? '3 do 133 S do 33 4 do 770 pounds double headed shot. 3430 do liroknu grip* <tiud*. ill t u< lime (tour billa*t ri*i tVivl* rrc I VS. H. flU HAM Navy Agent. P i'. I.-I fin \tercnrv til'' l-mrnil ?'i'l pie**# c on . UiOliliUrt 'j Uli'H <v_i 31..IU'I ? l?, N? IH BlUVr.HV, Nits* Attoii *?o Li Kim Ik Pucm, Ni:v? YoMK Mil U has the honor U) 4lij(Ouiicr (hit Ins School is open IMv unl Evening, for kquMtrian Tuition and Kieiciae Riding. TERMS: LKcryaa Lgstons. imiiiiii aiDiito. 16 Lesson* 111 Oo I Month 913 00 10 " lu OH 20 Ride* 10 00 4 " J HO 10 " ? 00 Single Leaanut 2 00 Single Ridea 75 Koad " 3 10 N B ? Highly trained and quiet Horaee, for the Road or Parade, to let. KVICftINO CUM. 13 Lesson* >9 00 I 20 Kidea $10 00 Siugla " I 00 Single Rid* 71 Rl LES: 1.?All Lessons oi Unlet paid lor ou commencing 3.?One hour allowed on each Leaaou or Rule iu the School J.?One liou' ><iid i hall'to a Leaaou on the Road. t ?Hnura foi Ladiea, from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. 5.?I Ion m for Oentlemen, frem 3 to i, and from 7 to 9^ P. M 6.?No Oentlemen admitted dupug the hour* approiinaled to Lldlet A card n laddmi i* rpijueated preriou* to commencing QJr"iieiitletneu keeping .heir horie* at thiieataliluhmeut, will have the privilege of ridiug tliem m the School grain. oil lin*rc THE PROPRIETORS of the Manufactory of Segar* named LORD IIY HON having he tril that counterfeit* and imita titiona of tlieir b'dnd have mude their ap|<earance iu vari"U? marke's of Euroi>e ami North America, l>eg to inform the pub lic llt.tt every box of Segura not Coilt lining, be>idea the lab?l and n me of Lord Byron, the or uU "Lino t^uiroi," ii ip'irious, wh ch they m<ike public in orde to avoid that the cou*unier!> who houo' thein with their confluence should be imposed u|niu lhiou_li ^he credit which they have hillierto couc<-ued to their imuiufac'ory. LINO QU1KUS in CO. Havana. September, 1"44. oXi lin'trc SAL I \NU K1SH ?TC>lt.tt?400 barrel* Halilu JNo 1 Salmon. 1 Mi tibl* No*. I, 2, and 3 Mackerel. 400 half dn do do ilo. 190 do No. 1 MeuShad 50 lialf bbl* No. 1 .Saybrook Shad. 300 bbl* Cod and Scale Kiah. 400 do No. 1 Oib'd Herring*. 1500 bole* Scale I do 3000 Iba Smoked Salmon. 100 kit* Souied de too do Souud* and Tongue*. 7000 |tl? Cod !* i?h, >uiiaLle for shippir^ 1000 tack* Aahtou > Salt. TOO bbl* American Salt. 3000 uoie* Uigby Herring. 100 quarter barrel* Salmon. Kor *ale in loti to auit purrriiuer?. by NICl SilV, WKI.U8 k CO.. TO LET?From t^e l*t November?Handwime apartments, Ooii*iating of two large parlor* on the lint lluor, w itli two or tbri-e I), d-room*. A private uble will be furnuhed. Further particul ir* cau be had by early application at411 llouiton atreet. nl lw*m B~ ARNHILL'S INDELIBLE INK.?The *U|?riorrv of thi. Maikiug Ink i* now very generally acknowledged by thr druggnu and consumer* of the article in Philadelphia?a large aamlier of whom have already te*ted it%a* may be *eeu by then idvertisement* and hare pronounced it *ui>erior to any "other iudelible ink whether of domestic or fomgu make The whole process of markiug may be completed in three minute*, even al midnight, if deairable. It i* called Bartihill * Indelible Ink, after the Chriatian name of one of our 6rm, who invented it Manufactnred and for sale POTTS, LINN tk HARRIS, Wholesale Druggiat*. No. 3IJW Market atreet, Philadelphia (Prom the L'uited State* Gazette, of March 13th.) Itmci.iRi.r Isi-Mnir*. Potts, Linn & Hnrri*. No. 313H Market street, above 3th. manufacture and have for sale among article* in their line of buiinea*. a* druggiat*, an admirable Ink, truly indelible. It will, by it* iw.iuty and the simplicity of it* ti*e, commend it*elf to the >^gard of thoae who like to *et a mark npou their a|iparel, and would like that mark neat and plain. (from the Editor* of the North American, of March 10th.) lr?DKURi.a Iik -Wr have tried some of Barnhill'* Indelinle Ink ; and cheerfully recommend it to g|| those wiahing to mark on linen or cotton. It runs freely and requires no previous pre paration. It i* for *ale by Meur*. Potts, Linn Ik Harris, No. <13)i Market street. (Copy of an advertisement of April 19th ) Bsr^hiil'* Iniiklirlk Inn ? lu*t received, a supply of this celebrated Ink, and having tested it thoroughly, am prepared to warrant it equal, if not superior, to any made iu the United States or of the imported. Also?Drugs. Medicines, ' aiuts. Acids, Dye Stuffs, Yar uishea, (lie., Ike, which wil be told on the mo*t reasonable -rms.by ALEXANDER HARPER, Wholesale D nggist. Market *t., above I3tk lei ?m*re WkS STEEL PENS-10'4 WILLIAM STREET. WEDELES kMKYER. ImiMirter.have received by I ait ar rivals, and otter for sale al the lowest prices? 1.000 gross John Myer's Steel Peus. i ooo do Benson's do l.ooo do Eagle do 1.000 do Johnson's do 'i.ono do American do j (Kin do Cuililierg Sjlver Steel. o30tD34MWltK*rc I04 WILLI A.vl s I'Rr.e. 1' WEDKI.ES Ik MEYEH, Importers of French, German and E nglish Fancy Goods, have received by last arrivals, and offer for s*th, Silk and other Bullous; Dr-ssing and Fancy Comb*. Silk and Fancy Pui?c?; 400 doxen Cigar Case*; Lead P.M. lis, be*, quality; Suspenders, Hair I'lus; a great assortment of Perfumeries; SilV and Worsted Embroiderit *, etc., etc , and m \nv otl ai hancy Ooods. 30,000 hios* Si?el Pens, b> t1 e best luanufaciiirer* ol EuglauiL Writing Desks and Fai Cy Boies, et. e e om riiji V| WvF - rrc Ml< IIENHY PHILLIPS?The tmallesi israuo l iatiolort* ever made; brought England by this celebrated vo calist. is uow to he sold, and may he seen at the Pianoforte Wareioom* of Simian. Worcester fe. Dunham, 341 Broadway ot Irf re N<JTICE?TO AMATEURS OF PISTOL SHOOTING ? V. CARMAN, begs respecilully to annonnce to his friends ii,d the uuhlic, that he hi* hired cimmodiou* apart meni* in the uewly eret ted building, corner of Lis|>en.ird street and Broidway, which he has Itlied up without regard lo ex Lwuae, and oiteuds opening this das. Tu> *day, lat Ociolier, a* a SHOOTING GALLERY, where he will be happy to accom modate all who may take pleasure in the amusement. Every attention will be paid to visitor*, and their comfort carefully provided lor ol Im'rc \Kf A N I KD ?Purchasers lor new and second hand Patent 4V Mangles. They are a labor-siving machine,as tliey entirely supersede thr use of irouiug. smoothing table lineu, sheets, kc., with great ramdity and beauty without fuel. One person with the mac'iin* iloiug a* much work in one day a* an can with smoothing iron*. They are iu u*e m the principal hotels and a number of private families in the city, and givt satisfaction? They are sold by Dl.'M.an k Wist, 4 Litile (ireeu street N. Y., who do Hell Hanging, Locksmithing, and all kinds of Iron work it reduced rates. s39 Im'ec " V1AKINL insurance. The protecjion insurance company of HAR I'KORD. Conn., having estahlishe I an agency in the city of New York, for the |>nrpo?e of effecting Maiin* In surance* liereby give nofice thit they arc uow prepared to issue M irnie Policies on terms a* favorable to the inuured as any Company in W%|| street. The w.'ll tnnwu reputation of the Company throughout the United St lies render* it hardly necessary lo add thit all losses and (.lanna for damage*, kc.. will he promptly adjusted aad paid, agreeably 11 New York customs and usage. Office 60 Wall fttreet. SAVl'L W THOMPSON,} n3 2w?ec WM H BIRD. ( Agent*. C ltCo>l/tl AiNO AKlbliliiAiS SHIPPING AftENCV AT LIVERPOOL, NOTICE. HAVINO withdrawn oar Agency entirety frtm M>**|*. HaanoicK k Co., of Boiton and New York, we hereby an nounce that Mkisr*. Anatf* k Co., of No. 9 Court *treet. Boa ton, and 7 Wall str?et, New York, are our aolhoriied Agent* for tlie Uuited Sute* and Canada, who are fully empowered to act for a* is oar Shipping and Forwarding American Agents. T?i ensure the reception of good* in Liverpool, and the for yarding of the *ame lo any part of England. France, kc. kc. H i* neci>s?ary that they should pas* through tl>e hands of oar said Agents MESSRS. ADAMS k CO.. at their several Offices, a* follow* 3? 2 ,trm l}"""? . I 7 Light street, Baltimore No. 7 Wall Ureet, New York. I P*on. Avenue, Wa*hiugtoa. No 31 Clieanut *lreet, Philad 1 No. II Fourth *t. Pittsburg. P?n. 13 Hhetncket st Norwich, I N^.Ug VUin ?.. WonMjMt Liverpool Maf 1, IM4 WILLMER ?t SMITH take this opportunity of iiating to l*rehaiil*, Brokers, Importer* and others, resident in every part of the Union, that their Liverpool hooae i* |?cnliarly adapted for the instant and etpre** despatch of packagas, parcel*, ipecie, kc., piuing through Liverpool for Boston, New York, and all the other citias in the United States and Canada, and that lha. department of their business HA* thi copistsrt ?i?ii rxasn j?*l *rrr.*Tiois or thk raitrciraus, on all occasions. Wl LLMEK k SMITH have made arrangements with Messrs. ADAMS k CO.. hy which all Ooods passing through tlteir ?iverpnol house for America, by the Steamship* and other ye* leli.will have the immediate and punctual attention of then ?tid \geuta, iHesrrs. Sr C? at Boston and New York, id will thereby be free from dielay and high charges. Itev deem it necessary hare to state, .hat they have no ooD n??ion whatever with Mr. K G Tnckerman. of Liverpool ftU.hKK f umiTirs ENGLISH EXPRESSES. WiLLMER it alMITH, who have for a series of years rim , nvate Kipresses to wd from Londou with important intflli ^ antire journey, 310 milea, in *1* HOUHM. offer to the A mar ican Pablie aad Oovernrtent tiieir services for llie safe *nd rapid tranainiaaioa of important ocuinei.ts. despatches, spec* bond*, bill*, deads, k?., which vill. Of all occasion, be most faithfully delivered by tlsair owl ,-fivalr ?e?se.iger, and hjoirsgeneral I y iu advance of the Ang .*ii laxiis to M>ndot Mr. EDWARD WfLLMER, wha i* . ow i , America, i* prepared to afford aay information apan this . ;-?l and give secarity for the dae perfonaaacaa of allaneh r . oes. Moavbs *?tra*t*d la hia Liverpool aauklishmeal 4 'f rf Rone-price hat store. BROWN k CO. hart opened iWr cor ner of Mott itmt and Chatham square. No. 178, with $3 aud *4 Halt, anil a great variety of Caw and , T?e proprietors for several years |*sl have ?mcuyadh?r?<l to the oue-ynce cash system, whereby they are, enabled to manu facture aud sell am ?ood sn article far the pnee charged as any establishment in the United States. ., BROWN fc t:U'? Wholeaale and Ketail at lm*te Hat. Cap and Fur S'ure, 17i Chatham KtW. LADIES' VELVET HITS CARL KING bees leave to announce to the Ladies of New York aud its vicinity, that he has for sale at hs eele W i*ew I Ul? 'W ? av Si. st / , ? ??* " . " ? brai'd establishment, No. 17 Division at'Mt. a large and inakie aaaortim ut of Ladie.' Velvet Hats. of all colors, and trimmed iu the moit (whioinblf style, at Nfilk 1 he Velvet is a superior article to what is JE^e rally iwed. fv! , . CARL K1NU. 17 Division street. N. BA large aud fashionable assortment of Paris Ribbons, at rf?e most reasonable prices. o30 lm*ec NOTICE TO THE LADIES. The firm of BARENNK Ik CO.. the on'y MUliuery CKiJHouse iu the United Stares that has a brauch iu Paris, have the houor to inform the Ladies, who are desirous of having the true Kreuch Ha?sx that they will receive by the Ecket Kraueois 1st, from tlieir branch in Paris, two casea of Us. such as will be worn this winter in the said city. V B ?Not 1a?t vearV.hur those of thi? nelson o1*rr FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS AND FEATHERS. ? BRl/N LAR08IERE Ik COURT. 118 William fstreet, New York, are receiving by the Havre Packets, Jtheir assortment of Kail Goods, which, for slegauce, ?they have no ruai. All dealers and jndg?g ;,?* above line, are invited to give them a call, aud we will teuton to say they will not leave th? atorr without eipraasiug their admira tion of aaeh a beautiful stock. They pledge theinsel ves that the public will not be deceived with American Flowers for Prenah. ai they have their house in Paris, Rue de Tracy, No. 6, and deal mcluaiyelv in Kreuch Flower*. o* Im'ac MAGAZIN DE MODE, Wo BO Canal MADAME D BEHRMAN. begs leave to inform her friends i'i that her opeuiug for the Kali, and Wijitbh rasHioos, In Pari, Hats Caps, Head Dresses, Kreuch flowers, Heathers, and Ribbons of the choicest atylea, (carefully selected by her agents at Pans,) together with a variety of PARI8IAN MILLINERY FOR LADIEB TOILETS,^ will take place on Monday, ' the favor of an early call Mode, 60 Canal street. New York, October 3d, 1844. , the 7th October. Madam B.aolicita at her old eatablishmeut, Magaiiu de CUTTING AND CURLING. WHAT ij the reason every body is flocking to I'll ALON'S Fashionable Hair Dressing Saloon ' We can explain It. His inimitable style of Hair Dreaaing, giving an air of huuf tan to the persou, has deservedly won for him the reputation of heiug the first artiit iu the city. . He has at sum* eipense, introduced a new feature in the science of h->ir dreaaing, by keeping over 200 new brushes, none of which are used a second time without cleaning, thus se curing to ?ach of his customers a comfort, instead of a nuisance, found in every shop. Call and try the syatem, which commeuda itself. 1 .allies and Uentlemen Shampooed, and their Heada Dresaed for B ills and Parties, on the shortest notice. A larire assortmeutof Wigs aud Scalnes. EDWAHD PHALON, ol2 im*m 214 Broadway, opposite 8t. Paul's. DOUBLE EXTRA ITALIAN HAIR WaSH ! An infallible, sove reign and celebrated endicator of Dan druff?cleanses aud purifies the head and invigorates and cul tivates the Human Hair This cele brated Wash, recom mended by numerous medical and scienti fic gentlemen, is cou ?tantly for sale at the simp of the inventor and proprietor 17 Pak How, N. York. P. PU8SEDDU. N. B.?Orders from the country will be promptly atteuded to, if addressed to the Proprietor, enclosing the cash. He has no agents. Single wash in t!ie shop 24 cents?or $1 per bottle. 02 lin*m SMOKEY CHIMNEYS. GOODWIN'8 KOMAN CEMENT CHIMNEY POTS Abe THr Bisr Pkhkhrarivic koii Smokkv Chimwkts. Slate airI 'l hi R ofsieimird and warranted Tight Oothic aud 1 *rnain 'iitel 1 hitnuey l ots made from Drawings, ike. O" 3" West llioailway, near ( hamliera ?tr el. nl litawflw ? rru PERIFOCAL SPECTACLES. A NEW ARTICLE, OF AMERICAN MANUKACTURE. Th?ir superiority over all others is attested bv Dr. Lardner, Dr. Pat; Mon of New York, and Dr. McLellan of Philadelphia. The public are invited to judge for themselves Wholesale and retail at No. 182 Broadway?the only Agency in this city. N. B.?All other kind, of Spectacles at less than the usual prices. ol5 lm*rc M WISE, OPTICIAN, FROM GERMANY. Most res|iectfully informs the citizens of New York, and the public in general, thai he has located himself in thia city, and opens to-day at 477 Broadway, a large and most complete as sortment of S|>eclaeles and Heading Glasses, in Gold, Silver, and Steel Krames. He would alao remind the public, to whom he is partly known by his annual visits to Saratoga Springs since the last nine years, that by Ins kuow ledge of the optical science he ia enabled to determine the classes suitable for any eye. Persons with weak eyes can be supplied with glasses which will greariy lieueiit and no! strain ine sight. Particular attention is called to a new Style of wisjiective ground glasses of the finest tlint, which, through tlieir high polish and true ground, produce the purest vision, and have oeen highly recom mended as the best in their effects upon the eye for preserving and improving the sight in continued writing and reading. Short-sighted i<ersons, and such as have been operated upou for cataract, can aho be uiied. He. inserts likewise new glasses of superior quality in old frames, and solicits the patronage of all in want of his articlr# Please call at |M. WISE, upricinn. .7 Im'rc 437 Broadway BJ08KTH, Id Mairlen Laue, (up stairs,) importer of Eag ? lish. Kr/nch. and Oerman double and single barrel Kowl ma and Ducking < JUNS from ihe lowest to finest uuajities. \lso, always on hand, an .(tensive assortment of PISTOLS both Double tud Single Barrels, eml Being 100 different k.uds ; including the inoderu 8i? Bar Uevolvers. all of which will be sold lower than any other i use in the trade Merchants and (Jnn Smiths are particularly requested to call, urevious to makmv ihei? nnrc.haan ?s 'tier will curtail!* fino it to theii ?dvanrav .W'm-.r. JACKSON. STACEY & SMITH, \f ANUKACTURERS AND IMPORTERS of Pen.iPocket !?" and Table ("utlery, Razors, Scissors, Kiles, Raws. Tools, aud other descriptions of ?'hi'ffield Goods o3Q 3m?rrr No. It PLA I T STREET FRENCH LANGUAGE ON THE ROBERT SON1AN METHOD. A COURSE of Lesson* in French, acc rding to the system o( Robertson, will begivrn by Mr. EDMOND DU Bl'li SON, A. M.,at New York Lyceum, 74 Lis|>enard street, cor ner of B roadway, commencing on Wednesd y, the llth of No vemlier, at 7 o'clock, P. M. This system, so well known in En roll*, will be eiplained by the Professor. Persons wishing to learn the Kreuch, or their friends, are re.|iectfully invited to at tend. Tlie first lesson w ill he gra/ii. Mr f.dinond du Buisson having beentngaved iu givinii instructions in Kreuch for a num b?r ofvears at M. C. Coudert s school, and for tlie past year at M li. Le Row's collegiate school at New Brighton, would rw spectfully refer (how gentlemen, both as regard to qualification and char u tcr. All information iii the mean time may be ob tamed at his residence, 400 Broadway. Ricrcaincrs M. M. De Lafpiuat, French Coo- Dr. Porter, 1 Barclay sL ?ul (Jeuentl. Dr. Crossman, 400 Broadway W. B. Draper, 57 Beaver it. W. H. (Jary Ik Co., 186 Pearl st. E. Kabrequdtes.bl Maiden lane. C. C. Carter k Co., 178 do. E. Logan, Esq., 4 New st. Berard Ik Moudon, 36 Court' R. Rowley, Esq., 49 Nassau at. land st. Rev. Dr. John Power, 15 Barclay st. M. Melly,58 Maiden Lane el? 2w *rc TO THE BOOT AND SHOE WEARING PUBLIC. JWM. MADDEN, 293 Spring street, having enlarged his stock (nr the fall and winder trade, offers for sale a large and aud beautiful assortment of Bools and Shoes, made of the best materials, which he flatters is as good, if not su|ierior to any in tlie city. Hia assortment consists of ladies' and ?mea ts'Gaiter Boota, half (railers. Buskin Slips and Ties, gents' fine calf-skin Boots and Shoes ; coarse Boots for Watermen and Kiremen, and youtlia' Boots and Shoes, of all deacripliona, made to order if deaiaesl, suitable for the merchant, mechanic and laborer. Kor salt- at very low prices. Of the above stock his customers can prove is not to be snr passed, and if those iu want will give him a call and satisfy themselves that his work is as iepr-sented he does not doubt that they will leave his store satisfied with a b rgain worth giving liiin a call. WM. MADDEN. 2,iJ Spring .between Greenwich and Washington sts. ol2 Im'in FINE SEWED BOOTS RETAILIN* I FOR ?3,60, ^MADE in the latest French style with a fine ti'.ch, and in (?every reaper t einal to those usually sold for $5,80, warrant VrdtOMive satisfaction, at 593 Broadway, opposite Nihlo's, ^ New York. Boots ana Shoes of all kinds made to ord r.? Mending and Repairing done in the store, A geueral assortment if Ladie-' Kine French Shoes constantly on hand, with a full as ortment of India Rubbers, botli ladies' aud gentlemen's. o2"? lm?rrc MOI LTON Ik YOUNG. I IttlDK iillU 1 3 . J JUST RECEIVED FROM THE MANUFACTO RY, and/or sale low, an invoice of prime Men's and Boy , Thick Hoota, by the case or single pair. Also, constantly ou hand and for sale, an assortment of Sole ?*"" l-Wwr Leather, with other articles in the line, in lo?if*??". by E. W, 8 Ah FORD, o22 lm*rc No. 11 Jacoli street REDlfCICD?The rtnliscnhers nav* j jl Eijiiw, pncea on all small packages of lavi jnd other documents, from V> cents to 25 eenu per package, mn this city to Buffalo and the intermediate points. Also, through Wells It Co. s Kipreaa from Buffalo to Chicaao, at 51 eenu per paekage from this eity to Chicago, and the mtermedi it? pointa os tai Lake. i ul UVlNUeTON, WELLS It rUMJl*OV, N1CW YOm, SEPTEMBER. !???. FRESH IMPORTED STOCK OF FRENCH, GERMAN AND ENGLISH WOOL LENS, tSco., Sic., Sec. TO BK CLOSF.b BY VlOVEMBER ML /"INK of oar Partners in lending to retire from <mt (Ntna 01 " the lit of No>rnl? ont, we bet reepeetrally to inform you that il is made ueeessary 'o close our prrwnt Stock, on or beTore that day. TV Goods have been imported by the latest unnU, and consul in part of the following, ?;* J? French Broad Cloth*. Cssaimercs and Vesting,, German Castor Bearers, n _ Hroad Cloths. Three-feurths and six-fourths Doeskins and CassimerM. fo JT English Broad Cloths,. Caasimeres, Bearers, Pilots, Lion Skins, Blanks*. 1'addiags, Wonted Staffs and Vsstiags, r-'.n In every variety, S<? , u.c.. kc. prgap&Sx&ftsS&a?* ~ And Tailors' Trimmings, In every ransty. Yon'will please faror ns with a call, and oblige Your id oat obedient servants, NEVINS Se CO., IMPOR TEHS No.eiCEDAR8TRKET NEAR NA8BAU HTKKK.T^ ( CAST OFF CLOTHING. GENTLEMEN OK FAMILIES desirous of converting into cash their superfluous or cast off Clothing, will obtain from the Subscriber the HIGHEST CASH PR1CE8. ?amiliea or (gentlemen quitting the city or changing re ?nee. having effects of the kind to dispose of, will find it much to their advantage to send for the Subscriber, who will attend them at their Wall street, and at 470 Hudson St. Clothing cleaned and repaired. rfT-A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will receive prompt attention. pit lm*rc OAslrOHF CLOTHING and FURNITURE WANTED. VV ?Gentlemen or Ladies, having any cast off or superfluous Clothing and Furniture to dispose of, can obtain for them the highest cash prices by sending for ihe subscriber, (or by note through the l'ost Oflic*,) at his residence, No. 69 Dumb street, to which punctual attention will be given. M. 8. COHH.N. 'J o26 lm*rrc GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OFF WARDROBE, rpHE HIGHEST PRICES can be obtained by Gentlemee X or Families who are desirous of converting their left on wearing apparel into cash. . . Families or Gentlemen quitting the city or changing resi dence, having any superfluous effects to dispose of, will Una lt much to their advantage to sen d for the Subscriber, who will attend at their residency ^injmft|VIN8TyN, 1M Broadway, up iteiw. A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will r ceiyc prompt o'7 lm'^| . HlH I *vt A.nUKAOTUKV AND GENl'LKMEN'S CLOTHING STORE, 69 MAIDEN LANE. , ? TU8T RKCEIVED, the latest and most approved Hrencl. J l?tt-rn? Shirts Also, a general assortment of clothing of all descriptions. ...... ("to hing made up ro order at the following low prices, vix:? Frock and L)res? I 'oars mad'* and trimmed from... $8 Ow to IOWi Pantaloons and Vests made and trimmed........ I M to I 76 All made in the Wit manner and mont fashionable style ? Under garments made to order, Hosiery. Glove?, Stocks, Cravats. Collars, Suspeuders, tic. WM. COLLINS. o37 Im'tc Orricx ok jrffkrsou msti?ar?cr uoMPiirr, I No. JO Wall St opposite the Exchange J "THIS COMPANY continoM to Insure against Loss and Da 1 man" by Fire, on Goods. Wares, and Merchandise, and also, axainst Loss on Inland Navigation on Vessels and the.r DIRECTORS. T> omas W. Tiiorce, Elisha Riggs, Thomiu T. Woodruff Anson Baker, ?1 R. Kolison, M D , Joseph Drake, Tlioupson Price, Joseph Allen, Vfoses Tncker, James E. Holmeg, John R Dnvids**, John P. Moore, Jolii. It. Lee, James H. Whiting, Oaf-h 0. Tunis, Wm K Thorn Fn.dcii P ''age, Thomas Morrell. I I i Verritt, Kugene Boirert, THOMAS W THOWMF.. Presidegt ?4?o T Hner Weer?'i?rT ml m BLANCHAllD'S PATENT STATUE. WOOD AND COAL 8TOVKS?FOR HALLS, PARLORS, CHURCHES, PUBLIC ROOMS, Ike. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. THESE STOVES area Statue of Washington, the Father of our Country. The liberal patronage they received la?t winter, and the universal satisfaction they gave, has induced the inventor, at a great exp- n?e, to introduce a larger size, elegantly ornamented, with a mica door, and surmounted with a splendid fein tie figure. These stovus have a decided advantage in favor of the purchaser. They may l>e uwil for years, without any expense, with very little care. Numerous testimonials of the good qualities of the above stoves, from gentlemen of the. high est st <udi"g, from all p "ts of the United States, can be seen at the store of the subscribe!, where will also be found the Coriu thiau Parlor Stove?an entire uew anil splendid article, superior to any ever yet offered to the public; together with a complete assortment of Stoves of all descriptions. JAMKS HINDS. No. 114 Orad street, one door east of Broadway. N. B.?Statues for Stoops, Niches, and other ornamental pur pones, for sale as above. o30 lin* rrc NOTICE TO SOUTHERN AND WRSTERN MERCHANTS. ..E subscriber continues to manufacture and has constantly on liaud H full asrortment of Ploughs suitable for the South ern and Western Markets, manufactured from the best materials uy old and competent workmen, which he is prepared to sell at reduced prices. .... ... Also, a general assortment of Agricultural Implements and Machines of the most approved patterns too uumerons to men tion ; together with a full a.sortment of Seires, Screens and Wire Cloth of his own manufacture. And, also, agent for Wm. Hooey's Patent Hav and Straw Cutters, a very sujierior article, at the manufacturer i prices. P. s ?He ia also prepared to execute -rdr-rs for Cotton Ginn and Gin Geers, Rice and Coffee Duller*, Mill Ottering, tic , Ike DANIEL L. CLAWSON, 05 lm*m IS! Water street. PR EPA H 1~KOR WINTER. SHIRTS, UNDERCLOTHING, DRESSING GOWNS, ETC. rpHE J- on Ir 1 THE-SIGN.OF.THE GOLDEN FISH, 971 Broadway, corner of CliHmbcrl street, Where gentlemen will find a most splendid assortment of the undermentioned articles, just received, and calculated for the present aud approaching seasou, which he offers at such price* as will ensure the patronage of those who favor him with a call Woollen, Leather, Silk, M erino and Cotton Shirts and Drawers. Ladies' and Gentlemen's. Scarfs aud Cravats. Satin, Silk and Mohair. Pocket Handkerchiefs, Silk and Cambric, a most ex teuaive assortment. Hosiery of everv descripuon. Gloves ol every variety. Belts, ftiussian. Shoulder aud Money, on hand oi made tt? order. Collars, Bosoms, and in fact every article re auiied for an entire outfit. 1'articuliir attention is call*-<l to our le ol I'aris Shiru. which are made entirely without ?us aiiu ihe> are fuunl to fit superior and will wear betUfr mnn any shirts ever before made. Shirts made to order in the most lasniouable style and on the shortest notice V! Broadway, corner of Chamber* street. r^HMMnb8r, tlie Sign of the Uolden Kish. o23 lm*ec I GEN UlNETEAb, ! WHOLfc?8ALIC AND RETAIL 4 THE CANTON TEA COMPANY, PRINCIPAL STORE, HI CHATHAM STREET, N. * Branch Storei, 318 BUtckrr itrett, Ifeic York, 161 Grand itrett, near Suffolk, 191 Greenwich, near Fulton, 116 f\ilton ttreet. Brooklyn. 19 Cheitnut and 45 North Fifth ttreet, Philadelphia. 71 Hanover ttreet. Ho it on. INVITE the attention i?f City aud Country. Families and Purchasers to their sereral establishments, \ will be found by far the best selections of pure i_ Teas in the United States. The universal popularity and re nown of their house with reference to high qualities, low prices and upright dealiug.is too well understood to render further com ments necessary. Original and only warehouse for the sale ol Howqua's Black Tea?"Observe!"?Strangem will beparticular to remember the number of the priiicipal store in ('hatham st. fix:?131, betweeu Pearl and Rosevelt street. The public will also be pleased to take notice that the Canton lea <.om|>au\ hare nothing to do with any other stores except those described ?t the top oT this ?dv?rir?emen' aiigl 1in.?r SCOTT'S WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY AND WINE STORE TO Nassau Street. QUPKRIOR TEAS, COFFEE, SUOAR-Also, Wines in O eferry variety?Otard, Champagne and Cogniac Brandy Irish and Scotch Whis London Brown Stout; Whiskey; Old Jamaica Rum; Holland Gin Stout; Edinburgh Ale. Fresh Fruits. Ike., he. JOHN 8. SCOTT'S Wholesale and Retail Store, 76 Nassau straet. N. B.?People from the country. Hotel and Boarding House Keepers, who buy for cash, will find it to thsir advantage to give this establishment a call. Goods sent to any part of the city free of expense. o30 Im'rrt SODA BISCUIT AND SUGAR CRACKERS THHE Subscriber wishes to make known to the Public, that 1 much of the Biscuit and Crackers which are sold in tnii city by the above names, are entirely dilfereut from the Sods Biscuit and Sugar Crackers made at his Bakery , which hare (x*u used by invalids, particularly those who suffer from indi gestion. fer more than twenty years with the best results , while tne imitation, which can be made for a less pries, though perhaps good for a person in health are whol v unfit lor the ?ick. Tne above Biscuit and Crackers, also Butter Biscuit. Wine Biscait, Butter Crackers, Water Crackers, Pilot and Nsvy Bread, all of the first juality, are constantly for sale the well known nstaoll.hmeot, 171 V\ ashingMu street, corner Warren street KPHKAIM I READ .VKLL. FRENCH CHINA REMOVED TO NO. No LIBERTY STREET, (UP STAIRS.) A DALESME, Importer and Ageni for Manufacturers, lias . always on liand a large aisortment of dinner and tea sets, is plain white and gilt Freuch Porcelain, as well as Dinner aad Dessert Plates, of all sixes, assorted Dishes, Soup Tureens. Covered Dishes, Salad Bowls, Fruit Baskets, Custards and Stands. Also, Fancy Tea Se??, and Rich Decorated Dinner Sets Also, Tea and Chocolate Ware, Greek, trench and America* chape All the article* are warranted of tbe trost quality, aad to ?old on liberal terras, aid ia lots to stti' purchasers ? II 6m*?e DTTvrrPEYSER ft. < no. (Ml .Jotin Jtreet and UC.it) Broadway. HAVE received by recrnt arrivals, and keep constantly hand, a large and tasteful selected assortment of Freuch and German articles for Krabroidery and Fancy Goods, which the, offer for s?le at wholesale and retail, fix:? B-rlin yepliyr Worsted, German Worsted, Canvas, Floss Stlk.Cli'i lie and a variety of other articles loi Embioidery French P.ise Twist, ifiaded and td.un; Gilt and Silvered Beads, I'urte Ornaments, Urucelets, Jet Combs and Bracelets Wire Baskets, Gilt and Steel Clasps lor Bags and Purses. Gilt and Silvered llair Pins, Combs, Fringes, Braids, Cord Tasstls, Necklaces, Slices, lie. A spleudid assortment of all kind ol Taaarls, Chenille Cord ?nd Chenille. Embroidered Suspenders and Suspender Trimmings, Silk Worsted and Cotton Fringes, aud Giiup, in all colors and qua litiss. Oiled Silk, French manufacture, white, yellow aad green jy 34 Ira ec ^ Dag ij erreo l ut, OENEHAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, EXCHANGE BUILDING, PHILADELPHIA. 'PHE SUBSCRIBKKS beg leave to inform the Daguerreotype 1 Artists, that they have considerably eularged their connec tion. throoghout the Union, the West Indies, South America and Europe They have also msde arrangements to lie sumilied with every new article used in the Daguerreotype Art. They have lately received a large .apply of Voigtlaender's celebrated Cameras, consisting of three different sixes, for the sale of which they are appointed Agents. Also, a supply of be?i I'lates and Chemicals, either lor Daguerreotype or Calotype, made to their esiiecial onUr. Cases of all .r/es. tht best Polishing Substances, anderery oilier article used lor the Daguerreotype, constantly ou hand 1'heir loug connection with tli* Daguer reotype Art arid their sncces. m taking pictures, may serve as a racommenda'ion and reliance Daguerreotype Arti.ts, by ordering articles from any part of the above named countries, may depeud npon a prompt and satisfactory execution of their orders. Their prices are cash Price* Current and information ? ol ln*M r?g>gg>? Inildtag. flsiUintphia DESIGNED OVER M! Tiu ? MMitr>by ? all who wittim ? ed tlw pale andghaat lr ohk-ct, caused by Sing blood, and a t cough .w i ih night iwM, a hoarseness and sound of the voice, indication au alarming Mate of disease. my deiyyman was plain with me, and stated hat I had but a few days to live; I s my anxious cart ul?r, made in mid be moat likely to obtain the bwa ?'??" yjji ?as told of Dr. Swayne'i Compound Smao/WUd u, a medicine in general use throughout die United States core of concha, cold*, consumption, spitting of 'blooe that I had but a few days to live; my inter, who was my anxious care taker, made inquiry where aha would be inostjikely to obtain the mo? certain relref,, ?he was ( Cherry, t for the cure c. , - , intluenza, iialpitatinn of the heart, whooping cough, tickling or rising sensation in the throat, bronchites, asthma, weakness of the nervous system, or impaired constitution from any cause, and to prevent persons from falling into a decline, on* waa in formed if this medicine failed in the cure, my life was hopeless Or. Suayne'i Syrup was then procured, and the fij .t bottle gave reli-f. and by tlie time I had commenced toe firth bottle, fy cough had left me, and my strength to nvicn mproved. that was able to take the fVesh air, and in a short time I eutirely re covered my former liealth. k'or a corroboration ol uie truth of the above statement, yon ud call on my sister, who livea in Jo niper street, one door uelo w j"'*AN REEVES. Ky Be cautions to ask (or the onin tal, i r Swayne't Com pound Surup of Wild Chtrni, aa ail otn-i preparat ions from thu valuable tree are fictitious anil counterfeit; prepared oulyby Dr. Swayue, whose office is at the northwest corner ol Kighth and Usee streets, Philadelphia. Agents?Dr. W. H. Milnor, corner of Broadway and John street New York;B. A. Bands. 1M Bowery. N. York; E. B. Warner, 205 llleecker street, N. York; Pierson at Harrison, 720 Broad street, Newark, N. J.; Bnyamiii Old*, 272 Broad street. N. J.; John 8. Harrison, Salem, Mass.; J. H..Pierce, 4 Stanwtx Hall, Maiden Lane, Albany, N. York; Backm It Bull. Troy. N. York; Spalding & Harrington, Wor cester, Mass.; James Oreen It Co. Worcester. Mass.;Wrant It Bockee, Poughkeepeie, N. York;E,Hollidge, Buffalo, N. York; Wm. Montgomery, t.ansiogburg, N. York; J. t, Puduey, Poushkeepsie, N. York; O.O. Woodman, Vicksburg, Mitt.; H. ? J. Brewer,. Springfield, Mass.; J. P. HaH i 4k Co., Boston, Mass.; Wm. Duetbury, Lowell, Mass.; Jasper.C. Ayre, Lowell, Mast.: E. 8. Molden, East Boston, Mast.; Hansom It Stevens, Boston, Mast.; P. M. Cohen It Co., Charleston, 8. C. septl 3m?ec. DbAFNEss DRS. CASTLE AND EDWARDS, AURISTS, QOI BHOADWAY.?Kxtract "Ju 1 " I cheerfully comply with the request of Lieut. Mc intosh, o testify thai he was invalided home at unfit for duty, in cou-equekce of total deafness and discharges from his ear; that while in New York, on hit way to England, hei placed himself under the professional care of Drt. Cattle and Edwards, Auritta. Under their treatment he recovered hit hearing, and has returned u> hit military duty. i, H. McNEVEN, M. D., Surgeon to H. B. M. Forces, Jamaica. ACOUSTIC DROPS. A.tore core for incipient Deafneat, Ear Ache, Paint, Buzxings or singiug tnuiidi in the ears, collections of hard wax or vitiated ?ecretinnt of the ontans. Their Acoustic Oil has been a popu lar remedy as a curative in all diseases of the ears for upward* of twenty years Offices removed to 311 Broadway, comei white street n4 lui'n J A > A fcl'ri lr.XPfc.v-Tt >K riiNT VTOTflINO CAN EQUAL IT FOR CURING CON IN SUMPTION AND OTHER 1'ULMONORY Dl* EASKS?The following letter of Dr Brigham, of Lowell, Mass , but s|i?aks the uniform language ofhundmds of other Physicians who have tried, and. therefore know how to appre ciate Jayne't Expectorant;? "Lowell, Matt., Jan. 27, 1844. "Dr. David J&vrtc: Dear Sir?I have used your medicine, (so nnivertally known by the name of JAYNE'S UCPGC TOR ANT,) in mv practice for a number of years, and cau Sost truly say that I have been more successful in the use of at as a mild, safe and thorough Expectorant, than of any w''ich I have ever used It it the Dest for the following obvious reasons: It does not (if given in proper doses) ocation a disagree able nausea. It does not weaken the lungs and prostrate the tyt t m like moit other Espect 'rant! iu common use, nor does it abate the appetite of the patien' lik- other nauseating medicines which have b-en used ny the Faculty. In a word, it is nearly or quite the thing which has been sought for by many of the Faculty for ages gone by. I femain \ ours, truly, LUTHER BftlOHAM. M. D." Prepared ouly by Dr. JAY NE, No. 20 South Third street, Philadelphia. Sold i<y the Agents, A. B. It D. SANDS, Druggitta, No, 79 Fulton street, ZI3 Broadway, and 77 East Broadway. o27 in*ec THfc. HAPPINESS Oh MANKIND. LIVER COMPLAINT, Jaundiw, Dyspepsia, faucets. Fistula, Piles, Polypus, Rheumatism, Contorted and Ulcer ated Bones, Diseases of the Throat and Note, of wnatever dura tion and extent, whether internal or external; the tsi< st difficult casei of Surgery, of the successful treatment of vhich othei practitioners nave despaired; Diseases incidental to ihildien and peculiar to delicate females. The first medicine and attendants wi >1 lie afforded patients free of charge. Applicant! mutt re member the number of the subscriber, 57 Re tde street, when he has his extensive Chemical Laboratory and his large Drut Sioie. The subscriber compounds all his celebrated Dermal medicines. No name or residence required of patieuts. SOLOMON HEINEi M. D., Member Medical Society City and State of New York oi>5 lrn*re 17 R 'sde street run t.tilii rLutuc J) It uPHAM'8 ELECTUARY. AN INTERNAL REMEDY.?It it a certain core for Piles, either internal or external, bleeding or blind. Casaa, of twen ty yean standing, have been permenantly cured by this invalua ble remedy, after all other means had failed. Testimonials of it* ?fficacy seen at the office. Be not imposed upon?era that thr signature of the Proprietor, in hit own handwriting, it on thr outside wrapper of every boxv and remember that the above medi cine can be obtained in thit city only at No. IK Bowery, (foni doort above Spring ftreet,) of the original and sole proprietor? A. UPHAM, M. D., a regularly educated Physician of tweor) years experience, confined to an Orricg Practick, whetr PILES and all Chronic Ditestes ars successfully treated. Of fice hours from 7 A. M. to 9 P. M. Advice gratis. No. lit Bowery. S. Tousey, Joslin't Corners, Madison County, Oene ral Agent for the State of New York. Sold by J. E. Warner b Co., Ut ca; Coleman It Co., Buflblo; T. B. Fitch k Co., Syra cuse; L B. Swan, Rochester. In Lockport, Rochester, Syra cuse, O^wego.Rome, Utica, Baldwinsville, Plaiuville, Can as to ta, and other places in the vicinity, this medicine has cured so au desjierate cases Of Piles, after all other medicines had been tried in vain. In this city the Proprietor has had the satisfaction ol effecting more than five hundred cures during the past year. an< it conttantly in the reception of letteis from variout parti of thr Union, expressive of the superior efficacy of this medicine u Mie treatment of Piles, a disease which has often baffled the tkil> of emiueut Physicians, and of the real nature of which much dis crepancy of opinion among medical men has prevailed. Froo .n erroneous pathology, an unsuceessfnl course has been pur <ued in the treatment ol this complaint; hence the very genera >pini?n that it is an incurable disease. This however, is fai from b?ii the case?it yields readily to the above remedy, am tlie proprietor has no hesitation in asserting, that it will cure af ??iter ? ri'lles, however long they may iiave existed, or aygre >atrd thr / may be. Kemeuiber, that in this city, tike medicim can be obtained, or?i.v of the proprietor, st 196 Bowery, foui doors .-.hove Spring street. Any other article purporting to b> ?.he > tmesis worthless, and calculated ouly to deceive and is are Price $1. anlj tmdyStwy'm MEDICAL ADVICE. DOCTOR LAMEUT is still confidentially consulted, at hii L' old office. 63 (told street, between Fulton and Beekman, oi all diseases of a delicate nature ; his treatment beiug mild anil judicious, requires neither mercury, restraint in diet, or hin d ranee from business pursuits. Receut cases cured in 3 or 4 Debility, nervous or constitutional, arising from a too frequent indulgence of the passions of indis creet youth, and thereby causing nightlyemissions, and event ually confirmed impotency. engage the Dr.'s strictest attention, his object beiug to restore tlie system, mentally aud bodily, to that state of vigor nature originally designed. STRICTURES, a disease frequently existing without the patient beiug the least aware, sometime* caused by mal-treat meni of nninitiated medical pretenders, and sometimes by tht neglect of the parties tliemselves, are, by the Dr. effectually cured, without pain or inconvenience. The Doctor being oue of the few qualified advertiting Bur Kins in ihe city, guarantees a perfect cure, or no charge made tters, post-paid, enclosing a lee, immediately attended to, and medicine, with advice, sent to any part of the United States. Office, 63 (Jold street. Open from ( A.M. to 9 P.M. ?39 lm*rrc ABKRNGTH Yl* s botanica.l pills. ONE box of these invaluable Pills are worth all the quack medicines advertised for certain delicate diseases. Let the uufortunale rest assured that there is no exaggeration in assert ing these Pit.i.t to be a tpeedy and ladical cure for Uonorhoea. Gleets, Irritation of the kidneys, fcc. 1 hey were for several yeart prescribed by the celeb'ated Abernethy in all the tta^etol the above diseases. In the first stage oue box is usually sufficient to effect a cure in afew days. Iu long-protracted chronic stages, obstinate gleets, lie., lliey are equally certain; having cured huudreds who had taken other medicines for months, which tended more to destroy the constitution than to cure tlie disease. I'liey never leave the parts subject to the troblesome weakness which so frequently occur after nsiug other medicines. They have no unpl-asant taste or smell, and any one taking them ?night frequent the most refined society without having their inisfortuuea suspected. They are com|Hjted entirely of vegeta ble ingredients, which invigorate the system generally, parti cularly tlie genital organs. They are equally suitable to females. Price one dollar. The Pills can be sent by mail to any part of the United States. For -ale, wholesale and retail, by W illiain Waitou, Aputhecaries' Hall, 36 Catherine street, and at 127 Maiden Lane. o2 lm*rc HPHk BANK AND ANTIDOTE. A Disease, and all his grisly train, Are now upon the wing again. Wrap'd in.thick figs or chilling thowtrt, They come, to rack ihete frames of oure. Lo ! Bilious Cholic leads the van, The mortal enemy of man; Dyspepsia marches by his sid*, Seixing a victim at each ttride. Rheumatic gout, and Pleurity, For their dread thare put in a plea. Ague and Fever. Cough, Catarrh, Are armed to carry on the wart While fierce Consumption?form of fear? Cutt off the stra?glen in the rear. Colds, intermittent* inflammation, Of every denomination, Morbid disorder* of liver? Di>ea*e* of the vital river, That, wandering through the maize of veiwt The aystem succor* and *ustains? Are at this season sll too rife, And, Vampire-like, their food it life Disease's seeds ar- hi the air? For their dread contact then PgEPARg ! At Jackson laughed at Britith brag*, Knsconced behind hi* cotton bag*, Aud, knowiug how hi* gun* to train, frtwept the invader* from the plain? So you may langh at deadliest ill*, If your deleiice i* Pfc.TER'8 PILLS! They aweep dice '*e away at once, A* surely at Old Hickory't guns? And, like the font hi. taught to fly, They never come back their luck to try. Cholic, Dyapepaia, Fevert, Chillt? A'-aunt! MytHlis PETERS' PILLS! Principal OrricE, 123 Fulton, corner of Nattau street. o3l Im - m UUKE YOUR OULDS nURINO thit period of excitement, many pertont recklessly ^ expose themselves to the inclemert weather, and consequent ly suffer severely from colds aud influenza. Countless victim? of consumption warn all *uch of thr importance of an early and efficient remedy.which it to be found in the uae ol Mra.CarToll'* Old hstabhslied Medicated Vapour Batht, 32} Broadway, two door* above the New York Hmpital. o!7 linrc PRUPU.^ALS FOR RATIONS. HEADQUARTERS OF THK MARINE CORPS, (QUARTERMASTER'S OFFICE, > _ Washuvotow, October 4, 1244. 4 (SEPARATE PROPOSALS will be received at thi* Office until 10 o'clock, A. M., on Monday, llth November next, for furnishing rationt to the United Statea' Maiinea, at the fol lowing Stations, for the year 1645, viz: Portsmouth, New llampehire. Cliarlettown, Massachusetts. Brooklyn, Long Itland, New York Philadelphia, Penutylvania. (fosport, near Norfolk, Virginia. l'eiisacola, Florida, and H iiaiington, District of Columbia. Kacti ration to consist cf one ]>ound and a quarter of frwh be?4 or ti ree quarters of a pound of me** pork; eighteen ounce* of bread or superfiue flour at the option of Government, and at the rate of six pounds of good coffee, twelve pounds of the best New Orleans sugar, eight quarts of the best white beans, four quarts Of vinegar, two quarts of salt, four pound* of good hard brown anap, and one and a half pound* or good, hard, dipped tallow c it.die* to each hundred ration*. The beef lequired shall lie delivered on the ordtr of the com manding officer of each Station, either in bulk or by libgle ra tion, anil snail consist of the best and most choice portions of the carcase; uw pork to be No. 1 prime mesa pork; and the gro ceries of the beet quality of the kind* named, snhjert to insnee tiovt. No bid will he entertained, unlets accompanied by the names or two sureties, responsible for the faithful performance of the contract. ?7 3taw U1 N?f m L.UCLNA OORDIAL, OR I Volt or painibl maastniation. incontinence of anna or ibtoiiw try discharge thewof, and for general prostration of the sye ,rt, whether the rawil of Inherent causes or produced by ineg ilajity, illuess or accident.Itis pleasant to the teste, and dosi , SSmF3? aSfiafitSiaS.SSSpii uiXr it* influence. It immediately cosuiwracu the nerveless uras or looseness of the l*male frame, which is the only causa of barrenness, mil which, prior to Dr. Magin'a discovery, wu Luiiaiie.'uuM, cannot do justice to the gunli of the Lucina Cordial^ which is regarded 6jr the head, of the faculty in ill paru of the world as one of the moat important discoveries of "iolJPwholeeaU and iettU ta this city at 116 Fallon "trf*, cor ner t! Nas|*u, snd Seth Fowle^Washmgton street, Belong; 91 | North Sixth street, Philadelphia. Price $3 per ,per PUBLIC OPINION " Has pronounced dr. bherman's worm, lo ZENOE&to be the best preparation for the destruction of worms in children that haa everWn offered, and they are so pleasant to the taste that they are taken without any difficulty. I They have now been in nse more than fire ye.trs, duringwhich lima they hare become well known in every.pert or the land from Maine to Georgia, and from the Atlantic to the Rocky Mountains. Their administration has Wn ?ttenrf?d with won derful success, so much so that parents have now no confidence in any other tnediciue for the expulsion of worms T he testi monials in theii favor are very numerous, and coutmue to pour in from all Quarters of the country. How many children can ' b? found who are suffering from worms, and are pining away for the wantofa proper remedy. Even the cao.eofthe suffer uk <s not suspected. One box of Sherman's Worm Lo?,>?e. wrtl remedy theevil. Tami?r no longer, it will soon be too late. sj c?efol to procure the genuine Sherman .. Worm Loaenges, and give them according toriie printed directions onthebo*. . <'ousumptiou, Coughs, Colds, Asthma and all diseases of the lungs, are relieved and cured by br. Sher roan s c*lekr^k?Mh 1 Lounges. The Kev. Darius Anthony. of the Oneida Umter ?nce, "-given up by his friends. fn-. U??J>i?? ?b?n?K. They cure headache in a few moment* give immediate relief iu colic, diarrhma, and spasmodic allec tions of the stomach, and counteractto^ec-s <A'uhoi* ?uxv He has also CatharticLoaenges, which are taken without any trouble, being as pleasut to the tasteiu a comm >n JWgwgHit Kestorative Losenges for the cure of diiuThma, or looseness oj 'he bowels, and allwho may be afflicted with sickness, would ."lo well to call and make trial of h i various preparation!. 8HtRV1AN^Vo()R MAN'S PLAM'tR.Unil, uut.vall ed for Weak Backs. Rheumatism, IVins in the Side or Loiu^ Lumbago, ?nJ all affections of the chest. One Million ?v?. will uot supply the annual demand. Numbers of unprincipled persons have attempted to force upon the community a counter hit article, bnt those who * re in the habit of vsiuic Shermans Poor Man's Plaster, know tlieir effects to ? well ? ^ be deceived. Observe, tliat every Plaster mude by L)r. Sncrwau bears a lac timile" of his name printed on the baca o I Uie same, j he genuine preparations oi Dr. Sheruian can always be ootaiued at *is wareliauae, No. IOC Nassau street, or at his Millar Agents : ?CoddinRton, 287 Hudson, corner oJ Spring; Uan?l?? 1? Bow ?rv. corner of Spring; 77 Last Broadway, corner Market; Rush tou s three stores,Broadway; Mrs. Hay's 139 Fulton street. Brooklyn; Zi*bw*3 Ledger Buildings. Phil'a,;and IUsddtng's, I State street. Boston. s!2rc Medical Aid. CJECRET HABITS.?Dr. Beujamui Bell, superintendent of 0 the Asylum at Charkntown in alluding to the sufaject of this uotice, says, " there is a foal plague in our midst, cutting off amongst the young, the beautiful and the promising of our land." Dr. Gregory's umtforaiiup Tonic Cordial is a remedy tint may be implicitly relief on in all cases of this kind, in cltadinff semeinslor teaital weaknesses, barrennessand debility, or coldness in the organs of procreation. Dr. O. J*1? an" thor of the private treatise called the Rubicon treating upon secret habits, and also upon tlu prevention and cure of private have read Dr. Osegory's work called the "Rubicon," aniTconsidcr it well adapted to awaken attention to a subject more blighting to body, aindandsoul than any other vice. We have now iu the Asylum about SM confiiroed lunatics whosr mental, as well as bodily imbecility, has been caused by this insidious and desolating habit. The work in question should bs read with attention by both young and old. Resiiectfnlly. JA8. N. MONROE, M. D.( N. Y. State Lunatic Aaylum.Utica, 28th Sept., 1841. [T7? Dr. Gregory's resideuce is <C Hold street, where IV Book and the Cordial are for sale; the Book at 50 cents, or sent by mail on receipt of $1; the Medicine, single bottle. (8, or in larger quantities at the rate of 920 per doxen, carelully Pjck^o for shipment, and will be sent to any part of the world.as .tMJ be ordered. Consultations coulidential at all hour*. 1 he agent* for the sale of the above articles are at the lamp store, 136 t ultou street, and the following drug stores: M William street; C3 Bowery; las Bow?ry; 1st Delancey street; 77 East .Broadway; SI and 79 Kultou street; _ o7 lm*ec And both comers Broadway and Chamber! st MRS. CARROLL'S MEDIC A - ED VAPOR AND SULPHUR BATHS. 395 Bron way.two doors above the Hospital. \/TRS. CA >1 OLL rewectfully announces to her patrons, the LYl Medical culty, and the Public, that she has removed from CourtlK i?tr?*, and eetablished her Medicated Vapor ud Sulphu- i Kis in a more commodious and central situation, at No. 383 Br> ? way, where, by her continued assiduity and strict attention, -sie hopes to merit the patronage which her es tablishment has reeeiyed for the last eighteen yean. N. B.?Sulphur Baths require one hour's notice. Portable 1 Baths sent to any part of the city or ltt vicinity. Bathing rubs I for hire ?' lmBC ? HULL'S TRUSSES. NOTICE TO RUPTURED PERSONS. DERSONS afflicted with Rnptures may rely upou the best m r strumental aid the world affords, on applicatuui at the Office. No. 4 Vesey street, or to either of the Ape-nts in the principal | towns in tne United States. Be careful to eiamine the back pad of Hull's Trusses, to sme. if they are endorsed by Dr. Hull, in writing. None are genuine, or to be relied upon as good, without his signature. . r _ ... Many persons have undertaken to vend imitations or Hull's celebrated Trussea, and thousands are.imposed upon in conse juence. These imitations cannot be relied upon; they are made j bjMinsltilful meehknics, and are no belter than the ordinary Rooms have been fitted up at No. 4 Veeey street,.excltuively far ladies, having a sepasats entrance irom the business depart ment, where a female is in constant attendance to wait upos .mule putiwi. ?'* lmre ON THE CURE OF STRICTURE. fN A FORMER advertisement ON STRICTURE I much pains was taken to explain iu nature?uie diasaass which were mistasiea for it?iu consequences and its cure? tlso the fact that Stricture frequently exists in those who are lot in the least aware of it. Those, however, occupying too rnuch space, the following remarks will be confined to certaio circumstances, which will enable one to judge whether he haa ?his complaint or no, and its proper means of cure. Among other things it was remarked, that it was by no meant ?ecessary that the stream of urine should be obstructed, or even much diminished, in a case of stricture; ihis, indeed, occurs id Dad and long established eases, bn stricture may exist Tor months and even years without producing any striking change iu tnis respect. Neither is it necessary there should be pain, or uiy thing directing the attention to the seat of this disease Pain, certainly is now and then complained of, but it is only rfnen innammatien happens to be superadded ; and, with re tard to other effects, especially of early cases, these are observ sd to fall upon the mind and nervous system, rather than uie part itself. There are, however, three circumstances which most peculiarly belong to stricture, and, especially when they meet together, snould never be lost sight of, but lead to inunedi ite means of cure. Many other symptoms might be mentioned, out most of these belong to other maladies as well, or relate to ?tricture in its more advanced and settled form, while the fol lowing three belong to stricture in its esrly stage, and when it s so easily and certainly removed. The first of these relates to The M*!?wer or Uuiwatiho.?It has been already said the tream need not be much diminished or imirded, but what is to on observed is die peculiar way in which it liuishes. if it uliould nappen, after the clothes are readjusted,, that a drop or two ?liquid steal away, so as to wet a little, this, trilling as it may item, would afford a strong suspicion. Not that this drop oi two can proceed from no other cause whatever; but, certainly, so stricture can exist without it. The next is The Time s pokmek OonouiiHaca May have remained Uhcured.?A Gonorrhoea, though not the only. ia by far the most frequent cause of Stricture. It is not its severity, so much is the length of time iu gleety stage may have remained, that is to be considered. Neither is it uMsible in every case to state how long this may continue without producing Stricture, for ine is usturall] more disposed to Stricture than anotmv. If, however, it should have continued from six to eight weeks, this leugth of time at least would strengthen any other suspicious ircumstances. The third is The ekeect a Stricture has vfoivthe Miivd.I INothing is more certain than that the effect of Stricture is to depress the ?pirits and to lessen mental energy Not that this ? complain ed of in the same degree by every individual, but it is so com mon, in one degree or other, that the writer rarely aces a case of Stricture in which the patient does not observe that he is uot so ictive, or capable of business as formerly. This also is a sen tins effect; though little undertood, but it is unquestionably true. Indeed, whoever eonsiders the natural connection. oi mind and sexual oigans, will easily imagine that, as there is ? medium by which tne mind so powerfully sets upon uiese or /ans, so, through the same medium the sexual organs re-act upon the mind. This, however, is better explained in ' The Private Treatise" of the author, a little volume which is sent to many parts of the world. As the cure of Stricture proceeds, the activity of mind invariably refuras. .... ... With respect to the cure of Stticture?this, it la gratifying to state, is generally accomplished in very little time, and without pain or inconvenience. Nothing can exceed the improvement of late years in the treatment or this complaint. Indeed, in the hands of proper and experienced persons, the cure of Stricture is now accomplished in as many days as formerly it demanded months. Many persons consul* the writer wiio come ou busi ness to this cirv for a short time only, but return perfectly cured, thvUAn u has been a source of trouble and anxiety for yean. To those who cannot leave their homes, the writer fur nishes his own peculiar means of cure, together with his " Pri vate T eatise," which has an interesting chapter, giving every iufr .mation on the suhject, and written in the plainest manner. Dr. Ralph takes this opportunity of saying that he may be consulted on the various diseases referred to m his Privafe Treatise"?at his dwelling nouse, No. 88 Greenwich street, at any hour, and, in consequence of the number of pretenders and books of auackery which infest this citv, he deems it proper to make the following statement, as a satisfactory ground of confi dence to .(.rangers. Besides his rank as Graduate of Edinburgh, lie Sic. he has been eugaged in the cure of these diseases, both in hospital and city practice, for more than thirty years, and has publiuhed three editioos of a work expressly on them. Also, that he has letters from the most eminent physicians in Europe from the most eminent men in America?as Sir Astlev (.ooper, of London, to Dr. Mott, of New York; Dr. Physic, of Philadel phia, and others, and that he is permitted to refer to almost ?very Physician of eminence in this city. " Tlie Private 1 ~* tise'' is $1. Address Dr. Ralph, seur., 88 Greenwich street. o3l lm*rrc J O TML LADIES. DR HULL'S UTERO ABDOMINAL SUPPORTERS T'HIS new Instrument for lie radical cure of Prolapsus Uten, 1 or Falling of the Womb, by external application, super seding the use of the oluectional Pessary, is confidently recom mended to the afflicted as the means of perfect restoration to health, it never having failed of performing a cure, even under the most aggravated circumstance*. The Supporter haa attained a very high character la Europe as well as in this country. .It is adopted"to the entire disease or Pessaries, and all other painful surgical expedients, in the Ly ing-in .Hospitals _of London and Paris, and i* universallyj? cominendeo ia la this country faculties of Colleges *Roo ms" haviTbisen furnished exclusively for ladies at No^l Vesey street, having a separate entrance from the business de partment, where a lady ITET constant attendance to apply T"n?ses and Knpportert to female patients oil imrre jaYNE's hair tonic TAYNE'8 HAIR TONIC.-We hay, heretofore, numbered J ourselves smoug those who believed that the 'Hair Ionic," prepared by Dr. Jayne, was one of the many quack nostrums whose virtues ate never seen beyond the fulsome puffs o< their iMithors. We are willing, at length, to make pnnlic acknowledg ment of the error of our belief. An intimate frieud, some two or three months since, all the top of whose cranium was as bald as a piece of polished marble, mangre all our jrsting and ridicule of the idea of attempting to cultivate so Darren a spot, purchased a bottle or two of the Hair Tonic from Dr. Jayne, and according to his directions applied it. During the present week the .aine Iriend ushered himself into our pre ence, and uncovering his hitherto naked head, astonished us with sthin. though luxuriant growth of hsir, from one to two inches in length?u|*n the very premises we lud believed as unyielding to cultivation, as the trsckless sand thnt skirts the Atlantic. This is no puff, but is religiously true, and to those who d >ubt the gentleman can be pointed out. What is mora in favor of this "Tonic, the case here cited was not one of temporary baldness?no sudden loas of the hair?but was one of years standing, though the gen tleman is but forty-five years of age.?[ niilaoelnh?? Spirit ol thHo!dlb7ti*Agww, A. B. It D. BANDS, Druggists, No. 7? Fulton ?treei,rft Bruadway, and V East Bread way, Europe by medical men of the highest rank, it ia sustained by the leading members of ths ages and Hospitals, and by afl the eminent pri THE 1MV18 IB ro. OO etoMlT resembles the real heed of hair ikUMfteal saywsisr.rffsr' i&sttpSv'B ?oval and unique wig is its being made without sewing <M weaving, which cause Mu|miumi ?o closely to resemble the natural hair, both u lightness and natural appsaranes, as to defy detection. Ita texture being io beautiful. to porous and so free, that in all cases of, perspiration evaporation u unimpeded, and the gnat evils of other wigs sntirely avoided. The scertie and connoisseur are alike invited to insnsrt this novel and beau tufcl Wig, wd the peculiar method offitting the bead, at the manufacturer's, A. C. Barry, 14* Broadway, comer of Liberty WWW, up stsiirs o22 Im'ee MARTELLE & HOLDERMANN, 3T Maiden Lane, R, T. MANUFACTURERS and importers of Ornamental Hail Work, Wigs, Toupses, Bands. Curli, Beams, Ban dean Hair, and a new style ofsverlasting Curls, and all kinds of hair works, wholesale and retail N H The tr?d? rv??Hod <"* r*a?naabls.tenas " TO T HENERV OUS AN1) DEB] LIT ATE D. PROFESSOR BOERHAAVE'S HYGEAN RENOVATOR TN all those cases where manly vigor is impaired, where the * mental andI physical powers are prostrated 1 y an unrestrained indulgence of the passions, particularly by those solitary and destructive habits ol early voutn, inducing nocturnal emissions and debility, the liygean Renovator will be round an infallible remedy. It restores the organs of reproduction in both sexes, to a healthy action, and removes impotency by infusing new energy into tlx system. In many instances the effect is instan taneous. It never fails to cure chronic gleets and whites, and remove* sterility, by restoring a liralJiy uterine actiou. Refer ences can be f(ivea to many physicians who have prescribed the Renovator with success in those affections, as also in Dysjwp sia, weakness of the back and loins and affections of the urinary organs. Sold only at the "Importing Agents," 206 Kulton -treet, New York. Price 12per bottle of 16 ounces, and for warded to all parts or the Union. N.B.?Copious directions accompany each bottle. sIS lra*m foam iMl T~\R. CORB1TT may be consulted confidentially at his Of L* floe, 16 Dnane street, two doors from Chatham. Strangers are respectfully informed that Dr. Corbitt is a member or the University of the City of New Vork, and that ha has exclusive ly confined his practice from oeing general to the treatment of cerrain claaaes of diseases, (now over eleven Years in the city of New York,) which eugages his entire attention. The annals of medicine do not recora greater snccess than is to be found in hia practice. The Doctor cautious the unfortunate against ihe usa of mercury, as it has its thousands of victims- Keceut case* are in a few days removed entirely from the system. See that you are judiciously treated by a person legally qualified, and not by pretenders and quacks as there are several of them in this city. Persons afflicted with protracted and inveterate eases need not despair of being restored to health, by applying to Dr. Corbitt. A practice of many years has established the Doctor's reputation for skill and resiwctability,. Strictures engage the Doctor's profound attention. A medicine may be had to pre ei r a rerteir disease in inv of its forms si* Jni*re ADVICE GRATIS' nil. MARX. 6'l Duwe street, vwioae auieauAc ireauaentof !?-' private and chronic diseases is well known to the public and needs no comment, as thousands of cases can testify. O" The strictest of secrecy. Office 03 Dunne street, near Kim. on lm*m TO THOSE WITHOUT CHILDREN. APROCREATIVE ELIX111 CORDIAL. rpHK greatest discovery in medical science is that of M. M. A Desomeatu, of Pari*. He has entirely exploded thejgeua rally received opinion of the existence of incurable sterility or barrenness, (except indeed in cases of malformntkm, whit* re extremely rare.) The invariable and universal success of nia Elixir Cordial, ill every instance, of producing that stale of health which reaults in the wife becoming blessed as a mother, who for years pined in childless lonelinaa, haa fully establishsa the fact, that what is usually tanned barreanasa is curable by the use of the Procreative Elixir Cordial. It is infalliable ia senurial weakness, fluor albus, debility, incontinence and the various train of complaints arising from excess, illnasa, or im prudence. Its great and invariable success ia ita recommenda tion. The fame of this wonderful Klixir Cordial is well eata blished. A sale of more than filly thousand bottles and pack ages is sufficient evidence of its excellence and the estimation in which it is held. It is pleasant and agreeable to the taste. The undersigned ia the only authorised agent in this country Price $2 a bottle. For the convenience of these residing, out of the city, the in gredients composing the Elixir Cordial are put up in pf ckages "or transmission by mail, with full direction for preparing. Price of package IS, making three bottles. All letters must be postpaid, and directed to Dr. F. MeLVeaU, boa St. N. York city. Office 129 Liberty at. N. B.?Ladies calling for the "Elixir" will be waited on by a lady in attendance. oxn lm?ec IMPORTAN L TO oENTLEMEN WITH AND WITHOUT HEADS OK HAIR. CHARLES RIDGWaV, Haik Gutter and Wio Maker, (LATE OF 176 BROADWAY, HOWARDS' HOTEL,) HAS RKMOVKD TO No. lid Wall Street, DIRECTLY OPPOSITE THE CUSTOM HOUSE. CR. wishes to inform those gentlemen who have not triad ? his system of Hair Cutting, that it differs from and is su perior to all others in principle and style, being strictly accord ing to the most approved European modes as now practised in London, Paris, he. be. Wearers of Wigs are particularly re quested to call and examine an entirely new method of fitting, invented and practically applied by. him, and not to be had in any other establishment iu the universe. They possess some advantages over all others, net requiring any elastic springs, al ways retaining their fit, and cannot possibly turn up behind, iur Soaps, Oils, Brashes, Perfumery, itc., lie. 1* ? IT pLUMbt^ IMPORTER AND MANUFACTURER of Daguerreotype a Apparatus and Materials of every kind. Always on hand, wholesale and retail, at the lowest prices, at his Daguerrian Ual Ir.ries and Depots, as followsNew York. 251 Broadway: Bos ton, 74 Court street; Philadelphia, 136 Chestnut stieet; Balti more, 22 Baltimore st: New Orleans, Camp street; Saratoga, Broadway; Portland, Me. Middle st; Dubuque, Iowa Maine st; and at his agencies in Paris and Liverpool. Awarded first pre miums and highest honors by the American and Franklin Insti tutes, and the Medal at Boston Fair, for the most beautiful co. lored Daguerreotypes ever exhibited. ol2 lm* m TEETH?TEETH?TEETH O.REAT Reduction in Dentistry.?Prices reduced 50 per cent Teeth set on pivot go 73 " on Fine Plate. I mm St 50 to IN Teeth filled with Fine Gr.ld Foil, from 56cts to 1 M Tooth Ache Cured, or 1 eeth Extracted 0 25 N. TAYLOR, Sntpcal and M.*ehaai?al Dentist, ?2 East Broadway, ol lm*m (Successor to Win. Thorn.) DOCTOR MORRISON, NTORTH RIVER DISPENSARY, SM* Fallen street Doctor Morrison continues to be consulted confidentially, on all private diseases, which he cures without mercury, or re straint in diet or pursuit. Recent cases, particularly ''(ionor rhc/' he cures in S to 6 days. STRICTURES OF THE URETHRA are cured by Dr. M. on improved principles, without pain or inconvenience to the patient. As the symptoms ol'Stricture are analogous with those of other affections of the urinary apparatus, none bet ex perienced Surgeons should be allowed ?> make the necessary te rmination, as those affected with enlarged prostate glands, may suffer much injury from awkward practitioners Nervous and Constitutional Debility.?Tlus affection, and the train of evils resulting from a secret, destructive habit in youth, inducing nocturnal emissions and ultimate impoiency, are radically cured by Dr. M.. on pathological principles, by restoring the system to a healthy tone and reinstating iu origi nal vigor. A perfect cure guaranteed, or no cbaigu, N.B.?Dr. M. holds no commuuiou with Medical pretenders, who claim to be surgeons, as he is, perhaps, the only qualified advertising Surgeon in the city. See his diplomas in hn oflte*. 2KX Fulton street. Letters post-paid and containing a fee will insure medicine and adviee to any part of the Union. Office, 2IMK Fulton, near Greenwich, New Hum. Opasa from T A. M. to lOT. M.,daily. om ins're PORTUGUESE FEMAitE PlJULS. linrBKTSO AlfD rU^tl D feV M.DK BOUDELOOVEX M.D. Ll tils UN, POKTUOdtL. TH?j, scientific combination of ingredients of which those 1 Pills are composed, have made them the wonder and admi ration of the world. They are known all over Europe to be the only preparation ever discovered that has proved invariably cer tain in producing the monthly tarns. Their certainty in sll cases, being such that they must not be used during pregnancy, for though always mild, safe and healthy, they are certain to produce miscarriage if used during thai period. The directions are translated into English, awl are enveloped round with the seal of the importer, stamped. Each box coa tains the signature of M. de Boudeloque, and the English di rections have the signature of Dr. F. MELVKAU, authorised ?gent for the Continent of America. They can be transmitted by mail to any part of the Uniud States.. Sold by Or. F. MELVKAU, agent and importer for the United States. Office, 129 Liberty street, near Oreenwicb JW"?t. Price ts.?half boxes, SS. No naif boxes sent by mail. Sold m Boston, at ? Salem street. Letters directed to Dr. F. Melveau, hex M, New York, will meet with immediate attea lion. All letters mast be nosipaid, unless enclosing money. iv2?rre IU -viAti.i\.lil.L? lyiADAMK RESTEI.I.'S PREVENTIVE rOWDERB, ?l hese invaluable Powders have been universally adopts in Europe, but France in particnlor, for upwards of thirty years, as well ss by thousands in this country, h being the only saiid, safe and efficacious remedy for married ladies whose hsnlrh for bids a too rapid increase of family. The results of their ado|>timi co tl? liamineaa, the health, nay often the life, of many an affectionate wile and fond mother am too vast to touch upon within the limits of an adverusenmit? results which affect not enly the present well being of parents, but the future hanpinees of their otf m<-ing. I< it not out too well known that the lam.lies of the ma' ? ftcrj increase beyond the happiness of those wno gave them oirui wonul dia'ass 7 la how many instances does tn hard workma futlwr, nod more especially the mother of a poor lamily reins tn slavsa uirough vut their lives, tugging st the oar of incessant labor, toiling but to Jive and living but to toil, when they might liaveeuoyed comfort and comparative affluence, and if care and iosThave weighed down the spirit, ?nd at fast broken the Uealtn of ths father, how often is the wsdew lell unable, with the meet fit tuous intentions, to save Im> latherless offspring from becoming degraded objects of charity or profligate votaries of viee I Kven though competent^ ana plenty smile upon us, liow olten, ales I are the days of the kind husband and father rmbiuevsd in bo holding the emaciated form and declining heultli of ih? compa nion of his bosom, ere she had scarce reached the age of thirty ?fast sinking into a premature grave?with tha osstain pros pect of himself being early bereft of the psrtneir of bis joys and sorrows, and his young and helpleaa children of these endeai ing attentions and watchful solicitude, which a motlier aleee can bestow, not nnfreuueutly at a tune when least able to support the heart-rending affliction ! Is it desirable, then?is it moral? for parents l* increase tneir families, regardless ofconsequencm to themselves, or the well being of their offspring, when a sin pie, easy, healthy and certain remedy is within oar control > The advertiser, leeliujg the impo-tance of this sabjeet, and esti mating the.vast benefit* resulting to housnnds by the adoption of means prescribed by her, would ruspecrfally arouse the at-1 tentionolthe married to its consideration. . ?. uoi wiwi and virtuous to prevent evils to which we ure subject, by simple and healthy means within our control 1 Every ilmmsaionstc. virtuous and enlightened mind, will unhesitatingly answer in the affirmative. Price,five dollars a package, accompanied with fall and parti cular directions. All letters must be post.part, and addressed to OOX " Ki," N A?1 MADAME RkSI Ell, Female Physician. Principal Office, HI Greenwich sirset, New York. Offios hours from ? A. M. to !> P. M Boston office. No. 7 Csosx sl N. B.?Those enclosing money need not pay posiajw. jv29rs MADAME RESTELL.. E* EM ALE PHYSICIAN, Office asd resides! ee, ltt (ireeo t wtch street, betweeu Courtlandt and Liberty streeu, when she can be nonsuited with the stricteet confidence on complaints incident to the female frame. Madame llestell's experience and knowledge in the treatmesl of obstinate cases of female irre/uli My, stoppage, snpnrassioa, kc . is snch as to require but a, i w .i <ys to effect a iierfect cure. Ladies desiring proper medical attendance during couiinement or other indisposition, will be accommodated during snch time, with private and respectable board. Preventive Powders," for married ladies, whose delicate or preoarioua health forbids a too tapid increase of family, will be sent by mail to anv part of the United States. Price ii a Pack age. All letters (post paid) addressed to box 86S, New Vork, Boston Office. No. 7 hssex street. ?\ N. B.?Those enclosing money need not pay postage. N. B.?Madame RESTELL would inmm ladies residing out ol the city, whose health would not admit of travelling, that she would devote her personal attendance upon them in ? part of'.he '" ,t"il States with... reasonable distance. jy2" _ . _ _ .Pl/BLISHKD I)All.V BV JAMKJOOHUON BKNNKTT, N. W CORNER FULTON AND NASSAU STREETS. Thr Nrw York Hkrai-d?A Daily Pajier, issued every morning of the week?price two cgtru per copy. Conntry Subscribers furnished at the same rate, Tor any specific period, vance'*IB1tta,|e* '* **,TSne" No P*P"r sent unless paid in ad Twr tV*E?LV Hbeald? Issued on Saturday morning at M o'clock?price six an? * ckwts per copy?fur ?tailed to Country Subscribers at ts 25 per annum, in advaaea. er at the same rate for say specified period. Csunrsmrts are r??ae*Md ts sddraai Mair lettan ta jjUPMNyn Iwinftv. trtrw M?e^-ewl sM

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