7 Mart 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

7 Mart 1845 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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?? ?. ?MlP THE NEW YORK HERALD. vol. xi., Ho. es-wboi* Ho. 4?ar. NEW YORK. FRIDAY MORNING. MARCH 7, 1845. Prtao Two Con is. THE NEW YORK HERALD AGGREGATE CIRCULATION THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. To tl&o Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?Daily Newspaper?on* lished every day of the year except New Year's Day and Koorlb of July. Price I cents per copy?or IT M per aaaam?postsges paid?cuh in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturdar morning?price 6H cents per copy, or M II per annum?post ages paid, cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and incTeasini last It hoe the tar get t circulation of any paper tn thit city, or ihe world, and, it, therefore, 'he best channel for butinttt wun in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. I'KI NT1NO of all kinds executed at the most moderate price aad in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. 'norniKToa or the HcSALirEsTaBLisHMEiw. Northwest corner or Fulton and Nassau streets. ^VTl 39HKSi NEW VOHK, PCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN, BELVlDKKF AND EASPON.?Lea>e thr JHHHL/ooi of C<.urtlau4 itreet daily, Su.,u.,",x?.?3, at 0 u clock, A M., by Ha-1 road from Jertcy City to Morris town thence by post-coaches through Mmdhara, Chester, lisr mm Valley School'sMountain, Anderson Town, Port Cal den Washington, to Belvideie and Kaston. For s ats, apply to J.Hill, at the Commercial Hotel, 73 Court land street. N B.?l? *tras furnished at the shortest notice, by applying to Charles ? olhath. at Mor is'own. m4 im*m NEW YORK. ALBANY AND I'RoY LlN ? ? FOR ALBANY AND TROY-Direct ?Irom the pier st the foot of Barclay st ? . .. .. Th8 'IX Preesure steamboat SWALLOW Uaptani A. H Squires, This Eveninf.at 6 o'clock, Thursday March 8th 1845 For passage or freight, apply on board, or to C. CLARK, at th? nlhce oil the wharf. Freight taken on the most reasonable terms. Freight must be put in charge of the Freight Agent, or the Company will not pe responsibla for losses. m6 rrc PEOPLE'S LINE FOR ALB* NY^cm 'th# toot of Courtlsnd Street, at 5 o'clock, P.M., ?Isndi' g at intermedi'tepDces. i The steanboat SOU PH AMEBIC A, Captain M. H Trnes Urll. Monday, Wedn adav, and Friday af'e'nnons, at 5 o'clock. TliMW-iijliuitUILUMBIA, I giulu Wn. M. Peck, Tues day, 1 huraday and Satufdav aft moons, st 5 o'clock Pas enter, taking either of ihc above lines will arrire in Al b^ny^n t.me to take the morning train of Cars for the Eaet or The Boats are new and substantial, ere famished with new and lex.iit state rooms, and for speed and accommodations are uiiri.ailed on the Hudson. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schul z. at ihe office on the Wharl. mj FOR SALE?Twenty-fenr Covered FREIGHT [OAKS, sucti as are used on the Penneylvauia Rail ______ Roads They will be sold very low. If not sold be I W IT .fore Satniday, the 1st of March, they will be offered at puulic sale at the premises of the subscriber, at 10 o'clock, A M. C HAMILTON, West side Broad street,below Locust street, Philadelphia. ja3l lmeod*gbx SHAKSPEARE HOTEX; CORNER OF WILLIAM A DUANE 8TREET8, N Y. MTHE snbicri'er respectfully informs the public thsf be has lease I the above establishment, and is now pre pa>ed to a commodate them with Board and Lodging, on v ry moderate terms.. It has been pur. in the most thorough end cnmi lere repair, painted and tefitttd with additional new fur liture, and he will not, as usual, say wh 'the intends tn do, but solicits the travelling community to visit and give him a trial, a> d judge for themselves, that the establishment under his manaeemeiiL is deserving the patronage of the public. The 1 >? cation being c-ntral to business, offers inducements to mar Chants T in the c >unfy [from its retired situation] unsurpass ed hy any < ther house in the city. _ Te^m. <1 p-r day?per week in proportion. "Th- suhsr riber hes to call the attention of parti's that the Assembly Be m will be to let to those giving Balls and Con certs for the rtmaining part of the season, and that the room will sh a.tly he pot in complete repair, and filled op in a magni ficent, style He further calls the attention of the professional Reutlemeu of th- law, that his room for arbi'rators and rererees as nndergoi e alterati >n, and that he is ready to accnmmedate tliem on reasonable terms?which will be seen by his regula tion of room hire. N.B ?A select number of permanent bogrders will be taken on very moderate terms. m6 2w*nc MINORD 8. THRESHER. TO LET?'The two story and attic brick dwelling f house No. 146 Barrow street, finished in modern style, -with folding d >ors, marble mantel', Ac. Apply to t.mfi 1 ?? T. A A. 8. HOPE, No. 131 Uhamoers st. "TO LET. AND IMMEDIATE POSSESSION ' GIVEN?The Store No.97 Nassan street, Herald Bnild ?aaMh'h.Xs, with Fixtures, Stove and Pipes, ready set and all complete. Applicati >n to oe made at the desk of the office of the Her Id. lor terms. Ac. i3lrfrr sflM '? O LET?Two Stores besntifnlly situated, tu the new buildings mow nearly complete) on the n nth westerly -USLcorner of Broadway and Itea.de street, (known as the La Fir., Buildings ) Also, a Urge ana convenient Basement, well calculated for an Oyster Saloon. Ac. Also, several convenient Stores in the s-cond story, suitable for Merchant Tailors, Fashionable Milliners, Dressmakers, Ac. together with a variety of Rooms in the 2d, 3d, 4th, and 5tn stories, suitable for Offices, Private Pa-lors with folding doors, Pauines and Bedrooms attached ; with Rooms suitable tor Dentists, Painters, Daguerreotypes and Exhibition Rooms, Ac. Tbose persons wanting rooms of the above description, are re quested to call and examine the same. Enquire on the premise-. fl3 lm*rc ? MTO LET?The large three story and attic Brick Dwelling House, situated on the north-easterly comer of tne Seventh Avenue and Thirteenth street, with a fine girtlm, I'ro'ou water, kitchen ranges, marble mantels. sliding doors. Ac , and in an improving neighborhood. Rent low to a good tenant. Al?>?Hour three story and attic Brick Houses, with Stores underneath, on the easterly side of Sixth A venae, between Twelfth nod Thirteenth itieets, with sliding doors, marble mantels, < roton water, Sic., suitable for arspeetable families in moderate circumstances. Also?Five three story Briek Houses, of a similar kind, on the easterly side of (ifeenwich Lane or Avenue, near the Eighth Avenue, and opposite the large square. Also?The three story Brick House, with a Store underneath, ou the easteily side or the Eighth Avenue, between 13th and 14th streets, with marble mantels, sliding doors, C roton water, Ac. All of the above Stores are excellent stands for business, and are suitable for drygoods and fancy-goods, ladies'shoe stores, china and earthenware, hardware, jewelry, millinery, con fectiouary, fcc. The Suites, with the front basement-room, will be rented se parate from the dwelling parts if required, there being covered areas in front for fuel, Iu. ti. H. WINTER, fll lm*rc 16 Wall street. TO LET?The Bulkhead, or Water Front,froini sir i m r*n street to Chambers street, (about 200 feet,) now irecu XJjLi'iril as the Newborn Lauding. The four story Store.No. Ill Ann en street. One of the r-ew Building , bctweeu Waah itigt II .uid West streets. The superior three story Brick House occupied by K J. Cochran, Esq , on I'enth Avenue near 22d street: has mahogany doors, plated lurnirnre.Croton water, we. FOR SALE OR TO LET?The .Mansion and Farm at Gowanus. I.. I , a boat three miles from the South Kerry. The House it fifty feet square, Ave stories, and a superior cellar, roof Coppered, mahotany doors, plated furniture, he. The hall and stairs Italian marble. 'I'M building it uear the water, and it witliouteqnal as to situation in the United States. It will ac commodate fifty or sixty persons. The Farm is eighty seres?s front on the Bay of one thousand feet, and a front on each aide of Tlnrd Avenue. It it iu the Eighth Ward of the City of Bro. Llyn, ana laid out in 10911 Building Lots, and there are many Ut ild UK Sites ou this property. The laud is the oest on Long island for early vegetables, and can realize five thousand dollars |?r annum, if attended to by an experienced gardener. ALSO, FOR. SALE?The Bennet harm, at (Jowauus, abont 2o0 Lou froutiug on Third and Fourth A veuuea and the street Iradiug to the Greenwood Cemetery. The Lore will be sold st low prices and long credit, and money loaned to thoee that build immediately. Apply to JOHN K. DELAPLA1NE, 0# 'm*rc No 7 New street, New York. Si'EAM BOWER? Rooms to let with swam rower. Apply at K. HOE A CO., fll 3wrc 29 and 31 Oold street. TO SECRET SOCIETIES. TO LE1'?From 1st May neat, the large Room in the ' upper story of home corner of East Broadway and Ca ,marine stirei, titled up for a lodg ? room. Cau be seen en 2hi and 5 o'clock, P. M. For further particu lars enquire of E BP I EM, 41 Catharine street, or of J HeCHT, 38 Henry street Ql lm?m FOR SALE. A BEAUTIFUL FARM, situated in the town of lEastc heater, cout-iumg eeventy aires of Rood triable and laud. The House is in perfect order and convenient ly arranged for a large family , baid Farm it divided by the pott road running to New Rochelle and Marmarroneck, and rnru down to Eastchiuter Lreek, where there u fine baas aud trout lishiug in their season. The out buildings are all in good order, and mere is good s>ablingfor twelve horses. The whole place is well watered aud on the premises is a beautiful r ishpoud. There are two churches within a quarter of a mile of said I'law, and stages p.isa twice a day by the house, to intersect the New Vask and Harlem Railroad ai William's Bridge, whi< h is with iu three unles of said premises. There is an abundance of Fruit ou said premises, which wae selected by the present owner w.th treat care. The distance from City Hall, New \ ork, it ac int slxteeu miles Puss sea ion can be had by the 1st of April, and any information concerning said property, can be had on the prenu >es. Also, ad inning said property, forty acreaof first rate Land, with a good Btone House ou It, w itli Barn aud Btabh s connected, possessing the same advantages as the above seventy seres. The said forty acres will be sold seperaiely, or the Farms to gether, (making in all 110 acres) to smt the pure has- r. Apply to J. W. J iNe WAY, No. IS City Hall Place, or to ISAAC AN DEHSON, on the premises, or to Ie3 lm*rc WM. H. H1CKB, No. 30 Wall street. TO LET. AT rORDHAM. WESTCHESTER CO., N. Y. sm A LARGE and convenient Cottage, formerly occupied ml >v Thus. Bassford, with n Garden, and Fiuit Trees ot asak-every Oeecrl, lion, adjoining?eitneted within two or three huudrrd yarde of 8t. John', College. The New Fork end Mar Ism lUilroui Cars ran to and from Ntw York sii times a day. Apply at 479 I'earl street, New York. fit lm*ro REAL ESTATE FOR SALE, asn ABOUT FIFTY ACRES of choice Lead in the Ith MH|Ward, in the city of Brooklyn, fronting the New York .aJhs.Bay, and commanding n beautiful prospect. The aitua s highly picturesque. Enquire of JOHN a. BERGEN, ' Je? lm?rc RA COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE?Situated in the town of Pel ham. Westchester County, bordering on the village of East Chester, about 16 mites from New containing 140 acres of land?SO acres wood land, the balance 90 acres is in a high at iH of cultivation, with fruit Ireee of ,11 kiuda in abandanee. There are two good Dwelling Houses on it, recently built, together with a large barn, stone hen hoare, coin crib. ?e. 1 he place is beautifelly situated, commandiua s view of .hi> Sound and surronnuing country. It will be sold |,,w or exchanged for iinprovtd city property. For further par ticulars apply at 68 Wast street, between Carlisle and Rector ' Also, 8 Lots of Ground, ti by 100, on the easterly tide of the llth Avenue, between 37th ana 30th streets. (32 Im'ic FOR HALE?A FAIU1-Situated at Islip, ?7ffoTk County, L I , adjoining "muhtown. Maid Farm coutains "3 ac en 30 ol" which is Wo.mi; the mmaiuing 33 acres are in a etue of good en tivatmn. There are two Houses, and also two good wells of water ou the farm; a large barn wilh or ringe house aud stahliug for eight hor.es; an lee house; a good large garden, enclosed la a pienet fence, trnic trees, Ac., Ac. Auy further information may to obtained at No 83 Sleecker street. a few doors west from Broadway. Half the purchase money can remain on mortgage. frfi tm*m UK Mi'"?ioe hnlae superior dnw rot Hai^g, (or jajc in lots to snit pnrchaeere, by " " PHILADELPHIA, February 3<lh, IMS. KO^EhT^BAnsTO^, | ROBERT JOHNSTON It CO. STOCK EXCHANGE COLLECri CHN OFFICE, No. U South Third St . opposite to thi Mechanic'* _ , ... Bank, Philadelphia in Uucnrreut Bu.k Note*. Kelipf Not**, Gold and Silver Com. lie. Draft*, Not** anil Bill* collected with desptfeh, on favorable term* Draft* on StLoni*. Cincinnati, 1'itfiburgh, Baltimore, Naw York, tloilou, lie., cou*tantlv for sale. All orders for the purchase and *ala of United State* Govern ment, State, City or Incorporated Co'* Loam, and every deicrip tion ol Bauk, Insurance, Kail Road and Canil Ct.'i Stock*, at tended to promptly and wi>h care, at the Board of Broker*. REFERENCES William Patton, Jan. Esq., Cashier, Philadelphia, ecull It Thompson, do auck It Potter, do Ionian, Back It Co., do David 8 Brown k Co. do Eckel, 8rangier It Raiguel, do Mercer, Brother It Co. do I281m*gz DISBROW'S RIDING SCHOOL., Ne. 4M BOWERY, Near Actor and La Favbttk ftiru, New Yoee. TVAR. D. hat the honor to announce that his School is open 1,1 Day and.Eveninc, for Eqnestrian Tuition and Exercise Riding. TERMS: LECTURE LEMON*. EXERCISE RIDINO. 1 Month (12 M 10 Ride* 10 00 10 " <00 Single Ride* 75 16 Lesion* (15 00 10 " 10 00 4 " 5 00 Single Lesson* t 00 Road " (50 N. B.?Highly trained and qmiet Horsea. for the Hoed or Parade, to let. EVENINU CLAM. U Lesson* (0 00 T M Ride* (10 00 Single l 00 I Single Ride 75 RULES: 1?All Lemon* or Ride* paid for on commencing. Role in the School. I.?One hoar allowed on each Lesson or ._ *??One hour and a half to a Leaeon on t lie Road. Hour* for Ladies, from ? A. M. to J P M. 5.?Hours for Gentlemen, (rem 1 to 5, rod from 7 to OK P. M I.?No Gentlemen admitted daring tins hoars appropriated to Ladiea. A card of address is Requested previous to commencing. O"Gentlemen keeping their horsee at this establishment, W il have the jn v liege of riding them m the School vatis. DAGUERREOTYPE. JOHN ROACH, Cptici u, 82 Nassau street. New York, :s J constantly maneficioring. and has always on hand, all ar ticles of the best quality n?ed in the Dagn- rreotyiie process.? His Triple Compound of Bromine is a superior prepaiation, and is now in general nse He has also on hand the Hungarian or German Accelerating Liqur r. n ft Cameras of his ow? minnfacturs as well as French and Ger man ones. The German Cameras sold at this establishment will be warranted genuine. Orders from the coun'ry for any articles used in the art will be promptly and car fully attended to. m6 lm*rrc TO THE DAGUKRR1AN ARTISTS. If A. ARTAULT. Importer of French Daguerreotype ma VW "I" manufacturer of Morocco Cesm, offers (or.sale at the following cheap Price*? Best Quality ol French nates, No. 40, (medium)(3 dosen. Fine Morocco Cases with white glass and tine borders, (3 dz. Go"d quality of Daguerreotype Apparatus, including the in strnction, ell complete end warranted, (50. Acromatic Glasses, from (3 to (15. All; he Chemicals nsed in the Daguerreotype process, cheep. F. A. Artanlt has received by the last steamship, the salt of gold for gilding the pictures, the new substance for polishing plates in two min itea. aud the beautiful process of Mr. Fizean for reprodncing the Dagucreotype Portraits on engraved platea, and to draw on paper an unlimited number. If yon an fond of the progreM in (his beautiful art, please to call at the Lafayette Bazaar, 149 Broadway, cor. of Liberty at. ja2S lm*rc CHEAP DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS. IV/TRS. H. SHANK LAND, Daguerreotype Artist,having taken 1,1 since two year* ni.e* than 10,000 portraits, and being well known for taking the ln-at style of portraits, respectAllly informs n. - friends end customeis aud the public, that she gives a beau ful Daguerreotype likeness, including a Due morocco case or a frame, for only oue dollar. Being always well patronized, and her customeri increasing every day. the has, for their conve nience, enlarged her establishment, by two Daguerreotype rooms to the Lafayette Bazaar, 149 Broadway, and by a branch of her establishment, 335 Broadway, third story, front room. No 1, opposite the ark Fountain Portraits taken from S in the morning to 5 in the evening, any weather, cloudy or stormy. Remember, only one dohar, (best style) including case or frame. j28 lm*rrc DAGUERREOTYPE GENERAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, EXCHANGE BUILDING, PHILADELPHIA and Europe. They have also made arrangements to be supplied with every new article need in the Daguerreotype At. They bare lately received a large snppty of Voigtlaenoer's celebrated Cameras, consisting of thiee different sizes, for the sale of which they are appointed Agents. Asa, a anpply of beat "late* and Chemicals, either for Daguerreotype or Calotypa, made to their especial order. Cases ofall sizes, the best Polishing Substances, ana every other article nsed for the Daguerreotype, constantly on hand. 1 ? *ir long connection with the Daguer reotype Art and their race s* in taking pictures, may serve as a recommendation and return.-*. Daguerreotype Artists, by ides * " ordering articles front any pa*: of the above named conntsies, ?nay depend upon a prompt and satisfactory execution of their Mgi. Their prices an cash. Ptices Current and information may be obtained by addressing (post-paid) to H. k F LANGKNHKIM. f!3 lm*ee Exchange Building, Philadelphia. SWORD EXERCISE. Y/f R. HAMILTON, hiTiai mured into u arrangement with "I MR. DULLER. Tor the use of the Large Room of hie Oymnaainm, No. !l Ann etreet, and alio the Military Hall, Bowery, moet reepeetfnlly aunonucea to tlie pablie that he in tende commencing a Clasa for the 8word Exercise, in all ill branches?American and French, audi aa Small and Broad Sword Kxercian, and alao Cane Exercise. Mr. H. haa been for eereral yeara engaged aa Teacher of the Sword in the l/nited Statea Army. N. B?Volunteer Companiea wiahing to become ]>erfect in either Muaket or Artillery Drill, can be tanght the aame on the | moat moderate terme, by application to the advertiser, II Ann atrret, to Capt. Smith, Military Hall, or Mr. Fuller, f 15 I m m FRENCH CHINA AND GLASS WARE. FOEKARD1N, Commiaaion Merchant, IS John atreet, up ? ataira. haa juat received on conaignment,and offers for aale, wholeae or retail, a aplendid aaaortment of the above articlea, comprising?Plain white and rich fancy decorated Dining Seta: Deeaert, Tea and Sui>rer Seu; Toilet Seta; sing's Cupa and Muga. with mottoa; Cologne Bottle Fignrea; Tete a tete Seu, lie., Icc. Alao, Plain and nch Cut Glass Decanters. Water Bottlea, t'elery Bowls, Preaerre Dishes, Tumblera, Gobleta, Winea, Ac., he. Aatral and Solar Lamp Shadea and Globee. 0~0rdera for Cut Glaaa Ware Gilding and Painting*on China Ware, to match any pattern, executed promptly. (is lm*rc FRENCH CHINA. RKM^ED TO MC 80 LIBERTY STREET, (UP STAIRS.) ADALESME, Importer and Agent for Maanlaccnien, haa ? always on hand a Urge aaaortment of dinner and tee aeu, in plain white and gilt French Porcelain, aa well aa Dinner and Deeaett Platen, of all air.ee, aaaorted Dishes, Soap Tureens, UoTeud Diahea, Salad Bonis, Fruit Baskets, Cuatarda and Stands. Alao, Fancy l ea Seu, aid Rich Decorated Dinner SeU. Alao, Ten nnd Choeolate Wart, Greek. French and American All the articlea are -.ennuiied of the beat Quality, and lu bo ?old on liberal torma, and in lou to xuitlparchaarea.. tia lm*M FRENCH FLINT GLASS WORKS, AT WILLIAMSBUHGll, L. L DEPOT M WILLIAM STREET, NEW YORK. Meatus. BEHGER h WALTER, known for a long aoriea of vaara aaextenairt manufactnrera of Watch-Cryaiala and Flint Glassware, in the Department Moaelle, Fiance, here the honor to inform Gleet Dealera Import*ra of Waichea, and famishing houaea generally ,tnat they hare eatabliahed a Branch of their Matmlactory in thia country; and, in order to fulfil to entire aatiefactioa ell coo. man da that might be addresaed to them, hare engaged experienced and akillul workmen, both French and English, '1 he beaaty of this Glaaa the taatefnl style of all the articlea they manufacture, aa wall aa inouente prices, and promptitude iu the execution of order*, will, they foudly hope, aerure to thaiu a large share of patronage from American and foreign Houeri. N. B ?Customers in lbs habitol trauamitting orders to their heuae in Pliir.tT I'aradia Poiaaonniere, or their general Depot ol Crystal, 10 Paradia Poisaanu ere. Paris, will please forward tlv m dirw t to 00 William aw*"i N-w York. fl6 lm*ec COMSTOCK ?& CO., SI Courtlandt Street, HAVE ON HAND THE FOLLOWING NAMED ARTICLES, WHICH HAVE OBTAINED SUCH POPULARITY, rjONNEL'S MAGICAL I'AIN EXTRACTOR,enrea all sores, pama. intUmmntions, itchinga, and saves life in any c,u? ofbarn or scald, il the vitals are uninjnred. Eveiy family should have a box of thia in the honae, aa the money will af RW? If returned if it does not pleam. Be particnlnr and buy 11 Courtlandt atrevt. RHEU tiATlSM, CONTRACTED CORDS, Stiff Joints J"" I.RS'i'l'ir'iy b? eared by the sole uae of the INDIAN VEGETABLE ELIXIR and LINIMENT. 1 ? ? j?i 7 -, ??, Tba sceptical we invite to call and ne personally referred to gentle men of the highest standing in this city, who have been cured of the Ithenmanam by there remedies. Tbsy are warranted. DR SPOHN'S SICK HEADACHE REMEDY, ia n cer tain cure, either nervona or billons. It is a palpabla elixir, and ie the beat medicine that can be taken ia all cases of heart-burn and foulness of lha stomach. DR. M'N AI K'S ACOUSTIC OIL baa proved very anccesa fnl in curing aven total deafness. We have many certificate# from citiiena of this eity, who have need thia Oil with com P eie success. We cordially Invite ell who are troubled with P ate success. We cordially Invite all who any disease of the ear, to cumins the proof. cANGLEk'S WESTERN INDIAN. PANACEA, is the beet family medicine ia the world. It is a positive and war ranted ear* tor Dyspepsia, Asthma, Liver Complaints, lndiges 'iveness, fcc. No person can possibly use thia ailicla tion, Coariyeneas, he. No person can possibly naa this ailicla for any of the abeve complaints without receiving perumaant relief. See prool ia hands of Agents. jr TI1E PILES are warranted to be enred by the Genuine HAVS' LINIMENT, and Lin's Balm of China, or lha money refunded. Who will now suffer with this distressing eom Ph'v7_ COMSTOCK k CO'" 8AR8APARILLA, is as pure and ,troP? an Extract from thia celebrated Hoot, as can mwaibly be made. The price ia so reasonable that the poor can afford to an ?C bene but M cents per bottle, or fit per doten. It is the only Mf? nft" wi" ??actually parity the nLooo from sjl impuri JuaB wbo haw been imprudent in the use of calomel, | will Aad tare relief from it EA*T INDIA HAIR D1 H.AH1 INDIA HAIR DYE?Thia chemical preparnon will HJCii ^ shade, from a light bnwn to a jet black, and 2,iu,n lh* ?'?in in the least. MfRF.aERVE end Beentiiv th- It.,, i,? 111.lilt iflK'.H OLDRIOE'S ? f Hi COLUMBIA, which imimdittfly itopi tho hfcir from falling ont, and retton* it whan bai d COLOGNE. FLOKI DA and BAY V& CHEMICAL SOAP, Foreign and Dom? AT - R?ITALIAN CereitlBki IV*rl t'owder, the "beet J??^e m 'an ITlmmon"^ 'dETTER'S MAOIC HAIR OIL-lt gives to the heir a beautiful gloss, and inclines it to curr: and, wholly unlike any other oil, it never toils the finest laW hat. ia th* least, no mat ter what qaantity ia applied. We with all to naderatead as in this particular, that U, if any lady or gentleman shall naa thia Oil. and find these atuementa untrue, theirmoney will be refunded CAUTION?Remember, tlie alios* articlea sold oxnuiisk oislt at II Coartlaadt atreet, by fir lmre COMBTOCK k CO. SMOKEY CHIMNEYS. OOODWIN'8 ROMAN CEMENT CHIMNEY POTS A5r.IHP? B,"T Ptt/tr'TAT'Tr.. K0? Smokfv Chimney. ftP?" wpwiwl ?nd warranted tiitht. Gothic and Orna mental Chimney Pots from Drawing', 4tc. SSJJtf1"a1' fr"h-loti to <uit purchasers. T'n"lr JONES'S COMMERCIAL ACADEMY, INIJJ-4.TOftY COUNTING ROOM, rrtuv J Broadwmy, corner of Murray et. I i,, n, ir'?.tn iaV'U'1 on {*?w 'uIlJa,t thorough iiutruction .ie ",Br.kKten'l eeum"?h,P and Commercial Ancitime ?ie. Mid qualify Gentlemen for practical dutiea of the desk. Private instruction ;? given ifrequ'red If./ Member. of the Mercantile Library Auociation are re Jlx!P.P!.!r .'5 '.he. Librarian at Clinton Hall, who will ticket! oladmuaion under the arrangement made with trie ? ommittee. O*R?l'erenw? may be had at the Academy to Bookkeepers, trine ear? & who have been students during the last tC^Foraale, Jones'e Principles ana Practice of Bookkeeping, 8vo., price I2?. I hi* work i* adnpted iu the fi at Academic institutions in tin* country. It i* alio republiihed in England and extensively introduced there. (25 lm-od'ec ST. Ofc.UK.CrE HOTEL No. 61 Broadway, New York. rAS?1 BJ?ek below Triuity Church, and near W?ll street.) T'."1 subscribers. leuee* and proprietor* of the above well "town establishment, having recently liken it for a term of yean, natter themielve*, that they are now ready to meet the wiahe* or their frisnds and patron* by supplying them with every afford C"nVemeDCe wh'ch a place like this can possibly The room, of the house are large, airy and commodious: and tnre ' lately, fitted up with new and elegaut iurni The domestics are attentive, respectful and obedient-the ta ble abundantly supplied with all the aubatantial* and luauriea wF,.. .ITl,D*~th* te,li.r contain* an ample atore of the choiceat Wine, and Liquors?and the beds and bedding, throughout the house, are constantly kept in a clean and healthful condition. Having availed themselves of theae and many other advanta ge* and accommodation!. *o important to a public house. the proprietor* not only deem it a duty, but, alio, take pleaaure in thus announcing it to traveller* aud the public in general. And. while endeavoring to pleaae, although they do not pretend to 'mile at competion, yet they are determined, by aaaidnoua at tention to the want* oi their guests, and the moat reaaonable charge*, that, thoae who come to their house ahall not meet with diaa|mpintment;.and, that, thoae who go away ahall not expert ence dissatisfaction. JOHN H. MOKE, ? v . PETER TYLER. New York. Feb. 1. IMS. ft lm'rre ~ ~ national hotel. No. 5 Conrtlandt street and 87 Liberty street. NEW YORK. ' Three Doori from Broadway. T1?^ p?^njii, fl v. u 1 h* opeued on the ?0lh init.. when .Th It happy to accommodate their friend* and the public with board. Th ? Lodging R. omi aie large and a-ry, and the internal arraagement* aucn aa cannot fail to pleaae. I he locrtinn bring in the centre of business, it offer* induce meats to merchants from other citien and the country, not sur passed by awy other House in this city. . blnruitye, and Bedding, are all new and made ex pressly for Una establishment. Families who wsli Parloia and Sleeping Room* attached,can be r.andtoniely accommodated The subscriber* assure their friends and the public, that no efforts on their part ahall be wanting to secure the comfort and convenience of their guests, and v hile they solicit a share of their patronage, they hope, bv uoceaiMiK attention, to the duties of their vocation, to aive en tire satisfaction. CHARLES WV CKOKK It CO. Ii7 ?m*rc WILSON'S HO I EL ANlJ uININO KUUMS." No. 5 Gold street, New York. ....... (late thi c*ledonia). HKNAy YPILSON (of Brooklyn) begs to inform his friend* 7 St*l" l',,bl,c *?flf,R".yV-tha.t "* wiir open Uie above named establishment ou a ONDAY, the loth ofMarch, 1846. . Th* nouae ha* been thoroughly repii-ed and newly famished in every department, and the veiy beit of every description < f liquor*, cigara wines, domestic and imported alei and porte. will be provided. r p "a? .O.rd!05ry "i!1 b< ?""!},u? ""y. Jay from 1 to 3 o'clock r. M., and Refreshments will be furnished at any hour during the day and evening. fjg jmje" HARTWELL S " WASHINGTON HOUSE, 993 Chestnnt Street, ABOVE 8EVENTH STREET, NEXT TO THE MASONIC HALL. . PHILADELPHIA. m 1m*ip -,t^U THOUSAND DOLLARS REWARD. $ 1 000 tt?'^vAli?T,The 8t?'? of MESSRS. OOF* IN, $;_? !r BRADLEY k CO., No, 44 Exchange Place, having been set on fire ou Saturday night, the 18th inatant, th* undersigned, a Committee of the Insurance Coimianin, which .? '?>rl.lc,es ?? I,,? ,"1 'aid store, hereby offer a reward of One I housand Dollars, for such evidence a* shall lead to the detection and conviction of the incendiary or incendiaries. New York, tebruary 12th, 1143. LAMBERT 8UYD AM, President * quitable Insurance Co. JNO. BROUWEH, President East River Mutn'l In*. Co. ? ,^k. ^O HAZARD, Agent of the Atna and Protecuon Ins. Co., of Hartford, Con. ONE THOf'SAND DOLLARS REWARD-We. th* snbscribers, offer One Thousand Dollars, in addition to the re ward offered by the Insaraiice Com->anies, as above stated. fU Im-rc COFFIN. BRADLEY It CO. pLATlNA IN PLATE AND WIRE?About fifty ounces a bea k ranch Plttina in wire, suitable for Dent its, and in plate, suitable for electrotype and electro magnetic apparatus, Li m a , raepwrc'l. aod which is offetd for siV on reuoa able terms, by DR. LEWIS FEUCHT WANGEK, QRUDE AND COM.P. CHEMICAL WHALE-OIL . ?yAr.-Ufders received for any qfiaonty of the aboce ar ticles m barrel^or smill quantifies, with fu'l directions for use. by , DR. LEWIS KEUCHTWANOER, m3 3teod*rrc No 60 .Maiden lane. BOUQUETS, FLOWERS, SEEDS Ac PLANTS. PHE SUBSCRIBER respectfully begs to inform his friends - ^n,P V1? Public, that he lv\s made temporary arrangements to furnish the above, from thestore of Mr. Harrisou. coruer Broad way and Prince streets. Bou<|?iels, composed of tlie mist choice aud twret scented exotics, awn be had at a moment's notice. They will be arranced in the various neat and fashionable styles which has given the subscriber so much notoriety dnring his superintendence of the late Conservatory aud Seed Establish ment of Mr W. Nibio. . Choice Annual Klowering Seed, Vegetable 8e*dsand Flower ing Plants, oa hand. JOHN ROBINSON. fl3 lmrc jAuaouWd 31AUJSI ac SMITH, |Lf ANUgACTURER8 AND IMPORTERS of Pen,?Pocket f Ilaxore, Scissors, Vilas, Saws, Tools aid other descriptions of Sheffield Goods-? jail lm?m l^w U Pi.a IT HTW.EV.T, Up Stairs. PATENT AGATE BUTTONS, THOS. PROSSER, PATENTEE, 7 Piatt Street, New York. lSrOTICE is hereby given, that the undersigned is th* Patenbrei and Exclusive Owner of th- Patent Right for the Porcelain Button, commonly known a, "Proarer's Patent Agate Button." Let era Patent have bran duly granted to him bv the United states, to take effect from the 29th January 1841. I have caused suits to be commenced iu the Circuit Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York, for the infringe ment of said Letters Patent, and am prepared to enforce and substantiate my rights under said Patent, to tlie fullest ex tent or the law. I give this public notice to all, that I sh.ll pro ceed forthwith, bv suit for damages, and by bill in equity, for injunction against all persons infringing mam said Patent. The Buttons are for sale by me at wholesale only, at my store 7 Piatt street, New York. lm*rc THOMAS PROSSER. DALLY'S TOBACCO MANUFACTORY, ?85 Itlver St. Troy. I^HK Subscriber avails himself of (his method of communi 1 eating to the public the fact that he is now manufacturing fine cut aud smoking Tobacco and laoff, at 283 Hirer street, Troy, neat door to the Fulton market. Touacco?The celebrated Fancy Virginia. This Tobacco took the premium at the late Fair. Kxtrn chewing Tobacco, tweet Virginia; American Smoking Tobacco, manufactured from the leaf; Spanish do, Turkish do. Snrrrt?Hose scented, No. I; Maccaboy, American Gentle man, Lundyfoot, French Kapee, and liish Blackguard. The abore articles are all warranted to be made of the finest qualities of Imf tobacco, and by the most experienced work men. Orders directed as abore will meet with prompt attention? the same pains taken as if they were personally present. R. Sarage, 2M Fulton street, and A. A. Samanoa, Broadway, Agents for the city of New York. Trey, Jan. 11, IMS. ml lm*ec CIGARS! CIGARS! CIGARS! NKZRKIeL, 92 Nassau street, opposite the Herald Build ? ings, respectfully inrites the attention of hit friends and the pnbhc generally, to the following choice Cigars, just re ceired by late arrivals from llsrsna Regalias of rariont Pauetelas of rarious Albania, brands, brands, Knickerbocker Norm as, Principes, M Florinda, Yngenuidad, Rionda, Katrellas, Rsperanxa, Napoleones, Lara. Lajndia, Noriegas, Lord Byrout. The abore Begart are guaranteed as genniueand unpolled, and the trade are incited to call and examine them. N. B.?Orders from sbroad will be strictly attended to. f 17 lm're FAB Ell SEGAR FACTORY, T1 Dlvlsiom Street, NEW YORK. '"THJi UNDER8IONF.I) hare established an extensive Begar * Factory, st 71 Dirition street. New York, nnder the direc tion of Mr. J. W. BROWN, who has been Mniwriiit^ndent ?'f one of the largest Faetoriss in Harass, for nineteen years. The following kinds of Segaa, manufactured in ,he Faber Be gar Factory, ana of which a large stock is now on hind, will be

found equal to any Hartna Began of corresponding style and Imperial Regalia, Trebueos, Common Bile, Regalia, I'anatelaa, Loudon Sire, Casadores, Cauones, Principe, __ All boxed in the Havana style, e ,P",enbers hare se.tled the Bon of their Senior in Hava na, for the express purpose of (electing Tobacco I or their Facto ry, as also for the purpose of selecting Begars suitable for this market. 1 hey here now on head, for sale, a large stock of Hereea Be gan. entitled to debenture, of the following brands:? Le India, WoodriUe, La t sbae , Kfs'f*0' Ftagrantia, La Nor.? ? Da Moya, Cu.rey, Kijeranra, Lord B, ton, Unman, Riordo, Rsciilepiua, Minerva, La Fama, La Palms, Vieiorie, Columbia, Dos Hermanns, Le Pax, Also. Principe, ke. . . . ? JOftN H. FABCk k CO, 0.7 3m*ro No. I New street, comer of Well. INDIA LONG SHAWLS. TU8T RKCKIVRD by the subscribers, a trunk of Cams Is w Hair Shawls?among them six rery splendid Long White Shawls, whieh will be sold at rej^jjj^" rf M INee >1* Broadway Jv* J? VjO PHQ2N1X HAT AND CAP MANUFATORY, ri No. 103 FULTON STREET. fl EAST SIDE OF BROADW A Y . J* The extrusive application of the system of small profits, cash payments and large aalea to many branches of business. in this city within a few yeara, and the eminent ancceaa which thia plan deaerrea, and haa in almoat every inatance received, haa I'd the subscriber to teat ita application to the HATTING business. In a city whoae inhabitants are widely diatiugmahrd for neatneaa and lute in dreaa, and at the aame time for econo my and thrift, there areata great reaaon to believe that a eyetem which enablea the community to gratify a laudable partiality for neatneaa a an unprecedeutedly amall expenae, will meet with no email degree of favor. Determined to aacertain whether a branch of buainaaa which coucerna the head and porket of every man in the eummuuity. cannot be conducted on thia plan, the aubaeriber haa employed a large number of the beat workmen in the manufacturing and finishing departmental alao ekill'ul and taaty Cap Makers. Each derailment it under the eonttn'it au|>erviaion of nu experienced foreman. Theae arrangMBMtg, together with hia intimate peraoual knowledge of the buaiueaa. great facilitiea for purchaaiug to the beat advantage?low rent ?free from the ruiuoua expenses of Broadway?iudex'ble ad herence to "caah ou delivery"?a determination to keep inter with all improvements, and with the current Fashions or the day, enable him to aay with all confidence, that he now offers to the citizens of New York, articles in hia line fully equal in style and durability to those sold in Broadway, and unequalled in cheapness and economy to any ever offered in this city. He begs leave to refer to the following schedule of articles, and their respective prices annexed HATS. First Quality Nurria Fur S3 50 Identical with Hats heretofore sold et (4 60 and $6 00. Any one on examination will pronouncethem the same, and will, on trial,liud them to doequall y as good service. Second Quality Nutria S3 00 Thia is the same article heretofore sold at S3 60 and $4 00. External appearance and finish closely resembling the above, the principal difference being in the body. Moleskin $2 60 Usually sold at S3 00 and $3 60?very neat in appear ance, and very serviceable. CAPS. First Quality Mens and Boya $1 60 Made of superior French Cloth, and trimmed in a very aupetior manner, usually sold at $2 and S2 60. Second Quality $1 00 Usually sold at SI 50 and $2. 1 hiad Quality 76 Usually sold at $1 26 and $1 60. An examination will show that the style of (he above articlra cannot be surpassed by any establishment in this city or else where. N. B.?The style of Trimmings adopted at this establishment is particularly recommended at well lor effectually preventing injury from perspiration or oil applied to the hair, as for ita greater cac and comfort to the wearer. . ja3l Im'ec DR. LARDNER, CONSULTING ENGINEER A CARD.?The Public is informed, that Dr. LARDNER continues the practice of buaiueaa aa a Consulting Engi giueer, wnich be followed on an extensive scale for many year in England and France. Inventors, patentees, manufacturers, merchants, and others engaged in the aru and manufactures, may consult him ou matters requiring the application of the principles ol practical science. Certificates and opinions on the validity and usefulness of new inventions and processes in the aru. Keports on disputed questions and doubtful poinU, ex perimental investigations, with a view to the discovery or test ing qf improved processes, will be supplied or undertaken when required. Office No 21 Spruce street, New Yors Ail Business Letters must be post-paid, and to prevent time being lost by frivolous applications, all applicauU will be ex pected to pay a retaining lee of $14 before consultation. . n7 > tmrc XYL-jGRAPHIC PRESS GENERAL JOB PRINTING OFFICE, 50 Gold Street. rPHE SUBSCRIBERS inform Druggists, Perfumers, Grocers A- and oihers. that they have made extensive additions to their assortment of Xylographic Labels, to which .hey would re spectfully call their attention. They are constantly adding to their stuck all the new a'vie ofartie'es, in their line, which are offered in f rauce or England, and they promise their customers that they shall spare uo expense in getting up all that they may want in the busmesi of the Druggists, Perfumers and Segar Manufacturers. JOB PRINTING?Their office is alao supplied with every variety of Type uecssary for the execution of every description of Fancy Job Krieting, Cards, Billheads, Notes, Bills Lading, Circulars, and all kinds of Meicantile Printing, executed ou reasonable terms. . SEGAR BOX LABELS AND PAPER, of even* descrip tion always on hand VARIEGATED SHO W CAKDS, for Refectories,Grocers, Sic., Sic ?a large supply. BRON8GN Si CO., <21 l.n*rc 66 Gold street, near Fulton. H. E. WILLAKD, AUCTION GENERAL AGENCY AND COMMISSION MERCHANT, Office No. 116 Nassau street, first floor, New York. HE. W. WILL ATTEND to sales of Household Furniture ? and Merchandise, of all kiuds, personally attended to at the residences or stores of persons relinquishing housekeeping or business. (-ash Advances made on Furniture and Merchan dise of every description consigned for sale. Rales settled in all casev as soon as the goods are sold and delivered Manufac turer! and trailers can alwaya hare accommodation advances on goods for private sale. m2 Im'ec 3A.LT AMU FisH STOKE. 4011 BBL8. Salmon. No. 1,2 and 2. *IOU too bbU. Blue Fish. 1250 bbU Not. i, z, and > Mackerel. MO half dn do do do 100 do No.lMesxdUd. 50 half bb!? No. i Saybr-wik F.had. 100 bbli Cod and Scale Fish. 400 do No. 1 (iib'd Herrinf. 300 kegs Dutch do MOO Iba Smoked Salmon. 100 kits Soused do 200 do Sounds and Tongues. 2100 qtls Cod Kith, suitable for shirring. 1(00 lacks Aihton's Salt. 50 half and 50 quarters ness Mackerel. MOO boxes Digby Herring 100 quarter barrels Sclrooa. ?a'? in lots to suit purchaser., by fl2 lm*m NELSON. WRfcl.H k CO.. ?1 Dey St. CONSUMPTION IS CURABLE. THOMSON'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF TAR AND WOOD NAPTHA INFLAMMATION of the Mucous Membranes is the result ol 1 some iinnresiion made unon ih?n bv enld nr mh.rr?nw denre, it is proved tint THOMSON'S COMPi )UN D 8Y KUP OK TAR AND WOOD NAPTHA is a specific in these complaints?allaying irritation, promoting healthy secretions, and removing the existing cause of disease. Thousands hare used it and can nmr testimony to its efficacy. 3 IE?-FARTHER PROOF !! !_0 d >, Philadelphia, March 1st, 1844 ?I hereby "? '.j certify, that in consequence of re- . 6 peated and neglected colds, ? jg a, my lungs became se- jS 3 riooaly affected, C V S ft j audfor ? vS' P ^ 3 'onF e !fc fc 3 * S Fi time I hare 5 ^ s* 5 anffpred with rio- 2 ft p lent pains iu the breast, ~ k, ? obstinate cough and diffi- P J cult expectoration, the symp-5 L ^ toms daily increasing in violence. 3 1 had recourse to various remedies. < ? with uo avail, until I used THOMSON'S O COMPOUND $YRUP OF TAR. which effect- O ed a permanent curs before I had taken three bottles L. EVANS, Fayette street, below Arch. Principal Office?Northeast corner of Fifth and Spruce streets. Sold wholesale and retail by the Agents, A. B. nANDS It Co.. Bruggists, 273 Broadway, corner of Chambers street Re, tailed also, at 79 Fulton street and 77 East Broadway. Price?50 cents per bo tie, or >5 per dosen. Til lm*m FUR THE FILES UNIVERSAL COMMENDATION.?From every city. L! town and village where Dr. Upham's VEUE TABLE PILE ELECTUARY hat been introduced, the moat gratify ing intelligence of its excellent effects have been received by the proprietor. In hundreds of instances it has triumphed over cases which were dermed incurable READ THE FOLLOWING REMARKABLE CASES. A gentleman from Brooklyn, Long Island, after using two boxes of the Electuary, gave me the follow lngacconnt:?When I obtained the medicine I was suffering severely trom en attack of the Piles, and for two months had been afflicted with severe headache, accompanied by a distressing seusatiou at the stomach. There was a inspiration about the head, bu the body, legs and arms were always dry and husky The meoicine removed the Piles, cored the headache and distress at the stomach, and cre ated a natural perspiration over ths whole body, and 1 am now in beiter health than I have been for years. . A gentleman who had long been subjected to Piles, suffering intensely from their continuance, informed Mr. Mitchell, 265 Bowery, N. Y., that their complete removal was sffectrd by the nse of the Vege able Electuary. This individual had tested all the celebraled external applications, eacn being attended with but very slight b nefii. This Internal Remedy, however, speed ily manifested its happy adaptation lor this complaint, and most satisfactorily convinced the sufferer that the nigh reputation which the Electuary has attained is based solely upon th? are t and lasting benefits attendant npon its.use. This certifies lhat I used Dr. Upham's Pile Kle t. rv, mots than a year ago, for Piles, rf which complaint it cured u.r I still nis it when occasion requires and prefer it to auv other medicine to obviata costivenets, remove morbid accumulations in the stomarh and bowels, and to | nrify the blood?and after having used a great variety of medicines, 1 beltei e this to be su perior to all others. THOMAS WALL, Orocer, No. 37 Broad street. New York, March 10, 1044. Sold in this city by the proprietor only, a regularly educated physician, confined to an office practice for tbe treatment ol Chronic Diseases, No. 196 Bowery. Medical advice in rela tion to the above or any other complaints gratis. Price of the Electuary, One Dollar. Q"r~Remember that the Electuary is an internal Remedy, and not an external applica tion, and sold ONLY at 190 Bowerv, fonr doors above Spring st. Office hoors from7 A. M. to 9 P. M. jy28 3mdfcw*m !H?,UUoTj K ATIIS B Y COST sirMPTIOB Would perhapt he a small estimate for the ravage! "f thit dreadful disrate in a tingle year; 'A en add the fearful catalogue of those eut off An Inflammation of the Iatngt, Hemorrhage, .'intnmo, v Caught, In fluent a, Bron chitis, and other THE LUnSTaSd LIVER, And thelist wonld present in appalling p-oof of the fatality ol these two classes of disease*. Bat it is important to know that nearly all of this dread wast* of human life might hsve been prevented ns a timely use of DK. WlSTAR'S BALSAM < >F WILD CHERRY, The greatest remedy ever discovered by man for all diteaars of the pulmonary organs, produced by Oold and changetble climates. Scores ol eases Suva com* to oar knowledge where the pat'enthad been given up to die by consumption, as beyond the reach of meoical aid, bat who, by the use of this Wild Cherry Bslsam, have bsen speedily restored to complete health. A sistsr of a well known clergyman, recently left the school she was attending, bring advised that skis mast die of consumption, to return to her home, wishing to spend her few remaining days with her friends By tome means she was induced to take Wis tar's Bslsam of Wild Cherry, by which she was entirely cur, d in a short time, and returned to her school with s light heart and invigorated in health. By application to the office, farther per ticuUrs of this and other remarkable cure* will be cheerfu ly si feu. Many of the most distinguished i hysiciaas of this city and Brooklyn give this Balsatn their unqualified approval. Why should they not'?it is ha led every where as NATURE'S FAVORITE PllESCRlI'TION ! being formed from chemical extracts of Wild Cherry Bark and Tar, two simples, but powerful ingredients if Nature's owi Laboratory All who have used this wonderfalcompound, con cur in testifying that it is the most efficacion* remedy ever known. Principal office 32 Ann street, New York. Hold also by agents III ell parts of the Union. j30 Im'ec SUOAK?IW hhils,Prune New Orleans "agar, lor sale in lot to sniUbr K K. C-MLLINS It CO., I fare hi Heath street I HI-HI I (' I A I (1KB--184 hampers of a selected quality. do ji'dwi " aatw*3iu?^K?.w i*?w Orleans. (Correspondence of the Herald ] New Orleans, Feb. 23, 1945. Military Ditplay?Northern Abolitimi ?Geology? Theatricals, Trade, Finance, &c. Dear Hknnet: Yesterday, Washington's birth-day, was a holi day. A shain battle was (ought oh the Oak Plains, by the troops of the city, which every one went to sec It was rather a brilliant attdir. The troops in this country look well, and mauwuvre remarka bly correct. They would not have discredited the grand armv of Napoleon. The statement of Mr. Hubbard, the Massachu setts agent, has been published here, and has been pronounced a tissue of falsehoods by Mr. Barker, Downs and others It is certainly ar variance with his letters to the Governor of this State, publish ed some time ago. It would not do for him to repeat his visit. Professor Silliman has commenced his course o< lectures on Geology, to a highly respectable class He is far, however, from being an accomplished lecturer, and totally sets at defiance Murray and Walker. He gives us no new ideas on the science, and is a mere retailer of Lyall, Hitchcock and others. There are no less than three Theatres, two Cir cuses, and sundry other amusements going ahead here, and every opportunity is afforded to spend money, and but few offered to make it. BusineaB is dull and heavy, and with little prospect of itB improving. Exchange sterling ranges from 84 to 9 per cent premium Bills on New York, GO nays, 14 to 2per cent discount. Uncurrent Bank notes duil, except the notes of the Atchafalaya Railroad and Bank ing Company, which have again taken a start, on the supposition that the Commissioners will be able to realize a suit which has been instituted against President Breedlove, Cashier Harrod, and ?titers, for upwards of one hundred and eighty thousand dollars, excess of issues of said Bank Exchange Bank notes likewiee, continue to keep up. The splendid hotel has gone into the hands ot Jacob Barker, Esq., who, it is said, will realize two hundred thousand dollars out of it. This gen tleman bears the reputation ot being the great finan cier of the South. C. C. W. New Yore Ltoisi-Atore?In Senate, Tuesday ?Among the petitions was ?ue by Mr Folsom, from the Peace Society of the city of New York, which was referred to the committee ot the whole on the Texas resolutions Much of the day was occupied in the de bate on the final passage of the bill to pay the Hudson Guard, which finally paused. The Court lor the Correc tion of Errors also held a regular session, and the quea. tiona of the time ai d place ot holding the summer teim. were discussed. An order was entered, oidering that this Court will hold a term at the City Hull ia the city of New York, to commence the last Saturday in May next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, and that writs ot error suall be first beard. lo the House a large number ol petitions were present ed, many ot them on the subject of discriminating tolls, and the New York and Erie Railroad. A question of re ference, on a petition presented by Mr. Brooks.ol Orung", , asking tor radical changes in the common school systrm, drew out much debate, the coutest being on the reference to the standing or a select committee. In the Senate? Monday.?Among the petitions were one by Mr. Bockee, from farmers of Westcha-ter county, complaining of exorbitant charges by the New York and Hudson Railroad company, and praying that compe tition may be introduced by chartering another company; and one by Mr. Faulkner, iiomtlie New Yotk and Har lem nailroad company, in relation to an extension ol thv route to Albany, (umleistood to be a counter memorial to that presented on Saturday ) Mr. Sberman, from a ma jority of the committee on public expenditures, (Mr Wright dissi nting,) reported against the bill reducing the salaries of the Comptroller and Secretary of State. Mr Wrigf t, lrom the same committee, reported the bill to re duce the salaries of the superintendent and inspector ot the Onondaga Salt Springs, together with a substitute proposed by himself, abolishing the office of insp ctor. Mr. Porter ottered a resolution, inquiring into the expedi ency ol reducing the pay of tne canal appraisers, upon which Mr. Hard moved to raise a select committee on re trenchment, which called out some debate, and was rejected, on the ground of the late period of the ses sion. The bill in relation to the b^uuty on salt, coal and lead, came up, and Mr. Wright offered a sub stitute teducirg the duty on salt to three cents per buiLel, alter IS IS. No question was taken on the bill. The bill in relation to usury was taken up, and Mr. Clark moved to strike out the enacting clause. The general principle of the usury laws was discussed by Messrs. Clark, Potter, Lett, Hard, Wright, Sherman, Jones and Beers The commitu e rose, without taking any question The bill to pay the troope, Sec., was returned by the As sembly, with amendments, and, on motiou of Mr. Clars, referred to the committee on the militia.?Adjourned. In the Senate on Wednesday.?Among ihe petitions was one lrom the governors ol the New York Hospital for a dissolution of their charter. The amendments of the Assembly to the bill to pay the militia called into service in December and January last, were taken up, and were severally non-concurred in. The bill to discontinue lltU street in tbe city of New York, between Broadway and the Bowery, was taken up in Committee ol the whole, but on motion of Mr Folsom, with a view to afford a further hearing to the parties interested, it was recommitted to ? he stuiiling committee. In the House.?The constitutional amendments came round, and the house took them up, sficr an unsuccessful effort by Mr. Russell to take up the Northorn prison bill. Mr. Morrison having the floor, addressed the commitlee at great length, in opposition to the amendments general ly and in Uvor of s mate convention. 11 ? avowed him self in lavor of extending the right of suffrage to colored citizens and excluding aliens (whom he cnaracteiized as "vermin,") fcc., Sec,, and advocated a convention as the only mode of effecting these objects. Without conclud ing, he gave way for a motion to rite?which waa agreed to. The bUl to pay the Hudson troops came down from '.he Senata with a message that they had non-concurred in the amendments ot the House, and ashing a committee of conference. A motion by Mr. Sweeney that the House recede, was negatived, ayes 17, noes SO, and on motion ol Mr. Chase, a committee of conference was ordered to be appointed in reference to tbe matters of disagreement. The House then adjourned. Supreme Court, March 4,1845.?March Spe cial Term?Mr. Justice Beardsley presiding.? Knight ads. Maine?Order ubiolute that plaintiff file ?e cunty for coat*. Reeieetalvi Cowell?Motion to refer granted. Bennett vs Lee? Motion to open d' fault, grant ed without coals. Kiaiam v? Forest?Motion to refer granted. Wilkie et al vs i'ruax and wife?Motion for com mii'ioner* in partition to sell premise*, granted ex parte. Coifing, prea't, kc, v? Tripp?Motion to amend declare tion, denied with coats Low ad* Davis?Motion that W. R. Cook pay defendant'* coat in this am . or that an at tachment issue againat him. granted by default. Mickle* ada Lansing? Motion to reier, granted by default. Urar.t, jr. vs. The Board of Supervisors ot O.vwrgo Motion to refer, granted by default Gardner ada Camobell? Motion tor judgment a* in caae oi nonsuit, granted by default.? Kgieston va Leadly ? Motion to amend writ of replevin and bond granted ex parte. Samuel ada Michael?Motion lor judgment as in case of nouauit, granted by defanlt. Gray et al ada Clarke?Motion to aet aside cognovit and subsequent proceedings, granted by default Hill ada Winterbottom ?Motion for judgment as in case ot non suit, granted by default. Wade et al ads Hey ding it, do do ilo. Wolf ads Moore, do do do ?Jtlbany March 4. Important Decision?In the esse of Ackermaai vs Ernott and Schryver, Vice Chancellor Parker has decided, that au executor or trustee who invests the trust funds hi bank stock, will he. liable fop any deprecia tion in its value or for loss sustained upon it, aithongh the investment waa made in good taith?that auch invest ment ia unauthorized, and that an s xecutor or trustee can only be protected against risk, by investing such Inn's on real estate security, or In puhlic stocks approved by the Court. We bclirve that this is the fliattimethis point has iieen decided in the court* of this State?.drriu, March 4. APPOINTMENTS I1Y THE (Hh ERNOR, MftTcS 8tatk? Greene C. Bronson. Chief Justice of thp Supreme Court, vice Samuel Nelson, resigned Freeborn G. Jewett, Justice of Supreme Court, vice Greene C. Bronson, promoted to the office ot < hief Jus-ice. March I.?Suffolk?John O Floyd, Judge, vlco Da niel G Gillett, term expired. Gilbert Carl, commissioner IT. 8 moneys, re appointment Henry II. Terry commis sioner U 8. moneys, vice Joseph W. Case, term ex pired Adjutant General.?We understand that Tho mas Farrington, oi Tioga, late Treasurer of the Sute was on Tuatday appoint-d Adjutant (General, in the place of A C- Niven, resigned. Mackerel Fiphirt or Massachitsktte ? We give below, the annual return oi the number of barrels ot mackerel inspected in Massachusetts, from Jan 1st, 1844 ?o Dec. aut, 1844, including barrels, halves, quarter* and eighths of bairela. Annexed will be found the total num ber of barrels inspected in each year, irom 1831 to 1843, which show* tho tailing off in this hranch of industry :? Iistrr.criov or 1144 fwsi. No. I. No.1. No. J. Yeari. JU<?. Ytrmoatli, bhta 8i2* 343 1,133 IR43 *4,431 Wei Iff est 2,438* 3.088* 4,113 1443 73,343 Tnwo 1,707* 904 * 2,043 1841 33,337 Seitaate 140* ?8 * 383 1940 30 992 lloeki^.M 831* 49i 390* 1839 73.01s T'rovnretneo 1.071*' 933 , 1,841 1838 108,338 Newbervix.il 2.8I2S 1,329* 3.837 1837 138,137 11 in a tie 2,c29* I.TtW 4.913* 1818 I7u,<?3 (H nce?ier 6.073* 4.727* 6.033* 1813 191 134 Dennis 116 * 889* 1,804* 1914 238.884 kith >m, 138 109 131* 1811 212 9I(. ' nVisset, 1,773* 1,817* 4,268 1832 1,2 )32 Itcv.rly 2 12 7 1811 183.3 9 liar iitable 637 * 531* 1.090 T'e sbv.ee WO* ? lost n 2,361* 1,838* 3,01!* in.peered liar Kaglish, re-ins 4 ,878 1,831* 374 ins the lasU Total 19,828* 11,141* 33,081* atsie. Baltimore Annual Conference.-?The annual meeting of the Methodist Episcopal Conference, (or 1844, will he held )n Boltlmoie, t'-cprrmenre en WcJnetday, the 12th inat. The session w ill be iietd in the Monument street Church Latkr from Mexico ?By the arrivaj laat night ot the schooner Fanny, Capi. Palherson, we have Vera Cruz datea up 10 the 14th inst., and to the 10th inst. from the city of Mexico. Santa Anna waa still in prison at Perote. We learn that he haa sunt a request to the Chamber*, Hiking to appear before the Urnnd Jury in person and give his affidavit verbally, which request was denied. In the ha?'y glance which we have cast through our papers, we And nut few notices of the Ex President. The indignation provoked ogsinst him by his former tyranny appear* to be somewhat allayed by the complete triumph of his foes, and we doubt not that his ample pecuniary means have contributed not a little to the anno end. 'I he hi ig Leop dd o Doni.ll, arrived at Veia Cruz on on the ilib inst with Senor (Joint* Farias and family on board. It may be rrcollrcte ? that this talented Mexican has been for some ytor or two banished from his country, nnd that lie has spent his timn principally in Ibis City.? He in noted ns a political writer of great power, and will doubtless take a leading part in the bAairt of the Republic. The Hesperia, ot the 8th m*t. says that a condtuta left Han LuiiP itnsi on the 1st lor Tampico, with the heavy sum of $1,870,(100. Robberies of the stages between Vera Cruz and the city ol Mexico are still common. Not witbstanding.the state of embarrassment in which the Mexican treasury was left by the preceding adminis tration, th<> Minister ot Finance has been able to obtain ? lean of $100,000, at one halt per cent per month, for the satisfaction of the claims of the cultivators of tobacco. [Our readers may probably know that there exists in Mexico a monopoly in dealing in tobacco, much like that in France.J So corrupt have been prorod many of the contracts en tered into by the late government in Mexico, that it has rv en proposed by Senor Rosa, a member of the Chamber | oi Deputies, to suspend th? payment of all sum a due on contracts, subject to the revision of Congreaa. It is repotted that G.n Bravo is to be called to the Couucil uf Government as a supplemental member. Tho Mexican newspapers and Assemblies of the differ ent Departments are proliflc in suggestions of alterations in the organic basis ol the existing government.?New Orleans Picayune, Feb 2&. Fire in Charleston ?About half past three o'clock this morning a fire was discovered in a pile of cotton on Kdnionston's whaif, consisting of be i ween 3 and 400 bales, 290 of which were consigned to Kiiknatrick it Douglass, 42 to J. 8. Chambers, and 4 or b to W. C. Dukes & Co. About 290 bales were destroyed y Are or otherwise injured. That consigned to Kirk Patrick it Douglass was insured in the Charleston Insu rance and Trust Company, and that consigned to Mr. hambers in one of the Georgia Offices There can be oo doubt ol this being the work oi an incendiary.?CAar lesion Patriot, March 3. The Flood ?The rapid wasting of a large body of snow, assisted by the heavy fail ol rain on Satur day. has had the effect to amell the streams and endanger .16 canal. We hear that the Tonawanda, near ita ter mination, bus ovei flowed, or broken down ita artificial banks, and Aooded the low grounds in and about Tons waoda village. We tear considerable damage to the c.snal in that quarter. The guard lock at Pendleton, yhich has bi-en for some time in an unsafe condition, seems to have sustained some damage. The transit bridge at Middleport is entirely gone ; no great loas, as it would havelal en soon ol itsown weight Upon Genesee level, we hear only ol injury to two small culverts, which may make it necessary to recon struct, and the forming of considerable bars of earth in the canal, in several places. We are informed by the superintendent, who has been constantly watching his -ection since the flood commenced, that nothing has yet occurred in this quarter to prevent an early opening ; : hough perhaps more than usual repairs must be made.? Wednesday morning at 9 o'clock. The water in tho bonawanda creek, at Pendleton, had fallen 8 inches, an hour ago.?Lo,kport Democrat. Mormon.?The Nauvoo City Charter is not dead yet. Nodoub' our Representatives in the Legis I iature, says the Warsaw Signal thought they had given it . death blow, yet it won't be killed. About two weeks since, the municipal election came off as usual, and all .lie cflicers ot the city were duly elected. The whole -vstem of government in the city ii enforced as usual. The leading Mormons say, the Legislature had nopewer o repual their charter, and that it ia not repealed, nor vill they pay any attention to the repeal law; but go on aa usual. State Elections ?The Annual Election in New Hampshire is to take place on the 11th inst Four members of Congress and a Governor are to be chosen. John H Steele, th- present Governor, is the democratic candidate for re-election. In Rhode Island the Annual Election cornea off on the 21 of April, and is for Governor and two members of Congress. James Fanner, the present incumbent, is the Law and Order candidate for the Gubernatorial chair. The F.lection ia Connecticut lor Governor and four members of Congress will be held on the 7th of April. In Virginia, od the 17th of April, fifteen members of Congress and the Legislature are to tie chosen. Interesting Discovery?A meat extraordinary and interesting discovery has been communicated to the public, through the Philadelphia Journal of Be.laa f.ettres Judge McKennou,ef Indiana county, Pa , visited Uxmal at the time Mr. Stephens was there, preparing his ! .at book He brought from thence two rpecimens of ?ho supposed stones composing the fiont of the building csll'd the Governor's House. The whole was venettia with these apparently carved stones, six or eight inches square on the trout, and fltteen inches deep The villi laced with these specimens were Ave orsix teat thick, and were of stones cf tho country. The surface of these veneering stones a; peered to be elegantly carved in different Agures. such as were represented in Stephens' and Cutherwood'3 drawings. One brought by the Judge, conflned a flgura in the form of a cross, the nngles very sharp, the other, a flower with petals, and a small roaette iu the centre. These were shown to a stone-cutter, in the western part of Pennsy lvanio, who, suspecting they were of composition and not stone, analyzed the sub stance, and found that they consisted of a composition hitherto nnknown to us, and of the most remarkable tenacity and durability, having stood ihe humid climate of Yucatan lor unknown centuries. This individual, Mr. Hull, imitated the artiflcial stone successfully, ascertain ed its great value to the arts, commenced a manufactory, and is now engaged in securing patent! Mr. Hull makes, also, from siniilur materials, a wash for external wails, See., which is impervious to water, and a protection from Are,and for th ?, ulone^he was offered a very largo sum ? Thus is the civilized world not only to be made acquaint ed with i lost urt, but is to he immensely benefltted by an invention of an importance to society, of which wo can yet form only a conjecture. Mr. Hull asserta, that ha can manuf icture pillars and columns of tbia material, o I any reasonable dimensions Galvanism is employed in the process ot manufacture. Varieties Maisk ?The Democratic member* of the Legislature havo unanimously nominated Hon Hugh J. Andertoa for Governor for the next political year. Miss Waggamnn, niece of President Tvler, ha* left Wa?hli gton, and entered the Convent of Viaitation, In Baltimore. Twenty vrMel* are yet minsir.g, and a number of wreck* have hern pa*fed at sin, whose melancholy story, wo (ear, will never be told Ol late years aeven hundred lives yearly hive been ion at sea, trom this country alone, whi re are one hundred and forty thousand sea men ; two thousand from England, where are two hundred and ninety thousand. In the county of Barn stable, in this State, Pier e were living, a short time since, nine hundred and thirty-four widows cf seafaring men.? 1ST. B Mercury. Last evening, while the bill to amend the charter of the city of Cincinnati was under discussion, in the House, we understand that one of the dignified members trom that city, took off his coat and laid it on his desk, swearing that he would lick the first three men that voted forits en grossment.? Columbus (Ohio) Journal, Feb 97. The remains of Gen. Bossier, late member of Cor.grrt* lrom Louisiana, wero recentlv taken from the Congres sional Burial Ground, near Washington City, and con voted to Natchitoches, wherrthey were interred with military honor* and religious ceremonies. A PLEASANT SHAVING SOAP. HENRY'S CHINESE CREAM. rPH18 is s new prepsrstion for the gentleman's toilet, to assist 1 in the very necessary .'aty ol mm "m* the been). As su -mollirnt, i'? chemical combinations sir snch as to soothe all irritating influences upon the skin which are apt to aria* from the use of soaps containing alkali. It makes a rich and darabtn lamer, softens the beard to prepare it for the raror, and renders the operation of ?h sin* a i leasnre. The reads* ia respectfully refe'rrd to the following notices from persons avno hare used the article:? T" Independent Gentlemen who Share 7 V mtelrn.?We can recommend an article tirepared by Mess*. A B Bands k ''o. of this city. The feel of it npon the t.<r - i- delightful; it keeps one on the best possible terms with his -aior. Of all " soft soap,'' anil we have felt many dlflyreni kinds of the arti cle. we fire this the preference ?{ S'.veutng Mirror, N Y Chinese Shovin* Snap ?This ia the name of an admirable compound, prepared by (hose fsmons ehein sta. A B. Bands fc Co., of New York. We are ignorant ol the ingredients of which it ia compounded, bill pa effrcu ire deliahtlal. a sensa tion which is seldom caused by sharing with any other compo sition tnat we ever sued. To gentlemen wh ? chance to "Wear upon fhetrchina The beard of Hercules or frowning Mars," w* would warmly ecommend this most escelleat utricle. It can be p-ocnted at the store of .Mr. S W b'owle, 13* Washing ton street ?[From the Yankee, Boston, Oct- 12, l?44. A. B. Bands kCo., New York, prepare one of the beet articles iu the way of shavin* soap, that ever touched a man's chin ? 1 he compound is entirely new ?[Boston Post, October J, 1*44. ?'f Sew Luxury.?A. B. Bands k Co., New Yorh, have pre pared ?n en'irvly new article for the naeof gentlemen,who prefer to perform their own tonsorial operations. It ia called Bhaviug ( team; a nrrnaration whirh is highly ettolled hv all who have used it The effect it has upon the face ia in the highest degree pleasant, and u? use may trnly be denominated " shaving made easy." It sofiens the b-ard so aa greatly to faeiliate the opera tion of the rasor in removisig it, while at the same time it im part* a iieeiiliir sinoothuess anl soilness to the skin We woald rec at" en.I ererv one to try it, assnring thean that although it will enable them to shave them-elarw easily, yet they will not get shaved bv pu chaaing the article. It it for sale in ibis city nvlr. 8. VV. Kowle, Washington street, opposite School St.? oaton Traveller, October 4. 1IM4. Prepntvsl sud told, whoioale -nd retail, by A. B. BANDS k ' v., Chemists asa Dri gtcista, 1V3 Broad way .corner of Cham bers street, Solu also by A. B k D Snuda, T? Enltou street, aad 77 East Broadway. Price 5# <?nta per jar. A liberal dis coont t theiiade. ________?. ' >m*m LOOKING GLASS ELATES ANI INKkOSTHEI.MKH, Imports". >o. .t Bank street, . _ . d K * . h ? whifh am Itv moat fl?owl?ki' rm, jiUH la'vbi

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