24 Mart 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

24 Mart 1845 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., No. 82-Wholo No. M41. NEW YORE. MONDAY MORNING. MARCH 24, 1845. Prle? Two Canto. THE NEW YORK HERALD AOOREOATE CIRCULATION THIHTY FIVE thousand. THE GREATEST lft TJtE WORLD To tlM Public. THE NEW YORK HEKALD-Datly New.parer-neb !*h*l every day ol the year except New Yeai. Day and (fourth ^ ??PT-?r 17 aer urn?poitagee THE WEEKLY HERALD?published ere.. 8at?rda> SEErar gtesir ?opt-orW ?ADVERTISERS are informed that the eircnlatio if the ^VV^T",KTY^1VF THOUSANlL aid .". Jl-f! el- /* fi tor?t?< circulation of any paper in thi ? citu zsvxztsi JAMES GORDON BENNETT *aorniicTOR OF THX Hichald Establuhmewt Northweet comer of Kg I ion and Nai?n.t^it? CHOICE ANNUAL FLOWER SEEDS ?fen choice fo?.^ilIn>i f mnk4*" ?' 2J ,operb v*n*tiea are now ready I lilox Druininoudii?.pieudid ahow Hnweri of all colon ^ Yer^ dwarf, Choice ? Leartrew-Seedfrom choice prize flower. " p rffT0oldwiVe'low flowere. Doubled oinull VjH"-'N?m'ron? choice kind, mixed. ssss^sas; BE&naafs. 8#&Ks^tfSLjrsr ?;? Hfr Mignonette?Sweet .rented abyuinian. ool?"on om ?*>?? N.tnophiL Imignii. Untndifljra, phaavloidea new Neat blue flower, with white centre/^ variety? Nolano atriplicifolia?Showy blue trailing flower . NUiva z-.bria, (uew?-WhiU with MSSTbloteh and ?n 'h'ahtifM'(oldenan flulr.7 iu'the Helec^y.Tm^biMtiSS ^bltmf^wKEl^Mt' .howy white Ca'leoi -B9?aSfeSSEafls?M,fct Tr V a' uriiiiwu. 01 err am, roldeu and dark r*A -.?iT.V blotched, atriped and .potted with crimion. colore, te" *?'?tie. for S3; 100 varieties U. vegetable Seed* ol the growth ol 1844. ci'l"'n*S,ra ' ***** PllUU in flow? ?? the li H . "jd Flower, alway. on niud. tion; fn due Muon" - "?W CbW b Oiu.,. attended to with Womptne.^and^HanhfuH^ceived go-d home two bin ., crib. Ike and a Jr.?.. . For lurtlj.r i>.formating inqni eo'f vlr R. DKIIMUTT uJjMi.i ? ng the plane, or ol PETEh C. COKTFLYinr TmL'Sw 3" be to* let N- If not^old by lit JlTpril w,?i mhao 8i*rn jtojfc,- SALir-A I?1A.KaM?Situated at Isljp Suffolk SC^wm- 30 o'f^ch ri wmi'ht0,hn- ?Fa"n' c?<??'" srssasf kk A?,v r !?' ancloaed in a Picket fence, fruit trSa. &c fcc ..reel! a few dooTwret" IVoS. BrSSd^y" 'krif tS mr.r.'v r?, ,em?? on nu.rtgag" TO LET ?- V.,liWMi WESTCHESTER CO., N Y. UKOMii home, a tenant home, large wfkc a reo23 UndfE *2WP fomth ol'\lVeQmuMK<;^2iif"troe? lS^3tSS^ S A'whoh'^r W 4 V" u"1' 3^E8|3m to PL ATT- ST H gfr*iv iXi l'i i raiticnlar., inquire of oVof G H WNTirR^Af' V""' Lod<? V w TLr, i: V' '6 Wall strfet. Ni?w York *X!8SLS!i9 By^ wjgw. A COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR HAI l- u:,?.,_a Yoik, containing 140 acre, of land-:,0 acre. w!Jd Und .hi of ifSnd."rabnndiMg^erenitwog5Sl!j W'|lr ^ 'n" on it, recently built, Uigether w ith a 1^2. h2i 7 2* i^^OSS^'L'fJStsS! ?->?tef.!!? Ms. k , S&Tiws1lks,'iS;hi:T? "?wA ?'hir r'*n\M "tafKlrir^ .< ... U. CiLSlUtl. .?!?.".Wr^T.s?"?^^ST'fsSfs.. ?? South Brooklyn. CAK1ENXERS, CHVIR MAKERS, CABINET . MAKERS, fcc. _l r. 11 ,7 f ~ , .^?w ?r.Brick Lofu or Shop., .uitable liilM .'... ^rpenten, Chairmaker.. Cabinrtmaken fce. tc JiuSlj i?w- i2 'V of Watu atieat, twtwe-u Varick and 176 C*U ^ W '-U^le^.^AjjpJyat TO SECRET SOCIETIES? b S' T?From let May next, the large Room in the TjyjH I per.toryofhooMcornerof East Broadway and Ca J-m lar^.treet.bttedupftra lodg room. Cm he eren lare f^mnireof e1 SPrkhYi/' V ^0T fnrther partieu MHenry aueet 3Prt,">41 Catherine etreet, or of J Hr.CHT, a TO LET?'The Store 375 Broadway, fitted op laat ye5 f >r afaucy.dryg lodsstora.with larg- ph. legists ahowwiu ,d>wa malr gsuy swing < uora, large mi rora, counter!, it . I. dcik, gas fii u es. kc. The futures belong to the itore, and will he Ul with it. '1 he store if 90 l?et deep, and hut large celisr uiiiiernetih. rouession immediately if deiireJ. Apply to W. B. M OK FAT. mM 3i*re 333 Bioadway. TT) ll hi NT?ON STATEN ISLAND?Thoie two aid, ml id VILLAS, situated at Sylvaion Terrace, eom -niauding a haaatiful efaw of the Bay and Ocean?each ll life having a Stable, Coach. Ice and Bathing Hunt*. The lion et ate fiuiahed in a inferior atyle with every conrenience, rath lioufe having more than aeven acres of 1* d. Apply to J. dTphilLips kUl'.. 133 Maiden Lrne, corner of Water atreet, N. Y. Alao to Let? I he Thrre Story Biick ilouae 55 Stanton atreet. Kuquire is i-.bore. inhtS lm*ec K<IR S V' K, OK TO l.KT?A gord Dwelling ' Heme, Barn, Outhouwet, Ike , with about two acies of ud, ai'u>te in the village of Jamaica, L. I., with a good supply of fruit t't-ea, rtoweit, kc. Oue half of the pur chase money can ren ain on bond aid innr gaga. Enquire of CALKB WEEK3. #ir fife Hotel,or of HENRY WOOLi EV, at th* Hushing fhviuoii. mhi2 lm*m TO LET?Um of he inoild airable country rendec [ era on this itland, -i.'uate wi bin half hotira ride of the __Lc:ity Hall, rousiating of a apactuna and courenii nt dwel ling, v. ith itable and other onthouaea attached, with a large ga.iteu, eonui,.ing every rariety of Irnit, aaud ornamental Ueea and ahmbhciy. ? or particular* enquire in 33d atreet, first house east of 3d aveene. mh!3 lm*rc TO LET ult LEASE, in 9t. John's Hall, two large 1 Rooms ou the tnegnd and third dories of the building, JaULadmirably adapted for the u e of allocations, or as ar jMuiieafor military eompinlea the Ihird Company laat onal till an!" now occupying ihe fourth on l-aieas an armory. Tooae Wiahiag LI hire for eucn piir|ms-a alioiild a?ail themselves of th opt ortu i y and ecu re them, at they are desirable from their location, and the facility of ingress and egieaa. Terma made aiiowu and roods seen, by applying at the bar of the Hall, from 10 ' v. tk A M. unt-1 2 K M., to mil in I nirc THOMAS A LYNCH. a ' OKI'S ON IHE SIXTH AVENUE HTO LET?Four three at ry and attic Brick llouaea with Stof a underneath, on the eaaterly side af th- (th avenue, lie'ween 13th and llth streets, with alidiug doon, ui r ii ? mantels, CrOton water, kc. suitable lor respectable IV milrel in mod. r te rircnmiUn. es. All of Ihe above Siore* ere excellent steads for business, aad are . uitthl ? for dry good' and I'ai.cy goods, ladies'shoe stores, China and earth nware, hardware, jewelry, millinery, confec tionary, kc. '1 lieSto.es with the front basement room will be reined separate from th ' dwelling |<art, if required, thrre being covered ureas in front, fur fuel, kc. m332??ac _ ti H. WINTER. 16 Wall street. HOUSES TU LET?On llie Keurth Avenue, between ' *Sth.ai.d 2lith stir- s. Also, in 15th sire t Kent |300. , Their houses aie now in progress of rrrction and will Wforihr reception ol tenants on the 16th ?.f April. They are th re story, modern-built, brick dwellings, coitlainii g twelve rooms, handsomely finished, with most ol the modem improvements, marble man'# Is, grates, folding doors, Croton wrier, kc 'I hey can he reached in tw en I y miuntea Irom the City Hall, the linilroad cars pass evsry fiveminnlea Apply to I). KV/vNH, 16 City Hsllpla.e, or at his residence r'< nrlh Av. .' e, thud houte from 26th str?et, where (he jstteru house Can h viewed. <? P.?Alio, a first rate stand for a Grocery or Drug Store, 011 th- comer of 26.h street and Komth Avrnue. ml.22 3i#rc h'UR SALE, OR TO LEASE?I hat well known f actory, with I# lota of grou? I, situate at Harlem, ou -ihe l'h avenue (railroad), beu , u 126th and ,20th sta - 'I n-1 vctory IS a very snbstannal t?. itory brick building. 60 feet hv 2I!II w th a brick carriage ho i if and engine house adjoiu in The a rwts and avenues aie - gulalid and paved, ami nil ass. laments paid The premises vr' in complete order, and rea dy mi immediate occupancy. The ame will be sold or leased cheap, or exchanged f t city property Three fourths of the purchase money c ill remain ou bo id and mortgage for a long """?ply to C. W. VAX VOORHIH or H. P. McOOWN.M John i real, where a map of the prorerty can k? seen. nahil im* m n HATS-SPRING FASHION. J. M. TICE & CO. Mo 0 Bowery, New York, \1 . ARK powr ready to atipply their customers wj'h their ?^sprioi Style of Hats, which ate equal, if not superior, in point of elegance, durability, ami economy, to those sold at r.ny other store in this city m8 lin'm _ NEW rASHlON ft . BROWN & OO.'S ONK PRICE STORE 171 Chat square, corner of Motr street. Imitat on Benyerand Mow Skin Hau, fifth* '"prion Fashion, for the low fired price j ? ? large aisortment of Caps, aome new patterns, much adaiited, aold at moderate pricea, wlioleaale and ictail. tn? lm'in SPRING FASHION. WM. BANTA, No. 130 Chatham atreet, (opposite Chatham Theatre,) and 94 Canal atreet cori er of Wooater atreet^ ollera for aale and inspection, a large asanrtmentof Hata and Caps, of the Spring Fashions. at eitremely low prices, viz: Nutria Fur Hata, $3: Suiierfine Moleskin Sillij Hata, $3; Fine Silk Hata, $2,60. Also, a full aaaortmeut of Capa, at the loweat city pricei. mhl4 lm*ec "A DOLLAR 8AVKD '8 A DOLLAR EARNEIC" 11 GENTLEMEN'who make it a rule to lay out !"? J^atheir money to the beat advantage, are respectfully Jpk notiuad that they can pnrchaae Hata and Cam at ROBERTSON'S PHOENIX HAT AND CAP ESTABLISHMENT, No. 103 Fulton street, eaat aide of Broadway, mnch cheaper than at any other place in the city. An inflexible ndherence to tne system of large sales, small profits, and caah on delivery, euablea the proprietor to offer the different articlea in hia line, at the following reduced ratea : HATS. F irat quality Nntria Far $3 50 Second " " 3 00 Moleakin 2 60 CAP8.I Firat quality mena' and boya $1 50 Second 1 00 Third " " 76 Theae articlea are not only quite equal, bat in aome reapecta (especially in the atyle of trimming) auperior to any in the city. A comparison of the qualitiee and pricea, with thoae of other eatabliahmenta, will abow a deduction of $1 to $160 on cuatomary pricea. All Hau warranted of the moat faahionable B roadway^ patterna. N.B.?The proprietor's extenaive arrangement* enable him to offer very advantageous bargain* to wholesale dealera and country merchanu. m6 lm*m TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS?BOOTS AND SHOES JE. JOHNSON (late Wilaon 8t Jnhnaon) has ks on hand, in a tore 142 Chatham atreet, direct.ly?^^Pi9 oppoaite the theatre, one of the beat ananrted stock' of Boot* and bhoea that can be had in the city. (Jenu Kip, , Grain and Seal, Thick and Tliiu Soled Bcipta and Shoe*, lieg'd and sewed, from the Eaatern manufactories ; Ladiea' Uaitera, Bnakina, Tiea, Slip*, Ac., of every description A greater variety of Children'* Shoe* than anv other atore in this city. Gentlemen'* fine Gaiters, twenty differentkinda. GeuU Buckakin Shoes, SporUmeu's, Fishermen's and Seaman's B00U. Store open till 10 o'clock in the evening, giving country mer chants an opportunity of examining the goods at their leisure. mhl4 lm*rc JACKSON, STACEY & SMITH, MANUFACTURERS AND IMPORTERS of Pen, Pock Ivl et and Table Cutlery, Razors, Scissors, Files, Saws,Tools, and other deacriptioua of Sheffield Goods? ja3l 3m*m No. 18 PLATT STREET, Up Staira. FOR LONDON?Regular Packet kjM^VThe splendid. first-elass, fast sailii tfpNaiPRINCE ALBERT. Capt. W. 8. 8 tively sail aa above, her regular day. FOR LONDON?Regular Packet of 1st April? r ^ "' g packet ship bor, will post Having inoat auiierinr and elegant accommodaliona frr cabin, second cabin and ateerage paaaengers, p?rsoui wishing to em bark ahouId make early application on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMURR AY. m21in '00 Pine aireet, corner of South. FOR LIVERPOOL?TiTaail oa <he24th March The splendid, new and elegant packet ship, JOHN R. iSKIDDY, Wm. Skiddy, master, will positively sail Having auperior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage paaaengers. persons about to embaik should make early application ou board, at Pier No. 3 North River, or to JOSEPH M'MURRAV, ml7rc 100 Piue atreet, corner South. fifX- PASSAGE FROM '.GAL WAY, DIRECT TO NEW YORK?Th* superior, fast sailing British JmSmmm Brig VICTORIA, will sail from Oalway 00 the 1st This off 'fa an excellent opportunity to persona wishing to send for their friends, residing in that part of Ireland, precluding the trouble and expense of going to I iverpool to embark. Con tracts for passage, which will be at a moderate rate, mutt be made previous to the 31at inat., in oidrr to be in time for the steamer of the 1st of April, from Boston. For further par.ieulara, apply (if by letter, post paid) to mh2l rrc JOHN HERuMAN, 61 Bout) atreet. FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular racket iWkto sail the 2Slh of .March.?The regular fast sailing MfiBbPacket Ship ROSCIUS, Captain A. Eldridge.of1,180 tons, will positively sail as above, her regular day. For frrignt or passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on board at Orleans wharf, fool of Wall streat, or to E. K. COLLINS 81 CO, 66 South streak Price of Passage, $100. The packet ship Siddona, Captain E. B. Cobb, will sue ee*d the Roaciua. ?ed?ait *th April, her regular day. Messrs. E. K Collins It Co. respectfully request the Publishers of news|>aper*, ro discontinue all advertisen ente not in their name of their Liverpool Packet!, viz the Roscius, Siddona, Sheridan, and Garrrick. To prevent disappointments, notice is hereby given, that contracts for passengers can only be made with them. in 14 STAR LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS iJMk.Packet of the 11th of April?Tlie new and elegant jfifil^flrst class packet ship WATERLOO, Capt. W. H. A>'eu, will positively sail as nbove, her regular day. /Having very superior accommndations for cabin,second cabin and steerage passengers, persons about to embark, will find this splendid ship to be a most desirable conveyance. The Waterloo will sail again from L verpool on the 2(th of May. Thoae who are desirous of sending for their relatives or friends, can have them Drought out iu this splendid packet For passage to or from Liverpool, early application should be made to lite subscriber. JOSEPH Mc.MURRAY, ml!rrc 1(10 Pine straat.coroer of Sonlh street NEW YORK. SCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN. BELVIDERE LND EA8TON.?Leaie thk aw?l N1 '* 1 ? 1 Ml jMHj Ar jSHEEw*001 Court land street daily, Suuda, s exc< purU, at 9 o'clock, A.M., by Railroad from Jersry City to Morris tow*, thence by post-coaches through Mmdnam, Chester, Ger man Valley, Schooley's Mountain, Anderson Town, Port Csl den Washington, to Belvideie and Eastou. For I'su, apply to J.Hill, at the Commercial Hotel, 73 Court laud street _ , N.B,?Extras furcished at the shortest notice, by applying to Charl s'M.ltath. at Nlorriatowu. m4 lm*m run. naiiiimunij. 7 1-4 O'CLOCK, A. M -F ARK $'4. CITIZENS' UNION LINE VIA NEW CASTLE A FUKNCHTOWN RAILROAD. This ronte, acknowledged to b? the most pl-asnut _ gtvwa Philadelphia and Baltimore, will be open .far travel on MONDAY ueit, March 24ti>. The unrirallrd and favorite s.eamhoat ROBERT MUItnlr, Captain Douglass, having been rut in thorough or der, will take her place on i Intend of the Liue, and the swift and splendid tt-amboat CONSTl'i UTION, Capt. Chaytor, on the Baltimore and jgA On and after MONDAY next, March 21th. ?j^5MU?3e.he steamboat ROBERT MORRIS will leave !S^3lCdbDock street wharf daily, (except Sunday, at 7* o'clock, v. M. for New Castle, where passengers will take the cars (known to be the most comfortable in the country) for Krerchtown, and there take the steamboat CON STITCI ON tor Baltimore, arriving in time to (and the only line that dees) connect with the Lines leaving Baltimore in the afternoon for th- S rrh.and in from A to 8 hours in advance of auy other line. The Liues leave Baltimorefor Philadelphia daily, except Sun day*, at 7>4 o'clock, A. M. Breakfast and Dimert provided on board the Boats. Fare to Chester or Newcastle >4 cents. Fare to Baltimore $2 00 WHEELING AND PITTSBURGH. Ticketi through to Wheeling and fittsbtrgb can be procured on the boat. . UNITED STATES MAIL LINE FOR BALTIMORE. THIIOUGU IN SIX HOURS. PHILADELPHIA, WILMINGTON AND BALTIMORE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. Via Cheater, Wilmington, F.lkt?n, Harre de Grace, Ac. FARE REDUCED. jMh xa") T1 On and after MON DAY next, March 24 .h, the cars will leave the depot, corner o' Eleventh and Market streets, as f llows:? DAILY, at 4-P. M. " (except Sundays) at 10% P M. Or on tlia arrival of the 4 P. M. train from New York, FHRE THREE DOLLARS (tv~The above are the only lines that connect with thoae ( leaving Baltimore for tlw South and West. WHEELINQ AND PITTSMJRQH. Tickets through to Wheeling or Pittsburgh c in be proctir-d st the l epot. Passengers for nttsburxh take the ? iramboat at Brow nvlle. # fly*" We.tern Passengers leaving New York at J P.M., can take tire Line that Leaves Philadelphia at 10,Si P.M., and arrive in time for ihe cars leaving at 7 A.M. for the West. 1 Kaielo Wheeling, ?ll? Pittsburgh, S12, Returning, the cart leave Baltimore at t A.M. and ? T.M. Freight Pastrngrr Train, FARE FIFTY CENTS, A Pit >engrr Car will be attached to the Freight Train, leav ing the Depot at 5 P. M. Fare 40 cents. I'atseng-1 ' y tint Line will arrive iu Baltimore at an eaily hour next n,-"i ug. Freight to Baltimore. DRY GOODS, 11)4 rent* p-r IOC lbs. Illltll FRIES, Ac. 10 cents per 100 lbs Freights rece-ved and forwarded daily (except todays) from the Depot, corner of lllhand Market streets, en I drlived in Bal umoir at an earlier hour than bf any other li O. H. hUDDFLL. lent, Phila. [TT" For any information respecting the ab ? Linea, apply to 1 GEO. P FI81 . U, Agent, mhll lm No. 7 Wall GWeststieets. FREIGHT TO BALTIM' HE. Dot Goods 12>4 Ciisti rr.n IdO i.nt. Gnocggigs, Ac. 10 do. NO TRANSHIPMENT. PHILADELPHIA, WILMINGTON AND BALTIMORE RAILROAD COMPANY. 1 Iw Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Rulroadto. made citMsifi and permanent arrant emenc* to tran?|ort freight batweon Philadelphia aud Baltimore. , . llfYn *!*d after 1 needlay neit, March '8th, fright for Baltimore; Wheeling, Va j Pitrahurgh, Pa.; ttichmond, Vh ; Petersburg, Va ; or any point fnuth er wear, will he received at the depot, corner lllh and Market afreets, daily, Sundays eicepted, until 3 oii I ca r. iVi., and he delivered at an eailier hour in Baltimore than by any other line Goods consigned to th. Subscriber in Philadelphia, will be forwarded (free of commission) immediately ouar ival.to Balti imoie. aud from thence toany point south or west. Special contracts for freight will be made at reduced raten. Shippers will bvarlu mind that there will he no necessity for insuring b v tint line, at there it no risk of damage by water. For farther information apply t< GEO. m P. FISHER, Agent No. ? West street, opposite Bie^Uni-.o^Trvusporteuoa Line. mh!7 lw gbx Depotl I th and SHMMM,Sllils HEMP?17 balse Amenetn Water Rot Hemp, of very tnpe . Hot qealiiy, landing *x (hip Geneva, from N. Orleans, for sale by K. K. COLLINS A CO V* Sonth street LODGINGS TWENTY-FIVE CENTS, m!3 lm*ee THE HAO'S HEAD No. 3 .Barclay Sthret, hear Broadway. The Subscriber baring lilted up and newly furnished several rooma coonectrn with thia Establishment, solicits a call from hia frisnda and the public. JAMES BYRNES. SHARrsFr-AKE HO I EL. CORNER OF WILLIAM Si DUANE STREETS, N.Y. THE subscriber respectfully informs the public that he has leased the above establishment, and is now pre ,pared to trcoiumodate them with Board and Lodg ug, on Very moderate terms. It has been put in the most thore igh and complete repair, paiuted audrefitted with additional sew furniture, and he will not, as usual, say what he inteuds to do, but solicits the travelling community to visit and give him a trial, aud judge for themselves, that the establishment under his manageinrui is deserving the patronage uf the public. The lo cation being central to business, offers inducements to mer chants from the country [from its retired situation] unsurpass ed by any other house in the city. Terms 81 per day?i*r week in proportion. The subscriber bees to call the attention of parties that the Assembly Room will be to let to those giving Balls aiul Con eery for the remaining part of the season, and that th# room will slioitly be put in complete repair, and fitted up ill a magni ficent style He further calls the atteution of the professional gentlemen of the liw, that hia room for arbitrators and referees has undergone alteration, and that he it ready to accommodate them on reasonable terms?which will be seen by his regula tion of room hire. N.B.?A select number of permanent boarders will be taken on very moderate terms. m6 2w?rrc MINORD 8. THRESHER. SARACEN'S HEAD. Ne 12 Dey street, (adjoining the Franklin Hotel.) TOSEPH SMITH. lae of Worcester, England, begs leave ?J most respectfully to inform his friends and the public, ?tat he has leased the above establishment, and fitted it np in a ?tyle second to nore. H-his a'so taken care to provide the creature o.mforta for the iuward man. At H o'clock there will always be a sandwich Teady, and at any time during the day the following articles w ill be prepared and served up in a style suitable to the pilate of the most fasti dtons epicure:? Beef Steaks?Mutton Chops--Veal Cutlete?Broiled Ham and Eggt?h rizzled Bacon?Welsh Rarebits?reached Eggs- 1 Sardines?Ct Id Cuts?Cream Chrcse. J. 8. will at all times keep on hand the choicest Wines ar.d Spirits, selected with that taste peculiar to an old and eiperieuc ed wine-bibber; Bottled Porter, Cider, anil a sparkling glass of I Albany Ale, accompanied with a pure Havnua, all of which will be served on such terms aud prices as will square with the | times. mh9 4w eow*ec WILSON'S HOI EL ANU ulNlNO ROOMS, No, 5 Gold street, New York. H(i.atk the Caledonia). ENRY WILSON (of Brooklyn) begs to inform his friends and the public generally, that he will open the atfhve named establishment on MONDAY, the 10th of March, 1845. Tht house has been thoroughly repaired and uewly furnished in every department, and the very best of every description?f liquors, cigars wines, domestic and imported ales and puree, will be provided. f An Ordinary will be served ud every day from 1 to 3 o'clock , P. ?1.; and Refreshments will he furnished at any hour during the day and evcutng. f2S tmje NATIONAL HOTEL, . No. 5 Court la. nilt street and 87 Liberty street NEW YORK. Three Doors from Broadway.' rpHIS NEW HOTEL will be opeued ou trre 20th inst ^when A the Proprietors will he happy to accommodate tlwir friends J. The and the public w ith board. The Lodging Rooms are large and airy, aud the internal arrangements suell as cannot fail to please. The location bring in the centre of business, it offers induce ments to merchants from otber cities and the country, not sur passed by any otlurr House in this city. The Furniture, Beds and Bedding, are all new and made ex pressly for this establishment. Families who wish Parlors and Sleeping Rooms attached.can he handsomely accommodated, 'lhe subscribers assure their friends aud the public, that no efforts on their part shall be wanting to secure the comfort and convenience of their guests, and v hile they solicit a share of their patronage, they hope, by unceasing atteutiou, to the dtttieanf their vocation, to give en tire satisfaction. CHARLES WYCKOFF St CO. fi7 im* rc NEW YORK HOTEL, 791 Broadway, New York City. '"PHIS new and splendid establishment opened on the 1st of A December last, situated in the most fashionable quarter of the city, is now in full operation. The entire front on Broad way, between Washington and Waver ley Places, has been ar ranged in suits ufapvlmeiits, and furnished in the most tasteful and elegant manner lor the accommodation of families and sin gle gentlemen, and no pains will be spared to render the m ist perfect satisfaction to all who may favor the house with their patrou-ge. It will he coudncted on the European and Ameri can systems combined, leaving it optional with persons to lake j meals at Table d'Hore, in private parlors, or a la carta, as may suit their convenience . The location of the house, the great number of large and benutiful parlors, the spacious and airv halls, reuder it a most desirable residence for those visitiug the city either on business | or pleasure. J. H. BlLLINGS, Proprietor, ink lm*ui B. MONNOT, Restaurateur. HOBE'S PATENT EXTENSION DINING TABLES, WITH METALLIC SLIDES, loug known as the most durable, convenient and elegaut of Extension Tables manu factured; warranted to rnu easy constantly, and not to be affected bv dampness or warpiog of th- wood. A large assort ment of ciioice patterns, suited for private parlors, hotels,steam boats, Sic., together with a geuer.il assortment of Cabinet Fur niture, always on hand, at the Warerooms, NoltO Grand street, corner of Elm, where the public is respectfully invited to call aud examine. ChtgE mrl lm?rc JONES'S COMMERCIAL ACADEMY, INITIATORY COUNTING ROOM, 947 Broadway, corner of 81 urray st. rPHK object of this Institution is to impart thorough instruction A in Book-Keeping. Penmanship and t'nmmercial Ancihuie tic, aud qualify Gentlemen for practical duties of the desk. Private instruction is giveu if required (?7~ Members of the Mercantile Library Association are re quested to apply to the Librarian at Clinton Hall, who will furnirh tickets of admitiiou nuder the arrangement made with the Committee. fC7"References may be had at the Academy to Bookkeepers, Merchants aud Clerks, who haye betn students during the last nin- years. iCT^Forsale, Jones's Principles ana Practice of Bookkeeping, 8vo., price 12s. This work is adopted in the first Academic Institutions in this country. It is also republished in England 1*. and extensively introduced there. (75 lmeod'ec FRENCH CHINA and GLASS WARE. FOEIIAIIDIN, Commission Merchant, 15 John street, up ? stairs, has jnst received on consignmeat.and offers for sale, wholese or retail, a splendid assortment of the above articles. comprising? Plain white and rich fancy decorated Dining Seta: Deasert, Tea and Supper Seta; Toilet Set..; aing'e Cups and Mugs, with mottos; Cologne Bottle Kignres; Tete a tete Sets, Sic., Sic. Also, plain and nch Cat Glass Decanters. Water Bottles, Celery Bowls, Preserve Dishes, Tnmblers, Goblets, Wines, kc., be. Astral and Solar Lamp Shades and Globes. llJ7""Orders for Cut Glass Ware Gilding and Painting on China Ware, to match any pattern, executed promptly. fI5 lm#rc Lamps, chandaliehs, girandoles, ?tc.?The subscribers have made such arrangements with the manu- | facturers, that they will, after the I2tli day of March, be ready to exhibit by far the beat assortment of House burnishing Goods in the United States, at st very rednc d prices. Thev are now opming a compl'te assortment of entirely new and beautiful goods, such as Solar anil Lard Lamps and (hands liers, a great variety of patterns, suitable for private housa, churches, hotels, and steamboats; some new and beautiful Gas and Candle Chatidali-ts, Girandoles, Mantel Lighta, Brackets, Pendants, Lantern*. Sic. A greit variety of new style English Goods, received per ship , Europe aud now opening, such as fine quality plated B iskets, Waiters, Caslhra, Snuffers and Trays, Tea and Coffee Urns, t ishes, 4c. Sic Rich fancv and plain Tea Trays ia great variety, fiue Table Cutlery in sets and dozen?. and every variety of rich rat sud plain Glassware?in short, almcst every article required for housekeeping, may b* found at th.* subscribers' show rooms. WORAM Si HAUGHWUUT, mhlfi Im'm 881 Broadway LAMl'Si, girandoles, hall lanterns, AND OANDELABRAS, FOR THE SPRING TRADE DIKTZ, BROTHER St CO , No. 13 John street, are manu facturing and ? ave *1ways on hand, a complete assortment of articles in their line, of tin- followinr descriptions, which they will tell at whole**)* or retail, at low prices lor cash:? I in pro red Chemical Oil and Camphene Lamp*. Solar Lamm, Gilt aud Bronzed. 111 irreat variety. "Cornelius St Co.V* celebra td rat ill Holar l.:r 1 Lamps. Giraudnlea, varius patterns, Kilt, silvered or bronzed. Suspending Solars, Doric Camphene Lamps, R acket Solan, Hide do do Solar Chandeliers, Bracket do do Pa.ent Lard Hand Lamps, Stmd do do Brittanu Hand Lamps, < smphen- Chandeliers, Su|ierior Chemical Oil, Pure Sperm Oil, do Camphene, Solar and I.ard Oil, do Burning Fluid, Refined Whale Oil. mhlO 3meeW FRENCH FLINT OLAM8 WORKN, AT WILLIAMSBURGf!, L. 1. DEPOT no WILLIAM STREET, NEW YORK Mrsans. ilF.KGF'.R St WALTER, known for a long series of years aseztansirs manufacturer* of Watch-Crystals and Flint Glassware, in the Department Moselle. France, hart the honor to inform (Plats Dealrrt, Importers of Watches, and famishing honses generally .that they hare established s Branch of their Manufactory in tint country; and, in order to fulfil to eIItiro satisfaction all coniiD.tnds that might he addressed to them, hare engaged erperit seed and skilful workmen, both French and Knalifh. The beesty of this Glass. the taateful style of all the varies thai manufacture, as well as moderate prices, and promptitude in the etrciltinu of orders, will, they Fondly ho|w, secure to them a large share of patrons** from American and foreign Doners. N. B.?Cnttomrra in the habit of transmitting orders to their honse in Paii", 17 I'orndit Poraonnier*. or their general Depot nl Crystal, 30 Parndis Poissunu'ere, Pa. 's, will pleas* forward them direct to no William N?w York. fH lm?ec WARRANTED THE CHEAPEST AND THE BEST IN NEW YORK. J. STOUVENEL ite CO., MairvrscTi'lticRs or OLASs A JS J) LAMPS lor kvkbt nr.se *ir-r ion. D EH PEC TFULLY call the attention ef Country Merchants, TV Hotels, Steamboats, Ship Masters and F'amilies, to o?r as sortment, *ta great deduction, being maiti fact tired by onrselres, and which cannot be surpassed in quality'and worVnvinship, epinprising a complete assortment of new ralletna of Cut and i Plain Glass Uuandolrs, Solar, Lard and Camphiue Lamps, Brackets, Caud-lahras, Hall Lamps and Lanterns, with Mich1 ' Kf "JV: Astral and other Lamps altered to Solar aud Lard i ted rtAntthed equal to new. Glass and Lamps made to order and to match any paltern. i 1/ "(roods leaned for Parties. Factory H Gold strert. Wholesale and Retail Store Ne. 3 lolin sireet. near Broadway. wih!9 Im'rc , III ATCH?.s WATCHF.S AND JF.WFll.K*.?The a 1 . who With to purchase Gold or SiWer wstchsc, Gold . Clonus, Gold Pencils. Keys, Ice., will find it greatly "> ' advantage to call on the subscriber, who is selling all deserip- 1 tions of the shore at retail mueh lower than any other house in the city. Gold Watches as low *? *20 and ili each Watches

and Jewelry eseliaoged or bought. All Watches war ranted to keep gned time or the monry refunded. W*tcl?a, aud Jewelry rapairod in the best mannar aud warrant*.'., at much less than the usual prices. (J. C ALLEN, Importer of Watnhea and Jewelry m( lie * in Wholesale and retell, so Wall at., m at' ?? TO 'AiU'El M A N UP ACT U R E R Ji, tec .V,: LEAD WIKE, of rariuus sites, mi its bis for weaver's weights, constantly on hand, or mad* to order,and foi sale. by TaiAam fc BROrriKRaJ ? nihil lm*rre M Water sua " MIm Charlotte C i i." Why mourn a flower, that it should droop and die, Exhaling fragrance with its latest sigh ? la loim and hue, from veined leaf to birth? A bright and marvellous beauty o'er the earth ! Its bloom exalis one, like a happy dream? To think that Heaven's beuificeuce should deam Us worthy oi so beautiful a thing When Eden closed its universal spring ! That such should bloom the wild to decorate, Which else for man wore all too desolate? The tears, the pitvirg angels wept awhile Weie changed to flowers?the Garden's blended smile ! And o'er the earth in many a sunny sphere, Their manifold similitudes appear ; In form and hue impelling like u flower, The tears the angels wept is that sad hour ! Ami one was even fairer than the rest ; The germ of excellence within her breast? Enrobed by tints of bright celestial hue, So bright, a heavenly spirit dwelled ther*- too. Thine was that faiiur spirit, gentle one 1 A beam disparted from the setting sun. Which shed a soft effulgence every whern, Till thoughts ol thee aye deepened into prayer : A prayer that ever pourel itself to bless? That followed thea with many a mute caress That blended o'er thee, like an atmosphere, Its sole, md sigh?its tender dewy tear Then wort the giftti and an only child, And " our dear Charlolle" every cine beguiled i Each hearth drawn circle wclc 111 d the sweat name, Made dearer by that one tenacious claim. Though thou wert loved and cherished with suahcare ; Tny radiant biow?thy darkly flowing hair? Thy youthful lorra?thy cheek's awakened bloom Were one wild momeut stricken to the tomb '. Thedark bereavement language may not tell? Vho speechless anguish, and the last farewell; The broken hearts that;cherished thee in vain, That " ne'er will look upon thy like again !" Weep not the early lost .'?the memory T oiipVi !itr<> mnnnliorht strpominv ft'pr th Of such, like moonlight streaming o'er the sea, Will he unchanged, nar time, nor eare, nor blight, Can mar their image there, so pure and bright! And Heaven resumed her thus?so like its own I K strain of gentle music, soft and lone ? A spark etherial?yet lent awhile To wake on earth where e'er it dwelled?a smile. W. Anti-Rent Troubles.?A letter from Kingston, dated 21st instant, gives the following informa tion :? I deem it of .-.ufflcient interest to apprize you of the re ??ult of operations in Ulster county. The ami-rent move nent extended through the towns of Shandaken, Olive, and a portion of Woods'ock. The excursions of the Sheriff'? posse were confined, however, to the two for mer towns, and effected the capture and imprisonment oi ?on ol the " Indians." The Grand Jury, who were em pannelled on the 18th instant, were directed, and pro ceeded to the immediate consideration oi the matter. The charge of Judge Kuggles, characterized by his hsbi ?ail perspicuity, precision and ability, pioneered the way fir the jury. The consequence was perceptible in their prompt and efficient action. Witnesses were secured from among the !' Indians" themselves, whose testimony ubs satisfactorily implicated their leader?. About twelve hills will |bc found, and among others, probably thair speakers and chiefs will be included. The Jury, it is sup .osed, will finish their labors to-morrow, and leave far its proper disposition, the material they have been thus instrumental in preparing, for the cognizance of the laws. The strcugth of comb'ned action by the " Indians" is now thoroughly paralyzed. A panic terror is opera " ; throughout the seat ol these ting throughout the seat ol these troubles, and numbers, under its influence, have II-J to the mountains, leaving '.heir helpless and destitute families in a state of distrac tion, no less than their own. Their return may be ex prated, when may be anticipated whntever farther diffi culty individual effort, excited by exasperation, may prompt. Such effort cannot.it is thought, control the enantry, but may be manifested in personal opposition to the landlords and their agents, to the temporary obstruc tion of their duties. Th.< insurrection may thereiore bs considered as quelled, while its former seat must for some time continue to betray the evidences of recent commo tions and their remains. Should Delaware, which ad orns Shandaken, destroy the anti-rent organization loca ?cd thi re, and the juiy of Columbia county do their duty towaids the prisoners presented to them lor trial, a gen eral disoauding of the ' tribes" will be suffered through out the S.ate The recent experience of this county has inspired all citizens with confidence in the efficiency of the armeu pnste for'their protection and its adequate strength for an emergency ol the nature of that just past. New York Legislative Summary.?March, 22 nd, 18J5.?In the Senate? Among the petitions vas one by Mr. Jones, of over 8000 citizens of New York, against the passage oi the Excise Bill; to close the locks of the canals on the Sabbath ; for a railroad from the brad of Seneca Lake to Kairport. Mr. Porter made a re port on the claim of the contractors on the new linn of canal through the village of Rome, in which he charged something liko deception upon the Hon Mr. Foster, in the statements made by bim while the joint resolution 'or hriiiging that poition of the new line of canal into use was pending, at the last session. Mr Scovil moved to lay the report on tue table. Lost, and a motion to print 1ve times the usual number of copies of the report, was referred to the printing committee. On motion of Mr. Jones, the bill in relation to the excise laws was recom mitted, with a view to exempt the city and county of New York Iro n its operation. Mr. Backus introduced a oili to incorporate the University of Western New York. The bill in relation to carry ing the United States mail on ailroeds, was read a third time and passed. Also the bill for the preservation of fish in the Hudson river ; and the bill to erect the town of Cheater in the connty of Orange. The bill to enforee the laws and preserve order same te its third reading, and opposed by Messrs.Wright, Johnson and Becknian,who objected to the sections charg ing the expense rl the militia called from other coun ties, upon the county where the difficulty oocurs. Messrs. Clark and Sherman replied, and the discussion wes pro longed for some time A motion to commit the bill to a commit'ce of the whole war lost, ayes 8, noes 11. It was finally liid on the table. The Senate held an exeoutivs session. Adjourned. io toe noeic?Among the petitions was one by Mr. Uloes, tor ? plank road from Albany to Bufi'alo, to be con structed by convict labor. The other petitions were nu merous. on the subject of E. railroad, par redemption, dis -rimiuating tolls, the closing of the locks on Sunday, the 31ack river canal, the carrying ol freight on railroads parallel with the canal, Itc Among the bills reported complete, was the bill to extend the docks in the city of Alhnny ; to renew the charter of the Northern Railroad, tod to incorporate the Brooklyn City Hospital Mr. Harris had leave to introduce a bill relative to the collec tion of taxes in the city ol Albany. Mr. Coe reported back with amendment, the bill to provide for the remo val of cinses from the Canal Board; Mr. Van Valken burgh, the bill to incorporate the New York and New Haven Railroad ronapatiy, with amendments; Mr. Morri son, a bill regulating the passenger fare on railroads? -educing it to 3 rents per mile; Mr. A. W. Young, the Yew York schnol blll. The committee of the whole, Mr. Howard in the chair, took up the special order, the bill to authorise the connection of the Dansville (lip and baain with the branch of the Oenessee Valley canal The bill was debated by Messrs. Coe and J. Young in favor, and by Messrs. Niven ami Comatock in opposition?when the oommitte rose and reported progress?Mr. Comstock not Having concluded. The hill,, on motic Having concluded. The hill, on motion of Mr. J Young, was again made the special order lor Monday at 11 o'clock. Adjourned.?Jllbany Arfvu, Mairh'i'i Diqyitarim Arrkstxi) ?The Senate of Michi gan have got into a pretty muae, for which the peo ple have to pay the piper. It appears that Judge Wilkins, and the U. 8. Circuit Court, issued a warrant for the arrest of Senator Williams, wbioh was served by Deputy Mar shal Uillit. The Senate were so indignant at the arrest at one ol their honorable body, that the arrest of the Judge. Marshal andCleik of the U S. Court, was at once ordered, for a breach of privilege The arrests were made by the Sergeant at Arms?and Judge W , when arraigned, refu nd to respond, except to deny the jurisdiction of the Be -late. This nonplussed the Senate for a time hut it was finally decided to mike the whole matter the special order of theday. Preliminary arrangements for the trial lor e.or tempt wi ro made, and tho prisoners were suffered to go on p irole to appear when wanted lu the Detroit papers brought by the States, we fin 1 plentiful allusions to the contempt, but not all intelligible by rea?on of our files not being full. Judge Wllkina,when offeied permission to go at large, upon his promise to at tend when notified, pointedly and decidedly refused to !e dt' U give the pinmise. Whereupon, the Senate did r.ot send im to Jail. T?ir Indian Fiout.?The "Vin Huron (Ark.) Intelligencer" ot March -Ith, *uye?The skirmish ts-hich we spoke ol last week a* having taken place be. twern a portion el the Pawnee Mah.ia, and a party of Creukf, turn- out to have boon between the Oaages ind Creek*. The Osiigo dress resembles the Pawnee in almost every particular, and the Creeks themselves sup posed their assailants to have been Pawnee Mabaa The excitement ia very great in the Croek Nation, and va rious rumors ere sfloa* (n rpgard to the affair. Cspta-n Boone, us soon as information of the skirmish reached Kort (Jibaon, was ordered to the place of action with his company of Dragoons, and he sent in to Fort Gibs n for reinforcements; from whioh place two companies of In fantry have proceeded to join him, but il he should have need ol their servicea, anil has to await their tardy ap proach, the Indiana can commit any depredations thay wish, and be off unmolested The idea of placing io fan disturb a try soldiers upon a frontier like this, when diaturbnncoa are no frequeut, to ua. seams ridiculous. Tho Indians are generally mounted when on predatory excursions, and are too wily to await the tardy approach of Uncle Sam's infantry to punish them lor their misdeeds. At Fort Gibson, at the time f the outbreak, there was but one company ol Dragoons, Captain Boone's, which was immediately sent out by the commanding officer; but from appearances, were not able toquoll the distuibance* and had to send for the reinforcement mentioned. Sahptnian SSitrvkyino Voyaqic ?The Pnlyrutian ot September 7, notices the arrival at the port of Honolulu, of His Sardinian Majesty's brig L'F.reilano.? This vessel was on a surveying vayage, and had haen absent two years. She was expected to proceed from Honolulu to the coast of Mexico, 'here to ne Joined by a sixty gun frigate of the sumo nation, having on board a Prince ol the reigning family of Sardinia This vessel, (the Eredano.f temark" the editor, is the first representa tive of the Mediterranean powers that had anchored in Her rs of Howaii Iter appearance was waimty gieated and salutes were txchanged with her from the fort. Literature, Ac The London Lancet, for March.?Burgess and Stringer, New York.?A most capital work, well got up, at a very reasonable coat. No medical practitioner or student should be without it. Nights of the Round Table ?Burgess and Stringer, New York. An interesting, well printed work; being a series of stories, by the author of "Clan Albin," and " Elizabeth de Bruce " Tales of Trials?Judd and Taylor, New York. A neat little work for juveniles, by Mrs. Opie. The Robber of the Rhine?Graham, New York.?As interesting romance, founded on tact, by Leitch Ritchie. Grimaldi, the Clown ; Daggeis, New Yoik.? A cheap reprint of this interesting and amusing work, by Dickens. Appeal and Review; Sparks, New York.? Another Onderdonk pamphlet. When will the parties concerned in this affair have the good sense to cease stirring in the matter 1 Copland's Dictionary of Practical Medicine. Part IV ; Harper Brothers, New York?Tnis is doubtless one of the most complete and valuable works ol its kind ever offered to the Medical pub lic The American edition, edited by Dr. Charles A. Lee, is issued by these enterprising publishers, in monthly numbers of 144 closely printed pages each. It will be completed in about twenty, the price of each being fifty cents. Review Francaisb, for March ; Berteau, New York.?An interesting monthly. Littkll's Living AoKt No. 44 ; Burgess &c Stringer, New York.?An interesting number. The Nevilles of Garrktstown, No. 3 ; Harper I Brothers, New York ?This excellent story of Le ver's is fast progressing. Illuminated Bible; Harper Brothers, N. York. No. 21 h&s just been issued, it contains three large engravings, besides a great number of small ones, executed with great skill. Advantage of Public Prayer and Frequent Communion; Sparks, New York.?A neat small volume of one of Bishop Beveridge's best works, designed to revive primitive piety Thirlwall's History of Greece, No. 8 ; Har per Brothers. New York.?This work is completed ?y this issue. It is very widely regarded by intel- ? ligent critics as much the. best history of this re nowned nation ever published, possessing ail the merits, without the faults, of those which have hitherto been issued. It well deserves the popu larity it enjoys among scholars and cultivated read-1 "r? The numbers, of which there are eight, torming two handsome octavo volumes, are sola at | 25 cents each number. "Coming Obt and Going In."?A miserable ibortion ol a caricature, issued by Donnelly, po?-' ieseing neither wit, elegance or faithfulness If I better than tnis c innot be produced, they had bat ter be Left alone. Harper's Illuminated Shakespeare.?Nob. 43 uid 14 of this admirable edition of Shakespeare have just been issued. They continue this elegant tod copiously embellished edition in fine style The editorial services of Mr. Verplanck, added to i ssuberbTartistic adornments, make this much the nest American edition ever published. The parts, two in one, are sold for 25 cents. The Principles of Fbrknsic Medicine?with so much of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, and the Practice of Medicine and Surgery, as are essen tial to be known byLawyers.Coroners, Magistrates, Officers of the Army and Navy, <tec., by W?i A Guy, M. B.?Edited by C. A. Lee, M. D.?Har- ] per ife Brothers The author of this work is one of the most dis tinguished Professors of Forensic Medicine in Great Britain, and he has aimed to present as I clearly and concisely as possible, all the important | principles and (acts ot medical jurisprudence, re lieved of everything not belonging immediately to the subject, and fitted at once tor a text book for | sudente, and a mannal tor legal and medical prac titioners. His very difficult ta^k st ems to have been eiecuted with great ability and discretion.? The style and arrangement of the work are simple and lucid, and all details not essential to the under standing of the subject have been omitted. The work has been universally regarded, both in Eu rope and America, as the best of its Rind ever pub lished, and the American edition has done good ????rvice to the profession in this country by causing t to be reprinted, and especially by the lull and valuable additions which he has made. He has | thus adapted it admirably to the peculiar laws and institutions of this country, and of course,for Ame-1 ican students and readers, materially enhanced its value. The work is issued in a large and very hand somely printed octavo volume, and forms a most important accession to the list of standard m-dicsl works which'the Harpers have recently issued ? All persons, both at home and abroad, will receive idditional confirmation of its authentic and stan-1 fard character, from the statement in the preface hat the counsel of Chancellor Kent has been fcl-1 'owed in all matters involving questions of legal ] authority. An Infamous Case.?Mary Fazette, an lunrcent, irtleasgirl, some fifteen yrurs old, and of rather a prepossessing appearance, was brought before the magis :rates in New-Orleans on the ltth instant,charged with larceny. It appeared that she was engaged by a Mary t'bompscn to attend a cigar atore. She gave the girl a -tew drt'sa and some trinketa, such as ear-rings, a neck lace, Re., to make her " attractive" in the store, as she termed it. She went lurther ; for, ac ording to the oath i the giil herself, who swore she overheard the infamous bargain she had concluded with some wretch possessing he lineaments ot a man, that for the rum of $340 the >oor young creature was to he maue the victim ot dis honor. Becoming alarmed at the danger of her position, ' <he flew to the htimblo but honest roof of her mother, akulg with her the diess and trinkets which Miss Thomp son h?d given her. Thia was the extent of her theft? nercin lay her crime ! The Recorder discharged the tomplaint, regretting that there was not a law to punish -he complainant Seduction and its Consequences ? A few days igo, a good looking, well dre^ed woman, 'vas brought before the Polico Magistrate to answer to n hargeof petty larceny. During the investigation it was discovered that she was the wife of a shoo merchant in Kingston, Canada, and had eloped with one of b< r husband's workmen, carrying with her ?79 of his money. The fugitives came to this place, where they have re ?ideJ most of tho winter. So long as the it fen money lasted, they got along well enough. But when the tunds were exhausted, the brutal seducer compelled his vie tim to prostitute herself for gain, and fa,i<d not to heat j her in the most shameful manner, when she refised or vhen she did uot receive what he deemed an adequate reward lor her iniquity. During ? fit of intoxication, she stole a pair of shoes, and was committed. The Magis trate committed the h, duceralso, but there is no law to nunisli him as he deserves.?Roch. Dim Most Afflicting Death.?Captain Samuel H. Vlaraliall, or the ship Powhattan, a lew days unce arrivid from Liveipoel, wa? accidentally drowned in the bay on Tiusday night last, and that, too, under the meat ittticting circumstance* Upon hia arrival in port, be via itod the city, laving hi* wife and one child ?n board hi* vessel, at the lowar shipping anchorage. On Tuesday u.ght he started ou the tcuoouer Nimrod, (a lighter) to ,'n lown to hi* veMfl, with the intention of bringing hi* wife and child up to the city. About 14 o'clock, wh< :itho Nimrod war supposed to l>? in the vicinity of the iowe' hipping, Csntein M. it i* presumed with the purpose of looking out for hi* ihip, (topped out In the gangway, and being uncomciou* that the outer railirg in 'h it part of he vei.-el had been removed, lie fell owt board Captain M. wai a native of Portsmouth, N M , where he haa now living n widowed mother, to whom there melancholy tiding* will hiing norroviwg and grift? Mniilt ?Sdr*rff*r, Mire* M. Sbi.f Destruction ? Mr. Fuller, the driver of the Tuunton and Da*bury stngp. niter the delivery of hi? p?**enger* at Tauuton, on the 'JD'b mutant, and having taken care of hia bora- *, hum; himself in hi* own coach, by menu* of a rilk hnndkorrhlel attached ta the strap of the middle ?-at Me has lett a voting wife. No cau?<' wai ac-igned tor the ra?h act. Sudden Death?Richard Williams, Esq., for merly Posttn.ieter of New Bedford, died suddenly, of apoplexy. on Friday last He loft New Bedford in tb" i fU rnoon on t visit to hi? tarm, in the vicinity, in bit nana! health, where he arrived. Ha was afterword* dii covered by one ot hia tenant* near the gate of hia (arm houae, lying dead upon the earth. He wo* a highly re spected citizen, aixty year* ol age. Lamentable?Two children of Mr. George P. Fisher,ol Dover,Delaware,who were saved Ironi im mediate death by the hcroiam of their aunt, Mi** Hick aula, have since Jied ol *he burna they received, and Mia* K. ia authoring severely from ber hurt* A morning paper state* that the Are wai the work of h little white girl em ployed te take charge of the ohildten, who ha* tincr m-.de onh'ssion that *he placed a lighte I candle under the bed, went out, ahut the door, and lett thw children to their late More Leau ?The St. Louts "Republican" snys, ex'eneive discoveries ot mineral have been made at KdsrarJsville, In Grant county, W T. One of th? lead* struck by o Mr. Day, ia represented a* being an en tendre cave, *om< thing ilka those lately discovered at Dubmpie and in Ji Ifercon county, in this State Great Land Sai.k ?Edward J. Rlnck.asthe at torney of Ule State of Indiana, advrrtisea for sale hrec hundred thousand seret of lan I in Georgia, which firmerly halnnged to the Georgia Lumber Comniny, and were by it conveyed to tha Stat.- of Indiana. The land* are located in the counties of Telfair, Montgomery, Lau ran*, Pulaakl Wilkimeu and Tatnaii, and aoaie ol them are Book improved Varieties The managers oi the bail hehl at Caruei'g Saloon iiv Washington, on the 4th of March, hire appropriated the amount of profits, >1.133 58, to charitatil ? purposes, in equal portion* to the Washington City Orphan Asylum, and the 8:. Vincent Orphan Asylum. Or'. The cost of getting out 1160 copies of Capt. Wilkes" Narrative of the Exploring Expedition, is over $'10,000, exclusive ul the cost of executing the engravings. It required five wreks to print off 600 copies, such was the care necessary to produeasuch a perfect work. The "Boston Transcript" aays, that the barque Lenox, about to sail from that port for China, will take out four fire engines for the Chinese government The Vermont Bupreme Court is engaged in coniidering what dtgr. e ot mental capacity is required to make the marriage contract. A case has been tried, in which a man seeks a divorce, on the ground of partial insanity. The ship Concordia ha* cleared at Boaton ior Liverpool, with a cargo of four hundred and seventy tons of ica A disgiscelul occurrence, says the "Hamilton, C. W. Express" of Thursday, look place in ihat town on Satur day night hist A ccmpuuy uf colored man arrivad there and advertised to give a Concert, in the coarse of which several aegro coDgs and dances were to be performed ? This gave umbrage to Ike colore 1 people in Hamilton, and a numberof them way laid the musiaians while go ing home and beat theai severely. Tha town bailiff and a posse of white people succeeded in rescuing them and arresting soma ol the rioters. The ' St. Augustine Htrald" of the 4th int., says:?For soma weeks past the woods in our neighborhood have been on fire, and we learn that it has extended nearly through the whole county and into a portion of tha ad joining county of Duval. Several bridge* have been bnrnt up, rendering the roads nearly impassable. Im mense damage is done both to cattle and other property. The various Catholic Temperance Societies oi Boston, celebrated St. Patrick's anniversary, by a procession and >iu address delivered at South Boston, by Rev. Mr. Fitx ummons.gfeyf A laughable story is told ol a miser, who being at the ,>oiut ol death, resolved to give all his money toe nephew it whose hand* he had experienced some little kinaneae "Sam " said ha?for that was the nephew's name?"Sam I am about to leave the world; and to give you all my noney. You will then have $60,000-only think '. Ysa, i feel weaksr and weaker; I think I shall die in two or hree hours. Oh, yes, Srm, I'm going, givs me two per mut, ant. you may take the money now." Mr. 8. C. Hall stated, at the late meeting of the London r^mperance Society, that two years ago, he had travel U.d through Connemara, one of the wildest districts in Ireland, where the people were more rude and unculti vated thun in any other part of the country, the great ?lass of them not having yet learned to apeak English,? II had travelled through the wildest part of that district on Galway fair-day, and out of at least 20,000 persona he mat returning from the fair, no one exhibited any symp toms ol intoxication?whereas, twenty years ago, 18,000 uut of the 33.000 would have been intoxicated. A sporting schoolmaster, a few day* aince, bought a log of the pointer breed, but the animal on a fair trial, not assessing the necesaary qualifications, was returned by the purchaser, accompanied by a note quaintly stating hat "the dog knew nothing of punctuation.' It is stated that a child was born in Boston, a few day since, with a natural bustle upon its back. " Good hee vsna, what a country." An exchange paper tells the story of n man who was ''"iind of a Sunday morning without a hat, sitting on a block ef granite with his bare feet in a brook, trying to itch a bad cold, so as to sing bass at church. "A journalist," said the great Napoleon, "ia a grumbler, t eensurer, a giver of advice, regent of sovereigns, a tutor it'nations. Four hostile newspapers are more to be fear Mi than an hundred thousand bayonets." Within eight years. Englishmen hare ler.t ?60.000,030 o foraign states, on ??30,0i'0 000 of which it is not expect ?d that either principal or interest will be paid, and *x <13,300,000 mora the payment is precarious. A pack of young rowdies in Chicago recently stole a ign of "Ready Made Coffins," and placed it upon tha i uurt houso Dreadful kaoe op an Elephant?His Kkker killed.?The laat"New Orleans Bee" gives ?: .te nant of tha killinr of hit keeper by the male E' lant ?t Hopkins k Co.'h menagerie. He refused tc .ass a bridge at Baton Rouge, on the 8th. Thb keeper, who was on foot, procured a br c, (ona ?vbich the elephant was not accustomed to) foi he pur |,oae of driving it over, and in attempting to r, unt, the Si.-te ehyed, and threw the man in tbefoad The elephant mmediately i tubed upon, caught him upon hit tuaka, ?ud threw him 40 leet in the air: which was repeated a nmber of times, the tusks frequently passing through ':it body. It than carried the body from the road towards he woods tossing it in the air at intervals, until it fell ntween two fallen trees. The iniuriated animal returned to the road, where the male elephant and camel had been chained to a tree by -mother keeper, and rushed upon them, hit tusks pasting hreugh the csmcl, knocking down the tetaaleand break (g the chain in two. Ho then made off towards the voods, carrying the camel by his trunk, bud throwing it ?. intarvali in the air with his tusk*. The otberiportion if the caravan now earning to the bridge, the elephant ro omed and made demonstrations of an attack. Shots were fired upon it, but without effect. Word vat then sent to the V 8 garrison, and some thirty or ?irty of the soldiers were sent to despatch it with their ?ouskets. The neighbors also turned out and some SO ?bo's were fired into, or rather upon him, for the balls were frequently flattened upon striking, when one of tha .nepers procuring a spear, mounted ? horse, and suo -.aedad in wounding the elephant until he caused it to <cream with pain and finally to y ii-lcl to subjection, when t was driven off with the balance of the animals. An Incident.?A few days ago in one of the cars belonging to the Philadelphia train, r middle aged veil dressed woman was quietly seated, ai d pasting away he 'ime by looking over the psgfs of a book which she eld Behind her was a man, also well dressed, who -earned to take a great interest in her movements, but pre isely what he did to fcer is not lully known* Theetten lon of the company tvns toon ai retted by the voice ol vladam*, who was, all at once, in n towering passion, and nrning round and looking the intruder full in tin- face the said, in a tone which all could hear " Sir, I with ion to understand that 1 have a piece of cold steel in my rocket and that I am not to he Onderdor.ked by you or uivbody else'" Hereyp* flashed fire as she gf>okeoud the lelinqtient skulked away and found a seat in acme other ?ar, or sloped. Factory at Gloucester?The large I ictory at Gloucester Point, N J., owned by the Washing on Manuiacturing Company is comple'ed, and the mi - jhinory i* being rapidly put up so that in a month or twa -very thing will be In full operation Another factory thrt e hundred leet leng, l? to be arreted near the finished one, ur.d for the accommodation cf the workmen, lortv Iwelling* are. to be a id, d to the number already ended The woTk will be pushed rapidly, ar.d it is expected that he buildings and tenements will be roofed in Dy Septem ber next. This prapcily will be own. d by the Glouc.es ir Manufacturing Company. The?e factories wnl make a great addition to the productive industry of New Jar -ty, led a id ma'erially to the value of property in that vicinity. T' Hgn Hivkr Haft ?\ ifttei dmcW "Head of the Hall, Feb. 20'h," in 'he Caddo Gazette, tirniahes the welcome Int lligoree that the stt amhoutt ol. Ma may had succm- bul in petting through the Raft, after <r 'at exertions The R ift waa about 1300 j ar .1 la length vh*n th'' biat first commenced polling at it. The plan era on Upper Red River will now have a chance to get 'heir cotton to market.and obtain their r?ci esaryguppfiee from this city, ?> hicU they have during tb- whole ot the present season been prevented from doing, in con* ? pience of the obstructions to all communication present ?JJby t. e Raft. Emigration from Maryland--Tne ' Roonsbo cough Odd Fellow" states that nbout one hundred e.nd six y 'cmtliea Intend leaving Waihiogton cotluty.for 1111 nola'hi Fprir.g. an 1 eunnme-. F om .he neighborhood A Boonab. tough a considerable number ore going. Fcoodb ?The Indiana have predicted an uniiBual lv high nee in the .Miat-'snpiii thia year, which, the Palmyra Whig tayt, has reused tome unrasinnss among he inmilie* re-d ling O" the hot om landa in th it vicinity WINDOW r<HAI)E DEPOT, No 7 ftimee street, N Y. 11 i 1H IS the paly manufactory of any extent intlie United States. 'Pm subscriber* offer fur rale < r insp-etion, the icoet ktmeross and ap! -ndul assortment of Bbadr*; superb and coreet iepr??"ntatioi a of the most well known public build lugs in Knroje ^nd this country on hand: work* of ,-.rt and t -ite only are tot tip at thia p; 'ablishmnut. \Vc being both pro festinnaT art's'v, and well '<perienc"d, we rtofea* to gire satis fiction when fiTnr*d with order*. m'lft 1 in * cc HAKTOL fc PF. MAURY TllE FISHING REASON HA8 COMMENCED "1 et ibore now thh, thai n?r?r finheil before. And thus* that a'wave liahed, now nsh 'ha more." ?"TROUT TACKLK for ine present season: sleo. Tsckle for 1 ill eeaaone and all kinds ot fishing, iu ureal varialv, at the lowest cash price. For tale, wholesale and r"tsil, by JOHN .1 IIKO WN fc CO., mlilk lm?rc 1ZS Fulton st-set i) A G U E R it K O T~? P E GENERAL FIJ RN ISHING ESTABLISHMENT, fcHTHANUE BUILDING, PHlLADttLFniA. ' PH K ffUBSt'RIBKKfl be* leave 10 -nformihe Dagmimaiypa 1 Art'ats, 'hut ilwy have considerably enlarged their connec tions throughout the Union, iSr Went Indies, Month Atocica icd i'.urnp- Tk ? hire also wed* arrangements to be tgpplien .Virh every cew article 'sen 10 tiie I'sg terreotviie Art. 'Cher ave lately rrceirrd a large "apply of Voigtlaenoet's Celebrated '.lamems, consisting of thfre different enev, for the sale of whn.h lltey are gppoiated Agents. Alto, a supply of liesi "lutes and f 'hemieala, eitlier tor Daguerreotype or Calotype, utile to thair rgpreial order. I aaesofall sires, Uk best relishing Aubsfsn. es, ard erery other article oied for 'he Dagurrrroti pe, ?onsf. ntly on hand '1 ? -if long e.uinertion with the Daguer eotype Art and ilieir sue# as in takinit pietnre*, may serve as a "Commendation and reliance Daguerreotype Artists, by ordering artir'.rs (bom any part of the shore named conrtmet. Slav depeu I apoa I pronn t and srtisfac' ry eicnatioa of their ?raws Their prices are r.ash Pnol I nrn-nt and information way be obtained bv addressing (post-paid) to H It f LANUKNHKIM, f!3Jm'ec F.ichsnge Bmldi :g Phi'ldeli-hia. [From tha F.renmg Put] nltNTimiT.?" DR A. 1 CAMTLK, who has 11 red a longtime in tins city, Ins obtained a distinguished and an rneiihle enMuenee in Ins profession. He inserts Artificial Tee'h Slid nils Teeth with great sk'll and ability He has also peei ired v composition in the form of a I'aate, for tiling hollow or tlotivr.l rrudei tieth, which, while it resists the action if all acids and infecting agents, it becomes as hard as the tooth, and durable for life, ft is pernliarlv adapted for neteons persons; snd Pr I astle oper'tes with g-eni care. VVs h.iv- pei ?< nslly triej h.s skill and esn recommend hun." Dr A. C Castle's ()flUes Ml Broadway. lit lm'dk

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