8 Nisan 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

8 Nisan 1845 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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ss THE NEW YORK H E R T) Vol. XI., No. 07-Wtaolo No. ?OM) NEW YORK. TUESDAY MORNING. APRIL 8, 1845. Wm Two Conts. THE NEW YORK HERALD aggregate circulation THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND. TfffS O HP. ATE NT IN T#$ frdRLD To th? Public. THE. NEW YOHK HKRALD?Daily Newspaper?nab 7 i 1 '"'"if ,T rnt "crPt New Yarn . U? ? and Fourth at July. Pnce 3 cent* per copy?or $7 38 per *?-nm?postages pud?c/uh m advance. THE WEEKLY HKRALD?pnbli.hed eve.> Harem*) Burning?price eenU per copy, or 31 13 per oac m? post ag>? I'e'd, cash ia advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that (he cirenlatio . if the Herald 5 over Till RTY-FIVE THOUSAND, and inmoisLng R" " hat the larrest circulation of any paper in thu city, or the loorld, <nrf. it. therefore, the Seot channel for Suiineii "p'nW-iu Sift "I SfSP'S*- rricea moderate?caah in advance. I KIN I INO of all kind, executed at the moil moderate Dries and U the moil elegant itvle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, -.orniaroa or the Herald Kstaiih?hm?ht, NorthWeat corner of Fulton and Nassau street!. UNITED STATES MAIL LINE FOR BALTIMORE. ?... .??a??OI* ?N SIX UOVR8. rHlLADLrPHIV^VjLM^NOTON^N^) BALTlMOfiK V? Otaw, * U~..... On and after MONDAY next, March 34ih, the can will leave Til",1; iorn" ?o "I '^vcuth and .Market atreeta, as followas DAI LY, at 4 P. M. vi " l Sundays) at I0K P. M. Or on the arrival of the 5 P. M. train _ _ _ - train from New York, FARE THREE DOLLARS. i < ?? . .tbove are the only line* that connect with those leaving Baltimore for the Month and West. WHEELING AND PITTSBURGH. Pickets through to Wheeling or Pittsburgh c?n be procured at the Depot. 1 osteogen for Pittsburgh take the steamboat at Biownsville. Fore to Wheeling, 313?Pittsburgh. 313, Hoturmug, the eari leave Baltimore at 9 A.M. and 3 P.M. Freight PaiMnger Train, FAKE FIFTY CENTS. fifty Cents. A Paeaemter Car wifl be attached to Die Freight Train, leav ing the Depot at 5 P. M. h are 50 ceuts. Passengeri by this Line will arrive in Baltimore at an early hourtelt morning. Freight to BalUmorc. HnXiHrnlPS' I'* cenU P"1 100 ,b? GROCERIES, kc. 10 cents per 100 lbs. unu'/unta, sic. to cenUper 100 lbs. bifkhU reoeved and forwarded daily (except Sundays) from the lie; ot.cornerof 11th and Market streets, and delived in Bal timore at an eailier hour than bv any other line , G. H. HUDDFLL. Agent. Phils. p or any information respecting the above Lines, apply to GEO. P FISHER. Agent, No. 7 Wall, or 6 West streets. FOR BALTIMORE. 7 !-? O'CLOCK, A. M? F ARK $?. citizens' Union line. VIA NEW CASTLE A FRENCHTOWN RAILROAD. >?W|U,| '1 hi* route, acknowledged to be the most pleasant -VgfjMLy,w e-n Philadelphia and Baltimore, will be open eJmSJBLf^r travel on MONDAY neit, March 24th ?? w V,. The unrivalled and favoiite a eamboat KOBERT MuKt* Id, Captain DoukIu*, having been pat in thorough or " " "L_ * this end ofthe Line, and the swift and der, will take her place on pleudid Bt- ain Baltimore. end gdendid st-amboat CONSTITUTION, Capt. Chaytor, on the A<H On and after MONDAY next. March 34th, Cap?!S&^S^'he aeamboat ROBERT MORRIS will leave J&?JSB isr Dock street wharf daily, (except Sunday, at 7k? o'clock, A. M. for New Castle, where passengers will take the cars (known to be the most comfortable in the country ) for Frarchtown, and {here lake the steamboat CONSTITUTION line that does) for llali iraore, arriving in time to (and the only lii count cl with the Liuct leaving Baltimore in the afternoon for th- South and in from 4 to 6 boars in advance of any otter line. 'X ha Lines leave Baltimore for Philadelphia daily, except Sun days, it 7 o'clock, A. M. Breakfirt and Dimers provided on board the Boats. Fare to Chester tar Newcastle 33 cents. b are to Baltimore 33 00 WHEelJs'OAND PITTSBURGH, hrough to Wheeling and Pittsburgh can h 'Tickets through to Wheeling and Pittsburgh can be procured on the ooat. mh2l lm*rc O. H. HUDDELL, Agent. NEW Y47KK, BCHOOLEY'8. ?1 MOUNTAIN, BELVIDERJCl AM AND KASrON.?Leave thel f""r of Courtland afreet daily, Sunday stxeepu-u, at 9 o'clock, A.M., by Railroad from Jersey City to Morris town, thence by post-coaches through Mendham, Che Ui Valley, Schooley's Mountain, Anderson Town, Port Cal n Washington, to Belrideie and Easton. For s-ats, apply to J.Hill, at the Commercial Hotel, 73 Court taud street. * N U.?Extras furcished at the shortest notice, by applying to Charl s < Hi loath, at Morristown. m4 lm*m PEOPLE'S LINE STEAM BO ATS FOR 'ALBANY?Daily, Sundays excepted,through .direct, at6 o'clock, P. M.?Fruin tie Tier be tween i.ouiii'.mit and Librrtv streets The Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave oil Monday, Wednesday, and Friday aflemoous, at f) o'clock The Sreamboit ROCHESTER. Captain R. O. Cruttenden, will leave on X'uesday, Thursday and eaturday afternoons at 6 o'clock. At 5 o'clock, P. M., Landing at intermediate place* from the foot of Barclay street The Steamboat COLUMBIA. Captain Wm. H. Peek, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. The steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain M. H. Truce dell, will leave on Tueaday, Thursday and Saturday i ~ at i o'clk. "? ? ?y afternoons, . ''assengers taking the above linrs will arrive i. in. Lrrcto uke ^ ?<"????^? of*ci ^ breight taken at moderate rates. wtess js: ofeteSKSKL"; sss' ? _P;re?. NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LIN e. OF 8TEAMBOAT8 FOR ALBANY AND TROY-Direet? from the steamboat pier foot of Courllandt it. The steamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. H. " tnf.i > Fur iMiiaitc or freight, apply on board, or to C. CLARK, at thv omci lice on the wharf, ght Coini-any Frnglit must be put in charge of the Freight Agent, or the will not be responeible for lostet. eSre FOR LONDON?Packet of the 19th of April.? The nscket snip WESTMINSTER, Captain Tutk ,-r. will positively sail as above, her regular day. ? h i -si p..cket ahips for Liverpool Tlw itackec ship NEW YORK, Captain Cropper, will posi tively sail on the 16th Aptil Acd the packet ship SIDDONS, Captain Cobb, on the 36th f or' passngn, the above ships having unsurpassed accommo dation. in cabin aodsteerege, H?RDMANi r a3 re 61 South street. FOR LI VKKPOOL.?Regular Packet ol Use 13th llfSkof April?1'he well known, splendid, first class, Suit itfiMflw'-i-r Pecket Ship ASH BURTON, Captain Henry H -m- uou, will positively sail as above. Hav at most splendid aud elegant actommodatioos for ca bin, second cibiu and Steele pasaengen,^persons wishing to embi-k or secure berths in tl* above m&cnificent Packetjshonld m ike application on board, loot of Maiden Lane, or to ins sub scriber, JOSEPH McMURKAY, 190 Pine street, corner of South. The above will be succeeded by the new and handsome Pack et Snip HENKY CLAY, Captain Nye, to sail on 6th May. STAR LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS? Packet of the lllh of April?The new sad elegant first class packet ship WATERLOO, Capt. W. H. lieu, mil positively sail as above, her regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin^econd cabin and steerage passengers, persons about to embark, will find this splendi-l snip to be a most desirable conveyance. The Waterloo will sail again from Liverpool oa the Mth of May. Those who are desirous of sending for their relatives or faruds, can have them brought out in this splendid packet. For passage to or from Liverpool, early application shoald b<- made to the subscriber. JOSEPH McMURRAY. m Hire 190 Pine atreeieorner of Booth street. PASSAGE FROM .OALWAY, DIRECT TO NEW YORK?The snprrior, fast satliag Britk.. Brig VICTORIA, will sail from Oalway on the 1st 01'i'liis offers an excellent opportunity to persona wishing to send for tneir friends, residing in that part of Ireland, precluding the trouble and t xpease of going to I irerpool to embark. Con tracts for p'siage, which will be at a moderate rate, must be made previous to I be 31st inst., in Older to be ia lime for the sieamerofthe 1st of Ap/il, from Boston. For further par.iculnrs, apply (if by letter, poet paid) to inliZI rre. JOHN HhHuM4N, 61 boat! street. LONDON LINE OF PACKETS?Packet of the Kih April.?The fast sailing Packet Ship WEST ll.vSl'ER, Captain llovey, will positively sail s abi ve, lirr regular day. tier arcommo'lvion for cabin, second cabin, and steerage pas sengere.are vary rnpbrlor. iitljr application should^be made . fk J. T. TAP8COTT, 76 South at, cor. Maiden lane. SJ3P. LIVERPOOL LINE Of PACKETS-Packetof 'sdfJarVthe 14tli Ap-il?'I'h# splendid fast tailing and favorite JHnBka'>,,<:'l<t Ship SEA, Captain Edwards, will positively sai wu- above, her regular day. iler accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and steerage pawn era, are very superior. This? wishing to see ore berths should not fail to make early am lication oa board, foot of Peck Slip, or to w. It J. T. TAF8COTT. u3 rc 76 South street, cor. Maiden lane. FOR LIVERrOOL-The superior feet sailing ? hip SEA, Capt. Edwards, will meet with despatch or th* above p rt. ^or p^ss^ Iwviiig exiwllent ae coinin ,o^non,%pplv to J. HEKDMAN, 61 South st. N i> ? I'atsagu from Liverpool, can as usual, be secured at a very inod-raie ru'e, by the packet ships sailing every Ave days, and drafts supplied for any amount, payable throughout the I'oii d Kingdom, ou api licition a* above. m7 PAt.Kr.lS HUH HAVKE? eecoud Line?The ill be athip BALTIMORE, Ede.ird Fank, matter, led until the 6lh of April. BOYD It H1NCKEN, AgenU. n?28 6tec 9 Tontine Buildings. PACKET FOR MARSEILLES?To sail first ? May?'1 he baiqae MISSOURI, Captain Si lvester or freight or passage, apply to CHAMBERLAIN ' ?.... It FHELrS, or to BO VP It HI NC K EN. Agents. PACKETS FOR HAVRE?Second Line.?The UT ay. ahi^UTICA, r. Hewitt, Master, will sail on the 1st BOYD fc HINCKKN. Agents, No 9. Toatine Uuildings. WANTED?A flop to load tor a Southern Port. Apply to E. K. COLLINS k CO., 56 South it. *5 FOR NEW ORLEANS. ? Louisiana and Naw York Line?Regular Packet, to sail 16th inst?The I gintlaat sailing packet ship ARVUM.Capt. W. w ill sail ai above, her regular day. For freight or pas sive h * in it handsome furnished accommodations, apply on at UrYaP. wh^f^? , 93 South St. rr-Positively no foods received on board after J'UMday eve UNION COURSE, LONG ISLAND. ?pHIC LATE PROPRIETORS of the BKACON COURSE * for Trotting, respectfully inf rm the Public, who have 10 liberally pationised lh-m forth? lut four inioni on tli? lieacon Coune, that they, together wi'h Hiram Woodruff, Inve taken the Uu.on Course for the coming secson for ell purposes except racing. During the tenetin liberal Purees will be offered far Trotting, Hurdle Racing and Foot Racing. The following Trotting Stakes end Purse ie offered, to coine off the last week in April .? Stake No. 1?Free for horses never trotted for a Purse, mile heats, best 3 in 5. under the reddle Sub. $100, H F. Stake No 2?hree for horses nercr trotted lor a Purse Two Mil? henta in harness. Sub. $100, H F. Stake No. 3?Free for horses never won a Purse, over $50, Two Mile heats, under the Saddle Sub. $100, H. F. Stake No. 4?Same as No. 3, in hsruess. Stake No. S?Two Mile heels under the saddle, free for horses never won a Purse over J too Sub. $100, H F. Purse $130, Two Mile heats in harness, free for all Trotting horses. . , , ? Entries for the Stakes and Purse to be made on or before Tuesday, April the 8th, at Green's It Losaes, No. lttChathafi street, by 9 P. M., three or more in eaclgto make a race. A LL moi E. UPPOLD&CO (No. 103 William Street, near John,) /"kFFKR FOR SALEthe following Goods, of their own im v7 portation*. by the package, or iu low to suit purchasers .? REAL BERLIN ZEPHYR IvORSTED A."\D GERMAN TAPESTRY WORSTED*. Beat mtnnfactnra and movtextenaive arsortmeut. CAN VA88. Cotton, Linen, Silk, Wonted, Gold and Silver, of all widtha and sizea? EMBROIDERY PATTERNS, Of all Mahen and Nnmben. CHENILLE, For working and Ornamental Trimming, plain and ahaded; Flower Chenille, lie. 8ILK8. Plain and ahaded, and Chinee, Sticks and Spools; Twiat, Floes, do. FRINGES Silk, Wonted and Cotton, of the lateat styles. GIMPS, And Gimp Cords, in great variety. GOLD AND SILVER CORDS? AND BHA1D9, TAS c ELS, lie. STEEL, GILT, AND SILVER BEADS, Purae Trimmings, Steel and Jet Buttons, Hair rins, fcc. OILED 811.KS, Assorted Colon. PERFORATED PAPER. CORDS AND TASSELS, Braids, Tapes, Bindings, Galloons, lie. al lm?m OPENING OF SPRING FASHIONS, AT THE MAQASllN DE MODE, 60 Canal street. AAAD'ME D. BEHRMAN begs leave to inform her ivl fri-nds and the public, that the will open for the season on Monday ant, the 31st March, inat.; when she will exhibit a splendid assortment of ladire' Paiia bilk Hits, just received from Paris, in every variety, and in a sty e unprecedented t \ Also will be exhibited, an entire new style of Ladies' Hvs, ' railed " ART018 HATS," which, from their peculiar and la dy like style, may rank as pre-eminent. Also, a variety of piue white fancy Straws, fine double Dun stables, Tuscan and split Straws. Paris Ribbons and Flowers, of the choicest styrs, and m great varieties. m28 lw*rc STRAW GOODS, &c. FLORENCE, BRITISH STRAW, AND LACE BRAIDS AND BONNETS. of the above of the best fabrics and of the newest and . most Sishionabla descriptions are constantly importing, and offering for sale on the most ^kSS^YNOLDS, mhll lm*m 167 Pearl street. FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. Acc. ITENRY & KAHN, 73 Liberty street, up stairs, have just re LI ceived and offer for sale a complete assortment of FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWER8. bunches, sprigs and single. Materials for do do, and all kinds of WATER COLORS, , for flower manufacturers' use; among which is a liquid pink color of very superior quality. Ainu an invoice of 1^ AH 1S tv PS, , for Ladies and Children, of very rich embroidery; Hair Pins, of latest styles; ard a lot of splendid Engravings, plain and colored. mhll 2m*r* FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS LOW1TZ & BECKER, Ho. 34 John Street* IT AVE Received by the laet Havre packets, Utiea and Argo, LT an elegant assortment of the latest and most fashionable styles of French Artificial Flowers, which they offer for sa 1 at moderate prices. mh2S lm*m A nfrnnrTH A VAN A SEGARS, imported by M.AN ^UUjUUU OULO, for sale st 27 Liberty street. Among them will be found Cabanas, Do Imperials*. Regalias, Pane teles, Cubrey Werner Begin; do small sixes; Napolcom, Nor mas, Urraca, 8au Romau, Deliaies, Colonas, Do Panatelaa, and .vai ioua other brands. Also, Old Toliaceo, from the above well-known houses, just imported by the Christoph Colon and the Rapid. s3 3m*rrc GENUINE IMPORTED HAVANA SEGARS. rPHE SUBSCRIBER offers for sale at wholesale and retail 1 the following choice bunds of Segars; in point of equality there is none inperior in this city Uguez Regalias. Yugeuindsd, do Panetelaa, India, do Small sixes, Palma Celebrada, La Fruganeia, Canones, (for the Southern Norma, . _ market.) . . Venus Paneteles, (of various brands.) Cabana, (suitable for London JtMsJitf. do do market.) TmRi, Fstrella, do , Esperanxa. Noriega, (of superior quality.) Strangers, citizens, and the trade generally, would do well in calling and examining this splendid stock of Segars previous to purchasing elsewhere, as all the above Segars are genuine Imported I lav Anas, and contain nothing bat Tobacco of the first .mil best quality. 1). Al. HENR1QUES, m31 lm rre 61 Willi tm street. WHOLESALE SEGAR EMPORIUM. THE SUBSCRIBERS offer fnr sale a large assortment of 8e 1 gars, made of best selected Havana Tobacco, and having been manufactured fix months, are now in fine order, and ran be sold 33 per caut lower than the same qdfclity of Imported <*1Savana Regalia* in ttha and 16the, Caxadoras, Washington La Norma*, Esperanxa, La India, La IWpmpensa, Justa Sans. Principe**, PanetHi, lie. fcc. Together with* luge assortment of Imitation Segars of every quality and price, for sale in lots to suit nurclauMre by mhll lm*ec KENNETH It LAVEHTY, 72 Wall St. FABER SEGAR FACTORY, 71 Division Street, NEW YORK. _ THE UNDERSIGNED have established an extensive Segxr 1 Factory, at 71 Division street. New York, under the diree tionofMr. J. W. BROWN, who has been Superintendent of one of the largest Factories in Havana, for nineteen vrere. The following kind* of Senas, manufactured in da* Faber Se K Factory, and of which a large stock is now on hand, will be nd equal to any Havana Began of corresponding style and age:? _. Imperial Regalia, Trabucos, Common 8ix*. Regalia, Pan etc la*, London Size, CasadorM, Canones, Principe, All boxed in the Havana style. , , The subscribers have settled the Son of dieir Senior in Hava na, for the express purpose of selecting Tobacco for their Facto ry, as also for the purpose of selecting Segars suitable for this market. They ha*e now on hand, for sale, a large stock of Havana Be gan, entitled t? debenture, of the following brands;? La India, Wood villa, La Cabana, Buriago, Kragranxia, La Norma, s Moya, Cubrey, Esperanxa. Lord By ion, Upman, lliondo, Eseulapius, Minerva, La Kama, La Palma, Victoria, Columbia, Dot 1 lennanos, LaP?ftN ^ r AU^Pnncigslfcc. (27 3m#rc _ No. I New street, comer of Weill. SALT AND FISH STORE. BBL8. Salmon, No. 1,2 and 2. 160 bblt. Bine Fish. ISM bbls No*. 1,2, and I Mackerel. 666 balfds do dede 60 do No. 1 Mess Shad. 60 half bbla No. 1 Baybrook Shad 166 bbls Cod and Seal# Fish. 106 do No. 1 Gib'dHeiriugv 300 kegs Dutch do 1666 lbs Smoked Salmon. MO kit* Soused do 166 do Sounds sad Tongues. 4*06 qtls Cod Fish, suitable for ahippiK* .t'06 sacks Ashtoa's Salt. 400 64 half and 66 quarters mers Maeksrr' M bono Di - ' 160 quarter I >1* to suit ourabassn. SV It CO., 61 Dey es. MM boaas Digby Herri 166 quarter barrels Salmon For sale iu lota to suit purchasers, by m26 lm*eo NELSON. WKLL8 MRS. CARROLL'S MEDICATED VAPOUR BATHS, 895 Broadway. IVff ANY person* have heard of the efficacy of Mrs. Carroll's V spour Baths as a remedy for and as a preventive of cold*, ialluentae, rheumatic affeetiom, fcc fcc. Although its bene fits io such cases cannot be overrated, it ahoold not be forgot ten that as a luxury the Vapour Bath is universally preferred to every olh't mode < f bathing. Many are deterred from trying it from theerroneoos idea of its being a formidable operation at tended with inconvi nienee in the administering? Ne bath can be more limple, safe and pleasant than tie Vap nr Bath as givin at ?1rs. Carroll's establishment. Soma, contrary to the ' ciples of physiology end common sense imagine that there .. ..soger of taking cold after a bath; the circulation by the eft fact of the bath it rendered more active and ih- skin is better eu ab'ed to resist the influence of ihe atmoephem-heee* the idea ot catching cold after a bath, is absorb. Open from sig in the morning till 6 it night. Portable Baths sent to any part of tke city. Sulphur Baths require one hour's notice. ? TheVUaths will be removed 1st of May to 1I4_Fniton street. CONGRESS COLLAH. DEAUTY OF STYLE and elegance of finish unequalled D before.?Our new style of Collars, which have loug been wanting, are now issued. and are to be li u'id ?t ill* manulactU' er't only, at the old stand oi MARSHALL 8 only Aroy Shirt Depot, 60 Chatham street, New \ ork. All oiders should be sent at the earliest data, as this pattern will in all probability revolutionise any style ever before got up in this market. Re member, at the old stand of Marshall's. 66 Chatham street, N. Y. No second price, on aay consideration. N. B.?We have also maauf ctured a large quantity of those new style 47 Pleat Shirts, which cannot be found in the city. As the pleats are all sowed down, it will obviate the difficulty 'ji i oiling them. apt lm*ec OFFICE OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE CO., ( -No. 26 Wall street, opposite the Exchange. ) THIS COMPANY continue to insure against loss and dar A mage by fire on goods, warm and merchandise, and alio, against loss oy inlaao nav|^ajjon^Mi VMeals end their cargoes Thomas W. Therue, Elisha Rings, Thomas T. Woodruff, Anson Baker. B R. Robtou, M. D., Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen. Moses Tucker, James E. Holmes. John R. Utvisos, Jobu P. Moore. State jfec One. T. Beess*air, Sm LODGINGS TWENTY-FIVE CENTS, AT THE HJIO'S HEAD No. S Barclay Street, rear Broadway. The Subscriber having fined np and nsr7lt fnrrrohcd several rooms connected with thia C^WMithmmt, lolieila a call from hia frirada taa the public. J AMES BYRNES. 13 Im'M JUtNKS'S COMMERCIAL aCADEMY, OR INITIATORY COUNTING ROOM, 947 Broadway, corner of Murray at, rPHE object of thialnatitntion ia to impart thorough inatruction f in Buok-Keeping. Penmanship and Commercial Arithme tic, and qunlify Gentlemen for practical duties of the dealt. Private instruction ia given if required. IO" Members of the Mercantile Library Aaaociation are re quested to apply to the Librarian at Clinton Hall, who will famuli tickets of admiaaion under the arrangement made with the Committee. (C7**Referencea may be had at the Academy to Bookkeepers, jlerch.iuts and Clerks, who have been students daring the last uineyears. iCT For sale, Jones's I'riueiplea ana 1'raetiCe of Bookkeeping, Ivo., price 12s. Thia work is adorned in the first Academic Institutions in thia country. It is also republished in England and extensively introduced there. f25 lmrod'ec JAMES LACY, DRAPER AND TAILOR, REMOVED TO 1M William Street, corner of Aan, New York, CJA8 always on hand a select assortment of the mostjaihion If able style of goods to be found in the market, consisting of CLOTHS? hnaiMi, Krt-uch and Ameri.an, of almost every color, from ^ meuirol quality to the finest. CAB3IMERES?Wool Blacks, Plaids, Stripes, Figured and El-stic, in great variety. VE8T1NGS?Silks, Satins, Marseilles, Cashmeres, Vel vets. lie. Also, white Satin, figured and plain, rich light silk Velvets, Sic., for balls, and parties, with a great variety of other goods, loo nnmerous to particularise, suitable fur every aeaaou. Gentlemen patronizing thia establiahDieut.inay rely upon hav ing their garmenta made np to order in the best iiotsible manner; and every satisfaction as to quality, fit, and workmanship given. [C/~The Lowest Cash Price will be asked, from which no iratement will, re MADE; and in o'der to insure against bad debta, by which tome would be obliged to pay more to make up for the non-payment of others, Cssh on Delivery will in all cases be required. Also on hand, a select assortment of Ready Made Clothing, Office Coats, Pants, Vests, Dress and Frock Coats, he., Ike., at reduced prices. Gentlemen furnishing their own goods, can have them made and trimmed in the best possible manner, (a good fit warranted in all cases, or the price of the goods returned.) at the follow ing prices;?Pants and Vests (1,75 to (2; Dress Coats $7 to (10: Frock Coats ((to (12; other garments in proportion. mhl6 lm*ec THE CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT op Wm. Matthlsssen, and 1)1. B. San ford, 197 FULTON STREET, PI THE PLACE for all those who wish to snp robe with good fitting subscribers can assure tl . _ let uo one surpass them in the tailoring business, as regards the newest style, the neatness of tlieir fits and lowuess of prices, having on hand a well selected assortment of Cloths. Cassi meres and Vestings of evrry desirable style. Also, geiiuemens' I outfitting, comprising every article that is usually worn. We have the confidence that we can please the most fasti dious. Great pleasure will be taken to show our styles of fashion and goods to all those who will favpr us with tlieir patronage. Re collect the place, 127 Fulton street. WM. MATT HI ESSEN, mh21 Im'rrc M B. SAN FORD. GENTLEMEN'S JLEFT OFF WARDROBE, THHE HIGHEST PRICES can be obtained by Gentlemen ?1 or Families who are desirous of converting their left off wealing apparel into cash. Families or Gentlemen quitting the city or changing resi dence, having any superfluous effects to disiose of, will find it orach to their advantage to send for the Buoseriber, who will it trad ct their residence by appointment. J. LEV1N8TYN, 4K Broadway, np stair*. A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will receive prompt atlentioa. m27 lm*re SECOND HAND CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED?And-the highest price given for all kinds of cast off Clothing and good aecond hand Furniture. Persons wishing to dispose of the tame, will do well to call on the sub scriber, or address a line through the Pott Office, which will be punctually attended to. B. LEVY, 49)k Chatham street, N. Y. N. B.?Constantly on hand, a seasonable assortment of gen tlemen's Clotiling, cheap for cash. mW lm?rc NEW YORK HOTEL, 791 Broadway, New York City. '"PHIS new and splendid establishment opened on the 1st of 1 December last, situated in the most fashionable quarter of the city, it now in rail operation, 'i he entire, front on Broad way, between Washington and Waverley Places, has been ar ranged in sails of apartments, and lurnishedin the most taste! ul and elegant manner for the accommodation of familiei and sin g's gentlemru, and no peins will be spared to render the most lierfect satisfaction to all who may favor the house with their patron ge. It will be conducted on the European and Ameri can systems combined, leaving it optional with persons to take meals at Table d'Holr, in private parlors, or a la carta, as may suit their convenience The location of the house, the great number of large and beautiful parlors, the spacious and airy halls, render it a most desirable residence for those visiting the city either on business or pleasure. J. H. BlLLINGSh Proprietor. mS lm*m B. MONNOl', Restaurateur. BOARDING. MRS. O. FISH, 135, 137 and 139 Broadway, NEW YORK. The Purlic and Strahgers visiting thecitv. are respectfnl ly informed that the above promisee have teen fitted np in a su perior manner, for the entertainment of Permanent and Transient Boarders. The location is pleasant and ceutral to business?the apart ments spacious, light and airy, aad handsomely furnished throughout with new furniture, beds, bedding, tu. Hie table will be abundantly supplied with the best tne market affotds. Transient Board (1 per Day. m26 lm*rc r uniun oinbti, ir all those who wish to supply their ward ug garments at reasonable prices. The i their friends and the public that they will SCOTT'S BAZAAR 37 Dey street, between Broadway and Greenwich. SANDS SCOTT returna hi* moat tineere thank* to hi* friend* and the ptblic at large, for the liberal mpport received (ince he opened tho above houie, and hope*, by the *aine strict att-ntion, to merit a continnance thereof. The qualities of his Alas, Wine*, Liquors,.and Segars, are loo well known to need comment The beat Oysters the market can afford served np in everystyle; likewise a lame assortment of refreshments 10 be had at all Honrs, until 13 at night, snch as Beefsteaks, Welsh Rarebits, Mutton Chops, Sardines, Fried Kidneys, Cold Cuts, Ham and Eggs, Buckwheat Cakes, Poached Eg?s, Tea It Coffee, fee. A good dinner of roast and boiled meat* for one shilling, every dav from 13 to 4 o'clock. Dublin Brown Stout always on draught Families i upplied with the best Scotch and Irish Whis _ key. No house better supplied with English, Irish, Scoteh, Welsh, and city papers?always the latest news by the steamers. Good Rooms for Private Parties, at all times ready?free gra tis for nothing *1 1? *c T7I8H HOOKS, kc.?JOHv CONROY, 53 Fulton, comer " of Cliff street importer of Fish Hooks, also importer and manufacturer ol Fishing Tackl*. in every variety. _ City and country dealers supplied in amall and largo quantities, on trie most liberal terms, and the lowest possible prices.. A larae assortment of Kasteru made flax Fishing Lines, all sixes, at the manufacturer's prices, 400 Bamboos, and 75,000 silk worm gut, of various qualit'ei, for sale. P"UANO?The cargo of the ship Khakspeara, from lehabos, V Lata experiments in England and this country prove it to be equal, if not superior in quality to Peruvian. For sale in lots to suit purchasers, by ? , E. K. COLLINS k CO., 50 South st. Who have for sale the best authenticated work ou Guano. a4 QUOAR 33 hhds. prime New Orleans, landing from ship ?3 Archelaus, from New Orleans, for sale by m38 E. K. COLLINS It CO. 50 South st. Also, the Furaitura of a family removed for convenience of sale?superb French mirror, a fine piano forte /dressing bureaus, ' OltoCEltlKS?At 104 o'clock, the balance stock of a fro cr, comyriiiug * gen m'i I assortment of articles in the line choice wines tr.-j;. it .sirs, spices, tobacco, fee. fee. Also, bv ordeeo* ;,ie ni-.rshal.j4 sofas, 53 chairs, 1 looking glasaee, 5 count inn House desks, fee AGENCY FOR THE SALE OF BRONZE POWDERS. THE subscriber has been appointed Wholesale Agmt for u A house in Europe, who posses* the moot extraordinary faeill tin for lbs manufacture of Bronze Powders, by which they are enabled to offer the most beautiful and splexdid Bronzes at 50 per cent lower than former prices, and to defy *11 competition iu thi* article. Their Bronzes have been need by the largest consumer* in this country for upwards of two vears, who con cur in recommending them as interior to any other Tor brillian cy and dnrability. The subscriber has made arrangements tc have a'large assortment always on hand, and is prepared to sup ply importers and dealers with the article, in any quantity, at the manntarturer's priees, thus saving them the trouble and ex pense of importation. J. It RICKETT. Wholesale A geut, m37 lm*ec [late Itozelt fe ( o.] 91 Water street. BRONZE POIVUERS. THE very beet and eheepeet Bronxe, in all shades and quali A ties, are constantly imported direct from Germany, and of fered for sals by LEOPOLD KUH k Co, mhll lm*rc 4K Wall street, New York CHURCH'S VEGETABLE LOTION, U?OR CLEARING AND BEAUTIFYING THE COM T PLEXION.?Church's Vegetable Lotion will effectually remove from tbt skin all offensive blotches, pimples, tan. sun burn and freckles, which detract from beanty and a fair com pletion. This valuable Cosmetic ha* been hi extensive use for many years, and it now considered an indispensable appendage ts the toilet. Hold in bottles, at 75 cents each, at 1M Bowery, corner ol Spring street m29 lm?m EXANDKR'.i TH1COHAPHE ANEW AND INVALUABLE DISCOVERY. baing a Liquid Dye. which insianUuirotuh slianget the color of the hsir to a beautiful brown or bltck, without injury to the hair or skin-. The great superiority of this Dye consists in its easy mod* of application, and instantaneous (fleet?all other dyes requiring from ten to twelve honrt to prodnce any change, lis tnperins excellence will be apparent to every one upon u single application. Extract from the "Philadelphia Daily Bun."?Alkiandku's TaicoearMX.?The effect of the above on the hair is truly as B nulling. It was tried yesterday in our office, and the change [>m grey to black was instantaneous. Extract from the " Philadelphia Daily Forum."?Several ef our acquaintances hav# recently amilied to their hair the valua ble liquid Dye known as Alexander's Tricobephe?a new and valuable discovery; and it hsa in no case flailed to produce the desired effect. Immediately after applying it to gray hair ? whiskers, it impart* a beenufnl brown or black color. For tale by Hnshton feCo. drugguts, 110 Broadway ; Aspia wall, M William street: Johnson. Moore fe Teyjer, ll Maiden fene; J. W. Wright k Co. I Cedar street; end of the principed Baltimore. | Correspondence of the Herald.] Baltimore, April 5,1845. Baltimore and iti Prospects?Appointment! and Removals?Polk't Administration?The Native Or/fan?Democratic Banner?Tom Lioyd and his Horse-Attorney General? Mc Carry? Concerts, $<-'? We ur" enjoying jtfat now the most delightful weather. The trees have assumed a spring-like appearence?the flowers and shrubbery of our gar dens are in full bloom, anil in spite of the unexpec ted lro'st; of s few days, every thing promises a pleasant summer and a fruitful fall. The citizens seem full of energy and life?oiw merchants al ready advertise the reception of " new spring goods," whilst a stroll through the Bhip yards of our cry, assure us that business is there brisk. Baltimore is, indeed, a scene of busy activity, and its prospects for the future are promising; it must become a pott of consequence, tf our citizens will only duly appreciate their own advantages, and discharge their respective duties. Political speculation is yet rife. Office-seekers, ' " ' * * ability - and such as feel the possibility of their names be ing registered among the " outs" in President Polk's " big book," are yet busy and active. These who have walked into office by President Tyler's permission, f< el the possibility of walking out by President Polk's ipse dixit, and they must necessarily act as behovetn pensioners for the Pre sident's favor. Various rumors have been afloat relative to the removals in Baltimore. The post office department was first assigned, by rumor, to our worthy Mayor, which statement was refuted by the publication of a card by Mayor Davis him self, denying any such promise, ana assuring the people that he would not accept the office, though it was proffered to him by tho President. It has recently been rumored that James M. Buchanan, Esq. of our city, and a worthy member of the Bal timore bar, has been promised this office, and Finley, our present postmaster, must necessarily be removed It the rumor be true, the citizens of Baltimore cannot but rejoice at the appointment of a man, in every way so able to discharge the dutiesot any office of which he may be the incumbent. Other removals will of course take place, and we have heard it reported that General Marriott would be among the proscribed; though we give very little credence to the rumor. He was appointed by Pre sident Tyler?unanimously confirmed by the Se nate, and no reason can be assigned far his remo val. The wind blows one way to-xl^y, and ano ther to-morrow, and of course we must wait for the confirmation of these reports, belore believed. President Polk and his actions seem to give ge neral satisfaction thus far, and has elicited gene rally the encomiums of the press, without distinc tion of party-feeling. The American Republican, the organ of the natives of our city, has been unu sually lavish in its bestowment ol praise, so much so, indeed, as to induce us to believe it will hardly murmur at the election of another democrat in 1818. if he be such a man as the present worthy in cumbent of the office. Whilst the organs of that party elsewhere have been loud in an expression of their determination to run a native candidate in 1848 for the Presidency, it Iras been unusually still aud reserved. Why so, we cannot say; though it may be desirous of reserving its opinion until matured, and not hastily publish the first determi nation of party feeling. It has an able editor, though we think his ability and energy can never place the native narty on a permanent basis in our city. The probability is, that a candidate for the office of mayor of the city will be lun by the party, as it is, during the next political canvass, though with slight hopes of success. The domineering party of Baltimore will hold the power it now pos sesses, in spite of the combined efforts of nativism and whiggery. The handsome banner which was made for the democrats of New York by the same party in our city, was taken possession of by a deputed com mittee, by whom it is to be presented to those of New York. It has been made under the superin tendence of a committee, to whom subscriptions have been generally paid, the subscription price being limited to 25 cents, for the purpose of afford ing every democrat the priv.lege of giving an equal share. It was a handsome banner, and if it can excite any energy in the democrats of New York by which their nominee may be elected, it will doubtless have effected its ooject. The report, which has supplied a vacant corner in almost every paper in the Union, that T. Lloyd, of our city, had made an effort to bribe the Presi dent, and thereby secure his office, has been de uied by him through one of the papers of our city. He says he never sought the office, aud, until re peatedly urged by his friends, would not accept it. The story about the horse is denied in toto, and charity will induce us all to believe that Tom only was desirous of testifying his admiration and es teem for President Polk. George R. Richardson, Esq., as been appointed, by Governor Pratt, Attorney General for the State of Maryland. The ability of this gentleman, and the acknowledged assiduity with which he has discharged all his duties, whilst Deputy Attorney, has made the nomination one ot general satisfac tion. The office is tor life, and as he is generally acknowledged to be a confirmed old bachelor, we presume he can say now to himself, " take thy ease, for thou art provided lor all thy lite." Henry McCurry, who was found guilty of the murder of Paul Roux, and sentenced to l>e hung, will be executed on the 27th of June, ?n or before the hour of twelve of the clock. The Visiter of this week has made some editorial objections to the execution of this criminal on the circumstantial evidence by which he waaconvicted, and says that Governor Pratt hesitated somewhat before signing his death-warrant, as if not fully convinced ot the justice ol his sentence. We cannot vouch for the truth of this report, and doubt much whether the Visiter's informant can. The circumstantial evi dence was of a character too strong and clear to be doubted, and Governor Pratt must have seen the impossibility of any one else than the condemn ed criminal being the murderer of this unprotected victim. The musical circles of our city have now quite an abundance of entertainment. The "Infant Mu sical Prodigies" are yet here, and intend to give their farewell concert this evening. The farewell concert of the Misaes Slomao, assisted by Mr. $lo man, will take place on Monday evening next ? The "Ethiopian Minstrels" are likewise amusing our citizens with theirsongs, glees, &c. Their re ception was very flsttenng, and one of our papers says, that "if there was doubt as to their pre-emi nently deserving public approbation, their present entertainments set all cavils at defiance." Joan Boston. [Correspondence of tbo Herald.] Boston, April 5,1845. Fatt Day?The Old Puritan* and their Succettort? Phonography all the Oo? Cheat Change* in Boiton?Flat Speculation*?Ruin Ahead! Bay before yesterday came off one of our annual Yankee humbugs in the shape of a " day of fasting and prayer." In the early days of the Puritan fa thers, whenever their corn crop wns short, or there was a murrain among the cattle, the godly colon ists, " with the best of motives," appointed a day of public humiliation, fasting and prayer, that the evil might be averted, concluding in the plenitude of their wisdom, that the Supreme Being had cut off the corn and afflicted the cattle on account ot the sins of the people. This,'to say the least, was rather an intuiting view of the economy of divine Providence, but was by no means a singular one for that day and generation. In process of time it was thought wise, instead of appointing special fasts lor every particulargrievance.iogo somewhat upon the principle which Ben Franklin, in later days, advised his father to practice upon, by saying grace over the whole barrel of pork at once, instead of saying it over each meal of pork, as it was laid upon the table. So to carry oat this idea, ihe iId Puritans established an annual fast in the goring of each year, to cover all the sins that had oeeu or were to be committed throughout ihe year, and thus save the corn and beef from destinction. This is the origin of our aanum last, which is duly proclaimed and appointed by the Governor of the State, as soon as the frost is out of the ground This year Gov. Briggs, with prophetic skill," fixed upon the 8d of April as the day when the holy unc tion of lasting would probably be able to make its way through the surface of the ground, or the hides ol the cattle, acting like copperas water or to bacco tea, to preserve the seed from grubs or the cattle from lice. The day turned out to be a fine spring day, and the wav the people fasted was a ca?tion to sinners. All places ot business, public offices, Sf.c. were closed; the doots of the churches thrown open, and then one and all, with the ex ception ot a few antiquated devotees, went it with a perfect rush in pursuit of pleasure. The richest dinners of the season werstgiven?every quadruped of the equine raoe, far and near, put in requisition ?the railroad oars loaded?the hotels thronged? iiad away they went, staffing, racing, steaming ind soaking from sunrise to midnight. As a prooi if the beneficial effects of fast days, ( may men tion that I saw more intoxicated people in the <vreets on that night than I hnve for a year before Probably they drank fait. The practice of pro claiming fast daya ia looked upon by many of our more discreet citizens as a very pernicious custom ?a hypocritical and disgraceful concern?and they ire strongly in favor of its abolition. They say, " if a holiday is wanted, let us have one, but do not let the people insult the Most High by setting apart, by government authority, a clay for His honor, and then devoting it to revelry and glut tony.'' I go the same. Just at this moment there is quite a furor among our good people, upon ihe subject of Phonography, or the art of writing by the aound of words instead of their spelling. Arbitrary signtf are made to rep resent the elementary Bounds of all words, and these signs'can be written with greater celerity thau the composition of letters, which is usually resort ed to to expresd these sounds. Classes of gentle men and ladies are formed, who are digging away at the business with a perfect k>osene*s. Besides this, the question is seriously agitated of intro ducing the study of the art at our public schools \Vhether the "native" government has sufficient gullability to swallow the dose, and set the "young ideas" to work to acquire this new-taugied science, I cannot oay?but speaking a la Yankee, "I guess not." Boston is going a-head, just now, at a great rate. Splendid blocks of granite stores are rising up in every section of the cny, and hue dwelling houses are giving place to them, 6r being altered into ?es. The quiet denisons of i | stores. The quiet denisons of many of our streets, who for twenty or thirty years have lived in peace uud quiet, are obliged to "get out the way," in this march of improvement, and find quarters tor them selves in the beautiful suburbs of Cambridge, Charlestown, and Koxbury. Land in these vil lages is rising like a freshet, and old farmers who have for years been contented with an incofhe of thirty dollars an acre from their land, are selling the same for twelve and fifteen hundred dollars the acre, to be cut up into lotS and peddled again at twenty or thirty cents the loot. The speculators are also busy buying up the fiats oa the fiver and harbor of Boston, into which they mean to shovel the old battle hills of the revolution, and make land for wharves and Btores. Since my remem brance, there has never beeu "sich a gitting up staira" in real estate, and unreal estate, (fiats) as at the present time, it will all be very well until the getiug down stairs comes on, which must be 'ere long, and then we shall have the "ruin" predicted, as the result of Polk's administration. He will have to suffer for it all, for Deacon Greeley and other whig almanac makers will impute it to him, where as, the man in the moon has just about as much to do with it, as James Knox Polk. But so we go. Guy Faux. I . 8. District -Com t. Before Judge Belts. Arm. 7.?Daemons.?Mutual Softly Insurance Compa ny vi The Cargo of the Ship George?Decree lor the liDel l?nU, for part of the general average and reference, Icc. Jacob little <f- Co. vi. Joieph Cun-ird ?Libel dismissed with costs, . Michael Dougherty vi. Steamboat Belief .?Decree dia mining libel, with costs. ? , _ J. L H. McCracken el al. vt.The Ban/ue Gentleman -De cree for damage done to hides, 36 per cent, aud relerence to clerk to compute, Ac George Whitaker of. Schooner Navarro.?Liaellant s ex ception overruled Libel dismissed with coiti unless li bollant reply to plea in ten days, and pay costs, Ac Roe .Fowler vi Steamboat Ida ? Exception to clerk's re port overruled. _ . De Zaldo vi Brig Aldeharan.?Exceptions to respond ent's answer disallowed; overruled with costr. V. States Circuit Court. Before Judges Nelson and Bttti. Aran. 7.?His Honor, Judge Nelson, accompanied by his associate, Judge Betts, tcck their places on the bench at 11 o'clock. The Grand Jury were called, when only fifteen answered. The CoHrt directed the Grand Jury to be in attendance on Wednesday, when they would be sworn in. Several of the petit Jurors were excused from attendance. . ,. , Captain Driicoll ?An application was made on the part oi Dnscoll to postpone his trial until the August teim of the court, on the ground that the commission which had been issued to take testimony in his case at Rio had not been executed The American Consul at Rio refused to Mt in the matter. The appl-cation was resisted by Mr Manbury. The case was left open. The Court wul de cide on Monday. t. 8. marshal's Office. Abkf.st.?F. B. Freuch has been arrested for assault committed on a seaman on the 94th of March, on board the ship Natchix. The examination will take place this fore noon. Superior Court. Briore a Full Bench. Aran. 7 ? Decisions.? Atuxes Y. Beach ads. A Oray? This was a motion to set aside a verdict had iu the Court below, in which plaintiff obtained judgment against da fendant for half a year's rent ol an office in the .Sun build ings. It appeared that Beach run a gas pipe through the npartment in question, as well as a " dumb waiter, which Gray considered a nuisance. He vacated the premises, when Beach sued and recovered in the Matine Court six months' rent. Judgment reversed, on the ground that Beach, as landlord, had no right to make any alterations en the premises, without the consent of Gray ; nor, as it appeared, had he a right to rent to another tenant tfier Gray vacated, until the expiration of Gray's term. David A. Qah vs. the. Mayor, et all.?Judgment affirm' Ezra Cleavelani vs. the tome?Judgment affirmed. Robert Hitchbon VS. Jacob Badger, et all ? Judgment reversed, and cause remanded for a new trial,|eosts of cer tiorari to be paid by defendant. New Hope and Delaware Bridge Company vs Thi The nix Bank.?Report of referrees set aside. Costs to abide the event. _ ? Joieph W. Corliti, et ah., adi. The People, trc.?New trial granted,costs to abide the event. Nicholai II. Babcock vs. Patri41 Reilly?Judgment af firmed. Jamet O. Milli va G. B Lamar.?Judgment of non-suit. Jlrcher Guion vs. The Allaire Works.?Judgment for "SKffUm vs. Wm. Stall and ah ? New trial granted? costs to abide the event. Nehon Bailey vs. John W Cooper.?New trial denied. Samuel Sayre vs. C F. De Camp?New trial granted - Costs to abioe the event Frederick Ptntz,Proi. at. fc va Samuel A. Willoughby. Motion denied. ? ? Harrit Wilton, Public Admimitrator, vi John La Mott. Motion deDied in tha ?7 costs in each. ... George BElkinvi. Jamet Atheam ?Motion to stand over and partii* allowed to serve additional affidavits Henry Wild vs. Elizabeth Lawrence ?Judgment a Tftos. C Doremtu and alt. ve Samuel W. Hawley and al, Judgment lor delendants with liberty to plaintiffsi to amend on payment ol costs within ten days notice ol this VKXJohn Thtmpton adi. Jamet T Rogers?Judgment for plaintiff, witn liberty to plead de novo on payment ol casta within ten day s notice of thie rule. Charier A Heckther v, the Union Bank of Louisiana? J udgment 'or plaintiff. In Chancery Hon. Lewis H. Sandford, Assistant Vice Chancellor. Aran. 7?Daemons -Martin Fuken and al. vs. John Peihini ?C. W. Van Voorhls for compile ; E. Wilkes tor deft. Decree in fsvor of complainants for thsir debt and Brinckerhoff VS. J. L. Lawrenci, administrator of D. Bnnckes hoff, and othert? O. Brlncktihofi and Geo Wood lot compt; J. 8. Lawrence and D. B. Ogden for the ad ministrator ; M. 8 BidweU for J. L. Brinckerhoff. Decl ded that the writing signed by Mrs. B. operated to un charge the bonds ot George B. oo his complying with the conditions imposed. Decree, that the bonds be given up accordingly. ., Jacob J Janeway vs. Sarah*Ann Green, and <"???*? U. O. Waters aud W. 8. Johnson forcomplt; W. Lowerre mid F. Sandford for Mrs Green. Decided that the debt of Freeman does not boar interest under the will ot Jsneway. and Mrs Green Is entitled to lhe income of the trust estate,^without any deduction for such interest. All the other exceptions overruled. George Coie, survivor, <fc. vs. Jeremiah Towle and others ?J. L.Masou for complainant; N P Kllingwood torTowIe Decided, that Mrs. Howell was not entitled to re eive for her support any more than the income of the fund remain ing of the $18,000 set apart by J. Abeol's executor. Order ^C^A^Beppher vs Eaton ? Taylor ? D. D. Field for com nlaioaut; C. Livingston and O. Gifford for defendants Decree, that 1 aylor pay to complatuant the surplus Item the sale of the brig, after pay lug his own mortgage and the charges ot sale ; and pay the costs of suit. James Mason vs. Uaac Jonet and others, executors of John Mason and olksrs -J. J Ring lor complainant ;M. 8 Bid well and D. Lord, Jr , for the executors, and lorJ. Mason Jr , and the infant defendants ; B. Robinson for Mr and Mrs. Alston , J V. L. Pruyn and J. C. *P?>cer for Henry Mason?Decided, ttast the trusts ol the will of John Mason are valid. Bill dismissed with costs to the parties who sustained the will. John Biyer vs P. Molholiand end othen.-D P. Hu II.tor complainant; J. F. Brady tor defendant, Molholiand ? Decided, that thie defendant is liable to the complainant lor the deficiency on the bond and mortgage of Fit* Ran dolph. Decree accordingly, with costs. Common Pleas Before Judge Ingraham. Aran. 7 ? Samuel Whithrad ft John N. Palmer?This was an actiou brought upon a promiasory note made by the defendant, dated February, 1841, payable twelve months after date, amounting to- $178 SO. Defence et I tempted'fo be set up was usury. Verdict for plaintiff, $-]*J,f?4. Firk in PHti.ADRi.rHiA?Saturday alternooa the root of No. 162 Arch atreet, above 7th, ??cuPl,e,' by John D. Shoeff, took fire from sparks from the chtm ney. The upper storlee of the back buildings werennah damaged, and the furniture of the house destroyed by wa ter. The premises belong to a lady hviaf >n N,w Voir, and am tally tmnnd?FMU. Pott, April 7. Comaon Council. Board or Al?erjssn? Lut evening, Alderman Bern* r rieuN in the chair. The ainntea of the iaat meeting were i uad and approved. Mock Jiuitioni Shops in Pearl A petition wai le ceived from about ICO merchant* in Pearl atreet, Baking that some ol the Municipal Police nay be stationed at or near the auction ehopa Nos. 164, 160, 168 and 178J Pearl h'.reet, to protect strangers from the nefarious practices therein patformed IU(erred to the Committee on Police, Watch and Prisons. Matrons ol the Penitentiary?A communication in the itbape of a letter, was received from Mrs 8. K. In graham, M. A. Hawkins, M. J. Hubbard, and L.M.Ward, thank tog the Boord for the action they had token in June last r pou a petition asking tor or recommending the appoint ment of Motions to tue City Pnson, and asking lor the nppointmei.t of Matrons at the Penitentiary and Hospital ('.(mule) at Bluckwcll'a Inland. Ri (erred. A number of other i>etitions cf no general interest vt eie presented and releired. Chief Engineer's Return.?The monthly returns of the Chief Engineer ot expulsions and admissions was re ceived and refetred appropilately. Presentment of the Grand Jury?The presentment of theOrsnd Jury ut the Court of Oyer and 'terminer was received, and on motion of Alderman Bunting, laid upon the table, upon his stating that it waa "a mere party machine." Selling an Estate ? The Commissioners of the Sinking Kami presented a report m lavor of selling lot No 14 Wall street, with the buildings thareon lor $46,000 to Madam L A Ca'iaioi ? Adopted. The Committee on Finance reported in lavor of paying assessments on lands sold to Natbariel Reynolds in Seventeenth street, between the Filth Avenue and Bloommgdule road. Adopted. Cleaning streets?The same committee reported in favor ot paying Brittou, Caruly & Townsend, Street Cleaning < ontractot*. the sum of $10,000 lor fulfilling their con tract to clean certain streets. Adopted. The same committee also reported in favor of paying the Allaire woika for materials and labor in introducing run fixings in the Court ot Sessions and House of Deten tion the sum of $197. Adopted. The Steamboat? Again?The report of the Committee od Finances in lavor ol granting the exclusive privilege of certain wharves and piers to certain parties, was taken up but iaid upon the table. At ten minutes'of 9 o'clock, the Board adjourned to meet next Monday evening at 7 o'clock. General Sessions. B fore the Ktcorderand Aldermen Bunting and Emmans. Maths* C Paterion, District Attorney A mil 7 The April term of this Court commenced this rut fning at 11 o'clock. The calendar for the term is of about the usual extent?there being but 39 new easee?of these 13 are for burglaries and 7 for grand larcenies, and 3 for assault and bs'tcry with intent to kill; forgery 1 ; r ot 3. ' Officers of the Court.?The Allowing officers have been detailed by tbe sheriff to attend ?? Court during the term Jacob Hays, High Constable. Nathaniel Hepburn, Israel Stickles, George Feitner. Samuel Young, Henry Getchell, L. W. Pierce, Alex. Jackson, Daniel Harries, J. A Brown, Howell Clark, John Tan Tassell. The Grand Jury.?The following gentlemen compose ?ho Orsnd Juiy tor the present term Denning Duer, foeman?Edwin S. Belknap, Isaac Covert, George Car iell, Thomas Dugan, John Fouler, Jacob Faulkner, Jo ieph H. Hantaling, Thomas M. Hooker, Joseph Keeler, Wm. Quackenbnss, Randall Smith, | Russell Stebbine, J din W. Stewart, Albert W. Smith, Alex. Stewart, Phil* Scoffield, Walter M. Townsend, Wm J. Van Buskirk, Samuel Waterbury and Benjamin Bailey?31. The Re corder charged the Jury, after which they retired to their r tome. Petit Jury.?Thirty-five petit Jurors appeared in answer to their summons. Fines.?The usual fine of $36, was imposed upon each 11 ? leven con-attendant Grand and Petit Jurors. Grand Larceny.?Three young men, namsd John Fields, (black,) Ut orge Holsey and David Patrick, were tried on an indictment for the above oftenca, in stealing a quantity of boots, worth about $33, among which were "one pair of military boots with spurs," from Mr. H>ns N Dressier, ol No 31 Fulton street, on tbe 31st of January last. The boys were arrested by Officers Lalor and Ste phens in bed together, in o den in Water street, and the military bcots were found under their pillow. The Court intimateJ to tbe District Attorney that ?here was hardly evidence onough to justify oonviction? and the Jury under the charge of the Court acquitted them. The District Attorney remarked that he did not think the House of Refuge would hold two of the boys.tor they h id already broken out of that admirable institution Hur gluey.?The three boys acquitted of the above charge wi re tiien tried on bd indictment tor burglary in tbe first degree, in forcibly entering on the night of the 34th of F bruary last, the office oi Mr. Davenport, No 660 South sticot, by prying off the outside shutters, and stealing a coat belonging to Mr. Andrew Lytel, with a tape measure, otul from the drawer ci the desk two $3 counterfeit bills and some cents. Mr. O'Brisn testified to having locked up tha office on the night ot the 34th, and lound it broken open ?o the morning. Officer Lalor testified to having arrested the parties in b >1 together in Watsr street, aid having frond the coat by the side of their bed, two burglars tools (London Jim mies) found over their bed, end the $4 iu counterfeit money in the possession of Fields ; that not knowing the n oney was counterfeit he gave it into the hands ol the r lice Clerk, from whom it waa obtained by the counsel of Fields Mr. Paterson here protested ageinst such conduct on the part of the police, and said tha: it was interfering with tiieeudsofjus'ice by giving to the prisoner the very evidence of the corpus delecti upon which a conviction r. lght hinge. The Court sail that it was grossly improper, and that ? he police should be notified to that tffect. (Which of the re igistratea it was who was so thoughtless,did not appear, but Justice Haskell was the committing magistrate, and it v, is, probably, trom not understanding the facts oi the vase.) The Jury convicted the accused after a very short con sultation. Another.?The same enterprising trio were then tried for burglariously entering the office of the lumber yard 0 Duryea St Allen, No. 648 Water atreet, on the night of the 34th inst, end stealing a coat and cap, the property of Mr. John Allen. 1 he property was found by the officers under the same circumstances as in the above cases. Tue Jury, sfter an absence of about fifteen minutes, found a verdict of not guilty, much to the amusement of 1 very body. The Sentence ?The prisoners having been arranged for sentence, the Recorder remarked that they had been tried upon three very grave charges, upon two of which the jury bad found tnem not guilty, although there was very little doubt as to their guilt. In the case ot Fields he was probably as bail, if not worse than the cth?r two Ha had been in the Penitentiary and Housed' Refuge, and was thoroughly bad.bnt as he had made important disclosures to the police, which led to the recovery of a considerable iituount of property and the arrest of other parties, the Court felt bound to take that into consideration, and ac cordingly sentenced him to hut two years imprisonment at Sing fing In the cases of Holsey and Patrick they were both very bad boys, having both broken cut of the House of Refuge. Tbe Court aceordingly sentenced Hol sey to three years and three muntha, and Patrick to three j ears end six months at Sing Sing. Hoslky piou steel innocence-said ho could prove it by a boy who lived in the den in Water at; and in answer to a question from the Court; he said that his reel name was Ryan. He was told that his only remedy waa an ap peal to the Executive. Attacking a Watchman?A strapping rowdy named John Clatk, alia* Sank, was tried and convicted of a wanton end outrageous assault upon Watchman J. M. Evans, on the night of the 1st of March. The jury also found him guilty of an assault upon Mrs Ca'harine Hoy, and threatening to knock her braina . ut, on the 13'h e( March. He p'.ead guilty to an assault and battery upon Mr. Na than Clark. The Comt sentenced him to six months imprisonment in the Penitentiary on the first conviction, and to thrse months more on each of the othets. At hn minutes past 3 o'clock the Court took a recess till Wednesday at 11 o'clock Suicide at Norfolk ? G. W. Sharpleas, com mitter! suicide by hanging himaelt with a leather halter in a stable attached to a lime kiln, near Armi ?tead's Bridge He entered the stable, took off hia coat. ?tnck and collar, making hia neck bare, then getting a barrel stood upon it, and fattened the halter to a beam, kicked tho barrel from und?r him, and died without a struggle He had previously taken bis papers and letters, ind pnt them in n hot", where they were afterwards found by " lady, who had seen him pushing something in the water We learn that hn.it a native of Norriatown, Pennsylvania, where ho haa many relative*, respectable, ?nd in good circumstanora.?Norfolk Herald, April4 Snow Storm ?We awoke yesterday morning in the lull enjoyment of a snow storm. The white blossoms of the plum treea were vicing wi b the snow flake* in parity, while tha blush of an incipient bloom on n apple tree, looked to the surrounding mrss of scow, like the hectic flush in the cheek of consumption. We very much fear that the weather ha* destroyed the early truit blosiomi; indeed, some of the plum* were set, and these can scarcely survive. ? Philadelphia Gazette, April 7. The Firrs in Jirkkv ?On Saturday night three fires in the nines of New Jersey were visible from tho neighborhood ol t amden? one having bean, for the tirat time, in the North East By midnight, he waver, be little ef them could be be seen, and, oa tnc wind lulled, i is hoped that the confl igration ceased?or that, at anv rate, they wore subdued by the snow utormfof yesterday morning -Philadelphia Enquirer, April!. Timurr Trade.?Since our last published re marks mi the prospects of the Timber Trade in the ensuing season, a material alteratiai, ha* been mads with regard to the quantity of manulactured timber which may float to t^uebsc, by the recent unusually aavera weathar, for the middle nf March, and which, should it continue a few daya longar, will, by again freezing ovar tho creek* and amall streams, enablr the greater part of tha timber to be got out,that,on penning our former state ment we were assured would be likely to remain in the wood*. From information which we have been fhvored w ith coming direct from the beet advieed authorities - wa faal junified in holding out the moat flattering eneou r eg anient to our hardy operatives in tha woods - Bytasa n (Canada) Advoeats, March 90.

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