11 Nisan 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

11 Nisan 1845 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW TORE HERALD. NEW YORK. FRIDAY MORNING. APRIL 11, 1845. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day. Price 3 cents per copy ? f>7 ib per annum?payable is advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Priceoeuti per copy?$3 1UJ aenta per annam?payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the ueual pricea?alwaya caab in advance. PRINTING of all kind* executed with beauty and despatch. (fey- All letters or communications, by mail, addresied to tup establishment, must be post paid, or the postage will be deducted from the subscription money remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaorniRToa or thb Nkw Yobk IIbrslb Establishment, Northw t corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. NEW Y'tKK.WCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN. BELViDERE, AND EAS l'ON.?Leave the jSaSHLfoot of Courtland street daily, Sundays excepu-d, at ft o'clock, A M., liy Railroad from Jersey City to Morris towu. the me by post-coaciies through .Msndham, Chester, tier truu yelley, School.y'a Mountain, Anderson Town, Port Cal d.n Wu-huigtou. to Belyidere and Easton For riBi appl7 to J.fiBl, at the Commercial Hotel, 73 Court land street. N B.?t .alms furnished at the shortest notice, by applying to Clou! 'a ' SaJbatli, at Morristown. ml lm*m ALBANY AND BUFFALO RAILROAD OFFICE, No 50 (,'aartland Streets msmew NOTICE TO IMMIGRANTS. flgWU The Subscribers, Sole Agents in New^^^^K York, for forwarding passengers bv se-JHH^HL w 'ty coud class cars from Albany to Bufftlo,aSUK^ are enabled <? send them per People's Line Steamboats to Al hanv, and lli uce, IT railroad, to Utica, for 32,06 ; Syracuse, }a,0?l Auburn, $3,36; hochaster, $1 61; Buffalo, $3,50. Chil r n from 2"to 12 vers old, St halfpriee; tinder 2 years free;and after the 15th instant, all baggage ou the Kail road is entirely frre. All iaf>rmation as to diffeient rout's given gratis, and pas sengers forwarded to every port ou Lake Outario ard upper L.Sea, at the lowest rates. The subscribers would call parti euUr attention to the 'set that THEIR TICKETS ONLY are recogui -.ed at the office at Albany. W"LF It KICKERS, Sale Agu Albany It Buffalo Railroad, 3d class cart. No. 59 Courllandt street. New York, 8th April, 1815. s9 lm*ec jm,.s jgm PEOPLE'S LINE STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY?Daily, Sundays excepted,through 5K " at 6 o'clock, P. M.?From the Pier nie twteu Lo.wtl-.uOt and Liberty streets. Thef teambosi KNICKKKBOCKER. Capt. A. Houghton, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons, at <i 'clock The Bt i'am boat ROCHESTER, Captain R. G. Crnttanden, will I-- ve on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons at 6 o'clock. At 5 o'clock. P. M.. Landing at intermediate places :?from the loot < f Barclay street The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Win. H. Peck, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. The .tea.nhoat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain M. H. Truea <1-11, will leave on Tussday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at "? o'clk Pas-engert taking the above lints will arrive in Albany in ample time to take the morning train of Can for the East or West. Freight taken at moderate ratea. . AC lorsons are fori-id trusting any of the boats of thia line, without a written order from the Captains or Agents. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. Bchuliz nt ihe office on the Wharf. a7rc MORNING LINE AT 7 O'CLOCK. FOK ALBANY, TROY, and interme diate landings, from the steamboat pie- at the foot of Barclay street. Leaves New York et tv.eu u'c oak. A. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday?and 'Troy at six o'clock, A.M.?Albany at seven o'clock, A. M., Mo day, Wednesday, and Friday. Breakfast and Dinner on board the Beat. the i ew low-pressure steamboat TROY, Captain A. Gor? ham, Saturday Morning, April 12th, ataeven o'clock. Notice: ?All Goods Freight. Baggage Bank Billa, Specie, or nuy other kind of property, taken, shipped, or put on board this Boat must be a*, the risk of tr.eowneie of inch Goods, Ft. ight, .laggaae, 8tc. For P.iasige or Freight, apply on board, or to F. B. Hall, at ths office on the wharf. all 2t ~ EVENING LINE D1BECT FOK ALBANY AND TROY?from the foot of Couitlandtjstreet.?'The splendid new steam packet EMPIRE, Captain K. B. hJacy, ih . hriday Afternoon, at 6 o'clock. F.< 'glu ml. u ou the moat reasonable terms; but muit be put in chare* ol the Freight Agent, or ths Coinp&ay will not be responsible for losses. hor Be.-ihs or State Rooms, apply to C. CLARK, at ths office ou the wharf. all .STAR LINK OK LIVERPOOL PA' KETS , Packet of the 11th of April?The uew end elegant pfirat elan packet *hip WATERLOO, Capt. W. H. ?-j, " ill positively tail u above, her regular day. Having eery superior accommodation* tor cabiu,*ecood cabin ad itnerote MWM pttaoos ai out to embark, will lind tin i splendid snip to be t moat desirable conveyance. U be Waterloo will tail Attain Iroia Liverpool on lh* S6lh of k *v. The*' who are desirous of sending for their relative* or fgeuds, can have th-in brought out in this splendid packet. For ' a-.a;,e to i r from Liverpool, early application ihonld be mala to the subscriber. JOSEPH Mc MURRAY, mKirr 100 Pine *tre*t.corner of HouttralrneL f OR LONDON?Regular Packet ofJOth April ? Tbe iplenilid, lirsi-elass, faat tailing packet *hip ? TORONTO, Capt. Tinker, will poaiuvely tail .as -i regular day. Having mo i auierior accommodations fcr cabin, *econd ca bin and itrerag* passengers, perion*1 wishing to embark or ? can ettiu, mould make early application to the itibacriber JOSEPH McMUKR* V iY. r9.c 100 Pine itreet, corner of South. LIVERPOOL LINK OF PACKETS-Pncketof ? the 14th April?The splendid fast tailing and favorite .Packet Shin SKA, Captain Edward*, will positively iail a. above, her regular day. Her *cc mmcdatioos for cabin, aecond cabin, and steerage poos-nam, are ver tupirior. Th?te wifhing to aacore berth* should no' fail to make aaily api lication on board, foot of Peek Slip, or to W. Ik J. T. TAPSCO TT. ei rc 76 South (treat, cor. Maiden lane. "X&e PACK ETS FOR HAVRE?Second Line?The kfc?|y.hip UT1CA, K. Hewitt, Master, will tail on the lit * T* BOYD fc HINCKKN, Agent*, nl rc No 9. Tontine Building*. m. WANTED?A Ship to load form Southern Port. ? Jul to M Apply to E. K. COLLINS k CO., 36 South at. *6 RiffON PACKET FOR MARSEILLES?To *ail tint KfiiV May?The barque MISSOURI, Captain Bylveatar Jiilthor freight or prnttge applv to lit or passage, apply to CHAMBERLAIN fc PHELPS, orto m7 BOYD fc H1NCKEN. Agent*. FOR LIVERPOOL.?Regular Packet of the 16th ,ol Aeril?l'he well known, tplendid. fim class, tut ?iailiug P icket Ship AHHBURTON, Captnin Henry H rti iioii. will poeitively tail a* above. ll .? ug inott splendid aud elegant ecaommodationi for ca bin svoud C'biu and steerage passengers, perton* wishing to e.iivH or tecure beith* in tlie above maguificent Psckec.should gv ke application on board, loot of Maiden Lane, or to the rob ten bar, JOSEPH McMuRKAY, 100 Pine elreet, comer of Sooth. The above will be succeeded by the new and handiome Pack rtShip 11ENUY CLAY, Captain Nye, to*ailon6lh May. r1 rc iB oOTnv!" PASSAGE FROM OALWAY. DIRECT TO NEW YORK?Tlie anperior, faat tailing British Brig VICTORIA, will sail from Oalway on the let Ol Hlilf. This off >rs an excellent opportunity to perton* wishing to ?end for: nor friend*, residing in that part or Ireland, precluding the I rouble and ex|?-nt* of going to i iverpool to embark. Coo trac s lor pissage, which will be at a moderate rale, mutt be mad* previous to the 3lttinst., in oidar to be in time for the steamer of 'lie latof April, from Boston. For further par,icul*r*. apply (if by Utter pott paid) to mh2l rrc JOHN HtRDMAN, 61 Bout! street. FUK NEW ORLEANS. ? Louisiana and New York Liue?Regular Packet, to sail l?th tntt ?The PiiuWn'l gintfttt ?ailing packet ship ARVUM. Capt. W. Sniuli, will tail as above, her regular day. For freight or pas io?, h vicg handsome tarnished accommodation*, apply on boa-d, at Orleans wharf foot of Wall street, or to t. K. COLLINS k CO., 36 South it. 0~Positively no good* received on board after Tuesday sva ni"4 ljth inst Ageutt in Orleans Mess *. HULL1N fc WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward all good* to their address at BLACK BALL. OR OLD LINE OF LIVER POOL PACKET*.-FOR LI V ERPOOL.?Only (Ke.nlar Packet of lh* 16th of April. 1.1 lie in iguilicvui aud calibrated faat tailing favorite packet ?hip NEW YO 'I, burthen i030 ton* Tho*. D Cropper com laiui ier, will tail positively on Weduesday, the 16th April ' * - ' " ? a, M Cabin, i.svirg un.'i massed accommodation* for Cabin, ? , and .-itv-rnje f'a.tenger* those returning to the old country, or te doig for lha.r friend*, will And it 'o their intereal* aud com f. rr to solaci. this anequalted lineef packtta. For t. r.u* ol postage, and to secure the best berth*, early apiditation shonld be made on board, foot of Beekman ?t, or to I - subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS fc CO., , a- y -'tod * erect, next door to the rnlton Bank, New York. nIOStru CM A DOLLAR SAVED rm \JL I'd A DOLLAR EARNED. iJL <1 ,\IlLF.Mk N who mike it a rule to ley oat their mbney ... ...a V.. ut a .1 . initian am* vneruo?1 ?* 11 ?* ?... :<l. a .l . . .t " tome bi?r tdianttge. are raepectfally notified that thev can purchase H is and t ep* et ' RUBEKTnON S PHCKNIX HAT AND CAP ESTABLISHMENT, No ml Fulton aireet, between William anJ Neeean ete much cheaperihan at.xav oilier establishment in the city. An inflexi ble edeereeee to the ystem of large tale*, small profits and ctsh on delivery, suable* t' e rropnetor to offer the different in ic r s iu hit line at ti>? following reduced rate* HATS. F>r..t qaality Nutria For $3 Ml Second do 3 66 Moleskin I it CAPS. F rit qu ility men'* and boy*' $1 36 Second do do 1 no do Third do do 75 These article* are not only quit* ? qutl, hot in l ime respect* (rsi* uially in the nyle of trunming) tnperior to any in the city. A com ar son of t^e qualities una pr.ee*, with those of other establishments, will tnow a deduci ion of tl to $ I 36 on custo mary price* All Hat* warranted of the most fathionabl* Broadway pattern*. N B ? t he proprietor'* extentive arrangement* enable him to offer very ad. ai'tsgaon* bargain* to wholesale dealer* and Couii'TJ inerclisnt*. alO lm*m PAPER 600 RKAV9 Tissue Papar, asao'ted colors. 2 OuO do. Wrapping do. varioa* siaaa. Ol'ii In*. Straw Boaid*. Pr?r. iug Piper. aRtitea K.iii'U In* Truck Boards?ja*t noaived par schooner Cam iritlsa, from Boston, and for sale by I'KRBRE fc BRUOKS, alO 1'ERWE fc BKUOKS, 63 and 67 Naaiau *t. TO~PUBLlC ROC I KVIF.H, MEMBK RS OF T HE BA R, viEBLHANTS. AND OTHERS. TIM'. Troprh or of WILSON'S HOTEL, DINING 1 HOO'iA. and CHOP HOUSe.. N0 i Uoldstreat. near Maid u Ixne^ b?g* to *tat* thai, h* hat comforrab'e snd well fu shed Privat* Rooms, *uit\ble forft ouimittee .Meetings. Arbitration*, 1'efeiet*, tkc., which may be proenred for such pu.p *es, at ashort notice, on aatramaly liberal tarm* a 10 Kwro HENRY W1LBON. Wrtck of the M wallow?Further Fur* tlculura. We obtained from a person on board tbe South America, yea.erday morning, Albany r d Hudson papers, cot tuning some additional p^rv t! us con-1 cerning tnta dreadiul calamity. We were unable to obtain any verbal . orma tion except that seventeen bodies, in ail. bod been recovered. The Mrs. French, who was reported drowned in the Swallow, is alive, and now at her father's in this city. It will be seen that our fears of the loss of large number of lives?from forty to sixty?are but too well founded. The wreck had not beeu raised on Wednesday, so as to admit of a full examination of the cabin or other parts of it. [from the Hadson Gszetto? April 9?8 P. M.J Large Dumber* have visited tbe wreck to-day, all ap pearing anxious to get a view of the remain* ot the Ill fitted Swallow. The tide ha* been unu*u*lly low?lower than ha* been known lor a long time. Five more bod it a have been obtained, four from the wreck and one from the river, all female*. One of the bodie* recovered ha* been identified a* that of Mr*. Walker, from New York. Her huihand was on board at the time, and when the boat went down bad hold of hi* wile, but the currant was so strong a* to tear her from him?he, however, retaining a part of her dreaa in hi* grasp Another body hss been identified as that of Mr*. Coffin, en old lady, and mother of Oeorge M. Coffio, whose wile was found yesterday. Mrs. Coffin was sister of tho late Capt Reuben Moores, of this city. The bodies of the other three, we understand, have not been identified as yet. They were removed Irons the wreck to the hotel of Mr. Cobb, where the Coroner held eft inquest. It hss bsen ascertained that two of the bodies found yesterday, were those of two sisters, by the name of vVood, who reside in Albany. We understand that it was given in testimony before the Coroner's Jury yesterday, that the boat, at the time the struck,was only going at the rate of six mile* an hour. The pilot informed us to-day, that it was his intention to have stopped at Athens, and to have laid by until the squall had passed over. There hoe nothing new tronepired in regard to this sad catastrophe. We shall keep our readeri advised of every thing or importance that transpire* (From the Albany Evening Journal, April 9) There are many rumors afloat of individual* miming or loat, but we refrain from publishing them until confirmed. The Hope, which came up from Hudson this morning, brings no further particulars. The weather yesterday wa* so tempestuous as to prevent any measures being taken to raise the hull or get into the cabins, where, it is feared, many bodies remain. The boat is broken into ' three pieces: the forward part lying upon the Island, at an|angle of thirty-flve|degrees with the water, and the nii|?u?tt> Va imiist "v vv isu sue wnvii muu use bow some ten or fifteen feet above the rock. The Swal low mnat have been going at great speed at the time of the accident, to have run so far up on the rock. We are yet at a loss to conjeotnre how it was possible for an exper<enced|uilot, as Mr. Burnett, of the Swallow, is known to be, to nave run his vessel aground, in the Athens channel, with the Hudson and Atnens lights on either side, and the bold outline of Prospect Hill in front, to guide his course. There were six members of the Legislature on board the Swallow, viz :?Mr. Hard, of the Senate, and Messrs. Mather, Wycl<otf, Frisbee, Stevenson and Jarvis of the Assembly. When the boat struck, Mr. Hard was sitting in the ladies' eabin engaged in conversation. The crash <vas dreadful, and there was a general rush to the main, and thence to ihe upper deck, Mr. Hard, discovering that the how was fast, while the] stern of the boat was rapidly sinking, called upon all to go forward. Just at this moment the flames burst out from 'he wheel house and undoubtedly drove many hack who were making their way to the bow. Mr Hard per c ered, and by .the aid of a ladder, descended, With some sixty o'.-hers, from the bow 01 the boat upon the islam, on which she struck. He saw two ladies jump overboard, hut tho darkness was such that he could not help them, nertell what tecame ot them Several ladies were drawn out of the water upon the island while Mr. H. remained there. Wo learu from other sources, that the hall broke in two almost immedistely alter the baat struck, and the wa ter rushed into the cabins like a torrent. Many sprang overboard when the fire broke out, thinking that the only chance of escape lelt It is impossible yet to guess at the number of victims of this appalling catastrophe There is hut too much reason to tear that as maoy as thirty or forty person* have per.shed. The John Mason, which came up from the wreck last night, brought with her s>x dead bodie-, fivu feaudae and one male. The two Mrs;* Wood, sis tert oi Doctor Wood, of this city, were aming the num k?r; the other* were taken up to Troy, where it wa> tupposed that they belonged We grieve to learn that nueof the bodies turns out to be that ot Wi'lj -m Davis, son of Nathaniel Davis, of Ihi* city, a promLing young tueu sgd aoout 93, who was on his way to New York in company with hi* sister. He had succeeded in rescuing his sister from the threatened danger, and had plaeed her on board the Rochester, but returning to seek for Mrs. t'onokling, who is yet missing, lost his own life in the heroic effort to save other*. Most deeply do we sympa thize with his respected imher aud family in their al flic ting bereavement. When the vessel struck first time, one ol the colored waitars jumnedfoverboard, and swam about for some time, but at length returned to the boat, where bis first act was to take Irom his vest pocket three on* dollar bills sud dry them before the fire. Notwithstanding the danger all were in, this draw forth a smile from many who witneea fdit. Many intelligent passengera who have called up on us, are of opinion that it was impossible for the greet number of poaseugera to eaeape, from the ladiea cabin in particular : and that they believe that the loss of life will be eventually found to bo much greater than ia at praaant thought of. The foUewing if from ? put eager in the Swallow, on the night of the incident 1 *u one of the paiaeogerf in the Swallow on Monday evening, and never do I want to be the witness of another scene each ai occurred on board thii boat I bad Jn?t re tired to my atate room, alter taking tea in the lower cabin, when I felt the boatttrike with tremendone force egainet what I thought wee tome other boat. Immediately I hoard an uproar through the oabina, with oonftued orie* that we had struck ground and were sinking. 1 put on n>y cloak, and rushed out upon the guard up to my hipa in water. 1 was astounded and bewildered at the sight which presented itaelt to my view. Although the night was very dark, I could see a number of bodies in the river, some clinging to the guard of the boat, whioh was than last sinking under water. At this moment e fireman rush ed from the boiler room and gave the cry of "are." I t hen gave myself up to despair, and resolved to jump over board, and try to gain the shore. I proceeded to the top of the atate rooms, where one of the moat heart-rending scenes presented itself to my view that was ever witness ed. The belle of Hudson and Athens were sounding the alarm, and we could hear the shouta from voices on the shore but this only added te our agony, as we knew they could be of no service to ua at this awful momant. Al though the confusion at this moment wss great, I distinct ly recollect seeing several men throw themaelvea into the liver. 1 know not what became of them, but I suppose they iound a wateiy grave. A gentleman Just arrived from Athens informs us that among the persons lost is Mrs. Parker,of Utica. widow of the late Milton Parker. Her body haa not been found. Pasaeuoias Saved. The Expresi took on hoard 40 The Rochester. 94 Carried to Athens and Hudson 70 Total 304 It is now supposed that there were over five hundred on board. [From the Columbia Republican ] Exertions hove been made ell day to recover the bodlea of the drowned passengers, and the reeult has been the re covery of Ave more, all femelee, making in all eleven. Four were taken from the boot, end one from the river, a short distance from the wreck? With the exception ef the tetter, who eppenre to he about SO years, they appear to be all between 40 and M years of age. Two have been recognised by their friends: one a Mrs Coffin, ef West Troy, and the other Mrs. Walker of New Tork. On the iwraon ef one other of the ladies was iound a c^rdonfwhich wae written in pencil " Mrs. ?kid more," and in her pocket a baadkerohief marked with in delible ink,"H Conklio " The body is supposed to be that of Mrs. Conklin, ef Albany. We lenrn that in the pooketsol the young man recovered yeetrrday, there were found a handkerchief, marked "Sarah Bruudage," a large mil of bank Dill*, and memoranda for the purchase of hardware. It wet presumed that he was a weefern mrrchar.t proceeding to New York to purchase good*. On Mrs. Walker, viiois body was iound to-uey, there was a pocket hook containing a large sum of money. Her husband recognised her by a minature or himself, et tsohed to a gold chain, which she wore around her neck. Mr. Walker, we understand, i* a merchant of Now York, who haa been on a collecting tour in the western country lor some months paat. The scene before the ooroner's jury to-day was exceedingly affecting, especially when Mr. Walker gave hia testimony over the body of his lile !?*? wife. He said he could have saved her, and was org. ing her on toward tha forward part of the boat, when the captain came opto him and said, "be easy, there's no dan ger. He released hie hold of hi* wife's arm, and no sooner had he done thia than the water ruahed in, and the was swept beyond hie reach. . P1* ?f Osnernl Mather, who wae opposed to hsve been loet, i? ^efe. He floated on a plank, and was picked up a good ui.Unee from the wreck Kit>nappi?io?-On Wednesday, R beggar women named Isabella Hogan, was observed in the streets of Poiiadelpbla, having with her a boy about eeven years of age, ends very pret'y little girl about ;two years of age, which, from it* difierent appearance from the other child, excited the suspicion that ft had been stolen The woman was arrested and taken to the magistrate's office The bov wis taken uside, nnd stated that the bahy had baen stolen from the front of a house in Plum street while playing. An officer was sent to the neighborhood stated, where it wae aecertaioid that the little one Is a daughter of John Kelly, residing at 117 Plumb street. The woman had a hearing, which resulted in her bring committed as a vagrant Trial of Nlcbolao tf. Gordon tor tlie Murder ot Amu* Sprague. Tuesday Aktesnoon, March 8. GoTKKNMINT WITNESSES ? CONTINUED. Doctor Milleb sworn? (The testimony ofthie witness we* muchjthe same us that of Doctor Boweu.) He wu cat a 1 to examine Mr.Spraguu alter ho wu carriod home, tic louud a ball wound in the right arm, a wound on the lower part ol the chin, the (kin broken, and the jaw frac tured?another on the lett temple, and two on the right aide of the head. Cither of two or three of theae would have produced de.tl-; that near the right wriat muet have disabled the arm; he could conceive how all the wouadi about the head might be made with a gun. David Lawton?Went over the ground with eeveral othera on Tucaday neat after the murder wua committed; went to the swamp in searehof the traoka which had been traced there the day beiore from the driftway; while walking by the aide oi tkeawamp.saw something in the buahea, which proved to be a coat; 1 brought it out and gave it to Mr. Quinn, who atarted with it lor Mr. 8Prague's house; I went back into the swamp, but soon returned and followed the otbera to Spiogue's, the ooat had blood on the sleeve and on the skirts Crott-txamiiied?I waa walking by the aide of the swamp, eight or ten yarda behind the othera, when 1 saw the coat; it lay on the anow, and appeared to have been put there recently: there were tracks near where the coat lay, but 1 did not examine them; they appeared to come Irom the north (i.e. from the east side of Dyer's pond.) Gardner Luther?Turned up the snow where Ami sa dprague lay on Wednesday or Thursday, after the mur der ; there hod been a raiu the day before, and the snow was hard ; feund several pieoea of a gun-lock, the guard, a screw, lis., in the snow ; dou'l know whether Nicholas Gordon owned a gun; saw him have one on his shoulder about two week* before the murder ; did not examine it. Amos B. Sunh?Examined the pockets of Mr. Bprague alter he was brought home; found a package of bank notes in hie pocket, maiked on the envelope "$100;" there ware about $60 in the package ; the absence of the remainder was accounted fir by a memorandum on the envelope ; there was also some silver change in his pock ets ; I judged nothing in hii pockets had been disturbed. It being now six o'clock, and the Government not baviDg any othtr witnesses present whose testimony they w ished to introduce here, the Couit took a recess until 9 o'clock to-morrow morning. Wednesday Morning, April 9 Tho Court met at 9 o'clock, and proceeded with the examination of government witnesses Nathan Pratt?On the Tueaday morning after the murder, went to the swamp, in company with other*, in search of something thBt should lead to the discovery of the murderer ; lound a gun broken in three pieces, stand iug by tha side of a large tree near the east side of Dyer's pond; the gun was bloody, and had dark hair adhering to parta of it. Crete-examined?There were a great many tracks from tlieplaceof (he murder to the swamp, by tho tree where the gun was found,: some one pointed out to me, I think, | some tracks, which were said to be the ones traced the day before; I did not notice any tracks leading to or from the tree where the gun was lound. Direct resumed?The gun in Court is the gun I found ; it was coveted pretty much all over with blood. Habpin Briogs.?Saw prisoner have a gun four or five | hundred yards west of his house, late in the fall or early in the winter ot year before last. Did not take it in my hands. It was a full stocked gun, small bore, and old fashioned, but hwdjbt-en altered to a percusiion lock. The gun in court very nearly resembles the one I saw. Cross-examined ? I judge tkij to be tha same gun I saw prisoner have, from its general resemblance to it. Stephen Spraguk ?Went to place of murder on Mon day after It was committed. Traced blood on the snow by the fence on the Cranston side of the bridge. Found a rail down, two or three lengths of fence from tho bridge; and near it, on the snow, lound a small piece of a gun stock bloody, and with two or three black hairs on it; the sliver lay on the road side of the lence; the piece produced in court is the j iece I found Horatio N. Waterman ?Lived at Amasa Sprague's at time ot the murder; lived in another part of the same house; heard him apeak to nit wife, end go out of the house, about 3 o'clock, P. Ul. Went with John De Mer rfct and others on Tuesday, and truc.-U foot prints from near the place of the murder to Dyer's pond? from tha east side ol the pond to the tree where the gun was lound; | irom there to where the coat was found; and down to Hawkins' Hole. De Merritt measured the track the whole distance, and found it the same; it was deeper thun the othera, and the prints were further apart than a per son would make on a walk. We left Hawkins'Hole and went up into the road; De Merritt mw a track on the othtr sileot the road, leading towards Gordon's house, and fol lowed it: I kept to the right, and went up through tne t>. chard 1 saw the measure applied te the track swthiu twenty teet, and again within six ieet of the house. There were some posts near the baek side of the house, but no scantling on it. Crate-examined?I have not been into the field near G -rdon'a house since we exkmined the tracks ; there were p< sts there, but no scantlings. We measured the length oi the tracks with s stick, and their width with the same ahok ; 1 tried to measure the w:d'.h of the track nt too u.ttem, end found it to correspond with the mark made on i$e measuretmade by De Mtrritt There were tracks all round Gordon's house, and one track leading from the lv>use towsrds the swamp ; I only judge that the person ?rho made the tracks through the meadow and the swamp ? nt with more th,ii ordinary speed, from the fact that th*y were lar apart; there were other traoka leading !i on Dyer's bridge pointed out to ua by John O'Brien ; one was made by him on Sunday, and the other, he said by a man he saw there on that day ; the track* we mea sured, 1 should think, were made by No. ? or ? boots. John De Merbitt?Measured the tracks poictrd out by O'Brisn, near Dyer's bridge, on Tuesday afternoon ; we took the track a little south of Dyer's bridge, where O'Brien told utlfae aaw the m?n standing en Sunday, and followed it to the bridge ; a few rods beyond the bridge, *. a found the same track, or one corresponding to it, and followed it to the north of the hay stacks, by two ledges of took, one called the Cavern rock, until it waa lost in the drift-way between the place where the body was found lud the Carpenter house; the same track we found on tha Cranston aide of the atring bridge, and traced aa de scribed by Waterman, to Gordon's house ; measured the track within a short distance of Gordon's hcuse, and noticed it close to the doer, within Id or 30 inches ; there were other tracks about the house, and one leading to wards Hawkin's Hcla ; saw a pair ofboota, aaid to belong to John Gordon, ou Wednesday after the murder ; applied t:te mcasnre to the boot ; it was tha asms length, but the measure ot the track made it an eighth of an inch wider than the boot Crote examined?The track I mesanred sremed older than the others near it; I de not know that I could have distinguished on Tuesday afternoon a track made on Sun day at o'clock, P. M. Irons one made on Monday morn ing at 9 o'clock; I have no doubt the traoks on the John iton side, near Dyer'a bridge and the Cavern rock, were tho tame I traced from ths place of the murder to Haw kio's Hole and Gordon's house. To a Juroa?I measured the track leading from Gor don's house ; it was the same as the one leading towsrds the house ; noticed no difference in their appearance ; I tillowed the track leading from the house only a short distance. To Ma Rodger*?I bad tha imprrssien the same per son made this as the other track ; think 1 mentioned this opinion to some one?don't recollect who ; dont know why I did not follow this track further, unless it was be cause 1 was tired at the time. Tha counsel for the government hare introduced the record of the court ot the conviction of John Gordon, and it pnsaad to the jury as evidence ol his guilt. Stsfhen Matthewson sworn?Found a pistol lying in the anew near the north east corner of the bridge where the murder was committed, before the body was removed on Sunday evening; examined it and threw it down again; the Coroner a'terwards picked it up; it was hea vily loaded, aad had been snapped. Theodore Quinn-Was near by when the coat was found,on Tuesday after tha murder; held It while the content* of tho pocket were examined, and then handed it to Alexander Boyd; the coat now in court la the one I ?aw and held. Alexander Boy??Mr. Quinn handed the ooat te me; there was blood upon the breast of it, and paper and pew der in the pockets; I carried it to Mr. Bprague's house; I think this is the coat. Abneb SraAOVE.Jr ?First saw John Gordon in the fall of the year IMS; I met him on the drift-way, near where the murder waa afturwsrds committed; he had a gun, and waa going towards Johnston, as he said, to shoot par tridgos; again aaw him on Friday before the murder, near thesama pleoe; ha bad a gun, and said he was going in searehof rabbits; I examined the gun; it was n full Hook ed, brass monoted, old looking run, with percussion lock; this appears to be the - j. Craet-eaamined?Thiar** the same color with the one Gordon had; it in ored than I usually see; I base my Judgmsn ,? tho same gun on the general resamhlance. AuattsTua Morvir - Si ihola* S. Gordon on Car penter plane, with a gun, three or four week* before the murder; the gun was old looking, full stock, and large bore; he loaded It In my preseuce, and put in vtry large shot, larger than 1 shoot quail* with. Crotr-r-Bssiinrd?Think the gun I taw nil larger bore than the one produced in court; it i* nothing extraordl nary to sea full stocked, brass mounted guns; I see no thing extraordinary or peculiar in ths appearance of this gun, as to color ot stock, shape of lock, or mounting.

James Fbanois (colored) sworn?Left a fowling piece with T. Almy, auctioneer, to be sold, abeut a veer be fore the murder of Bprague: it was an eld, full-stocked, bras* mounted gun, ol small bore, and bad a percussion lock; it was the same gun that it now produced in court; cant swear to the tamrod; the wormer looks like the same; Almy sold it in a few days, and 1 received about $3 60 for it. Crete-examined?I know the gun aa well as I know that I stand hsrs; there was a screw i.utn'the lock when I had it, and the one in that place row ii too larg?; this is one circumstance which makes nu- know that this is the gun I owned The court took a recess till 3 o'clock, I' M. Nkw Inventions.?A useful invention has just been patented byCept.Samuel Fedrick, tor remedy ing th* irlcflon occwioned by the houtii.g n( tlie peek of i tore and aft (all and topsail yard*, a* wall a* lor rigging out Jib boom* Itcomut* in inserting in the 'broat of the peak, in the cheek* of tha yard, and in the foot of the bowsprit cap, a roller which completely obviate* the friction. _____________ Appointmknts for Buffalo?The rumor of the appointment of Philip Dorsheimer, poeiinaater, in place of C. C. Haddock, removed, itcontrmad. W jr. Alien ,na* been appointed U. 8 Attorney for the Northern Dietri ciofNew York, in piece oi J. A.Spencer. li I* ru mored that the Collectorehip i* to be given toJH. W. Keg ere. Boston. [Correspondence ol the Herald.] Boston, April 9ih, 1845 The AUeghanian Fever Taking Here?Great Sugar SpcuJation, its origin and end?Humbug Copper Company ? Modus Operandi for Sucking t? the Flats?David Henshuic in tne Field?'The Alle ghania Hotel? The Fair child Fund?O. A. Drown son a Jesuit -The IVcuther?Mademoiselle Fanny, fc., 4*f. see that the Herald goes it strong for baptising our nameless country with the title of Alleghania as suggested by the. Historical Society of New York. The Alleghanies are the principal moun tains within the civilized portion oi <>ur Union, and like a glorious belt, they knit thedifferent sections of the Union together. It is, therefore, according to the eternal fitness of things, that the name of the Union should be emblematic of the idea which is thus conveyed by the Alleghany chain. There is also another convenience in adopting this change in preference to any other, viz: that the present in itials on Uncle Sam's cartridge-boxes, public scales, &c , " U. S. A." will not have, to be changed, for U S. A. stand as twell for United States of Alle ghania, us for anything else. I therefore go the same. and bid God-speed to the enterprize ot the Herald in baptising the country thus. The press must do the thing, and who better fitted to take the lead therein than the paper which has the greatest and most diffused circulation of any one in the whole United States of Alleghania 1 The speculation in sugar is going ahead here,as in your city, but it is a groundless rise, the price that now rages The fact is, the short crop in Cuba, upon which the whole affair is based, is but a drop in the bucket. Say we shall get but halt a crop thence, bb is supposed will be the case, this will afford us? Prom Cuba 41,000,000 lbs. From the Danish IVest Indies we have. ... 6,000 000 " Dutch do do 3,000,000 " Manilla 8,000,000 " Porto Rico and other Spanish ports 60,000,000 " Brazils 7,000,000 " Giving a total of 136,000.000 " Which is double the amount actually needed tor nse during the current year, and sugar is an article that may fairly be setdown among the perishables, that is to say, it is not a fit article to keep from year to year. In consideration of these facts, look out for a tall about these days, it was all brought) about by a few rich Boston and New York mer chants, who have monopolised the supply in the market, but they have looked out sharp not to burn their own fingers by holding on too long. The stock is all in the market again, after being the means of making a fortune for some of the lucky ones who had a quantity on hand, Speaking of speculations?the money makers are ail alive just now with a famous "fancy stock" of a copper company, the mines being located some where in Wisconsin Territory. The getters up of the business are old stagers in humbug specula tions, at the bottom of it is said to be David Hen shaw, formerly of the Commercial Bank of this city. The par value of the shares is fifteen dollars, but the lack of possessors ofthem are fully persuad ed that they are worth a thousand, and by dint of | tfie utmost urging can be coaxed to part with a few to a particular friend, at three hundred and fifty.? | The game is for one of the kuowing ones to boast that he has so many shares,and considers them the best investment he ever had ; is fact worth untold money, and he will not sell at any price. But Mr. so-and-so has some, and does not think quite bo j well of them; he is selling some at $360. The green 'una swallow this, and cut off to Mr. so-and so, post haste, where they buy some of the very I shares belonging to this bragger who would not sell | at any price. So you see people are as big fools row as ever, and just as ready to take stock in the Uunar Green Cheese Company. It were fun, did I not pity the poor fellows for the losses they will ] have to suffer, to see them bite at this bated gud-1 aeon-hook of copper. If thev werenot dabbling in this speculation, they would be in some o'her just 4 wild, therefore it matters but little how much thej get caught. Have you had any "copper stock' in New York Yet I The Great Hotel scheme, which I mentioned to you some time ago, is suspended lor the present, i in consequence ot the advanced price of labor and I materials. The projectors are shrewd men, who ihut the precent impulse to raise prices must Bwon cease, and be followed by a corresponding ] 4a.ll, and. therefore, they will lay low for the pre sent, ana when the change takes place, bring their peavy capital into the market and command their I c vn terms. They did think of calling this great house the Columbian Hotel, but ere it is built, they will be constrained, 1 think, by the torce of bircuinstances then existing, to call it the Allegha nia Hotel. Mr. Fairchild's friends are getting up a consider able sum ot money to pay him for what he has tmffered by the recent trial, and they find folks beady to give their last penny almost, to this pious use. I saw a kind hearted man the other day, put | down five dollars on the list, whose family I know have not had a hearty meal of wholesome food for | e twelve month In the literary world, the Exploring Expedition is at present the great feature. Redding Sc Co. pre Belling this Bplendid AUeghanian work like hot Eakes, and 1 dou't wonder at it, when the splendid tyle in which it is got up, is considered, and tne (cheapness of the price. Philosopher Brownson's | (Quarterly Review is out, and is, as usual, the tneme ot passing remark. The old tellow having pretty much boxed the compass, hrs at last settled down as a Roman Catholic, and is directing the great energies of his mind to the defence of thai , Church. His uxorial relations will prevent his | ; becoming a Cardinal of the Sacred College, but the isehool of the Jesuits is open to him, and by the way, he has most wonderful talents for tsking a leading part in that all-powerful and mysterious sect. If he is not already, he will soon be made a [ Jesuit of the short robe, and will exercise a mostj important influence inlihe system of propaganism, which is imputed to the Romish Church in Alle ghania. Brother Orestus Augustus, will be a bright and a shining light in the order, and occupy a poai f lion somewhere between a Farther Agrigny aud a | Rodin. He haa the learning of the one without ; nis polish, and the cunning of the other without hia ) heartleseness Altogether he is a pretty fair mix I ture for a complete Jesuit. The weather has smiled, wept, scowled, and laughed again, like a miss in her teens, for & few d lys past, during which time it has hailed, shined, snowed and rained alternately, and as I write you there is a sprinkling of ail together. Wo to the man ho ventures out without overcoat and umbrella. The sut shines?never mind, that ia only to cheat you and get you out unguarded; don't trust to ap pearances, they are monstrous deceptive in all of March and April. Do you have thunder and light ning in Gotham while the sun shines'! L M'lle. Fanny, not the Simon Pure Wyckoffl Fanny, but her ladyship, the Ourang Outang, is stopping for a tew days at our Museum. Fanny is ] quite ajpeif and they do say requires her chaperon even like her illustrious namesake, the unequalled danseuse These queer creatures are most singular animals in their nature, as well as form. The keeper informs me that every care has to be exer cised to prevent them from becoming irritated or | angry, for though two men may master them afier a while, and completely subdue them to all ap pearances, yet the very first opportunity that occurs their own afterwards, they will dash their own brains out | against any hard substance that they may fiud.? 'lhere have been repeated instances of this. The fact is, they can ill brook the confinement that is put upon them, and must be led, not driven. Gu* Faux. In SrrmiMK Coort, April 8.?Dorian vs Reed? motion to aubatitute a reteree, granted by default. Newlmd vi. Rogers?motion to let Hide default, kc., granted, on toraa. Doubleday adi Jonea?motion to change venue, granted. Passage k Whipple l<l> Dodge motion that sheriff collect amount of excretion out ol property of daft. Whipple, denied, with eooti. Johnson edi Ho*ie?motion forjudgt. of non pro*, granted hy de lault. Farwell at al adi Fryatt at af?motion to change venue, denied. Qeortner adi Ogden ot al?motion lor a comminion with May, granted,on term*. The People ex rel Holmei vi Rind all?motion for a rule to have an at torney pay an amount of money, kc., denied, without coit. Rathhun v* Wo<d worth et al?motion for retaxition of coiti, granted,on payment of eooti of oppoiing motion. Daviiotal vi Wry Dora et al?motion that late iheriff make a full return to 11. fa. In thia cause, granted, In 30 day* for an attachment to iiaue. Weed eda Hinsdell et ol ?motion to change venue, denied. Briggi, ihff Brown ?motion to let aaida default, kc. granted, on termi. Brockway adi Allan?motion to Mt aiide exec ution of writ of replevin, ko., granted, by default. Whitford adi Harrington?motion for judgment, aiin case ol non mit, grin ten, with ooati, by default. Herrick va Baker ex kc., mo'ion to let aaida Judgment of non proi. kc., Avarifl adi McCollum? motion for denied, with leave to larve pa pan on which to move to let aside report ol refereei, granted on termi. Hodge et a. adi FUh?mo tion to reler, granted. ftiNnri.arC a use for SmctnR.--Frederick Hmley, Km)., -vho has been lately appi infed District Attor ney tor York county, Pa , committed micide on Monday hy hangiag himielf, under tk< following lingular cir rumataocei: On bringing in hli ftr*t indictment to tha t'ourt, a amall error wai discovered, and of which ha waa informed by the Judge, when such waa bis mortifies, tlon, that he went heme, and waa discovered a abort time after Jnupended by the nook entirely deed City Intelligence Children Lo?t.?Two children at rayed away Irnm J- i-aey City on Wedueeday, and notwithstanding the moat niiremitting aearch by their pareuti> and trienda, were not d covered up to last evening One la named Thomas M ..Williams, age between ui and a.-ven yeara, light hair ?: J blue ey ea, had on sloth clot tit s, and a green coiutorter. I ae other la named Jolua Lamb, aged between five and aix years, light hair and dark eyas; bad on dark clotbea, a ci.tok aproniand blue comlorter. Any information aent to their allticted parenta, will be gratefully received. Who Bhall be Special Justice op Police!?This vexed question haa at last been settled, and the thirty-aix a.,xious applicant* who have conaidered themaelvea al most appointed had better withdraw their name* from the hat aa aoon aa poaaible, and hide their diminiahed head* in ahame, and look out for aome office which theru ia more chance of their obtaining. The thirty seventh ap plic ,tion has been made, and the character, talents, Abili ties and immense popularity of the applicant must enauie bis -ppoirtmeut: ihere cannot be a dissenting voioe. The applicant haa been making tairasffif conversant with the duties of the mag sterial ottice by sitting in the police oiiice, day alter day, almost Irom aun to sun ; toasting his s1 ins by the stove, and tubbing the hair eff the hack of hi* uead by leauiLg it against the sanded pillar. Hi* claims are many : ha was a Native American, and accepted the tiheeof Sunday officer in the 6th ward, without tee, iu OTuer to reform the moraia of the "bloody sixth," he was active to|a lault in informing against many of tne largest ikeepen sad moat respectable hotefkeepers tor selling liquor ou the Sabbath, in violation ot the ordinances. His charac ter is established beyond a question ; hia temper ia aa intld as ass's milk. Was not he the man. who, in the dis charge of his duty, arrested a poor drunken woman, and, , lor soma expression,of her's beat her, like a noble-hearted lirutua, with a whalebone cane ! Did he not, on the trial I of the cause, admit that he had struck the poor creature, and said that such was his nature that ha believes if he was placed in the same position he should do it again 7 I Did he not tell his Honor, the Reoorder, in the most posi tive manner, that ha was both aa attorney and a counsel lor in the Superior Court, or Court ol Common Pleas, and wag it not proved false 7 Did ho not, in the County Court, solemnly declare that he did not know the result of his own trial, nud refer the counsel to the reporters for information?declaring that they knt-w more oi it than he did 7 Can these things be over looked 7 Will the Com mon Council prefer such meu as Major Prail, llarnabus W. Osborne, lloomu, (present Commiisiener oi Alms house,) Looftborough, (Superintendent of the Alms house,) Morrison, (member ot the Assembly,) Allen, Hulty, Cox, (the keeper of the City Prison.) Allen, and the tsventy-three others, when a James Hunt can be placed upon the bench 7 No ! little sense as the corporate body have, they cannot over-look his claims; and next Monday evcniDg, we may expect to have a resolution appointing J-mea Hunt Special;Justice of Police. AJlegbania is an j extensive country! Lower Police, March 10.?Subobnation or Perjury. ?A person named jsaac Ramus, of No. 103 Chatham street, was to-day arrested and held to bail in the sum of | $3000, upon a charge of the above nature, by inducing a man named Peter Gibson, of No. 6 Mod toe street, to swear in the Court ot Common Pleas, in a suit for slan der, biought by Ramus against Edward Daley,ot No. 106 Chatham street, that he (Gibsou,) had heard Daley say '.hut Ramus was a thifct and a scoundrel, and he could prove it. Th3 cause was tried on the 11th of February, be tore Judge Iogiabam. Gibson made affidavit at the Police, that Ramus had met him on the 6th of February, and asked him il he wanted a job, and on telling him thai he did. he engaged, after some preliminary matters had been setilco, tosweur that Daley nad used the expressions above alluded to? th at G. agreed to do it, and that Ramus called at his heuse ai d gave him money in advance, and a new coat to oome to Court with. Mrs. Gibson also testified that Ramus had called at her husband's house, and given her money to induce her hus h?nd to commit the perjury. Fugitive fhom Justice?John McKeon was arrested in this city upon an affidavit made by officer Young,of Philadelphia, charging him with having been engaged With others in a riot in Philadelphia on tha fUth ot Feb., and fleeing from tha justice ot Pennsylvania. He was I lodged in the Tombs until a requisition ean be obtained. Illaoal Votino.? Patrick Ranahan escaped from the penitentiary at Blackwell's Island, six month's ago, and at tha late election attempted to vote in the 16th ward, and being there detected, he waa locked up, and yesterday aent back to the Island. General Heaalons. Before the Reoorder and Aldermen Emmons and Bant ing. Mathew C. Pateeson, District Attorney. April 10.?7YiiU of Johnson concluded?Alex. P. John ?on was convicted ot forgery in the second degree, in hav ingiolfereda Danbury bank bill to Mr Bolton, of Wash' kigton street, and having other money in his posseesion, with intent to pas* the same. The Court sentenced him to five years imprisonment at the State Prison at Sing ping. Trial of William Davie far aiding end abutting the Es tape of Alexander lloag ft em the City Ptisan?William' D-'Vis, formerly a night watch in the City Prison, waa f : iced at the bar ,charged with having aided and abetted lie escape of Alexander Hoag from the City Prison en the tnght of the 6 th of August last. The aecused waa tried and convicted on the indictment, but in consequence bf the officers in charge ot the Jury having permitted them to partake of spirituous liquors, the verdcit was set aside, and a new trial ordered. Very little progress was mada in tha cause, tad it will probably take a week to finish. As the case was fully reported before at the previous trial, it would be but a mere piece of supererrogation te report it again, i Adjourned. Common 1*1 cm. Before Judge Daly. Avail 10.?Samuel Ackerman vs. H m.C. Rhinelander.? In this case, already noticed, the jury rendered a verdict an favor of plaintiff, of $160. Jane McCarty vs. Alexander Britten? Action of tres pass on the case. It appeared that on or about the 16th January las;, while a servant ot the plaintiff was exer ?ci-iug one oi her horses ia the 3d avenus, deidndent, in a ;or,? horse wagon, came in contact with the plaintiff's horse, and f.om the injuria* be then received, he has ? mce dies. Plaintiff now brings action to lecovnr dama ges. The defence set up was that plaintiffs servant waa trotting very hard abreast of another wagon, and that in consequence defendant's horse became unmanageable. Verdict for plaintiff $300 damages. Jolineon Lazarus vs Etisha B. Suckrtt.?This waa an . action biought against the endorser to recover the amount of an acceptance for $933,81 made in favor of plaintiff. | The signature of the defendant was proved, and offered,!^ evidence, and the reading ot the protest which was signed in Pennsylvania, was objected to on the ground that the law seal was not affixed thereto, the paper i eing foreign, , the said seal not haing an impress on wax or waier. The | Court sustained the objection, and the plaintiff withdrew a juror. Justice's Court. Before the.Fourth and Sith Ward Justice AraiL 10.? Wiping off an old Score by Law ?A suit was [ i brought in this Court tni* morning, by Mr. J. P Williams, I against Albert Warner, for the lecoverv of the sum oi $19, being a balance due plaintiff' for the board of defendant'* wit a prior to her emerging from maidedhood | and becoming Mrs. Warner. Thomas Warner appeared on behalf of the plaintiff, who was ill, and Mr. Cook, for defendant. Plaintiffs counsel called the Rev. Geo Benedict, pastor | of one of the Baptist churches, who swore that on ttie 3#th of July last, he married in open church, Margaret Jones to Albert Warner, and that he had ncvei seen the parties before or since Mrs. Burns testified that she kept a sort of a boarding house at No. 491 Grand street, not what professed to be a regular boarding house, but that she kept a lew boarders, ana that Margaret Jones boarded with her at the exceed ingly moderate charge ol twelve shillings per week. Wit ness was present at her mHrriage with Albeit Warner, after which Margaret left her house, and went into the country. Mr. Warner used to come to the house to see Miss Margaret, and she used to affectionately call him Charley, and sometimes Al, and informed witness that i * wr.s going to marry her, and had been engaged lor a twelvemonth. Witness never presumed to call the gen tleman Charley, but always designated him by that more formal title of Mr. Warner. Miss Louisa Benedict testified that she knew Miss Jones that was, Mis. Warner that is, and Mr. W ; that Mi? J. used to hoard at Mrs. William.-, J with Miss B. a year ago last July. She, toe, bad heard bim called Char ley and Al, but never Mr. Warner Mr Coi'E, by w.y ol doing up bis "a*" brown, asked Mils B. what board Miss Jones used tc pay, to which the witness replied $10; whereupon th- Judge opened his eyes and noted down the flguiea. The plaintiff's counsel rested hia case, and Mr. Cook, with hi* elbow on lb* desk, said he rested, too ; whereupon the Judge said enquiring ly, " Then you both rest 7" to which both geuticmeD re turned a distinct affii niative Mr. Cook, however, was ot ] opinion that the plaintiff' bad nut -ufficiently established the fact that the Margaret Jones thut boarded with Mrs. Williams was tin. wile ot Mr. Warner, the defendant; but the Judge said it was for bim to disprove it, and quietly wrote something upon * sli; of paper, and handed it to the cterk ; whereupon Mr. Cook walked round the table and said, " What M it 7" to which tbo clerk replcd, "Judgment for plaintiff, $19," aul looked through his spectacle* at Mr. Cook. All the parties thou left the court. V. S. District I'oart. Before Judge* Neilaon And Betta. Unit 10 ?Id the caae of Captaiu Driscoll, indicti d for piracy, the Court allowed further time, In order to enable the defendant to get the evidence aought for under the Commiiaion at Uio. V. 8. Circuit Court UniltH SratM v?, Samurl Lnwi ?Thta ie an action brought to tecover the penalty incurred in en alleged amuggling affair. Aa the defence haa net yet been enter ed into, we defer going further in'o it. Court Culendnr?TItU Day. ffrrcaiOR t oua r ?1?, 18 to 37, 'JO to St. Common Pi.a?*.-At I, A, JA, SI, A3. A3, 41,AO, AA, 7? Cibcoit Court.?Not 1, a, *, A, 7, 0, 10, 11, 13, IS. ' Naw York LioislaTVM, April 'There waa nothing of the aught-at moment tloae in the Houae to-day. The doing* in the 9.<na?a did not amount to much. The Naw Yc.rk and Brooklyn ferriaa htll, and the licvnao bill were delisted, hut no question taken Thk Mississippi'The Wck$b?rg Crmttitution elt*i,el the 30th ult , tay* " The rltei i* ovrrita hanka in many places, and the water i? atlll ritint The Indiana away above havi predion! uioloei daatrnctivc over-flow thu year, and it haa caused much alarm." MoTOMut ot Tfavdlcri, The accession of traveller# yesterday at the prin cipal hotels was by no means inconsiderable? from the South and the West more particularly. 1 riere ate uniortutiately a multitude ot causes why th* North act! the East have not recently contribu te d their ujunl proportion oi visitors at this season ot commercial enterprise With regard to the North, the lamentable nud culpable negligence of pi ot*?the cupidity o! ownera ot steam vessela, to outvie in reckless expedition their competitors arid the want ot public confidence, so painfully abused by the late too fatal catastrophe ot the " Swallow," on the Albany line, have thrown a g'ooroy tinge along the margin of the once peace ful, sate and romantic Hudson?that in the mourn ful cry for the lost?the hopeless search lor the nussing?the painful recognition of the dead?have stemmed the ude that oncetiowed with wealth and spring-like blossom to our shotes. No doubt the supposed difficulties between the Stonington and Long Island Railroad Companies, by which the intercourse with Boston lh limited to ihree timea a week, each way, has retarded the plans ol many, who would avail themselves of this safe and speedy medium of communication; but it ia to he hoped, that should any difficulty uiierrupt the regu lar and daily line, it will be speedily adjusted to the satisfaction of an interested community. We fiud the following arrivals at the prinoipal hotels:? Amiciif-John Ousst, U. 8. Navy ; 1. Huttingden, Rome; J no. S. Haskins, Jno. BohJen, Harry Loyd, Lay d's Neck ; John H. Poer, Baltimore ; W. T. Hooker, HsiUoid; B Seton, and 10others. Astob?Mr. Matthewson, Trinity College; George Writmer, B. Moere, M. B. Seymour, Kingston, Jamaica ; Dr. Evans, N. C.; Dr. Rose, Philadelphia , A. Grouper tier, England ; Hor. Hunt, Buffalo; J J. Blenchard, Bara tt fu ; W. Gordon, ? Read,'Boston ; Mr. Cramp, Oporto; Henry Beck, Philadelphia, and 90 others. ' itv?E. McConnor, Schenee'ady; L. H. WUlard, do; F. H. Swilt, Jno. 8. Abbott, J Irvine, Gto. Huntingdon, J Bnrd.iwell, Walpoie, N. H., and 16 others. Kmsmin?Jno. A. Staples, Boston ; Jus. Turner, Ala; W. Jacob, Worcester ; Messrs Walsh, Collins and Look H i t, Augusta ; H. P. Turner, Buffalo; ?Browne, Conn.; Qjo. Nicholas, Ohio ; ? Seymour, Ogdensburgh, and 90 others St. Gsoar.a's?Mr Young, Philadelphia; Thomas N. Blown, Pittsburgh ; E. D. Richardson, Boston ; Colonel Prgo, Ky.; Jos W Aldriche, Providence, and 10 others. Globe?B. II. Mills, Berkshire: Maura. Pigott and M >oi e, and Thoa E. Robins, Vicksburgh Bank. iiowaan?Hob. A - C. Nevina; W. Jeffray, Cashier Bank oi Montreal; J. W. Jonning, Rochester; W. A. Prea co'.t, Boston ; H. B. Chaffield, Hartford ; George V. Davis, Conn; Geo. Morton, Mast ; J. B. French, do; ?Par sons, Phils.; W. Hyland, Conn., Gen. Gould, Marshall, Rochester ; J. H. Marks, Lockport, and 90 others Wavbbli?'Thoa. Diehl, Phils.; P Averv, (tonington ; Pr.u Gardner, Hartford ; Meaari. Potter and Train, do ; Crpt. W. G. Wilkins, Mobile ; L. A. Whittaker, Charka ton ; C. P. Danna, Ohio ; Messrs. Harper and Mixon, and B. Moore Theatrical Intelligence. The Park..?"Fashion" still draws great houses. Anderson is announced, and will Bhortly com m uce an engagement Palmo's ?The Greek tragedy, so admirably got m. and so ably sustained at this theatre, increases rt ndly in attraction, and, although the expense of tr i.nging out this novel and truly intellectual enter t* urnent must be immense, yet the patronage vt liich is and will continue to be bestowed on it, leaves no room to doubt that the projectors will be rihiply rewarded for their spirited enterprise. Mr. V.iudenhofl has always ranked high as an actor, but it remained for his performance of " Creon" to n! ce him unquestionably among the first in his prolesston. Miss Clarendon's " Antigone" is throughout excellent. In short, all are good. No or imise held out to the public is left unfulfilled. 1 here is a perfection, not only in the performance, a it in the grouping, costume, and scenery, which it oo often looked for in vain on the stage, and r iv to be found in the large type of the bill print er Lest this praise should be considered too in <j -?criminate, we will take the liberty of reminding oi.e of the sages that gold-mounted spectacles were pot in vogue two thousand years ago, and that it w?uld be in better keeping with the scene to keep liiem in his pocket 1'he Floating Theatre?The very creditable in .nner in which the performances are got up at (his bijou oi a theatre, has already ensured to it a i'; cess unexampled in so short a time. The old p!..y-goers, the would-be cognotrmti, who sneered a- the undertaking and predicted lor it certain Jar ure, now admit their mistake, and allow that a gol d slock company, under a management that ? I permit nothing to be produced offensive to the Ty- or ear of the most fastidious, may be successful en .at or ashore. The "Loan of a Lovct," and {?Jack's the Lad," have been brought out in a rti-.nner that would do credit to any theatre Mr. B..oth, as " Peter Spyk,"in the first piece, displays ;".iderable talent as a rustic comedian, and will no doubt become a favorite. Mesdames Suther land a ad Mossop are highly respectable : the lstter ae "Gertrude," sings ana acts admirably. The admirers of the nautical drama cannot fail to be pleased with Mr. W. G. Jones's excellent repre fe.uuon ot "Jack Spry." In short, every thing is done to please. Personal Movements. tVm. Ogleby, for tho lant,tiftef n year* British Consul at Charleston, has solicited and obtained her Majeatyb leave fo retire, and was about to return to Europe D. N. White ha* associated with himself, in the husi nt-ps of the Fittsburg Gazette establishment, Mr. B. F. Harris. Mrs. Nicholli, the poetess, is abovt to atari s weekly at i incinnati. On Monday, tho Society of the First Congregational CI uroh in F.aeter, N H , invited, by a unanimous vote, th Rav. J. H. Fairchild ?o preach among them for the June beiDg. He will not settle himself in any plaoe at pr sent. Mercantile arul Literary Reporter is the title of a we klv paper published in Pawtucket, ILL and Mass., by R W. Potter. Dr. John E. Kant ottciates a? editor. Mr. D Holbrook baa become sole ewner and publisher oi the Lancaster Intelligencer. Prof Bronson it in Cincinnati. Hiram Denio, of Utica.at present clerk of the Supreme Court, ar.d formerly Judge ot the Fifth Circuit, baa been ? .i| pointed Reporter of the Supreme Court of the State, in pl_.ee oi Mr. Hill, resigned Thu Treasurer of the Orphan Boys' Aaylum, New Or leant, acknowledges the receipt of $37 34, from the Pro ps.ct, George Munday. beiog the proceeds of a lecturo delivered in that city on tho 3?th nit. General Swift, Colonel Kearney and Major Turnbull, constituting a board of officer? appoint?* to examine lata the plans for the improvement of Buffalo Harbor, has ar lived at Buffalo. They were accompanied by General Brooks,commanding at Detroit, who is on hla way west. John R. Thomson, E?q ,ot Princeton, NJ., has been unanimously elected President and Treasurer of the Phi ladelphia and Trenton Railroad Company, Captain Stock ton having resigned. Theatricals, dki Misa Helen Matthewa has made a meat decided hit In Boston. The Museum is crowded nightly to witness bar p. normances. | Mons. Phil ipe, the Fronoh necromancer, and Mis#St. Clair are astonishing the Bostoniana with their neero nr.ntie tricks. Little Qle Bull and the Congo Melodists ar# In Wash ington. David Miller, one oi Frank Johnson's celebrated band of music, was recently sent to the St. Louis Penitentiary, lor stealing a pair of pistols. When Waiter Burke wis in New Orleans, " longlime ago." Mr Caldwell, the maniger of the theatre where toong BurKe w?? playing, induced B.b father to Invent ih ? iftocecds of the engagement tu certain real estate there lar the beneit of hi* son A year since young Mr. Burke vi-itel the Crescent city, and sold hi* property for $10,000. A conceited actor boasted of the number ef characters he had played one evening. " I have seen you play two character* at once,"said a sock and buskin brother.? "What are they 7" inquired the former ' VTby tempted the character ot Caspar and played the Dent a ith it/' replied the latter. Haunington'* Moving Diorama# an* exhibiting in Mo bile. A company of Chinese Minstrels are **?**3 in this country under the directionoltha cele Tchina-Pfou, first gong-player to the F.mperor. They will make their introductory appesrsnen in o? on, a tired in the peculiar co?tnmo of their nation, and will, n* doubt, make truly cvicstial annalc V ?r. hrnke out in thr American theatre, Now Or leans on th. 80th till, during the performance ol ?? Mari Vnliei'o '' which threw perfermera and audience Into wmc confusion, hut the fire was soon got under, the an dhima. resumed their seats, and the p-rfermers proceeded with the entertainments Valuable Discovery?Mr. Douhlednv the It eper ot Ike Sluie Prison at Auburn, N. Y;, han ?aihlish. d the r.'?ult oi experiment# made by him with ti\drosulphate of calcium?the common piaster ot Perm, oi Gypsum?iu it* grout,d state. H? finds it heath" pow ei ol attracting the offensive part* of all animnl afnUvia, lormiug two new snhstHiicea, sulphate of ammonia and carbonate ot lim". which re Inodorous end harmless. By sprinkling a small quantity of plaster in place- which g. nerate foul air, the a fjucent atinoaphare, la rendered i. ira s>.(t wholesome Its aso will be found a harmieaa, , . n niUflVctual means ot correcting all foul exhale ti, I om atiimnl suhsiancw, whether iu prisons, poor h.iii-os barracks or otharplacaa. By It, stablaaand otbar nuisances about public and private houaes, in clUsa and villsgfi, maybe kept from odor, and the farmer may h. en hi* sumc and manure bop* salubriens v-b le bo v ? nil -at ?v . t i 11 a Nib ot g?s.