13 Nisan 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

13 Nisan 1845 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. New V tirk, ?uii?l?.jr, April 13, tMlft. iLuropcan intelligence. According to P??l experience, the steamer Great Western will arrive ihict inornin,;. The news will be twenty-one day later. TU? UU OiHiUr on the Hudson It will be perceived from the report which we give in another eolumn, that the Senate ol the State have ordered a lull investigation ol all the circumstances connected with the late heart-rend ing disaster on the Hudson We are confident that we speak the sentiments of all intelligent and right thinking men m the community, when we express our most dscided approbation ol this action on the part ol the State Legislature. The Select Com mittee" which has been appointed, is invented with lull authority to send tor persons and papers, and it will indeed be a great relief to the public mind to know that a rigid, impartial and searching examin ation wil! be made, for the purpose of ascertaining the cause ol this sad calamity, the pun shment of the guilty parties, if any be discovered, and the adoption of some legislative enactments which may tend to prevent the recurrence of such a dis aster on our rivers. The honorable gentlemen who brought this mat ter before the Senate of the State deserve the gratelul eBteem of the community. We have again and again been called to express oor surprise and regret that the legislative authorities have over locked occurrences of a similar character. In the large majority of cases of accidents on our rail roads and rivers, the most culpable carelessness or recklessness have existed, but the guilty have, v. e may say, umlormly escaped. The great cuuse of this impurity has been the unwillingness or ina bility of individuals to institute proceedings against wealthyand influentialjoint-stock companies,whilst in some instances the most corrupt and disgracelul means have been resorted to for the purpose of pro. curing certificates of exculpation. Occasionally, indeed,condemnatory resolutions have been adopted and published by those who have been fortuna'e enough to escape without loss of life or limb, but the companies have quietly laughed at the accusa tions which thevlknew would be perfectly harmless. It is therefore with intense satisfaction that we are enable to'make the announcement, that in the caje of the "Swallow," the whole matter will be sub jected to a legislative investigation. If it. be con ducted in a rigid and efficient manner, as we have every reason to believe it will be, the most salutary consequences may be reasonably anticipated. From all the accounts of this disaster, there c:io be very little doubt, that the ma t culpable igno rance andjrecklessness,were manifested by the pilot in charge of the boat. The speed of the boat im mediately before the accident occurred, isrepie aented by several of the passengers as haying been at the rate of fifteen miles an hour. It is indeed, apparent, that the velocity of the boat must have been very great, when we consider the fact, that the bow was driven so far upon the fatal rock. Mr. Hinsdale, one of the passengers, who [resides in this city, states that he had gone on deck a ft w minutes before the boat struck, and that the speed of the boat was such as at once to induce the thought, that they would reach their destination at a very early hour. But the fact that the boat 1< It Albany after eix o'clock, and that the accident hap pened at some period between eight and half past eight, is alone quite sufficient to remove all doubt on that point. The " Swallow" was runnin at a speed, which was utterly inexcusabU ?and htre the question very naturally arises, why did Caption Squires permit the pilot to run her at a speed which he must be supposed to have known to be danger ous, or if he did not, he was unfit to be entreat- d with the management of the boat! It is alleged that tie darkness of the night was extreme, ei d that fact is put forth for the purpose of shield:- g the officers. Its effect is altogether in the opposite direction. When the hazard was so largely aug mented by the state of the weather, and of ti e night, why did not Captain Squires check the pilot 1 Why did he not lie to1 We do hope that this view of the case will be very rigidly examined by the committee. A great deal of stress has been most unjustifial' y laid upon the exculpatory resolutions said to hrve been passed on board the ??Rochester." They a;e not entitled to any consideration whatever. 1 - deed, there is something inexpressibly shocking n the reflection that at the very moment when th< ?*? resolutions were drawn up, and the names affix* d to them?obtained, we have seen it stated in a fraudulent manner?there were many of the suff. r ers of that fearful disaster struggling for life in t! e dark and gurgling waters, and others were sinking for ever, or lay floating corpses in that doomed cabin. In such circumstances, for the rescued ;n the Rochester to draw up and sign a paper, excul pating any of the parties connected with the ma nagement of the boat, was an act so precipitate? so unjustifiable in every aspect, that we can only excuse it, if it were really perpetrated in the man ner alleged by those whose interest it was to set k its commission?on the gTound that those who united in it, were hardly in their right mind, but that oppressed and burdened by their merciful de liverance from the untold horrors of that tragedy, they knew not what they did. Yet In this way, too often, have steamboat captains and engineer, and railroad conductors been absolved from guilt. In this case, however, calm and deliberate inquiry will result in a just judgment on the conduct of the parties concerned. Far be it from us to prejudge this matter?in volving so seriously the individuals connected with the management of this boat, and in so great a de greethe safety of human life, aste fasten criminali ty on any one, without a fair and full investigation. If any or all of the parties implicated be absolved from blame, after; proper inquiry, we shall be most happy in giving them the full benefit of an acqu t tal. But we make these remarks for the purpose of presenting the feelings and sentiments of the community to the committee of the Senate, ai d so impressing them, as forcibly as possible, with a sense of the responsibility which now devolves upon them. It is impossible to exaggerate the im portance of this investigation. It is.estimated that a million of passengers are annually conveyed cn the Hudson, between New York and Albany, hut the effects of the proceedings in this lamentable ct Be will not be confined to the travelling on this river. If such action as the investigation may dema: d and warrant be adopted and carried out in an en ergetic, well-devised and determined manner, a most salutary influence cannot fail to operate throughout the whole country on the future co - duct of all entrusted with the safety and lives of the travellers on land'and water. We shall, there fore, watch the progress of this inquiry with tl e greatest interest and attention Thxatricals.?At the Park, " Fashion" haa hi d an excellent run during the paat week. M a. Mowatt, encouraged by its success, is hard >l work on another comedy. Anderson commrnc a hia engagement to-morrow night aa " Caius Mt ? eius," in "Coriolanua." " Antigone" haa not drawn ao well at Palm< 'a aa we had hoped, and aa it deserved. Mr. Van denhoff t&kea hia benefit to-morrow night. TI.e " Lady of Lyona" and " Antigone" wili be pt r formed, and on that occaaion, at all events, there will be a crowded house. The prospects of succm for the new musical enterprise at Caatle Garden are very promism;; The apacioua saloon haa been fitted up in the mc*i magnificent style; and. what with the deliciot<3 notea of the Italian artista?the refreshing breez a from the bay?the charming promenade on tl o Battery?the bright moonlight, and the inspirit k sherry-cobblers?thin will doubtless be a moht favorite resort throughout the summer. A grand concert ta about to be given by Begnia for h? annual benefit. Th* SvrrotiD Accomplice or * Bam, tki Pirate, A HitEtrxo ?- It i? supposed that Wil liam Webster, the accomplice ot Babe, con victed o f the piracy on board the achoon. r Sarah Lavinia, and the murder of Nicholl, the captain, Brown, the mate, and Johnson, the cook, ia* been caught A person answering lo his de scription was yea'erday arrested by that excellent aa J efficient officer, Einanuel Josephs, assisted by officer Jackson, and is now in the Tombs in cIoba confinement. The suspicions that this man ia Webster, are very strong, and his identity will be settled in a few days?until whenth* ciicumstan ces which led to his being suspected, and ultimate, ly arrested, will be withheld. 1 hat he is the man there is very little doubt-still less that he has been guilty ot some dreadiul crime which has press( d heavily upon his mind. He has an ugly scar ovt r his left eye, and when interrogated as to how he came by that, he said that he had been engaged in the slave trade, and got it in a fight?that frequent ly he had assisted in throwing slaves overboard, while alive. Mathews, one of the crew of the La vinia, who was admitted as States' evidence against Babe, having confessed immediately after his arrest, the whole affair, is not far from the city, and he will be instantly summoned to appear, to see if he can identify Webster, as well aa other parties who know Webster perfectly well. Who ever this man is, he is an acquaintance of Babe'#, for a short time ago, before he was suspected it all, as being Webster, he dressed himself in *? lorg togs," hired a coach, drove to the prison, and h:>d an interview with him, during which he hugged and kissed him, gripped his hand, and conducted himself in a manner that led those that witness* d the interview to suppose that he was some very old and dear shipmate. We may give some further particulars of this affair to morrow, that is, if any one should turn up who can identify him as Web ster. If Matthews is in town, he will probably ap pear. The suspected man was taken before the United States Commissioner in the afternoon, and he decided that he was fully justified in commit ting him on suspicion. Officer Josephs, with great forethought, had his prisoner locked up in the fe male department of the city prison, and orders were given that no person should have access to him.? This was a very wise thought, as. had he been put in the male department, he would have been duiy cautioned by Babe and others, as a communication may be made from one cell to another, on the same corridor, by means of the water pipes, and thus the ends of justice might have been defeated, as they have been many times before. The man will have full justice done him,and will be protected in his rights. Ifhe is innocent, he will be discharged,?but if he is guilty, God grant that lie may be punished as he deserves, that the lives of the community may be protected?that a terrible example maybe made of all who would oomniit the most fearful crimes ef piracy and murdej on the high seas, and that the blood of the three murder ed victims may be atoned for. The name of the prisoner given is withheld, so that if he is inLo cent he may go forth into the world again, with out even the blot of having laid himself open 10 suspicion resting upon his name. Accuracy of our Ship News.?One or two tf the Wall street papers, in order, we suppose, to bolster up their own reputation for news, or save some one from censure, have stated that the report in the Herald that the brig Judson was ashore at tf e ? S. W. Spit was a fabrication. We published hat Thursday that the Judson had been ashore,and v e now repeat the fact. She was passed on Wednes day afternoon, while on Fhnn's Nole, on the Spit, by the pilot boat Jacob Bell, and aiked by Cap'.. Mitchell, of that boat, if she wanted a pilot or as sistance? Her captain answeted that he was his own pilot, and wanted no assistance. In about tv o hours she was got off* by the fortunate rise of the tide and a freshening of the breeze. If this is de nied we will produce an affidavit of the fact. Mail Link to Boston ?The old favorite steamer Massachusetts, commanded by the favorite Captain Comstock, and the Narraganaett, Captain Manchi a ter,having been put in superior order,for the comf < rt and safety of passengers, leave pier No. 1 North River, Battery Place, daily, (Sundays excepted,) at 5 o'clock, P. M. via Newport and Providence, three times a week ; and three times a week \ia Stoningten and Providence Railroad. Fare tv o dollars, deck one dollar. We understand that the Rhode Island, one of the steamers comprising this line, is undergoing exten sive improvements and alterations, which will greatly increase her size and speed, making her ore of the fastest|and mos'Jsplendid steamboatsupon tl e Sound. She will be ready to take the place of (he Narragansett about the 1st of May. Conviction or Polly Bodine.?It will be seen from our report of the proceedings in the Circuit Court yesterday, that the wretched woman, Bodine, has been convicted; Jeeiey City.?The election tor Mayor and Al dermen comes off to-morrow. The anti-lottery party decline running a ticket, and the lottery party in consequence have a quarrel among themselves. Elections in the Citiis.?Five of the gre .t cities of the State?New York, Albany, Buffalo, Brooklyn, and Rochester?have this year given democratic mtgorities. Wreck or the Swallow.?The Albany Advcr titer of Friday gives the annexed additional per ticulars.? Two more bodies were recovered yesterday. Thty were taken from tho river by drags. This makes 13 in ?II recov ered from the wreck and river. No attempt w i ? made*?esterday to proceed to any further examination ct the wreck. The bodies were brought up in the South America tliin morning, they are those of Mrs. Parker, ot Utics, acd ot Mary Torrcy, of Pottiville, Penn.. where she has lately u ?? 'jwtroctress; she is cousin to the wild ot Mr. Hswley, cf Montgomery street, in this city. The steamer Sandusky wiU tow the hulks of the Cham plain and De Witt Clinton to Athens to day, when an li tem pt will be made to raiae the wreck. Several persons were engaged in dragging the iiv? r both above and below the wreck, but the only persons i e covered were the two above mentioned. We learn from a person who waa at Hudson yesterdav, engaged in the search for the bodies, that the Pilot Bu ? natt admitted to him that he waa in charge of the Swul low before she reached 4 mile point U miles from Hut. ?on) and continued so in charge until the Swallow w..? wrecked. Our informant, who is an old river haad,stat< i that the disaster could have been caused by nothing bi:t the mast gross cirelessness. The .Mm of this city Ststes thst fare had been paid ty iM and many w. r? on board who had not paid it. T? o opinion appear * to he that when the boat is rsised the lo. s ot life will be found to bo tiuiy appalling. A young gentleman calling himself William H.Graves a passenger on board of the liifstsd Swallow, apparent I v a stranger to all on board, displayed a coolness and a h.. roism worthy of the highest praise. Amidst tha chat i and confusion, grosns andories, ha waa seon partial' ? clothed to plunge inte the river, and rescue from a wat" wr?e or four ladies st the imminent ri?!c ot nis own lite. The Captain and passengers will races nice at once the young man, andjuatlfy me in tho step I have tsken to award praise to hiss who truly and Just .y earned it. The Season.?'The Franklin (Att&kapaa) Banntr of the 2Jhh ult . says:?"So far, our crops hav. not btan iDjured by the frost, although we have had two or thrca pretty iharp nights, this month. The cana is well up, and corn begines to sprout. China and locust trees, with us,are in blossom, and Creole, peach and plrni tree* already bear fiutt as large as maibles. Onr K< n tucky <rait traea begin to put forth leaves, while thorn from New York hare not yet swelled in the bud. Honorable.?Captain Samuel Allen, one of the early fathera of Toledo, became involved in tl * whirlpool ol speculation in 1836, and waa under the iv ? ceasity of availing himaelf of the Bankrupt law to enal<"> him to reeommenee business free of nia speculate n dnbts. About a year ago he commenced butinesi in B< s ton, and on his return here this winter promptly paid i p his debts lo mechanics and others having an nonorati? claim on his purse.?ToUdo Blade. Moiik Factorirs.?Two cotton factoriea in Mayaville, Kentucky, one of them lately establish ed, run 1,#M spin<lles, give employment to aizty-two p* r sons, and manufacture, weekly, about eleven thoust J dozen cotton yarns, battings, candle wicks, kc. We see it stated in the Muiitonian that UoL Bomfo 1 is about to eroct a muslin factory on the rains of hia o d flour mills near Georgetown. SmciDt.?Mra. Mary, wile of Thomas Judt1, about SO vears of age, residing in Nutria Alley, between Adams and Pearl streets, committed suicide t y inking laudanum on Wedneeoay evening, about 7 o'clock. *"he was the Mtkarl of larga, family .-?roaMyn ?/Iprilll.jiu 1; Htfiiatiu af Trtttliirt. Yr*lerday wm comparatively a blank day at ail the Hotels of the city. The arrivals were tew, but the departures were more uumerous than usual Amongst the former we found at the Ajkkricaiii?George H Demmior, PhiladelphiS; F. 8ts? ford. E. J. Jones, Georgia; N.M.Lowry, Maine; W. M Mallory, Corning; P. C. Aldriche, Stockbridge; Jaco'> Smith, Maine, and 10 others. Aitor?G. M. Vaunderaon, Philadelphia; John H. Thompson. Princeton; Guorga Bliss, Springfield; Judpa Edmonda, Now York; E. 8. Peasley, J. V. t'eabody, V\ . H. Ouooaii, Philadelphia; R C. Norris, Steam Koain i Contractor; Mr. MaiUsnd, Quebec; W. John McClellsn I, Hamilton, Canada Weitj Judge Willard, Saratoga, aul 10 othera. Citt? 8. Bent, St. Louis, W. Worabam, Va ; Jeahua Semstreth, Philadelphia; J. W Sawyer, Boston; John Purdy, Wattling ton; D. ?V Clarke, Hartford; Samuel L. Flagg, Buffalo; J. S.Bryan, North Carolina; Charlts Well*, Pniiadelphia, and Mothers. VaanKLiN?8. Whitney, Niagara Fallai J. P. Cone. Union Springs; W. Warner,Cleveland. Ohio; John D > ly, Buffalo; Colonel C. Barton, Kecsville; E H. Leonard, Ohio; K C. Van Kppea, Long Island; R. Adrain, New Brunswick, and -JO others. Globs-W. B. Punchard, Beaton; Commodore Shu brick, U S N.; General Cunningham, and 6 othera Howaro's?J. S. Woodward, Philadelphia: Hod Man chester, Buffalo; Judge Laurence, Columbia; W. II. Woodford, Fredencton, N. Brunswick; 'Louis Chepiu, Rochester; Samuel Harris, Maine; J. H. Gordon, Galena. Watkrlkt?W. B. Blanchnrd, Steamer Neptuue, J. Hodgo, Pottiville; H. MoCarthy, Augusta, Georgia; J. Ross, J. 11 Anderson, tragedian, New Orleans; Captain Swsim, Johnston, R I. From all accounts of the various travellers from Albany this morning, there is every reason to hope that we have reached the full number of the lost in the " Swallow." Although the weather h".a thrown many obstacles in the way of a full an I complete search afterlife and treasure. Theatricals, ?fcc. Sig'a Pico, aaaisted by Sig. Sanqairico and Master Soon cia, give a concert in Baltimore, ?n Monday evening Sig. Cassella pave a farewell concert last evening at tha Musical Fund Hall, Philadelphia. Mrs. Sloman had a bumper benefit at the Egyptian Sa loon, Baltimore , on Friday evening. Mirs St Clair sa4 Mons. Phillip terminated their necio msntio exhibitions in Boston, en Friday evening. Mr. T. Placido took a benefit at the St. Charles Theatre, New Orlesns, on the 4th instant. Miss Browning, the Kentucky Giantess, is drawing large crowds of People to her daily levees in New Or leans. Mr. Hy. Phillips gives a concert in Lowell, R. I., on Monday next. The "Elixir of Love" has been brought out by the lia* lian troupe in New Orleans. Ole Bull's visit to Vicksburg has been highly success ful. Miss Gannon, Mrs Booth, Miss McBrlde, Mrs. Rusk il, Miss Gertrude, Mr. J Befton, Mr. Owens, Mr. Gallagher, and Mr. Anderton, are engaged at the Baltimore Mu seum. Messrs. Germon, Stanwood, Harrington, Pelham ar.d White, the original Ethiopian Berenaders, remsin at the Assembly Rooms, Baltimore, for one week longer. The Scguins and Mr. F razor terminatsd their engage ments in Mobile on the 6th inst. The "Infant Sisters," and the celebrated Scotch bagpi per are engsged at the Mobile theatre. A pavilion, far the use of Howe k Maine's cquettrina corps, is erecting on Fourth street, between Locust and Vine, New Orlesns. The company have arrived in thut city. Mrs. George Jones is engsged with tha Amateur com pany st the Olympic theatre, Montreal. The Bangor Whig states, that we are shortly to have a theatrical company here, which will entertain our ci i zens with light and agreeable performances?just what we wsnt this sgreeable weather. M. Vieux Temps is giving concerts in London. A Berlin letter of the 7th instant, gives the followi g statement. The day before yesterday an old chorus sii <j er oftbe Grand Opera, named Bredersk, went toona of (tie magistrates and spontaneously confessed that be was r< le incendiary of the Opera House, burnt down in the nif tit of the ISth of August, 1843?that he did it in revenge lor a severe reproof given him by the leader of the choius, and effected it by scattering lighted tinder in the wa. d jobe and other parts of the thestre. Personal Movements* Messrs. Cooke and Woodbridge have retired from the editorial charge of the New England Puritan, and t) it Rev. Dorus Clarke and Harvey Newcomb are to hi ve charge of the Puritan in future. William B. Bulloch, Esq , ha* been appointed by the President, Collector of the Port of Savannah, vice G u. Edward Harden. The Ilarritbvr/i Argus has changed hands, and is nt w conducted by J. J. C. Csntine, Esq. W. C. Carrington, Esq. ot Charlotte, (Va) hsa bi a associated with Messrs. Cowardin & Davis, (formerly pi > prietors) in the conduct of the Richmond CompUtr. Gov. Fenner, it la ssid, intends cslling the legislatu a ot Rhode Island together, and to recommend tha libtr*> tion of Thomas W. Dorr Gov. Mouton, of Louisiana,declines s re-election. Interesting from Muscat.?The AlleghanLn frigate Constitution was at Zanzibar at the h a accounts. The following extract from a privi e letter, by one of the officers to a relative, dat< d from that iBland, states;? Zanzibar contains a population of 30 000 souls, moti'y black, of the darkest hue,soma natives ol Hindoostan, n d a few Arabs, who are lords of the soil. Ths Suit in ow. ?. besides this island, the East Coast of Africa a* far as P. sis, and bas a fleet of men of war. While engaged the other day in sketching the front f the Imeumhi Palace, who should pop out from behind a* orange tree, bnt the chief of tie eunuchs! He was an Abysinian slave. but a hsndseme, well dressed you g man, entirely different from my preconceived notions oi a chief eunuch. 1 imagine, you think he was an ugly t i l blsck rascal. He was no such thing; bat a smiiit 5. courteous young man, who *?nt a little nigger for fr? u cscoa nuts, and cutting off the tops, presented each cf is with about a pint of the moat cool and refreshing bever? <?. contained in them. You would hava been amused with our dinner at the Siltau's ths other day. It wss literally a feed in presence of his Highness and the Court, a* 0. course the Mabometani could not ea'. with Infidels. T e table was completely covcred with vianda?three go ts roastel whole?were surrounded by tho most barba e profusion of lrnit, fowls, preserves, fritters, custard, ric ?, lie., all cooked after the Arab fashion?no wine, of coun i, but goblets of rose water. The fesst wound up with some delicious Mocha coffee, sweetened with sugar candy, 1 1 lowed by a goblet of cocoa-nut milk. W? were wait- 1 on by Aby&falan eunuchs, arrayed in the most orient *1 style, each dressed in white turban and white tunic, wi h a superb dagger stuck in the belt?the eld chief look.l on and smiled benignant!/. The Affair at Rio?The following letter, whi. h we find in the Cleveland Plaindealer of the 8th ins'., confirms what we exclusively published i liw days ago. Rio De Jabkiro, Feb. S, IMS The Brazilian government have insulted our Mini*'. r pf War here, and also the Consul,and in fact the Amerir n officers and th> flag daily. Th? Minister has written > 11 to Washington about it, to know how he ahall act, wh > ihT he ahall doclare war or not, and to aand him ou a larger fleet. The Brazilians are fitting out all their sbii ? ?( war, and repairing their torts, so that eve.7 thing loci s lika war hero. Toey ara impressing men every day ? o board thair vessels of war, and coma out boldly, and r. y to our commander and officers, they are ready to goi.j warand give the d?d Yankees a licking The Kngli:b and tha French hare are laughing in thair sleerra at 1' Wk took an American slave brig called the Porpoise, f Brunswick, a fortnight ago, wi'h the slaves on board, #-..1 $80 000 in gold and silver, with f 20 O'tO worth of gold dint ?we kept her (or a week, under charge of the trig but the authorities here demanded her, and in feet ins ? the Minister and commodore give it up, or they wou d have sunk us. They had all their ships around us, at 1 thair forts double manned, and thair guns double shotti J. to blow us out of water if wa attempted to resist, so th 1' we must have a war, or recall eur navy hams, and pock < t the iusult. From Matanzhs.?The Sirnc arrived at this Sort yesterday, in seven days froui Matarzas. The sci r .zport arrived on the 2#th ult from Savsnaah. II r cargo (rice) was not sold when the 8iroc laft. Capti ? Osborne brought 1.0 lett.is nor papers. He infonns i.s that molaasas was sellir g at 6| rials, and daily advancing. ? Savannah Qeorgian 9th intt. New York Leoislvhtrs'The legislation of tl e Home did not amount to much to-day. Mr.Thom ? son, of you' city, brought in n petition to coraprl stei n passenger boats to be supplied with a sufHcietit numb i uf "mill boats to convey their passengers ashore in ess ? of accident. Mr. T. slso moved a resolution, vliich w s adopted, directing the judiciary committee to inquire ii to the rxpsdiency of restricting the number of paaaangi is stenmbosts shall carry. The hill relative to tha Slate Library was reported o day.ss it passed the Seoate. It mnkta an appropriation for the purchase of the library of Dsvid B. Warden, of Paris. The House, it being resolution day, moved scores of bills from the general orders to stsnding or select com mittees, to rrpoit complete ; or advanced them toearl.<r stations on the general orders. Among the latter clasi i s was the New York registry bill The bill for a constitutional convention came up tc-dty as the special order. Mr. Baily, ol Putnam, spoke, I M had not concluded when the House tonk its usual rere ? The bridge hill was to be taken up at S| this alter not. n, by order orthe House. Aside Irom the resolution raising a committee of invr ? tigation into the onuses which led to tho loss of the Sw ? low, nothing of moment wss done in the Senate.?Livi?f >? lew's Albany Letter, April II. Lark Superior Copper.?The valuable Li! e Superior minerals will begi* to yield their ri< Ii tribute the present season, and the prediction is ventur. j thst ere long the copper ol the world will be mainly au,> Elied from tha mineral regions washed by the Father >akfs We learn from Mr. Mendenhall, the enterpriaii < pioneer In Lake Superior explorations, that permission has been obtained to transport lOOOtousof mineral to Boston for smelting.and that so rieh is the ore that it ccm mands $20? per ion at the works in that city. Mr M i on his way to Copper Harbor, to conti ue exploratio ? and surveys At present the Algonquin taken from t i? port and at great labor and expense conveyed around *h Sault Bt. Marie an] l.':unc.hrd upon Lake Superior sevsi years ago by the Cicvrland Company, of wkiah Mr >i was the master spirit, is now the only American vet?. i afloat on that lake. Additional shipping will be put up i the lake this season,tho schooner Swallow having alrem'? left this port for Lake Superior. The small schooner Ch n Kswa la also destine 1 for that lake, and a fl le craft i< uilding at Detroit for the same destination. Therepoit I thst tke propeller Vsn Ulia would b? taken rouad the | Sault is incorrect.- Cleveland Herald >U<? t?(IUktnrt Iw Senate, Aran. 11. Im Disaster oh th* Hudiok.?Mr. 8t>u? tolled for the consideration of the reaolution taking tor an investigation into the recent disaster of the Swallow. Mr. Sherman laid he would be glad to have this affair tally Investigated. All this be deiired, but he thought that tbe Legislature or its committee was not the prop<r tribunal?the Coroner ha > full power, and it was his mo t solemn dutjr to exercise that power. Mr. Barlow detended the purport of his resolution, and urge! that no investigation would be made unlets made by the Legislature?and the public voioe demanded that this sad aftair should be, in all its tacts and circumstance!, made known mid emphatically known. Mr. Poi-aoM tbsught we hud precedent for th* invest i Eition?such a course was taken in Congress and in tbe jglish Parliament. He wanted the investigation, not to punish the officers, but to proviJa against future evil Mr Har* was in favor of the investigation. He alluded te the resolutions passed on board tue Rochester at a meeting, over which he had presiJed. That meeting, as he had then understood, was called ostensiblv tor the saved, to the Express and Rochestsr for their ?iiiolent ex ?trtion< in rescuing those in peril, end to the citizens of Hudson and Athens lor theii kindness. After tbe meeting bad convened for this purpose, a resolution was urged, purpose of expressing tba gratitude of those who were exculpating tne captain and officers, and especially prais ing Capt. Squirts for bis coolness, intrinidity ana self possefuion in the affair. But he, (Mr Hard,) only joined in this resolution and signed the proceedings because it was urged that the captain was not responiible for the mitminagement of the pilot. He, (Mr. H.,) did not see the captain during the entiie duiation of the accident. Eveiy one said there waa negligence, and gross negligence, an I he thought there was negligence. The night was durk and stormy?to that he could bear witness, but he nevt-r intended by the resolutions of the meeting over which be preiided, to exculpate from the charge of negligence He telt it dun to himself to make this explanation. Mr. Bartlit moved to strikeout so much of the reso lution as directa the aommittee to lend for persons and papers. Could the committee, if they had the power, and brought up the officers before them, compel them to tt s tify 7 (Yes, yes. waa heard from many parts of tbu Senate.) Or oould they punish them for not testifying? (The same response was heard ) Mr. Wkioht offered a substitute, directing the commit tee on commerce and navigation, in view of the disaster on board the Swallow, to report whether any further le gislation is necessary to protect life and property in its passage on the Hudson. Mr. Habo urged as a further reason for bis having join ed in the resolutions of the Rochester, that the feeling of Satitude was ao strong for their deliverance from peril, at they promptly off:red that tribute to the generous hearted men of the Express and the Rochester, wbo were soon at their aida. There was also around bim a general expression of approbation of the Captain, and he did not at that time know so well aa afterwards, the circumstanccs of the the disaster. Tha question was taken on Mr. Wright's substitute,

and it was lost, as follows Ayes 0; Noes 18. Mr. Bberman was in favor of the original resolution? Tha occuirence demanded just such an investigation as a committee of the Senate, ftally clothed with power, oould make. How tbe boat could have been ran upon the roc k in question, he could not, from bis knowledge of the river, imagine. The question coming on Mr. Bartlit's motion to strike out the power to send lor persons and papera, and that w as lost as follows : - Ayes A; Noes 18. And then the origiaal resolution was adopted. Cincinnati. (Correspondence of the Herald.) Cincinnati, April 8,1845 The Charter Election? Position of Partiei?Strange Operations in Busineu?Oreat Fire, Sfc Vesterday the charter election took place in tl i? city, and resulted in the reelection of the present Whig Mayor and city Marshal, by about 200 m i jority. The Democrats made no nomination f >r Mayor, but gave their support to J udge Morse, a stump candidate, fresh from the whig ranks. - The Natives, after the most tremendous flourish of trumpets and the aid of the ablest conduced jour nal west of the mountains, polled about 500 vot* j. This is large, considering the population of Ci i cinnati is only75,000. The entire vote polled was about 8000 The whigs also elected a majority of the City Council. John Brough and Samuel Mcdary, the democra tic party of Ohio, are ao busy at work in taking care of the democracy at large, that the local mat ters of the State are most awfully ndglecteil, whilst Alfred Kelly and Judge Wright, the wli j party of the State, are interestingly employed it preparing the new Bank law for operation. Th< y nave an uphill duty to perform, and if "coming events cast their shadows," I shouW not be aurpi ? ed to see the people take some of fhe State powr into their own hands, and hurl the big string pullt rs into a watery element ere (org. An al?rming fire broke out at uine o'clock tl: s morning in the Broadway Exchange,kept byMesbn. Adams & Ganter, which soon extended to ti e three adjoining buildings, the whole of which wire nearly destroyed, notwithstanding the exertions .'I the very best fire department in the United Stat-/. Fifty five years ago yesterday, old Gen. Rul .? Putnam landed at Marietta, (O ) his daughter b - ing, as the Frenchmen aay, very much fat ti-gur ', drew a long sigh O-hi-o, hence the name of ti e great State. The anniversary was duly observ* d in this city yesterday by the parade of several m l itary companies. The Horticultural Society of this city accept d the chatter granted at the hat session oi the Leg ? lature on Saturday last, and organised under ti e same bv the election of officers. Nicholas Loi -i worth, , a famous agriculturist and patron I the fine arts, was chosen President. Public amusements, two theatres, a circus, ai d museum, all in full blast D. B. P. Columbia, B.C. [Corraspsnisnessf tha HsrsU ] Columbia, S. C , March 20,1S46 Spoilt J or South Car diniant ? Their high toned ch i racttr-TrM.de, Religion, Literature?Cotton Fws to\riti?Bunkt, etc. etc. Now that the "rtgeof battle's ended," I presuit.e a cosmopolitan view of the se diggins(the head qu:. r tera of the chivalry of the South) may be intsre. t ing to the nullifiers of the old Bay State, as wrll aa to that section of the cohorta of Mr. Polk, which ia called the Youag Democracy. You t,> pear to think that the President's chief difficult will b? with the office seekers, but out here the opinion seems to be that when Massachusetts ar. J Vermont walk out of the Union, mump hoist s?tl too, and running up the broad Trade," put old Carolina on her legs again. So that, wl.it with these things on two aides of him, and Mexit o on the other,the Tennessee nag will have his hai: a full of something else besides ottiee seekers. Frem this State, at all evonts, Mr. Polk will not lis troubled about appointments to office any nu.o than his predecessors were, for there is too mui h high toned hsnor and integrity in cur peoples paader either (o wealth or pow?r. A glauce at ti.s olue book willtatisfy you that Souili C uoliniau =, (with the exception ofthoae in the . nry sad nav ) are "mighty searce" inthe list <.'( tho ? who fatt?? on the spoils. May it bttver thus ! This town is a place of considerable business during the ootton season, but when that is over, it is as dull as one of Hale's long editorial aermc-s about the missionary cause. A large portion of the trade is in the (lands of the lsraelites,who con template erecting a synagogue soon, which mi? t be easily fixed by altering the theatre, an out i affair that dont take, owing to the religious n. -1 temperate feelings of the people. As t! ? building belongs to a wealthy tntmbt-r <>f the sect, and is situated next to the Ca tholic Church, it would seem a pro) r thing to have tha matter considered. Nearly - > the different denominations of Christians ha e places of worship, but the Methodists predumina- "? The Presbyterians have a valuable ally in the Its* Mr. Thorwell, Professor of Sacred Literature ai ! Theology in the South Carolina College. The R vi dian Catholic congregation consists principally >1 . the sons of Green Btia, and la belle France. Tn< r i Pastor, Rev Mr C|uigley, is a forcible speaker. Oi the college, 1 have seen but little, but 1 i m told that there are nearly 200 students, which :? "not so bad." One of the i-roltssors. Mr Eliet, s beat known to your reader* as the bus'.Mitd of a celebrated literary lady. whose translations Irt n the German, Italian and French languages havetiv peared in the magsziner, nn^ won her a high po t tion among the literati. Lteber, author of ihe f i cyclo(usdia \inericana, is also ? professor, but I. s been lor some time absent in Europe, much to t' e dissatisfaction ol the faculty. There are several fine Hotels?the United Stat. ?. Black's, Caldwell's, Kdgsr's, and the "FarmerV " Tne fare at the latter 1 have found first rate, s n thr eharge is only fifty cents 11 daj! Thiiilt of tli ye Yorkers! Fresh milk three tun'? a d iy, sh- , wild ducks, lurkies, pigeons and venitoii uii irfl. i turn. By the way, since the late cold ipell,tniiu< ? of wild pigeons have bivouacked in our vicun but they gt-nerally Hy too fugn to be trached t>) common shot gun. I found your paper at nil the principal pis cte 01.1 \ route, and it greeted me here iu a reading-no. which has beer, fitted ui> with much care ?rd ts ? by Messrs. Weir <\r Slider, on the main s reel A ,? joining it is a library, and a utrur.srrr c.<n et>jo) 1 very agreeable lounge cu an introduction ti> 1 ? proprietors, ;who are very worthy, enterprin v young men and deserve thecacouragemeut of tr.< >1 fellow citizens Cotton is down, down, down, m il this country fast draining Texas-wird, where it is said th? a> i e> can be raised lor 3 cents, n I money made it! Double that won't pay for " fotehii g" it bti , and hence many are turning their attention to 1 hncco, mannlacrur> s, 3cc Wiihin two iniUn ? t Columbia, on the Saluda, there is h fine fl"!! > factory, built of native s'one, and I am told thai n nau paid at the rate of 16 p< r cent on thu cspn <1 tor tlii last yssr. Others are growir.g up in adjoi.i ing districts, and in the northern part of the Staie ihe mining business tod manufscture of iron bids fur, to prosper. The people cut Uve^ very well within themselves, if they only put their ihoutyera to the wheel; and itiagratifying to know,notwith< (?tending their paat eitruvagance, they are likely to keep right side up lo* 'he future. We havf a branch of (he State Bank here, ard alao the Commeroial Bank, which are fully suffi cient for the wants of the community. Exchange on your city has generally been from par to 4 per cent premium during the season. Groceries and dry goods command tair prices, but there is always a{good supply. Cotton, extremes, 4 a 6{, and tole rably firm. It ia sent by railroada and boats to Charleston?Ireight 75 cents per bale. Talking of railroads, the charges for passengers are enormous. " You leave here at 6 A. M., and reach Charleston at 1 P. M., a distance of one hundred and twenty miles, for which you pav $6,50, nearly a dollar an hour ! You are, of course, aware that Columbia is the residence of Col. W. C. Preston, Wade Hampton, and other " big bugs." The Governor, Mr. Aiken, lives in Charleston. I may before proceeding m route, give you descriptions of the State House, Lunatic ABylum, Arsenal, 6co. Your old amigo, Jno. Joass, of the War Office. City Intelligence* Police OOlce?Satubdav?RoBstD m a Brothel.? A gentleman who did not see At to give his name at the Police, who reside* at present at the Aitor House, but is a member of i.ougrets from the West, it is belii ved was robbed last night in a brothel of about $00, by a femals of the pave named Louisa Fisher, with whom he was in oompsny. Illeoal Votino.?A man named Daniel Shea was ar rested and committed for illegal voting in the Third Dis trict of the Sixth Ward, when ho belonged in the First Ward, if any where. Wm. Jones and Patrick Murphy, were brought be fore the setting magistrate, by some M. P's, charged with riotous conduct and violation of the public pet e >. Jones was atked to explaia the reason of the disturbance comphinnl of. Jones?I was assaulted by that man Patrick Murphy, who 1 am willing to swear has attempted to murder me. Maoistbate ?What have you to say to that charge, Murphy 7 Muamv?I've muoh to say, may it plase yer onor, and will take me atttaavy the man's not in his right senses ; f wassittiain Mrs. Hanson's front room, up two pair of stairs, No 29 Litttle Water street, where I ates me males and lodges, but does me own washin?that ia to say, psjs extra for it to Mistress Sisily Johnson, the eulnred lady that livei croie the way, and is as eivil a tongued woman censiderin she's a nagur as I ever kim acrass, whin tie deflndtat Jones, kim in, and sea he to me, ses lie,?ia'nt it a pitty that a nation like thia, wid it* grand mountains, and beautiful valleys,?ita ilegant lakea and noble rivers should be without a name :? Whose many a mount doth lift its head, And river rowls along, Where dwell a great and noble race, Without a name for aong. There's no denyin, Misiher Jones, sed 1, but 'lis you is the great poet, apminUrqf thnukU with btmutiful wordt, but how do you saute out OUa cdhnthry to have no name, for that bates Banagher, any way, aea I. and I thank you to iaainae me ioto it Too bo suae 1 will, sea ha, it's plain enough, and I'll thank yer, ses he, mighty polite like, to tell me whatceunthry you war born in ? In Ireland, a?a I. And ycu are an Irishman? ses he. What the devil else >hould I be 1 ses I. (laughter) That's Jlat it ses he. Is it indeed, ses I, I'm jistas wise as I was afore. Well thin, ses Jones, whst's the nasae of this oounthry 7 The United Mates, ses I. Do you call that a name, sea he, i.'s oniy a diftnition.but not a name which shoots the bur mony of numbers or the music of poethry: but your counthry, s? s he, is not without a name, it ia called Erin or Hibernia, the " Gem of the ocean, the lovely Emerald Isle." You talk right sinsible now, sed I, and if you'd always? But ses he, interruptin me, if I cell meself anyticg, I must call ueself a United-States-of-North-Amei iker-msn, whir h in my opinion, aounds on the tide of melody, like a 8a * - Sarpint wid a long tail. (Loud laughter.) Bui, ses he, i.'s an ' jiUt[anian" I am, and an " rfUegantmn" I wish to be celled, and in the words of the Porter of the Waahin a. d lronin Society of New York Jon as-Good heavens what a perversion of languaga and ideas! I spoke of the report of the Hiatorcal Society and of Washin* ton Irving. (Great laughter.) Mosfht?I considered it was the porter as was cor rupt in him, (laughter) not thinkin that aich great people could be sich great fools ; (loud lsughtar) ana so I sed 'e him, Misther Jones, if yer call the counthry "jtUegatu*'' what do you do wid de horse 7 What hvrtr.l ses he. Why, sed I, it you have it half allegntor, why not have it hall horse f (Peals of laughter.) Misther Murphy, s*d he, you're a loot!?den't you see its a grammatical diriv a tion from the apple-s-shin, or the Alley uutheryn ehs a of mountains, wnich were tha back boneef the counthr y whin we first declared our iadependince If they weia then the back bone of the couuthry when'we fint de. clared our indepindince. Misther Jones, ted 1, what'I Become of 'em aince? (Laughter) Why, sed he, the Alley-Guther mountains is one of thim oignnic construc tions, like the mud of the city, coeternal with the exig ence of matther, and ov cooiso, they are there still. (Laughter.) You had hetther let thim remain st?7J, sed I, and not be moetn Vm. (Loud laughter.) MAoisTBATK-SileBce, this laughing must be put a stop to. Mvamv?Muthtr Jonea then called me ont ov me nam ?, and a foriaer beside; I towld him I was a foriner, ai d proud to be a foriner, ooiui-lerin how much the foriue s bad done for Amerikay, and if justice wor dene the fori ? nrs, this counthry'd be ealled afthtr a foriner It wsv 1 hare been no more than right to cull it Columbia, ai'h r Columbus? orOregania.attherO'R'gan.the Iiish princ ??, its first diikiveiar,- or Rockonia. altber the great In n Hspparee, Cap'ain Rock, who found out the Rocl.y Mountains, and spent much of his time at Roekawi ? , Jivurtin himself wid fi .hin and the like. Then Misth'r Jones grow worsn and worse iu blagguarriing me and r.ia ceunthfy, and telling n:?,t hot me and the likes ov me, h d betthrr have S'ed at homu iu our own counthry. Jonh-I denv using any language whiah, as a Natii e American Republican, I had nut a right to use. MoarHV?I didnt mind the language, for every n, a hits a natural right, all over the world, to have his an> - hut whin I towld hisa it wor a plot to ruin thecoi o thry, and chate the forinera out ov their allegiance, by changin the counthry to some*hin Use, ho towld me tl it Jilt-gain-yer could do without the foriners, and be glad tj get nd of'em. Msy the divil Jill gainyrr. aid I; wl ia with that, Jones gives me a whack along side u? ate head and a kick on me shies, enoagh to spill a hop 1 head of butthermilk, and laya me sprawlln on the flui - ; aa soon as I kirn t"0, and wer standrn on ma ligs. I dive. - f <l meself wid knockin saiicepaus out ov him Thin oil r parties kem hi, and the skriromage was gineral-in t!,e midst ev it utl, and whin the tight was iilegant, the Mr - nificiant Peelers captivated us, and brought us hete, a. d that's all I know about it. Jones' story, and the accaunt of the other wltnes- 1 having substintially corroborated that of Murphy, tt y were both bound over to keep tho peace and to answer ut the Sessions. Coroner'a Ofllee?Aran. 13 ?Sodoku Dbatn.?T: a Coroner held an inquest at No >U Broadway, on the bo y of a colored fsmalo, nitnad Jane Johason, about 50 yei n of age. Th* deceased had beon a servant in th? fumilj f Mr. W Pjst, for about thirty yeats ; but had been ab?t i t for some tima at Long branch for the benefit ol h< r heel h, and on returning yesterday, she became worse and di< 1. Death caused from a turner in her side. Circuit Court. Before JuJ?e ElmonJ* A run. 12?Trial of jPnllylJiodina - Ttaenly ftril Hay - Half past an* a'tlnck?TUm jiry C(i:o into Court at J9 m inn ten pan 1 o'clock, looking much [cut up aftar th< ir locg retirement. Co?T?I recairfd a romir.ujtcvion from one of ycifc aiking '? If my min I and cuatciauca la forced to a caaclu siou, mil*: 1 giro a verdict f" rtvary man may act ato<i !? ing to the dictate* ol hia aenacienco If I undai i*a; d t' a juror wirhea to know how far ho nay i>reaume on lit] ?ubject i.l i iremiu'an'ial tMrtinior.y Now, 1 w ah t> krio.v tlin pai uctilar |< iu'. on which the juror hotitoto. t? remWr a verdict Juror? (Mr. Stork ) Tbo want of evidence Couar? If ihs Jutoia are iCm-vineed tb?t thepri?"?"r did kill ilia. Houiemtn. and did ao tiir?u^h prrmeJttal <1 design, the law and hit cnnaclence will Jiiitify lh? t?i)i ( of a verdi. t ol guilty. I( tke case, ai presented to h in, ?howa any uan;ol t vilencr, lorn nit to enable him o oomo lo Una conclusion. than. c.f cour*?, hit c"n?cian a mmt goieitl h m,-thai if tbe jiuy ba lully ??ii,ft d 1) at the 'Ha kill, and kill through p'emedit .ird design, ti e Inevitable ie?nli i..uit b?: a verdict ol guilty af the ciIm* of murder. Iiirtgml ;? mannl lug'jtur, the jtiiy th^i 1 u id?:i?t.ind tint ite l.w divide* I' !? la (onr ri.|*r<?i - An^thfr (juration h.i? be. u put in re flion 11 m-irder at I wi'/ul murder. The law Ki.cwi no r?ia; Ir o 1 >n b?*.W"H a unci'and wif.il mnrd'T An-ison -killlrsr a i!h pin Meditated d aUnis goil'y < f wu'dor. At t j in.n.tUu; j. ler, it ii killing a i'hfut dt?igi. A Juhoa, (Mr. limimi.iMi) ? TM? qti? iv. l.n- uri- n from th?laot of jour H ihoi'a >t.t;ig ??!-.> M a. Bftdi t? won bo and t > ?b<i .v wii< r.> >.hi tv-.t a'. th? rime ol tn. (! ?>. ( e m. -You had a li- httitall ution h r fi> ahn*" w ? rt> ahe wn? at the tir.r A|ti>tlu finding of theatolonr' * i" ity ?-a ni' ti Who la lnund ii po;-c'i"nn of itoitin jr >? p"iti-II the c> ir.icl l>;ft|i il *t i -mailt >d end ?H?t j iry vcrrt-criiT.iirrU IIi* hOfllt iwd p0**"Mt0n of I n i.io|>Miy I-Idii.o wIv, sifter! \v*< lt <M? the j.ii > ih >t d H.iil hitn guilt) ? I !l.a III. riy Mr OiiH???ln ri*la'l< n yrttr fl in?t-'? cha-tf' 'o the crime ol mantUn.; '.r I )? aire yi-ur II"'f: t > n'?'aa tha if ihi.nl1 bflihnu 3 w n In a cm I rn 'I al niUIPt-r. Idwi'ii \ * i:r linn*)!' Il mMlily a p;irtl >r I r I'l-flurg'*, In 'v'iic l yuM.?'itd 11 ih" 4 ? r% in?* M Boliii' vm poflAill<ii(.'oiini Itrbei akftuVa'". \. v, y.tir I! >?.or, ^lie i< i.o' h>nn4, un'.i>?? th? i>io*?p?I'I ?> tlK-wad wl #rr ?ii? ?? i ,?n l (hen *M Hboti'.J b^'boa ' " i-prof.' it, if it ii v i.'Vi.l ,.|iy cif<! ,m<tniiC"-a It ifl it' n tn Ci in.iiix ilj. Ti.n m ? iiitc ql'i'lalM fact far ? e I 'ly Oil' i ail ?? i i > rmji Ml ?n 'h* irvt'f C? uat.""T ii q i *'i in a i) t'l Imi ol la? | t,r i tj ?? *ti n id f ct l i th, J r y. Mr She ih n* t bftiir.d ta *tlOW Bl'i'l i > i'rotre w h> >h ? Cvuar ?If nil r?.>nu Itl'l "Itbt'iip pf'Wr i'n*ei. ? a , tfei? I i nn' ? '? w?n?<a?inif l m.tM.-' ! .1. nn \ h* I .ft I" It.I > si t-1XI' ? I |.r- "id t ?? ? i-i 111. IIdii. r K M *?? l< t l? J^v ? ' ? *? I' I tbn c Imo of tlttilUr, OJUti j" a'li ^nm m "on f ?larghtrr A J?iO?-r'r ^?i?ot a- i,??)? 1 a |.intl.u i tiwi Clotirt ia-tk? ii'?h ii'lt-rw 1?" I tb p t- rl?fi , . i<W .i head ci'?, and i? t nig'it I If' ? ?.! rt? a > ? (Ko?l? ol langtitu ) I ffc i'ih fa i ? in- ' i? light t? g ' In ?? 1 ! "'t'l''V mv ? H ' ? a 'nit i a I ? tic (tti i 1-"H ? ?) Count - I cam nt 4!i >w tlut M t I'h" Jti'y Hi) .in r? iir i A'30 mmu''a pig fmr o'i*In#a i '0 Court ai.d rendered u vt'dlcl> f yai i n i .?? iitiori to mi if) I'lia juiy * necHp>IU'd Ti'P ' ?"* ' - * 1 ''r "titi 11',^ wlnl i if i nr;.i ii ' i' i ? i II 'n.I" ? a Hi Dot a e p NRtii ,h - ^l"l ?? c -?! 'li il?.ir w-r I t* ?'OH, AI!v rt, (a ho i? a r# ma. V b > tl ? e 1 ' ' outl'j) ' J haoni) in. mb r 1,1 h i t in.I ) ? lio ""?* ' * * ?iimpinn il t i? m> ?),. i .nit ol i tiu t II ? ??" 'tin I #ealt>*lly en I# ct ng i^h (o?.ahm " r< t m. Ttie |iri?o.i^r iinin. iliatrly li I l'? " looi w?y ol ihn ' I'y M ?tl, ?c ? imp muil b? Hi- * tnd one or two (Ulcer*, erd took a iarr.)|* ou tIK *va*e? new ib? Puk, uid diovo ?4f iv tidiidgo Thousands subsequently flocked t? Mr. Tayloi'i (part ments?the txcelieDt au<l attentive keeper *1 1he City Hill, thinking the piiscner waa inside: but left duap pointed Grahtm and hie associate Mr. De Witt, hav* inti mated their intention to bring the c??e up to the Court o( Error*. ^ Ueneral Heaalona. Before the Recorder, and Aldermen Kmmans and Drake. Jonas B. PHiLi.iri, Diitrict Attorney, ad interim. AraiL 13?7V??1 of Wm. Davit.?This caie occupied the attention of the Court the entire day. The evidence (or the prosecution and defence was all liven to the Jury, and the ease rested. The Recorder will charge the jury on Monday morning, to which time the Court took a recess. Court of Oyer and Terminer, Ar*ib II.? Tht Cate of Jlndrew KUmtn ?The Jnry in this case hare rendered a verdict that the prisoner waa sane at the time of committing the all edged murder of the poor woman in the suburbs of the city, in December last. His trial will lake pUce in the Moy term. Improved Readings of the Poets. Bvaon, 14. A spirit rasaed before me; I beheld Its face of rarest loveliness uuvei'ei? Unseen it w a* to every ere save mine? A cake of Soap waa in its hand divine: Along my bones the crowing lleih did qu ike ; And as my damp hair stiffened, thus it spake "The Soap of Oouraud makes the sk<n so pore, This comi ound e'en a seraph might allure. Creature of clay, eov?r? d with Ian and ruit, Procure Oouraud't Italian Soap yoc nut. Pimples and Freckles vanish ere the night, As darkness vanishes at morning's light?' 1E7" Without a trial it is impossible to conceive the inestima ble virtues of Dr. F. Gouraud't Italian Medicated Soap, it it to the body what sapcttflcation is to the aoul?purifying it from all dross. At in touch, Tan. Pimple, Freckle, SunbU'n, Sallowneis, Hosgluess, lie. vanisli inatan'er?leaving theskiu aa pure and white a? Parian marble. Dr. O.'a Ixi/uid Vegetable Rouge is a splendid preparation fo* impartisg a natural and i permanent bloom to pale cbeeVs. Oouraud'I Lily White is I the only article of the kind used for softening the akin; from its ' emollient properties it is strongly recommended to gentlemen ' f(>? applicative to the face after shaving. Gouraud't Grecian ' Hair Dye ii warranted to change red, lighr, or grey hair to a i glossy brown or blark. Gouraud't Jtcouetic Drejn aierrepar | ad after the recipe of Dr. Cur'.is, the eminent Loudon Anrist, I >nd are certain to cure the moat inveterst* caw of deafnees in a I brief space of time. I All articles purchaied at Dr. FBLIX ftOUHAUD'8 Depot. , 07 Walker street, are warranted genuine. Those purchased | elsewhere are of course spurious. An extensive assortment of choice Perfumery and other arti I eles Tor the Toilet, may strobe found at 67 Walker street, first I store from Broadway. Aicents, 74 Cl.esnnt s'rett, Philadel I phja; Jordan, 3 Milk St. Boston; Pierce, Albany; Backusifc | Bull, Troy; and druggists generally throughout the Union. I We Call Attention to Dr. Banning** Free ! Lecture of This kveuinr, at a quarter before 8 o'clock, in the ! Pearl St. Church, near Broadway, on Incipient Affections of j the Heart and Lungs, and of the utility of a good form, and of mechanical support in the relief of the same. Let all go These Lectures have an excellent reputation. " Colonel Connor, of this city." who hu long been subjected to periodical attieka of headache of the I aaverest kinds, could never find an antidote till * e m*de use of Dr. Mierman's celebrated Camphor Loxenges. He was relieved in a few momenta mti-ely, and now r'commendt them to his friends as a specific for that troublesome cemplaint. They also cure Palpitation, Nervous Affections, and 8-a Sickness; are of ? eat service to thore who feel the effects of too free living. he genuine are never sold in any other way than in boxes, at IS cents, at Dr. hherman's warehouse, IAS Na"?an afreet, or at his agsuts. MT Hud oo street, corner Spring; 188 Bowery; 77 East Broadway; 3 Ltdger Buildings, Philadelphia; and I State i street, Bostoa. Dalley's musical Pain ICxtractor, at his i only Mjency, 67 Walker street, first store from Broadway. i Ileal'a Hair Heatorutlwe, at hli Agency, 67 Walker st. 1st store raaai Broadway. j Medical Notice.?The Advertisements of tile New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, established for { the Suppression of knackery, in tiie cure of all diseases, will hereafter appear on the fourth [?? and last column of dtis 1 paper. W. b RICHARDSON, M. D., Ageuu Office and Consul i"tr H wrji of the Cnlls?e,36 Nassau ana. All i>i)llaaslji.hla 8?M?ripUon? to the i Uehalp must be ptid to th? only authorited Jlgenti, Ziebar a Co. 3 I^euge. Buildinjr, Third atieet. urar ihestuai. Terms ?75 c nts a month including lie Sunday paier: or 61 cents witheat it; delivered fiee of clietge in any part of Philadelphia. Siuitle copies for sale aa Above, daily, at 1 o'clock?Price I cents The Wikklt Herald is also for sale every Saturday morn in :?l*rice 6X cents or $3 i er annum, delivered in any part of Philadelphia, tree of poUtce \C?- All tlie new aud ciump Publications for sale at thair ee UMishinent, as soon as issued wholesale and retail [C7~ With the exception of one pai?r, the "Herald" is read as much, |<erliap>, ia Philadelphia, aa any paper published in that city, affordiug a ? iluable m-diuin to advertisers. A'lrar tiremenw handed to the ai<enu at half past 4 o'clock, will ap* pmr in (Ik Herald nett dav q4 It AlONHY N.1HKET. Satanlay, April 14?0 P. M. Thii has bet u a very bi?a day in Wall street. Stuck* ?re all down. Stonii gton ftlltir J per eonl; Norwich and Worcester, 1; Erie Riilroad, J ; Vicksburg, ] ; Read log Railrotd, ? ; Farmers' Loan, J; Illinois, J ; Morris Canal, } ; Ling Island, 1} ; Canton, 1} ; Mahawk, } ; Ohio G'a, J ; Harlem closed at yesterday'i pricei. The Savannah Savings I.stitu'ion his declared a difl* den J of 8 per cent par annual The Merchant*' Insurance nnd Trust Co. of Nashville, havft declared a aemi-annnr.I divl j?ud t f ft per cent, paya ble to shareholder* on or after the 1st I nut The bill relative t> tee New Yoik and Erie Rillrood, parsed the committee ol the whole in the S^uate cf Penn sylvania yesterday. A motion to reed a second time was lost, 11 to 13 The bill lies cn the tattle tor the present. Thebusimsa of tlin Philadelphia and Reading Railroad during the week ecdn.g April A, IP46, compared wi'.u the corresponding woek in ltvil, wus us annexed :? ItCADtX) KaILROAO for the week ending Jtpril 5. 11:11. 1815. Increase. l'assrnce s aad freight. ...$7,185 67 $14.84)92 $7,360 25 CoslTuu age.tons J.UO 00 12,446 00 7,116 00 Tlii ? shows at increase if nearly one hundred p> r cant in thereoeipU, and more than one hundred per cent in the amount oi coal transported. A meeting o< bualnxri has been ht Id in Buff ilo, relative to the pnoe of passage und freight for ihe siv?;al lines on the Erie canal, ?n4 the tamtt rates adopted as those con cluded upon 8t Uytacuso ;u,d Rochester, viz : 1} crnt per mile aim board and 1 cent per mila without t>e*rd ; 19 ceuts per 100Ins. fur I0J milei, and on all fnightover 100 mi e* ar d undt r 200, 36 cents. Forward-, ra in Alnany, at tan opening el ii&vitfiitien will, we understand, be pepand to transpoit freight on tlieHulson ii?er nl the toilowing rates, vix Flottr 8 cents per bM.i provisions 16 cents per hll.; all o her rolling freight 8 c-:n'? 100 lbs.; wool 10 canta, and other Ireight at proportionable rates. The import* an 1 exports ot St. Joseph, Michigan, (or 1S44, were as f -Lows : ? CoMMtBus rr St. JostrH's. 1844 abmivals di r abtubks. Veisels 144 Vessrls 143 Steamers A S;? nmors....... 6 Propeller* 10 Propellers 10 kxrOBTS. impost at ions. Wheat. ..... .Inuli 02 4*0 Merchandise.. IDs 3,981,614 Flour .. . ,tbls 96 AbA Furii ure. 81811 Provisions K7VI Coal and coke,tons 168 A'hes chs ?0fl Kur'ehealth stone 110 Whiskey 660 UrHdsiones Hi O.-ass seed bbls 29S Pinstir bbls 190 Dry hides 07J Water lime 76 lUgJ lbs 8,'M Halt 9 364 Wool !b< 4 200 Pig Iron tons AO I'ai. tings lbs 8 038 We anuex a schedule ol tolls for thecoming season, pro posed to he levied ou ih? Wellan l ?: d St. Lawrcncu Ca niiU by the new hoard of public woiks : ? Public Wombs ok Canada?Wellard Atn St. Lawbesck Canals?Tolls ro> 1844. IVi lland St. Ltmrmce Si fwr'e Canal. Canals Connlt. H'hule Kingilon lo HonIr'lto rou'e up or Molreal, hingilon, f'rtieh down. down up. I in ?tc.inibnnti nnd vessels u?der 50 Ii.ik burlhru ...?(> SO 077 1 17 I From 50 t" 75 do n III 0 9 13 9 I 10 0 ftmm 73 to tuo d? 0159 too 3 2 fi Fioui 100 in 150 do ? 17 A 13 0 'a 10 ? From 150 to 2INI 00 I 00 130 Jill* From 200 11 250 (<o 1 3 s 13 0 3 hi 0 Upnaid* < f 250 (*o 130 130 3 10 0 CftuM hoai* iindrr 5atous for pasieuxers cM rtv 0 3 0 0 7 6 ? 17 ? Csi *1 ico*i, fce. for frri?>n chiefly 0 38 076 0 17 6 On Cargo. I'lour |H*t I1I1I 0 03 003 00 10 Pink slid l??l'do 0 0 7X 0 0 7 0 #H Wnrv, lutlitorn, bu!?y . aad rje, |> r lu?h?l .... 0 0 IX 0 0 1!{ 0 2 2)fe i hue will he a gieet r<- luctiou trom th^ total aieo'int i f th?i lib ve rs'i s on the ''lars ot birgr* and small ili-nm !wa s which row p ?a ihrnng'i the ri pid. ot ttio St Law* r *e , as they will t>.i ?u^J-r-to th<> to Is nn thrt LichiiO ? ?u t , only on tL? doirnwrdt trip, ?? fjllows : - Sirif.iNiifs siol ?ri- tl .il ui.der 30 to.iS ?"!? n n<rr iu i ?.? f"r piMW'Uiiars i ah lo so <k'Hy 0 5 0 F'on ill io 7> . li lit) B.??u Hrnvi, he.. > rn ?"!<(? 1(0 it ?... 0 IS # f..r frfi.li'. tin tly 0 2 6 Fo*n llMi ti? I 0 ., 0 i7 H Kii:hr ? f i li >1 0 02 hh>ia wii u>: M o .. i no vV .* i, I udi ti. * o *u, F nil i 11't ".I?.. I ? o W?l v -Bd Kv? l>f U,. urili of 51.. . 1 0 0 bu It.l t IlK I rt f ? il |'i>rh <1 > ... 0 U 4 itttip uj'ii mini iiuiuai oi en ti.e lug.r olas? of v s ni a d 'lietr csrg es, which v>u| tiKSes'arily pass t iri 'gh ill ' 4'iirnna'l ?rt 1 r.o .nhaii n>< ^ewell as the hi> r ( Hrnl d.wvwarjt ami ihi r by avn.l all-iiok l.n.M fin ta Id ?* ,|i, uo J inn*, v.ry ii-ltlt omittibr l.ii.o lha b >auUii< s i v?s s?t d by the > mallei C;*jlt '*1J ? * Ksi nnnss f'^'O Ohl n'?, 6J fr7*^ S\ihiil>oionCu t30 ir;m d ? 07 Vi 25 i'o ti ?< do 150 Ikrle.ii Hit a i n.o III. 11-1 M0 .19 :o iio '10(1 i!i) jo dj I'" do ^ (i ? ',<1 do I 0 1, do p). leo d 1 iitfO IVni'u ^ , ,,ii, :j ; t, kit d lilt >?< rt.? .31 7?'? I'O do 72)4 MM) 1 -1 <01 do I . . rta v * ,ci KeO <0 1.1 ' 10 Rk *1 ?'># 0? 1.limit '?* IS 30 do 1 .. V J.1111' 'Ik lit?? :?J0 t'o II lull H'Jjj 50 do ,V> ilo Ids '01 Slonii gtoa Hll ,wi il 1 in J, 40 do ?4 11 do < llin i>H "0 ?lo I'O NO' iy Dk 68 100 d 1 10 HVim r? I r ?I0 :ii 2 0 do 1 5 ' hie L fr k Tr il I 0 Nor k Woie BR 1 ti Mi'rm 1 null i.li'v Ml do I 5i a,, ',(| do I 73 d} -IV 27J do M| I fill K11# '4 H n? Ji do I'll. 10 do II d ?).% 75 do Sin '? 23 do V? 25 do blO i ..'I sjO Jr '< li d> 67 ! ? do S7T? 50 do l?0 6) ?5 Mi ll Mk llll 1. in 55 do 67 'OH Mr ding llll r'O i'l |?m do 67>* .10 do 49 50 ''o slO ; :o ,11 i9'.i 5a d 1 'i" s'J.'a *?|'| I'll MunH iu,(,t? >>?, s, W\ r ?? >m 61 25 alia 1 Morris Cai.al ?30 H ,)" ??'?< *i do 31. V 'TV M Viektlnig I0,r 50 do i<"? i v ? 'i .. .. s30 67t? i0lU.le.nltH ?60 6?>4 a ,..i).r ? Csi?a4 u 30 L Island KM sl3 1*H *?

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