16 Nisan 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4

16 Nisan 1845 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

with those described in the accompanying transportation certificate, granted by the Collector ot the port (rots whenea Waey nay hava buen originally tranaported. Ou the return of the maiiifi it With the certificate* therr oq, in du j form, to th? Collector of the p?rtof cxjiort*' tion, it must be immtdutvly transmitted to the Collectoi 01 th-j district and |>ort f>om whence the goods were ori ginally transported, iu otder tuat the drawback of the dntife, m y be duly paid by the Collector of laid port. It U to he rp?-ci illy noted, that the law contemplating lhs pmb.iblu rrWntion of the original manifeat at the fo trigu Custom House, requi ei a duplicate or certified copy oitno tame, to Iw gran<*d at the time of exportation, on which u n bd endoraed the certificate of the foreign Col lector, and also tiie oath or affirmation of the Master.'' It ia a matter of doubt, whether the privilege! of thia Uw will be uaed much, so far as exportation of merchan dise to the Canada* is concerned. The meroheata of Mon treal an.I (Quebec are net favorable to it, and aaseit that they can import their goods direct, mora profitably than by the way of any port in the United States. Old Stock Kxduuiga. $2!'00 U M #'?. '60 112V 234 ahas Morris Canal 38 SOOfi I eau'* 5's s60 7fjJ JO do sJO 34 45<MI0 do s30 70% 50 do M 10u011 70W 40 .. do ?% 1000 Keniucky6's 10t>% 43 Unca k Schsn RR 128% 1'03 Ohio B's, 'SO 97 108 Erie BR S?M dj S30 96K do *30 26% 6001) do 96% 23 Mohawk RR s30 60 30 alias Del It Hud Cal 135 50 . do 49 7 Bk Com full 95% 334 L Island RK 72 350 U S Bauk 6* 50 do sl5 73 30(1 Vickaburg Dk B* 300 do s30 72 300 do 8% 40 do , TiW 50 do b30 9 SO do blO 72% 40 do <1? *10 7"% 100 do b?0 9 10 NHav Ic Hsrtf 91 50 Canton Co 42 24 Nor Ik Wore sAugl C6 7 j do 41% 50 do 6) 50 do b60 42* 25 do 67 24 do 4 IK 124 do 66% 50 d0 *14 41' j 50 do 66% 50 Farmers' Tinst 34)4 24 do s35 66 50 do sSO 35 24 do 160 t6% 1C0 do s30 35 240 do 6G 3U0 do 34 24 do siO 65% 40 do b30 35K 140 it?4<liug BR b6i> 49% 100 ? Boston Co s30 I3H 10 do 49 10 J do 13% Second Boards 100 shas Nor Ic Wore 66 350 shas L 1 iland RR 72 25 do *14 66 40 do 72 50 Stonington RR b30 36 100 Vicksbu-g 50 do 36 40 Canton Co 1I?W Stock Kxchangs. $5000 Ohio 6's, tO s3 96% 75 shaa Morris Caual 1000 l!lisois6 s. '70 36 40 do 1C00 do '60 36>4 200 L Island RR 25 ihas Farm's Tr b30 36 100 do 74 do b30 35% 40 do 50 do c 35% 25 Nor and Wore 100 do s38 34 24 do 50 do b60 36 25 8toninf ten RR St do >64 34 fUi.Es or Stock* -Boston, Aran. 14 City Bank, 98%; 3 E " )nl*4; 50 Charlestonn Branch 1 103 Eaat Boston stock, 13%; IOC ?~i?.... do 21%; 1*5 do 2IK; 100do?l%; 500do,bo2m, 22; 100 do, bolOd, PE9fsharra City Bank, SflX; 2 Eastern RR, 109; 3 Western RR, 1UI%; 50 Charlestonn Braaeh RB, 82%; 50 Beading HB.24K; 103 East Bosten stock, 13%; 100 Wilmington BB, bo2m,22; 100 do 21) " " * " 21*. Btat* of Trad*. Ashei?Pota are lather dull, and holder* uk$4 0AJ. Pearl*are htm at $4 66} a 4 oty. The opening,of the ca nal wiUincrease the supplies irom the interior. Beeswax?Prime yellow, of all descriptions, ia held at SOc. The demand is very limited. Bubadstufks?Our quotation* (or Western flour most now bo set down at $4 tie j a $4 76. There livery little doing. Cotton?The market remain* inactive. The salea amount to 11C0 bale*. Prioee are unchanged. Both buy ers and *eller? are awaiting the arrival of the iteamcr G:< at Western, now due. Hat?Common qualitie* cf North River bale sell at 87} ! a 40c The rcceipti are large. I'aorisieits?We have no alteration to mske in our quotation* for article* undsr this head. The demand continue* very moderate. Whiskey? Drudge caaka aell, aa wanted, at 23 cent* Western and prison bb!s. are firm at 34 a 24Jc. Rial F.stai e ?Jit Auction?I'l e irwitt frost building 27 Wsll street, sold by order of the New York Drv Dock Co. $68,000? Lot on 13th street, between Bower? and 3d avenne, $2,2j0?Lot adjoining, $2.275?Do do, $2,300?Do do,with brick bu tiling, $1,450? Do do, $4 250?Do do, ?2,240? Do do, $2,250? Do do, (2,2'>0?Lou rear of above, on 12th streer, $2,300 each. $18.400?No. 198 Madiann street. Buffalo, four sto y granite end brick a tor', 18% by 86 feet, lot 100 ft deep, $8,300 -6 story briek sioie and lot 166 rearl street, forming an L on Pine atreet, lot 2i ."j ft front on Peail, by, 77% deep, 21 ft on Pine street by 41 It, dee,>, $49,750?3 storr brick house and lease of lot 43 Barclay st, corner of College Place, house 28% by 60, lot 114 feetdeep $11,000?Lot ou 6th avenue, resr (9th street, 24% by 100 feet, $l,n<0?Lot on do, between 28th and 29th street, same size, $1,200? Lot opposite to above, same siae,$l,2<l0?Lot ou blooa uildale road, uear 2Hh ftreet. $1,040. Married. On Sunday, 13th inst., by the Rev. Mr. benedict, Mr. William Fawsitt, to Mill Mart Logan, all of thil city. 0Q- I'hiladelpbia paperi will pleaae copy. On Monday, 7th ioit., by the Rev. Benjamin Evana, Eo ward Quiax Mkoaklt, to Mill Maar Ann Clark, all of ] this ci y. On Tuesday, 16th inst. by the Rev Dr. Taylor, Joan IIowland Mohewood. of the firm of Geo. B. Morewood It | Co ol this city, to Mill Sarah Ann HvTLE*,cf Acquack nack, N J. Died, On Monday, 7lh inst. at Brooklyn, anddenly, after a j short lllnes* of twenty *ix hour*, W?i. G. RoaimoN, a native of Bedfordshire, England, in the 87th year of hi* age His los* i* much regretted by hi* relatives and friends. QQ- Wisconsin papera will pleaae copy. On Mo:.day, 14th inst. Kliiabeth, daughter of Rlclwrd and Winified Mcnii, in the fifth year of her age. Tbe relative* and Irlendi of the fimily are respectfully invite.) 'o attend her funeral, thia morning at ${ o'clock, from the botua of her father, 78 Norfolk street. On Tuesday, 16.h iuit., altera short and aevera aick- I ne?5, John ConwAT,in the 47ih year of hii ige. The friend* of the family, and those of hi* brother, Ri chard Conway, are respectfully invited to attend hi* fu neral, to-morrow afternoon at 4j o'clock, from hit late re sid. rco, 6u T tt street. 3 faasanftcra Arrlvsrti Of.lize, (Hoodoras)?Bvque John B Gardner?Mr W Vang I Inn, lady, two children and servant, of Hoadarms; Mrs J Welsh end a'-rvant, of do; Miss F P Warren, do; Mr A Rtvae, do; J Hodge, fc'sq. London Savannah?Brig Madison?Messrs 8 F Hedge*, J Barell, aad 18 in the steerage. Foreign Importations. Uelirk. (Hojrd)? Barone John R Gardner?85% ten* log wood 61 bis ssnaparilla 120 hide* 1 box sp*eie J Pedcrson?2 do sierie I do old copper J J Labouiss*?3 bis specia 1 box turtle shell 4 bis saraaparilla 80 pes rosewood F Alexander?14 bis sar saperilla 1 vrii shell 111 hides 30 bxs tin plates G Dominiques? 1 cs mdse Kembell It Rodgers?1 do M C St Jr hn?15 eeroons in di?;o Pen: a ton It eo?20 his sarsaparilla E Coffin?3 es F Gleim 3 cs old tyre Hoe It co. , Tbiividad nE Cuba??chr Isaac Jacks on?225 hhds molasses Chastelain It Ponvert. Domestic Importations. Momi.L?Brig Madi*on? II bags cotton J P Swam?3 cash* FKfl|n & Dodge?5 bxa A Cositotk?1 box E11U k Bunce?1 Wiley k Putn?m-1 boi J bbl A Barclay?84 tuki T?t? 8 C Do-ii.-lHbi.les cotton Day, I'inster k Whitnunh?M bags cot ton Burritt k Johuson. . , . ArAi.Acmcoi.a?Barqoe Highlander?(Reported yesterday) ? 18 b.?le* B Kicharda-319 Doorman k Johnston?192 Spofford k Til iton . ..... Jacksonville, EK?Schr Rearer?S5000 fest timber 61 hides 2in skin* liilchrist It co. MARITIME HERALD. Shipmasters and Agents. We (hall Mttcm it a favor if Captaina of Veault will |iu to Rohkbt Silvev, Captain of our New* Boat*. a report of the (hipping left at the port whence they *ailed?the vessel* spoken on their passage?a lint of their cargo?and any foreign newspaper*, or new* they may have. Agent* and Coneapon denta it home or abroad, will alio confer a f.irur by lending to hi* office ally Marine Intelligence they may receive. PORT OF NSW YORK, APRIL. 10. ?UN KISS* 5 21 I MOON 1ST* 1 57 M ? UN AMI HIQK WATER 3 42 M Clured. Ship* Sally, E4gar, Havre, Kox k Livingiton; Doc d'Or leana, Kobertaon, Marieille*. Boyd k Hincken; New York, Crop) ei, Liverpool?Barque George k Henry, Oracia, Liihon, r^esini'hk Walali?Brig* Angola, Malibury, St Ki(t*. Nes mitli id. Walah?Schr Iteue. [Br] Joyce, Trinity via St John*, Nli, Jn H ilraine; Trio,Taylor, Boston; Victor, Hallut, do, Foster It Nickeraon; Jnlla k Nancy, Serlmg, Nswbern, MC? St. in rr Black Diamond, Cox, Philadelphia?Barge Star, Lang li.-ad, I'll ladelphia. imyML Kr barque Al-iaiidre. Bilard, 52 daya from Rochelle, vis Phil adelphia, w ith brandy, to A Seignette. Iliii|ie Win Kenue.iy, Mai tin, 36 day* from Rochalle, with brandy 10 S T Nicholl. _ Barque John R Gardner, Pederson. IT day* from Belize, Hon dnr.u, mtitit wood, ipecie, kc. to r Alexander?10 paaaengera. ???n'.i brig Prudente. Oami, 32 day* from San Juan, with hides,toO odhnekCo. ... Im!hni< Conatautino, Kapetti, 20 day* from Oenos, with mil'e, to O U Lisal*. Norwigun l>ru Bounerento, Mmbeaon, 50 day* from Lew r.cH, >o w. with 2f0 ton* i'on to Bach k Kuolort. U lit Madison, Iluikley, 7 d ys from Havaiiuah, to;Sturgess fc Cleirin n. I'aaod iu the riterBarque Carlo*, bound sp. Off tlie Bir. a brig auppoard the Elect. i Brig Harriet, ,4 day* from Baltimore, with md*?, to th* n.aster SC'.I Isaac., Jackion, SO day* from Trinidad de Cuba.with mo I at tea to <. hastelain St Convert. Left Old Colony, ? hase, fot Portland, Idg; Kinnlinn, Gordon, dog; Pelican, Peanon, do. ScHr Hi'*per Crooker, 10 day? frum Jackionville, with tim ber, (St . to (Jilchii.t k Co. , t Schr Hhawmut, Karren, from Charleaton, with cotton, to the ca lain. Sclir Atlantic, Crumer, from Charleston, with timber, to the captain schr Kdwarda D I'etera, Holmes, 21 daysHrom Machias, w ith lumler, to the maatrr. Schr VVm Penn, Koeter, 21 day* from Maehias, with lumber, to I K H ow. Bchr Eliza Hopper, Ames, 21 day* from Machiaa, with lum ber, to tl>? mister. Schr D?mtl HVitir. Hopkins, t days from Virginia, with oya:e s, hound to New Haven. Schr Setionars, I hi I lips, 2 days from York River, wi.h oys tet lo'ltie mnater. Hchr Mixibrth, Power, 2 day* from Delaware, with corn, te Schr Joahua, Martin, from Norfolk, with ahip limbtr, to the Bchr Al-nira Rogara, Soultaa, from Philadelphia, with mdae, to th,- m u>ter. _ , , Schr l^li/.a William*. Barnts, from New London, with gra "'sc'-r Wm T Ring, Long, fiom D.iaton, with mdae, to the mi it. _ ... Schr Convert, Coleman, from Beaton, with molaiaee, to th# inasft'f. Suhr Cotton, Beduury, from Notth Yormouth, with potatoes to oider. ("cur t'ol Himmondi. Kiah, from Nantucke', with oil. S(hr A Marahill, Johnaou, 7 diy* from Boston, with mdte, to th' uiastT. Sclir M nl. Nichols, from Bo*(on, with mdse. Sclir H A Weat, Benton, from Providence, with mdae, to the Dinner. Hi hr Ohio, KarLham, from Hartford, with mJae. Schr Hornei, Iro'n l aunlon, wilh Blilf. Sc r Thoinas 11 Thoinpaon, Wiion, from Bo*tou, with mo luaea. Hchr Kl.zsoeili Bakrr, from B <aton,ivilh mdae, to the maa edit WhidT, Van Name, from Virginia. Below. (Joe Vrqu- md 2 bril? unknown?Wind N E, thick and Mailed. shlpa Now F.nglandi N*w OiUaon Amo?, UMrdmw, ( hajieoio*. anil utnsri. AlleeeUancoua lUcord. Paclet (hif Neit Yoau, for Livarpcol, will (til to-day at It o'clock. I lit ha? cioM at U)i o'clock. >. Miiiiku Vutu Vw. <uew) sailed from South rh'imutuu, Dec 9, for , wa nothing hu sipce been In- ird Br bug Loan or th?.Islb, Kenny,"from Wilmington, NC.. for Li v. riwol, witn a cargo of naval stores, got ashoie mi < 'a|w Krar. 9th jntta?'. iu endeavoring to get to sea. It it doubtful whether aha will be got on. (??tie* to Mariner*. UstroL Iwfobssation for Masters ok Vessels bound to Ti'hks Island?.Masters of such vesiels, when spoken by pi lot boats ill aid alwaya take a pilot, as h hsn spokcu, they a:e compell dI by law to pay pi'ota|e,|wl ether they take one or not: anil if not eecided at which island tl ev in'tnd to load, it will be better to lay offauil ou until they i btain necessary in furmatioa rs to the sta e of the I wo merk-ls, by which adrica they can save au additional ch<rge of half anct.orage for teuiu v tl, as it verv frequently hapre is, then bring foar different I'la-es of anrhorave at which vessels load 'J his information cannot re obtained fiom tVe pilots. They are compelled to anchor the ve<sel wherever the captain directs, charging only for ?u"h anchorage or removal. There is always a supply of salt at Salt Cay as well a* at Grand Cay, and at t*e former place it may always be obtains) at ai lower rate lor ea?n, the anchorage and oth-r facilities for loading being e<)u -llv as good, as those who hare loaiiedat the two placs will testify. I he salt ia equally as good, and in most cues lighter than the Gaud Cay salt. vessels filling ia to the Southward and Eastward of the Islands, as it sometimes happens, instead of beating rouud to the Eastward, mty run betweeu the rwo Southern Cay about a ot'le and a half berth, saving perhsps two days unnecessary sail ing and avoiding the dangerous N, E. reef of Grand Cay. Whniemen. Winn, April 12?Arr Kosilie, Mosli-r, Lahaina, Nov 19, Iluahiua Dec 21, with MiO bols sp 1000 do wh oil, and 16000 lbs bone. Spoke uo date, 1st 48 8, loo <4 W, Nye, Pease, SO sp, all well. Arr 13th, Ma?aet, Monro, Pacific Ocean. 2300 bbla wh 150 do spoil. Krportoftha Romu'us, Hnldredge, arrived at Myst'e, ?'! from N?w Zeilacd Spoke Nov. 26, lit 37 8, long ISt W, < hina, I'otte', 1100 wh 508 ap: the Chiua report'd the last if October. T< lire. Swan, Sronington, 10 months out, 39 bariels; Ju?.4, off Caps Horn, Mobile, Bunker, N 11,600 sp, including ISO ap sent home; tlie M spoke a few djvs before Peruvia", P'elger. Nantucket, and Wiscasset, Paine, clean, aM well: Jan 7. off Cape H >rn, Kirhmond, Swift, Providence, all well.elean; Jan26, lat 36 8, loi9 45 W, Edward. Southworth, Mattapoi set'. 3 months out. 191 sp;the E reported London Packet.How land, N B, a few diva Previous, Jjimontl-s out, 150 ap. Arr at St. Cathe<in*s, Feb II, Frn-lon, Baker, N B, clean, put in to land the cook, sick, and stiled 13th for South Seas. Died on board the Roffinlns Oct. C, '?2. John M Nugent, ateward, of N York. Spoken. Marian Uage, Heed, from New York, with loas of fore top mast, goirg into Belize, 2)ih ult?by the John R Gardner, at this port. Hanger, from Europe foi Philadelphia, 5lh inat, 1st 34 26, Ion 75 30?by the Isaac Jacluou, at this port. Bold Runner, bound to No folk, 7th instant, in Hampton Roads. Hydaspe, of and for Ne w Bedford from Pacific, with 1700 bla sp oil, March 9. lat 12 54 8, lou 33 27 W. President, of Westport, 10 days Irom Bahia for Caribean Sea, with 500 bbls at) oil, 7 mos ont. March 12. lat 6 12, Ion 34 45. Carrier, of and for New York from Palermo, 7ch inst, lat 39 S3, Ion 61. Fonlgn Ports. Havana, April 3?Sid Centurion, Narriv, Portland. Arr 4th, Otter, Belfast, Me; Sth, Clinton, Morrison, Bath. Bid, Looisa, Gallagher, Philadelphia. Mom* Porta. Cutlii, April 4?Arr Chief Sachem, Eastport for New York; Superior, Strour, Perry fordo. WitcatsBT, April 11?CId Oriska, Kmith, Havana. Bid, Ann, Thayer, St Jaxo. Marinas Post, April 9?Bid Adaline It Rosina, New York, and others. Castine, April 10?An 9t Leon. Babson, Baltimore. Passed up rtvar, Ca.'et, Harriman from Baltimore for Backsport. 1 obtland. April 12?S'd Agues, Blsnchard, Curuiam; Har raseeket, Wilson, Martii i<iu? Salem, A|>ril It?Arr Traveller, Brown, New York; Mary, Clark, fm Philadelphia, not arr as reported. Sid Senator, Clark New York; Ezpelau, of Salem, late of Philadelphia, fc ranks, K in Grande. Boston, April 14?Arr Ixette, Harron, Buenos Ayrea Feb 7, and off Montevideo IUh. No date, supposed Feb 9th or 10th, ,'n the River, a ship suppoied the Hamilton, Heed, from T *5,. v Also arr, John Allyoe, iviarston, Charleston; Au Nick-rson, Albany: Red Rover, Bacon, do; Kanev, Chase; Spy. Haw*ioa; A M Hale, Bears*. W H Turner, Hinck ley. New York. Telegraphed, Columbus, Coffin, fm New Or* leaaa; Ariel, Wheaton, fm Bristol, Rl; Pandora, raiton, Turks Island, via Holmes's Hole; Clyde; Commerce, Allen, Savan nah; Vandalirr, Pendleton; Rochester, and William?the tele graph also rrpoits a brig outsidtvuama unknown, with loas of spars and sails spli?. Signal for a ship, a barque and 4 brigs. CId, Sterling, Pike, Guayamaand a market; Alvano Pace, toil mington, NC; Baltimore, Howes, Philadelphia; E<ie, Nicker son, Norfolk: Balance, Johnson, Fredericksburg; Berry, Sears, New York. Arr 13th, Prntsiati, Caroline, Radmann; Newcas tle; Ocean, Eldridge. Baltimore. Night of the 7th, lat 39. Ion 73, in a N W gile, split fore torsail, foresail and jib, shifted er go, aud received othe' damage Also arr, America, Austin,Ells worth. CId, Eliet. Baker. Philadelphia; Wolcott, Ryder,New York; Jasper, Hamilton, do. Ns.w Bf.dfobd, April 12-Anr Lagrangs. Albany. Providence, April 12?Arr Union. Bangs, Baltimore; Eliza Hand, Baker, d.i; Princass, Racket, Philadelphia; Rhode Islaad Hull; Providence, Brown;.I Lampheer, Kenuey; Radiant,Haw kins, and Proof Glass, Blvilenburg. New York Sid, Thames, Silsby, Ssvann?h; Grand Turk, Pottrr. do: Juited, Bray, Nor folk: Arival, Jyne, Albany. Arr 13tn, Henry, Burt, South Creek, NC; Holder Bordea, B.iker, Philadelphia; America, Scull, do; Georgia, Bolles, Savannah; Albany, Mason, Al bary. Fall RivgR, April 12?Arr Holder Borden, Baker, Philadel phi i. New Havbn. April H?Arr Robert Morr's. Clarke, Phila delphia; Elizabeth, Russfll, Albany, bid, Inlustiy, Baker, 8t Croiz. Philadelfmia. April IS?Arr Houlton, Merrithew, Paospect Me; Patriot Eldrdte, F.AI Rivr; Surveyor, Houtk; Edgar, Woolston, and Jas T Hatfield, New York CId, Yarmouth, Matthews, New Orleans; Conestoga, Kirbv, Albany. Hichuond, April 13?Arr Cnarles P Brown, Jonei. New Yotk; Lynch^nrg, Oould. do; Boand Brook, Higgias, Boston. Sid, Nasstu, New York; Rialto, Bangor: J Brown, Troy; Mir ror, Taunton; Susan Ludwig, Boston: Hnrd do. Newbern, NC., April t?Arr ft Pierre. Brookfield, Turks Island. Charleston, April 11?In the offing, Niobe, fm Boston. CId Warsaw, Hawkins, Glasgow; Isabella, Kydd, Holland. Sid, Henrietta, Hughes. Baltimore; Fruitful Vine, Nye, New Bed lorj; Tosaiua, Williams, Havre; Rob Roy, Drummond, do;' Jupiter, Carter. Glasgow Mobile, April 7?Arr Forest, Beal. H??;? M v . 8i Aluusi ikk. Apill 3?nil DBBer, Baiter, New York. New Oblbans. April 7?Arr Homer, Lillius. New York; Waargn, Bars tow, Baltimore. Below, Rothschild,fm Ichaboe; Forax, fm Charleston; 1 barque and 1 schr, unknown. By Lut Nlchfa Sontbern Hail. Philadelphia, April IS?Arr Mosts Brown, Nickersoa.Vrc videuce. Baltimobb. April 15?Arr Margarctt Hugg, Litton, New Orleans; Ida, Halletf, Boston; Eleanor. Fonest, Areeibo, PH.; Wm Price, Nsson. Kingston, Ja: Relief. Alexadder, New Or leans: Androscoggin, Larrabee, Portland; Moxy, Grant, 1 ho m.ston; Sarah Ann. Newman, Turks Island; Watehman, Winslow, Nassau, NP; Eclipse, Tha'cher. Boston; Welling ton, Knowlton, Portsmouth; Milli^ent' Cole: Seaford, Foun tain. and Amos Birdsall, Lawrence, New York. Sid, Iowa, Pernambuco. NoaroLK, April 12?Arr Commerce, Burnham, New York; Charles, Raymond, Fall River. Sid, Consul, Jarvis, New York. Spoken. Franconia, 27 daya from Havre for N?w Orleans, 2ud inst, lat M 10, Ion 70 30. A brigautiue with letter B ia her signal, 4th instant, lat 32 S, Ion 74 SS. Chipola, McLennan, from Baltimore forBt Augustine and Mobile, Sth inst, lat 35 14, Ion 75 20. Foreign Porta* Abecico, r R., Mar 31?In port, Charles, fron Norfolk, disc. Kingston. Ja, Mar 21? la port, Calisto, Hopkins, fm Nor folk. unc; Aleitr Curtis, for New Orleans, Sds; Watchman, Clark, for Georgetown, 3 ds. LAFAYETTE FUSILIERS. EXTRACT fiom the minutes of themeeting held on the 15th instant, hi the Armory of the above Company. The follow ing ltes~lutioni wtre i iff red by Lieut. Demarest, and carried unanimously , Hesolv-d?1 hat we hare h*ard with feelings of unfeig ned ?arrow, the death of oar br ther soldier, Corporal Jamea H. Hill, < ne with whom it hu been our pride to aasociate, bothss a soldier and acitiieu. Resolved?That as a testimony of respect to his memory, we will wear crape on our If ft arms for the space of sixty days, at all parad shod drills. , . Resolved?That a copy of these resolutions be sent to his family, as a mark of our most sincere condolence with them in their sere.e loss. Resolved?'l'h^t these resolutions b? published, with an invi tation io his military friends in general, to attend the funeral in uniform with side arms, and to meet at the Armory, No. 74 Lispenard street, corner of Broad way .this afternoon at S o'clock. *10 lt*m BUMUND KKNNI, Secretory. LAFAYETTE FUSILIERS. SPECIAL ORDER. VOU are hereby notified to appear at the Armcry, this after ^ noon, at 2 o'clock, in fu'l uniform, with crape on left arm, to render the last tribute of respect to tne {memory of our late Corporal, James H. Hill. By order, .. A. DEMAltEST, Lieut. Com'dt. BURDKTT, Orderly 8ergt. al? lt*m PARTNER WANTED. A N active business man, in a genteel business already ee A tablisheJ, in this city, with a cash capital o from 1000 to >000 dollars, where a reasonsble profit will be rralir.rd on the in. res meat. Add ess B. VV. 8., at the office of the Daily Herald. a!6 If re DOARD W ' NTKD-Tvro fentlemen are desirous of ob D taining a l.'om au<\ Bosrd iu mm? small family within ? few minutes walk ot this office. Adlress H. It R. at this offiee. a!2 lw thvh INVINCIBLE3 OF THE EIGHTH WARD. A T a large and enthusiastic Meeting of this Association, heM on Tuesday eveninr, April lith, at 151 Prince street, Lapt. E. CUMUKRbON in :he Lh.vr.th* followirg resolutions v.ere unanimously nd >pted:? Reajlved?That thia Afioeiation congratulate the Democracy of this city, upon t ?* great vietory achieved over the s* 1 * style* Native f.icuo i, which sprnrg into ex stencn like| li ? mushroom, and win have been i oof d ou; ef th ir hotli-ds ol" io i<i u 11 y and corruption bv the mviucible Democracy of th? Empire (;,ty. Hfsolved?That this Association feel cheered in their affor's to saataiu the principles ol Democracy, which most and will prevail, whjte they strengthen the institution* of the countrv, which are founded upou the most enlarged principlea of civil and religious liberty. llrsotv d?Tt.at t>e feel secure in entru ting our lives and pro perty into the hands of our Mayor elect, Wm. K. rtavemeyer. Tor protec ton.believing him to be a man of sterling in'egrity,and that he will fill t> e otfcce witli honor to himself and to the st tisfacoon of the democracy generally. Resolved?That this Association frel highly gratified with the result of the election jnat put, aid thalthey have the utmost confidence in their Alderman and Assistant, R. 8. Compton and Archibald Vlac'av, Jr., believing that they will carry cut the meisures for which they were tl-cted. K. CUMBERSON, President . rr ?<. _ H OKAY, Vice t'residrnt. L. K. CAMPBELL, Secretary. alt lt*je OKllCE OK THE NKW YORK OA8 I.IOHT CO. . . . April It'll, IMJ. _ E Prrsidrnt and Directors have this div declaird a divi dend of four and a half fee cent on the capital stock of thia Company, for tha ail months ending 1st February last, paya ble to the Stoi kli jlders on nnd al'ter Thursday, th.* 1st May 'I'lie Transfer Book will he closed from tie Still instant to Ihitdite. By oid -r, aplStomylec C. L. EVERITT, fecrsu-y. TABLE AND POCKEt CUTLERY, AND FANCY GOODS, IT^AT OREAT BARGAINS OHO DOZ: Table and Desert Knivrs ind KorK. at I7H eta. 0\J\J to 75 cts. pet do/. Also, Ivory do, iu doxi. and seta. '00 do* t, ?, 3 and A bMe Pocket Kni\ r?, R * >rs and Scissors, from 50 cts to 02 p.-r do*. Also. Ladies' Work Botes and Or *ssihg Cases, superior ISeedles, Thimbles, iiiiard Chsine, Suspenders, Collirs, Ice. Also, MOO do* 8p"el Cotlon at 6 en ? erdoz, Cedar and Bronre IVncils. Hesling Wax, superior ""letI I'ens. Also, a lot o'tnperi >r Clocks in warranisd order for s>leat $1,50 to tl. 'I he above goods will be sold ott imme distely iu lots to suit, at til, ap stairs, IVul street, bflow Johu strict. alO It*ec XTOI'l<;K-V AN ZANlJT HOfKI., 51 Wilkrt .treet ii U7l* "rprupriet ?r invites ni? friends to c*1l and near the alrerstioni made to accommodate, Clnbs. 'ormln* f?#r' ?oci^l *ndffi<* idlv intercourse, supper parties, kc upon ili? Arst floor, perfectly private and separate fatirely Irom the bar rooms. To ensure a full att'ndanoe thia eveniuu, at 8 o'clock, to view ^e p emisea, the proprietor will five aa E*Ua lunch ol st|t>*Miitials. inelvding an A No, 1 Kisn C-i.owd*r. ?>H. Il'.tc VVM L VAn/ANgy st Walker ?t. 20U0 xx* THE I den WILLIAM A. SMETS HTU L opfi hii Niw 8|ib, 7J7 Broadway, ( under the New *? York Hotel, corner of Waverly PUce.) on THURSDAY. *? !'ih iniw wiU M eaurrly NJtW.iUOCJtofOOODJ. eceived by the lata arrival* from France? I SPLENPIO ASSORTMENT OF EMBROIDERIES Kjch En.broidered Hiawl* and Mantill-*. " " Pelerines a la reite. , , " Docheae d'Otlean*. " Koche'le, ICMB'D COLLARS,- - CANEZOUB, * Mary > turn, " a Rachel y0'"nu* Point " a U vcilla "? PfB,l " Faiwrndie apple I'ranell* " Gtrui a Bonar- " en Tulle (lata Cape " a Valeucienns EMB'D SCARFai EMB. FICHUS k GIMPE8, " Extra Riche " Richly cmb'd " llrcd iru|> ou'eur " a Rever* " Extra Hiche " Josephine " Plain Bordure " Celine " Extra New " Valiere RICH EMBROIDERED LINEN CAMBRIC HDK'FS. Very rich > 4 BaqgiUi llarni d? Valeceieue Vigiette B'goetta and (Jnerlmde Point Nouveau* l'lumeu* WEDDING DRESSES, LADIES' CAPS. Ex'ra emb'd Madia Ureases Thread Lao* Cap* " Thread Lace do Euib'd \lu*lio do Emb'd Milk do Tulle Lace do "B"bbinet do do with flowers 'Thulie St rharlatine Bobbiuet, do with eapette* LADIES' frTRAW HATS,YOUNG LADIEH\; APOTTES Ladie*' Rich Stiaw Guimpure " Couau Diier* " a Deutelle " Boii bUuc Ik Cordon " Toaeine* " a Agreinent " Grain D'orce BOYS' 8TRAW C08QUETTES. Cosquett'sreeriles Straw Cat* Tyrolien* Berrrta Cnn " Toicane RICH BILK PATREK DRESSES Silks I'ekia Ciiuoia Silk* I'ekiu Brocka " Paiiaience '? Koulard ' War err d " Pou de 8oia iaffeta* " Pekin Broche PARASOLS. Oinbrellas with irory handles ?. mbrellas Marquise wi.h fringe* " Plain 'd and stiver mountirg*. PERFUMERY|DE TOILETTE. .. , Of a very aupsriorquality, imported to order. roudre d Amonde* f arinr de Noisette* P*te do Blare de Niege Cold Crram Otto of Row* I erf u me J Sachets Toilette 1'owder PERFUMES FOR HANDKERCHIEFS. Eau de Portugal Eglantine Roee Moaaiie V.ssescs Ma'erechelle Pari* Kid Gloves, Biputerre*. Buckle*, and a large as sortment of *'an?T Article*, which will be offered at a very reasonable price. alt lm'rc CASTLE GAHDEN ROTUNDA T'HE Proprietor* respectfully iaformt the Public, that th? f above named place u in a forward stat* of preparation, and will open in the early paitof May, with Italian Oiwat-c Cou carta. Alio, Knslish Vocal and Inst omental Concerts with fn.l Orchestra andChotui. The whole under tbe direction of Mr. Beames, to whom all application* for engagement* nrnat be made, if by letter, po?t paid, at 87 Walker street a? Iwrc JUDGE AND JUltY CLUB f^lfUr the manner 0/ the ctlebiated Club of that name in London) A number of Gentlemen, reaidenta of New York and Brook ? lyn, contemplate formisg a Club, under the above title, a* aoona* possible, with a limited number of member*; not Ira* for the pnrpo*e of enjoying the wit, mirth, and humor, which Bu*t necessarily abound in such an association?if properly condtic'ed?than for the purpose of encouraging a taste f>r friendly diacuaaiona, in a novel form, among gentlemen who are desirou* of (ractising aa debater*, or obtaining experience as eoutroveraialiit*, for exercise in a more ex ended and useful field. Shuuld thia Club be organised a* it* projector* uouiem plate, it* sessions will be much more attractive, entnrtainii g, and inatractive than th ?e of any Court of Dover, whieh has aver be^n known in thia city. A prelimiarrT meeting of the originator* of thia Clnb will be held at Wilton * Hotel, Do. i Golu street, naar Maiden lane, at 8 o'cloek oa Saturday Evening next, the 19th of Aoril instant, whea the prominent feature* of the Club will be explained to all gentlemm who mty think proper to attend. a 16 3trc rT,HC F1B8T ANNIVERSARY OF PIONEER TEMPLE a. No. 1, of the Houae Carpenter*' Piotective Aaiociation.will be celebrated at the Broadway Tabernacle, on the 16tli inatant. at 7X o'cloek. ,AU Addre** will b* delivered by Dr. LarJner on the Diffusion oT Scientific and Useful Knowledge among Mechanics. An Oration Iy the Hon Eli Moore, ou tne Social, Moral,and Intellectual Condition of the Mechauic* in rocie'.y. Th* Exercises will be inter*|<eraed with Muaic by sevenl ponular Voealista. For further particular*, are handbill*. Ticket* 40 centa, to admit a gentleman and ladies, may be pro cured at R. Lock wood's, 411 Broadway; Saxon and Mile*, 208 Broadway; F. Wiley k Co.'*, 297 Broadway; Hill'*Tool Store, Broadway; Broadway House: Tammi'y Hi I: Wood'*, cor. Chatham and Duane'atrceti; Office oPthe Evening Pott; at the door during theevening. or of either of the COMMITTEE. Wm. A. Divis, j Matthias Kelly, Benjamin Price, W. M. Marten, Jftcob A Cole, I M. KELLY, Secretary. WM. A. DAVIS, Pie*ident. *15 2tl??ec TIT ANTED?A Yonng French Woman, to take charge oft " child three year* old, aad attend to a ladie*' toilet There i* a probability of the family vititing Paris thia *uinmer. all tfrc 9 TO BOATMEN, AND OTHERS?Pavirg Stone of firit rate quality, wanted immediately. Apply to WILLIAM FORGAY, . 1m*rc No. <8 Norfolk ttreet. TXT1 ANTED?A few active youog men to engag* in alight " and pleaaant buiinest. E qiire at 293 Broadway, of . , , , C MERRlFlELD. Now ready for sale, the Kntgh's of Seven l auds, complete? containing 64 oaget and two spleudid engraving*, price ct* The Nun of St. Ureuli, or the Burning of th* Convent?just published and for sale at C. Mcrrifixlo's, Publishing Hall, 29J Broadway, and at F. Gleason's, 1)4 Tremont Row. Bos ton- ap!2 3teod*m (UH) REWARD?'I'he above reward will be paid lor i(pu)\/Uu the recovery of the following aum* of money?01 iu proportion to the amount recovered, which was atolen from ^w?w tta of April inatant, or on the pansage to Poughkeepsie, vis : $10,000 of the billi of the Merchanta* Exchange Bank, New York. {1,297 of the bills >f the Bank of Poughkeepaia. 12,100 of th- billi of the Farmer*' and Manufacturers' Bar or Poughkeepsie. U9i of the bills of various other Bank*. K. P. BENJAMIN Cashier Fanners' and Manufacturers' Bank, Poughkaep*ie. R. NORTH, Cash/er. Bank of Pousthkeepsie. Infermation may be given to the Marchinta' Exchange Bank, New Yoik. all lw*m DENTI8TRY. T DON ANGEL CALDEKON DE LA B\RCA. Minis ter Pleniooteutiary from Donna Isabella, Queen of Spain to the United States at Washington, do certify thatDr A.C. C ASTLfc stand* among the most eminent of hi* profession as a skilful practical Deutist. 1 have known this gentleman for many years, and recommend him as being most worthy o( the confidence of thjte icquiriag his services. Signed A. CALDEKON DE LA BARCA. aH If rc GROCERIES FOR THE PASSOVER. EB8R8. LUTHER <t HAMPTON, 83 Cenal ttreet, re 'l*-*. apectfully invite the members o( tlie different Congrega tions, to an inspection ol the fresh stock ol Groceries suitable for (he approaeh'Bg Festival, which will be opened this dav aud continue so until after th) Paasoeer. ali 3t*rc T'HE I argest and most choice Block of DINNER WARE J- in thia city, arrived st the Glass and China Saloon, No. S99 Broadway. Alio, a large itock of Toilet Ware dtily eiptcted. Removing on the 1st of May to No. Ml Broti*way, under the StuyvesMit Institute. THO8. BILL8LAND, ali 3>*rh froprietor. BARGAINS IN HARDWARE AND CUTLERY, TO 1st MAY. rHHE subscriber offert his stock, previous to removal on the A 1st May, at tlis reduced priest, viz: White Bone Table Kniret and frorlu, $3 50 per jposs Sureri r Round Stag do do 1* 00 do Sing'e blsde pen anu pocket Knives, 73 per dox. Hand 8aws 5 75 do HagdSaw h i let. 45 do And all other goods at equally low prices, (with a discount for cash.) Purchasers will consult their own interest by Ukicg ur stairs mien before buyiug. Alto, File* of all kinds. Trace Chaina, Curry Combs, Carolina Hoes, Bras* Candlesticks, Spoana, Pad and Knob Locks, Bed Screws, Tea Ketles, Sauce Dans. &c. &c. &c. JOHN A. NEWBOULD, al4 6tina?ec,MWIiK 90 John atrset, up atairs. FANCY PAPER AND PAPKR BOXES, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. PUBLISHERS, Stationers, Book-Hinders, Printer*, Taper -C Boxmakers, Trunkmakers, Druggists, and other*, wNo use Fancy Papier, will find it to their interest to call and examine the subscriber's late assortment of American, English, French, O-rman and I liina Papi rs. He is constantly receiving fresh supp'i's of sold, silver and copper Paptr; plain and embossed morocco, Uerman mtrble, fancy printed calico aud other Tapers; all of which he sells al most at manufacturer's prices. He would ?'si call the atten tion of manufacturers and dealers in Fancy Hardware and other Fancy Woods to his Paper Box Manufacto'V. GEO. J. KRAFT, apl4 U3tw4w*ec 131 Fulton stiwt, np stair*. DAUUUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS. JF. TK/VCY his taken Rooms at No. 2JJ Broadway, np ? stairs, second floor. where he is executing some 01 the most bcutiful si>ecimens of th? Daguerrian Art in this city. The price. -??^^bh^Km^LAR8. Those in waut of i*rlect Pictures are requested to call and ex amice his specimens. Mr. T. is hai>|>y to announce that he has engaged ih" prf fessional services of N.U. Burgess, for a short time, and tho e who wish Pictures in his peculiar beautiful style wi.'ild do well to call soon. Plates, Cases. Chemicals, he., always on hand, and instruc tions k-iren in th? Art on moderate terms. all Imec iTa N K FOR SAVINGS, No 43 Chambers Mreet. \rOTICE?The depositors, aud tlie public generally, are in formed that this Institute will be removed on the 30th April instant,to the New Are proof building. No. 107 Chamber* street, weat of Church street, where the business, ou that day, and thenceforth will be transacted. ? atl toJOrc R. C. CORNELL, Bee. 1M) HlTiLDKRS, Bell Hangeri, and others connected in the A building business ?JOHN WEIR, Bell Hanger, manu facturer of Bell '1 (thing and Bell Hangar's materials in general respectfully announce* that lie lias removed to more common! ous premises, No. d'J King street, 3 doors east of Hudson, wh<re he will be attentive, a* formerly, to lulcl any orders of those who may honor him with their patronage. N. B.?Silver Plating, Nam.- and Number Platts. ali 3t*ec ________ rPHE SOCIAL INSTITUTE, how completed, ready I or J- the receptio i of pupils. is situated iu BWwsbury, th'ee miles from the celebrated watering place, lour miles from Red Bank, wliare stermeis p'y daily from the fm>t ol H niton street. It is calculated to give a s"und, piaclical edae^tiou,quaufy the student to pu:sue any business, or enter any class in college ? Terms, \fcr annum, $100, including all incidenlali, ?eapt ce?ls and ststionery. Wantico?A rlassic\l teacher, native of France. Also, s female. Circulars and iuterview with llie teacher may be had at 131 Nassin street. ap l'i lm*m TO TUBLIC SOCIETIES, MEMBERS OF THE BAR, MERCHANTS. AND OTHERS. THE Proprietor of WILSON'S HOTEL. DIN1NO ROOMS, and CHOP HOUSE, No J Hold street near .Vlaid-n lane, liege to state that he has comfortable end well formatted Privet- Rooms, suilible for'Committre .Veetingf, Arbitrations, Hefe ees. me., which may be procured for aueh purposes, at a short notite, on extremely liberal terms a 10 - *?* ^NHY WILSON. THE <iftEAT FIRE AT NATIONAL HALL, UROOKLtYN. DH. HAINES, of the Nationxl Hall, in Fallen street, ? Brooklyn, iuiornw his friends and the public generally, thai he lias rr-?pt ned I,is premises, and is 'gain prepared 10 su| ply his customers with the best wines, Ltquoii, also Began, that can be procured in tne market. D. 11 11. takes this opportunity to return thanks for the liher tl patronage 1* has heietofora leceived, and he hopee to merit > continuance of public favor. OAV1D H. HAINES. PREH1', lessee of the late Log Cabin aid the prr? m ?es adjoining, having lent at the Are a number of artlolei, which were taken away for * if* keeping, will thank those pr. Mm Iwvini nit ?ood? b*l<w(ia? ttk, to renin them^fortl. AUCTIONs/SALES. mtivaniv ^^ILAwtiMeei. ?T*URST>AY at ?? o'clock. >t So 1 Stone strwt all the l HOUSEHOLD and KITCHENKURN1JIJKEcotiuinel in Mid HoftMi namely m part, Brus.|? and fi >h<>gany I allies anil Chairs. Looking Ul?nee, Kraml lea. Pianoforte, pier and centre Table*, malirgaay Solas. Otto nau*. Lxmps, Candlestio**, dining aud tea China, earthen and ?la*? ware, fcc , within excellent assortment of 11 d Komn urnitnie. almost new. and a variety #f Kitchen Furniture, wi'li wlnrh the sale will commenre i{lt?(c *? E H. LIJDLOW Auctioerr 17LEOANT PARISIAN AND CITV MADK [PONHOT1 Hi FRENCH HOSKWOOD FURNITURE. CHINA. ULA8S AND PAINTINOS. all worthy of particular alter tio? ? E. n. LUDLOW it CO.. willaellat miction on Wed Malay. Place,i uuaed I ?_ r? . _ , _ ? of Kosewond inlaid .?I Cabinet Piano; 2 Buffet*; Marble top| Conches; Voltaire*; Fautriiils; Sewinir Chair*; Bedsteads; Satin Curtain*; Dressing Table*; Maible top; Card Table*; Centre do; Wardrobe; .Vlirror Dcocs: French Secrrtary, beauti fully'inlaid with flowers; Boolt-stands; Writing De*ks; Chair*; Small Table*; Si lk Curtain*, and numerou* *mall fancy article*. Alio, of Bohemian wood, the only simple of the kind in 'lie cr.y?one set of Chair*; two Sofa*, and one Ce.iti* inlaid mar ble top Table; Furniture, covered with rich figured aatin; par lor, bed-'or in and bed cumins to match. Al?o, long- pier, inan tel, wardrobe ai.d die sinir Minors; Brusselaard Ingrain Car P'ts, Ruir?, ?c. Also.Mahoganv Furniture; Bedstead*; Ex reusionTable*, Chair*, Tables, and also Irou Bedstead*. Also, Bwa, Mairasse , and Brdding?all French. Also, green and gold Dinner < hina; white do; tea do: and one set Sevie China: also bronze anil orn.ulu mechanical Lamps; antiijue Vases aud figured ' locks: also, col'd Bohemian Ola** aud plain do. Alio, trench rbted double ifooil?; abo. French Cop|ier Cooking Bat tervand Kitchen Furniture; together with oth-r article*. which will be enumerated by catalogue, which will be ready the day previon* to *a!e Alao, at p-ivate sale, 1 F.rard double action Harp. Alao, 12 beautiful Oil Paintings in rich frames. Personal arte tion will beuiven to Furniture Hales, thi* Spring, by h. H. LUDLOW. Office corner of Broad *t eet and Ex cnang* Plane anl 5 9 12 M I5 6tis?m _ , , A. C TUTTLE, Anctioneer. ULEUANT AND FASHIONABLE Rosewood and Ma 1J hogany furniture. Valuable Painting*, Cabinet of Miueral*, Sheik, Cunoiities, Sic.?Jacob 8. Piatt will aell to-morrow, Wednesday, I6th luatant, at 10 o'clock, at No. 78Cliuton Place. 8th atreet near5th avenue, the whole of the valuable rosewood and mahogany Parlor and Cabinet Furnifr* routaiurd in said house, the whole of which waa made by Weeks, Shipman St Waterbury, and comprises a large and valuable assortment of useful and ornamenial Furnituie. Also, 1 superior Boston made rosewood Piano Forte. A.lso,valuable Paintings?A lelected collection of ancient and modern original Paintings, comprising the work* of Rubeus, Murillo, liaphael, Ouido, Van Dyck, Piarxnetto, Brower, Ve ronei, and other master*, and consisting of Scriptu&l, Fancy. Landscapes, Portrait* and other subjects Also, Mineral*. Shell*,he.?An extensive Cabinet, containing over 3010 specimens aud being the most rare and valuable cop lection evrr before offered at ajstion. Alao, one Olasa Case, cootaiuing over 100 different varieties ofTrophical Bird*, elegantly arranged. Also. 4 Glass Cases, containing 100 specimens of West India Crab*, in a perfect atate of preservation, retaining their original color, and these only cases to be obtained in the United State* or Oreat Britain. Catalogue* now ready, and may be obtained at the auction room. al5 2*rc MAGASIN JAPONAIS. AH PAKKER, Agent, (from Amsterdam) 69 Duane at, ? between Broadway and Elm *treet, begs leave to inform his friends, and the public in general, that he has received a most precioua collect-on of Antiquities, consisting of Japan Lacker -d Jar* and Vaaes Flower Bottles, Platrs, Dishes, Cups and Saucers, original Japan Wooden Laekered Tables, nchm gold figures and iultid with mother of pearl; Ancient Dresden Por celain Figures, ('ops and Saucers, Ancient Fans of the 16th erntnry; oiiginal Med Japan Porclain Tables, aud a Japan Lackered Bird Cage, the greatest cuii'isity ever .seen in thi* country; which collection ahall be sold at public anction, at the above mentioned place, by AAltf*N LEVY, Auctioneer, on Tuesday, April 24ih, atll o'clock, A.M . and can be seen on Tuesday next, with catalogue*, until the day of *ale. The public are respectfully invited to call and esamine this magnificent collection, which is a rare chance seldom to be met with. ap!5to24*rc RIDHARD VAN DVKE, Jr . Auctioneer. 8ALE WITHOUT RESERVE OF LEASEHOLD PRO PERTY IN 18th STREET NEAR 8th AVENUE A NTHONY J. BLEECHER It CO. will sell at anction. on Monday, the >lst inst. (April J at 12 o'clock, at the Mer. chants' Exchange?.The two brick Houses, of three s'ories each, (ituated on ths South side of )6lh street, commencing 66 feet East of the 8th avenue, with the Astor lease* of the Lor*, each IS feet 9 inch's by 103 feet 3 inches, at a ground rent of $80 each for 63 years, from Mar, 1841, each honsa 16 feet 9 inches by 38 fret, finished with marble mantels, sliding doors and sub-cellars were built last Tear in the heat mannrr, and every way conveui ent for small families. The premises can be examined any day until the sale, 13 S of the purchase money can remain on mort gage on each house. [No. 1801 aUto2( insrc (JEOROtt B. ROLLINS, Auctioneer. C* ASH ION ABLE CABINET FURNITURE?Wilkins ?c L Hollins will sell at auction, on Wednesday, April I6th,at 10 o'clock, a. 445 Broadway, the entire seek of new and fash ionable manufacture, made by B. Hosch, No 445 Broadway, in consequence < f removal to a new store,?made in the Dest man ner, and consisting of a choice variety of modern Furniture of (he most apftovea patterns, rosewood and mahogany Sofas, Chain, Table*, Book Cases, Sofa Tables, Dining, Tea, etc.: Card Table*, Pico, etc; Centre Tables with black and white marble top*; Ea*y Chairs, Rockers, Pier and Mecess Divans, Ottomans, French Bedsteads, Hair Mattrasses, lie., fcc? com prising evere kind of Household Furniture. Catalogues may be had at the office of the auctioneera, No. 17 Broad street. a!5 2tis*m A UCTION NOTICE-BY 8NIFFEN ?t CO-Excellent Household Furniture, by catalogue?This Day at 10 o'clock, ihe entire Furnitu'e contained in the House, 20 Broad way, comprising in pirt of parlor, Brussels, and other carpets, do stair do, rosewood case piauo forte, Gilbert maker; oil paintings,'Frenchfsofas, concV.es, divans, ottomans, extension tables, beds, matt raises, (Sic. Slc. For particulars, ?ee catalogue. Also, the kitchen fnrnitnre. a!6 lt'ec A UCTION NOTICE?Bale of Furniture, Carpets, Lonk a ing Glasses, and House leeping Articles generally?This Dsy at 10,^ o'clook, two second hand piano fortes, and splen did seraphina, a number of beauiilul paintings, one printing press. 4 sofas, tcc. Ice. On Friday, large sale of Dry Ooods, Cloths, &c. On Satarday the furniture of two families giving up house keeping; I first rate mucking birds THOMAB BELL, Anctioneer, al6 lt*ee 11 Spruce street. UAlMiivus Ai Atiti'iuu . n ? ?x werj ?A. Levy will sell on Wednesday evening, at T o'clock, at No. 151 Broadway, an old fashioned invoice ol Oil Paintings, just received from Antwerp. Dealers, speculators and connoisseurs will haie a fair chance for speculation. Sale peremptory. *15 2t*m CENTREV1LLE COURSE, L. 1., TROTTING. WES _ NSED AY, April 16th, at t o'clock. P. M., purie $M, mile heats, tut 3 in S, u?der the Middle. THE ENTRIES. C. Carl, (. g M.'doc. D. Bryan, blk, ra. Coquette. H. Woodruff, William Tell. C. Bert-ue. Daniel Webster. Immediately after, sweepstake, mile Keati, bett 3 in 5, in har netf. R. Tnttle, bik e Mill Boy. C. Bertine, b (.Trouble. H. Woodruff, a. ?r Vork. D. Smith, sr. g. Bill Harrington. nl52t?F JOEL CONKL1N, Proprietor. TO LET?To a auiall family, the second story, con ffijl ii? ing of 2 ronms and 2 hetronms, and bedroom in attic, JVi&aud a front kitchen, at 604 Washington street Apply to D K. iliankin,244 Waihington street. Rent $140 per annum. a!6 lt*rc V^ANTKD?The Whole or I'art of a HOUSE or APARTMENTS?Wanted, without board,.the first floor of a ge.ute.-l hou?e, in a good neighborhood; th* ro 'uu either furuished or not; or Ihe whole of a (mall hour e, at a low rent. A letter addressed to A. L. Y., Poit Office, Mating termi and location. al? 3t*ec TO LET OR LEASE. teA A PIECE OF'LAND, on the Eighth Avenue and 93d (SfjB itreet, containing about It acres of Wud. There is on JUlLth* premises a Frame Owellias,which wuld br repaired ro^Mtooid tenant. Apply to AN1BONY CAKROLL. ap!6 lm*ee 26 Nassau street. JaftTO RENT, AT MODERATE RENTS?Three CTw basement three story Brick Hou?es, on the Ifth avenae, Xj&next to llili stieet having marble mante's, grates, and tverv convenience for respectable fimiles. Houses 85 by 12? rent $260 ?ich Also, the new three story brick House on lltli street, first house east of 10th aveaue, uuished with sluing doors, marble mantel", gratis, lie., house 25 by 41 feet, with large yard?rent $30(1. Some of the above can be occupied immediately. Houses ?an be seen by applying to Mr. Boyle, at the corner The Om nibuses pass through 8th and 9th aveunes. R. H. LUDLOW, alt 3t*ee 171 Tenth street, next to 2d avenue. ?Ml JAMES VIRTUE, Girdner and Florist, corner of ?9|Droadway and 2?nd street, formerly comer of 15th street ?A^aiid 5th avenue?Has on hand, Alianlhtis, and all kin's of ornamsntal trees, suitable for streets or pleasure grouods. Also, a gnat variety of thel choicest Shrubs. Herbacious Planu, fcc , be., best adapted for city gardens. Greenhoos* Planu, he , in great variety. A quantity of superb Fruit Bearing Vinea. Gardens laid out and ke|)t by the Reason. All kinds of Oar den Work dnu^ on the most reasonable terms All orders left at the corner of Broadway and J id street, or at the store of Messrs. Thorburn St Co., 15 John street, will be punctually attended to. all 3tendit*ee BrORl.lVERPOOL-ThepacketshipNEW VORK, >ptain Cropper, will positively sail en the 16th April, ind the packet ship 81DDONS, Captain Cobb, on pi if. , . , For passage,having superior accommodations m eabin and tteeraceTapply to JOHN HEllDMAN, 61 South street. Pf. B.?Passage from any part of Great Britain and Ireland vU Liverpool, by first diss packet ships sailing weekly. Drafts can as nsual be furnished for any amonnt. payable at all the principal Banking Institutions tfiroiwh ut the United Kingdom Apply at the United States and Great Britain and Ireland Old Established Emigrant Office as above al6ec MS- NEW LINE 4?F PACKETS FOR LIVER hJMS^POOL?Packet of the 21st April?The splendid snd JfiflBlBfavorite packet ship LIVEHl'OOL, 1100 tons bur then. Cant. J. Eldrilge, will sail on Monday, April 81st, her regular day. Persons wishing to secure berths should not fail to maka early application on boatd, foot of Bnrlini W. kJ.T A**- * the 26th A| us blip, or to ry.m.,. a. TAPSfcOTT. At their General Passage Office, 76 South street, corner of Maidau Una. NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE, At 7 o'clock, P M jMM FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT. the tier, foot of Courtlandt street.?The SE^SlESLStaam lloat EMPIRE, Captain R.B.Mary, will leave the foot of Courtlandt street, every Monday, Wed nesday and Kriday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Passengers by ihe above boat will arrive at Albany and Troy in aonple tine to lake the cart going east or weat. Freight taken it low rates. For Passage or Freight, apply on board the boat or to G. CLARK, at the offire on the wnarf. ap!6tfre TEN CKNTH PER HUNDRED POUNDS. FREIGHT FROM PHILADELPHIA TO BALTIMORE. PA88AGES150. _ IRIC8SON STEAMBOAT LINE BETWEEN PHILADELPHIA AND BALTIMORE The Ericssou Liine will re ceive Freight for Baltimore.| and for the South and West ireuerally, which the* will forward at the low rate of ten cents per 100 lbs. All the freight heretofore forwarded from,New York to Baltimore, has been ca-ried by this lip,?, and shipper* will therefore be careful to consign and mark their goods to A. Groves, Jr., Agent. The Depot of the Ericsson Line is near the freight office of th* New York Line, almost adjoining it. 'iTie Hosts of this Lin* will leave the upp*r side or yhestnat str?et wharf daily, (except Sunday) at 3 o'clock, P.M.,orii< mediately after the arrival of the New York Line. The accom modations for Passengers are excellent, berths b-uig provided tor them, and every effort will be mad* t> promote their comfoC and convenience. Passengers receipted through by this Line tt> Wheeling and Pittaalmrgh, via Ballimor and Ohio Railroad and National Road. , ir7**Fare to Wheeling $U-Te Pittsburgh $I1-Mrals ? cts Bis Boats compose thn Ericsson Steamboat Line, and the a? raugementa M? ample to forward every pound of freight it eaived. . A-GROVM. Jl- Agaat, Marah lift, tttt No. l??ca& Wanea, Phile. AMUSEMENTS. PAHK THKATHB. Third appearand Jlf'Mf. JUMekm. WED.NEoDAY KVttNlNG. April JO. Will b* presented the Tiutdy of the ELDER BROTHER ?Charle*, Mr Anderson; Lewis, MrBixry; Angelina, Mrs Abbott A Medley Dance by Mbi Rr. Clair. Alter which the MAI!) OF CR018HEY. or There*aY Vow ?Serjeant Austerliix, 1- xfiniuc; Francis, Dyott; Theresa, Mn. Skerrett; Macette, Mrs Dyott. Bom, 1st tier 75 cents, 2d tier 50 cents? Pit 5# cents?limitary It cents. Doors open at 7 o'clock, cortiiu rise precisely at half-past 7 o'clock. PAX.MO'? OPKHA HOUDk. L?ss??t W. DI.NNEFORD. 1 "?y?*ee has great plwun in anucunciug that he is now en abled to sdmit llin public at the following prices:?Dress Boxes and I'ari|uette 10 cms?Second Circle 2i cents? rrivau Boxes 14. Cast N ight but Two of Sophocles' Tragedy of , . , , ANTIGONE. Last night bat two of the Re-ent agement of Mr. G. Van den- ; 'wVnwitniv Aminos, will positively be withdrawn. WEDNESDAY EVENING, April ]6th, 1845, will he pre ?ntLa lIT lnl"luJ? of the HAPPY MAN-Raw Rustic. Mr Hamilton To couclude with. (0th time in America,) the Tragedy of ANTlpONh?Creoa, (King of Thetis) Mr G Vandesi hotf; Antigone, Miu Clarendon 1 here is no Frce List to this Theatre, except the members of the Press. Doors open at 7?Performance to commence positively at half-past 7 o'clock The Bos Book is now open, and places may be secured. KDUTUN'H 'I HKA I RK?Arch street, PHILADELPHIA. WEDNESDAY EVENING. April 16. A new Comedietta?THE PENN Y-A-L1NEK?Hercu'ies Crisis, oar own Reporter, Mr. Burton; Mrs. Crisis, Mrs. W. H. Smith; Lonely, Mr. Johnson ;Tifnie, Miss Kirby; C&ram bo|?s, Mr. Thaver. The successful burlmijue, called THE B9HEA MAN'S GAL !?Mister Harnbeim, Mr. Johnson; Toady, Mr. Burke; Hoopincongh Mr. Bowers; Kloorstaiu, Mr. Russell; Arliue, Mr*. W H Smith; Mrs. Queeu, Mr. Stevens. The extravagant* of BEAUTY AND THK BEA8T?Sir Aldgate lamp. Mr. Barton; Beauty. Mrs. Burke; Queen of Roses. Miss Wirby. XUmPLK OF I'llK MUSKS. FLOATING THEATRE, AT THE FOOT OF DELANCY STRERT. PRICES REDUCED. Admission to D'ess Circle 25 rents?Paxiae'te lt)? atnts. THURSDAY EVENING, April 16. The entertainmentH will continence with the FLOATING BEACUN? Jack Junk, Mr. W G Jones; Marrielle, Mrs An derson. Followed bv the MYSTERIES OF THE HEATH?Gil bert, W O Jones. Irish Jig, by Mrs Sutherland and Mr Uoodwiu. Comic Bong Mr T G Booth. The Petite GUMBO FAMILY. To conclude with BEN THK BOATSWAIN?Ben the Boatswain. W Q Jon". KXH1BITION. * fHE GRAND ORIGINAL TABLEAU. painted by V. -L Anelli, in New York, on an area of 23 by 19 feet, repre senting a grand catastrophe, THE END OF THE WORLD, (the idea was suggested Dy a dream,) is now and will be exhi bited at the Apollo, 410 Broadway, (which is entirely separa ted from (he Concert Room, in the same building,) fora short time, previous to its removal from the city, Mr. Anelli having disposed of it for the present. Exhibition open from 10, A. M ., to 10, P. M. Admission 26 cnts aire COMPLIMENTARY CONCERT TO MADAME OTTO AT A MEETING, held at the Astor House, of the Friends of Madame Otto, ou Tue?day evening. 15th Arril. Dr. J. M QUINN, Chairman, JAMES L. HEWITT, Treasurer and Secretary, it was res lved that a Complimentary Concert be given to Madame Otto, in consideration of the kind manner iu which shi; has ever given her valuable services in aid of many 1 public charities. The best vocsl and instrumental talent his volunteered for the occasion. Fall particulars will be given at an early date. a!6 3t*je PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY. THIRD SEASON. 1844-45. rPHE Fourth and Last Concert of the Season, will take place -I- at the Apollo Rooms, on Saturday,,April 19th. To com mence at 8 o'clock, precisely. Subscriber* can obtain their extra Tickets, by applying to Messrs. Scharfrnberg 8t Luis. No. 361 Brotdway, on and before April 18th. By order, all istol9th*m WM. SCHARFENBKRO. Bec'y. A CARD. AWING to the careless manner in which the Apollo Saloon ^ is conducted, the Chinese Magician ftuds it impossible to give an exhibition adequate to the pledges made the public, and with great respect postpones his exhibition until 8 more suitable place can be secured. M. W1L8E. a!3 6tis*ec NATIONAL ACADEMY OF DESIGN T*HE TWENTIETH ANNUAL EXHIBITION of Works J- by Living Artists, will be oj>en to the public on Thursday, the 17th instant. Season Tickets JO cents?Single Admission 25 cents. alg >lis*rc COLMAN'S GALLERY OF OIL PAINTINGS AND Literary Exhibition, .No. 2113 Broadway.?Just added to the Exhibition, a very beaulifnl Picture by G. Cole?in sizs about 6 ft 4?being a Landscape view in Cumberland, EnglanJ, Ailed in with a wonderful group of Cattle, which have received the finishing touches of Thomas Sidney Cooper, of London, with whom Mr. Cole studied. It was valued in the Exhibition in London at 400 guineas. This is probably the most delightful effort of art which lias been exhibited here in many years. To see which, and abeut 200 Oil Paintings, II>4 cents only is charged. Entrance through the Book Store, where no charge is made, nor to the extensive Print Room, where Engravings of every variety may be had, at reduced prices. N. B.?Mr. Cnlmau, wishing to close up the Book Depart ment of his establishment, offers bargains to purchasers. a!2 tf rc lV/TR. HAMILTON, Teacher of American and French Broad Sword, also the Inftntry Small Sword and Musket Exer cise, most respectfully announces to those who /eel inc'ined to become perfect in the above exercise, that they will do well to eall at his Drill Room, Harmony Hill, No. 5 Cen'ni street. complete his papil* iu twelve lessons. Terms, twelve lessons, (6. N. B ?Mr. H. can be] seen from 9 A M. till 10 P.M. at his Drill Rooms. Private lessons tanght at any part of the city. a!6 lw*sc OTTIGNON'S GYMNASIUM. piHAS. F. OTT1GNON respectfully informs his friend* ^ and the public, that he has recently taken the large and com modious rooms, Nos. 15, 17, and 19 Canal street, near Broad way, (formerly occupied by J. P. Rogers.) which have been thoroughly cleaned, and fitted up in a manner that cannot fail to give satisfaction to the most fastidious. Connected with the Gymnasium, is the Srannino Room, where Mr. 0. is always ready personally to give instructions iu (he noble Art of Self Defence, and he will likewise state that his pnpils enjoy the reputation of being the most skilfnl amateur sparrer* in the city. Wrestling tanght by Mr. Wm. Price, who will warrant any panil perfect, after a cours? of instruction Fencing taught by an experienced professor. Mr. O. would respectfully inform those pupils who have formerly exercised at this Gymnasium, and whose Urns have not already expired, that satisfactory arrangement s for the ?wtiuuion of their unexpired time, will be made ay calling on him at the rooms, in Canal street, which will be open from sunrise until 10 o'clock. P.M. Mr. O. would also state that the Gymnasium and Pistol Gal lery. comer of Broadway and Chamber streets, will ha open un til further notice. b9 lmje SOCIETY LIBRARY. /CONSUMPTION CURABLE.-Dr. ROSE, of Philadel plya, who forsereral yeari h?? moat lucceaifallv practiced the 11 Chrono Thermal System or Medicine" trill deliver hit se cond Lecture, at the Society Library, Ion Wednesday Evening, April Ifith. To commence at 8 o'clock. Ticlc -u fifty centa. a!3 4t*ec. ?T<HE FIFTY-NINTH ANNIVERSARY DINNER of 1 the 8 V. OEORUE'S SOCIETY of New York, will take place at the Astor House on the ?d in>t. Tickets, the number of which ii limited, may be had of the itewarda. J. H. WALTER 2M Broadway. ? WM. HINDHAl/OH.l Veeey auAitor Hoiue. F. DIAPER. 3* Wall street. EDWARD WALKER, 114 Fulton, and aCttldh UI Nassau atreet. w JAMES BECK & CO., 380 BKOADWAY, ILL OPEN ON MONDAY MORNING, the richest as sortment of Silks. Silks Damas Pekin Silk* Doriaenere " Damas Moirr " D'Amuu " Pekin Broche " Mogadire " Pott de Soi Amoir " Jardiniere " Africaine " Chanti'ly " Alger ienne " lily " Damaa Blane " Maanrke " Damas Rayiere " Odalisque " Pekin Chinois " Ecossas Morie " Bayadere " Dam Pon de Soi " Pekin Moire " Black Watered, yd. wide " Quadrille Camelion " 40 in. Taffetas, high lustre " Pekin Cashmere " 3(1 in. Parisienae do. do. Quadrille Arc m Ceil ... Marquise Plain blkfc wht. chan'bl Moa ruing Silks Plain blkfc wht. Foulards. Paris printed Foulard* India Foulard*, changeable It" Plain do. " Broche " Mourning du. " " Mourning. Kous8ellii De Lalne. Rich P iris printed Monsselin Small pattern Striped, forchil Ue Laine dm Rich Ombre, shaded Nmall Figures do do. Whtie. Bin*, I'ink, Cherry, Lilac and Scarlet Merino and Monsselin de Lame*. Baragea, Jaconetl, Balzorinen, Organdie*. Cambria, koutlin dr Sot, Crape dt Chine, Mnunlin de iioi, imprirter. Shawls. Scarfs. Algerian Crap de Chea* Marocaim Echarpe* Mogadon " Cerito Embroidered Silk Embroidered Silk l'charpcs Taglioni " Cashmere " lsly " Banige " A faim re Satin Plaid do " Crepe de China MAD AM K PAY^'s" A R i a'iS \1B KG i U E RlES. Rieh Embroidered Dr**"* Rich Emb'd Pelerine de Silly Collars Johannin* Pelerine Cardoville Delicia " Fiavella " Marelly " Abigail " Balticla " Marquise " Zarah " Rachel " Conde * " Higolerte " d'Albrantes Caneton* U?orgette " Msry Htaart " Lavanbaliere Shawl* Brodrs en BNtarN Otimpes a I'Eraquea Hear'* " " " *Reven Man'elets Regolette Camb. Hdkf* Brode* Souuche Mant'let Venetien " " Zaaina Manchea Moliere ' a I Anglaiae " Medicii " " * l^etuee " Persanaes " a Ecriaaon Wedding Dresses. Tliead Late Dresses Alrnton emb'd Maslia Dreaat* Embroidered 8ilk da Point i1^?. _ Very wide Thread Flounces BLACK AND WHITE. Parasols and Son Shades. Ombrellrs Douavieire Ombrelle* Amerieainea Do Chinoiae* Do Marquise Do Anglaises Do Ouite Belts, Buckles. Sashes, ho. Narrow Hhaded Beit* Burkle*, Pain, 'fold Do Kancy Do Steel Do Plaid . Do Argentina Ai.kiANDta'* Pari* Made Olovi* ol tlse most rttktrcht C"lor>. I'rtnlemt Clam, Utmt Caw*, Hmuiont Brntle. Th? ab'ite with a urea variety of nofeltiea and handsome ()..od?, will be round to be superior to any thing ever before of fered in tins city, having been sainted by a* in Paris, ?it'' Kiv.it <-ar?, and which we now offer at a small advance, either wholcssde or retail, at No. m Broadway. apHttis re 4> . FOR SALK-A Faat Trotting Orsv M.rr. 9 vear -ijffl^Vild, perfectly sound, and kind in all harness and ua f 1 'l',r saddle. She has tiotteil a mile "lien out of C'Uidinoii ill am. 4'J> Al'\ ? Light Waion With leather top. but. little used. APP.y at Jone*'Stable*, Foutth *tr*et, near <*r??n *tte*t, . *j>l? lw#rc BY TIIE SOUTHERN MAIL Washington. [Correspondence of ite Herald ] Washington, April 14, 1845 The CaLtntt?lit Original Formation? The St crelarythip of State and Sdi? Wright?( hanget? Mr Butler't Refutal of the War Department? Offned to Marcy and he acceptt ? Butler with draw* his refund ?Too late?appointment of Col. Claiborne at Live oak Agent?Judge Biyce? Via Pretident Dallas and Sujtpotitiout Travelling. There are " unwritten chapter*," as the Conttt tut ion says, in the history ot the formation of ths present Cabinet, their various nominations, the measures by which, and the reasons for which they are made, and various other matters, which from time to time, I shall, as1 1 have opportunity and information, lay before your readers. One of these unwritten chapters relates to the formation ot the Cabinet, whereupon I will throw some little light. Many peraona have supposed that thia curious and intricate piece of joiner work waa not at all framed previous to the arrival of the President at Washington. Others have aaid that the President had at first intended to invite Mr. Calhoun to remain in his Cabinet, but waa induc ed, to change his mind, as the price on which the refractory clique in the Senate insisted, in order to insure the pasaage of the Annexation Resolu tions. Others again have said that Mr. Silaa Wright, of New York, was invited by Mr. Polk to take the first post in the Cabinet, and that he refused. 1 have also heard peraons make ths hitter statement, who must undoubtedly have known better, but probably did go to magnify the importance and consideration of the Benton Van-Buren-Wright clique. None ?1 any of theae suppositious statements is true. Mr. Polk had decided upon the formation of his Cabinet previous to hia crossing the mountains. He muat, therefore, have either kept hi9 determina tions aecret from hiB friends who accompanied him across the mountains, or elae they wilfully deceived other peraona, by assuring them of what was not the case; such, for instance, aa Mr. Heisa stating that Mr. Calhoun was to be retained. I have it up on very good authority, that the following waa the original constitution of the cabinet, aa Mr. Polk had decided previoua te leaving Tennessee i Becretary of State?Mr. Buchonan. Secretary of the Treasury?Mr. Fiagf, of N. Y. Secretary ot the Navy?Mr. Bancroft. Secretary of War?Mr. Stevcnion, of Va. Attorney General?aar. Walker. Postmaster General?Cave Johnson. The Secretaryship of State, your readera may rest assured, upon the most indubitable authority, never waa offered to Mr. Silaa Wright, malgre all the protestations of the Morning Neu>t and others of that clique to the contrary notwithstanding. All this arrangement, however, was apoiled by the de termination of Senator Walker to go into no place in any cabinet below the station of Secretary of the Treasury; and such representations were made, and a? many reminiscences brought to mind, before James K. Polk, that he could not think of doing without Mr. Walker in his cabinet. Aa, therefore, the redoubtable Miasissippian had determined to have nothing less than the Treasury, why Mr. Polk resolved to give it to him. This, however, involved the re-construction of the whole cabinet Mr. Buchanan waa then resolved upon for Secre tary of State, and Mr. Walker for Secretary of the Treasury, and Mr. Bancroft for Secretary of the Navy. Mr. Stevenson would not accept of the War Department. It was tendered to Mr. Butler, of New York. He declined it, and Mr. Polk ten dered it to ex Governor Marcy, who, immediately upon receiving the proffer accepted it, and posted off to Washington in propria pertona. In the mean time Mr. Butler had written to the head quarters of the clique, and the wily fox of Linden wold, aliat Kinderhook, had advised him to accept by all manner of means. He immediately revoked his declination of the office, but was too late; Marcy had accepted, and the game waa blocked. Thus far Virginia had no representative in the cabi net, and Mr. Stevenson's claims had been urged for the first post, which had been given to theS e nator from Pennsylvania. In order, therefore, to give Virginia a representative, Mr. Maaon waa called in, and after some solicitation, he agreed to take the Attorney Generalship, and thua the cabi net waa formed. While the cabinet was under consideration, the clairna of Colonel Butler, of Ky, and ex Governor, now Senator Faitfield, (about whom by the way, 1 have one of thoae un written chapters to relate,) were seriously thought of for posts in the administration; but New York and Virginia could not be left out of consideration in the apportionment, and therefore these two gen tlemen, with some o'.hers, 'bide their time. I have thus given a concise statement of thia un written chapter, which completely demoliahes the inferences which have been drawn from the state ments, mat first Silaa Wright was offered the State Department, nnd then Butler the War Wright never waa offered ihe State Department. Butler was offered the War, declined, and then withdrew hia declination, which withdrawal waa too late; and the promptness oi Mr. Polk's action in offering that department to another New Yorker, ahowa that he bad no great deaire to have one of the Benton-Van Buren-Wright clique in hia cabi net; else would he have used, some means to in duce Mr. Butler to come in, instead of immedi ately offering the post to Marcy, an old hunker to be sure, but an anti-Van Bnren one. Among the published appointments the other day, I notice that of Col. J. F. H. Ckiborne, editor of ttie New Or leant Jeffertonian Republican, and late M. C. from Mississippi, as live oak afent for Lou isiana. The title of thia office gives no concep tion of its importance, o: ot the magnitude of duties. There are v^t tracts of public lands "in the South West, w'nich are covered with very valuable timber of ?.Vi descriptions. Most of the laud is at present swamp, and if it is ever to be aisposru 01, ,t is Highly important that the timber should be preserved. If the timber be removed, the lan'i becomes valueless. Now there are num bers 01 unprincipled men, who go upon these tracts of public land, cut down all the most valuable of trie timber, form it into rafts, and when the floods come, float it off and dispose of it, thus despoiling the lands and rendering them worthless, and in fact defrauding the Treasury of Aileghania. Col. Claiborne's duties, I understand, comprehend and include the supervision of all these tracts, and the preservation of the timber from the attacks of these depredators. He is well qualified for his post, and it is to be hoped that his extensive knowledge of the country will enable him to save for the pub lic the value of this land and the timber. Both he and Judge Bryce, the eloquent and aristocratical (in appearance) Louisiaman, the champion of the young democracy, who was prevented from dis playing his oratorical powers before the New York democracy by severe sickness, have left this city for their own sunny clime, both being heartily tired of thefwind and dust,|which we have so plentifully experienced in this metropolis. A the publication of the list of Senators who have received the "constructive" travelling money, which I forwarded to you a few days ago, with my remarks upon the fact of Mr. Dallas haviag award ed it, has excited some stir. I send herewith a copy of the section of the law, under which Mr. Dallas ordered this money, which certain of tho Senators have refused to receive. The law was approved on the 22d January, 1818. The section is as follows:? Be ft enacted, That at every ten ion ?t Congress, an every meeting of the Senate in the recess of Congress after the 3rd of March, in the year 1817, each Seorator shall bo entitled ti receive eight dollar* for every day he has attended or ihall attend the Senate, and shall also be allowed eight dollar* far every twenty miles, of sstim* ted distance by the most usual road from his pisce of re sidence to the seat ot Congress, st the commencement and end of erery such session snd meeting; sod thst s11 tnm* for travel si ready performed to he due snd psysble st the time of passing ibis act; snd in esse sny member of the Sjnstc has been, is, or shsll be, detslnen by sickness on his tourney to or from such session or meeting, or after his srrivsl, hai been, is, or shall be nnable to attend the Senate, he shall be entitled to the ssme dsily allowance; and the President of the Senate pro tempore, when the Vice President has been, or shall be, absent, or when his oftico shsll be vacant, shall, dnring the period at his ser vices, receive, in sddilion to his compensstion as s mem ber of the Senate, eight dollars for every day he hss at tended or sball attend the Senate. Provided always, thst no Seustor shsll be sllowsd s sum exceeding the rste of eight Hollars a day from the and of on* such seasion or meeting to the time of his taking his seat in another ? Provided alao, that no Senator shall receive more for go ing to, snd retnming from, the meeting of the Senate on the fourth day of March last, than if this sat bsd not been pessed. That is the law, and 1 canaot see that it makes the matter one whit more equitable. Yiae. Washington, April 14, 1840. The War and State Departments ? The White Hout The Treaiury?TTu Patent Office, and Mr. EUt worth'* Succettor?Vie Ten Horn Sy$tem?Capt. Polk on tht qui vivt We called at the office of the Secretary of War this morning, on "confidential" business, re lating doubtless to an office, but learned from the negro jsnicor, that Governor Morton was now talking to him, and that five other gentlemen were waiting to talk to him, and that he only received one gentleman at a time. Thinking that George Bancroft,our literary contemporary (God blese you, only think of that) might have a spsre berth for us in hia dingy and dilapidated old building, we laaeed over to the Navy Department. The aisles were lined with colored messengers ; in fact, the l?lacp is ao dirty and dingy, and dark, that tne oc caaional white man one encounters tn*he passage looka rather coppensh We inqaired of a meaaec

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