22 Nisan 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

22 Nisan 1845 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERAf Vol. XI., Ho, ItO-Whol* Ho. *099. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES CORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every dajr. Price J cent* per ^opy ? $7 .'6 par aunnra?payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Price 6j ceuti per copy?$3 wj cents per anuum?payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual price*?alway* cash in advanco. PRINTING of all kind* executed with beauty and dttapltch. \HJ- All letters or communication*, by mail, addressed to the establishment, must be poet pilid, or the pestnge will be de luuied from the mbsenptioa money remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor or the nt.w yqnit Herald Establishment, Northwest corneerof F.ilton and Nassau strets. NEW YOHK AND HARLEM RAILROAD CO SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. On and after Monday, April mih, 1845, tlie ears will ran us follows :? ewe C ty Hall fur Leav* City Hall for Leave City Hall YorkvilV, Harlem Fordham and Wil- fot White Plains. ' and Mornsiniua. liami' Bridge. 7 CO A. M. f? no a. M. s oo A. M. lo oo 7 110 .7 10 2 00 P. M. ' 8 00 19 00 t 00 9 00 >00 P. M. 10 00 3 30 1 do P. M. J 00 2 (jo 3 00 'i 30 i 00 5 30 6 38 lt-a\e .VIorrisiania Leave Williams' Leave White and Har'em for Bridge for Plains for City Hall. City 11 <11 City Hall. 7 i0 A. M. 7 14 A. M. 7 10 A. M. 8 00 . 7 40 10 10 * 9 00 10 40 * 10 P. M. 10'00 2 40 *10 11 00 J 00 2 00 P. M i 40 3 00 1 00 5 20 5 30 6 00 6 30 7 30 Tint Freight Train will leave White Plains at 7 A. M., and theCitv Hill at 1 44 P. M., for the present. al2 1mm NEW WmLK. SCHOOLEY'h mounswn. belvldkref AND easton'.?Leave thel ? ? fnni of Crarlland street daily, Sundays excepted, at 9 o'clock, am., by Kailroad from Jerse" City to Morris towu, thence by post-coaxes through Mcndham, Chester, tier man Vail y, Schonley's Mountain, Anderson Town, Port Cal den Washington, to Belrideie and Easton. For s-au, apply to J.hll, at the Commercial Hotel, 73 Court land street. . . N. B.?k.vtras furnished at the shortest notice, by applying to Charl s ' .oil,nth. at Morriutown. m4 lm*m aTATEN ISLAND FERRY. Foot of Whitehall Street. On and after Monday, March 17ih, the Boats will nu as fol lows, until further notice:? LEAVE STATEN ISLAND: i, 10, and 12 A M.; t and 5. P M. LEAVE NEW yorR t 9. and 11, A. M.; 1, jk, and 6, P. M.? N. B.?All freight nt the risk of the owners thereof. mhl4rc kahk Si 50.?Kegul'r Opposition Line ? betweeu Philadelphia and Baltimore, from the _ inwer iide of Cnesnut street Wharf, every Mermng, su.days excepted, at 7 o'clock, through in 9 hours, viz.: Cliesa eake anu Delaware Canal, and connect with all the lines ?oulh and west from Baltimore. On the Delaware, On Chesspeake Bay. Steamer PORTSMOUTH, Steamer THOS JKFFER. Capt. J. Devoe. HON, Capt. Phillips. And tlwough the Canal, a distance of 13 milts only, are first rata packet boats. In i'att the accommodation by this line, both for speed and comfort, >s ennal to any other line between the two cities. Philadelphia, April 17, 1845 MORRIS BUCKMAN, Agent, al7 lm?m Office No. 30 South Wharves. morning UNE. AT 7 O'CLOCK. ? for ALBANY, TROY, and immediate -l.nJino. The low-pressure steamboat TRO r. Captain A. Gotham, will leave New York from the pie at the foot of Barclay str.'et at 7 o'clock, A. M., eve it Tuesday, Thursday sad Saiurdar. Returning, will leave Troy at six o'clock, A. M. and Albany at seven o'clock, A. M.,every Monday, Wednes da?, and Friday. Tne low piiuare steamboat ALBANY. New York at "o'clock. A. M. Monday, Wednesday and Friday; at Troy at 6 o'clock, A M. Albany at 7 o'clock, A M. 'iuesday, Thursday and .*atnTday ... ? For Passage or Freight, applv on board the boats, or tn fr. B. Hall, st the office on the whsrf. a?2 MORNING LINE FOH ALBANY and A?intermediate Places.?The stesmbrat U jtica. 3sz^ufl?jk.car>t. <*. W. Carman, leaves the Pier foot of Barclay n.rct luorth'side,) on Mouday, Wedcesday aed Friday Mornii g, at ?even o'clock. . . , Leaves Albany for New York and intermediate land ?g, on Tuesday, 1 h't rsday snd Saturday Morniug, at seven o'clock. For lxisiage or freight, apply on board, or to P.O. Schults, at the office ?n the wharf. al4 tfec NEW'YORK. ALBANY AND TROY LINE. At 7 o'clock, P M FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, ? from the Her, foot of Couitlandt street?The ? Boat EMPIRE, Captain R. B. Macy. will leive the foot of Courtlandt street, every Monday, Wed nesday and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. P *sseugert by the above boat will arrive at Albany and Troy in a r>t?le time t?t take the can goicg east or west. Freight taken 'xt low rates. m _ For Passage or Freight, apply on board the boat or to c. cl yhk.at tha office on the wnarf. apl6tfrc PEOPLE'S LINE STEAMBOATS FOB ? ALB ANY?Daily, Sundayseicepted, through .direct. at 7 o'clock, P. M?from the Pier he twcfii ( ourtl :ntlt and Liberty streets. The steamboat KN1CKKRBOCKEH, Cut. A. Houghton, will leave on Monday, Wednesday and Friday craning*, at 7 >'clock. The Suamboat ROCHKSTER, Captain R O. Crnttenden, will leave on Tursday, Thursday aail Saturday evenings at 7 o'c'ock. At & o'clock. P. M.?Landing at intermediate place* from the foot of Barclay street. The Steamboat <-OLUMBlA, Captain Wm. H. Pack, will le.iv* on Monday, Wedneaday, Friday, and Saaday afternoons at i o'clock. The steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain M. H. Truea d II, will leave on Tueaday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at i o'clock. Pa*seugers taking the above line* will arrive in Albany in ample time to take the morning train of Can for the EMI or West. Freight taken at moderate rates. All persous are lur id trusting any of the boats of this line, w ih.ml a written order from the Captains or Agents. , Kor t'.issntie or freight, apply on board the boats, or to r. C. Bcnyl't, at the office on the wharf. aJIre PACKETS FOR HAVHE?Second Line?The >1 f *Nship UTICA, F. Hewitt, Matter, will sail on the 1st -ft i rtii >!ay. BOYD It HINCKEN, Agents, No. >. Tontine Buildings. iltt- FOR BAL'ZE. Honduras, to sail with despatch? lilg^Thc barl'ue JOHN R. GARDNER, James Pedeneo T^^^saee only, having superior accommodations, apply to th-! Captain on board, Pier II Eaat R-ver, or to F. ALEXANDER, a2Q lw?rh M South street. PACKET FOR MARSEILLES?Of the 1st of May?'The packet barque MISSOURI. Capt Sylres ivr, will be despatched lor the above port on tne 1st pro*, so. FoHt-tgUorj^^to A|mu 9 Tontine Buildings, or to CHAMBERLAIN It Prfc LPS, >l9toMlec 101 Front street. Fl)R GLASGOW?The line fast sailing coppered Barque ALABAMA, C E. Ranlett, masur, MO tons JBBfcburthen, will sail in a few days, having moat of her cargo engaged. For freight, of bnlk nf 160 bale* cotton, apply to m uter on board, west side oj B-rlin^hj,. sllec 07 South st. FOR LIVKRPOOL?To sail inafe/r days?The ?nperi r, fust sailing, coopered and copper fastened vew York built ship SOUTHERNER, T. D. Pal uier, m ister, will sa 1 a* above. Kor freight of 4M> bile* cotton or the bulk thereof, or passage, haunt esrell*ut accommodations, apply to the Captain on board at west side Hurling slip. or to aio.c WuODMULL It MINTURNB, B7 Bo-nh'st. FOR NEW ORl<EANS ? Louisiana en1 New ? Veik l.ine?Positively First Hegnlar racket, to sail ?2?th mst?The elegant fast sailing pacK-t barque JaKK, Capt. Baratow, will positively sail as above, her regular day. Forlreight or paasaga, having handsome famished accom modations, apply on ooaid, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO.. 36 South at. Agents in New Orleans Messrs. HIM,LIN fc WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward all goodi to their address. t ??ltc LIVERPOOL LINE OF_PACKETS.?Regular Packet of the 0th of May?The new spleudid. and ? ? el-gant Pack t Ship HENRY CLAY. Eugene Nye, _ aster, bin then 1100 tons, will positively sail M aaove, her regular day. ... liavng superior aMomtrodations for cabin, second cabin, and steerage |*u?r*g?rs, persous about embarking by this sn nert rand splendid Packet, should make early application on bo .ru, foot of .Maiden Lane, or to the subscriber, JOSEPH McMURR/fY, 100 Pine atreet. corner ot South. Tlie favorite and well known packet Ship Patrick Henry, J. C. Delano, muter, will succeed the Heary Clay, and aail on the 6th of Jtiue, her regular day. allac OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE sjjlfk "Kl-T'K 61 Month street.?I'assage from England, jHBIbIreland. Scotland and Wales, via Liverpool ?Those ?ending lor their friends would do well to avail themselves of the op|*>?lunit? of making their arrangements in time for the steamer GrfSt Western, sailing for Liverpool on the 24th inat From the subscribers arrangements, no detention whatever can take place in Liverpool Drafts can, as usual, be furnished fur any/mount, payable ihroiighnnttlw United Kiugdom. AI plV, <f hy letter, post paid, to al- erf I. hERDMAN. ?1 South street UNITED STATES AND GREAT BRITAIN W*. e 3fV,IU' Ireland?Old Established Emigrant Office. 61 >nth "t eet?Arrangements for 1146 ?Passage from Great uritainand lieland, via Liverpool. The subsciiber is prepiie>4 io issue certilicatea of passage from Liverpool by any of lie ships composing the regular liue. aailing every live days, nnd aU i bv first class American ships, comprising the mm mi 'cial line, sailing weekly. From his piesent arrangements, hum; sent a clerk from the house here to superintend the em barkatioit of all the passengers. those sending lor their friends miy tely that tney will nave'imcv despatch. Drafts can as usual In furnished for any amount, payable throughout the United Kingdom. K,,rra...i~u. agf. WANTED?A Ship to load for a Southern Port ^.Apylru, E. K. COLLINS It CO., M South n. jft LOUUINGB TWENTY-FIVE CENTS, AT THE ffJlG'S HEAD No. 1 Barclay Street, rear BnnAD a v. 'l'he Subscriber, hiving fitted up and n?.vh farLii.i. J several rooms connected with this Esiab'ithmenl. solicits a cull from his friends uo public. JAMES BYHNE8. TO LKl\?A Parlour and Bed ro m. very u??tly tat rished, tog ntlrmen and their wives, of tingle gent e men, at 117 Franklin strart. a20 Im*ee WANTED-ATWO STORY COMPACT HOUSE ?Sailed to the rccommodatim of a sm''ll family, either H?illisn or in the ne:K"borhooil of this city or Brooklyn Jff.er place, if not too distent from the Kultcii ferry, would be preferred. Addiets M. K., at this office. ?U lw*rc m jo^MCi TO LET OR LEASE, A PIECE OP LAND, 011 the Eighth Arenac and 03d street, containing about IS acre* of land There is on the premises a Frame Dwelling which would be aipaired for a good tenant. Apply to AN'InONY CARR?EL, apl6 lm'ec 25 Nassau street. HOUSE"AND LOT FOR SALE?The Hou?e and Lot. No. 73 Nassaustreet. Brooklyn, for sale. The pro perty is situated in one of the most respectable neighbor of Brooklyn; is in the centre of a fashionable nnd ele gantly coDntructeu block of buildings; and is not more than five minutes w*lk from the Fulton or Catherine Ferries. Terms will be made easy. For further paiticuIsrs.^ap^l ^to ^ ^ _ Proprietor of Wilson's Hctel, 5 Gold street, *10 2wrc New York. M ' TO KENT?ON STATEN 18L AND?Those two ffg? splendid VILLAS, situated at Sylratoa Terrace, com ?A>nandiug a beautiful riew of the Bay and Ocean?each House having a Stable, Coach. Ice and Bathing Honae. The Houses are finished in a superior style with every convenience, each house haring more thin seven acres of lard. Apply to J. D. PHILLIPS Sc CO., 133 Maiden Lane, corner of Water street, N. Y. Also to Let?i he Three Story Biick House 45 Stanton street. Enquire a* above. mh!6 lm*ec FOR SALE OK TO LET?Four Collages at the rine mile stone and Kingabndge road, with gardens and fruit trees,well laid out, where the Manhattanrille Stages inn erery hour m the day, from the Park. Two of said houses will be let for four huudred dollars each per annum ; and the other two for two hundred dollars e*ch. Enquire at 635 Broad way, or in the store near the premises. a9 lm*rc K. F. CARMAN. NEW SEEDS. tTHE SUBSCRIBERS hare received by 8teamer Cambria and ship Northumberland, all the new and choice annual, biennial and perennial Flower Seeds, figured plates of many of thein, in order that our customers and the public may select with facility such as they may be pleased with. We also offer them in small or large packages, each of which will contain some of the most beautiful kinds, as low as they ran be pur chased elsewhere. We hare also a large stock of the most choice Vegetable and Grass Seeds, together with a large assort ment of > ruit and Ornamental Trees and Shrubbery, Green House and Herbaceous JHnta of every description, for sale on ihe lowest terms, and aD warranted as represented. Those in want will please call aM Judge for theinselve% at the new Seed store and Conservatory of DUN LAP U CARMAN, 635 Broadwy. N. B.?Catalogues can be had at the Conservatory. a< 2w*ec FOR SALE. A SMALL FARM?Situated six miles frem Morrii MRpown, near Baskiuridge. N. Jersey, and within threeand ^Ashii half hoars ride from the city, daily, containing twenty acre of Land, in a high stxte of cultivation ; and improvements, a handsome Two Story House and Kitchen, ford Carn, Ike.? There is also on the premises a eojil variety of Fruits. For in formation apply to James Barkley, corner avenneC and Secnd St.; Harris >n Pi ico, No 22 Ccentie* Slip; or, to Robt. Barkley, at the pr-mises. all lm'ec FOR 8ALKOK EXCHANGE, A I' LOW PRICE. An excellent Farm cf 200 acres in Westchester county, J4 .miles from this city, one inile from H RR depot at it illiam's Bridge, mansion large and new, ceach houses, stables, shed , large farm house, fine fiuit, splendid views of sound, Ixing Island, die., very healthy. Stages pass daily near public landing. Immediate possession. Apply ?t No. 185 East Broad way. s6 lm*m rm A DOLLAR PAVED f? IS A DOLLAR EARNED. GENTLEMEN who make it a rule to lay out their money to the but advantage, are respectfully notifieu that they can purchise Hsu and I aps at ROBERTSON'S PHOSNIX HAT AND CAP ESTABLISHMENT. No. 103 Fulton street, between William ana Nassau sts., roach cheaper than at any other ettablishment in the city. An inflexi ble adherence io the system of large sales, small profits, and cash on delivery, enables the proprietor to offer the diffeient articles in hisline at the following reduced rates :? HATS. First quality Nutria Far 93 50 Second do 3 A Moleskin 2 50 CAPS. First quality men's and boys' ....$1 50 Second do do 100 Third do do 75 These articles are not only quite rqaal, bnt in some respects (especially in the style of trimming) superior to any in the city. A comparison of the qualities arid pr.ci s, with those of other establishments, will snow a deduction of SI to $l 58 on custo mary prices All Hats warranted of tne most fashionable Broadway patterna. N.B ?1 he proprietor's extensive arrangements enable him to offer very adtantageous bargains to wholesale dealers and country merchants. a 10 lm*m SPRING FASHION WM. BANTA, No. 130 Chatham street, (opposite J^fcCha'ham Theatre,) ana ('anal street corner of VVoostrr street, offers for tale aud inspection, a large assortment of Hats and Caps, of the Spring Kasmnus. at extremely low prices, viz; Nutria Fur HaU, S3; aui>erli.,e Moleskin Silk. Hats, S3; Fine Siik Hats, *2,Ml. Also, a full assortment of Caps, at the lowest citylprices mhH lm*ec TO GOUiNIK* MJfcRGH \NTo?BOOlS AND SHOES. Rr. E. JOHNSON (lats Wilson & Johnson) has on hand, in store 142 Chatham street, directive opposite the theatre, one of the best aasoned slocks of Boots and Mioes that can be had in the city. Gents Kip, . Grain and Seal, Thick and Thin Soled Boots and Shoe*, peg'd and sewed, from the Eastern manufactories ; Ladiei Gaiters, Buskins, Ties, Slips, lie., or every description. A greater variety of Children's ?hoee than any other store in this city. Gentlemen's fine Gaiters, twenty different kinds. (Jents Buckskin Shoe*, Sportsmen's, Fishermen's and Seamen's Boots. Store open till I* o'clock in the erening, giving country iner chants an opportunity of examining the goods at their leisure. mhI4 Im're OFFICE OF JEFFEKSON INSURANCE CO., < No. 36 Wall itmt, opposite the Exchange. 5 'PHIS COMPANY continue to iiuure against Iom and da A mace by Art oa good*, ware* and merchandize, and alio, against lo*s oy inlana navigation on ?meli and their cargoea.tr DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Tborne, Elisha Kin*. Thomas T. Woodruff,! Anion Baker,1 B R. Rob*ou, M. D., Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen. Moses Tnck?r, James E. Holmes, John R DaviMB, John P. Moore, John H. Lee,I VVm. K. fhora, Caleb C. Tunis, Thomas Morrell, J'rancis P. Sage, Eugene Bogart, ohn C. Merritt, Uobert Smith. THOMAS W. THORN E. President. Obo. T. Horc, Secretary. ai re CONGRESS COLLAR. DEAUTY STYLE and elegance of finish unequalled D before.?Onr new style of Collars, which have Iom been wanting, are now issued. and are to be found at the manuiactui er's only, at the old stand of MAttSHALL'S only Troy Shiit Depot, 90 Chatham street, New York. All orders should b? sent at the earliest date, as this pattern will in all probability revolutionize any style ever before got up in this market. Re member, at the old stand of Marshall's. 90 Chatham stmt, N. Y. No sec md price, on any consideration. N. B.?We huve also manufactured a large quantity of those new style 47 I'leat Shiru, which cannot be fourd in the city. As the ileati are all sowed down, it will obviate the difficulty In i<o'ling them. api lm*ec q^Hc. BO UAL, INSTITUTE, now completed, ready tor J- the reception of pupils, is situated in Shrewsbury, three miles from the celebrated watering place, four miles from Red Bank, where stermers ply daily from the foot of Fulton street. It is calculated to give a sound, piactical education, qualify the student to pursue any business, or enter any class in college - Terms, per annum, $100, including all incidentals, except beds and stationery. Wanted?A classical teacher,'native of France. Also, a female Circulars and interview with the teacher may be haa at 131 Nassan street. ap 11 lm*m LIFE PRESERVERS^ Of Ooodytar't Patent Gum FAcutic Competition \I7ARRANTED to withstand the greatest extremes of heat vv and cold, and not to melt or soften in the s?ams, (the great defect in P.eeenrers made of the common robber preparation.)? Alio, a general assortment of goods manufactured nnder rh? above patent. For sale, whole**!" and retail, by OEOROE BEECHER. a 10 Im'rc 100 Br" ? - between Pine and Wall sts. BROjNZK t'OWDERS rPHE very best and cheapest Bronze, in all shades and quali ?*? lies, are constantly imported direct from Uermany, and of fered for sale by LEOPOLD KUH It Co., mhai lm*rc OK Wall street. New York. AGENCY FOR THE SALE OF BRONZE POWDERS. THE subscriber has been appointed Wholesale Agent for e house in Europe, who possess the most extraordinary facili ties for the manufacture of Bronx* Po wders, by which they are enabled to offer the most beantifnl and splendid Bronze* at Ml per cent lower than former prices, and to defy all competition in this article. Their Bronzes have b?en nsed by the largest consumers in this country for upwards of two years, who con enr in recommeuding them as superior to any other for brillian cy and dnmbiluy. The subscriber has made arrangements tc have a large assortment alwsrs on hand, and is prepared to sup ply importers and dealers with the article, in my quantity, at the manuiacturer's prices, thus saving them the tronole and ex pense of importation. J. K. X1CKETT, Wholesale Agent, m23 lm*ee (lata llozelt ?. Co. I ">l Water street. pApER ROn REAMS Tissue Paper, aasotted colon. U\J\J 1,000 do. Wrapping do. various sizes 6 000 lb*. Straw Boards. Printing Paper, all sizes * Also, 1,000 lbs Trnnk Board*?just received per schooner Cambridge, from Boston, and for sale by *'" PERSHE It BROOKS. V> and 07 Na**au st. 100 ReImS FINE Ml/BIC PAPER, received and for . ?al*by PERSBEIt BROOKS, ' *l!>in S5 and 07 Naamu street. ROULSTONE'S RluTNtTsCHOOL, ^ J,.^yD.I3y MERCER street. v MR. JOHN 8. ROULSTONE haa the honor to /4^vluk 15,# public in ventral, that hit Sy^^i.^,MST*??" DOW "p"1 Hoars for Gentlenteu, from 6 to I A M * * ' Udifi ?????*.. t A. M to 3 I' M* Rot'iuom" iMtn,c,'on mad? k,,ow,, on application to Mr. M'- RhM jiut received from the country several fine and stvlish Seddle Hon**, which he is *"thorise4 u sell at a rea saiabl* price mtSrve KOR BALK?A Past Trotting Oray Mar* 9 vair lUB^old, perfectly sound, and kind in all hara?s an/un X-LZZLder the saddle. She has trotted a mile when ontof condition in lm. 43*. Also, a Light Wagon with leather ton hut little use<L Apj.^at Jon**' Stable*, Fourth street, neu Utm street. SCOTT'S BAZAAR between Broadway and Grrenwirh1 . ^ANDS SCOTT returns hi* moat ?metre thanks to hii friends and the ptblic at laige, for the liberal support received since he opened tho above Iioush, and by the same strict attention, to merit a continuance l'he qualities of hu Ales, Wines, l.iquurs, aud Segars, are toi well knowu to uesd comineut The best Oysters the market caa afford served up in everystyle; likewis* a large assortment of refreshments 10 be had at all hours, until 12 at night, such as :? Beefsteaks. Welsh Karebita, Matton < hope, Sardines, rried Kidneys, ('old Cuts, Ham and tggs, Buckwheat Cakes, Poached Egys, Tea U Coffee, he. A good 'liui.er of roast ami boiled meau for oue shilling. every div froii 12 to ?) o'clock. Dunlin Brown Stout jalwavs ondr-jught. Kami Iks lupplied with the best Scotch aud Irish W hii * ?? , key. No house better supplied with English, Irish, Scotch,Welsh, and city pspers?always the latest tnws by the steamers. Good Rooms for Pmate Parties, at all times ready?free gra tis for noihiug at lm ec HOARDING. MRS. oTFISH, 135, 187 and 189 Broadway, NEW YOHK. The Public t^nd Strangers visiting the city, are respectful ly informed that the above premises hare been fitted np in a su pjrior manner, for the entertainment of * Permanent and Transient Boarder?. The location is pleasant and ceutral to business?the apart menu spaciops, light and airy, and handsomely furnished throughout with uew furniture, beds, bedding, Stc. The table will lie abundantly supplied with the best tne market affords. Transient Board $1 per Day. m26 lni'rc E. 1.IPPOLD&CO (No. 103 William Street, near John,) OFFER KOK SALEithe following Goods, of their own im portations, by (he package, or in lots to suit purchasers .? HEAL BERLIN ZEPHYR WORSTED AND GERMAN TAl'ESTRY WORSTED", Best manufacture and moetextensive assortment CANVASS. Cotton, Linen, Silk, Worsted, Gold and Silver, of all width* and sizes. EMBROIDERY PATTERNS, Of all Makers end Numbers. CHENILLE, For working and Ornamental Trimming, plain and shaded; Flower Cheuille, lie. SILKS. Plain and shaded, and Chinee, Stick* and Spools; Twist, Floss, do. FRINGES. Silk, Worsted and Cotton, of the latest style*. GIMPS, Aud Oimp Cords, in great variety. OOLD AND SILVER COkDS, AND BRAIDS, TAS SELS, he. STEEL, OILT, AND SILVER BEADS, Poise Trimmings, Steel and Jet Buttons, Hair Tins, tic. OILED SILKS, Assorted Colors. PERFORATED PAPER. CORDS AND TASSELS, Braids, Tapes, Bindings, Oalloons, lie. al lin.m WILLIAM A. SMETS VI7-ILL open his New Store, 727 Broadway, (uod-r the New W York Hotel, corner of w'averly Place.) on THURSDAY the 17th instant, with an entirely NEW STOCK of GOODjl, received by the lata arrivals from Fiance? A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT OF EMBROIDERIES Rich Embroidered Shawls and Msntillea. Pelerines a la reine. " " " Ducliese d'Orleans. " " " Roehelle. EMB'D COLLARS, CANEZOUS, " Mary 'tuart, " a Rachel ? " Colonne Point " a la vellle " fr. Deuil " Kipagnole " apple Brnnelle " Oarni " a Bordure " en Tulle " grain Cape " a Valeucienne EMB'D SCARFS EMB. FICHUS fc OlMPES, " Extra Riche " Richly emb'd " Brod tea ( ouleur " a Revers " Extra Iticha " Josephine " Plain Bordute " Celine " Extra New " Valiere RICH EMBROIDERED LINEN CAMBRIC HDK'FS. Very rich.a 4 Barguette <Jami de Valencieue VigLelte B'gnette and Guerljnde " Point Nouveaus Plumetis WEDDINO DRESSES, LADIES' CAPS. Extra emb'd Maslin Dresses Thread Lace Caps " Thread Lace do Emb'd Muslin do Emb'd Silk do Tulle Lace do "Bobbinet do do with (lowers "Thulic U. Tharlatine Bobbiuet, do with capettes LADIES' STRAW HATS, YOUNG LADIEH'CAPOTTES Ladies' Rich Straw " Ouimpure " Consu Divers " a Den telle " Bois hlanc fc Cordon " Toscmes " a Agrement " Grain D'orge BOYS' STRAW COBQUETTES. Cosqaettes rceriles Straw Ciuis Tyroliena " Berrets CriB " Toseane RICH SILK PATREN DRESSES. Silk* Pekin Crinois Silks Pekin Brocks " Parisienne Feelsrd " Watered " Pou de Sole " Taffeta* " Pekin Broche PARASOLS. Ombrellis with ivory handles t mbiellas Marquise " with fringe* Plain with rich gold aud silver mountings. PERFUMERY|DE TOILETTE. Of a very superior quality, imported to order. Pondre d'Amondes harine de Noisettes Pate do Blanc de Niege Cold Cream Otto of Roses Perfumed Sachet* Toilette t'owder PERFUMES FOR HANDKERCHIEFS. Eau de Portugal Eglantine^ Rose Mnusue ?*sse?ce Marerechelle Paris Kid Oloree, Byontenes. Buckles, and a large as sortment of Fancy Articles which will be offered ?t a very reasonable price. a!6 lm*re FRENCH ARTIFICIAL. fLUWtKa AND MATERIALS FOR KLORIST8. BRUN LAROSIERE k COURT, 116 William itmt, have just received by th<- last Hni' pickets, a if urn Mild A LL mo* large assortment of fashionable Spring Flowers, o most elegant and latest icy In, and will continue re ceiving thrm by every succeeding packet. all lm*rc FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS LOWITZ & BECKER, No. 34 John Street. HAVE Received by the last Havre packet*, Utict and Arro, aa elejrat:t as?ort:nent of tlie latest anil mojt fashionable styles of Freuch Artificial Flowers, which thry offer for sa i at moderate price*. mhtt lm*m FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, ,Vc. HENRY & KAHN, 73 Liberty street, np stain, have just re ceived and offer lor sale a complete assortment of (TRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOW ICRS, in bunches, sprigs and single. Mitenals for do do, and all kinds of . WATER COLORS, for flower manufacturers' use; amorg which is a liquid pink color of Tery superior qualitT Also an invoice of PARIS CAPS, for Ladies and Children, of very rich embroidery; Hair fins, of latest styles; and a lot of splendid Engravings, plain anil colored. mhll Irn'r' OPENING OF SPRING FASHIONS, AT THE MAOAS1N DE MODE, SO Canal Strett. 'ME U. BEHHMAN begs leave to inform her friends and the public, that he will open for the season on Mon day next, the list March, instant,; when she will exhibit a splendid assortment of ladies' Paris Silk HaU, just received from Pans in every variety, and in a style unprecedented. Also will be exhibited, an entire new style sf Ladies' Hats, called "ART0IS HATH," which from tteir peculia and lady like style may rank at pre-eminent. Also, a variety of pure white fancy Straws, fine double Dun sinbles, Tuscan and split Straws , Pens Ribbons and Flowers, of the choicest style*, ana in gTeat varieties. mhM Im'ec MARTELLE & HOLDERMANN, No. 37 Maiden Lane, IV. T. W/TANITFACTURERS and importer* of Ornamental Hair 1W Work, Wigs, Toupees, Bsuas, < urls, Seams. Bandeau Hair, and a new style of Everlasting Curls, and all kinds of Hair Work, wholesale and retail. N. B.?The trade supplied on reasonable term*. alJ Im'ec straw GOODS, <teo. FLORENCE, BRITISH STRAW, AND LACE BRAIDS AND BONNETS. of rho above of the best fabrics and of th? newest and moat fashionable descriptions are constantly importing, nn-1 offering for sale on the most desirable trrms, by THOMAS REYNOLDS, mhll Im?m l?7 I'earl street TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS. ALMOND, Windsor, Rose, Variegated, and every descrip tion of Fancy Soaps. Cologne Water, in trie most bsantifnl Style of fancy bottle*. k Handkerchief and Toilette Essences in very great variety. Hair Oils and Pomatums of lh* fiutst quality, with every de scription of Perfumery and Cosmetics. Walnut Oil; Military Shaving Soap, the m?st evjinisite Soap ever invented. It make* a perfect cream lather, wni< li doe* not dry cu the fare. Also. Family Washing Soap, of excellent nn lily; Patent Crystalline Candles, lie., manufacttfred by and for sale at the derotof JOHNSON, VROOM fc HOWLER. No. 3 Courtlandt st., next door to the ap!7 lm?m new National Hotel. THE "THORN CHAMPAGNE" ?"PHE UNDKRSIONED will hereafter have constaatlyon X hand, for sale, an arliele of Champagne Wine of an unsur passed, and probably unequalled quality. The subscriber hss been appointed sole Agent in the United States for the Manufactarer. As a gnarantee of its superiority, Colonel Herman Thorn, of Paris, has allowed au impression of his seal to be affixed to each battle. The quality of the Wine will be preserved in all (ntnre shipments; and under no circumstance* be allowed to de preciate. Resprcting (his wine, Colonel Thorn thus writes:?"It is of a quality rarely to be met with in America; I have drunk no other for years past." The attention of private gentleman, Hotel keepers, and the trade i* invited to this article Parties desiring a summer supply shenld make immediate ap plication. C. LIVINGSTON, apl9 Imre No. 10 Wall street PORTER, ALE AND CIDER, JOHN J. STAFF'S BOTTLING ESTABLISHMENT, NO. t ANN STREET, next door to the American Museum, returns his sircere thanks to his friends and the public generally, for the very liberal share of patrouage already receiv ed, and hopes by strict attention to business to merit a contin'f ance. FIRST QUALITY? Philadelphia Porter. Newark Cider, Croton Ale, Loudon llrown Stoat, and Scotch ^le. Orders for shipping**ttend*d to with despatch mhWee Tm7~BOATMEN, AND OTHERS.?Paving Stone of ftrs 1 rate quality, wan?d ^jMWW ?14 im*re No. M Norfolk THE FISHING SEASON HAS COMMENCED t "Let.those now fish, chat arret fished before, ?? , A'ir j"?" that always fished, now fish tlir more." rTKOLT f ACKLE for tne present season: also, Tackle for ' -a. all seasons and all kinds of fulling, ill great varitty, at the lowest cosh price. Kor sale, wholesale and retail, by JOHN J. BROWN k CO., mhia lm'rc 1? Kulton sue?t. TOI8H. HOUKs. fcc.?JOH * CONROY, 12 Kulton, corner A of Clin street importer of Kish Hooks, also importer and , manufacturer oi i* ishiuj Tai;kl* in ??very rariet>. City and coaaffY dealer* su; plied in sin \!l and lar*e quantities, on the most liberal terms, and the lowest possible prices. # A lame assortment f Eastern made Hax Kiahing Lines, all j sizes, at the manufacturer'* prices. 400 Bamboos, aud 75,000 ! silk worm gut, of various qaalit'es, for sale apt 1 m ?ec 8PR1NO WITH ALL ITS CHARMS. ! rPHK SIGN OH" THE GOLDEN FISH, 271 Broadway, | A corner ot < hainberi street, gentlemen will find a moit splendid assortment of the under mentioned article,, just re ceived from Paris and Loudon, of the ueweat fashions, circula ted for th' present and approaching >ea,on, which lie offer, it such priceias will ensure the tmtrooage of those who favor him withacill, Cravats of every variety, Hai.dlierchiels .Silks, and Cambric Hemmed, or not Hemmed?dtociis and Ties ol every kind?Collars and Bosoms of all the ucw styles, for s'aud ing up or turning over. Oloves? \ very extensive a'sortment; Hosiery of every description; Under shirts and Drawers for Spring and Summer rat, consisting of Merino, Silk, Thread, Cotton, and Gauze, or made to order; Husiian Beits, Money B Ls, end Shoulder Braces, Suspenders, Umbrellas, Baihijg C>' ?.Vornirg Gowns, I'urses, Brashes, and Combs, and in fac every article that is required by a gentleman for au entire ou. I ifor his wardrobe. l articular attention is paid to the manufacture of Shirts, ot which asplendid assortment will alwa\? be found ou hand or made to measure in the best possible manner. Also, Silk Shiru and Drawers made to order. N. B ?The Golden Kish will swim from 271 to 297 on the 1st of May. m30 lm?ec ARCH1TECTUKE. I7RED. SCHMIDT begs leave to inform his friends aud ihe ?T public, that he has removed his office from 192 Broadway to 18 Wall street, where persons desirous of building are invited to examine a selection of original and tasteful designs, from the Cottage upwards to the extensive Villa or Mansion, in all the various stylts of architecture; and where lie is prepared to fur nish Plans, Drawings, S|iecifications, Estimates and Contracts for Buildings of every description,and superintends the -rectiou hereof in23 lm*ec PATENTS, SPECIFICATIONS AND DRAWINGS. PHE Drawing, may be lithographed withoutadditional ex * pense. Inventors would find it much to their advantage to call on the subscriber, and obtain hundreds of copies of their in vention', at the prices usually paid for duplicates KDWAKD JONES. ap!5 lm'm 128 Kulton street, N. Y., Sun Buildings. FRENCH CHINA REMOVED TO MO. S* LIBERTY STREET IUP STAIRS.) '? y ia,fcc OM'S BUk x si-.n.is * Uiv.tai.iu, r.m wpii w l/lDHli WT Usssoct riates, of all vitcs, sssorted Huliea, Houp Turns**, Cove*d Dishes, 2t!U EotI-j, k'-T.il B.'ihed, Cuiards tii 3taads. Abo, Vaaey Tea 3e?r, tad Kirh Dae-jra*..'d Diaae' 8<u. Also, Tea and Chocolate West, Giesit, Frctch and Atuziatt ?have. Ail the arUslas atj wtuiaat** of die ucat ? tsi i* t> leld oa liberal ter<u, as4 u. lou :o t utfraraheicri., sit la'M T AMI'S, CHANDALlEltS, GIllANDOLES, Sic.-The i-i subscribers have made such arrangements with the manu facturers, that they will, after the 12th day of March, l>e ready to exhibit by far the best assortment of House Kurnishing Goods in the United States, at very reduced prices. They are now opening a complete assortment of entirely new and beautiful ;;oods, snch as Solar and Lard Limps and Chanda liers, a great variety of patterns, suitable for private houses, churches, hotels, and steamboats; some new and beautiful Gas and Caudle Chandalieis, Girandoles, Mantel Lights, brackets, Pendants, Lanterns. See. A great variety of new style English Goods, received per ship Europe aud now opening, such as flue quality plated Baskets, Waiters. Castors, Snuffers and Trays, 'JVa aud Coffee Urns, fishes, kc. fee. Rich fancy and lilain Tea Trays in g.eac variety, fine Table Cutlery ia sets and dozens, and every variety of rich cut and "lain Glassware?in short, almost every article required for housekeeping, may bo fouad at the subscribers' show rooms. WORAM & HAUGHWOU V, mh!5 lm?m 561 Broadway. WARRANTED THE CHEAPEST AND TWC BEST IN NEW YORK. J. STOUVENFL <fe CO., MSRt'PSCTUnKas OP QLASS AND LAMPS Of EVERY DESCRIPTION. DESPEC TKULLY call the attention of Country Merchants, Av Hotels, Steamboats, Ship Masters and Families, to o?r as sortment, at a great deduction,being manufactured by ourselves, and which caunot be surpissed in quality and workmanship, comprising a complete assortment of new patterns of Cut an J Plain Glass Ui'andoles, Solar, Lard and Cauiphine Lamj s, Brackets, Caqd'labras, Hall Lamps and Lanterns, with Ki< h Cut Glasr. Anral and other Lamps altered to Solar and Laid aud reOa!*h?9tquut ,o uevr. Glass and LAinps made to order and to match any pattern [H^ Goods loaned for Parties. Factory 29 Gold street. Wholesale and H-tail Store No. Jahn street, near Broadway. mhl9 lm*rc L^STWRANDOLES, HALL LANTERNS, AND CANDELABRAS, FOR THE SPRING TRABE IETZ, BROTHER li CO , No. 13 John street, are manu facturing and have alwayi on hand, a complete assortmeut of articles in their lius, of the following descriptions, which they will tell at wholesale or retail, at low prices for cash:? Improved Chemical Oil and Camphene Lamps. Solar Lamps, Gilt aud Bronzed, in great variety. "Cornelius &. Co.'s" celebr.u?<l Pat nt Solar Lard Lamps Girandoles, vari ms patterns, gilt, silvered or bronzed. iuspeudinc Solars, Doric Camphene Lamp*, [racket Solars, Side do D Bracket Solars, Side do do Solar Chandeliers, Bracket do do Patent Lurd Hand Lamps, Stxnd do do Brittania Hand Lamps, Cainrheu* Chsndeliei Superior Chemical Oil, Pure Sperm Oil, oo Camphene, Solar and Lard l >il. do Burniug hlnid, Itcfjned Whale Oil. mhlb 3md* ee SIX hAitRfcL, SELF-COCKING AS D11E VO LVINGPISTOLS BLUNT Sc SYM3, No. 44 Chatham Street, |M\ANUFACTURER8 of the above article hare now a com LvA plete usortmeut rsady for the Spring trade, which they of fer lit reduced prices. They would invite the attention of mer chant! aud dealer* to tlieir assortment, to the manufacture of which, they have paid |*r?oual attention, and from the increased quantity they are making, can sell them lower tihan before of fered. Alii>?Guns of tlieir own minufac.dre, aa well aievery van ety of im|>orted Guns aud nni'leraeuu, iu quantities to rait pur chasers, at exceedingly low rri-es ft lm"n COLT'S PATENT REPEATING FIREARMS, With the Litett Improvement of 1844 'T'HE DEPOT for the tale of the Coil's Pis'.ols, Bides, Car -?? bines aud Fowling Pieces, has been removed from No. 171 Broadway to No. 2 Barclay it, near Broadway, under the Aator House, where a general assortment of theie superior ("'ire-Amu is kept fur sale at redacrd prices. They also can be had at W. H. noratmann Sc Co's, Maiden lane, Mtilford k Wend II, Broadway. Albany. Lyman P. Knowles; Delhi, Delawareco , N. V., Hyde Jk. Goodrich, and H. K. Baldwin Si Co., New Or leans, at New York prices. Pistols at from $16 to $28 each, in a ease with equipments. Great impositions are practised upon the public in representing au 1 selling the sell-rocking and re volving six biriel Pistol for Colt's repeating l'istol. which is acknowledged to he superior in every resjiect M "uy other Pis tol manufactured in this country or Europe. The Emperor of Hussia, the Emperor of Austria, the Kiug < f Prussia, Prince de Joinville of France, the Imaum of Muscat, all have them and speak in the highest terms of them. The Texan Army and Na vy an supplied with them sndtheU.S Navy has beeu supplied with tl.cm to some extant and the officers have given the most favorable report on Colt's repeating Are-arms. a20 1m* ec H7ATCHKS !?WATCHES AND JEWKL.KY -Those vv who wish to purchase Gold or Silver Watches, Gold Chaina, Gold Pencils. Keys, lie., will find it greatly to their advantage to call on the subscriber, who is selling all descrip ti i:is of the above at retail much lower than any other house in the a* y. Gold Watches aa low aa $20 and $25 each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bongnt. All Watrhes war ranted to k?p nossd time or the money refunded. Waieliei, | and Jewelry repaired in the best manner and warranted at muel. less than the usual prices. all G. C. ALLl.ii, lmporterof Watches and Jewelry, Jni'ee '"'"?lesai> and retail. 10 Wall St.. up stair UARPETiflli. 454 Pearl Wstet. rPHF, Subscribers have jnst opened the large and spacious ?I CARPET WAKK IIOOMH, No 4J4 Pearl street, former ?* vv/ ivii>. i*u. iji i nn iviur-i ly oecupted by Smith, Hewitt k Co., and aw now r<-ady to of ' 'ie an entire uew stock or I arreting, bought express ing trade, soma of which are exceedingly rich, of "ew design anil colcra. Among them my be found? NEW SETTS KIDMiNSTER BRUSSELS, Entirely New. IB PS. KIDM1NSTER THREE TLY, JKich Shading. SUrERHNE FINE AND COMMON INGRAIN CARPETING. Of every variety end description. Rugs, Druggets. Table and Piano Corarw Worsted, Tnfted and Jnte Mats; Oil Cloths, very heavy and in great varieties, from t to 14 feet wide; together with all other articles usually found in the trade. The public nre reoneated to call aud exam ine our stock before purchasing. PETERSON k HUMPHREY, m20 ?m' m 454 Pearl street. "TO CARPET MANUFACTURERS, tec fee. LEAD WIRE, of various sires, suitable for weaver's wrlghta, constantly on hand, or made to order,and for sale, by , TA'i HAM k BROILERS, mh21 lm*rrc 249 Water street. JET AND HORN BUTTONS, AFall sixes?Bugles, Beads; Hair, Shawl and Breast Pins, " Bracelets, Bead Bags, Hair Ornaments, kc. Daguerreotyi* Plates and Instruments, French China Vaaea. Llso, Plain White China For sale by EDWaRD HEN. Importer, mh20 1m*m 18 and 20 Liberty street. SODA BISCUIT ANU SUGAR CRACKERS. THE SUBSCRIBER wishes to make known to th* public, that the Biscuit made at his Bakery are entirely differeut from the SODA BISCUIT AND SUGAR i RAf'Kf.KM made in imitation of his; they have hern used by invalids fo' more than twenty years, with ihe best results. The above BISCUIT, also BUTTER AND WATEH CRACKKHH, WINE, BUTT Kit AND MILK BISCUIT. PILOT AND NAV V BREAD, all ol'the ftrst quality, are constantly for sale at the well known establishment, TO WASHINGTON STREET, Cornet of Warren street. ap!9 lm'rc EPHRAIM TRICADWELL'S SON. HOT CROSS HUNS. IN addition to the teres* variety of Cakes, Crackers, Bread and Biscuit to ba obtained at this establishment, the subscriber has a'ready commenced baking Hot Croat Bans, every day, and sh ill be happy to supply the demand They are made of tre best in*ter?M', fresh at 5 o'clock every afternoon. Also, all kinds of bread, the old fashioned Doable Itusk. High Hask and lea Biscuit. JAMks TOMPSON. a20 3t*rh 40 Lispenard street. STEAM POWER TOJLET, at 42 Gold street, with l.gh and conveaient tooths, suitable for any manufacturing purt poae Enquire of HARTHON k LAWTON. ah I lm*e? 4?,<*oUl?treet. Newfrotk Caithagena. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Garthahena, New (Grenada, March 25, 1845 iVaval Ball?English Aggrttsion on the Mon/uito Coaet?Progren of the Canal, fyc. tfc. The United StateB schooner Flirt will leave this port lo-morrow for Norfolk. Last night we had e pleasant little dance on board this vessel. .Some oi the ladies of the town graced the decks with their presence; and the officers oi the English brig-ol war Sylla, now in the port, added to the gaiety and amusements of the party. Capt. Watson, of the Flirt, is a prince in conducting such little frolic?. The evening was delightful, ha nil evenings are in thin climate at this season ; und the reiurn home at midnight over the splendid harbor, with a beautiful moonlight view of the picturesque city, prepared tor sound and sweet slumbers for the night. The Sylla is destined for the Mosquito shore, from which she has just returned, havingconveyed there a crown and Hag preparatory to the erection of a new throne in that savage region, thereby ex employing again the old rule, "that might mikes right." The Mosquito country, beyond all doubt, is a part and parcel of the republic of New Grena da. England takes possession oi it, knowing that this weak country has not the power of resistance. The Secretary ol Foreign Affairs, in his report to Congress, now in session, publishes his protest against the usurpation of England in this city, anii .-upports it with the historv ol the Mosquito country t'rom the time ot its possession by the Spaniards. But what cares England for protests or rights ! The election lor President of this Republic took placr; in Congress on the first of this month, and resulted in electing General Thomas Cipriano de Mosquera to that office. There is now ihe appear ance of permanent peace in the country. The elections have passed over with the utmost order and decorum. The canal of the Dique, undertaken by G. M Totten, has been commenced with spirit. Mr. T. is an engineer of science, and, having engaged con iractors trom the United States, we look forward to i he completion of the work in two or three year;, with certainty. This will be a mine ot gold and jewels to Carthagena. Mr.T. deservesgreat credit for his conduct tnus far. His courage, skill, ano prudence, have overcome obstacles which we had almost thought insurmountable. What won't these Yankees do when they take a notion 1 One man?apparently alone and unaided?bids fair to bring this city back to its former wealth and importance We have the utmost confidence iu Mr. T.'s ability, from what we have seen of him here, and, from what we learn trom his friends in the United States, we think we have every reason to depend entirely on his discretion and management We understand he has written home tor more contractors, and I hope he will succeed in getting men of the same stamp of character as himsell We want men of enterprize in our new Republic? Yankees?men of the present age. With such characters to lead us, (his could he one of the fair est, noblest countries or th? globe. Send us your Herald as usual?wealwajsget somego-a-head no tions from it. Philadelphia. [Correspondence of the Herald ] Philadflvhia, April 19, 1845. Internal Improvement?Netv York and Erie Rail Road, 8fc. Our city members have returned from Harrie burg, and are exulting at their success in deieating the application of the New York and Erie Raii Road Company, by a tie vote in the Senate, from making Bome twenty miles of their improvemeni through one corner of Pike county, in this State.? It is really to be regretted that our representative-; cannot, or will not, Bee the true interest of Phila delhia. Our business men are, and have been, for years, continually harping abuut securing the Lake trade, and yet our representatives are found recording their votes against a bill that would give us a part ot that business. Si me lew years ago, ii rra? said in our Legislature, that ths representa tives from Philadelphia were unacquainted with the geography ot their own State, and it would rathei appear that our present members were not over stocked with that kind ot knowledge, to judge from their votes against allowing said company from entering our territory, with a condition thai we might connect our present and future improve ments with it; also that they shuuld not carty coal, thus protecting the coal interest ot the Dela ware and Hudson, Lehigh and Schuylkill Com panies, ana Philadelphia. It ib well known that Philadelphia is nearer Dun kirk by the Clmira, Williams and dunsbury anu Puttaville Railroad, than New York, and taking grades into view, it must be equal to 150 mileV nearer. In 1835, our city and county members went in with all their might and got a charier for the Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal, or what is gene rally known as the Cross-cut Canal, extending Irom Newcastle on the Ohio aud Erie Canal to MaBsilion, on the canal that extends from Ports mouth through the State ot Ohio to Cleaveland.? The Philadelphians subscribed to the stock and completed the work! and what has been the effect of it 1 Instead ot diverting the trade ot the lakes to Philadelphia, it has turned the trade of the valley ot the Onio to the lakes, Canada and New York Goods have bi-en carried in less time, aad tor lens money, from the latter city, by the lakes, and this Cross-cut Canal to the Ohio River by some twenty-five cents per 100 lbs. than by our own main line to Pittsburg. The Philadelphia rep re8entation always advocated the commence ment of the Ohio and Erie Canal Iron: Bea ver to the town of Erie, which coat the State over 4,000,000 dollars, and which they suspended opera tions on when it required less than 900,000 dollars to complete it, ana gave it to a company who have it now completed, and which is now operating against the interest ot Philadelphia someihi .g in the same manner as the cross-cut canal, only more serious, it being ten miles nearer from Beaver to Erie ttian to Cleaveland, and strikes (he Lake some thirty miles lower down. 1 give you these a specimens of Philadelphia legislation. A few day? since a member ot the Legislature troni the coun ty observed, '.that the Delaware and Hudson was too strong at Harrisburg tor the New York nnd Erie?they had any amount of money"?and 1 an. of the opinion, as the saying is, tturcwr.smore truth than poetry in the remark. Lkqislativk ArrAtRS.?The Comptroller, in an swer to a resolution cf the House, has submitted a long report in relation to tl.e tenancies in the manor ol KetisseLeiwycli. He holda to the opinion that the re served ren'.i nre the creatures of taxation Mr. Harris ha* a bill bt fote the House to carry ont the views expres sed by the Comptroller in his report. The bill increasing the compensation of jnrori in the ciiy of New York has been ordered to a thir>i reading. A bill was retried extending the charter* ol ihe dunk of llochestor, and ordered to a third reading. Th - lull in all respects corresponds wi'h that passed a tew day * since extending the charters ot the Commi rcial Bank of Al bany, which contain the personal liability clause. The convention prej? rt was ?gmn debated The speaker addreised the committee at length In favor of u restricted convention. A series "I amendments by conscnt were handed into the olerk to be printed nnd voted on, on Mon day. The impression now apponr* to be that the bill a* brought in by Mr. Crait* will pass the House by n hand some minority. Amendments to the general banking Isw were, reported relative to the agencies ofthefr??- banks, where tho bust ness is all transacted at the arnricy anil not at the placc where the bank is located. The Senate concurred in the resolution for the adjourn ment ol the Legislature on the Uih of May. The Erie Railway Bill, substantially as reported to the House by the select committee of H, is ready to be read a third time. ? UvinRtton'n Jtlbany Lrttrr, April It. Mors Coppir and Lkat.?We ate informed that several new bodies ot rich copper ore have been discovered in Franklin co One of these Is near the Judith Springs, on the Springfield road, on the Merrimack ; another is near the Indian Oaves, on the Borbeuse, and not tar irom Hamilton's diggings, similar discoveries are said to have been made in several other places. The smelting experiments that have been made prove that the ore will vield a heavy proportion of rich pure copper. This copper region is irom M) to 06 miles southwest of St. Louis, uear tha Merrimack, in a country abounding with timber and excellent water power, and will become very valuabla and important. These rich bodies cf copper ore. together with the large Quantities at iron aud lead in thatrigion of country, should lorra n strong inducement for the citizens of St. Louis to connect the city with that country by good loafs to the city. The distance might be greatly shortened and the roads much improved. A number of excellent discoveries of lead havnbeui made on the head waters of Gasconade, on Piney, a branch of the Oasconade, and on lames Fork, a branch ol Whit* River. The leads are rich and afford piomis# ot a largf "mount ol mineral. A considerable quantity of mineral has already been raised; many persons art still digging, ana preparations are making loi more i xtensive research es and excavations. These discoveries of lead are sitni ated principally in Wright county, and about the haa i waters near the dividing ridge between Gascons*'< ?i I tha branches of Whit" River fit Km, Jipril H Htneral Menloni Before the Recorder, and Aldwmcn Km mans tod Devoe M. C. Patterson, District Attorney Aran ai ? Assault by an ex Contractor urion an *x-A t ?Irnnnn?Capt. 8. 8. Waddell, the well known democrat ic contractor, plead guilty to an indictment ler an assanlt ?rd battery upon <x- Aid' ruan William Hbaler, better Lnown as tiol lever Shuler, and put in affidavit* in miti gation. Mr Hhaler pteferred (riving hi* *tatement ver bally, and nr. being sworn, testified on a certain evening, >me time fiuce, tie was s.tuug in an arm chair at Stone ?II ? in Pulton siieet, talking with Mr S , when he msdo s <>m? rem.uk which witness supposed re it rr ad to Captain VVoddell, and on turning rcum:, he discovered the Cap tain nittiug upon a cbair directly behind him, and having had nome political controvetsy and disagreement with im a lew days prtvious, witnesi held out hi* hand, and ;iU,' Cupiam, lnt':i . liukt hokda ?t>d be frienda againi" upon which \h' Capt.iin got tp, orrt making u>e cf some xar-tsion no* v< rv rtring Old Bbtiler, (truck him u l<"2' "low in Lit n.oti'u, whicu knocked his chair so far backward, th < he rculd not ricooot of it, but in en deavouring to i'j no, lit rcci ivcd anoti cr violent blow in 'he hone, i!ii I ?no h< r on the chc?k ; by tliis time, he suc ceeded in gaining bin fret, '.vhen he received another vio leut Mow, knocking him upon hit back, rendering him almost senseless The Captain then endeavoured to jump upon his body, but was prevented by Mr. gtoneall Capt. W. who waa present, in court, asked Aid. Shaler some questions ; irom the answers to which, it appeared that on a previous occasion the parties met at Tummtnv Hall, and some little political raillery took place, whieu resulted in the Captain calling limit r a Mike Walsh man, und telling him that ho ought to be in prison where Mike Walsh Whs: to which Shaler replied that the Captain was nn old Hunker, anil ma<'e all his money on contract* off the exertion and luborc f the working claise*. The Cap tain told Sba'.er that he lived by cheating at the Tomba, and Shaler told tho Captain that he wa* a liar, and aught to have his soul kicked out of him for making such an accusation against an honest man. Whereupon the Cap tain got up an I durkd 8. to strike him, but as he waa an old man, Shaltr walked away, end asked him to drink, to which invitation the Captain remarked that he would see him d-d first, and expressed some doubt whether, even oould he obtain that undfMr-,.ble result, he would drink with him. Itappeare? *sm Mr. Waddell supposed VIr Shaler had called him a tfciei, because he aaid that he (8.) kti?w the Captain a* wail as a printer did th* T box in his case, Capt. Widdkli. stated to the court that he had been abused for the last two years, till his patience was com pletely worn out, and had scarcely dared tn sit in the uar-room of Tammany Hall of a day, and that Mr. Bhaler abused him in such a scandalous manner that he could b.:ar it no longer. He desired further time to put in. cthi r altidavitf, which was granted. Trial/or Assault and Batteiy with Intent It Kill.?A Muck man named Jertmiuh Jsckson.wa* tried upon an indictment lor the above cttance, in (tabbing, on the af itorno in of the 26th Fe'-nnry, at a grocery store in Haa mersly street, another black man named Francis Ciaco. He cut him upon the right temple with a broken case knife, the wound extending along by the edge of tke eye into the cheek. Accused threatened previously to take the life of Cisco. The Jury, from tome inexplicable cause, found the ac cused guilty ol an assault and battery only, and the court sentenced him to 6 months imprisonment at the peniten tiary Trial for Qrand Larceny? Mary Ann Smith, Ann Har tiganand Margaret Welsii, were tried for a grand larceny i.i stealing about $150 worth of wearing apparel from Horatio N. Vail of No. 11 Butgers street,during the month of March Smith waa a servant in the employ of Mr. Vail, and left very suddenly, taking with her the proper ty Seme of the property was found in possession of each of tlie accused. The jury iound Mary Ann Smith guilty of grand lar ceny. and the others guilty of petit larceny. The Court ?enteaced Smith to fi years imprisonment at 8iag Sing, asd the ethers to 0 months in the penitentiary. Assault and battery with Intent to Kill? Josephine Kirg was tried for an assault and battery with intent to kill, committed upon a lad named Thomas Butler, a ven der of pamphlets and newspapers, at No. 16 Orange street, on the 1st of April. The assault wa* committed with u pen-Unile?one stab being inflicted in the arm and two in lhe Kg?and the complainant declared that be did not provoke the accused to the assault, except by inter fering to prevent her from striking a little girl. Upon hia ao doing, she abused him, and he her. The jury con victed herof an as-ault and battery only, and the court sentenced her to six months imprisonment at the peniten tiary Tsrhune lor defence. Riot and Assault - Peter Wagner was tried and acquit t'd ona chaago of rict and assault, at the hcuse of Jacob Dessenbacker, of No. 96 Washington street. There waa not a particle of evidence against him, und how the complaint was ever taken, or the bill fotind by the g and jury, it it is impossible to imagine. The jary, of course, acquitted him. Terhune for defence. Charge of Conspiracy.?George D. Morse, and John Morse, his orother, were placed at the tar, on a charge of having conspired together, with others, to deprive one Willis Hodges of his liberty and life, by writing on t > Blcck Water, Ptincess' Ann cuucty, Virginia, To a magistrate, charging Hodges with being at the head of au insurrection in that section ol the country ; whereby Hodges was deprived of bis liberty, and come very near . -tying the forleit of hi* life for an offence of which he <vn? not gnu.j". William Thomson, of Astoria, testified that he kaew the d- fendanta, anil upon oue occasion had a cod venation with him in Jannury last, a >out a letter which witneas understood had been written to one Squire Corporew, of Prince Ann county, Virginia, iDforming him that one VillU Hodges had gone there for the purpoae of exciting an insurrection among the blacks to murder the white population ; and not believing that Morse had done such ?tiimg, he asked George Motso About it, and he laid that he did not write the letter, but he v,'as a well wisher to ?he letter and mailed it; that he did not know whether Hodges had gone en there lor it or not, but he did it ? -> have his revengo Witness expressed his surprise and cstonishment at adopting such a course. Harry Overtor, another block man, testified that ha f.id un interview with Oeo Morse, nnd asked him it hs had sent the letter whieh it was said he had, and was told ???y him that he had done it; that Hodges had offended him, ?i.id he meant to Have his revenge. Witness remonstrated with Morse, and told him that he ought to know that by the laws of that Stato Hodjes would be hanged, and many lives would be taken besides He said he didnt care if every tree nigger'j head in Virginia was taken, so that ha ifot his revenge; that seven years was not too long fo? 'iim to keep his revenge. Jamks Ahis testified that he copied the letter which waa sent to Justice Corporew at the rtqucst of Geo. Mono, written by Geoi go Morse, in presence of John, and a man named Hutchins, which letter George sent. Witneas be lieved the information to be true at the time he WTOte It, from having beeu informed about two or three ye art pre vious that he had gone on for that purpose, witness af terwards contradicted it by letter, at the request of hie mother. Wh i.is Hodoia being called, testified that he waa bora at Piii.ee Ann Couuty, free, nud at the age of twenty-one years C"me on here; thn*. alterwords^he went on to Virgi nia ?evcral times to see his parents, but never with the m t 'nti m of exciting an insurrection; that the Inst time he loft he went fur the purpose ol settling and taking charge ol his father's estate for his mother, brothers, and sisters; that in consequence of the le tter which Morse sent, he was ams'e I and imprisoned, but soon hPer acquitted; a ew days after h<* wrs agniu arreted and discharged. Oa ci-oss-exnminatioii, he testified that ho bad never ob 'a.ned nny insurance upon a noro which he occupied, ind whieh was burned down; that there was about $8 000 insured .in it upon his brother's property, but that it waa ncv^r h s intension to appropriate that insurance to the furtherance of any .insurrectionary acheme, that George Morse was nrrt- ted on his complaint, charged with firing he store; also that he uever had stated his intention or raising an insurrection to William Johns. William Hooocs, the brother of Willis, was sworn, but his testimonv was not material. Tht Dtfence?Ws M. Price, Esq., opened tor the de fence, by stating that thny should prove that an inaurrec tion wis reaHy contemplate), nud that Willis had stated mch to be bis intention. A deposition ot William Johns, uncle to Agia, to the ? fleet that Hodges had declared in 1043, that he was going on lor the purpose of raising an insurrection among the Macks, and that he, J?h:>?, wrote on to their colored Weeds there to prevent it and send Hodges back, and that when he did return he took him greatly to task for it. About n doxon black witnesses were "worn torthede tence, all of whom testified thir in 184], Hodges had pro posed to them his plans for th? insurrection, and left for Virginia for that ntirpo?e. The Jury, aft?*r a vry short ab?enne, acquitted the do> 'endants. At a quarter past * o'clock the Court adjourned. Varieties. Si'oar in St M/miv.?Wc Ifnrn from thrPtontrr'a Pmnrr that Mr. Neron, the assessor, estimates the crop of i.tigar made in the patish of *t Mary !aat setaon, at 17,000 hhds ?/V. O. Trof-*. V. 8 Troops.?Two companies of U. S. Infant ry. under the command of Captain Cl.irk, arrived at St. Louis on the nth instant, from Fart Leavenworth. They are on their way to Fort Jessup. Hrkach of Promise.?At the Prince George's County Court last week, Mr? Manning, a widow lady, sued Mr. John Parker for a breach of promise, lay ing ber damagra at $10,000 The jury brought in a ver dict of 'not guilty," and .the lady motioned lor a new trial, ftixemiuent counsel are engaged in the case in the Union Circuit Court, of Indiana, on Wednesday last, llosea Cook waa found guilty ol the murder of John Chtimpe in the latter pait ol Pecetaber, 1839, and waa sen '"need to be hung on the lOih of Juna next. A pedler named Martin, has been arrested in Manches ter, upon suspicion th> t he whs concerned in the murder of Mr Collector Parker. He is known to have been much in company with Parker for several days, just before the murder. ? . _ The last FUrtnet (Jfla) Knquirtr, says : Isaac Glover, mate on the stosiner Muscle, waa killed in Watstrloo on Thursday last, bv Kli?ha Carey, a resident of said place, illi.r.i, it is said, went ?o the residence of Carey, abused Ins ismilv, and ultimately atiuck Mr. C. in the face who after* ards drew a bowie knife and cut Glover to piecea. Carey is now in Jail. On the KHh inst, at ft. Louis, Capt. McDoaough, under a warrant from Justice McKinney, arrested Mr. Robert Kj le, upon the charge of having fired his own tobacco manufactory, which was burned down on Monday night a week ago. . . . _ Tho^ntrn H. Fieemsn, the former postmaster at Ca?? rollton, in MMourl, h?* *>*on found pfuilty of robbing th? mail, unit ?*nt?ncod to tho penitentiary lor thirteen year*. He has a wife an,I family in Carrollton county, and r* spectable connections, who are deeply wouDded at hia CrtTh^"lTTf5^d?d'le Jr , shfltin Florida, waa the sou f I. II, I , IV? fi Id, Ma??

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