26 Nisan 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

26 Nisan 1845 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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Second Board* 2.5 thsSNov & Wor RR 73 110 ilu Morris Caual 3] <1j >10 7 J U I0? Prim 5'a W do 73 25 tin Ciuton Co in L IUii.il RR 7* 2lin do bJO ?'H " -??*-- do 45 do is -? ? .?i?uu ???? ? ?" ?"?? uw uju u; 2?>u harui-r\i Loan ?G'* Mm 25 <!o 45 do b3ll 3iJ? 25 z;j Cantou Cq 45 *!W HffJ.k KXC ha $'.1100 Obio 6'> '6? b3 or 50 >ha Farm Tru>t 36K VI >h> Ur ,-Uork 0k >15 63& 50 ilo al 36'.? 1 0 Vic!>?l)urg Bk ?3 9 50 <( > *3 Jb \ M ca b3 100 do 3t>>? .'.0 Mur.ii Canal b!5 il 150 <lo b30 37 lf0 do 3( 50 ii? buw 36H 61 do buw 32>i 125 L Isltud RR 75J^ 100 do blO 32V 25 d) 75* 25 <*?> >3 32 150 do ?10 75)* 75 Kait Boston c 15 75 d.i Monday 75H 25 d i S3 uyt 50 do 7jX 10 do 1??? to do Monday 75Ji 60 do s3 H'i 150 do b3 76 100 do bio 1 100 do buw 76 50 Canton Co ?30 43jii 150 do , a3 76 25 do >30 4?% 50 Nor St Wor bl5 72^ 75 do bi 45 3!0 do 72>i 2i do ?30 441? 50 d> blO 73 25 do >3 UU lOO I'o l? 15 73 75 do blO 45 25 d3 inw TiSi *J do >30 4<X 175 do . , n\ 50 Karl in RR bl5 72,'2 25 do Monday 72'. 100 uo >30 72:2 175 do c Ti\ 50 do 73 275 da b3 73 50 do bl5 73>i Sales of tilacki ?t Boston. Apbil 21?U ?h'Iloitou and Ma uf H11 115: 12 Portland, Sn CO it foils uoU'h lt)2Sj; 5 H. aate n Kit 1095 Wr>t-rn l<K 101; 13 New <? iiKlaud Worsted C# HiO; 100 i'.as: BijU.ii Stock 14^4; 5" 'I ' 14K;2t!0 do 14?i; 20!) Wilmington Rit 10 2m 20^; 100 do 20,100d.?><) 2ui 2uK; luOd 12 Nor Ik Wor Utt.7?Mi 150 do 70; 15 do bo led 7iiJi; 150 bo 2in 7 ;'v. 50 L Island RR bo 15d 75>i; U0 do bo 2m 77; 100 do bo lm 76; 200 do 75. State of Trade. Ashps?Pots aro iu limited demnnd. Wc still que'e $4 06} a $4 l-l, fMtllare >t< udy at $4 68$ d 4 8JJ. Bklmwah?Prime yellow of all description* iells as w.intod at 20] a 80 cento. UHi'.ADaiurri ? G ior^;.t?wn tt ur ii bald at $4 76 a 4 67J; Geaeseu $4 62J; Michigan 4 66} u 4 6JJ There is a l.t H mm dolt g ia the market. Cotton? To-day holders liavo fhown a disposition to Ti . !t?-> i eir.p concession ia rate* The cult* amount to 2000 balc.i, chiefly for Live; pool. Hay?Common qualities of North Kiverbale sell at 33 a 40c; pi,m. in hkld ut 42 a 45c. The demand ia Limited and the receipt* large. Riai. Kstatk, at auction?28 acres of lanil on the hank ot the Hu lson River, about tliree miles from Hobok>>ii (er ry, known as the residence of J ? W. Leavitt, fclsq. On the premises is a stone cottage, stable, carriage noute, loige and farm house, $10,100. 22J acres adjoining, north of the above, $4,700. Whiiikt-There is very little doing in eithrr drudge etifks or bbls. The former we quote at 23c, and the latter at 23 a 23Jc. Provision XUarket. Our different matketa and meat shops are fully suppliedv with good Beef and Veal. S .mo fine quarters ?f young Lamb have been brought in from L ing Island and Now Jersey. Salai are net large, o>viog to this beicg the season for shad. Thia fish is now very plenty, and xelling at moderate prices There is but little good poultry in matket, and not a very great variety of wild game. Green vegetables for the season are in abundance. We notice some v*-ry fine arparagus, from Shrewsbury, N J., at 4l and 3< a bunch; some from Long Island ut 2i. Orteu Pci4, from the South, at 6i the half peck, and a great show of water cresset from Flushing at 3j the peck basket. Fish is plentiful enough, including fine lobsters and crabs We are surprised that the Clerk nf the Washington matket should ellow the different fish men to usurp the new buildiBjt, intended for the country farmers. The mtn lers of fish nets occupy the greater portion lor said purposes. Philadelphia Cattle Market. Aran, 24 ? Beevts?860 bead offered, ol which 800 weie Ohio. Sales at $6 a $8 60, and some extra at $7, in cluci :g 800 lor New York. 40 remain unsold Cows and Calves?330 offered?Sales of dry Cows at $8 o $>6 12; Springers $9 a 18; and milch Cows, $16 a $25 each. Swine?760 effered. Sites of 800 at $4 60 a $5 25 p?r 100 iba. Sheap and Lambs?1100 offered, tales ol Sheep at $1 36 a $4 each, and Lambs at $1 50 a 2 60. Foreign Markets. MatAGUEZ, P. R, 4th Aptil, 1945 ?Produce of the island i.< very icarce. and sought alter. P'iuie Sugars are woith ?J to 4o, and in great demand; ordinary, tor Europe, 2J, ?ttiidy. Molasses $17 per 110 gallons andessks. Alt kinds of produc.i have an upward tendency from above prices. Klnur scarce at $15, but our market in glutted witk every ofier n'ticle ol American proiuce. Married. In Si. P-iWs's Church, Barclay street, on the 17th inst. by ihe Ut Rev. John Power, Mr. W?t Keah to Miss Evb La Jackson, both (if this :ity. Mf..y all the comforts of this life await The happy couple in the wedded state; And may Miss J jcksoa, by the gr. ee of Oad, Lrad Kaar.'i sweet way to the sight o( Gad. On the 24th inst, by his honor, James Harper, Mr Moa* nit J. Lso* tj Miss HcsaiETTA Gssliwo, daughter of Let* nard Gielini;. Erq., nil of this city. At 8t. Peter's Cuurch, Auburn, on the 9-Jd init, by the Rev. 8. Hanson Cose, Robert Readk to Mast Jane, daughter of the late Rev. Wm. Lucaa. Died, Oi Kridoy morning, April 36th, 184A, Dcncan Graham, cg">d 73 year*. Hit lricntU and acquaintance*, end those of the family, ?-n r?questcrtto Pttend the luneral oh Sunday afternoon fit kail p>t 4, without further invitation. On Ttiuie.ray evening, 34th lust, at Joriey City, Ai bii?t Fowi bk, youngest son of Joseph F |ind Harriet Tal fo ii, ng*d 3 vein p, 8 month* end 1U day*. The lriendi of tlw family, Bad member* of Hudson Lo('>f\ No. 14 I. O. of O F., ore invitrd ?o attend the fu li-ia, fr m lua fa'hat'it rc?i !ence. South Ninth near Or we rtr-' s Sunday afu-rnoon, at 4 o'clock, without luttker notice. 3t Fuuciif(?ri Arrirtd. Hiin-r?*lai ship Si NicoUi?T Johnson, of Massachn setts; Fred iVatiinger, Albert t itclirr, Germany?96 in the steer-.ge Liverpool?Ship Haidee?J G Carmicl a<l, of Sing Sii;g, J Untiy, I' 1 uplib?210 in ?t*r?ci? Galveston ?8 .ip liur Kepublic?Mr Hiegins ana lady, Mi Kampsou, Cap' Moss Havana? *hip Critlcval Colon?Mrs R 8 Munson, Misa R Tiinnsnn, Miss Nicente Mun'on, Mi s Barbara Mnnaon and two ?*iv>uta. A 8 Arecha and lad/, Ma?ier A Atocha, Misses C Atocha, M Ati cha,/J Ator.hu, E A'o'ha and servant. A Bor. di?r aad lady.Miss V Fras-nier, F Lnf bring and lady, 'J T longlioni, R Wolftien, W F Freeman, J R Ofarrill, A Mngar, E Simon, G Rodrigaea. New OaLr.Afti?Ship Uuited States? P G Robinson, R L White. New n*LBANi?Ship rowhattan?Mrs J G Wright, Mis? Harris, Mil Rirh?rtlsou ai.d child. J lh-rago, Mr McLonlin. Savannah?JBainue backus?Mrs and Miss Fowler, Miss Netill. Charleston?Brig Moon?Thomas McCutchon, Mrs Mc Gutchou, Capt Carter, D Camat?12 in the steerage. Foreign Importation a. HivHg?Ship St Nicolas?3 pigs Berger k Walkex?2 T \V Holbu tson?2 B C'flin?1 T Boury?7 F t'ottinet k co?2 Boyd k llencten? 1 Feigouzio? I P A Biett? llT Duflot fils? 1 eeruiond?I IT Woodw nth?I De Rharn k Moore?6 fccliu tear It k Ksvre?2 Opr. Brer S< May?1 Feli* Kff ay?I Reel kerk M.-lloini?3 K Vmeeat?3T D'.ualdso?i?1 R C llateau ?it E F'b.vuner, fills?1 A 11 .irire St co?1 Meiiin & Bernard ? 15 A Hu r? i Hrnrv k Kalin?5 K Cteu?t A Seignetle Si co? 1 Sahiiltz k Blrideri:?27 l.ichaise Fauche?1 F Tomes Si Sou ?5 Mors 1k iselm?1 John Doyle?2 Lsssalla?1 L Boiling ?1 T iS'airel?'4 l-oi-arge?I T IJ Windle Si co?1 Bailey Si lc .-it?I L I l*vi Si co?8 I, I'illfYuvt?3 A Dtlssmer? I Oeorg'?1 Ketiuard Si co?2 Wclfe Si Gillespie?t J Mng' in Si en?l J Michel?32 C Vysekson?9 A Si 11 Waller?9 Stein I fii?1 Umber Si Dintliiaan? IS Kohnstanm?2 T Denny?1 l harrnnud,Schlump Si Siebe?5 Edwards Si Stoddard?1 Yourg & Smith?11* O iwuf ?5 It .win? Si co?2 H Esch r?3 C At ? leufrPlt?I M'rk* Platte Si co?2 Vic.t r Si Arhelis?2 O lles seuherg?7 'I hrrion k Maitlard- 4 SH ste'?7 1-tarndm Si ro?7 ]l it .vilanJ?i u'*il>-uof Si l>ula-?1 C Boam?ie-t Thay er?7 W Si H llaighr. Sico?ILKaii'?I VViddifield Si co?3 I. no, lj?in?on Si co?1| Allister k co?6 Tiff?iiy, Young k El lis ? I lin-inhall k Kairbauks?7^ h' Fowler?1 Fellows, Wads wonhkeo? 6 M (/'affe? I W P.iac? Si co?I Teterel k Ulaiu ?2 A T O Moiirosa?I Ely k Harrisan?3 T TTSiu?'t k co?I Manning k Pit" hard?3 ^Btton Si co?3 L.ttle, Alden k c)?2 E B iKfr k co?1 J Hoge-s?i A Homer S< co?3 B CJ W inwright ?I F A Hawley-5 Malmar.et k Suiiih?2 E Duboise?1 F '.I lieri )t? 1 h C Math?y? 1 Duboi??, Jacot k co?1 A Del*. rhaux? 1 B.-uner f.rrei?I J.u z (enn? I D Oruuaud?1 L< I' nr -l G Roi t k ci? j Der limes k BoiM'd?4 ColrilleSi hli-mi.ig -1 W k J \lnrrisoii it c?I D Morrison?2 E B Plr.in<e k en?I A T.St**wxrt k <">?9 Lieigick Si Wei<nn I'onk?1 VV.ilf Si Kontml-pr^?t L < >'??hi!z?4 C I'ayeu k co? i Aruol I Bernheim?r k Co?7 Victor Si Dockwitz?1 I'erin, llrack-ii k co?2 It Grane?6 Buck Si IVters?4 G W Warren >i en - 7 t?ay, L?e in f?oel? 2U finU rd k Hutton?1 C W Vo ?a?k? i U Wilthaus k son?I Born k Schnchardt? 1 )t<m v, I VfTii'i" k co?I H Sum in?6 K l.ip,?old? I I' A >ian*u?1 F 'I horapecker k co?1 L H II nse k i o?2 C Vaaet ? I T M?ll?r? 1 f >lair*y? 1 Si'lk Ih .mi s n?I A K Trom *..I|-| II Kahah-2 A H Ward?I t: It Sand?250 Crawford k I,iving?l?u-20n Bnuker k Co? I Giidmr, Colby k c??1(9 to < r.l r I ivkbpoo'?Shin llaiilre?11 pkgs E W Pembi'ilou? I do \V l.nll.i"? 8 VVond, FoUer k .Mens, r -6 Hall Bro?.'i '??J h ? in 77 (*?? g ry Si co?17 'I' I..e??20 S k E Wiiletls?12 E RolMm-MO lull* iion li W Shir Ms?32ifl bags satt Woodhnll h Mi turns?10 00(1 tirr bricks I'h-lps, Dodge k co?I i kgs F C anon nael ?IOj toua iron U5.CC0 fire bricks 17 crstfs 12 hhds to Older Mkssina?Parque Mary BroD|htoii-KO cantars b imstone 200 li<?? filberts 1.00 hi. lemons linn do oraneei Diap'r k Dev I n? 8 c* Boe'ing Si Wine?4 cks 15 ca T Victor k DuckWitl? 21 l)i'g? to nri!er. Havana?2i!i.p ( ristov^l Colon?500 doubloons 7.57 bii sug^r Pu tford, I ilesum k e*??1 t'kg mdi* F? * k Liviugston-I VV H Wrsierve 1-6 J Wich?llui?ei? 1 J H Lrdon?1 Vie inite lir t ? I V Varvla?1 <11 35) pkga sugars J Mathews k Co?6 d > A A S minos?I J Oih.in k co 24? .1 Vlartancdii?200 W H 'J |iomss-5G0 Lillrrk Itasiuea? 38 D Curtis jr? I F Htorgiito . ?70 J W.litis jr? I J IJ La^ala?I P W Engs?125 Thi.a hmev ? Ill K T i res.? 2 E K Wsd.?3 bsis 1 kig< 1 boi R 8,.un>. h i !>?*?1 ti I ?wr?tm?ati C W rmi 1>?7 H; Jones?2 C A < ol liy?I |ikgi |>ei;ie E Uonlard?I do Macy k lloldre Ige?1 |hbl fi uit tJ order. Dontvallc imtportntlona. Ns w Oat.rais?Siiiu Uni'rit Kia>es? lra?k J Msey kson? 1271 k>g? lard IV K?<rd?I bbl K?udal| k Abbott?V0 lugs I bus Dickeiiaou k Hill?It bhln Hufey k? Vlniray?373 d i 2 krga J D II 'i is-ii i lull J Johnson? I Mi bills ,0 biles Williams Si IS. r n.i i?(I h".is II Lees?92 do III punchus C P Leverich?5<i hills I, . ill?'i ilucM Si I'etim?981 Wilson Si Brown?? A Not Ilob'ilui?3> Sc eiiivihnrii t* Mar.h?(tilo liohid-s lloadl-y Si I lie',? - la hhds llohtr sk tVillimis? 72 bales R8 I'aylor?"7 I kits Micv k Holdndge?19 Kdwa'ds k Danforth?bain P C 1 nan In m?( 'ks J J & K Tripi e?5 bis A Hall ?IJ t(? A B Si D Ha.nl ?15 cks E K Mnntoi.? 3.7 do 8 bis Siirague. R?hinson k ro?"i do Uo idlino k co?25 do 1412 pes bagging 627 bhls to Ni w Oui.KANS?>liip ( l.ftoi ?15 tes 54 hhlsMiimett k co? 3 hi do4'. Inn Woik H Ur ke?5 bhl< I aae Si Krrrmaa?Ii pkg? 2 cks J li T rochrnorton?SI hl>d. Rol.rr.K Si Williams?3 Ins A Ids (.' Carvi I?2 i n A < >.iint ck? I do 25 krg < R Crooks?I" h ils 10 In t. 11 ill?1 Oss Slrfilwmrr Si liroa?1414 pigs lead At will K. e. i?l cs VV I ehl?'99 I lids K D Morgar?3 bines J W Si R L-i?itt?3 cks M.-verkeo?1750 pigs Iwd 'tr.-clnn k ^cou? 7 t> I. > c ><r<xi i .r iii? 'V, Henry #. co?10 cks Allen?34 b? K B K'lihirdk?IU bbla ii Uslier-8 balea cotton v'antoa ti l> sh. r ??il \en l.oi.t -a I iu t?11 i ka li bbla 2 1-? its Wilson k Brown ? ipkgH,|.i k W. * i 1 h I a i ra|/er k D'Vliu?1 hi irs ll .N B ,i, e .i \y . ? oniiSHll tib It lark?3 eki W KTuck-r?4 I. I'.rf V i|. 'man?11 .ii- I* Wood?68 do Cotton VVisu'i S> 1 ? lie ? 4ii J S >1.i|.t" ?1 hd Johnai n Si r<?- 23 b .Is 4 casks i . i ? a ? r . . Si i .i l,?? I 'i nblu .11 I'n lar- I E b.in.ms?32 lis Vv Ol In iVil Oil V Krowii?III obit 2u hi' do 6 hale. E ' St c . I .! . II iv ii .on m r. ?H it > 3 h lis I |) Wnndrll ?: hoi .>n(.r ft >i|| -j A II k IJ S.iidi-7 K-tchnin k Ro Kars-I A V Blike? HI tl?ri|etl >ili.inkc0. Kw '>?i i i ts?.ilup '. win la?I'?? i lull pork 47 do b ef 50 ytf l^jd III).i. E K Collins k co? liiil hh ls I5keg< la d biiol' f?rd, Tulettoa k co-ll cask) A J Willeiu?12 bbla Ictd 51 do ?";rk 4 hhda d* Parry It Mather*?279 hhds aujnr Howard k Aamnwa'I?100 E D Morgan?300 SpolT.nd, Tillattoo & co? 100 bales Kemp Benedict It Thompion?32 bbla Head k Broil ers?1M> J Taylor. ?... . . h*avaw.*ah?Brig L Baldwin?52 cajki rice E D Morgan?163 ba'e* cotton Parkin* it Hopkins?10 Burner k Joho?ou?45 Or r\v TaCt?15 Perkius k Hopkins?48 Maey Hi Hold-edge?72 K at K R Umvcs?56 Parmelee k Rogers?100 do 8 pkga mdae to ?jrd?r. I CHaaLitaTOF*?Brig Moon?83 cka ?I7 balea Vietor k Duck wits?>29 do J hmeric ?101 do J "orahtad?116 De mater k Whirnnrah?39 do 34 tea 24 bla O Buckmer?12 boxes Rogera k Ketchum?I H Str> bi g?12 Holbronk, Nela n k co. MARITIME HERALD Shlpmaaters and Agents. We shall ,-?t?ein it * favor if Captaiu* of Vettel* will give w Romkkt Sii.vkt, Captain of fur iNew* Boars, a report ot in* shipping left at the port whence they tailed?'lie veiselt tpokeu on ilrir p??a*g??a list of their cargo?and auy foreign newtpapeis, or uewa they may hare. Agent* and torreapoii Iruts it home .irabr- ad. will alio confer a favor by lending to hi* office any Mariue It.te'? i^t.uce they may receire. eoitx Of H?.W YORK, APK1JL !<a. ?UN mulct 3 12 | MOON HltRI II 47 K tl'N SETS g 48 I HlflH WATER 11 55 1 Ciaarsri. Ship Siddoni, Cobb, Liverpool. E * Collin* It Co.?Barque Al'ibuni, Kanlett, iilasgow, Wm C Noye?.?Brig* Georgian*. ? utrier, Sawtr.ah, Jno Ogden; Philura. Doan*. do, Uuuhaxi fc Dimou.?Schr* Paml Robert, Kobii.son. Port de Pai*. Bene dict at Jenkiut; Steward, Ayres. Cumberland, NS - Wm C oyes; Wm T Kiug, Lot k. Baltimore, Win J McKte St <'o; Cinderella, Crowed, PhiUde phia, do; Karah Augusta, Barker, do, N L McCready 8cCo; 1'izarro, Driukwater, Belfast, Me. Natiniih 8c Wal*h. ArrlTMi Packet ship St Nicola*, Pell, from Havre. list alt. and Tor bar. Erg. 24th, with mdte to Bovil 8c Hinekrn. loth iust. lat 45. Ion 40. exchanged signals with ship Havre, Ain?worth, of NYork. fr< m Mobile for H*vre. Ship Haid-e, Soule, from Liverpool, 25th ulr. vi ith mdse, to E Kichards'in. Spoke 11th in?r. lat 43 45, loo 37 17, ahip Devon shire,trom Liverpool lor NYork. Ship Cristoval Colon, Sm th. from Havana, 13th nit with * iK.r. he. to Hpofford, Tilr*ton 8c i'o. L?ft birijtie Rapid, Ward, hence, arr I Ith. and other* Sid in no. with Elizab th J, for Philadelphia. Capt Smith state* that the harbor was fall of vessels, nud freights scarce to all parts ol the world. Sugars extremely high auil scar e tnd price* on the rise. Sbi > Star lit public, Ilendley, 20 days from G*1v"*ton, with i.9l U.le* cotton 4i>0 hide* 3 balea skns to Brower 8c Nelson; 27 balei do C Seudd'r. Ship Treeco't, Authony, B days from Bermuda, in ballast, to Addison Weld?5 steerage pas<ecgers. Left at St (ieorgei, 17th i?.*f, biigs Nep u us, for NYork, 4 day*; Emi'v. for Liverpool, 2; th-eo mast-d *clir Maid of th* Milt, from ?t Johu, NB. for lamaica, i ut in leaf v. Passed, no d te, lat 37 10, Ion 17 40, ship Europe,steering ENE, wiud strong from N W. Ship Powhaiun, Stone, 17 d*ys from New Orltans, with cot' ton. to Fox 8cLivingston Ship Hudson, Buckman, 14 days from New Oilean.wiih canon, t > order. Ship United State*, Swanton, 21 day* from New Orleans with nilie, to Sprague, Hobii ion 8c Co. Spoke 14th inat lat 28 14, Ion 80 12, Br barque Ague* Oilmoie, from Mobile for Liver pool. fhi.i Georgia. Otii. 25 days from Apalachicola, with cotton to Nrsmithfc Wal-h. Ship C >spi in, IVrrey, 25 d?ys from New Orleun, with cot tan, to Bintow, Pope 8c Co. Spoke, no date, off Tertugas. shipXylon, from Liverpool; 9th inst. offdo.brig'Qoinnebaug from New Orlenns for Boston; 14th, lat 26 30, Ion 79 30, Br ihip Mouataiiterr, frt m New Orleim for Liverpool. Ship Clifton, Ingerioll, 33 day* from New Orleaoi, with cot ton. to Stantou 8c Frost. Ship Caledouia, Masiicott, 16 diys from New Orleans, with cotton, to ma*t<-r. Banine Mary Broughton, Clnte, from Messina, Feh II, and raised Gibraltar 21st ulc. with mdae to Draper 8c Devlin. Left at M, barque Lycurgua, Adam*, for NOrlems, in 10 day*?only American. Spoke 16th ult. 15 mile* East ot Gibraltar, brig Gulielina. Mayo, 40 d?y* from Palermo for Philadelphia; 17th, 12 miles East of Gibraltar, ship Eclipse, 40 days from Palermo | f >r Salem; 9th init. lat 31, Ion 42 30, ihip Tonquin, 10 day* from | Boston for Canton. Barque Lil.us, Gilchrist, 17 days from New Orleans, with sugar, to Badger 8c Peck. Spoke 13'h inst. lat 21 30, Ion 80 50, schr llobt Mill*, of Bristol, HI. for NOrleans; 16th, lat 27, Ion 79 40, ahip Damascus, from Mobile for Havre. Baique Averou, Jordan, 18 dtys from New Orleans,"with mdae, to Nejiuith 8c Walsh. Barque Mazeppa. Millington, 18 days from New Orleans.with md*e. to Siffkm, IroEiidea 8c Co Barque Backo*. Stotesbary, 11 day* from Savannah,with cot ton, to J Ogdeu; 395 bile* do 2 boxe* E 8c It K Grave*-. 50 hhds sugar Gowdy 8c Wells. Spoke 16th inst. 1st 33 37, lou 77 44, shit) Button bene-for Charleston. Brig Cashier, Baker, from To*a?co, via Campeachy, with 4500 qtl* logwood to Howland 8c Aipinwall; $560 Bouchaud 8c Thebaud. Left no American*. French brig Franc>* Mineiva, Kampat, with a fall cargo of logwood, wai totally lo*t in a Norther, previou* to 15th ult?crew mved. Brig Telo*, L inpher, 18 day* from New Orlean*, with 44 hds sugar to E D Morgan; 167 do 81 hd* 15 bbl* molasse* Spofford, T ilea ton 8c Co. Brig Georgian*, Kelleran, 20 day* from New Orlean*, with md?-, to maiter Brig New (Means, Alden, 19 days from New Orleans, with molaoea, to Badg'r 8c P?ck. Spoke 13th mat. lat 25 39, Ion 79 48 schr Sparta, Driukwater. from New Orleana for Boston. SIBrig Maon, Knudson, 6 day* from Charleston, with cotton, to Dunhtm 8c Dimnn. Brig Abeoea, Doaue. 24 daya from New O.leans, with -mo lasses, to Hosier 8c Nickerson; 200 hhds do Crocker a Warren. Biig St George, Long, 20 days from New Orlean*,with sugar, to malter. ... Brig L Baldwin, Baisett, 8day* from Savannah, with cotton, to Dunham 8c Dimon. Brig Factor, Handy, 2 day* from Bridgeport, in balla*t, to matter. , , , Schr Patiiot. Burgess, 22 days ftom Falmouth, Jam. with 679 bag* ' imrotu 40 <uu* rum to G Miln; 1700 lb* copper to ma*ter. Lett brig Mary Walker, Thrane, of Philadelphia. Schr Portia, Culver, 10 day* from Baracoa, with fruit, to G L Nleacham. , Schr Sarah 8cMary, Bates, 24 day* from Attakapa*, with live oak. to G A Hoyt Schr Esaex, Hazlegrove, 20 days from Halifax, with nth, to Bach* McEver*?12 p itecger*. Schr William, Barnta, 17 day* from St Jo(in, NB. with plas ter. to master. Schr J L Gafer. Pet?M, 10 days from Georgetown. SC. with co'.ton, to J ScN Briggs. While at anchor in the East River, the. iinrks from one of the South Ferry boats let fire to 2 bales cotton ou deck, and injured them verv much. fchr A F Xt oro, Sauford, from Wilmington, NC. with na val s ore*. .... Schr Enterprise, 8 day* from Wilmington, NC. with timber to mailer. cviii au9c-|'ii ifiunii, may, juiji 1 lUUi niCUDDnU, Willi COai, to mHttr Sehr fcliza Meserole, Baker, 9 day* from Norfolk?bound to n'all Hirer. 8c>r Mrrr Jane, Powell, from Norfolk, with mdse, to Star in & Clearaian. Schr Oil Bias, Alston, 3 days from Norfolk, with mdse, to master. Schr Charity, Smith, 3 day* from Virginia, with mdse, to muter. Schr Alexandria, Lewis, 5 days from Baltimore, with mdse, to m*?t*r. Schr Oen Hariison, Allen, from Delaware, with corn, to J It J Morean. H"hr linages, Horn, 4 days from Calais, with lath, to Smith St Bnyntou. Schr Clarendon, Ames, S days from Thomaston, with lime, to muter. Hct r Hiram, Burns, 7 days from Camden, Me. with lime, to BMtft Schr Friend, Thicket, 5 days Irom Cherryfifld, with timber, to n>*sur. Schr Presideut, Leigh'on, 4 days from Cherryfield, with tim ber, to Smiih It Bnmt >u. Schr Kmblnn, Husssy, 4 days from Cherryfield, with timber, to m?s'er Schr K (I Merrick, Clarence, 3 days from Salem, with mdie, to master. Schr Compliance, Kelley, 3 days from Bosten, with mdse, to master. 9r.hr (ireciiu, Sparrow, 4 diys from Boston, with mdse, to J Hunter Sch. lied Rover, Bacon, 4 days from Boston, with mdse, to master, .... Schr Iudustry, Robinson, 2 d?ys from New Bedford, with oil, to master. Schr Superior, Fit*, 2 days from Bristol, III. with coal, to nuur. Sloop Mary Brush, Brush, from Newbsrn, NC. naval stores, to mrsier. Below. Sicilian sloop of war Urania, from Sicily, to Roceo Martus celli, Sicilian Consul Also, 2 ships, 1 barque, 2 brigs, unknown. Correspondence of the Herald. Rhodk Isi.a*dkb Omen, ) Nn?roni, April 24, 1845. J Arr 22d, Leandrr, Johnson. Kast Oreenwich for Albany; 2Jd, Yantie, Stsplca. Prov for NCatolina; Louisa. Terry, VVairrn for Norfolk; Kmily, Oarduer, and Arid. Oaks. NYork; 24th, F-aukli i, Crocket, I homaitou fjr New York; Lisbon, Metser, Sierra Mnrena, *ix Havana9th inst?s!d fui H iu co with Che valier, of Portland, fur Barcelona. Itllaceltaneoua Kecorif. Brio Plant..?Much anxiety has been felt lor the safety of packet bru Pearl, Harding, from Phi'ad-lphia for Bstou.whi h iv in violent c.oit'c w ill hng Baltimore. It will be s<eu that she was ipok'ii th? <'ay after the accident U'halkmcn.?Ship Hellespont, for a long time a Marseilles I acket, was purchased iu this city a few diys sine* by a gentle man from Mystic Conn, aud is inttuded for a whaler. Barque Valparaiso was also purchased for a whaler by a New Bedford company. Bshhi'k Sarah, late of Bos'on, has been purchased at War ren, Rl. far $12,010, acd is cow fitting for a whaliug voyage. {Vaval. A Ist'er fr? m Singapore of Feb 4th, states that U S ship Con stu'ion, Capi Percival, arrived i n the 2d, all well. She anchor ed alongside of tlie British frigate Cal'donia, Com Challs, who was the first Lieu enant >T th? Java, when captured by the Con >tituti< II, uuder (.-apt llainhridpe. The best feeling prevailed betwren the Biitish and Am rican officers. Oiineus, April 23.?Purser McK*an Buchanan, on fnrlooih; Mid Oeo H Hart, leave renewed 2 months; Purser K B Stock lon, ileucI ed fr in rieciil duty a d wailing orders; Suigson S Sharp, leave ret,ewe< 3 mouths; Lien R Vimmes. Surgeon J C Securer, and Passed Midshipmen 11 Rodgeis and Jotlu Oueit, detached from the Poinsett, leave 3 months. Whalemen. New Lo.idon, Apiil 23?Sid Klora, BaiUy, NW Coast, vyoken. I.omell, from S^ndnich Islands, 6 mos out, for New London, 21d inst off Sandy Hook. Kmraa, from Philadelphia for Boston, 23d inst. off Sandy Honk. ltienxi, for Boston, 23d inst. off Sandy Honk. Alpine, lor Boston, 2Jd inst. off Sandy llock?by the .pilot bo?t New York. Hailaway, from Thiladelphii fcr Charleiton, 15th inst lat 32, lou 75 SO. I.ake Port*. BnrvAt.0, Anril 21?Arr Ben Franklin,and St Clair, Detroit; Imli ii Queen Darc-lona; Mivsouri, Toledo; Preble. Racine, M lli liard, and Maryland Chicago; Buggies, and Adeltide, Cleveland: Dolphin, and Tevas Toledo; Cambridge, Monroe; Wo dbiid;e, Ssnilniky. Cld St Louis, and Nile, Chicago; Buffalo I)e roit; Waterloo, and F.inerald, Chipp wa; Irving, Milan; Madison, tad Chesapeake. Cleveland; Birmingham, Ft llnrnell; Cadet, Ash'abala; Lodi, Conusant. The i amain of the Ra iue reports thil he met the Mayflower and Bostun in the straits; 15 h, Missouri, Btuehtll, Ando.er, Oidilings, and Indi ana, at Fort Oratiot. , n Porta Cardenas, April 10?In port, Hy Kelsey, (Iray, for Boston, few days; tvrrtou, Mayo, for NYork, 3 ds; Lmprrss, uac?aud other*. ? Havana, April 13?In nor', Constellation. Jackson, from Boston, a r '2th; Kapid, Ward. NYork, arr llth|Rigi, Brown, wig frt; Zaida. Chapman; Jubilee, Harmon; Hold, Jewell; Washington. Adams, and Clinton, Vinson, nisg: John (. a>*ie, Knapp; Hamburg, Carta .e? ; Swan, Blmic ard; Oihraltar, Jor ?Ian; Merlin, Ooodhue; Velssro, Curlier; Cactus, Nason; l>s(iray, hipley; Sultan, Hay waul, and hernia, Nasoc, fit or chtr;Oxford, Kou. and Zebra, Thomas, for Boston; Prospect, I rench, iiKiuaramine; Casilda, Ooodell, clcand lor Mariel? and others. Hamii.to*, Bermudi, April 14?Arr Lyia, Stevens, New V ork. Iciiihoe, Feb J3-Inpnrt, Hy Kneeland. Blackuier, of and lor ,Xe? lirdford, wnh I0O tons guano I Ivi.Rpool., April 5- In po t, F.hen PreHe, Perkins, for Lon don. erry, immediately, to take passengers to Hnlad.lphia. Mavam i i PH. Airili ?In - ' a n, HitrhcotM, lor New York, soou; H .idee, Klitiinr, di?g Financier. S.rgeut, disc; Nonpareil, H mer, lor Philadelphia' ?oor; Ongiess, Itugu.s, d'a*; I'lnrenci', binuh, for NYork' Decltr tion, Very, lot do, ldg; Mars Hill, McOilteiy, fur Bos' n, d'i. Sr (tKoRiiSS. Bermuda. April 7?Arr Sussu Sp^fford, Si of fi.nl, N York, and cld fltli for I urks Island 'i Joh-' NB. April 15?Arr Hoai.oke, K ight. A'ettndiia; 'rttli ? Ii,nolle, Vaughtu, I hiUd iphia; 17 h. Ju i.1 Ann, I or ?ii. NVmk l.Id tlsl, Matilda, Spates, do Kat nu Id; 17th. JVi; tflaiids, Johnston, lor I'liiladelpjii?, iUt, Rnanrikt, Knight, N \ nrk Tar abas, Jan i? lu pott, Belvidera, Kastetbtook, (or Hong Kong, ldg. (Tome Porta* Dkcr Isle, Apiil It?In | ort, Boston, Abbott, from Calais ?? N Yo'k. K?*5?ko*t, April 21?The ice cam* down the river this day. \rr 1 rtlon, Biirglt. Bargor, where site ha* l-eeu during the ??inter. 22d?'1'ha :teamrr Jefferson left here this morning for Uiagor, hat iug in tow schrs Eclipse, St Leon, Brilliant, and >thers. Bath. April 23?Arr Mary U Susan, M'Clintork, Philadel phia for Hallowell. Cld Benj Adams, Adauis, aud Frankfort, Patten, <>undaloii|w. Salem, April 23? Arr Izette. Hsrron, Bneuos A\re.s. Cld lugusia, Xic! cruon, Albany; Mary Clark, Wilkius, NYork.? ?>lil Ku?ell, Miil and fin tielow, Selma; 22d, Win H irt, Gau dy, Ueoraf town, DC; K 14 Heruck, Clarence, N York. Boston, April 24?A'r Paucli ta. Gray, Mayapuez; Win M Rogers. Taylor, and Chickassw. Kendrick, Balnmore; Arche tua, Crowell, Newcastle. l)el; Roanoke, Webb, Porto Cabello; 1 'omat, Gaskill. Washing ch. NC; Susan Lndwig, Curling, Richmond; Earfe, Katcn, Norft Ik: Louina, <ttu. Albany; Mail, N'chols; S runner, Mievens, and Cornelia bV>ulKuer, New Vo k. Telegraphed, Victor, fn in NYork. Signal for i brigs. Cld, Willis Putnam, Cook West Indies; Georgia, Oollius, Sa vannah; Sarah, [late of Boston], Martin, of and for Warren, ?4. I, sold fjr a wfis'o ; Hellespont, Philander Crosby, Charles -on; Eagle, Fessunden. Baltimore; Palm, felldriilue. Philadel phia; Topic, Damon, Wssliiugton, N C; Lady Cliutou, Cran kier, V ork; Cambridge, Ha'l, do; Renown, Lovrll, do. Plymouth, Auril 21?Arr Wave, Patv, Norf Ik. N?.w Ukokohd, April 33?Arr Mt Wollaston, Bowen.lchi Ime, im) tons wu.t. o; Ellen Hodman and Win l> uisell, NYork Uhai ( arroll got off th- bar 23J, and drop;.?il belo m. Providence, .*pnl 23?Air Midiu, krench, NYork Waukkn, April 23?Arr Chapman, Thompson, Matanzas. Fall River, April 22?Art I H Harden. N York. Philadelphia, April 24?Arr Elk, .Nickerton, Boston; J W Psylrr, Stokely Cardenas; Kobt Morris, i luk, New H.iveu; Kir hard, Kelly, Mayaguez Cld liUsex, Raynes, Hull. Eng; Washington. Mouroe, Charleston; Cnuoisian, Watts; Geo W iiff'rd, Comerv; Moselle, hultis; Eli*, Baxter: I hi?*?. Bite >nau; Surplus, Nichols; Liberty, Townseud, and New Zealand, Poland, Boston; America, Scull,ami Aclisah 0. Douglass, Pro vid-nre; Aim Klizibeth, dome's, Newburg; Judge Borer, Phil lips; Gaoios, Tueker: Cop^r, Champion. and Romeo, Y ouug. * York; Ed v it Franklin cuutiug, and America, Southwonh Hartford; New Jersey, Bell, I'eekskill; Oib, Yapp, aud Comet, Cox, N Yoik. Baltimore, April 21?Arr Su anuah Cumming, Clark, Lie ?'pool; Victor. Harriett, Philadelphia; Erie, Gunby, Messina; S unerset, [Br] Williams, D?mrrara? Ruby, McKi uxie, I ubec; llrookiyn, Sint'l. Castport; Tiouesta, .Bramhall, Cardenas; free Trade. Willard. Portland; Wm Brown, Hum, NBedford; i?eo Klots, B?otty, F nil, Ri rer; Pearl, Mickerson, aud Union, Bangs, Providence; Freighter, Blanchard, Maysguez Alexandria April 23?Sid Shylcck, Matthews, Boston. Richmond, Apill 23?Arr Gnng's, Perry, Boston; Carpo, Martin, I'orrsmoiith, NH; Maine, Babbagr, Fraukliu, Me; ?x 'io, Washburn, Tliomasion. fiy Last Nighi's Southern iSail, Piiilaoklphia, April 2i?Be'ow, Crescent, Crotheri, from Turks isl -nd for Wilmington, Del; and a barque supposed the Turk, from Boston. Cd Micaela, Means. West ludier. Uai.timohk, April 21?Arr Almeua, Dill, Boston; Eagle, Lowiey. Portsmouth, NH; Alert, Seaman, Lubec; Cygnet, Machias;CoI H niou. James;Chesapeake, Port; Direcr,Briggs, aud A F Myrick, Cathcrt, NYorli; Mary, Cook, Newbnry ?iort. Cfcl Timoleon, McFarland, Bermuda. Sid Clio, Ports mouth. NoRroLK, Ap:il 23?Arr President, Wilbour, Providence: J W Kempt?n, Osboru, > York; Hebe, Gilmer, NBedford. The '<ndius, Johusnn, from Boston, has gone up James Riser to load for Kurope. Pauli, Welsh, for Hivre; Cornelia, and Hebe, lor Rio; and Iowa, for Pernambuco, Inve goue to sea from the itoads. In Hampton Roads, Inca, Button, from Baltimore for Canton?put ill with loss of a man; Queen, Smith. Baltimore Tor Providence. Sid Importer, Marxh, Jamaica; Oieifon, Ap plegarth, and Yantic, diaries, Newport; Atlautic, Nick'rson, ?ml Scituate, Baker, Bot.cn; Amelia, Frisbre. Portsmouth; Pomona, Sherman, NBedford; Lewis Spicer, Fall River, and others. dfconn HE WARD?Lost, on board the steamboat Kuicker bocker, on Thursday evening las', just before she left the wharf at Albany, a wallet contaiuing $810 in $100 bills of different banks in Boston. Three of them of tna Boston Bank, ih" others not recollected. Tha above reward will be paid on retain of the mouey to me at the store of Learn an, Pannele St Peck, corner of Broadway ind Cedar street, aud no questions asked. a26 3t?m Z PLATT. 1X7 ANTED?Two first ra'e salesmen, well acquainted with ' * the retail dry goods business. Apply at 377 Broadway.* a26 lt?m STEWARD AND COOK WANTED. At 1R8T rate Steward and Cook wanted, for the Wardroon. Mess of .he United States Ship Columbus. Apply on boa'd he ship, at the Navy Yard. a26 3t"rh T\T ANTF.D?1To go South, by a youug man of rerpectable connections, in any situation, in town or country, in wh>ch he can make himself useful. He has lived for the last lour years in the Southern States. A permanent situation, not salary, is his object. References given as to character, and an imerviaw may be had by addressing a note to J. J. U., Herald Office. a26 2t?rc CONSIGN KES of Cargo per ship Americin, from Liverpool, are requested to send their permits on board the ship, at pier 13 Fast River, or to the ofllceof the subscriber, without delay. All goods not permitted in five days must unavoidably be sent lo the pui lie store. JOHN H KB DM AN, a'firc 61 South street. PACKET SHIPS SIDDONS, for Liverpool?Passengers by f- this ship will pleisa be on board, at Orleans wharf root of Wall st'ret, this(Sarurday) morning,2Cth instant at 13 o'clock, at which time the steamboat will take the ship to sea Letter bags will close at the usual placea at 11X o'clock. a26m P<K') K VI AT IU N WANTED?Mrs. JANE HOLL1D AY left her homi, 426 Cherry street, some tine on Weduesdsy night?supposed to be insane. She wore her nightdress and cap, white otton hose, without shoes, and took with her a red calico dress and blue cloth table cover, which she mvy have put on. l*he is 45 ye*ra of age, light hair, light compaction, aud very much emaciated from a protracted illnes.s. An)* informa tion respecting h-r w ill be gratefully received and liberally re warded by her brother. ARCHIBALD HALL. &25 3t*tc (5 Oliver or 90 Cherrv streets. Tl/AN-yED-ln a retail Drug Store, a young man well ac ' ' imainted wi:h the business. A Scotch apothecary would be preferred Apply to Dr. Druglais, 423 Greenwich street, corner of Laight, before 11 A. M. aJ6 2t*ec lady's or general s-.ck nurse She has h d long experience, Mid is every way qualified. The best of city re.erence can be given. Kcqni*e at the office of Dr Douglas, 423 Greenwich it coruerof Lai^ht street, before 11 A M. a3^ 2i.*ec (ITAN'I'KO?In the neighborhood of Hudson Oreonwtch or *? Washington streets, between Canal street and the Battery ?TWO or THKEK ROOMS for a small family. Address, stating terras, See., J. F., Herald Office. ap2l Hf ANTED?For one of the most extensive Publishing houses ?* in the United States, a few active youns? meutoactai agents for the si e of new and popular works. The proprirton will insureeach man $300 over his board rer >eir profit. A writing to thru effect wi'l he given them; they will have l-esides 0( |>ortniiity of clearing > 1000 |>er jew, and more if ti ey aie ac ti?e. Every m,n willhave his district It will be necessary lor them to hive 125 to $i0 at least to obtain a good fitting cut. No oue need apply naless he has that sum,'for it is the object of the publ ch*rs toeat&Mish good agents, and give thern such a chance as no one e'se can offer them. For full Particulars apply to 424 Broadway, at Hall's office. apt! 2w*ec RfcV. K. II. CHAi'131 will preach iu the Universalis! Chuich.iti Kii7.itieili street, to-morrow morning, at half i?st un o'click, ,tud in the evenirg at half-past seven. ai6 lt*m ftE vTw M. D. SNODCJHAS9, 1). D., will preach on Sab " bath est uuig n?xt, 2'ih ilutaut, at h lf-|>*!t 7 o'clock, in ill* Associate llefoimed fieabTtrrun Church, Jan: street, Abicgdon Squaie. corner Avenue 8 h. A <.<U'eciicu will be taken no to aid in the pavmeutol' ill? Church recently purchased by them. If resolution and perse verance in a r.oo.l cause merit oneourag in?ut, this cong egation hav a claim on the liberality of the Christian public a2ti lt?rc SE 7\.\! ENS SELF PRESERVATION SOCIETY. THE MEMBERS of the Seamen's Self Preservation S'C.ecy ur- refue led to attend ho funeral of Brother William Woodcock, from his late re.ide.ice, No.46H Houston sued, on dunday,27tli April, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon The Members vi ill please wear the Hegalia. By order ol' GEO. 11. WILSON, Preiident. CHAS. It. DHKW, Secretary. a26 lt*m Tills Si OaClUBp.R bwiltiveio otter Ins services to such -1 Mercantile Houses in Canada, as miy be desirous of avail iug tli'trise v?s of ih" Act of Cong'rss. allowing drawback of duties on Go ds imp -red into Canada through New York He is pierared to receive goods, enter ihem at the Custom Hoase, a df .rward tham as directed, as well as to transact any oth-r commission business in this city J. C. BUCHANAN, V Sonth street, late H. B i\i. Vice Consul. New York, April 26th. 1844. a2S lt*m INFIDEL CONVENTION: THOSE who have i.ubscribei to this Convention, (which will be h-ld at the Coliseum. 4.# Broadway, ^uuday, Monday and Tuesday, .Vay 4th, jth and 6th.) and those who w:sh to subscribe, ar- requested to meet at he National Hall, Canal slrret, tc-,norrow afternoon, Sunday, to choose Dele gates. ? l'n vions to the election, Dr. H. wi:l deliver an interesting Lecture on Civilization, commencing at 3 o'clock. By order at the (/ommittee of Arrangements, JOHN WINDT, r 26 lt?r>' Hecretary. MUSIC. MDUMSDAY, Professor or liuitar, Singing fit Sight. Ac ? cordeon. Violin, 4tc continuei to teach ladie aud gentle m?n of Sew York (at th?ir residences ihe above Instruments, inc., in a very short time, by his new Analyzing and loductiva System.? l enns .Moderate An improved Accords'in for sa'e. Wood city references given on application at No. 55 Chrystie streer, abov* Walker. >26 lm*rc Painting. QUARTKKM VN & SON respectfully inform their friends, that, on and after the Is'of Ma, nest, they will commerce ti e aho e business, at No. 18 Hurling Slip. ?28 <t*ec REMOVAL?rire Subs, ruers have removed their i the a from No. 3 Nassau street, to No. 41 WALL bTRhfi/T, next building west of the I henix Bank WM. H. MAXWKLL, JOHN H. MAOHER. EDWAR' F. TRIlADWELL. April 2 th. I84V *26 lt*ec FAMILIES Al\1> GENTLEMAN VlalTING LONDON, business or pleasure, can t>" accommodated during their " stay with a i I-asam aud d sirahle house, in il e honse ol a Kdy of nsociability where ihcy will meet with (l?iy atten tion, Apartments with priva e lalilei il p erened Apply at 3l BURTON 4 HEsCENT, Bai 26 lm*re Km'Ion fmmre. L"inlon. TO COUN l itV MKRCHaPi'1>?brown Sheeting* *i d a hhirtings of every style and width all tie known brands, both heavy and fiue, Stark Mills, L?wrfnceC, Irdian Head, Cabot A., t hicopee 1). Merii'?acn, Kxeter's, Unknown, ?ic . in<v lie h?d at mannlarturing piices, on ilie 2d floors of Nos. 18 and 2il Cedar si r*-t, half a block abot a Pearl street. Yard wide Sheetings, iX cents |?r yard; also, Batts. Wick, Twine, Warp aud Mi adding; beat Son1 he-u Cotton Yarn, No. 6 to II, and 7 tola. T, N. L NUKHHII.L, It?m |H and SO Cedar street. >r.iv Yoiik, April 25th, 1849. rpHE THK ASURKR of the Fire llepartm at Kund, with mnch gian cailuii ackuoM leuei the full >wiitg donations, viz!? Fram the N. Y. Onarditn Insurance Co., by th? hands of Jos. Oneuhaf. Ksq $100 From the City Iusunnca Co , l.y the hands nf D. F. Ctury, tusq 50 The Tri-asu-er also with much plessiire ackuon leilges the receipt ol $161 20, hv the hands of Corns V. And'rsou, E-.i| , being the ueu proceeds of the sale of Kngne Northern Libfrties, pelonRiug to th ? Hasocin'ion of citizens ol the lower wards, who have generously appiopriitrd said proceeds to the Widows aud Orphans bund. J NO. ?. OILK8, ?" K*ic Tr-asmer. QUA NO. nniK. Ca.gOof ship Ch.ikspea e, Iroin IchaWoe, of veiy iu p rior ijiialiry, lauding at the Atlantic In ck, B.ooklvu It Ins :irrn well ascertained, thst (hat this Utiat is siinerixr to suy other, as it brings forward crops earlier, and ta equally last ing. ror general fanning, it will increase the cri ps fnim .1(1 to ?>0 iier cent ; and for market pnrpoies. it will enhance its vain" at lent 208, ami in soni- msiances 100 per cent. 30.1 lbs. is suf ficient f r an acre?for s?l? in lota to suit pnichasera, ?i ith iMoka directing how lo tiae it, by K. K. COLLINS & CO.. s2*"' ii ">? Sonthatreet, New Yoik. SICKLE'S ! PEPPER SAUCE !! CATSUPS 0! XIUSTARD, fc.;. VOTM'KTOSOtTTHERNk ESTERNMKR( HANTS. FLOVD It STAIU . .No 191 Wat?; rtat, off i for sale a 4ne atavfimeut of Pii'Ules. Pre'erves ( .isuin snd Mastani. pill up e*pm??l7 ..ir the si ntl.eru and western market, and *0'ild i all thf ttean n of connt y and citv t*f I'rr, before i ur chasing els. where, u th* quality slid friff I f their good* will m?i e u tui obje t l >r a puicliasu to ).i>e tliein a call. f "JOAL? l.VI Tons ptmberton Coal, ca:eru ly I jweied ml" the ^ hold, daily egpec.ted, for Sale in 1 is to suit purclMsers, h? W J. T. TAP8COTT, ?"?'c South itmt corner Maiden Laos. AUCTION SALES. A. C. TUTTLE, Auctioneer. * FA8HIONABLK FURNITURE. at No. 45 Buk ??. neir 4tt,_? Jacob 8 I'latt will sell ou Moudiy, *t 10 o'clock, the -n'ire Furniture contained in the above house, conflating iu part >f Biussela aril Kidderminster Carpets,English Oil Cloth, ma hogany Sola aud Dim,a, Ot'omnus, marb'e top <>utre Tables Quirtrtte do. Dieaaiug and T a do, rich China Dinner aud Tea ijerviees, Hate Ol-ias Hall Lantern, mahogany Hat aud IJm hrellt Snud rich pla ed and irilt Girandoles, Canaelabras, Vlaii el Clock, ail'er mounted plated Ciutor, Cuke Baskna, rut Haas sets wit1! plsted slam's. Tea Trays, cut glass Waie.Kjiyp ri?n matble top Bureau Waili and Night Stands, Look tug Gl-?ses, Bedsteads. Sic . Ike. Alto, oue Piano Forte and Guitar Also, the Kitchen Furniture, with which the aale will com mence Catalogues will be teady this day at J o'clock, and may b? obtaiaed at the auction ro'im. *26 2teod*in grr^-JAM]N moo.NKY. HARD WAKE, Cutlery, Guns, Alabaster Clocks. Ike ? Mo ney It Aaron will aril ihia day at 10 o'clock, at No 91 Vlaiden Lve, a line assor'me.itof Peu and I'otke: K iiv?s.Table tod De it, Kui?ea aud F>iks, D handle Shovels, Bri.annia VVfire, Sadirois. Spoons, S*ws, hile<, Blackiue, Sic., Ike. Alao, f-n mvkice of double au4 single liar.el Guns Al?>. a f.eah consignmcut of superior C ack and other Whip*. Alao, an invoice of Alabister four col. and other atyleof Clocks. Alao. 20 doz. Aura. Forfurt1 er paniculate ace Courier l( k'nquirer. Caral u*s a e nnw -endv. w2li li ?m / arlulor, IJAUUAJi AT AUt.Tli? ??This w Morning at 11 o'cl ock, by Wilkina Ik Rollins. 17 Broad at. ?suterb variety?oil warrm'ed tru? to nauie aud deacription. \l| lore's of these beautiful tlowers all' old attend They only require pi ant iiik*' iu about the 1st of May. a26 lt*rc CHOICJTpLAN 18 AT AUCTION. A LEVY will sell ou YVednesdiy morning,at II "'clock, at ?Nj. 151 Broadway, a beautiful collection of Fine Plants, sors's'nigot Tha Queen of the Prairie, or Michigan Rosea, the real kind. Alao, * new Sweet Hvdennges, a Lnu'iful new plant from Japan,lately introduced Aztlias, in full bloom; Moss, stan dard, Per e'ud and or?ier Rosea; Carniti nr. &c , with a varie '.y of ether flue I'lmti and 8 lrnbs, worthy of uoie Al??.<i uumber of Benches, one Counting House Desk, one Show Case, Sugar Beet Seed, in quanti'y; wi ll various other articles. a26 U* in DAY LINE TO BOSTOX. VIA. LONG ISLAND & NORWICH RAILROADS, EVERY MORNING AT TEN O'CLOCK, From the Depot at Brooklyn ? Sundays except tel. ap3S lmisrc PAVILION?NEW BRIGHTON. ?"plIE improvements and repairs which have been undertaken >- in this establishment, beiug uow completed. the propriitor liegs to inform pi ties who are desirous of tiking rooms there, lliat they are ready for th?ir inspection. Having liear't that it has been currently reported thst all the best rooms at the Pavilion are engaged, the proprietor begs to sttte that this rumor must have originated iu his having de clined in kii>g engagements for specific suits of apartments with parties who have wished to take, them only from July. He begs tli?tefore to state that there are atill as many good rooma disen gaged as 'aken, aud that he will lie happy to enter iato arrange ineiils with parties wish'ug to occupy th m from the eirly part uf the sesson. K. BLANCARD has, at the same tiane, the honor to inform those fimilies wh i have already engaged apartments, that the Paviliou will be open on Thursday, the first of May. ap24 to.M ? rrc OLD CLO'! OLD CLO'! OLD CLO'! rPHE SUBSCRIBER pays the highest prices for Second i. Hind Clothing. Clothing altered, repaired and cleaned in a superior style. IC7"Remember the No., 130 Nassau street. ap24 lm*rc GEO. LEVIE. OOPARTN fclRSHlP JNOTiCK. T*HE SUBSCRIBERS hwe aaaociated with them in buaineas J- Robert H. Osgood, John W. Kruno, and laaac C. Kendall. HAkNDEN & CO. Boston, Arril 4, 1814. a24 lw*th NEW BOOK. WILL BR PUBLISHED Off B4TUBDAY NEXT, MARY KALK; or, BIG THUNDER! CHIEF OK THE ANTI-RENTERS By C. MERR1 FIELD, a24 3tis*ec 293 Broadway. n^O PI. INTERS?The owner cl'an old established Job Office L in the lower psrt ot the city, wishirg to retire from the bu siness, offers the establishment for sal- on accommodating terms. To an activ* basiness man it offers ? chance rarely ro he rre. with. Such a person, in corn maud of $700 to (10C0 rash, Iba'lauce may remain on good securitv) bv applying to R. H. ELTON, 18 Diviaion street, may learn ali the particulars. To save trnuMe noue need apply that are not prepared to enter im me'tiately, and comply wi'h'he above terms. a20 6'ia*m Fink old oil paintings, antihues, &c.-to gentl'inen rrquiring a few fin: old pictures, an entire collec tion is offered, together or separately, well worthy the atten tion of gentlemen amateurs. They will b^ said on advanta geous 'erma, or exchanged for merchantable goods or vacant lots out of town. Apply at 3 Chamber* street, from 10 till 6 P. M. Also, a pair of fine inlaid Fret e 1 Pier Tables, with Italian marble tops, and centre do, of the modern style. Also, a finely wrought iu ornament Swedish bowling Piece, a rare gun. Also, a very curiously enameled fine gold antique Watch, 200 vears old, finely enameled, view of Paradise, and moving snake, Ike. Ike. a25 3t*ec ORIGINAL PUBLICATIONS HELEN HOWARD; or. The Bankrupt and Broker,byProf. Ashby?Price t2X cents. The Knights of Seven Lands, by J. H. Ingrahsm?Price 12>{c. Scarlet Feathe.r; or. The Young Chief of the Abeuagries, 12Wc. The Nun cf St. Ursula, hy Harry Hazel,. ? ? ? 12sc. The Midshipman !2)?c. The Spanish Galleon... 12>Cc. The Bell of Boaton I2%t. Edith Vernon 13*c. Louise K?upton 12>aC. Abert Simmons 12vc. Protege of the Grand Duke 12)?s. Also, a variety of other publications, that will b* sold low to t'ue trnde. All orders will meet with prompt attention. C. MtRliUlfcLD, Publisher, ?Eat21 2w*ec 293 Broadway. BOARD UP TOWN. rYO ROOMS, with large pantries adjoining, may be en gaged and eut red upon before the 1st of May, bv a party of fjur, or two gentlemen aq^)heir wives, with good board, and the comforts of a home, eHKer furnished or uulnrniahed. The house is pleasantlv loca'ed, in Fourth street near Amos street, within two miuulrs walk of two oirnibuas routes. For terms iic . apply at Not 309 Bleeeker street. a24 2'fh rstw York, April 21, 1845. Til K undersigned announce to the public and particularly to A the watch merchants, that from this day they have formed an association under the name of Delachaox & Maire, f-r the trade of tmportatioa of watchis, and that from this said day they hare oil Innd tnd shall leceive from their correspondent manufacturers every descrip'ion of Watches and Moremeuts. DELACHAUX b MA1KK, No. 127 Fnlton street, N. Y. A. Delachanx?H. Maire. ap22 lm*m AoTOil HulTSE BATHS Kitrajce No. 1 Vhf.v st , (Private Door Astor House.) rPH 81levant Btthiug Kstablishmeut. so convenient from its I central positi-n both to citizens aud itraugers. has recently been fitted up with new baths, furniture, Sic., and now equals not only in cotnmodiousness but in the neatness and finish of its decorations, any similar establishment in the country. The onlv fluid used is the pu e Croton, and the lupi ly of hot aud c< Id water is so arranged thU any degree of temperature may be ? njoyed by the buh^r, with)nt tne li ghtest trouble. The at tendmc" is prompt aud respectful. The Warm Sea Baths at the foot of Desbrostes str.-et, North Rivr, are open, a? uiual, from sunrise until II o'clock, P. M. ap22 'w*rc HKl>RT C RABINEAU, Proprietor. MARINE PAVILION, ROCKAWAY. rPHE above well known ?ea bathing establishment will be A ready for the receptiou of visiters early in June. Families d"s!rous of ohtaitiug rooms, will please address the subscriber, at the Astor House, N. Y. HIRAM CRANSTON. alt 6tis?re FUJI tlALtl-Tk Stock and Fixtures of the well known Grocery > nd Liquor Store, 112 South street. The store has a gio l tun of ciu'om, aud would be sold on good terms if ap plied for iimnrdiately. N. B ?The proprietor having business at the south cannot at tend to it Apply to A. H. PAKKKR, i>23 3t*rh 112 South street. NO l ICE IS hereby given, that PioposnJs will be received at i|ifO*ce of the New York and Harlem Railroad Company until ilie 10th May neit, for the delivery of from One to'I l.ree Thousand Cords first quality Virginia line Wood, to be de liver 1 monthly from one to three hundred cords. WM. S. CARMAN, apl? omylfl ? Secretary Cjgy) FASHIONABLE STRAW HATS. CARL KlNG.th* well known and celebrated Straw Ilat Manu acturrr, begs leave to inform the ladies tnalne h,s for silt* a splendid and fashionable assortment of Straw Hats, of every description, at his store No 17 Division street. He pariicularly calls the attention of the public to examine his new share called I h- Bohemian liifn;, which fir beauty and taste stands unrivalled. N. B.?Imported Ltce Neapolitan Hats, fishionable shapes and warranted to clean, at $2 M each. ap2l lin'rc CARL KINO, 17 Division street. PARIS HATS. n HECE1 VED |>er ship Utica, a superior let of PARIS MADE HATS, latest fashious. For sale by J. N. OENIN, a25 3t*ec 2U Broadway, opposite St. Paul's. LA I) IKS wl o wish handsome (inner Hoots for th- coming reason cm obttin ih-m at J. B. Mil I, r'., 12 Canal street, at 16 and It, and mad; to order at 18 aud 20 shillings. <>l all the different Colors and styles, and equal to ??' iu the cit/. Ladies'Slippers Ties, and Buskins, a beau, tiful articK at 9 and 10 shillings the pair. 2d quility Slippers and l ies at 6. aud Buskins at 7 shillings per pair, l adies will >!e,..ie call md esamine for themselves, at J. B. Ml I.I.Kll'S, 112 Canal .tree-, a2'i 3tis*ic betweeu Thompson and Sullivau n. T J LET?The Basement of house No. 139 Oraud St., betwren Broadway and Centre street, suitable for a phy siei in or dentist. Apply to R. BEACH, 20 lt*re No. 23 Mereer street TO LET?Two furnished Rooms, to siugle gentle ' men, for lodRing rooms or offices. Enqurire at 437 Broad ?way. iM Jtrh "SMALL STORE TO RE T-At No. 6 Peck Mip. f snitable for a tailor, confectioner, thread, nredle, or any .light business, or for an office, fitted up Wl h counter, , he. , end possession immediately il desired. a24 3i*rc M HALLKCK HOUSE.?To Let.the upper part of ihe ' hoas on tho north east corner of Broadway aud Keade ? sreet, rontvaing thirty-four rooms, will lie rerted very reasonable. Apply to 8. B. HUTCHINOS, s2l lwi<*m 36 John street, from ||) to 12 o'clock A TO LET?A hrge three story House, baa-rcents, three parlors and office ou first floor, mahogany doors, plaited kn ibt?well adapted for a resectable bar and ball room, or bvarding house, 32 feet front by GO deep. Inquire o' JOHN ATTRAOE, ? ? -*?<( }75 Third street,1 from 8 to 9 A. M , a2S St*ec 12 to I P M , and Ircm 6 to 9 at night. TO LET?At Mcdera'e Rents?The priucipi I part of 1 the mcdern house, consntiug of Ten Ho ms, lacluding a - nod basement kitchen, sll newly painted and in Com plete order, Nr. 12A Hammond street; tin first floor, fcc occu pied bv Aid. Wali?, whose family consists of three persons Kent *220. , , Also, the two story house 24 West Washington Place, which will l>e pnt in good Older?$3J0. Al-'o, the modern ihrre story and attic hrick lions*. No. 60 West Washington J'hoe. commodious and in good Older, and Will hri> tinted. Apply to L. HUYDAft), aM 3-.*cc 46 Wall street. __________ _ ___ THE Hi11'HK. No. 126 Varick street, corner "f Oomi f nick, with the * oaf ins Saloon uuder.:eat , w ill be fiui^h 1 In- ihe 1st I f Msv nevt. This hons? being favorably located, is well edanted for socie'ies, public or political meet ingi To a competent person it affords an eicelient opportRnity for doing a profitable business. For terms apt ly 'o B. Dounelly on the premises, or to M Bl'HKE, a?I 3ti?*rc 116 Oreenwich strret. ~ fast tkotTTng MATCHEinioTtSKS V or sale, the fasles* we I matched pair of Trotting Horses in ihe coMniiy. Apply to JOHN J MES8INOKR, :it*in Lumber street, near Kec or st,eet. FOR BALE?A t'air of excellent Fninih Ho'aea ?o clo'ea^ estate, for stle low. Also, a Saddle Pony ? ui'abl* tor a lady, Ap.dy ?! No. 7 Tnnitf t'lace. CUIVER?ISO ' ?u" Edjlith ?h 'a'lug Loprer, of v?? ?u / iv. ior quality, comprising a oniplete at oriment front 11 to in or. , i ist received knd lor sale iu lou to ?uit p?rch.tsers, by ? ?tec E. K. COLLINS k CO., M South si. AMUSEMENTS. I'AKK TIIKJITKK. Mr Andersou lor One Night More. SATURDAY EVENING, April 26, iWill be pre*? ted th* Comedy in 5 set* of MONEY? Kvel?n. Andeison: Sir John Vesty.Bait, Mr Chippendale; La dy Kranklin, Mr* Kuight. La T> rolinne. by M ?? Bt. Clair. To coucludu with K VTilEnlNE m. PETKUCHIO?Pe truchio, Mr Andersen; Katherine, MinClan Kiln. boxes, 1st tier 71 cent*, ad tier w cent*?Pi t 40 cruts?Gallery 21 cents. Door* opeu at 7 o'clock, curtain lUe precisely at hair put 7 o'clock. ailttTOJI'S THKATItU-Aich Street, PHILADELPHIA. S Vri'KDAY, APK1L 26, 1845. Beiiehr of \lr. and \lr? Walladl. To commence wi'h K.WMEO it JULIET-Ho neo, Mrs Wa|. ; M^rcutio; Mr Wal'ack; Friar, Mr* Steven*; Juliet, Mrs Burke; Nmrt.M* Hughes. I>atn ing by Mi*s|E Moore. Fourth night of a Comic Sketch called THE KAHHON?Or, How to Writ* a Comedy?'Ihe Author, JVtr Thayer; Ti.e Manager, Mr Burtou; Promptor, Mr Phillip*; Colonel Du ?enberry, an upper crust ex uuite, Mr Kuaieli: I tie, Mr liurkr, Popkius, a Philadelphia Lawyer, Mr Johnson; Mr Mile-ger, M. C.t Mr Thompaon. Prologue spoken by Mr Barrett. ?IKffi 1'L.K OK i'UK inlSK^ FLOATING THEATRE, AT THE FOOT OK DELANCY STREET. PRICES HfcOUCKD. Admission to D?-s? Circle 25 cents?Paique'te 12Ji ceuta. BEMEF1T OF W. G JONES. SATURDAY EVENING, April 26 The entertainments will commence with LUKE THE LABOMEH?Luke J C Darby; Phillip, VV G Jones. The Petite GUMBt? FAMILY?who will^ive a variety of original Negro Peculiarities of singiutf and dancing. Dance, by M?sirs Dans and Uto-wiu Comic Song, Mr T G Bootli. To conclude with the DUMB GIRL OF GENOA-Stra pado, W O Jooes. COLMAN'S GALLERY~1)> OIL PAINTINGS AND Literary Exhibition, No. 203 Bro ulw iy?Just added to the Exhibition, a very beautiful Picture by G. Cole?in si? about 6 It 4?beiug a Landscape view in Cn nberland, England, Ailed in with a wonderful group of Cattle, which hu?<; received the finishing touches of Thomas Sidney Cooper, of London, with whom Mr. Cole studied. It wu valued in lite Exhibition in London at 400 guineas This ia probably the most delightful effort of art winch lias beeu exhibited here iu many years To see which, and about 200 Oil Paintings, 12>? ceuta uuly ii charged. Entrance through the Book Store, where no charge is made, nor to die extensive Print Room, where Engraviug* of every variety may be had, at reduced prices. N. B.?Mr. Colmau, w ishing to close up the Book Depart ment of his establishment, offers bargains to purchasers. al2 tfrc OTTIGNON'S GYMNASIUM. /"NHAS. F. OTTlCiNON respectfully informs hi* friends V and the public, that lie has recently taken the large and com modious rooms. No*- IS, 17, and 19 Canal street, near Broad way, (formerly occupied by J. P. Roger*.) which have been thoroughly cleaned, aud lilted up iu a manner that cannot fail to give satisfaction to the most fastidious. Connected with the Gymnasium, ii the SraRm.NG Room, where Mr. O. is always reidy personally to give instruction! in the noble Artof8?lf Defence, and l.e will likewise state that his pupil* enjoy the reputation of being the mo*t skilful amateur iparrer* in the city. Wrestling taught by Mr. Wm. Prick, who will warrant any pupil perfect, after a course of instruction Keuciug taught by an experienced professor. Mr. O. would reipectfully inform those pupils who have formerly exercited at this Gymnasium, and whose term* have not already eirnred, that satisfactory arrangement* for the continuation of their unexpired lime, will be made by calling on him at the room*, in Caual street, which will be open from sunrise until 10 o'clock. P.M. Mr. O. would also state that the Gymnasium and Pitlol Gal lery, corner ofBroadway and Chamber streets, will b? open un til further notice. a9 lmje IYJADAME ADULLAM, the greatly celebrated Fortane ?LI Teller, who has bfen so highly applauded in many parts of Europe ana America, for her known knowledge and ex Grience in all arts of fortune t-lling, tic., can be consulted at r residence, 79 Washington street. Madame A, feel* pleasure in announcing to the ladies and gentlemen of New York, that ah: is extremely obliged and Seatlv thankful to them for the liberal patronage aud kindness ev have bestowed on her heretofore. N. B.?Madame A. is in her 18th year of age and th* seventh twin, a- d is willing at time* to use her exertion and skill to sa tisfy all persons who corsult with her. a22 3t*m UNION COURSE, L I..?TROTTING. MONDAY, April J8th, at 2 P. M.?Parse $230?two mile heat* in harness, free fcr all trotting horses. D. Bryant enters gr m Lady Suffolk. G. Spicer ... " b g Amerieus. H.Woodruff... " brg Columbus. W Wheelan " ... br m Duchess. Same diy?Sweepstake lor $15#?two mile heats in harnew. Vanriper enter* ,..b g B#b Logic. C. Bertine. . ?' b g Daniel Webster. H. Woodruff... " ... b g Wm. Tell. a26 3tis* in LADY SUFFOLK, AMKRICU8, COLUMBUS AND DUCHESS. GREAT TROT. LONG ISLAND RAILROAD. A Train will be despatched for the Union Race Course, to leave Brooklyn, South herrr, at 1 P. M., ou Monday the 28th instant, and return at ihe conclusion Of the Race. Fare each way 25 cent*. a25 2t*ee COTTON AND WOOLLEN MACHINERY, &c rPHE undertigned having rrcectly purchased the * stabl inh, -1- mfnt known at the Pateiaon Machine Company'* Works at Pat?r*on, N. J , are prepared to execue orders for Machinery either for (pinning, or wea* in* cotton, wool, llax or silk Krum the extensive nature r.f the arrangements made for the purpore of giving great despatch to orders, we can give assur ance for the cunsummation of contract* within as abort <i peri od of time as any establishment in th* country. Our Fat term are of the moat recent and approved model*, and our Machinery unsurpasred by any made C*atingsof all descriptions will be furcishrdat reasonable ratea. All applications for Machinery, addressed to u*, will meet with prompt attention *36 3ti**m ALLEN fc K1S1NG, Paterson, N. J. GI'URCE'S First PremiumLnew Patent two Oven Rmgii' ? combining economy, convenience and durability. Trn? Ranges are warranted so peri or to soy ever offered. They are so conauucttfd thai it it almost impossible for them to get out of order, or for the p ate* to crack, *o common to all other Ranges. They have been in use for t'ie last 18 mnntha, and iu every in stance given theotmoit satisfaction, and in no one instance ha* the proprietor haen cal'ed on to tepairoue. All Kange* pot op by the subscriber are warranted to give en tire satisfaction; if Ihey do not. they will be taken away with out the l*i*t ?x[reuse to tl>e purehas-r. GEORGE PURCE, Proprietor . a26 'mebt Ml Broadway. TO MERCHANTS VISITJING NEW YORK CITY. D. M. PEYSER, 00 JOHN STREET, (BETWEEN Wil l i tM AND NASSAU STREETS,) NKW YORK, IMPORTER OK GERMAN AND FRENCH KANCY GOODS, Offers for sals, by the package or to *ait customer?, at ths most reasonable termt, WORSTEDS., Zephyr, German, and Tapisserie Chine and Ombre Worsteds. BILKS. Floss, Twisted, Plain and Shaded Silks, in Sticks and Spools. CHENILLES. Embroidery, Flower and Trimming Chenille. PATTERNS. Berlin Embroidery Pa-terns, a most splendid selection. CANVASS. French and German Canvas* for Embroidery, of Cotton, Worsted, Imitation of Silk, and Silk, Silver and Gold, of all widths. BEADS. Gold, Silver, Steel, and Glass Beads and Bngles NEEDLES. Embroidery Needles, Steel, Wooden, l*orv, Kboay, and Whale bone Knitting and Crochet Needles. EMBROIDERIES. All kinds of commenced and finished, such a* Suspenders, Shoes and Ottoman*, tkc he. KANCY GOODS. All kind* of Paris Fancy Goods, such as Purses and Purte Trimming*. Head Omameuta, Bracelets, Hair Pins, Combs, ice.: Necklace*, Gold and Silver Braids. Tiniel Cord*, and Silver Bullion Tassel*, FRENCH MILITARY TRIM MINGS, fcc. Wire Goods, such as Baskets, Watch Holders, be., lie. German Rustic Willow Chairs, Baskets, Work-Tables, and Softs, kr. OILED SILKS. Oiled Silks, different colors, the best French. FRINGES. Fringes, Cords, Gimps, Tassels, all colors and qualities, im ported and domestic (of his own manufacture.) fl5 StStW37n*rc pjpjg new TEAS, &c. JUST HECK.IVED, from the late sales, a very large and ex* cellent a'oortmeut of flue new Gieeii >nd Black 'leas, all of which are offered at reduced prices Good fresh Young fly*ou, at 4* per lb; li ie do at S*{ ??prrior at 6t; t toloog Souchnr g and Powchong, of the finest kind, from 3s t<> 8s irer lb; Green and Black, suitable for kitcrieu use, at 2 and 2s 6d. Purchasers are invited to give the above Teas a trial, as they are offered at least IJH P*r cent less than can be had in the citv. Al'O, white and brown "ugar*, at very low price*; Stuart'* and Woolsey'* refined white *nd yellow Sugar and Molasaes Syrup; wiih a large assortment of K?mily Groreries. he. Devlers and families from the country are invited to call and examicethe above stork previous to purchasing. J. O, FOWLER. Grocer and Tea Dealer, a23 2wii*r* i >fl Greenwich at. cor. Murray, TO OA NADA SHTPPEK S. HPHB UNDERSIGNED is prepared to receive goods at this X port, and tiansmit the sane to Canada, for the benr/il of drawback. He will atteud to ths necessary Custom House bu siness here, and risewhereoa the rentes, and return the debenture money to the shippers. Kor further parBculars, apply to C. LIVINGSTON, apli luiarc No. 10 Wall street. MEDICAL PARTNERSHIP. A PHYSICIAN, of long standing and good practice, intend ing to withdraw from the prolessiou. is demrnua, before *o doing, of forming a connection with a well informed, active and respectable vonng practitioner. A line, with real sigaature, ad dressed to A B., and lelt at the Drag Store olT. Y. Green, 309 Broadway, will mer-t with immediate attention a22 Iwis'm PRINTER'S INK. THE SUBSJyHIBEK oTers for sale, on >he most reasonable terms, at the New Yoih Printing Ink Manufactory, No. U Rose ii-ar Duane street, News, Book, Fine, Extra (? ine and Fancy Colon d Inks which he warrants equal to any mauufas tuied. Keeps constantly rn hand a large supply. JOHN G. LLhTBODY. The above new Ink has he?n used on this papet for the last three years a23 fins're TO HK SOLD, A STRONG, well built B uouche Carriage, in good order, and well adapted for family use, with or without a double harness. To be sennit Hrru Is ton's Hiding School, and Livery Stables, lit Mercer street. m| ,ttfr c KOFNCE OFITHE NEW YORK OAS LIGHT?CO. ? 1?,? _ , _ Aplil 14'h, l*4J. 'lit Prrsident and Directors have tint d*v declared a divi dend of lour and a half per Cent on the rapitsl stock of thit Company, for ths six months ending 1st February last, paya ble to the Stockholder* ou and ufber Thursday, tit* 1*1 May next. The Transfer Book will be closed from the 34th initant to that date. Byoidei, tt aplfitomylec C L. EV KRITT. Secretary. B A N K F O R S A V I N O S, Ho 13Ch?mbrisMr?cl WOTIOI'.-Ttm depositors, end the public generally, are in fanned that this Institute will be remov.-d on the JOth Artil instant,to the New fire proof burbling, No. |(I7 t hambars street, west ot Cnnrch strict, where the business, on that day, aad thenceforth wiil be timtaeted. all tolOrc R. C. CORNELL, 8* BY THEJ SOUTHERN MAIL Washington [Coirei|>onJence of the HeroJd] Washington, April24, 1845 Foreign Newt ? Feeling Comn/uent thereon? Specu lation* at to the return t of the Brit ith MinitUrt for getting to "huffy" all at once?Mr Calhoun and Mr. Bwhanan?It Mr. Bu<hanan equal to the Emergency??Opinion* conflicting thereon?Rta torn why England wont go to War?Extra Set tion?Mr. Polk and hu Inaugural?Mr Caleb Cuthing and hit Glorification about the Chinetr Treaty - Credit thereof due to Commodore A'tar my?Some Factt?Corretpondenct promiud to marrow?Regulation about Navy Dreit? Value of the Globe?Membert of Congreu. The English news, by the Caledonia, received this morning, ai full length, in the Herald, has created considerable exciteuent. The public senti ment if, however, unanimous that not one inch of the Oregon Territory should be given up to the "menaces" or "threats" of Esglaud Rather, say they,go to war a hundred times over, and bequeath a war to our children, than yield a single inch.? War, and war to the knife, is in the mouth of ??very one?no one thinking lor one moment of al lowing Great Britain to cht-at the United States by her diplomacy, or bully them by her threats ana armaments out of what they are indubitably en titled to Even those who went their length against Texas, go the whole figure for Oregon. It in ours?indisputably ours?and ours it must re main. In the meantime many speculations are afloat as to what hasinduced the British Ministry, all of a sudden, to assume this arrogant tone' What, la asked,can be the reason for assuming all this flurry of wounded dignity at a pat-sage ia the address ?! the American President's, which they themselves say does not possess the importance of an official docu ment?nor can it be regarded as forming part of le gislative. proceedings! Why did they not resume this tone when they received intelligence of the pas sage of tlie bill for the occupation cf Oregon in the Houss of Representatives, by a vote of three to one! Why wait till Congress had adjourned!? Why take exceptions to these words iu an address not possessing "the importance of an official docu ment!" Can it be, ask the friends of Mr. Calhoun ?and even some of those who cannot be called the friends ot the great Southerner?can it be that the Ministry of Great Britain has assumed this threat ening, menacing tone, because Mr. Calhoun was not retained in the State Department ! And be cause they think they can terrify Mr. Buchanan into the assumption of a lower and humbler tone than Mr. Calhoun used in relation to aur Foreign Affairs! and because they think that Mr. Packen ham's assertion "that Mr. Calhoun was the hard est man he ever had to deal with, for there was no getting round him at all" does not, or will not ap ply to Mr. Buchanan! Do they think they can get round Mr. Buchanan! And will they get round him! is the question anxiously added by those who think Mr. Buchanan is not equal to the emer ! gency. The general opinion appears to be that Mr. Bu chanan is so very cautious, as to smomnt to timid ity, and it is feared by many that he will not be found equal to the emergency. His friends, how ever, soy that these men don't know Mr. Bucha nan. True, he is cautious, say they, and so he ought to be, but he is also firm, and the more you push against him the more he won't move; and they sny that the present is the very opportunity to bring James Buchanan out in bold relief and show what he is, and so put him in the straight and high road to the Presidency. It is earnestly to be desired that Mr. Buchanan may prove to be the man his friends represent him to be, firm and saga cious, equal to the emergency, and determined not to yield one atom of the just rights of his country ?for in such a course the adminiatration would undoubtedly be supported by the country, even if Great Britain should make war upon this giant young republic. A common opinion seems to prevail among the community here, that there is more smoke than tire in all this Engli Jt outburst. Most persons say that England knows too well her internal dangers to go to war with this country, and so give the Irish a chance of making themselves independent; with troubles brewing in Canada, France ripe for a war, and the almost certainty if once she goeB to war, it must and will resolve itself into a gene ral war, in which all would be against England for the sake of the spoils which she holds in such large proportions, so tempting and tantalizing to all omer nations. There is some talk about an extra session of Congress being convened, though until something more definite should be done, it is difficult to con ceive what Congress could do just now. There is great activity in the State Department just now, >md Mr. Buchanan had a long conference with the President this morning, and he ulso received de spatches from Mr. Pakenham, by the hands of his private secretary. No one seems to expect for a moment that Mr. Polk will retreat from the posi tion assumed in his inaugural, and great anxiety is manifested to learn, if possible, what was the pur port of the despatches sent by Mr. Pakenham, and what will be the reply thereto. Nothing, howev er, is as yet known on this subject. Mr. Caleb Cushing has of late, since his return from China, received a very great amount of glo rification ou account of his successful diplomacy with the Chinese, because he went there, signed a. treaty, and carr e back again. It will be interesting to your readers, and the public generally, to know, that the actual credit, or the greater part ot the credit to bo attached to this treaty, belongs ot right, to the gallant Commodore Kearney, who went out to China during the British war, in the Constellation, accompanied by the Boston,in order to protect American interests, Arc. The gallant old veteran nobly performed his duty, and not only protected American commerce, but pluced his country on an equal footing with the ?ng!ish, had direct communication with the Governor ol Can ton, demanded and obtained redress tor injuries inflicted; and, had he been vested with powers, would have made and completed the treaty ter which Mr. Cushing has received so much credit. As it was, he hHd correspondence with the Imperi al Commissioner on the subject, obtained from him a promise of equal privileges with those couferred ou the English, alter 'heir expensive war, and re commended the sending of an American agent, in connection with commercial affairs, to treat with the Chinese, loug before Mr. Cushing, or any one else in this country, ever thought ot a treaty with the Chinese. All these facts I will establish by an abstract ot a very voluminous correspondence now on file in the Navy Department, which I will for ward to you to-morrow, with copies of some of the most important of the correspondence between Commnuore Kearney and the Imperial Chinese Commissioner. Give justice to all men, and do not take the laurels, so hardly won by the gallant old tar, to bind round the brows ot Mr. Cushing, or any other man. The following regulation has been issued by Mr Secretary Bancroft, which, it will be perceived, makes some important changes in the dresses of naval officers. It is Mr. Bancroft's first general order:? REGULATION.?NAVAL UNIFORM The following change* and modification* intheuni lorm, preacribwl for officer* in the U.? Navy, ?'? hereby anthonr.ed to take effect irom and after the 4th day of July, 1946. Commander* shall wear a silver anchor, one and a halt inchea long, on the *tr?p ol each epaulet. Lieutenant* shall wear two epaulets, each epaulet to have a plain strap oigoU lace, and to be secured to the coat by strings through evelet hole* ; the coat to have no itiopa'on the ihoulder*. The bullion to behaltthesizoof tbut for the epaulets of Captain* and Commanders raised Midshipmen and Midshipmen shall wear a band of plain gold lace round their caps, aa ia now establiahed toi commisaioned officers, instead of the present anchor and star. Pattern epaulets and caps will he procured and deposit ed at each nsvy yard, as standard* to which officers shall conform. Commanding others ot squadron*, atations and vessels, are heraby tequired to exact obedience to the existing re gulations, prescribing the manner in which the hsir and beards of officers (hall be worn. GfcORGF. BANCROFT. Natt Department, April in, 1846. The vnluntion of the Globe concern, materials find building, presses, ire., ike., was completed day before yesterday. The sum total is $36,000, of which Mr Kitchie is not to pay <*ne cent, but to have his share of whatever pro/'ts can be made, if any. Nous vtrront. There are quite a number ot members and ex membera of Congress here?looking after offices I suppose?Maclay, Murphy and Wheaton, of New York ; Simons, of Conn., too, the Committee on Engravings, who has just been defeated for a re election. I suppose he wants n fat berth. Some ol these men come here and won't put down their names ou the hotel booka. Such wan the rase with Mr. Wheaton. because, as he remarked, he did uot want the " pestiferous'" letter-writers to know he was here. You may he sure he was Mter uo good from that remark. "Washington, April 24, The Hetald?Thc Foreign Netcs?IVar?FUnr Ortgon, Mexico, Texas, Brazil, >nd Sir Robert Peel-The President, Mr Buchanan, and the Cabinet?Extra Sen urn?Mr Bagby, and more Mileage?Missouri Volunteers-Mr. Buchanan and Cupid?The Clerk of the House and his Pos see?Mrs. Polk's Reasons for delaying the firing uv of the tVhitt House-Messenger to Mr. IVtsr The Htrald this morning, with the new? by !'>? Caledonia, at s xpeacc a copy, w.i?in?lofcH up from the counter of your agent Uk? hot Mm

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