26 Nisan 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4

26 Nisan 1845 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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The probability of " a war" is the universal them*. Even the clduiarital women may be heard specu lating upon ths certain advance of the prices tor chickens and eggs "if there is a war with the British again." T/iere seems not to be a disput ing voice to a war. But what with Brazil, and Mexico, and Sir Robert Peel, we shall have our hands lull, in the event cf a bona fidt demonstra tion. It is a momentous crisis lor The country and the world. Tae administration is startled, though not dismayed, ut the aspect of ufiiirs respecting Tt xas, South America, and Oregon. The Presi dent says that the honor of the Union aid the. fltg of the Union must be sustained j in the matter wuu Bnzil. Mr. Buchauan echoes the sent:meui, and Cave Johnson pro tea's that he knows ho' hew to account lor the surrender ol a s up witn ?30,000 on board under any nn'ingeucy.blow up or no blow up. What would old j H'Ckory do in this emergency, were he the head of the iidrniDi 'mion? He would, to-morrow morn iwr, ".its :ne th?* respoosib'ltty" of sending a rein torceui'tit tu our solitary luxate at Rio Janeiro, with r<rdi'W tor me demand ot the immediate re surrender of "ie tiave chip in dispute, including I partieu.arly the fief"nea n"d miuer-ils on boarti VViil Cupula Pflk Hi iessl Will Mr. Buchanan ! snnnk in a ease ln-re 'lie proceeding would be to ! j er"*'"tly cl? irto John C. Calhoun 1 We shall see. J We k'n w that tli- prt sent Secretary of State has a in >rtal <lr?*ad of the smell of ?unpowd?-r?an av, iHi-Mi ?q in to that of the corntield crow?but i corn* r him, just corner htm, and he will figlit l.ke ! a wii.t. 'Vnp-.-,rmc'*s now indicate that h' 'scor- i ner<*i1 Win J.h ? iJullou the East?John Bull on j the John B'lli on the North, and Mexico I and H'iZil o'i the Soiiih, the administration 1* lair- 1 lv a' i*v?c 'I'pletely cornered, oue wou d thmk. Anrt what's 'o tie done! .Negotiate! Are ?ve to . iu-g<?tn>f tnaithip wresn d from our very teeth | by aivl iz.ro i ot Biazil 1 Are we to o?e?"i :te i f >r [Yx iguiist ihe omnipotent influence of ! 15 itifli ! Are we to negotiate for Oregon, : *? m, i" > r tw< nty yenro' negotiation:', w>- Uuve I hol' in i'y declared it ours, and our d?termina'>ou to hold it uu itvidedly 1 Negotiations will not an* nor would ihe convention of Congress be ol ?h? least rtv.nl in the exigencies surrounding us Y^t ihe necessity of a con.tngt nt session. anu the rSi>ed">ncy ot it, anticipated by Captain Polk, tr n t u >V of the liirtu^urat'oa, becomes more )?'\.i obi-, and palpable. New and more liberal terms rtt-- ' "V undemnbly uecessary, to secure the grerii "Gud-s. nd" of uanexation. England is bidding high. Mexico ia bidding, France is eager to hid, anil ?U against u. Sam. Houston is work in* in opposition to Uncle Sam's proposed mar rv;-" coveuant with Miss Texas No doubt Mr. D.cikinson would give all his mileage money for constiuctive travelling to see his poor pet, "that oark-i vd, red-haired, mourning daughter of the South," idmit'ed to the bed and board of Uncle Sim,?but the relugees iri Texas are pgamet lnm? they are ?' dead set agin annexation " Seven months yet belore the regular meeting of Con? gresi, however, aud unless Captain Polk assumes me authority to bid hisrher, Texas may be traus lerred as the ftmme de chambre ot Sir Robert Peel ?going, like the daughter of some of the Arab tribes, as the laving slave ot that man who lays down at the feet ot her parents the tallrst pile of piastres. "God and Liberty!" Mexico forever, if this be Texan independence. Anything, rather thin such scurvy, Praise-God Bare-bones indepen dence as this. Tfte clamor in Parliament, concerning Oregon, amounts to nothing ; hut that sluve-ship, those ne groes, and the 9*80,000 en bt-ard, and the chance of Texas slipping inrough our fingers to the thim bles of rtir Robert, are tangible matters of alarm. Cabinet Counc'l to-day. Buchanan flourishing a red aasdkerchief?Cave Johnson a hickory stick? Mr. V/alker mattering over something like "cot ton"?^"tree of duty"?"Texas"?"abolish sla very"?" till th<3 South " incendiaries "?" Tex as scrip," Alt signs, omens and inlallable prognostics of war, or an extra session, as a safety valve for the national indignation. Mr. B^gby, who,we believe, continues in town, and not very successful as an advocate ot claims against the government, is said to be in raptures at the prospect of an extra bisaon, ana the mileage that will accrue to him for another imaginary joui ney from Alabama to the ?e tt ot governor nt, at the rate ol $-10 per 10>)miles. With your permission, we ahull u idertake at leisure, ilie dissection ot this con^'nutioLal Senatorial apology, who has not a hair between him aud heaveu?not a hope be tween him mi J the coals of purgatory?for a man that is scared into annexation t>y his own argu ment agnnst it, is beyond redemption. It app-.i's ihit the ai^ropriatiou made annually, at eacn aaco^isive t.ulure tor several years, for the B uymeui ol" the M aaouri volunteets in the Florida wrtr, has sg..ia failed ot lis titject, in the ubseuce, no doubt,ot a spec ifi canon mine bill of the agency in ttie premts' f, t , which the secretary of the Treasury should deliver the luads It is rumored that Mr. Buchauan, from an hono rary interview on the eve ol the Inauguration, with a heuutiiul young lacfv of Richmoud, is in clining his he ?i with most flittering*condescension to ihe venenhle arid s gacious Mr Ritchie. Will the Secretary ol State prove himself at lust a prac tical aivocate ol Huuexution Nimtvcront. Mr. Fr nch, tne genile.nanly, accomplished, and faithful Clerk of the House, with all his ass s tan's rind .?u lordiii ?I'--', h-ve coiitrfOuteU e?cli a day's t>ay fir in> letiei .>t P,u#bursh. The S ere* t iry ot the* .senate anu hio imce are expected to do the same Th / ar>* re&tliug the full of the House and tue S-nat" ch imb^r tor ihe next sissiou. Tne Prcsi de.it's house conunues about us decent in its old br.iken turiiture, ragifd carpels, and worn-ot't so la-, unit H'iOU'. as .nli .bituOte as an old barn. Mis. PjIh, pjtud|)?, uefires to p.istpoue ihe laying down ol tin new (Mij e aud tn- crraigttig the liew tur rit jre, until tne tl tod of otiice-eteKers shall havi retired .5tie i? <\ ,>iudeA: UoUiewite,i->Mrs Polk 1 i h> probability is that a apecul nietsen^sr. (Cap jiu Sioe.-ituu .ios' likely) will be sent to bia z\l to conciliate i|.ar 3,jveiriuii'iit and Mr. Wise, by a re-ca t" re of me (luputed slave bhif, aud by so nd nig Mr Wise nonie iu it as supercargo ot the uegroea aud tne money. At least, that is what ap pev-r?> to us should be dons. Hokaiio. linltlmore. ICorrcspo&Uencu ot the Herald."! Baltimork, April 24, 1845. TViingtin B Itimore?j/jipoinhnentt? Curious Ex/oiilion? Memo i t in Ciieulalion Tht Colltrluithip <J-c. Upon the in'.omuig ot Gio. Hanson'* mini n.t ration, lapris d you, btiare the Baltimore pape.s, who would rucufr ,.p|Hiintuie.iwho did receive the am', their | p:digr<re. oU.mhe j acd 1 will, with your per&,i*?iun g juu ? gl?nceut the ?tate ol thing* in thia city aincw the up,'oiuimeat of ?'on master, Naval Collector, and otaer- that have been rondo. Thrfy have been iace'V. d with great grumbling among the "true grit,"?the " woi king demociacy" of IMti mo c. Indeed, 1 might wi'.h perfect truth ?ay, beyond the i u-nate u d oenetitud frieuda of the newly appointed t"Jktmen?r, there i* not one real democrat who rejoicti in his sucoesaiul implication for the otlice Haw then did h ; oj'.Hin H I l"he uninitiated in tht? city make thi* in qtlry, nni appear tote a.tuni.hid that an iudivi'.ual v co, bit', a tew ye .r? ?u,ce, wai a bitter opponent ot the d. mi racy-who was dipuued torn iku a spucou for a bai. iv r I'omiiiKtcs of whi,;s m Puiladeiphia, and who was in the very forem.nt r>iik oloppoait ou. Tli< ?c thiug* puz. ti < th ' plain, una phi?tic ited citizens of both parties. I,?t me ii ' 'he foil a liitle la thi* letter, and the ^uod cilir.ens o: Baltimore, among them, i laige number til ytnr read ili ra, may l? k w the Htraltl for that information wh ch ttiey c-iUDOt get at hom<. Y-ju will probably recol lei t that certain belligerent members of Count*n, Mine ir an an 1 Vency.iast wwt? r repauel to Baltimore to li.nr the iiwi, I?*5.?1, motal and divine, and that ag<ntieomn tu Baltimore, wi" the Irlend, (?e it la teimed in the putlarce ot t'ie duellUt) of oen of the partict, end you well Know huer that duel e?d?:d?the want of powdtr, fcc. Wall that ' fnend" ?vas the pre?ent Post master, and tho "principal" In return far hla strvicoaon thli ccoa aion, cot only obtained rn immense n'ttruer of letter* from ^onthern m <uibera of Conareaa, recommending the preaeut iiic'imben*. ol the Tost Office for ? foreign appoint ment, but ulao came on Irom Waahiiinton to inako a apecch at a dinner go ten up on the 9JJ of Febrtiary to puff him into otli'- >. Well, t:ieae letters were lent to the Pivaident, who turned ? dee.teer to anything like a foregn mission, but ratn -r commuted himself in ?n unguarded m imeut.ifi lavorol the applicant lor the 1'iiat Office at Bal tmi ire. The '? rual grit' of the democracy hearing this, u-ed iv ry exer.ion to have some one who had not oaoe op.KWMi ih* party, placed in the of*Ve, and the elaiinaoi a iv-iial t'.au iOh an i trae democrats were ??rne?tly urg ed, and t:,e proapecu lor the preaent incumbent theu look e I gloomy t.idcel j but ha was too canning far them all. 114 n.d Heard of tho old bargain and Oirrnption between ? l<y ani Ad ins, and i.o thought it a good gamototry (<> says ru.nor, and in thia caae she is generally be lieve J}aud qu ck a bargain waa consummated bvonc of the applicants yielding ma elums, and tho aequcl shows him nnw to bo teseni in otlice to the 1'ostmaster himself ? Yes, and he has b"ea rewarded with having two offlcrt unit* I into ona, m iking the handsome salary ol auoat %2,600 ayear The demoorscy were very angry at first at the appointment of the principal, and have since be come per.ectly '? tavage" atiout the apprintment of the aubordinate (hey cry out "Clay aud Adams over again ' corra,iton"?-sni they are huntiuft up the cliquf wh1) hive helpol thrae things and depend u,k>o it, you'll heir innnder b^fire long. A mum Jrml is now in citculation emong the true party men and h 1a obtained an cxceedinaly larRe number of nam'* ol persona who do not want ethoe. I. will be sent to t'ie l'f?i l/nt, and I hope it may op?n hit eyf*,bot only on this mbjfct, hut other* which it ment.out I will tend you a copy, aud. a* I know it will b<] fullowel up by o'.ber town-1, cltlt i and States, I desire the Herald tu lay a be fore it? nu Tervis reader*. The < oliecior of this port is being looked upon sa not the "c.leir thing,'1 and n* being under the influence ol a clique I'll let you know the rope* j I'll give ,the truth, and, " nothing extenuate or aught art down in malice." I know thom all?their movements, fcc., and the people shall mm behind tliecurtalu. So look out. Blvb Jsgbit. I'hlladelplkta. [Oorrcipondecca of (be HwiM ] PtfiLADkLTMiA, April V), W** There U very li' tie news atirriog tc-Jay. The Court ol ^tarter Si'isicns ht.vo had before them all day the motions for new trials m the casta of John Daley and Heart Haughty, Iriit men, and John Paul, an American, con victed of murder in the second degree, for beiuf engaged in t' e Kensington riota, in Miijr last* They all belong to one side of the question, and of ccune were coi.vieled ?oine in ihe able no a of all adiquate teaiimeny, and are in prison, while all on the other aide were acquitted, or par doned alter conviction. The argument for new triala w?> conducted t>y Wm. A. Stokes, Henry M. Philip*, and Da vid Paul Brown, Esqa., for the defeudanti. Th? mmor to-day it. that Hendricka B. Wright, cl Luxerre, is the Collector He hsti boen in town lor the lull u,ur or lire daya, and it li aaid he ia waiting for bis c jii.mu-.ion aa collector of the pert with oonttdei'ce Hi* services aa presiding ott'ier of the Biltitnuro Convention arv aaid to be Hie ground* upon which hia eppointmi nt n supported. OoL Tiiomn B. Florence ia fg'JiJ named a? the Naval Otttcer, BenJ. H. Brewattr. E.q-, a? United Sieies District Attorney, and Dr. <Joo. F. Luhmau, ?? bu .erinteudnot of the United Siatei Mint. . Thec.'mm ttie on re 1 i**t to tkesufl'en ra by the Pitaimrg flr? aro quietly, but tff.ctually pursuing their lubora at the hall ol in 'e .endenoe. Sub committees are noiseless in th?-ir woik, but ihey hsvi: co.lected a large the aamo Uai tranamit'ed to the proper quarter. Dfr pttid upni it, Puilad^lpUia will do the hanuiomc tu i/g by tueir brethren ol Pi.tabnrg. The enue.tri?n notipof Gdr.Welaa cloaca on Saturday* Digit. but the O lal keepa the nouie op?u with a dra m'ic cor a. 1 comoienccs on Monday evening, when Connor appenra in th? diama of La four de Ne^le. At the Wal nut " Fashion" continues aa attractive aa ever, and peih.ipa the d# tiro to witness the play baa been increased by tho atiicturca which have bhen made upon 1 \ndrraon, the inimitable, aa he baa been called, com meiici a iin e-igpgemimt at the Arch ou Monday evening. Thia artiat u highly |opular in Puilade'phla, andplaj Koi>r? are d luhtwl that he will again com? among us. The K.kir of Ava in an tttriction ar the Masonic Hall. Hn soi 6 a, aa w. li aa those of hia rival at the Aasembly bulMinga, are Will attended. But a iimite 1 amount ol buainen waa done at th|i atr-CK baa d today, ar;d p.ices were ginemlly flrtn.ihowing tha' the war lever 11 over, and that no apprehenaioni ?re entertained on that Kcore. Stme 6'? advauced j ; Oirard i ; Wlimit gton U. R. share* d-c in*d j. fairs of Stock* al Philadelphia* Aria 25-Fmsr Boa *o-2l'0 shs CJ'raid Bk 8X; 2J Camden Bit ? SiHOO diaft on Bcstou 100; 10 *hs WlfChap'C* Bk 2,*? N rthein i k KeutuekyW; 12 Ken oekv Bk 73; S'5,000 5 ? 73>4; #107 New &*i>'l M t" 5 ? 4 ?hi l'eun?>lv uiiaBk2t.u>i, J do 260; 100 Uirard Bk fcV ,,nri Sm'o.nd Boakd??300#T'Ut emee Bd? 5'?(in13d Jan) 83, 1000 d . 8 K.JSO Wilaiiu(U? hl'^d i\%\ li N Otlcam ?a? Zi\ - PR1rSIiRV Of Ooodyar't Patent Oum Elastic Composition TTTAIt HA N'f'EU to withs'and the RieateU ritr<-me? of heat W ruid c Id, ind not lo mflt or ?r>l'len iu tlw i^ami, (the gieat defect m Prcscrvrni m^de of thsc.immon inbtier rret>arati^n.)? Alio, b KdUfial AMoriimmt of gooda manufactured under the above paunt. For .ale, whole^and^retail^hy^n^ alfl lm*re lfO Br"J ~ between Pine and Wa'l >t?. TO PUULiC SOCIKPIKS, MKMBEK8 OF THKiBAU MERCHANTS, AND OTHERS. rpHE Proi>rie:or of WlLSi'N'8 HOTEL, DINING 1 ROOMS, and CHOP HOUSE, No 5 Gold iWet. near Maid*u lane, bega to state that lie haa comfortab e ?nd well furniahed Privut- llooraa, ?uit^le for Committee .Veetuiga, Arbitration., Refe e?? &c., which maf; be jirocured for auch purpoi.e.,_at a ?hort notice, on ?tremeliVicN u y'wiLSON. rptlf. SOolAL INSTllUTt, now coniidrtrd, ready tor 1- the reception of pupila ia situated in Shrewsbury, tj'ee mile* from tl.e celebt. t-d watering place, four mile* lruin Ued ttauk, whete sfrmi'iap y daily from tlie foot of *ultoo aiweL It is calculated to give a a".n?d, piaciical education, qunlity the studeut to putaue any buaiueja, or eu'ei aov elaaa ,u colleae 'IVrms, (>er anuum, S100, including all incidentala, eacept beda a0\V^*TKu'?A rlasvicM teacher, native of France. Alao, a fain?le Circulara aud iuteiview wiUi tlie teacher may be had at 131 Niusan ??eet. ap 12 lm?m TEXAS LAND PATENTS. T'HK Mibscrilirr nffe'a hit services in the locating and perfect A ing laud tit fa in the republic of Texas, He will give atnet attei.tioii to all business enlruited to him. fie may be lounu.it the Lurope2n Hotel, No 8 Kroid it.e;t, until VVednesdav, 2?th inn int, on which day he will leave for th ladelphia, where t>e will remain nnt 1 the 2d May. during wh eh tine he may l>e found at F. 8tJWe'? Counting R. am, tlomh rront street near ( hesnut. F om his long rcideuceiu Tezaa, and intimate ae on >iutance with f e laud buvii.ess in that npublic, he is couti dfut tha. h. will give aitiafi' t.oo to th. se who m y ejtru't bu sine bk to him. J. DE CORDOVA, Houston, Tt xaa.l I "iiM 3fm lNb'AL.L.lBL.li bEU HUG FOlaUN. , AIT ATSON'S BUU DESTROVfcK, needs but ou? applica I VV lion, trd tl-e b>-d bug ill shun I heir former a">ode tor I tv r. Propriet rs of h- tels and steimboats. and privatelaadM ?K'i wish ill keep fiee f<-o.? th-se vermin, can do it ata.mill evpeus- and mi few miuutes. Owing to the gr?at popularity , f this preveu'ion, s^xenl w rtbless imi ationa have n-en liti i oied ii',H),i the lubiic. 1 hen uuin is sold only it An I'hecanee Hill jG Cadi rmestieet; 127 iVaid-n lane Kud in BrovU.yn by Mf.'Haya. 130 Fuliou stre.-t Price aud in ctuti per bottle. :.p2S lm*>c MS, CaK-KOLL'S MEDIO AX tD VAfOUR BATHS, 3!i5 Miuadway. M \NY pfTsons have iiearil of die elfiracy of Mrs. Carroll's VuiK>in Uailis .? a venn Jy for and as a preventive of eolds, inrln"U7as, iheuinaiie affectiona, &c ?tc-. Altliouga ita bi'Dt fits in rucli ca.?es ca?not b- overruled, it should not be foiaot ten tliat aa a luxury tl< V^Oour Bith ia uinveraally pre.erred to evry other mode if bathing.. Many are d-urred from tryiug it from lh'verroueo' a idea oT ita lietuic a foriuidarle oiieratloa at teuded with inc,jnv>Uie.iice iu "lie administering?.No bath can b? inote >iirpie, sale mid pleasant than ti e V-ip.~Uf Bath aa Kiv-n at ^-rn. (.arrolPa?stahl.shment. Koine, coutTary to tlie principle* of physioloay nd common aenae imagir.e that Uieie isd'uge' of takin,; cold after a bath; the eircuL.ti.on_ by the el f et of tlie bmh is re.dtre . more active and ih- akit is better en il, to resist the inll??uce of ihe atmoap icre?heuce tl? idea >,i citciiin* cold U'.er a bAth, ia absurh. Oi<en from au in ihe leoming till 9 at uight. Portable BaUia aent to any part of the city. , , -iulpii'ir Batha requite one hour a no.ice. ??? 'ibaHJatha will b< removed 1st of May to 184 I niton street ffc WALNUT oil military sua vino soap. S1! KPWsi>'l) ev?ry oiher prep.ration, iufi'ii'ely supeiior to any Cream of 3 >ap; beum p-^easedi f kncha r-ie euinl'iest ?nb.'. me-, if p udnee? a iierleci cream I itl e, which will n;.t ,irv on the fare, nnd f'om its n.'flen u* piopsuties ieni?rs the o'lprHion ol sh ivi gdovblyiasy. It has be?n u?ed bya larti* nuinbe' .?f 'he in M le.jie able/ it vem. who'I ?rnn..iine it ihe best article thry ever n d. It is sold at less than hall the prict uf other pre^.i.uuJoi;jrels^.ibyoM & Wholesale Pe.fumera. .No. 3 I oiirtlaudt street; ?? ind sold by t e in *t r spectaule Drusguu and I'erfumera ihrouuliout ihe UnitedStatta. apiO lroeod?rc 500 TO < ARPLT MAM'KACTURERS, iVc. Arc f EAD WIRE, of various sizrs, suitable for w?a?er'? Li vrc .'hu, CiluUuitly oil hand, or r.nde to order aud for (lie, by T.ViHAM fc BHOJ IlKRS, nihil 1m?rrc 819 Water ?treet. PAl'ER. HKAM3 Tiseue Paper, r.?uo*ted colm. 2 ooo do. W rapping do. various sixe*. h OOii lb*. Straw Boards. Printing Psl>er, all sizes ' Aim. U.oco Itu Trauk Board*?jmt received per ichotnrr Cainlindga, from Boston, and for sal? by *10 PKIiSSE It BUOOKS. 65 and 67 N*s**? at. jp RENCH CHINA KKMOVED TO ?MO. ?i LIBERTY STREET, (UP bTAlRS.) * DAX.KSME, lisponrr tad Atfeat for Maa?faetar*ri, hu i ? alwa*s on hand a largo assortment of dinner and tea ten. t plaia white tad gilt r;rneh Porealaia, a* weil aa Dinner a*J it 1'iaia wiinr uu flit r 'vhwi ? uivwin, mm ncu u uiwivi r\n .l*e?ert Plate*, of all site*, assorted Dishes, Soap Tureaw, 'orevtd Dirks*. Salad BowU, Vrmit Basket*, C altar da u? 'j.udi, Abo, Kaasy Tea Se<i, aad Rieh Uaeora'.ed Diaaar 8e*i. Alio, Tea aad Chocolate Ware, Greek, If reach aad Anuria* ituv< All tba artielea ara warranted or tha Ixwt eaality, aad II In old on literal tiiai, ud ia lot* to taitljarV'SMr*. all ?r*?oa T AMPS, CHANDALIKKS, GIUANDOLEH, lie-The Li subscribers hare made such arrangement* with the Btanu facturers, that they will, after the 12th day of March, be taady to eshibit by far the beat assortment of Hoaie Furnishing Good* iu the United States, at very reduced price* They a e now opening a complete assortment of entimly new and beautiful goods, such as Solar and Lard Liaips and Chand.v liers, a great variety of patterns, suitable for private hoaaas, churches, hotel*, and steamboats; some new and beaatiful Gas and Candle Chandaliers, Girandoles, Mantel Lights, Brackets, I'endautt, Lanterns, lie. A grest vansty of new (tyla Knglish Goods. received per ship Europe aud now opening, such as line quality plated Baskets, Waiters, C?*?ors, Snuffers and Tray*, Tea and Cuffee Urn*, . ishes, Etc. See Rich f tney and plain Tea Travi in gieat variety, fine Table Cutlery in sets and dozens, and every variety of rich cut and "laiu Ulatsw we? in short, almost every r.rticle req lited for housekeeping, may b.' foand at the sub cribais' show room*. WOIIAM k HAUOHWOC r, mli'ii lm?ni 141 Brndwsv. WARRANTED THK CHt.APKbT AND TH& tit. a I IN NEW YORK. J. STOITVENLL & CO., MartUFaCTUHKHS OF OLA Set AMD LAMP 8 or Kvanv DKScairTion, DESPECThULLY call the attention of Country Merchants, IV Hotel*, Steamboats, Ship Master* and K.unilins, u> onr as sortment. ata grejt deduction.being maEul'nctnrrd by ourselves, and which cannot be surpassed in quality and workmanship, comprising a complete assortment of new (atterns of Cat end Plain Hies* Wi'tndoles, Solar, Lard and Camphine. Lunps, Brackets, Candelabra*, Hall Lamps and Lanterns, with Hich ( ui Ul<tae. Astral and other Lamp* altered to Solar and Lard and rrhnuhed equal to new. < ?l*ss and Lamis made to order and to match any pattern, jr^ Goods loaned for Parties. F-.ctory 2? Gold street. Wholeaale and Retail Store No. lahn street, near Broadway. mhlt lm'rc LAMPS, OIRA NDOLES, HALL LANTERNS, AND CANDKLABRAS, FOR THK SPRING TRADE niKTZ, BROTHER St CO . No. 13 John street, aremarm i-J factoring and kaye always on li uid, a complete assortment of article* in their line, of the followiur descriptions, which th*y * ill sell *t w li?.r s.ile or retail, at low prices lor ea*h:? Improved Chemical Oil and Campheue Liunps. Solar Lamp*. Gilt and Bronied, in great variety. "Corm I? os li Co.'s" celebrated Pat nt fcolar Lard Lamp*. Gimido es, vari ms patterns, gilt, silvered or bronzed. Susi ending Solars, Doric Camphane L^mps, B-Hcket Solars, Ride do do Solar ( hand-liars, Bracket do do I'aieut Lard H.ind Lamp*, Stand do do Brittam* Hand Lamps, Camphene Chandelier*, Superior Chemieal Oil, Pars S|*rm Oil, eo Camphene. Solar and Lard Oil. S do Hnrniug Huid, Reliued Whale Oil. mkIS itnd* ee SIX BARREL SELF-COCKJNG AND REVOLVING PISTOLS BLUNT & SYMS, No 14 Chatham street, ANUFAC'l UKEHS of the above article have now a coin plete -uaortm-nt rridy for the Spring tnde, which the> of. fer at redur.-d prices. I'liey would invite the attention of mer chant* and dealer* fo their a*,ortment, lo tlie manufacture ol which, tney hasa p-id per?on".l attention, snd from tlie tncreaaef* uaantity they arc making, can *ell them lower l/h*u before of ferea. . Also?Gun* of tlieir own mannfnetire, as well a*erery v*ri ety of impoited Gun* snd implements, ia quantiue* to lait par clwrs. at etre-djpglv low rf?i n Vm^m JET AND HORN BUTTONS, MK all sixes?Bugle*, Bead*; Hair, Shawl and ureaat Pill, v " Bracelets, Bead Bags, Hair Ornaments, he. Daguerreotype Plates and Instruments, French China Vasss Also7.Plain \W.i? ChitU. Kor sal* by T I t EDWARD HEN, Importer, ?b* im*a II aad M Liberty *trm. fa BE it s EG AH KAGTOEVi. I n Dlvliion Ittiwt. ' an ctenai^, ?^V.Th: Kttte fts ?WuH'jr^eriiTrb?. ofwhich a lnrKs stock is now on hand will be equ*118 H??m? ?<*?? Of eoITMponding ityTe ajjS lmr^n.1 Regalia, Trabaco., Common 8i?, ^Ste* a,, . w teaK" ; . All boxed iii t)*j H avail a ttrl* The subscribers have ?HtU-d the Son of their Senior in Hm I na, for the express punov of .electiog Tobacco for the ? ftietl' | Zlrhcl ',Ur''0" ?f ??,ecti!'* *<*?? ?ttilabU fofSS I Tliey ha ve now on hand, for wile, a large stock of H?v. " daba",nw.^^ fQUo^fac bJSd.V^*** if linia. Woodrille, La < abana tordBriou, Upma^,' Hi^do**" Met -tea DosHerinanoi, La Pa- ' j*?JjfmiK.la' . ftT lm*rc NoJY?N ? ^SKfe'S*; *c" urn r~i"? , ?- 1 ^elt conmr of Wall THJ^UBHCRf^ai EMPORIUM been mauufactnted ail ttonii.n i,.r? ;? ? c haviug wZSTinJ^'Mj!! 8th? Mld 14ll>?. Cazadonti. iliSrLa Nom"* k-i>s?ss: J una titut. Principeea, IW 1 outuliei % itli a 1a kc assortment of lritirarmci WirlirZ inality ? a price, for .ale m lot. to ."u puJ nof eTtrT KKNNKTH & l.A ?"VtvV?T* l?... .. "arftsiK. fir'*"" UTtJKSi""* Pelaii Celshrad,. . Norma, ' Canonea. (for the Southern Venus ? n>*>ket) C4bm-%(,lU),tab!e f0r London ?*$+ <?fTdori0ttJ bdoU<U ) Pattella, do A?J*fn,'V Noriega, (of superiorquality.) peraola tessar-1 mil im? rrr "*? lUUta, i? William strut. 400,O0O (VuL( >Vfn'r1 I*' k"n,K>,le<' b>' M- A!S 5$22 1 ii3 3in*rrc itES^sftsKSaS? HS, ? n i^r . old w,rttch? aa low aa *?0 and MJ each \Vatl, 1 ?a"ted t?a.7n ^C'?&?ped or beu*1*1- AUVVMcha w? wd j?e?ry SEUPi ILl r*funde4' Watch*, ?t much !e*?'tlia?uie ni^l p^foes. m"'i" #"d V"lrmittd *13 irr?'/V' A1'jj^.?l""'ow-rof Watche-sand Jswel-r. *a 'ud rrtnil. to V/?ll .; . un .tain iinrv RRia^1 AiTFTIblToTOirE % TBs to'.S.V1"''"1' " Wfubl.^V. i Saybrook Shad UC bbla Lod and 8?.nle huh. ?0 do No. l Gib'd lierriBci 900 koif? Dptclt do IJ00 lb. Sa'oked Salrcon. M0 kita^cpted dn .J" do Sout'iia and TonxKtt. ? iSJ ^ Ki:h, tsiuble for ahiiia^ti j000 tacka Athton'i Rett ' * 5jj half mid M quytera mm Macker*'. ?W0 bov? Uifcby llerrmii 10J Qu^ttrr barielf Sanson. m?r ",R V* '0S' I0ffi.t.^wrchs#tr#\ _m26 lin*ec Ni..L?OV. V. ku.B ?r CO . tl ?.T .1 r>ocru? 5n?1k,5,ElP _buhojcal ornon.? w* j tha\ New York c.u bout of. in th# trrrtn*p.t t>' asSSS^^S^^yssKSsi: m-?t ..S nrn^i. ^"'e'^'^and that ma akill in the lrea> ?>saaxrgxs&rrjss(fi vi^?ia ffiJSf'^iBsBSIiSSSaS1 ? H^i^uitEtW0* f3"r mach *tf??'an to Uw Uritme* rmttaiBiag #! for aJnee. atl.-?rted to. <?b,?r?i Off,,, ii l)?-a?^f??f. one inrr from (-li.ilnr. ttn>?i rjl^'|S ;%,? m1 ?ifi50i/ ??OKoau .ii t.i.iiMc. j.ik i ij,, .'7 k! * Of the cure c? lioiiorrhct,., ( !,-eu. fi.-caiM on^ aaaJa*oua conij.laint* of the ounu cfpiirjiv" an i.Vmo^^r dx,e07BKd f? tto?bc?compkiau.thi. ?trVer?J^/> 5*'?^?^ ??<! J^rin.iteii cnre, withcot ?K? least re .jT.ctjoa to diet, drink, ?po,ur,, or ^Jhoaticu "bT Jtt&VrJP lor? saackiab recoil rr.endatious to deceits IS^krJi.,W'Mwi ?ot .peak forSelt><rl^;Th3l Mixturs -,Tai cirtr ?hfnti''itinfortunately perrad*. all rank* of so 7 "'C'1! low. rich and poor, matrimonial nnc* aiuitIp ' i?r? wK^ Vth 3 tr,n^ i-yvtiWlufXu ?2. h'wr..' J5. i 14 ?'?* iLorrrst time possible ?tuny an* euro.! in tvo ihy? t?aet~llr lUM^ 2? ^-=hstW; . andTt i ? ^KSKeTK. SL^?K KB?; x?un ,^h 7<; i mTcal S ,1' rhK0:"el'' V- (?"p nhe of lu^u ' hi wriukVd it ??UMtlj cur s pi..,pies, Ireckle,,* blouh". salr ,h"um i'^?n^x cZu^itHr' zt? i iSSSltfsW Buildings, Puil de|( hi.l; 67 Sf.r^ ^' aI, " v.^.U V ' ' R IMPORTANT MEDICAL NOTICE. 0CTOR hVANS, No. tf Peck ?lip, near Water street. New York, hu b"pji more tltaii forty year* in the suc cessful I'ractice of tihysiv aud iurs"ry, particularly in enrmk (perfectly) those desjierate case* of every variety of lecrrt Juease, old obstinate nicer*, cancers ui the throut, stricture*. Xc., earned by mitl-practice. It i> of the greatest iinportanci for the unfortunate to choose an experienced physician. Dr. K. i* the oldest aud moat experienced in thit city; hia practic* f rent, Inj sncccs* a*toiii*lung, even after mey have been expellet IrrnTi the Hospitals a* iucur.ble. Hi? offices are well arrange!, for privacy. Call at 12 I'eck alio, and be convinced. Hi/ ehargns arc nam reusonable and all cases are guaranteed. apl6 lm*rc Medical Advice. rvOCTOU LAMUKT taitiil conuileutiahy Cunaxtlted, iu hit L' old office. M Uold street, betweou Kultun ana Beekman, 01 <11 diseases ofa delicate oainr*; hi* treatment being mild anc judicious, reqnire? neither aiercory, restraint in dm, or hin France from buineu pursuit*. Recent tuci cared il I or < JkBIUTY, NKRVOU8 OK CONSTITUTIONAL, amine from a too frequent inihilcence of the passions of indis creet yonth, and thereby causing nightly emissions, and eveni ?ally e.onfirmed impotency, en (race the Dr.'* strictest attention, hi* object being to restore the lyatem, mentally aad bodily, tc that state of vigor uatn.e originally dnigaed. STRICTURES, a diaeaie frequently existing without th? patient being the least aware, sometimes cauied by mal-treat uieut of uninitiated medical pretenders, and sometimea by th> 'sezlrct of die parties themselves, are, hpy lite Dr. nffeotaall) cored, tvithoat pain or ineonvenieuce. The Doctor being one of the few qualified advertising Sm (MM ia Ji? city, guarantees a perfect care, or no oh^ra; made Letter*. post-paid xuctonnii a fee, immediately at-endea to, an* medicine, with aiirce. *e:>t to ajar part cf l&e United StAtrs. Oific*, I) (Joldetrnt. Upea fton I A.J1. to ? P.M. mhll laa*rg MEDICAL NOTICE qTRAMifiilS AND CITIZENS afflicted with ui f?rr. or Tirittv of 8/philitie, Mercurial or other diiea a, ar wh> .iavr l;.-ea onlr lull cor*d by quacks, bad better c&refuUy pern*, th" followirg letter >? Dr. Cooner-8Srl*a? JaJy 1 contrasted a certain privat. duet**, aad irmnodia'alv applied to a doctor, who piomuxl t< eat* me in a vraak. I continued with him two mrutlia. bu waa gradually ffettinT none : I trird one after enothw, ell thi advertising doctor*. end each <ne promised pcaihroty to rni? me. I at length discovered the object of th?*e men we* mi ??y. and r>i*t way wrs not doctor*. 1 concluded to go mt< the hospital, where dor.-prs l-rpt me ruder a eoorie of mei eury for eight week* ; try thrott nnd noes rrr- ulcerated, n?ia? ia all my Joint*, and my body eorrrrd with nicer*, lwtii eompleta ssele.on ; the Motors *etmriderrd it d-uigsrois to rivi me any more medicine, aid adv'frd a sootliria climate. lief the hospital, and by advice of scvrral friend*, plaerd r*vsel' unde.r your oar* on the first of January laat. 1 am aow wall an# rw'.ored to ptrfcet hcilth. 1 wish t' is pnbli*h>d. TIIOMA8 UKEBN, Carpenter and Joiner, Harlrn, N.Y. Dr. Coomwarrutt to core eery ca*?, no matter how loet Itaarfhif, ef Olaet, 8t*irt?re and Nominal Weakne**, an I mill MM of private maladiea cored ia 41 honr* without iaUrferin, with the patient'* hebit*. Dr. Cooper's Office, H Dtune stree; twe door*froa Chatham ?t. No ear* *o pay. mhli lm*m Medical Cant DOCTOR MORRISON, 1NJORTI1 R1VKK DI8PKN8AHY, N4>4 Kaltaa street Doctor Morriion continnr* to be coniulted aontfdantiallf oa all private diseases, which he cores without mercary, or rp ,.u'41?.l.ln "'M ?.r I'ursnit Receat cases, particularly''Uoaor rh?*." he cures in I to U day*. dTRICTl'RKS f)K THK URETHHA are cured by Di M. aa improved pnnsirles, without paia or inconvenience U the patient. As the lymptom* of StrscRire aro analogous wilt those of other aflfectir.ns of the urinary apparatus, none but ei perieaced Surgeons shonld be allowed to make the nacesvtfy ?'* amination, aa those affected with enlarged prostate gla-ds, m?y suffer mueh injury from awkward prae.iitionera Ntrvmu and Cotutflutional Itrbility.?'Thi* aftetion, aar the train of evil* retnlting from a *ecret. destructive hab.'t il yeuth. inducing nocturnal emission* and ultimate iB>^otrn?> an radically cured by Dr. M., on patholoirical priaei^lm. b> restoring the sytwm to a healtny to>.e and rein*mi*? im ori^i aal rigor. A perleet core gax<-antt<ed, or no chtrfr. N.B.?Dr. M. hold* no commnaion with medical t**ade>* who claim to be turgeou*, a* lie is, perhiiv, the oal/ a-nliitet advertising Burgeon in tli? eity. Hee hi* diplonM tM t.i oftee MM Fultou street, letter* post-p^id sml e,trta?i?l?fee wil iatore medicine and advice to any pan of tue Itaioa. Office, IMH Ku I ton. aear ?" ? wi ??> x?w Yoni. l*v* froa T A. M?tolOr. M ?? ?*? ij im*rc I READ THIS. A LL CA8E8 ia the Horifical and Medical llae.eipaeially XV those of long steadiac.can reeeite advice and medicine gratis iZffi "ritosrae61 TO ? Uhri ) LET ?A rtilour and <?< ro-?, fV ie?L tofntlemen ?nd their wives, o? >? at 117 Kraukliu *tre>t. a*> lm?ec TO LLT OR LEASE, A riKCK OK LAND, on the K'llhih Avepaeand Md ?t*rt, contaiui? v *b >ut li ?cre? of land. Ihero J*;?3 JyiS.Hi- piemi*e* a Kra.n* Uw?lhr^,which Wy.&jT*1'*4 &?d tenant. Api-ly to ANl^ONV^AKROLL.^ tplG lm?ec pavilion'house, SARATOGA* SPRINGS. M THIS HOUSE is .itoated iu the Village, wd ceutrel to the Viedical Spring.. U M fu nut ed W l .h Jm-J.t ?T?TT I'.JI il.ir.tr n-nui?iir for the aeeomaiodMKWiolboarder*,??? Ssslft. KCVWBS "?*? k.i? m.. ?"?sjiit-aras.Sicar'". "'jjj |w?rh I I4 h*lre*t, Harlem. a" Ktm SALE OU TO LK.T-Kour Cottages at the tine mile stone and K inobri r^d, withk?(W? au fruit .tree,well laid oat, wh-reti?e M/mhattajiville Sta^s * .rty hour in the day, fioin rhe Park. Two of laid iviil be iet for four hundred dollars each per mui^am ; ?n^i other two tor two hundred dollar, each. Squire at Broad way^oHnthe .tore near the premises. R y CARMAN. for sale. ~ _ _ A SMALL KARM?Situated six miles from Momi sSJSmwn near Baskiuridse N. Jerse v. and within thwaud 22*, |,,|f hoiUM ride from the city, daily, eoniaiuinf twfl'J JltS^f L'nd. in n high into .-rcultivaitou ; and a h? u.l-. mr Two Siory House and Kitchen. ?<Kd Tb're ia aI ao on the premise* a moil variety of V Jjof formation apply u. J.im? Bark ley, cor.er avenue <.wdHec,nd at.; HariiUKii Piice, No. 23 Coentie* blip; or, to Hobt. JBarklej, at tne pr'uii?es. _iii_iltL_?5 -^TToaiiALK ok exchange, ap low thick. ?&A, excellent Firm of 2"U act*, in W'eatchMter comitr. 14 Simile* from this city, one inite fiom H R R dipotat \V iltiam'.s in :n?nn larue aud n**v, couch houses. ?t ?uies? .lied.Trgefa m house, fine f ult. apleudid y ew. of wund. Long Ijlajid, <kc , very fioalthy. (We. pas* daily near bulling. lmmediut* iH>**e.,? on. Apply at No. 1?J WRV. ??? ? -7? AUOU1' H E TuNS Oh UAKUK 1 hhh.1) for stle. on modem- t-rras. a .d in quautitieito ?<>lt l urch is era. at T BKlDGEMA V* permweot family ?tabli*h ment, >o 876 Brialway, v>x: 2.500 iba of Ih^f fu ^ beet, including maniiel -muelaud rnuar b e., WO, lb* of ,t? nip; 700 lb? . forum e and wlnte e lJaearroti j* lr? 0'?ul ' > 'j 0 lb* of ipin-ch; 20U lbs o( c??b: a?et logflber with eel cumber 11 'P en corn, h--k, |e?u e mel u, par.lev. pwnip. aal i.fv, M.dbean.. pen, tlovner a?ed, Uc. of all choice, t apecie. 4*Alao"by"hi? aon Alfred, on th- uwrwim, a general a^rtieent of GHKK \ HOIJSK Pl.ANTS. *D'brf1c,n,?u':b^"' 80 of the moat c.lrhrated vari-Uf? of geraummi; a!l oflhe U?t l.iiidi < f monthly ro?e?; together wilhazaleaa, cainelnaa. c.\rna. tie,fa. cae' u?e?, ?er(..ua . an ' ..ti.rr^Uowerin, and ornamental ^m^hicanSta^ ?oonrain 11K the reaulti of ? ye?r* pfadceui the tic nityor New York. " l'he Vouu* 0?rdener a Aaaiatant. the 11 n eat tion! iinp'oved, b!0 | ?te": "The Kiteheo. Gardner'. Instruc tor:'' "'He Klor.ai'a Ouide," and he * I" ruit (-ultva'oraMao ual;" for aale wholeaale and ratal 1 by the author, ?76 Bioadway. corner of Uth atreet. rc pi A DOLLAR fAVK.U UL is A DOLLAR EARNED. ""GENTLEMEN who m 'he it a rnle to lay out their money to the beit ad.autage, are reap.ctfully notifieu that they can '"'?-fote^PH^lXHATAND CAP No. 103 Kulton atreet, between Willi m and Naaaiu ata., """cji cheaper thau at any otht-1* e.Jtabl ?hmeut in the city. Aili liifleiij ble adherence to the ptem or large aalea, ?nj."'' F0?-'!l cn?h 011 delivery, enable, t e proprietor to offer the different trticlea in hialine at tius following reduced rate* llAlrf. Kirat quality Nutria ** j?{ Second do ? MolM,i,n caps: , Kirat quality men'a and t' 50 Pecond do do *00 Third do do ... ... .. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? miry iricra 'All HaU warranted of the molt ftuhionable j Broadway patterua. ? .. N B ? t ie proprietor'! extenuve arrangementa enable him to | offer very ad.autageoua bargaiaa to whol'iale dralera and country merchnata. alO 1m m LEATHER BEU^MATTHASS and BEDSTEAD 100 and 158 Urveiiwlcli Street, Corner of Courtlaudt atrret. Feathera from t0 if-f?1 Hair Mattraaaea, from #ZS Moaa do ?10 '? ? ?to 8 Corn lluaka ?'to 8 3 to 8S Blarkets ... 1 to 8 Ccmfurtera, from !,S0 to 2.50 Toilet tnhlea 1. ?'? } M Waahatanda 1,12 to I,iO B-da'eada, of mahogany, black walnut, cavKd imple, plain mn'ile, the different pattern... in use, and lu price Irom 13 to $30, according to theatvlenud nui'h. 1'be attention of the public ia e.pecully celled to the Patent Premium Ri<ht and Left S. rew B datwd. J hi. beds e id ituat be examined b% foie ita quilitiea can be known. Theycaniict well be atated in ru auverii.rmfnf. Iney hive been lu o?a about four 5 ears?have t.keu ihe piuminm 1 >, ailver medal) at the Kairof too ATericm lnaHtute. ?nd over 1400^ have been rold? what better evid nee U wiut/il of the value of ihft aiiic eT tve ry hotel mid boarding hon?e- iu the United State, .hoald luva thi.beila e d?private familiea cannoteo without ihcm. Uld Keitheri drested and icnovated, and ^aum.?ei .n?.l? rve di i><u)d rf tiew. dAMUlL B. lAivlviL.xv. I lwi?*c CONGRESS COLLAR, T5EAL'TSf oK Oi'VLt. and rlepuiLC ot. Itji.n Ui.eqa.lled D before.?Our n*w style of Collar*, which have long been waii'irK, a'e now ia' Ued, and are to be loul'd it the nnnuiactiii er'a only, at the old ?t"nu ol MAlt^tlALL S onlv Trnv ^hirt Lepot. HOClr ihtm atreet, New i ork. All ord"-.? should.be ?ent the ear'ient date, a. thu peltern will in ail prooability riT ilutiouixe any ?tyl? ever before ?ot up in tin* market. Ke mem Iter, at 'lie old .tand of Marshall ? 90 Chatham street, N. Y. No aecmd price, on any consideration. N. B ?We Inve also maanl-ctured a laree quantity of tho*e newityl- 47 Pleat Shirt., which cann^t oe four.; i th? cijy. As the pleat* are ail ?owed down, it will obviate the difficulty lu i oi.inc them. ni>< Im ec V1CMMH OK I Nl? 15" RET I ON. REMKDV FilK Sh.CUEr DISEASES?ABKRNE ii THY'.s Botai'ictl Pill* are the mo*t ?i'c e .ful re m dy ever discovered lor the cure of gononhoea, 1 lerti, ?emiiial weakr.esa, or ary limilsr disorder ol the owns of generation 'J'he hiub, low, rich aud pi or, iniried and *i:ip.le Pinv cure il.rm elve. without the leh.t expoiu e, in tlie .hortea possible time 'i liey ari1 free f.om mer ury, and I'.vixoi-e t-c sys em a uerelly, n p ci-lly tie generative or i'ii.a. Tliey ere ?u table for m >l-'or femne '1 he?c 1 ul. we e tor yeai* pieacribed by the eelebraied Dr. Abeinethy in ell staj,, * of lh- ai;o e complaiiiu Header, retneinh, r tut tliou. ia:.d* fall victims, ard ?et tlwir coiuntutious ruined when one bo* of these Pilla woulo lav* a.ived thein. Kor *.ile whuI 'Mle and retail by ^ m.W?tt??, ApotWar-e.' Wall, S6C>tb?rtiie.irrer, and at l*7 .Maidtn laue; aurt iu Sa* llmbour L. I.. I y St ip nan, Drvgwist. Price J.I p?r box, w ith diiectiona, *17 1m* m D'lSI-'AM"^ OK THE UH1NARV ORGANS? Such as Ch cnic and Acute Diseases of rte tslaiid r, Al*o, OonorrhtMi Urethra, G ee's, Prmtia'.e Gland, Biric ures, Kidneys, end Henuaal weakness, L011 *, Di-bates, kc , lie., , re sp. wlily and effectually removed b< Aheri.e'.h>'* BpHnical Pills, witlio*1! one paiticle of mercury They are equally suita ble for females. I hey give tone -<nd energy to ihe (,'enera'ive ir alls, rarelv. if ever, ??i?r.enced from taUintj ot'er midicirei. Ko-*a'e by Win Waisnu. Aimthecanei Hail, Jb Catharice *t. and 1^7 Maiden l""\e; and iu Sag Harbour, L. 1. by Hiipmsn, Dru.gist. Price 81 rer bcx. ep2i lm ic HfcALTH AND STRENGTH. DR S O. RICHARDSON'S CONCENTRATED SHERRY WINE BITTERS. 'PHK Proprietor of thii Medicine offer* to the public the re -I- suit of un n ?njive praciceand a th -n u.li u?u i.ition of the laws whuh govern*humansystem I:cuuol b? denied ') < thoie who have d come acquainted wiili iht lingular virtuus if tneie Bittkrs, that thei poss?s a r>remine?ce over all other* now in u?- for ilie disrtses which they proieta to cure. It ia a well known fact that m"it dixaiet arise fror. a <fe ruiceinent of the 8tcma:h aud Bowelj in youtnful, ucuit and declining life. "Tlx atomaeh cram'd with every dish, A tomb ol rout, at.d boil d aod Ilesh, and fiah; Where liile, aud wicd. aud ph'rgm. and acid jar, And all the man is one intcstme war," The extensive aympat)i<ea which exist between theae and ?very other part of the living body, ia the foundation of ner vous disease of all kind* irregular appetite, languor. drowsi ness, wandering pains, headache, lowness of spirits, Ike ; and these, in their turn, give birth 10 dys pepsia, palpitation of rh> heat, shortness of breath, J tundice. piles, fevers, it Hammatory humors, couijhs, and a host of diseases, which embitter life and poison all sources of enjoyment. The distinguished character of these Bitten is most striking; their operation being more or less powerful, according to tt e rio'enc* of the diverse. When used in appropriate quantity in caaea of alight derangement of the atomaeh and bowels, cansed by costiveness or a slight bilious difficulty ?nd the like, where nature needs assistance to prevent moia serious consequence*, they will be scarcvly felt. On the contrary, in obstinate cases, (hey frequently operate more poweifullsj causing two or three ? vacuatiocs d lily, until the circulation flcid becomes purified. This nccomi liihed, they act upon th* system in c>nn> xion wi'h ??nt food, each receiving rnutu I assistante, nnttl tlie coustitu .ion ;r. esl;'<d to a state of he.ilth aud teeweri vigor. Ho'd ei wholesale and retail by A. B *t I) KAN 1)8, Agents, No. v.i Kultou etree', 173 ilioadway, IT hast Broadway. apl3 Im'tn JULiGE FOR YOlJRSELf UUNTERIAN DISPENSARY, No. 3 Division stn et. ea IA tnh'ishrd A. D. 1113'', by the present proprietor, for the suc cessful tr stment of a diseese of a secret nature, and f.r the aala or DH. HUNTER'S RED DHOP. This u-edieiie ia the on ly reine'ly on earth that can aafely be relied on to thoroughly cnwc tliia horrid diarasa without injury to the constitution,and without diet or hindiance from bu?ii:e?s, even when all rise hare fail-d A comprehensive trratiie accompanies each vial, (with fall dircctjima) which it warranted to e!f>?tual!y cure in ill cases, no matter how long standing, or how deeiily seated ia hoijffem, with leas txonble to tbe patient, and in a shorter ?pica ef time, than any other medicine m Ilia world, or no pay willlrtak. il i'i ice $1 rer vml. lin?ic I'U I'HE Vft.N'1' THK l<Me. A.itI Abtse, OH .nMlCU 1 RY, and the dreadful effects ef a secret disease, call and <et the advir* of the physician aud proprietor of the lluuterian Dispensary, No. 3 DivMon street?tit* g.i-atnt remedy and on ly thorough err? that ever was discovered for these terrific dm ?ases. is to ha ohtainrd at ihta pl.ice only, vix: Doctor Hunter's Red Drop?enrea wlthont injury to the ct nslitution or any res triction in the habits of ihe patieuts, in from three to eight day*. Hull direction* and a little trraii * on tliese diseases, accompany Mth vial, which if followed, ia ituaranteed to cure, or no nay taken. Price tl. Ileware nl eniinteileits tn21 lm*rc KN A IT'S INDIAN STRENGTHENING PLASTER. THME PLAHTKK8 prepared for pains and weVness in the m. back, br.'.ist, side or limbs. hruii.es, apratna, (kc.,aud for uthmatic alleciions, croup in children, (Ley will in most c.,ies kiye immediate and somhing relief. They will also be fonnJ highly beneQcial for complaints of the Liver, Lungs and Kidney. Persons of sedentary habits, w hose businrts requires them to tit or stand much, who may be troubled with weakness in the cheat, or rain in the side or breaat, will find groat relief by wear ing one or these Plasters. With regard to the efficacy of theae Plasters, nothing need be said, as they carry with than# their own recommendation, and the price being so remarkably low, is a sufficient inducement for those afflicted to give thein a trial. The proprietor is confident that bytr.egreat and increasing Jc-mand for the?e Planters, the popularity whirh ilwy have ob tained solely by their own mrrita, and the universal aatisfaction which they havegiYen, that they are decidedly superior to any olhees in ute. No pains is spared in making them at adhesive and pliable as possible, and in render ng thein free from all those objections which ia a source of coiaplaiut to the oidiuary plaster* of the i'hese Plaster* need but one trial to give every satisfaction de nied. Be sure and ask for Knapp't Indian Strengthening Piaster, tud see that his signature is ou the back of each. Nona others are genu ice. Miide only by P. B. KNAPP, and sold wholesale and retail at his Medicine Warehouse, No. *>3 Hudson street, one door be low King street, New YorV. Also for sale by the Druggists generally. I'ri'-e 1DH and IIV cents each nit 8u.'od* rrc UUAlMltiN, AND O'I MIfcKo?PaviLg Hume of fir* PHALON'S FAMHION ^UK SPRING 1846, FOR HAIR CUTTTNQ WITH CLEAN BRUSHES FOR EVERY PER80N. (114 Bsoauwav Opposite >"1. Pun)'*.) pHALON best to iuform hu Caitomen and the Public that f he i> prepared to* nt Hair in the inott appropriate tt>Ie fjr the teaton, Ming a decided improvement to the contour of the person, end combining comfort with elegance. Remember, it n f baton who introduced the tyitem of clean brashes, by ha* in* a large uumtar, so that nr.oe are used * se c. nd time without clttumg. Every body jttlt tlie necessity of t?Mid they nock to Phalou's Haloon, 214 Br >idway, where very attention i* paid to the art of Hair Cutting, Wig Ma iuy. Ke >n30<m*in ? MLJ*, >'? "?> ?'!?,< < m I IIWMIllMl T" - - - inimita'b:l.e HAIR CUTTER, (Late of the Pearl ttreet Bouse,) Take* tlii* method of inforoing hit friend* and ilie public genera'ly, that he Tias fi led op that light and pleasant room on the northwest Corner of Pine ami Nassau struts, (immediately under Bird'* Hat Store.) with a de^iee of u^atness to suit even the moil fasiidi- , ous; and *here he ii now prepared 10 wait ou all who may patronise him iu the various brarche* of the 'I oujorial art, in hi* uiual skilful al\le, at the following moderat* TERM*. Hair Catting 12K cent* Hair Curliug ltK cent* Sliampoing .1?H " Superior Shaving... " Whisker* ueatly Trimmed 6X cents. N. H.?All r-itulir customers cin have, on applicnion, a pri vate Cup and Brui.lt. without any mtra charge. m26 lin*in READ WHAT SCARPA'S ACOUSTIC OIL H AS DONE. THE GREATEST CURE EVKR YET PERFORM BY ANY MEDICINE-IT NEVER FAILS. ASTOUNDING FACTS! Philadelphia, January 4, 1M1. I hereby certify thnt when 1 ?as about twelve >e*r* old, I K* r, dually became deaf in both ear*, so ill >t iu a few c:outl>s 1 found it almost imp *tihle to hear wile** iu 'lie verv I uilest tone* of voice. I remained iu that situation U'ltil l ist lummer, a period rfeighteeu year* when I hrji. J ol ScARra'sComfoi nd Acoustic Oil I iinmediat ly olitai ed a battle wMch I have uaed, and am happv to say it has neiH i.kc mvic :iud quite cur ed me. Any on* withing uith.r iul'omuien of my cute,which 1 think a remarkeble oi.e, will fi'iu mi-Wc: I i"g a> my residence < Concord streei, lint dour above Seco..'l * vet. MHS. KkBKCCA HAXTER. [From the Albany Dai y K nickerbocker 1 >V??rTnor. .tuu?3,1844. THIS IS TO CERTIFY, that I Willaid J ukr Proprietor of the West Troy Exchange Hotel, h&viut 1 e> u afflicted with dea< lien in one ear, for the last t>? cru y< .u.'. auu in ihe other for the last year, to that it was impossible "or me to near the londest voice and after trying various remedies without itnpro ving my heariug in (lie least, 1 wai induced to try Scaiim's Acoustic Oil, for the cure of IVatuess, and it is with great gratification I am euabled to state that it has perfectly rr stored my hearing, and will be happy u see any peraou who withe* for information in relation io U'.y caste, at my place iu West Troy. VvlLLARD JENKS. The following certificate wa* addressed to iMessrs. A. B. (k D. Sands, to whom the parties or* known .<Iev v0m, Oct. 10, 1844. Messrs. Sand*?Gentlemen?The follo-.ving statement ol the benelicial effects produced by the use of Scvpu'* Acoustic Oil on my daughter, I seud you as an aa of.jiiitice, that others may have positive facts to convince them oi iu value and effica cy. She wa* nearly deaf for two year ., and cmi'd only be ma-'o to hear by speaking very loud 1 purchased o>. hottle, which was used accordiriK to tne printed d<rect>omi aud before a quar ter par' of the bottle was applied, a nard jut- <un'e was duchar ged from the ear, and soon efter the lir&iin iu both ears was completely restored. It i* now almoat a yea/since the rare was effected, and it i* now proved to be a perfect cure. Furuier par ticular* can be obtained by those interested by cVliugat my honte, No. 34 E*aei ttreet. B. 'I WAKING. This valuable medicine is for sale bv A. B. ?t H. "4 ariDt, sole agenu for the proprietor*, No 70 Fu'.ton street. X73 Broaaway; (irauite Building, corner of Chamber street, muTT > ost Broad way. a!3 lm" m THE ~ INVISIBLE WIG. CO elo*e)y resemble* the real h*?4nf hnir Out tc;,>i.e* aid *J couBoiMenr* have pronounaed it iVk '"?oit perfect and extra ordinary invention of the day- ?'hfl prat advaacage of Jii* torel *nd unique wig i* its betnf made without sewing ot weaving, wkicb cause* it* nj pearaucet so closely to resembl* the Ai.icral hair, botli in lightness and catnr.a a,jpearance, a* tc defy itrtretion. it* texture bcins to beau'ifnl. *o jajrous i.sd co free, that in all cases of perip^ir.5i-:J evupt<raiioa u uuimiwdM, and the great ivil* of other v.g* *utirely avoided. The sccpti* ud connoisseur are elike mvited 'a inttcc' thii nove! ar.d bt?u Cifal Wig, and the peculiar method oT fitting the head, tut manufacturer's, A. 0. Bury. M Bro*Jway, oi Li. er^ sum;, up sctii* n!3 lio*ec ALEXANDER'S TRICOBAPHE. A NEW AND INVALUABLE DISCOVERY, being! Liquid Lje. which luitintanwouilr chaugettheeolor of the hiir to a t eautiful brovrn o. bLtk, withnnt injury t<? the hair or chin? The 15r, at superiority of this Dye coositft iu it. < -j, modeof applicat ou, end iaitanuueous etlect?ill otlier dye* requiring froin ten to twelve hour* lo produce any chaiige. lis *u;>' no* excelleuce will lis upparent to eiery oue upon a ringle application. Extract from the "Philadelphia Drily Sun."?Alexander's Tbicobaphk.?The effect of llie sbove on the hair it truly aj toi.iihing. It w.>s tried jcttcrday in rurolfittt aud the cliaige from f.tey to blark wah insuuiMneons. Extract from the "Philadelphia Daily Forum."?Severe. I of our *o|U"ir:t*nc' j have ret' tly n;q>lied u> their hair the v>lua bleliquil Dye known e* Alexaud-r'* Tticobaplw?anew ai.d valuable discovery; and it hi* in uu tai* fnied to produce the de*ired effect, lmmi'diately after aip'vinc it to gray hair or wtmker*. it impart* a beautiful brown or b:nck color. Fortale by lturhtou St Co. druggi<u, 110 It r cm d way; A*piu wall, 86 William itreet: Johnson, Moore ik Taylor, 81 Maiden lane; J. W. Wright U Co. 2 ( ed'.r ttreet; ai.d of tlie principal druggitt* throughout the U. 8. or of *o o a<eot?, R. ?. G. A. WlUu|iT, >3 South 4th ttreet. m!4 lm*ro Philadelphia. CHURCH'S VEGETABLE LOTION, T70R CLF.AliING AND BEAUTIFVINU THE COM " FLEXION.?Cliurch's VipetaWe Lotion v/ill cffectanlly remove froin fhe skin ell off.'Dtivr bl?tcl e?, pimi>le*. tin. *un b 'rn and frecldrt, vi li.c'i d tncl from i.eauty nnJ a fair Cuai plexiou. 7'hit valuableCoametic hs* b?en iu extersive use for many vers, and it now cuusidered an ind tpeiii.tde anivndaje t? the to'let. Sold in botil**, at 7s cents cach, u. loP B..'verv, Ask for Ring's Verbena Cream, AND tak* o'i nttifi.il yn" would enjnvthatRreateMof a11 limi riw?, e'te and r.omfi rt iu Shaving. It u t< commend d iu fu 1 coiifi ifii'-e. a* lieirg th? very ln>?t SK*rm? >-o?p in ? Ther. never wa* auythiim th.it? ppro-ichMl 'tin virtnta peculiar* 1; itvnwn It it now inailr by ihe <>i i*ij.<l i>iiectu>, much im proved lioth in a|M"^raiiCe am! quality- To mew haute it will nffud * b> tter profit a'M i(i?e better ?^ii?fact;ou than '.ny ollu-r whichthey can mH. All .ire requested to call ar.il tre the arti e'e a? now prepar d. Tho?e ?!w puichnae at 392 ? room* atre.-t or 80 M.-.idcu L ue, cannot fill of ge.tiug the ue plus ultra oj mJern inrerstiona. For tale by th; inventor, CllAS. H KINO, at J91 Htoimr street, a8 lm?rc hctwr*.) Broadway and Bowerv. ESTABLISHED 1822 PETi-'Il ROSE, Manufacturer of Kine Cutlery, Surgical and Dentil InMrumeuta. haaremov-d <> Xn 411 Rmorfjcoy, ntaT Canal ilrttl, Ifno Ynrk. P. R. w.. Id reapectfu'ly et.11 the attention of 1'hyaiciam Surgeons, Deuti.ta, and Country Merchant*, lo hia itrueral aa aortinert of Inst, mneuta and ( u'l.-ry, of tli? mot! approved pat. terna, which he will warrant not tu he surpaated in quality and workmauthip by any, manufactured in tint country or imported. Hitters' Slitars. Knivta Ik/Hers (kc.. il'mU ll immr a and Shear*, const tmly < n h-.nd, a d all kinds ol' ir,sirti.nenu anil Cutle'y m-de to order, or repaired iu Hie beat maiuiir. ap!7 3w?in TO THE MEDICAL FACULTY. WILLIAM H. GOULI) ING, tSUKOlCAL 1NSTKUMENT tNbJfACTUEKB, 57 Chatham ithkkt. Facing Chamhtrt itrnl, A'tw York. DK8PECTKULLY bene to inform .Member* of the Faculty that he tiai ri moved to the above corumodi >u? location, where, from hia increaaed facilities, he will be able t > offer nu perior ?<]?anta*e? to (inrchac n, by aeh iice and eitenu'e as sortment of finely fini<lied Sur^icM -.id ! eu: .) Instrument*. . "j A Complete eollrctiou oi i.utiery luer.o vaiiety. All kiun* of Instruments made to ordei, ar repaired m*7 1m* in PERIFOCAL SPECTACLES. THfcirfK LENHK 8, pronennc eU tmierinr to all ot!i?r?, in uve 'by Pn.i.MilMr, 1'a'terton, and mmkiiu othei scientific u ntle . uin.rre of American infruti n, and are maaafactarea only at tht uew and ettruaire '.ptioal Work*, {North uxiord, .via**. Num?ti.n> letrimonials of their merit can be shewn, but aa "eeeirg u b? tteviog," the pnalic are luvitfd to examine nud judyr for tnea>??lvei. 1 hey may be f uud at the wholeaale aid mail Air*?n:>, IU' Brondway. an4 alto at T. J. Crowen'a l)ook?t/ r-, Ot, ilryedrvny. Uilueult oaaca or dcficieat eiaion ?<?liritrd. m27 l.u?rc >. BilC. *. CRIUHAM. I JACKSON. STACY Ac RMITII9 1\^AWUKACTT;HCKA AND IMl unTl ?B ??f P?m, Pork* ^tiad Tibli Cr?J?nr, ri'ei, 9K\n?,TooIi. ?pd othir ilMcrfption* of Vc kU ja 1 3m?m rwo^in IXATI BTRKtCT, Up Btaifi. TO TAlLok^r S?cooH F.ditlon cf 8ti?cwt'? rflebrattd work on cnt A tinf Ktrnients of ^?<iy d^arnpei jo ?o a ?tyl? of ??Irfnnoe no fQuttlloti, i? uow pvbli^hsd ?iid it dy !*??' dolivery. ? ho?? if no dr?ire to ihema^lvi t of th**r?at md?ini,ifw !? Iw u?rived frotn Ui? of toe in.tracti<;n- it rooUi^?, would do Wtll 10 ob'aio ? copy withon? d-Uy The Look in II to IT turliev tuiiaro, ani contaius 17 e'agant din^r u*?oi all the ?arioot *ly 1ft o( K4rrn**ult woru at the pKttiu day. wit1* full and amide in xruuiimn for cniting in an ea?y and ?ricn^inc at(Miner. T he fflllowiuv ue a lew of llio many li?j;hly r^:p#cfable uame# vrho testify to the menu of thoLooks . 1 he under#unrd beiuK practically acquainted with Mr. 8tin# met'i Treatise on Cottiiig Ci irinenu, with pltmnre leconmmid it a* a work complet* in aa arr?iuu? men's, r.ud in its i racncal application to cuttinK? *0|??nOI to any heretofore pnbluhed, either in liarope or America. f. Henry fc Son. Daniel Ctttter, Btaaia k lUnker. Charles Co*. E, W. Tryon si Co., B. K Horner, James liaily, John Haviland, J. H Banker., The above can be obuined of the author, No. US Bm"1 way, New York. nil lm?ee TO THE NERVOUS AND DLiULlTATED. PROFESiSOR BOERHAA VE'S HYOEAN RENOVATOR. fN all thoeacuri where manly vigor it impaired, where tlii l mental and plrvtir^.l powera ivre prostrated nr an nnreetrair** mdnlitenee of thn rnuiora, parricul.nl)' by thoee .olitary an, WOTfflW i>tihi;i <>f ea-'.y youtn, jnaMin*MctiHMl einn.ievl ?d I'hility, tiui Hyti an He iov 'tir will lie finnd an iul'allibli remedy. It reaioiea iwe nrKnnaot reproduction in both e?tee, u a hr?.fth7 action, and r?n.i>v?e mirotency, by infuaioK n?w energy into the ly-tern. In nacy m.tancee the efl?< t u initxn lineoua. It never leili to cure chronic gleeta and wlutea and remorea ateriiity, by reatorinn a healthy oierine action. Kef. r encea can be siren to many pnyiiriana who have prescribed l>? Kenorator with aacerea is thoae attectiona, aa alao in Ujr?pe|e ?ia, weakneaa of the back and loina and affectione of the uriuaiy organ*. Sold anly at the "Importiag Agenta," 2MK f'nljon ?treat, New York. Price Ii per bottle of 16 oaneea, and (of company mth boato, mM tm*n . _ M. WlcS. m T 1 0 N * FROM GERMANY. Moetraspeetfully informs the eirir.au rf "lew York, and the IH^ilicin peaecal that ho has locauu niws.Ui> this ?ty,*jid opent t<^a/ &l in Uroadway, r. Urn* and meat corcplcM tortmeaflEi Hpectnelei and UwiI.ek HUiwi, in Gold, Uilwr and 8iaer*"rara-s. He would a'tu r? mnU 3? publie. U> whom ? 2? .P*! ? ? 0W11 ' !IU antnal visit! to Saratoga Springs ?loc* thelast nine year*, that by Ms know Wire of the optical science he it enabled to d-twrm-.c t'wgli.*?. , n itable for any *T*: .?R?M with weak ey,s cu be encplied with gU.?? wnich will If ready benefit and not (train i?e sight. Particular aueunon u cdied to a new ttyle of pe. active gronudrl?**M of Use tineal llmt, which, through tUt:r litiH polish ud tr*? groend. produce the purest varitp. and have t#?u highly recom mended aa t)<e beat in theupiieets npon ihe eya for preserving and improving the sigbt in continued kjiUim, uid r>id.u?. Bburt-tirfhled ,?nons, ana ?<?!? XI hive been operated upon for ce.tartict, can ?1jo be anitei. He inserts likev.-ite new g&uea of superior quality in old fram?t, and solicit* the patrouag* of ail in want at lua articles. l'Laue call m M WJHF, Opticus, 111 Tni*e>i 4H Uro'ilmy. iU Tiic-i dr. uvlvs UTKnujuutomNJii. nuppcuT?na. THIS new Instrument for he ladiCa! <:ure ut Prolapsus U'iti. or balling oi' Lhe V.'ouh, by external application, aapevteding the aae of the cbj-ictiounl P?s??ry, it confidently ie coto'iienaed to *.he aAiod ? the mea? t cf perfect restoration to wealth, it ever beviug failed of pr-forjnin? a <:ire, even imdii the most aggravated circun-j wees. 7'ue br.pi otter lias att*j".e'l r very nigh . . . character in tturope s* w!l ?? in thi* ?'oui?rr. ?.*>'adopted to(the entire disc-is of Tea ar. a, ?ml all other artel isuigic.il expedients, in the J,yirg-U j1">?p.!il* Lou and rani, and it aniv?adly reeomjnxausil in t'tuope by medical nisn of the hig&eci tan*. Is this country it i.? *bs tawed by the leadiaa meMbef* of the feeuitie* of Collecc* u4 Ko?Pitr.!s, and by all the "mir??i ,;rlT r,t* practitioner*. Kootis hive Hu faiaisooi e:eiiir.\rl* for Inthwi tt No. i \ wy street, havi-ft e ueyarito ?a trie re uotn ilie tuA>',ai? (?.*? ?ar.'meot, wnera a '^'1* u ;a co^ .n&i *.teadtr'? to apply " and nvx>t>s - "t < i r*v ly ^ up* '??!??? iitoaniwi.;. aoTicM Tp hvjptuhkd pjutsotra. "ilijctet. vrith (Ja; wrr; may rely iSpen ine b?t UM^-.iaUlti 6 wr.r)J kin aj/piit iuoc tt dv Oji'f.e No. 4 Vetey tueet, or to ei'.her oi tht Anectt in p:iuci; al to-nna ir. ine United Bi eaif .nl to cx* (uuiue the back pad of Huli'4 Tra-.tes, to tee if tr.-> eve ri;d>iited by l>f. Hull, to wnBBjf v -ne aru s*uuin?. or to bo telied ?pon it ifood. without Uu ;ir vore. Many peiiont have u.idortisaa to vend ib.itauon* oi lluil't eelrbratea Trrs?e?, and ''a.ntanJt are " i,.iu u r.nnto queace. Theie i-.vtntjoiij bfl ft1 upon: utey i.iadi by oaiUilfnl UMhAsicj w k ? ao better the o-imtry Ttmm. Re jsu ha*e b??6 5i?J '?? as Np. 4 \ \.jbi ?tre*tv*rcltnively f?r UJiei, ? :tfm: cii'iujc fren. 0>-.route**/.pare* neat, where a fooi. i u> in ct.natsaO M?<r ? x* tn * . ; uro< emtle laiieaNe apll '>a.o UK y\a::s)?ialt,haljl's Coi'dlnl Aun'jveior. ?p\R. MAHSHAM. H. VL1, oae t fthe i >o?t eeleoMte,' lTiyai U ciana in K.a'Oie. n. tlw ducoveitf ol this vai.ir.blr ineoi tine. It it now utnii in hut practice airocg the not . ity of ?.*.?( lejid and throughm the coctiutnt of Kur. pe, and in ??ciy iu ttauce wheie tied *cc?n>i.);l to directioot. ntt |iro'Juc. J t)ie most happy rrs?!t* 1 ? not OisIt leatoiet tfce lunctions of life, but is exoratively din ctet! th" cure of such eon.pldit.tt aa arite from a disorganisation of tre ras*:a:iyn or^aus. It it a gentleatimulai'i .ud .enovu - ol -lie impaired fucult it of life, whether oar.titntion?l or uc^uin ' lc-a if sexual power and il bility. iruinij from tvpliiiy <1 -?n^e. It will afford decided relief to tho?< who, by eirly inoa'*t ncp- in tolitary hnbits, have w?-illt;iied the jiowerk of theirtyr - in, aud falle'i into a tute of chronic debility, by which the r.on.-.titution it left in a deplora ble condition, ind lhat u tvouk uieatalliy kept up w iiieh places the individual in a state ol anxi. ty i.urmn tlir rtm.tiriJr of life. The coiitcipieuce* aiiiiuij from iliit dungerouH prat 'ice are not confined to iu puis physical rtsalt, but uraj th to moral one*? eonsti'utional vieaknett, texoal debility. b,oiighton ty a secret habit indulged in by yojrj; men. This it, when teo fr*i]i>*utly indulged in, the irreateet evil that en beiall m-ai. py*iirpa:a, weakuesa of tlie limbs, and sianll of tlie back, confuiion of in tellect, forgeuulness, palpitation of tlie heart, aversion to so ciety, consumption, emaciation, are thf tyinptoma of this din tate. Oleew. whites, irrfgnlarity, obstru lii'u of c-rfc.in eva cnations,total impo.'ency and bariennes' are etf-.ai? Wl? ?emoyed hy this inv.ilnabl<* med'R'ue. rHILLll'H tt DUi iVK, Agectt for the Unif>d titat't. fries $2 per bottle, 6 bottles fir $9. Sold at 14 Duaue street. ap21 lio'ic Medical Ai4. T~\R ORKtjOH V, 65 Uold si net, it at home as ntaal d*y and night, at'.foding to the duti't of kit pr fstsioa gn-nnqera and otliett who utay charce to need prol'.-stioui'I te vices piiv y, and who r mt dei re the best treatment?* promvt sad etf-c nal cur.-?slumld apply at above. l)r. Oregrry hat lately per orm-d tome extraordinary cu e), bat he Lever iri nse hi* pa ienu' names, liy imbli'iiiag .Uieir certificate*. All lute views tnctly confidential. h|'H3 lm*re DR. UAK(?MT?n it at home d uly, at I^o. 4 feck i lip from 7 A. M, until 3 1*. Ail., most tedunutly devoted to the welfare of hit n' merotu patients. l)r. Carpenter's oid estab lished Peck t'.ip Dispei stiry, No. 4 P?? k slip, near Pen?l atatl? private and coiiiidenrial. Sipiraie otliors and entrance*. Pa tieuu ?re never expoted to each other's obseiv t on. i)r. I.in licentiate of the New York State Medici Fociery, a .I owl had mo;e than thirty yeart expe. ie'ice. Perfect cures in all cat** guaranteed. Charges reatouable. *2t In iu THE PRIVATE TREATISE. A LTTTLE VOLUMt by Dr. RALPH, dsaisned to f-*bls lV individtialt to nndertake successfully and privau':: the . i ne Iheir own compl.iiut?and also to icive d ciear auii fu. tul ut icriptionoUeverai iuiioccntilitordem that are con?tantiyiuuit/il>en lor venereal and thnt prevent the ileceptiona tntt are pr -*?:.'d ? u the iguoraut by that utprinciilrd cla.? i if i?.iple Who .Jest the city. Ihe author's not as grailtUM of iLdttiburcli, >ic.;his l-'tters of introducticu ftura Sir A. t 'oope'. of 1 it-iiou. to Ol. Alott, of thit ciiy; I)r.Phytic,of FUUd'l)4ii*. auri tithe ?? hit perinitiion to refrT to e.lmott every p .>iH ;?nol ein.i 'ace in the city, must be cousid red Suu'u.eut grovnd ofrontiiioncs mthework. 1 o beh.id ouly at 8g Catu'vich ?t. 1>icc$'.? It may b.' si-nt by yost unliuimd. u.lul !m*?e MADAME RiifiTELL.. {/SMALK Pliyt;jlC!.A>r, oa-ce ?L \ rwji'Ntoo H3 Or** * wich intet, l^twera <'.ou..'.:uni' icd Lf^ry streett, wl>er? she can tw vrntn't:.' v. irh tk# . co; ud.-sce MompbUu Incident to (lie teinale freiEi". Notick? All leturi (po.-'ra'd) addmsed to fccx 8,25?, fcew York, jiklou OiSe*. No. T lji*t?x N. B.?Mkdiuae UKSIKUi tvuaii nfom ladi.'i w-nn| out of tl.a e.tcjr, wh:r.i beailP -,?oul<l ; a-fmit cf tra?rUii r, tftat shr wouJd devote her parson attK !au( oi.oa tLeui m any p?r-' ?>t 'ie Uni:ed Utiles wi'.ilin r. a^o ioblf <2 liv dSiv 're TO THOSE WITHOUT OmU.-HJL.ii. APttOCHEATlVU ELiXliC CoKDIAL. rPHE greatest discovery in umilsoi ?:voca uUiuol M.U. 1 Dcsaccaax, of faru. lit n.-.i ?:iiv.ly low*! i!>e |ua> rally received opinion 01 the nriarru-.i; of uccroMn Hwility or betmuirsi, (exr.tpt indeed iiieaxce of Lutfe ? j. uio.i. wlnC'iire fxtreinJy rare.) TI12 inyvhtie euJ uhivtsai immu 6. nig tliiii Cordial, in eyciy itmiaiice, of .producing tln&i stated Wall' wlncii results in the w: ? ber.vunc lii-j*.'.- ?? a looker, who for ye.irs i<tucd in clultiituu loneiinis, tat tai'y es'atlUiL.i. t.\e 1'fccl, that what it nsnmiy teir.cj fcarreiinorj i* cun. ic bf the s?a or the PtocrutiTi' Eusir OoriL 1. It i? lululiiabla je *-aurirI wrikoi'tt, tivor e'bas, debility, incontinent* *-u tne <?no:i train o! cunipliiuti ami. s frorj ctefss. iliu.-ai, oi ias prodenee. lis grrat and invariable success U us ieccr<li*i*<!a tion. The faioe t i'tLis vo-dt.-iol klixir Cordial itwll e?tn Slished. A sr.te of more thuu fiiVi" thO'?<Mld bot'.'.r-j nail *t<c? is cntfeient evidence ol itt eir-'lcjce itpd Uif ciuf-eiMI .* T. iurb it ii held, it is j)"i?au and "Weahl" to (ha1 tMte The Dt.i'""iign a is tu4 on!/ iniht: atat :x urn etrrtrf. 1'rico t3 a bottle. ? or the rouretitrce of wloee reek'in* oat of the ett>. We i* B entente cor.ii'OiiBR lite Ekxir Cordial are pnt up ir. rv ? Ttuumiuiou by mail, with ii'11 dir-i'lon lot frier of ratbag? ti, three bott'.is. All letters most be postpaid, and dirtied to Dr. r. flELVKAU, box?1224, J*. YorSr cii/, I'ruseJJJwber* ?t N. B.?Ladies callint for the "Elixir" *,; 1 be w.-jfeO in . y lady ui au??;:deac?. ?U2 ir. l?\W*m fOilTUOUEciE FE;vlAiJb. Flubs, l?ITK!?TEl> S*D PottjiUKIl Bf M. DE BOUDELOtlUE, M. !>.. i.iauOS. rOUTUUlL 'IpHK scientific comuina!;rn of iu?irdienl?oi^vhku rtx-v l'.!I? J- arn cimpcud, U '.ve r'ttl'Mhna ill* wonder Ui.l *4f>r ir<un<a of t!.f woua. 'titfy ate krown all < vsr i-.nrot< u) b* inr ouiy preparation ever rimnvrr d that >htu pro?ol inTar.nlIy cer tain in producing rrsrular tneriirationi, or montUy lurot. Thf Oir^e.iuuj ne trait/lafd iiio f-'winit. si>u i fniKifiyi rwjad with iha twi of tl^ ' jpoxv.. ota;-ap?.i. fjuiti N;t era '?.i-j the sigaantc of U. it EotuUi^op. ?r.'. tlo - rectiouh^TS tlis itru^tvr; ol i>-. 8, il?LVKAl', i-nrt'cr.ifd agent tor the Conti^M't <->1 Anrlia. Tn?y can te tifini-'KtJ hyiif.il to at* cut t f i!*e U4M Hsati^ Hold hy Ur >. MKliVtVv'J, vr.t and iminaMlK t.ie United States. O W. in LiVr'.y neat' I'riee |5.?hall "Ot.?, *? Nj hail bnr*? *>?t t;y noi.tl. Bol.l in Bo*t'ti. at 9 ?'l n d'rrcw?< w Dr. V. AlsiTMe. Uot U34 N>?7 Vork, vrii' nan wit1. imri?<ni? -i-vn tion. All Ifiteu mo?t b-1 j?t paid. >i: i Milgtlvy'ro ITT" BCA1) T II K rOLIiOWINO -V 71 ADVEliT C3EME WTSJ or th -. OOX?Z*J3GrS MediciroaDd Pharmacy W Kn?J?u Ktrcrt. ZlEDlOAh ADVICE FJUYATr.'DipSASU. ?T*HE MKMBEK^ T11K MiV/ YORK COi.LE(V * of Me-liciii^ an.! i'ha.-nnfy, ettofilitkeil for the tuj | prtirion oj yi. ca-: y, c.mitma U ai.-et their i*rticulai attrt'tion ro all di>*?(ri of t fiirtito nanirr, ejid ran con fi'>nUy pronue ic if'ianu.it medical rr?'iiu'fij(, a toi'e nod ifrmaiimt cum, x'Uio. f injury to *heet>u*iitotioe or eonfincmpi.t from bB?u-ea? !nva! d? r* uiticokrly riv,o?*t?d to ma>" ai plication to the Co !r?e on Utr tint &: SMrxmc of r'lOM Ciflnwei,aaa t?t aiattut f jofl. riag ,u.d litn* nmy be lhvilTO' 'tl. Of ol'i'k uiMnben of tiie Collritr, tor many y<nr? co iii^::H witli Uu< prirc pal ho*r>iu>l ir Europe for the cw ot uio?? tomplaiau, autc.li for tovsnltauor daily from I A- M. t(* 7 Y. M. ? If^rmi?Adrioe and ?0,--acni- Kaaranterd. IMI-OHMNT XO COUNTHV t.NVALIUS.?J'erao*. liriac is ihf ccanTy.aad linking it iticoi r-uinri' to m.-0ic p?t ?ouafWpiivailoa.eei hare fomarded to thfiuacliet^eniitmiiai all mraielce* r-'inl?(?) to ptri.irm a rai' aal eaxe, byrtatjug th.-'? wee fTjJieiUT, tO|^?*h-r with til eyaiptotus. time of contraction p.ad triwtnett Reetvetl eiitwhcre, if ooy, and euoloiing ti, P041 paitl. OoRitHntlr'irt FTfblHtjr t'qrerl, rpjIKTenu MlrtTTf, pn>ua"<1 hy th- Collegeef M^iein* ajid JL 1'harnecy of the city of N. T-,i? con8d-n;ly rrr.omirit nied for allcn?->cl r*hilit? pro<lnc<*d by ??eTrt in4a(fw*or ?-c<!?aof aay kind It i? pk 'eralnabV r-m^1rli>ri?r??<)icBfn.?t?t.liiy, or barrra"ti?* (pa lew u. puJiiu; on mal-foruvn'iim.) Small* bflttl** >1 eaeh; c- im of half a aoaea Ji; oerefWlly HcV-i a*d rent to all pant of the Uuion. V?lpe?a'i B|>??lUc FOI fftc 'idirT'w'rtif ton*rThia,/rUclM'minal emu't.iru, ' iotd all ix'tcrinnral'jst diechnrrrri f*on#ni i<>rt!>ra. 'fhcer pi!l?, t.V rc?'tlt r>'tw??iy ^.-in ei|icri?icf in tl " llurjit.il i!e Cl Witc in ri? prMcner?d by thf>r celebmted invrntor, rrct'ttor Vflpren. *?. an inlttnblx rotitcdf for all uiii-anei of Uie urethra. Thpy effcei a cure in a much ?hortrr now than ?uy oth?j rern*!y, wi'Soul nCauat th* breath. dtiAgrw.br with Uie itoinach.orc^rl jn- jy f;n.t> hiK-neia. Price, $1 r?r Uoi. Illcortl'l Alterative itllxtnra, FOR //it ,nci m/rrrnf cure oj urimirry ?r tfentnry r\nihit'.t, ycc 'ieei ai-.-cra, nr lea. or jnr c<?mpl?lni prtninee 1 . ? .ajn il!C:o;ii xu .<1 mi renry.or omhi' Hc>i medical trcu ->?>??. All I1" ?0J? iua;.?ctibg a Tf-a- n ul tnint lemaintng in tl.ru lyiMiu i' ild uk tiiit powe.rnl p;-n:'.er without del it, m no nr ?on ' ? u?i J v hi:.->i?lf ?afe af'et having iIh- t. .icre. 1 diier^., ivitiioui thoroughiy cliwnamj? tin ayettm with thia jiutl ce> ..twd tlteimre. _ ... Held in ainale bottlea at $1 aaeh, in ca>ea rf b; 'fd>/<.cn at %i: earrfally pae/ted md ?eot to all rf' nl tna U.ion. Oonoentrated Kxtract of Skrii:]iarllln, iJ?n? tlan antl Ni-^a fr??, PREPARED BY THE NEW YuHK CPU TOE 0? ?I Medicine and Tharmaay , e?M ?>Ii*"?i o **t tV mppr-e.'r ^ of inacKery. Thu reflued and hi^1-ly eoecM.^ted. itrat? v weeing all the pr.rifvintr (jtialiKee n.,J ?nr,vj?e ;>ewrrf )! ''i# lbOT?beri?j, is confide uly t*?.nrr w< .^ued bt t' - '? 'olle ti u. Hoitely superior 'n nar e.str.'r.t ol "! r?ar rille ?' w. Jul '..'fo ? (he?nc!ic, ?i,d may be rei:c,l on as a e"n-!ii ..'meuj lor all B'se um ai rinj fiom aa u >pu j ??Me ,. | the blroJ, sncl as lerol.i't. s' I'-ihcutp, nr.K-\.'orni, blcteli s <>.? pimples, uieera. pain iu rnebores or jrlntt, . ?1 one e- n itioua, nlerrr.ter lore tbroat, or any 'lurrase mmn frt ?*< 'i.. / ?!tpc:s or typhili* ?r ar. injtdicioos lis of lncrz'iry. cold in sii gi Bottlea,et... ...Tic'iu " i.i e i?? oi l.'ll a'ioran li?u!ui $: i j " " f'sci'.orcn ' ..... % Of* ? ?r?s forwarded ta all parts o" theTrlon. N. i, ?A *erT liberal d'?i.oust i'i *riir|e?<ua*are'<a*ert * i?e W R.KH.H.IIttftO'f M, II ?

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