15 Haziran 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

15 Haziran 1845 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XI., So. 163?WhoU Ho. ?0?5. NEW YORK, SUNDAY MORNING, JUNE 15, 1845. Price Two Cents. THE NEW YORK HERALD JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day. Price 3 cent* pei copy?$7 3a per Annum?payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Trice8} eentt per ropy?$3 I3? cent* per annum?payable in advance ADVERTISEMENTS at the uiual pricei?alwayt cash in advance. PRINTING of all kind* executed with beauty and despatch. All lettera or communication*, by moil, addreaaed to the eatabliihment, muit be po*t paid, or the poitagc will be deducted from the cubicription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, raoraicToa op the New York Hi:an.b Eitaklkhmknt Vorthweat comer of Knit on and Nassau itrneta NEW KERRY TO FORT HAMILTON, YELLOW HOOK AND NEW YORK. The steamboat HAMILTON, Captain H. ^krz^Hy=cJ,Mallan, will run l?lw??u Now York. Yellow ?. Honk, aud Fort tlamilton, till further notice, a* tollow*, every day, leaving Pier No. 1, Ea?t River:? New York, 7 o clock, A. M. I Fort Hamilton, Be'clock, A. M. 10 " " H " '? i P.M.J 5 " P. M. * " " ( _ 7 " ~ - SUNDAYS. ! 'w,JL,.?ler '??? "f Pike afreet, E. R,at 10 o'clock A. M., and IK P M.i Pier foot of Canal at., N. R, nt 10)< o'clock, A M. and 2 P. M.; and Pier No. 1, E R., at 10 o'clock A. M. and M. Returning, will leave Fort Hamiltou at 12>* and U ? p- Mi '* if at all the above place*. ?T;Fare Uj* c*il " Freight taken oil reasonable term*. jU 3t*rh NLW YORK," ALHANY AND TROY LINE jiWJ of* FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT Bul ?The *trnmboat EMPIRE, Captain R B 3mJE3L Macy. will leave the foot of Courtland' *t{EJt, on SATURDAY EVENING, at 7 o'clock. The Empire, owing to her light draught of water, will beena bletl at all time* to |uu*the bar, and reach Albany and Troy it ample rune to take the morning train of can going ea*t or we*t ForPassage or Fteight apply on board, or to C. CLARK, a' trin nffiee on the wharf ji|!3 re ^%T>i *gj\ FOR SALE?The Steamboat Richmond Cy 'V*T -4?of 227 ton*, of a light drill water, 120 ft length IT Hl r X feet beam. 8 0-et depth beam engine, 33 inch c\ tinder 8 feet stroke. in good order and fit for immediate use: Copper fastened; would answer for a tow, freight or paaugi boat, having finished cabin* with berth*. If notaold before tin l#th in*tant. will then be (old at public auction, at the Mer chants' Exchange, oil that day. For further information. api>l\ to Messr*. Dougherty, 73 South street. juU lw*rh PACKET FOR MARSEILLES.?Tlie P^k7t Ship MARCELLA, Captain O. Hagar, will aail oi i the l*t of July. For freiuht or |vusage, apply to CHAMBERLAIN lit PHKLPS, 103 Front street, or to BOYD It HINCKEN. Agent*, No. 9 Tontine Buildings, corner Wall and Water atreet*. jel3rrc LONDON LINE OF PACKETS-Packet ol the l?t of July ?The splendid and fast sailing Pack , , et ShipVICTORIA, Captain E. E. Morgan, will positively sail as above, her regular d>y. Hiving superior accommodations for cahin, second cabin, and steer lge passengers, persons about to embark for the old country, should make early application to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, je!3 rrc 73 South *treet, corner Maiden Lane. 'tfg- LONDON LINE OF PACKETS-Packet of th* MrS3V20th June?The splendid and elegant fast (ailing pack Mpifaet ship QUEBEC, F. H. HEBARD, master, will *uil as auove, her regular day. Having very (upenor accommodations for cabin, second ca bin andsteerage paaaengers.peraons about to secure berths should m.ke early application on board, font of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 100 Pine street corner of Sooth street. The packet ship Wellington, D. Chadwick, master, will suc ceed the Quebec, and sail on the 10th July. jel2rrc "FOR LIVERPOOL?To tail 14th instant?1Tin ?elegant and very fast sailing packet ship SHAKS ?PE ARE. Capt Cornell, having most of lier cargo on on board, will sail a* above. For freight or |>assage. having elepant packet accommoda tions, apply on board,at Orlean* wharf, foot of Wall street, orto j!3rc E K. COLLINS It CO.. 56South ?t. FOR SALE?FREIGHT ORCHARTEN?The ? very last sailing packet *hip, MISSISSIPPI, 630 ton*, ?built in tlii* city by Brown It Bell, *alted on the stock*, and resulted every year, live oak and and locust top, live oak apron, semson stern frame, and forward and after cant frames?newly coppered and in perfect order for a three year* voyage?ha* accommodation* for 26 paisengers. Apply on board at Orlean*' wharf, foot of Wall stJeet, or to E. K. COLLINS & Co., 36 South street. jti6m FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line?Regular ? Paok?t21st June?The superior fast sailing Packet *hii .?ROCHESTER, 800 tons burthen, John Brittou, mas ti, t?l*ail a*above,herregularday. For freight or passage, having excellent and superior accom inodatious, apply to the Captain on board, or to WOODHULL h MINTURNS, ?7 South street. Price of passage SI00. , _ The Packet Ship Hottinguer. 1030 ton*, Capt J. Bursley, will succeed the Rochester, ana *ail on lier regular day, Slit July. jell ?? FOR GLASGOW ?Regular Packet.-The fast ? sailing British Barque ADAM CARR. Scott, mas ptfr 350 tons, will meet witli quick despatch. For 'taiance of freight, or pas*age, having excellent accom modationi, avply to captain on hoard, at foot of Dover *t, or to WOODHULL It MINTURNS, 17 S >uth street The regular packet bark ANN HARLEY, will succe<*l th? Adam t'arr. jell_ BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF LIVER ? POOL PACKETS-FOR LIVERPOOL?Only .Reimlar Packet of the 16th of June.?The magnificent and cultHintea fast tailing, favorite packet *hip OXFORD, burthen 10(H) tons, John Rithbone, commander, will sail posi tively on Monday, 16th of June. Having unequalled accommodation* for cabin, 8d cabin and ?teerage paste igers, those returning to the old countrv, or send ing for their friends, will find it to their interest and comfort to select this unequalled line of packet*. For terms of pusage and to secure the best berths, early ap plication should be made on hoard, foot ?l Bee km an street, ot to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO, j 10 33 Fulton street, next door to the >ulton Bank.N.Y. FOR LIVERPOOL?To sail on the 15th June ? Tlie splendid, fast (ailing *hip SUSAN C. HOW ???KLL, Captain Bailey, can accommodate a few more :auin passenger* in a superior House on Deck, at a very mo lerate rate. For pauage apply to JOHN HERDMAN, j7rc 61 Honrh street. i er. will *a PACKETS I* Ull HAVM(.?Second Uor-iht packet ship ONEIDA, Captain Ju. Fuuk, will sail m the 1st of Jnly. h or 11 f ik ht or passage appl y to B6YD & HINCKEN. Agent*, No. 9 Tontine Buildings, cor. Wall and Water itreeta juS rc FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line? Regular P??kei ? of the Mlh Ju ir?The elegant fast sailinc Packet Shii ___-GARRICK Capt. B. J. H. Trask, of 1100 ton*, will ?ail aa ;ibove, her regular day. For freight or paaaage, having accommodation unequalled for splendor and comfort, apply on hoard, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E K. COLLINS k CO., 36 South street Price of passage $100. Tacket Ship Roscins, Capt. Asa Eidridge, ol 1100 ton*, will sucrivd the Oarrick, and sail 16th July, her regular day. m27 ec J. HKHDMAN'S OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE, ?1 SOUTH STREET. PASSAOE frotn Great Britaiu and Ireland, via. , Liver|HXil, can always be arranged at the lowest rate. .nil! Draft* furnished for any amount, payable at all ..... i.ri diml Banks in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, on application to J. HERDMAN, jdrc *1 South street. PASSAGE FOR HAMBURO-With De.i.atch ? Tlir splendid new packet ship SILAS HOLMES, ?H^Mi!'apt. C. C. Berry, will sail as above, and can very comi'oiMiily accommodate a limited number of of passengers in C tiiin and steerage. This ship having been built expressly for a New Orleans packet her accommodations are of the brat and mint costly description. Persons wishing tosecure berths should make early application ou boarder to ^ ^ TAncQTT mv26rr enmer Sonr 11 street and Maiden Intie FOR ANTWERP-The splendid ship DEVON .SHIRK, Capt. , will meet with quick despatch -fur the above port. I* or p.usage, having handsome furnished accommodations for cabin passengers, and also for second cabiu passengers iu the house ou declt, apply to jc7 J. HERDMAN, 61 South street. Nr;W LINE OF PACKETS FOR LIVERPOOL ??P.icket of 21st Juue ?The splendid and favorite - tacket ship ROCHESTER, 1000 tons burthen, Capt. . UniM i, will sail on Saturday, June 21, her regular day. 'I'be ships of this line being all 1000 tons and upwards, persons about to embark for the Old Country will not fail to see the advantage* to be derived frotn selecting thi* line iu preference to any other, aa their grrat rapacity renders them every way more comfortable and convenient tfiau ship* of a small claas, and their accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and steerage i>a*seiu(cr*. it is well known, are superior to those of any other line ol packets. Persons wishing to secure berth* should not fail to make early application ou board, foot of Burling Slip, or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, At their General Passage Office, jT rrc 73 South street, corner of Maiden Lane. FOR LIVERPOOL?The packet ship OXFOKD sails on the Kith instant, and the packet ship GAR iRM K on the 26th in*t. For imssage, having splendid accommodations, apply to HERDMAN, 61 South street. N. B?Those sending for their Iricnds residing iu Great Bri tain and Ireland, can have them brought out with quick de spatch via Liverpool, and dralls can a* usual be supplied, paya ble throughout the United Kingdom, on applicatiou aa above. juS rrc FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New ? V'ork Line?Regular Packet,to sail on Monday, Jane ____?30tli?The elegunt, fast sailing Packet Barque OENE Si-.K, Capt. Minot, will positively sail as above, her/egular p'or freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommo diitions, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall at., or to fe. K. COLLINS fc CO., M South st. Positively no good* received on board after Saturday eveniug, 2#th instant. Agent in New Orleans Mr. JAMES E. WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward all good* to hi* addreu. jlOec OLD ESTABLISHKD EMIGRANT PASSAOE OFFICE,61 South St.?Paaaage from England, Ire jland, Scotland and Wales?Those sending for their .rieuds would do well to avail themselves of the opportunity of making tlieir arrangements with the auhicriber* on very mode i ate terms, by first class packet ships, sailing from Liverpool DrnlVi can aa uaual be furnialied for any amount, payable throughout the United Kingdom. Apply to John h^dman,?i south st. The mail steamer Hibernia sails fr?m Boston on the Ifjth in*t, by vv hi h lettersran lie fm warded ijuicklv. m\2:i rh HATS, MICE AND COCKROACHES. Ml IS is to certify that we have used Soloman Levi's Rfter __ initiator for Rats and Cockroachea. pud it haa given the greatest satisfaction for the purposes intended. H.8. UUNNINO, thinning's Hotel, 61 Courtland at. W. MOREHEAD, 41 Courtland st. D. GRAHAM, 79 Courtland st, and a host of other*, ror sale at RUSHTON It CO'i, No. 116 Broadway, 10 Aitor House, and Broadway,New York. mil lm*n? T' M O FOR 8ALE OR TO LET?At the nine mile stone I Kingsbridge Bond, four handsome Cottier House*. Two i "f ill-tn hire rich 14 rooms, with kitchen and cellar, piazzi front and rear, (tables and out nouses,finished in die best man >er with marble mantles and grate*. ihe other two house* each nine room*, finished as above. Also, one large Stone Houae at Fort Washington, with ten room* and twolcitrh-'ns, coach house and out buildings, with 3 icres of laud?the home well finished, with marble mantle* aud grate*. All the house* have gardens, well laid out The Manhattau ville stages pas* the premise* every hour in the day. Enquire of H. K. Carman, 6'i5 Broadway, or at Fort Washington, and at the store 155th street, Kingsbridge Road. jell 2w*in TO LET.?The new Hotel , now finishing at Hoboken, immediately adjacent to thr ferry?built in modern . style, 45 by 50 feet, three stories, with piazza on two side*, and containing 17 rooms, with a wing 20 by 36 feet; two ?tnries containing 7 rooms This House is beautifully situated, commanding a fine view of ihe city and harbor of New York. Kor further particulars apply to Jomes A. Stevens, jr., at the office of the Hoboken Land and Improvement Company, at Hoh?ken. je!2 Iw'rh k'OK SALfc?A beautiful Country Resuimicr, one uule .from Rossvillr Landing, on Staten Island, a Farm ef 22 .acres of first-rate Laud; a large House and good Bam, ainl ? Buildings; good Garden, with pleuty of Fruit Trees?w<II he sold reasonable and on good term*. Enquire of my7 lm?rc HAM'L. HALL. *>9 Broome st fJENERAL BUILDING REPAIRS, 58 Nas.au st. , come i *-? of Maiden Lane.?AJ1 orders immediately attended to for Mason, Slatting, Plastering, Flagging, tin roof* repaired and painted, and all other repairs and alterations done in the best manner. AI*o, furnace*, range*, kettles, steam boiler*, oven*, and every kind of fire work* put up. None but good workmen employed. Expeditious and moderate charge* Chimney tops for cuting smoke. Up town orders left with J. Quiun, Plumber, 544 Bioadway m2T?1m*rh E. H qUINN. BURDEN'S PATENT HORSE-SHOE.S ? BEING NOW ON SALE by the principal dealers in hardware in the United States are all warranted per fect in form and made of the very heat refined iron, and sold at a fraction over the price of iron in the bar. Every ahoe which may be found not in accordance with the above recommendation will be received back and the money refunded, with all expenses from the most distant part; of the country. H. BURDEN, Agent, my 18 lm*rrc Troy Iron and Nail Factory. KOULSTONE'S RIDING SCHOOL,, 137 and 139 Mercer Street* MR. JOHN S. ROUL8TONE has the honor to <<l?*L^inJurm his friends and the public in general, that hit ' / i Schiml for Instruction in Horsemanship ia now open tny iukI evening, as follows.? Hours for Gentlemen from 6 to 8 A. M. * " Ladies " 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. Terms of instruction made known on application to Mr >{onljton* Mr. R has just received from the country several tine and aylish Saddle Horses, which he is authorised to sell at a rra .onalile price. my7rc DISB ROWS RJDINO SCHOOL,, 4OH Bowery, on Aator ami Lafayette Place*. Mil. W. H. DISBROW has the honor to announce, that hit School is open daily, (Sundays excepted) for Equestriaii Tuition and Exercise Riding. Hours for Ladies from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M Hour* for Gentlemen from 6 to 8 A. M. and 3 to 7 P. M Ty*Terms made known on application a* above. N. B.?Highly trained aud quiet Horses, for tli* Road and Pa iade, to let myg lin'rc IMPORTATION OF WATCHES. RECEIVED from Switzerland, by packet ship t/urich. an assortment of Watches and Movements ol 'every description and of first quality, ready for the wholesale trade, at moderate prices. - DKLACHAUSE It MAIR& ju7 lm*rc No. 127 Fulton street. New York. LADIES' FASHIONABLE HATS. FBJJ CARL KING, the well known and celebrated QL1 first premium Straw Hat and Lace Neopolitan Manufacturer, 17 Division street, informs the public that Ins Straws and Lace Neapolitans are of asuperiorquality, and war ranted to clean, made in the most fashionable shape, called the Cottage Gipsey. N. B.?Lace Neapolitan Hats $2 each. Milliners supplied by the case or dozen at reasonable prices, at the Lice Neapolitan Manufactory, 17 Division street. m28 lin'rc CA-RL KING. ROWE'S ("? SUPERIOR STYLE of Geiitlemens' Summer Hats are Jewell worthy the attention of those about supplyingthem telves with a pleasant, light and durable Summer Hat, possess ing thr richness of a Leghorn, and warranted not to be affected by wet or damp weather. The assortment consists in part of, Pearl Cassimeres at $3 50 8ilver Pearl do 3 5} Smooth white Castor 4 00 Long nap white Rocky mountain Beaver 6 50 to 8 Together with au assortment of Panama and Bohemian Straw Hat*, all of the first quality and moat fashionable shape. ROWE, Sales Room 40 William st, my24 lm*rh Merchants' Exchange. M ECONOMY AND FASHION a ELEGANT SUMMER HATS. fl PRICE $3. ROBERTSON, determined to maintain the reputation ol th? PHCENIX HAT AND CAP ESTABLISHMENT, 103 Fultou it, between William and Nassau, East of Broadway, u the cheapest in this city or any other, begs leave to introduce co the public a very superior style of SUMMER HATS, which for lightness, beauty and durability, are not surpassed? uid Tor cheapness unequalled In addition to being very plea taut and genteel, these Hats are warranted to stand all ordinary exposure to rain without injury, which it is well Known Leg horns, Panamas, kc., wilt uot do without losing shape aud color. For business more es|>ecially it is important to keep the head dry and cool, a desideratum which has not hitherto been tttaineu. These Hats cannot be injured by perspjration, owing to the peculiar style oftrimmingwhichthesubscriber has found by experience so very cleanly and popular. Their weight ranges from i% to 3X oz., being much lighter than substantial Leg horns and Panamas. ROBERTSON, 103 Fulton il.t inH lm*ec Sign oftfie Phmuix. L.OOK AT THIS. JUST RECEIVED by the picket ship Duchess D'Or leans, from Paris, the best article of gentlemen's French 'Boots ever seen, and now offer, wholesale and retail, at the _ low price ot S3, and the best of French Calf Boots made to >rder for $5; and the greatest assortment of all kinds of Boots uid Shoes and Gaiters. Ladies, in this store you will find thi <r?atest assortment of all kinds of Gaiters, Buskins, Slippers, Ties, and all other kinds Misses and Childrens, from the largest to the smallest; an don't mistake the No. 367 Broadway, cor ner of Franklin street. M. C AH ILL my 16 lm*rc FINE FRENCH BOOTS for $3 50; City Made, and foi style and durability thoy are equal to those sold for $6, at Young III Co.'s Imperial French Boot and Shoe Manufac turing Depot,at No. 4 Ann street,one of the most Fashions loot Manufactories in this city. Fine French Dress Boots, made to order, for 14 50; equal to those made in other stores for t6 and $7. Boots. Shoes, Gaiters he., made to order in the shor testnotice. Mending, (tc., done in the store. Wm.M. Young It Co., Wholesule and Retail Manufacturers, No. 4 Anil street. New York, near Broadway. WM. M. YOUNG, and m7lm?rc ' H B JONES CHIP OF THE OLD BLOCK. J MAJOR FANCHER fc YOUNG BOSS RICH ARDS, No. 5 Bowery, stick to it yet and know that they can sell a splendid article of French Stitched Boots for K and $3 M. Ladies' Shoes at wonderful low prices. So ?op your clack, ye lovers of Bootological imposition. m>8 lm'rc ____ TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS. BOOTS AND SHOES. E. JOHNSON, (late Wilson It Johnson) has on hand, in store 112 Chatham street, di-^M^VV 'rectly opposite the theatre, one of the beat assorted stock* of Boots and Shoes that can be had in the city. Gents Kip, L.alf, Grain and Seal, Thick and Thin Soled Boots sud Shoes, pegged and sewed, from the Easrern manufactories; Ladies Gaiters, Buskins, Ties, 81ins, tic., of every description. A greater variety ol Children s Shoes thau any other store in this city. Gentlemen's fine Gaiters^ twenty different kinds. Gents Uuckskin Shoes; Sportsmen's, fishermen's and Seamen's Boots Store open till 10 o'clock in the evening, giving couutry mer chants au opportuuily of examining the goods at their leisure. myl3 Im'ec GANST SEQAR STORE, RE-OI'ENED. J 8. GANS, No. 44 William street, informs his friends and ? the public in general, that he has re-opened his 8tore, and tffers for sale, wholesale and retail, the following choice Segars A large assortment of Regalias. Plantations, of various brands. Panetelas of superior quality. Common Size. . _ . La Fragajizia, Woodville, La Palma, La India, La Cabana, La Esper.uiza De Noevego, La Rionda, LaNorma, Werners, Jupiter, La Espartero, Lord Byron, La B iysdera, Trabucas, Napoleons, Asculapia, Canones, ETC., ETC. London and small sin Segars, of various brands, Principe kc^, lie. The advertiser returns his sincere thanks to his customers foi the liberal patronage hitherio bestowed to him, and pledget himself to use his beat efforts to deserve the samefor the future my!3 lm'rc 4AA HAVANA SEOARS, imported by M. AN 4UU? vl/v GULO, for sale at 27 Liberty street. Among cut-in will be found Cabanas, do Im|>eriales, Regalias, Panetelas Cubrey Werner Segars; do small sizes; Napoleons, Norinas. Urraca, San Reman, Deliaics, Colonas, do Panetelas, and vari ous other brands. Also, old Tobacco, from the atiove well known house, just imported by the Christoph Colon and trn Rapid *3 3m*rr GENUINE IMPORTED HAVANA SEGARS. '|> K SUBSCRIBER offers for sale, at wholesale and retail L the following choice brands of Segars ; in point ol quality tliere is none superior in this city:? Noriegas, Florinda, La India, EsculapiO, La Cabana, Iris, . La Norma. Regalias and Prmcipes, of lugeiuiidad, various brands. *' N. EZEKIEL, 93 Nassau streeet, myl2 lm'ec Directly opposite the Herald Buildings. PTRCK'S Kirst Premium new Patent two Oven Ranges ? combining economy, convenience and durability. These Ranges are warranted superior to any everoffered. They are so constructed that it is almost impossible for them to get out of order, or for the plates to crack, so common to all other Ranges. They have been in use for the last It months, and in every in stance given the utmost satisfaction, and innooue instance has tlie proprietor been called onto repair one. All Ranges put up hy the subscriber are warranted to give en tire satisfaction; il theydonot, they will be taken away without tlie least expense to the purchaser. _ GEORGE PIRCK, Prwprietor, m>9 Im'm 292 Broadwny. WM. H. JAMES, 341X Broadway, opposite the Park, ot ters for sale, wholesale and retail, the following choice Sogers, which he warrants genuine as importea, viz Regalia's Panetelas, Common Size, Imperial, El Regulador. Cubrey, LaLenltad, Regulator, Ugues, El Regulator, Small Size. Mariposa, Cubrey, Werner, Superior Plantations Mediana, El Regulador, in27 yMhSt lm*rc I !? ESTHER COHEN, who formerly lived with Airs. I Hughes. Boarding-house keeper, Union street, Liverpool left England about uine years ago tolieeinNew York?will write to her father. No. 14 New Bailey street, Salford. Manches ter, in England, she will hear something greatly to her advan tage. _ __ my 10 2m dylcwy*rc connor Ward. INFORMATION WANTED of Connor Ward, lata ot Springfield, Mass. Any person who will give any informa tion respecting him will confer a favor on his wife. Ana Ward. Address W. It J. T. TAP8COTT. booth st, my* rrc cor. Maiden lane. $13. FASHIONAhI.E DRESS COATS MADE FOR I TWELVE DOLLARS. W. H. DE GROOT & CO., OrrodTK THI dutch CHl'UCH, 10? Fnlton iitrect, Bant of Broadway, ANNOUNCE (o the Public that they will make to order* Fashionable black Drem Coat lor Twelve Dollars. Clothing ready made, vix: Over 500 Coats of every cut, sha|ie, or material in use?such as fine Broad Cloth, Drapd'Ete, Merino, Bombazine, Linen, Cashmerette. Tweeds, Jeans, Checks, Cassi meres, and all kinds of Summer Cloths. Prices range from $1 to $17. 1500 PAIR OK PANTALOONS. Of all grades,quality, colors and cuts. Prices from $1 to 96 tier pair ; many are extra line and usually sold at from $7 to $1. 2500 VE8TS OF VARIOUS MATERIALS, Satins, Valencias, Silks, Marseilles, rich figured Stripes, and Plaids, be. tic., from 75 cents to $4. , Also, we have a very large stock of French, English and Ame- | rican Broad Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestings, of the most desi rable f nd fashionable patterns, which we warrant to make and fit equal to any other establishment in the United States. A full suit made to order from (20 to $35, and, if necessary, fur uished in 21 hours complete. We buy for cash and sell for cash only, and invite buyers to call and examine our stock before purchasing elsewhere. W. H. DEGROOT & CO. 102 Fulton st, mCi lm ec New York. SECOND HANI) CLOTHING AND FUR NITURE WANTED. AND the highest price given for all kinds of cast off clothing and good second hind furniture. Persons wishing to dis 1>o?e oftne same, will do well to call on the subscriber, or ad Iress a line tliroutth the Post Office, which will lie minctuMly attended to. B LEVY. 49>i Chatham street, New 1 ork. N. B.?Constantly on hand, a seasonable assortment of gen tlemen's clothing, cneap for cash my IK) Im'ic GENTLEMEN8* LEFT OFF WARDROBfc WANTED. G1 ENTLEMEN and Families can obtain thefnll value for all < supertlousuffects they wish to dispose of, (either gentlemen or Indies,) by sending to the subscriber, who does not pretend to give twenty per cent more than any other person, but will give a fair price for all articles offered. Gentlemen leaving the city will And it to their advantage to send for the subscrilier previous to selling to any other iierson. J. LEVENST* N. N B?A hue through the Post Office, directed to 466 Broad way, will be promptly attended to. myll lm?m CAST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN having any any cast off or superfluous Clothing to dispose of will fi. d it to their ad vantage to send for the subscriber, who will p.iy the highest cash price for the same. M. 8 COHEN, 69 Duaue st. N. B.?A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will be I promptly attended to. in20 lin*ec i GENTLEMEN'S LEFT OFF WAKDttOlii.. GENTLEMEN or Families going to Euroiie or elsewhere, wishing to disencumber themselves of their suiiertiuout | wardrobe, either ladies' or gentlemen's; also. JEWELRY, FIRE AlliVlS, Sic. Sic, will obtain from the subscriber twenty I sir cent more than from those who pretend to pay the highest I cash prices. H. LEVh/IT, Office No. 2 Wall street, New York. ! Families or gentlemen it tended at their residence by a|> I pointmeut. And all orders left at the subscriber's office, or sent through I the post office. will l,e punctually attended to. m17 lm*ec W . T. JC.jNi\liNUO UU., DRAPERS AND TAILORS, IMPORTERS of Cloths, C 1 me res, Vestings, Fancy Pres? Articles, Sic., No. 231 Brnadway. American Hotel, offer lot i in?pection ui extensive assortment of teaaonahle goods, com prising Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, Sic. lu all the new and v? I rious styles. I Tlie aid of as efficient a corps of Cutters, as can be found ii the country, warrants us in the belief that the style and eharac ! terof our Garments, will besuch as to merit a continuance oi ; the liberal patronage heretofore elicited. Whilst au assurance of the continuance of the system ot Small Profits and Quick Returns, cannot fail to be appreciate"' by those who would effect a saving of the extra per centage le vied under the credit system. We would refer iu particular to the Pantaloons we are ena bled to furnish?than which there is no garment so trying to th? skill of a ('utter?and solicit n trial from those who appreciate t fit, combining ease and elegance. In addition to the usual ass< rtmeut of goods kept by the trade, we have always on hand Ready Made Dress and Frocl Coats, Pantaloons, Vests, &c to answer the requirements ot I those who, in cases of emergency, may require a first-rat> ' suit. 1 Also, Fancy Dress Articles in great variety; Scarfs, Cravats Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Suspenders, Hosiery, Uuder-Vestt Drawers, Linen and Muslin Shirts, Collars, fcc. See. m!3 Imisrrc BIGGaR'S REPOSITORY OF FINE ARTS, and FINE MODERN Eugravings in the country at less thai, one-half the usual prices. B.?Grate Aprons and Drapery for Looking Glasses in great variety and of the newest designs m!4 Im'ec LAFAYETTE bAZAAit, 149 and 151 Broadway, cor. of liberty street, NEW YORK. The Cheapest and Moit .Attractive Store of the City. POR the convenience of the buyers, $10,000 worth of Fancy Good*, Toys, Perfumery, Cutlery, Jewelery and other w rietie* of good*, are displayed on the counters, and told ON AN ENTIRELY NEW PLAN, At tlie folio wing Prices:? Counter No. 1 12>% cunts each article. Counter No. 2 25 do do do Counte, No. 3 SO do do do Counter No. 4 75 do do do Counter No. 5 $1,00 do do do All the Goods ate warranted to be genuine; the prices are fifty <? rceut below the market prices, and by this new plan you cat. buy the goods at retail prices a great deal cheaper than at auc tion. You will also find in the BAZAAR, the most complete as sortment of Sugar Plumbs anil Candies, from 2S cents to $3 s pound; Jujube Paste, Chocolate, tic. Two large Saloons have been fitted up in a magnificent style, is ICE CREAM SALOONS. A competent ]>erson. from a Philadelphia establishment, lias been engaged to take the eutire management ofthe Ice Cream Department, and ladies and gentle men will obtain at the Lafayette Baxaar, a real lc< Crum,Phila delphia style DAGUERREOTYPE PORTRAITS. MRS. H. SHANKLAND, Daguerrian Artist, has fixed tht front part of the two galleries of the Bazaar, as Daguerreotyi* Saloons, wherv she will continue, as heretofore, to tnie the inosi perfect LIKENESS FOR ONE DOLLAR, including a neai Morocco Case ?r Frame. For further particulars apply to K. A. ARTAULT, my6 Imrc At the Lafayette Baxaar. DA O UERREOTYPE. JOHN ROACH, 0|>tician, 82 Nassau street, begs leave to lu form Photographists, that he has just received, direct fron Vienna, an invoice ofVoightlaeuder It Sou's celebrated Germai Tubes, which he is now ready to warrant genuine to purchasers Price* as follows:? Tube with 3 inch lenses for full size plates, camera and stand,$146 do 2 do half size do do do 7? do l.l? inch lenses for guartar do do SO Persons at a distance upon to warding a remittance, with order may depend upou having an excellent instrument sent tliem J. R. keeps constantly on hand an assortment of plates, chem' cals, cases, and all articles used ill tlie Daguerreotyiie proces , of the best quality, and at as low prices as they can beobtaime any where eke. my8 lm*rc VOIGTLA ENDER'S DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. A HRANGEMENT8 recently msde with their brother-in .'I W, Mr. Voigtlaender, Vienna, euable the subscribers t< ?ell -lose Apparatus at reduced prices, viz ;? Largest size Apparatus, with three inch lenses for fall sixt plates, ut $ha. Medium size Apparatus, with two inch lenses for half six? plates, st $78. Small size Apparatus, with one-and-a-half inch lenses foi quarter size pistes, at$30. Gentlemen sending remittances in accordance with the abov> prices, may depend upon receiving the genuiue Voigtlaendei Apparr..ns. and not a worthless imitated article, they haviu* procured the sole agency for the Uuited States. Plates and Chemicals, of their own importation, as well a> all other articles conneetcd with their art, for sale at lowest market prices. W. A. F. LANGENHEIM. Philadelphia Exchange. Referring to the above advertisement, the subscribers inforn. the Daguerrian Artists in general that tlie above Apparatus and other materials can be procured to the stated prices, at their Da guerrean Attelier. Nc 201 Broadway. New York. mHlm .. l.\ '?NilKl ?) 8t BECKKR8 DAGUERREOTYPE. LB. OINSSE It CO., 13 William street, up stairs, respect ? fully inform Photographists that thev have now on tianci a full supply of their Plates of different Nos. and sixes of tht "L. B B. & Co. mark" so favorably known throughout the Uui ted States The) have constantly on hand the chemicals and preparations Used in the Dsguerreotype process, as well as French Tubes of very superioi quality. Cast Iron Mercury B itlis, Plate Polishes, Coating Boxes, and Head Rests of the best city make ml3 lm*rc MINI A TV HE PAINTING A. McDOl.'GALL has removed from No. 11 Park Plact ' ? to MS Broadway, fourth house above White street, east lide. mv? lm*ec QUARTERMAN to SON, PAINTERS' NO !? BURLING SLIP, Nkw Vomt Hot'sr, Sinn ai*d Ship I'snnno, Graining, Msiiuna ai*t> GutiKii ALSO?LEAD SASHES. Fen Chi'hchrs *ni> GnTMir Bi ii.tiitos, Manx to ordkr. ml lm?ec ALEXANDERS TK1COBAPHE. Anew and invaluabe discovery , being a liquid Dye, which instantaneously chai.ges the color ol the hair to a beautiful brown or black. Without injury to the hair or skin. The great superiority of this Dye consists iu its easy mode of application, and iustautsneous effect?all other dyes requiring from ten to twelve hours to produce any change. Its superior excellence will be apparent to every one upon a single application, Extract from the " Philadelphia Daily Sun."?Ai.r.s amour's TaicoBsrHE ?'l'he effect of the above on the hsir is truly as tonishing It wsi tried yesterdsy in our office, and the change from gray to black was instantaneous. Extract from the "Philadelphia Daily Forum."?Severid of our acquaintances have recently applied to their hair the valua ble liquid Dye known as Alexander's Tricobaphe?a new and valuable discovery ; and it has iu no case failed to produce the desired effect. Immediately after applying it to gray hair or whiskers, it impart* a beautiful brown or black color. For sale by Knshtou & Co. druggists, 110 Broadway ; \spiti wall, IK William street; Johnson, Moore k Taylor, 81 Maiden lane ; J. W. Wright h Co. I Cedar street; and of the principal druggists throughout the Uuited States, or of sole agents, R. It G. A. WRIGHT, 23 South 4th street, my!4lm*je Philadelphia. __ INVISIBLE WIG QO closely resembles the real head of hair that sceptic* and C5 connoisseurs have pronounced it the moat perfect and extra ordinary invention of Ine day. The great advantages of this no Vt I and unique wig is its being made without sewing or wearing which causes iu sppearancea so closely to resemble the natural hair, bo'h in Jightmss and natural appearante, as to defy detec tion, its texture being so beautiful, so porous and so free, that in all cases of Inspiration evaporation ii unimpeded and the great evils of other wigs entirely svoided. The sceptic and connois seur are alike invited to ins|iect this novel and beautiful Wig, and the peculiar method of fitting the head,at the manufacturer's, A. C. BARRY, 146 Broadway, coruer of Lib.rty street, up jn3 lin?ec ttr.iviuV AL. Mrs CARROLL'S MEDICATED VAPOUR AND SUL PHUR BATHS are removed from No. 32} Broadway to IM Fulton street, west of Broadway. Opto mm ? o'clock in the morning till ? o'clock at night Sulphur Bath* require oar hoar's notice. ml lm c? ! CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC. Qfice for the sale of the Original Genuine PULMONIC SYRUP, At No. 40 1-4 t'ortlamlt street, New York, n? usual. FJlCTS i-OJl THE PEOPLE COME YEARS AGO I was cared of a severe anil danger ?5 on* illness by a Syrup made from an old Indian recipe, and lieing strongly urged by my friends as well as by the considera tion that much good might be done through the exteusive intro duction of the Syrup to the public, I entered into an vrange ment for that purpose, and located myselfat No. 49>4 Courtland street, in the cit> of New York. Having confidence in a young man by the name of Schenck, I liad a verbal understanding with him, and the medicine was sold in hit name, and a true state ment of my cure bv the Syrru in his name, in the form of a cer tificate,w.u published ana widely circulated. I continued this connection until I had reason to believe this person was deviating (ruin the understanding. Complaint after complaint had come in to me relative to the variability and strength of the Syrup. Thinking that a writteu agreement might be more effectual, I requested one, but it was declined. 1 could overlook and pardon any merely personal matter, but my repu tation was too completely interwoven with the reputation of this valuable medicine: I, of course, felt that whatever affected the one would extend its consequences to the other. I had encountered large expenditures ill establishing and con ducting this business. My time and attention were devoted ex clusively to it. These influences, based upon my well knowu character, and the certificate of my cure, with my advice to nu merous patients or their friends, who called at my office, as well as to others whom I visited both in the city and country, and the gridually increasing and now wide-spread popularity of my treatment of consumption, colds, couglis, diseases of tlu> organs of reapinitiou, as well ?a the liver complaint and dyspepsia, have caused great numbers to make application to me, moat of whom I have been the means of beuehttiiig and restoring to health.? Results like these were truly gratifying, and I did not feel wil ling tiiat the advantages thus arising to all should be lost; nor could I conscientiously permit my sphere of usefulness to be narrowed through the neglect or variation of any other. To those who know ine personally, and the history of my Sy< run, it is unnecessary to say that I hold the old original receipt, ana liavi- the most accurate knowledge of the only correct me thod of preparing this medicine through all its different stages. And in order to rein'er it free from all impurities, as well as to insure its full and uniform strength, without the use ofthatkind of heat which tends to destroy the medical properties of some ol the most effective ingredients. I have the aid of a discovery and the application of an imporved and only suitable apparatus by which these objects can be successfully attained. Complaints ofiuefficacy, blackish color, and variable strength can never arise from iny process, the knowledge and employment ol which are confined exclusively to myself. The youug man wnose name has been incidentally mentioued being no longer interested in iny business, iias, 1 am told, set up for himself, or at least opened an office in this city, I wish him all the success that he may justly deserve. He invites the pub lic, I am informed, to come and buy his genuine Syrup, and wisely enough cautions it againstadulterated compounds. The Original Genuine Pulmonic Syrup prepared in this city exclusively by myself is for sale in New York, onlv at my old established office, 49>? Courtland st, on* door below Greenwich street. P. S. BEEKMAN. m: 28 lm*m K. E M O V A L. The Public i$ notified that the Officefor the tale of SCHENCITS PULMONIC SYRUP, HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM No. 49>4 TO No* 4 Courtland street, North side, afrw doors below Broadway, opposite National Hotel. WE CAUTION THE PUBLIC TO BEAR IN MIND, that P. S BEEKMAN, of 49>? Courtlandt street, is NO LONGER AN AGENT for the sole of the genuine Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup. Beware of Counterfeits !?Beware of Spurious Imitations!? To obtain the pur* genuine, unadulterated Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup, go directly to the Proprietor's Office, No. 4 Courtland street. This medicine is the only one ever discovered, that can be re lied upon with safety, for the cure of Pulmonary Consumption. It has cured when every thing else has failed?the author affirms this, without the fear of contradiction, and does it upon the clearest convictions of truth. If taken, and used according to directions, it seldom fails of effecting a perfect cure. Its principle of o|>eration is easily explained. It soothes and calins the troublesome cough; ripens the abscess, facilitates ex liectorstiou, and soon frees the lungs of the matter which col lects in the air tubes. It regulates the bowels without the use of other medicine?strengthens the system, and purifies the blood. It contains no mercury, opium, or other poisonous in gredient, but is made exclusively of roots and herbs. Iu Schenck's treatise, to be had (gratis) at his office, No. 4 Court land street, the early history of this Syrup may be seen. It originated from its curing the author when in the lowest stage of pulmonary consumption. This medicine, as a core for pulmonary consumption, has now become iiermanently established with the public. The number of cures of pulmonary consumption made in this city, which are before the public, are sufficient to prove that the Syrup will cure consumption, aud is the only medicine that can be relied upon with safety in tnat frightful disease. To the consumptive, nothing can be of more interest than the caseof Mrs. Tucker, N?. 43 York street, Jersey city. She was so far reduccd in consumption as to be unable to leave her bed. She took Schenck's Pulmonic?the disease then began to ripen, the abscess came to a head, aud she discharged nearly aquart of yellow matter, her lungs healed, her flesh returned, and she is now in the enjoyment of good health. M. Lnsk, Pastor of the R. D. Church, Jersey city, states that he is acquainted with Mrs. Tucker, and believes her statement as given in Schenck's treatise of consumption to be tnie. We have ouly space to mention the names of Mr. C. Van Nest, New Brunswick, late merchant of New York, No. 13 William street, who was restored to health by the use of this Syrup. Also Mary E. Van Buren, No. IS Christopher street, New York ; Charlotte Evans, 84 Montgomery street, Jersey city, daughter ofMr. Peter Delaney, No. 28 Market street, New wark, N. J., who were all victims to consumption, and cured by the use of ttys Syrup alone. We just add, in conclusion, that if any person wishes further satisfaction than is furnished in Schenck's treatise, by calling at the proprietor's office, they will be famished with reference to persons of the highest standing, who have been cured by schenck's Pulmonic Syrup. m25 lm*ec. HISTOR Y OF SCHENVIC~&~P U >MONIC SYRUP. rr*HE unparalleled reputation and constantly increasing Jp X ma'id for thia Syrup has induced the author to present to the public the following facts of the early history of his Me dicine. lu the year 1830, the subscriber, a resident of the city of Phi ladelphia, from exposure contracted a heavy cold, which be came settled upon his lungs, and all the symptoms of pulmona ry consumption speedily followed. I had a racking cough with pain ill my breast. My expectoration was a tough phlegm, mix ed with blood; hectic fever, night sweata. and rapid emaciation reduced me to an extreme feebleness. My physician, the late Doctor Parrisli, of Philadelphia (than whom there were none more eminent) together with my friends, abandoned all hope of my recovery; indeed they all anticipated my speedy dissolu tion. At the request of Dr. Parrisli l left the city and retired to the country, hoping it would be of benefit to my diseased lungs, but I soon became so much worse that I was confined entirely to my bed and rapidly sinking. I was nowdisliearten ed having given up all hopes of recovery, when 1 was strongly urged to use aSyiup made from an old 1 idisu recipe, which to my surprise and delight, succeeded in effectually curing me. From th? time 1 commenced taking the Syrup, 1 perceived * change was taking place in my system; by persevering in itsuse the disease ri|iened; the abscesses c.une to a head, and broke, discharging a large quantity of blood and mailer. After I had continued the use ol the Syrup for about three monihs, my dis ease was entirely removed, and I was restored lo perfect health. VI y lungs from tliat time have remained entirely healthy. To the truth of this a number ofcitizen' of tke city of Phila delphia can and will testify. The Pulmonic Syrup for along time .was gratuitously given to the public, but the great success which attended its minimis tptiou, and the increased demands, compelled the author ill lie year IKW tooprn an extensive laboratory in the city of Plii 'adelphia, in order mure satisfactorily tosupply the orders coni ng as they do from all parts of the United States. This Syrup has succeeded in cases where everythingelsc has failed, and it will generally succeed in curing every case of consumption where the following things aie attended to. viz. V fair trial, perseverance, and a strict conformity to the direc 'ions. It may not be amies to state the reason olthe great suc cess of the Pulmonic Syrup. It is the moat powerful purifier >f the system known?it operates by assisting nature to expel the disease from the lungs, stomach, and liver. Where there is hectic fever, night sweats, constipation, all usual symptoms if consumption, the use of the Syrup removes the fever, stope the night sweats, and regulates the action of the bowels, malt ing them liealthv and natural. It s othes and ripens the disease if the lungs, and then expels it in the form of expectorated mat 'er, and it is truly astonishing what quantitie* of corruption are -xpectorated by th. patients generally, who have taken the Pul monic Syrup, and'tnis continues until all disease of the lungs is removed, and the patient finds to his joy that he is restored to health. The Proprietor cannot be lwld responsible for the injurious effects oi spurious counterfeit imitations of his Syrup. Please notice that P. S. Beekman, of 49%Court[sn<lt street, is no longer an agent for the sale of the Genuine Schenck's Pul monic Syrup. The Genuine Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup can be had at the Proprietor's office. No. 4 Court I and t street, a few doors below Broadway; 32 South Sixth st, Philadelphia, one door below the comer of Chestnut st; 16 Broadway, Albany;! Stalest, Boston; and 20 North Gay st, Baltimore. Please notice that P. S. Beekman of 49% Courtland st, ia no longer agent for the genuine Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup. m22 lm*ih j THE WONDERFUL SUCCESS Which Dr. Folgei-'s Oloiaoman, or Ml Heal ing Balaam has met with, not only in ill tale, hut also in the cures which it hat effected, in persons who were in a hopeless condition, has convinced the most sceptical of Us ex traordinary curative pro perties, and establish ed its claims (? the name of the GREAT REMEDY. THE Question is no longer asked, "Can Asthma beCuredl" It has lieen been satisfactory settled within the last two months that Folger's Olosaonian will produce a cure quicker than any other remedy in the world, and references can lie given to persons in and out af the city who have ex|?ericnccd its wonder ful virtues, who had tried for years all other remedies in vain. Mr. WILSON, a bricklayer, residing at Hoboken, N. J., had tried every remedy which he could hearoffor the relief of asthma, uid Md ipent more than one hundred dollars in endeavoring to Vrocure help' but in vain. He commenced using the Olosaonian aniiary 21st The lint doee he took gave him relief, and two days afterwards his wife called to say that the small quantity of this remedy which he hap taken had done him more good than any and all the medicine* lie had ever used in his life. Mrs. RKI.U, the wile of Robert P Bell, of Mormtown, N. J., . who was severely afflicted with asthma, was given up by her 1 physicians. She was removed to the ?ea board in the ho|ie of pal liating her distressing symptoms, but with no benefit. One hot- ! tie of the Olosaonian so far relieved her that she was able to get | up from her bed and dress herself, a thing she had not done be fore in months and she has now returned to her residence in Moi? riHtown, N. J., with every prospect of being speedily restored. INCIPIKNT CONSUMPTION yields to its effects. It soethea the troublesome cough and gives | refreshing slumbers to the weary?it allays the pain in the side and soreness in the chest, and enables the person to expectorate j easily, while it entirely restores the secretions of the system and | expedite* reluming health JAMES B. DeVOE, 101 Reade street, had long been com- , plaining of a soreness in the chost, accompanied with a short, | (lacking fiough?he raised matter freely, has lost his appetite and felt alarmed at his situation. He had tried various remedies I without any beneficial effect. Hia shortness of breath and pain in the side continued to increase. He used one bottle of the Olo- ] saonian, and is restored to health George W. Burnett, of Newark, N. J.; George W.Hays, of New York; D?vid Henderson, #0 Laightat.; Mrs. McGanu. 20 Walker street; r, Laban, 52 Pike at; Nlrs. Archibald, 15 \V alker street, with HTNDRKD8 OF NAMES of persons residing in New York, could be given, who are ready I to bear testimony to the superiority of the Olosaonian over every other remedy known for the cure of coughs, colds, asthma, con sumption, bronchitis, difficulty ofbreathmg. hoarseness, influen za, pains in the breast and side, and the various affections of the stomach and liver. . u p'or sale at 108 Nassau street, one door above Ann, ana at Mrs. Hay i, 119 Kulton street, Brooklyn. myjrc HEAT?1(0 bushels prime Illinois Wheat, landing et ship Oswego from New Orleans, and for sale in lots to suit purchasers, by E. K. COLLINS k CO., jl*re v % South street. Baltimore. * [Correspondence of the Herald.] Laltimohe, June 13, 1845, J! Letter from hahr the Pir :tr The Small Pox?I.ibtl Suit?ml Man Sun Struck?Railroad Jlecident?Fir' on the W* thin fit on Railroad?Thrieion of the City. <J-< . Babe, the pirate, or Mr. Babe, as tome of the press stylo him, succeeded yesterday in kicking up quite an excitement In Baltimore. A letter was received from him by Mayor Davis, making certain enquiries relative to the black man, Abraham Johnson, the cook on board the brig Orleans, who was tried and convicted of man slaughter, on Tuesday last, for tho murder of Junius Drummond, on board that vessel. He stated that be had been convicted on hi* trial of the murder of a black cook named John Johnson, of which he was wholly innocent; and as he believes him to be still living, he desires cer tain enquiries to be made, to ascertain whether Abraham Johnson was not tho John Johnson alluded to. Abraham Johnson was accordingly questioned, and denied that he had ever passed under the name of John Johnson, nor had he ever sailed on board tho Sarah Lavinia. He was also equally positive, that he had never known a suitor named Babe, in all his travels. Babe is a cunning fellow, un questionably. Yesterday a gentleman called at the office of the Board of Health, und complained of a nuisance, in the shape of a hog pen, in his neighbor's garret. Strange place for a hog pen. Last evening about six o'clock wo had ouite an ac ceptable fall of rain, continuing to descend at a brisk rate for nearly two honrs, reviving both animal ami vegetable nature. The dwelling of Mr. John W. Wll mer, in Hanover street was struck bv lightning during the storm, knocking a number of shingles off the root, but doing no other damage The Barney libel suit still continues to occupy the at tention of the Court, principally in the discussion of points of law. Quito an excitement has prevailed in the city for a few days past relative to the kinail pox, but on enquiring at the proper sources I learn that it is not ko bad as it ha? been, and that the cases arc scattered here and there, through different sections of the city, having in no wise assumed the character of an epidemic. A man was yesterday found on the Philadelphia road, in a sitting posture, perfectly dead. On an examinatibu by a physician he was pronounced to have died from the effects of the sun. A passenger from the north, who?e name 1 could not learn, had notli his legs shattered on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad on Tuesday, between this city and Cum berland, caused by running over a cow. Seveial othei passengers were also slightly injured, and one of the cars greatly damaged. The number of prisoners in the Maryland penitentiary is 285?comprising 254 males, and 31 females. The Washington Railroad Company still refuse to re duce their rate of faro from the exhorbitant charge oi fS 50 for thirty-nine miles of travel to $1 50, notwith standing they consented and stated their intention so to do, in accordance with the privilege granted by the Le gislature. There can be no doubt, from the experience of the roads in New England, that the travel on this road would soon be tiebled at a reduced fare, but still the of ficers of the company base their refusal on an estimate of the amount of travel at the present rates. This is a matter in which the whole travelling public are interest ed, and have loudly demanded a correction of the evil. A stage line has been running to Washington daily for thr last year,and doing an excellent business at$l 50 perjhead the amount of travel on which will now doubtless be largely increared, on account of the refusal of the Rail road company to comply with their pledged agreement to reduce their charge to the same adequate rate. The Independent Fire Company of this city are hav ing constructed, bv Messrs. Rogers & Son, one of thr largest engines in the United States. It is to combine in itself both suction and spouting qualities unequalled, with all the recent improvements in such apparatus, ami is to cost, I learn, over $2,000. It is to be made with folding or extension levers, affording space and accom modation for about forty-eight men to work on her at once, aud is to throw two side streams and one from the gallery. The commissioners appointed by the Governor to di vide the city into twenty instead of fourteen wards, as at present, are progressing with their labors greatly to the satisfaction of the whigs, and tho chagrin of the democrats. It ii said they are endeavoring so to manage things as to throw the ninth ward into the third congressional diitrict, where it can do no harm to the whigs, and will secure the re-election oi John P. Kennedy to Congress from the second district Another object they have in view is, to cut up the city in such a way that a majority of the wards will elect whig councilmen, evea should tho aggregato vote be against them. Of course they are loudly condemned by the democrats, but they reply by throwing up to them their former unfair division of the city with the same po litical objects in vit>w, that were so successful in secur ing to them a majority ot the wards. " All's fair in poli tics," will have to he adopted as a standing motto hereaf ter, for both parties. When they have the power, they both use it in the same way. VlNDKW Boston ? [Correspondence of the Herald.] Boston, June 13, 1845. Business Prospects?Progress of Huston?Religion?Fool Races, fc. 4-c. A spirit of activity, almost appoaching speculation, seem* to pervade every department of life, in this goodly city and vicinity. The golden calf is the object of uni versal admiration, and all are pressing forward eager to bask in its radiance. While the good people of your city are looking anxiously forward for more light on the state of our policy in relation to foreign nations, and warning the government to be prepared for the worst, we are hatching and bringing to maturity schemes of commercial agrandisement. Politics are forgotten, even the howls of hungry office huntors are drowned by the onward march of business. The fnce of the island on which our city stands is nearly covered with houses, and as the population is increasing rapidly the attention of the deal ers in real estato is turned to the surrounding country Kast Boston (an island opposite, not unlike Brooklyn,) which but a lew years ago was tho undisputed home ol the ettercap and the rat, is now the abode of nearly 7,00<) christians; and when all the houses are occupied that aie now in the course of construction, 10,000 will not be too high a tiguie for its population. The beautiful Maverick llouso, which was long the principal ornament of this island, which was built during the ago of speculation, having been vacant for nearly two years, and therefoic useless, has been torn down to make room for other and more convenient buildings, and the ruins of its foundation are all that now meet the eye to tell where it once stood The ground which it occupied, I believe, was purchased at tho rate of $60 an acre, and now it is valued at *2 pe> foot. Kast Poston has a beautiful public school, and three large churches, vir.: Orthodox. Universalist and Catho lic, and the Mraodlltl are holding a fair at this time pre paratory to re-building their present place of worship The Baptists are also all alive ob the subject of church building, and I should not be suqirised if they, too, sent a spire upward 111 the course of the year. The Catholics on this island are mostly Irish, and a better behaved and quiet people are not in existence. This happy state however, is mainly to be attributed to the excellent character of their priest, Mr. O'Brien. He is of Irish ori gin, but native born, and was educated on the continont of Kuropo. The aim and object of his life seem to be to render the flock of his chaige virtuous and happv. Pos sessed of the most winning personal address, which t-a' received the polish of a superior education, and a^che w ing every thing in the guise of political agitation, he has endeared himself not only to those of his own faith, hut to all who enjoy the pleasure of his acquaintance By his judicious conduct, the terms "Irish," and "Catho lic,'' within the pale of his influence, call forth no un pleasant feelings, even among the most rabid sectarians. Although I am not a Roman Catholic, nor any thing ehe but a sinner?I cannot but admire virtue in others It all the Catholic priests in the country would follow Mr. O'Brien's example, we should hear less of Catholic bigo- < try, and mote of Catholic Christianity. A foot race of ten mile*, for a purse of MOO. which (<? to come oil' on the 17th in?t., on the rambridgn Ran Course, is exciting much interest amongst the " fancy Several of the young bloods who are to enter, have l ee^ duiing the past fortnight, between the hours of ten an eleven, testing their powers of speed, by tunaing roun our Common Twenty names, beside those of Gilder sleeve and Jackson, are alieady entered. Betting run in favor of the swilt New Vorker. A trotting match fo; $400 is to come oil'on the ahova racing ground to-mor row, between thp horses Boston and Orey Washington Mile heats, best 3 in 6?in harness. JOHN BUNVAN. Boston, (The Shades.) June 13. 1844. Preparations for the Odd Fellows Celebration?Theatrical' Rise and Fall of Seinpaprrs?Omnibuses on the Camj. Street Plan? Population, cj-c, <f-c. The Odd Follows celebration occurs on the 19th, (next Thursday,) instead of the 17th, as stated in Wednesday's Herald. It will he the most magnificent pageant ever witnessed on this continent, and will well repay a visit to our city to behold it. \u immense pavilion is now erecting on the Common, capable ofdining twelve thou sand brethren. Theatricals are flourishing considerably In Boston at this timo. Dan Marblo takes a benefit to-night at tho National, and Palmo's company, at the now Little Wash ington Theatre, which has been quite successful, Mr. Wm B. Knglish, the manager, understands how to cater for tho amusement of the public, and is always on the qui l ire for the latest novelties. Rockwell and Stone's Circus are now in this city, and will romain till the -iotli. It is well patronised. New papers are springing up in profusion in our midst, among them the Hoston Daily Sun, Weekly Mestmter, Newt, tho Jester, and Cactus, edited by Wm. I. Snelling. There is competition ruough now to ensure something smart in the editoiial line, and some bright scintillations 1 may, ere long, be expected. A new line of omnibuses on the New York plan, has recently been staited in this city. l.arge numbers of buildings are now constructing, af fording a busy time to masons, carpenters, kc. Our po pulation 1* at present lift,000, and rapidly increasing. When we get our supply of water from Long or Spot Pond, we shall begin to be quite a tidy-looking village. 1 Varieties. Hon. John Davis is announced in the Detroit pa pers as having reached that city. He wok to spend two or three days there, and visits nephew at I'ontiac, and proceed to Cleveland, Ohio, where he is called by busi ness. Several of the citizens of Detroit paid their re spects to him at the National Hotel, the day after he arrived. Mr. Hali was considerably better, though his phy sicians were still apprehensive and doubtful as to hii* final recovery .The ball lodged in bis neck was extracted on Saturday night. He was able to repose in bed with comfert, and also walk across his room yesterday morn ing. We understand also that the examination of Well* w?!i concluded on Saturday, and the amount of bail fixed at $13,000. He had not yet found bail, and was still in prison. He is said to maintain much composure o manner. The excitement at Monroe is very strong.? Detroit ??<fii., 0th. In the District Court, Judge Heath presiding, the case of Abraham Johnson, colored, indicted for the man slaughter of James Drurnmond, on hoard the brig Or leans, vn her way to Baltimore, was brought on in the above Court, and disposed of 011 Woduesday. The Jury, after an absence of an hour and a half, brought in a ver dict of guilty. Is it or is it not true that a " fjrand trial of skill" is to take place on the 33d iust., between the Indepen dence Guard and the Indendeut Tomkins' Blues of New York city? The military " boys" in this quarter would like to know. Will some of the New Y orkers inform us. ?yew Haven Dtm. The trial of Nelson Cooper, for the murder of William Brooks, of Morgan county?which case wii re moved to Jefl'erson? was concluded on Wednesday even ing the 4th. The verdict of the Jury was murder in the second degree, and the prisoner was sentenced to eight een years confinement in the Penitentiary. It is stated that the Kev. Mr. Turnbull, of tlic Baptist Church, in Harrison avenue, Boston, has re ceived a call as pastor of the Baptist Church in Hartford, with a salary of $1,400, and that he is to accept the invi tation. A large proportion of the inhabitants of the CreB cent city are wending their way northward to escape roasting. It is said that the " Cant-get-away Club" are objects of pity, as the temperature is almost unprece dently high. It is said that 2,000 buildings will be erected at Montreal the present year. Among them a market house of hewn stone, 300 feet in length; it cost $160,000 The Hnrritburg Argus announces the decease of Gen Sallada, the late Surveyor General. He was from Berks county, and a very estimable gentleman, whose kindness of heart attached to him many devoted friend*. A daily piper Called the Transcript has been et>ta bli?hed in Worcester, (Mass,) by Mr. Julius L. Clarke, and the proprietors of the Ivorceiter Spy an nounce their intention to issue a daily paper from their office. It has been ascertained that the whole number of houses destroyed by the late fiie in Quebec it* 1630. The insurance on these buildings amounted to >411,340. The insuiance companies have made arrange ments with the bank.* to meet all claims against them for losses. The Hon John White, ex Speaker of the House of Representatives in Congress, united in New Oileans on the 4th inst. The Hon. Henry Johnson is also in the same city. The Kev. Dr. Sharp, of Boston, spoke at the anni versary of the Baptist Missionary Society in London in May, making some elegant and feeling allusions to his as sociations on revisiting the home of bis lathers. Hon. Benjamin F Shields, United States Charge to Venezuela, arrived in New Orleans on the 3d instant. His intention is to leuve immediately for the scene of his new duties. The Odd Fellows have commenced the erection of their pavilion on the Boston Com ion, preparatory to the celebration on the 10th. It is said that Washington Irving has expressed an earnest desire to be relieved from his foreign mission,and to return to his homestead ou the Hudson. The Hon. John Neilson is forthwith to proceed to England, to lay the disaster at Quebec before the British public, and solicit subscriptions. The city governments of Salem,as well as of Port land, offer a reward of $1000 for the detection of incendi aries. Col. Johnson, of Virginia?"Old Nap"?was in Benton, Miss., a few days since, on his way to his son-in law's, who resides near that town. The locusts have appeared in great numbers at Lexington in this State.?Missouri Rep., June 3. Kpiscopaliunism has increased greatly in the coun try within the last few years, and is still doing so. We sec it stated that in New Kngland alone, where there were only thirty-six churches in 1748, there are now two hundred und twenty-two. The Northampton Courier states that Rev. Mr. Oviatt, of Belchertown, who has received a call from ths City Missionary Society of Boston, requested his dismis sion from his present charge on Sunday last. Wm. Hardison, who shot a young lady, a niece of his, whilst on a visit to bis house at Norfolk, either ac cidently or intentionally, some mouths since, has been acquitted. We have a rumor from Washington, that Gov. Van Ness will be selected as a special Minister to Eng land. William Van Buskirk, Esq., a talented lawyer of Cumberland (Md.), and for several years a prominent member of the House of Delegates of .\1ary land,and more recently Secretary of State under Governor Thomas, committed suicide on Sunday afternoon, by shooting himself. The under graduates of Amherst College have presented Kev. Dr. Humphrey, their late President, with a beautiful silver pitcher, with an appropriate inscrip tion, as a token of their respect and gratitude. Healy, the Artist, was at the Hermitage, on the 3d inst, painting a portrait of Oen. Jackson Air the King of the Krcnch. Hon Henry L. Ellsworth, late Commissioner of the Patent Otticc, has arrived and taken up his residence at Lafayette, Indiana. The Pennsylvania State Convention of Universn lists, will meet at Montrose on the 11th and 13th inst Mr. Wright, the editor of the Pensncola Gnzettr, is elected to the State Senate. Thcatrlrnla, &c. Ole Bull is now on his way to this city. He will give a few other concerts at different tow ns between nerc and Cleveland, which he left on Thursday last. The Seguins and Mr. Frazer have been quite suc cessful wherever they have displayed their talents in this country lince their last anival. It is now nrettv generally allow ed that whatever share of success h oy'i new opera of ''Leonora" has met with in Philadelphia, was entirely owing to their power*. Mr. Henry Phillips left in the Great Western on Thuisday last, rather earlier than was expected. He lias not been quite so successful in this country as was anticipated, in a pecuniary point of view, but he has composed several pieces of original music, and taken very voluminous notes and observations of men, man ners, and places while among us, which he intends to publish on his return to England. From his well known literary abilities, tic. there is every reason to believe that -ometbing good w ill be produced. He will remain in Kurope about twelve mouths, and then return to this country. Mr. Maywood is Riving a series ol entertainments illustrative of Hcottish characters, with great success in Canada. Sig Sanquirico returned to Europe in the Great Western, on Thursday last. It is generally understood! that on his arrival he will make some arrangements for i new Italian company in this city. The Campanaloeians, or Swiss Hell Ringers, bet ter known on the other side of the Atlantic as the " Lan cashire Bell Ringers,''have been very successful since rheir arrival in this country. In their recent tour through out the Mates it is said they have realized little fortunes. Chey are now at Buffalo. The Infant Sisters (Misses Macotnber,) and "Wat ie" the Piper, have also bren pretty successful in this country At last dates they were at St. Louis, drawing rowiled houses to their concerts. The Misses Hussey are (riving concern in New Bedford, assisted by Mr. Maeder. The new dramas of Don Cazar dt Batnn, and the Spirit of the Rhine, were received enthusiastically. hi the first evening of their presentation at the Buffalo Theatre. The Albany Theatre will open on Monday even ing next, with a powerful dramatic corps, for a short eason. with the splendid drama of "Putnam, or the lion ?on of 76." A new Oratorio under the title of Jepth i, compos I ...1 Mr J. 11 Hewitt, was performed st Washington on Thursday evening, and was well received. The Harmoneon Family are giving concerts in St. John's N. B. Mr. Moses O. Nichols, ol Haverhill, Mass., has recently invented a new musical instrument, for which ho intends to take out a patent denominated the " Reed Organ," and is intended to take the place of those ex pensive church organs now in use in some of our churches. It said to be well calculated forchurch music. Rockwell and Stone's equestrian company are at Bangor, Me. Mr. K. Shaw commenced an engagement at the Pittsburgh theatre on Wednesday last. Mr. Winchell, by particular request, repeats his drolleries in Newark on Monday evening. From Lack Sci'khior.?We learn from a Sault Ste. Marie corres|>ondent of the fhtntit Frtt Prt that Mr. Charles T. Miller, one ol the deputy U. 8. sui veyors for the mineral region, died at the Sault on the Sd instant. The same writer states that the schooner Al gonquin arrivod on the 'id with about three tons of cop per mineral from the Pittsburg < ompanv Works, being the first sent down this season. It is to be sent to Bos ton. It is packed up in half barrels, weighing abont S00 lbs. each, and is said to be worth ?i-JO per ton, delivered in Boston. &00 tons are to be sent there by the Pittsburg Company, and tUe like amount by the Boston Copper Company.

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