25 Ağustos 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

25 Ağustos 1845 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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2, 7 It. IMS 2,915,474 4v*?TiTr Aim Estimated Value or Each Abtici.k at Al?a!?V AND TliOT, WHICH OAME TO THE HuMON RjVkH ow the Canal* or thu State in 1844. mnfrfi#: yalut ?h ur and peltry, pound. . . . $1 2i 832,200 $1,040 *75 ?II 'Mr.l. Mid .caiuIhi*, feet. 17 00 <32,414,700 1 ,001691 ?Mnngles, M . . 3 00 78,115 231181 imlitr, I B0 p lent 18 00 921.982 160 605 *?>???, pound 4 mills 97,333.000 39o'l3l |Wo,?J cor.l $l7i 16, M0 Ml 737 ?\shes, barrel 22 00 00.646 l,r4,212 Total value .$7,71?,032 Agriculture. Product t>f Jinimah. Fork, barrels $9 00 63,646 472,814 tfeel, do.. . .. J oo 50,000 250,000 Uieese, imiiuds.. 0 05 26,674,500 1,333 725 u" 1' 5?d lard, do 0 10 22,596,300 Wool, do 0 38 7,672,300 Value of Product of anim's $7,788,923 1 grtu/ile food. Flour, barrel* $4 50 2,222,201 9,999,918 Wh?^? uuahel* 0 UC 1,2( 2,219 1,211,759 0 70 62,239 4 3 506 ri"?' do: 0 50 17,861 8,931 Barley, do 0 63 818,472 527,410 Uther grain, do 0 31 l,l(i?,524 396.618 Bran and ship ituffa, do... 0 13 1,177,489 303,153 ]'-.?aiid bi-aus, do 1 63 21,176 32,184 otatoea, do 0 38 18,263 6,905 l'nid fruit, pounds 0 08 1,299,100 103,952 Value of Vegetable food $1 2,631,616 All other Jlgricultural "induct*. Cotton, pounds 0 07,S' 79,600 5,971 lonncco, do 0 11 318,900 35,079 Movrr and grits* seed, do. 0 07 1,594,1)00 321,636 Flaxseed, do 0 02 3.114.000 62,280 ?opi, do 0 13 1,319,700 171,561 ValuHof all other agricul tural product* $596,527 lotal agricultural product* $21,020,065 Manufactures. pomMtic spirit* 0 25 1,191,317 298,582 feather, pouud 0 20 3,909,0(10 9:15,051 'urnitnre, 0 10 2,177,100 217,740 ? :r and pi* lead, do . .. 0 04 41,800 1672 ft* Won, do 0 OlHa 6,422,600 96,' 310 Iron ware, do 0 04 911,900 17 796 J'oinesiic win, liens. do. . . 1 35 867,200 1,170 720 i'omeslic cottons, do 0 31 1,584,600 49 M26 S'.lt, barrel* 1 37* 175,013 210,643 Total value cf manufacture* $3 189 670 Merchandise, pound 0 17>i 492,300 $86,153 Other articles. Stone lime and clay, lbs. l)i mills 50,159,800 75,239 Oyiwum, do. 2' mill* 1,891,800 8,398 Mineral Coal, do 3 mills 18,180,700 55.993 Suutlriea 4 cents 54,722,100 2,188,896 Value of other article* $2,328,526 .... ? _ . Recapitulation. * alue ol Product* of the Forest $7,716,032 Va ?e ol Agricultural Product* 21,020,06.) Va ne ol Mnniifactiires 3,189,670 Vn ue of Merchandise 86,153 value of all other article* 2,328,526 Total value $34,610,416 The total amount of tolls received for transporting this amount of merchandise was $3,449,874, or about oi.e fourteenth part of the aggregate value of the merchan dise transported. The aveiage per cent of the tolls paid by encii description of merchandise transported during tho past eight years, has boon by boats and passengers 10-0 per cent. Products of the forest 14-21. Agriculture 38-76. Manufactures 4-73. Merchandise 36-83. Other articles 6-44. The averago per cent of the value of mer] r hand ice transported on the canals during the past nine years, has been as follows, viz : products of the forest 9 87 per cent; agriculture 26-65; manufactures 7-92; mer chandise 61-33 ; other articles 4-24. These returns show the movements of produce, &c., upon the c.an?l? of our State, in every shape and form. It appears that the products of .agriculture pay a littlo more than one third of the aggregate amount of tolls, an J only compete about one quarter of tho average value of the merchandise transported on tho canals during the past nine years. The value of tve agricultural products transported in 1844, was a larger per cent of the total value ol merchandise transported, than in any previous year, it having been about two thirds of the total amount. Old Stock Kxchange, $33000 U S 6'* *12m 110 150 Canton Co 37 15HOO do *10 110 25 d0 l6n M00 do 110 M do 13000 U S5V '53 103' j 50 do *10 37 H 1800 Ohio 7 * |0l? 25 do *30 37V> 7000 Ohio 6'*, '60 9 ( 400 <lo 37 i) '2W!' do tf'-A 150 Harlem KR 60. 1 10000 do ,90 95 550 Long Island R R 62 4 10(100 I ?60 95 100 do 6(. lOOM do *1,) 95 100 Mohawk RR 57* ,d", ??d 95 100 Erie RR 26 7000 Keii'j-.6'?, 50 >ra mo 50 do 26,, 2000 Illinois Special 36 50 Stonington R R 29.a 18000 do :i6% 25 do *30 29 r1 1000 Pen n'a 5 * 1,6m 75 50 di joiJ 5 sha* Bank! Otn. full 94 400 Nor Sc Wor R R 67 i! 200 Farmers- l.iu.t 32M 50 do 67? " 32^ 50 do b?0 68 J?., ?? . 32>* 100 do *10 67k.' 225 Morris Cminl 28 25 do hnw 67ji do 28;? 75 do 672 do sfiO 20 * 50 do *15 67? ? <?<> *30 28>4 2.50 Wilmington R R 29 i?? do s!(0 28 250 do bl5 29 do 28'h 225 Reading R R 49 it'O .. d'> 28 200 do 49J' 50 Ent Bo ton s30 13^4 SslnIKl Uonrtla 25 *has Canton Co 37 hi 25 Nor& WorR Rbnw 67i{ '0 do b'O 37>? 25 do 61 S 25 do *30 37 50 do *10 67 J , ?w <Jo 37'* 25 Morris Canal b3 274.' 50 do 17S 25 do 27^ 50 Li>:i* I (land R 11 sl5 61^ 100 do ?3m 28 50 do s30 61^ 100 do . 28 50 do 1.3m 62 25 do 28 Sir w stiicU Kxrtaaiif((;. M *h-s F'.ir Trust I 3 32U 100 Morris Canal hlO 28 a M do *10 32 25 do hlO 28 .? 25 do cash 32J^ 25 do ?3 28 25 C uton Co ?3 250 Long Is| R R c.i?h 62 25 do *15 36jJ 225 do aim 61,.. 50 d.) *10 37 titl do s3 62 ? *?"vv a,i5 V,. 200 do 61 - u Nor St Wor cash 67^, 100 do ,3 62 50 do I.30 0'M. X> do s90 61 2 do "tl 10 do nw 62 ^ do ,3 67>? 50 do s3 623s* t.*n&rr Died. On the 'Jlth instant. of consumption, Mr. John Watkhs id tho S?tb year ot his age. His funernl will take place this atternaon, at 4 o'clock, i'. M , fiom the residence of Iris brother, Martin Waters 11* Hmiiniorsly Ktreet. Tho friends and acquaintances ol tlie lu.aiiy ure lespcctfully invited to attend. TWENTY DOLLARS REWARD. , LO 1 or Stolen, front the hn.ll of No 292 Broadway, a tin II white Havana Hut, about fire inches high, one foot long, with loot; e?rs, very fine, soft hair, half sheared off, and i dark ?po> on the skin, near her right hiud leg. She answers t( tin* nam* ofAdina." Tlie above Reward will be paid to whoever returns 'lit same to 292 Broadway. ?25 3t*m Anwonv, La Fatettk Haul. New York, August 21th, 1845. LIGHT GUARD.? The Commandant announces with e grn the demise ol Private George W. Teuhuer. I h- members of this corps are hereby directed to use Me at the United States Hotel, corner ol l<ultonand Water streets, this afternoon, ac 3 o'clock, in citizen's dress, for the puipose 01 attending the funeral of their late esteemed associate By order, E. VINCENT. a25 lt*m Commandant. AluoKh'rf DESCRIPTION OF TEXA5S. JUST received a fresh supply of Francis Moore's Deac rip tionol'Tesas, with a Vvap of Texas ruid .Vlenco. Also, Just Published, a new edition of General Ans'in's Map of Tex ai, with all llie new divisions and rmprovemetts to the present time. Also, a large Map of Mexico, by 8 & S. Tanner, For sale at the Map Establishment, No. 217 Broadway, comer of Park PI ce. a2.'r Ifm INFORMATION is w inted of Mrs. Ann Smith, a Scotch I. id i' who mysteriously disappeared a few months ago, troin New Vork Ifliviug. she is supposedtobe ill Philadel phia. Philadelphia papers | lease copy. N B.? Any information respecting her safety, would be thaukl'iilly received try her friends. Please address 8. Bond, 2-13 Cannl street, New York. n21 2t*m Wlt.LIAMSBt Ron, August 3, 1815. NOTICE. ? The Partnership hitherto existing between Hathnrne St Sheers, is this day dissolved, by mutual con sent. N.B. ? The business will be continued by the undersigned .21 3i'm HEN rt V .iT EE 118 PPUHHKDltU respectfully informs his friends and tin ? public, that he has removed Irom No 17 Pnrk Kow, to 153 Kulton street, two doors least of Broadway, where he will be most happy to receive all his numerous friends and acquain tances New York, '3rd August, 1845. au24 lnr'mc PACKET Hi II P SIDDONS, FOR 1.1 VERPOOL.-Pss i' nger* by this ahip wiM pie >ae be on board, at Orleans Wharf loo' III Wall str-et, on Tuesday mnrnii.g, 26th instant, at 12 i clock , at w hich time th? ship will sail Le'ter bags will close at the nsual places at 11}^ o'clock. a2ijn Wigs and Scalps. BATCH r l.OR'fe New luvn ed Wigs and Scalps, are ex ci'ii u 'ii' sit ?ntshm- nt, curioiiiy ?nd admiration of con uoissenrs. All th- old difficulties and vexations annoyances ar? now done away with. These beautiful s|reciinens of the art of Wig mr'k i ig . can only lie procured at Wm. Batch* lor's, No. 2 Wall ktreet, netr Broadway. Removed from 165 Broadway. *u23 lin'mc AN liXl'OSUKIi? LOOK OUT. \ CERTAIN HOUSE doing business in I Id Slip, are h i?b, n 'tilWd that unless they pay over to a certain per r on the |n ir. eds of the property which he placed in their hands for shipment to one of Her Majesti's North American Colo nies, anil which the, Inve fraudulently retained possession of for a long rime, a full exposition of the swindling transaction will be mud' public. a2J lw* rc WAT( HEM, CLOCKS, JEWELRY AND SILVER" WAKE Eli S 8. ROCKWELL, No. 418 Broadway, a few doors ? .outh ol Canal street, have a good assortment of fine gold and silver duplex, detached lever 1. piu? and other Watcnes, which tney will warrant first rate time keepers, and sell at very low prteet. A fine nasortme.it of rlegant Mantel Clock*, and M new and fashionable Jewelry, Silver War", lie. Wafehes and Clocks of every description carefully repaired by ski 1 1 u I and experienced workmen. *23 Jt?ic ~ TO ANG I.ERS AND DEALERS LN FISHING TACKLE. (10NROY 8. 52 Kit 1 1 on street, corner of Cliff street, Manu */fjr inters and Importers of Fishing Tackle in all its branches, nave now mmpleted their fall stock, consisting of every article i,i the line for Pond, Stre-m, River and Sen Fishing. Impor er* of the genuine R Hemming li Son, and genuine Limerick nstly celebrated Fish Hook*. Also, of Dixonk Sons ce'ebrated ?.hooiing Tsckle and covered Drinking Flasks, finest Canister Hint" w-'ler. Ktr.. k.r . wholesale and retail. *23 lm*r i)A< KET SHIP fsH'.li I Ua> from Liverpool? ia diacharg l pig under eenersl order, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall at. Consignee* will please attend to tke reeipt of their goods im medi rely. n23r? PV K K I SHIP S|. MARY, Irani New Orleans, is dis fihsrgl g 't Thome's Store, Brooklyn.? Consignees will please attend to the rtceipt of their goods immediately. nttrc _ PAINTINGS boil ?ALK. A '"'VY? FINE OLD PAINTINGS, comprising Scriptural /i. UN Hiaicwical subjects, Landacspet, lie., amongit them a ceaniHe Interior by Teatem a i CluMtre bf Muter maw. tain T?OARD WANTED.? A gentleman aad hi* twodaagkters, I mj ag?d eight and twelve, are detlrcus of obUMinf perma nent board, in ? respectable print* famiW, or where ther? ere lew boarders, for which they will be willing to pay from $t to $9 p~r week. A note, addressed to M. E, ?t this office, will meet with immediate attention. Location ? cot lower down town than Wall afreet, nor higher up tlian Franklin atreet. Heferenos eichanned ?2i 1i*m WANTKD? A Woman, betweeu the aces of tweut>-tive aud thirty, to taller SIT of two children, and attend to . the making aud mendii'g of their clothes. Inc. She mail be a goud clear-starcher and ironer, and also be accustomed to wait npon and dreis ladiei. An Eugliih or American will bo pre ferred ( but iht- iuu?t be a Protestant. None other need apply. Apply ut the Lyceum House, corner of Washington and Concord ? tree's, Brooklyn. a25 lt*cc AYOUNO MAN from the country wUhi-s to get into some useful bmiueas or employment in tiie city. A book store or printing office preftried. Address, John Gurduer, 201% Hudson st. au21 Im'rc INFORMATION WANTED OWEN ROGERS? Whereas, the relatives of this person, (who whs of the Parish nfCoolevin, in the County ofSligo and who left Ireland some 33 or 38 years ago,) hare been in formed that the said Oireu Rogers wishes to have some infor mation as to his relations ? this is to acquaint him that he can obtain intelligence of his sister, hy addressing a latter to M. C. at the New \ ork Herald Office, N. Y. , ' ?Southern papers please copy. aul9 lm'rc AS nALESMAN.? The advertiser, bar ing a thorough knowledge of business, and a first- rate Salesman, is wil l'"*? to devote his time and attention to any House requiring such services. He possesses a good kuowltdge of the Drug business, is conversant with the French lanituage, mid his no olyecti< n to go South or West. Address, O. P. Q , Herald office. aul7 Jw*m | "c ast OFF CLOTHING <t KUKN1TURE WANTED. LADIES OH GENTLEMEN having any superfluous or I cast oil Clodiiiig or Furniture to dis|>ose of, can obtain lor j the same a liberal cash price. by sending lor the subscriber (through 1'ost or otherwise) at his residence. No. 69 Duane street, basement. M. 8. COHEN, i N.B. Mrs. Cohen will also attend to Ladies at their resi- 1 ueuce, if requested. aU lm*rc | AT CLARKE'S it STEVAN'S Temperance lntalligence I Office, 95% Duane street, subscribers lor some good Pro testant Set vauts and others, uoth white and colored, of good moral character. The subscriber pledges himself to nrecure help for theimblic at the shorte.it notice. Mr. darkens office is Patronised by some of the first families in the country. Remember ? 95% Duane street two doors west of Broadway, : Washington Temperance Intelligence Office. jy26 lm*rh ! SECOND HAND CLOTHING AND FUR NITURE IV ANTED. AND the highest price given for all kinds of cast ofT Clothing and Kiiod serond hand Furuiture. Persons wishing to dis pose of the same, will do well to call '>n the subscriber, or ad dress a line through the Post Offie, which will be punctually attended to, B.LEVY 49% Chathim street, ew Vork N.B Constantly on hand, a seasonable assortment of geu llemen's Clothing, cheap for cash. al6 lm*rc COPPER MINERS WANTED. WANTED by the New York and Lake Superior Miuiug Company, FIFTY Copper Miners? to be employed at Afate Harbor, Lake Superior. Temperate and experienced Miners will receive liberal wa ges ? none others need apply Apply to the undersigned at West Troy, N. Y. E. LEARNED. Jr., President N. Y. and L. S. M. Co. New York, Aug. 14th, 1845. ali Swis'rc TO TRAVELLERS AND OTHERS. GENTLEMEN or Families going to Euro|>e or elsewhere, wishing In disencumber them. elves of superfluous effects such as WEARING APPAREL, either ladies' or gentle men's, JEWELRY, FIRE ARMS, Ike., be., will do well to send for the subscriber, from whom they will obtain the highest cash prices. H LEVETT. 99 Nassau street. Herald Buildings. Families or gentlemen attended by apiKiiiitmeut, and all or ders left at the subscriber's office, or a hue through the post office punctually attended to. au2l lm'rc LOAN OFFICE. AUTHORIZED BY LAW? Office No. 6 Miuor street, south si 'e, three doors above Fifth street, Philadelphia,? Sign of the Three Balls. N. B.? Miuor street runs from Fifth to Sixth, betweeu Mar- | ket and Chestnut. Office hours from 9 o'clock, A. M., to 9 P. M. MONEY ADVANCED at an interest of six per cent per auuurn, from up to $ in, 000 or more, on Coods, Wares aud Merchandize, Gold and Silver Plate, Watches, Diamonds, Jew elry, &c. No families reside in Minor street, uor is there any other place of busiuess in this street open after I'ightfall. The en trance to the office is private, and all transactions nre held strictiy con fid en t ml. a22 Gtgbz NEW TURNIP SEED, of the following kinds, vir.: ? Snow Ball, White Norfolk, White Tankard, Yellow Stou?. Yel low Malta, Yellow Globe and other varieties. Spinach. Radish, Lettice, Cabbage, Cauliflower, and other vegetable seeds. Hot House Graiies, of the most delicious kinds, at five and six shillings per pound. Boquets, at all tbnes, composed of the most rare and delicate flowers. DUNLAP it CARMAN, *22 lw*rc 635 Broadway. BRONZE POWDERS AND METAL LEAF, (DUTCH METAL.) THE SUBSCRIBERS have just received and keen constant ly on hand large stocks of tliese articles, which they im port direct from their manufacturer in Germany, to the full sa- | tisfactiou of their old and new customers. LEOPOLD KUH fc CO.. No. 15, formerly 6% Wall street, next door to Adams It Co. jyjl lm*m LAURENT fy BROTHER , IMPORTERS OF FRENCH GOODS, AVE just received by the latest Packets, a large ast ort I meat of entirely new styles of Fancy Goods, consisting [ of Cashmere-de-cosse, Muslin de Laines, Alapacca. 8ic Also, a very luge assortment of Broche and Printed Shawls, &c. No. 4 William street jy29 lm*r NEEDLES AND FISH HOOKS. Tfl & J, BATE have removed tlieir establishment to No.102 | JL ? M <idt'ii Lane, where they have on sile a large and well assorted stock of rery superior Drilled Kved Needles; Limer ick Salmon, Trout, Bums, Rock and Black Fish Hooks: Fishing Rods, Reels, Grass Silk and Flax Lints, Silk Worm GutFlies, Snells, a;.d every description of Fishing i'ackle, which the^?re J able to s II on the most liberril terms. jL/"102 Maiden Lai.e, ui> stairs, near I'earl street. aul9 I m'mc HARDIVARE r],HK SUBSCRIBERS have constantly 011 hand a full is A sortineut of every quality and variety of Needles, including Yarn Needles, Bodkius, Knitting Pius; Glove, Harness, Milll ntr.i, Chenille, Worsted, Rug, Beading, Netting, Sailaud Pack Needles. WARRIN'S DRILLED EVED NEEDLES, are warranted superior to any kind offered lor sale in theUnited Stati s, and from tlieir well kuowu reputation, merchants will flue! tliem more s ilea I'll- titan any other they can offer. They have always 011 hand a good assortment of Warm's celebrated Fish Hooks, put up in every style. Also, a large assortment of Silk, Hemp, Hair and China Grass Lint s, Cork Floats, ami every variety ofFancy Fishing Tackle. Also, a large assortment of Wade's Ik Butcher's R zors, Pocket and T ihle Knives, Scissors, Iron and German Silver | Spoous, Thimbles, I'earl Buttons, see., fcc. All whick is of f< red to the trade ou the best terms, J. Sc T. WARR1N, jy.iO I in * 1 *2 .Maiden Lane J. H STOUVENEL, (MPORTER OF WINES, Ne. 39 John street, informs hit friends and the lovers of good Wines generally, that in order to s pi >1 y the great demand, lie has made arrangements to have alwa ft in store, .iiid to receive direct from Bordeaux, Wines ol the first quality, from the proprietors direct. The well known houses followiug are sufficient recommen dation ol the qualities <<f the Wines, without further details ] yVTj'*0" k ,iue,tier' ( Proprietor, of Vignoblea, J. Hreyche, / at Bordeaux. j. rreyene, ? Cieivait, ) 50 N. I1.? J. B. S. undertakes to sell Wine for family use, by the dozen orirallon. jy231m*ec ToNS STRAW DOARDS. of a good quality. for aale by PERSSE U BROOKS, 63 and 67 Nassau street. 6 tons U xV 6 tons 22Wx35 8 tons 24>fx:tO al7m 20 A MAGAS1N JAPANAIb, liU Duaite Streef, H. PARKER, Agent, from Amsterdam, most respect ? fully informs his triemls and the public lugekeral, that helms received a magnificent collection ol ancient Oil l'ainting> and Antiqnities, consisting of J npanese, Porcelain JaM ami \*a ses, r lower Bottles, Plates, Dishes, Cups 'nd Saucers; old Dresden Porcelain Groups aud Figures; Curs and 8auceu;au cieuf Fans of the 16th century-, ana two Ebony Wooden Carved Arm Chairs, I'roia the years 1MB and 1677, formerly bulouged to the Carditis! Ximeuies, Great Inquisitor of Spain, such is never has been seen in tins country; ol which he can dispost at moderate prices. Ladies anil Gentlemen, if you wisli to treat yourself call and examine this splendid collection. Also, two carved t Chairs, lor < at!" inic Churches: to be seen from 10 A. M. tiil i> P. >1 jcZT hii'i-h ATC H KS W A TCI I ES AN D JEWELRY.? Those who wish to purchase Gold or Silver Watches, Gold Chains, Gold Peucils, Keys, 4cc., will find it greatly to their ad vantage to call ou the ubaeriber, who if selling all descriptions of the above at retail much lower thru any other house in the city. Gold Watches as low as $20 and i&each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought. AH Wutchei warranted to keep good time or the money refunded. G. C. ALl.h'N, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, W \nesale errf 1' I til 30 Wall street, m**e ill- tt?if? CARROLL'S VAl'OR iiATHS, IN4 Fulton Street, opi??*lte M.Pnul'i Church. rp HE excessive heat of the weather, alternating with sudden JL and severe changes, expose inauy to attacks of the most dangerous character ? a safe aud agreeable preventive of pniiilul consequences, in such cases, is to be found in the well-es'ab lished Medicated Vapor Baths of Mrs. Carroll, at 1W Fultou street. d7"8ulplinr Baths at one hour's notice ,m2l Imrc STRIKER'S SOLUTION FOR THE HAIR, WHICH will change gray hair to iu origin I ( "lor in a minutes. This solution is <li tfe rent from auy yet offered tnd cannot fail of superceding all others Those who doubt its virtues, are reqn- Med to have their hail changed before imying their money. If hnmbngi would t?ki> this method there would ba 110 reason to complain. None genuine unless signed H. Striker, in red ink. The Solution cau be forwarded by Harndeo's Kxpr* 's to iuy part of the world. One trial will prove the fact. Sold wholesale and retail and applied at No. 6 Chatham <treet, opposite the Hall of Record , r, ew York, i;r stairs. ju< CHURCH'S VEGETAHLK LOTION, FOR CLEARING A~l) BEAUTIFYING THE COMPLEXION. CHURCH'S VEGETABLE LOTION will effectually re move from the skin all offensive blotches, pimples, tan, suu hnrn and freckles, which detract from beauty ami a fair com plexion This valuable ('Osmetic has been in extensive use for many years, and is now considered an indis|ieusahle ap|>endage in the toilet. Sold 111 bottles, at 75 cents each, at IS8 Bowery, cor ner of Spring street. nl2 lm?in TO CAPITALISTS. A RARE CHANCE ? To invest a capit -! 1 .Oont t I J,0-'.u in a safe and profitable way, by erectin* a Iraildinc *>r divine worship for the Kmauu-EI Congregation of thu city, and fui uishing two lots, between Bowery and E?st (liver, and bet* ecu Broome and Madison streett, for that purpose. For particulars enquire at Mr. J. Dittinbo- fer, 2^ < "d ii r at Messrs. Stettheimer ti Brothers. 17 Ko iver street. Jul# lm*re _ uu CANAL STREET.? Cure of Corns, Bunioos, .ve.? OO Moris. aiiA Madame BerhaH, respectfully inform the pub lic that they have removed from No. 101 ( au <1 str? t, to No. KH ?pposite. That thev still continue to operate upon the feet with the greatest success. Having practised then profusion lor many years in Europe and in tlii1* country, they are ahle to produce numerous certificates from the moat cell (.rated ph> si eiana of Europe, as well as from Boston, I'iuladtlpliia mil New Vork,8< Canal st. ? '? 'm' r. ?DISKASES l ?F 'J 'I IE UKINAKY < 'K ,A.N.s. ABhaRNETH v*8 Boiajiicifl Pilla n tl?? r? .mjiay 'lor Kooorrhna, *? mm I w^;.kufn irnfition ?rthe lil ioucr, .ind other aist- h?#? of uriiury }ma.hhk<'?, iu Hifner iu a ihort of time, without couftiiem^iit <?r tli** IPMtMpowrf I hi?y inviirornte the oncm* ol k titration fnd mrrjt*e the phyiiMl ?iericy nud ability of in oihocd. For ial" , it A^H>the^ll^lM, Hall. % Catharine Mr**t; ?,.?! 127 Maiden L?nf, $1 per bot. laty can be s?nt by trail for double j rmuounu hotus. HART WELL'S WASHINGTON HOUSE, H'A'J ChMtnt itmt, ABOVE SEVENTH STREET, NEXT TO THX MASONIC HALL, , PHILADELPHIA. Ujr~ Baths just introduced? Warm and Cold? in An* apart ments?for bow ladiea aud gentlemen. alt lM*rfa COLUMBIA HOUSE, Cbeatnut Street, between Oth and 7th streets, PHILADELPHIA. THE SUBSCRIBERS respectfully inform theii friends and the travelling public, they liave takes the above house, ( for merly kuowu aa uie .Marshall House, ) and have made eitenaive alterations and improvements in ita interior, haviug spared no expense to render it one of the most pleasant a"dlashionable houses in the city. The parlors are numerous, the chambers large aud well arranged, the furniture, entirely new. It* loca tion ia iu the most central part of the city, near to all the places of public amuse ineut, and convenient to the depots of the Southern, Western and Northern routes. The (lilies will be supplied with all the delicacies of the sea son. The Wines are of the choicest brands, aud hare been carefully selected. ... , . The proprietors hope by their Personal attention a d experience in the business, to give satisfaction to these who may favor them with their patronage. BAGLEY. MACKENZIE St CO. Junes Bagley, (late of Jones' Hotel.) Henry C. Mackenzie, (formerly of the Wishing tou House.) Peter L. Ferguson. ?Inly 1st, IMS. jyj )m*ec c SHARON SPRINGS PAVILION MANY pemais luring beau deterred from visiting this 1 place iu consequence of the house being very full, the public Is iiforo ed that we have now a number of good rooms 1 uuoccupied. _ LANDON k GARDNER. Sharon Springs, August 15th. 1816 . a 18 2w*r TH K BYRON, 107 Broad iv ay, BY WM. DINNEFORD. . ~VtT HO respectfully informs his friends and the public that vv he Iris leaned the ahov* establishment and fitted it up iu a Style inferior to uoua. W. D. will at all times keep o i hai d the best description of wines, spirits, aegan, &c., selected with (hat taste peculiar to an experienced wine bibber. His bed rooms are fitted up with a due regard to neatness aud cleanli ness, and in each departtnet t the prices will square with the times ? umuely, 25 cr-u s per night for lodgings, or one dollar and a half per week, or live dollars per month. W. I), has also introduced the Southern plan of providing a lunch from 11 till 1 o'clock, so that thecre .lure comforts of the inward man will be attended to. A cold anil shower bath free to customers. Committee rooms, Club rooms, Ice. tic. alO lin'm NO IV LAWS HOTEL, At Harlem Klver. CJ. EOHOE NOWLAN respectfully returns his most sin ? oere thanks to his friends and the public for the liberal support which he has received for the last ten years, while Pro prietor of Prospect Hall, aud begs leave to inform them that he luu. fitted up the large establishment at the termination of the Railroad, on this Island, and on the Bank of the River, where he is pre|>ared to furnish visitors with Breakfasts, Dinners, Teas. Suppers, and other refreshments, at the shortest natice. Good ground, and every accommodation lor Military Cornpa ?lies. All the Railroad Cars land passengers in front of the Hotel for 12>i cents, from the City Hall. N, B ? Au ordinary at half put 2 o'clock on Sundays. je28 WILSON'S HOTEL AND DINING ROOM, 5 Gold strict, near MalAeit Lane. "H")l NTRY MERCHANTS will find thisa desirable House, J being convenient to the business part of the city. This establishment is fitted uii with entirely new furniture. Good | and substantial dinner, 18* cents, lodgings 25 cents. For con venience aud comfort this house is equal to any hotel in the city, and at half the price Permaneut boarders cau be accommodated on very reasonable terms. All the delicacies of the season served up, as soou as they arrive in market, at half the price of other nouses Elegant private parlors, for the referee cases, or private dinners or sup per parties. Trie very best of Honors. ju5 3m* re VOLTAIRE'S PHILOSOPHICAL DICTIONARY | BOSTON EDITION, two volumes ill one, price $5, for sale | at the Beacon Office, 3 Franklin Square, N. Y. New editions of V olney's Ruins, Strouss' Life of Christ, . Mary Wollstoncraft's Rights of Woman, Vale's Life of Paine, Palmer's Principles, Shelley's Queen Mab Paine's Works, | complete. f) j~ A variety of cheap Liberal Works. nu20 lm?r THE EAST RIVER MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY. OFFICE No. fil (late 49) Wall street, contiuues to insure ] against loss or damage by Fire dwellings, warehouses, and j other buildings. Also, on Household Furuiture, Merchau dize, Sic., as heretofore. DIRECTORS. John Brouwer, Wakeman Burritt, James McBride, Philip Embury, John Moorhead, Stanton Beebe, Joseph Kernochan, Daniel Ayres, Henry W. Hills, Charles N. S. Rowland, Robert J. Dillon, Nathaniel L. Griswoldjr. Thomas Nesmitn, Russell Stubbius, Robert Boorman, George CoKgeshall, Abel A. Low, Stephen Holt, ( leorge Porneroy, Joseph Gaillard, Jr. Daviu Thomson, JOHN BROUWER, President. GOLD 8. SILLIMAN, Secretary. Robert J. Pillow, Counseland Attorney. a2 lm'm OFFICE OF THE CROTON INSURANCE CO. No. 35 Wall Street, Adjoining Mechanics' Bank, intheCityof New York . THIS COMPANY lose by the recent fire $35,000. Their | assets over and above all claims araiust them exceed $150,000. They continue to insure Marine and Fire Risks, at fair rates. TRUSTEES.. James Harper, William B Cozzens, Edward Richardson, Herman D Gould, James 1'halen, Theodore A Meyer, 8 A Lawrence, Cyrus Chenery, Edwin 11 Tremain, Lawrence Hill, 8 M Crandall, W H Towuseud, John Breaste, Robert Lane, James Cruikshank, John T Gilchrist, J Leander Starr, J H Suydam. Charles L Vose, John B Lasnla, Zadock Pratt. Samuel Sherwood, George C DeKay, James Cook, Lunug Andrews, E T Aldrich, Joseph B Nones, George Whitaker, Leonard Appleby, Thomas Mouahsn, Asa 8 Crosby, Gtorpe Paleu, John J Herrick, William Bnrgoyne, Abraham V an Nest, SAMUEL A. LAWRENCE, President JOSEPH B. NONES, Vice Presideut. Nicholas Carroll, Secretary. Capt Samuel Candler, Marine Insp. Also, Insp. for "Lloyd's" for the port of New York. ati2m Office of the Jefferson Insurance Co., New York, July 24, 1845. THE Stockholder of this Company are requested to call at the office of the Company aud signify whether it be their wish to fill up their respective shares, or to receive a nnmber ol J sha-es equal to the present value of their stock. The Stockholders residing out of the city are requested to j convey their intention by post, to the office No. 50 Wall it. T. W.THORNE.Pres't. Ueo T. HorE, 8ec*y. jy25 rrc ARTIFICIAL EYHjS \/I ADE and Inserted by Dr. J. GRAY, No. 119 Bowery, N ill York, the only maker of the HITMAN ARTIFICIAL EYE in the United States. Any person that wishes to be well suited should always apply to the Maker, who has been in the Art Forty Years jut# lm*r' NOTICE. TO MERCHANTS, SHIP MASTERS AN1> OTHERS. T^HE SUBSCRIBER would reipectftilly inform them, that JL he has been in the employ of tne late Samuel Demiltover tweiity years, aud the late Samuel Demilt haying bequeathed to him the Transit Instrument, two Astronomical Clocks, aud the j use of the Obseivatory, it ishisinteution to continue (in connec tion with his son) the business ol manufacturing, repairing aud rati .g Chronometers, and dealing in Nautical Instruments, ('harts, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver Ware, fcc., at the old stand, No. 239 Pearl street D. EgGERT. jug lmeod'rc TO TAILORS I'HOSE who desire to attain a correct knowledge of Fash ionable Cutting; in all its various branches, would do well to obtain StinetneU' Complete Work on the suh:ect, j which cau he obtained of the author onh , at No. 113 Hr?ad wav Price ? 'Voin IS to $10 per Book. au4 lm*r AGENCY AT NEW ORLEANS, Lh. TIIE SUBSCRIBER offers his services in tne Settlemen of Claims in this city, or its vicinity, and in the Collec 1 lection of Accounts, Notts Drafts, Dividends, or any obliga | lion swhatever. Krfers to Messrs. j at II. &i D. Parish, j L. M. Wucy It Co.. > New York. Joseph Kernochan, -ONREY, Jr. New Orleans, July i2th. 1845. jjt5 lm'rc r? <*. 8AVAOK, "? 8 DKNNIS 8?"<l Inlet ii navigable for .... i iH' T- RUSSKLl. iyn Im'rrc ror Ve"el' .even feet FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, FEATHERS & MATERIALS FOR FLORISTS. BRUN LAR08IKRK 1st COURT, 116 William street, have just received by the last Havre packets, an entirely new assortment of fall Flowers. Dealer* are invited to eall ami examine ihe goods, which they will find of the licit quality, anil at very reaao able i>ric*-s. au20 lm*mc LAMPS, GIRANDOLES, AND JAPANNED WAKE. T1JK Suhsciiher Ins just received from hit manufactory, a large Mid aplendid assortment of Girandole*, in Gilt, brui.ze anil 81 ver, trin med with fiue rlnglnh Cut Drops. AI?o, a very su , erior quality of Solar and Lard I. unp?, ol vari ous pattern*, with Cut and Plain Shades, Chande'iers, contain ing 2, 3. 4 n"d R lights, suitable for Parlors, Churches and Ho tels. Also, I large assortment of Gothic Lanthorn\ for Halls, with Cnt fttii! Si anted (iliiHH, h ir 1? he will sell ut whole?Alc nnd t vt&il, ut reduce -d prices. JOHN XV. MORGAN. 151 1" ulton street, one door tast of Broad war. < 4i.? On bua, 20 dozen of the Doric Lamp, for Camphine, I superior mrike and finish, ata very low price. unl7 lin'rc Slllt' ST. NICOLAS from Havre? Consignee* br this ship will pleas* send their permits on board, at Pier No 4 North River. All goods not prrmitted h y the 26th instant, will be a?nt to the pnblie store. aJlrc SALAMANDER SAFES. HP II K first ai.d only kind of Safe that has ill every instaass X preserved their contents from accidental lires are F.dwards Si Hainan's Improved S.damander, Tliey are for sale by A. C. Ilobbs. 2fi Piatt St., N V . J where certificates and test Safe* inaj be seen, one of which saved the books and paper* of Messrs. Cot, Anderann Ik Co., No. 28 Uroad street, at the great fire on the 19th nit. Also, of Mr. J.Mel, at the com^ of Dro d street and Kxeha ge Place on the night of the 33tl? of TO NORTH KllN AND SOUTHF.RN TRAVELLERS RE-OPENINO OK THE EAGLE ANI) PHENIX HOTEL, AUt.USTA, GEO. rr> II E UNDERSIGNED, lor the last four years proprietor of J. the United States Hotel oi this city, respec'fnlly an in ii 'i e* to his city and country patrons, and tlie tr> veiling pnblie, that he has, by the numerous solicitations of Ins fricida been induced tntakr charge of the above named Hotel, so well I: i' m ii by i<ll u ho have stopped i t it, as the best arranged and iti.'t-r commodious house for comfort and pleasure in tne city. I'? location i:i every ri spect i* too well known to require de scription. In leaving his old stand he i? well sware inat he is leaving a fill business: lint he is *l>o *? ured (hut be will be adding to the re:il comfort of those who call upon him at his new house, bv such important advanragi ? ?s lie coii'd not present at Ins late stand, and therefore publicly ie- ks a continuance of past and futnr, patronage from the t ravelling world passing to and fro from north to *<iuth, and vice versa. WM. M. FRAZER. au?0 2wrc Augnsta.Geo. A .1^ ^ ? in Hair, No. 146 llroailoay.? Wigs AIL a i and iRcalps upon the Ventilating and Gossamer system, approf imati"H the nearest of any yet manufactured to the natu ral b-ad of liatr r.?upees, Plaits, B-nda, Seams and Curls, i lC lh"n ??V.?ther house, 1,, the city. The trade supplied. Also, aMnnlacmred Irom ladies and gentlemens hair. Neck lace*, Bracelets, Watch Guards, Rings, Flower*, Karrings, he. autl Im'mo ^ T0?? WXIltofoi mI? by turn* ft ??<***. AUCTION NOTICES. BEAUTIFUL KA11M AT AUCTION, JiA IN Huntington, Fairfield County, Ct., four-and-e-half IJJJW miles fn)in Birmingham, in high cultivation, contain XsUL ing ninety acres- f?nced with .lour, and supplied witli pools of living water, and fruit, and wood, in abundance, $alr to commence at one o'clock ou Wednesday nest. 2l*"> E. GRAY. OHEKIFK* HALK OK HGKSE?-By virture ol an order kJ of the Hon. Charles P Daley, asseci >te JuJge of die Court of Common Pleas of the City and County of New York, to me directed and delivered, I will expose to sale ou the 27th day of Augnst, IMS. at 2 o'clock, P. M. at the Bull'a Head, in 21th st , near the thiul avenue, one single and oue pair of Bay Horses, srized under an attachment againat the cattle of Thorms M. Sloan.* no'i-residem debtor. WM. JONES, Shrriff. TH08. F. PEERS, Dei uty Sheriff New York, August 2flth, 1813. a22 .'itis'mc FOR HACK AT AUCTION ON MONliAV, Aug. >th, ou the premises. at 12 o'clock, a FARM of 2ft acrea, uear Writ Karma, two miles from Harlem, in Westches ter County; on which are a new neat Dwelling and a Farm House, B iru, aud out houses, with fruit in abundauce of all kinds. The>lace would suit a merchant doing business in the city. Jo be sold Without reserve to the highest bidder, as the owner I* going west. For particulars, inquire at 439 Grand street, or B? yard street, or to JOHN OAKLAND, on the place. Should the day prove stormy, the sale will take place the next lair day. al52w'rc TO OtT.? Pleasant! y situated at South Brooklyn, within about IV iniuutes walk from the ferry, a ueat Cottage Containing 8 rooms and good cellar? Beat . 2U. Also, a gentleman and his wile, w thout r.hildreu, waut to Kent 2 or 3 iooms of a ? nail aud genteel family, in t' e low er | nt of the city. The west side of Broadway would lie pit feried Address O. T., at this office. ?2.'i 3t*f? FOR SALE. THE Stock, Fixture* and Furniture of a respectable Tavern, c oudacted ou the Kugl sh style, doing a good business aud of old standiug. Will be sold ctieap, for casu only. Sitislactory reasons for disposing of it will be giveu ou application to 5(7 Dey street, from 12 to 1 r. M. ail Bt s'rc FINK FRENCH BOOTS FOR $3 40, CITY MADE ?For style aud durability tliey are equal to those sold lu other stores for Si ; live French imperial dress Boots made to order for $4 .'<0, equal to those made in other stoies for $6 and S7. and warranted to give satisfaction, at YOUNG St JONES' French imperial Boot and Shoe Manu facturing Depot, one of the most fashionable Boot and Shoe establishment* in this city. Oeutlemeii that are in want of a pair of Hress Boots, will find a saving of fifty per ceut by getting them of us. Mending also done iu the store. WM. M. YOUNO lit H. B. JONES, al2 linis*rc No. 4 Ann st.. near Broadway, New York. ChNTKEVlLLE COURSE, L. 1.? TROTTING. MATCH will come off over this Course, oil Monday, the ?fa. 81I1 of September, at 3 o'clock, P.M.? mile hea's.heat 3 iu 4, between Oeoree Smith's g. g. Medoc, aud Joel Conkliu's s. g. Mingo, for SS00? half forfeit. Also, a Purse the sime day, for $i0? mile he-.ts, best 3 in 5, in harness, for Trotting Horses that never won a Purse over $74. Two Swe* pitskes is ( pen to come off about the same tune Stake No 1? mile brats, best 3 iu 4, in harness, for Trotting Horses that never won n Purse over a regular 1 ourse. Entrance $2-? half forfeit. Stake No. 2; same as No. I, under saddle. A Purse of $!;0, added to each of the above Stakes, to close September the 1st, on or before 9 o'clock, P.M., at Oreeu fc l.osees. Three or more to ma ken field. a2Mt*m S JOEL CON KLIN, Proprietor. CAMP MEETING AT RYE . WILL COMMENCE ON MONDAY, AUGUST 24 THE Steamers DELAWARE and TRO ffl. Wy . Js JAN will leave the foot of Hammond street r at 7'.,, Dnatie street IX, Market street at 8, and Delancey at K'.j o'clock, A.M. on Monday, Tuesday, Wed nesday. Thursday and Friday mornings? Returning, will leave Rye on the afternoon of each day. Passage, 37)a ceuts N B. ? Tents can lie procured by apply iug to Mr. S. Halted, IS Cedar street. a24 4'is*m OPPOSITION TO NEWHAVEN &r I1ARTFORD Far* t'> New Haven, 75 cents? Hartford, SI 75. THE now and substantial Steamer BUK FALO, I 'ap'ain J. W. Hsucox, will leave the South aide of Barclay street Pi?r, every Monday and Tuesday morning during the season, at 7^ o'clock, arriving at New Haven hy 1 o'clock, P.M., and Hartford 5 P..Nl. Returning? will leave New Haven on the same days, at 10 P.M. ; or after the arrival of the train of cars from Hartford. Fare, from 11 .rtford to New York, $1 75 for the Excursion up and down to New Haven, $1. reiKht will be carried at reduced rates. Apply to J. C. Furber, New Haven, a 25 2tis"in PH(ENIX ASSEMBLY. No. 1. BENEVOLENT ORDER OF BEREANS. THEIR Excursion to West Point, last Fri day, was One of the most delightful of the season. The unanimous thanks of the As sembly is tendered to Captain Fraiee, of the COLUMBUS, lor his courteous and very (,'entlemanly conduct throughout tli? day?he has merited their highest esteem. As occular de monstration of the above, they will charter the Coluinhus for their n*xt excursion, or whatever boat he (Captain Wm H. Fraiee) may command. NATHAN WHITCH. a?5 lt*m Chairman of Committee. PEOPLKS' LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALB AN ? 0Ok DAILY? Sundayi Excepted?1 Throngh Di fla .-'yjM if reot. at 7 o'clock P. M.. from the Pier between IM M Conrtla ldt and Liberty streets. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Captain R. G. Crutt-nden. will leave on Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Csniain A. Houghton, will leave on Tueidny, Thursday and 8 iturday Evenings, at 7 o'clock. At 5 o'clock P.M., Undiug at intermediate placet, from the font of Barclay street Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. L.W. Braiimrd, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Afternoons, at 5 o'clock. Stramboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. M. H. Truesdell. will leave on Tnwday, Thursday and Saturday Afternoons, at 5 o'clock Passengers taking euh?r of the above Lines will arrive in Alba ay i'i ample time For the Morning Tram oi Can for the east or ?'it. 11k S-iatsare new and snbstarti.il, sr.- furnished with new and ?Ug^.it slate room*, aud for ??eH and jceomuxxNti-: ? ?re un rivalled on the Hndjou Freight taken iU moderate rata* AH penous are forbid trusting any of the Boat* of this Lib*, without * written order from tlie Captains or Agents. For poMaze or freight. apply on board the boats, or to P. C. ??Clnit7, it tlie nffic* on the wharf an 25 rc CHEAP EXCURSION TO THE FISHING BANKS. The steamboat WAVE will make an ex cursion to the Fishing Banks, on Monday, the 25th iiiataut.hy leaving the foot of Canal street at7H; Delancy street 8; Market street 8)$; Pier No. 1 North River 9 o'clock, A. M. Fnr? for the whole excursion 37$^ cents. N. B ?The Wave will stop, going and returning. atTomp kinsville, LI. a?l StlcM2iis*rc SUNDAY AFTEROON_EXCUIISI6n~DOWN THE BAY, . THE favorite Steamboat RICHMOND, TBT ? ufCantaiii Dougherty, will make an excursion JhaJUb.down the Bay ou Hundsy. Aug. 21th, landing at Clifton, Mat n Island, and round to at tlie Narrows, afford ing passengers a fine view of the forts on Long and Slatt n Iilai ds, ns w-ll us the open sea, omoying the invigorating uro-7.es. Leaving the foot of Montgomery street, E. R., at 1 o'idock; Seventh street, E. It., at quarter past 1) Delanci y st Et half past I. Hike street at 2; and Pier No. t, E R , at half jnst 2, P. >1. Returning, leave Clifton at half past 5 o'clock P Fare for the whr.le excursion 25 cents. a23 2t*rc EXCURSION TO THE FISHING BANKs 1 he steamboat ROBERT L. STEVENS, jiri*Cai'taiii R. L Mabey, will make an excursion the Fishing Banks every Tuesday, Thurs day and Friday, during the seaion. Leaving Hammond street at 4>< o'clock, A. M., Canal street at 8V, I'ike and Drlincey streets at 9, and Pier No. 1, N. R., at 9}? o'clock? returning to the city in good season. Bait furnished gratis. Lines at a small charge F'are 50 cents. al9 Iwis'mc "FOR LONG BRANCH, OCEAN HOUSE, RUMSON, fcATON TOWN, SHREWSBURY & MANASQUAN. The new and elegant low pressure steamer EDWIN LKWIS, Capt Corliss, will leave from Cathaii'ie Mark-t. touching at Pier No. 1 E. W., eaci, way, as follows : ? Leaves New York, Leaves Karon Town, Ang.U'? Wednesday, a.m. Ang.13? Wuhicsday, 3 ML H? Thursday, II " 1 1? Thursday, 3 15? Fri'ay, 12 M. 15? Friday, 4 " IE? Saturday, 1 r M. lti? Saturday, 5 17? Sunday, A.M. 17? Sunday, 4 " 18? Mm. day, 7 " 18? .Monday, 3 " l?~" Tuesday. 7? " 19? Tuesday. 4 " to? Wednesday, S>g " ?0? Wednesday, lox A M. 21? '1 lurnh) , 7 " 21? Thursday, II " 22? Friday, 7 " 22? Friday. MX " 23? Saturday, 8 " 23? S turday, 12 M. 24? Sunday, 7 " 21? Sunday, l^ r.M. tS? Monday, 8>? " *5? Monday, I " 20? iuesday, 9 " 26? Tuesday, 2 " 27? Wednesday, ID " 27? Wednesday, 2 " 28 ? Tho'sday, II " 21? Thursday , 3 " 29? Friday, lift " 29-Frid?y, 4 " 30? Saturday, 12 M. 30? Saturday, 4 " 31? Sunday, 6 a.m. 31 Sunday, 4 " Stages will lie in readiness tocouvey passengers to all parts oftliecoimiry. all rc STEAMER "GREAT BRITAIN." IT beii.g impossible to open the above ship to the whole community on the pr-seut oc casion. or to make distinction in regard to admission without giving offence; and in view of the great expense incurred by the owners in detaining her iu order to gratify Public curiosity, it his been determined to follow the plan adopted in London, Liverpool, ind oi her porn, and charge a small sum for admis sion. Notice istherefore herel w given, that the ship will be open for public inspection this Jay from II to 5 o'clock, anil on sue ceeding days, ( Sunday excepted,) till further notice, between the hour* of in ind 5 o'clock. Price of nilmission to the ship will be 25 cents, ai:d to the en gine o 'm, 12k rents additional Tickets to the ship to be Iwsd on the wharf alongside, and to the engine room, on board. A portion of tlie proceeds of the Collection, after paying ex penses, will be gi i-e-i to the Asylums for the Blind aiid Deal and Dumb, and the Fire Denartinent. New York, August II, IMS. all 2wis rc TEXAS AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS, BETWEEN SEW , 'ORKJiSD QALVE&TON. THK Sii liscril ers have earabl ished a regular Line of Packets bet* een New Yoik and Galveston . to s il from each | ort on the first day of each month, s? follows The Brig K 1PIKK, Captr iu Baxter, to sail from New York 1st September nest, and roin Oalveston 1st November r.ejrt. ThaShip ST Ml REPUBLIC . < aptnin Moss, to siil from New York 1st October nuxt, and from Oulveuton 1st Decem ber next. The Brif <i. B. LAMAR, Captain Richardson, to sail from S'f w t "rk 1st November next, and from Galveston 1st Janu ary ueit. The Brig MAR i, Captain Norrisa, to sail from New York 1st December next, and from Galveston 1st February next, ?i. d thereafter in regular succession. These vessels t.re all of superior class, havii g fine cabin ?ccommooitions, .ire ably comtiauded, will sml punctually us advert seJ, and take reight and passengers at the lowest Willi on Heudle/ and Co. will be the established Agents it Galveston, and givu efflcieut attention to the business of the line, and ill oth-r business directed to them; and also make liberal nlv iticts on consignments. Goods directed to the care of the Subscribers, will be regu larly forwarded, free from commission. And Shippers may rrlj on Li ,1' ers at Galvestiin 'o tranship cargo from thence, and upon its being legulirly forwarded, acividmg to instruc tions, il consigned to the card of William Bcuolay and Co., GaWeS'.O" h. r finglitor Pnsngf, epp:; to BRO VVK II in v ? iL?C' , ii 4 liios'ae No 1) H'yviit w. ? ?< V ork ACKhT Mlllf SAKACEN fr.im tsl-tsgow? Consignees will plea* send tin ir permits on board, without delay. All co<mI? not inrmitieJ n li?e d lys are liable to be sent to kublic store. VVOODHuLL k M IN TURN, n^rc South street. P \< K ET SHIP ftlTRkN 6*' THE WEST, from Liver pool? Omsignec* will pleise tike nntioe that she is dis chugifcg under general order, at west side Burling Hlip. All kooiIs not [lermtlfed must unavoidsbly be tent to publie Itort. iJirc AMUSEMENTS. PARK TUiTHB. Monday Bmlag, Angwt !45th. The parlormauce wilt commence with the Tragedy uf the lit Part of KINO I ENRV THE FOURTH. Sir John F*l*taff ... Mr Hackett King Henrv, Mr Harry Prince of Wales, Robert* Prince John, Mia* Flynn Earl Westmoreland, Gallot Earl of Uouk1u>, MrUouall Karl of Woicestrr. t ltmiug Karl Northumbcrl'd.AuiWsoB liouuur, Dyott Sir W?lter Blount, Willi mis Sir Hichard Vernon, Crocker Sheriff, Kin* Poms, S Pe-.riou Bardolph, Addn liad?hill. Ilextli pfto, Bon lard lat Carrier, Qourlay 2nd do, De Waldru Lords, Soldier*. Sic. -."I ?? illiaim i I,.?, oin.iti.. La4y Jerey. Mrs Abbott Darn? (Juicily Mil Veruou La Polka. by the two Miaa Vul let's. To conclude w:th THE DUMB 11ELLE. Vivian Mr Roberta Maimer* Kuher Elizi Mr* Ahhott Price of Admission? Botes, 75 cent*; Pit, JO ct-uw; Gallery, 23 cent*. Door* open at 7 o'clock, und'tac Cirtail will rise precisely at half-p?*t7 o'clock. tT~/~ A limited cumber of Season Ticket* m*y b? obtained at the Box Office. IJO'.VKKV TllKATilfc. IMoiulny Evening, August 45th, Will he presented V1RGINIUS, OR THE ROMAN L1BKRATOK. Vaginitis . ? Mr J R Sccitt Appiu* Claudiu*, 1! ukiu? Cuius Claudius, Sutherland Icilius, Dareuport Dental us, Milner Numi'torius, V-.che Marc u* It Officer, Phil 1 1 more Lucius, Brooke Vibalam, Lewis After which, Mr. Hadaway wil Titus, McKeon Servius, Rose ' Cueius it Soldier, lohuiou Citizen, Goldston ; Virginia, Mr* Phillip* ^ema, Madison Female Slave, Ilroi.dly sirg the Popular Comic Song of the Farm Yard. To conclude with ERNE9T MALTRAVERH. Richard Darril Mr J R Scott Ernest, Maltravert, Davmport Sir William, Vache Luiiiby Feirer*, C luke I. old Saxiughain, VcKeon Col. Mnatagao, Phillimore John Walter*, Sutherhnd Arms'Mug, Milner astrucio, Lewi* Treronquio, Brooke ? *t Servant, Hose 2nd do, John*on Alice llarvil, Mr* Madison Lauy Florence, Sutherlai d Octavia, Mis* K Bell Lower Boies 50 cent*; Second and Third Tier*. 25 eta.; Pit and Gallery, ?<!>% cent*. Door* will open at a quarter before 7, the curtain will rice at half-PUt?. CASTLE Ci A KOKtV . >C~ A<linlHHl.in *5 Cenli.^ll fi .f-r, vleesss.Frm- Haser. lUoiMiuj Evttiluy, Auffiul 4.ritli Just arrived I'om England, the great S ieutific Wonder ! "BEN FRANKLIN"' MAMMOTH STEAM ELECTRICAL MACHINE T!-e only instnii ent of the un' capacity in the World, made to order for Hie United Stat * [C7""For Pellicular* of the above, see Pamphlet*. THE BENJAMIN FRANKLIN I* capable of clrsr^ ng two thousand five hundred feet of sur face in a minute. The Spaik from the prime conductor, i* more than two feet in length. THE AUROR A OR NORTHERN LIGHTS ? Ara exhibited in the must brill H.it in inner ? in fine, the like has not b -m seen by persons who hate not visited the Polar lll-glOllS. All the ordinary experiments rerformed in Electricity, are ihowu by aid of the Hydro-Electric Machine, on a scale of Unprecedented (iiaudt ui The only Hydro-Electric Appnratu*, of any size, is po**e*ed j by the Royal Polytechnic Imtitute in London. Tr" Doom opt , i at half-past 8 o'clock. IV.rf' io mence at 4 . ?> 'clock. KlBLU'ti GAKU10M. COMIC OPERA NIGHT. The Public is tespectfully informed that arrangement* have Wen com luded with the FRENCH OPERA COMPANY, For a limited period, durii u v hichtbey will produce a series of Grand and Comic Opera*. First Ippearancathii season of the highly talented (and grent 1 favorite at thi? establishment) M'*e1le Calve. First appearance here of Madame Stephen Cceuriot. Monday Evening. August, ii.'ith, The performance to com mence with the original Overture to L'Ambasaadrice Aober. To he followed by the highly popular Comic Opera, in three acts, called L'AMBASSADRICE. Henriette M'lle Calve Charlotte M me Stephen Cceuriot The Counteis M'me Richer M'me Barneck M'me Matlneu Duke of Valberg M Monta**ier Benedict Buscher Fortunntu* Bernard Servant Pelleve Night* of the fc'reuch Company ? Monday, Wedne*day, | Thursd ijr, and Friday. IL/~An elTieieut 1'olice mil alwuys be in atteadjace ;o niic tan; good order and keep all improj?-r perton* out { 'Xj* Ticket * fifty Cento. Reserved Seats, One Dollar each. A limited number of Season Ticket* will be di?poi' c ?' IT/" Performance to commence at ? o'clock u?i" o;v? st i 7 o'clock. PALMOS OPERA HOUSE. GERMAN THEATRE. THE Subscribers and the Public generally, are respectfully informed, that the third German Performance will take place at the above Theatre, on MONDAY, Angnst25. when there will be performed. Schiller'* great Tragedy of "Kabale and Liebe," (Love anil Envy.) Kir*t Tier 50 cent*? Second Tier25 cent*. To commence at 8 o'clock. ?i --ThePuhl ic Press is respectfully invited. ?2i lt*m I'ALMO'S THEATRE. THE little Mi**-* KILMIST*1'.. known and admired under j the plea*iug appellation of INFANT SISTERS, having returned from t lit- i i ton >- through the States, purpose giving their fashionable nd elegmit l.nteitainme'ts, at the above Theatre, on Tuesday and Wednesday evening next, August 26th and 17th, when thev will appeir in their new laugliablc Farces and Burlettas-Siug t^eir most pleasing Songs? Dance their most elegant Dances, and perform their most interesting I Ballets. Admission, 2*> cent* each. a2.'> lt*m P R EE " EXHIBITIONS. ELVSIAN FIELDS, HOBOKEM. EVERY FAIR DAY. MR. McCARTY hejs leave to announce that, by the unan imous reque*tofhi* uu'nerou* visiters, lie has been in duced to ciitinue his Grand and UueqHoJM Performance ? ! For One Week only ! He has also, at great expense re-engaged Monsieur GUERDO, The great and wonderful gymnastic perform*r, who will ap pear for this week only, and go through some of his Extraordi nary and Wonderful Feats of Streuktli and Agility, as per formed at the Royal Opera Hous-, P.ris, before the Roya Fa mily and Nobles of France. Also, the ETHIOPIAN OPERATIC BROTHERS and SISTERS : wliogiw ,i variety of new and splendid performances every fair dty? thus aff 'rditig those ladi?* and gentlemen who visit Hohoken afl r dinner,* most splendid promenade and novel amusement. The following well known and celebrated performer* com prise the Band of Ethiopian Operatic Brothers and 8ister* : ? MR. D. GARDNER, ihe only persoa living who personate* the u-gro wench in character. BILLV WHlTLOCK, the great Locomotive Nigger and accomplished Banjo Player. OLD I)AN EMMET, the celehri'ed Violinist and old Vir- | :inny Nigger, who is always n hand when there is music pen TIlARLES WHITE, the n-irival'ed Accordionist and cele- | brated Neiro performer. Alio, for the first time, SAM JOHNSON, the great un equalled Negro Singer, 6tc , on the Triangle. Performance to comn.euce at 3 >* o'clock a25 6tis*m THEATHIGAL NOTICE. THE Ladies and (ientlemen engaged for the THEATRE RoYAL, Kingston, Jamaica. ?re requested to be in New York, by tli- 28tli of this present month, ( August,) and tmme- | diately on their .irrival report their place of residence to MR. J. S. CHAKLES, No. !W Walker strett. WANTED? To co in pi- 1 the Orchestra, a Violin and Dou ble Bass. Apply as' above a23 3ti?*rh NEW FRENCH GOODS. JAMES BECK & CO., OFFER to buyers, on reasonable terms, the richest assort ment ot Fancy Goods that has ever been shown in this city, I hiving been selected for t'-ein in Pr>ris l'>wi Paris Embroidered Ombru Cashmere d'Ecosse. ('It i m ilo (Jo Mousselen lie Lame. " " Printed ' 'ashmere d'Ecosse. ' " Ombre Minded " " ' " " " Mousselen de Laine. " " Printed i'lsid Casbmeie d'Ecosse very rich. French Chintz-* of I trot tidier, Hartuian aud Keoklins print ing and new design* French Ginghams, plain and twilled. White, I) I tie, Pink, Cherry, Lilac and Scarlet Merino and I Motisaella de Lraw SILKS Hi lt> a, Pyramides a Volants Silks, llamas, blanc Madoiin ?' Cresceudo rayea satin Damas /epherine " Mafocaine ileu* chain** " Armure bizine '? Co-sage Isce pnssemen- " Pyramides, guirland de I teri* fieurs " Camay eux and brnderie " Pekii Ombre, ailes de " llorizoutale stri|>es mooches " Rainbow, stripes and " Heps royal armure tlowers " Pekin natte " Perspective rubanne Passamenterie* Pekin " Oenrelle a perspective " Persane, Corbeille del " AIYicaiiie, ton' cui: Roses " Omhre, cad-ille, glace " Pekin file' and natte ?' Pekin Csmayeu* " I'ekiu a carreaoc " Royal Moire Pekin Pekin fluvial " Vekin Chinois B!.</-k watered yd wida I Satin C chemere 40 in nffaMs high lustre " Msrocaiii" " 3# in FlwIilM " Afric line a bande* " Mourning silks " Pointille, tout cuit ALEXANDER'S P Mils MAD ?. GLOVES. Oftlic most reclierche color', Priut'ina Clairs, Demi flairs. Bout ii Brevete. WEDDING \ND SOIREE OB ESSES Embroider' d Muslin* Dresses do Tulles, do do Silks, do do fcatiut, do \erian Snow Organdi, do Thread Lace ?Jo Imitation Brussels do Point de Brussels do Imitation Point d'Augle'erre Thread L'ce Flounces. every width. do do Scarfs anil Veils. PARIS EMBROIDERIES. Rich embroidered Dresses Rich emb. Pelerines. Solly Collars, Batilda do do Cardoville I do Zarah do do Abigail do Marie do do Fiavella do lJelicia do do Marguise do Msrielly do Canezeris Georgette do Johannini do Gmm|ies Josephine co Mary Stustt do do Revert Cols doubles "lid Valeucienne Pelerines tub, unites L. C. Ilandkeri hiefs, Sontache do Angbtise do /auina do a Leitres do a Ecuisoim Mantele ? Nouvelles Formes Mantelets Levmerie l'eisse* d'eta Aiimmvillr. RICIII.V EMBROIDERED H \GS, PURSES, he. The abovt, with a lar^e stock of other goods, is worthy of tli e itteutioi. . I buyers visitiiuthiacitr.ua they will find goods not to be 1.1, 1 ,d rlsi wh' ie JAMES BECK k CO.. I at!) I w*rc JM Broadway. BILLIARD: ? URL AT IMPROVEMENTS. SOUTHERNERS, Strangers ar.d Citiims are mnted to try Mahogany Beda svith I(| I' ,? . !*, mule bystiam machinery So much work ronbl n t be done liy baud without three time* I tin iisii 'I "iii e Likewise I iisIiiohs so elastic that eleven can be hit by . single blow. F ar s tie or playing at BASSKORD'S old Staiul? Entrances jainimr the Mnsenm Building, Ann street, [ and m Fnltoe ?t. ? , , _ Oti? Kwlo. with ? outub?T of the?? improved Table*, invites hii fvT?ntU to call at the liuiud States Hotel. Entrance through *e ku raoM u? m WiU i tttHli Jrtk Im'rft J LATEST INTELLIGENCE. ?Y LAST BVKBIIBIQ'S UAU*. Wuhlngton. [Correspond* nc? of the Horald.1 ? , Washiuqtow, August 23, 1846 "H ' of Elhott Decision of the Court? Refttctian, Thereon-Public Moral* and Public Opinion Di? cuned-Cateeof Ben Hardin and of Cauiu* M Cay o) Kent w ky Some neto and Important AlIarTin?* V 8 JOUnUd and H L RitU ?A llard Ha from an Old Coon. The Court, constituted of the two Justices, Mor m11 and Goddard, in the case for the killiag of Win. Kendall, and the maiming of Josiah R. Bailev by Wm. llufus Elhott, with a revolving pistol in * street fracas, on Pennsylvania Avenue, on the after noon of Monday last, in pursuance of adjournment Hi&TcK* 10 c?"" A. c?? turned the key, there was a general rush for the hall of justice, where so many offenders have received heir quietus, and where not a few innocent men !he lawsen arra,gDed at the bar> for ounces against .h,^L Ju8ti" Morskix a?ked of the Counsellors in I Court ' y WCre ready f?r the 0pinion of the i.liiJ|r -v!"Af'L,aMociale counsel toT the defence, re ' , Hi 8ir' weare awaiting your decision " i of t h e Co im? H?K L L t,hen declared, that in the opinion w? P r rtVnegardlDe the offence of the prisoner i ^"L, ufuH jttVup?n deliberate etamiiaR , the testimony and the authorities bearing UDon thin case, it was not of the class withm the pumew of ; security other than the person of the prisoner- ?nH that, therefore, the Justices had come to the con^ ?In' fhlaL ? accJB?*1 c^not be admitted to bail. In the matter of the assault by the prisoner unon , he person of Josiah R. Bailey/ within ten ttokT , the Court had agreed to admit the accused to an ! ZSSftST"1 term> ia December ne". - ? Mr. Justice Goodard said that the counsel for the accused had another resort, an appeal from the de cision of this court to die Judge oTthe Circuit Couri for this county. Mr. Goddard could not remove from h s mind, upon considering all the facts in this case the unpleasant impression that the oflence, of the* and malice th<? re8ult of lamentation smn' J Kl Mo?s*LL confessed to the same conclu sion. Besides, i 1 the prisoner was really in danger dall am?lRa I T kl0uLfr0m the threats ofiSn dall rind Bailey, he should have looked for safety as theViw in r'V ,dw? ?nd not assume the office of the laws redressing his grievances, regardless of .t^ctTc,?dem'"d b"' '?'k? Mr. Goddard thought it might be useful in case ?iCKsxssr M *- *? Wobble ih.L the up KncSoTfiosS"" "* P""?n" ""O" ^ small, pale, delicate and melancholy young man of wiZWel?aVrrn,t,y not,?"rKve?n) u i V i J L- He looked more like a page who had offended his princess, than a man arraigned for Mr \li?nE: ? !ie' Mr' Blair waB at h'8 Bide, with Mr. Maury, ready to answer in ^-20,000 for the ai> the offw'rT f .1 ref',ured' ()f the prisoner. One of lie officers of the court, however, came up to him when he arose and walked outside the bar; tne whole of the motley crew of staring loaf ers precipitating themselves, in their, vulgar ?cu?S with a sort o{ suppressed oath, after the poor fellow sympathies of the crowd were decidedly in fa It I I,e P"8oner? and muttered ? - ? which we heard, from more than one of the auditory s&hznL&r* ,o e*u !]e ^cision of the Justices, upon the question ?fl,tdvISCt!arP0rad!!li8Sion to hailofthe prisoner. Unexpected; as is this decision, from the conclu sions we had deduced from the testimony, it is very lawte?UDted ft 11 Was anew ca?e before these law -observing and honest justices? a case involving a precedent in law, of which they dreaded to assume a responsibility not perfectly clear, legalJunquS^ able and undoubted byeveVy body. One o? thJ jS? tice& (and the other, for all we know,) is a consist ent member, ^ we stated m our letter of yesterday rrim" (^elhodist) Jchurch. He looks upon the blood-shedding with the terror of a chris ,na"nCOn8tru,DS law as a christian, and form l"cu'ons0|)ini0aS materially from hle religious predi >< ow in this case we assume, and it cannot be con rovenetl tha1 young E||iott ? not ?)e Xnder-h mnnLn l?, I ithe gulltrof ,his ??'ence must be n fi ,u 8,tateLOf Public morals in this lat tone o' public opinion. Had he so<ight that redress against the threats of Kendall and Bit lev recommended by Justice Morsell? that redress of an appeal to the laws, binding over the two vounir men to keep the peace-had he pursued this coC^f .^ou,d huve been hooted from the ^ ciation of aJi honorable ynung men: ^ Brutus is an honorable man," ^?.u kn?w he would have been kicked, and cofied and spit at whenever south of Mason and Dixon'a line the reproach of the cowardly act of sheltering himself under the law-made for old grannies 3 ? t menf wou'd have followed him. He would have been drummed out of camp asa base in former and a coward. 111 We have had quite enough experience in the evik of the pistol and bowie-kniie despotism of the South sf?hh men in a11 the pride of manhood vitn T our eyes, and the offenders released with a mere formality of examination? we have ?een weapons of destruction carried, exposed abont the persons, even in the presence of the ladies in the .7 eK,? anfl we do believe that the Northern idea of the supremacy and sufficiency of the law is extend jng itself over the line. We 'rejoice in this cSSt f r'lr " ^ u'' un l^e testimony given in this case m f1!"' the m?8t reprehensible part of his conduct ",Tr vlevT' 18 hls running away from the ground. It had, perhaps, gone better with him had he Btood and fought it out like a man. au ne stood m,nVlHVe no Jmrtiality 'or Elliott. As a young nothing, engaged in no useful pursuit, we had thought from our casual acquaintance with nr^'nnH he presumed too little upon his own me Infl' I i e.nureIy Joo much upon the high position Mhn p l'p e8erVedn,n,fluc?ce of his brother-in-law, John C. Rives. Bailey is a spirited little M low and sets type when he ca l get a job at case. Ken dall was an amiable, goo<Antentioned, and withal quite a promising young man. We liked him very much. He gave evidence, in his industrious habit? in Ins general good conduct, of becoming a good and I useful citizen. And we 1,'ked him for U. w hen i we see any thing about us savoring or smell ing of | *-rsecution, we shall stand out for the perse cuted party as we have stood in this case wfcm not whether he is for or against us ; we care not for our personal opinion of the man ; we go for fair play, and the defence of the weaker party. A gentleman from Kentucky, distinguished not h?f ii his veracity than his intelligence, gives us the following facts respecting the history ofthe no torious Ben Hardin, and the late movements in Lex ington, in the suppression of Cassius M. Clay's abolition (.aper. In the case of each of these heroes it may be paid : "fie who fight* and runs away, May lire to fight some other aay." Ben Hardin's wife had a relative in a distant part of Kentucky, who wished that his daughter should be taught the millinery business. Mr. Hardin ad vised mm to send her to him in Frankfort, and he would placc her suitable to her father's wishes. She arrived, and was placed as a boarder at the house of a Mrs. , whose reputation was utterly lost, al though once in a respectable station in society. ? She was at the time Mr. Hardin'a mistress. While there Hardin made attempts to seduce the young lady in vain. He at length resorted to violence, when the screams of the young lady compelled him to desist, she flying into the street in the utmost dig order in her dress, her hair dishevelled, and claim ing the protection of the citizens, who were drawn to the door by her cries. As soon as the facts were stated by her, the people determined to inflict sum mary justice on the wretch, and attempted to get in to the house. In the meantime, a gentleman present sent a note by a servant, who delivered it to Hardin by the back door, warning him to make his escape, as he would be killed. He accordingly escaped from the house, which was near the Kentucky river, got to the river bank, and concealed himself until alter dark, when he procured a horse and fled. In the meuntime, the people discovering that he had escaped from the house, sent expresses on horseback on several roads, to give notice of the transaction, and thereby cause his apprehension. Hardin arriv ed at l?awrenceburg, thirteen miles from Frankfort, on the road to Harrodsburg. There he was received by the hoots of the crowd, and the sound of horns and tin ,rians, and chased from the town. He pro ceeded to llarroi'i iurg There he was ordered off by the proprietor ot the Springs, and finding his situ ation rather critical, he proceeded to Louisville, where he was concealed at the last accounts. This man was one of the electors for the State of Kentuc ky, at the last election, and cast his vote for Henry Clay as President . He was appointed Secretary of State by Governor Owsley, the whig Governor of Kentucky, which office he held at the time sf his late Hegira. We mention these facts for history ? H* is now about seventy years of ags, or nw it. ft* eitiasAs ol L*uacton ud fctytit* oouaty h?Ja

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