1 Ekim 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

1 Ekim 1845 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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Police Intelligence. Si.e-r. 30 ? R.lAW at the Fine Points.?A stranger, at present sojourning in the city, named Luurence Kelly, on Sunday evening last paid a visit to the Five Points, nnd while in that neighborhood entered the bouse kept by Mary Reed. 61 Cross street, and remained there some time, in company with a female whom he mot at that es tablishment, having In his possession the sum of $400, w hich, on leaving the house, was not to be found. He accordingly applied to the Pelice, and had Mary Heed arrested on a charge of being concerned in robbing him Mrs. Reed gave up #60, alleging that the complainant lied banded it to her for safe keeping. The accused wus held to answer. Robbing a House.?An individual who gave his name as John (lillard, was arrested this forenoon for having entered the dwelliug of Rudolph Germain, 64 Beektnan street, and stolen a lady's work box and sundry other articles of value. ... ~ Robbing an Employer.?A mu'atto, named Henry Or tia, was arrested this afternoon by officer J. 11. WhiKe liart, of the 1st Bistrict Police Court, charged with rob bing his employers, Messrs. Southwick Jk Co.. of 176 Broadway, of a connideiable amount of property, can sisting of various articles ol furniture. On searching his premises, all Church street, u curd table, a bedstead, Ac. were found; also,.numerous pledge tickets lor goods which he is charged with having stolen. Ho was fully committed to answer. Serious .Issault upon a Policeman.?Policeman John ion, of the First ward, while on duty last evening at tho corner of Wall street and Broadway, was knocked down bv a man named Daniel Hitter, alias Ridder, who struck him a violent blow, as it is supposed with a slung shot, and then attempted to wrench his club from hi:n Assis tsnce came to hand, and the desperado was secured and taken to tho Tombs, where in default ol #-J,600, the amount of bail required, he was committed to answer; I'olicemsn Johnson being so severely injured that his life is dsspaired of. Jlttempt to Rob. ?William Waxsou was arrested on a charge of having attempted to rob a man in the neigh borhood ef Peck slip. Jittempt at Burglary?A person, named William Cum mings, was arrested, charged with having attempted to enter various stores in John street. Larcenies.?Jane McCoy was arrested far stealing a silver watch from George Bry, of No. 65 Attorney street. Juseph F. P. Cope was ui rested, and detained to answer, for stealing a coat, the property of Robert Bennett, ot No fill James street. Thomas Washburn was arrested sud committed to answer, for abstracting about Ave dol lars in money, from the pockets of Louis Meyer, while ho was asleep in the hire Company House, No. 31. A portion of the money was found concealed in one of the boots of the accused. Violent Assault.?A complaint was preferred this mor ning against James, alias Yankee Sullivan, for haying made a violent assault upon James Dainton, of No. !> Frankfort street, who, it is alleged, was severely in jured. Correction.?A few days ago, in referring to the re covery of property stolen from the store of Tiffany, Young St Ellis, the Reporter was led to state that a por tion of the stolen goods were found pledged at the pawn shop of Mr. Jackson in Houde street. Such does not ap pear to have been the case; on the contrary, when the goods were tuken to his office by a colored girl, to be pledged, he at once stopped them, and took immediate measures to restore them to the owners;the correction is therefore cheerfully made, although no censure was in tended to he imputed to Mr. Jackson at the time. Movements of Travellers. The arrivals are multiplying so rapidly that the prin cipal hotels appeur as much embarrassed for accommo dation as they were during the past month. The names on the following respective registries yesterday eve ning, were far more voluminous than we can record.? The foil ..wing were a few only:? Amehican?L. Beauplauch, New Jersey; D. Binley, Louisville; J. M. Dannu, Ohio; J. H Cross, Kentucky; Messrs. Waters, Boom, Muigault, Chalst, Uimpston, and Reniliaw, Alabama; J. Sparry, Philadelphia; Fred. Ush er, New Brunswick; W. II. Gladding, Savannah; B. Powell, Philadelphia; C. T. Stewart, New Orleans; J. Frost, do; H. S. Smith, W. White, Krederickshurgh; C. Day, New Orleans; Capt. Brewster, U. S. ship Preble; Mr. Amos, Mass. Asrou?George Gardner, Boston; Curtis Judson, Hali fax; N. P. Tallmadge, Wiscousin; J. McGregor, Boston; Nelson and Cnmberling, do; J. H. Rogers, Baltimore; I). II Lowell, Alabama; Gov. J. Davis, Mass; W. Richards, Rirlimoud, Va; Lewis and Denny, Boston; Capt. Rey mau, New Brunswick; H. Van Eych, Ca/enovia; J. hteerbuck, Manchester; II. Hantingber, Hartlord; Cant. Howard, Boston; L. W. Tappan, do; H. Whittaker, do; J. W. Taylor, do; II. Laborins, Porto Cabello; J. H. Co pell, Memphis; W. English, Geo. Norman, London; ( ol. llallett, Norwich; S. C. Clenbe, New Haven; H. Budd, Philadelphia; K. M. Wells, Boston. Citv.?J. Wickleln, Wisconsin; Joseph M. Rubens, Buonos Ayres; R. C. Crockhem, Ala.; Mr. Lawrence, S. C ; W. F. Reynolds, Pittsburgh: J. 11. Well, Boston; N. V. Marcy, Albany; C. A. Latimer, Ohio; J. Taylor, Phila.; J. W. I'oindexter, Richmond, Va.; Captain Fra- i liar, Baltimore; D. Burton, Havanna. I Fi axsi.in?D. Coffin, Texas; H. H. Russ, Georgia; i W. Moriison, do.; J. Grimswood, Albany; O. Oliver, N. B ; H. A. Talbot, Mexico; V. Eustis, Mobile; W. H. Gleddy, Savannah; J. Brown, N.O.; T.S.Green, do.; B P. and M. O. ( illey, New Haven; R. B. Reynolds, Cinn.; Geo. Mallory, Conn.; D. E. Bond, Dr. Hamilton, U. S. ship Preble: J. Fuller, Boston. (iLsur.? J. C. Cheedler, Boston; A. D. ltiglis, do; 8. Palmer, U.S. N; J. L. Stackpoole, Boston; W. R. Lee, do; W. Baker, do; U. G. Wngnt, Pnilad; James Marion, Philad. Howard.?C. B. Locke, I'hilad; N. B. Kidd, Geneva; U. Misron, Charleston; E. Kidder, Wilmington, N. C.; >ir. I.amherson, UueeiiS co; J. llaivey. Fall River; II. Fitzgerald, Norfolk; H. Turner, Baltimore; Major H. ?Juackenhosh, Illinois; O. Day, Cattskill; H.M.Tucker, riov; K M. Moullon, a,..toll, J. N. Oli|.l.o?t, do, Jomoo Peck ham. Mass; E. D. Litchfield, Cazonovia; C.H.Greer, 1 Boston; Col. J. McLoughlin, Washington; T. Murphy, Hamilton; Major C. Plutt, Wheeling, Va. Melancholy Suicide of Ex-Speakkr White.? Wr aw Ruined to learn ol the miiciile ot the Hon. John \Y uite, from tho Lexington Observer ot yesterday. We give below extracts from the Obsen'er's account of li e melancholy aflhir. A letter also appears in that pa per from Col. David Irvine, under date of Monday eve ning stilting in addition that Judge White had returned tho tin) before Irom holding the Breathitt court; that for some mouths his health had been very feeble, accompa nied by gient depression of spirits; that hii remains w ero to'ho interred on Wednesday, and that the bar of Richmond were to hold a meeting on Tuesday. "Our city was thrown into great consternation yester dav morning by the intelligence from Richmond, that the Hon. John White, of that place, had, on Monday eve ning, committed suicide by blowing his brains out with u pistol The intelligence whs the more startling from the character of the distinguished dead. He was cool, .;eieimnieu, self-poised, brave; and unactof this kind w ould have been cx|itrted as soon from any one in our State as from John White. We have no further particu lars than that sometime in the forenoon of Monday he told his family that he would retire to his room, and wished to lie piivate -not to he interrupted. He did so, am! shout three o'clock tac report of a pistol was beard, and upou going into hisrootn.it was found that he had put an end to his existence by placing a pistol against ni9 light temple, and Mowing a hall through his head. Pecuniary embarrassment is assigned as the cause, though nothing had been discovered, when our infor mant left, which indicated the reason. " Mr. White was, at the time of his death, judge ol the nineteenth judicial district, to which station he was ap pointed by Gov. Owslay, just before the termination of the last sesaiou of Congress. He represented the dis trict in which he resided for tho last ten years in the i otigress ol the United States, and presided as Speaker over the twenty-seventh Congress. Ho was s man ol good talents and attainments, generous and noble, and v, as, in an eminent degree, endeared to a very large cir cle of acquaintances end friends. He has left an amia ble wife and several interesting children to lament the loss of a husband, father, protector. MivluHllun of the Ohio River. Placet. Time. Stale of River. Pittsburg,. , .Sept. 26 4 feet 4 in. rising. Wheeling,.. .Sept. 23, 36 in. in channel ; riling slowly l.nuiaviile,. ..Sept. 26 3 feetti inches in canal. Cincinnati,. ..Sept. 2ti 3j feet on llati and bars. J ?1- - ' ? i | AI)V KltTINKItlKNT.l {l ies i (INVENTION will THK WORLD'S CONVENTION will be held in Ct inton Hall, slid commence its proceedings at In o'clock cm Wednesday morning, 1st October, when all who are interested in rhe improerment of the condition of society, irrespective of euv of the existing divisions which prereat Uaioe,sod de Htroy the ,t. rms ot charity, are invited to attend to assist in the adopt on of measnrcsth.it will enable the public, in a short time, to apply its abundant materials and powers to ensure permsnent prosperity and proitressive happiness to the entire population of those ntites It it ftp I time thai the inhabitants of a m. rica should be no hunter deceived and held in meuial bond ge by ni?re words, (ornis and ceremonies meaning noth ing thai is substantial or that can ever improve the condition of thu millions or even of those who are trained louse the words, and practice th? forms and ceremonies. To secure permanent progressive prosperity and happiness for all, will now, by one b< Id nil liodlike effort, Iip speedily effected. To accomplish lb s object, a full supply of wealth and a superior character for ill. aie alone required. The means to allain both universally, hsve been discovered through the late progress of inventions and'inproveineuts in the arts and sciences, and lhe*e means m v lie united into one grand practical science, as fit'd and cer >11 in it. i'perations as any oi the tiled sciences. Of this t.iTi rnent let none doubt,until they have honestly applied their rni d< to the investigation of the principle and plans to be pro posed?anil as such result Will he most sdvautageotit for all, let no one tutriid ? his more ignorant local prejudices as an obsta cle to die attainment of this great permanent good for sII , hut lei ev. I ) one endeavor to repress mi tins occasion his own pre tuftces of locality and the prejudices of others ; for it is these cail) imbibed prejudices alone, that now stand between man a> d i high degree id' physical ? i! mental excellence. and hap- 1 iMiieak in pru|*irtlnn as this ex^llence shall he attained. Bnt i I none sup ose that lliey are not prejudiced. The people of nil iiain ns i var ihe world are locally prejudiced, in their sec tarian dis-riiainna, in their if>veriiineut ai d customs, in their cla.sihc itioua and partisan ?ritiruis. The Jews, the Chiueae, I he Hindoos, the Mahomrrtani, the I'agans anil the f hristians, tin ugh llieir endless sectarian divisions, are one and all strong l\ ho'.Jlv piejurliced !? sch nation is locally prejudiced sg him all o'her nations, e*ch race against all other races, each elts sg.i'.itt every olh- r class, and, to mm - esleul, aach one as mil I every oilier, e veil hi the same locality I lie.elncal prejudices prevent union and destroy charity, and witlM'iii n .inn anu charity there can be no permanent prosperi ty. race! I nice or h ppiuess. All local prejudices emanale amne liom ignorance ; to remove (his ignorance there must he an < n!ir? chang in (lie r ircuinstances by which it is hourly per p touted I In causes of all loc i| piejudices are known, and undti .he guidance ol thil spirit of chanty and kindness may iiow be removed, and all of ihrm, without violence orill-wilf, shand inerl. Tl.ose, lli.-refore wlio attend the " World's Con vention ' will be ol hide use toil unless lliey come prepared to abandon all that can there be proved lobe injurious local pre judices, and n"w formidable obstacles to the iutiodurtinn of uaivers.il charily, mental lilierty and kindness. And without thee virtues, it will be forever useless and vain to aspect puis perity, e*cellence end happiness in society, in this or in any ,,|her part ol the woild. These virtues can be attained and secured in Practice only by 1st, ah eoce of local prejudices; 2d, a universal good practical education freed Irom local prejudices?to ensure a superior cbsracler, 3d, regular systemnlic beuelicial employment to eu ture a surplus of wealth for all ; 4th, a scientific arrangement ,,| extern*) ciicumslances to compose societies which shall ex clude I c?| piejiidices, and include superior education and em ployment ; aih, local government without force or fraud, which ,1*11 he so constructed that each one under its direction shall be c ired lor and ^us ly Treated. All this inay now heaccom* ?dished by the W orld s Convention. Education, employment, I i,r local Prejudices, and a government that will care lor all, ml scl justly to oark on the principle of universal charity ami y ndiiete ; with these the futnra happiness of the World will lie permanently secured. A Friend to All. ROBERT OWEN. 3t No. 11 Fifth Avenue, New Vork. The (Jrnnlne (4n1vnnlc Itlngl.?1'hrar Cele brated articles art. only to be obtained at 114 Fulton street. All others are worthless counterfeits. Ethiopian Ncrcnaden. Palmo'i Opera House. Lul night was a proof that no waathcr can damp (he ardor oftlie commuuity to visit the Ethiopian Serenaders; with a sorcery peculiar to tlier.selves, they coutiuue to charm a cqa staut succession of all who cau enjoy in a rations entertain aieut.sountls of the sweetest narinoiiy. We observed amongst the crowd, last night, several strangers aud some of the clergy, who seemed to realize all the eutertainnieuu, and harmless but clever witticism, that emanates fram the humor of Gtriiiuu aud Ins ta*eutcd company. They repeat their delightful entertainments this fVfulnf. ... ... Boston, Sept. 29, 1115. WM. WILSON, New York. Sib?Understanding that you hare been making very fwe with my natne and ottering to light me ou your ezhibition bills, this is to certify that I will light you a lair stand up light ac cording to the new rulea of the ring for $500, and ruy money ia ready ul the North American Hotel, Boston I ours, respectfully. LOUIS CLARK. I'ortahle ShnvliiK Cswcb.?1The'subscribers having perfected aud finished a variety of the above offers the same as the most complete yet invented, suitable to the w aits of the travelling public, containing all that is uecessary for the toilet, with the addition of the Metallic Tablet Strop,lor sharp ening and keeping razors in the most perfect order. G. SAUNDERS St SON, 177 Broadway, opposite Howard's Hotel Fine Green and Black Tea.?Very suites lor Oolong 4s, sura line do Gs, Young Hysou, superb articles, 4s, 5s and 6s, at the wholesale aud retail stores of the Canton Tea Company. 167 Grrenw ich street, near the corner of Courtl.unit street, and 123 Chatham street, between Pearl and Rooseeelt. Th's is the oldest and largest Tea establishment in America? their reputatiou for upright dealing, and for the eery high i|uv Iity of theirgooda, stands, aud doubtless will forever stand, un rivalled; we earnestly recommend families, country merchants and the whole public tu this very respcotable establishment. IlllUous Fever generally begins with yaw ning, stretching, pain iu the bones, languor, giddiness, a swel ling about the region of the stomach, bilious vomiting, and other unpleasant symptoms. Wright's ludiau Vegetable Pills are one of the best medi cines in the world for the cure of Fevers, because they purge from the busy those morbid humors which are the cause of every malady incident to man. 1.1 all cases of Fever from lour to eight of said ludiau Vege table Kills should be tikeii every night aud morning. This plan, if properly carried out, will, in a short time, subdue the most violent attack of fever, at the same time the digestive or g nis will be restored to u healthy lone, and the blood so iom plrtrly purified that fevers, as well as every other disease, will be driven from the body, aud health aud vigor will be gi ven to the whole irame. It should also be remembered that a man by the name of Wm Spear, who sells medicine purporting to be Indian Pills, at the corner of Race and Front streets, Philadelphia, is not an Agent of mine, neither can I guaranty as geuuine any that he has solu. 'The uuly security against imposition is to purchase from peo ple of unblemished character or at the ottice and General De pot, 288 Greenwich street, New Vork. MONKY MAKKKT. Tuesday. Sept. 3(1?0 P. M. There was a very fair improvement in Stocke to-day, an I the sales, although rather limited, were principally for cash. Norwich it Worcester went up ? per cent; Erie Railroad, J ; Reading, J ; Wilmington, ? ; Long Island, J; Canton, 1; Morris Canal, ]; Farmers'Loan, Pennsylvania S's, j; Illinois, J; Housatonic declined J per cent; East Boston,The failure in the old board of Brokers noticed a few days since, does not appear to be merely a temporary suspension, but the reverse. The party alluded to was for a long time a very heavy boar, and sold extensively at the lowest prices. When the recent advance had nearly or quite reached its heighth, he became a large buyer, and soon after the first decline commenced,between the.two movements bis fell through, and it will probably be sometime before' differences can be compromised. As anticipated, the failure has had a favorable influence upon the market. (Quotations for Sterling Exchange close firm at 92 a 10 premium, with a very fair demand. The receipts from Customs at this port for four weeks in September 1S45, have been as follows :? Revenue prom Customs?Port ok New York. 1845?Sept. 1st to (itll $605,956 53 1845?Sept. 8th to 13th 503,882 06 1845?Sept. 15th to 20th 271,544 60 1845?Sept. 22d to 27th 340,y 17 04 Total for 27 days $1,722,300 21 The receipts for the remaining three days in the month muy swell this amount to nearly two millions of dollars. The receipts for tho month of September 1844, amounted to $2,432,751, being at least four hundred and fifty thou, sand dollars more than the revenue from customs will bo for the same month this yea<*. There must he a tailing oil' about two million dollars in the value of goods im ported, to cause this decrease in the revenue. The exports from this port for the four weeks ending September 27, 1845, are valued at more than two millions of dollars. Commerce or the Port of New York?Extorts from 1st to 27th September. Domestic Foreign Total. Produce. Produce. Shipments inAmrriran ves sels $1,169,879 21 119,822 45 1,289,601 66 Shipments in foreign ves sels 463,281 16 165,401 88 628,683 04 Total produce $1,633,160 37 285,221 33 $1,918,281 70 Shipments of Specie 224,483 00 Total value of exports for four Weeks in Sept. 1845,$2,142,767 70 The aggregate value of exports for tne month of Sep. tember, this year, will not fall tar short ot two and a half millions of dollars, of which about thr?e hundred thousand dollars will be specie. The exports of specie for the samo month last year was $609,292 ; and the im ports $60,938, leaving a balance against us in this item, of $548,354. We annex a statement showingthe imports nnd exports of specie ot the port of New York, for the past fifteen months. Import and Export of Specie and Bullion?Port of New Yorr. 1811. Kxported. Imported. Excess of Exports. June 414,905 62,257 352,648 July 191,886 142,604 49.282 August 1,180.794 108,562 1,072,232 September 609,292 60,938 548,354 October 1.2110,675 45,539 1.215,136 November 1,367.257 39.372 1,327,88.5 December 645,915 129,887 516,038 1815 January 630,495 37,011 593,484 February 90,700 60,316 30,384 March 68,384 81,967 ? April 187,072 66,405 120,C67 May 200,58 1 50,056 150,525 June 50.043 79,517 ? July 188,185 72,427 115,758 August 353.263 23,000 390,263 Total $7,43!),<17 SI,0W,848 86,m,599 More than one-half of the specie exported in the ahove period, was shipped in the months ol August, September, October and November, 1844. The importations of merchandise in the early part of tho calendar year 1944, was so very heavy, and the exports comparatively so very limited, that sterling exchange advanced from 8J a 9 per cent in May, to 10 a 10| per cent in October and N> ember. This rapid rise in the premium for ? ling exchange, created a demand for specie for expo on, and the shipments in four months from this port alone, amounted to $4,41H,0IH. The exportation of specie decreased vory much after November, but exchange kept just below a specie point, and has been Arm at rates ruling from !>J to 10 per cent since. The importations of this port have not fallen off much within the past year, but the exportation of merchandise has increased, placing our foreign trade iir a more favorable con dition than it was throughout 1844. The shipments of specie have been very much reduced by the cautious operations of the Banks. These institutions have con ftned their movements more to the legitimate business ol the city than usual?their lines of discount have been pretty well extended, and nothing but short paper has been taken. Stock speculators have this season re ceived very little aid from the bonks, but they have not, on that account, been much restricted in their re sources. Capital from private sources has been abur dent, and the rate of interest has consequently been re duced. The banks have, by their cautious movemonts been able to hold on to their specie, and by the restric tions placed upon the money mnrket have kept the pre' mium for exchange just below a specie point. The longer this state of things continues the better, as it operates as a wholesome check upon commercial affairs generally, and keeps down spoculstions. The Chosapeake and Ohio f anal ( ompany have en tered into a contract for the completion of the canal to Cumberland within two years from this time, and the agents of the State of Maryland have approved the con' tract. The work is to be commenced within tliiity days from the 'iftth inst. From tho character of the contrac tors we shonld judge there was very little doubt but that the work will be completed within the time spec.i fled. We annex a statement showing the amount of the semi-annual dividends of the Boston Banks for the six months ending October 7, 1844 and 1846. The average dividend declared for the six months ending October 7, 1846, was a fraction better than for the corresponding pe riod in 1844. Boston Bank Divipi:ni>s Ocf. 7, !84l. Oct. 7, 1845 Hank* Dividend* .Imount. Diridendi. .Imount. Atlantic 2H per rl $12,300 J per ct $15,110(1 Atlas J per ct 15,080 3 per ct 15,000 Boston 33* per ct 21,000 33* per CI 21 nnn City 2t* per ct 25,lion .1 per ct 30,1100 Columbian.;2^ per ct 12.180 1 j*r et I .,0.0 Ksale 3 per ct 15,000 JU per ct 17,500 Freeman's 33< per ct 5 250 3V, per ct 5,250 Globe 3 per ct 30 Onn 3 per ct .10,000 Gianite 3 per ct 15,000 3 |?-r ct 15.000 Hamilton 2>* per ct 12,500 ;l per ct 15,000 Market 3 per ct 16,800 I per ct 22,460 Massachusetts... 2H per ct 20,000 3 per ct 21,000 Mechanics' 3 per cl 1.501 3S per ct (.200 Merchants'. 3 per ct tifl.nnfl 31* per ct 87,.500 New F.nfland.... 3 per ct 30,000 I per ct I0.0OO North 25* per ct 18.7.30 ;t per ct 22,500 Sliawnnt. ... 2^ per ct 12 .'AO 3 per ct I' .000 ShorliLeath Deal. 3 per ct 15,000 33i per ct 17,500 9'ate 2'i per ct 45 000 3 per ct 54,000 Suffjilkp. 4 per ct 40,000 4 per ct 40,000 Tradera' 3 per et 12,Yon 3 per cl 12 000 Tremont 2>* per rt 12,500 3 per ct 15,1*10 Union 13S per ct 21,000 3 per ct 24,000 Waahni(! >ss 2 per ct Io.inmi 3 per ct 15,000 Total amt . of Diva, Oct. 7, 1844, $180,SOOTolal Oct.7,'45, $501.850 Total Oct.7, *44. 480,800 tncreaaeferl months ending October, 1845, $81,050 IS43.Oct.7th Dmdenda$4l7.ftOO 1843, April 7,DiTideuds$V50.250 1844.April 7th, do 4K.W0 1845,Oct. 7, do 581,850 I 1844, Oct. 7th, do 481,188 1 The above table ihows that for the lis mouthi ending October 7,1 866,the semi annual dividend* were all above three per cent, several bank* declaring 3} and 4 per cent. In October, 1844, many of the bank* declared but 2} per cent dividend, and in one instance only 3 per cent. The banking capital of Boiton i* now but three hundred and ?eventy thouaand dollar* larger than it was in October, 1843. The value of the capital, according to the average dividend* for ten year*, had dec rented in October, 1843, from (17,110,000 to $16,400,072, comidered a* a li* per investment. The dividend* received by the twenty-four bank* in Boiton for the ten year* to 1841 inclusive, or ?iuce they commenced paying dividends, indicate the value of their aggregate capital as a six per cent invest ment, or the sum on which six per cent per annum has been received, to have been in October 1841, $10,70 ,289 77, or less than the par of $17,110,000 by the sum of $341,? 710 23, and in October 1843, $10,160,972 27, which was less than the par by the sum of $049,027 73, having suf. lered a depreciation of $307,317 30 in 1842 and 1843. The capital of the 24 banks in 1841 and 1843 wa* $17, 110.000, and the aggregate capital for ten year* $171, Ino 000. The aggregate dividend* for the ten years to 1841, indicate the valuu of it as a six per cent investment, or the sum on which interest has been received, to have been only $167,682,897 09, or less than the par by the sum of $3,417,102 31, or $311,710 23 per aunum. The amount $3,417,102 31 was unproductive, and the interest thoreon is $203,026 14 in ten years, or $20,.302 01 per un num, which has been a loss to stockholders. The aggregate dividends for ten years to 1843, indicate the value of the aggregate capital to have been for that time as a 0 per cent investment, $104,009,722 09, or the sum on which interest has been received, or less than the par by the sum of $0,490,277 31, or $049,027 73 per ann? which has been a less to stockholder*. The difference between these two amounts, or $3,073,175 for ten years, or $307,317 50 per annum, which last is the depreciation of the value of the capital $17,110,000 of the 24 banks in Boston in 1842 and 1843. This difference, or the depreci ation in two years, indicates a loss of interest to stock, holders ol $184,390 50 in ten years, or $18,439 05 perso nam, and amounts to l-36th of the whole capital or l-55th of tho value of the capital in 1841. The whole deprecia' tion, $619,027 73 amounts to more than 125th part of the capital, $17,110,000. Since 1843, the capital inveited in banking in Boston has paid more than six per cent per annum. The average dividend declared payable on the 6th of Oct, 1845, was at the rate of 6jj per cent on the whole banking capital of the city. Tho increased business of Boston, without a corresponding increase in the banking capital, gives that in existence more active employment. This im provement in the per cent interest paid by the banks,will raise such investment* in the minds of the capitalists of that section of tho country and improve the value of tho stocks, so long as tho amount of capital invested in that business remains reduced, but any increase in the profits of these institutions, creates an anxiety among capita, lists to get up new banks or iacrease the capitals of the old, and applications are made at once to the legislature for additional banks, and by tho old banks for an addition al capital, in this way the banking capital of all the principal cities becomes too large, and the competition for its employment expands the currency, stimulates spe culation in the staple articles of commerce, and conse quently deranges trade generally. The banking capital of Boston is large enough to afford all the facilities the merchants of that city or vicinity actually require to carry on their legitimate business for the next ten years, no matter what the increase may be, and by keeping down the amount of capital, (he currency would every year become more valuable as trade increased, and we should not hear of so many cases of bankruptcy, and the almost instantaneous loss of immense fortune*. There would be a more gradual increase in business, but it would be permanent and healthy ; there would be none of those ruinous reactions that now sweep away so many mer cantile house* whenever they come upon them. Old Stock Kxchang*. $5000 U 8 5's 1853 103'4 50 shs Harlem RK b30 61 1000 Kentucky 6'* 10l\ 50 Long Island Kit *15 69 11000 I'eun'aS's 77 575 do 09u 10000 do 90ds 77 150 do sCO 681/ I 10000 do s60 76s/ 50 do b30 697* I 3000 III 9|>1 Bds 370 2M do 6975 I 25sill Illinois Bank IT 200 do b30 70 4 5 N O Canal Bank 41 100 do b45 70 5 Lafayette Bank < * in 8(1 70 Erie RR 351 - 700 Morris Canal 25v 50 do 35i) 300 do 1)60 25v 25 ilousatonic RR s30 29 150 do s60 25)' 25 do 29 120 do 25J, 400 Nor & Wor RR 74 v 150 do b30 25), jno do 1)10 7l?Z 150 Farmers' Trust 34)J 50 do *6(1 74 50 Canton Co 43 50 do bl5 74 V 50 do 60ds 43)/ 50 do b60 75 50 do 43)2 5OO Reading RR 50 150 do 1)60 43), 50 do b30 611V 100 do *60 43 50 do 60V - 100 East Boston Co 14)4 2?0 ilo bill 30)2 f 50 Mohawk RR b30 58 50 Wilmington ? 10 32)4 Second Board. lOoftO Arkansas Bonds, 35 25 Nor St Wor 75 50 Nor St Wor 75)4 25 do b30 75V j 50 do blO 75)4 M Morris Canal boo 26', 50 do 75', 50 do 26V 50 do 75), 50 do 26V j 50 do 75 V 50 do 25 V 50 do 75V 60 do 25V ( 25 do blO 75V 50 do 26V 25 do 751, 25 do 25' 25 do blO 75', 50 Canton Co s3 43V 50 do 76V 25 Erie RR 35), 25 do slO 75 *4 25 do 35V ' 5 do 75 100 do s30 35 * I 50 do 75'a 50 Long Island b30 70)4 I 200 do b30 75V 50 do ,10 70V I 100 do sGO 71*2 New Stork Kxclriui?. 25 sb* Vicksbtirg Bk cash 8V 50 slit Canton Co >10 4 1 200 Farmers' Trust b3 34)2 25 do s6ft 42v ' 50 do s!5 34 25 do ?3 43v ! 50 do 31)4 25 do s60 I2v 50 do btw 34V 100 L Island RR blO 69). 50 Morris Canal s30 25 50 do cash 69); i 50 do *3 25', 25 Stouington RR ?30 31 25 do s45 25),' 50 do s',10 31 60 do s3 25V .00 Nor St Wor b3 74), \ 50 do slO 25 25 do blO 74V 25 do blO 25*4 50 do blO 74 V ' 50 do s60 24)2 50 do cash 71 *4 25 do b3 25 U 50 do s3 74 V : 50 do #15 25 25 do bin 74V ! ,'>0 Harlem RR cash 63)4 50 do bill 71V i 25 do 63', 25 do cash 74)2 ! 59 do styr 62V Married. On Monday, the 29th Sept., at the Church of the Mes siah, by the ltev. Dr. Dewey, Edw ahu II. Boyle, K?q., to Mi?* Caroline Louise, daughter of the late Levi Dane, Esq of Boston. On the 17th September, at Sag Harbor, by the Rev. Henry Floy Roberts, Mr. Emanuel Listor to Miss Jane Marc; a ret Thomas, all of New York. o Died. On the 26th September, at Narick, Massachusetts, Mr. Amos Gav, formerly of Templeton, Mass., aged SO years. FF1CE BOY.?Wanted immediately, at this office, an active and intelligent boy. ?30 3t fli WANTED?Ten or twelve Rood Box Makers, at W.M.J. COEY'8,46 Marion street, New York. N. B.?None hu' itood workmen need apply. sJO 3t* inr LOAN TO THE CITY OF CHICAGO. SEALED PROPOSALS will he received by the under signed mil il the 3th dav of October next, for $20,000 of Chi cago City Stock, bearing interest at the rate of six percent, per I annum, payable semi-annually. Said stork to be issued in pur nuance of an ordinance of the Common Council, bearing date r lie Utli day of September, 1815. I Proposals will be received for any portion of said stock for an I .1 mi,11 lit of $500 or upwards. Persons oflering will please state | the prices for a stock having teu years to run, and also for one having live years to run. The proceeds of the above loan are to be applied to the pay ment of the outstanding debt of the city, and the purchase of ' two fern engines. The revenue of the curreut year will be i ample for the ordinary expenses of the city, leaving a hand <onie i surplus in the treasury at the close of the present fiscal year A. GARRETT, Mayor. AN ORDINANCE AUTHORIZING A LOAN OK MONEY. Be it ordained by the Common Council of the City of Chica go- That the Mayor he authorized to loan, up m the faith and pledge of the city of Chicngo, ? sum of money not exceeding twenty tlioiisaud dollars, to be expended and applied, when ob tained, in the Ihiuidatiiiu of the debts of the said city, and iii ihe permanent and useful improvements thereof; and that the Mayor shall issue for the same. Bonds of Ihe city, under its corporate seal, signed by the Mayor and countersigned by the ' jnk, to the above amount'of twenty thousand dollars, in sums ? of not'ris than live hundred dollars, nor more than one thou sand dollars, earh payable in five or ten years from date, xsitli six iwr cent, interest, payable semi-annually ; and that said bonus lie disposed of at such ra.e or rates as the Mayor may dtem proper and best subservient to the interest of the city; provided they are not sold less than serenty-five cents on the dollar, and that the Mayor be required to report to the Council, from lime to time, his doings m the premises The revenue ef the said city is hereby pledged for the liqui dation of the bonds as aforesaid, with interest upon the same. Tasted September 11, 1845. A. GARRETT, Mayor. Attest: E. A. Rui rer, Clerk. The following is the section of the art of the Legislature in corporating the city of Chicago, which authorir.estlie Common Council to negotiate a loan for the benefit of the city : " Sect. 62. The said common council are hereby authorised and empowered to borrow upon the faith and pledge of the city off'hicago, such necessary sum or sums ot money, for any term of time, and at turn rate of interest, and payable at such plara as ihey may deem expedient, not exceeding cue hundred thousand dollars for any one year ; and to issue bonds or script iherelor under the seal of the said corporation, signed by the Mayor and eonniersigned by the Clark, such sum or sums so borrowed, to he expended and applied in the liquidation of the debts ol the said city of Chicago, and in the perman ent and useful improvements ot'the said city, and to pledge the reve nues accruing to the said city for the repayment offhe said sum or sums so borrowed, with tlie interest upon the same." ol It-rc The Mott V idiom Book Vet. SHAKSPEARK'S MERRY TALES, .INT) TJil.ES .iND qUICK .INSIVF.RS | THIS is one ul'the most rnrious additions that have ol late year* been made to what may be termed Shaksperiau Lite rature, and that it supplies a vacuum therein that has long neen ?pen. Kvery reader of Hhakspeare it aware that in the play of Much Ado About Nothing," the sprightly Beatrice replies to | thedisguised Benedict in the following terms: Beatrice?That I was disdainful, and that I had my good i wit out of the" Hundred Merry Tales." Price of the hook only 25 cents. For sale by all the Booksellers and Periodical Agents. ol li*r 1NWKANCE STOCK FOR SALE. ! FIVE SHARES of the stock of Centributionship Kira I ois pany of No. 88 Wall (treat. Prica of Stock forty cents per doll rT Application can ha mada for these shares by leaving a uota iddreaaod to J. A. at thia oflca. ol lt'in AUCTION NOTICES. E AUCTION NOTICE?By Buiffeu k Co. XTEN81VE SACK of uew sud fashionable city made Cabinet Warn?Tbia Day, ( Wednesday) Oct. 1st. at 10 o'clock, at 115 Fulton, and 32 Aim street, by catalogue, a large and riuiime assortment of new city-uiade Cabinet Ware ? comprising Solas. Tele a-Totes, Couches. Secretaries, Book Caart, Centre Tables, Wardrobes, Divans, Ottomans, Rockers, Music do., French Bedsteads, Work, Tot and Dining Tables; Freuch and plain Mahogany Chairs; Enclosed Washstands; Quartete aud Card Tables; Voltaire and French Reading Chairs; Dressing, plain, aud other Bureaus, Sic. kc. The above stock is city made, and can be sold with makers' guarantee. Sale positive. Worthy the attention of dealers, shippers, housekeepers, and others. s30 lt*r HkN I A VtIN MOUNKY, Auetioneer. U( TION NOTU K?Har.lwaru, CU'lery. Guns, k-.-B. MOONKY will sell. This Day, at 10 o'clock, at 86 John st, a hue assortment of Hardware, Cuilery, Heavy Goods, Guns, kc., viz :? Coach wrenches, socket spades, ditching shovels, sad irons, tea and table spoons, saws, tea trays, hoes, files, kc. Also, 12 cases horse cards;also, 160 doz butcher knives; also, MX) doz ta ble and pocket cutlery, well assorted^ also, 12 casks ssd irons, sssoited, in casks; also, an invoice of single and double barrel gu is; also, 60 patent counter scales and | l atform do; also, 7 iron book safes; also, 108 doz Knglish verges. Catalogues are now ready. ol lt*r A i LOOK AT THIS. . IMPORTED FRENCH BOOTS of the best quality flw st the extreme low price of $i 00. The beat of French I Call Boots made to older $6, und (great assortment of line Jft I all' Boots S3 anil $?; finest call Siloes $1 60 to $3 26; also a great assortment of patent leather Boots, Shoes and (I (iters. Lady's will hud in tHie store the greatest assortment of Gaiters to lie found in the city ; also Buskins, Slips, Ties, India Rub bers, Prunella Slips, white and black satin, kc., kc. Likewise Boys Calf Boots and Shoes. Misses and Children do, all kinds auu cclors, our owu manufacture; also the best ol French < roods,and warranted the best and cheap as the cheapest st 367 Broadway corner Fiai.kliu street, ol Ini'rrc M. CAHILL. VENTREV1I.LE COURSE, I. 1 TROTTING. A PURSE for $10(1, three mile heata, in harness, free for a trotting horses that never svou a purseover S',0, to come oft the ISlli October, to close at (ireen k Losee's, on Monday evening, Oct. 6th, by 9 o'clock P. M.?Three or more to make a field. All entries for this purse free of charge, except the winner. Any person entering a horse aud not starting kiln for the purse, will he charged entrance. Also, u purse for $30, mile heals, best three in live, under tin saddle, for horses that never won a purse over $30, to close the same time?three or more to make a field. JOEL CONKLIN, Proprietor. Ccntreville, Oct. 1,1816. ol 2t*rc BEACON COURSE?TROTTING. MONDAY, Oct. 6th, at 3 P M, match for $1100?Mile heats, under the saddle, between Gen. Dunham's b. g. Moscow aud lames D. McMann's br. m. Reality. TUESDAY, Oct. 7, at 3 I'M, purse $300?mile heats, best 3 in 6, in harness. IX Br^antenters gr in Lady Suffolk W. Wheelan br m Duchess N B?A purse of $30 will also be given, to come off on each of the above days. I'ur'iculars tomorrow. olbi'm BOAT RACE. A MATCH for One Hundred Dollars a-side. will come off at the Elysian Fields, Hoboken. ou Monday afternoon, Oct 6th, at 3 o'clock, between the celebrated scu^l boats New York and Battery Pet?the New York to be rowed by the Bro thers Tniycks, and the Battery Petbv Charles Thomas and John ( ounor. The distance to be 2% miles and to he rowed in heats, and the winning boat to receive a purse of $30?to be given by the proprietors of the Colonade. ol6tis*m M.McCARTY. REGULAR U. S. MAIL LIN ICS BETWEEN; CINCINNATI AND LOUISVILLE. MORNING LINE at 10 o'clock A. M. BEN FRANKLIN No.7, J. B. Summons, .master. PIKE No. 8. J Armstrong, master. EVENING LINK at6 o'clock r M. SIMON KENTON, W. McClain, master. BEN FRANKLIN No. 6, W. McClellau, master. These boats, forming two daily lines, will run regularly, lea ving punctually at the hour, and will take freight ami passen gers to and from intermediate landings, at the usii -l rates. Freight will be received for these lines at the Mail Wharf Boat, loot nt Broadway. Every effort wilt be used to accommodate shippers and pai seugers. STRADER k GORMAN, ROGERS k SHERLOCK, S ASents ol lm*rrc STEAMSHIP NEW YORK, for Charle ton, Key West and New Orleans?Passen gers bv this steamer will please be on hoard, at 10 o'clock This Morning, at pier 7 N R.? Letter baga will elose at 9li o clock, at the W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, 76 South st., cor. Maiden Lane. PASSAGE FOR NEW ORLEANS-Regular packet, and sails on Thursday the 2d October.?The . HAH plendid fast sailing favorite packet ship I uKAVt., burthen 900 tons, Captain J. Bailey, will sail posi tively as above, her regular day. ... . . . Having accommodations for cabin, second cabin, and steer age passengers, unsurpassed by any vessel loading for the shove port, those proceeding will find it I heir interest and coinlorl to select this conveyance. For passage, and to secure the best berths, early a| plication should be made ou board, foot of Piue street, or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS k Co., 36 Fulton at.. ol rr,, nevt door to llie k niton Bank. BLACK BALL OR OLD LINK Ok LlVTTTT POOL PACKETS?For Liverpool, only regular packet of the 1st of October. lelirated fast sailing favorite packet ship CAM BRIDGE, burthen 960 tons. Cap). Barstow, will positively sail ou Wednesday, the 1st of October. It is well known that the accommodations of. the Cambridge are fitted out in a most superb and costly manner, with every mods ru improvement and convenience, that cannot but add to the comfort of those embarking. Persons visiting the old coun try or sending for their friends, will fiud it to their interest to select this conveyance. For passage, in cabin, second cabin and steerage, and to se cure the best berths,early application should be made ou board, footof Beekmau st, or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO. ol rrc 36 Fulton street, next door to the Fulton Bank FOR LI VEIU'OOI.-RegitI; r Packet of the fith Oct.?The splendid packet ship PATRICK I1EN iRY, J. C. Delano, master, will sail as above her re gular day. Haviug very superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin auu steerage passengers, persons intending to embark should make immediate application on hoard, footof Maiden hiue, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, Corner of Pine and South sts. 'The Patrick Henry will be succeeded by th? favorite packet ship Independence, F. P. Allen, master, to sail on the 6th Nov. her regular day. ol m SHIP ST. NICOLAS. THE Passengers will embark at pier 1 N R, a' 12 o'clock M. to-dav. The MtiTwill close at the Post Office, and letters he taken from the Reading Room and Hale's, at half pastil o'clock. ol It SHIP NEBRASKA, PUR MARSEILLES. "M1K Passengers will embark at pier II, E It, at 12 o'clock M, to-day. The letter hag will close at half past It o'clk. vl It FOR SALE, AT A BARGAIN, \ FIRST RATE MEAT SHOP, in the upper part of the -fa-city, Fifteenth Ward, now doing a good business. Also, Horse and Cert. The whole will be sold cheap for cash. Inquire of Alfred Marsh, cor Broadway anu 12th st. ol lt*r FRENCH FALL AND \VINTER~GOODS. VT AD'LLE. F. GODEFROY having just arrived from Pa ir I ris by the last Havre packet, will o|ien on Tuesday nest. 7th inst, several cases of Silks, Mantillas, Hats, New Materiel Articles for Dresses, Ribbon*, Sic. All the above goods hare been bought and ordered by Mad'lle F. O. for her exclusive sale, and willhe disposed of on the most reasonable terms. 330 BROADWAY, ol lw*r corner Leonard st. T. BROWN, STONE SEAL ENGRAVER, 233 Broadway, OPPOSITE THE PARK?Coats ot Arms, Crests, Cy phers, kc., engraved on stone or brass, diamonds, ame thysts, topa7.es, Sic., bought in the rough or cut to any form.? Signet or Heal Rings, Keys, Pencil Cases. Ladies Seals, Sic., engraved with arms, names, crests, orany device. Coats ol Anns found and paiuted from $2 and unwaids, and forwarded to auy part of the United States or Canada; arms copied or quar tered in any manner. Books of Heraldry kept with upwards of ISO,WK) names. ol It'rrc CLOCKS AND FANCY GOODS. A Bargaiu-tfspleudid four column alabsstsr, ebony, inlaid rosewood and statuary ornamented 21 day Mautul Clocks, for sale at $13 to $23, being about 30 per cent lielow the cost of importation. Also, Isncy Work Boxes aud Dressing C.ises, at 23 cents to $3 >ach;Hair Brushes, fancy Soaps, Pocket Knnes, kc.; line Ha /.ors at SI 30 to $1 per dozen; also, a lot of Ellio'"s fine do, for isle a great bargain, at 231 Pearl st, up stairs. N U? 2 rich French Accordions, the original cost of which was SI3, will be sold for $10. ol It'tn TEETH! TEETH!! 1'KETH?3V ho would be without Teeth when they csu has e them inserted without the slightest possible pain, and warranted to suit all the purpose* of natural ones, by calling on Dr. JONES, Dentist, at his office, cor of Canal st. and Broad way, entrance in Canal st. I The following is a list of prices :? A complete double settof best mineral Teeth, on fine gold plates, $30 0(1 A sett of best tniuera! Teeth, on fine gold plate, for flit- !!? per jaw, to be worn by suction, $30 no Singl" tooth, on gold plate, from $2 30 to 3 On Pivot tooth, from 73 to I 30 Plugging teeth with gold, from 73 to I 30 Extracting teeth, 25 to 50 All other operations in the same pioportion. Iteinrmber, comer Canal at. and Broadway, entrance in Ca nal st An Apprentice wanted. ol It is'm MECHANICS' INSTITUTE. KVEN1NG SCHOOL?No. 12 Chambers street?t orn inenrcs on Monday, the 6th of October. Terms?Members if the Institute, #3 per quarter ; non-memhers, $t. Payable ia idvanre. M. C. TRACY, Principal. .1. J. MAPK.S, Chairman School Com. s3Q 6t*r hlSSOlA'THAN UK CO-PARTNERSHIP. NOTICE is hereby giveu, that the Co-Partnership hitherto existing between Arthur Sk'ddy. Henry Adams and Cnas. H. Skiddy, known as the firm of Shindy, Adams VJSk iddy, Ship and Str.onboat Painters, ia this day dissolved by mutual eon lent, aud the business of the concern will be settled by Arthur Skiddy. at No. I3B Madison street. ARTHUR SKIDDY, HENRY ADAMS. ,30 3t*rrc CHARLES 8 SKIDDY. NKW YORK TATTERS ALLS NEW ARRANOF.M ENT. 17 HE Auction Department and Private Stables entirely dis connected. Commodious Entrance t? each. Public sales of Horses, Carriages, Harness, Saddlery, Sir. Ac. nerv Monday and Wednesday, commencing at tl o'clock. ,3? nr*mc Hti ilHOAOWAY. CHEMICAL BALSAM, Or llnlr lnx-lunrnlnr. V REMEDY for all diseeees incidental to the llnr and it* restorative, in all cases where Baldness is not beyond the reach of ert. ... ... Means of tub ( HESOCU Dai sam on Hair IiXVIOOHTOR.?It Iirevenis Baldness. It removes Dxndritt sndl utaneous Scruff, it keeps the Hair ill its natural color and oreventa it from turning gre>. It is now presented to the world, with a firm be liefrli.n as a beautiful uid healthy restorative of the lliir it w ill be found on trial unequalled Prepared solely by E. Pba Ion. No. 113 Broulway, Agents?O. Fish k Co., Washington, I). C.; Ayer k Plielan, 13 Hioad street. Columbus, Georgia, E. B. T little, Philadel phia, Pennsylvania; H. Rice, corner of Court and Howard ,treeis, Boston ; (' B Brower, No 105 Fulton ?t., Brooklyn; M. 8. Fletcher, Marebou, Ulster < o., N. Y .; S. W. Creech, rremont House, Boston- s2t lra'mc A31USHiMJ!iiN IS. at'tlie 13 iM UK YHKATUK. MR. BROUOirS BENEFIT. Wednesday Kvetilii|f, October 1, The performance will commence with the Op-ra ol CINDERELLA. Felix.. . ,F Gardner Daiidnu Brough Cinderella Miu Delcy After which. Songi by Mesirs Gardner and Broogli. To c vm lude with THE BOARDING SCHOOL. MrsGrodenap Mr* Vernon James Mr Either Price ol Admission?Boaea, Si ; Pit, io cent* ; nailery, 25 centi. Door* open at 7 o'clock, and the Curtvn will rise preeiaely at half-put7 o'clock. A limited number of Seaaon Ticket* may be obtained Boa OBca. BOWKKV THKATitb. O^The public are reapecrfully informed, that Messrs. Cony antt JJlunrliard, the celebrated I'aiitomimist* from Loudou, are engaged at this Theatre. They will make their appearance this evening, intro dnciug their Aatonishitig Trained Dog* in their performances that have excited the greatest wonder and astonishment through Out Europe. Wrilnriilay K veiling:, October lat, Will be performed, tile tragedy of DAMON AND PYTHIAS Damon Mr J R Scott I y til I as . Diveupyrt llermioii Mm Madison After which. THE HIGHLAND DROVER. Archibald Leslie Mr Blanchard Dugald McNeil Cony Jessie Campbell Mrs Philli|>t To conclude with THE BLACK RANGERS. Gen. Washingtou Mr Vaclie Capt Herbert Tracy Clarke Gen Howe Lewis Tracy. Ilenkina Wellwood Tracy Sutherland vi ,i, Daveniiort Maria Waltham Mrs Phillips 1? ; T iLg^Tr ?OII\? 4? ccnU; Second au.l Third Tiers, 25 cts.; I it and Gallery, 12>? cents. Doom will open >?t fiIf* pn*f c, '' ? '^ii? will rise af 7. tAS'i I j h" iJauTTESu HUKLESQUE OPERA SINGERS. KpAilmlislmi Cents.^4 Proprietors . .. .. M-ssrs. Fench k Heiser. Wetlnesdny Krenlng, Dctober tat. The performance will commence with POST-HEKL-ON ! ... , . . . , , Oh Loug-Jaw-Bone. I *ken from Adam s favorite 0|a-ra of The Postillion of Loiijuinr.ui Consisting of a great variety of Somic Songs, Duetts. Cho ruses, kc. r latcrinission of Half an Hour for Promenade and Refresh tl r ,. uirnts the range of splendid Cosmoramas will be open 'or inspecticu. On SUNDAY, a Grand Selection of Sacred Music?Ad mittance !2H cents Bouquets coustantlv for sale at the Garden. 'Joora opee at half-past 6 o'clock. Performance tocora mence at 8 o'clock. fliIBLO'S (URDKA. MR. H. PL AC ID El MRS. MOWATT AND MR. CRISP. Wednenday, Oct. int. 184A. The performances will commence with the Overture to Zam pa?to r>e Ktircepil'il by the Comedv of THK SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL. Lady Teazle .Mrs Mo watt Mrs Candour Mrs Watts Lady Sneer well Mrs Chippendd'e ?V pe?cTeaxle Mr H Placide t harleH Surface Crisp All Intermission of half an hour between the jd .and Itli acts l!. 7" P'ffi'rmaoce to e> m.umc- e.t 7V clock U?i? ugta at 7 o'clock. dryTirkets Fifty Cents.-4$: Private Boxes 15 each. (T^Ab emcieot Pohee will always be in attendaaee to maia tun good order and keep all improper persons out A hmned Dumber m'SUeaon Tickets will he disown of PALMO'S OPKIIA HOUSE. ~ OPEN EVERY NIGHT. Admission 25 Cents only. Wednesday Kveiilrigr, Oc tober lat, 7V/c Serenade rs 7Yium/>hant. Messrs. GERM ON, STAN WOOD, HARRINGTON PELHAM and WHi'rE. Having received solicitations from many families who hare not yet had an opportunity of witnessing the'r INIMITABLE PERFORMANCES, Owing to the LARGE CROWDS That nightly fill the Opera Honse, Have consented to remain a short time longer. OPEN EVERY NIGHT . , Until further notice, for particulars see programme, fc 7? Doors open at 7X?Concert to commence at I. Boies and seats secured daily at the office, from 10 A. M til ' p M s28 Iwrrc , ARCH STREET THKATBle. I PHILADELPHIA. Stage Manager Mr. H. E. Stkvers I Third Night of Mr Hackett's Engagement. Wediteadny Evening, October 1st. The Performance willcommeuce with HIS LAST LEGS. O Call a yhan Mr Hackett ohiiUs ... M Mr Oreene yulU Mrs R..?rrs Dancing by Mr G Smith and Miss Carl me and Master Wood. Song by Mr. Blankuian Ti> conclude with JACK SI1EPPARD?Jack Sheppard, Ma Burke; Joe Blueskiii. Mr Stevens; Abraham Mendex. Sir Burke; Jonathan Wild, Mr Johuston; Winuifred Wood, Mis Myers. ~ CIIKuYliT-JTRKKT THKATHK m ? ? PHILADELPHIA. W. E. Bprtow Leiiee and Manager Wednesday Evening, October 1st The performances will commence with the Vaudeville of ?. , UNE PASSION. i After w hich the Comic Opera of , , , .., LA FILLEDU REGIMENT, lu which M sella Calve will appear. To-morrow. Kobert I.e Diable. BOWERY CIRCUS. Boxes 21 cents ; Pit 12bi cents Chi'dren to Boxes half price, j ELEGANT CHANGE OF PERFORMANCE8. SPRITE OF THE SILVER SHOWER. New and beautiful scenes and acts of HORSEMANSHIP. Astonndiug Exploits of the American Gymnasien, Mr. I Brewer. DON JUAN ON HORSEBACK. Songs, Glees, Chorusses, aud Extravagan/.as. hy the famous ETHIOPIAN MELODISTS. I QCT^The celebrated Military Brass Baud, of thirteen instru- ! ments, led by Mr. Sheltcm, will performduriujfthe evening. ' (L/^rerformaiice commences at half-past 7 oxlock. se29 lwis*rh CONCKRT. OI.K BULL has the huoor of announcing that his first Cou cert will take place on Thursday Evening, Oct 2d, at the Tabernacle, assisted by Miss Northnll and Mr. DntfieM, Vo calists, and a full acd effective Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. IJ C. Hill. Mr. Kurs will fireside at the Piauo Fcrte and Organ. Tickets $1 each, to he had at the principal Music Stores, and at the door. IL/" Herald, Courier tk Enquirer. Commercial Advertiser, Suit, Tribune, True Suu.aud Evening Gazette will please copy. ol2t*r TtiE great leviathan, or sea monster, H1DRARCHOS, NOW Exhibiting at the Apollo Saloon,410 Broadway, will certainly close this week. All those w ho may have any desire to see this greatest of all natural curiosities before its departure from the country, had better visit it at once; when it is gonemany will regret that they had not visited it, as it may be looked upon as a national monument that will never be seen here again. The Saloou is opeu front 8 A. M. to 10 P. M. Admittance 26 CelltS, ol 3tis'r BEETHOVEN'S MOUNT OF OLIVES AND THE SEVEN SLEEPERS. During the ll'eek of THE AMERICAN MUSICAL CONTENTION. rlMIE SUBLIME ORATORIO of The Mount of Olives, X by the immortal Beethoven, and The Seven Sleepers, by IJr l.ewer, will be performed atthe TABERNACLE, on '1 hnrsdim- Evening, the 9th Oct. next, under the directiou of Mr. GEORGE LODER, Commencing at 7 o'clock precisely, and closing at about 10. '1'he f horus and Orchestra will be full and effective, and the solo parts well sustainedbv resident talent. Mr. II. < Tiinm will preside at the Organ. Tickets Kifty Cents each? may be obtained at the music stores of Firth Ik 11*11, No. I f ranklin square; Eirlb, llall tc Pond, 839 Broadway ; Atwill, 201 Brcndway; Saxton St Miles, TO'i Broadway; E. Riley. 297 Broadway; Scharfen berg Si Luis, Jbl Broadway; at the stores of Coleman, 369 Broadway; O. F Nesbitt. cor. Wall anil Water, and at the door of the Taberna cle on the evening of the performance. The second rehearsal takes place on Thursday Evening next, at the ? oliseum, 460 Broadway, where the subsciiber will be most happy to meet all who have heretofore rehearsed w ith him. and any othergood readers who ar- disposed to aid in the attempt to bring out and encourage resident talent. ol at'rrc HENRY MEIGGS, 416 Broadway. | ()W EXHIBITING, (for a short time only ) at the Rooms of the National Academy of Design, corner ol Broadw_ay and Leonard street, De Kuyper's celebrated statue (in marble) '""'la SORTIE DU BAIN," (Coming from the Bath.) This exquisite and refund work, which lias iwen pronounced by all w ho have seen it to be the rkrf tVauvre of modern art, mil which has sttraeted crowds ol adinwers in Europe, has been brought to this country at great cost and risk, and is now confidently opened for the inspection of the lovers of this sub lime and beantilul art. Open from 9 A. M. until 10 T. M. Admittance 16 cents.? Seasou Tickets 60 cents. s30 rrc THE PAT KIA RC11AL COUNCIL OF THE <J U. O. O. F. HAVE the honor to announce the following as the order of Esercises for their First Anniversary, to he held in the Broadway Tabernacle, on Wednesday, Oct. 1st, 1816. Music by Frank Johnson's celebrated Baud. PROGRAMME: 1. Music?Grand Overture (Siring Band) " Semiramn." Rossini. 2. Prayer by the Chaplain. 3. Music?' I Tu<s Frequenti Palpiti," from the opera of " Niohe." ( Brass Baud) Pacini. 4. Presentation of the Banner by the Ladies. 6. Reception?By P. O. M. Geo. T. Downing. 6. Grand Cavitini?Composed expressly for the occa sion. and very re pectfully dedicated to the G. M. C., by A. J. R. Conner, Esq ( Brass Band.) 7. Address?By P. G. M. James Fields 8. Introduction and Rondo?from the Opera of the Barber of Seville' (Brass Bind) Rossini BENEDICTION. , , w [t_/^Tickets 26 cents esch, to he obtained at the Music Stores, and at the door on the day of the exercise*. Exercises to commence at 2 P. M. se29 3t*je DR. BANKING'S LECTURES. DR BANNING will resume Ins Free Lectures in this city, on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evenings of next week, at half-past 7 o'clock, iu the Lecture Room of the Pearl Street Church, near Broadway, on the Philosophy of Health and Chronic Diseases, especially of Dispepsy, General Dehili- ! ty anil Pulmonary and Spinal Diseases Alto, on the means of prevention and cure by mechanical support and n pro|>er Course oflife, in conjunction wuh other appropriate remedies, em bracing the su bject of Physical Education or Palerual Obliga tion to Offspring. s27 f.tit'rc FINE ARTS. OIL PAINTINGS Cleaned, Lined and Restored, by H. BENT, *10 lm'rc No. 703 Broadway. < -H latest intelligence. UY LAST KyKNlKU'" Washington [C?rre?>(ioui]ence ol the Herald.J Washington, Sept. 26, lftiS. Expedition to California. 1 notice in your paper an article on a proposed ex l?fiition to California. Allow me to furnish those young gentlemen, who are to compose this expedi tion, with some information which may be ol im portance to some of them. 1 have lived there five years?0wn twenty square leagues of land within twenty miles of Monterey, (U. C.) and have now in successful o[?eration a large milling establishment. I leave here on the 1st for New Orleans, thence to Vera Cruz, and across the country to Acapulco, on the Pacific side, where I shall charter a vessel to convey me to Monterey. California is admitted by all who aie conversant with the country to be the finest and best climate in all this world?the land is generally high and rolling, und capable of producing all the good things that grow in ibis country, with many of the delicious tropical fruits, without snow or ice in winter, and on the sea coast not uncomfortably hot in the sum mer, with nil kinds of wild game in abundance. The commercial business of the coast is like that of all other new, thinly settled countries, small, compared with the cities of the Atlantic coast, but generally leaves an immense profit, without any risk or trouble. There are all kinds of fish to be had, (salmon, A'C.) and an immense trade could be carried on with the United States, by salting them. The provincial government, which is very good tor a new country, will give to all settlers from one to ten siiuaie leagues of land, provided they will agree to improve the same within one year from the time the land is granted. A "real amount of money can be made annually bv a company of several hundred young men, even at the gold and silver mines, which are situated within a short distance ol Monterey. In fact I know of no country which offers so oreat inducements, to young and enterprising gen flemen, as California; and should three thousand, even from the Atlantic cities, see ht to try their fortunes in that delightful country, I think they will So trie ^fe w'd ay s since I received a letter from a German gentleman in New York, who that about 200 Germans were enrolled at St. L?u'?. to go with the expedition forming in New York, Boston, and other of the seaboard cities, and ask in" me tor information on some points. I can an y sav that the proportion of females to males, in ( ah fornia, is verv great, (10 to 1) many of the former possessing large landed properties?that they are both beautiful and virtuous?and the length of the ourney by land to California, from *t. Louis, would be" strong reason why few females should accom pany the expedition, unless they go by sea. and above letter informs me that a vessecalled the Ma riposa, will sail from New York on the Ist October, another on the 1st December, and one from Balti more on the 1st January. I?y these vessels those who are married might take passage with their fam ilies, and save much fatigue, -tec. 1 shall be happy to give vou any information in regard t0 9i~?l may possess, and therelore give you my address. Washington, Sept. 29,1845. For some days [>ast there has been quietly sitting in the chamber of the Navy Department, opposite the room of Mr. Bancroft, a committee of naval ofh ! cersin examination of the case of Lieutenant John T. McLaughlin. Lieut. McLaughlin was purser of the squadron em ployed along the coast during the late Fl?^ war in co-operation with the land forces, from 1838 to 1H12. Serious charges of corruption, it appears, were first brought against the Lieutenant by Mr. Charles H. Winder, a clerk in the State Department. A dis cussion followed between these two gentlemen, through the columns of the Intelligencer, but grow ing two strong'in personalities, it was at length cut short by the editors. At least, this is our recollec tion of the controversy. Lieutenant McLaughlin desired an investigation in* thene charge.S of cor ruption urged against him by Mr. Winder, and i compliance with his wishes and ^.'^Congress service a resolution was passed at the last ^ongrew authorizing the Board, of Examination in the pre McLaughlin m eubeiuntially b, ^bodied Utue'publio money.. an sire ?>???.??. cruelty to the men under his commf?,d" M I C ^/r^?UPresident"^ommi^?r8 H?W\^teden, C k Stribling, Associates ; Philip Barton, Esq., Judge Advocate. Lieutenant McLauglin is his 0>TmongThe witnesses who have made their a^ nearance are Lieutenants John ltodgers, C K. r. ' ftodgers, Thomas T. Sloan; Pas^d Midshipmen, 4' Ji A^nrSy*' T5?r' gjsssra Key west , ?? j ? . c jj Winder ol ffKi KpaTrnVntTrW-Snhiir, Hon. Hen* T ( ranston R. I-j G- p. Andrews, U. p. A., Passed Midshipmen Edward Donaldson, >mith M. Purdv of N Y : W. Penn Frailey, Canton, Ohio. During the sittings of last ?week, the fourth Audt tor A O. Dayton, and Mr. Ethendge. and Mr. 1L Mechlin two of hin clerks, were examined res , -I, /hp vouclni of the department in this case, and upon the authenticity of certain letters connect ed with these Florida transactions. To-day Colonel Stmonton was examned. ^He testified that the prices paid by Lieutenant lvu. Uughlm for provisions See were notextmvagam all things considered?the climate?the scarciqr oi provisions?the difficulty of procuring them, &c. lie certified to a letter written by him some yea"? ncm Justifying Lieut. McLaughlin in his purchases of provisions at New York, Indian K y VVThe material witness in the case, Mr. (. Winder, was then called forward to detail his va nous ?necitications as lrom the records, ol the r^KSaganceby Purser MclAgin ^ public moneys to the account of the Florida squaa by fi^^imoolesjha^he iKi^bee^reheyed inseason. Further details to-morrow. General items next mail. Washington,.Sept. 29,1816. We see that Senator iluger, of South Carolina, is here. Mr. Walker being " solitary and alone," on the Tariff, likely Iluger has come up to encourage the drooping secretary in a f urther abatement of the minimum? Mr. George, ol the Treasury Department, is pre paring a statement of the condition of the bank, to lie presented to Congress at the next session, sup l>osd to be designed as a lever for the Sub-Treasury \ou will have |>erceived that Father can scarce express his exultations in discovering that the Charleston Mercury correspondent is an English man. If Father Ritchie could now only further discover that lie was paid in British gold, and hired by the British government to break down the Union, the Mtrrury would be a defunct paper. As it is, we are atrald that Father Ritchie has old "scotched the sarpent." A rumor comes up this evening, that Gen. Taylor had sent a scouting party across the Rio Grande, with orders to look up such straggling Mexicans as might be near the borders, and to " make them stir themselves." The untimely end of Mr. Speaker White.of Ken tucky, lias excited much sympathy in Washington, where he was widely known and esteemed. Two New Yorkers to-day had a misunderstand ing about a lady. One ot them threw down his glove for a fight, " coffee and pistols"?the other declined the honor, but in lieu thereof proposed "a compromise," which was agreed to by and by, neither gentleman, we suppose, having a particular fancy to be shot at. Appropon of shooting. Mr. Paine, who has been shot at so often, is in this city again. He says, he will make it appear clear here that his ntory is founded upon absolute powder and ball. That's what he's come for. Baltimosk, Sept 30, IMo. Political Exeilemenl - The Election To-Morrow .f/fuit t Custom Houit-The Anticipated Removal of Gen Mariolt, and Appointment ot U G. S. Key, Eey.~ Ot lerline Church Catt?Murkett, ire. At the present time every thing is obsorhed in politics, and although our election to morrow is for members of Congress and Legislature, the question of " who is to be Sheriff" predominates over all others. The demo" erats, for once in their lives, are caught napping they having allowed the Cns'om House clique to foist on them a reguluily nominated candidate, in the person

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