9 Kasım 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

9 Kasım 1845 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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navigation of Che Ohio River. Placet. Time- Htat' ?f River Pittsburg. . , > Nov. b,, , , ?, , ,9 feet and rising Wheeling... .Oct. 16 18 feet In channel. Louisville,. ..Not. 3 4 feet in the channel Cincinnati Nov. 4, 4 ft 6 inc.on llats and bars. MONKY MAIIKKT, Saturday. Nov. n_? o'cloek, H. M. Quotations lor stocks, to-duy, were very unsettled Home of the funcies are goin|f up and some going down. Stuiiington advanced 1|. Norwich and Worcester, 4J. Long Island, Ij. Rending Railroad declined | percent Morris Canal, j. Canton, IJ. llurlem, Ij. I'ennsylva nia 6's, ' Farmers' Loan, j. Krie Railroad and Ohio 6's, closed tirm at yesterday's prices. A counterfeit ton dollar bill ol the Trenton Bunk, of New Jersey, lias been piesebted at the bonk. It is the first counterfeit of the kind. Its whole appeatance is different from that of the genuine notes. At the top of the note is an engraving of Minerva sitting, and a ship in full sail ; at tho right end a largo figure of Minerva nlandiug ; and at the bottom the Knglish ooat of arms The signatures are Jairly executed. The note is dated Oct. '41, 184"), and made payable te J. Cook. The en gravers' names are Harris ami Sealy, New V'ork. We annex a comparative table showing the unioun, of teceipts of the railway companies of Oreat Britain and France for one week in -September, in the past three years, the aggregate earning and the cost of working for the last six months The proportions of expenses to receipts,will compare favorably with those of this coun try :~ Tssrric Hktuhns ok Railways in Ghkat Biiitain and Fhanck. Name of Railway. Receipts for onr ~" 5? week in Stjii. fe ~ 1843. 1814. 1845. c x. i. x. ? Arbroath St Forfir 1.39 till 812 ? ? Birmingham St Bristol, ? ? - ? ~" Chester St Hirkeuhend, 522 819 804 5,858 13,148 Dublin St Drogheda, ? 651 777 ? ? Dublin St Kiuxstowu, 999 1,1140 1.095 ? ? Dundee St Aibronth. 286 298 335 8,988 6,991 Durham St Sutherland, 7I7 691 776 U.H89 17 702 Kasteru t'euuties St IX StK., 4,721 4.131 5,<NI8 47,385 1111.726 K.diuburgli (St Glasgow, 8 879 8,472 3,020 29,129 55,866 Glasgow, I'aislov Sl Ayr, 1,3.4 1,516 1.963 12 146 36.430 Glagow.l'aisleylkGreeiiock, 1.0O8 919 1,023 11.839 23 447 4 iraud JunoC 8,826 8.652 16.637 81,309 197,080 4 iravesend St Rochester, ? ? 211 ? ? Greit North ol'Knglaud, ? 2,017 ? 12,201 36,189 (?real Western, 15,529 17,8lt 18,101143,219 410,016 Hull St trlhy, 1,011 ? ? ? ? Liverpool St Manchester, 4,714 5,553 ? 64,885 141,252 l.oii'lnu St Birmingham, 17,638 17,298 80,765 96,413 456.447 London St Blackwall, 1.010 1,073 859 15 978 23,1170 Loudou St Brighton, 5,717 5,919 6,555 30.499 130,156 London St Croydon, 388 ? 1,558 7,503 10,545 LoikUui It Greenwich, 825 ? 8,098 ? ? London St Sooth Western, g,9!5 7.201 ? 89.439 193,631 Mtncliester St Birmingham. 3,316 3,308 4,819 15,397 58.162 Manchester St Bolton, 723 926 1,020 8.585 21,110 Manchester St Leeds, 5,509 6,953 8,460 46.653 156,161 MidlaiidSiBriUolStBirinilig,12,4IO 11.9.58 17,74 1 75,227 276,129 Newcastle St Carlisle, 1,570 1,747 1.9.57 26,449 73,917 Newcastle St Darlington, ? 1,203 3 025 ? ? Newcastle St North Shields, 449 452 549 8,943 10,466 Norfolk, ? 341 1,746 ? ? N. Union & Bolton Itl'reatou,1.067 1,717 1 9311 24,708 46.745 Paris St Orleans, 5,651 ? ? ? ? Paris It Roueu, ? 6,716 7,115 31,?47 91,171 Preston & Wy re, 440 ? 770 1,191 7,066 Sh. llietd St Manchester, 612 015 1.748 11,895 11,876 South Fatten), 4,660 6,720 7,599 09,288 139,042 Tall' Vale, 089 977 1,144 9,115 22 692 Ulster, 461 516 552 5,401 13,8.56 York St North Midland, 1,798 8,947 6,815 31,349 75,474 The dividends of these companies average from one and a half to ten por cent per atiuttm. The most productive of these toads are the Great Western, the Grand Junction, and the London and Bir mingham. Tho receipts ol the Heading Railroad Company for ono week in October, in the past three years, have been as follows ;? Philauki.piiia and RttAiilNtl Railroad Business. Coal Transported. Week ending Nov. 4th, 1813, $13,195 93 8.658 urns Week ending Nov. 2, 1844, 15 364 70 11,861 tons Week ending Nov. 1, 1845, 30,375 03 21,192 tons The receipts for the week ending the 1st instant this year, were double those for the corresponding week last year. The receipts are now at the rate of $135,(i(H> r month, and the transportation of coal at the rate of ninety thousand tons per month. The price of coal with in the past month has advanced from tivo to six and six and a half dollars per ton, and the supply can hardly keep pace with the demand. The Reading Railroad has brought to market this year about eight hundred thou sand tonsoi coal, or neatly one hall' of the whole quan tity received from all sources this seasou ; and had it uot been for the facilities alforded by this company lor "the transportation of coal, the demand for consumption would have greatly exceeded the supply, and prices would have ranged from fifty to seventy-five per cent above tho current prices. The benefits the public gen erally thus derive from the building ol this road are immense, as millions of dollars have been saved to tho poorerclasses. Coal is at least two dollars a ton cheaper than it would have boon, had this road not been built, which saves to tho consumers at least four millions of dollats. (lid Stack Kicltaiigt. $8000 OhioO's, 1860, 97 200shs Farmers' Trust 33'a 10000 Kentucky 6's 101,Si 50 L Island lilt ti39 74 50.0 Illinois special 67? 50 do slO 74^4 16000 I'eun 5's 73>4 100 do 74 '4 40(10 do s30 7 3 50 do 75sn IOshsBkCouifi.il 97 50 do 1)30 71,', 20 Am Ex Bank 05 50 do liGO 74,*4 15 do <4^ 100 do 74 hi 5 do 85'a 50 do 74it 100IIS Back 5 50 do 63117.3.', 151 N A Trust bui UK 30 do 75,'4 25 do 10/i 25 Nor (St Wor RR 8.5 75 Morris Canal 23 25 do 85.3, 1110 do 130 23 50 do U15 85 \i 104 do 22,'a 50 do 1-60 8.5;'.; 75 Canton Co 41', Hill do tlj'a 6.50 do 41 50 do 06 150 do h'tO 44 4 50 do 8I1 ! 50 do 1)15 4D4 5 do 86,'1 200 d> h30 44 10tl do 87, 50 do sGA 4 1 250 do 111-a 25 do s30 41 too do s30 86, 50 Harlem R It 65 100 Reading ltR 52-1 3481 1I1 64 100 do s60 52'f 200 do Ii30 61 50 Stou ingtou R It 31," 20(1 do hi 2111.1 67 75 do 31 * 6 Erie Kit 34 100 do I>I0 35 250 do h30 34la '00 do 35 155 d j 34', 200 do slO 3.5 4 do 31'4 50 Wilmington It It 43 -ill do s.60 31,*4 50 do >30 4 3 He?-nn?t lionrtl. Ml Eric Kit 31I4 50 Long Island ,3 771, 3?i(i do 35 5(1 do s!0 78 18 do 35 500 do bid 80 '88) do 35 50 do slO 78 ) 5 do >5 150 do 78 !0 Reading HK 'si/i 2UU Ohio 7's 101 50 ( anion Co 45 25 Nor $ WorRIt 08 881 do 45', 25 do 87!, 25 do 45's 100 Stoningtoii RIt 35 25 do 1>15 45*4 New Mock Kxclinugt. 40 s'ns .Morris Canal rush 2.1 2IKIshs Harlem RR s'Jfl 61 195 Canton Co cash 44V .'HI I. Island RR Inn 73', 2.3 do h3 44J,' 50 do slO 73 35 do s30 41 50 do Ciish "4 50 do ct.sli (4is 59 do ensli 71 'A Ml do sill 44 100 do c.isli 75'4 100 do ens'i 14'4 50 Htouiugton RR cash 34 24 do cash 44?ii 25 Nor Jt Wor s3 (Hi 25 do b3 4 ilk 5(1 do cash 86.', 0 do 111* 50 do C.tsli 83 25 do blO 45 25 do cash 8? 25 do how <Ci 25 do buw 87 75 do 1)3 44?? 25 do cash 87'a 25 ilo s3 441, pyj-sp Dle.f, , 3??v..; '' On' Monday, November the 7th, Kbancih I,. 1'huihi, aged IHyeais un<l ft months. The relations, friemls und ncuunintnnces tiro respect fully invited to attend the funeral on Sunday at '7 o'clock from No. tit Clark son street, near Hudson street. On the 7th iust., at the residence of hot father, No. 8:1 ?ttli Avouuc and IKtli street, Akbarkm.a ( ai ioh, late fiom Scotland. The friends end ari|n:iintances of tiie family are re spectfully invited to attend hor lanniul to-day, the tith inst., at'J o'clock 1'. M. WANT!.I) IMMKD1ATKLY, a certain cure for a had cold and Cough?then so to Dr. W. H. Miluer, corner of Hro'd say and iolui street. New York, and get one hurtle of l)r. Snra> lie's Compound Syrup of Wild ? 'berry, and you will le well in two days, if taken according to the directions? try n once. i h 'lt*m IjSOUNl) ADHIKT atsea, the Schooner JKltSKV IlLI'K, " ui'Miildletowii. N. J., on tiie i(h instant, about five miles south ot Long la'aiid Retch?she was taken into the South Hay. M' r further inform tfion apply to the SuhsC'lher at Sayville, I Island. SMITH WICKS. Saarillo. Nor.7th, HttftJV 1.9 3l*m DR. PC)WE LIT 1)0UL1ST \M) t fPK.lt 4TIVK SI 'KtiKON, attends to Dise.ae* of the Kye and to all Imperfect ton* of Vision, from ft to 4 1 o eloek, it his residence, SSI Uroiulw-iy, corner ol Wurrenst. Ophthalmia, Smpinee of the 'JVnr Passage, Catatact and Opacities, i (I'ectipilly removed. AM AIJllOHIS treated with greu attention and success. |?ivi?tcr.?te c.?*?e? of ST RABIHMU8, or fhjtiiutinir, eared in n lew in mine* Alt'l IHDIAL KYKB iuiertcd that can scarcely be du tii>ttiii*hed from 11??- natural. Office* and residence 361 Broadway?entrance 1,S Warren ?met. i.O lt*m ~ " THK HKUKSS, 1V0. 157 Broadway, near liberty ?treel. ?PHK MJIDLRIBKR ici|ectinll\ inform* IhsI.hmN and 1 the public in Rcuernl, . Im? lie ha* opened the ah ?ve limine, ami by *'riet attention and assiduity, flatter* himself capable of R ratify in# in? wishes of all those who may favor him with h r.dl. T he bar i* stocked with the choicest Wiipi, Liquors and Seicar*, that the in trket ? an atlord, and i very inducement kIhII tie remlcrt d to contribute to comfort. A BILL I AN I) T.\ ft LK U attached to the building for the nttinseinent oftho*e who delight in the game. In addition, there are evell-tit accommodation* for Lodg* era by the diy or week, md told or ?liower Bithscui he had nt all time*. Cl.l'BS and PARTIKfl can he *up| lied with rooir*. W A KMANf'IS N B.?A *p < id invitation is intended to all who feel dis posed to f iv ? h m with a call between the hours of II and *2 o'clock this ihv , lift 3t*rc. MAIUtARKT 17 HTsHOPS LKCIUHE8. jl| Alftl M1KT L. HhHtM' will commence her Winter iv I l 'our*e of Lecturer on the *'Ingathering of Israel.'* in the | urc Hall, Comer of ispenard and Broad way, oil Hiimlay, the ?)l)i omiHiit, at 1 ami 7 M. nfl 9ti* *r IN i A K I > WANTM >, _%Y A (IKNTI.KVI AN \ND IMS LADY, with a private B parlor. in a ro?|we??blv part of the ciiy. Address# b<>i I'osl Ullicc. 1U. CHEAP SOAIMVOKfv.l. DKPOT NO. 9 COl'RTLANDT STMkKT |/ilk.,,.u Undpr the National Hotel. J OH SON S VV aliiut OilShimuK Moan. do Hufterior Almond Soap. ... do Toilet Soap. AI1 very highly aceiitwd, and at nrn-?. i >. hoaw All kinds ol Perfumery f l"""?'""1" ? imiliea, he hold by Barbers, Htoreker|.ers, 1.9 lm*r SCMOONHOVKN, .No i I ourtl in.lr street <*?ituiiuiiou win h'.u. ,lk.0I1 \ir* "? "n/ ,u niaiif ivyilr,?Tu'CZr:\",ur M< for travel ers, ronst, Meted " . JlI,?""' k' w,'" adsil-d or formed in a |?t 1 ?<? .11 o..i0|w?i, hat. Dealer* and other* .iir,i.l.l J!Kf"! V"" "" ?''? ol InUi at is |,,u, 'Opplled with tt,e diflereut dualities manufacturers, 1 1 1101 'ban auy by aiiy other A. MALI, SON STATrsSt barkekT" . . t , CLOTHING and furnishing warehouse. No. 179 Broadway, rf.D^CTLY OPP08ITK HOWARD'S ?OTKL, ' I WINTKK 7 GODS* winch thee ,,'n"di,i! ?"?""ment of th. ,r usual UfdM READY MADE CLOTHING ercoata?8ti|ier K-ueh C^uto, and double ' d?_ Tweeds, fcc. Icc.. /.!" ^ "VV.V. Dreai and Kroek Coata Vests' V'.'i.Vi"??.'?7;"0.10 00 Drawer*, Hosiery, Scarfs, . mat," o?n7**.% 1o ?C'raveller* and H.wa-o iimkalliblk ONUUENT ? vj .. ' J A JK. ^ neve"pV0|l|r.|fa1!,v\.emr^circomm 'H^'that I ?"'e^ 't ba. the residence of tmidivMloal0^ ?f the fj, which enables you to satisfy v?.7?lUl, f,v,"K " appeud 11 he OuKueni is i rally what it pLwu foTe - ^ "J"""'*' th? ye alio tint it is warranted in all case. ...hi ""d "'"'??rsuoid if properly applied, to feflWiunllu ?? . fouug or old, ??f the hair. restore luVlmiu^nrt, ?Irtiir, scurf, and ull eyfoilattons of the /lo.Vi '"friasn, dan red orgrey hairs to a beautiful dark est ?'*Citl|';cl.ange moist, soft, curly, &c. " color' ln?ke the hair dandruff audWHu"^* of 0,7ia"aJ!?i0a,,'y a?cted with fete ."fallible Oiigueut* I am 'happy to aiv"t I ?<" H.T's tlsfactory, loriu a short time tL d .mJr. ir C"ult. w*f ?a edI, my h.?r soot, con.mc.lced crow u.r .n y ''"V'^.r itroLlyVeVommendVt'VL'tl'ie^btfL. "'"''V^urs'jf"1' 11'?" Recollect,AHifi? fnfA|a,VeA0.U' N?'48"'A^'n?e I) only at his principal offica, on the norrhwl^r1' Cft" u"" U5',?1"1 of the foliowih/Aeeuta"- "*rof 1 '"O a,,d VVater.t.;Vmrel.rroc?k'erfl Maid "l ! * Co., 73 oil. 47k < /rand ?t, New Vo'rk. "" Mr" Th""" Sew Store, S9 Atlatuic street', Brooklyu' L JordaV ". ^Micy tionary, n. 1st, between (Irai.d V.,'.l .V' V"'"<'tt's < onfec horkb; d a Herrick. No ? lleS"'} " ' 'WilliamL Messrs. Mortimer St iMowbrv ',V!, " Albany, N y . Streets, Baltimore, Md ? Jos' K nv Maraet and Charles tour* n)'? OF THK on N K VV VHP k" medical and surgical institute NO. 75 Chamber. Street K . n. . . C4JK4i,rCCES?rULLV T#KATE|>. 4 Uizziuess hi the keid i u " *dt?.!cnt'&fe:he cUt? ?g%e>P'^ectioa' 2 ^ffliVthe hear,, I !, 1 SuppreMiou Mouses,' a Hi<!.",!"Utr"1"1' Debility ifxir-- """? 2 Bain in Side, ? Midwifery, 5 fain in Back. 3 , "'"7' cur,'d by removing ,c"Led L,ver' M,d'Pta- ?8?S^i{2?.,he tw"' 3 ^''T'l'O Rheumatism?one | 2 '"der"'' ?^ ?" ?f Blad not'riseu hV^arm^ork yea*s | on Kace. 2 Acute Hheuinatisin T ,2 '>llr'.im Tremens, 14 Cases of Seminal Weak- 'stoinaL. 1 0,1 the I ues*. ? otomacn, 1 Sore Peet, f /VIm I Bite ufa rat, ? Coativeuess. ? Palpitation of the heart, 2 s'AV' ?,, I Asthma. , ii i i ^blldlcu. 5 Oonorihma, s lleadache. 1 Profuse Bleeding Nose, Secondary Venereal. ' ? 11 ?DRfi,CAL OrEBATIONS AhD Cl'KKS. ?} Scalding in Urethra 9 u,. 1 , 1 Irritation about the neck of i vLt"Ce',c' , tht? Madder. '.cocelc under treatment, j Larue Abscess oil the Back. thr, CU.re<ill,e I We Abscess under Arm. buraine cutting or > hjjg. ??, from ; 0J.r,K.,?ta 1 Singular Kncysted Tmnor 1 V'JUr> Joint, t Srtuiuiii. Se?^Tm0?.'.rroii, uuder ' "stesai?- Sh-u",h.. . tip. ! conld'mt intro^uce'any in- 2 Hm"vedh'"'k'1 re i n"b--,u;,1,:',?1 "r,b,add?. I, ?&$}[%Ano ; thiseiiy. .stitutiou ,s i.?t connected with any^other in '1'I'. 1 moderate prices, by two ueut'lem... ?V l ^s bf'}",j with board at | ?"?' ?"No-MKonrA, Ke.'? Amr*1 thc" l,d'"' b? ' VV A n,ceoU,7MO ""IwrniZ'^ffi" 7 "?'?b.ut... a dry goods", aciptaiutpd with the citv aoil"^.n*'l * w ho is well I lease ap?ly at til 'ecom,needed. WANTFD writing, with an oppoaumLTd^r L ".Urt,d to tt,e"1 ?rja.., LeaMfJfiKita^SfjSP """?? (TUCKERING S PI A NO- Ft) IITE WAR E R OOMS, i'J.'t Itioinlwuy. II III! KKIllNli would iufurm the public, lh.it lie lifts re' ? moved hit Piano, from the corner nl Broadway and Park Place, to Rooms No Saud7 Eafaige Building, 291 Broadway,!, doors above Keadr atreet, wherein- w II keep .1 general assort ment at ill.* .nine prices a* at hla factory in Uosion '1 ha public are invited to call at Iiih roorua and examiue the preseiit stock. ?H lin>r INDEPENDENT TOMPKINS 15LUES J5.\ EE, AT CASTI.K HARDEN, ON MONDAY F.VF.NINO, November 10th. I8IS. Tick ets tan In- procured of the .Vleinbers of the (Juminitte or any Member of the Corps. COMMITTEE: Captain Oharlea Baxter..; ...101 Worxter street. I.lent Kich'd French... French's Hotel, Kulti.n at. Seritt M. Miller 82 Elirabeth street. F. W. Walerbury 117 Sullivan street Hit hard M. Ferris 22 Bleecker street Isaac Lent t>79 Greenwich st John J. Hickman 10 t '-harltou street. Dniiel Moore 231 Seventh street. Thomas II. Blakeley 107 Walker street. Alexander Malhews 118 Bowery cor Broome. Ii8 2tis'je SECOND HAND PIANO FORTE. tjlOK SALE, a superior second-hand Piano Forte, made by Niirins. warianted in perfect order, and will he sold a b.ir I vain. To he seen at J. llockett's Piano Forte Wareronm. 492 Broadway, three doors above Broome street. nil 31'r A SKIONETTE BRANDY. |/W| HAI.F PIPES, a (Jfthr old and genuine brand, now 1""" ISOi|iiarter casks, J landing from Brut Matilda, from ISO eighth do ) Ilochclle, at Pier 8, Kast Kiver, id for sale by S. T. NICOLE it Co., ii8 2teod*r t>7 andf>9 Front street. CURISllE'd GALVANIC ST R K NOT 11E NI N( I I'EAST Is II. articles are now presented t-? the pnblic with the fullest coiltidenre, having been tested by several of lilt ft rat physicians and received t general approval. They are offered ii i important adjunct to tut* griiuine Galvanic Kings and tlietr modifications, acting upon thr same principle, but having ?lie advantage of morr local application. As ? means for strtngtliriiii.g the system when debilitated by disease or other cau?es?as i preventive tor colds, and in affections of the chest generally, tli* Galvanic Planters will be found of great and per manentmlvanfuge. They are used in cotinecti?u with the iVisg iiefic Fluid, lull directions accompany each?for sale by the single one, <?r in any quantity, at the oub agency in New Vork, No. 131 Fulton street, Sun building. n7 3t*rh HNK ARKS. OIL PAINTINGS cleaned, lined and restored, by a. Bent, 235 Broadway 3 doors above o!7 ltn#rc the Amerieau Hole! O BIRDS FOR SAEE. NF. MINO and spvcril Doves, l.tlely brought from the Ea.t Indies. Enquir it 278 Broome sire t u7 It'r PIANO FORTES FOR HIKE, at 411 Brnndwav, up ?tuir?. ? DA Nl F.L WALK EH, M;-nuf leturer of I'm no Fortes, has eontunlly on IihoiI in extrusive nssottmeiit nl'elegant Hose wood mill Mahogany Piano portes. kept exclusively for lurr, including Oranil anil Cabinets, with six and .even ort ivea.? A llolsl Mi dnl, the Ingest premium, wsi aw oiled to him at the last Fair of the Atiit re n Institute, for improvement, in I'iino Fortes. N.B An Organ with four stops in good con dition, suitable for a amall ehuich, or private family, for sale rlieap or to loan on time. Store 111 Broadway, Manufactory 41 Weal I4tli st. near Bill avenue. ii(?> lm'rrc IMPROVEMENT IN DAGUERREOTYPE. BY a Mathematically Correct Mirror the subscriber! are now Producing Portraits without revr'.ing the linage, showing the parting of hair, witch chains, linger lings, Itc . pre isely an they are worn ; hut wlnt is more import nit their portraits cannot fail to be in everf respect correct likenesses, whereas, in ttie usu il mode of Dag.iuerreotypilig it is impos.i Ide to obtain a perfectly correct portrait of any one, they being reversed. N B -Our picture., taken with this instrument, were award I'd a Silver Medal by the Viiiericn Institute, nt its late fair. EANlJriNHF.l.M V HF.f KK.lt.d, 2(11 Broadway. The only ageut. iu the L'liitnl Mate, for Voigtlaiude. lu .trumenU, are W. Kt F. E ANOENIIKIM, Philadelphia,and EANOENII El M .V BKCKKRS, New \ i rk. o29 I w-'re , . TAXES, 1S45. O/nctof Rrccivtr of Taxtn, A'iic City llnll, I'nik. ^jO'llCE u hereby giveu, that the Tax Book, of the pre a V lent year are now open at this office, and that I nn really to receive flu* tuxes charged upon them. All persons paying their li" ' previous t >the 1st of January are entitled to a reduction on the amount ei|UHl to inteiest at the rite of srien per cent per annum, cnleulated from the day of payment until the first nl February. JOHN RTF. WART, , .... . Receiver of Taxes. Office hours from 8 A M to 2 I M. Prison, armlinu a lull slesrriptinn of their property to this office, will lure tlier lull sent to lliein, or hey e in at any time hr it nl h\- i*pln-.ilion it the office. ,, | |wrr il B..vil'?itv naleae.ua water rot, a very superior article lot ?ale by >' LOLLlNB k. CO W South at i LOST, t UOl.l) WATi ll, CHAIN, AND KiY, ittrtmitil l V- hire b,*itaccidcuUilydruiM bd in Mudxui strict, voter day morning, between Bench mid Vaud ? fi? slrreti, a small, flat Ltdy's Gold Wafli, to wbicli wis appeud-d a abort gold ( li tiu with a key-shaped Gold WaTrliKty. The watch it ol (J *orva make, and it.a number is 12G1. Whuever amy lute nil ill rat* article* alial I, tr>ou bringing thcui to No. 137 Hud son street, receive a liberal reward. /'"Pawnbrokers are re qu-sted to stop the putties who may olfer them lor pledge or sale u8Jt*rc Highland Cottages. \rlKWS, Willi grouuil |il ins, ot lli>- I liTlil.nJ < ..tUgt-s at Ki.sburr, nrai Bmtiin, iirii||iii*(l sod rrrrti'd li\ Wui H I.slid?for sitlr at lh?? ?li>r*? ol Marlon Si Milt-s, Wiley Si I'llt mm, M II Nrwmiiu, K-w Lorswood Si Hon; and other book' rtor-s in New York, Philadelphia md ll.i.ion ill ;**r SARACEN'S mead, I "A Dry Street, .\?*v York. IOIEPH SMI TH, Intnol' Woreester, Kuglaml, bei(? leave to inform li * fnenils aud the publie. lli.it lie lias titt'dup his house in the most uent and rouifortshle style lie has at all times on hand the choicest of Wines, Liquors and Senars: also, a kI us ol' ifeuuiee sparkling Ale In addition to hit usual fare lie intends serving up plates ol Tripe in ihe true old country style, together with all other kinds of refreshments usually I . .. . . w(|| (j b? found in an English I hop House, w hich he trust* will he gratifying to hia friends m general. Hooini neatly lifted up for prirste parties?Lodging*?and no house betier supplied with old country or American news papers. 118 ln'r 1*1! I htllKI.I'lil A lltt'IKI,8. H AllTWELI/R W A SHI N OT O N // O U S K , I44II risen!nut Street, ABOVK SEVENTH STREET, NEXT TO THE MASONIC HALL, PHILADELPHIA 11 >" Baths just introduced?Warm aud I old?in fine tipail taents-lor hnlti ladies and gi-iillemeu. liH lin-r ~~ JUST OPENKl). COLUMBIA HOUSE, CHESTNUT STREET, Between Sixth antl acrcntli Street, PHILADELPHIA. BAGI.EY, MACKENZIE V CO. I'rui'ritlort. J \MES BAG LEY, latcofjoues* Hotel. Y C.MAC I1KNKY C..MACKE NZIK,formerly of Washington House PKTEK L. FKRGUSON. s342mrc AH KEY HOTEL. LKT?The Furniture, Future*,JUa:. , Uc , for sale. The premises are iu good order anil tlie Hotel in successful oper ation. The Proprietor having made urruugeiiients to go South will sell his interest on reasonable tenns Mr. Van Rensselaer would return many thanks for the libe ral patronage bestowed upon rl?-* Abbey, for the past season, and would solicit a continuance* of it for th. ensuing fall anu winter. H ? is prepared to furnish Dinners aud Suppers for iii dividual, or for parties on short notice. His table and bar are supplied willi the best the markets afford. For the accomino d ttion of parties a room and good music will be ready for those who may wish to enjoy the same. Bi.oominodai.k Koad, 102d street, N.Y., Nov. 1815. lib tfr LAI)IKS1 GAITKR BOOTS,-This beau'iful _f article, of all the fashionable styles, at 1G and I8i,am! uiKic to order at ltt ami 20 shillings, equal to any in the city. (Particul ir attention paid to the measure, to insure a handsome fit ) White and black satin Slippers of the first quality at 11 shillings per pair. With inanv thanks to tne Ladies of New Voi r and us rictuityfor their liber ti patronage.I hopmby strict attention to busiuess, to merit a continuance of their favors. J B. MILLKR, 142 Canal street, 118 2w*r ;between Thompson aud Sullivan sts. PREMIUM BOOTS. KINK FRKNCH ROOTS for $3 50,city made, and for if ?tyleand durabilltVj they are equal to those sold in other J. stores fur $3. Fine Freucn Premium Imperial pu ss Boots j&i for $1 50, e<jua< to those now in other stores for S6 or $7, I at YOUNG &. JONK'S French Root aud Shoe manufactory, I one ofthe most fashionable establ hluneuts in this city. Our boots having been judged in the lute Fair at Nildo's, are said to be the best boots lor the price ever sold iu tins country. Also, a superior new style French Dancing Gaiters, aud overshoes, constantly 011 hand. All goods warranted to give satisfaction. Boots aud Shoes made to order iu the shortest notice Mending done iu the store. YOUNG Ik. JONKS, 4 Anu street, n7 lm*rc near Broadway, New York. TO LKT?For a Book Store, the small store 111 Ful ton street, Brooklyn. Apply 011 the premises. iitt 4t*rh MfifL ^ TO LKT?The three story brick House, No. 136 , uTjW Church street, with nice rooms. The said is to be I painted front and rear, new door and new stone stoop.? | Enquire of F. Health, No. 20 Chamber street, from 12 to 2 o'clock; or No. 110 Green street, moniiug aud eveuiug. c7 lwis*r ADMINISTRATRIX SALE. ?"y* THE very valuable Country Residence of I he lata JjrSWFraiicis Khiii, deceased. nt Bronx,West Cheater I ouaty, a.dWvvill lie sold nt public auction ou the premises, ou the Bth day of November next, nt noon. This pr?|iertjr comprises about 80 acres of the moat valuable laud lu West Cheater County; in the (richest state of improve ment, and is situated OU the Cheat Boston Turnpike Road, about IG miles from the city of New York, and ivithui }? of a mile of a depot 011 the Harlem Railroad, rendering llie cominu uication easy aud agreeable at all seasons of the year. The Mansion House is built in the most modern espeetivn, and finished manuer, in a commanding locatiou and every way adapted lor a country residence. The foundation and base ment are entirely of white marble. Egyptian and Italian in ir Vie mantels throughout. All the walls are hard-finished. The Stables are well arranged and the Conservatory, Ice House, Hardener's House, Farm House, Coach House,Barns and other outbuilding* convenient, substantial and in excellent condi tion. The fruit, cherries peaches, pears, plums, apricots, si raw berries, kc., of the lirst qualities and in great abundance. A very extvusive apple orchard, coinprisiug every variety. The llowe ttsrdeii aud grouuds adjacent I o the mansion, are exten sive aud tastefully laid out. The followiug is a description ot the premises:? " All that certnin messuage and piece or parcel of laud aud tenements situate, lying and being in the town of East Chester and State ot New Vork,and bounded as follows: beginning at the south west corner of said laud,at the corner of the road lead ing to Lancaster Underbill's, known by Puutield ltnail being the stage White Plains road, fr,>m thence running northerly by and with White Plains road until it comes to laud ofClias .Mor gan, thence running northerly by aid .Morgan's land as the fence now -lauds until It comes to the laud of John Towuseiid, thence along said ci urse by the land ol said Towuseud as the fence now stands until it comes to the load knowu by the Pou tield ltoad as aforesaid, thence tunning south-westerly by and with said road uutil it comes to the aforesaid corner, the i>lac? of beginning; coutaini g tweuty-eight acres, be llie same more or less. ' Also, all tlmt piece or parcel of land prrmises, situate, lying aud being in the towu of Last Chester aforesaid, in the County and State aloresaid, and is bounded as follows: Beginning by the corner of the I'onlield Road by the Post road ilia leads to White Plains, at the gate ou the withiu described premises, from thence running westerly by and with the land ol Thomas Lawrence as the fence now at uids, until it comes to the east corner of the laud of Israel Hunt to a white oak tree marked with three hacks as a bound tree, thence running northerly by aud with the land of said Israel Hunt as the fence now stands, uutil it comes to the northeast corner of the laud of the said Is rael Hunt, thence mulling westerly by aud with the laud of the said Israel Hunt, a straight lice as the tcuce uow stands, until it comes tu the uudivided land the property of the late Jonathan Pi .kiley, decrascd, thence running northerly by and with the laud of the said Piukuey, deceased, until it comes to the Tout'ield road, thence running easterly aud thence southerly the whole dist iurr bymd with the saidl'onlield road to the aforesaid gate, the place of beginning; containing, by estimation, tilty acres, be the same more or less. Terms very favorable. Kor particulars, application may be , mad,-to Samuel K. Lyons Esq., at White I'la'us; to I. C Dp laplaiuv, Esq , No. 7 New strret, New York; or to the sub scriber, Twenty-Fourth street, New Yor: HENRIETTA K AIN, Administratrix. Dated September 2Mb, 181.1. n< 5ti*m OVERCOATS, CLOAKS, tec . ! ALAHtfEai.il splendid supply of fashionable Overcoats and Cloaks, from $t> to $65. at STAATS is BARKER'S i,G Iwis'rc Clothing Warehouse, No. 179 Broadway. FIRST PREMIUM HAGUERREOTYl'ES^ P. HAAS, DAUUERREAN ARTIST, 289 Broadway, cornkr of Kkade Strkkt, farce Building. Mil. II. h s received the Medal at the late Fair of the Ame rican Institute, I* r Pictures executed by himself, and not purchased nor done by hired operators; the public, therefore, can at all timrs depeud upon ubiaiuiug the same style ol For trails, from the una lest to the largest sizes, which cannot be surpassed for beauty or accuracy. .'Instruction given in the Art ou reasonable terms. o87 lm*je COAL. 1AM now delivering best Peach Orchnrd and Red Ash Coal screeued aud free ol cartage from ihe yard at llie following prices, (as usual the lowest in the city,) namely. Broken, Egg and cilove at $5 25; large nut $4 75; small nut $1 per ton, with 25 rend off if taken from the boats. Coal Yard comer of King aud Greenwich streets. PETER CLINTON. ?11 Im'ee DANCING AND WALTZING ACADEMY, No. 21 Howard strkkt. SIU'NA St Sl<4. FKKRF.KO have reopened their School, and w ill commence all entirely new class for Young La dies and Masters on Tuesdays aud Fridays at half past J. IISVS OK TUITION. .Mondays and Thursdays, Wednesdays and Saturiliys, and Tuesdays aud Fridays, at half past :4;r.lixses for Young Ladies aud Masters. Monday and Thursday evenings, at hall past 7; Dancing mid Waltzing Cissies for Gentlemen, on Tuesdays and Fridays, at the same hour. Waltzing. Polka snd Mazovrka clas. For do La V alt'z a Deux Temps. Polka aud the Mazourka, will be taught in all the classes daring the term. Frivato lev- 1 sous, pr vale classes, and boarding schools, punctually attend ed to. Private Soirees will be given as usual. n7 line.id'r AMERICAN EAGLE CARRIAGE REPO SITORY, PRIVATE SALES STABLES, AND RIDING SCHOOL, CORNKR OF Chrlatle iind Delnncey streets, New York. TT'llF. undenigiied having Irsvd the above premises, is pre A pared to receive Irom manufacturers alt articles in tbeir line, such as Carriages ot all descriptions, Saddlery ard Har ness, Sleigh Robes, Sir , on sa|p or on storage, at as rc isonable rates as any other establishment in the city. The Carriage aud Harness departments a:e Septra,r from llie Stables, and capacious, light and airy, aud w ill hp til,di-r the care of expe rienced hands. The Stables are roomy and well vectilafrd, consisting of 68 Stalls, tuid an Arena for exeici.p ol 115 hy 65 feet dimensions, not eqnsllpit by any establishment in the City. The grooms are w ell ti lined and experienced, aud a V etcnoxry Sntgeon of known celebrity always at hand for llie care of such Horses as may require his assistance. Gentlemen having Horses to dispose of, or wishing to pur cha?e, will be dealt with ou honorable terms, and Horses and ferriages receive the Inst of attention. The Hiding School will lie opened In a style of elegance and comfort that must ensure a trial of such I idira and gentlemen at require the exercise or wiah to attain the art The Ladies drawing and dressing looms will hp neatly furnished, anil un der the superintendence of one of the best Ruling Masters m tin- country. Gentlemen not admitted during Lndips hours. A I 'srd w ill he puhhslted giving notice of l. me of commence ment, programme ol arrangement, and terms. The public ate invited to call aud examine the premises.? The < 'tars from the City Hall leaves 5 011 at the corner ol Boxv crj and Dcluncey, a lew doors from the establishment. nitf m GEORGE EHLE, Proprietor. ' Notice io debtors of the firm of w \i. UK IIX IE, It' HI BINS Si Mok NIGHT?The I'trnr ol W tii>n<Ue, Hohlmin & McKuitfht, lately trautactiiitf bnnim** * at No. 28 Liberty street, having made an nssigun eut of all goods, chattels, ellecls and credits to the undersigned, all per sons indebted to the said lirm are hereby notified to make pay ment ol their said indebtedness to the undersigned ; and such persons are hereby warned not to make auy such payments to any of the I'ersnsu composing the Int.- loan of Walbridac, Rob bins Si.Mcknight New York, October 30ih, 1815. E W. I'E.MBERTON Si CO 100 John St. Persons indebted to said firm are respectfully requested t furnish tin with a statement of their accounts with saul linn. ii4 8ii?*rrc E. W. P. WILLIAM NEWELL, (Latent II Sprier street,) STEREOTYPEII AND PRINTER, Ti lIsai 111- lliillslliign, N ASSAU STREET, OPPOSITE THE PARK, UA8 an entire new assortment of Tv |*-. and every facilif for Stereotyping ami Printing, on tin- most fsvorabl terms. l|3 Iw'm JAMT-SIlITeELeR kco., Butter; Cheese aud Lanl, III Front street. oil ec AMUSEMENTS.

u. C. HILL'.-' FESTIVAL CO NOB it T Wtit take place at the BROADW AY TABLK * ACLK, On MONDAV EVENIN-. IO(h November, ON which Otrasiaa he will be esSi.-ed by thr Ml uihers of the f'hilharmonic and New VorkSvCfed MuiicMiwu-tiw, and otherU *t?uguUheu musical abifit of this t'ity, who hitvc \ o unlperpd tIt*'ir service*, the wS ?!?* for'nti,# an jrrav ol VtM'il aud lu if uinciiCiJ Udt'Ut not li th rto pfeseuted at h I on ceit iu America. The eeltbraird Vrtuoso LEOPOLD DL MEsEK, Will p-rform on the Piano Forte. HOLIHT8: MAD ANTOINETTE OTTO, ller lirst appearance finer- her return from Europe MISS H LI \ NOKT1IMX, SKiNOK AUPH K first apt esranc* MONS ALFRED BOUCHER. Kpeci vl V.oiou -?li? t to Fffdiuuid VII hlONOK h MAYER, ItisjbM9NMR. J. A. KYLE, Flutist PROGRAMME. PART I. Overture?GutlUume Tell, hull OrccHft'tru K?. Chorus?from Pieciosa?"The Start ?n e brightly Beaming:". . Weber Duetto?"Dave inai,"Op KlisaeCUudio, Miss Ju lia Northall aud Mr F Mayer Mareadaute Solo?Flute, Mr J A Kyle, lutrodact'on and bril liant Variations on Rossini's Airoi' "Aurora che Sor^erai l" Op. Doiijiji del La.??. 1st tune, Bucher Cavatin i?"In queato sernidiee " Op. i>ctly. Mad. Otto.... Donizetti Fiutasie?Violoncello, Mods Boucher ?? t horns?Fin.ile of the First Act of Kuryauthe. So lo Parts, Mad Otto: Quartet, M.. J Otto and Miss WiudiniiUer, Air Dunning aud Mr Nash, lirst lime in America Weber PART 11. The favorite Trauip < horuK, interspersed with Solo parts by Miss Norilotll, Op. 1 Knights of Muow don II It Bishop ( avaliua?'Taljero ' Op Marino. Signor Auinck, Doui/eUl ' y Leopold d Grand Marche Marocaiue executed by Leopold d? Meyer. And the same will he p rformed by the Grand Orchestra, as liutruirfn'ed by the great Berloiz, with an original L? d?, and exe cuted in Paris under his doectiou vs ith astonish ing effect. Ou the prefvut occasion it will be umler the direction of Leopold de .Meyer I The "Prayer" Op. Moses iu Egypt. Solos aud Chorus Rossini ; Overture?Jubilee, by request Weber ?The Orchestra will consist of 260 voices, aud nearly 100 in struments. Mr. H. Marks, Leader of the Orchestra. By permission of 1 Wm. Mitchell,Esq. Mr. Timui will preside at the Piano Forte. 1 The whole under the direction of Mr. U. C. Hill. I oucert to commence at 8 o'clock, j [| /""Tickets One Dollur each?For sale at the Music Store*, and at Baxton Miles', 206 Broadway; Leavitt 4k Trow'a, 191 Broadway; Appleton 4k Co'i, 200 Broadway; Nesbitt's, corner Wail and Water its.; J. P. Perkins', No. 1 Wall st.; J. A. Sparks, Itil Fukou st ; 11. Meigs, 41G Broadway; Geo. Whit lock, 88 Canal sr.; aud at tlie door on the eveniug of perform ance. n8 3t rc d, GRAND COMPLIMENTARY CONCERT. ?|1HK EMENDS of Mr. JAMKH CHADWIfK, in Nrw I- York and Brooklyn, being am,-.us to pay hint in bit da* dining year, a tribute of respect, li- th a, a mark of their re gard for liim its a highly rvspectible private c.tiMU aud a ta lented musician, beg to announce r!?. t l.is aft COMPLIMENTARY CONCERT w-lttike placa on TUESDAY EVENING nest, Noveiiihet 1 Ith, at th" Brooklyn Iust itule ; up. i which < cc.aioii the I il" lowing eminent vocalist* hire kiud.y volunteered their gratui tous lerv ce* : Mr GARDINER, vocalist of the Park Tiieatrv, his lirst appearance at a eo cert here. Mr. BROUGH the celehrtt .1 ban. Mr DEMPSTER, the popular Scottish vee.list. Mad ine Bl IRK H ARDT, the fivorite cantatrice, wth Other eniuient musical talent, that will be more par.i.u!"-ly set forth on the day of the concert. iP 2l - CONCERTS, SOIREES, &o. R. AND M1IS. COLLINS, (Hie popular vocalist*,) arc prepared to receive rugagemruu lor Concerts, 8olr.es, btc., during the furthcoming; season. Mr.*. ('. also acts as Pianist, and cm be engaged tor i-nvate Cotillion Parties. Further particular* 011 ^application to " the Pia .MRS. NEWTON, Teacher of the Piano Forte and Si?'ci <g, 401H Grand ntruet. CENTREVILLE COURSE, L. I.?TROTTING. SUFFOLK AND MOSCOW, For the Ixixt Time this Fall. M ONDAY, November 10th, at 2 P M.?PURSE 2250, Mile Heats, best three iu live, iu harness, for which is ? utered and will start, Dnchess! Lady Suffolk? and Moscow. It will be recollected tliit Moscow and Suffolk have trotted two races this In 11, over the Beacon I nurse, each winning a race, and both making unprecedented tune. ( halleuges have since passed between the parties lot a match . but the track could not be agreed upon tor the race. They now come togeth er over her favorite track for this purse, to decide w hether tile l,r ay mare is the better horse or not. I ars will leave the South Kerry, Brooklyn, for the Course,at 1 o'clock and return immediately after the lace?Fare each way 25 cents. Admission?Club Stand $1; Public Stand 50 cents. liH 3ti?*/c SUGARS?SEGARS? BARGAINS hjpHE SUBSCRIBERS having lately pnrchasle d an exton ? ?i?e stock of Began, by order of Assignees, See., are now enabled to offer greater bargains th mi ever, at prices much lowertlian the cost of manufacture or iir.uort-tiou?amongst theinare several lots exceeding!c desirable. For sale at the Wholesale Bcgir Emporium, IOH WhII street, uj stairs. n5 lin*r KEN'N .TH St LAVERTY. HASTINGS' COMPOUND SYRUP OF NAPHTHA. T11K TRIUMPH COMPLETE!! Notwithstanding the short time during which this luvaluable ineJiciue has been before the Aineric in public, its specific pro- erties and viitues hive iiner|Uirocally proved it to he not oulylhe most rililbls hut also Unfailing remedy iu all affec'ious | resenbed to be within its legitimate c utrol. Unlike nnny vaunted articles advertised, the Naph tha Syrup is not put forth as a succedeumn for every ailment, a remedy for every disease; but for its astonishing powers, possessed by uo other medicament within the range of the Pharmacoparia, iu allaying ir itation or iiitlaiiimatiou of the mucous coatiugs, and stimulating the bmuchii to action; in its remarkable virtues a* an ex;>ector?-t and an alterative, and above all for its wonderful property of ARRESTING THE FORMATION OF TUBERCLE, And breaking down oulinouai v disease w hen established. Ail iu<|Uirers are referred to nuin* r lus reetur cases which will be cheerfully furnished at the office ol the -gency. The experience of Dr. Hastings, and more recently six c s-s of cure (vide Lou don Lancet) effected by a zealous fellow laborer, Dr. Hocken, of London, are sufficient of themselves to couuuce the timor agent of that justly dreaded disease, Phthisis Pulmonalis oi Tubercular Consumption. Let none despair. For sale by MOORE St CO., tho American Agents, 41 Ami street, und J. Elliott, 13T DIVISION STREET,op posite Ludlow, New York. Price a bottle?Six bot tle:- for $!>. n.5 Jm je FRENCH LANGUAGE. MONS. FOIONET, one of the principals of these r ? known to the public as the firm Foiguet and Taylor's Classical French and English School, and uujer whose cfiarge is the French Department, takes this opportunity to inform Ins former pupils aud the public m general, that be will re-open his Evening I lass at ins school room. No. 7:iy Broadway, on Monday, October 2tltli. Mom. F. having some leisure hours, will likewise consrerate them to afew private pupils. For terms enquire at his resi dence. No. 217 Green St., 6 Amity, ur at the school. oft 1tawlm*rc. A PATENT PAPIER MAC HIE TRAYS. NK.W ARTICLE. inelegant patterns, is now offered at prices much lower than formerly. Also, a superior assort ment of Ivory Table Knives and Forks, iu dozens and sets offtl nieces, made equal to those for the Loudon trade: Btowu Ik Flat Inns Braces ami Bits, ice., and a general stock of'Taole ami I'ocket I'utlery, Saws, Razors, Stc. The above are direct from ill- manufacturers, and are offered at low prices. BARTON BROTHERS, 1,6 M WF flt'rc . 18 Plait street. THE NAVY. WILEY St PUTNAM, 161 Broadway, have for sale, "Hints on the Re-orgauization ol'ttie Navy," and an exatnaiia tion of a "Reply to flints on the re organ u itiou of the Navy." Two neallv printed punphli-rs nlft cndf.wGc NOTICE. STATEN ISLAND KERRY, rHITEl~ " FOOT OK WHITEHALL STREET On and after Monday, November 18th, the boats nntllis Fe Yoi' ry, will leave New York aud Htateu Island as follows until further notice:? Leave Stateii Island. Leave New York. 8'4 A. M. 9 A. M. 10 do II do 12 M. I P. M. 2 P M. 3'4' do 4,li do i do N. B ?All Ireight at the risk of the owners thereof. n8rc llOSTON STEAMERS FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. 'X tiivx THE Royal Mail Steam Ships CALE DONIA aud BRITANNIA, will leave I Uoatoi for the above ports, asfollows.viz ? The Calt Ionia, E. O. Lott, Commander, ... on the lfitli Nov. The Britannia,.I. Hewitt,i ommauUir, the 1st Dec Passage to Liverpool (1211, Passage to Halifax ? 30 For freight or passage, apply to D. BE HIGH AM, Jr., Age at, t Wall si No Berth secured until pa -I for. i,n rc 11 CHARLESTON. II WAN 1, KEY WEST, NEW ORLEANS \Nu GALVESTON, (Texas.) THE new and elegant steam ship GAL VESTON, of 0(81 tons burthen, John T Wright, Coinman-'er, basing been unavoid ably detained, will positnely sail for the 'shove ports on Tortd.-y, the llth inst.,at 10 o'clock, A. M. For passage, having splendid state raom accommodations, s|> |i|y to the Captain on board, foot I liuton street, E. It. nil 3t StSuM'rc FOR NEW ORLKAN.S?To sail positively .. Monday. November 10th - Tic splendid and very _ feat sailing packet ship WARSAW, will positively sad as shove. She has very superior accommodations lor second cabin and steerage passengers, with stale rei mis at steerage rate ?. For balmrrof freight or passage, which will hetiken much low er than by any other vessel, please apply on board, foot ol Well street, or to 118 rc JOHN HERDMAN V CO 61 Boufhstreet. Ill, M K BALL OR IlLe LINE UP LlVER PUOL PACKETS?Per Liverpool, only regular packet of the 16, h November lie new, magnificent and celebra-H fast sailing favorite packet ship PIDEI.IA, burthen IIM ions, < aptain W. G. llnekstatf. will |Hisirjvrly tail on M<< iday, the I7ili of \> v. It is well known that the accommodation* of 'lie P idrlia, ar.- fitted out in ? very superior ma i er, with every conveni ence that call add to the comlort of th ie einhaiking. P. rsoua proceeding to the old country, or tending for their friends, will find it their interest to select this conveyance. For passage, hi cabin, aeeond cabin and steerage, and to se its i Has litsaf |ti>rth?.**!i.rli-.ttmlicuftrm ilistnlsl I*** ?. wl-? ?--? ? ? cure the be?t herth?,early application >h<>nld be made on board foot of Bet kinan st, or to the subscribers, ROCHE, BROTHERS Pico. n7 r 35 pultou street, next door to the Fulton Bank. LIVERPOOL LINE OP PACKETS, I'.eket of JJJf JIJ" Nor ? -The iplenuid new picket nhip WA t |- TKIILOO, W II. Allen,.,,si, r. will nail nsaMve, Itei i?*Kiilar d?y. l aving very inpt-rior accommodation* for cabin, vecoud cabin, and steerage i? avengers, persons intend ing to rmbaik, should make immediate application oil boar. foot ol Maiden liuie. or to .I(?<u,,|| KlcMUHHAY, corner offline aid South ?treet*. I lie new tmrl.ft Imp JOHN H. SKIDDYJ ?i?r. Win. Skid dy, will succeed (be Waterloo and anil m tie t It n Pec P. H.-IYrsons desirous id' sondif lor thei IV ten da, cai ba\e (Item bruiii{lit < ur in either of ibe bc\e rplendtd vmfsell on moderate trima, by applying m tb a?- "*rc AMUSEMENTS. VlKK I'HKA'IH*. First Night of the Engagement of MR. AND .VIES. CHARLES KEAN. Monday UeenliiKi Vovrmbtr lOth, Will r^rlormetl H AMLKT. Mioklttl, MrCliarles K*-n?i < I tudtuft Harrison i'olontu*. Bs-is Ohost oil Urn let's J?'s ther Dyott Ophelia Mr*< harlrs Kf. ri 0*rt.ad?5 Mrs Abbotf I* ollnwrU by 1'%* lie Deux d?r foyer by ihe two Miss Valine* ?' ?r< nclude with, TURNING THE TABLES. Jeremiah Bum s. Mr Huberts Nil Kuibbs Mrs Abbott Price ol Ailmmicu?Botes, }l j Til, M emu . .biliary, t'j ceutl. Doors open at Gig o'clock, and'tlia Curtain will rite precnely at 7 o clock. MOW E ti v THMATOk, A. W. JACKSON... MANAGER AND PROPRIETOR. Monday Etrenlag, November lUth, The performance to ".mmriirr witb JULIUS < KSAR. Marc Antony ) K Scott I Bruius ; Davenport Caius Uasnus (Ink. Pottia Mr. Pi.tlllpi After wl.ieli the ENCHANTED FOUNTAIN /iphrn Mink Bell Sylpliiue i , . S S.iadina/? The Aerial Spirits j ... By the Hirer. Family Sereua 7 ' To cnnclcdr witli the KOI LAI I SLAVE. Antuim- Bernard Blamhard I Cat? Cony Or i ..Mr. rin 11 ips Dogs of the Plantation by Hector and Brum Dolly Mia Sergeant ZTr' Lower Boiei 50 cent.; Second aud Third Tier., 26 eta.; Pit Slid Uallery, I2>4 cents. Door, will open at half paat 6. the curtain will ri>e at 7. bow kitv (inns. BOXES2Scents-PIT 12R?CHILDREN HALF PRICK. BEAUTIFUL ACT OF FEMALE EQUESTRIANISM, BV M ICS. COLE, ( Daughter of tile celebrated Cook, of Loudon.) Universally cor ceded to lie the ft rat rider m till. Country, both for elegance of style and boldness of e.ecutinn. Besides twelve other acta and scenes in the circle, by the finest troupe in America. ILT" The Minstrels have n new budget Every levelling;. Dan Itice, Clown nJ Iw'iu ALIIAMKA, ATo. 5o!) Broadway, (between Spring and Prince.) IMMENSE ATTRACTIONS ! ! MUSIC AND MIRTH ! Moudny Evening, Nov. 10th, And daring the week. fft" The manager of the "Alhamra" ha. much pleasure in an uouncing the engtgenirut of the celebrated delineator of 'comic characters" and "eccentric peculiarities," I)R. VALENTINE, Who will nightly enliven his andieuce with his "superlative ly humorous" and "irresistibly laughable" euiertainineut. The services of the popular and highly talented ANGLK8KA SINOHRS ! ! Have alto lieen secured. Their reputation it established on so firm a basis that any comment or encomium ou their |iecu liar style of singing would be perfectly superfluous. As vo calist* and musicians they are not to be surpassed in the WHOLE WORLD ! ! ! ? Performance to commence at 7>, o'clock. Admission 25 CM. nit It'r uIEsaTT STREET TtlEAltUk* PHILADELPHIA. W. E.Bvkto!* LKiiKiiitn.VLatcit F'irtt Nigght of the English Opera Company. Monday Evenlny, November 10th, Will be presented, first time in America, au English version of Bellini's Opera ol I PURITANI?Sir George Walton,Mr Seguiu; Loid Arthur Talbot, Mr F'rar.er ; Sir Richard F'orth, Mr Delaranti; Lord 15 alter Walton, Mr Roe: Sir Bruno Robertson, Mr Dunn; Elvira,Mrs Seguiu; Hvuriette ofFrouce MissUoad. To be preceded by the CHAPTER OF ACCIDENTS-In . by1 which Mrs 5V 11 Smith, Mrs litighrs, Mr. Oweus and Mr Harper will appear. AitCli .VrllKE'l1 TUEA1RE. PHILADELPHIA. Staiik Manaokb Mr.. H. E. Stktirs Fouith Night of the Engagement of MISS NELSON AND MR BROUGHAM. SEVENTH NIGHT OK MR. SlLSBEK. Monday Evening, November lOtU, Will be presented JONATHAN BRADFORD?Jonathan Bradford, Mr F'reeerirks; Dau Macrai.y, Mr Brougham; Caleb Scrimmage, Mr Burke; Ann- Bradford, Mis. A Fisher Followed with THE COUNTERFEITERS?Mark Hed laiid, Stevens; Larry O'Gig, Iiiougham; Rose Htdland, Miss Nelson. To conclude with the FORTUNE TELLER?B. U.elul Uriah Doo, Mr HiLliee; Bianca ( arlntti Mr* Burke. M16.S BKAMSON'S CONCERT. MISS JOSEPHINE BR AMSON. (aged 10 year.) assisted by her sister, M18S HARRIET BKAMSOM, (aged 7 years), r. spectlulh informs her friruds and the public, that she , will give her FAREWELL CONCERT, AT A't/i/o's Saloon, On Tuemluy, November I Kit. is 15, l Ou which occasion sue will be assisted by the following tal ented artists:? MISS WINDMULLER. MONS. LOUIS GIBERT, MR. AUSTIN PHILLIPS, and AN ORCHESTRA comprising the first talent of the city, UH i tier the direction of MR. GEORGE LODhK. Piano Forte (Iron.'1'. A. Chambers,31.', Broadway.) MR.HENRV C. TIMM. (O-TICKETS ONE DOLLAR,-?0 Children u aer twelve years of age 53 cents. wtt.7" Ticket. to be lnd at all the music stores, and at tlie door on the evening of tee concert PROGRAMME. Overture in D Kali Orchestra . ?" .... Kalliwoda Ana?Miss VViudmulIcr. 'Das Alpenhoru,' (Coruo Obligaio) Froch Grand I1 autasia?Mia* Brainson, 'Le Marche D' Otello,' with full orchestra Hen Ballad? I'll watch fur thee,' .Mr Austin Phillips, arranged by . Phillip! Du.tto? Piauo Korte, Mm Brain ton and Miss Har riet Brain.on. F'euch Arna?MonsGiluert, 'Lea Heriondelles' Felicien David et'Le Hon Cure' L I'uget PAltT II. Overture?Drr Freyschuix Weber Csvatuiu?Mi-s Wimlinuiler, (from the Opera I < a puletti) 'Ne Romea ' Mere ij.inte Air KrauSaiae?'Petit Kleur dea Boia,' Muni Oi bert Miami Duetto?By Miss J. and li Brainson Ballad?'Calm waallie uigl t,'.Mr Aualiu Phillips, A. Phillips Concerto, Piano Korte?Mi it Brnmaon, with full orchestra Czeray To commence at 9 o'clock Doora open at 7. (Certificate! preaeuted to Miss Joaepbiue Br tmsoii, by thirty one enuiieiit pioteasora of a.u?ic :? " Wit lure bad the pleasure of hearing Miaa Josephine Brsm aou iit a private party, and taunt confess that we never heard a child ul ten year! ol age play u . the I'iauo ""'orte with all the rapidity, the precision, the at' 'dy iline keeping, and the taste Of ail adult pro Tea a or; ahe throw* more lorce also into the solium s ol' her tones, thau we could have snppoted her phv i cal strength could accomplish We teel confident she is des tluedtOriv.il the greatest pianist thus tar know n. Professors of New Voik? Picro Marooceiu, Michele Kapetti, George I.oiler, .V I' Heiurich, J A Kyle, Austin Phillips, Jul ins Met/., U C Hill, G VV Tims Jones. Professors ol Philadelphia?8 Elirlich, B C Cross, J D < ouinct, Edw II irtou, Joseph Plicht, 'CJarvis, K Dorigo, A lien,hart, C K Dudolph, C K Stolte, Vincent S,nitli, Augustus ( arum Prosfessor* ol Baltimore? Samuel Caruai, II A Allen,!* Petri, A Met/. ProlYssora ol Hartford?W J Bibcock, H W Greatorev, V C Tay lor, Jaa Hornet Joa Mouda, Carl Loreu/. uC 6l*r EVENING AMUSEMENT. IT has been a source of general regret that an lew opportu nities offer, that prove sufficiently attractive to young men, to draw the hi from the hauuts of dissipation and vice into which many fall, from a want of more rational and in Itructive amusement. An excellent opportunity uow otf-ra. which possesses many attractions, also combining health, plea sure and information, where gentlemen may resort, and pass an agreeable hour, at Disbrow's Riding School, fin Bowery. Terms lor a course of twelve lessons, it). Subscriber! are not required to attend regularly, only as may iuit their con venience. The school will lie opeu every evening from 7 to 9 i o'clock (Sundays excepted) i'he School is open daily for Ladies, from 9 A.M. to 1 P.M. oil Im'rc National Lsoan Fund lAfe Assurance Society of Louilon. KMFOWKMBD HV APT OF PARI.UMCIVT. 'I'MIK following are among the advantages held out by this JL Institution : The Loan Fund, from wliich the assured are entitled to draw two thirds of their payments. The payment of premiums annually, half yearly, quarterly ornioutiily. ... A large sum to be permanently invested in the I uited States in the n Hues of three ol the Lot il Directors as Trustees, as a guarautee fund. Travelling leave extensive and liberal; and extra premiums oil the most moderate scale. Conditiousof policy leas onerous to the assured than in moat Life Insurance Offices. Uixitkp St v rn Loral. Board or DirkctoRS. JACOB HAHVY, Ksqnira, Chairman,) JOHN J. PALMER. Esq JONATHAN GOODHUE, Esq. JAMKSS BOOKM AN, Esq. GEORGE BARCLAY. Esq. S A.M'L S. HOWL \Nl?, E.q. GOHHAM \ WORTH. K.aq SAMUEL bOA, Esq. IDDLK, New York. Philadelphia. CLEMENT C. PIDDLE, Esq, BEARS U. WALKER. Esq. LOUIS A. UODEY. Esq. GEORGE l,. GUAHA.Vl, Esq. Physicians to th? Society, ( Medical Examiners.) J KE AKNF.Y RODGF.RS, M. I)., Iin Blrrcker at. ALEX. E. HOSACK, M D., 101 Fraukliuat. E. ARNOULT, M. !)., 367 Broadway. bankers. The Merchants' Bank of New York. Solicitor. WM. VAN HOOK, Esq 39 Wall at. ? . General ?7genf /or the United States, and British aorth American Colonies. J. LEANDF.il STARR, resident In New York. Office 74 WALL Street, N. Y. Pamphlets containing the last Annual ratee, also blank forma, and the fullest informatlOU, may be ob tained upon ,.|q.|icj?imiK?..^eju^?'{iKi A(?en( jy 34 3taw in 3m'rrc re Professor .nun, .iiioitiuy , aim , ? . in, a Imr Piole.snrPattisoii. Tuesday, 16th Oct., 7 P. M. Practice ?f Medicine, Professor Revere, Wednesday, 29th "hisn'ntes of Medicine, and Materia Medica, Professor Taine, Thursday, 30tb Oct. 7 P. M. Mi Iwifery anil the Diseases of Women and Children, Piof. Bedford. Friday, S|e? Oct, TP. M. , ? Chemistry, Prof. Draper, Saturday, Nov. 1,7 P. M. The profession and public are respectfully invitid to attend, p.v o'der of the Faculty, JOIlSl W. DRAPER, BecT. U oversity Medical College, #59 Broadway. October 39, I6IJ, olBtuleodia'rc LATEST INTELLIGENCE Ul LAST KVEKINU'S MAIL.. Washington. |i'orn"!i|>onileure of the New York Herald, j Washington, Nov. 7, 184A. Ill'- I moii ol lust night Ii.im decided the issue. It is the whole ol Oregon or none. This is the issue, then, which will doubtless he presented to Congress in the forthcoming message ol the President. It is explicit?it is clear?it is unambiguous?it is to the point, and meets exactly the Western beau ideal of action in the premises; the whole ot Oregon or none ?the abrogation of the joint occupancy?the protec tion of emigrants to and settlers in Oregon, by the laws of the Supreme Government. We must have a fight. If we can't kick Mexico into it, we must give John Bull a hunch, and wekuow the old fellow will square off and cotne up to the scratch unequivo cally. Sir Robert Peel has placed the Oregon chip upon the head of Queen Vic., and Captain Polk, we are promptly notified, though the organ, is going to knock it off, without urology. A row will be the consequence?a ireneral row?we don't see how it's to be escaped. Sir Robert can neither run round it, nor get over it, nor dodge under it. He will have to buckle to, and if he buckles to the shock of the con flict?the clash t.l arms will resound over the face ol the earth. The whole world will be dragged into the contest, and "gruii-visaged war" will again de soUt ? the nations. The smoke of burning towns and cities will wrap Ireland, Great Britain, Europe, the whole continent of America?North and South ?the East ladies, the West ladies, the Islands ot the Pacific, und the coasts of Africa, 111 the haze ol an artificial jlndian summer. The seas will swarm with pirates, and the gun ol distress from many u sinking ship, will be only answered by the broad side completing her destruction. Commerce will rot in the harbors of the seaboard?trade will be suspended in the interior?the farmer will exchange bis plough-share for a musket?the doors of the tem ple of peace will be closed, and war will be the pre siriin&genius?the |iervading sentiment?the gen eral epidemic of purification. And when the bloody sacrifice shall have ended?when the sea shall have swallowed its thousands, and the land its tens ot thousands?when the smoke from cities sacked, razed, and'desolated, shall have vanished, and the white bannerot j>eace shall again be passed between the two continants, what will be theaspect of af fairs I Our onward national march will have lost twenty years ol its progress?thousands of men, mil lions of money, hundreds of ships. But we shall have gained Oregon, t lod bless us?we shall have gained Oregon, and the whole of Oregon?perhaps Canada, perhaps California?perhaps Mexico?jierhajw all these?perhaps nothing. Time would give us all the aforesaid territories in good season?time and the spirit of our free in stitutions, and the enterprise ot our people, now in full exertion, with a tree hand ana a steady will. War will only serve to pontine, their acquisition, retard our progress in the arts of pt^ce, the glories | of civilization, and the blessings of nbeity. And yet we go with the organ?we go with the P.esident?ws no with the West?wegowithtur 1 country for the " whole of Oregon." And if war is the only medium of a decision, we say, let us have it. But notwithstanding the organ?notwithstanding the President's message, John Bull will not be coerced as yet into a light. And we will tell you why. The South are opposed to it?the democrats of the South in the House and in the Senate. War would cut off the exports of the South of two mil lions and a quarter oj bales of cotton to Europe? war would ston their trade at once. One great object will have been achieved in the recommendation of war. It will divert the atten tion of Congress and the country from the queston i of the tariff? it will keep up the expenses of the government at such an aggregate, us will make a ! revenue tarill identical with the tarilf of '42. It will unite the party, except some few refractory Southerners upon the administration, and upon the organ. It will dissolve the ctiijuts to a great extent, and harmonize upon the nucleus of the Executive the present discordant factions ot the democratic family. And this we believe the design of the war blast?this we believe is all that is wished for the present. It is not Oregon up to 64 deg. 40 nun.; it is uot war with John Bull, but it is a concentration , of the mass of the party in support of the adminis tration and the organ. But it the movement throws us into war without ' harmonizing the party, we shall have a terrible ex plosion. In any event it behoves every American by acci | dent or by choice, every American, in heart and in | principle, to Stand bv the administration tor " the j whole O! Oregon or none." "Them's oursenn ' ments." We believe that we can get it all by |>eacea j hie means; but if war is to be the arbitration, we | are fully conqietent to settle the difficulty in that ! way, and six months will prepare us for the contro I versy. i Meantime, it is understood that Mr. Buchanan has been persuaded to stand last in the State Depart ment. His position presents new obstacles in this fulminatioti of war to his retaining it, however, and yet the voice of Pennsylvania may be jotentiul in behalf of Buchanan?in behalf ot the Taritl, and in behall of Oregon, without bloodshed. We shall see. Washington, Nov. 7, 184.V Since Mr. Buchanan has been induced to decide not to leave the cabinet, speculation is aHoat as to who shall take the vacant seat on the bench. It i" presumed the appointment will be given to Pennsyl" vania, but the appointing powers, it is said, are not entirely of that opinion. There are no dis sensions in the cabinet among any of its members' us widely rumored, and the coming message will no. give so much alarm to the turiHites as has been ex pected?the voice ol Pennsylvania has been heard. Our foreign relations are in a very critical state? and the principal portion ol the message, to be de voted to this subject, will be looked for with much interest Mexico, Texas, ('regon, California, Kng land. all demand attention. And it is upon these great questions ol inttmiationnlpolicy that this admi nistration must stand or fall. The resjionsihility is great, and it requires great wssdom and great pru dence on the ptrt of the President and Congress, whether we are to have peace or war. A call will be made immediately on the assembling ot Congress, to know what instructions, it any, have been given to Mr. McCane, anil if any desjiatclies have teen received from him, in relation to thet >re gon controversy, which is assuming an alarming at titude. It is believed that Mr. McLane has received no timber instructions than were given him on his departure, with a contingent promise of more. And it may be lurtiier added, that no "othcial" letters have been received from our minister on the sub ject. j -j In the civil department, the administration is nio ! vtng on quietly?but great discontent is being mani fested among portions of the democratic party from various sections ot the country, who come here, arising chiefly from the retaining in oliice of so many 1 ineliictent men, and the disappointment of honest claimants in being denied justice at the doors of the Treasury, tfotne changes have been lately made in the Indian Office for the better; but a loud and con tinuous appeal is coming up from all quarters for a change in the Comptroller's department, and in some ot the Auditor's othces. The cry is not for the suc cession, bul lor a reform. Remove the incomi>etent head, and appoint whom you please?any change must be tor the better. < lo|to ihe'First Comptroller's oliice for justice, and the reply is, "overwhelmed with business"?[atpers in confusion, and no system but wool-gathering. The election of Mr.Turney to the JienatelromTen nessee, has given great displeasure to the President and his immediate friends here. Mr. Nicholson was Mr. Polk's candidate, and his confidential chessman, to be, in the Senate. It may be that Mr. Nicholson will be consoled lor his disappointment, by the mission to Russia. As the new Senator isan ancient confederate of Cave Johnson, strong hopes are entertained of preserving his democratic faith unshaken. The early stage ot the session, at winch so many great subjects will be taken up, will give greater in terest than usual to the opening o! Congress, and u very large number ol |*crsons will be attracted here, for various causes, front different sections of the country?the Mexican claimants, the Texan agents, and all interested, the French .Spoliation Claimants and Agents, and others. The metropolis is expected to be very gay and lively all the winter, and from the extensive improvements lately made here in hotels and boarding houses, the residences lor strangers will be more agreeable. Colonel Benton and Mr. Bagbv are the only Se nators in the city. We have a slight touch of cold weather and canvass-backs are making their ap pearance. Washington, Nov. 7, l&lfl. The Pottawatamies had a council with ? Jen. Gib son and others to-day, hut it amounted to nothing. The council will be removed in a lew days. Notice has been given of certain party ot /mi It revelations, in crimination nnd recrimination, be tween A. O. P. Nicholson, the defeated caucus loco foco candidate for the Senate from Tennessee, and Hopkins L. Tiirney, the locofoco who superceded him through the whig suffrage. The former is to prove that the latter is no loco, and the Utter that the former ts an intreguer, and so forth I he latter charge, we think, is sufficiently proved in the defeat of Nicholson The fact is not only in Tennessee, but every where, since the Baltimore < onventton? there has been cheating all round the board We had a brilliant assembly at the United Mates

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