23 Kasım 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

23 Kasım 1845 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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T HE NEW YORK HERALD. SVlw Uro C/uu. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMBS IJORlMN BUM ti ll'. Proprietor. Circulation---Forty Thousand. DAILY HEH \Ll7?Kvery day. Price 2 cent* |W nopy?$7 atmum ? payable iu udvance. WKKLV HERALD?Every Saturday?Price 6'j cent*pel eoifv?t j MM pi-nn per annum?fnyibli 111 ndwiiti, ADVERTISE V1ENT8 at the usual price*?alw lys cash is advance. I'll INTI NO of nil kind* executed witii beauty mid devpato. (ET'All letter* or eaquraiucatloiM, by m til, addressed ii the establishment, must lv po*t |?id, or the postage will bp dueled Imiu the oiibscrii lion money remitted JAMBS UORUON BENNETT, Proprietor o. the Nkw York 1Ikh*u> E?T4HLiHHM>:.fT, {?j ..... Long island railroad company. TANGh: OF HOURS TRAINS RUN AS KOLLOW8. Commencing on Monday, September 16th, 1846. Leave New York?At 7 o'clock, A. M., Boatoi, Train for Oreenport, daily, Sunday*excelled. cropping at Fai nvnudale and St. I it nrge'* Multor. " 14 aHi^? A. M , lor Farmintfltle aud intermedi ate places, daily Sundays excepted, mid on Tue*days, Thursdays and Satnriays, through to Oreenportand intermediate place*. " 11 at 4 P. M., 'or Farmingdale and intermediate placea, daily, Sunday* excepted. I.l ive Oreenport?Boatou Traiu, at 4 ?> elo k, P. M , ?? r~ \ the arrival of the steamer from Norwiib, I daily, Sunday* e*ee|?te<l. stopping ut St. ] (ieorge's Manor and Farinimtdale. " " at 9 o clock, A M.j Accommodation Train, I ou Mouri yi. Wednesday* and Friday* Leave Farmingdale?Kor Brooklyn,at6|( o'clock, A. M., an i i P. M., daily, liniicuya excepted. Leave Jamaica?Foi Brooslyu, at 8 o'clock, A. M "nd 2*4 H M., daily. .sunday* excepted. Fare to Bedford 8 eenta; East NewYo-k US; Kace Course I8?t; Trotting Course I8X;, Jamaica 2i; Orushville 3lli: Hyde Turk 17 irii:r-? 37*; vlomrillcj (during session ? ..??.) 37 s; Hempstead 37}?; Sranch 37>f; I ?rle Place 44; Weatbury 44; Hicksville 44; n'armingdale I<2)4; L>eer Park o9; Thompson 18; Suffolk Slat.on I 4(0; Lake Road Station 1 18?^; Meaford Station I 18^4; Millville 1 60; St. <Jeorn?'* Manor 1 6'}^; Rivurhead 1 fili;; Jnmerport 1 62)4; Mattetuck 1 62)<; Cut clio^U' 1 62^; Southold I t>2H; Oreenport, Acc'n. train, 1 74; I Ore nport by Boatun Traii> 2 HO. Stage* are to readine** on the arrival of Trains at the ?e?eral | Stations, to take pa*aenger*at very low Fare*, to all pari* of tie Island. B aggage (.'rate* will be ill readinetl at the foot of Whitehall 1 ?treet, to receivu Baggage lor the several Trains, 30 minute* be- , fore the hour of starting from the Brooklyn side. The Steamer Statesman leaves Oreeupcrt for Sag Harbor : twite each day on tlie arrival of the Trains from Brooklyn. uOrc ;4AlJi LINE FOR BUbTOJV DAILY OVER THE LONG ISLA^I/HaIL ROAD, VIA NEW LONDON, NORWICH * WORCESTER. At 7 o'clock in the Morning, from tbe Foot of Whiteliall street, South Furry?Sunday* excepted. Way Crates are in readme** to receive baggage for New Loudon, Norwich and Worcester. Baggage Kir Boston goex through nnderlock. juI6 tfrc ? RALEIGH AND GASTON ItAlLKOAD FOR SALE. ON MONDAY, the 29th day of December next, by virtue of a decree of tlie Court of Equity for Wake County, at its Autumn Session, 1846, in a suit of the Governor, for the u*e of ihe State of Noi^i Carolina, to forecloae a Mortgage, tliere tofore executed bvthe Raleigh and Oaston Railroad Company, to indemnify the State agaiust certain liabilities for said Com pany, I will sell at punnc Auction, at the Court House door in the city of Raleigh, to tlie Ingheat bidder, the whole property of the Kaleigli and Oaston Railroad Company aforesaid, (so far a* tlieaame is known to me,) consisting of87 miles of Rail road, reaching from tbe City of Raleijjh to Oaston on the North side of the Roanoake river, in the direct line of public conv yance to Petersburg, City Point, Richmond. Washington City. Baltimore. Stc 4tc., together with all Bridges, Depots, Workshop* and Tools, Warehouses, Water Stations, Engine*, Cars, ttc. Stc. Also, the stock of Iron, Lumber, and Fire Wood, which may then be on hand, and all other articles own ed and used by the said Company for keeping up said Railroad, and transportation on the same. From tne nature of tbe pro perty it will be sold en waste. The purchaser*, by the term* of the Decree, and the Actof the Legislature iu relation lo it, will become, ipso facln, ? body corporate, by the mine and style ol the present Company, and will acquire all the franchise, privilege*, rights and immu nities now possessed by it, for the term of 80 years, which it* charter has yet to run. Thes? franchi'es and privilege* are ol the moat advantageous kind to the Company, mid may be found at laige 111 their charter, contained in the 2d Volume of the Revised Statutes ol North Carolina, page <199, which is to be seen at the Seats of Oo\ eminent, ana iu mo*t ol the Public Libraries of the States ol the Uuiou. The whole purchase mouey must bear interest, at the rate of 6 per cent per annum, from iht?)ay of *ale, and lie paid as fol low*. to wit: S2.1.000 at the ena of six mouths, and the itsidu ' in four instalments at intervals of teu months each?say 1st, 29lii June. 1846, ?26.000. 2d, 29ih April, IIM7, one-fourth of the remainder. :id, 2'lth February, 1818, o De-fourth of do. 4th, tlie 29th of December, llllti, one-fourth of do. Sth, th *29th of October, 101!), one-fourth of do. Tltd cost of this Railroad and its appurtenances, complett d only live years since, was $1,GOO,000?one ha I! of which v e borrowed; creating a debt beariug interest, on failure to pay which, a sale ha* "become necessary. The grading, bridges, depots, &c. are executed in au excellent style of workmanship. Caia run daily over it, carrying the Mail of the l uited States, (it being a part of tlie Southern Metropolitan route,) at a com pensation of $100 per mi'e, or $8,700 per nnuum. And, traver siiiK a fertile region of country ihrouitS - early its whole leugth, its freights for the transportation ol I'roouce and Mer chandize, independently of the receipts from Passenger*, afford ii considerable addition to the ordinary sources of profit* on railroads Though not, now. yielding a prolit on the large sum expended in its construction, its income has been increasing for some time past, and it i* confidently believed that it would produce a reasonable return upon a more moderate amount ol catiital invested in its purchase. The sale will be made without reaerve, at the time and place aforesaid,at which those inclined to purchase, are respectfully invited to atteud. The purchase money must be secured by bond with approved iureties. CHARLES L. HINTON, Public Treasurer of the State of North Carolina, and Special Commissioner of the Court of Equity, iu this cause. I! il.-igh. N. C., October 6, 1846. 11/ ' T lie following paper* will insert the foregoing adver tisement 80 day*, and forward their bill* for payment, with . tp ? containing the same, to the subscriber: B.'ston Atlas, Jew York Herald. Baltimore J'atriot, Philadelphia U. States Oazette, Richmond Eii((uirer and Richmond Whiff, Charleston Courier, Mobile Advertiser, New Orleans Picayune, and N.C. Standard. C. L. II. oil 2t,i m CENTRAL HAIL RUAl) FROM SAVANNAH TO MACON. distajnue 1!H) miles. rpliI8 ROAD if open for the trauiportation of Pa?eengt-if X and Freight. Ratet of Paisage 8 00 Ratet of Freight Til ; On weight gnndt nenernlly 50 centi per handred. 8n mr.wiiri-inn.it goods 13 cent* per cubic foot. n barrelt wet (except molaitet and oil) SI SO per barrel. On h.-irrelt dry (eict'if. lime) 80 cent* per barrel. On iron in pit;* or ban, catting) for tnilltanil unboxed m-ichinery... 40 cent* per hundred. On IiIkIs and pi|>ea of liquor uot over 120 callous ti 00 per hhd. On hlidn molattei and oil.,. 6 00 " " Qoodn addretted to F. Winter, Agent, forwarded free o communion. THOMAS PUR4K, all 3in 'f. Pen I Snp't.Trantpoi tition. TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. r.XI'KKsT.XNn I'lONKSR PACKET LINE, From Philadelphia to Pittiburgh vis the Peuntylvani-" Rail road* and Canal?through iu 3H day*. The vliove line if now in full operation aud offers great inducrineutttopertonf who with ? pleaaant mode of travelling to the weft.. The OH? are built in the moft approved modern ttyle, tl.e boat* itre filled lip in a tuperior manut r,and 1t cry effort if made by the proprietor to conduce to the cvunfort and convening? Oftrnvellera. The icnnepr on this route if unrivalled, and tiie Seat t liiiin of PenntylvaiiM internal improvement n well wot y ol being ?een. By thit r.ute paitengere tivwiti til the faliguet mid dauge.-t it (eiiifniii upon tt.icc tr tvelling, mid at the tunie tune lualie -an ex peilitiolu trip. , T!' ? car* leave e\e:y Hiornin* it 7 o'clock. 1 itjiecgeri. are ad fiteil to engage their placet at Philadelphia. Oftice in Philadel phia N. K. corner of Cheauut and Fourth ttrmu, and at Not. II md IS South Third tti. A. CUMMINuB, Agent Philadelphia, May 17, IM5. For information, iu the city ol New York.itpplf to B. 11. KNISELL, .Vgent for mv !7 ?tn*rrc I). LKKCM It CO.'tl^ine r VVetttt. N B. notice 8TAT12N ISLAND FERRY, FOOT OF WHITEHALL STREET. On mid alter Monday, November 10th, the lioiM on this Fer ry, will leave New Yoilt and Hmtni Inland at IoIIowh until fuilher notice: ? Leave Htnten Island. I.eave New York. ?'4 A. M. 9 A. M. 10 do II do I* M. I P.M. ?I P M. 3^ do _ do 5 do N. B ?All freight at the ritk of the ownert thereof. nlrc NOTK;E?1IC)UR (311ANGED. T1IK U. S MAIL LINK FOR ALB AN V and the Intermedial* Landing), on and alter _ W/dn?idIV, Oct ad. will leave the foot of ll.tir.lrtv meet for Albany, Daily,at 4 r. M. intrentl ol live, aa heretofore. oS3 NEW KuKJv, ALBANY AM) TROY mm. j4Mf) mjt FOR ALBANY AND TROY ))IKK( T. 'r(,m the pier at the foot of Courtlr-mlt Tra. Hi ? (treet. the l attenirr ? taking this hoatwillarme m time to tnkeorili Mi rnii g Tmin of (.art from Troy wett to buffalo, and n to Raratoca and Lake Utorge. The low preetureiteambuat EMPIRE, Captain R. B. Ma cj. every Pnerdty. Tharaday and Saturday at 6 o'clock. The ttemnbeat COLUMBIA, Captain Win. 11. I'eck, rvery Monday, Wednetday aud H rolav allerm.on, at 8 o'clock. !? or IVttaire or Freight apply on l<r.nrd, oi to C. Clark, ai the off" r ?>' ti? wharf Freight taken on the mo't reatonable termi. Freight niunt be put IB charge of the Freight Agent, or the company will no: l.e retpontilile lor !?>?< No freight taken after J o'clock. " FOk SaOoERTIKS ANIJ CATSK1L. Til K Splendid Hteamboit JAMF.H MAPI p-taj* HON, (apt I" J. f'opprrly, will leave the Wot I Br ol < < dar ftreet, every \l. nday, Wednetday. mill iSiturilat tt6o'cloeli, P.M. !?< t Ircigl t or pattage, apply on bond, oit< O F. Wainwright, Agent, ou the wharl. ? "> lm*mc JOHN HEROMAN U CO.. United States and Owit Britain aud Ireland Emigrant Office, 61 South street, New York HERDMAN. KEEN AN * Co., Liverpool. Passage to aud from Great ttrnaia and Irelui't (via Liverpool) by the regular Paike' Ships ssilingevery five days. The subscribers in calling the att-utiou of old country men Mini the public generally to their unequalled arrangements lor bringing cut passeugera from the old country, beK to state that after thia year the husineu of the House at Liverpool will be conduct-d b\ it> Branch Those sending for th?*ir Iriends will at once see the grt-t import u ce of this arrangement, ai it will preclude an uui ecers iry delay of the emigrant. Th? ships *111 ployed 111 this Line are well known to be tlie fir?t aud largest el Iks, commanded bv wen of experience; aud a? thev aail every live days, anu offer every fac lit v that can be furuislied. With those superior nrr oigeinenta. the subscribers look forward for a continuation of that patm - ye which lias heeu ao libeially ea tended to ilieui for so in. uy years past. In case auv of those engigt'1 do not etuhuk, f>e pi?*.ttie money will be refunded as cusli inarv. For farther particulars apply by letter, postpaid, J H Kit DM AN b CO.. til South street, New \ ork. HERDMAN, KEENAN It CO., Liverpool. N B.?Drafts for anv amount pun ?s usual be furnished, payable ?r 'til :he principal hanking Institutions throughout tins United Kin.; torn, 01 ?i plic tiou ns 'bove i 3lrc & Mk JHMKs <MMb,,.r _ Mmdmm FTTrsew ()kiTK AN8. LOUISIANA AND NP.W YORK LINK OK PACKETS It i* intended U>dn>pa ch a ship Irom thix|iort on the 1st, 6th, 11th, lutli, 2ls'and a?it li "I e tch mouth, coinim uciug 1st Octo burin"! conti iuiug until May, w! e i regular days will heap pointed for the reiniiii ler of the y* ar whereby great delay s and ud il mi.point' eiua a ill be pielolll during the summer biri.itlia The following ships will commence this arrange ment:? ' ' ' Ship (-lift 'Hi Captain (nw;er?<<Il. Hup t'<Hine>.se,...Catt .ii Pray. Ship tliak-pe re. .Captain Cornell. Ship ? nmsvilie . .Captain Hunt. Ship Genesee ... Captain Mino', Ship (hwrio ... Capt in Wo'd. Slip I' on tacua.. C-plain Biia . Shi;i Htm, lie ... ?"ap* in Taj lor. These ship* we e all hnilt Ipreaa y for p eseta, are ol light draft of w rer, have receutl; bee,, new'y c.ippi red and put iu spl'udi'l order, with accotiMnod tiol a for passengers unequalled for comfort; they ir* coinin uued by eii?rien, td misters, who will make every etertion ti giv g? ncral satisfaction. They will at ail tunes lie tow d up and drnr i ti e Miis'ssilipiby steam boats. Neither the capt .iim or owners ofthe .e imps will be responsible lor J welrv, bullion precious slotes,silver or plated ware, or lor any letters parcels "r p ickag, * sent bv or put ou hoard of them, unless regular bilU ol lauiug re t ken for the same, at the value d,,--ton ei(iieK??d E. K.COLLiN* 1 CO., X Soith it. or J AS B. WOODRl KK Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all good* to hit address. The ships of tnis (me are warruui i il to nail punctually as ad vertised, and great care will be taken to li ve the goods cor rectly me a ureil. s24rc REGULAR u. 6. MAIL LIMhb HEX WE KM CINCINNATI ANl) LOUISVILLE. MORNING LiNK,.t I# o'clock A. M. BEN FRANKLIN -N? 7, J. B. Summons, .master. 1'IKE No. 8, J \rm<tr'-ng, master. KVK N IN(1 LIN I- atti oMock P M. SIMON KKNTON, VF. McClmu, master. BEN KRANKLIN No.S. W.MeClellau,matter. These boats,forwna two daily lines, will ruu regularly, lea ring punctii' IIy at the hour, and will takt freight and puseu gers to and from luteiinvdia'e I I'd ugs, at the usual rates. Freight w II be >tre v?d for these line* at the Mail Wharf Boat, loot ol Uroadway. Every effort will be used to accommodate shipper* and pas sengers. ol lm'rrc STRADKF St GORMAN, ) Aiwnta ROGERS fcSHKRLOCK, JAgenU. xfiL: KUR 'A V r Kl'luil.?iNew Line?ilt|(ulaufa aaHHPWnf th? aith Nov.?i lie -iegaut fust sailing*.. WmKv^Iiip lit si ICS, A. EMridge, master, of TA' KKT KOR MARSEILLES?Of 1U Dec Tlie ship CORIOL^NUS, ( aptain James Haile, will sill as above Kor freight or passage apply to BO? D 8t Hl.VCKEN, Agents, T mine buildings, or to CHAMBERLAIN ?t PHELPS, u31rc 103 Kroot street. HHt ?s.W.E, Kit.. Hr.iT OR CHARTER.?The v-ry laat aai'inp p icket ?hip I OUI8VILLE, 513 tous, ,cair.ra hilc New Orlenns Cotton; was built in this city, wi;!. live oak and !ocu;t tup; newly copi>ered and pateu* *e!te<l. lias handsome accon^nodations for 24 tiassen gers. Apply to E. K COLLINS (it CO. 030 56 Sooth street. U acket cket 1100 tons will sail as above, her regular dny. Kor fr Right or paoiaire, having accommodations nnegualledl.il splendor or co.uf.vrt, apply on board, at Orleana wharf, fool 1 i( Wall ?UMt,crto I' K. COLLINS St CO., 56 South street Price of pa??ige tlOO. Tne elegant ia?t sailing packet ship Siddons, E. B. Cobb, in iater. olTlOO t,ji.i, -.vill succeed the Roscius and sail 26th ; Dec., her regular dav o:t0 LQN N LINE OF PACKETS.?Packet of the 1st of Decemb*?The upleudid packet ship PRINCE iALUERT, Whs S Stbur, master, will nil as above, | her regular day. I Having superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and ?'.ecnge passengers, peisous wishing to einhark should make ijiineilnre application ou board, foot of Maiden lane, bi I to the subscriber, JOSEPH McMURRA V, I Corner of Pine and South streets. New \ ork The Tackft Ship ST. J AM ?< S, F R Myer, master, will soc I ceed the PRINCE ALBERT, aud sail on the first of January i her rvxul-r day. P. 8.?Persons wishing to send for friends, can have them brought out to this counlry by the above snleudid shin, or any of the line, sailing from London on the 7th, 17th and 27th ol eacii mouth by applying as above. nlirc "PACKETS~FOR~f!A~VRE?Secoud Line.? The packut ship IIALTI MORE, Capt John Johnson jr will sail ou tlie 1st ol Deceuiner. For freight or | pass<ge apply to BOYD Ik H1NCKEN, ! iiUri* V? 'I Tontine BnMing. IU Wall?r, FOR if ALE, TO CLOSE A CONCERN.?The Line of Liverpool P ickets, couristing of the shi| s _iKns' ius, Sidilous, Sheridan and Garrick. Tliey were built in mis city by Browu St bell, with unusual rare; for mo dels, innti-iials (a very large proportion ol their flames being live oak) ami workmanship, they are uusurpassed, if not uue iiualled. Salted on the stocks aud re-salted every year since. Their accommodations for passengers are Very exteusiveaud handsomely furui'hed. Apply to 031 m E. K. COLLINS k CO., 56 Honth St. PILOTING. OWtN PKiiSCOTT, Pilot between the port of N .York,Mid all the Eastern ports to B.,ston,SHg Harbor, ? New Loudon, St'Xiinvtrii, Newport, Providence. New ledford, Nantucket Sii ?r l> ,?i n<Inil port mo tar kastas tlieKeum bec hiVt'r. Order* left K. L bimw's Nautical Store, corner in Beekiuati and Wa rr Mrcel, 01 to Adams' Express, Boston, three days before wanted. N.B.?Tales chuge a? Ma.ter, if required. Satisfactory re fi'fnce, j>c fco ii U aw'mc MIK LlVlCKfOOl/?Regular Paeket of 6th Uec .?The splendid packet ship ASH BURTON. Win i'l wl and, ni .iter, will sail <is above, being tier regu lar day. Having very superior icconimoditiini for tabiu, second ca bin a'lti ?(? eragc passengeri, prisons wishing to embark ?hould make early si pltcfuifii on hoard, foot of maiden Lane, or to , JOSKPH McMUKRAY, Csrnti of fine and South streets, N. Y. 1*' lie* and etegnni |aeket ship Henty I Uy, Kr.ra Nye, mai'm, will .acc-ed the Atliuurm, tn.dsail llie titli of Janu* ry 'ier reuui r ay. t' H ? Pefs >n* within; to aenri f>r their friends, can have t1 e n br u.hi out nil the most tea* >a!'le terms, by the above tplendid p'chet?, by app inn n? nlnie nlirc ?5'? u06C. illliL Si .is?L Mtli meet, between -L<<* and *d Avenues, and nearly opposite Bull's Head ' \ ? > l(. \rrived Irouilit couuiry, anil for sale at th. iboveatH* e? DO Hiit-e., among winch are tuur fast trotting HOi'es, 'i i ut pacing do,, sevei.it pairs farm horses, some line cart ;r*se?, a le.t good road ami ?tigt horse., and shippers. ?S2ni*rrc K. H .NUHTHHl I', Proprietor, ril TTlf, h ALL T\Li. llni(,>li,..t.r..\'a Hats are jpwiiou iu.'d> for the r.uo , Mi wh.ehloi lightness and sit periorityol color raunot I'esuri aa*rd winch is a very important part of the HAT, retaining tin- color ti'l ii is worn out. Any aiticle sold ill t-hi? eslalill .1 mem is never ui*repre*ented, but sold for what it u. Also, the tall style ol Boy's and Chil dren's "I various patterns ' -e i eint u can have their hats m ,ue to ord I. in any simpe or style tin y wish. N. ii.?A full assor inent oi Lad I e i Kti s. C. KNOX, liii Kulron atTeet, o27 lm'eot1 r h-'we ? VVi?li>.tn awl Naswin streets. it liLlv'l i'U.VO rl piken>x ra HAT AVD < AP M >M.KACTOKY. l(Kl l- iiliun si., it, tweiii \\ lninm ami Maunn. The iucce;> whit h l?.i (tended lit elloits ol the Proprietor of tins est li' i- hirent t>i iutrr.duo intoi.se a superior article at an extreoiei, I w pi ce ei courages lulu to in,ike increased ex ertions to nerittU imUmuii u{ .he i uOllc. The peculiarity of hit system d'couductim; >n i ess ci.uaisti in the establish ment uittie Bioat rigid t cuu in . in ita v hi >us de|>artm?uts,r.a we,I as in an invtriai le silhi irure to cu-h on delivery," re l;e?ed fi m t ? opnte. Hi expei.cn of tn? more extrsrigaiit Cl..fjimen I It < <lw-y sod *u jcittd to none of those losses w Inch art >h r< it m aeruln|?ninu m . i the "credit i rmciple " lie 1st in led to offer the mlle.ent arliciei in his line at the followitik itduc d ruea:? HAT S. l<ir? Quality Nutrial u $iX I Hi M Quility Moleskin, $3,00 Stcond do do Uo J,u< I ?-c cd iio do 2,.'i0 l Ala. First Qux.Uy Cl.nh $i,.'>0 Se( (I1J Oo iJo | *0 Tl i d do do 76 n4 ltn*r I fl OM. I Hi* h-BlluM N 6. t O. I78Chatham square, cornei ol iMoti st wish to mluiin the public ol their rec?nt in |.i,n eirieut ,n ti e ma. ill ic'ure and liuisli of their 'I H Hi-l, hui.l. All UA'I S, winch retaiu a beautiful rich le?tte, and will eompme well 9,in those more costly. The fiiopt.e ots aie m fill nt tin t ,hr> c 11. llimisli Hats far superior 10 ,iii> lie eti.lore so|u 110 th? ? I,it p. ice A full assortment of Kiiirj I- tits. - so !? 111 l.ioih. Molt in, Olazed, Si k and Kani y I'AK, ? veral mw patteri.a, uiueb adunied, sold at ivduci d prir.-s, wi.oit ? l? m.d 1.U1I <>29 liri'mr LaHit,. S\Lm \ - |i ?VIALL I'HOKITS. H I I .V ?? Uii $3,00. Hi ?Vafter Wedpexdiy, November 19th, the snbecti Jpfc. her t* ill ue 1 r. |i icu 10 larmsti lints at the above price, superior 10 any evi r ue'ori 1 ifer. d to he public. Si ILLS, 178 Broadway, 1 IB 'w' *r" Hnwartl ? Hotel. UVtHK# OAilUi BOOIS,? I his benutilul iiicie, 1 1 ill ii.> f shionable styles, at Ifi and I8s,iuul in . I, 1 at !" ami K(. .hillings,equal to iKf in the ?my. lu. ;i! 1 -tieiit.O' p .Ml to the men. ute, to insure a handsome til/ W I.lie ai.u .atin Mipirrs of the lirst quality at 11 si..iliii?i per |iaii. With mtny thanks to the Ladies ol New t org and 1U 1 iCliuryfor theii lilieial pationuiii. I hope, by strict atti RtlOa 10 busint ?s, to merit a coutinuauce ol their lavora. J It. MlLLf.lt, Ml Canal street, '.8 "w *r b,tween Tlii'inpHOii and Sullivan sts. PKUHIUM BOOTS. '?INK. FRKNl H HOOTS for $3 50, eily made, and fir style aud durauility, tli?j are equal to those lold in other cli Premium lm|>erial Ureas Boots ? for g.*?. Kiut Vreocl. . t),?v* 10 tiiote now 111 othrr Btoiri for $C or $7, Hi I Ac JCKNfc'ai Kreucli Hoot ami Shoe nmuufactory, un? ol the uioftt 1 txHonahli* ('?tabluhuifiiti in ihu city. Our poota liHViiig hri'ii jndKtMl in tli?* late hairat Niblo'a, arr ittiil t<? fee the t?ej?t noott tor the prire r told m tliu couutry. AUo, t\ Poperior ucw wtyle French Dauciug Gutters, and ovt?r?hoe?, roimtaiitly on linnd. All ko<mIi? warranted to give antiafnntion. Boots and Hhoet madf lo order in the ahorit at notice. iMeudinK done in the store. vV UtNO Ik JUNK8, 4 Ann atrcet, u7 1 m rc near Broadway, New \urk THE OREGON QUESTION. "A Bone of Contention." The above is a liousier view of the Oregon question. It is seen that it is the bone of conten tion in the National Refectory, where the cooks ure famous for their science in cutting; and carving. The Oregon question, a piece ol finely flavored buffalo, is before two philosophers, one of whom is a Hoo sier, and being rather hungry is fixed upon having the whole roast. The other, a British emigrant, is also hungry, hut is Willing, dunking that the whole rightfully belongs to the llooaier, to take a small slice, unil a drink of water from the Columbia. Two chefadu cuisine, l'olk and Peel,having an interest in the tiuste of the roast, are looking oil to see if the buf falo is sufficiently seasoned, l'olk appears anxious, a^.d anxious cooks sometimes pepper their viands to a high degree. Peel looks easy about the matter, feeling sure, we suppose, that the buffalo will please the palate of the British emigrant, and thut he will get enough to keep him from starvation. According to some, the two philosophers are to decide which is the best cuisinier. LEOPOLD DE" MEYER, Performing before the Emperor of Austria, In our previous notices of this celebrated pianist, we represented him playing at Paris before the King. From Paris he proceeded to Austria, whe re he mayed betore the Emperor, at the capital. Horn the capital he repaired, consecutively, to Presburg, Buda, Lemberp, Crakow, Ceruowiiz, Arc. &c. &c. From thence he proceeded to the <5er man States, and, at Francfort and Darmstadt espe cially, his success was unbounded, la the former city, he gave three concerts at the theatre, and com pletely nullified the eflects previously produced by he great pianists, Mendelssohn, Dohler, and Mos chele*. Words cannot convey the iniprestion pro duced by his performance- on the audiences olFranc tort una Darmstadt. At every conceit h perfect Italian furore was created, the natural phlegmatism of the Germans fading away before the miraouloi powers of the pianist. Jfitnerto he had seldom or never played without one encore, but the people i ?' Francfort encored him twice at every perlontiaiic* We subsequently behold him appearing in the Belgian Slates, Brussels. Antwt-rp, Louvain. an ! many others. At Brussels lie took up ins abode ;,r the mansion ot his noble friend and patron, tlio Dulte <(?" Looz. Hp performed with the most bril li nt irlat it the Circle of the Fine Arts, and wm pres? n! 'd bv the committee with a splendid gold Ufd d and inscription, :ind made an lion rury mem ber thereof The Prince Cliimay, President of the Cirrle of Fine Arts, became his most particular Mend, and honored him with especial notice and I i\oi.j. li additna to Iiis private engagements ?t Hrue-el.j, too numerous to be mentioned, he eav f'our public concerts, ihree at the Brussels V auxiiall, and one at tli- Philharmonic, each of which con feired a nt w leat on iiis laurel wreath. LEOPOLD DE MEYER, Performing 1 cfcie the Ihilfcainr.cric Society. We next find the great; pianist4in I Ingland, per forming More the nobility, and in th?* mo*t fashion able theatres. At Cambridge-house und Kew Pa Ince, the resid?nces of his Royal Hichne-s the Duke of Cambridge; at Apsleyhouse, that of liis Grace the Duke of Wellington; the Marquia of Lonsdale's, the Marquis of Clanricarde's, the Marquis of Lans downe'a, nnd at wvernl house* of the aristocracy, the attestations of delight and astonishment nt each IK-rfonnnnce ofl^eopold de Meyer are beyond words to describe, llis success in the metropolis was fo extraordinary, that Mr. Webster, of the llaymarket Theatre (except the Opera-house, the inot-t I ishion able tfieatre in London) encaged liim for five weeks at an exorbitant salary. lie was named in the bills as "the greatest pianist of the aae," "the I'aganini of the piano," Arc. Arc. He was rapturoiiHiy en cored at eaeh performance. No pianist ?t unv thea tre in London ever before sustained such a leputa tion, or could elicit for so long a time the uuanimous anil nn;irn^ oppru'iifttmn of a drimutio ,'.vn licice. Milt, |ierhip?, t'i? ureateat triiinij.h ?*vt*r iicliit*vt-d by the iftv if pi iitivr h'liisc f w.is won I>y him ut the tv? -? IWttififrB Mur'C' Ifn. held this ?<e?i?oit >;? the rest ? dene* ft Vr .1 W. Davi-oo, iln- ?- !| kno.ru mimi ciiin and editor of i! e .Iftitunl 11'??/?/ Th^nc m (eriaiurn< nt.< were b lirthemo-i > o hen ' 6 ul the ir kind ever e.ibibi**d in London Winmi ineiilii.u hh eftrculniit*, i, C. .jii'l'j fcivori, nrd S-ainton, violmut ; M>rehelf?, Slcruu.ile Bennett. Benedict, Vincent W.di.ico, Ilolni'-i-, Osborne, >'tnl Leopold <ie Meyer, p'.itii.tf, bc.nd h oilier o I brt tifii on other inKlrutn.-ii'H, ** p Ji ivi Mi I t-nuii >h to bhow a combination ot t.ilent n vrbtf r- brought together in a London naloon. Wlieu we renren b-r that eacli of thro* mrrt^t [wrlonrevl in th* rno; t p-r feet manner'lie m./i vduj- uHclicd to liiui, and Uiut Sivori anil \*i< uxteuipd ,.l .ved a diMi o| Sj??hrV for violin anil i? nor, iiibiicli ?i in.tutu r a.-> mm pronounc ed unequalled IU lire rivtluiliouol any on** present, cur r ncli'rs tiny th -n h ive gome id-n of the !rium:> ' Hcueved by Leopold de Meyer, when we Mate, h* w.t>* tue only psffurmer who W'HS encored. I,<"t it be born" in mine! tlm: !hi.a w.is :io mixed auiimce, ?oine ? f wliom mt?hi, b> bein^ carried a<v?y by im pulse, have drawn other* info the vortex of their en tliu <1.18111, Lilt a select ?0( leiy of Ihe leading lilU>i ci.ut.-t, atrial' urs and HUruttnrt of tli?- metropolis But . some one may say, "if nmy have been /x/r ha zard; nnc11 tiling-" have tv ;>,? ned, though of rare oruiirrence; had Leopold d'' Mever performed at nuoilit r i r?if before the sumo cuJiiory, doubtless he would not, lie could not, have obtained an enewn- " Our answer 10 that n eimply a Mslement, which is creditably known to every inn i?al man in London There were two Mntinir* lMuticale in Mr. I)hi eon's rooms, each Matinit waadiv.ded into r" o piria. I i e: cli part Leo|K>ld de Meyer played. He wan tlie only p raoii encored, and encored at ev? iy pcrformutiie. i Farther Kilraets from English Papers. Theatrical!, iU. There are (e"hle whispers ot opernn by Messrs. E Loder, mid Howard Gjover; ar.l Mr. linni/a more explicit priunUeH ?.I M. Don .igetti mid M. Benedict, uiid (if att unable) ot Meyerbeer, with hts " Oainji of Silesia " A new oi>era, by Mr. W illiic. >s ? n:is inced na spedily forthec nun/? ;it Drury L.: ?? Tin.- "liter musical sti. r 1 'iif' ar^ the r? - ir;)t.on of 'he r:iiunih'M- concerts oi the Mrtiiih fl uiu. its. A . the Pi*ini:ef>?*s '1 .?< m'he nr ?/ b th. . bi able n O'Mtre," which his had oil i a ri'nattlie Acuden. ll'iy.ilf.*, Fiir .ittd w tit1. Iiialrtutly >01 j.riiJuct (I n' the Ac1, Iplii, L li1 e'y t?> It equal ly >ucw--i'ai It".' Mr. i :d I a h j aecured tiie real urttin.J ihumc ot ..1. Adolphe * Inn, by t tV'jr of 2-'. Juliicii. Cullt>nrnt;t! TtiratrlculH. il.o-siNi at lioi.or.N*?Under the ?hi-vn title a gentleman ot raul: and a Oistiiigutslie I _ musical aniaieur, has addressed to u friend m Paris a l ing and intcestiug letter, as displaying the private ha bus ot the ureat composer, and tending tu remove many erroneous impressions, which, from hei.ig un contradicted, had obtained a decree ot beli^t with P-aard to lic-aiui's coitrae of domestic lite. The letter alluded to i:> much too long lor our columns, but the following extracts wilicunv -y an idea of the whole, and will be found interesting as relating to th>' ureate^t musician ol the >ti;e :? "In passing through Bologna,'' fays the writer, " could I forget that Kik its' esided in its w.lis 1 Be sides, how toulJ I lorge t him when I found hi ; b. it, or bin iliturlh, to remind nil of him, in every co ner of Italy? At Home as well as at rioreuce. at .Milan *h at Belogua, I have found tin- s;.me sentiment. of admiration for the iji> ut maestro. 1 his admiration gives rise soTie times t?> mbsti'.u i.ra o1 a pleasing naivete, of which 1 will five you an exam| le? I was ut Sa'i (|uincD a poor village in the Honrui states, ori the toad troai lloUinc In the dilapidated chamber in *vhich I passed the night theie wm for the ? hqip 'urniture only one old w oo-ien table, and on thia table, lor the tola uiiumcnt of the room - a butt, like the t.i' le, >.11 the worse for wear, but of matble. n.'d if antique exicu'ion \\ ithout iccjui J ing it? costume ol pu<t*|(es, the innkeeper, eon idcring the ronnteuance (perhaps of ore <<! the coiihoi-) to bear some resemblance to his Mid, at ached to it the ua:no of Ko?-iui. an t thus exhibited it to his vsitflu " Vo* jte a ia:?, i>'m n ips, that the |ul../za of Rosiini i< Hitnnte in one ot tha ttnett street'' in U> luxi.a - that whicii tuns Irom the I'mte Koiaaii e to the 1'iuzza dea (Rrnpailfi It ii his winter re?idetu'e ; in summer he iniiahitk hu villa, mil tukex cfe not to put his. loot intra mures After tmveri-ini; tw o or thi ce luige h| . itiuen<*t iiew y paiuted, 1 louud myKell in k very plain cubuiet.an olh-e", like ail oflioei, without the Jeait tust, wi'hont paintings, w ith the exccptiou ot one only, an " Adoia tion,' by Carraclu, by that Louis Carrachi who, it is s^d. died of grief on discovering a fault in the drawirg of hi< last picture. "To Hostini I was almost unkrown, but I came from France to bring him tidings of his friands at Pari*, and he received me in every rn?pect with the utmo>t irra ciousress and in a w av becoming a greut genius. \ ou knew llotsini when at Paris, during his last ktay ; you will ho surprised to learn that he still pre*eiveshis young appearance in all its freshness. He knew every luing which passed in I'aris, and he is apparently fully employed, not* ithgtmido.g so much has been suid ol hw indolence hi?/?ir nt?w<*. Kvery one will be ducirousof knowint wuetner music occupied his attention, and baa he decided to give ui another ch f u'trm-r*. On my se cond visit, which I prolonged till t>renkf<ist, I ventured to put sin. que-tion if w e ought expect to see him snort 1/ at Taiis. To which he replied, ? 1 hope to pass there tne autumn and winter of IH46.' " This news will nil w itn the utmcst joy your nume rous li lends and admirers in the capital,'' n pniase wnich he te;eivod with his peculiar smile. ' P*risI love Paris,' replied he, ' I wish I could divide my life into two parts, and pass on* half at Bologna an 1 the olUvr iu your city.' Here he raised a sigh, and cast his oye on soma leaves of music in tcoie, and sufficient iu quantity to make a splendid opera ; I uttered tlie name of GulUiumt TtU. ' Ah I ah !' suid he, ' vou recollect mat ! It is an old piece, lint niway s n?w to \ uu Parititaa. tor, on tho eve of my last leaving, I recollect I was told it was per formed for the tw o hundred ana tU'iftli L.:ns. Are you a rausii i.in ?' 'An amateur igr.aruntimuir,' I replied. 'So much tho worse, for j ou c;u.not tell rue cnriectlv how Duprez fills t?e p?it.' ' It is from you, Macstru, ^ve must u<k it.' * But 1 liave never heatd Duprez iu the putt.'? l'his reply caused me to blush with turpiise, which greatly amtUM I lio lint. " \ccuftomed to receive vi it* more oi lers inteiested, to claau uk. ears to impeitincrt questions, and ^(.metimea to rcj-elby sarcasm ttm^e impertinenta wno, num.! :ne pretext ol iliUtiuntinm. cross ipuitiou him, ar.d bmo liitn to death, lSo-sioi seeks relume under a system ol re seivo which uas been greatly ?xag^/rsted M Firm in lormetly un nctor at the Tiientre Frnncais, one day Lst week was drivim; oui Ins wife and siai-r m a small carriage, when u was un ii.rtuiia'ely ovcrtamcd. Madrnue I', uiaa tir.d htr left arm broken near the bhtntlder, and v.'h>?t in j[u!ar, th^ same lady iiad t!ie tniciortutie, a lew year;' a^o, to breali her ngl-.t arm precisely in a similar manner ro the fracture s'.,e is now luboiing under. A cnrrespondent of the Athrmtum writes?A'. Battle I lound an oiiern company n. lull f.iicv ,!-y ing A'j>r's " Lt Pirtdu Disiblr,'" ami was tewited to ftay to hear '? LU.s Neue Paradies,'" a new orato rio by Hi-rr Jit iter, or raiherlisten to a / old favorite; Msrfame Stockhtusen having been lured noni i.ei re lirenient to tint; the so; runo part in ?f- (iLo:tier fwe mento, bv the way, how niuc!. we i ? .111, nv^riah-d as regards sin^t rs ) H*te. to >, a. i4': ?ycu/g i:i tlw ; Breisgau, [ have beep v ? ri?? 'lie !?'. 'x b.-uii pLye<l in by iV'thiuK IfSB amln iou.i .an wi?) t j beer ? " Rober;'"? uU well played m staking Hit ntw> ..rv allowance*, the pc; i0iimr.ee wis l .?? tnueriul, iii- orchestra . rnoodi iciaiuve.wi li ' v ir J .. jHumt'L'.j better tha.- ihe , r< ) L>r.'*, c." I Ccv.'iH !?. Jen o|>.cannt 11 ud h Mn,ei.-;,re I t *11 r: ? tho <, Herr ^ '\lei,wCn ,:y u,iaiseJ m ' I load.Hi vi'iitf :. he s.i.ig tiK-re in M< :?.* t'a " >.r.ik I ito,"' clear a.id i'!i ? ur iccwmpume'd [trio in t'i- tnirr! art wen: 1 pi*nect f.mt;- a tact 1 which wilt bay all that is nece: aary to every or,e ac j qu.anted with tl.e score ot the o|iera. Ncr uhvo li.j I 1*reynjtftiitrs ti complvi ot' want ol vviu. u iu 1 Uieir ttieatricul amu*eiuei.ts. Last nuiht rae nl ii. R. ii the Princess Ainei; 1 ot Saxony's diam is w is ! given: to morrow on? ot dicivSpeare'd i>l*ys i.> tot I DC ureauited p? it u ..uvr played in L'ng'arJ? ; " Trie Merchant of Venice," irrth :h" c.-- -ketwenes. ! Altogether, th- impiession nude by this clean, un 1 atiected, cheerful liuic town, is most winning?even | alt r Florence the fair and 'Jenoa tli ? aup> Vj " The management of t 'Aeadfmie is still wooing i M. Meyerbeer to give if a usw c ra ; but he wisely declines ta commit himsf'f, iu the impovettshed [state of its corjtt, f'oin whicti unother very useful member, M MH3so!r lias just retired Sev. rat ' singers hive t t tried, or tailed about; Mdlles. ! Pigou d'Albret, Julienne. Lhiueion, Pnti,?MM. Portehaut, Beaice, M .thieu, and others, "i.c Menetrier' with M. L.bmr'-\ musif, auJ "Li C?-u bonniere" coropose.l by M. Mont ton, tins not sue ceeded. M.\l. t'cnhe and An ?er are Hiiiiouuced us at work on a novdty, as nl-o me M\f. .St. Georges and llalevy. Mr. IIre t??o, is ab??ut to produce a third o|iern tneie. At tne Ituli 111 U|?era iloaae Sig norMoriani na< f>eeii singing lor three or to r ?/i,li's oil his wiy to M :da.l I'll'* "Nabuco ' ot Verdi, too, has been tried, with biguora Teresa lirambilla and Sign ji I i.tivis,*h? has H?m-f< rreii bin^elf Irom the French to the I i.lian ?t..g?, i.nd fur win,m the ojiera wu3 written. M 11 1 o, wiio objects to any one i'perit!7.nuj fb wurns but hiuiselt?Pit is tlio wn le not Ii 1V114 lt>r;joti; u 1 te ni iiia'-r in which he iiiishbii.l.ed h s oivn "Notre 1nit- de Piri^,''?has liiJ .in einbarg ) on the p-iformatice of "Kriiuni for which, accordingly, a iif .v book is to be con? cocted. A / iiiior 5l uve//. (tenoi)isto tnake hia Hp * ar'nee i.' tli" course of t;.e wn.ter. Tie oth< r ni hitpI i:f*K trotii L-'rauce ic> not irnporuiu. M. Kelicien Divi I announced as en^igej ?.n h new new subject. "Mostaj" M. I?er,i. ?/. as mediiating a journey t?> ilu^sia, of whtcu, doubile-s, we viiuli I iea I amusing I'tvrticular' i 1 I t J^u n I i/m I tbulu There is oi.e Jranuiic promise < t nrom fiv> - | act com dv tor the Theatre Frurnis, l.y M. I Au^ier, whoee "Li Ci^u-, may be ncoilecttd. Pah is?Thee'iie of PiU'Uiun society and 1'1'tUante have been delignttd wii.'i'ae lir-t represf iitatmn of one ot VeidiN most cekbnifd op* ra-, < I ^incu tlio young composer b.iu reason t > b?- proud Irtun tha erlat it obtained tor lum throughout Italy. The new work (at least t.? Pans,) was represented for the first tune at Milan in February, 1S12 "II N .bucho doaosor" was troni the tirst hi^'i'v app!?i.d-d, the two priuci,?al parrs beiti? husiau en by il<.ncom end !>enviy, who also Idled th? same pattscn ihepteccnt occaeiou. Awthrr Hevoi utionary Patriot r.oNR.?Ilii'd, at Nassau, lter.*?< l?er ct%i I), i.u the -I'll in t , (iuy L??iet, mh?*(I so year*. Mr. I.i:?.er cuti*?i! tbo \r..??il ekuurin} in l is Itfin year, *n.l w 1 v. i hitflu'iigil'4 niokt ?.f H( o|Mlttiuua at K't? iMiii'h lio ?r? a> droit "n* KAfiJ xt tli<i ttalliu ot ol Stony Puiu'., .0 <?oii'nMuH*n, auit at l?^ si. an 1 Min?.iil>rol ( or wiiHi .1' m annua ol ttie frtiil?-ry that cron^eil fie s..nn<l, 111 th.? iu'IiiiI) oflVew VotK, onihe iet-, hi,.! 01I0" ??)?.! be lievcf I sure I thr ein my as in'ic'i n< he rti.l ihe .oe w lei.-' rr- ?v iog witu bin itiaca of aitil'ary. Ha *n inc? itiwii wi ?<ni"r t v !!.?? Uri'itli, while n'ter i< an ai u ?r '. ??, but CO..line-1 lu enrni 'K,t w*'01'' /-JU ly, t xc. pl 11 V uiin I in tl:c* I.' n', 1 > a ????* r. t . > i-u.o the breach c.i a n'Ual-it. ulU Imfinff Iwcna <?!?? u-t? or titluea mjuuiui. lie li'T ? !" < "J")' '?'* ll"" .' *"? euiiniij , bn t") ,u.lu'i' a'cuu 'am a lnio an.I c. <i er'a bla mini bar el i't?ceii'-,&>U, >.c:.ii!iitig ol ^iijiUmn, n>a: 1 an.) k put ^ikin' .'liilili11!!- Ii6 iD'aii.. ii bid a.rnl.il lai ui* tic* nit iviuuikuh!c m tuner 11 ?hc I i-t. Co'tkt foti tug CortiiKcn 1 '.tr. ???. - 4 e,\ vy, Nov 21?No 12?A. Si-wirt vs. the i'u<\tirs ol 'iidmilton College, vtr. A.'Staqrsrt, plaiuUif 1/1 irur, wa? heard in panoo.

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