23 Kasım 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

23 Kasım 1845 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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\YORK HERALD. lork, Sunday, November 1843. KellgkouN Tcndriii )' of the Agr?IV?w OhIIiii llr C hurch. A I' W years since, the goad |**ople ol i hi rouoiry became considerably ularined ai tli? ri, Hi -|>r?*ail ol infidelity over the lair fields which iii f been previously whitened with ilie blossoming ..nil fragrant flower* of piety und religious faith.? i ?n every hand was heard the cry, "we are last verging to tin' darkness of unbelief, and the scenes ol the French revolution will be re-enacted in our own land"?and in fact, these tears were not entire ly groundless. The theological works of Spinosa, Straus, and Kaut, a perusal of which had formerly been confined to German scholars,were badly trans lated into English, and scattered among the think ing minds of this country, and were last weaning them Irom the faith ol their lathers?the faith in which they had been educated?to the wild and mys ncai dreams ol the sinoke-begriiued German meta physicians In New England, the very heart ol puritanical orthodoxy, the new theories took deepest ioot The common mind became roused to a spirit of inquiry No temple was deemed too holy to be entered and examined. The pulpit itsell, was not exempt from this general examination into old forms ot faith; and in many churches, where the religious system of the pilgrim fathers liad been rigorously tauilit, the principles of German rationalism crept in and took a strong hold of both priest and people. For years this spirit of inquiry has been at work, until that re-action which always follows an unnatu ral excitement, has commenced its operations. The religious mind of any people cannot long exist in a state of doubt and uncertainty. It must have an undoubted faith, and a system upon which it can re po.-e in confidence, perfrotly assured of its right. A chaotic und uncertain state of mind lasts but for a season, and then comes a desire for belief without doubt, and faith without fear of error. In such a condition is the religious mind of the present day. Men have become tired of questionings which yield no answers, and now seek for a haven ot firm religious faith and undoubting security. At this point, the Catholic church,with its venera ble forms, and its creed that has remained un changed through the revolutions of centuries, steps in and otters itself as a panacea for the ills of all who have wandered through the mazes of unbelief, and found no light, but dissatisfaction andamhap piuess. That a Btrong tendency to Catholicism has commenced in this country, no one can doubt. Over the spreadingpraines of the west, and through her fertile valleys, the cross-mounted churches of Rome have reared their glittering spires; and from west to cast, from north to south, through the length and breath of our land, men are beginning to embrace the venerable Mother Church, whom they turinerly considered a monster in divine form. Many, however, who would otherwise have ^uulit repose in her bosom, have been deterred i roni so doing by what they considered her anti republican tendencies?her acknowledgment of ihe supremacy of the potentate of another country lias been the great stumbling block in the way o' her advancement. But another new movement has commenced, which promises to reconcile all differ ences regarding this matter. And as from Ger many came the evil, so from Germany comes the ottered remedy. The new Catholic church, retain in" the same spiritual faith and forms which have Uf-en cherished by the Church for eighteen cen turies, but at the same time denying the supremacy (it the Pope, and discarding some of the more obnoxious practices of the old Church, is fast spread ing in Germany, and has been commenced in this country. la Cincinnati a church, has been tormed, .1 ud its npostles will ere long be found scattered .ill over the l aid. N'oi only among Protestants, . ergiu/ to Catholicism, but as well to Catholics, who have become dissatisfied with the anti-repub lieau tendencies of the Church, will this new system !md a home. It requires but another Martin Luther or u Philip Melancthon, at this juncture, to give the new movement an impetus in this country winch would surpass in power even the reforma tion ot the lotti century. Mttaxia Laws.?Every now and then there is a mighty outcry against the villtanous, ridiculous and absurd system of militia laws throughout this country, particularly in this city. These laws cause the country to be more ridiculed throughout all por tions of the civilized earth, than all the other sin and folly put together, with which it abounds. Not only does it cause ridicule, but imposes a duty upon a great portion of our most respectable citizens which makes them the laughing stock of the re mainder. If they do not consent to act their part in this foolery, they are mulcted in heavy penalties, which go to provide midnight debauchery for a set of shuffling, idle, hulking fellows, who are too lazy ;o work, have not courage enough to steal, and to beg they know it is usejess to try; they are so well known and despised throughout the community, that a day's solicitation among the residents of this city would not procure them a three cent gin sling at night. These very fellows, under the color of the law, will enter a person's dwelling?seize the most valuable article they can lay their hands upon ?even, it has been known to be, the bed from under a sick wife and. children, sell it for a few shillings, though worth dollars, for a jienalty they may have thought proper to inflict, because the husband did not think fit, or perhaps was prevented by illness, business or what not, to obey their mandate to make a fool of himself, in all probability at the loss of his situation, thereby depriving his family ot their .subsistence. It may be surprising how all this is endured; but it can only be accounted for, because " what is eve rybody's business is nobody's." The people have a remedy for this growing evil in their own hands.? If they object to use the means of the ballot box, let all those who are more immediately liable to this robbery, injustice and insult, form themselves into an " Anti-Militia Association a very small con tribution, quarterly or half yearly, will afford ample lunds for the defeat ot the knaves and their myrmi dons, who fatten and carouse on their ill-gotten gains. The law is an extensive remedy, but there is no doubt that in the proceedings of militia offi cers, in this and all cities, there have been, and are still, informalities enough to prevent the collection of a line, and to punish all those who attempt it.? The amount required from each member will be much less than the penalties generally inflicted and extorted in such cases, without any danger of insult, assault and robbery. Before the close of the pre sent winter, these idle vagabonds will find them selves rather short of provender, if tfiey have some two or three hundred suits at law to defend, partic ularly when all their collectors are cooped up in ?i?g Sng, or some such respectable dwelling. The free press of this country is ever ready and willing to assist the people in a just cause; but the pies? can do but little without the people. It is use kn.i for thrui to be continually praying to Jupiter? 1 hey must put their shoulders to the wheel, and they will soon get the wagon out of the ditch. Thk Foreign News.?The new* by the Britannia was received in Philadelphia on Friday night, ex clusively from this office, and published in all the papers ofihat city thia morning, h reached Phila delphia nearly as soon as it did this city by the regti 'ar mail. Thk Cr.tNTOM Barhk Robbkrv.?Parkinson, the I -rson who has been on trial for this offence in the Sessions Court, for some day's past, was about one ?> cloek yesterday found guiity. Kkom Jamaica.?The Charles Grey, Capt. Outer bridge, arrived yesterday morning from Montego u?)\ .Iiiami.u .bringing data* to the 4th in?t., hut not m woi 1 ol w*i The new o! this venial, nil black* to a mil worn x( one* piarnj in the ntlabooim here until tha ?? '?1 i? ratify tui ?ea ngum .V (J Pie, N?i>. 14. From Cam? Havtipn. IV schooner Mary Chill l??u arrived nt Boeton on Thur-day juorhtug irom Cape llaytjen, with advices to the 2d inst. i; On the 2*>th ul . the Dominicans surprised the iiaytien garrison at Suxavon, consisting of about :?*) men, and alter killing, according to the official account, 12*, among wluch was our- Colonel, took possession ot the place. On receipt ol the above news, the President ordered all the troops of this place (C. 11.) to march lor Saxavon, but informa tion arriving that the Dominicans had evacuated and burnt the town, the order for marching was countermanded. Saxavon is the principal town on this tide ol the Island, about 18 leagues to the east ward of Cape llaytien, and just within the Spanish lines. The llaytienstook it from the Dominicans in July last. The President is still preparing his grand expedition for the reduction of the Spanish port, which, it is said, will be ready to march in about one month. He has also ordered all the Mi nisters and members of the Council of State to re side at Cape Haytia. Several of these oHicials hud arrived from Port au Prince. Tlit-atrlcala. Park Thkatbb. ? I.ast evening u fashionable and se lect audience honored the re-appearance of Mr. 11. fili cide upon the board) of the Paak. The play selected was the sterling comedy of the "Poor Gentleman," in which .Mr Placide played the capital character of Dr. Ollapod. The rich aDd unctions wit which makes up the part, was gloriously expressed by Mr. Placide. Tha minor character1) were also well played. Mrs. Bland as ?mily Wortbington, was, a? usual, in her chaste and happy style After this the fares of the,"Double Bedded Room," in which Placide played that most comical of characters, Dulcimer Pipes,which kept the audience m a periect roar of laughter, und the crowng closed with tha farce of the Dumb Belle." On Monday evening the Delcy troupe appear again in the operu of "Der Freisceutz." ?owmr Theatbf.?The "Metropolitan" was again crowded last night in every part. There seems to be no diminution in the enthusiasm so generally manifested upon the first appearance of Mr. Hill, but on the con trary, the houses improve nightly as his engagement draws to a closo. He appeared last night as Jcdediah Homebred and Hiram Dodge to the entire satisfaction of all present. Mr. Scott,) as if to give eclat to the entire whole, appeared in his iavoiite part of Don C?sar de Buzan, which concluded the bill for the evening. On Monday, we are to have Yankee Hill, J. K. Scott, Cony and Blanc hard, and Mr. Davenport, his first appearance since his return from Philadelphia?in a most capital bill, anil to which we shall hereafter more particularly refer. Alhamra.?This little place of amusement is nightly attended by large and fashionable audiences. Hkrr Alexander.?'This wonderful man, who has created such an extraordinary sensation sine* his arri val in this eity, closcd his hewildering entertainments last evening before one of the largest and most fashion able houses we ever saw at Niblo's. A most brilliant ar ray of female beauty shone in the front seats, and the smiles which Alexander received were ample evidence of the satisfaction he gave. He is certainly the most wonderful irpresentative of the ancient magicians that we ever saw. He leaves uj for Philadelphia, where he will be received with a glad welcome, ana will.no doubt, he as successful as he has bean here. In parting from him. we cannot but wish him all imaginable health, suc cess and prosperity. He will long be remembered, not only by his public, but private friends of this city. Ma. Templeto*.?This celebrated and popular vocal ist is now at Albany giving concerts, where he had a tremendous audience on Thursday. We have heard of a curious incident that took place at Springfield, where he intended to remain for a day and recruit. It occurred on last Wednesday. The rumor of his being there ba. ving got around, a party of Scotchmen, numbering about fifty, from a placc called Thompsonville, visited him and entreated of him to give "an evening" in their village. On Mr. Tcmpleton's declining, and urging as his reason that be was in need of repose, naviDg lately gone through a vast amount of mental and physical labor, they got a rough conveyance, thrust him bodily into it, aud took him to a large hall in the village, wliero he tound assem bled some 300 Ayrshire men, gapiDg for Burns' songs. The room was so miserably lighted, that Mr. Templeton could not distinguish a piano there, if there was such an instrument in the room. When Mr. Templeton had somewhat recovered from this rough treatment and from his astonishment, he enquired where the piano was that should act as an accompaniament. He was soon enlight ened on this point, for it never entered the minds ol h.s enthusiastic countrymen that a vocalist needed the as sistanre of a piano to help him to sing. 'However, he saw he was in for it, and acting on the adage, "pit* a stout heart to a sty brae,'1 aud having no chance ol escape, he dashed into some of his favorite songs, and sent them away whittling the "Jolly beggar" and "Auld Lang Syne," and highly delighted with the manner in which they entrap|>ed him first and his singing afterwards To morrow evening, Y.r. Templeton will give a concert at the Tabernacle, and the last for some time in this city. Wc met (ien'l Rulus Welsh at the Bowery Theatre last night, tn route for Philadelphia He was one among the passengers in the Biitttnia, and gives a very flatter ing account of the attentions paid him throughout Ku 1 ope as the " Due row ol America'' He is in excellent health. Tut: Kea^i are in Boston at the Howard Athena:um, playing to crowded and lashionable audiences. Their 'engagement has been a highly successful one, and their return to ihis city is looked for with much anxiety. The "Uainester" and the "Honey Moon'' were presented on Friday evening. Lv.oi-old de Mtrci1This brilliant mrlitlt and accom plished gentleman, gave his first concert in Boston, on Friday evening. The journals of that city are lo-jd in hii praises, and promise him overflowing and highly fashionable audience*. De Meyer has created a greater irnsation in this country than any other professional man. His career has indeed been a series of triumphs. It would be strange indeed if Bostomansdid not give nim a heartywelcome. Mr. Dempster gave a concert in Utica on Tuesday evening, which v, as thronged. He goes from] there to Auburn, on his way west. Mr. Sloman and his accomplished daughters are giving concerts in Utica, which have bean well attended. Miss Julia Turnhull is drawing crowded houses at Richmond The Theatrical company, however, are said to be very bad The Charleston Theatre is in a flourishing condition. It has an excellent stock company, and is doin? a good business. Mrs. Seguin took a benefit at the Chesnut street Thea tre, Philadelphia, last evening?on which occasion "Nor ma-' and " Fra Diavalo" were presented. The Seguiu troupe have called the aristocracy, as well as the musi cal amateurs, from their homes, whenever they have jierformed. Messrs. Coney and Blanchard have been playing the Koreet of Bondy at the Walnut. The Kthiopian Serenade? gave their last concert in Philadelphia yesterday evening. They have been high ly successful,and enchanted the ears ol the good citizens with their melody. On Monday evening they make their rfeAut at Palmo's. Madame AVovsta.?The (harming dantnue is engag ed at the Walnut street Theatre. Philadelphia, and makts her first appearance on Monday evening next, in the Ballet of "Nathalie." She has much improved in "force" since her last visit to this country, and is more beautiful than ever. The manager* may consider themselves for tunate in securing her services. Matter Burke gives a concert in Albany, on Thursday evening next. His performance*! on the violin have been highly spoken of, and no doubt he will create a great sensation. Mr. Murdoch is playing at the Holliday street Theatre, Baltimore, to brilliant uudiences. On Friday evening "Hamlet" wan performed His delineation of this cha racter will not soon t>e forgotten, by those who w itness ed it at the Park, during his last engagement. The Swiss Bell Ringers are giving concerts in Louis ville. Signor Blitz is in Haitford, Ct , giving entertainments. Movements of Traveller*. The following is a fair criterion by which to judge of the daily accession to our arrivals. They have recently iricroased at this advanced season of the year far beyond all past record. We lound yesteiday the following, at the Amkrican?Curtis Judson, Hartlord ; L. lileck, Chi cago; Geo. Smith, do; J. Miller, Utica; H Bartlett, Low ell; W. Hooper, Boston; L. lialsev, Providence; S. Car ver, Philadelphia; A I! Carver, West Point. Asro* ? D. Pratt, N. J.; George P. Haivey, Boston; George O. Ilarvey, do ; James Hartley, Italy ; Messrs. Pond it Morgan. Hartford; J. Ames, Springfield; H.Ames, Philadelphia ; W Davis, Baltimore ; H. P. McKeari, Phi ladelphia ; J. P Wadler, Boston ; J. M. Calloway, N. C.; J. A. Hire, St. Louis; J. Itansey, Washington; George W. Weed, Albany; Dr. W Fisher, Boston; S. Grout, Ver mont; A. P. Hart, Troy; S De Vose Albany; O. Chapin, Providence, W . L. Green, Boston; H Baulegeat,France; (iideon Ward, Albion ; ' liristopher Hughes, Baltimore. Citv.?E. Schleider, Port au Prince ; J. Oliphant, K. Macauley, Philadelphia; George Underbill, Punsacola ; James Powers, Catskill , Col. Van Cortland, Croton , J. Pearson, N. J. ; Henry O lleyloy, Albany , Major Mc Lean, 4?th Regiment British Army , V. Blarkburne, N. V. ; IJr. Jackson, U. S N.; J Wright, ( hicago ; J. MoCrea, Philadelphia j James Armstrong. Detroit ; W G. White, Boston: R. K. Nell, Philadelphia. Krarbm*. ? D. Baker, Troy ; C Masterman, Uridge pert; N. Sayer, Albany ; P. Goodrich, Hcbanoctady ; G. Townsend, N. V.; Geoigo Wright, Philadelphia; F., Tomlinson, Bridgeport; K. G. Bostwick, N H ; ' , John son. Ohio; A. Hardy, Boston; J. Cullamon, Vermont Globe. ?Mr. Paul, Fennemore Cooper,(Cooperstown ; K. Kay, Kngland; M. Gascin, Galveston. llowAan.?Hon. II. Williams, Maine ; J. II Chase, Tennessee; Hon. H Hamlin, Maine ; W. A. Fuller, Lit tle Falls ; K. Hwifl. N. Y.; R P. Dunlap, Maine ; Gen. Stockton, Copper Harbor ; K. B. Long, Baltimore ; Hon. J. Anderson, Westchester co . John * Jones, Rochester; F. Lennad, West Troy , Hon. < harles S. Benton, Mo hawk; Hon. Albert Smith, Bolivia , < ol. < liilda, Salirm Hon C. Kllis, Waterford; Hon. < harles Goodyear, Holm harie; Hon T II Bond, Oswego ; Daniel Webster, Ban gor; John C. Gilmore, Philadelphia. The authorities ol Oeorgetown, D C , have ui> pointed Thursday next as a day ol thanksgiving. I'll)' InlHIIgrnret TrfcftiBit At.'iciir. Vestrrlajr woruing us Mr F. Price, ol Waverly place, was riding iu a buggy with (us wife, through Prince street, a monstrous pig, which wu sulfe red by the Corporation to run at large in that re spectable neighborhood, ran against the fore-legs of Mr. Puce's hor*e and so frightened bim, that in jumping to escape from tliu pig. tic broke both abaft* of the car riage, but still remained fastened by the traces. The pig still continued to play around tho horse, which to e^as i>erated him that ho kicked and rau moat furiously down Prince street. Mr. Price informs u( that it wtis the mgjt critical moment of hif life lie expected every moment that hi* wile and himself would be dashed on the pave ment and instantly killed. Alter running some distance the carriage was upset, and Mr and Mrs. I'rice thrown out. Mrs. I'rice, w ho is in a delicate state of health,was severely injured, and Mr. Pure received some contu sions on different parts of the body. The horse now be came disengaged from the vehicle, and ran along Prince street to the North river. The horse, who was a very fine animal, was also injured severely. Mr. Price says that on no consideration whatever would he pass through such a moment again. And all this was caused by a miserable pig running at large in oueofthe uiost respectable sti eets in the city. Thero is, we believe, an act of corporation which requires public officers to keep the streets clear of these animals; and our citizens, taking it lor granted that this law will be enforced, venture abroad with their wives and fami lies. But if such animals are allowed to run about the streets 110 body is sale in a vehicle. In this case, Mr. Price, a most worthy and respected citizen and his wife, were almost miraculously saved from an awiul death, which would have been caused by this miserable porker. Let the Corporation enforce their laws in these matters, and protect the lives of the citizens who pay them fat salaries for so doing. Keamnus and Recitations?Mr. (Jeorge Vandenhoff will give an entertainment by way of lecture, diversified with readings and recitations, utthe Mercantile Library, on Thursday evening next. Takinu the Dust in Bkoai>wav.?It is truly pitiable to witness the splendidly attired daughter! ol Manhattan, on their favorite promenade, screening their bright eyes from the clouds of dust thrown up by the omnibusses. The cobble stone pavement incapable of sustaining those ponderous vehicles is incessantly undergoing re pair, and tho sand left by that operation is pulverized ; and at this seuion of the year, when the usuful practice of sprinkliug begins to be abandoned tor the winter, the dust careers about in perfect avalanches to the serious damage of the shopkeupors, uud to the intolerable an noyance of promenuders, while the benefit to the ocu lists is unquestionable. Nothing short of tho ejection of the " busses'' from Uroadway can remedy tho evil, although as a temporary styptic, the corporation ought to cause the ntwly paved portions of tho street to be sprinkled at the public expense. Alarm oe Fire ?The alarm of lire yesterday after noon, proceeded lrom tho house of Dr. Mott, in Depot Elace. The chief of police was promptly on tho spot? owever, it was ascertained to be only the chimney on fire; but it gave much alarm to tho family and also to the neighbors. Coroner's Office.?Sudden Death?The Coroner was called this evening to hold an inquest at No. 133 Cannon street, on the body of a colored man named Daniel Evans, who has been sick for sometime, but not being attended by a physician at the time of his death, this morning, the Coioner was necessarily called to in vestigate the cause of his death. Body Found.?An unknown man was found in the wa ter at the foot of 01st street; sent to the dead house, I'ark. Brooklyn City Intelligence. 0.^?;^: u1: piorements now proffrcssin? in Brnnklvn ?v ? obtainedfrom fart H.J* *i.?j " Brooklyn, thun can bo igHilitpSl or three locomotives7 with's??rVl ?' U'? B=:'.'Sf dSeSSKSS* iilippis! mmmms lliPSisss gathering of the friends will take place 7, ?ht ? ^ is expectcd from the Rer. Dr Durbin ' "tm0n ?on to know that omcer Bird has eot nU,^ .*?* ^ some of the leaders of thee gang!, aixTwe advice all persons in this city, who have recently lost coa*s cloaki or other articles of wearing apparel to make..nnh^f- ' to him if they de.i?>to mis^^T0 New Markcti.?During the ensuing week two now market* will be opened in Brooklyn, the stalls of which n.'ir "v ?U l'ubllc auction. One of them it situated near the ^outh l-erry.and the other (belonging to Alder streou^Th i'lf" Ut UJ? coruero< Wurman and Kulton streets. 1 he latter?so far as regards superior location accommodations and general appearance-must neie^ Enft th,? leai' of a11 e'tibUshments . .ESSE kind in this city; and we predict that ere lung it will be M5: ""?< M lnt?lllir?nce. the s^^w^^yiisai ys'sisf stealing ahor.e worth, acSrdingVhls sUUm^f near taken a little'' aacy tl ^JauTn^ho?.', "T ^ sure, as he said, tho ammal wa. ?i w .V e,?~ l? t,e bucki'S,; boy said it was lather low for a |,?e hor?e hn? i ^ Zssistrzstiffgis W5W away from bur parents last Sundnv si I T ??nuced, BsSSfi^n|^SB stated their case to Mr Police office, and consulted with him what they ItZuX'S^'i ?* they?anTar'1''"? "&i?u?of how* tn,ly? bor, and frequently induce youmr and s Mr.iii. . keeper^ul^the'hou'e'^n^t^^rotffy'the^ ..ss; tT,' p,h? r? - >??? S?g|H3S old" fencer- ' ?ndearor to break up this arreted a""/,lh" ,0,h Di*"ct stealing a handsome cloak ItVppeaTs "tha^t'h"*h"' f?r desrored to pawn the cloak at ft L 8 boy en heirstein, in (irand street wl. r.. |,a?n ,hoP ?< Mr. asked him how he came br t" ihVrh l'?wnhroker ??Jr.s, Jtt.sSz,: a: %?r ms, sarins sx "SsSt W'^rrzr- ?*? ai:.j^Ui ir. .>itimior<l (who is rJwav* wide ;twnkr * tint \Z? Dad* to the spot where he wa, '' nicked -' and the^ ben* U K2* WH<ch J.oh" '""i ",ol"n from ,h? till, by J ustice Koflmp" MBri* ^ <<>**,ttj Pirkporkri, at fTtrk Jltmin. ? Mr. Kills Uav of Provi teVdav 'whiliT ,','S from N,w Yo,l< t" Boston, yes .i ?rca^to1,rn'u",rr!Vl.n,f V,P,OV,<1,"nc*' he ?? ... i hi. n i both !'l? pockets cut throuvli "'h" wallet gone,containing f8(K) in hank bills T| ?i Mavin,"?^ ga.Te thtt Ca''' a?d ol<l*'m Nmith were robf?irv (u? .IV ,m" *rre,ted tor the Clinton barge theii oroney ?Uld b# V,r^ c"ef"1 h*^ ^7 carfy mS* S:r at the Depart Tu'ik's IsUnd' un^r* da\e of0'vd C?nm)l l.ewis Talinf'r in?JIf<?r ?r?i ? November tl, l*M.'., that of Newborn North ' ? ' i '*n'ori,'',n ?clioener t apitol, I.landv,.ry rn,,7h ^b I?,'^i h'V? t,nded *' ? at that plare on Sunday A of v W", h,*h fov,!r' <"?'< crew heinC 'I'Ul.fled CEr th , L "m.'rr NoM "< ' omul procured thi m,?e of thl .^h"* "'V""' S,#,p? fUTi^CE *r rire Msoti *i. Irvccnr o* ihk l vivKKsirv of Tin: Citv of New York. -The number of patients who were in attendance at the Clinque ot Dr. Mott yesterday was very large in deed; in fact they were so numerous that it was un |H)8sible for the Professor to attend to them all du ring the two Itours that are devoted to this purpose. There were in all thirteen cases presenrrxl to the class, comprisiiij' a variety ot diseases, all ot which were commented on fully by Dr. Mott, and their pe culiarities and tendencies explained to the students. The first case was one ol a man who stated that he had (alien ofl from a build nig some lour years since, and fractured one clavicle and some of his ribs; that two years subsequent to the accident he commenced to experience some lameness in one of his legs, attended with a pain, extending from the hip down to the knee, though the lameness existed in the hip, and that the affected limb had since grown somewhat longer than the other. The professor remarked that thts was undoubtedly.a case of hip joint disease, though it was rather uiicommon to s?e it thus developing itself in an adult, as it was a dis ease that more generally appeared in children. He ?aid that it was rather peculiar that in this case the lengthening of the linib was not attended with any pain, and in connexion with this lengthening he would give them a caution regarding it, as it was merely an appa rent one, ami depended upon an obliquity of the pelvis. He also stated that in the accident of contusion of the hip the shortening of the limb also depends npon itlie same cause. He then at some length referred to the pe culiar anatomical diagnostics that are to be observed in case* of disease of the hip like the one then before them, and finally recommended the patient to !.avo an issue formed on the outside of the hip, tha* he should keep perfectly quiet, and in order to attain that, ho advised iiiin to go into some of the public hospitals where be could enjoy the necessary treatment. The next was a case of a woman with a syphilitic af fection of the bonus of the nose. She had beon treated by the Professor at previous cliniquos, and appeared to be progressing favorably, and was recommended to con tinue the same treatment A boy then came foward, afflicted with severe stam mering. The Professor teferred to what he had said on a previous occasion, regarding the probabilities of suc cess in the operation for this difficulty, and the results that almost invariably attended it; and after explaining that he had always operated in these cases with the purest motives ol assisting the patients, and not from a

mere dosiro to use the knilu, he stated that ho had con cluded iu this particular cuse not to oporate, as be had, within a day or two, seen a modical friend, who had suc cessfully treated upwards of thirty cases of this kind by a peculiar method, and that ho had offered to take this case in hand; therofoie, he had concluded to givo it into his hands, but should the boy not mend under his mode of treatment, that ho would in that case try tho result of the operation. Alter some cases of ecrema in children.arising in some of them from the effects of toething, and in which he re commended uUention to the state of those parts of the gums, without endeavoring to hurry the eruption, as it would, perhaps, by being too hastily driven in, affect some of the internal viscera, he proceeded to examine a case of ecostosis (as it was formerly called,) of the tibia, and rocommendod the application of tincture of Iodine, though he could not promise a cure by that means. This case was also attended with moveable car tilages. He said he would never advise a person thus situated to submit to an operation without trying other things, and would recommend the use of a knee cap or bandage. The next was a very melancholy case of a young boy with an amaurotic affection of the eyes, depending ap parently upon an idiopathic affection of the brain, in which there doubtless exists some effusion and pressure on the optic neryo. This being purely an idiopathic af fection, the Doctor most feelingly end delicately inform ed the mother of the child that he was sorry to say that the chances of a recovery were very small indeed. He, howover, advised her to have a seton placed in the back of the neck, to regulate the bowels of the child, and put him on an alterative treatment of diuretics and hydrago g'ia catiiartics.The remaining cases were of much interest in a professional point of view, and to those who are in the enjoyment of their health and faculties, would have afforded much ground for reproof of any grumbling spi rit that they may occasionally indulge in ; and iu fact wo can imagine no better prescriptiou'lor a discontented man, who is in the enjoyment of his health, than to at tend one of these cliniques, where so much suffering and wretchedness, in a physical point of view, is presented, and giving a proportionality forcible lesson to those who are in health to be thankful for that blessing. The lim its of a passing report do not enable us to enter fully into a technical description ot all the ailments that were fircscribed lor ; suffice it to say, that they were all most ucidly described by the Professor, and thus a two-fold object was fully accomplished, the students were great ly benefitted by his remarks, and the poor sick patient* were consoled and sent on their way rejoicing in the probability of an early recovery. Daring Outrage.?A. most daring outrage, was committed upon James Allen, a bowsinan of one of the packet boats plying between Utica and Syra cuse, on Sunday evening last, he being severely shot in the leg by some person unknown. The occurrenco took |Hace a mile or so cast ot Uriskany. It appears that the packet met a lake boat, upon which were some ruf fians, some of whom had an antipathy to Allen, and dared him to the tow-path for a tight. Mr. Allen immediately juinpod ashore, and was no xooner on (.hoio than he was tired at. After the first shot the exclamation was heard from the lake boat, " O? d d?n him, shoot birr. again." It appears that nothing short ot death would answer their turn. Measures were immediately taken bv the packet hands and passengers to ferret out the villains. The lake boat was thoroughly searched and no one found aboard but a woman and a lad, who had concealed himself, the villeins having tied. Mr. Allen is now at Stanwix flail, suffering severely from tha effects of his wound, which will lay him up for the winter ; he is un der the care of Dr. O. W. Pope.?Rome Sentinel. James Allen, Hhe person referred to above, was a bowsinan on Capt. Myers' packet, which runs between Syracuse and Utica. He was brought to this village on Wednesday morning, and died on Tltursday morning, at Urintnall's Farmers' Exchange, inflammation and morti fication having taken place. His residence was Liver pool, in this town, where he has left a wife and one child, and was about 30 years of age. ilis murderer's name is Henry Fuller, a hand on boat H. J. Myers, of Mohawk, Capt. Morgan. His residence is Medina, Or leans county, where he has a wife. Immediately after he shot Allen he fled, and has not yet been arrested.? Syracuse Journal. The circumstances connected with this murder are particularly distressing. The deceased was hows man upon the packet going west. In going out ot Utica, an infirm old man fell into the basin.? In the darkness and confusion, some time elapsed before any relief came. Tho packet had proceeded se veral rods, when Allen, seeing that nothing was done by those 011 shore to rescue the drowning man, plunged into the canal, swam to tho exhausted iuvalid, and brought his apparently lifeless lio.lv on shorp. Allen then resumed his post, and the packet glided on for a few miles, when she was obstructed a few minutes by it quarrel between freight bo?ts that had blocked the passage. As the scow-Boat, 11. J. Myers, passed tho packet, a man, with a musket in his hands, first used profano and threatening language, and then tired at Allen. The charge took effect just below the knee, where from titty to seventy.five large djcL suot were deposited. Whon th,?s shot down, the Packet passen gers were engaged in manifesting their sense of the generous conduct of poor Allen, in rescuing an infirm old man, by a liberal donation.?sHI/any Journal, Nov. 31. Hokrikuc Occurrkwck ?A correspondent of the Indianapoli* State Sentinel relates the follow ing :?At Frankfort, Indiana, on the Hth inst, about half past 4 o'clock, the alarm of tire rang through our vil lage ; at fyst but a few voiccs cricd the ularm , but soon every street echoed with shouts nnd poured out their numbers. The uounty jail was on fire ; a wooden building which stood in the notth-west corner of the iiublic square. It contained one prisoner, who was in ticted and tried the last tnrm of tue court for petit larce ny, found guilty by the jury, but tho judge believing the evidence against him insufficient to convict him, set aside the verdict, and he was bound for his appearance at the next court, lie was a boy of 18 ; daring, reckless and unprincipled. He had broken out of several jail* before his imprisonment in this, and had burned out of this once and escapod, but returning with a quantity of stolen property, he was again confined. He was put into the dungeon. His object probably was to burn the lock of the trap door, force it, nnd make hi* escape. Doubtless while engaged in this tho fire got beyond his reach, rushed into the upper pait of the building, and was bursting ftoin the roof when tho cry of fire was heard. The first person who arrivod at the spot could hear no sound from within, and all stood uninterestod spectators, whilst the flames rolled on. It was a point upon which many opinions wore dilleront, whether he had escaped or whether he was consumed hy the fire. To-day about ten oclock a seaioh was mado, after deadening the coals, in different parts of the room floor, without finding any trace of his remain*. The people were leaving tho spot with the opinion that he had escaped , but some more searching for tho remains of his bed, a few human bones were found upon it ; whilst his crisped shoes and other clothing were dis covered upon it also. The wrotch was burned. No one doubts it. Court Intelligence. Owwii. Smiofs, Nov. 'Ji?Before the Ilecarder, and Aldermen Brady and Dlvver.? Ctnviclinn nf ?fm. Par kinsnn. ? On openlrg the court this morning the liocor , der delivered an able and comprehensive cnargo to tne jury in the case of Wm. Parkins >n, charged with having 1 been concerned with Miller Cupid Hrnith. aliai Honey man, and llavis alias f'ollard, in robbing the barge Clinton, of I'oughkenpsie, ot about f 3i,onn, on the alter j noon or night of the 7th of April last The jury, after a briel consultation of about IS miinutes, leturned into court ami rendered a verdict ot guilty. Jamm M Swi m, Jr., Ksq., ono of the counsel for de lenre, requested the jurors to he polled, which was done, each answering, oimi.tvwhereupon Mr. Hmith moved that the sentence be deferred.until tne next term of the court, in order to give time to prepnre a bill of excep tions. The motion was gianted and the accused re manded to prison. Trial fnr nn An ull and Hall fry?Jeremiah Bogartwas then idiced on his trial for having committed i violent assault ainl battery upon a female named Mary Ann Lu cas, of < entre stieet, about a fortnight ago The jury found him guilty and the court sentenced him to be imprisoned in the penitentiary for the term of two months. Cane of Polly (lodlnr. Circuit Court. Before Judge F.dmonds. Nov.'JJ?Several excuses were received, and, after the examination of jurors, no additional one was ob tained. The Court adjourned to Monday ?7. Duirlrt Court. % Before Judge Belts Nov J-i Joseph H Thomas, who plead '* guilty on charge of petty larceny, was sentenced to six mouths ( imprisonment ttellglon* IntelUgelia** .mwc?? Till* l?tr -Thr K#v I M Wtinwflght w#t breach the Quarterly Sermon at Hid " Anglo American Free Church of St Ueorge the Martyr,'" 4Ut> Broadway, this evening, on which occasion u Collection will be made in ai<l of the fundi of the church. The Iter. Stephen H. Tyng, D. 1), Rector of^ St. George'* Church, will preach the stated Quarterly Ser mon in the Church of the Kpiphany, in Stanton street, between F.ssex and Noifolk >tn*ets, this evening. Ser vice to commence ut 7 o'clock A collection will be mude for the benefit of this church, nil the seats in which are free. The Second Sermon to the youug will be delivered iu the Protestant Episcopal Kree Church of the Holy Kvan gelists (V'audewater street, between Pearl and kranktort streets) ? this evening, by Rev. Kingston (ioddard The third iu the courae on the 30th inst., by the Rev. Beni. 1. Haight. Service to commence at 7 o'clock pre cisely. A course of" Practical Sermons on the Christian Life'' will be delivered on the Sunday evenings during the coming soason, in Kmmauuel Church, corner ot Prince and Thompson streets. Seats all tree. The Rev A. Bloomer Hurt will preach this evening. Service at 7] P. M. Bishop McCoskry arrived here on Friday mornintr to enter upon his duties as the temporary Diocesan of New York. The Bishop is staying at the house of Dr. Mason, in Greene street west of tfth street, and will preach in Dr. Lyell's Church this morning. Ci.krical Ciudots.?Tue Rev. Albert D Traver has resigned the Rectorship of the Church of the Ascension, Eiopui. The Rev. Joshua Sweet has accepted an invitation to St. Paul's parish, P. George's county, Md., and resigned the Rectorship of Christ Church parish, Calvert county. The Rev. Henry Waterman, Rector of St. Stephen's Church, Providence, R. I., has received and accepted a call to the Rectorship of Christ Chuich, Andover. Mas*. Mr. Waterman will enter upon his duties on the first Sunday in December. Bishop Hawks has returned to his homo, St. Louis. In Cincinnati, on Sunday last, the Rev. Dr. Beeclier met with a serious accident. While on his way to church his horse ran uway with him, the buggy was dashed to pieces and the Doctor pitched upon nis back with great violence. He lay some three quarters of an hour senseless. For some five hours he had great dif ficulty in breathing, but the following morning he was better, and his physicians think he will recover. His client is bruised and sore, but there it no appoarance of internal injury. The pulpits of the Presby terian, llaptiHt, Metho dist, Protestant and African churches, in Norfolk, Ports mouth and Gosport, Va., were supplied on Sunday last, throughout the day, by ministers from the Methodist Episoopal Cbnvention, in ressiun at Norfolk. The Rev. J. H. Fairchild was ordained in the Franklin Hall, South Boston, on Wednesday, pastor oi a new church erecting in Broadway. This church is said to be in a nourishing condition, the church consisting of about 60 members, and the society of about 200, filling up the hall to its utmost capacity. A new and large hall on Broadway is nearly finished, where the church and society will commence their worship on the 1st of Janu ary next. ?firtsfiSJ* t? took official notice of tho roveiatioui madn nf PUUeS SBBS towwdl olw^ry wflL"*"ifeVed by the M?ican? JayUberfodreW the Co^Ztl\ZZS aKrreltl^ Owi^ to calms reefs which form the liarbor Th?r Uear oue of the ceived by tho commander of thn m?" no soc,lor l,er* thau he ordered oneofhi... Mexican naval force, to her assistance A hL~i stean,?r? of war to proceed er reached her, but the facMtaelfu "wort?? fthe *,eani SFMnttm traded as the country now is ?,;?(, _ ??!, ^ Din* "..in, mu ?bK^iSr.? pSSFSSfS?Hfi surprised, in the different up* and downs in storo f5< ssssssi Wo'r the8'SN-.f'We ,ake from the Ap Udy on the1 fitt daV Amo?r^|,r^e?din?M of ,hi? elates present wcte K* linv ? "h'tinguished dele ?M,SWBB^Sfc,Saas <Jui; i" ui-?&?TS?' .w&h""".?',,:'>"? mmem cannon, and the huzza* of the ..eo.'lo " *' g 0t ^Several gentlemen of the press 'are among the dele &'2t8SJi?L?M" ??SR".V,abh, ?"*,? or?S 'i* <:T"<ur 8hiehldsE??^hUTe Comm,Ue,!' w??o proposed Hon ?l j wish of the Convention, invited Kev\ ? f??n Te"ed z Wh.wa?cStoi w"?kiudiy com"'i8?j Mr S.T&u'y' wero a^fed^etaries"pro ?ei, a"d tanes, a. their respective States W21a cnU^d Th AutT were called by tho ?eCrotary in L following?^*' Tonnes*ee W#m Pn,? , &"?. pres't. Kentucky...... IJ? none Ohio houth Carolina.. , 7 p" none North Carolina 1 lenrsylvanm Illinois. ' ,i \irgiuia "" 'j A/ka"s?V li lowa?, ;. ? M,!"o3 li* ?^iKan..;V.V::,1one Alabama. . *. .*.* .* .* .* ; * ? &iB Georgia. /..'.none vJn motin, it was resolved. That if th?r? i.~ ??? a i f-uK^o^ delegates reported themsolves K called, throe p On motion, the Convention adjourned nntil 4 o'clock, rXrK,ra^Ltri^r^t,i: also o^Lnll communicated to the adjoining houies te;V:r srtsa^isa *rt?? k 1 w 7.^, ^ an<l occupied by J. K Bullouirh The back buildings ol the next house, also ow.fod ? Barnard but unoccunied w a r c _ ? ? , Tho"^?*1 lh? ,10U1''? 'omewhat injured by wliter Mr i ^y?'8 owned by Mr. j. Wilkin., and occupied by saved" b& was also In considerable danger, and only small ? y K down of the back building* A coniidewb^nh^T' th? ?W"C'1 b> Mr Wilk"* was bv \!n 11 "JJ*red. 1 he house owned and occupied itli I' 1',41W' Wd occupied by negroes u-arn trough tou street" ' ThTOwinSS o^ed" I* '< were v ) d at ^ U(J "W owwrt by m?. I loyrt ?t?nk ?? . 2 Ph,ot"< otlco for $2,000. Cantain I A?'?hco MutQ?"o%M"Jvew V'Vi? "K01"^ "f Ul" :z:'rtx> sisl? lory oVp^ija anrf-iin'v rA'"l"u.ve wcMiIrn ni innl.ir tho ii/A .i in wn. A ffptrk fell from a lump, upon u'hi nnr. 1!! cJnK toff! in lrm4 thf?n h minute tha room thn fir* rapid w.n the proi<rrKM of ? ho fire, that very little was sav?,l-a lew piece- 2( rlolh durin#m?*K ,n , A UrK" building hnd been erected , f '**' summer, 11 nd their ne? macliim>iv not entnely in operation yet. There was irom cjirht to thousand pounds of wool destroyed With the hui|<li?^? I ho whole loss is estimated from fl.'i,(KK) lo i;i, 000 haps more, and not one cent's insurance. T>?., I computed their repairs, and were waiting lor that 1. done, before they , rteoted an insurance I I,,. Mow |?| ! with peculiar ?? verity upon V r Pefia u h* i. '^'W rno.tindu.tnoos and enturiirU.ne l . . ?"e l>! 11,0 an.1 whose entire Pro^rt;^r,, ?5n .l , ,rom<LlV',7' srs.Tr4-5 sSr^Jir 1 n-f"i.,e sh'rtie-.^e'-a'r;;.^,",; ;;ie indue d lo call this to mind by seeing publication 'f the tonnage arriving and departing li,n? < hic.aVo <hi IIOJ the present season, from nth April lo Ht S ,vfa i. J" 1 here were 161 steamboat,, HO propeller, IllS hrlJ. /j schooner* making in (he aggregate a? til Vt ha ^ iifaU and departure*, to vny nothing ol nuoiMion ,nitfl vessels engaged in roasMng woo l, . Kl! "' "m ,sr ;hr VttirtUi. Our rt'ftder* will recollect the ntitrtge*, some weeks ??nce upon ? Mn Burdick, ol Ureene,? he nango co., ami that lears wen* eutertamed that Mr*. B. would not survive the Ul tuage the received. It ap pears however, that under the treatment ol' Dr. Brighum of the State Lunatic Asylum, the haa wholly recovered the possession of her reason and made auch disclosure* aa have led to the aneit ol John Johnson, a wealthy citi /on of tJreene, on whOfe faun in Triangle, Bioome cu the Bolt family resided, at the time of the abduction 01 murder of Bolt's wife. Johnson in now, it is "aid, ronrtu ? d in the Bmghamton jail. The outrage committed on Mrs Burdick wan no doubt prompted by the knowledge *he possessed of the disappearance of Mr* Bolt, some thing less than two years ago, and who, it i* supposed, was murdered. A letter lias been received Ironrt the Hon. John (Jtiincy Adams declining to be piesent at the Caldwell monument celebration, at Klizatethtown, N J.t on Mon day next. He says.?" With some uncertainty whether I shall be able even to reach Washington before the meeting of Congress, the undertaking to be present upon such an occasion of so much excitement and agitation, though of the most gratifying character, i* more than 1 can adventure in the condition ol my outward vestment of decay at this time. I know not that in the course of my life I have come to any conclusion with so much re luctance." The deejiest trick ot a villain that we have recent ly met, it recorded in one of the Philadelphia papers. A young gentleman of respectable appearance accidently stumbled into a splendid china store in chesnut stieet. Philadelphia, breaking one of the large plate glass win dows. lie walked into the store and coolly inquired what damage he had done, and was informed thnt the plate glass cost twenty dollars. He presented an hun dr?d dollar bill and received his change, eighty dollars, and deliberately walked otf. The note proved to be h counterfeit. it i8 in contemplation to establish a Savings Hank at Butlt?lo.,"The Jlivertiter says there are in that city not less than ti.OOO journeymen mechanics, clerks in shops, draymen and regular day laborer*, who would be glad to avail themselves of this bank. We saw a gentleman last week just from the Col orado liver, Texas, who reported that the Cherokee par ty were on their way to thut region, and that the Colo rado valley is the liueit piece of land under the shining sun. Westward hot Who's for the Colorado? Kine land, excellent water, tiult'alo, deer, and other game in abundance, and only one evil?tho Comaoohes.? fun Burrn (Jlrk.) Intelligencer. The property ot Mr. Wood, late ot Toronto, val tied at from sixty to seventy thousand pounds, has fal len to a Mrs Parrell, wife of a corporal of the 10th Foot, a* heir at law. We believe Mr. Wood liuilt tho firot shanty that was ever raised by a white man in Little York, now Toronto. One hundred ladies in Washington have subscri bed $0 each, to be exponded ill the purchase of wood, to be distributed amongst the poor during the approaching winter. The Wheeling Times states that Capt. J.C. Heed, of the U. 8. Army, committed suicide there on the lrtth inst, by shooting himself with a pistol. He arrivod at Wheeling on Monday from Cincinnati. F. Ballard, who murdered F. M. Maxwell, a pri vate in the Ranging Company, at Dallas, Nacoydoche. county, Texas, was arrested a short time sino*. in one of the backcountios of this State, and taken t?Texas. Another ellort to till the vancancy in the New Hampshire Congressional delegation, will take place on Saturday, the 29th inst. One Jesse Floyd advertises his wife, Nancy, as having left him without provocation. He says, " I airi 'determined to pay no debts of her contracting. She is a trilling, good-for-nothing jade, 'any way you can fix it.''' To this Nency replies that Jesse had " cleared the kitch en," leaving her his children tc feed, without a cent oi money. She says, 1 made hint a good wife?but he i* a sour, ill-natured, real-footed, and bundy.legged scamp. In some ot the northern departments ot Mexico, the people suffer to much from the depredations ol the Indians, that they announced to their government, that unless assistance was speedily granted then, they would bo compelled to throw themselves on the protection oi the United States. On Thursday evening there was an attampt to rol a teamster named Heed, ou Ills way from New York t Newark; he was attaoked by three moil whom he sup oset followed him, knowing of some money which In ad in his possession, amounting to some $80. He escsp ed by knocking one of them down. The coal beds of St. Louis county, Missouri, arJ based on a thick stratum of valuable pipe clay, or Pot ter's earth, suitable for making potter's ware, er tir brick. This is also the case with the coal mines at th Charbonaire and in St. Charles. D. Fairchild, Esq., an old and highly (p specie inhabitant of Augusta, was found dead iu bis hog-pen, o Monday morning, the 10th inst., most horribly torn at mangled by the hogs, of which there wero several in tl pen. He was a very old mail, about 75, and it is suppo ed he went in for the purpose of throwing out the sno\ when he must either have had a fit, or his foot slippe and he was unable to riae.?Hamilton Reflector. Among other projects talked of in this age ot C nadian improvement, a notice appear* in the llamilt j?urnal ol an intended application to the legislature ut session for an act empowering tho construction of Rlectro Megnetic Telegraph from l^uccnston to Hair ton and Toronto, with privilege of extension to Windf on tho Detroit river. A similar application, wo are opinion, should be made to procure a lightning comr mention hetw ten Montreal and Toronto./ Who SHya r ? Col/ourg Star, liilA init. A Nashville, Tenn., paper, of the 11th inst. say. Yesterday afternoon, Miss Francis Kli/.iilitth I'ot step-daughter ol Mr. W. <?. S. Clark, a resident, we derstm.ii, of the city of New Orleans, camo to her dr in a moloncholy manner. Her dress took ft: t\ by v meant it is not precisely known, us she was in th<> h. by herself ot tho time ; when discovered ?.he wt much burned as to be insensible, and unable to coot nicate tho tacts. She lived but a few hours. A. Howard, who was sentenced to be execuU New Hampshire, on Wednesday, November 13, has' reprieved by tho Uovornor, until the Nth day of next. Tho reason of the (iovernor for this act ol mency, was, thbt the criminal has not sufficient in gence to constitute him a responsible being. In o however, that the " sentence might have its fullei lect, short ol actual execution," every preparation made as if it was to be carried out, and tho criiniua teprieved on the gallows. No effect, however, wa> ducod upon him. He was utterly indiilorent to hit and expressed no gratitud? at the reprieve. The ShawneeUiwn Gazette says a woman r ing in the W&basli Bottom, about eight miles frou pl^cs, died on the 14th ult., alter an illness of 14 1 resulting from the bite of a spider upon the lip. spirits oT hartshorn should always ne ready in house, as an antidote for the bite of any insect. The Haa. J. Sheldon, a representative to thefl eral Assembly under tho "People's Constitution || brought an action against lien. Sprugne, the ,i| 1 ienoral of the forces of Dorr, for trespass in thr up Iho fortification on Acote's Hill. Capt. W. H. Conklin, of Baltimore, lost an estinf? little son, about three yours of age, on ' 1 evening, whose death was caused by hit eating previous day,a cake of paint, suoh as is sold in ti in small boxes, tor painting water color*. A Mr. Mitchell, who has been missing foil time at Chicago, has just come to light, having t>>[ covered by a iriend in a state of delirious intox I The inciJents of this atl'air have a slight resembl:! those ol Uough. Sixteen pair9 of twins have recently been t I one of the wards of tho city of New London, Conl wonder that this city has increased sixty-live pi-r ] five years. Daniel M'Lean, ol Wellesborough, Tioga Pa , fell from the steamboat Oella, on the Arkans^ on the 25th ult., and was drownod. Robert La) ton, alms S. T. Warren, has hi tonced in Charleston, by Judge Kvans, to be tun 19th proximo. A lady in the vicinity of llockville, Md , ago. presented her lord with a trio of fine habit, and n couple of daughters. Later from Campkachy.?By the Mexir Atrevida, Capt. Batista, we have dates above place up to the 30th ult A file of pape us, Kl Jlmigo del Pwbln, published at the vo and generous city of Campcachy, (may herairu ciuilnd Je Campeche.) does not appear to contain news ol moment. There was to be a grand seri? fighting, accompanied by music, in the ear November. K.vory thing quiet in Yucatan in i'J way.?JV. O. Pic , \ov. 14. DtTKt, ?Yesterday afternoon, Colonel Stiles and Samuel M Head, Emi , m neighbothood of the Old Shell road, to settl of long standing with small swords. At t pass, Mr. Read received the point of his a sword in the right arm just above the elbow cqnil* Inleifared at this stage ol the proceed!n parties with their friends returned to the c l)rlia, ATov. 14/A To the Ladles. " llo loved in hi? heart earli lionlrt that <tirlei Down her ftquisite neck ti> the thro,.c of the < I.'idles nlioxe hair tn.iy have h>-c.<me thinned < would do wi II i t apply Mistral's Chemical Hsir I It i< a I set not yen'rally known to ladies that eomn no in t'rr what IiikIi sounding name is applied to iurious, and we.ikcii the hair, consequently no t |d*te ?illnint the liivigor itor, which keeps the ?< healthy, and nourishes the Itair. Prepued b> K. Broadway. Klliluptiia Ncrcn n?1rr??I'nl m>' llouv ?Another, slid we rt grol to say s final. " ?vi'iiessiiia t'>e performsDCrs of Mersrs Prlhsm; Ik'rmon, Whif, he., will be offered to their isit's ?'nrinit th* i>r?* nt week. Th?y have ti fit and jtidiowiialf chosen Palmo's Opera I'0'1' first iispirad the public wi'h the fiseins'i >n the hem far and nerir. They will ap|irsr to morrow . ci ruin^t mces of neenbar attrsetirai. and """? mher inst inces of their powers, command tha'j their merit'. ? laim. fcvery nt-tition that rani Opers House comfortable will he adopted dnnr snrtly short euvauement. !Vo1lce,_>Tli? Mrmhrra of thr 'I I :rtir<f I tnli of Brooklyn are re >pe?: full V i Merti ik to he held at the hem* of Mr lb j I'lrrernl Itaymond street and Myrtle sveimH f renins neir the 2'itli lust., to elect Officers I >'ear, i .d other business of importance ?y ni IAMKS W11 I ? | Pilorni.il altendsnre is 'eqaested. Knllrr.?'l'he unnte of the flrtn ny, Kd virdsfc Co , havi k he?n this day rhai co i/ie,it. th* business will lie harcafiet fond i u mo and firm of " Anthony.''lark ^' f ' N. Y.. and notice is h?rehvifi?e i tliat t'ie?iil ooly persons duly authorised to ini)i'r a*iy liati, mv liuaiueas in Ine asm* of the said n'm K DWARIt J. It < I.Al New York. Nov ai. lMJ. I*lilln<lel|>t>11* Agrnl for tli< H?'? Ik i (>., t Ledier Building, Thitd ?lr??t. who , lieis, and hare single copie*for sale d illy ?t I

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