17 Aralık 1845 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

17 Aralık 1845 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORE HE R A L D Vol. XI., \o. .147?Whole No. 4109. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 17, 1845. TIIE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation...Forfy Thousand. D AILY HERALD?Every day. Price 2 cents |>ercopy? $7.24 p' r.iiiiiiini?i in advance. ? . WEEKLY PIEBALD ?Every flatur lay?Price 6'? cent per eoiiy-SlllX cent' per aiimim?|?ayitbU- iu advance. AUVf RTISivMENTS at llie usual prices?ulway* cash iu advance. PRINTIHU of all kiuds executed with bcr.uty and des patch. All letters or communication*, bv mail, addressed to the establishment, mu.t lie Jioit pud, or tbe postage will by deducted iroiu the subscription money remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT, l'ropriet r of tbe Nkw York IIkdiui Khtahuihukkt, " ~ RALhKiH AWii GASfON RAJLROAD ' ' ; FOR SAL B. ON MONDAY,the 39thday of December next, by virtue , of i decree of tile Court of Equity for Wake County, at ' its Aii'umu Session, lH-Ji, m a suit of tlm Governor, for the use of the State of North Carolina, to foreclote a Mortgage there tofore executed bvthe Raleigh aud Onstou Railrono Company, to indemnity the State agaiust certain liabilities for said Com- * jmuv, 1 will a, II at |>uonc Auction, at trie Court House door in the city of Raleigh, to the highest bidder, the whole property of the Rah igli and Gmtou Railroad Company aforesaid, (*3 far as the same is kuowu to me,) cousisting ofB7 milts of Rail road, reaching from the City of Raleigh to Gastou, on the North side of the Roanoak* river, iu the direct line of public ccinv yance to Petersburg, City Point, Ricbmoud. Washington City. Baltimore, tic tic , together with nil Budges, Depots, Workshops and T' ols, Warehouses, Water Stations, Emmies, Cars, Ste. Sip. A3so, the stock of Iron, Lumber, and Fire Wood, which may then beou hind, and all other articles own ed nud used by the said Company for keeping up said Railroad, and transportation on tl?e same. From the nature of the pro petty it will lie sold M WIN The purchasers, by the terms of the Decree, and the Act of , the Legislature in relation to it, will become, ipso facto, a I body corporate, by the usmtTnd style ol the present Company, j and will acquire ajl the franchise, privileges, rights rjid immu nities now possessed by it, for the term of 80 years, which its charter has yet to run. These franchii es aud privileges are ol ' the most advantageous kind to the <Company, ' .id may be found at large iu their charter, routaiued iu the 2d Volftme of the R-vised Statutes of North Carolina, page 299, which is to he seen at the Seat* of Government, aud iu moit ol the Public Libraries of the State* ol the Uuion. The whole purchase money must bear interest, atthe rate of 6 ptr cjut per annum, from (lie day of sale, aud be paid as fol lows, to w it: S'ij.lKK) at the end of six mouths, uud the residue iu four instalment', at intervals of leu mouths each?say 1st, 29th Jane. 18It;, $?>,lieu, 2d 29th April, 1817, one-fourth of the remainder. 3d, 29th February, 1810, one-fourth of do. 4th, (lie 29th of December, 1818, one-fourth of do. .*>th, tin29th ol>October, 1849, one-fourth of do. 'l'he cost of this K-,ilroad aud it.s appurtenances, completed only five years since, was $1 000,0(1U?one half of which we borrowed; cresting a debt bearing interest, on failure to pay which, a sale lias become necessary. Th.' grading, bridges,' depots, lie.are executed in au excellent style of workmanship. Ca'? run daily over it, carrying the Mail of the UniteiT States, (it le-iug a part of the Southern Metropolitan route,) at a com pensation of $100 per mile, or |8,700 pnraui.uni. And, traver >iug a fertile region <d' country through "early its whole length, its freights for the transportation ol Prouuc and Mer chandize, independently of the receipts from Passengers, afford h considerable addition to tbe ordinary source* of profits on railroads. Though not, now, yieldiuga profit ou the large snin expended ill its construction, its income has been increasing for tome time past, aud it l* confidently believed that it would produce a reasonable return upon a more moderate amount ol capital invested in its purchase. The sale will be inade without reserve, atthe time and place ?foresaid, at which those inclined to imrchase, are respectfully invited to attend. The piirchait. money must be securedby bond with approved Sureties CHARLES L. HINTON, Public Treasurer of the Slate of North Carolina, and Special Commissioner of the Court of Equity, I in this cause. ? Raleigh, N.C., October6, ISIS. I'Tlie ii,;iowing paper* will insert the foregoing adver- ! tisement GO ilayx, and forward their bills for payineut, with a ? paper containing the same, to tbe subscriber: Boston Atlas, \ S'. ? York Herald, Baltimore Patriot, Philadelphia U. States Ga/.ette, iiiclitnoud Enquirerand Richmond Whig, Charleston Courier. Mobile Advertiser, New Orleans Picayune, and N.C. Standard. C. L. H. oissm n , ' I UMITED STATES MAIL LINK, AT FIVE O'CLOCK. FOR ALBANY and tl'.e luti.rmediate 2* Landings, or fir as tbe icen ill permit.?There .is food t leigliing f. oin any |iomt on tae Hud son to llliday, and mages will be in readiness to cary passen gers to their destination, at the arrival of the boat. Passage $l through to Alb ii.y. The celebrated ice steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain Win. H. Peck, leaves the steambo>t pier between Cmntlandt and Uberty streets, THIS DAY hi FIVE O'CLOCK P.M.? Wednesday, Decernb?r 17lli, 1845. For paisige or freight, apply ou board, or to P. C. SchultZ, at the office tu, t'ewliarl. dl7 rc _____ __ The PEOPLE'S LINEhavo made arrange m?nts with the powerful st-ame* Ul'lCA and NORWICH, to run to Albany (orasfir a/the ice will ptrinit,) every dsy et 5 o'clock, P M. till further New York. Dee. 3d, lUi- dt r FOR LIVERPOOL?The .idendid aud w^I! .known ugular packet ship ST. PATRICK , Proul, ?master, wtll sail on the 22d Deer inter, liti i egultir ty.?i in i>i a iuO*t 11indsoiue and comfo' tabie insni.t r accom iii.da'e a limited number of cabin, second cabin and "tetruge passengers at mifli less than ibe u.ual rales, by immediate ap plication uo botti l the ship, foot of Dover st, or to JOflN llERD.MAN V hi), til South st. tear Wall str<et. I N. B.?Secniid cabin and steirj,e passaces can 'Iso he se cured at this ofF.ce, for return of ssiil ship, to sail from Liver P-...I "ii ilio 3d ot h'oiuary next, at veiy low late:, by applying as abov . o!7rc FOR NSW ORLEANS?Louisiana aun 1M ,Y ork Line? regular packet?To sail Saturday, 27,h kiiint?'The eieiant last -tilling picket ship TENNEK HKF., f iiy, in'.hter, will positively sail as ribove, her regular day. t or freight or passage, hiring handsome furninhesl ae.com m jd .tiouo, apply ou board ?l Orlean* wharf, foot of Wall *t, or to E K. COI.L1N9 ( ().. ;<6 South ?t. t'mtivcly no goods received ou board aflei Friday evening, 2G:h imt Agent iu New Orleans, Jaine* E. Woodruff, who will inoiuptly forw*ill all goods to his address. IV. kit ship LOUISVILLE, Hunt, master, will succeed the Tenuesiee, nod sail JGili January. n?r rtgulatday. dIGrc F ONLY REGULAR LINE OF PACKETS FOR .NEW ORLEANS?Packet of th<- 20tn Dec.-The l?uieiidid.well known, last sailing packet ship I. NIC) N, C u iKiu Rattoone, will positively nil on Saturday, December 20lh, her regular day. The accommodations ofthis ship far cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers cannot lie surpassed. Those wishiug to se cure berths, should not fill to make euly triplication on lioard, foot of Wall st , ortc W. U J. T. TAPSCOTT, 7i South street, i<l6re ci.ruer Alaiil?n lane. FOR LIVERPOOt To sail on the 20th Dec.? ? Thesplerdid ?Uiii ORPHAN, ("aptain Urquart, mas ?ter. w ill positively sail as above. l lav in* very superior.accommodations for cabin, second cabin anil iteetage passengers, persons wishing to *ecure berth*, should make immediate applies!ion on board, ill pier No. 6 Ninth River, or to JOSEPH McMCRHA V. Corner of Pine and South streets, New York N. B?A stove will lie furuishrd ill the house on deck, for the comfott of the second cabin passengers. dl6r? ^ 1 Oil LIVKRfOOL?The fust sailwir, coppered ?and copper fattened Itarque TARTAR, Ru??e)l, ?tnaitfrT MO tons burthen, will tail lor the above |K?it .acl meet with quirk despatch. For freight or passage, having excellent accommodations, ap ply on board, pier 13 L R., or to W'OOUHULL & M1NTUKN, dlCrc 87 South street. irdtitf- KOK GLASGOW?Renlar Packet?The well known, fast sailing British Imrque ANN HARLKY, Ilolieri Hcoti, 4^0 loni Imrthrn, haviug mom of herennoengaged, will meat with quick diapMcli (?'or frt ighl or postage, baring exielleut accommodations, a|i ply om board, foot of Pine street K. H,, or to WOOD HULL k MINTURN, ? R7 Hontli ttreet. The regular packet shin Saricen, N. T. Hawkins, tnaMer, will succeed the Aim llarley. dlOrc ^ t-Oil I<1 V KHPOOL?The iNtw Line?KcgjUar kPacketof 2i?t December.?The ?nperior t int sailing alM'-ket ship LIVERPOOL, Cnpt John hldridge,UOO ton* i'unln*n, will sn.il as abore, her refill*.* day. For freight ..r passage, having splendid, large end comfortable ?tate rooms lad cabin, apply nn hoard, west *i,iu Hurling?lip, or to WOODHULL in MINTURN, ?7 Ho Till struct. Price ofpissftge $100. Tilt picket ship tinerii of the West, 1150 ton; burthen,Capt Phillip Woodhonse, will succeed the Liverpool, and ami on h?r /?irnlar d.iy,*l?i Jan. n"re STORAGE FOR CORN. GRAIN AMjU FLU UK. SToRAUK for lifiy tliounai J bushels Corn or Grain, and twenty thmuaiid Imrrels Floor, r ?n be had in the Brick Hunt-alive minutes' walk iroin South h erry, Brooklyn, on very moderate tertna There is a good pier adjoining these premises, and sufficient depth of water for tiie (argent class ships. Apply to CHADBOHN 4i CO., on the premises. n2g lm*r *01NK I'lllCt..?BROWN 8c CO. 17b ( hathani square, corner of Mott it. wiali to inform the public of their n et nt improvement in the manufacture and finish of their THKF.K DOLLAR HATS, Which retain a beautiful rich Instre,and will compare well with those more costly. The proprietor! are confident Unit they can furnish Hats lor superior to any heretofore sold for the same price. A full assortment of Kail, y Furs,also For Cloth; Mohair, Glvied, Silk and Fancy CAPS, several new patterns, much adinued, sold at reduced prow ini1.nle atnl retail. Im'inc Look' a t this. J IMPORTED FRF.NCH BOOTH of the brst quality at the extraordinary low r rice of ft', 00 Double Sol-, the best article..... M Cork Sol* do (i 'i0 icli Ci ll Boots, made to order >m French i alt Hhoes ? m Gent Hall Boots. III!!!!!" 2 IUuciiik 1 limps, the nice t kind ? Dancing Gaiters, with Patent Leather Tips i 75 And ? generJ assortment of India Rubbers end all u,,?i. ?r Orer Slioes, from Uje smallest 10 the largest; also n uitHtHs soitment of Boys' Bool? *tid Shoes; Misses mid Children's ,, Lsdis s 111 tins store will tiiul the greatest asaortmtnt of Outers' Buckm*, Slip*. Ties, Hoili. d Shoot, Moccasins, Clogs, Toilet Slips. Whit, and lilncU Satin and white Kid blips; ImJin Ilnb ber. of "II 'he different qoalitiea, sorts and si/.es, from the ?tnal'esl t.' :It.- I 1. 1 I I ut onpilce a .kcd, r.t :if,T Itrontl wsy, comer 01 1 .utkliu ati ?? 1. lw*r M ' Alill.L. i'RLMiUM HOt)ta. f'lNK FRKNCH BOOTH for ?9 50,city made, and for fW style oid diiiahilltTj th*v sre iqu.il to thoMr Hold in other Jmorcrt for S'? r me r rensh Premiutii iin|H riil Oit ?* Boots tor $1 5", e<{M i tothot# now in other itnjeji f<?r $0 or $7, at i tH MlkJOMfia French Bocrt and Shoe mantifactory, oneOl(he moil lashioiinbie est ililmloiieiiu HI .Ins city. Our lioi'd having heenjud??<l in lie late F.iir *t Nihlo'i, are laid to te i lie test hoots for the price avar sold in this conn try. Alio, ? superior new ?tvlo hrencli Dai ring Oaitcit, and orerthotl, ciii.Kt'iiitlV on hand. AlUt) li w -rr inted to giv- sutisfaction. Boots art] Hhoe* ma., t> o iler 111 the sliort.-st notice Minding done in the ?tore. s \ Ol N(i Ik JONF.H, 4 Am: stic,-t n? Im'i'C near Hroadwny, N~w York. I AjHJlmIu. KKKLuli 5 <' iintiar ( n -e?e end )(? f . ?. I) .. HASTINGS* COMPOUND SYRUP OF NAPHTHA. THE TKIUMPil COMPLETE!! Kor fjlo by MOORE &. CO., tho A meticou Affects, 41 Ami .tu a,kuci Elliott, 17a DIVISION STKEET, 0|> pocite Ludlow, Newiork. ivice $1 a bottle?Six bot tles fur $5. n5 lm jo _______ WASHINGTON tJOUHL, ??4 id 3 Chestnut Strrct, PHILADELPHIA. BATH8 ju?t iutrodneed?Warm and Oold?in fine npart ncDli, lor both ladies aud gentlemen; an'l (lie entire orgv n'/.ation and fitting u|> oi' every department of (tie Washington 1 House, complete <111 lm*m JUST OPEN hi). COLUMBIA HOUSE. CHESNUT STREET, lletwevn 91x1 Ik uiul Si viutli Streets, PHILADELPHIA. BAULKV, MACKENZIE U CO., Proprietor?? JAMES BAGLEY. late of Jones' Hotel. H K.NIIYC.M ACKKN/I"., formerly of Washington House I'KTK.lt L. VER(RJSON. ?24 8mrc A CHEMICAL RKSULT-A WONUKK '.-My CELE BRATED VEGETABLE LIQUID HAIR DYE, to enable persons to dye instantaneously their hair, withont the least inconvenience. Kor changing red or grey hair, whiskers. eyebrows, ike to a brown, black or chestnut color. The slightest evil consequunces need aot be feared from its un'?it is altogether harmless. Tins composition is the only one sanctioned by tin- science of chemistry, to dye, in an indellihle manner, the various gndatio.is of colors, without danger or inconvenience, and h-s justified the liberal patronage .ml unlimited confidence of the public. If bljck is required, ask for box marked N-; il browu, box marked IS. Beware of counterfeits.?Ask for "Jules Hand's Vegetable Liquid Hair Dye," if fou want the genuine article. tors lie, wholesale and retail, by JULES HAUEL, Perfumer and Chemist, No. 46South Third street, Philadelphia, and by my agents:?J. B. Jacouenio.l, No. 415 Broadway; F. A. Artault, Lafayette Bu/.aar, \'os. Ill and 141 Broadway; A. WilUrd, S. Vv corner of Cedar and William streets. Premiums awarded at the Franklin Institute. nl6 !m*rc JS IAATS & BARKER, CLOTHING AND FURNISHING WAREHOUSE, 179 Broadway, DIRECTLY OPPOSITE HOWARD'S" HOTEL, HAVE ju t receive I a larg" aud splendid assortment of WIN i'ER GOODS, which the* will in,ike up to order in their usual fashionable style aud finish. Also. HEADY MADE CLOT HEN?, Overcoats?Super French Castor ai.d daubfe milled Cloth $n.00 to *35 00 , do Tweed*, &?., ke .. i,00 to ?16 Oil ' Cloaks? 7.00 to tl'i.OO Dress ana Frock Coats, Vests, I'auts, Shirts, Undershirts, Drawers, Hosiery, Scarfs, Cravats, Gloves, Suspeuders, &c.,? &c. N. B.?S. & B. wish to call the attention of travellers and others exposed to 'he weather to a ?u|ierior article of English double milled Kersey, drab and blue, very he tvy, manufac tured expressly for tlieni u9 lm'ui surprising efficacy for renderiug the skin soli and fair, as well as imparting a delicate roseate hue to the complexion. As a creator aud conservator of that most distinguishing charm of female loveliness, a transparent fair skin, JL'LEs HAUEL'S Nymph Soap, or Eau Divine de Venus, may be ctid to exert an almost magical power. Composed (or the most I art of orieutal balsamic plants, to the utter exclusion of ail mineral admixture, it is distinguished medicinally for its ex tremely bland, purifying and soothing action on the skiu ; and by ac.ing onthe pores and minute secretory veisels, eximls all impurities from the surface, allays every tendency to iunatnma lioti, and, by this method alone, effectually dissipates all red uces, tan. pimples,freckles, suuburu, and other unsightly cuta neous visitations, so mimical to female loveliness. Its use will change the most bilions complexion into one of ra diant whiteness ; while on the neck, hands and arms, it be stows a delicacy and fairness which its continued use will h*i> pily protect, with every appearance of youthful charm to the most advanced periods of Pile. For sale, wholesale aud retail, by JULES HAUEL, Practical Chemist and Periurnor, ?pi Sonth Third street, Philadelphia, aid by :uv averts:?J. B. Jacouemod, iNo 41./ Broadway; li", A. Art an It. Lafayette Bazaar. Nos. U0 aud 151 Broadway; A \irillaru, K W. corner oi Crdaraud William streets. Premium was awarded at the H'rniikhn Institute n'6 lm*rc CROTON WATER. N OTIC E.?Those iiersens taking the Croton Waler would do well in call and examine the preu.ium Water Kilter*, manufactured oy tlw subscribers. i'lioy are no constructed tint tiiey uotonly clarify, Imt purify, tin must turbid water, rendering It of a chrysiallineclearue.-..<.aud divesting itof every impurity. They can be attached to Croton water-pipes. STONE BROTHERS, Croton Plumbing and Water-Fi'ter Establishment. No. 390 Broadway, between Walk, rand White sts. d! lm'r rPO THK LADIES IN PARTICULAR?MY DEPILA A TORY POWDER has bwo focml highly henefinal and of (<re.it use to ladies who have been alHu-ted w ith superfluous hair, principally when its growth has been conliued to the up per lip niiu side of the face, kiviug a' ratisculMie turn to the whole featurea. Vviieti used with proper care, uui according i i the direction*, it v. ?ll be found to he a great'addition to rhe c.nlet.as the use ot any sharp instrument is entirely avoided, and uie hair is removed in live or ten minutes after its applica tion. This composition is infallible, and WJUTMited o remove sn pertious hair. After numerous trials I have received certifi oares of ?u?cess which cauuuc be contested. Kor sale wholesale uml retail m JUI.ES IIAUEL'S DEPOT, iS South Third street, Pniladelphia. and by mr agents:?J. B. Jucqueotod, No 415 Broadway; F. A. ,'irtault, Lafayette Bazaar, Nos. I41) and !M Broadway; A VVillara, b. Vv coruer of Cedar and Will;ams streets. Pr?inirms nw ihUH at the fr'tanklm luvti'iite ti 16 1m*rc i'LLrMHIi\(i WORK. 511- Ilromiway, iKcw lurk. J P. QL'INNrkiving had nine jvars experience as practical ? Piumber, nutting up tome of the best work in the city, solicits r. trial. Improvements in construction, good work.ex pedition and low charges, wrl be fou d at his establishment. N U --['own towu orders leftat E. H. Quinu,68 Nassau St., attended to d!4 lin'm DR. C> WAYNE'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF WILD CHERRY, THE GREAT REMEDY KOR CONSUMPTION, Golds, Coughs, Spitting of Blood. Bronchitis, Difficulty of Breathing, A'.thin i, Pain in the Side and Breast, VVhoopitig Cough, Croup, and all Dis orders of the Liver, and Lungs, Broken Constitution, Stc , 6tc. ' PHIS "Celeb-ah'd Remedv," has now, by its intrinsic Tir 1 tues, acquired a celebrity which can never be shaken by the many quack "Nostrums" with which the country nbou ds. The public are fast Irarmug that tlrs is the only remedy that can he ri lied upon lor the speedy and j ermauent core of all Disuses of the Lungs. It is literally sweeping Consumption from the land; herever it is introduced end becomes known, all other* dwindle into insignificance. The public have been "humbugged" long enough,mid now retort to a medicine which the testimony of the most eminent physicians in the Inidlns placed beyond the reach of criticism It requires uo bolstering up, by publishing coiumus i f forged certificates?but it is enough to let the public know where it can bu obtained, and one tnal will conviuce all of its gieat efficacy in curing thoie distressing diseases above named, which have baffled the skill of the most leanied practitioner* for ages heretofoie. r?H. WWAVNE'8 COMPOUND 8VKUP OF WILD CHEHRY was the first preparation from that valuable tree whirh was ever introduced to the public, and amide proof is afforded of its success by the country being tloodeu with 'Bal s?ins."Candies, and'Mixtures' of Wild Cherry, not one of which is prepared by a regular physician, although they have hnve assumed the names of resiiectable physicians to give cur rency to their "Nostrums." Therefore the public should be on their guard, and not have a worthies* mixture palmed upon tliein for the original and genuine preparation, which is only prep,red by Dll SWAY$E, N. W. corner of Eighlliand Hare streets, 1'1111d Iphia. A fresh supply has just been received aud for sale by Dr. W. II. -Milnor, corner of Broadway aud John street; R. A. Sands, Church Dispensary, 188 Bowery,corner Spring; E. B. Warner, 2ei Bleecker corner Minette; John B. Dodd, 171 Broadway cor of!>th s r. et; Lewis St Lane, a<7 Greenwich street; John C. Hart, 348 Grand street, corner of Norfolk street; Horace Bve rett.O'i Hudson corner Leonard street; Whi Bailey, corner I'h I ton rind S-nd streets, Brooklyn; M & M L Cook, cor Pios pectand Bridge streets, Brooklyn: and Benj Olds, 2711 Broad street, Newark. N J; Ilaviland, Keese & Co., No,80 Maiden Lane, and Hoedley.I'helps lit Co., 142 Water street, r*ew York Ii2'i luieod*r Tviun i ii l. > iiT for A'ov FT\i i;!?; a OK THK NEW YORK MEDICAL, AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No. 71) Chainlien Street CASES SttOCKtsrULLt TIIKATKtl I(i Vaccination 3 Epilepsy under treatment, 3 Cases Bar Ache. 4 Ulcerated Sore Throat, caused by venereal dis ease. 5 I'ulpitatiou nf the heart. 2 Lung standing cases of Go norrhoea h Billions complaints. 2 Paul in left side. I l.iver complaints. 1 Nodts or pain on shin hone paused by venereal. 1 Pain in region of bladder. 7 Pain in the chest. 0 Seminal weaJQuesa. 3 Paiu in the bones, caused by syphilis. 12 Chancres, or primary sy philis. 1 ( ase of Warts, situated just above t'le eye. fi Sure Byes, 2 F'leurtsy. 1 Bleeding of the Luugs, 1 Sore Noise 2 Delirium Tremens, 13 Great Debility, caused by improper habits. 3 Pain in the head. 7 Ki limitations to det'Ct dis eases of the chest 11 Sore Throat diseases, such as affect ministers or pub lic speakers,cured by pass ing a sponge down the throat, moistened with medicinal preparations. J Sourness and wind en sto mach. 7 Gonorrhoea, 1 Apoplexy. 4 Secondary Venereal. 2 Pain in Hip Joint. 3 Acute Rlienmatism. 1 Chronic._ 1 Dyspepsia. 2 Impoteucjr. 4 Cases of lutestinal Worms. 1 Case of 'J', pc Worm under treatment 6 Incipient Consumption. 2 Erysipelas (face). 1 Diarrhoea. I Inflammation Bladder. 9i?ccksski'i. Or*'.RATio*s and Ci uks. 1 Piece of irou hoop removed lima the hand. 1 Piece of worn! si I vff taken horn (he hand. 1 Of?rfttioiii for Phfmotis 3 H< t tuiori of Ifriiit*. ] of Klbow Joint. ? roMil, removr?l. Cj?es of P||?i?. Ulcer on Testiclc. t.ucy*tea Tumor removed l m>in the aide. 1 liijiiry of lit* uinler lip by Which the whole of it VI /'"'""d, a ii d not witlistanding the gentle man has gut as good a lu> as ever 2 Incontinence ol Urine. 1 Vasculir Tumor remntcd from the V agiua. 4 Klcrrciises removed from the Vagina. 2 Deafness from War in Ears. I Polypus removed fiota Ear. I Burnt h'uui. 1 Injury of Elbow Joiut by a caii. 2 llcmerihoidal Tumors re* moved. 4 t'aies of Varicocele of the Sl^ermatic Cord under treatment 9 Strieluus cured in the Urethra wilhotileuttiug or thfieir'v- 'n,,'tnll?n is i.ot connecttMl with any other i ? H BOSTWICK, M. D., Attending Sn? t..m,? nlll| Chysician. I>R. HULL'S TKUsisHS AND ABDOMINAL lUFPnNTh'R T Vs^Vk^wiedlrrd^hv'tl""15'*, "ver all others, r^p, nmM rmluw JHon" A i-.rc.'T' Highland Cottages. VIKWS, witngronnd | l-ius, of tlie tl ghl and Cottage* *t Iloxburv, near Bontr u. rl>signed nud erected by Win. B. Land-litre le at t ie stores of Saiton <nd Milea, VVIJey It I'u' mm, M H. Neamu, Hoe L-.ckwo.al &. 80.1; ?ud other Imok atorek in New V ? i k, t'l.il -delphia a. <! Boat on is 7 w ? r ATIKNTION! AlLV,'HOU!'SIKf.fKMII.y WHlTK -A. TKK.TH?Mv unrivalled BOSK TOO I II I'ASTK i* universally souglit alter for the pearly wluUmui itgivr* tb the Teeth, without tin- sluJneit injury. For sale. wholerale and retail, at JULK8 HAUKL'8. Practical Chemist aud Perfumer, 4G Sontri Third stive', Philadelphia, nud by my agents:?J. 0. J lciiueni 4 No 415 Broad?ay; F.A. Artault. Lainyett* Bhiw, No* 11!) mid 151 Broadway; A. Willard. S Vv. coruer <>t CediXaud Willu u street*. Premium* awarded at the H'rankliu Institute. lb Im'rc _____ 1~ ? BOIL K R FLUES, OK ANY DIAMETER, but not erceediujf 1Cfeet in length; thickness of metal I'rom II to 14, wire film. There are the only Tube* used by the Kulish And French government steamer*, arid other font steamboat*, uudcau be prc fU"-d only lVom the Patentee. oUL lii'rc THOH PHOWSKR. t> Liberty et. N V*. LEt'i' OFF WAKDROi;K AND FU1LNITUlUi WANTKD, f '1 BNTLKMKN and Fi mil i-? ran obtain tin-full value for VT nil kinds of sui?-irl nous effect* they wish to dUposc of, tuch a* Ladies and UeutleraeR't Weiring Apparel, Fire Anna, f urniture, lie. Gentlemen leaving or returning to the rity will liud it to their advantage to send lor the subscriber, who pledget himself to give a filr price lor all article* offered N. B.?A line through the Pout Office will l,e promptly at tended to T. LKVEN8TYN, o27 Im'mc 46S Broad way, no stair*. MONEY LENT?MONEY LENT. S" 11K Highest prices advanced, in large mid sm ill sum*, on I Jewelry, Diamond*, gold and Silver Vv itche*. Plate, Wear ing Apparel. i,nil every description of penoual property. JOHN M. 1JAVIKS, Licensed I'awubioker, o28 lm*rc 232 William street near Duanesticet. OKKIi-r. Off THh jK:VKr'H*UN INSUHAHCCUO., { New YoiU, July 24,1315. j fpHK Stockholders of this Company are requested to call at A the ollice of the Compauy and aiguiiy whether it be their wish to till up their respective share.*,or to receive a number of shares equal to the pit.sent value ol their stock. The Stockholders raiding out of the city are requested to convey their intention Liy post, to the office No. :i(i Wall *t. T. W.THOM N K.l'res't. Uko T. HoPR.Snc'y. iv25 rrr COMtsUMFTIVES HEAD. PKICK'S VEOKTABLE COUGH SYRUP, or Pulmonic Balsam'.?Read the evideuce:? UHr.oKt.VN, September 9th, 11)45. Mr, Peek?Dear Sir?Thankfulness and gratitude induce me 11 give my testimony iu favor of your valuable Cough Syrup. About eight or uinii mouths ago 1 w ?? attacked with a severe I couth, attended with symptou* so violent as seriously to alarm 1 my family and friends; while its Ion); continuance threatened a < total destruction of health and comlort. Under these circum- 1 stances, and experiencing no relief from the usual remedies,my ! husband was induced, by your solicitation to administer your Syrup. H ? purchased a buttle, and the effect it had was aston- | J*ning; it operated like m.-_ :r, and completely broke up my 'cough, healed the sorcnesa ol the chest, banished all the alarm ing symptoms, and has loft ine in tn? possession of ! an excellent appetite and completely restored to lie dth. You 1 may refer any oue who wishes to have futther evideuce of its , effects, to in/ husband, at the M*tch store, INo 3 Cotirtlaudt st or to me, LUCRET1A LOCK WOOD, No. 160 Nassau street, Brooklyn, L- I. ! Prepared and sold wholesale and retail, by W|V1. T. rKEK, ; 91 John street and 117 Greenwich avenue, N. Y. Agents?Coddington, coruer Spring aud Hudson st* ; Hart, (Jr?.nd and Norfolk streets; Owen, Bowery and Bond street Kord.Kour haud Woosterstreets; llubbard, GroveaudHu son; Mountain, Ku'.tou street, Brooklyn. Price75 cent*per bottle. nil lm*ml THE GKfcMT AWKRIUAN KEMEUV. SOUTHERN JBALM. 'l^HIS MEDICINE is a pleasant aud effectual remedy for i Colds, Coughs, Inttiienicu, liaising of Blood, A*thiiia. I'leurisy, Bronchitis, Liver Complaint, Consumption, aud other diseases arising from obstructed perspiration. Now read this testimony, and call or send and get gratuitously a pamphlet containing a Trentise on Consumption, Sic., and numerous sworn certificates, such as follows:? My wife was afflicted with affection of the lungs, pain iu the aide and chest, andg'tiTal debility, expectorating bl,.o'l aud pa* for I year*. 1 employed the best medical skill, homeopa thicaud allopathic. They pronounced her lungs ulcei ited and denial red of effecting a cure. I tried various patent medicines v itliout effect Finally, in \ugust I '?t, 1 tried your Southern Balm. She has t^l'.eii two bottlei and is p,.rfectly cured I cjiifideutly recommend it to all *imil.trlv affected. A. tS HAUPl'MAN, Resilience II Clarke St., store MB iiroadway. City and County of New York, m.?A. B. Hanjitmau, being duly swo n, deposes and ?ey* thit the above certificate is cor rect and true. \V. H. MUNN, Com. of Deed*. The Southern Balm is sold l.y druggists K nerally throiiRh MU the U. S AUo. TriE ANI.MATlNtJ. *PKK1KNT, ALTERATIVE aoUlHKRN BALM PILLS, '2 cents a box of 25 pills.. '1 he best and cheapest general Fami ly Pill ever introduced The^e Pill* have been tested many y?ar* in every form of disease arising (him an iinpuie state of the blood a^d other liuids, and hare proved a sale aud efficient i urifier, removing morbid matter from the atomuch anil bowel*, promoting digestion, and imparting vigor to the system. Kor further iuformatiou, see Southern Balm Pamphlet, to be hail gratis at the Depot, 631 Broadway, where th- medicine* ate sold, wholesale aud retail; alto by Wyattlk Ketclium, 121 Kul ton street. More Agents wanted throtighnnt tlie United State* aud Ca ! iwla. A le'ieral disc.iuntto dealer* ntfl lm'r iSTew Invented WIGS AND TOUPEES BATCFIKLOK'S new inv? iir-d Wi? and Scuip? *oj?erfecrlv rrdtfrnlsle ho niittml )iairH8 to defy detection. It ?? now cure?}Jy a ma. ter of Trurtl loosing an indifferent bead of li.iir, when a new oue perfectly adapted to the eontitenure* and style ofittry WMtcr and witnovt aiijr of the >ex^tioua di/Ticultie? * * lonu experienced hv wik we.trers, can he procured at WM. BATCHfcLCJii'8,2 Wall street, uear Broadway, llemortd roin I6.'i Uro'i?lwav ul? l?n*ni iilLL'te INFALLIBLE ONGUlSNT FOR THE HAIR. C^AN any thinir he more honest 1 Notice the fact that I y never publish any certificate commendatory of the abo>e utiles" it hat the residence of the individual giving it append i d, v hich enables you to satisfy yourselves (by enquiry) that iheOngnentis really what it purports to be; uud understand ye also tint it is_warranted iu nil cases, i.ther young or old, if proiH-rlj? applied, to effectually slay alopecy or falling off of the hair, rostoru it to bald piris, eri'd't >le pityriasis dan druff, t ourf, and all exfoilatious of the Cuticle or scalp; change red or grey hairs to a betutilul di I; color, .make the hiir inoist. soft, curly, fete. I do hereby certily that 1 have been seriously afflicted wit^ dandruff anil falling off of the hair, and m?de use of sevtkl articles for the same witliou: 1 tit least beuclit; indeed I was li-arlcil of becoming bald; finally, being induced to use Hill's Infallible Onguent, I am happy to say the result was most sa !i ^factory, for in a snort time the dandruff entirely disappear ed, my hair soon commenced growing, and is now thicket than it ever was, I >e i 11 s also sol t, moist and glossy, lean ?irou*ly recommend it for the abo\ c. Yours, Stc., I AM KS BLANCAKDi No. 43, Avenue D. K7*" Kecollect, Hill's Infallible Oixuent can be obtained only at his principal once, on the north went corner of Pine iu.d Nassau sts., and of the following Agent*:?Jams' Fanc.j Store, 635 Broadway; Wm H. Carey ? Oo., 186 Pearl St.; I cJraham StCo.,73 Water st.;Wm. A. ? rocker,91 Maiden lane; Mr Tho mas Hewell, 478 Or,aid St., New York. A.Spooner Jt Co., i7 Fulton St.; Mrs. J. Jordan's Fancy Store, i!) Atlantic street, Brookij", L. I. ; Mr Eorards, No 178 Grand street: E. Banzett's Confectionary! in 1st, between Grand ami ^outh 1st streets, YVilliamsbnrgh ; 0. A Merrick, No. B Dclavan House, Albany, New York; Messrs Mortimer It Mowbry, corner of Market and Charles streets, Baltimore, Md : Jo*. E. Triope, 395 Broad, corner Market st, Newark, N. J.t N. A.Crary, 140 Merrimic street, Lowell. Mass. tiM lm*rc TO T11E PUBLIC. GIVE MY ARTICLES A TRIAL AND JUDGL FOR YOURSELF I WARRANT them all to be as repr r.enfed, or the money refunded. MY EAU LUSTRAL HA 11' RESTORATIVE. This universally approved nnd admired article, free from ar ? lent spirits, pungent essential oil, and other destructive mate ri ds, cleans the hair expeditiously, renders it heantifnlly brig lit, and imparts to it the d?licate fragrance of the flowers.? Ilair washed with this Kxtract soon becomes pleasingly soft and luxuriant in its growth : and it will positively bring in new hair on bald heads by its use, and hair that has been made harsh, i and is turning grey or falling out, by the use of spirit or otl.er i improper preparations, will soon be restoied to its natural co lor and brilliancy by a few applications ol the Kan Mistral. It is a preservative against baldness, and an infallible cure iu all r.ffections of the skin an the bead, as dandruff?and lor pre venting the falling off of ilia hair auil turning grey. It is the simple produce and tinmed ate estract of some plants salutary for the hair, endowed with properties so highly cleansing that it disengages the Epidermis ana ( apillary tubes i Of the corrosive action of the Perspiration, .uiilol the dry sud 1 (1 particles that it deposits. This preparation purities the ! hair, and gives to it a beautiful gloss av.d softness, and e.ti ; agreeable and vivifying pcrlume. EVIDENCE. Nature rs au inexhaustible mme, in which experience and , study will always find rootn to cxcavate ; it is that source, alone, which prndaces all that man calls invention, and which j he would do better, perhaps, to name adaptations. For sale, w'ioles.ale and retail by JULfc.S HAUEL, Ferfnmerand Chemist, No. 16 Soeth Thiol street. Philadelphia. ,nd by my agents J. B. Jaetjnemml. No. 416 Broadway; F. A. Artault, l.ifayette Bazaar, Nos. 14 > and IM Broadway; A. I Willard, S. W corner ol Cedar and William streets Premiums was awarded at the Frankliu Institute. nl61m*rc RHEUMATISM?ACUTE AND CHRONIC. CHRISTIE'S GALVANIC RINGS AND M A (jr N E T IG F L U1D. ARF. a positive and lasting cure for theagoni/iug pains of Rheumatism in all its fonns. No matter hoiv chronic or severe may be the complaint, it readily yields to the mysten ons power as applied by this remarkable discovery. The Galvanic Baud-, Belts, Dmeelefs, &<?., nre i modiftcationof the Rings, and cm be adapted ioau> part of tlie body with infect convenience. Christie's Galvanic Strengthening Plasters, so highly ap proved in all din- of the cheat, pain m the side, general weakness, ami as a preventive li r colds, ate also to be obtained The genuii e (jalv nic l'l-ners have an entire covering of pure silk All others are worthlcna imitations, 'i'he only pises in New York where llie ge> m ,e itticlescan 1 e oi laiueif, is hi 134 Fnlton stre t, Sun Bniidiug dl i Iw'm BLtSfcOKEK'S BIRD DEFUT, No. 8 Aator I'lnrr, lalei 7?Is Nlirrl, Jl ftw li mi t Ernst i\f Hi nadway, Nrir York. ' f| 'HE siibscrili?r respt ctfully informs th ? public that he has 1 opened the abov * ?t >.e (or the sale of I'.irds, ( I' oieigu and Native.) Cages, Seeds, ItC. sud licpi a by strict ftettion and fan auil upright d'aling, tuinvrit Hie patronage ol those dls| o SOT to indulge ill tIns lima! i!<ligbtliil lane) In addition In those nimitioned, his stock will comprise all articles iu his liue, including bancy Pigeons ol ilie different { soits, Gold nan Silver K ish, Ueman Tiute, msde afieianajp. proved receipt, CnfSw Fish Bone Fonutan.s, Baths, kc Sic. N. B Otd rsfr moutol the city raufullv ittenihd to, and promptly executed LEONAHU BCKF.CKKIl. New Vork, Dec. 12 IU'.. .?121 in*r i J. O. BELL. T A X I 1) E R M 1ST, ()U(t BROAUVVAV, coruerol Reade street, np stain, Ins .?Ot7.Yonstautly on liaad a vatietyof < a?es, Shades, it. for parlor or mantel ornaments. Also, a large eollectiou of Mounted Birla, Bird Skins, Ur., for sale oi exchanged. Pet Birds, .Vi , mi'iintiil in a ver> ^ni enor manner, to ordci ? Public >>r privatf collections supplied at the shortest notice nli* lm*r Ancliori and k???!trei, lb Adzes, shipwright. each " coopers'copper, each Axe*, broad, each " vvond.each Auiiurs, ?e> Aim uiip, nautical, each Auvil, lb AwU, brad, duz d 13o.it Hooks, copper, each irou, each Buckets, deck, each " cedar, each ?' sheet iron, lb Brushes, scrubbing, each " varnish, each clamp, each tar, each " paint, assorted, doz " whitewash, each Brooms, hickory, doz " birch, d >7. " corn, d i* Bunting:, all colors, full width, piece Bunting, all colon, hf width. piece Beeswax, lb Blocks, friction rollers, per inch, per sheave Blocks, iron bushed, per inch, per sheave Blocks, snatch, in Bath bricks, doz Blankets, rose, pair Bed-spreads, Marseilles, piece Bread Baskets, tiu, piece Bell, table, each " large, and fixtures, each Bits borng, each Bullet Moulds. set Boitswain's Call, silver, each Brace and H itd, set Belaying Pins, iron, each *' wood, each Bake Paus, cet Battle Axes, each Ba'oinu'er, each c Cordage, tarred hemp, patent, lbs Cordage, tarred hemp, bolt rope, liis Cordage. Manilla, lbs Cables, hemp, cwt " chiin,lbs ADVERTISEMENT. CUSTOM HOUSE, NEW YORK,) < Collector's Office, Dec. 9th. 1845. J SEALED PROPOSALS will be recuved at the Treasnry Deimrtu -nt until the iiUth icataut for such nupt'lies of Ship lliiaudlery, Stc., ?uu inscch qnHiititJ". and at such times as may he required forth- u^e 01 the United State* Revenue St-um-r tud Boats, which may be employed in this District, during the year commencing the 1st January ueit, as per following ?chedule Marline spikes, atecl, each Match rope, lb Mensnre copper, set Ma'liue, lb Match slaves, each Maul, lb ^ Nails, copper, wrought, lb " cut. lb Nails, iron, wrought, lb " cat, lb Needlrs, .ewin,', a??'d doz " sail, " doz " mirliue.doz Nip|iert, each^ Oakuni, lb Oil, sp?rm. winter strained, gall " " summer, gall " linieed,boiled, gall " " r.?w, gall " olive, quart Oil, tar, gall Ouis, ash, feet ,T spruce, feet P Pens, steel, card, each Paints, black had, lb " white lead in oil, groaad, lb " led lead " " Parceling, yd Paper, sheathing, ream " loolscap, r-am " lette-, c.oldpressed, ream ?' euvel0|ie, quire " stnd,assorted, doz Tump tucks, copp?r thousand " irou, thousand Pilch, gall " kettles, lb Planes, jointer, each " jack,each " smoothing, each " fore, eaeh " match, set Padlocks, brass, each l unches, chain, each " nail, each Putty, lb Palms, mounted, earli Palm irons, each Plates, Queen's ware, dinner ner, doz do do desert, doz do do dishes, as sorted, each Priming wire, each Powder tlasks, copper, each Port lire, staves, ash, each Passing boxes, leather, each Povrder, caunoti, lb " priming, lb " boxes, copper, eich rump, liaud, copper, eich Prickers,eaeh Piucers, each Packing hooks, lbs Packing yaru.^heinp, lbs Rules, csrpentcr, two feet, each Rammers and sponges, each Rotton Stone, lb 8 Scrapers, gun, each Scrapers, cast steel, each Spikes, composition, Ih " irou, wrought, lb " " cut, lb Fcrewa, brass, assorted, doz ?' iron, doz Saws, steel plate, hand, each key hole, eaeh tenuoD,each wood, each compass, each Screw Driver*, each Spoke Shaves, each Squares, iron, each " small, each Soap, brown, lb Spun ya'n, lb Siieep skins, each Sance pans, each Stove, cabin, each " coal, each Shot boxes, each Shot round, lo " canuister. lb Saw setts, each Sounding rods, each ?Stones, grinding, each holy, each '? set, each Scuttle Butt, SO galls, each Scales and weight, u-t Stoppers, claw, lb Sl<tei, each Sledge,lbs Shovels, iron, each T Twine, whipping, lb " seine,lb 11 a?-wiun, lb cotton, lb Thimbles, open and w elded,lb Tallow, lb Tar, gall Turpentine, white, bhl spirits, gall Tormentors, cook's, each Thread, assorted colors, lb Towels, damask, yard I ureen and Ladle, block tiu, each Tuinhlen, cut glass, doz Tnl.UM.t '1 (Copper, sheet, lbs 4 'hulk,lbs Chalk lines, piece ChUaels, assorted, set " cold, eaeh Candles, sperm, lb Compasses, brass, 10 inch, e'h " boat, each " carpenter's, each Canvass, Holland's A A, bolt " American hetnp.boll " Cotton, No. 2, yd " " No. 3, yd " " No. li.vd " " No. 10, yd Coal, Lehigh, delivered, ton Cook's Ladles, -ach Curtains, moreen, made np, yard Cups aud Saucers, Queen's ware, doz Ci ?tors, plain plated, set Crowbars, lbs Calipers, carpeuter's, pair ?' gunner's, pair Capstan Bars, hickory, each " walnut, each Cranes for boats, lb Cotlee Mills, each " Boilers, each Ctniiisters foi oil, each (Cotton, waste, lb Coal Scraper, each D Deck Lights, patent, each l)uck, ravens, heavy, bolt light, boll " imperial, bolt " e ltlou, bolt Drum, piece Drawing Kmvej, piece Emery, lb F Files, hand saw,each ?' wood rasps, each Funnel, wood, water, each I' .ying pans, each Kile each Mints, bund Hniinel, cylinder, yd Forte and bullows, each <J Oonge', set Glasses, log, 14 sec., eaeh " " 28 sec., each O'ue.lbs (iimt -ts,assorted, doz i I Hue Pot. piece | Gridiron, each Hunter's Scale, eaeh | Grapnels, lb ^ I Hawsers. Manilla, lb I " 1. mp, lb llonseliae, lb l| tmbroline, Ih Hooks aod Thimbles, lb Handspikes, hickory, each " vv I .ut, each " shod, e\ch II immers, claw, each " pump, eaeh " riveting, each " chipping, each Iiooks, anchor, lish. lb " chain, lb Hanks, d' z Halliards, pennant,lb Hooks, can, lb Hatchets, each Hues, each ^ Ink, writirg, quart Irons, hand,lb " feet, lb " caulking, each J Junk, lb K Kids,copper, hooped, cach Leather, rigging, lb " pump, lb L ig lilies, hank Palile Spoons, G?rman silver, doz lea Spoons, German silver, doz Table cloths, linen, yard Tiii measures, set Tube boxes, leather, each ? ubes, (;n1ll, doz T nicks, InadiLg, brass, each [J,op tnauls, eacn' -'ape lines, 100 feet, each a ea kettles, iroa, eaeh " copper, each Trumpets, brass, lb ,r, " tin, each 1 lierinoiueters brass, each t ii. ,in; rnch longs, blacks in ill,'s, lb V Varnish, copal, gall ?' bright, gall xr i "f*1, "all Vice, hand,lb . w - ~? ; I Wood, oak, sawed and deli Lantems, iSignal, copper, each I vered. cord battle, each | W ood. bireh, sawed and deli d'ck,each Litharge, lb Lead llucs, deep sea, 120 fath oms, each hand,each " black, lb Leads, s<>nnduig, lb L ill- 4 a id woima, each Lamp, binnacle, each Loggerheads, lb Lumber, white pine, foot Lumber, plank, foot L')g Keel, each Lamp-black, lb M Mallets, caulkiug, each jj serving, each clear, vered. cord Wood maple,sawed and deli vered, cord Wood, yellow birch, sawed at ddelivered, cord Wood, white birch, sawed aod delivered, eord Wood, pine, cord " spruce, cord " hemlock, cord Whiting, lb Wrenches, wood, each " iron, lb Water cask, oak, 60 gallons, each Water breakers, oak, 15 gal lons, each Wick, lamp, lb Wrenches, assorted, lbs ... win ue enieriBiueu from persona not actually en gaged in the business to which this advertisement refers. Bidders will transmit their proposals sealed to the Secretary of the Treasury. Printed lists of the above aiticles will be faruished to ship chandlers, upon application at this office. dlimthr C W. LAWRENCE. Collector gunners each i No bids will be entertained [ADVERTISEMENT.] CUSTOM HOUSE, NEW YORK,) Collector's Office, December, 1815. ) SEALKD PROPOSALS will be received at the Treasury Departinent, until the 2<Hh instant, for the mpply of rations to the petty officer* mid seamen of the United Su es Revenue S.earner Spencer, for the term of one year from the 1st day of January next. The ration for the revenue lervice n the same as thai allowed in the naval service, omitting the liquor, and consistsol the ar liclei enumerated iu the following table, to wit: lb|or. | Ibi. of | ounces of | hf pints of * . , ^ . t* Day* of the Week. J > g i ^ I > ? .s * J * I to ca c. C to co c?. H e- X ?*. i Sunday U I H H 1 "5 Monday I 14 I * 1 Tuesday 21 14 t c. Wedue.idsy I 14 '8 1 Thursday V* ISt M I >, Kriday 1 It 2 1 g II Saturday I 14 1 [a, t I Per week X UK I IN ! 7 U ! It The rations to he of good and wholesome quality, to be ap proved liy the Collector; *ud the different articles comprising lie rations, to l>e delivered ou boird the vessel in good and suffi cient casks and vessels, to be provided by the contractor, and the contents iliereofdistinctly marked on each. It is to lie distinctly understood, that no bids will be entertain ed from persons uot actually engaged iu the butiuess to which these oiler* refer, and that the Contractor will be hound to fur bish, upou retsonabl, notice. a* often as may be required by the captain of t)ie vessel; with the approbation of the Collec tor (cot exceeding upon an average, one day In each week.) sacli fresh meat, .uiilfresh vegetable*, b* may he equivalent to the corresponding parts ol the ration allowed in the naval ser vice. Persons pr<jiH>sing will transmit their bids sealed to the Sec r. tary of th: Treasury ilili?iir C W. LAWRENCE. Collector AGENTS FOR THE CHEMICAL HAIR IN VIGOR ATOR. A REMEDY for all diseases incidental to the Hair, and its ii storative in all cases where I'dduessis not lieyond the ' reach of art. Prepared solely by E. PHALON, 211 Broadway. Statranil CountryKiah St Co., Washington, D. C.; Ayer Ik Ph-lin, 76 Broad street, Colunibos. Ga.; I'm ile, corner of Tenth and Chesuut ktreets, Philadelphia; II llice, corner of Ccwt and Howard streets, Boston ; V B. Lockrow, 54 Braver street, Albany; C. B. Brower, No. I0.'j Pnlton s treat, Urooklyo; M. 8. Fletcher, Martbon. Lister Co , N- V.; S. Tousey, Syracuse, N. V; John B. Watson, [ Charleston Hotel, H. Gorton Anderson, Newport, R. I.; . J. Duboice, New Paltx Lauding, Ulster Co.; A. k G I Ntoores, Druggists, Hudson, N. Y. C.ilu . Igt of*?173 Division street, opposite Ludlow, N, Y.; J. Ji I. Coddingtou, Apothecary, No. 303 Hudson street, comer rt Spring, N. Y.; Kverard's Fancy Store, No. 178 Grand street; V. U. Sinus St ('o., 27J Broadway; Dr. Carroll Sc Co. Nil. 3 Nl III r iv street. ill Itn'ec NOTICE. WE have this to aisoeiatad with us in the Franklin House, Mr .Geo. J. 8. Thompson. The busmen will be con ducted as heretofore, under the lirm ol HAVES Ii TREADWKLL. New York. Dec. II, 1845. dl2 Iw'tn | W. THORNE It CO.. frodnee and Klonr Merchant. Ill | ?" ? Broad street ?? Police Intelligence. Due, lfi?Ksleiitiuc forgery ?I'nder this head we pub lished an arrount j est?>rd*y of tho arrest of a man by the name ol Field*, alia* Wat?on,forforging the endorse ment of i.>avil lli^'ins. on several promicsorjr "ntes, an>l iitgotiutitig the suine lor go'id-i to * ?*????. Hampson 4t Co , No. 16J Pearl ?:reet; the lAdtvibi which wore taken by Mayor Morri.; over two years ?go, cannot be !oun 1 in th? Mayor's < Mice; tberetoie, the whole matter has to bo commenced imw-one aihlavit was taken to-ilay from Mr. Charles Megary, who stated lie was present when Mr. Higgins iwsrt that the i ignatarei on the se veral notes were foi ^erin*. Mr. Higgins is now dead, l>iit Mr. John Harper, who is oue of the executors ol Mr. Hipgins, testifiedboforo Justice 0?horne, that the signa ture* on the dill?erent promissory notes purporting to be David Digging, are all forgenea, of which there are some fifteen or twenty discovered at present. This mat tor bids fair to Occupy a great deal 01 tune and perseve rance, ulso involving many important law points. How ever, Justice Osborini hiving tbe buiinesi in hand, will, no doubt, do it tip correctly, his legal attainments quali fying linn to do ample justice both to the prisoner and prosecutor in all such matters. Petit .Larcenies ?Patrick Campbell was nabbed last night in the act of stealing iron Irom John P. Hill. Coin nutted. *1 Ktci'ous Jet?-Miko Peters was canght in the art of stealing a vice, wotth $5, the property of Henry Silk man, corner ot Water and Oliver streets. This beinj a vicious act, \liko was locked up lor trial. Si- aling Iron?Henry H. Mules was caught by one of tlio " Stars" in the act of carting off pig iron lrom tbe sloop Dispatch. Committed. Jh rented on Sutpirion?llenty Jones and Bill Fitzge rald, wero found secreted in a room, at No. 3 Smith street, with intent to steal. Locked up by Justice llooine. Grand Larceny?N'iles M. Malmgren was arrested last night, by oltic.er Whikehart and Mr. lieeuian, of the In dependent Polioe, charged by Captain Crawlord, of the Havre packet ship Albany, with stealing from said ves sel, in connexion with ? harles 11. Covill, the mate of the ship, 30 dozen of kid gloves, valued at 1*100. ThU Malm gren keeps a sailor boarding house in Koosevelt street, near Oak. Committed by Justice Osborne for exami nation. Stealing a JVatch.?Henry M. Ober was arrested by a policeman, for stealing u silver watch, worth >"?, alio *1 <>0 in silver, from Josiah l'aten. Committed by Jus tice Rooms. Stealing an Oierctat.?Christian Vasatilla, a Gorman Jew, was ?'pulled" by policeman Muncho, of the tita ward, on strong suspicion of stealing an overcoat, worth $10, from Mr Chuman. No. 38J Chatham street. Locked up by Capt. McGrath Court Intelligence. m ,,ec- 1??Before Recorder Tall inadge und Alduru>f u Henry and Me.erole. /A n ,lonry???. ?? U Charge of Kobhini laT: HAUL*, Bim>, an officer attached to tho 3d Distiict I'olice Court, on beinr culled ofah? ?n?r0f?Ut.C ? hy couusel for defence as to tin- nature wuvL him 8 the result of ,h" trial. with II View of Krd denoLTd fL/V lncomPBtent w'tne8S; and officer ,.i? depo?ed, that he wag in no wise interested in the one lourth'or^h8 ? ?f th? rewurd offered, that being n?? mil proportion expected to be (eceiveJ lot endcJ tlmtrMrV?.reT (Joun"el for defence hero con tenUcd that ,\lr. Bird waa an incompetent witness Tee hi'iUwh 'ev0r;rulea ,liat his teiUrnony wa*admi??* wfn'oThereupon Mr. Bird proceeded to state, that on tho 8th ol August last, he arrested Parkinson at the loot oi with *three6ot'her^ortlr"r l"m ?P h? Sodded wun tnree other oltlcers to a house in Slat street he. tween the 8th Avenue an(1 Bloomingdale road where they arrested 8mith alias Honevman, Miller alia'? Cupid and Davi. alias Coliard, and haj then, looked m, ? i' prison attached to the Police Office in M street Vitness had seen Smith before in company with MSJar li'sssar''1-s Will,am street. Witness had also seen Miller there and Johtf^?" Hr'i'nso[!' Miller and Smith together at No -1? ohn street, he believed previous to the month of March certainly before the month of April. A paper purporting to be a receipt for fiio wa, given to HoneymlnT"^* War Ut'h lHia^.mr > ,nlorB9t st0^- 't was dated viaj t?lii, 11<4,? and witness testified, that it was in Par Z?" S 'T1 ,r/ltiae became partner. in the bn ,L S 8" 8li,1,"? r,""i,W8?; also that iu Parkinson s books there was a:> entry m?de to the effect that the co par tnership commenced on the ath of May. Smith often slept at the .tore No. lit VVil.iam stree %odwa< there .or an hour or so each day. Smith sometimes attended 1 BdduriD|ltl|e absence of the wit ness. At tho house No. M .Johh stro t, thorn wai at !h >t time u sign with Miller fv Co., gold beaters, upon it ? hew was also a tavern kept there. 1 iournod'nntfi |)rocf,t)'1<''1 an7 farther, tho Court ad i l?urQO? until to-morrow morning. Coinmoii fleaa. t i).... n D;f<yo J"dge L'lshoelfir. Exchange Pr"iA"?*f the. A,n*n,*n Sew York.?This was au a. Ho'n Vn "{r.nv^'n 'fr h o'I.k4 cent,,? un,lcr ,hc following circumstances'-On ;KWa? payable to tho order oi Henry K Hammond Trtw^Ro' give a char'k^'(1rTwi|,?)y^renuelT^teo'n^{ieW\rnerica^ tumod with a man named Brown- thpv ?tiii , i !,T *'eTi 25 Kxch"go*BankVn<d1|ha* l"eso!l,e l "l 1,10 America!! asss reiving their letters, discovered that tho certificate of deposit wa. forged, as well as tho name "Jas. ll War.l ' i irt ? > caeck, and notice ! both bank, of the Urm... ?frcl' was ,!"mediately made for Williams and ,? ?>i ?hey were traced to a boarding-house in th? ri.lr where Brown was found and arrested, but Williams had' sloped and hos not aiucre been heard oi , gr p,y p'vK %zd a ryidr were had "on ti eicaP?> and no further proceedings were had on the indictment. Tho present artinn ?? 10 A"1Jric,in Exchange Hank, to recover ??ck tb? amount of the check fiorn tho Citr bank on fh ground that the latter were guilty of negLonco' in not of Wil?,Jm*PhrrfDVliri0M' ?,'"1 ??pertaining the identity li?V Kh.t ft wt.her r", T'te ,K'r,1""e was purely J. a ' . . contended that notice'was not iriven to delendant. in due time, and secondly that the en ior?A ment on the check wa. not a forgery Jn a.much .Tit payable and given to William, by the name of Ward who gave value lor it, (although, even theTalue might be worthle..) and it wa. therefore pronerlv en < I?*? t7 i"1 A vordict for plaintiff for the full amount f o, rt ,n\hy C,?n8ent'.8ubJ?ct to the opinion of the ,ourt, on these two points on a case to be made with liberty to turn the present verdict in a non suit or verdict for defendant, and with liberty ior either party to eSLept. l*or plaintiff Mr. Cowle..?For defendants .Me.srii. Sherwood and Wnght. ueienaant. n p t- .^ffore Jud?? Jngraham. E lanUoutonetal. vi. Htnry EUworth.-TM* fend^nt RC!l?n ougll,t by snb contractors against the de fendant. It appeared the defendant agreed with a third tolE ( Purchase of a lot on lOtn street, upon the iter ?7 i .? i'' V1ZJ that lh? vendoo was to build a sub stantial three story brick house on the lot: that th ? ven andThVt ?|ma ?i. l#nCM t0 enabl? thfi vendee to build: aud that when the house was built, the former shotilj make a deed of tho house and lotto the latter, who would grant a mortgage of both to the vendor to secu re him in the price of the lot and hia advance.. A contract was entered into with plaintiff, to erect the mason work ac cording to ; ian aod .peciHcntion. Ihe house wai Tc ^rdinjiy erected, and deeds were exchanged, a- above stated, by tho veudor and vendee. A difficulty after waid.aruse '^tween plaintiff, and defendant in relation to the contract, and the present action is brought against defendant, a. ewnei, to recover *H7, a part ol tne sum contracted to be paid. A non suit was asked on the lf.r.VU? Kthat.ihe.de,t"dant'' WM "ot ???h a> to con stitute him the legal owner o- the house, and that, there hli!6; u ?. 2-n . iCOUld "ot ?y'P'y- un',or which alone tho plaintiff, could recover The judge denied th ? non fuit, and allowed the case to go to trio jury, but reserved tho P?'U>? for the consideration of the Cou t in banc. The defendant then endeavored to prove that the work was not dene according to contract, but failed, and the iurv found a verdict lor tne plaintiffs, *97 \ir l it kin fo? plxintiflt; Mr. K Ketchum, lor defendant ' Superior Court. Before Chief du.tice Jones Due. 16 frui.eti Ma,on ai. Jamt? . ippltby ? Thia was an action to recover damages for injuries inflicted by the bite ol a dog. 1 he defendant reside, in Pitt street, where ho keep, his .laitgUter-houae. The plaintiff was thiough the street, ia the month oi Juno las and while 1 alatiKhter hou.e, the defendant', dog rnn oat flnfri1! ?rn?? 1" U" 'HC8ralinS it severely, aad c..t> Bning him to hi. room tor neatly a month, dining which he was attended by a medical man Kortho defence, it waa sought to bu shown that the plaintiff mint ha ro at tempted to outer the defei:dunt's premises, otherwise the i og would not have moddled with him. It was also .ought to bo shown that the woun i was not ol a serious cbaractei 'I lie jury found a verdict for plainMI pqt jilaintifl', Mr. Kvan>; lor defendant, Mr. Leverage. lf?l. Dinnefoftl D uiirl K. i'ylte, Fri Hitiaini Hitmo *' ?'I his was an action of trespass, for an alleged forci ble entry into ce.tain piem ses iu < liamlitrs street, known as I'almo'. Opera House The case was merely opened, und one witness examined. Before Judge Oakley. Hm riaon rj. Spi v.ctr.?This came, which was com menced yesterday,was not cone hided when the ( oui t ad journed, and it i<? understood it will tako up the remain der ofthe woek. Liukkai. UoffATtON ny American Hk.vmkn?The Mayor of Pittsburg hii? ut:kn<<tvleJy:?'(i the receipt of $1,960, it being the liheial donation of the officei and crew of the fligat" ( on .ti! r.i.ui, for th ? , eliei '.f tin- *lt, leren liy th* recent calanutoui tire in that place Brooklyn Intelligence. Another CaUtio* to HoviKk>: trie as,? Last evening, ietwecn six and seven o'clock, the house of Mr. John ilu-le, No. 40 Remsen street, '\.is, while the inmate* vero at tea, entered bv sonnn thievaa and robbed of two 'oats, from the entry. A complaint was, at a late hour, n.xi\) to of the polico authimtiea, but without ef ? uoung an arrest of any of the suspected depredators. " Vaokam ?Two poor follows, who gave their iamen as Thon.is Xoland and Abiunam Lyman, were *e?terday committed to the cotin'y jail, or* the com daint of Captain Stewart, as common vagrants. Both ot he<e unfortunates were represented to have heretofore leld respectable stations in life ; and their present me ancholy :ind riegn lo<l positions ran only be uncounted or by their too devoted adherence to ail infatuation i.;.iin?t which the reuowaed G >Ugh was once so elo iuent; anl which Kathor Matthew ha* denounced as llie worst and most heinous of all possible offences. A Tuuu L),-v<i.- Daring the hurricane on Moaiay niijht, the public store, ?> w.i ? 1 by \f I'.tUiu, Srujn s< Co., at the corner of M lin stre.r' .mi" U > '' ith mine K.*rry, wrfs p irti.illy destroyed, bv th<* falling in ol the upper walls, .in 1 the iritire ram iv il >! ti' 'i.i roof. Th i build ii>g wa* of a very unsub-i i iti il oi l n;:-ir, hiving bean constructed only one brick thick, without be irers or an chor*. Political The democrats of Brooklyn held mnetinga in their several war'.j last evening, lor the purpose of electing delegates to represent "the party" in City and County Conventions for the ensuing year. fact and Fancy. Three deserters from the British army recently l etui nod to Canada, utter some weeks spent in vain en - deavors to find employment in the States. A boat filled with German emigrants and their efl'ecU, has been frozen up in the ch:ii\1 between Pitts burgh and Johnstown They ore unable either to get back or to procend on theii journey. They contracted with the line to be taken through in seven days. /l fire broke out in Manchester, N. H., on the 13th inst., which destroyed tho cabinet manufactories of Messrs Allen and Decker. l.os? supposed to be be tween five und tdx thousand dollars?insurance $1,800. The river continues open to Poaghkeepiw, which point was reached by tbo boats on Saturday evening. At Butfalo, on Friday, the frost had closed the harbor. At Poughkeepsi*, on the same day, the thermo meter was one decree below zero. Vt L'tica, sevon be law at sunrise, and four below at # P.M. At Springfield nt seven above i-t6 o'cloc* on tho saoio morning ?two below at 10 the same night - at 0 on Saturday morning, at i below zero. At Albany, on Saturday morning,there was u snow storm, which, at dusk, turned to rain, with a fair prtfs pect of destroying tho sleighing. A convention is in session at Springfield, 111., to devise wuys and means for the construction of a railroad from Springfield to Alton. The South Carolina Legislature has adjourned, ! after a session ofonly threo weeks. The salary of the Mayor of Mobile has been fixed ; at'$'2,200. The Mississippi annual Conference of the Metho dist Episcopal Church, South, were to convene at New Orleans on the 10th inst BUiiop Soulo to preside. Hon. A. P. Bagby has written another very long letter to defend nil course on the annexation re?olu tions. The rejiort of the snia'l |k?x being in Leonard town, 5Id., is positively contradicted by the Beacon. On the morning ol the 12th, at Portland, Me., the thermometer stood, in some parts of the city, at eight uogrees below zero. Dorcas Lewey, a colored woman, was found fro zen to death, on the morning o: tin 13th, in Portland, j >le., on a pile of snow. She probably tell a victim to in temperance. Wood is selling in St. Louis, for $10 a cord, and t itremely scarce In Cincinnati, it is selling for $4 a cord. Quite a difference. A man named Williams was lound in a bayou on I.orig liland, about fitteen miles from Warsaw, in the .i ississippi river, deal. with a title ball in h i left breast. iYe unioi'tunate man was one of two trappern who bad camped on the island. A man who was with the de ceased, has been arrested on suspicion of being the mur derer. A he ivy fall of snow occurred in Huntsville, Ala bant, ou the 3d insta i ; 8nd several kiiow storms nave taken place since. It i.< very cold and excellent sleigh ing. Sonic scoundrels succeeded on Monday in break ing dow ii a poitiou ol the telegraph wires, extended on tae post above the inclined ]ld'ie, at Philadelphia Thin is the very wantonness of tnuchiet, and we hope the a v tjrs in it may be piomptly discovered. Un the mountains between Wilkesbarre and Na zaretu, t'enu., tne cold was co intense at Runrise, on Sa turday l??t, that the thermometer stood at twelve de crees below z.iro. The sno*- was bixteen or eighteen :;ichr-s deep ai. Wilkeshurre -the sleighin# is excellent. We regret to bear that ex-( iov. James Thomas, ot :'lis county, lios dangeiously ill at present. His health . ii bono declining, wo un ler&tand, for several months 1 lit.?Lfonarillnwn (Md.) Bene on. Tne river opposite St. Louis is closed. The skat ing about Bloody Island, is very fine, and the citizens -.re enjoying it. The thermometer at St. Lou':.-, on the 5th instant, ? toad at six degrees above zero. L'uring the day it rose 10.21 degrees, and at sundown fell to It} degrees. The small pox continues to prevail most alarming ly in Philadelphia. There have been more murders in the Cherokee nat.on. Where aie the U. S. troops .' The Pantiac Gazette *ays that in that vicinity the ? treums ar.> low, and in many place* entirely dried up. In Troy and ltoynl Onk, some of the farmers are put to i he inconvenience of driving their cattle several miles to water . The city of Peoria, 111, has a whig Mayor and whig Aldermen. Lops ok Property on the Ohio River.?The Cincinnati sltlas contains a list of llat boats recent ly wrecked by the ice on tins Ohio,between that city an<l Loulavilla. Five boats aunk at Madison, and their cai -;oos of Hour, buckwhoat, he., were saved in a damaged ? tato. A little Lurther down the river another boat own od by Messrs. Potts it Davis, with 1300 bbls. flour, was cut down by the ice; cargo b^dly injured. A flat boat laden with bulk meat, was cut down ami sunk near Beth I -hem, -'(? miles below Madison. targo total Joss. So insurance owner unknown Two boats laden with il mr, cut down by the ice at Patterson's Landing, four Miles bvlow liutlilehem. Cargo saved in a damaged con 'ition; insured. Two boats belonging to Messrs. Potts It Davis, loaded with Hour, wore aground at Craig's Bar, und in much danger. The steamboat Canton,which arriv ed at Cincinnati on the loth instant from Louisville, pass ed with difficulty through several gorges of ice. She re ported the steamboat Albairos aground about forty miles below in a dangerous condition, with stern on the rocka. The A. had a cargo ol sugar, molasses, kc., for Cincin nati. Thb Roittk to Texas.?Great numbers of emi grants,with their wagons, horses, and cattle, weekly pass through this city on their way to Texas. At this place is the grand crossing for all the southwestern coun try ; here emigrauts can find all the convenienciea their seek, and equitably purchase all their necessaries. This daily emigration leals tis into, perhaps, somewhat fknei lul reflections, but to which we have not full space to give free flow. We have baen engaged once or twice lately, in peering at Col. Ybert's map of Texas, and from it we' discover conclusively, that Van Btlren is the moat central point between St. Louis, Austin, and Corpus Christi, Texas , ns well as the natural depot for all th* products of the valleys of Arkansas, Canadian, Neosho, and Cirand livers, With all the smaller vallies that lie upon the streams which traverse our immense " back country." A great load leading from St Lonis to Aus tin, Texas, n.u.t naturally pass through this place, inas much as that town is due southwest from St. Louis, the line passing directly through Van Buren- The most el igible rou'.o to Santa Ke, leads from this place, a route which follows up the Canadian to its source, which af fords water for caravans. We learn from Josiah Gregg, Kaq.. whoso authority upon the matter is Indisputably good, that the road from Van Buren to Santa Ke pos fc eases more advantages than any other : is more direct, smoother, nnd affords the best facilities for water. Horses, mules, and all other outfits for a caravan can be procured here upon bettor terms than at Independence, Mo., and the trip can be made several days quicker. Krom St. Louis to Corpus Christi, connecting Santa Fe and Austin, will, at 110 distant day, be run a great rail road, an J through Van Buren also, if the natural advaD lages ot it* locale be known and attended to. There is no calculation which can state the amount of wealth and piosperity such a road would bring in train to our wholf State. To those who have enlarged views, and desire to see Arkansas pros[>er, we say look at the advantages of Van Buren van Hvren, v4/k. Intrllig'ticcr. Wkaum Sport ?A fin-back whale, about 75 feet lotiK, made a visit to Provincetown harbor on Monday last. This species, we are told, are seldom, If over, taken in the way others are captured, by harpoon ing, and afterwards lancing; but are sometimes kilted, by expuit whalers, with the lance alone. But two uoats with crews uf joting men, attacked the above vlraegjer about daylight ou Tuesday morning, and the loremost boat lodged a harooou tlrmly in his body. As (.oon as the whale was .tiuck, he started towards Truro, and although Una was givou him as fast as possible, hi dicw the boat in an iuersdiMt abort ?pace ol tiinu to tho distance of about Ave tiulaj. when the line was cut. last the whale --tiould sheer slightly and ovei'urn the boat. Th* Plamkth.?'The ai.\ planet* which are visible to the naked eye may now be seen for a few even ings, half an hour alt*, sunset. Mercury is visible in t;i wrst.aiitto sou.b of 'he point where the sun has ?t Tmanlanet is now at its greatest eastern elonga t on, and is about one garter of tho angular distance from the sun to Venus. Next is Venus, now at its great est l>rilliai"-J Not far *??tWlfily Saturn. Next in Mars always known by bis tier* aspect. Jupiter is now excre "ngiy brilliant, being near (he opposition. Her senell i* about seven or eight degree* east of Man., and a little south. Ha can only be seen by the best afeyes, bt {ng of the apparent m .gnitude of the smallest vis l*ed stars.-# "rliewi

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