4 Ocak 1846 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

4 Ocak 1846 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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1-- ?'J. 1 . -r ... T HE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XII.. No. 3?Whole Ho. ?91Q. NEW YORK, SUNDAY MORNING, JANUARY 4, 1S46. Price Two Cento. THE NEW YORK HERALD. J AXES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circul at ion... * or ty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day. Knee 2 ceuta Jw copy? 17 ptr?nnnir-p*y nfe In advance. WKKKLY HERALD?Every Satur lay?Pric? IV4 cent p?r ropy?$'-l2'-? cent*. per .niium?payable iu advance. ADve.KTliiK.MENTS at the ureal price.?f.'.wayV cash in advance. PHISTINU of all kiuJa ese:nted with beauty and de? petc'i. O* AH letters or communication*, be mail, addreaaed to the eaUbtiahmem, mast oe j? >.t paid, or the pottage will bi deducted from tee niiBccrtntion mouev renytted JA.MfS ? Oil DON BENNETT, Prnpriet' r of the Nkx Yon* Hra.u.o KaTAPi.iaiiMv.hT Northwe*r corner of Eultnu find Nm.-v ? ?rr-ers ^?HULVDAV EXCURSION?, aUL ?nSWr wSo. jjjjlgZ-^^FJPW TO PHILADELPHIA AND INTERMEDIATE PLACES, AT REDUCED K \TES Commencing o-i WeUi.-ioay. tlth December, and ending on Monger-,th- Si It "f dki.niry rv-v, hv ? o'clock, A. .M aul" 4R o'c' cU 1*. *1 Lir.?a,fVivi. the f-ot of Liberty xtre"*. Toalfiini an r t>lM> runt',*, I reduced foe, to tlir eirieeus of New Yoik to visit (III vteWi eoiviUtir* >\ilh their frlendx in PbilsHelphis nod the country ou Ctxriiluus ?ni New Year, andto affo'd the roontrv i e.ifle an otiOort.ui' V of visiting Ptnlndclp.il* mi l New \ oik lor the t,ke Hhipove. arrsrgeme<itt sre made by which tu?fotiger? will !>? fumi?hed with no ncursinu ricsir, entitling 'he HU"xti*rnr to apassage etch way, r.t the following rat*', ??*?- ? Fr in Nenf York to Puil-delphia and return...$4 40 " Fnrtinglou " ... 3 SO " " Horde mown " ... 3 09 Trentou " ... ISO 1 HO ketMO ifcLAvNJJ cui.tUtaM.lJ UOiVlPAIN *. ? TO WESTERN TRA V ELLEKS>.~M ^FtfwiSit^WB"packkt line, Sent chniu of Peiinsylvanin internal improvement! it well wax yo'1 1 J"7 nTsT&u^milv^^ THIS ROAD ia QPen for the transportation of Passengers and Freight. B*1#11. Passage ?* Rate* of Freight, rti; Oil weight good' generally 34 cents per hundred. molasses luid oil) fl 34 per barrel. On barrels dry (eicept lime) 14 cents per barrel. On iron in pica or ban, casting! for mills and unboxed machinery... 44 cents per honored. On hlids and pipes of liquo; not oyer 134 gallons. $3 44 per hbd. On hhdt molasses and oil... ....... 4 44 " ... Goods addressed! 14 F. Winter, Agent, forwarded Ires commission. THOMAS rURSE, all 3m re . Oen'l. Snp't.Transportation. MAIL. LLN& FOR BOSTON. irnlvk't1r'SjuB^LAflmt thrmu o under lock. jul? v MAIL, L'N1'. AT? A.M. TO ALBANY film f puagr ' "' J~t at Yookaaa, Dobbs' Kerry, Sing nBG^MDE-Sinu. Grassy Point, Verplank's Point, Csld w.ll's, Koynhook, 1 old Spring, NeWbaigh. or as far as the ice will | ermir. Brrskfast on heard the boat. There is good sleighing Irom aay point on the Hudson fe Albany, and stages w .l be in rridi e?* to carry passengers to 0?cir destination at Ui? nmsal of thr host fst'ige 34 34 through to Albany. The eelrbwrd ice steamhost UTIC A, Ca^csin I.. W. Brain at the offi e Oil the wharf. FOR SAUOERTIES AND CATSKlL. THE Sfl endid Steamboat J AMES MADI FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. s rant?07 a'uMfi! f>?h??8h ?j^bAC ADIA and HlthHNlA will leave 0 ton for the above porte a* follows, rit: Princton " ... _ ... '' Newark to Philadelphia " ... 3 30 " Eliv.br tktown " *' ... 3 33 " Rahway " " ... 3 00 VZ/~ Past en* ? rw irom theaboTe places to New York will be charged tin san e r?tae. ? A twrton ma* go on the 34th De- ember and return on the 3th el .In wary cent,or it any time beiwceu those dates, at the ex a , Otis on ra e*. f' ~ f rAce loot of Liberty ttreer Tickets not transletable, and Will not bo r? Ceived altar Ihe irh of Jaunary, 1344. ?l?t ?<?. *me CHANGE OF HOi'HS TRAINS HUN AS FOLLOWS. Commercing on Monde, September tfrh, 1*43. Leaee N?w York?At 7 o'clock, A. M., Beaton J tain for tireenport. On iy, sttndays cucapird. stopping at entm ngdrle and St. George'e Manor. Letrc Brooklyn? ai A. M ,ier b oronnglale nod intennedi V* pi ,ccs, ?toil". Sundays excepted, and on Tuesdays, Thtt.-adays ard StirnHsya, th.jngh to Oreenportatd intermediate rLcea. " " at 4 P. M^l'or Kanningd-ile ami iti'iriseiliaie places, duly, etinrt vs race-red. Lt-Tt Onwapa t-Beaton Train, Jt I ivc.?. k, P. V ., or on the arrival of the .learner from Norwich, in.ilv, Snndayi erenpud. (topping at 4t Qt urge's Manor ami Fariningdale. " 14 a, & o'clock, A. VI ; Am no.rntulsrion Train, on Mondays. Wednesdays and Fridays Leave Farmingdule?For Brooklyn, at 67k o'clock. A. A J., and I f M., daily, Ponders ? \ci iua Leave Jainaics?For Driiealyn. at 4 o'clock. A- 31 andStgP .v]., daily, onnday* excepted. Fare to Bedford I renin; -last New York 12H; Rr.ee Cumsa !4V ; Trotting I'omi e ItV;,'amaica 33; Bruihnlle 31L: Hyde Park IT miles TTh.; iowsrille. (duriug session Conn.) 3T)y; larle Place 44; Weethary 14; Deer Park S3; Thompei: - jj ' 'art Hemva^ ?^W?<?a}??\Ud Station iTjRVMeif;''? I?ii) - Station Rrverhend . _ ehogn. i likS; oouthold I 62Hi Oreenport, Acc'n. train, 1 TSt Grei upon by Boaten Train * 04. Stagea are in readineaaou the arrival of Trains at the sevei M Stations, to take paasengeraat very low Fares, to all parts of the Island Baggage Crates will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive Baggage for the several Trains, 34 minutes be fore the hour of starting Bom the Brooklyn aide. The 84 earner Statesman leaves Oreenpnrt for Bay Harbor twuc each day 011 the arrival of the Trains from Brooklyn, nfirc From Pit i ltd el phi a to Pittsburgh via the Pennsylvania Bail roads and < iii--through ia 3>4 days; The above line is now in full operation and offers jneat inducements to persons who wish epleasant mode of travelling to the west. The cara are built in the most approved modern stifle, the boats are fitted up in a superior manners and every effort is made by the proprietors to conduce to the comfort and convenience el travellers. The scenery on this route is unrivalled, and the hy of being ?^??v>i* f11 h!*^c " a* tbu rauta paaaami?". andatthe ?JW guSlnt np?? tT lTtU^ . ock. rawmgagawjt UENTRAU RAIL ROAD FROM SAVANNAH TO MACON. 8n mpaaptamuut good'. ..13 cents par cnbicfooL ? barren Tfet (except OJUlT OVEll THE LONO 1ISLAND RAIL ROA.!), VIA NEW LONDON, SORliriCH f WORCESTER. At 7 o'clock in the Morning, from the Foot of Whitehall hcrri t, Sooth Farry?Sundays excepted. Way Crates are in readinraa to Yeeeive bjgguje for New Loudon, Norwich and Wnrccater. Baggage tor Boatougoea ard b- vr? the pier between Courtlandt ana Liberty streets, J?v ery iVinrning at nxh c'cl ck F.ir p-'B age or fre gi t -n , I y on board, or to P. L- SCHULTZ half. d39 iea^h. *!?.".'h-r-o* iSOTJVh. STATEN J31 AND FERRY On Wediie-day, P-cembar 'I, 'he tript en thu Ferry will be ? follows:? Laarr S'atea ial ind IS , Id, A. M 3. Od, F. M. Leave New Yr.'k 9 t VM t'y.S. r M d3 mc 1 NU"|.ICL The PEOPLE'S I.1NE have made arrange ?n?? ? with the poeeAnl st>amem Ul'ICA __eend NORWICH, to run tf< Albau. (masfar at the Cr will permit,) every d.v) at 3 o'clock, P M. till further ?once New York. n,r 3d, Mi- d4 r mail line at eicht o'clock, a m TO ALBANY, L ANDING at Yonker-, D-bha' Fe-ry, S,ng 'Am*, Ot*x-y Point, VerpUnka Point. C In ?wrll?, Koyerhoak. Cold Spring Nevhtrg aiii ?? Ui aa th? ice will ye. mil Breakl iai on bo rd the box The ce e ,i?t- d ire tteimbnat UTICA, Captain I. k . Stai nard. leave, she pier between Conttlandt and Lam rt) atr>eu #v?r TninnHig f I A. M. Foe msragi- ?? fre ght, apply on board, or to ?. C. Sehalt*. at the oifee f a wliart. d2? r ' BOSTON STEAMERS c?ii>, -v hi H-iiriton, Coram mder, on the 1st January, 1444 loefuia, A lax Hyrie. " ? lit Fab 'ry., 1446. I'aatage to Liverpool gila 'aaaageto Halifax. For frcub, or p-M^e. ^rto ^ ^ # ^ ^ No Berth secured until paid for. dan rrc BOSTON STEAMER FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL _TME Rural Mail Steamahip ACADIA follow.'^,xB-tOU l0r " The Acadia. Wm. Harrison, Comuaaoder, on 1st Jan. 1346. fn.jai.eto Lirrrpool $110. L. t. Priteite lo Halifax 30. 1.4 I>tt>ute t j Halii.iX .. for fteigbt or paaaace. apply to D. BRIGHAM, Jr., Agent. 4 Wall at No Berth aeenred until pa d for. ill, rh AND HtELAND.?Perttmx wixhmg to re mit money to any part of Great Britain or Irelai d, can obtain drafts of tlva anbacrihera any amouut, large or .mail, payable on nil the principal lowai and cities. .. _ W it J. T. TAFiCOTT. TSSmith e..r Maiden Laaa. idMuHill-LUta O. ?no-, ff . wans Lrrd.im a* FYnarat'epg. e'loe FOR LONDON ?Packet of the 6th of January.? tV!??<*Jul f"1 P?cket ship ?PHILADr LPH1A, C pt. Dunn will positively sad an tbovr, her regular day The aceotnmod irioua of this sh*p for cabin, second cabin and ttarragepaaaruser. eaonot be surpassed Those wishing to secure berths should not fail to make aim- api'liC-tiou on board, or to W.kJ.T. TAP. OOTT, J*' 15 8-nth s'rcet, corner Mriden l.-ne. ? UPelONf LINEOK PACKETS FOR LIVp 1(. ? POOL? I atket ol the lOtli of Jauuiry?'pk-i.di?I packet S lip M AHAHA, Cspt. ltu.s-'l, will TTk'"r "sab? ve, her regular day. The accommodations of this ship f >r cabin, and -croud cabi i pasaenfert cannot l>e surpassed. Those wi.hirg io venire hennai should uot fail to make immediate applicition ou board, foot of Wall attest, or to W k J. T.TAPSCOTT. J'* 75 South street conn r Mnden Liu*. TjGrtSfTF711 LlVEllPOOL?Pack." of ti cSlli January? JKJJSV A first cless fast sailing iiacket ship W.I p s.tiv, ly be dtwwMBrlespaich-<1 on the Cth Jau. For p*?s.ge, h.vmj uusnrra.aedaccount,ndari >ns *n s 'i use ou decs; stew more second cabin pu eucris ear. br takci. ri steerage rates, if e.irly application is In dy to JOHN HEUuiiAN ii CO, dal ? 1-1 SkU'h street. i UNITED STATES, AND GREAl BKifAlN AND IRELAND ?2LD 1tt?MLJs-lCD kmigi;.ixt office. I Itf. Siibrcribrrs are prcp-ired *o e"g gr pasien W> P*" ?" - ??? our by ibe early ?prmg .1, ?? , vrry i 4Mfce ''?? r?>. Uralts can aiifuil, be farm,led, pay - .' l< i< uthnut he Un.i, d Kn rdi-in. r?r further parliiul ra ap|.|> to J HERDMAV J. CO dr' ' H S.ut', ?tr.'. t AQA FsiH Ul V'fc'KP<KJiL?New Line?Krvul ir l ana-i IBBiV0' l't*> **'? J'n.-Tl?p fnat v.'lnH' Fduk#! 8HF.H.D AN, Oe rge B Cornish, master, of [ '??. ' ,"1 ?> above, her regular day. Hor Ireiifht nr iMiNAK*-, h^vimr AsAcDtnrrM?.VuoLj ant**\t.O!fM!'fM I ? ;l3?d?jr or comfort, *i|>ly or Wd, at Or?nh:\ff. for. *1 Wall itr-rt. or to j ? . . ^ JJ-* LOi'LlNb k dO., 8outh ?tr it roc* of pas*4gf ft)#D. | Tne i>ac.k*r *hip Gar rick, D.J H. Tr**V at urer, will cfti ceod thr Shujilnii, ai?d s-J Jfitfi iVHraikn ' her roffnlar ?l*r. * m^kKANb? Louiti mh aua yoT* Linr?Rmulm Picket. to sail tM, -irrW^KLiannarv~ri,ee,?i<,U11 wiIIbi racket *Kij LOKl*. I i . ? ?unt? master, wi!l potuiirely Mil aatbme, lui rrw I ul?r <Uv* For freight or passage. hariu? elegant furnished -.ccom modatrous, apply ou board at Orleans w harf, foot of Wall si ?'i? . , K COLLINS kb'o.. J6 South"t Positively uo goods received ou board after 12 o'clock. Sat urday. Mui January. Agent in New Orleans, James E. Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to his address. dMtfni 4&4: K)U LIVERPOOL?The faat sailing, coppered J^wyanil copper fastened barque TARTAR, Rusacll, MBHiaiaater, MO tons burthen, will sail for the above port .ud meet with quick despatch For freight or passage, having excellent accommndations, ap ply on board, pier 13 L R., or to WOODHULL k MINTURN, "rc 07 Sooth street. KOK OLASGOVV?Regular K ckct-The well ?~."0WRiV*tsaihng British birtitte ANN HARLEY ?' apt Robert Scott, IMions hurihen, having moat of n" <*'K'?^g??ed, will meet withqnick dispatch t or ir, ight or passage, haying ex. ellei t accommodations, ap ply on board, foot of Pin- atreet E. or to ^ WOODHULL b MINTURN, .iTtejtos: eWwrri ilriei ds can have thein brought out at the lowestrvt ' JwV.'n*0. *J ?Sp ?1",.,{"PI soling every five days: t. ",.1 l-an' M be furnished for any amount, payableai I ffe ^ncip.l biukiug institutions throughout theUuite 'pply or address (if br letter, post paid )to JOHN HEkD.VIAN k CO., A1. Sjuth street New York. HERDMAN, KLJlNAN St ?;o., "* Liverpool. ridiik 1 K<m *ALL, to CLOSE a CONLe.KN.-Tht t^jy 1 "!? of Liverpool Packets, consisting of the ships ?cius, Siddona. 8lieridau and Garrick. They were t.uilt iu tn? e;ty ny Urowu It Bell, with unusual care: for mo i _ m-i'.enaL (r very large proportion of their names being i ll J ' V.'! *brkin.uuhip, they are unsurpassed, if not uue quiilvd. Salted ou the stocks and re-aalted every year aiuce. t Hair iccororn, rlir ous for passengers are very extensive and haudaortielv luruished. Apply to ld* A- COLLINS fc CO., 66 South at. AAA, . FOR LiV EltroOL?The New Line-Hep.!-. SeHV 1 -'Cest of r _ Jaou iry.?The superior faat sailing MfeBfirj-acket ship QUEEN OF THE WEST. CapuiS rh.iliirVVoouhouw, i2W ions burthen, will sail as above, her CQiVilKL O'SlV For freight or passage, having splendid, large and comfortable ?Uto rooms and cib-u, aiu.lv on board, west aide Burling slip, WOODHULL k MINTURN, P' ^riceofpaaaate fl't. ? South .treat. ?UK'ic-t.-r, Cant. John Britton, BM too* bnrtheu, will aucrm d ne Queen of the West, sad sail o? 2;at ruarv. dXrc jffi&L r ,t>Wi Pt)OL?The auprrmr. well-known, ygfgVfu>t Sail.ug packet ship SOUTHERNER, T. falmer MMHmmrarer, will have imo.ediate despatch. l"*""^. having snia-riur accommodations, ap I y to the Captain ou board, foot of Dover srrect. E. R., or to .... WOODHULL k MlNTURN n South street. B ARTIFE'S LOTION, Am. Th,N AND RAPID REMEDY in all cs!n ol Ho-i p ",m 2^Uout^?p^*,M?5.r,,,?'.,' Cnu. Burns. Scalds. ofJuJfe.ct?? Wouodtof e?ery detcrimioo, Swellings, Weakness and Pains in the Breast, Side and Back. t.rle. ?-"..T"*?-P"l<y?Hons of Boues, Tetter, Ringworms, | implea, all kinds of Eruptiuns of the Skin, Kryaypelea, Salt Itheum, Fever aod Ague Ague in the Face and Breast, Quinsy m?.io, .ilnn' ft ? {' Tumoia, Lumb go, Ciamp in tbeBtre mieh and Limbs, Cholie. Bowel Complaiuta,Fever Sores, Old Uicers and hores of all kiuds, Complakts of'the Kidney gene be itc" * 0rB*' Blu"onf' Head Ache, Tooth Ache, The proprietors deem it unneeetsirv to write lengthy articles ui.?ti the merits of this invaluable medicine, aa iu 100.000 friends ii New York and the Atlantic ci.iea cheerfully certify it as the best and only remedy for the eomplaiuU above named, asserting tlut they and their iamilies will oonstaully keep a supply, it being i n generally useful and ready cure. J lie Ladiks also gratefully uuite iu attesting iu value, in maoj c ues ? hich heretofore teemed without ieni-dy . i "vif n*1 a" 'ropffetor'slUeuesal Dep.it, reu.l a,id whole Mle, ?3 Broadway. 2 doors above the Hospital, where igeutsin the c?tv and at a distance wil be supplied on liberal tern**. A J so at th ir tie pot 234 Walnntatreet. PliiUdelpbia; and b / agent, iu thu city generally. These are a few ol their agent* at a d * | t-yice, vix;-a. Deiter, Albany; Dr. Heunrtreet, Troy; T M Don veil, ^aratoga 8p; 8. Touaey, Syracuse; H O. Fowler I Auburn; J. B.Ma achiai.Utica; Coleman k Co., BdITjIo, W. LY" C!5rki itT*?r City; B. Van Norc Newbury; M. i . Ar ""i1) Vh n?if4' b I ;i S E"rc*il Washington City, D V \P A Wh/y,pl^! Bsl imore; i- Hough, Frrderrekvburu, Va. I. M. Sharp. Cincinnati. Ohio; E. Easterly. St Louis. Mo ; .1 " ?ak?r Bo.iou; Memra.W. k H. Still-ell. Westerly R I.; S'eVLvman. MoutieaJ, C. E.: McDonald, St. Johns do; J. O. Hut. fiiaso.i. Torouto.C W ~ 74 c,:"u- C. 8. BARf IN K k O , llg .2. Broadway. DR. SWAYNh'S Aafiv. CWAIilEtO ! COMPOUND SYRUP OF WILD CHERRY THE GREAT RKMEDF kOR CONSUMPTION, Colds, (.nugha, Spitting of Blood Bronchitu, Difficulty o' Breathing, Arthrur. Paiu in the Side and Breast, '? limping Cvugh. Croup nud all Du ordera of rh- Liver, and Lungs, Broken Const 'utiou, kc . fcc. 'PHIS "Celeb-ated Remrd-,'' lias now. by iu intrinsic vir tnes, acquired a celebrity which cm ney?r be shaken by te",Ky.,,"cke Nos(rumart ?nh which iheconr.try Uoou> d rotn h-U~i'.C-!lre? JBut th ? it the ouly <? me Jy ths can be rrhed uiyn for the tweedy and ; rrmane-.t cure of ,11 from ih! l??ft Lungs. It la literally sweeping ? lousuiuptioa j 11 u mtroduceg and brrnmes known. ?1 .Pin. * insiguibcance. The |nibhr hate been .v'0,?,"**"1. eoough.snd now resort toa oie licine w U.ch ! i J a ti? 5 ?/ moat eminent phyticiaot iu th- lind has Ln hr Hi the reach of criticism It reriuires no i olate inp ut), bv publialung columns of forged certificates?but it is oTifl.n'.n 'h* r,-l,e,^0?W wh"' if be obtsined. aud me trial will convince all of iu great efficacy in curing those aboTe wh,ch bay. b.ffled ths skill "if the most learned nractitloners for sxrs herrtofoie ( '8 COMPoUNlf^ijyKL1. OF WILD -u t. ?the b?1, Preparation from that valuable tree which was ever introduced to the public, and ample proof is .Horded of iu aucceat by the country being flooded with "Bal stms. Candies, and'Mixtures' of Wild Cherry, not one of which is prepared by a regular physician, although thev h.ve hive assumed the names of resoecrable physicians to give cur rency to their Nostrums Therefore ilie public should be on their guard, and not have a worthless mixture palmed upon them lor the original and gruuine preparation, which is oulv P-ep.redby pft SWAyRe, N. W corner ol Eighth ind Kaceslreets. 1 hilnd Iphra. [ . A ffjsh .apply h?a just beau received and for sale by C. H King, at Dr. Miluor's old ttaud, corner of Broad w,y 11'? oJ"'"1 ,t"*1 i H- A. Sands. Church Dispeu lLUVo.1M.Bo"'rJ'' c"/ner of Spring .treat; E. B. Warner, JVC Birecker corner Minette; John B. Dodu.m Broadway cor of 9th arret; Lewis k Lane, iV "reenwich street; John C. Hart, Ml Grand street, corner of Norfolk street; Horner Eve retf.95 i-udson comer Leonard street; Was Bailey, corner I" u I ton and S ad streeta, Brooklyn; M fc M L Cook, cor Rioe l?ct and Bridge atreeu Brook'yn; and Beuj Olds *7? Broed street, Newark N J, Haviland, Keew k Co., No.* Maiden cane, and Haadley.rtielps k Co., 142 Water atreet, New York ti2 J ffitorullf 1 U TliJji riJbLlL. JIVE MY ARTICLES A TRIAL AND JUDGE FDR YOURSELF I ^ 1,? ANT them all to be aa repr. aeutrd, or the money ? re*uiided. ,, MY EAU LUSTRAL HAIR RESTORATIVE J ma universally approved and admired article, free from ar Jrui apinu pungent essential oil, and otlier destructive mate rills rle.ns Uw hair expeditiously, renders it beautifully ?irighi, and imparts to it the drlicate fraarsi.ee ol the flowers ? J'. " d ""J* 'b'* soon become, pleasingly soft aM luxnri -nt in its growth -. and it will positively bring in new heir or beta I.ends by its use, and hair that ha. been made harsh, ?i d is tun.mg gray or falling out, by the use ol spirit or other improper pre;-.ratioue, will soon be restored to its natural co loi and b.illiaucy hy a few applications of the Eau Luatnl. It u n p< eaervai ire against bAldneM, and an infallible cure ia ".'f''* 'kiuon the hrid. as dsndrnff?and lor prw ventingun f l.lug off of the hair aud turning grey, nil ^ simple produce ud immed ate extract of el^J* f?1 'be bair, endowed with properties to I ofn^ * " d,M,ub'(?s the Epidermis and Capillary a - 'oL-- - - Nature i. lu iuexhmwrhliI>m'"<CE k u stud, v-ill sil '"?'"??W'bla mine, in which experience nnd alone wh eh Z*\* f",d 'o?" <? excavate ; it ia that source. he w.'.uldTi ?Xtr.rc'IL\ 11 mk" calls invutfou, ud which 'r? I "iRKttifM ,7" ?*? tKSgH AUEL^Psrfumer ud Chemist, and by my agents :-J. Bpbiladelphia. : At.suit. Lalayetta Bixasr, So* |Js .a'd Willed. 8. W corner of cida, udWin,?.lr^.V I I'pubis mi was awarded at the FrimtJlB lStluu^nl6 lm*re DR. HULL'S TRUSSES AND ABDOMINAL SUPTORTER. ry HE superiority of Dr. Hull', luw^Ui^? all others mVr4rn!^bTth*mo4t ^iu.rK < Iffice 4 Vmey Street, Astor House- A female in | a the ladies'depvtmeat '?I?*i?u I some highly tubes HART WELL'S WASHINGTON HOUSE, >443 ChMtRBt Htrcct, PHILADELPHIA. ATH3 jail iutrodacfHS?Warta and Cold?ui ftbt apart menu, for both Udiet and ton tie men; and the entire orga nization and fitting up of everjr department of the Washington House,complete. dtl Im'm B Highland Cottages. VIEW8, witfi grunud plan,, of the Highland Cottage. Roxburv, near Boston, designed and erected by W in. Land?for tale at the .tores of Sexton and Milee, Wiley k I' n im, M R. Newman, Hoe L-ckwood It Son; and other hook atom in New York, Philadelphia and Boston u> 7w*r FRENCH, AMERICAN, AND ITALIAN RES TAURANT. SIONOR PALMO rr>|'ectlnlly informs his jettons and 'he public, that he has opened a Rests irei.t, .1 fits wf II known and p ?pclar old t*?ud, aifjning 'he 0|>era House lie will serve e .!'Jt u Dinners and Suppers, in the Kr.inh AmIMN ajd Italian style, at all hours, and in a maimer unsurpassed by any .iintlar r slablislimei t iu the city. Kiguor Palino trusts that many of iris old Iriends will kindly remember his peculiar abilities as a caterer lor epicures. A d oner of three dishes *l choice, with half a bottle of claret 01 lie porter kc. may be had daily for J '5 Cents only. His bi'l of tare will comprise all the choice dishes of ti e season, at the lowest |.-iees a ml ?eivcd m the beat manuer. N. B ?Hot and edd Baths supplied atihe ?b>>ve establish met.t s usual F. PALMO. nil lin'r *01iainhe-s si HUToL l>K? UFA! A KitCKiv? Boarding and liooHi* on the IZan/onin Plan. WHICH is more couveuien', CoinlortaVfe and rcmiom.i'sl than any other plan for tr.ii ellct". and in reports whose bustnesa requt-e lip id to he absi iit I'ri iuedtly. The quiet and healthy location of th- hotel, oppnailr Duai.e park, icti i d fi.rin trie none bustle and confusion of nr. at Iho foag lairs, yet adjacent thereto, and all tl.e ir-onl.or t land ings, pre-euts the m<iat desiiable lesideucc ICS Dunne st, oi? posite Uuaur park- tilt tin* NEW FRENCH RES FAUKA.N r Si < Of FEE HOUSE AT NO 717 BROADWAY. \f E68IEUR8 BL'NKL k jf.K ?,OMTP . bi? ?n suetmtiC' 1*1. to the pnb'IS '.d iteocriP, anu lo uistiui.hed laimlics p-.ncul r, th t they have ojiened aurlrgaul French Restaurant and Coffer House, ar No. 7 7 Broadway, where Breakfasts D.nuers and suppers may be had atauy convenient hour; i>nn i i a style that cannot f.il to satiafy the moat delicate p ils'-r T here will Iwaya be found a rich aupply of flue pastry au. c.oifeetiofieryji lliea, >ce i reams, Clmrlottes-rd .l-s, ke f-X quisite L'.juora tod the most choice Wines Orders received fr in Famii li for B e k'asts, Dunsrs andSuppi-is, or s-paraL di .hes.e Parties aupi l' -a wiili every kind of 1'astrv, Jellies, Ciinfeetioi ar.es on! Ice Crrsms n3 lm're G TURTLE SOLF FUR EXFORTAT1UN OSLINIJ, of <he American and French Dining Salons; Nos. 64 and 1.6 Nassau -treat has always ready OieeaTu tle Soup for Captains and families, put up in tin lxi,ea. Upward, of 1611 dilfe. rut d.shrs served up doily for dinner from 12 M. till 3 P. M ; the last of the markets; all k i ds o game, kc., for prices which suit every body. He h s htely erected a machine whereon dinar. lor 20(1 oers na can he in two ui.uutes prepared. Ra* fan.-UV uckwlie rc-ke?. Iv r arrangement la made for t' e comro.-t ol th. r tit. rs His S loon is open frnui 6 A. M. till 9 P. M , ictcept 'he first d.j i . the week till 3 P. M.) My sou, Henry Gosling, has erected at e g'eat ripens . similar est ibli.hin.ot iu Boston, Mass., No. H> l> vonsnire ,t Very thankful for the encouragement bestowed n u.r f r ike last live yunrs, nod in 'he hope of a contiriu i.ee 1 have tin honor to call myaelf your niort- obedient rrstsarvru' n27 lm-rc L. GOSLING. KtCH &ILKS, CASHMERE?, SHAWLS, J?i ARE NOW offered lor ule at a great aarrifice, many atylea from tweotylive to thirty per cent less than the regtil&r

w lioleaaleprice.. The subscriber, have .ecu red a large lot of Rich JFrtnch Sdk Goodi, Qrc Also, sererel consignment.?all of which will be sold tl it should be below coet. The season beiug somewhat advanced, they hare conclud-d to embrace the present opportunity to di-puae of the balauce el their slock. A large porttou of it lias been purchased recently, at the Great Peremptory Auction Sale.; therefore, w ill make . very large redu tiou from present price., and do venture to ss; that their Silk, Shawl ana < as-mere Stocks, will premnt the great est induceineut* to pu-chaaer* in the way of Dry Goods. tli.it has ever been off red. in this city. J. N. k T. H. S. k Co. do assure their friends and customers, that they may put full confidence in all and every statement made iu ibis adveitisetnent, a. they are prepared and will sub stantiate every vgprd of it. Our stock consists of the richest and most coetly goods that have betn imported thta aeasou. We would respectfully invite all t. call and examine for thenuelvea; aakiug none to buy ex ?i pi they are perfectly satisfied. iyior further particulars, please read the following:?m ONLY ONE PRICE! SILKS-SILKS. A large lot of rich Dark Silks, reduced 23 per cent. Splendid Silks for street dres.es, former prices (a, 9s, 16s per yard, now only 7s and la. k wide and heavy 12s silks at tl. X do Pari. Silk., for evening dresses; have been .old by th. importer this seaaon at $2 per yard, now will be .old at tl per yard; a greatsacrifice. One yard wide splendid Camelioa Striped Silk., reduced 39 ceuta per yard. Ombre Striped Changeable Silks. 4. 6d per yard. Rich Hortxoutal Striped 8iUu, all reduced. Splendid Brocade Silks, very cheap. Magnificent B'ocade Silks, at rich ? a. any that ha. ever been in thi? city?reduced tl peryard. Wide Satin Striped Black Silk., have been Mild thia .eaaon at <2 and 14. per yard?reduce to 9s. Several case, of wide Gro de Rhine., reduced from 23 to39 l?r cent. High Luatre Oro de Rhine., 27k incite, wide only tl per yard. X wide Black Silk., HorisonUl Striped 9.M. SHAWLS- SHAWLS. A large atock of Shawls. and are to be .old a. aoon a. posat de, co-sequ?ntly they will be offered at the following rate.:? hie _ _ Real grnuiue Lyon. Broche Shawl, only S19. Superior Cashmere Shawl, all wool, that we have been sal* Inig at $29 now 914 sndglS. Extra tine Double Center, all wool, that have beeataelling at t >3 now 820. Kqtra fine Pari. Square Shawl, reduced from t39 to S33. Lyon. Broche Long Shawls, whit, and drab ground only $14. Pari. Leaf Shawl., extra ifae, reduced from $39 to $29. Splendid Farie Long Shawl*, reduced $30 per shawl. It it just the season Tor ahawli, and the entire atock will be sold at great bargains. CASHMERES, MUSLIN DE LAINE8, kc. Between reand six thousand yard, of Monaeline de Lane., Repp., and ashmeres, juat bought at a great reduction from first cost, i i w ill be retailed at 2s per yard. 24y??-t Cashmere E. Coaae and Mouatelin de Leine, re duced!) ? leeut. vlou *' ti de Laines; Partrule, Lupin k Co. Manufacturers, nil win! 3.i per yard. M usielm de Laine. of the same make, bright colon, all ivmiI only 3a6d per yard. Montselin de Lanes superior Cabrie, reduced I Cashmere E. Co.se all wool com 73 cents to in 3. per yard. import, only 3. Cd Cashmere E. Couc, Mperier quality, price $1 reduced to We have many style, of the above good, not enumerated,and * ould cull particular attention to this opportunity, a. we feef ?vail asaitvd that the expectation of all will be realized. FRENCH CLOAKS, MANTILLAS, lie. Alt gc lot ol P.ria made Cloaks, just importea ud will be .old it gie. t bargain. -pleudid lltanik Silk riosks. Very uch Plata cloik. and Coat Drenea, the latMt style. i.n|Hxted, and will b* said for less than they can be made for iu tins maiket Velvet aud Silk Mantillas, equally cheap. CLOAKINOS, PLAIDS, kc. Splendid lot rich Plaids, reduced 23 per cent. Extra Fine Paris Clockings, very cheap. VII Wool Paris Cloaking. The mporter's price was $1,29 per yard, now will be sacrificed at 6 shillings per yard. D ok shaded Stripes, and Extra Wide Menmie*, ke. LINENS, LINENS, kc. 1-4 Irish Linens, Ml prices. Every width ofBonsealy. Irish aad Scotch Sheetinn Damaak Napkins, Damask and DoubU Damask Tab). Cloths all sixes and widths, at great barga ' ~ ~ loteni tinckabuek, Birds Eve, Scotch and Irish Towelling. A large assortment ofFlannels. f.1..<-tied Long Cloths, with a full and general aMortmant of r'umil, i mods. We hive not specified the particular style, aad priew of the' '?ore goods, but intend to reduce them to rack price* u will seen re immediate alt. EMBROIDERED AND MUSLIN DRESSES, kc. A splendid lot of Evening Dresses will be sold at Imlfthe iianal prices, having be?n pmrhased at .greet sacrifice 1.01 r.mbtoulcred LhimizeKs, which will be sold very cheap. IU Dozen Linen < I.mlsne HdVfs. ni k. 9s snd 10s per dux. 49 Dot. n of Oent's Kr-ueli Linen Cambric Hdkfs, Slid Will ke .old exactly 23 p~r cent it is than they coal to import, which is bout 30 per cent lets than the tegular puce Ye vet Scarfs on? v 2s. 2U Sty lea of Ladies' Neck Scurfs? II will be Mild very low. With a great variety of other Faney Ootids (T.7 * If there are suy me.ehants Ik.in oilier town, and cities iNts *' " " "~ w V ork, they will do well to call Terms c ?li or ap proved PM*r. J. N k T li SELUV k CO . No eM Bro .dtvay, New York. P. S.?A large lot of Splendid ? jihwere E. i out ol Potiule ~ * nsoiev Ci l.upin, Seydoux Seiber k( o.. in .ie< etnre.just oin oid.bi n g the richest we havervt rrxhib tr-J iu our store, rati will he re tailed from 90 to 36 cents pe- i.iu less tiian they hsve ben ?old for by the cam i. his intrxei We inviie all to call and see thein a'* Im'ni FIFTEEN UUNDKEJLl DOLLARS REMARK I'HK abort Kawuii of KifUen Haiulr?l Dollar* will hr laid lor the recovry of ihe ?uu> ol Seven Toousaud Nmr Hundred Dollar*, stolen from Myron V m Drnseu, of th* citj ?f Hadion, N. Y., on the night of the ?tb Oet.,ber Inst, whil* <>a ht* passage from Hadron to tho city of Near York, tu I he ?fr iuboat couth America ; or a proportionate sum for such i >art of *aid m?aey at may b? reeorrred and restored to the .ubscribera, on application to either of them. The mousy was contained in a tmell caipet bag, which waa taken from the berth of aaid Van Deneen, and foaud the neit 11y in|the wheel hoa*e of th* boat, eat and rifled of it* con enta. It eontiated of billa of varum* denominatioaa and of to reral bark*, a* near as can be remembered, en follow* tliea lu l's tad 10'a of the Oneida Beak. SIOOU in J'? eud If* priucipdlly of?-h# Tine Flam* and Kinder hook Bank SIMO in bill* of vnrione denomination*, of the farmers' Beak of Hiidsou. SIMM, or about that tarn, of the billa nf the rhean Bank of Hartford, and ether Ktatrra Money SIM in billa of the Hudson River Bank, nearly all in M dollar The balance of the money was in bill* of Waalam bank* of this State. New York, Nov. list, IMS. AUO. tu. MASTERS, til P*nr| it OKOROK H. KLLERY. C William at. THEOPH8. P. HART. 44 Cedar it, Committee for Assignee* of Myron Van Deneen, Im'r IMPORTATION OF WATCHE8. || A VINO jnat received from Knrnpe, with a new nasortmnnt IX of San Irold and Silver Watchee and Movements, a lot o Independent Seconds, nod doable time Wstehee and Move ment*, of an entirely new style and of seperior finish, we take this opportunity to call the attention of alfperson* in the wntch business to visit oar stock, which, in every respect, will be found edventareoms, both forgjeeMd^.tj y . Ne. I IT Fnlton street. New York. P S.?Engaged also la the watch making basinese, we con tinue to attend to the repaihoj of ell kind* of walehee, and par ticnlarly those of fine and difficult works. il4 lm*m AWREN<;K,~MYKR* ik CU? ? Stone street, hive' net received per shipe Kpervier and Ben, the andrrmeationed Ourd*l)apnyS Co. in half pipae, pule end dark vintner a, a. lo j. /.Da pay, S do fi d*. THEfMEMBER OF CONGRESS FROM*OREGON HURRYING TO WASHINGTON. THE WHOLE OR NONE-" The iw. C. finm Oregon. Tliekiteh ot tin* number of Congress trom Oregon, who is hurrying to Washington, to vote lor the "whole or noic," is taken from lite, and at the j moment ihe new M. O. ?? pissing through the great ! South Pans. When the question, whether or not ' California, Cuba, Mexico, and Canada, aa well as | tin whole of Oregon, to 51 40, ;.re to be annexed, ; i 0:111s U|' lor deei.-ion. this philosopher will be f und to hi? seat, V 22S, voting with the "ayes " As an orator, he is, peiiittp?, unequalled : it is said that bis eloquence is of u psouhar kino; different from that ot t allioun. Webster, Clay, Sec , as the mar of the Pacific is " liferent Irwin that of the Atlantic. uuirv where we are,.to ascertain the true taith. C n. aequently.we are led to investigate the cl?m. ol th? waltnnded by d\vme LtjouMo ?d through all age s'?hieh was given i? as binding in the L"".~ SS2?~ s gr'?rt, F-f hear, lo .t hmk^n ud into a thoutand nectionai we ese Christianity broken up mto a in f.agments, ^^^^Wonersbl. uuptUu or obscure or peradoicc , m|d*t of this oocrneloo, lion of cWcA. 8liIl.ln tne .?ndow<<1 W(lh aU ,he the charch liyoji, flounsbe , forth in attributes which she received wneuana ^ ^ DiTine her prinitiv? roajetty trom n,t??tion wo will hare founder. In entering upon ' ^ different donomins ,0 examine no Us. 4m ^claiming to be di tions in ths United States, did n#t reft on vinely loundsd se the c F0under. that the church the promise of her Divine r ouu ? . would exist for ever, we should J u >h(ae discovering the true ?tucb.H * vnam church different denominatio . tj lty but they cannot be I bey may be purts of.Uufctianwy, ^ diffBr,nt the origiutl d openly contradict one denondMtksna al^glari(J.fhodistij the Baptists and the another. Thsrs ?? tne D Baptists, he., fcc., Associate e(U ,u interpreting the sacred a?l having ditterent cr , ^ notion*, and yet each Scripturas according to the . which I have just of them quoting the t?t of^Sc^p Nqw , alk u lt possi cited. "HeJ hat will ? church is ' Vee. it ie p >s hie to discover where the church, has imprinted ?ibis. Ths Divins Jounder^f the ^J^rMsteril'tici by ou her by his divine hand. w'"?r ^ therofore, the which she can be deiignate the dilferen, church can bs are Lund to em denomination! now i church haa not tboae charac brace it. If *? C^tc.S thtin in any of those teristics of t?th' *n re bound to forsake the Catho de nominations, bbenw? ar (he Roman catholic ner satisfactory to all( P?ti..- n o ff any that it ie ths church, then ws are b# the church( other denomination can^ro Catholic Church and then are we bound to tor**" . , th i?Teatigation. In embrace it. L*tJ,.!1n?T ?^hat is mesnt by the church? ihe first place I will ask what ism? 7 churcb." We Th. church, if we take Itc Nowwhstis thechurc _ body 0| men a .en.r^ deftniUon.?J^c^^t^eD^ aU the who retain all Ihe doctrines, a . (ht Founder precepts,taught, ?T\ir*d J?1 ,g a .^arai deftnltion, all of the Christian religion. T received only a i>art of will admit If *^7^-J! *???,.c'&tTuid ? the those sacramenu, that body can f men Jo QOt reUlI1 true rhurch of Chnit. H ? J hodv cannot lay and practice all tha sacramen , d that claii to the ap^UaUon of ^ true enure ^ ^ b.Mly oi men who do not. t cannot be called the he sanctity inculcated by Christ, cannoi^ ~ q| m<n i lia following |# A R tUrouatiout the world hutch ? the |*oi>ie of 1 theoloamol definition ie i?ut the moet c?n?pieheni?^ loffftthar by the proleeeion (n?: ' a hod) .Vm. ..Pcram.nU, onnetiuetaiih.thv parti Jl >#|iie legi,imate pas nd under the , ,haI? can be any objection to ?OS." I do ne. know that there canM? ^ b#Jy flf hiedvtoitiOD ^^'?".rtfes.ioi. of tue tiue laith, i, n united t gr'htir t y I o( tlie same sacra -ound together in the ^ti?P*ti^ ^ the game ,egitl. ?euU eutl w der the I uua church in ?'?ate pastois, thsra vre di wU| lllTe,iigato to which bv coos. Ot our euqiry d,gnitl??, will apply; Jeuoinitiation either 01 u?e d.nominatiou to wnich ,n-l where we d*noro^uod.uorainau0n ,u,s deftoiUou will ?Pl'1>kar^ ^ chnst. W.th we will 4wl tti. nkfiich ol cour?? we regard to tna di?i'ion point I am meraly j? not preund^ '^UoK .J^twiUlaU and.r giving a View Ot tse seveisiH d,v,dei e? ? e COD sr tr' ^;bucU^r'^:nnk.;Tj^u^ it will at ?nce e ? |k ,u# churcn con. a stats ot tssidare. and ^ (W(a o( lllubstiou in poaed #(. " xha churclmLlumphaul coneieU oi tuose this worli. The churcn ii |i 0,deal in the fle.b, spirits whohsve passed through tssmu ^^ au4 m and hsvs gonemo t u a0UD,ied, to be hep there watting till ^alMt trumpet is h auffer. py and re united with their boaie. ? w> ing.ie those membersofthe t hepplntse, end b?va not yet been hmh Uer who hsvs J** * Pf1>arfBCtsona Plainly, lherslore, tho can stone lor their ImperfectioM- rimroj/. ,q ^ wor|d. church militant is |D Heaven, and the the church triumphant, olChmtmnem^ # # ^ jUU church sutfaiiiig, of souis oe ,alDt? which* hris And hare behold the esmut? ^ pi'0|?,. as often nans ol all denominations believe ? h ther, a. they recta the Apo.U.'. creed. Ws't0 lh. ie a communing kept up '* 'communion ex church on oarth. Wa bene ?uffenng in tendi to iba aoula of brat barn on tM kept up by . middle st.te ^ "'n w,,^ witn.nft praying, ona with another, i . w6 pray for them, to our brethren, and tn a mid v#n, or in the middle ! All the faithful on the earth iti Hssysn. ^ ^ j# ' etate, are united together y I to my bretnren in my brethren 0U *,r'J'' ' ^ mjndlul of m.,an.l I bolmv# Heaven, and aek them to be mino ^ Qf Ood ,0 in. that tt is net Heaven And in the course ot the . voke a blaaasd spirit in Heaven ^ docuine remarks that 1 ^ "LfVr^e to soul, in pur Are not at liberty to r?^1r "ctdne*'t raii?mi11cd sUme giound that d?""J , lhe juvocation of saint*, to the church. With regard ,(h ihem, haar the anil keeping up ?"?m?"(5eat writars ol the church; language ol one of the> gr reipected even by philot^ and one who?e authority ianationo! the doctrinal dif pher.. Miller, who ? "? ?g t^cethSlto-" Let u. ference. between/rote'tanu a jncor[)0rltelI wlUl ,?e turn to those who were p pj?B, read a church on earth." In..upporl<* *'^7 J Millar, lengthy OBtrnet at ii that this doctrine comet The oonclunon he comes a , the B|)0,t0lic tradi to us frora the mo?t ancien orU wc cnmlo be induced tions, and he add*, and th? abandon a docmnc to abandon it" ** *h?^Iht iSdprectic.d by the which Is proved to ^\V? (!Ther. ol the church, and who, earliest atid most saintly |a ^hioh was common to in teaching It, taught flour,.he,11 What the church In the are in which in y fl )Uli,he<1 p, the tWe*slt Att,^,H"^*aA'urch in the foUttU Century ' 1 a.k golden period of the chttrcn ? whhthet they can all the denomination* in hi ?uf S( A(u<,^|ne 1 apply to themayWu* thta * bunded ilowntou* from vi eil . rthe practic?? Wh'Pb * ?r whetbei they 1,1. tune aie "till ,?? Uk* ??h'Vlh'v a.e to be iound I h.v di? ar.led them, at, ,or tbB .tea I; end St lie a t make commemorauoi . , ,,al>i, oor Atigu.uiie wa? bdt An ?gn? _ tll. rope. He say* wm he a auperatitioui m ^ &|, tomrBemore that it was th-cuatom in <>a day t<? ??mn>unltfl, with tion for the dead Mdta maw u( m { ctUre, the body ol/'""*r -^1,",.?testi.and proved that ae lait wintar,, qcuted ' . ^ ?g a.ai.tence to de pray for the ileadwi'u " ' ' fi,? r?"l lor ?ome periedipirita.il tome etctwo# ' ,(e".alMv; ffvm the venial iniquity co?mfll. ?rr>icerr i-nd learned men I ' winld. And are th re ?** u loC'tir.,: I Have other couutries struggling n ,.v. ftn,j , hull we not read of Dr. Pus?j. 1 ? ^ tJ convince the with ell the resources "lb' . ' ?jn? for the deed 1 people of thia Apoato ic tr|iui ' f j u,R| jUre Am! it la thla disposition wWcb< has InUUceu ,eg ell that they once ^W;?frS5 I "?*?? into ledonciliation wl'?? the in?. >nj, ? hundred mention the names of ? " 'ind?Ced tho.e who were jswas followa that the church must beic J.mnll,Brd wise,rich good and bad,learned and "n^clim^B an,l of ell tongues, and poor, young ?nd old, o - titulion f0Unde<] for mon. The church is. therefore, en irritation wunu ^ ^ It is in some respects, ^?r*,f}"atV r governments iu this merit?but differing founded by essential point. that other g ftgpring 0f divine wis human wisdom and this ? * ta^nt B)uit fjfc under dom ; and, therefore, tnis ? protection, and cannot divine influence, and under 1 I ? wll(jonl does err. Then the church, foonded bydmoe wise . ^ ovist?and it must be infeUiWa. because w ie n^^ ? upon humen but upon dmne church?and the gates (said our Savior) ?? will 1 Therefore, thia it hell shell not rreT?il ?**???* ^wei, ,,ell were church mart gone through gloom n^ainst it; though thia churcn^n ^ B(ls(!pkity . though, and sunshine, through prosperity nh(cured bv pass like the sun, it may have been at^tima. obMUlW i y t ing clouds-still, as the aun break, througn e ^ ^ again, so did thechurchln ^mMdleMe ^ ^ i* founded, af the rsalmii* ieci? , j rtnirch t>y This part of the psolm lias been appl c1 church is <? que.lion'wWaS'belr^* "" Vpostles, alter Christ. ^hr,.8thelieve appointed his so nee from ",#c^?r^,r^Ures tell us that t^at succes Peter, and thaI,meanl^![il -och will I build my then said, "Upon this rock^wiu re,er church," kc. ^ow, th q wbere are they to be uny successors, and if he n? , traced up the found .' St. Augustine teU? u? that ha successors of Poter fromi _ ^'h jn from the tieie of chain; ami can'tJ*"brokenT By no ?St. Augustine to the presenv iay, f there is no ?,her ^urch can t^s te shown^^T inc,aiminA , dlr.ct iisurpation on the pert it ae down to the present uninterrupted succession from Peter^owu c to urge Who belongs t0 f(r^r^.? e to tngland, snd objection, when he pes . church by law .ves the condition of the c gy^.^d more or less de established. The church h crBd?aUy developing veloped since the *7o the Orient, <fiffu itself until the Sun of Justice lQ the world ? sing Its energies| th?u1h2"i,# i?7is copiously illustr. This is the doctrine of St Petti, eno is cup / ,ed by him in his 11th charter of bto EpriUe to hrew's Let u. ^ in hi. first styled in the secred " 14th ftnd i?th vers s, church, therefore, is the ho^'e jj d . ' consciences pillar of truth. Can we be ntMea rn^ou Jfwe()onot ,hat we can enter into that house o phu(.ch what will enter into it?if we do not as heathens and ba our fate 1 W. will ^"^y'"the church is puMieans. and condemned 7 chapter, where styled Christ's flock, to St 0n. shep <hn.tpr.ys thsttheremeyb. onsflwi a[) ta.r,. herd?11 to ,,b" "" the tree chnrco where this fote, it cen^ be the - . ntj, where there la unity can't be (,,,c?kel/ " can t eaist unity, and where a difleience of lh ,r,?h is not. It is evllent, unity doe.not exist, there the irmn in^^ ^ wllh all therelore, that . . ,he divine succession of tasrr'-ag; Uh^iSt"^pMkW These are ^ umS in < it" aba'reel, muat, j h?eo pointed out ell Is' ol d do-trine* ere C - ? various names the di?l..< n. c the C v hJh.^Th?^ uodsl vbich .h. .'?<_? t tao phnrok originally ea fore, ihcre iaa ? by w hich we c?n tehlished wd Jl.^*ttr hl|t#, which dssMtiguieh it irom dis. ovor ?' r - erth.n .< tribal ^ ^ which ore all rival denominatio" fc,h,t,tv I will, therefore, sent. Itsell,.. "? '?/:;/U "d-v .??d1, g to th.vi.iW tsgra-wd :::: ? the wieDtea and Wa. 'enae*. Tii? Divo*c? Ca.k *>r Mk- <* v "y"b*p?ua| The Hviuae ot ^Jr|rt,',4/,'lU%7hui'.?esa ?n' of hour, and de.patch.d a g?o< deal o ^ ^ ^ mbj# the important transaction. Of 'b* *1 (1 ?tr to iuaert in to-day's paper other pre ?ed. ;gs w > to-morrow The apptk-etion ?f for . divorce from be, ."-band.Jnanc. ^ ^ ?, Maryland, has been oot> re po ,<y or tWo since, Delegate. Her !??*?"? "f!^,i3oy by e bill fre-n the was answered in the House ye t T 7^ ol ly w8, re Committee ef f ourts of J ? . committee, but norted Hi her favor unenunou.ly By use own thiTrules of the House, were ^ To Ha j?r MOtinf t8c* K.,??^ this atoning. Servic. at 7 o clock. .. . . lL . ,k, roiirae of iirmoni now bal;ng oou* f he eighth id the cour pr(]|((Unt Epi,Copal Free ered to 7 ?"!*' fe:v?DKelista (Vandewetcr."treet. bo Church of the H?iy K e U b in etched thil :r:;.r,:."?Sh,ss,r-i? ????*>?' " The"Ue^Henry i. Whitehou.e, D^,D , Thorn#"'* I hurch, will p *,ant#Mtreet, between Ko ssss masse? s. ssn ? tok., ?i'h. Re* Jacob W. Oilier, Rector ?( S*l,rt; Luke , h\?h%VokJ>n. L I .-.ll Vro-h kt American Free Chuich of St Ctooigetne j 4hd BroHilw ay, this evening at 7* u clock. 'i\m Rpt Dr Taylor, K?cior of 0?aca ( hurch, w?l ..... -TO. <*>*?*? S?^OTW^Bsi-?SS )VI"?7 Lae Jnn On'a letter of ?li.mi??ion from toe u iln nf Virginia, T. 8 Arthur late a atudent of 'he ? "SAKii ??r.7Jr b~n t,,,. BUbo, ? . ... .1.1ml C)Hn'**Tioi?--NtfVM't'M; ? guoday after Trinity, at ht. Philip* U?urci. <19 e preiented hy the sms ano ..ell .Miucription 1* opened am oaf "Angle A Peojeci.- A "tI')Sc P w#' Newman to repay Catnolic* and ??c?Uoweeir and living for the last ton the proceed# of bi? feUoweatp hl d at ^ reflection year# ; .? ^ in f??. he ?w not a that he wa* holding these, wnue, me Tiber of the e?tabU?hed church. Fact and Fancy . The chevel lactory.bekMtnyo (^orge^Kiog. no ir the centr^ of niBh, 0f {.it week, tw destroyed by Are 'nn? .bout tlBOO worth of new it ther with hw tool". etc_, nod Hie lorn ie tsgw^'^&sus.sii'ss s^r^xrrs.... "?&to Mr. KUig who to bev. BM^ssgraSSar"" perpetrator of the dark deod.-TW.* On Thursday evenrnglatrt, *halt paaj^ ^ ^ the Kockaway llotue, PbjUiP ^ Ma content? It ami waa burut to the flro.ulrndA^ Tllton and waa wall ?ii kept, we believe, by Mr. of a ssrassa.' a ai communicated td the room. ? ? Lib.#.*,OtofV B.U.;, ... Chepachet affair, the jury could not agree . _ I* '.lla/llnd* leoachet affair, the jury couiu uU. Mr Lemuel Wilson was killed|near Sycamow ill Church. Norfolk County.to ^KKBsnsfiggsSs it. when the chain gave way. and ha being unoer w , it fell end eru.bed him to doeth. . The Monroe (Mich ) AdvoraU, n the morning of **>? 1 5 , hi" roeidonoo in nd deed in the rnad,;not far from n m0ming "inville, iu thi? county, and on th? ? rjjjj ed Smith of Le Salle, waa also found dOM to rhTnumber of vessels built intfae Eg"? v"mwbrthe name of Perry, a ahoem^terby la, was killed in thi. iricinity^ on Thursday ulghl l week, by a free negro named Spott ^ >ear? Perry entered Pennman'a houee. ?omewn? ? icated, and in?i?tad on remaining ail n^kt, being id he uZd threeteninglanguege. aud behav^ to. nner that ?o alarmed the negro tbto^h# M h^h'dkl i .hot hi in . he gun wu loaded with .ket, "htca^ t penetrate ?umcienlly to do any iejury uck him .everal blow. Witt, Ita^banwl ? nch fractand hw skull in suc^ . Keen tried beiore , le.it, in e few hmir. P.nnme. ha. bw trtoo ea.mining court and dtamtt?ed 1 Hon. ? lMn-iUr (*? ) Tnkum, Df. !ifl A Frenchman named h*T, V^S^KSTto T of the pei-er" fO?nd in ^ b.ld an nFiher b? litd toy family. IUffl quest upon th% l)?dy. An affray took plane in the town Akiaadn*. # on the mernlng of the !?th tnrt., bjtw*" J"wi towy and V VI D'lt.pelia, lu which the latter waa ?r ingerou.ly, if not ??rt.llyt'^^^SSSSS^ Ir Walla immediately .arrenderiKl to tae " ne arrel wa. one ?1 twoer mora year. ? tanking founded in the aMomen.-ff?w Orl.?? w - Oo the ir.t t.ongreaaioualDi.trictby congrea". met at ht he non.iti#'mn ol a candidate^n.^o^iy ^l^ted Emito *XlB Sito.S of ?5? democratic perty, to the dace of John SlidoU. roa^nod^ ._ A dnetructivc fl? Z good", account". , ^ the poS WZ- MrTil^ U^Totod .^hnrV^Oi ?? f u X copy the lollowmg rgto of la?t Saturday :-On lait FrWay. gIt'll **Vh . . oiind in hi" room at hn "With a ? of thu piaco. fawvtnK ?*w^u awot wttli a ed with "h? Tke e?Ao ?SSE-r^s lauly rofuae. to apoak

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