22 Şubat 1846 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

22 Şubat 1846 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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?mi that during the put pur,Dm State debt, proper, i been Yedueod $3,888.086 ?S ; leaving the State la sted to tha amount of $1,880,10$ 07. Two of tha itona this indobtadnass, amounting to $608,640 54, tho Troa ror thinks map never bo caliad for, and thap boar no erect. Thou wars sums for vacant estates, dapositad tho troasurp, and for tho surplus revenuo distributed the federal government Tha assets bp which to uideta this debt wore $1,418,037 56. The sales of seminarp and internal improvement lands ring tha year, have amounted to $$>,856 04. Of this 4,135 94 was cash, and the balance in 9tate coupons aturad. Tha receipts during tha pear, including the balance tho tlst December, 1844, have been $1,501,840 73; tha penditurea, including tha adjustment and liquidation debts proper, have been $3,310,81$ 30 ; leaving in tho sasurp on tho Slat of December, 1845, a balance of 161 071 33. This balaseo consists of $305,000 18, cub tho Bank of Louisiana; $88,673 50 of notes and bonds ae this paw; and $38,400 87 of notes and bonds pro oted. Finscss or Louisiana. he settlements effected the past pear are the third and fourth series of 8tate bonds to the Bank of Louisiana $1,300,000 00 onds to New Orleans and Nashvilla Rail road 17,000 00 j ouds to tbe Charity Hospital, exchanged with Union Bank 100,000 00 oe l to Clinton and Port Hudson Railroad, exchanged with Union Bank, 381,000 00 | onds to Mechanics and Traders' Bank,ex changed for stock, 150,000 80 alance due Consolidated Bank, 33,770 73 londs to Consolidated Bank, exchanged for stock of Bank of Louisiana, 63,000 00 onds to Union Bank exchanged for stock of Bank of Louisiana, 350,000 00 ' onds to Consolidated Bank for loans ob tained 13,000 00 tate note to Louisiana 8tate Bank,exchang ed for stock 50,000 00 ' tate note to New Orleans Canal and Bank ing Co., surrendered as bonus 50,000 00 tate note to Bank of Louisiana, paid out of Siuking Fund in bank, 350,800 00 : atarest on bonds 398,430 43 ialance on contract for repairs of State pro .P?rt7. 8,034 10 lalf cost partition wall in Toulouse street, 480 38 $3,850,885 43 Old Btesk Rxehangs, 150 ths Canton Co 15000 N Y Bute 5's, *56 3010 Ohio 0's, 1505 5000 Ind sua Bonds 3000 Indiana Sif Bda 4000 Heading Bonds 100 do 5000 lllineia Sri Bda 1000 Prnn's 5's 1st May 73' do M6 73 do bfS 73 do b40 71V do Tl)j SI aha Union Bank 116 1 Bank of New York 135 35 Vicksburg Bank IV 56 do ?? 50 N O City Bank 65 NNATrast blm 10* ... _ It rortsm'h Dry Dock ? 155 do bit S2i.' 60 Farmera' Trust 351% 55 do tl8 51 4 SS ~ " s 55 Morris C?iM 50 do 15 do 55 do JO do bCO 1' 135 Reading RR ?5 do 16V SO do 'g _ do alt 16V 35 do 65V I 30 East Boston Co 1IK 1075 do 65V 15 Stonington RR bM 40 100 do b60 66 Second Board. 11000 Reading RR Bda 74 V 150 aha Canton Co MV 4000 Heading Mortg Bda 75V 100 do sM W 100 aha Morris Canal 16V 50 Nor 1c Wor aSO 65V 50 do 16V 50 do bow 05V 30 Harlem RR 54V 100 Long Island sit 51V 56 do sM 54V 56 do sit SIX 50 Farmers' Loan bit 3SV SO Reading RR blO 65 IN Canton Co blO 35* New Stock Exchange. 30 sha Morris Canal bll 17 30 ah* L Island RR e 53V 30 Canton Co Monday MV IN Nor k. Wor c 05V 55 do c NX 35 - do aJ 65V 30 Fanners' Trust c 31 33 do Monday 65V 34 do snw 38 33 do 45V IS do 33V 56 do b3 65V M Harlem RR sM 54 V 35 do e 65X 35 do 54X Died, On Saturday, tha 91st Inst, Iaiah Ann L., daughter of Oeorge and Harriot Cornell, aged 8 years and 8 mouths. Tha friends and relatives of the family are respectfully invited to attend har funeral on Monday, 93d inst.. at half past 10 o'clock, from her father's residence, 138 F.lm itreat. Her remains will bo taken to Greenwood Ceme tery for interment. On Friday, tho 90th inst., Janc Louisa, only child of Kbenezer and Maria Smith, aged 4 months and 35 daps. The trionds end acquaintances of the family are re spectfully invited to attend her fuuoral, thie (Sunday) af ternoon. at 3 o'clock, from tho residence of her father, 958 Htenton street On Friday evaninr, the 90th inat., alter a short illness, Mr Bvnjamin F. Pabxbb, aged 69 yeara. Mis fiit-nds and acquaintances, also the members of Colombia Lodge No I. I. O of O. F., also the Mariners' Lodge No. 67 of tha Masonic Order, are respectfully in vited to attend his funeral, this (Sunday) afternoon, the 99d inst., at 4 o'clock, from hia late raaidenca, No. 84 James s roet. COLUMBIA LODGE NO. 1, L O. OF O. F. THE Members of ihit Lode* trt iraiittil t- meet at the l^idga Room. National Hill Cantl it, This Day. Sunday, nd mat. at 3 o'clock P M. for the pnrpoae of paving the laat tribute of respect to oar deceased roth?r. Beojr.min V. Parker. B-ordrof DANIEL P. ARNOLD. N Q. Annas w W. Toiaai, Secretary f221-.*r NAT.ONAL TENT No 37, INDEPENDENT ORDER OP RECH ABITF.8 ?The Membera of thii Tent are rrnneated to me-t at their Tent Hoom, No. 1ST Bowery, THIS AFT Eli NOON, at half past 2 o'clock, te attend the funeral of oar late Biother A. B. Humbert. The Order ia general are rsapertfully invited to attend. JOHN NlCOL, C. R. J Hrppntt. F. 8. fa lt*me ITNION D VISION. No.I, SONS OP TEMPERANCE. / The member* of thii Division, are reaoect'nl'y invited to attend lha fnnenl of onr late P. W. P., H B. Hi'Mbtrt, at two o'clock on Son dar afternoon Paaetaal attend wee it re queued Tbe order in general are retpectftilly invited to at tend JOHN R. PEACOCK. W. P. A. II DrnvrTT, R 8. ttt lt*mc WA9HINOTON'8B1RTH-DAY CELEBRATION! rpiltt First Company MONTGOMERY GUARD, will A celebr-ta by a public dianer, the Annivereery of the Birtb D?v ef Washington, at the Armory of the Onatd, Orderly Sergeant Green'a Montgomery Hall, 7C Prince street. Ticket* can he procured of toe following Committee of Arrange ments Captain John McMah'a, Lirnt. Jaa. McGrath. Lient. P Kvlly, Serg't Jaa Cregan. C. Mehoney. Dinner at 7 o'clock, P M A presentation ot a sword will take place on the oc casion. tin 2."m O. COOK. Secretary. WANTED ? Bya vonng mas, a situation aaont-door clerk inaatore. He hna had aome txpenatce ia the grocery bns nera and wna!d be willing to make bimaelf generally ntefnl. -on wonld go for a mare subsistence ; compensation of uo great object, 't'he advertiser has jest re'umed from th* 8 u h, and hai been nnlortnnate. having I oat all by the melts choly rhipwreck in the John Miatnrn. Pleaae address 8 D, post office. f?3tm FRENCH BENEVOLENT SOCIETY fTllE MEMBERS of this Societv, are invited to attend a 1 general meeting, which will take place on Monday the 23d instant, at half peat six o'clock, P. M , at Messrs. Del Bonieo's. The object of ihii meeting, is to deliberate on the proposi tion made nt th* assembly ef the 17th December last, to change the 15 article of the corstimtion. By order of the President, TH. MAURICE, Secretary. New York FeV. 21, 1246 f*2 It m ACKET SHIP T>Nk.IDA, FROM HAVRE.-Coo signees by this skip will pleaae send their permits on board, it pier No. 4 North River All goods not permitted by th- 24th mat.. wiH be sent to the Public Stores. fll r PACKET BARK ADAM CARR, FROM GLASGOW. ?Consign*-* per this vessel will please send their permits on board, east side Peck slip, or to WOODHbLL It MINTURN. 27 Soot st. H All goods not permitted in five day* mast be sent to the Public Stoic. flO TET OTICE ?All persons ate forbid harboring or trns'ing any la of the r re w ml Bri'ish gark Adam Carr. from Glasgow, as no debts of their contracting will be paid either by tne cap tain or consigners po WOQDHULL It MINTURN. 27 South st. BIGELOWS NEW ENGLAND EXPRESS. FOR Fitebbnrg, Keene, Greenfield. Brattleboro, Windsor, Woodstock, Montpelier, and Burlington, Vt, and tbe Ca nada*. All Package*. Parcels and bnaiaeea, to any of the above ?owns, or any pert of the western portion of New Hampshire and Vermont, will be faithfully amended! to if directed to the care of L. BTOELOW, II Elm street, Boston. N B ?Be anre to mark Package* to ears of " Bigalow'a Ex press " J 25 re WANTED. BO ARD, ia a small private family, in the central part of the city, by a gentlcmm end hit wife wh-re there are no other hoarders: a front room and h-droom adjoining will be required, wbich tbav will fnrniah Terms mnit be modrrate. Address (> T at this office, stating terms, fce fll It iar* Fifty DOLl-irS ReWard THE TREMONT AGAINST THE WORLD-250 Re ward to any business man who can beat the following game of 2*2 pins, in a string of tea roll". *t the T re mo ft Bowling Sa loon. N.I 64 F.eat Broadway, and 71 Division at. which ia the longest Bowling Saloon in th* World, containing six most tplepdtd Alleys. Th#new Alleys ate now e*mrletrd Thar have been 1 -id upon nentir# new nriecii I*. which makes them more solid 'han any m th# city. Thia exercise, of late haa been lonnd to he highly neeeaaary for haalih, and has been teoominended bv moat physician* Th# following games were made by two hnsinsea men. bowl mg together on th* evening of Jaa ?4lh. >M, in (he praaencn of several gentlemen, while all th* ait Alley a were occupied. xx 29 XX 30 XX 49 xx *0 X 69 XX 9# xx 99 IX 130 XX 119 IX )?? XX 139 IX 169 X I't x l?9 IX 179 IX 219 X 199 XX 2<4 XX 229 XI 2(2 WANTED?2 Boys te set up th* pins GI * > ~ LfcAKY to CO FASHION FOR SPRING. 1MB. THF.preferror* so universally manifested for on rax IIVT iTTi.K of Gentlemen'a Hats, ha- decided a* to con U... th. ..me for the k co No. 2,4 and I Astor Hons*. NtwYo-k.Fs' 19, 146 .. . . ... t!irrn'ars date rip tr of the pecnlianty of on irvt-g, will be forw-rded hv ea rv paid H914 le m G-tNUTNE HAVANA 8F.OAR8 of the new bund " El Judio k-rrmte." (i he Wa.idennar Jew.) Eprsel# by F. MANCHO, at *5 Fnlton str< st fl* lm't Spanish Hotel, UP atair*. ARTIFICIAL EYEfc, MADE and invented by Dr. J. GRAY. No. lit Boweiy. N. Y.. th* only manalnetory at the Human Artifieia Eye in the United State*. Aay pnraon that wtshm to b* well am ted, should always apply to th* mater, who has boon iatb* prt forty yaoro. F*"? MM F< mts the lot tj I FOR "ALC-Tk. **".^1. J the IcX ?by about 117 feet 4 inebeS The ????? wrre madam, ted ia IW, at a. eipm-e "'?g* "^1 jr'al - ft) ** rfU MfcTa DISTILLERY F6R SALE OR TO LET. A and >w f sriLLitlvI run " V" ""t: . A Grain Distillery, bow in fell operation. Capable of ma-lmg J#0 to 400 bushels of Otaia per day. tocether with Horae aad Cow stall". to aeommndste 460l P ows, ficirnt lona for more?the Erome .Boilers. Mills, and r^Tffieiaat ioob for mora,tha Engine-Boilers. Mills, aad Machinery. tu. kc all ia pmfcat ordar. Tha asuhlishtaeat it wall supplied with waiar. and eysry thiag appertaining to make ib< uai complete If rarthaied. part can remain on bond and mortgage or will ba let rnaaooabla to a food tenant. For further mftrmation. addraaa a line, with name Re., to the office of thin paper, to "Distiller' f? lt*mc " to LEf, fhE EAGLE HOTEL IN THE VILLAGE OF PEEK8KILL. , . M THE Eafl- Hotel and Stables, in the Tillage of Peeke fflk hill, ia now offered to let. for a term of yearn, from the XJffLtirat of May next. The plane ia fayorahly known to the travelling cm inanity, and haa beeu for aeveral yean, aa a com median., pleaaant, well located, well kept public ho nee, and profitable to the proprietor. The premises will ba let low to a aaitable person to keep the same, if applied for soon?or to any peraon wtahinf to pnrcbaae, will ba aold a bargain, and pay ments made easy. R. R. FINCH. Peekakill, Feb. Id, IMd. , ? _ _ . . 05* For inlormatioa, lie., apply to R- R. Finch, near the premiaaa in Peekakill, or to Olwater atraet, New York. fit lw*rc APARTMENTS TO LET, FURNISHED, en the firat flror, with brxakLat, if r> qui red Refarencea exchanged. , flT Iw'mt No 44 Warren atraet. FOR SALE, THE HOUSE AND LOT. No. 71 Donne street, f with etable in the raar; hoaae three atonaa high, with Lattice) well famish ed with marble man tela. Access ?< h.vl to the etable on tha rear of the premises. from R eade and Elm a'reeu. For farther partiealarx, apply to J. C. BLAKE. No. I Nissan atreet "T ?w*'' FOR SALE, M ON reasonable terms, the two story HOUSE AND fflA LOT, No. 497 Hndaoa atreet, (m the block of St. Lake a JuULcha'ch.| Trinity Church lease of ?1 para from tha lat Muy ue " rent. M . KK A iAL'lQ-CII. & riDHV ^nwrcn 'OWT U. ?. wvmmm ?vua ?* "ext. (with privilege of renewal. 1 at Sim par year ground it. The h mac ia in perfect order, haying beea painted last y inaide and oat Apply on the premiara, or to WILLIAM KTCHAM, Esq. No. M Slnrray at. flT ?t*mc TO LET, a THE large and commodioaa Dwelling Hoaae, at the Soathweat corner of Twenty-fifth atreet and Seventh Avenne. with Garden, Stables, Carriaga-Honae kc A Plana encirolea the whole building; poaition high and healthy It will ba let with or withoat the furniture to n pnvate family Alao. a email two atory Hoaia. near by. Also. To Lease or For Sale, aeveral Building Lota. Enquire oa the premiara, or of R. OQODMAN M Cedar at. fit lw*ac NOTICE. M DWELLING HOUSES, STORE8 aad vacant Lota, for aale, rant or exchange . Investments made oa pro ductive Real Estate, that will pay from tea to twenty percent oa the purehaae money, with aa increase in valae of from tan to fifteen Per cent par annum. Money pcoearod aa Bond and Mortgage; and Polieieinflusu ranee obtained from the moat raspoaaible oompauiea u the couot- Apply at U6 Third Avenue, . JORN ALLEN. N.B ? Plana, elevationa, specifications and contractsi far ':u; r .-1 A hate saw a? Ma C n J MMMt S? fkdb gKlkft. [s, D-?ritDSi fir?BilUH?i nprwiuvoMwrnn WW a. naiiiaanem ax wMjgtal? h...?.. fgKctate* IS FOR SALE. OR TO LET. on the moot reaaonable' ff?W tmn, three two-atory Dwelling, Houses, in Nnoth JljL Sinth. between Sixth and Seventh streets, Willtasso burgT^. 1. Two ofthe above are new, aad intended as genteel residence*, being finished in the beat manner, and anppliad with spring and rain water in tbn kitchnn.nnd coal vaalm m Iront, Ac Two-thirda of the purchase money mar remain reared, at. per cant. Enquire on ^^emi^orof^ fll lm'rrc 9i WnUntranc. M TO LET?A commodious basement, in ' rst rate order, and anb-cellar, that can he used, la wall r?w?*edf<wa f" J ?? domestic room," hats and caps, or other klada o! Bu siness Owing to the great improvements in Liberty street, .he location ia n deerable one. Apply at K Liberty street. Inima diets possession given. *?B m^rn WANTED. A Two Story Dwelling Hoaae, with beaenmnt and (!!!? yard, two sitting rooms and bed rooms, situated in the Jijl central port of the city, amUoitabl* toe small family. pTubotto exceed ?400 per annnffl-Cr?en water indiapenea hie?adjacent to Broadway, aad not farther np then Prince street. A line addressed T H . stating particular!, location, he... and left at the Herald Office, will be attended to. fit lw ie*rc . . M QUARRY FOR SALE, OR TO I.EA8E?Sitn ate on the Paaaaic river, in North Belleville., formerly JliiJLbelonginc to Abraham Joralemon, Eaq. Said quarry h*? been extensively worked for thiity years past, and is one of the heat quarries of free stone ia New Jersey, and ia in good order for working. The premises consist of two dwell ings, store honae, two barns, two hundred feet of .whan, and seventeen acres of land, which will be sold entirv, or the quarry separate, if desired. For farther particular!, enquire of the subscriber, at the post office in B^elle|,LOYD Belleville. Feb. 1?, IMk ?? " TO LET, MTHE Mansion Honae of Dr. Valentine Mott. with se veral acrea of ground, aboot nut, tnilea frpm tne eity, fronting ox the Hnd<on River. It will he let with the hoxae'urniahedor nnfnmi?h?d. Apply to8.B. HUTCHINOS, No.? John atreet, from 1. to U o'clock- fl? MnwrntWr FOR SALE, TN BROOKLYN, a A NEW BRICK HOUSE, on the aonth aide of! itrret, one hundred feet west of Bridae ttriM. r" running through to Tollman street. The. heuee atones, with baaement and auh eellar; wellI finnhed tl out: within five winniea walk of Fallon and Catherine ....._ If not aold orevioov to 1st March, it will he let low to a JL"Od tenant far a term of yearn Apply at ST Main atreet, Brooklyn | fit iw*rh _____________ PRUNING GRAPE VINES. NOW is ihepvapartiaaa ra trim Oraaw ViaeeFaannua MEm|wanting their Vine* well done, by tha mo?t nspevteeeeg SChnnd in the city, will please leave their address jht_JAS. VIRTUE, at Thorhnrn'a Seed Btor-. IS John arvntt, whiek will he immediately attended to. or at his dwelling, corner of SSd street and Broadway AH b.nda of Grape Yuma, Ov-m mental Trees, and Gardening work, done on the moat mode rare terms. nt?tiaeod*r AT PRIVATE SALE. mm THE VALUABLE FARM, frmerlv known naAe ?A JpremMh Campbell Firm, on the tnnipike Toed Uoiiag 2C! from New Bmniwick to RahweyJ mile# fromAefor roer. and 4 miles from tke latter place. The Nay JfOfT,**'* of cnlttvation and contains SM scran, ? of whMk w woodiaao. The dwelling house is larga, with all suitable out buildings, "Ah'tf/the tainabie properly ia the village of Woedbndgs, MVdlaaax county. S. J , which cm bn divUed mto e'gbteaa snitahle pereela, aa may ba seen by tha aurvny map at of the Anetioaeer. No. T Brondsttnet, tu whom wpluMtoo mar be made for terms and wish of nay part of tha above pro perty. 11,1 ANTtloNy'V'bLEECKER, Auctioneer. f M Iwia re No. 7 Broad atreet. neat Wall atreet. BENTLEYR PATENT TUBU1.ARATEAM BOILER Th'S boiler is the invention of Mr. Charles W-Bentley. ol the eity of Baltimore. Maryland, who obtained? patent lor it from the United State,. It i? somewhat similar to the Loco motive Boilers, but differing enMrely in the mode or rjjinfae tnring, whereby the coat is materially radnced. They are compact.require n? brick work in settiog them, nae but httle fnvl, require bnt little attention, and want no other fixtures tnan pipes to convey the Crotoo water, and a common atoye pip-for the chimney. Thev can be removed P1*" i iace, as e?aily ai a cooking stove. In large hotels hot water ?a supplied to all parts o? the home. . . . .. By tke use ol this boiler the expansive kettle can be dis pensed with, and a wooden vessel anbstitntad, which will an swer the same purpose bv placing it in any part of a building whe-e pipes from the boiler can be conveyed. , . These boilers are now -n successful operation^ in several ol onr large Hotels, and Public Institutions, Colleges, Alms Houses, Hospitals, Prisons, lie . throughout the country, lor Cooking, Washing, he., and for Bath Henaes, Halters, Silk. Cotton and Woollen Dyera. Morocco Dreaaers, Sosp Bm'Iera, Tallow I handlers, Botchers. Glue Makers. Segar Refiners, Farmers, Distillers, Cotton and Woollen MilTa. Warming Buildings, Propelling Power, lie , and all use* where hot wu t?r or BtrRm it inquired ; and thai far hm firen ???? faction. They have be n for some time in ancesssful opnr* tiou in this city, in the following places, vix : Astor House for heating baths ; Durrell's Bath Honre, Broadway , bm?h It Lor log's Baths, 7 Chatham street ;Pignolet's Dye House, Horia's Dye House; New York Hotel : Green ana Mercer ? E Iting Hoase : Getty's. Beef and Pork. Packer. West street; an.i in many pnvate houses, manufactories, ?c.. mc. . No pains are spared in the selection of materials, or intne workmanship; no boiler is suffered to go from the hands or the manufacturer without having been tbo-onghly tested ; con sequently there ia no danger from fire, or explosion, and they are not liable to get ontof order. They are for aale at prices varying from gfi* to gfito. ac cording to site and eanaci^r, and any farther information in re lation to them can be retained on aprlication to FORCE It GREEN, Manpn atreet, Between Rivingtoo and Stanton atrevtt. New York. %? CommnnicalioM for Force eed Oreen .ra,. -n-aay COLUMBIA HOUSE, Chettnut Stmt, betieeen 6th and 7th Streets, fHlLAPELPHIA- . B.1QLKY, MACKENZIE ? CO., Proprietor! Jassrs B?olxv. late of Jooea'a Hotel. Hcivnv C. Maculenxi*, formerly of W . ' inglon Honse. Pnrta L. Fr.aopsoiv. ' '* * - UNITED STATES HOTEL. Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington .. muE PROPRIETORS of thiaaaw. large and modern built 1 establishment, respectfully tender their th*ok* to the pub i'jz. ajrssgag SST.S. and a-Half streets, eonvenient ?> ?{>? JJlSrni'giam Capitol It ia capable of accommodating three hundred gnesta IaSnta parts it h? recentU undergon. . for ths winttr't iiiioq. The pwrlort ind lediee Bpertnieots ?W^eK?t""erSiihed-^ led.et' ordinary taatefally refitted; indeed ia every divwion of the ^r'?"n7 consideration has been to adapt it ?d b^Hiaht T7i# din inn hall is one of the moat commodious sad bast iignt ed. by day aad night, in the Union. Our trsm ofscrvsnttarv polite, active, obedmot, and wall dweijA-nm?L Brieffly-. wrw fidetitly challenge the judgment of a di.criminating public in all the essentials required to render a public honae a home to '^Chargas as herotofora, $154 per day. taken at a fair diaeonnt, ia consonance 0T^a"E*pre?a" will please copy every other day for three weeke. ande end bill toT- ler It Bireb n?5 ??" eod*rc 1J. W. STONE, Attorney at Law, Raleigh, JV. C. WILL attend to the collection of any claims that may ba eatrnated to his earn. Relerlo Messrs. Wooohnll It Mintern, Now York. Bryan It Maitlaad, L. Myers It Co. "A. M T red wall, Eaq. / dM 7taw9wi?r 8. BAS8ETT FRENCH, OUNSELLOR AT LAW, atteads all the eoarts held ia V tha city of Richmond and county of Chesterfield, Virginia^ office Manchester, Virginia?Refers to. His Eneellenqy. J.mes McDowell, Oove-nor of Virginia: His Excellency John ?. Wiley, Lieui. Governor, Virginia; Hon. John Y. Meson, At torney General U. B-; Hon. Sidney 8- Baxter. Attorney Gene ral. Vs.; Hon. John W. Jouee. late Speaker h. R U. S , Hon E. P. smott, Speaker ofthe Hensie of Vs.: Hon C Dromg ole M C , Va : Hou. Jimee A. Heddon, M. C.,Vi: Hoo. Oe >. W. Hopkins, hi. C., Vs.; Edward H. Hudson, 111 Broadway, Now N. B.?Mr. Hudson will mka ehargo of any papois int nded for Mr French and forward same to him safely. dWHtswtva'r DINING AND SUPPER ROOMS. G1HKFN It ERCk R. corner i f Ana end N <sten streets, 9 hiving made an entire chanse m their cooking dejart r.eut, and rl .ced tha earvinx room nuder the diiectitm of Mr. SviVHta B Hoi.r, Jn , w aid pohlic, ihmt ihry ar? now ? rep?r?4l to itr^t np nwnU, ??cond VS'-oTflt,r.n4.'r.?o Roow .tt.nd.dbvMm. ; Miser*, set apart for the accommodation of Indies. Privaw i ?ntrnnce tl Ann ?trc?t. _ . ..i?_ mx.. | Tha seal Boavo* Cnawpxa sot red np daily. fURNo ATCT10NRA?*R. PEREMPTORY &ALK. OF VaLXJABi.E LOTS Oil ORAMKRCY PARK, THIRD AVENUE AND FOR ETY-SECONp STREET. kc kc. H. LUDLOW k CO. will -all at auction on Wednee ? day, February gjtli, at It o'clock, at tba Merchanu' Ex lat. Three neat cottage built three story brick ho area on the ouvtherly aide of 27th meet, near the 4lh avenue, being the i'Vi most easterly of a range of six eettagea. They are eery deem iI raaideor es for small genteel familiee; toe lots are one half 01 the i ,-ck in depth and the houses are each It feet I ?uchee widei, lied with Croton w.trr, kc . kc They are in the immediate ? -sasuty of the railioad and of the different lines of omiiibntses. 1 l.r purchasers will be entitled tothe reus from the delivery > the deeds. This property is in the vicinity ol great improvements, and is rapidly improving ia value. 2. Two lots of laed on the uorthetly side of Oraaserey Park, eaehbeiimti feet front by half the block in depth. These lots will tie conveyed with covenants against naisaaces, kc., similar to those contained ia the deeds of the other park lots, aad suhject to a pro rata share of the expenses of keeping tha Brk in good order, kc One lot of land adjoining the above feet front aad rear by It feet I inches drnp. This lot it fall ia view of the perk 3d. Three lota ef land in the rear of the above, fronting on lid street, being each 13 feet treat aad rear, by M feet 9 inches deep. 4th. Four lota of land on the westerly side of the 3d avenue, between list and 22d streets, including the lot on the corner of list street, being each 21 feet wide, bv 7} feet deep. This is amongst the most improving part of New York Covenants against naisaaces will be inserted in the deedsof all the above lots. 3th. A large gore lot eu the southeasterly corner of 3rd ave nne and 42ud street, being M feet on 42nd street, and a moat valuable corner. 6th. II lots on 42nd street, being the whole front from 3d to lad avenue. This street is IM feet wiifo. 7th. I lots on the westerly side of 2nd afeaue, being the whole front between 41st and tind streets. ?th Two large pieces of land in the rear of the lots on Itnd street, being considered as an equivalent to 3 lou of land. ? Tl e property on 43od street is near the grade of the street, and will require very little expense ol regulation. The streets and avenues are all open, and the Corporation is now working the 2nd avenue at its own expense Terms?Tea per cent on the day of sale, twenty per cent on the delivery of the deeds, on the 1st of March urxt, and bal ance on mortgage at ( per cent for three years, pavable semi annually. Lithographic maps will be ready ene week before the sale. Every Tot put up will be sold without reserve to the highest bidder, the auctioneers' toes to be paid by the pur ch'Sers. For fWrther particulars apply to the auctioneers, 27 Wall street, or to F B CulTINO, 73 Wall street, or to fl9 Wiser W. L. CUTTING, 70 Wall street' DR. POWELL. OCULIST, AND OPERATIVE SUROE&N, attends to Diseasesof the Eye, and to all Imperfections of Vision, from 9 tu 4 o'clock, at hta residence, Ml Broadway, cornar of Warren at. Ophthalmia, Stoppage of the Tear Passage, Cataract and Opacities^ ffectaally removed. ioa and incoau. Squinting, cored la < iir^iuaii) icuiutou. AMAUROSIS treated with great attention and ancceaa. Inveterate eaaea of STRABISMUS, or artificlnHH^^H fll |?Tg?TCjg=J= ARTIFICIAL tYM laaaeted that earn eearcely be diatia Otfce a?d*%atdance 111 Biaawlaty?aatnaca IX Warraa at. V Ureeawwa MM. the veal reach Orchard Red Aa these leer pvioea, for own eady, via: En aad Broken $1; I Nat aad Stove, mixed, fft 39. Bayers ami positively da ^???WHPHlBiTen aaa positively a!f!iSS5"C-i"i~W",S?& CLINTON THE CHOICEST PREMIUM TOILET SOAPS, i/iut \r BODPiuivn i.l bb_?_a __a_ tr i . _ V??.\1L*-* ?TitiWtitBES&iZt?' Abo, Bordeaag Wiaea in eaaka and caaea, Kierach, Abemth aad Champagne, of the beet braada jJ9lm*v flU AN O?The aabacribera offer for aale on very accommo " dating terma, the balance of the ahip Shakapeare'a cargo? the only direct importation iaro this port from Ichaboe. JCxpe aia, thia cargo ban been pat ia K iaff 59 Soath a treat LAURENT & BROTHER, IMPORTERS OF FRENCH GOODS, ry AKE great pleaaore in informu* their cuatomera that they A .have jnat received by the peckeu Bnrgnnuy and St. Nicholas, their new fancy spring goods, consisting ot the |rte Lyona Silk, rich Peru printed Mnslin-oe-laines, Reheat aile , , Barege, Balxonn*. Tarletan Jaconeu, he.?Alio, the largeat eaaortment of Broche and printed long and square Shawls, assortment ol Broche and printed long end aqnare Shawls, Scarfs, he. In style end richness, we believe oar goods can not be surpassed by any importation this Spring. Your kind attaution to, and inspection of the same is respectfully solicited. LAURENT It BHOTHER. JalT lm*r No. 4 William street. TO HOTELS, TAVERNS, DOARDINO HOUSES aad all who like their Furniture to -U ke spotless, clear and bright. Forgiving the highest polish, lor requiring lean labor, time in using, preventing stuns, for cleanliness and cheapness, Langlry's Fnrnitnre Cream is nadt ninbly superior to any, CHA8. H. RING. Agent, fll lm*r lit Broedway, comer John street EXTRACTS FOR THE HANDKERCHIEF. UPWARDS of fifty varieties of the choicest Extracts, a sale wholesale and retail, by ill 1m*' K. ROUftSKL. 159 Broadway. LEECHES! LEECHES! IUH I* RI'TKfVlCD a frcwh lapfly dfBwsMiiik and Hmyrna M Leeches For sale by J. FERDINAND CLEU, Importer of Leeches, No. ltl Niuiq street. fCT J.r.C is doiug business alone, and has no connection at present with his former partner. (1 lm*rc GRATIS* ROUSSEL'S UNRIVALLED PREMIUM SHAVING CREAM, THE most taperior article now ia nse. it neatly pat ap ia A small boxes, and preeanted free of charge, on trial, to all who apply at the maunfactnr.-r's, . .. E liOUBaEL.uaBroadway, Wise I seal# aad estasl. jtl lm*? CHAPPEO HANDS. DOUMELV AMAWDINEf-^A very oalebmed article for A% the eertaia care end prevention ef Cbapped Haads. For Wholesale end irnil t>l la** CjHIOJyE RING'S PIANO-FORTE WAREROOM8, 403 Broadway, No. ft and T Lafargs Building. 'PHE PUBLIC will find at the ebove rooms e general assort A ineut .>1 Grand ai,d Square Piano Fortes, at the tame price at my Factory in Boston dTT lia*v g&nk???& a. A tween Broome and Sprinn streets. The entire slock will be sold, together or in parcels to enit purchasers, at from It to " otbeli ? - 15 per cent below the market price, either for cash or approved nutee. The following constitutes a portion of the stock, vis : 40,000 feet fresh cat crotch Mahogany Veneers. 39.9*0 do do shaded and mottled do do. 10,000 do _ do __ _ snperj^ Rosewood Veneers ISAM feet Jfi, X, X, 1 4, IX. I inch, IX aad ) inch Mahogany Boards and Plank. 1M logs Mahogany, 30 do Rosewood, 0 do Zebrawood. t loot Hartnwnod. fee . Out |Mt Iaa*m OOAF8, ESSENCES AND PERFUMERY, of all kinds. O epot, No. 3 Courtlandt street. The Subscribers, original inventors and manufacturers of the genuine Walnut Oil Mili tary Shaving Soap, which we warrant to surpass all other pre pared ) .a, having greatly enlarged oar facilities are prepared to exec its any orders m oar line. We have constantly oa hand hi. hly scented Almond, Rose, Musk, Windsor, Palm, and Toil t Soaps; extra Pale Family and No. 1 Soap The Lroton 9 oating Soap, a new and splendid article, well suited for Baths sad private family nee, warranted not to sink and to produce a rich and pleasant lather. Together with a large and general asso tment ofPerfamory, Essences, fee., both Foreign and Domestic, selected and pat op with the greatest care; also our celebrated Crystalline Candles, for the Wat Indie and South Amer can maikets, warranted to stand any climate. Grocers, Druggists, aad dealers ia ganarai, are rtqaratcd to call and examine for themselves. jXlm*r JOHNSON, VROOM fc FOWLER LOOKING GLASS PLATES. HAN LINE ft OSTHE1MER, Importers, No. 3 Bank street, Philadelphia, have jaat received, by arrivals at this port aad New York, a rail assortment of Looking Olass Plates from 9 by T. to 49 by It. All sixes polished plate window glass from II by It, to37 by 94. Also, Toilet glasses, Plated Spectacles, Pipes, Banff Boi*s, Cigar Cases, Money Parses, Marbles, Slates, with a variety cf other French and German gooda, which they offer at the lowest market prices, jail tmeod cbx FOR THE FACE AND SKIN. CHURCH'S VEOHTABLE LOTION. AM HIOHLY valuable Cosmetic for eradicating Eruptions on the Face and Skin, particularly Pimples, Blotches, Tetter, Saabarn, Ringworms, Freckles and Cataaeoni Ex creaeaees. The nse of the Lotion for a short time will clear the tkia aad establish a brilliant complexion. Bold ia bottles at 73 cents each, at No. 199 Bowery, corner Spring street; also, by Mm. Hayes. 139 Fulton street. Brooklyn- fl lm'rn PATENT LAP-WELDED IRON BOILER FLUES. FOURTEEN AND A HALF feet long, and oae sad half to fear inches diameter THOU. PROSSER, Patentee, fl lm*ve ? Liberty street. New York COTTON MILL. WANTS s situation as Manager of a Cotton Mill, a msa intimately acquainted with the various medaa el uiaua lecturing cotton wool, both ia Kogland aad America; can be 1 recommended by two men having charge of cne beat e.indue ted establishments ia the United States. Address J. C. at thia 1 offioa. jal) tni're NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that aa application will be made io the Legislature of thi > State, la this seas ioa, for aa set to incorporate a Society called the "Jackaoa Se rein." New Yerk. January 19. IW jail Uwgw *re ? UAL?I9t ions Orrell Coal, now landing I rum alu^> Gar? a , 1f? _ IMC, from Liverpool, and for sale in lots to eait purchasers, by E. K COLLINS k Co. f 13 36 South street. ?4 OLD ROLLED COPPER?MM sheets Cold Rolled Co* | per, unequalled, from II to fe oa?for sale by INS ft CO., K. COLLH 99 Month Nina. TO PAPER-BOX MAKERS. OTRAW BOARDS ?99,099 lbs Stra w Boards, of a superior k5 qaality, and immocrsto sniLinst received, and for .ale by fl? imr fEHSSE fc BROOKS, 93 sad 87 Nassau at. BINI.-ERS' BOARUS. 10 T0!" ' 119 Imr 95 and 67 Ntssaa street. SIZING. OA TONS superior qaality Western Siting J eat reeaired, mf\J and for sale by PERSSE fe BROOKS, >19 Imr 93 and 97 Nassau street? ~ FINE rKENCH BOO I S FOR S3 39?City made, ?and are eqeal to those 'old ia other store* for $9: An* If Fie ch 4 alf Boou for $4 39, equal to the beet made ia this Jk citr for W or $7-at YOUNO ft JONES' Fiyach Boot and Shoe Manufactory , oae of the moat laahionable in this city} our Boots having been judged in the Isle Fair at Miblv'i, arc said to be the beet Boots ever sold m this city. Ail Boots warranted to give satisfaction. YOUNO ft JONES. 4 Ana street. _WI Im'rh seer Broanwav. New Vevk ROSE HILL STABLES, 94th Street and Third Avmii, ud opposite Ball's Head. Ja?t arrived and lor tale at the above Stables, about fifty Northern reaiern Hojaee amopf which are rifht pairs matched. ON *?". ybeaier.i Homes among which are right peira match, eight or ten good read horses, and arverr.l fine esrt. fs>m ? sb'rt"M horses. R. K NORTHRUP, I* '?*?? Proprietor. I HERALD JOB PRINTING OPPIOE, OT Imhu Street. Wilis Establishment i. supplied with t^rr Italian or Hpani.h works. The eneatioa of author* u rfl""*. *4. in the uiiruee I hat, for typography,. ?reu work. and correct reading they may rely upon re eel nag ample ju?l. in til# producO jd ol Tkt ?>l 'trlrryaee in tki$ city, j I* fnruiahrd with aeery description of Type JVft" Bill* for Theatrea, Concert*. Museums, Leefutea. rublm Masting*, or for aay other pu'poie. wh?*the larg ?enptioa of Printing I* required. Also, Pr??"!i .V?JL lar Lei ten, Bui Head., hula Work. Law Jph*. ami *??'V kind of work required for mercantile or other brmichee. The ahoee e.ubl lehmeat ha. the largest Preasw in this y. where all Bill., worked iu color., will be beautifully ?*?? ted. Apply to E. D. C , third or fourth ?tory Herald Build lojra, where ell order* will be receieed. ?' MUSK). JOSEPH KAMERER'8 MU8IC FOR PRIVATE PARTIES, CAW be engaged by applying at 1* PR1NC* STREET. it lm*m FIFTEEN FARMS. D LACES of from two to thirty acre* each, splendid View* " of the Sound, Village and Lu.ding.foi 8ai. il New Ro c hello. I?th MukJi. IMS at I o'dogt ^TiN^a'^wS^ Term, liberal and title clear. Apply to T. A. Lawrence, Anet?eer, New Hochella; or John K. Patera, Naw York. Map* at Miller', la rem. New Rocheile. MO Sw rc BIRD CAGE MANUFACTORY, No 1 St Jtkn'i Lane comer Beach ttreet, New York. THE SUBSCRIBER would inform his Customers and the I Public that he kaepa constantly on hand a large supply ol fancy ?nd common BirdCages of .vary d^nMionwh.ehha nffttrs f >r Rale at a lower rate than they can on bought wbere Merchant! would find it to their adranup^cajlwd 'fflcoil^rd.r. attended to with prompomy anddu. patch _ TO ARCHITECTS, STONE CUTTERS, AND llUILBfcfKS. FKF.K STONE forniahed by the subscriber. fq?il fo Con neriicut in Quality,and ? Per cent cheaper <>? to A. Wiusoi., Scone Cutter, Jersey City, or dt the Huarry, N" J" ABM. H. VREELAND. LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED. GENTLEMEN and YamiHe* having superfluous WEAK* 1NO APPAREL, (either Lady'* or Ueullamen a) Jewel ry Fire Arm*, fce.. Ike., they would diapoa* of U) advantage, may do ao by .ending for the .ubacriber, who will attend them their rmidenee. by appointment.^ j ^ LEVETTy All order* through the Poet OBce, or otherwiee. puuemally attended to. . V. oLu LEAF AND DENTISTS OOLD FOIL Of HU ' Thelibove err wuTantad equal to any in the country. Dea lera .applied on liberal Urma, aUow jrm^ bjfAV,DBi Mannfacuturar and Importer, w ||B.^ 1H John atreet. oppoattt Cliw. NEEDLE <5c FISH-HOOK MANUFACTORY, IT Maiden Lane. WM. CROWLEY R SON. manuf.cturar. of the' *boy* articles, respectfklly inform the importers of New Yo k end otKr citieeTthat they h*Te now. onjjnd a large the abore article*, which they are willing to aall at **?*?? ?? ranee from the nmnnf.ctnring Price.. Anyofthgtrade, artm porter., can haya theu nenlles labullcd with thetf own nam*, I'f!?S.-'Ro?iit Cuowlit, importer of Hhedeld aadB^ ?inghem Oooda, in part of the above atore. lm B Ottl?d? Dmpny * Co. in half pipe*. P*le viatagad l*Bonnemort k Beaker, &? *? A? ^ Whieh'they'offer lor sale. Th# aama ia nndar ?.??* loak and entitled to debenture ^ * NEEDLES. . JAMES SMITH It SON'S well known and highly ed Dnlled-Eyed Needle*, warranted equal w '?tf'JJi? I any imported into the United ^"j^E^ALTW, bT No 7TM Market atreet, PSI^lphU. Beware ef ComneHalta COMFORT for thf afflicted. ^ dr DEWTTT C. KELLINGER'S pain ERADICATOR. rgyuiu TRULY WONDERFUL MEDICINE, eontiaum T w mloaUh Ul who uae it. or who hav. b-? 7'^ the .T.,"t?t knowledge of iu th* hum.n ayatem. Pain and lnflanamation wnnot manun where thu infallible remedy ia applied, it matter, not from S "? BOOKS BOUGHT. PERSONS wiahmg to diap^e of their Libmriea^ eHher i.nre or .mall, will alway* find a ready purahaaar una Bmu M'JlESJing .few LTn... ft. ? Iiirirfl or small. w?l? alwayi una a reauy k"1"-11*"" prica?!Vy addraaamg afew line*. U ,B?r T<i Naaaaii. or IB Rivingtaw poo ;S,TL"tSr, ff?i> for OR. ^ ? ?? ?ONE PRICE BOOT AND SHOE STURE. miii< PROPRIKTOH of the Washington Boot and Shoo T"JLr.RNo 2.? OriTnwich. coma. ofT^cUr kmt. wgQ r srectfully inform his cnjtomei* and 1*?J*ral|y: UuSVe ha* established the One Price ay.tern^Th* pnee, will ^^Te re?"^. md . roauaaation of the .una i. Runenor and Elegant Commercial System of WRITING, 1 uuVn L f orRinu7(7be teugAKduring his amy m New York,) I Wwl^U.a^dOentlemen of rvr.v*og,p.y or Eve Z. G Turely* L^ fm ^1^ o. Ma R.?TflW Finuhmg Writing Maatar. promuea and ov. btt^^reaptsssw f?r ^ ?? tyy* '? PAPER HANGING. HOWELL fc BROTHERS, Manufacturers and Importer, of Paper Hsngirgs, having opened in New York city a branch of their Philadelphia establishment, would reiprctfully call the attentiia of the cittaena of New York and others wanting food, iu their line, to their eitenaiye assortment of PAPER HANGINGS. Bo ~ ~ " , m r.i* Bordrri, Kilr Board Prints, Curtain Papcs, and all other article. 10 their line of hu.inra.. H k B. hare received from the Institute, for the encosrire ment of Domestic Manufactures in the cities of New York. Philadelphia and Boston, silver medals for the manufacture ol their Roods, flatter themselves that they can sell a better artiele for the same money than can be purchased elce where. FRESCO PAPERS. The subscribers would particularly call attention to their of Kreseo Papers for Parlors, and Column lame assortment Papers lor Halls, Pnblic Rooms, Entri's, ke. kc. Alt ~ ~ /alio, CuBTAttv Parse as. a uew article for Windows. Papering ol Rooms, Halls, kc. promptly attended to by care ful workmen. Country merchants and city dealers will find it to their ad vantage to give as a call. HC WELL fc BROTHER8, No. m Broadway, Two doors above the City Hotel. A Jot of Drawers and Shelving for sale as above. JUT 1m*rh DAGUERREOTYPE PATENT ISSUED. Daguerreotype artists ar# informed that the Patent for the new Coloring Process of the anbecribers has beeu issued. Applications for the Patent right for the United Slates, may be addressed to the subscribers? the price of which will be BT5. materials aad instructions included.? lafriugers will be dealt with according to law. A eew price eurrent, embracing Voightlaender's Apparatus, and all other articles used in the. Daguerreotype art, may also be had, by addressing (post paid) to ^ f LANGENHEIM, fIJ lm'rre Philadelphia Esehange. NEW CLOTH STORE. KNOEPFEL & FOOTE, No. 39 John street. THE subvert bars have established a CLOTH STORE at No. 19 John street, aad having just received a large aad well selected atock of desirable goods, would invite tha atten tion of purchasers to their assortment, consisting iu part of the raRNfcW. ENGLISH, GERMAN AND AMERICAN cLotus and cassimeres. Drop d'Kte; Deep d'Foie; Fancy Tweeds: and a foil stock of 8u uimer Goods, Satis; Serge*; Velvets: and a large assortment oftlis newest and moat fashionable style of fancy Caaaimerea aad Veitinfv Also, a full stock of TAILORS'TR|MMINOS. The at tention of Tailor* it particularly requested to our stock, as es inordinary inducements will be offered them, and they are re spectfully invited to esamine our stock before purchasing elsewhere KNOEPFEL fc FOOTE, flT lm*r No. M John street. mJ die ElAJLMERn' AND MILL MS' Bank, Hageratowa, N No SJ Wall street TO TRUNK MAKERS. TRUNK BO A ADS-10.tM lb* Trunk Boards, of superior A quality and numbers, juat receiv ed and for sale by PER88E fc BROOKS, fit lmr *5 and 07 Nassau struct men, ea^-a DRAFTS ON GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND?Parsons wishing to re- I (Great Britain or Ireland, can be supplied ?with drafts by applying te the subscribers. ^^^^^KWtll drarta by *i. for any amount, payable at aighr, on <11 the principal towns ~ 1, Ireland, Scotland aad Wales. Applice thfotlgbout England, vnawvi "vwew ? <? .> .... nspm bT T, Alrh 71 Sooth St cor. Maiden Laae PACKET FOR HAVRE- Second Lias. -vThe picket abip ONEIDA. Cat t. Jam** Funeb, will sail on the 1st of March. For freight or passage, aptly to BOYD fcHINCliEN. > Tontine Building*. No Qg Wall at. PACKET FuR MARSEILLES. - Tha packet ship NEBRASK A, Capt. Srowa will tail on the 1st Merch. For freight or_n?*aage, ?ppl? to CHAMBERLAIN it PHELPS. 101 Front street, or to BOYD fc HI CKeN, ' 9 T utine Buildings, No. 00 Wall street FOR SaLE-To close % ?oMe?n?? Tb. L7 Liverpool Paekvta.consietiag of the skip* ROM,ICS, ailifcHIDDONH. HHK.RII)AN ?nd IMHItll K.^ _ 8IDOONH, SHERIDAN and OAK Hit K They were built in this eitv, by Brown fc Bell, with unosaal cere; for mouel, material (a very large proportion of their frame being live oak.) and workmanship, they are unsurpassed, if not unequalled?salted on the stocks, and re-salted every year since. Their accommodations for passengers are very eiteu aiveind handsomely formatted. Arplyto Air E. K. COLLINS fc CO , Mtouihat. AMUNKKKNTH. PARK THBATRK." Monday Kv?nlaR, Vibrury Hit, Will be pel I'.ruled, the Tragedy of ROMEO ANb JUI.lkT Mirciiio Mr. Geo. V uuUnhoff R uitto . Mr. Oyoct Jilitt Mim Charlotte Batbm After which. MR. SANDS AND HIS TALENTED CHILDREN. Will nhii.it their Oi'MNJUiTIC PERFORMANCES! To conrlad* with the Fareo of the . BENGAL TIGER. Sir Paul Pagoda Mr. Bui Mr* Vellowleif Mr*. Vernon Price ol Admission?Bo i>*, $4 ; Pit. M Mate j trailer? IS cents Doors opesem o'e'dek. ul th? ('errata will rtae eteeiaeir at T o'clock BOWBHI T11KATHK. A. W. JACKSON... MAN AGEK AND PROPRIETOR Monday Evening, February sa, Will be performed, lit time, a New Oram! Equestrian Drama, entitled. ARASAPHA; Or, the Lut of ttM Delawirei. Araupha Mr J R. Scott Miagotah f Mr Cony Paul Jones Mr Blanchard Wetumpka Mr* O.Juuee Previous to which, the Comedy of THE RAILROAD STATION. Mr. Sampson Jones Mr. Hadiway Mrs. Charles Smith Mrs Sergeant IIs ' Lower Botes M centa?Second and Third Tiers, U eta.; Pit and Gallery lg)? cents. Doors will open at half past 6 -curtain will rise at 7. " HOWE'd CIRCUS, AT PALMCS OPERA HOUSE. Redaction of prices?Boies, first and second tiers b cents; Children under II years, 12K cents?Prirate Boies W cents. CELEBRATION OK WASHINGTON'S BIRTH-DAY ! Monday and Tuesday felvonlnaa. February 13d anil ittth, The performance will commence with the . COURT AND.CAMP OK tjJUEKN ELIZABETH MADAME MAC ARTE, the First Equestrian of the Age. will ditp'ay a variety of ntw graces iu her brilli tut Scene of Equitation, fully developing the Poetry of Riding^ A jaughable Scene of Horse rm. ... .aorsemanship, by N 6. Turner. Shipwrecked Sailor Boy, by Muter W. Nixon. Clown, Dan Kiee Mr Wm. Nichols'principal act of Horsemanship. " ipnael. by th The 8tudio of Raphael, by the Brothers Aymar. Elegant Alemande on two horaoa, by Mr Tnrner and Mrs. Nixon. Feats of Posturing, by Mr Niton and Son. To conclude with the Farce of CUPID IN THE BOOT BAO. [L7~ Extra performance every Wedneeday and Saturday alurnoaa. Doors open at 7, performance to commence at half-put 7 o'clock. BOWERY AMPHITHEATRE AND NEW YORK CIRCUS. No. 87 Bowery. Rockwell if Stone, Manager*. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Eve nings, Feb. a 3d, H(h, 4 ft tlx. The performance will commence with the COSSACK JUBILEE. The Tyrolean Band, and Ethiopian Mrlcdists. Alter which, the Ciusader's Olory ! or, The Battle of the Lists! Mr. Harrington and Son, the admired Acrobats. The Sailor at Sea, by Mr. Thomas Moaeley. LEVI NORTH, im Apollo of the American Arena, in a principal act. a To conclude with the ETHIOPIAN HARMONISTS. Boxea, IS cents; Pit, 1V,i cents. Open at ??commauce at 7 o'clock. f tl It r CARD OF ADVERTISEMENT. NATIONAL THEATRE AND CIRCUS, CHE8NUT STREET, PHILADELPHIA, Under the manacement of Musrs. WELCH, MANN AND DELAY AN ; Will shortly terminate this, ths most prosperous aaaaon aver experienced in America, in order to folnl tha' lair engagementi at Baltimore and Waihington. Among the numerous artistes en gaged in their lame establiahmeut, may ha found the following names of some or tha first riders: MRS. LOUISA HOWARD, principal act Equestrian, and premiere artiste, in characteristic delineations of melo-drame acpersonations, on her celebrated courser. MRS. EDWARD WOODS, an i elegant Eqneetriu.pa two Horses, and in las Allamandes FranCais*,and ganar*1 move ments of eqnitatioo. Eight Femalo Equestrians, who appear in grand cavalcades. Tight Rope Dancer and Eqneetrian performer, Mile LOUISA V ELLS. Principal Male Equestrians, Messrs. LEVI ?TURNER, and W. B. CARROL. NORTH, T. V. First Equestrian Fan to mi mist, J. C. ROGERS FUSI r.quea Backward Riding NOR GERMAN! , after the Italian invention, by 11 BIG The RIVERS FAMILY?remarkable for their high talent in tha gvmnutic and Acrobatic arts J.J. NATHANS, Equestrian Director, and twa and five Horse Rider?His pnpils are W. Cincade and Little F Pastor. Parxonifierof Local Characters, MR. E. WOODS First Vanlter of the Troupe, MR. McFARLAND. Equilibrist and Posturer. MR. O. DUNBAR. Clowns, MESSRS. MAY and WELLS. Ring Muter, Mr K. NICHOLLS. Comic Vocalists, MESSRS. KELLY, LATHROP, end WEAVER Stage Manager, Mr FREER. A constant mcceuion of first rata equestrian performers, from all parts of the world, and a continnal aeries of tha most magnificent Pantomimes and Spectacles of high equestrian ce lebrity. Leader of the Orcheetrs Mr. MEYER. 8ceae Painter Mr. JOHN WISER A most sampteons Wardrobe ol all the nations in .he world, completed in the very first style <>f excellence. The suits of armor, flags, banners, weapons of war, Ac., by Maura. O. LETilNuER, O H1LSEY k Co. A fall ud talented company of high dramatic excellence. A most snperb stud of high bred Hoises, trained lor the are ' aa and for warlike and processional effects on the stage?at. ; tended by twelve grooms, and by fourteen rough riders. I '.The Doors of the Circui and Theatre are always opened it half-put ?, and the performance* invariably commeuca at 7 o'clock fll NEW YORK GALLERY OF THE FINE ARTS | FfHlS GALLERY willheieafterbe open on Monday ud I 1 Tuesd-y evenings, for the accommodation of those who cannot visit it daring the day. On Saturdays it is open tree to th* children attending the I public ichoola, accomp nied by their teachers Arrangements to admit schools can be made with iha doorkeeper. I22lw*isrrc PHRENOLOGICAL LECTURES. MESSRS. FOWLER fairly at wore ?Th* following 1 ac ta res will be delivered, commencing Mooday evening, Feb 13, by L N. Fowler, in Mr. Martin's Church, in Chrysti* street Subject?Public Elimination of n number of Heads. ?Tuesday evening, Itth, by O. 8. Fowler, (ume place.) Sub ject?Matrimony, or Man's Social Relations. On the same evening, by L N. Fowler, in Williainsburgh, before the Me chanics' Association. Subject?Evidences ot Phrenology. Wednesday evening, Uth, by O S. F , in Hall 'a Buddings, in Brooklyn. Subject?Matrimony. Same subject continued on Friday evening, Kth, (ume place ) On Thnnday evening, Uth, L. N. F. commences hie class in Practical Pkieoology.at Mr Maitin'i Churrh.u above. On Friday evening, O. S. F. lectures in Newark, N. J., on tha Evidaaee* of Phrenology. f? Ifm GALVANISM ALECTURF. on ihit subject will be delivered by Mr. BARTH, Jr., fr-.m the Royal Polytechnic Institution of London, illustrated with many interesting experiments, at St. Luke's Lecture Room corner of Grave and Hudson streets, on Monday, Feb. 2Jd, 1816, to commence at half put seven.? The Laughing Gas will be exhibited *t the conclnnon of the lecture. Tickets I2>? can's, at th* door. Ol lt*rh MUSIC jyjR. GEORGE A._HO YT would respectfully inform hii Friends and the Public, that he is prepared to give In atrnction on the PIANO FORTE, at his ruidence, 13 Chrya tie street, or at tb* resilience af his pnpils. Terms moderate, made known on application- fll lm'rrc MR. OLDFIELD, PROFESSOR OF MUSIC, PIANIST, *c., No. Jilft Wlllliun Street WILL ba happy to play at Concerts and Cotillon Parties ; get up Maaicd Entertainments, and give iutrnctiona on the Piano Forte. Mr. O. hu a beautifully toned Piano Forte, that he will sell cheap for cub. Can be seen at No. 3U Broad way jJ0lm*re OFFICE OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY ) Nr.w Yong, I'tbrwr 3d, ISM. > AT AN ELECTION for Directors of this lustitntiou, for the ensuing year, held this day, the following named gen tleman were elected aoch DIRECTORS. Thoma* WThorne, Eliaha Rim, Thomaa T. Wood raff, Anton Baler, B. R. Robaon, M. D. Joseph Drake, Thomson Price, Joaeph Allen, Moaea Tucker, Jamea E. Holmea, John R. Davison, JAa P. Moore, John H. Lee, William K. Thorn, Caleb C. Tnnia, Thomaa Morrell, Francis gene Bogsrt, John C. Merritt, Robert Smith. At a aubaeqneot meeting of the Board, THOMAS W. THOHNE, Esq , waa nnanimooalr reflected Preaident for the eaaning year. GEO. T. HOPE, Secretary. O rrc The Long Island Insurance Oo. Capital ttOO.OOO Dollars. Omen 41 Fulton aTUCKT, Baooai.tR. HAVING their capital eery newly entire, eontinae to take riaka on bni.dioga, machinery, merchandise and property generally, oai their nanal favorable terms Thia company hat patted through the two greatest conllagrmtioaa that hare eter occurred in the country ; they owe their escape from them with comparativflv alight loasea to the system which they have always practised of limiting and scattering their riaka. All loaaea which the company may anatain will be adjusted have always practised of limiting and scattering their risks. All losses which the company may sustain will bee" and paid promptly as heretofore. B. W. UKLAMATEH, President. 17fliuia*rc E. C. FINN, Secretary. Omen on inn MnncaRTiLn Mutual iRsunanrn Co. ( No. II Wall street, December 27th. IMS. I A T A MEETING of the Trusters, held attbr ??ct of the A Company, on the Ird instant, JOSEPH WALK EH waa unanimously elected President, in place of Lewie Gregory, resigned; and Lr. wis Gunoar waa elected Vice President, t? supply the vacancy occaaionrd by the resignatioeof Joseph Honie. By order of the Trustees, ELL WOOD WALTER. Secretary. Mamng Irsuuarcr or Canoo arii Fsrioht orlt. The Mercantile Mntual lnanrance Company^NjMM Wail street, eouhaea its business to Marine inenrancrBTHFightend cargo. New aobecriptioa noma, ainonnting to upwards of Two Hundred Thousand Dollar* hare been received, and farther addilious are daily being made to its assets. The Company invites attention to it* plan of hnsiaese,which it is believed, offera greater protection and larger returns to the assured than any other, TRUSTEES. Thomas Hunt, Jaa. McCnlloogh, Thee. Achelis, Win. C. Langlsy, Septimus Crooks, Goo. W. Taylor, Hean- Sheldon, Charles Paysa, Levi Cook, Jaa. Freejand, Chaa. H Rogers, A- Logon 1, Thoa.B Nelson, H. K. Moring, D. L. Sayre, Wilson O limit, W. C. Atwater, Aleii; S. Baker, Stewart C. Marak, W. A. Keteltaa. M. Ward. Geo. Hastings, Chaa. O Carletoa, Leonard Kirby, C. W. A. Rodgeri, Lucius Hopkma, Jaa. C. Hallock, Henry Jeaaop, Daniel G, Hanland, 8.1. Jenkins, G. D. Phelps. HanMMur-. ... - JOSEPH WALKER, President, Lrwia Ganaonv, Vioe Preaident. Ellwooo WaLTgn, Secret iry. d2Wm*re HASTINGS' , COMPOUND SYRUP OF NAPHTHA THE TRIUMPH COMPLETE !! For sale by MOORE It CO., tko American Agents, SI Ann atroot, and Elliott, 1*3 DIVISION STREET, op posite Ludlow. Nuw York Prieo $1 n bottle Six bot tles for gS. Philadelphia, Tuttle, SS South 4th atroot. D<v 1 m I* VALENTINE HEAD QUARTERS. TURNER A FISHER, 74 Chatham street, have this day Opened their unequalled assortment nI Valentines and Valentine Writers. For splendor, variety and cheapneta, we challenge the city. Low prices to the trade, is oer motto; cull ana see Valentines made to order, ongtnal verses fur sashed. Orders from the Ceuatry attended to pTom^,Jm.n j UfMV IWiAI81JN?l BT TIE lifts, Editorial Corrupondoneo, Washington, Feb. 20, 1848. .atft from IVathingt on-Arrival of the Cambria. 1 "?? recent intelligence from England, brought y t it Cambria, was received to day in thia metro* P? and has created the greatest sensation in all quarters The Queen's speech?ao pacific in itn character?the debate. in the Houae of Commons, equally pac.hc-and, above all, the new tariff bill, proposed by S,r Robert Peel, have formed the pnn cipal elements of thia sen^on. We have, a. yet only the most meagre details of this extrordmary revolution in British policy towards this country, and all parties wait with the greatest anxiety the further details and the more correct accounts It is impossible, as yet, to form any accurate opinion ol the effect of this intelligence on the government and on Congress, in relation to our foreign or do mestic policy; but the general result, it may natu rally be inferred, will be favorable to such a K.n|, 0j adjustment in relation to the tarifi proposed by England, and our revenue tariff, as will bind her to the United States, in an indissoluble bond of friendship, for years to come. In this aspect o( things, the war spirits of Con gress, appear to have entirely got " off the track," and those in favor of |>eaoe seem to he getting into favor again. The friends of Mr. Calhoun are in extacies at the character of the hews, believing hat the extraordinary pacific disposition of the British government, and its manifestations towards this country, will furnish hun an opportunity o t now setting onward in favor of the settlement of the Oregon question, and adjusting commercial le ?' gislation in both countries. The tariff projet of Mr - Walker will receive additional strength from the position assumed by England on the Oregon quee tion, as well as the commercial relations of both countries. That bill is now before the country, an d although there are olauses in it obnoxious to the free trade party of the South, as w ell as to the pro tectionists of the North, yet it is believed that somo thing will be reached without materially altering the general plan proposed by Mr Walk er. Ia fact, it may be assumed that the new state of things developed in England, will produce en equally novel cor dition of affairs in this oountry, ia relation to the two nations towards each other. This being the case in relation to her great com mercial and political interests, a revolution having taken place on the other side of the Atlantio, favor able to the adjustment of the Oregon question, on the lofty basis of reciprocity,.the United Statas wil now torn her attention with additional ioree, to Mexican affairs. I have every dispoaition to bo? lieve, that our administration will bring to a crisis" in a ahort .time, our relations with Mexico, and that in the most imposing and decided manner. In the meantime, we will hear further detaila of tho important intelligence from England. Washington, Feb. 19,1848. 1he Pubic Printing?Itt Revenue and Profitt. The Clerk of the House of Representatives has just made a report of its current expenses from tho 18th of January to the 1st of December, 1840. Among the items recorded in this aeoount, I And tho sum of 886,001 41 from December 8, 1844, to May 14,1815, paid for printing the document! of tho ehort session of Congrese, with the exception of about 8160, a short time before the first date, and of 82800 between the 1st of March and 14th of May, when the last account waa rendered. This is what 1 would call a pretty fat job for about three months work of legislation. In the foregoing account, Doc. No. 2, may bo taken as a very fair average of the general descrip tion of work printed for Congress, but by no means the fattest and most profitable, because in all billa for which the printers charge 81 per page, and tho additional price of paper and press work for any given number of copies ordered, the composition will not cost 25 cents, and in many cases not even 2' J>cen,ber 3, 1844. there were sh pages of printed matter, comprised of the fol lowing kind, viz: small pica, plain,589 pages; rule S7 do; brevier, rule, 94; broadside, 104 ;muU pica! 04 pages; brevier, rule 60. By allowiig 81 per composition, which is more thsn an aver age at the price of 33 cents per thousand ems it will uive 8804 for this one work alone ' But if the value of the composition be estimated by prices paid to the hands?boys and men, at tho weekly rate,varying f rom 82 75 to 812-the expense of this pert of the business will be considerably re .ah?'T,,n* " 81 ?Lper P**5 bT lh? Price paid per thousadjwe are rather above than below the mark, viz: 8BM for comi<oaition. The papef tor one copy of this work of 804 pages, ia equalto I 25 sheets at 32 pages to the sheet, which if multi plied by the number of comes of the document fur ton' ,335, 8lve8 the gross amount of sheets at ?44,792. or a quantity equal to 668 reams of 480 This number of reams, if multiplied villi J?!' ? """J"' P"ce of paper per ream, wo win find, in round numbers, the sum of 82068 as the quotient. Here. then, we have arrived at the nret cost, or expense, of the two heaviest items in ttie matter of punting this public document. Thus? For composition for Doc. No. 9, of 804 pagss, ft 804 For paper for 11,us copio. of do..VTfTV. %,5ft To which, if we add, for preaa work, Ink, tewing, rent, wear and tear of machinery *c. Icc.aa a fair proportion of the exnenaaa incurred daring the period which inch a work take* to execute I ^ We ihall have the whole eipenne of aTan for the flrat coat of thia document. * ' On looking into tnia account, I Hod the go vernment hat paid Blair It Rivet $14,401 91 for it; leaving the public printer the very pretty profit of nearly... ? looso -for this tingle item in the general job. In making my estimate of the price and profits of the public printing, it will be seen by those who are acquainted with the printing business, that I have hn w8to r mo8t 80,ld "?n ?f 'natter, upon which to build up a fair argument against the abuses nlvmH?g 8W8& Pjblic money to mere partisan . wjlen we ccne to estimate the profits upon all the bills, other than such heavy do cuments as the one abeve examined, which, in a majority of eases, have not over sixteen linen. Enc lish, per page, for which #1 00 is charged, the profirs are enormous Well may Fisk be iWwopSsTto take 50 per cent less than the price given by Con gress to Ritchie and Heiss, if for the labor of about one month, they could divide fouuo-half of Blair Sr. Jd.bZ?tr W AbHi.toroM, Frb. 17,IBM. Tht Political At ptet tf the Dap. In viewing the positions and strength of the various divisions into which the democratic party is separated, each in its own peculiar sphere of ac tion, one will be instantly strack with the diversity of interests, opinions and local prejudices that sway those who figure as their embodiments; and won* der, while he contemplates the picture, that so many jarring and discordant elements, could be brought into play at any given period, tor the purpose of do featiag an antagonistic scheme of policy, so long identified as that of those calling themselves whigs. On the democratic side of the question, perhaps, Mr. Calhoun may be considered as the first in the calendar of old aspirants for the higtiert honors in the gift of the people ; but he has been unfortunate in his political career, in attempting to raise himself up to those elevated stations by hie own powers and overweening self-sufficiency, rather then by eating upon the tide of popular favor to watt him into the haven of his political hopes, aa so many others, with far leaa talents and oanaor than he, have done; and in dotng which, have invariably succeeded in reaching that point for which he has so long strug gled in vain. Why has this been so 7 It is not surely for the went of talents as a statesman, for every man concedea to htm credit tor those qualifi cations in a high degree. It cannot be for the want of numerous and able supporters; for of those, Mr. Calhoun has as many as any other public man in our country. To what then can his defeats be due, and why has he been ee often repulsed by those who, at all other times, except when the process of Presi dent making n going on, give him credit for every honorable and useful attribute of which the most distinguished in the land might be proud7 U is simply, >n >"7 opinion, because Mr. Calhoun pays more regard to his own peculiar opinions upon public affairs, than he doee to the opimontf of the great party of which he and his follower* form a large component part. Mr. Calhoun is selfish in this respect. He does not,and would not, 1 believe, wifuily sacrifice a single Iriend of his tor personal profit if be could; both# does it daily, nay, hourly. His opposition to General Jackson and his veto uj> >

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