24 Şubat 1846 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

24 Şubat 1846 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD Vol. XK1*, Ho. M-Wkoli lo. UOT, NEW YORK, TUESDAY MORNING. FEBRUARY 24, 1846. THE NEW .YORK HERALD. JAIK8 GORDON BBHKB1T Proprietor. Circulation.. .Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD-Every day rnc* 1 MnU P"*0'*" ^AuT^TI^MEN-fa ?E5 Pne?^w.T. -Mb PRtfTplNQ of oil ki-d. "** *",y -"?* SMlSE Liucted &?? tho7^Cj5S ?*o&DON JmTNNE^^ Ni* Ton Hiuui EjTUi'iHimit V?rtt.w^t.or..rftf?'?<?o. ,rd N,^?.tT~t^ " TO l'ft" THE EAOLE rnTEL IN THE S=!s??&-?j^a perron wi.hiug to purchase, will \>e .old a ?t?'?|iJ?HP T meuti Dif't #?"? 0^'b UioV?.tionTc.. .^T ?? * *?JJrfcJT1 tl" JSoiw. in Ke.luhill, or to blWmr .tract, Now York. fll lw*:t _ ~ APARTMENTS TO LET, a FURNISHED, on th* first flier, with brsokiait, u -^""Ifo <4 Warf .tract. FOR SALE, ~~ ~~7 THF HOUSE AND LOT, No. 71 l ^$1 Sa8i?viii:wr^?^c. BLAKE. No. 1 Nwaa ?tf*t 11L1Z FOR SALE, and ON nueo.ahla l?n?. ?f? ?t?JT HOV'6 AND #lh T OT N ? *VI Hadeno .treat. 1 ib the block otoC Ltiae ? McSui... Chjreh ?. <*.?? M,y ?ud out Applyoo the pre" tee., or to WILLIAM KETCHAM, Esq. No. M Mnrray at. '17 TO LET, mTHE I. rue and comtaodioaa Dwelling Hon*, at the ?4E?afiigEf^sSSl NOTICE. ~ a DWELLING IOUBES, STORES and raMat Lott, fori*'? -"tor rehnuge ioTe.tt.enl. made on pro due',it .1 E.Ute thtt will (pay fro. too W twenW i , i >* chase money, with a. wcieaao in val.e 01 F?im%n to fifteen per Cent perannum. Money procured on Boou rig nd Polieioa ofjnsoraneo obtajMd Am* j &Ta rtM>ou*' ompsclM 10 th*cTo?n aTiTen n'b?Plana' elevation., specification. and contract, for build, g., furnished hare or at No.^Br^d ^LARD* **110 Ini'rc ArchU^ " KOR SALE. OR TO LE C. on the mo.tre"on.ble re..oeniii,be.p tuft ff Se frfc mmuff. "Pf^ ecured, at 6 per coot. Knqtuia oo g^g^JT^NOuS. fU lm*rre ? Wall .treat Tan. .tor. bMM,J? *?%,StoTVi the ouYrrewoarate if dented. For farther particular., enquire of the .obeenber, at the poet office in ? j'qjjW. LLOYD. Belleville. Feb. U. If fl? lm*me FOR SALE, IN BROOKLYN, - . ? NEW BRICK ftoUSE, oa tho Math udo of York iisSHSS sstsassscs itfifi cfforsi WHykooW?tJ"1 VcE'ea. mutar. will went with qaick fiSSrrSi ireCtki or datiooe, apply t0^yo^ffffpLL?*nth et "ft. A I Briti.h hark AjinHarley, Cupt. RoW Seot^wOI ? the Adam Carr. ^SIKpfpp ? Toortne Building., No M Wall et. " ' hiWUHagBjto. . BOYD It HI CKEN f,l r , TAatioe Baildiogi. No. M Wa" .trot EBSMSa?Ss&^S? ma AslIrd?snltsd on vhs stocks, end rs-tsltcd^wry rw (IBM Thoir aceommodatiou, lor P."eager, are very e* arreaod h.adeomely TO . S? Soath .t. FOR LONDON?Tho packet ehip ttUEgtL. c'ptaia J. H. Willi"",being anaraioably.detaiaed. !-^aT=jaJ!traisJW? uoua. Apply oo board, or to J08KPH MeMURRAY. (n w Pine .treet. eoraer of Boath. sfesa*^aasaggrr dBflSwfar. wall I " ^IforUbD Eorfreight mjmm. ?? u,d ? ,UM to... CvCJohaEldrrdg. will raeeeod the Hottingner, arU "U oa the Im of Ai u m r FOR 8 M.E?The Bee last sailing topuil scbooo >?' ACTIVA, (ix months old; bnilt of the boat mam ? uili; coppered tod copper fastened; and well and Cap eU47 found in trery respect. Bbe can be teen at toe nt of Ratgeri (tract, East Riser. Apply to fid ln*mc J. M. BOVE8, 57 Fear I (t. FOR NEW ORLEANS. ? Louisiana and New York Line.?Raaalar packet, to Mil Monday, March _2d ? The elegant, feat sailing packet ship SAR 3-, Taylor, master, will positivnly sail es above, her re gular d iy. r or freight or passage, having handsome famished aceemmodutions, apply on board, at Orleans wbarl, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS A CO, M South street. K7- Positively no goods reeeieed on board after,8otnrday evening, flth inat. Agent in New Orleans, J AS. E. WOOD KUF F, who will BrompUp forward all goods to his address. Fncket birk QENE8EE, Miaett. master, will sacceed the Sartello. and aatl Moaday, tih March, her regular d?y. fit TELLE, T FOR BELIZE, HONDURAS.?Bark JOHN R GARDNER, James rederien, Master, will have despatch lor the above port. For freight or passage, hviu^snperior accommodations, apply to the Csprsin^H board,or to F. ALEXANDER, fit Is'r ? Booth street. H | NEW I.INE OP PACKETS FOR LIVER ^^^IPOOL ?Packet of 26lh of Kebrnary.?The ap'eodid, |HHIBfast sailing and favorite packet ship UARRICK, 1IM Prone ? ithea. Captain B. J. H. Trask, will sail on Thursday, Feb. M, ber regular day. The ships or this line being all IdM tons and upwards, per sons abost to embark for the Old Conntry will not fail to son the alvantanges to be derived from selecting this line is prefer, sacc to sny other, ss their great espacity readers them every wsy more comfortable and convenient than ships of a small class, sad their arcotnmodatiena for eabia, second cabin and steerage passengers, it is well ksswn, are snpsrior to those of sny other line of packets. Persons wishing to seen re berths Bfiaasg ~SH0ifieSr ?^^^HAl their general Passage Ofkee. 7S Booth street, corner of Maiden lass. f?r BLACK BALL. OR OLD LINE OF LIVER POOL PACKET* FOR LIVERPOOL-Only ro lwInaskn* nf tkn lot Msroll Flld If WbUTi nsi I ?He, that cannot bat add to the eemfert of thoee embarking, ?sors visiting the eld eoaatry, or sending for their friends, should call and toe this splendid specimen of naval architee rare, before engaging elsswheve. F-r rmnge in cabin, second cabin sad steerage, early application ahooldbe made on board, 7"*a*"_"~iBgfeT'8SM&?co wi far K Falkgn street, (neat door to tbn Fnlton Bank.) I?- GENERAL EMIGRATION Persons wishing to seen is passage for their fnsnds from Li verpool. daring the comma season, is the New Lias of Liver pool packets, ere respectfully informed by the snbeeriber* that the nndermentlotted magajheent tad fsvorits packet ships will sail from Liverpool positively as advertises? is sny ol which pntt-ge can be staged oa the most raaaonable terms, and every oscesMrvmoaMra will be asod to have those whose passage mar be engaged oa this tide of the Atlas-ir. despetch "I is as comfortable a manner as peeslMs. Ship Rochester. oa sBWtfirai L?^atE?Bs; favorite packets, rander eay eommodatiuns ior cabin, second surpass those of sny ether COLUMBIA HOUSE, ChtUntU Strut, between 6th and 7th Strut*. _ . PHILADELPHIA. BAOLET, MACKENZIE ? CO., Prewritten. Jambs Baqlst. lateof Joam's Hotel Hsnar C. Macukisxik. formerly of W , al,iugton Howe. ruts* L. pkhqibon. f 14 gmr DAGUERREOiYPE PATENT 19%UKD. DAOU^-RREOTYPE ARTISTS arc ?uformed that th? Patent f*?r the new Coloring Pionm of the subscriber* i i?????d- Application* for the Patent right for the United State*, may he ad-Jreaaed to the subscriber*?th* price ol which wall be $75, materials and instractiona included.? Iefri?!gei%will be dealt with according to law. A eew price current, embracing Voightlaeuder's Apparatus, and ail other articles nsed in the Daguerreotype art, may also be had, by addreasing (post paid) to W. It F. LANOENHEIM, flS lm*rrc Philadelphia Eieharfe. FIFTEEN FARMS. DLACE8 of from two to thirty acres each. splendid Vim A oftho Sonnd. Village and Landing, for Sato -t New Ro chelle. Mth March, ISM at 1 o'clock, r. M , at public Auction. Turou libural and title cluar. Apply to T. A. Lawrence, Auctioneer. New Rochelto; or Jnha K. Peters, New York. Maps at Millar', tavern. New Rncheile. 11t iw*re BIRD CAGE MANUFACTORY, Ne 1 St Jekn't Lent earner Beat A itrert. Nine Fork. 'HE 8UB8CRIBEH would inform bii Cuslornere tad the - Public, that he keep, couatantjy on hand a large eupply of fancy and common Bird Cage, of erery deacription, which ha offers Tirade at a lower rare tliaa they can be bought else where. Merchant* would find it to their idrutin to "call and J KELLY. ex uniac his acock. P. S. Country ordera attended to with promptueaa and dis patch ft lm*m TO ARCHITECTS, STONE CUTTERS, AND BUILDERS. rUtoCl 91 VISA IHIilllUVU u jr uic euut?iiv?i, r^||t| w via* neWieut in quality, and 30 per cent oheaper, on application to A. Wilso*, Stone Cutter, Jersey City, nr at the Quarry, Aquackanouk, N. J. flT lm*re ABM. H. VKK.F.LAND LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE WANTED. GENTLEMEN and Families having tnperfluoui WEAR INU APPAREL, (either Lady', or ^kutlem.u'.) Jewel ry, Fire Arm,, See., lie., they would dispose of to advantage. may do >o by ,ending for the tubseriber, who will attend them at their residences by appointment. ii LEVETT t 'No. ?Wall street, N.V. All order* through the Post Office, or otherwise, punctually attended to. j*t14 imh GIOLu LEAF AND DENTI8T8 GOLD FOIL OF 8U < perior quality.?Oold Foil *23 per ox ; Gold Leaf at the loweat market prices ; Pale Gold $S SO per package : Stiver Leaf, Gold, Bilver and Copper Bronses, he , at the Factory, ? Reade attest. J. L. WAUOH, j291m*rc Practical Gold Beater. INK. SEAUNG WAX, WAFERS, &c. GRA GROSS Steel Pen Bleck writing Ink, 3,4,1,1,16 and AeijVj it ox.; 100 gross Bine. Red. Japan and copying INK. rarionxtixea; 150gross Indelible INK, with or without x pre paration? warranted: MM lbs. WAFERS, all kinds, from 10c. toCOc. per lb ; MOO lbs. SEALING WAX, various qoalitiee, from id. to f 1 per lb. The above are warranted equal to eny in the country. Dea lers (applied on liberal terms, at low prices, by THADDKUrf DAVIDS, Manafaeatarer end Importer, iite Cliff. jal tm*re 111 John street, opposite < NEEDLE & FISH-HOOK MANUFACTORY, 77 Maiden Lane. WM. CROWLEY k SON, manufacturers of the above articles, respectfully inform the importer! of NewYoik and other cities, that they have now ou hand a large stock of the above articles, which they are willing to aell at a email ad vance from the manufacturing prices. Any of the trade, or im porters, can have their needle* labelled with their own name, u desired. P. 8. ? Robcrt Chowlev, importer of Sheffield and Bir mingham Goods, in part of the above store. fit Im'rc MOUSSEL1NES DE LA1NE. 1 nn NKW SPRING 8TYLES of Foreign and Domestic, IvU just received, euitable to Southern and Western Trade, and for sale by V. SHELDON k CO., jl>lm*m 41 William street. | AWRENCE, MYERS fc CO.. I M MA received per mips Epervier and See, the undermentioned Madias:? Otard, Dupny fc Co. in half pipes, pale and dark vintages! MM to 1144 Bonaemort It Banker, do do do do. J.J. Papay, do do do do. Which they offer tor sale. The earns is under custom house lock end entitled to debenture. di tm*r NEEDLES. f AMES SMITH fc SON'S well known and highly esteem el ed Drilled-Eyed Needles, warranted equal in quality to any imported into the United States, and so id wholesale only, by JXME8 WALTON, Bewave nfCanlMtot, Ne. TIM Market street, Philadelphia. COMFORT FOR THF AFFLICTED. DR. DE WITT C. KE LUNGER'S PAIN ERAD1CATOR. rpHIS TRULY WONDERFUL MEDICINE, eontiaaes A to astonish all who use it, or who have been favored with the slightest knowledre of its wonder working effects upon the hum in system. Pain and Inflammation cannot remain where this infallible remedy is applied, it matters not from what cause it may have originated. Principal Depot, M John atreet. f 11 lm*r BOOKS BOUGHT. |>KRSON8 wishing to dispose of their Libraries, either 1 large or small, will always find a ready purchaser and goed prices, by addressing afew limes, giving same end number, to r addressing afew lines, giving name and number, to J.M'CABE, Q lm*r 71 Naeaan, or 117 Riviegtou street. fflAA REWARD will begiven to any person that will ? 1UU prove that T. PRICE, 23H Division street, baa not a larger and handsomer assortment of Ball Flowen than all the other Aatificial Flower Maaufaeturen in the city* Ethibitea ONE PRICE BOOT AND SHOE STOKE. T>HE PROPRIETOR of the Washington Boot and Shoe J. Store. No. lit Greenwich, corner of Barclay itreet, would r spectfally inform hit customen aad the public generally, that be hw aatabliahed tho One Prieu sratam. The rnce will be found written on tho diffent kiudi ol Boota and Shoes, which will be the lowest and oaly prior asksd ia fat are ia thia Establishment- He woald thank the public forth# liberal patronage received, and soli-it a continuation of the aame la thia moat deairable way of trade, the One Price System. Do not fonet the nambrr, 111 Greenwich, corner-f Barclay atreet, new the Hobokea Ferry. JAMES WIOG1N8. fn lm*r THE CHOICEST PREMIUM TOILET SOAPS, HIGHLY PERFUMED with Patehouly, Verbena. Boa* Bouquet, kc. Ite. are to be foaad at the atom of the aa k scrifer, E. ROUSSEL, ltt Broadway, Wholeaale and retail. jll lm*i TRUFFLES. HOR SALE.?A supply of Truffles just received, and for I: aaleby J. B 8TOUVENEL, ?John atreet. Alao, Bordeaux Wiaea in caakaand caaea. Kiersch. Abainth tad Chaaapaaue. of the beat hraada i*?ltn*r U ANO?The aabeenbera offer for aale on very acconamo U dating terms, the balance of the ahip Shakapeare'a cargo? the only direct importation in'o thia port from lehaboe. Expe rimenta ia thia country and England, prove it to be at leaat equal if not euparior te the Peruvian: much Guano from other puna ot Africa haa been aold aa Ichaboe, which on trial haa produced unfavorable retails. To prevent the loaa of ammo nia, thia cargo haa been pat ia air tight eaaka. Apply to E. K. COLLINS ft CO?i JalT St Soerh atreet Laurent & brother; IMPORTERS OP FRENCH GOODS, tpAK? great pleaaare in informing their customer* that they M. have just received by the packets Borgunoy and 8c Nicholas, their saw fancy spring goods, consisting ol the richest stria Lyons Silk, rich Paris printed Muslin-oe-Minee, Barege, Hi I norma, Tarletan Jaconets, ke.? Alao, the lirgest aatortroent of B roc he and printed loeg and square Shawls, Scarfs, ke. In (trie and richness, we believe oar goods can not be surpassed by any importation this Spring. Your kind attention to, and inspection of the seme is respectfully solicited. LAURENT k SHOT HER. JalT lm*r No. 4 William streec TO HOTELS, TAVERNS, BOARDING HOUSES and all who like their Futeitare to be spoilrae, clear and bright. For giving the highest polish, (or requiring leas labor, time in using, preventing stains, for cleanliness and cheapness, Langley's Furniture Cream is aude niably superior to any, CHA8 H. RING, Agent, fl> lm*r 1M Broadway, corner John atreet EXTRACTS FOR THE HANDKERCHIEF. UPWARDS of fifty varieties of the choicest Extracts, e aale wholesale and retail, by jll Ins*' K. ROUMf.L, IS* Bro*dsv*y. LEECHES! LEECHES! JUST RECEIVED afresh (apply of 8 weediah and Smyrna Leeches. For aale by J. FERDINAND CLEU, Importer of Leeches, No. II* Nassaa street. O- J. F. C is doing bosineas aloae, sad has so connection at present with his former partner. ft lm*rc GRATIS. ROUSSEL'8 UNRIVALLED PREMIUM SHAVING CREAM, ^moat superior article now ia use, ia neatly put up hi all boxes,and presented free of charge, on trial,Mall who apply at the manufacturer'!. E. ROUSSEL, 13* Broadway, Wholesale aad retail. jil lm*r CHAPPED HANDS. DOUS8ELM AMANDINB-A very celebrated article for la the eertain eura aad preveatiou of Chapped Heads. For Mis at the principal druggists and dealer* in peifamery throughout the United Sates, aad at the manufacturer'*. E ROUB8EL, No. U* Broadway, Wholesale aed twail. Itl tns*v ts w ',T" ?r??,s* Bpriug streets. The entire stock will ke (old, together or in panels te suit pureluuers, at from II to B S'SU below the market price, either for cash or approved S$S fet aad'l lack Mahogaay II* log* Mahagany, M do Reeewoed.? de Zebrawood. t Inea Batiewnod. ke.. ke ia?f Im'm ooaJ*. Absences and perfumery, of .n kmc, U Depot, No. , Coertlandt street. The Subseribvrs, erigiaal in van ton aad maauftcturer* of the grnuwa Walnut Oil Mili tary Shaving Soap, which w? warrant to snrpaaa all ether pre paratioaa, having greatly enlarged onr facilities are prepared to execute any orders in onr line. We luve eonstaetly on Bd hiihly scented Almond, Rese, Musk, Windsor, Palm, Toil 1 Soapsj extra Me Family aad No. I Soap The toe * oetiag Beep, a new aad splendid article, well raited flag Bath* and private family nee, warranted not to sink and to prodnea a rieh aad pleasant lather. Together witti a large aed general aaao tateat of Perfamery. Fssaeuss, ke., bath Foreiga M pad say climate. , ma rsqaceted to IftMWUOL m 2?ie?i I The Herald Kxpreee from Boston. '[From the Boston Journal, Fab. 30.] The Expbesses to New Yoee.?Ai wis anticipated ' by ui yesterday, the express, with the foreign Dews by ' the Cambria, whicn was tun for the New York Hn-ald, arrived in New York, yesterday morning, at half-past seven o'clock, beating the Combined Express?seven : houri: The HmU Express was arranged ana run by I L Bigelow, of the Fitcbburg and Keene Express, who | left here Wednesday night at 11 o'clock, and was in Worcester in one hour thirteen minutes ; from there to Allyn's Point, in one hour and three quarters; thence i by the steamer Traveller to Oreenport, in two hours and j and a half; and by Long Island Rail Road to New York, 1 at half-pest 7 o'clock Thursdsy morning The " Comb! ned Express" did not arrive until nearly 1 o'clock. It must prove an expensive failure to its originators. [From the Boston Times, Feb. 31 ] I Ma. Bennbtt's Eirsxss.?The Express with the fo reign news for the New York Htroid, was put through from Boston to New York, by Mr. L. Bigelow, (proprie tor of the Fitchburg* and Keene Express) in 7} hours? the quickest time ever made from city to city. Of coarse, the Horaid was first in the field, and we hope our New York associates will have the good.taste, as well asjustioe, to " acknowledge the corn"' [From the Bosten Transcript, Feb 90.1 The Eivbesses roa Nxw Yoax with the Canaan's News,?Mr. L. Big. low, proprietor of the Boston. Fiteh burg, Keene and Meutieal express, (the Napoleon of the New York Herotd) left the Worcester Depot, on the locomotive Jupiter,on Wednesday evening at 11 o'clock, arrived In Worcester in 1 hour 13 minutes, from thenoe to Allyn's Point in 3 hours, took the crack steamer Tra veller, for Oreenport, which piece was reached in 1 hour 46 minutes. Here Mr. Bigelow took the locomotive Ja cob Little, and run to Brooklyn in 9] hours, arriving in New York at half past 7, in 7] hours from Boston. This, we believe, is the quickest time ever made betweeD the two cities, aod was run exclusively for Mr. Bennett, of the New York Utrald, beating the Tribune combination express by 6} hours. The latter was run via Worcester, i Hartford and New Haven, and arrived at 1 P. M. Thurs I <*?7- Mr. Bigelow returned from New York this moru ! ing, and is ready for another start whenever his services i may be required. | From the Boston Eagle, Feb. 31.] The Etrnr.ssKS.?Mr. L. Bigelow, proprietor of the Boston, Fitchburg, Keene, and Montreal express, left the Worcester depot on the locomotive Jupiter, on Wed nesday evening at 11 o'olock, arrived iu Worcester in one hour 13 minutes, from thence to Allyn's point, in 3 hours, took the crack steamer Traveller, for Oreenport, which place was reached in one hour and 46 minutes. Here, Mr. Bigelow took the locomotive Jacob Little, and ruuto Brooklyn, in two aud a half hours, arriviug in New York at half past 7, in 7] houis from Boston Tbis, we believe, is the quickest time ever made be tween the two cities. The express was run exclusively for the Niu> York Herald, and proves that Bennett is good at calculating, if he is sometimes out in matters of politics. Mr. Bigelow returned from New York yester day, fully satisfied with his jaunt. (From the Richmond Enquirer, Feb. 33 ) After all, the Nrw York Htmtd beat the "alliance" of the New Yoik and Philadelphia papers, and got the for eign news into the city of New York two hours before them. Affairs I* C a* aba-We an indebted to Virgil & Rice lor the lollowing intelligence: Mn?rtrii Feb 10th, 1S46.?The recent Intelligence from Waehin'gton haa given birth to coMWeraWe^eeMa on the whole, mouatachea ere rather bristling up SSf:r TI?pSS newepepe'r'of thia>city?la. published a h.toftho.e individuate of note who irequentedthe gam 'JS^SMSEftSr^: itsasw:t?sw iSSSSBSssK could diaOocUy aee Brady atimgg ng wi .#te to repeat hU aUtement before ? >?affiatrete, and win ne brought forward when the UiUt^e.^ me^ #f thtoeMy.'hM after-rhree day. trj^f been ?qur?.dtoth. phV^phoWiacaie :r. for 'heir'f 7dic^tVnIch.%Vol th?.. Mtu? are ao frequent J JOTS."?common^.;' i? Canada it take., great | deal of intereattobe hung.' . #d fqf ^ .qgereta at SPS'^SStf hV^e^aen'eai ended.'and j?M 865 StS SA 8lThl' weather here ia atill lntenaely cold. AccounU from Quebeclull of "ft: swas awgisfe. ?r'""1 purpoaea, and the tranaacuona tie unimportant. From Matamoros -By the arrival yeaterday ol ss?tor32 direct iiom the c.*p' . .up.,oi#d that Arlata would sss-s&sK^sgss SiSiS&Hju ???-;?,j? raa* ?.7"* m??i? 4TT:;iSiLf^v^k. sis JSwlUftJSSS *om e.pVq Friday laat, about noon, he committed sasrSi. s ed him to be whipped.^ea^ Vhe n?ro replied to t!E"h*^ red w'^^he^aif ual'fo' an^outVnaakT'for* thT ssW-SfowSbpsrss -"T'sf jsirti?iMSTw a armed. On entering ???? ? . h d ql|jt work, negroea, ?b?Ui?J^^thar, " Jf A" und m*ny of th^tn * tppro^ch^d, and da consultation. Tht two 7j?tv-ir wora forthwith, orill mended of them to return to ^work fonnw^. ^ aheuld be Pnui"h* . i'i*?,. .? aia hand.-The overeeere entered, having a aw whantbe negro driver bid had acarcely ceaaad apauUng olhari> ha .hoated theaa defiance, and, calling tow Death Here ? ? Now let ue kill them all^-Libertyj ^ ^ whitaa w#re general ?'lee commenced, and B#gn>ee need. Mr. wounded by driver when Mr. Story drew Batu waa clinched by the drive letter, but be the aword Iron h^.^*1I^nTthVother overeier then would not let go hie bo , coming 1 fired and ahot him M ontbe apev wara ?kan in light it thia tin#, od the aom?oUi?ri to atopthorn, by the wife of the '"TZb&SFwtth *??' Sw?M Fortunately si*or ??**? lown tna w9Dt to the aM of nieces, were returning ? 1 w4<k thuir assistance ^rv.ndtbetwo ov.ra.Ma ,*??*?? fl# the revolt waa chocked. badly wounded ; end frem the plantation, ?W? of the ^ ^ bl#w qt one waa hilled aa haiwuai and children in the the leat nemed perty. The (b #r_ (paedily, neighborhood were ^'"^Vnt *p totown. Vari.r pieced in the cera for aafe y. formed themaelvea day all the plantere ordered every made into e court of inveitigaUoa, plantation to be . negro on M.m? H.w^ H.rw^o apm ^ | aeverely floiigged, whicn rtv,r that aome aeven I immediate edict. Wa, learn fortber in? w# or eight of the ringleaderi are . ht twenty of hia omitUd to atate thet Mr. Story g down tha banda with him to aid, if neceaaa y, J ,gray com flrat offender an^drivar^andwh u their KSft "d? ft. KZ O. IWIO, r#? 15. - A mu named Welch, waa reined [rem a riak of hia ewa lifo. i The New York Pilots and their Monopoly. New Yoae, Feb. 13, 1846. To Tile Eoitoo or the Wmnikotor Uitioif : Many of the New York paper* hero boon making a *rent outcry about the ?? monopoly" of the New York State licensed pilot*, with the view to prejudico the pub lic and Congresa against tboia. The Journal of Comwuret, on the Oth lnat. publiihed the following statement : " It ba* been the cuatom of the merchant* to celt on the pilot who brought in a ihip to take her out when *he again went to *ee. Thiitbe merchant* have done for the encouragement of enter Erize among the pilot*. The cuitom had, however, sen established, and the merchant* hare almoit uni versally continued it, great a* have been their provoca tion* from the New York pilots, and their accommoda tion* from the Jersey pilot*." In order that the public may ktow who aretho "monopolist*," I will state a few facts, which can be substantiated at any time. The six New York licensed pilot*, composing the company of the "pilot-boat New York," have piloted into port, from the drat of July last to the present time, sixty-seven vessels, many having been boarded one hun dred and fifty miles at sea, occupying from two to six day* to pilot them in; thirty-one of whieh (including twelve packet-ships) they have not been permitted to pi lot to *ea; most of them having boon taken out by the ?commissioner'* pilot*.u Allow m* to give you the name* of some of the very many vessels Taken, during the same period, from the New York State pilots, and given to au individual licensed by tka "meruhauts1 com missioners," with the gross amount of pilotage: (fommhtion Shift. Stato Pilof. Fnt. er't Pilot. Jlm't. Ashburton E. Hop*,. . ..171 R. MoNelly, $35 AO John R. Skiddy... J. Bunker... .18 " 40 60 Westminister D. Kelso.. . .18 " 40 00 Do WP. Tunure, 17 " 13 76 Stephen Whitney. G. Thomas.. 19 " 43 76 Queen of the West, J.H. Smith.. 18} " 4103 Patrick Henry... Cor. Hop*... 18 " 40 60 Lancashire G. Thomas.. 13 " 18 00 Greet Biitain... . J.H. Smith... 16 " 70 26 Wellington E. Hop* 18 " 40 60 Hector J. Brotherton,ll? " 17 26 independence. ... J. Johnson... 18 " 40 60 Victoria S. Mertino. ..10 " 40 76 Piioce Albert. .. John Meginn,30 " 49 00 Northnmberland. R Hamili.... 19$ " 47 87 Shenandoah John Martmo, 19 " 43 76 Yorkshire L Livingston, 19 1 43 75 Nlegunticock. . . N. McCerty... 17 " 39 76 Gladiator R. Hamili. . . 17 " S3 76 Europe John Martino, 17 " 70 76 Steam'rU Britain, C.Lavend.... 18 " 48 60 Barque Albania.. H. Allen 11 " 16 SO brigi. Commaqnid N. McCerty.. 11 " 16 50 Margaret J.Johnson... 10 " 15 00 Merchant. J.Conner. . . 9$ " 14 36 Carlton J.Johnson... 8 " 13 00 Treaty A. Upson... 13 " 19 60 $873 75 Hare we have a list* of twenty ????en vassals, moat of them of the largest claw, the P"?uM.f

to eight hundred and sevanty.ihree dollars and fire centi, all of them taken irom the New York State pHota, awl givan to one of the "no-monopoly pilotf," known by the name of MeNeUT?a parion tha has never been to lea to oruise for vessels. bat tokept on hand in New York for the aolepurpose of **king veaatla to lea which hare been piloted into port by New York State piloU. Theie, nr, are foots which cannot be de puted To this list may be added aeveiul 1 of Teaiels taken out by thi? tame McNeil*; but the pre I ceding it sufficient to satisfy any oandid mind where ^l hare already shown that it takei from two to aix daya to pilot vessel* into port. Anyone at all conversant wtth the aubject knowa that packet ahipa are alwaya towed to tea by ateam-boata. The monopoly merchant!" employ to pilot them (ra'umlDg with the ateamer) i* aeldom, if ever, abaent more than six houra from the city, when he ia again ready to take any other abip to aea that the New York pilota hare brought 'nThet? are one or two othera of the "commissioner's pilota" who are generally kept in the city for the same purpoae: but aa I hare already occupied so ?u?h ?j your valuable paper with thU communication, I mustle fer apeaking of them till another occaaion. I M P"' pared to prove the truth of tbeae atatamenta, and will do so if any man will contradict them under hie own sig naturl?H,TaUte them. If not contradicted, the public will iudge who are the monopoliate. l'ours, reapectfully, EDWARD HOPE. N?w Yobk, Feb- 18,1846. To the Emroa or the WaamaoTON Uxiois s? Aa one of the New York pilota, may I beg the fhvor of you to give the following aa ineertion in the column"i of your valuable peper ? On tho 13th inetant, a publica tion appeared in the Court,r and Enquirer, over^e ?ig nature of one Ooorge W. Blunt, who claiaia to be a vo luntary commissioner oi a voluntary appointment, and for reasons well known to himaelf, ajoog and bltter enemy of oure. He haa published an afflda v it, w "cbbe haa doubtless called upon Martin Ore* to make, ?|??'* one of tho Commissioner's pilota, and dependent upon thflm for eniiloynvnt Oray iweira that ha navar re peated thing? wlich Van Fiaet ?waar? ba did. Wa haja. notwithstanding, the fullest confidence in .V an Fleet a WBut*Mr.oloyaweara more. Heeweare aa follows, viz: " The deponent further saith, that, to hie knowledge, neither of tho commiaeiooora haa any pecuniary intereat Aa*Mr'oeorga W. Blunt ia a commissioner, and pro cured Oray'a oath for pubUcation, tho public won d hardly auppoae that be hed eny pecuniary intereat in ?' the boata," (meaning the pilot boots.) known '? b? '? the service of pilots creetad be oemmiaaionera, of whom Mr. Blunt ia the moat active, and his pilot beet Nettle the moat frequently ?"P)?7*d n?T? K? B'^nt"*"th atraight, I will here anbmit a copy of Mr. Blontia oeta or affidavit, made before the deputy c?llwctor, nt tta cuatom bouae, ia thia city, on the 36th dey of December i s44 declaring himaelf to bs " the true and only owner, ifuid reu.?' orboat. The elhdevit can be aeen on file the books ofthe enrolment clerk in .he cu.tom house, end of which the follow ingia etruecopy. ?? District of the city of New York. I, tieorge w. Blunt, of the city end State of New York, dosolemnly .wear, according to the beat of my knowledge end be lief. that the ahip or veaael called the Nettle, ot New York, ia of the bnrden of 86 8-45 tona, end built at Boaton, State of Meaaachuaetta, in the year 1844, ?? P" enrolment No. 131, laaued at the port of B?lton the 10th July, 1844. nbw c^bb^l'ed, property changed , that my uauel place of abode or residence ia New York aforeaaid : and that 1 am a citizen of the United State a, and the true end only owner of the aaid ahip or > that there ia no subject or ciUien of any Pri?c? or state, directly, by way of trust, confidence, or other wise, interested therein, or in the profits ?r l""** thareof; and that Jamee Calahan ia the present master or commander ? OKOROE W. BLUNT. ?? Sworn to this the 35th day ?fu8?PU?^;I1I'?4 (Signed.) H. A. CAKUIDL., 1 i* ' " Deputy Collector." I hero submit the affidavit of tho commisalonar'a pilot, M*FMartin Oray being sworn, denotata aad tB'l_ * certain affidavit made by Henry 8 Van Fleet, (e hand employed on board the pilot boat Bloeeom,) on the aecon/dey or January leit, stating that tha deponent had aaid to him (Van Fleet) that he hed paid twenty-five per cent of hie earning! to Captain 'V untrue, he never having made any ,och reawk,'either to him or any other peraon. The deponent farther ewth, that he haa never been required to pay, or hfth paid, farthing to either ot tho commissioners, or their aoere tary, with tha axcaption of tha two per cent ta*#d defray office expenaea. The deponent further imttk, that ' hi. knoroledl, noither of the c.m?i?r^6? ??V February, IMB^before ?'CLARKE Notary The portions of tho two forogoing affidavit* that flatly contradict aach othar, I have under .cored. . , If Mr. Blunt has taught Oray, or the lac hes taught himaelf how to write, ia a matter o f no moment, except he if like i wi toe t a in court proving too much. I f0?* ask Mr Blnnt, aa it hea been charged tlutcommUsionera have done everything gratuitously, whathar he lata out his Nottlo to Oray, and the few other pilota of commi ''^"ubmitUng'the'foregoVng facts ta an iB,P*^1l^b"n?(j humble servant, ^ ^ N#w York Piloti. Yartetlaa. The cotton mill of John Olney & Co-.?? B.5SMMSS SSEs .. aaoAA ftn whirh there vu en ineurence for gSOOO et tha JJ'.tna 'oilce; on machinery $WOO, ?n i>T?oiNg*n?*to waa insurance for $4,500: on machinery beieagtng to N h A Fenner $5000 ioaured at ?ke HertirwdMSce^ $8000: on tho store belonging to Edward 8?rb?'> A melancholy loss of life accompanied the flre. A utua bo^trnHve year. old, from am.. his tamily. remained in tha mUl "?{ discovered until the flames hed aaede euch progroea that it waa impossible to rescue him. Five of Ihe large brick atorea on R-t*er etrect, in Troy, wo uuderetand, were destroyed by fire on Thuw day night. It broke out et 10 o'clock, sad til towerda morning. We hove no ?!?*Pt that John N. Willard, Howland k Bills, end Mr. Brint nal, grocer, are tho augerera. The trial of Wyatt, the man who atabbed a fel low convict ia tha Auburn prison which occupied aeve raldeya, end excited general interest, resulted in the disagreement of the Jury A line of magnetic telegraph front Syraenae to_Oa wcro will be completed, oaya the Oswego IWy Hier, by the let of April next. The poets ere elreedy on the ground. We learn, says the Qaltna Oaxttk. that a ?rriou? alt ray took place e few days since at Muakeday. wis comin, between a party of whites ends P?rtF. ??f ^ " nel>ago Indieoa, and which resulted in the death of <o of the Indiana. The particulars had net tranapirad Great improvements are making in the. to,J[1} Corpus Chrietl. Beveral atorea and dwalUngs have lata ly been put up, all of wood. Lumber haa become more plMr'UBrown. driver of the mail Amherst sad Montague, wee robbed at tha Amherst House, on the nlghtofthe 18th install, of about $1000 in notes and $900 la cash Magnetic Telegraph. To the Enron or the Heeald? Sir !?On the 9th of January laat, under the bead of " Improvement* in the Electro Magnetic Telegraph," en article appeared in the Herald, noticing a patent that had been granted me by the Commlaaioner of Patent*, for a mode of aatabliahing independent circuit* for working telegraph register* where but one wire i( u*ed aa the con .ucto- oT the electric, between the two point* in communication That notice called out a letter, publiahed in tb* He rali, Jan. 13tb, signed "O. H.Hicks," in which it la de nied that I am the inventor of the improvement fur which I have obtained a patent, and in which Mr. Sem'l Colt it referred to a* the inventor, In Juatice to my own charac'er and claim*, I wrote a communication in anawer to the letter ol " A 11 Hiclta,'' on tb* day of it* appearance In the Herald accompanied by an affidavit from Mr Joaeph P. Naah. fixing the time of malting my invention prior to my acquaintance with Mr. Colt, or hi* viait to the telegraph office, at 113 Broadway, referred to in the letter of " O H Hicks."? The crowded atat* of your column* prevented the ep pearance of that oomunioation ; hut time ha* effectually settled the queition, by giving Mr. Colt and " O. H. Hick* " time to prove themielve* ignorant of my inven tion, or of any plan to eatabliah an independent circuit both way* on one wire. In that letter, " O. II. Hloka" ?ay*, " I do not deem it n*oe**aiy to add any thing more to thia communication, unless it be to call your attention to the well known fact that Mr.Colt haa conatructed two line* of telegraph, to be operate d on tbi* plan; on* from thia city to the offing. completed on the 7th of September laat, and one from Boston to the offiog of that harbor, completed about the 2Mh of the *am* month ; during the contraction of which, the arrangement* of Mr. Colt, for operating hi* batterie*, on hi* improved plan, could not have eacaped the observation of Mr. Cornell." Now for the fact* in the case. The Boaton and Offing line.of telegraph ha* never been completed end put in operation on any plan, and the New York and Coney Island line haa been completed aa far a* Brooklyn, and put in operation within the laat few weeks, (aiuce the date of "O. H. Hicka'a '? letter,)on the plan of Morse's de pendent circuit. It 1* true that Mr. n'olt ha* had batte ries at both eud* of his line,but up to the present time be has not succeeded in working his line with independent circuit* ; his two batteries, when used at the extreme ends of hi* line, have been both thrown in ti.o same cir cuit, and hi* register* worked with the closed or depend ent circuit. Mr. Colt may, (knowing that independent circuits can be established,) ultimately succeed in hitting on the pro per arrangement to produce independent circuit* ; but his failure, thus far, to effect it, even with the assistance of "O H Hicks," proves conclusively that there ie no foundation in truth in the assertions made in " O. H Hicks'* " letter. Youre, respectfully, E. CORNELL. New York, Feb. 33,1846. Court of General Heulont. Before Recorder Tallmsdge and Aldermen Stoneall and Mate role. John McKaon, Esnr., Dietrict Attorney. Fie. 33.?Sentences of Honeyman alia* South, and Mil ler aliae Cupid, poetponed.?On the court assembling to day, with a view of paaainf aentenoe in the caee of Jamee Miiler aliae Cupid, one of the barge robbers, the District Attorney moved for a suspension of judgment, on the ground that there is another indictment pend ing against him, for pioking the pocket of Mr. Jamea Prentiss, of money and papers of great value ; and on which indictment it is proposed to bring him to trial at an early day. The sentence was accordingly deferred. Th e sentence in the case of James Honeyman alias Smith, an accomplice of Miller, was also deferred, in consequence of the District Attorney having failed to present certain amendments to a bill of exceptions pre pared in behalf of the prisoner, by one of his counsel, Thomas Warner, Esq. The matter will, of course, now remain in itatu quo until the next term. Postponement of Decision.?The court intimated that in the case of Joseph C. Ashley, as well as in several other cases, which had been fully argued by the respective counsel engaged, they were then prepared to announce their opinion, but on account of the February term of the court having expired on Saturday night last, it would be an extrajudicial proceeding on the part of the court, to give their decision at the present term. The views of the court, in these cases, were accordingly withheld un til the next term. Court of Common Pleas. Boiore Judge Ingraham. Fes. 33.? Edward J. Jaques vs. tVm. Jones, Sheriff, fc. This was an action under the statute,to recover from the Sheriff" two quarters rent, (amounting to about $1100,) of a house in Park Place, known as the Perk Place House, it appeared that in 1849, the plaintiff demised the house to a man named Oeorge O. Elliott, and that in 1834, one Piatt Adams obtained a judgment against El liott in the Supreme Court for $3,373 33. It also appear ed that in April, 1845, an execution was issued, and a levy made on the furniture of Elliott. Objections were alterwards made to the legality of the levy, and a mo tion was made to the Supreme Court to set aside the execution. The motion came on at Albany in June following, and it appeared, from the facts, that the Court settled the sum for which the execution ought to issue, and that a seoond levy was made on the 7th of June, under which the whole of the property was sold, and produced somewhere about $900; that there must, at all events, have been some in formality in the proceedings. Before the second levy was made, another quarter's rent beceme due, and plain tiff served a notice on the sheriff, claiming it and the previous quarter, and requiring him to pay it over. The ?heriff refused, and plaintiff brings this action, contend ing the first levy was illegnl?first, because it was not then known for what sum the first execution should issue: and secondly, because the sheriff had not seen the whole of the property, took no inventory of it, nor never had the oontrol of it. For the defence, it is con tended that the first levy was legal; that Elliot was ap Erised of the levy at the time ; that the furniture was itt in his possession, at his request, and that he, with his mother, entered into a bond that it should be forth coming. It also contended, that the bond operates seen estopel to the plaintiff's right to question the first levy. At this stage ~f the proceedings, the Court adjourned. Before Judge Daly. Samuel S. Engle vs. James Johnstone and P. Brennan. ?This was an action of covenant, on a lease of pre mises 38 Canal street, purporting to bear date in May, | The rent claimed under the lease ; 1841, lor four vears. was from 1843 to 1814, at the rate of $3*0 per annum. The defence was, that the lease was never delivered by the lessees, and also, that there had been a ttiiwl settle ment between the parties in October, 1843, at which time the plaintiff re-let the premises to another tenant, and received rent up to May, 1845. The case stands ad journed to this morning. For plaintiffs. Burr k Bene dict i for defendant, Messrs. Brady li Henry. Circuit Court, Before Judge Edmonds. Fsa 33.? Osgood vs. David.?The Jury, in this case, found a verdict for defendant; after which the Judge postponed the feigned iseue set dow.1 for yesterday morning, until the second Monday in March, after consultation with the counsel on both sides. The Court then adjourned to Monday next. Superior Court. Before Judge Oakley. Fee. 23.?Heron vs. Ryker.?TUis case, reported at length on Sunday morning, was resumed upon the open ing of the court, and occupied the entire day. It will be taken up to-morrow morning, and will, most likely, be concluded before the usual hour of adjournment ? The great number of cases upon the calendar, some of which are very impon ant, compels the court to sit up to a very late hour?A o'clock is now the declared hour oi adjournment Before Judge Vanderpoel. Oeorge B. Moremood vs. Richard Patrick et aL?This was an action of attachment. The plaintiff, in this suit, is a resident of Wales, and purchased, at the request of the defendant, a large lot of looking glass plates, which proved to be inferior to those ordered. Advances having been made upon them quite equal to their value, and they not proving to be of use to the defendant, (I'atrick,) he issued an attachment, and bad it served upon some personal property of the plaintiff's, under the statute which recognises propertyof absent or aon resident debt ors as liable to attachment We will give a more full and detailed report of this case to-morrow. V. ?. Circuit Court. Before Judge Betts. Fxa 33.?Fixst Dsr or Taats.?The Mlowing gentle men were sworn as the Grand Jury Silas Wood, fore man ; Caleb 8. Angevine, Thos. Canity, Andrew Cerri fan, Jeremiah T. B. Fowler, Thos. Gerry, John Geary, ohn Jeckaon, James Purckerton, Samuel D. Rockwell, Hiram G. Smith, Thos. Thompson, James Cromwell. After which, Judge Betts delivered the usual charge, briefly alluding to the case of Cept Ludlow, charged with the murder of one of hie crew, and the Jury re tired. James Allen, (a colored man) who had been cook of j the packet ship Ashburton, was put on trial for a riot on board that vessel, in Jul^ last, while she was lying at the quarantine ground. He was acquitted. The Steamboat Swallow?The case of Burnet, the cap tain of this ill-feted vessel, was postponed to April term next. Febrvaky Passages of the Atlas-tic Steam ers.?For four successive years, the February pas sages of the steamers from Liverpool to Boston, have not varied twenty-four hours In duration. In 1843 the Acadia sailed from Liverpool February A, end arrived et East Boston on the 19th at 10 j A M , making the fwsssjjs in 13 days and 31 hours. 8ho arrived below at 10 P. on the IHth, but did not come up, on account of the wee- I ther. The Hibernie, sailing en the 4th, in 1343 end 1844, i arrived et 7 1 end 7 } A- M., February 10th of each veer, I averaging about 14 days and 18 hours, and the Cambria, this year, sailing en the 4th, arrived et " year, tailing en the 4th, arrived et 10 P. M. on the 10th, making the passage in 14 days end leaa than 0 hours. ?Boston Courier. The Eagle iron foundry, in Hingham, (Maae.) near the steamboat lending, caught fire from tho steam engine, on the $0th hart,,and was entirely consumed , machinery, stock, end building, a total leee. There was spaniel Insurance upon tho property, eflected in New York ? few days since. The foundry was owned ana cccnpied by H Holden V Co ; and by this occur rence from thirty to forty hands are turned out of em ploy ment. A. fancy ball took piece at Charieatown, (Maae ) on tho evening of the 19th instant, which is rsprssentsd as a gey affkir. One day last week, a young man, a Spaniard, was preoipitated seme forty feet through a sacoeeeien of openings in the floors of the woollen manufactory of Hetchluss end Leomis, at Weodbwy. He was act hart Common Councils Fas. 9$ ? Boaid or Ai.otsMi*.?A regular meeting of tkis Board <? r<? hold lott nignt The mlnutoo of tto four previous meetings were thon road. Soeoral unimportant petitions wore tben presented and properly referred The committee to whom wm submitted the improve mento suggested for tho beautificstion and embelllah mant of the Park fountain, reported in ita favor, and proposed that $0,600 be appropriated ior such a purpose Ald. Btonsall favored an appro riation for this pur pose, yet thought tho amount recommended was quite too large: ha thought the marble coping apokon ef might either be dispensed with, or brought within a much less sum than so specified Ha also thought that " if it were done, it should bo well done," and that a proper regard to economy should be oontiderad. The report and resolution were both concurred la and adopted. A report of tho committee on charity and alms, recotn handing an iucraate of salary to tho amount ol $100, to the steward (Mr. 0. Wood,) of tho alma houae depart ment, was concurred in. A report from the seme committee, recommending ? now organization of the medical deportment, as con nected with the Alms House establishment, was rscsivsd snd ordered to be printed. A message from hie Honor, the Mayor, accompanied by the presentment of the grand jury, in regard to cer tain abuses canting in the prleon at Bellevua, was road and ordsrsd to bs confided to the special committee, of which Aid. Mkssbrols la chairman, (this request pro ceeded from William Oals, formerly a me? Ler of tho Common Counoil under " native American" rule, and received a wltharing sarcasm from Aid. Chabliob ) Aid. Mbsskxolb regarded this oomslaiot is en insult to the present Board, emanating, at ft does, from such a source ; and oppotad any direct action upon tha subject Aid. Batons entertained similar views, and tha wholo matter was referred. The appropriation bill was then taken up, and con curred in. Tha estimated amount required for tho next fiscal year, is $1,017,130, and which will be swelled to about $960,000, in order to pay off the police bill, end the compensation awarded to the members of both Boards or the Common Council. Naval Movkmxnts in thx Gulp.?Pxnsacola. Feb. 9, 1846.?The small squadron under command of Com. Conner is about making preparations and gatting underweigh for a cruise in the Gulf on the Mexican coast. The U. 8. sbip Falmouth, Commander Jarvis, bearing tha broad pennant of the Commodore, aod tho John Adams, Cammandsr MoCluney, depai ted this morn ing: and the steam frigate Mississippi, Cent. Fitzhugh with the sloop-of-war St. Marys, Commander Saunders, ill probably sail during the day or to-morrow. , Tho brig Somen will remain here, at anchor off the town, in readinesa to convey any despatches which may arriva for tha Commodore or the Minister at Mexico. On what service the squadron is bound has not trans pired, but various rumors srs afloat respecting its des tination. Some say that the Commodore is bound for Aransas Bay , others that ho will bear down upon Tam pico for the purpose of blockading tha harbor: othen again, that ha is going down directly to Vera Cruz, to moor the fleet at tha old station off Sacriflicos, thsrh to await the arrival of a reinforcement, consisting of several frigates, said to bo making ready for active service ? The frigate Ran tan, from the coast of Brazil, is on her way, and if she sailed at the time appointed, may be ex pected hero in a week at fhrthest The frigates Cumberland and Potomac are coming down without delay, if current reports are to ba relied upon, and wa may yet hope that a respectable naval forco will ba organized, manned and equipped, so as to Insure succeia, if compelled to open the bell it San Juan de Clue. That castle ia at present in a better con dition than at any former period. Thay have mounted on its ramparts a formidable array of large caliber Paixhan guns, with French gunners to fight them. The awful experience, in tha explosion of a magazine, effect ed by Admiral Baudin, has taught tham the necessity ol securing in impenetrable compartments tbe death-deal ing materiel, so that no accident ol a similar nature can again take place from the bunting ol a Paixhan shot, and tho former ridiculous absurdity of allowing a hostile fleet to take up its most favorable position, as did the French with their steamers, is net again likely to occur at any time hereafter , so that it we should make an at tack upon that fortress, without being well prepared, tho results would be disastrous. Of that faot reasonable calculaters cannot entertain a doubt. Pc ms a cola, Feb. 14.?The U. 8. ships Falmouth, Com mander Jarvis, bearing the broed pennant of Commodore David Conner, John Adame, Commander M'Cbiney, and St. Mary's, Commander Saunders, ssiled from this port on Monday laet. Destination Vera Cruz. Tbe steam frigate Mississippi, CspL Fitzhugh, and the brig Somers, Commander Ingraham, are in port. The former, it is said, is all ready lor soa, and waiting for dee patches for Mr. Slidoli, which are daily expected from Washington. Tbe Raritan, Capt. Gregory, is daily expected here from the Brazils. The razee Independence is now fitting out, and Is to be the flag sbip of Commodore Perry, who ia to relieve Commodore Conner. Three counterfeiters, Moses Stetler, John Stetler, snd another who refuaod to givo his name, ware arrest ed at Catawiaaa, Pa., on Friday weak. Tho Bloomsburg Democrat say a they had, whan taken, about $600 with them, most ef which ia, no doubt, counterfeit. About $960 in 10'a on tbe Schenectady bank, datod June 19th and 14th, 1846?several $90 bills on Lewisten Bank, se veral $90 bills on ItbaraB ank, and several $6 bills on Orange Bank,beside a large number ol oountorfeit quar ter dollars T1 HERALD JOB PRINTING OFFICE, 97 Runouts ? ?root. HIS Establishment unapplied with e^ery material neeae _ aary for trie prompt, neat and economical eiecntioa of ?vary description of Book Work, whalhar Litis, Fre-.eb. Italian or Spaniah works. The attention of antliora is request ed, is the asiariuic* that, for typography, press work, sad cornet reading they may rely upon reraising ample justice is the production of their respective publications. THE JOS O-riCE, The mod ex termtee in this city, Is famished with every description of Type ssited to Show Bills for Theatres, Concerts, Museums, Lectures, mhlis Meetings, or for any other pn'pose, where ths largest de scription of Priming is required. Also, Pri grammes. Circu lar Letters, Bui Heads, bale Work, Law Jobs, sad every kind of work required for mercantile or other branches. The ahore establishment has the largest Presses is this city, where all Bills, worked in colors, will be besetifnllr eseca ted. Apply to E. D- C , third or foarth story Herald Build ings, where ill orders will he receued. tf Orrica on thk Msucint ilk Mitlai. uuiuntt Co. s No <1 Wall atreet, Dee anker CTth, I Mi f ATA MKETINU of the Truateea, held at the ofllee of the fl Company , on the 3rd instant, JOSEPH WALKEU was nnanimonaly elected President, in place of Lewis Gregory, resigned; and Lewie Uaeuoer waaelected Vice President, to supply the vacancy occasioned by the resigustioaof Joseph Hoeie. By order of the Truitees, ELL Wood W ALTER, Secretary. Maninn Intunance on Caueo urn Kucioht oiar. The Mercantile Mutual Insurauee Company, Nu. (3 Wall street, confine* its besrness to Marius insurance on freight end rfew snbacription note*, amounting to upwards of Two Hundred Thonsand Dollars hsr* been rsosrvsd, and farther additions are daily being made to its assets. The Com pen Tin vitas attention to its plan of btuiness,which it is believed, offers greater protection end larger return* to the assured than any other. TRU8TKES. Thomas Hunt. Jae. MeCallougfa, Wm. C. Laagley, Septimus Crooks, Henry Sheldon, Charles fayea, Jas. Froelaod, Chan. H Rogers, Tho*. S Nelson, II. K. Moring, . . Wilson (J Hunt, W. C. Atwater, Alexis S. Baker, Stewart C. Marsh, W. A Ratal tas, M. Ward, Geo. Hastings, Chss. O Csrletoa, Leonard Kirby, C. W. A. Rodger*, Lucius Hopkins, Jas. C. Hallocs. Henry Jessop, Daniel O. Hnnlsnd, 8. F. Jenkins, O. D. Phelps, Herman Boker. JOSEPH WALKER, President, Lewis Onnooar, Vine President. Ki.lwood Wsltku, Secretary. OFFICE OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANV i New Yonx, February 2d, IMd. { AT AN ELECTION for Directors of this Institution, fee the ensuing year, held this day, ths following named gen tleman were elected such DIRECTORS. Thomas WThorne, Elishi Riggt. Thome* T. Woodruff, Anion Baker, J B. R Kobaon, M. D. Joseph Drake. Thomson Price, Joseph.Allan, J loses Tucker, JamesL.Holmes, ohn R. Davison, J?hr ?? Moors, John H. Lee, William K. Thorn, Caleb C. Tunis, Thomas Morrnll, Francis P Sage, Enxeoe Bogert, John C. Memtt, Robert Smitlv _ At a ?ubs?qnent meeting of the Board, THOMAS W. THOHNE, Esq , was nninimonsly remketad President for the ensuing vear OKO. T. HOPE, Secretary, ft nt GHICKERJNG'8 PIANO-FORTE WAREROOMS, 993 Broadway, No. S ud T Lafkrgt Building. THE PUBLIC will Sad at the above rooms s general assoft meat of Grand and Square riano Fortes, at the same price at mr Factory ie Bnstou. dIT larr HASTINGS' COMPOUND SYRUP OP NAPHTHA. THE TRIUMPH COMPLETE!! For aulo by MOORE It CO., tho American Afoot*, SI Ana itiwat, and FUlott, 173 DITISION STREET, op Bte Ludlow, Now York. Prion SI ? bottle?Six bot for ft. Philadelphia, Tuttlo, 8fl South 4th etreet da lm jo galVanic'^rings band* MAONE-fTc FLUID. nervosa diseases. Foe sale by the gveee, eouea or single one, at nxoocxo puic?. g fc p gANDg ? la.r comer of Gold. ra,%v^r?sss'"f ?fo'ftiFKAivs; Shoe Msnafsetory; en* of tho moat faahioeabl* in this city; ?? Boots having been judged iu the late Fair at Niblo'a. are said to be the belt Boots ever sold in this city. All Soma warrante.1 to ?"? YOU??G k JONES. ? Ann atrvet. JiP liu*vh user |ronl??v. New York t and Thu3 Si _ HOSE HILL BTABLEU, Mth tHreet end Third| ilafh A venue, ud opposite Bull's Heed. Jnat arrived aid I for sal* at the above StaMes, about fifty North#'n| and w eatern Horuee?among which are eight pairs matchedi sj^asP ro*a hor"*'J rtfeaT^LP,^ G&S5fraS?TTT^?-'