26 Şubat 1846 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

26 Şubat 1846 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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Old lUtk Buhugti WWNYSuttVi.il)! 9?H 1M ah* CaatM Co IWNVCmJi. nil M M do bu SOW Ohio 6s, 1M OlX ITS do M000 Peun K >m TV IN Nor It Wor BR I6M9 do *36 Tiy 7S do (U VMN do 7IH 156 do SOW _ d. bit TIM IS do bow WW Reading Mrt Bd* 70* ISO Long (land RR MM Sn<ii| Bond* 7S IS do M she North RivnrBk M MO do SBsnk America >-0 do SO Fsrmera's Trust V\ HO Reading RR US Mania Canal 17). iso do US do baw 1752 SO Hsrlein RR 75 do 1754 ISO do SO East Button tea 145* Mo do 10 Portsmouth Dry Dock I 100 do Second Board. SO aha Harlem RR St IN ahi L 1?1 bSO. 10 up 49* so do S*x MO do 49 SO do blO St SO do bM 49'* IS Morrie Caaal 17'J IS Nor It Wor RR alO 64?* IS do ITS New Stock Etchange. SO tha Vicksburg &k bio 054 IS ahi Morria Caaal etw IT1* SO do blS IS do cuh 17 >* SO Farmers' Traat >10 67-< 50 do Thridar 17', SO Harleaa RR cuh 53': 100 do cash 17?> 50 Long Itl UK Thud IT 49'* IS Nor It Wor bio 04'* SO do ea-h 491* SO do >10 61 SO do Thrsday 49 50 do Saturday 6454 SO do 49 M do c ish 615* SO do ca?h 4V? 50 do >3 61V Is do 49?? 50 do cash 64 s ? do Thursday 49 > IS do Thrtday 6I?J SO Rending RR >>Q 65^ Died. At WiUiamaborrh, L. I., H*bah Elixaukth, daughter Pi James P. and FJizabeth Whitaon, aged 7 month). The friend) of the family are invited to attend the fu neral, at the reiidence of Auatin .Melvtn, corner Coo cord and Liberty atreeta, Brooklyn, at 2 o'clock, P M , on Thursday, 26th init. r|NREMENDOU8 PUBLIC GATHERING IN BROOK 1 LYN.?One of the largest and most enthusiastic meetings that Ini ever taken niece in the city of Brooklyn, waa held on j Tuesday evening, the 14th mstini, at Columbian Hall, Allan- 1 tic strnat, lor the purpose of makiog a public demonstration of : sentiment end feeling, and mauifatting the popular will, in re- 1 fcr.nc- to the recent proceedings of n portion cf the Demo cratic UeneraJ Commute?, who have sought to preclude from re-appointment, etn magistrate, the moet framed, able and im parl nil of the present Judges of the Municipal Court. The high rrspecability and powerful political strength ol the numerous persona who met together on this occasion?tha warmth and fervor with which the resolutions were received, end the load acclamations which responded to their adoption? the fact of bu Honer tha Mayor voluntarily appearing as pre siding officer ol the meeting, aud the utter absence of even a solitary dissentient voice, or a single hoetile resolution?si I gave token that a right ana patriotic spirit, and n xealous deter mination to accomplish the avowed objeeta ol the gathering, aainuted every heart, and gave additional potency and power to every declaration and axpreasion. Albeit that the asaemblage was entirely corepoeed of demo erau?stern, unflinching, unwavering, hard-working, welt kuowu and prominent democrats?they did not fail to adminis ter a wi hertngand well-merited reruke to a certain clique pro fessedly belonging to the same party, who have betrayed the in tervsta of the great maas, by meanly trackling to the whims sad carriers of a select few, aud complying, with servile obsequi ousness and derpicanle subserviency, to the dictates of a lit'le knot of mm who almost claim hereditary title to political offices, sinecures, appointments and distinctions, in Kings county. So far, however, as relates to their efforts t > defeat the>e appointment ofJudge Church, as one of the municipal magistrates of the city of Brooklyn. we are much mistaken if? alter ibe demonstration, of which the subjoined is n brief re port?(Jovernor Wright will leud a willing ear to any of their Sleadi-gs or petitions, or will hesitatn a moment between their eaiguing and selfish movements, and the londly-xpressed de sire of the sovereign people, as manifested in tha preamble and res rlations which were so heartily and unanimously adopt ed at this meeting.?[Rspokteb. Bbooklvw. Feb. IS, 1146. At a large sad respectable meeting ol the Detnoerotic Re publican Khi tors of the city of Brooklya, convened purrnent to a public call of u former meeting, by handbills, at John Bweaw's. Columbia Hall, in said eity, Feb. 24, 1646, Hi; Honor the Mayor, Thomas O. Talmage, was called to the chair. Upontakuig which, he made some v-rv pertinent aud eioqumt remarks upon the subject of the call of the meet ing. James Collins aid Dr. Farnsn, were eppointrd Vice Presidents, and Ueorge T. Birch, M. P. O'Hrrn, aud Moithy Riardon, Secretaries. The call of the meeting being read sad approved, the follow ing committer of one from men ward wu appointed to retire and dreit resolution* expressive of the lease of the meetinv, i v x: lit Ward, John Doherty. 2d Ward, Felix O'Neil 31, Ward, John Hinchy. 4th Ward, Arthur McOowan. Sth Ward, Terrence Brady. Ch Ward. Michael Dunn. 7th Ward, Johu Bigley. lib Ward, Michael Hughes ; and 9th Ward, B. Cut. unghnm. Judge Church, being loudly called upon to addresa the pro Ce.mwte his appearance amid tremeudous cheers from the ird-A?tel end nnterrifted democracy, and gave a stirring speech of su hour s length The eommitteeon resolutions h i ving return d, reported the following, which were unanimous ly adopted with loud cheers. Whereas, ir it the right and duty ofthe people, at nil times, to exercise their privilege of supervision over the acts of thnir public servants whenever those acts shall revolve the wrll being and happiners ofthe coa<iun>ty ; >ud, whereas, the ex ercise o this privilege by the people, is their only safeguard and protection ag'insi the wile, ofthe dema rune and tha ma ehii>a*ion< of the selfish and detiguiag. and should never be loets'iht of so t ag as the wsrnirg voir of patriotism in hr?id p oc'aiiniug that ''itternal Vigilance it the price o' Lib erty and, whereat, the Demorr tic Mepnb'icHU 8c iidmg Committee or thie city, by a vote of lees than a msj m y of their whole number have r conm-nd-d no of their own hodv for the appointment of n Justwwof tha Municipal Court of this city, in p'aca of the llouor lilr Rodney 8 Church, whose lileiity rnd sbilit' in the > ucl-s gn of bis duly, as a i upright m <gistr*te. whose un deviating fir ame**, consistency and pat'iotism at a democrat, a- d whose eiempl iry character as a citizen, hare endeared him to the great miss of ih- people, and eminently entitled him t" their er-trfui and cheering benediction cf " well done good aud fs thful servant" Tl-erof. re, be it I Resolved, as the sense <>f this meeting,that said oommit tee, in nch ac'ion, have not givn rxirrsiiou to pnblie -euti me t, end we disagree with th-ir proceedings on (heruhjet. l Kesolvt d, Tbtt this mttetiag do most res. ectiully rrcom mend to His Excellency Uoveruor Wrigh', a*d th ? Htx orab'e Peti??e of the State, the re-ppomtment or on- worthy fel'ow ejeizen, Rodney 8. Church, as o e of the Justices of the Muni cipal Court ol this city?and. in ease of the leorgauixatiou of this court by the Legislature, that he may be appoicted as a Magistrate, nudersach new orgauiratioa I Hes'dvtd That the duties ro he performed by the Magis trates ofthe Municipal Court of this city are very import-nit to the wh ile pvoplt, and-ecuirc the -serciae of legal tal-at, snui.d Judgment. and great discriminaiion cf mied. to insure jpst utcisions, and pro tret the leople in the enjoy meot of their rights 4 Resolved, That th? H inorable the Senators for this dis trict, and the me hers of Assembly for this county be request ed to exert their influ-nee to effe. t the n appointment of Judge Church, and that the same m?v he done without delay. 5 Revolved, That the proceedings of this m-etinc be signed by the Chairmen end Secretaries audpabli hed in the Brook lyn Fade, New Vork Truth Teller, The Vinilicstor.tbe Pan, herald, aud Mornirg News, and in the Albauiy Atlas and Arena, end that a cony thereof be transmitted to the Gover nor end each of the Senators ofthe Stare, and th? the peti tion* which hare been cirenl ited among the people and signed by them here to-night, he also transmitted to Governor Wright. (Signed) THOMA8 G. TaLMAGE. Chairman. JOHN r'ARN * N. let Vice President. JAMES COLLINS, Id Vice President. M P. O'Hrau, 1 Gr.onna L Bibch, >Secretaries. Mobthv Riuhdow. J His Honor the M yor, being callnd for, addreseed the meet ing in hisjisoal hsppv style, sod dwelt upon the! right of the people to supervise the acts of their egente?the doubiful poli cy of standing committees deciding upon important appoiot aents-any further than,to endorse the democracy of epplicmts; appealed to their ludgmeut upon the importance of union, har m ny. and good fading in asserting their rights, asd carreet iag ?ny act* of their agent*, which sen'imeats were heartily responded to by the meeting, and the Mayor sat down with nine chenrsfrom the people, who evinced the greatest good feeling ad cheeifu loess in all their proceeding*. A very la g- peti tion, said I t contain over three thousand names of cirizens. was here exhibited on an immense roll iuf<vor of ih* re appoint ment of Jndge Church, aud at half pist nine o'clock the meeting adjourned ; the aforesaid memorial being first numer ously signed by too** of the meeting who had not already dose so, amid reiterated cheers for the democracy, and the uutremmelKd right* of the people. 125 GENU'S FASHIONABLE HATS. FOR THK ENSUING SPRING, ARK now ready for inspection at 214 Broadway, orpo.ite 8t Paul's Church. fM 6t*i?eodr J INSTALLATION of the Roy. Thomas L. Harris, as Pastor of tha Fourth Uniycrsalist Society of this city, will take tee in their Church, in Elizabeth street, near Walker, this evening at half past T. Sermon by Rer. E. H. Chapin. of Boe ton. f M It'rrc 117" ANTED?A yousg man of rood morals, iadastriouf TV habits, and rood bus' I business eapueity, who writes well and j," at the Htrald ifflce, with reference and eooipeniation regnired. f*6 It'rrc 117" ANTED.?A situation, by a respectable woman as cook, vf and to aosist in the washing and ironing. Oood city re ferencegiTen. Apply at271 Mulberry st. fM lt'mc WANTED?By a youug woman, a situation as laundress, and it a good washer and irooer. The best reference ^ivenaa to character, kc Apply to Mr. Goldsmith. No 19 w er st , her present employer IM ??rh IltREAS-My wife. ELIZABETH RENVILLE, has left my bed and board without cau.e or provocation, all persons are hereby forbid to trust her on my account, as 1 shall pe^oMlleof ber contracting. ISAAC RENVILLE. O FICE OF TRANSPORTATION 1 Baltimorf. it Ohio Rail Road Co., 1 __ _ Md February. 1146. PJ'HL Tonnaee operations of this Company, which have I been temporarily aotprnded by the breach tu the Elysville Bridge will be r? tamed this day. Merchants and others who may desire to forward by this route, en therefore rely on iheir goods hieing prompt despatch to Cumberland, or to any other lulerm.dints point on the line of the road. Th<- Pssstngsr trains are now making their regular time between Cumberland and Baltimore fM lwmc H B. WOOD^IDE, Superintendent. A UAH Li FIRST RATE TROUT FISHING. A SPLENDID and snmptnou.ly furnished residence, with ihe ocean air and ample oppo'taniti-e Itr sailing, sea bath ing. bte., must i irritably affoid abundance of eutnfort and gmti tica'ion to all who desire to pens''in luxury and esse," j few summer months on Long Island. Tit b.st establishment in thnUnited -tstes for each purpoaes.it the MasiarRqLA House, st 8 nth Oyster Bay, whieh will be opened on the 1st proximo. I H It'rre LOOK AT THIS. SELLING OF* FOR LESS THAN FIRST COST, A ORE AT ASSORTMENT of first quality Boots and Shoes, to make room for a large supply of Frasch Goods, now on the way, comprising rork sole Boots, water proof and light French do .fine calf Short, Tampa, and Daneise Gaiters, Lsdy'tUsiters,Butki.s, Slippers, Ties, pstaat leather, white ana black Usiin. white Kid. Clogs, Mocessies; ail kinds of Bubber* and Overshoes. kc., Itc , all of whiek will be ao'd t) per cent leas than heretofore, at *7 Broadway, cor. Franklin street. M. < AHILL. fM tm'mc ~~ DISSOLUTION THE COPARTNERSHIP be rem fore existing between F snris Sell sod George W Naff, is This Day dis*ol?ed The iff, ire of the concern will be closed by the eabeeriher. nud nil persons are cautioned from paying""7 m >neyt due said co-psrta-iihip <o any pe< son else. FRANCIS BALL New York. F.b *J 1'46 fM li'rrc T BROWN, STONE SEAL fcNGRAVER. ? Broad * way, opposite th* Park ? oetaof Arnse, Creels, Cyphers, fto., eagnveifoa Stona or Brass. Ladies'Seels, Pncil Cases, Bsgnet or Seal Rings, engraved with Arms, Crests, or any de vise-. Diamonds, Amethysts. Cm stale, Topsxea, bought in the rough or?ut to any form Costs of Arms maud sad painted in "?* '^7" 7*? "fu'lsrs and upwards, sad forwarded to any l*rt of the Ueitedgrntet or Caa3ta. Books of Heraldry kept with npwards of MU.Ogg s?met fM It'rre w-r,? c-.x^'n LlAR9S IMPROVED. iTTlg FtttD, rnspictfully. kngrms hta friends and the Thvy will no doubt suit Euro 'ana and nil gre.t platen bums f * an "t L*r*,T b*11* f<* Southern en?Caro lina halls fur Germans. > B.?B'ssford'tuew style Billiard Tables for sals- India and French Cat Leather, beet in the city; flue Billiard Cloth and every article in the trade, constantly on hand and for sale' fM lurac QENTLEMENS* HATS. fffi THE tfriMhrbfw ???4r for exami- Jpm ) . at KOBERTSONS PHffiNIX HAT AND CAP nation. .? .......... ..... .... va, M tNUFACTORY, 1W Fcltoiv Steeet, (betwaeu Willis* md Ntnu ) lu viii ciHim tlw attaution of A* public to this Establish ' Br t t*a rr"p?ietor would respectfully st'te. that ihe sucersi ? which h"? attended hi* effort* oidcuti ? commencement of hi* 1 business ha? not dec re wad hi* energies. bu' on the coutrary I has increased hiseMiti- ns to produce aniclsseven luperior to ! th a* of the higher priced establishments, at hi* former low ? p. ice*, vis: First qti lity Nutra Far $t it Second do. do 300 First q talitv Moleskin 1 00 Second do. do <30 (25 1 w i?*r cC '10 MILLINERS. rfi C 1SL Klh'0,1 he well known aud c ? lebrated jSfF first premium Straw Hat Maauiaetarer. informs the pabuc ta premium Straw Hat Mmulartnrer. inform* the pub BaraJ, that he ha* lor *ale a most splendid aisortmentof iee Fancy STRAW HATS maaaiacta'ed of an entire new article, called Pari* Straw Gimp, made to the shape of the Shepherdar** Giptev?*o beautiful and becoming, thev I need only be *een to be admired. Millirers. and meicnuitocf the trade, will do well to call and examine before they make their purchase* a* the good* will be aold by the caac or dozen at a very liberal priet. CARL KINO, 17 Divitioa (treat. N B ? A general assortment of *11 kind* ef Straw Good* and P?ri? Ribbon* ?lw?y? 00 h?r.d. (76 lm'r SHIP WRECK SOCIETY. >T*HK undersigned having been appointed by the American 1 A Shipwreck Society, to collect evidence reletire to the facto connected with the Into disastrous shipwreck of the Joha j Miuturn, and other resiels, in the vicinity of this harbor ear- ] neatly request all peri us. paiticalarly the survivor*, to meet them at the rooms of the American Institute, in the Park, any 1 dav f om 9 to 11 A. M .to assist the committee in the discharge , of their duty. COMMITTEE : Adoniram Chaodlrr, J. W. Francis.M. D. Martin E- Thompson, Una, John Doraey, L D. Chapin, Jsa. De PeysterOgden, Henry Meigs. New York. Feb. M. IMC. 175 It rc A PARTNER WANTKD. THE advertiser is now fitting up a three st.riy house for the 1 sixpenny liquerbusiuees and Billiards, which is in the best situation in New York to commence this kind of business. This is t great chance for a person who will advance about 150 1 dollars Best of references required and given. Apply at IU j Cherrv street. u5 3l*r j WANTED, gY a sober and industrious married man, s situation ** engi neer?often year* experience?either on a boat or stati ry engine. Wages on boat $35 per month?atotionary engine II shilling* per day. Direct letter, Herald offica. Engineer. fS4 5l*rc AIT" ANTED.- Bra young man, a situation as out-door clerk v v in a store. He ha* bad bad some txperietce in the grocery boa ness, and vould be willing to make himself generally useful, and w< nld go'or a mere subsistence ; compensation of no great object. The advertiser ha* j est returned from th* Sou h, end hi* been uulortunate, having lost all by the melan choly shipwreck in the Jcbn Minium. Please address S D., post office. 123 3t m Bark adam carr, from Glasgow,is di*<hint ing. under general order, tt east tide Peck slip. All good* not permitted, mutt unavoidably be sent to Public Store. f25 - ACKKT SHIP UAKHJCK, FOR LIVERPOOL.-Pa* sengers by this ship will please be on board, at Orlean* wharf, loot 01 Wall street, to-morrow, Thursday, 26rh inst. at 12 o'clock, at which time the ship will sail. Letter bags will close ?t the usual places, at ll)? o'cloca. f25 NOTiCE ?All persons ase foibid harboring or (tuning any ol the crew of Bri'ish bark Adam Carr, from Glasgow, as no debts of their contracting will bo paid either by the cap tain or consignees. (To wnnomrUt t mintitrn, ?r south *t. GENUINE HAVANA SKUAKS or the new brand ' ?1 Judio Errante," (The Wandering Jew.) For sale by F. MANCHO. at ?5 Fultou street, fid lm*r Spanish Hotel, up stair*. C7AKMERS' AND MILL KS' BANK, H?ger*town, Md A The Note* of thin in tion bought at one per cent di* count, by TAYLOR It SMITH, i241m*as No St Wall steaet EORGIA LUMBER COMPANY NOTES Wanted a three quarters pot cent discount, by D. U. PECK, jll lm*re II Wall street COAL.?1 am delivering from tnv yard, corner of King and Greenwich scrects, the real P'ach Orchard Red Ash. at these low pricee.for cash onh ,vix: Egg and Broken $5 75; large Not and Stove, mixed, $5 54. Buyers can positively depend on having their Coal delivered at these^ricea j312meod*r PETER CLINTON. NOTICE. fT^HK members of the New Yoik Pilot* Annexation, (oil , A duty.) are requested to meet at their office, Mth South at, ' This Morning. (Tuesday, February 24th,) at half past nine o'clock, to make suitable arrangements to pay the last tribute 1 of respect to their late worthy brother Thomas Fref.bouis. By order of JAMES MITlHELL. i EnwAsnllTK, Secretary. (TV Vessels in port are requested to hoist their colors half mast, fr m sunrise to snuset. f21 ltrc SIZING. OfY TONS superior qnality Western Sizing. jn*t received, &\J and for sale by PERS8E It B ROOKS, >19 Imr 45 and 67 Nassau Street. t'OUP nULLt.li LUri'Lll-.Mli Siieeis i.ulultolieu Cof > per, unequalled, from II to 32 ox?for sale by E. K. COLLINS It CO., 5( South street BIGELOW'S NEW ENGLAND EXPRESS. FOR Fitchbare, Keens, Oreeutield, Brattlcboro, Windsor, Woodstock, Mootpelier, and Burlington, Vt.,aud the Oa nadas. All Packages, Parcels and huiineaa, to any of the above towns, or any part of the jrestern portion of New Hampshire and Vermont, will be faithfnlly attended to if directed to the care of L. BIOELOW, 11 Elm street, Boston. N B ?Be sure to mark Packages to care of " Bigelow't Ex press " j2Jtc w OOTTUN WILL ANTS a situation as Manager of a Cotton Mill, a man intimately acquainted with the various modes of manu facturing cotton wool, both in England and America; can be recommended by two men having charge of the best conduc ted establishments in the United Statue. Address I. C.at this office. jail tm*rc TO HA PER-BOX MAKERS. CTRAW BOARDS?30 000 lbs Stew Boards, of a superior O quality, and numbers to sail - r- nd. ?si received, and for tale by fl9 mr f V.K98B fc BROOKS, 03 and #7 Nassau tt STRIKER'S SOLU1ION FOR THE HAIR, WHI'H will rhtnge grey hair to its original eolo - in a few miuu'es Tho-e who doubt i s virtues, are requested to have their haircbanged before paying their money. I hum bugs would take this method there would be no res-on to com plain. Gentlem-u can have their whiske s and hair changed to any color or shade in s few minutes Private rooms for cna-g ing the hair N ne genuine nnlets signed " H. Strike.," in red ink. One triel will prove the fact Hold wholesale ana retail, and applied at No 3 CHATH AM 8TUKKT, opposite the Ka 1 of Records, New Yo>k, up stairs. 120 ImMi DAVTO's* _'GAR COATED BLENNORRHCEA r LOZtXW ??A pleasant, safe, and effcetnal remedy for all diseusa. .. -he urinary and genital organs, gonorrhoea, seminal weakness, fee Price 37M cents; warranted to cure in a few days. For sale at Messrs. Fahnestock's It Co.. 49 John street; and 77 Ninth Avenue, and by Druggists generally. jslT Im*T BALL DRESSES FIFTY PER CENT UNDER THE COST OF IMPORTATION. PETER ROBERTS respectfully announces to the lsdiee, that having purchased largely at auction, he is enabled to otter a magnificent selection of Ball and Evening presses at the above trsaendons reduction. He also calls attention to a quantity of Embroidered Cellars, Chemisettes, lie. slightly soiled, which are sell ing at less than one-third the original nrice. The remainder of the st >ck of Winter Hosiery is ol rredatequally,low prices, and on inspection it is bdieved J94 lm?re will be fonnd cheaper than any in the city. N&. 273 BROADWAY WINDOW SHADES, TASSELS, COKD, dec. ON MONDAY NEXT. (Feb. 9th,1 the subscrsber will open at No. 58 Ctinthmm Street, New York, One door from the corner of Chambers, a nsw, extensive, sad grand assortment of TRANSPARENT WINDOW SHADES; Consisting of every variety of patterns and quality, to be fount either in Europe or America. Prices we will not mention; bat rom our facilities for manufacturing as well as for import ing, we think we can safely defy competition with the wosu>: 57" A good assortment of Tassels, Cord, lie., will be kept on hand. Wholesale tad retail purchasers are respectfully invited to call and examine for themselves. DUNCKIR fc BEOKKIL New York. Feb. 7lh, 1M0. fli lm*m THOM AS BATE, surviving partner of the firm of Thomas 1 fc James Bate, Needle, Fish Hook and Fishing Tackle Manufacturers, Redditch, England, and 1M Maiden lane. New York, has this day associated with him as CO-partner, THOk. HENRY BATE, and in fnturethe business will be conducted under the firm ol'THOMAS fc THOMAS H. BATE. THOMAS BATE. UNRY THOMAS HENRY BATE, . . 1M Maiden lane, near Pearl street, up stairs. <rw York. Jan. 5.1*40 <41m*m TO TRUNK MAKERS. TRUNK BOARDS?10,000 lbs Trunk Boards, of superior , A quality and nambers, jast received and for sale by PER88E fc BROOK8, i fit tmr 05 and 07 Naaeea street. i TO THE LADIES?TO THE LADIES. T ADIES having any superfluous or cast off Clothing to die- , JLi pose of,(either Ladies or Gentlemen) can obtain ? fair ! cash price for tlie same, by sending for the subscriber, at her residence. No. 09 Dusne street, basement. Mrs. M.\ "OHEN. N. B.?1Gentlemen's Clothing and Furmturealsi. .^^jjht by M. S. C All letters through the Poet Office will be attended to. jsl5 Im'mc FOUNTAIN HOTEL, LIGHT STREET, BALTIMORE. THE PROPRIETORS if this Establishment, long known A a. Br.LTZHOOVER'S, return their grateful thanks to the public for the liberal patronage bestowed upon the home since it hat been untler their care, and beg l-ave to say that? determined, if possible, to ensure fia.nre auccese?ihey hare just added to their former spacious building a new, beautiful and airy three story wing, eoutaining about thirty lodgiag ' " i eh rooms. This addition renders the Ladiis' Oaninsar mac ?sore commodious, and gives the House one huudred and fifty rooms. The whole structure has undergone a thorough revi siou io painting, psjiering, famishing, lie. The BtTinivr; Dr PanrMknr is ample, both for Ladies and Gentlemen, and will be conducted on the European plan, the most superior for com fortaad despatch. The extensive improvements thus made, enable the proprietors te offer f >r the accommodation and pa trnasgrofthe public au establishment replete with every tliisg calculated to reader it attractive and comfortable, including t*?*l untiring and assidueas atlcnliou to visiters, on ibe part of all couxected with it. ^? Terms? Gentlemen 'a Ordinary $1 tj per day Ladies' Ordi nary f 1 30 pev day. DIV ' ? . ---- -IX fc FOOO. in Iiw 4w Propri-tnrs NEW CLOTH STORE. KNOEPFEL & FOOTE, . No. 39 John utrcct. rpHI subscriber* have established a CLOTH BTOHEsl ?B. Ne. 30 Joha street, and having just rvceived a large ant well selectedsteek of Mailable goods, would iaeite the alien tins of purchasers to their assortment, consisting in part of Uu following : tsesJMMWO JXiiL/ VJ*atUJXUSKE8, Drap d'Ew;D?.p d'Foie; Fancy Tweeds; ami a full stock o Summer Goods; SuUe; Serges; V elreu;snd a large essorunen f the ae west aad moat fashionable style of fancy Caaeimere of the newest aad moat fashionable style of fancy Cassimere and Veating4. Also, a fell stock of TAILORS' TRIMMINGS. The at tendon of Tailors is particularly requested to our stock, as cx inordinary inducements will be offered them, aad they are re spectfally invited to examine ear stock before purchasim elsewhere. KNOIPFEL fc FOOTI? fl7 lm*r No.39 John street. in CASES superior French Cherries, jest received aad for ?HI s.le by WM. J. SNYDER, f?4 3t*m 1*3 Froet street, ap stairs. hinl ERa' buARua III TONS Biaders' Beards,just received, aad for sale by IV PERSSI fc BROOKS, flO lar 03 aad 07 Nassau street. STRAW PAPER. 9-ftnO REAMS Crown and double Crown Straw Paper* received, and for sale by ?Rt lair rERSSI fc BROOKS,NlrinNrnssa street. 1 8TATEN ISLAND PROPERTY FOR SALE. tA HANDSOME COUNTRY BEAT, wi-h ? few acres of gronud, Bsrua kc. kc , atl* had, oa lha north chore of hMtan Island fronting on lha rirsr, and within niuutes wilk of ''sstlaton Stcainb at Landing, una mile fioni Port Hiehmond aid a ini'caiH ahalffrnm New -tnghton. The property haa a front on the amr ? f a on' 488 fan' PFo- flirt tie- parties ait rnquir* of Mr. J dm O'Bueu, No. IS W II ureat, or ou the premieei, of Mia Jane Burger. f28 lw'ric EAaT NEWARK. THE WHOLE OF THIS VALU I BLR PROPER jBHrY.con.iaii ?? of about two hundred and fifty acrea of ca^feiand with about ma mile of front on the Paaarie Rirar, oppo.ite the eiiy of Newark, where the Morria Canal emera the rirer. ia for aale o ? eery advanaaaons terms; or, it will be a Id in parcela. to auit eppne -nta Persons propnsiiig to estsb liah manu aetoriea of auv kind nearthe city of New V orh will fi id it grea ty to their adrant ga to'oeate there. 'J he fcrilitic grea If I _ ofintercnurau between it aed New York city cann-t be eqn?l led, and to the first applicanta liberal advai t?ge? wi'l be giren Apply to GEO L PRIDE. 41 Walfat ALSO-A FURNISHED HOUSE O RENT. No IS North Moore at. Particulars will he gt*en by the XaflL subscriber, OEO..L PRIDE, rSstre 41 Wall at. HOUSE WANTED, ? ON a leaaa for two or three years two or two and a half itoriea?situated between 4th and 5th arena- s, and not higher than ltlh street. A new house, and near Ur< ailway, wonld be prelrrred. Warm end eold bathe indis pensable. Address 8. J. SYLVESTER. fH St*rc 41 Wall at. FRANKLIN HOUSE, PHILADELPHIA. THE undrraignrd, about retiring from the business If. rs for aa'e his interest in this new and well arrauged lotel; or, if preferred by the purchaser, the whole ea a at can be had on moderate terms Its location?its cha< racier?its comforts?with its wtll established custom, ureses ohj-cn wotthy the attention of ihoae disputed to embark i the bnaineaa. Apply to J. M SANDERSON. Philadelphia, Eeb. 23. 1818 f24 3t*mc WANTED. A Two Story Dwelling House, with basement and yard, two silting rooms and bed rooms, aituated in the central part of the city, andpnitabln to a small family. Kent not to exceed $404 per anunm?Crolon water iuilispeus*. ble?adjacn t to Broadway, and not farther up than Prince street. A line addressed T H., stating particulars, locatisn, kc.. and left at the Herald Office, will be attended to. f!9 lwis*re PRUNING GRAPE VINES. 4MB NOW ia the propertime to trim Grate Vines. Persons WHMwantiug their Vioea well done, by the noit experienced makmhand in the city, will please leart their address for J AS. VlR TUfc, at Thorbnrn's Seed Store, 15 John street, which will be immediately attended to, or at his dwelling, corner of 23d street and Broadway All k.nda of Grape Vines, Orna meutal Trees, and Gardening work, doue ou the moat mode rate terms. f!7 6t is sod*r HERALD JOB PRINTING OFFICE, 07 Nans nta Street. 'pHIS Establishment iaanpplied with every material neces A aary for the prompt, neat and economical eieention of every description of Book Work, whether Latin, French, Italian or Spanish works. The attention of anlhora ia request ed, in the assurance that, for typography, press work, and correct reading they may rely upon receiving ample juat.ee in the production of their respective publications. THE JOB OFFICE, The moit extenen e in this city, Is famished with every description of Type suited to Show Bills fcr Theatres, Concerts, Museums, Lectures, Public Meetings, or for any other purpose, where the largest de scription of Printing is required. Also, Programmes. Circu lar Letters, Bill Heada. kale Work, Law Jobs, and every kind of work required for mercantile or other branchei. The above establishment has the largest Presses in this city, where all Bills, worksd in colors, will be beautifully execu ted. Apply to E. D. C., third or fonrth story Herald Build iugi, where all orders will be received. tf tffg- TAPSCOTT'8 GENERAL EMIGRATION kHkVW ORE ICES, 75 South street, corner of Maiden Lane, afiflittfaNew Yoik, and 96 Waterloo Road, Liverpool. Persons wishing to secure laussge for their friends from Li verpool. during the coming season, in the New Line of Liver pool packets, are respectfully informed by tlie subscribers that tne undermentioned magnificent and favorite pecket alupa rill sell from Liverpool positively as advertised; in auy ol raged on the which passage can be engaged on the moat reasonable terma, and every necessarv measure will be used to have those w hove pssaage mav be engaged on thia aide of the Allan ic. despatch ed in as comfortable a manner as possible. Ship Rochester, on the6th April; shipGarrick. on tha 11th do; ship Hottingner, on the 6th May. The well known sailiug qualities of these favorite packet*, render any remarks unnecssary, and their ac cammodations for cabin, aerond cabin and steerage passengers, surpass those of any other line. To secure passage, and for farther particulars, apply o W. fc J. T. TAP8COTT. set, c"nier of Maiden lane. N. B.?W k J. T. T.,? r Drafts, as usual, for auy amount, payablrthroughout > Britain aud Ireland. 121 erh mva^ FOR I.IVERPOOL-N ew Line?Regular Packe 39V0' the 26th March. The elegant fast sailing Packs HBrv Ship KOSCIUS, Capt. A. Kldridge, of HOT tons.wil eail aa a ove, her regular day. For ft eight or passage, havin ?an u a nrr reifuiiir aay. pn; freigni or pusaxe, navi accommodations nnequsl ed in splendor or comfort, apply board, at Orlaana wharf, font of wall st., or to E. K COLLINS k CO, 56 South st. Packet Ehtp BIDDONS, E. B. Cobb, master, will succer the Roscios, ai d sail 26th April,her regular day. fJ6 LAWRENCE, MYERS k CO . 33 Stone street, hava OS received pot ships Epervier and Boa, the nndermaationed Braodiea: Otard, Dupuy k Co. ia half pipea, pale and dark viatagesl 1848 to 1844 Bonnemort k Becker, do do do ..J.J Dupuy, do which they offer lor aale. The same ia nader caatom house 1 ick and entitled to debenture. d6 2m*r 159 BROADWAY. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL PERFUMERY ESTABLISHMENT. THK "uhtcnbcr returns his thank* to hit friend* and the pobliefor the very liberal pitroosge extended to him ?ince the opeoing of hi* Store in New ) ork- Pren isio* that in Perfumery the maxim should prevail. 'either the beat none," he earnestly lolicit* one moment'* attenti n to he fol lowing very intelligible proofs that he i* capable of offering the eery be-t, wnethei the comiietitioa be foreign or Ameri can lat- Hep *?eate*unequalled advantages in Part*, in hav ing been for ">any rear* l>irrct?r of the Laboratory of Lan gier Peie el File, for half a eentary the lint hoate in tht* line in Europe. 2nd Since the firit exhibition, tome year* paat- ol his Perfumery, it has, without a siugle exception, obtained in New York, Bos'oti and Philadelphia, th- Firtt Premium over all competitor*, and at the law exnibition iu New York, he wo* hou -red with th- Go'd Med .1 never bef re awarded to Prpdntrry 3rd Hia "erfuoivry ha* bantrhed the imported whenever it ha* c mie fairly into competition. Tin* i* em phatically the caaewith hi* Shaving Cream Why thould it not be *o 7 Hia Perfamerv ia, in fact, the foreign, both ia it* qnality and mode of fabrication, with the addition of an excellence which the for-wii never can possess, namely, freahuraa ouil advantage in many of theae article* of the grealeat importance, owing to their ueriahahle natnre. tin. Hia price* are from 30 to Si per eent lower In fine, the sub icrrber, educated in the beat foreign achuol*, imported wnh him the aeience and ak II of hi* native city, offer* ihr product* of hia laboratory, equal to the best imported, and superior to them from the advantage of recent preparai ion. at much lower price*. He, therefore, flatter* himself that hi* preparation* moat of necessity aupercede the imported, except with thoee who are *o unrea*onable a* to prefer article* merely becauae they are foreign, and have beeu subjected to the influence of a ?ea voyage. To conclude, the inbicriber always keep* on hand a perfect a*aer,ment of the best foreign perfumery, and offer* ati.ia ?tore an opportunity of comparing the two, and of purchasing according to the jaugment or preference of i he in The subscriber moet respectfully solicit* x call from thoee who with to purchase that which is genuine, a* he assure* the Cblic that uothing shall ever quit his eslabl ah meat without ing a* represented to the purchaser. He particularly invite* the atteotion of wholesale and retail dealer* to hi* very com plete assortment, which Keoffer* to them at price* from 38 to H per cent cheaper than they bay elsewhere. E. ROU88KL, Manufacturer and Importer of Toilet Soap*, J3>lm*r Perfumery, >o. ALEXANDER'S TRICOBAPHE. A NEW AND INVALUABLE DISCOVERY, being a ?f*. Liquid Dye, which Inatantaneonsly changes the color of the hair to a beautiful brown or black, without injury to the hair or akin. The great superiority of this Dye, consists in it* easy mode of application,aud instantaneous effect?all other dyea requiring from ten to twelve hours to produce any change. Its superior excellence will beapparent to every one upon a ?ingle application. Extract from the Philadelphia Daily Sun:?ALCxatvpiu'i TuiconarHE.?The effect of th* above on th* hair is truly as tonishing. It was tried yesterday in our office, and th* change from griT to black waa instantaneous. ^Swraet from the niilade'pbia Daily Forum:?Several of our acquaintance* have recently applied tp their hair the valuable Liquid Dye known a* Alexander's Tueobaphe?a new and val uable discovery; and it has in no ease failed to produce th* de sired effect. Immediately after applying it to gray hair or whiskers, it imparts ? beautiful brown or black color. For aale by Huttou It Co. druggists. Ill Broadway; II Astor House, and S36 Broadway, corner 14th street; Aapinwall, II William at; Johnson, Moore It Taylor. II Maiden lane; J. W. Wright It Co. I Cedar street; and of the principal druggist* throughout th* United States, or of sole agents, R. It O. A. WRIGHT,33 8<>utn4th street, ih lm*T Hiiladelphm. Orricu oi* THu Meucsivtilk Mctu*l liftouatrec Co. No-13 Wall street, Deceuflier 37th. 1245.. ATA MEETING of the Trustees, heldat the office of the ?rn. Company, on the 3rd instant, JOSEriF WALKER wis unanimously elected President, in place of Lewi* Gregory, resigned; and Lewis Gnxooxv waa elected Vice Pretident, tu enpply the vacancy occaaioned by the resignation of Joeeph Hoxie. By order of th* Trustee*, ? , ELL WOOD WALTER. Secretary. Mannvn Irrtraatvcx oi* Canoo sivd Fuxioht ovlt. The Mercantile Mataal laaaraaee Company, N*. 13 Wall atreet, confinea iu business to Marine insurance on freight and cargo. .New subscription notes, amounting to apwards of Two Handled Thousand Dollars hay* been received, and further additions are daily being made to iu asaeu. The Company invites attention to iu plan of business,whieb it is believed, offer* greater protection and larger returns to the assured than any other. TRUSTEES. Thomas Haat, Jas. McCulfongh, Thoa. Acheiie, Wm. C. Laogley, Septimus Crook*, Geo. W. Taylor, Henry Sheldon, Charles Payeu, Levi Cook, J as. Fieel and, Chaa. H Rogers, A. Lemons, Thos. 8 Nelson, H- E. Moriog, D. L. Bayer, Wilson O Hunt. W. 0. Atwater, Alexia 8. Baker, Stewart C. Marsh, W. A Keteltas, M. Ward, Geo. Haetinga, Chaa. U Carletou, Leonard kirby, C. W. A. Rodgera, Lucius Hopkins, Ja*. C. Hallock, HeoryJeaaop, Daniel (>. Hanland, 8. F. Jankiaa, G. D. Phelps, Herman Boker. JOSEPH WALKER. President, Lrwis Guuoobt, Vine President. Ellwood Waltuu, Secretary. dJMm*re OFFICE OF JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY A Nr.w Yuan. February 2d, KM, 7| A T AN ELECTION for Director! of this lastuntiou. for /a. the ensuing year, held this day, th* following named gen tleman wtre elected such DIRECTORS. _ Thomas WThorns. Eliaha Kiggs, Thomas T. Woodruff, Anson Baker, B. R. Robson, M. D. Joseph Drake, Thomson Priet, Joseph Allen, Moaes Tucker, James E. Holme*. John K. Dariaon, John P. Moore, John H. Lee, Will-am K Thorn, Caleb C. Tnnis, Thomas Morrell, F'raneit P.Sege, Eugene Began, John C. Memtt, Robert Smith. tt a subs-qnent meeting of the Board, THOMA8 W. OKNE, Esq , was unanimously re-elected President for the ensuing year. GEO. T. HOPE, Bservury. ft ire CH10KE KINO'S PIANO-FORTE WAREROOM8, !*B3 Broadway, No. S and T Lsfarge Building. vflE PUBLIC will find stthe above rooms a general ?nt of Grand and Square Piano F'ortea, at the tame prie* tm*r V|>HI A m at my Faetnrv in Boston 427 |I0,0UU, 90.000, tA.UUU, sa.uuu?A,uuo, |4,SOO, $4,000, tl.MIO, $1,000, I O LEND ON BOND AND MORTAGE-The above 1 anus* of money, on good prodnctivt real eauu in thia city ?r Brooklyn. Apply to 8 a BROAD, No. 11 Wall it. in the | office of Pear celt Co. basement. N- B.?Call between the hour* of land II e'eloek, or be i tw?ee I and 4 e'eWb P N4 iW lm?ve 1 patent lap-welded ikon boiler FLUES FOURTEEN. AND A HALF' feet long, and on* and a ? r half te four inches diameter , . THOB. PROBBKR, Patentee. I fllm-re ILffimty man. New Yerfc. 1 AUCTION IAUCI. MJ. R. CUBTIW, AHOOANV FURMTUHR AT AUCTION at IJ Patt feet-JACOB 9 PLAIT, will sell ihisday. (Ih'iday 36<h ) it 11 o'clock, the following arti in of Cabi net Km ?ii uri- (removed from Siaree la and for convenience of s.I'.Jtix: I Mah gauy Beer-wry ai d Bo'k Casa, I Dressing Bursas, 1 U-rd Table, 1 Dining do, 1 B.eakf.st do, 1 Sola, 6 X rr-nch Chain. N B.?The abort are in good order, hiring tern used only a ahort time 1 crma oath. f?6 it'uic WM. W 8NlRv.LV, Auctioneer C1BOCKRIK9 SECOND HA"?D FURNITURE, kr., * BY H E WILLAMO Thia Day, 1 huraday, Keh 2# I,, half p>at ten '.'clock, at ? lie Biles Room, >o 111 Bioadway, three ch-au Te > one kox Tobacco, six eea botes Began, kc. Alio, a lot of aecoud hand lumitur-, Chain, Tablea. Bed iteada, Bed ling, Carpeu Bareana. Alao, rarioua artieha of new farn tare, to pay advaucea; Patent Beadataada, Ktatraaaea, Bofia. Chaiis, kc. f26 li*r VALUABLE LviPROVkD PKOPfcRl Y IN the Twelfth Ward, for sale at auction.? \NTHONY J. BLEECKER will aell at an' tion, on FRIDAY. 27th Fe bru iry. at 11 o'clock at the Merchants' Exchange, the Railroad Depot HOTEL, corner <f 4th avenue and 86th stieel The relaahle property on tie eaat aide of 4th Avenue and aonlh tn street. tide ef 86tn atreet. Lota 50 feet on the Avenue end 100 leet on the strert, (ehich atreet i? curbed and regulated.) and situated witnin two blocks of the I tree Crotnn ream voir. The home ia a latge two atory attic build'ux, with cellar and kitehen under the whole, with theds on 86 h atlret. The premises are desira ble fer the purpose of a public house, and are uew occupied ai such. (1003 can reinulu ou bond and mortgage at 7 per cent. Poiaeiaion will be given May 1st, 1316. The '.rt mites tie now rented at (150 per annum-good ecunty. Title indisputable. Alao. the two atory frame colouade HOUSE, with stable, greee-houte, kc., on the northweat corner of 5th Avenue and 115thatreet with aix It ta attached, pleasantly located near Mr. Floyd'a Garden, ou the Main atreet at Harlem. Part of the pnrchaae money can remain on bond and mortgage. fit it itVe KUR ALBANY. VIA. NEW ??UN, HAKTFOKDBMi HAVENTHARTFOED AND ?PRINOFIELD?Daily. (Sun -=-fi I ____day? excepted, at 6X A. M. 'aitengera take the fast and commodioua iteamen NEW YORK or CHAMPION, and arrive it Albany the tame even arrangements have been made to make the line (are, end paaaeugera can depend on arriving aa advertised. jal lmrc MAIL LINE AT 8 A. M. TO ALBANY And the intermediate Landing*, or at far at Uu Ice will permit. THERE it good wheeling from aay point on the Hudson to Albany, and ttagea will be in readineaa to carry psaarngen to their deati nation. Presage (4 50 through to Albany, break fast oa board the boat. The celebrated lee Steamboat UTICA, Captain Nu'txe, leaves the Pier between Courtlandt and Liberty streets every MORNING at ? o'clock. All packages ami parcels will be landed at any of the regular landings, provided they ere paid for at the Agent's Office, and entered on the freight list. For paaaage or freight, apply on board, or to P C. Schul'z. at the office on the wharf. f I2r MAIL JUNE AT O'CLOCK, A. M. i TO ALBANY, AN p intermediate landing!, or aa far aa the 'ice will permit. There ia good wheeling from .any point on the Hudson to Albauy, and Stogua will be in readiness to carry paaaeugera to their desti nation. Passage (I 50 through to Albany?passage to New burgh (I 50. Breakfast on board the boat. The celebrated ice steamboat UTICA, Captain T. N Hulae, leaves the pier between Courtlandt and Liberty its, every morning et 7>? o'clock. All packages and parcels will be landed at any of the regular lane lings, provided they are paid for at the Agent's Office, and entered on the freight list. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schulti, at the office ou the wharl. f 16 r VALENTINE HEAD QUARTERS. fTURNER k FISHER. 74 Chatham street, have thia day A opened their unequalled assortment ol Valentines ana Valentine writers. For splendor, variety and cheapness, we challenge the city. Low prices to the trade, ia our motto; call and see Valentines made to order, original verses fur nished. Orders from the Country attended to prouyitlp ATLANTIC WHITE LEAD. rpHE ATLANTIC WHITE LEAD COMPANY hiving A completed their Works, are now ready to execute orders fer pure White Lead, both Dry and Ground in Oil, to almost any extent that may be wanted. The Compmy have^spared iio expense in the erectiou of the Works which would tend, ia the least degree, to the improvement of the Lead, having avuiled themselves of every modern improvement for that purpose. Being well aware, from our long familiarity with the differ ent leads aold in our market, that by far the greater proportion sold aa inch has been, and still is greatly adulterated with Barytas, an article of mineral production much heavier than White Lead, and in itself possessing no virtue of any pig ment whatever, it being, wheu mixed with oil, almost trans parent, and in fact hxvtag nothing but its specific weight to iceominend it, the Trustees of the Atlantic White Lead Com pany have pasted,unanimously, the following resolution, vix: "Resolved, That iu view of manufacturing only a prime article, the Atlantic White Lead Company will make but one quality of White Lead, both Dry and Ground ia Oil; that to be a strictly pure, geuuiue article, and perfectly free from any adulteration whatever, which the Company will warrant as ? unit In mil whn maw nnrrKat* fheair l^ad " ? such to ell who may purchase their Lead. Purchasers, therefore, may be well assured that every de Cadence may be placed in the parity ol every pound of White i-.d manufactured and aold by the Comoaay. which pureness will not only tend to the greater durability of the Paint, but will be found much more economical in iu use, even in the most common description of painting, owing to ihe body or covering quality it possesses, thereby giving a far better finish with two coits, than the adulterated White Paint would with three, of which every painter will hear witness. The Comp'ny also manufacture Red Lead and Litharge, and hare for sale a v riety of Paints Ground in Oil, vis: Verdigris, Blaek Paint. Yellow Ochre, 8pani.h Brown, Paria Green, Brunawick Green, kc. kc. Having been appointed general Agent* for the Company, all orders should be directed to ns. POLLEN fcCOLGATE. f7 !m*r 287 Pearl street, corner ol Beekmau atreet. The Long Island Insurance Go. Capital 400,000 Dollars. Office 41 Fulton street, Brooklyn. HAVING their capital very aeady enure, continue to Like risks on boi.dings, machinery, merchandize ,nd property generally, oo their usual favorable teruu. Thia company tuaa passed through the two greatest conflagrations that liave ever occu red in the country 1 they owe their eacepe from them With comparatively alight loaaea to the avatem which they have alwaya practiaed of limitiag and scattering their risks All loaaea wnich the 1 ompany may anatain will he adjusted rfore. and paid promptly aa beret..fore B W. DELAMATER, Preaideat. 17flmia*re E. C. El >1N, Secretary. GEN. 81H GEORGE COOKE. M. O. L..L. D. CONSULTING PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, -OFFICE NO. S NORTON STREET, ALBANY, N. Y Dr.Cookk mar be confidentially consulted daily at No. I Norton atreet, Albany, N- Y. Office hoora from ? A. M. nutil HP. M. Medical Advice ? Aa it ii alwaya important to obtain the skilfnl aemcea of an experienced and ikiliol phyaieian?call on the celebrated Or. Cooke, No S Norton atreet, Albany.?Medical and Surgical Journal ? _ ? ? RESIDENCE, AT 8TANWIX HALL. ALBANY, N. If. junction cp the boston with the buffalo railroad. fll lm'rc CONSUMPTION CURED. | DAYTON'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF HARSArARILe I LA, Woodnaptha, Iceland Moaa, Wild Cherry, Itc.. for Lang, Heart, Throat, diaeaaee, Oyapepaia, Ice. Thia cnlcbra- ' ted remedy can be obtained (price 75 cents,)at 49 John street, I and 77 Ninth Avenne; at the latter place an eiperienced phyai- . cian ia in attendance to give gratuitous advice from 19 to 11 A.M. I ja!7 IroN- I MOTHER'S CORDIAL. tiE superior efficacy of thie article, whoa naed in the last 1 m. stages of pr.guancy, is so apparent, that no female who has once erperieneed its benefits would be willing, on any condi tion, to be depr.ved of il Its effects are to shorten and dimi I niah 1 he suffe'iugs attendant on Child Birth one half, and tnaa place tin en. Id and mother in a state of safety. This is no quack article, but the preaeription ofe regula Phyaiciij, .new ho has made this branch of h is practice a >iar ' tialar study. For sale at ltd Broadway corner of John street d*7 lm*T DOCTOR ARNT'S RELIEF SALYE. DOR WOUNDS. Brnisee, Burns, Chioaic Sores or SweL ! JT lings. Piles. Ulcers and Iodamed Breasts, It is also a sovereign remedy for Blotches 00 the Fee, and Chapped or 1 Rough akin. It will soon render it transparent, clear and soft as velvet. (Eitreet of a letter from Doctor Wood.) I am hi^hly^gratified to hear that the " Relief Salve," pre pared by Dr. Charles Arnt, is being introduced to the public. It poasetaee merits which will speedily give it a high rauk in the coufidence of yoar customers. It is decidedly superior to any other preparation with which I have tny acquaintance. ' I have made freqnent nse of it with the greatest possible sitecess. and freely and cheerfully commended it to others. I cannot withliold an expression of surprise it the happy effects 1 have known it to produce in several caaea of inflamed breasts and nerves." (Extract from a letter written by a female to her relative.) ~'ie had in fie "Monday morning called at Mrs. Hulbert's. She 1 ed so long and so much with her breasts, that 1 expected from what we had heard, to And her dead. They had, however, appli ed ' Arm's Relief Salve' that night and the Bert day, and to my great satisfaction, I found her cetirely relieved. After apply ing it twice as I had directed, the milk started a stream ; they put the child to her breasts, and they are now both doing very well indeed Tliey call me the Good Samaritan for mentioning the salve to them. I am very glad of being the means of doing some good in the world." Doctor Helloek?Sir: That the great virtue of " Arnt's Re lief Salve" may be kaown to the afflicted, I deem it my dety to stale a few facta eonuected with my own case. About twenty years ago I received an injury from the fragment of a bursting caunon striking me in my gr.iio; from that up to the present time 1 have suffered mach distress and (win, and finally it re ding my leg and f suited iu a diffused aneurism, pervading my leg and foot. Duriug this protracted season of suffering, I hare had recourse to all trie " sure cures," and highly recommended " Pain Eg tractora," he., he., with do besetit. Having recently taken u severe cold, my leg wee again the seat of Boat excruciating pain, and had all the appearance ol immediate mortification. I waa advised that, ia order to save my life, my leg must be amputated. Again I retorted to the vnrioua highly rreommended remedies, but found no relief, nutil I was psrsnsdrd to try the " Relief Halve " After the first application I felt a great benefit: and on the second, the dark mahogany color or my leg and foot changed to a natnra) and healthy appearance. By naing two boxes the swelling and laflf HHP , disappeared, and my leg bee one entirely free from pain. It ia aow iu a better coudilion than it has been for ten yea's. I do therefore recommend it strougly to others suf fering from similar afflictions, and have no donbt it will prove a highly valuable application lor all the p?r|>oaai for which it ii recommeuded. Respectfully yoars, he., 8. PARSON 8. French's Hotel. No 111 Fulton street, New York. Sold wholesale and retail by the principal agent, CHARLES II. RING, Druggist and Chemist, 132 Broadevsy, corner of John street, and by most of the respectable druggiata. fl? Im'rr _ THE PARISIAN SECRET. Jl UBT PUBLISHED, a New Translation from the French, ? entitled "The Parisian Secret, or Self Preservation:" a per feet security against Bexnal Diseases, under all circumstances, without the nae of Medicine or any unagreeable necessity? universally understood and employed by mea of fashion ia Paris, Loudoa, and ether large cities. BY ALEXANDER LEBAUM. M. D, Member of the Faculty of Medicine of Paris?Physician to the Venereal Hospital? Knight of the legion of Honor, Ac., So.? Kur ue St Honore ?, Published by Robert H. " amont. Legal Deputy lor Dr. Le M ashing too st. Boston Price S3U cents per eoty? baum.lM , 1 r two copies for fl. All orders should be addressed, post paid, to Robert H. Da moat aa above. For ask la Now Y? rk, only kvWVATT * EETCH UM, 111 Fulton at.; Philadelphia, Colon fc Adrianee. in the Arcade. Cheanut st HIS lm?r KING'S CANDV, FOR COUGHS, COLDS. A STH.MAjg, CRUUP4, and all disoesee ol too Innga. Thia am. Vegetable Cough Candy, prepared from the moet approved a^Hetable remedies for concha, is fast taking the lead of all ^B-r preparations. It is prepared and sold by CHARLES H. KING, Druggist, ; oij.~:|im m ib'b AMDMMBITI. FARM THEATRE. MISS CHAR' OTTE BARNES, MR O VANOENHOF. MR SANDS AND HIS TALENT*.0 CHILDREN. Thure'tajr Er?nlu?, Ffbrnary KO, Will be perf rraed lh? nlay of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOfSfjO , Benedick Mr Qeo. VandenholT. Beatrice Miaa Charlotte flames. Aftrr which, MR. BANDS AND HIS TALENTED CHILDREN. Will eahi"it their aRE.1T GYMNASTIC EXERCISES'. To conclude with, 2d time in Aw r ca, a new original drama, entitled the CRICKET ON THE HEARTH JchnPeeryhiogle Mr. O Andrewa. Caleb Plummer, Mr Baaa Bertha Miaa Crocker. Till* Slowboy Mrs. Dyott. Price of Aemiaston?Boies, $15 Pit, M mu i (Hilary Beaau. Doora open at ?K o'aloek. and the Certain will rue precisely ai " o'eloek BOWKRT THKATHK. A. W. JACKSON... MANAOEK AND PROPRIETOR Thursday Evening, February MB, Will be performed, 4th time, a New Grand Equestrian Drama, en'itled. ARASAPHA; Or, the Last of the Delaware*. Araiaplia Mr. J. R. Scott Mingotrh Mr. Cony PaulJones Mr Blanehara Welumpka -Mra. (J, Jonea To conclude with THE FOREST OF BONDY. Capt. Anbri Mr Blancharil Lieut. Landry Cony IC^" Lower Boaea 50 centa?Second and Third Tiara, 25 eta.; Pit and Oallery 12X centa. Doora will open at half past g?curtain will riae at 7. IIUWE'd C1KCUI, AT PALMO'S OPERA HOU8E. Reduction of pricra ?Boaea, Drat and aecond tiers 25 centa; Children under 12 years, 12X cent*?Private Boxea 50 cent*. Thursday Evening, Feb. 20. Will be given, a fall area* cavalcade, the COURT AND CAMP OF QUEEN ELIZABETH Led by Mra. Cola, a* the Britiati Qneen, and Mr. N. B. Tur- ; ner aa Lei rater. MADAME MACARTE will appe r in The Polka. A lauehable Seme ol Horsemanship, by N B. Tamer. i Shipwrecked Sailor Boy, by Maater W. Nuou. Clown, Dan Rice. Great principal net of Horaemanahip by Mr. Win. Nichols. The Studio i f Raphael, by the Brothers Aymar. Elegant Alemaude on two horses, ly Mr. Turner and Mrs. j Nuou Feats of Pasturing, by Mr Nixon and Son Contortions by Mr. Cote, and the petformanco of hia saga cious Dog. The whole to conclude with the Farce of CUPID IN THE SOOT BAG. IT7" Extra perforinauce every Wednesday and 8atnrday afternoon. Doors open at 7, performance to commence at half-past7 o'clock. BOWERY AMPHITHEATRE AND NEW YORK CIRCUS. No. 87 Bowery. Rockwell 4* Stone, Managert. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Eve- j ?tings, Feb. 23d, 24th, 25th, The performance will commence with the COSSaCK JUBILEE. The Tyrolean Band, and Ethiopian Melodists. Alter which, the Crusader's Glory ! or, The Battle of the List*! Mr. Harrington and Son. the admired Acrobau. The Sailor at Sea, by Mr. Thomas Moseley. LEVI NORTH, the Apollo of the American Arena, in a ' principal act. To conclude with the ETHIOPIAN HARMONI8T8. ' Boxes, 25 cenu; Pit, 12>g centa. Open at 6?commence at 7 o'clock. fit 4t r PARK TltEATRE, A CARD. MISS CHARLOTTE BARNES respectfully announce* to berf'iends and (lie public, that her benefit and last ap pearance <? ill take place ou Friday Evening, Feb. 27th. Ou which occasion Mr. Vaiidenliolf will appear. The enter tainment* to consist of (firat time in several years,) Home's tragedy of DOUGLAS. Gtenalvoii,. Mr. G. VandenholT. Douglas MissC Barnes. Alter which Gymnastic exercises by Mr. Sanda and his talent ed children. To conclude with the come. _ __ i comedy of the -- liELLE'J STRATAGEM. Doricourt, Mr. O. VandenholT. Lmtia Hardy ... Miss C. Barnea. f 26 lt*rec ARCH STREET THEATRE. PHILADELPHIA Lksskk Ma. W. E. Bubtob. Actiko Manaoxn Mm. J. M. Scott, i Staox Mairauxn Mn.H. E. Stkvkns. I Thursday Evening, Feb. 20, THE OCEAN CHILD. Capt. MandeTille Mr. Fredericks. Harry Helm Mr. Morris. Hobrecb Mr. Wood. Dennis OTrot, Mr.Shaw. Mary Helm Mr*. Greene. After whirh, THE SEVEN CASTLES OF THE PASSIONS. ' Satan Mr. E. Shaw Raymond, Mr.Bowers Azelie Miaa A. Fisher Kilhaniel Mra. Meatayer Kegaiielte, Mrs. Thayer To conclude with, THE BKOKEN HEART. Mr Tweed'e Mr Barton. George Ac Mr. Morris. Mrs Tweed I Mrs Greene. CARD OF ADVERTISEMENT. NATIONAL. THKATI'K AND CIUCCI, CHESNUT STREET, PHILADELPHIA, Under the management of Messrs WELCH MANN AND DLL A VAN ; Will shortly terminate this, the moat prosperous aeason tear e*j?rienc. d in Amenea, 111 order to fulfil their engagements at Baltiinoir aud Wa-huigtou Among the nnmerooa artiite* en gwed in theii lane establishment, may be found the following names of some of the fiit riders: nits LOUISA HOWARD, pr neipal act Eqoestnan, and premi* re artiste, in characters ic rielineationa ot melo-drnma tie personations, on her celebrated ennraer. .11 Kb aDWard Woods, ao el-giut Equestrian. on two Horeea, aod in lea AJUmandei Fraataiac,and general muvo* menu of equitation Eight H e male Eqneatriana, who appear in grand cavalcades. wg.f!lli> 01* "ucu udEqneatrian performer, Miaa j-OUISA TURNER .^aSd wTTcARko!"'*' 1**VI north.t. v. _ . > irat e que Backward Riding NOR GERMAN! _ . *"irat r qneatnan Pantomimiat, J. C. ROGERS. ,B?ekwMd_ Ridmg, after the Italian invention, by U BIG done Rider?Hu paj Mil are Vv .Cmcade and Little F Peraouifier of Local Characters, MR. E WOOD?, first Veal tar of the Troupe. MR. McFARLAND. Equilibrist and Poatarer. MR. Q. DUN BAR. Clowns, MESSRS. MAT and WELLS. Ring Master, Mr K. NICHQLLS. Comic Vocaliau, MESSRS. KELLV, LATHROP, and WEAVER. Stage Manager, Mr. FREER. A conataot auccaaaion of first late eqaestriaa performers, from all paru of the world, and a continual aeries of the most 1 magnificent Pantomimes and Spectacles of high tqnestrian ce- I lehrity. Leader of the Orehettn Mr. METER. Scene Painter Mr. JOHN WISER. A most sumptuous Wardrobe of all the cations in .he world, completed in the very first style of eicellence. Thesniuof ; armor. Sags, banners, weapons of war, Ac., by Messrs. U. i LETZINUER.O HIL8EY A Co. A fall and ulented company of high dramatic eicellence. A most superb stud of high bred Horses, trained lor the are- ' an and for warlike and processional effecU on the etage?at tended by twelve grooms, and byfonrteea rough riders. The Doors of the Circus and Theatre are always opened at half-past 4, aud the performances invariably commence at 7 o'clock ni PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY. FOURTH SEASON?THIRD CONCERT. j THE PUBLIC and the Subscribers are respectfully inform* ed that the THIRD CONCERT of the present season 1 will take rise a on Saturday evening, March 7 th, at the Apollo Rooms By order. JAMES L. ENSIGN, I f?l MltTo fw*r Secretary. I A CARD. 1 MR. C. W. 8CHLIM, respectfully informs the ladies snd gentlemen, his patrons, and the public, that he will girt I his first t ihibition Ball on aeit Wednesday evening, March | fill, at Miliury Hall, Iff Bowery. Particulars in futureadver tisements. N. B ?The tiekets are to he had at Capt. Haywood'a ? > Brotdwsy; at the lf'li Ward Hotel, Grand and Elizabeth sta., moil Military Hill. f '* St'TKABun rre _ NEW YORK GALLERY OF THE PINE ARTS THIS GALLERY will hereafter be open on Monday and Tuesday evenings, for the accommodation of tboso who cannot visit it dnring the dev. On Saturdays it ia open tree to the children attending the public schools, accompanied by their teachers Arrangements to admit schools can be made with the doorkeeper. 122 lw* is rrc MILITARY NOTICE. j THE Annual "Argus" Military, Civic aud fancy Dress Ball, will take place on FRIDAY, the 27th of February, 1 at the Apollo Rooms, fit Broad wsy. TickeU Two Dollars each, may beoblaiuedatthc quarters of the Commissary Gene- I ral, Araansl Yard: at Mercer House, corner Mercer aud Broome. and at Military Hall, Bowery, opposite Spring at: or , at the office of the " Military Argus," Jl Ana street. fttttV ALII AMR A, 539 Broadway/, near Prinre. THE undersigned hat leased, for a limited period, tho above establishment, for the purpose of sfTordieg Ama teurs an opportunity of enjoying the intellectnsl amusement of Dramatic Representation, to be strictly private. 1 he rehear sals will be under the immt-diata direction of the nodersigued, who will be ready at all times to impart instruction. The Sa loon ia better adapted for sound than any other in the city, and will he letfor Lectures, Concerts, Balls, Ac., on the off nights. Terms, reasonable. Apply between 10 and 2, snd 4 to I o'clock, to W. DINNErORD, fll Iwis'm on the premises. MB R. GEORGE A. HOYT would respectfully inform his brieuds and the Pablia, that he it prepared to give In struction on the Tl ANO FORTE, at hu residence, H ? hrya tie street, or at the residence ef tils pupils. Terms moderate, made known ou ipplioatiou. fl> lm*rre j MR. OLDF1ELD, PROFESSOR OF MUSIC, PIANIST, fc., IV*. HIS WUIIam street W| ILL be happy to play at Cos certs and Cotillon Fart tea -, get up Musical EsMertainesaota.ind give instructions ou the Piano Forte. Mr. O. has a beautifully toned Piano Forte, that ha will sell cheap for cash. Can ba seen at No. MS Broad way jMlm*re MUSIC. 1 J08EPH KAM ERER'S MUSIC FOR PRIVATE PARTIES, CM AN be engaged by applying at 1M PRI NCR STREET, it la'm TLETH?TEETH?TEETH UNPRECEDENTED REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OF DENTI8TRY A "Llh*?1- ufUbl.shment.42 EAST BROADWAY. [ TL Teeth .at on pivot M cents h sat ou Ina plate from tl 5? to SS ? Tilth Stied with dse gold/oil sc Prion, lor all other wo*k in proportion with the above list. Teeth mounted for other Dentists. All work Sons at thm of fice urarraatad. N. TAYLOR. IH Im re Sargieal aud Mechanical Deatist. ARTIFICIAL EYES, UTE8T 1NTKLLI8KNCV BT Til illLa. Washinotw, L) C., Feb 23, 1846 I have been to-day at the Post Office Depart* ment, and hsve received ail the facta connected with the establishment of the new steam linea to the principal ports in Europe, about to be effected, under the auspices of the department. This is a very important movement, and I have every reason to believe that it will be carried through, with a great deal of success, energy, and business capacity, by the Postmaster General. It will be recollected that, last fall, the Postman * ter General advertised ior the bids, leading to a con* tract for the establishment of steam lines to some of the principal ports in Europe, also to Mexico and the West indies. This proposal only received four bids?one from Mr. Mann, of Baltimore ; another from Mr. Snoo, of Cincinnati; another from Mr E. Mills, of New York, and another (rom one whose name I forget. Out of these proposals, one was accepted by the Postmaster General, namely, that of Mr. Mills, of New York. Mr. Mills's con tract will be guaranteed by some of the most re sponsible men in New York, such as Mr. Brown. Sam. Jaudon ifc Co. ; Captain Comstock, well known at die steamboat offices ; John I. Boyd, of the Havre line; Jacob A. Westervelt, ana Mr. Mills (I believe the brother of the oontractor). Un der the auspices of these gentlemen, the linen are to be estaoliBhed, embracing a number of ateam boats, of the size oi the Great Western, to run once a fortnight between New York and Cowes, touch* ing at Bremen. There is a clause in the contract, Soviding that halt the time they may tooflb at avre. which, under certain contingenetes, may be carried out. Cowes is a sea-port, situated near the termination of the railroad from London to South* ampton; and it may be considered nearer London than even the port of Liverpool, by some thirty miles. The Postmaster General's advertisement, last year, created considerable attention in some parts of Europe, and has brought over agents from Bre men, ana from Hamburgh, in order to make ar rangements for the lines touching at those ports. A gentleman from Bremen has been in this city for some time, with a view to effect such an arrange ment, so as to make it touch at the latter place : and yesterday, an agent from Hamburgh arrived, for the same purpose. It will be seen, therefore, that the line proposed here, has created a great sensa tion in Europe. Some persons may think that these lines ought to have terminated at Liverpool, but I believe the motives of the Postmaster General, in providing for their terminating at Cowes and Bre men, or Cowes and Havre, is aot to interfere with the Cunard line, touching at Boston and Liverpool, now established under the patronage ot the British government. I have been informed, that two of the vessels tor this line have already been placed on the stocks at New York,and that it is their intention to finish one of them by next January. Certainly, the parties at New York are capable of carrying it out, with skill. Mr. Brown is favorably known in the commercial world ; John I. Boyd has, alto, great skill in the trans-Atlantic trade, and so is Mr. Coin stock, also, well known for his experience in steam affairs. It will be seen, therefore, that we will have a line of steamers between New York and Europe before another twelve-month. The want of enterprise, heretofore manifested by the merchants of New York, will be supplied by the energy and skill of the Post Office Department. The whole affair, I be lieve, will soon be presented, in all its details, in n report to be sent to Congress this week, by tho Postmaster General. The measure yet requires the sanction of Congress, but of this there ia no doubt. I have bIbo made inquiry relative to the progreae making in the magnetic telegraph between thin city and New York. I saw Mr. Morse, the inge nious inventor, to-day, and learned that it la proba ble the line between Baltimore and Philadelphia may be ready for operation in a month, and the line between Philadelphia and New York, in about a fortnight?so that, in about a month or five weeks, we may expect that the magnetic telegraph will be in full operation between Washington and New York?giving the latter intelligence in rel tion to matters transpiring at Washington, at any hour, and enabling the N. York journals 10 publish the proceed ings each day, the came as the Washington preaa. The establishment of the telegraph in other parts of the country, between New York and Buffalo, is proceeding with speed, and in a short time it will be in operation through the entire Northern and Eastern States. Great speculation is afloat in all quarters as to its effect upon the newspaper preae. 1 be* lieve that when it goes fully into operation, that three fourths of the mere business newspapers in the large cities, will be utterly annihilated by the telegraph. I learn that since the opening of the line between Albany and Utica, one ot the Utiea journals has nearly doubled its circulation, while those distant journals, that used to be received in that place tor ihe news merely will be stopped as soon as conve nient. The operations of the telegraph will ba sin gular ; it will annihilate all the mere commercial newspapers, and give a larger and more extended circulation to such original, th nking, and intellect ual Journals as the Ht raid This is the opinion of the best informed in these matters. I have been informed to-day, on some authority, that the tariff bill may not be takea up tor some time, but may be preceded by the Treasury bill, in the House ot Representatives. Some friends of the administration think the beat mode of pro ceeding, will be to nettle the currency, as far aa the independent treasury bill is concerned, before they touch the re venue, or tariff bill. I am not sure but thia ia the best method of proceeding to action. TWKXTV-K15TH OOS0RKM. Imtot Wmhimtm, Fib. 34, 1844. rrayerby the Rer. Mr. Toirm. Communication from Department of War, ia relation to the publio mineral landi on Lake Superior. Petition* were preeented bp Meeere. Ashley, Breeee, (la iavor of granting publio land* for PaeiAe Railroad.) Tbomae Clayton, Dickinson, (from the |City Counoil of Roche*tar, New York, for improvement of their harbor) Dix, (on the subject of .improving Cattaraugus harbor, and variou* petition* from Chemung, Oneida, he., in relerence to certain Indian treatie*,) Maun. Sevier and Weitcott alao presented petition*. Mr. Bacst moved a reaolutioa of inquiry in regard to the treaty with the Kentucky and Tennessee Indians of Dancing Rabbit creek. Agreed to. Mr. Simmon* submitted a resolution instructing the Committee on Manufacture*, to inquire, and report upon the comparative value and sale*, tor a aerie* of year*, of British and American manufacture* in the market* of the United States. Agreed to. Mr. FAiarieLo reported a bill for the relief of the for ward officer* of the late Exploring Expedition. Read and ordered to be printed. On motion of Mr Fiance, the joint resolution was ta ken up, authorising the Librarian of Congress to fur nish to the government of Franoe, certain nooks in ex change for books received of the French government. Resolution appropriate* $600 to this object. Ordered. Kngrossment.. Several report* upon private or local eases. Mr. Nils* submitted an inquiry upon the Postmaster General, asking of that functionary, particular informa tion in regard to contract* for mail transportation by steara*rs, bstwssn ths United States and foreign ooun tries. Lias over. Mr. Pknntsacksb moved to take up the bill for the re lief of Amos Kendall. It was a peculiarly hard case ; but he save way to a request from Mr. Yvlib, who moved to take op the bill suspending certain land claims in the Southwest Mr. J. M. Clayton said that if the morning hour hud not so nearly expired, he should heve.movedlo take up the bill on the subject of the French spoliations. Mr. Dstton opposod the principle of giving one bill precedence over another, in violation of the order of the calendar. Mr. W^DnifKii did 00 too. ' [Several message* from the President,1 by Mr. J. K. Walker, all in writing ] Message from the House of Representatives, commu nicating the bill for the annual appropriations of the In dian Department, several relief bills, and a MR to regu late the mileage of Senators. When the title of this lat ter bill was read, it caused a general demonstration of laughter through the Senate, the fever spreading also around the gallerirs ; beeauto every body uaderatood the resolution to refer to the suppositions and imaginary mileages ol the executive extra session of the Senate, beginning 4th March last. Mr. Weitcott moved to refer this bill to the commit' tee on retrenchment and reform. Mr. 8?ioht suggested the Judiciary Committee. The bill did not contemplate so much u reform as the cor rection of an abuse. Mr. Seviaa asked if there was a committee ou the library; if so, ho desired the reference of the (Object to thst committee, with an inquiry *? te Wo expediency of cutting down the llooeo appropriations for oortaia books [Laughter.] _ Mr. Wbitcott insisted ou the Committee of Betrunoh ment, in opposition to Mr Speight, who suggested the Judiciary Committee. Mr. Breese also thought the Ju diciary Committee would be the appropriate The motion to refer to the Committee on Retrench - ment was lost, and tb# bill was then committed te the Committee on the Judiciary. THE OBSOON NOTIFICATION. On motion of Mr. Du, K being one Ccteck of the af resolutions for dissolving the convention of the Joint ec cupation of Oregoo, and the various amendment there o( York Bute, rose to tbo subject. Ha said (hat tb* question be was now about to discuss, was of th* vary greatest consideration and importance, and proposed, to it* fair understanding, te begin at the begin nine. He accordingly want back to rope Alexander nth, and his several nulla to Portugal and Spain, giving them the possession of any lands they might discover in th* Miest?cited several discovert#*?among thorn, thut of Ponce do Leon, who discovered Florida, and believed that its waters possessed the powarof rsjuvtoation.? The object of Mr. Dickinson was to draw certain nolnte from history, from which ha should man* out his deduc tions In hi* humble judgment, all who would listen him through, would be convinced by hisi eigument, where the right and the wrong lay. Mr. D. thou took up Ui0 leading proposition ofhia aiscoorto, vis *. th# <juoo* lions of title, as derived hum discovery, contiguity an

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