20 Mart 1846 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4

20 Mart 1846 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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?Kecks Tin >U up to-day. The mIm wire not luxe, but thyre eppeerste be ? general impronqMat U the market Harlim want up 9 p#r cent; Norwtch and Wor rester^. rWJJon ju Pennsylvania Firu ]; Farmarl' Loan }i Illinois j,Long Island, MortU renal, and Vicksburg, oloeed firm at yesterday'* price*. Reading fell od ; per ?cat ?7 the arrival of th* steamship HI be mi a at Boston, front Liverpool, wo have advices from all parts of Eu rope twenty-two days later than those before received. The news is not so favorable as we anticipated, either in a political or commercial point of view. The corres pondence between the diplomatic representatives of th* Governments of Great Britain and th* United States, at Washington, in relation to the Oregon question, and the prompt refusal of th* offer made by Great Britain to ar bitrate, had reached London and created considerable excitemant In Conner lion with this matter, out of which it was anticipated much difficulty would |grow. com mercial affairs were in a very unsettled state. Th* mo ney markets were very tight, and the cotton and corn markets very much depressed. We look lor some highly important accounts by the next steamer, as our advice* by this, both political arid commercial, are of a very in definite character, although sufficiently definite to have rather an unfavorable effeot in this country. The annual report of the Auburn and Syracuse Rail road Company, for 1846, presents the annexed statement. Areuae m> Sraeccst Railboab. Length of road, -10 miles. Cost of construction, as ststed, to January 1? e$ Expended on construction aad outfit in 1846, 9,390 00 Beianee of interest account to January 1, 194S ?6 Expended for interest in 1845,.... 19,377 68 03,034 33 Total to January 1, 1B40, . $700,373 30 lacomx from passengers $79,600 30 Do. freights 16,677 63 Do. U. 8. Mail, 4,736 00 90,903 83 Number of through passengers,.. 78,360 Do. way passengers 8,0754 07,941} Receipts from passengers, $79,500 30 Expearee for repairing and running road,... dt.330 96 Amount of dividend*, :.9,000 00 Number of locomotive engines 4 Number of passenger, mail and baggage cars, 33 The company has no machine shop, and no horses. Average number of men employed 46 Number of miles run by passenger, freight and other trains 63.324 Aubl'bn sisd Rochkstku Rail Road. Length of road, 78 miles. Coet of construction to Jan. 1st, 1845 $1 790,342 49 Expended on construction in 1845 36.703 69 Total construction to Jan. 1st, 1846.. . .$1,633,046 18 Income from the-1st day of Jannary, 1846, to lies 1st cf Jannary, 1840, viz: Prom through passenger* $138,691 80 Prom way |>assengerst 75,661 49 from Freight -. 17,137 98 From lr. S. mail and other sources 7,788 60 Income for the year 1846 $239,059 87 Expended for repairs and running road $96,084 70 1,832,045 18 $1,939,039 88 Amcunt of dividends paid in the year 1844, viz : On the 1st of February $56,000 t On tho Jet day ot August 60,000 $112 000 Number of through passengers 49.794 Number of way passengeis 69,960 Total number of passengers, 119,700 Number of miles run. viz : By passenger trains 137,166 By freight trai trains 16,988 Bjr all other trains, 18,364 Total milea 161,608 The report of the Tonawanda Railroad Company for the past year, presents a more favorable statement than any other, composing the great Western line. The dividends for the year 1646, amounted to nine per cent, besides making the most liberal appropriations to the sinking fund, for the ultimate extinguishment of the debt It is, probably, the cheapest constructed road in | the country, only having cost about seventeen thousand , dollars per mile. Tomvtspi Railroad. J Length of Railroad .43} miles Amount charged to construction up to January 1,1845, as per last report. $737,331 87 ^ Locomotives purchased in 1844, which should have been charged to construc tion 6.008 64 $733,436 41 Amount expended in 1846 66,077 66 $769 606 96 Deduet for iron rails aold 38,463 68 Present cost of construction $761,063 38 The income for the year 1846,] Rom passengers, i freights, Ac., wss as follows : From passengers $89 806 98 " freights. 30,311 13 M U. S. mail 6,463 60 M sale of stock $80,000 00 ? sale ot iron rails. . . . . . 35 463 #8 w miscellaneous '..... 107 63 134,660 30 . Total $341,230 00 Number of through end way passengers in the year 1846 : Number ol through passengers, 61,606, paying $75,711 40 do way do 31,634, do 14,186 68 Total 73,180 do $80,806 08 Expenses paid for construction in tho year 1345, were as before stated $66,077 66 For repairs and superintendence 37,006 13 Asthla head is required to include all the expenditure, we add here the following items, vis: Interest on bonds and mortgages and tem porary loans 1,255 10 Interest and sinking fund on loan of stated credit 7,041 50 Principal on loan of 1844 of $150,000 100,000 00 Interest on balance of said loan 3 500 00 Total $304,830 27 The amount of dividends declared in 1846 end paid in that year, or the firstlof the present year, were are as follows: To stockholders, owning 6,630 shares, being $9 on each share, 9 per cent $60,670 00 To stockholders on 15JO shares hypotheca ted stock, being a sinking fund to cancel ? debt 7,821 05 Total $57,991 06 The sinking fund has been applied to reduce the deb1 for which it was created, $10,000, and to the payment of the expenses of tke trust, $600, leaving the debt $40,000 This company own six locomotives; four eight wheeled passage cars : three four wheeled do -, one eight wheeled ^emigrant car; two eight wheeled baggage care ; one four wheeled do ; two moil cars, one eight end one tour wheeled ; forty-four freight cere ot differ, ont kinds ; one machine shop ; one carpenter's shop; Ihreelhonses; and employ sixty -eight men. The number of miles run by passage trains was 66,900; fre-got trains 0,900. The report of the Attics and Buffalo Railroad Com' pany, for 1843, was as annexed Attica ado Bcppalo Railroad. Amount expended in the construction of the road, and i n tke purchase of the right of wey, to Jan uary 1, 1346 $900,900 00 Expended since thet date to Jan. 1,1046, un der the following heeds , Paid for right oi way in 1046. 1,796 61 Paid on account ot construction. 3 til se Total eoetof construction. $003,007 09 Paid for anginas and care, up to Jan. 1,1043, $07,310 87 Expended (Turing past year,on same account, i,03i 90 Total cr?*t of engine and cars $00,099 38 Income from possengers, .freight end ether sources, fit),907 64 Receipt* from through passenger*.. $64,876 94 Do. way, do 4.3P9 99 Do. freight, do 8,803 18 Do. transporting mail... 4,300 00 Do. for other source*... 419 46 70,997 64 Running and other expenaes $30,974 87 ?e account of oonstruotion, and right of way and cars 6,709 06 TWs company declared a dividend on the li^ef"*" moc?pmd ii^being'.' .?.n ,h* ????t ?f K iOrJo<', 1st of August, on the same stock, being. . . 16,933 60 $33,906 00 The monthly receipts and expenditures of this com pany,'for the past yaar, wars se follows i? 1943. Ormt Rse'ls. Run g Ktp Tt?l X? January $1 9M 94 $S7lm taa??i Kebraary 1.494 M sum U March 8.451 fJ 795 ft J g Vf?r 3,58 54 1.097 23 Jioo n Jae* 4.3SS 49 1,979 79 J\n\ ? July 8.5S0 00 1,179 74 3,689 M Anxuit 0.954 II 9*9 SO a 62*1 17 September 9.501 99 1,191 07 a.SOS 31 October 7,084 94 1.091 71 ?,977 14 November. 4,461 90 1.998 09 J.1J9 74 December 3515 74 9*9 89 3.84* X u 066.571 *9 $11,970 97 $30 *74 MailI contract money.. 4,399 09 Recta fm all other sees 419 45 Total of til receipts... $70,597 54 The length of this reed is 11 miles, $$ chains ; l*n| ot branches 50 chains. The company owa and have as* four long passenger cars , two short do ? three Is three locomotives ) on* machine (hop, and emptor on Ue average twenty-tour men. Old H tor la Birhanp. ?3J*>N V State T'a,'4* 1MU CM aha Mom. Caaal It 5.80# Reading Bonds 80 to do M IIU Jt.W Poonsylyania J'a 71% 150 Canton Co 40% 2i.f(0 do LOO 71% 50 do 40% lj.0'0 do 71% 100 East Bo.loo Co It 10.C00 do ?J0 71% 20 Harlem HK 59% 10,000 do 71% 100 do 59% 1.000 Ohio 5's. 1060 06 00 do bftl MS i.ooo Illinois ai l Bd? so m do ma to 1 000 do 19% 50 do .20 59 21 .hi Pheuix Bsi|k 90% 70 do jg 10 Viek.bot* Bank 7% llo Nor It Wor L30 60% 100 Farmers' Trust 26% 21 do 6f 421 do 29 50 Heading RR 74 10 do .50 29 10 do b4m. 7} 110 Long I.land RK 47% 10 do iCO 73% Second Board. 13.000 Heeding Bond. 80 11 Cauton Co .10 40% 2,000 do bio 80 200 do 40% 1,000 Trail I1. blO 71% 2} do 40% loon do ?J0 71 10 Morri. Canal blO It 21 ?h> Commerce Scrip 96 10 do la 50 Harlem HK 18% 90 Reading HR to do 11% 10 do New Stock Kxc Urinate. ?JJ!?0Ohl,5r,?1*0 ?!! 2 M aha Farmers' Tr aaw 36% 8. tt v . do . c *r5 150 ?h? Morna C?ual .3 is tOLoofltlu bS r,i do u. ,.w ... bJ .1 47% Friday 47? too CO 91 91 K HClALi New York, Thursday, 91 arch 19. Cotton There wa. a very moderate buainea. trans acted to-day, buyers evidently pausing and indisposed to pay the prevent rate*. Alter buaine*. hours the news per steamer wa. received, of which we .hall know the elRct to-morrow. harried. On Wednesday evening, the lath instant, by bis honor the Mayor, Win. F. Havemeyer, Sonn. K Stoutkn bl'soh to Carol'ne Sands, only daughter of Benjamin Hand*, ali of this city. Died. On Wednesday morning. 18th instant, of a lingering illness, which she bore with Christian fortitude, Capo line, wife of Daniel Nestle, daughter of John B. and Ra chel Oassner, nged 2*1 years. The relatives and friends of the family are requested to attend ber funeral this aftarnoon, at 4 o'clock, from the residence of ber father, No. 14 Molt street. The fu neral services at St. Paul's Church. On Wednesday, the 18th indent, of a lingering illness, I.aac Jabvis, in the 6.at year of his age. The friends and relations of the family, and of bis bro ther. Zopbar R. Jarvis, are respectfully invited to attend hi. funeral from hit late residence, No 13 East Eleventh street, this Friday afternoon, at 3 o'clock, without fur ther invitation. Phrenology.--Mr. Feeler commences a course of Ph euological Lectures in Ht Luke's Building., on SttrarsAVpV ??7* ?'c,ock- a"w Knox's Fashionable Hate for the eniulnw wlSl'l_V* "ow-iff?!ly tor 'osprction and .ale, at llo Fulton Tm1"???? To tho?e who are not kind ?f hli*.?[?*! ?' 2' vri.h to look uniform in the ih.. W^*r'w Je 11 mo,t becoming to them, can have their hats nude to ordrr at a very .bort notice. The moat fashionable Hair Dressing Saloon Hi whi'.L7, where one it sure to get his HairCat, Curled, SI^h !! r . TnS?mei 1? ,B,t hlm- u ? HILL'S. the inimita ble Hair Cutter, No. 13 Naiaiu street, corner of ['ine at i ret. Faasengera Hailed. I yLA,l30w?8hi,i Hudson?Mra ? Conden, Ms.terU Conden, ?on.f y?l5' Conden, Esq. American consul at Glasgow, Scotland; Men W Lrombrie, J Costs, J Nam, and 12 in the steerage. ' Foreign Importations. ? kLf,n,?.Wv~9hlC Hu,d?on^r.4 t1**?* Tooker, Mead It CO?22 pks ^ h.r.'. ?i>.OIe'n '1.1' & 7;ho">"-l9 Pto? 2 boies E Retfyee ?4 bale. 2 eve. Buckley, Graham It eo?170 casks J Lee koo a^m ."IVi ? co~2 Bttteifield, Brothers It co?i bales S boxes A Mitchell b c??112 osks Birclay It Livingston?52 boxes 11 balesHtone, Swsu It co?10 H Farnham It co?20 cases then co""200 tou* Pt,,0B to R livin & co?3 Hnnt k Bro Domeutlo Importations. k.^.Tkki*1;" j"T?h,p *>'??* hhds hacon 52 bbls lard 16 dn^hn-M* iM? ki'j2 k" nl f" J*?3 bbU F?tk 63 do beef 7 do shoulders 40 hhds hams G Uland-61 bales hemp F Lnrritt do a I, L?*sr'Ch?1075 bbls floor Goodhue It co-2 cks Folger k Blunt?173 ires hams 1% bbls pork 308 bales cottou 600 pigs lead bush at co. ^?w?? MARITIME HERALD posit or nw yurr, march so. ierr vises 6 Of, I moan rises 10] .ONSETS... 6 10 I HIOH WATEB I 27 Cloarod. Brig Sterling, Thompion. Savancah, Dnnham k Dimoo. Brig Caroline, Sherwood, Charleston. Dunham k Dimon. Hrig Orbit, Higgtna, Para, K Corning k Sou. Brig Poluid. Wlireier, Havana. Underwood k Howland. Schr ENen Kndm <n, Sherman, New Bedford. Behr Volts Raekett, Philadelphia, McKee, Hand k Co. Schr Geneva, Woolsten, Philadelphia, Piatt k Pearson. Hc'-r Benjimin Bigelow. Beater, Boston. Sehr Pomona, C ro well, Frederickabarg. Sehr Alfred, Roger., Mxttapoisett River. Scht Radiant, Hawkins, Providence. Schi Delaware, Crease, South Aid boy. Schr Martha k Elisabeth, Mason. Philadelphia. Sloop Champion, Raekett, Previdenee. arrtvea. Ship Hudson, Ltntnn, from Glasgow and the Clyde, Feb 6th, with mdse, ke, to Dunham k Dimon. Sid in co with ihif BUnch ,rd. Blanchard, for a S uther' port. Lafl ahip Neater Mo.es.for New Orleaus, neit d ,y. The ahip Union, sailed loi Biiaio-, a few dtya pteviius. March 18, lat 37 51. lou 67 48, pus ? 1 a aiwo's loug bo it, bottom np, painted lead color, aboat 21 feet loof?previous to seeing the boat, i?nd nfierwards, pas et m?uy piece* of spars, boards, kc. The Hudson has expert eueed very heavy weather from yhe westward during the great er part oC her paassge, ar.d nothing but her being au extraordi uaiy good vessel in heavy weather e red her froin receiving great damage in addition to the heavy g >les (he Hudson rt peneuceO, miuy of her crew were sic*. Isme, ke , and done very litt'e cuty uuriug br'Vosj.ige. 'J he H took a pilot on the i5ih iust, ai"ce thru there has been a conlinn ition of NW galea, kc. On the 17th inst. while at anchor outside of the hook in the heavy blow, inrted her chain aud lost anchor. Ship Frances, Prince, of Portland, 15 d?y? from New Or l?*n?. with cotton, to order. 3d inst. off Ca ysfort Reef, ex changed Sisnils wnh bark Barnh Auu, fm New Orleini fol Portsmouth. NH. 5th. 1st 21 JO, lou 82 30,spoke ship Hanuiba Parker, fm NUrleanxfor Bo,ton 14th, off llelteiaa, expert euced a severe gale of wind from 8; lay to uuder cloee reefed topsails 12 hours. Sehr Oscar, Phillips, 4 day* from Taunton, with mdse, to master. Schr Hornet, Patterson, 4 days from Taunton, with mdse bound to Philadelphia. Schr Angaietta, Cionch, 4 days from Boston, with mdse, to Schr Eclipie, Thatcher, from Halifax, NS, with fiah, to mas tor. Schr Horatio Ames, Phillips, 3 dxys from Taunton, with mdse. to mi.ater Schr Saruh, Hodgra, 4 days from Taunton, with mdse, to master. Schr Washington, Mason, Suffolk, ahmgle*. Schr Kxch'nge, Swret. Suffolk, shingle* Schr Native, Brauhan, Virginia. Below. 1 ahip and 1 brig. Mnlletl Ship Franconia, New Orleans?bark* Lagrange, St Mary, Isaac Mead, S,v tnnsb, and others. UIimUmmu Kccortl. Pchr Nwimond, sailed from thii Port in February, and hit not tine* been heard of?feort are entertain- d that the and all on board art loat. The vessel and cargo wo believe to | be inmrtd in Wall afreet. Bask Hurt N'bwbll, Drnmmond, wrecked on the Ith of ! January laet, at Port Mahone, on her voyage Irom this pott to ; Maraeitlee, belonged to bath. Me., waa seven ye ,ra old, BO tone burthen, and valued at $I00?, $3000 of which ie inaured in Wall street. The cargo (staves) is alto iuanied an Wall street,most ol which, however, waa scut to Maraeitlee, and aold. Karl or EoLinTon.?The wreck of thia v.aael, at Nantack ot, now liea nearly broadaide to, heeling off shore. The atorm to which ahe hie been eipoard aince ahc airuck.hat very much ?haltered h-r j ahe wi'l be a total wreck Her mi ten man la gone, and the water ffowa Ireely through her ateru. The ca bin Curuitnrt-. light things Irom the d.ca. a lew biles uf dry i goodt. and a tm ill quantity of coal, hive come aahore; but the an-f haa been ao heavy aa to reader it impossible to work, or even to go on board her. She waa a fine ahip only eighteen months old, owned, we believe, in Greenoek. hh ? was re have car. ted a cargo of ice to Canton, before returning to 1 Great Britain. Baaa Susan It Jawk. Fletcher, from Boeton, for Smyrna, pat into Gibraltar ou the Xkh January with loea of pait of bul warks and other damage The Captain, Mate, aud one seaman waahed overboard; repaired and sailed again previous to the ?thof Feb. Barb Abab. some time aince reported abandoned, waa past ed, Feb. I, lu lat 39 lou to, by a veaael at-Liverpool. Br Barb Cbbolb, from Charleeton, at Liverpool, while on her |>usage lost alern boat, pert ol buiwarka, stem of bow ?prit, Itc. Stbambr Marmora, Page, or her passage from Smyrna to BeyJ ut, got ou shore mi the Spelmidores, in the Gulf of Bcio, during tho thiak weather ol tlie 1th of February, and it is fear ed ahe will become a total loea; crew and paaaengera tared. Smr Natron, for New Orlaana, pat back to the ClydeTon theftk of Feb. Tusear, from Hamburgh, for New Orleana, put la to Bra merhavea Koada on the 10th February leaky, and with pnmpa choked. Bt.ir Br* Lomord, from the Clvde, lor Mobile, before re ported aahore near i am; b? lliowu, has been aaeuted off and ta ken beck to Gieeneck for repair*. VceaBL Aaxong ?The Boaten ionro.il report! t veeeel,sup posed a brig, aahore on Becunnet Poiut, moraine of lwh. We presume (seye the New Bedford Meicary,) the Teasel will pi ore to be the brig Baltimore, Irom Ph iladelphia tor Boston, which anchored near he breikersneir Buchaett Point (a ahort distance from Secunoet) on the lltb, when ane might eaeily be mistaken lor a veaael on Secuunet Foreign Porta. Brcnc*, Feb 19?Arr ahipOlbera. (Brem) Kiter, fm New OrlMut; Jan 13, bark Uiana, (Brem) Atjer, de, Fab 1, ahipa Fredrick Jaeob. Baltimore, Albert, do. Calcutta, J.in 1?Bid hltvio, Johnson, for Boston, Siberia, Battleit do; Dec 12. Woodsule, Hcnbie Bordbal*. Feb II?Ait New Castle, from New Orleaae; I 1 oylin. Char lesion. Brai masis, Feb IS?Sid Montreal, New Orleaaa. Bhi.tol, Feb 9? Bid Kennebeck, New York. i owes, Feb IB?Bid, American, for New York; Ouri, for New York. ? ' Saw"** *?l^ord Olrmnc. for Char!e?toa. Emigrant, B?t"Z*000 Ho,,? D,e ^A" ,h'P Tiber. Snow, from fri^NYmk'lor '???>**? ?l,h5."'*1 Hooper, ( hnrchill, i jes^rWiiatiftaa Saltan, Mebiie, rrmenns MJri.m; Alniandnn, Vie r.b r-^i^Bauhwb.ck *?? Due ?, haa put back baring reeaired ? great omi of aa, "^aLliorTM. Feb i?Bid Irrinn, Mobil*. wvnrfc Ju 21 Obnoa. Feb 24-?h.pC?"'7'NY0rk* jMl ' KeM?An hark Paulina. 8le??u, from Bo. to? ?& Sabine. Tnrlor. do J-N-Mrt, MJjndon. Welch ST.: VlrtchVr'fra B^ fo, S^TFodMiie.. brig More., D'Aqnana SNew'Vork foJ LUbon 8ld"eb 14th./Vrou. Joeuua. and ,ii cor New York; Constellation, do; Cachies, Phil adr L>hi a7 th,Uax r onn e.Bal11?"'?^'?i hl*knaau? V Janl\ bark Smyrna, Ch mpioa, I hiladalphia, Win, Hutu, N Fe^Ar'rOladiator. Bunting. fro-NYork; 24th, Canton. Packard, from Ch?laatoo^ 12th^J^ac s?&r "j&jHi, '?i ssz Mr?AB Fellowship, Bo.ton; llth. Westminntrr,H?n? oJlloJ. llih, Portland, Chaileaton; 14th, Columbine. Now OrUaji Hoko Kniu, Drc 24?Arr ship Oneida, Creatay, Now York. "jtfS. AV??iS??? NOW York; ttd Herculean, fin Mobile; tlBt.Bilrie de OwK.Ry?h?'fa ^ York 9th. Elizabeth Ellen, Kichrnood; Arthur. Norfolk; ?tb, Brown Now Orleans; 7th. Francis Depau. Bagory, do"^ohn'Holland, Hondoraon.do; Matukeeaott, Cnihman.lui Baitim?f; 0?car, (Fr) LnrrnbT. Mntthkeeiet Wndiw^nh, Balnuior*. old Feb ?Ot>i erao Dm>?u fSgo'ry, New 0/lem?; ISth.Taillouf,S? Ho-iiiral Cook do; Itch, Hanover, Uiummoud, do. Magnolia, &i Peria. Johnaon. do/ltk, fclon-Bnchman do; Claiborne, Larenseller, do; Alliance, Tucker, Charloaton, Jn Pi,He^T/t?-V Tie?out, Gilluapie, f? Now York. Bid 5^&vre%U"i's.i5r'^b-. ?? '2..., Feb r-Ar.b,i, """iMfi'tSiiJ; 'fi.1t?, York; lat.Tartami*. fm do; Jan lO.h, tmjiniHebe, for fJ Delano, from New York; Robert Pat|?r ^ wignt. ao? ^ ?n^n^. phia let. Pantnoa. Lane, New York, wa mug N#wY rk. do. 26rh. Stddma. Cobb, do; Goodwin, Darn, ,d?,nhia. ^.?Zote B^.^m. H^- Cg^o. N * /ork; st.t'ffihiJ Boaworthdo. 19tn. Marchioneia. Bute, for Savannah. l^. Bhonahtfoalc New Orieana;C? ro, Chtlda, do; Lord Beaton |B I Waverly Mobile 16th, Nelaon Village, f?C P*TanSSi' o7 fM^h^rvari^ t^rleaaj ^^'^(^'^^"^ea^lT'^o^O^yMton^ ami, tfay, Charlearon; Marathon, do. Pearl, lor uai George. New Orleans. 12th, Kahmango. anecrei ? , New York; 8tfphen Lurraan, Bryan, Baltiuiare Frederic*, Atkinson, Boston; "Warren, vvi'lliam za, Morrison, Mobi'e; Viola, Jamieaon, N Orleen , ^ it Elizabeth, do; Commerce, Aahton, do, Bornhojm. tea o , M; A.nericmi,?William., Virjin.a 9th, ColnmMa, do^Al hambra, Philadelphia; Lieerpool, A?ry, N?w Urleap^ r i ?me. Mobile. Loadir-f, Thi.maa Bennett. Varnnm, lor xa fnlk' Uor Darn. Upton, for Boaton; Ambaiaador, Ko g < do; Franconin. dmith, for Philndelphm;bark Alpha, CF.tbD;?The .hip Trenton arrieed here XihhtoWinhdVo^ffl with the at.amer Wm. Peon, cnuainihence to fctoXck'fro!todrB^ been got off, and towed roond here , March Sd.rU ia a ainkuig atnu*, and toot of the crew me down about half an hour afterwanU. jrta.uin? to-dav ran s?ax??>s?viSs'Bss. '?? ri VUK?ICI,Feb 1J?Arrbnrklaabella,Young, fromNYork Feb ??Arr brig Bridgton, Oilmer. for New Yfcl; Oilenan;7th,Her *r hfitTa, Feb 24?Arr bark El?irn, Carter. Bo.ton. Sld.Jm. ' V:?,r^DNecY?8ld Fred W.rr.n, Prntt. Boaton. 12th. Farwell Scndder, ko. , . . Feeleinh fro?New Y oi k T Toren *e,N Or'eana* sl5 FrtttV l?ac,^ York. 4th. MKTo.0FelbU.8,-Arr brig Long ..land. Thorp. NYork. ?. MpI,S?7,woNc0tm? Feb 24?Bid StJamea, Meyer. New York; ?th ^ <?'*> Btabilo, fro? N F?h.9-Ar, -.'^VminaNew York Bo.co.wi. , Jan?li!2fe mir-i? Ho5SrBoaton; Dee 11. nsVs0e;eToaV.'Dedc?i?-BldFrankltn, (from Pawng.) for I? l?Tntx?Tr,Feb. 7.?Arr brigAm?^v Bte^n. nhip ^r^^'Hamiltoo1, do! Feb. 1. Urk karcella. Ingham, fBTMxn*rr*!?ian'20^Arr brig Cohnnaey. Jonea. from New | YWaT?roar,. Feb ^Bark Yarm^ Math-w.^ N.w Or &' bon. u,"U llt&n IS.' with lo? of bniwark.. pnmp ChWH*wwA. Dec 10-81d John Q Adam., NtehoU, for Boa ton; Not so. Heber, Porter, do. Home Port*. _ n m Aubxahphu. D C, March ll-81d achr Lender. Crownll, N X* w-k i??Atriehr Oliothua, Hanaon, Plymouth, Bos to"*, March 18 Ayacnr K Whampoa acd Ma n" iW;ViS.'t!!?''S?b^;.,br,,fi,.~r ?inrr. day aa lireitwa'tr. Th? fSiiare at ill reinainaj prove? to Her gat the aucho'age ( Orl?.u?*. baik b^? the Frances Burr, Comn. Caoea aa 1 wai clostog my which made her ?I'PJ**"?* ? ,Q(fmay pb?aible hare atood r,port yV?rd*T.d^n? LVn;aH0?Mainnx?? Nwhan.for SKiStlS" 'nK? !. "ibt. bon.b ib- W?5 ??? and weather pleaaant. . ^-.,..**1,^t. New York. Mobilk, Mar ah jV . o^^e finei) March 17-* IS/S?Srafc j"k.*vKb T'""""c" I "Sji'SblSSoS&^AVtb. L..I.V K-"l .b... Philadelphia. 17?Arr atenmboat Nentnne, Bo'Mn*. N York0"^c'd bfi R-f? ^. Jordan New Vork. Bid .loop. Anon. Miller, "d MidAi.^Fre^eh,^ ^or ^ ^ Co^a< New PHlLADKLFHtA, 4 SteWAXt COMt of Africa. Cld, b IRt Orl wi<; achr J MeCren.lKew* WllB M.unewa, B"*ton; N Buuey .Donly ^rbadoea^ ?"? j p Lortlul<li Clwk, Bt PennivlTani*. Kelly. Hawthorn, Porlo Rico; Sophia, led JUgp at Cuba; Rnmeo, Hawtnorn^^i^r, N<w yorJ,. f ?,ol> ^fc'S'M^^ Balldrd, Boaton; W Thempion. Coraon, kail Hirer. By Last Might's Southern Mall. M.?b KbttiS ss 5??coV.v,r.'njfiarLsasfstrtA a'tiWiKir ^?^v.rb,j(.AK;i Thomas iehr Adrian. Bndell. 31 honra from faoaroLn, March 1 Wiih rapoon. fm Camdan, Mn, bngi^'wowd'''f J? j',*m^fU?a^*l'wd,nbnrf^Kmo ^i^^r^ir^o^^Tro^cA.. oewn th. Rirnr 1 moruiug and went to ana. MAD'LLE FANNY OODEFROY, (Mrs. J. H. Garelle) 349 droadway, np stairs, lespeetiully luforms the ladies of .New York, t*at on Thursday unt, Mth March, (he will open her large assortments of Spring goods. m30 tti* mFSMT 100 UNPRECEDENTED BOWLING. DOLLAR* REWAHD?" Some things ean be doaa at welt aa othera," aa Sam Patch aaid. %M reward hiring been offered to any bnaineaa mau who could beat the Traaao - " large game made at the Tremoot Bowling Saloon, which is the loosest m the wo'ld, ait nding noraM East Broidway to 71 Dirisien street, aboat IN feet loojt, nndar the latgs c rpet store, and in conseqftence of its hiring been beaten by tt^pinSj aud the great increase of patron tge. the proprietor hps $I0J rew. rd to any holiness man who cm beat the beater, at the Mammoth ttaioon. containing six splendid aileya, running from the centra towards each street, which it quite a norelty. The following is the gr-at game made: mJSJt'r CLOTHING MUCH LOWER then the General Prieea-JACOB VAN DhRBlLT, M Maiden Lena, between Win. and Naaaan streets,the cheapest falhionable gentlemen's and boy's clothing establishment in New York. y. B. Hundreds of garments reedy made, which wi'I be told wholesale or retail, ?ery low. mM lm're FAT BEEF-FAT BEEF. A BEAUTIFUL Pair of Are year old Bteera, raited by Ben jamin Peck, Wallingford, Coonectieot, New Haren co. Alao, Superior Veal and Matton, to be offered for sale on Saturday, 91st Ma'eh, 194S, by B. lAWRKNCE, No. 14 Centre Market. Prices reasonable. m2S 3tis*rc DUTCH METAL, Jec. DHUTCH METAL, Florence Laaf Gold, Broase Powder, tf all colore, Ultra-msrmt Bias; ell genome, and of the boat qualities. For as'e at the lowest factory prien, la any ?inantity to soit purchasers, at the Manufacturer's General Depot lor the United brates at New York, No. It Falton st., ?gcet, Mr. Edwsrd Baaek: Philadelphia, No. 1 North Fifth street, egeat, Mr. Ldward Hesaenbrach. mil !t*rc BGRDEAUX WINES. JUST Received, per bark Callso, from Hordeaui. 7M easee red Wines. St. Julien Ducrn, Chateau Laroae, Margeani. Le'onr, Leoyill*, lie. . M casks and half do red Wines, St. .'alien, Medoc, Mar *7l casks and hall do whita Wines, Heat Sautarae, Haut Prsignae sad Oraees. The shore wioet heTeheen csrefnlly selected for this mar ket . by my hones in Bordeaui.and are now landing and offer sd from the wharf, ou reasonable terms, by | mM eodlm're JOHN SCHMIDT, 1M Fultoa at. AIHUCTION NOTICE.?TWtiicaJ Vir4i?b? ; ?l?o, Bw ? rooui rixcmrat. Liqxort, PrtMrrei, Fickle*, Ik.?On Mon day. at It o'clock, at Ho. It Ckaoabera street, will beaold to Pra*?nrM, Picklt*. fcc.; alsa, a larva lot of Crockery. di*hts, piste*, caps, saucer*, kc. And at II o'clock, will be sold, eke valuable Theatrical Wardrobe. as?med, in tmiu, for ladies laud gentlemen. Sale positive?Goods to be paid for and taken away the same day. . . miO lt*mc MICHAEL HENRY, Auctioneer HEAL ESTATE NOTICE. Eh. LUDLOW b CO. will .ell Thi. Day. U auction' . at 11 o'clock, at the Msrchinu' Exchange, eight lots oo the south side ol 33d etieet. about 129 leet eeateriy Iron, the Bloomiogdal* road, each 20 feet by half the block. Bala posi tive. Term, cnh. on the delivery of th-deed. rol? lt*r JUS K CUKl'loS, Aactioaeer. LARGE cJ/TLERY BaLE-Fos Account of Under writer,?The tame having been damaged on board tho ship* Be* and Rosens, on the forage of importation. Bale polilive, and without reserve. JACOB B. PLATT will eel I on this day, at It o'clock, at the Auction Ku >m, 23 Piatt, comer of Gold street I casks Pocket Cutlery. Bciaeors. Razors, Itc containing several thousand do zen of all deecri tions, Pocket and Pedkuives, Duk and Bpaa ith Blade do: feather, raaor adgr and inolh do; 2.1, 4, 6 and I bl de do; asinall portion of which i?on cards. The entire lot will oe oneerd and Mild in parcels of 10 to 50 dozen each, mak ing io all IM lots. Terms cash. The whole wi 1 be sold at tney art. and all purchasers who are not known to ihe auctioneer, will be requited to make a deposit, or give a reference ; after purchasing a first lot: re spective parties will see the propriety of this uotioe. ml91t?re OIL PAINTINGS, U1U lAUIll.'vu, JUST IMPORTED-At Auction?A. LEVY wiU aell en Sttaxday bveniug. at 7 o'clock, at No. Ml Broadway, I rase. Oil Paintings, just received per the ship Almade, from Leghorn, .omnium? many desirable picture*, to which the public are invited to call and view them. New ready with Citiloguee for examination. Bale without res-rve. mi91t*T A CARD. H. E. WILL4KD It W. W. SHIRLEY, Anctioneere, WILL rive their personal attention to the Baleeof House hold Furniture at the residence of families declining housekeeping. Stocks ofCiockery, DryGooda, Grocery, ana sales of Ketl Estate, at the Merchinte' Exchange. Also, soli cit from their friends mid the public, eonaiguments to their SALE8 ROOM, U1 BROADVVaY, until .Vlay 1st, whan they will move to the spacious store, No. 17 WALL atroet, late Adams' Espreas Office. mrll !m*r T! THE SIXTH NUMBER or MORRIS'S NATIONAL PRESS, IS NOW READY FOR DELIVERY. THE Allowing are some of the Literary Content* for 8st aid If, Marcti 11: Reviews ol New Books?The Sportsman's Library, My sto ries of the Backwoods: Siidell's Lile of Paal Jones, etc Pee ry?The Winds of March, by Fitz Oreene Halleck, The Beeron; a Merry Heart, eic. Sketches?A Pl-asaut Day in March, by N. P. Willis; Dia logue between Columbia and Britannia; His Maj-sty the Public, etc; Recollections of Vatnrin, by Crofton Crocker; New and Beautiful Story, by Leigh Hunt; Retribution, a tale ol intense interest. Letters to the Editor?From N. P. Willis; Grace Green

wood; An Officer of the Navy.etc. Editorials?Triflee about Town; Fine Arts; Musical Criti cisms: The Drama: Proceemngs ofCongren; Legislature; The Mar*eta; Bans Note List; Ephemera; Anecdote ana Gossip, etc etc Subscriptions by the year fir this valuable and elegant Fam ily Nnwepiper, only S2; single copies, 6** cents. Apply early to BURGe,8S, STRINGER & CO , Wholesale and Kettil Agents, mlllt*r No It] Broadway, corner of Ann st. MURDEKS-SEDUCTION?PEKJURY. HE MOST EXTRAORDINARY and cscitiug number _ of THE NATIONAL POLICE GAZETTE, published at No. 27 Ceutre street. New York, will be issued tins week. For sale at all the newsagencies in the country. Among its interesting original mutter will be found the con clusion of the LIFE OF LYMAN CARRES, the counteleiier ?his trial, sentence and pardon?with the operations of Nicho las Biddls and John Swift of Philadelphia, and the crowning villainy of Smith Davis, now in Sing Sing. This number will be ornamented with an ordinal and graphic engraving of the arrest of Old Thorp aud his Wife, at the countefeiter's dan in Southwark. A fall and perfect report of all the testimony in the recent trial ef Daniel W. Talcott, lor alleged ferinry, relative to the SEDUCTION and ABDUCTION of ESTHER GOULD ING of Stone street, and hit acquittal. The eonclndiug most interesting chapter of "Prison Life and Prison Discipline," by a discharged Sing Siag convict. Description of Samnsl P. Arnold, th- yonng forger, who has recently escaped from Providence, with reward lor bis arret Nsw Trick of Pickpockets, Jack Shaw's silvsr hook and line ?Arrest and escape ol Billy Kish? New Orleans Eaecntir* Pardons?Receivers of Stolen Goods?Cruel sod brutil mur der of five persons by a negro convict?Trial aud conviction of Captain Johnston of the brig Tory, for the Mu'der of his ''raw?John AfCant sr and hit attempted escape?Warning to Totieri?Escape of Reuben Rowley. Philadelphia Criminal Justice?Judge Paraons?Jack Gibson and a recent trial. Desertion and Death of a Wife and Child?Mormao Pnniah meut for Thtft?Memorial of February Giand Juiv and Pre ?entmnnt of the March Panel?The City Charier?Robberies and Murder*?Police News for th* Week?Aggravated Cases of Rape and Sednction?Burglaries, lie.. Be. ml9 Itrc M. LEVETT, DENTIST. MORE HARM rnnlu from bungling performances of in competent Dentists than the public are aware of it. It is of the greatestiraoortance thst all branches of the Dentin's art should be skiltully and understandinglv practiced. To those whs think with ns we recommend Air. Levett, corner of Broadway and Warren street, th* introdacer of the insertion of Artificial Incorruptible Teeth on the principle of atmos pheric prrtsn e ?Noah's Weekly Messenger. mIO lt*rc WANTED, GOOD Steady Saw Griodrr;one that understands grind ling taper Circulars, will ba prafsrred. He can make (13 A W (15 per week, and *te*dv WorJk;T App^r WM MOUSLEY, Sew Maker. m20 lw*re Ha v. rhill sr., Boston, Mass. A YOUNG MA WANTS A SITUATION, as Gardansr or Coachman, and would have no ob^ectipa to act in both. He has lived/or five years io hit last situation, and can coma well re e immendsd. Any person wanting such a man, will pleaan ad dress a fnw lines to th* office of this papar, for O. H. nil 2t*rc WANTED. A SITUATION a* Chambermaid, or to take care of chil dren, in s respectable family. Good reference will be given on applying at 48) Pearl it. mIO lt*r WANTED. A CONFECTIONERY andCakn Baker, to go to Rich mond, Virginia. Apply at GRIEVED Bird Store, No. 1 John st. m2# 3t*re wanted; * A SITUATION, as Book-keeper, Caakier, English and German Correspondent, Accountant, Agent, be., by an nnmariied man of 4V years of age, who hat bran employed in these capacities since hr was 13 years old, in sundry mercantile houses of first rate standing ana respectability in New York, Philadelphia, the Wait Indie*. Mexico, and Germany (from whence he lately arrived). He live also ben employed in other branches of business, viz : av Factor in Factories; and a* Reviser ol the books in failures and bankruptcies of large mer cantile homes, where such we e kept pnrpose y or ignnrantly compile.it#J aud incorrect, and which were given to him by the authorities to rectify and correct, and t* render a true, Jest and plain statement of their affairs. He offers, therefore, his services to executors ai d trustees, appointed iu similar cues, a id for the regulation of estates, be. He, farther, would ac cept a situation in the South, the West Indies or Mexico, as he is sufficiently acquainted with trade and business there. Re specting his capabilities and character, lie can give such refer ences as to satisfy those who wish to make use of his services, and who may drop a line to F. S., Box No. Ill, lower Pott Office. mto lm*rc POaT OKfloE, March 19, 1?4?" FURTHER instructions having been received from the General Depaitmeut, th* Southern mail, through, will close at here ofore, at 3H o'clock P. M. Box holder* are requested to ins'rnct their clerks to preserve deorum, while waiting at this office for letters, m 19 It ROBT. H MORRIS, P. M. FOUND AT LAST. I_TOVER'S Adamantine Cement, a very nsefnl article for AA repairing china, glass, eatthen, cabinet or other wares? recommended by innumerable chemist*. For aale wholesale or retail, by the msnnfactnrrrs' agei t, GEORGE F. NE8BITT, Stationer, corner of Well end Water aft* Price IS cent* per battle. A liberal discount to the trade. ml9 lt*re A GOOD CUP OF COFFEE, Attn APPLE FRITTERS CI ENTLEMEN wishing a good Breakfast, Dinner or Snp Ur per, accompanied by that rare article, a cap of Coffee, in all its excellence, wonln do well to call at the DiningHooma ol GREEN b MERCER. corner ef Natsan and Ana atre-u, where they eetvt up daily. (Sundays excepted) an extensive bi 1 of fare, comprising ail the substantial*, together with the luxuries of the matket. i N. B. Private entrance to the Ladies' Dining Rooms, attend ed by Mrs. Mercer, 11 Ann ?t. ml9 ltie*re BARTINE'S LOTION. AN UNFAILING lURfc. in *11 eases of goat, rhennuuism, j A swellings. dislocations, frtctoied boa*., brnitei.cuts, con tusions. attended with pain and inflammation, poiaonoua bitee aad ttiugt, burnt, ecaldi, chilblains, corea, ho-ious, wounds of rvary description, it a IT. ila immediate aad permanent relief. I It la, perhaps,^tha only article that can be depended uron for the care of thote peiaa iu the back and aide uiually pro duced by taking cold after yioleut aaertiun and overheating. For glandular tuiuoit, lumbago, eryaipel it. ringworm, and all kinds ol'eruptiona on the akin, it u au eicrlleu; remedy. For | fever and ague, ague in the lace, too b-aehe, cramp, in the tto mach, aud heal-ache, it acta lige a charm, feut above all la I the cure of tendinous and capsular injuriea, sprains, Ice , it w i unapproachable Travellert. boatmeu and tea c.ptaiaa thould never be with mt it. Trice 75 ceati per bottle Principal Depot. 311 Broadway, 2 doom above the Hospital; and 231 Walout ttreet, Philadelphia mMO lm*T TO HO IELS, TAVERNS, BOARDING HOUSE8 aad all who lika their Fuiaitnre to be epotleee, doer aad bright. Forgiving the highest poliah, lor reqairing lees lebor, time in name, preventing ttaint, for eleaaliueaa and cheapoeaa.LaiigleT't Furniture Cream it ande mably superior to any, CHA8. H. KINO. Agent, fll In'i in Broadway, comer John ttreet SPRING FASHION. WN kC01( 171 Chatham Square, corner of Mort _ i-.raet, wieh to inform the public of their leeeut imp" ore ? ent IU the manufacture and filial! of their $3 Hate,combining laahion, beauty and durability, three important cooeideratioui to the wearer. The proprietora do confidently aaaert their heta to b? much auperior to anv ever before aeld fur the earne price. Call end aetiaty yourtelf of ihia feet- m? Im ?rh FOR. SAlE. ONE of the beat Oyatar aad Liquor Saleoua in the cite, doing a firat rate business, and a good chance for improvement!. Will be told cheap, aa the adrertiaer it in u.u Health, and about to engage in other bueineea. For ptr ticulart, apply at U7 Broadway, or at No. a 10 h at. m30 lt*rc | FOR SALE UK TO LET, MA Htudsome Cottage, aad about five arret of good Land, laid in Meadow, situated on toe Blerng Star Koad, one aad a hall milet from the Rahway, N.Jertey railroad depot. Atwched theieto it e fiue garden, with aa ti beo of aa] cell tat bed of ui laragut, barn, tuble, Itc. The cottage la apaeioaa, and replete with every convenience lor a genteel family. Apply to Mr. UIKAUD, No. I Whitehall street. " STORE TO LET. THE Storee No. II Soaih William atreet, and No. ffTiB M 8.one street, heretofore oeenpied by Mr. Willmm JlaflLKobble. eactioneer. It ia well calculated for tha dry 1 gooua jobbing, commiaaion or taction but in ana. Rent mode rate. V.oqnire on tha preraitee. aB Ftit*r FRENCH HORTICULTURE. Wnee T. MAONE hat the honor to ioform the imatrura, WjUfloriiu, and the pnblic ia general, that he hae juat arriv ttammed from France, with a collection of Pltntt aid Flow era ul tie greateit beanty, aad of every variety, each aa Ca meliat, Pennies, Arborise, Magaeliaa, Powlonia, Imperials; an ataorimant el trailed, and othtr Rotes; a beantilal variety of Fruit Treat, Grape Vioet and Bulbt, blower 8-edt; all ve ry f.eth, and in a peifeet ataie of preaervatioa. The depot ia at 313 Broadway, nndar the bnokttore of Mr. Ben has, where the catalegne mty be obtained, aad the plants and flower, examined. For tale at very reasonable pricea. m? 1 W*T i pete at sheathing Felt, a verv ?u penor em ? Iota to anit par chasers, by ? &? COLLINS it CO. H loath iv 1 FAKK TMJBATHJB. MRS- BEOUPS*9 BENEFIT. SIRS 8EOU1N. MA FRAZKR. u4 MR. SCOUIN, as sured by mr f. Meyer. ' Friday KTaolnd, Karch SO, Will b* performed DON PAH QUALE. Don rasquale Mr Scmla. 'BSSwui::::::-:. :v. : aft ESS Norma Mr* Begum To conclude with BOHEMIAN OIRL. Tbsddeu* Mr Fraier Devilshoof Mr Stfiii Coout Axnheim Mr F Meyer Arlin* Mrs Seguin Hea'at* Bona, S 5 Fit, M i Gallagy Doarsopauat IHe'*i*?k,aad lb*Cirtam will riaapreeiielj It T o'clock. " ~I BO WICK Y THRATRA A. W. JACKSON... MANAGER AND FROFRLEs OR ORAND COMBINATION, n w-,,^D0LU?L = COM PA NF.-CD Rockwell k Stonab Equestrian Troup* 10 combination with "* yramatie Company of thi* establishment. Frhlajr K?tnln?, March SO, wiv5ME^ The Black" knight'.* ThinpilVHm . Chauflrau. IX Brian da bois cJuilbirt Onrth Con7 wamb. h^V Loebstey Proctor. ftdyIKwaas *'.' Mra Fhiffip!'. Elgiva. ? Mr*Seigaaat. h,mno,hl JpJl* Mr J R Scott Irir* Mr?G Jooea "Lower Boxes M canm-feecond and Thud Tiara,? eta.; l it and Gallery 1SH cents. Dnora w>ll op*n ?r half past 6?cnrtain will riaa at 7. PXLMiV; oPIEkA uubib. Ch%mb^r? 8tr??t RETURN OF THE ORIGINAL ETHIOPIAN HAR MONISTS, Messrs. FLAVIN. RICE, RAYMOND, NEAL and STANLEY. Th* abor* Company haying taken their old qa irtara for a faw nighta. perform ?g-iu on Friday Bvanlng, March SO, ahan they will gira sons* of thair Oiigiu'l, and many now Bongs, Uleea, Cltornaaa. Qniek 8i*pa, he kc. Bests may b* procured by applying at the Boa Office, from 10 til 1 I. Admission 95 cents; children half price. mM lt*rc BOWER* AUPmiHEAflUC. ' SANDS, LENT & CO., PROPRIETORS. The public are reapectfally informed that this popular Ea I abliahment will opeu for a vary limited peuod, ou Monday JC veiling, March A3, 1 >r the express purpose of introducing to the New York pub lic, puor to the departure of the company on its travelling lour, the moat ELEGANT NOVEL i Y n be found either in this country or in Europe, and at the tame time to exhibit the perloimancra of th? MOST BRILLIANT EQUEbTRJAN TROUPE . , .. . t" woam, embracing the highest order of talent and reepeelability. and display inc. in one enter, ainment, the ?ary CLIMAX Of spleSoor AND ART r im in the catalogue of aplaadid uovtlues, stand the match leaa Laropcan DANCING HORSES, rurrhated by MrSands, from Franeoni'a famous Equestrian ciubli-hment 10 Paris, and recently imported in thia country, b.'ing their firit public exhibition* 1 America. Three horiea are trained to paiRirm the moat difficult dan rat, keeping perfect lime with the mnaie, and displaying a style and taitefulneaa of execution, peculiarly Pariiientu ? Among others, they will give THE POLKA DANCE, Ineorrect^'tiuon of the moat celebrated Parisian artists.? J bey hare performed at moat of the great cities of Europe, and before the reignirg sovereigns of England, France ana Holland Loais Philippe and family were so much delighted "I the achievements of these beautifully trained creatures, t list they honored their performance* with four risits in th* corns* of the season. Mr. 8ands will also introduce upon thia occasion, for the 1st time in America, his superbly trained and beautifully marked bhatland FIGHTING PONIES. These diminutive and wonderfully taught quadrupeds were purchased at Astley's, London, and have been tiaioed to , ? WRESTLE, 8PAR AND FIGHT ! While Standing in an Erect Attitude upon their Hind Leg*. They hare been targht to put on the gloves, sp>r with all the dexterity and caution of accomplished pugilists, rest them selves at the termioaiien of each round, and come again up to the scratch at the word " time." Nothing has erer been before witnessed in thia country that can aim the smallest idea of the extraordinary performances of these truly wonderful erettures MR. SANDS AND HIS BOYS Jieiog the great models of graeefnl and difficult Poeturing, both in thia countiy and Europe, will gira a beautiful and po etic gymnastic illustration of THE SCULPTOR'S DREAM, As performed by them recently at the Park Theatre, and for several seasons'" England, France and Holland. Mr. 8snda and hit gifted children have received the highest t ulogtuma, notouly tor their skillful performance, bat especi ally tor the modest, elegant and classic style with which they ate achieved. The next distinguishing features of thia Troupe, are the GREAT STUD OF HORSES, Being the largest in number, t ?* most perfectly trained, And the most beau'tiul in Appearance ever aihibited in thia city. THE WARDROBE AND TRAPPINGS! The limira of an announce sheet will not permit the propria ion to dwell at leaf th upon the beauty and splendor of their elegant Costumes, Saddle Clothe, and Performing Trappings * C were Kumfrctured by Mrs. Kunuals, late Miss Rivers, of Loudon and are the Only Pun Specimens of Equestrian Wardrobe ever exhibited in thia country. "hen compered with the rulgar and tawdry every-day trash in# public has been accustomed to in thia city, this department ?if the exhibition cannot fail of eliciting the most universal admiration of every admirer of true art. Tne following list comprises the principal performers bo offging to the troupe of Lent, Sands k (Jo: JOE PENTLAND CLOWN. STjar^' | Clowns. Master of the Ring, Mr. B. Huntington; first Lady Equea tnan, Mrs. Gardnsr; Messrs. Hands and Sona, T. Mosaly, F.. t?nr. W. Smith H. W. Haggles, Master Walter Ay mar. E. Fera-y, Wm. Aymar, Messrs. H. E. Conover, M Mitchell.? Ethiopian Minstrels, Messrs. Cartar, R. Whits, C. Whit*, J. Hticknay. Boxes 95 cent*; Pit *?wts. ml) ttr FEW GREENWICH THEATRE, corner of Vsnekand .. ?LJ^arlton alraeu?Sole rro"rietora, Messrs. JOHN G MYERSaadO M.TOML1NSON?Manager, Mr. J. O My ers?Treasurer, Mr. O. M. Tomltoson?Assistant Treasurer, Mr. W. Draper?Acting a-d Ht-ge Manager. Mr. H. P. Gm tan?Scene Painter, Mr. H. Isherwood?Prompter, Mr. R. J. Jones?Machinist, Mr. M. C Radcliff? Leader and Musical Director, Mr. H. Metx?Costutnrr, Mr. Taylor?Propertiaa, >lr 8. Wall is. The public are re-pactfolly informed that thia new and ele gant bntldiiic will positively open on MONDAY EVENING, March KtS, With a highly efficient and laieuted eoinuany, which will be duly annouacrd. H. pToRATrAN, Acting and Huge Managef. N. B. A limited number of season tickets will be disposed of Also, saveral of th* Salooua to let. Also, a. large qaan titvof aoperior building sand for sale, to be removed forth with. Apply at th-B--J Office. mU lw?m Qrt-A CARD ^30 - NATIONAL THKATHE AND CIRCUS, Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. PROPRIETORS?MESSRS. WELCH, MANN AND DEL EVAN. PUBLIC are acquainted that thia magnificent esta blishment, so warmly patronized daring these last six months, by th- citizens, stringers and visitors, from ail parts of the world, matt speedily close in order to fulfil the impera tive engsgeoieuts al ready entered into for the summer This an noueeement is put forth to prtpire the hundred and aeventy five Artists and Assistants connected with this concern, and to assure th* thousands of liberal patrons who have rendered the Circus a Temple of Fashion and Popularity, that tha moat anergetic and uneeasing afforta will be essayed to randar tha closing Pertormaaees of the R ng and Stage th* moet gorgeoas, novel and varied that a discri j nating public can appreciate or a grateful management off r. The conclusive spectacle of this wonderful roa-on, it th* Cattraet of th* Ganges, from the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane authorities, produced with a succession of Oriental Bceaery. anch as cannot be aurpassed in any conntry. Processions ef the meat gorgeous and costly kind, exceeding in number all fqrmer attempts. Every style of Eastern Banners, Flag or In signia 01 Authority?an overwhelming Torrent of Real Wa ter for th* display of which th* premises have been greatly enlarged?the surpaasinxly grand Car of Mother of Pearl, lin ed with beaten gold, drawn by cream colored horses?furious combats, geeeral engagements, fearful conflagrations, and a succession of startling effects, such as the resources of thia vast eat blfshmcnt can aloae famish, and bring ia a aaperior man see before a discriminating public. mil NR. lOLLlMlfi r-tf FAREWELL CONCERT WILL TAKK FLACK AT IBLQ'S 8ALOON on f RlLAY. March f7-i Grand Sa lection of loserameBial Maiic. Tickett '0 ceou each, to be had at the mneic stores, mif r PRIZE NOTICE-TO AUTHORS. $1000 1WILL GIVE forthree Enteitainmaars in th* xtyle of the late Charlae Matthews, Esq., and the best Comedy, in five acta, of domaatic incident, to be delivered in manuscript, through th* city of New Vork Post Office, previous to tha 1st of June next. mI9 2ti?#r G. H. HILL. TU GKOCeKS. A RARE Opportunity is offered for one or two young men, toe >tar into a tafs. profitable sad respectable business, in ih? wholevaie and retail Grocery and Liquor Trade, To any oa* with a email eapit-l, rh* inducameuta which will ba offered eaonotf.il to be satisfactory. Persons with cash capi tal will riweive every information by coquiribg at 3< Barclay coriiar of 8t. Peter'* Place. ml* lua*r TUBACCo, SEGA (LB AND BASS. A A. SAMANOS, No. 91 Broadway, up stairs, offer* for ? sale, a splendid assortment of 'hoic* Segara, eejactad expressly for his establishment. Also, M bales of strictly prim* Sr. Jago Tobacco, aad a small let of Baas, by wholesale aad retail. ml) <ui*r CENTREVlLLE COURSE-TROTTING. N1 the l blu THE following Sweepstakes are now open, to eemmtuea A April lith, IMd: . No f ? 8w#epat?ke for four year old eolu, mil* heuta, beat I in J, ta harness 8ub. 8M No. I ?Sweepstake lor J wars' old colta, two mil* heats, ia htroess. Sub. $M. No ) ?Sweepstake for hones that aaver won a purse match or tweepstske, two mile heats, in harness. Sub BM_ No. ?.?Swerrsiske for horso* that never wo* a parte over ?*1 ??!* hoala, kaat ) in 5, in harness. Snb $M. No ?.?8 weeps lake same aa No. 4, under th* laddie. .No (.?Sweepstake for horsea that never won a pars* over ?it. mile heata. beat ) in 5, ia harness. Sab. $?? No 7 ?Sweepstake tame at No S, nnd.r the saddle. . No. ?.?Sweepstake for horset that never won a para* ever ?191, two rmle hesta, in hern*** Sub. 9:1. No. 9 ?Sweepstake same as No. I, nnder th* saddle. The above sweepetakea are half forfait. 921 will be addad by the proprietor, to the winner of each of the above aweep ?t*!**. Three or more to make a race. . _ ? ,, To dote on or before Aptll It, by 9 o'clock P. M-, *t Greoa k Lotees. No. lit Chathara Hqu-ra. ? . ? Ne. lb?Swoepatake. free for all trotting boraea, mil# heata. beat 3 in J. in harness. Sab 9999. half forfelt.wtlh a purs* of 9190 added by th* proprietor to in* wcojd wit horee m the riee. This sweepstake to com* off April TT. Ts close on or before Apnl It. by 9 o'eloek t. M , at Green k Loeee's; three Wffi^rr.oVtfS^?ita8 " k.Ti.9 been ser. ^?WtviiU Course, Mag eh 19th. 1949. mJO lwl Washington, March Ml IMS. j Congrem. The debate upon the Oregoa reeolotiou U cow tmued in the Senate, at the rate of one "poet-h per diem. The only distinguishing peculiarity in Mr. Archer's style is the frequent interrogatories which he propounds to the President. For instance: ' The resolutions before the Senate propose to dl? solve?what 1 The convention tor the joint occu pancy of Oregon?when t At the end of the term succeeding the notice to Great Britain?why 1 Be cause of the increasing difficulties existing where 1 In the disputed territory arising?how V The argument, however of Mr. Archer, was regu lar and methodical, and entirely the converse of the grounds arauraed by Messrs. Hannegan, Allen, Atchison, Dickinson and Cass. Beg pardon of the General for placing him at the tail of the " Guard but he keeps so ominously still of late, that we bo gin to think he is ruminating upon the expsdienc.es of the line of forty-nine. Ia the House there was a little pae dt deux be tween Mr. Fries o( Ohio, and Mr. fcchenck, one of his colleagues, on an amendment proposed to the harbor bill bv Mr F., for a subterranean railroad from Kentuoky, through Ohio, to Canada, for the transportition of such of the odoriferous friende of Messrs. Bebb (whig candidate in Ohio for Gover nor,) and Suhenck, as may wish to emigrate. See House report. We hope there will be no street squabble upon this amendment. Washington, March 18,1848. Melancholy Intelligence. This city is startled this eveuiug. with the melan choly report that Post Captain, William M. Crane. U. a. N., Chief of the Bureau of Ordnance ana Hydrography in the Navv Department, waa found this evening, at about dusk, in bis room, dead, from a ghastly wound in his neck, supposed to have been inflicted by his own hand, in a moment of moots) aberration Some one of our associates may give you further particulars of this lamentable tragedy.? We learn that Captain C., as late as this morning, transacted busineaa in hta office, connected with the affairs of the department. Another melancholy rumor is afloa^this evening, to wit, that Mr. Hnlden, of the firm of M'Makui and Holden,ol the Saturday Courier, Philadelphia, exhibited to day infallible evidences of some meats! disorganization. We hope it may tarn out to bp the result of an unusual imbibation of some sort, not withstanding Mr. H. is represented ta us at a strict ly tempetate man. Another rumor ia in circulation of a duel some where to the southward, between a Dr. Ritchie, and a Mr. Stewart. But sufficient, already for the day is the evil thereof. TWBRTY-IIMTH CONORS PP. In leasts, Washington, March It, 1814. Beautiful morning for tho ides of Msreh. Thin dance in the galleries to-day. Excellent prayer by Rev. Mr. Milbura. ?*???*? THE OUVOI qUKITION. Mr. Ascheb took tho floor. For a long time Mr. A* cher baa been in a feeble state of hoalth, and at the eloeo of tho last session, ?o completely was he prostrated from the weight ot his duties as Chairman en foreign Rela tions, that we bad scarcely expected him to be able to resume his duties in the Senate at th* present session. But, daring the intorrognum, ho has so far recovered as to giro hopes of a completo restoration of his hoalth. Bat ho is still in a oomparatiraly faablo stats. His votes is fooblo, and from the low tone in which ho spoke to day,it was impossible for tho reporters to hoar distinctly the drift of his argument. With soma general remarks upon tho magnitude of this'question, and of tho interacts to this country and tha world, involved in its settlement, ha proceeded to its examination. Ha dopreoated tho oonrso which had been ao frequently pursued of de nouncing tho arrogance .'and rapacity of Great Britain, and tha intimidation* uaod against tho mora moderate Senators, by tho ultras in arraigning them before tho country for a want of norvo. That sort of patriotism which consisted of more clamor and proiaaaion was an arttel* so cheap and common as to bo of no great impor tance in any issno. Reference had haon mad* to tho motto of Decatur, " Our country, right or wrong." If this ware applied in the actual existence of a war bo twoan this country and a foreign power, than tho motto would moot with his hearty approbation : but in the dis cussion of a great national question in dispute, tho right , should only Bo considered. Ho referred to a declaration | mad* by the Chairman on Foreign Relations, when Gen. Cass's resolutions of inquiry in roferonoo to putting the country in a state of defence, wore under discussion at the opening of tha session, which declaration was, dis connected with its oontext, that it waa "necessary to prepare tho hearts of the people for war!" Now bo, Mr. Archer,could not coneur la sueh a sentiment as this. On tha contrary, so far from believing it necessary to " prepare tho hearts of the people for war," ho thoaght our duty.ud our bighost fluty,was to prepare tho hearts I of the pooplo for peace.W - Mr. Aij.cN rose to explain. Ho did not desire tho Senator to put words in his mouth. Ho would now take occasion, therefore, to repent what hs had said before. In answer to remarks of tho Senator from Maaoaohusotts, in which hs had suggested tho policy of diseusalag those measures in regard to a preparation for war b executive session, ho (Mr. Allen) had said that ho was tnlirely opposed to this plan of proceeding; but was fu favor, on the other hand, that svery thing should bo laid open to the public, in order to propose tho minds and tha hearts of the pooplo for war, or any thing also that might result from our deliberations upon this subject? His object in this declaration was not W throw a Ira brand into tho country, to excHa a predisposition in tho minds of tho people for war. What ha had than said ho would now repeat, and did add lake back a single sylla ble. Hi* remark* wars printed, porractod by hi* owa hand, and thus thsy should stand, wh^fsvsr tho decision might bo. x Mr Abcheb was understood to say ii*4, notwith standing tho declaration of the honorable bC.**tor, ho could not subscribe to the doctrine that it was DO***sary to " prepare tha hearts of the naopia for war." ft was much mors tha appropriate office of tho Senate to piO* Sire tae minds or tha people for peaoo. Mr Arobef en passed to a review ol tho international relations which have subsisted between the United States and Great Britain, for thirty years, respecting tho Oregon to rritory; denounced tne practice of declaiming against tho arrogance and rapacity of Groat Britain re Tie wad tho difficulties aurroUbding our title or claims to the whole territory?expatiated upon tho horrors of a war | with Groat Britain, particularly upon the damages which would be inflicad along tho seaboard, and upon our commerce upon tho high aaas, and also upon tha internal derangement of our national curraacy, indus try and buaiaet* relations. Thence he reverted to tho Baltimore Democratic Convention resolutions, and do procatad tho idea that thay wot# of any legitimate weight, or should have any ioflasnea whatever upon the action or opinions of any Senator, upon this ques tion. Wo did not understand Mr. Areher as express 1?| any opinion upon tho notice ; bat think tho course oj his argument warrants the conclusion that hs is op to It Mr Nilbs secured tho floor, sad, on his motion, tha | Senate wont into Executive session. Baltimobb, March 18.1848. St. Patrick's day, as I predicted yesterday morning continued throughout tho day one of tho most delight fal of tho season, contrary to almost universe custom. It waa celebrated by two public dinners, om by tho Hibernia Society, snd the other by the Sons o Erin, who wore under the impression that flvo dollar waa rather too strong for their pockets, even tor the do Uoiout catering of the hoot of the Exchange Hotel. Our march ants are watching tho Hermit for fereigr news, either by pocket or stoamor, wall knowing the! i it comes tho HermU ia tho lad that will bring it Tha number of deaths in this city, from axtall poo during tho past week, was eniy thro*. Stock and Mowbv Maskbt.? Stock* droop ? sales ar to a limited extent Quote City six per oenta 96) bid. ff asked for opening, without safes; few buyass, No flv< per cents in market Sale* ot Maryland loans are stagnant?sixss 78*77?sc I minai. ? Ores, 88 bid; thraoa, 41 asked 86) ofiaret I Wa hear of no movement in either deeoriptton. Pennsylvania Ave* 68 -buyers. Susquehanna and Tide Water Canal aoourltfee ar much effected. In a beano* of any positive informs tio ai to tho extent of damage sustained by tho late floec buyer* hold off. Susqusnasna Canal Preferred beads 71 safes. Tide Wafer Canal Preferred bonds, 81 a 88 Shares 7| asked, 7 bid. PxiLADSLoniA, March 19, I64B. Tha Daws from tho inferior aooma to confirm tho pt* vions advices, that tha Stat* works, which ooonoot th city with th* groat Waal, has* ansiainod comparative! trifling iajury Th* advicoe from tho North do not at pear so cheering, and it ia believed that tho North Braxo! Canal is seriously damaged. It is probable the wester mail wlil rot be in before tho New York lino leaves, o something more defloite could bo eent te you. Smte fee are about tho earn* as yesterday, though transactions d not appear so extensive. This Is an indioetion that th travel on tho main lino of State works, is not expaots to be eeriously interrupted the coming season. The ward election takes place to-morrow, and wo ao in a busti* of preparation. Bales of Stocks at PkU Fibit Boabd do, ooah, 71) 81400 State 714: 484 do R _ . RR, 10; 10 do Lehigh, 184; 0 S Ahoy IkilF Navigation. 18 ? Planters' Bank Tana, 044; 90 Schuylkill Navtgatiei 88); 84 Lehigh. 184: 6 PUnn Township, 80 Arras Boxen?M aha SchuylWii Bank, 4; 81*88 Ha I rUburg 6t, 74; 8*140 Stats BY 74; 84080 State 8k, 8 day 711; 49 ah* Schuylkill Navigation. 881; 100 Reading Br *4, 37); 400 do,?); ?1 LoUgh, b4, l4)i flOOO Boodfe 4'*90; 9900 ahs Lehigh Loon.loi; ? aha Schuylkill Nav ration, 84; 1000 Wilmington fli, '48, 77); 888 L monthly Loon, 74); 1900 State 4k, 71. ?dog of Stocks at Boston, ?bosses' Boabd, Mare* 18?140 ahs Long Island Bl I 43; 88 do, 47); 74 do, 47); 100 do, soAd* 47); 34 Nor I Wor RR, 0*1; 94 do,aoioda, *4); 10 Boston k Provident I RR, 110); 90 Now England Bank, 104; 140 East Bosto F Co, 14); 334 do, 16: 300 do. bolOds, <0. Second Boabd?100 aha Long Island RR, solOds, 47; i do cash, 47; 301 do so3ds. 47; 60 Nor k Wor RR, *6); ' | 1 Western RR, 97); 334 East Boston Co, 10. I At Arcvioo-7 ahs Bostonk Wor RR, 171 adv.; Boston k Main* RR, 14) adv; 3 Fitchburg RR, 94 adv; Palmar Manuf. Co, ffii 106 porsh; 00 City Bank, 8 a adv: 6 Union Bank, 6 adv; 3 Market Bank, (par 87* 877) par ah. pcblishbd or ?-? I - *?VJAME8 GORDON BENNETT. "iith veit cosnsb or vvlton and naooao arana