3 Nisan 1846 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

3 Nisan 1846 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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mm THE NEW YORK HERALD. T*1.ZUh lo.Oi4.WkoUH,?ao? NEW YORK, FRIDAY MORNING, APRIL 3, 1846. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAKB8 fiORWft HKMBTT, Proprietor. Circulation...Forty Thousand. DAILY HEKALLi?t.try day. rmi I Mats per copy? TjRsMttaKfi . ^ ?""* "O ^JTRIN'FlNO of all kinds mo?led with beaaty aaddas QZT" AU letters or mm?a litis?, h aail. addf?sd ta *"1 ii thenubliatunenc, most ba post paid, or tha postage \ *a"5S "*? ?;?5S5f,&1SyN,"aSSlrrr. Proprietor o. the NvwYeea Rntialr.taijniMMn North-West corner of Feltoa aad Naaoa su.1 8TEAVER UNICi'RN. FROM BOSTON, FOR HALIFAX AND NEWFOUNDLAND. Tha Hteamar UNICORN left Liverpool foi Boston tba ISth iast, and will tail la about two days aft*r her mini in Boatoa, for the port* of Halifax, N S ,aod tk. Johns, Nswfoundland For tieigat or paesage b. viog olegaat accommodations, ap ply 10 RAR.-DaN ft. eg., ( Wsllst. Naw VorkT ?.- - m . HaRNDEN It CO., ? Conrtrt Boston. N. B. Tiit Uuicora, from Boston, will wait at Halifax tha arrival of the at amrr ot . ptil t, from Liverpool. sir REGULAR RlAlc LINE BETWEEN BOSTON It NEW TORE, ?by tba faat aad splendid stntwn OREGON -Sud KNICKERBOCKER h a Umbo < UEGON, command d by Captain A. P. ft. John, and KNICKERBOCKER, ?mm?dad by CaptaU 8 Thiyer, will ran thronthost tha aeas-a, from the 1st day of April,in connection with the Htonirgton and Providence and 1st day of . . jdiict ii4 Bo.t iu Ruil Frov dance Railroads, learinf New York dm " " ' " ah river, at 3 o'clock ornpoa the arrival ly, So a day. excepted, iron piarNo.'s NorthTrivsr, at 3 o'clock F M.. u.d Htoniiutoa at ? o clock F. M., of the ni.il train (Tom Ho-ton These steamer. a-e nun ins aad in speed, anlcador and com fort I aviugeachof them M l<rge eoinmodiona private state rvoms, and bertha for 340 persona, betides lame private rooms for families end partita Th- steamers era officered by the meet experienced men, ?ad w;h xhi^ten the passage between New .Y-irk and B-'Stoa from 1>< ?o flionra, th rehy enriti?cin ample tima for all the 1 tex rai'iii ng from New York, noiui. south and wait, aad all tb- linei f una Cotton, north and east. The OR i,ON will leave New York?'Taaeday, Thursday and Saturday. Lra?-e - ton ington-Monday, Wednesday aad Friday. The KNICKERBOCKER willloaTa Naw Yerk-Jdonday, Wedae diva d Friday. Leave Bronmut u?'Tuesday, Tharadry and Batarday. Fur p x. ire or freight tuqatre on board of tha boat, at piar No. 3 N. JL, or of OEa E- FAIRCHILD. No W West West. mh36mfh or of JNO H. RICHMOND, Providence. PEOPLE'S LINE OFSi'EAV1BOAT8 FOR ALBANY. Daily, Sunday* etrtpted?Through Direct?Ut ? o'clock. P.M. From the pier between CmrVandt and Liberty ill. jm Steamboat COLUMBIA. Cap'- Ws. H. laI?BNUf Peck will leave oa Mo.iay, Wednesday, 3C^9NCjK_and Fridnvevenings,at(o'clock. Steamboat HENDR1CK HUDSON. Opt. R.O.Crotteu deu will la ive on Tu-sday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 6 o'elo k. At 3 o'clock P. M., Liodine at Intermediate Places. Frnvi the Foot of Barclay St , Stramboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain R. H Fury, will leave oa MoutLy, Wednesday, Friday aad Saaday afternoons, at 3 o'clock Stsambi .t SOUTH AMERICA.Capt. L. W. Braiacrd.will leave on Tuesday, Thursday aad Saturday afternoons, at 3 o'clock. The above boa's will, at all times, arrive in Albany in ample lim for the morning ca a for the east or wrest. Freight liken at modern e rates,anduone liken after5 o'clock F. M. Allperaona ate forbid treating any of the boats of this tine, witbont a wri tea order from the Captains or Agents For passage or freight, apply on board, or to r . C. Schult r, at the office oa fie wharf rr SSr THE fropretora ot -teemboau wi.hiug ? Bells hang, w uld do well to pay a visit on .board the atsauiboats Niagara. Iron Witch, Governor, iron boat John Strvena, Wooster, Traveller, Ice., and pxamn.a H. Homer's Improved Styleof Bell Hanging?pat up ne.il and strong, aad Warranted fosoue year, by H. H.No. ? Ann iirert _______ noli lm*r AA?A FOR NEW ORLEANS.? Louisiana aad New inn York Lite.?r>-ditiv ly First Regular packet, to sail aHLou Tanadar,7th iaatant.?Tha elegant, fast sailing packet ihip 8HAK-PEARE, Rote, muter .twill positively nail *s aaove, Iter trgglar day. For freight or passage, having handsome famished accom modations, apply on board, at Orleans wharl, foot of Wall atnat, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO. M Sonth a treat. Positively no goods lacaived on board after Monday eve ning, t h lest. Agent in New Or!-ana. J AS. E. WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward *11 rnodt to hit address. Packet bark E. H. Gli AI'IN, Welch, master, will succeed the Shaksp-sre. and uil April ltth, her regular day a3 NEW 1.1 Ng. OK PACKETS FOR LIVER uilu-g and favorite packet ship ROSC1U8. 1140 toas bnrtheu Ca|it.iia E. EMridgr. (being nnavoidably dstainsd,) Will positively sail on Satarday, April 4th The accommodations of this magniicant packet arc une qualled Tor splendor a> d comfort, both ia cabin, second cabin and ?t< stage. Fersoes wisftuag to aecare berths ahonld not fail to malts narly application oa bo^d^st tba foot of Wall rtasat. . tapscott, 75 Sonth street, comer of Masdaa leas. For ?''eight or passage, having accommodations unsurpassed ir aplei Hor or comfort, apply < 1 " fir apis- fr or comfort, mppfy oa board, at Orleans wharf foot of W.'U ? tract, or to B A. COLLINS k CO.. 34 Senthstraal. Packet ship Biddons, E.B.Cobb, master, will ancceed the Roactnt. and sa. * Nth April, her regular day. mtT m KEGui.AR.LINE Of PACKET BHlFH-rackat )' the 6th April?The 4rm elaae, last sailing paek ship ABiHJIURTON.Capt.Howland.bnrthsn 1044 tons will rail as above, bar regular day. Having very tapcrior accommodations far cabin. 3d cabin and Steerage paueagers.. parsons uttaiMliu to tan bark, ahonld make immediate application oa board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH MeMURRAY. Corner of Tine and Soath streets. The packet ship J. R. 8KIDDY, Cant Bkiddy, banksa 1444 tone, will tacceed the AHHBURTON, and sail on the Mrh April, her regalar day. N. V Persons dvaironi of landing for their friends, can have, ths-n brought one by the above ship, oar moderate terms, by ?uhing application as above. mllr FOR. SAUfi. Tha fine clipper bnilt achr ACTIVE, coppered and copper fastened, lit tnaa r gistered. well f?nd ia __J vary th at. She can be eeeo ar tha foot of Rstg'rs l . R. For particulars, apply at 37 Pearl it. ai J 'rh J. M BOVES. PACKETS FOR HAVK?-B-coad Lioe-The pack-1 ship UTICA. Capt. F. Hewitt, will sail oa i he 1st of iklsy. a3 rh > Toa'iae Baildisgs, 44 Wa l at Kga> foi im.urd FOR SALE. The fart tailing Hehooner KAOLE?1? ?# ton* re gister. evnti CM bbls, or US toot. and ia complete km ?rd?r for sot voyage ; will br told low, if applied .rd lately For terms we., apply to I w*y ^HARRIdON PRICE 1> Coootirralip COUN1KY MERCHANTS VlhJTING the eny af New York, are irvitnd t# call and diamine the eomplrte and etteaaive itock of Acroaal Book* Hhooeevy, Paper. Not.wial, and Latter Copying Preae e>, Gold Pe's Qailla, laka tod Floida, AND ALL O'ijIER ARTICLES aou> >? 8TATIONERB, At tk* Lowest Pom bit Phcet. B1Ck< k LOUTJIKl, CI William at., mil Ira'mc oee door below Cedar. 19t BROADWAY, coKNKt or joHt mm. TO THOSE WHO SHAVE THEMSELVES. pr >1.>-4 ty I bote wiro oew irwi 01 it, iter jyer took the t ? ceded theee who know. b<tt it it impossible to manufacture an erti el* equal to it It ia aofieoiug to the akin, Ira grant to the truer. a destroyer of ftwckles nod pimples, aed ia told eheaper thru the old ?mpn Ad, therefore, who woald eouaalt econo my and comfort 10 ahiviuir, thould possess theuaelrpa o' It. rrom the New York Uaaetfe?The New Soap.? W'ineeh Cm eiperiraee. aed we apeak freei I he more prof rational owiej.'e of onr benefactor and f iend Jaijiea Grant. No. 4 A n atreet. wh* a ? ra M ia ahand of any thine a err jret foond out in (Jill deptrtuieai el modern improvement It in qot only nn-molicutbo it? aomeihtng more.'' In abort, wo beiiert W ia tba beet ahavi ( aoaj in the world. Fr jib the Lvvmng Mirror.?Rum's Verbena Cream, we know by rvpenrnee to be the beat kind of abating loap, and those persona wne hate tronbltaome beards, should not be without it It has * penetralia* way of i_W own. and softens i.irde Pr h.irdear tvud ronitheac beard, se m to reader the operation of ahiriitgjpeife tly neat. Mr. ldiif, baa lately taken the faaai neaa of Or M fnor. at the eoreer ef Byoodway and John atrnet, where hia looumaba article amy be obOdaed; anu, likewise, Hiag'a Conah Candy, winch ? said to be a pleasant and irr tan ro c f*"i hat uonhleaomr croipnnicu tan _. ? pro n the -to-.day D apatch.?Kterr una whoa hate* himself ?HonId procure " til enTObeaa Cream." It ia an citiuwite article a Ceiling the beard, and allaying all irritation of the ?Am. a a th.u it becomes so abeolate pleaeare, instead of so an arritct, to n-e the taaor Beware of unitationa, and ooaerrs the written aignatnie un der the directm>us fur uae, of ' C. H King." Prepared and lor U"l Uir OIICUHfllk IIM ???*-, vet v. ??. WHaR, ? ? C sale, wholesale and rutail. and for eapottaiion^by C. M. KING, Druggjt m Broad w,y, c< rner of John mi ? Rnetoaaor to Dr. Win. H. Milnor. X B.?Merehanu art particularly recanted to eall and rt amine this article, ea now prepared, as to u-iality, quantity, ap pearance ?nd priee. It caa of be beit?the ridendid caw label from a at*el plate, engraved by Meters. Kawdua. Wnaht I Hucli, lar ctceediug any thing of the kind bnfor* the pnhlie. It mi I ei'l H To the 'I'm, Voffre ar.d bwgar Trade, AC<?Ecemo mutt, J'ntniiut, Hotel Kttpu t, Ac. J. ?. BCOTT <b CO., No. 76 Nattau Hrert, corner of John, HAVING i nr. hraert the i ia' lot of the new reason'? Tenr, I P'?teasing > bar r ichness of flavor so generally combined, and -o rnelf obtained, ..tf-r, who esalr or retail, a laige T-rie ty of Grern aad elak Tent, of the beat quale v un'v, inela III f the "InI fcahwme Souchong and Kncliah Breakfast T?a. 9?* 10 ?T imporud twenty yraraago The atock of < '.i{f?e, ? iga?. ?te , a -eds no comment, aa they an selected of the fln-al quality Lid. SCOT T k CO. yeajao supplied with a stick of fraah imported Glasgow Sptced Hima; oldKtgli.h Cheeses of great warietyae-in vor AM ?oe I. bonght will be delivered within Bee miles of tho ?city fee ctiMite. An-I all orders from tne country, with en ? '?'?cer- meet the same honorable or aline aa if selected by the patties thrnur'vtw 1S'-OTT It CO. It Naaeen it, mlB lm m near John at. ' i*HAFEK ilc CO.. TAILORS AND DRAPERS, I B I UaMOilnn..* _ WW m ... ' Broadway, near Park IMa'ce. A HE NOW RECEIVING, by to Havre Peek.u, aa en tiffly n*w HA?orn??nt of th? flaMt Clocha and Caa nimrree advpten to ihe early spring trade. Having ronclnded a peimi ient ar angemen-, aa rurier. with Mr. P. Aedriet, late of ih ? Hue I aaligliuiie, Paris, well known to moat o. em faah lO i ibiea who have visited Europe, they are bow prepared to eirrute oidera in e style of nnaanal elegance, mi It lm*r MIR Broadway. TO LET, a STOKE No. 114 Faltou .t-oet, Btwoklya, moat sail ablefor the sale of book.. periodicals, o.w.popoM. kf Apply ?? ihepromitos. a >m ' . 1 ? " TO LET, . , THE HOUSE No. U Orchard .treo^Eg.u. of ?SI lw*re MS fowl st. piPtHTO, ?? ~ ' JI" MTO LKT?Tb? nmt lhre? ?u>ry brick boeiti No. n Chnrch street. Tho house is ?? .ood o^r^',^ ^ TO" LET OR FOR SALE, ^A almodekn^built ktuuion between ii*BATHOA'?Ee*?M Nbii Mroot. or Ur. ff'ATHOA'>M FOR SALE, , a A 8mill Steam Distillery, with .11 iheappuiatua u< TXJj-.' SS!i ?? vT.'S'SlLi- ?? k? ?i~t'r mediately Enquituoo tho prtmuw. "jk- VO!*gJ* h tL 27fith?anne. or of JOHN BENSON.^ -His TO lKT. ~~ M A HOUSE AND BARN, with obowt etweeo lot. ol Akmu. sheeted io the village of H?nu|?. W?ichmt Br." ?( Now York, within a few miauies' ianf". moamboet landing Said ? dm -d .ntogar den., which nr. woll stockrd with IHnt. Als>, a p grore, with ? stream of water, nd ^ Smaiab ?**? be liveo inoiedi"^/- * or fartnor Miticmwii ?P rir e^dRTstow of Mr Se .loeaor, Haatmg's La*jn?. o'of .l lm?"e MR. ECKEWf, 71 Mur no ?t. N. w York. TO LEI, IN FOKT LEE, N J., M A FIRST HATE HOUSE, with .boot 4 acre, of ground and a number of wooden building*, m tolerable kMLgoode-inditioa, which were formerly used as aehomi raTCsctorv at present occupied a. a piauoforte manataclory. rtnoudM tha Hackesaack road, oofy a law mUmte. walk Irom the fart. Bant ? a good tenant eery .low, to whom a Lease will be given for several year., if required. Inyiiocd Dr/Moni. Loo-Wolf. No. ? Liberty .troot. Now York. ml lm*re mM Ht DESIRABLE RESIDENCE IN BROOKLYN. THE FOUR 8lOKY Bnek Basement H uae. with double atair ram in eieellent condition ^o 7 l illrry Brook yn, nest to ?LJf within five minutes walk of tho Fulton Ferry?Kent won. ALSO TO RENT IN BROOKLYN, ?d d,e^TONNELE HALL. pyfy Cornrr of ?a??ri ?nd Be?ktwti? >t? TO DRY GOODS DEALERS, WHO DESIRE * Handsome and (capacious Store U J)^ ___ rtrokm ana?am? crowtid &ud do(iruluti| ihoronghurfi EKwa'S^-.^Ta'thr'aV.^ bri.T fifeS. * M-& {"*<! fJJ J?o "with handsome*y ftniabed parlors, he . a luge and commodaJuT store end ?newoelloat -nd ??????? t'Z men'. It wilt to finished. and raadr lor P.w(,,1"1kll'ir'll first of May; will bo ?n eieellent locatioo fir a retail dry igo?da business, and wiU b. let low Wagood nj, 14S Myrle Avenue FOR SALE?Ouyerrf.yoiablotrrma. or to Lot, four ifflb three atory and basement buck dwelling Hou'va. in Ho JlabokeVuowiS^com?d.ti.u, ?dwb. r.^y ru. occupancy by May first. They will be fitted in toeotijul atyie With all ihe late i npruvemeuts. They ?rch coou^ " ro?^ hmides the kitchen, and finished with marble manteia, au? black gratea throughout Two of thL,#r'*? hTtt'wilh wid? front by 11 fe-t deep; ?nd two of thorn M feet by M, witn wi court yaide and iroo railing- . .. ^?r v-v aut ciw ?d ?.'wUh,Cu?nrd.?"?w.lk ^f tttrrTWheJ ?hr new ferry boatt leaee for BateUy ?t"*,h2?m ^PaTtofth"pnreli?aa money can remain on mortgage, at 6 poi "?J4 ?$7l? J. A. STEVENS, Jr.. Hoboken. PTTRA EARLY FEAR?The snbacribam hare ie ceived and offer for aale tbair annual auppty ^:ifrc'a!,5lp'?rcK5: uJa Marrow. Victoria Mar^w-Wordfora'a reoiiial Flower 8c?U.with a general assortment of groan house P,Boiieu^^iIuf the moat dali?to and fmgrant flow "lu EST" DUNLAf R THOMSON. OS Broadway._ SARONI & ARCHER, lftl Water street, corner of Maiden lane, HAVF ON HAND, b large nsorUDeot of Cipi, Silk end K.rH U of erwry iawfplioa, mid Sprmg styla. Straw "Ab^oifsak^Gl.ied Lawn, Viuor. and Cap-stock., which ^urjsesss..?*. w.?? s-j-t" stock before purchasing elsewhere. mU lm a'l T7R17NPH ? artificial flowers. ? HENRY to KA H N, _ Importers, ii Nassau street, up stairs Usee received bv **** arriyaia Irom their hooae in Paria, in bnnchaa, wreaths, sprigs, garlands, Re Rc., together wiui vffiasfflBTraran^iai. jjarafussm embracing a yariaty nnaurpaaaod u richness, am anoni oy -lihiffBS'Ssu,*?.i?e?~s tho lobbing and country trade. IBn ATLANTIC WHITE LEAD. fh nora^wlrim Lead both Dry and Oronad in Oil, to almas' SS^xs^L^srsa! E^KVJ*.^^rssri.^sr^,'?'r p-?^- .U ,wm from onr long familiarity with the differ en?U&ToU tnoor muket, that by far the ftw.t.i propo^ "?neripuoa ?ir^oS?t{iC3rffl?S^A&t?^ h,eTfor^r.r !SSy ffPaSajfronnd ta r?T.g Black Paint, Fallow Ouhra. BponLh Brown. Plana Greea. ? Ha%\MCb^rT^J?tod gmarul Ageuu for tho Company, all otdon should boduugMhto ^jLLEN It COLGATE, r ,ra.r m Pourl atraat. eoruer of Baahmun itraet CLIREHU GH'S IJVENTI LATIN G AND GOSSAMER WIGS AND SCALPS, MAY, fob ELEOANCK, LIOHTNe.BB. and DURA BlLlTY, be dotted km ng the ftritprudaetioa* of mo 4eio art. la ti-pir man* ft' lara. iley aiflti fiom *11 other* the #r*t piudneiions ol ran _ pi ?? I hay differ from *11 other* nude here. The hair ia aingly ??*? rtrrf, and ao madly diatn bated** to ai'feu o*l tuning from the *kia ; th. y oorer do not*of the brow than th* ait rial ha r do*a, ana liariaa do metallic *prL,g, dl ditaarreeabl* preuora la obviated. For a ?cithers climate they ate inestimable, beiag of only 1 ease* Senator*. member* of conger**, and gentlemen from every ?0?rt#r o Ubr eoanirr-"fcj *xe D/>* wearlag C.'? wig*, eae The pne** will be fooad toaaillha erreaaastaneac of alL mM lw*r ST HA W SONNE IS 1, CfJAPIN, No. M J?ha (treat.near Broadway ap attira, iwnd a eood aaaeitment ol Fashiunabl* u, li.nd a cood aaaeiUBeat of _ Straw Bonnets, wuici,net#gpl'iegal th* loweat market piiee*. Mi liner* and other* are icrited to **11 befcre paiit^viBg al?ewhera. mrlt lm*r SPKL>G FASHION. I BROWN lt(JO., I7S t hrthara BmtaM, corner of Mott "?T * * Of It ? with to inform the t ublie of their .rere' imp'ore -at in ;fce noinuiaeiare nnd fi ii*h of their $3 H?t?,combining fashion. beauty bid durability, three important consideration* to the wearer. The pfoprieto.e do eoofideirly naaert their hat* to be ranch anpanor to ear ever before (old for the **uie price Call cud ?*tuly yonr?eif of tkiafect m>? Im'rk ? SPRING STYLE. GENTLEMEN'S HATS. HY will ;oa pay and 9i for a Hat, < 'I WHY1 wial ;on pay and $} for a Hat, whan yon eaa go to ROBKRTBOVB PH0SN1X HAT AND VAP MANUFACTORY, 103 rwltOli PtTHt. aad gdt m food a one for $3Ml Go and eaamiae lor yOUr telra*. mill Im'rc PREMIUM HOUrs. J I FINE FRENCH BtlOW for SIM, city made, and *r* ma I to those iold in oth-r ?tore. for $?. Eta* Fieuch C*Jf oooulorbt ib, equal to tlM beat made ia thia city lor Id or $7, at YOU NO k JON 1.8' breach Bo.it and I M*nnl?etory, oneof the mo?t la-hiooable in th* city ? I Oar S ou htriug been jodged in ih* late Fair at Niblo't, ar* 1 aaid to be the beet erer told in thia ei.y. I All Boot* warranted to gire aaMafactios. I Met,ding. kc. done in the thor*. YOUNG It JONES, 4 Ann atieot. I aff ira*nt neai Broidway, hew York. BOOTS AND hHOES ?Th* Pablic are n.riied to ? call nnd eiamiue the Urge assortment ol gentlemen'*. la ?die* and iniaaea Boor*, Hhi,? ?ad Outer*. in *11 their rari. tie*, whieh are to be ft.and at the cheap eaah atore of mil lm*r H BI (JO AM , 141 Canal (^corner SnlliTan. 'I'O MARRIED LADIES?A Heertt Worth bBCWinf.? A Apply for farther pnrtienlaia le Dr. CH b MONTEL, lower pottoIBee. No letter* taken fr?m the office enleta they are prat paid ?* Ira re QSHeOHoTa LLMBEK CO. Note* wanted tt * per di.caat, by D. B jfECR. ra4 la're UWkUwd SPRING AND SUMMER ^^T^o?hinO ,at thk W. H. DEGROOT& CO. No. IIM Kmltou Btreot. 1 W?Bd "ESS v??, cents 'to 91 75 Alio, i large assortment oftlnhli Caiiiineree, Sdvt'ilir. which wdloe made to Order to au,t themmt futidioai Boys' Clothing, foually cheap?which pf?ee? are ADMITTED to b? twenty-five per coat eh^fl.l^"."5r o bar wore io lb* citv. "? rc. DAY'S PATENT UAI O CHIRRED BUSFENDER8-All thee# good* are now 9 .Booth on tneeotd. and m .cmr w .ybette"X ?imilar good.. No peraofmare authorised to D or a I stents and all ihe Smooth CorTlJoodi. not having the. subscriber's Ei.to them are coooAm,t. and Bade by piratical nwofhia proceaa. A large *t?>ek of theae goods f?r sale in New 1 o'k. at the store of tE peteoiee e#?d |>ro(?nstor, *5 ^ f hVr"otTARAaTNlfi Boston?Messrs 8a.ear It Kuowlion. Baltimore?Meaatr. Lean * Muck. Phi adelphi*?Merrra. Kirtland, Menrheld It Hall. " K V Krug It Co ?' Mitchell, Brognard It Co. Bnyera of Shirred 8u speeders are canuoted not to be deceiv ed by the pretences ol thnee who pirate pa my palest s. Such persons aj? p-oaecutad at law by ma >od W'th * few hoaorable exceptions, are leegned together to do me battle. mV lm*rrc * DA?? ENGRAVERS' ~~~ STEEL AND COPPER PLATES, MADE from the beat materiala and th# flniah equal toany in the world. 8t-el from I to 5 eaou t>er inch; copper from lKtoS centa per inch: Plnee from I to 40 .eehea, Card Plates 15a to lis per dox A large atook at ways eu ??arid an I, '?* dy for orders at amomruta notice, rata. Manufactured by JOHN BRUCE, null lei*r ^4 audit Plslt str^t, r>i. .mi PHILdSOPHY OF WORMS IN THE SKIN. v , nuvedi bv the ai>Peanui< a oi black apota opon the aide of the noieoa iS upper lip. the chiu the forehead he., resembling anirnaof gnnpowdrr itieiiiug in the akin. When th.oi??i rnnjhlv .annexed, n inull worm-lite snbitwct piooruW#, havti a^i black head. '1 he auppoaition. however, that they are in Tenlty WmT^U erroneous The,* apoia are oeca.ioned bv an n due accumulation of the fatty mittef which la aep.n ted from I he bloo t for Ihe purpose of lubr.c-l.ng the akin. ??! this oTiroiss chokts op the ports end coocr? es. 1 lit dost flo ti? g m the *4ir ad ? re. to this greasy robstuce. andjmanses the hlack ap< ck. 1 hie givea the ace a dirty and disgusting ap?oarance, and the remedy of squee ting. to universally re torted to, it not only painful, but frequently naeleie- Very often i he oyer distension of-lie P-res causes inflammnnou and ^irhe Jul? certain remedy for thia affeetion iato wash the lace withwTrm wVraRand If1'URAUD 8 Italian Mediortrd Soap, which ia alao luGlliole in the remoral ol tan, frecklea, a-How H \UD'S liquid Rouge ia deaigned to impart to palid cheeks the natnnl hue of the rote. . _., , ,^i r?- It i. import ut that tlw.e arttelee should be Pkre >*??d getnine. 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Aptil I ] Yeeterday will long be remembered a* characterized by one of the moat extraordinary and atrocloue aeenea of outrage and violence which a peaceable and order loving ]>eopl* have ever wltneaaed, and which no man. living inacoantty of law andjuatice, can fail to viait with an honeet feeling of indignant reprobation. Rat no relation w* can give, can oonvey any adequate idea of it to the reader. It will be recollected that the democratic county commit tee called a county convention to be held at A A. Clark'* in New Scotland, en the Slat ult, for the nomination of delegate* to tbe Stat* convention. A aparioua commit I tee, emanating from the Alba?y clique, a few daye after ward* p ocured a c*U and obtained tbe signature* of their committee for the 4th of April, at Brail's, in New Scotland; then altered it to the twenty-eighth March, and finally altered it to the thirty-Brat, et the piece and hour designated by the regular democratic committaa. The reason forthi* change we* not appirent until vea terday, although tbe aeenea of outr ge and violence which d Lag race llfQ age in which we lira, war* no doubt then concocted. The change waa made is thi* city, un der tbe eye, and th* immediate direction ef the Central Tower, and the chief merer and plotter of theae move ment*, the Chairman of the monkery of a democratic ' general committee," and bia official abettor*. Tbe firrt atep io the game of outrage and intimidation, waa taken, under the same official supervision, at ths ward mast ing a. They dare not trust a fair and honest expression in scarcely s single ward : and in tha mo*' populous and contaatad wards, (exoapt tha Oth, wbara it sould not ha changed from the wan committee room) this mocktry of a "general oommittea" called the meetings et small, incosronient room*, which would nut admit one-fourth of the democrat* who would desire to attend aueh meet t inga. For instance, tho room in the 6ixlh ward, in the ! most compact part of tho city, measured precisely 11 feet two incho* by II feet one in^h Long before the ! hour these place* were filled with the hired bullies of . the "committee"aod iu official abettors; and aside from the impossibility oi getting in, no man felt hi* person 1 safe from violence In this manner, they claimed tohave ' carried several of the wards, against tbe cleat' voice I and numbers of the honest but peaceable tort ion of the democracy, la others, as in|the th* Fourth, whore the majority had earned the officers ef the meeting, they , were forcibly ejected, and the chaiiman was struck i unf)*r down, under the immediate e'ye eTth.^naT Collar ?k* representative of tbe Canal Bo.rd, and after these ?*>?? Proceeded to the Bib ward, to iha M? " family," ind th, aid of there en j ma - isnny," and there en noted the disgraceful scene* already described, and frustrated the clearly expressed wish of full two-thirds of the assembled democrats; and gangs of these despera does passed from ward to ward, for a like purpose. 8uch were the ecenes in the city. But they knew that the voice of the county could not in the primary meet ing*. be thus stifled and overborne by hired ruffians, and by the arrangements of a profligate rosj >rity of tbe ge neral "committe" They sent out their official run ners in every direction. The chairman of the gene ral committee proceeded at night to Guilderlend, a a newly appointed Judga, was active in Bethlehem, and the new district attorney in Coeymans. But it availed them nothing. The honest voice of the coquty towns was clearly against them In eight of tbe mne, and one half ol the ninth (Wetei^rliet) the democratic tickets ad verse to the central clique and their myrmidon* were all choaen, in every case where a contest was had.by largo majorities. Each of the eight towns lieing entitled to four, and Watervliet to eight delegates, tho voice of he county towns stood SB to 4 against the city cahal ?a pre ponderance which could not have been overcome even by the entire thirty delegates from the city. There were four conceded delegates opposed to the cabal lrom the city, beside* nine o hers, clearly end fairly elected To counteiact thi* expression, spurious or bolting dele gates were procured in two of the towns, Coeymans and Uuilderland To secure the admission ol these, to pie vent the attendance and admission of the delegates Jus'iy entitled to seata from the city and county, and to over awe end intimidate all into a compliance with the de signs of the clique, the plan of introducing an organized gang of tufflana into the convention, was carried out to ao extent and with scene* ef violence end outrage never before witnessed, we venture to sav, in this country Karly yesterday morning, four ltrge four-horse wagons, each containing some 36 persons, were started from the city, besides several others in a lass imposing form. These wrre mostly loaded with hired ruffians, (it log out, they frequently passed bottles of liquor from hziid to hand. Moatoftham were armed with ciubs, and they had with them also bull dogs, lad with halters On the other hand, not ona individual of tho well known mujo rity of democrats, either as delegates or their friends, ap peared from tbe oity or county with a "ingle axiiiary ol this kind. They were well known citixen* ol respecta bility and personal worth, tha friends of order, and who 1 would not believe, notwithstanding these indications, that outrage and violence would b- perpetrated. Im mediately on reaching the ground, Mr. Corning and Mr. Prckham proposed to Mr. Cegger and Mr. Col vio that the meeting should organise and proceed if Kssttile in harmony? that the organisation should -made ??eluding ell except the uncontested de legate* end thoee who clsttned seats; and that certain names for delegates "hould ha agreed upon ? This waa ostensibly a*santsd to. Bnt white these ne gotiation* were in progress, Mr. Cegger end Mr Colvin marched te the room, already filled with their bnllies, and these two worthies at a quarter before 13 (the hear of meeting) celled the meeting to order and Mr. Cagger took tea chair !-the bullies voting with loud voices, on every motion. Parallel benches having been I placed directly across the room, about one third distant from tho bead, compact rows of bullies war# placed standing upon them, and tha Ingress or egress of dele gstee, except such as were to the taste ol the conduct or* of this scene, prevented. Mr. Peckham, after ap CalingtoMr Cagger, was allowed to eater. Mr Jas. I Rose, who was peaceably looking on, was struck and knocked down by Edward Brinkerbofl, a member of the so called " general committee.'' It became obvious that avary proceeding under such nircumstances would be a literal denial of every right to the majority of fair ly elected delegates, and accordingly this majority pro posed to teka another room, and organise a peaceable and fairly constituted democratic convention. Perceiv ing this, a gang of th* ruffians ware directed to the room, but tho meeting not having yet assembled, they returned lor fresh instruction*. Meanwhile the dele gate* from the county and city who wore Justly enti tled to seats in the convention, and nearly avary one ol whom upon any just or usual mot* of receiving credentials and testing a right to seat* would have been admitted, to the number of forty eight (the whole nom'-er is seventy) asrembled in an upper room in another part of Mr. Clark'a tavern They bad in no manner, nor in the (lightest degree, provoked assault Overborne by hired ruffian* and tbeir abettors, thty bad gone to another room, and only deaired to conduct their proceedings in peace. They had only temporarily or ganised by tha appointment of A C. Disbrow, E?q , ol Westeilo, chairman, and Henry L. Palmer, of Water vliet Ui-r-t?* ? - ?? -* fi a em sr >Jss S r~, ?, -umvu into ice room, armed Witt clubs and knivss? brsaking the door from its hinges Tbe assault, although apparently indiscriminate, seem ed to be aimed particularly at tha country delegates, many of whom ware seated. Gray haired men were knocked down with clubs, and witb broken pieces ol furniture, (ih* chair*, tables, stovepipe, he. were smash ed by tbe assailant* ) other* were kicked and stamped opoa, and otbete were struck and wounded in the head and face, and cut by a small spring blade attached to a ring on th* finger?end tbe ruffians were armed in other respects, a sheet* dagger and a pistol having been pick ed up after the affisy. Of course every man's lite was in the hands of these brutal and unprovoked assailants, tbsr* beirg no egress lrom th* room, except through tbe door, which a portion ef them surrounded. Law ranee Van Dusen, an esteemed democrat of Baro, a conceded delegate, elected by U>* unanimous vote of the town, was knocked down and stamped upon, and three of his teeth knocked out. He was greatly injured, and it wea reported last night that ha died of bia woonds. It was at least miracu ous that ha escaped with bis life. Mr Hutigerford, also of Bain, wea scarce ly less brutally beaten. Alfred Paeips, D. B Jewett, and G. Vao O'Linda, of Watervliet. Lewis M Dayton, ol Kensselae rvi.le.l'eter A Van Wio, of New Scotland.Col Vorplanck, ol Coeymans. and Albert Gallup, of Albany ware all more or less hurt; Messi*. Phelps, Vsn Wis and Gallup, severely. These are respectable end much es teemed cititrna of tholr respective towne, and most ot them substantial and peaceable farmers. After sn es cape had been effected frem tbe room into tbe street, suoh as waia able to proceed to Albany, resolved at once toadjouin thither? ea-' they deemed this tha mora ne cessary, as gangs ef ruffians, now greatly inflamed with diinb. ui?r? ?-? " ft.ink V 7 ??w greauy infUmsd with not *T,ry although HJiL affsmco was effered on the part ot those b*d b**n brutally assaulted, beyond the"ex press ion among themselves of feelinga of Indignation *t ?t. unparaU..*! o.tr.g. They aoXdlng.yXoc ??.d CKateaHHoTel'i w'k '"1 " 6 P M ' U""- ' nofiiMV ! '. a"*?IMl tbl"* ?'gttniled ? ....... I?.. .rnsi, ami insis oig*nir.-,i Dominated atiekel for delegates to Uie State Convention, and conducted ether proceeding-, in a manner worthy of a democratic convention, nod of the well known and reliable democracy of the city and county of wnich It was composed. The scenes at tha place ol tbe Convention, which w* have depicted, and ol waick we were eye-witnesses, and which reflect in dabble disgrace upon the actors and their instigator*, did not cease with the departure of th* unoffending ; and defoocelaaa majority. The gang we are iulormed committed every species ol eu'rsg* on Mr. ( lark's | house, breaking bis furniture, literally smashing his dinner-table, with iu oooteuts?destroying his bar and glasses, sod wounding his young man because he refus sd them more liquor??nd flnsiiy, assailing with brutal violence severs) peaceable farmers who happened there stterweids, anil ?? wounding eue of tnsin that his life is said t* be endangered It may well be asked, under nub? suspicee, end by what partisans, these bullie* and inffisns, tome of them freah frum the jails, were trans ported to a democratic cotin'y convention for the city end ooanty of Albany, tad there permitted to einct these scenes of brutal violence am I disorder) The nffi cial persons in attendant)*, end for whose party these rnfflans acted?were the Attorney Gsnaial. (lohn Vsn Buien) tbe now District Attorney f r tbe county of Al bany, (A J. Colvia ) Judge Bramhall, recently appoint ed and who said, as an apology for removing Mr Litch field, that "any othor bunker would hev* shared the seme fste, d d quick!"-tho Canal Collector (H C. , Bonthwick) the Flour Inspector ?Masters in Chancery Gaft'ney, Heimena end Heatings?Alderman Mcknight, of ib* 8th ward-aod tha semiofficial chairman ol th* Oeneral Committee,' Peter Cegger." Not ooe of these official* attempted in any manner to restrain these out rages?nay, soma of them encouraged them by smiles ot oliviotts approval Tbe Attorney-General, the District Attorney, end the Judge* of our Courts, have besn hitherto regarded a* the conservators of the peace ; nod the former officer ha? been paid $1750, in quirk time, for hie valuable labors in vindicating the supremacy of the law in Columbia and Delaware. Here, with gangs of bnlliea, brought on i, hired, the ground by the frienda, hired, plied with liquor, and encouraged by their partixana, the law officer of the State and the law efflcar of the county, could not be ex Bted, according to the established code of modern per ion, which affords service only wheu the State tree* aury it behind, to interfere, certainly to the prejudice of their friend*. Will any one imagine that the.e agents of violence and insult were taken out, in huge gangs, by the partixana of these officials, because they fwlt themselves in a majority 1 Far otherwise. They ha-e become desperate. The indications every where throughout the State show that the day of the profligate and arrogant men who thus seek to overawe the honest voice of the people, ia rapidly wanioff. Stuog by tha retis'auce of tba unpurchasablo voico of tha country to their dictation, this most shameful and outragaons mode of compelling acquiescence was resorted to. Lot no man doubt that it will briog ample and rightaoua retri bution with it. [From the Albany Knickerbocker, April 1.1 Tha untarrifled democracy of this county, too old hunkers, barnburners, pigringera, " Fish slip roarers," "anti-renters," "third wsrd screamers," and the "Texas lndomitshies," assembled at Clark's tavern, New Scot land,yesterday. to make their nominations for delegates to the Convention to revise the Constitution. There was about a hundred and fifty of the bo-hoy a on hand, and thoy made the Helderbergh mountains echo with their stentorian voices When we arrived on the ? round wo found that a compromise between the old unkora end barnburners had been proposed and that Messrs. Corning, Cogger, John Van Buren, Ruins W. Peckbam, and soma utker prominent members of both factious, ware cloeeted in a back room,where thev bald a parley for about two hours; but the meeting did not exactly come to te'ma, and adjourned to meet ia con vention. During " the talk between the chiefs" in tha littl ? back room, tbo bo-hoys amused themselves in sun dry and divera waya; three or four aweat boards were opened, and several green horns wore initiated, or in other words taken in and dona lor. A small party made a descent into a back kitchen, and pounced upon Mrs. Clark's cupboard, and bore off in triumph a number ol mince pies, and Junks of pork, upon which they feasted most ravenously. A third party of the bo-hoys got a kettle drum, and a banner, on which was inscribed, " down with the rant," and iaised considerable of a pro cession, to the great amusement of thd unsophisticated Dutchmen ? ? e ? ? The names of the delegates were handed in, aud the secretary was about to call them over, when the re porter's attention was attracted to one end ol the room, and turning round he saw one of tko bo-hoys raise his fl-t and plump James R. Roee right in the smeller, and this was the signal for a general nght, in which several Sot well pummelled. Order was again restored, and the arn-buroers having it all their owu way, everything passed off as they aosired. Here we must leavo the barn burners, and turn to the old hunkers, who had taken themselves to a room over the bar-room, whete they had partly organized, when the bo hoys, headed by a dram, marched up etaira in a solid phalanx, and a row instantly ensued, which wai a moat disgraceful one. Albert Otulop, in attempting to defend himself, drew a aword cane on the crowd but which was wrested from him, and ho knocked down with a chair. A del.gat# from Watervliet was served with the same sauce, and three othets from the country were knocked and hanged most outrageously. s broke in Doors were ripped Irom their hinges, windows 1 as well as heada?chairs smashed to pieces?broken crockery was strewn around tha room in all directions (lightened women were hurrying bnckeod forward, and Mr. Croswell. " like patience on a monument smiling at grief," etood gazing on tha scane of desolation It was a bloody fight and will be remembered long. After the fight, the bo-hoys began to vet hungry; and made nn attack on the kitchen, but they lonnd two stout buck some country girls stationed at the door, armed with nutcher knives, which they threatened to introduce to them if they dared to enter?thoy said they might come in if they paid fib v cents, and eat all they could. The girls after a while, Were overpowered, and the boys made a rush on the table, and took it by storm. The girls brandished the knives,but it was no use. The scene closed with a regular row between the bo-hoys. The old Hunkers retired to the city to make their nomina tions- so we will have two tickets; a barn burner and an old hunker. Varieties. The fare from Beaton to New Verk, by the opposition lines via Providence end Newport, is down to fa. Henry Waller, a respectable fanner of Mansfield towr ship in Warren county, N J., was killed by lightning during the storm of Wednesday evening last The Btlrtierr Apollo says be wrs passing in m the bouso to the barn when the bolt struck him, and his death was instantaneous. The village of Pittsburgh contains a population of 3,900. It has I flouring mill; 3 saw mills; 3 woollen factories;3 asheries; Stannaries; 1 foundery; I machine shop; i marble miU; 1 targe with 4 fires; 1 comb factory, he.; 1 wholesale mid 34 retail stores: 1 academy; 4 oom niou schools; 0 churoes; a public library contaiuing over 1,100 volume*; 3 printing oiflcea, etc. Tb* salaries of tbetprimary school teaehera in Boston, havo bean fiaad at f300 each. Wa laarn that the Rev. William Hague has declined accept!nv the appointment to the presidency of Granville Collage, Ohio. Two men, named Jacob Ruth and David Wants, were drowned in the Susquehanna Rivar on Sunday, near Harrlsburg, by the sinking of a fist-boat laden with flour. A flat boat from Obio, owned by Mr. Miuchley, with e cargo of 1300 bbls. flour and 300 or 300 bbls. of pork was sunk at New Orleans on tho 33d nit., whilst attempt ing to get alongside a vessel. A passenger was killed on the railroad between Marshall and Detroit, a few days since, by putting hia bead oat of the window whilst the cars were in motion. The whigs of Schenectady have nominated Theodoric R. Van Ingen as thair candidate for Mayor. It is the custom in Russia for a soldier who happens to meet ant flicer star.diog in the street, to come to a halt, not to move forwsr j until hia superior starts if he should ? tend still fortweaty-four houra. Home time since, says the Journal it Frankfort, a copy ofTlato was confiscated at the Russian frontier It wae quite impoesibla to make ibe officers understand that rUto was not a modern Greek, and that ba could not have joined in any c nspiracy against the Cxar. They are about building a new jail at Halifax, N H > and it ia proposed to maka It large enough to hold political meetings. Tb# Sandusky City and Mansfield Railroad is coat pitted and in operation. It is 96 miles long end takes passengers at fit 39, and by expreia tiain at $1 79. Finley F. Hamilton, an old resident ot Green Bay, was killed in that town on the night of the 9.h nit., by four men,who bad had a grudge agalnet him or a year's standing. Ha was attacked in the afreet, knocked down with an axa and stabbed three or four timee. Two of the murderers have been arrested and are in confinement *u. Oieen Bay. The Milwaukia Smtnrt states that the de puty (haiifiTof Brawn county arrived at Milwaukia on the Ifltb nit., having tracked another, who ia a Dane, to within seven mile* of that oity. The Hon. John C. Calhoun having, in consequence of the pressure of pubiio an l private business declined, tb* Hon. Mitoball Ring has kindly consented to accept tb* appointment from the executive Committee to deliver the Anniversary Oration ol tb* Stete Agricultural Society of South Carolina, in November next. There are about six hundred idiots in the State of Massachusetts. In St l.ouis the Sheriff receives 'per annum, 37 000 ; Clark of Circuit Court, 3,900 ; Clark of Common Pit-as Court, 8,000 ; tleik of Criminal Court, 3 9<to ; Clara of County Court and Recorder, 1,000 ? Marshal ol the County, 3,900 ; Law Commissioner, I 900 ; each Just.ee of the Itasca, 1,300 ; each Constable, 1 .',"0 On the 30 h ult., a fire broke out in a building in Medina, belonging to fudge Ninon, occupied as a tain iog shop, which soon spread to hia brewery, and both ware wholly reduced to ashee. No insure nee The Oraniteville (S. C ) Manufacturing Company has keen organized at Hamburg, with $ capful oi $aoo,ooo. The company h va determined to proceed immediately to building a suitable structure for their m inufactery. to he of stone or ' rick, having en abearance of meteiiki on 'lie spot for either modes of building, the house to be 300 loot by 03. It bus been disoovered by Profeseor Mere*, that the magnetic telegraph can now be worked without tbe nee oi batteries Several experiments have been made, etl of which proved highly satisfactory. Tb* uitcorery will be tbe means of saving much trouble and expense Bishop Polk cunsacreated in New Orleans, on tbe 33d ult , the Ctiurrh of the Annunciation, beicg the third Episcopal Church in that city. Tbe Washington Hotel at Alexandria, La., was broken into oo tbe night of the 19th ult.; and the desk of the book keeper carried off. Quite a large numittr of persons bav* engaged passage in tb* Unicorn, to pay Boston a visit, owing to the reduced charge - ?34 rising the price asked to Boston and returning to Halifax. Tk* price ol paasege from Halifax t* Boston is $10. Col. C L. Rowley has been ap ointod by the Governor and Senate, Adjutant and Inspector Geoeral of tho Stat# of Louisiana. In Halt there is on* insane man to 4,809 ; in Franca, one to 1 000 ; Wale*, one to 900 ; England, one to 863 ; Scotland, one to 974 ; Rossis, one to 9fi*i ; Unlit d ft'ttee, one to 900. Among the Chinese, insanity is almost un kaovi. The Canal Commissioners of Pennsylvania have officially estimated tba damages don* to the canal* in that Mute, by the iatafiasheta, at $111,919. The trustee* of <h* family of th? late John Hampden Pleasants acknowledge the receipt of contribution s horn Cltixeusof Mobile, Ala . to the amount of $39193. The Hinds already laieed, have been invested in Virginia Stat* stock, the interest ol which goes to the aupyon of tba aged mother *1 Mr. P. and to educate hia orphan children. Casx of Tiukll.?Nothing will be done in fetation io the indictment Hguiuat Tirretl for itreoo, until May Nor wtll Mr. Paiker even then take the re sponsibility of entering a tietle preerfut, unlesi the r< uit snail distinctly intimate that such a i nurse would be pro per under Us* peculiar circumstances of the case,? t oo ton Foot. Buffalo, March 20,1866. Navigation?Bxumtu Protptcti?An attempted Launrh?Ben Barton. The proapect of a resumption of lake navigation i is by no means flittering Capt. Whittaker, of the steamer United States, left port U?t Friday mom ? tng, and is now, (Sunday P. M ,) about eigh miles up, snug in tbs ice, and it probably having a coo time of it His paeeangars will bare no lack of ica for I their aherry-shoemakera. Alt interested in take ccaa tnerce are making great preparations for the ensuing sea 1 ton-old crafts ere furbishing up,and the additiou ofoaw ' will be vary largo. Five new steamboats, of tbs largest class, and seven new propellers, will bo out early Id tba | season ; of sail craft I know not tba number Tba qoan | tity ol wbaat waiting shipment along tba shores of tba lakes is enormous, being connted by millions of bushols. Oor winter bss been unusually dull, so for ee bus ness is concerned ; but there has been no cessation of balls and parties, end a goodly share of sleighing has addtd to the winter's hilarity. Yesterd y was Used upon lor the ltuocb of tb# pro peller California, (die first this spriog hero) but when the hour arrived, she would net move, and ma more the builders coaxed, the more she would'nt go; SO the two ot three thousand who came di.wn to welcome Captain Ben Barton afloat for the first tima, were compelled to go home deprived of that pleasure. But Den is one of the bo-hoys, and nothing dsunted, made an early start this morning, and as the balls were ring ing lor church, off she started, in a direct line for the Bethel. You know the book says that "Benjamin's mess was five times greater than his brethren's, ami they eat and drauk with him, and wara merry." We did this let ter with our Ben vesterday, and if he has a portion o- m men- urate with his deserts, his luck will bo folly equal to his namesake of old ?though I don't know as ha avar sailed a "screw." Ben is possessed of all tha attributes of a g. nuine sailor, frank, honest, generous, a kiod word to all, and ever courteoue to t?e fair sex. I would tell you ol his noble and successlul effort to save the child of an emigiant who fell into the Lake a few yeara ago, but hif modesty prevanta me-%-<k "Curly," at tha "Astor;" ha know a Ben and aoma othera ot tha bo-koya in these swimmings. Two more propellers, and the iron ravanue steamer " Dallas," are to De launched this week. As anything worth while occurs, during the season, you shall bear from me. Chronological Table for Bank, IBM. March Ut.?Sunday?Although tha first day ol spring, plenty of snow and ice in the streets Msrch S ? Arrival of the Toronto,with lour days' lator news from Europe. \lii oli 6 ? Great meeting of the democracy at Tam many 11 nil, to prepaid for the charter election. March 7 ?Conaectatmn of Uraca Church. Death of Gen Van Ness, at Washington. March 1-1 ?Arrival of the Liverpool and Zurich. Alao, of the Sunbeam at Boston. Murdar of tha Van Ness family, at Auburn. Arrest of Fraeman, tha aup posed muiderer. Maron 16 ? Great Speech of Mr. Calhoun, in the Sen ate. an the twelve mouths' notice. March 17 ?8t Patiick's day calebrafod by procession* of the vaiiou* Wish Societies in tho city, and by dinners in the eveniDg. March 18.?Newa arriving of graat freshets in Penn sylvania. and the western part of tbis State. March IV ?Arrival of th? Hibernia in Beaton, with news from Europe. Oreat battle in India Oreat Debate in the British Parliament on the Corn Laws. Alit'le bluster in the English papers in regard to tha President'* refusal to arbitrate March 20 ?The Cenadiun Parliament begun Its ses sion Speech of the Governor General March -14.?The splendid packet ship Henry Clay, Cap. iai.i Nye, went a'hoie about 13 o'clock at night en Rqiwn Beach, and six lives lost. Commencement of the trial of Albert J. Tirrell.iu Boston, for the murder of .Maria Bickiord. Singular defence of somnambulism. The President lent to the Senate a message in regard ta tha necessity of an increase in our naval and military to cel. Commotion among the bulla and bears ol Wail street. Talk about war. March 18.?Vetdict of " not guilty," in the case of Al bert J Tirrell Great indignation thereat March 30 -Dei-ate in -he Senate on the Oregon ques tion. Speech of Mr. Webster. Preparations in New York for the spring election March 31. Speech of Mr Cass on tha Oregon ques tion. Fire at the Astor and Howard houses. The month di*ap|>eared in a cloud of dust. Further Particulars of the fruhtlt. [From tbe Bangar Whig, March >0] During ids afternoon of yesterday thore wr-emany well-directed effort# to aectire lumber, and o*her proper ty exposed. The anxiety of the people waa gt. at, and tne itreeta aid back* of the river and atre m wote thronged with both sexes and all age'. There we. no re gular aet vice duting the day in any ot the churehee. A little before eeven o'clock the jam gave way. and the whole mesa moved oft'with a majeaty and power be yond all description. The noble Penobscot Bridge . ent off with tbo moving maaa. The Kenduakeag M ,rk?t boilding. in which our office waa aituated, poised over the Kenduakeag Bridge, juat delicately curteaying aa it crippled and poaaod. There paaaed out Iron thr Ken duakeag atream three bridgea and aoma eight ?r tan a . The i building*, beaidaa the Urge merket bouts e row - ot the river a* it berried its nuge burdea along, waa terri fic, and ita diaplay oi atrengtb cauaad men to shrink into comparative nothingness. The flood bea passed, and the great jam has worked its flare# and everlasting way to tho great ocean, bearing destruction in ita courts all along upon the shore of the river. Our city this morn ing preaenta a sad and gloomy apectacle. The marka of destruction are viaible on ev--ry hand The at rests are obati acted with lumber, drilt stuff, and with hug of i inty-1 have not the ability fltfy to describe the changed ap _jga blocks of ice, stuns of thorn twouty-flvo foot high, and twenty and twenty Ave feat in diametar. We pea ranee of our little city, although every thing about ue remind* us with great force of a great and sorrowful change. The materials of our printing establishment are scattered in several places, and in the streets; and aa we are willing, a crew of men are engaged in saving from it Steam tbe wreck of tbe market, which lodged upright at i boat wbarf, the remaining portion of our effects. We write at tbe desk if another. All these indications of change, remind us forcibly of how many ot our friends and in-igbbora experience even more and sadder changes in their affair* The damage in Brewer, throe mile* up the river, constats in the destruction of two mills be longing to Row# it Kston, dam and bridgo. Throe houses, and two barns have floated off from the tame vi cinity. At Kddington Bend, one store, two blacksmiths chops; one large stable, one school-house, and one tan neiy, were destroyed. The isport from up the stream is that several mills sra Its danger, and that about tan acres of togs may be expected to com* down. Our neighbor* in tb* market underneath us, are moving out their af fects, and so wi h our neighbors overhead. The tenants in stores along tho bridge have evacuated, or are making Creparation* to m ve at short notice The two upper ridgsa crhasing the stream are in danger. [From tbe Banger Mercury, March SO ] There are r* porta that Uvea have been lost, but We cannot learn that tbay are true. The amount of loaa to our citiaaoa is iatge- but how large, time must deter mine However, st cannot be donbted that the total of damage on the river, including tbe city, will be one mil lion ol d 1 ara. The portion of leas falling to our citi zens will he manfully borne end overcome. They are oot disheartened, but ns cheerful aa larks this morning, notwithstanding the sickening scene before them. The buoyancy of Bangoroans. under misfortune, cainot bo heat, and is worthy of all praise Amid all the uln, we cannot help inditing the acclaim?" Throe cl.eer* for Bangor, and bar indomitable and enterpriaing citizens 1" [From the Cortland Advertiser, April 1.] We are indebted to Mr Bodge, driver of tho flouth West Bend stage, who eamo in Tost night, for particulars ot the Ire-hat which occurred on the Androscoggin on Friday night and Hatuiday moiuinjj last. The Bonth West Bend and North Turner bridgo*, and part of tba Little River bridge, bad beon swept away. The ice jimmrd just btl iw Livei more, and a flood of water swept in over the intervale, upon which part of thst village ia eituuledjs nepir.g a large numberot bous es and store*?our informant say? tw-nty seven? from their fonml itions, and etirying them bach to the hither grounds 8o sudden was the overflow, that people bad barely time to escape with their lives No ouur ma ? rlsl dsmage is report-d. The stage orossed the Androceofgln in a ferry-bout. Tbe water had fallen considerably, sad was still decrees Ing. No ice had oome frta above Lew is ton Falls. Tba damage done by the late froehet to the Railroad * * Hudson I of tho Delaware and Hudson Canot Company, was soon repaired, and operation- commenced on tho 10th inst.? The damage done tbe canal slang the banka ot the Dela ware, is of a more serious character, a ? oun'ing, as we have been informed, to (an or twrlve thousand dollars.? Navigation will open on the canal about the 34th of April ? PfiAeny Ai gut Decisions in Chancery-By Amass J. Parker, Vice Chancellor of the Tnird Circuit Court ? Frederick J Barnard vs f.hatlas Harria and others.-Ira Harris for Cumpt ; J E '.wards lor dafle. Bill dismissed with costs as to all the defendants except Gosman. Fsrnswoith and Co , and without coats as to ihem Eli Hatch ot al. vs. Benont Sherman ? J B Olrri and M. T. lie)-nolda for compta ?, H H grboom for defL?Decided that the two promissory notes in question were ol tain >d by fisud Decree that the notes be delivered up eod :encelied, and that the defendant pey the costs of suit. The deposition of A J Brown suppressed, with tlO costs, to he pent by complainants Aror Teber end al. vs Isaac Bunn and others?L traplaioenta in person; H, D White, and M T Reynol is, for defts . Corning ami Homer. Bill dismissed wi h costs as to Coming end Homer, and reference ordered to appoint.a receiver aa to the assigned property in the hard* of tb* other dm. fondant* Lewi-H .y wood vs John F. Collins and oth ers H H gebo< ro lor compr.; K Miller for delta De cretal order daclannf principles upon whn'h| account io to be stated and dliactlng reforenca f. r that purpose. Tbe qooation ol costr and further directions i? reived on III tbB Cumiug in of tbo report. ? Jt tray -drgut, Mo'ck II. Nova Scotia.?The session ol the N -t i Scotia Lrui?iaiivr Aaeernlrly closed on the 2D i ultimo, with an Sddraas Ironi tbo Governor. It off r* - mbiag Of rsuersl interest but whet is contained iu th* l.nlowlmr "street: - 'The roadtnrst with which *<>n Bete adopted ?x*ry means to inaura the rAciency of tba annua force, he liber el grants you have so considers toly placed at ny disposal with that object, and tho dieoosJt n yon isve ao laudably and nnanim usly mamiestsri In a ,mei.t iuch granta.shouid circumstances make it usees . y. '? nand those Cordial acknowledgment* which ? her dsjeaty's nam* I have tb* pleasut* to rendor."

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