27 Nisan 1846 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

27 Nisan 1846 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ??U HL, Bm. 116 Wtoto ??. ?3?0. ntnVMMilii THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES QORDUN BMINKTT, Proprietor. . Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD? Every day. Prices cents pm oopr??' "ssrasaaissvEf'Kiis; Mfince PRLV M i4v_ pncn-tlwiyi mm ?i HUNTING of *11 kiada executed with beauty aad ?.. QT/* Aii letters oa cuouiaaivautfui or mail, addreued M the establishment, mut oa post paid, or the portage will k# ""?^"-^?aas'assswffissm. froDriator oI tfei Nrw Tou Htlu* EiTttLoNim No*Ch*West c jruer of Faltoa and Nwnui KING CHARLES SPANIELS-OP . the par* breed, received by the lateil arrivals - . >mi ,o. for sale by A. Urieve, i John street Alio, rare ?ud rtillable Bird*, only to be found at hij establishment, No. i John street. N.B.?Letter* from I he curlou, la distant parts, (post paid) will be attended to, by A. UKlli vt.. *p!7 Imrh Importer and d?alor in Buds, Cage*, Its FOR SALE, ^1 A LIGHT WAGON, nearly new. Atei Utrot| built Barouche, with shaft and pole. >? doable set ? jif f ? ?f harueas if reqaired. Also, afast bw mars,so and and ki?il, and trots a mile in throe mmnles. Aptly to Uiw?r? MICH'L ISAACHON. STioekmaas Jggk BASEMENT TO l.KT?A commodious aud conve TjjV uieui Basement. at IS Liberty (treat, wall adapted for ?EaflLdry goods or other purposes?is in first rat* cuudition. roav esaioa gireu immediately. Apply at 2, Liberty street. aJJ 6t*rc TO LET, THE Hoase II Orchard street. Inquire of A. SAMSON, a35 3t*r? <43 Pearl street. "jjjjL SHOPS TO LKT ?Three or four small brick sliops gjjW saitable for c^binet-makera.chair-makers, comb makers, rCelfl>Vc ?possession caa be given immediately. Also, the House and Stole. No. 491 Washington street, now oecapied as an Ka^.cjr and Porter Hoase, sitaited directly opposite the Ciioton Market. Inquire at No. ITS Hudson street. aS3 6t*r ? TO LF.T IN BROOKLYN-Aa elegant two story end attic brirk House, finished ia the best manner. No. ii Myrtle avrnue. It i* on an omnibus roate, and i* bat ten ?.iuutes walk from any of the ferries. There ia a fine open Garden in the rear. Also, a New Store, oae of a row of seven, (the rest of whieh are all rented) ia Myrtle avenue, near Pearl itreet, saitable for any retail bu>ueaa. Rent very moderate. Apply to D. WRIGHT, No. 293 Kulton itreet, between U and two o'clock, or at the office of JOHNSON It FONDA, Attorneys. No 1 Front street. Brooklyn. *33 lw*rc TO LET, KROM THE HKST OK MAY-A Stable in the rear of 31 Reade street, luquire at 39 Reade street. >11 6t?r. Si a a TO LET, THE three itorybriek Howe, No. 197 Cross street, opposite Zion Church. The hoase ia in perfect order and will be rented, to be oecapied by a single family, at a very moderate rent. Apply on the premises, or to ? ?Ul lw*m PETER P1RNIE, 186 Front street. FOR t<ALE OR TO LET, A HANDSOME COTTAGE and about flee acres t of good Land, laid in meadow, aitaated on the Biasing MHX>tar Road, about one and a half milea Irom the Rahway, >?? Jeraey Railway Depot. Attached to the premise* is an excellent Garden, with a fine bed of Asparagn*; Barn, Stable, fcc lie. The Cottage is nearly new, Ailed in with briek to the gible end, w>th a large cellar under the whole house, nod is, olherwiae. spacious and replete, with every convenience lor a genteel family. Apply to MR. G1KAND, aW lw*ra No.# Whitehall street. FOR SALE, OR TO L>ET, The Mode'n built three story brick hoaee, 113 Adams ptV street, Brooklya ll aot sold by private sale, it will be JaULdistuised of at pablie auction, on the 16th day of May neit. Half ol the purchase money caa remain oa mortgage, for a term of years. Applieatioa to be made oa the premise*, >15 Adams at. Brooklya. al lio'rc FOR SALE OR TO LEASE, MA THE House and Lot 473 Broadway The main hoase is fflB five stories high with the attic, and M feet deep. The JUlLback building is three stories high and 64 leet deep. A stable on the rear front'ni on Mercer street, 49 feet deep. The lot is 96 feel four in'he* front and rear, and 906 leet deep. Pi- sons wishing to confer with the owner, Dr. CHEES MAN. may do so between the hours ot I aad 9, A. M., and 3X and4H. P.M. all IW rrc TO LET OR FOR SALE, tA MODERN BUILT COTTAGE. Stable aad Coach Hoase attached, with about an acre of land, the principal part of which is well stocked with fruit and hruks, and en losed with a picket fence- The stages pass every ten minute* within five minutes' walk of the hous*. situation between 110th and 111th streets. For farther lojprma ^aa^ljtoJUHN BATHGATE, 1M Ninth street, or Dr. , Harlem. ?rl1 lss*r* TO LET. tai A HOUSE AND BARN, with aboat sizteea lots IRS mud, situated ia the village of Hastings, Westchester ?CuAcbuaty, State ol New York, within a few minutes' walk of th* steamboat landing. Said place is divided intr ? deas, which are well stocked with frait. Also, a pie grove, with s stream of water, and several good springs. Poe session caa be given immedistely. Cor farther particulars, ap ply at the store of Mr. 8fi?losser. Hasting's Landing. w of ? al lm*re MR. MCKEHT, 79 Murray at. New York. TO LET OR FOR BALE, al ON very Isvorabieterms, foar three story ud basement ft brick dwelling House*, in Ho bo km. They each cod L tain 11 rooma beeidee the kite hen, end are fitted in ul'nl style throughout. Two of theee houses are II feet front by M Inet deep; ud two of them M feet by U, with wide court yard in front. The situation command* a fine view end ? within one miaate'a walk of the ferry, where boeu leave every fifteen miuotee, for Barclay ftreat, and erery half hoar for Ca nal and Christopher streets. They will be let with the privilege of free ferriage. Apply to alt lw*r J.C.STfcVENB, Hobokea. LADIES' FASHION ABLM FANCY STRAW Parisitraw vimp Haei of the leteat ahape, for aale at CAUL KING'S, Mo. IT Divisioa street, at ft it each. N. B?A general assortment of straw Han and Avis Rib boas at the moat reasonable pneee. alt im* c CARL KINO, 17 Division street. HTKA W B ON NX T8. _^0\ L. CHAFIN, No. II John atreet,near Bioadway ap HI stairs, has on hand a good aesortasent of Fashionable Straw Bonnets, which he is selling at the lowest market prices. Muliaers and others are invited to eall before pnrchaaing elsewhere. mrH lm*r tiXoEUiOR. ~? rfl ROBERTSON'S PHOENIX _ I* HAT AMU CAP MANUFACTORY.,.** 103Falton it., between Nattanand William.. q*HE proprietor of thia establishment has recently added to A hi i ex: ensire stock of spring goods, an assortment of Mole skin Hats, oi exquisite fini.h and superior elegance. The priee of these reJly superb articles is only SS 50, being $1 M less than the same goods (manufactured in the same manner and of eimilw material) are sold ia Broadway. The secret of this greet disparity in price may be easily conjectured. The adver tiser's expenses being but a tythe ofthose of the more splesdid establishments in Broadway, be is ia consequence enabled to oner goods of a corresponding description at lower rata*. atl lin*rc SPltlNO FASHION. r? BROWNfcCO., 171 Chatham Square, eonm of Moa Jpkts'.reet, wish to inform the public of their recent improve ment in the manufacture and finish of their S3 Han,combining fashion, bounty and durability, three important considerations to the wearer. The proprietors do confidently assert their bun to be much superior to any ever before sold for the came miee. Call and satisfy yourself of this fact. mil lm*rh SPRING STYLE. GENTLEMEN'S HATS. ru WHY will you pay S4,3d and $5 Cor a Hat. when you Jpk oaa go to ROBERTSON'S PHffiNIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 103 Fulton Street, Go aad examine lor your rll lm*rc and get sa good a en for S1.M? Go and examine lor ] METROPOLITAN HAT AND CAP STORE, No. ?7J? 1-J Orand street, f? PLUNKKTT It CO. have just opened this neweetablish Jpk ment with a splendid assortment of HATS and CAPS, not to b. surpassed either in quality, elegance of shape or du rability, which they offer to the public at the following very low prices:? ^ First quality Nutria Fur, at $1 M toocond do do do do............... I M First quality Moleekia, do IN Second do do do..... *M Cars from coots to fl 7J esch. Wholesale ead retail crdere punctually attended to, aad eae PARDES.US GfciN I'LEMEN'S SPRING FASHION rm BEAVk.se AND SILK HATS of the boat quality nk and moat spproved shapes, are BOW ready for iaepectioa end aale at the old established prices. Best Beaver $4 M Beet Silk IM ROWE, Mercheats Exehanao, al7 lm*rre 4? William street. LOOK AT THIS! ' LAUIES AND GRNTLEMEN, if von warn ?PVa fine article of Boon sad Shoee.callat to Broed way, where yea will fiad the la gest assortmeat, eh?.peat, and tuoet fashionable in the city. Do not mietaka the aamber, 117 Broadway, coraer of Franklin street. N. B ?A large assort ment oi imported French Boon, at the low price i dollars. M. C AHILL alt ImT "~* PREMIUM BOOTS. FINK FRENCH BOOTS for 13 S?, city made, and are _ , NCIi BOOTS for SIM, eity made, udt_. ?equal to thoeo sold ia other storee for 16. Fiae French ?Calf Boon for St M. equal to the beet made ia this city ,JV for* or ST, at YOCNg It JONES' French Boot aad ?hoe Manufactory, one of the moet fashionable in the city.? Our Soon having boon Judged m the Ian Fair at NiMo's, are AU Boou warranted to give aatisfaction. So. done in the Store. YOUNG It JONES, 4 Aaa street, mJJ lm*m near Broadway, New York. said to be the beet ever sol/ta this eity. ... stodtogiresati * " IWMtSoi.. nw BOOTB AND ttHOEa.-Tho Public are mvitod to call end examine the lane seeertnseet of geatlemea's. la. diee aad mieeee Boots, Shoee aad Gaiters, in all theiivan. tiee, which wt to be lound st the cheap eaeh store of is im*. H BIIK14M. Si.aaal at., eansae Kelltvaa " " SECOND HAND CLOTHING aad Furniture Waated-The Kifheet eeeh price given for all kinds of SecondIIIand Goods,by B. LEV V , 4>K Chatham et. N. B A linethr )Ugh the Poet OfBce will be paaetaally at tended to. Constantly' oa tamd, a eeueoueMe neeortmeat of aaw end seeoad hand Clothing,cheap for eaeh. mil lm*rc CUTLERY AND GUNS. J TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. H^TuSTe is rrspseuullyin i armed that the recent b<eaks . ? in tha Canal, caused by the late fre-bet, hiving aatgi tt paired. the PIONEER It EXPM E88 LINE, via RiiJBaud Canal from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. commenced W^Btflnr tripe for the aeason on Monday, the tth of April, leavesthe Depot. No. *7. Market street. DAILY, at7)< o'clock, A. M. BV to" route latsengers will avoid all tha farigue and din fa diyl"'l?' 'rsT""lu* 111 coaihca, both Railro*da being passed to, fort her information apply at the Old Established Office, 174 Market street, i doois above Eighth street. ?" <?> "C A. B CUMM1NQ8. Agent LONG ISLAND RAIL KO AD COMPANY. EXPRESS MAIL Traina leaye Whitehall, ?oath Kerry, at 7 A. M.t for Boaton?for all parts of the I aland at 7 and #X A. M., and 4 P. M. daily, . except Sundsys. alllmrc FREIGHT AND PASSAGE TO PITTSBURG. SBURG POKlAHbE BOAT LINE. THE subeeribera beg to inform their friends and tha public, that they are prepared to forward goods and paas>ugers on the Peuuaylyauia Canal by tha above uuequalled line of riin able Boat, at the vary lowaat rates, thus insuring large Iota of goods from being sepentfd, there being no transhipments by mesa boats. Tlus line is under tMR superintendence of Thos. Borbridge, in Philadelphia: T.Jf k O'Connor, in Pittsburg; and O'Connor k Co.. in Ba!timore;a fact tha snbacribriadeem a sufficient guarantee that every care will ba taken in tha tran shipment ana dispatch ol goods consigned to them. JAerchants about ahipping by this route are invited U> call be iora completing thair arrangements on W. It J. T. TAPBCOTT, ?IS r 75 South at. cor. Maiden lane. Morning Line at 7 o'clock, FOR ALBANY AND TROY. Breakfast and dinner on boa-d. Landing at Caldwell's,West Point, Newburgh.Hamp ton, Pooghkeepsie, Hyde Park. Khiuebeck, look, Bristol, Catskill, Hndaon, Coxaackie, Kinder hook. Tne steamboat TROY, Capta'n A. Oorham, 'T'a'srfay. Thursday (This Morning,) and Saturday at 7 o'clock, A. M., from trie rout of Barclay street. Ramming on opposite days. For Paaaage or Weight, app'y on board, or to F. B HALL, at tha Office on tha Wharf. aline THE fropretors el' Mteamboata wishing ?Bells hang, would do well to pay a viait ou , , board the steamboats Niagara, Iron Witch, vrovernor, iron boat John Stevens, Wooeter, Traveller, kc., and examine H. Homer's Improved Sty la of Bell Hanging?put up neat and strong, and warranted for one year, by n. H. No. I i street. mr?4 lm*r NEWARK AND NEW YORK, FARE 1?X CENTS. TheS;>leudid Steamer PASSAIC, Capt.John >G .ffy, will cemmeuce ber trips lor the season .ou Monday, March 16th, and run as follows, until farther notice:? Leave Newark, I Leave Barc'ay st., New York, at 7yi o'clock A. ty. I 4 o'clock P. M. Freight carried at very res?""tMe rates, for which there are srori. houses and agents, boili u N - vark and New York. The Pusair has a large and spue on* il?,'lr moon, elegantly furnish ed, and great deck room botii for fre slit and passengers. _mrl2 lm*rc _____________ NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE, FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, from the loot ofCourtUadt street. Passengers taking this Boat will arrive in time to ukethn Morning Train of Cars from Troy west to Buffalo, sud ro.th to Saratoga, Whitehall and Laike Cham plaiu. The stf aTi?r F.MPIRE, Captain R. B. Macy, leaves the foot of Courtla-idl ureet ou Tuesday, Tharaday and Saturday evenings, ct s-v?n o'clock, P. M. The Bttamhobt COLUMBIA, Capt. Wm. H. Peek, will leave the Pir-1 i.-nt of Courtlandt street, on Monday, Wednes day and KriJi v < vnings, at 7 o'clock. ForPass .g9oi *'?ignt, apply on Board, or at the Office on the whirl. Freight must be pat in charas of the Freight Agent, or the Compmy wilt not he responsible for loss. >t? tf FOR STATEN ISLAND On and altvr Monday, the 30th day of April, tbe steam boats 8YLPH andSTATEN ISLANDER. wiU leava New York and Sraten Island is follows, until lurtner notice:? LeaveStaten Island at I, I, 9, 10, It o'clock, A. M-; 1,1,}, 4, (o'clock, P.M. Leave New York, foot Whitehall street, at 7,9,10,11 o'clock A. Mj 1, ?, 1,4. i. 7 o'clock. P. M. On Sundays the first boat from the Island will leave at I A. M-, and the firat boat from New York at ? A. M. N. B.?All freight at the risk of the owuers thereof. ill re _____ JOHN HERD MAN k CO., United States and Great Britain and Ireland Emigrant Office II South street, New York. HEKDMAN, KEENAN k Cn.^!ve^o?T Passage to and from Oraat Britain and Ireland (via Liverpool) by the regular Packet Ships tailing every five days. The subscribers in calling the attention of old countrymen and the public generally U> uieir unequalled arrangements for bringing out passengers from the old country, beg to state that after this year the business of the House at Liverpool will be conducted by iu Branch. Those sending for thatr trieuds will at once see uie gTeat importance of this arrangement, as it will preelade an unnecessary delay of tha emigrant. The ships em ployed in this Line are well known to be the first and largest class, commanded by man of experience} and as they sail everr five days, anu offer every facility that can be furnished. With those superior arrangements, the subscribers look forward for a continuation of that patronage which has been so liberally ex landed to them for so many years past. la case any of those engaged do not embark, the passage money will be refunded as customary. Fo, farther 'fc 01 South street.New York. HERDMAN, KEENAN k CO.,, Liverpool. N. B.?Drafts for any amount can as uraal be furnished, payable at an the principal Banking Institutions throughout the United Kingdom, on application as above. all re BOS'lON STEAMERS. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. Tha British aad North American Royal Mail Staaa Packet Ship CALEDONIA, E. U. Lott, Commander, will leave Boston for the above ports, on ft riday, May 1, IMC Passage to Liverpool.... |1M Pasaageto Halifax M For freight or passage, apply to D. BRIOHAM. Jr.. Agtat, At HARNDEN k CO., I Wall street. No Berth secured until paid for. sM m BOSTON STEAMERS, FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. THK Briciah and North American Royal Mail racket Shipe CALEDONIA, CAM BRIA audJBKI t ANNIA, will leave Bos ron for 'he More ports aa follows, Tit:? C ALKDONI A. Edward O. LoU, C.m'r, on the lit May. 1M6. CAMBKIA. C. H. E. Jadkiaa, " " 1( h ,f ' BRITANNIA, Jobn Hewitt, " " lat Jane, " Passage to Halifax fit Passage to Liverpool flM For freiiKt or paaaace, apply to D. BR1GHAM, Jr.. Ageat. At HARNDEN It CO.'S, ? Wall it No Berth aacarad antil paid for. aM rc Ui.1 FOR LONDON?Regaltr Packet ofth? lit May iH^TIn packet ahip ST. JAMES, (Japt. Mayer, will JHHKasail aa a bore, bar re<ular day. For paaaace ia cakia, aeeoad eabia aad steerage, having aplen did accommodatioaa, apply oa board, ar to JOSEPH MeMURRAY. BLACK. BALLj OR^OLD LJNEjOK LIVER POOL PACKET* FOR LIVERPOOL.?Oaly r? flPBfagnlar packet of tha lat May. The aaw magnificent and celebrated faat aailiag favorite pac at ahip COLUM BIA, borthea IXX tona Capt. John Rath bone, will aail peei tively oa Friday, tha lat of May. The accommodations or the Colambiaaie fitted oat ia a moat aaparb and coatly manner, with every modern improvement and coavenieace, that cannot but add to the comfort of thoee embarking. Per aona visiting the old country, or leading for their friends, ihoald call and aoe thia splendid apaeimea of naral architec tare, before engaging elsewhere. For passage ia eabia, aeeoad Sbia and steerage, early applieatioo ahoald be made oa board, at ol Beekman street, or to the snhacnbera, ROOHE, BROTHERS k CO. ail ic U Faltoa street, (next door to the Faltoa Bank.) GLASGOW LINE OK PACKETS-To sail 1st copper will GLASGOW LINE OK PACKETS-To aa |?5BWMsr.her regular day?The fiue, fast sailing, co| WKed Br. bark ANN HARLEY, Capt. R. Tcott, aan aa above, her regular day. For balance of Weight or paaaaga, hating excellent aceom ^aooS'appl^tOoDHUt , % M.-trrit, W Soath st M tot 4 u FOR LOfi DuN?Hegalar Packet of ihe lat May ?Tfe packet ship ST. JAMES, Capt. Meyer, ?_iwi|i sail aa ar>ove, her regular day. or , asaage ia cabin, second cabin and steerage, having splendid accommodations, apply oa board, orto JOSErH MeMURRAY, 1M Pine st. comer of Booth. P. B?Peraons wishing lu to-uJ for their friends, can have I'.ttn broaght oat to thia concrry bv one of the Line, aailing from London on the 7th, 17th ai,.'rthot each month, oa ra? aoanbla terms, by applying ?? ?????? al? r ew Line ?Kegn ar rior fast sailing ship apt. P. Woodftoaae, ?>PR livkhpoIi ;-tktn^ my P?eket of flat of May?Tha aapetu ?KQUCEN OF THE WE?T, Cap. ? 1?* ton* oi than, will aaU aa above, her regalar day. ?* wot balaact of freight at peeeage, having excellent aecom modaf.oca, apply to tha Captain on board, loot of Barling elip. oi to WOODHULL It MlN TURN, n Booth atreet Nil GREAT BRITAIN ESTABLISHED EMI .?? . _ __ nbacnbera are prepared to eagear p*a -ngera to come oat by the early Spriag ahipe, at a varylow r*'e. ? r"^ f??>?hed, payable throaghoat the Uatted K>r?dom. tor farther partiealara. Apply to ?? J Hrigb&AN fc R.; 6! Sontk ?t. FOH SALt?To elaea a concern?The Erne o ware bailtia this city, by Browa h Ball, with naaana] can: for modal, material (a vary large proportion of their frame being live oak.) aad wo*aaaehii>, they are anearpaaeed, if not OMqaalVed?salted on the atocka, and re-ealtod every year siace. Their accommodatioaa lor peaaangaia are vary extaa aive aad baadaomely famished. Apply to fllr E. K. COLLI NSkCO.M Soath at. HEGULAU LINE OF PACKET MHIPS-Paekat H - - I the (5th Mnv.?The flrat elaaa, lift teiiine jmck HftNRY CLAY, Captain Nye, will aail M ?hove wr regular day .. ^ V1 Hatibc wry aapanor accommodation^ for eabia. Id cabin and ?treraii pasaengera, peraona intending' to embark, ahould ?aaka im?e?hate application on ^d^t of Mmdaa Uae. or 1M Piae, corner of Soath atreet Tha packet thi? VIRQINIAN. barthen lto? toaa, will taccead the HENRY CLAY, and tail oa the Uth May, bar regular day. PCm. Peraona deairona of aending for their fnanda. eaa hart them brought oat by the above snip, on moderate tenna, by making application aa above. _ all r_ PACKET* FOR MARSilLLES-To laadj Faa e-uteri ?t Gibraltar. ? Tha Kbip PRINCE DE (JOINVILLE, Ceptaia Lawrence, will tail aa the "-rmitatAU. a fRSP., a?U re BOYD li H1NCKEN. Ageats SCHENCK'S _ PULMONIC SYRUP HAS CURED ME. HEAD! RKAD! THE FOLLOWING CERTIFI CATE OF RICHARD L. COX, A MAN OF | HIGH STANDING IN NEW JERSEY. ON THE Jddayof Mar, A. D. 1844, before me the ??b ?crib r, ene of the Aldermen of the city of Philadelphia, personally appeared Richard L. Cox. a citixeu of Evesham, Batliugtoa eooatT, 8 ale of New Jeraey, who, on his soletnu affirmation, did del oar and say: That for about twelve mouths put he waa attacked bv a short, dry couch, with a sense of Darning in the palms of his hands aiid soles of his lert, toge ther with datreseing night sweats. This state of things cen I Uuued until November last, when he was suddenly seized with a severe pain in the ri<ht side and breast. _ His family ' phyaiei?n then informed him that his lungs were in s diseased . stale, and he became gradually weaker and weaker, emaciated 1 ana wasted in desh. nntil reduced almost to a skeleton; bis br-athiug was short an 1 laborious, and the least evertion led to I extreme eihsasiiou, for it Was with the greatest diiSculty and I pun that any rhaiige con Id be made in hia clothes, or eveu iu ; making ap the bed in which he lay. At this period his physi cian. family and friends'??ind*ed all who saw him?considered I his case beyond the rearh of hone. For two dayi his appetite j had entirely forsaken him, and he took no nourishment daring Uiat time?when he determined to try " Scheuek's Pulmonic ! ?yrnp." That he had takea bar about tea bottles of the said Syrap, when a large gathering formed in his left side, which soon ripened under the soothiug influence of the Syrup He had given up the ase of all other medicineaat this time, aad strictly followed the directions accompanying the Palmo aic Syrup?'hat he discharged in the presence of his wife and brother at least a quart of thick greenish matter of so offensive a nature, that hia friends eoald scarcely stsy in the room with him?that at thia time he waa unable to raise his head from the pillow in consequence of his his weaknessj bat he continued he ase ol the medicine, hsving known that Mr. Schenck him self hau been cared by the same medieine in the lowest stage of eousumptioa, after all other means had failed-that for several weeks he continued to expectorate freely?which gradually diminished in quantity, and changed to that of a healthy char acter?that his appetite began to improve hia strength to re turn, and iu a short time he was able to sit up in his chamber. The period intervening between taking the iirst bottle aad hia recovery was aboat ten weeks ; that the rapid changes in his Condition areared such surpriseaud woeder in all who saw him daring his illness, that friends and neighbors flocked rontiou ally to se?, as it were, a man risen from the grave. That as the Syrap still strengthened and improved the ay stem, he continued using it till he had taken twenty-five bottles. That he now be lievee himself a soand aiaa; and is in the eojoymeat of food health ; that he is able to attead to all his daties, and to fulfil them as a township officer as well as at any period ol his life ; that he has had his langs examined, and thai they are pronoun ced to be in a perfectly soand coaditioa. (Signed] RICHARD L. COX Affirmed to ana subscribed, this 3d day of May, IMS, before me. [Signed] CHAUNCEY BULKLEY, Aldermaa Evesham, Burlington Co., N. J., April tad, MM. We, the subscribers, residents of the township of Evesham, do hereby certify that we are well acquainted with Mr. Richard L. Cox, and frequently visited him in the last stage of Pnlmo nary Consumption, which we believe was cured by the ase of Schenck's Pulmonic Syrap, and feel it oar doty to recommend it to the coasamptive la the strongest possible terms, having been eye witnesses to one ofthe greatest cares ever performed in this section of the coaatry. Benjamin Bnckman, John Leeds, jr. William L. Brown, William Hammitt, Jokn H. Ellis, Andrew Oriscom, Franklin B. Cox, John B. Cox, Thos. H. Hewlings, Joe.E. Hewlings, Joeeph Ellis, Jacob Hewlings. Mabltoit, N. J .May tth, IMS. Mr. J. H. Schenck?Sir: I am pastor of the Bspust church at Marl ton, New Jersey. Some three or foor months since I was takea by one of the deacons to see one of his neighbors, Mr. Richard L. Cox, then lying, to all human appearance at death's door by consumption. My distinct impression was. that the gentleman woald not live one week. To my surprise I saw him iu nrv congregation last Sabbath, a healthy looking man. To-day 1 nave been at his house, and received from him the as surance that yonr Syrup was the means of saving his life. 1 am respectfully yours, JAMES M. CHALL1S8. The genaiue Pulmonic Syrup is prepared exclusively by the DYSPEPSIA, and LIVER COMPLAINT, free of charge. For sale also by A. B. Sands It Co. >71 Brosdway ; Hatchings, MS Bleeckerst; Ford, 214 Fourthst, cor Wooster: Everitt, 96 Hudson st; Dr. Oardner, 65 Montgomery st, Jersey City; W. A. It T. A. Van Zandt, corner Smith and Dean sts, Brooklyn; Redding It Co, ? State st, Boston. Please bear in mind that P. 8. Beekman does aot sell my ori ginal Genuine Pulmonic Syrap, and to avoid deception, apply for the old established medicine, at No. 4 Courtlandt street. aS lm*r SPJUMQ fl'KlFIKH OK THK ULUUU. WINER'S ARCANUM EXTRACT. 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Its aimplieily recommends the use of it to parents whose children are afflicted with any disease oi the blood or skin, or whose constitutions hare been injured by leng'hened illness and the use of dele erious medicines aa it will effectually purify the blood and renovate the system, and where ay rnptoms of acrofnla are in the least degree visible, this medicine, if properly administered, will moet surely extermi nate it. This medicine is much cheaper, pleas an ur, and warranted sup; rior to any other sold. The following certificates are selected from among many others in possession of the proprietors. For further particulars and conclusive evidence of the value and efficacy of thia medicine, see pamphlets, which may be obtained of agents gratis. Philadelphia, Janlth, 1M Mr. E. B. O. Kinsloe?Sir : I have tried the Arcanum Ex tract which yoa extolled so highly, and find it all. and indeed much belter han you recommended it to be. Prrvicua to my taking the Arcanum, I was completely covered with blotches, no part of my body or limba being exempted, and beside I was greatly afflicted with the Pilee. Before I had used the Arca num one week toe blotches began to diappear, and my pilee to become easy. I am now ia better health than I have beea for j a number of years,and all owing, I am truly convinced, to the ! ua of Winer's Arcanum ] can eoncsieatioasly recommend it as oae of the very best medicines lor scrofuloos affections or eruptions I ever heard of. Yours, truly, L. A. BLODOET, MSouth 3d st. Philadelphia. Jaa. 11,1M( Mr. E. B. O. Kinstoe?Sir?Believing that Wioer'a Arcanum Extract ia well calculated to afford relief to thousands who are now suffering, I feel compelled, in accordance with my principles of philanthropy and humanity^ (much aa 1 dislike to have my name paraded before the public as a puffer of any parent medicine.) to state a case which came under my own immediaate observation. My little grandson, about three years of age. has been afflict ed with a breaking out all over his body ana lace aince he was two months old. Several physicians were called ia to see him, and t'^ey all pronounced it an hereditary scrofulous afficuon He was a constant source of snno'inee to hit mother, end at times apparently suffered the moet intense psin himself. One of his brothers having died about three years ago alter having had the "White Swelling,'' it was feared by the family that this child would soon follow him. After having used all the Scrofalous Medicine within my reason. I chanced to see an ad vertisement for the sale of " Winer's Arcsnum." I purchased a bottle, and after havisg used it three weeks, the bar is entire ly free fro'n any ernptioos, his general health is mach improv ed, and he is now pronounced by Physicians to be cured. The child may b?seen st sny time, By calling at No. S9 South 10th street. lam, sir. Your very grateful servant, ROBERT f*URJCT. Price, $1 per bottle, or six bottles for $5. Prepared ny John Winer fcCo., I) Maiden laae, N. Y., sole Propnetors for the United States. Hold by Wyatt It Ketchum, III Hal too street; R- A. Bands, 1M Bowery,corner of Spring; J. W. BassetL Ml Broadway, and J fcj. Coddington, 303 Hudson, corner of Spring. In Brooklyn, by Mrs. Hays, 130 Fulton street; J. Briee, 17 James street; F. T Quirk It Co, corner Columbia and Atlantic, and Dr. Steane, 1M Fulton street In Albany, by S F. Phelps, J3 Bute street. Philadelphia, T. W. Dyott k Co, 131 North Se cond street, aadKB O. Kiualoe, Ml Chestnut street. Balti more, Charles Wneman. New Orleans, Bertrand It Sues. Richmond, Va., Oaynor, Wood It Co , and by Druggists gane rallr throughout the conntry al lm"m !M Wf vent Mclow lim Usual Prleas, FASHIONABLE VISITING CARD ESTABLISHMENT. 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Chapter Fjrtjr.Nliie, Being a Scriptural Hteiew of the Oregon Que U ion. from the day of President Polk't Jiret Annual Message to Congress, to the final Recommendation of the Notice. 1 Aid it came to pass, in the first year of the reign ol Polk, whose surname was Young Hickory, and in the tenth month thereof, 2. That he sent a message to the Great Sanhe drim of the seven and twenty tribes of the children of Jonathan, assembled in their chief city. 8 And the chief ruler set forth that the Philis tines had sent a messenger, named Richard, to con fer with his chief councillor upon the dividing of the hill country which is called Oregon, which ueth upon the great Sea of the West. 4 For in that the chief government had sent out spies, like the children of Israel, to spy out the land of their inheritance. 5 And they had returned, having found high mountains, and great rocks, and a mighty river, flowing to the setting sun. 6. But the country was not over spontaneous, in asmuch as the spies had to subsist chiefly upon dog soup and roots; and finally they made a sort of hash of their mules. 7. But inasmuch as the oountry abounded in har bors for ships, and quarries of rock, and had a great river, it was esteemed by the spies a great country. 8- Howbeit, some of them desired not to go again, the hair of the dog Bkins having affected their health. 9 And the captain, whose name was Fremont, small of stature, but a man of vulor, 10. Having explored the country, from the moun tains to the sea, reported it a great country : and having spoke in high terms of the flesh pots of Ore gon, to wit, the do<; soup of the Flat Head Indiana, 11. Whose heads were flattened from reason of the great rains in the rainy season, beating all the hair olf their heads, and flattening them by reason of the hail stones. 1?. And Polk, in his message to the Great San hedrim, said that he had otlered Richard of the Philistines one-half of Oregon to the northward, because the chief rulers of Jonathan had offered it before. 18. But in that Richard had refused in high dudgeon, Polk proclaimed, by reason thereof, that hia title was good to the whole, 14. And sent to the Great Sanhedrim divers pa pers to prove it. 15. Now the Great^Sanhedrim was composed of two assemblies?the on? was numerous and noisy and called the House of Reps, or in the vulgar tongue, the House of Rips; the other was a body of the chief priests of all the tribes, called the Senate. 16. But there were men in both Houses noisy for war; because they imagined the people would like the sound of great guns and the trampling of the war horses over tneir corn fields. 17. And it came to pass that these men moved in both Houses that the Philistines, who had, by rea son of agreement, held a joint use of Oregon, be or dered to leave, 18. Though it waa known they would go to war, rather than be kicked out of the wilderness without their consent. 19. And those who had nothing to low, among , l?e tribes, from war, as well those out of the Con resa as in it, spoke in loud voices, that the honor of Jonathan demanded he should go to battle, in the hope ot dividing the spoils. 20. And there was an old councillor in the House whose name was Adams, and who had been a chief ruler, and who had offered the Philistines half of the wilderness, who now ^proclaimed that Jonathan's right was good to the whole, and that it would dis grace him to give an inch to the enemy. 21. And the men of war in the House hailed him with great applause; and the peace men stood in alarm. 22. And in the Senate there was a younger dele gate of the tribe of Ohio, named 'Allen?a mighty man of war on paper, who walked forth like Goliath j and 'he Philistines and the Gauls, and ?1 the kingdoms of the world together. 23. Howbeit, he was restrained from declaring war against all the world,by the voice of the Senate. 21. And after many weeks, the House passed the notioe for the Philistines to leave, and the war men were in the ascendant. 25. Notwithstanding, the Senate had yet to say Vfaor nay, to the voice of the House. ?26. And the war party, in the beginning, in the senate, derided the men of peace, as cowards, and as traitors; and the people, jealous of their rights, looked on in doubt, and the peace men bowed tneir heads in silence, and in tribulation of spirit: 27. But the Chief Councillor of the tribe of South Carolina, named Calhoun, deputed by them to plead for peace, stood up in the face of his enemies, and defined his position. 28 And Colquitt, of the Georgians; and Hay wood, a gallant man ot the tar burners of the Nor H?ren? Carolina; and Mangum, whose sirname was Willie, rallied in the debate; 29. And a great discussion between the war party and the men ot peace succeeded, and was prolooetd for many days; " 30. Aud Colquitt handled Breese of Illinois without srloves, showing that though a man of peace, the Georgian would sutler no man to snub him with " want of nerve." 31. And Breese was as gentle thereafter as the summer-winds among the roses of Sharon. 32. And Allen declared that the '? hearts of the people must be prepared for war," and proclaimed that the Philistines were as weak as the " unborn intant reposing in the lap of the past," and that they were coward* who would not go to war for the whole or none. 33. And Calhoun twigged him, and Colquitt twigged him, and Mangum twigged him, and he ?ra" upon every hand by the men of peace; but still he stood aloft in great dignity, so that he ap peared scarcely less than a king. 34. And Haywood, a quiet and amiable man, arose to Bpeak upon the matters in dispute ; ana the ladies came, expecting to hear him read poetry. 85. But for two days he kept the war party in fear and trembling ; and towards the end of the second day, Allen and Hannegan (a warrior of the tribe of JHana) 'e" upon *1,m an<* 36 But he battled them with great skill, and hnalty told Alien that his place in the foreign chair of the Senate was too much for his capacity. And Allen was quiescent for a time. 37. And m the debate progressed, Daniel, sir named Dickinson, of York State, fell upon Daniel, sirnamed the God-like, of Massachusetts, and brought in a speech of Charles Jared of the House, to sustain his attacks upon old Black Dan, who gave notice that he ahould call the Senatorto account by and-by, which, in the Chaldaic, aigmfieth too soon for your comfort. 88. Meantime, Benton, sirnamed Old Bullion, for his love of gold and silver, came out for a division of Oregon and for peace : 39. And Cass, a bona fidt General, came into con tact with him, in the which the General burst his boiler, and great was the explosion. 40. And Hannegan came to his aid with great lury, but Benton regarded him as an old lion regard ed a young lion who hath not yet a mane. 41. And the war men stood aghast, tor they had looked, peradventure, to the support ot Benton, a great high priest among the tribes of Jonathan. 42. After which, McDuffie, the right-hand man of Calhoun, described the country in dispute as a re gion blasted by the God who made itj and showed tne title of the Philistines to be good to a part, from the settlements of the Hudson's Bay men; 43. A species of men who fatten upon saeh things as pine bark, fish oil, and new whiakey; 44. A wiry set ot men, who deal in skins of bea vers, making a savory diah of their meat. 45. And after that, Daniel, surnamed the God-like gave notice that he would speak of the lesser Daniel and Charles Jared, of the other assembly of the great Sanhedrim. 46 And the next week, the aforesaid Daniel spoke for t o days, waxing warmer and warmer, until at length he denounced Charles Jared a liar, and the leaner Daniel the endorser ot a liar. 47. And Daniel, of York State, eaaayed to reply, and did, as well aa could be expected; having gained the great point of satiafying himselt that Daniel the Goa-like 48. Was a used-up expounder of the Constitution. 49. And the debate, at laat, was brought to an end ; and the Senate waa about to speak for peace, for the men of peace bad waxed atrongerand strong er and stronger, and the war men had waxed weak. er aud weaker, like Saul ot old. 00. And Allen, seeing that the notice to the Phi listines would be such as to lead to " an amicable adjustment," 51. Rebuked the Senate, and declared that** hia voice was still for war." 62 And Crittenden, of the Hunters of Kentucky repreved the great war chief before the world, and reduced him to submission. 63. And the peace men took the notice out of the hands, of the war party, and passed it as a measure ot peace. -..j ' l^e House disagreed, and arbitrators were ordered between them, and Allen was ruled out of the arbitration of the Senate, and the Senate carried the day with the arbitrators of the House; and they reported so, and the measure was adopted aa a measure of paace. 66 And the war men were constrained to be silent before the common sense of the great Senhe. d rim. 66 And Jeranlem was savrrl, and the Greeks dispersed ; and peace, like an angel of light, rpread her beautiful and ahimug win^s over the four quar ters of the earth. 57. And it came to pass that there was a treaty between the Philistines and the tribes ot Jonathan ; and the nation greatly prospered. Respectfully. Tub lkxrroR Brooklyn Intelllgene. Milit4?t.?Ths Brooklyn Kusileer Guards, under the command of Captain Dillon. turned out, yesterday, to attend ths funeral of Col Smith, ot New York. CoRONsa's In^itcit.?An inquest was bald before Andrew Oskes, Ktq , coroner ot King's county, on tb* body of Patrick Crnnimay, axed 76, who was found dead at the bottom ot ths staiis of Lis dwelling, on the corner of Tillary and Prince streets, on Saturday morning, by one of his grand children. It appeared that tha deceased went to bad in apparent good health, at eleven o'clock on Kriday availing, with tho understanding that he was te call one of his sons, ut five o'clock next morning: but at an early hour he was found dead, by a grandchild. There were no marks ot dislocation about the nock of the deoeased ; and, accoiding to the evidence, it was supposed that he mlised bis footing, fell down, and ths shock overpowered him Verdict?accidental death. Akothp.b.?Also, on the body of Daniel 8. Thorne, a member of the Society of Friends, aged do. who has been an officer of oue of the Brooklyn banks* for up wards of twenty years, it appeared from the evidence, that he bad been ill tor some time, and returned home from New York on Kriday last, went to be..* as usual, and was found dead neat morning. Verdict?li'sd from disease of the heart. !)? Circuit Court. Present, Judges Nelsou and Betts. Aran. 24.? Decisions?Martin n Kanouie.?The de fendantis a citizen of the State of New Jersey; the plain tiff, who la a citizen of this State, brought an action in one of the State Courts, laying his damsgss at $1000.? The defendant, under a law or Congress, obtained a cer tiorari to remove the proceedings into the United States, Circuit Court for the Southern district of the Stete of New York, and also obtained a rule te compel him to declare. The plaintiff then made an application to set aside the rule to declare, insisting that the court below had jurisdiction, and fuither stating, by his affidavit, that although he laid his damages at $1000. his real claim was only $489, and would only take a verdict fer that sum,so as to take the case ont of the statute, which expressly declares that where the sum claimed amounts to $600 or upwards,ths proceedings may be removed from the State Court in which they were commenced,to aCiicuit Court of the United States. The question was argued last weak before both judges, and Judge Nelson delivered the opinion of the court yesterday. He said the question was,whether the parties had been regularly brought be fore this oourt, or whether the court nelow had jurisdic tion. They were of opinion that the parties were regu larly before the court; that they had jurisdiction of the oase, and that the papers should be taken crt the files of the court below ana ssnt up to this court. He then went on to say : It appeared the plaintiff, by his writ and declaration, claims $1000 damages, and that defend ant entered into the bond required by the act of Con gress for removing the cause, and also produced evi dence that he was a citizen of another State; which facta having been established in the court below, the defend ant next petitions for the removal of the cause, setting them forth as herein before stated. Now the statute ex pressly declares, that where the claim exceeds $600, the proceedings may be removed, and here the claim ex ceeds $1000. Attar all these steps had been taken, the petition preaentcd,and bond entered into, and an applica tion made which, according to the statute, has at once the effect of taking from the court below all further ju risdiction, the plaintiff comes in and produces aniffl' davit that be only intended to claim $499, so as to enable the court below to retain the jurisdiction. This, said his honor, is the piincipal question in the case, and we think it is now too late to vary the original amount, the sum in the writ and declaration Is the proper test, and it is not in the power of plaintiff to come and vary his claim, soaa to deprive, bis adversary of bis right to re move the cause. We take the amount in the wut and declaration to be the real claim, and we therefore deny the motion,with costs. 8uydam vi Day ?Judgment for defendant on de murrer; leave to amend on payment of oosts. Ferret! vs. JlttyceU.?Judgment for defendant on de murrer. Myam vs. Lntit et al,?Motion for injunction deniedj bill dismissed. Packard vi. Wilton.?Motion for sew trial denied. Movement* of Travellers. The arrival*, yesterday, were t>y do meam inconside rable, although Sunday ha* seldom been proverbial lor even the quantity of traveller* subjoined. There are at the American?J. Freis, C W. Werk, Cincinnati^ W. Denniaon, Washington, George Ransom, do; O. Landy, Leuisina: D. Leyton, West Point; Mr. Miller, Rochester; O. Newell, Albany; N.Chase, Troy; H. Ibbotion, Eng land; C. H. Rockwell, Norwich. AiToa?8. O. Donne, Maine; C. Snow, do; Juitice Fly, Keetville; W. Sayle*, Providence; H. Greene. Bocton; A. Hayden, Eastport; J. Hew, Baltimore; W. and C. Frost, New Orlean*.; J. Stile, Philadelphia: E P. Lott, steamship Caledonia; 8. Mile*, Bo*ton; J. Wilton, 8hef field: W. Wilton, New Orleans; T Weed, Albany; A. Blackmsn, Milford; O. Carue*. Massachusetts; George Thayer, Boston: N. Stetson, Bridgewater; 8 Lee, Balti more; Lyon and Newton, Boston: Themas Preston, Vir ginia; J. Camp, Cayuga Bridge; C. Mirth, Washington, C. Gorham, Michigan; W. Rogers, Lockpoit. Citv-James French. Old Point Comfort; W. Itrael, Trenton: P. Justice, Philadelphia; M. Stows, Beckett's Harbor: T. Allen, Philadelphia; H.Hall, North Carolina; H. Weeks, Michigan; D. Thompson, Danesville; Howard Williams, Kentucky; Beajamin Gettyman, Michigan; A. Elliott, Philadelphia; F. Williams, Boston; Hor. Smith, Richmond; J. Jackson, England. Fraksliu?H. Halsey, New Haven: O. Madison, Jeff Co ; H. Holcomb, Albany; J. Scoveli, Waterbury; Gen. Carpenter, Providence; 8. Daniels, Albany; W. Sher wood, Buffalo; G. Lyman, Vermont; t. Lockwood, New ark; J. Tomli Dion, Vermont. Howard?H. Minor, Wisconsin; J. Watson, Detroit: J. Ramsay, do; W. Green, Albany: M. Jenkins, West Troy; A. Moultree, Macon, Geo; H. brake, E. Thomas. Boston; J. Linelaer, Montreal; Edw. Hart, Toronto; W. Clay, Canada; D. O. Branch, Ohie; F. Easton, Mount Morris; J. Higbie, Ohio; F. Eclon, Mount Morris, Ohio; Byrum and Newell, U. 8. N ; Hon. 8. H. Blake, Bangor, Me; Hon. N. W. William*, Maine;Hon. Joseph Ander son, Washington; J. Stevenson, Virginia. Varieties. A negro was whipped to dsntti at Vienna, Illinois, a few days ago. He was suspected of having robbed Mr. Kersey, during the night prevlont, of $100, and waa whipped to extort a conlestion of the crime from him. During the punishment inflicted on him he taid he stole the money, and named the piece where K was conceal ed. On examination, the money was not found, and whan the lash wat eg sin uted, he named snotber spot ss the plsce of concealment, hut isltely, es a subseausnt search proved. The whipping was continued until death euiued The persons concerned in this act ol barbarity made their escape. An intelligent gentleman who has boon engaged in the production of tugar,in Cubajor the laet thirty years, after a eareful examination, estimates the value of pro perty in that island, owned by Americans, at $8*,000,100. At Lexington, Mess, on Monday evening last, a national salute of '11 runs was Bred. the bells were rung, and a number of fire balls were sent np, in com memoration of the 10th of April. Ex-Governor Thomas arrived at Washington, D. C. ? on the 23d. Hia trial is aet down for the 1st of May, bul it is probable that it will again be postponed. Somebody baa pieaented to Mr.Polk an elegant watch. Does thi* preient lignity to Mr. Polk that he ifesM keep his tntisituai, and veasts the chair at the time ho agreed on 1 "Galena blue pills" la another name far bullets about Nauvoo. I E. Z. C. JuDflow, t?* 0*iat Sbot At.?The Ian1 tfonkmill* Ortkmpolibm Mates that " ?. Z. O. Judaon> the indlviduel who killed Mr. PotterstelJ. waa dis charge] Irons prison .yesterdsy, and immediately left the city on board the stbemboet California, boned for Pittsburgh, where his fetber resides, who, It is said, Is regarded a* a velneble end highly r?sj>eeted citixen. We loern there waa no tfferi by Porter!eld's friends. to preeecnto Judson " Thus ends the tragedy at Naah viUe, the details ef whioh have excited the pehlic from Maine to Lonitiena. We notice on* paragraph going the rounds, heeded, "A villein with e charmed life,'* giving full particulars of Judson's acts at Nashville, and his eecepes from twenty-two or more pistol shots?tbo fell from the third story of a hotel, aea his escape from deeth by the rope breaking, eftera mob had hong him. No doubt in our mind o( Judaon's being a villain?a deep dyed, infamous villain. There wore letters received irom him in this city, leet winter, rehearsing and boast ing of the number of married women in Nashvills snd vicinity which be had seduced. At least so we wsre informed at the time of the late excitement in Nashville, end do not doubt the story. It waa an incredible num ber, were it not from the fact that he was an acknow ledged adept at the busineaa. His wifs, w,bo was a Florida lady, died last fall or winter, and while she waa in the middle stagoa of a lingering complaint, Judton'a em*urs wore so glaring and Bold teat the poor creature could not help but witness than. In a. It of jealouty, not many months before her deeth, In "closed drew a dagger and would have slabbed her r*creent husband to the heart had be not ceught snd disermed .wrtwithstending- Of .?MM<?|Cemmercsai. Dabiho Bub**** at Rochotm?We learn frnm tiic Adtxrtmr ihti a moat daring burglary waa in that city, on tee night ef the !UI Tnetont, at the ?sSJncs of Mr. Joseph Smith, in the old asylum hail disc, en 8do strset. The burglars, in the cenise of thair teerrh of the dwelling, came in contact with the bsd end actually took Mr S. Irom it, when he 'seeped from them, and tan, eimoet naked, to a houaa tome SO rods distent. and sroueed the inmates. On repelling to the spot, the scoundrels had mode good Ihsir tscepe. The wife ef Mr. 8. made kef way to the chamber and ?roused e man sleeping there, who geve out the cry ot murder, supposing that was actually the <?? Another dwelling waa entered the sease night, bet the robber was dteeovered end driven out befoi e he beg token any thing.

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