3 Haziran 1846 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4

3 Haziran 1846 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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LATE8T INTELLIGENCE. By the Mails. Washington, June 1, 1^16. Short Common*. Gen. Cnf>s made a l?-t desperate appeal for 54: 40 to-day, but it was like arguing the cause of a prisoner upon whose ease the minds of the jury are already made up. The General had also the misfortune, by referring to certain by-gone speeches of Col. Benton, to arouse the real war spirit in Old Bullion. Not an emperor can utter a denunciation with more imperiom and command ing majesty than Old Bullion. Our late minister to France actually looked upon 1: is adversary with an alarm not unmingled vth : dmiration. And yet he bore the severe exto. at.ons o! the groat Missourian with the becot'i'r><_- fortitude of a prisoner of war. Col. Benton remains master of the field. Neither the lesser A j:.*, Mr. Hannegan, nor the greater Ajax, Mr. Allen, v m'urcd to noise a lance in assistance of thoir unhoped ami un harnessed Achilles: ?' But lie lay like a warrior taking his rest, With the fifty-four forties around him." Mr. Webster, m the discussion following u[K>n the reference of the bill, stated his belief that the Oregon controversy would be fettled, and a perma nent boundary established before the adjournment of the present session of Congress. So explicit an opinion from Mr. Webster, would not be ex pressed without some official or semi-official as surance. positive aAd reliable ?f the fact. Iu the prospect, therefor ', of a steady and amicable ad justment, we see ;he foreclosure of a war with England, and another guaranty of a prompt con clusion to the existing war with Mexico, in which event, convention or no convention, Mr. Calhoun will be the formidable and irresistible anti-organic cancl date Ibrthe Presidency. We are rather anxious to hear father Ritchie's present opinion about 51 40. We expect some* thing circumlocutory and ambiguous as the prog nostic of an oracle to-morrow morning. There is no organic editor that can write more lluently up on the horns of a dilemma than lather Ritchie. Look out lor a rhetorical llourish greater than that which placed Col. I' lk above the snow line on the top of the Rackv Mountains. Our corporation elections came ofl" to-day, and Colonel Seaton, our efficient and worthy Mayor, was re-elected by an overwhelming majority over several independent candidates in opposition. One of these independents was put up by the tee totallers ;i* the " working man's candidate," and Under this disguise they expected, or appeared to expect, the election ot' a man who would abolish the. licensing system in toto. But they were egre giously mistaken. The very fact of their lighting under a mask made their defeat the more inglori ous ; and another fact, that they misrepresented an administration of the city government, tho most creditable, orderly and dignified that we have ever had, only contributed to swell the tri umph of Col. .Seaton. In all such scurvy cam paigning it is particularly gratifying to see it re buked and put down by tho indignant voice of t|'o people, Col. Soaton is the proper man for Mayor of Washington. Holding frequent inter Course, from his ollicial station, with the F.'xecu- : live, with Congress, and the diplomatic corps, the I Mayor of this city should be a man of personal influence, high talents, enlarged experience, courteous manners and gentlemanly deportment. I The junior editor ?f the Intelligencer is just that ' man. We have nothing from the Rio Grande,this eve ning, of a positive character. There are rumors of despatches having been received at the State Department; but il it be so, we suspect they aro but the olKcinl reports of the crossing to the "right bank of the river, and of the arrival of the volun- j teers. A most magnificent display ol" beauty was as- ' setnbled to-night at the National Fair. The ba zaar throughout was brilliantly illuminated by : Skirving's gas arrangements, on the plan of the i Cincinnati inventor. Hon. Andrew Stewart, at this bazaar, has such levees as were only surpas sed by those of Old Veto in the East Room. The people go to see and to be seen. As to the cotton4, nod worsted-^ and enrpetings, and home made Mlks, they might as well be locked up for the evening. The Marine Band, over a tasteful or chestra, ornamented with paintings, anil with a line of tine pictures"over their heads, strike up re gularly at ten o'clock, 1J. M.. the dismission or doxoiosry ol? "Clar de kitchcn, old folk*, young folk*, Old Virginny nebba tire." A tune, by the way, introduced by Capt. Tyler, ns the signal of a close to the music in the Presi dent's grounds. There are some curious movements going on here, which we shall inquire into at the lirst lei sure opportunity. It is reported that Mr Pakenham litis purchas ed that "suit" of rosewood furniture at the fair, consisting of a bedstead, a wardrobe, a~piano, ??hairs, , and valued at 83,000, while, others say that Mr. Buchanan has spoken for it, espe cially the big bedstead. If this be the fact, there is another diplomatic project of annexation a-foot ?and it would be well to look into it, for fear it may hazard some encroachment upon the con stitution. The fact is, had Buck and Pack, us they are called lor brevity, been married men, they would not have set up so many nights over the Oregon question, without coming to a J..vision and a bar gain. But enough. The ?vi-a her ^continues in sufferably calorific. Washlnoto.n Cm, June 1, In my note ol the 23th ult., by mist ike, I stated that the set of chamber furniture, now being ex hibited at the fair in this city, is valued at ten thousand dollars. The National Intclligrrucr states the value to be eight thousand dollars. Mr. t>alj? is doubtless better informed rpon the subject than I; hence I defer to his statement. But even nt the Reduced price of eight thousand dollars, I agTee %ith the old farmer that the capital sunk in the pfyluction of this chamber furniture is lost to the country. It can reproduce nothing; and as an ar ticle eff wealth, never can compensate the owner for th* cost. The Community is still not a little excited, in re gard to General Scott and the President. The friends of the former, and among them the InteUi grnrrr of tVis morning, assert that he, so soon as war was k^own to exist upon the Rio Grande, tendered hi* services to the latter, to take com mand of th?* army in that quarter. Upon the other hand, tl*e friends of the President maintain that he, in the most frank and manly manner, tendered the command of the army t? Gen. Scott, who declined to atcept it, for the reason, " that he (Soott.) if he left th?e scat of government, would leave more enemies behind than he should meet upon the Kio (irande." The gossip of the metro polis does not fail to attribute very unworthy mo tives to both geiulemen, as controlling their ac tions. The friends of Scott say, that the President refused to appoint him to the command of the ar my, because fie would acquire increased military renown, and thereby secure his succession to the Presidency. The triends of the President con tend that Scott declined the command of the ar my, because he considers himself a candidate for the Presidency, and was unwilling to leave a po litical focus, from which political influence ra diates to the circumference. Thcrn are many others who believe that neither the President or Gen. Scott need give themselves the slightest disquietude upon this sub ject. These motives, if they exist, are merely persona), interesting to the parties alone, and to the:r personal friends ; have not been, and proba bly never will be, in the slightest degree, a mat ter of interest to the nation. Very few, if any, desire that Taylor should be superceded in his command, and whether they desire it or not, the President is too prudent a man to exchange cer tainty for uncertainty. Taylor and his gallant land have reflected jtlorv ii|?on the country.? Scott could do no more,and although the nation has long supported Gen. Hcott, at a cost nt seven thousand dollars per annum, to perform very in adequate service, he is nut so great a pet with the people as to induce any respectable portion of them to desire the removal ol Taylor from the command of the army, whether that removal would or would not cast the Presidential mantle upon the shoulders of Gen. Scott The only mat ter of interest in connection with the subject i?, who states the truth. Did the President oiler the command of the army to Gen. Scott 7 If so, why did he not aeeept it! Or did Gen. Scott tender his services to the government, and did the Presi dent decline to accept them 1 These are the ques tions in which the people feel an interest. It is probable the subiect will be brought before Con gress in a ti-w days. A memlier remarked this morning in my presence that in a few days he should, by resolution, call upon the Presideat for the correspondence. Zac hariaii. Treasury Sote* Out?i*nilin| ??( ,|Une, t, TaKASliat Dr.rtRTMK*T, ) RroKTKS't Ornc?., June 1, IH4S v Amount of the several issues outstanding. aa per record* of this office 14" 1'J 14 ftH Deduct cancelled notes in the hand* of the ?c counting officers I.hjo no MS9.364 38 R. H. OILLKT, Jtofistsr of the Tmsurjr. TWKKTY-irorni oorouii. In Senate. Washington, Monday, June 1, IMS. Lowering, sultry, ami dubious looking morning New arrhal of strangers in the galleries Prayer by Rev. Mr. Milburo- Journal of Friday la*t?Petitions by Messrs. Kaiifield. Lewm and othera. ruMMtm iti. mission. Mr. Jin presented a memorial from merchant* and other* of the city of New York, asking that a special mix tion be appointed by government to the countries of the eastern continent, with a view to more systematic com mercial arrangements. Referred to the committee on Foreign Relations. THE INDIANS Of OKtr.ON. Mr Si m H reported a lull for the regulation of trade with the Indians in Oregon, and for other purposes. Imprimatur. pre-emption. Mr. Breese reported a bill granting the right ol pre emption to certain persons in Missouri. SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. Mr. Dit, from the Select Committee on this important subject, reported back the House bill for establishment of the Smithsonian Institution, with several amendments. Ordered to be printed. r?T DEPARTMENT, V. S. A The Senate bill for additional paymaster*, with the amendment* of the House, was referred to the Military ; Committee. ANOTHER CALL?PKARl. RIVER?GRANT OF LANDS?SLASHES j AND SLOOS?A CONSTITUTIONAL HL'ESTIO.N INVOLVED IN ! TIIE PREMISES. Ou motion of Mr. SrciuHT, the Senate took up the bill p-ran'ing various sections and fractional sections of land u<l along on Hsarl river, in the Slates of Misaisaippi and Lo<ii-.uuia, for a distance of about three hundred miles, to aid in the improvement of said river. Mr. Spkk.h r explained, that these land* were of no great value, being subject to inundation. Mr. Sevieu laughed significantly at the quietness of the remark. Mr. Speight said, it is ?o. 1 will leave it to the Sena tor from Louisiana. He knows more about the lower j end ol the river than I do Mr. Johnson, of Louisiana snid, that the rivar as far as he knew any thing of it w as bordered hy high lands, which were barieu, or by bottom lands subject to inun dation. Mr Speight further illustrated the practicability of the navigabilitv of the Pearl river, steamboats running up as far us the City uf Jackson iu the very heart of the State. Mr. Dagbt do iiviiipe? *>ii< as the most naked proposi tion of iuterjnl improvements, t y the federal govern ment, that ho tnd me' \>ith jet This was one of the poorest regions on the face of Uoti's earth, or so repre sented to be ; ami as sure ns Uo mado Moses the im provements asked for the rivf?r would cot ho worth one l section ol land, much less the \a*t amount asked to be deducted from the treasury. Mr. Speight said the Senator was ignorant of t^e sub ject he had been discussing. He (Mr. S) spoke 1'roiu his own knowledge, when he said that he had sie.t ll?:eu or four steamboats arrive in the course of the winter with cargoes at the value of fivo and teu thousun 1 doll .is each. He had seen this himself. Mr. Bagbv was thankful for the information, but said thit there were even sloshes and sloos that were naviga ble after three months rain. The discussion was continued upon these sloos and slashes, and also upon the constitutionality of the grant proposed by this bill, in which Messrs. Speight, Johnson, of La., and Chalmers, were arrayed in support of tho measure against Mr. Bagby, who stood single handed in opposition to it, never ilinc'hing an inch, contending, too, i thut most rivers run down, while this had bean repre sented as running up. . On motion of .vir. IIannegan, after the lapse of an hour ' thus debated away, the bill was laid aside tillto-inoriow, und the Senate resumed tho oreuon question, The question pending, was the motion to recommit tho House hills to the Committee on the Judiciary, with in structions. Mr. t ass took the floor for the purpose, avowed by himself, of resuscitating tho line of 54 40. He arguod lustily against Mr. Benton, without disproving one single lact proved by Mr. Benton. Mr. Jeflerson and Mr. Madi son were regarded as in the way in the discussion of the Stestiou, and Mr. Cass frankly said he desired to remove ese gentlemen out of the way, and it was plain, be cause their words destroyed the claim of Mr. Cass to 64 40. The fact, that they had spoken before the treaty of 1H1P, Mr. Cass regarded as shutting out their testimony entirely. Mr. C insisted that the Utrecht line was not run, and that all reference to it was out of place. Mr. [ llenton was treated, in conclusion, as occupying an in | consistent position, and: a speech delivered in 1842 was quoted against him. When Mr. Cass took his seat, after a speech of about two hours, Mr. Benton rose, and in some thirty minutes replied with great lorco and point.? He said that the treaty of Utiecht, in the 10th arti cle, provided that the line should be run, not bv sur veyArs, but geographically, and astronomically. *They were to run the line forthwith, and this had been done. Mr. B said the Senator from Michigan hopped lightly over all the points of his argument, and abandoned every ore of his main points, to jump at now conclusions, or rather to revive old ones. He had professedly washed bis hands anJ wiped them of Mr. Oreenhow, and yet for an hour and a half he had hugged him and his errors to his bosom. My argument, said Mr. Benton, had been quibbled at and distorted by one of those fifty-four forties, and all in defence of error, known error. These 34 40 wen, under a mistake, had aroused and excited the coun try. They had committed a great error, and hugged it to their bosoms. Tho question was that of a senseless war, and a war of ignorance on our part, in defence of Kramer's River and New Caledonia, a country covered all over with British posts and settlements. The Sana tor from Michigan knows it. He has not once mentioned New Caledonia or Frazer's river. He will not pronounce tho name of a country for which he is ready to plunge the country into a war, and to which he knows the coun try has no title. He is ready for M ar, and to take a coun try to which we have no title whatever. The question being upon Mr. Benton's instructions to the Judiciary Committee?First?for a }>ermanent law to [ go into effect after the expiration of the Oregon joint convention. Second?for a temporary law fortlio benefit of ourciti/.eus in Oregon. Third?defining the extent of our juii?diction (until scttle.l by treaty stipulations) to be the line of 49?the honorable Senator called for the aves unJ noes. ">1r. Mamii'm moved n division, first, upon referring to the Judiciary Committee, independent of any instruc tions, winch wan agreed to, and the subject was refer red accordingly. The question next recurring upon giving the Commit mitiec tue instructions desiguuted?they were lead first for information. Cot BKNron?I call for the ayes and noes, sir. Some little conversation followed, when Cot BrNTo> said, in his place, he desiied some Sena 1 tor woulJ move to strike out 49 and insert 64 40, as the boundary. Mr. WnTcoTT, of the Territorial Committee, desired a few remarks. The in?tructions pioposed would be en . tirely impracticable. No law of Congress could answer thi< purposes of a local government for Oiegon, in any cf the details of such a government. The exclusive tem po* ary jurisdiction was another impediment, while the whole territory was subject to a joint occupancy. The people of Oiegou had frame a law for themselves. If Congress did anything temporarily, the recognition and (?auction of thut law would be the best thing that could ; be done. The defiaiug of any boundary was objection ablu, until the joint occupation of the whole territory was in force?for no matter what litle is the just one, the use ol the whole territory to both parties, meantime, is undis puted He would suggest, therefore, in lieu of tho in structions of the Senator from Missouri, that the Com mittee be instructed to report n bill for a temporary law recogni-ing the organic law adopted by the people of Oregon, and framed in accordance with our federal con stitution. Mr. VVkmtk* sai' he hoped tho subject would be per mitted to lie over till to-monow, a* it was one of some importance. According to tue instructions of the Sena tor from Misaonr. and tie concur.ed in the general scope of them, tliem were two >rttiree brauches to the question of reference. Mr. W. then lecapitulated the inductions as alieady stated ; and ii^iuii Hit fir?t pri-it he explained that the municipal authority or t ie lu> ai authority of le gislation of Congress could not be o\ton led to Oregon, the District of < olumbia being ihe only te.t.torv of which Congress was the local legislature, lie woi'lt fu st in quire, how far consistent with the circumstances of the case there was any necessity for a temporary U?vv. in this respect his hopes predominated o\er his fears, lit looked to the tetllement of tht countroverty, and the frter mination of a lint before the clott of this union of Con er f. In that case, it would not eveu be necessity to go to the length recommended by the Senator from Honda, in the adoption of a temporary measure. It would, then, he. perhaps, the wiser plan to wait. In regard to the second branch of the instructions, he thought it time that the subject were in the hands of a committee. As to the third point, or the definition of ? line, he was rather in clined to wait for the present?he was rather inclined to prepare for a regular permaaent bill. If, before we sepa rate, our northern boundary shall be fixed, no temporary measure will be necessary?if not fixed, theio will be time enough to provide for the contingency at the last day of the session. Mr. Webster accordingly suggested a modification of the instructions pro|>o*o<i, and moved, meantime, that the senate adjourn. Mr. Calm our?Will the Senator waive it for a mo ment 1 Mr. Wtsntl?Certainly, sir. Mr. Calhou* said he would prefer a reference to the , Judiciary Committee without any instructions. Rely ing with entire confidence on the Committee, he thought it would bo improper to trammel them with any instruc tions at all Ho would go further The impression with him was exceedingly strong, that the best thing we can do in reference to Oregon is to do nothing. Of this, however, the committee will be the judge. A tempora ry law could not be made to apply (>efore the expiration ofthe Treaty, and a permanent' law could better be enacted at the next session of Congiess. There would lie ample time during the next session belore the Con vention expired. He was opposed to all instructions. Mr. Atchison was in favor of instructions, and of a temporary law. I he line would be a proper subject of future consideration. He wn opposed to delaying the measure ol a law for Oregon till the next session, which would be limited to three months ; ami when we consi dered that four months had been occupied at the present in the mere discussion of the notice, there w as but little hope of the passage of a law, if postponed till the next session. Mr. Wkrstkr was about proceeding to a reply to some of the remarks of the Senator from South Carolina, * hen Mr. Srvtra asked that the Senator give way for a mo tion to adjotirn. Mr W?.anr.R (scratching hi* head)?I have not ano ther word to say. And the Senate adjourned. Ilonac of Rfpresentatlvei. WiiHismos, June 1, IMO. Mr. Moasr, of Louisiana, announced that the Hon. D. S Kaufman, elected a representative from the ..astern district of 'lexas, was present, and accompanied him to the desk, whete The SeKia>:a administered to him the oath to support I the constitution of the I nited States, and he took his seat in the hall. TMR TKRRITORICS. The first, aerond, and third days of June, instant, were, some time since, e pecially set aside for the consideration of billi relating to the territories : therefore, to-day, in , committee ol tue whole on the State ol the Union, (Mr | ?vwUnm the chair,) A Mil to aid la th* construction of Mitala mil ta tho torrltor7 of Wisconsin ?u taken up; aad after nauki ?bout the constitutionality of Improving harbora, tho land policy, ?ct., Mr. Docolass said these questions had heretofore been discussed, and he presumed that all minds were made up. He hoped, therefore, that the committee would proceed to vote on the bills relating to territories, as there was a long catalogue of them, which would, occupy the time set apart for their consideration. Mr. Kathmn opposed any appropriation of money connected wilh the bill, during our war with Mexico. Mr. Dodge, of Iowa, (who plainly showed to-day that he has not exhausted his good sense and intelligence by continuous talking ) briefly spoke in favor of tho sub ject and, iu the course of his remarks, said that by the next session, and within one year, upwards of a million of dollars will have been received at one land oftice in Iowa, and that in gold and silver. Messrs. Hi'icr, of New York, Sims, of South Carolina, ami Rockwell, of Connecticut, spoke to the amenJmont which was pending, appropriating $6000 for opening the mouth (wnich it appears is closed,) of a river Mr McConnell. Better give it up, sir, than to rob and plunder the treasury. The question was taken on tho amendment, but no quo rum voted. Mr. McConnell. I move that the committee rise and report that fact to the House. The question was again taken, and no quorum voted? ayes 60, noes SI. Mr. Doi'olass. I ask for a count of the House, Mr. Chairman. The Chairman. Gentlemen are requested to vote on one side or the other. Another trial, and the amendment was adopted?yeas 67, nays 60 HKocKar at Tiir falls ok Niagara? a new move. An amendment, proposing ccrtain survey*, having been read ? Mr MeCssniiL arose, [Ho was the most conspicuous member of the House, from his position in front of the Chair, as well as tho peculiarity of a portion of his cos tume?a blood-red vest, and a sky-blue neckerchief.] 1 have, said he, an amendment to oilier. Tho Chairman?The amendment is not now in order. Mr. McConnell?Well, then, when it is in ord*r, (holding out a piece of paper,) 1 will move an appropria tion < f twonfv-tlvo thousand dollars for the purpose of building J public grocory at the Kails of Niagara, aud for supplying it with the necessary "fixins."?A voice? "Do you want a tavern there'"] Yes?and the next moco will be to build a ? bouse. ["Shemo !"] This amendment was subsequently otl'ered. but with drawn, there being uono to second the motion. supplemental war dill Mr. Haralson made an ineffectual ell'ort for the com mittee to rist:, with a \icw to postpone the territorial business, and proceed to the consideration of the bill sup plementary to'.ue act for carrying on the existing war with Mexico, (appointing two major-generals and four brigadier geuorius.) Ill"in AND FOI'L legislation. Mr. Donor moved that tho bill for constructing roads in Iowa be tuken up, and the motion was agreed t?. Mr. McConn * 1,1.?1 have another amendment, sir,which I send to the Clerk's table. Here, boy, lake it up. The page followed tho direction, and handed it to the ( lerk, who appeared to be reluctant to read. Mr. McConnell?Go on, sir. The Chairman?Tho following amendment has been ottered. The Clerk read?"To break up the running gear of ruin and foul legisliitton, two millions of dollars.''? (Laughter) No question was taken; and Mr. McConnell turned himself upside down, with his head in the seat of the chair, wheic another part of his M>dy ought to have been, and cocked his logs up on the desk; and in this jiosition lie seemed to be very comfortable. He sweetly mused, and calmly dosed, Till sleep his wearied eyelids closed. MINERAL LANDS. The bill to direct the President of the United SURes to hell the reserved mineral lauds in the States of Illinois and Arkansas, and territories of Wisconsin and Iowa was taken up. Mr. IIathbl n moved to fix the price ?f the lands at five dollars. Mr. Sims, of South Carolina, proposed on* dollar and a quarter. Mr. McClkrnand, of Illinois, went into a history of the leasing of these mineral lands, and said that the system had cost the (Government fifty or sixty thousand dollars, besides large items for contingencies. It had also been the hotbed of corruption, and extravagance, and violonce and strifo for the last twenty years, and should be abo lished. ' Mr. Rathbl'.n replied to a remark of Mr. McClernand, with reference to the anti-renters; and observed that the gentleman's remarks came with a bad grace, especially as the anti-rent difficulties bad been adjusted. The Statu which the gentleman, in Dart, represented (Illinois) had by tho bowie knife and tlie pistol, driven the Mormons from their homoa, and tho laws .vhich they possessed are occupied by citizens of that State. Those who live in glass houses s:hould not throw stones. He was in favor of selling the lands for five dollars an acre, but not for giviuc tham away. Mr. Hoi'ston, of Alabama, did uot rise for the purpose of discussing the question, but to propose a substitute for the bill?the same as that passed during the last session? placing tho pricc ol the mineral lands at tho minimum of live dollars for twelve months, afterwards to be entered as other lands. Mr. 11 ook showed that the lands were not so valuable as the gentleman from New York. (.Vlr. Kathburn) sup posed. Y'ou could not scrape your loot and pick up dol lars, but the wealth was only procured with the mattock and the spade, and by excossive toil. This labor produ ced less compensation than any other. The land? should be put up at public sale, and sold to the liighest bidder. Mr. Adams of Mississippi said that nootliei government on earth than this had eves speculated ta her lands. Kx tortion was bad enough in individuals, but worse in Gov ernmenls. It was not the proper policy, to hold on to the lands ; they should be disposed of to the highest bid tier. There was nothing on earth so dear to a man us Ills home, and was there a member here who would not cheerfully do all iu his power to furnish him with one, and make him cheerful, contented aud happy ? At a quarter past three the committee rose, and the House adjourned. Baltimore, JuneS, 1S46. Rainy Weather?Southern Newt?Naval Heeruitt?Fa tal Occident?Baltimore VolunteerI?City Mortality? Insolvent Mortality?Markiti, <J r. The weather (till cuntinuei cloudy and unsettle.1, with occasional sunshine and ruin. The excitement fur further Southern new* ia becom ing intense. Hie next new* will undoubtedly be of great importance, as affording a sketch of 4he reception of Oen Taylor on Mexican soil. It i? to be hoped, that the native will not not use him as roughly as he used them, on this side of the Rio (Grande. A draft of forty recrufts for tlio U. 8. Naval Scrvice, shipped at this port, consisting of II seamen, 7 ordinary seamen, 17 landsmen, and ft boys, left here yesterday afternoon in the steamer (Georgia, for Norfolk. They aie Intended for tho IT. 8. Krigate Brandywine, now fitting out at the Oosport eavy yard. Several boys were yesterday playing on a pile of lum ber in the eastern section of the city, when it tilted over, falling on Joseph M. Ilubbard, a boy about six years old, ao severely ma?hing him, that he died in a few minutes. Among tho list of insolvent debtor* this week 1 find the names of Samuel C. Cole, Samuel Comly, and Mar than F. Comly, all merchants. The whole trio were, a few months siuce, supposed to be doing an immense bu sines*, the latter under the firm of Comly &. Brother*, keeping an extensive print establishment, and the for mer as a grocery commission merchant. Marckts.?'The arrivals of beeves were tolerably largest yesterdav's market, and thr stock ge icrally was <>l good qua lity. There was mure briskness, and the better descriptions brought previous rates, hut a few inferior were sold nader the lowral figures of lost week's quotations. The offerings at the scales were 382 head, of which *0 were driven to Philadel phia, 12 remain over unsold, and the balanre, 2)10 head, were : taken at S2 <1 a $3 75 per 100 lbs. gross, equal to $1 10 a $7 21, net. Average rate, $ i 37J?. Live Hogs are dull at $110 a $1 71. There i? a itili supply. Very little has been done in Howard ?t,cet flour since the publication of our last renew. The few limited traiissetious which took place on Saturday and yesterday, were at $4 for miied brand*. There were set tleineuts >esterday for receipts from cars at $] Mo tran sactions in City Mills Hour. Some holders are willing to ? ell at St 21. 1 lie demand for Whiskey continues very limi ted at 2U ceuts for hlid.s; and 21 eta for bbls fHH.AOKI.PHIA, June 9, 1846. An affair, which continue* shrouded in myitery up to the preicnt time.occurred last evening in the vicinity of Seventh ami Chesnut streets. A fair damsel, who is un derstood to havo been of rathor doubtful reputation in kngland, where she hails from, appeared in a *tate of ex treme agitation at the place mentioned,and iceing the per aon who had, in some way, eacited her jealousy anil te venge, discharged a pistol at him, which missing the merk, she wag seized and conveyed to the city polict office. A second pi.tol, loaded to the muzzle, was found upon her person. She has long threatened the life of the individual in question, who is conncctcd with the stage, and is it* distinguished ornaaient, and made a similar at tempt before but no public notice was taken of it. Fears were apprehended that the attempt would be made, and the |iolice were on the watch for the heroine all the day previous- A hearing of the case wa* had this morniag, Init being private, the particulars are not yet divulged. [The gentleman is understood to be Mr. Frazer.] Tho ojiening of the opera at the Chesnut itreet theatre wa* postponed last evening, on account of the severe in disposition of Mrs. Seguin. The concert and ball of the (tarmnn musical societies last evening, in honor of their leatival of song, were bril liant affairs. The pieces were admirably performed, some of tlie chorusses with over a hundred voices ; tho audience entirely filled the Musical Kund Hall, and the participants in the hall were a* many a* that large saloon could accommodate. 1 hope to witness many more such reunions. The news by the Britannia was recoited by tele graph, and issued in extras by aeveral of the newspa per* Their sale was soon stopped, however, by the ar rival of the extra Heralds, containing fuller details. As there is very little of interest brought by this arrival, it* publication caused a very trifling excitement. If the public, a few month* lince. could be censured for being only interested and curious lor the arrival of the next steamer, they have certainly recovered from that habit, and now are only anxious for intelligence from the scat of war ; foreign news being now unheeded by the great mass. The sales of stocks were larger to-day than have been usual for the past week, but price* havo not improved since yesterday. State Fives have betn sold a shade lower than wa* obtained for them yesterday. Nal?sofltock?at Philadelphia. Ji-wr 2?Kiasi Boaan ? $7000 Alms House 6's, 47, 6I>< (Moo Slate A's. 6t'^; 3000 Texas notes, 12. 22 >ha t'hila. Dank, 101*4; 3 do Manufacturers and Mechanics' Bauk 23; 600 Wil mington RR, ail 74. Arrr.a Salks.? $1110 State i's 61'*; 21 shs Oirard Bank, 9V. MMSD Board.?$710 I'S Bank Notes, 7*1^; 100 Lehigh $'*, 17; 420 Slate i's, (m'4 ; 2000 Te in Bonds, W V Ar r?:a Salks ? $JMio Susquehanna Canal Bonds, 29; 30 shs Su?qU<-ha'ia Canal. 7; 1 N. Ainerirau Bank 397; $100 Le high i's, ill $0000 Texas Treasury Notes, I2t?; 10WI dodo, 12>4; l<M?o Heading KM Bond* 72; .i shs Schuylkill Natigatinn Co, 29; 2 Pemi. Bauk, 211; $1000 State I's, 64^; 10 shs Oirard Bank, 9,V. Males ut Mmks as i toe ton. Jtr*r. 1.?21 shs Long Island Railroad, slO, 2*. 21 do do, 2i; 100 do Norwich and Worcester R H, 12U; 1 do do JtHi * d'? Boston and Maine Railroad, I07H?; jo do hast Boston Co, si*, U'l n Sr.ruis Board.?"M shs Long Islsnd Railroad, 2iJt; tl do do, sit, 2*\;21do do W\. 10 do do 2??<; 21 do k.ast Bos toa t o., I4H. 10 do.Norwich and Worcester R R, 1J; $10# | Texas Notes, U>? per e. OOKKIKOUIh Mnr York, Tueeday, Juno ?. Aihh?.-Some mIm of PoU war* mad* at (3 60, and pearls at $4. Breadsti rrs.?The market in flour and grain re mains dull up to the doling, and we heard of no transaction! worth reporting. Price* are at our quotation* of yes terday. Cotto*.?There havo not been sufficient transactions since the receipt of the intelligence per steamer" Hiber nia" to-day, to say what the cffect ot her advices will bo on our market. Holders acem to be encouraged to ask an advance on their previous rates, which it is not pro bable that buyers will accede to. We quote as before? annexing a report from a leading cotton ottiee in Liver pool, of the tone of the market there, to which we call attention :? , Liverpool Classification. New Orleans Uplands. floridm. Mob. <? Texas. Inferior, ? ? ? Ordinary, 6\a 7 7 Middling, 7^s 7? Good .Middling, 7>?a 74, Middling Fair, "\a Fair, 8 a 8's Fully Fair, " Good Fair, Fiue. Liverpool, May 18, 1848. The Great Britain, which sailed hence for New York on the 9th inst, carried reports of a very steady cotton market. In the early part of last week there were seve ral successive arrivals from the United States, and on Thursday the Halifax steamer, with dates to 30th ult, reachod port. The advices brought by these arrivals of a still increasing deficiency in tho receipts of cotton, crcated considerable activity in our market, the sales ou Wednesday, Thursday and ^Friday averaging ll.OOO bales, prices of American cottons gradually hardening, and the market closing on the last-montiuned day firmly, at an advance of }d por lb on the quotations of the pre ceding week. This advance has been, as is very usual, followed by acomparalive pause in business, the sales on Saturday having inly been oOOO bales (1500 to exporters and speculators), with mora cotton ofl'orlng; hut without any declino in prices- To-day the sales are estimated at 6000 bags, with a quiet market; 1000 on speculation. Su rats have been in cousidor&ble deioaud, and have ad vanced 4 to Jd per lb. The Monchestur market has been very dull during the past week, having beon uuluvoi-ably affected by one or two large failures which have taken place in London. Goodi have been in vory limited demand, and jiricos barely supported. Yarns aro thin in price, but without much business doing in them.

MUSGRAVE k VANCE, Cotton Brokers. Panengers Arrived. Lo!?now?Ship Victoria?Rev Samuul S Day, Mrs Roenna C Hay, Howard M Day, Samuel C Day, Martha S Day, Mary M Day, Ellen K Day, James B Day and servant, .Madras; Rev Horace Uu?hiiell, DD, Hartford, Coau; Iter George Stroboll, Philadelphia; Edward Clarke, Mary S Clarke, La tharine Phillips and servaut,North impton, Mass; Mrs George Sauuders, John Dikemaii.juu; Mrs Georgian? E D'keman, Brooklyn, NY; James Hoi>kiusuu, llri Caroline L llopkin son, Emma Ho|>kinson and servant, Philadelphia; Mrs Bed done, Miss Patience Beddoue, Brighton, England; Mrs Eli za Portlock, New Haven, Connecticut; Miss Hosetta Box sius, Loudon: Hubert H Sherlock, Miss Anne J Shirluck, anil servant, Dublin; John B Wells, Jamaica; Duncan P Hyde, New York; William Harrison. Hampshire, England; G Robinson, London; Franklin Tavjor, J Bayard Taylor, Barclav Pen nock, Pennsyliauia: William Rutcliffe, Sarah RatclijTe, Henry Ratcliffe, Joseph Hatch tie, David Rat cliffe, Thomas Ratcliffe. Frederick Ratcliffe, Gre?t Oxley, England; Miss Julia Cuestara, Joseph Poole, Mrs Emma Poole, Masters James Poole, Henry Poole and ( has Poole, Hammersmith, England; Rolierl Freeman, Caroline Curtis, Airs Maria Browne, Master William Browue, London; John l.eyd, Samuel Roberts, Rev James West, Mrs Jane West, Cheltenham, England; Samuel Corbet, Anne Corbet, Ham burgh; Christopher W ilsou, William Hunter, Thos Green, j John Mole, England?1J0 in the steerace. Marseilles?Ship' Gaston?Wni C Clark, J B McEwen, MD, of New York; Edwd Palmer, Philadelphia; Capt Drum I inoud. formerly of the bark Henry Newell. Charleston?Steamship Palmettos-Francis M Weston ; and lady, S P Baseoin, lady and 3 children, E Graves, lady and child, Rev N Hyatt and ladp. Mis Evans and child, Mrs I Baldwiu, Mrs Mordecai, Miss H Mordecai, Miss R Morde cai, Miss P Tobias, Miss Rebecca Piexotte, MisaH H Coon, I Miss H Slaan, Miss C Adams, Mrs Hrriet Simmons, Mrs Ali { da Armstrong. Miss Sarah Armstrong, Miss Mary Armstrong, I MBFiuch, Wm Bell, Plowden Westen, 8 W Knevals, E A : Graves, G W Billings, H S Newcoinl). U S N, and C Wliije ! more. ! Liverpool?Steamship Hibemia, at Boston?Sir Henry Caldwell, Lady Caldwell and servant ; Mr Perrault Sc lady ; M W Hunt ami lady ; Mr Buggalev and lad>; Rev Mr Muu roe and lady : Mr Moses ana lady ; Miss Chapman ; Mrs Sims; Lieut Col French and lady; W Twinnane; W W Mes ser, bearer of despatches; J M Earle; William Fiber; James Mair; James Clewes: Mr Dnvidson ; ATumer; Captain Mar tin; Joseph Brown; Mr Mullen ; J C Loring: C Marsland; J A Parr; MrTaggart; Mrs Mullen, nurse and two children ; Capt C R Kuight; Robert Owen; Rev James Robiuson ; Rev Mr Patterson; David Anderson; Edward Bursall ; Mr Lous dale; J E Groetsan ; Mr Robinson : H Crasto ; J Murphy; Captain Hayne ; Mr Meek ; Win Chapman ; Mr Ryan ; W Langdeu; MrShand ; Sir Anderson. At Halifix?Mr Pul len ; Mr and Miss Freeman ; Hon M Stuart ; C F Stuart ; Mr Hooper; Capt Dill; C N Thome; C L Street. Halifax?Steamship Hibemia, at Boston?Hon F.nos Col lins ; Cant, Nalet, lady and child, nurse and male servant ; Mrs J P Millad^e; Mrs Fox; Mrs W Stevenson LirinrooL?Ship Washington?Rev F Tiernay, Charles Delaguir?300 in steerage. Savannah?Brig Sterling?Mrs. Lernard. Rev. Mr. Wynn and lady, G. II. Lellibridge and lady. Miss J. Clark. Miss 8. Wav, Miss C. Wilkin, Miss V. Wilkin, Miss S. Camming, T. B. Clark, Masters R. Lernard, G. Lernard, S. Clark?11. Poaaengers Sailed. LirERrooL?Steamship Britannia from Boston?Mr. Med ley, lady and two children, Mn Elliott, child and servant, C Lyell and lady, C Elliot, W Hi-tice, F Si right. England; James I'aul. Andrew Marris, James Holford, O H Evans, Loudon; Mn 8 Crawford, G Phillips, Canada: Mrs Lloyd 8c son,Canada K?st; Mr Binges, Amsterdam; Wm Lobachf, A K Blaekmore, John Sadler, G Eckliardt, Mexico; James Hartley, Nsules^ L Rotlie, Denmark; Godfrey Suhstze, 8t Louis; Rev T Smith, Mr Blenedect, J McKotin, Jackson, La; K H Davis, Norfolk, Va; A Taurasi, M Antojini, Havaua; O I'Bell, Northumberland, Ohio; Major T II Shelby, Lex ington; Mr Heine, E Martineau, Mobile; Hev Dr Scott, L I Muck, N Orleans; Ed Delano, China; B K Warded, E Cam bridge; Pres Oliver and lady, Niddletsn, Conn; Miss Sarah Mutter, C Fallon, Mrs FhIIoii. A G Ralston, Mrs Ralston and servant. Miss Wiggin, Philadelphia; J Ridgway, D Castille Ferdinand Luis, J McKoun, and servant, Francis Tomes, E W Moore, John Patten, N York; Lawrence Nichols and lady. ! JTHimes, R Hutchinson, B H Dixon, Rev .Mr Brown, G W I Warren, John Hill, Geo H Evans, Wm Keay, Boston; T C Reynolds, U S Legation Spain; Hon R M Saunders, bearer of i despatches, and Minister to Spain ; Ed DeUuo, China?71. For Halifax, Rev J W Crump and daughter, Montreal; "C | Edward, St Louis: C Batrlle and lady, J W Reamer, NYork; M Car, N Hampshire; Mrs Freem ui and Mrs Butler, Hali fax?9. MARITIME HERALD. rVOTICK TO SHIPMASTERS. We hope that Captains of vessels arriving at this port, will not deliver any shippiug lists, newspapers, news or parcels in tended for this office, to any persons other thau the New York Pilots, or Capt. Robert Silvft. of onr news fleet PORT or NEW YORK, JUNE 3. MM H M ?cit aisis 4 32 I moon sets o 41 m SUN SKTS 7 24 | HIOH WATER 2 38 M Cleared. Ship St Nicholas. Eveleigh, Havre, Boyd 8t Hincken. Ship Herculean. Holmes, Liverpool. Boyd & Hincken. Ship Hercules, Madigan, Antwerp, Schmidt He Balchen. Ship St Lawrence, Hagerdorn, New Orleans, J Elwell It Co. Bark Neversiuk. (new. 280 tons) Halt, Genoa, J H Stephens. Bark Brown, White, Quebec, J Mc Murray. Bark Jane. Milligan, New Orleans, J McMurray. Brig Belle, Vose, Si John, NB. Arrosmith V Wheeler. Brig Lady of the Lake, Wingood, Beunuda, Tucker fc Lightbouru. Brig Will, Schr Lacon, Bearse, Boston. 8chr Sequel, Anauts, Philadelphia, McRev, Hand k Co. Schr Page, Chamberlain, Bostou. Schr Cambridge, Hall, Bostou. Barge Shark, Stevenson, Philadelphia. Arrived. Packct ship Victoria, Morgan, from London and Portsmouth April 20, with indse, to J Griswnld. Has been 24 hours off Sandy Hook iu the fog. May 27th, Iat4l40, Ion 02 17, spoke brig President, from Bremen, hound to New York. Snip Gaston, Coulter, from Marseilles April 12th, and Gib raltar April 2Jd. with mdse, to Chamberlain & Phelps. May 17th. lat 42 2(1, Ion 42 20, exchanged signals with bark Margaret Pollock, standing west. May 21d, on the Banks, spoke schr Rose, of Marblehead. with 2600 fish, all well. Br ship Gurrow, Thompson, from Liverpool. April 30th. in ballast. 270 steerage passengeni. to order. 9.h May, lat 30, ion 15 1J, spoke ship Liverpool, Kldridge. hence for Liverpool ? 19th, lai 41 28, Ion 32, spoke bark Pomona, of and from Bris tol, for Trinidad. Ship Republic, (of Baltimore) Landcs.31 days from Havre, in ballast, 204 passengers, to Bo> d Ik Hincken. 30th May, tat 40, Ion6J 30, spoke ship Kalamazoo, AlcCerren. Ship Ars um, Robinson, from Glasgow, via Fayal. 29 days, with mdse, to Woodhull Sc Miutiirna. May 22d, fat 39 30, Ion iOU, exchanged signals with a ship showing a black ball in fore topsail, steering E. 17th Jan, Ut 17, Ion 17, saw a ship about 400 tons, coppered, bottom up. Left ship Lorena, Ur quhart, for New Orleans, in 14 days; Belvidere, for Hull. Steamship Palmetto, Spinney, 10 hocrs from Charleston, with freight and passengers, to R I Van Dewattr. Sunday, 31st. 30 miles H of Hatteras, passed a U 8 steam propeller, with three masts, (no doubt tne Princeton) steering to the westward. t Same day, at noon, off hatteras, spoke brig Ex cel, from New York for Savannah, and ship Lancashire, six days out. bound to Savannah. Same day, at 4 P M, 2.'i miles north of Hatteias, spoke and boarded shin Sutton, Galloway, from New York for Charleston. The I laid to 11 hours in the fog off the hook. Fr bark Bon-Henry, Delamare, 43 days from Havre, with mdse, and 109 passengers, to A C Rossi re k. Co. Br bark Em.uiiiel, Burns, from Liverpool, April 20, in bal last. 173 psssengers, to Richardson St Co Bark George Henry, (of Thomaston) Gracia, from Bremen April 26. with mdse, ana 123 parsengers. to master. April 29, off Cewe*. spoke ship Vistula, from N Orleans for Cowes. Brig Sterling, Thompson, 6 days from Savannah, to Dun ham Dimon. May 26th, lat It 20, Ion 7} 40, spoke brie L'zardo. Sclir St Dennis, B ram an, 20 days from Mobile, with rope cuttings, to H Butler. Schr Adams, Baker, nda>? from Richmond, with floor, to Haxall & Brother. Schr Ann, Bartlett, 6 days from Georgetown, with lnmber, to Badger reck. Schr Richmond, Gibbs, New Bedford, oil. Schr Benj Bigelow. Baxter, Boston, mdse. Schr Lydia Storer, Storer. Bangor, lumber. Schr Page, Chamberlain, Boston, mdse. Schr Mary Maria, , Tliomaston, lime. Below. Ship I*ncas, Latham, from New Orleans, with mdse, to F. D Hurlbut at Co. . . Ship Arkansas, Hiltiard, from New Orleans, with mdse, to W Nelson. . ? _ . Ship Gen Vexie, KaiHIeld. 14 days from New Orleans Bark Edward, Uulkley, from Cnarleaton, with cotton, to Dunham It Dimon. _ ..... . _ Bark Ann Walsh, Emery, from Mobile, with eotton, to E D Hurlbut It Co. ? , Norwegian bark Satvator, Oassmsn, from Smyrna, with mdse, to Dutilh it Cousinery. Bark t laremont, l.ermond, 17 davs from >ew Orleans. Brigl'tardo, Mareen, IJ days from Neuritas. Brig Hayti. . from Porto Rico. A bark from Smyrna. Also, I ship; 1 brig?unknown. Mlaeellaiieoua tteiord, Q"7" Packet ship Sheridan, Cornish, for Liverpool, will sail this morning, she having been unavoidably dotained. UT1 Packet ships Switzerland, for London, and St Nicho In, for Havre, will leave this morning, westher permitting. 8wir Poi.i.rx, (Dan) Holdt, which left here on the 14th ult, for Charleston, came in contact with an unknown American hsrk off Cape Hatteras, and returned on the 1st mat, to repair damages. (T^ The sails, chains, anchors, and other materials, of tha bark Wimptac, which was ashore at Cork, ?rrircdoa the lat laat at BoMon, ta the batk fctUnbttrf. iSSJSSSOK^aSUSi *??" i AlllULI. No.afVtutlt Riipictiv* Flagi. Steamship i American vessels 169 snips ti British 44 b?rk? Bremen la Brigs tH Swedish 4 Schooners 43 Netherlands 2 _ ? French 2 Total 141 Sardinian 1 Hamburg 1 lUnnli i Portuguese 1 Chilmu 1 Belgian 1 Central American 1 Prussian. P Norwegian 1 Toul 241 CUillVCIl, Kumber. Tint. American vessels 98 31,761 Foreign Tessels M 19,044 Total 1A6 m,?io Port or Boston.?Arrivals and clearances at Boston, da ring the mouth of May, 1846:? ARRIVALS. Ships. Barks. Brigs. Schs. Sips. Total. 37 41 151 613 13 884 Coastwise 25 21 u7 515 15 663 Foreign 12 20 65 128 0 225 ol'the foreign arrivals, 1 ship, 2 barks, 18 brigs, and 107 schooners were British, and 2 briifs Swedish. clearance*. Ships. Barks. Brigs. Schs. Sips. Total. 41 41 112 3im 5 503 I Coastwise 2b 23 61 19-' 5 312 Foreigu 13 21 41 109 0 191 Of the loreign clearances, 1 bark, 15 brigs, and 97 schooners were British. Port or Baltimore.?List of foreign and coastwise arri vals at the port of Btltimore, during the month of May, 1816, carefully compiled from the drily list of arrivals published in the American;? _ , _ _ , Ships. Barks. Brigi. Scbrs. Froui Foreign Ports 4 2 18 12 From Coastwise Porta 4 7 17 85 8 9 35 97 Total number of foreign arrivals 36; coastwise arrivals 113. Whole number 149?of which 133 were Ainericau, 9 British, 1 4 Bremen. 1 French, 1 Spanish, 1 Norwegian. Cafk hattkras, May 25?18 bbls spirits turpentine were picked up ueir this place a few days since. The in irks upon tliein are as follows, viz: 14 libls T W Richards; 3 do B F Hawks; and i do P ii. They will be sold on the 15th day of June next. Key West, May 16?The damaged sugars of bark John Parker, were sold here 3 few days pa?t at auction, and prices varied from 3 4-16 a fic per pound; 325 boxes have already been disposed of. There is to be another sale on Monday next, lhtli inst, of 70 boxes. The bark will be ready for sea on or about the 23d inst. Tiie ship Canton, from London, bound to Havana, arrived here ou the 14th inst, and sailed yesterday. 1 The salvage of ship Mussel Glover is not awarded. She finished discharging lier ice yesterday, aud will be hove out | by order of the surveyors. The brig Wakulla, from Charleston, bound to New Or leans, was spokeu yesterday by the pilot Louisa, off Sand Kev. The schr Col Kerney, from St Marks, passed through the harbor on the 14th, bound 10 a northern port. The brig Kudoliih (ironing is loadiug for New York with sugar aud logwood. Spoken. Schr Peru, from New York for Charleston, 8 days ont, 27th May, no lat. No date, lat 51), Ion 12, Merweide, Vandriesten, from Ant werp for N York. April 20. lat 50, Ion 30, Brooklyn, Brooksby, from the Clyde for Ki York. No date, lat 47, Ion 12, Manchester, Jarman. Rotterdam, for n York May 5th, lat 51, Ion 11, Louisa, from Waterford, for New 1 York* No date, lat 50, Ion 12 40, ship Philadelphia, from Rotterdam for N York. Brig Mary Ann, Lotland, from Philadelphia, (April 4) for Gibraltar. Ship Henry Bliss, Cummins, from Liverpool for New Or leans, May 12, lat 51, lnu 7. Globe, from Cette for N Orleans, April 19, no lat. Whalemen. A letter from ship George St Susan, Taber, of NB, report* ? her ou Coast of Chili Feb 1. with i00 bbls wli oil. Foreign Ports. antwerp. May 8?Arr Edwina, West, Mobile; Mayflow er, Hitchcock, New York; 14th, Talleyrand, Webb, New Or leans. ' Amsterdam. May 9?Cld, brigs Talmadge, Hart. Porto Es condide; Margaret, Tewfliibury, St Cruz; 13th, schr Italian, i Po-ter, Cardenas. Boulogne, May 12?Sid, Mary Pester, Gonet, Charles ton, Bordeaui, May 12?Arr 10th, brig Aldrich. Sales, from N Orleans, for N York, immediately. Sid 7th, Valiant, Giraud, for New Orleans; France. Ducassou, for Mobile. In port, ship* Talma, Murray, for N Orleans, soon; Thraciau, Brown, fordo. 20th; bark Montpelier, Stackpole. from Rotterdam, forN Orleans, June 15th (in advance of her arrival): Fanny, for N York, soon; Apollo, (Fr) for Philadelphia, 20th May; Lydia. (Fr) for New Orleans, soon; Alexandre, (Fr) for do, ; June 15th. 1 brkmejv, May 2?Arr Maria Albina, New York; 9th, Ad ler, Holiorst, Aiobile: 11th, Ros< oe, Rickeri, London. Sid , loth, Mngdalena. Deetjen, New York. I But meriiaten, May 13?Sid Herzog Von Cambridge, Bal timore, Henrietta, Pajekin, New York; Agues, Haesloop, Galvestou. Beatmaris, May 17th?Arr Bertrand, Harlow, Loudon, (to | load at Ba igor for Boston, expected to be detaiued 40 days.) i Brouwkhshaven, May 14?Arr brig Acton, Daggett, New York lor Rotterdam. Cowes, May 16?Arr Chas Wirginan, Osborn, Manilla for New V ork, to be ceppered. (so reported) 13th, Rochclle, Hurkius. Mauuzas; Pilgrim, Mitchell, Havana; 10th, Cora, Young. New Bedford, old 10th, Tahmarco, Sinclair, Leg horn; 13th, Merlin, Goodhue, London. 9th, arr Arotlmsa, 1 Baxter, Marseilles; Gondola, Waruock, Leghorn; 8th, Mary Morris, Jones, Norfolk. Cork, May 15.?Bark Winnipiac, Mitchell, ha* been got off aud towed into harbor. 10th, oil' Perthshire, Drake, Savan nah, for Londou. 8th?arr bark Almade, Bartlett, New York; Mary Morris, Jones, Norfolk?(also reported at Cowes same date. Clvde, May 7th?sl'd Henrietta, for Boston: 5th, Hannah Isabella, Marshall, do; 15th, Adam Carr, McEwrn, NVorlt. Arr. 12th, Blonde, Crawford, Mobile; Sesostris, Savannah.? j Loading 17th, Clau?ma:i, for N York. Calcutta, March 23?In |>ort, ship Amo, Thurston, for Boston, unc; bark Coquette, Eldridge, unc; snip C'ato, Plum mer, for Boston, was going dowu the river. , Cuxhaven, May 5?Sid Hofcard, Paulson, N York. ' _Caui*, May 7?Bid bark America, Gore, Boston. Arr 6th, Eclipse, Davis, Madeira. cardiff, May 13?Sid ship Harriet Rockwell, Braird, for Savannah. Deal, May 11th?Sl'd Swan, Blanchard, (from London) N. York; 9th, St. Ann, Richards, do; 17th, passed by, Cuba, Degu, Hamburg for Havata; Sophie, Wallis, Charleston for Bremen; 12th, Weser, Frederics, Bremen for Galvesion; i Doris, Zeiilin, Antwerp for New York; Augusta. Kussiug, Bremen, for do. Dartmouth no date?Off, ship Queen Victoria, Randlett, from N Orleans for Har.e. Ei sirroRs. May 9?III port, Welthin. Cains, Charleston, for Stockholm; 6th, Eliza Warwick, Leach, Boston, for St Peters burg; 4th, Echo, Ackersou, Charleston, for Slettin. Fatal, May 15?lu port, ship Loreua, Urauhut, from Bor deau for NOrlrans, 4 days. Sid 10th, ship Belvidera. Homan, . (fin N York) for Hull; Arvum, Robinson, (from Glasgow) for NYork. 1 Falmouth, May 16?Off. ship Herald. Pullen. from Balti mnr* for AlMKnlin. <j b.ialtah, April 23?Arr shin Spring, Hamilton, fm Pa. Irrrao for Boston. was off Cabrita I'oiut 23d, and probably re mained a day or two alier aa the wind continued ahead. 5th? Fornax, Wilson. New Orleans; 3d Floyd, Calebs. Matanzas; 1st, Susan, Hate, .Messina and cld for New York; Angora, Salisbury, New Y -rlc. Sld 1st? Al tbama, Spragoe, Palermo. April 27th?Rowland, Dillingham, do. 3th arr Dorothea, La geti, Leghorn, and rid for Niork. Graveskni). May It?In port, Franklin, Cumming, Batavia; Juniata, Blauehard, do. Glasgow, May 7?8ld Henrietta. Eaton, Boston. Qottf.ubf.rg, May 9? Arr b irk Augusta, Daunberg, New 1 Orleans; April 30, Virginia, Janseeu, uo. Havrk. May 14?Arr, Birmingham, Robinson, and Ark, Johnson, Charleston; 7th?Ro*kall, roster, Mobil*: 8th? Rochester, Peabodv, New York; 6th?Jas Caskie, I illsbu rv, Charleston. Bid?May ICth, Baltimore, Johnson, New . York; Utli, Medford, Wilbur, New Orleans; 10th, Virginia. [ Katon. and Creole, Cayon, New York; 9th, Narragai.sett, . Destebecho, do; 3th, Ainnlet, Howes, New Orleans. Ldg, Mav 15? Arco, Anthony, New Yorkztth: Leonidas, Snow. I do 20th; L^Tla, HiKsint, do 2ith; Rockall, Foster, do 24th; Norman, spaviu, 20t. ; Zurich, Thompson, do June ^Ro chester, reahody, do do; Brunswick, Pembertoii, NOrleans, l.'?th: J N Cooper, Varney, do soon; shin Osceola, Child, for I New York, Malting; brig Jas Caskie, Pillsbury. HtKirRfl, May c?Sid Melitta, Jacobson, New York; 15th, J Roman, Doane, New I ork: lltli, arr New Yoik, Boye, Rio ' de Janeiro; 10th, Stenhani, Roloff. New York. Horart Town, V DL, Jan 10? Ar ship lanthe, (of Salem) Graves from New York, 99 days passage. Havana, May 20? An bark Mudara, Rich, N York; brig Cyrus, Brazier, Hamburg. HFLVIEOT, May I?Arr Caledonia, Read, from Baltimore for Rotterd im: brig Rebecca, Ames, from Philadelphia for do, 12; barks Hollander, Ewer,from Boston, for do;Moutpe lier. Stackpole, trom New York, do. Halifax, May 2$?Cld lirig New York Packet, Stewart, N York. Lisbon, May 7?Arr brig Northerner, Davis, from New York. Livi.nrooL, May 9? Arr Cincinnati," Codman, Raltimore; Olinda, Thompson, Galveston; New York. Cropper, New S ork, April ID; Diadem, Barstow, Alexandria; 10th, Sym metry, M'Connell. Mobile; Tamerlane,'M'Leary, N?wOr> leans; 11th. Belinda, Kelly, do; lJth, Liverpool, Kldridge, N York, April 2J; 13th, Spriugfield, Roy, Mobile; 14th,~R A Parke. Kenney, and Thetis, White, Charleston; Sea, rree man, B iltiraore; Caledonia, (s) Lott, Boston, May I, Hali fax 3d; 17th, Swan, Taylor. New Orleans; ttth. Charle magne. Fales, do; North Star, Wvlie, Philadelphia; tirer nock. Fleck. Mobile; Keying, Brown, Charleston; Mary Ann Peters, Lemon, Savannah; l#th. United States, Swantou; Ac'ieon, Dulry, and Eleanor, McPherson, New Orleans. O f port?IHtli, Morgiana, from Charleston. Sailed-9th, I evsnt, Foulk, Philadelphia; Abagun, Finnev, and Huron, \1uir, Boston; Cha? Humberston, Staten Island; ' llth, Petrr Hattrick. Post. New York; 12th, Jane Auguita, Hewitt, Philadelphia and Quebec; Harriet 4t Jessie, Connor, < harleston; Faueuit Hall. Rears, Boston; 13th, Saliartis. Col, do; Rhone; Harvey, Baltimore; 14th, Ocean, Higgins, do; Brilliant. Miller, and Roscius, LldricJise New Yorg: May field Rigby. do aadCallao; Laurel. Duckett. 8taten Island, 13th. Lady Sale. Anderson, do and St Johns. NB: Arabian, Hawkins, do and Qnebec; Richmond, Mustard, rhiladeldlna; 17th, Saransk, Tnrley, do; F.urope, F urbrr, New York; (the E is also reiiorted sld lBth 1 Cleared?ICth, Empire, Russell, and Rrppahannock, Drum mond, New York. Entered for loading?!)th, Lord Aahhurton, Brown, New York and New Orleans; I3lh, Yucatan, Casey. Staten Island; Milicete, Hunier. New Yorg Quebec; ICth, Miracle, j Elliot, do and do; Howard, ( all an. do and Savannah: 17th a I llih, Margaret, Best; Boston and St Stephens, NB; George Stevens, Cashing, New Orleans. | Advertised?< sledoma, (?) for Boston, June 4; Oneco, Drew, for do May I9rh; Berlin, Baker, do do; Mary Ann, Brown, for do 20th; Amazon, Bachelder, for 00 with despatch; Margaret, Best. for do (and St Stephens;) Ashburton, While, for do Jnne 1st: Ashbnrton, How ! land, for New York, Mav 21; Cornelia, French, for do ; 2toh; J R Skiddy, do 28th; Great Western, (s) do 30th (in an ticipation of her arrival 1?New York, dp June 1; Elizabeth, Deunlsoo, Spencer, do do; Ocean, Willard, for do 25th. t.'al Brander, for Philadelphia, with despatch; Wakoua, Paine, | for Taltimore, 21st. London, May Iflth?Entered inward, Margaret Evans, Tinker, New \ork; Merlin, Goodhue, Havana: 14th, Aval ' anche, Parsons, Rsltimor*; 13th, Emerald, Buck, do via ('ork; 112th. Bohemia, Nison, New Orleans; Standard, Mullen, do; John \ Gosler, Fmrfowl New York; llth Juniata, Blan ard, IIiltimore, 9th, Washington Allston, Howes, Boston. Cld, I 13th?California, Robinson, for Boston, in ballast. Vee 1 sets at London 16th, entered outwards?Antwerp. Robinson, ! for New York: Prince Albert. Sebor, do: Washington. Knapn | do; Westminster, Hovey, do; I'nion, Mitchell, Boston; Al ' goris. Spalding, do. ... ... _ : LivF.nrooL.NS. May 7?Arr schra Jack Hinton, Boston; ; Uth, Albion, N York. | LiMr.Ricg, May U?Ar bark Sarah, Colbert from Savan i nah. Marskii.lf.s, Mav S?Arr Hark Elizabeth. Powers, from To basco. Sld Iflth. ship Nebraska, Watson, lor New York; 3<I, hatk Ganges, Watson, for Boston. In port llth, ship Affghan, Dyer, for New York, soon; brig Francis P Beck, Stackpole, for do June 10, ? .. _ Matansas, Mar 18?Arr shin Oeorge Skolfield, Skolfield. N York. Kflth, brigs Eastern Star, Ilart, Portland. V2d. sld barque Muskingum, C^lckett. Philadelphia; brigs Nspoleon, Winslow, Portland, Massachusetts, Pntchard, Trieste; schr Gen. Warraa, Welcn, Philadelphia. Malaga, April ??Sld Cito, Stehr. N York (and arr at Gib Madcira. April 23?Sld schr Snaan, Holmes, New York, (since spoken). North Fojilawp, May 12?Off, John Cratier, N York. I OroRTO, May 7?Air brig Vanconvre, Drinkwater, from N York. Boston, I or 3 day*. April St. aid but* Vtluco, Currier, do; 41th, Sharon. Luc**, and Sumboul, Kingman, do (and war* in tight 26tn), brig Calcutta, Whituiore, doj 28th, bark* Ralph Cro*a, Glover, New York; May 3rd, Baring Brothers. Crooker, do, 4lb. Cerrrc. (Sic) do. refill hx, Wales, Nay 4?Sld ship Andrew Scott, Emery, Boston. , Ply uocTil, May 1C?Off, brig Palos, Handera, fm Charles ton for Hanre Poh rSMovrK, May 16?Arr Hudson, Moore, London, and sld for VYork; 9th, Wellington, Chadwick, do, and ild for do. In Portland Koads, May 8? Marianne, of and from Bra* men for New York. _ _ _ . Qrcacc, May 47?Arr brig Two Brothers, Brown, Cuba; Auckland, Williams, Bangor; Martha, Owen, Liverpool; Courier, Hrey, do; bark Fortitude, Oarbutt, L*??udon: Htrcu les, Lightfont, Pl> mouth; Stokesby. Rich*'ds, Loudon; brig Leinmon, Bordeaux. 28th, brig Ne?ior, Olaister, Maryport; Satisfaction. Scott. Newcastle; Sultan, Burrows, Cienfugos; l.uue, Andrew., Paiubceuf; Man-, Page. W hitby; Spray, Tnl lock, Dubliu; Silkaworth, Smith; Weir Packet, Taylor, Sun derland; Charlotte, Leslie, Aberdeen; Bells, Way*, Pain bieuf. Hebe, Thompson. Leith; AlchyOMst, Walls. Falmouth; iiark Beatrice, Alexander, Cardiff; Defender, Tullock, Sligo; Admiral. Buchanan, Waterford; Ladr Fitzherbert, Coaker, London: Chieluin, Walker, Bristol; Governor Douglass, Hyde, do; Medina, McGrath. Waterford;Oilmour. Dr.sdtle, Hull; Meteor, Brown, doischr Indian Queen, Yigneault, Hal ifax; bark Prince Albert, Taylor, London; Ocean. Quay, Ma rylKirt: Prince Regent, Chambers,Hull; Olga, Morriaon, Snn Kerland: Ottawa. Oryman, If York: Caroline. MeLeod, Lon don; brig Wm Wilbertorre, Dennis. Sunderland; Mary and Harriet. Shixaon. Cardiff: Grace. Wilson, Maryport; ship Canton, Tonne, Hull. Cld 28th. brig llambler. Davison, Pen saner: Niiiitn, Firtock. Limerick; Don, Thompson. Htrang ford;bark Prince George. Colls, Oundalk; brig Transit, Fer guson, Onbliu; bark Woodbine, Skeot'h, Falmouth. I .Rotterdam, May 15?Sid bark Potomac, Bearse, for Bo*. ton. Rvdc, May >?Off Marianne, Wi-iting, Bremen, for Balti more. Smyrna, April 44? In port, biig Corvo, Paine, for Boston, next day. St John, NB, May 20?Arr aehr Dolphin, N York. Cld 4Kb schr Brothers, Fitzgerald, Boston. Shields. May 1?Sid James Gray, Carter, Havana. St Helena, March 41?Arr brig Roarer, Auchincloai, Aa briz, and sld for Kio Janeiro. S r Alban's Head?Oil, uo date, bark Arganaut, Haderick, fm NYork lor Bremen. Swijcemunde, April 89?Arr Jnnn, Arm an, Charleston, Mav 1, Woden Bovseu. New York: 9th, Attila, Keudall. St Jago; Echo, Ak-rsuii, Charleston. all for Stettin. Mai comb, May 14?Off, brtg Mcsseugar, Sampson, from N York lor Cronstadt. St Johns, NF, May Si?Arr brig.Niger, Babson, for Par naiubuco, next dav. 14th?bark Caroline, Lane, B<>stou; brigs Harbinger, Winchester, New York and cld ttth for Peruam buco. 14th?Rainbow, l hureh, do; Wanderer, Davidton, do; ?clir Star, Webster. Balnmoro, via Bermuda. Iflth?brig* Venus. Nickerson. Philadelphia; Syria, Masters, Baltimore? Ocean, Bnrditt, St Thomas; Elizabeth, , New York: 17 (perhips the F. which cleared at NwYork for Harbor Gr ice;) 22d?North Carolina, Bagley, Alexandria (and advertiaed for New York, to sail 27.) Travemind, May 1?Arr James, Wilson, from Charles ton. Trieste. May 1?Arr barks Jubilee, Harmon, H'vana.? Sld April 27, Uiiincy, Savage, Catania, Messina, and Boston: 2Stli, Trentau,Pitman, Palermo. Sld 7th. brig Airone, (Aust) Cavacoricb, lor New York; 48th, bark Treuton, Pittman, Pa lermo. l'cxrx, May 9? ArrJCcho, Sill, Newca?tle. Home Por t. Boston, June I?A-r steam ship Hibernia (Br) Ryria, Liverpool; bark F.dinburgh, Jackaon, Cork; brig Harbinger, Brown. Fayal; schr Independence, ( onuer, Sydney. Cld? steam ship Britannia (Br) Hewitt. Liveri<ooI; bark Elvira, Dun Sears, New Orleans; E Randall, Cook, B Itimore. Bid ?*hip Gloucester, barks New Engl:td, Ida; brigs Jane Howes, Bee. Buffalo, Diadem, Kdw Whitney, Brflliuit.Jana Allison, Chicksavv, Bordeaux, Oak, Sulla. Monhegan; schr Boston: and from the Roads?brigs Attakaspaa, Metamora aud three others U'lkoown. Ship Tlios Benuett, and brig Na poleon dropped down to the Roads and remained at snuset with barks Hums, and Helen Maria, (which went down pre viously) brig Prairie, and a bri? unknown. Also sailed at 2 P M steam ship Britannia. Baltimore. June 1? Arr schr* Aun Elizabeth, Adam, from St Jago de Cuba liith ult; TI>oma4Hooper, Henderson, New York. Cld schr John Murray, Oevereaux. St Johns, NB. Charleston, May*80?Arr brig Tarn O'Sbanter, riper, 8a gua la Grmde. Cld?ship ithode Island, Washburn, Liver pool; U L brig Oeors*, Yates, New York; brig Caroline, Lovett. Darien; 8p sehr Polo Rico Packet, Canrer, Porto Ric < schr Mary & F.lizabeth, Smith, Providence, RI. Want to sea?schr Adelaide, Stacknole, Thomiaton, Me. Charleston, May 30?Cld brigs George, Yates, Naw York; Caroline, Lovett. Darien, Ga; schr Zephyr, Wood, West Indies, Holmes's Hole. May 48?Arr bark Lawrence, Baltimore, Jor Boston; bri^s Wanderer, Smith, Rio liache for do; Siroe, and Gordon, Philadelphia fordo; schr Nicanor. Atkins, Sa vannah for do; and remained 30th, with bark Carmelita; *chra Ninetta, Cora, Wave, and others. Lewes, Del, May 30?'I he Br ship Provincialist, from Lon donderry, and bark Louisa, from Havana, together with three brigs, came in this forenoon and are now beating up near tha Bunv of the Brown. Ships Superior, for St Johu, NB: Or lando, ("or New Orleans; barks Martha, for Portsmouth, NH; Mary for Boston; brigs Baltimore for do; _ Arcturus, lor Newbury)w>rt; sclirs Jabez L White for Providence; Patriot, for Bridgeport, aud Jas P Lollaud for Bolton, went to *ea yes terday afteriioun. Moihle, May 26?Arr ship Adrian, Davi*. Boston. Cld ahip* Alfred, Myer*, Havre; Sir Charlc* Napier (Br), Bing ham , Glasgow. New Orleans, May 41?Arr ahip* liaac Allertoa, Torry, London; Canton, Packard, do; brig* Albert, White, Charles ton; Wolcott, Gardiner, do: Orleaua. Spilling*, Mobile: schr Elvira, Roberts, do. Below?ships Swmton, Dnncaa, New York; Lapland, and Emily Taylor, anu six ships nana* un known. New BinroRD, May 29?Arr *chr Transport, Wing^Fal month, for New York. Sld schr Richmond, Gibbs, forNew York. New Haven, May 31?Arr schr 8 R Smith, Neal, Philadel Ehia; sloap Franklin. Thomaa, Albany. Sld achr Alexander, ill, Philadelphia; sloop Warm, Thompson, N York. Philadelphia. June 2?Arr hark Cumberland, White, from Liverpool: bark Louisa, Gall igher. from Havana; brira Julia & Helen, Drinkwater, trom Portsmouth, NH; Porto Ri co. Cottrell, from Boiton; AbbathuU, Cram, 3 days from N York, sclis Commerce, Berry, from Boston; Richmond, Harford, from New York; Patuxent, Underbill, from New York; Star. Besse. 4 days from New Bedford: Pearl. Nicker son, from Provideucr; Vincent, Smith, from New York; barge Mars, Daley, 30 hours from Nrw York; iteamer An thracite, Steward, from N York. Cld, brig Lubec, Bray, Boston; sells Oregon, Hill, Providence; J W Smith. Parker, Providence; Senator, Clark, ataten I.,land; Equity,Edwards, Bridgeport; Niagara, Corson, New York; St Helena,. Waa gait, Salem, Mass; Warrior. Haven, Portsmouth; Silvia Hig? bee. Higbee, Newark; Emeliiie, Vangilder, Fall River; Ueu mark, Crowell, Boston; Star, Smaller, Weymouth; Rose, Heiss, New Haven; Superb, Taylor, Blacawells Island; barges Corsair, Clark, New York; United States, Stanley, Newark Port Walthall, May 30?Arr schr General Scott, New York. Cld, 28th. schr Solomon. Rockhill, Fall River. Sld schr* Bercen, Coll, N York; Select, Caul kin?E Harluie**, Allersou, Fall River. Richmond, May 31?Arr *Ki|? Westphalia, Wessels, to load for Bremen. Wucassft, May 28?Arr brig* Cocheco, fm Newburyport, bound E; 29th, Larch, Grav, Trinidad. Cld 30th, hark Raida, Chapman, do; brig Ava, Chase, for an saitrm port. By Last Night's Southern Hail. H?n Ports. Bai.timort, May i?Arr achra Elizabeth, ?dan*. Bt Jago de Cuba; i hos Hooper Heuderson. N York; Ellicott. Cola, do. CId briK UaK>o,(Fr) Paive. Maraeillee; achra Martha Elizabeth,jGatchell, Laguavraand Porto Cabello; John Mar ray, Deveraux. St Mm, NB. Sid brig Water Witch. Le Brou, lor St Johns, rR; schr Baltimore, Latouratte, far New York. Norfolk, May 30?An achra Mary Langhorne, Cobb, Tho miston; John Emery, Jenkins, Providence: Excite, V?le, Ware ham. Sid achra Huth Atkius, McKennoo; Emily Knight, Hosmer, Sal an. feT. GEORGE'S LINE UF L1VEKPOOlT^ PACKETS FOR LIVERPOOL?First Packet Ship?to awl on the 4th of June.?The superior fast saillug packet nhip ST. PATRICK. Capt. Proal, will positively Nit ?? ctuove. The above ship is oyer 1000 tout, and her accommodation. for second cabin passengers are unequalled for convenience, ! having a large and apacioua house ou deck, well ventilated ; and t erv lolly. | In order to secure good berths, (as she can take but ? li* , mited nueibrr of passengers, which will be taken at steerage ] rates,) early applications will require to ba made on board, at pier Ne. t, North River, or to JOHN HERJDMAN It CO, <1 South at | 0~Priee of passage in tbe cabin $73. je2 Jus KUK LIVERPOOL?To sail the 3d of Jane.? The elegant, I'aat sailing packet ahip SHERIDAN, iGeorgeo. Cornish, master, will sail as above. Foe I Irrignt or passage, having splendid furnished accommoda tions, apply ou board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or 'to E. K..COLLINSkCO.,*Southa?. Price of passage by this ship S7V my27 re "iAt fAWAUt. l-Oil Li V KKi'UUL.? 1 lie Hue last lAWfVsailing and favorite packet ship SOUTHERNER, JKUBm' M>t T. D. Palmer, will sail )>ositively this day. l his well known (hip has accommodations unsurpassed for cabia, second cabin, and steerage passengers. The price of passage will be low, which, together with the saperior sailing qualities and good accommodations of the Southerner, should be sullicieut inducement for all about to proceed to the old country, to take passage in ber; to secure which early appli cation maat be made on board, foot Roosevelt street, or to W. fc J. T. TAP8COTT, 7J Souin at., ie3rc One door wear of Bnrlin* ?lip. NUTKK.-AII persons are lorbid haruoriug oe irastt any of the crew of British ship BROOK8BY, fn Glasgow, as no debu of their contracting will ae paid ?y the capiaiu or consignees, je'? WOODHUl.L fc MINTURN. 87 Sonth street. MEDICAL AID. DR. GREGORY, No. 3 Roosevelt street, one door from Chatham street, may oe consulted by straagrra and I oiliers, in .ill diseaaes of a private or delicate nature witk en i tire confidence, aud a certainty of a speedy and permassanV cure. | Stbicti'rc?Thatgreat English Snrgeon, Sir Astley 'oopr* says: "one of the eailieet symptoms of stricture is thr. re taining a few drops of urine succeeding the act of mttara j tion, which, however, soon escapes and wets th? linen," l Other symptoms moreover will s|>eeilily show ttamaelvee, such aaa spiral, forked, or scattering ofthe stream, with many ; more which the patient will tecogaixe as iadictliag strae | tural derangement of the mucous membrane of the uretha, I or in otker teord* the commencemrnt qf Hricturt. The ad vantages of a lonK, extensive, a-id successful practice m the radical cure of this distressing malady, enable Dr. G. to offer I assurances ol cure seldom exhibited by other physicians. and as a proof (in part) of his ability to treat atrictori > successfully, is the tact, that he ia so frequently called 1 in to their assistance by oilier phyaiciaaa. Explanations, fcn. , ' as to method of treatment will be cheerfully accorded to all such as are desirous of being informed upon the subject. I Applications may be made ia person or by letter, addressed to ! je:i lt*rc l>r. H GREGORY. Knnreon. lie. I a cl-ilVLi JO&i UiiCuuLD. ? S/Ui REWARD?Cross' Specific Mixture, for tka jJirvV cure of Gonorrhoa. Oleet, Strictures, and anala gons complaints of the organ ol generation. Of all remediee i yet discovered lor the above complaints, this is the most ' certain. It make* a speedy and permanent cure without tha least restriction of diet, drink, exposure, or changr in appli eafion to business. We five no long qnackisli recommeu'^ tious to deceive the public ; if the medicine does not ' ,*a|c for itself, none shall speak lor it. Our object ia notify where it can l?e had. aud the proprietor challenge , ca eof recent gouorrhaaa to be brought whicb ,i.a Mixture W II uot rapidly cure, under a forfeiture ol SJ* o Furtber-The disease cannot be contrsc' ea :f , ?f fa ^ ixture is taken at night on' fomg to b' ^ when exposed. It is patup in bottles, wth full diie?t*_ons accompantinglt, at SI. One bottle lasts a week, wb'.'cb generally cures?many are cured in two day a For by charlei H. RingrIM Broadway, cor John street, only agent in Sew lork. je3 It'B WSAR8APARILLA. T-VR GLOVER S COMPOUND EXTR \CT ?Thu ia t the most speedy, the most reittin and effectual remedy lor all private diseases. It is pleasant to take, is free from smell or taste, and is in portable form, being a concentration 01 all those remeuiea that hive been found tnosr efficacious in curing those disesaes. All tho?? who have used thia ex- / tract acknowledge ita superiority. Kail directions aecompsy IT it?price M. Dr. Glover coatinues to lie eo>i*atiad{fia|^ those difficult and protraeted caeca that require practical perieuce. He has attended mora obstinate and difficult Cses than any other phvsician, lisving couBned himself to an office practice for the last li jeera in tnn city. Ilia offices a>e No. 2 Ann St., private entrance thiough the entry to the office door. je3 |w? ri BLISHro IT JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Nobtmwut Comim o? fOLToa Aim Naimu itbiti