28 Haziran 1846 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

28 Haziran 1846 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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talon of the rapidly Iftoraarfncbneinet* of the tinptnf, The receipt* of the Erie Railroad Company, for the traneporlatlon of milk, for the (Int five month* of each of the put fir* years, bare boon ?< annexed Nrw Ton ahd Km* B*il?oad. IMS. IH J. !???. 18*5. lfllfi. Jaaeary ? 353 IGtO 15<>t 1X24 r ?brutry 14 333 1013 1381 1350 Ma r?li M MT 1300 1918 N.I April. ? l!l5i 1171 3M2 IK) May 148 18J3 3u? 3771 3119 XI Jill 9763 10.456 11,920 Tho aggregate receipts from tbii source in 1842, wu $8,481; 1843, $18,497; 1844, $28,0U) 1845, $80,094. Tho receipts for June, 184ft, were ftJM 38; thi? year, at tho average increase, the receipt* lor June, will be about M.ftw. We annex the rate* at which foreign money or cur rency i* taken at the Cuitom House of thi* port, fixed taecaordance with a recent act ol t*>ug reu EiTi?LMHr.D Valcc or Forcion Com. Specie Dellv of Swe den lad Norway 06 " of Denmark. 103 Th ler ol Prussia and Nor*n Stales Oerm'y 69 Florin of South'uSuies Uermmy 40 " of Austrian Em pire U City of Auits , I'"'* Lit* of Lumbardo-Ve nktiau kiugduhi and Ttt?c*ny Frine of France, Bel; ) Ounce of Sicily Z 40 Florin and Guilder of Netherlands .. 40 Litre Uournois of 69 France... 18% Milriaof Portugal 1 It 40 " Madeira 1 00 " Atores 83% Mire Banco of Hamb'r 13 48% Pouad Sterling of O. ft Britain 4 81 Pagodi of ludia 181 16 Real V'rllon of Spain.. 05 10 iYaneofFrance, Bel-) RealPlatl of Spam .... Siutn and Lirre of> It It Ru|4e, Cotrpany 44% erdiuia J 6 mills " of British India 4I>| Pincatof Naples....... 80 Rix Dollar of Denmark 1 00 ouud. of Britiah Pro- " Bremen . '18% voices of Nora Sco- Rouble, Silrer, of Rus tis. New Brunswick. su 73 Newfoundland and Tale of China 1 48 Cauada 4 00 Theabore comprise* all the currenciea now legalixed, and may be of service, as reference, to the great body of merchant* engaged in Cuatom Houte buiines*. (lid *tock Kxckaiiga. JWOO N Y State 17V 1849 103 50 tbs Lou* Island RR beo 0 Ohio 6's, 1C?0 6000 i'euu 5's loooo do 10000 do 1000 Reading Bonds >3 aha Karmtrs' Trust 69 do 30 Morris Canal 30 do t'O do loo do 1(10 Hatlem RR 330 do 300 do 130 do sJO bn* 13* 13>? sli 4?? s30 $1000 Penn J's l>0ahs Harlem RR Soeond Board. 39 do 100 dt> 100 do 73 do SO Nor fc Wor RR a60 473 do 150 do 30 do 133 do 73 do 30 do 473 Readiug RR 100 do 130 do SO do s:s j? 32 5i? .30 S* w 38 58% blS in* 68 s30 blO s30 ei % 68 68 t5A SO 30 50 aoo 150 100 50 30 do do do do do do do do do si% SO', 58 * 58% 58*3 58% S# 58% 32 E0 Penn S'a 0 do blO 70 hs Farm Prust s90 23 25 do Monday 25% 50 do a30 25 SO do b3 25% 30 do s3 25V SO do b30 35V 23 Morris Canal Mou 13*5 30 do c 13 m 23 do C 133a 50 shs Harlem RR b60 30 do s60 SO Si 125 Nor It Wor RR s3 SO 30 do nw blO 50%' 23 do 30* 23 do ? blO aH 30 H do b30 30 50 do a30 SO 30 Lone Island RR b60 5' V SO Reading RR a30 68 W 1)60 51)2 M do blO 68)? Hew 'Stor k Kxchange. blO 69% 30 shs Harlem RR s30 30 " 30 do sJOaflO 50 30 do c 50^' 50 do Mou S0)b 25 Nor ItWor RR.Mon 58.? 50 do Mon 58W 75 . do c 58* SO do c 58)2 35 do c 58% do u - 35 Moa 58% WANTED, A RESPECTABLE Young Mui u Clerk, in ? targe board ing hou.e. He nut understand the business and be able to keei> the book*, for which a fair salary will be paid. Ad drea- A. B C.. at this office. jeI7 3t?rc WAITED, A SITUATION by a young man who his been employed in a gentleman's furnishing (tore. He would not object to any other business. He ii a imart salesman, a good pen man, and capable of keeping boeka. HeW'.uld be found an acquiaition to any one wsntiug a trustworthy and active ss ?in.nt. He can rive the best of references. Address A. A., care oi M Woo If, 73, William street. jc27 it* re WANTED, APU R< 'H A8ER for a corner Grocery Also, for a Porter House, one i.f the best in the city. Also, for a first rate cash Livery Stable with coaches, caba, horses, ftc. Wanted, a | artnei, with six hnndred dollars, in the Furniture and Un- , dertakn.g business, aheadw established. This is a good chance to make mouey. Apply to GILLESPIE, 533 Pearl at. Je25 4t?rc j WAATED, A FEW active Young Men to go South or Wert, to act as Agents for the sale of new and popular Publ icationa. 9900 over and above their expenses will be insured to them in Writing, with aa opportunity of clearing $1,000 per year, flbme men now in our employ will, no doubt, make orer 1 ?1 ooo per year clear of all expense. Each man will have his wtnet. ft will be necessary for them to have at least from WtolHto ofctaia a good fitting oat. Apply at FRENCH'S Publishing Hall, 2$3 Broadway, up stairs, Office of die Flag of nut Union. All letters must be post paid, myltlrn'rc 1/AMlLlLS ia want of honest and faithful servants, vix:? I Cooks. Narsee, lie., slso Coachmen, Waiters, Clerks, or Laboiers, tin be supplied with such as have g.-od city re ference , by applying or sending to Birdsall's Office, itt% B oadway, a few doors above Canal street, East side. )c2i Iw'm MR. CHARLES BALAND. FROM COPENHAGEN, is requested to call at the office of the Oauish Consulate, 69 West street, where he will And letters. New York. Jane tSth, 111?. je26 1 w * r W1G3 AND TOUPEES. BAT<' HF.LOR'S new iuvented Wigs and Scalps, made of the finevt uatunil curl hair, and adapted in the moat easy m.tuurr, t ? the peculiar style of each individual. They are cut-rely a urn- invention, doing away with all the vtiitious riifficultiei so long experienced by those who wear wigs. The public are invited to inspect a large and well selected stock, containing every va<i'ty of sixe and Culor; they will thru be able to judge the effect WM. BATCHj-.LOR, iuvenfrand only manufacturer, 2 V? 11 street, near Broadway. Removed from 165 Broadway. P'fMt fn copi the address j>?8 lw*m M1L11AUV EQUIPMENTS. FIREMEN'S CAPS. THE SUBSCRIBER respectfully calls the attention of the milit <ry public to his assortment of Military Equipments adapted to all companies; Military Caps, Knapsaeka, Boxes a< d Biyonet Hcanhards of every variety. Country compa nies, about changing their uniforms, or those about forming new companies, will be supplied with samples. t'lRE CAPS-FIRE CAPS. , A lull asaottment of every variety constantly on haad, and m de to order at the shortest notice. ? je'T lw?rc H. T. GRaTACAP, 392 Broadway. F fHvlLlON, iNEW bltllrHTUN. BLANCARDhas the honor to inform his friends and the pub ic in general, that the Pavilion is now in full bperafion and prepared Tor their |*c*Pt'?n- . ?. _ , M Steamboats ran bttwttn Piw No. 1. North IUrer, and New Ifeighton, at the following hoars, vi*:? * trow New Brighton. I trooiNew York. ?. II A M. I ?. . )? A- M ?,'? P. M-. f 3K.5. 7 P. M. V. BLaNCARD. Pavilion, New Brighton, June 1, IW6. j27tf re THE ABBEY HOTEL, ! BLOOM1N GDALE ROAD. CAPT. M. H TRUESPELL, late of the North River, ' l>avmg taken the above house, begs leave to inform his ! f/iendi ai.d the publiv, that he is now pictured to accommo date f. mill** and tingle uentlemeu, with board and lodgiugi, on i<-.itu<.able terms tor the seasou. 1 be aitnatinn of the above place cannot be surpassed, and the grounds connected therewith and the rirer view, renders it ti e most desirable summer result nee, ss well as a daily re sort as is to be found in t"he vicinity of New York. The ta ble will be supplied with all the delicacies of the season, and no expense spared to make visiters comfortable. Breskfaat, Uinne> and Supper served at all times. The Bar is stacked wiih Wines and Lienors of the choicest brands, as well aa ->*gars Ales, fcc. lee Creams and other refreshments constantly on hand. N B ?Moore's Line of Manhattuinlle Stages pass near the door every forty minutes during the day, Wiring New York from City Halt. There is also a first rate Stable attached to the prrmises. Bloominedale. Jens 27th. I>46. Je27 Iw'tt HE A HA THING, LONG BRANCH, N. J. THE SUBSCRIBE!* will open the Sea Beach House, for the recei tion of visiters, June 20th. The steamboat Oris from the foot ol Fulton street, and Ed win I ewis from foot of Vesey street, both run daily to the Ocean House,whers stages are al wa s In readiness to convey passengers to the Brauch. H. HOWLAND It CO. jeCT lw*rc HAVANA TOBACCO LEAF AND IMPORTED SEOARS. BALES Havana Tobacco Leaf, almost all wrappers, UU nsw crop, and entitled to debenture?for sale in lute to ?nit purchasers, by J. A. LEDON, No. 10# Nassau street. Also, 70'00 Segara, received directly from Hav-na by the late arrivals?for aele a? wive itZl Jt*rc *1KL WOUt'UURJH UP JULt. NEW YORK LABORATORY. M> BENNETT, IM Kront street, two doors south of Fal e ton street. The most extensive and brilliant assort ment offr'IKE WCRKSare BOW offered at the above place, coueuting of honory and signal rockets, with gold aad silver I rain; ?ns, fana. palm treee, pyramids, Peruvian crosses, octa gons, Wisnglea. verticles, mines of aerpents and stars, me rooaa/bengols lights. Roman candles, serpenu, pin wheels, i Rrasar.oppers, port Area, blue lights, scroll wheels, torbil lions, line pigeons, torpedoes, pulling crackers, double head erfc fire crackers. Canton rockets, It. Country merchants, aad dealers in general, a*e requested to call and examine the above stock. N. B. Committees for city aad country displays, milinirv and private parties, can be supplied on the most liberal terms with the abovementioned articles, warranted, the mate rial' hnvi'.g been ae lee ted with the etiwoat rare invIT lm#r fiKt. yvunius! MKt Wottrva!! ISAAC EDGE, Pyrotechnic A rtietv Jersey City, is prepar ed to furnish HRE WORKS to citiee, towns, public gar- < dens, theatres, lie. His present stock comprises the most . brilliant and variegated fires, appropriate designs, ever mana fcctared in this country, and can be fern lahr^tgag^ extent Kstotechnic Artist, Ltbaratory Jersey City, TO. N. B.?To agenu Signs la, iacludiaa ship lights, falsa fires, primers, port fires, signal rockets, ke , for supplying governasent or ?h?t v?s^s. obu^^plri-. mxT Im't W front street. TENNIS CO CRT, 238 BoWfcK*. Subscriber, having taken the above-named uld inform hu friends and the Public *at d with ar alley of l? feet, in eortplete order, be mjste vrill be suffieieat to secure the patronage of the lovers ol that h^l'hy snd favorite amusement. As for rile quality of his Segars, aad refreshaenls, he will leers to the judgment of hii customers. ^ WOOLLY, Bat Ball Alley, ? Directly opyos. ? Pnice ?t New York. May 7. IM*. '"V? NOTICE. NOTICE IS hereby given to all persosm hav bonuht stone lit>m Laimbeer's Quarry, at Ripp s Bay, loruierly occu pied bTweasrs. Mott It Kuowton, W??.'*?? scconnta of the w "" wttfw asiteai!" riaVwithis inth davofApnl.jW* TTTTiTHKINS % SLAUGHTER HTDES-OfM best qua (/Km l ay Calf HARLEM PARK-TROTTING ILL Wednesday. July i? Purse Ui sjo? uiu heats?um 3 hi J. under the saddle. fur horses having never won ? purse over 130. Saturday, July 4.?Purse $40? Mil* heat*? Best 3 in J, in harneM. for horses having nevrr won ? puna over $100. En tilts for the above purses, to be made st Green and Losee's, ou Monday Evening, June 28. by (o'clock. Three or more to make a race. it*m FOUK.TH OF JULY EXCURSION TO NEW BRtfNSWlCt, BY THE NEW JERSEY RAIL ROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. AN EaTKA?T1C?R ot Cirs will leave .?e<* loik from the loot of Cotmlaid street, for Newark, r'.luabethtowi, Hail way a*id New Br uuiwiek, at 8 A. M., a-id and ll>* P. M. Ueturui g from New Bruutw.ck, at 7}g and 11 A. M , and W-WgfMil. THE NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD CO. are now prepared to commute with iudividusls to any Bint alone their line of road between New York and White ains. at in >dern<c rates, for three, sis, or twelve months.? Tickets iasued fir?! of January, April, July and October For further particulars enquire at the office of the Company Parties, Schools and Military Companies desirous to make excnrsious. will be accommodated ou reasonable terms by applying at the office. Junt ?7th, 1846. ' je27 Iwrc NEW JERSEY RAIL ROAD AND TR'ANS PORTATION COMPANY. w in 'P?? mm' u ii wp?* FOURTH OF JULY EXCURSION TO PHILADELPHIA, AT REDUCED FARE, COMMENCING on Thursday, the til JuIv,>M, with the ? o'clock M. Train, from the foot of Liberty st. N R. To afford a i opportunity, at reduced fare, to the citixees of New York to visit their Iriends iu Philadelphia, ou the 4th of July, arrangements are made to furnish passengers with an excursion ticket for four dollars, entitling the purchaser to a passage to and from Philadelphia, with either of the following trains From New Yoik, on the Id July, at ? a.m..and tW r. m 3d ;; 9 " ? sx ?? 4th " 9 1 ?? 2H " I P- M. * " 3 " 4 ? 4 ? j 6? " Landing at Fort Hamilton each way. Fare 12W cents. je26 3ris*rc TlIOMAS BfclLBV, Proprietor. Returning from Philcdftlphia- ! on the 4th Jnly, at 4^ r. m. ith " 7 a m. and IX rst. 1 ?th " 7 " 4fij " Excursion Tickets from Philadelphia to New York will be charged at the same r?te. Tickets procured at the office foot of Liberty street, which are not transferable, and will not be received after the above stated dates. jeW to Jy4si ? r EXCURSION TO THE~FISHING HANKS. EVERY TUESDAY?The new and snb 1 stan'i<1 steamer BUFFALO. Capt Hancox, .will leave on Tuesday, June 30th, as follows: foot of Barclay street at 8 o'clock: Hammond street quarter past I; Pike street 9; Pier No. 1 N. R. hall past 9 o'clock A. M., and return by 6 o'clock. Dinner provided onboard ? Bait fqrniahed. Fishing tackle a' a small charge. Fare filly cents for the excursion. The Buffalo can be chartered for ex cursions, apaly 011 board. jeJ7 3tis*r NEW FERKY TO CONEY ISLAND AND FORT HAMILTON. ON SUNDAY, June 28th, 1146?A steam 'boat will leave the following places at th* ,dines specified, rain or shine, as follows:? Canal st, N.R. Pike st. E.R. Whitehall. Coney Island 9)f A. M. 10)* A M. 10 A.M. 11 A. M. 10 " li? " 11 " 12 M. 12)% P. M. IMP. M. 12 M. 1 P.M. BOSTON STEAMER FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. THK British and North American Royal ; Mail Strain Packet 8hip CALEDONIA, E. O. Lott, Commander, will leave Bos . , , -Hon tor Halifax aud Liverpool, on Weduea day, July 1, 10iG Passage to Halifax (20 Passage to Liverpool $120 For freight or passage, apply to , ^ D. BKIGHAM.Jr, Agent, J*28 2tm at HARNUEN fa CP'S, 6 Wall ?t. OLD BLACK BALL L1N& OK PACKETS. FOR LIVKKPOOL.?'The loperior fait iiilini packet *hip MONTEZUMA, Captain Lowbsr, will b* duj>itcherl for the above port on the ftr?t of Jui>, <..il will be succeeded by the new packet ahip Fidelia, on the 16th. I For passage, having unequalled accommodation* in cabin 1 and stierage, apply tot ? _ ? JOHN HERDMANkCO. 61 South at. I N. B?Person* denirou* of having their frienda brought from the Old Country, can have llietn out in the above ahini, or any of the regular hue of paekets?ahip sailing every five d<ya. And alio by first class American and touisiei't ahipa sailing weekly. Alio, Drafts for any amouut furnished?pay able in any part of Great Britain aid Ireland, ou application ?* above. jf2?in BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS FOR LIVERPOOL.?Only regular packet of the 1st of July?The magnificent and celebrated fast aail ii?K packet ahip MONTEZUMA, burthen li-oo tons, A. tl. Luwber, commander, will aail positively on Wednes day. 1st July. The accommodations of the Montezuma are fitted out in a most superb and costly manner, with ever)' modern improve ment ami convenience, that cannot but ?dd to the comlort of those embarking. Persons visiting the old country, or sending for their friends, should call and see this splendid specimen of naval architecture, before engaging elsewhere. For iwssage in cabin, second cabin, and steerage, early application should be made on board, foot of Beekmau street; or to the sub acribers. ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO., Je27rc 33 f ulton St.. (nf*: door to the Fulton B^nk.) FOR NEW ORLEANS?LOUISIANA AND New York Line?Positively First Rrgular Packet. iTo sail Monday, 29t:i instant. ^Tbe elegant fast sail ig pacaet baik GENESEE, Gregg muster, will positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accom modations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, loot of Wall st , or to E. K. COLLIN'S k CO.. i6 South st. Positively no roods received on board afterThis (Saturday) eveniug, 27th inst. Passengers will please be on board Monday, 29th inttant.at IS o'clock, at which time the ship will sail. Agent in New Orleans, James E. Woodruff, who will promptly forward all good* to his addresa. Packet shipLOUISVILLE, limit, master, will sacceed the Genesee, and sail July 20, her regular day. _Je27 m FOR LIVERPOOL?N?w Line?Regular pack et of the 28th July.?The elegant, fast sailing pack jet ship ROSCI US, A. Eldriage, master, of 1100 tons will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, 'apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot ol Wall street, or to . E. K. COLLINS k CO., 36 Sonth at Price of passage SW0. ?l; '? Cobb, master, will succeed the ROSC1US, and sail on the 26th August,her regular day. ' je Tl re . tfr/vT - FOR GLASGOW?Line of Packets?Regular ?WV Packet 1st July?The fine, new, fast sailing packet aMHBvbip BROOK SB V, 330 tons, Hugh McEweu master, will sail hi above, her regular d iy. For freight of the bulk of 330 barrels light freight,or paaaage navmg excellent accommodations, apply on board, footol Dover street, or to ti , WOODHULL k MINTURN, r South *t. Thu packet baik ADAM CAKH. 400 ton*, will sacceed the Broomiiy, aud saiI on iier regular diy, 1st August. Je27 re PGRTER HOUSE FOR SALe! WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESION?The unexpired lease of six ) ear., with Bar, Futures, fce., kc., of that well known iavem called Exchange Cottage, corner Church and V esev streets. This is an excellent opportunity for any person wishing to embark into the grocery or victualling bu siness, having ample accommodations for boarders or lodxings I he whol - house has lately undergone a thorough repair. For terms enquire on the premises. je27 jt?r BIRR ^ MANUFACTORY, 136 Spring street De tween Wooster aud Lauren* s4reet ?Tue subscriber would inform In* customers and the public in general, that he keeps Constantly on hand a large supply of fancy and com mon Bird Cages, of every description. Also, Woodeu, Ce dar and Willow Ware, Brushes, Basket*. Mats,and a general assortment of articles usually kept in a Wooden Ware Store, all of which he offers lower than tboy can be bought else where. J. KKLLY. jel9lm*mc DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS" JOHN ROACH, H Optician, S2 Nassiu Street, AS constantly on hand, Freucli, German and American Instrument!. Conting Boxes, Mercury Baths, and all the other material used by operators, are manufactured under his inspection. Chemicals, Plates, Cases, Quickstuff, kc., ke Lenses Ground to order. Thrrmometera and Surveying Com passes manufactured for tlie trade. Magneto Electric Machines, of approved construction, for medical purposes. ml7lm*re JOHN 1'. >KKLi:, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL JEWEL AND MOKOCCO CASE MANUFACTURER, 151 Fulton $t.% up ttair*, near Broadway, N. York. IEWELLF.K'8 Show Ca*ea, fitted up with J 'rays to eon watches, chaius, rings, bieaat pins, thimbles, pencil Alan, Ladies' and Gentlemen's Travelling. Writing and Caaes, Jewel Cue*. Miniature Cases and Settings, Piute Cases, Razor Cases Surgeon's Instrument Case*, Ca se* fir Silver Plate neatly arranged. A variety o' the above article* constantly on hand, and made to order, with neame** and de*ixsch. jel3 lw'rc Tss^ f0R,S^LE CHEAP FOR CASH, .i ?11/ iu Saloon, No. 450 Hrnadarsy, con ??s Fiiturea. Bar, Tables, tirNta, r?I? * ^omplsie for ?ach an e*ublismenf, and leaas X&SVX.rJSZ.1**' f'?? theMay IBM, at the ?r?TM,',r'rj",_Lr* now tot ? short time at the rate oi p?r annum. ,h* ^P-n-.kc .emn.r.., le* lw/r0hTER ? ^SW, fcc? . i. Place, or is Centre st. FOK >ALfc, TWO FIXE SADDLE HORSES, WILL drive also u> ? carriage, t hey *ft 'ire just the right site for ruling on JatN ihoraeback, and hare been long used to ? 1 Apply at the desk of the Herald Olfi" ,7Tr irtcer mmcnlars jeHtf'igN ? AW aJV.AS*!' RflOI'OHAM and P?ror IHOMES, with en'ire new Harsen, to bedis, >sfii ?ii si of by a gentleman t"oo?f learn g the city. The cir. page nas bu It tr> order one of the first m iters, and has been used bnt * few timea. To be sees it Cohen ? Livfry Stables, Crosby street. je3S Iw'r K11NG CHAKLKH SPANlULS?Oh THK i cure breed, received by the latest arrivals from Loo (Ml, fat sal# by A. Orierc, rj Jolui atreet. Also, rure jid taioabU Birds, onlr to be found st hit satabluhmsat, No. 1 J ?hn atreet. .n&T1*"iB'"r?1 BSh&r1 a!7? Imrh Importer and dealer in Birds. Cage*.' ke T,1K 'JD1 ?,Akf.,?ON" IN 'UM.N Si'Ur.tA'. M '?P Itself hiuarrived, and likewise of the Saxony < anarie*, the warbling of which, AA1? the Stranger and curious, is rather an interesting VMM sight-lor etrh customer ba* a different habitation. ? ~ Archy will Jie happy to al^nd to the ladies and and Archy will be happy .-j.-JJ- they )?*? Breedlray and -Toiu sueet AUCTION JIOTICKII. to? lulr. ?l? w?ol. of which will U peremptorily .old for "vB-lnth. colUctionw.il b. fouad ^Ji'lJIhlbiSt c.mtna of artlatical e..rurin,,. auch .^r.rWfowwWjWg. Mill will be fonnd worthy tbe aii.atiou of amateor., auu "jfeRK-^ *?? r.ady, and the a,.id.. can b*g??*'d during 'h?- day and evening. |_r_n]jr_???. FOR SALE. , . i .... tvs&ia : firlt-rate bu*iu*M. It ha. an e.cell.nt c5,,*r-kh" jh'" basement, with a beautiful bar-room, fu.raiabedat mo j Sr!hrWaM^fi^r,brthe1l"?rd floor th.ri are """I>??d- , room.. ".a^V fumiahed with car^t.,Wding ke Thrre i* four y??ri of an unexpired lOM to niu, with the Pr?te&0if.r""roi2t,,'w.ll .tock.d wkh th? beet brand, or lluuora and ?ec?r?? ant decautera, wine gla.... and ?nmbl.ra. ielT Ji*rc No. 16 Front atreet. ".*." uot*BE.8 TO LET?In Hoboken, near the Ferry;? Two three atory brick hou.e., reut J200 a year, with AUo^t'wo'u'rge' three* .tory and ba.ement brick dwelling houar.: 6n?.hed in the bftatyl. with erery c.nr.n.euce anS within on. minute', walk ?f Je2S lWrc at rfobokw ?stOHK TO LET. in the Herald Buildiuga, No. 97 Na-i.au atreet. Aprly on the premiata. jr26 3t re TO LET?1The large Storehouae corner of Thame. Utrrrt and Trinity Place; rent modtrate. Poaaeaaioo JaLoathe l.tofJuly. Apply to gHEpHEHDi je25 Iw'rc No 3 Naaaan rtroet^ f AN AMA. MAN,LL?dANTON AND !TO ?L ler lw?? 103 Fulton .tre.t l(tN i LEMEIV* fcUMMliR HATS?The new style JL or wm-er :H?i 55 introduced are foraal. W ie35 1 wie*r KNOX. WFalton at. ton Building.. , fV" PANAMA HA1W to. fcr-J. br , jeKlwia*r 1M Fultou at.. Snu Building*. I XHEJ a m a Z"(5 H WIGS, GENTLEMEN'S Beal Head'. 0r Hair,b.ing th. lattwt and j 0r??t#Rt improvement in the muiufiCtur? ?J " 8c.U? trth. .ub"r?.ri, UPPv i. b?i?? the firat to |Mr? duce them here. Th.y di.play the forehead and temple, to .... heiiht a point n wig making ner.r before attainea. . They arc compo.ed of Tenanting or toaaamer woit They to the countenance, aud at one. become part and parcel of the llriugman. CEP>j.'H?VLON"'l Broadway, oppo.it* th. Je?6 1w*re Ulnhe Hotel, under Indaon a Hotel. -raRuwake, cutlery and OUNS. | AW SPlkl8 1l CO., baring removed to 91 Miuden Lane, . large and well assorted itock of Hardwire, Cut lerv* Ouns and Son Material!, by the recent imp?rjatTon?. ac T""*m 9ntem9hnrmrr?~??d ?? ?n??m FOR SALE, . I THE OOOD will-nd Finureaof aC?af?ctjwar^;jce , Cream Saloon ?d Ovdcn,to which Buloon, doing a good buain.aa. Euauire at 211 Blecner aireei te23 lw?rc ! ? Si'KlNl-T AND StJMMteK. CLOTIIINlr, j at w H nv OROOT it CO.'a, 102 Fulton at., nrui'ttt the following great attraction" will h. prea.nt- , Wed?Cloth Co?ta[ b/act, blue, bro*u anUol,v.,from | *8 to $16; Alpacca Croton, ^ro"".L?#"'Oo^hi Cw^Tmi Scotch and other V'n*hama; Tweed, to*. ? ^ 8h^ rett., Jean, aud Menno; S?k., Frocka. Dr.a. ami onaa CpSl^IS[mCe?^r LU?^?d Wor?ted?^neck.; Alpacca Merino, White and Brown Linen faiicy 8^?l',^?nnc S^we^rrom^c^^. dually cheap,,, good Vrh^m FuUon at. te26 3t#rc i f.itile Oreen at. near Libeitv at . N- Y. M K W SPRING GOODS. ADAPTED TO OENTLEMEN'8 WEAR. rM^MATTH!E88EN.m 'rliock^ F^u'ch To SllKSl-E "<5';E"ENTSIJT>frdt)lf**T^AlCM. a titriue Kirment a? the moat faitidioua ^l.*^}r^hiTta MM All article, of amall wear continually on hand, Shirta, e?P? "Remember the onmber, 127 Fu!t?5 ATTHI ESSEN aJR Ini'r * "* "" ? FUME HATH. natur??. such as Scroiula, pout, 8a it within the meana or all. REMOVED TO NO. M7 PEARL STREET T1MOLAT 8 SULPHUR BAllia. EITABLI.HED 15 1821- . rriHESE BATHS are ^h'y recom^d^d by^th. ?o? A . "?rtSk 'y'aiXf.u. & in tlw KTtoh riheum, ^"kc To be hid^ily ? M7 Pearl Mreet, near Broadway LOOKING GLASSES! LOOKING GLASSES ?"d*?~"vHx si:~u;r.?".? fiahionably onumented and plain French P rrry )ow ?ait almoat any ?*ed pier, which will be Mid low. Tery^row indeed. Plainlaiid ri-M>- oroamei ted Pon?t P^ture J r ^ Paintinga aud EncraTinga. Looking Ulaaae. Plana o> u. box or tingle. Old (lasses replated. Ladica, while alioping, pleaae{fffopKR k BROTHER. mvi lm*r CHICKERINGS PIANO-FORTE WAREROOMS, 2T3 BROADWAY. NO. 5 AND 7 LAFARGE BUILDING. THE rUBLIC will find at the above rooms a general aisort meat of Grand and Square Piano Porte*, at tne tame price m? st inv Bima aH |m*r TO TAILORS. THOSE who wishte attain a complete knowledge of the art of cutting all the various style* ol garment* worn at the preient time, would do well to obtain Stinemet'* work on the (abject, which i? universally allowed to be com plete?tin- price of Wttich ti from 11 to 10 dollar* per copy ; the difference in price bring wholly in the binding. To be had of the author, No. 113 Broadway, New York. all lm*r To "machinists and manufactures: LATHES of all description*, from 7 to 25 feet long, furnish ed atabortnotice. Als*, cutting tnmtiri, suitable for all kinds of work. For terms and description, direct to the aob ?criber, Hudson, New York. al lm * rr _ J A 8. T. PERKINS. INSTITUTE ~ FOR THE CURE OF BALDNESS AND GREY HAIR, OOQ BROADWAY, between Read* and Duaue sts.?Mr. jwa7a7CLIKEHUGH has opened the above a* the principal office fortlie sale ofliis Patent tRICOI'HERQUS, connected with which he has a private rowm, where he is now prepared to offer his advice and assistance to snch ladies and gentlemen a* may wish ta consult him on the cur* of Balduess, Grey Hair, and other disease* of the skin of the head or growth of the bfif. Ladies and gentlemen ran have their hair instantaneomly dyed black, brown, or auburn, by tlie use of Jules Hanel * eyed black, brown, or Vegetable Liquid Dye. Depilatory Powder*, . .for entirely eradic^big superfluous hair on the face, neck or arms. Branch office as formerly, 205 Broadway. myll lw*r DAGUERREUT* PL aFFXIt ATU5! JOHN HOACH, OPTICIAN, 8J NASSAU Street, ha constantly on hand the ^oightlander, French and Ameri can insrtuiiiruts, and every article nsed in the art. Operator* will find hi* preparation, now called Koacb's Uoickstuff, to work with certainty and quickness, and to be cheaper for use than mixing their own chemical*. Cash order* from the conn try promptly attended 'O mvi lm*rre CHALLENGE TO THE UNITED StATES. THE Suh*criber* have no hesitation in saying to the people o i New \ ork, and the neighboring cities, that they can aud do challenge the merchants of our country, far and near, to compete with them in the sale of WINDOW SHADES. They ha*e a manufactory in the State of New Jeney. tibont U miles Irom the city of New York, aud posses* every Irfcility lor manufacturing llieir shsdesatthe leaat espente. Of their beauty, worth ana cheapness, they will cuivince the most in credulous by their giving thcin * call. DIHJCKER, It BECK EH. No.5( Cbntium st.?N. Y.,one door from the comer of Chamber* el m31 Im*rc. A GRIEVE, No. 5 Jonn street, importer and dealer in ? Birds, I 'age*, Bird Seed* ofevery description, offer* for aale the follow lag njllUe and rue Birds ..lino, Araiitfer, Wsuiee or Chineae Mocking Bird, A border at or spice Bud, J*va Sparrow*. White Cockatoo, Chiuese Pheasant. These birds wei? all imported lrom the East Indies, at great ex Ense. LMtcUbiius, Thrushes, Linnet*, Chaffinches, Gold clies, Bulltiuchn. Starlings and Skylark'. In fact, the cu rious will fin.I it No. 5 John street, most of the cage bird* in the koown world N ti ?Black and Tan King Charles' Spaniels, received by the iliip Henry Pratt, from Liverpool, per John Grieve, my23 lm*rrc WIGS, WIGS AND TOUPEES, THE MOST NATURAL AND nearest the real head of hair, of any in New York, are to be had at LAIRD'S, 92 Chatliam street, formerly of 3IK Teatl street. It would seem quite unnecessary to say ann thine in reference to these Wigs, since the extensive use, and grest popularity, so firmly establish their worth. But a* stringers are liable to be imposed upon by the pretended wig makers wIh> *o abound among us, we deem it our duly to pro claims thuir menu, that none ?uy b* milled, or deprived of so raliMlde a head of hair. A great variety of ladies ornamental hair work, In the vari ous branches, wholesale and retail at al lm*rh L A IB D'S. 3? > harham *t. ARTIFICIAL eyes. MADE and inserted by Dr. J. OKAY. No. lUBoweij. N. York, the Only manufactory of the Human .Artificial Eye in the United States. Any person that wishes to be well suit ed, should always anly to tu? maker, w'.o lias bet, i is, fortv ye ays ir* I % Im * rc Lut. J. trRANWIS. i.?CbL.lOi', I6S BROADWAY, W thiib iiooi rnov ottnn iTUrt. h, the undersigned, having witnessed astonishing cures performed by Dr Francis, believe hi* preparations are one of the greatest discoveries ever made Ibr disease* of the '"KWv recommend him as a safe and skilful oculist. Rev. Duncan Dunbar, Ret. S. II. Cooe. Rev. J. Andrade, R. ?. Prie*t, Rev. G. Benedict, K. J feck, Rev. A. Wheeloc.k. Befrrence* given to ihoae in the city who have been blind Irom Amorosi*?sight now peifectly restored; Ul$*r? sud Specks removed of the longest stai.ding. jTT A number ol undoubted testimonials, to he*eenattbe office, Will satisfy the public of his astonishing success. ? r Ami,-ial Eyes inserted without pain. Z'?~ Aavice to tbepnor gratis. Zy Dr Francis will resso> e oo the first of May to No. 431 -TfHisiiV tie if *1 ? *??o?4 kioek eeet of Broed wey. N Mwu|Vt*t, P-ABK THEATRE?Bote* % cU; Pit. U f - fWlery f Ilk cent?.?Monday E?mm?, Jiu fc?? Will be p?r formed the LOVE 0BA8K-''nmHne?, Mrt. Hunt; Widow Green, Mm. Vernon; Sir William Fondlova, Vtr. Vache. To conclude with the ?r?? ol' il>* YOUNO SCAMP or MY GRANDMOTHER'S PET-Joaeph, Mr*. Haul; Oeuaral Bemroir, Mr. \ ?ch?. Door* ojmiu at 7 o'clock?performance u> noaanM tt pto ciaeW 7X o'clock BOWERY THEATRE. ?Monday Kv-uine. June *> Will be performed the comedy of LONDON ASSI'lt ANCl1 ? Datxfe. Mr. J. R. Scott: Sir Harcourc Courtly, Clarke; L?dy Gay Spanker. Mr?. rhillm*; Otaee Haiku way, Mr?. Sergeant. After which, the new Orand drama, entitled the BUTCHER'S DOO OF GHENT-Andrew WWe i.ud Aruolil Wolfe the Twin Brother*, Mr. Blanchard; Black Martin, Mr. Cony; Loniie Kreutzner, Mrt. Phillip*. Lower Botea, M ceuta; aecond and third tier*, M ct*.; Pitand Gallery, UUcect*. Door* open at 7 o clock?Curtain will rita at half paat *evea o'clock. G_ HKKNW1CH THEATRE Comer of Varick and Charlton (treet*.?Re-oprned for the Summer Saaaon.? Monday Ermine, June >9. jhe performance to commence with the grand drama of the TRENCH SP7?Mathilde de Meric, Henri St Al>ne. Hamet Caramelli, Mitt Chapman; Acbmct Bcv. Mr. Heukin*. The whole to conclude with the play of WILLIAM TELL-William Tell, Mr. Freer; Emma, M'*. Pen*on; Albert. Mi** Kanuedy. Boxea, 25 cent*; Pit 1IM cent*; Private Bote* $4; Seat* in Orcheitra Uoaa*. each Vj cent*. CASTLE GARDEN.?Monday Evening. lane 19. ?the opening piece of muaic will cou*i*t or the overture to Bronte Hor?e, full orcheatra. "Love Not," Mr Holtnan; Lor ley-Rhein-Klange, Strauai. Dance by the Mitie* Vallee. Highland Fling, hy Mr Thompaon. To conclude with Over ture to Oberon. lnterrait?ion of half an honr. Second part to commence with the Overture to Zampa. Song, Mr Hol man. Paa Styrien, by the Mia*e* Vallee. Overture La Fille du Ka'giment. The evening will conclude with a aeriea of Di**olving View* lately arrived from Mr Collina of Loudon, under the direction of Profeuor Eieratein. Admittance 2) cent*. (T7* On Sunday, a grand selection of Sacred Mu*ic. THE RAVEL FAMILY. Tight Rojk, by the Ravel Family. NIBLO'S GARDEN.?Monday Evening, J uue l*h, IMS, ?The performance will commence with a favorite Overture. After which the celebrated tableau vivant of the ITALIAN BRIGANDS, or THE MIDNIGHT ASSAULT, on an en tire new principle, aa painted in Pari*, by the celebrated Ci cerv?founded upon rircnin*tance* which actually occurred in Pari*, in 18"4. Character* by the Ravel Family. Thi* performance ha* never been executed but by the Ravel*. Half an hour'* interml**ion for the Concern A-la-Muaard n the Refreshment Saloon. The entertainment* to conclude with the comic pantomime of OODENSKl. OR THE SKATERS AT WILNA? Go^emki. Gabriel Ravel; Grivotiehe. Leon Javelli; Loven ?ki. Antoine Ravel; Roughtki, Jerome: Jule* Lovenaki, Franco!* Ravel; No'ary, Jotepli Rave'; M'me. Grivotiehe, M'me. Ie.nine Ravel; Betxi, M'me. Martin Javelli; Luxi, Mil* Hardwick. . . Doort open at 7 o'clock, to begin at I o'clock precnely Ticket* Fifty Cent*. THE ALHAMRA. ICE CREAM SALOON, 559 Bmadiray, brttrtcn Spring and Prinse. TO ^TRANfJERS? Stranger* visiting the city will And ? new attraction in ths Saloon a of the Alhamra, which, aaide from the delicious Icea and Confectionary to be fonnd there, ia fitted op in a style of Eastern splendour and magnifi cence never before attempted in thia country. The beautiful fountain in the teaaelated court, which displays a variety of curioua and ingenious jeti, not only keeps the air delightful ly coal and pleaaant. but exeitea an amusing interest and a thousand conjectures; while the apacious promenade around the balcony affords a view, every pleasant evening, of more beauty and faahiop than can be found congregated i? any other Klace of public resort in the city. Indeed no where can an on' be paased mora rationally or agreeably. 0"Admit ance free. jett I wis*re GOTHIC HALL, BROADWAY. URINGTHIS WHOLE WEEK the splendid Mecha D nical Cabinet of O. Tietz, with the Duck of Vaucauson, the dandng Lady and the War Elephant, will be opened eve ry afternoon during the week, at 3o'clock until}?and every Evening trom 7 uutil 10 o'clock. Ou Fourth July, performances from ? in the morning until II at night. jett I wis* rrc NEW YORK. sAl.RED MUSIC SOCIETY. SPECIAL NOTICE.?The Performing Members of thia Society, one and all, are requested to attend the meeting at the Coliseum, on Monday Evening neit, at I o'clock. Business of importance will he introduced to the Society for their consideration. By order, jett 2t rrc GEO. WHI I LOCK. Secretary. THE ALLEOHANIANi RESPECTFULLY AN NOUNCE that their Third Conce't will take place at the Apollo Rooms, 41tBroadwa< , on Mouday Evening, June 29.18 Ifi 1. Quartette?The Sulof T' ys Carol. A Nautical Sketeh. 2. Pong?Oh ! gentle love. 3. tjuartette?Some Spirit wafts our mountain lay. This piece is descriptive of the spi. it?now jocund, now aad?in which emigrants from the Old World wind their way to the valley of the We?t, across the great lide of the Allegany. 4. Scotch Ballad?On with tne Tartan 5. Trio-Oh, lady ! sweet Isdv ! unveil those eyes. 6. Quaitet'e?The Spider and the Fly. 7. Catch?They sav there is an echo here. Thia peculiar and irresistibly comic catch iaa proof that there is no house without an echo. 8. Quartette-We're happy and free 9 8--ng and Chorus?F on the Lord of the Isles?Merrily while the deer is browsing. lfl. Q laru-tte?The Soldier and hi* Bride. By request. This piece is founded on the murder of ?l?ss Jane McRea. 1 She heard the fight wan over. 11. Au Original Piece?Womm may her bard command. Rereived with enthusiastic arplnuse at the first concert. Written expressly for the Alleghanians, by General George P. Morris. 12 Song?Daylight upon the Sea. 13. Origin of Yankee l> -die. Cards of Admistion i* V cent', to be had at the music ? stores. Broadway, and ? J?.oibrce's Bookstore, 131 Bowery. I Concert to com*e / 8 o'clock. \L/~ Th? Piano F f r used at theae concerts is fr im the ; Wnrerooms of 8 C v>utlie, 413 Brnadway, manufactured by Messrs. Senior aud Urovesteeu, 118 and 120 Uraud street. je28 2t?m . HOWES ft CO.'S NEW YORK MAMMOTH CIRCUS THE LARGEST ESTABLISHMENT ever ornnired in I the United States, comprising 150 Men and Horses, re j quiring 28 Carriages to convey the performers, wardrobe, ton 1 ?icians, fee. The company has attached to it Eight Female 1 qnestrian*, among whom ia the Greatest Female Rider of the Age, recently arrived from Paris MADAME M ARIE MAC ARTE, whose new ityle of Equestrian Feats, peculiarly her own, being chaste and classic; her graceful and fascinating address, vnd the charming naiveit with which she chain* nor audi eeuce, render this gifted and highly-educated artiste the lead ing feature ol the arena in this country. The Proprietor* re fer the public to the brilliant description given in the respec tive newspapers of the extraordinary and daring feats perform ed by this distinguished artiite Aniens the novelties which the Proprietors offer are the celebrated Scotch GIANT AND GIANTESS. Their height ia M feet, and their weight ovar 700 lb*. Mr. | Randall weighs 431 Iba. Mrs Randall u the most enormou* j giantess in the world. They will appear in " Jack and the Beau Stalk." and he will perform extraordinary feat* of strength and agility, and will rid* in a two korse act. The entertainment* will comprise 17 Act* of Hor**m*n*hip, Gym- ' naitic Exercises, Classie Displays, and humorous afterpiece*. | Eqnnstrisn Director, Mr. HOWES; Riding Mafter, Mr. 1 NIXON', and the unapproachable Clown, DAN RICE. > Among the Performers is the celebrated and principal Ri d?r, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HOBBS, whose feat* on Horseback are the most extraordinary ever witnessed. Juve nile Act of Horsemanship by Master Nixon. Olympic Exer cises, by the whole Company, led hy the great European Tumbler, Mr. MACARTfc. Wonderful Feat* by Mr. Cole'* Do,-., Hector and Billy. The SWISS BROTHERS, in their elega'it Gymnastic Postures and Groupings. Mr. Sweet as the Charioteer of Phoabus. Posturing and Gymnastic* by Mr. Nixon and his son. Mr. Howes in nis Mythological and brilliant Act of " Feneies of Proteus." Mr. C. Howe* in Slack nope F.volutiona. Mr. Oeo. Sweat, the celebrated Tight Rope Dancer. With a variety of other*. The whole comprising the leading, most talented, and classic performers in rl?? srorM This unrivalled corps of Equestrian* will perform in the town of ITHICA, N. Y., on the 4th of July, after which they will visit all the principal cities and towns in the State. my3l tf rrc SAXDy, LENT * CO. THE following is the intended route of the ipleodid Exhi bition of Sand*, Lent fe Co., up to the 22d of July >? J one 25 North Danville. 2# Mt. Morris. " 27 and tt.Caledonia. " 29 Scottsville. June 30, July I, 2, 3 and 4, Bocheater. July 6 Lsdd's Corner*. " 7 Brockport. " 8 Albion. " 9 Medina. ** 10 Lindou. " II and 12, Johnson's Creek. " 13 and II, Lockport. " li Lewis ton " 16 Niagara Fall*, " 17 Tonawanda. " 18, 19,20. 21,23, Buffalo. je33 tolv4 re _____ ST, PETER'S CHURCH, BARCLAY ST. WANTED?A Lady to aing Second Soprana in the Choir of thia Church. None need apply unleis they c*n read at sight. Apply to W. A. KING, je27 2t*rc Organist of the Church, No 575 Broadway. MUsicT INSTRUCTION given on the Piano at two dollars tier m-Mith, by a person who nnderstanda the profession tho roughly. Young ladie* wishing 10 take lessons, will please address a note to "Muaie,"at the Herald office. jc2# lwis*rc Piano fortes^ PURCHASERS are invited to call at Chambers' ware-room, I No. 38) Broadway, for a superior aud warranted article. al7 1ra?? Atlantic garden is now 6pen for the SEASON ?Dodworth'a Cornet Band will perform svsry Tuesday and Friday eveum**, commencing Jane 2nd, rt ? , o'clock. Admittance free. myl Jm'rc WILLIAM ALLISON. Proprietor. 1 MODEL OF NEW YORK. THE UNDERSIGNED ii now receiviiyt order* for views to be represented upon the canopy of hi* Model of New York, which will be soon completed. These views vary from 10 to 30 inches in length, and are represented for a moderate compensation. They include representations of public MM ings, places of business, manufactories, hotels, private resi dences, steamboats, packets, fee. A number of the hist artists, I Kith Itndscape* and decorative painter*, can find employment apply at the office?also ? lew azent*, and persons capabl if transacting business. OITic* hour* frem 2 to i P. M alt I in ? rrc E. PORTE! BELDEN, 3M Broadway. BILLIARDS IMPROVED. flTlS FIELD rrapectfully inform* hi* friend* and the i v/ pnblic, that he his returned to hi* eld favorite quartera, , BASSKOKD'S ROOMS, eutMrce IX Ann street, adjoining the Museum Bnilding. Fulton street The Rooms and Tablea h ve been put Tn perfect order. The Tables are Slate, Marble aud Iran, with Air, India Rubber aad Cloth Cushions. They will no doubt suit European and all great Slavers, beiua the best in this country. Largei balls for | otherners?Carolina balls for Germane. N. J>.?Bxasford's new style Billiard Tavlta for sale ; India and Freuch Cue Leather, best iu the eitv; fine Billis.d Cloth, aud every article in the trade, constantly on hand sad | for sale. my tt Iw'si | BILLIARDS. ? . ! 4 RCADE BILLIARD SALOON (Iru Empire), ia Uar IX clay street, near the Aator Hooee.?M ICilA KL, so long known to the billiard playing portion of the city, respectfully ; informs his friend*, pat-on*, and billiard players us general, that h* ha* taken the above large, airy, snd well-known estab lishment, where they will find in first rate order Nine of the beat Billiard Table* in the city, with food attendance. He respectfully invite* a call from hi* friend*. Gentlemen or parties wishing to play by themselves, ran hare a table ia ? room to themselves, by applying at the bar. Geatlemen will i find the bar well aupplied with the best of liqaors and sersr*. my* Im'r MICHAEL PHF.LAN | EXCELSIOR BONNETS OF PERSIAN SILK ! THE SUBSCRIBER'having been appointed sole agent* : for the siile of these Bonnet*, .re now rtepared to snpply | the trad* with thia new and splendid article of silk biaid, which received the firat premium of a gold medial at the last fair of the American Institute These bonnets exaeed ia hcuty. terture, durability and ecquamy. any tiling of the kl'<d ever offered. They are warranted to be enti.ely of silk, and is ill clean, alter and retan their eclot eon?l Oi any hratd ,?-'.tir,TON vtai* ? LATEST ICTP,IIK.ro. .TELEGRAPHIC REPORT. FROH THE SEAT OF WAR. B\i.timoke, Juno 27, 1846. The Ntw Orltan* Picayune of the 20th instant, contains some further intelligence from the sent of war, given by one of the Legislative commit tee. The American ling was displayed in Fort Paredes, aud the army appeared as well con tented as could be expected, considering the pause of active hostilities. Before the committee lelt the Kio Grande, in telligence of the death of Gen. Torrejon reached Matamoras; it is said that he died of a fever. After the battles of the 8th and 9th of May, it was thought he was killed in one or the other of those action*. lie w as the commander of the Mexican division that captured ,Capt. Thornton's com mnnd. There was no certain knowledge in the American camp, as to the position of the Mexi can army, but it was generally supposed to be at Monterey. It was also confidently asserted that Gen. Arista and Ampudia, had both left the army f?r the capital?the latter charging Arista with having betrayed the army, and Arista charging Ainpuilia with cowardice. U. S. Sloop of War John Adam9, brig Law rence, and cutter Woodbury, were off the mouth of the Rio Grande. Bark William Avy, Capt. Hoffman, has ar rived from Brazos Santiago, having sailed thence on the 12th inst. Capt. Ker, of the 2d dragoons, and Lieut. Scott, of the 7th infantry, came passengers in the bark. A passenger reports that an express arrived at Matamoras on the 6;h inst. with intelligence that a reinforcement of 5000 Mexicans had arrived at , Monterey, as he says, under Arista. We give the rumor as we heard it. Important from Yucatan. The Prussian brig Delflno, Captain Zarts, ar rived at New Orleans on tho 19th, from Cam peachy, whence she sailed on the 6th inat. The news brought by her from Yucatan is important. A letter written at that place to a commeroial house in New Orleans, dated on the day of the Delfino'a sailing, which we have been allowed to peruse, states that the Yucatan Congress was still in session, but expectod to adjourn on the 20th inst. They were discussing the propriety of a separation froui Mexico, with the greatest ear nestness, and the general impression was, that before they adjourned, Yucatan would bo de clared independent. The Delfino reported that the United States brig Somers arrived on the 4th inst., ond the Lawrence ort the 6th, the latter from tho Rio Grande, after a five days passage. All well on board. Pknsacola, June 21). Tho Potomac is off the Bar, waiting despatches for Com. Conner. The Falmouth arrived last evening from the Mcxican coait; no news. The Mississippi sailed this morning for the /julf. Stoainur Gen. Taylor sailed last evening for Or leans. Santa Fe. There was a rumor at Fort Leavenworth, that the Mexicans would march and occupy Bent's Fort, and there give battle to the American troops as they crossed the prairies. Four thousand per sons were at Fort Leavenworth, and they wore exceedingly hard run for provisions and means of subsistence. Nauvoo. The St. Louis Reveille says that order reigns at Nauvoo, and that the Mormons have fled. PROCEEDINGS IN CONbEEgg, WA?Hi>cnTo?r, Saturday, June 97,184a. | Senate. Opened with the usual ceremonies. NATIONAL DlirUTK*. Mr. Evans presented a petition for the adoption of some peaceable mode of settling national disputes. Referred to Committee on Foreign Relations. ratal affairs, Mr. Fairfield, from the Naval Committee, re parted a joint resolution for the relief of Mr. Barry, of the U. 8. ship Boston, which was ordered to be engrossed. On motion of Mr DATTON.'the Naval Committee was instructed to inquire whether a contract bed been mado , with Robert L. Stevens lor building an iron steamboat, and, if so, report whea legislation is necessary to oarry said contract into effect. Aftxr ArraoraiATioirs. Mr. Lewis, from the Finance Committee, reported the army appropriation bill, with amendments. STEAM FRIOATE MISSOURI. On motion of Mr. Johnson, of Louisiana, the Naval Committee weie instructed to inquire into the expedi ency of making appropriation to indemnify oAeers, see men and marines of the steam frigate Missouri, for losses incurred by hor destruction by fire at Gibraltar. jETtiae wood. Mr. Yi/lie gave notice to reconsider the vote rejecting | the bill to renew Jethro Wood's patent. dctt ei* neons. Mr. Camrrsn presented a petition frem the Philadel phia Library Company, relative to the duty on imported books. WASHINOTO* MONUMENT. Mr. Miller called up the joint resolution from the House, granting public ground in Washington for the Washington monument. Mr. Benton opposed It, es a scheme for robbing the people who would contribute their dollars for that pro per and patriotic motive ; he moved to recommit it. Mr. Miller opposed its being recommitted, and advo cated its passage. Mr. Benton rejoined, end denounced all such begging schemes as frauds upon the community. He was humor ous and entertaining. Mr. Oatton thought it was not a subject to be ridiculed; he hoped the Senate would pass or reject the bill at once. Mr. Allen opposed the resolution. It was only anoth er scheme to fasten down the capitol in this plsce. If a monument was to be erected, let it be erected by Con gress, and upon a proper spot?upon a hill, where it would remain as long as the hill should last Mr. Davis advocated the resolution It was no argu ment, because some of the money subscribed had been fraudulently withheld, that the balance should not be appropriated to the object intended. After further de bate by Messrs. Benton and D?j ton, the former charging the association with pillaging the community, and the latter refuting the charge, a motion to lay the resolution on the table was lost a)e?19, nays 90. The question was then token, on a motion of Mr. Allen to reremmlt it, witlt instructions to report as to the best site in the coun try for a monument,'and the proper means for its erection. Lost?ayes 19, nays 33. Mr. Benton then asked Mr. Dickinson whether a large sum had not been collected in New York for this monu ment, and whether the money had ever been paid over. Mr.. Dicrinson replied that be bettered a large sum bad been so raised, which had not been applied to the intended object. He thought that the whole concern ought to be broken up. There was no need of erecting a monument to Washington in the heart of the city, for he lived ia the hearts of his conntr} men. Mr. Millcr asked Mr. Dickinson whether the aeeocia tion in New Yerk bad say thing to do with the association heie. Mr Dickinson?I suppose it is a branch. Mr. Miller?Have you any ground for the supposi tion 1 Mr. Dicaiwsew? I cant exactly say that I have. Mr. Miller thought It would be as reaecasMe to break up the government because some of the custom house officers in New York had failed to pay over the money they had collected, as to break up this.because of the failure of some of Its sgents. The debate coatlaued by Messrs. Crittenden and Den ton, and the resolution was thsn passed by informally. RELIEF BILLS. The Joiat resolution explaining aa set of I (Ml, for relief of Charles F. SibbMd, pessed. The following bills pesaed:?For relief of A B. Fanning1 late collector ef ftavannah- Granting arrearages of pen sion frem 1*14 to UHO to Nathaniel Stafford, a soldier of ' the late ww For seltt H Jehgjwee, saawtfhg a wall en Pea Patch Island. Kor relief of Waltst Loonsls rnd Abel Oay. Sundry bill* from the House were severally lakes up, i*td twice tad referred. The Senate than want Into Executive session House of BtprewnUttrab raaseiUL urumiio. Mr. Owe* maJe a pergonal explanation. The resolution to give the Clark four day* leevo A abaance, waa adopted. THK Tllirt BI1.L. On motion of Mr. McK*v, the liouta want Into Commit tee of tha Whole, Mr. Cobb, of Qa-,in the chair, and the debate on tha tariff waa returned. Mr. BcDiiftiaa spoko in opposition to tha tariff of 1841. lie Mid he could not venture to go home to hia con stituents, without railing UU feeble voice against the in justice, fraud, tyranny, and oppression of a system un der wbich they literally groaned, end which sat upon them like a foul incubui. He referred to the feble of the Fich Hawk and Pike Klah with groat gucto, and applied it to the mbject in hand. He would have it that the fishes shrugged their thoulderi and clapped their handa. The Houae laughed. Mr. F.wi*o, of Penn, neat obtained the floor, and made a strong constitutional argument in favor o< the protective policy. His jK>wer? ot argument are of a high order, lie believed the preient tariff too affective, and he would rapport proper modiflcattons, could any be brought forward, but not inch u were under con sideration. The tariff of '43 had worked well. Mr Pollock followed with a'ltrong tariff apeech, and dwelt much upon the cheat, which he said had been prac ticed in Pennsylvania, in the matter of Mr. Polk'a vlewa on the tariff. Mr. Tew*! next addressed tho committee againat the present tariff. Mr. SancaANcc apeke hia hour in aupport of the pre sent tariff. Mr. TiaaATTs next obtained the door, and tha com mittee rose, and after several trials, tha House adjourned. BY THE MAILS. Washington, June 28, ISM. Mr. Calhoun, from the select committee on the resolutions ot the Memphis Convention, made hia report to-day. The arguments and constitutional poiuts involved in the report are ol too important and weighty a character to be commented on in a short letter. Mr. Calhoun now recognises the right ef the general government to make appro priations, for internal improvement, in the Missis sippi, and all its tributary streams I say now, bectiuse Mr. Callrun, at one period, held different views of public policy. He nt one time, in Con Sess was as strenuous in the antagonistical, aa e Hon. Philip P. Barbour; who made the issue with Mr. Clay, at "hat day, on this very subject of the constitutionality or internal improvement, by the general government. I am on the side of Mr. Calhoun on this subject, and only reler to it a* a matter of history. "The public will huvo the report forthwith. The supplementary army bill passed the House to-day and has become a law. So, we shall have a number of new Major Generals and Brigadiers, lor the volunteers, to last till the war is ended.? Epaulettes and plumes will now be in great de mand. The Corporation of Washington are about to vote two splendid sword*, to be given to two of their citizens, Capt. May and Lieut. Plcasanton, of the dlagoon?, :<s n reward lor their jfallantry in storming the Mexican battery on the Rio Grande . These incentives to valor are inducive of great re sults. An nrmy in the field, with certain prospects of such like rewards for their daring, from their fellow townsmen, will be irresistible. The last offic al letter published, of General Gaines to the Secretary of Wa-, t-eeirm to relloet great credit on that distinc^tished veteran soldier. A delegation ol some lil'iy Indian!, from tlied.f ferent tribes of the south-western prairies, arrived in the city today via Baltimore. They are under the chargtf of Col. Lewis and Capt. Bayliss. The business of tho delegation in Washington lias some connection with the treaty recently inxdc at Council Spring, Texas, between the United States and the Indian tribes. Pkliiam. Washington, June 25, 1846. Nomination*?Political Movement*?Cabinet Chaugtt?Camancht Indians, <J*c. The Presidentyesterdiiy nominated Jnmoi Page, of Philadelphia, (ancient Postmaster) for the office of Collector of that port, in place of Henry Horn, who has been twice rejected by the Senate. It was also rumored that the name of Gen. Houston had been sent in for the post of Major General.? This certainly is entirely without founda tion, for I have good reason to know, that under no circumstances, could the General be induced U? accept of such an appointment, for various causes, the principal one of which is, that that he would not permit himself to come in conflict with those 1 gallant officers of the present service, who*e claimr* he regards, with his peculiar maguanimity, as en tirely superior to his own; apart from this, he is not ambitious of distinction of this sort, nor, in fact, of any other, and were his own feelings con sulted, 1 am satisfied that he would greatly prefer to retire to private life altogether; but this the peo ple of Texas and of the country generally will not permit. Already are the eyes of a largo mass of me democratic party turned upon him, and I much mistake their intentions, if beiore long his name is not placed before the country for a posi tion where he oan render himself more eminently useful to the whole nation. I understand that n strong organization in favor of Mr. McLean has been made here by the whigs, and that a pamphlet has just been issued by tuig junta, which is headed by several prominent mem bers of the Senate, setting torth his life and public services, and which is being widely distributed.? Thus you will perceive that the manufacturing of public opinion, as regards the i'residency, has commenced in earnest, on one side at least. The rumors of expected chances in the Cabinet are undoubtedly true. Mr. Buchanan will, I am certain, assume the judicial robes. Who is to suc ceed him, however, is quite undetermined, but most probably, as I have before stated, Mr. Rush, of Pennsylvania. This gentleman's appointment to this important position would, 1 understand, be eminently gratifying to the Northern democrat*, and especially so to the friends of Gen. Cass ana Vicc President Dallas. Mr. Rush is in every way admirably qualified for the position, and would add mucli to the character of Mr. Folk's Cubinet. Several vacancies will shortly occur in our diplomatic service. Roth Mr. McLane and Mr. King intend returning home. This will make three places, which will probably have to be filled during the present session of Congress, viz. i Eng land, France and Russia. Who will obtain them, however, is only known to the Chief of the White House, and he, very wisely, is not disposed to ba communicative upon such subjects. Congress will not adjourn until the middle of August, and they will have to labor hard to finish the many important measures now before them by that tune. The Camanche delegation has arrived. They are poor looking ambassadors. Washington, D. C., June 26, ISM. Matter* and Thing* in general. Levi D. Slamm has been here for a length of time?say some six weeks. Mr. iil.imm i? evi dently ?? after come tiling." What that something may happen to be, this deponent cannot say ; but it may be a something connected with the Navy. As, however, George Bancroft, is Mot the speciul lover of Mr. Slnmm, it may bo that Mr. Siamm will have but indifferent success in the applica tion for any post connected with the U. S. Navy. But as Mr. Slamui confessedly has undeniable claims upon "the party," it is necessarily and very properly supposed that Mr. Polk will giva some eti<lence of his appreciation of valuable, not to say indispensable service, that directly and indirectly Mr. Slamin hath rendered. Cai bonot Others, too, with Slamm, who have borne the labor anfl heat of the day, and the brunt of til? political battle, may sing out if tliov pl^"1', in very bitterness of spirit, " Cui bono f" It njally does seem, when you happen to give?en us at* rention to these things?it does seei* that the po litical parties are kept up in tills c#ontry, and the political game periodically nlayvd. patriotic money la d about and around by tno*"W?ds, poems rung, and huzzas shouted, ?olely <or th? iHJisonul eleva tion and aggrandizemep' of a particularly form- ' nate set ofirien, who, fated by the g"d?, have ever been, and prorrtse ever to be, the very fat lings of the flock?o?co in political station, always in. Men leap by j?oriodical leaps, from thejtlnca of constable to the governorship of a Stale; thence to the Preaidor.cy or the head ol a department the general government, ' boosted" ^continually and eheereXon by the people; the aW people bo i in* irene-ally "peaking, as disinterested and Ml patriots in their motive and acts, sis otia nould at,t to suppose tin y might be in this "free and I enl*"'?ned laud," and under "the peculiar ?j 1 ah*of.<nu .fionua* mstiWMes." wHii?yjBj

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