6 Temmuz 1846 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

6 Temmuz 1846 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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I NEW YORK_HERALD. New York, Monday, July 0, 1H40. Supplement to tlve Her* id. The European news, the <lebate iu Congress on the Tariff' bill. the Mexican intelligence, tha Fourth of July Celebration, Sic . lie , coirpcl u* th,? morning to issue a supplemental sheet to the HtralJ. It will, in itself. be equal to any other news|?per , yet it will be served gratuitously to our subscribers in sod out ot the city. CONTENTS OP THK St'PPLSMKNT. Particulars of the Celebration of the F ourth of July in New York uu<! suburbs, with the incidents, accidents, disturbances, he., lie , embellished with a graphic engraving of a scene outside the I'ark ; the Day after the Fourth ; Accounts fiom various parts of the country of setious damages by the rains ; News from South America ; Important Intelligence from Mexico ; Message of Gen. Parades ; Military Prepsrations ; Naval Preparations ; Washington Correspondence ; and five columns of Advertisements. Tbs Passage of the Mew Tariff Bill. It will be seen, by the report of our Washington correspondent, that Mr. McKay's tariff bill lias parsed the House ol' Representatives, with some slight modifications, by a vete of 114 to 95?a majority of 19. Tea and coilee being retained among the free articles, it id supposed that there will be but little question that the bill will pass the Senate. This is tho most important measure carried during the present session of Congress, with the exception of those immediately touching our foreign relations. The democratic delegation from Pennsylvania was about tho only one that votrd against tho bill in a body. Tho Ohio dele- 1 gatios, notwithstanding Mr. Brinkerholf's denunciation of the bill, gave in their adhesion to it. If thjj bill pass tho Senate, it may havo a very important influence on the trade and commerce of the country. We frha.ll give the bill in full to-morrow. Other matters crowd it out to-day. The Foreign Hews. By the arrival of tho steamship Britannia, at Boston, wo are in possession of half a month later intelligence from England and tho Continent. Some of this news is very important, while the whole is interesting is regards tho United States. The most important part is the certainty that existod anions all classes at the timo of tho sailing of this vessel, that the corn law bill would certainly be passed by a majority of about thirty three in the House of Lords, ami thf probability that the British Ministry hail uu intention of offering to mediate in a friendly manner between the United States and Mexico, in order, if possible, to stop the further effusion of blood, and bring about a treaty of peace between the two countries. When we first heard it intimated that the British Government intended to btep in as a mediator between us and Mexico, we believe that we uttered the opinion of nine-tenths of the American people. The opinion we expressed on that j occasion, we still adhere to. The United States, j since it became a nation, has invariably pursued but one policy in its relations with other powers. It has endeavored on all occasions to do that which was right, and to submit to nothing that was wrong. Mexico, imbecile and cowardly, as t she proverbially is, litis, in time past, wantonly inflicted 'ho grossest wrong and injury to our citizen*, and lately has had the temerity to invade ; our very soil widi a powerful army. The United States promptly repelled the invasion, and defeated its armies; and is now following up tha biow for the purpose of exacting a pence, and a liquidation ol all outstanding balanoes, with a guaranty for future good behavior. She is conscious ol her capability for tho task, and requires neither aid or mediation from any power to help her. If, however, tho government of Great Britain shall undertake to prevail upon Mexioo to accede to a treaty of peace, and to such terms as we in our liberality may think proper to dictate, we certainly can have no objection. But further than this, we are stiro the offices of Great Britain would not bo accepted by tho American people. Th* corn bill may hnve n revolutionary effect in Canada. According to a despatch which we give in another column, there are already symptoms to bo seen of an outbreak in that province not entirely dissimilar to our own revolution. Thus much asconnected with the United States. We give in another part of this paper copious extracts from the English and French journals in regard to the political concerns of those countries. The Peel ministry, according to passable authority, is drawing near to its last days. France at this moment seems to be on the verge of an eruption. The old revolutionary elements are at work as powerfully as ever, and it requires but the death of Louis Philippe to s t them in motion for good or evil. He has already reached his three score and ten, and in the ordinary course ol nature cannot live much longer. The moment he shall have departed, those elements that hare been kept under so long will burst forth with terrible fury, and be directed towards the downfall of France. Italy, too, at present presents a picture fraught with interest. Revolutionary sparks have been smouldering for a length of time, and needed but a proper time to burst forth. The times now give the opportunity. The Sovereign Pontiff has lately been gathered to his fathers, and ere this a revolution -iay have broken out. At all events, . on the temper and character of his successor will depend the tranquility of that country. More Mexican Pmvatkms.?We learn from Capt. Smith, of the brig Lynn, from St. Thomas, that a report had reached that place ol the cap- > ture of two American vossels on the south side of Cuba by Mexican privateers. This report created a good deal ol excitement, and no one would ship ' merchandize in American bottoms. City Intelligence. Firk?Theflre !sst ereninj st the corner of Burling Slip nod Water street, in a baiement. The damage ; *u alight. Btrkcti, lie ?We hsvo received from " one of the i people," the following communication It contaiui some I (food idea* r or our owu part, we have almost concluded to stop saying any thing mora ahout the complaints, in regard to their filthy condition, they have become stereotyped. and appear to be utterly useless. But her* | il the communication j? 8ia?Notwi'hitaaling we have only parted with reav t June, wb have close, drizzling, (ultry, unhealthy, dogday weather. This, with the filthy condition of our ' streets, are canting very serious apprehenaions in the minds en i feelings of our fellow citizens, that cholera, or mm other equally potent endenuo, or epidemic di*. ?e?e, may deal death and wailing among them, unless something ia effectually and ipeediiy Hone to prevent auch a r.Hiamitv Will it be done 1 Have we any reaaon to expect that thoae who have undertaken thia busineae, and whoa* hounden duty it ia to attend to it, will attend to it 1 A lei! alt* ! dear bought experience adraouisbee us that there is no confidence or dependence to be pat in political councillors ? These councils are all apent for the benefit of the party, and thoae who command the mo?t votea for the pi'ty. The honest, well meaning citizens who pay the taxos are of no consideration, or takqp into the account. Tha r health, and lives are as "the small dust in the balance," when pat in competition with making offices, ami ftirnishins salaries for Dertv-iiulilical partizans. and drinking wine, and (molting' (ega'ra in the tea room. What ther are we, the Buffering people, to do in thii di!emmi? Lie down, and die quietly without repining? mthont aatiuggle or a groan* I trow not, I hope not. I therefor* i e*i>tciful]y luggeat, that inasmuch a* the Common O-mcil are delinquent, non rnmpu* wnliu, or " nat i* the aame in effect, are either in ompnt*ni. or unwilling in <*<j their duty; that the citireru take it out of *b>'>r Laid*. by appointing a aanitary committee of comj -ten* Ju-iirioo*. active men, to attend to the health of he city?the cleaning and paving of the atreet*?the collector, of oflkl. eshea, dirt, and everything el "a conrafit^d * Ith it* health, It* credit, ond iu pioijtenty. In thii war the tity may be redeemed from the dueaae, death, disgrace, and rain that await* it t eft a* it ha? tee.i, and il, what el*e have we to expect. Let then a meeting al the citizen* he convened torthwith, and tbia or Mine such measure* be adopt ?d. Procrait inntien may render all meaiurea, however well deiigned, unavailing. Have we a board of health or n?*t ? 11 we have , what are it? JuWes, how performed, and where to lie f?und 1 If it haa any control over the rleanlint** of the city, where are the eye* and n<j#e* of ita memi er* I Do they put thone uieful appendage* in their coascienre pour lie*, when they are in the atreeta, for fear io me of the light-fingered gentlemen migh filch them from them? It la certainly high tlite that our city >laddi*e opened their eye*, and wake up from their protracted aieata. Sampton, in all hit *tr?ngf!i and fury will be opon them, /fthey do not wake up, and nae prevention, which la 1 better thaa ear*. A -WS-UBBSP? "-BBS Police IntrUlfeira*. i Julf 6 ?Ch*rf* of Palling Countrrftil Money?A , I young man. by tha n vni of William Oassett, (formally a ' waiter at (Junter's eating house, in Fulton itreet,) waa j arretted, on Saturday lait. on a charge of paining a coun- j terleit f j bank bill, purporting to be on tne Lssex coun- j tv bank, Keesevilie, N. V. It ap|>cars from the facts that the accused endeavored to pais the above bill in payment for a pine apple, at one of the stands around the Park. Constable Killard. of the 7th ward, was standing close by at the tute. and when the bill was prononnceJ bad, he J immedCtelv took Uaiiett into custody. The accused, then becoming alarmed, attempted to throw away from ' his poaket a bad bill, of the same denomination, and on ' the same bank, but waa detected in the act by the above ' otflcer. who took the prisoner, bills and ill. before Justice Drinker, who held him to bail, in $000, to aniwer at court; in default of which he wat committed to priion. Sltjling a Tub of Bull*r?Vlarriret Van Wagner was caught in the act of carrying oil i tub of butter, worth 1 53. Irom a grocery store, No 101 Cliff street, belonging < to George ^chloundroff. Locked up for trial. Dtftating a Swindler.?A few years ago, a Frenchman, by tbo name of Uour<ac, absconded from France to this country, having cheated his creditors of a large amount of money ; and being a man of good iddresi, soon became familiar with some of the most rpseectable merchants in this city and Dosion He finally located himself in Mt Louis, Missouri, in the wholesale liquor business. and from his general appearance and easy manned, obtained a laiee amount ot credit of two respectable til m? iu tbii ciiy, J. Matthew* St Co , No. Wall trect, ( and Me sirs. Cazet fc. Astoin, No. 64 Wall street, as alio liom merchants id Boston l?oui?iic, like most of these 1 cliujis, was very punctual in his first payments, which was merely a ru?< to establish confidence. Within the ( last year, it seems. he managed to procure credit to the amount of $M).OUO anil over, and a few weeks ago closed ' hi? atore, having previously turned his stock into cash, ( uudMiolted for narts unknown. He sent his family to < Baltimore. at which place it was supposed ho was to join them. L'pon the closing of his store, information < was despatched to his creditors in New Vork that he had j disappeared. This of course alarmed them, and thev at once applied to Mr. Ilelyea, of the independent police, who immediately despatched Mr. Bcman. one of that vigilant corps, to Baltimore, accompanied by one of each of the above tlrms, to endeavor, if possible, to overhaul the rogue and procure the money. Upon arriving at Baltimore, they found several other creditors on the rime business. After a good deal of perseverance and management, Gaursuc was overhauled by Mr. He man an I one of the creditors at Hampton, Va., an>l succeeded in obtaining every dollar of the claim,amounting to $>8,U00. It it only to be regretted that they had not the claims of the other creditors with them, for no doubt every doller of the indebtedness could have been recovere', as Goursac had ample funds to have satisfied all. Thi* job, like all the business they undertake, has certainly been done up in a very workmanliko manner, and reflects much credit upon the energy and industry of the Independent Police. A Worthy Son ?Officer Wooldridge, of the 8th ward, I arrested a young man by the name of John Mclntyro, 1 charged with breaking open a trunk belonging to hit mother, residing at No. 114 Centre street, an-l stealing therefrom $375, in soveieigns and bank bills, on last Friday ni^ht Suspicion resting upon this young man, from the fact of his leaving the premises very suddenly, the mother hearing that ner son had gone to Philadel- , phia, she immediately starte I in pursuit, and while absent, the above officer succeeded in arresting the accused, and found on his parson 13 sovereigns in a leather bag?that bein^ a portion of the stolen money. Com milieu ior examination uy Justice Usborne. -j Stealing a Watch.?C)(Ticor Ruff, of the 5th ward, arresiel two notorioui thieves. called Jim Hazzard and r Charly Kaymau, charged with robbing man by the * name of Matthew ICennon, residing at No. 22 Cherry-it., i of a gold watch worth (60, while lie wai laying on a J settee in a porter house, at the corner of Canal street if and Broadway, on the 4th of July. Both locked up for J. examination by Justice Osborne. J Rohheii at the Muteum.?A lady was robbed at the ( American Museum, on Saturday afternoon, of a gold I lepinc watch, valued at $40, taken lrom her pocket by I one of those prowling pick-pockets, who are constantly J, to be seen in this pU-e of amusement. Various pocket books were lost likewise, containing small amounts of money, during tho day. Also another watch was missing. No arrest. I Coaoxra's Orricc, July 5.?Death from Intemperance. J ?The Coroner held an inquest yesterday at No. 29, Cottage place, on the body of Klizabeth Kurman, bora in f New York, 60 years of age, who came to her death by the effects of inteirperance. Verdict accordingly. 1 s The Coroner likewise held an inquest at No. 249 Stanton street, on tho body of Joseph Krdman, horn in t Germany, 40 years of age, who came to his death also by I ( the effects of intemperance. j > Movement* of Traveller*. The following mines form a considerable portion of \ < those that hav; accumulated on the registries of ? the annexed principal hotels, for the last two days:? American?W. 11. Drayton, Philadelphia; P. Forsyth, ! do; J. Gregory, Boston ; II. Walter, Richmond; K. Kllison, Philadelphia; W. Rillier, do; R. Hicks, Va.; D. ! f Pratt, Troy; H. Middlo'on, South Carolina; O. Cooper, 1 i Georgia; M Fachcr, Alabama; J. Johnson, Missouri; J. | Burck. Michigan; J Boyd, Philadelphia; J. llaldeman, | ' I UIWUC1|IUW. Aitor ?8. Harrison, Savannah; J Stoddort, do; J. B. Clarke, Boston; J. D. Adams, Massachusetts; H. Mcrritt, Pittsburgh; H. Lawless, Missouri; 8 Gore, Boston; D. Graves, Baltimore: L Ski iner, Boston; Lt. How, R N ; L Austin, do; J. rotters, Boston; W. H. Stanfer, New Orleans; Captain Hamilton, British Army; C. Clung, Philadelphia; E. Lambert, Philadelphia; C. Walker, 8. Carolina; O. W. Taige. Vermont; J Townder, Virginia; I , J. Adams, South Carolina ; J. llopkins, do; J. Gray, Richmond. ! Citt? Dr. Follen, Georgia; F. Fele, Pa; R.Sibley, Virginia; A Bartlett, Utica; O. Buker, Wis. Territory; R. Levech. Philadelphia; J. Blackwood, do; M. Forsyth, Mich.; C. Burrows, Trenton; H. Morris, Philadelphia; R. I Bann, Reading; A. Coffin, Boston; J. Harris, New London; L. Brower, Cincinnati; A Cheseborough, Philad.; 11. Paddock, Oneida; L. Clughorn, Philadelphia; Captain Van Ness, U S A.; Judge hwing, Penn. Franklik? R. Pekhan, Providence; H. Leyton, Phila. | A. McLean, Montreal; T. Collins, Philadelphia; J. Beckwith, Louisville; D. Collins, Philadelphia; W. Fitzgerald, | Baltimore; L. Bigelow, Boston; S. Hayes, Albany; <ieo. Aimstrong, Wis. Territory; George Hayes, rhiladel- ' phia; 8 Presslv, Pa ; J. Simpson, Miss.; D Green, Philadelphia; W. Harris, do; J. Bennett, Norfolk; C. Porter, j Somers; J. Silby, Ohio; W. McDannclI, St Louis, Mo. Howard?H Hitch cox, Albany; W. Finlay, Philadel- ' phia; W. Williams, Conn.; C. Harris, Boston; General I Geoige Cooke, England; W. McPherson. Saratoga; W. Hartley, Montreal; Hon J. H. Hendorson, Washington; j C. Shervinton, 46th Regt B. A. Canada; L. Bromao, llli- | . nois: T Stearns, Baltimore; D. Karl, Va ; J. Bale, Philadelphia; G. Conway, Baltimore; Oliver Jones, Houston; ! L. Davis, Ithaca; C. I). Rov, Montreal; H VanOrden, Hudson; D. H. Lamb, South Carolina; J. Temnerman, I 1 Canada; 8. Hale, Philadelphia; A. Lee, Geo.; H. Mo- , Cowhen, Penna. Santa Fe acpedltlon. [From the St Louis Republican. June 25] We learn from the officers of the Amaranth, which boat left the Fort on Sunday morning last, that the general health of the volunteers, officers, and soldiers, continued good. They were kept at drill a given number of hours each day, and begin to present a soldier-like appearance The two artillery companies fiom this place, < under Capt.iins Wcigbtman and Fischer, were greatly | admired for their uniioim nd soldierly appearance, and the excellence of their equipments. If we are correctly informed, the compbniek from other parts of the State will go on the expedition without any uniformity of dress or equipments. This is to be regretted, as nothing con- ] tributes so much to intuse a proper spirit into the men as ( iicm hiiu appropriate ures* una equipments. , It was understood at the Fort, when the Amaranth left, that throe companies of volunteers would take up the . line of march on. Monday ; three other companies would follow in two or three daya, and the whole command would be on tie route by the last of thii. or early next j week. All the luppliei have not yet reached Col. Kear ney, and he ii compelled to wait for iodio that are essential. From what we hear, however, we suppose the i c whole expedition will be on the road by the middle of I o next week Several provision trains, moit of which are | . drawn by oxen, and travel slow, have already been lent I m forward. They will be overtaken before they progiess | very far. The whole expedition will rendezvoua at Dent's Fort. | By Mr. McKenney, who arrived, laat evening, from [ * Beut'* fort, we learn further particular* respecting af- ' lair* in that direction. The company left Bent's fort on the 13th of May, and were thirty-three days to Westport. The weather was fine, with only one light j shower of rain. They met Messrs. Webb, Doan, and others, at Ash e reek, twenty days from Independence. Met a part of Arraiio's company at Walnut cieek?the remainder, and Mr. Prewitt, at Plum Bute; Mr Speiers at Little Arkansas; a small party of drngoons, Shawnee* and Delnwares, | under f'ol. Howard, at Cotton-wood Fork Met Mr liar mony at Council (irove; rapt Moore, mth one hunJred I -j and eighty dragoons, at Big John Spiing; Messrs Bran- | , ham and Hickman, and Col Uavis, near Rock Creek, Messrs. MplOl, tilasgow It < lark, at One Hundred and Ten; Messrs. Magoffin, Leitensdorler, Masure, Owens, McKinstry and others, at and near Black Jack; , and straggling parties, including twenty five provision J wiigons, lor the United States, bound to Kent's lort, were , daily met until their arrival at Westpor*. They saw large herds of buffalo in the vicinity of Walnut creek, but it is apprehended that they will disappear, j in consequence of the great number of persons on the r route. o Near Pawnee Fork, lost one man, Antonio de Garcia, _ a native of Matamoras, who was slain, it is supposed, by a party of Cnmanches, whilst in advance of the wagons. Charles Bent, St. Vrain, (ieorge Bent, F. P. Blair and : 1 J- Folger, were absent, on a tour to 9anta Fe. Messrs. Bent. St. Vrain, and others, were to have re J turned in time to overtake the wagons, but no news hss been received from them to this date. Mr. William Bent, | with a few men. had loft upon a trading expedition to the who wore in largo numbers at Salt Valley, some h?kC* lot^* northwest of the fort. to ki* departure, it was ascertained that "' con,?"ting of four hundred Mexicans, had ? ?? e?">paign against the same bands of fcu- 1 1* \i- wui.i Jn2I?"MD* "fy kave Jeopardized the safety i ? "-"i ?na nil party, it i* probable that the detention of Mr. C. Bent and Ht. Vrain ii owing to I ' that caute I The Kutaw* are friendly to the American*, and now I are at war with the Mexican*. | ' A report we* in circulation at Independence and at ' j Fort Leavenworth, that Bent'* Fort had been taken by i < the Mexican*, hut we learn from the source from which I I we derive the above, that there i* no truth in the report. It i* believed that it originated from an unguarded ex- 1 pre**ionof one of the men who came in from the fort. Alter the company met Webb and Doane, there were " enly three day* in which they did not meet parties of trsdera. Thi* fact shows the great increa** of the trade *n<l travel on that route. The amount of merchandize I taken out thi* year is very large, ami, be?ide the traders, I " thi* it now becoming a fsihionablo trip, for pleasure : , nn ltn icitore the health of invalids. 2 Varieties. i ' Religion iiv Borrow.?There are 99 place* of public \ 2 worship in Boston, capable of seating 84,ISA persons. Htmih bi'*r at Lowki.l.? No le** than 521 female ' operative* have been married in Lowell during the pa*t , year. Wa think the aumberof Lowaligirla will increaa* ! ' when the new* f l<hito the eountry. ?? .1. Rlblo'i Garden*?The (m(Mt tnUttaln- : Mill rerciraaat ibia eatabliahmant, take place to-oighi "M. Dec hiliiineau" and "Jotka," two ?r the beat comic >autom'ior raprcaencad by the Kavela. Oabnal, ol courie. I all hi* (lory; and (jt.oeld the waatlitr pro?a favorable) f.dgc'a in exhibition o' Fireworka, poatpoced ou Jaturiiiy, will take I'laca. arlaaUau of tfe? UlUo tlMbr. t'Ucei 7V?. Statr tf Hiear. Cincinnati, J una *J0 S foet 8 iochea. Wheeling, Juno ? 10 feat. ritUbunr June il S foot 9 inchea Louiariu*, June 33 fl feet. iaefcea MONEY MARKET. Sunday, July 5?? P. M. There were, of courie, no transactions La the street yesterday? the Fourth. To-morrow the uMettled aosounu of to-day and yesterday will be imnpd. The steamship Britannia arrived yesterday, at Boston, ind her news reached us last eveniug by expree*. The commercial accounts will be found in anothei column. The schooner Enterprise arrived at New Orleeae on :ho 25th ultimo from Brazos Santiago, with >64,092 in ipecie. The money market, in Baltimore, was active on the Id instant, and good paper easily negotiated. There was svery appearance of greater ease among the commercial :lasses, and rates would in all probability fall. The annexed statement exhibits the quantity of plain ind^piinted calicoes exported from Ureat Britain, in the irst three months of each of the past two year*. The able not only shows the aggregate quantity shipped, ! jut the quantity exported to each country. It will be >bserved, that there has been an increase In theefgre(ate of each description this year compared with last. Plain and Printed Calicoes felxroaTED raoM Obkat Britain, Jan. 5, to April 5, 1845 and 1|i*. Countriei to Printed and Dytd which rrporled. Plain Calirott. Calico**. 1815. 1*46. 1*45. IMS. Yardt. Yards. Yards. Yardt Jr. N Ainrrict... 7,796,444 8,136 S?3 8.420.191 11,315,030 Jr. West Indirs .. 3.6C4.568 4.200.3H4 4.148.153 ( 933,707 ilsilras Ic Calcutta 35,M# ?54 49.129,881 4.565 *61 7,110,175 Jombay 6,2411*0 10.316.258 1,221715 1,313,005 eylou 1,115 009 1,381 706 914.735 175.1M >Iew South Wslas 601,090 450,073 757.046 *17,937 I. Dir man's Land 86.870 62.070 66.031 95.017 iouth Australia... 109,136 50 857 29 9<7 41,17} iwsa Kivrr 11.091 32.811 14.520 28,770 <e* Zealand 23,638 48.992 20,108 37,193 Mauritius 1,321,72a 1,118,583 599,621 1,117,619 Jape of G Hope tc Alcoa Bsy 378,964 1,581,415 434.316 9*8,63* It. Ileleu* 13,108 ? 10,630 1,800 Inernsey 8c Jersey 5.117 ? ? ? Jibnlrar (.042,785 3.465,8*3 2.598,125 1,150,47* dalta 8c Ionian lals 2.450.717 3.218.339 1,012 865 1,045.316 .'ranee 150.000 389.921 555.735 606,*5* i,Z\b.V.H 4,372,183 ielgium. 161,211 161,033 813,011 271,128 iermany, including H?n?e Towns 6.018,878 7,li9.fi!>t 1],03} 280 10,714.601 )?nm trk 83,621 178,705 18 991 31,119 Iwrilen Sl Norway 244.697 196.676 179.623 MIJM tu.sia - 149 1*7 2,380 77, Ml ipun 188.080 20.986 1,889 9.H9 'nrt ngal 6,003,380 9.236,625 2,770.0:11 4,1M,}I1 tapirs and Sicily. 712,161 1,331,063 025,726 1,1*1,418 Untria, including Trieste fc Venice 2,119,949 3,309,208 1,606,381 1,*08,619 [W. and Sardinia, including Genoa and Leghorn 7,767.:f72 10,273,768 6.372.132 4.TW.789 'apal Territories.. 316,918 431.604 812.222 913,969 ladeir* 70,798 190,119 83,244 133,602 TuiteJ States 6,139,437 3,41. 010 5 684,168 6.016,707! dexico 880.414 106,321 2,077,131 3,749.1(4 It. Domingo 670.C20 211,021 1,614.2110 343.760 :ulia 806,628 ?1 191.362 2,170.889 3,347,319 It. Thomas 2.463,143 2.069,496 2,986,000 3,113,111 londuras 2.141,377 1.(63.469 676,412 364,104 "olumbia 1,169,372 2,468,233 1,891,131 3,(89,064 Irazils 13,430,881 18,394.43.1 9.191.241 11.7M.778 ,a Plata 3.101,918 817,213 3.061.141 Ml,1*4 ;hili and Peru ... 4.993.413 10.162.743 8,881.0Ti *.319.103 lyria and Palestine 7,391,061 3,086,043 3,182.811 910,936 1 ,'nrkey k Greece, including Syria 8t Smyrna 13.910,791 11,186,917 7,122,114 *,173.188 '.gypt 1.211,003 1,181.622 12,619 14,000 -lima 39,909,914 26,247,910 978,063 *74,620 ava, Singapore St Manilla 4,774,296 6,087.900 3,841.610 4,9*1,333 'hilippiue Islands. 1,138,700 280,480 171,890 30,Ml ladagascrdt Bourbon 43,100 ? ? I. Leone, Keman. Po, and Cape C. Castle...' 231.713 171.443 404,176 SM.1M lamina 33.010 88,280 34,180 106,301 V lores 217.116 70,131 16,811 331,M4 reneriffe II Canary 171,102 321,021 116,977 176,031 | 'oast of Af rica, ineluding Algiers. 31.600 360,000 324,700 341,M0 ape Verd Islands 241.390 42,641 1923 9.117 louthSeas 110,900 ? 11,642 ? Total 190,910,601 317 820,621 110,801,417 113,973,3M The moit extensive markets for plain calicoes Br* ; bund in the East Indie*, and the roost extensive market* \ or printed and dyed calicoe* in Germany, including the I lanse Town*, in British North Arocrica and in Brazil, j t appear* that there ha* been a very great falling off in j he ihipmcnts of plain calicoe* from Great Britain to the j United States this year, compared with la*t, a falling off >f nearly fifty per ccnt, while there ha* been a small per J ent increase in the shipments of printed and dyed cali- . oes. We can hardly account for the deficiency in the aggregate shipment* of those two articlei to this country ?rom Oreat Britain thil year compared with last, in con. j lection with the fact that the value of the importation if foreign manufactures for the first three month* o' 1 846 compared with 1845. The difference must have >oen in the cheaper or heavier descriptions of goods, o have made up the decrease in the articles namel ! ibove, and give an increase in the total. The importations into this port from all parts of the i vorld for the first five months of this year, have been arger than those for the corresponding period last, but rom present appearances, we shoutd judge that the ag. ;regate for 1846 would be several millions less than in 845. There ia, however, every probability of there teing a greater deficiency in the value of the exports rom the United States thil year, than in the impoita ompared with lust, as the falliDg off in the shipments of lotion alone will not be much less than five hundred housand bales, valued at about twenty millions of delars. There will not be this difference in the aggregate, is there has been an increase in the exportation of other rticles, such as flour, wheat, rice, corn, Ice., which will iflset part of the deficiency in tho shipments of cotton. Before the opening of another season's business, there vill be, without doubt, a very great improvement in lur foreign trade, and we look forward to a few years if the greatest prosperity, The amount received for tolls on all the New York State Canals during the third week in June, is $89,547. | Same period in 1845 *62.322 Difference $25,355 The aggregate amount received for tolls from the commencement'of navigation to the 3d week in Jure inclusive, is $8o9,393 Same period in 1845 799,201 difference $60,132 The receipts during the month of April of the present , 'ear. compared with 1845, show a diminution of $80,871, nd from the first of May to the third week in June, ompared with the same period of the past year, show an xcess of $141,002, the average increase being over wenty thousand dollars per week. Married, At Hoboken, New Jersey, July 3d, by the Rev. D. )unbar, Johi McCullock, engineer, to Miss Jake iliL)or?ALt>, Inverness, Scotland. Uled. At 185 Mott street, on Saturday the 4_th instant, Marv in* wilit, native ol r.ngland, ageu 33 yean. LIUHT guard. ~~ lOOih REGIMENT?FLANK COMPANY" A. Akmori LaFavette Hall, > P*r.w V okk, July J. 1S-10. > \ SPECIAL MEETING of in* Corps will be held at th* A. Armory on Moud iv ereuinf. July bth, IKI6 at I o'clock. 1 ne Members are earnestly requeued to attend punctually, a buaineaa of importance will be transacted. By order. jnfi lt*r J. h. I Dnl \RT, Axistint Secrotnrv. ______ LMFTY MEN.?Call at 77 H<>uth Water street, Philadclr i.hia, on VVedneadiy. #ih matant. at 7 o'cl.ck, and tliey hall be conveyed to the Worka on the canal. Wages SI per day. ji fi It* I \ iOLMi MAN, after luidiug, a Carpenter liy trade, M wishing to serve a time to it litre, and no objection to ither city or country ; and koarda in Thirteenth alreet, weat f Fifth aud sixth Avenue, No. 3i; and pleaae to call. j V 6 3fmc Sl'RlNO AND SUMMER CLOTHINU, AT VV. II. DE OROOT It CO.'a, 102 Fulton at., IITHERE the following great attractiona will be presentv? ed?Cloth ( oata, blaca, blue, hrown and olive, from >8 to S16; Alpacca, Croton, Brown Linena, Check Linena, tcolcn and other Oinghama: Tweedy Sa?e Ootha, Caahmeetta, Jeaua ami Merino; Sacka, Frocka, Dreaa and Shad Joata, of every color and shape, from $1 to Si. Pauu?Caanmeren, Linen and Worated Checks; Alpacca. vlerinn, White and Brown Linen, fancy Summer French and American Caaaimerea, from tt to $i. Veata?Setin, plain nid atriped; < aahmere, Merino, Silk. Maraeillea, Valencia, Jiugham, and a very handsome styl? of Linena, best for ummer wear, from 74 centa to $4. Boys' Clothing, equally ; :heap; a good aaaortment for aummer wear on liana. jy< Iwmc W. H. DEOROOT It CO.. 102 Fnlton at. Dh.rOWbliL., UOULlOl, AliKlWl, AND OPERATIVE SURGEON, A TTENDS to Diieaaea of the Eye and Ear, lrom9to4 [*. o'clock, at his reaideuce, 2S1 Broadway, corner ol War en atreet. Opthalmia, Stoppage ol the Tear Paiaage, Cataract, and Dpacitiea, effectually removed. AM AlTROStS treated with neat attention and success. Inv^f*nt? a! HTM A HI AM I TR or ftntiniHn* rtir#H il i few minntei. Joat imported, ARTIFICIAL EYES, of inperior beamty ?d Wauh. SPECTACLES adapted to erery detect. Advice to the poor without chime. Office and reaidanca Ml Broadway?entrance IK Warren treat Jy6 It* r MR. AOtitTSTUri VON1 A.^CHKNT BON of the late R?r. Johw Hi*rt Vo* aifhn, of p Bremen, who emigrated to ihe United Btmtea of North Vmerica about II yeara ago, it urgently reqneated either to all on the nudenigned, or to adriae them ?y letter of hi? nereahniit, >? order to receive information in regard to proxrtr left to him The nnderaigned at the tame time request any nerion who an gi?* information of the life or demit* of >aid Anguitaa Kon Aachen, for which they are authoriaed to pay a reward f icqmred?to apply to them. BECHTEL It DREYEU. jyi Wi??taw*rc llBwer iWeet, ap Maira. BSBSSS-W-mmimm?mmmmmmm AlCTIOD KITICKS. By EDWARD TEAOL'E, Auction.,, Store No 177 Eighih Aveuue. J ON TUESDAY, the 7th msta j t, >t 10 o'clock, A. M, at j ilia second house fram the coiner of Twrnt) siith street nnd Ninth Aieuae, ?tl nil*, the furniture ol the Kcv. Jo>e|>b 1 P. Burke about to 4e|-art tor Enrol"*?consisting of I Mahogany l hairs, ilo Kockers, do Wining Desks, liigraiu ami < Brussels Carpet*, Haartli Rii|a, Bureaus, Bedsteads. Ull I loth and Matting, 1 {run Brdstead,Tables, Looking Glasses, I two Mantle Candlesticks. one Arui Chair, one easy do, four Hair M-ttrasses. three Wash-hand Huuds, with eweis and ba- I sins: Cots, feather Beds autl Bedding, st ir Rods, window Shades, Stove*, Towels, Sheets, and SO feet new crolou I Hose. Also, a large lot of kitchen utensils, with which the sale , will commence. N. B.?Kipp It Brown's stages paas the door every five mi- j nates. Sal* positive, rain or shine?a rare chanca lor retail i dealers jy# 2*uic Wi lli If ill V lie CTriUL'o iT TtIP w 1 l!V a wuiv *wikxju vi giv/uuo /xx xnb v i : YAKD. 1 THIlKK will be told on Monday. 6th Jnly 11 M,at tlx U. i 8 Nary Y?rd, Brooklyn, by 1). C.k VrPKLL It CV. '

auctioneer!, the following articles. Til PROVISIONS. 8 barrels Btff 0601 pounda Brnd ( 20 do Pork 13& do Cocoa 1317196 do Klour S6H do Chert* 1101 pounds Ricc 21 gallon! Beaua . 292 do Ramns 137 Bread Bags 415 do PickUa CLOTH INO. \ 6 blue Pea Jaekrta Sil iwir Puinpi 1 do Monkey do 31 linen Trowaera aud Pan- ' 1326 (In Round do taloona 31 do Cloth T'owsers 583yard* Blue Cloth 4 do Flannel Shirta 22>? do do Klauuel 2 white do drawer* 179 do Dungaree 6 do Kersey do 2 Duck Trowsers 38 pair Yarn Socks 4 Summer Cloth Jackets j 16 do do Stockiugs 1 Brown Linen do 70 black silk Hdkls A doien Lagle Jacket But- j 7 Mat' rXssea tons ! j 1<4 pair Shoes _ l SMALL STORKS. ' 32>i pounds Beeswax 73 Iron Spoons , 174 boxes Blacking 461 pounds Tobacco 4 coarse t 'nubs '>? do 8ewiug Silk , 31 M Spani.n Segara S do do Thread | 19 Jack Knives 70 do Oraas. for mats 54 boxes Mustard 41 pair Suspenders 1 , 1825 Needle* 5 Stocks (bombaxine and | 97 boxes Pepper satin) I 45tij Pots 34 Tin Pans 1n>.rl)>;.>iH Mi>;>i>...JLii Minui I TERMS, CASH ON DELIVERY. 1 1 Navy Agent's Office, Nrw York, June 2fiih. 1816 (Signed,) PROSPER M. WETMORE, ' je39 4ieod is*m Navy Arant. LOAN OK $ WO,ooo FOR ARREARAGES TO CONTRACTORS AND OTHERS ON THE PUBLIC WORKS?The Commissioners of the Canal Fund, by virtu* of the act entitled an "Act supplemental' to the act enti- i tl<-d in act to provide for paying the delit and preserving the credit of the State, passed March 29, IH1,"?passed Mar II, 1816, hereby give notice, that sealed proposals will be received until the sixteenth day of Jnlv inst., at 4 o'clock in the afternoon of thit day, for a loan of Two Hundred Thousand Dollars, for which transferable certificates of stock will he issued, m the name of the People ol the State of New York, hearing interest at the rate of six per cent per annum, payable quarterly, and the principal reimbursable at the pleasure of the Commissioners of the Canal Fund after the year 1R64. In ?''ditiou to the faith of the State, the act above referred to makes a specific pledge of the tolls required to be paid daring the suspensioa of canal navigation, on freight transported on railroads between Schenectady and Buffalo; and any surplus of canal revenues, after the satisfaction of the present charges upon such revenue*. . It is to ne understood, that the Commissioners are to be at liberty to take a less sum, if the offers are not such, as in their opinion are advantageous to the interests of the Rtite. The proposals may be lor the whole or anv part <-f said loan not less than $VOOO, all proposals to be sealed up and endorsed, "Loan for the payment of arrearages to contractors and others on the public works," and enclosed in an envelope directed 10 the Comptroller at Albany, The money will be required to be paid on the 18th day July instant, to the credit of the Commissioners of the ( anal Fund, in such bat.k in the city of New York or Albany as shall be designated by the Commissioners. Stockholders residing in the First and Second Senate Districts, and those residing out of the State, will receive the interest ou the stock held hy them quarterly, at the Bank of th? Manhattan Company, in the ci'y of New York ; all other stockholders, at the New York State Bank in the city of Albany. Dated Canal Denattment, Albany, July 1, 1816. ADDISON (4ARDNER. Lieut. Governor. A. C Fl.AGO, Comptroller. THOS. FARRtNOTON. Treasurer. H. HALSKY, Surveyor General. J. VAN BUREN, Attorney General. jy6tol6r N. S. BENTON, Secretary of Sate. JOHN BISSELL, 3 aud i Wall street, near Broadway, N. York, Commissioner, appointed by the Governors and nndar the laws of Alabama, Connecticut, Delaxare, Florida, Georgia, Illiuois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia &c., to take testimony, acknowledgments and proofs of all instruments and papers, to be used or recorded in these States. Notary Public and Law Agent. He has all the various and necessary printed forms and blanks, by which much time is saved, and accuracy insured. Office hours from 8 A. M. till dark. He will attend at the residence of parties in the evening. It is hoped that the effort to concentrate this business, and the attention to and experience of Mr. B. in ir, will meet with such encouragement i>* will warrant its continuance. THh. CITY KlKt INSURANCE CUMl'ANY. 1 | Office No. 61 Wall street, Citt or New York. i CATITAL STOCK (210,000, all paid in rash, and securely invested according to the pmiitOM of its charter. I ' _ This Company lf.u been iu baaineaa twelve years, and in that time has paia losses by fire upwards of (4X1,000. The preaeiit asset* of the Company exceed its capital stock Bore than $23,000. ( Insurance against loas or damage by Fire effected on appli- 1 cation, at reasonable terms. R. A. READING, President. al> Imns'm D. F. CURRY. Secretary. the long island insurance company. i 1 capital 200,000 dollars.- , OkFICE.41 Fulton street, Brooeltr. i CONTINUES to take risks on buildings, machinery, tnrr- r handize and property generally, on their nsual favorable , terms. This company lias passed through the two greatest conflagrations that have ever occurred in the country . they owe their escape from them with comparatively slight losses , to the system which they have always practised of limiting f and scattering their risks. All losses which the comixuiy may 4 sustain will be adjusted and paid promptly as heretofore. c The Company lake special care to notify their customer* la \ New York, of all expirations of policies. B. W. DELAMATER, President, al 2mis*r E. c. FINN, Secretary. I premium boots. ^ FINE FRENCH BOOTS for $3 SO, city made, and are eqtml to those sold in other stores for $6. Fin* t W French Calf Boots for $4 M, equal to the best made in f jm this city for * or 11, at YOUNG It JONES' French { Boot and Shoe Manufactory, one of the mo*t fashionable in { the city Our Boots having been judged in the late Fair at Niblo's, are said to be the best ever sold in thia city. , All Boot* warranted to give satisfaction Mending, lie., done in the Store. YOUNO It JONE8, 4 Ann street, 1 Naa* the American Munum, New York. J ^Qnirk s?1e? and ?rn !! is onr m^rfn iv J 1 r DAVllJ'S UhSblll', i AT WEST I'OINT. ONE HUNDRED TICKETS ONLY. ^jizi THE Undersigned having chartered the ?*w and splendid ?t. amer EXCELSIOR, 2Ci3i3L t. apt. Nelson, for the day and evening of die tenia ol Jul), iistsnt. h? inade arrangements for tne perform nice of Davki's Grand Ch'-rat and lus.rumental Symplio- \ ny TilE Dh.dji.RT, on the pi "i at West Point. Also, the " Tramp Chora*, '1 the " Orand March and Chorus" from the opera of "Fidi-lt >," by BEETHOVEN. i The choral department will rise about So ladies an J genilemeu, accompanied by rj. .nestra of mo,e than thirty J instrumental performers. <j The whole nnder the di ection of MR GEO LoDEIL ? The Solo parts by I Mr*. L. A. JONES and Mr. J. A. JOHNSON. DODWOKTH'9 justly celebrated Band has also been engagt a ior int* occuion. To enaure comfort and respectability, but one hundred ticket* will be mid, ia addition to the musician*. The Boat wi l leave the pier at the foot of Cauil atreet pre- , ci*ely at eight o'clock. I ' A fine cold Collation at 11 o'clock, and uutil the boat arrive* at the point. , J Dinner at 4 o'clock, at which all will be aeated at once. I Cold Collation, returning, at from 0 to 9 P .M. I Ticket* Five Dollar* each, admitting a gentleman and ore i lady, including d nner and other refreshments for trip. * ?tra j ladiet' ticket*, Two Dollars. May be obtained (until the evening ol the 1th in*tant, after which time none will be aold. under any circumstance* whatever) at the mu*ic atore of Me<*r* Firth, Hall and Pond, 239 Broadway ; at the atore oi I O. F. Neabitt, corner Wall and Water atreeta ; and from i H MKIOG8, 4H Broadway. N. B.?A few of the gem* from the " Deaert" hare been arranged for a braaa baud, by Dodworth, and may be liateued to Thi* ( Holiday) Evening, and also on lueaday and Thuraday eveuinga of thi* week, at AMuon1* Atlantic Oar; . " den. | b N. B.?The Ndie* and gentlemen attached to the A**ocia- , tion are hereby notified that the la?t rehearaal will take place Thi* ( vlondaO KTeuing, at I o'clock precisely, iu the Library Room of the new Unitarian Church, iu Broadway, between Spring and Prince at*. jy6 ! r ? EXCUHMON TO J?U? FISHING BAtUKS. ? jgi\ KVKBY TUK8DAY ? The .ubstan-i.l itrimer BUFFALO, Captain Hancox. will . ti on Tneaday, July 7th, a* follow*:? foot oI li.irulai atreet at 8 o'clock: Hammond atreet quarter- ' pest 8: Canal street, half paat : Pike atreet t R . 9; rier No. I NR. hall paat 9 o'clock A. M., and return by #, P. M. Dinner provided on bonrd ?Beit at coat. A p-?r*nn will be 1 on board to furuiah fulling tackle Fare fifty ceau fortheex- < curaion. N H.?Large quantie* of Sea Rui and Pontic* were caught laat Tuc?d?y. j)>>fr . I ONF.Y ISLAND AND FORT IL\VIIL TON.?The *te*m boat PROPRIETOR,- J 3C- JtiU3E- Caption H. Mallan, will run daring the ? month of July, (or antil further notite) every week day a* , follow*, leaving ... a Pier 3 N. R. f CoiWT Ulano. I o'clock, A. M. I o'cloek, A. M. t 10 " " I 1IK " ' I " P. M. I " P. M. i " 1 | (5 11 " | Landing at Fort Hamilton each way. Fare Ilk cent*. ] i N. B.?Stage* will be in rn*dine** on the arrival of the boat at Fort Hamilton, to take p***e:iger( to New Utretcht ' and Bath, al*o at Coney I*land to take paaienger* to the apper j honae*. I 3ti**r THOMAS BF.1LBY, Proprietor. ! , KUH LONDON?Regular packet ol the l*t Aog.. MtTaVThe firat cla?*,fa*t tailing packet *hip PRINCE Ate JMHBbBKRT, Capt. Hebor, 1 >00 ton*, will aai] aj above, her regular day. Having ?ery auperior accommodation* for cabin, aeccnd rfc , bin and ateerage pa**enger*, peraon* intending to embark hould make early application on board, foot of Maiden lane, ^ or to JOHKPrf McMURRAY, Corner of Pin# and 8o?th itretti. P 8.? Persona desirous of lending for tKeir friends can hare them brought out bv the above splendid packet ship, or ^ any o/her of the hoe, by applying aa above. J>* r FOR LIVERPOOL-Regular packet of the llth J WflMfyjuly. The firit elaa* fa*t *ailing packet *hip WA- a iflyAabTKRLOO. Cam. Allen. 1000 ton* burthen, will , tail *? above, har regular day. i j Havinir vary inferior accommodations for cabin, second t cabin,1 wd ateerage j>aa?enjcer?, persona intending to em- \ bark, should make immediate application on board, foot of i Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH M'MURRAY, eor of Pin* and Sonth It. P.8 ? Periont desirous of tending Tor th*ir friends in the ol<l country, can hire them brought ont in the above splendid packet, or any other of the line, by applying a- above. jyft rr. HOR OLASOOW?The new. first class ?nip wWM^AHVUM, JiO tons, H. Kohinson, muter, having of her cargo engaged, will meet with despatch. For balance of freiglit or paasage, having excellent accommodation*. apply to the captain on board,foot of Dorer street, or to WOODHULLfc MINTffKN. < jeJlr g7 South street. UNITED STATES fc OREAT BRITAIN k j J1?W IRELAND OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT JHaaMOI'TICE?The Subscribers are prepared to brine out psaiengers by any ol the Line of rackets, sailing every j (Ire days ; and dnfts can, ai usual, be furnished, payable throughout the United Kinrdom For farther particular* apply u> JOHN HERDMAN k Co.. I miT ! Booth Kiaef ] < ? i I I Afll'liKVICJIIM. BOWKRV THKATRE. ?Monday r.fumi, J.ly ?rhwill b# performrd ih# lrn?dv ofPIZAnRO-Holla, 1 J Neafl?; Com, >?m Phillip?. Al" er wlucli itor u?eL>-tlr? natic romature ofV ALfcNTlNK St OR8UN? fcir Vftiouftar. 31.vie hard, Orson. Cony. To couclutl* with the cvmrd ??f -IKE MA8TLR LIKfc >1A N; or, Lorer'i Quartela?l)o(i Carina, I larke. |,0?cr Boxen, 5# cents; Mcond r.ud third tiera, tj ?ta., Pit and (isltcry. IIX ceuta. Doer* open at 7 o clock?Caitam will ri?c at half !*at >fTH >'clock. GlfiriWIfll TIU">THr Cmii of Vanek aad Charlton atreeta ? Ke-o|>riied for tH? Hummer Hnimi Monday Evening July 6<h, tlx- enterlaiumeula to ruiawnci with CM OKOV i'.H BOY; nr. the Last Hope ol' Freedom? Arnol'l. Freer; Birju Vine, Forreater; I'tpnu, Miu i an ill* Chaiunau. P.ia Seul by Mm Fanny L)?e mi, Cotni< Daiice by Mr Yatra. Followed bv Hercule in Faata on tliv riirkiali Column by Higuor (? r?ey nud Son To conclude ar,th the laiwhable farce nl THK BITER BIT?Ellm of the Unrna, Mm Caroline Chnpman. Uoxea, 2i centa; Pit 12V, cents; Private Boxes $4; Heats in Dreliestra Boxea. each 7-> centa. \1BL' t\-M,A!U>KN. m- KXTRA NOTICE -?B) JRAND GALA?FOURTH OK JULY Kl REWORKS P08. PONED. Th? extensive exhibition i>f Kirmmki prepared bv Mt saac Edge, and winch could i.ot he given, ?*<' t "> the in:cuuil rain o? that niifhf. will t ke place on Monday, July ith. should the wrathrr prove favorable The Ravel mil. ilto nppenr iu two of their beat pantomimes, rope Dau iiug, ike. THE WHOLE RAVEL FAMILY. Gabriel Rnvcl in Two Comic Cliaructm. NIUI.O'S (HKUEN.-Monday Evening, July 61I1. IHt ?The performance will commence with a jmpulsr Overture. After which the domestic drama, called JOCKO! THE BRAZILIAN APE?The Ape, Mona. M-rc?tti ; Litento, lerome Ravel; Pipo, tiabr el Havel; Kernsinlet Antoine llavel; Pedro. Krtiicon Havel: Madiinu Kern in del, Ma'mlerome Havel; Cora, M'me Martin Javelli The piece will :oininenre with a Chika, by the Corps de Ballet Hair an hour'i luterinisaiou tor the Coucarta A-la-Mnaard a the Hefreahment Saloon. Sjilendid Overture by the Orchestra. 1 he entertainment" 'o conclude with the laughable pantonine of MONSIEUR DKCHALi MF.AU?Roquinet. Oajriel Ravel; M Laronce, Eton Javelli; Jules, Autoi ?e Rivel; Finot, Fr<ncoia Ravel; Jaco"ea, Marcetti; M I'echa'uimau, l?roneR vel; Mad.me 'Mivier, M'ne Usllott; M'lle Olirier, M'me Jerome Ravell; Connote, M'me M?rtin Javelli Poor* open at 7 o'clock ; en Attainments begin at (o'clock. Ticketa SO renta. CASTLE (1AK.DEN THE MUSICA I. SEASON bavin* closed on Saturday. July the Ith, notice is hereby given that the Castle will je open for visitors from sunrise n itll ten o'clock at i-ich'. The ?plen lid Cosmoramaa will lie brilliantly lighted e?try "air evening for the remainder of the Mimmer Almo?t every person it familiar with the be.iuMes of Cutle B?nlen as a aumine* resort, and if the we'thrr is tine, it is ilmost needless to sav that this euchantiag place will be crowded nitihtlv. The llefreUiments are all of a superior quality. Admittance lifU cents. _Jy6r FRENCH it HE1SER. HOWES & CO.'d NEW YOKJt MAMMOTH CIRCUS. THE LARGEST ESTABLISHMENT ever organ ixed the United States, comprising 130 Men and Horses, ra luiring 36 Carriage* to convey the performer*, wardrobe, ma licians, Ice. The company has attached to it Eight Female luestrians, among whom i* the Greatest Female Rider of the Vffe, recently wived Paris MADAME MAR1EMACAJITE, whose new style ol Equestrian Fenta, peculiarly her own, being chaste and classic; her graceful and fascinating address, rod the charming naivttc with which she chains ner audipence, render this gifted and highly-educated urtittr the leading featare of the arena in this country- The Proprietor* refer the public to the brilliant description given in the respeeave newspapers of the extraordinary and daring feata performed bv this distinguished artiste- Among the novelties which iie Proprietor* offer are the celebrated Scotch . GIANT AND GIANTESS. rheir height is 14 feet, and their weight over 700 lbs. Mr. Randall weighs 432 lbs. Mrs Randall the most enormous Bantes* in the world. They will appear m " Jack and the can Stalk." and he will perform extraordinary feats of itrength and agility, and will ride in a two horse act. The I intertainmenta will comprise IT Acta of Horsemanship, Gymlaatic Eiercises, Classic Displays, and humorous afterpiece*. Equestrian Director, Mr. HOWES; Riding Master, Mr. VIXON, and the unapproachable Clown, DAN RICE. Among the Performers is the celebrate) and principal Riler, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HOOTS, whoae feats on Horseback are the most extraordinary ever witnessed. Juvelile Act of Horsemanship by Maater Nixon. Olympic Exer:ises. by the whole Company, led by the great European rnmbler, Mr. M ACARTE. Wonderful Feau by Mr. Cole't 5ogs, Hector and Billy. The SWISS BROTHERS, ia heir elegant Gymnastic Postnres and Grouping*. Mr. Sweet i* the Charioteer of Phirbns. Posturing and Gymnastics by Wr. Nixon and hi* sou. Mr. Howes in nis Mythological and irilliant Act of " Fencies of Proteus." Mr. C. Howes in Mack Rope Evolutions. Mr. Geo. Sweet, the celebrated right Rope Dancer. With a variety ol other*. The whole :omprisiug the leading, most talented, and classic performer* D the world This unrivalled corps of Equestrians will perform in the own ol ITHICA, N. V., on the 4th of July, after which hey will visit all the principal cities and town* in the Slate. iny3l tf rrc GRAND CONCERT, BY THE ORPHEAN FAMILY, at the Apollo Rooms, on Tuesday Evening, when a choice selection ef their nost favorite Music will be introduced Tickets can be had it Firth, H?ll He Pond's, Atwill's and Dubois'music stores; iaiton ik Miles' book store, and at the door. Concert to commence at quarter p-ist - jyfi 2t *mc | GOTHIC TMLLTHKOADWAY. | MONS. G. TIETZ will eihihit his splendid Mechanical Cabinet of Automata, with the Duck of Vaucansoii. ev Ty evening, from 7 until 10 o'clock. jv4 Iwn'rc COLISKUJVl, NO. 450 B ROADWAY. MR. DINNEFORD RE8PECTFULL. V invites thr public to his Ant attempt at establishing a series of Temperance Dramatic Sketches md Musical Entertainments, the aim of which will be to ilustrate the easrutial benefit of following out the coarse of rudence. The Dramatic part of the Entertainment will be lustaiued by Ladies nnd Gentlemen of chanctcr and taleut. THIS EVENING, Mr. Oxley will portray the progress of the moderate drink r to the confirinedjnehri'tte; and with the assistance of Messrs. Hamilton, Tfirrey, Raymond, Loder, l^uale, Mealames Hamilton, Demerlm and Greenwood in a variety of ither prrsenificatious. together with other entertainments.? Particulars in bills. Admittance 25 cents. je3dStis*m NOTlCa. I rHE free exhibi 'on of Fireworks, which was to have taken place at the Williamsburg Cottage, on the afternoon md evening of the ills, is now arranged for Monday, July 6th. The afternoon performance to commence at 1 o'clock, by he ascension of a number of balloons, At 4 o'clock P. M. ' ur large Parachute Rockets will be lired. In the evening, he grand display of Fireworks will be exhibited, as adveriseu in former bills. Should the weather prove unfavorable, the exhibition will !ome off the first fair alternoon or evening. jvS It* inc. BROOKLYN. POSTPONED ?The great exhibition of Fire Works to have laketi place at the Brooklyn Garden, Fourth July light, is postponed until this (Monday) evening, or if the iveather is unpleasant, Ihe first fair eveuiug?(woitS a visit to Brooklyn ) jyt lt*mc. flAiNO FOKTEo. PURCHASERS we invited to call atCh^mbers' ware-room, No. 385 Broadway, for a superior and warranted aetiele. al71m*T ___ "MODEL OF NEW YORK. THE UNDERSIGNED is now receiving ordera for views fto be represented upon the canopy ol his Model of New ifork, which will he soon completed. These views vary frem 10 to 30 inches in length, and are represented lor a moderate compensation. They include representations of public build ngs. places of business, manufactories, hotels, private resilences, steamhoau, oackets, Icc. number of the first artists, both laadacapes and decorative winters, can find employment by apply at the office?also a ew agents, and persons capable of transacting business. Office hours from 2 to t P. >1. all Im'rrc CDKTKK bl-.L-Ufcr* :n>? nroailwaf. i i COLMAN'b EMPORIUM OK ART AND it,ASSlC CABINET GALLERY OK OIL I'AINTINOS, WHICH includes hit immense storks of Bovks, Paintings, Engraviuga, Kamv Stationery, Drawings, Drawing Materials, Music, he., are now tube found upon the second lour, up one flight of easy stain, (having leased the first MOT,) where every thing will be sold at at luw prices, atld nany much below the regular prices, being desirous of elosRC up as soon as possible his Bonk Department. A Cheap List will soon be published fopthose who will boy a tuaiitities. Purchasers are invited to call and examine his New Rooms, ?Io 3H1 BrrtudwKv. second il'inr alaendexs tfrre for sale. A Span ofspleudid young flay Hnrtes, warranted perfectly sound, excellent travellers, and (till of ?JL4?_^fire and spirit, but aentle and kind One of them t ill li.'t n mile in three minutes?can be seen every evening letweeu live aud ail o'clock, at Weir's Stable!, M Chailton treet. jy3 3i?r ?fl THE HUBSCKIBKIl would inform the public -iin^thathe has on baud, at his stable in Jersey cit,, iinnwn as (lie Western Hotel, a splendid lot of louuie ud single Horsts. from the westeru pirt of the Mate 11* New York, which have just arrived. jy2 Iv rr D. SMITH. OkNTLEMEN'dSUMMER HATS-The new style I^Bof Summer Mais just introduced aud for sale by KNOX, 128 Kulton St., next door to the Suu offiee. j*3 1 wis're f? l'ANAMA HATS?A fiae assortment, for sale by C. KNOX. Hatter. j\3lwit#re 178 Knltnn tt.. next di>or to the Snn office. hats selling off ciilap. j "J A Large aasortmeut of Panama, Leghorn, and Dunstahie bran) Hats. Also,the new style gentleman's white ur Hits, telling at $1 50; fine Moleskin Silk Hats. S3; short ap Silk H*tt, $2 50. warranted on lur bodiet: boys' new | ] tyle blue lur and blark Silk Hats: boys' Leghorn, I'anima. ud Rutland bra'd tin's; infants' fine Leghorn anil Braided <ats, lie., with a full assortment ol Caps, of the newest patems, it the lowest prices. W>1. BANTA, 94 Canal tt, cor Wooster, jyl lw"re *nd 110 Ch?tham st. wattripont ac co., [I K ASHIONABLF. HATTERS, 82 Nassau St., near V* Kulton, New York. The subscribers beg to _eall the "ttrntion of the public to their choice assortment ol Summer -fall, of the b??t quality, price S3 JO. Also. to their P>namt anc". Leghorn Hati, which they will ell it extreinely low prices. M. B. WATTRirONT, JyJ Jt*mc WM. H. JAMKR. JbA T e stock Mid fixtures, together with the lent* of the pW hotel No. 43 Chamber street, known as the Bee Hi?e. Ul&'or termi apply to jyTi Wr JOSEPH LYON. 1H Water ?t. TO MANUFACTURERS. A Great Bargain?To let or lease, * large factory, p and machinery Tor sale. at the corner of Third avenue BiHLand Mlth street, Yorkrille, heretofore uaed as a cloth Mating and dving establishment. Together with a new teMB engine, boiler and apparatus complete: including brass ind copper rollers, screw and cylinder press, i'on plates, >rinttuc blocks, shafting and gearing. he Apply on th? premises, or to B ?. HOWE, ?? Broadway, jyj lw*re corner of Howard MOIUU3 HOUSE, LONO BRANCH. N. J. , a This House, built last year, and much enlarged this spring, is now open for tha recaption of guests. The proprietor, encouraged by the flattering patronage he received last summer, has made unusual exertions to deterre its continuance. His house contains the best rooms of any >n the Branch) and he has aai|de stables attached. An eip*nenced bather always in attendance The steamers Orris, rr?m Fnltitn ?rr?,.r Kair rivar. and fxjwin Lew i?, from \ e i#y ntftt, run dnil y to Oc?m H>uM, i%h?rt JfV.'1 waiting to ronrey p?M?nifr? to Lot* Brunch, ?t* t*iTf?tU?T'h J W MOWW | HOTEL DE PARI%^>TIO?fc VIONK8. W. of the Utc pforri ton H??*| Bo?to?, XiiJLr*>P?ctfully inform, hi. "tLVr^A-.S fe.'; " *x ? ir watk,? ik? MM rNi?MM? ww. Tn^?M*iie LATB8T IM'F.IIKEM R. V THE MAILS. HIGHLY IMPORTANT FROM WASHINGTON. THE PASSAGE Of TNC TARIFF BILL BY A VOTE OF ODf Hundred mid F to rim U Siatty-Ftvt. TEA AID COFKKK Tl> MKHIh 0> TUB i k kk uar. kt. If. it. U*4.ni*or<>i, Jn'jr t. 7V PiUta (( t ikt 1 trif Ui Om, H*mUir4 ?n4 KiuitrtH to ,Vi*'r-'i'< So *!?? bill i* en ?i! T.rU? o( tlM> I "II, " An ?? reducing the il.itte* on ir?i|M?rut ait I f >r oihwt |>urpo?e? " MiKa/'i biil m <!?? in* n re'??ftie?l Suit A) |>er cent. alter wrr >1 vote. au?l lev *> ideration*, by a iliiwl v<jM> ul I'm ? > I til Fiahiutt bounttr* reUintl, by a vote, upon a motion of refieal, of It*) to I?IH Tea mill eotfrv feimin-.l n i- itr* hat 11.11 pas-ed by Il|fu!l6 -tin- t'h<i <WMcrak, mill the tOf-luur lori M |fi?? mHy ?-o?i i?|> t* the ruck, like Ih?vy t >.? k?*tt, " l??Mer t no i ?tder," ami Pennsylvania Mt aiuioM ki:i? with the wli'ga. lloiiM' met nt 10 A M ; dj' mm .1 M 4 1' M ? The session riolusivHy ? -<-n| ?1 i tan 4 ?b# ayes ami m>e*. Coiree and tea I twins retained *m>>ng the lre? articles, there can be no lonjp r any que?Uon afcoat the bill passing the Senate. Several member* of th*- cab.net, and a *c<%re of the Senate, were on the tl - t during the day. House stands adjourned .>vi>r to Mon<lay Waih IViToW, July S, IMC. TV Tariff?Tht Juy of thr \ltmhrr?, ami Mr. IValkrr anii Mr Hth hu The tariff bill passed to-day at about hall (tart three o'clock. The democratic Ohio delegation, with Mr. Brinkerhotl at their lieud, said " aye " Tea ?i.d coiree were put into the tree list, and tins made it palatable ; and the retention ol' ?nlt in the unnm. merau-d articles, by a majority of one, preset ve?l it, as well a* a drawback instead of a Unuuy on pickled fish! Mr. Walker and Mr. Ritchie were present ? Their eyes danced merrily, and joy was reflected on their faces from Ifeeir grateful hearts. They seemed to breathe freely and deeply, us though they had just escaped from formidable pursuer* and obtained a place of safety on the platform of free trade. Mr. McKay received the honors of the victory from the hand of the Cabinet officer, for Mr. AV:illri>r shonU him liv the fist, mid sniil ttirmnir his head aside, "We 've got it through," witli an emphasis and.clearness of tone that a deaf man even would not have unheeded. Then caine Mr. Ritchie, bounding up, on tiptoe, and extending his long arm, and addressed General McKay? "General, I congratulate you?it's through!" And then the three distinguished Southern gentlemen withdrew from the hall, all feeling hkn Mr. Clay when he walked the Boulevards in Paris, after hearing of the battle of New Orleans?a foot higher! When the House adjourned over to Monday, in view of the intervening Fourth, and in consideration of the passage of the bill, there were loud hurrahs. Felix. Washi.ioton, July 8,1846. '11if Tariff Bill?77ic Mexican tlTar?'lT\t Plan of Campaign, frr. fyr. All the old women in the country are under everlasting obligations to Mr. Brinkerhotf? all the tea-drinkers?all th? coffee-drinkers are his constituency now, henceforth and indefinitely. The old widows of Washington,who keep b >arding-houses, wherever he may be quartered among them, ought to deduct a dollar and a half per week from his board, in consideration of the exhmunt nr tl..? On rw.r s.~r.? UT?1 threatened to their Lagnayra and Souchong. BrinkerhofT's speech at once brought the Southerners to u compromise, and old General M'Kay instanter in their behalf, and according to programme, surrendered the beverages Iree of duty, whether Mr. Brinkorhotf fired away in revengo that he was not appointed a paymaster in the army, or from any other cau??*. the ten and coffee are saved by his broadside. The long homily of Father Riiclne. therefore are the doctrine* of 98 and '99 Old Virginia ami Mr. Briiikeihotf fall* to the ground, dead as the recommendation of Mr. Walker. Three millions more will have to be l*orrowed or issued in promises from the treasury, for although there are nine millions on hand, the quarter'" appropriations and expenditures will cover twenty millions. The bill is passed with the understanding and the promise (rom the premier of the House, Gen. M'Kay, that in six months the war with Mexico is to terminate. The recent orders from the War Department, contemplate a movement by thro# divisions of 'he army of invasion into the interior, on or about the 1st ot August; one via Monterey, und-r Gen. Taylor in person, another under Gen. Wool, via the Presidiaof the Rio Grande, in 11 parallel line; another under Gen. Kearney and Gen. Butler, via Santa Fe to Cal,forma, with this distinct understanding, which it is said Bishop Hughes has been authorized to coi^nunicate to the Mexican authorities, that the requisitions of the United States will not only be commensurate with outstanding accounts, and the expenses of the war, but co-extensive with the extent of the territory conquered?the line of invasion, embracing the whole breadth ot Mexico in its onward march. It is apparent, therufore, that nothing but the speedy arrival of Santa Anna with an overture of peace, will save our misruled neighbor from utter extinction as an independent nation of Mexicans. The fall of tho north eastern departments of Ta maul i pas. Coahuila, Vera Crux, and New Mexico, is already seale-J. I >ur volunteers win lane possession?ior lliry are tit facto the army of occupation?they will never come back?the main body of them go out as colonists, for the organization of a new republc, the question of the annexation of which nay become one of the questions of the next presidential campaign. Of one fact, let the people of the United States rest assured, that in lands, and mines, or in coins of Mexico, the expenses of the war are to bo paid. The ultimate cost will be nothing, except in the tacrifice of life, which the war lias required, an4 may require; and the glory will cover that sacrifice The chairman of the Committee of Wnys and Means, therefore, in urging through a bill of modifications, which will yiel<f,.by five millions, a less amount of revenue than the existing law, knew, from official advisement, that the expenses of the war with Mexico would add nothing to the extraordinary expenses of the government. The volunteers are to be paid in Mexican lands, or in Mexican coin, every cent of their wages. In the capture of the city of .Santa Fa alone, it is estimated, that, if the movement is prompt and efficient, at least $15,000,000 in specie and gold dust, will be captured. The war with Mexico will, therefore, turn out a very profitable concern, in the extension of the area or freedom ;and in an increased circulation among us of tfie prectOM metals. .... That the Tariff bill a? it has passed the Houm will pass the Senate, we arc most conAdent; but the discussion of the bill and of other measure*, will necessarily prolong the session till about the 1st of September, unless the Sub Treusury should he dropped, or laid aside till next December, . I- ?. ? Vw? tl.a naan in whinh f?V#?nt WHICH is vci j uacii ku UU >U. ? we may adjourn about the middle, of Aug ,st. The riv?r and harbor bill may be coniidered ;is hopelessly defunct. Tlii.s increase of the Taritl, the war, and other proceeding*, ar.d the recent or (imposed action upon steam, suggest some profitable considerations as connected with the succession, of which we shall treat pretty soon. Free trade and Mr. Calhoun are fairly in the ascendant, but there is a most formidable triangular combination to cut him oft'. We hear that you h?v?; the Oregon tread- and 1 the document# in New VprU. il so, we may Of I oourM expeot another invMtifktion