16 Temmuz 1846 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

16 Temmuz 1846 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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T H J Vol. XII, No. IPC-Whole No. 4410. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES 6QRD0N BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation*--Forty Thousand* D \JLY HKKALD?Kirery ?Uy, Price 2 cenu pertop^?ST Uj?er .iiiium?iniyiblf in advance. WKKKLV Hr U ilD-r very Saturday-Price ?^c?m per copy? SJ liS eenu per au.iiun?payable iu ?dr*iice HKK Al.D FOK ECkOPK?E??ry Steam Jacket day. Price SV ceuu i?r copy?$3 00 i>er aiuium. payable in *4ranoe. ADVERTI8EMEMTB at the umal pncea??Jway* ca?b PRINTING of all kinds executed Willi boner and deapatch. All letters or communications, by mail, addressed to tJie a tablithinent. must be p st pa d. or the postage will be ded ctcdfrom tiie subscription money remit! d. JA>iES (PORDON BKNNETT, Pr->|>rietor of tlie N?w Yoaa Hhmald KsTARLisrMEitT, North-West corn rol Fulton and Nasi-iu atreetf. LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT f KAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS, COMMENCING WED M.8DAV. MAY IS. 1?4? : Leave BasoKLT.t at 7 o'clock. A.M. Boston tr ia for Greeaport. dally ( cam Sunday*.) atoppuig at Farmingdale uid Pt. George's v mor " at 914 o'clock, A. M., for Fannin <iala and intri mediate placer. 14 " at 3 P. M., through to Oreenport. ?tr ' ping both waya at Jamnica, Brauch, Hicksi ille, Farmingdale, and all the rtacious between FarmmgiUle aud Oreenport " at 1 P. M., for Farmingdale and interne _ <liatr places. . . Leave OuuiroiTail o'clock, A. M. Accommodation train. daily, (except Bandana.) through to Brooklyn. " " at 3 P. M.. Beaton train, pr on the arrival of the itaamer from NorwiAf. stopping at St. I Georgia Manor and Farmiv la. Lkat* FaiMliraDAi.E at tW A. M'. Accommodation train for B.ooklyn. _ at U A. VT. Oreenport train, lot Brooklyn. " at Ik P. VI Accommodation traia. for Brooklra. Leave Jmuica at (AM. Accomaiodition train, for Brooklyn. " at 9K A. M. Oreenport train for Brooklyn. " al 'J*? P. M. Accommodation train, for Brooklyn. Fabe to ? Bedford 8 canta, h'.ast New York 18x, Race Connie I8W. Trotting Course !8V. Jamaica 23, Bruahrille 31.*%. Hyde rark (17 miles) 37K, I lowsville (ihiriug the sea ioti of court) 37W, Hempstead fiX, Branch 37)t, Carle Place 44, Westbnry 44. Hicksville 44, Farmingdiile Deer Park 69, Thompson 88, Suffolk station $1 Lake Road station SI 18j(, Yledford station $! I8){ Yaphuiu $1 37W, St. George'a Manor SI R2X, Riverhead $1 6tK. Urnesport $1 62U, Mattetuck $1 62H. Cutchogne $1 IKS. Southold $1 62>?, Oreenport Accominodariou train tl 73, Oreenport by Boston train S2 21. Stages are in readiness on the arrival of trains at the several stations, to take paasengeri at very low farei, to all parts of the (aland. Baggage Crater will be in readineri at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive baggage for the several trains. M ninutes before the hour of starting from the Brooklyn aide. The steamboat " Statesman" leaves Oreenport for Sag Harbor twice each day, ou the arrival of the trains from Brooklyn. my 19 re TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS * the break I in the Canal. c?n?cd b) the late freshet, having been re paired, the PlOfcF.F.R k EXPRK88 LINfc, via Rulroad and Canal from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, commenced it> regular trips for the season on Monday, the 6tli of April leaving the Depot, No. >74 Market street, DAILY, at 7k o'clock,. A.M. By this route passengers will avoid all the fatigoe and danger of night travelling id coaches, both Rail roads being passed iu daylight. For further information, apply at the old-established Office. 274 Marker street. 5 doors above Lighth street. alt tm'rrf A. B CUM Ml NOB. Agent LONG ISLAM) KAIL.KUAL) tuxt ress .\Tail Train, learea Whitehall street Ferry, New York -H9B every morning at 7 A. M? lor Boston.? ^RSCLAlso, trains from Brookl n aide at 7 o'clock and fire minutes, and 9% A M., and 3 aud 5 P. M.. daily. The 7 A. M , and 3PM tiaina go through, the former stopping ?t Farmiugdale and manor, and the latter at all places an the road jel8r J****. NOTICE?TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL EMIGRATION OFFICE. Removed from XJmjKJlJLQSill to 86 South street.--Persons sending lor their friends in any pert of the old countrv aasJHM^BM^mcan make the neceascry axrangementa with the subscribers, on reasonable terms, to have them brought out, in THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. The Ships of this line are umurpaaaad bv any other, and I their immense size (all being 1000 tous. and upwards) renders tbeui more comfortable and convenient than ahipsof a sinallei cull ; ailu inc Krcairvi reiiifiir miy uI |>i?t.v? tnality iu tailing. The aubaeribera are alto agenta for the St. Oeorg* ana Union Lutea of Lirerpool Pickets, in an> of which paaaage can be enaaged on reasonable terms. Drafts for any amount, wab'e without diacount in all the principal town* of bugl&ud, Ireland, Scotland or VValet, can alio be obtained. Kor further particular!, apply to W k.r T TAF8COTT, te27rc 8fi South at.. Id door below Burling Slip, N. Y. StACk BALLTofiTnLD LINK-OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. XCT- FOR LIVF.RPOOL?Oiilv regular picket of the MfSSV It'h July?The new, m tgnifirent, and celebrated juMKaf'St-sailing. fnTorite Fw?et Ship FIUKLIA, bur11(a) tout, Caut. Win. U. Hacksuff, will sail positively on Th <riday. 16th July. The accommodations of the Fidelia are fitted out in a moit superb and coatly mniiier, with ev?-r> inoJer i iinproveim tit and convenience, lhat cannot hut ?dJ to' the comfort of tho?e embirk'iig. Persons visiting ihe old country. or sending for iheii friends, should c>ll and see thia splendid specimen ef navl .reliitectuie, before mgajring el?ew ?-r<-. For passage in cabm, ai coud c <"in( and steerage, early application ahonld be made ou bond, loot of Beekman street, or to the subscribers, RO' Hfi, BROTHERS ?c Co . jy 14 rrc 35 Fultou atreet, neat doot to the Fulton Bank. KOK (iL.UOUW ? J he u?w. tirst Class Hn|> jJSJWy ARVU\1, 5 fl tons, H Koliminu, muter, having JlMMlCamost of her cargo engaged. will meet with despatch for balance of freight or paaaage, liavi-g eicelleut accommodations, apply to the captain on hoard.foot of Hover street or to WOODHULL * MINTUKN, 17H R7 South rtrM, KOK LI V KHI'OOLr?New Line? Kefuiar Packet adn9rV"f 21" Inly.?The superior, fan sailing packet ihip jSMKsHOTTINUUER, lion ion. burtiien, CaM. Ira Burs ley, will aail a* above, her regular day. Kor freight or paaaage, havir* elegant ana inperior accom imoHatioua. apply on board, weal aide of Hurling.slip, or to WOODHULL 11 MINTUttN.r &?di street. Price of paasage S :00. ""he packet ship Liverpool, 1200 tooa burthen. Captain John Eldridge, will succeed the Hottinguer, and aail on herregul?T day, t ., yangnit jyll rfg NEW LINE OK PACKETh KOR LIVERKf9|^ POOL.?Packet of tlie 2lat of July.?The splendid, MHtbrut aailiug and favorite packet aliip HO 1'TINtjUh.il i 100 tona burthen. Captain Ira Buraley, will aail on Tueadav, Jaly 21at, her regular day. Peroona wialiing to aecure bertlia ahonld not fail to make early application on board, al'he foot of Burling Slip, or to W. ft J. T. rAMKOTT. At their Oeneral Passage Office, 26 South atreet, second door jy 10 rc below r~-'-ng slip KOKLONUO.N?Regular packet of July 16-h? JdfWIVThe first claaa.fast sailing packet ship VIC TORI A, MMMKa' aiXain Hartshorn, burtlieru 1000 tena, will sail oa above, ner regular day. Having very superior accommodationa for cabin, accond cabin and steerage passengers, persona intending to t-mhark should maka early application on board, loot ofMaidrn lane, er to JOSEPH McVIURRAY, Corner of Pine and South atreeta. The splendid new packet ship PRINCE ALBERT, Capt. Rebor, will succeed din Victoria, and sail on the lat of Au, gust s }\9r SHIP NOHMAN, from Havre?Consignees per KrCTV'h'? ship wiH please arnd their permits onjioard^ at SgneJ^^ill goods not permitted in lire da\s, will he sent to the public store. BOYD k HlNCKEN. je'Kl r V RS Wxl! e?. \ UNION LINK OF PACKETS FOR LIVKKPllTjuT" Packet of llie 18th July ?The new, splendid ruid fc?t-avliii? packet ship K nPIRE, II o t .us hirJjHHH 'hen ' spla n J. O Russell, will tar I ou Thursday, jui i#iii her regular dsy. This m<g .ificeut ( acket ha? splendid accommodations for c?"iu, seei.ua c-?hin and ?teer>ge panri|rri. tshich will be take:i at low ratea. for which, arid o aecure the heal bertha, early *ppli atiou should be made oil board, at Pier J North River. or to W. k J. T TAPHCOTT, jyll rh H6 South streel aacond door below Ua liui Slip. KOtt"LI VERPOOL?N?w Line?Regtlar pack( TJlV" "f 'he Ji h JuIv.? 1 he elegant. faat ailma psckSBfeflb"! ship R09CIUB. A. Eldridge, muter, of MM toua will ??|I i> nbot a, her regular day. For freight or paaasge, haTing accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply onboard, at Orleaua wharf, loot ol Wall street, or to E K COI,l,IN? k CO.. X Hoard at l*r ?#?* ?iC |IW ' " ' PACKETS FOR MARSEILLES?The packet MEj^fValiip > EBRA5.K A, Captain VVeiaon, will aail on the jSUKalstof August. Kor freight or passage. apply to CHAMBERLAIN k I HELPS, lei ( roi.t at.. ar to |r7m Bll V I) Ar IIIN< KEN MW.IIstrret PASSAGE JO OK EHO >1 LI V ElU'OOL by fcxjHfy the ntw line of Liverpool Packets.?Persons seuoMWfiiiuil foi ihru Irie .d? in any pait of lira.t Britain or Ireland, can nuke the ueorssary arrangements with the snb>i ribesa "n rr.fona le terms, t.. have ilieui hruuglit nut in any of the *b<>ve magnitice it packets, the accommodations of which are unequalled, and tli? strictest punctuality will b? ob?eived iu their sailing ou iha slated dats From New kork on 2l>t and 26th of a <cn month. Emm Liverpool on 6<h and llth of eeery mouth Thus preventing the possibility of delay at either port. The subscribera aie also ageula for the St. George's Line of Packets, in any of which magnificent ahipa passage can he secured at > vary moderate rale, o.- in first claaa tranaiant j ships, altogether making a aiiip from Liverpool every live da, a. The createateare will be taken hr Mr. W. Tapaeott in Liverpool to give all poaaible despatch to passengers, and the same will lie dona b? the snbecribrrs in New York. For further pam< nlars apply (Inters pnid)to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT. TO bouth atreet, two doors below Burling slip, or to WM. TAPSCOTT,? Waterloo R.o.d, r Liverpool. "OBt PACKETS FOR HAVRE?Second Line-TlTe ?dMW\ packet ship BALTIMORE, 1'aptaui John Johnson, MJatttaJr., will sail on tlielUl of Augu.t. Kor freight or p???*gr epply to BOV I) k 1I1NCKEN, -- - **--.11 srr* it. I JV r ~ L'NfTFl) ST\TKS m OHKaT BRITAIN k |$fw IHKLAND OLD K8TABUSHLD KMIORANT t ?The H?b#cnb?r* irf to brmf . oot |'?*?fn??r? by any of tf>? l.ine of Paekata ailtac *V?T J* fire days ; and drafti can, aa u?oal, b? furniahftd, ^ayabla r bsr myT W loitli Hfftl jM 1 ' JU iyu-|iL".|-'_JL-j",aja E JN E 1 N] GLASGOW AN!) NEW YORK LINE OF 1 PACKETS. PM. M. M. Ok i^ltsU.Nii wiihiui in ?t-ud tor UiriMiiriiili m uu>' part of Sc?xU.id, (o oil direct from Ol hku?, ca.u in.J?r ?rraiiK?- l hitnri with the SatMcriliers. to have th. in brought out m ??y ol lh? regular hue of I'-.fkeL, ruling luoathlv from cJlaigow. ' 11 ?r A.>.1 II VKL.IL X , UaiMAJII SCOtt, ADAM ( Altll, Cipt?ia McKweu, BAHACtN rapuiu Hawkins, ! I BiiooKsbY, : ConilHte the abovr ln?rl mid the high character of thoae ees- < ! tUihotild be turtle) rut inducement lor prmon who may be eiidii fr lor cheir friend* iu Scotland, fo ui-kc arrangements for thi? ( he onlt )"?e.) ! j Further p*rti?uUri gifen, ou apt>li<*ation to W.fii J T.TArSCOTT, .1 75 South afreet, comer of Maiden Lane, or &ieuri. HtlD 6l MUR&Al , Agents 1 ft](| f in Glasgow. | I NEW YORK AND GLASOOW LINE OF l PACKETS. m m. M, M,' SailiTig from N?wTork on the lit, .uitl Glasgow ou lUe Ijth j of each mouth. M , troniN. tork. Fin.OIgow. I June 1. July 15. I Ship SARACEN, N. T. Hawkitu, < Oct. I. Nov'r 15. ( Feb. 1. March IS. , v July 1. April 15. Br Ship BROOK3BY, H. M'Ewen, ; Nov. 1. Aug. 15. I ( March 1. l)r"'r 14. , i August 1. May 15. . Br Bark ADAM CARR, < J Dec'r 1. Sept. 15. ( April 1. Jau. 15. 1 May 1. June 15 ] Br. Bark ANN HARLEY, R. Scon, ] g?pt l. Oct. 15. ( JanV 1 Februa. 15. These ship* are good, substantial vettelt, afcly aomm mded, ?nd will tail punctually on their regular d?yt. Their accom ; mndationt lor paaienger.arc good, and every attention will lie ( paid to promote their fotnl'ort. The ii;riit? or (-aptnnt will , ot be rtspontitile for ajiy parceli or pickagea teut them, uu- I leas bilU of lading are tigued therefor. For freight or postage, apnlv to WOODHULL St MINTURN, S7 South street, New York, or *4 rr !P Sc Vl'HVMV. Obsvow. I I PAO^AIjE t IvU.ii Ulti.A I Uui 1 AiA.s ANU 1 IK ELAND, ?*M&. A A. from Lirt-rjiool on the 1st and I6lh ol every month. < The YORKSHIRE sails from Liverpool, 1st of .March. ! I " OXFORD " " 18th of March. " C A M Hit 1 DOE " " 1st of April. MONTEZUMA " " 15th of April. l Persons sending for their friends, and forwarding the pusage i certificate by the steamtlup Hihernia, sailing from Boston on the 1st of February, will have plenty of time to come in the Yarlmhire^ or in any one ol the einht packets of the Ul.ick B*ll 1 Line, tailing from Liverpool ou the 1st and Kith of every | month. Apply to, or address, if by letter pott paid, ROCHE, BROTHERS Sit 6.. 35 Fulton at.. Neil door to tne Fulton Bank. ' MARSEILLES LINE~OF~PACKETS. 1 M. M, M ! The undermention Ships will b? regularly detpatclicd from hence ou the lit, and from Marseille! the 10th of each mouth I 1 during the year, a* follows i Ship*. Captain*. From N. York, i PRVE ne JOINVILLE, (new) Lawrence, April I Sept. 1. MISSl'RI, Silvester, May 1 Oct. 1. ARC'OL F. (new) Eveteigh, June I Nov. 1. OAHTON, Conlter, July 1 Dec. 1. NEBRASKA (nirw) Watson, Aug. 1 Jan I. Ships. Captain*. From Marseilles. ' PR'('E <le JOINVJLLE, (new) Lawrtmce, June 10 Nov. 10 MISSOURI, Silvester, July 10 Dec 10 OH'OLE, (new) Kveleigh, Aug. 10 Jan. 10 OASTON, Coulter, Sept. 10 Feb. 10 NEBRASKA. Wwio-i, Oct. 10 Mar. 10 | These vessel* are of the (lr*t class, commended by met of eiperience. Their accommodations, lor luusengers are uniur. passed for comfort and convenience Ooodt addressed to the igenta will be forwarded free of other charges than thote actnulT paid. For freight or passage apply to CHAMBERLAIN & PHELPS, Proprietor* No. 103 Front street, or to BOYD &. HINCKEN, Agent*, mUrc 9 Tontine Bnildi igs, 88 Wall,cor. U ater st. ^K.EMiTTA.SCEa TO IK I', LA A i ., hat re^^^S^lis office^^^^^ , 16 Broadway, and continues to remit money, in sums large or smalll, to persons residing iu any (>art of Ireland, in the same manner as he and hit predecessor in basinets have done for the last thirty ye.\rt and more; alto, to any part of England or Scotland. , Money remitted by letter, pott-paid, to the tnbtcriber, ot pertonafly denotited with him, with the name ol the |iersotior persons in Ireland, Engluid, or Scotland, to whom it it to be sent, and nearest post town, will be inimediitely transmitted and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given or mrwururu in i mc sciurr imwr NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS7 m m m ~l'cT?aii from NawTork21ft, and from Liverpool 6tlM>le!?ch mouth. From Srv> Vork. Liverpool. N.W .hip Lijemool, USOtOM, j Jee., SI K.b; 6 J.WdntJge. f Auguat 21 Oct. 6 New *hip Queen of the Weat, J if?"** ft f,',^Ch k 1250 ton., P. Woodl.ou.e, ) Si** v 2 ? * ( Sentem r 21 ISor. 6 New Ship Rochester, ?00 tom, S *' *!!?' ? John Briton. feer \\ ft*"* ? Ship Hottingner^lQM tons, l\ sl'pl t _ . ... (No*. 21 Jan. e ! Tne?e mhHtantisl. fait sailing, first rt\?? ship*, all hnilt in i the city of new York, are comm.imled by man of experience | anil ability, ami will be despatched punctually on the 21st of each month. Their cabimare elegant and commodious, and art furnished with WIHMMf Can Co iilnre to the ease and comfort ol'paaaen- ! urrs. I'rice of paat.ige $100. Neither the c lpinins nor owner* of these ships will be re- ; sponsible lor ans parcel* or pacLige* *ent by them, unles* recular bills of l?4'i( are signed therefor. Kor freight or passage apply to WOODHULL fc MINTURN, 87 South street. New York, or to FIELDEN, BROTHERS fCO., ml rc_ _ Liverpool. ! JOHN HERDMAIS It CO., j United State* and (ire it Britain aud Ireland, Old Eaublidied Emigraut Office, CI South street, New York. <&&&& IIEROVAN, KEFJMAN St lO.. Liverpool. Nuie to and from Gre-U Britain and Ireland, via Liverpool by the Olu Black Ball Line, or any of (he regular Paean ship* aailiug every (ire day*. Theanbscribeis in calling the attention of Old Country- i men and the public geuerally to their unequalled arrangement* for bringing oat passenger* from the old country, beg leave to *tate that (he busine** of the House at Liverpool will be Cunduc(ed by ill branch. Tho?e sem^ou for their friend* will atone* see the great importance ol ihi* arrangemeut, a* it will preclude an unnecessary delay of the einigraut. The *lui>* employed in thi* line are well known u> be of (he first and largeat class, commanded by men of experience; and a* they aail every (ire days, offer every facility that can be furnuhed. With tho*e superior arraugemcuts, tne auDscriDera look lorward lor a continuation of that patronage which has been so liberally encoded to them lor so mnny years pa?t In cas? any of those engaged do not embaik, the pasaage money will be refunded aa customary. For further particular! apply by letter, i>oat paid. J. HERD MAN U CO.. 61 South ?t., New Vork. HF.RDMAN. KEENAN fc CO., Liverpool. N. B ? Drift* for any amount can u utnal be furnished, payable at all [he principal Banking Institution* throughout the Um'ed Kinirlom. on application aa above. - tfKI I |:>M A.N IJ I'Sllllltl A.11K.HI- , Hoy AI MAIL HTKA.M HHIP8, of 1200 tona and410 bora* rower eaeh, un2*5usaj?^UW_<ler contract with the Lorda of the AdraiHIBKKMA ( apt. A. Ryrie. BKITANNIA (apt. J. Hewitt. CALEDONIA Capt.E. O. Lott. At ADIA Capt. Wm. Harrison. CAMBRIA Capt.C. H. E.Judkiw. Will sail Irom Liverpool and Boaton, via Halifax, m fol Iowa :? raoM boiton. fbsm Liverpool. Brit<nnia July 1C, UNI. Cambria July 4, 1048. Cambria Aug. I, " Hibernia " 19, " Htbernir " 16, " Caledonia Auc. 4, " | Caledonia Sept. I, " Pasaanp. Moivrr. From Boaton to Liverpool.. r. SIM Krom Boaton to Halifax 20 No bertha ?ecured until paid for Theae ahipa Cam (I penencad anrgeona. No freight, except specie, received on a *ya of sailing. kor freight, pasaage, or any other information, apply to D. BRI4JHAM, Jr., Agent. | Jy7 rr At HABNOF.N h CO ?* * W.ll at. ^ DHAFT8 ON (iHEAT BRITAIN AND IRfcLA"*!)?P-rs- na wishing to reTf111" money to heir friends in any p*it of ^jdi[JLyj|Lfthe old country, ran pioeu e drafts of the ^subscribers for any amon<tt. lr?.m JlI and pw.irda, payable at aiglit, without diaconat, in all the prinX'e.^" ,'lrOB*',out Eugland, Irelaud, Hccilaud, and j to '"f0 m their friends and llie public l.ti. ?. " th*'r boahiesa aonti.iu'i to r.Crive their particular attention, and they Ire! quite certain that better j W lh*!'* for transmittiag mouey to the old country cannot be made I ? t.^Ta1 !T*j" will leave Boaton tomorrow, by v*? ? ? .ir*.G* Cl", l>*' forwarded. I ?. . Ic J T. TAP8COTT, 86 South srreet, J* 2 -l >ora b* .,w Burling 'lip. r.itofkwv PAD .... ! run DALfi. A small I0'1 wei'-.elected stock of O-o. erira, situated in a ' !.r*J .e"T' 1' - u.?.w d,""8 " '>"<' ? " ?? neaa. will be told low lor caah A l>a>r of the Mort can be had for o ie or fire years. for further particular* euquire at an Washington s'rret. jv!4 lw*nc M?n. V* ILlir.K haviUK I' <>r..u*nl> refilled ami rrturuished anew the house 6k Broadway, (adjoining the Olobe I Hotel,) li prepared to receive families or aiugle gentlemen I u b..ardera. Dinner boarder* c*ji be accommodated- Reference* exchanged. Jelll lm*mc KITCHEN RANGES. HOLMES' TWO OVEN KITCHEN RANORS. THE Proprietor* are now prepared to fumiih Holme*' range* to the trade, or *et them n|> lor private familie* oi I boarding lioaae*, having purchased the rich! Irnm the patentee ' to manufacture and *ell them Oar eiperience in maim factori I UK and setting Kitchen Kangea, in Una city, for thr past II , year*, warrants a* in assertion that Holmea' Kanat cannot be snrpaased for economy, convenience. and durability. They i are warranted to perform the purpoaes for which they are ptnchaaed, and if not they will be removed frer of any eipenar to | the purchaser. N'nmercva reference* ran be men to i?eis? n* I wishing to parchaae The prices range from tt to 43 dolart. The proprietors are constantly man *Tac? ring, and are w ell 1 nipplied with parlor, oMce, add bad-room ORATES, of ilia 1 newest patterns. | Also?TINWARE, bri?ht,plal? and ja^aned. Th*y hsra maaens at all timea ready to *et R*nges, grata*, and boilan . alao, smokev chimneys cared ; no cure, no pay I A. I - . 1 L - ' ! , -UL-g. W Yu EW YORK, THURSDAY lianil of Kol>ber? lit Canada?Extraordinary DevcloprmcnU. We learn from the Toronto Colcmitf, that some thieves belonging to a notorious band of robbers, mown as the "Markh&in Gang," have been arr?s:ed, tried, and convicted; and that their arrest is ikely to If ad to themcurctf ration of other*, and |K>ssibly to the breaking up of the gang The existence d! this horde of robbers was first di.-covered in the township which has given its name to the oombination, but it is ascertained that their opera- 1 :ions extend through the entire province, from the townships of Lower Caunda in [he cast to the State of Michigan in the welt, with branches 111 ihe States of Veimont, New York( Illinois, and Iowa. The Colonist says, that the j ong impunity which this association erjoyed ! gradually magnified their power, by increasing ililce their number* and their daring, until they ; became a terror to the communities in wtuoh they resided ; the whole conntry wn? held in a slate of 1 intimidation. Some of the magistrate?, and con- , "tables and jurors, were alike afraid to do their :luty ; and even their victims were deterred from taking proceedings against the robbers, from the fear Uiai the greater evil of liie or murder would be inflicted upon them. During the examination-, ninny lacts, sucn as the following, were disclosed : A country magi.-Mite refused to grant a warrant against if ,tnil J , (two of th? mo* formidable ot the gang,) tor breaking into anil stealing ijoods lrom a shop, on the ground that he vrq* afraid to do so! A constable of Markham, in wlio-t hands a warrant was placed lor the apprelit n- oa of one of the gang, (now in the penitentiary,) immediately sent private information to ihe culprit that he had the warrant, and would not tsxicute it for four or live day", evidently for the pur|?oso of giving the inau ample time to escape; iho rogue, however, mure couiageous than this rural olticial, refused to run, and svnt word to the nonstable that he had no fear of being convioted. He was subsequently brouglit before the neighborng magistrate.-,-he buigtaiy was proved,the prisoner's identity sworn to,and ilie magistrates discharged him on bail; an accompliceui the burglary* being one ot lus bail. The culprit was again auvis?d 10 rim but again sturdily relused, declaring his belief that the jury would noti onvict him.and even if ihey did, and if lie sli uld be sent to the penitentiary, he would soon "gel out again on petition." Contrary to his expectations, however, tlie prisoner was convicted?is now in the penitentiary, and lie has not yet " got out on petition." These, and sther similar facts, sufficiently demonstrate the influence of intimidation upon some of the officers ot justice in the country; while it is well known that several of the gang, who were convicted at the late Assizes, openly boasted that had the jury been from tlieir pai l ol the country, they durst nut liave convictt d Uiein. A singularity ol tins association is, that the parties to it are all apparently ui fair ciicum-i*nces, and 111 a condition of tile winch divests theui olvthe plea ol necessity lor their crimes. They are all persons (aavmg phrenological deVrlopeineuts) ol good appearance,and us w?ll dressed as ihe generality ol tin*. better ela->S of our farming population, txane of tlieiu are tlie uwuers ot farms; many of them are tlie suns of' freeholders, strong, able-bodied, well dressed young men ; some are tavern-keepers; some ara owners or lessees ol" saw nulls ; and all of them i....... ,.r i.r.. ? i? ???w iii i* wuwikiuu ui iiiv iv/ uw uui? iv/ cam an iiuiiest livelihood. .-oine of them, since their conviclion, have confessed hat they have " never hail a ilay g?od luck" since they joined the gang ; thai previously they were well otf anrl well respected, Ijlit that Mnce iheir own rightful property has gone to wreck, while that acquired by dishonest means was always quickly dissipated; and that they are now, even in a pecuniary po.nt of view, in a much wsrse condition than they would have been had they pursued an honest career, while their characters and iheir liberties are Micrihced for their crimes. From what we have learned of the gang, we should be disposed to divide them into two classes?the cavalry and the infantry. The former, who are generally mounted on the best horse* in the couutry, figure only in the higher branches of roguery, such as burgliry, horse stealing, and 111 the wholesale di-semination of " boodle." Bo-?dle being the Hash term of the gang for counterfeit money, 'l'o the infantry is delegated the lower oider of thievery.? Some ol thi< infantry division are occasionally intrusted with the retailing of boodle, which they pass oft'upon the farmers, tavern keepers, fee., of the back townships. This they tuauage with great dexterity anil caution. They never carry more than one bad note about ihetnata time; having at the ?anie time several good notes. If ! the note, when offered, should be detected or suspected, the fellow who otfers it, with expres sions of surpr^e, regret, dout)t, &c. immediately ori'ers a good note, and ad is right. Or, if the parties should proceed so lar as to have the fellow searched, all the money about him is good except this one note, and he is usually disehaiged. Hat if the bad note, when offered, be taken without Busjjiuiuu, winuu ii Kriii-i.iiiy is vamorig mo cinss of persons to whom such notes arc usually ollered,) the fellow get* his change, supplies the place of the note which he has just pts.Mjd with another liomihe boodle bank, and repeats the experiment somewhere el**. There is one pre-cautionary measure ol the gang which is never departed Irom?the thieves never take the properly which they steal home to their own houtes. Hence, search warrants, which have often been ' immediately issued against tjie premises ot the right persons, have always failed. 11"the stolen articles are bulky, and not easily removable to a distance, they are always taken to a hiding-place, previously prepared.generally in the wood.-,* here they arc kept '* until the storm Mows over." Articles of considerable value, and easdy removable, such as huaes, watches, bank novs, which it is feared majrbe identified, fcc., are often taken to A.ower Canada, to the townships ol Sheiford and Dunham,wheic there is a wholesale establishment for issuing counterfeit money 01 all sorts, and for receiving stolen goods, and where the stolen articles are disposed ol in exchange for boodle, at the rate of $100 worth of boodle for ten dollars worth of valuable property, or for five dollars of bankable paper. This boodle is brought back and disposed of at an advance of one or two hundred per cent, to the small fry of the gang, by whom it is put into circulation about tliu country. The boodle, or counterfeit paper, which is thus put into circulation, is of different descriptions, but a large proportion of it purports to be of ihe Hank of Kingston, Hudson Kiver, " New York Safety Fund" in small letters being engraved thereon. The " operation" of horsestealing is skilfully performed, and is always done " in duplicate." The horses to be stolen, and the places where tlu y are to be found, being previously well known, the two thieves start simultaneously in opposite directions in pursuit ol their prey ; on-, perhaps, to the States, and one to 8oni*3 distant pail of this province. Each obtains possessionol ins horse, and they meet cacho'her wnh nil possible despatch, hi some intermediate po nt, wlhMi they exchange th?* stolen horses, and each returns to Ilia own neighboihood on an unknown horse. A very curious circumstance ot this kind wns disclosed during the recent examinations. Two ot the gang (whom we wnl designate as A. and J.,) agreed to steal iwo hoiktf>, wiuc'h were previously known to litem ; one in the Newcastle District, and one in the western part ol the province. A. proceeded to the latier poitr, and J. to the former. Each obtained Ins horce ; A. a line grey, and J. a tine black horse. They then proceeded with all possible e*|>edition, through the back concessions, ) these gentry never travel on the main road on business of this kind,) to a place of meeting near liiantldrd, where they exchanged hor??j A. returning toward* the west on the black horse, and J. returning on the grey to the very neiuborhood where he had stolen the black horse. J. having disposed of the grey horse, and having learn* U that A had sold thn black horse to a larmer be yond Brantlord, proceeded to the spot, claimed the black hor-e as his property, wnicli he said had been stolen from him by A , and threatened to take out a warrant against the farmer. The poor larmer, somewhat frightened, offered to give up the horse if J. weuld " prove to it." J. accoidingly made altidavit that the horse was his property, and had been stolen Irom him by a person

answering tin description of A., upon which the poor farmer tcave up the horse to J., who rode it ..>1 ... .i._ r 1 _i.i wu iu iuc wcbiwhmi, nun sum ii n^niii m iniwni^nu. There is one plan of operation adopted by this gang which is somewhat more scientific than any to which we have yet alluded,?that it, the employment of avant courier*, who go belore, to obtain information. These gentry consist ol tauors, who go about to farm-hbusfs lowoilc at their trade, lor a certain su*i per day, and their boaid and lodging ; of poller* who visit larm-houses, under pietext of selling small articles of finery to women and children ; and in one instance, of a rascal who professes to have the gift of prayer and " psalmody," which h* dispenses liberally in xohange tor provender and loafing. The*# ra?-1 1 * I 1 -LL-l-U- __LJ JH-Ll JRK I MORNING, JULY 16, 18 cals respectively avail themselves of the opportu- i nities which these visits alfonl them, to ascertain who lias money, where it is kept, and at what point of the premises sn entry may be most effectually made. There is but one other matter concerning this pant; whicli we propose to advert to at this time ; and tint is, their obligations to ea. h ! other. It does not appear (hat any oath is now nr over >1:14 ln>i'ri iiilimniNtcrfd 111 the association lJut on the (irf-t introiinetion of a novice to the lenders or " old hand*" of the gang, he is required to pledge h'iri?elf that he will adhere to their rule>, and never butray their secrets, on pain of certain death. In the event of any one of tne gang being nrrested, the other members are bound to do ail they can for him ; to procure hhn bail, to giv? cvi- I dence for him at his trial, and to "prove him! clear" (as they term it) by swearing to an alibi. [ These are the only oblivions which we have heard of, and these are generally understood anil ; adhered to among the " Alarkham Gang." * This fact was not known by the magistrates at the time, but it was kaown by them that thig man wan one ol' the gang. Military Operations throughout the Union. Capt. J. B. 8 Todd, ol the tfth Regiment Inlantry, arrived in thu city yetterday from Kort Smith, Ark., iu night days. We learn from him that the Arkansus volunteers were about to rendezvous at Washington, in Hempstead county. An oiticor had been despatched to Washing.on, to inui'er them into the service t-'rom this point it is supposed the central columnoftho army, under lien. Wool, will take up the line of march for San Antonio. The mounted men of the Kentucky volunteer*, and probably tho volunteers from lllineis, will take this direction?but of the course of the latter we have no iidKitivM itilnrtnutlnn ? S/. i.ntiia Htnuhliran. Julu 7. Col Morgan'* regiment of volunteers embarked la?t night about nine o'clock, on tho iteamer* Jamestown and Alhambra, for New Orleana. We noticed tome htriggleiK yesterday?and amon^ other*, an officer, who, having been donpatchad with a Hie of men, to rerlaim pome de?eiteri, leturned and found the boot had left him men and all, and taken Itia baggage, money, Stc. < amp Washington if now deserted ? Cincinnati Gaz. July U. East Hampton, July 18,1846. Manners and Customs of the People?Ex-President Tyler and hit Lady?jdccouchr/icnt of Mrs. Tyler, lire. As you have correspondents in almost every nook and corner of the globe, perhaps you may have heard of a little isolated village, " On old Long Island'* ten girt ihore," remarknble for the romantic beauty of its situation and t{jo primitive simplicity of its inhabitants. You may have beard of tliem as an antiquated race, dwelling together like a band of brothers? united in religions and political faith?scarce sending a thought beyond their native village, and numbering their three score years and ten with out n wish t > cross ts boundary line Their peculiarities, in this respect, have no doubt been exaggerated, but it is indeed true, that th"-y cling with more than ordinary fondness to the manners and customs, the homes and the burial places of tin-11 fathers; and atntd surrounding change and inn" i vation, have, for a long time preserved the il * tinotive features of their puritanic origin. My present purpose, however, is not to givft n description of East Hampton or its inhabitant*, but to inform you, and through you the rest ol the wor'd, ol an important event which has lately transpired within its limits. You are already aware that this is the birth-place of the lady ef ExPresident Tyler, and that, with her honored lord, ahn has been nassinir the la?t few weeks in the delightful home; of her childhood. The circumstance, of which it " was my hint to speak," is in connection with these two important personages. In a quiet village tike East Hampton, anything out of the ordinary course of events is calculated to awaken curiosity; and as for several days previous to the 12th inst., the village doctor had madp more frequent calls at the residence of the ExPresident than either courtesy or friendship seemed to demand, many conjectures were alloat as to what might be the object of his visits. Early on the morning of that day, he was again feen wending his way thither, with-as much alacrity as was. consistent with his professional character. And if he was aware of the many enquiring glance;* that were directed after him, he could not fail to have been more than ordinarily impressed, not onl* with the "dignity of the profession" generally, mtt also of his own individual importance in particular. About 10 o'clock the mystery of the doctor's visit was explained, by the announcement that Mrs. Tyler had given birth to n noble boy. When the event was known, the old church bell rang out joylnlly, (it was just church time,) and tht smiling looks of the villngers evinced the pleasure with which they welcomed the " little President," (as they were pleased to dub the youthful stranger.) and their heaA'elt sympathies for Mr. Tylei anil his lovely bride. Both mother and child are doing well. The latter, we understand, > to be christened David Gardiner?after her ladyship's lather?one of the unfortunates of the Princeton; a more touching prool'of the reverence and affection with which a parent's memory is cherishee., than the neat monument recently erected over his remains. Statu Convention?July 14.?The Convention, on assembling, went into committee on the report on the hxeoutive Department. The pardoning section was under discussion,the question being on the power of commuting sen lences, conditional paiaons, pardons for treason to t>e granted liy the Kxecutive, unit the power ol pardoning or commutation to be given to the Legislature. The whole subject was debated at great length, and ih<* boetion was agreed upon as Ibilows :? ?5. The Governor shall have power to grant reprieves and pardon* alter conviction, Tor all olfeiiceg except treason and cases of impeachnu-nt. He may commute sentence of death, imprisonment in a .state prison for lile. He may grant pardon upon such conditions, and with such restrictions and limitations as he may think proper.? Upon conviction for treason, he shall only have power to suspend the execution of the sentence, until the case shall be reported to the Legislature at its next meeting, when the Legislature shall either pardon, or commute the sentence, or direct the execution of the criminal, or grant a further reprieve. He shall annually communicate to the Legislature each case of reprieve, commutation or pardon granted,stating th? name of the convict, the crime of which he was convicted, the sentence and its dates, and tho date of the commutation, pardon, or reprieve. The various amendments offered will probably be renewed in the House. The titli section relative to tho impeachment, removal from olficee death, inability, resignation tic., of the Governor and devolving the duties of Ins olfice on the Lieutenant Governor, Was read.? A debate ensued on the policy of retaining the word " inability" without providing a tribunal by wh ch the inability shall be ascertained, and Mr. Stow moved to constitute the Legislature such tribunal Mr. ? ? *? amendment wan lost. i uc section was men agreeu 10 in in?'so worm : ?6 In case of the impencliment of the Governor, or Jus removal from office, death, ii:f*V?ility to discharge the powers and duties of Ins nice, resignation or absence from tlie Sta'e, the power* and duties of the office shall devolve upon the Lieutenant Governor for the residue of trie term, or until the disability shall cease. Bat when the Governor shut!, w.th the consent uf the Legislature. be out of the State in time of war, at the I head of a military force thereof, he thall r.or.* ? m coinmander-in-chief of all the inilitaiv lo.ee ef the State. The 7ih section met with but little opposition and was agreed to in these words:? ?7. The Lieutenant Governor shall possess the same qualification* for eligibility as the Governor, shall be President of the Senate, but snail have only a casting vote therein.I f during a vacancy of the office of Governor the Lieutenant Governor shall be impeached, resign or die, or become incapnble of performing the duties of his olllcu, or be absent Irotn the State, the President of the Senate shall act as Governor until the vacancy Le hilled, or the disability shall cease. The 8th section fixing the compensation of the Lieut. < iovernor at 86 lor each day's attendance as the President of Nenate, and for icvery 20 miles travel was struck out,and a substitute offered and adopted, leaving the compensation of the Lieut. (Iovernor to be settled by the Legislature. The Committe rose, and the Convention ndjournj ed.?Albany Citizen. Varieties. Negro Ct?HD*sc*fisio!?.?A paper in Philadel! phia, edited by colored men. say:? ' If a white girl is sober, careful and industrious, the should be as much respected *id taken caro of, as a I colored lady." Ordination.?The Rev. Wm. M. Scudder, son of the Kev. Dr. John Hrudder, was on Tuesday, ordained as missionary to Ceylon. The services took place in the first Presbyterian Church at Elizabeth town, N. J. JPU.iL. 1 1 IERA 46. Finance* of the United Htntes. The following interesting document was on Tuesday transmitted to the Senate of the United States, by the Secretary of the Treasury:? Tnrm ?* DirHTMrsr, ) July 13, 1-MC. i Sir?Herewith ii rospoctlully submitted au uuiwer to no much of tho resolution of the Senate of the 29th of June last, hi require* "a ?tatement of ttie revenue receive 1 from the custom* for the three lirsl quarter* of Uie jue-i'ut year, Bud the amount expected fioui that sourco tor the fouith qmrter " It will tie |>?iceived that, whilst in the lirst quartor 01 fiscal yeur teiuuimting on the 80th of June, li46, theie ?rw a loss of $2 01I.7U 1?0. an romparod with the correrbonding quarter of the preceding year ; and whilst ttio Mvrnuo received during tho two month* of tho iuoVt?<ling quarter, to the date of my annual report of December last, very nearly corresponded with the amount J received during the tune period of the iamu quarter of the preceding ) ear. tb<- amount received during the two last quarter* of the fiscal year, terminating on tho 3Uth of Juno, 1M9, exceeded that received duiing the two curreaponding quarters of the preceding year $1 010.000 That is, whilst during the tirst five months ol the tiscal year, terminating on the 3otii June, 1H4C, which had elapsed at the dale of iny annual report of December last, there was a diminution of the revenue from customs, as compared wiUi the Ant five month* of tho preceding j tiscul year, of nearly two million, ol dollar* ; yet. in the in the seven last months or the flscal year, terminating on the 30th June. 1810, there wan un id'im of the revenue, compared with the corresponding seven months of the preceding year, ol about >1 040,t.0t), thus raising the agregHie revenue of the yeareuding ih< 30thol lune, 1640, tu $26 (id 1,0IS 4J Whereas, it the decrease of revenue for the la?t seven month* of that year ha I corresponded ill the aaine ratio with the flut hve months, it would have reduce 1 the revenue for the fi-cul jear terminating on the 30th of June, 1846, to about $-23,.'>00,<>00, instead of $24,600,'.MX), a* estimated by tbia department iu December last. The receip's from custom* forth# flical year terminating on the 301 h ot June H4J, and for the fl.st three quartera of the fiscal ) cai ending on the 3UtU ol June. icib. are given l'rom the official returns fur moneya actually paid into the treasury. The official return* lor moneya actually paid into the troaaury lor the last quarter of the fiscal year ending on the 80th of June, 1846, are not quite fully completed, hut can vury only a veiy >mall turn from th? arnouut given in tbe estimate of $0,270,000 It will he perceived th?t the receipt! into tlie treasury Irom customs for the fiscal year ending on the 30th of June, IH4ri, arc less than the receipts for the fi>cal year preceding, by the sum of $840,1W7 49. '1 he roinainder of the infoimation called for is in the course of preparation, and will, in a few days, be communicated to the Senate Most respectfully, your obedient servant. H. J. WALKKR, Secretary of tho Treasury. To Hon. Gkoro* M. Dai.i.as, Vice President of the United Statof, and rresident of the Senate. Receipt* from the custom* f?r the fiscal year* tnii'i Cut 30M June, 1843 ami 1346 Quarter ending 30th September, 1844 . .$10,873.7IB 04 do do 1816. . . b.*tii,93J 14 { F.zceis In 1344 $2 011780 f>0 ' Quarter ending 31 at D;ccrnbir, 1841. .. $4 007,44.) I i Do do 1845. . . 4,19J,79t) 77 Excess in 1843 02 ' Quarter taiUu0 3Ut March, IB45 $6 38o A.'H 83 Do do 1840 7.3:*,l!)j 31 Kzcess in 1840 $971,633 6< Quarter ending 8Uth June, 1845 $0,201,390 b8 Do. do 1846, ascertained and estimated 6,270,000 00 ! Excess in 1846 $6*,609 32 I mi;:rter ending 30lU Scp'omber, 1844. . ..$10.87.1718 04 I Do. Slut December, 1844 l(Hi>,446 IS Do. 3Ut .March, 1846.... 6,3?.">,6o8 83 Do. 3wh June, 184)..., 6,201,390 68 *27,628,112 70 Quarter on Jjng 30th (September, 1843.... $8,861,032 H Do 31 it December, 1846 4.19'2,790 77 Do 3Ut March, 1846 7,3:.7,192 61 Do 30th Juno, 1816 6,470.000 00 $25,681,916 42 18-14 and 1846 $27,.*28,112 70 1846 aud 1846 26,681,916 42 Excess in 1844 and 1846 *846,197 28 Baltimore, July 14,1846. Pleasant lVtathtr?Col. Paynt and hit Mexican Tr<>pkiet?City Mortality?Supposed Murder? Int'.dvenries?Xarrow Escape of Rev. Or. Dunlup?Preparations for Mi jur Ringgold's Funeral. The weather this morning is cool and pleasant, bidding fair to continue in tho same mood throughout the day. Lieut. Col. M. Payne, arrived in this city last night direct from the Itio Grande, bringing wiih him the trophies taken in the two grand battles in which he so honorably participated, arid which have left him a cripple for life. Among his trophies, is the famous banner of the " Battalion do Tampico." lie is able to walk along slowly on crutches, his wound being in the hip joints, lie j will leave this morning for Washington, having | arrived last evening in the bny line ftotn Norfolk The report of the mortaiiiy 01 miiunotc ior (he past six months,exhibits the number of' deaths to hiive been 1,731. Of this number, 630 were under one year ol' age, 300 died ol consumption, and 113 of small pox. T#o German* were arrosted yesterday on suspicion of having murdered Gustavns A. Kruus, a irerman printer, on Sunday. The three w?r? in company on Sunday at Spring hardens bathing, i hut the tw? men returned without Kraus, who | they reported as having been accidentally drowneu. The l>ody ol kiaus has mice been recoverid, and found to contain certain lirui.es and t oricusions, which it is the opinion of the physicians, were inflicted immediately preceding(lenth Our list of insolvents exhibit tins week the usual number of shoemakers, tailors, tavernkeepers, &e., bu: I tinil only one merchant included in the list, that of Charles A. Dennis. It is very singular, that though there has been ai dozen mercantile failures lately, but two or three | of them have ever been published. The Rev. Dr. Dunlap and family mnde a nar- 1 row escape of their lives on Sunday. They were returning from the country, when the horfo took fright, and the Dr. was thrown out on the road. The horse then ran down the road with Mrs. D., her little daughter, and a sick infant, at full speed, and finally brought up against a post in front of the Methodist chapel. The congregation hearing the crash, quickly rescued the lady and her children from their dangerous position. Dr. D. was not seriously injured, and when he arrived at the church, found his family seated in one of the pews reeeivingthe attention of the congregation. i*repnration? are milking lor uie luneriu ot j?injor Ritigroid, his l>ody being expected to arrive herein ilie course of nhout two weeks. If??> will probably be buried in G.een Mount Cemetery, j though triere is a projiosition to bury htm at :iir ! fort. Tliere will be a grand military nnd.eiviu I funeral on tlies ocrnsion, us a largo | ortiui of the military f<om almost every county i.i th'J Stato , have expros#<*l an mion'i'iri t i be present. An appropriate c.notapli is being erert. d in the ro-I tundtiof tho Kxcliange, in wliic'u Ins body will ; bo placed on its arrival, and remain * vernl days i until the county companies have time to nrrive, j and the civir hi rang. ments can be completed, j The Kac'i. Flying ani'lery, of this C;ty, the only volunteer llyiu* Artillery in the country, ate charged with the detail*of the luneral. hiillcn I|itiM|(riir?i On Ikt " urnp" tinil " Ora*" damn ? Officer Vander' mi, of the 3d w*rd. arretted yeiterday on a warrant, two I nice young "chick*" called VVooley Moon and Boh Nual, charged with coming the " drop" and " grab" game upon William H. Burlaw, captain of canal l>oat lying at Brooklyn, and doing him out of *W, by tho fo'lowing I proceaa It appear* one of these rhap* dropped a pocket hook dawn at the feat of tho captain in Weit tftreat. and I the olhor coming up, the two together periuaited him to give $10 for the tame, repreacnting at the time that it contained lata of good money ; upon the captain drawing out hi* money to pay the $10, one of theie ra*cal?" grabl - "' - 4t ?? -?' *? ?? ~er ..ilk T?. above officer obtained the money agiin and these " drop ping" acoundf?!a war* lockad up lor trial. Burglary ?Offlcor Cro-ett, ol the Mh ward, arretted yeaterday a notorioui tliief, well known to the police, called Bill Walker, on charge of burglarioualy entering tbe grocery ?tore occupied by John W Britton, So 07 Franklin street, corner of Church atrect, on the I?th ' inat, by forcing open the back window, and dealing | therefrom a lot of argara, valued at f:t7. It nnpenra that : a pwrtion of thea* ?csin were left with Mr. Allen, at the Oregon, in Church Mieet, which led to the arreat of the I accused. Committed for examination by Juctice Drinker. " Taurhfd"' in iKt Slrnt-A new mod* of " touching" haa Ju?t been adopted, under the following proceaa -n i | man by tbe name of Joseph rillabtiry, of Tkomaiton, I ! Maine, reaiding at present, at No. B3 Murray ?tre?t, waa I induced to accompany a young man by ffc* name of j | JaiAA Bow rn to viiit Vnuxball Oarden, liut f*fHnj, and after viewing tb* tall ligbta of that atabllahtnent, | allied out in queat of other "port, when tcarcelr had they travelled a block, when they were accoated by a ; nrettv aood looking female, who requested our Y ankee fiicod To a r?ry fascinating m?nn?r, 10 iccumpuij nor j kMM Thi? Jonathan tronfly r?fti*d to do, taking, I ... JJl'. i LD. Price Two Cent*. " tliut he'd be c'arned if lio'd be *educod by any " gal" nohow you could tlx It." The young woman, however, would not lake no for un nn*wer, but commeuced to toke improper litiertio* with our green frieud, Wy i>luciui< her h.inda nbout hi* coat tail, wheirin wua placed bin w ,illet, containing (600 in harik lull*. When finding, at le-t the Yankee waa non-comt-atahle, ahe left in hikta, tumcJ the corner of tha atreet and una out of ?ight in a low niinutci ; Pillabury t.u?pectmg something wa? not all right, placed his baud in hi* pocket to anceitain if hia hook w.u safe, when on pulling it out, ha discover ed instead of hii own, another pocket hoek hal been put iu ita place, containing nothing but piacaa of newspaper, ln.ieud of money He at oik e communicated thia fact to hia IrienJ Bowen, and auggeated the iJea of running after thia girl to recover the money, to tlua Bo wen agreed, an-l taid to j.,ior Jonathan, " then you go down thia atreet, and I'll go down the next, and u e ahall then catch Uar on the next corner," ao off alarted the Yankee, butjlia! upon arriving at the next corner, Bowen had vanished aa well aa the giil?ao, finding hitnaelf regularly dono, he pro* cured the aervice* of officer* Mc.Manua and Wool lunge, of the 6th Ward, w ho hove aucceeded in arresting the woman, called Knunft Khodea, at a dun of proatllution, located at No. 1073% Walker atreet, in the rear, her lover, callod Daniel Khodea, and likewise James ttowan, all of whom are locked up for examination by luatir.e Drinker, on the charge of conspiring to " do" our annpla counirj man out of bi* ttii*>. Dni/ Hur*lar 1/?< apt. Hill of the flth wnrd arretted, yetterday, a five-point thief called William t mine, charged with binghirioualy entering the prcn>i>es No. hJ'J (Vail ktreet, occupied by Mr*. Buylen. by hrruking upon Uie hack window yesterday afternoon, and erne ling tiio rooniu, lorcing open teveial trunk*, and aieai.ng thetef. om a ? ate h, valued at $:t0, belonging to a hoarder, Michael Codec, another union, worth *10, ? longing to Kerran McDonnell, and f.11 in bunk bill* , also $.t iu Hirer, tlio property of I'utnck McDonnell. and certain paperi and deed*.' belonging to Jamet McKay. 'I he thief i^-aa detected in tlm act ot leaving the premiac* by Mr* Do) leii, but be escaped from tlie pretni*e* before ah* could procure hia arrost ; he w a* finally " nabbed" by the abore officer, an I identified l?y Mr* U to be the iural whom *ho aavv in the hoiue roblgiiK the prum:ief. Locked up for examination by Justice Drinker. Grand Larceny ? A bitck leliow, called June* Williaim, who caught on thej'imp yeateiduy, in (he art o coming out of tlm cabin of .he schooner ietia* Smith, having on hia bark twoco-i* wotth $11. belonging to the captain, Mr K. bacon- in no o! tin po< kcu wit a pocketbook containing $23 in hank bill*, nuking in all >84. The accused wai at ouce brought to tb? police-office where be waa committed to prison by Justice Drinker for examination. >ltulinn an ?4nrA<>r ? O'ticer Princo John Dnvi* ar. rested yesterday a mail caned Frederick Motor*. chained with ite?.iiir >i ancl.or and chain, valued at $60, the property of Limiel II. Miller, No. 19 Columbia ttreet. i'iio ttbove (.Dicer .'.mid the whereabout* of tbe property, it ha\ iiig l.e<v, aol.i to an old junk shop keener at the foot id 1'iko itreet for $18. The tliief wa* locked up for en&'iiinn'ioii. f'tiil Ltrcenin ? Sorah F. Smith wa* "rre?ted yeiterday on the charge of *toaling a black *hhwl worth $10, belonging to ^rah Maliory, No. lt>U Hammond ttieeL Locked up. "Jail" Vv'arrcn wa* detracted ye*terdav in the i?'t of *tealiug a new coat, vulued at $17, belonging to John Unwind < oiiimilted. Michael Klanngan win arretted chained with stealing $4 oO belonging to William In win, corner of Leonard at. and Orange Locked up tor trial Mary Ann Shield* wa* uneiited ye*terd?y charge! with stealing various article*, belonging to smith ti Kro?t. Alao u Mri K.arley, who lacliiitgeJ with receiving st.dun good* belonging to F.dward doorc, kntiwiaj the tame to be stolen. Lucked up foi I ial. touri of utn?riu Before Rooordcr Scott, a<id Aldermen Stoncall mA Walsh. JBmetK Whit in); r.u.l Jor.a- E Phillip*. t'iijin., counsel for prosecution. lamci T. Btud) una Edmuud J. Porter, Ktqrt, fur tt:?i delence. Trial Mv:hael McCuh' for fuhe Prrlrncn ? At th? opening or< <i!irt, this ypiterdny, Michael \1c' ahe. a re?ldent ol Baltimore, Md., wat called to trial on a chaiga of faUo pretences, being indicted, for having, in tLa month of March latt, by a Weired fraudulent Tepre'eti'ations, obtained h bill of good*, amounting to ! 371 17, frota the firm of Messrs. Thompson k Van Vcghlon On the part of the proiecution, it wan thown that McCabe railed at the store of the firm referred to, and ftatedtoMr. Thompson that he wi< eiiguge>l in a protperout business in Baltimore ; that he wan de?iinui to open a credit account with him ; atthe <ame time obmrvins; that he could refer them, Thomp on and VanVeghton, to Me mm Porter fc. Ballad, of tliia city; that on cmIUo| again upon Thompson aud Van Vegbton, th? accuse! wa? informed that the reference lie bad given u a-, in* satisfactory, and, therefore. declined to aell him goodi on crodit; whereupon Mc'abe again statod that he wai doing h prosperous buiineia at No *27 North Howard trect, Baltimore, and wa* worth $4(R)0. after paying sll claims against him, although lie commenced bn> incut about five year* ago with only MOO, that in concequcnc* of the-e representation^ Mr>?-ri Thompson and Van Veghton were induced to rail \1cCahe the bill of gooda in i|iica'ion; that the rcproat ntationt ma le by the n<*cutad witii respect to hi* meant of discharging hit indebtedness for the goods, and being in possesion of were u'terly false; and, furthermore, it appeared that when Mc' abe received the goods he tent the greater portion uf them to an auction ttore in Ualtimore. and sold at a sacrifice, moat of the boxes not having been 0|>ened, the niai Ut upon them bein.r first erase.I, and tlien transferred to the auction mart, while a small portion only were o|>ened. and the g odt placed in the (tor* ol Mc'-abe, that the g'wda told for him at auction bv one firm in Baltimore, amotin'ed to upwards of <>4lHK); that were uai i mm ior me ijonas puki oh iiir kwuih, trom the 4th to the lOlh of March Uit; that when ca'led upon ior th" aottl anient of aoniM claims presented in I'Oliilli of a New York firm, McCain intimate.I that ha wai unable to meet the demands, ii. con-equenre of uhvi.ij been robbed of upwards of $30n0. witb which ho w.i (on hit way hither to nettle with bis creditors, lac. At tun htage of tli* rase, tlio Court adjourned until tbU inomin?, when the trial will be resumed Marine Court. F.eltue Judge Smith. Jllt IS.?Stcphm II. Il'ttrrf n v s I .It lilt . tttnWi ? Tbli wa? an tction ot trespnts on the ca?e; the declaia ioncoui t,tined a count in trover. The pUintill arrived in tows ; from the country tome time in June last, and 1>>"1 occaI sion to raise s-me money. On the *J7th. he w?nt with a friend to the defendant'! (tore, and a trade took place between thorn Tho defendant gave plaintiff >!and a silver watch for plaintiff'* gold wntcb, with liberty for plaintiff to come on tbat day week, return tHo nlver watch, nay * 13. and receive his own back. He came accordingly between 7 and 8 o'clock in tht "veiling, tendered th'- money and the silver watch, am' lemanoed bit own. The defendant said he wan too late, hi" watch had been sold The deience wa?, that it wa ogreed plaintiff ihould call at U o clack, on the 4d of July, and no; ia'er ; and not bating come at tuat hour, the each ingo wan ubaolute. It was also proved that the wholesale price of plaintiff'a warch win only $24. Tho .tury found a verdict for plaintiff for *60. MONTHLY KKPCKT KOIV JUNE, or th* NEW YORK MKOICAL. AND flUKUICAL IN8T1TUTK?No. 7J< numbers r reef. CASKS SUCXfcUfcK'LLY TB BATED. J Partial deafness. I Hiltrhencn. 4 Pain in aide. ,6 ' r>nghin?. I Incontinence Urine. S Secondary venereal. 4 Impotenty. 9 Primary ehamrrea, cared l< Seminal weakness. wi'hoot mercury. 8 ' lonorrhata. 3 Falling of the bladder. 1 Pain in Kye-ball. 2 Cancer of the womb, nndar J Pain in the rheat. treatment. 2 Abdominal dropsy. r, Palpitation of the heart. ( <'a?e? of whiten. J Acute rheomatiam. 4 Dyspepsia. 2 Pain in the hone#. 2 Dormant I IX Cases dehi<ily and losa of 4 Veoaienl ?ote throat. apoetue from impioper 3 Irritation in or u.ra and habits. proa* tii gland. I I Foreign brdy taken ont of 4 Dy-a-tur; I a highly lunamed eye. ? f ?( flirt. 1 2 Determination of blood to i Ufi-r'.a* | the kM*!. j tm?f bslaaltia | 5 Kiamine(I to detect Hium1 Hemorrhage urethra. 0I the In-^n. 2 Opacity ol rhr cornea. | 2 (. *??? of cnofic. Wf'CKMrUL OPER \TIONH AND C URES. 4 f.yfe abace*aes. | J I .j u rv of mkle Jomt. 6 I IccMted leg*, of long t Knlir.e'J tonsil* : amoved. standing | 2 To?t?iU fitirpniMi Anm 2 Upt. at* on IOT attainting j another f ul eoun the I r tuy tumor ?rn?> 4. whrh mmr diy. after a? Teril U* hreelv ihp | had been rude by Trachea. utd rr^uired ' nn other turn eon eer\ uiee dteaertinu for 1 fn)ory of a Sand th?t waa iu rati jMiion. r.aa?!u io a at ear* raise. 1 Large eueyaied tumor re- '$ S-nr* "rea ic u etbxa cred m <ee?t from a gentlemen's witfioa: Cutting or bunt* heid. iuy | I Am iu'at ion of the arm at 1 ''v?|i removed. lh? ?houlder j mil Th?? I Aui|.*tt u >n of cancer operation W*- performed brtMt; thf nperitfni tnal on tin* 6th mat, and ml- plaea tlu 2otn mat,or. oe?a<id by Dr. K I'armly li* ttutlira'* atr't. anl w*s a??d eeteril oilier* The v. it ?ee e?l bv !)r ( hi I '*, lidy n a* 70 v a are old, and Pr Kmg, and miu\ oihi-rr hae re^av? m\. ?> .. h*? eute rt? jrered. The poor UtM<lt4 to betwein 1 and iu, in n.a m<*r*iijic. H. BOHTWICK, M. D , JylltW'ff Attendm* Hurgen i and Phrsieiil MEDICAL AOVTi hTi DOCTOR LAMtKT ia confidentially conaulred t bis office, 6*1 (T ld itrret, near (hmIM'Imim of i ptiVHte anfiire. Ili? Ireatxeat. beini trnld Hud ja<lici<'aa. re* quire* nettli* r m? rcury, reatraint in d?et. or hindrance fr?4ft t'usineta Debility. uerrooe or cvietituiiooal. arising <rom ioducreat indulgeiiceanf the paa?io?ia. caoeing ntghtU enne* I aiona, and, f?? niuatly, impnteney. engages th* Lfoetor ? a* te ition. hia objrct bring to restor* ibr y-tem io th-t at <te of s gor nature origi ially deeigued Htricture, a d ? v?r fieI qumtlv eautini: without the p*tient being >??re, a m*?t me? I Censed by maltrtetiAeiit *r/J aomefimea cau?ed by the neglrti ! or the pirtiea i.'.rm.elf*-!. i? elf* tntlly cured I?t IT*. L I.altera, i?o?t paid. enrlo*ing a fee, immediately' *Mai ded to, | and medicine, with advice, aout to any part of the United ' Hta'ea. Office *n*old treel^ Jvfft ' Wrre fri i:- i js. DR. WHEELKKj Ocaliat, No. 29 (Iraenwichstreet, New Vork. near fbe Qafter> , devotea hie e*e!ueiee attri tion ro dmeiueiolthfl fcye iud 0,?lithilmic Hurgery, and ia?urea tho public th?t thrre not amotigKt the numerous ditenaea io which the humnn eye ia subject, nnv dinordera of tint "Wa 1 kUkmaaitt K? itiallv r*li*k#.i nr cuitil bv llim Tba wist number of tinri<itihi??t (MtimonitU which cm be ?** > hi. office, will muff the | iMic that hi* rmciire ceertetl titltrr in ? ?tr ;t or ??ce?M by lh?tof any otner ucmni in the Uroteil ?? t?, . ...... #w?_i,,,k i?7" Office hoort from ? A .M. to 1 o do** t- M.. wnif h MTttiU o*t door Mtient*. ... , *? Artiiinal hyen for ?! , and which will b? L?4?rt?o on fMaontble irrmi ... . ... - _?l A eont.min* remark* on DteMM 0f.th*JBy Mtenl jn.uiice. of ir??t ?nn rllrcird by Or. Wheeler mode of treatment, cmi he hud nr?taiiou>ly *thi? residence, o ?^3.5-32"-^ ?'*- ;W