17 Temmuz 1846 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

17 Temmuz 1846 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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th: i. xn, ho. ut.wimu no. mm. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. I Circulation--Forty Thousand. D4ILY HfcRALD?fc>rr>* , Pnc?2o?oup?reoiif-|7 1ft P?r auuurn?imv*1*1* in d?*ue? WBKKL? H?1ULD-- T.rf Barurd.y- Mm ?!? t?ti par copy?S3 12S cants per annum?payable iu ?ilv?uce. Hfc'.KALU ToK t-l'ROPK?Ktut Steam KrU*t dty. Price cant* per copy?#' 00 par unum. payable in uU ran re, AP VF.JITI8BMEMT8 mt the aaaoi pneea?alway* cuh ta adranca. PRINTING of aU laud* uiciud with baaaty and deapauh. All latter* or communication*, by mail, addraeepd M the 3tal>li*hmaiit. mui ba p>?t pa d. or the pqMHge will l>a ila. atadfrom the *abacrij>tio>i monev rnuitt-fl. JAiiESOOKDON BKNNETT, Proprietor of the Nl? Till HHaLO (UniLIIFHIRT, North-Wavt com rol Fulton and Naaaau itroet*. MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. jfc m The HudaraMBtioa Hhipa will ha regularly de*patclirJ from hence on the Ut, aud from Majaeille* lha 10th of eaah mouth duriiiK the year, ai follow* BIiiji*. Captain*. From N. York. PR'CK at JOINVILLE, (new) Lawranea, April I Bapi. 1. MISSlTtl, H.Ne.t.r, May 1 Oct. 1. ARt'OLE (oaw) Ereleigh, June I Not. 1. OA8TON. Coultar, July 1 Dee. 1. NEBRASKA (aaw) Wauou, Aug. 1 Jan. 1. Shipa Captain*. From M^neilla*. PR'CE da JOINVU.LB, (saw) Lawrauca, June 10 Not. 10 Miannimi ARCPLE, (now) Ercleigh', Ang. It Jan. It OASTON. Coulter, Sept. 10 Feb. It NEBRASKA, Wauou, Oct. 10 Mir. II TUeas ?Maria are of cK* flrat alias, commended by mea of mxrirac*. Their uunmuiliiioni, for intMuien IK ausurpxaard for comfort utr eonreuience. Goods addressed to the a ems ?ill be forwarded fro* of oilier charges than those act*I* paid. Fox freight or nusata simly to CHAMBCAIaIn It PHELPS, Proprietor* No. 103 Front street, or to BOVD h HINCKEN, Aventa, lire I Tontine Bnildi iKs, M Will.ror. Water st. NEW LIME OF L1V EKlJOUL~pACh.ETS. ? f A 1 To sail froa New York list, and rrom Liverpool 6th of each from ATtw fork. Liverpool. New ship LiTemool, 113* tons, S ?! 2 J.dX&e. ^"iat ,'} Oct S New ship Ou.cn of the West, S ?f"UMT 2} fJ?Leh \ 1U0 toes/r. Wootlhoase, j ^ ? N,w ^^oiiBcB^?ton' ^ ton,? i! i Joha Briton. ? OctoH?r t\ Dec. 6 1,-., - >" V March 21 M?v ? waair? IjRjy: 5i Jg- : Theee aubatantial. Tut aailing, nrat clua ahipa, all bailt in the eity of u* York, are commanded by men of experience nil ability, and will he deapatehed punctually on tha flat of luh month. Their oabina ara elegant and commodiona, and art fumiahed with *r barever can conduce to the sue and comfort of paaaengere. Price of paaaage $100. Neither the captaina nor ownera of theae ahipa will be reapnasible for any pnrcela or pickagea sent by them, luileaa rcKulir trilli of lading are aigned therefor. For freight or paaaage apply to WOODHULL JC MINTURN, a _ 17 8outh atreet. New York, or to FIELDEN, BROTHERS fc't'o.. afll re Liverpool. NEW IUK.K. AND GLASGOW LINE UF | PACKETS. Mi. M. M. M, Tailiug from Ncw^^rk on the Ut^mTOTaagow o^h^iUi I f each month. frtm N. York. Km. Ol'gow. I June 1. July 15. Hhip SARACEN, N. T. Hawkina, < Oct. 1. Noi'r IS. f Keb. 1. March IS. ( July 1. April IS. Br. Ship BROOMBY, H. M'Ewea, { Not. 1. Aug. IS. ( March 1. Dee*r IS. V Anguat I. May IS. Br Biuk ADAM CARR, ??, < Dec'r 1. Sept. IS. ( April 1. Jaa. IS. ( May 1. June IS Br. Berk ANN BARLEY, R. Been, { Sept. 1. Oct. IS. ( Jan'y 1 Febrna. IS. Theae ahine are geod, aabataatial veaaela, ably commanded, and will aaif panctually oa their regular daya: Their accnm 1 nodationa fer i>aaaenger,arc goed, and every'attention will be paid to promot* their eeml'ort. The agenu or Captaina will et he reapenaible for any pareela or paekagea aeut then, unleea billa %f ladiag are aigaed therefor. Fer freight er paaaage, apply to WOODHULL t MINTURN, ? B7 South atreet, New York, er *< re BV.H) k Ml'HIHV M?aenw. rAoSAUt t HUM Gtt.fc.Ai biii'i AiAiN A AD IRELAND, jk ^ jflsv &aa> |ys> By Ball.'^^^wCine o^^^^ool PaS^u^Iiling from Liverpool en the lat and ICth ol every month. The YORKSHIRE aaila from Liwrpool, lat ef March. " OXFORD " * l*th of March. " CAMBRIDGE " " lat of April. " MONTEZUMA " " l?th of April. Paraoat aeadiug for their frienda, and forwarding the paaaage eertifieate hy the ateamahip llihernia, aailing from Boatou oa the lat of February, will have plenty ef time to come in the Yarkakire, er in any one ol the eight packeta of the Black Ball Line, aailing from Liverpool ou the lat and Igth of every mou'V Apply te.'or addreaa if by letter poet paid, R6cri?. BROTHERS k CO.. ? Fa I ton at-. Next door to the Fultou Bank. " GLASGOW AjNU MiW YUJtth. LlNE OF PACKETS. Hfcr ifigjflfe. gSfe wiahing to tend lor their I'nenda in any part of teaail direct from Olaagow, ean make arrajigeeuta with the Sabecribera, te have them brought out in any oftke regular line of Packeta, aailing monthly from Olaagow. The ANN HARLEY, Captain RcoU, ADAM CARK. Captain McEwen, SARACEN .Captain Hawkina, BROOK8BY, Compriee the above line, and the high character of thoee veaaela ?boald ba eafficleat laducemeut for peraona who may be aeadi >g for their frieada ia Sootland, to make arrangement* for thU (the ly liae.) Fnrth.r faitiului given, on application to W. kJ T. TAP8C0TT, 7} Booth street, corner of Maiden Lane, or Maaara. REID It MURRAY, Axenta It r in Glasgow. atMlTTANCKS TU IRELAND, tec. iI 4 1 & ^RoHOE haa remove^iie ofllc^^No. 4* Broadway, and coatinnes to remit money, in s?ms large or smalll, to persona residing in any part of Ireland, in the tame manner ll ha and hi* predecessor in business have don* for the l-ut thirty yairi and more; alio, to aay part of Englaad or Scotland. Money remitted by letter, po?t-p?id, to tha subscriber, or parentally deposited with him, with the name ol the peraonor persona in lrelaad, England, or Scotland, to whom it is to be aent, and aaarest poet town, will be immediately tranamit | tad and paid according!;, and a receipt to that effect given or forwarded to the aender. a2i Im'r | * JUHN Hfe.KU.tlAN k CO., ~ " | Onited Statea and Great Britain and Ireland, Old Eatabliahed i ?ai(iu( Office, (1 South atreet, New York. jRifc litHUVIAN, KEIUMAN It CO., Liverpool. Paaaace to aad fram Grant Britaia and Ireland, via Liverpool by the Old Black Ball Line, or any of the regular Paeaet ships sailing every are dare. The sabeeribe.e la calling the attention of Old Conntrymen aad (he public generally to rheir unequalled arrange- I menta for bringing out passengers from the old conniry, beg leave te etate that the bnaineaa of the Home at Liverpool will be cendected by ite braach. Those sending for their friends will at oace aee the great Importance el this arrangement, aa it will preclude an nnneoeaaary d^l?y of the emigrant. The shiim employed in thu line are a ell known to be of the Irat and largret claaa, commanded by men of eiperience; and as they sail every five days, offer every facility that caa be famished. With theee raperier arrai.gemeuu, tha subaeribers look forward for a coorianation or that patronage which haa beea so liberally a...laJ ia rlta* fur /! manV PMrt nnat In />a.. - /# tho*e engaged do not embaik. tfie pauage money will be rotauded < culoairT. Kor further p?rticol irt apply by letta* poet paid. J. HEUD.V1AN i Co. ' I Bonth ?t.. New York HEADMAN. KEENAN * CO., Liverpool N B ? Droll* for any mount cut a* mual he t'urni tin<l, payable at *11 the principal Bunking Inaurution* throughout the l>ni ed K'mg'otn *ppl'r*tion ? "bote. ~ OKI i ion A.\u i>uh III A.>.jJtlyjfa%APpit-AN KOYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS. ni IM ton* aud440 hurt* power rteh.uatier contract with the Lord* of the AumiHlBEHNI a Onpt. a. Kyri*. Britannia cai*. j Hewitt caledoNia c?pt. e. u. Lott. ACADIA Opt.VVm Harriaon. CA.vIBKIA ...Capt.c. H. E. Jadkue. Will Mil Iron Liverpool and Bo*tod, via Halifax, aa fol Iowa ?? ri*H ?o*Ton. mom LiviarnoL. Brittnma July lft, U4*. Cambria Jaly 4, 1*4*. C.imhria. A?g. I, " Hibernia " 19, " gikernit IS. ' Caledonia Ai|. 4, " iledoaia Bert- 1. Paaians Mokkt. From Bo*ton to Liverpool SIM. From Beetoa to Halifai................ 3D. No bertha cared anal paid far. TVe*? ahip* carry eir neaced nrfeooi No freight, eicept apeeie, received on ?y* ef Muling. for freight, pump, or nay ethor iaformatioa. apply to A. HA?R *rMN"^?<'a 'ttt.,. sfcSto* A8MHEAS&-^T.-KiT?AIS Z/faA,0,h*lr ? "J part ef the eld eonntry, can procare draft* of the ^^^ uubacriber* for any amoant, tmm i. I and apward*. pe>able at tight, without ducount, lu all the prnitipal towaa throughout Englaud, Ireland, Scotland, aad Wnlee. The *ab*criberi keg to info m their friend* and the pablie put thi* branch of their bnatbe** eoutinaM to r.ct-ive their particular attention, aud they feel quite certain that better arrangement* than thOi'e for transmitting money to the old eoaniry et Hint be made The rural mail ate-<mer Caledonia will leave Baatoa tenor row, by which all draft* can b* forwarded. ^ W. k J T. TAPBCOTT, M Booth atreet, JeH r adnor*heiow Barling *llp. *4*?A I'At Kr.ia KUH MAK?MlTTLm?The packet aJJfJV hip NEBRASKA, Captain Wat*o?, will *ail on the jHMma'ft of Ati(u_it. Kor freij^ht or apply to >i ,VT E NE affairs in Mexico! Intelligence from tho Army. INCIDENTS OF THE WAR. privateers, fcfc iu? iouowmg letters were ruuciveu yosieruny, and cam# fro;? a volunteer. The writer was once a resident of this city:? Camp Somkta, June 21st. 1846. Movement* of Troupe?Health of the Troopt?Confirmation vf the immediate Appearance of Aritta and Canalet?Selling their Country fjr American Go/d?Things quiet at the Scat of War. Several com punies have recently arrived at Brosos St. Jago, in good health and spirits, and eager for the fray. We iow number about eight thousand troops, between this oamp and Brasos St. Jago, and more expected daily. General Taylor has sent several companies back to their respective homes, as he has no further use for them at present, and, from appo&rances, not likely to have soon. The health of the troops is remarkable; we hear of a few case* of sickness at Brasos St. Jago, the | cause { which is the bad water; th?re is a delightful sea air on the above island, and splendid bathing, not surpassed hy your Itockaway Beach or Con y Island. I imagine you have learned the news concerning the bad feelinu now rxituing between the war and anti war parties, and the accusation against Arista for selling his country for American i*o!d! and the call of Arista and Ampudia to Mexico, to show cause why the Yankees have beaten them with inferior numberatit is confirmed, they are ordered to appear in the cit/ of Mexico as early as possible. Now, for the grand question, who bought Arista with American gold! Who would disgrare that proud Hag, the stars and stripeg that Imve floated triumphantly soiiie sixty yeais in battle and in breeze, with pelf! Who would dare lot bis name be whi-nered in the wind, that would compromise for fihliy lucre such a Htripel We have been insulted time and again by ih-g weak and haughty nation, backed by his Royal Highness John Bull, and passtd it over, in lh? same way that a sleeping lion casts off a fly with insignificance, antil he is stung so bad that he it aroused trom hit stambers; he then begins his woik of death and destruction. John Bull has not dared to id tliem, and they are now crying for mercy under cloak of having been offered gold to atop the war What a humbug for ruch an insignificant people to [>ut fortii; wc hare enough troops alieady on their shores to ia-h the rascals naked through their cities and I hopu that my countrymen (now that tliev are at it) will giv* them a sound fiogqing. and that will learn them how to iu&ult goo'i-iutiirud Undo Stm again with impunity. We learn, and from good authority, mat Canales hai offered bis services to < Jcneral Tay lor: but on? consoation is left u*. that i?, old Rough and Ready ((Jen T) was not born yesterday: he full well knows that if the traitor would barter away his own country, be would furl the stars ond stripes if laid in his power. A lieutenant attached to a party called the Texas Rangers, made good his way into a small place called Reynosa; an his route to that place, he fell in with several farm housei, which proved to be entirely abandoned ft appears that they have fled to Canales's regiment lor protecti n. Another rumor Is afloat in this quarter, to the effect that Si.oM Mexicans ara in the immediate vicinity of Monterey, and anxious for a fight. If they are anxious for a fight, let them show themselves, and, if 1 am not aiistakeD, they will be accommodated. The greatest humbug that has come under my notice, is the conveyance of provisions to the several encampments. There are at this time four s'eomboats employ ed an the Rio Orande by the government, to convey stores, and in fact every article that is moveable, for the benefit ot the several regiments, for which duty they are paid ?M0 per day. Yesterday one of them arrived at this camp with the enormous cargo of forty barrels of bread, twelve barrels of park. and one barrel of sugar. This is a beautiful specimcmof robbery. Thereis ly in* at Brataot Santiago a Urge quantity of provisions, such as would he of great benefit to the troops at Matamoras, as it is rumored they ara very short in that quarter. Potatoes, an artioie that we have not seen since we left Orleans, are lying at Brasios actually rotting. The fault is solely ou tho Quartermaster and Commissary. It is an imposition on the government, the appointment of such drones. Thi? is the sole cause why the regiments are detained on their route to the seat of war. There is had management in some of tho main nointi which must ha infsdilv rartidml or we shall ba lone time finishing a small job. Oen Scott i* daily expected here; when he cornea Clung? may change. Somkta. Jane -29. 1844. Movements / the Army ? ExpKtidJittark from Ikt Afcricani ? Prsparatinns In Xtcnwe them ? Had .1?Tnn<?rn'tit in tkc Transportation ?/ Provisions? Suamioat Sunk. Troopa continue to flock in from all part* of the United States. and all appear in good health and spirits, and eager for a fight. Lien. Tuj lor hat a good roun J number ol men oa huud, and they nro very well drilled. In the course of a month, from tho present look of thing* in general, there will be a large force on the line of .March to the city of Mexico. The only obstacle that is in our way at present u tho want of provision!. 1 here are at present three steamboats employed by the government, for the convey ance of unity stores from Brasaos Santiago to Maiamoias, and the several camps between the two points, and with this force and a river as navigable as your beautiful Hudson, it i* an oatrage on common decency that matters should be suffered to go en in this way Uen. Taylor is not so much to blame ta the matter. He has instructed his Commissary Gene* ral te get everything necessary for the army with despatch. The New Orleans markets are well supplied with previsions, which conld be brought to this piece in three days. With all these facilities, there is a scarcity of provisions at Matamoras, and barely enough on this aide of the above place to supply the troops. There is plenty of provisions at Brasaos Santiago, and more coming in every day; the fault lies in tue appointment of men to the office of AssistantCommissaries who are totally unacquainted with the dutieso? the office; but there ia some piuspect of things getting in a more healthy state. Gen. Taj lor has scouting parties constantly on the look out, surveying the country, anil keeping an eagle eye on the movements of the Mexican army. News came to this camp last night from some of the soouting parties, that 1,000(Mexicans were close on our bordeia, but they had not made their appearance up to the closing of this letter. We are prepared to meet them at any hour. The Council at Mexico, now convened, have issued a proclamation ordering their people that are trading with the Americana to return immediately to their respective places outaide of the American encampment, otherwise they would be considered traitors to their country, and treated as such should they be caught. The women in this neighborhood haro left their quarters to seek protection under Canales. They have beea well treated since we have been here, and do not like the idea of I moving. The steamboat Frontier, Capt. Clark, sn independent boat, that has been plying between Taint Isabel and Matuanoraa, for the conveyance of Ireight and passengers, sunk on the bar at the mouth of the Kio (Jranrie, ami ia total lom. The passengers and crew all saved. The troops continue iu excellent health in this quarter, and are ouviousfor an onwaid march Thtee regimenta wili leave this place durieg this week lor Mitamorss, aan frum theie to a point near Montcry to wait for a relaterremeat, theaea take ep their line of march to the city el Mexico. C?Mr S?Mr.TA, June 30, 1818 0r$at Rmin Storm?H?rtmenti of /*? -limy ? Caplurt of en ,1mmcnn Sfty?Sttamhomt Loll? Meselit/a'fetp among the Troojii?Part del at tKi had of Ms Mtmtcun slrmy fc. fc. Tioc|>a are constantly arriving from nil j.nrt* of the Cn4tad States, and a great number under the new hcI, i J* 0*,' * **r 01 months, as was fii?t pro|*>JJJ? | 7 Coajrasa. When the news reached this camp of the last act ut Congress, either to enlist lot one year or ?,, *n*|*d; it tiruok terror to the gallant officers, and joy to the heaitaol the privatea The officers cou.ul td ? the renewal uf their enlistments .Iter the oxpiratien of ?ix months, the result of which wan that tr.ey would not enlint for another moment lunger than they at flr*t agreed for. This ol cotme. put a Hamper on their a, inta. 1 ha fact la, seme ot them never lived so well prior to thia, and they are well awar? If they are disbanded they will have their choice, either to join the army as privates, or return to their lonner haunts The whole affair, so far, has been a complete humbug Tbo troops were hurried off from New Orieaoe and other portion, of me State to this post, and here they came to a stand, with the exception of two regiments, and they are at Matameras Thia is slow marching, considering the great hubbub that was got up a lew weeka sioce among the brave leaders of the clan. It ia alraoet as grand a husnbug aa the Moru* Multicatflis mania, though rather more serioua for Uncle Sam. I sincerely believe that U?n. 1 aylor is honest in hii pretensions, and a brave soloier and well wisher of his country's welfare, and it I would he hi* Retire io puah tba war 011 a* speedily aa 1 possible until it ii ended. ile eent his protest ngainsi tlie | proceedings ol Congress eome filteen day a sincv, in rela- , tion 10 the enlistment 01 tfMfa lor ooe >ear, una the di*. bun.lment of thow already eulisiea lor six month*; the re?ult oi which hat 110; yet reoM to hand. Xhe majoiity of iha trooi>s will leave for their respective hom a aa aoou aa poaaible, if they peiaiat in the twelve months M*. i'aredes has been ordered by the O?naral Council to I take the command of ihe.Meiicnn ioicea He 11 said to be 1 a goed Ueneial, and a lever of Lis country; they need such a one if ihay intend contending with the V ankeei. The Mexican* are strongly fortifying Monterey and their respective U)was in the neighborhood, and intend giving us warm reception if we reach that point Let it be so. K?U hat fallen here for tke last tea days, and has f w ^'o NEW YORK, FRIDAY A i cau?ed great destruction along tha Rio (Jrande ; the { : roudsure 10 bad that it ia impesniblo for wagMM or troopa to pa?a on to Matamora*. Tbii la the first arrival of the mail that we hare Jud from New Orleans in fourteen day?, and great feurs are entertained fur the safety of the traop* that have sailed for this camp. There havo bee'i some tremeorioui gale* od' this coait .luring this month; soveral vessels are due, and none of them (halting their appearance. The itortn has been to violent, that ithai blown a com, plete sand bar up at tbe moutli of the Kio Oruinie. which has entirely hemmed in two steamer* and several amnll ve-sels. The -chooner Caroline from New Vork, bat j been unround fur a month or more, I'rovUiou* are now brought from Bratot St. Jago to the mouth of tho lUo I Orao.le, and towed over the bar in lighter*, thence in | steauibouts to the ?over?l rumps ul.ni* tiie river, as far ; a* Matamorjs. The oldest inhabitant say there ha* not been such a rain before in their time; they attribute the be surprised if the llio Gramie would free/.e eror next winter, a tiling that lifts nevey yet occurrcd; this is their dry season?it never rains until September, tod then it lasts come time. 1 think it commenced before that this yeur. The steamboat Col. Harney, employed by government J to ply between New Orleans and 1'oint Ualiel, sunk a few days ago off Point Isabel. The boat is a total loss?. the crew and passengers saved. An American has been arrested at Point Isabel, and > brought to Bnritta, as a spy for the Mexicans. He was seen loitering around the cncampment for a day or two, but was supposed to be a deserter, and wan accordingly arrested as such. After his arrest, a Mexican guide recognized him a* a epy for the army, and mAde known the fact to the officers who caused bis arrest; he has acknowledged the fact, and is now in custody awaiting his trial His plans, as laid out, were excellent, bed they been carried into effect. _ [From the New Orlesns Bulletin, July 8] We yesterday received a letter from an officer on board the United States schooner Klirt. dated off Brazos St Jago, June 19th, which should have reachedvs long since, but notwithstsndieg the delay in its arrival,it eon| tains intelligence of interest. The Klirt arrived off Vera Cruz on the 8th, froat Brazos st Jxgo with Purser Watson, bearer of despatches for Comma lore Conner, on board. At Vera Cru&thay fount the steamer Princeton, and the frigate lUritan, enlori'.ing the blockade, ^he officers a* 1 crews utfboth vessels were well, and were daily in expectation that the l UMimo lore would srrive from i'ensacola. whan it wm supposed an expedition would b? ordered up th? Alvarado. to capture the Mefticau vessels of war moored there. Our correspondent speaks in the very higlMMt taints of the sailing qualities of the Princeton, and saya her crew and that of the Kuritan are eager for active ier* vice. He saw a Mexican paper dated Juue 14th, which stated tint I'aredei was marching at the bead ol 9iH>0 men to meet General Taj lor, and that Arhtj wai under arrest chatged with "disgraceful conduct." Great excitement ex.stud at Vera i.ruz. Troops were being brought in cons'anllv from the country 10 man the castle, anj-tkey were fnst falling a pray to the lever yellow On the I .fell t'ie I-Hit left Ver.i Cni with despltehei, and arrived off Tampion on the 14th. where she found the sloop-of-war St Wary**, and learned that au unsuccessful attempt hal been made by soma boats from that vessel to cut out a number of Mexican gun-boats lying at the mouth of the Panuco, opposite Tumpico Our correspondent says 'he t-oats smrtod to make tho attack on the night of the 1Mb, but were separated before crossing the bar.- The launch and one of the cutters succeeded in getting inside when the tort opened a Are upon them, which Mas briskly returned from a nine pounder on hoard the launch The Mexican gun boats, after the lapie of some time, entero.) into the action, and as their guns weie eighteen pounders, the launch and cutter were forcod to get beyond their (ire. Induing so, however, >he> took a position whete they had command of the fort and soon Silenced it The gun-boats perceiving the foit was Silenced, supposed it was taken and commenced a tire upon it, aud the fort, finding from whence the fire came, returued it. Thus they kept battering each otherTor abjut half an hour; the launch, as op|>ortunity ottered, al -o pu ling >n a shot. The remainder of the party however, not having joined the liuncb and the cutter, they were compelled to retire without effecting their object. l'liey sustained no injury of cnasequence in the affair. We Infer, from the remark! of our correspondent, that another attempt would be made, and has probably succeeded. The officers and crew of tho Flirt were all wall. (From the New Orleans Bulletin. July 7.] Tne steamship Alabama arrived yesterday from the Brnzos St. Jago, which place she left on the 3d inst The army was still in the position in which it was left by the last accounts, and there was nothing further known in relation to the movement! of the Mexican forces. There had been very heavy and long continued rains in all the region of country occupied by the army, rendering the roads nearly impassable. The Rio Bravo was so swollen that none of the steamboats that had arrived there, It is stated, were of sufficient strength to stem the current. Tha stoamboots which have gone down are all of light draught, and only intended for low water. Reports from Monterey state, that that town and the approaches to it are being put in a complete state < f defence, and that a considerable body of the Mexican army is stationed there. It is understood that Oen. Taylor will advance at the earliest moment that he can establish a depot atL'omargo, which he designs to make the base of operations toward Monterey. A part of the Mexican tactics is to prevent the supplies of the country, as far ni possible, from reaching the American army. For this purpose, it is stated that Canales and his band of partizans have been engaged in driving off the cattle from all the surrounding country Of course, therefore, it will not answer for any forward movement to bo made except with abundant previsioa transport*. To the proponed dejsit at Camargo, it is designed to ?*e steamboats for transportation. Thence, i however, an immense number of wagons will be required. Incident*, kr. The Brigade Major, at Indianapolis, to whom the com- j panics reported as they were organized, tells some amuI sing stories. He was kept op late at night and roused | om 01 sea in mo mnrainjr oy me messengers 01 tne companies dent in haste to die seat of government, with the reports with which they were entrusted. One morning before he was up, a report wu lent to him in bed that he might mark the hour of its presentation, As toon at ho had gotten to hit office, there came a stalwart looking cUap, oat of breath, and thrusting forward hit report, " Here, mister, here, take it quick at the tamo time looking over hit shoulder, " make haste," (aid he. "yonder comet another follow" Another formidable looking cuitomer wot teen riding at full speed up the itreet, hollowing,without relaxing hi* (peed, "Where'( the Governor's ho'ne? the < Jover lor's home ; there i( another fellow ju?t alter me?" We are assured that this i( the lite ral truth. It i( stated that at Resaca de la Palma, where a road., passes between the ponds, there is now but one pond, and that is deep enough anywhere for a respectable sized tenmho.it to pa<s through The Palo Alto battle field is two-thirds covercd with water. Col Hunt. United 3'ates Quartermaster, has chartered the following named vessels for the purpose of transporting the volunteers now here and expected, to Point lubel:?The (hip Sea Lion, for $7,S00; Norfolk, for $7.nOd; Middlesex, for $7,000; and the Sheuanga, for $7,0U0.? Ntv> Orleant Pie., July 8. i We loam that Oen. La Vega received, yesterday, permission from the War Department to make his residence 1 during the summer month* either at Lexington or three other specified places iu Kentucky, or at Cincinnati, or other places mentioned in the State of Ohio; and during the winter, either at Daton Reuge or this city; with directions to report once a month to the Department He ia alto informed that (hould he wi(h to visit any other part of the United States, any application from him will be favorably considered.?Niw Orlrant Bultttin, July 7. Piivateen. fFrom the Now Oileitns Picamne. Jtilv 7 1 The brig Lady Chapman, Capt. Hunt, arrived at thii port \ oaterday from Kingaton, Jamaica, having nailed on ihe JOOi ult. A L'ni ed State* brig of war i? reported to have arrived at Port Royal on the 33d nil . in ten daya from Chagrea. Her no?r< did not tranapirr at Kingaton. The brig Telegraph, C?|<t. 1 oung. alto arrived veaterday from Kingston (Japt V. po>itively a**erta that the re| ort brought hare aome daja aince, of the privateer Keen off Ca)>e Antonio, giving chute to an American vea?el, waa not a hoax. at it vaa prononnced by aome of tlie city paper*. but tnnt rich wat th? caae The only error in the re|>orta brought by the veMela, waa in the date* The Telegraph flailed from thia port on the l?th May, and on the Kit It fell In with the luapl ciotn craft ( apt Young indignantly repudiate* the idea that he wuuM falaify hi* log. and aacrifice hia reputation in the mercnntiie community aa a pei aon of truth aud to resit y, for the puipoae of apreading an idle hoax for improper motive*. Thi- Tnaii Navy. Biiatk CiUMaxa, July 10, 1848. To Iki Ktiinr if thi Union Sin : ?In looking ovor yotir paper of thi* morning, I discover that in yenr notice of the proceeding* ol the Senate of yeatardar, upon the bill to Incorpora'e the Textt* navy, you ffirt at iength the speech of the Hon. c Mr. Kairfleld in opposition to that bill, without noticing ' my remark* in replyThin, io far a* 1 am individnally conccrned, i* to me a matter of no consequcnce, hut to the officer* of the Ttsinn nary it ia In reply to what the Hon. Mr. Fairfield aaid in relation to the officer* of that nary, I Mated that that w?? not the time and place to diicus* their merita : that if the hilt pna*ed, they would have to he nominated by the rreiident, and those nominationa acted upon by the Senate, at which time it would be proper to diieut* their qualification. In reply to what he aaid in relation to the injustice to the United State* navy by their incorporation, I Hated that, by the hill a* amended, (a* I proposed doing) no injustice would be done to the officer* of the United State* nary. Their chance* of promotion would not be diminieh ed, but on 4ho contrary, would be increased ; that a cap'ain being the highest rank in the nary, the two additional captain* proposed by the hill *tood no chance of farther piomotion ; that, in ca*e either of them vacated hi* po*t by death or otherwi**. it would be filled by one o( the nr *ent commander* of the United States navy.? The additional commander and lieutenant* piopo?ed to he added by the bill b?ing at the foot of the liat, stood no chance of promotion until all the Officer* of that grade in the United Htata* navy ahould tie promoted. I would he the laat man to do ii\ju*tice te the gallant officer* of the United Stole* navy, or throw the (lightest obstruction in the way of their promotion ; but while I entertain theee view*, I think juitice to Texaa, and a fair construction of the Joint resolution* of annexation, required that the bill ahould be pa seed. Your obedient eemuat, THO. J. RUSK) t?r f 'ill ' rl i i 1 .i' imsssgsssamBBSBMssmaai RK I IORNING, JULY 17, 184(

Constitutional Convention. Wnooiutr, July Mr. B'iuck. from the committee on the elective Iranchi?o, submitted the following :? Tim committee on " the elective franchise?tlio qualification to vote and hoi 1 office," lubmit for the considentien of the Convention, the following proposed Article Article 3, tec. 1 modified. <1 1. Lvery wltito male citizen of the we of twenty-one year*, who shall have been a citizen ijEsixty days, aud an inhabitant of this state one year niM preceding any election, and for the list si* months a resident of the county where he may olt'r liis vnte,*hall> be entitled to voto at such ejection, in the eleetion district of w liich be (ball have be?n an actual resident during the laU preceding sixty days, aud nut elsewhere; for all officors that now are, or hereafter may be, elective by the people. Article 9. sec, 9 modified. () 9. Lawi may be p?*sed excluding from the right of ulfrage all person* who have I een or may be convicted of bribery, of larcency, or of any infamous crime: [and for depriving every person who shall have a bet or wager depending upon the diroct or indirect result of . anv election, from tbe right to vote at such election ] [!) S Laws may be passed providing that after the year one thousand eight hundred an'l lifty-firo, no person shall have tho right of suffrage under this consiitutioii, unless he can read the English language ] R. 8. Part 1 chap. , title 4. teo. -it, modi lied. 4. Kor the purpose of voting, no person shall be deemed to have gained or loss a residence by reason of his presence or absence, while employed in the service of the United States, nor while engage J in tho navigation of the waters of this state, or of the United States, or of tbe high seas; nor while a student of any seminary of learning; nor while kept at any alms house or other asjluni at public expense; nor while confined in any public prison J Article 9, sec. 3. t; 5. Laws shall be made for ascertaining by proper proofs the citizens who shall bo entitled to tbe right of suffrage hereby established. Article 9. see. 4. I) 6. All elections by the citizens shall be by ballot, except for such town officers as may by law be direoted to be otherwise chosen. 7. Every elector of this state shall be e1:gible to any office un ler this constitution, except aa herein otherwise provided. But no person shall be elccted or appointed to a local office who is not an elector in the district, county, city towu or ward for which be m^y be elected or appointed.} [ij d. No persou holding an office or place of public trutt, in, or under tbe government of the United States, shall be eligible to. or holl. anv office, or nlaen of nub lie trust under the constitution or laws of this state ] Tbe committee further r?|iort for the consideration of the Coventiou, anil recommend to be submitted to the people feparately, the following additional section : 9. Colored mule citizens, possessing tne qualifications required by the first eoction of this article, shall also hav? the right to vote for all officers, that now aro, er hereafter may be, elective by the people. Mr. itioii., from ihe committee on the election, &c , of all officers whose functions aro local, submitted the following The standing commi'.toe No. seven, "on the appointment or lelccuon of all officers, whosu function* are local, and their tenure of office, powers, duties and compensation," respectfully report, ia part performance ofthe duties committed to them, the following propose i article, iu lieu of part of article four, in ekii:iii,[ coasti tion t) 1. Sheriff*, clerks of counties, including the renter and clerk of the city and county of New York, coronets, not exceeding tour in each county, and District Attorneys, ?hall boctiosoti, by the e.cetors of tiie lespective counties, one in every two year*, ami as often as vacuo net shall happen Sheriff* shall hold no other offi.-e, nn I be ineligible tor the next two years after the termina'iun ol their office* They may be required, by Uw. to renew their security, from time to time; and in default of giving such new security, their offices shall be deemed vacant Bat the county -hall never be made responsible for the acts of the sheriff?and tho governor may remove any such officer except District Attorney, withia the term for which he shall have been elected; giviug to such officer a oopy of the charges against him, and an opportunity of being heard in his dtlence. [t> a. District attorneys may be removed from office, at any time within the term for which they shall have been elected, by the county courts of the respective counties of this state, giving to such district attorney a copy of^the charges against him, and an opportunity of boiag heard in his defence.] The hoard of supervisors ahall fix the number of superintendents of the poor, who shall bechoiea by the electors, not exceeding three in each county, and whera more than one shall be chosen in each county, they shall divide them into classes, so that one shall be chosen each year, after the first electioa] A county treasurer shall be aunually chosen by the electors o' oach county. He ahall hold his office for one year, unless sooner removed. He may bo required by the board of supervisor* to give such security as they shall approve, and to renew the same frem time to time ; and to case of default m giving or renewing such security, when required, his office shall be deeded vacant. Tbe board of supervisors of each county shall hare power to remove auch treasurer from office, whenever they shall deem such removal necessary for tbe safely of the county, giving such treasurer a copy of the charges ngainstbim, and an opportunity of being heard in his dofence and shall have power to fill all vacancies in tbe office of county treasurer, by appointments, until the next annual election j ^5. Mayor* of cities in the several cities in this State, shall be cboeen annually by tbe elector* entitled to vote for member* of the common council* of aculi cities respectively. ^6. All officer* now elected by the people shall continue to tie elected. [Ail county officers whose election or appointment i* not provided for by this constitution, shall be elected by the electors of the respective conn ties, or appointed by tbe board* of aupervisor*, as tho legislature shall direct. All city, town, and village officers, whose election or appointment is not provided for by this constitution, (hall ue elected by the electors of luch cities, town* and villam*, or appointed by auch authontie* thereof a* the legislature ahall designate for that purpose 1 Ail ether officers, whose election or appointment ia sot provided for by thi* constitution, and all officers, whose offices may hereafter be created by ihw, aumi u?3 cit'unvu u/ m* p?v|'is, v> |>pviui*ul mm ui? legislature may by law direct T<|7. The several officers, in thii article alluded to. hall puweia the powers, and perform the duties now provided by Uw, and inch aa the legislature shall, hereafter, from time to time, by law, direct ] The legiilature shall regulate by law, tlie feea or compensation of all county, town or other officers, for whose compensation no other provision is made in this constitution ] [^9 The board of supervisor* in each county shall fix the annual compensation of the district attorney, which shall not be changed, iftsr his election, during the turm for which be shall have been chosen 1 (jlO. Where the duration of any office is not provided by this ronititution, it may bo declared by law ; and il not ao declared, such oflco shall be held during the pleasure of tlio authority making tho appointment. Both these reports wero referred to the committee of the wholo. On motion of Mr. Loomis, a committee was ordered to be raised to report on tho order in which the reports of coma ttees should bo taken up. On motion of Mr. Harrison, an inquiry was ordered into tlie propriety of incorporating into the constitution tho statutory definition of treasoa. Tho subject of the executive lioweri ami duties was then tsssn up, and the atii section, forbidding the Governor or Lieut Governor from lioluing an; office, ? offitio or otherwise, was discussed it leugth, under a motion to itrilce out. A aubititute lor the 9th section was adopted. The 10th, llth and 12th sections were atruck'out. The l<th waa retained?and it this point the committee roue. Adjourned ? Albany Argui. Court ot General Sessions* Before Recorder Scott, and Alderman Stoneall and Walsh. James II. Whiting and Jonas B. Phillips, Esqn , counsel for the prosecution ; James T. Brady and tdmund J. Porter, F.sqrs , for the defence. Jri.T 17? Trial ?/ Michael McCahe, of Baltimore, for taring obtained from Messrs Thompson andVan Veighton. ot this city, goods to the amount of <474 by frau lulent representations. Some addi'ional testimony waa I'liluced on the part of the prosecution in this case, on opening of court this morning, but no new facta of im ortance were elicited After thectss h*d been opens) br the defence, by James T Brady, Ksij , Wilson, the irin.lpal clerk of the aociMed, was examined at conside Hhle length The only lmjiortant facts elicite I, how??er, weie, that in the month ot' September la?i he went o at Louis with about $S.u00 wortn of goods to sell for Mr. Mcljnbe ; that soon alter commencing business o|>e* ations there, he was taken sick, was consequently com>elled to le<-Te the business in ch ir*e of ottiers. tluoilirli vho'-M miliiwnajrment great Ion was ?u?t*ined, wtiito'u | urge portion of the stock got wet, and otherwise .In ! nuged, and did not bring $JUO Thu witne ? also sute.l lint .Mot.'abe at one time owed him about $.1,u<>0. whicn tad been paid to him in goods. and that he had convortid the go.>.It into cash, not having kept atrict account of vhat he had received for them at various timet, bo could tot tay whether he had realized the full amount ol hii :lnims against MoCabe for them or not. In convequonce if Mr. Brady being indiaposed, the caie wus not summed ip. Mr Whiting, however, cited various authorities on i lointa of law, wi.li reference to the ground* upon which he proiec.ution relied for conviction. The ewe waa hen submitted to the jury under a charge from the Reorder, and on a brief coniultation, the jury returned nto court and rendered a verdict o( guilty. The accused waa remanded to priaon for tantence There are wo other indictments for aimilar offences pending igainst him. Statk Temtarance Conviction.?The Conven lion ??fl?mUie(l ni uir norm rcmi ?irwi \juurcii thii forenoon, ?t 11 o'clock. Wm . C. Boack, President; fieo. Hall, of Brooklyn. and the Rev. Mr. Bchoeller, of Albany. Vice President*; Ur. R. T. Trail and Rev C. R. Warner, Secretaries. Prayer was offered by the RevLebbiu* Armstrong. Committee* to report rules and to prepare buxineti, were appointed Several resolution* ivere submitted and laid on the table for consideration In :bo afternoon and opening. The conventfop wa? ad- j lre??ed upon the traffic by J. P Coffin, and upon ihe le- ! {ality of tbe license law by Alvan Stuart. The officers , ind delegales ol tho State ? onveotion were invited to ' eke )>art in the deliberations The Convention promises | o be one of very great Interest, and the future meetings ire to be held in the audience room of the churcli, ?o hat ladle* and all others who wish to hear the debates ind addresses, may have opportnnlty. In the mon.lng lession 140 delegates enrolled their names from 1?i counies, besides about 30 from Albany. Among the visiters ire Rev. Drs. Mwards and Anderson, from Boston; Rev. W. 8 Blanchan), Illinois; and Rev. J. H. Rice, Upper 1 Canada ?Alkmt Jrummi, Juif 1*. j < * !?* {ERA 1 ). \ Brooklyn City Intelligence. h Tm* Licence L*w?Fimr Och Kibed.?Yeiterday a (l suit came oft' in Brooklyn, nn<l although not imraadi- t< ately brought under the new 1 ?. , it 15row out of it, and .1 was, at Mr. Whiting, the counsel for the defence termed it, a lort of Ashing suit, out of which to make capital to ' lustain the licence la?r, before putt nig it in o|jeratiea It new law, hut i* was afterwards abandoned, and tbe |>ar- d UN i.-Il back on lb* law of 133d, and biought tbe ore- 11 tent suit under tbe 4tU and 6th sections ol tb.it law. Tbe action was brought in the name of tbe corporation of Brooklyn agiinst Mila? Wood, a taven kuener, reaiding in Kullou street, In tbe 6th ward. The da.-iaration contuineJ two count*. Tbe A>st count claimed a penalty of for selling spirituous liquors without licence, and the second claimed another penalty of $iS for selling spirits aud allowing it to he drank iit his bouse, without li- I cence. The counts averred that Mr. Wood sold liquor, and allowed It to bo drunk on his promises, at various times, from tbe 3!d of May to the 94a of Juue last The defendant's counsel strenuously argued that tbe arer meat win too vague, aud took in too grt-at a pace of time for tbe defen lant to he able to meet it, and that tho plaintilf* ought to be compelled to elect some day or days 141011 which the liquor was sold. The Court overruled tho objection, alter which a man 'tamed IJuiko was called, and tlin fallowing dialogue passed between him and the plaintilfs' counsel Q.?Do you know his place of business 1 A.?Vex. sir ; it is at tho corner of Kulton and Atlantic streets, iu the city of itrooklyn. <4 ?What is his business 7 A.?A tavern keeper. Q.?Were you over there 1 A.?Yes, sir, frequently. Q ?What did you see iiim do thero f A.?1 saw him feed his birda. I Q, ?What else ? A ? Alter that he went down *n<l got milk. u Q.?Did you see sny customers com* theie 7 , A.?Yes, ?ir. . Q.?What diJ Mr. Wood serr# them with 7 A.?I *aw him Rive them segars. v ^ ?Did you seo Wood serve them with any tpirituous 11 liquors 7 c A?Yei, lir, I did. H ? What kind of spirituous liquor* 7 n A.?Gin and brandy. a Q?Did you driuk any of it yourself 7 A.?Yen, tir. I did. c Q.?What did j ou pay for it 7 ' A. ?Three cepts a glass The case for the prosecution rested after the examine- v tion of tlio witness. a Ma Whitiho for the defence, contended flrst. that in n all |ienal action*, the prosecutors are bound to stiict aflir- t mative proof of ail tlie averment* in their derlaratio s 0 In this case, there was no proof that Mr. Wood sold without a license. He next took the ground, that the law of 184J took away the power of prosecuting fur n penalties, from the Mayor and corporation, and gavu it to 0 the overseers of the poor, in whose names this action ti should be brought. The third ground he took, was that n the law of lH4i repealed tho law of 1830, and upon these C grounds he iaoiMed that the action could not be main- ,1 tained. The Judge charged the jury against him ou the ? first and third points ; but. said he had some doubts us to f the second, hut loft it to the jury to decide that question, as it was their province to judge ot the law as well as *' tho fact 1 he counsel for the prosecution, then alien- *iloned the second count in the declaration, ami the 'ury * tound a verdict ou tho fust count for $i5, iu favor of the c plaintiffs ti Mr. Whiting, in his address to the jury, made the fol- p lowing rcmaiks. which stru.k us with great lon e He r said he did not appear there as the advocate of druiik)ii- j ness or iutempeinncc ; on tho contrary, he was as much an advocate fur sobriety and temperance as the m;n or ^ I - a: t u.'.wi. .. I...1 ...?..l,l l,? t ..Il l I ui "i ?.i w.iiv . ./.II Ml, i u mwal suasion and riot coercion ; they all knew from e\- n perionce thai whenever coercion whi usud it signally fail ( *d, and tie give as an instance tlie upheaving of the State of Connecticut, where a similar law to the one now under con*>i'cration was sought to be put in force, hut eve- i] ry man in the State was up in arms ..gainst it, and if litis v law wai attempted to he forced ou the people of this S'ute (> he predicted such an upheaving at would shake its iasti- c tutions to tlieir very foundation. A new school of philo- tl sophy, said Mr. Whiting, has unfortunately started up a amongst us. and at the head of this school is the editor of n certain morning paper In the city of New Vork. Al- h though he had*no fears that this sect could change the g law* of nature and overturn society, yet in their mad at- n tempts to enrry out their wild and visionary schemes,they ji might do a great amount of mischief. It was th this mischief fi he wished to direct the attention of the jury. If they t wero successful in carrying out this law, what was to prevent them from calling on the legislature to prescribe for us what we are to eat as well as what we are to c drink; hare they not the same right to say to us you fj shall not use beef or mutton, or ony other animal food; n you shall eat nothing but (Jraham bread or Indian cakes, r. or squashes In like manner what is to prevent them calling on the legislature to regulat*the fashion, or cut v your surtout*, or to prescribe to us the church at which P we must worship. It was juit as likely that they would broach some absurd theory of this sort, as that they broached the license law, amt when oneo broached by them, they would doubtloss ?all upon the legislature to < assist them in carrying it out; and it would lie just us , competent for that body to prohibit us from using animal food, or ia exercising our own judgment in regard to 0 any of the other things above mentioned, as it was lo prohibit us from drinking rum or brandy. He concluded iiis remarks by calling on the jury to frown down by ' their verdict this new school of philosophers. ' Tat Aiiai"I.i *hd 11?tticbt Cask.?This ca?e, re- tl ported in yestarda} 's Herald, resulted in a verdict of ac- g quittal for all the defendants. o Farmers' Clab. , Ah irregular meeting of this club was held on Tuesday in the rooms or the American Institute, Mr. IIyhkk in the Ctmir, in order to complete the business left unfinished by the last meeting. The ( subject, one ol" deep importance to the agricultu- j ral and horticultural interests of the country?"In- L sects?their injury to vegetation, and modes of destruction," should have commanded a more n numerous attendance man appeared upon tins o occasion, of those peculiarly involved in atwer- 0 taining the apparently mysterious system, by which the most healthy and luxuriant trees, an p well as crops, are suddenly swept, as by a pesti- . lential inhalation within their vitals, froin bloom und early maturity to blight and rapid consumption?triumphing over ull tho experiments of art t and ingenuity?and suddenly, by arbitrary and J capricious progress, defying all remonstrance M that experience could dictate, or reason suggest. It whs to open a channel of investigation that J this subject was selected, and we repeat, that I none, ol paramount, universal importance, c?uld possibly engage, or more protitably. belong to a ? society prores.sedly organized lor the develop ment of all that belongs to the advancement of the alL important cause they have espoused. " We ware inlorined, early in the discussion, of the threat devastation that a garden in the city was exposed to, by tlie ravages of insects upon fruit . j trees, grape vines, vegetables, "quashes, to.; but j ? of that fact, too many were unhappily from experiettce convinced. It was reserved for Lir. Under- i ^ hill to develops?from the resources ofa mind de- ' voted to the causa of agriculture and horticulture?tho foundation of that pestilence, which, I > as if ashamed of its depredations, makes "dark i J ness its hiding place, and spreads its upas jj sterility over the bright and blooming pro- 1 ductions of nature's God and man's hand, u The investigation of the subject of insects, the " Doctor observed, wns as unfathomable as the ex- fd tent of their mHuence was unlimited; varying in n< farm, sine, numbers and genealogy, tlic.y balned , the most experienced to detect their origin or oh- J,', viate their ravages. Among fruits they seem peculiarly to revel; an'i from the specimens he produced of the peach, the quince, the pear, and even ~ the imnorud hawthorn, their destrucivo powers w were illustrated with a wngennce. Thar while ,t ( d splayed the celerity of their movement*, exhibited i|ie rapid contagion that followed their in- i?' b -il.i. atin?r >14 thl) Mill defctndi. Tho o?ily remedy lie fuorul effectual was whitewash nig the trunk immediately after fi the spring. Where quinces wr? [>lnrit?-<l in wet l* noil?, thin process wm rjiinlly salutary, us tending to resistthe proJfrc.?i of tho ennil in its upward 1 movements, tli?- lune possessing the property of * dissolving the shell. Doc or Underhill produced th l>rat>ch?- of th* <juinc-', *nth an it*Unite quantity _ m animalculw dopo^ifd within the fruit, ati'l a brick color ^kin surrounding the surface. The f iJictor repudiated the idea enurtained by the w Jer*er farmer*, that the ISast wind's blast produced this blighting effect upon the peach tree; Jj hut was eonvinceilthat the beetle, wh cli swarms " the trees in the cool ol" the evening, is tho pontivn came, nfleeting with equal venoin tho hardy leaf ~ of the oak, as well as the delicate and fibrous fo- * lingeof the peach. The Newtown pippin and ff the ?rapo vine are subject to those destructive ,f nimialcnliD. From such inroads, as well as from of those of the caterpillar, Dr. Underbill recommends tho application of spirits of turpentine, applied with a snotwe on the end of a pole. Tobacco smoke is doubtful in its efficacy. "The ploughing 1 of ihe ground the latter end of October or NoveiM- p, ber, i? effectcal, so far as exposing the insect to the weather, and thereby producing it* dp- ?h iruction. The Doctor thought, too, that hogs, " freely exercising their vocation, wonld also ?? be very beneficial in destroying animalcul*-. * An emphasis upon the efficacy of fire, was i made by tlie Doct ?r, who quoted the interruption I of the march of the locusts ov?-r th? Alps, in their progress to the borders of the Rlrtne, and prac- 1 _ tis? a here with murli success. Tlie Doctor re- ^ d coin mend l a paring or ruirtping of Uir outside J| bark of fruit trevs, wiifiout pi neHating tlie inner p. coat, mid thereby dislodging the nidus that con- _J ceals thi'ir hiding places. Tn.s process however J requires a cautious and skilful hand. The proxi- H - - 1 ?w/lara tVift rntor Millu rt m ly of the wiiu cneny ?? more dnnferou., by furn.A.ng them w.th a deno- ?r ,,tory for their youn?. The .PoctQT concluded ? i lengthened but highly u?elul dmwuuion on this , LD. -.-ZTTt , - Price Two C?aUu ubject, by imploring the uttcntion of all the farriers clubs in the country, to u matter of deep insrest to their advantage. Mr. Meigs stated it fact hat in Spain, and in the proximity of the tomato, 10 pernicious insects were <u be found We ?pireuond his project ot' planting tomutoes on the nargin ol orchards as an ant dote, might be prolitctive of a contrary eifr-ct, as giving birth to VI iuiniimv.uu., muiu u?ii|^i"u? hmU ?ps Than that wh cli it was desigued 10 crush. Jo! &ktr?uer read Mime extract* From u work hi the turpentine trade offouth Carolina, which ended to chow the rapid disappearance of the oug leafed turpentine pule, which was nivai mbly opiilatued by trees of a ditfereut origin, probably >y the inroad of beetles. l)r Field corroborated rom hi* experience the facTs and theories uf Dr. Juderhill, and recommended constant syringing vnh a solution of water, molasses, and tobacco, md approved also of the process of scraping the rees in the winter. lJr. Field suggested to the Mub the propriety ?f farmers supplying the !-oiety with such specimens ol'the bug tribe ascoiue trithin their experience, 11 proposition which was lteerfully adopted. After some desultory renarks, the Club adjourned, not however, lo-ing iglitofa subject, that embraces so much matter it deep and abiding importance, viewed cither, is referring to the liincy or amateur hortieululist, or to the practical and professional faruer. The Filth and Isttuch of the Street*. 4r. Editor. Sik:?1 perfectly agree with you, that it isofno ise to say any more about the tilihy and unhealthy late of the streets to tho Common Council, lnpectors, 'Ifcc.; and would not have said any more, yere it not to expose, what I consider, one, if not lit} only cause, for their not being properly leaned, and at a much less cost. My authority for the statement I am about to lake, I consi'der good, and were I at liberty to ive names, the public would consider it so too. It appears that the Commit'ee on Cleaning itreetw, recently adopted u resolution to enlarge he size of the dirt carts. But lo, and behold, /hen the Jehus who drive these carts got their uder* to enlarge them, th>'y would not stand it 10 how. They kicked, and threatened to petiion the Common Council against this innovation in their liberties, "the largest liberty." Now, t-ir, tins attempt (whether successful or iot),of the dirtcartmen to overrule the action and uders of the committee, is a practical illustralon of the repeated charges which were, and jw are made by the natives, "that the Common !ouncil, and tlus democratic party, are under the ictation and control of the Iri?U in this city," ives much plausibility and loice to the charge, "or it is notorious, that the dirt cartinen, sweeprs, &u , who hold the lower offices under tho /oinmon Council, are chiefly Irish I, lor the nine rea?ons, inter the same, and, as a natural on'equence, that no change for the better ought > bo expected, or can take place, whilst the Coinuon Council wear collars, and mutt do as this portion of the voters of the party dictatc. I would, herefore, suggest that the dirt cattmen, sweaprs, &c., be invested with all tho inuaicipal auhority, and take possession of the White rIou?e, md that the present Aldermen and As?istnnt.?, }. T. T. as a niun.'r of " I'uopBiKTT. Afvaiks in Ca>ad >.?We were sorry to hear hat several Aidt can trnvelleis l>nd been pr?rnted from extending their tour lo Montreal and Queee, owing to tlu< rumors that bltt prrvultd, that the holcrnh* 1 mai'e it* appearance. 'i'hey may be assured lat there is no ground lor apprehension on that kcore, ml that the city i* a? health) as usual at this teaaon Thcro it> no doubt that Sir Allan McNah has thrown up is commission us Adjutant General. It is nairi that the o\ eminent has lnoken laitli wilh him ; that Col. kencth Cameron was to haTe been his deputy, and that he . u? !..imliia<inn of Mr Mrl l.inn?ll nfllrrrn. eld. At all events, the miniftry it in terrible scrape. Montreal Pilot, July 14. Fun:*t Traveluno.?A man, his wiltunrt ?i* liildren, on their wny to Preble county, in Olno, rom seven hundred miles south-rust of Cinciniati, held up to rest in that city on the 9th inst.? ["he youngest child ami their uncage were on a irheelburrow, their only carriage 1'rotn home, pr? elled by turns by the company. NOTrr K-TArscOTT'H OKNURAL KMIGUATION OKI' ICE, lletn..T.-d from / LVi':> |o us South mm?Peraona it:.<diiig tor -?2^1|?^2ijlheir frienda in any part of the old countrr lean make lli* n*ceaai.ry arraugemenu ?lt? >e anbacribert, ou reasonable terma, in have them brought "''THE NEW LINF. OK LIVERPOOL PAt'KETB. The slim of tint line are unaurpaaied by any oilier, and tieir iinnienae aite (ill being 1000 to.ia, and upwarda) rehdera liem inori* comfortable ami convenient iliui anipaof a ?in Jler ha? ; and the greateai reliance inay be placed in their puiicuality hi sailing The subscriber* are alao agents lur the It. George anj Union Liue* of Liverpool Packets, in any if which passage can be engaged on reasonable terms. Draft* fur any amount, payable without diaennnt in til the rincipal town* of Euglaud, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, can l?o be obtained. Kor further particulars, apply to W II J. T. TAPSCOTT, te27re M Ronth at.. Id door below burling Slip, N. Y. 1*^-~V'UK i\ K W UKL k..\.\ ?? LO U181 AN A iNli fjlft ,1 c w lull LIUI Iiriunr i ?c?-i?iumii tiuiiuii, MMMtat*urfi July. Th? eli-gam faai tailing packet ?hlp ,(H' l.i /ILL K, Hunt, master, will poaiuve'y aail as above, cr rnulv d>iy. Kor freight or passage, having handsome furuished irroa lodatiaus, apply on board. at Orleani whurf. loot of Wall at , r to K. K COLLIN.Sli CO., J6 Boutli at. Positively no goods received on board alter Saturday eveitiK. Hth init. Agrut iu New Orleans, Jamea K. Woodruff, who will rmnptly forward all roods to hia addreas. Packet ahip OSW h(JO Johnston muter, will sncceed th# .ouiaville, and aail Monday, August 10th, her regular day. ill? *<frg- IM CK KT SHIP USWtt.O. (rem Nrw Orleans, '* '' at Peck Slip. < onaigaees will jMllMEa pleaae attend to the receipt or their goods nnmedijy Iff ifcic- ONL V 1?MJI I All LINK OK PAl Kc.'i'S f>'oK dMM^OLA-O W ?Packet of the let Ant. The aiileiidul Mflbvid fait ?ailing Packet Slnp AD \M CAKli, L'apt Irv niner, will aail at above, her regi>l.ir day. This ship has hiudsome accomm idaiiona for cabin, aecond sMn and steerage P"*eMiK>-ri Prrioui about to embark for cotland are ass-ired that the ihipa of thia line aail punctaIIv ok the la' of every month. Those wishing to lei-nre berth* ahnald make early appli**oil on board, foot of Roosevelt street, or to W.kJ T. TAP8COTT, jyl* Kl Honth at . Id door below Bnrlint Hip. Mfe . SHIP ift,KAN, FROM LI VKHPOOL -ComnHMfV?i(uera a?e requested lo s>nd their prtinita on k?ard, iwfan pier No. I N H.. aa early a? possible. Ooodsnot ill.cud on or before the Hat mat., will he aent to the public ore. jylir LACK. BALL, UK. oLl) 1,1 N b OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. KOR LIVERPOOL?Onlv regular packet of the JJtjfVllith Inly?The new, maKiiifirmt, and crleliraied aUla&efast-sailiiig, favorite Packet chip KIDKLIA,bar ix nu'i tona, Cint YVm <J. Hsckitaff, will lail positively ? Thursday, 16th July. The accommodationa of the Kidelia are fitted out in a moat iperb and coatly manner, with trrrf modern improvement id convenience, ihat cannot but add lo ihe comfort of those tnhark'iig Persons viaiiine the old country, or sending for leir frienda, ihnuld c?ll andieeihia iplendid apacimen el IV tl architecture, before engeging eliewhere. Kor passage in cabin, aecond cabin, and steerage, early ap. ication ahould he made on boaid, loot of Iieekman atreet, 'to the aubscribers, ROCIIK, BROTHERS Ik Co.. iyU rre 3i Kultou atreet, ueit door to the Kulrnn Bank. ?#5? KOR LlvT.HPOOI NeTil^.e? Keiiular I'acMri HMrV"f 2I?1 July. ? The superior, I .i sailing packet ahip IMMbsHO'ITINOUKR. mm tona bnrllien. Cam. Jti Buray, will aail aa above, her regular day. ( 'or freight or iHiasage, having elegant aim ?npencr eecom i-d.iuuna, apply on board, weat lidauf Hnrline slip, or to WOODIP'Lt. k. MINTDRN.II7 South *m?i. Price of iwaaag e $ '.mi. lie packet ahip Lii erjw>M, 1S0A roni bnrthee, Cepta-a ,'oha Idndge, will incceed the Hotin.guer, and aail oa her re.aI dny. '>'. angnal if H Mill' NORMAN, from Havre?CoMinees par ?ft^,thn ahip will plaa?e at-n I their aerinttt on boar'J. at ? Mlf Ma < Vnnli riif. 'Hi tha pi B1 rnder men. Alt mo-'j not | tnnittc''in C*e d?\?, will bi not H >* public .tore CUiD U IllN< ICf.N. J'-T' f Nn ** Willi at. A&iV iOK Ll V .Kfooiy?N?* liint?Ninlirput* SToV't ol ilie anii .Inly- T'? elfion!, Ia?t aailmg ^" k. HbJhbM-t ?liip I<| >81 II; N. A KIJ.-I'V-, irmirr, of I no tr>n.i lit mil < *boi e, her refnlar day. For freight in paM%fe, h?nng accommodation! nnf^ntll^ r splendor or comfort, tppiy <>? board, ?t IMick wharf, ot ol Wail street, or 'o F K. COtXINA Ik CO.. J* Son'W at Pri** f\f p?e??cr* im 91 PAS?AUK AO OK KK()M LIVERPOOL Vr fjp*>the new line of Liverpool Packet*.? l'er?on? ?eueMKVfenirf f >r rh?-?r Irtend* in anr P-?rt ef Orent Britain or (UiiU. cm nuke the neceaaary arrmigrmenu with the ?nbriber? on renaonaMe terrni. to hare Arm bronitht not in any 'the above ina^'iiticeiit packet*, tha aeC"nmiodatioue of hicli ariMineqtialled, and the ?tricte<t punctnallty .will ba Merted in their nilim on tha ataieddov*. From Sew Vork on list and Hlth of each month. Krnm Liverpool on ?ih and llth of every month. hu? preventing tha poaaibility of delay at either port. The aubacribera are alao agenta for the St. Ueorga'a Like ef icketa, in any of which magnificent ahi|>a puaage can be cured at a ?ery moderate rata, o.' in first claee tranaiant ips, altogether making a ahip from Liverpool et*ry !** Tfc? area teat eare will be taken hr Mr. W. Tapacort in Li> irpoolto give all poesible daapatcn to naasengeri, nnd ike me will be done t?> tha anhscriber* in New Y ork. Kor farther ranirnlara apply (letters paid) to W. fc J. T. TAPSCOTT, K ?outh (treat, two door* below Burling alip. or to WM. TAPSCOTT, * Wgtatloo lload, f Liverpool. - ?*?* *r?f??rnmmnmA l.ta*.Tha ^JTVpi'lr U> BO V D k BftjftVVct-"; sftii'." jews'?;'"" " ? 5^i?fc?S2-" Ml "

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