18 Temmuz 1846 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

18 Temmuz 1846 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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II TH] ~ I Vol. XII, No. lOS-WfcoU R?. MD1. THE NEW YORK HERALD., JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation- - -Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?tarry day, PnctlMMipucopy?$7 IS per aunum?payable iu WEKKLT HEUaLD?K??ry Sata-day-Pnaa CNU par copy?S3 iMcaiipf annum?payabla in adrwee. HEHALD FOU EUROPE?Frrry 9taam Packet day. ' Priea canto par aopy?$3 00 par aim am, payable in adi aDYeRTISEMEMTS at thataamal pricaa?alwaya caah j in idrinn. ! PRINTING of all kinds atnud with btautr tmd U+ : "at-.-..,.. aoaamaaiaationa, by mail, addreeaed to tha' 2tabliahmaat. mat ba p?ei paid, or tha poataga will ba M- 1 ctadfrom tbe anKacriptiao money rrmiO d. JAMES tMJRDON BENNETT, .1 Proprietor of tha Nt?T*u Hmn.D EaTaBLtiriuKT, : | North-Waal com rol Fulton and Naaaaa aBNU. ' MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. Sift^ US- ia I jBk jBK ifiu TU^ndenuratiou Slnt? will b^*gularir drapatcnri^roia tnca on tha lat, and from Mamaillaa tha lath af aaah mouth ring tha year, aa foliowa s? , Shipa. Captain a. Prom N. York PR-CE da JOINYILLK, (aaw) Lataranae, April 1 Sapt. 1. ? M188URI, Silrrarer, May 1 Oct. I. ? ARSDLE (aaw) Ereleigh, June 1 Not. 1. * OaJTON. Coulter, July 1 Dae. 1. NEBRASKA (aaw) Wataoa, Au(. lJan.fl. 1 Shi pa, Captaiua. From Maraeillea. ' PR'CE J? JOINY1LLE, (saw) Lawranaa, Juna M Noy. 10 \ MISSOURI, SiWaatar, July It Dac. 10 ' ARCPLE, (naw) Eyaleigh, Aug. 10 Jan. 10 UASTON. Cnnlttr H.o> IB IT.K la NEBRASKA. Watson, Oct. M Mar. 10 * These nml> are of the trst i|ih, commiadcd by man of experience. Their utMuotoiou, for puMnnri irt ensur puitd for eomfort and loirwiNn. Otodi addresaed to ths ? will be forwarded free of otktr charges than those ten- b S For frairbt or passage apply ?o 1 CHAMBERLAIN It PHELPS. Proprietors No. 103 Front atreet, or to BOYD It HINCKEN, Agents. , lira > Toe tine Buildinge, M Wall.cor. Water aC j .NEW1 LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. J ; month. ? From New Yrrk. Liverpool. u New ship Liverpool, 1191 ton*, S *} ? ? J. ICldridge. i August >1 Oct. ? f Naw abip Queen of the Weat, S u "7 !} j^'eh ! 125# tona/r. Woodhouse, *&'>,, ]\ { r Naw Sbip lUchaatar, (0* tons, S \\ Aa^at ? John Brnoa. /October Jl Dec. Ship Hettingner, 1AM tou, )jlu.eh ? S \ IraNursly. | Nor. 11 Jan.* 1 These substantial, fast sailing, first class ahipe, all built ia if the eity efnew York, are commanded by men of experience A and ability, and will Da deapatched punctually oa the tlat of f each month. n Their eebina are elegant and eommodioua, and are furniahed with whatever can conduce to the ease and cemfert oftensers. Prise of |wiu(i $100. Neither the captains nor ewneri of theae ships will be re- . sponsible for any parcela or pick ages seat by them, nnlese 1 * recu 1st bills of lading are airiiad therefor. For freight or passage auply to t) WOODHULL It MINTURN, o V South street. New York, or to F1ELDEN, BROTHERS kX?0.. ml re Liverpool. tl " NEW VOK.K AND GLASGOW LINE OF 'l PACKETS*. ? ml SL m Sailing from New York oa the 1st, and Glasgow ou the Uth 1 pi f each month. _ I al From N. York. Fm. Ol'gow. ( J untt 1. Julv IV Ship SARACEN, N. T. Hawkini, < Oot. 1. Nov'r IS. t Feb. 1. March IJ. I July 1. April li. Br. Ship BROOKSBY, H. Mlwun, < Not. 1. Aug. IS. I ( March 1. Uac'r li. I 1 August 1. May 11. Q Br Bark ADAM CAR*, ?. ] DecV I. Sept. 15. * ( April I- Jaa. 15. iMayl. Jane IS B*. Bark ANN HARLET.R. Scott, < Sept. 1. Oct. IS. (Jan'y 1 Febnu. IS. 1 Theae ahipe arc good, aabatantial Tetania, ably eorammded, and will anil punctually on tliatr regular daya. Their aceom modauona for paaeenger.arfa good, and avery~attantioa will be t paid te |>renota their comfort. The agenta or Captaint will j net be reapooiible Tor any ptureela or packagee aent them, unleaa billa of lading are aigned therefor. p For freight er paaaage. apply to WOODHULL k. MINTURN, 87 South atreet, New V ork, or a< re RF.1D It MirWWAV. j < pASfiALrt, fltOiVl UtJ.ll.Ar bKll'AlAxN AiND IRELAND, ? m jj& m m : By th^BUck Ball, o^UlTnTine ofLiverpool PackeuTTuling . from Liveri>eol en the lat and lAth ol every month. 1 The YORKSHIRE aaila fromLiwrpool, lit of Nlarch. " OXFORD " ? l?-h of March. ? " CAMBRIDGE " " Ut of April. " MONTEZUMA " " 16th of April. ] Peraeaa tending for their frienda, and forwarding the paaaage J certificate by the ateamihip Hiberaia, tailing from Boaton on ; B the lat of February, will have plenty ef time to come in the : Y arkahiw, or in any one ol the eight packeta of the Black Ball : c Line, tailing from Liverpool on the lat and jGth of every | S mouth. Apply to, or adilrvaa, if by letter poet paid, , a ROcrtt, BROTHERS It CO.. SJ Fniton it.. Next door to the Fulton Bank. ti "GLASGOW AiN D YUKX"0"i?iroF" ! PACKETS. m m m i >EKSO^? wiahiiiB to send lor tnei^nenda in any part of J* Scotland, te tail direct from Olaagow, can make arrange- : _ enta with the Sabacribera, to have them brought out in any i of the regular line of Packert, tailing monthly from Cilaagow. | I The ANN HARLEY, Captain 8cott, j ADAM CaRR, Captain VlcEwen, t< SARACEN .Captain Hawkini, BROORsfcY, x Compriae the above line, and the high character of thoie Tec via tmntld be eufficieut inducement for peraoua who may be aeading for their frienda in Scotland, to make arrangement* for thii (the enly line.) I Farther particular* giTen, on application to li W. IcJ T. TAPSCOTT, 74 South atreet. comer of Maiden Lane, or , Meaara. RE1D It MURRAY, Agenta j all r in OlaaKow. * KbMi'i'TANCfcS TO lilELAMD, dec. jR iiv I .ft * ^^^StOE M hae r^^^^niia oflle^^No! | H Broadway, and continuea to remit money, in anaaa large or * amalll, to peraont reaiding ia any part of Ireland, in the aame muiuer aa ne and hit predeceaaor in baaineaa have done for ft the I net thirty yeara and more; alao, to any part of England or u Scotland. .. Money remitted by letter, poet-paid, to the aab?cnber, or pertouafly denoaited with him, with the name ol the peraonor peraoua in Ireland, England, or Scotland, to whom it ia to be lent, and neareat jioat town, will be immediately tranamit J ted and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given or f forwarded to ihe tender ?28 Im*r ~ JUIl.s Hi-.tWi .1 A.N k CO., 0! Otaited Statea and Ureal Britain and Ireland, Old Eatabliahad ? Emigrant Office, <1 South atreet. New York. 01 ) HEHDMAN, KFJENAN It CO.. Livetj>ool. ' a< Paaaage lo and frem Ore it Britain and Ireland. Tla Liverpool tl by tlx Old Black Ball Line, or any of the regular di Packet thipa aailing every five daya. The aabacribeie in calling the attention of Old Country- n men and the public generally to their unequalled arrange- ai menta fur bringin ont paatengera from the old eouuwy, beg ..... ?r .i,. ii?. .. i will be conducted by ita branch. Thoee aendjne for their frienda will atone* eee the great j portance ol tbia arrangement, u it will preclude in nnue- I eeaaary dal.yof (Ha emigrant. The ahn* employed in thu j " line ara wall known to ba of the firat and large.t claaa. eom- 1 mended by man of experience; and m aai] avery At* ' f daya, offer eeery facility that can ha fnrniahed. With thoee * ati|>eiier irramemeuta, tha anbacribara look forward for a p continuation ul that patronage which hna bean ao liberal It ail* .'led to ihem (or ao menr yeare put In eaae any ?f ~ thoae engaged do not embaik, the paaaage money will be re- I landed ? euatotaary. For farther par.icnltrs apply by letter 1 poet paid. J. HERDMAN ? CO.. ' o #1 Homh it., New Vork 1 HERDMAT*. KEENAN it CO. Liverpool i i? N. B.?Draft* for nay amount can ?a naual he furniahed, ' u payable at all tb? principal Banking Innitndoaa throughout i the I'll ed Kinglom, iw appf'fetion aa shore. ~ OKI i 1311 A.NU j>UttV'll A...K|l|- t /-fefcWiCAW ROVAL MAIL 81KAM KHII'8, ( SJ-rfJfPsX'* tone and 440 horae power each, nn- ' v der contract with the Lorda of tha Admi "* rmlry. llitfa.il.NIA Capt A. Ryri*. BRITANNIA Capt. J. Hewitt. CALEDONIA ( apt. E. O. Lou. ' J ACADIA < apt. Win. nlrnino. CAMBRIA.. ....Capt.C. H. E.Judkini. | , Will aail Irom Liverpool and Boatou, ria Halifax, u fol I Iowa* raOMSftfTAIf. PROM I.ITC* PO?L. Britmma Jnly It, IHS. Cambria July 4, It Id. ' rl Cambria An*. I, " Hiberni* " It, " " Hibernia " It, " Caledonia Aag. 4, " ' Cala^ouu. Sept. I, " Paaaaac Moan. From Boa ton to Liverpool f 130. From Uontoa to Halifax M. ' r No bertha avenred nntil paid fer. Theae ihipa entry experienced anrgeoae. No freight, except apeeia, reoeired urn ( 4 eve of (ailing. I For freight, paaaage, ?r any other information, apply to ,i J/T ra At HARNlfKN'k'ro'a'i t ,n, DRAFT? ON OHEAT BRITAIN {,' AND IRELAND?Peiaona wiahing to re//ACflTXA^imit money to iheir frienda in any part of . [ the old country, can prornre diatt* of the ""HH^BMuibaeribera for any >mrnut, Irom ?t and , apw arda p?i able at eight, without ditcount, in all the prin- I cial towna tlirougliont England, Ireland, Heoiland, and * VV.ilea i Tiie aahaeriber* hef to info m their fr'endt and the public I: th*t tliia liranrh of their baekieea eoutinn-a to r.eeive their | i partienl ir attention and (het feel quite certain tItat better fi rrmgdncut* than there for trauamittiHg money to the old f Conutry ca.iuoi or ni?"r .... ... The rofkl mail ( aledonia Will i;**? Boatoo to- g noirow, ?y wliich all draft* can bi-forward*d. i \ W.kJ T. TAF8COTT. H Sooth ?mi, s jr^0 r 1 d.M?r? h?l"W Burling ?lip. # . fAcKKili KOH MAHHKILLLS-JII* !?:* ? air wi?V,h?P 'NKBRAKK a, Cmm W?tao?. will miI o? th? * E NE N LONO ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. 6UMMKK JltUUlXQEM?yT CHAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS, COMMENCING WEB NLSDAV, MAY 1], 1S4C : ..catv Bbookltn at 7 o'clock. A. M. Bostun u In for UraaaM>rt, daily (cxceix Suudaya,) ?toi>|HM ?? , Farmiuidale toil ?t. Oeoi*e'? V1",0'. j - " at 9H o'clock, A. M., for FarmJn dal? and inttrraediata placet. " " MJP. M.. thro??hu. Or?wiport,iK'I?*M both way> *t Jamaica, Branch, Hick?\ ilia, Faroin#dale. and all tha iWiwi batwatn Farmuifdala and Oraaupart j M - at S P. M., for Fami-Stla and U?H , ? JUawpUcaa. , w | uunrHT MJ ocioca, a. m. daily, (except Sundaya.) through to Brooklyn. M " at 3 P. M., Boston train, or on the inird of the atumtr from Norwich, atoppiug at 8t. , Ocorgr*> Manor and Farmingdale. L,ea vk Fiihihsdili at A. M', Accommodation train . for Brooklyn. " " at IU A. M. Greruport train ^ for Brooklyn. " ? at 1<S P. M. Accommodation train, foe Brooklyn. juti Jamaica at I A. M. Accommodation train, for Brooklyn. " " at BW A. M. Oreanport train for Brooklyn. " " at 3W P. M. Acaommodation train, far Brooklyn. Ka?? to ? Bedford I caau, Kait New York UX, Race 'oerae ItV, Trotting Court# ltV, Jamaiaa M, Mnuhrilla lj?, HydePark (IT aailea) J7k, cinwirilla (during th? action of court) I7)4,H<ni|?t?ail J7k, Branch JTV, Carla Place 4, Weatbury 44, Hickaville 44, r armiiigdale oZK, Daar Park I, Thompaon M, Suffolk atation $1, Lake Road atation '1 l*V. Medtord autiou 11 ItV, Yapkank$1 37U, St. George'a rtanor $1 61K. Riverhead SI <#K, Jame?|>ori II ttK, Matteuek $1 82W. Cutchugae $1 82s, Soathold 11 61)4, Oreenport loeommodntion train (I 7J, Oraeujxirt by Boatou train $t tS. Stages ara in raadinaaa on tha arrival of traina at the aeveral tationa, to uka paaaeugera at vary low faraa, to all parts of be laland. Baggage Cratea will be in readineaa at tha foot of Whitehall treat, to receive lwgK*f(* for the at vera I trmiua. 30 minutaa afore tha honr of atartinK from the Brooklyn aide. Trie a team boat " Stateaman" leaves Oreenport to fee Haror twice each day, on the arrival or the tnuaa Bowlww & __ mr?r* TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. I"1 HE Pablic ia reapectMiiTjMuTorined that the reee nt break I in the Canal, cuiaed by the late freahet, having been reaired, the PIONEER fc. EXPRESS LlN'k, via Railroad nd Canal from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, commenced its igular trips for the aeaaon on Monday, the Clli of April, saving Depot, No. >74 Market atreet, DAILY, at 7Jg By this route passengers will avoid all the fatigne and danar of night wavelling in coaches, both Railroads being pur d in daylight. For further information, apply at tha old-eatabliahed Office, It .k... Vi.luk al'ti 6in*irc A. ff. CUMMING8, Agent. LONO ISLAND HAIL,ROAD Express Mail Train. leaves Whitehall street Ferry, New York side, every morninf at 7 A. M., lor Boston.? Alio, trains from Brooklva aide at 7 o'clock and re minutes, and 9)i A. M., and 3 and i P. M.. daily. The 7 L. M , and J P. M tiains go through, the former stopping at armingdale and manor, and the latter at all places ?n the Md Jelif - NOTICE?T APSCOTT'8 GENERAL ASkCBl EMIGRATION uFFICE, Removed from Ci^a71 to K South street.?Persons sending lor ^H^JJdgOklatheir Iriends in any pfit of the old couutrr make the necessary arrangements with le subscribers, en reaaenable terms, to hare them brought "'THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. The Ships of this line are uutarpassed by any other, aua teir immense size (all being 1000 toua, and upwards) renders lem more comfortable and convenient than sliipsof a smaller laas ; and (lie greatest reliance may be placed in their punctality in sailing. The subscribers are alto agents for the t- George and Union Lines of Liverpool Packets, in any f which passage can be engaged on reasonable terma. Drafts fur any amount, payable without discount in *11 the rincipal towns of England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, can Iso be obtaiued. For farther particulars, apply to W k J T. TAP8COTT, tef7rc 8ft Sonth at., 2d door below Burling Slip, N. Y. am- NEW LINE OF PACKETo FOR LIVER(nVy POOL.?Packet of the 21st of July.?The splendid, jlflyifarast sailing and favorite packet ship HOTTINrUER. 1100 tons burthen. Captain Ira Bmaley, will sail on 'neaday, Jely 21st, her regular day. Persona wishing to seenre berths shonld not fail to make aily application oa board, atthe foot of Bnrliug Slip, or to W. * J. T. 1 APSCOTT. a their General Paaaage Office, IK South street^ second doei ivi7 rr S?Iaw ?lip fajf CACKET SHU' L.Vi.RI'O6L, F'UIim LlVtR(WWyPOOL ?Consignees will please send their permit* v >n board, west side of Burling Slip. withnu' delay. An goods not permitted in Ave d iys ?re liable to be seut to nbliirstore. WOODHULL It MINTURN, jy 17 >7 South street. XJHr FOR GLASGOW?lhe new, hrst Class snip JPPfyARVlIM, Si 0 tons, H Robinson, master, hjvmi MUibmost of her cargo engaged, will meet with despatch Kor ualsuce of freight or passage, havi-ij eicellent accom lodatious, apply to the captain on board.(oof of Dover street rtn WOODHULL fc. MINTURN, jy IT tl South street PACKET SHIP u8WtOO. fron New Oritur nRIwV it diacharg nig at Peck Slip. Consignee! will fa pirate attend to the receipt of their goooa immediulv. jv I? ONLY BtUUuAR LINK OK PACKk/i'S KOR JCJM^VOL. A* U W.?Packet ofthe lat An*. The tnleudid band faat tailing Packet Ship AD AM CAKK, Capt lr> ui.rr, will tail at above, her regular ilay. Thit thip hat htndtome arcomm-daiiont for cabin, aecond atiin and tteerage p?ta?ngera Pertom about to embark for cotiaad are att'ired that the thipa of thit liue tail puuctuII y ou ihe It' of every month. Thote withing to tecure berth* ihimlrf make early tpplieaon on boa<d, font or Rootevelt itreet. or to W.kJ T. TAPSCOTT, jy 11 Ofi South it. 2d door below Burlint Mip. SHIP OCKANTVROM LIVERPOOL -ConMVy lignret are renuetted to trnd their perrnitt <>u board, HHHa>t pier No. 4 N H., at eirly a< putuble. Ooodt not tiiu.iudon or before the Hit iutt., will be tent to the public ore. jylir AOVC KUK LI V fcMrOOLi?New Liue?Kt'gular fackn ?HfWof 21st July.?The mpenor, fatt tailing packet thi| MN&CiHOTTINOtJKR. 1100 tout burthcu, Cam. Ira Bart ly, will tail at abore, her regular day. Kor freight or pataage, having elegant ana taperior aeeoni uxlatiout, apply on board, writ tide of Burlmrtlip, or to WOODHULL & M1NTUHN, 87 South .treat. Price of pat?*ge J'.o#. The packet thip Liverpool, 1300 torn burthen. Captain John Jdridge, will aucceed the Hottiugner, and tail on her reca ir day. T'-i /tagntt. jyU SHIP NO H.MAN, from Havre?Coutigueet per JHSjfV'hit thip will pleate ttnd their permita on board, at MNKatPier No. i North river, qr to the office ol the nuaerigued. All gooda not permitted in five dava. will be aenl to He public atora. BOYD It HINCKF.N. je? r No. M Wall at. K(J 11 L^VKUPOOL?New Line?Regular pack Kinn 01 inr win jrny.? 1 nr iitnoi, iui auiiui pacejplwbrt ?hip ROBCIUS, A. Eldritlge, muter, of 1100 too* rill sail % above, her regular day. For freight or passage, harini accommodations u?i<alM >r splendor or eomrort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, tot of Wall street, or to K K. COLLINH k CO., M Donrb at nf I'M* i# f ?# FA8SAO& iO OR FKOM LIVERPOOL by dHWWtheiiew line of Liverpool racktfB.?Persons sendrtMMbiiig 1*0' their lrie?d? in any part of Ureal Britain or rel Hid. can make the necessary arrangements with the sub fibers on reasonable terms, to liave dbein brought oat in any ftlw above magnificent packet*, the accommodation ol hich are unequalled, and the strictest punctuality will be Ixerved in their sailing on the stated dava. Krom New Vork ou 21 at and 26th of eacn month. Krom Liverpool on 6th and lltb of every month, 'hus preventing the possibility of delay at either port. The subscribers are alao agents for the St. Oeorge's Line of ackcu, iu any of which magnificent ahipt passage can be icured at a very moderate rate, o.- in first class transient lips, altogether making a ship from Liverpool every five i*he gres'est care will b? taken by Mr. W. Taparott In Lirrpool to t>T* all possible deapstcn to Passengers, and the imp will be done by the subscribers in New Vork. For farther particulars apply (letters paid) to W It J. T. TAWCOTT, 86 South street, two doors below Bnrlina slip. Or to WM. TAP8COTT.96 Waterloo Road, r Liverpool. PACKETS TOR HAVRE?Seeoud Line?The drjUfW racket ship BALTIMORE, Capuin John Johnson, jjyyibJr . will sail ou the 1st of Augu?t For freight or isuge apply to BOVD k HINCKEN, jy7 r ^sll street. &?& "UNITED 8TATE5rVomT~BRITAIN k Jjttk IRELAND OLD ESTABLISHED EMIURANT I1H|('> FIcl ?The Subscribers sre prepared to bring at passengers by any ol the Line of Packets sailing every ve daya ; and draft* can, as aaaal be furnished, payable irougliout At* IJnire-d Kingdom For farther (wrtieulais uplvtn JOHN HERDMAN v Oe., rnvl ?l A .mrfl SI'?H ~~ 7 fE X-lNb HANli "^LOTH'NO and Furniture wmifd.?The hii'heat cath ^ price given for all kind* of a?coiid-haj>d good . bjr w D LKT},4iCMthifliitrett. ?-T~A line through fht Pott Office will l?e |>u rtnallr rtenard lo. 1 O' r.tAnil; ori hand. a irnio table i?m>itm?ul ol > w Ml>t tntui < In him cl??*w! for e nh jvU lw*rr? IflTll >! Tl I A1 a w'l- I.1 . . w % la L U vJ s \ i? * V 1?1 n kJ A Li (I o A'lv uao VI , STEAMBOATS. rroaa irregnlaritiat orcntring laat yaar, *nd the irraant n, hignly injurious to *ood Order ami le military diatipIi.e of the po?. of Wr>t Point, ihe aithoitlea lf?l ikfbmIth eooatrained to re^oeat maatera and wnara or attaniboara not to laud partiea on eieuraiona al leaaure at that i-oat iu futara. u- 8 QUARTERMASTER. Wnt Toint, Jolr l(, 1(16 Jv ,fi <t.r NOTICE. ~ rHE ORAEFENBEUU COMPANY ia now filly or Kama d, aud prepared to receive propo alt lor Bute ioonty, City ?ud Town Afneiea It ia nnpo.ait.le to pretut in a ainfla advert nm?nt the i dfiremenu ofta ad by i? (Jraefanbcrf ( oiapaiiy, or to funiali che public with adrnata eiplaaationa of tha p?tiloao|>hj and r eriu o( ihe Ora? n hart VeietaMa Pi I la. Id order ta aerampliah tliaae obpcta.the Orar/enbrrg Oazttt* ia in ready whioh will ba rniaheri without charce tii all w o mar wian it. Tha Afaneias for ihia oiapnay will ba of tha moat vallate kind, wall worthy attention. Artdreaa, poltli.nf. the tiraefenher* Company, <t John IPOfifl \ ...h J'? ?t* r II na WILl/bH IKfWI I ortiuaM) teitieil ami rt-lui./label fouew the honae *11 Broadway, (adjotini'C the Ulobe Intel.) ia prepared to receive lamiliea or anicle (roitlr men a h'.ardt*ra. Oini-ei hotrdera ran Ha accommodated Re* preurea erehanced jeIt It* Ine I~M? J K VVTUL K IC?~ Vi I > 7 \T L K f. P AI > J K iSTteC. It J. HARTNETT, Mo t < ourtlandl atreet, utti Iroadway, wholeaalr and retail Mannfacturari of TravellinK VrituiK, Oreaaina and Jewelry Boaea, Miniature l.aaea and Wttinaa; Klura, Lorkat, Watch, Kmc, Pin ami puieil loiaa; a*a lor ailrer llaia aaKly arranged to order. Ala?, Traya | lade and fitted to Jawtllera a how caaea, to eoateia watrhea, i haina, rvnga, keya, piua, thimblea, pencil*. lu A variety of tha above artielaa eonataatlr ia hud and ' ?ade to order, with aantnaaa aid deapatah. No. > CoirtMrnli ' tract, New lack. yUI?*. t ^ W TiO ? EW YORK, SATURDAY MAP OF THE BURNT Dl - V /cl H I \=wp' "Sill The Fire Oommenced at Elew 1. Paoific Bank. 3. Wash 2. M. M. Bank. 4. Blow* The Area of the Fire, ete> The fire broke out near the Manufacturers aftc Mechanics'Bank, on the Main street. It then its Main stroet, bath aides, from Orange tad Canter to ths Straight Whaif. Centre street both aidei from Mafn to Broad (treat with the exception of the Methodist Church and anothai building. Federal street, both sides, frem Main to Broad street; Union " " " Pearl " 8. Water " " " " " " Broad " Psarl " Centra " 8 Water Broad street both sides from Jared Coffln's to New North Wharf North Water both sides, from Broad to Aaron Mlt c hell's. It then passed on in an easterly direction tc North Beach street, destroying that street, and crossing the head ol the New North Wharf, the Interesting from Texas and Mexico CONTINUED ARRIVAL OF TROOPS ON THI RIO GRANDE. Enthusiasm of the Volunteers. Bbasos Santiago, July I, 1840. Baltimore and Washington fohsnteere arriwad et IV Broeos? Rumor of Oen Arista concentrating the en tire force of tke Mexican Troops mt Monterey?Jlntici pation of mn attempt of the Mexicans fo retake Mate moras?Health of the Troops, fc. The Baltimore and Washington Volunteers, under \h< command of Lieut. Col. Wm H. Watson, arrived at thii place yesterday. They number six hundred men, dirl ded into six companies, and more noble and patriotic ap ( earing men I have never seen ; and, having at theii head officers of the strictest Integrity, and bold and mag nanimous as they are, they must inevitably acquit them selves with honor to themselves aad their country. 1 the Mexicans are not already frightened too badly bj their overwhelming defeat, and are disposed to "shov fight" again, they will find in these men the " hard ones' oi the world. They express much dissatisfaction tha the prospects of a battle are not entirely favorable. The] .llmost wish that our troops were defeated, so ss to havi given the Mexlcana courage to have made an attack upoi their battalion, so that they could have had the honor o whipping all Mexico. They verily believe they can d< it? good opinion of themselve*; but, neverthele**, tb< correct one Mr good Midler. An expren arrived from Oen. Taylor1* camp laat eve ning, with the new* that Gen. Arista wa* making aclivi preparation! to concentrate the entire force of the Mex ican army at Monterey, and make immediate march t< Mat?Of. with the view ol re-takinp; that place. , thiak thii ia nothing but a fall* rumor ; for I do noi think they have any idea of making another attack very noon ; if they do at all, not before the hot season is overlay the laat of September. However, order* are daily received from Oen Taylor, for volunteer* atthi* place on their arrival, to join* him at Matamora*. a hero art now about two thousand troop* at thi* place, and mori are hourly arriving ; one thouaand men from Alabam: thi* morning. The moat perfect health continue* among the men no prevalent diaeaie?and but few have died. To-morrow i* the Fourth. 1 will let you know how i ia celebrated on thi* iiland of patriot*. Mexican Affairs. [Correspondence of the New Orleana Bulletin.] Unitcd Stat** ScHoonta Klikt. ( Drazos St. Jago, June 30, 1846. ) We are on the eve of sailing for Santander, where we hear the Mexican* are landing proviiion*, munition* ol war, etc., for their army. At preicnt, wehavejuit arrived at tho Brar.oa, after six day* abieuce, having been blown off in a heavy gale of wind ; the third night ol which we fell in with the ichooner Sarah Lavinia, about 130 mile* *eath of the Brazoe, and 43 mile* from the Mexican coast She wa* laden with coal, and sprung a leak at aundown, and made water ao rapidly that we had barely time to aave her officers and crew, but no property; there was an awful aea running, and the gal* had but little abated. We were happy in not losing anv of our uflicer* and men in relieving the diatreised. This we did, however, and got off with merely the loss of our boat, alter it had saved *11 hand*. The schooner did aot lire more than two or three hour* after the atarted the leak. The o/Beera and crew are now on board, and the Captain bear* hi* loi* like a true philosopher, lie owned part of her, and had not dollar iniured. She had five oul* on hoard?Capt Calhoun, Mr. Speedwell, mate, and three men, all well and unhurt. The gale occasioned *ome little damage at the Rio del Norte and the Brazoa. In the rirer, one steamer went to piece* in*ide the bar, and one ichooneron ihore near the mouth of the harbor, outiide the river. At the Brazoa a ichooner wa* driven from her anchora on ihore, but what damage iadone inside I do not know. The itoamer * ulonel Hainey i* wrecked on the bar at the Brazo* , I have not heara of anv live* having been lost. We have had a tuccesrton el heavy galea down here for tho last thiee month* Uea Taylor ha* now 10,000 troops, and is ready to march upon Keyueta and Monteier, only waiting upon ihe Quarter Matter'* Departments furnish him with the nece??*ry means ol transporting provision* for hi* troop* ; be 1* chafing to advance, ana valuable time is being lost, and the whole ariny is burning w ith wnaiety te aiuv# oa The health of the army i* remarka1.1.. ?,.~a ihn v.ilnniMri am Uhortnff iiard in beinff diicipliued. and are nil anxiou* lor tight. The Mexican* a:e perfectly paaaivc; (here h?* been no movement amongit them *ince tlie taking of Matamora*. The (Oiroilnding country it quiet, but the Mexican* appear *ullen, aim icady to lejoiu Hie aim} *o >0011 a* a favorable opportunity occur* The touth banlt ol Rio Braro del Noite if tbickly settled and cultivated; mid in every cottage or hui kigna of the (oloier can be ?een, ?uch a* healing wound*, voidiert'ihoe* on the feet of the men, good cavalry tworda hanging on the wall*, cartridge boxei, lie. I a*ked one ol theie military looking farmer* what he did with (word, aince he denied positively hi* ever haviug been a toldier, and he laid he uied it to reap rush, aud could not b? prevailed upon to tell it at any price; and aa there waa Am cartridge box on the ide of the cottage, I atked him if be uaed Uiat for reHping alio; but he turned tullenly away; and thu appeuri to be the univeraai *tate of miud ol the people oftiii* pari of Mexico?they (how ne aigna of fear. At pre?ent there are lying at the ilraaao* the revenu* cutter* Woodbury, frerwaruand Van Bureu, with alurg* fleet of merchantmen, outaule the bar, waiting to b? taken in. Incident*, kc. of the War. The aooount we puhlUh to day of young Edrington "the fir*t Kentucky volunteer," remind* n* of an luter eiting incident that occurred when the *everal infantry cuinpania* from thi* end of U>' Mete were einhaiking or lli? uiuwiiviUe, lor Ntw Orlean*. A youth, liaruiy eighteen >eara old, waa ?aen with great earnenne.i pirating hU way through thacrowd that bad gathered al ilia landing. He took hi* ttand near the gangway ami a* the aoldiera patted on to tha boat, availed lunitolt ol every op(.oitunny that presented to speak to the officera Their aiiawera teemed liaught with tntter disappointment to him, for aoon toara began tu atream down Uia cheeka, ami ha turoad away to hiue tha amotion that could not ba unpreaaad. Juat at this moment our attaation waa called

to him by a friend who had mat hua an his way W Mem IRK I r MORNING, JULY 18, 184 STRICT AT NANTUCKET. '' -St \ ft o'olock, P. H., on the 13th Inst. Logtoa Hall. 6. Citizen Bank. i up. 6. Fire broke out. northern of the five wharves in the place.? . It then apread from the New North Wharf to the old North Wharf, crossing the Straight Wharf, destroying the blocks on Whale and Candle streets, and finally stopped near the Commercial ' Wharf, the southern wharf of the five. kstimated number of building* destroyed 100 r Supposed low $900,000 '? insurance $900,000 Area of Nantucket, seres 30.590 Population in 1940. about 8,500 Vessel* belonging to Nantucket in 1890 140 Of which were snips 73 r Total tonnage 39,6*0 Tonnage of the Nantucket whalers 26,367 We learn from the New Bedford Mercury of the 16th inst, that a portion of the oil consumed by the Are at > Nantuoket, amounting to about $18,000, belonged to the i government of the United States. It had been delivered to an agent of the government and stored by him ior ) shipment?M?it?n Pot, July 1$. , phis, and to whom hs (old the object of his visit. It aeems that he wss one of a company of volunteers that had been raised in Oibson county, and failed to be acE cepted by the State. The apirit of young Freeman could net brook such at disappointment He had heard that the soil of our country was oesecrated by an impious foeman's tread. His youn? sua (Munuuc uvm i ww IUBU WHU mwuio WMU to revenge the intuit. This w?? an all-ab?orbiug Uiougtt, ami lmnUtd him to depart alona from the home of b? childhood in March of as opportunity to serve hit country. When ho got to Memphis the volunteers were preparing to leave aa above stated He Immediately weut to tke place of their departure, and offered himself firit to one and then to another of the companiea. The of. ficera told him that their numbera were complete, they had been muttered into the eervice, and it wat impotsibla to to take him. Thit intelligence cauted the grief that aeeoted to crush bit spirit when we first noticed him. When our friend atked why he was distressed, he railed his eyas, still filled with tears, and said " Oh, air, they aay they can't take me?that it is impossible for me to go with them ! For liod'a sake, speak lor tne ! try and get them to let me join !" On being t Id that it was impossible, but that ha should be furnished with a horse, ami go with Capt roller's company of cavalry?which was being mad* Up?ha seemed glad and grateful, as if an inestimable benefit had been done him. An amount sufficient to buy a horse was easily raised the neat day, but young K roe man came to the gentlemen who exerted themselves for this purpose, and, with a smiling counte>< nance, told them that he had "been so lucky as to get t into the l arroH county company of iniantry, and wonld y leave that evening. He ceuld not 30 without thanking , them for th?ir kindness " Such spirits as these, Kree3 man and Kdringtea, constitute the bulwark of our liberf ties. They are worthy sons of noble States.?Memphis > ( Ten) Inquirer, July 7. 1 Our Matamoras correspondent relates the following anedote:?"'A man Who had been woainded in the battle - of the ilth, had hobbled out from the hospital an l dragged i bi* emaciated form some lour iquares, wliu in atteuipt ing to cro?* the (treet, hi* limbs became too heavy for bis > feebla strength to dng along, and in endeavoring to exI tricate hi one If, he fell down perfectly exhausted. A t regular soldier was feeing by at the time, and unhesitatingly sprang to the place; relieved the sufferer from his painl ul position,and bore Lim in his arms to a dry spot. Knowing that the man'* object was to beg alms, , the soldier generously toe It a place of money lion his 9 pocket and bought l'rum a cafe, hard by, some bread and > sugar, which hu handed to tho invalid. The Mexican i spoke no word, but his face fully iudicated the gratefulness of his heart Nor was he the only one that appre; ciated the ready kindness of the soldier, for some hall a dozen women across tho way, cried out, "Jiueno Ament cane." One of our correspondent* describes funeral procession in Matamoraa. 11* My* The departed was a young child; the corp* wai laid upon the top of the cofiin with the lace uncovered, and carried *o near to the grouud that a child of tour year* could peruse it On either side of the cotiln were six tapers, and immediately in the rear were six musician* playing *ome lively air, r which would cease whenever the cotlin was stopped, which was as often as some friend desired to look upon the corpse.?A". O. Bulletin, July 9. Early in the action of the 8!h, private oCUie 8th regiment, was severely wounded by a grape-shot on the i head. He was ordered by the corgeon to the rear, any excitement being liable to cauao ludden death. The i soldier stole out of the hospital, picked up a musket, and i started off to re-enter the engagement He was arrested ud sent back to the hospital, where he became so enraged at being thus deprived of his " sacred right*," that it became necessary to tie him hand and foot A private on the 9th belonging to the 8th regiment in the charge on the enemy1* batteries, throw himself in 1 front of colonel Belknap, and received threo ball* in hi* perion, aimed at the Colonel Hi* gallantry will be duly rewarded by Colonel Belknap, to whose kind attentions 1 lie is indebted for hi* recovery from his severe wound*. One of Arista's Aids, taken on the 9th, told Colonel Twiggs, that the Americans charged on them when they ! did not expect it, and lhat hia army had no idea that General Taylor would so promptly follow up tho battla of the 8th. The Mexicans exaggerated our power after the hat- , ties, as mnch as they were in the habit of exaggerating , their own before them. One soldier reported in Mate- i moras?' that previous to battle, the American soldiers ware fed by their officer* on powder and whiskey, to , make them light." Another said that the Americana ( " were su strong, that one of our troops, could pick up i one of their cavalry, and pitch bora* ami rider bundled feet." A gentleman recently from Washington says, that tome surprise wm expressed by many, tbat < Jen. Taj lor, win *o promptly mad? a Major General by Mr. Polk and the administration. A Whig Senator standing by said? " Uentiemen, Mr. Polk nor the administration made General Taylor a Major General, be wrote out his claims to the title on tna battlefield, and public opinion wrote out his commiuion."?N. O. Tropic, July V. We heard, recently, of an incident worth chronicling, aa a specimen of the disregard ler hardship and peril which perrades our Ameiican youth. When Captain Hudson was forming his compxny of Laclede Rangers, a boy, belonging to this county,not more than eighteen years of age, calle l upon him at his quarters, and, with 1 a trembling lip and tears standing in his eyes, thus ad- j dressed him:? " Captain, they tell me, ont in our township, that I am 1 so younj you won't admit me into jrour company; now,if I J | town?hipthe past two years that I have not succeeded 1 in winning a price; and only lad Christmas I won a J beeve aguinstthe best marksman in tha county. I think 1 1 yon might lat me go; if yon will, I will stand any hard- 1 1 ?hi|> without a ranrmur; besides. lather aays I may take |l 1 Boh. hisroan hor?a, along,and ha, air,can jump almoit 1 any obstacle !" ' Well, hov," sayi the Captain, " I think your marks mansliip and Bob's efficiency will make up for the lack i 1 of a few yoars; no, if your father is willing, mourt Hob 1 to-morrow, anil tie on parade at 10 o'clock " With a joyous iimile he departed. nnd among the flrat at the 1 rendezvous, neat morning, ?u the brave young Misauuriun, astride ofhia father's favorite roan ? St Lituii 1 Rtvitllt, July 10. ' Military Operatlona thronghAnt th? Union. 1 he regiment of volunteers called for by the President from the State of North Ca.olinn haa been completed by 1 lot, and ia now ready lor any emergency that may arise. 1 The names of thirty-two companies were placed in the 1 wheel, and tan (lite number required) were drawn therefrom. tMuce than, wa learn, some tlx or eight additional cottpaniee hare been tendered, making la all about forty 1 1RRA 16. companies which have volunteered their services in this BUte, where only ten weie required ?Raleigh Regit! er The concentration of troops, regular* and volunteer*, an our South-western frontier, forth* prosecution of th* campaign against Mexico, is going on uteadily. By the time that systematic demonstrations of hostility are begun, a vary large force will have taken the flew. An order waa received yesterday by Col Riley, from the War Department, to more the 3d regiment of Infantry, tationea on the frontier, at once to Point Isabel, Texas j The company at thia post and one at Fort tiratiot wil march forthwith. Ordera have been despatched to the companies on Lake Superior to follow. Company C , Dept. Byrne, stationed at Mackinaw, will remain at thai post. The other companies are at Buffalo, Fort Niagara, ind Sacketts Harbor. -No information has been received by whom their plaoei are to be supplied on the frontier. Vitrei! Jldptrtittr. Naval, Naval.?Ttio U. S. Cutter Woodbury, was rennrt?H ntT tit,a Huli-xt, imiinit tn Vaiv OrUsn^ ikn Lhe 6th init. The cutter Legare was in the river on the 8th, taking in l'uel?supposed bound to liruos. New York City Convention. The Couventitn mat last evening at half past Ave ?' oleck, Dr. William* in tlia chair. The minutes of the last meeting .wars read and ap proved. A communication wa< received from the Mayor in relation to tha number of bondad passengers, kc . arriving in New York, for the months of April, May and June Total bondad 40,614 Commuted $3461 Disabled siaassa .17( Total number of passengers for the three months, 49,88; L?eml Cnurtt.?The report from the Committee on tha Judiciary, in relation to local courts, was taken up. li was accompanied by the following resolutions :? Resolved, That while the people of tha city of New York look with confidence to the State Convention now assemblod at Albany, lor tha establishment of a genera] judiciarv system, which shall be efficient in its applica tion to the said ?ity; yet, in the judgment of this Convention, the same power should still be retained in the city charter, to continue or create such local courts, as may be deemed necessary to the prompt and vigorous administration of both civil and criminal justice, as now exists, and to abrogate such local courts as may be deemed unnecessary. Resolved, That in the proposed new charter, it is ex padiant and proper to make provision for the continu snca, creation or abrogation ol the local Courts, referret to in the last resolution. Resolved, That a copy ef the preceding report and re solutions, attested by tne officers of this Convention, b< transmitted to the President of the State Convention with a request that it be laid before that body. Mr. Gas ham, as chairman of the committee, said, ii the resolutions were not sufficiently strong enough tc meet the views of the gentlemen present, ne would b< happy to receive any suggestion that may be deemed useful and necessary. Messrs Bknkuict, Cbafo, and Gbaham offered some suggestions in relation to verbal alterationa in the resolutions. Mr. Datiks proposed to amend the first resolution, by making a few veroal alterations, not altering the sense or substance of the resolutions, and to strike out th< words " as now exists." Aid PvnDv offered to amend, by inserting the worda " conferred by," after tha word " in," line six, first re solution. Mr. Davies withdrew his amendment. The question on Alderman Purdy's amendment wai taken, and adopted. The resolutions were adopted, and the committee rosi and reported. Mr. Graham moved that the Convention agree with tho report of the committee of the whole. The ayes and nays were called for, and resulted?eyei 34, nays 6. So the resolutions were adopted, and tho report, in com pliance therewith, will be forwarded to the State Con vention now sitting at Albany. The following contains some interesting, historical and statistical information, as embodied in the report " In order to a clear understanding of the local judiciary of this city, as it now exists, end the causas which have led to its gradual extension, the committee deem il proper in the first plaoe.to advert very briefly to its history from the time when the constitution of 1821 went into elfeet, namely, the 1st of January, 1833, so fares the highei courts of common law, of both civil and criminal jurisdiction are concerned, leaving the inferior courts foi subsequent consideration. At the period referred to, the only higher courts ol common law, of civil jurisdiction, which were in exist euce in this city, were the Circuit Court for tho trial ol issues in fact mined in the Supreme Court and the Court of Common Pleas. The first oi these was held by the Circuit Judge of ths first circuit, who was also constituted a Judge in Equity irnti >uukui|uniuy, uy me itemed niatutes, vice tum cellar of thu Kirit Circuit; and whose labors were consequently divided between the Equity jurisdiction thui conferred upon him. and his duties a Nisi Prius Judge not merely iu thii city, hut in the other counties compo ling hi? Circuit. The reiult wasthat he wai enabled tc devote scarcely (the one-half of hi? time to the trial of ca ei in thii city, until the legislature, by an act passed in 1831, look from him hi* equity powers, and created the office of Vice Chancellor of the First Circuit After thii period the Circuit Judge was enabled, of course, to de vote a greater share of time to the business of this city but notwithstanding his utmost efforts, the calendar 01 his Court became so crowdad. and fell so greatly in ar rear, as that the delays of causes in that Court almost amounted to a denial ot juiti'e. The Court of Common I'leas, which had been remodel led in 1831, and of which, from that time till his death, th< late Judge Irving was the presiding Judge, was in th< mean time proceeding with all the assiduity and ability for which that eminent man was distinguished, and not withstanding the devotion of his whole time entirely tc its business, its calendar, like that of the circuit, became overborne with the amount of litigation which pressed upon iti and in 1M8, an uuanimous call was made upon the Legislature, by both the bar and people of this city for a prompt and speedy corrective. The call thus made was reiponded to by the Legisla ture, by the creation of the Superior Court of die city o New York, with three Judgei, aud an unlimited juri?!i<* tion in local actions arising within tho city and county o: New York, and in transitory actions, although the sam< may not have arisen therin. and with power to try sock causes pending in the circuit, as might be removed iutc the superior court by the consent of both parties. They were alio required to hold monthly terms, from the first Monday, to the last Saturday of the month inclusive. With these three Court), which were almost constantly engaged in the trial of causes, it was hoped that the complaints which had before existed, of the delays ol justice, would havo been obviated. But the result proved otherwise So great was the increase of legal business that notwithstanding the greatly increased force created for its disposal, the Legislature, in 1634, found it necexsa ry to create an additional Judge of the Common Pleas and to extendtbe duration of lU terms from two to foui weeks in each month ; and again in 1839, an additional Judge of that Court was created. Yet. even with these additional facilities, the grounds of complaint of the delays of justice, although partially, were not wholly removed ; and. aa a last resource, the Legislature, by suitsequent enactments, gave to the 8u|>erior Court and l )ourt of Common Pleas, the power of holding each two concurrent terms for the trial of causcs by Jury At the present time, therefore, we have the Circuit Court and the two concurrent terms of the Superior Ceurt and Common Pleas in almost constant session ; and yet, even now, the accumulation of business in them all ia so great, as to require the mowt constant and unwearied assiduity on the part of the judges to keep pace with the amount of litigation pressing upon them. As it respects the Circuit Court, the Committee have not within their reach any precise statistical information as to the amount of business which that Court has transacted within a given period, or of the arrearago now upon its calendar. They are enabled, however, to stato, that with the most constant assiduity on the part of the Circuit Judge, hia calendar is now greatly in arrear.and that the present aud current accumu'ations of causes standing for trial is, and must necessarily be, quite sufficient to occupy the whole time of two judges. A* to the Common Pleas and Superior Court, the Committee are enabled to present to the Convention, from sccurate statements furnished by the Clorks of those Court*, precise inforn-ation as to the amount of their business lor the last eighteen months : The Common Pleas held in 1845, twelve terms, of four weeks each, in eight of whioh terms two branches of the court, or, in other words, two separate courts, worehel't for the trial of causes. During that year, The number ol suits commenced was 3,043 " " Causes tried 484 " " Causes argued and decided at bar. on the merits 19? " " Judgments docketed 1.733 During the first six months of 1848, six terms, of four weeks each. were held, in all of which two separate Courts weie held for the trial of causes WltUn that time, Tlie numneroi lum commence vi u 3,1 in " " Cauae* tried 418 " " Cauae* argued and decided at bar, on the merit* Mi " " Judgment* docketed 1,2.?<> The Superior Court, Wnlr.h. a* baa been already renarked, haa twelve terms in the year, hai, by it* gene al rulei, devoted too January, March, May, July, September and November term* to the hearing of argunent* at bar : the Arit week o: each of which i* deroted to the trial of itaue* of fact : and the term* of February April, June October and December, (the Angu*t 0> m being a vacation, by common mage, among all the r:|vil Court*) are trial Urra*,?t which no argument* are Heard. During all theM trial term*, for the la?t eighteen noathi, double court* liar* been held, and within that [>eriod the amount of tuuiaeaa diapoaed of wi* aa iellow a Suite commenced in 1440 S OQfi " Kir*t ?i* montli* of 184fl 1,340 Judgment* docketed in " Firat aix nontha in 18441... . ?47 Cauae* tried in 184.1 2M " " Firat ai* month* in lS4d 241 Cautc* argued and decided in 1845 9u7 " " Firat *ix month* of 1840 146 With theae fact* before u*. then, it cannot be denied that the judicial lore* of the city of New York, ?o far a* the higher court* of common law are concerned, IM wha'cver form it i? lo be eataldiahed by a new order ol (hinga, muat tie at lenat equal to that which now The queaiion i*. thouid it not be retained a* a poition of the new charter of the city The committee are uuaiiimouatf of opinion that it ahould. While, in the language of on* of tne reaoiutione referred to them, they took with confidence to the Stale Convention, now aaaembled at Albanv. tor the e.ubllahment of goneral judiciary LD. Prtc? Two Ccnta. ay ate m. which ahali be efficient in lu ?r plicatian to the city of New Y ork; they cannot but fore>-t>?, in the breaking up of a local a v atom, which haa worked, and ii working, to auccoKiCulty aa ours, a degree of emhiirraaament in the tranaaction of legal buaineaa in thii city, which would more than counterbalance any benefit! which the aubatitution of anew judicial eatabliahment could poaaibly carry with it Of the criminal branch of our local judiciary it ia only Decenary hare to aay. that deriving ita existence from charter grant*. continued and enlarged by conatitutional and legialative provniona, it ia likawiae peculiar in Ita atructure and organization It cvnaiata of the Couna of Oyer and Terminer, and OeDeral and Special Seaaiona, nd the Police Courla. The firat of these haa gaaera i criminal juriadiction : the aecond baa juriadcition of ail aaaea leai than capital; the third a luminary juriadiction in caaea of a minor character; and the fourth haa cognisance of all original comolainta. end aDecial Dowera in regard to cases of vagraucy, bastardy, kc. "rteir fanetiom are regulated by provisions peculiarly applicable j to tba wants of tbia city; and while tha committee ara ; vary willing to admit that they ara all susceptible of greet 1 improvement, they cannot but believe that that improve; neut should still continue tha aubjaot of loeal regulation." Mr. laoDaaiea offered tha following resolution, whioh waa laid on tha tabla and ordered to be printed. Resolved, That the Street Commiaaioner be requested ' to rt>\>ort to thia convention the number of oontiacta made by hi'm during tha yaara of '4a and *44, and the names of ' the poraona to whom tha contracts war* given, and the amount paid to the different contractors. Mr. McSrKDRN offered a resolution directing that all persons holding office from the general or State government, ba (Unqualified from holding office under the city I government; and all ]>eraons be disqual ted from holding i mora than one office at the same time?Ordered to be \ priced. > Mr. Bcisedicv offered a resolution directing the stand' ing committees to take up the various subjects whioh t come within their province and report thereon. Tha ayaa and noea were called for and reaulted : ' Ayea It Noea li I The reaolution was adopted. Riflutitnt-By Mr Caaro, directing the comptroller to furnish a detailed statement of the prouerty of the Mayor and commonalty, with an estimate or the real value thereof By Aid. Baious, p.-ohihjting the heads of departments, common council and public officers, from holding any direct interest in public contracts?Ordered to be laid oa the table and printed. A committee was appointed to inquire and report en - the expediency of providing accommodation for tha comI mittees. Resolution, by Mr. Batons, directing the Clerk of the - Common Council to furnish public documents?Adopted, i Adjourned to Tuesday next at 3 o'clock. Rochester Post Office.?The following it a r correct rtatement of the revenue of the Rochea ter Post Office, since the passage of the now law which i went into operation in July, 184A :? I Qr. ending September JO, 1844 $3,788 W 184 J 3,319 56?M# It " December II, 1844 4.417 7V " 1815 3,808 48? $48 St March 81, " 4,284 11 1846 3,381 ??? 848 JT June 30, 1845 4 J7I 00 I " " 1848 1,800 17? 7tl 88 ' $3,841 tl i Taking all the circumataneaa Into consideration, it strikes us that the revenue of the effloe has been well sustained. The deficiency is lese than was anticipated. ?Rock. Denu __________ ' CO- Governor Edwahds has issuad his proclamation offering a reward of J&O for tMPapprekensloa of Henry R. ("Jen, a German, who committed a murder la Lafayette County, Mo. I UOTKLS AM) WA'l'KltlNO FLACK*. THE COLUMBIA HOUSE, CHK8NUT STREET, PHILADELPHIA, ANEW and ! ashion.ible Hotel. JKJiieisiug every tnodeva improvement necessary to the elegant accommodation of the travelling community, is now open. Lessees, BAOLEY. MACKENZIE It Co. Jamks Bauli.v, laie of Jones'* Hotel. liKiay C. MacKBNtic, formerly of the Washington Ho ana. Petes L. Fr.iici.-so*. jv 18 lw*re ! TROY HOUSE, TrtOY, .V Y * COLEMAN * ROGERS, PROPRIETORM 'T'HlS House is now in fiue order, csptble of accomsso1 dating about three hundred |>ersons. The ears tor Boston, BnffiTo, Saratof*. and Moutival, s'art immediately la ' front of the honse ; me ataamboat landing is also with us a few steps. The proprietors tmit, by their individual exer* f Hons for the comfort of their guests, to receive a coutine. auce of public tsvor. . This is, without eiception, the most pleasant roate on (fee line of the above places. I'asreugers csa see their baggage 1 go to or from the cars or house fur any direction Our establishment haa no runners in its employ ; therefore requests travelleis to receive with caation any reports from those employed by other houses. , Persons wishing to make an excursion to Haratoga Upriaga can leave Nrw York on Hatnrday evening, have ample time to viail the lake, dine, and return by h'unday evening's boat. C. 8. COLEMAN, > (Late of the Astor Hoase). C. M. ROOERH, i jylTtf * rrc (Late of the Steamer Empire). SHARON SPRINGS PAVILION. 1 rpHE PUBLIC is informed that this establishment, having X been eularged and improved since the close of the last seaaon, will be opened for the reception of visiters, oe the tat r day of Jane. LAN DON fc OAKdNER. May 1. 1844. my?3 8as?r < fAVlLiUN, NEW BRIGHTON F BLANC ABD has the honor to inform hia friends and the public in general, that the Pavilion is now ta fell I operation aud prepared Ibr their receptiont Hteamboats run between Pier No. I, North River, aad New Brighton, at the following hours, via:? krom New Brighton. | Krom New York. o, II A. AVI. I f. II ?. Jl. ' 2, ? P. M. I ik. SJ P. M. ? K. BLA.N(ARl). I Pavilion, New Brighton. Job* 1, ItM. j!7tfre 1 A'lit. dliAUt-a MUThL, 64 Iitcuir Street, IVett Side of Broadway. 'PHE Hubacriber reapectfully inforaia hit friend* aad the . 1 pablie, that lie haa lately opened the ?t<OT? K.atabliab' ment, in aatyle aaperior to any other houae of the kind in the city of New York. The aatiafactioa which he ku hitherto r given to hianamerona frienda and cnatomera, while proprietor I of "The Hhadea," in Thamea atreet, he flatten himaeff will , l>? a guaranty to all who may potronue him ia hia aaw eat*, bliahment, while no effort on hia part will be wutiag te merit tUe eoaiinannre of their patroaaM The aaaal reliahea, Chopa, SteAa, We lab Rf rebita, Poached Ken. he., will he aerved ap ia a aaperior atyle. The room will be regularly (applied with city papera, ae well a* a fall eapply or foreign papera, ^ V AJHs"* mil lm*rc HON SEJOUR. THE SUBSCRIBER haa the pleasure to aaaooaee thai hia honae, at Bergen Point, ia now open for pablie accoaveommodation. A hotel on the Jeraey aide haa long been a deaideratam which ia now (applied. The hoaae (the eld Me I any manaiou) haa been re-fitted in elegaat atyle, with any new rooma and other important additioaa. Tlie gronnda are beaatifally laid oat. aad what with larariaut ahnibbery, charming walka, agreeable drivee, aad plea Hjit boatiag, the place will challenge competition with aay rural rcaidence. Familtea who wiali to paaa a cool aid qiiat rammer, can be provided ?ith rooma or anita ef apaitmaaca at their choice. Fiah of alnoat every variety abound ia the " Killa,' and the neighboring wooda are not iWncient ia Flint The ateamer Paiaaic, plying between .New V ork Mad Newark, atnna at the landing, in front of the houae. four tinea a day, and the citirena of New York caanot And a more aMMfhl drive than that between Jeraey Citv and Bergen Peint. la fine, all viaitera, cnatomera and boanlera. may be amwd that no paint will be a pared to tA&ke the plaeo merit th? title giten it of old?Bon Sejour. DANIEL W. LOCKWOOD. The Paaaaic, for Newark, leavee the foot of Barclay a tree! at 10 A. M. and 4 P. VI., laudiag in front of the above ptaoo. The Port Richmond boat leavea Pier No. 1 at 1,1>, IK aad f o'clock. At Bort Richmond there will be boata ia a tread ance to convey |>aaaengera, aad land them at the hoaae. ml lm*r MANSION HOUSE, MIDDLE TOWN, CONNECTICUT. THE UNDERSIGNED beg* leave u> aanoance to hia frienda and the pa Mir. that ne Saa leaaed the (hove hoaae for a term of yeara, and hopee, by I >ng eaperience aad atnet atteatioa to baaiaeae, to merit a liberal atvare of their patroaiage. _ JOHN L>. MONROE. inrl Jm*re formerly of the U. S. Hotel. Bos toe. PA. h L. DELMON1CO, are happy to laform tbeu frieada aad the pablie, that their new Hotel in Broadway, No. 15 corner of Morria atreet, ia aow completed aad will be opened on the lat of June next. No oaina have been iparod to reader it oae of the aaoet coo* Tortable ia the city, and peraona deairoma of a permanent borne, aa well aa atrangera merely paaaing ny, will And all their wanta and comforta attended to with the moat atrict erteaooa. mv ?* lm*i SARACEN'S HEAD, 12 DEY STREET, N. Y. JOSEPH SYITH .!ate of Werteater. Eaglaad. beta leave to inform bia frienda,caslc*ere ud th? pablic ia (eaoial that he haa recently fitted ap hie honae *a a vary aaperior minnfr anil Mlrnlitfi) In nlnaa* wnllnrnM <\f faif m will alway*, u heretofore, keep hii^ar and Larder npitii] with the boat Liqaora and frntnio" thai the OMitM lord*. Dinner* from 12 till I o'clock, and Cold Cats. Chop*, Stake*. Rare Bit*, he., at nil hoar*. I Hi* *applv of Kngliah and citr newipaper* i* eieellodby l on hoaae in New Y ork, Mid hi* Ale*, Wroaa, Sevan, lie., *ra of tha moat aaparioi qaalttr ??<! the arteifUnca prompt. PnI T*tr llo'im* provided for pertien, and the comfort ?na accommodation of rattemer* ilvty* attended to. Lodfiiii, Ite. myt5 1m*r " NURGO "iff FltOSSIM." PAUL H. DENNIS AND J. MARtlN BOTNER, reaper t fully inform the public that they hareopeae4 I the home .No M NASSAU STREET. immediately O pi Xylite the S*co*t> Waan Horn., where they will be happy ; to aee their friendi and othera who mar be aiapoaed to htor them with* call. Their Baa will *t *11 time* he well *api Dlnd with the rrar hit of Wiuee ** other Lifiora, mV'.m ' 0***1* k BoTKia aaeare their ftieafc that every effort will be made to fatuin the rjp??tfioo they hate to long joyed. tad rhey are eonfMeat of ?mi| m. on to *fl i who (MirTAke of the eomfoffJ end l?tarte? of their Tr A Lnnch will be act eyery day at eleeen o'cloek, frea of charge. Jylilw?Je I j Til THE LADIES. " Bright treaaea are the theme of poet*' praiae ; The namter'* alt ill their 1u*tre too ii<pliyi. 1'ia heaatv'* mark, a laatroa* head of hair, And wha? both *tiai moat delifht to wear." IN order to pie<er*e the Hair, and aire it a*ilk*n laatre, the jcalp mint be kept perfectly healthy and ela .r of daadnff other?i*e t'ie hair will de*.y *nd Ml "Ut FHA> ; LOVrt i HEMIC AL HA IK IN VIOORATUR ia the only J article to prodaee the*- retain. nay it of E I hil wi, C,1 Bio-dway ( Jadaoa'* Hotel), or of drug nr f-ney deVera cei>er?llr in citv and ' ouuiry. It it ?* pecUtljr recommended to the iadiea, far toilet aae. ( <ALt? SKINS It SLAUGHTER HIDES MM keer :-.a ; V> lity OR* Calf Hh, aet *?**<. AJ*a I urn, ?"'*?* I -iiniSr-ol ^

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