18 Temmuz 1846 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

18 Temmuz 1846 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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' 'I - I NEW YORK HERALD. m Vork. SaCuiilny, July 18. 1X4(1. Out llluitlrated Weekly. The H'ttkly Herald will l>e ready for delivery at 8 e'eloek this morning. It will l>e illustrated with a Plan of the Burnt District in Nantuuket, with the particular* of the recent terrible contiagiation in that town; also with a splendid view of Fort Brown, in Texas, opposite Matamoras, the l'ort that the brave Capt. Hawkins would not surrender to Arista. It is ?:ud that Hawkins did not understand Spanish, when Arista sent him a note in that language, to strike h s colors for (he " sake of humanity." Single copies sixpence each. ,p*>" *???.?1< miitii a don of the Peel Ministry. By the arrival of the steam ship Cambria at Boston, from Liverpool, we have fifteen days later intelligence from all parts of Europe. In a political point of riew the new# is highly interesting, and of the greatest importance. The Corn and Cu-toms bills had passed, but the Ministiy split upon the Iri!*h Coercion bill, having bi-en in a minority of seventy-three upon that question. The new council is composed of several members of the Melbourne Cabinet. Lord John Rus-ell i? the Prime Minister. Sir Robert Peel appeared well pleated with the new Ministry, but there ware very great doubts of its permanency. Tha settlement of the Oregon question created great joy throughout the United Kingdom; and a Urge part of Sir Robert Peel's speech, announcing his resignation, was directed to the discussion of American and Mexican affairs, in which he congratulated himself and his country upon the removal of every difficulty heretofore existing between the United States and Great Britain, and sn amirahle adjustment of the political and j oommercial relations of the two oountriea. The commercial advices are rather favorable than etherwise, under the circumstances. Money was abundant, and quotations for stocks firm. Cotton had slightly improved in prices, without any material improvement in the demand. The changes in the cabinet had not depressed business so much as have been expected. It was anticipated that an immediate dissolution of Parliament would take plaoe, to enable the new ministry to form its plans, and to become established. The next news from England will be looked for with the greatest anxiety, as the ratification of the Oregon treaty will devolve upon the new Cabinet. The Great Britain has been at i*a twelve days, and she will be due on Monday or Tuesday next. Thk Magnetic Telegraph ?We give in another part of this journal a synopsis of the foreign news by the steamer Cambria, which arrived at Boston yesterday evening. The news of the arri val of ihe stenms?]> was transmitted to this office bythe Bo>ton and New York telegraph, at the time when she was first observed sailing towards Boston. She was then forty miles distant, and her news was received at this office and set up in type by 11 o'clock the same evening. The country ia beginning to experienoe the benefits resulting from this great invention; and no doubt, when the different lines throughout the oountry shall be perfected and in operation, they will entirely tupercede the old fash oned method of transmitting news. Boston and Washington re now withm speaking distance of each other, and both connected with this city. When the Southern line shall have been completed as far South a? New Orleans, and West a* far as Buffalo, those distant points, and all the intermediate oities, will be brought so nearly in contact with this city, that they will form, as it were, suburbs ot faubrmrp of the great commercial metropolis of the United Sta'es. As it is, we received news from Washington at the same moment that we were receiving it from Boston; and the despatches that respectively came from those distant points, re, by the magic influence of thia extraordinary agency, transferred to the columns of this day's HtrnLd. The telegraph is only in ita infancy as yetwhen it has reaohed the state of perfection which it is capable of reaching, results still more wonderful ilian these may be expected. Yacht* and Yachting.?The subject of yachting has of late begun to attract considerable atunion in thia country, so that in nearly every city of the Union where opportunities for indulging in the sport are presented, a olub ia formed, and in active operation. There are now probably in the whole country bout flfiy yael ts. In New York alone the squaitrnn onliafa nf af luranHi J- * ? .? < w?.....r?a wi t*./WUk OiiU 111 0U9IUII Wit) club i* quite large. These are owned usually by wealthy men, whose amu?ement it is to glide swjtly over the water in their neat crnAs. These yau-hts vary in size from twenty to one hundred And sixry ton*, and cost from a thousand to twenty thousand dollars. Once a year a regatta is held, nnd the remainder of the time is occupied in matcher, pi asuro excursions, and the like Tbe yacht clubs of this country are generally very democratic, and not at all resembling the aristocratic clubs of Europe. We are sorry to ay, however, that some of the members ape the lordly nirs and feelings of the titled members of the English clubs; but, like all imitators, they fail in their eflorts. Generally, however, they are an honorable and whole-souled set of fellows as ever breathed. The sport is of the most manly nature, and gives employment to a large number of men, who, by constant practice, become quali fled as expert seamen and pilot*. One of the finest yachts is the Maria, sloopnjjgtd, and just built, bv John C. Stevens, Esq., Commodore of the New York Yacht Squadron. f*he is 1&4 tors burthen, and sits on the water beaaul'ully and gracefully. Late from Havana?Important Rumok. ?We learn from Captain brown, of the Spi'fire, urrived yesterday from Key Wett, whence she ailed on the 8th instant, that a tishiug smack had reached Key West from Havana, the captain of which report*.I that a British steamer had arrived at Havana (rem Tampioo, with the intelligence that the U. S. ship St. Mary's had eaptured_Tainpieo just before he sailed. This may and may net be tnM. It is not at all unlikely 'hat this new story is a revamp of the attack made on the Mexican gun boats by the St. Mary's, on the 15th ult. The packet ship Norma, Captain Ellis, arrived yesterday from Havana, whanoe she sailed on the 0th instant. She doe* not oonftrm the report of Uia 8pitftro. We learn Uom Oaptajn Ellis, that on leaving fee port he passed the U. 8. brig Truxton, Com. nander Carpenter, from Norfolk, bound in, and received from her letters and despatches. We also learn that Captain E, while at Havana, made every effort to obtain information as to the truth of the repott that privateers were fitting out in the different porta of Cuba. The result af his efforts proved most satisfactorily to him, that there was no foundation for tha report. 1 ha President of tha Insuranoe Company offered to effect a policy at the usual rate 1| per cent, taking the war aa well as the sea risk. Tha U. 8. Cutter McL<ane, Commander Howard, left for tha Unitad States, on the flrst in* ' etant. In the Ales we have received of Havana papers the trd instant, inclusive, we And not one word <af interest to our readers. Tha aity was nearly deserted by numbers leaving fa- tha eountry, and trade of ail kinds was at a stand uli. ...i.l.J'"-fr -WBWHL. ! .J 1 .1 L AIT0TS3?- 1I1TZ I.V THE LIGHTNING LINE OOMP&BTl. FLASHES FROM BOSTON HIGHLY IMPORTANT FROM EUROPE. ARRIVAL OF THK ITBAHHHIP OAMSRXA, AT BOSTON. HALF A MONTH LATER. THE PASSAGE OF THE CORN BILL tbs dbpbat or THE zxlzsb oon&oxonr bill. The Resignation of Sir Robert Feel. THE WHIQ8 IN POWER. The Election of another Pope. ANTICIPATED DISSOLl'UON OF THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT. The Opinion of Sir Robert Peel ON THK SETTLEMENT OP THE OREGON QUESTION. AMERICANO-MEXICAN AFFAIRS IN EUROPE. State of the Cotton Oarket. &C.y SiCtj AiC. There was a bright, brilliant flash of lightning over the telegraphic lin? from Boston yesterday afternoon. Indeed there was a succession of Hashes, that beautifully lit up nearly every newfpaper office in this city. The first flash announced that the steamship Cambria was off Boston; the next informed us j that she was safely moored at the wharf; and the next that she brought some highly important intelli4?nce. It appears that th? C. sailed from Liverj>ool on the 4th, while we were celebrating the day in the midst of a shower. Our adviees are from Liverpool of the 4th, from London of the 3d, from Paris of the 1st, and so on. Acoording to our report, two very important events have occurred since the 19th ult.?one the postage of the Corn Bill, and the other the rtngnation of the Ministry. Other important events have occurred in Europe, but these stand foremost. On the evening of the 35th ult., the House of Loril* th? tVlirH runHincr nf fh<? P.r?r?. rtill without a division. At two o'clock the next morning, the House of Commons loft Sir Robert Peel nntl the government in a minority of ?eventy-three on the Irish Coercion Bill. On tue 27ih, Sir Robert Peel proceeded to the Itle of Wight, for the purpose of tendering hi, own and bis colleagues' resignation to the Queen ; and on Monday night the 39th, ha made n lengthened exposition of his motives for resigning, in the Hou^e of Comment. Wo learn that a new ministry was then formed, and consists of the following members:? Privy Seal Mirqnii of Laasdowne. Home Department fcarl of Mar. Foreign. do Sir George Gray. Colonial Secretary Viacount Fnlmertton. Treasury Earl Gray. Chancellerof Exchequer. . .Lord John Ruttell. Board of Tra 'e (has N Wood. Ben for Ireland Earl of Clarendon. Secretary of War Lahouchcrra. Attorney General Fox Maule. Lord Lieut of Ireland Sir Thoi Wylde. Commander-in-Chief Duke of Wellington. We believe that most of the above belong to the Melbourne cabinet. The Duke of Wellington remains at the head of the army, without n seat in the Cabinet. The Ismdon Timet rugards the new Ministry favorably. Sir Robert Peel views it without jealousy, and with a friendly eye. The general impression is that the new Premier will hastily wind up the business of the session, and will dissolve Parliament in the coarse the autumn. The Cotton market was in a healthy but not in a very active state. Prices had improve I a shade. The contemplated change in the Sugar duties has had an injurious effect. The settlement of the Oregon question has produced general joy in England. It arrived on the eve of the dissolution of the Ministry. It it rumored i.i England that the navigation of the Columbia river it rrtervtd in perpetuity, and not for the duration alone of the Hudton Bay Com pa' ny's charter. Jt it to umderttood oy Sir Robert Peel. Two columns and a half of his speech are devoted to the settlement of the Oregon question, the relations of Mexico, and his resignation. lie say* I? " I do releiee that before surrendering power at the feet of a ministry ol[ thi? Home, I had the opportunity of giving them the official ???*ranre that every cause of quarrel with that great country [America] on this aide of the Atlantic, li terminated. rh.?. \ I leel thet 1 hive now executed the u.k whieh my public 4uty imposed upen me. I trust I h,T# ,?)d nothing which ren by possibility lead to the recurrence of tho.e controversies which here been deprecated by all lovers of peace." Attention was fixed upon the American tariff, and hopes were entertained by commercial men of all partiea in England, that the present session of the American Congress will not terminal v without a reduction of the rates upon imported goods. The London Timtt and Chroniclt speak favorably of the settlement of the Oregon question. Stocki were depressed, and dealers show a reluctance to go Veyoud their most pressing want*. The coffee trade has been in a lethargic condition. The money market, considering the ministerial change, is Arm. The election of Pope was made with greater despatch than was anticipated, having been got over in 48 hours. None of the foreign Cardinals had time to be present. The ohoice of the conclave fell on Cardinal Maatuy Ferreti, who wu aeeor "innly proclaimed Uie successor of Si. Peter, J under the name of Pope Pius IX. Hi* age is flftyeight. As regards years, he it one of the youngest I of St. Peter's successors ; and if all that is -aid of him be correct, he cannot fail to make a shrewd tempera) ruler, in addition to the functions of his spiritual office. The previous habits and character of this pontiff do credit to the judgment and impartiality of the conclave whichjplected him. f There has been a continuation of murders and outrages in Ireland. From the Cape of Good Hope there are melancholy tidings or another outbreak among the Calfres, which have been accompanied by several conflicts with the colonists. From India there is no news of striking interest, I nor from China. The grain trade at Mark Lane, London, had not changed si nee the sailimr of the Britannia. Dr. Lardner is prep iring a philosophioal work, to be called " Fire Years in America." The elevation of Sir Francis Edgerton to the Peerage, has caused a vacancy in the Lancast ire district; and G. M. Brown, Esq., the great American merchant, has been reaursted to come for ward. He ha^consented Tbe opposition has , disappeared, and he will be returned without a | contest. The Great Britain arrived out on the 22d. Interesting from Voezubla.?The brig Erato, C^pt Hutchinsot, arrived ye. terday from Puerto j ! Cniello. We liave received by her some highly | interesting intelligence from Venezuela. The annexed, from our attentive correspondent, j , give* all the news:? j 1 Pl'ERTO ClBELLO, VlWITUKLA, JOD? 97, 1840. What glorlou* new* you forwarded a few day* ainee ' j to ui. in reference to the United State* troop* near Matamora*. in their engagement* with the Mexican* on the , flth and 9th ult.. and hv what we have been able to glean , from your HrralA. within a briei" period, we may |nticl- , pate a repetition of inch heroic deed* aa it appear* to be the determination of tbe United State* Government to : . proceed with the turnout decidon and activity, in order to ' brine the war to an early termination. * The information referred to above, oreatad qnite seen ation in thi? quarter, and the people ?eem not aa yet to j realize the probability of 2000 l.nited States troop* rout Inn 7 to 9000 Mexican* in a fair light. In truth the Venezuelan* and Mexican* <le*cend from the *ame trunk, and , , consider each other of the lame family; therefore very ' . naturally vmpathlie in a measure with the Mexican*, 1 although I can a**nre you that the Venezuelan* are im- ! , mensely nuperiorto the Mexican* Ua regard to courage, t civilization, Icc kc. Tbe auccei* of the arm* of the U. State* on any and eve- , ry occasion, 1* a bitter pill for the Britiah. It i* impoaiible for them to maintain an even temper whenever Brother Jonnthan in spoken of in terms of commenda'ian. notwithstanding all of thla, John Bull i? a clever fellow, and in pecuniary affair* honeit and upright?we will kit* the " devil hi* uue " The presidential election cotnmencea in thil country on the lit of August nest. A legion of candidate* in the field?therefore, in all probability Congress, in January next, will perfect the election by choosing from the three having the higheit number of vote* in the electoral college*. Buiinei* i* dull, a* la uaually the case at thla *eaaon of the year, in conaequence of the aoarcity of coffee, indigo, cocoa. See. Several English, French and Oerman vessel* in thia port?one Spanish. We are now exceedingly anxious to hear farther from the army, and hope you will provide us with the Utrtld by every opportunity. The brig Erato, Cant. Hutchlnton, leave* to-morrow for your port, and is fully prepared to give the Mexican* a warm reception, (hould an occasion present. From the light knowledge wo have of Ctfct Hutchlnton'* character in regard to firmness and coil decision, we would moit cheerfully bet on him andthip's company acting,a* he assuredly would, upon the defenaive, against quadruple the number of Mexicans Uod grant him pleasant und speedy parage to N York, and that he may not find any obatacle to oppose, for, by Jove, he U "rough and ready" upon any emergency. The ladies beg tender to their "feeling" regarda to your dear self and family. The City Convention.?This body advertises ler proposals to do its printing. When is the selection to be made 1 Who gets the job 1 The highest or the lowest bidder 1 Trav*l to Europe.?The steamship Britannia left Boston last Thursday with over one hundred | passengers. Sporting Intelligence. Nxw Yoax Yacht Club Annual Rioatta?Second 1 Day, Friday July 17.?The *port presented on thi* occa- ; ion wa* very little, if anything, better than that of the , previous day, with the exception that it ~ as a little ! more of a democratic character; the would-be aristocra- | cv of thia aisociation hove been so condescending an to l allow per son* not member* of the club, to te*t their ves- j I sels against each other on the payment of $10 each a* I entrance money; out of which they promised the first winner >wv; ana ine secena jiiuv, proviaea me entrance i money amounted to the aame. The regulation! were ; < similar as for the mitch of the previous day;that is, from i the station off the Hlysinn Fields, Hoboken, round the 1 louth weit spit and back. The following were the entrie?:? j 1 A race for a purie of $300, and all the entrance money, | I amounting to tome $130. but no club boat can take the I money even though it should win the race. , ' h. m. i. i Schr. Oimcrack 21 tooi Stereos ...... 10 01 JO " Hornet 25 " Barker ...10 0130 (Hoot Fearsall 27 " PearsalL .. .TV.40 #1 0* , Schr. Minna 30 " Colea lo OS 14 " Branda 33 " Saara ........ 10 07 30 Sloop Miat 44 " Depao 10 15 46 Schr. Cygnet 4J " Suydam 10 16 30 8lo >p Ann Maria if " Cla-k 10 SI 45 i " Dart 59 " Talman IS tt 00 { Schr. Hiren 73 " Miller IP 37 30 " Coquatte 76 " Perkins 10 30 44 The time i* that allowed for tonnage in starting. During the morning the weather promiaed to be unfavorable, a pretty good breexe blewing from tha north- i east, with every proapect of rain. Indeed, at intervals, 1 it did rain a little. Notwithstanding. about half-poet ten i o'clock A.M . the fir*t signal waa fired, and the Gimcnrtk led the way In very pretty style, followed by the otholi according to their tonnage. Tlie Oimcrack appeared to maintain her position past Coney Island, but we were formed that the Anna Maria rounded the south-weet saft some seven minutos previous to any of the other*. MB afterwards fell off, and the (Matorack reanmed her former position, ronnded the flag boot off Staten Island at about a quarter before two o'clock, sons ton minnte* previous to any other, the Mist being second. These were followed in about ten minutes afterwards by the schooner Hornet, and (loop Dart, succeeded by No. * pilot boat, as much behind them again; the others scarce in sight, many of them having p'.. ..n up the contest The leading boats pretty weU maintained this position to the station at Hoboken- The Oirnrr-ck first, Mist second, Hornet third, and the Dart fourth The two latter were edjudged the winner*, as the two first boats belonged to the members of the club; they * ere not according tn the rules and regulation* entitled to any prize, these being for the outaiaet*. The whole distance, near upon SO miles, was Mrformed by the winning boats in about five hours ami a half; as near as possible, half the time it was done ia on the previous day. Tbottino on the HabuM Taaca ?Thursday, July 16th, purse $30?mile heat*?best three in five under the saddle W. S. Reed enters br. m. Betsey Baker. . .3 113 1 Qeorge K. ferrine ch. g. Major Ringgold. .3 3 > dis i R. F. Walker * b g. Tom Moore 1 4 3 11 J. D. Mc.Mann br g Whalebone 4 3 4 3 1 Time, 3:47?3:47?3:4fl-3:43?<?3:49. A full mile was run in each heat The whole waa well contested throughout, and elicited conasderahie approbation. | Poor Rack at Washington.?A great foot race ia to ' come off over the National Course, Washington, to-4qr, for $300 ; it is to be a hurdle race, to juron 60 hurdloe. 3 fret .1 inches in height ; mil* heats, beat 3 in Jack on, Seward, Bannister, and two Indian* have entered; Jackson and Seward (fivo the others -1ft yard*. Thiatilcal and Muilaal. Bowery Theatric ?Thii magnificent establishment having been cloaed a few days fur the purpose of repairing and decorating, will be opened again on Monday evening next During the vacation it has been painted, cleansed and repaired In various way*, and will now he presented in a splendid dresi and appearance. Several valuable addition* have also beea made to the company ? Mr. Franclt C. Wemyu, for many year* manager of the. Walnut street iheatre, Philadelphia, la to be tho Acting Manager of the Bowery?Mr. J. L. 8t Luke 1* to be the leader of the orchestra?and the whole company 1* on of the most talented itock companies upon any stage In the country. The bill for Monday evening, i* a very attractive one, consisting of a grand melo dramatic specta- , ele entitled "The Yew Treo Ruias," in which Messrs. Neafie, Blanrhard, ( ony, ilaiiaway, Vache and the ie- l mainder of theoompaav appear After this Mr. Wcrnyss 1 appears as Jeiemy Diddler, in the farce of " Raising the wind" With *uch a bill as thi*, and such a prospert, we doubt not that the house will be crowded. Mr Jackson deeerves the think* and patronage of the Mew York public for hi* unremitting labor* In catering for their amusement. ftini Oard**.?The promenades of this establish j ment are moit charming retorts; and the cosrnoramis" 1 which are acknowledged to be nnturpetie.1 in this coun] | try, make thi* one of the mo*t delightful place* in the i city to apend an evening. We adviie all who seek refreshment and relaxation to visit Cattle Garden. Saxds, List fc Co's. Ciacus.?This Company I* very suoceaeful in it* travel* through tho State. The dittoing horse, Mayfly, the waltcing poniet, Damon and Pvthiai, together with the fighting poniet, Deaf Burk in Tore flaring, are admireabv all whe witness their extraordinary performance*. The claitio poetures of Sands and his two beautiful boys are object* of great wonder. I.eopold de Meyer gave a concert In Cleveland on the Hth in?t Dan Marble appeared In " Family Tie*,"at Buffalo, on Monday last. It is aai<t to have been favorably received there. acquittat of Caitaii* Li?by.?The trial of this person, for the capital offence of being concerned in slave dealing, which hat been going on fcr eome time at Portland, before Julg? Woodbury, waa brought to close on the morning 0" the Iftth. The Jnry alter being absent one hour, brought in a verdict of not guilty. The defendant is detained on another indictment, charging him with misdemeanor, connected with slave dealing on the African coast, and the Conn wiU proceed to trial on that at once. A new Jnry hae been ?smasoned far that purpoee. ft City Intelligence. Aakitcbi&bt or thk One it Fiar.?On* yew ago, to-day, at an ee<)y hour in the morning, the real, dents of the city were awakened by an explosion, which icattered death around, and commenced a fire, which spread through, Hd devastated one of the richest tectiom of New Y?rk. The fire, it will be recollected, commenced aboat four o'clock on Saturday morning, and in leu than twelve hour*?Broad ttreet, Exchange Place, New atieet, Beaver and Stone ftreeti, and Broad, way, a* faraa the Waverly Houie, were laid in ruins? between twe and three hundred buildlngi were burnt, and about lis millioni of dollars worth of property destroyed. Nothing but havoc and desolation were ex posed to view. Mark the ohange ! In one short year the burnt sec- : tion is covered with buildiurs, which seem to have prang up by the touch of manic hand. Where nought but piloaaf burnt ami broken brick* and itonei lay then, Dowin reared lofty, atrong, and beautiful buildings, filled with roods of every description. The appearance of the diatnct ii very much improved. The building* are generally symmetrical and erected with a view to architectural beauty, a* well a* strength and security from another attack of the devouring element We are happy to ?ee that very many of the new building* are provided with iron ihuttera. while the walla are thick, and perfectly Are proof. We doubt if a fire could spread again aa before, in the district of which we are speaking, broad street ha* been repaved, a large sower dng in ll, the (treat accurately graded, and i* now one of the finest busiaoaoatreets in the city. We notice that quite a j number a4 merchant* have removed from Pino, Cedar, I and othor streets, and opened store* in Broad street I The appearance of Broadway has been very much al- I to rod by the re-building. We mita two or throe fine handsome building*, but are compensated by othara in their ataed. Two new hotel* have been erected in Broadway, within tho limits of the burnt district, and both are ornament* to that portion of the city. The whole district ha* the appearance of a now city; and the I Tew ruins feat are still standing, are all that speak of the i lame* which rolled over there one yoar ago What has | made this change I The indomitable spirit of Yankee merpiias has been compared to the camomile flower, which grvw* the faster the more it it trodden upon?or. in homelier phrase, to an India-rubber ball, which bounds tho higher the harder it is struck to the earth. Bo it is; and it is this spirit of enterprise, which ocean cannot swallow?tornado destroy, or fire consume.which bas accomplished this change. Great credit is due to all who have Men engaged for the past year in the arduous work of re-building this portion of the city. To the enterprising capitalist, who furnished the means?to the ikilful architect who planned; and last, though not least, to tho hard handed ljtH>rer, who executed, the thanks of the ciiiaons of New York, and of the country, are due. 1 May they never have a nothor auch fire, however, upon which to exert their varied powers and talent*. N?w Yoax Institution roe tri Blind.?The examilation of the pupil* attached to thl* institution, the comaonce me lit of which we gave in our last, was concluded ] reeterday evening. Notwithstanding the unfavorable ! > oatpii wftiorawuea wiia avopij iDioreiv ?A audience. During the forenoon the higher and more ulvwced classes of the students were examined in the I branches of astronomy, algebra, rhetoric, and philo- 1 i lephy To speak in praise, is to speak what is due te I klltbut the readiness of the replies in algebra, particu- 1 larlj elicited our surprise. Almost as rapidly as a question wan asked, an answer was returned. The slate used in the calculations, is a most valuable assistant to , the Mind. I| is a square frame of wood, containing numerous small traverse bars of metal, in the interstices of which types are inserted in the work of cyphering? four figures or four arbitrary signs can be expressed Dy limply turning a single type in its place. These classes ire principally under the charge of Mr. Johnson, to whom too much credit cannot be given for the persevering talent displayed in the cultured minds of those under his charge. The class in rhetoric, under the teaching of Miss Cynthia Bullack, evinced a polish in tbeir recitations, that would astonish any but those who , have had the pleasure of hearing the sweet readings ?f the inatrnctress. Miss B. is, herself, a graduate of the lastitution. In the afternoon, the exercises were sustained chiefly ' t>r the musical department) though the proficiency of tnose longest under instruction in astronomy, ancient iistory, geometry, and the theory of music, was subject to a most rigid test. We never have witnessed at the recitations of any school or college superior readiness

nt understanding, than that displayed by those to whom ; all books are but as a dead letter. The instruction must bave been imparted in a most attractive manner, and the kttention of the learners strictly given, to have retained uch a mass of useful and statistical matter in the memory. The musical exercises called forth the loud 1 applause of all present. Messrs. Timm, Hill, and 8char, fenburg were present as the examining committee. Amid the voluntaries on the organ, solos, duetts, and dif- I rerent pieces exeouted, all entiUed to high praise, it were invidious, perhaps, to select; but we must notice a young lad of but thirteen years, blind almost from hia birth, : | who performed on the piano, in a masterly style, the i Storm Rondo. He was afterwards critically questioned ] in all the rudiments of the science, and displayed the I workings of a musical talent, which one day, we prelict, will create a sensation in the world. He is now i iie organist at the Asylum. Mr. A Reiff, to whom the public are indebted for his philanthropic interest and abor in the musical departments, may well be gratified i in J proud at the result of his efforts. Premiums were awarded to those of the pupils who had ranked the highest during the last half year. We :annot give the entire list, but among the number Daniel Selley, Alfred Holmes, Charles Wardwell, Edwin Corey, Warren Waterbury, Elizabeth Pexton and J. D. Nichols, we noticed particularly. After the delivery of ine reward*, Mr. C hamberlain, the efQcient and beloved Superintendent of U>e Institution, addressed the audience in a touching and pertinent manner. Adverting to the lifficultiai under which inatruction wai imparted, the icarcityr of proj>er book*, especially in grammar and aritmetic, he pointed to the aticceia of hi* endeavor* ; modestly staling the responsibility aad toil of hia own poaition.he feelingly returned hit thank* to the manager*, to hi* teacher* and co-worker*, who had one and all joined heart and hand in *u*taining him and hi* flock through all dilllcultiea. He remarked that the infraction* given wa* comprised under the bead* of mechanical, muiical, and intellectual; each being given in it* proper place, a* they might beat tend to the benefit and advancement in alter liie of those under hi* care. At the close ol his leoiarks, Mis* Fanny Crosby, a graduate ol the institution, rose and requested permission to read an address, prepared unknown to any but konelf. We are so pleased with her line* that we give them entire, as we were kindly permitted to copy them from her dictation. Companion*, teacher*, gaardlan* all, 1, with >our leave, ante ; How 1 *o long, could (iieut be, Mutt till you with luiprite. For these two day*, I here hay* sat Spectatress ol the scene ; You each in turn have had your aay, And now tl* ouue, 1 ween. A mood not aeriou*. I posse**, A* >ou can plainly see ; Aad, therefore, notuing very grave Can y ou expect lroui me. Kind Mr. Benton is not here, And thia we all regret ; But I am bent on keepiug you Kor a few moment* yet. " Don't keep us long," 1 hear you *ay, ' Kor we're eahauated quite j" Well, your latigue will ouly make A aweeier deep to-iught. We hope our friend* have all been pleased Witn our examination ; One thing it certain, that with Joy We welcome tint vacation. Ti* true our itudie* are a source Ol intlniie deligut, Tliey cali the dormant intellect Kiom the dark shades ol night A* to the earth the glorious sun, Doth light and heat bestow '. T.ius education fit* the mind Kor u*elulue*i below. A precioa* gem that in our land Wall may a glow of couiciou* pride Mantle eacu freeman'a cneek. We of no marbla iculpture* boaat, Cattle* or ruioed tower*, Eat Libert)'? fair guddeai mi lei on thia bright land of oura. Our lalbera plautad here a tree, We lit brneatu iti (bade, No haughty tyrant* dare moleit, Or nu&e their aon? atraid. What tho' of lata our own frontier* Have beard me caniuni' roar, The Mexican! will ?ou retreat Dnhaaitaued tiom our ibore. Tbay '11 llnd e'er long, or wa miatake Tbair aworda to piough-iharea broke i ad with united vvice* ibout " Hurrah lor Air. Polk !"? Wa, on the rapid wing* of time Are iwiill) borne aiung; Pupil*, another clining y ear , Ueuiandi unother long, Wnile on thia youthful group I gate, 8milei only meet my view ; Ai flower to flower iu iragranee breatkea I'll imile m gaily too. We, for a while muat aevered be, The parting teer will low i But joy ia miugled with that tear When to our home* well go. Tee, brightly a* the prairie deer O'er meadow* green they bonnd, Our veicea through the ill ant wood Shall merrily retound, There I* en hour when memory levee The ab*ent to recall; When o'er the ipirit, calm, inbdued, Hadneu *eem* to talL I Ti* when their aong* at twilight hour Gently warbler'* aing, And on the drooping lily'* heart The xephyr fold* it* wing. Our guardian dear*, at *uch an hour To you our thought* will (tray, Your children you will not forget When they ere far away. Teeahera, our ttudie* we'll renew We'll *oon return once more. And then our (peciou* hall* will ring Aa they have rung before And now, my friende, I mint confet* I've nothing more to add F.acept that thi* harangue i* done Ana I em *ure' you're glad. Our report ha* already reached a length whieh forblda ear iteting ell that wa would with ; but let the curioui, the icieuiific. and philanthropist viait an initnution, which, for uiefulne**. and for an kiample of oerelul en.l tniaty inpei viaion, he* not it* auperior U the country Ti* Vut*? -YutanUn i ia. nU dif. rata falling a portion of th* tin* Th? iknmMW Mood 0 j bout 88 degree* most of the day. Thl? u a f*Uin|C of I *0 degrees since last Sunday. In such sudden change* ? of the weather person* ihould take great care of them 'j selves. " Fib*?Kahmow Kscafic.?About four o'clock jester- J day morning a fire broke out in the seed store of Orant r Thorburn. tn Broadway, second door above Prince { street. The City Hall bell rang, and the engines were c soon on the spot; bat it was impossible to save the seed u store, and it was only by the greatest vigilance on the part of the tin department that the flames were prevented from spreading to the adjoining part of the building, u which is of wood. The whole interior of the store was e destroy ed Grant Thorburn, who was sleeping in the a s'.ore. was awakened by the smoke, and found himself e enveloped in flames, through which he was obliged to 1 rush in order to make his escape. " Use or tub TiLtoBArti?IIkavt Robbebt.?A private telegraphic despatch was received yesterday afternoon by tne Chief ot Police, stating that a heavy robbery had ? been committed at Washington. All that is communica leu is, mai wunuuu) nu oeen roooed 01 in duu ol the following description ;?A $1000 bill on the Merchant*' Bank, Boston ; a $60 bill on the aame bank, and too $A0 bills on tbe Mariner's Bank, Wiscasset, Me. Thin 1 communication exhibits the utility of tbe telegraph. It * was probably made hall an hour ufter the robbery was u committed, so that the police of this city may be on the alert. St. John's Collioc.?In our report of the proceeding* at the Commencement of this College, we omitted to state p that the degree of A. M. was conferred on Mr. Wm. M. 1 Burke, of Hariisburg, Penn. * A 9*d Stoby.?We saw a poor woman at the police otttce, yesterday, who stated that her sister arrived in this port last Monday iu the ship Independence from Liverpool. Since that time, she has not been heard from. She had her sister's address, and was seen by some one ti crying on the Battery, stating that she could aot find , ' her sister. Her name was Mary Moran, aged about 14, * and a very urettv girl. She was accompanied by another ' " girl, namea Muliin aeither of whom have been heard of. j |, Her sister fears she has been enticed into some house of , tl ill-fame. She is very much troubled aboutlier.and would a be glad to get any information of her at 103 York street, J I' Brooklyn. 1 * Fbuit Falliro.?The apple and pea-nut man, who oo- < tl cupiesalarge portion of the street opposite our ofllce, 1 r had hit stand upset yesterday by a cart. The apples and i <j orange* rolled in every direction, particularly into the J gutter, from which they were picked up by a parcel of ; J] hungry newsboys, who probably got a share, a* "to thb ; tivivh u?iuu| ulf q The filth and garbage corner of East * Broadway and Gran J ktreet; alio, every where in Colum- fl bit street, Sheriff, Stanton, Chatham street, West Broad- t way, and on the wharves. The night carta ere intelerable j dogs, piga and soap-lecks crowd the corners of the n streets, to the annoyance of the fair pedestrians. Indeed, < seldom in the month of July hare the streets keen in so ' disgraceful a condition. I Honest*.?A young girl named Mary Monihan, who arrived here but a few days ago from IrelaBl, went yesterdav morning into an intelligence office in Broadway to ( look for a situation,and ou entering the offiee picked up a 1 purse containing (1000. The honest girl immediately f made known her luck to thoa* present, and the purse was t claimed by a gentleman who was in search of a domestic. Instead, however, of taking out a proper reward, and offering her asituation instantly, he merely said "thankee," j sad walked of. Co soma's Orrici.? Suicide?The Coroner was called to hold an inquest, yesterday, on the body of Ann Gaha- ] v gan, at 02 Ann street. It seems that she was a servant , girl in the house, and oatne in on Sunday night, and com- j plained of dizziness and sicknesa of the stomach. The c physician was called, and she was well and lively till I Thursday about A o'clock, when she was taken wits to- a miting. She then said she had been taking arsenic, and she died about 9 o'clock. Verdict, "Destroyed herself j by taking arsenic." 1 fc Brookl) n city Intelligence. 8 Thi Natt Yard.?This establishment at present pre- ' c sents a scene of great bustle and activity. Tnere cannot e be less than Ave hundred hands employed about the dry dock, and in fitting the Albany, Boston, and Preble for 11 sea. We understand that next week the number of b hands employed on the dry dock will be doubled. The a breach made in the dam a short time since is nearly re- , paired, io as to allow the pumps to be put in motion on : Tueaday or Wednesday next, and in a few daya after the C excavations will be continued. When finished it will ( be 450 feet by 200, and in denth 60 feet. The Preble is . receiving her stores, and will be ready to go to sea in a week at iacthest. Although some of our cotemporaries P assert that her destination is the Mediterranean, we be- e lieve it is not as yetknown, with any degree of oertainty, whether she is to tie sent there or to the coast of Africa. The Albany will not be ready for sea in less than eight ti weeks; but the Boston is expected to be ready in two, or d at all events in three. These two vessels are intended to reinforce our squadron in the Gulf of Mexico. 1 Koar Gbek*.?A lively contest is now being carried P on between the citizens of Brooklyn, in relation to this c< classic spot. It seems that some months since a project i was started by a party in the sister city, to purchase the grounds around Fort Green, enclose them as a park, lor ' < the recreation and amusement of the citizens, and that tha ? bill upon which the fort ?u erected should be allowed b to continue in ita pristine glory lor all time to come. They laid their project before the Common Council, but 8 Immediately another party, who have the fear of the tax t< gatherers before their eyei, started up, and sent in a re- w monstrance. A war of words and paper bullets, as hot m that on the Rio Grande, although not so deadly, ii now v waging both inside and outside the halls of the city fa- b thers?for it seems thj corporation are also divided ou the subjeot. We understand the matter is to come up at r the next meeting of the Common Council, and a grund p flare up is expected. Fort Green is situated in Fast Brooklyn, and some very interesting reminiscences are , associated with it During the revolutionary struggle a battle was fought there, or in its immediate neighborhood^ all event*, a fort was erectcd on the hill, and it ; t derives its name from General Greene, one of the heroes of the revolution. : 0 The Licanse Law.?A ease, similar to that reported in yesterday's Hermit, was postpoaed to Friday next, by h consent of both parties. Polic? Intelligence. July 17?Rnib tig a Feint.?Officers Forshay and Leech, of the 8th ward, arrested, last night, a fellow call- " ed Peter Myers, on tuspiciou of entering the cabin ot b schooner Charles G. Rock wood, and stealing therefrom $100, belonging to Capt John It. Day, of the above ves sel Committed for examination by Justice Roome. 11 Charge of Highwmy Robbery ? Officer Wm. H. 8te- tl phens, of the lower police, arretted, yesterday, two men by the names of Michael Magrath and John Dwver, on a warrant, wherein they were charged with a Highway ? robbery, in forcibly hoMingja man called Jamer Johnson' g on the second day of July last, in the Sd avenue, neai j 21st street.and while in that position taking fiom his pock et wallet, containing about $40 An investigation was c commenced Yesterday afternoon before Justice Drinker: wherein the facts appear to ahow that Dwyer engaged daril, do ; A. Biane, i/unu.; ui. u?u<n ?r- . my ; A. Garrett, do j A. Tray, do.; ?. Herl.tirgh, Pitta- t burgh s L. A. Jewett, Richmond ; W. Kerr, Pennt) lvt- . ni? : J Gordon, Va. Fa*i??U!??A. Van Rchmlche, Laniinburgh ; H. Sey- ? nour, Plerroont , D. Witherapoon, Mobile ; A. Toner, s Pittaburgh ; S Derquaie, Mobile; D. Agnew, Pa ; J. Crittenden, Ohio ; H. Dery, Louiirille ; K. Sparrow, Buffalo ; D. Ramaay. do.; N. Jarvia. Harlem ; T. Hurler, Worceater ; L. Trowbridge, Alabama ; W. Wilaun, Alabama Howiid-F.. Sitei, Columbm, Ohio i J. MeCue, do.; 5 Cel. Cuahman, Me.; H. Clarke, Albeny ; D. Wood, Montreel; J Kelly, do ; W. Fnrt, Seugertca ; C. Brett, Dal- * timore ; 8. Winchester, do ; J Lee, Albionco.; F.d Fob- P ter. N. O i George Daniel*, New Hampshire ; W Baily, V Phil*.; J. Lewil, Ohio ; T. Minor, do ; H Hammond, do ; B J. Prlee. Cincinnati ; Baker, Winters and King, Canada i i D. WiUliama, Philt-t M Hand, Ireland # jonnson 10 purctia&e a borte, lor wbicb purpose be gave him $40 The horse, however, after being obtained, did I not auit Dwyer then requested,. Johnion to hand him p back the $40 , thii Johnion refused to do, when, at the n saggesiionof .McOrath, the two accuied parties laid hold of Johnson took out his pocket book, containing Dwjer's I money, whl h #a< handed to a third party,who took from the book the m?ney cUimeJ by Dwyei, and handed the * same to the rightful owner,and the paniei separated. Jotin- ? son not leeling sati fied with this arrangement, made tua above complaint The accused parties, it appears, are $ cartmen, of good character. The examination had not terminated when the office closed last night However, ? the accused are very ably defended by counsellor Hudson, and the c??e being one of much doubt In all proba- , bility, the whole matter will be dismissed to-day, when the other witnesses are examined The parties, meanwhile, aieall locked up, complainant and all. Orand Larceny ?Officers Ale Planus and Stephenson, of the 6tli ward, "pulled," yesterday, a black fellow called Bill Oraham, on a charge of breaking open a trunk with an axe, and stealing therefrom $130. in bank bills n and silver, belonging to Mary Reed, No. 61 Crota street This robbery, it appears, was committed in April, 1844, , over a year ago, and since that time this black rascal has j been absent at s#a; and thinking the whole matter had j blown over, returned back to his old quarters on the (I've points, where he waa arrested by the above officers.? I Cownitted for examination by Justice Drinker. Honorably Diirkarged?We noticed ia yesterday's ' Herald the arrest.of a Mr. Higmund Schmidtell, charged j with feloniously carrying away a box of bronve powder, worth $1600, said to be tlie property of Mr Leopol 1 Kuh, ; of No. 101 L edar street. Upon an investigation being mad* before the magiatrate, it appeara that Mr Schmidt- I 11 ii* partner of Mr. Kith, aad therefore waa authorised to taka poaaeaaion or tho property. Upon tbia being . hown to tho magiatrate, Mr. Schmidtell wu honorably ditcharged from custody, and the bronze returned. There j appear* to have been aome difficulty between the partiea ) rejecting the aettlement of lomaof their account* i Sttmling a fVmtch?A fallow called Jack Williams, 1 waa arretted yeaterday by oittcer WaUon, of the Sixth ward, charged with Healing a "tlrer watch valued at ? $38, belonging to L and 1. Jacoba, M Chailiam itraet.? j Locked up for trial. ] Stealing a Coat?Officer MeKeon, of the Sixth ward, " pulled" yeiterday a fellow called Dill McCormick, I whom be caught baring in hit poaaeaaion a coat worth $10. the property of Michael Moflatt, No ? Moore atreet. 3 Committed tor trial by Juatire Drinker. Ditkantit Srrvanl? Officer Brown, of the Chief'i offflce,) eiterday arretted a black waiter, called Prince Qoeabork. in the employ of Curtia It Tucker, proprie- 1 tort of the National Hotel, 0 Courtiaudt atreot, charged with stealing three ailver apoona.woith $t,on? of which waa found ou hi* perion. Locked uplortiial by the fl Chief of Police- ___________ i r NoTemrnU of Traveller*. j. The following comprise the majority of the anlrala at t. the principal boteli > eiterday Axraic'aR?J. MeCowan, MiaaiMippi; Lieut. Wataoa, ! f U. 8. N.; J. C. Boanycanle Mobile; J. Menele, do.; J. tl Pendleton, Virginia, D. ( lultree, U. S N.;R. Remington, _ Philadelphia; O. Taylor, U. 8. A.; W Fonl, South Caroline; D. Murray, U. 8. A.i F. Drodhaad, U. S. N; Dr. * Wood, do i W. O. Dempiter, Vermont i P. Prentiaa, n Georgia. 1 ti AiToa?J Jamei, Albany; A. Caalett, Philadelphia; J. 1 Orland, Virginii; Capt Brreaa, U.S. N ; J. Maraton, Bo? ton: C .Hall. Mobile; C. Hart. Providence; J. Ceafteld, o Philadelphia; W Waggman, Louiaiane; Col Co?ter, Lan j, catter; R Patten. (Aoigia; Capt Taylor, Boaton; H. Weeka, do ; C Smith, Wiaconaia; J. Peine, U. 8. N ; G. ? Voting, England; H. Smyth, Boaton; T. P. Wilaon, Phi- li ladelphia; Martin Perry, Canada; P. Bnnbany, do. n Crrr ?D. Thomaa. Baltimore ; Oeorare Heiaa, do ; Willard Jonea, Richmond ; J Foote. Richmond ; W. ? Ranny Kv ; Dr. Vellowby, N. C.; W. Heir, Philadel- tl phia L Van Kuka, Albany ; Thomaa Caldwell, Phila \ , W Ramaey, Qnebec ; W. Clinton, Worcester; L Ood Naftc tUlr Drc^-kcd or- Onjr Whlikfit huiM10 a beautilal black. instantaneously, by the applietion i>l Phalon's Magic H ur Dve Country K?iicm ?*? ? bmtle forwarded tlirin by e? press or otherwise, by ending their orders, cash enclosed, to E. I'halou, 61. under udson's lintel, Broadway. Price tl per bottie, with full ditcnous for nse accompanying each 'Kittle City Keutlruieii are invited to call at the depot, where they an hare a superb pair of black whiskers substituted for red r grey ones, ui less than five minutes. Chrlatle'a Galvanism?We understand that rithiu the past few days a number of cases of the most rei trktble nsture have occurred, demonstrating the surprising ?r n, i nui4TU">in>it..... H.H re ahown in the voluntary testimonials of aome dis'inguUh<1 clegymeu and physicians who have experienced benefits ruly wonderful from the riuga, migueric fluid, kc Elplaatory pamphlets may be had gratia at tlx agency, lM Broader Turtle Dinner.?The Club having procured fins Green Turtle, ihe dinner w>ll coma off at Barnh^a'a, lloomingdale, on Monday, 10th Jaly inat. at 4 o'clock, P.M., resther permitting ; if aot, the first fair day alter. Pocket Penknives and Fancy Cutlery? 1 beautiful aaaortment of the above. can be aeeo at the ub.cnbera', consisting of tome of the moat splendid, and inique patterua ever imported to thia country. O. 8AUNOKR8 k SON. 177 Broadway. oppoaite Howard's Hotel. Portable Dressing Case of the moat com* act form and elegant finish. A beautiful anpe dace to the ml'11 ?hle. and the moit complete yet offered auiaiWe to the rants of the travelling publ c beuig manufactured of such itaterinli as Dot to be nffected bv chince of climH*. For ale by O. 8AUHDERS It SON 177 Broadway, a few doors above Cou.tlandt street. Wright's Indian Vegetable Pllla, In addlioo to being one of the best sati-bilioas medicines ?' he world, possess a power of removing pain whtrb is trnly stouisbing. Four or ova aaid Indian Vegetable Pills, takes very night on going to bed. will, in a short tiae, completely id the body ofthose morbid humors which, if lodged in the ivar, arc the cause of pain in the side, sometimes attending hrough to the shoulder blade; difficulty of breathing, naaaea nd sickness, loss of appetite, costiveness, indigestion, flats eocy, swarthy oryellow completion, and other symptoms of n inflammation er Mrpid state of the liver. Wright'a Indian Vegetable Pills also thoroughly cleanse lie itomach and bowela of all biliosa humors and other im urity; and therefore are a certain rsre far colic, dysentery holera morhui. and every other disovderof the intestines. i*hev also aid and improve digestion, and conaeuaently XJge ealth and vigor to the wfcele frame, as well a* drive diseases f eyery name from the body. Cat'Tiow.? It ahould be remembered that Mr. Samuel Reed, f Baltimore: Mr John Diion. of Easton, Pa., and Meeara. Irowning k Brothers, of Philadelphia, are not agents of oars, nd as they purchase no Wright a Indian Vegetable Pills at >ur office, we cannot guaranty aa genuine say msdieius thsc hev may have for sale. The only aecsrity agaiuat imposition is to porehsse from o person unleaa he csn show s certificate of agency, or at the )ffice and Oenetsl Depot, Ns. IM Greenwich afreet, Jlew fork W1LUAV WHTOHT Navigation of tit* Ohio Ui*?r. Placet. TSme. Stat' af *i?w 'inrinnati, July 1 8 feet A inohes. Vhseling, July 14. A feat, falling. Ittabunr, July 10 3 feat, 0 inches. cuiiTule, June 30. A feet. 8 inches J-l - ' 8 Egg MOSEY HAKKBT. Friday, July 17?6 F. H. The stock market opened this morning very Am, pith an upward tendency in price*, and an improvement ras realized at the first board. Harlem went up 1 par ant; Norwich and Worcester X; Morris Canal Hi ,ong Island V; Pennsylvania As V Reading closed firm ,t yesterday's pricas. At the second board Harlem improved another qnar^ er; Norwich ana Worcester X; Reading X. The sales t either board ware not large, and war* almost entirely onfta^l to the throe railroad fancies. The mark at, how ver, closed Brra, with a tendency toward* a further imrovoment. Mojiey 1? decidedly easier, and the probftility of an immediate passage of the Treaiury note bill, nd an immediate ii?ue of the notei, ind the fact that ay ha* been fixed upon for the final adjournment of ^ongreu, have bad a very favorable influence upon the tock market The adjournment of Cengres* alone, will e sufficient to renew public confidence, and give an imetus to business generally, which is very much wantd, and which all are ao anxiously looking for. The proceeding* in Congreaa to day, were not imporint. The tariff and the Treasury note bill* are still oner debate in the Senate. The Treasury note hill will robably pas* in a day or two, nearly in the ahape it assed the House; but the passage of the tariff bill beome* more doubtful every day. We have mad* an eamate of the probable vete on the question, and the reiilt of oar calculation* is, that if either one of the three onsidered doubtful vote against the House bill, it will e lost We consider Messrs. Benton, Hannegan and emple doubtful. Mr. Benton is in favor of a duty upon >a and coffee, a* will be *ean by the proceeding* of the enate to-day. Thi* is some indication of the course he rill pursue in the premises; and we think his rote will e numbered against the House bill. If the present t?> iff act is not preserved, the modifications or alteration* roposed will not take its place. The Western Railroad Company have declared a diriend of three dollars per share, payable the 18th inst. ^ The Auburn and Syracuse Railroad Company have leclared a dividend of four per cent, payable on the 1st f August. The Portsmouth, Sace and Tortland Railroad Company iave declared a dividend of three per oent, payable on emand. A dividend of two and a half per cent waa, on the lit list, declared on the capital stock of the Bank of Meile, pa> able on and after the llth inst The Alabama Life Insurance and Trust Company, on lie 8th inst. declared a dividend of three per eent on heir capital stack for the last six month*. We annex the monthly statement ef the bank* tf iouth Carolina, for the purpose of comparing the aggre;ate movements for aevsral periods. The returns for une show a slight decrease in the business of the pria ipal departments :? Barks or Socrit Cabolika. Ute 31, Mar 31, May 31, Jittu M, Debts. I?U. 111). H.6. IMS spital .t,.ck Si.902,607 J.9?;,W7 3.WJ.907 3,991(07 tills in circulation... l,3t>t,0fl 1,111,737 1,0M,9I9 1.157.711 let profits on hind .. 196,111 194,>91 3SJ,J#1 MJ,9>4 Ulaitce due io banks in this S.ate 1.133,(47 1,(44,(43 1,313.3*1 1J13.7U lalance due to banks in other States 191,111 11(,?J 131,937 m.Ml 111 moneys dus which bear interest 33,733 40,0M 39,973 19,173 Itate Trea ury ,for balance current fund.. 43,3ti r.ra 110,471 149.(03 llaie Tinuury, for balance sinking lu.id . <74,103 447,197 434.277 4)1,111 lute Tieasury, for loss f?r rebuildiug the city 1,110,134 1,110,133 1,119,1}} 1,119,131 :?.li deposited sudall othrr moneys due, exclusive oi bills iu circulation, profits oa h >ud,b .lances due other h ink', and money luring interest.. 1,831.31} 1,089,110 1.9*1,1* I.1H.4M Total liabilities $14,30),<4l 14,734,(77 14,JVi,M0 14,*o/,3? Resources. Ipecie on hand *90,073 Ml,741 337,999 teal estate 1(7,9M 117.991 117,099 1*7,999 III Is of other banks in in" am*......... . S66,23J 329,95* MO ,00 3*0, *33 >>1 of bank* la olh*r Sum.... ....... 4,3*7 1,030 MO 5J7 Sal iiice due fm btuki iathuSiat* 17,457 3*2*1 >8,115 #3,r77 laltncr due fm btuka in other Statu 63,3*7 10,929 91,*6* 77,?4? Votes ducoQ>it?d on persooal aecarity... 5,99*,7M *,3*2,041 *,113,8*3 6,0*1,957 A>an icrurrd br pledge 11 it* owa / / tlMtl *l*,*il -oaui trcurtd by pledge of uthtr ?t k, 331,30* 400.63* 3*3.7*9 3*0.061 }omr*tic exebaug*... 301,723 471,105 440.HI 423.619 >or?Wn do ?4,8|2 117,439 233 994 ' 151717 gnda, 913,313 l,#i7,3W 1,0*2.9*9 1,144,1* Nloney iiiTeated m atk l,4?7,i 39 1,370,330 1,*1,723 1,339,04* impended rl?Dt and dehtinanit. 001,303 711,193 73*,6*7 7?,?31 tale Trea.urr 71,731 9*,1I3 **.?*t ? tranche* and f*nat*i 1.357.GI4 1,432,353 1,?3*,3*7 l,t3d,*7* Jonas uidsr law for rtboildin: Cha'iton, 929,344 019.49(7 913,371 912,*79 ute *<t aail eipaaaea f Slat* loan 3V3** *1,404 79,919 79,*53 >fon*y iur*?t*d in *??ry other w*jr than it *r*cifi*d in the foregoing parti* .lar? 16* W4 (03.30* 22*.7?2 152.01* ^oUl r??enrc*i $I4.303.*4* 14,734,677 I4.:*l,9*? I4.M7.37* The r*turni for Juna ohow * mora limited movement ion either of the three preriou* ; end the 4Mbence i* in the depoeit and ditcount department*. The iqui ?i nouns t Bronnm, iaa mow 01 Louisiana, Irt lie only onM in the country which make monthly reorti. Moat of tho*e making *nj return* at >11, make aem quarterly. We prefer the monthly reporta, but rould not object to tho*e made quarterly, if they would ire monthly average*; but a* the quarterly return* art ow made out, they convey a very vague idle* of the to ial condition of the inatltutioaa. The regularity of movement exhibited by the bank* I South Carolina, duting the pail two yeara, ha* not een equalled by the bank* oi any other State in the 'nlon, and i* indicative of a very healthy data of trade a that lectiou of the country. 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