15 Ağustos 1846 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

15 Ağustos 1846 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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Toilet Article*, Mhditlnf of the ehotMit ! Perfumery, DantriAeea. Coattetica, sKariag Crvu&i. T.ilat . >*ai?, Razor* Irom the moat improved maker*, DreaunR Caaea containing all that u nevMaary inr (1m toil (, in the moat portable form. for ?ale by O 4AL'5Ti)eRH k HON, in Broadway, oppoota Howard* Hotel. Metallic T iblrt Ratur Slrup^flM nl ilest ?nd mo?t approved article now in a?e. having Dean before the rmhlir for the laat thirty yaara, caa be bad at cha aubecribert', Mwlenlt anil retail o. Saunders * son, m brood war. A few door* above Couitlaudt atreet. Plialon'i Manic Hair Dye, new and In vajuable diacovery, warrantad neither to ?m?t nor waah off, i>?:ng a Liquid Dye. which inatantaneonaly rh?n*ea the color iftlie hair to a ><eautilnl brown or black without injury to the kair or akia. The great auperiority of thia Dve corieiire in the faaymode of application and inatantaneoua effect all other dyei requiring from ten to twelve nmire to prodnce any cbuif. It* tuperior excellence will be apparent to every out upon a ainglr application. Coentry gentlemen can have a bottle forwarded them by etpreaa, by *?ndinr caalj, en. ClolfO to E.. maion. ?l dio?iw?, juuwii IVIICI. inn ?i C bottle, with foil direction* for nM. City gentlemen are i:?4 to call at the depot und n?re tbrlr whiaker* dyed. 3t 111* PI am be National Owntrriui Qallery, cm tbr ui*V enmer of Broadway and Murray street, ha* reeentlr had added to it *? * beautiful yiew* of the puhlic bailditur* in *h?" e"T- Baltimore and W*?hincton city. Their trameafnr pieJare* excel ?uy thing of the kind that ha* aver bem eihihited the public, and >lioaM be *een by all lover* of the art, that they may form a correct idea of what i* capable of being made by the Daeuerreotype MawlMUou of U* Utalo Kivari Placet. Vim*. Mtatr nf Die Cincinnati, July 80. deep wa'er?falling. Vheolin|f. July 30 ,... d ft. 8 in?h*. rhtabur*. July 37 6 feet, full. I pnl?Tillt? Jnly 'W 10 f??? 7 irwhe* MONEY MARKET. Friday, Anjput 14?6 P. 91. There wai but little bu*iae*a transected in the itock market to-day, end price* remein without any material alteration. Tne exceaeive heat of the weather ha* nearly auapended operation* i'J Wall atreet. and It ia highly probable that, under the Influence of old Sol, price* will j . 1 TP- *.n K.r.11* ?n?t an lm. provement in pricei, until the mereury ranges below the nineties. There kas kMB vary littla enquiry lor foreign exchange for ramittanca by the Boaton itaamer. Wa quota sterling bill* at 7% a S par oant pramium ; on Parii, 6f.40 a 6f HX ; Amsterdam, S8H a UK; Hamburg, 84X a 84X; Bremen, 76X a 7#VTha receipt! of tha Massachusetts Western Railroad Company continue to coma In very large. The last returns amounted to $99,000, or over $4000 increase in one week. The whole gain, at the present time, aince 1st of January, Is over one hundred thousand dollars, including the amount earned in the transportation of railroad iron, by contract, for the Connecticut River road, and the PittsAeld and North Adams road, but which has not yet been included in the weekly reports. The same ratio of Increase for the remaining twenty weeks oi the year, will swell the gross receipts to one million of dollars against eight hundred and thirteen thousand, the aggro, gate income of the year 1844. We annex our usual table of quotations for the prinoi pal State and other stocks used for investment:? PmioEi or Stock ii? the New Yoax NUbkkt. Rtdtrm- 1M. IMC. IM. Hat*, ablt. June T. July 30. Jiug 14. United State* 6 1K2 103 i ? lot alOOK IM a ? 4 1*43 ? s? Ma- ttHka M New York, T 1848-49 1?J a - 101 alOtfc 102*a ? " 6 1850-54-60 ? a ? ? a)05 ? a ? " ? 1861-68-67 ? a ? _ a 1*4 ? alM M 9K 1860-61-45 ? a? ? a ? ? a ? ? ( IM ? a ? ? a ? ? a " S 1846-7-8-t ? a ? ? a ? ? a ? " 5 1IS0-I-I ? a ? _ a 95 - a ? " 9 1855-8 K a? - a 97 97 a *' S 1859-60-1 ? a ? Si a 100 ? a ? " 4K 1849-58 ? a ? ? a - - a Ohio, 1150 91*a 92^ 92 a 92V - a 1866-40 ? a ? 93 a 93$ 9'JXa ? t 1(60-64 ? a ? ? a ? ? \ _ 7 MM 9??a ? 101 alOtfc 101 alOlK Kentucky, ??Sa?X 9?Ka - 98*a 98& " ' 5 ? a? 80 a 85 ? a ? nimoia, 6 1878 ? a 32* 33Wa 34 33 a 34 [iidiaiia, 5 26 yeaia JJV? ? 32>ta 33 32 a 33 Arluuiiaa, 6 ? ? a? ? a ? ? a ? Alabama, 6 ?? ? a? ? a? ? a ? 5 ? ? a? 68 a 69 ? a ? PenneyWania,5 ? 66H? 68 a 68^ 6667 TaiDinn, 6 ? ? a? 96 a ? ? a ? IN. York City,7 1?57 1BJ a - 101 a ? ? a 7 1*52 l02Xa ? 105 a ? - a " 5 1150 ?a? ? a? ? a ? ? 5 1858-70 91Xa ? 92 a 92? ? a ? Bk Co*'* N. Y., fall ? a ? 93 a 93>J 93 a 93K - "nP ? ? a? ? a 95 94 a N. Y. Life Ina. fa Treat Co. ? a ? 106 alOO -? a ? t'armera' Loan fa Treat Co. 34 a MM 25 a ? 25V 25* Ohio Lile lua. fa Treat Co. 96 a 96X 95*a - 95 a 95S? Bank of U. 8. Ill PeuuavPa. 4 a 4Ji 4 a 4k 4 a 4.W Boilon fa ProTidence Rail'd 108 al09 106 al06>? 14MWU08 N.Jar?>*y H R. faTrwia.Co ? a? 103 '<a ? 101 alOl .Mohawk fa Hnd'n Railroad. 4?Xa 50 48 a 49 50 a ? -Ctic* fa Schenectady Rail a ? alM 116 al 17 113 all4 Syracuae fa Utica Railroad. 107 al08 109 alio 189 alio Auburn fa Syracuse Railr'd, ? a ? ? a ? ? ? ? Auburn fa Rochester K. R.. ? a ? 100 a ? S8K*100 RraUiiiR Railroad, 67 a 67^ 68 a 68M ?7)4a Delaware fa Hudaon Canal, i44 a ? 140 al50 ? a ? Heading Railroad Bonds. 75 a 73X 72V* 73 72Wa 72V Reading Railroad Mt* Bda., 77 a ? 74 vjn ? ? a Many of these quotation* arc merely nominal, in the huencc of operations. There has rocently been very lit le business done in 8tatc atock*, or, in fact, in any descrifrfion of (tock security, real or fancy. Even the quotations for those in which transaction* have been made, ere no indication* of their actual value a* investment*. either temporary or permanent. The position of p4iblic affairs, at present, is such as to preclude the possibility of aKI.Ii>!.. rn/./.. r?, /,... ,??n,. ......I ..J 1 "' ? "vuuu stocks, near their actual value ; and so long a* there ex. lata that uncertainty and doubt in relation to the operation of those measure* affecting our commercial system, and our external affairs continue In their present state, we cannot hope for or expect any improvement in prices, or in the demand for stock* for investment or for peculation. Considerable anxiety exist* in relation to the course the government will pursue in regulating its own financial affairs Several attempts were made, before Congress adjourned, to compel the Secretary of the Treasury to report whether any treasury notes, under the new law, had been issued, and, if there had been, to what extent, at what rate of interest None of the*o attempt* w#i successful, and we are, thorefore, without any official in 'orTn,t")n upon the snbject. We are, however, informed that the ncw i,,ua of treasury note* has taken place at the *ou,'1-we?t, Bnd that an issue will be made here in a few l " '* P?Mible- however, that the bulk of the new issue W,U flr,t "PP?ar th? ,ou,h and WMt a thetc notes ran put ,nto e^uUtlon upon more favorable terms to the fc overnment-that la at. less rate of interest-than at the no wh? ??" U not 10 much demand for them. We hs% " ?? doubt- however, but that nearly the whole amount ut.^ori7?a wl11 b* U'ued at nominal rate of interest. Had v'he l?>*P?dent treasuiy bill gone into operation at once, i n,w ',sue ,rea" aury notes could have been made mo. ai'y. *nd at more reduced rate of intereat, than the> * wr'" now> there would have been a demand for them menta to the government, at different points, \*here fhe> would otherwise be required in specie. Even rtnder ex. iating circumstances, there ia very little doubt but that they will obtain a circulation, if they are not forced out, by putting on a high rate of interest? as, in that caio, they would be (ought after for permanent investment and be locked up in the vaolta of capitalists, where they would remain ?ntil called in by the government for final redemption. If these notei are laaued at a nominal rate of Interest, they will he continually going into and out of the tieatury ; they will be to the government what paper issues ere to a bank, and will ebb and flow, 10 that they will answer the purposes of a much lajger amount, if that amount waa absorbed by capitaliata and salted di>wn. An issue of tan milliona of treasury notes, if lamed for investment, upon proper principle*, would be paid in and taken out of the treaaury aaveral time* in the conine of a year, and would in *h!a way be equal to an i?ane of teveial times the amount, made in such a manner u* would make them desirable investments. Suppose an issue of these notes Is made, say for ten mil. linns of dolUr* ; the government gets the value of these l.ohsatthe time of issue?they pesa into circulation, and are sought after for remittencca from one point to another, Uui for the purpoFes of trade, and for the regulation of sAnieetH exchanges ; they aie also sought after for payments due the government, and In this way get into the hands of the government, when they will be again issued, upon receiving again their value. There is uo limit to the amount this use of these notes would give the government ; the power granted for re-issuing them, and authority to keep at all times tea milliona in circulation, .give (utilities to the treasury superior to any other system. We are anxious to see these notes in the market, as their appearance wonld materially relieve all classes from the embarrassments with which they are now contending The banks of this r.ltv in ,t. elupementa on the part of the government in relation to Jta financial policy, before they deflne their own poaition The government depoelta in the banka of thii city re rapidly dwindling away, and it ia reported that one ol the deponit banka haa refuted to receive any more deposit* from the government This ia undouhteuly true, ami it would be well for the othera, having depoaita now to any extent, to place themaelvoa un a poaition to meel drufta for them at very abort notice. The Secretary o! thn Tieamry ia perfectly right in uaing tip the aurplui revenue now on depoait in the different deposit* riei throughout the country, before he nines any more by Uauing treasury notea Theie are milliona on deposit in the tanks, not drawing a fraction in the way of intereat, art there no reeaon why thia amount abould remain there, and the expenditure* of the government be made in treasury aotes, drawing even.a nominal rate of inter I 1 > 4ft ??*( MM* *?)> *Mt * u*Juf j Uewo ??* g*v?rH??n> ???? wy ft troixry ! note* The btak* ?* much Utter otf without thai* Je j posits. particularly u thoy are bat temporary; and it would ba bettor for the commercial classes generally tbat there should bo 4* much uniformity as posaible In the movement* of theeo institution!; and to long aa the banks hare large depoeit* frum the government, they will wake tome u e ol it, witka t?r Ji to ilersnge their regular and logitiui ?'e o,m.ti'..???. Ii\ producing fluctuation* in the discount. Ji | ui'.iiicii , iujui <114 to busmen* If every cent of the aurplus revenue sl.ould be drawn from tho dopoeit banks of this city within the next two weeke, it would be a good tbing for every one engaged in legitimate meicantile operation*. Old K|?ca IkxrtaaBge, $1100 N Y Scat* 7s, 1849 103 SO ihi Canton Co bS J4M 1 1400 N Y Sure Si. 1151 9tK 100 do >M H* 4000 Kentucky 6s s*\ 50 do *<0 I'V. 2004 Ohio 6*. 1170 <?* J5? Htllrm RR it00 Peno 5. 6ft 4 30 do *** ' 1000 do Uttjj 50 do b3 56* : 4M00 do 67 25 Nor It Wor bl i.K 1000 Reading Bond* 72U *3 do J'K 6000 do 72\ WO do J7K 10 ths Ohio L It Tr #4j< l'O do J'X 50 Farmers Truat >3 J5?* 100 do bJO 57J? 25 Morris Ciuil 9 50 Beading RR J'ft 50 do 9* WO do b30 M 200 Look Ul'd RR >3 31* t50 do ?7Ji? : 50 do 31* IwhikI Board. 25 .h? Nor It Wor 57* 100 shs Morris Canal 9 50 Harlem RR sS 56 100 d# 9 100 do 100 ReadiuB RR s5 67*, 35 do :*?i Raw Utork Kich?un. 50 ab* Morni Ca cwh 9V 50 shs Harlem RR Mou 50 Nor it Wor Sat 57? JO do cuh 73 do t>3 57? 50 Jo >7 56V 25 do b4 57tf 50 do Sat SftO JO do nw 57 W 150 do s3 56 V 2i do blO 57 W 250 Long Ial RK blO lite 25 do uw 57 S 50 do bl5 3i?, 200 do caah 57H 100 do >45 31)4 Died. On th? ISth imt., of eoniumption, John Richards, in the 43d year of hit age. Tbe Iriends and acquaintance! of the family, and the member* of the Ancient Briton'i Benefit Society ; alio, the St David'* Benefit Society, are particularly requested to attend the funeral at four o'clock, from hi* late residence, 14 Oak ctreet On the 14th inat., of a lingering illneia, Mart Shaiter, wife of 8. P. Shalfor, in the 6-id year of her age. Tbe relative* and frionds of tbo deceased are respectfully invited to attend her funeral at her late residence, No. 44 Robimon street, on Sunday, 10th inat, at9 o'clock A. Mh precisely, without further invitation. At Staten Island, of southern fever, on the 10th inst.. Captain Bsiu W. Cask, of the schooner Napoleon, aged 20 year*. He was a native of Southold, L. 1. In the midst of life, we are in death. At Hampton Falls, Auk. 3, while on a visit to her daughter, widow Maar Shaw, relict of Col. Benjamin Shaw, and mother of the late Hon. Tristram Shaw, of j Exeter, in her 90th year. In New Bedford, on the 30th ult., William Blki, a native of MidJletown. R. I., aged bti year*. He was an officer in the war of the revolution, and a pensioner for j many yearn prevlout to hii death. In Portland, on the UUi imt, at her father'*, Hon. W. I i P. Preble, Mr*. Nawcv O. T Allen, wife of Captain I Robert Allen, of the U. 8. Army, aped i9yearn. On the 37th ult., at hif residence in Oeochland County, ; Va.. Abchibald Bbtce, Esq., lor many years a member i of the Legislature of Virginia, a distinguished lawyer, and one ol the most popular men in the county. POST OFFICE, NEW YORK, > Auo. 15, 1846 ( QTE IMER HIBERNI tfom Button The Mail for the ' O above ?tesmer will be closed at (his Office ou Siturday, the Uth iust, at h?II pssr 4, P. M. Postage on all le ters mu?t be prepaid to Boston. Letters ; of half n onuce or uuder, i cents; a-d each additirual hall , ounce J cents. ROBERT H. MORRIS, P M. j an 15 It rrc Lt.TTKK BA<is b the 8teimer HI BEttN IA, at Boston for Liverpool, will close at 'be Offing Telegraph News Room, comer Beaver and Hanover streets, at 4X P. M ti.is day. sub NOW ISTHfcJ TIME TO SUBSCRIBE Anew volnmeof the "Nations! P.e?.?. or a Journal for Home;" a large and valuable Family Newspaper, tdiinl by lieo. P. Morris, aud published every Saturday, in hia I city, commences THIS week Terms. $2 a year. Three ! copies f ir $5. Office of publication, No 107 Fulton, oppo! site Dutch street. BUKOES8, mTRINOEK fc Co. Wholesale Agents, *22 Brosdway, sutj It.rrc corner Ann street. CARRIAGES. THE andersigned, fo'iyrlr of the House of Brews'er, Laurence It Co., having again resumed the Carriage business, at 2J and 27 Canal strtet. offers sale a splendid stock ol Carriages, of superior sijle aud finish, and invtes the at'enti n of his loriuer patrons and f ieods. astariug them that the same confidence, s i extensively reposed in him, shall ei'eud t? every tramactiun?believing he notseoesfcilities to meettne wis'ies of all, both in quality aud price, equal to any e?tan|i?hmnit in this country JAMKS BKhWSTKR. aul'lin*rrc 25 an V Canal street LAUltbisT it BROTHER, IMPORTERS OF FRENCH OOOD4, No. 4 William stiefi, have just received by the last Packets : ? 27 cakes rich Paris Cashmete d'Ecosse Dress Goods 9 ' " " Mousselai.e de Lane do 7 " " " Caihmere d'Oosse Robes 25 " " " 'I eckari 8h-i?ls 17 " " " Cashmete d'Lcosse do 8 ** " " Hrnrhi'i risk Innir anil annir> 2 " " " Embo.ted Thinrt do S " *' " Teck?r> and Uaah d'Eco?ae Scarfs 4 " " " do d > do Look Shaw) a 2 " *' " Caihmere d'Ecoate Colter. nnlj Ur?r | TO COUNTRY MKKCHAMTS. BROWN SHEETINGS and hHI HTI NOS, of every ityle aud width, all t'-e kuow.i bra.d>, both heavy ai.a fine? Stark Milla, Lawrence C, Indian Head, Cabot A, Premium Heavy .Yterrimack, Exelerf, Uuk'.owia, lie, maybehadat inauu'aeturvra' pricea, ou the aec>nri flour* of Nua It * il '0 Cedar a rert, haf' a bio k abova Pearl atreef. Low rnci'l and med um t ard wide !-hretin<? Ala*, beat Southern Cotiou k am, aaaortcd, 1 to I(, aud 7 to 12 ; Batta, Wi ka. Wa n and Wa.ld.nf. T. N. b.NDfcKHILL, li*m II aud 30 C?dar street. I TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS. Aaituotiou ia warned lu a Country Store, (where no liquora are aold.) by a )OU?( man, batweeu 19 aud >0 yeara od. Ha will hjve a few Hundred Dollare in a few tn n>tha; and would p'ob^bly, take an iute e.t in the bu.ine.? if natitf^ctory, or loan the money to hia employer. He ia a good alennja. Addreaa It. J , at the ofAce ol thia paper, till the #th. aulj lt*nc FuAVOKING EXTRACTS. Afreih aunidy ol high'y concentrated French Extr>eta, au h aa vauil'*. Pa* h Ne tariue, ltn.e, l.emou Bitter Almond, aud aeverti otheia for II ivoring lee Cietm<, Blancmange . Cuataid* etc , and all kiudi of Paatry, for at'-by JOHNSON, MOOKt It T VVLOR, ali lm*m Imp' rtera, Itc . 81 M-idcti line. Y. CHKlsTIE'S GENUINE GALVANIC RINGS, AND MAGNETIC FLUID, FOR THE PHRMaNFAT CURE OF RHEUMATISM, AKl) ALT. NERVOUS COMPLAINTS. NO matter how chronic or aer- re may bathe complaint.it readily yielda to tie wonderful |>ow ra, aa developed by [ t >ia remarkable diacovery. The moat reapectable testimonial! from all parti of the country, are daily received THE UALVANIC BELI 8, BRACELETS, GARTERS, lie , are da, te?l for vaiiont diataaea. and can be worn bv the I moar delic?te wi'h perfect aafe'y and convenience. The great and beneficial iatlueuce eaertrd on the ayatcn by theae arti ciri iiiuti ii* wHucweu iu iw i'rucreu. Only Agency in New York, No. 1U Broadway, between Joh ' street, and Maiden lane. \ C7* Explanatory pamphlet* may be had gratii. a>51w rre new invented wig& BATCHKLOR'S new invented Wig* and Scalp*, made of the finest natural earl hair, and adapted in the moat easy inanuer, to the peculiar (trie of each individual. They are entirely a new intention, doing away with all the vexation* difficulties *o long experienced by tho*e who wear wigs. I The public are iavited to inspect a large and well selected st>>k. containing every variety of site and color; they will ttaro heable tojudge the effect. ' WVi BATCHELOR. inventor and only manufacturer, 2 W*ll arr.-et, near Broadway. Removed from IU Broadway 1 PU a** L0 opy the address aal5 lw*m * CONSUMLTiOjT | fTlHF.RE i?, perhapi, no di*ea*e wih which onr country i* JL affected, which sweeps off a.inualljr so many victim* ?* thit fell destroyer of the hnman race. Consumption. Day af! te day. year a'ter year. the ttmti ,te nuinster hurr ea to the portals ofth* void and silent tomb fresh added victims to its conquest*. No walk of life i? *aced from its blighting ?haf a Mo age ia exempt from it* de-th de ling ahaf *. The old, the t middle aged a< d the yonag. *11 alike, are 'ood tar this common enemy of mankind. The wmte haired patri rch. whose life Ol'temperance haare-'deied hia syatem imprrvi'-ua tothe ' attaeka of other ills, and whose good deed- p<eparcd him for I the enjoyment of life's calm evening, linda conaumption fastening ii* I'anga upon it* vitil*. and te^rine lum from a ' wotjiT,?ver blight to mind* which look complacently ou daya ' WJa th'ere no help for the afflicted J No prevent ve of the | il tig era which beset ua in onr chai geibie and fickle clime I We ih nk there i?ay be. And if the allegation* of thnae who are at leaat ent tied to veracity, may be believed, there i* a preventive and a remed v, ' \Vistars Balsam of Wild Cherry i* offe ed 'o a infferieg I wo Id .-is inch It needs i ot the " adventitiona aid" of a I long String offictitiOU* certificate* togiveit notoriey. Its I true valor and intrinnc excellen. e ate *ulTicient to entitle it i lo the confidence of the public, and " Waft on to fame " the name of the inventor, a* a heuef cto'of hia apeciea. Nooe genuine eulea* aigued I. BUTTS on the wrapper. For **'e by A B.kD. SANDS, agent* for New Vorit city: also, by druggiat* generally through.,ut the United Stateaand lanadi*. aulj ItDfcW i'akis hats. JUST received from Par a direct per last Havre Packet, nue caae Oeut'emen'* Par * Black Silk Hat*, of the beat quality, and lateat atyle, for *ale, o" reasonable term*, at auli 3l*r 'JO Wall I'reet, upatair*. KM-HEH? LEECHES.? Depot of Leeches. HS Naaaau street, i* RKMOVr.D to III WILLIaM Street, New York, and offer for *ale a freah *upplv ol Leeehe*,ja?t received by J. FERDINAND. Sen* ao6 lm*r WATcftEH l-WATCH F.^A^f) J E W RI.RY.?Th?*a ?ho wish to pu chiae Oold or ?ilver Watch, a. Onld , Chains Oold Pencil*, Key*, fcc., will find it greatly to tn?ir advantage to call on the anh-enh-r *h..i* (riling all ile cripti.in* of the above a ictiil. much lower than any other hnnae m the city. Gold Watcheaa* Iowa* tM and fUeach. W'atchea and Jewelry exchanged ..r b >u?ht A'1 watc,.e* warranted to keep go d tune. Of the money refunded. I O. C.ALLEN, 'mi-orterof Watcheaan* tewelry. Wnoleaaleand retail.il Wall afreet, an'1 Im'rne "P . IA i,M?*M H ? I'HKIJ iPf >1 C.M ?. ?. ihi XJ^ oroifun ilin. pjirlurt w>th hfirnofni itucnro, wiin or ynrhnnt "if kfMt n^d 'ef, f >*4 Brna'lwa* a?!2 lifa T l,0< >K AT THIS ! LADIKB AND OENTLEMEN.tf yon want I fin* article of Boofi *?& Shoes, full at JRT Bru'dwav. where you ' will find the large a ruornnen*. cheapest, *nd the most iaf ahmnable in the city Do rot mistake the numier, 367 Broadway, cor of Kianblin Mreet. 1 N. B?A largr assortment of Imported French Boon at i the low price of Fise doll .re, M. CAHILL. anil Im'r rnoio champagne. ArttlH IfrVOICK ..r -hi. itelmhifal Champmrn. is ia atom, to which the attention of merchants, hotel Beepers, and private (entiemen is invited. The stranding of this win# ' aowsnpnrior to thnl of u? ia this ronn try. and at no mrh?r i | priaa thaa that of tha hnai brands _ C. UVIWOCTON h CO., I awlllMfl* WtllMMI. I0" 11 day, at 1< (i'look, 1(11 Courtlandtaueet will ha a- UtO foreclose a mortga?a, the Forainira of faahioaabU Al? H ,u,e-o*..isiiug of haudaome Ho?nd > IHHI, mahof->r I Tai Ir* rriuta. Hai-ringa, cut Olni lad China Ware, sus- , ueadn g Lsmi.s, Wlaea, ?ho. ttefaia Counters, fcc. Alto, >11 I the (urnHurt, of the J welling e?rt of the hou>e comprising a i enaia' ol parlor, bed r om and kuchea furmure. | ' AjWi tl) pay adfaacaa, 4 n?io tortea, t Seiaphima Sit* B I JACOB S PL ATT. Auttloacer Large sale of enui..sh pisiols-jacob s. Piatt will adl on Mood .y, I7'h iuKaot, at 10 o'clock, at me aaetioa room. No. tt Hlirt atreet, nboat ISO# fir Kagliah Piato's. ofreeiy grade, atyle aud quality. I N. B.?'l hie ia balleTad 10 be the only large ?tock nn? in 1 market, and i< to be peremptorily cloaed. by order of a Euro- 1 pean booae; and the attention of all daaiere, here and elae- . where, it mr-ced to the tame. Alao, a larfe assortment of Bowie Knirea, SO0 Muskets, aad 1 a law double and single Gone. Catalogues mar ba had on Saturday, lith inatant aniS It aod ia*m ' LOST, A HAIR BRACELET, ABOUT one o'clock, yesterday moruiug, by a lady, returning from an nenraion, a Braided Hair Br celet. set in a large Toitaz. berwean the foot of Canal atreet and Kit- I ii-gton, corner of Suffo k T?ie loaer pati?d from tha foot of Canal to Spring, throaich the Bowery, croaaiug to Rivington, at the corner of Suffolk arreet. < A libera) rewxrd will be giTen, by applying at the deak of the Herald offic?. nulSJi'rrc ' l.OLD WATI H LOST. I LOST laat night, a Gold I.ever Watch, independent tecunda, white fa<-e, euviue turned t ack with a Hold I liaiu. eich link iu formofa Harp, Pawnbrokers and oiliera . are requested to stop the abore articlea if offered A Rewaxl 1 of Tweoty-hee Dollars will be paid, by applying at the i l.nw.r Pnlir. nffir. I ? ?*-? 1 aul5 Jt*8?MTic ~ *"w." S7 STEPH ens. COW LOST?S8 KEWAKD. H OTRAYED, oo Tnraday, lltn instant, a Brown Cow, with ' kJ an old lore on her back nearly healed. fel had on her ' le'tairiea long tear. Anv person hm<gii> t liar to North ] Fourth street, Williamsburg. near Fifth will receirr the J abore reward, and tiie thanka of the o?*r ' a ilSlt*ttc JAV1ES NOLAN. \ NOTICE 1 Five dollars reward w.llhe paid for tha recovery of a Boat, It feat keel, painted Black, which waa feloniously taken from the British ship Couatitntion. i ow laying at the Quarantine Orou?d, on application to tha Cap i tain oa board, or to tha consignee. JOSEPH McMURRAY an 14 2t rrc Cnp'erof Pine?nd South at. I , I WANTED. WANTED, SO able bodied men to go into tha country, to work on the Kr e Railroad. Oood wages will b? given. Apcly at Jennings' Hotel, corner of West and Duane ata, between the hnuraof 10 anil H o'clofk. ali It ja WANTED, FOR the U. S. Shin Independence, a Band of Muaietaaa. 1 Apply at the V. S. Naval Rendezvous, No. 0 Cherry at. uU 3'm WANTEU, AN experienced Salesman, accustomed to the Broadway ' I trade a?d well acquainted with Laces. Embroideries, ! tic. Apply to PETER ROBERTS. nul4 Stis *rrc 313 Broadway. I WANTED, 1 A few Arat rate Journejmeu Jewelers,to maka sett work, to whom constant employment and good wages will be 1 given. Apply to R1CL1NO fc BRO'S, ?14'?t*rrr Rn 1***. WAiN 1 tU-A kiiuaiiuu uy .e<i>ecuulf >ouug wouiau, j at Chambermaid or Nurse. Good city relrreucet. i Pleat* call at 141 Reade street. aull 2t*r TO~SOUTHERN DRUCUISTS. i WANTED, by a Young Man, an excellent Drnggiat, a ' situation to go Soath. Be?t of referencea given. A ! note addressed to JT A. C., at the Herald Office, N. Y., will j be vended to. ?n^m I JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY. | Office No. 50 IVall Street. New York. THIS Company being authorized by an act of the Legisla- , ture of the State of New York, pasted May 12th, 1816, ' entitled " Au act for the benefit of the Jefferaon Insurance , Company," to fill up ita capital stock. which waa impaired by loaaes occasioned by the fire of 19th July, 1(45; and the Board of Directors of aaid Company having unanimously re- | > ' solved thai the aaid capital atock be filled up accordin . to the provisions ol said act. Notice is hereby liven in conformity with said act and with the approval ol the vice Chancellor of the First Circuit, to all the present stockholders of the Compauy, thst they are rc- j ; tguired to signify, on or before the 20Ji day of October next, : to the President or Secretaiy of said Company, at iheimffice, j i No. 50 Wall s'reet, in the city of New Voilt, whether thev elect to fill up their stock, and also in case they elect to fill up their stuck, to pay the amount required at such times ' and such manner as the Board of Directors may hereafter de. cide. And notice is hereby further given that on the 20th day of October next, so much new stock shall be created and disposed of, as will make up the original capital of said coi porai ion, , and lor that purpose books ol subscription will be opened at the said office on the 2lsr day of October fnext, and contiuur open dtily from in to 3 o'clock, until the amount requ site is subscribed?(the present stockholders to have a prior right to such new stock.) The agreement to fill np shares as *bove mentioned and the new subi"riptions to t.tke effect on the 2d day of November next, on w hich day an instalment of five dollara per share is required on new subscriptions. And notice is hereby further given to such stockholders as | shall not elect to nil up their stock, or by neglect shall forfeit j j the right so to do. that they are required on the 2d day of No- I i vemher uext, to surrender to the ssid President or Secretary, at the said office, their origioal certificates of stock, and in lieu . thereof to receive new certificates, for such number of shares i as they may respectively be eutitled to, said Stockholders ; receiving pay for fractional parts of shares. I T. W. THORN K, Pre?. Oco. T. Hopk, Hec'y. Dated New York, August 10th. 1346. ;iu 12 2t*wtN2r fits ' Fits a "ore attk i u mph 1 IN MKDICINfe. has beeu achieved by DHS IV *N8 AND HAKT in the cure of Epileptic Kits,(or falling sickness ) H\steric I Kits. Convulsions, t-pasms, iic. Physicians of everv age have pronoonced this disease incurable The Proprietors of th* Vegetable Extract however, feel no delicacy I in sayiiyf that it caw be cuukd. They would, theielo e, respectfully invite physicians and all others * ho are interested, to examine the testimony wh ch is here < ffered II it i is dec-ption, let it be exposed, tint if it is true, then, in the name orhumanity, no longer let it be said that Kmlepsy is * incurable. Please call on, or address (post paid,) the followi persons : ? William H. Parsells, afflicted 13 years, certificate sworn to 1 before Mayor Havemeyer, March 7th u11.; Jacob Piity, li tears, 114 Delnncy St., N. Y ; the daughter of Oliver C. euslow, Esq . 9 < ears, Vonkers, N. Y ; ihe sou of Judge ' Haudall 6 yt a>s >1 Ea t Broadway, N. Y.; Mr. Bennett. 9 years 171 Grand at. N. Y : Jamea El'swortli. 7 ve ,rv 12 Dorerst, N. V.; Joseph McDugal. 8 yean, Kast Brooklyn, L I.; Henry W Smith ion of"Henry J. Stnith, J years, N. Y. Custom Hons*. Kor additional testimony, see pamphlets which may be bad gratuitous! i at onr office. N. B ?Price per box, with full directions. $0, $17 and $21; siufle bottles, with necessary medicines, $2. DR8. IVaNSIi HaHT, Proprietors, aolj lweod'mr Principal Office. 1(4 Grand street. MEfcN FUN?MEEN FUN? MEEX FUN. THK celebrated Chinese Skin Powder?Under the espe- | cial patrooaae or Her Majesty the Queen or Lngland, H. R H. Prince Albe t, and used in ill- Hoyal Nursery. This celeatial and splendid article juu imported. and introduced into this couiitiy, stands pre-rminent foi restoring, beiu'ifving a d preserving the complexion, renderii g the skin delicately wniie, smooth <tnrj soil prrrenting cutaneous eruptions, dtc.. and repressing, without detriincLt to the ssuiiory condition of the user, the truly unpleasant sensation accoiipaaying too copious perspiration. Tan, freckles, lie , are alike st erdilv dissipated by its salutary influence. Travetlera, and resideuls in warm clin>ates will highly appreciate this inraluable appendave to the toilet. To be had wholesale ol the sole Importers and proprietors, HOUBS 8t CO., 2 Wall street, and retail of all resectable Chemist* and perf'imers. anl2 lw*rrc DK. FELIX GOUKAUD'S I I'ALIAM MED1CATED SOAP. THIS admirable emolient it now by common consent rated A No. 1, as a remedy lor blotches, pimples, pustules, ' , senrf, tan freckles, sunburn, all kiuda of crnptions, and every species of discoloration of ine sum. All competi ion has been completely dis anced by this invaluable composition, the demand for - li Ml, writhiu the last sis mouths, has increased more than five hundred pel cent. The clearness and freshness which its use imparts to the complexion, hare rendered it proverbial as a heautifterof the Skin: and no dressing room can b? considered furnished with a proper toilet 'hat lacks Unur ad's Italian Medica-ed 8oap. If beauty be, as ia asserted, only skin deep, it is the more important that the thin covering in which loveliness resides, should be kept ia its pres- ' ut and most attra tire state. Dr. Oouraud's Grecian Hair Dye, (or coloring hair, has eompletelysuperseded all the old and delererions preparations 1 for that purpose Puudre Subtile for eradicating hair. The Lily White, made by the D ctor, ia by common consen' allowed to be the most excellent ar'icle for beautifying the complexion, that his erer graced a lady's or gentleman's toilet Linuid Vegetable Kouge for crimsoning pale lips and cheeks. These superlatire cosmetics, together with a Urge stock f choice perfumery end fancy article., are to he had genaine only at Dr. ? F. OOtJRAUD'U depot. 67 Walker street, first floor from Broadway. and the agency for Beal's Hair Restortire. Agents?Jordon, 2 Milk it., Boston; Carlton It Co., Low, ell; Green It Co , Worcester. anil Iw'r KITCHEN RANGES. T HOLMES' TWO OVEN KITCHEN RANGES. HE Proprietor* are now prepared to furmih Holme* ranges to the trade, or tec them op for private families or boarding houses, having purchased the right from the patentee to manufacture and sell them. Oar experience in maiiufsetnrin;.hmI setting Kitchen Ranges, in this city. Tor the past II rear*, warrants ns in asserting that Holinei' Range cannot be surprised lor economy, conrenience. and durability. They are warranted tfl perform the purpoee* for which they are purchased, and ifnot they will be removed free of any eipenac to the purcluuer. Numerou* reference* can be given to iieru ns wishing to purchase The price* range from ?to<4di Jar*. The proprietor* are constantly manulac. urine and are well applied with parlor, office, and bed-room ORATES, of the newest pattern*. Alio?TINWARE, bright, plaia and jammed They hat* Butni at *11 time* ready to act Ranges, grkte*. and boilers? also, smokey chimney* eared ; do care, no pay A. OILHOOLV A SON, anil ?m*f T' Nmmii sfrwat. Jb. F. K. O R T U >1, IMFOgTKH OF IMITATION PRECIOUS STONES, VENETIAN AND BOHEMIAN BEADS, TUMQUOISE8, GARNETS, GLASS DROPS, he. ke. an I lm*rrc No 5 lJtv STwrrT, New Vnag. FAMILIES GOING TU AND ARRl VING FROM THE COUNTRY. 1 LADIES OR GENT LK.MEN having *upe'fluon* effect* , to dispose of, such as Wearing Apparel, Furniture, kc., can obtain a fair cash price for the same, by tending lor the *ub*criber, through the Po*t Office, or o'herwUe, who will attend at their reiideuce*. J. LEV ENSTYN. 464 Broadway, ni' i air*. Ladie* can be attended to by Mr*. J. LEVENSTYN. aut lm*rrc FOR SALE. M A RARE CHANCE is now offered to any person pjW hiving a sm<ll capital to 'nvest in a sure business? XJU^the stock and fixtures of the w< II known Portef House i*i?g>otia, for sale, now doing a good business Apply ou the premises, No. W Canal st, between IS and 5 P. M. anlt 3frrc _ jmk DESIRABLE KAHM FOR SALE, containing 10 [ { acres, with good dwelling, fill d in with brick, bam, 4aaUL coach, cow, and smoke houses, all in complete order, silMHiedon * ?t ge route, 1)4 mile* from Tuft's Lan ling, to wards Woodhridge. N. I. Price (2,MO. D. E. X S., 2OT Pearl street au'l ei^'Wrnc REMoYAL OF RUKERI>ON3 lMKEMX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY fl THIC undersigned would respectfully notify tie pnblif, that he has removed Irnm his former location 1M to *9 Kulton i treet. Matin* i much more commodious tore, ind having otherwise increaied hit facilitiea, he u confident offl?in?na'i<raction to hia former patrons. ROBERTSON, Hatter. *9 h'ulton at.. ant> m*m (h?twen Wm ?nd OoH.) FINE BOOTS, FOR ?u) 6o, JCit^ made, and are eqaal to those sold in other store* for tl Fine Kreoch tail Drata Boots lor *4 S? equal to the beat mad*, and aold in this city for U or $T. Alt Boota warranted to five satiaiaetion. YOUNG lijONKB No. 4 An afreet, Near the AnMrlcan Vlnienm Qeiek aalea tod small profits is oar motto.?4 Ann street. I tSII 1W*B m rnhmmrmm+mmm ?wjj J i mlj FOR CAMP MEEltNO AT ROaSVtLLfc, STATEN ISLAND. 0% Th? steam boat WAVE will lun >i a ,rKul..r paaaage boat dariu* the Camp ZZjKjL .M?iIU(, commaucuic ou ' ondav. 'he I7ib iuai m, >liI .uu until Satoiday, Jearuif ih? hut of Baiclay tireet m( I o'ciock A. M.. aud I >i coca, r M.; learn k K ??rillr at 11 o'clock, A. M , ?ud6 o cluck, P. M.. ato?|.ing .t > ? Brighton. Screen Font. P.rt Richmond, Uinlxiti Port ?nd hrltca har? i{^ cetiii. aaU tii,*ric Tile. thi-.e cOli. PlC-NlC TO BuTLtK'S POINT, STATEN ISLAND, ja WILL take Place oo 1 l>orad<y nev ?T?>e CaLai Steamlwat Dr.LAWA,KK, ind B AHOK. E3QL will Uar? thr fir-t landing, fo >t of Deluicy iikii, .1 > u1 I ck, A. VI., Williamtburch. P?t ; loot f Pike itreatX voat <; Brooklyn, (near Faltou erry,) X to T: Pier No. I, N K, at 7: foot ol C->ual a-reet H put 7; foot of tiammoi d atreet at 8; loot of Nineteenth itrrct paat I; Irraay City kMit 8 Ticketi to lit had at the office of tbe Young American, and it th? landiugt. St e Urf? billi. aulj 5t*rrc PLEASANT Sl'NDAY EXCURSION. AROUND STATEN ISLAND, IK KAlR WEATHER. Kara Twenty-five Cenia?Chi draa undrr eight, free jMf) The >i'laudid ateainpncket AI.BANT, Capl. Hall, Sunday A/kernonn. Anguat w ill icjtc aa follows :?Foot of C'unal irreet ?t U o':lnek, P. M. ; Hammund a?rrat, at quaiter paat 12; Kifih at, C. R , at 1; Pike atreet, at half-put I ; Pier No. 2, N. K., at Tim excursion affords pu.engers a file view or the Fortiic-tions, and the beautiful sceuery of the Harbor, N*rrowa, VU'#1- Hook Lilihl House, Icc. aull 2t rc ma FAR>. REMITTED iO Hit KlfHI.NU LajPlSp BAN KS?izV, Clltl each way ?The last and 2E.safe steamer BUFFALO, aplaiu J. W. tiaiit ox.will l?Mve as above on Sunday,Monday and Tueaday. August lr.th 17ih, aud ISth as fallows Loot of H.irninond itrert I o'clock; f inal IU; DeUucey, IK; Pike, % to 9; Pier No 1 N. It., 9\{ .'clock. A.M. Refreshments provided >n board. Bait aud lines at a ?msll charge. Those- who delira the spoit of Ashing, will do well to take thia b >at, as >he iri I arrive ou the ground oue hour before slower boata The Buffalo, by yisitiug the Ashing ground nearly every day, h is liacovered the precise spot where fish are caught in ahuii lance. a 14 V is"r re.urLb a i.i.n*. ut- 9itA.>mtiAin pun alua.\ . Direct? Daily, Sundayseicepted?at To'clock, P.M From Steamboat pier between Courtlamit and Liberty its. jg* Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Capt. Alfred Houghton, will leave on Monday,Wednpsdav, and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat HENDRIK HUDSON. Capt. R O. Crattendea. will leave on Tuesday, Thnradsy and Paturday evenings, at 7 'clock. The above boats will, at all timee, arrive in Albaay in ample time for the morning can for the east or west. Weight taken at moderate rates, sad sons taken after 'j% o'clock, P M. AH persons are forbid trusting any of the boata of this 11m, without a written order from the captains or agents. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. Bchaltt, at the office on the whsrf. United States Mail Lin#. At 3 o'clock. P. M., Landing at Intermediate PlacM. From the Foot of Barclay St., Steamboat ROCHESTER. Captain , will leave on Mfuiltav WmtoMltilV ITniUv ?ni Hnnila* alLsn*?>.> * t o'clock. Steamboat SANTA CLAU8, Captain B. Oveilagh, will m?? oa Tneaday, Thuraday and Saturday afternoon*, at t 'clock. Apply on board,or at the office on the wharf. alo MORNING BOAT AT 64 0'CLOCKTOH ALBANY, AND intermediate landings, fiom the baHS) frot of Rohinaou atreet. Breakf??t and SdDL Dinner on Board Pisaage $1.?The new low pressure Steamboat NORTH AMERICA. CaptO. B. Riggs, on Mondays, Wedneadaya and i> ridayi, at 6X o'clock, For paasage or freight, apply on board. an in iw ^MQ A*L DAILY LINE OF BOATS BETWEEN NEW VORK AND 8TATEN ISLAND. XmJCE. The ateamboata SVLPH, Captain J. Braisted, and STATEN ISLANDER, Captain D. Van halt, will leave aa follows :? Leave Staten laland dM, I, I, II and 11 A. M? at 1,1, S, 4,5, land 7, F. M. Leave New York at T,t, II, and 11, A. M. and 1,1,1,4, 5, 1,7 and W put 7 P. M. All freight at the riak of of the ownera thereof. A stage will leave Vauderbilt'a landing for the Telegraphic Station every hoar throughout the day Fare 1IK centa. jv 10 KAK.K RbDUOLL). M FOR NEW HAVEN.?Passage reilnerd r i?to New Haven to $1 : to Hartford, St : to SCadHCCL 8pri"i field. S2 75 The splendid a?d fiat Steamboat TRAVELLER, Capt. J. Stone, will leave Perk Slip, E. R., every morning, (Sn idaya eicepted,) at ( o'clock, and tlie Steamboat HERO, Capt. R. Peck, every Tueaday, and Thursday auernoon, at 4 o'clock, and Saturday alternoon, v 1 o'clock anS Imiafh TKOV .ViURiMjNG AND fcV hiNKNG LliSh, MORNINO LINE AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. 0*L FOR ALBANY AND TROY-From the Strain boat Pier at the foot of Barclay atreet. SC^^C3LLanding at Peekakill. Weat Point, Newburgh. Hamilton, Milton, Ponghkeepsie, Hyde Park, Rhineoecfc, (J. Red Hook, Briatol, ( atakill. Hndaon, Coiaackie, Kinderliook and Baltimore. Breakfast and dinner on board the boat. The ateamboat NIAGARA, will leave on Monday, Wedaeaday and Friday MorningaT A. M. The a team boat TROY, Captain Oorham, oa Tueaday, Thursday and Saturday moraiaga, at 7 o'clock. Returning on opposite daya. For paaaage or freight apply on board, or at the office oa the wharf. NEW YORK. ALBANY AND TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, From the pier at the foot ol' Courtlandt atreet. The low-preaaute steamboat EMPIRE, Captain H.B. Macy, ivavea the loot ul Courtlaudt atreet, on Tueaday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at aeren o'clock. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. Wm. H. Peck, will leave ok Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, a( 7 o'clork. Passengers taking these Boati will arrive in time to take the Morning Train of Can Irom Troy weat to Buffalo, and aortli to Saratoga, Whitehall and Lake Champlain. For Paaaage or Freight, apply on board, or at the Office oa the wharl'. No freight taken after 5K o'clock. NOTIC E?All gooda, freight, bank bills, specie, or any other kind of property, positively at the owner'* risk. jilOr THfc MUST DELIGHTFUL OF ALL EXCURSIONS. jri A HAIL across the Hudson river to Hobo (uftkuibn, and then a walk to the Elysian Fieldj. 3C2kB3K.aioug the exceedingly picturesque shores ol the place, will prove the most easily accomplished and attrae tire of all rurual etcursiom that can be made from the city. The ground! now present a charmiDf iMt the frees be tagm leaf, and the aoil covered with rich tnrf. The walks are in excellent order, having been considerably embellished the present spring. Ou every pleasant afternoon there will he in attendance at the Collonnade. Elysian Fielda, an excellent Band of Music, which will i-erform selections from tha favorite Operas, popular airs, inarches, waltze?. kc. The Kerry Boata from Barclay, Canal and Christopher its., are completely fitted up with awnings and seals. Night Boats run from Hobokea to Barclay street nntil 11 o'clock. ferriage SJi cects ml ltn*r BOSTON A MEKS ftl/Vs. -JK.T. FOK HALIFAX AND L1VERPOOL.4 The Brit sh and N Auirriean Royal Mail AW- steam ship HIBERNIA. Capt A. Kyrie, ~ 5M250L2S? will leave boston for the above pons, on Sunday, i#th Aug , 1816. h or Kir-gin, Passage, or any o'hrr information, apply to D. BRIOHAM Jr. Agent, anil 2t rrc at H *RM)> N 8t' O.'S G W ll ?t. KKKNCH Srtlf ALBfc.lt. I? Debts that maybe JnHMPy. coutMcted by the crew will not be p*id by ihe 1 >1" >in, nor b> the con?iguees. anlSStrrc Jfjg- SHIP ALWfcRT?Consignees of the cargi are MtWW reonesred to send their permits ?n board, at Piei JHkAkfeb.No. 4 N. K, or to the office ol BOYD A>D H' oKtlS, 9 Tontine Buildi gs. Woods not permitted prior tn ztiih instant, must be seut to the Public store, an 15 it rrc iJRg- KilENCH SHIP SULTAN? Oebis tint may he *H**V contracted by ibe crew, will not be paid by the Jmtmmrn ''apta*n. nor ny the c- nsignee", anH 3' rrc SrtlP all LI'AN?Consignees -f cargo will be pleased toseno thei' Permits on bosrd, at Pier Ne. JKAfia* N K ,or totheoffi e or BOVD It ' UN' KEN. 9 I online Buildings. G.ods not permitted on the 10th iait., will be seut to I he Public store. au IS it rrc QENTRAL AND MACON AND WESTERN KAIL ROADS, GEORGIA. flgsaffa eoam r|*Hlul4? Roads with th* Western and Atlantic Railroid X of ihe S ate ol Oeorgit, form a eontinnons line from Savannah to Oothcil- gi. (ieorgia of 371 miles, vil Savannah to Vlacon... .Central Railroad 190 miles Macon to Atlanta Macon k Western Railmad 101 Atlanta to Oothe*loga. Wrstern k Atlantic " 80 " (J od? will he earned from Savauuah to Atlanta and Oothcaloga, at the loll jwmg rates, viz : n? (i>.Ani T., in. t. n.ii. Sugar, Coffee Liquor, Bnerfiug Hope, lanta. raloga. Butter. ( Itfitt. Tobacco; Leather, Hidea, Cotton Yarn*, Copper, Tin, Bur and Sheet Iron Hollow Ware a d Caatinga $0 JO $0 7J Klour, Hire, Hacoa 111 caaka or hoiea, Pora, Beel, Fi*h, Lard. '1 allow. Beea ii. Mill Gearing, Pin liou and Grind Stone*.... $0 J? *0 62H Oi :\tr Aii'RKMr^T Oooua. Bote* of Mutt. Bouneta and Furniture, per cubic loot SO 20 (OK Boti-* aud bale* of Dry Unods, Saddlery Olaaa, r?inia Drug* and Confectionery. pei cubic Toot SO 20 p. 104 |h?. JJ Crockpry, p-rcubic loot SO ii " " :-J Mo'a**et aud Oil, per hhd ( mailer caika hi proportion.) S9 00 $12 00 Ploqgh*. (i <rge) Cultivator*, Corn Shellera, ami Pirnw Cutter*, e.ch SI 21 $1 JO Plough*, (*i/,<tl) and Wheelharrowa... .SO #0 Si 0! Milt, pei Liverpool Hack SO 70 SO M Paiiaag. Savannah to AtUnta S'O 00 Children under 12 jear* ol age, half price. Bav?iinah to Macon, S7 00 OCT" U.ioda consigned to the Hubacrtber will be forwarded Creeof < oinmi** on* ITT" Freight miy be piid at Savan-ah, Atlanta or OotliCJlngi F WINTER, Forwardiug Ageut, C. R R SAVafisaH Angnat IJ. Ulti a J TC BlACK ball or old line of liverpool PACKETS. **3P- FOH LIVERPOOL?Only regular packet of the kEvVW.I6th Augnat?The new masoifirent, and celebrated jfififlbftat-aailing, favorite I'actet Ship NEW VOHK. Iiurtiieu 1000 tuna, Cipt. T. B. Cropper, will aail poaitively nil the 17th of Augnat. The accommodation* of the New York are fitted oat in a moat anperb and eoatlv manner, with erery modern improvement ana convenience, lhat cannot but add to ihe comfort of tlioae embarking Peraona Tiaitin* the old eonntry, or lending for their friend*, thou Id call and *ee ihia aplendid apecimeu al naval architecture, before engaging elaewhere. For paaaage in cabin, aecond canin, and ateerage, early application ahottld be made on '-oard, foot of Bevimnn atreet, or to the *ub?eriber?, _ _ ROf HE, BROTHERS It Co.. anil rre. J) Fnlton atiret. neat door to the Fulton Bank. NEW LUNfc OF packETs FOR liverPOOL P \CKfcT of tut A Ufa it ?Th? tpltudid, Out tail, r VAf. ? i'?r*ktI ir. wi-i.oi i4m Jmtilmb"rthen, Captain John Kldridfe, will mil on I- mi ,y. Aumi't Jill, her regular diy The itiii.1 of tliii I in* being all 1000 torn and npwaida, person* about to embark for the old country will not Tail to ?ee the adrantagra to he deri?ed from aelectiny thu line in preference to any other, as their treat capacity renden them every way more comfortable and convenient (han ahip* of a mall elf?; and iheir accommodations for cabin, second cabin nd steerage passengers, it is well known are superior tothose ofanyitfier line of rackets. Per-mis wishing 10 tecum berths, shoald not fail ro make early application on boaid, foot of Burlinc l*lip, or to W. It J. T TAPHCOTT, At th?ir central Paasaxe OAce, M Soeih at., MtU rrc Id door Mow lvlu| 8li. ppplllll -7T ' 'V r ; -%l I ' * < , >?,; , ?. i an- yrr . : ;:.^=a=r^ssssac irwwurrv. t ti.? * IfUb Co?idl?ii itid To-Ji'lf e??Btt!? Autmi 17ih will be pertvrmed the ."SLRV 01/? MA,N aud tbe Mali of Ntitt, Mr McShace. Mr. Collin*, ia Which be will lia? " Thr Sj.ne of Philrlah and .-hamrocli ?o Oritu." ATMC which, iht r?Tc* i Ttouy THK TILER, Teddy Mllownt), the Tiler, with the son* of " Widow Mahouey,' Mr Celliu* To couclude with the MISERIES OF HUMAN LIFE Doon j ?>i at 7 o'clock, and the p~rlor insures will coinm?uce *t hall'-,?at 7 o'.lock Bmi.il ; l it SO c?nte ; OelIwy Cell's. BO VV iK k '1'Hk.Al'JlK.-S.tard*,- t.veuiii*, Auiilik 14? , Will be performt.dthe L ma of DON < vR DE 1 BA/AN?Don C??ir'. ? limn, Mr J. H Scott; Don Jum, i Clarke; Mai Italia. Vtri Ph.liip*. After which th' new Kaice of A MAN WITHOUT A i HEAD?Mr Oblivious Top, Mr VV alcot To conclude with tie new (rand Dr.ima of the BLIND ! BOY'S DOOM, or the Duo of Castle Keep?Hewie de Wilton. Mr. BUnchird; Dn?i of the t. astle, Hector it Bram Dour j open at 7 o'clock, curtain will rue at halt pasi 7 ? Dreas Circle. 50 cents; Upper Boxes, *1 cents rn aud Oatlsry. 1 ijj cents. ( Gl(Kx.N VV It II THKATKK? Corner Varich aud Chart ' ton street*?*Hturdny Evening," Aeruat IS?Will be " performed theDUMBMAN OF MANCHESTEK, or the Felon Heir?Turn, .vr VV V Vv nod; Edward Wilton( Mr Freer; C Welter, Mr H Chapman; Jan* VVi'ton, Mi?s Crau- , foid; Mr* Wilton, Mrs Peuson; fatty, Julia Drake. Alter which the wouderlut performances ol the celebrated ACROBAT KAMIL < , co'is'sting of 'I liotnta Nunn, the Herculean. Hnnev Nu , the Daring, Walter INuun, the Active, and Mewaid Nunn. the Flexible. To conclude with the Laughable Karce of WHAT'S THE KOW VHO?T I Boxes, 26ceuta; Pit, 18U cents. Donra open at 7?performance to i-nmnn-iic < at ** tielon II o'clock. CASTLE -OAK DEN, with its extenuve Promenade! .s open day nud evening?^murday Eveumic. , August 15th, th- entertainment will include a good election of Music trout ttmrldieu, Lanuer, Kos'im, , J. Labiuky, Vou Weber Aeher, Guug'l, Mozart, which will be perlorined bi 'he Orchestra,, uoder the direction of Mr. C.W. Meyrer. u / luieriunsiou or nail an hour l-r Jerreshmenia, 1 anil to view tin- beautiful rante of COS.MOH AMAS. extending around the whole of the Esplanade, which will be brilliantly illuminated with gas. thm giving vititeri an excellent opportunity to examine rheM- HnutHu! Viewa. Admission durinv the day and evening t!\( ruin < H FLACIUh. AM) MR bURTON. ? ' The latt night the e two celebrated C'onudians can be seen i on the same o< ening thia Season. NIBLO'* UAKDUN?Hatftioiy r.veuing, August 15? ! Tne enterlainmeuta will commence with a popular , Overture. I . Alter which the Couuc piece called the 8C \PE OO ^T? Ignatiut Polyglot, Mr W ? Bunon: O d Eim-ace M' Everard :Ch*rlra. Arnold; Ma ter Frederick, Misa Hardwicke; Harriet, Mia* Ro^i-rU; Molly Magga, Mta Watta. Hall .u> hour a luicruuaaion lor me Concerts .\-Ia-Mus\rd, < in th? Refreshment Saloon. The whole to conclude with the COBBEER'8 WILL, or an Ac'or iu l.nck?Dop'ei, IVt Everard. Emile. Arno'd; 8t Krl ?, II. Placide; Countess Hetinier, Mra Watta; Juliet, Miaa I) Urn Doors upeu at 7 o'clock ; eutertaiEtnenu bagia at I o'clock. , Tickets 50 centa ' i CARD. C1 REENWICH THEATRE.?V189 CRAUKORD haa ' great pleasure in informing liar friends, and the theatrical public, that her benefit will take place at thia th'atra, on Tuesday evening next, 18th instant. The bill for that ?veuing will be on?t ol the moat attractive of the season, and one in hopes that will succeed in flllilf taf houae. Tlie ntrrtriumi-nts will ca->sist of the following piecea :?The Tragedy of FAZIO?Biancn, Miaa Crauford: Faiio, Mr. Freer. Mao SSaliapeare's Comedy of CATHERINE AND PLTRUCHIO?Catherine, Miaa Crau'ord; Petruchio, Vr. F'eer. The entertainment* will conclude with he YOUNG 8' \MP, in which tint charming actress, Miaa J. Drake, will perform the character ol Joseph. aul2 tl8iii*r-c NEW YORK SACKED MUSIC SOCIETY. EXCURSION TO NEWHAVEN, on TUESDAY, the Itth iuat ?Performance of the ORATORIO of the ME881 AH at the Commencement of Yale College. , THERACRED MUSIC SOCIETY, wuh auch of their 1 friends as arc desirous of joining them on this ocraaion, 1 will leave New York at 1 o'clock, P. M , and in returning will leave New Haven immediately at the close of the per- 1 ] furmanre I Ku'l particular* will be furnialied in a subsequent adver, tis-meut 1 To avoid the inconvenienc* of a crowd, the number of tickets will l>e limited Tickets for the t' p one dollar each. For ule at Firth Jt Hall's Muaic Stores- Atwill'a; Savton b Miles'; George F. Neahitt'a;J P Pe'kins, No I Wall street; J B Flandreau, 23 Bowery; of the Board of M inagera of the Society; or of an f me GEO WH1TLOCK. Sec . 88 Canal street. HOWES & 0075 N KW YORK MAMMOTH CIRCUS. THI8 unrivalled corps of Equestrians will perform at Buffalo2tth. 25th and ?th mat.; Williamsville, 27th; l.oekport 28:h and 29th, in route to Rochester, and will he at Rochester 7th, 8th and 9'h September. The Largest Establishment ever organized in the United States, comprising 15# Men and Horaea, r- quiring 2C Carriages to convey the per ormers wardrobes, musicians, fcc. 'flie company has attached to it Eight Female rquea ttians, ameng whom i? the Greatest Female Kider of the Age, recently arrived l'n m Pnris, MADAME MARIE MACAKTE, wh>senew st\ le of Equestrian Feats, peculiarly her own, 1 being rhiite and classic; her graceful aiitl fascinating address, i . I and the charming naivete with which she chains her audi ence. reader ihl? gifted mid highly-educated artitte the lead- 1 iug fe uure of ihe arena in liiia conntry. The Proprietors ] | relrr the public to the brilliant description given in the respective newipapera of the extraordinary and daring feats perfoiiued by this distinguished artiste. Kouftrian Director, Mr H > -VE3. Rising Master, Mr. i NIAON.a'id the unapproachable Clown, D XN RICE. /immig the Performers is the celebrated and principal Rider, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HOBRH, whose feats on | Horseback ?re the moit extraordinary ever witnessed, luve mle act of Horsemanship by Master Nixon Olympic K.xeri cues, by the whole Company, led by the great Europe 11 Tumbler, Mr. MACARTE Wonderful Keats by Mr. i role's Dgs, Hector and Billy. The 8WIS9 BROTHERS, ' ill their elegant Gymnastic Postnres and Groupings. Mr. Sweet aa the Charioteer of Phaubus Postu ing and Ormnasties, by Mr. Nixon and his son. Mr. Howe* in hi > , thological aud brilliant Act of " Fancies of Proteus" Mr. I C. Howes in Slack Hope Involutions Mr. Geo. Sweet, the celebrated Tight Kojie Dancer. With a variety of o'hers The whole comprising the leading, most talented, and elastic performers in the world mil HO K.H k ' O 'S Mew York Mammoth <jrcn? \ 1 i.<ki<i 1 it. UARU(,.l lO 'TL.OI Hfll ll'.i'. J\ SKAWON.?I>i;dwf?rth'? Coraei Hand will ii?rio.-:n e*rtii Tjesdny acd Fridav ereumgs, commencing luc bs-i, MS S o'clock. Admittiuse.c Ires my! *iu*r? WILLIAM ALLIRON, rro?-.ai M'l-I.K P Vl'LINE DESJ ARDINH 'wouid"respectfn'li infin m her pupils, he . th t she has returned from Sa! ratoga Springs, (where she h >d the honor of introducing the Rednwa Waltz, which she had just received from Paris.) and that she is now prepared to renew her lessons in all the most fashionable dances, at her residence, No. 71 Leonard st eet. west side of Broadway. aul!2w*rrc THh. ALHAMKA. ICE CREAM SALOON, No. 560 DnMiitvay, between Spring and Prince. TO STRANGEH8?Strmngera visiting the city will find a new attraction in the Saloons of the Alhamra, whi-h, : aside from tha delicions Ices and Confectionery to he fouud there, is fitted np lu a stile of Eastern splendor and magnificence uever before attempted in th s country. The be<u'iful fouu ain in the tesselated court, which displays a variety of curious and ingeniou jeis nut only keeps ihe air delightfn'Iv cool and pleasant, but excites an amusing interest and a thonsand conjectures; while the spacious promenade around the balcony affords a view, every pleasant evening, of more beauty and f,shi"ii thin can be found congregated in any other place of public resort in th? city. Indeed no where can an nunr be passed m re ra'.ionnlly or agreeably. IL.T" Admittance free anil lwi**rre NEW YOHK f*ACRIiD MUSIC SOCIETY EXCURSION TO NE'V HAVEN HANDEL'S GUAM) ORATORIO OK THK ME^IAH AT THECOMMENCEMEN I'OK YALF.COLLEGE. as On the occasion above referred to the fLrtHp JpSacred Musie Society, with such of their JtC^ZXHaaKBrrieiHU as ate de.i ous of accompany ing the in, will embd-lc oil board the steamer N'iRTIl AMERICA, at 1 Pier No 2 N. R., on Tuesday Next, 18th inst., at 1 o'clock, i p vt The performance of the Oratorio of the Meaaiah will take place ?l the Method >t Church, in New Haven, nt 8 o'clocK. The solo parta will be sustained by peraona of eminent talent, 1 and the Oorm and Inatrumental department will lie equal to the be-t performancea of the Society in thia city. The whole nnderthe direction of Mr. U. C. Hill fn returning, the Bout will leave New Haven immediately at thrcloae of the performance. A Collation an-I Supper will be provided on board the boat prev out to rrachmg, and after leaving, New Haven. In adili'inn to the Orcheatra, Lothian'a celebrated Bra?? Band ia engaged, and the paatage to and from New Haren will be enlivened with choruae*, gleea, inatrumental mime, fcc. The Uoird of Managpra have made the arrangement with a vie* of affording uninterrupted enjoyment to all who participate in tlna exenraion. I Ticketa $1 each (excltuive of refreahmentt). For aale at 1 Fiith k Haifa inuaic atorea, Atwill'* Saxton k Milea', Geo. ' F Neahitt'a, J. P. Perkina, No I Wall afreet; J. B. Flandrow, 236 Bowery; Charlea Ho't, Jr. 156 Fulton atreet, and at the reaidenceol OEO. WHITLOCK, Sec'y. 13 17118m 88 ( anal atreet. CENTREVILLE COURSE. LONO ISLAND RAILROAD Train! will leave Brooklyn at 2 aud <P M:, for the Courae to witi e?? the great fi. Id apoitaon Monday next, the 17th iuit. Fare, each way, I 2J centa. auli at m ! ATHLETIC CJAMES, AND MAN777 SPOK.lt> ! m T _ H 1 ATTHK CKN I'KEVILLK I KtU'l'iMJ t.uUKsKMouday, Auguit 17, 1846 ? Free for all Com|>etitora.? No entrance fee. The gamra and aporti under the direction of Mr John Sneridan, of Boaton, the celebrated Profeaaor of Oyranaatica. PROGRAMME. I Tretting match, under the aadd'e?I mile and repeat? for all horaea that never trotted for money ?catch weight. Entrance, fl. Prixe, one elegant Saddle and Bridle, , t 2d. Long foot race?one mile round the conrae. Prue, a >plen<<id Silver Cup 2d Tnrowin* the Sledge?weight ISIha. Prixe, $] ?tn. wneioirru w race rouuo ins i/onrae. rme, a rirn Hil?er?'np. I 5th. RnnniiiC Racka?100 yardi. Prlie,$3. ?ih. Wheelbarrow nee?iilindlolded?100 yard?. Prize (3. 7th. Stx rt foot race?100 v*rd? ' <th. Pifenn nhootiiiR?21 ni da?ai* competitor!. 9th I'limhnif ih- g raaed , ole. Prize. $1. IT7" Pin* on the top of the Pol*. 10th Pit rare?till treated Prize, the Pi*. Ihe Conrae will be opened at 2 o'clock, uid the <|>oit? will commence at 3 precitely. ?nl3 t*?.c 41 FOR HALB?\ rerr fut trottini Miirr, 13 htnili zl^r> hwh. fire ye?r? old. a .d kind in *1' hameia KnCLZX. quire of TOW.Nrtt.ND It SCUDDCR. Litery BMhlet. I * d 0 W ater ?Uept. Brooklyn. ?B? *t*r-C tutv oAUb, TWO HHK 8JIDDLK HO MUCH, WII^Ldriee alto m a earrinite. They ?ft ^yip^arf jnat the rijht lite For ?* ? ? y ^a> M jiwrnuni, ?nn rinrr Dffn |rmi uaeo - tb* Apply M rhe df?k of the Harold Offioe, for ! i.<?.?%/, <9^? KI.Mii HAtxLhs sCAMfcw-?i*. b ack ml jWI Tanned, rery fin*, jn?t imported perihip 8t Jainea, I 1 Londoa. Alio, Three Shetland Pomea, anitable (or genflemen'a ?*ry docile and perfectly mana*eahle. e'or Sale by A OK1 fc.VE, No. 4 John atreet, Importer and dealrr in Birda, Wgl fce. aal Im^rrlVfHH KOKTHKN, |2I Spin* itreet, returua Iwr th-oika "l to the Ladiea for the pa-ro>iafe aha haa received tine* the introdnction of the '-IHCVLAK 8MRT. frhe be*" leave to oil the attention of th.>ae who hare not yet tried them The quahtiea of ihia Skirt have been ao well feared by their being conatantly in demand, and are atill acknow- | ledged to anrpaaa any other article of the kind, thonfh ollie-a advertiae to hare made a recent invention, Ihe only one atic' reaeful ! (?) The ( irc-lar Skirt poaaeaaea all the proptrtiea neceaaary for comlort. and *ivea a irwrlalawa to I he ilaare. In eonaeguenee of the increaaniit demand 'or theae Skin., thev are now kept cooatantly on hand, and mad* to order with deapatch. I>rea?ea fcr made in t*ie neateat manner an? Iw m (,fcMUMr,N'S hTZmJII LittESS lKJUTS. GENTLKMEWS Engliah Buakina, made of patent Leather. Tampiro Morocco, and Ualf, faahionahle atyle, for aale Cheap. whoUaale and retail, at tnannUctarer'a l>r- 1 I pvt. 7} Maiden last aali tw*t j ncjumvmmMMtmmu LVM btbubm:. TELEGRAPH REPORT. Baltimok, Aug 14, 9, P. M. The weather to-day lias been very warm ; thermometer, mt 2 o'clock., P. M . stood at ttl Thure is no local news of interest Stocks are dull, and city and state securities have slightly declined There is a slight decline in Flour to-day. The mad from the \ve?t contains nothing t>om '.ha 3ante Fe sxpedition Elections. North Carolina gives a whig majority?St-nuie !? House 17 Graham's majority is upwards 01 root) so say the Richmond papers. Indiana.?Returns from this State show a smtui ivhig majority on joint ballot. Prom the iUMifi We have Now Orleans dates to the 7th instant, which contain a few additional particulars from the army. General Taylor was despatching regulars to Camargo with all possible haste ; likewise sending large supplies of munitions. The bigbest point on the river at which any of the volunteer troops were stationed was at Someta, between Barita and Matamoras. General Worth had been ordered to lay out a 3atnp for 10,000 men at Camargo, and eatabhafe a ieoot sixty miles from there on the road to Monterey. The steamship Massachusetts left Braaoa July 21st, bound to New Orleans, with volunteers. The ship Howard, of Savannah, Irom Liverpool, via New York, went ashore at Nag's Head an the 30th ult., and is supposed to be a total lot* ?insured for #8000 in New York. Dates from Havana have been received to the 1th instant. One of the Mexican steamers wnt fitting out for England, under British colors. BY THE MAIL8. Washington, Aug. 13, ISM . Arrival of General Brady and Col Cram from the Court of Inquiry in the rate of General Gaines? Mr. Marcy?Injustice?The Qi*ettion of the Disbanding the Louisiana Volunteers?General Brady?Overtures to Mexico. General Brady and Colonel Ct?ane arrived here o-day from Point Comfort, bringing with them the record of the trial of General Gaines, and tin* tinding of the Court. The two oflioers immediately repaired to the War Department and communicated their decision to Mr. Marcy. It will be made known by the President in a few days It is understood to be favorable to General Gaines. You will find in to-day's Union, a correspondence between the Secretary of W?r, Governor Johnson of Louisiana, and General Taylor, concerning the disbanding of the Louisiana Volunteers. Mr. Marcy has been severely censured by some of the New Orleans papers, but I think without reason. It is a hardship tobe-auralor those brave fellows who were among the first to volunteer, ta be sent home without having any hard knock". But it wns not optional with Mr. Secretary Marcy to keep them in service after [heir terms of enlistment had expired; and the only alternative in his power toofTer, them he offered them at once, that is, to enlist for twelve months, under the act of Congress of May last. Tne question lies in a nutshell?first, was there any law under the operation of which he could continue thein in service, after their term ol enlistment had expiredl None. Was he justified in retaining tbein in servir* without the authority of law 1 Certainly not. In this klifficult position, he acted boldly and promptly. He communicated to Gen. Taylor tne nonexistent* ol any law by which the three monthV volunteers could bo retained in service. instructed hnn to otler tUem the choice of two alternatives?to enlist under ihe act of May Inst, tw twelve months' volunteers, or to be disbanded. At the sumc time, he leehngly expressed his tegret at being obliged K. take this step. I do not 8er? what other course was open for Mr. Mtrcy.? There was the law staring him in thfc face. He deeply and bitterly lamented the necessity that existed of disbanding the bravo fellows, and worked nt the thing for a long time, trying to arrange it in such a way as to retain them in service ; but it was impossible. The law has been in existence t-ince an early period of the government, and is u foolish one at best. It was never made with a view to such a crisis as now exists. But there it stands?the law?and it is not for Mr. Marcy to gainsay it, or to go beyoud it. To blame a man for doing his duty, under such ciraumstances, is rank injustice. General Brady is a groy-haired veteran of He is as straight, lithe, and active as a man of fifty. He is the oldest officer in the Amerioan army, and I need not say one of the bravest He has a fine forehead, and his countenance is oppressive of benevolcnce and amiability. He is as joviiil and buoyant in Bpirits as a man of two and twenty. As I Imve more than once told you, no overtures have been made by Mcx:co to this country Ihe overtures on our siae, however, are likely to be well received. Information to this effect h-i? reached our government, from a private souiua, which I do not feel myself authorised in naming. It is a source upon which reliance can be pUced, although it is not official. A letter, as you have been already informed, has been sent, uuder a flag of truce, to Vera Cruz, to be despatched there to the Mexican government, making friendly overtures. Meantime, ihe operations of General Taylor will proceed. 1 trust that the Mexican government will lister to the dictates of reason, as well as of uterect, and cease to honeletslv draif on o war which must. ultimately terminate in disaster to theiuselve?. Gaivibiiu. Washington, August 13,1846. Mexico? The United Statn?A Glance at the Patt ?A hook at the Future?Renewed Energy of tk* Government?Oregon?Appoin tmentt. The injunction olsecresy having been removed from the proceedings of the Senate, on the confi dential communication asking an appropriation of two millions, to be used if necessary, in concluding a just and honoiable peace with Mexico, the public will be surprised to learn that already a dove lias been sent through Com Conner, to Mexico, with the olive branch, and by this time, probably, has delivered to Com. Conner the instructions of our government! The Union presents but '* a brief summary of the facts," while the Intelligencer publishes them in detail. Contrasting the two it will be seen that "brevity" makes im(>ortant omissions, though it is said to be the "soul of wit." This day three months Congress declared "by the act of Mexico a state of war exists between that government and the United States," and the President, the same day, proclaimed it "to all whom it may concern;' and exhorted "all 'he good people" to "exert themselves in preserving order, in promoting concord, in maintaining the authori y nnd etlieacy of the laws, and in "iipporting and invigorating an mo mc?sures which may be adopted by the con-iituted authorities for attaining a speedy, a just, and tin honorable peace ! With a unanimity never before known in any age or nation the people responded " amen." The bat'lesoj Palo Alto ;ind Kesaca de la Pnlma had been fought, but the news of victory had not reached the capital The result filled every heart with joy, and with anxioty we looked for a"*poedy" peace. But, since, nothing ol consequence ha* been done, li we txcept the occupation ofMatamoras, and the taking peaceable poscesskw of Catuargo. From Hi* d?y to this we have heard of preparations on the part of the United States, by land and sea. An association interested in Mexican aftairs, was informed by the Earl of Aberdeen, on the tkh of June, through Mr. Addington, that "her majesty's government are fully conscious of all the evils that must attend the rupture which but unfortunately taken place between the United Stati and Mexico, nnd especially of Ihe fact that british interests cannot fail to suffer most deeply Ironi such a state of things. You may, thereiore, be well assure d that her majesty's government will watch with the utmost vigilance ine progress of eveui?, and wid omit no favorable opportunity of employing their best stforts with both the belligerents, in oider to caiin their aouiiOMbM, and restore peace between die two countries." The Ixmtto* Herald, several days previously, sa d that the nennuarv nowers for mediation would be lorwarded to Mr. Wkeuh?nt by the Caledonia steamer,

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