26 Eylül 1846 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

26 Eylül 1846 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THJ Vol. XII, Mo. DltUWkeU No. ?.W. HAILHUAIW, ?c, LONG ISLAND HAILKOAIX F.1LL JiRRJINGEMENT, MM me mm im <u!> yy Ou iuiu citer MO.MJAk. vi't 21, miu, Ttaius will ruu as follows: Leave J'kookhn? it 7 o'clrck A. M. (Button trr.in) Tor lireenp.irt daily, (except Sundays) stopping at Farmiui[dale and St. George's M iuor. " " .-.t 9!-i A M., daily, for Farmingdale and intermediate places. " " nt 9>? A. M., Tuesdays. Thursday* and Saturdays, for Ureeuport and intermediate places,?t 4 P. M., for K'ariningdale, daily. Lcavk ukecmrort?at 9'a A. M , Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, for Brooklyn. " " at r. M., (or on tlie amvnl of the boat from ] Norwich,) Boston tram daily, (except Sundays,) stopping at St. George's Manor and Farmingdale. Leave Fahmimodale at 6*,' A.M. daily, (except Sundays,) accommodation train, and l>i P. M. Leave Jamaica?at 8 o'clock A. M., and 2W P. M , for Brooklyn. A freight train will leave Brooklyn for Greenporr, wiih a passengers' car attached, on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, at t A. M. Hemming, leave Greenport at 1 o'clock P. M., on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays, stopping at intermediate places. SUNDAY TRAIN. Leave Brooklyn at 9 o'clock A. M.. for Greenport. Hetnruing, leave Ureenport at2)i P.M., for Brooklyu,stopping stall the stations. , s!7r CK.M 1KAL. AN U MAUUN A_ND Wjt3Tt.it? RAIL ROADS, GEORGIA. J. ol the State ol Georgia, form a continnona line from Savannah to Oothcaloga, Georgia of 371 mile#! Tlx :? Savannah to Macon... .Central Railroad. .190 miles Macon to Atlanta,. ..Macon k Western Railroad 101 " Atlanta to Oothcsloia. Western Ik Atlantic " BO " Goods wiM be earned from Savannah to Atlanta and Oothcaloga, at the loUowingrates, viz : Oi* Weight Goods. To Jit- To OotKSugar, Coffee. Liquor, Bagging. Rope, lanla. et/oga. Butter. Cheese, Tobacco, Leather, Hides, Cotton Yarns, Cupper, Tin, Bar and Sheet Iron, Hollow Ware and Castings $0 5# $ 7J Flour, Rice, Bacon in casks or boxes. Porn, Beef, Fish, Lard. Tallow, Beeswax, Mill Gearing, Pig Iron and Grind Stones SOU $0 62X On Measurement Goods. Boies of Hsu, Bonnets and Furniture, * per eubic foot. SO 20 (0 26 Boxes and bales of Dry Goods, Saddlery Glass, Paints, Drugs and Confectionery, per cubic foot SO 20 p. 100 lbs. SS Crockery, per cubic foot. $0 16 " " IS Molasses and Oil, per lihd. (smaller casks in proportion.) S9 00 $12 00 Plnnvhs. flsrirel Cultivators. Corn She]. ler?. and Straw Cutters, each $1 25 f 1 50 Ploughs, (small) and Wheelbarrow*... .fo 80 (1 05 Salt, per Liverpool Sack $0 TV |0 96 Passage. Savannah to Atlanta... $10 00 Children under 12 rear* of age, half price. Savannah to Macon, $7 00 0" Goods consigned to the Subscriber will be forwarded free of Commissions. (T/" Freight may be paid at Savannah, Atlanta or Ootlicaloga. F. WINTER, Forwarding Agent, C. R. R. Savawwah, Angust 15. a!5 2m?rrc REGULAR MAIL LINE FOR BOSTON. VIA NORWICH St WOR^glCESTER, without change j?Cara or Baaptge, or withoutJ^^^^K JLmJL ^crossing any Ferrr ,5BC. raj-eugev tniog their aeaw ?t Norwich, are lusured their aeata through to Boston. This being the only inland route that eommuuicates through by steamboat and railroad. Passengers by this line are accompanied through by the conductor of the train, who will have particular charge of their baggage, and who will otherwise give his attention to their ease and comfort. Thialine leaves aouth side Pier No I, North River, foot of Battery Place, daily,(Sundays excepted) at 5 o'clock. P. M., and arrives in Boston in time to take all the eastern trains. The new steamer ATLANTIC, Captain Dentin, leaves every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturd ys, at 5 o'clock, P. M. The steamer WORCESTER. Captain Van Pelt, leaves ever)- Monday. Wednesday, and Friday, at 5 o'clock, P. M. For further information, inquire of J. H. VANDEHBILT, No. 8 Battery Place. North River. *1 tf rc TO WESTER)* TRAVELLERS hpH El'ublic is respeoutyw- TVSrmed that the recent break X in the Canal, caused V 'fee iWe freshet, having been repaired, the PIONEER It EXrHjfcSS LINE, via Railroad and Canal from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, oommenced its regular trips for the season oa Monday, the 6th of April, leaving the Depot, No. 274 Market itreet, DAILY, at 7>( o'clock, A.M. ... By thia route passenger* will avoid all the untrue and dan per ot night travelling in ooaches, both Railroads being passed in daylight. For further information, apply at the old-established Office >71 Market street, S doors above Eighth street. apIO <m?rrc A. B. CUMMINOB. Agent r , BRITISH AND NOKTH A.MER1^^^CfllBICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, 1200 tons and 140 horse power each, nnder contract with the Lord* of the Aimt HIBERNIA... .. Capt. A. Ryri*. CALEDONIA Capt. E. O. Lott. BRITANNIA Capt. J. Hewitt. CAMBRIA Capt.C. H E. Jndkuui. ACADIA Capt-Wm. Harmon. Will Mil Iron Liverpool and Boa ton, ria Halifax, a* folIowa jrmoM BoiTon. raox litkhfool. Britannia Sept. 16,1M6. nambria Sept. 4, 18!6. Cambria Oct 1, Hibernia II, Hibernia " 16, Caledonia Oct. 4, Caledonia Not. 1, Britannia. " 19, Punai Mom. From Boston to Liverpool flM. From Boiton to Halifax It. No bertha aeenred nntil pud for. Theae ahipa carry experienced sargeons. No freight, except apecie, received on days of Bailing. For freight, passage, or any other information, apply to D. BKIUHAM, Jr. Agent, AtHARNDBN It CO.'8, 6 Wail at. (T^ In addition to the above line between Liv*rpool and Halifax, and Boaton. a contract haa been entered into with Her Majesty'a government, to establish a liae between Liverpool and New York direct. The steamships for this service are now being bnilt, ana early next year dne notice will be given of the time when they will start. Under the new contract the ateamera will aail every Saturday during eight months, and every fortnight daring the other months in the year. Going alternately between Liverpool, and Halifax and Boston, and between Liverpool and New York. ill jy: jigr ?!?? iifc syn> p. ^^rtRNEsT^xT's NE1V YORK AND LIVERPOOL EMIGRATION OFFIC E PW. BYRNE8 k CO , of Liverpool, are desirous ofin forming the pnbl ic of the United States, that they coatinue ro despatch a line of first class Ships and Packeta to New York, on the 1st, 6th, Uth. 16th, 21st and 26th of each month; and on the 12th a'd nth for Philadelphia, and on the lib and 20th to Boston, and at stated penods to Baltimore; also to New Orleana daring the healtny season; by any of which lines names can engage for their friends to be brought out withont disappointment or delay, thu being the oldest ?ud large ?t establishment in the passenger trade in Li?erpool, and haviug found the importance ot a direct Agency in the United States, for the purpose of placing within the power of the frie da of the passeogers coming ont, the immediate correspondence with a respectable establishment, from whom they e*n rely for attentioh and favor towards their relationa leaving ihe old country. P. W. BYRNES k CO. offer many advantages to passengers which no others hare attempted, in a direct commnnication bv thcr ships from Ireland to the United Sta'es. aa they hare, invariably, vessels dnncg the spring from Dublin, Cork, Waterford, )*elraat and Londonderry, by which meaaa emigrants are aaved much trouble andripense. by being shipped at their own seaport and also that of beinj Itnded in any of the porta of th? United States to which ships trace from Liverpool, nearly at the same coat as direct to New York. P. W. BYRNES k CO- have agents in all the seaport towna in Ireland, from whence ateamera leave for Liverpool, and in many of the interior towna, who are most attentive to emigruita on embarkation, and by whom any money can be paid that may be required to procure sea stores, &c. The porsuus who act for thia Company in the United States are? NEW YORK ?Mr. Edward Saul, H South, corner of Wall street. BOSTON?Mr. W. P. McKay. 51 MilK street. PHIL AD ELPHI A?Messrs. H. C. Craig fc Co., Market street. BALTIMORE?Mr. George Law NKW ORLEANH?Mr. John Tool#. Da apti Attn EvcHAtsnr ?Drafts fer any amount, payable tsigiit, on the Provincial Bank of Ireland and all ita branches, and *1 j j on all the pnncipal towna of England and Scotland, withoatdiscuuut. For Particulars of term, apply^ & ^ 18 South, coiner of Wall ?t.. New York. P. W. BYRNES U CO., 144 lm*m ? rrnirrino lllliq, LITfr|H)ni. KUn LI Vfc?l*?<Ot -'i'he New Liue?negmar ll^K Packet of Hat Oct?The superior, last tailing JHttfaracket 'hip ROCHESTER, 800 tout uurilien, Capt. J?,h? Mniten. will Mil as abort, liar regular Jay. Cor freight or passage, hrviug elegant and inperior accommodation*, apply to the Caprain onboard, at west side bf Barling slip, or to WOODHULL ?c .MIN TURN, 87 Sooth street. Price ol pataage, $100. 1 he packet ahip HOTTINOtTER, 1000 ton*. Captain Ira Baralet, will succeed the Rochester, audi Mil on her regular dar, *lit November. >2} fluH NEW oElKAMH?To aail oa the Mth of MJBV Baptember, the splendid fa*t sailing new packet JBSBbship ADELINE, Captain Pike. Her accommodation* lor a limited nnmber of aecond ctbin and steerage passengers, are nuiurpaaaed. Apply on board foot of Pine street, 0,10 ... ? .? , oeohoe sherlock, 153 Maiden Cane, 4 doors from from South street. Pauage can ?lso be had to and Irom Liverpool, and all parts of Great Britain and Ireland, by applying as above. ?23 3t?r FOK LI VJfcWPOOL.?-Mesolar Packet of the Wth WWVjfrP.V-S'.'SrrTfo. class fast sailing packet ship JHNBaSOUTHERPiER, Capt. Palmer, will Mil as above, her regular day. ' Having very superior accommodations for cabin, aecond cabin and steerage passengeri, persons intending to embark should make immediate application on board foot of Dover atrert, or to JOSEPH McMI'RHAY, all rc corner of Piee and South streets. FOR LIVERPOOL?Tnsetf ? the tok Beiit. dnWThe splendid last Miling Packet Ship A I) IRONaWKUACK. Capt Shipley. I0M tons burthen, will positirely sail aa abore. Having splendid accommodations for a limited number of passengers, persons intending to embark honld make immediate application on board, foot of Hoosevelt street, or to GEORGE SHERLOCK, lit Maiden Lane, near South st. Parties wishing can have their frieuda brought out by thia ship. *13 3t*r ~ J**- fOH NKW ORLEANS.?The superior and fast MWVtailing packet ship ANNE, Capt. Hill, will meet .'^ fiewith despatch for the above port. Tnis ship's accommodations for cabin and steerage |>aMengers are nnaarpassed by any ship now up for the above port. For freight or paitage, which will be at the loweat rates, apply to _ JOHN HERDMAN* ctml IJonthst. If. B1The subscribers wiU have a rtgnlar succession of paaket Shi pa, Mlliag weakly tor the above fort. all E NE NEW WJBA HBUAll, M . PEOPLE'S LINE OV STEAMERS KOR ALBANY. Direct?Daily, Sundays eiccpted?at 6 o'clock, P. M. From Steamboat pier between CaurtlanHt and Liberty itij|Mn>IL Steamboat KNICKEKBOCKER, Capt. A. BaKaU1 Houghtoa, will leave on Monday, WedneaSkwflUib day ,uid Friday evening!, at 6 o'clock. SteamW KE.NDR1K HUDSON, ('.apt. R. li. Crattenden, tew e ou Tnesdsy, Thursday and Saturday evening*. ?' 6 o'clock. The above boau will at all limes arrive in Albany in ample time Air the moruiuK cara Tor the Eaat and Weat. 're'lfit taken at moderate rates, uil none ukca after J o'clock, P. M. All ptrsous are forbid trusting U|r or the boats of this lino, without a written order from the captain* or agents. r or passage or freight, apply on board theboats, or to P. C. Schultx, at the office on the wharf. UNITED 8TATE8 MAIL LINK. At i o'clock, P. M., Landing at Intermediate riace*. /'rem (Ac Seal at Barclay itrtet. Steamboat NOHTH AMERICA, Capt. R H. Fury, will leave on Mouday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday afternoons, at 4 o'clock. . _ _ Steamboat SlNTA CLAUS, Captain B. Overbaugh, will leare on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at J o'clock. Apply on boird, or at the office on the wharf. ?Slrc TO TRAVELLK.ua GOINU SOUTH. NKW AND MOST AORKEABLE LINE TO Frederickitnrgh, Richmond, Ptltrtburgk, Va } Lynchburgh, Raleigh, H'rlden, N. C; and Charlnton, S. C. jg* THE PUBLIC are iuformed that th* uew fl?Milf iidid '"w pressure steamer MOUN 1' 3^ZZ9CK?VERNON, connecting with the Oreat Mail Line at Acquie Creek, leaves Commerce street wharf, Baltimore, every Tuesday and Friday evening, atC P. M., for tlie above points. Through Tickets to Richmond ..SI 00 " " to Petersburg 4 00 " " to Welden.N.C 7 OH " " to Charle ton, 8. C 19 00 Being at the same price, more direct and expeditious, and much more carpsm than 'he Chesapeake Bay ana James River Steamboat Liae, all the wide and r?ugh portion of the Bay, between ihe mouth of the Potomac and Old Foiut Comfort, being entirely avoided by this Line. Travellera are adviaed that the Line hereby advertised ia part and p<rcel of the Oruat Mail Line thiough Virginia, and that it is the intention of the Companies composing the Great Mail Line that passengers shall be conveyed by them iu connection with ihe Mouut Vrrnon, always ?a cheaply as by any any other line, and with more cumfort, expedition ana certainty, than by any other Line except the Line via Washington. For further particulars enquire at the Southern Railroad office, Pratt St., Baltimore, of STOCKTON (it FALLS, or at ?v - .V. iriinii, u< UH iUC?l)l OJ1U rilUltyS Oil board the Mount Vernon, of C. W. GUNNEL, Captain. N. B?Travellers by the above Line will bear iu mind that they have two hours more in Baltimore than passenger* by the Chesapeake Buy ami iame* Kiver boats, anil yet reach any point South ol Petersburg at the aame time with these last, even when there is no breach of connection by the Bay Line s!8 1m*>c NOTICE. TROY EVENING LINE. HOUR CHANGED. jMf) MJt ON and after TUESDAY, September 15, ffL,. . low pressure steamboat EMI'l RE, t 'apt. SmSKiSuK U Macy, nill leave the steamboat pier at the foot of Courtlandt street, at 6 o'clock, P. M., instead of 7 P. M.. as her?tofore sU r FOlt STATEN INLAND! M/m ON and after TUESDAY, the 15th day of September inst, the boat will run u fallows: \WT Mr t r r Staten Island at 6, 8. 10, It A. M. and 2, 4. a- d 6 P M. L'ave New \ ork at7, 9. It A. M. and I, 3,5, and 7 P. M. AH freight at the risk of the owners thereof. iHr sm INDEPENDENT MORNING LINE AT CESlsJmStl O'CLOCK.?FOR ALBANY from the ^ taiSHSHLateamboat pier at the pier foot of Warren street. Pitmnce tl SO. Touching at tlie foot of Hammond at. Breakfast and dinue<r provided ou board. The swift aud magnificent steamer IRON WITCH, commanded by Capt. Stephen R. Roe, Iraves New York, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Leaves Albany. Monday, Wednesday and Kridav. Landing at Van Courtlandts, Westpoint, Newburgh. Milton. Po'keepsie, Hyde Park. Kiugs-oo, Catskill, Hudson. auZirc OPPOSITION ;vl<>It NINO LINE AT O'CLOCK F? >R ALBANY Landing at Hammond street. Van Cortlandt'i (PeeksUill) Cold Spring, Newburgh, New Hamburgh. Milton, Pough keepsie, Hyde Park, Kingston. Upper Rod Hook. Bristol, Catskill, Hudson, and Coasackie. Passage, One Dollar. THE new md fas'-sailiiig low-pressure steamboat METAMORA. Capt. P. H Smith, KMKZ.will leave >he pier foot of Warren street on Moudrty, Wrdursday and Friday, at o'clock, A. M. He turning, leave Albany on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Passengers taking; this boat will arrive iu Albany iu tiuie for the cars going North and West. Break last and Dinner on board. Fare to Van Cortlandt'a Dock, 25 cents; Ponghkeepsie, 50; Hudson,75; Albany, tl. si lm r REMITTANCES TO ENGLAND, IRELAND, AND SCOTLAND. tgg PARTIES wishing to remit moneys in large or wMVVsmall sums to their friends in Great Britain or IrerWVg.'fllT-r . r>|| ,u <n in ?r. ?. manlier through the subscribers, by drsfts at sight, pa) ible iu all thepriucipal towns in hHglmd, Ireland and Scotland. Money may be lent by letter (post paid) from any part of the United States to them.gtvirg the address and the name of the party to receive it, which will be regularly forwarded by packet or steamer. Apply to ABRAHAM BELL fc SON, au241m*r 117 Kalton street. 1*^ OLD EHTABLISMbJU UNITED STATES h Jnfk.OHEAT BRITAIN k IRELAND EMIGRANT |RMfaOKFICE.-The Subscribers continue to bring out passengers by the regular Packet Ship*, sailing every five day* ; and also for first-clan American transient ships, sailink weekly, at very moderate rates. Drafts can also be furnished for any amoont, payable throughout the United Kingdom, on application as above, au? IOHN HKHHVIAN fc Co.. ?i tWh sr.eetMORNING BOAT KUK ALKANY AND TKOY iWS) M. PASSAGE ONE DOLLAR-Breakfast bBAgUVind dinner on board the boat. Passengers 3Esa2C9E_taking this boat will arrive in time to take the evening train of cars from Troy west to Buffalo, and north te Saratoga and Lake George. The Steamboat NIAGARA, Capt. Wm. Ellsworth, Monday, Wednesday and Kriday, at 7 o'clock, A. M., from the steamboat pier foot of Barclay street. Returning on opposite days. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. Hall, at the office on the wharf. an 19 re TKOY MORNING AND EVENING LINE. MORNING LINE AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. jMMjg FOR ALBANY AND TROY-From the Steamboat pier at the foot of Barclay street. ^^^SpGflE.Landing', at Peekskill, West Point, Ntuvburgh, Hampton, Milton, Ponghkeepsie, Hyde Park, RHneeeck, U. Red Hook, Bristol, Caulull, Hndsou, Coxsaejke, Kinderhook and Baltimore. Breakfast and dinner on board the boat. The steamboat NIAGARA, will leave oa Monday, Wednesday and Friday Mornings 7 A.M. The steamboat TROY, Captain Gorham, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings, at T o'clock. Returning on opposite dan. Korpassage or freight apply oa board, or at the office on the NEW YORK. ALBANY AND TROY LINK. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, From the pier at the foot of Conrtlandt street. The low-pressure steamboat EMPIRE, Captain R.B. Maey, eaves the loot ol Conrtlandt street, oa Taesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, st seven o'clock. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. Wm. H. Peek, will leave oa Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Passengers taking these Boats will arrive in time to take the Morning Train of Cars from Troy west to Buffalo, and aorth to Saratoga, Whitehall and Lake Champlain. For Passage or Freight, apply oa board, or at the Office oa the wharf. No freight taken after 5W o'clock. NOTICE?All goods, freight, bank bills, specie, or any other kind of property, positively at the owaer's nsk. j2wr DAILY LINE OF BOATS BETWEEN ?31IBM* NEW YORK AND BTATEN ISLAND. 9E3IOK. The steamboats SYLPH, Captain J. Braisted, and STATEN ISLANDER, Captain D. Van Pelt, will leave as follow* Leave Staten bland ??, I, I, 10and 11 AM; atl, 1,1,4,4, land7, P. M. Leave New York at 7.1.1*. aad 11. A. M. aad L1.1.4. i. f, T Mid W Ffiat T P. M. All freight at th* rick of of the own era thereof. A itag* will leave Vanderbilt'* landing for the Telegraphic Station every boar throaghoat th* day. Far* c*au. ir? 1*^ KUK NEW OKLRANS? Loniaiana and New MWyYork Line? Regular Packet Tor October 3?The JpUpCtiiew regular fait aailing Packet ahip CHARLEMAG N E, Captain Kailea, will poaitirely tail aa above, her regular day. For freight or paaaage apply on board at Orleam wharf, foot of Wall atreet, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO., X South at. Agent in New Orleani, Jamea K. Woodruff, who will promptly forward all gooda to hiaaddreaa. Packet Ship JANK K. WILLIAMS, Parker, muter, will aacceed the Charlemame. a2ir fcKt- hOR NEW ORLEANS?Firat Packet to aail oa yJjgVSaiuiday. September M'h, or Paaaage free.?The JHMbauperior faat aailing and favorite packet ahip OS< E OLA, Captain Childa, wilt poaitively be dcapatched aa above. Aa tier aecommodationa canuot be anrpaased by any ahip now op, for remf >it and uaefnlneaa, and aa her bertha are nearly all engagrd, thoae about embarking *ill require to make immediate application for paaaage, which will he at !!.'. .,*e,t !?" ou board the ahip, at pier No. 10 E. R, below Old Slip. Orto JOHN HERD.MAN & Co. .. _ _ " 61 Soaih atreet , N. B ?The OBCF.OLA will be aacceeded by the ahir John Hollanil, andaail on the lat of October. a 21 JfefL, VA2B& ?S? KmmJr i * ?? orincmnrr-ine Mfcaplendid fMt 'ailing packet ahip SHKKIDAN, 1100 torn burthen, I.apt. O. B. Corniah, will tail on Saturdiy, September 26. her regular day. The thipi "f thia line being all leoo torn and upwarda, peraona about to embark lor the old country will not fail to aae the advanragea to he derived from .electing thii line in preference to any other, aa their great etpacity render. them everv way more eomfor able and convenient than ahipa of a mall cU??, and thvir accammodationa for cabin, aecond cabin and .teerage pa?. e> gera it i? well known, are aaperior to thoie of auy other line of pvket. Peraona wiahing to aecore berth* .hould not fail to make early application on board, foot of Wall ?t., or to _a?r W. It J. T. TAPgCOTT. m Boath at. FOR LIVKRPOOL?To aail ihe l?t of October ajjwW ?The aplendid new paekat ahip HT. PATRICK, duMfa Proal. maater, I0CO torn bmthen, having a con.iderable proportion of her cargo engaged, will a ill aa above. For freight or paaaage, having aplendid accommodation!, apply on hoard at pier I North River, OJ W iWtn ol *t DAVID OOP F.N, 6? Wall at. fiy i-ahsaok From bkxkast dikEct-To rafvYWiail punctually the 15th November?The ailendid JHHHfanaw packet ahip HLKNMUKK, Captain Michael, will aail aa above, her regnlar day. The aahacriber haa completed nil arrangement! to have a regwlar line of firat clan ahipa, aa-ling the 16th of each month from the above port, thereby pie.entiiig tha mo?t favorable opportunity to tnote who may feel deairona of having their fnenda brought oat from the nonh of Ireland. For further particalara. pleaar -pply (if hy letler, poat paid) to flMMOS. McMIiRRAY. cor .Pine and Booth utreeti, . or lo Mcaara. RICHARDSON, BROTHERS k co., ?? No. 4 Vork .treat. H Ifaat. JBtt PACKETS FOR HAVRE-Second Line-The tgfgy packet .hipBT. NICOLAS, Captain 'Nathar.iel W MMnEvaleigh. will aailj>n tha lal of Octobcr. For freight or paaaaga,apply to u" B6TD fc H1NCKXN, M W?U mini. 1 r W :Y O f YORK, I^A.TUJ*DAY MO] ! FASHIONABLE SHOPI I Outside View of Stewart's ] Inside View of Jamts Beck & Co.'s Affairs In Mexico. The Monitor Rrpublicano, Mexico, August 6, pub-5 lithe*, an dated, Vera Cruz, July 31, 1B4C:? "Most difficult inded is the position in which the repub--; lie is now placed. On whatever side we cast our eyes,1*] we see nothing but arbitrary acts,injustice, disorders, and a misfortunes. k The citics which have not taken up the cry of any 1 party, Tomain dejected, silent, and disgusted ; there is no enthusiasm among the masses, composing the people ; and the sad news which reach us from our unfortunate countrymen on the frontiers, is received with a sinister smile, the precursor of desperation What is going on among us ? To what are we to attribute the coldness and indifference ot our fellow-citizens towards the common cause! These are questions which wo ask each other; and every one, without; need of repeating them, knows the circumstances which have brought us to this pass. Would to heaven that the terrible crisis in which we now are might end soon, in order that foreign powers may see that the children of Montezuma know how to govern themselves, without requiring intervention, or fimting it neccssary to becom sutiject te new oppressor!.'' The downfall of Pared*) it made, it teemi. the occasion for lalliei against the menarchista, and their defeAted scheme for establishing a throne in Mexico. The Monitor Rtpuhlicano of August 6, contains a list of some distinguished names, beginning with that of the fitdictator, to each of which are appended remarks after the following fashion:? "General I'aredes continues to be a prisoner in the citadel, purging himself of what was monarchical in his composition. We lament the fate which has overtaken him, because he baa been in truth only a blind instrument in the bands of those who have so deeply involved him, and who have now ofl'ered him up as a victim, whilst they am laughing with joy at seeing us in the chaos into which they have cast us. Don Juan Cano, it is said, will be kept under arrest or in prison until the arrival of Oenoral Santa Anna Is it for the ptir|K>se of offering him op to the general as a victim > We think not; but that it it for the pur|x>te of hit becoming purged of his monarchical pecadillos. Gei?. TeftNEL.? What opinion will our general hold to-day 7 Shall we tee him in the field at a supporter of Santa Anna V Affairs i.t Nauvoo.?The iVrtr Era of the 18th instant says:?" We noticed yesterday on board the steamers Ocean Wave and l'oto?i, which arrived j from Keobuk, between twelve and fifteen families of Mormons?women and children?who have been comI pelled to leave their homes in Nauvoo, from the length to which hostilties have been carried in that vicinity. Manyofthnm resided in a portion of the town now occupied by the Anties, anil to preserve their lives, they have had to flee with but little of their household goods, and several with nothing more than a few articles of wearing apparel. Those on the Ocean Wave were entirely destitute of means, and came to this city with the | hope of meeting some friends who will relieve their necessities. That tneir danger was imminent, mem can be no mistake, for we saw several article* ol furniture in their possession which had been pierced by halls, whilo in their houses at Nauvoo. The roof of a houae occupied by one ot the families, wa* ahot away by a cannon ball ; and several othera had to leave their home* amidst the ruin and danger which threatened them, from the firing of the contending parties The head* of the families which have arrivod nere, are (till in Nbuvoo, and in the rank* of the force a**emhled to protect the city. The wives and children are sad specimen* of dejection, and bear upon their care-worn lace* all the mark* of a bigoted and persecuted people. That inch a atate of thing* ahould exist in a republican and civilized community, ia a stigma up?n the whole country, and a disgrace to tho

particular Ptate in which *uch outlawry is mifi'ered, and we may aay sanctioned by her executive oltlccra. Who la to be Oovernorl flia One of the city papera want* a candidate for gavernor from thi* city?1* not a bad idea?and recommend* a city philosopher, in consequence of hi* lil>erality to the poor while keeping grocery. 1 myself used to keep a grocery store, and put in my claim on the same ground. 1 have been known to (ill the jug with mola**e* *o fill that the jug wouhl.often burst. I aied to give poor children chaicoal, and carry it home for them. I always gave sixteen eggs for a dozen?even if they had chicken* in them. 1 gave poor people six large loaves of bread for *ix|>ence, and would carry it home for the children if it itormed very hard. I would lay in goods to give to the poor in winter, and the first applicant was always too late. V. 8. M ILLS, formerly of the 3d ward, candidate for Oevernor. liellglona Intelligence. The Charltitnn Trantcript of the M inat., ?ay? that "Mr. Milliard, member ot Congreaa from Alabama, preached at Trinity church last evening,to a very crowded audience. Ilia discourse waa eloquent and imprea R K I INING, SEPTEMBER 26 ?ING IN NEW YORK. Mew Palace in Broadway. 1 Bee Hive and Palace in Broadway. ? ? Stiaccsi, Sept. M, 1W6. iThe Opening of the" Jllhambra," and " Vat of it"?Th* I Herald?The Circuit Court? Slander Suiti?Trial for C Murder?The Coming Convention of Democrat!?The County Fair, Ire. f The Hyracusans are progressive people, whother they over get the capitol removed hero or not. It is I but a short time since, as a man of note said " an owl would feel mclancholy to And himself alone in this place"?now it in o?e of the busiest, growing, city-like places in the State of its size. ' On Monday evoning, a now restoratit?called the " Alhambra"?was opened (in a splendid building, re cently erected by our enterprising townsman, 8. Larned,) by Messrs Tingley and Blish. Capt. Tingley has long been known as one of the best captains on the Syracuse and Utica line ot packets, and brings with him the good wishes ofe wide circle of friends. Mr. Blish i* favorably known as a caterer to the appetite, in the capa cuy 01 proprietor 01 uie i remuui /louse, in uus Tillage. One hundred or more invited guests iat down to a (upper on the evening of its opening. It was sumptuous feast?the choicest hirils from our surrounding wood*?trout from the creeks of our vallay?oysters, frosh and well fed, from their sea-beds?fowls from farmers' " barn yards"?and fruits and wines, of excellent qualities, loaded the hoard. Toasts, jokes, songs and music, enlivened the occasion; while the large saloon, cu the second floor, which contains four of the nest bowling alleys ever got up in western New York, was fillad with thoso who preferred that sort of employment to eating anil drinking. While at the table, your faithful ngent, Mr. Robinson, brinRs in the Herald, with the account and drawing of the Fair. Kvery one who saw it purchased a copy? pronouncing it a correct drawing as ever was mada? nnlv vrtrHnrinff how it ua< nncflihU fnr vnu tn hnv? irot it out *o early. " The Htrald ii tho greatest paper in the Union," said one. " That is no news at all," replied a dozen roicei. "But," (aid another, "how the devil they manage to get the news about every thing no correctPy, before any body clue, i* a wonder." "No wonder at nil," said another. " they know how." The circuit conrt ii now in sessien, in thin place, Judge Whiting presiding. Two slander suits have been tried. One cute elicited considerable interest. The prosecution was in behalf of a young woman, dependent upon " the labor of her hands" for her support, against a man and woman in the same town, charging the defendants j with having reported to her injury, that the girl had : been incontinent, and that she had been relieved of a " little responsibility" before the time. The young woman has suffered greatly in mind and body, from the slander. She had two sisters, who with heritlf, had before and since sustained unblemished reputations. The verdict in her favor waa $360, a paltry sum, indeed, lor such an ellence. The name of the girl is Laura Webbe, of Tally; the defendants, Mr. and Mrs. Tallman. Dr. Cowles, of Marcellus, was tried and convicted of mal practice in amputating the log of a Mr. Whitney, and a judgment rendered against him, of $M)0. A man of the name of Kiiller, is now on trial for murder. The act was committed last fall, on the canal, near Whitestown. The accused was a hand on a line boat, and the deceased a hand on the packet " .Syracuse." The weapon used was u double barrelled shot-gun. The load was shot, and discharged in tho leg, from which death ensued a few days after the wound. The probability is, he will be convicted of manslaughter. On the first of October, we are to have a State convention of democrats. On the ind and 3rd, the Onondaga County Kair takes place, oleuch of which, I will send you an account. The committee of the society have decide^ to pay the premiums awarded at the CountyJ^^pfltely, in silver ware of different kinds, and MeMfr1^\Viliar<l and Hawley, of this village, arc now manufacturing it. The work is to be made by Mr. Seymour, an experienced workman, in their employ. Thin la a good arrangement, inasmuch in it encouiage* our mechanic*, an well a* to afford a substantial compensation foi enterprise Titian's Venu*, that wonderfnl specimen of the art of painting, is now exhibited to our citizen*, who in hundred* have crowded the room to aee and to admire it. Political Intelligence. The democrat* of Erie county, N. V., have nominated ! Geo. P. Darker for Congress, and Jamei L. Barton, Mora- I tio Seymour, jr., Isaac l'otter, and Robert U. Wheelock, for Aasembly. The 0*wego Palladium iay? Ki-President Van Ruren ' arrived in that village on Mond?y evening, and took lodging* at the Welland House. (0?The President of the United States has recognized Henry William kuhtman, Provisional Consular Agent of his Majesty the Emporor of Amine, for tl>? port of Charloiton, 8. C. IERA , 1846. Affairs of l;u l'lnln. Bi'tioi Aiiki, J3J May, 1840, , Sin The blockade of thia province ati'ect* more im. i mediately the interest! of foreigner*, anil almost appear* ) to be a war of England and France upon their own com- , t inerce, and that of neutral uationi. Thore i* no foreign t trado carried on under the liuenoi Ayrean Hag, specially by native*. Knglish, American, Kranch, Sardinian and IJrazilian vesiels do the chief part of the foreign car. I Tying trade, and participate in it in about the order I have . named them, hngliih and French merchants here aro the chief importers and exporter*, but the burthen doe* 1 not fall ao.heavily on them,'o*pecially on those who invoked and anticipated the intervention, a* would be imagined. They prepared for it beforehand by laying in hoavy stock*, which they are now selling it fine profit* True, tho paper money inued by the government, end which i* the only legal tendor, ha* fallen one half in value lince the blockade was put on ; 13 paper dollar* would buy one in silver then, and now it require* Knglish merchant* had a very largo *ut-(landing debt? many million* ; this debt, so tar as they collect it, i* paid in paper?no more dollar* than if ten would buy one in sliver j but they can buy even a larger amount of produce for the same amount of paper than before the blockade. If they cuu ship produce from port* below, or if the blockade does not last too long, they are not even loser* by the depreciation of money. The injury i?sustained by other merchant* and the ship-owner*, and not the individual* who prayed for the blockade. The aufferirig of the natives i* indirect, and if they aro true to themselves and the independence ?f their country, they can stand a blockado of a century. The officers in command of our *hipa of war on thi* station have thus far observed a strict neutrality. They lmvo, in truth, beon very neutral. 1 bavo never beard that any one of them, except Capt. I'endergiast, ever remonstrated against the paper blockade of the coast of thii i , whole province, and 1 have heard that American morchants and captain* have repeatedly ufked if they I would be protected in coming out, provided they should I go into porta where there were no blockading vessels, without receiving any satisfactory answer. Contracts and charter parties for taking away American property from the ports below here, have been abandoned when the vessels were ready for sailing from Montevideo, because no promise of protection could be obtained in coming out of ports where there might be no blockading vessels when they went in?us for instance at the Salailo before the capture of the Ringdove. It may be they pursue the right course, and that they act iu obedience to orders.? , Of course they know their duty better than a more pri- < vat* individual, and I have suchcontidence in Americas , navy officers as to muko me believe they will discharge their duties according to their own conviction of right. But I have given you facts. While on this subject, 1 must say that the majority of our navy officers appear to arrive here with violent prejudices against Kosas, the government, ami every thing connected with it. This is natural, and easily accounted for: they sail from home with an indefinite knowledge of the oountry?they have heard that the people are demi sdvages, treacherous, blood-thirsty, and constantly engaged in civil wars. On coming to the station, they livariahly stop for some timo at Kio. There tho foundation of their definite opinion ol' Kosas is laid. Brazilians, ami people living there, " know him and his government well" "they have constant intercourse and constant difficulties with him." These people wore the chief instigators of tho intervention, and of course justify it in its lull exteut. And there, too, they visit on social terms English and French officers, and are told of the benevolent and disinteicmed objects ot their governments in La Plata. Next they sail to Montevideo, where they remain weeks, generally months, before coming up the river. Theie, they are fully luformed ol all the enormi tics, cruelties, tyranny and throat cuttiugs o. Kosas. He is represented as a Cataiine in cuuniug, and a Nero in cruelty They are shown in the street* individuals who have fled from Buenos A) res "bianded as savage unitarians, after having seen tlie throats of tneir laihers or brothers cut in the streets, and alter having been lonbed uf all their property." These ate the pel tens w ho fle<J to uvoiil the consequences of aiding iu m revolution to overthrow the government. And, to convince ihem ilmt Kusas i-a saugui ary savage in his veiy natuie, they are told that Donna Manueiiia. his only daughter, is in the habit of play ing tootball with human hctuls in the patio ol herlathei's houto ; and that, upon uae occasion, she exhibited on a plat* to her female visitor, the ears, noso, and other members of the body ef one oi her own especial enemies for their entertainments They are even told of incest, and every species oi crime that could render a lather or daughter infamous. These things are in the public papers there, and ate told so often and with such minuteness of detail, that even tome honest men living there beliove them true, although they are as unfounded a* would have been similar charges against the lathers and daughter* of our own revolution. But American officers would be devoid of leeling, indeed, if tbey believe the half that is told them, and come here devoid of prejudice against Kosaa. At Montevideo, too, they are hospitably entertained by the English and Krcnch ministers and officers, and by the rich loan jobbers; they are invited to dinner! and tortulias, and re-assured of the humano and benevolent objects of their intervention. They are told of the beauties of these countries; of thoir salubrity, and how happy the people would be if they were only at peace, and had a good and stable government, and are assured that the only object of the English and French, is to bring about this state of things, and to secure the independence of the Oriental Republic. Before tailing for this place, they are especially cautioned against Mr. Brent, our Charge. He is, they say, a weak old man, full of violent prejudices against England and completely under the influence of Rosas and Arana, and it has even been said in their pay. The Consul, too, has but recently arrived there; he is from the interiorhas but little Knowledge of the world, and especially ol these countries, and Mr. Brent has misled him and got him under hit influence. Then, the American merchants here who condemn the intervention are named and reasons assigned for their opposition ; and besides, they say, no man dare speak his honest sentiments in Buenos Ayres for fear ot being informed on by tome one of Rosas' spies, and having hit throat cut. 1 thou Id not *>mit to mention that a large majority of our officert never eet farther than Montevideo. Since the commencement of thii blockade the "Bainbrldge," Lieut Pennington, commanding, has been here about half the time, and on him devolved tho immediate responsibility of deciding luch question* a* hare arisen. The "Boston," Captain Pendergrut, wai here II day*, early in November, 1846, and the "Saratoga," with Commodore Rouneau, during the month of March lait. Theie are all the U. 8. vessels of war we have aeen here ; the KaJitan, Colombia, and Plymouth, have not been farther than Montevideo, aad the oth?n have either been at Montevideo .or 'Rio, with the exception first named. Those officer* who have bcea here liavo received the statement* of Mr. Brent and ?ther* with the caution resulting from what they had heard at Montevideo. (Jenerally, they could not speak Spanish. The English merchants have been almost as hind and hospitable as those at Montevideo, and although they had not the aflrontery to urge the coarse slanders ot the Montevideans, yet they spared no efforts in strengthening and confirming prejudice* against the government. Those who have remained any time here have visited Rom* and hi* family. They have *een hi* daughter, graceful, accomplished and very hospitable, fond of dancing and music, and participating in the innocent enjoyment* of focieiv with *o much artleisnes* and simplicity, a* never failed to convince them that the charge* against her at least were vile fabricatioas. They have seen Rosas, too, in the midst of all hi* difficulties and labor*, (nothing i* done of importance, without hi* peraonal supervision,) full of humor and anecdote, alwaya glad to see American officers, and to render them any aid or hospitality ia hi* power. They have seen him at his Quinta, in a plain and simple dress, which he aiway* wears, in the midst of hi* two or three hundred laborer*, unattended by any sort of guard, giving direction*, and *o exposed, that if he were the "tyrant and butcher" he i* represented at Montevideo, a sirngle shot or a single stab might rid the country of him forever ; and yet tbey see hiostapparently as secure and tranquil as is the President In the white house at Washington. Could this be, if ho w'ere the bloody, guiiiy wretch he had been represented 7 And, most strauge of all, tfiey see that, notwithstanding thi* country haa been kept in continual war by England and France for (even years?notwithstanding the capture of their squadron, ilie seizure ol their islands, the forcible entry of their river*, the slaughter at Obligado and other places, the burning of neutral ships in their harbor*, whiUtthey aver they aie not at war ; tliey nee thai, notwithstaading every native is compelled to bear arm* in defence of their independence, against England and franca, some having been from their families and limine** for years, and all required to drill twice a week, to be in readiness, ami beside* to patrol in strong bodies both city and country, every day and every nigtit ; they *ee, or might see, that natives, merchant*, eaUncieros, and laborers, are liable to be, and are, olten called, at a moment's warning, to leave their tamilies and business to protect their country against Kugli*h and Kiench "intervention," they might *ee also Urge estanchias, wwned by natives, left without peones to herd their cattle or shear their *heep, whilut the Knglish or Krenc.h neighbor, with hit foreign laborers, continues his business. Ail these thing* are seen, whiltt Knglish and K ranch subjects? even those who instigated the intervention, are permitted to pui>ue their business in quiet and seeurity. k-ng lnhmcn may be seen, during the hour* ot exercise, laughing at the awkwardness of the new citueu soldier! and may be ueard exulut,g at every little success , agauut Ko*a? ; and yet the people are loibidden by the government to insult them even br word Thi* is the true itate of thing* Here, and our navy officer*, who remain any lime, cannot fail to *ce it; an J in time, our go- i verument an.i countrymen will be made acnuainted with th? true merits of this lahuman " intervention." ACmttK ur the Uhitild DtiTii Trouble 15 tub Mii.us.?Most of the girls in two 1 rooms in the mills ot the Nashua corporation turned out on Tuesday night at lighting uj> tima, and refused to work hjr candlelight. The agent and overseers refused to let them out of the yard, and they bad 1 to stay till bell time. The man employed in the now ma- , chine shop also refused to work evenings. Th.y wore jj out Monday evening in procession, with a hand of music. -j We learn that it is not required of tliem to work even- 0 ings hereafter, the men having consented 10 a reduction t c of ten per cent in the wsgea?Aa?Au? Om*tttr. Navy Lkpaktmsnt, Sept 24, 1848. Information has b<?en received at this depart- n ment of the death of the following parsons :-On the tl S7th July John Kolwell, landsman, attached to one of r the vessels of the Brazil *!<?? '">n. On ,h? l5U? August, . John Harvey, quarter gunner, died on board the i'oto- si mac gulf squadron. On the 17th August, John B. Mar tin ordinary seaman, jumped overboard from the Fal- '! mouth, in a At of insanity, and was drowned. * LD. Prlco Two Cent*. ~ 3 State Constitutional Convention. SirTrMiiKR U4.?The< I'reiident presented the reuroi of the Keffifter in Chancery ill the city of Albany n uimwer to the resolution of Augutt 13th, in relation to he fundi in court, kc. KeferredT Mr. Marvin offered in additional section to the report on the " Apporionment, election, tenure of office and compensation of he Legislature." " No ottir.er, except the Speaker of the Aaaembly, -lerki, aergeanti at Arma, chaplain*, door-keeper, nun or thai mav hern ifter be authorized by law, shall tie paid or allowed lireotly or indirectly, a greater compensation or per liem allowance and mileage than ia allowed to member* ?( the Legislature; iuch com|>eniation shall b? regulatad by law, and shall not be increased or diminished duriDg their term ofotlico." Mr. J. J.Taylor moved a roconsideration of the 4th lection ol the article in relation to existing debts and liabilities of the State, Dlc. Table, 61 to 41. Mr. Loemis mat placed on tho committee on the revision of the articles of the Constitution in place of Mr. Hoffman, who was excused at his own re<juo*t. Mr. Bruce moved that when the report of Committee No. 17 had been disposed of. the report of Committee No. 4, on the tlectiv* Krmachise, be taken up. Table, S7 to 3!). On motion of Mr. Jordan JOOO copies of the several articles of the Consti tution already passed upon were ordered to be printed, mud the Secretary of the State was directed to forward Dne copy thereol to the editors of each of the newspaper* in the State. The Convention then proceeded to the urther considers'iou of tho report on Incorporation*, jther than banking or municipal. The llrst section wu read :? " Special laws creating incorporations or association*. ;r KmilUHK (U II1U1I1 u\i junuu pnvitv-ftca, *? ** uwi. pained. Hut tho Legislature may pas* general laws by which any person* may become incorporated, on complying with the proviiion* to be conained in iuoh law*. And all t'oniorations ihall !> subject to *u?h general law* a* the Legiilature may, from time to time enact, not inconsiitcnt with the provision* of this constitution." Mr. Nicoll moved to add after the word " incorporated" "or be entitled to any of the privileges of corpon Lion*,'' and after the word " corporations" the words ' and asiociation*," which amendments were adopted.? Mr. Stow movod to add after the word" creating" the words " manufacturing or banking," and after the word ' incorporated" tho words " for banking or manufactur. nig purpose*'' ao that " Banking or Manufacturing in ;orporation* or Auociation* shall not be created by ipecial law*." Debated to the hour of recess. ArTKanoON Hkiho.i.?Tho debate on the amendment of Mr. Stow, to make the lection applicable exclusively to manufacturing, trading or banking corporation*, was continued by Messrs. Townseud, Swackliamer.Kirkland, Jordan. Simmon*, Strong, Murphy, C'hatfield, Loomis, lllioude*, Bascom, Tilden, ( ambieleng, Harris, and Worden; when the amendment was rejetted, ayes 33, noes 41. No other question taken. Adjourned.?Albany Argut. Cout t of Special Seislon*. Before Recorder Scott, and Aldermen Messerole and Koote. Sri't. 2.) ? Jame* ' Watsou wa* placed at the bar this morning, on a charge of stealing a trunk, alleged to bo worth $3, belonging to Ldward N'odine. He was ad judged guilty, and sent to the Feuitentiary lor thro* muoiui. Uennii Sweeny wm next placed at the bar, ami found guilty of stealing a )10 bank bill from Charlei Boyien. He was consigned to the Home ol Kefuge Charles Thompson, for stealing two cloth cap*, was booked for ? three months residence on the Island. Jacob Lee was then callet to trial,on a charge of stealing a piece of cassimere worth $7. He was found guilty and sent to the penitentiary for two months. John Hiilmci was adjudged guilty of stealing a lady's dr*s?, worth $4, hut the court suspended judgment in hi* case John Kice was then placed at the bar,and found guiltjr, of stealing two pieces of muslin John was booked for two months impugnment in the penitentiary Alary Sullivan, for stealing a quantity of clothing, was sent to the penitentiary for two months John Amkiou, charged with stealing a hat, and Mar cus Mickle. funnd guilt) of stealing an oveicoat, were each consigned to three months imprisonment in the penitentiary. The Court then adjourned until Tuesday morning nest Mov mrnU of Travellers. 1 he arrivals still continue undiminished, as the follow, ing extracts Irum the respective registries will attest:? Amkbican ?Thomas Hande, Charleston; H. Walter, U 8. A.; JC. 8haw, Baltimore; J. Haldemsn, Columbia; B. Peyton, Richmond, M Thorn, Boston; H. Adams, vtainingion; J uaner, i.ancasior, i n: m. i.igntner, ao ; W. Gariman, Newport) L. Allen, West 1'oint, M. Ar<lem, Jo. Aitob.?P. Montreth, Albany; O. Vaimer, Boiton; O. Sample, Indiana; W. Cowles, Boiton; J. Seward, do; M. Pringle, South Carolina; ('apt. Taylor, Washington; J. Fisher, Boston; J Kobinson, Main ; 8. Slater. Philadelphia; 8 Biowncll, Boiton; J. Armitroug, NashviUo; J. Hobb, Douton: F. Smith, New London; J. Fowler, Georgia; s Smith, New Orleans; C. Gunn, Bostou; L. Lannng. Albany ; F. Whiiton, Boston; J. Gamble, Florida; C. Kellogg, New Orleans; J. Kellogg, Canada: T. Kdmonds, Boston; H.James, Albany; Gen. Armstrong, Liverpool: K. llanows, Canada; A. Koilgers, Washington; B. Silliman, New Haven: A. Belhjanghiz, France; J. Phillips, Salem; K. D. Balif, St. Thomas; W. Homan, Manchester; Dr, Wallace, Virginia. Citv.?8. Kwing, Tennessee; 8. Grouse, North Carolina; M. Weston, Rocky Mountains; C. Magellan, Spanish Legation; Capt. D. Tyler, Norwich; Gen Vaa Kenssalaer, Albany; Ur. Maynard, Washington, DC; W. Van Rcnssalaer, Albany; 8. Buchlin, Kentucky; W.Lyman, Albany; W.Carpenter, Detroit;C. llennessy, Liverpool; J. McHenry, Jo; J. Hastings, Philadelphia; W. Horner, Tenessee; O. January, Philadelphia: J. Yenis, Peekskill; S. Higgins, Philadelphia; K. Jones, Virginia; J. Jonas, Virginia. Franklin.?W. Stanton, Catskill; M. Arnold, Now York; P. Van Eych, Schodach; J. Hand, Augusta; G. Cain, New Rochelle; 8. Gorden, Ohio; K. Faneli, do; W. Kggert, Michigan; P. Chaw, Rhode Island; C. Marshall, Mississippi; T. Phenix, 'Maryland; P. Calhoun, Bridgeport; A. Cunningham, Georgia JH. Willard, Virginia: 8. Tavlor. do: C. Rocers. Gloucester; W. Wood bury, Georgia; M. Symonds, Boston: A. Handling, Ohio; A. Clark, Florida; T. Huntington, Virginia. Howard.?m. Gilmour, New Jersey; 8. Anderson, White Plains: C. Thomas, LeRoy; J. Hat ton, Virginia} J. Webster, Pennsylvania; 8. Mansfield, Tenneaaee; J. < lupp, Bo?ton; H. Counter, Baltimore; H. Whitney, Montreal; J. Jerowil, Baltimore; T. Oreen, Albany; A. A. Sprague, Nantucket: E. St Lean, Montreal; F. 8t. Lean, do; J. Thompson, do; R. Bradahaw, Boston: F. Beamah, Canada; J. Beamah, do; J. H. Donegari, Montreal: T. Olcott, Albany: H. Burnett, New Orleani; O. Edwards, Philadelphia; L. Brooke. Canada; W. Cauldwell, Augusta; Rev. T. Broch, England; C. Seymour, Burlington; F. Peterson, (Philadelphia; U Tobias, do; (i. Waldron, Washington. Juuson.?J. Miller, Ohio; J. Stickney, Boston; W. Hust, Berlin; 9 Dickenson, Connecticut; J. Boyd, do; J. Rock will, do; P. Kockwill, do; A. B. Oayfe, Philadelphia, D. Ogdensburgh ; W. Wood, Missouri; H. OAlf, New York; J. Thompson, Baltimore; H. Bowen, New Vork; T. Turneli, Porto Rico; Thomas Towson, do; H. Boswsll, Hartford; W. Bush, do; W. Packer, New Hampshire; J. Raymond, Troy; F. Phillips, New Hampshire. IMPORTANT TO THE LADIES. JUST receired from Auction, aad offered at 20 per eeat below Importer's prices :? 300 Tsmbour tacked Dresses 94 M 150 do rtry fine do 200 Neapolitan Lace worked do J JJ 100 Iliviere Embroidered J *> 90 Needle worked, (two rows) J JJ 75 do do (three rows) # ? A large lot colored Organdie Muslins, at $> J# per dress, usual price 4 M A few rtry splendid kice Dresses, from It 00 Do do tionneed. from $15 to 35 N A rich Assortment of resj aad imitation Lace Capes, Berthes, Csj>e? slid Sleeres, French needlework Capes, Collars. embroidered Handkerchiefs, fcc. lie. aaasually low. .22 lm*rrc PETE* ROBER r8, Ml Broadway DRUG STORE FOR HALE, ESTABLISHED FOR TWENTY YEARS. THK MI US< Klbt.RS offer for Male their old and well established stand. fc3 Bowery, corner Walker street, together with Lease, Stock ai d Fixtures, Modi Fonatauu, lie. The Store u now doing a Rood business, and is in completa order. Will b? aold low to * good purchaser. Apply to WEK.KS k ANUERSON. 22 tw*rre JO Fulton, corner Water. and M Bowery. |V,1 ?. liUOHf., who la" ly arrived in the Uladiator, Iroa ivJL London la requested to call at No. ItO Pearl street, Where he will receive some important information. New York. Sept. 19.114b alt >w?m LK El;HKS! LEE( 11 i*.S' LEE'CHEW AFRESH supply of large and healthy Swedish Leeches, just received?for sale in quantities ts son purchasers, packed up so as to be transported any distance wjtn "few. ?T 6. A k H. WITTE. II lm*rh Importer ef Leeches. M John st. KITCHEN RANGES. HOLMES'TWO OVEN KITCHEN RANGES. THE Proprietor* are now prepared to rernisn Holme** Hauges to the trade, or set ihem up lor P?'T*'*/* 1''** or boarding houses, hatMng purchased the r'fht Ifom th? patentee to manufacture and sell experience In manufacturing and setting Ki'chee Rwfgi !_ this city^fcr the n**t ciihiem vein, warrant ua 10 lesertiag thai Holintf k., r*niiof b# aorraaafd f?>T econoirtf, convenience, and durability^ Tliey sre warranted to perform themrpo.es for whi-h they are purchased, ?nd if not. they will be removed r"' "r .l.. .ir)?oie to the purchaser. Numerous references ?n bi given -o l"'on. wuh.ng to purchase. The price. "rfrates?Parlor^Uffir'e'and Bed Room Urate* of latest pat "St'ves Hall, Office and Bed Room Stove*, Stovepipe*, See llC> _ . , _ a j TW? L. Ti" Ware?Mrigiu, plain, ma j?|i?noru.. * .?? n??c uhom it ill tun" ready to *et range*, (rate*, and boiler*. Also imokry chimney* cnred?no core no pay. r A. OILHOOLY and SON, Proprietor* and Manufacturers,?! Nuiaiitmt. 1} Im'mc IF alnLiT oil mTLiTAhv 8havino roar. Depol TT No. 1 (,'ourtlandt *trest, a few door* fro* Broadway.? "he trne and only genuine article as originally manufactured y at. warranted to mmnuin the reputation it has obtaiusd.? Toilet hom>*. Krensh Kitracta, f.iinrn, and *T*ry ranety f choice Perfumery at th? lowest pries* that a coos article an he old. Country Merchant*. Druggut*. Pedlars, sad dealer* m tea " "jOH-rl^^&jfV-riwLF.R. General Agents for Dr. Koord's eslebrated Pectoral Syrup, ne of th? best remedies for coughs, eolds, iid ell diseeses of ?e lanff*. U> lm>r r O LKAHK, for annmbcr of year*, a beautifully situate* Water Powsr, adjoining a floun*hing village, with a suable quantity of Land, near the city of New York, ha Lor a water sua railroad communication with that eity of I milss. The persaausut aummsr supply is/roj? TJ borss to I most any aaoual- Apply to MOBX

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