5 Ekim 1846 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

5 Ekim 1846 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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s RING'S COUGH CANDY COMMON SENSE his slwaysbeen considered in eeery age. <>ne of me surest judications of a soaud mtallect. and M hrn cvcilcl lu thy c >u?r of suffering humanity it becomes a in. t ai nul li a' Urine. Wli?-n suffering U'lder the rlecu ** <f cold or alight cough. how inuch better to at once vet rid nfirby p hi. .1 ii.g Hmg'a umiersatly recommended Vrjirta b.r < i c.'h 1 jndy. lli.n to "ll.iw the seed* of perhaps a lingering a. iiuin or a lul l consumption to be loan iu your constitution* lines not common sense point out the pro|*er > W paieeee aw clothing and Kim; . 1 Ukl ? d ' 1 iioaaanda hare bee i nun-kl w cuieJ. and many that had dr.'nied?thm why not you, eadrr, o* your achiug friend i I Head riii* lioin tiie Krr ttinuel 1) Burchard t? ill a''* land> ? Hiving been ttrnnilr recomuieuied by eoine am J f. irnde to try King's Cough Candy for a ?eiy aevrre Cold, I did to with, I mm' nan'eiis, great scepticism as to its \ ir'lira 1'ut I I ?uud mytelf aytwd<Ir reliered and able to attend to those dutiea from wlnrh t had aerioualy feared to be debarred. A Irriiug of thai kfuli teas and a draire to beuent oth> rs, prompta ifte to giee the li (tie* intluenre iny name m iy pi'iseaa, iu making the virtnea of itna remedy known to tha 1 utile, and impairing a liitle of I tsar which is proserbislly a gteat assistance to the effects ot u> ediciue. namely, eoniideuce. ?AV iUV'.L D BUKCHAKL), 00 or Hou?ton street Pre afciteriau Church, corner 01 1 liompaou and Huuatou street* New Yorkr?>r talc at King'* 191 Broad w bv. conier of John >i- j HAJtLiWARE, HA JR SEATING, .lGEXrs J'HJCES-. dAA GROSS lo? priced, :Keires and korka. **V/V.P inv do piu'd w hite keo.e do M 50 per gross. iue gross line stag liar die do do at $10 per groaa. *t?p ir atag Carseia, gua t* forks, J7)? ceuts. ?5 baskets Bright Vlrr 110 dol Patent Knob L * k . lit) casks Tiace and^ 0g p haina. lull pieces Laycock > linir Cloth, at reduced list. Alio, a rery complete assortment of warranted C 8 File*, ( hi.els, >u4 Drawing fane*. all numbers of calico printer'! Uociot.; bed Scr*?', Sberly.rds, Fire iroua, Kettle* and >v oct'i Tea 11*>?, Vio'.m 8tuuga, Percussiou Laps, Guu L'ltkv, be Dealers ?re solicited tQ examine the shoes good* and price* b.f"e l'?rcba?i?-. JOHN A. NEWBOULD, Jwc. Johu it , up stairs. TU BaKERS.ESP '/;GI ALLY, AND BUSINESS xh N generally. 1(T>KSALr. lite juexp,, ed lense, lor a long term of year*, ul *< u.e eri" %11j pioduotiTe property in one of rlie most flour I'Mng s a)j j,nte|y populated part* of Brooklyn; including three #r,rei dwelling*, * Rakery with two good oveu* l,'V,w to I' j|| business), a comuiodiout building lor storage, .table, fcc iye buildings, fixtures, and all orher appurirn-iuce*, wii . be di poaed or with the leaie. and the reut of the entire pr ?periy ,, ou|y twenty-five dollars per annum; and ia u>'t n ible to any taxe*or a**e**rueu *. For particular*, eu<;u:re, any day before 1* o'clock, of JOHN LOMAS.U Prince itreet, oi il-jwc near Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn. j G. B. CLARKE, MERCHANT TAILOR, opposite the Washington Stores, lib William street, informs his customer*and the puMic j thai he has receiv ed i it fall stock of fashionable Clot! ?. Ac., I v hich, by beio^'douitht for cash, and made up ar a small pro* j tit, lenders it au. object for the truly economical to denl with , u r 'r flr#. * co511 usually charged $?5 will be fur- j u?sh? d for %2i. 'and every other garment in proportion. Coats made ?s low af $l?lf usual price $i7. 1 liave also a haudsome as ortment of ?Rt ady Made Cloih and other Sack Coats, f r the s yle of v h icA J am fatuous. Black Satin and White Marseilles Vesta* 3k t. fcc. Formerly uudage, Broadway. o5 lt*jwc WANTED, ~ % SITU AT^ON by a'esi ectable young woman. A situ I*. atiou t,< do geneigl hou*ework in a small family, or .iamb-rw erJr, or waiter. The beat of city reference. Apply l#i_Hri*er sires ?r, in the rear. oi It*rc WANTED, AS1TUAT ION hy two respectable young women to do house*01,' i, washing and ironing, or .a chambermaids and intake ea/.e of children Best city reference* Apply llilH Walker_i ?tre,t. nj Jt*jwc DR. POWELL, OoULl.>T, AUR1ST, j d.ND OPERATIVE SURGEON, A TTENUS to, Diseases ol the Eye and Ear, from I to 4 i* o'clock, at 'si, residence, Ml Broadway, comer of War- ! ran street. Opi:ia>iniv. Stoppage of tke Tear Passage, Cataracts, and Ope- i"*- * Ufcc mally remoeed. AMAUKCjilitH'itd wuh g'eat attention and success. , luva.e aie.gases ofhl'RABlSMUS, or bquintiug, cured in I a law minute* i. Just import ed, ARTIFICIAL EYES, or laperier beauty , end (bush bft'. i' A< LW.8 adapted to every defect. ? Aince to (he poor without charge. Otfiee en d residence 261 Broedwey?entrance IX Warren etreei. oi Ifjwc | DK. JONES, DENTIST, k JS3 BHOADWAY, 1N5ER1 '8 TEETH,end warrant* them as food as the natural on e* Sor biriuv and mastication. A eomplet a double .-.of beat Mineral Teeth, on ftno f old plates $S0 unn A set of 'oust Mineral Teeth, on fin* fold plate, fi r the epper jaw, to bs worn by atmospheric pre*,*! e 30 00 A rincl* Tooth, from $1 00 to J uO Iii.Siting Teeth with fold,!>nm 74 to 140 htmm iber ?Broadway, (west side,) two doors eboe* W' ue si reet i N B ? Dr. J.operates in tli* evening, as nsnal. oi 3tr j STOLE N?Last uiflit, from Prussian brir Dido, at pier | No I North River, a Long Boat, painiea outside black, i with wliil e streaks, tfce., t|,e URme Dido ou the stern, and a 1 small bust painted outside black, with one whit* streak, and lusidegre* " and brown. Ten do! lar* reward offered for the recovery of the said bast*. SCHMIDT fc BALCHEN, ol iii*re 105 and 10* Wall street. | A ilS?? ?P*?t?cWs, in a steel bead bag, geing ni7.,i * Th J,per F*ft of Broadway to Jersey ?lity, or rethemtt thTi^office W,U b" ,uit,bly reWirdf5 by0V"re"' TO COMMERCIAL AND PRIVATE GENa nrvt.w TLEMEN. A J'AiN. of very ac'ive habits and good edueaI i ,* 'dgess i, desirous of employment. He it wilibar win in.n ' / P"'t of the world, aud actio any capacity ioTh testunr " h,m a fair compeusa' ton. He can Produce I i oiirti'e iti- ?Bial? and recommendatioua for any office of a , Jj, . J nature, or situation whe-e leal, integrity and | " Cliil'' Ate rcflu'a'te Communications, addressed to I ai this office, will meet with prompt atteutiou. ! ? <ri'*rg I EXCHANGE HOTEL, | NO. 113 FULTON STREET, (formerly French's Hotel) | liav ing been purchased by the subscribers, they would I iut >i in ihtir friends aud the public u, general, that they are | ready to accommodate gentlemen with single rooms, furnished in the best manner and on the most reasonable terms, by I the day, week, month or year Our prices for rooms by the week are $1 75 and $2, according to choice Price of 'odging, for single uight. 37k cents. There i? a reading room, warm, cold and shower baths attached to the hotel, for the accommodation of our Patrons. There is also a spacious saloon aud bar-room, where the choicest of wines, ktc , are to be found. We also pledge ! ourselves that every thing shall be done to render those who , favor us with a call, comfortable. Yours, respectfully, WM. G. DUN LAP.) WESI.EY CASE, > Proprietors. ol IWrrc CALVIN CASE. ) LluliT BAROUCHE WACOM FOR BARE CHEAP. AVERY light, neat article, with light top, two cane sided seats, to carry four persons, made by Gould, Albany; in perfect order, and nearly as good as new - cash price $125.? An 1 v to WOOU, TOMLINSON fc CO., o33tis*re 410 Broadway. DR. t ? LIX'GO URA UD'S ITALIAN MEDICATED SOAP. 13HIS admirab'e emollient is now, by common consent, rated A No. 1 as a remedy for blotches, pimples, pustules, scurf, tan, freckles, sunt uru, all kimla ol eruptions, and every ; ap.-i les of discoloration of the skis. All competition has been completely distanced by this invaluable preparation, the demon! for which, within the last at* m nths, has increased more than 500 per ceu;. aud is still increasing. The cle mess nd tieshuess which its use imp,rts 'o the complexion, hive rendered it proverbial as a besutifie' of the skin; a u no messing room cxn he cousidertd luruished with a proper toilet ih t lacks (,(J< RACD'S ITALIAN MEDICATED SOAP ! It is also a del cions compound and can be used in h rd or alt water: s'd ia a sovereign and iuatantaneoui retn-dy for the birer nf insects. II beauty be, aa it ia assened, only akin (leap, -t i' the :n< re important that the thin covering tu which l>,v- Hutu -esides ahonld be kept in it? praaent and moat attract ?e atate. jir.U. might go on ampl) fying the meriia of his it I :m Vedicated So p, hut he thinks that the number ofcertincatea which have been published thioughout the Union at a coat of tereral thousand dollma, to the Doctsr, Irom-imnent Physicians, Cleigymen, Members of Congress, captains ol's*'ipa, Officers of the army, and a host of distinguished I adies i he origin I of which testimonials can always lw seen if iequi ed, a>e. the Oocto'thinks, sufficient 10 couvince any * ore not wilfully blind If there be any such, the Doctor rnmh apply to them the language of scripture, and say. '"It ye brln ve not Moses ai d the rropbets, neither wonld ye believe though one io?e from the dead" ti ursud's r udre Sibtile positively extirpates, root and branch, all sup'rfluona hair. LSour ud s Liquid Rouge will impart to the pale cheek and lip a criui-on Hush, as magnificeut as that of the rose Gourauds Oiecian Hair Dye will change red or gray hair to a beautiful I lack 'Gonr?od's Lily vt bite instantly disaipates rednesses, flnshes and rougliuess B'w-rn ol deceptii n, and remember that it ia impossible to tuocure the genuine preparations of Dr Gouraud, except at hit depot, K7 Walkei street,.first store from Broadway, and of bis ar.gi?t??li ( hastnut straet, Philadelphia; Boston, A. 8. Jordun, I Milk street; Lowell, Carletou It Co.; Worcester, (j'een It ' n ; Pierce, Albany of lm*rrc i LN THOUSAND DOLLARS "pO LOAN en Bond a.d Mortgage, or prodnetire city 1 property. Appiy to WM. It JNO. O'BRIEN, 3J Will at.. 3 li't or der th* Bank CHRISTIE'S " ' GALVANIC RINGS AND MAGNETIC FLUID. " Whi*. thonfh the iuiim may not be explained, Mncr.thtirrftVcte ere duly ascertained ; I et 1,01 dflueiou. prejudice, or p'ide. Irdnce me kind to eer the ineeue ende ; .vlee.ie *h'?h, ihoi gh?irople ere bv Heeeen designed To el eei'te the 'lie of humiui kind " CHH Id riE'd (tannine Oelrenic Kmc end Magnetic Fluid, -re t poiitiTi er d perm-nent cure lor ell ra?es of Rhen : nn'ia" ecu ? or rhrouie. nppl, ing ro the heed, fece. or limbi, . >?-. in Tied,to, mi, Vertigo, N err one end dirk Heed ,che, I ludigtstion. Pare.lysia Palsy. E, ilepey, F<ra Convulsions, Ore up, Pilpitattou of the heart, Short an of Breath. Apopleiyjgtiffoeas of the Joints. Wealuieae if th? Limbe, LmnWo Pain in the d.i'r u,d ' heat. Spinal and Hip Complain-a N-rrooe Tretniiie. Neuralgia and ite modifications, Oeeerrl . D? bility, Delay eucy ol Nerioue and Phyeieal Ene'gy. and a'l >!? roue Dieordera. Aa a preventive for Apopleiy, tliev | C l.ueutlv recommended In cases of Dyspepsia, which ix amply a a derangement or want of Nr rone Energy, in oio ection with the Digestive Organs, thsy have been eqnally I am ceiefol The Gelranic Bella, Br iceleta. Garters, and ?tre"gtheiiing Plaa eia are need in mott chronic caaea of disease end can be worn by the moat delicate pereou with perfect safety and ' con' enianc#. 2^ Only Ageneyin New York, 112 Broadway. Fiplana- I 101Pamphlets, wun fnll direction!, may be had gratia. TISSUE PAPER. TWO THOUSAND Romi white end colored Tiaaoe jn?t received and for eale hy ol lmih PURSUE It BROORR. i) nd 17 Numb it F MK. HfcNttY MASON, the eon ol the late :Mr. 1 hoe Ml eon, lone reeident in Helifu. Nova Scotia, will eddreea a I n? to k dwerd Herdy. Lock port. State of Naur York, he -ma* hrar of aomething in hi* advantage. xy Helifei papera plea?e notice ,jj Jwj,?rc " SPANISH EXTRACT," IS now admitted to he the heat remedy n-ed for priva'o dia. c ,ea?Kh\?iei*t aaay itiathe only mediciae that will efli riua.ly enie the complaint, and drire out every particle of ,,Me?n fiom 'he a\atrm. and leave it perfectly pure and [iB.lthr. I doea not interfere with huaiueaa or diet, nor doea i tcort in a paiticle of mercury Sold at 3 Knoanaeli afreet, irici1#' Sphiaieian ia in attend mce to give ad, ion at II ; icur. of the av and evening ajti Iw'rh Toil I', r tS IAFtT AND PERFUMERV. rat HK. "nh tr-?e and oris mil W alnut Oil Military Shaving I ) v0,p Mtnilt Soapa, highly Scented Toilet Scapa,Colo, Ilea i atracf" and o general iisannmenl of every variety of perfumery of the chioctat. deaeription, and at the lowcat I ""si.nihent Merchant*. and Oealera in genera', areinvitedto I t, a-nii e nor atoca before pnrchaatng elsewhere. V" No. I Conrtlandt street. . . lm*r JOHNSON. VHOOM k KOWUW. j I TR AsL'HY ? r<na ?ird N\ Vm. k J so. J'ttKlKN. 13 W* uder the N.rtliinici' Bank. rr7- Warmers'at d Mechanics' B?uk , of N*w MllUT wick. Nc^aud C?rtid?i? wWud Floridafinds lor sale. ollwrc __ TTi rR >a UJKH'M -I \- I' %KMVj Htl >.? * 15 THORNTON, No. 37 Chc*??*ide. Baltimore 700 uu? Secari. rakrirHi| eitia fUie dud medium 4n?||. ties. ccasi'ting of Regalias* La Norma*, Castillo*. 1'iuicipes Ga* adorn*, Relief. ( AD??, a general assortment of Tobacco, for tale on low term*. >27 lin ii^rb LEECHES! LEECHES! LEECH E*! AfKCbH lUijlilY of large and healthy Swedish Leechet, just received?for sale iu quantities to sui> purchaser*, packed up *o a* to be transported auy distance with safety, by U A k H. W1TTB. it lu??rk Importer of Leeches 38 John st. j. arOL'venel ? co, No. 3 John theft, n'or Uroadway. and No. 'iO Gold ttreet, MANUFACTURERS, aud Wholesale and Retail Dealer* iu Glass, Solar. Lard, and Camphene Lonps, ChaudeLers, Brackets, Hall Lamps aud Lanterns, Girandoles. Caudelabras. See. kc. Private houses, churches, and hotels, fitted up with gas, chaudeliers, brackets, kc. We are also manufacturing cut and plain glass, of cvary description, which in quality and cutting cannot he sur]ias?ed by any iu the country. All the above articles made to order, aud matched t > auy pattern, and guaranteeu to give satis lection?all at a great reduction in price Olas* cut to order. Lamps altered aud refiuished. Goods loaned lor parties. *22 lm#inc ~v n fine black teas, 1 some of which are ol an eilraordmary quality, jolt received. Alio, fresh lot of the N. B . Via day Champsgn , "Amontillado" and '"Mauzanilla" Sherry;old Seheidam Giu.superior old Ham and choice Brandies, m wood or glass. For rale by N. BLOODOOOD, s!7 lni*r fine it. TO LEASE, for a number of yrars. a beautifully situated Water Power, adjoining flourishing village, with a suitable quantity of Land, near the city of New \ork,ha viug a water and railroad communication with that city of 10 miles. The permanent summer supply is from 70 horse to almost any amount. Apply to MORE It BAKER, , I I ni r lU flro.adtv av*. DEAFNESS CURED. QQ1 BROADWAY.?(Extract)?" 1 cheerfully comply OOl with the request of Lieut. Mcintosh, to state that he was invalided home in consequence of total deafness and discharges from the ears ; that uuder the treatment of D s. CASTLE It ED WARDS, Aurists, (311 Broadway,) N. Y.. he recovered his hearing and has again returned to his duty." Signed H McNEVfcN, Surgeon to H. B. M.'s tierces, Jamaica. All cases of deafness attended to. Acoustic Drops for sale. A sure cure for incipient deafness arising from cold, discharges from and ouzzing noises in the ears, collections of hard was, Me. auZ7 tm*r " KITCHEN RANGES. HOLMES'TWO OVEN KITCHEN RANGES. THE Proprietors are now prepared to furnish Holmes's Ranges to the trade, or set ihein iip for private families or boardiug houses, having purchased the right from the patentee to manufacture and sell them. Onr experience in manufacturing and setting Ki cheu Ranges in this city, for " C cihii'ccu )rai?, warr*ni u# in u?ciiiii|| unti nu uic> Rwiae cuiuot be *Qrpns?ed for economy, convenience, and durability. They are wurrauted to |>erforni the purposes for which they are purchased, and if not, they will be removed free of any eipeuse to the purchaser. Numerous relereucei cau be given 10 persons wishing to purchase. The prices range from 21 to 41 dollars. Urates? Pari or, Office and Bed Room Urates of latest pat terns. Stoves?Hall, Office and Bed Room Btoves, Stovepipes, Ice. lie. Tin Ware?Bright, plain, and japanned. They have masons at all times ready to set ranges, grates, and boilers. Also smokey chimneys cured?no cme no pay. A. OILHOOLY and SON. Proprietors and Manufacturers,II Nassau street. all lm*mc TRAVELLING TRUNKS, &c. JOHN CATTNACH. Trunk Manufacturer, No. 1 Wall stravt, corner , f Broadway, has row on hand and constantly making, a good assortment ol Trunks, Valises, Carpet Bags, and Satofiels,wholesale and retail Alao, a superior article of aole leather Trunks, suitable for American or European Travel, and Portmanteaus for the French Mailt Post*. Orders lor the West Indies, South America, Itc., Piled with despatch. nil26 lm*r FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD. T? THOSE PERSONS who will prove that JULES H AUL'S VEGETABLE LIQUID HAIR DYE is not the best, the very best, yet known in this country or Europe 1 hia valuable discovery will enable a peiaou to aye the hair or whiskers in a few minutes without the least inconvenience. This preparation is warranted not to wash out nor to injure the health of the hair and retain all its softness and brilliancy. Be certain and ask for Jules Hani's Liquid Hair Dye,*as all otliera are spurious. If you wish for black ask ft r box marked N ; if f r brown ask for box marked B. Premiums have beeu awarded to the subscriber at the Frankliu Ins'i ute f xlubiiiou. Fcirisle, wholesale and retail, by the proprietor, Jules Haul, perfumer and chemist. 46 South Third street balow ("hesiiut street, Philadelphia. Aud at my agents, Wyitt tt Ketcham, 121 Fulton; V. Clirehugh, 201 and 209 Broadway; F. A. Arrault, Lafiyete Bazaar, corner of Liberty and Broadway;|J.B Jacquemond, 411 Brotdway; Ha?Hand, KeeseIt Co., .vlaiden lane, and by all respectable draggiata in the United Stat-s. s'24 lin'r TO THE PUBLIC. GIVE my article a tn<l, and jndge for vonraelf. I warrant them all to be .a represented, or the money refunded. MY EAU LU8TRAL HAIR RESTORATIVE. This universally approved and admired article, free from ardent spirits, pnngvnt e.sential oil, and otner destructive materials, cleans the hair expeditiously, renders it beaulitu! and bright, and imparts to it th' delicate fragrance of the flowers Hair washed with his extra t s on becomes nlca singly soft and luxuriant in its growth, and it will positively bring iu uew hair on bsld heads by iu use, nnd hair (hat baa been made harsh end is turning grey, or railing out, bv ihe . use oripirits or other imp-oper ineiarations, will soon be re- j stored to its natural color aud brilliancy, bv a few applications of the Eau Luslrat. It is a preventive ng unst batdresa. and an infallible cure in all affections of the skin on the head, as dandruff, and for preventing the falling off of the hair aud turning grey It is the simple produce and immediate extract of some plant) salutary 'or the nair.e uduwcd with properties so liigjily cleansing thai it disengages the epidermis anu capillary tunes of the corrosive nctian of the perspiration and of the dry and dead particles that it deposits This preparation purifies ihe hair, givrs it a beautiful gloss and softness, and an agreeable and vivifying perfume For sale, wholesale and retail, by Jules Hauel, Chemist and Perfumer, 16 South Third street, below Chestnut, Phi ladelphia. A premium rwarded at the Franklin Institute. For sale also at my agents. Wyatt and Ketchnm, 121 Fulton street; V Clirehush, 20J and 209 Btoadway; F A. jkrtault, corner Broadway and Liberty; J B. Jacquemond, 41J Broadway; llavilaud, aeeis St t;u Maiden lane; and by all respectable drngjjat. oi ihe fTnted ?t.a'>s. s2l lm*r WEIR'S CELEBRATED BROWN ELECTUARY, APPROVED and reenmmeuded by the facnlty?a never tailing remedy forall affections of the kidneys, inflammation an-1 weakness of the urinary organs both in males and femalrt. This eicelleut medicinal preparation, (suited for all climates,) has never been known to fail in r?noving the most obstinste attacks of gonorrhoea, &e,, and can be safely recommended to the public, as its operations are quick, sure and certain. It can be taken at all times, without regard to diet or hindrance Irom business Prepared only by J4ME9 WEIR, 142 Grand street, in bote*, at 3 (lulling* anu e mining* per do*, None genome uule?? signed by the proprietor. O" Order* through the Po*t Office will be duly attended to. ?IB lm?rc J ALLEN DODSWORTH'S I PRIVATE DANCING SCHOOL, No. 4(8 Broome it. near Broadway. A D. would be* leave to inform hi* friend* and the public that, having m d? great alteration* and improvement1 in hi* room*, by which the aize. and accommodation* are very much increased, he will commence his classes (or the *ea*on on Tue*day, Oct. 6, at 3 P. M , for Ladies and children, and 8 P. M. to- gentlemen. The instruction* include all the Faihionable Dance* of the day, 'Jerm*,8tc. made known by applying at the School. *19 lm*r LEECHb.S! LEECHES! J VST RECEIVED. 10,800 large and healthy Swedith Leeche*. Aim, 4,000 German Leeehe*. in prime order, for ?ale by J. KERDINANO CLEU, I9tm*re Importer of Leeehe*. No III William ?t, CLOCKS, FANCY GOODS AND GLASSWARE. A Large naprtinant of Fancy Good*. Clock*, Violin*, Gut tar* and Plate*; al*o Gla**ware, China, Ike, will be *old to dealer* at reduced price*, at GEORGE F. GEKDING, | nWlmre tl Maiden lane | LADIES' HAIR DRESSLNt*. WILLIAM J. BARKER, (formerly with H. Martin,and j late with W Dibblee,} tender* hi* tervicc* to theme ladie* who may dr*ire their head* dressed at their own dwel ling*, on the following termi:? | Single time, dressing, , $0 SO Do. *haini>omDg and dressing (0 SO Per month,every day, proportiouablv low. W. J. B. time being wholly devoted to thi* branch, he will occupy do tore; (>"' hit order book will be kept at the stablishlisliment ol Mmr. N. Scheltema. 727 Broadway. i under 'he New York Hotel, corner of Waverly Tlace, i where lediee m ty affix their ounce aud retideoeee opposite the boor deiired. For fattier particulate enquire of w. J. B i tt hie reeidence. 117 East Broadway. ili lm'r i IMPORTANT TO THE LADIES. JUST received from Auction, aud offered at 20 per cent below Importer'e prices 300 Tambour tacked Drear es $4 00 ISO do e-ry fine do , 5 0" ; 200 Neapolitan Lace worked do 9 00 100 Riviere Embroidered 0 00 90 Needle worked, (two rows),... 7 00 I 79 do do {three rowel 9 00 j A luge lot colored Organdie Muslim, at $2 10 |>er dreea, ue al price 4 9" A few very tplendid Lace Orcttet. from 10 00 Do do flounced, from (19 to 39 ' 0 A rich Aitortment of real end imitation Lace Lapea. Berthea. Lapea and S'eevea, French needlework flapea,Collar*. embroidered Handkerchief*, Icc fcc. nnnsu illy low. ?22 lm?rrc PF.TK.lt ROBERTS. 373 Broadway. | (k fWWY PAIRS manufactured India Rubber Shoei, lUjWUv consisting of mvn'a overahoee, and ladi'a'?an dale and buskias?will be told ow ?o cloie t concern; also, hirred Suapendera, muiufactnred at the Union Rubber Work*.by MACKEY ft WALKER, el 1 im*rre ~ No I Hanover Hon are. ~1nd rkc men that died nntmhm nmt'llen with thr F.mrrcdt. AN INFALLIBLE CURE FOR PILES DIt UrHAM'S VEGETABLE ELECTU ARY?le an effectual cure for thie most distressing malady', known amougat physicians as the Hmmorrhnjds, or riles. There ia uo irnttdkf about it. It n at once x&fc and efficacious, aud pleaeaut in its action. No fearod taking cold w hile under its influence, no change in diet neresavry If takeu according to diree'iona a core for life < guaranteed. fuHnndreda of ce.tifiea'ea may be seen by eall'cg on the prnpretor or hii agents, of cures performed by his medicine of Iff, 20, and JO yeare standing. Sold wholesale and retail by the proprietor^lUfl^Bowery ; WY ATT It KETCHAM, I2I ralinn it. re. I.; urooaiyn, u. Dtearn. 1(4 Fulton it; E. Me'roon. mr Myrtle A*enue end Peer. Price % >28 m'ih WALNUT OIL MIL1TAHY 8HAV1NU SOAP, Depot No. 3 Courtlandt itreet, a few doort from Broadway ? The tnie and only genuine article as originally mai.uractared by ni, warranted to maintain the reputation it haa obtained ? Toilet Soapt. Freneh Extracts, Es?cnces, and e?ery canny of choice Perfumery at the loweat pricea that a good article can be told. Country Merchant!, Dmggtata. Pedlara, and dealers in general, are incited to eiamine ami judge for themaclrea JOHNSON. VHOO.M It FOWLER General Agents for Dr. Foord's celebrated Pectoral Syrup, me of the beat remedies for coughs, coldt, and all diseases of the Inngs. "3D \m*r f?AN KOKD5 AT IT AOAIN. ! PpilB TAILORING BUSINESS earned on formerly by I 1Vm.MBfthieyffi,127 Fulton nr.,will hereafter be confirmbv Sun. I ford StrRrjthtra,nn<) we would mv to the public and our friend* now is ?b? titx*w, for we have just purchased ai? entire new stock of French, F.nt lith and Belgian cloths, snd every vsiitt? of cast.mere* snd vesting* that is fashionable or desi-ahle which will be made up to order to stii' the most difficult as to fashion, taste nrd workmanship Also, a full riflemen's outfitting Mich ss shirts, drawers, , collars snspenrfen, umbrellas, k,c , all of which we rnarnutee to wll .?s low as they can he b u?rht in the city.? end ae* HANFORD BROTHKR9, Marcus B. IWo.d 1,7 oft?AirsotP.SA???R?. ' ,191m?rh Ajjpl' ? >'l 1>?. O^B. ROLLIV9 Aue'ioatVr CU^KHIOK llKANTKUA Ti A.LS and Orrrn Kou-a kJ Plaint *t xHciila, on Tuesday October 6tb,st i o'clock P -VI .at ihe (tnl.Sof Mr. Frauds bnell, Hsrsinious, N. Jersey, JOUO AlnulMa Trees, straight and thrifts, ficin 6 to 14 It high. Alio, a uunu.Sf of choice * Jrgcuhoiue Phots, consisting of Asaleaa. Carr c flits. t'. us, Utrdenei?? (loses, he. ."should the voaalhar prove unfavorable, the sale \a ill lake place the ueit %y at aanie time and (dace. Stages ruu peat the ?ardeu every I) minutes from Jersey , I . . .lis! n.r|l| ol a mile ol 2tis*f la?;(.;Yani> i-.s n.v-ivh >.u.k of ANTIQUITIES. ROYAL IJDKLhY h to , Aucnoueera, will sell at the " Mayas? Jepuuuis," 69 Daane atieel bvtweeu Broad way Hud kim itteet, on Tliuradiy roomig, Oct 8. 1?46, a superb colleaftn of antique Japan lacquered porcelain Jars and Vases, at IB* richest hinds; mauderiu po'cr-taiu dishes, f.uit plates <ni|M and saueeis ol the finest quality; ancient Oresden porcelain groups of futures,cups mid saucers, ol gieat liauty; ant .iha fans of the 16th cenmry, richly carved and beautifully painted; origiual atcieut A eueiiau bocaels or s? i.ir glasses, of grea" curiosity; two insgmfi eut Jaiuni por celain tahleacor wash stands; carved and inlaid furniture, of great antiquity, and a carved ebony wood arm chair, sit fret high, and ocagfy three liuudrcd tears old, and in grandeur equal to any thing imported into this country. Sale positive t il o'eloc k. emia or shine, and now read/ for examination, with catalog una. N. B ? The pahlic i" general ?re respreifully invited to eall and ctarnine (hit magnificent collection of antiquities which ii rrrv rarely to be met with. n3 Ct*rr I SUPPLIES FOR THE NAVY. PROPO'ALJJ, to be made iii duplicate, the envelope to be >nd?r.,rt, (propoault for lata No 1 to 5 at he ease liny l>e ) will be received bv the Navy Agent, at hit Office, , ! No. 8J Water t reel, entil THUHHDAY, the 22d day of Oc tober. at 12 o'clock M, fir the following tupplirs, under the direction of the Barean of Yard* and Docki, for the u e ol | the Navy Yard, Brooklyn, during the liacal year, euduigthe 1 3t)th June, 1811, aafollowt CLASS, No. 1-SM1P CHANDLERY AND HARD- 1 WARE. Article i. Quality. Priet. Per \ Hickory ttrooint 6 dot. dozen > Cora do 20 " Birch do g " Irouthovelt 72 " e* Do putrt 12 " Wood attt. Int idled (C.8.) II " i Curry f'nmbi i. 12 " Hone Bruthet 17 " j Tallow 300 lbt 100 Iba 1 Iron cut nails from td to tOd 4000 " av Bellowt leaiher....? 60 " pouudt iron wire, natorted 100 " Russia theet iron 1200 " i Lainpwick 20 " i Horieritpr 2 dot dozeu i Block tin 10 lbt pounds CLASS, tfob-LUMBKR AND BUILDING MATERIALS. i i Clear white p ne hoards and plank from to J niches thick sotoo tup. feet M leet So .them pine worked floor pl'k, 6 incliea wide 30000 " Albauy plank, (cleaf) 4000 each Do boards, (cleaff. 3000 Spruce plank :(0 Lime, (Thomaston). I On cask I Square Iron, (aaeortedy. 4000 poundt lionnd I Round do, do 300 " | Ground Feed 11,000 pounds 100 pounds 1 Coru .Meal Il.UOO '' Hay M.OOfl " 1 Ship Stuff 270 bushels bnshel Sra'w"! 100 bundles bundle Fine Salt 10 bushels bushel CLASS. No. t?OIL AND CANDLES, kc. Winter strain* d Sperm Oil 360 gallons gallon Sperm Candles 110 pounds pound , White Lead, dry 1000 ? Linrpblnck 200 u lied Lead 22 . " 1 Litharge 200 u | W hi tin* # en 1000 Linseed Oil, raw.' 100 gallons gallona Spirits Turpentine. .............. 10 ' Window Glass, Hi? French.... 100 feet tool IS* " .... '00 " " 1x15 American, loo ' lOiU ' .. 100 " 10x12 ,f .. 100 " fix 10 " .. 100 " 7*3 " ..100 " - CLASS. No wSTATIONkRY. Folin Tost paper, faint lined 1 renin l**? Cap paper, do 28 ., Cap paper, (regulation) do 1 ? ! Letter paper, do ..... 20 ? | Envelope paper ij ,, Blotting paper......... 1 4 \ llall quire blank books, per pat- ^ (( ? ' ^teru....^. do l do ten doten I Memorandum books ". .. ' Lead pencils, (Monroe's best)... O a ,, Drawing pencils. (French) 6 l( ,, Sable hair pencils < . ,, Penholders 10 ! Steel pens, best 30 groen groce Black Ink in quert bottles (May- _ i ^ , I ll?niai*uyr?UFii; mum a UUI.ru Hed Ink in lull'pint bottle*, be?t, 1 " Inkstands, metal 1 " Black Sand in H pint papers 7 " Bed Tape, (wide) 12 " Silk taate 1 " " Gum Arabic (white) 7 pouudt poand Erasure Knives 5 each Pen Kuirea, (4 bladea, Kogei's best) 10 " I?ory letter folders 6 W iter seals 6 " Waf<-r$, bent 5 pounds poand Sell inic Wai, beat 6 " " Sand boiea 6 each Tracing paper, 27 by 39 24 aheetf a lie tit Drawing do, Antiquaiiau 21 " " .Mutter Books _ 6 each The offers must be made in duplicate, for each class aepai rately. according to ita number, and tu be to endorsed, and must distinc'ly state the price of each and every article euu- | meiatcd in the list, and 'he amounts carried out for the wh.Ie i quantity and correctly added up at foot, and the total amount j uI the clnea bid for, repressed in worda. All the articles are I to be of ihe beat quality, to be delivered at the Navy Vnrd, | Brooklyn, at tut h times within said year, and in such quautl- . ties, within the amount stipulated iu the contract , as may be , required, subject to Hie usual inspection, and to he to the satisfaction of the Conima.ud.iiit of said navy yard _ I The bureau reserves to itself the right to increase or dimi i nish the quantity of the a ticles named ,u the several clcgses to the amount of fifty per ceut, according to the wants of the I eryice. Each offer most be accompanied by a written guaranty. I signed by one or more responsible persons, to the effect (hat 1 he or they undertake that the bidders will, if hit or their hid , he accepted, enter into nu obligation, withit ten days after the bidder or bidders shall have been notified, through the I post cilice, of tne acceptance of his or their bids, with good and sufficient sureties to furnish the supplies proposed lor. Bonds with two sureties will be required in one third the I estimated amount of the claia or classes comprised in the contract, and 10 per cent will be deducted from each bill until the I I contract is cancelled. In case of failure to deliver according to contract, the government will supply the deficiency at the expenae, if exceeding the contract prieea, of the contractor. Mo proposal win he ronaidered. unless accompanied by tha guaranty required, and otherwise conforming atrictlv to tliis advertisement. Navy Agent'a Office, New York, Sept. 21, 1*40. PROSPER M. WKTMORK, >24 1 aw I w rc Navy Agent. BY UKUe.lt ol the Mono.able Aer.L Metis aa, Supreme Court Commissioner, notice is hereby gireu thtt ai|rttacliment has issued against the estate of Thomas D. lunch, now or late of Balliton Spa, an absconding or concealed debtor, on due proof made to the sdld Supreme Court Com1 missinner pnrsu nt to the dirretinns of the Statute ooncern! i'lK " Attachments against absconding, concealed or uon-resident debtors." And that the same will be sold for the payment of his debts , unless he. the said Th upas 0. Fincn, appear and discharge ' such attachment accordtug to law, within three months from he first publication of this notice, i And that the pavmrut of any debts and the delivery ol any 1 propeity belonging to said debtor to him or for his use, and I the transfer of n v property by him for any purpose whatever, are forbidden by lew and are void. I Dated Ballstou Spa, Jnly 24, 1(46 . B. LITCH, of Ballaten Spa. jvl't IfawJrno ?rre Atty. for attaching Creditors. UNITED STAffiS < IK( LIT COURT, JfUtk t .rcu7t and District of Limisians, Saturday, 27th day of June, A D. 1*46. The court met pursuant to sojournment. Present the Hon. Tneo. H. Mc aleb, district Judge. The Hoe. J. McK in Icy, presiding judge, absent. Jonah Bisrtar et al vs. Cheater Clark et al.?No. 1490? It appearing to the court that the defendants. Jscob S. Baker, Van Week It Phillips, John Hunt It Co., Luke Davis, W.fcJ. Van Btiskirk. Walter Jagger It Co., Mrs. Alice Mead, evecutris; Wm. C. Waddell, assignee; Maunsel Stout, Austin Melville It Co., H. Boareum It Co.. rinkuey It Bertine, Wey- I man, Clarke It Co., and J, W I'inkney, have not been served with process ofsobpmna herein, and that aaid defendants reside in the city of New York. On motion of K. H. Wilde, solicitor for eomplainanti, ((>. B. Duncan, Ksq., solicitor for the defendants served, being present in court and not objecting thereto ) tint this rule be published in one ul'tlie gairltes of New York once a week for three months, requiring them to plead, answer or demur to the cctnplainanta'bill, not demurring alone, on or before the lint Monday in November nest ensuing, or the allegations el said complainant's bill will be taken for confessed by said defendanta. Clerk's Office, Circuit Courtof the United States, eastern | diatrict of f.on mnna I herehv eertifv the toreiroine to he a 1 true copy from the origiual of record in thi? office. Witness j my hand and the seal of said court, at the city of New Or- ! leans, this fell) day of July, IS46. jy 71 law 3mm El). RANDOLPH, Clerk. IN CHANCERY. BP. FORE the Vice CI an eel lor of the First Circuit ?An ihou Fischer rs. Susan Catharine Fischer.?Bill for a Di- I vorce, a Tinculo mairimont?F. W. Gciaienhsiaer. Jr , complainant's Solicitor?Susan Catharine Fischer, the de- | fendaut in this csnse. whose place of residence is in Paris, in ' the Kingdom o1 F'r-nee, is reqaired ,o appear in this cause by 1 the eighth day ol March nasi, or the bill tiled therein will be , taken as confessed by her. Dated New i ork, Sept. f, 1816. IT I i? 3 w w fc A K u" r z. i Msnt.'rACTt-nKH S!SP IMPnaTER or NAUTICAL it MATHEMATICAL INSTRUMENTS. IPO H-'olrr tlr'tl, comer of Burling Slip, JV. Y. WOl LO respeetfully inform his friends and the public, , that he has constantly on hand a geueisl as?ortment of Srjiai.l i, Unadrants, Compasses, Spy Glasses, Theodolites, j Levelling Instrnmeuts, Surveyors' Compasses, Chains, Ma[hem.itical Instrumen's, Scales, I'srallel Rules. Thermome'crs, Bsrotnelers, Hydrometers, Sscromefera, Kales, (Junter I Scales, complete lets of Clanging Instruments, suitable lor : Cni'nm House and City Osngers, (iauging and Wantage Rods, fee.: togethrr w ith a gruersl assoriment of Engliah and Atnericau Charts of all parts of the World, both general ! an,I parricnlar, Blunt's Coast Tilot, Bewditch's Navigator, Blank Books, Bills of Lading, Manifests, Log Books, Nauti j ctl Almanacs. Ac. All the artidl, s in the above line sre of the best materials anil workmanship, and warranted correct. Seituits, Untdrants. Compasses. Spy Glasses, and sll the articles in the shore line repaired in the neatest s^d most correct manner Goods to be repaired stnt lor and delivered. au!9 lt?w3m*rn __ C 1(1 AKi.-'l he '' Habanero* House'' has been remove ,1 to 'n' 5i rvilliam stre, t, near Wall, and will he open on Mondcv. the 5ih. with a fresh and selected lot of Beams, put ap . in the same stile as the Chinese send abroad Itieir teas The object of this noTel, bat soientifie plan, is to preset ve the I best part of the aroma of the tobacco, that is lost h\ pu'ting i them in wood boxes ; also to preserve hem Cram the damp, | is it causes 'he tobacco to ferment, rendering it most di a [ g*eeavlet while in that state. This lot has been packed by i the hundred, so fh <t every body, single, or in clubs of two or four persons, may hive the chance to try them The lovers | of the glorious weed, wishing to sm kc good Segars, just. ?s | they are puffed at Havana, without being coiitatniua'ed with I the had flavor ol the cedar boxes,aa well as the friends of in- I dustiy and enterprise, are respectfully invited to nsll as ! above, aud rtatnine the Segais end if they find the artie.le superior to any other, to give '"I he Ilabaneros a share of pat- . ronsge, and in retnrn thev Will find always at tin s housu sach 8'gar* at ought to be found in a eitv like the Capital of the Kmpire State, and at prices lower than any other place. 0.1 2t Ha St VI - re SOLAR AND LAUD LA MI'S. G1RANDOLLS AND TLA TRAY8. THK Subscriber has j nst received a large and splendid aasor'mrut ot Molar Lamps, Hall Lautisorua and ftirando'ea, emit lining from two to twelve lights of splendid finish : also, fo ch irebeg and hotels,! large assortment ?f Chandeliers and suspcutlitig Ifc'iiu lamps, for tale at reduced prices. JOHN W. MOHOAN, i gun im*m? U4 Fallen street, N. r , UflSENKNTH, Sic . | snnrvKSA^T institute, broadway. TUESDAY EVENING OCTOBER 6, lls?. MR. LOVER. 1.3 EELS u?( snficien'lv recovered to fust himself to |>err lorm thi? ereitiug, liut wtil iu>Te the honor of presenting tiiuaelf to the public. |i> morrow, Tuesday, October bth, iu his entl'ely new cu'ertni mclrt cntillcd Roddy's Portfolio, contaiuing a inns rug sketches of character, couuc stories, and Ilia own songs. Ad'aiaaiou, fl Ticket! t<> be had at the Astor House; alao, at Messrs S>. .Mart it Dunham's; Chickeriug's: Dubois's; Kirtli (t ('nod's; arid Alw ill's Music bto.es, and at the doors each night. Door* open at 7K o'clock Performance to com mcuce ?t | slid conclude about lOo'cloek. ok Itrc .GKNe BAl,"DK8IREJ~ A RKPKT1TION LKOrOLD D E MKYtH'H OR AS It MUSICAL FESTIVAL, will ia?E rLscc on THURSDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 8, ST THE TABERNACLE. Leopold de Meyer has secured for this occasion, the followsiiir einiueut and fivorite artistes FRAULEJN KOhSIS KV. MAD'bLLE KACHKL, DIE HKHREN ZULE HECHT, and PHILI.IPPU3 MAYER; The able MR. KYLE, MR. OF.OHUE LODEK, with whole OR CII F. S T R .1. Consisting ut forty-two artists. Lkoi-olii nr. Mkvkr will rrmoKM ?/ Grand Fantasia on Robert Le Oiable; The Giand Fantena on Semiramie, (by request ) and aICVARAL OTHI'Rl. The Orchralra will perforin two Overtures, THE MARCH THRYOMPHALE D'LSLY, arb THE MARCH MAROCAINE ! (By eaiiecial desire.) [TZ^"For particulars aee programmes. Oc}-No Poitponemtnt on account of the weather. A3) oi Itrc THE ALHAMRA SALOON, 1 JS9 Broadway near Prince etreet. Ukorok Lodir Musical Director: Manas er, Mr. Corrtr, I QT7 Admission twenty-five cents, including refreahmenu to the amnuntof our shilling 'Ail Evening, (Monday,) and during the treek, Novel and attractive Mus-c if E? tertaiumeuts, varied every evening. Sacred Concert every Sunday Kveniug. K/" Doote open at 7?commence* at half pant 7. aA (w* c | PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY, HFTH SEASON. fT*HE public and the subscribers aie respectfully informed I that the Sul?cri<>tiou Books for the Concerts of this Society for the rnaui, a season are now open at the music stores of Messrs. Scharfeunerg is Luis, 761 Broadway; C. F. Hayer, 301 Broadway, aud Firth, llall St Ponds, Hit Broadway. In ord-r to Prevent all misunderstandings, the Committee of MniUtrrmunt luvn <lir**rt#d ?K#> iitidfrii*n*d fa rf>niiMt all who with to subscribe thim season, whether thev have subscrib d before or not to leave iheir nantt tort addmss at one o' the above placet, where they can tlto pay their subscription ?nd r-reivr a receipt. Terms vf Snl. irriptivn ?Ten dollars per tnuum, payable in ad-ai.re, euutli'ig rne tuhtenber to three aumiasiousio etch nl'the lour omcerta: with the privilege of puicbung two eilre admissions to etch concert, at $' 60 per ticket. Amateurs wishing to become ait cute membert can send their names and address to the Secretary. Terms of Amateur Associate Membership, five dollars per annum, payable in advance, entitling ilie member to an admission to the rehearsal sand concerts of the society. By order, JAMES L. ENSIGN, Secretary, 06 7 9 litre a 17 Houston at.eet. N<iu> First Published, a correct Stage Edition of THE TWO GENTLEMEN OK VERONA, I AS it will be played by Mr and Mrs. C. Kean. at the Tark Theatre with coni,il?te Stage Directions, Chorines (sr., being No 29 of the Mode's Standard Drama, edited by Epea Sargent, l'nct 12X cents. WM. TAYLOR 4t Co , oj lt'iwc No. 2 Aator House. MUalO TAUGHT WITH MUCH facility and rapid progression. M. Dumtday, No. 426 Broatlwav, four doors abuse canal street, firofessor of the gnitir, tinging. pisnofore, acordeon and violu, cootiuues to teach l<d<es and geutlcmen o' New Yoik, at their own residences, if requested, without exlre charge ? Terms reasonable Instruments, music and s'riugi for sale. Apply at 4 :.6 B-oad'.vay ill Ji?rc \ ~ MUalu THE MA.no taught on very moderate terms, bya person who hut a perfect knowledge of the science, and who undertakes to teach it thorough y. Terms, 3 dollars per month. Any reraon wishing to take instruction will please address a line to " Music, at the Herald Office." ! sttlmis're ______ THAT well known parcel ol ground commonly called NIBL'Vg U 4RDLN, containing 22 lota of ground, being about 2*0 feet in leugth on Broadway, about 240 feet on Cr aby street, and 20J feet in width on rrince street. For lurhe> particulars apply to C. F OSAORN, o3Stis*rc 117 Mulberry st. TO RENT. FURNISHED spar'mruts for single grnOemea, with breakfast and taa if teiiuired. Apply at 44 Warren at. o3 lw*rc _ BINDERS BOARDS. Fkl |( |i I LD3 lionu limners Boards, Irom Moa. 21 to 63. t/vl/UA good article, aud f.ir si|e by PKRS8E U BROOKS. ol lmrli S3 and 67 Nsss-ust dk I .) 7wkH UKV OOODS WANTED -The subieriI?jUvvbfr wishes to purchase 10 to $17,070 of staple Dry Uo.iJ-, and (>?y one-ball" earli, a id the h dance in well aelerted lands in the Si jte of Michigan. at fair prices. All commonicati'iua shelly confidential. Addreaa " Country Me. chant," bns 1356, lower P. Office. o3 3tis*r PAURiNVr OF"BEEP, PORK AMD BACON. | 'THE aqbicriber is prepared to take orders for the above I woiknpon the most reaaoaable terms, engaging to deliver the meat, put iuto his handa fresh, thoroughly cured ainl parked within three days, with the maximum increase of weight which pickled meats will acquire in any period of time. For particulars apply to JAMES DAVISON, o!3t*r 4J Leroy street, corner West. FRENCH AN fit HOLISM COMMKKUIAL SCHOOL, 37 Mercer stieet ? Evening classes fur the Freuch and English languages, Arithmetic uid Book-keeping, will commence in the above establishment on Mondav.rhe 3th October. Tciits moderate. For pc'ticnlars, apply to W. O. KEETEL8, Principal. Theaevrral branches will be seiwntely attended to, o26t * rh DEPOT OF FRENCH CHINA AND GLASS WARE, 31ft BROADWAY, (UP STAIRS.) ?7 GERARD1N, Agent for the Manufacturer*, has reX ceived from recent ari ivals. and offers fur sale at verv low prices, * lure* assortment of Porcelain Vsaes of all aizca, I'Uin white suit fancy decorated Dinner, Deaaert and Tea *et?; fancy Cupa, Mugs with nam-a and mottoea; Colofne Dottles, China Clocks and Candlesticks. Uc., he. Also, far aale, leas than coat, a splendid Dessert Berrien of French Cnt Ulaas, engraved N. B? Orders receired for the gilding and painting establishment in Spruce street, to match any patterns oT French or Knglish China. o4 Im eod'r GOA\j. i I AM now selling the beat P?ach Orchard Coal at S3 50, lor ! large nut, Si 7S lor egg and s'ove, acreened and drlirered ! in the best order from the vard, corner of King and Greenwich stieeti?2i cents leas fiotn the boar ol lme.>d?rc I'KTF.R CLINTON. K. G. Wr.lWiOKh & GU , IMPORTERS and Dealers in China, (Haas, and Knrthenwarc, inform their customers and merchants from the country, generally,ol the destruction of iheir store by fire, on the night of the 24th September, xs.il that Ihey are now , opening a new stock of goods at No 113 Pearl street, Hanover , Square, at which place their business will be resumed and 1 continued All ordrra upon their books, at the tima of the late lire, will ; speedily be shipped, and tliey trust that the casualty which , has for the motneot suspen led their bnainesi, will uot deter ; any of-heir customers from routinu ngth-ir purct a?as, nor ! country merchants from examining their wares. ol I wend is rc CHEAftR THAN hVRK. ! A FULL suit of superfine cloth made to order, in the most ! suhstsii'inl and fashionable style, can bv procured for 20 atMOFFATT'9 Fashionable Cash Tailoring Establishment, No. M Catharine street. New York. Every article in | the'ine equally low. Call and see. t s2l l?tend*rh JOHN MOFKATT. 1 ... UlU BUHS illCHAHDs is astonishing J trie anient una comirry people wun wouder-egKlp^^g ful l?w nrices, for hit best quality aod inott fa?n,"iiabie ni l durable Bond ai.d Hhoet. Look for BOBB KlClinttU". Mo. 325 and SIM Hudton corner Vandtm tt. N. B ?Thousands of every kind to fit tiie foot and ideate i themiud. oj lin'r OPPOSITION MORNING LINK AT 6* O'CLOCK FOR ALBANY Landing at Hatrm ird ttreet. Van Cortlandt'a (Peektkill) | Cold Spring. Newcutsh, New Hamburgh, Milton, Pongh keepsic, Hvde Park, Kingston, Upper Red Hook, Briatol, Caukill, Hndsoti, Coasackie and Kmderkook. K7"Pmm|?, Our Dollar nMPI THK new and fast-sailing low-preatnre ApSjig.lijjp?teamaoat NTKTAMORA, Opt. F. H. Smith, XiUULmll le-.v? <he pier foot of Warren atreet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at CR o'clock, A. M. Re taming, leave Albany on Tuesday, Thursday and Batnrdry j Passengers taking this boat will arrive in Albany in time for > the trains of ears going North and Weat. Brc ialaai and Dinner on board. For freight or passage apply on board, or of A. CLARKE, comer of West a id VVarren street*. Fare to Van Cortlandt'* Dock, lb cents; Poaglikeepue, it; Hnd?on.7at klhar.y.gl. ot Im r ?7NZ7 KKUULAK LINK OF NKW OK mJIVWLKaNH PACKETS?The ships to sail in Tip- | Mita.rut'.'i Regular .sew Orleans Line, in their proper , ouier tie ?? fo lows. Vlt; The packet ship SILAS HOLMES, Captain llerry, at Mainen lane, October Oth. The packet ship JANE F.. WILLIAMS, on the Mth October. The ships nfth.s linn harm* now commenced their regular tripa, will aail every three days. Persona aboat proceeding to New Oileena will tiud it much to their advantag' to tele r ihia line in prel"-retire to transient ihips, aa their punctuality in sailing may at all times be depended on, and the puce ofpasaige it eery reasonable, for which, and to secure bertha. early app'ication should be made on board the several packets as r.bove, or to W. kJ. T. TAP8COTT, M South street. I otr two doors below Bnrling Slip. mm? PASSAGE FROM BELFAST IMUECT-To pVISWsail punctually tlie 15th November?The silendid jaaBbnew packet ship OLENMORE, Captain Michael, will sail as above, her regular day. The aohscriber has completed his arrangements to have a reitular line of first class ships, tailing the 15th of each month from the shove port, thereby presenting the molt favorable opportunity to those who may feel desirous of having their friends brought out from the north of Ireland. For further particulars, please ipply (if by letter, poet paid) to oSrc .1118 McMl'M li A V, cor Pine and Somh streets ^ LINE OF PACK FT 8 FOR NKW'OKLKANS, To sail at under, cif. 8II1P FRANCE, Captain Pierce, October 7th? JHf^WShip' I RTIS, I eptain iiuterbridge, Ocrober l?th. ' MSmmm For pa?a?ge in cither of the above ships, which will he moderate, apply on I oard, foot of Dover street, East Hirer, or to GEORGE SHERLOCK, l:,S Maiden Lane, near South street. P. H -Puvud ran elao he had to and from all oarta of England. Ireland, Scotland and Walea. and to New Orleans, Sir., w eekly ot 3t* re tAw- KOK HBW OHLKANH? Louitiaua and New kCMfWVo-k I me-Regnlar Packet of October It?The sMMfafaai sailint hark JANe. K. WILLI AMR, Parker, mnaier. ia now loading, and will aail u above, her regular day. r'or freight or peerage apply on hoard at Orlrana wharf, foo' of Wall street, or to E. K COLLINS It CO., . SC Sooth at. Positively no goods received after Tueadav, October 13. Agent lu New Orleans. fumes E. Woodriff, who will l>r< ini.tly forward all goodato hiaaddreaa. Packet Ship tlennee, f'apt Mmott, will auececd the Jaao K. Williams, and aail on ike 23d her regoUr day. olr MR. AND MRS. CHS KEAN PAHK THEATRE ? Monday Kysaiag. O't 4?will bs presented the JEALOUS WIKE?Mr Oaklet, Mr Chra Kiau, Alaior Oi k'ey, Mr Harry; Charles Oakley , Dyott; Airs Oakley. Mrs Charles Krau. Tu conclude with the larce ol DONE BROWN?Mr Frederick Brots it, Mr (i Barrett; Gahe Suoiell, Kishrr; .Mr Tiduiarah, Anderson; Sophia, Alias Kate ilora, Clara Sclborer, Kamiy Gordon Uoora opeu at at hr.ll'-past { oVIock, and the performances will commence at 7 o'clock Boars $1 ; Pit lOctuu; GaiIsryB cuts. ^ bK SF. FIT OF MRS Sll.lir BOWERY THEATRE.?Monday fyeciDt, October A? The performance will continence with the play of the HUNCHBACK?Julia Airs Shaw; Master Walter, Sir Neatie; Sir Thomas Clifford, t larkr; Modus, Wruiyss; Master Walter, Oliaiifrau; Ka ho in, lladnwav. Tube followed by the comedy of the LOVE CHASE? Constance, Mrs Shaw; Walter, Air t larke; 8u Win Koadlose, H K Stereos. Doors opeu at 7 o'clock, curtail will use at hall past 7 ? Dress Circle, id coots; Upper Bores, ii cants, 1'u and UtllsTy. UK cents MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC TllhAl'Hk-.Vloodsy evo. mug. Oct. i, wi'l he performed the operetta of the ALPINE MAIL'?Swig, Mr Holland. To be toll.,wed by (1st tune) the builrojue extras agauu of FAIR STAR?Digaroou, Nickinson; Cherry, Mrs 1'iinm; Lord Stalk, Alr V.alcot; Crambo. Kverard; llorella. Mi? H Ishrrwood; Ka.r Star, Allss Clarke; ( herry Toe, Miss Par- I tinctou. loconciuue wttn mo it tinny -a *|t. u.M-.Mr uyron Tremaine Pelham Podge, Mi Holland, IJresa circle JO ceuti; u|i|>er boxes 2j cent); pit one shilling; private boxes |' Uoori open at 7 o'clock; curtain rue* at half past 7. B6Weky ClUCUtt. John Tryou Lsaie*. Wartcti Draper. ...Treasurer. First Appearance of LEVI NORTH, The first Kiderol the age. First night ot the new divcrtisrni'nt THK AKCHKR'8 VV. 8 T I V A L . Embody ing most of the sports and pastimes of mrrrieKngland in olden tim-a. Messrs. Dsle.Lipman, Smith, and Mrs. (Jullen, will appear in various acts of horsemauship. o'i 11 *j we WALNUT STREET THKATKE. PHILADELPHIA E. A. Mshuhai.i.. Lessee W. ft. Bi.ake. Manager First night of Mis. Muwait, the popular American actress, accompanied bv Mr. Daveuport: Mr. Leonard, the eminent Irian Comedian, will also uiake Ins first appesrance in l'liiladelphia, thus presenting, with toe support of the Heaular Company, a combination of dramatic excellence seldom w itnessed by the frequenters of this theatre MONDAY EVENING, October J, 1146, will be performed Shakspeare't tragedy of llOMEO AND JULIET, Komeo, Mr Daveuport. iWrreutto, Kichiugs Juliet, .... Mrs Mowntt. After which the farce of THE IRISH TUl'OH. Teddy O'Kourke, - Mi Leonard. Q 7~To-mo row, Mrs Mowatt, Mr Davenport and Mr Leouard will appear. OCT* Arrangements have been positively entered into with the following ga axy of talent:?Mr. Forrest Mr. Anderson, and the popular operatic corps, Airs, Scgiitu, Mr. Frazer, Mr. Segu 111. he. ' l ARCH STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA. W. E. BuRTo.t Manager and Leasee o* This 'I'lieatre lias been thoroughly re-decorated in the most gorgrous style, and is now the most beautiful Theatre in the Uuiuu. MONDAY. October J, 18(6, 1 nst Night of the R A V E L FA Ml LY , Who will appear in thrir inimitable performance on the TIGHT ROPE. Previous to which the farce of 13 HE JEALOUS. In which Mr E Shaw, Miss Chapman, Mrs Howard, and Mrs Rogers, wiil appear. The Comic Pantomime of M DUCHALEMEAU. In which the arliole of tlie Havel Kainilv will appear. To conclude with the farce of THE IRISH TUTOR. Ur. OToole, - - - Mr E Shaw. ^7" ''ipinorrovv?Jocko, and Vol au Vent GREAT FAIR OF THE A M E It I C A Ar IN S TI T U T E, AT CASTLE GARDEN, ON THE BATTERY. WILL open to the public this day, at 12 o'clock. The immune emphitheatic. with choice productions, preseuts a spectacle which cannot but gratify every American. Articles for exhibition still rapidly coining in. farmers, gardeners. &c., bring m your vegetables, Iruit, flowers, See., this morning. You are dcsiied to renew them every day . The Presideut of the Institute w ill address the visiters this evening, athalt-pist 7 o'clock, 1*. M. Kireworks st 9 o clock, I' M. Twoothet Addre sea rhie week. The Moving Mschinery, by Steaui, will be early iu lull operation. Ploughing and Spading matches, Addresses, National Salutes, ike., at Flushing, L. I., October 9th. Stunr day? Quern'a Co. Horticultural exhibition Cattle Show, Sic. A steamboat, with a band of innsic, will run from Caatle Garden, at 0 o'clock AM, lud return to the Garden at 4 P. M, braide?|ihe naual trips from Pulton at. ferry. Pare 12,*^ cents each way. Plows no charge. Friends of industry, invention and protection, we trust you will i teal>- to vour full stre.ntlh. o rrc HO W ES & CO.'i> N7i. MAMMOTH OlJtcUa. THIS unrivalled corps of Equestrians will perform at Schohcie, on the 1st Oct.;at Schenectady the 2d; at West Troy the 2d; at Lasisinghuigh the 5lh; at Troy the 6th and 7th; and at Albany on the Bill and 9th; and will pass down the west side of lite Hudson River, en routt to New York. This is the Largest Kstablirhment ever organised in the United States, Comprising 159 Men and Horses, requiting 26 Carriages to convey the performers, wardrobes, musicians, Ace. 1 he company has attached to it Eight Female equestrians, among whom is the Greatest Female Rider of toe Age, recently arrived from Paris, MADAME MARIE MACABTK, whose new atyleof Equestrian Keats, peculiarly her own, be nig chaste and classic; her graceful and fascinating address, and the charming naivete with which"ahe chains herandtence, render this gifted and highly-educated artiite the leading feature of the areua in this country. The Proprietors refer the public to the brilliant description given in the respective uews'iapers of the extraordinary and daring feau performed b- this distinguished artiite. Equestrian Director, Mr. HOWE8; Riding Master, Mr. NIXON, and the unapproachable Clown, DAN RICK,. rvmoug ihr Performers is the celebr i'.eil apd principal Rider, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HOBU8, whose feats on Horseback are the most extraordinary ever witnessed. Jove r u ir?.r_ cites, by the whole Company, led by the great European Tumbler, Mr. MACARTk. Wonderful Keats by Mr. Cole's Dogs, He-tor and Billy. The 8WI88 BROTHERS, in their elegant Gymnastic Postures and Groupings. Mr. 8weet as the Charioteer of Phoebus. Posturing and Gymnastics, by Mr. Nison and hii ion. Mt. Howee iu his Mythological and brilliant Act of " K&ncies of I'rotens '' Mr. C. Howee in Black Kope Evolutions. Mr. Geo. Hweet, the celebrated Tight Rope Dancer. With a variety of others. The whole comprising the leading, most talented, and classic performr rs in the world. s29 HOWKB It CO.'8 New York Mammoth Circus. WELCH & MANN'S MAMMOTH CIRCUS. PIMI18 immense establishment, surpassed by no other in the A country for the gorgcousness of its costumes and rra|e pings?lor die number of tnlented and accomplished equestrians, and for the beautiful stud of horses?have just concluded their Eastern tour, and are now <>u then way to thia yicinity. They will open To-morrow (Tuesday) Evening, at Jersey City, when one of the beat selections from their varied eutertuumenu will be given. On Wednesday and Than lay they perform at Newark. This will be the only opportunity offered this season, to those desirous of enjoying a intellectual treat, who reside iu the places alluded to. e success they have met with thus lar this season, has exceeded their moat aanguiue eipeotati >i.t. sit r THREE KETTLETDKUMS. ~ FOR BALE by J. F. W. Wolter, importer and dealer iu Muaieal Instruments and Italian Strings, 16 John street. Price one hundred dollars < ash. s27 I wis*rc COLMAN'3 I EMPORIUM OK ART AND f LAB81C CABINET GALLERY OK OIL PAINTINGS, w RICH includes hit immense stocks of Boeks, Paintings, ?? bDKlK*lliy?, rancy Dimiuuriy, uitoiui*! unwiai ; Materials, Music, Ike., are now to be found upon the second floor, up oue flight of easy euirs, (having leased the Am floor,) where every thing will be aold at ae low prieea, and oaanymnch below the regular price*, beiug deaironeol closing np a* soon as possible hie Book Department. A (-.neap Liat will soon be published for those who will bay a Quantities. ? _ rnrehasers are invited to call and examine his New Rooms, No Sat Broadway, second floor. alaeodevs 'fere UYMNASilC EXEKCI^KS. J WKULI.K1I respecifully informs his friends and the pnblic in general, tint he still continues to give instruction iu Gymnastics, at his establishment, 29 Ann street. To gentlemen residing in Brooklyn, or doing business down town, this location will be lonnd most advantageous and ecouotvf ca' both as to tune and money. ';_7~ Fencing and Sparring taught upon the most approved principles. oJlmeode rc CH IGKliTlNlr. THE List Match al'the Benson will be pleyed to-dsy between an Eleven of I lie St George's, and an Eleven of the Washington Club ofthis city, ou the ground of the loiiner, St the Red House, Hart em. Pl.-iving to commence it 10 o'clock. Ob It^jwc UNTON COUJkUJB, L. 1.?TROTTlHO. IN T r r 7V. H//l nt !l flV//R /' Miiwieouy, wi.ii/vii u?/i, ././-.v..... PT 'KSK SijO, HO to the aecond bed?Two mile heats to hnrnea*. tor trotting horaea. D. Bryant, enter* ...Km Lady Suffolk. (J Hpieer, eutera b . g Amencii* I'. Hunt, enter* b g. Moieow For the above pur te. Tlie horaea inual be ready to atait at 3 o'clock. At lialf-paat one o'clock, a Matcli for $100 will crme ofl between Mr. M'Koberl'a borae and J. XVoodrull a Koanoake, two mile heat* to wjgona. The Railroad Car* will atart at 1 and 2'o'elnck. and return when the aport ia oter. O. 8PICER. New York, Or' t, ItK. oi Ot*Jwc 1 CENTKEVILLK OuIJitdfcL COMPLIMENT AH Y BENEFIT TO CI1.V8. CARMAN II in 1 u ON Monday, Oet. 5, at 2 o'elock P. It, rhe f dlowing I'nrana w ill be corner di d l?.r. The first ia a I rot tin it Prime of $10? mile li-ata, beat 3 in S, under the saddle, foi which ihe following entries eve made J. Whelpley enteri a. g. John Maffitt. P. Hnnt br. nr. Lad . Moscow K. Floyd bl. in. BUek lieu. 11. T. Walker b. K Tom Moore J Rogera in. Hart. tV S. Heed br. m. Betaey linker Aller the above there will beapa'ing match? purre t'rb? mile heat*?heat three in live?hi harneaa?for whieh the fol lowing horaea will coutend :? C. e. Bartine br. m. Oregon Maid J. D- McMnnn s.g.Capt. WaiiKb Mr. O . r. g. Mary A. Conk I in .br. m. Cay uga Maid DT"A Train of Car* will leave the South Ferry, Brooklyn, at one o'clock fo? the trark, and return w lien the aporta of the day are over. ??TBnfcM 3t?je CHA8. CARMAN fivf. doLLv&I u f:\v.\Itb-i oat, on f atII rday afternoon, the id of October, a block and tan Jl )1 Mini King Charlea' a|>aniel, with a white apot o.i the breaat. Any peraou rat urn in a, her to 23 Waverly Place, will receive the above reward.. oA Ifjwe ~ KNO X, 1* 1ZI r lJLTUn oTIvr KT, (won Mtiildinf .1 im Deeming it nnnereniary to enter into partieiil?re^" reapecrinK hia Kill Knhmna tor IM4, woaU amply ifite tn?t Mi now atria will e*eel in Meaty. It^litMH. t?e?e ?"? i nnv thing ?*rr offered to the Hate-eering public >' "* ??T of New Yolk. Hia pricet .ire aa low ?? hie hate "" o3 'wi**r THIS GLOBK HOI EL.'*< Broadway. ** THI9 HOI'SK ban. dnr-ng | fflj paired and painted rbroiigbonf, and he. entire new lar "itwlll'iefi-opened (or Tr.cW era, fc e on the Hth in.tant and will be k.rt < ? ?h^"i'11 ?''?.' -..d ? 4 with li e addition of a table d bote A f^'|"{ "W'm?*c" Ca" * KC? JAMKS H PAGE. | 1 LATEST INTELLIGENCE. BY THE MAILS. IMPORTANT FROM MEXICO. The Vigorous 1'rosrrntion of the Wir AGAINST MEXICO. Tbe Right Mode of Warfare, Washington, Oct. 8, 1846. The new christian warlare pursue;! in Mexic* is found too prodigiously expensive?the Mexicans charging live prices for everything, and still refusing to treat for peace. Father Ritchie, therefore, recommends the old system of plunder, and quotes Vattel as authority. We understand that orders have gone to the army to begin the foraging upon the enemy forthwith, in the hope that tins will bring them to terms. Gen. Jesup carries the order. We approve tbo proceeding as decidedly more humane in the long run than that of furnishing the enemy, as wo go into his country with the sinews of war. We must either adopt the foraging system or tha calico shirt currency, because the long purse af Uncle Sam is getting "mighty long and slim in the waist." The day has been clear and delightful?Ane breeze?no dust on the avenue. The thunder shower last night was worth a million of dollars. Everything quiet. News expected every mail from the South ot a battle at Monterey, and the total overthrow of the yellow skins. WAiHisdTON, D. C., Oct. 4tU, 1S4S. Movement! of the Secretary of the Treasury. You hsve now got within the limits of your municipal, ity, one of the most distinguished anil powarful man of the present generation, not to say the most potent els ment of James K. Polk'a administration, aa it exists la ti? person of the Hon. Robert J. Walker, Beoretxry of the Treasury, Comptroller of the Finances, Tesorero-Gaaeral, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Keeper of the Privy Meals, and the man " with voice potential, double," aa the President's himself. New York city for the first time in some years, can boast the actual presence " la the flesh" of the creator, and of course the mainspring, of the present administration. Mr. Walker slipped away from Washington so quietly, that none but a few special Iriends were aware of his departure until this day, and most persons asking lor him at bis house, were told that he had gone to Baltimore True enough, he had gone not only to, but through Baltimore ; ana the probability is that your city, and particularly the Custom Honse, inay feel the result of his visit The visit o( Mr. Walker was needed, and has been needed since the incoming of Mr. Polk to power. The fact is, the revenue system ofthia country, complicated and extended as it is, requires the personal examination and attention of the chief officer at least ouco during every year. Now Mr. Walker ia regarded by those who know him, and have had the best opiiortiinities of studying his character, as one of the most able, energetic and capable men ever at the head of the Treasury Deportment, and is quite as ready to examine minute details as to carry on the great operations of government. No doubt he will he hedged in, surrounded and tca/.ed to satiety, by the knowing politicians of Gotham; but he has been a member of a very important convention held at Uaitiuiore, and having cut his eye teeth in such matters, it will tie us much as the shrewdest can do to get over, around, or under him. It is his earnest wish to see the important and whola some laws of tins last session, faithfully, honestly and successfully carried into operation, and he desires to see tho same energy and real manifested by collectors, end subordinate revenue officers, as has been exhibited by the legislative and executive branches of the government Quibbling, carping, or fault finding, or placing obstacles in the way ef the laws, won't answer the views of the law-making power. A cheerful acquiescence and action is demanded. And be that hangs baok or prates about the impolicy or inconvenience ol the law, or acta according to his own caprice or judgment with the law belore him, may certainly set his house in order, for his official death is surely close at band. Are you aware ef the fact that much money is to he lost or won during the present year in the staple commodity of tho Bouth ? Cotton will within twelve months, "make or brook" scores of capitalists That la, capitalists of half a million Or less. Very extensive are the speculations on foot in secret, and " the hardest must fend off." Wsshivutov, Oct. 3, 1846. Tlin Winnebago Indiana and the U. S. Couimiaaioneri? Jlnother altercating Conferenei?Jl Second Proposition from the Great father of the Red Men?Speech of Old Gull in reply?Doubte whether their Great father hae coneidered the poeiibility of offending the Great Spirit ? Detaila of the meeting. The Council between the U. 8. Commissioners and the deputation of the Winnebugoes, held on Thursday last, near the War department, in refeience to the transfer of the tribe from their roser\u hi Iowa to another country more remoto from the presence of civilizetion, having adjourned over till to day ? at ten o'clock thie morning the conference wan returned, in purauance of reeolution. The little room wan filled with company, including a large proportion of ladiei. Mr. A K. Turrit taid to the deputation, that aince their last meeting, the Commiitioners had contultod their Orent Rather, and the reiult of that conference would be atate<1 by hit associate on hit right. Col. Abort. Col. Abort accordingly rote and read the propotition from a manuscript in hit band. Mr. Lowery, the intelligent interpreter, tranilating it, and repeating it in the Winnebago tongue to the delegation, eentence by tentence; and the Indiana signifying that they comprehended it by an uniform "How! how:" equivalent to ',heer! near:" or es: yes. me prujiuBiuuu ?? rowu uj Col. Abort, sou forth:? That to-Jay the commissioner* hail promised to submit a nropoaition, and that they would now proceed to make it* who chiefa had declined to go to the Miaaouri country. Where the United Stales owned lairla, and preferred a country north, whete the United Statea did not own landa. To aatiafv you, therefore, it will be noce'aary to pnrchaae landa before you can be removed. Under a treaty to be ma.lo it will be a condition that you do not remove till eomc new home ia provided for you. There ia a necessity that you ahould remove before' long, as the State law* of Iowa will otherwiae be extended over you. We now offer you the country between the Crow Wine and the Mississippi rivers, a Urge tract, where you will probably be u dtatuibed aa long aa your people ahali last. Or, we offer > ou another tract, a part of the coontry North of the St Peter's river, within the Great Bead ofthat river, (in Wiaconain territory;! but we cannot / promise you to remain long on that tract, aa in about / twenty years, it will be included within tho limita of a State. But we guarantee you that tract for twenty yaaoo, \* aad aa long thereafier aa may not be required for State ' purposea. You can take choice of either of theae tracta, or you can aelect some other. But one thing we wish you to understand distinctly : you are on no account to select n tract aouth of the St. Peter'* or Mauasook river. We will give you $100,0041 tor your land and property in the State* and territorie* ol the United State*. Beyond that we will not go. No part ol the money to he paid until you remove to your new liomei. Upon your removal, we will pay jou ten dollar* a head ; or a sum not exceeding $20 000 will be paid to you to defray the expenses of removing yourselves. After you reach your new home, another $10 per head will he paid you, or a sum not to exoeed $20,000 for your suhiistence the first year after your arrival. This will leave you $110,000 of the price due on accoant of the lands purchased from you tn Iowa. Of this sum, $30,000 will be paid to tha chiefs, in open council, to prepare in removing, and to enable the chiofa to settle the debts of the nation; and tha intareat on tho balance, at 3 per cent., or $4,000 per annum, will bo paid by the United States lor the support of schools among you, and improvements?your removal to take place one year after your new hoane shall have bean procured, ami after you shall have received notice to remove This is all the proposition we have to make. \ on may take your convenience lor e reply. Little Hill, the chief orator, being, in elegant p.irase, indisposed, ultcr late hours on the preceding evening, it devolved upon The Old Hull, (a stout, athletic man of aixty years of age ) to tenly id behalf of the tube. He came iorward, shook hands with each oi thethiee commissioners, and stepped back into his place, and said :? fathers', we shake hends with you this morning, and with thanks to the (treat brunt, salute our hi others and sisters Lathers : the chiefs present have beard theoier of our Orest father. We must say, in reply, that we are .liaar.rwiiiitad We siim'UH tn hi.ar a itinerant talk from our Groat Hither, thi* morning. Tha word* of our Great Father, told to u* by our Father it Burlington, ((to*. Dodge) induced u* to think that he would do a great deal mora lorn* than he promise* to-day. Hoaaidto u?, by the voice of our father in Iowa, that he know that we were poor, that we needed u great many thing* which we could not obtain ouraelve*, but which It* would give ua if we wero good children. 'Father*, our chief* preaent aak time to take into consideration thi* pin|>u?ition of our Groat Father. We want to talk it over We have alwiy* been teody to liaton to the voice of our Great Father, wheo he fucuk* to u*. Ha aaked us, and we have given him already three largo tracta of country We gave tnem to him, bocauae he *a d he required them. From the (irat time we ceded our Groat Father any land*, there en alway* aome roaaon why he wanted that particular tract. The fl.it time it wai a mineral country; and he *aid wa could not work It, and that he could. Thu* we have iurrendored our land two or three ti i ea. Father*: w# were glad to boor from you in the opening ot thi* council that you wore ?in... ?n vet through, and lettle thi* matter to our ?ati?faotion; but the proposition of our Qreat father this morning will only delay our buaineea. When wa aw our Oraat father in '27, (Mr. fan Beren ) wo gave him up a large country, between the Miaeiaaippi and Wlaconain riven. We have now heard your new proposition, and w e ask a day to think of it. Major Asijusi roee and said, that aa there was uo fur Iher busmen* before the meeting, lie would submit a few remark*. In reply to the Old Gull s remark* about delay, it need only he said that the commissioner* had acted with great promptnaaa. We had no knowladga of any Indian couuriia proceeding with greater despatch. In regard to the land the tribe had ceded to the genen 1 gorernment, their great father thought they bad been well paid for tbem They hadhenn mane rich by those grant*. (Here ?evert>l of the natives lc t) It *?< strange that they should complain ol being poor when their anunltie* were ho laige. i'hey wciw, perhaps, the very richest tribe on tho continent They received upward* of *91,

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